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jtJojL. cJLclAA- cr _ 1956 BERNE-KNOX CENTRAL SCHOOLS . BERNE NEW VORR EMOR cru o RrccRcI_ oolA J2jL_CT AiAA_  Mwa Mater Nestling gently in the mountains In the shade of old U-hai Bathed in all its reigning splendor Beloved Berne-Knox High Ever living in our mem’ries Through our lives, a burning flame Transcending all life’s pathways Berne-Knox is its name. Beside the green-floored pastures Smooth flows the murm’ring stream Exalted to the heavens Always cherished in our dreams May glorious be your future As in the years now past Going onward, ever onward Berne-Knox to the last. Mary Vida Knowles, ’39 ILeft to right: Mr. Emil Horl, Mr. George Northrup, Mr. Howard Schoonmaker, Mr. George Hannay, Mr. Lewis Haverly. Hoard of Directors Mr. Howard R. Zimmer Vice Principal Executives Mr. Walter E. Schoenbom Supervising Principal Mr. Henry W. Thom Grade Coordinator Mr. Willsey S. Sherwin Clerk - Business ManagerDedication This yearbookis proudly and sincerely dedicated to a man extremely devoted to his profession. As well as contributing toward our scholastic merits, he has provided us with a strong foundation on which to build our future. Our footsteps into success will follow paths shaped by his wise counseling and his untiring patience. We could never entirely thank or repay him, but we do hope to show our profoundest respect, admiration, and gratitude by dedicating our yearbook to Mr. Frank J. Mustico.Designers Left to right: J. Cooke. Literary Editor; C. Glebitz. Photography Editor; R. Betts, Sports Editor; H. Viet. Business Manager; B. Filkins. Editor-in-Chief; Mrs. Parker. Advisor; R. Pitcher. Assistant Editor; S. Duell, Typing Editor; J. Garry. Advertising Editor. Absent: H. Walters. Art EditorMRS. WRIGHT Math and Ad. Ed, MRS. SWICK Library and English MRS. FILKINS Grade 6 MR. MUSTICO Social Studies MRS. RISLEY Kindergarten MRS. SADDLEMIRE Kindergarten "COACH" SHAUL Phys. Ed. Dir. and Dr. Tr. MRS. GAGE Grade 4 MRS. KANE Grade 6MRS. PARKER Art Director MR. ECKER Grade 5 MRS. BLOOM Elementary ArtMR. GITLOW Science MRS. HOOKER Grade 4 MR. BOYDEN Agr. Shop and Dr. Tr. MR. O'LEARY English MR. FENNESSY Commerce MRS. SHOLTES Grade 1 MISS FIGURSKI Phys. Ed. Dir. MRS. CROCKER Grade 3 i MR. HAAS Music Director « MRS. QUAY Grade 1Efficiency Experts As graduation day approaches, we pause a moment to think about our past in old B-K. Our last year, which could have been the most difficult, was made pleasant by Mrs. Swick and Mrs. Parker. Their helpfulness and warm understanding was deeply appreciated by the entire Senior Class.SKILLED CRAFTSMEN jjULAi AbaJihiA OTL NEW ADVENTURE RICHARD D. BETTS "Dick" Band 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Class Secretary 1; Vice President 3; President 4; Dramatics 4; Yearbook Sports Editor 4; Harvest King 4; Prom King 3; Dance Band 3 4; Soccer 4. RUDOLPH A. PITCHER "Ray" 4-H 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 3, 4; Student Council 1; Static 3,4; Yearbook Assistant Editor 4; Class Vice President 2, 4; Operetta 3; Static Sports Editor 4. BARBARA A. FILKINS "Barb" Cheerleading 2,3,4; Class Treasurer 1,2,3,4; 4-H 1,2; Dramatics 2,3,4; Girls' Sports 2,3,4; Student Council Vice President 4; Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 4; GAA 4; FTC 2.3; Static 3, 4; Static Literary Editor 4. Student Council 1; GAA President 4; Yearbook Literary Editor 4.EUGENE A. BECKER "Gene" FAA 3. FRANCES A. BENEDICT "Fran" Band 1.2,3,4; 4-H 1.2,3. 4; Choir 1; Operetta 1,2; Girls' Sports 2,3,4; Statis-cian 3; Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; Harvest Queen 4. IRVING M. BOUTON "Bob" WILMA G. BRENNEMAN "Willy" Glee Club 3,4; 4-H 3.4; GAA 4; Operetta 3. JANICE L. CARL "Jan" 4-H 2,3,4; Dramatics 2,3, 4.SHIRLEY M. DUELL "Shirl" Cheerleading 1,2,3, 4; Class Secretary 2; 4-H 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2; Choir 2; Static 2, 3,4; Girls' Sports 2,3, 4; GAA 4; Yearbook Typing Editor 4; Harvest Queen 3; Static Typing Editor 3,4; Operetta 2. PETER H. CONNOR "Pete" FREDA L. DUTTON "Freda" 4-H 2,3; Dramatics 3; Statistician 4; Static 3; Red Cross 1.JOHN D. GARRY "Johnny” Dramatics 2, 3; Yearbook Advertising Editor 4; Static 3.4. CAROL J. GIEBITZ "Carol" News Reporter 1.2; Cheer -leading 3; 4-H 1,2; Dramatics 2,3,4, Operetta 1,2; Static 2,3,4; Girls' Sports 2,3,4; Yearbook Photography Editor 4; GAA 4; Static Exchange Editor 4; Statistician 4. WILLIAM E. GOBLET "Bill” FFA 3,4; 4-H 2,3.4. HELEN M. GOLDEN "Helen" 4-H 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; Operetta 1,2,3; Static 2,3,4. JOHN G. HERHOLZ "Jackie" Band 1,2,3.4; Choir 1,2, 3,4; Static; Red Cross 2; Operetta 1,2, 3,4; Dramatics 2. WILLIAM J. KAEHLER "Bill" Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,4; 4-H 1.2. 3,4; Dramatics 2; Student Council President 4; Soccer 4; Operetta 3. DAVID S. KOMJATHY "Dave" Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1.2; 4-H 1. MARJORIE J. LENDRUM "Marjie" 4-H 1,2,3; Glee Club 1, 2; Operetta 1,2; Statistician 3, 4; GAA 4. KENNETH A. HORL "Ken" Band 1,2,3; FFA 2,3; 4-H 1.2.3. ALBERTA J. LITTS "Al" Band 3,4; Glee Club 3; Operetta 3; Dramatics 2, 4; 4-H 1,2,4; FTC 1,2, 3. 