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1 r 1 J 1 I 3 1 1-. 2, 1. gl f Evil Q 'f 1. :. Q, QP, , 15-- ag 1 I. ' :iii wah? J - -Q 4 ,.- - L 1 .F 4. . T '? g. 1- 1 'Q S Y' lr .1 4 .,4' , 6. , Q . itz- ff gg iv 5, M: ' vw A 3' Y ffvmlg defy ,M?5 - ve Aw wr- .J -W , Q. ' -az, .:i,'-1 H155 :E F A1552 X UI' B X mix AI 1 V' , -' L ,gh l FOREWORD We have finished our Senior Year And it seems, as I recall, These years were those of joy and love. As we look at the school and see The faculty with whom we have worked And the standards that Bellevue has It has been far too short a time. attained, We know we are better for having had Our past triumphs, trials, and as Through which we will grow to be Finer and nobler men and women sociations by Jean Johnson 2 - The 691111-4- DEDICATIUN We, the Senior Class of 1941 through cooperation have produced this, the 1941 edition of the 'Bellevue Owl' under the sponsorship of Miss Corinne Smith and Mr. Joe Terrence. They have been untiring in their effort to promote better understanding and higher standards in all phases of our student activities. Therefore, we the class of 1941 dedicate with lasting memories this, the fourth edition of the Be11evue Owl , to Miss Corinne Smith and Mr. Torrance. 3 IIINTENT Title ----------------------..-.......... Foreward ------------------.---.-------.- Dedication- --------------- - --- Contents -------------------------------- Administration- -----------------------.- Staff ------ ----------------------------- Senior Division, Class Poem and Officers Senior Class ------------ ---------------- Senior History -------------------------- Prophecy- ------------------- --------- - Senior Superlatives --------------------- Will and Testament ---------------------- Senior Song Titles ---------------------- Pairs ----------------------------------- Junior Division and Class Officers- ----- Junior Class--- --------------------- -- Snapshots----- --------- ----------- Sophomore Class Officers and Class Holl- Sophomore Class ---------------------- --- Freshmen Class Officers and Class Roll-- Freshmen Class -------------------------- Owl's Hoo's Hoo- ---- - ---------- - ------- Athletic Division page and Class Ro11--- Football------ ----------------- ----- Boys Basketball ------ --- ------ - ------ UB' Teams- ------------------------- ----- Girls Basketball -------- - ------ -- ----- Snapshots ---- ---- ----------------- ---- Features- ------------------------------- Cheerleaders and Snapshots--------- Band and Chorus- ------------------------ Home Economics------ ---------- ------ Snepshots------ ---- - -------------- --- Future Farmers- -------------------- ---- Snapshots-------------f-----------:----- G. E. Horn-------- ----------- --------- Advertisements--- ---------- - --------- --- 4 -- Page --D N 11 N H -sn Ill n Y! Q- Pages 8- -- Page -- vv Pages 16 -- Page -- Il 11 n Pages 20 -- Page - ll 11 n 11 ' 11 ' N -.' ll I 11 'i H ns-Q-nugg--nga-.-qqzunnvubqs-Q --' I! YV as '7 - Ii Pages 40- -- Page -- H Pages 43- ez Cr' N e S Q-Q PublbbbCACACAOlCACHCACA0JCANNNNNlxvlvtvl-fp-In-fy-lp-lr-In-Ig-1 COCNNP-'row-1U:U1.c-www-'oeom-zoaolslrcnmzoczzw-1U1u1CAmqouo1.p.c,azu,.. -1 be C9111l 3 I S Mlbg' .Q q':A Q1 ' i-23 5.5 I I, I fy . s 'iw 4431 LM Q65 'Q' The 691111 E- ANNUAL STAF Free! Rauschonberger- Batt. Qtnird J.B.Swb.FForJ Allaarfttnllfdmen Jewel Carng EDITOR In CHIEF - Eon 6k' ai CHIEF-Busmess MGR: Busmtss mea. - clRcuLmoN MGR. -AKT- .AR1'. Juanita Sullivan Bilg Sul lar Hazel Reusonover Gem-so. Steele, JmkgRLg:RBa.5 cnfecufhiiiiiw rm- PHOTO Ennroa-PHdf6'EB'n?oR - svonrs Emma - svomgnnron - PROP HEY - S-ylail Beckham Mmrgmrctphullups Eileen Crick Jenn Johnson Jo-5c0.Rl.lHQn POET - WILLMAKER- HISTORIAN - FOREWORD -' ART -NXT- ' ra 5036355 855855535 Pres:-den-toonoeoeeeoooeeaoosy-bil Vice'President... ...Juanita Sullivan SSCPSt8Py....... .....George Steele Treasurer...... ......Pau1 Smith CLASS MOTTO: Uwe go forth determined to wield the brush that will paint the pic- ture of our lives.u CLASS CGLORS--Blue and white CLASS EMBLEM--Owl FAREWELL We now are starting out upon the road of life, Where narrow curves and strong temptations bar the wayg We're just beginning now the battles and the strife, But we shall conquer every evil, come what may. Of all the tasks that we have had throughout the years, We've never shirked nor failed to keep a promise madeg And when we step forth in this world of doubt and fears The lessons learned in high school days will never fade We hate to leave our school, our friends and teachers dear, Where we have labored hard and tried to do our bestg But in our memory they'll live for us quite near, Until we meet on that Commencement Day at last. by Sybil Beckham 7 fm a f S Q aio 'WE T EX A rllgwuil ' Q ww Q05 2 'vii r 1 V ,,.. 