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F 15" .1 fffzalxz-nv'-W Q SJ' tr 051-+R-f'M A,.,.,. sgilifr '11 ,,-....hQ.mvzaiI1!!lmi Tf' :Lai as in jg? ww M 'W We :wi J. ? fi Qi 2030 , The Seniors Qf Beech Grove high Dresenr 'mm Q1-usader f '49' f . .1 -A : Y N . , I 'A Gm' Qastlez Estate? 6 ' ez E Coxbfmw OLOGU We, the Seniors of l9h9, invite you to take a trip with us into the past, into the time of King Arthur and his court. Chivalry is in full Qbloom, and knighthood is the order of the day. You shall see brave knights and ladies fair, exciting tournaments and large castles. Forget your streamlined world and come with us. P 241' we, the senior Class of 19119, Wish to dedicate THE CRUSADER of 19119 to Miss Jean Carpenter, our Yearbook Sponsor, whose inspiring ideas, untiring efforts, and worthwhile advice have made this annual possible. In addition, Miss Carpenter is co-sponsor t of the Senior Class and sponsor of the Q, Beech Leaf. She also teaches shorthand and typing. Alla ords and arons A Mr. O. L. Van Horn prepares for a busy day as Principal of Beech Grove High School. He also teaches English and Economics. Our school secretary, Miss Alma Cripe, answers one of the many telephone calls which come into our busy school office for Mr. Kinsey. Mr. H. E. Nickels, Assistant Principal, is Mr. Van Horn's right hand man. He teaches Science, Civics, and Biology. Seated left to right are Mn Dodge Davis, Mr. William Herold, Mr. Noble Stogsdill, and Mr. C. V. Kinsey,our superintendent. Mn Kinsey and the school board are about to begin a meeting. Mrs. Alexander Girls Phys . Ed . Health Q Safety Biology Miss Crabb U. S. History World History Government Mr. Martin Mechanical Drawing Shop Miss Messmore Glee Club Junior High Music Miss Ragsdale English Mrs. Weinland Latin Speech Lnglish Business Englis Mr. Beatty Librarian Miss Jordan Art Social Studies I . s Mr. McMasters Math M Algebra xfj PhysicssVQ5 r' ex sl mx ,, M Mr. Overman Health Q Safety Boys Phys. Ed. Alcohol A Narcotics Basketball Coach Mr. Riley Algebra Geometry Math Social Studies Football Coach Miss Van Arendonk Home Economics English X., he if fl 1 X X t Qi W1 NN Uff' L- .ld-g. ,,,,, fs? fli31:::f--X 13 chgron cl We, a group of thirty-nine eager students, became eli- gible for the annual nine months tournaments in the fall of 19145. Although we were the smallest class enrolled in the tournament and have remained so for the past four years, we managed to survive the first year with a few victories in basketball, a few more parties, and even more representa- tives on Honor Club. The next year we returned with a few losses and a few new additions. We lost Betty Smith and Zack Miles. Our new additions were Clarice Clunie, Helen Mclntire, and Bob Rasner. In our third and next most important year in the tour- naments, many new people joined us: Bill Condit, Pat Bristow Chester Sherrow, Jack Agee, and Dick Fallowfield. During this year we carried out many class projects such as a maga- zine sale, Inter-Class Tourney, and dances after basketball games in order to make money for the prom. On May 21, l9h8, we held our Junior and Senior Prom at the Antlers Hotel, the first occasion of its being held outside of school. Finally in our last and most important year, we return- ed to find that we had to make even more money than the year 3 before. Everyone set to work selling greeting cards, pecans, notebooks, and giving bake sales, a play, and dances. Now, the same number as when we started out are about ready to graduate from this yearly competition and go into a life of even keener competition. by .K . Ffh A A ".,i,vy If hail .swf ji, ' ' if fhm ,2 A!! ,WV N31 .J .J Kenneth Deane IN llKenI-ly!! ' x. 1 President 1' x'WX Senior Class vi XXVX Student Council - Football Basketball Track Marilyn Hein Vice-President Senior Class Student Council Dramatic Club Sunshine Society Honor Club Press Club, G.A.A. Annual Staff v- Y Photo. Ed. , 1l:1?iir' Iltiieil' 4!2gE2jb l 4I 1. xlti IE , Xflmx xl' fi X I 'L .1 I t iff, 15 ' 'G fzff ,fl if 'fif xif lip .A' v 1 - Q - Hu ,,fH ' 'p ie Y, 4, , ' I ' ' .nl A. :E Donna Brinkman A HLU1-ull Secretary Senior Class Sunshine Society Library Club Dramatic Club Glee Club, G.A.A. Press Club Office Secretary Annual Staff - Make-up Ed. Glen Kleine Treasurer Senior Class Honor Club Safety Patrol Jack Agee 'Ky' James Bailey BJimll Hi-Y Latin Club Historical Football Basketball Society Marjorie Basso WMargie' G.A.A. Don Challis 'Chazn Sunshine Society Pat Bristow 'Patsyn Yell Leader Sunshine Society Glee Club Historical Society Press Club Annual Staff Photo. Ed- X4 Sinai-,ketbail Q-isaseball ,.g 'Track X ,Hi-Y Student Council ' Pres. Junior Class YQN rAnnua1 Staff C Sports Ed. Bernice Clark 'Bernie' G.A.A. Sunshine Society Press Club Library Club Dramatic Club Historical Society Clarice Clunie 'Butch' Glee Club Sunshine Club Dramatic Club Press Club Honor Club Annual Staff . A Sub. Ed. William Conair A mBooks' Latin Club Historical