4; Student Council 3; Class Assistant Treasurer 4; Static 1.2.3,4; Dance Band 4JOSEPH H. Me MANAMA "Joe" Band 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Glee Club 1.2,3,4; Operetta 1,2,3; Baseball 2, 3,4; Soccer 4. ROBERT B. McCORMICK "Bud" Class President 3; Basketball 1.2.3. RALPH H. MILLER "Ralph" FFA 1,2,3.4; 4-H; Dramatics 2, 3,4; Soccer 4. RICHARD J. MILNER "Squeak" 4-H 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2, 3; Baseball 2,3,4; FFA 3.4. JOHN R, NELSON "Sabu" 4-H 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,3,4; Operetta 1,3,4; Static 3; Dramatics 4. LINDA G. SISSON "Linda" Glee dub 1.2.3,4; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Static 1, 2,3.4; FTC 2.3,4; Dramatics 4; Statistician 3; GAA 4; Operetta 1,2,3. RICHARD H. RAPP "Dick" 4-H; FFA 1,2,3, 4. DOLORES N. VINCENT "Vincent" 4-H 3, 4; Dramatics 4.DALE R. WALDRON "Dale" Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 2.3.4. GEORGE B. WALK "George" 4-H 1.2,3.4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Choir 1.2,3,4; Operetta 1.2.3. HELEN M. WALTERS BARBARA A. WILBER "Helen" "Barb- Glee Club 1,2; 4-H 1.2; Static 4. Static 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Art Editor 4; Class President 2'; GAA 4; Cbeerleading Manager 3; Cheerleading Sub. 4; Girls' Sports 2,3, 4; Operetta 1,2. JANET M. WRIGHT "Jan" Band 1,2,3.4; 4-H 1,2,3, 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Operetta 1,2,3; Dramatics 2,3; Girls' Sports 2,3,4; Static 2, 3, 4.Production As hopeful and excited freshmen, we began our final years of school. To lead us we chose Hugo Veit as president; John Crosier, vice president; Richard Betts, secretary; Barbara Filkins, treasurer; John Herholz and Dorothy Tallrnan, Red Cross representatives; and Joan Cooke and Beatrice Gustavson as Student Council representatives. Miss Twitchell and Mr. Chester were our class advisors. For our class activities we held two movies and a roller skating party. Entering our second year of high school, our first business was to elect our officers. James Perry, Helen Walters, Shirley Duell, and Estelle Ward were chosen president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. Marilyn Cornell and Ray Pitcher represented the sophomores on the Student Council while Richard Rapp and Barbara Filkins represented us in the Junior Red Cross. Mrs. Osterhout and Mr. Denofio capably directed us as advisors. In October we presented our first activity, the double feature, "A Girl in Every Port” and "Flying Leathernecks. “ Entering the Junior One-Act Play Contest we selected "The Laughing Ghost" which was directed by Mrs. Osterhout and Mr. O'Leary. In March we again had a movie "High Sierra, " which was a huge success. Later, in combined efforts with the seventh grade, we held a gigantic bake sale with all profits going to the Cancer drive. As the last activity in our sophomore year, we held a Vic dance with the gym decorated with large records and musical notes. With Mr. Mustico and Mrs. Osterhout as our class advisors, we were juniors and had only two short years ahead of us. This time Robert McCormick was president; Richard Bens, vice president; Joan Cooke, secretary; Barbara Filkins, treasurer; Hugo Veit and Alberta Litts, Student Council representatives; Dorothy Tallrnan, news reporter; and John Herholz and Kenneth Horl, Red Cross representatives. With great anticipation we selected our class rings and waited patiently until two days before Christmas vacation and then proudly displayed them. In October we held a Halloween Soc Hop which was enjoyed by all participants. Our next activity was to be the Junior One-Act Play Contest. Our class presented "The One that Got Away" giving stiff competition to the winning sophomores. At the finest activity - the Junior Prom,, we chose "Under Paris Skies" as a theme with Keith Witter providing the music. Couples danced under stars suspended from the lowered ceiling and others sat at tables arranged around the gym to represent a sidewalk cafe! At 11:30 Richard Bens and Delores Duell were crowned King and Queen with the Eiffel Tower silhouetted against a myriad sky in the background. Then the day arrived when we were at last proud Seniors. For this golden year we selected Richard Betts, Ray Pitcher, Joan Cooke, and Barbara Filkins as president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer in that order. Helen Golden acted as news reporter, and William Kaehler, and Barbara Filkins represented the senior class on the Student Council. Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Swick guided us as advisors. Our senior play, "Stranger in the Night" was presented in November with the hard working cast receiving well deserved praise and acclaim for a fine job. Later in the fall, we held a Soc Hop which proved another success. As our final part in dramatics we selected "Westwood Whoa! ” a comedy-drama for the play contest.Juture 'Development Program GENE BECKER is in England, reviewing the early inhabitants of Great Britain to find out if they really did Invent the now famous crew-cut. If they did. Gene plans to sue his barber. FRAN BENEDICT finally did something wrong. She dropped a stitch in her knitting for the Navajo Indians. They are pretty riled up about it. DICK BETTS is the nation's newest and most popular crooner. His latest recording is, "Go Ahead and Leave Me, I've Got my Goldfish." IRV BOUTON is the commanding officer in the Albany unit of the National Guard. He likes the part-time work. WILLIE BRENNEMAN has developed a freckle remover. It worked wonders on her and she is willing to share it with all girls who have freckles. JAN CARL was known to take shorthand faster than anyone else in the world. They are still looking for it. PETE CONNOR has broken into Hollywood to do Rhett Butler in the revival of the film, "Gone With The Wind." JOAN COOKE it is rumored, will drive her own Bulck Roadmaster in the 1976 attempts to break Chevrolet's 1956 record on Pikes Peak. MARILYN CORNELL is our lady ambassador to the peace-loving island of lower Slobvia. Wc are now at war with lower Slobovia. SHIRLEY DUELL is lost in a snowbank in Alaska. Oh well, she's got her love to keep her warm. FREDA DUTTON owns Westerlo's first Automat. She