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ii if v Hi S A Q X, n fi ., ' ' fi 11' .'Y', .V frf' g " are-13 1 b ,, gf , x - ..... . ,p n X ,ig . '35 . V x . , I- ,tl .X lit .1 . . :xx , ', 'l U ' ' . .' Q .' , L " 4' x XR- Q I X "A ' 'K' ' ." " . I ' - fwfil I ,' 'Q " .Q . . 3 ,-I , 1 - 'S' -lk" JJ ,N A ' L1 'lm' -Jil. xr' .V A' ,,' J, 'n " W V':"?"' P ' v I Q , I N ' Le ,'. "1 fl? ' 1 1, 55: ififll' , A., 'i i .1 ' -Q x ,, .,q xy' 'fp 3y1.- 4 4,1 1'-in Q ' 'AQ-.-,S v --i !Q L. r. ag, qu J, 5 JA:-'Y if . v' 5 ,D ff. 1 -w j.i' g5f.3J' .I . . , '-1 RK If-E41 .I .. . 'Int .-,L h 1 A ' '.' - Q-5 Aft A I xt x .-,ph M I V 24 . ,-A 'Ffa' 1' V -.Q-ef" -V. - - -. .QN-. 'Q 41" ' 'I ' ' 2 5-QT ' f. YF-9- 'Q-13"-' ., , r' 1 'A 'if - ' A ' Yr 3 " - f vi ,' Wai' , 1. - - . 4 'fx ,ip f N' .. '-' - . J. . '- ' It 11- ' 1' I 'Q ' Dila' I 'V ,A xl' 35 ml-5 . x' 1 '. . fix' ' . . - - ' r , . .. ,I ' ' ' x, 'A v . ' . 5 L .fviri 1-"r, I ' ,qi 4. M7 -' ,IJ -' el 1 -1, xii :fm -Y' , 5 .A ' ' bn... I ,fr 1 - la yr." F 5 as 0 . , -. 5 .lv -- .I 5. X n if . uQgd . I S LL, :..4 0 . 'wir P n'vN Q u ' 3 1 - -- . I 'v - - 'rf 'N . 4. 4. ,an -I -1 ' V , . ,aim U.. 1 1 ' lf-' '1'.w 2: .4:".S' - '4',Qv A 'I I , ' ' ': Nt, ' .y , 39' 1 29 'urs 3' L "' .r -vm- ef Nf r 1. y '-' - - ' , H. P'Q'4l'gy5 Qil- Y ' "5'.f1'Sr., " '. :A ,,, -9 -91' 1 . "Eg :S 0' ' , . -n - . 4 . . F oy' Y -A X 4 H Q-I-fx' N A 1 'uv f - ' - Q 1 . ' f ,' " - R ' A . 4 1" 1:1-1' .-3' ' 1 ' A ,,- fd." gaps T .i9"., -. 4 ' ' K- -, . ' W M ,' 4-T ps" 4 . ,. 4 x , tis' , I o-iffy F. Q 1. v We v " H V 4- V- g.. . tue? ..l, - il .1-JAKWA . Jag QE 7' D exif. ' g. f 'YV H . ' fra' . .+A N . V' - r W' N ' 's V nl t-?r'r'k' ' O i I r. Yi-2 :Q Q IS 1,4 ,. X . W Q 4 ff' f f 'ffm Q 'M 59" gn? ., .' - 'YA I A N T,-I ? 3.5.5-. fi' A 59. '1-. ,cuff -.V. W 4 yI?:Nf.g'. -Q 4 . "' - Q J: Y In " . Us A 'limi - . .,- J: 1 N 1' "L, --an - X . 1 , 'km Nw ,...,,,, -. ...- Quill"'- if" .. A A A L Q. ,fi vnu-- L MARAD PRESENTED by CLASS OF NINETEEN EIETY-THREE BEECH GROVE HIGH SCHOOL BEECH GROVE, INDIANA Editox - - - - Priscilla Winklepleck Assistant Editor - - Gerry Charnley Business Manager - - Paul Baier DEDICATION s We, the Senior Class of nineteen fifty-three, dedicate the Llamarada to Mrs. Holwager, our annual sponsor, in appreciation of her helpful advice, her excellent guidance, her constantly pleasant disposition, and her confidence in us. In addition, Mrs. Holwager teaches the commercial subjects. M3 'Yip- - XX .--1' C. V. KINSEY Superintendent O. l.. VAN HORN ALMA CRIPE Principal Secretary to Mr. Kinsey SCHOOL BOARD Orla Easton, Secretaryg Louis A. Lukenbill, Treasurerg Clarence V. Kinsey, Supt. g John F. Johnson, President 1,1 ,ff.1f4 . Ram? "G-f"" EV R 'Q27 'Phu-.,. 'is .wy- I MR, H, E, NICKELS - assistant Principal, Guidance Director, Civic, Biology MR, EARL ALBERTSON - Choir, Band, Ir. High Music XRICHARD BRUNOEHLER-Mathematics, gadjgj-Physical Education, Assistant Coach MISS HAZEL CRABB - H. S. Social Studies MISS ANNA GUILL - Librarian MRS. LOIS LAING - Home Making MR. F, A, MCMASTERS - Science, Mathe- matics MRS, PATRICIA MILLER-Art, Socia1Studies MISS SHIRLEY MOREN - English, Physical Education, Health MISS KATRINA RAGSDALE - English MR. KENNETH REED - Shop, Mechanical Drawing MRS. BETTY STOKESBERRY - Latin, English MR. ERIC YEAGER - Physical Education, Health, Social Studies, Football Coach, ,Freshman Basketba Coach. WO-Zrl'1U5 UlU1br"'C1 EARL GRAY president V Annual Staff, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Class Play 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball l, Football 'ig 2, 3,43 Track 1,2,3,4 l ---was-f - 1 f 'W 1 ' 41' '-- X Annual Staff, Beech Leaf 2,4 fEd. 41 Historical So- ciety 2, 3, 4, Sunshine Society 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, 3,4 fPres. 45 DAR Good Citizen, Class Play 3, Freshman Cheerleader f . .f, , I n- .IJAV , ' I ,L A24 f I A .J . . , ., ., r f ,i If ef f ,A I . - , PAUL BAIER vice-president Annual Staff, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Historical Society 1,2,3,4, Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Choir 1,2,3, Beech Leaf 1, Student Council 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Class Play 3: Boys' State Delegate ', i PATRICIA WICKENS ' secretary x' 'I X ,,.l v ' 7 1 l ,Y ella! fb-1' elf ,- t-.f'X , YA 'Y nf ,N ,J l if , ul SHIRLEY WEATHERS 4, ' X If treasurer , ' AnnualStaff, Library Club 2, 3, Beech Leaf2, 3, Cldmir 1, '2 1 x 'K ..."Z'.. i , l ' - O IERRY CARMICHAEL lll-Y l, 2,fl,4g Football 4 GERRY CHARNLEY Annual Staff, Ir. Class Sccrctaryg Student Council 1, 23 llonorClub l,'2,8,4g HHS Delegate '52: GAA 1, 2, 3,4 CV, P. 4, Pres, 31: Historical Society 2, 3,4QSec. - Trcas. 73, Pres. 43 BARBARA CLARK Annual Staff, Beech Leaf 2, 8,45 Sunshine Society 1, 2, Historical Society 2, 3,45 Honor Club 1, 23 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 VERNON COSTELOW Football l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3g Track 1, 2, Q3 4 Baseball lg Lettermen's Club 3,4 ' JOHN BASSO Hl-Y 1, 2,3,4g Basketball 1 VIRGINIA BLOIR GAA 1,2,3g FHA 4 i 1 ,J fl CHARLOTTE BRA DY AnnualStaffg Honor Club 1, 2, 3,4g Class Play 3, Stu- dent Council Zg GAA 2,3,4g Historical Society 1,2g Jr. Class Treasurer, Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3,4 BETTY CAMP Annual Staff, Beech Leaf 1,'2, 3,4g Choir 1 T' ag-Q X ,jr lx NSN, ii A5 3' -Q13 'T 47' ft YN! 5,3 . X CHARLES FOX Annual Staff, Shop Club 3g Conservation Club 3, Track 1, 33 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 fPres.4J Football 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, Baseball 1 ROBERT GORDON AnnualStaffg Shop Club 4, Football 1, 2, 33 Conserva- tion Club 3 FRANK HEARRELL Football 1, 2,3,4g Lettermen's Club 3,4 MARIE HINSHA W AnnualStaffg GAA 3,4g Beech Leaf 3,4, Dramatics3g Choir 3, 4 F Q70 55054217 MARLENE CUNNINGHAM Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, Honor Club 1, GAA 2, 3, His torical Society 1,23 Student Council 3, Choir 1 2 Beech Leaf 3g Annual Staff DONALD DAVIS HI-Y 3, Conservation Club 35 Shop Club 4 VIVIAN DELAY Annual Staff, Beech Leaf 4, GAA 2, 3,4 JOHN FERREE jf, Conservation Club 35 HI-Y 4, Shop Club 4 16-.- Yah' xr N CAROL ANN JOLLY Annual Staffp Beech Leaf 1, 25 Sunshine Society 1,25 bl! In '-A 1 ff 1 f I 5 fu I A 7: V 51. ' 1 ff ' 1 'ff A Y RICHARD MIDKIFF Annual Staff5 Lettem1cn's Club 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Ill-Y l,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Class Play 3 TOM MORRISON Conservation Club 35 Shop Club 3,4 - 1 FHA 3,4 fPres. 