5, Maj EF ' -we , SEN IOR EL IZABETH ALLEN Social Science Clubg Home Economies Club. HILTON AUSTIN F. F. A.g Football, Junior Minstrel. SYBIL BECKHAM President, Senior Clasag Annual Staffg D. A. R. lodalistg Chorusg Band,'4O,'41g Stunt Nighty Civics Clubg Dramatic Clubg Home Economies Clubg Outstanding Junior' Future Farmer Quoeng Junior linatrelg Sooratary, Junior Clan. JEWEL CARNEY Salutatoriang Annual Staffg Basketba11,'4O '41g Owl Clubg Drill Teamg Softball. '4Og CLASS GOKDOI ALLBI Football, '38,'59,'40g Baaloetba11,'39,'40,'41g Future Famor. BETTY ANN BAIRD Velediotoriang Annual Staffg Buketba11,'59, '4O,'41g Latin Clubg Chorus, Secretary, Home Economies Clubg Orl Clubg Softball, Drill Teamg Junior llinltrelg President, Sophomore Claaa. ELTON BOONE F.F.A .3 Football, '40g Basketball, '41, HILDRED CCIVINGTON Civics Clubg Health Programg Home Economics Club. .SENKW EIL!!! CRICK annual Staffg Civics Club, Health Programg Homo loonomlol Club, Drill Toan. GIBFNA GARHER Iauhmls, Oklahomn,'38, '39g Pop Bquadg Glee Clubg Be1lovue,'40,'4lg G.G.G. Clubg Drill Toning Junior liinltrolg T.N.T. Club. JEAN BLIZABTH JGIISOI Home Economics Clubg stunt Rightg Uhorusg Journalism Club, T.l.T. Club, B-Team Baahtball, '41 ROBERT IAIIII Gran,'58,'59,'40g Boxing 'hang Daolmtballg F.F.A.1 B01lovue,'4lg Bhovrboat llnatrola. lion CLASS WARD FOSTER Future Phrmor, '40, '41g G. G. G. Club. CORA SUE GRIMES Home Economics Clubg Civics clubp Chorusg Drill Tsang Junior linstrol. 6 CHARLEY KNOTT Future Famerg G. G. G. Clubg Football, '40. A .2 - I DOROTHY IMYHARD Banketbn1l,'59,'4O,'415 Home, Economics Clubg Junior Minstrel, Drill Teamg Softballg Chorus Owl Club. A SEXWR LOUISE MAYRARD Senior Clan Tournament MARLENE MINGLE Auburntown High School, '58,'39g Chorueg Be1levue,'4O,'4lg Drill Teamg Chorus. LINTON O'BRIEN Baeketba11,'S9,'40,'4lg Football,'39,'40g Stunt light, Junior llinetrelg Vice-President, Junior Cleseg Future Fhrmereg Live Stock Judging Team! Chorusg Vice-President, Sophomore Clan. RENA PARKER Home Economics Club, Cheerleader,'39,'4Og Basketball Manager, '40,'41g Drill Team, Junior Minetrelg Dramatic Club. CLASS Mt. gMorris, Michigan, '4Og Home Economics Clubg Hartus Clubg Bellevue, '5s,':s9,'41 Home Economics Club. ALBERT MITCHELL Annual Steffg President, '40, Vice-Preeident,'S9, Future Fenner, B-Team Basketba1l,'41- CHRISTINE CHEN Cohn,'38g Basketball, '38, Pep Squadg Bellevue, '39, '40, '41g Home Economics Club, Junior Minstrelg Drill Team. MARGARET PHILLIPS Annual Staff, Dramatic Club, Stunt Night, Drill Team, President, Junior Clalg Junior Minstrel, Home Economics Clubg Drill Teamg Captain, Cheer1eaders,'4l. SINKR ELI ZABETH PRINCE Junior Minstrel, Drill Team. JUANITA RAY Annual Staffg Softballg Basketbsl1,'59,'4O,'4lg Home Econonics Clubg Latin Clubg Drill Teamg Junior Minstrelg Sergeant at arms of Junior Classg Secretary, Sophomore Class. ERNEST FEDD Social Science Clubg Science Club. MILDHED MARIE RILLIHG Senior Class Tournamantg Civics Clubg Chorusg Drill Team. CLASS FRED RAUSCHENBERGER Editor of Annualg Bandg Junior Minstrelg Chorus. HAZEL REASONOVER Annual Staff: Chorus, Basketbal1,'39,'4l,'4lg All City Basketball, '41, captain, '4lg 011 Clubg Junior Hinstrelg Civics Club: Dramatic Clubg Treasurer, Freshman Class. JOYCE REDDEN Annual Staffg Civics Club: Drill Team: Sophomore and Senior Class Tournaments. BILLY SADLER Annual Staffg F.F.A.g Science Clubg Stunt Nighty Senior Class Tournament. SENKW SARAH SEXTON no-knb.11,'s9,-4o,'41, Junior llinotrelg latin Club, Sottballg 011 Club: Home Economies Club. CHAFLINE STEIFIENS Senior Clan Tourmmentg Pep squad. J. B. SWAFFORD Annual Staff, Junior Minstrel, Football, '58, '39, '4O. .wf ,ix 056 These did not have pictures made: J. C. Carlton Paul Ashburn Earl Horner Paul 'Smith 12 CLASS GEORGE STEELE Annual Staff, Secretary Senior Classg Chorusg Balketba11,'39,'40,'4lg Footba11,'59,'40g Stunt Night, Junior llinstrelg Secretary, Treasurer, Future Famerg Track Team,'58. JUANITA SULLIVAN Annual Staffg Softball, Basketba11,'40,'41g Latin Club, Stunt Night Home Economics Club, Junior Minstrel, Chorus Captain, Cheerleaders, '40, Band lajoretteg Drill Team. HUGH DAVID WALTON Future Fifllllflf Junior lIinstre1,'4Og Shmrboat M1nstre1,'41. 