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■amma 106-Sophomores 142-Freshman 176-SportsT ■ er High School pulsates both mental and physical.JERRY EPPERSON Principal RAYMOND ARVESON SuperintendentDIVISION Page ADMINISTRATORS, FACULTY, 18 WORKERS LIBRARY, GUIDANCE, 18 ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL OFFICE PERSONNEL, DEAN 19 OF STUDENTS, PRINCIPAL ENGLISH 20 AGRICULTURE, P.E., BAND 22 CHOIR, HOME EC., DRIVERS’ED. 23 SOCIAL STUDIES 24 INDUSTRIAL ARTS 25 BUSINESS ED. 26 TIME OUT ROOM 27 MATHEMATICS 28 FOREIGN LANGUAGE, DRAMA 29 SCIENCE 30 ART 31 SPECIAL ED. 32 MEDIA, CAFETERIA 33Library, Guidance, Administration S. SOUTHALL I LIBRARIAN C. ABBOTT GUIDANCE COUNSELOR C. HAYES GUIDANCE COUNSELOR A. SPEARS ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL ' R. BULLOCK ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL D. THOMPSON GUIDANCE COUNSELOR , Homecoming SponsoSecretaries and Administration ATTENDANCE SECRETARY A. WILKINSON SECRETARY P. HAMPTON SECRETARY J. KPPERSON PRINCIPAL L. SUMRALL GUIDANCE SECRETARY Homecoming SponsorI ■ EnglishEnglish C. MULHEARN ENGLISH III FRENCH I P. PENDERGRASS ENGLISH I AMERICAN' HISTORY i. NARCISSE ENGLISH IAgriculture, P.E., Band AGRICULTURE I, II, III Future Farmers of America Sponsor L. BABB PHYSICAL ED. L. FIELDS P. HEURTIN PHYSICAL ED. C. HEARD BAND Flag Corp SponsorChoir, Home Ec., Drivers’ Ed., T I M. BOUDREAUX HOME EC (I FOODS I ADULT RESPON. Future Homemakers i America Sponsor M. STRINGER PHYSICAL ED. DRIVERS’ ED. Boys’ Track, Cross-Country Football Coach F. BROWN SHOP AIR COND. ITV D. FOSTER FREE ENTERPRISE WORLD HISTORY 1). KAUFMAN AMERICAN HISTORY WORLD GEOGRAPHY THE WORLD - J. MOOCK PHYSICAL ED. AM. HISTORY W.GEOGRAPHY CIVICS Head Baseball Asm Football Coach Jr. Varsity Football 9th Gr. Baseball Coach B. PATTON G. RABOKN W. GEOGRAPHY CIVICS CIVICS SOCIOLOGYSocial Studies and Industrial Arts L. JONES BASIC, ADV. ARCHITEC.. DRAFTING P. ROSS WORLD GEOGRAPHY Prom Sponsor W. PERRILLOUX GRAPHICS I II Printing D. RUFFIN HOME MECHANICS WOODWORK.Business Education M. HENRY C.O.E. H. BOUCHER DISTRIB. ED CLERICAL PRACTICE BUS. ENGLISH FREE ENTERPRISE Yearbook and D.E.C.A. SPONSOR C.O.E. Sponsor ocooood ooooooj 3000000' JAN NOBLE TYPING I FREE ENTERPRISE • aiice Corps Prom Sponsor TYPING I Mu Sigma Prom Sponsor R. JONESBusiness Ed. and Time Out Room L.W. THOMAS B. THOMAS BOOKKEEPING I. II TYPING I II I YP1NG 1 SHORTHAND Volleyball Softball Coach VI. BROUSSARD L. WHITFIELD TI IE OUT ROOM SUPERVISOR GENERAL BUSINESS FREE ENTERPRISE Football, Basketball Track Asst. Coach F.B.L.A. Sponsor Mathematics J. CARTER ALGEBRA I II TRI Hl-Y Sponsor O. CARTER ALGEBRA I CONSUMER MATH M. COCKERHAM ALGEBRA I GEOMETRY J. CONACHEN GEOMETRY KC.A. Sponsor W. DEER CONSUMER MATH I). DECKER ALGEBRA IMath., Foreign Language, Drama S. ELLIS BUSINESS MATH M. REED SPANISH FRENCH Foreign l anguage Club Sponsor A L. PRATT ADV. MATH ALGEBRA II TRIG. CALCULUS Cheerleader Sponsor Science J.BEZET PHYSICS CHEMISTRY GEN. SCIENCE G. HARBOUR BIOLOGY I Hi-Y, Graduation, Sr. Class Sponsor Athletic Trainer W. JACKSON PHYSICAL SCIENCE CONSUMER MATH J. NOBLE COMP. SCIENCE BIOLOGY I II Interact Club J0_ ____Sponsor C.PARKER PHYSICAL SCIENCEScience and Art I. PORTER C. SIMMONS PHYSICAL SCIENCE ENVIRON SCIENCE WEEKS S. STRUPPECK ART I, II, IV PHYSICAL SCIENCE Yearbook Advisor ilOLOGY I D. W'ARGO ART I CRAFTS I CONTEMP. ART Prom Sponsor T. DAWDY C. GETER SPECIAL El) SPECIAL ED. HEALTH PHYSICAL ED F. LYONS SPECIAL ED SPECIAL ED Special Education Special Ed., Media, CafeteriaMark Babin “In order for us to be completely satisfied with our achievements, we must first have pride in ourselves.” Mark’s interests and activities are varied. His accomplishments include: Interact Club local president and district secretary-treasurer, senior class president, yearbook photographer, newspaper photographer and editor, EARLY HARVEST editor and artist, and Junior Cabinet member. Jennifer Stevens “Baker High is like home to me. Everyone is family. At graduation my tears of joy will mix with tears of sorrow.” During her senior year Jennifer has been employed by Community Savings Loan in the COE program. She has served as the COE president as well as held membership in numerous organizations such as Beta Club, Mu Sigma, National Honor Society, Senior Senate, and FBLA. Because of her many accomplishments she was chosen for the Society of Distinguished American High School Students and the United States Achievement Academy. JENNIFER STEVENS MISS B.H.S. MARK BABIN MR. B.H.S. DIVISION SENIOR PERSONALITIES SENIOR SHOWCASE PROM GRADUATION SENIORS Pages 36-67Adams, Blane Aime, Michael Aldridge, Jamie Alexander, Alfornia Alexander, Bcckie Alexander, Jeanette Almond, Shannon Anderson, Jason Angeline, Mike Ard, John -rmstrong, Tammy Arnold, TwylaMOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kim Watgo Bill Whatfey MOST T Tina B Kennv Austin, Arnie Babin, Mark Bailey, Donna Barrow, Michael Barton, Madeline Bates, Lisa 'MOST IhiTELLIGE Cindy Dak?1® i Brynn StinsrudBauer, Jeff Beamon, Craig Bcardon, Charles Beasley, Sandra Bell, Bruce Bellew, Tony Berninger, Missy Billings. MasonBlackwell, Denise Blanchard, Kim Blanchard, Sheila Boucher, Ely Boyd, Tracey Brallier, Beth Congrads! TBramlet, Greg Bratcher, George Broussard, Tina Jamie Lou Aldridge, At times it has been hard, but we knew you were capable of the hard things also. Congratulations on one of the major accomplishments in life. “Good Luck!” Love-Mom, Dad, Jennifer Mark, You are a very special brother and a dose friend. Even though we will be in college together this fall, you are still my little moose. I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do. Love-Darren Brown, Joann Brown, Sidyetta Buhler, Travis Mark Damon Babin, Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Always keep your goals high because you have what it takes to make dreams become reality. Thank you for being the son that you are. We DON’T BE LEFT OUT! ENIOf?Muller, Danctte Burris, Tina Byrne. Angie Canezaro, Jackie Cann, Sylvia Cannon. Donna cj aw cimbo 34t 'Dofs ocu .isa nates. Congratulations. Lisa - You Itave always rnude u.t very proud of you. H'e love you and weJtope all your dreams will come true. Good luck 5 God bless. Dud. Mom, and Lance Tina Broussard. Congratulations and may God bless you with much health and happiness. Thanks for making me a proud father. Love-Dad Dearest Tina—Congratulations! In your endeavor into the world of tomorrow, always remember the importance of love, faith, and happiness. Keep these things in your heart and you will succeed in life! Love you-MotherENTER Carmen, Greg Carter, Bridget Cash, Duane Coleman, Yolanda Collins, Cynthia Collins, Dcmetris Bar Causey, Tina Cayer, Karen Clark, Sherry Coates, Othella Coleman, Laura Coleman, Tynsha Alicia C . Alicia, you have been a wonderful daughter and friend through the laughter and