41 GAA 1,25 Sewing Club 1,25 4-H 2 PA TRICIA LACEFIELD Beech Leaf 35 Library Club 3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Baseball 15 Basketball 1 2 3 Student Council 2,4 LEE LITT LE HOWARD LUELLEN HI-Y 1, 2,3,45 Basketball 15 Science Club 3 'aj 1 A u wr X :v"q Q DoYu2 oGDEN W student Council 3,4 mes. 41 H1-Y 2J3,ffPres. 41 Class Play 35 Lettermen's Club 3.45 Foqtball 1,114 X o. LEE PORTER 1 ' . X - HistoricalSociety3,4 fV.P. J5Fo0tba11 1, 2, 3,45 B23- ketball 15 Track 25 Student Council 15 Baseball Stu. Mgr. 1 7 I 4 . 1, , ' 1 I if :FN Jil JAMES SIMPSON g Q XI KENNETH SUSSMAN X nismncai society 4, Track 3: Basketbaii i,2,3,4 ' 42 X 'Q g . x LAVERNE SWITZER GAA 2, 3,43 Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3,4g Choir 1 ALICE TERHUNE Annual Staff, Class Play 3, Historical Society 2, 4g GAA 1,2,3,4g Dramatics1,2,3g Honor Club 1, 2,3,4 ELIZABETH REDDING GAA 1, 2, 3,4g FHA 3,4 L ff. ly SHARON RUDOLPH AnhualStaffg Sunshine Society 3, GAA 3, 4, Class Play 3 -3 4 , CAROL SEARCY HI-Y 1, 2, 3,43 Historical Society 3, 4, Traffic Patrol- man 1, 2, 3,4g Track 1, 2 NANCY SCHOO Cheer Leader 45 GAA 2, 3, Beech Leaf 1, 2g Sunshine Society 1, 2, 3, 4 fPres. 41 Annual Staff, Block's Fash- ion Boardg Choir 1, 2, 431-Iistorical Society 1, Ir, Class V.P.g Class Play 3 I J. A .K I -3 9' ww c 'iv 1, 5 iles' 1 " , k 1 lfff ,B I JAMES WITHEM Lettem1en's Club 4, Football 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball 1, Baseball 1 DONA LD WRIGHT Annual Staff: Lettermen's Club 3,43 Football 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 3 RONALD VOLLRATH Sketch Club 3,4g Conservation Club 3 PAUL WARD HI-Y 33 Conservation Club 33 Shop Club 4 ROBERT WEBBER Conservation Club 3, Sketch Club 3,4 PRISCILLA WINKLEPLECK Annual Staff, Choir 1, 2,33 Band 2, 3,4g Beech Leaf 1, 2, 3,45 Honor Club 1, 2, 3,43 Sunshine Society lg Latin - - ' ' ' Club 2,3, Class Play 3, Historical Society 13 State Delegate "-11' x. '19 'ff' i' CLASS HISTORY In September of 1949, 53 timid Freshmen students began their high school careers at Beech Grove High School. That was us ..... I suppose our Freshman year was much like everyone else's first year -- kind of ex- citing for us because we thought it was great to be in high school . . . at last! As our Sophomore year began to pass, much like the first year, some changes became evident. First of all, our number began to dwindle. Several people left school for various reasons -- some had jobs that they wanted to work at full time, others changed schools. Following are the people who left during our sophomore year. Paul Barton, Larry Horner, Prince Herzog, Roselyn Sells, Edith Clunie, Barbara Smith, Barbara E. Clark, Betty Orebough, Carolyn Belcher, Joyce Hines, Arnold Purvis, Ruby Collins, Barbara Myers, Arlene Lady, Nancy McA1haney, Catherine St. Clair. In our Junior year we lost, by means of transfer to other schools, Chris Riemer and Jeanette O'Donoghue, who had come to Beech Grove the year before. However, we gained seven new class members during this year, and our number was on the upward trend once again. The class worked teogether diligently for the prom, and we think we've had the best prom yet. We also sold more magazines in our Jtmior year than any Junior class had ever sold. We were very proud of our accom- plishments as Juniors. We gave a very successful class play, and we were all ready to work even harder to make our Senior year a 'best Senior year. " Maxine Grdolnik was the only class member who failed to return for her Senior year. She was one of the most diligent people who helped to make our prom a success. Our Junior Class officers were as follows: President: Doyle Ogden Vice-President: Nancy Schoo Secretary: Gerry Chamley Treasurer: Charlotte Brady Now that we have achieved that "all time greatness, " which once seemed so important to be a "senior, ' I think that most everyone is reluctant to say that last goodbye to 'ye olde halls. " Our class now consists of 42 people, twelve less than we started with in our first year at Beech Grove. Our class officers this year are: President: Earl Gray Vice-President: Paul Baier Secretary: Patty Wickens Treasurer: Shirley Weathers We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-three, are proud of our accomplishments in high school, and we hope that the classes of the future can achieve their respective goals, and also have as many good times as we have had in our high school years. c M Q 1 - v . REMEMBER WHEN Patty W. Jim w. Carol Ann and Jack Sleeth did a solo Char1eston??? We had another session of "arms 1ength"P???? Priscilla went sledding???? Frank and Doyle went hunting and made a big catch --- of poison ivy???? We had "tasty" duck at the junior picnic???? The fellows declared a "tramp day" 2722 Vernon stopped up the drains at his home with duck feathers? Barbara swallowed her toothP??? Nancy had braces on her teeth???? John decided his car needed cranking???? We had a "scavanger hunt" at the senior party? P P P? Charlotte tried to grow petunias???? Everyone was surprised about the House of Blue Lights? P? All the beds collapsed at Carol's slumber party???? Earl led a snake dance down Main Street and through the storesP??? Our fellows lost the Inter-class Tourney to the seniors by one point???? v ., - J -lar' .' f "9 - . a ' , D' I ' U f 4 A 1 J " . ' 3" w r , .rw 4 . .anal ,ky U 5 O J, l Laverne Dick Prisc 'wr . Chuck Gerry 4, E , , i we I I . H. Marie Nancy Carol -'K ,A Fe J F F. i l K A 5 - - ,L J 'f.,,, r Mft- Q 'K ' X rl., K4 .aa-X Q X ff r Q 4 F 3 4. A A .f- fuw LeeL. 6, ' n V' a 2 V 1 -sei' gm gksqrx 'X D' 1 5 'vw 15. Jim S. 45, Af' 1 -, B ,. f 1. . H ' ' .? Q ' Us Q fp! 4, 1 , ,w kr X. Marlene , Barbara t J BUSY Don W, Rv ... 2 I . ,Q Betty Q-.,.,b a-...hi o-g.,,. 