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 Table Of Contents Introduction .............................. 116 Administration ...........................17-21 Freshmen .................................22-50 Teachers .................................51-61 Sophomores ...............................62-92 Sports ..................................93-131 Juniors 132-158 Clubs 159-169 Seniors 170-199 Prom 200-201 Graduation 202-203 Ads 204 216 As a former graduate of Baker High, Ken Ryder wanted to do something for his alma mater. After six years of searching, Ken came across the answer in Desoto. Kansas where he purchased a 28-day old buffalo. Ken generously allows Baker High to use, “Buffy”, the buffalo as a mascot. The only other live buffalo mascot is at Colorado State University. Thomas Hooper. Joey Davis, and Shane Cross help with the upkeep and care of the animal. We at Baker High appreciate Ken Ryder for his contribution to his alma mater. . T«4 The theme tor the 1984 Homecoming door decoration contest was "Ghostbusters". This years winner was Mrs. Hembree's senior home room. The winning feature was the use of a live black cat (not shown) encircled in the Ghostbus-ter emblem. This was accompanied by appropriate Ghostbuster music. Homecoming festivities would not be the same without Tasha’s bubbling personality and exuberent school spirit. ,Working the concession stand, participating in 50's Day. painting spirit signs, attending Louisiana's Boys and Girls State, performing at pep rallies, or just plain “ole horsing around", is all part of student hie. nu t Mr. Bezet has contributed to many programs at Baker High, ranging from general science, physics and chemistry courses to sponsering Hi Y. the senior class and co-sponsoring the graduation ceremonies. This ingenious "seniors” scientific mixture consist of a formula, (NaOH2) + HCLA0)NaC13 + H20) the result is a composite of Mickey Mouse. 14Selected for induction into the Louisiana High School Athletic Association Hall of fame was none other than Baker’s own. Jerry Epperson. LHSAA’s annual banquet, hosted at the Bellemont Hotel, was held in January, 1985. A graduate of Baker. Mr. Epperson formely taught mathematics and coached in East Baton Rouge Parish. He has held such positions as President of LHSAA, Chairman of 7AAA, President of the EBR Senior High Principals Association, and Chairman of eight different reviewing committees of the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. He attended Northwestern University on an athletic scholarship and graduated with academic honors. Under Mr. Epperson’s direction, the Broadmoor High football team won the state championship in 1966. The student body at Baker High School is appreceative of the leadership, dedication, and contributions to our improved academic and athletic endeavors. Under Mr. Epperson's continued supervision we anticipate a great future for our school. Whether the task is patrolling the campus, scheduling student classes, assigning clinic, or solving behavioral problems, Mr. Bullock has maintained his office affairs diligently. The time and effort he has contributed to the successful functioning of our school is indicative of his dedication to his work. One of the contributing factors to an efficient office is one's staff. Mr. Bullock is ably assisted by the Dean of Students, Coach Larry Thomas, and his secretary. Mrs. Jeanette Lee. Coach Thomas’ responsibilities involve student attendance, tardies, and behavior. Mrs. Lee’s duties are numerous and she maintains her sanity because of her marvelous sense of humor in the face of adversity. 