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BE IT KNOWN ON THIS SIXTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE WE STUDENTS OF BEARDEN SET SAIL IN THE ‘GOOD SHIP BEARDEN” IN SEARCH OF BURIED TREASURE. The TaleOf This Quest Herewith Depicted in TheEcho Bearden High SchoolW e dedicate this tale of our adventure Mr. Jarvis President Of Civic Club ■DcdlcfiHoi) lic Pernor cla3o of 10 30 dedicates this volume of flic tclio to tlic Bearden 'Civic ttdiicli lias worked continuously to improve tlic welfare of Bearden fiijli Reboot.Hidden from view but patiently awaiting discovery lies the wisdom of centuries in the treasure chest of our high school days, yielding, if discovered, the rich reward of knowledge; therefore we youthful mariners, two score, boarded the “Good Ship Bearden”, united in our firm resolve to unearth our BURIED TREASUREAL STAFF SEATED Joyce King Pat Kirby Harriet Luebke Linnis Thomas, Editor Sue George Evelyn Stooksbury Mary Hu Medlin, Art Editor STANDING Wilma Githens Frank Bean, Business Manager Mrs. Lowry, Advisor Bob Terry Larry Tapp J. D. Cannon Doris Helton Mrs. Cates, Advisor Helen Day Martha Whaley Dot Beck Not Pictured, Bob Coleman, Advertising managerOur Captain Was Our Principal Mr, William TurnerThe Commanders Of The Ship Were Mrs. Marie Lowry Carson Newman College, A.B. Social Science Mr. John Parker Middle Tennessee State College, B.S. English, Civics, General Science, Mathematics Mrs. Jodie Helsley Maryville College, A.B. University of Missouri English, Spanish Mrs. Elizabeth Cates Mrs. Mae Creswell University of Chattanooga, A. B. U n i v e r s ity of Tennessee Library, Latin Mrs. Ival Aslinqer Carson Newman College, A.B. University of Tennessee Mathematics Mr. Casey Stephenson University of Tennessee, B.S. Physical Education Mrs. Charles Clark. Jr. University of Tennessee, B.S. Commercial Subjects, Civics Mr. H. M. Burkhart University of Tennessee, B.A. Science Not Pictured University of Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Home EconomicsMr. W. C. Mayberry Teachers’ College, Johnson City, B.S. University of Tennessee, M.S. Shop Mrs. Ruth Wigington Carson Newman Col lege, B.S. Junior High. Seventh Mrs. Evelyn Kelley University of Tennessee. B. A. Junior High, Eighth Mrs. Bertha M. Davis University of Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Junior High, Eighth Mr. Jack Nichols University of Tennessee Junior High, Eighth Miss Frances Prince University of Tennessee, B. S. in Education Junior High, Eighth Miss Patty Regan Maryville College. B.S., Music Education University of Tennessee, Piano Diploma Mrs. Margaret Dunford Clerk Miss Mary Nancy Ellison Florida State University, University of Tennessee, University of Alabama. B.A. EnglishThe Lt. Commanders Were Senior Officers Mrs. Clark — sponsor J. D. Cannon — secretary Sue George — president Frank Bean — vice president Dot Beck treasurer Thomas Phillips — sergeant-at-arms Wilma Githens — social chairman Larry Tapp sergeant-at-arms Mrs. Lowry sponsor Senior ClassMARY HU MEDLIN "They are only truly great who are truly good. Y-Teens. I, II, III, IV; Y-Teen Devotional Chairman, II, IV; Debates, I, III, IV; Students’ Voice Staff, II, III, IV; Ima Lon? Nose, III; F.H.A. Historian IV; Citizenship Award. II; May Day Festival, II; Style Show, III; Usher Graduation, III; Art Editor, Echo. IV; C.S.U.. IV. LINNIS GOODMAN THOMAS. JR. Tyson Jr. High, I; Knoxville High, II, III; Secretary and Treasurer, Hiking Club, IV; Senior Play, IV; Baseball, IV. TED CHAMBERS BILL JACKSON ABBOTT “Bashftillncss is more frequently connected with good sense than with over-assurance." ALMA JOLEEN LETTERMAN None but herself can be her parallel.” She'd rather walk with man than angels” Treasurer, Freshman Class-, I; Y-Teens, I, IV; Mcsic Club, I; F.H.A., 1, IV; Vice-President, Junior Class, III; Operetta, III; Echo Staff, IV; Hiking Club. IV; Camera Club. IV; Senior Play, IV. THOMAS HOWARD PHILLIPS "A red head is far better than none” • i Baseball, I, II, III, IV; Safety Patrol, I; Basketball, III, IV; Vice-President, Hiking Club, IV; Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Class, IV; Easketball Captain, IV. “The mildest manners and the gentlest heart” Editor of Echo, IV; St-dents’ Voice Staff, IV; Quill and Scroll, IV; Hiking Club, IV; Senior Play, IV. RALPH LEON DAVENPORT “Little but loud" MARILYN JEAN KIRBY "Laugh if you are wise” Music Club, I; F.H.A., I; Y-Teens. I. II, III, IV; Chorus, II. Ill, IV; Glee Club, IV; May Day Festival, I; Hiking Club, IV. MARTHA LA VERNE WHALEY “Be good, sxoect maid.” Tyson Jr. High, I; Cheerleader, II; Y-Tccns, I, II, III, IV; Vice-President, Y-Teens, III; Y-Teen Conference, II; Y-Teen Song Leader, IV; Junior Play, III; Operetta. Ill; Students’ Voice Staff. IV; Echo Staff, IV; Monitor, IV; F.H.A. IV; Y-Teen Basketball, III. “The man who makes no mistakes seldom makes anything” Vice-President, Freshman Class, I; Basketball, I, II, III, IV; Baseball. I, II, III; Football, IV; Manager, Basketball, IV; Sophomore Favorite. II; President, Spanish Clcb, II; B-Club, II, III, IV; Safety Patrol, II. Ill; Stage Manager, Jr. Play, III; Operetta, III; Echo Staff, IV; Student Voice Staff, III; Hiking Club. IV; Sevierville High. I; Townsend High, II; Fcotbail, II. IV. | Operetta. Ill; F.H.A., IV. DORIS JEAN HELTON CJLas HARRIET JANE LUEBKE “A ivise man knows his own ignorance, a fool thinks he knows everything. Farragut High, I; Compton, California, II; Assistant Editor, St.dents’ Voice, III: Editor, Students' Voice, IV; Echo Staff, IV; Quill and Scroll. IV; C.S.U., IV. JAMES DAVID CANNON “It is wonderful how near conceit is to insanity" Freshman Favorite, I; Hi-Y. I. II, III, IV; Sergeant-at-Arms. Hi-Y, IV; Basketball. I. II. Ill; Baseball. II. Ill; Sports Editor. Students’ Voice, III, IV; B Cl.b, I. II. III. IV; Secretary, Senior