always did love to play with small change. BARBARA FILKINS is back at Berne-Knox, helping the seniors with their yearbook. She really did enjoy it. JOHN GARRY is working on a little custom job which he calls the car of the past, present, and future. The car has GM motor, overdrive, power seats, windows, and windshield wipers. It is also only 12" long so therefore solves tne panting problem. CAROL GIEBITZ is now a hairdresser in New York, her specialty is her own creation, the Corvet Crew Cut, designed for girls with naturally straight hair. HELEN GOLDEN is working on a vaccine for mosquito bites. She plans on making millions. JACK HERHOLZ is the Editor-In-Chief of the New York Times. He really learned a lot by working on Static. KEN HORL is driving his new Farm-All tractor all over the countryside. He plans on entering it in the sports car races in Langhorn, Pennsylvania. BILL KAEHLER just returned from Africa where he taught typewriting to the natives. Typewriter sales have gone up considerably. JOHNNY KEPPLER is back at Berne-Knox, taking Coach's place in Driver Education. He is known for his safe driving. DAVE KOMJATHY is the president of the "Live Alone and Like It" club of East Beme, New York. He has quite an organization, but few members attend the meetings; it seems they like to be alone, so stay away from the club. MARGIE LENDRUM is in India teaching the natives the Can Can. We understand she made quite a hit. ALBERTA LITTS just completed a book entitled, "How To Win Friends and Influence People through Algebra." RALPH MILLER and his steady Studebaker have recently broken the sound barrier. Some are waiting for him to repair it, but he hasn't slowed up yet. RICHARD MILNER grew. He is now the tallest man in the world and is working with the Rlngllng Brothers, Bam urn and Baily circus. JOHN NELSON is preparing to run for his 5th term in the presidential elections in two years. He reformed RAY PITCHER was entered in the South American Marble Tournament, but he returned brokenhearted; on the way, he lost his marbles. DICK RAPP has developed a three legged chicken. He has reported that his chicken can run faster than the ordinary two legged species. LINDA SISSON is a model for the Coca Cola Company. She is the new elf with the coke cap on her head. ROBERTA STEVENS is still patiently writing letters to Bob who re-enlisted. That boy will make general yet. HUGO VEIT is making a bomb that he calls his "Surprise Package." He sets it and no one, not even Hugo, knows when it will go off... He was a nice kid. DOLORES VINCENT owns her own dude ranch where she teaches the ladles how to ride horseback. The men must follow the women in cars, just in case. DALE WALDRON has just completed his survey; he now knows every unmarried girl's address, telephone number, and height! He b also dated up nntil the fifth of July, 2099. GEORGE WALK, president of the "Hold Me Tight" Dental Plate Co., reports sales well over the million mark. HELEN WALTERS has organized her own basketball team, the Westerlo Maprunners. They play the Harlem Globetrotters soon. BARBARA WILBER designed the new capital building of East Glouchester. The Inhabitants have moved to West Gloucester. JEAN and JANET WRIGHT are in service for the Red Cross. They are concluding their overseas duty in Tibet, where they are treating snake charmers for snake bites....Company Charter We, the Seniors of Berne-Knox, do hereby declare this our last will and testament. To Berne-Knox we leave our fondest memories of wonderful times. To Mr. Schoenbom we leave our thanks for his guidance and direction through our years at B-K. To Mr. Zimmer we leave his new guidance room with the hope that his neighbors next year will be quieter. To Mr. Sberwin we leave the new switchboard in hopes he'll learn to use it. To Mrs. Swick we leave a year's subscription to "Hot Rodin place of Shakespeare. To Mrs. Parker we leave our humble thanks for her patieuce and help in our yearbook. To Mr. Mustico we leave a year’s supply of chip-proof chalk. To Mr. Sbaul we leave a 12x12, picture windowed office with air conditioning and snack bar. To Mrs. Wright we leave the hopes that next year's trig class will be more capable of doing originals. To Mr. Favreau we leave a room full of speedy electric typewriters. To Mrs. Osterhout we leave a round-trip ticket for all expense paid vacation in France. To Mr. Fennessy we leave an instruction manual for running movie projectors in Salesmanship. To Mr. Gitlow we leave the hopes that he will receive the B-K safe driving award. To Mr. Jacobs we leave a pair of platform shoes to enable him to confer with the J, V. team face to face, to Mr. Boy-den we leave an enlarged and more complete shop for next year's students to dismantle. To Mrs. Yarm-chuk we leave a steel reinforced living room set designed for heavy wear and tear. To Miss Figurski we leave five less girls to help line the soccer field. Eugene Becker leaves his ability to study to Richard Shanz. Frances Benedict leaves her love for male teachers to anyone who dares to take it. Richard Bens leaves his happiest memories of B-K to his brother Tom. Irving Bouton leaves his quiet disposition to his brother John. Wilma Brenneman leaves her red hair and freckles to Carolyn Garrison. Janice Carl leaves her fifth period seat In the office to anyone with nimble fingers to wrap money. Pete Connor leaves a monkey wrench to anyone who likes to monkey around with cars. Joan Cooke leaves the few telephone poles still standing to her sister Janice. Marilyn Cornell leaves her preference for certain Greenville guys to Janet Blair -- (all except one.) Shirley Dexter leaves her ability to throw erasers to other girls who're brave enough to try. Shirley