'fir Si -E 2 .1- CLASS HISTORY 'Columbus'1 this word has a place in everyone's heart. Would you not believe that the gallant senior class of 1941 has played just as important part in the making of its school history as did Columbus in the founding of America? If you do not believe my words, then gather around and I will point out some of the frontiers this class has conquered. n In the autu n of 1937 an intelligent and enthusiastic group of sixty boys and girls started their first year working for a higher goal in life. The class chose Elsie Hulan as their president, and Miss Corinne Smith as their sponsor. This was a prosperous year. The class organized a very encouraging girls' basketball team. Through the cooperation of its members, the class won second place in Stunt Night. At the beginning of the fall term of 1938, the class again chose Miss Corinne Smith as their sponsor and Betty Ann Baird as the president. Many of the members gained places on the nnin basketball squad. The girls' team went to the semi-finals of T.S.S.A.A. basketball tournament of the Eighth District in which Sara Sexton, a member of this class, held main position as guard. The girls of this class won the class tournament. Soon this year had rolled b . y By 1939 the class could proudly call themselves Juniors. They chose Margaret Phillips as their president and Earl Horner as vice-president. Miss Smith and Mr. Torrance were placed as sponsors of this class and with their worthy assistance the class presented uThe Dixie Minstre1s'. The money secured was used to entertain the Seniors by taking them to Cedar Forest National Park near Lebanon, Tennessee in May. Many of the members of this class held main positions on the basketball and football teams. During this year the class won first place in a health program in which all classes participated. A iollar was awarded by Dr. Lentz in recognition of this stunt. With the passing of examinations, the activities of the class for the year were ended. Finally September 6, 1940, rolled around. The class had proudly won the title of 'Seniors'. There was never a class that was more proud to boast of that title. The class roll had now dropped to forty members. They chose Sybil Beckham, as president, Juanita Sullivan, as vice-president, George Steele, as secretary and 'Dad' Smith, as treasurer. Miss Smith and Mr. Terrence were chosen as sponsors. At a later meeting the class decided to publish the fourth edition of the nBellevue Owln. The following were selected to fill important positions on the annual staff. Fred Rauschenberger, editor-in-chief, Betty Baird, assistant editor, J. B. Swafford, business manager, Albert Mitchell, assistant business manager. This year the girls' basketball team, seven members of which belonged to this class, was the runner-up in the T.S.S.A.A. tournament. Again our group captured the girls trophy in the class tournament. In May, 1941, the class presented the senior play. It proved a great success The proceeds were left as a gift to the school. The class has now reached the day of departure. They are now leaving the old familiar haunts of their high school days and are setting sail on a new sea of life. If the class by its efforts has added to the glory of Bellevue High School, it can only toss the torch to those who followg and hope that they may continue what this class has begun. In the future may this history bring pleasant memories to the Class of 1941 Eileen Crick, Historian. 15 '51 Sr Q The H111- PROPH CY It has been fifteen years since our graduation from dear old Bellevue High. During this period of time many changes have taken place. Since I an a Red Cross Nurse and travel a great deal, I an lucky to run across my old schoolmates. I was sent across the waters to help in the war zone. On my train trip to New York, I looked up in the front of the car and there sat the former Rena Parker and 'Dad' Smith with two little redheaded boys. They were vacationing in New York. They told me that Gordon Allen and George Steele had joined the army. When the conductor came to get the tickets, I thought he looked familiar and just then he recognized Dad . It was Earl Horner. We talked about our good times at Bellevue. When we reached New York, we parted. I sailed for London that evening. Just as I walked aboard some- one called my name, I turned around and there stood 'Dot' Maynard and Link O'Br1en, newly-weds on their honeymoon. Dot told me that Hazel was also a nurse and that maybe I would see her in London. I went down for dinner and the girl that waited on me was none other than Eileen Crick. She and Mildred Covington were both working on that boat. About that time a girl began to sing. I looked up and imagine my surprise on seeing Margaret Phillips! She hadn't been working there very long but she had made a hit with everyone. The next day as I was swimming in the pool on the boat, a little girl walked up and wanted me to play with her. I consented and after we had finished, she wanted me to go to meet her mother and father. , When we reached their stateroom, there sat Juanita Sullivan and Billy Sadler. I was delighted to see them. 