18Mr. Allen Spears, Assistant Principal of Education. has numerous responsibilities involving the teachers as well as the student population on campus. Mr. Spears is in charge of the materials of instruction that are issued to the individual teachers and reviews the teacher's lesson plans that are prepared each week. His cheerful promotion of good will is reflected as he moves about the campus among our students. Assisting the main office with clerical duties and insuring a well run faculty are our two secretaries, Mrs. Audrey Wilkinson and Mrs. Pat Hampton, Mrs. Wilkinson performs her secretarial duties with utmost professionalism, and Mrs. Hampton does an efficient, excellent job as the bookkeeper and secretary to Mr. Epperson.2021FRESHMAN M C T H 0 Z T V P 3 0 T T U Q N C L R 0 0 I s E N B U J 1 D X L J N F 0 S s E E E J 0 T D P T E V A L M W V 0 0 M X Y V • I L A E 0 P T F A 0 I R C M 0 N K 0 w G N E T S M K E W P V D 0 T T E K T L C D| K P 0 E T C S I V P! S C A E L E 0 H T R I E Y T R A 0 T P 0 T S L 0 u A C E D X M M 0 G U E S S P A Q z X S V L z N A P S K Q R 0 L E P u G T N L M S U Y A F H M K c w N E U X M V! K P V X C A L L A E T M R B w T V 0 P T R A T V Q Y S 0 B D w F J 0 H X A E D G P 'J A E I E I L Z Q R C U K Z G I C H E E s E B U R G E R NEW J L N Q E M L M P s E P 0 D N M 0 c 0 X E p Z T D Z 0 X S A Y C z M A Y D A Y D Q A Z 0 T M z Q 0 R B E C A D Q ZH1 GREEN E F G A H G V U I N R U B J w Q 0 p K s M S H I U W T H I SCARED M I F F E D K I E M J A L B E S F N D D Y I Z C N A P X Z EXCITED 0 N 0 N F A G V P X 0 C 5 B 0 T Q R Y z C w A N Y R U S L N A R E X H M B D I L K P I c F D Q 0 K I E V N F 0 K G B CONFUSED A R A S V U C C S P F T L Z B V Y G E I K R X J H D R 0 K NARCISSE R M L P U s Y R M A Q G V H 0 z A E C X B D T C P N W S N CURFEW C B M L c s H G Y G N A N G z A X 0 S z Y T D C E M E U LANGLIOS I A P U u Q F V X A Z Y H G E X C I T E D A C W J E T s E H D A s R c L I V L G 0 I V L B E 0 S R C I 0 H T A S LICENSES s D X W H A N E S D U A R Q 0 U W F H T N I J Y K F C B CHEESEBURGER E B X c X U I G E K B H L G X 0 L I V Y R P L M N D V K K GUESS S W E G J 0 F I H S E H S T K H N K T X S D Q J R M N J N| FAST-TIMES I A T G D S F M I T B I . H I C J D C 0 G A T 0 Y S I EX w Z N P U 0 S R M C P M T F G u A L U Z H J S B D E G M L DURAN-DURAN c A D K R Q 0 B N 0 J C G K E R D E V B M J B K Q I HL GRADES J E L I A z M R 0 S D Y F T Y F 0 K L P G 0 Y E A N H C I K L I E N X T Q F A S T T I M E S M W B Y A D Q L M c z c" z Y Q B D A X E C G L J Z H B W 0 I 0 M 0 Z R K P N D F Ei 0 G D N U C R U B I N V F A J D E G A E A H E A c H F B 1 L H Z Y R S X Q Y 0 N R G T W 0 F M C K U X I J p Y W L 5 Q A B E A G H L I R E W F M I S D T N J X C Y G u 7 P V E G R E E N L A T 0 S ■ Y Q U N M W S G R A D E S 0 I Aaron. Terrence Albarado. Angela Albert. Micheal Alexander. Alforna Alexander. Kenny Alexander. Stephanie Allen. Floyd Allen. Kevin Allen. Reginald Allen. Tisha Allman. Tracy Anderson. Scott