Class, IV; Senior Play, IV; Echo Staff, IV. EVELYN FAY STOOKSBURY “Silence is the ornament and safeguard of the ignorant Park Jr.. I; Knoxville High. II; Y-Teens, I. II. Ill, IV; Program Chairman, Junior Class, III: Operetta. Ill: Junior Play, III: Monitor, IV; F.H.A., IV; Echo Staff. IV. BARBARA JEAN FORD “A mighty hunter, and her prey was—man.” Friendsville Academy, Friendsville, Tennessee, and Central High, I; Kams High, II; Junior Play, III; Students’ Voice Staff. III. IV; High School Chorus, II, III, IV; F.T.A., IV; Camera Club. IV; Hiking Club. IV; F.H.A., II. Ill, IV. JOHN H. FRANKLIN “It is not what I eat hut what I digest that makes me strong" Rule High, III; Hiking Club. IV; 4-H Club. IV; B Club. IV; Senior Play, IV; Football Captain. IV. ROBERT JOSEPH TERRY "There's a lot of fun in the worlds Basketball, II; Baseball, II; Echo Staff, IV: Hi-Y. I. II. IV; Basketball, IV; B-Club. IV. PATRICIA ANN KIRBY “ Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood" Secretary, Freshman Class, I; Music Club. I; Basketball, I; Treasurer, J.nior Class, III; Y-Tecns, I, II, III, IV; President, Y-Teens, IV; Y-Teen Conference, III; F.H.A., IV; Social Chairman, F.H.A., Y-Teen Basketball, IV; Students’ Voice Staff. IV; Echo Staff, IV; Quill and Scroll. IV; Chorus, II. Ill, IV; B-Club, II. III. WILMA VALINE GITHENS “A little peach in an orchard grew". Vice-President. Freshman Class, I; May Day Festival, I; Freshman Favorite, I; 4-H Club. I; President. Sophomore Class, II; Sophomore Favorite. II; Representative, Girls’ State, III; Social Chairman, Senior Clajs, IV; Junior Play, III: Hiking Club, IV; Camera Club, IV; F.H.A.; Senior Class Play, IV; Echo Staff. IV; Bearden Favorite, IV; Y-Teens, I, II. Ill, IV; Cheerleader, II, III, IV; Stcdents’ Voice Staff. II. Ill; Glee Club, III, IV; B-Club, II, III, IV. LARRY TAPP "Work first, then rest" Central High, III; Bearden High, I, II, IV; Basketball, II; Football, III. IV; Baseball, III, IV; Business Staff, Echo; IV Motion Picture Projection Staff.DOROTHY SUE BECK “Beauty cost her nothing, her virtues were so rare.” BESSIE HELEN DAY “My mind to me a kingdom is." Tyson Jr. High, I; Parliamentarian, F.H.A., IV; Students’ Voice Staff. IV; Echo Staff. IV. FRANK EDSON BEAN. JR. “The work he did in those dull years." JAMES ELMORE RUTH "Small things are not small if great results come of them." Hi-Y, II, III. IV; Central High, III; Basketball, II; Football, III. IV; Baseball, III; Echo Staff, IV; Motion Picture Projection Staff. BARBARA FAULKNER "She has wisdom of many and toil of one." Y-Teens, I, H, HI. IV; Students' Voice Staff. U, HI, IV. Senior Play, IV. WANDA FRICKS UNDERWOOD “The first sign of love is the last of wisdom Y-'Ieens, I, II. III. IV; 4-H Club. I; F.H.A., IV; F.T.A., IV. LLOYD ALAN DAVENPORT “They ain't no lands to discover just now." Tyson Jr., I; Knoxville, II; Knoxville and Rule, III; Football, IV; Basketball, IV; Baseball, IV; Secretary of Glee Club, IV; President of Hiking Club, IV. LAWRENCE HENRY REVELL “ shall not look upon his like again." 950 Social Chairman, Freshman Class, I; Music Club. I; Monitor, I, IV; May Day Festival, I, II; Cheerleader, II; Social Chairman, Junior Class, HI; Students’ Voice Staff, III, IV; E-Club, III, IV: Operetta, III; Junior Play, III; Music Chorus, III; Treasurer. Senior Class, IV; Senior Play, IV; Y-Teens. IV; F.H.A.; IV; Echo Staff, IV. President, Freshman Class, I; Hi-Y. I, II. Ill, IV; Students’ Voice Staff, I, II, III; May Day Festival, I, II; Basketball, III, III; Sophomore Favorite, II; Usher. Junior Play, II; Secretary, Hi-Y, III; Junior Play, III; Usher. Senior Play. Ill: Stage Manager. Operetta, III; Usher. Commencement. Ill; Junior Favorite, III; B-Club, III, IV; Treasurer Hi-Y. IV; State Hi-Y Conference, III; Vice-President, Senior Class, IV; Football, IV; Captain, Cheerleaders. IV; Monitor, IV; President, Hall Monitors, IV; Senior Favorite. IV; School Favorite. IV; Senior Play, IV; Master of Ceremonies. Talent Show, IV; Inter-Scholastic Play. IV; Business Manager. Echo, IV; CS.U.. IV. ANNA GRACE JONES “She’ll find a way." Basketball. Ill; Y-Teens. I, II, III. IV; F.H.A., IV; CS.U., IV; Y-Teen Basketball Team, IV; May Day Festival, I, II.SUE R. GEORGE “.4 rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun." Central High. I. II; Y-Tcens, I. II. IV; President, F.H.A., IV; F.H.A., I, IV; President, F.T.A., IV; Monitor. IV; Social Chairman, Monitors. IV; Secretary, Junior Class, III; Junior Favorite, III; Basketball, III; B-Club, III. IV; Candidate for Valentine Qneen. Ill; Students’ Voice Staff, III. IV; Echo Staff, IV; Junior Play. Ill; Senior Play. IV; Senior Favorite, IV; Usher, Operetta, III: Usher, Commencement. Ill, Usher, Variety Show, IV; C.S.U., IV. CHARLES MELVIN WHITEHEAD "No man can lose what he never had." Freshman Favorite, I; Mav Dav Festival, I; President. Junior Class, III; Operetta. Ill; Echo Staff. IV: Hi-Y, II. III. IV; Glee Club. Ill, IV; B-Club. II. III. JIMMY CARROLL TOWLE “The way to do nothing is to do nothing." Tyson Jr., I; Knoxville High, II, III; Football, IV; Basketball, IV; Baseball, IV; Hiking Club, IV; Treasurer, Glee Club, IV. JOYCE IRENE KING “Women wish to be loved without a why or wherefore." Echo Staff, IV; Y-Tcen Basketball Manager, IV; Glee Club, IV; Camera Club, IV; Hiking Club, IV; F.H.A., Program Chairman, IV. GEORGE WASHINGTON WAGGONER “Absent in Spirit but present in body." Tvson Jr. High, I; Knoxville High, II; Rule High, III; Football, IV; Baseball, IV; Hiking Club. IV; F.H.A., IV. BOBBY JOE COLEMAN “He wll succeed, for he believes all he says." Central, I, II. Ill; Safety Patrol. I, II; Basketball Manager. I, II; Spanish Club, I, II; Hi-Y, I, II. III. IV; Chorus, III. IV; Football, III, IV; Football Co-captain. IV; Echo Staff. IV; Senior Play. IV; Hiking Club. IV. HELEN