Society Football Track Annual Staff Sports Ed. Thelma Cook 'Flopie' Press Club G.A.A. Dramatic Club Sunshine Society Annual Staff Publicity Ed. 1 . Richard Falldwfield 'Dick' Football Track Donna Heacock Ruthie Hughes WBooze' G.A.A. Sunshlne Society Honor Club Latin Club Press Club Dramatic Club Annual Staff Senior Ed. t wf Joe Krug lj, 'KrugieW jg' fx 1493, George Kuykendall imiirfwf nxuykin Football Jean Mann 'Jeanne' Press Club G.A.A. QF'5" Hilihn Dramatic Club Sunshine Club Annual taff Act. d. J Q Helen Hclntire Betty Honeymaker 'Tad' Glee Club Press Club Sunshine Society G.A.A. Dramatic Club Latin Club Club Staff Act. Ed. Gene Nugent If A L X 1 1 X "wif X iii!! N Neal Pannenter fined! Latin Club, Honor Club Press Club Dramatic Club Historical Society, Pres. Annual Staff Hw.Hmmpr Lillian Petac 'Lill' Press Club Editor Sunshine Society, Vice-Pres G.A.A., Honor Club Dramatic Club, Latin Club Library Club ' Student Council Treas. Of Junior Class Annual Staff, Sub. Ed. a,M Richard Pierson W, 'Dick' L, blr- Glee Club S ' S?,. 5 f L n - C ,,...x , 5,6 , 'rw' ,Z fx, , , 1 , 5?f,s K. , 1iWgTaqxQ x?g5gf-V F5 , .. 7L,- ,ia ' f- bvlwffv -A QgQ?y e if ,F,fy1,,9-gk. Robert Rasner e..iefx. H ,'affnsr.:ans 'B bn Tk gm YT dnrggg f if rw 0 x V 'ff "' m wtfwift - f ' '-laik Kwgywdg - 5 fi3hfT?i3 Basketball nPVQ?i97 QQQQQQQQ ii? Track Nancy Rutledge lmtl Sunshine Society, Pres. Latin Club, Pres. Honor Club, Press Club G.A.A., Glee Club Student Council, Sec. Annual Staff Ass't. Ed. bs' 2: -fa 'rut -3' Fue- 5 .r Ronald Schoo 'Shoe' Glee Club, Press Club Basketball Track Historical Society L ,J V , f 4311! gba J,'1. , fl ff ff Jud Schroeder 'UudWW Sunshine Society G.A.A. Dramatic Club Press Club Annual Staff Act. Ed. Lyman Searcy Latin Club Track Safety Patrol Annual Staff Pub. Ed. Chester Sherrow WChet' Football Basketball Track Honor Club Joellen Sigman ' WJinx' Honor Club Sunshine Society Press Club Dramatic Club Library Club Latin Club Annual Staff Make-up Ed. Joan Smiley ntyodyn G.A.A. Library Club ' Sunshine Society -Historical Society Glee Club 4 Annual Staff C Cir. Mgr. Robert Switzer 'Tinyn Basketball Track Press Club Latin Club Honor Club ,gs on 3 - T? Xiiquun-nv' Ted. L. Tansy 'Teddy Leen Football Basketball Hi-I Press Club Baseball laVon Weingardt 'Bangs' G.A.A. Glee Club Sunshine Society Dramatic Club Press Club Annual Staff Cir. lgr. Frances Williams ll 'Fran Honor Club Press Club Sunshine Society Dra atic Club Latin Club G.A.A. Annual Staff Editor Don C. Wilson 'Warden Wilson' Latin Club Dramatic Club Press Club Glee Club Safety Patrol John Wise 'Weiss' Football Basketball Baseball Press Club MASS Wlllx Jack Agee--I will my ability to go steady to Mike Cunningham. I James Bailey--I will my ability to be quiet to Tom McDonough. llargie Basso--I will to Barb Kendall my ability to talk without getting 2's in library. Donna Brinkman--I will my office position to Margaret Gray. Pat Bristow--I will my ability to go steady for two years to Marilyn Allee. Don Challis--I will my No. 3 basketball jersey to Joe Egbert. Bernice Clark--I will my beautiful, big, browm eyes to any blind cow. Glarlce Clunie--I will M natural curly hair to the tail of the blind cow that gets Bernice's big, brown eyes. Bill Condit-I will my good tirres that I had in my senior year to Nancy Joan llcCa.rrel. Thelma Cook--I will to all the girls in Beech Grove a pool room in my basement. Kenneth Deane--I will W estate in New York and my last million to Tom llcDonough. Dick Fallowfield--I will my ability to get along with lr. Beatty to Shorty Jones. Donna Heacock--I will my ability to get an engagement ring at the ripe old age of six- teen to anyone having trouble catching a man. larilyn Hein--I will my ability to hit the eight ball to Jane Rutledge and Elva Fallowfield in Flopie's pool hall. Dathie Hughes--I will my favorite cue stick to Betty Ruesch in F1opie's pool hall. Glen Kleine--I will my good grades to whoever needs them. Joe Krug-I will my ability to make low grades to Chuck Lacefield. - Cborge Kuykendall-I will my ability to get along with llr. Beatty to Charles Smith. Jeanne lann--I will my ability to play snooker in Flopie's pool room to any girl that knows the game. Helen llclntire--I will to the Ko-ed's my ability not to spread untrue gossip. Betty Honeymaker--I will my ability to play 'Bumble Boogie' to David leader. Gene Nugent--I will my ability to beat the pin ball machine to anyone who wants it. Neal Pannenter--I will my red hair to lr. Nickels who is losing his.. Lillian Petac--I will my ability to be clumsy to Louise VanZante. Richard Pierson--I will all the good times of my senior year to Patty lIcFeely. Robert Rasner-I will my ability to anyone who wants it to make straight Us. Nancy Rutledge--I will my ability to any beginner not to rip the tables in Flopie's pool hall. Ronald Schoo-I will my ability to be a snail pacer in track to Don Carey. Judy Schroeder--I will my ability to have a good time all through high