'Pee Wee' told me that she had seen Sara Sexton about a week before and that she was married and so very, very happy. After several days of traveling, we reached London. It was a dreadful sight. That night we were attacked by the Germans. Every- one at my boarding place headed for an underground shelter. Several women were hurt. A Red Cross ambulance came to get them. The driver was nToarn Ashburn. I rode to the hospital with him. When we ar- rived at the hospital, I saw Hazel Reasonover, who had been over there for about two months. We talked for a long time. She told me that Ernest Redd had gone to South America as an explorer, and that Sybil Beckham and Fred Rauchenberger were going to be married the next month. Hazel and I decided that we would room together. A reporter came to us to get s me information on the air raid. He was Robert Martin. I read in a newspaper that he left, that an American girl was engaged to an Englishman. The girl was Glenna Garner. While sightseeing I met Billie Meek, who had come abroad to study music. She surprised me by saying that Louise Maynard and Charline Stephens were nurses over in another hospital. While I was on duty the next day several boys, who were injured slightly, were brought in the hospital. Two of them were my old schoolmates, Hugh David Walton and Milton Austin. I learned fr m them that J. B. Swafford was married and had three beautiful little girls and that Elton Boone was a volunteer pilot. Reading my home newspaper, I saw that Betty Baird had become a famous editor and that Charley Knott, now president of an airplane factory, was engaged to his secretary, Jewel Carney. About six months later Hazel and I decided to go home by plane for two weeks vacation. On the Clipper, we found that the stewardess was Christine Owen. She said that Marlene Mingle was also a steward- ess for the Eastern Airlines. We stopped in Chicago for an hour and walked through the lobby of the Gold Coast Hotel. There sat Mildred Rilling and her husband. She informed me that Cora Sue Grimes was married and living in New York. When we arrived home, we met Joyce Redden on the street. She and Jean Johnson were teaching school and Jean was teaching history to Mr. Torrence's little girl. In a business paper from Nashville, I read that Elizabeth Allen and Elizabeth Prince were stenographers. Our two weeks stay passed rapidly and we headed back for London to resume our work. The war was soon over and Hazel and I came home with our husbands, wounded soldiers, wh m we had nursed back to health. Strange how war changes things! JUANITA RAY, Class Prophet 14 'i fTI3e 691111 -'T-' 5'EfWZ7f? ,EZXFEXFLA 77 VE5' ' 5 YHIL HEEKHAM GEUREE 5 TEELE Medalist Nada me BETTY HAIRD JewLLQARNDr NMARLENE MINGLE Villdmtormn Salmtatorm Home Bgugtlful' BER SYBLL BEEKHA seffmeevysfu H .f,'5vf,k..9AfW aa. s5..2JffLf 15 'Q' CTM 1111 -'- Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class We, the class of 1941 of Bellevue High School, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament, in form and manners as follows: First--To lr. Horn and the Faculty we leave fond memories of the class of '41. Second--To any class in need of sponsors we leave two of the finest. Third--To all the classes we leave our record for stick- ing together through our four years. Fourth--We come to the following personal bestowals which have been awarded to individuals with complete consideration of the fitness of the recipient: I, Elizabeth Allen will my sociology book to Mildred Sawyer. I, Gordon Allen will my position on the football team to 'Sparky'. I, Paul Ashburn will my curly hair to Nick Gassaway. I, Hilton Austin will my ability to play basketball to Howard Friedli. I, Betty Baird will my history book to Edna Baird. I, Sybil Beckham will my petite figure to Peggy Petty. I, Elton Boone will part of my height to 'Terrapin' Odom. I, Jewel Carney will my position as guard on the basketball team to my sister, Gladys. I, Mildred Covington will my curly hair to Virginia Bradford. I, Eileen Crick will my ability to curl my hair to Evelyn Gillespie. I, Ward Foster will my nature for teasing Miss Waddle to 'Bunyan' Dozier. I, 'Tut' Garner will my aollity to woo Floyd Grubbs to Miss H110S. I, Cora Sue Grimes will my ability to type to Hazel McNeil. I, Earl Horner will my arguments with Mr. Torrence to :rank Mayo. I, Jean Johnson will my ability to be a knockout guard to Dot Purnell. I, Charlie Knott will my slim figure to Vernon Sullivan. I, Robert Martin will my height to Floyd Grubbs. I, Albert Kitchell will my ability to win trips to Oscar Be c Kham e 16 l 'SIY J L -' The 