'hc- uf- 4 Frank Charlotte Pa tty L Howard Earl ik' Shirley I I I I I I I I I I I I I. I. I I I I I I I I I I CLASS WILLS Paul Baier, will to future students the rights to the use of all the school, not just the register in the main hall. John Basso, will my ability to 'stay' in Hi-Y to my two little brothers. Virginia Bloir, will my ability to get government in the library to my sister, Barbara, Charlotte Brady, will my ability to ride with John Ferree or Arnie Myers to anyone who is brave enough to try it. Betty Camp, will my ability to be the fastest, fnot the bestj soda jerk at Iverson's to Joanne Newerth. Jerry Carmichael, will my ability to play pool to Walker Sandlin. Gerry Chamley, will my two-way stretch to Jim Little. Barbara Clark, will my ability to drag my foot in order to stop John Ferree's car to anyone who has thick-soled shoes. Vernon Costelow, will my dirty practice jersey to any member of next year's football team who thinks he can stand the smell. Marlene Cunningham, will to Mrs. Holwager one giant pair of ear-muffs, incase Emily turns out like Vivian. Donald Davis, will my ability to get to school on time to my brother, Kenneth. Vivian DeLay, will my sister Emily, who is very quiet, to Mrs. Holwager for the next three years. John Ferree, will my 'ability' to shoot a shotgun to anyone who doesn't know how. Charles Fox, will my ability to get a new pair of sweat socks for every game without getting caught to any member of next year's football team. Robert Gordon, will my ability to get into trouble to my brother, Chick. Earl Gray, will my brains to anyone dumb enough to have them. Frank Hearrell, will to every "sane person" my ability. to ride with John Ferree and Doyle Ogden and still re- main sane. Marie Hinshaw, will my ability to go with a first string football player and keep him in training for two years and wear his letter sweater to my little sister, Myra Louise. Carol Ann Jolly, will my ability to 'tango' with Paul Baier to anyone who can endure. Patricia Lacefield, will my two moming library periods to anyone who needs them. Lee Little, will my 'steel nerves" and nickname, "guts", to Bob Kroening. Howard Luellen, will my ability to beat the pinball machine to Kenny Byland. Richard Midkiff, will the ability to go with one girl for two years to my brother, Mike. Tom Morrison, will my ability to play snooker to Harry 'cat' Fisher. I will not will anything, because all I've got l will need . . Unwillin' I. I. I. I. I. 1. L Doyle Ogden. Lee Porter, will to Gary Alford my ability to keep a straight face when I talk about interplanetary travel . . . also I give him the 'Secret of the Cosmos", which I hope e will guard with his life. Betsy Redding, will my silent nature in the library to Mary Hess. Sharon Rudolph, will my extra half credit to Anna Vandergrift. Carol Searcy, will my position on traffic patrol to anyone who wants to stand in the same place for 4 112 years. Nancy Schoo, will the bookstore to any poor little mixed up kid. Jim Simpson, will my ability to type 15 wpm to Spike Fallowfield. Kenneth Sussman, will my ability to never be tardy to Larry Johannes. Laverne Switzer, will my height to Gordy Bailey. Alice Terhune, will my ability to get a bottom locker all four years in high school to my sister, Beverly Ronald Vollrath, will my ability to get my physics assignment in on time to Gary Alford. Paul Ward, will my excellent typing ability to my brother, Lane. Shirley Weathers, will my ability to get 2's and 5's in studyhall to my little brother, William. Bob Webber, will to Beech Grove my love for conservation. Patricia Wickens, will my love for sports to Mary Bauer and the Sophomore girls. Priscilla Winklepleck, will my long, long hair to Sharon Weiger. Jim Withem, will my ability to sit on the bench in football for four years to Dale Schoo. Don Wright, will my Crosley 'Cadillac' to Marilyn Prather. CLASS PROPHECY Everyone likes to predict the future. Wou1dn't it be interesting if one really could foresee what his future work is to be? Since we are not prophets, we cannot do this accurately, but let us pretend that we are prophets by look- ing ahead into the year 1965. Upon venturing into the field of entertainment, we find our friend Jerry Carmichael, who is the announcer for several "name" T. V. shows - including the show of that top T. V. and radio singer Nancy Schoo. Nancy has certainly come a long way since her well-remembered stay in "ye olde halls. " As we continue our sightseeing trip, we run into Don Davis, that famous playboy. All of the eligible socialites have their eyes on himg but unfortunately Don is a "confirmed" bachelor. Many have gone into the manufacturing business. Bob Gordon is the manufacturer of a famous new soft drink. In competition with Bob is Chuck Fox, who has discovered a new way to make apple cider into a more delectable beverage. Speaking of lawyers, PaulBaier is now avery famous lawyer. He interviews all spy suspects of the govern- ment. Listening to Paul cross-examine suspects is as amusing as it is educational, but he gets results. As we move along the business section of the world, we find still more of our classmates. Alice Terhune is the head buyer for Macey's Dept. Store. Laverne Switzer is Macey's personnel managerg she insists on expert accuracy from her workers. This is allwell and good for her head typist in the office in Sharon Rudolph, who types at least 150 words per minute. Across from Macey's is a beautiful barber shop. Its proprietor is none other than Tom Morrison. When we enter he is trying out a new style hair cut on his ever-faithful model, Jim Withem. When Tom wants any painted or drawn advertisements, he consults the ALL PURPOSE ADVERTISEMENT CO. This company is owned by those three world-renown artists -- Betty Camp, Bob Webber and Ronald Vollrath. Several of the male members of the class were interested in cars while in school, and they carried that interest into their future. Jim Simpson is going to race his Ferree Special at the 500 mile race on MemorialDay. Jim's mechanic is none other than John Ferree, who keeps Jim's car in tip-top shape and designs race cars. Don Wright often comes around to see the race cars, but his main interest is building a car of his own. He'd like to build an even "smaller" car than the Crosley. Of course, Lee Porter doesn't waste his time on cars -- his interest is in the stratosphere. Already he has built a space ship which he flew to Mars. Everyone needs a little relaxation, and Howard Luellenprovidesit. He owns several billiard parlors, which have restaurants. Dick Midkiff is the proud ownerofhis own chain ofgrocery stores. He efficiently keeps everything in order with the help of his bookkeeper-secretary, Marie Hinshaw. Earl Gray's Milk Co. supplies all of the dairy products for Midkiff 's stores, and Vernon Costelow's stock famis supply the meat. Everybody who is anybody goes to Gerry Charnley, the famous dentist, for dental care. Now, if one's sick, the only person to see is Dr. Vivian DeLay. However, if one has to leave the earth fand we all must go fContinued on last pagel vs: BREEZE? W- IUNIORS .fs CLASS OFFICERS President --------- Mike Morrison - - Bill Clark - - Anna Vandergrift - - Harry Russell - - Donna Fousr Vice President - Secretary ----- Treasurer ----- Sergeant at Arms - ' -- -fx: ' ' - . l . WN if 3 as ,r-" ., M - A s 1 William Alexander i we ' w 'X ' S ' law 3,54 fu hrs- Gary Alford s f 3 W, W l Hi Barbara Bloir A Q' ' , is-La A1 Don Blumberg a ' dard 'ze' Y CD A C J , A' w e Richard Boles Af' P -' , Q .4-is fy f ez- at I, i' ,. Kathleen Brown , Q, y s a Janice Cammack 6 M ye . 