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GE '-'- 1 nf' .NJ V -T ' kaxv sight:-3 4 .xxXx', N I I fnxrdfl-1'-'Ly 1' X Ng' 4 4 1-of Q:j.f:7g? ,J gh Q, ,gl .,,R '4 'h M f 'QU 1 lg ,g W I 2 1' 'il' 1. v' h?!ff I if .L bfi A ? Ya 'f f x f f 4 -. X an :uv N, I Jw' 1 fiat.: J' Al : IX.- 'M 6446 Padlwded ffmuaaliq Zane 731494 Saba! lgldddlt Wfaape To you, we dedrcate thrs book Your smcere frrendlrness your loyalty to our school and your kmdness have been an mspuatron to us all We honor you as a teacher coach and frrend and to you we dedicate wrth deep apprecrauon and respect our yearbook the Besse Breeze I I 1 I . v I 1 I ' l I' -,' Qf, 1 ig' Y "' Q aclministrati LEOLA A IOHN A WALDEN Soclal Stud1I::TCElnlEld1lgh BARBARA MCGOWAN Soc1a1 Studmg Math Boston Umvemts Cornmerc1a1 N1ght School Softball Coach Hlggms Classlcal 1934 43 H C ll B S Degree Besse I-hgh School 1943 58 Buisond 019228 Farmmgton Teachers College e gra e Pl' 1 195 Lew1ston Junlor I-hgh 1954 55 mclpa 3 57 BBS-S6 Hlgh School 1955 58 Besse Hlgh School 1957 58 L JEROME AUDET Math Soc1al Studles CHARLENE A ROBERTS Basketball Coach French Enghsh Uruvers1ty of Mame Colby College B S Degree B A Degree Rockland 1952 55 Besse Hlgh School 1956 58 Besse 1-hgh School 1955 58 ,C , 1 A 4 'UA V ' Boston Univ. , M. A. Degree . . - - - li ' - sg ' ASA A GORDON ERNEST JOHNSON Superintendent Prmcrpal Farrnmgton Teachers College Math Scrence B S Degree Umv of Me B A Degree Graduate work U of M Lrtchfreld Academy 1955 56 Rumford 1949 51 Aroostook State Teachers College 56 57 Besse Hrgh School 1951 58 Besse Hrgh School 1957 58 SCHOOL COMMITTEE Nelson Robmson John Wallace Havrlla Rowe s ef P T A OFFICERS Presrdent FLORA CHAMPLAIN Vrce Presrdent VIRGINIA DOW Secretary VIRGINIA BRADSTREET Treasurer ----- META FOWLER I' P 5 j' SW! Seated left to rlght Mary Fuller Alrce McK1el Everett Drake Dorothy Pottle Jean Lxttlefreld Standmg Mrss Roberts Advrsor Dav1d Rowe Chrrstrne Rackleff Carleton Brann Ronald Marks Horace Roblnson, Scott Dow Edttor 111 Chlef Busmess Manager Feature Ednor Adverusmg Manager Photo Edrtor Boys Sports G1r1s Sports Humor Edltor Alurnru Edltor Llterature Edrtor Art Edrtor Advlsor EVERETT DRAKE RONALD MARKS ALICE MCKIEL SCOTT DOW DOROTHY POTTLE I-IORACE ROBINSON JEAN LITTLEFIELD CARLETON BRANN CHRISTINE RAC KLEFF MARY FULLER DA VID ROWE MISS CHARLENE ROBERTS ' re e A I l out Zlaonur A - f -. y y, 1. f , 'X if , w ax NW A I A erik ? isffigllgge 1 1 1 Alice McK1el 1 Mary Fuller 2 Marie Alexander 1 Jean Littlefield 1 Hilda Robbins 1 Terry Hodges 1 Raymond Pottle 1 Scholarshlp Science Social Studies Mathematics English French Public Speaking Citizenship Commercial Award Music Award Reader s Digest Award DAR Award Candidate to Boys State Danforth Award Curtis Circulation Co Perfect Attendance SENIORS IJNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 1957 AWARDS Mary Fuller Alice MCK161 Menetta Meader Menetta Meader Judith Meader Everett Drake Jean Littlefield David Mason Mayo Cookson Janet Fletcher Gloria Higgins Donald Shores Alice MCKICI 1 Everett Drake Scott Dow Marilyn Emerson Christine Rackleff 2 Marie Alexander 1 Elisabeth Keay 1 Joy Waddell 1 Carroll Quimby 2 Everett Drake Mary Fuller Alice McK1el Everett Drake Mary Fuller Mary Fuller Everett Drake Ronald Lee Menetta Meader Carleton Brann Judith Meader Menetta Meader Everett Drake Ronald Lee Gloria Higgins Ronald Marks Raymond Pottle Jennie Cole Athene Harding Mary Rowe Lynda willette 2 1 ' 2 Activities Judith Meader Menetta Meader N , his I K 2 I 1 I -XM K If "W-www., M, ,W Mm mf - tak? 4.9-Q3 ,- 4.9 -Jwf!"4 und' 1? .uw -1' ,- w ,gb wi hr' 0 19 an .Wu Q M 'cw .5-J, 4?- fw M10 A., --wi L ' ' AA M' " ., -,M ' . ., .. , t , , L. x Q, ., f, f, ., 1 ,N ' . ,.... W wp' M ,, W ,W W J, M W "'?v.. QM, 2. . " q- , -- "' , ' ,. av, n. 0 V -. 1A W W fa.-k - 0 Z ' ' N ,,,. Q, , 'W' I 'G M , - -ff A - ,, ' , ' ' 4 - f - V ' - ' M8 h ' -,,,4k-x yi, ,,.+f, a ..-- ' , 'M - ,A -f f' yQ I I' 4 " ,V ,, h ' . vw ,v M , F. 4. ,,, V- , .. ,, - -- M ,. 1, I Y , , , , V v , 14,4 , .Y I iors CLASS ROLL Everett Drake Ronald Marks Betty Fletcher Ahce McK1e1 CLASS OFFICERS Presldent EVERETT DRAKE Secretary ALICE MCKIEL Treasurer RONALD MARKS Reporter BETTY FLETCHER Advrsor MISS ROBERTS CLASS COLORS Maroon and Whrte CLASS MARSHAL Scott Dow CLASS PIANIST Jean L1ttlef1e1d COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Senror Assembly June 6 1958 Baccalaureate June 8 1958 Last Chapel June 9 1958 Graduatron June 13 1958 K XT Ml f XS I CLASS FLOWER ----------------- Red and White Roses I 1 mf 4 -1- T , ,J s Q I, -.X X X A X K X H N BETTY LOU FLETCHER EVERETT CHARLES DRAKE Benton, August 29, 1940 Ducky College SALUTA TORY CLASS GIFTS You are the Author of your Fate Editonal Board 1 2 3 4 Assrstant Busmess Manager 1 Humor Edxtor 2 Advertising Manager 3 Edrtor rn Chref 4 State Student Councrl 2 3 Student Counctl 1,2 3 4 Treasurer 3 4 Class Treasurer 1 2 Presr dent 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co Captain 4 Base ball 3 4 Manager 1 2 Prize Spealung and Regronal Pnze Contest 3 Graduanon Usher 3 Boys State 3 Manager of Magazme Dnve 2 3 Class Captam 2, Chnstmas Play 3 Play Contest 4 Scrence Club 4 Presrdent 4 Momtor4 Awards Curtrs Circulation 1 2 3 4 Math 2 3 Scrence 2 Scholarslup 2 3 Pubhc Speakmg 3 Declamatron 3 National Essay Certifr cate 2 Honor Roll 1,2 3 4 wmslow February 20 1940 Betty Commercwl ADDRESS TO UNDERGRA DUA TES It rs better to learn late than never CLASS WILL Student Councrl 3, 4, Class Reporter 3,4, Commercral Club 3,4, Glee Club 1, 2,3,4, Prize Speaktng 3: Grad uatron 3. l noni ' ' .Q ..: . luv li av i' ni ons: ' 3' .tl . nl. . ' I ' '.: '4: .a .:' : '.: ' I nl' T RONALD PAUL MARKS Freedom, September 28, 1940 'Ronnie' College FIRST HONOR ESSAY CLASS HISTORY 'The reward for a thing well done IS to have done 1t" Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co Capta1n4 Baseball 1,2 3 4 Co Captam 4 Student Counc1l 1 2 3 4 V1ce P1681 dent 3 P1'CS1dCI1I 4 Class V1ce Pres1dent 1 Prestdent 2, Treasurer 3 4 Ed1tor1al Board 2 3 4 Boys Sports Ed1tor 2 Subscr1pt1on Edxtor 3 Busmess Ed1IOI Class Marshal 3 ChI1SU.'Il3S Play 3 Pr1ze Speakmg 3 Class Captam of Magazme Dr1ve 3 Curt1s Pubhshmg Co Cert1f1cate 2 3 Momtor 4 Sc1ence Club 4 V1ce Pres1dent 4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 ALICE IRENE MCKIEL Alb1on Apr1l 8 1940 Ahce College VALEDIC TORY PROPHECY SIIIVC to reahze a state of mward happmess mdependent of cucumstances Cheerleadmg 1 2 Head Cheerleader 3 4 Class Sec retary 1 2 3,4 Student COUHC111 2 3 4 Reporter 2 3 Secretary 4 Ed1tor1al Board 1 2 3 4 Local Brrefs 1 Lrterary Ed1tor 2 Feature Ed1tor 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent 4 KVC 4 All State 4 Lxbranan 2 3 SCICDCC Club 4 Secretary 4 Momtor 4 Jumor Play 1 Play Contest 2 3 4 F1rst Pr1ze Iumor and Regronal Pr1ze Speakmg Contest 3 Graduauon PIZDJSI 1 2 3 Scholarshtp award 1 2 Declamauon 3 Pubhc Speakmg 3 Soctal Sc1ence 1 Enghsh 1 Socral Studles 2 HISIOIY 3 Nanonal Essay Cert1f1cate 2 DAR 4 Honor R01l1,2,3 4 ' : . . - Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Softball 1, 2,3, 4, September 8 1954 ten boys and gtrls enrolled m the Freshman Class Besse Hrgh School hopeful of obtamtng therr drplomas on Graduatron Day We were sorry to lose Maynard Borvm and Gene Reynolds Durmg the year we sold refreshments at two basketball games and placed second rn the rntramural race for the Salesmanshlp Award Three of our class partrctpated 1n sports Our class advrsor was Mr George Ayes The class of 1958 