661111-4- I, Billie Meek will my seat in Miss Waddle's room to Marjorie Mim s. I, Marlene Mingle will my big brown eyes to Sara Porter. I, Link O'Br1en will my basketball success to nAlfalfa.n I, Christine Owen will my ability to dance to Mary E. Thomas. I, Rena Parker will my position as manager of the girls' basket- ball team to Irene Hendrickson. I, Margaret Phillips will my place on the bus to Frances Williams. I, Elizabeth Prince will my pleasing personality to Myrtle Mai Powell. I, Juanita Ray will my Current Event paper to Mr. Terrence. I, Fred Rauschenberger will my chair in American history to Thoris Harrell. I, Hazel Reasonover will my All-City Basketball position to Becky Ray . I, Ernest Redd will my striped socks to Willie Simmons. I, Joyce Redden will my position in the lunchroom to Doris Hutton. I, Mildred Rilling will my ability to woo Dogpatch style to Elizabeth Herron. I, Billy Sadler will my mastery of self-control to Miss Miles. I, Sara Sexton will my long, black hair to Ella Sellers. I, George Steele will my girl troubles to William Vaughn. I, Charline Stephens will my pencils to Charles Keaton. I, Juanita Sullivan will my laughing personality to Helen Hale. I, J. B. Swafford will my place as guard on the football team to Bill Johnson. I, Hugh David Walton will my ability to play ping pong to Billy Mangrum. In witness whereof we hereby attach our signatures this, M 414 1 ---day of- - ----1941 Witnesses: . Margaret Phillips Willmaker 3, lvl! Z7 Lewe- 17 f is iii? Jewel Carney --------------------- ------------ --- Pea lee Sullivan ------ Mildred Rillings ----------- - -------------------- Dot Maynard -------- --- On Guard Amer1oa.' I I I ---------------------- Billy Boy. ----'Beat Me Daddy Eight To A Bar. -----------------------------'There'll Be Some Changes lade Jean Johnson ------- ------- -- -------- - -------- -----'lhy Not String Along With Me. J. B. Swafford -------- Charlie Knott ----- Billy Sadler ------ Louise Maynard ---- - -- Cora Sue Grimes ------- ----- - ----- --------- ,---- Christine Owen ------------- - ------- ----- Sybil, Fred A his auto ---- - - --------------- --- Elizabeth Prinoe------ Tut Garner- ------ - -----------------Q--------n -------- ------v-------- ---- -----'I ain't Hep To That Step. ---------------- -----------xg-- Juanita Ray ---------------------------------- ---- Earl Horner ----------- Hazel Reasonover- Paul Ashburn ----- Charlene Stephens Gordon Allen ----- Robert Martin ---- Hugh David Walton Elizabeth Allen-- Link O'Brien ------------------------------ ----- Sara Sexton ----------- Margaret Phillips ----- Betty Baird ----------- Rena Parker ------- -- Albert Mitchell ------- Ernest Redd ----------- Mildred Covington ----- Joyce Redden ------------- Billie Meek --------- Ward Foster --------- Marlene Mingle -------- Eileen Crick ----------------------------------- Elton Boone ---- --------------- Milton Austin ---- ----------- -----.------------------ ----------------------------- mann- :UQhas-uh-:Guidant-0--Q-bust ----------,-- - ..... ............... ....... - --- - .............. .----- ----- -- -------------.---- ----- ----------------.------ -- -- - ................... ---- Cmnt' 'I ----- -- ------------------.-- ---------p-ann-n--an-u-snug --- ----------- -------- --------------------------- -- ---------- --------------'You Gotta See Mama Every Night. -------'Footloose and Fancy Free. ------'The Man Who Comes Around. - ---------------- '0h, Johnny. -------------'Hold Your Man. ---------------------UIQ Three 'Would You Like To Take A Walk: ----n--n----- ------'I'm Looking for a Guy. ou Can't Stop Me From Dreaming. -'Pessimistic Character. 'Help Wanted Male. Everybody Has A Girl But Me. 'Whose Honey Are You -------mIt's Love I'm After.' 'll 'I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling.' ---------'That's My Weakness Now.' --- --'I lent My Share of Love.' ---------------'I'se A Muggin'.' -------- .--- ---- ...-. 'Dark Eygg, ----- ------------------------'I'm Like . 'You're Not My --------- ..-..- --------------'Th9 Lgvg -----.----.---------------------.--WIlm Out ----'You've Got To Take the You Turned the Tables On Me. 'm Happy About the Whole Thing. 'Would You Take Me Back Again. Fish Out of Water. First Little Girl. -'I'm Needing You. Bug Will Bite You. In the Cold Again. Bad With the Good. ------'I Have Eyes. -'Where there's Smoke There's Fire. ----------------------'I'm Just illffi l , j Q LrLL i .yy' 5 ' ---'A lan and His Dream as Good as Sinvle. f,M .Mmm ,M Q 3 lil QUUNHQDRS A PETTY BECKHAN TROTTER cuss ormcsas President ....................... 0 r Beckham Vice-President ................ Peggy P01213 Secretary and Treasurer ..... L S Trottvr X , I Illll , S P' CNY- ' G0 '90, l I X X X w l9 I SAM Hmseaunuen i The 691111 2 JUNIOR CLASS Louis: Aococn in Osum Bzcmvm VIRGINIA BRADFORD Lawns CoLLnER 1 I .,.: ' Rnoon Cox Jmma DANILLQ 'SAAC-S DOZIEF- F-LOYDGRUBBS WALLAC E Hon.-r ELIZABETH Hinnou JAM ES HORN 20 I ?' X31 i- The 661111 2 Vnoms Hmmm. Eowfmo Kmcxzn. Mfmus. Lea LANGFORD Lowes Mmm: 5 Enwmo MALUGEN F'n.A1-nc MAYO fwan Pennmcnom ' OWEN PENNINGTON RAY DERKERSON DE G-G-Y PETTY Joi LEE Pkouok BILLY PURCELL. UNIOR CLASS 4 ,w L.. Donomv JANE Pune-mu. Jzssa Roaansou NEOLA .SADL ER Mambazo SAWYER Bourne .Sus Swuru WILLIAM .SULLIVAN War ELuzAas1u-I-Home LOIS ROTTER LOIS MNDERPOOL WILLIAM VAUGHN JUANITA WALKER Fix 1 be 661111 -'- MS These did t h pint rea nude: Virginia R b rt William Simmons W 3 w ' Z4 X A E 5' 4 LV' T S y 1 ' . ,I X N , 4 5 ia, .. as ., - .....-31, A 'Mk ay V , J' , arm MAH M Y, ,Q asm 2 E . 5 , , ,, 4 M54 . W V .f W fly ,, H , 'Z , if .. 'fl a x wg, mf- W W , ' 7? 4 , ji' 5 A wk-mai K, af Y 4- i .vb -.W 5,1 ws My 4' X an , wif? iii? w Wm 5 A 51 I ' H '- M Y fb fm, A S ra, if ni 1 mm 'mix ag, ziinwsw W L' 5' lf wf 4 ,cc Si riif EQ? . gg a if-'mlq l f' V' .A . will af' J are ,law and 'Q iff if W. + Lb We M . L f G3 EWE15 'yce,.m5e,, K i ff.f',?i V, UV VI'-2 i i x, PreBidenteeeeoe 1:00 e one any stale! Vice-President.......... Billy Hicks Secretary 8: Treasurer. . . . Ruth Sh-cy Sergeant at Arms . . . . . Nick Gaslvllly Helen Allen Juanita Allen Edna Baird Corinne Brady Mary Edith Boone Dorothy Crick Jesse Carter William Dillingham Augusta Ensey James Gassaway George Geddes Lorene Gower Irene Hendrickson Richard Hill Billy Hicks Ben Hill Helen Hale Lorene Hutchison Doris Hutton William Johnson Elizabeth Knott Dorothy Lawson Inez Langford Robert McPherson James McNeil Josephine McGerig1e Mary Mayo Marjorie Mime Marguerite Magness Cora Nellwms William Odom Charlene Osborne Marion Pippin Ralph Prince Sara Porter Potts Richard Prince Rebecca Ray Ruth Sircy Lady Sullivan Frank Sullivan Josephine Sullivan Emma Dee Sullivan Gracie Smith Ella Sellers Ray Sadler Mildred Tomlinson Henry Warren John.Whitfield Charles Winkler Marjorie Wilkerson Ruth Wilson ,,kQ3 s ei? ' N W' Syfrrr crawl c.c fl -x .L A 'f ii Q fi , X. , I If, , My - HICKS G-ASSHUAY i CLASS j H-. DQMOS S! Nancy Atwell Robert Bruce Una Mai Carter Marvin Crouch Gladys Carney Christine Crick James Cantrell Czegenyi Davis Lois Dillard Joseph DeMoss Mary Nell DeMoss Lois Ensey Howard Friedli Nelson Gann Eugene Greer Mary Alice Geddes Evelyn Gillespie Martha Gower Ma ry Gower Gerschel Gaddes Margaret Green Madeline Holt Catherine Hime Joan Higman Billie Harrell W. D. Hulan James Jackson George Keaton Gus Kinle Nsgddlerf Pr-es. - - --Geneva Sadler l0'CC-lorest - - Fld rflvell UcNoSS Sgcf- Tres--Dev-efAjfBroU72 Ruth Keaton Charles Keaton Carlton Langley Sandy Latimer Betty Lampley Clayton Langford Hazel McNeil Billy langrum Juanita Mayo Margaret Mitchell Bill Maynard Mary Nickens Elizabeth Owen Myrtle Mai Powell Lewis Peach Calvin Parker Helen Pape T. J. Radford Jack Russell Elmer Sullivan Vernon Sullivan Hillman Snyder Geneva Sadler Donald Williams Reginald Warf Weltha Mai Walker Frances Williams Henry Walden Carl Watts QFFICIEIFRJS SBr-ox-fn H MW UD 4 :D L33 2 Q 2 -',. ff . ' I i fn C-S3 Ha: ' 27 -52 be 691111 i1 UWL13 N N7 H00 ls Ho 0 UUTSTANDING EENIEIRS JEWEL CARNEY GEORGE STEELE ,EUUTSTANUING JuNuJR5 Lois TROTTER FRANK MAYO EIUTSTANDING FREEHNEN MYRTLE NM PDLJELL HOUARD I-'RIEDLI 2,8 nuT5 TAN mms SUPHUNUFFESE HELEN HALE NICK GASSALJAY ,ff x -N at- The 691111:- Q ex PEP SQUAD ' 29 IEE 4 The 691111 - www .ve L BDYS'BlX'SKETBALL TEAIVY FRONT ROW? GRUBB5,NGR.-LANlFORD- STEELE - ALLEN - IVXAYO - FRIEDLI MGR BACK ROL-If BOONE - 0'BRlE.N' COACH HACKMAN COLLILR - SMITH Bellevue's boys' basketball team had a very successful season They won ten and lost-seven. The members of the team that will be lost by graduation are: Paul Smith, Elton Boone, Gordon Allen, Link O'Brien and George Steele. The schedule and scores of the games were as follows Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue ESQ Joelton Litton Cumberland TQ In S0 Du Pont Hillsboro Alumni Donelson Howard Morgan Mt. Juliet Cumberland Morgan Howard Donelson Litton -' The 661111 l'FlDCD11'H3Nl.Il. Front Row: Grubbs, Mgr., Swafford, Beckham, Austin, Lankford, Krickle, O. Pennington, Perkerson, Prince, Mgr. Second Row: Winkler, E. Pennington, Ashburn, Johnson, Steele, Collier, Third Row: Boone, Vaughn, Carter, O'Brien, Allen, Fourth Row: Smith, Simmons, Gassaway, and Coach Hackman. Members not in picture were J. C. Carlton, Ed. Malugen In 1940 Bellevue High School had one of its best seasons in foot- ball. The football team did not lose a game in the