Andes. Charlie Arbour, Mickey Ashford, Trey Augustus. Louis Badeaux. Saundra Baker. Donald Bankston. LJ Bankston. Sherri Barrow. Reginald Bassett. Denise Bates. Lance Beard. Patrick Beachamp, Toma Beck. Mindy Bello. Gerald Bennett. Desiree Benton, Monique Bezet. Morgy Billings. Rosalind Bingham. Henry Blalock. Henry Blanchard. Kevin mmBolton. Shay Bouquet. Mike Boyd. Yvette Brabham. Eric Bradley. Valerie Brashear. Angela Brent. Jesse Bngnac. Richie Brooks. Brandi Brouillette. Marty Brown. Angie Brown. Chanal Brown. Nicole Brown. Queena Brown. Terry Brown. Timmy Byrne. Lisa Carter. Christopher Carter. Desiree Causey. Terry Chambers. Darren Chambers. Gwen Chrisholm. Brian Clark. Hardy Clark. Linda Clark. Sheneakic Clement. Brian Came. Renee Campbell. Julie Canezaro. Susan Cann. Sylvia Carex. Sandra 25Cline. Shannon Cobb. Thomas Colligan. Bryan Comeaux. Howard Cook. Shelley Crouch. Dawn Crowder. Lori Crowe. Jon Cruel. Keith Cruz. Johnny Cummings. Andrea Daniels. Missy Daugherty. Mike Oavts. Carolyn Davis. Diane Davis, Louie Davis. Patrick Davis. Patsy Davis, Travis Davis. Wayne Deavers. Joanna Dewitt. Ted Diamond. Brian Dickey. Terry Dillingham. Robert Dixon. Robert 26Ferguson. Shelley Ferguson. Toya Ferguson. Tracy Fernandes Sonya Fisher. Dawn Fletcher. Johnnie Foster. Kathryn Foster. Sherry Foster. Teresa Franklin. Harriet Frenrel. Flame Dorman. Terri Douglas. Alfredia Driscoll. Eric Dunn. Deon Dunn. Gerald Dunnan. Dirk Dunnmgton. Richard Edged. Kathy Elhs. Trent Emery. Gloria Fmery. Roger! Escher. Cindy 27Gaines. Stacey Gambler. Alonzo Gammel. Scott Gardcnhire. Clay Gardner. Erica Garrott. Buddy Gauthier. Ellen Gautreaux. Chantel Gautreaux. Will George. Leroy George. Shantelle Gerald. Robert Germond. Bonnie Gibbs. Eddie Gibson. Monica Gilbert. Jessie Gleason Michelle Gooden. Anthony Goynes. Missy Graffeo. Patricia Gramer. Bradly Green. Carolyn Green. Frankie Guilbeau. Barry Guillory. Mark Guy. left Hailey. Kathy Hamilton. Larry Hammitt. Racheal Hammond. Andrea Hammond. Henri Haney. Antonio Hardesty. PatriceHardesty. Paula Hardy. Clark Hargrove. Adnane Hams. Eric Harris. Kasey Harris. Tommy Hawk, Mickey Hawk. Scott Hayes. Hendrick Hayes. Steven Hebert. Amy Helm. Jennie Henderson. Jerry Hirtzler. Jimmy Holiday. Milton Hollmgs. Jennifer Hollingsworth, Tom Howard. Erika 29-v : A ‘- Knightn. Derrick Krumholl. Melissa Koppa Shana Lambert. Mike Landrem. Jason Landry. Eun ce Landry. Mary Langlmais. Cheryl Lanus. Levor Laursen. Larry Laursen. Wade Lee. Dondi amr33 McGebee, GretaMcKenzie. Leslie McKeely. Cedric Me I in. Vicky McManus. Helen Meaut. Anthony Meche. Kevin Medeiros. Rhonda Medeiros. Ronnie Milligan. Melinda Mitchell. Angie Mixon, Julian Mott. Jackie Mulkey. Yvonche Murrah. Barry 35Myers. Shane Neal, lohn Newsom. Kirk Newton. Joseph Oxley. Reginald Parsley. Thomas Pate. Lenora Patterson. Eric Patton. Soyabta Paul. Darla 36 Peterson. Joe Pourciau. BlaineLJ8Quebedeaux, Rhonda Redden. MehssiaReese. Billy Reese. Demetnce Reynolds. Jimmy Richard. David Richard. Stacey Richardson. Beverlyn 42Richardson. Julie Rivnig. David Roberts. Kelli Roberts. Kern Rogers. Janeen Rogers. RebeccaRogers. lab Roundlree. Debra Rowe. Sharon Sansone. Steve Schell. Caler Scott. Mcnica 44Southall. Kevin Spears. Philp Spillman. Dennis Spradey, Darla Station. Ava