'M lf.. A i A Q Gladys Catron f 4 I My I 5 . ,:4.. .l . C " l C Q -C Daniel Challis ff ' iis if ,Q Lge? sin cmk l J ' W Q 3 Linda Cook "" 5' ,si 5 C Margret Denson in Q is 'A is C Y' fi : Q L, ,b 'Y Gy - 4 .. Q, A I Q. . y F A LE,L Z , , L1- K 3 Q 1 , C , y,.s Donna Fousr W "' ' ' 's.. ,. as '- N, L T . ,, ,W Joe Geshwiler E? M' as Robert Goldy . l 4 A -f ,es yr i zi' Jack Harlon :W C, , if Q s sf , V6 ? , -273 N ff e DOI'iS H3.l'1'l'l0l'l l 1 f Ronald Harmon " i -W -ze in Carolyn Harvey A 5 i s ' .4 and g '-fs as P, A i . p , Q V f Q , N ,ap Us , Delores Herzog I' N K 'M George Hinshaw Larry Johannes Charles Iones Robert Kroening Bob Lee Richard Lester Edward Lauivihmiller Thomasine cFee1y Joe Mclntosh Micheal Malone Mike Morrison Janice Murdock Arnold Myers Joanne Newerth Patricia Pace Sylvia Prather Marlene Richardson Robert Rudolph Harry Russell Walker Sandlin Bonnie Schilling Gary Schroeder Shirley Simpson Norman Thompson Dick Utterback Anna Vanderigrift Evelyn V?e Helen We ber Carol Webster ,rf sq- - - pw. I9 vi fs 1 ywrsf is ox 3 P -40 I W .1 r .Q if l P 9, 1 .a Q . V, 4 V J D il 2.0 'A Y -u "' A ' R ,K X Z ,A A 'M .L . - n as 63 Dx ' T: '- Q ,O L J r ' ,F ' ' fa? A A f yi as s 5 X .F - " Vx A L ' Z " I 'V' ' L .3 A .rr .16 L L ,v " .Y 1 Aww 1, Q A Q K , ,,:- -. ,ix ' ' l 1 is Q K Q r-. N Q if 9 . ,J I' , had A . . - - 1 ,gs fra ig? E 9 .rv L " 'P ' - 1 sss L .4 iQ ll? Q 'nik Q . F "P 'S 'V 2' M .J Gordon Bailey Bill Baker Mary Bauer Phyllis Belcher Freddie Boyles Wilma Brown Martha Burpo Kenneth Byland Jerry Campbell Rita Conway John Cravens Iohn Danhey Patricia Davidson Doris Davis Davis Deitz Judy Elliott David Elmore Janice Emmert George Fallowfield I im isher Jewel Foltz Bob Ford William Geshwiler Georgia Gray Charles Grubbs Nancy Hanzell Roy Helweg Mary Hess Gertrude Hollander Thelma Hunter Arthur Jessup Patricia Jessup Charles Lynch Patricia Matkins Mary McMasters Billy McVay Larry Mequiar Beverly Messer Carol Morgan Mark Muncie Anna Sue Myers Lorita Neal Don Newbold Roger Newman Faye Paugh Gay Porter Marilyn Prather Joe Rice Douglas Robertson James Sare Wilma Schilling Mary Jane Short David Smith Dorthy Smith Joyce Smith William Smock John Spears John Stomi Travis Terhune Jerry Thompson rv V'- of 4.1 -X144 4,1 pf ,A OJQM. .cg f K 6 . 4. .2 Q f Q A ri' ' . A r. Q 'B 'ak ,. . .fs I V! HND. K - fx " sf S -5 c A .ap v . fv is L .., viii 4 - Q '62 t x i s Q i X yi: Vx V To yn 'W fl. J ,:' K at K A - A N s 6 895 , g 4- ri 34-A 1 ' A 5 ' 17' Q 1' Q-new ,I , s . Vx t' N I N , :inn A r . accn as ,, --'J , ,U , - S , wr J e N 4 Mft is lg Q ki Q! r v X V52 x . I 0 4, 2, -b K- ....,,...v L , he nr S H A - QW? QT I 'Q ' K 'Qi Si is aj, ' I lx L as FRESHMEN Ti' Ox X if .wa- 1. 19, E 'N A , ACU yr .. Q fa -3 F yyo aas U .q vga- ,P f VIK X X .. Q Y Q 5 C .J is t -'Q if At ff' bd! E i 15' 'F .. Q UN 32 ..-m mi A A g in If We 'Ob I if J' +,,,,,.-gf 'ffwk s so 'W U I .sg WH9?S'2' k ,. ,Q F .-A X4-M-gr fl' ,gl as ww A fi 3: Q J. "1 fa Lane Ward Sharon Weiger Wamer Wiley Leroy A e Ronald Elford Bill Basso Robert Basso Sonja Beckett Ruth Beikman Patricia Brady David Carey Virginia Clark Roger Cline Betty Collins Sandra Costelow Kenneth Davis Buddy Fallowfield Fred Farber Harlon Finely Phyllis Fisher Charles Gordon Robert Graybell David Hall Jim Hart Harold Layne Phil Leonard Jack Lewis Jim Little, Robert Locke Jim Low Gary McElroy Evelyn McHenry Albert Mclntire Micheal Midkiff Don Mosby Kay Myers Jim Newport David Purvis Jim Ray Vonda Richardson David Roessler Tommy Ruesch Ronald Sandlln Judy Sare Dale Schoo Terry Sedinger Dorthy Sells Edward Showalter James Smith Steve Smith William Smith Sally Taylor Beverly Terhune Jerry Tex David Van Meter Kenneth Vise Robert Wa ner Barbara Wgeeler Luther Wright ff' 4 - Y fqig if N 1 A t X bv, t,, , 3 ,, 44 yt Q. t fe J, .-'L 4 .wi h gf lk 5 .. O ,nf . . 5 1'5" A Q 1 " . .41 A se s s N . s x V' , pi I ,mx ' ef - 3 .Q ..a-sv 5' 5 N J 'ft' X '1 4? X . In v . yfrovhtol L A fr V P' 'vi .? H 16 S' Q .J 5 . if 'Y S ,A ,. .w -.0 J 1 l N., W4 1,1 2 P ,ff-'Y 9- 3 .nl fame, ,M---gv rw f 'R 'W 5 nfl' rw W . TH GRADE an t Y ss D C an W F A rv t"' 'ig' I 5 . ...J C do .a .. ni ,sk .. . ,Q M, M 2 as ,ak ,, ""' .. 1 ,wav ,ff '19 tw -rd' F, 'W si'?5 " wh Q 'I it 1 75" .4 ,L , ,J ,gk 5' A as Y jf? ' .1 E it Af' 1 iv Q ' 5 fs ,RP , f , P yy R , ,. I y . C f , n fn. at 0 Q E ,. f-,,4,,i,w , F , . :V , K K A K my sl ' .ty rw by A A 1" r . T t V i Q if. Nancy Wright Jerry Adams Mary Age Billie Ashburn Phyllis Barton Betty Bash Jack Bates John Brown Joe Byland Daniel Campbell Patricia Chandler Marie Christensen Tommy Cotton Juanita Cowart Donna Cunningham Judy DeGrotte Emily DeLay David Demaree I an Elliott Janice Fletcher Nancy Fogleman lim Foltz Charles Gearhard Shirley Gray Paul Harmon Beverly Harrell Gary Hubbell Tommy Huston Kay Johnson Patricia Johnson Charles Kays Francis King Phil Klinker Richard Kuykendall Darlene Lawson Lorena Lawson Vicie Leach Bob Leamon Grace Lewis Glenn Mason Berry McAlhaney Junior McHenry Billy Messe: Ioan Mosby Duncan Murdock Ralph Myers Wayne Naylor Wanda Neer Gary Newbold Ronald Paulson Ivan Printz Jerry Rourr John Roalty Evelyn Russell Jerry Sare Bill Schiefelbein Donna Shaffer I? 1 r- 'N 9 v r 4 .fu 1 ' V Sis 4, as s 19 or .4 .M K, 'wr 1 -wx .ww .A , qi . ,. C V I ,. 7' , fe: rx 49 ,,:'l- M Q W . . r fra, 1' "' of - ., I D A y A, .. 9 1 L I g sf v r JY' W U' 0 w Q IN 9 W, + in - 5 u - ,r P vii if ,., .s 1 K 4 , K Q "' 4 '14 Q rv fr. . I' 'X s av X 'W , i, do s " .n - ' 'i u .f 5 Q s K """'mf f L, M' 7 ' ' Ox N -j , c K' 5 .3 ,f 'N "R l- e j 'kk In x fb- x as " 'V 3 " l A W 41" Q N W- -S es: K PQ w 7 as I 'df' fx .J , W 5 A 3 .,.. M' if .4 Q ' .iv x r l sv 'fi we ZQIQ f "fi Q ' I' W if Q - ' .is ,aw a- 5 .QA :QI ' -V ml ,, Q .nv M. .ww M km, Q, Q. X t . ,., . 1.2 A A! V wg! K ,, A 'M , , . t ,V . of K' 'fi 5. is t ' QR ,fade is 9 W if , EFS ,La . 