school to my three brothers. Lyman Searcy--I will to lr. Nickels my red hat and my brightest necktie. Chester Sherrow--I will my ability to argue with lr. Vanliorn to Willie Sahm. Joellen Sigsan-I will to my brother, Wayne, my ability to be in the Honor Club. Joan Sniley-I will my ability to carry three solids to Doris Heacock in my senior year and still have enough credits. Bud Switzer--I will my natural ability to wear big shoes to Turk Jenkinson. Ted Tansy--I will my superb aptitude to play center to anyone whose mentality is equal to an idiot. LaVon Weingardt--I will my ability as gossip editor to Carolyn Allee in hopes that she can do a better job. Frances Iilliams--I will to Shirley Atherton my ability to hit the spitoon in Flopie's pool hall. Don Filson--I will my camera to the Epply Photographers. John Wise--I will my football helmet to Ralph Cingo. I4 H665 'RLS' ,J 4 'A fin ,' xylx J. sb Q7 , 5" f-'im i - X 1 0 .9 N 44 A ' f vi 'f-- 1'---- . , 'I ll 1' I I is ,,,,.... u l -i 1 p - K ' at . , nw .lu Inns President-Mike Cunningham Vice President-Elizabeth Baker Secretary--Barbara Haines Treasurer-Mary Jane Bailey JUNIORS: ' Row 1.-Qleft to right,-Marilyn llarine, Joan Routt, Patty Stewart, Barbara Haines, Doris Heacock, Berth Lady, Marilyn Allee, Shirley King, Barbara Kendall, Elizabeth Reynolds, Car- olyn Allee . Raw 2.--Elizabeth Baker, Mary Jane Bailey, Patty Baker, Doris LaPoint, Doris Hinchnan, Pauline Basso, Laura Hull, Betty Wright, Arlene Redman. A Row 3.-Lois Puppel, Barbara Harding, Nancy Hccarrel, Margaret Vandergrift,llargeretGray, Pat llcFeely, Evelyn Boles, Norma Hamilton, Wionna Miller, Pat Brinkman. Row h.-ltr. llclaeters, ,William Sala, Neville Brown, Ralph Cingo, David lleador, Ton llc- nonougn, ME cmminghm, Jar Murdock, B111 Bristow, Joe Egbert. Row 5.--Joe Holle, Ronnie Henson, Charles Smith, Don Allen, Jack Brann, Jack Woods, lg.- B08.1'ffvz 0 Ab sent-Barbara Wise J Snplunmnres SOPHOMORES I Row 1.--Cleft to rightl-QQ. Martin, Norma Steel, Betty Royalty, Mary Lou Sharp, Lau a Biggerstaff, Dorothy Ammons, Joan Oden, Dora Harris, Mary Sue Nugent, Norma Marney, Elva Fallowfield, Joan Bloir, Jessie Gray, Elaine Snyder, Miss Crabb, Mrs. Weinland. Row 2.-Velma Williams, Dorothy Shecke1J,Mary Smiley, Mary Gillespie, Shirley Atherton, Pat Alexander, Rachel Poffenbarger, Anna Houston, Delores Williams, Lucille Skelton. Row 3.--Don Kavanaugh, Paul Mendenhall, Jack Sleeth, Mary Klein, Betty Ruesch, Louise VanZante, Jane Rutledge, Lois Davis, Ralph Jones, John Cecil. Row lg.--Loren Hunt, Melvin Lentz, Donald Russell, Dick McPherson, Oran Spell, Dennis Kraut, Jimmy Fox, John Biggerstaff, Kenneth Moneymaker, Billy Houze, Herbert Jenkinson. Ro! 5.-Don Pieper, George Neely, Kenneth Dobbs, Don Harvey, Edwin Bulthaup, Dick Camp- be1J,Norval Wheatly, Jewell Shelton, Harold Lambert, Kenneth Anderson, Eber Skiff, Larry Sahm, James Oliver, Dick Berger, Bob Byland, Tommy Pierson. absent-Willard Dunlap and Carol Haines I7 , . 1 ul.-. ..z?z..m.Enk4. -,. l'E5"ImEn 111111 FRESHMEN Row 1.--Cleft to rightj--Donna Dunlap, Charlene Tex, Marjorie Adams, Wilma Shelton, Geraldine Russell, Charlotte Milholland, Sarah Rivers, Sandra Thompson, Betty Johnson, Nancy Gilliland, Sue Brown, Billie Jean Fisher, Dorothy Dietz, Myrna Byland. Row 2.--Mrs. Alexander, John Basso, Robert Beach, Joan Clunie, Loretta Reynolds, Donna Weingardt, Jean Headley, Betty Woods, Diane Brown, Billy Adams, Dick Coffman, Miss Yan Arendonk. Row 3.--Alice Catron, Doris Conrad, Jerry Cecil, Larry Flemming, Eugene Russell, Robert St. Clair, Jack Schroeder, Shirley Smith, Julia McMasters. Row h.--Dick Fox, Clinton Childs, Norman Seay, Elizabeth Barrett, Betty Age, Delores Pieper, Norma Marshall, Russell Vogel, Jerry Skaggs, Wayne Sigman. Row 5.-4William Messer,Donald Carey, Donald Malone, Ross Page, Marcus Stratton, Richard Hamilton, Charles Hunter, Charles Lacefield, Bill Parks, Bill Stucki, James Litson. absent-Richard Dennis, Robert Fields, Barbara Mclntosh, Harry Zervas. 18 -.r iglwun l'ELdE hunks: EIGHTH G ADE: f Row l.--Cleft to rightj--Nancy KcAlharey, Rcselyn Sells, Arlene Lady, Virginia Bloir, Patty Lacefield, Kathryn T lor, Alice Terhune, Gerry Charnley, Charlotte Brady, Larlene Cunningham, Ruby Collins. ' X Row 2.-Shirley Neathers, N cy Schoo, Lee Little, Jerry Carrghhael, John Basso, Larry Horner, Ronald Vollrath, Kenneth ussman, Priscilla winklepleck,f arbera Myers. ' f Row 3.-Edith Clunie, Barbara Smi Howard Luellen, Earl Qraj Jim Simpson, Lee Porter, Vernon Costelow, Betty Camp, Taverne witzer, Carol Jolly.ff Row A.--Donald Wright, Arnold Purvi, Richard Midkiff, Patricia Wilkens, Maxine Pediro, Ray Meador, Paul Baier, Bob Gordon, Car Searcy. Row 5.-ily. Bilgy, Prince Herzog, Dick Constable, Doyle Ogden, Frank Hearell, gg. Qygg- man. ' I9 IRhS. Seventh Braden ,nsnmsamn .... K' ig., M x i SEVENTH GRADE : Row l.