tears. We are very proud of you. May God bless and strengthen you in the years ahead. We love you very much—Mom, Ram, Clay Christy, You hold the future in your hands. May you always have success and happiness. We are proud of you. Love-Daddy, Mama, Jennifer To sissy, the apple of Papaw’s eye, Mamaw’s girl, Mom's and Dad’s little lady, and the love of Jeff's life. Thanks for making us so proud. Love-Mom, Dad, Frankie, Papaw, Rick, Jeff, ker mmew CITY HALL • AWOITOIIIConverse, Thomas Couvillon. Christy Crumholt. Inlie t'ummings, Anthony Cummings, L thel Dabbs, Darryl Julie Crumhou. You are very special. We are very proud of you. We love you very much. Love-Mom $ Sieve Dake, Cindy Davis. Hebert Davis. Patricia Davis, Robin Davis, Tim Das is. Torrence Danielle Davenport, We are very prowl of you. Dani. Congratulations! As you continue to strive to achieve, always know that we are here for you and love you very much. MV wish you a lifetime of good fortune and much happiness. Love--Mom Dad Becky Dettman, To the one we arc proud of on this happy day-make your college decisions and GO FOR IT. Love--Mom Dad AUPITCIIUiDenman, Becky Diamond, Brian Dietrich, Richard Dino, Tonya Dorman, Terri Drew, Tommy Congratulations Monica! You are a charming girl and one of life’s pleasures. God gave us the perfect gift and it is you. Good luck in your endeavors. Love-Mom, Dad. Joy, Ron, Pam, Dwayne Ducote. Jamie Duncan, Monica Dukes, F reddie Kim, You have been an inspiration and driving force in pur lives and words can j express the joy you have given us. there are many mountains to climb, so set you goals and GO FOR IT. Mom A Dad Louis Fontenot, Congratulations Louis! You are very special to all of us. May God bless you and be with you always. Love-Mom, Dad. Lloyd, Stacey, Larry.A ErnestineDunn, Delvin Eld ridge, Jennifer Ellerbee, Jennifer Epperson, Wendy Etuc, Alice Farris, Jeanie Sharman Hawkins, Vou have made us so proud to be your parents Set your standards high and remember that vv love you no matter what you do. Good luck an may all your dreams come true. Love-Mama, Daddy, Tracy Jimmy Hubbard, Congratulations Jimmy! You are the "center of my heart. I am so proud of you and all th you stand for. May God bless you as you go o. to college. I Love You-Traci Fauver, Kim Fazzio, Jerry Fchr, Warren Congratulations Leslie and Kitty. We are proud and wish the best for you in the future. Love you both-Mama DaddyFontenot, Crystal Fontenot, Louis Ford, Donald Ford, Wanda Galbo, Chad Gauthreaux, Kitty Jimmy Hubbard. Congratulations Jimmy-remember that we love you and you are our "hustler. " Set your goals for the future and with Cod as your guide, you will reach them. Thank you for helping me. Gauthreaux, Leslie George, Alvin Ghoram, Verna Gibbs, Roxanne Gibbs, Shame Grahn, Lin Terri Johnson, Congratulations Terri! May Cod bless all of your future endeavors. I love you very much and I am very proud of you. My love always-Mom Congratulations Pamela, We love you and hope the best for you in the future. Thanks for being such a s weet and loving daughter. Remember to always keep Cod first in your life. Love-Mom A Dad_____________________ Melody McKenzie. Congratulations Melody! We wish you success and happiness in your future. We are very proud of you and wish you the best in life. Good luck! We love you-Mama $ Daddy Staci McKenzie. We are very proud of you. Don 7 ever change and you will always be a joy to the people around you. MaMa. Dad. Gena. Michael Andrea Martin, You have proved with your actions and words :• your leadership and love. We are proud of you! God loves you and so do we. Love-Mom Dad Granier, Chad Gray, Chervl Griffin, Janiler Griffith, Bobbie Hailey, Johnny Hampton, Christina48 Haney, Yolanda Harriman, Eric Harris. Emmanel Hawkins, Sharman Hayes, Jeff Hayes, John Tamalha Samantha McNicol, Our prec.ous sweet love. Wc are so proud of you. Yesterday afunny freckle nose kid. Today, a beautiful young woman. Reach out and take the world. It’s Yours! May the Lord bless and keep you always. Love you "Boo”—Mama A Daddy Carl, Jr., You are our special gift from God. You made our w»rld complete. Reach out. experience life, dream, hope, love, tuugh and succeed, but always be yourself Remember we are there for you always. Love Mom 5 Dad Robbie (Juick, We wish you all the luck in the world and hope all your dreams come true. Love-Mom Raymond Heath, Michael Heck, Peggy Hebert. Ch is Henley, Carvadier Herring, James Hills. TroyBrad Verbois, Congratulations Brad! We love you and are so very proud of you. Mom, Dad, Angie, Brand Kim Wargo, You are a special daughter and we are very proud of you. With your determination and God’s help, the sky is the limit! Keep the ”sun " in your eyes. We love very much. Mom, Dad. Kelli He was only seventeen. He had so much to live for. One day he was here, the next he was gone. I remember his smile. that quick grin. can still see him walking clown the hull; booksack thrown over his shoulder, arm around Neesie. He hit a homerun Tuesday. How could he be gone on Triday? I can V understand. r see the hurt on everyone’s face. T¥ TyT TW A WJi CJ .Vo one knows how to cope. J XX 1 1 XX V JL Xl 3 Will our hearts ever heal? Too late to tell him anything. We shall never forget. Our memories will linger. Kim Wargo 1986 In Memory of Hollins, Tracy Hooper, Thomas Hubbard, Jimmy Hubbard, Shawn Huffstailcr, Connie Hughes, TimNELL DENOVA (504) 654-9488 r ?c- . ' - •Xtv . 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AMBAN American Bank CNB city national bank City National Bank First National Bank Fidelity National Bank Commercial National Bank LN6 Louisiana National Bank Metropolitan Bank JUNIOR FAVORITES Bottom: Marcia Chapman, Tammy Tourere, Jo Ann Palin, Nessie Bergeron; Bottom: Leon Williams, Ty Thomas, Len Howell, Chris Moock; Not Pictured: Shannon Broussard, Brinklyn Williams, John Brosscttc, Matt Young. 