Duell leaves her love for cheering and the fun of future ball games to Shirley Talltnan. Freda Dutton leaves her cashier job to Pat Snyder. Barbara Filkins leaves her cheerleading outfit with the hope Miss Figurski can find someone small enough to fit in it. John Garry leaves the mimeograph machine to anyone who wants to get out of Mrs. Parker's class. Carol Glebitz leaves her love for the opposite sex to -- sorry she'll keep that forever! William Goblet leaves his ability to always be on time to his brother Jim. Helen Golden leaves her ballpoint pen to next year's Senior new reporter. John Herholz leaves his arguments in Human Relations Class unfinished for next year's class. Kenneth Horl leaves his excuses for not having his homework done to Harold Hammershaimb. Douglas Jones leaves his Algebra books to anyone who needs them. William Kaehler leaves his love (?) for Social studies to Harold DeVoe. David Komjathy leaves his love for Fords to George Crosier. Marjorie Lendrum leaves her statistician job to anyone who thinks he'd like it. Alberta Litts leaves a battery of unanswerable questions to the B-K library. Robert McCormick leaves his unused razor blades to LeRoy Schoonmaker. John Keppler leaves his accident-free record to LeKoy Schoonmaker. Joseph McManama leaves his problems of staying eligible to Robert Swain. Ralph Miller leaves his future Studebakcr with Caddy engine to Charles Lendrum. Richard Milner leaves his charming way with Mr. Boyden to Joseph Salzer. John Nelson leaves his full-race Plymouth engine to Donald Pitcher. Ray Pitcher leaves his quiet ways to Marty Snyder. Richard Rapp leaves his engineer boots to Roger Smith. Linda Sisson leaves her love for science to Pat Komjathy. Roberta Stevens leaves her subtle ways with boys to Marlene LeBuis. Hugo Veit leaves his unfinished Science questions for Bob Swain to take up next year. Dolores Vincent leaves her blonde hair to anyone who can't afford peroxide. Dale Waldron leaves his curly hair to Jim Decker. George Walk leaves his two front teeth on the cafeteria counter to anyone who needs them. Helen Walters leaves her love for clothes to Pat Betts. Barbara Wilber leaves Berne-Knox bewildered. Jean and Janet Wright leave B-K still guessing which is Jean and whichNAME KNOWN AS USUALLY FOUND Frances B. "Fran" Dancing Richard B. "Dick" Pete and Sally's Janice C. "Janny" Connting Money Peter C. "Pete" 12:08 Club Joan C. "Speedo" Driving Shirley D • "Shiri" With Lou Marilyn C. "Marilyn" Foxenkill Barbara F. "Barb" At Jlggs Linda S. "Linda" Almost Anywhere Marjorie L. "Margie" Pat's Ranch Alberta L • "Al" Home Jean W. "Jean" In The Grades Janet W. "Janet" The Nurse's Office Freda D. "Fredda" In Her Big Chrysler John H. "Jack" Doing Homework Kenneth 1 i. "Ken" On A Tractor Rudolph P "Ray" With Sabu Dolores V "Dodo" Home Roberta S. "Bobbie " With Carol caroi "Carrot" With Some Fellas Helen G. "Marie" Studying William G. "Bill" Sleeping Richard M. "Squeak" Setting Up Pins John N. "Sabu" In the Office John G. "Johnny" At the Mimeo Machine Richard R. "Dick" At the Bowling Alleys Douglas J. "Buck Hunting David K. "Butch" At Madeline's Robert M. "Bud" Anywhere Shirley D. "Shiri" Home Ralph M. "Lead-Foot" Delmar Hugo V. "Kraut" In the Lunch Line William K. "Willy" Taking Pan in Arguments George W • "George" On the Farm Wilma B. "Red" Square Dancing Barbara W • "Barb" Rooting For B-K Eugene B. "Gene" Gym Irving B. "lravadink" In Salesmanship Dale W. "Curly Playing Basketball Helen W. "Shrimp" Reading juscpil Mt. "Joe" Dancing John K. "Johnny" Coach's Office KNOWN FOR I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER Lady-like Way Good Times Dancing Games at Saratoga Ability to Act Class Plays Hi Scooter Junior and Senior Picnic Her Cool Green Buick Joe Bailey Antic with Dick "Coach" Talking '55 Junior and Senior Picnic Getting Ray in Trouble My Neat (?) Locker Mate Her Neatness Mrs. Fennessy's S.H. Her Quiet Ways The Teachers Her Innocent Remarks All die Kids Helping Mrs. Saddlemlre Band and Dance Band Helping Mrs. Morey Senior Class Her Neighborhood Christmas Vacation His Glasses Mr. Gitlow’s Narrow Escapes His Muscles Mrs. Swlck's Tests Censored!!! Human Relations Class Her Laugh Social Studies Class Being Loyal to One Man My Junior Year Her Innocent Parties Mr. Jacobs and Latin Class Her Good Marks My Classmates Cutting Classes After the Games His Freckles Agricultural Class His Peace-loving Ways Mr. Mustlco His Locker Door Mrs. Wright Changing Tires Mr. Boyden's Agriculture Class Flathead Ford Noon Hour with Mr. Mustlco His Quietness Florida His Personality The Basketball Games Her Giggle Berne-Knox Daily Naps in Class Basketball Games His Inventions "Quiet" Mechanical Drawing Class A Real Good Guy The Girls in B-K His Great Big Smile Driving to School Her Red Hair Schoharie Movies Her Cute Hair Style Albuquerque His Brush Hair Cut Dick Rapp's Clowning His Easy-going Ways salesmanship His Curly Hair Shirl's Little Red Car Artistic Ability Mrs. Parker's Band Period His Laugh School Dances His Driving "Coach"d_n_cL m-crh-S— i a u C_ TO LEARNIJuniors Left to right, first row: T. Walters, P. Bassler, T. Wukits, M. LeBuis, J. Blair, S. Tallman, D. Shafer, G. Cross, M. Long, P. Weinburger, E. Tompkins, R. Miller. Second row: Mr. Mustico, G. Crosier, C. Snyder, B. Chrysler. R. Wagner, C. Ostrander, J. Truax, E. Crawford. E. Cooper, L. Cross, W. Schoenbom, C. Keller, Mrs. Osterhout, Third row; J. Salzer, R. Swain, L. Schoonmaker, D. Pitcher, J. Baker, C. Sloger, H. Hammershaimb, J. Goblet, C. Lendrum, M. Morrow, H. Miller, C. Risley. Absent: E. Shultes, R. Schanz, R. Martin. M. Swart, M. Hanley. Left to right, first