started tts sophomore year wtth erght members but dunng the year our number dwmdled to frve as we lost Lawrence Gordon Ilene Fttch and Patrrcta Emery We lI'l1I13I8d the Freshmen at the Freshman Recepuon pre sented a Chrlstmas play wtth the Freshmen under the duectton of M1ss Ruth Aaskov Three of our classmates won pnzes Ln the annual magazme dr1ve At the end of the year there was about S80 rn our treasury Our advrsor was Mr Frank Harrrson We started our Jun1or year wtth ftve members but about half way through the year Norrts Wlllette left us Some of our 3CI1V1I16S for that year were sellmg refreshments at two basketball games wmntng a prtze of S15 for selltng more magazme subscrrptrons than any other class and takmg part rn Iunror Pnze Speakrng Our year was mterrupted by the burntng of our school burldmg and we ftntshed the year at Uruty Htgh School Our class advtsor was agam Mr Harrtson At last came September 1957, and our last step toward our hlgh school goal seemed w1th1n our reach Mrss Charlene Roberts became our class advrsor We have the smallest graduatlng class that Besse Hrgh has had tn many many years wrth two boys and two gtrls The ftrst few weeks of school we attended half day sessrons at the Elementary School whtle our burldmg was bemg reburlt To earn money for our class tnp to New York and Washmgton we sponsored a roast chlcken supper and cleared over S100 OO We hope that our class has been a success and even though we shall not be remembered for quantlty perhaps we have made up for tt wtth qualrty , 0 ,, ' ' of 1 9 q ,- I 3 D I I , .. ' .. .- Seated left to rlght Ahce McK1e1 and Betty Fletcher Standmg Everett Drake and Ronald Marks Our hrgh school career IS near xts complet1on we remember our teachers happrness or farlure despair we as Semors make our own cholce and we are re minded of our class motto Nothmg succeeds lrke success To you undergraduates and fnends Farewell Class of 1958 friends. . .studies. . .those hard fought games. . . we think of the future. . . success lOl'S Seated left to rrght N Day D Pottle C Brann S Dow C Rackleff M Emerson Standmg M Fuller L Wrllette R Haywsrd H Robrnson N Young G Wrggm R Meader R Young S Tuttle M Frtch M1ss McGowan Advrsor At the begrnnmg of the year the Junror Class elected the followmg offrcers Presrdent SCOTT DOW Secretary NANCY DAY Treasurer DOROTHY POTTLE Class Reporter CHRISTINE RACKLEFF Thus far our 3CI1V1I116S of the year have been two food sales the sellmg of refresh ments at the Searsport and Wmterport basketball games a supper prepared for the Lrons Club and two one act plays presented at Chrrstmas trrne Aprrl 26 rs the date set asxde for Junror Prrze Speakrng Thrs contest 15 a compulsory actrvrty fulfrllrng a part of the lunror Englrsh course Vice President ----------------- CARLETON BRANN TSS gi" , fi-if Seated left to rrght N Rowe M Alexander J Lrttlefreld H Robbrns E Keay A Hendsbee Standmg D Rowe D Hodges G Green P Crosby D Shores Mr John son Thud row E Hardmg J Waddell M Fletcher K Marks D Raven S MacDonald Our class has nrneteen members two of whrch go to Unrty Our class advrsor 15 Mr Johnson At the begmnmg of the year we elected the followrng offrcers Presldent JEAN LITTLEFIELD Vrce Presrdent HILDA ROBBINS Treasurer ELISABETH KEAY Reporter NANCY ROWE Advrsor MR. JOHNSON We held a Freshman Receptron October 18 at whrch the Freshmen were 1n1t1ated by performmg stunts It was followed by a record hop whrch netted the class about thuty dollars Our class rmgs were purchased from the Balfour Company Among our other actrvrues we have sold refreshments at two basketball games Two members of our class sang rn the Kennebec Valley Chorus, Elrsabeth Keay and Jean Lrttlefleld secretary -------------------- MARIE ALEXANDER ffeshmen Seated left to rrghtj Cole M Rowe C Qurmby T Hodges M Wrrglesworth B Frsh Standmg R Pottle E Walcott L Emery R Hrggrns D Mason B Crosby W Meader M Rowe M1ssM1tchell The freshman class has been very actrve rn school actrvrtres and sports Members of our class have been rn Glee Club softball baseball and basketball On September 20 1957 we held our frrst class meetrng and elected the followrng offrcers Presrdent TERRY HODGES Secretary MARY WRIGLESWORTH Treasurer CARROLL QUIMBY Advrsor MISS MITCHELL Our class has sold refreshments at the Brooks and Clmton games and made a good profrt A recepuon was held for us at the begrnnrng of the year by the sophomores , ' : . , . , . ' , . , . I , Vice President --------------------- MARY ROWE Q -5 Q' ' 741594 Seated left to right W Marks P Wiggin L Dow S Rackleff D Blake Second row A Harding E Crawford M Fletcher Mr Audet G Higgins R. MacDonald R. Giles Standlng W Fitch E Wlllette L Clark R. Barton C Higgins L Ward T Cole street F Edgerly Second row D Richerson L Jones P Hayward N Stevens Mr Walden J Scribner J Emery P Robbins D Stuart Standing C Higgins K Overlock J Rowe B Brockway M Shores D Llttlefield W Fletcher R Rrcherson G Overlook P Dow Seated, left to right: A. Towers, M. E. Perkins, D. Littlefield, R. Hodges, B. Brad- X94 .47 if 15 1? , 4 lf" kr GDI I Front row D Lrttlefreld W Marks R Hodges T Hodges Seated left to rrght J Lrttlefxeld A McK1el R Marks E Drake C Rackleff E Keay Standmg M Rowe M E Perkrns D Pottle H Robbms B Bradstreet Mr Johnson B Fletcher M Alexander N Rowe 'vi Wrrglesworth F Edgerly Second row L Dow D Blake S Rackleff C Brann S Dow C Quunby P Wrggrn At the fust meetmg of Student Councll the followmg offrcers were elected Presrdent RONALD MARKS Vlce Presxdent SCOTT DOW Treasurer EVERETT DRAKE Bookkeeper CHRISTINE RACKLEFF Reporters JEAN LITTLEFIELD ELISABETH KEAY Advrsor MR ERNEST JOHNSON Thls year two students from Student Councrl are representatrves m the Parent Teachers Assocratron They have no voung power but may report to the organrzatron the wrshes or oprnrons of the student body The representat1ves are Everett Drake and Ahce McK1el wrth the alternates bemg Ronald Marks and Scott Dow The Presrdent appointed the followlng to plan Teen Age Club and rts polrcxes Carleton Brann Mar1e Alexander Betty Fletcher and Dorothy Pottle Secretary ---------------------- ALICE MCKIEL Frrst row left to rrght L Dow L Clark C Brann S Dow R Hodges Second row H Robbms M Fuller A MCK1C1 H Robrnson J Lrttlefreld E Keay C Rackleff Thud row M Rowe L Wrllette N Dow S Tuttle B Bradstreet M Everson l Waddell E Wolcott W Meader M Alexander M Wrrglesworth R MacDonald Fourth row M E Perkms D Stuart P Robbms F Edgerly J Scrrbner P Hayward M Fletcher M Frtch B Fletcher J Cole N Rowe A Towers The Glee Club s membership has been rncreased very much thrs year The member shrp now rs 36 We also have a new drrector Mr Frederrc Carleton The Club meets usually on Thursday durrng actrvrty perrod Kennebec Valley Concert was held durrng the month of January There were four members chosen to partrcrpate These were Alrce MCKICI lean Lrttlefreld Elrsabeth Keay Sopranos and Mary Fuller Alto Two concerts were held one at Waterv1l1e on January 18 and one rn Madrson on January 25 These proved to be a valuable ex perrence rn musrc as well as a good tlme Alrce McKrel and Mary Fuller have been accepted to all State Musrc Festrval whlch occurs Ll'l Aprrl We have been plannrng a trrp to Bangor to smg rn the State Hosprtal and also one to Togus We are practrcrng some songs for graduatlon and for an exchange concert The offrcers are as follows Presrdent Allce McK1el Vrce Presrdent Mary Fuller Treasurer, E11sabethKeay Secretary JeanL1ttlef1eld Lrbrarrans Horace Robmson Chrrstrne Rackleff ' , ' : . , . , . , . , . . : Q ' , . , . . , . . , . I . , . , . . ' : . , . ' . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . A , . . I 0 - . r - 0 ' . n - n - . u - e , . I , . , - , s , . . , . . . . A . l 5 . . I , . ' . . Q . - ' ' . . A 3 - 1 U A I I - 1 S . 2 y . . Q . . , . ' Seated left to rrght L Wxllette M F1tch D Pottle M Trull M Emerson Standmg S Bacon D Stevens K L1bby M1ss McGowan L Trull B Fletcher S Tuttle The Commercial Club held 1IS fust meetmg October 14 1957 At thrs meetrng we elected the followtng offrcers Presldent DOROTHY POTTLE V1ce Pres1dent LORRAINE TRULL Second Vrce Presrdent MARILYN FITCH Secretary MARILYN EMERSON Advlsor MISS MCGOWAN At the next meetmg the Club declded to pubhsh a monthly school paper THE OWLS GAZETTE The Commerctal Club certamly hopes that the students have enjoyed readmg thrs paper So far th1s year the Comrnerclal Club has V1S1I6d the offrces of Keyes Frbre rn Water v1lle and The Frrst Natxonal Bank m Belfast We members were very fortunate to have had th1s prlvllege For a last VISII the Club IS plannmg to vlsxt the offtce of The Watervrlle Mornmg Sentmel Treasurer -------------------- LYNDA WILLETTE Kneelmg left to rrght D Stuart F Edgerly M E Perkms R. Hodges Seated L Jones A McK1el R. Marks E Drake M Fuller A Hardrng Standrng P Hayward N Rowe J Scrrbner B Bradstreet Mr Johnson, Advrsorj Waddell W Meade: M Alexander M Wrrglesworth J Cole Fourth row G H1gg11'lS J Llttlefreld C Rackleff D Hodges C Brann G Green H Robrnson S Dow E Keay H Robbms M Fletcher A new organrzatron at Besse Htgh School thrs year IS Scrence Club Any student rn the htgh school or seventh and erghth grades my Jorn Our advrsor rs Mr Ernest Johnson The purpose of the club rs to sumulate rnterest rn scrence and to preform experrments At the fust meetmg offrcers were elected as follows Vrce Prestdent RONALD MARKS Secretary ALICE MCKIEL movre was shown about trees wluch was mterestrng J Jr 20 ' JS President --------------------- EVERETT DRAKE A . . . . t D 34 6 ,, ' J , I f 5 9 E' 'Mei' My great grandfather lived with us until he passed away seven years ago I would like to relate to you in the frrst person one of the many adventures he told I was only eight at the time so I wrll tell the tale as well asl can remember rt School started October 15 this particular year We younger boys 1n the front rows of benches knew there was something strange going on among the five older boys who sat rn the back seats Lrke most country schools at that time the puprls were of various ages from four years to twenty one years of age It was the custom that the older girls and boys considering themselves entitled to the back seats took possessron of them We who were younger had to be satisfied with the seats near est the school master At least l can say we were nearer the stove on the chilly winter days than they were Something was gorng on among the five older boys which they didn t trust us to know During one re ess I overheard John tell Herb they were all to meet at seven o clock that night but where or what month of November Hunting season was now here There were continual reports of a large buck having been seen at the edge of Perry Coomb s thick woods one hundred yards from the road Every day someone would stop by the roadside and take a shot at him Each time the hunter would only see him disappear 1rltO the woods as he had missed the deer when he had shot There seemed to be no evidence that anyone had ever scratch ed the big fellow Every morning the deer would be back standing at the edge of the woods again This event went on for more than a week Every person rn town was bettmg on himself as the one to take the deer home some lucky morning Early Friday evening it snowed Just enough to cover up the ground It was only by chance where cousrn Ben and I were rabbrt hunting early Saturday mornmg that we were the first to have a shot at the brg buck Like everyone else we must have missed our target because rt disappeared very quickly into the woods Wrth the new snow we were determined to track him down but to our surprise there were no deer tracks There were only five pairs of human tracks Ben and I soon figured this must have been what all the whrspering I for I didn't know. These whispering and sly winks lasted well into the and sly wrnks were about durmg the month of October The foot punts seemed to be all around the bottom of an old hrgh stub beech tree whrch was hrdden from vrew by a low hangmg f1r At the top of the tree was the answer to everythrng The older boys had constructed a deer whrch was hrtched to a rope The rope ran through a pulley at the top of the stub beech Every trme the deer was shot at ll drsap peared because rt was horsted by the pulley Th1s 1S only one of the adventures told by my great grandfather Jean Lrttlefreld 60 ww wma if g The Senror Class had more than four students The boys and grrls sat together on the bus Mrss McGowan couldn t type and read shorthand Everybody was present for a whole week The glrls won Waldo County League Champronshrp Mr Waldon bought hrmself a good car Ronald Marks wasn t the best athlete Besse Hlgh School was completely srlent The Chemrstry class made some alcohol The French class learned some French Chrrstrne drdn t get teased all the trme Everett drdn t l1ke to argue w1th the grrls The guls team won more games that the boys The Senlor Class drdn t have a class trrp Mrss Mrtchell drdn t teach Socral Studres Scott drcln t see Marrlyn once a week The cooks drdn t serve Hot Lunch The Senror Class drdn t graduate Alrce d1dn t cheer for Ronnre Mrss Roberts gave everyone A s We drdn t get to school on trme Peter d1dn t have a green truck Mr Audet had the brggest car rn town Mr Johnson got marrred We had an area School Everett Drake The Glee Club members got laryngitis 'Me Zena The Besse Cheerleaders consrst of seven But we hope we sound more llke eleven I would lrke to name them one by one So you ll understand whenl m done Why ll rs we have so much fun Fust comes Al1ce leadmg us all We must agree she s quxte a doll Second IS Jean whom we mrssed for a game Because whrle playtng basketball she got qurte a Next 15 Mary who really can cheer But whose mrnd IS on someth1ng else l fear Then we have LIZ walkmg on au Thrs krd never seems to have a care Here comes Dot rrght 1n step Where does that grrl get so much pep? It seems that Marrlyn can always be caught Cheermg loud and clear expecrally for Scott Here IS Chnstrne last of all Wrthout her glasses' I d thmk she d fall The team we cheer for 1S really okay Chr1st1ne Rackleff 59 Odeta wee O Besse High School' good old day We w1ll so fondly them recall The studres hard the sports and plays They were so pleasant all rn all Now as Semors we have to go O Bess I-hgh thrs makes us sad Don t dare to say lf rs not so Commencement w1ll not make u glad O Besse l-l1gh we srng your song' Although we often drd cornplaxn Of tough exams and lessons long You know we loved II just the same We worked so hard we were so ga ls th1s the end? Is 1t all past? No Besse s schoolmgl must say Wrll help us on untrl the last Thrs 15 good bye to Besse Hrgh Four happy years we ve spent w1th thee We wrll not cry we wrll not sxgh But carry on for all to see Altce McK1el 58 sprarn I ' D I I I I I . . . , . ' . , I I I . . . 0 . I 7 , . . ' . t . . . , ' . , , , Well, here we are with just one thing to say, . . , ' . s! I Y ' z ' s . f ' Y , . 