70J DIVISION Page BETA CLUB 72 CHOIRS 72 COE CLUB 74 FBLA 77 FFA 75 FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB 75 GUIDANCE AIDES 74 HI-YCLUB 75 INTERACT CLUB 76 LIBRARY AIDES 74 MU SIGMA 76 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 76 NEWSPAPER STAFF 77 OFFICE AIDES 77 SAFETY COUNCIL 78 TRI-HI-Y 78 YEARBOOK STAFF 78 YOUTH SAFETY 78 JUNIORS Pages 72-105 .CLUBS BETA:R7-Louis Fontenot, Jill Carter, Jennifer Stone, Danette Buller; R2--Tracy Ferguson, Lloyd Jolibolis, Nancy Lilly. Vickie Yllander, Theresa Bond. Donna Tynes, Tina Broussard, Jorn Page. Tracy Richardson. Students strive to achieve individuality ACAPELLA CHOIR: R1-M. Ellerbee.J. Law, J. Wvole, S. Tagert. J. Martin. A. „c«cobs. M. Goynes. K. Harris, N. Verrett, P. Davis. S. Bankston. C. Causey. M. Gleason. S. Canfield. S. Fuqua. T. Tourere. J. Ellcrbco, J. Beasley. S. Scott. S. Wiggins. C. Langlinais. T. Jones: R2-T. Lashley. V. Lutrick, V. Downs. J. Patin, L. Henry, T. Wells, T. Burris. A. Martin. K. Jones. K. Sifari, S. Staples, R. Wilson, C. Crider, M. Conachen, S. Gault, S 8adeaux, L. Grahn, K. Wargo, M. Bourgeois. S. Koppa, K Blanchard, M. Goynes. S. McDaniel; R3-C. Morgan, C. Cucul-D. Allen, B. Cruz, A. Neal, M. Allen. T. Causey, B. Garrot, tv Clark. S. Pierce. H. Bingham. C. Beardon. K. Wilson. J. Calloway, R. Tucker, G. Bramlet. E. Brabham. M. Dawson. K. Blanchard, D. Garig. C. Womack. T. McAdams, W. Redd. Sr.JW CHOIR: R7--Kenny Wilson, Tina Burris, Chip Morgan, Kim Blanchard, Danny Allen. Terry Causey, Stacey McDaniel. Todd McAdams, Jeff Calloway, Andrea Martin, Steve Pierce, Katie Jones. Craig Cucullu; fl2--Kim Wargo, Trade Wells. Allyson Jacobs. Wayne Redd, Jennifer Ellerbee, Jodi Beasley. JoAnn Patin. Aaron lohntal Abernathy, GenesisMADRIGALS: Rf-Allyson Jacobs. Tina Burris, Traci Wells. Jtacey McDaniel. Jodi Beasley. Suzanne Canfield, Kim Blanchard; R2-Craig Cucutiu. Danny Allen, Terry Causey. Andrea Martin. Katie Jones. Kim Warqo. Kenny Wilson. Wayne Redd. Greg Bramlet. Tom Jones. Allen, Carl Allen, Melissa Anderson, Jeffrey Antolinc, Dcana Askins, Albra Babin, Katherine Barbay, Laura Bales, Bill GIRLS’ HONOR CHOIR: fll T. Lashley (pianist). L. Henry. V. Downs. A. Jacobs, J. Law. S. Tagert. M Ellerbee. J. Martin, E. Thompson, S. Price, S. Wiggins. J. Wyble. M Goynes. K. Wargo, T. Jones; R2--M. Goynes. K Harris. J. Patin, N. Verrett, C. Clay, P. Davis. S. Bankston. C. Causey. D. Staples. M. Gleason, S. Canfield. C. Langlinais. L Grahn, J. Beasley, J. Ellerbee; R3--V. Lutrick. T. Wells. T Burris. A. Martin. K. Jones. S. Badeaux. K. Sipari. S. Staples. R Wilson. C. Crider. M. Con-achen, S. Gault. S. McDaniel. M. Bourgeois. K. Blanchard. S. Tinker. Batiste, Duanne Batiste, Lynn Bauer, Jeree Baunchand, Sharon 75 Bear don, Charles Beasley, Jodi Benneu, Shelley Bergeron, Necsie Berninger, Jeanne Blackwell, Marc Blades, Shannon Blalock, John R7-John Bergeron, Donna Blanchard, Darlene Ford Nessie Bergeron. Dennise Mulkey; R2--Cynthia Collins, Anita Landry, Carolyn Byers. Laura Burns, Terri Johnson, Sarah Miller, Sheila Blanchard, Julie Crumholt; R3-Jamie Cresie, Jell Long, Andrea Jefferson, Andrea Martin, Donna Bailey, Tina Burris, Christy Reynerson, Patty Wood, Jackie Canazero; R4- Tom Cobb, Will Gautreaux, Steve Wyble, Mike Angeline, Chris Mook. Deano Nettles. COE: flf-Sandy Beasley, Sherry Clark, Pam Lasseigne, Kitty Gauthreaux, Sidyetta Brown, Sabrina Redd. Terri Johnson; R2 Lisa Bates, Jennifer Eldridge, Pat Davis, Sharman Hawkins, Jennifer Stevens. Sandra Knlghten, Tonya Quebedeaux, Robin Davis, Regina Johnson; R3- Tammy McNIcol, Shannon Almond, Donald Ford, Ethel Cummings. Tommy Leonard, Angie Netterville. htv rrwn ctnii lonmaiB GUIDANCE: Brinklyn Williams, Sam Stoute, Oscar Southhall, Pat Davis, Romana Laureles, Ray Lawless, Lida James, Donna Dake.Blanchard, Donna Blunk, Lisa Bogle, Alice Bonaventure, John FOREIGN LANGUAGE: R1 -Linda Clar . Mindy Beck, Tracy Altman, Oonna Tynes: R2-Derrick Taylor. Nancy Clark. Tonya Clayton. Shannon Cline, Sherri BanKston, Amy Wall, Lloj Jolibois, Mr. Reed. Hl-Y: fl -Duane Turner. Mike Causey; fl2--Robert Kemp, Brian Lefebure, Steve Pickering, Eric Harriman, Ken Lang; R3- Jamie Turner, Bill Whatley, Darryl Dabbs. Bond, Theresa Bourgeois, Michelle FFA: R7-Brigette Bennett, Tim Bennelt, Nelsen Cline, Shane Cross; R2-Terri Dorman, David Meador. Danny Prather. Thomas Hooper, Mr. Fields. Boyle, Michele Britz, Kathlcnc Brossette, John Broussard, Shanna1 I I I Brown, Craig Brown, Laurie Byers, Carolyn Callihan, Kristin Buckley, Lavan Burns, Laura INTERACT: fl7-Andrea Hammond, Monica Goynes, Saundra Badeaux; R2--Jennifer Hollins, Kasey Harris, Jason Landrem, Kim Wargo, Missy Goynes; fl5-Shanna Broussard, Duane Turner, Karen Cayer, Blane Adams, Mark Babin, John Keller; ?J--Leon Williams, Jason Janik, Bill Whatley, Tony Turner, Brynn Stensrud, Chris Thomas. Bursh, Troy Buxton, Thurston NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Rf-Tina Broussard. Karen Cayer, Sherry Clark, Kim Fauver; R2--Shannon Olinde, Bill Whatley, Brynn Stensrud, Kim Wargo, Katie Jones, Sam Stoute. Campbell, Tina Canfield, Suzanne Carter, 1 arylcce Carter, Jill Campanile, Dana Campanile, Tonya MU SIGMA: fl7--Danette Buller. Sherry Clark, Karen Cayer. Kim Wargo. Kim Fauver, Sharman Hawkins. Tina Broussard. Tina Burris; R2-Yolanda Coleman, Sam Stoute, Louis Fontenot, Chanel Taylor, Donald Ford, Bill Whatley, Kenny Wilson, Cindy Dake, Katie Jones.epi v 7-Terrl Johnson, Yolanda Slaine. Sandra Knighten, Jennifer Stevens. Jane Lilly: fl2-John Lowman, Donald Ford, .. . • Pourciau, Nancy Lilly. Cl FICE AIDES: R7--Tina Broussard, Danette Buller, Greg Bramlet, Sherry Clark; R2 - Kitty Gauthreaux, Sabrina Redd, Tonya Ouebedeaux, Jill Carter, Leticia Lyons, Jennifer Stevens, Karen Cayer, Johntal Aaron, Nena Verrett, Dietra Williams, Jeanette Martin, Katie Jones; R3--Margaret Prine, Mark Babin, Louis Fontenot, Leon Williams, Steve Wyble. Shane Cross. NEWSPAPER STAFF: f?7--Katie Jones, Kim Blanchard, Donna Bailey, Alicia Johnson;R2--Tonya Clayton, Andrea Martin, Tina Burris, Sherry Clark, Terri Johnson, Kim Wargo, Kim Fauver, Johntal Aaron; R3 -Mike LeBlanc, Deano Nettles, Mark Babin, '.lark Tingle, Tony Turner, Eric Harriman. Bill Whatley, Cindy Dake. Brynn Stensrud, Mark Smith. Jeff Calloway, Sam Stoute, Roderick Gant.Shadows in our minds; we’ll never BAKER _____ HGH mh.X iwfrh SAFETY COUNCIL: Tina Broussard, Mike Angelina, Louis Fontenot, Danette Buller, Annisa Leachman, Tyson Jickson. Causey Brent Causey, Joel1 I Chapman,! Marcia Clark, Nancy Clay, Shan Clayton, Tonya 78 forget . . . TRI-HI-Y: Rl-Missy Carter, Theresa Bond, Allyson Jacobs; R2--Dawn Crouch, Margaret Conachen, LeAnne Irwin, Shari Juplessis, Jill Wroten, Katie Jones. Tina Burris. Veltoris Moncriffe. YEARBOOK STAFF: R7«Chris Thomas, Kim Wargo, Theresa Bond, Vicki Yllander, Mark Babin; R2-Annisa Leachman, Angie Pratt. Jason Landrem, Shari Duplessis. Tina Broussard.1Compliments of Capital-Union Savings, F. A. ; ,■' g 2250 Main Street . Baker Phone 775-5951 ASK ABOUT OUR YOUTH CHECKING ACCOUNTSSpecial people come together nt of relaxation Daniel, Tom Davis, Cedric Davis, Shawna Davis, TartL Dawson, Mike Dayries, Wynette Desoto, Joseph Dessellc, Kevin Dinccola, Shcllie Dougherty, Tracy Downs, Vikki Driscoll, Amber Duncan, Brian Dupont, Arlis Dupre, Matt Durr, Jeff Duvcrnay, Walter Dyer, Gawain Ellis, Terry Esch, Paul Fair, Jeanine Felder, Mike 83Felder, Tammy Fields, Mike Fisher, Shanna Foote, Robert Ford, Darlene Foreman, Darren Frank, Alonzo Franklin, Wilbert Zachary, Louisiana Fukuda, Ai Gajan, Alton Gant, Broderick Gatlin, Tara Gault, Stephanie a often, captures a thousand words mm —i_____-ii Gibbs, Deborah Gleason, David Gooden, Vanessa Goyncs, Monica Graham, Terry Gray, Wanda 85Green, Frankie Guillory, Lori Guillory, Tonia Haney, Carl Hardesty, Arlcttc Hawkins, Julia Heil, Faith Henry, Lisa Herbert, Geneva Hidalgo, Kimberly Higgins, Wade Hilton, Roger