1 .6 A 3 tt X at . In as LK A A . Q V Q in , i t Q .QM F , - si M ' if , ,,v,. , , ' s , : . - 'A i n Q, 1-if W Q, D S . ,gg 3: K Nr X ' . W .. - P? 1 2 W 0, N, . ' SM .3 1 ,V 5 1' W X 5 -' Q . . .K -,.: I s c 13 s o ik www i . -Ci si Bill Shipley Art Sims Richard Sloan Roberta Smith David Smock James Stamper Larry Suggs Edna Vice Francis Wallace Shirley Wallace Bill Weathers Judy Wells Walter White Charlotte Willsey Irene Wright Barbara Acton Janet Adams Bob Alford Mary Beikman Katherine Bentle Richard Bunnell Helen Carey Patty Carey Sharon Eibling Gary Eyrhchison Kay Edwards Philip Farber Kenneth Fleming Tommy Ford Karen Gilliland Beverly Girton Judy Goodman Sandra Griffith John Hagar David Harlon Barbara Harrell Ruthann Hensley Virginia Hull Donna Henson JoAnne Hommel Marjorie Jackson Sharon Jann Leon Kelly Bob Klinker John Lester Nancy Liddil William Long JoAnn Lonsberry Glenn McClain Richard Miller Sherell Miller Susann Newman Patty Newport Nick O'Neil1 Richard Pflanzer Larry Pierson John Plumby Susie Prather Donna Ray fra. ra x rf r 'U gal' y .ff fb "S ," i 'rv o-'mr 5 A5 ,wi r. - oi f. ,4 -y 'Fifi- N vt 4? rf' in if J? fi ' F g ' I .,-c- g W- .i 9 I - 'Tw t ,,,r P J J, Q fr , v r ' W is - .Z M , 5 ,v 0 ,X . A Adgfx .. .ss A rs. Q., ,N 4 2 7 ' 0 , ,v ' 'N M - W , A .f A A as ' 1, ?I A F L ,avi J 'S ff? 1' Q Q K is 1 X 9 Ie-X 'T .aft .f i,,L e,L i S -av f an 1 'flu " P Q W ' , i n aj' EK ' J S fn in :rl N' " S 'K f' 47 - as . .,. U ' 1 vs: L H mmm., L , N 3 ' A ,rf 13 Richard Ridpath Susanne Roessler Earlene Ruehrschneck Richard Sharpe Patty Sheckell Donald Short Bill Shirley Roger Smith Betty Smock Wayne Spencer Sue Stout Calvin Strain Brent Summers Peggy Thomas Patty Thompson Troy Totty Patty Underwood Barbara Walker Beverly Walker Carolyn Walker Hope Wiley Marilyn Wilkins Delores Womack 4 N-cf, .bi-I 4 .. , 5 I J I0 in XX X. ""'7"'. ' .--L. ik- v.,.f6q,4 s '- x XX X Q ANNUAL STAFF ,-aw 'sv' -8 ROW 1: Shirley Weathers, Class Ed.: Pat Wickens, Club Ed.: Barbara Clark, Literary Ed.: Priscilla Winklepleck, Editor. ROW 2: Gerry Charnley, Assistant Ed.: Charlotte Brady, Senior Ed.: Betty Camp, Class Ed. ROW 3: Caro1,Ann Iolly, Club Ed. ROW 1: Paul Baier, Business Manager: Nancy Schoo, Art Ed.: Bob Gordon, Sa es: Marie Hinshaw, Circulation. ROW 2: Don Wright, Sports Ed.: Richard Midkiff, Circulation. ROW 3: Earl Gray, Sports Ed.: Charles Fox, Sales: ROW 1: Marlene Cunningham, Sales: Vivian DeLay, Sales. ROW 2: Alice Terhune, Typist: Sharon Rudolph, Typist: Mrs. Holwager, Sponsor. BAND lIl,ll'l'lZ: Charles Goarheartg CLARINETS: Tom Moriarity, June Krug, Dallas Warrurn, Robert Lcffler, Dorothy bvonncll, Sandra Griffith, Donna Stratton, Don Singer, SAXOPIIONE: Fred Boyles, Glen McClaing CORNETS: 'obcrt Lerirnan, john Pritsch, Jann Elliott, Mike Midkiff, Mary Bauer, Paul Harmon, Ray Stampler, George llultnmng FRENCH HORNS: Joe Rice, Gordon Bailey, MELLOPHONE: Joan Hosimerg TROMBONE: Duke Demeree, Dick Lockardg BARITONE: Richard Bunnellg BASS: Mary Etta McMasters, Richard Ridpathg BELLS: Joyce Smithg BASS DRUM: Patty Davidson, SNARE DRUM: Donna Cunninghamg CYMBALS: Art Sims: LlBRARIAN:Priscilla Winklcplcckg DIRECTOR: Mr. Albertson. MAJORETTES Sharron Weiger, Pat Matkins, Carolyn Harvey, Marilyn Prather, Frances King 0 9 xx x SK as N , V, ar 'R' X 'K' g3,?'Y3 A ROW 1 Mrs. Holwager - Sponsor, Beverly Messer, Patty Wickens - Editor, Joe Geshwiler - Assistant Editor ROW 2 Freddy Boyles, Thelma Hunter, Sharron Weiger, Carol Morgan, Joyce Smith, Rita Conway ROW 3 Marie Hinshaw, Betty Camp, Bill Geshwiler, Vivian DeLay, Barbara Clark, Priscilla Winklepleck NOT PRESENT Miss Moren .- Sponsor Don Blumberg Anna Vandergrift BEECH LEAF STAFF The Beech Leaf Staff of Beech Grove High School is an organization with the main purpose of collecting and publishing news of school activities and presenting it to the student body in the form of a paper. ROW l ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4 Wilma Brown, Marie Hinshaw, Thelma Hunter, Nancy Schoo, Rita Conway, Faye Paugh, Janice Murdock Linda Cook, Nancy Hartzell. Joyce Smith, Shirley Simpson, Patty Davidson, Carolyn Harvey, Carol Webster, Pat Matkins, Judi Elliott, Doris Davis, Jan Cammack, Martha Burpo, Mr, Albertson Harold Laine, Fred Farber, David VanMeter, Joe Rice, Patsy Pace, Mary Etta McMasters, Dorothy Smith Janice Emmert, Beverly Messer, Sharon Weiger Bill Smock, Harlan Finley, Charles Gorden, David Smith, Douglas Robertson, Art Jessup, Steve Smith, Bill Geshwiler, Norman Thompson, Joe Geshwiler, Jerre Thompson, Kenny Byland, Travis Terhune CHOIR The Beech Grove Choir is a regular class subject in the school curriculum. A few programs outside of class periods are given by the members. The purpose of the Choir is to encourage and develop the music talent of singing each year . Membership is attained by signing for Choir as a minor subject when constructing the school schedule ROW 1 Gary McElroy, Tom Ruesh, Kenny Vice, Kay Myers, Jan Cammack, Janice Murdock, Miss Ragsdale - Sponsor ROW 2 Harold Laine, Phil Lenard, Fred Boyles, Joe Rice, Linda Cook, Carole Webster, Pat Jessup ROW 3 Wayne Lenard, Sandra Costelow, Judy Sare, Sally Taylor, Dot Sells, Barbara Wheeler NOT PRESENT Bob Graybill, Ruth Beikman, Ronald Sandlin DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club of Beech Grove High School is an organization with the main purpose of developing and increasing interest in the art of acting. The members present plays for the public to increase their own knowledge of drama. This club has been in Beech Grove High School activities for two years. RO W RO W RO W RO W NOT 1 Carole Webster - Editor, Gladys Catton - Vice Pres. , Carol Ann Jolly - Pres. , Janice Murdock - Sec. , Shirley Simpson - Trea. , Marilyn Prather - Historian 2 Kathleen Brown - Parliamentarian, Barbara Bloir, Helen Webber, Carolyn Harvey, Pat Jessup, Nancy Hartzell, Patsy Pace - Song Leader 3 Faye Paugh, Mary Hess, Georgia Gray, Virginia Bloir, Mary Etta McMasters, Mrs. Laing - Sponsor 4 Sue Myers, Wilma Brown, De ores Herzog, Evelyn Vogel, Marlene Richardson, Betsy Redding PRESENT Doris Harmon, Pat Matkins FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America in Beech Grove High School is an organization with the main pur- pose of teachingl and promoting happier family living and relationships. The club is a chapter of the national organization. T is chapter is in its second year here at Beech Grove. Membership may be attained by signifying a desire to be a member and qualifying to a few set standards of the f-huh. .5 . QV , A,,V A 4 ff it li as--fr Baia A?fx'1'tSgjWT5lfJflf ' it Biwwfxi fl K My-v 'X rt ' y "R A5 V! v --ss P , P V J ,R ee J 1 ,Its .... .,. ,. ,, A . W f X . - A A . , 3" , , , - , , . , ,,f- -V . . K t - I N , t g hw-K A New , M s , X., .. k W .h M .N ,V 'H -' ras , -ax., J- ., , '1 rw -r 'f ' ' f ROW 1 Sylvia Prather - President, Carolyn Harvey - Treasurer, Anna Vander rift - Secretary, Carole Webster - Secretary, Vivian DeLay - Intramural, Judy Sare - Secretary, Gerry Ciarnely - Vice President, Sandra Costelow - Treasurer, Patty Wickens - President, Janice Emmett - Secretary, Marilyn Prather - Intra- mural, Miss Moren - Sponsor ROW 2 Laverne Switzer,Kathleen Brown, Betty Collins, Martha Burpo, Phyllis Fisher, Barbara Wheeler, Dorothy Sells, Kay Meyers, Mary Bauer - Vice President, Alice Terhune, Hancy