MARIE UNDERWOOD "Her reasoning is full of tricks and butterfly suggestions." ALFRED ESTAR SMALLEY. JR. “A drentner lives forever; a toiler dies in a day." BOBBY JEAN LOWE “What sweet delight a quiet life affords." HELEN MAGDALENE VANCE “Beauty seen is never lost." Bearden, I; Central, II; Central and Bearden. III. IV; Student Council, I; Y-Teens, I. II. Ill; F.H.A.. I; May Day Festival. I; Chorus, III. IV; President, Junior Class. Ill: Operetta, III; Glee Club, III, IV; Senior Play. IV: Camera Club. IV; Hiking Club, IV.Thoughts On Qraduating For poetic words and fancy thoughts My brain I'm madly racking A grateful heart for friends and school Should give the inspiration lacking. In autumn, spring, and winter-time We worked and played together A pleasant life to stay like this In carefree joy forever. But though we love each book and friend It's only preparation For the life ive face with joy and strength Which follows graduation. For school is but a passage-way To things well worth achieving. To help us build a better world For others we’ll be leading. —Harriet LuebkeCLASS HISTORY Early in September in 1938 a group of little first-graders began their school career at Bearden. Here in the newly-erected school building, the class of 1950 had its beginning. Eight of the group are graduating this year: Mary Hu Medlin, Alma Letterman, Frank Bean. Jimmy Ruth. Linnis Thomas, Melvin Whitehead, Sue George, and Pat Kirby. As the years passed swifty by we grew from small children to teen-agers. During this time many changes came about. Some of the students dropped out or went to other schools, while others joined us. Our new class mates were: Barbara Faulkner, Wilma Githens, Doris Helton. Anna Grace Jones, Lawrence Revell, Larrv Tapp, and Alfred Smalley. Our graduation from the eighth grade was an important event for us. Now we were in high school. We could join clubs, play ball, and enter other activities. In September, thirty-three freshmen entered high school, feeling very important. But soon the freshness was taken out of us. Some joined clubs or went out for basketball, while others took more interest in their grades and got down to work. The class officers were: Frank Bean. President; Wilma Githens, Vice-President; Pat Kirby, Secretary; Doris Helton, Treasurer; Dorothy Beck, Social Chairman. Our favorites were Melvin Whitehead and Wilma Githens. Helen Vance and Dorothy Beck joined us that year. Mr. L. R. Watson was our sponsor. As Sophomores, our number dropped to twenty-seven. We now had experience and we progressed rapidly. One member of our class, Mary Hu Medlin, won an award for Good Citizenship. The officers chosen that year were: Wilma Githens, President; Myris Jo Smith, Vice-President; Fred Ogle, Secretary; Jimmy Ruth. Treasurer; Melvin Whitehead. Program Chairman; and Mrs. Elizabeth Cates, Sponsor. Our class favorites were Frank Bean and Wilma Githens. Those who joined us that year were: Martha W haley, Helen Day, and Wanda Fricks. Next year we had only twenty-five members in our Junior Class. Our officers were: Melvin Whitehead, President; Doris Helton, Vice-President; Sue George, Secretary; Evelyn Stooksbury, Program Chairman; Pat Kirby, Treasurer; and Dot Beck, Social Chairman. Mrs. Carmen Savoy was our sponsor. Jean Ford, Thomas Phillips, Jackson Abbott, Harriet Lueb-ke, Evelyn Stooksbury, and Ted Chambers joined our class. Sue George rejoined us after two years at Central. Junior favorites were Frank Bean and Sue George. Our Junior plav, "The Funny Brats” went over well. We began our Senior year in the new Bearden High School. Our class now had thirty-eight members. We were joined by: John Franklin, Joyce King, Jimmy Towle, Ralph Davenport, Lloyd Davenport, and George Waggoner. We had a football team, the first in Bearden history, which did well for its first year. We also had more clubs to join and more subjects to choose from. As Seniors, we had a greater responsibility. We published the school paper, and the annual. “The Echo. We produced our Senior play, “Girl-Shy.” The Senior favorites were Frank Bean and Sue George. Frank Bean and Wilma Githens were chosen as school favorites. Mrs. Charles Clark and Mrs. Marie Lowry were our sponsors. This brings to a close our class history. May these years be remembered as years of happiness and friendliness.LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the esteemed Senior Class of Bearden High School, year of our Lord. 1950, being of sound mind and having possession of our generally acknowledged mentality do hereby set our hands to, establish, and execute our last will and testament. 1. We leave to our entire faculty the task of guiding the honorable juniors down the path which we have pioneered for them to another commencement. 2. To the Bearden Civic Club and to the community we pledge our future assistance in any worth while undertaking. We bequeath the influence we have been and the great aspirations we still hold for a better and happier community in which to live. 3. To the entire Junior Class we leave our beautiful new building and the privilege of becoming dignified Seniors. Though I doubt if they will be able to fill this position as successfully as have we. 4. As individuals we bequeath as follows: 1. Jackson Abbott leaves his french harp technique to Carl Dugger. If you need more wind, Dugger, just see Jackson. 2. Frank Bean grudgingly wills his graceful gait to one Bill Knott. 3. Dot Beck with regrets, shears her becoming bangs in favor of beautiful Dorothy Ashford 4. Ted Chambers leaves his special girl, Joyce Tipton and his ineligibility for sports to any interested Junior lad. 5. Bob Coleman from this moment on bequeaths his high toned manner of speech to one Jim Tux-ner 6. Helen Day hereby hands down to Joy Ellison her energy and liveliness. 