Hobby, Casey Holley, PatWaiting for that ultimate sign of importance . . . a driver’s license. Holmes, Michelle Howell, Len Hubbard, John Hubbard, Stephen Hudson, Roderick Hunt, Rhadd Hutchinson, Chuck Ilgenfritz, Terri Irwin, Lcanne Jacob, Allyson Jannise, Angie Jannise, Don Jefferson, Andrea Jenkins, Glen 87Johnson, Kim Johnson, Oneal Johnson, Wanda Joseph, Carl Joseph, Debra Joseph, Scan Kelly, Bernadine Kersey, Chris Kesock, Shirley Knaps, Charmaine Knight, Bill Labordc, David Lacombc, Glenn Landon, TerryLee, Nathan Lee, Walter Lefebure, Brian LeGrand, Roxanne Lenoir, Jamie 89 Friends pause to share laughter. a moment of Lilly, Nancy Lillie, Trena Long, Jeff Lyons, Leticia MacDonald, O V Mack, James Martin, Corey Martin, Judy McAdams, Todd McCurdy, Sonya McDaniel, Jeffrey McManus, Adrienne McVea, Brad Meador, David Michelli, CherylMilam, Robin Milton, Chantel Mixon, Jena Mizell, Lisa Mobley, Scott — TV Moncriffe, Vcltoris ____TTY t"l' 5 - nT "Mi hi Buffalo Electric, Inc Mt.'i •Rl Monroe, Miguel % 200 Jefferson St. Baker, Louisiana 775-8290 ••• Moock, Chris __________ 1 ■ ■■ ■,-e T Chip Morgan won a state championship!Moore, Chinita Moore, LaShon Morgan, Stephen Morris, Jason Moses, Joseph Murphy, Buck Myers, Chandra Oaktree, Terry Owens, Peggy Page, Jorn Palmour, Tammy Patin, JoAnn Paul, Vicoria Pcppcrman, Dawn 1 (Y age (7 fastira- Cr 'vv To v J ,We Specialize in Brida! Fashion Fabrics . Domestic Imported Laces ' 1 Tuxedo Rentals it tT 774-7102 _ 12240 PLANK RD. - • BROOK WOOD VILLAGE ®Ph. .n, Minh Pierce, Stephen Pierson, Michael Pitts, Yolanda Powell, Tammara Pratt, Angela Pratt, Pamela Prine, Margaret Prueitt, Janeana Randall, Kimberly Redd, Anthony Redd, Sondra Reese, Rodney — Students indulge 95Richards, Matthew Roberts, Kandy Robinson, Ursula Rodriguez, Otilia Rogers, Edward Rose, Joseph Rushing, Tony GROOM ROAD EXXON 14689 Plank Road Baker, LA 70714 (504) 774-9015 %I CARE . .. WE CARE. 98Smallen, Sean Smart, Robert Smith, Chcrissc Smith, Roderick Spann, Ureka Spears. Chandra Spears, Shantcll Staples, Stephanie Sterling, Theresa Stewart, Derrick Stewart, Ronson Stirgus, Charles Stone, Jennifer Stone, Kellie Story, JohnSumlin, James Templeton, Mike Templeton, Pat Thibodeaux, Mike Thomas. Craig Thomas, Ty Harrison Paint Co. Thornton, Marguerite Tourere, Tammy Louisianam SaMv OLC L Cy- 3 - w KyjJUJL £u 1 UZ A?- C—cw t: oo 0O PfT £ CJIaaX f OOl . 001 Tremc, Sean Triplett, Dionne Tucker, Randy Turner, Duane Turner. Trevor Turner, Troy Vaughan, Jimmy Vcntrella, April Verrett, Nena 101—Uniforms Shoes Jr. Missy Fashions 11901 Plank Rd. Baton Rouge, LA 70811 775-9724 Watson, Christine Watson, Ginger Wells, Chantcl Wells, Traci Wheelock, Patrick Wilkerson, Adrean Vessel, Timothy Walls, AlanV.Williams, Brinklyn Williams, Donovan Williams, Lacie Williams, Leon Wilson, Chris Wright, Dona Young, Kevin Young, Matthews SOPHOMORES Pages 108-139Bottom: Amy Wall. Dana Law, Missy McCleary. Juanea Lewis; Top: Jason Landrem, Clay Gardenhire, Arstead Clayton, Will Gauireaux, Eddie Gibbs; Not Pictured: Monica Scott I»• I Aaron, Terrance Abel, Terry Albarado, Angie Albert, Michael Alexander, Kenneth Allen, Floyd Allen, Reginald Allen, Tisha Altman, Tracy Anderson, Scott Andes, Charlie Arbour, Michael Ashford, Trey Augustus, Louis Badeaux, Saundra Baker, DonaldBankston, L J Bankston, Sherri Barrow, Kim Bassett, Denise Bates, I.ance Beard, Patrick Beauchamp, Tonia Beck, Mindy Bell, Regina Bello, Gerald Bennett, Desiree Bezel, Morgy Billings, Rosalind Billings, Veronica Bingham, Henry Birdwell, Robert Black, Rachclle Blalock, Henry Blanchard, Kevin Bolton, Shay 109Booker, Sharlos Bouquet, Michael Boutwell, Jody Boyd, Yveti Brabham. Eri . Brashear, Angela Bratcher, Rodney Brent, Jesse Brignac, Richard Broaden, Terry Biooks, Brandi Brooks, Mike BrooKsiuic, Ja. vis Brouillcitc, Marty V Students and teachers watch a “Powerful” assembly.V ________________ k HAIR SALON HAROLD HALLOW Owner 9462 Florida Hh-d. 928-5038 Brown, Angie Brown, Chanel Brown, Chanal Brown, Kelvin Brown, Lena Brown, Nicole Brumfield, Caissy Byrne, Lisa Caine, Renee Callihan, Shannon Campbell, Julie Carew, Sandra Causey, Terry Chambers, Darren 2208 Main Street Baker, LA 70714 775-5050Chambers, Gwen Chambers, Thcronslo Chcmin, Scot Chisholm, Brian Clark, Hardy Clark, Linda Clark, Shcncaklc Clayton, Aristead Clement, Brian Cline, Shannon Cobb, ThomasColligan, Bryan Comeaux, Howard Crouch, Dawn Crowder, Lori Crowe, Jon Cruel, Keith Cummings, Andrew Daniels, Melissa Daugherty, Mike Davis, Carolyn Davis, Dcvoyal Davis, Patrick Davis, Patsy Dewitt, Ted Tri-Parish U-Plumb I( 4970 Hwy. 19 Zachary, LA 70791 Nadine Pugh• n Dillingham. Robert Dinccola, Paula Douglas, Alfredia Douglas, Erica Driscoll, Eric Dunn, Deon Dunn, Gerald Dunnington, Ricky Edelen, Chris Edgcll, Kathy Ellis, Trent Emery, Robert Eschcr, Cindy Ewing, Janet Fair, Roy Ferguson, Toya Ferguson, Tracy 115Fisher, Dawn Fletcher, Johnnie Fontenot, Sean Foster, Kathryn Foster, Raven Foster, Sherry Fourroux, Mary Franklin, Harriet Freeman, Marla Fuqua, Shaa During the fall of 1985, Baker High was improved with the addition of a new library. The new structure is twice the size of the previous building. Mrs. Southall worked endless hours to get the library ready to open in March. She had help from numerous sources such as Interact, Council on Aging, Pilot Club, COE, parents, and the Art and English Departments. Assistance also came from a very special person, Mrs. Lucille White. Mrs. White taught at Baker 40 years and still resides in this city. For her enormous contributions to this school the library has been christened the “Lucille White Library.”Gauthier, lillen Gautreaux, Will George, Leroy Gerald, Robert Germond, Bonnie Gibbs, Eddie Gibson, Monica Gice, Fred Gilbert, Jesse Gleason, Michelle Gaines, Stacey Gambler, Alonzo Gardenhire, Clay Gardner, Erica Garrot, Buddy 4303 Highway 19 • Zachary, La. 654-2611 775-1944 NELSON EAST FORD "63 Years of Courteous Dependable Service" FORD GO FOR IT BUFFS! Nelson East Sales Team: (left to right) Calvin Boudreaux, Mike Carmena, Bob Durr, Buck Spencer, Bill Chaney, and Fete Hughes.Godso, Randy Gooden, Anthony Goynes, Missy Graffeo, Patricia Granier, Brad Green, Carolyn Green, Toni Grimes, Zaidra Guerin, Pam Guilbeau, Barry Guillory, Mark Guy, Jeff Hailey, Katherine Hammitt, Racheal Hammond, Andrea lifl_________________Haney, Antonio Hardesty, Patrice Hardesty, Paula Hargrove, Adriane Harris, Kasey Harris, Reggil Hayes, Steven Hawk, Scott Heap, Sherron Hebert, Amy Helm, Jenni Henderson, Jerry Hirtzler, Jimmy Holliday, Milton Hollins, Jennifer Horton, Prentice Hudson, Donnell Hulbert, Ecic Hunt, Michael Jackson, Angel Jackson, Sharon Jackson, Trnessia Janik, Jason Jarred, ScottThe Sweet Taste of VICTORY!DONALDSON’S AUTO PARTS 11748 Plank Rd. Baton Rouge, LA 70811 James C. Donaldson, Owner M. Craig Donaldson eS Jefferson, James Jefferson, Veronica Johnson, Charleselta Johnson, Craig Johnson, Kellie Johnson, Mary Johnson, Monica Johnson, Sherrie Jolibois, Lloyd Jones, Christopher Jones, Kevin Jones, Michelle Jones, Shawn Kaglear, Venita 123Classroom activities ... the spice of life - Kellchcr, Shawn Kelly, Alicia Koppa, Shana Lacey, Demetrius Lambert, Craig Lambert, Mike Landrem, Jason Langlinais, Cheryl Lanus, Levon Laursen, Wade Laursen, LarryRespiratory Therapy Pharmacy GoodHealth Community Education Program Patient Education When you need medical care, look close to home. Look to l ane Memorial Hospital. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (504)654-4511 6300 Mail St. Zachary, LA 70791 125Leachman, Annisa Lee, Dondi Lewis, Glenn Lewis, Juanea Lockman, Lisa London, Cathy London, Kimberly London, Louis, gONO. COOP»$ SPOT’S HEATING AIR CONDITIONING INC. • coeu SALES-SERVICE-INSTALLATION RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL CENTRAL WINDOW UNITS ALL MAKES AND MODELS HIGH EFFICENCY EQUIPMENT 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE Af- n il, . t • VUUUN1I 775-6461 i AUTRY “SPOT” POURCIAU — OWNER 1021 HUSBAND STREET, BAKER, LA. Lovelady, Sean Lutrick, Vicki McCastle, Shedria McCastlc, Yvonne McCleary, Missy McCurdy, Shauna McGehee, Greta McKenzie, Leslie McKneely, Cedric McKnight, Hugh McLin, Vicky McManus, Helen Martinez, Paul Matthews, Kenneth Mcaut, AnthonyIn class or out, teachers play an important role in the world thatMeche, Kevin Medeiros, Ronda Medeiros, Ronnie Miller, Sarah Minor, Kyle Moore, Thomas Mott, Jackie Mulkey, Yvonche Myers, Shane Nero, Jackie Newsom, Dawn Newton, Joseph Pate, LenoraPatterson, Eric Patton, Sonyalita E. Theron Overland ACCOUNTANT P.O. Box 597 4470-B Main Street ZACHARY. LA. 70791 Paul, Dorla Pham, Tuan OFFICE 504 654-4414 HOME 504 654-6501 Poole, Sheila Pourciau, Blaine Powell, Cassandra Prescott, Clinton Prescott, Shannon Price, Harold Proctor, Dexter Provost, Willa Pulver, Chris Rabalais, Robert132 Redden, Melissia Reed, Iris Reynolds, Jimmy Reynolds, Nicole Richard, David Richard, Stacey Richardson, Julie Roberson, NikkiNewsline 9 interviewed Baker athletes about drug testing. Opinions were varied. The students as well as the administration were deeply concerned with the present drug problem.Hail TO tik.oid Baker Hich THMTttMOUMROFOMWWS Through the years weu KEEP ft THY LOVE Ahd thy standards raise. HaILTO TOE. OLD B AKER HlCH Keep tic stmts trat smc praise ■■aSapr. . Family Thrift Pharmacy 1331 Main Street Baker, LA 70714 778-0097 For Personal Prescription Service I 4 Registered Pharmacist on Duty at All Times i Fran Stringer, Owner i i i i Scott, Monica Scott, Sandra Seals, Joseph Shavers, Scott Shepard, Becky Sims, Tommy Sims, Tony Slaine, YolandaSmiley, Terry Smith, Austin Smith, Davin Smith, Dianthcus Smith, Keith Smith, Kyle Smith, Latonya Smothers, Rachida Southall, Kevin Spillman, Dennis Spears, Philip Stallings, Michelle Station, Ava Stefaniak, Deanna Stensrud, Sherri 136Stoutc, David Street, Eric Sullivan, Robert Tanner, Barry Tate, Shannon Taylor, Corey Taylor, Derrick Taylor, Ivy Taylor, Kerry Taylor, Rivers Teasette, Jarva Tezana, Martinique Thomas, Angela Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Carolyn Mp _ J. BARRY BABII 11891 Plank Rdjj 'Vm;. WLM' Jf Baker, LA. 774-644 j 137Thomas, Chris Thomas, Lamar Thompson, Troy Thornton, Donna Timby, Robert Tobias, Terry Tolbert, Ray Tolbert, Teresa Turner, Titus Tynes, Donna 138Vidrine, Jody Walker, Jennifer Wall, Amy Walls, Don Webre, Tammy Welch, Trudy Whiddon, Schansa Wiggins, Lola PHONE-775-0137 1618 MAIN ST . BAKER. LA 70714 YOUR CREATIVE PRINTER Baker Printing Company'J R CANTEEN INC. 3310 Baker Boulevard Baker, LA 70714 Wiggins, Sara Wilkinson, Jonathan Williams, Laki Williams, Tammy Wiilis, Albert Wilson, Jennifer Wims, Toni Wise, Christine Womack, Chris Woodard, Margaret Wootan, Kurt Wroten, Jill YUandcr, Vickie Youngblood, Vanessa Zeno, RolandaFRESHMAN FAVORITES Bottom: Jill Wyble, Shannon Vidrine, Marsey Coleman, Bonnie Jordan; Top: Greg Moock, Gerald Gill, Lavone Paige; Not Pictured: Tonya Stewart, Tim Gooden, Jonathan Jenkins. 142F FRESHMEN Pages 144-175Aaron. Iris A ernaihy, Anthony A bernathy, Antoine Addison, Craig Albarcz, Tracey i SCENIC SUPERMARKET •Mexandcr, Roslyn Alexander, Norris 7850 Scenic Hwy. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Phone 356-0481 exander. Anthony i Anderson, Barbara Anderson, Jackie Ashford, Robert Aucoin, Roger Badeaux, Tonia Baxter, Denise Beasley, Jason Beauchamp, Keith Bell, Karl Bennett, Roderick Benton, Isadore Blanchard, Keith Blouin, Stacey Blunk, Kevin Bonadona, Andrea Book, Chris Boucher, Molly Bouquet, Susan Bourgoyne, Lyn Bouvia, Michelle __________________145Breaux, Chris Brooks, Crystal Brooks, Eldcn Brooks, Eric Brooks, Natheldia Brouillette, Shannon Broussard, Viki Browder, Encidra Browder, Erica Brown, Christy Brown, Kathy Brown, Quccna Brown, Traci Brown, Woody Brumley, Donald Brumley, Ronald Burton, Brian Burton, Donny Burton, Judy Burton, Sharon JOHN ENGELSMAN Baker, LouisianaCalhoun, Cornelius Camp, Sam Carney, Debbie Carr, Vita Causey, Cindy nil Cavalier, Lawrence Chaney, Paula Chavis, Cherrisse Clark, Brian Clark, ScottCline, Nelson Cobb, Dexter Coleman, Morresicia Collins, Shonda Cooper, A W Cooper, Nataira Cotton, Rebecca Couvillon, Jennifer Craddock, Rhonda Crain, Michele Creel, James Crider, Carmen Crowe, Keith Cummings, I.eo Daniel, Yashcka Daniels, Eric Darbonne, Chris Davis, Dairon Davis, Donielle Davis, James Davis, Kendrick 148Service is more than just a word with us. Reasonable Rates Work Guaranteed Ed’s Appliance T.V. Service Microwaves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, window air conditioners, televisions 1250 Main Baker, LA 70714 Radio Dispatched Davis, Michael Davis, Norma Dawson, Melvin Day, Doug Dean, Damion Deblanc, Kim Desselle, Carrie Dietrich, Shawn Dilley, Sheila Dillcy, Steven Dixon, Latasha Dobbins, Steve Doomes, Edward w mii i limp ini f|J|l i .I;1 1 llf|l| ' WGiHraw Doty, Marcus Douglas, Carla Dowd, Alex Ducote, Jeff Dunn, CharlotteEdelen, Jeannine Elbert, Latrice Ellerbee, Mary Kay Epperson, Michelle Etheridge, Crystal Farris, Tabby Ferguson, Kacy Fields, Clarence Floyd, Christine Fontenot, April Ford, Donna Ford, Jeremy Ford, Yolanda Fourroux, Angela France war, Varlerie Frank, Armondo Franklin, Thomas Freeman, Jeaniece Fugarino, Tommy Garig, Dustin OFFICE (504) 654-2660 HOME (504) 261-3801 THURSTON WATTS. JR. OWNER WATTS, INC. Air Conditioning and Heating APPLIANCES Electrical Contractors 5204 main st. Zachary. LA 70791I I ll Gibson, Everett Gibson, Tamue Gill, Gerald Glover, Deanna Gooden, Kimberly Gooden. Tim Gray, Ralph Green, Alvin GAYLE BATTERY DISTRIBUTORS 16555 Plank Rd. Baker, LA 70714 774-7475Green, Leeestcr Green, Tonya Grisscttc, Robert Guillory, Creighton Gutierrez, Derek Hall, Donald Halliburton, Lisa Hammond, Tyree Hampton, Shunda Haney, Timothy Harris, Connie