row; L. Salisbury, P. Deacon, D. Fiegel, D. Stevens, B. Quay, C. Palumbo, D. Miller, T. Betts, V. Mitchell, C. Palumbo, C. Garrison, G. Rue, S. Makray, L, Zona, M. Stevens. Second row; Mr. Fennessy, R. Seger, B. Boyden, J. Decker, A. Kaehler, A. Agnew, T. Miller, T. Agnew, R. Durfee. P. Arnold, M. Crosier, S. VanAUer, W. Suto. Third row; G. Martin, D. Flagler, J. Bouton, P. Keppler, A. Rockmore, D. VanNess, G. O'Malley, H. DeVoe, C. Milner, G. Good-fellow, G. Miller. M. Snyder, R. Rapp, G. Cross, R. Wright, B. Buchardt, R. Barkman, R. Dexter. Absent: R. Smith, J. Goblet. SophomoresGrade Nine Left to right, first row: G. Tompkins, H. Mitchell, J. Coons, J. Tompkins, M. Rocker, C. Proper, D. Walters, P. Komjathy, L. Mann, R. Wagner, E. Sloger, R. Hannay, P. Chrysler, A. Cross, M. Fancher, B. Dexter. Second row: Mr. Gitlow, M. Bouton, I. Townsend. I. Schanz, K. Orsini, F. Yarmchuk, C. Fitzgerald, A. Burnett, E. Morlock, J. Pitcher, F. Williams, D. Goodfellow, J. Rhe-now, D. Garrison, I. VanHaugg, Miss Secor. Third row: C. Miller, M. Salzer, W. Nelson, B. Keller, L. Filkins, J. Gardiner, J. Benedict, R. Hannay, F. Nicholson, R. Haverly, R. Spensley, L. Martell, J. Golden, D. LeBuis. Absent; C. Chrysler, M. Schoonmaker, P. Snyder. Left to right, first row: J. Cooke, D. Adams, M. Bennett, J. VanWormer, D. Ostrander, K. Mitchell B. Healt, B. Boyden, B. Hammershiamb, P. Betts, P. Sisson, C. Walk, M. VanWormer, A. Orlup, K. Gray, J. Stewart, L. Swain, D. Becker. Second row: J. Schoenbom, C. Brennanmen, T. Winters, K. Coffey, D. Polombo, C. Case, L. Saddlemire, C. Dutton, C. Davis, M. Becker, R. Jones, R. Walters, F. Conger, V. Gibbs, B. Malone, D. Decker, Mr. Jacobs. Third row: Mr. O'Leary, M. VanHaugg, J. Fiegel, L. Barber, W. LaGrange, G. Tischer, S. Bartz, G. Kipple, W. Zona, J. Newell, P. Buchardt, E. Nicholson, D. Guillson, C. Cross, J. Saddlemire, K. Patschureck, L. LaFlair. Absent: F. Baldwin, B. Quay, L. Chrysler, L. Schoonmaker.Left to right, first row: M. Miller, D. Stevens, V. Johnston, E. Patschureck, L. Quay, D. Stemple, R. Feil, S. Smith, E. Martin, L. Nasholds, D. VanHaugg, D. Bradt, N. Pitcher, N. Dexter. Second row; Mrs. Fennessy, E. Fusco, V. Suto, K. Stevens, G. Martin, R. O'Malley, R. Thompson, R. Means, H. Tallman, S. Miller, R. Bennett, F. Moak, Miss Hiltsley. Third row: R. Tubbs, G. Salisbury, G. Porter, D. Shafer, D. Weloth, W. Connor, L. Saddlemire, J. Chrysler, P. Warner, R. Stevens, M. Polhemus, W. Turner, C. Gagnier, W. Thompson. Absent: J. Delligan, H. Moak, W. Moloney, D. Ostrander, W. Swart, P. Klersy. Left to right, first row: G. Bennett, G. Weis, L. Sisson, P. Walk, M. Lilts, J. Johanson, N. Hough-taling, E. Garrison, M. Nicholson, L. Stevens, R. Tubbs, M. Benedict, C. Keller, D. Carl, N. Wukits, B. Douglas, G. Sisson, D. Martel. Second row: Mrs. Filkins, W. Conger, E. Schanz, H. Miller, N. Delligan, G. Tubbs, P. LaGrange, P. Shaul, D. Wagoner, L. Williams, R. Dexter, D. Sprinkle, T. Quay, W. Rue, R. Rowe, R. Joslin, A. Corbin, Mrs. Kane. Third row: S. Burke, J. LaGrange, B. Dearstyne, F. Frantzen, T. Gagnier, W. Quay, C. Shultes, T. Adams, J. Proper, D. Michaels, H. Shafer, W. Seger, W. Eldred, A. Bradt, J. Cummings, J. Hiltsley, J. Williams. Absent: M. Drozlik, R. Bell.Left to right, first row: J. Niles, M. Haverly, V. Salisbury, N. LaGrange, M. Stempel, A. Cedrine, B. Dearstyne, V. Suto, E. Tallman, M. Shafer, J. Coulter, B. Drumm, L, Page, P. Goblet, B. Rock-more, D. Tork. Second row; Mrs. Hallenbeck, W. O'Brien, D. Michaels, M. Dreimiller, R. O’Malley, J. Litts, R. Johnston, R. Curtin, S. Arnold, G. Tallman, H. Orsini, J. Chrysler, M. Stevens, D. Wagoner, M. Haverly, H. Winterscheidt. Third row: L. Hack, D. Sand, J. Francis, N. Panting, D. McDermott, T. Smith, P. Young, R. Brenneman, J. Saddlemire, L. Buchardt, J. Hiltsley, D. Nicholson, W. Baldwin, Mr. Ecker. Absent: R. Vincent, S. Seavey, J. Dearstyne, S. Williams, C. Delligan, G. Stevens. Left to right, first row: L. Sisson, D. Conklin, W. Tallman, C. Hendricks, 5. Michaels, D. Stevens, D. Stevens, L. Menas, J. Farragut, M. Gunville, C. LeBuis, G. Jarvis, H. Crounse, J. Garry, G. Nasholds, S. Polhemus, J. Yarmchuck, D. Fisher. Second row: R. Briggs, L. Seecof, R. Giebitz, M. DeCamillo, C. Sacco, L. Cedrini, S. Zimmer, D. Murphy, N. Quay, M. Feil, J. Ostrander, M. Tallman, B. Conn, C. Shaul, B. Bunzey, A. Stevens, M. Jones, R. VanAller. Third row: J. Gazak, A. Weis, D. Wagoner, V. Wagoner, D. Saddlemire, N. Hughes, H. Jarvis, A. Suto, W. Roney, R. Mullen, W. Eberle, D. White, W. Farragut, P. Sloger, E. Chrysler, T. VanHaug, G. Johnston, Mrs. Hooker. Absent: J. Rue. Grade JourZhird Grade Left to right, first row: M. Doran, V. Wagoner, J. Cummings, N. Yarmchuk, C. Porter, J. Swings-ton, D. Michaels, D. Flagler, R. Payne, P. Stevens, C. Brennan, C. DiCamiUo, L. McDermott, L. New, P. Alberts, L. LaFlair, S. Quay, C. Pitcher, G. Thiel. Second row; Mrs. Crocker, W. Hamilton, I. Becker, S. Garry, E. Briggs, E. Livingston, C. Paul, R. Stevens, J. Nicholson, E. Shultes, C, Stevens, P. Bolani, E. Cross, L. Duell, S. Schermerhom, C. Martell, Mrs. Sherman. Third row; R. Wright, L. Carlsen, W. Porter, C. Conklin, M. Porter, K. Northrup, C. Martell. W. Sagendorf, G. Buchardt, E. Chase, J. Golden, F. Drumm, S. Lendrum, D. McDermott, G. Hendricks, S. Melcher, F. Schoonmaker, R. LaGrange, R. Stempel. Absent: S. Kundel, D. Rendo, D. Schanz, J. Hains. Left to right, first row: D. LeBuis, R. Bivins, R. Hammershaimb, D. Garlock, A. Joslin, P. Porter, K. Drumm, D. Rendo, K. Stapleton, R. Baker, L. Weidman, R. Goetz, A. Archibald, M.Niles, J. Quay, R. Lyons, P. Golden. Second row: Mrs. Brenneman, D. LaFlair, G. Schrieber, M. Ostrander. L. Agnew, G. Carl. B. O'Malley, P. Schoonmaker, J. Tork, C. Tubbs, J. Belliveau, E. VanEss, L. Thorington, D. Healt, J. Archibald, B. Schoonmaker, Miss