7. Dude Davenport leaves his vivid imagination for sports writing to Dave DeArmond “You’ll need it next year, Dave for ‘From the Sidelines.’ ” 8. Lloyd Davenport reluctantly leaves behind Barbara Smith for the Junior boys to fight over. Let’s hear you bid, boys. 9. Barbara Faulkner jealously bestows her distinct Southern drawl to vivacious Zoe Andes. 10. Jean Ford leaves her passion and brilliant talent for the piano to Ed Nowell. 11. John Franklin gives his miniature physique and tiny feet to Don Massingale. 12. Wanda Fricks passes to any interested Junior girl all her matrimonial aspirations. 13. Sue George wills her carefully guarded formula for flaming orange hair to Betty art for vocalizing. 14. Wilma Githens would leave in trust for none other than Pat Coleman her beautiful art for vocalizing. 15. Anna Grace Jones wants Doris Lloyd to fill her place for making first honors. 16. Doris Helton bequeaths her stage and screen physique to Ramona Booher. 17. Joyce King gives for all future use her most enchanting smile to Betty Jean Beck. 18. Marilyn Kirbv endows her beau catching technique to Barbara McFalls. 19. Pat Kirby wills her host of boy friends to all the Junior girls - - don’t fight, girls, there are plenty to go around. 20. Alma Letterman joyfully hands over to Norma Brooks her boisterous reputation. 21. Harriet Luebke gives all her A’s earned under Mrs. Helsley to Betty Monroe. 22. Bobby Lowe desires her athletic stature to be given to Kate Monroe. 23. Mary Hu Medlin turns over to Pat Wright her above average intelligence quota. 24. Toni Phillips leaves his cigarettes and his hiding place in the boiler room to John Rice. 25. Lawrence Revell gives with pleasure his black wavy toupee’ to Jimmie Brooks. 26. Jimmie Ruth wills to Bill Lyon his exclusive privilege of sleeping in class. 27. Alfred Smalley tosses his fetching dimples to Jerry Key. 28. Evelyn Stooksburv wills her engraved telephone number to eager Jack Conley. 29. Larry Tapp sorrowfully leaves behind Dorothy Ann Huskey for the freshman boys to fight over. 30. Bob Terry regretfully bequeaths his ability to charm the girls to Tony Marcum. 31. Linnis Thomas hands over his business of delivering papers to his brother, Lester. 32. Ronald Bussee is to be the happy recipient of Jimmie Towle’s position on the basketball squad. 33. Helen Underwood leaves her radiant smile and friendly disposition to Joan Scott. 34. Helen Vance hereby gives notice that she bequeaths her trim, tiny figure to Martha. Bowen. 35. George Waggoner leaves his state of unconsciousness to Bill Clabough. 36. Martha Whidey wills her title of Sweater Girl to Janice Jones. 37. Melvin Whitehead passes on to Mr. Parker his grey hair and laziness. 38. Red Cannon bequeaths his Girl Shyness to Tom Burkhart. And now the entire Senior Class leaves to all, our very best wishes and hopes for a bright and prosperous future.CLASS PROPHECY I, Frank Bean, as principal of the future Bearden High School, which is to be constructed this summer, would like to give you a report of our finances. Several of our good civic members have contributed various things which I shall list for you. Our prosperous land owner, Jackson Abbot, has donated several acres of land upon which this institution of higher learning shall be built. Our local millionaire, Mr. A. E. Smalley, Jr. has donated several thousand dollars to our good cause. The professional baseball team which is headed by George Waggoner, Jim Towle, and Lloyd Davenport, has consented to play the world champions Knoxville Smokies in a benefit performance on the Bearden Field. Our radio and television station headed by James Elmore Ruth has consented to present a program from which we shall gain all the profits. This program wiill consist of a concert by our local dance band. The White Headachers, which is led by Melvin Whitehead and featuring star performer Bob Terry and his flute. Also his vocalist Doris Helton will render a few numbers. Disc jockey, J. D. Cannon, will turn his program over to us for propaganda purposes. The John Franklin Company, and his staff of engineers, who are Larry Tapp, Ted Chambers, Linnis Thomas, and Lawrence Revell, are contributing their services. Bob Coleman, local lawyer, is drawing up the contracts for construction. Wanda Fricks Underwood, the president of the P.-T. A., and Mary Hu Medlin, local church worker, will assist Day's Department Store in furnishing our new high school. The secretarial staff of the department store which is made up of Barbara Faulkner, Marilyn Kirby, Pat Kirby, Alma Letterman, will also help. A benefit fashion show presented by Helen Day, the department head, will feature Martha Whaley who will model the latest Paris creation which consists of two white silk scarves. Dot Beck, photographer, will be on hand to take pictures. This should also help our financial cause. The local sanitorium for the mentally unstable headed by Dr. Joyce King will contribute one of her nursing staff for the first aid room. The members of the nursing staff are Evelyn Stooks-bury, Anna Grace Jones, and Bobbie Jean Lowe. And now I would like to present to you my department heads: office clerk, Wilma Githens; telephone operator, Helen Underwood, boxing and wrestling coach, Thomas Phillips, athletic director, Ralph Davenport, English teacher, Helen Vance; algebra teacher. Sue George; librarian, Jean Ford, and journalism teacher, Harriett Luebke. I thank you ladies and gentlemen.HOROSCOPE NAME NICK NAME PET SAYING Jackson Abbott Jack Frank Bean Pinto Dot Beck Dottie Sue J. D. Cannon Red Bob Coleman Goof Lloyd Davenport Dinny Ralph Davenport Dude Helen Day Helen Barbara Faulkner Bobbie Jean Ford Jeanie John Franklin Fats Wanda Underwood Wan Sue George Rosie Wilma Githens Sherry Doris Helton Blondie Anna Grace Jones Annie ffoyce King Pug Marilyn Kirby