1 . V. . . . , Wap 04022 When AMERICANS fust settled thrs rrch land of yours and mme they were lookmg for freedom and rndependence 1n order to express them selves Then therr new way of l1fe was threatened by the mother na tron The spark of hope had been lrghted 1n them when they had frrst tasted freedom They were determrned to keep that much sought after freedom that they had Just drscovered They proved thrs when they put up a vrgorous struggle the Revolutronary War rn whrch they garn ed therr rndependence agarnst great odds They suffered many hard shrps thereafter but st1ll that dtvme spark kept burnrng brxghtly Amerrcans treasured theu garns whrch were the thmgs that they had acqurred and for whrch they had Lrfe Resources and People These people from the begrnnrng of our natron to the present day made Amerrca great But too much of a good thmg rs bad when tt rsn t put to good use Amerrcans 175 years after the Revolutron were l1v1ng a good lrfe and began takrng l1fe easy They began to lag rn the upkeep of therr defenses They became over confrdent Whrle Amerrcans were buy mg many luxurres Russrans were busy burldrng up therr mrlrtary world wrth the launchmg of the frrst Sputnrk Amerrcans were dazed They hadn t suspected that Russra has been dorng anythlng so power ful and advanced 1n scrence Wrth all of Russra s threats to the free world the spark of hope rn mrllrons of people became almost ex tlngurshed Many countrres that had leaned toward the West now became doubtful of tts superrorrty and started leamng toward the Sovret Unron The hopes of people rn many countrres who had w1sh ed someday to have freedom came crashrng down when the news of the Sovret s accomplrshment was heard They feared that they would come under the Commumst System agarn The Amerrcan people realrzed not any too soon that they were far behrnd and that they needed to do some fast catchrng up The Unlted States rs determlned to preserve rts democracy and rt w1ll put forth much resrstance rn order to keep ll We need to orgamze our forces rn scrence as well as other frelds to keep up w1th Russra ln the race for m1ss1le superrorrty We Amerrcans are a freedom lovlng people and we aren t gomg to s1t back wh1le someone snuffs out our candle are we? Marre Alexander 60 A . . ' I I - . . . , , ' . I I . Y . . . . . When Russia threatened the United States and the rest of the free ' - . . . . . ' . - , . . ' ' a0m7 When you came back to school rn September We wonder rf your hopes were burlt hrgh As you yearned for a perfect classroom Wrth no arguments com nlarnts or srghs Drd you dream of a day yet future When we students would be out ID lrfe Seerng each of us happy successful Trrumphant rn many a str1fe'P Sometrmes ll s so hard to be patrent We students Just don t seem to care Patrence and courage aren t easy when your Lnterests we don t seem to share In the future we ll always remember 'vfany trmes we ll recall mth regret The trrals and heartaches we caused you But your help we vsrll never forget The weeks come and r uso last We ll try from now on to co operate And work harder rn every class Mary Fuller Q9 awe? recerve a drploma Senlors stop grgglrng Sophomores rovl u Freshmen get along vnth Scott Mary Fuller get to school on t1me N1Ck1C Young stop chevung gum rn school Everett Drake stop quarrelrng wlth each other Junrors Bo frrst at llot Lunch bemors ty pe 40 words per nunute Typrnb Students ' . Q ' . I - I . Y ' ' A r ' ' " We realize there's little time left . 14, IA: . 3 ' P X . , . 1 , ' ' ' 1 Zbgm 5:00 7352 ZOE a gm: Tm gas 1 OHOFOH mga: Us M6 0:2250 ZEQ T-:Q Qwlgos was: UOHOHEN T050 mg: COS HSD 530:05 mgmwgg was A3503 5252 m-50: denim WO! 2232 WOEE mggam U25 2033 mg! mag MAG-52: gm!-5 E038 55505 QGOHMWG cfmmg MNOEE MCSE U05-E E: Q65 Dim? S5253 Z: C5503 Kam ZOUQQ zzufzbim ISBN Z0-55 M76 DCO 5 N 2:52 wg-EVN UOH QHO25 M955 HN E ZS-A5 E xg U20 QOBHUQ xg WOVEN S: E520 CGD gsm? F07 WOUUE XmUmOHmU HO mm H3032 Ogg SOSSQ mimgmwg H2072 0036 OOF F522 WQOEE M0808-JN snag Zczanzg w cf? S38 E352 105:22 EEN 205058 1352 OD H55 MUWGQMHQ magma FOKEN ZEEHQ 1552 Q25 1:5-dwg ESQ 55:3 O23 m U95 mb Cmm Om' Umbgln gg 5 Dm O: m EEN m::-Am 2 EEN 3:0500 was N36 HO 3005 Emwzgm Enxgm :DEW 75? OE: Siam 20 :G :HQ -HOB O: X245 300550 Oz: T26: O-www gm TNQ Qimam aim 20125 wgggm CEN MSE -LOS C0023 EQAQOQ 305: 292 AO? mag OO :wmnw K -W A . - I H W H u . H F . ' . U m H - Q W H H b Q - A gud-:V5 magmg Eng 2050220 3:5 E27 ' F- U M W VN . H In . u . U .W - ' U V , F l 4 Q I l 1 F new Mrss Roberts All students should lrve and learn George Whrch should we do rf we don t have trme for both? Scott Are you the barber who cut my harr last trme? Barber I don t thrnk so I ve only been here srx months Mrss McGowan and her boy frrend are rrdmg down a narrow country road Mrss McGowan has just learned to drrve Mrss McGowan screamed Qurck take the wheel darlrng here comes another tree' Clerk Srr my wrfe told me to ask you for a rarse Boss All rrght I ll ask my wrfe rf l can grve rt to you Everett Why drd you encourage your grrl to qurt playrng the prano and start playrng the clarrnet? Horace Because she can t srng when she s playrng the clarrnet One nrght at the movres l heard thrs conversatron between Mr Waldon and hrs date Can you see all rrght? he asked Yes Are you rn a draft? Does the man rn back of you have hrs feet on your seat? Mrnd tradrng places? Defendant Your honor l admrt I may have been drrvrng a brt fast but I was thrnkrng of gettrng marrred and Judge Frfty dollars frne rnsanrty rs no excuse Mary What krnd of husband should I look for mother? Mother Never mrnd the husband just look for a handsome young srngle man Durrng the nrght two burglars entered the offrce One approached the safe sat down on the floor took off hrs shoes and socks and started to turn the dral of the safe wrth hrs toes What 18 the matter? sard hrs partner Let s open thrs thrng and get out of here Naw rt ll only take a mrnute longer and we ll drrve them frnger experts crazy Hoprng to get a rrse out OfN1Ck1C workrng rn the freld by the road Mr Audet called Hey drd you see a truckload of monkeys go by here? No rephed Nrckre drd vou fall off? Wrfe to husband I scratched the front fender of our car a lrttle dear If you want to look at rt rt s rn the back seat - . 11 ' 11 . 1 H 11 - ' 1 ' 11 l 11 ' ' 11 . 11 1 1 1 ' 11 . , 1 1 . ,, . - 11 1 1 1 ' t 11 - - - 11 . , 1 , 11 - 1 - - ' - 11 . , . 1 ,, . . . . . . - 11 . 11 1 - 1 - - 11 . 1 , . 1 11 ' 11 11 11 11 - 11 11No11 11 I . 11 11 N011 11 - 1 11 U ,, . . . . . . - 1 1 A 11 ' ' - 1 - 11 - 1 1 I 11 ' 11 . , 1 . 11 - - - 11 - 1 1 1 - A 1 , 1 11 - 11 ' ' , 11 1 - - 11 . , . 11 ' 1 - 1 ' ' 11 1 1 1 1 . 11 1 ,, 1 . 11 11 - f - 11 ' 1, 1 1 I . ' . " ' . - 1 . - - 1 - 11 , . Qatar V1 X 'X mace Standing, left to right B Fish M Rowe N Rowe W Meader H Robbins I Little field E Keay M Emerson A McK1e1 D Pottle M Fuller J Cole M Wngles worth Kneeling C Rackleff Manager Mr Johnson Coach The Besse girls had a wmning season this year with nine wins and eight losses Our most important victory was our win over Brooks thus handing the Waldo County League Pottle 147 E Keay 111 We are sorry to be losing Alice McK1e1 through graduation We would like to thank Mr Johnson for all the time and work he has spent with us Besse Besse Besse Besse OUR CPATAINS BCSSC Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse 42 ' denotes home games Monroe Umty Stockton Springs Freedon Winterport Brooks Searsport Unity Winterport Stockton Springs Freedon Liberty Brooks Monroe Searsport Liberty Clinton ' ' Z Title to Searsport. High scorers were: A. McKiel 353 points, J. Littlefield 310, D. ' 31 57 ' ' . 88 ' ' 37 63 ' 54 5 43 . 1 ' 35 ' . QT I ' . 