White. Third row: M. Snyder, B. Frantzen, R. LaGrange. R. Decker, G. Gray, W. Mitchell, G. Ostrander. T. Joslin, T. Alberts. R. Foster. J. Vincent, D. GunviUe, T. Wagner, K. Earl, J. Coons, D. Salisbury, G. Panting. Absent: W. Willsey, B. Bunzy, R. Gagnier, R. Tallman. Second GradeGrade One Left to right, first row: Mrs. Quay, C. Williamson, R. Gresch, R. Hamilton, A. Saddlemire, C. Townsend, S. Haluska, P. Coons, S. Salisbury, C. Miller, C. Swini, D. Vincent, R. Picardi, B. LaGrange, B. Filkins, L. Agnew, M. Hardick. Second row: R. Fisher, P. Suitto, G. Black, G. Bartels, B. Drumm, D. Ketchum, B. Shultes, C. Wilbur, T. Bolani, R. Conklin, M. Kinnaird, K. Bunzy, T. Stevens, D. Chrysler, C. Davis, E. Nicholson. Third row: A. Zuk, S. Maslowsky, R. Shafer, J. Sacco, R. Porter, T. Landauer, T. Tubbs, J. Doran, A. Scrafford, T. Ernst, C. Barber, L. Crosby, W. Francis, J. Coulter, E. Earl, H. Gott, Mrs. Sholtes. Absent: C. Furman, H.Schoon maker, J. VanBuren, R. Furman. Left to right, first row: Mrs. Risley, S. Means, C. Johnston, V. Vincent, K. Drumm, B. Coulter, P. Chase, F. Parsons, A. Cross, C. Rocker, A. Saddlemire, D. Frantzen, R. Vanlderstine, E. Coons, M. Jones, Mrs. Saddlemire. Second row: R. Schoonmaker, P. Swint, S. Bartz, S. Herzog, T. Rapp, E. Wideman, R. VonHaugg, G. Leber, P. Stalker, N. Cross, J. Rhodes, S. Polukort, F. Van Ness, D. Crosby, M. VanBuren, B. Crosby. Third row: P. Polukort, M. Kolanchick, J. Nash-olds, G. Quay, K. Hkverly, G. Przysiecki, S. Settle, P. Northrup, A. Pitcher, R. Chauvot, B. Garry, W. Conn, R. Chrysler, J. Thorington, L. Carlsen, J. Wilbur. Absent: V. Brooks, A. Carl, J. Dexter, S. Doran, S. Settle, D. Bell, J. Bensen, C. Burnett, D. Gagnier, W. Willsey, J. Cavanaugh, S. Schermerhorn, B. Settle, S. Tallman, R. Palmer, R. Dietz, R. Porter, D. Swint. KindergartenMRS. LOCKWOOD Kindergarten, 1, 2Left to right, first row: S. Hempstead, D. Robinson, C. Furman, D. Hannay, M. Brown, C. Weinberger, J. Furman, J. Fiegel, Second row: V. Clickman, J. Miller, C, Furman, J. Keppler, J. Fitzgerald, C. Rivenburg, V. Weinberger, F, Orlup, M. DeGroff, E. Mitchell. Third row: P. Davis, J. Plotkin, M. Slingerland, T. Davis, P. Cashdollar, D. Moak, R. Loetterle, D. Fancher, T. Keppler, S. Grassi. Left to right, first row: M. Mitchell, K. Coffey, J. Cordts, D. Dearstyne, J. Britton, J. Bader, D. Singer, D. Swain. Second row: B. Cooper, F. Veser, J. Bouton, T. Hempstead, T. Bouton, J. Bader, M. Hoffman, B. Hempstead. Third row: N. Brown, M. Furman, W. Clickman, M. Riven-berg, C. Hoffman, N. Donaldson, D. Keppler, M. Clickman, J. Singer. Absent: D. Hallenbeck. Grades One and ZwoWesterlo Grades Sire and Seven Left to right, first row: C. Guilzon, G. Newell, C, Hannay, C. Dutton. B. Swain, M, Milner, J. Lukza, M. Clickman, E. Fancher, A. Wilday. Second row: T. Donaldson, J. Barber, B. Brayman, G. McCormick, C. Conklin, M. Dutton, J. Miller, G. Hempstead, N. Gaspar, E. Newell. Third row: F. Hempstead, B. Bouton, T. Grassi, D. Hannay, H. Robinson, W. Loet-terle, R. Furman, R. Furman, G. Deacon, A. Hallenbeck. MRS. LORD CookLeft to right: Raymond Shultes, Charles Bassler, Raymond Wright. Left to right: Mr. Nelson Mr. Snyder Mr. Murphy Mr. Kinnaird Mr. Garry Mr. Schoonmaker Mr. Jones Mr. Havery Mr. JansenINDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATIONS 11 in i 0 ft PLAY STUDY ourucL. MUTUAL GAINStudent Council Shop StewardsSuture Zeachers Club trainees‘JuniorMajorettesSenior Boys ’ Club :Dance BandBOB SWAIN Junior Forward 5'6 JOHN KEPPLER Senior Center 6 1" MARTIN SNYDER Sophomore Guard 6'0" DALE WALDRON Senior Forward 6'0"basketballStatisticiansBerne-Knox 61 Berne-Knox 63 Berne-Knox 56 Berne-Knox 56 Berne-Knox 52 Berne-Knox 74 Berne-Knox 56 Berne-Knox 81 Berne-Knox 46 Berne-Knox 76 Berne-Knox 56 Berne-Knox 73 Berne-Knox 73 Berne-Knox 93 Berne-Knox 68 Berne-Knox 80 Sharon Springs 34 Richmondville 34 Schoharie 44 Middleburg 41 Voorheesvile 50 Duanesburg 38 Jefferson 42 Gilboa 60 Richmondville 51 Schoharie 55 Sharon Springs 38 Middleburg 51 Duanesburg 70 Jefferson 55 Voorheesville 56 Gilboa 74PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Swick Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Stewart Mr. and Mrs. William LaGrange Hoagland Drugs Pearl Crawford Dolores Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Milner Mrs. Swart Mrs. Maurache Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Golden A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thompkins Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Yarmchuk Mrs. Jeanette Crocker Mrs. Mary Hooker Mr. John O'Leary Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hallenbeck Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ecker Mr. John Sewell Mrs. Nettie Filkins Mrs. Laura Kane Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bassler Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gage Miss Margaret C. White Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shaul Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Bloom Mr. Henry Thorn Miss Jane Ide Miss Helen Secor Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Mustico Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rislpy Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Quay Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Boyden Mr. Lewis Gitlow Mr. and Mrs. John Favreau Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Osterhout Mr. Sigmund Smith Mr. and Mrs. Austin Saddlemire Mrs. Mary Sholtes Miss Helen Figurski Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. Thurlen Vincent Mrs. Margaret Morey Mrs. Lula Sherman Miss Ernestine Hiltsley Mr. and Mrs. Lester