Sis Pat Kirby Pat Alma Letterman Mickey Bobbie Jean Lowe Bobbie Harriet Luebke Cry Baby Mary Hu Medlin Cricket Lawrence Revell Revellie Jimmy Ruth Tiny Man Alfred Smalley Governor Evelyn Stooksbury Eveline Larry Tapp Tapp Linnis Thomas Baseful Jimmy Towle Monk Helen Underwood Cutie Helen Vance Pug George Waggoner Unconscious Martna Whaley Tater Melvin Whitehead Bad Eve Thomas Phillips Red Eye Bob Terry Bite Ted Chambers Hoot Don’t know Duh O! My Heavens You don’t mean that I ain’t lying I didn’t sav ?! ! x word you sure are pretty . shoot Kid Durn Oh, gosh Gosh Sakes Now there you are Golliee My Cow! Oh! Sugar You’re sweet though I don’t know O, be quiet O! Gosh Gosh That’s not fair Nuts Heck O, Gosh O, Yeah I swan they, good gosh O, x - ? ! Going to hit the rack Good Gosh My Cow! Dinnerwinners Shoot fire! Man, yes! I ain’t lying He doesn’t say Now, Mrs. Helsley WANTS TO BE WILL BE Farmer History Teacher Photographer Disc Jockey F. B. I. Investigator Preacher Newspaper Editor Office Worker Becretary Bookkeeper Presi. of Const. Bus. Nurse Algebra Teacher Nurses' Aid Governmental work Nurse Psychologist Stenographer Dancer Clerk Nurse Teacher Church Worker Engineer Scientist Millionaire Hostess Atomic Scientist Engineer Baseball player Interior Decorator Dramatic Actor Baseball Player Model Band leader Baseball Player Engineer Engineer Millionaire Artie Explorer Strip Teaser Crooner Bum Professional gambler Outlaw Missionary Scrub Woman Hillybilly Farmer Homemaker Wife of Melvin Whitehead Opera Singer Dancer Maid Asylum Attendant Man Chaser Man Hater Homemaker Movie Star Congresswoman Bubble Dancer Movie Producer Boxer Hobo Traveling sales lady Cattle Rustler Father Merchant Principal of Bearden Lawyer Senator Old Maid Bootlegger Card Shark Flute Player Newspaper EditorJUNIOR OFFICERS Neil Byerley Joyce Tipton Billy Knott Pat Coleman Pat Wright Tom Burkhart Harold Thompson Mrs. Aslinger Mrs. Helsley Don Massingale SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Mr. Burkhart Mr. Stephenson Libby Green Bill Webb Kenneth Ford Tony Marcum Mrs. Cates Barbara George FRESHMEN OFFICERS Mr. Parker Miss Fllison Bobby Underwood Sue Christopher Johnny Hays Nancy BurlesonThe Lt. Senior Grade Were Row I Zoe Andes, Lester Thomas, Delories Jinks, Jack Medley and Cynthia Smith. Row II Jerry Key, Katherine Monroe, Bill Lynn, Dorothy Ashford and Richard Forester. Row III Fern Jenkins, Ted Lane, Joyce Tipton, Clyde Huskey and Jov Ellison. Rov IV Pat Wright, Romona Booher, Bill Knight, Norma Brooks and Jack Conley. Row V Don Massingale, Bill Testerman, Kenneth Greene, Russell Baker and Jimmy Ault. Junior ClassRow I Carl Dugger, Betty Phillips, Tom Burkhart. Betty Beck and Harold Thompson. Row II Janice Jones, Neil Byerley, Martha Bowen, Ronald Busse and Barbara Smith. Row III Bill Clabough, Doris Lloyd, Jimmy Turner, Joan Scott and David DeArmond. Row IV Barbara McFalls. Bill Knott, Josephine Reed, Jimmy Brooks and Wanda Valentine Row V Betty Wise, Pat Coleman and Katherine SharpThe Lt. Junior Grade Were Row I Betty Monroe, Curtis Phillips, Doris Clayton, Elmo Anderson and Barbara Green. Row II Richard McMillan, Barbara Smith, Tony Marcum, Libby Green and Hagen Lyle. Row III Merry Carpenter, Noel Mackey, Kathleen Oswald, E. L. Franklin and Pat Christopher. Row IV Graham Hemmeter, Stella Merritt, John Rice, Jean Brewer and Terry Waller. Row V Betty Lynn Harmon, James Moyers, Mary Ruth Conley, Joe Chadwell, Margie Baldwin. Row VI Jim Dowell, Louise Drinnon, Tommy Mitchell, and Etheleen Howard. Row VII Dortha Sexton, Kenneth Ford, Tessie Letsinger, Robert Cardwell and Peggy Parton.oopnomore .iass Row I Lona Nelson, Sammy Rose, Juanita Epps. Ted Johnson and Margie Lowe. Row II Charles Scarbrough, Juanita Maxey, Paul Helton, Barbara George and Gertrude Ellis. Row 111 Nancy Hood, Edward Newell. Marv Walker, William Sharp and Barbara Miller. Row IV Bob Hornsby, Barbara Seaton. Donald Jones, Peggy Taylor and J. B. Mankin. Row V Donna Ray, Burl Lumpkin. Merle Owens, D. W. Visc and Jeanie Lowe. Row VI Bobby Pack, Anna Belle Underwood. Lawrence Shelby. Virginia Wilson and John Dale. Row VII Rebecca Waggoner, Dollie Gattis, Bobby Jean Cardwell, Edna Strange and Alma Lowe.The Ensigns Were Row I Gilbert Baldwin. Betty Wilson. David Burleson, Sue Christopher and Richard Waters. Row II Peggy Cantrell, Don May. Shirley Smith, Ronnie Simpson and Jean Lonas. Row 111 Harold Knott, Marv Ann Hagler, Bobby Underwood, Nancy Graves and J. A. Githens. Row IV Mary Jo Brooks, George Hage, Nita Huskey, Bobby Meadows and Opal Price. Row V Joe Williams, Carolin Lane, James Hart, Wanda Flanigan and Arnold Cogdil Row VI Rosa Baldwin, John Hayes. Dorothy Ann Huskey, Asher Helton and Nancy Monroe. Freshman ClassRow I Ralph Fricks, Wilma MeFalls, David West, Shirley Lee and Carroll McGinnis. Row II Peggy Wise, Kenneth Parker, Shirley DeBusk, Mack Lowe and Shirley Kirby. Row III Dewart Lee, Millie Beard. Burl Hickey, Lena Mae Sayne and Daniel MacAntyre. Row IV Leon Smith, Robert Rimmer, Harold Raper, Raymond Cooper, and Mamie Henegar. Row V Fred Kerr, Edna Coker, Gene Cook, Mary Ruth Roberts and Jimmy Gault. Row VI Phillis Minton, John Evans, Ruth Sanders, Lynn Wallace and Diana Dale.Row I Anna Hu Hickey, Gilda Milani, Theresa Campbell, Margaret Sanders and Peggy Clay bough. Row II Betty Lones, Thelma Johnson, Ann Morgan, Margaret Norman, Nancy Burleson. Row III Barbara Claiborne, Glenda Ford, Alma Moore, Wanda Lane and Susan Rose. Row IV Helen Parker, Ann Sutton, Charlotte Stalyons, Emily Turner and Sonnv Towle . Row V Otis Kirby, Leroy Burgin, Peggy Cloud, Jack Shultz and Bobby Ware.These Recruits Stayed Ashore Training For Their Voyage MR. NICHOLS Row I Betty Scarbrough. Gertrude Lane. Shirley Burgin. Louise Jestes. Merle Bowles. Doris Whaley, Tommie Lively and Joan Huskey. Row