78 ' 53 66 ' ' 48 73 ' 48 ' 76 ' , , S Kneeling left to right D Pottle A MCKICI I-I Robbins J Littlefield M Fuller Standing M Wnglesworth N Rowe M Emerson C Rackleff Miss McGowan Coach E Keay M Alexander W Meade: M Rowe We played three softball games last fall but they were all unofficial because of the many conflicts in the schedule Our first game was at Freedom and we lost 6 to 2 The next game was played at Brooks and they won quite easily Our last game was played at home with Unity The Besse girls held the lead winning by nine points thanks go to Miss McGowan for the time and effort she has spent Q AD I sh, 'A 'nf Iifllllu If can We hope that we will have better luck this Spring and have a winning team. Our Z Front row left to rrght S Dow M Rowe T Hodges S Rackleff Standmg Mr Walden Coach G Green R Marks C Brann G Wrggm D Hodges H Robmson K Marks E Drake The boys had a very successful season last year w1nn1ng seven of the n1ne games played durrng the regular season We had to play the ue off wrth Brooks at Belfast for the league champ1onsh1p tlns was won by Brooks We played Belgrade rn our only non league game wmnmg the f1ISI game wrth a no lutter and losmg the second The scores of the games were as follows Besse Hrgh School Besse Hrgh School Besse l-hgh School Besse l-hgh School Besse l-hgh School Besse Hrgh School Besse l-hgh School Besse Hlgh School Besse l-hgh School Besse Hrgh School 1 Belgrade Brooks Lrberty Freedom Unrty Belgrade Brooks Freedom Umty Brooks Besse played two games last fall wlnnrng both The frrst was a 4 to 1 vrctory over Brooks and the second a 15 to 12 w1n over Unrty ' 10 ' 5 . 10 . ' s . ll . ' 8 ' 3 ' 3 . 8 . l rn Uver Lrhert , 37 52 Searsport In Leagu LIBLRTS .lan 23 Besse rgh rollrd up its highest point 0 nf the season with an 2 win orer Liberty here to ight Ronnie Marks who is second mong Central Ntaine Llass S corers added to hrs seasonal ark with a 2:1 point perform nee for Besse The Owls rollerl up a "1 7 first errnd and Coach Jerry Audet egan to send lvrs resert es with ll 13 plavers entering the scor rg column hc-lore the shooting HS INCI lrollnw nc Nlarks rn the scor g fo Bcsse were l:.verett rake tt -rge llrggrn and Terry od es all wrth 10 points Stan Jewett. was tops for Lrb ity wrt 18 points The Besse girls defeated the Liberty girls 87 52 rn the opener Jean Littlefield scored 34 points to pace the winning attack San dia Rhodes was high Liberty with 28 Besse 1871 Drake lf 'lleader Robinson Hodge rf Mason R Marks Green I' Hodges K Marks Dovt Qtrmibv Total Walker 1521 s stan Jewett lf llarrrman Davidson rf Ps ls esse In 45 33 Win ver Freedom lub FREEDOM Jan 71 Besse rgh of Albion snapped a four ame losing streak by downing reedom 45 '38 rn a Waldo County eague contest here tonight Besse took an early lead and ith per rod advantages ot 8 5 '70 and 33 23 The wrn kept Besses dimming tle hopes alive as the Owls still ave an opportunity to tre Brooks r the league crown George Vlrggrn paced the win rng attack with 17 por-nts, follow- by Ronnie Marks who dunked . MeKenney was hi h for Free- om with 13. In the opener the Freedom 'rls downed the Besse girl., 55- . Marlene Huard was tops for e winners with 30 points while lice McKicl had 27 for Bcsse. Besse t451 Goals Fouls s Robinson lf 'Vlason rke Brann 1 gin C tlark Dow g llodges Marks lg Hodges Total Freedom t381 Doughty Raten Ingraham rf Allen. e ZVleKenne5 rg . Kelles Downes, lg Total Besse Freedom . - Referees: Datsis, Reed. Goals Fouls Pts 1 esse N ms Third trarght WCL Tilt ALBION. Dec. 11 -Bese llivh rolled to its third traight vt-alrlo County League xietory downing Stockton 0-37 here last night. cadin 3'-27 "1 tg ' 0 ' ial period. thc Owls Cooled -1 d Stockton carrie back strtznzz 'set arg to t1'e ints at the fin's 1. e tietory' kept tie . 'I adlock for first plate P C , rooks and Srarsgtt rt uric Marks no f 'lf' tt orers ' 1 ' ' Ytf' 41' ranks. ' 1 is . 'z' '1- tmtnu 'norsrr 1- the wrnnrrg att 1 4' -ry I I I1rt1f't ' ' 'rald Sr-ekrns scored 10 tor tl e ockton fire. Besse held period leads of 11- .. Lf-19. and 3 - ". ln the preliminary contest. the Hesse girls wal oped the Stock- ton girls 88-43. Alice McKiel was high scorer with 47 points or Bessc Bossa' 1401 Goals Fouls s. tl. . irks. ' - I tm I 1:5 ' ":ke. " - Totals " Stockton Springs t3'll Goals Fouls . .If nson. lf t'l'ar'ner. rf llennett, rg Sfekins. lg ' Totals St-ore hy periods: Hesse SEARSPORT Jan 3 Besse High of Albion came from be hind with a "4 point final pcrrod to edge prevrouslv unbeaten Searsport 49 48 in a spine ting ling tlaldo County League ccn test here tonight THE DEI-'EXT snapped a 24 game conference winning streak forthe Searsport frte and handed them their frrt loss in set rr starts thts season The tretory sixth rn seven starts for Besse threw the XNCL race into a three way tie among Besse Searsport and Nlorse High of Brooks Trailing bt eight points 33 2.1 going into tl1c final period Ron nre Nlarks and Lterett Drake sparked a Besse comeback that frnallt knotted the corrnt at 45 DRAKE S SLT shot put Besse rn front bv two but John Wet, ster tred rt again with a pair ct foul tosses for Searsport With 40 seconds to go Xlatk topped rn a rebound to grte Bess a 49 47 lead Dax a pair of free throws for Searsport and marlr the tirst but rnrssed the seronl with Besse taking the rebount and running out the clock 'VI rks had 10 of 17 from tl foul line plus two buckets for 4 points in the frrral eight minut s while Drake had fire buckets tor 10 points rn the trnal frame ll rks lcd all scorers 1 th a 31 point performance for he game Drake lad 12 .Iohn Len fest had 21 for Searsport The Searsport girls downed the Bcsse girls 6.1 43 lll the opener Besse 1491 Goals Fouls Pts Robinson ll' D Hodges rf l gm c Drake Dow rg K Nlark R 'ttarks lg Total bcarsport Sta lr 1' Dat C rtrs rf Icnfest Webster rg lui kndrews Total Score by Periods Besse bearsport Referees Dalton Nlathrcu Goals 1 outs Pls Brooks In 61 55 ver Be se lo1HghfB k 1 ldt l otircity League ldlleitiztlilblglfil lCl0l' VCI' CSS6 'ION T L11.,lrtl1 ort s its setsorr downing Bessc llrgh f 'tlbron 69 al here tOI11 ht fhc defeat was only the setorrd rn eight games for the Besse club Clinton broke awav rn he second pe'1od with a 1-porn orrtburit after leading only 1 -16 A rr one period of play e " - .ze I A 'theti- tanza. building up a 60-43 lead. Ronnie Marks of Besse was thc amos high s' rer 1'tr points. 20 of thctn coming from the foul line as he hit on 20 of 27 free throws. Dick Proctor was high for the 1 1'-tiers w' lr 26 points w ri C teammate John Itlclienney had 14 and Norris Braley had 15. Ir1 a preliminary contest, thc Clinton Grammar School defeat- ed the Fairfield Grammar' -11-31. Clinton 1691 Goals Fouls Pts. l 'oetorz rt ' Nlclienncy, lf Weymouth Fuller, c Watson Braley. rg 1 Goodwin. lf llanseonr Totals Bessc 1517 Goals Foul Robinson, rf - Drake, lf Green - "Elin, ' IJ. Hodges, rg DOI.. , Marks. 'li llodu s Totals Clinton 21 .- '. Besse -f S. tnrght E pt 11 b hat tr l s rr pre c te the titto Brook was rn front Z18 a ter the lit l period but Hesse rallied to rut tht hulec to '13 '76 at ralf time The 'tlorse five sptrrted again the third frame to take a 48 1 lerd but again had to hola off a Besse rally in the final period. Wayne tRobint Hood paced the winning attack with 27 points while Sirrtr- followed with 11. Ronnir 'll'll'l'C5. in contention for tire C1-ntr'1l Maine Class S ,ft-rii 'J title, added to his chan' . 1 'lt a .