Haas Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fennessy Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Walk Mr. William L. Stevens Westerlo Staff Mrs. Eva Lord Mr. Millard Furman Westerlo Faculty Mr. E. vonLinden Mrs. Gladys Cornell Mrs. Betty Lockwood Dr. Leonard Rockmore Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walters Mrs. Charles Garry Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cooke Mr. and Mrs. Charles MixCourtesy of the BOARD ¥ EDUCATION BERNE-KNOX CENTRAL SCHOOLSAPPLEBEE BROTHERS Dormansville, New York Seed - Feed - Fertilizer Farm Supplies Westerlo - 2794 REGINALD BRITTON Used Cars - Bought and Sold General Trucking Westerlo, New York HAROLD SNYDER Television Sales and Service Appliances Westerlo 2645 HAROLD H. MURPHY Milk Hauling Trucking Westerlo, New York STEVE'S GARAGE Allis-Chalmers Tractors and Farm Machinery Sales and Service Lombard Chain Saws E. Berne 251 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. ASA SMITH RAMOND SHULTES General Trucking W. Berne Ph. 2873 West Berne, N. Y, Compliments of MR. AND MRS. HENRY BRIGGS MRS. THE 01 om 01, OimiM YEARBOOK (J V HAIRDRESSING Knox, N. Y. Ph. -27J2 STAFF Compliments of TEACHERS R.D. 2, Voorheesville, New York Tel. E.B.-29W3 FRANCIS J. GARRY SON Maintenance Service Plumbing - Carpentry - Electrical Work Acetylene - Cutting - Electric Welding (Ite CiO ttkPns "GUS" GUILZON Milk Hauling Westerlo, N. Y. Phone 2904COMPLIMENTS OF S- SON, INC. Manufacturers of Hannay Hose Reels Westerlo, New YorkINDIAN LADDER THEATER Operated by Friendly Indians Compliments of DETROIT SUPPLY CO. , INC. Compliments of PETER H. BUENAU OPTICIAN 71 Central Ave. ZWICKLBAUER'S HOFBRAU Featuring German-American Food Sauerbraten and Potato Pan Cakes a Specialty Bathing and Picnic Facilities [KARL AND HILDE ZWICKLBAUER Route 157a Warners Lake, New York Compliments of PHOTO STUDIOS Compliments of HELDERBERG LODGE 1.2 Miles From New Salem On Route No. 85 Catering to Banquets Wedding Receptions, Parties Etc. In Our Panoramic Dining Room Schoharie, New YorkICE CREAM If It's Borden's-It's Got to Be Good!Congratulations to the Class of '56 Compliments of PARKER'S PLACE RAY I. BETTS TED QUAY'S GARAGE Towing - General Repairing Texaco Gas and Oil Tires - Batteries - Accessories East Berne, N. Y. Compliments of DR. AND MRS. C. HOCHSTRASSER Phone 52 If You're Thinking of Stone When Planning Your Home, Cadi HELDERBERG BLUE STONE, INC. East Berne, N. Y. Veneer Flagging PAUL GIEBITZ AND SON Window C oping East Berne 242 E'Berne68 HELEN'S SUPERETTE East Berne, N. Y. Groceries, Appliances and Service Compliments of D. A. Bennett - Phone 9038 BENNETT THE PLUMBER LONG'S LUMBER CO. Heating and Plumbing With All Its Branches Delmar, N. Y. APPLEBEE FUNERAL HOME Phone 92715 Delmar, New York Compliments of DELMAR NURSERY FLORIST A. P. VERSTANDIG, Prop.HANSEN'S TRACTOR IMPLEMENTS Clarksville P. O. Star Route - Delmar, N. Y. C. W. HANSEN, Prop. Phone PO-8-2283 Yep! Nope! Hey! BADGLEY-WHEELER Schoharie, N. Y. MURTY OBRIEN, JR. Plumbing and Electrical Work Phone E. Berne 46 BEAVER DAM HOTEL Rooms and Meals Ph. 2761 West Berne, N. Y. Compliments of MR. AND MRS. FOXENKI L_L_ LODGE Home Cooked Meals Picnic Grounds Swimming - Camps Phone 2781 West Berne, N. Y. STEVENSON'S Keepsake Diamonds Watches, Jewelry, Silver Middleburgh, N. Y. Phone VA 7-5141 Compliments of PARSON'S PHARMACY Middleburgh, N. Y. Compliments of FOUR CORNERS RESTAURANT At Snyder's Corners Television and Dart Board Banquet Hall Seats 200 Phone Westerlo 2402 Compliments of SHELL INN Compliments of FRANK HART e- SON Berne, New York Your Local GLF Service Agency Phone 9-968 DELMAR LUMBER h. BUILDERS' SUPPLY, INC. Paints Lumber Masons Hardware Supplies 340 Delaware Avenue Delmar, N. Y.Compliments of DUTCHERlS ICE CREAM WHITFORD'S GENERAL STORE HELEN T. BELL, Prop. Westerlo, N. Y. RIVENBURG'S MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries We Deliver Westerlo, New York Phone 2932 Compliments of L. S. LOCKWOOD AND SON Owners and Operators of Village View Farm Dairy Westerlo, N. Y. Tel. 2614 - 2871 W. KENNETH ATKINS Admiral Radio, TV and Appliances WESTERLO TIRE SERVICE CLAYTON R. COOKE, Prop. Westerlo, New York Phone 2521 - Res. 2551 HARMAN RAPP Radio and Television Ph. E. Berne 76W2 S. Berne, N. Y. DE WITT CASINO BOWLING ALLEY Onderdonk Lake East Berne Phone 209J3 WALLACE'S Schenectady Come in and Ride on Our New Escalators Congratulations and Good Luck General Merchandise and Insurance Berne, New York Phone East Berne 36M2 Compliments of INGA BARTH FLOWERS Phone Alt. 7268 or Albany 2-8711 CLYDE L. BALL All Forms of Insurance, Bond ahd Hospitalization Phone 2001 West Berne R. F. D. No. 1 Berne, N. Y. Compliments of DR. M. SMITH E. Berne, New York HARRY GARRY Distinctive Landscaping and Empire Birdsfoot Trefoil Seed East Berne Phone 9W4J IGS S SHELL STATION Gas and Oil - Tires and Tubes Accessories Radios and Novelties Lunches and Fountain Service Westerlo, New York Phone 2412 NORTHRUP'S GARAGE Radios - Philco - Television Phonographs - Refrigerators Complete Service, of Course East Berne, N. Y. - Phone E.B. 55 COLE HILL FARMS Certified Empire Trefoil Reg. Holsteins East Berne, N. Y. Compliments of LONG'S FARM DAIRY BLAKE'S INSURANCE AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" 265 State St. Schenectady, N. Y. DI 6-0996 DON'S SHELL SERVICE Curry Road and Guilderland Avenue Schenectady, New York SCHENECTADY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Open 9 am Till 5 pm 267 State Street Schenectady, New York EDWARD PITCHER Dealer for Fort Orange Brand Feeds Dairy Pig and Hog Poultry Horse _____East Berne, New York_____ Phone 51 East Berne VAN'S SERVICE STATION 200 Main Street Altamont, New York ALTAMONT SUPER MARKET Meats, Vegetables, Groceries