Hartzel, Georgia Gray ROW 3 Betsy Redding, Beverly Messer, Carol Mor an, Rita Conway. Dorothy Smith, Marie Hinshaw, Sally Taylor, Beverly Terhune, Sharon Rudolph, gay Porter, Donna Foust, Fay Paugh ROW 4 Barbara Clark, Judi Elliott, Patty Davidson, Joyce Smith, Thelma Hunter, Jane Short, Wilma Shilling, Etta McMasters, Sharron Weiger, Margaret Dension, Mary Hess. ' G.A.A. The Girl's Athletic Association of Beech Grove High School is an organization with its main purpose to give girls of Beech Grove an opportunity to participate in athletic activities. QF-1 ROW 1 Patty Wickens, Gary Alford, Miss Crabb- Sponsor, Gerry Charnley - President, Barbara Clark - Board Dir., Alice Terhune - Sec. Trea. ROW 2 John Spears, David Dietz, Ioe Rice, George Hinshaw, Lee Porter - Vice President, Carol Seary ROW 3 Harold Laine, Kenny Sussman, Walker Sandlin, Kenny Davis, Gary McElroy, Paul Baier NOT PRESENT Art Jessup Jerre Thompson William Smock HISTORICAL SOCIETY The Historical Society of Beech Grove High School is an organization with the main purpose to promote interest in the history of state and nation, through programs, trips, and study. x g, I ww. RN K5 ,K an , W- ,HM I X , l Q K . or is J QI J V ll Q5 Q s .f r Q 'l"" ' 'gf ikh' ' quasi! 'mlm - f-I?E,.,,,...,.- ,,..,.,-w!!Xi TT' " i'!l8'ff'3!sr"1' .lff"7"' ff"!TV3K'I QT' " s 1' nsi5f4As.....f ir ' ,mr ga Q " ii RO W ROW ROW ROW ROW NOT 1 Larry Johannes, Bob Ford - Sgt. of Arms, Bob Rudolph - Trea., Gary Alford - Chaplin, Carol Searcy - Sec. , Earl Gray - V. Pres., Doyle Ogden - Pres. , Richard Midkiff, Joe Geshwiler, Mr. McMasters - Sponsor 2 LeRoy Age, Walker Sandlin, Jerry Carmichael, David Deitz, Norman Thompson, John Ferree, Paul Baier, John Spears, David Smith, Danny Challis 3 Charles Lynch, Jim Low, Terry Sedinger, Jimmy Ray, Bobby Locke, Howard Luellen, Bi11A1exander, Buddy Followfield, Ed Showalter, William Smock 4 BillClark, David VanMeter, Ronald Harmon, Jack Harlan, Dick Utterback, Jimmy Hart, Ed Loughmiller, Jerry Tex, Douglas Robertson, Fred Farber 5 Bill Baker, Roger Newman, Warner Wiley, Charles Gorden, Harlan Finley, Steve Smith, Jerre Thompson, Kenny Byland, Art Jessup, Bill Geshwiler PRESENT John Basso, Larry Mequire, Mark Muncie, Jim Little, Jim Sare, Bob Norton, David Carey Hi-Y ASSOCIATION The Hi Y Association of Beech Grove Hi h School has its main purpose to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school high standards of Christian ciaracter. ' urW?g,' W f L A ROW 1 Kathleen Brown, Sylvia Prather, Beverly Terhune, Sandra Costelow, Dorothy Sells, Kay Myers, Sally Taylor, Barbara Wheeler. ROW 2 Alice Terhune, Pat Davidson, Bob Wagner, Art Jessup, Gary Alford, Charles Grubbs, Priscilla Winkle- pleck, Evelyn McHenry, Miss Guill. ROW 3 Judy Sare, Gerry CharnleY. Janice Murdock, Joe Rice, Bill Geshwiler, Joe Geshwiler, Mary Etta McMasters, Charlotte Brady, Linda Cook. HONOR CLUB The Purpose of the Honor Club of Beech Grove High School is to promote the development of character of the individual, to encourage service by the individual in home, school, church, and community activities, to develop leadership, and to encourage high scholarship. ROW l lim Witliem, Paul Baier, Vernon Costello, Chuck Fox, Lee Little, Don Wright, Earl Gray. ROW 2 Larry Iohannas, Mike Malone, Frank Hearrell, Richard Midkiff, Doyle Ogden, Bill Clark, Harry Russell ROW 3 Mr, Yeager - Sponsor, Joe Geshwiler, Spike Fallowfield, Bill Gcshwiler, Charles Grubbs, Warner Wiley Bob Kroening. LETTERMEWS CLUB The Lertermen's Club of Beech Grove High School has the main purpose of maintaining good Christian sports and developing a higher degree of intelligence toward the art of sports. 38 , -2 " 'Fl is 3' k'-- M fl- ! A, it T ROW 1 Mike Malone, Bob Webber, Martha Burpo, Mrs. Miller - Sponsor, Beverly Terhune, Richard Boles ROW 2 David Purvis, David Roessler, Ronald Volrath, John Cravens, David Elmore ROW 3 Roger Cline, Mike Morrison, Bill Smith, Charles Jones, Gary Schroeder NOT PRESENT Jim Newport, Dale Schoo SKETCH CLUB The Sketch Club of Beech Grove High School is an organization with the main purpose of encouraging interest and developing for students their artistic ability. Membership can be attained by signifying an interest in art work and attending meetings during Activity Period. It-illifill ik N 111 . 44+ .- , s M1925 gs4jiQA'v'f. .fa..3'-1' as ,NNW SEATED: Sandra Costelow, Susie Prather, KathleenBrown, Doyle Ogden, Sylvia Prather, Mike Morrison, Fred Boyles STANDING: Mrs. Stokesberry and Mrs. Laing - Sponsors, Pat Davidson, Paul Baier, Kay Meyers, Steve Smith, Lee Little, Bill Geshwiler NOT PRESENT: Bob Leaman STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of this organization shall be to raise and maintain the standards of the schoolg to foster school spirit, to bind the faculty and student body more closelygand to develop leadership, initiative, and coopera- tion throughout the school system. SEATED Kathleen Brown - Secretary, Doyle Ogden - President, Mike Morrison - Vice President STANDING Paul Baier - P. T. A. Representative, Sylvia Prather, Treasurer 'Wt Q H83 in ROW 1 Mrs. Miller - Sponsor, Nancy Schoo - President, Laverne Switzer - Secretary, Sylvia Prather - Vice President, Donna Foust - Treasurer, Patricia Davidson - Chaplain. ROW 2 Pat Brady, Betty Collins, Sandra Costelow, Judy Sare, Sally Taylor, Dot Sells, Barbara Wheeler, Kay Myers ROW 3 Beverly Terhune, Gertude Hollander, Doris Davis, Evelyn McHenry, Lorita Neal, Sonja Beckett, Nancy Wright, Vonda Richardson. ROW 4 Martha BurP0. Jewell Foltz, Gay Porter, Tiny McFeely, Margaret Denson, Linda Cook. NOT PRESENT Charlotte Brady - Program Chairman Joanne Newerth Ruth Beikman Judi Elliott SUNSHINE SOCIETY The main purpose of the Sunshine Society is to raise money for the Riley Hospital Fund. This organi zation is open to all high school girls. The girls get social, cultural, and religious training through this organi zation. ' 'lb -T if QP 1:9 411 ag: 'ww' K 'QA 5,. ROW 1 Mr. Reed - Sponsor, Roy Holweg, Lane Ward, Don Newbold, Paul Ward, Dick Campbell ROW 2 Mike Morrison, Tom Morrison, Norman Thompson, John Ferree, Bob Wagner, Jim Fisher ROW 3 John Danehy, Luther Wright, Bob Norton, Jim Simpson, Jim Withem, Ronald Alford NOT PRESENT: Don Davis Bob Gordon This club is for the boys who enjoy woodworking. They are free to choose their own project. PAST IMPERFECT Marney MacDonald fat 401, , . Marney MacDonald fat 175, , , Milly MacDonald ,,,,,, Burney MacDonald ,,,, Robert MacDonald . . Mary Wilson fat 591 . . Mary Wilson fat 363 . . . Jenniter Carston fat 413 . . Jennifer Carston fat 181 . . Jack Rose ....... Bud Blasier . . Franny Crane . Henry Wilson , Mrs, Drake . . William Stone , . Junior Class Play Cast f..