Stefanak. Deanna Stewart. Bruce Stewart. Geralyn Stoute. David Sullivan. Robert Taylor. Corey Taylor. Derrick Taylor, Rivers Taylor. Ivy Teasette. Jarva Te ano. Martinique Thomas. Andrew Thomas. Chris Thomas. Craig Ihomas. Lamar Thomas. Larry Thomas. Peter Thornton. Donna Tolbert. Teresa Tucker. Tony Turner. Titus Tyne. Donna Veals. Alex Vidrine, Jody Wade. Miguel Walker, Jenifer Wall. Any Walls, Don Webre. lammy Welch. Trudy Welch. Kim Wells. Melanie Whisenhunt. Dawn Whitheld. Tammie Williams. Laki Williams. Michelle Williams. Tammy Willman. Micheal Wilson, Jenifer Wilson. JohnTeachersABBOTT BABB BAILEY BARHAM B E Z E T BOUCHER BOUDREAUX BOWERS BROWN BRADFORD BULLOCK B R 0 W N, G. 0. C A R T E R BURT C 0 N A C H E N C 0 C K E R H A M DAIGLE COOK EPPERSON DEER G E T E R ELLIS GUY FOSTER HAMPTON GRIMES HAYES HADDEN HEMBREE HARBOUR H E U R T 1 N HEARD JACKSON HENRY L. J 0 N E S HUNT R. J 0 N E S JOHNSON KELLEY KAUFMAN L E E L A N G L 0 1 S MILLER MCGEE M U L H E A R N M 0 0 C K NOBLE 0 R Y PATE P E A P E R R 1 L L 0 U X POTTS PRATT P R U Y N R A B 0 R N REED ROSS RUFFIN SANDERS SMITH SOWELL SPEARS STRINGER STEWART S U M R A L L STRUPPECK THOMPSON THOMAS VEAL T Y D 0 R W A R G 0 V E R R E T T WEEKS WEATHERSPOON WEST WELLS WILKINSON W H 1 T F E 1 L D WILLIAMS WILLIAMSAu conditioning and Retrigcration mm34Jackson Physical Science LEARf E.. Clerical Heurtin ‘tivsical EducationPerrilloux Potts . . ial Education- Raborn GivicsRoss Librarian WM 60SOPHOMORE CARS ALLOWANCES GIRLS BOYS MUSIC ESPIRIT TAILS PERMS HEARTACHES JOBS DIETS DR. PEPPER FRENCH FRIES DATING T M D V I S A L V E S 0 H T E R E A S 0 N D B Z X Y N 0 P N R P N 0 o Q T L R P N R V Z X M E S P I R I T R Z M R E S 0 B 0 C A R s E E Z Z W N V 0 P Z V N E R E L V T T E M Y Z 0 C Z V 0 R w D C R F E P F G Q G H I B A 0 M J F L w u v o D w X M R N A P D C A B V H V u V W F V E V N E 0 T G H T T Q V Y P E c 0 H D A L L 0 W A N C E S E 0 P 0 R S B I C N J S u 0 N Q D K L M N E S T K A T C 0 X : ' B V F ! f ’ 0 $ : n n ! A D X P S T R P 0 J E F C A H E E D D N D C Z Q U T L B N L N M z B A M L K I R C G H I N C E B L M P E I U T 5 R A B K X W Y 0 E N P B L I A I N F E D E G M A N R Z J F E D W K A A Y M Y T 0 E T E M R Q A B K A A N C R G T A J z E X c vJ Z N S P S P 0 V D U T H P 0 F E B S P G R I L s Y J Y s U V V T R P c L P I V J N K M L F 0 F 0 I W T X H Z J I A G F S Q E N T i. R A B C S A Q I N A A L S R U C R D I F B H E u V R Q N P S H R E J V V E P S M T A L w A Y I G C D I F 0 C C D R M E Q I V L E R N I P R 0 N S N 7 Q H K J L P H A P V L W U B 0 K A A B F 0 C N 0 E G H I J K M 0 P X Y I s S J K 0 S J 0 B E M UNDO P N N P H F X N Q R E W V I E R H H I I 0 C Q P G B D E S G Y F G V K Z N P Y Z s c H A S H I N c M L C H K 0 F X N F E L V N A V F G H A M J G A A R K S L G I J E F R U V C D A »x L N E R P 0 C E F G F Z V E F S A V R B R C K V N P fi M L M H Q E A E L A N Y K F G S D A U M E 0 R N U P 0 Y Z K S A T A I L S A F X 0 L B •A- M T V S T R J U A B G R L J I A S R D B C L E L C J E U E D P H N BO B W X X Y H Y B T C V H F D J K A B D A B D F R E N C H L J L N C U E B U w F K Z Q D C D T R Z T D F R I E S M K G Q F B A Z F G X Y E P L w L A 0 N X P B A C C P L Y Z U G K Y H E A R T A C H E s X H S Y B W U T D I E T S s R T L T H R S E S M R N V E K Y S Z Y A V N L Y X 0 