II Earl Day, James Scheam, Carl Breazeale, Billy Rhoads, George Duncan, Barbara Satterfield. Dorothy Satterfield and Ruby Rose. Row III Vernon Duncan, Gene Everett, Fred Winkle, Burble Owenby, Edward Henegar, Arthur Lowe, Bobby Fabian, Landon Duncan and Roger Ashbury.MISS PRINCE’S GROUP Row I Buddy Nunley, Alvin Weber, Joe Miller, Bobby Walker, John Montgomery, Edward Grodeman. Kenneth Faulkner, Lloyd May, Billy Lane and Miss Frances Prince. Row II Clara Fluri, Jo Anne Baumann, Marv Stuart McComb, Ida Mae Smith, Loretta Walters, Gerry Rimmer, Elizabeth DeArmond, Hattie Hood. Bedford Peterson. Benny Cox. Row III Janet Moore, Betty Kosier, Morna Keener, Elizabeth Allen. Richard McCurry, Johnny Rose, Lewis Smith, Paul Dean, A1 Brownlee, Raymond Abbott and Stuart Zemp. MRS. KELLEY'S 8th Row I Mary Nell Tipton, Geneva Kear. Shirley Shepherd, Virginia Bryson, Roberta Oswald, Nevada Richerson, Norma Flanigan, Kathleen Maxey, Helen Armstrong. Mrs. Kelley. Row II Paul Whisman, Bruce Ogle, Billy Price, John Peters, Larry May, Lee Morris, Billy Ritchie, Billy Biddle, and Pete Neal. Row III L. C. Evans, Bobby Webb, Jimmy Lynn, Donald McKinley, Jimmy Varrell, Jack Burleson, Boyd Johnson, Edward Strange, and Billy Clowers.MRS. WIGINGTON’S GROUP Row I Charlene Wilson, Betty Lane, Karen Chapman, Rebakah Regin, Crum Williams, Mary Agnes Hobbs, Jeanie Collins, Mary White, Joann Underwood, Charlene Oglesby and Mrs. Ruth Wigington. Row II Barbara Purman, Patsy Joyner. Barbara Schulthies, Imogene Cupp, Carolyn Faulkner, Nancy Beale, Larry Peterson, Tommy Stooksbury, Jerry Johnson, Paul Mullins. Row III Larry Bryson, Joan Lovell, Nancy Moyers, Mary Nell Hilton, Joyce Lane, Martha Corry, Fred Dalton, Glenn Parker, Carl Long and Ross Haynes. Row IV Roy fcllis, Robert Smith, Curtiss Green, Frank Cooper, Loyd Burgin, Lynn Spangler, Joan Troutman, Robert Simpson, Ernestine Zemp, Margaret Stansberry, Robert Biggs. MRS. DAVIS’ GROUP Row I Judith Fricks, Peggy Clowers, Jerry Pease, Patsy Dale, Jakie Booher, Juanita Cox. Jerry Bverly, Deloris Owenbv, James King and Mrs. Bertha Davis. Row II Clyde Morrow, Elleanor Kichtitzky, Richard Underwood, Elease Pogue, Katherine Zemp, Jimmy Jarvis, Hester Helton, James Smith, Joan Taylor, Wayne Howard and Barbara Biggs. Row III Bobby Armstrong, Billy Ruth, Frieda Slusser, Wanda Cooper, John Engstrom, Howard Sen tell. Ray Callahan, Paul Malone and Joy Dansby. Row IV Barbara Summey, Barbara Sayne, Helen Bradley, Gary Snouffer, Charlie Newman, Billy Houck, Raymond Haynes, Frances Lee and Ann Hickey.At times we felt that the treasure would never be found but experienced mariners guided us through the stormy sea. Fitting out for the journey caused much anxiety; we consulted the map of knowledge repeatedly and received valuable advice from the faculty. Before embarking on our arduous voyage of discovery we sought all the information possible about our destination and the dangers to be encountered on the way. All the sciences and the variety of our studies outfitted us for the struggle to come. The serious instruction developed our characters and gave us strength to resist the alluring pleasures that would waylay us on the hazardous journey to BURIED TREASUREShipboard life held many agreeable moments that helped to enliven the recurring calms on our voyage to the treasure island. The math and science department charted our course and studied the weather. The home economics department worked the galley.As we unfurled the sails and hoisted anchor we found life on board a ceaseless round of activity; there was plenty of work. Serious study kept us on our course. The business education department kept accurate records of our voyage.EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: Jean Ford, Wilma Githens, Miss Ellison, Dorothy Ashford and Cynthia Smith. Standing: Pat Kirby, David DeArmond, Pat Coleman, Zoe Andes, Janice Jones, Barbara Faulkner, Ruth Sanders, Richard Waters, J. D. Cannon, Betty Beck, Dorothy Beck and Mary Hu Medlin. BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Mrs. Helsley, Sue George. Martha Bowen, Helen Day and Delories Jinks. Standing: Jimmy Ruth, Ramona Booher, Betty Phillips, Linnis Thomas, Kenneth Green, Bobby Ware and Neil Byerley. t .HOME EC. CLUB Row I Helen Day, Mary Hu Medlin, Sue George. Barbara McFalls, Jean Ford, Pat Coleman, Pat Kirby, Joyce Tipton, Helen Underwood, Joyce King, Peggy Parton, Jessie Let-singer, Edna Strange, Betty Wise and Fern Jenkins. Row II Mrs. Elizabeth Cates, Stella Merritt, Mary Ruth Roberts, Anna Grant, Peggy Clabough, Martha Whaley, Glenda Ford, Helen Parker, Peggy Wise, Edith Smith, Wilma McFalls, Connie Long, Opal Price, Evelyn Stooksbury and Katherine Monroe. Row III Anna Grace Jones, Shirley Lee, Ruth Sanders, Diana Dale, Peggy Cantrell, Phyllis Minton, Shirley Kirby, Doris Helton, Dot Beck, Shirley DeBusk, Betty Wilson, Libby Green, Bobbie Cardwell and Wanda Anderson. Row IV Alma Letterman, Kathleen Oswald, Alma Lowe, Bobbie Lowe, Louise Drinnon, Louise Jones, Millie Beard, Gilda Milani, Theresa Campbell, Mamie Henegar, Anne Morgan Iron, Nancy Graves, Doris Lloyd, Jo Reed and Anna Hu Hickey. FUTURE TEACHERS Row 1 Joy Ellison, Dot Ashford, Katherine Sharp, Jean Ford, Sue George, Zoe Andes, Dorothy Ann Huskey, Emily Turner, Joan Scott, and Mrs. Aslinger. Row 2 Harriet Luebke, Edna Strange, Libby Green, Fern Jenkins, Cynthia Smith. Ann Morgan Iron, Joy Dansby, Juanita Cox, Ramona Booher, Wanda Underwood, Lousie Drinnon and Miss Prince.Y-TEENS How I Wilma Gilhens, Harriet Luebke, Jean Ford, Pat Kirby, Mary Hu Medlin, Mrs. Lowry. Wanda Underwood, Martha Whaley, Joyce Tipton, Pat Coleman, Dorothy Ashford, Janice Jones and Martha Bowen. Row II Louise Drinnon, Peggy Cantrell, Betty Wilson, Barbara Smith, Susan Rose, Ann Morgan Iron, Emily Turner. Dorothy Ann