--4-rtiinr performance or a 48 4 Jean Little e 1 Jared the winners 1 ith 27 point rhrle Nlarrltn Vtelth had ,ti for he losers Horse t6l1 Coals Fouls It B rwn f Nllfllft Smith Hood e Ryan rg Qhute lg Totals Besse l5al . llarkf. Robinson, rf L Drake 2 . liegin. c .. ' ' Goals Fouls Pts lt. Marks. rg T D w, D. Hodges T. Hood' es Totals ,. , Horse , L T I " Besse Stops Unit 38 35, Second Wm UNI l'Y Dec. 3 Y-Hesse High of Albion scored its sec- ond strarght ll aldo County League victory downing ljnity High 38-35 in a sizzier here Coach Jerry Arrcltts Owls took a two-point --dee 8.ll0I' one peri- od ol' play but fell behind B-1' at halftime. " 'a . 10 Owls " ll? ' ll chind - ' a 31- 1 t'ce-qtrartcr 1 1 htel 5' ' the 'cs 'the w 1. ' tty e ' the w-y with fire men while Besse used one substitute during the torrid con- es . George lliiggrn and Ronnie Marks paced the Hesse vie ory " 1 'T po . between ttern. HSS' . '-L. - ter. us ' 'Hts 1 ' . ans, 5-8 grtarr tallied 13 points. ljnrty. which walloped Liberty ' ' s o ner a has since ' Jped a 'ose - decision Brooks. was paced by Lee Geteh- ell who dunked 12 points. Brian Mishou had 10 markers. In the preliminary contest. the Unity girls tipped the Besse tonight. scored 42 points for Besse and Diana Harris tallied 30 point: for Unity. Unity faces Winterport in its next league test a week from to ai' and Bessc also tar-es Win- terport Friday in its next 1:1-rguc es . Unity 135 ' 5 Illyriek. lf Mitchell, rf . Getchell. 1. Mishou. rg Daigle, lg L Total... . .. . ' Besse C381 ' Robinson, ll ' Ps Drake.r'f . D w. rf Viggin. Hocges. rg Mat'ks.lg 3 Total Besse 11 613 8-35 Unity 9 9 11 6-38 ' I H' h ' t B S L g Streak y o 0 'O 2 - .' 4' '- M i .- l ' . ' I .' ' - I .- 7 - -. A 'r I o tr in . ' at- .. . . I A - .. . 1. . . .. fr ft r' . A A ' - - ' ' -' ' -. T . ,I ' ' ' vig ' , 2 ll , I - - v - I , - for - , I I I -I .I 'If I I I . . 0 0 3 - ,I 'I , ' . ' .. . I I I .. - . 8 15 31 - f -. ' . rg F 1 - I I - I. . I' ' 17 15 4 . . 5 o rn ' f I' ' I . A ' ' . ' .I 6 . I it 1 0 2 I I ' e ' .' p -s, 1 1 3 I - I . I ' 3 o 6 I ' S 'e 1 af - ' .re I- o 1 1 . . 1 - 1 ' . 0 5 5 - - I I I ' - I '1 u-1. 6 1 1 .I ., 1 1 3 -' -, ' I - I If- J. . .-.f 9 3 21 ' ' . . , rg 12 1 25 -. - , , ' ' ' I I ' 1 ' f ,- -I - 1 2 -t '. 1 1 0 2 ' - - - r ,, 1 ' ' - K. ' 'tis 0 tr 1 - I t 3 210 f - . ' raI-' 11 I - .15 2 tl 4 1- - ' - - - - it 2 E ' - - ' ' ' - ' 1 is to :- 1 gk., '. .1 0 2 A - 4 'Q 2 10 3 7 24--49 as 11 sv 1 I .. 1, . I , 1 . 6 12 15 ,5-48 Fg F Pt , , . ., I , 1 I PI V . . I 1 I ,' ' , 8 3 18 - , 5 I l I v " 0 0 0 ll ' r' . , 5 3 13 a ' II II - ' . .. 1 n T7' f W n 0 . ' . - , l - I ' -' - . , . - - I Pr. . ' I 1 . ' ' 0 1 1 ' th by -4 . - ' it 1 - I . I' 1 . . o 0 o in I II I. II . ' ' - ni-1 -, it 2 2 6 - - . I 5 I' . . A H 0 0 0 . - - - 5 ' .-,, - , - I ith ' - . I I I ' wif F ' 8 5 16 Icllx 1 Jim- 7- he TU-lcrf 11 21-11111111 fir'-l 'r"td rtt ' t lo I I- ' . , 1 5 eld 1tsII adtantage all the way II II II II 0 otItl111tonIlltgl1I togeddo their 5,3 . ,III 3.134 ,1m.1, ,Vic -1115, III I I II I . II I .- - 3 0 6 I . trt.I II rn II .tartIsI 0. N, . .. I . . ry I, I III, 3 II 6 ' . " . , . . , 4 7 15j'1 . V., -it ' " fI S' 3 2 is . A I . . 0 fr 0 ' I ' I In ' I . 13 5 27 , . - 14 17 45I I I I f ' - '-'- fl - . - rt o ll -I . I I. 1 . . 5 1 tt ,. . ' , lf 1 2 4 ' I " I 2 ' ' . 28 5 er ' ' ' 0 0 0 I ' ' , ' -11" - ' ' ' - . . r. ' 'A ' ' , 3 0 6 I' i " ' t rr h N lf ol o o' - I 2 3 7 s I 8 1 o 1 s 1, 5 3 13 an rrt 11 1 , 3 Q ' 0 0 0 'ters ontrntter to roll rtr ltrd 5 W ., 2 6 Y 2 4 8 1 " 1 e lo s 34 r 13 12 38 . I I 8 12 13 12 43 g U, ,,1 34 I 0 f 3 2 ff t 5 8 ro 15 38 , , fc, II 0 I, 0 'lt 0 f f '73 ll 11 . , , ll WP "1 ll ri tt or w 1 ll rt l l . Q O C 0 1 V a -1 12 2 26 It - I I ' ' ' 6 2 14 , 1 0 0 0 3 2 3 ' , 2 0 -l L 2 f' t 1 rr r 1-. bll Ill 1 I II II 7 ZI I A IZ s U 1 I 1 1 I I 1 v 0 0 0 L 0 ic ml, In IC 31 7 69 In the third ft me tl Th I onli I, f 5 Pt Lat trot b tu ttkr d dc 111 th 0 l ' IWIEII' 'md l 1 1110 I B I Pt 2 0 J, it r t or a l I nm ft ft it 1 rt no lf 1 0 2 fl 0 'l L" ll "' -'H -' ft , pt in tertial Ntar tli s -11, ,f 7 3 11 ltr C 0 fr F: 1 6 8 ketl lt hot strc tk 1. 1 V1 in r- 4 l Q 1 0 I I I 1 3 g h 111 in in 11 rtt 1 lltd e ig 4 1 9 I " Ig 31 C 4 4 17 LC 1 arl l ll l 1 l 'X lt ' I 1 4 2 10 lar lrhbt ht 1 l 17 atrl A lr 6 40 0 Ig U 'I IIIII 2 IIIII It I 0 1 ' 27 0 ltr rn ti ' Lett p hed rn 14 11 13 35 P? I3 Z por thrle Nl tk l Fz I t 111 l 0 1 0 1 O 0 0 1 I -1 C r 1 1: 1: 1' to . 1 313 lol Ll to 1 1 2 16 1 3 0 5 17 3 37 6 1 1, 18 2 33 11 14 12 3-40 Stockton Springs 9 10 8 10-37 Un .ah - 1 ' 1 A I Standrng left to nght C Qulmby K Marks M Mason D Hodges R Meader C Braun G Wrggrn G Green H Robmson E Drake R. Marks S Sol T Hodges Kneelmg Mr Audet Coach M Rowe Besse had a wmnmg season th1s year w1th an eleven and frve recorc' rn the Waldo County League Becuase of the good record our team t1ed for seconr place wrth Wmter port Ronald Marks was hrgh scorer rn Class S school m central Ma1ne wlth a 21 8 average for 18 games Lrsted below are the scores for the 1957 58 season Stockton Liberty L1berty Freedom Freedom Brooks Brooks Uruty Ronald Marks George Wrggrn Everett Drake Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Unrty Monroe Searsport Searsport Wmterport Wmterport Clmton Clmton INDIVIDUAL SCORES Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Besse Davld Hodges 1 Horace Robmson Scott Dow Rest 51 37 40 ' 45 Stockton 46 Besse 42 Monrow 40 Besse ' 87 58 40 ' 32 7 3 48 55 57 36 38 45 ' 60 49 34 ' 39 61 55 ' 69 ' 35 38 ' 59 392 ' ' ' 138 ' 67 105 . W. 2 Kneelrng left to rxght K Overlock W Marks J Rowe C Marks P Dow Second row G Overlook R Hodges K Hodges A Mcwrlhams L Dow Mr Walden Coach D Lrttlefleld L Clark D Lrttlefleld S Rackleff L Ward D Blake Manager JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS but we had fun playmg Mr Walden was our coach We have had two games wrth the follow Lng teams Unlty Benton Knox and Pxtts freld We also played Knox as a prelrmmary game for the All Star game and parucrpated rn the Junlor Hlgh Tournament Our cheerleaders are left to rtght B Bradstreet F Edgerly L Jones M E Perkrns P Hayward Kneelmg rn front are J Scrrbner and D Stuart ' , ' : 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - - I Q 1 - 1 - 1 v . I 1 - 9 ' 1 Our record this year was not very good, : ' 1 1 1 ' ' , . , . , . . . , . I . . Gd ties ii Typmg class at work Chemlstry class at work Momtors ID hallways Pracucmg basketball Www: Servmg hot 1l.LI'lCl'l H01 lunches --.ii 4 A uv Wf- l , , , 1, .1.'j. f ".".'. .. -. . . . A 4,'n,'0. . . 5 'f 'I Q f.,":. x V, . V - 'Q - The Junior Prize Speaking of 1957 was held at the Albion Grange Hall in the spring The four members of the Junior class took part Their names and selections were EVERETT DRAKE The Button BETTY FLETCHER The Least of These RONALD MARKS The Torch ALICE MCKIEL Alameda Alice McKie1 won first place in the girls division and Everett Drake was first in the boys division At the regional contest between Albion Unity Brooks and Freedon held at Brooks Alice McKie1 won first in the girls division and Everett Drake was second in the boys' division. Zend Z fi!-.ggi v pf u X Z3 9' KN X M ' Qtxvggff 0 right: J. Rowe, M. wngleswonh, L. Jones, J. cole, T. . Littlefield, H. Robinson, C. Braun, L. Clark, T. Hodges , F-'PN 'EEN W :se xy . x K f M if N 7 45 X x if X f "Q Q3 f xi, 3 .V Sauna ..