--Cleft to rightj--Miss Evelg Messmore, Sharon Wellons, Anna Vandergriit, Kath- leen Brown, Margaret Henson, Phyllis Pedigo, Bonnie Schilling, Evelyn Vogel, Sylvia Prather, Patty Brann, Barbara Hennis, Betty Shipley, Barbara Ann Bloir, Marlene Richardson, Miss E- don. Row 2.--Bob Pidcock, Dickie Lestezg Jack Harlan, Bob Kroening, Charles Jones, Bob Nelson, Danny Challis, Garrey Schroeder, Joe Geshwilerg Dick Utterback, Eddie Loughmillerg Leroy Mar- tin. A Row 3.--Patsy Pace, Joanne Newerth, Jane Berger, Doris Harmon, Shirley Simpson, Gladys Catron, Carolyn Harvey, Donna Foust, Joan Herold, Marjorie Lynch, Delores Herzog. Row h.--Ronald Harmon, Ferrel Hendricks, Dale Royalty, Gerald Spall, Garry Alford, Don Blumberg, Mike Malone , Billy Sandley, Bob Rudolph, Arnie Myers, Jim Beikman, Ralph Thomas. Row 5.-Richard Boles, Ray Hueston, Jim Stone, Jim Kaster, Joe McIntosh. zo .- 1..-141 'A - M X-N+....,,Q H 1 --M-e-....., Qc Gldc What's cooking? Warden Riley Studious Frosh On the ball -F" Handy Men CU i r . s f 0' an , 1 Watch the birdiel A.. lk .zz 1 'K' ,,. '2l Uh ay Ib We invite you to take a journey with us into the past, into the time when chivalry was at its best, and knighthood was in full bloom. A touch of the magic wand before the palace of His Majesty, the King of England. The time is 114119. Trumpets blare and banners beautiful wife, Jeanne Mann. WThe carriage awaits to take his faithful page, bowing low. As they enter the carriage, Fallowfield with Thelma Cook and hurry on. and we are wave as the door opens and out steps Jack Agee and his you to the tournament, Your Highness,W says Gene Nugent, a horse gallops up the road at top speed carrying Dick Fran Williams clutching on behind. They wave gayily and On the way,the King dictates to Donna Brinkman, his capable secretary. The letter is to Chester Sherrow, the over-seer of His Majesty's vast estates. At last they arrive at the arena where Joe Krug and George Kuykendall show them to their seats of honor. Before the sports begin, Pat Bristow can be seen giving a few lusty cheers for her champion in the contest. A trumpet blasts and in ride John Wise, Don Challis, and Ted Tansy dressed in black armour trimmed with gold. Swords in hand, they meet the enemy confidently. James Bailey, Bill Condit, and Bud Switzer, their opponents, are not frightened by their bold front, and the battle begins in earnest. Kenny Deane, Sir Challis' attendant, rushes to the field to aid his wounded master. The odds are uneven, and Bob Rasner is prepared to second for his wounded friend. A horn is heard and the knights return to their tents to re-arm and rest. Entertainment is provided for the King and Queen by Betty Moneymaker, Clarice Clunie, and Judy Schroeder who sing some lively ballads. Richard Pierson presents the King with a magnificent bracelet made of gold and precious jewels which he brought back with him on his last trip to China. Just then, the Queen spies Nancy Rutledge and bids her to tell her of the latest news from London. Nancy tells of seeing Bernice Clark, the first woman to held that evening. Donna Heacock ahd Helen Mclntire, young belles of the court, sing on the stage, sing in the Royal Theater. Also she saw Lyman Searcy, the author of "Boywulf. " The sport events are soon resumed and the crowd ohs and ahs as Ted Tansy slays his opponents one by one. At last he is victorious. The crowd cheers while he rides up to the grandstand to receive his award from his Lady Fair, Margie Basso. As the crowd makes its way out of the jammed arena, Lillian Petac can be seen with her nose in a scroll taking notes on the day's excitement. Beside Lillian is her artist friend, Joellen Sigman, who has vividly taken down a picture of the struggle. The royal couple hurry back to the castle to prepare for the large victory ball to be were among 0. the first to arrive. Everyone was excited for this ball was to bring to a close the most important event of the year--the tournament. The court clown, Don Wilson, had been in- structed to be at his best. A famous magician, Neal Parmentar, had been hired to add to the performance. Ruthie Hughes and Ronald Schoo, world renown dancers, were to liven the party with their graceful steps. The castle was alive with bright lights and gay voices. As we leave and return to our modern world, we see Marilyn Hein, Joan Smiley, and Lavon Weingardt descend the wide stairway dressed in the latest fashions. A whisk of the magic wand and we can only remember the wonderful things we have seen and look forward to the future. 22 msmvr Z9 - H5 171465 M 0 I4 , YK 3 , . ,H Arggr -pq ,gb It f:'T' 3 sQl'3"" Q4 ' ll' 5 iff 3: Q Q. 'QQQ 4 Fl' l 1, ,-4-A. lu' 55 Ni 9 I I Q 1 I I l - Al I w-'u' K' F Ink K ' fl,"-"QT QKXXY 3I::"f51'Z x - - ,Z O. ft s"Q 9 '98 s,:Q 85.1 I I. I- ll 5'g' iq' H17 'c lf' .1':' NI ii-- ,Q Sd 2 N l-L.-..... -,,f--l 4-,-1- N -1- A., . N Y ,P as , -ff--f 1 ........-4. Flmici Latina LATIN CLUB . Row 1.-Cleft to rightj--Elva Fallowfield, Laura Biggerataff, Pat Stewart., Louise Van- 'Zante, Nancy Rutledge, Carolyn Allee, Marilyn Marine, Dorothy Ammons, Barbara Harding. Row 2.