Harris, JerryHarris, Lashon Harris. Rodrick Harris, Tywonnc Hariison. Carla Harrison. Charvoite Hawk, Mickey Hawkins. Chandra Hawkins, Mary Haydcl, Laura Hayes, John Hayward. Kim Hembree, Cliff Henry, Althea Herring, Deborah Hidalgo. JosephTAYLOR RENTAL 1060 Main Street Baker, LA 70741 774-8154 Hilliard, Tonya Hirtzler, Trade Holland, I awrence Holliday, Heather Holliday, Treasure Hollingsworth, Tom Horton, Yolanda Howell, WendyIsbell, Lee Jackson, Claude Jackson, Gregory Jackson, Lionel Jackson, Tyson Jannise, Kim Jell, Elisa Jenkins, Jonathan Jenkins, Mike Jenkins, TikitaJenkins, Wendell Jernigan, Scott Johnson, Brenton Johnson, Chandra Johnson, Derrick Johnson, Ellis Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Monica Johnson, Tige Johnson, Vicky AUTOMATIC • STANDARD • R V. • OVER DRIVE AMERICAN • FOREIGN . FRONT WHEEL DRIVE 5 Year 50.000 Mile Nationwide Warranty DVANCED Ujj TRANSMISSIONS TORQUE CONVERTER DISTRIBUTOR 8932-A Plank Road Baton Rouge, LA 70811 Delray Babton (504) 355-0156Johnson, Yul Johnson, Keith Jones, David Jones, David Jordan, Bonnie Joseph, Vanessa Kaufman, Vernon Keller, John Kelley, John Kelley, Tom Kelly, Johnny Kelly, Juanika Kimball, BeckyKnighten, Ronald Kyser, Crystal I Landers, Debra Landry, Ardra i Landry, Mary Lanus, Leketha Laureles, Chris Lavergne, Trudy Law, Dewayne Law, Jill Leblanc, Michael Lee, Janies Lcmaire, Kim Lilly, Jane 160London, Paula London, Tina Louis, Joseph Low man, George Lusk, Rhonda Mackey, Angel Major, Stacy Manogin, James Marroy, John Marshall, Alfred Martin, Regina Mattson, Angela Mattson, Tonia Mattox, Kathleen 161The unique flavor of Baker High students emerges in class and out.McBeth, Melissa McGowan, Scott McMenis, Julie McNelis, Shawn McCrae, Laurie Miley, Jim Miller, Jennifer Miller, Karen Miller, Rhonda Montgomery, Keith Moock, Gregg Moore, Dana Moore, Randall Morgan, Robin Morris, Kelley 163Morris, Torrence Morrison, Malia Mulhcarn, Kenneth Nagin, Sheri Nelson, Aaron Noble, Brian Norman, Lisa Ory, Shannon Paige, Von Patterson, Jesse Patton, Stanley Paul, Barrett Paul, Carlnell Pearl, Kemper FOSTER’S T.V. 820 Main Street Baker, LA 70714 774-3358Percell, Quinetta Phillips, Chris Pigrenet, Jimmy Plummer, Chris Pommier, Toni Porter, Charlene Porter, Ivory Pounds, Charlotte Prather, Danny Pratt, Kenny Pulver, Jenny Raborn, Timmy Rankin, Robin Rarick, Michael Redding, Katie Reed, Wayne Reynolds, Becky Richardson, Larry Riche, Jason Roach, JamesRoach, Raynard Robert, Tracy Robertson, Gary Robinson, Clay Rodrigue, Sheila Rogers, Marlon Rogers, Rhonda Russell, Jeana Saucier, Chris Scott, Lindsey i Scott, Shawanda Seals, Marlon Seldcrs, Merlendcr Seymore, Charlotte Shepard, Scott Shropshire, Valencia Simmons, Sean Singleton, Michael Small, Brandi Smiley, Andrew 166Spivey, Denise Spradley, Darla Spruel, Anthony Staples, Dcna Station, TarshaStelly, I.isa Stevenson, Sheryl Stewart, Kirby Stewart, Latasha Stewart, Tonya Stilley, Bill Stone, Angela Stoutc, Bernadette Street, Doria Sullivan, LisaJ. C. SPECIALTIES 3703 Myrtle Street Baker, LA 70714 775-0339 Sullivan, Nick Tagcrt, Stacey Tanner, Stephanie Taplin, Melva Taylor, Kim Taylor, Kimila Taylor, Yolanda Taylor, Ywiknee Teascttc, Ivory Theriot, Tammy Thibodeaux, Joey Thomas, Marlon Thompson, Erica Thompson, MarcusI Turner, Doma Thornton, Claudette Thornton, Tarsha Tidwell, Kellye Timby, William Tucker, Roderick Turner, Brad Turner, Jamey Turner, Melissa Turner, Tyrone Vance, Joey Varner, ToddQjfdeo Systems Ucmitenaiiee "YOUR HOME VIDEO REPAIR SPECIALISTS" Vaughan, Mark - FULL IN-SHOP REPAIRS • CAMERAS 4 RECORDERS MOST MAKES 4 MODELS VHS - BETA - DISC S AUTHORIZES 2-te'i REPAIR CENTER OVER 14 YEARS EXPERIENCE ■ LOCALLY OWNED A OPERATED Vessell, Rogers ' 3 4‘ COMMERCIAL STUDIO SALES SERVICE INSTALLATIONS 427 CHARLES AV. BAKER. LA. FREE ESTIMATES! 775-8T55 Vidrine, Shannon Wallace, Rebecca Walls, Marcus Wells, Melanie Wheeler, Mark Wilson, Josh 171White, Semaj Wilkerson, Anita Wilkinson. Michelle Wilkinson, Tiffany Williams, Harold Williams, Milton Williams, Oscar Williams, Tammy Williamson, Jamile Willis, Thrisha GARLAND BRYANT, JR. P. O. Box 428 Baker, LA 70714Wilson, Regina Wilson, Terry Wilson, Theresa Winans, Ken Wintz, William Wootan, Janice Wright, Sylvia f MW —SID GAUTREAUX Seafood Cabin Dyer Road Baker, La. 261-9599 Century 21 Wallace Agency 3105 Washington Ave. Baker, LA 70714 I I BATTLING IheSquad: 1st Row (L R): J. Bergeron. K. Lang. 0. Baker, C. Romano. J Worthy. P. Oavis. 2nd Row (l-R): C. Womack. 0 Johnson, T. Sampson. M Jones. C Taylor. B Bates. H. Bonaventure. I. Brabham. M. Davis. 3rd Row (L-R) J. Moses. M Tingle. A. Hutson. S. James. S. Triplett. M Barrow. B. Murphy. D Thomas. W Knight. J. Causey. 4th Row: (L-R): A Veals T Hooper. D. Allen. J. Bauer. A. Cummings. S. Morgan, A. Gaian. S. Prieskop. P. Holley. S. Cheman. T. Brown 5th Row (l-R): W. Jackson, T. Converse. C Henley. A WaHs. T Thomas. B. Causey. 6th Row (L-R): T Duncan. I. Weber. C. Moock, B. Causey. D. Nettles. P. tsch, J. Hubbard. 7th Row (l-R): L. Thomas. T Moore. J. Brossette. J. Vaughn, C. Morgan. G Thompson, M. Young.This year's managers were: Thomas Hooper. Terry Brown, and Alex Veals. BUFFALOES rrt —JAMBOREE Baker surpassed the Southern Lab Kittens 14 0 in the pre-season Jamboree. Jimmy Hubbard's bobbled snap on the first drive enabled him to race 5 yards for a first down. Deano Nettles then ran 63 yards for the first score. Chris Moock completed a 23-yard pass to Major Jones to account for the other Buff TD. Broadmoor jumped out front early and managed to get a H O lead with 4:31 left in the first half. Baker’s Chris Moock passed to Ty Thomas for the first Baker score late in the first half. With 9:31 left in the game, Major Jones ran 6 yards for a touchdown. Chris Moock attempted and missed a try for two to Nettles. In the last five minutes. Baker lost the ball on a fumble and an interception besides sustaining the safety. The final score was 13-16, favor of the Bucs. BROADMOORCraig Beaman scored the first Buff touchdown with 9:54 left in the first quarter. Hubbard added the point for a 7 0 lead. Early in the second quarter. East Ascension fumbled and Chris Moock recovered on the Spartans' 20. Deano Nettles ran in for the touchdown. Mike Redd, holding for Hubbard, straightened up and pitched to Tim Sullivan for 2 points, making the score 15 0. Nettles went in again for the third Baker TO a few minutes later. East Ascension scored with only 20 seconds left in the half, making the score 22-6. Danny Allen intercepted a pass in the third quarter, which enabled Hutson to score. On the last Buff drive. Beaman ran in for the touchdown, and Redd added a 2 point conversion. East Ascension scored one final TO leaving the score at 37-14. EAST ASCENSIONBaker charged out to a 7-0 lead with Jones' 1-yard run and Hubbard's extra point early in the first quarter. South Terrebone scored, but missed the PAT to bring the halftime score