-1' EVERETT BETTY 'UI' gy! B A LICE RONALD O-hmmm QU 3 gm-V5 000505 ZNEQ m 20:2 MNOEE 50 E99 gage ggga ggag 65:2 WOEVEM as-gg HNOSQ 3350 520 GSE! wggw HO:-J MVN 522 m:O cfmmg O-I-,mm Own QW Q53 -W2-HO: 5039! mmmgagm ,PCEGVN Ugg me-O V5 NMOS Q H3350 mm:-mam EEG: magna MSX: 5:5305 H625 5: 255 55525 ze-5 Qmvgo-H 7383 mam Q gmwg Q-N12 M-33:5 gb mo HO OTHFUENZ gag OSH-Cox ZEV5 HH EEE Egan: 2256 Egg sua-5:0 2305 5 gg Egg 2505 Egg 5 gg by gg 5 gg 202 wg-:sax Egg .5503 Egg Kp-EOD up gg ggwmgimmzm Egg 5555 T:-EEWHOD QQOHNE 5 gg or NFOBN O0OCmSx:OZ meagm :DOO D m 203 20196 an 50 mam xgam T73 mga WOAVUCOT mg OO msasm GEO-Ag U DE C55 OE T530 QQ O-65 my 2: SEM O2 49:03 M QENNO me Q gmsgg 05072 mv 2: S:-Aw OE 1030 MOQGQQ xgdm TVB M0035-Qs MASQ TUE :UOEHOQ jg: Z: F EOZAQ. 00:38 OO QQ 00:88 OO Q0 H3033 OO Omnw 55:8 2:5 Sm 5: mgg . H b --- D H' . Q . Hin! -. . -U W --V- 'H -' Q lg- ' .H ' D W -.bp H H 1 A . A . l H. . .H U - ' : 4 Q : . -: H H- W U H G 082 HE WEE-as 8:5gOm H9203 E2 UEEOUE HOG bag 0:54 8:52503 2:5302 03:00 magma WNEOEK HNETOI Bam OEOHL 253 BOELE3 gm QM MOHEHOUOE m H H2333 magma COSOEHEOU :ENA3 .ABS 5:-QENU 8:53:03 MEE-HE V-H03 :AE ig SSW m 5:2302 O28 HE 082 HE NAEQEUQ Azz W D 20:05 5:5 m :DEE widens 2:5302 SEOSOE MEEHS ZOELMEDUUO RAEEBU 30 2:3 C052 :EOE-WU SEO.:-NU Bgwigus SEQEND COEUQ gg: Q Saw: Q :Gang 1 EMEEE COR: Q OEZBN 3 EE: Q SEQEND EEO E58 SE Otgm COE-Q C032 EEOQEMU COHMWEEHE UCOHWOES Egg Eg?-WE COEE C032 COE-Q MEOHSES E052 gg: Q mamma NEHG! gsm-O00 Ewgm Q-:OED 5226! EHOESK Sam 32254 EHOEGK Zuni 55:1 22: EES EEG USE SEQ wig Zmaa-:mu HSE 23 2 233 Dmuso mgvhmz MEOQE 22055 552 :MEGA N855 ESQ 3233 wegw wg?-DQ SEED N05 20.205 Ry-BAE :ogg 205 :25 mo :EU NAZEOOE E53 Ebohm mbvgw MWEEMNI 2052 U EOQON-2 E208 -UOOM SEE :OG BEE OP Dm HOQOZNH :gg magw VAOEDUOE NAS! EAMES! 2:00 F-SESS! 2 Q5 5 33 :EOD :mug Egg-Em 552 mm HMO mwq'-U NAEDUOO3 ME QF Hgnzom 8225 0 :OL ao A C0202 E3 ENE SUSE S52 Ewax :meg 022:52 5:2 HH wiv-:Nm :OES COEOU 5:35 5:5 is vm. LO WQEU 5 -am E-:NEW WEOZW :ggi gg :Ewa mEOiOm GC-VOM NEEEO 5?-mr U 2-OQONE E2-OE 35:93 Ewa NANO! EQ miami SEE miwwi EZUM E as CO3 E5-dm TA-USU NAm:sxOOHm U-33 BES m EO L nm LO wwfsu h A . I t n A A v I U . - - - - H l H A DEE mga! SEE H232 EQOHMU :gain SEQ . . A - . D l . I: D l ' G M ' D ' A M . Q H A 1 ' .HM N . . 4 H . A -V QE D vertisers f LE E E12 OT HEQS CONTRACTORS FRANK A. AND ELLIS K LEE Propmetors Bulldoz1ng and Shovel Work of All Klnds Dependable Servlce Telephone GE 7 2.200 Alb1on Malne Gene ral Trucking . , . HATQCDLD KEAY Quallty Me rchandlse Poultry and Dalry Feeds Telephone GE 7 2540 Alblon, Mame Blue Seal Folks m A1b1on Should Cons1der Th1s Bank as The1r Home Bank FEDEIQAL TI? UST CCDIVII3 N Y A F1-1end1y Instltutlon Wate rv1Ile Malne THE ffkeww Wwfwjfzk AGENCY Gene ral Insurance "Be Sure Insure Telephone TR 25519 Resldence GE 7 2600 82 Elm Street Waterv111e Malne Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation 9 I ll 3 L f' yew iey TO GREATER VALUES YEATCDN S Mobdgas H D IXAATQDEN Z SCDNS b 0 I I W Ei a GARAGE Tow Service D . """"""" GENERAL MERCHANDISE WIRTHMORE e GE 7- 5 A ' Maine ' LET US HELP ,. :,. , ..4 . - . X 3- f XX , S , u Z N 7 .' Z ga of 1. .l A Ci 1, i1':fw,, X Q 'S Q J. X C. Oil. COIXAFDAN INC Mm Esso DEALER SMILEY'S DAIRY FARM A DAIRY PRODUCTS 534 R 7zar-drum Pasteumzed Homogemzed Da1ry Products Tel TR 25643 Plant Located 1n Wlnslow Ma1ne W1ll It Be a College Textbook or a Brldal Bouquet for You? Elther Way You'll Be Properly Outf1tted fx on Our Second Floor MXH Stop 1n Soon x A, 3 EMERY BROWN Co X ,ff-1 Wate rv1lle Ma1ne If n , ls lr . k .-A n ...,... Y , , ' Q15 ' ' xx' N u l if "l - fx - 1, fffifq., -A ff A, . ,J f' , 553151, - ny -1 c y ,- f ,QP-. Lag f - 2 YV? , ff- a.Y,.fv . I , .1 cc, 1 !-13112 ,jf MLM fini,-ff' , I AZ24 A SALES STABLES Telephone GE 7 2620 Alb1on Mame Comphments of jfadkfwfs MARKET Dealer ln Meats Groce r1es Gasohne and O11 Telephone GE 7 2570 Alblon Ma1ne E D BESSEY Z SON PULPWOOD BUYERS Telephone TR 2 6224 Waterv1lle Ma1ne Inspector ROSS HOLT Tel Hazel6 3291... Clmton Mame Corrmpllm ents of H ATHAVVAY SHIR T C OMPANY Wate rv 1lle , Malne I I We Give S 8: H Green Stamps I O DEPOSITORS TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporat1on Umted States Depos1tory Author1zed to Act as Trustee and Executor Wate r'v1lle Fa1rf1eld Oakland and 15 Other Convenlently Located Off1ces 1n Central Ma1ne ,f-f'f:triKNQ-4'Xr5b,X mcg Q, l IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT HARD! NGS TRANSPORT SERVICE CARROLL HARDING AND SON T G 7 2513 Alb1on, Ma 1ne DUNHANA Hardwa re Appllance s Housewares Tel TR1n1ty Z 5511 Z9 Front Street Wate rvllle Ma1ne + 'I I-H: 4- ITQST NATICNAL BANK Member Federal Reserve System Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporat1on Belfast, Ma1ne 3 H O 3951 J :ffig 5 f . - . . ' el. e. - CO. '55 I5 A 53 . -Q :ee A Good Place to Save for Your Future VVATEIQVILLE SAVINGS BAN K Member of the Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat1on Wate rv1lle Malne UNITED FARMERS OF NEW ENGLAND INC Alb1on Mame Farm Coope rat1ve D1Sti21b1lt1Hg Mllk 1n the Boston Market 'Ui 255554 11'1 Albxon Quahty Clothmg and Footwear at PTICCS You Can Afford to Pay Open Da1ly 9 am to 9 pm EINA EEE Alterauons and Mothproofmg Plckup and Del1very Monday and Thur sday Bal 35522 Tel 34W W1nterport Belfast AX FFF I X 9, A Lv , -- Vf1,i'v R21 CLEANERS to . . rr . . . Ha- - W. S. PILLSBURY 8: SON 'Complete Farm Equipment" Prompt Service and Repair Tel. TR Z-5537 .nga .--LL f ' Z1 I -fflafmrii g R A 41932 f' 1 Wate rville , Ma ine 'PE NOESCOT POULTRY CO INC Our Chicken Has Taste Telephone 321 Belfast Maine WATEQV I l..L.:E VV I NS L.OVV AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Buy Your New or Used Car or Truck From a Franchised Dealer Compliments of C N CHALMERS LUMBER Sz MILLWORK Tel GE 7 2400 xf 'ear X 1 xi Albion T gas Ma ine . , . ll ' ll Q Q ll ' ll ',,1nyn' l,1l1,:" 'HI V . QI... "f.,,uh'-..unul.- ss 1 My 4 U I gm.. -.N-. nil... NN 1 N 1 fl" u", f' ' ll! NN ...Sq i F: 1 -' J . Si! If If I fy E no Q xl NN Z' X, 'I r ff H, "I in N f 1 ,X V i N ' ,P ' R ' a0""""lc QKIAIIYY Filill Compliments of Compliments of M B 1: LEE ZUSON MQMMJ DAIRY AND POULTRY A1b1on Mame A1b1on Ma1ne Comphments of Comphments of QGY E KEAY f aW 2 som Alblon Malne A1b1OH Ma1ne Comphments f Comphments of VVESLEY F G JONE Car Sales "sfo fn NQQTQN 'hi'-x Garage Work Gunn fum' W A1b1on A1b1on Ma1ne Comphments of Comphments of THE STAFF OF THE POST OFFICE CAFE Albmn Malne Umty Malne ul I . Z. .O . .. S' '71 p 'N I v,H,-M . G S FLOOD Coal O11 Bu11d1ng SuppI1es Phone TR1n1ty 2 2721 Watervllle Malne Cornphments of 'BRCDO KS TIRE CO Waterv11Ie Malne .IACKSON'S DAIRY FARM INC PURE LAC PRODUC TS INC I-Iomogeruzed Vltamln D M11k Tel 2418 or 925 Watervllle Malne DAKIN'S SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Where Sportsmen Me " Repalr Work on Guns Blcycles 28 Broad Street Bangor 67 69 Temple St Watervllle J E MCCORMICK 8: SON AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS Tel TR 2 9363 Sanger Avenue Wate rv1Ile Comphments of GIQONDINS CERTIFIED CLEANERS 7 1X2 T1con1c Street Watervllle Malne Read the WATERVILLE MORNING SENTINEL or La st Mmute News 0546525 ' HOT DOG PLACE Hamburgers Hot Dogs Sandw1ches L1ght Lunches Lobster Rolls 7 Front St Waterv11le CO. , . ll Pasteurized Dairy Products Camp Stoves, Etc. . . , . f - AXDIVIOQ CLEANERS 8: DYERS Shoe Repa1r1r1g TR 2 7162 36667 Wate rvllle Malne www HARDWARE 8: PLUMBING SUPPLY CO Pa.1nt and Electmcal Supplles Tel TR 25528 Wate rvllle Malne LEVINES The Store for Men and Boys Home of Botany Arrow and McGregor Wate rv1lle Ma 1ne Comphrnents of T3 I CATQD EROS F URNITURE COMPANY 10 Common Street Watervllle Malne Comphments of JEWELER Wate rv11le 'S Dlam ond Hdqr s Wate rvxlle Malne Comphments of FURBUSH lcnsvnoms-r CHEVROLET 20 Temple Street Waterv1lle Mame I MM DINER Wonderful Food and Excellent Servlce Manu Street Wate rvllle Ma1ne FRED J ROSSIGNOL JE WE LER "We're Here to Serve You Tel TR 2 7338 Wate rv1l1e Malne W ' - G1 I ll vu 0 LIONEL L. TARDIF il - Q., l..T-l ll ' ' . ll ll WHEN IN THE Buy' Your Shoes GALLEIQT SHOE STORE 51 Ma1n St Watervllle Ma1ne DAVID MATHIEU INC Auto Body and Fender Work Bee11ne Ahgnment Equlpment Rad1ator Sales and Se rv1ces Frame Work Tr 2. 