interscholastic league until they played Litton. The team's record is shown by the following schedule and scores: Bellevue 13 Antioch O Bellevue 32 White Bluff O Bellevue 20 Hillsboro O Bellevue 25 Donelson O Bellevue 19 Cumberland O Bellevue O C. M. A. 52 Bellevue 6 Litton 26 Bellevue 7 Goodlettsville 7 During the season there was much said of the team's improvement since last year, when most of the boys played for the first time. The untiring efforts and determination of coach Hackman should not be overlooked as a big reason for their success. The players that Bellevue loses by graduation are: Paul Smith, Gordon Allen, Paul Ashburn, Link O'Brien, Elton Boone, Charles Knott, J. B. Swafford and George Steele. Paul Smith was voted the most valuable player of the team. 51 Q1 2 my QMS- l- f ',MV ,BTE GIRLS - AN BUYS' B-TEAVI 52 iff? R -' The 691111 ND GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAN Cf' FRONT: OVEN-HAYN ARD-REASONOVER' RAY- TROTTER SULLIVAN REARSPARKER' CARNEY- HALE- NE LLUMS- SE1.l.Ag5 - .SEYTQN BAIRD Q., y,TqgggNcg With the excellent coaching of Mr. Joe Torrence, the Girls' basketball team was very successful this year. They lost only two games out of twelve for the entire year and in the tournament surprised everyone by winning over two seeded teams, Goodlettsville and Antioch. They beat Litton the first game and met DuPont, the top seeded team, in the finals They lost this game by one point which was made in the last three seconds to play Bellevue girls were awarded the Sportsmanship Ball, a well deserved honor Eight seniors graduate from the team this year. They are dazel Reasonover, Dorothy Maynard, Juanita Ray, Sara Sexton, Jewel Carney, Juanita Sullivan, Betty Baird, and our manager, Rena Parker. Out of these eight, five were regulars. All eight of these girls played together for four years This class won the cup every year. H8Z81'R68SOH?V6T, our high scorer and captain, made the district tournament All-Star Team. This was the teams schedule for the year: Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue East Bellevue Donelson Bellevue To Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue urnament 13 s, N SPWUQ IBA ,L1Li,.1.l1-li i- - -i il-.iii-1-1 Q5 NS R 0 SN KY N S W 1M0 N ' P3513 SNAPS CHORUS ND QR A I K K T N ..' N 5 nf op , W I NN A N . 1 ' S Z Q ' I I 1? 1 ji XV X fl , x ' 1 'tix -1' y lxm,,-' I Z' Q ' ' QNes-:U- , -I-, -li rg ,KL-k .gufq-Owl 5 K-g.OWLETfZ 255 T- mhz cami:- mmm GCCIGJl3C'fJ5----:--- 37 A A lf'fNlf NNN! 'Q' CTI3zg99111l- I 1 HDVIE EE. TNJI TEEN CLUB Officers President ------------- Lois Trotter Vice-President ---- Elizabeth Herron Secretary --------------- -Rhoda Cox Treasurer ------------ Glenna Garner Reporter --------------- Mary Thomas Sponsor ----- Miss Wilson Mary Thomas Elizabeth Herron Rhoda Coz Lois Trotter Glenna Garner Irene Henderson Jean Johnson Billie Meek Louise Adoock Virginia Roberts Mildred Thmlinson Jane Martin Lorene Gower Dorothy Purnell Juanita Walker Members 58 Josephine McGarigle Dorothy Lawson Rebecca Ray Inez Langford Charline Osborne Marjorie Wilkerson Virginia Bradford Elizabeth Knott Ruth Wilson Corinne Brady Juanita Allen Marguerite Magness Lois Vanderpool Hazel Owen Mary Mayo uf- ,ww xi' 4 sg . Q N Q P M45 if Qi M , is 'W 1' K ,,...,. gi if Q I ? I 1 , Qui: ,AKW iz . M 5+ Y J f I :ri x 1 , I i lil I Q ax 145 VV IM A 3, 1' ,Y ,f , :--.,c:'w-:I.:.-il' Y H g Y .A,,.F,, 5 ,..,. . , 7 Y 5 'P' 4? J by Ji . X' E55 QSM, X 4 we s , ., K ,W fu Q X., ..::' K . ' 1 wif , 4:,:f ' g Page 39 i Ije 6611111 Radford Mangrum Keaton Sadler O, Beckham T, Prince Hulan R. Hill Beckham, Queen Geddes Parker Trotter Oakley Sullivan Friedll Langford Grubbs Hicks R, Prince Pippin Purcell Mitchell willingham Perkerson Austin E , Pennington Foster Dillingham Knott Horner Collier Krickel Allen Winkler O. Pennington Hirsbrunner B. Hill Daniels Malugen McNeil Vaughn O'Brien Boone Gassaway Smith Steele Whitfield Sullivan Horn, Sponso 40 I' V if wana ,, f- gp, 9 ff JO Albeftfi 5 Joe Lee arbor fo 'ff Charle Knit .7 , R.: SHOP 'fc 9 , '75 A 0-Q ff, AT V! 1 Ni h af IVQI1 V FFA Qveen5ecKfaa1n 'nee B519 ,um Bn V58 CU Cf ,lggmx ,.,. 'if Mn Hornls F lo,J G vubbs iffy Hicks Howe rd Fried Ii I VIH S -..: . ,1T- pg' 1 P99 Ch rlc for RWE Char Robedj fvfpherson ra cf Sch aol Youfk C1455 CAG? ,ES Kgq fy .M :JW yn ' Ben Hilf , , J k :Y I 1 W Q-'31, ' - . x 1 .WT 5 Q46 fl' -6' Y Y Ka Per-Kersafl QM ZQWJOH '49 U40 P .Q 4:22 m Raeiflg QQ 4 , 5 d 5,96 F I Ks 9 K ,1 QQ , .. . gf .g:4.- V 1 7 J 411 4 f.,.Snx.N Qi.i?Q5l?' mf., 5 .. My .' 