Z M V S T U W V R A T E A I V 0 V. 0 0 D F G A D M V F Z I 0 F Y Z M N M V U H C D I • Z Y K D A T I N G B P 0 N V M T I D D A W V X I Y S V II 0 B L B B A P A C D E F H E I Hail To Thee, Old Baker High ... Aa on. Johntal Abernathy. Genesis Alexander. Penny Allen. Carl Allen. Melissa Allmon. Robert Anderson. Jeffery Anderson. LaTwanda Askms. Paige Augustus. Oemetrica Babin Kathie Baggett. Pat Bankston. Brandon Barrow. Kim Barrow. Michael Bates. Bill Batiste. Dwayne Bauer. Jeanne 63 Bauer. Jeree Baunchand. Sharon Beardon. Charles Beasley. Jodi Bell. Gregory Bell. Willie Bergeron. Nessie Bernmger. Jeanne Blackwell. Keith Blackwell. Mark Blades. Shannon Blanchard. Donna Blanton. Mary Bonaventure. John Bond. Theresa Bordelon. Tommy Boyle. Michelle Britz. Kathlene 64Broussard. Shanna Brown. John Brown, laurie Bryanl, Latonaya Buckley. Levan Burns. Laura Bursh, Troy Buxton. Thurston Byers. Carolyn Callegan. Troy Campanile. Dana Campanile. Tonyq Canfield. Suzanne Carter. Carol Carter. Jill Carter. Missy Causey. Barry Causey. BrentCausey. Joel Chapman. Marcia Clay. Shan Clayton. Tonya Coleman. Amanda Conachen, Margaret Cresie. Jamie Crittenden. Nia Cross. Shane Cruz. Bobby Cucullu. Craig Cummings. Anita Curtis. Aurora Dake. Donna Daniel. Tom Davis. Belinda Davis, Debra Davis. GerardDavis. Shawna Davis. Tara Davis. Torrence Dawson, Micheal Denson. Louis Desoto. Joe Desselle. Kevin Domino. Clayton Doughty. Tracy Drake. David Driscoll. Amber Duncan, Theron Duplessis. Shari Dupont. Arles Dupre. Matt Duvernay. Walter Durr. Jeffery Ellis, Shannon Esch. Paul Fields. Mike Felder. Mike Felder. Tammy Ferguson. Darin Fisher. ShannaFoote. Bobert Forbes. Dwayne Ford. Darlene Frank. Alonzo Franklin, Vanessa Franklin. Wilbert Freeman. Marty Freeman. Shawn Fruge, Billy Gault. Stepahme Gayie. Kiki Gibb, Robin Gice. Fred Gooden. Vanessa Goynes. Monica Graham. Terry Gray. Wanda Green. Michelle Guillory, George Guillory. Tonia 69Hardesty, Arlette Harrison. Robert Harrison. Tonia Hawkins. Julia Heath, Micheal Heil. Faith Henry. Lisa Herbert. GenevaHills. Chanda Hilton. Roger Holley. Patrick Holmes, MichelleHowell, Len Hubbard. John Hubbard. Stephen Hutchinson. Chuck llgenfnz, Teri ■■Jefferson. Andrea Jenkins. Glen Johnson. Kim Johnson. Oneal Johnson. Orlando 75 Johnson, Shelia Johnson. Troy Johnson. Wanda Johnston. John Johnston. Terri Jones. Joseph Jones. Ira vis Joseph. Carl Joseph. Charles Joseph. Debra i - rp'-tjffANCE TEAM LEADS Joseph. Sean Kelly. Bernadme Kepper. Troy Kersey. Chris Kesock. Shirley King. Iris Kmg. Nelson Knaps, Charmaine Knghten. Tressa Laborde. Davislee. Walter Lefebure. Brian Legrand. Roxanne LeNoir. Jami Lilly. Mancy Lockman. lisa Lyons. Leticia McDonald. O.V. Mack. James Martin. Corey McCray, Stacy McCurdy. Sonya McDaniel. Jeffrey McManus. Adrienne McMillan, Joseph Meador. David 82Miche li, Cheryl Mixon. Jena Mooley. James Moncriile. Veltoris Monroe. Miquel Moock, Chris Moore. Chinita Moore. Lashon wgm rAlHAcNm Hah to thct.ou Baker Mich Thou the mocks or out ways Throuch thi rrA j weu rees THY LOVE And thy standards raise. Hail to thee, oldBarer Hich forr the stirits that smc prai st Fondest memories come or thee Alma Mater, Hail! Morgan. Stephen Morris. Jason Morris. Marian Moses. Tony Mullins. Darren Murphy. Scott Murray. Michelle