--...--Q . . Charlotte Brady . . . . Maxine Grdolnik . . Jeanette O'Donoghue , , , , ,Chris Reimer , , , , , , Lee Porter . . Priscilla Winklepleck , , , Alice Terhune , , , Pat Wickens , , Sharon Rudolph , , , Earl Gray . Richard Midkiff , , Nancy Schoo , , , Paul Baier , Marie Hinshaw . . Doyle Ogden On Stage Practicing the Charleston S Q 5-1 BEHIND THE SCENES W3 Getting made-up PROM The Junior Prom of 1952 was held at the Riveria Club on May 9. The "Commanders" was the orchestra that played for Lhe dance. Grand March of the Mardi Gras Prom Crowning of the King an Queen King and Queen of the Prom were Wayne Sigman and Berry Woods X ding if Q57 53 Q Q Ann, ,-, wks! ' Y .. kg-:ui kgs 4 fm Q Y .fn -,fx 'W 1 ,V . .5 A eff A z if W .i av 3 ..... Qi 'Y' Q23 i I X w . 7 A .- - -. wg., A n , , W I., A aff gg 5:3 S ff ff w+f,.f +f?', Q ff as ix. 3- fi' A ' W X ,yd - - ' -" f - '- . i 1 Yi, " .. 1 . h ' . L. N ' 3 7 XXL . 9 ' Q W A Q " . Z . S, 1 . ' . ' ' .: A K L W - ' T' 'fifff l is 3 L W 3 . V- Q .. . Q Q, f A. 4,25 ' f 5: '57 A- I Q Q' If si gnu, uf 4 3 R 2 . - - x V H W "' V, f , X, f ff A g. I . -lb I' I X ---IP1 C QS dw . , 'wg fi.. ,. 1 .1 4-1 . Q . ' ,' .--. 'ffJQ?44i1'fw Vernon Costelow Dick Midkiff I im Wirhern Left End Right Tackle Right Halfback Earl Gray Don Wriglht Right End Fullbac k MH ' "' W, . L. . ut ,,, f A A 1 . we"-,,+f' ' MQ ,. , .. , A f ,vw Doyle Ogden Paul Baie: Chuck Fox Left Tackle Right Guard Left Guard x I wi ASNE' . ,:,T-.-14 lx 2 ,S iff. JNJ, V uxl Q I, QP! , v-1 ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 FOOTBALL Warner Wiley, Spike Fallowfield, Doyle Ogden, Richard Midkiff, Harry Russell, Chuck Fox, Vernon Costelow Paul Baier, Earl Gray, Bill Clark Dick Lester, Bill Geshwiler, Fred Farber, Charles Gordon, Jim Withem, Bob Ford, Charles Grubbs, Jim Sare David Smith, Kenny Byland, Danny Challis, Dale Schoo Iimmy Newport, Bob Wagner, Charles Jones, Steve Smith, Mike Malone, Walter Fallowfield, Bobby Lock Harlen Finley, Kenny Vise, Bob Lee, Ed Showalter COACHES Mr. Brunoehler -- Track coachg Assistant Football and Basketball coach. Mr. Yeager -- Football coach Assistant Basketball and Track coach. in Mr. Roberts -- Basketball and Assistant Football coach. Q ,1w!'rf"f ,K -+- FOOTBALL STATISTICS Mr. Erice Yeager, a Purdue University graduate, was head football coach for the 1952 season. He was assisted by Mr. Richard Brunoehler and Mr. Steele Roberts. Approximately 20 boys came to our first practice on August 15. Before school started an additional 20 were gained. Frank Hearrell, Don Wright, Vernon Costelow, Earl Gray, Dick Midkiff, Paul Baier, Doyle Ogden, Bill Clark, Bob Ford and Chuck Fox were the 10 lettermen who returned. On September 5, Greenfield ,traveled to Beech Grove. In the first half of the game Don Wright made a touchdown, putting the Hornets ahead '7-0 at the end of the half. The game ended with a 13-'7 victory for Greenfield. The following week we played Franklin Township. The game remained scoreless until the last minute of the fourth quarter, when Franklin caught a pass and went about 60 yards for a touchdown, making the score 6-0. We lost the next two games in succession to Sacred Heart 20-0 and to the Deaf School 20-0. The first game in October found the Hornets almost upsetting the favored Bears of Lawrence Central. Lawrence scored in the opening minutes, but the Hornets came right back and droveall of the way to the Lawrence one yard line, only to be halted. In the second quarter Jim Sare caught a pass from Bill Clark for a touchdown. Don Wright made the extra point. A safety was also made by Chuck Fox. Lawrence won 19-9. Our next game was played with Pike Township. Don Wright made two touchdowns for the Hornets, but Pike defeated us 39-13. Earl Gray and Bill Clark tallied for the Hornets in the Speedway game which was won by Speedway 42-14. The Warren Central county champs downed us witha score of 66-6. Bill Clark scored the touchdown, and the extra point was blocked. The Hornet's victory of the season came in their last game with an undefeated Carmel team. It seemed Beech Grove was really geared for this game. The Homet's received on the kick off, and after about four plays Don Wright broke loose for about 45 yards for the first Beech Grove touchdown. Carmel came back in the second quarter and scored. However, the fighting Hornets refused to give up and after marching about 53 yards, Don Wright put the team ahead 13-7. In the second half Harry Russell broke loose and ran for about 40 yards for a touchdown, but it was called back by a penalty. Vemon Costelow caught a pass from quarterback Bill Clark on the five yard line and ran the touchdown but was called back by another penalty. With about three minutes left in the final quarter, Dick Midkiff recovered a Carmel fumble on Carmel's 40 yard line. Bill Clark made a 35 yard rung Don Wright went over for the touchdown. He kicked the extra point which made the score 20-7 for the Hornets. We seniors wish next year's team the best of luck, and hope they are undefeated. A N E 1 S Bob Rudolph, Joe Geshwiler, Larry Johannes, Bobby Clark f . ! 1, , , , A Bi11 Clark Larry ,lonannes Kenny Sussman . Mike Morrison . , 1 JW bfdfyfllf V ' '. ' 7 , N ' x A 1 4 A A .v-f VARSITY BASKETBALL Don Blumberg Y K'-1. A ,4 X N if ' Joe McIntosh Pointing Out A Play Y Mike Malone l Charles Grubbs Bill Geshwiler, SpikeFallowfie1d , f' I QA! A x7 ' X l f .- 'X'l,f! -' 1 1' V ' A lk 3 is ", '- ' ' '.1.f',i1?.',v K ff!! ""' " I' 'QA F 1 f elf" f f IJ H I, K ,f, 1 VARSITY RECORD P 'X 'I' j "fl 4' Opponent B. G. liishcrs 65 40 Pike Township 66 34 Decatur 56 87 Park 45 47 Carmel 39 46 Deaf School 38 40 Center Grove 52 56 Warren Central 48 42 Speedway 60 51 Lawrence Central 51 38 Southport fCounty Tournamentj 55 45 Sacred Heart 56 37 Clark Township 39 37 Manual 52 43 Franklin Township 57 39 University School fBloomingtonJ 64 52 Eminence Mt. Comfort Sectionals Game forfeited to Beech Grove mn Slate . U if ' Q Larry McGuire A Warner Wiley f I ' I' I 1 1 V 'l,f'f,'1-I Il. ,1rJf.i'3-f A 'I' ' 1 'J' d I -l If RESERVE TEAM ROW ONE: Georgie Fallowfield, Tom Ruesch, David Elmore, Warner Wiley, Jim Newport ROW TWO: Coac Dick Brunoehler, Charles Grubbs, Steve Smith, Kenny Vise, Bill Geshwiler, Larry Meguiar Texg N yr ,RN a l i L I 57 FRESHMAN TEAM ROW ONE: Jack Lewis, Harlan Finley, Fred Farber, Jim Newport ROW TWO: Manager Jim Little, Ed Showalter, Torn Ruesch, Terry Sedinger, Bob Locke ROW THREE: Coach Erich Yeager, Kenny Vise, Bob Wagner, Steve Smith, Manager Bud Fallowfield 4-P- EIGHTH GRADE TEAM ROW ONE: Jerry