to 7-6. Sampson scored on a 2-yard run and also caught a 39-yard TD pass. Hubbard added both conversion kicks to make it 21-6. Major Jones ran m again, and Hubbard added another PAT to make the score 28-6. The Buffs continued heir onslaught into the fourth quarter, adding 21 more points. The Gators scored once more to make the final score 49-14. S. TERREBONE,1 L ISTROUMA The Indians took a 6 0 lead during the second quarter. Baker missed a great chance to score when Moock fumbled on the 1-yard line: however, on Baker's next drive Chris Moock ran 12 yards for a touchdown. Jimmy Hubbard's PAT gave Baker a 7-6 lead with approximately 5 minutes left in the third quarter. Later in the period. Barry Causey recovered an Istrouma fumble on their 1-yard line which led to Major Jones' touchdown. Chris Moock ran in for two points bringing the score to 15-6 Istrouma made the game a close one with a touchdown in the fourth quarter: however. Baker pulled off a 15-13 win over the Indians.CAPITOL The Buffs took a 14-0 lead in the first period with TD runs by Tony Sampson. Hubbard added both extra points. Capitol scored in the third quarter making the score 14-7. During the fourth quarter Chris Moock passed to Craig Beaman for a TD that proved to be the game winner. Jimmy Hubbard's PAT attempt was blocked leaving the score 20-7. Capitol attempted a comeback with a 14-yard touchdown pass: however, the final score was 20-14. Baker's favor.Oenham took the opening kickoff and managed to drive to a TD. Denham went 64 yards in the second quarter for another touchdown to make the halftime score 13-0. In the third quarter, Denham fumbled, and Al Cummings recovered the ball. Chris Moock passed to John Brossette for a TD. Jimmy Hubbard's extra point try was blocked, so Denham still held a 13 6 lead. A short time later. Chris Moock threw a 42-yard pass to Ty Thomas to tie up the game. On one of the following Baker possessions. Tony Sampson threw a 41-yard halfback pass to tight end Brossette to give the Buffs a rallying victory and an inside lane m the run for the 7-AAAA championship. 186 DENHAM SPRINGSBaker managed a 14-12 homecoming win over Belaire despite a sloppy iield and several downpours. Deano Nettles ran in a TO late in the first half, after an 84-yard scoring drive in which Ty Thomas and Chris Moock played a b;g part. A bobbled snap on a Buff punt gave Belaire the chance to score in the third quarter, bringing the score to -6. Deano Nettles took a handoff from Moock and ran 85 yards for a TD. Belaire scored once more to cut the Buff's final lead to two points. BELAIRECENTRAL In a superlative defensive effort, Baker shut out Central 12 0. The Buffs scored 2 second quarter touchdowns on runs by Alfred Hutson. The Baker defense did the rest by limiting Central's offense to only 112 total yards.Tara went 64 yards in 6 plays for the first score of the game. Their attempt for 2 points after was stopped leaving the score 0-6. With 6:06 left in the half, Moock completed a 26-yard TO pass to John Brossette. Marius Tiberg, a Norwegian exchange student, added the PAT bringing the score to 7-6. In the 2nd half, Alton Gajan recovered a Tara fumble on the 10-yard line. A few plays later, Moock passed to Brossette for a TO to make the final score 13-6. TARABaker drove 53 yards in 5 plays to score with Tony Sampson s run. The Panthers came right back and tied the score at 6-6. Baker scored the next 29 points to put the game out of reach. Glen Oaks took advantage of a Baker fumble to make the score 35-12. Baker came right back with a 76 yard drive. Moock hit Sampson for the 25-yard scoring pass. Glen Oaks scored one last time with only 2 seconds left in the game, making the final score 41-20. GLEN OAKSOn an option play during the second quarter, the Bucs scored a TD on a 38-yard drive. The PAT was no good, and Broadmoor held a 6-0 lead. After the half. Turk Moore fell on the ball at the Buc’s 47. Runs by Al Cummings and Craig Beaman helped set up the TD. Cummings went up the middle on a 17-yard TD run with 2:27 left in the third period. Hubbard’s PAT gave Baker a 7-0 lead. With six minutes left in the final period, Baker went 57 yards for the clinching TD. On first and goal at the 1, Moock sneaked in for the TD. Hubbard missed the PAT which left the final score at 13-6. 191CENTRAL LAFOURCHE Danny Allen intercepted a Trojan pass in the first quarter. Five plays later a 7-yard pass from Chris Moock to Ty Thomas put the Buffs on the board. Jimmy Hubbard’s PAT attempt barely missed to the right. C. Lafourche intercepted a Baker pass and drove 50 yards for a TD. The conversion attempt was good making the score 6-7. C.L. The score never changed again.HOMECOMING QUEEN - STACI McKENZIE Staci McKenzie, the daughter of Jimmie and Joyce McKenzie, was elected Homecoming Queen. Staci's interests include dancing, partying and sleeping.1st Row — Ron Brumly. Austin Smith. Shane Myers. Kevin Southall. Henry Blalock, Brian Colligan. Scott Chemm. and John Keller. 2nd Row — Milton Holiday. Ken Matterus. Tom Cobb. Semai White. Chris Womack. James Jefferson, and Pat Davis. 3rd Row — Phi lip Spears. Andy Cummings. Jimmy Hrtrler. Mike Daugherty. Dean Meau . and Will Gautreaus. 4th Row — Terry Causey. Mike Allen. Eric Brabham. Kon Baker. Tommy Harris. Dondi Lee. 5th Row — Buddy Carrot. Mike Daurs. Jodie Boutwell, Howard Comeaun. 6th Row — Al Green. Cedric McNeely. Johnny Fletcher. Lamar Thomas. Robert Su livan. Charlie Ramaro. 7th Row Milton Broussard and Richie Ory. JUNIOR VARSITY ( u i il n I 1st row- Semai White. Mgr.. Gary Robertson. Timmy Raborn. Lmdsey Scott. Anthony Alexander. Scot Shepard. Brad Turner. Von Paige, Ivory Porter. Isadore Benton. Kirk Lee, Robert Sullivan Mgr. 2nd row Darren Banks. Aaron Nelson. Mike Abernathy. Donny Burton. Derrick Johnson. Brenton Johnson. Steve Diey, Jim Wayne MHey. Mark Abernathy. Joseph Louis. Jeff Ducote. Mike Jenkins. Skip Shows-Mgr 3rd row- Nick Sul'ivan. Tommy Fugarino, Greg Jackson. James Manogm. Alvin Green. Jonathan Jenkins. Tyree Hammond. Scott Clark. Yul Johnson. Alfred Marshall. Marcus Walls.BAKER BAND FLAG CORP 1st row: J. Pruiett L. Langlmais. T. Bond. L. Brown. 2nd row: J. Couviilon. J Walker. L. Irwin 3rd row: D Buller, B. Shepard. K Miller. M Coleman. 4th row: T. Jacobs. L. Muell. R. LeGrand. T. HirUler, A. Driscoll. C. Spam. J Hayes. J. Aldridge. J. Pulver. A Thomas. D. Brumley. K Beauchamp. R. Oxley. T. Broussard. 5th row S. Oavidson. L. Fontenot. L. Gnagie. B. Paul. S. Fontenot N. Cline. 0. Gartg. Al George. C. Plummer. E. Roan. B. Gnssette. J. Sumlin. J. Henderson. M Dawson. 6th row: J. Page. L. Bourgoyne. T. Moore. J. Rose. J. Baxter. A. Foote. C. Pulver. M. Brooks. B. Clark. C. Fields, M. Thompson. D. Gant. T. Dickey. 