Huskey, Katherine Sharp, Betty Wise, Jo Reed, Barbara McFalls, Anna Grace Jones, Ethleen Howard, and Betty Monroe. Row III Ruth Sanders, Glenda Ford, Helen Parker, Millie Beard, Evelyn Stooksbury, Sue George, Dot Beck, Doris Helton, Betty Beck, Betty Phillips, Fern Jenkins, Delories Jinks. Wanda Anderson, Norma Brooks. Row IV Thelma Johnson, Nancy Graves, Gilda Milani, Mamie Henegar, Betty Lones, Peggy Wise, Cynthia Smith, Mary Walker, Kathleen Oswald, Edna Strange, Libby Green, Doris dlayton, Anna Hu Hickey, Barbara Miller, Bobbie Jean Cardwell, Mary Ann Hagler. Row V Barbara Claiborne, Shirley DeBusk J oan Scott, Zoe Andes, Ramona Boohor, Helen Underwood, Marilyn Kirbv, Katherine Monroe, Theresa Campbell, Jean Brewer, Mary Ruth Conley, Peggy Taylor, Mary Jo Brooks and Shirley Kirby. HI-Y PAGE Row I Bob Terry, Richard McMillan, Tony Marcum, J. B. Man kin, Bobby Ware, Jimmy Ruth, Melvin Whitehead, Jack Conley and Mr. Parker. Row II Billy Testerman, Page Meek, J. D. Cannon, E. L. Franklin, Billy Clabough, David DeArmond, Bobby Underwood, Frank Bean and Harold Thompson. Row III Don Massingale, Joe Chadweil, Edward Newell, Lawrence Shelby, Kenneth Ford, Tommy Mitchell, Jimmy Turner, George Hoge, Hagen Lyle and John Rice.MONITORS Row I Sue George, Evelyn Stooksbury, Dot Beck, Martha Whaley. Ramona Booher Wanda Valentine, Barbara McFalls, and Mrs Cates. Row II Barbara George, Kathleen Oswald, Jo Reed, Betty Wise, Barbara Green, Barbara Smith. Donna Ray, Merle Owens and Louise Drinnon. Row III Anna Belle Underwood, Juanita Maxev, Edna Strange, Dortha Sexton, Wilma Gith-ens, Frank Bean, Pat Coleman, Betty Monroe, Pat Christopher and Peggy Cantrell. KITCHEN CLUB Hagen Lyle, Mrs. Rimmer, Mrs. Lonas, George Hoge, Raymond Cooper, Robert Rimmer and Mrs. Hamby.B-CLUB Row 1 Mr. Stephenson, Frank Bean, Jimmy Ault, Thomas Phillips, John Rice, Larry Tapp, Bill Knott, J. H. Franklin, Ted Johnson, Richard McMillian, Tony Marcum, Bobby Underwood and Mr. Nichols. Row 2 Nancy Hood, Emily Turner, Mary Ruth Conley, Juanita Maxey, Jimmy Turner. Richard Forester, David DeArmond, Billy Clabough, Neil Byerely, Ronald Busse, Ted Chambers, Zoe Andes, Dot Ashford and J. D. Cannon. Row 3 Juanita Ei)ps, Jerry Key, Llovd Davenport. Jimmy Towle, Lester Thomas, Carl Dugger, Pat Coleman, Wilma Githens, Dot Beck, Pat Kirby, Martha Whaley, Martha Bowen, Libby Green, Betty Wilson, Mary Walker and Wanda Anderson. Row 4 Dortha Sexton, Harold Thompson, Bob Coleman, Ralph Davenport, George Waggoner, Pat Wright, Betty Phillips, Betty Beck, Joyce Tipton, Sue George, Melvin Whitehead. Jack Conley, Kenneth Ford, Edna Strange, Opal Price, and Hagan Lyle. TOURNAMENT PICTUREWe cheered our comrades in their sports events Row I Frank Bean, Wilma Githens and Bobby Underwood. Row II Joyce Tipton and Pat Coleman.BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Row I (left to right) Pat Wright, Tommy Burkhart, John Rice, Lloyd Davenport, Jimmy Towle, Carl Duggar and Jerry Key. Row II Ronald Busse, David DeArmond, Jimmy Turner, Richard Forester, Jimmy Ault, Bob Terry, Thomas Phillips, Billy Clabough, and Mr. Stephenson. The Bearden High Bulldogs officially closed out their 1949-50 basketball season as they dropped a 53-30 decision to a strong Central High outfit in the Second District Tournament at Chilhowee Park. The year was unkind to the Stephenson men as they emerged vict-orous only once in a string of 21 games. The record for the season is as follows: WE TEAM THEY INDIVIDUAL SCORING 23 Alumni 40 36 Rule 71 21 Karns 48 31 Rush Strong 35 33 T. S. D. 53 28 Rule 57 28 Farragut 50 43 Carter 65 27 Sullivan 29 29 Rush Strong 68 26 Catholic 50 46 Stair 49 34 Karns 35 31 Halls 32 30 Gibbs 24 27 Halls 45 21 Catholic 51 39 T. S. D. 52 31 Carter 40 36 Farragut 87 22 Gibbs 32 Bill Claybough 218 Jerry Key 100 Jimmy Ault 56 Richard Forrester 45 Lloyd Davenport 33 John Rice 30 Ronald Busse 28 Dave DeArmond 29 Jimmy Turner 34 Thomas Phillips 24 Edward Newell 13 Carl Duggar 30 Pat Wright 9 Bobby Terry 8 Joe Chadwell 8 1 The Bulldogs scored 666 points to opponents’ 1003.GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM RowII (left to right) Mary Ruth Conley, Betty Wilson, Zoe Andes, Martha Bowen, Wanda Anderson, Nancy Hood, Juanita Epps. Row II Edna Strange, Dortha Sexton, Juanita Maxey, Mary Walker, Libby Green, Emily Turner, Opal Price, and Mr. Nichols. The Bearden Lassies won a major part of their games. Under the able guidance of Mr. Jack Nichols, the girls fought gallantly throughout the season and displayed the makings of a championship ball club, before losing out to Catholic High by a mere 2 points in the District Tournament. The Season’s record is as follows: WE TEAM THEY 42 Alumni 44 24 Karas 21 18 Rush Strong 39 38 T. S. D. 26 23 Farragut 12 24 Carter 38 17 Rush Strong 26 37 Catholic 51 29 Karas 16 42 Halls 43 16 Gibbs 32 34 Halls 35 33 Catholic 45 42 T. S. D. 27 26 Carter 37 38 Farragut 34 17 Gibbs 20 37 Farragut 22 40 Catholic 42 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Juanita Epps 216 Libby Green 158 Edna Strange 174 Betty Wilson 2 Mary Ruth Conley 2 Emiiy Turner 1 Nita Huskey 4 Mary Walker 20 ‘Tournament Games Average points per game •Epps 11.37 Green 8.32 ‘Strange 9.16 ‘All tournament girlsFOOTBALL TEAM Row I (left to right) Richard McMillan, Coach Stephenson, Carl Duggar, George Hoge, Tony Marcum, Billy Knott, Jimmy Towle, Thomas Phillips. Bobby Underwood, Hagen Lyle, Lloyd Davenport, John Franklin, Larry Tapp, and Ted Chambers. Row II Neil Byerley, Ronald Busse, Russell B »ker, Frank Bean, Lester Thomas, Odell Sharp, Pat Wright, Jim Ault, George Waggoner, Richard Forester, David DeArmond, Bob Coleman, Kenneth Ford, John Rice, Jimmy Turner, Harold Thompson, J. B. Mankin, Teddy Johnson, Larry Bryson and Jerry Key. Since this was the first year of football in Bearden