---Jane Rutledge, Mary Gillespie, Mary Klein, Pat Alexander, Laura Hull, Pat Mc- Feele , Shirley, Atherton. , ROW 3.--Bill Condit, Neal Parmenter, Jack Sleet, John Ceil, Lrg. Weinland. ' 24 G.A.A. Row l.--Cleft to rightJ-- Charlene Tex, Geraldine Russell, Pat Stewart, Margaret Gray? Laura Hull,,Betty Ruesch, Mary Kleine, Elva Fallowfield, Laura Biggerstaff, Wilma Shelton, Q.. Alexander. , Row 2.--Charlotte Milholland, Betty Johnson, Dorothy Dietz, Billie Fisher, Delores Pie- per, Diane Brown, Betty Woods, Sandra Thompson, Joann Oden, Sara Rivers. Row'3.--Myrna Byland, Pat McFeely, Joann Bloir, Evelyn Boles, Mary Gillespie, Shirley smith, Uessie Gray, Nancy Gilland, Lucille Skelton, Mary Lou sharp. Row 14.--Sue Brown, Donna Dunlap, Delores Williams, Marilyn Allee, Jane Rutledge, Marilyn Marine, Shirley King, Pat Alexander, Libby Baker. Row S.--Jean Headley Rachel Poffenbarger Norma Marshall A H to Shirley Atherton, Donna,Weingardt. , , me ues n' Betty Age' 25 lilll lilllll .H ,.-.J l ,. A i -N g p,-,, - . GLEE CLUB Row 1.-Qleft to rightj-Larry Fleming, Kenneth Moneymaker, Joan Routt, Laura Bigger- staff, Myrna Byland, Dorothy Dietz, Mary Jane Bailey, Barbara Harding, Jimw Vogel, Miss Messmore. Row 2.--Bertha Lady, Betty Johnson, Nancy Gilliland, Sara Rivers, Diane Brown, Patty Baker, Clarice Clunie, Joan Clunie, Betty Moneymaker. Row 3.-Bernice Clark, Judy Schroeder, Doris Heacock, Pat Bristow, Mary Kleine, Betty Ruesch, Pat Alexander, Delores Pieper, Tomnw Pierson. Row lx.-David Meador, Don Harvey, Dick McPherson, Dennis Krauth, Oran Spall, Harold Lam- bert, John Biggerstaff, Bob Byland, Paul Mendenhall, Eber' Skiff. 26 HISHlRllIAl SIHIIHY . , ...A xr' ' .ef at ,.-, sa f HISTORICAL SOCIETY Row 1.-Cleft to rightj--Norma Steele, Pat Stewart, Shirley King, Elizabeth Reynolda, largaret Vandergrift, Neal Parmenter, Barbara Kendall, Evelyn Boles, Norma Headly, Pat Bristow, Marilyn Marine. Row 2.-Betty Royalty, Barbara Haines, Delores Williams , Joann Bloir, Bernice Clark, Mary Jane Bailey, Barbara Harding, Wionna Miller, Lucille Skelton. ' Row 3.--Mary Smiley, Elaine Snyder, Doris Hinchmen, Shirley Smith, Margaret Gray, Rachel Poffenbarger, Norma Hamilton, Pat McFeely, Miss Crabb, Jessie Gray. Rowqh.--Dorothy Ammons, Marilyn Allee, Carolyn Allee, Jim Bailey, Bill Condit, David Meador, Charles Hunter, Norman Seay. Row 5.--Benny Stratton, Ronnie Schoo, Charles Lacefield. '27 HI-Y HI-Y Row 1.--fleft to rightl--Joe Egbert. Row 2.--Paul Mendenhall, Norvel Wheatley, Jack Sleeth, Q. McMasters. Row 3.--Ted Tansy, John Biggerstaff, Harold Lambert. Row la.--Herbert Jenkinson, Larry Fleming, Oran Spall, Ross Page. Row 5.--Melvin Lentz, Donald Carey, Dick McPherson, Charles Hunter. Row 6.--Ralph Jones, Don Pieper, Dennis Krauth, Norman Seay. Row 7.--Tom Pierson, Neville Brown, Jerry Challis, Don Challis, Don Russell, Bob Byland, Ralph Cingo, Dick Fox, Jim Murdock, Bill Houze, Loren Hunt, Kenneth Anderson, Don Harvey. I ' 28 yy 4-H lZllIB y h-H CLUB h--Edith Clunie, Patsy Pace, Laura Biggerstaff, Patty Winkle, Donna Weingardt, Marlene Cunningham, Jane Berger, Nancy Schoo, Anna Marie Vandergrift, Alice Terhune, Sue Brown. Hyphen--Miss Yan Arendonk. H--Julia McMasters, Carolyn Harvey, Jerry Charnley, Sylvia Prather, Barbara Smith, Phyllis Pedigo, Jean Headley, Marlene Richardson, Joanne Newert, Shirley Simpson, Anna Hueston, Evelyn Vogel, Dora Harris. I 29 Hll UR HUB HONOR CLUB Row l.--Cleft to rightj Shirley Smith, Marilyn Hein, Mary Ruth Gillespy, Fran Williams, Laura Hull, Jane Rutledge, Louise Van Zante, Nancy Rutledge, Betty Ruesch, Mary Kleine, Joellen Sigman. Row 2.--Julia McMasters, Pat Stewart, Jean Headley, Barbara Kendall, Elva Fallowfield, Barbara Harding, Clarice Clunie, Norma Steele, Barbara Haines. Row 3.--Mr. Beatty, Richard Berger, Chester Sherrow, Norman Seay, Neal Parmenter, Glen Kleine, Ralfb Cingo, Robert Switzer. 30 Editor-L. Asst. Ed. Artists-C D S J Qxgists-D P C B L D A Pm..iu.,,-41.:. , -N. Parmenter D. Pieper R. Schoo "" M. .MQ Allee Basso Fisher Flemming Gilliland Johnson . -Clark J. Wise W' ---Kiss Carpenter 31 Sllllll Illllll llll STUDENT COUNCIL CFirst Semester, Qaround the clockl--Shirley Smith, Eber Skiff, Paul Mendenhall, Nancy Rutledge, Marilyn Hein, Don Cunningham, Miss Crabb, Ralph Cingo, Don Challis, Mary Kleine, Dorothy Dietz, Barbara Harding, Mike Malone, Kenneth Sussman, Charles Hunter. ,rssnsvsammfe A STUDENT COUNCIL CSecond Semester! J' iQ faround the clockl--Ross Page,Bi1l Condit, Tom McDonough, Bob Byland, Harry Zervas, Joellen Sigman, Mr. Nickels, Nancy Rutledge, Laura Hull, Julia McMasters, Geraldine Charnley, Joan Herold, Barbara Haines, Betty Ruesch, Elva Fallowfield. 32 'lf ,..v"""'i2"'T?::,n ' K gggf' , I Sll SHI ESIIIIIHY SUNSHINE SOCIETY Row 1.--Cleft to rightj--Dorothy Ammons, Doris LaPointe, Joan Bloir, Mary Kleine, Caro- lyn Allee, Nancy Rutledge, Lillian Petac, Wionna Miller, Laura Biggerstaff, Miss Jordan. Row 2.