5732 Tr 2 5654 Waterv111e Ma1ne The New PURITAN MOOD FDR RESTAURANT FINE FDDD INC Ill CYU IQ Tel TR 2 9871 Waterv111e Ma1ne Comphments of WWZW DENTIST Tel TR 3 3224 Waterv111e Ma1ne Comphments of 12 H IXAOODY Waterv111e Mame DEXTEIQS DRUG STORE The Penslar Store Tel TR 2 9349 2 Chnton Avenue Wmslow Ma1ne Zhemd N CDYE S STOVE CO INC STEAM LAUNDRY 'I S Mamgas ' Tel TR 2 9515 A11 Types of Gas and Electmc Appllances Largest Supphers of Bottled Mam Street Gas ln Central Ma1ne Waterv111e, Ma1ne TR 2 7213 Watervllle 4 I I 74 9 2 . . af D12. I THE REPUBLICAN JOURNAL Home News of Waldo County Journal Btuldmg Te 130 Belfast HILLS RE XALL DRUGS C1ty Drug Store Tel 868 AND SAVE Belfast Me THE MEN'S SHOP 's and Boys' Apparel or Dres Work Sportswear 83 Maln Street Belfast, Ma1ne QWJMWZ4 FUEL COMPANY Fuel O1ls Heatmg Equ1pment Anthraclte Coal Blturnlnous Be lfa st, Ma1ne WMM WAREHOUSE Phone 115 Belfast, Ma1ne Compl1ments of H VV HATCH Wholesale Tobacco and COD.f6Ct1ODC ry Belfast Ma1ne HALL HARDWARE COMPANY W1lson Sportmg Goods Tel 55 Belfast Ma1ne "Famous IF l'l' s coo: rooa of vou luurr Fme Foods ,Q 'Q WHITCOMBS CAFE ll 1 H1gh Street Belfast Ll 1. S-wlll f f--AT , . I Men f S - - . - . . Coke Fertilizers f ll I I '-'04 iv N BETQIQYS STATIONERS Royal Typewr1te rs Insure Wlth GEORGE J' DOYLE AGENCY Insurance All Forms Tel TR Z 9516 170 Ma1n St 343 Water St Wate rv1lle Augusta 90 Mam Street Wate rv1lle Ma1ne 'THCDIVIAS JUNIOR C OLLEGE 93 Sllver Street Waterv1lle Ma1ne Comp11ments of Z!! SNACK BAR Wlnslow, Mame H C Mc C OR RIS ON 81 SON INC Tho rndlke Ma1ne WIRTHMORE FEED STORES Poultry Da1ry Stock Feeds Seeds Fertlhzers 0 GL 3 7324 a Falrfleld I 'Q Ou THE MERRILL TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporat1on Belfast Ma1ne I. AVVQY BTQOT I-IEIQS COMPANY Complete House Furn1sh1ngs and Mort1c1ans Tel GL 36707 Fa1rf1eld Ma1ne f F s 1' Telephone WI 8-3100 arm up? ies DE 'DONNE'-..L.l..Y Keystone Odorle s s Pamts W1ndow Glass Ha rdwares GL 3 6631 Fa1rf1e1d Comphments of Qmfkff 4 HATCHERY Unlty Malne s-ILJSSEYS GENERAL STORE Grocer1es Hardware Dry Goods Rad1os Refr1gerators Ranges TCISVISIOHS Maytag Washers Dryers Water Heaters Tel So Ch1na 28 2 Wmds or Malne C' fwffddiz INC Gaso11ne and Motor O11s Fuel and Range O11s 280 Mam Street Fa1rf1e1d Mame ZZZQQWA' CLOTHING OUTLET Clothes for the Whole Farruly Open 10 AM to 10 PM Da11y Te 60 South Chma. Mame HAROLD W KIMBALL CO M111 SUPPIICS and Garden Supphes Burpee 's Seeds Wate rv111e Mame HAP12 I5 BAKING COMPANY Wate rv111e Malne Your Independent Grocer Has Our 'Harr1s Better Products" Comphrnents of PQOCTOQ AND EOVVIE W1ns low Ma me 1 I ' I ' ' ' ' Tel. GL 3-7341 or GL 3-7342 I f . . 1. , , IXAULLENS JEWELRY STCRE Watches Jewelry G1fts Cards Watch Repalrmg Fa1rf1e1d Malne The New TQOSE LAND RESTAURANT On R1vers1de Dr1ve at Augusta Mame Busmessman s Lunch Steaks and Sea. Food Your Hosts THE "COTES ' Comphments of FRANK G THOMAS 8: SON Heatxng and Plumbmg Amemcan Standard Products Tel Res TR Z 8245 Shop TR 2 8119 Z3 Western Avenue :El-lvl CITY TOBACCO AND CONFECTIONERY CO D1 str1butors of Schrafft's Chocolates Wate rv11le Ma 1ne INSURANCE Auto Flre Farm L1ab111ty FARM BUREAU MUTUAL INS COMPANY At a Savmg WILLIS B HUSSEY QC1ass 'IIJ Local Representatlve Comphments of .JCDSEIDHS CLOTHING STORE Fa1rf1e1d Malne J H FARWELL 8: SON JAMES E DAVIS Wlrthmore Feeds General Merchand1se Un1ty, Ma me Compl1m ents of STONE COOPER CO INC Coal O11 Coke Aug us ta Ma me I - , n . - . , . . , . ' Waterville, Maine - - 7 . I . . , . . , . . . , , S44 X ff ' A X SD Sane l"'l US SEY HARDWARE CO The Store of 50 000 Items 10 12 Bangor Street Augusta Malne ,si-gh ERE llllll :paw an f 45' KENNEBECK SAVINGS BANK Estab11shed ln 1870 A Mutual Sav1ngs Bank Augusta Ma1ne SEBASTICOOK GREENHUUSE Flowers of D1st1nct1on for Every Occaslon Tel GL 3 7412. Benton, Mame Comphments of 2.5-M2444 GRILL Home Cooked Food A1b1on Mame Thanks From the YEARBOOK STAFF to the ADVERTISE RS PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS t x, I , 2 mm . mam e f F, f df BOOSTER ADS ALBION Comphrnents of a Frlend O G Rowe Roy Knlghts Freeland Drake J Harold L1ttlef1e'd Henry Taylor Frank Mason 8: Son Cllve Knowlton Ernest Meader Helen's Beauty Shop Harvey Hall A Fr1end Harry McK1el Arthur Tuttle Mllllken Farms Machaon Stevens John Sylvester Reglnald Clowater Bradstreet Farms BELFAST WATERV ILLE R1ckey s Hot Dog Stand Flo's Greenhouse Cornpllments of a Frlend Dr F E Toulouse Jr Al Corey's Musxc Store Mlchaud Jewelry Yardgood Center Colby's Dry Cleaners D D McLellan Haskell's Confectlonery FAIRFIELD Des gl Genes KNOX E L Blanchard THORNDIKE Thor-nd1ke Gene ral Store H F Chaples Grocery Maur1ce W Darres W G Stover Shute and Shorey Dutch Chevrolet Co Inc UNITY C O M1ShUe Edge rly . . . , , r. . . . , . Harry Tuttle Farrow's Bookshop X My nh W ix 'rw Ox X974 Qlfjl Nfk' ?777'BOIf -ff ,77,AQd FP P? rf? cl J ,414-UPL 11-J D,oU1oJ.fZ.J,'LA'o jfawv vw bndibgjldg FN Nd X5 xx, ZLL fm W ,?Lxz 00:--ff'-uqf N7 41.14-..J,Lf,tL ,J A ' KL 'K 4' -. llgfifwlj' . 4-A , A J 5,3 4,ifvx.4Y I ' F ZS fc O RRXXX 426 z'Lf14,c, V?oC,?af'2,0Liv1'+v 'K' A f- 'LB XX f AAN!! FY ?l9'4 'fbX , 7 A ., , A qf A 1 4 - Q CLC, , A4 A' A ,f A. AA AA X' ," I A f 1 L-XC X " ix iv M XC ' XQ .N H3 ,KT Y 2, E fx A ,, -,f,ZfZ,g'Xg44L A L, 1, AQ, A' A AA A . A A . X AvA A W - I Cfxf L4 Cy X A'A , Agfc ,QA A Ci AA 5, X , NX, IAA Z!! i A CAAAAVA A AA A H A Q . A ' ' f ' ' R! A I 1 ML X , ,j 4f 7A,A A AA 'A , A. 5 ' lj fi f Cf A, ,Qui-9451 C 4, 4 f K Jax 'AA 1 A , x f A 4,,A 7 I N' X , a , XV LX. fyfu 4U fM1L ,C47f f 7' , 'X J I f C A w ' ' A jx ' XL! PV XVVL 7 f- j , v r I ' K f , , l ,L W U cwmff , X 4 L If At. Q rf, if CJX CERN Q ff AAA , A . , if E, ZAX If . n AA C A ,, Y 7 x 1 1 J ff, ' ' f lf wfu J , F7 14, " I K Ll Cf. K XX 5 f QIJL CL iff X' x A K f x - "x . A "ld" A Q TN I A, 5 A r N , ., S . .. A5 MA! i A N X A fx xx yy w , ' J ',f . . XG , ,. 1 ' ,lx A X n , X . X B A E xo If . Ar, R 11. Q1 x my CF Q J Elf AXA ,BXNC . ff A -sk J . 3, . - AA X N Eyff 'vhudqgnla Q-.J W W C Xf Ml WWE MW www fY' QMWKJLW f 7"JUbJ'L!fH Yfqftj awp f' c JJ J N' M Xufwbwf W Luvxgtk LW if 'JN OIWJOJ Bw 2nyMw WWW 3HC,NOx,XiivL VV?- f Q W fy ' ff, I , y I Qty A M 4 '14 n I d4' jwfw,jfL fp mf P , 1, ,fv .- 1 I gf ft Q 1 f Y! 6 I WJ if wbx ML CMV , Y U 'A 54 3' 4 VJ 1 LV 'L I '41 xl. uf Ab , ", ,QV I aww, ,X V Jawmv K K W1-:X Myxvi WUXLM K JQSJ' , -,J S NVQ if jfgyw ffiia LJLLw -, U MvQLl,J.x. x V x ifxw -QJMQJA AJ I MQ X 5,15 if P QN 'X W 1 X 'X DHL cj CAN , 1 NIM C ' A Q V f ff QW. WN A gdww x L MN J 1 N wb LT! W n LG.,ffx I I U H , TA LOR PUBLISHING CO ' ' ofa'-,, X 5

Suggestions in the Besse High School - Breeze Yearbook (Albion, ME) collection:

Besse High School - Breeze Yearbook (Albion, ME) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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Besse High School - Breeze Yearbook (Albion, ME) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 18

1958, pg 18

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