History we consider this a fine record of wins and losses. Coached by an able pro-football player, Casey Stephenson, Bearden reached its peak performance in two games, Farragut and Jellico. The record for the 1949-50 season is as follows: 'Bearden 12 Carter 6 'Bearden 6 Stair 24 Bearden 13 Roeersville 24 Bearden 0 _ Powell 6 Bearden 6 K. H. S. Subs 13 Bearden 13 South Harriman 0 Bearden 19 Farragut 20 Bearden 42 Lanier 0 Bearden 27 Gibbs 0 Bearden 0 Jellico 0 Total 138 93 Practice Games not on regular schedule. Hejic p c. o ►'C.d k ovc d bciou) Played 77 c? JV5 h Pc9 + ) 0 fAc d«cc 5 + - +• '3c rJ ?A$ •Po++6 y "fcar r . Ch6fnhy G V» Colc.m A} G-eO u2 oJo' e ‘ J -K flbbot 'T c-KIc t bac.AJ 9udi 4c W cOf course we had some very popular crewman aboard School Favorites FRANK BEAN AND WILMA GITHENSSenior Favorites FRANK BEAN AND SUE GEORGEjunior Favorites HAROLD THOMPSON AND PAT COLEMAN A aA Sophomore Favorites KENNETH FORD AND LIBBY GREENFreshman Favorites BOBBY UNDERWOOD AND SUE CHRISTOPHERWhen final examinations came we knew how much of the hidden treasure we had been able to findWe received our reward On GRADUATION DAYFrench Broad Dairy Knoxville’s Leading Independent Dairy PASTEURIZED MILK HOMOGENIZED VIT. “D” MILK BUTTERMILK CREAMED BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE MILK SINGLE CREAM WHIPPING CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE ICE CREAM Try Some Today Phone 4-1651 Asbury Rt. 81IIIII NATIONAL BANK Gay Street at Clinch Ave. West Knoxville Branch: North Knoxville Branch: Cumberland at 19th Broadway at 15thCompliments Of Keil Johnson Cinder Blocks Also Rocks, Sand, and Cinders Hauled Phone 8-1303Compliments Of Appalachian Mills Turner Brothers company DIAL 4-3065 We DELIVER Wholesale . . . Fruits . . . Vegetables . . . Foods . . . WholesaleCompliments Of Bearden Parent - Teachers Association Stokes Electric Co. Wholesale • Electric - Supplies Tenth Forest Phone 3-5159 Webb Grocery No. 4 Best in Meats and Groceries Prompt Delivery Phone 8-4511 COMPLIMENTS OF LAYS POTATO CHIPS AND GARDNER PRODUCTS Phone 2-2816 CHAELIE'S PIE SHOP Pies Cakes lust Like Mother Used to Make Delivered To Your Grocery Daily Tel. 3-5371 New Address 2203 N. CentralWHITE STUDIO - - - Serving You With The Finest In Photography PORTRAITS OF ADULTS CHILDREN Commercial Shots - Banquets - Weddings - Parties School Annuals Copying - Roll Films Developed - Enlargements Roll Film - Cameras White Studio “Pictures Anywhere, Anytime” 3526-A BROADWAY. N.E. PHONE 3-5980 IN ARLINGTON ONE BLOCK BEYOND EROADWAY THEATRECompliments of Bearden Cash Grocery Phone - - - 8-3312 5802 Kingston Pike Thorough Business Training Pays Large Dividends Knoxville Council of Business Schools The Success You Attain Depends On Your Training Wo, the members of the Knoxville Council of Business School recommend that you choose an established Business College that has proved itself through years of successful operation. By attending a reputable Business College you are assured of fair treatment, standard courses of instruction and reasonable rates of tuition. Business Executives of this great industrial area recognize the Diplomas of these member schools as certificates of proficiency and achievement. For Full Particulars Communicate With Any Or All Of The Member Schools Draughn Business College Knoxville Business College National Business College All Members Are Accredited Schools and ars Centrally Located in Knoxville, Tennessee White City Court Kingston Pike(? , HOLSUM CBREAD Congratulations SENIORS Ma Pa Dunford Charles W. Dunford Candy Company Compliments Of Josten’sLe CONTE MARKET Meat You With The Best 1228 E. MAIN AVE. Knoxville. Tenn. Phone 3-7133 SHELL PRODUCTS Gasoline — Kerosene — Fuel Oil 8-2711 J. H. MEEK. Distributor MIDDLEBROOK PIKE Chandler - Warters Co. Printers 717 S. Central Ave. Phone 4-1696 Knoxville Sporting Good CO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 710 South Gay Street Knoxville, Tennessee Phone 3-2212 Complete Line of Fishing Tackle Hunting and Fishing License Hallmark Greeting Cards Household Supplies and Notions AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHT IN BEARDEN Bearden Variety Store J. H. Jones Grocery 4314 Lyons View Pike Phone — 8-2211 Bearden Pan Am Service Station U. S. Royal Tires Batteries Road Service Phone ... 8-9127 BILL BEN Halliburton - Wyrick Esso Station KINGSTON PIKE AT BEARDEN DRIVE Phone - 8-9156 SERVICE ALWAYSTennessee Theatre Paul Dean Wearing Apparel Shoes 422 S. Gay St Schriver Brothers QUALITY CLOTHES FOR MEN 514 South Gay St. Best Wishes to the Class of 50 From Sears Roebuck and Co. PINKSTON SERVICE STATION Your Gulf Dealer Kingston Pike At Lyons View ROAD SERVICE Phone - - - 8-3411 COME TARRY HERE AND BE WELCOME Mount Vernon Mote! 3 Miles West of City Limits On U.S. 11-70 Recommended by Duncan Hines Quality Court Member Phone... 8-4177 Clvde King Grocery Quality Grocery Fruits and Vegetables Ice Cream Feeds WE DELIVER Phone . . 8-3014 Builders Supply Co. BUILDING MATERIAL 5204 Kingston Pike Phone - 8-1311Bank Of Knoxville “THAT FRIENDLY BANK” MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF KAY'S ICE CREAM Webb Food Market Groceries — Meats — Vegetables 1209 Western Ave. Phone 3-7033 SCHOOL OFFICE SUPPLY CO. STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS 407 West Clinch Ave. Knoxville. Tennessee Phone 3-7145 Compliments Of A FriendNo Extra Charge For Credit In Knoxville — 504 S. Gay St. In Maryville — Gamble Bldg. In Oak Ridge — lackson Square M CRo COLA Best By Taste Test “R C Makes You Feel Like New” COMPLIMENTS OF Pip’s Welding Service For Ornamental Iron Of Distinction See PIP OLLIE HALE SERVICE STATION Authorized AAA Emergency Service Sta. Kingston Pk. at Forest Hills, Knoxville, Tenn. Phone 8-9175 

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