--Mary Jane Bailey,Marilyn Allee, Shirley King, Laura Hull, Marilyn Marine, Donna Brinkman, Judy Schroeder, Clarice Clunie, Betty Moneymaker. Row 3.--Ruthie Hughes, Marilyn Hein, Mary Gillespie, Jane Rutledge, Betty Ruesch, Jo- ellen Sigman, Bernice Clark, Lucille Skelton, Shirley Atherton. Row h.--Frances Williams, Pat Alexander. 33 AKNQ.. .yuh ' :air YEARIHHIK SMH YEARBOOK STAFF Caround the clockl--Lavon weingardt, Judith Schroeder, Clarice Clunie, Pat Bristow, Nancy Rutledge, Frances Williams, Ruthie Hughes, Jeanne Mann,Neal Parmenter, Joellen Sig man, Joan Smiley. CStandingj--Lillian Petac, Donna Brinkman, Miss Cargenter, Lyman Searcy, Don Wilson, Bill Condit, Marilyn Hein, Don Challis. Editor Asst. Ed. Sr. Editor Activities Ed. Bus. Manager Circulation Mgrs. Make-up Photography Publicity Sports Subscriptions 34 Frances Williams Nancy Rutledge Ruthie Hughes Jeanne Mann, Judy Schroeder, Betty Moneymaker Neal Parmenter Joan Smiley, Lavon Weingardt Joellen Sigman, Ted Tansy, Donna Brinkman Marilyn Hein, Pat Bristow, Don Wilson Thelma Cook, Lyman Searcy Don Challis, Bill Condit Lillian Petac, C1arice'Clunie l9h8 JUNIOR AND SENIOR PROM the e first class in th BS W 8 19D of SS r Cla e J 'o Th ior and Un J the e High School to take OV Beech Gr of story hi the t in i held They GPOV6u ech Be of tside Om OU Pr nior 0 W 5: E' nf-3 C: O vm -.4 ri 0 -.4 T SI H C1 --4 ri cv +3 I va H cv ri +3 :I sl! an .C +1 44 0 E o o G1 'U ri o LD 53' CI M I IE! .Q 3' m an .c 43 E c T? F4 F4 F4 'H 4: m s 'c GJ 4: 10 m f4 73 5 CJ YT QD +9 M C M DD 0 13 +3 I-'I cu is 3 an it w o 13 Q M .C S Du Q o .4 'S E an .C +2 OD Q 'H 'C -H P O S-1 D4 M M +5 ID 0 .Q O H O S az pro- and Q cn 'a 3 9-4 Q ua S1 o r4 1-1 ni ,O E 15 as who attend to all ed SGTV class, guests r the Sen ere The d ar on each table. d.the school bo grams were to be found the faculty members an io 'W the Junior Class. By a popular vote among the Juniors, of and ing sen K ho C Were 5 2 0 O at C.E 0 D4 W M 0 'WE Q 0 Fgca L1 if Q 0 M 0 es 'U TJ Q M 0 JI +3 E 'SES IE .95 Q3 Eu CY all i iiiiigggig Z LK' A 7 I ' I Roady,Aim-Fire b Li . ,, ' :Q 1 V ' 1 A xf 1 LW, MY- N "X 9 , X .-v u . Best Foot Forward i, ag:-. :'f'- L - TSI . , 15113 I -I " '- V hv L Dreamers A-" ,' be o Gutter Rats M- Just Posing M Unhand her, you cada! Eeekk 11 Guess Who? Curbstone Cutles 1 -M? se Last Day of School Senior Buddies "un-ni YQ ,,m R 1 m my A . -V. 4 I , Q - . I JAH ' m S 1-521- . . S 5 3 M Ko-ed's T Q 'Q 1-A 79' 5 S Hi, Fellas Whoops! SK-Qi' fi.: Hubba ' av.. 'i.6E ' I . :E iQi,bmwm .wr K. was YH., ? Track Stars C?J Plggy-Back Sub-debs ! 1 Onward to Shafer Pres. our llJOell We're Not Ready.. R!!! . LQ Dick, Oren and Dennie Q f . F Yi! ii 0 fu 45' -y Ladder of Success Ummm, You Lucky Girls! Lettermen Remember When- ., . ,..a.g.....Aila4- 37 SCHOOL AROUND THE st. Ca Play nior Se f-I I r--I r-4 H5 SEI A 3 F4 2 !"1 'Q F6 - M Q m M224 31:21 ua Q -A 2 5 wird f-R3 Class. mps Math S Team ster cond Mc . Se . Mr 5 6 Cha Ma the to Trip Class' ior . Sen LY Legislature. B Action. I1 i ll-Leaders Ye e 8 6' Le ' .r AL 'L yv L I D D fr has 3 S w Iv V, 00 i 38 r Qld AQ! , L lid-shinu,A.Aa s 'J5 u 9 T5 Wmffwwffv 755 A Y W QB? W 'ky Wigxxvfg ,f f y F-K of-, N f x N f i f n d gsgew f pp f Cf f ' x, I I I J f d , 1 , ' ag V :Q i - 4.-fm gil X HlllIBAll i r ,Q f . I Oh UQ K A 9 . r S r J, ,564 14, qi, . W X fi 'C-is sw - fr, . 5 as get 'G' 'e I Row 1.--'left to rightl Dick McPherson, Oran Spall, Norval Wheatley, Charles Smith, Dennis KrautA,John Wise, Ted Tansy, George Kuykendall, Harold Lambert, Ralph Cingo, Ronnie Henson, Mike Cunningham. Row 2.--Dick Fox,Bil1 Messer, Jim Fox, Dick Berger, Bob Byland, John Biggerstaff, Kenny Deane, Tom McDonough, Don Russel, Bill Sahm, Bill Condit. Row 3.--Mr. Rile , Mr. Van Horn, Joe Egbert, Herb Jenkinson, Don Carey, Marcus Stratton, Ross Page, Charles Lacefield, Wayne Sigman, Jerry Challis, gr. Overman, Jim y Murdoch. SEXICKS Name Bill Condit Kenny Deane George Kuykendall Ted Tansy John Wise 40 Position Left Half Right Half Guard Center Right Half Ht. 5l9II Sign 5:1-lu 6121: 61 Wt. 150 11.16 182 206 170 Nick TOP SCORES Name Books Cingo 20 Dean Henson 19 APS Carey 12 Teddy Lee Wise 6 John Henry Row 1.--Cleft to rightj Norval Wheatly, Charles Smith, Dennis Krauth, Ted Clhnsy, George Kmrkendall, Ronald Benson. Row 2.