Altamont, New York Home of Tested Used Cars ARMORY GARAGE, INC. 38th Yr. DeSoto - Plymouth 926 Central Ave. Albany 5, N. Y. ART MATURO Phone 2-3381Save Regularly SCHENECTADY SAVINGS BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HELEN BECKER Shoe Repair - Religious Supplies Altamont, New York Compliments of ALTAMONT PHARMACY GILBERT J. DELUCIA, B. Sc., Prop. Accuracy - Courtesy - Service 182 Main St.. Ph. A1 7906 Altamont, N. Y. TERESA S. WEIDMAN Teacher of Piano and Organ Berne, N. Y. E. Berne 20R4 JAMES A. DUTTON Milk Hauling Westerlo, New York Phone 2335 ALTAMONT COOPERATIVE G.L. F. SERVICE, INC. Phones Al. 3361 Albany 8-4400 Altamont, N. Y. Compliments of BILL'S SERVICE STATION Altamont, New York Compliments of ALTAMONT ENTERPRISE FOX - MURPHY 334 State Street Schenectady, New York Phone 7-6414-15 Where Young People Like to Shop ♦ CARL CO. "Everything for the School and Team" Schenectady, N. Y. ALTAMONT VARIETY STORE, INC. Children's and Infant Wear Lee's Work Clothing Bond Street Shirts Women's Blouses - Skirts Lingerie and Hosiery Sundial Shoes - Yarn - Greeting Cards 188 Main St. Altamont 3131 Compliments of Thacher Park Road Dining - Dancing Dinners Served DailyCourtesy of O.B.VUNCK SON Voorheesville, N. Y. "When Feeding for Profit - Feed Cortland" Compliments of Cobleskill, New York Compliments of Compliments of DAY'S REO OIL SERVICE, INC. MOTORS Local Distributor INC. Kerosene - Fuel Oil - Gasoline Wholesale - Retail 149 Broadway, Menands Albany, New York Ravena, New York Reo Trucks and Busses Phone 8-4936 Phone 5-8805 Compliments of "NEALS" New Salem Specializing in Sea Food and Snails Courtesy of GROVER F. CLEVELAND East Berne, N. Y. Licensed Electrical Contractor Compliments of RICHARD BARTON Compliments of SCHOHARIE VALLEY ALLIES Phone 249 Schoharie, N. Y. Compliments of SCHOHARIE WINE AND LIQUOR STORE Schoharie, N. Y. Compliments of PETHECK SHOP Fashions for Women and Children Schoharie, N. Y. Country kitchen Restaurant and Fountain Service "We Bake Our Own Pies" RT. 30-43 Ph. 237-F11 HELEN MANN, Prop. Schoharie, New York VINICK'S MEN'S SHOP 514 State St. at LaFayette Albany, N. Y. TOWN AND COUNTRY FABRICS 1 Main St. Yard Goods - Linens - Upholstery Slipcovers - Curtains Cobleskill, N. Y. Ph. 380 WESTERN AUTO ASSOC. STORE Auto Acces., Sporting Goods Elec. Appliances, Toys Cobleskill, N. Y. Ph. 719 Compliments of ADAMS HARDWARE STORE 380 Delaware Ave. Delmar, N. Y. Everything in Hardware and Houseware Phone 9-1866 RICH'S Cobleskill, N. Y. Clothing, Hats, Shoes H. S. BARNEY CO. Schenectady, N. Y. for Teen-Age Fashions CAPITOL SPORTING GOODS CO. Hunting - Camping Archery - Fishing and Bowling Supplies 41 Beaver St. Ph. 3-6542 Albany, N. Y. Compliments of CONKLIN'S MARKET Berne, New York CLARKSVILLE HARDWARE LUMBER CO. Gifts - Games - Toys Clarksville, N. Y. Ph. PO 8-2107Good Food Good Ice Cream Good Times at the TOLL GATE HOWARD L. GAGE in Slingerlands Your International Dealer 102 Prospect Terrace Tel. 3341 Altamont, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of GREENVILLE- NORTON HILL LUMBER CO. STANLEY U. INGALLS, Owner All Kinds of Building Materials Phone Greenville 5-5333 Norton Hill, New York WESTERLO SENIORS Dale Dick Irving Helen Marilyn Joan Roberta Freda Barbara CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK, C ANAJOHARIE Offices at Canajoharie Fonda Middleburgh St. Johnsville Sharon Springs Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.Compliments of SCHOHARIE COUNTY DENTAL SOCIETY LOY'S STATIONERY, INC. 38 Main Street Cobleskill, N. Y. Compliments of HUESTEAD'S HATCHERY Greenville, New York Phone 5-4254 Compliments of BOB’S SERVICE STATION Greenville, N. Y. YOEMAN'S GARAGE Sales CHEVROLET Service Norton Hill, New York BRYANT'S STORE So. Westerlo, N. Y. Dial Greenville 5-4341 General Merchandise C. M. BOGARDUS General Store South Westerlo, New York "Where Quality Counts" CONNOR'S FURNITURE STORE INC. MYLES P. CONNOR, Pres, and Treas. Middleburgh, N. Y., Schoharie Road Phone Va. 75222 (Jy, Q FUNERAL HOMES Greenville Oak Hill Ambulance Service Member of Associated Funeral Directors Dial Greenville 5-4313 or 5-4416 L. A. CUNNINGHAM  Since 1918 Compliments of Your Friendly Ford Dealer THE. SCHOHARIE X. rmwm COUNTY BANK AND SON Schoharie, N. Y. INC. Sales Ford Service Member The Federal Reserve System The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Centred Bridge, N. Y. THE CARROLL PHARMACY Prescription Specialists Phone 9-1769 Delmar, New York THE GRIST MILL J. L. RICKARD Schoharie, New York Best Wishes to the Senior Class Compliments of JOHN B. SKINNER Middleburgh, N. Y. P. T. A. pr -X L, 4 ALTA MO NT HARDWARE STORE Altamont, New York t— Phone 5071 THE NATIONAL Guidance - Balanced Training Activities. Placement in Key Positions in Business, Professional and Government Offices. BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF ALBANY Branches at Delmar - Altamont - Ravena Serving Southern Albany County ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE 126-134 Washington Ave. Albany 6, N. Y. State Registered Veteran Approved It « • rfirMAi Ar TAVICt MAC IAHCW rUMISHtNO COMPANY PAUAt I MAI’ m f . . . . r T r Lii ' • . - ’ -rf W V— . — »'' ■ ♦ +' +++•3 »- «-' ™»S r -(r'-‘ " fL' J I i - «-•' — +' ' • ‘ T ♦ -. W +■'HP ? ' ..V« — -- • " _ 7 :- ' - •K Vi ••— •r " W "“ 2k - -»► I - 1 " . ' • V - • .« ■ 4 f - fr — • ' 4 ’ ’"'"- -Tv •- — - r-' - ■ - - y --“• '■' ' ‘ ' — 7 . .v.-. :.r- , »-----------------' •- —" ' ■ "' '•' ' ' ‘ - — — ' .- •• - + + 1 - ;A- V r % .v it

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Berne Knox Central Schools - Memoir Yearbook (Berne, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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