7th row T. Gooden. M. Heath, D Chambers. J. Hirtzler. Standing: Jennifer Walker. Laurie Brown. Jennifer Couviilon. Kneeling: Lori Langlinais. Jae Prueitt. Sara Wiggins. Sitting: Theresa Bord (Captain) Not pictured: Margaret Woodard. LeAnne Irwin Flag Captain: Theresa Bond Drum Major Jamie Ducote 1% s«P r" . ; Bottom tell to right: Marcia Cb MDa .Kin Wargo, luanea Lewis. JoAnn Palm. Andrea Martin. Ima Burris. Demetris Coitins, lammy Tuereie. Nettie CHEERLEADERS DANCE TEAM 1st row: Katie Jones. Christy Couvillon, Chanell Taylor 2nd row: Donna Blanchard. Annisa Leachman. Anita Landry. Denise Bassett, Christy Watson, Jena Mixon, Sonya McCurdy 3rd row: Angie Jannrse. Staci McKenzie. Traci Wells. Tisha Allen. Stacey McDaniel, Dietra WilliamsGIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL 1st row: Coach Starlette Daigle 2nd row: Montrice White, lisa Henry, Catherine Sept. Tina Broussard. Rosa'md Billings. Ardra landry. Eric Street. 3rd row: Jennifer Wilson, Tamue Gibson. Terry Waldon. — Jamfer Griffin, Joann Brown, Wanda Ford. Chanell Taylor. Denise LeBeau 198GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 1st row: Coach Starlette Daigle. 2nd row: Montrice White. Rosalind Billings. Marcy Coleman. Kim LeMaire, Jeanne Russell, Robin Rankin. Eric Street, 3rd row: Jennifer Wilson, Tamue Gibson. Catherine Sept, Michelle Gleason, Sarah Miller. Ardra Landry, Chanell Taylor. Denise LeBeau1st row: Derrick Taylor. Allen Walls. Ty Thomas. Mason Billings. Jewan Gooden. Alonzo Frank. Steve Hubbard. 2nd row: Earl lango $. ten Howell, John Brossette. Matt Young. Dewight Smith. Eric Robinson. Milton Broussard. Wade Higgins BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALLBOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1985-1986 editon of Buff basketball will go down in history as one of Baker's best. They posted an outstanding record of 31-5 and also won the 7-AAAA District Championship. Their district record was an impressive 11-1. There were many highlights throughout the season with the Buffs winning two tournament championships, the Wedge Kyes Tournament and the Parish tournament championship. The Buffs were picked to finish third in the district behind Glen Oaks and Denham Springs, but they simply blew their competition away. The playoffs looked bright for the Buffs as they defeated Broadmoor in bi-district and Carver in the regionals. The Buffs hopes of a top 24 berth were sharrered in the state quarter-finals by the eventual state champions. De LaSalle (40-1). The Buffs' season marked a tremendous turnaround as the 1984-85 squad was 11-18. Twelve of the fourteen members of this year's team will return next year so the future looks bright for Buff basketball. This year's squad was led by three All-District (first team) performers: Mason Billings (senior). Dwight Smith (senior), and Eric Robertson (junior). The other two starters were juniors John Brossette and Travlis Jones.JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: Casey Brumfield, Robert Sullivan, Kevin Southhall. Standing: Alonzo Gambler, Lamar Thomas, Randy Godso, Robert Dillingham. Johnny Fletcher. Cedric McReely. Coach Milton Brous sard V tn T WRESTLING 1st row; Shay Bolton (mgr), Terry Moore, Chip Morgan. Janeen Rogers (mgr). 2nd row; Chris Harris. Chad Galbo. Pat Murphy. Brad Turner. Leon Williams, Earl Roan, Brian Burton. 3rd row: Kathy Edgell. Charlie Romano, Howard Commeaut. Bill Bates. Paul Rogers. Jamie Ducote. Larry Leblanc, Donavan Williams. Kevin Alien Brent Causey. Dean Meaut, David Stoute, Jeff Ducote. Wesly Lowman. Coach Matt Tydor. Chip Morgan placed 1st in the state meet. Congratulations! Hi The 1985-86 Buffalo wrestling team finished its regular season with an undefeated 12-0 record. Chip Morgan was the teams outstanding performer winning 32 matches and capturing the Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Regional and State championships. Other noteworthy wrestlers were Earl Roan (city champ), Terry “Turk" Moore — (Lafayette champ), Kevin Allen. Chad Galbo, and Jamie Ducote. 205 WRESTLING3rd row: Allen Walls, Wade Higgins, Chris Moock, Alonzo Trank. Lynn Howell, Chip Morgan. 2nd row: Sean Smallen, Danny Allen. Ty Thomas. Brian Stensrud, Steve Hubbard. Coach Moock. 1st row: Robert Gerald, Johnny Hailey. Mike Redd. Chuck Hutchinson, Tommy Drew. BASEBALL VARSITY IVARSITY BASEBALLJUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Don Baker. Tommy Fuganno. James Monayal, Amando Frank, Paul Martinez. Will Gautreaux. Jewan Gooden, Timmy Rayburn. Von Paige, Mark Watts, Joey Vance, Shane Myers. Jay Bourque.With the 1985-86 school year came the birth of Baker High’s tennis team. When a new teacher, Mrs. Janet Heard, inquired about the possibility of coaching a tennis team, she had no idea how overwhelming the support would be from not only the participants, but from the administration and community. A lot of hard work learning both the fundamentals of the game and the strategy of tournament play went into this year, but because most of the team members are underclassmen, we look forward to some big things from them in the future. TENNIS Top Row: Margaret Prme. Eric Street, Chris Thomas. Scott Mobley, Edward Ooomes, Mark Smith, Jesse Gilbert Jason Andersson, Sarah Miller. Middle Row: Mrs. J. Heard, Dustin Garig. Randy Tucker. Wesley Slocum. Roy Fair, Tracy Ferguson. Lisa Henry. Bottom Row: Katie Reading. Kathy Foster. Karolina Sipari, Allyson Jacobs, Susanne Zeilmger. 211GOLF The golf team had a successful year. Bottom Row: Mike Rabalais. Ted Dewitt. Chris Pulver. Back Row: Buddy Garrot, Doug Day. Jason landrem. We finished third in regionals. Jed Jeff Calloway. Not Pictured: Bill Bates. Walter Lee. Jason Jamk. Calloway was the regional champion for the third year in a row. Jeff finished fifth in state and the team finished 15th Jeff signed with U.S.L. 212Al-L VOLLEYBALL st row. Jackie Mott. Dawn Fisher. Susan Bouquet, Julie Richardson. Missy McCleary, Kasey arris. Lisa Sullivan. 2nd row: Jeanette Alexander. Geneva Herbert. Tonya Clayton, Dena Stap es. Iissy Goynes. Mary Hawkins 3rd row: Coach Linda Thomas. Karen Jones. Cynthia Collins, Kim auver. Shante Gibbs. Tonya Richardson. Angie Pratt.GIRLS SOFTBALL Silting: Dawn Fisher. Kasey Harris. Angie Pratt. Desiree Bennett. Tina Bourgeois. Kneeling: Jeanne Berninger. Missy McCleary. Missy McBeth. Susan Bouquet. Robin Rankin. Standing: Sheryl Stevenson, _ Tanya Richardson. Tammy Webre, Shannon Ory. Missy Goynes, Dana Law. Tina Broussard 214 GIRLS TRACK 3rd row: Eric Street. Joann Brown. Kiki Gayle. Toma Badeaux. Lisa Sullivan, Juamka Kelly, Erica Gardner. Ms. Star Daigle. 2nd row: Sandra Scott. Renee Caine. Tarsha Thornton. Lisa Montgomery. 1st row: Nena Verrett, Cheryl Jones. Dona Street.Standing: Gregor Williams. Lamar Thomas. Graig Carmal. Glen Jenkins. Gregory Thompson. Thomas Converse. Jerrell Worthy. Michelle Holmes. Kneeling: Charles Vessel. Anthony Cummings. Therion Duncan. Cedric Triplett. Micheal Barrow. Front: Joesph Moses. Damon Rutledge. Major Jones. BOYS TRACK 1

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