--John Wise, Ralph Cingo, Mike Cunningham, Don Carey. ' The Fall of 19148 saw the beginning of an unexperienced team take place. Early August brought thirty-five boys on the athletic field for passing, kicking, blocking, and working, on fundamentals. These boys, awkward at first, began to show great improvement after a few weeks of hard work. Under the instruction of coaches Virgil Riley and Earl Overman, they began to look like a football team. September came at last, and the team, now consisting of twenty-nine boys, was thinking about their first game. llanual of Indianapolis was the first opponent. The Hornets played their best, but Manual emerged as victor by a score of ho to 0. The nert game found the Hornets at Franklin Township's field. The game proved to be ex- citing. John Wise carried the ball in the second quarter for the first touchdown of the season. Don Carey tried for the extra point, but was stopped. Franklin came back before the half to score. However, they failed to gain the conversion. Ralph Cingo plunged over the line in the fourth quarter to score again. With the aid of the linemen Ralph went over for our exra point. The game ended in a 13-6 triumphant for the Hornets. Beech Grove continued their winning streak by beating Sacred Heart 6-0. Ralph Cingo gained these six points for the team by a hard line plunge. Beech Grove vs. Bicknell was the next game. Bicknell won by their experience with a score of 26-0. Iarren Central and Pike Township 'were the next two teams they played. The Hornets dropped both these games with the scores of 321-0 and 12-0 respectively. The County Champions from last year, Speedway, was our next opponent on the grid iron. The Sparkplugs proved too much for the Hornets and beet them 26-6. The season was moving on rapidly, and the next two encounters were with the Silent Hoosiers and Ben Davis. The Silent Hoosiers managed to get away with a 21-19 victory. Henson, Cingo, and Carey gained the nineteen points for Beech Grove. The Ben Davis game ended in a 13 to 13 tie with Hen- son and Carey scoring for Beech Grove. The last game of the season showed good sportsmanship on the part of both teams, al- though 'the game ended in a bl-0 victory for Lawrence Central. 'Iwo banquets were given at the end of the season, one by the Mothers, and one by the Lions Club, in appreciation of the good sportsmanship presented by the team. Ted Tansy, Kenny Deane, and Bill Condit were chosen to attend a banquet given by Indiana University which was attended by senior football players from all Marion County High Schools. With only five varsity Hornets graduating from the team this year, and with many new prospects coming up, we hope for an even better season next year. 41 K IISHIS Seniors--Cleft to rightl Bill Condit, George Kuykendall, Kenny Deane, John Wise, Ted Tansy. M JJ! SHIIIRIS Juniors--Cleft. to rightl Ralph Cingo, Bill Sahm, Ronnie Henson, Joe Egbert, Jim Murdoch, Mike Cunningham, Charles Smith, Tom McDonough. Annan. SPUHS Trophies won by Beech Grove Teams for outstanding sportsmanship in baso- ball, basketball, football, and track through the years. TRUMPIIIRS Iell leaders-Kleft to right! Pat Bristow, Joan Routt, Jack Sleeth, Barbara Haines, and Libby Baker. b VA SIIYBASKHB ll Kneeling in front--Kenny Deane, Student Manager. Row 1.--Kleft to rightJ Coach Earl Overman, John Wise, Don Cunningham, Don Challis, Tom McDonough, Atheletic Director, Mr. O. L. Van Horn. Row 2.--Harold Lambert , Ralph Cingo, Bud Switzer, Ted Tansy, Ronald Henson, William Sahm ff' ' C 5 x A xx 4 Q, x I Cingo and lcDonough watched Challis McDonough shoots one from the side as tip one in at the Westfield game. Challis, Cingo, and Wise wait. for the rebound. 44 CIIIIRIHHIUS 1. Don Challis--Senior 2. Bud Switzer--Senior 3. Ted Tansy--Senior lx. John Wise-Senior S. Ralph Cingo--Junior 6. Hike Cunningham--Junior 7. Ronnie Henson-Junior 8. Tom McDonough--Junior 9. Bill Sahm--Junior 10. Harold Lambert--Sophomore The Beech Grove Basketball Team went down fighting, as they lost a close overtime tilt to Southport, in the Sectional Tourney 147 to 146. In the Colmty Tourney, the Hornets put up a good fight only to be defeated 38 to 30 by Speedway who had beaten them 60 to 141 just two weeks before. The fact that the Hornets showed the spirit and the ability to play basketball is shown by their season record of 9 wins and ll losses for a .1450 per cent average. The Hornets scored 769 points to their opponents 808 points for an offensive average of 38.145 points per game, and a defensive average of 140.14 points. The team hjt290 out of 1055 field goals for a .275 per cent and 187 out of 369 free throws for a .507 per cent. The Hornets had 293 fouls called against them to their opponents 308. The individual averages and statistics are as follows: Players 171 U GP QP TS-T TFG PPG FTT FTH PFT TP APQ-. Henson, Ronald 6-1 185 20 78 179 38 .213 141 20 .1488 96 14.8 Cingo, Ralph 6-0 160 20 70 1110 38 .271 145 21 .1466 97 14.85 Switzer, Robert 6-7 220 20 80 213 78 .366 68 36 .529 192 9.6 Challis, Donald 5-10 130 20 78 156 140 .256 86 148 .558 128 6.14 Cunningham, Donald 5-10 150 20 63 136 no .2914 23 8 .3147 88 11.14 lise, John 6-0 165 19 514 158 35 .221 69 37 .536 10 5.63 McDonough, Tom 5-10 160 18 32 66 19 .288 30 114 .1467 52 2.88 Tansy, Ted 6-2 205 9 10 1 1 1.000 14 2 .500 14 .hh Sahm, William 5-ll 155 2 2 l 0 .000 0 0 .000 0.00 Lambert, Harold 5-11 210 5 6 5 2 .1400 3 1 .333 1.00 These are all yearly records- H---Height 'IST-Total Shots Taken FTH--Free Throws Hit I---Weight 'LFG-Total Field Goals PFT--Percentage Free Throws GP--Games Played PFC--Percentage Field Goals TP-Total Points QP--Quarters Played FTT-Free 'Throws Taken APG-Average Points Per Game This team consisted of four Seniors, five Juniors, and one Sophomore. The Seniors were Bud Switzer, Don Challis, John Wise, and Ted Tansy. Switzer ended the season with 192 points in 20 games. 