235 .Fw?,,,. ,VL ,- gvqg, x 55, I ,-: Y ,A -H ..,.. , L , EQ 'W Q li wif TSQT' K f J., ,Ng g f ! EX K gg - Q 3 :Q yi ez x fa J gym, 3125151 . lf 3 1 .y 1 1' H Qs X 5 N f I W . . .,,,,, as '--,2 .,':. ',,.:.: ef x f 777' Q- 6: fa eg- , mga, 'Q AWG ., . , lx '- if 4 'P' W '4Qa Tags 2 ELLEVME S -My UUSUIL 1 3 Y l'YlC1P-4 COPPLI Me NTS T P-rf-nC1 4 an 1 177C5 Alix COMPLIMENTS OF EE KR1cKEL A Fm-:nd SAVE Y- TIRE W DOLLARS NEW-USED : RECAPPED 2 TERMS MODERN RETREAOERS ALBERT ROSE fOWNERl BDHFLIHENTE BOWMAN S Kmrs nz: anim 992lIif?5vREEF,.5F0F ZBINVIQQQTEEINDBEAUVYANDBARBER smog N C TATUM I1 me E L GEISTNAN 5-CO l7I A A H M FARMALLTRACTORS P01-JER FARMINGEQUIPMENT B xt THOMERSON DRUG C0 ZR 480 won: 'I casa f-SC LBAVES DRUG STURI 1' 1 pn 1 5 oo SEYNWRS sa DFADERIDK Sr PHUNE 6 5720 CWM TAYLUR SIGN SPRINT IIIJ ,.,,,,C,, hs, MQW? 5 GROCSRIGS FRESH MGA T5 SMOKED SAUSA CEA SPECIALTY KEITH SIMNONS C0 'ISIC CHARLOTTE AVE HARDWARE PAINT ROOYING' FARHIUPPLIES oureasg pmyws t U-Nh lwm DAIRY PROnucTs C vnphhuuts 775,06 LANDSCAPE 9 Ill-' ro e vi e, en . s n venue, Phone 7-I 7l . . , a. er IGS- - 2 ve. N. gi Ol Il lp U I ' , u Goal Q lllrfhtgft 'Wikis Aqaba i'Al'l'l'S I' I C - A Y .X -Lp .4 ERA A-1 ,, AC! Y LWA J N Dv1 :-i - - - : -i -f--5--4 0 V LHARLDTLIE A323-4 s f 7 ' I D 89 ON! l ' IOOCS-aarlette NAshvsLl.eTenn. E , - I nnffflf Blslkitii Conftlng Non. Cv-earn Q -v 'vc v rt Yhwv-e..s-sw: . 3 9 I q N N - l Invests ite u an - - 'tJ,E1z4r,5Jl 'vy w ,A . ' 1 6 - 9, J? ' '.l-v.-1111 Y 0 ' - oi' 3 N , SERNHCE .sreno I W as 44 HCLPDY Ca reefs Drmghon 'Banning MJ Vianement 50-wc.e Hts .Brought Pronyfrovs C av-urs te Thouiwdf- Lu Dmuglwn Hd? You. Get ui Eng Smrt. Qgulog H Tells Howlsni. Cap, 'fow- D RA GHON S .BUSINESS COLLEGE. D28 Eig,hthAvcnu.,Nu-ch 5-6579 JUIII 3 CABIN 5 r11IeS Frbm City 0 US 70 iiigwff Band, Instru rn ent s Suppl aes A Repairs Strung lnstmmenis verythmsg n JW u,.s 1 ef Rms vang XXXXXXXX C1 lEE1 Cl 452.5 cHAaLo1-re Ave T E Lam-moms 8 5546 HERMAN S Ma Jmmzm Qmw Wfwm Jw: Sw 5' 0 M wuz CZ64f?!0f7'Ef4lff' Pf70fVf' 77!76 !i!f0f?70bffE fro !77,DAf77 61756 QSEFVICC- way M A520-das M INTYRE FLORALCO 1502 B102 dum 'Phone J'2l07 R M3 SEWKE SWIM FRIED HAH Elffmlf IU 0:12sr:2'z:see2D5 Q ff fwffffifv- OT75 AV5 2!S'2 3fEE?EE5'5'f1Cf COM LINQNIS 5heHCa.S Por A-fG'rocerae,S x om - LX73 Ja CHARLUTTE AT RlGh AND 45 couvuncuf: I I TAYLOR ROYAL CAFE 77 Aff Amer! an C'af 6'NAff IV' .SPNITH 6 9638 8.5 B BE LOYAL F 51 1 Ci TIM REED CHEVROLET COMPANY l5l2BROAD S :Je s Ser-wee C0mplamerx'f.S Of BELLEVUE HI CAEETERIA s B SWAGGERTY 3 IDKJJUE-SLIE. MJKER 02 LA ou -r q P xsermnole Botlllngc CNE VISIT C ONVINCES h st Sr. X 1' 1nQ ' ts LY:-gs G: C Uv qz A rc Q t uv- r. I .anti I' 1.59 mutt' :ei 'gum' Are. 3 gg? C13 te-mp 9 r mr 1 ng rm'-0' l li C. com Q, enzss o o r se 4 C CWS P' aj pu, f os ul wilkkthe bl-Qt NAsvavn.1.s Bu5lNE55 Colleen Y .f A. Buqiriuns one, 6 5637 c 'NP' N- S 0 CONPUMENTS BEOWNS STORE DOUBLEEJAY Bush f2,'E : 3,255 COAL C0 Uf o o b q,,Q,fE ..I ' 'M E EEE -'E m'Ef.2QifQQ.I l-.1'fQiLo A e 'c A eu Phone ' Q - 'DOJ 75 Your c oo . R X:-fr ani. I, 75X:u,f fommunify. I 0 CQURCH 4-4 HOME. BU-ILDERS CLUB EW- Broldugg A V 0' f .51 hg hoo! o .l KN! Q 1 O pg ds' l 4. Q I Q msn 'nol- o A is.:-I .:n'4 'ovo'r0. ho' 1 C 9 hqts ll 0 Ci. 'A 4 g ofh Q. he ..- Vl - Pl-1 ' 0 a t Q f 1 - E W H' wa 5 ' - Y Flcetarc ' 46 N5 gR0lJN'QFFEE SHOPPE Home Cooked Food DCMCIOUSLY Differen I cwmmumrsmvs ILA IL L, HEQEUCHTER SPORTING GOODS Hard nj Rd N L 9 Hmm: HAY sm GhLLt07l Semfwce Q' AUTONOTIVE PARTS Pho e 564-96 .319 9 Ave 30 Complnmcnfs of CILUOIIAL CUFF!! HENRY DRUG C0 PATTON HPWCHER A AHEARN I 4 s-IAYNE FEEDS US APPROVED BABY UMQKS 72 BG' 'I' 66773 compumfs Of ,,,,,mgwni q-1n!ll'1 4' QUALITY Lun6ER 'W 1 te.1ueuray6?wrns 'Tm REGISTPRE BERKSHIRE Hoes with WORLD moon Lmes ANIAGE emma sex in 4 ' Nme 0 e. HnL L DA n N - za Comp Sunnis of 0' ' O Q 5 h 5 Tg,.5ine.s-an-u .- ' nl. Avl.S. .. Ho allakin Rum-3 Ttxeplwohab- G33 llc ': ' 2 Z '5400 I V A v Q l , . T8 ? -W un ws E, 47 S AE GROCERY C0 BELL.EV1Ew Tennessee I ,-'.'?'2'-u kp c. + F q rocerne s D 7,-IVF ' 11- 'Y B LEVITAN ELRNITURE My. COMPANY cuss. av cneuar 906 ChwloCt,e ghone 1-I I .21 canpunenfrs df -D2-. Ngydney Afbert 6Z9ChurcA sf. U TUIVAFTRIJT RQS,Hf'8hwAyl00 KINNIE X IJITUN 0.5.5. FANUY Uno. - . .... - -- - Dmcooos FIQLD - - .. ... .. - - 4HARDWARe G95 8- 0'L , Pmef- QeUf4IY -2500 :NE CDHPg:1ENT'S DANCE 1:4 ?ew, I Pho- H5051 Compliments of E 47 A 4,7 :S 5 Harding PiKeA C U LL GMS wssruasnvms reiibo. gf,.R,.1'ga.iIAI:,0,'rQ Hmnlrnct rem Chaika! Pk. atlkfliniagiefnifd. A wg vivpggcope-Pygp, V gpnsmtunuzuffs gvunzmzs Croccrugs Fresh Meals Feeds N Qk-ff f 7'Tw'lfWf55Yff P ' QL INSURANCE 'XL BCQDS 225 Church STMQI NASHVILLE, TEN51. J.B. DEEDS GSON rousn FARM MACHINERY 771 zzedfvhgi - I v .Decals Speuaflsfzijon -48

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