Sarc, Bill Schlicfelbein, Wayne Naylor, Arthur Simes, Glen Mason ROW TWO: - Coach Foster McMasters, Jan Elliott, John Brown, Charles Gearheart, Joe Byland, Bill Weathers N la: E wp' X. . , ' ',,w 'J R 'X '12 1 , , ,wifi Xglq , X xl SEVENTH GRADE TEAM ROW ONE: John Lester, Richard Sharp, Wayne Spencer, Richard Burnell, Philip Farber ROW TWO: Troy Totty, Richard Flancer, Tommy Moriarty, Bill Barnes, Roger Smith, Tommy Ford ROW 'I'IiRI5Eg Dallas Warrum, Glen McClain, Gary Eytchison, Larry Pierson, John Longe, Coach Kenneth Reed k HA xx K 'kk if 5 ff g K N'--vm-N 'F may , 90 CO 'iflro-' i " 9' RO W ROW ROW ROW go xfl ,. E TRACK ONE: Coach Murray Mendenhall, Don Wright, Ross Page, Charles Hunter, Wayne Sigman, Earl Gray, Assistant Coach Jim Tate. TWO: Manager Travis Terhune, Harry Russell, Larry Johannes, Vernon Costelow, Bill Clark, Charles Fox THREE: Manager David Dietz, Danny Challis, Joe Geshwiler, Bill Geshwiler, Bob Ford, Mike Morrison. FOUR: Charles Grubbs, Warner Wiley, David Smith, Bill Baker, John Spears, Jerre Thompson. Wayne Sigman . 1. al ' 5 f . 9+ ' ' fl I, . ,' Our track team of 1952 had a record of two victories and one defeat. Meets were won from Charlottesville, Mount Comfort, Decatur Central and Pike Twp. We lost to Manual and Franklin Twp., and finished last in the Capi- tol District. However this was our best record since 1949. Wayne Sigman, who was our most outstanding performer, was the point-getter for our team. TOMORROW'S HOMEMAKERS THE REMBRANDT'S SADIE SHAW FUTURE EINSTEINS AD ASTRA OF AMERICA PER ASPERA FROM ARKANSAS X. "-"J 'Y H55 , L , ,. v .1 ... '. , .Z il QTY, 1-x ., -LY xi r Sala: Aw :th s 'jx sornetimej there is only one person we'd think about -- Lee Little. Lee's assistant is Paul"-Wards' who ,dw Lee's -- ah ---- bookkeeping for him. A 1 ' ' Oh look! Here comes John Basso and Carol Searcy. They work for the F. B. sl. now, and they ha much publicity for their exciting exploits. ' , - 1 ..,i P lf one has read the papers lately, he couldn't have missed reading about Pat Wiokensyfhe . Jr, l , ,, She just won the Davis Cup for the U. S. last week. Patis good friend is socialite Shirley Weathersg Shi!! only original clothes designed for her by Mme. Carole Jolly. Mme. Carole has several able assistants Ogden Qher store managerj and Patty Lacefield, who models all of the latest creations. ' S If we were to go to Africa, we should probably see our good friend Frank Hearrell. Frank is a we sportsman who supplies the Ringling Bros. circus with wild animals. As we board our plane and head be U.S.. we may by chance see Barbara Clark who is a Trans-World airline Hostess. S S A few of our class are in the teachi field. Prisclllawinklepleckis now a professor of English a '18 Also at Purdue is Kenny Sussman who coaches the Boilermakers. If one should venture to Butler, he w Charlotte Brady teaching the History of Civilization, and Betsy Redding and Virginia Bloir Qwho are well lf co-authoring several booksj teaching commercial courses. ' While speaking of authors, we come upon the remaining two members of our class. Marlene Cu: and Gloria Jones are authors of some of the best-selling fiction novels of the year. y C ' s - W Isn t lt nice to know how well everyone made out after graduation? We can't be sure that our are correct, but it's fun ro pretend that they are, don't you agree: S S .,"a1T:mki.l I js' .W rr, 3 ,M ij? x ' ,M i EL 4 ign 195 . f 5 Q ' 7 JQMMJX 0 Wvgbgli, majww 5 bv EV Qi' W N ,M E 'SDJ Xifmmwmyg J' N N , af 4 - X. . oc EJ Myyffil' 5-fwf Ma, 1 i 501141 -926416 fa-gd V 4 . Biff j 1 5 2335 if W ,H 77 SY. N NWN YW wif by ,a Jw Q . AX , 4, x . 1, , 'nk . ""f,f F4 1 M5 'X 'ii' X1 . nj vi F , ill" W5 .K ,M , ilu' HIEV? . 'mi W. 'xm- ' 4131.3- M 1 . ,4 ,-5 1 .554 . HE. 12934 1 'gg wif 'M w W 'N A 3. H341 H L 'ML ' M . ' NA UQ: VH 1 'Ffa .11 fw we .2 pf? ,. V' ff 5745. I' ,M .FM X. .M 1' L . , :ng H' 'Q Y .frei- .if Q 4 .ff 1 . 'I .35 l. 1 11 A. ,.,,. 4 ., , , ., .4 wr .,,,,, . . , IMQ1 ' .L 3,3 , "3-1 .3- 4 V 1 41" X g.. x Vw.. xignlnl. 1 rf 4' Q-M Mfg, , - .-Na., fn.. M .9- , Q-, . lil . .wifi sfz 'Q' - .nk .. V' '5 'ef- mm ,, , Q V B -I rv' , .ww-, v 4 4 lv W ,K , V N F sl ' 9' '21 is ' ri - H -I - ,asf - 'fwxm-1 at p 5 sf- .-- i Q U ,, af 'L 1 .' 'X V - , 4 4 ...J H A Z.. A , , , 'K 1 ii 4 x yi A at Ax , K ' , ' ' ? -I Y' . S . ' ' 3, Ttqxi' gi 1 .A 4 Qu as 1 V 9' Q X . A 5 I Q I if S... L A . li, QQ fi. ' -Q wx N N Y Y -,. ,, it s . sk, bi K. .. .ga W. I wr, f- 'V X. i P I xgv. K Y "i'k A Q Q , A f , ' L ei. N. Q hi, ,TY Q fx ' " I ' Q ww ' i J ,.gg- ,Q ww' 'Q , . 5 ,V " R' A I S2 fs ' if . M 1 - 9 ,. 1 , ' - ' ,Jil A , , I ' -'. f, WV.. fm ' " ,, v '. .V ,Nj , , .Q 1 ,e. ,, vu ffq N5 , AN if W' ff - W ' ' A ' ,., - A M ,TK ,' 'Q ' S ' Xggqaxw' ' ,vm Q! Ji i -v , J. , 1A vi - Axvi-wa. 1.gdgcj,,,,,5.' MQ 3: .1 ii, ,A ,id 'Q 1 -A A' , V , 4 si X x Q, ,1 gmcufn. ,fig - N-A .5 -, L 'kwa' , - U A., A mg, ,, , ., 4 if ., x - up . v . vi is A - QA .., T 5 xi . ., f, f ,5 v u ,. zixd R 9- Q, , 'A , '- s.:x , 5 f - .'x nf' w ,uw . f- .. ' '.,v 1 ff, - may 1 . 1, new , , .mai , -.A ,W f N 1 X gf - ' - lj .K i-. h fa - - A. A X , , , 4.4-U' -A,-K N, I V' . . s ,, 3+ el f. ,envfguh fqv :Qt 'Q K y - .:go?g,,. bf. V 4:1 J fl, X 45 ip' V, nf ,l',.i, WA I 'fb . V r, ' ,A isq ' -. ' k 'R' f' 5' W t ', '- Q ' A i, ' 4' 35. 'Q 722 '. V A: s-. A' W, ' it 'g 3 if 'Sf 'Q Ze- -ff aw' ' ':- 'f-2" 'vi Q'-9 ' 'Q s'f"9'N ' w5t3,"'t' F5 '-lg ' ' Qi , ,A 2' - 5 ".. V 4, L, fl, - 5 rm' -u , ,'- gxsyv S 3, x X, my -W-. A .,, , fm s i 4 f h A .. ' Y :A X ,ia 4 A xv I ' wi "., , A -if f' Aixfx ' ' Q ' ' '4 J' .2 ,A -:ve 'Q 7 ' -NES? ?1ff1x'. wp. ' wi gxiglf' ' gr ' . t " , 'A 'V A " A " ,,.'A . ' fs ,Q 'NF 'S' 1 5' kfti , , , . . ,, . ,H N: - ,VN . 1 L - ff,1Tf,w -1 N' ,,',. - Q, f - wgegw-1 Q- ' W Q-,Ha Q- . L f, -guffw x ' ' K A? vw, Fa' k 4-af' -1: 1 . P f.-f Mfgx .sig-,fi 1 L' Q'-N x . Q -1' N, 7 av-. Q 9? ,Q Q l 1 J: K ivy ,iw F-,ix ' """'-f 7 A IM ,' '. , 1-.Lf , hh, 3 " 'rat "T 45, 'v ' uf .5 'ing 4' as 4-Art EVA Q Q.: - M lnxiffkt.-W.5,?1 l bf ty J' QI' Vg' 4g , I xg: ,gala 'gn wg ,,,-P444 Q I x iN'l.f,2.', ., h F, ,A Q . gf A J- t K1 It ,Q .1 .Ang-A , ,, X!! 'H ,Q W , Sl Q. ' 1 W -2 u ,, r ' H 'lj av gk -f - .V fi ff fgffxlf Q, vw- ' Q v Aly, JN., ,ar SX V. , Q W J' V :if 1- A :fi gg, . A ig ' :xg . gg' ' ' ' .- r, A ' 5 ,M ' A '- A.-.I In gf '55 r 4 W tn -sw A 'Q 1122! -rd' 7 ,v 1-In -N f -1' ffm-,fw ' H 'WX 4.5! A..f.,ffv wf - fx, . v,Q,,,, ' 'QL M Lg f M f?'.sg" sf: ' , . ig KL Q5"z"5 f 'JA wi' 'Y , LL V Va". , ,nm-. 2-.-...N '4"'!IlAhs-f ' K 'Mwv-env.-,, ' ,A ff' 1 A . 'W -w. V ' ,

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