'The Juniors of the team were Ronald Henson, Don Cummingham, Ralph Cingo, Tom McDonough, and William Sahm. Harold Lambert was the only Sophomore. The second team ended the season with a record of 12 wins and 8 losses. They scored 1471 P01155 to their OPPOIIGD1'-S 1139. This team looks like good varsity and reserve mater- ial for next year. The Reserves won the trophy in the Capital District Conference Reserve Tourney for 19119. The Freshmen also shows good material for next year. They won five games and lost three in the 19119 season. They also represented the eastern district of county schools for the county championship, but lost to Southport by a score of 28 to- 19. Congratulations to the five yell leaders for their good work. They were always in there rooting and doing their best. They were Pat Bristow, Barbara Haines, Joan Routt, Libby Baker, and Jack Sleeth. It was the second year for Pat and Libby. BEECH GROVE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND RECORD FOR 19118-19149 .lfi 92 2.39. 9.12 November 18 Pike Township 511 35 December 21 Westfield 38 20 Cathedral 38 118 January 7 Speedway 60 214 Decatur Central 142 33 8 Warren Central 62 December 1 Fairland 36 38 111 Lawrence Central 50 3 Franklin Township 39 35 28 Sacred Heart 149 7 Clark Township 146 35 February 1 Brownsburg 32 10 School for Deaf 143 145 5 Manual Training 'N' 37 15 Ben Davis 38 29 ll Franklin Townshi 1414 17 Center Grove 23 214 18 ew Palestine 30 January 19-20-21 County Tourney February 23-211-25-26 Sectional CSpeedwayJ 31 38 Tourney CSouthport1 117 Home games are underscored. 46 -x- Game forfited by Manual because of ineligible player. , .u-as. ,..-J.. 414.1 . . Reserves Scores Wbn-12 Lost-8 Opgonent Pike Twp.. ...... .22 Cathedral.. .... ..18 Decatur Central..2S Fairland... ...... 23 Franklin Twp.....22 Clark Twp. ..... ..12 Silent Hoosiers..15 Ben Davis ..... .2.22 Center Grove.....h2 Westfield ....... .23 Speedway ......... 29 Warren Central...23 Lawrence Central.l6 Sacred Heart ..... 22 Brownsburg.. .... .13 Manual. ...... ....26 Franklin Twp.....28 New Palestine .... lb District Tourney Franklin Twp.....28 Silent Hoosiers..l6 4 signifies an over-time I Row 1 Cleft to rightj Harry Zervas, Charles Hunter, Dick Fox, Wayne Sigman, Don Carey, Bill Messer, Eugene YA Row 2 Marcus Stratton, Chuck Lacefield, Mr. Rilex, TRACK Rev 1.-Cleft to rightj Tel Pier- sen, John Biggerstaff, Kenny Deane, Bob Byland, Charles Smith, Harold Lambert, Jack Sleeth, Rennie Henson, Bud S'Iit801', llerval lheatley, Donnie Krauth, Dick llcPhereen. Ru! 2.--llr. Overnan, like Cunning- lmn, Jin ster Sherrev, Ralph Cinge, Den Russell, lelvin Len- tz, Paul llendenhall, Paar Skirt, B111 Condit, Rennie Scheo, Oran Spell, Den Challis. Gfiauifuea-una aim-3, Lynn nun, Heuynwhughlu. ,ln - V f j N 'A 5: N 'ES f 9 - 91225 ' "755!5" . uf X .M f Rel 1,-Qleft to right, lr. 31105, Taq lcbeneugh, Rennie ensem Tansy, Harold Lambert, John lise, Herval Iheatley, Donnie Krauth, Dick lcPhersen. Rev 2.--Paul Mendenhall, Jim Fox, Don Challis, Dick Berger, Neville B1-gun, Jee Egbert, Ralph Jones, Leren Hunt, Oran Spell Graduated-Jack Long, John Dennis, Bud Hess. 48 "1 RASEBAll r CTURIAL YE Q BOUHS N D mu mu V555 .H MYERS-Cb w.f,W..W.D I V ...A YLNQ J.'o"j"'1.a. "CJu.4'J-A cu ,U Q ..,,. ,, A A Q 1 v v ,gil w 1 JW ,1f.f" 1 Q .- ' 'ki . A -,Ag . , -1 H6 1' ' 1 F , X.. K f-sf f -' i , ,- 'F 54 . pf A ,A"" '. i-H4522 ' , 1-4. w at .if 1" - . w ra at Q W -r ti, L-. V 5 n 4 ' ... . -4' in , 1 2 ff g 1 5 fe ' ff Y 1 '2 vj' . fi - -1 Q K. , I , ,H at a 'K " 1 ' .x , n av , k it A ' 1 ,V X, 1 , ' fi .,.Qs34"L!r 7 ' V "ik, 2 1.5L ws' ' Q -v., if ' I' Q 8. 1 df 3 if H? ' 4 'Z'-v, r -L 3241 ' Nm, .- an , aff- 1 A dr -li rw . 1 ty 'Q wr- ? ,U n X I. ,.r '.1 ,. ,., he 4 , . , 415.735 si" 7 'Q 4' ,..1 ,fig che - ,,--1 fx Ee 2-QLD 1 ---. . N, My QW '- "viz " " U ' ,. 0 9 " 5,5 5.g,'1 My if 417' Q N, M yn Lgyxdw, MWETPY NA , W Q WWW W v N A . . 1. I QW 5 WMM MW? i w j if Mao ,JMW5-5' jaw ad M5110 5770 1 ,, 5,9 SMX-i Le! A6-'12 QW gg 5 7,20 my gf U' -' 92? KG fy Fi S b . qi ' x U r a 0 f U . R I 5 ' , !' 6 1 . V x Lk ' ' ,r J - , P ' A - Q ' 4 Q A I L " ,y 1 .. M1 , X ' xi'iV' A H ,Q 1 ' 5 5'-M521 , " :Pj Lf - 'A A . . A - ,4. Q, ,.' .P -- V LN " ' . 1- , an B ,C -.,V ,vt , , A ' 4I 's.:61+?' Q H - ' H , . A 5' b A Q X 0 1 .Q A ' 4, as 1 1 . j Q1 f- , U t- I F 1 K l . U ' I . A x , ,QL ' , 'Q 1 V V -.?w'.ii,-4. . . I . ' . ' n El f '- " EE T5 f,f. I F - '11 A . ' A - , L, f Ts, Q jf " N ' 4' ' .fffif 151:-" ' 1? L' ' J' " , . 4 ,W Q 5 : H is Ay. Y..A'l u i A gi"-2LPg , X M -afar' " . M 1 4 9 15 H ,,. I 1 ' D 1 1 K: T3 ' A i -ej,3g,r55.,m ' . v . . ' i v.,,, -my ,,-1 ,, 1 . Y. Z I 1

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