Myers. Chandra Owens. Peggy Page. Jorn Patm. Joann Paul. Victoria ■ 84Peel. Larry Pepperman. Dawn Perkins. Portia Pierce. Steve Pierson. Michael Powell, Tammara Pratt. Ang e Pratt. Pamela Prescott. Clint8b Randall. Kim Redd. Sondra Reed. Patricia Reese. Rodney Richards. Matt Roberts. Kandy Roberts. Lynn Robertson. Eric Robinson, Ursula Rodriguez. Otilia Rogers. Edward Rollins. Maria Rose. Joseph Rushing. Tony Ruth. Anthony Rutledge. Domoine Sampson. Tony Schlatre. James Sept. Mary Sibley. Curtis Sims. Jeanette Singleton. Kenneth Smallen. Sean Smart. Robert Smith. Cherisse Smith. Kyle Spann. Urel.a Spears. Chandra Spears. Shantell Springer. Constradme Staples. Stephanie Stirgus, Charles Stone. Jennifer Stone. Kellie Street. Michele Stretch. Gaye Sumlm. James87Thomas. Dexter Thomas. Kelvin Thomas, Larry Thomas. Ty Thornton. Marquerite Tourere. Tammy Treme. Sean Triplett. Drone Tucker. Randy Tucker. Raymond Tucker. Terry Turner. Duane J i 88fc West. Andrea WheelocK. Patrick Whitaker. Pamela Wilkerson. Adrean W iliams. Brmklyn Williams. David Williams. Donovan Williams, leon Williams. Lionel Williams. Tyra Wilson. Stephen Wright. Donna 91A F G R T P Q M 0 G N R V V S K D R M 0 N F A G Z R S M R . D B C J E 0 S D R S C A V V Y 0 N L S M L M R N c N I D R G H E A S C N I F S U H S R E P I T E S 0 R V P Y 0 S T E S K I. T D F T p R H C L R 0 P T J T I L G 0 T E I E c S H 0 F 0 P E S A N E 0 I M Y C M p E N B 0 E T F H L N R u T 0 M R S T N w F E A Y 0 S A 0 A I T R A M Y U G A A C L T E M A N w D E s C T R W A T T T D L E M A D 0 N M R N A C H W A Y 0 D X M T E 0 G E Y U B M A H M E T E 0 R F U T C A E w S N I H nnrte A E H H R N Y 0 N G A N U P P H U 0 K R N I 0 W H H E D D Y otJUrTo 2 T 0 T 0 T E R 0 0 L M M A E R H 2 N B R E D I C E D U F G ■ I G 0 N R H T I T C 0 H L N Y M 0 0 C K R Z H I M J L 0 R S FOOTBALL P Z A Y U A B W R N 0 M T T F 0 E S s D E 0 S N 0 U Y R D H BASEBALL ? P F 0 M G I 0 A D W Z 0 H C R N T R F R 0 G I 0 0 E W Y A VOLLEYBALL M L C N Y U M :: N R N H N S P U C E 0 T 0 H G 0 N L U T I w TRACK E A A D 0 N G A E A T L E N 0 R H A I M T E R U D A N R L I G 0 1 F •f 0 Y E W P 0 Y 0 'J A C C 0 U N T F R 0 R S U S C H A D R C A S T I C C N A N G E I T N Y T u H D E N G E X D L 0 D T E vj U L I COACHES ? R A H D C E B R A I R E L E Y 0 S T R D D E R P L T E D P 0 R Y E S P P B N P A P R N H A I S V 1 U I E R H A R E I 0 U S G 0 STEWART T T A P R I U S L E E F P N T E T D G A A P A A C I R G E s M 0 0 C K I 0 N F A C E E S P 0 E S R V E P A T H E C R E S S 0 0 0 I THOMAS 3 A K E R H I G M S C H 0 0 B A W L R 0 F N S S E T P T E H C 0 M P E T I V T I 0 N I N K U P I I N 0 H W D Y C U K E STRINGER T H H H T U F L T W L B D C B s B E L 11 H 0 Y A I T Y L N T HARBOUR A I V K S S R L H W L H A I A K L A L L E D 0 P N E W 0 E S L A N G L 0 1 S T T I I 3 S E A D I T E Y R D E L W I P 0 W V T K H I 0 T C BARHAM r R S T U I Z N 0 I Z W K N H T V 0 L L E V B A L L L I A 0 n 1 A V F P Q c N E X T T I M B M 2 Z 0 W M A Y A W 0 0 T I Y T N T L K M r L ft i t l o X 0 U T E M B D L E D C T R R S M N T y V 0 Y E H E H A N 2 TRAINERS E X M A N A G E R S E I N U E 0 U A S B I 0 0 H E L R T V U MANAGERS H c D U U 0 0 A I L 0 E 0 A B u T Q T R T R E V E K il 0 D E SPORTS Y w 0 0 D T D Y M I N H T W W 0 H E P 0 Y D S W I T E R 0 I FAN : Y G 0 C C A :: T I S N E L E V I E F E E H J D I B L W I T r u r p D c D 0 0 M H H S I H S T N E L E V I E F E H H D I B L W I [, b n L L l O I V T U R C T 0 G I R S R B I I 0 R Y P T A T 0 A U I M T 0 P E P R A L L 1 E S D c A D F E R z U D I G L N F 1, N D X S M T D F L 0 A Y E 0 SPIRIT 0 N 0 U D M L C T N E A T 0 E N D X S M T 0 F L Q A T E 0 CHAMPS 0 A C N S Q N A w X G M C Y P 0 L N 0 0 S E B E M Q N A p PRACTICE o C A N 0 Y L 0 V K E S R S N L V I M 0 0 C K L I L E E N Y PYRAMIDS T K M A H A R B 0 U R B I A T 0 G R W 0 u D L K E T 0 R W H TOUCHDOWN 3 F. R W F. T E N T L I D L E T G E C N H E V R W L B T E E G C S E H A H R 0 E L W L I K 0 T T K 0 w R E R W L B U Y N ; H 0 M E R U N D I W R 0 N S R A Y 0 U S T E W A R T L S V J s A W D A T C HALFTIME A D D N R J T P E I A N T L M T A B L W s E Q T S I S Y E Z WRESTLING V 0 A J H U C M N S P 0 D E K K Z I A A D Y L T M D I L V T Y D 0 R T E A R A u T T N S 0 P w S I T I T I A G E X J T N I F M R P 1 N E A I W M s A W M E 0 N 0 L K N F A T A C 0 B 3 V Y D Y o N TOURNAMENT T T T 0 I p A H E M E T T R E A E T 0 I R R E J K D B Q G J HAITI F : R E H S 0 C E C 0 S 0 N E T E E R R 0 I M I C B F K X S P U A 1 b L t A E L JL2. V Y B E j. E L L N E S K A ■2JL T A M A J L J R WILLIAMSRow I: Manager Keith Bryant, Jett Bauer, Leslie Gautreaux. Mike Barrow. Adrian Norwood. Darryl Rowan, Manager David T dwell. Row 2: Howard Bonaventure. A Cunnings Earl Spotsville. Johnny Boyd, Greg Washington. Van Parker. Greg Owens. Craig Beamen, Row 3: Trent Singleton. Thomas Converse, Greg Englesman, Scott Prieskop, Robe: Black. Steve Morgan. Jesse Harris. Gerald Jenkins. Clayton Domino. Row 4: Corey Taylor. Dwayne Dufour. Cedric Triplet. Ken Lang. Byron Davis. Tiger McCastle. Jot Bergeron. Dexter Thomas. Mike Redd. Jell Scott. Row 5 Jimmy Hubbard. Terry Moore. Kenny Jenkins. Richard Butler. Paul Bennett. Anthony Ftgarmo. Tommy Campbei. Ma” Young. Steven Shelton. Tommy Walters. Ashley Scott. Row 6: Paul Esch. Troy Esch. Scott Dieterich. Danny Allen. Nelson Carruthers. Nick Harris. Deano Nettles. Ronr Richardson. Jamie Wyble. Anthony Doty. Bernard Brazier. Coach J. C. Stewart was born Aug. 8. 1928 in Rollins. Miss. Stewart attended Picayune High School in Miss., where he was a four-sport letterman. He attended Pearl River Junior College for a year-and-a-half, lettering twice in both football and basketball. As a tight end for Coach Dobie Holden. Stewart was all-state in 1949. The Buffs’ head man transferred to Miss. State University in the Spring of 1950 and played one season at tight end for Maroon Head Coach Slick Morton. Stewarts college career was interrupted in January of 1951 when he entered the United States Army. Following his discharge, he enrolled at Southeastern LA. University in the fall of 1952. He lettered one year in football and two in track while there. He was All-Gulf States Conference performer in football in 1952. his fourth and last year of college gridiron eligibility. He coached at Columbia, Miss. High. Picayune High and came to Baker after nine years at Plaquemme. He has been with the Buffaloes the past 19 seasons. Stewart lives in Baker with his wife Betty and they have two children, Cliff. 27 and Melanie, 24. 94Whs88 Jamboree Baker-25 Redemptorist-0 Sophomore sensation Clayton Domino returns the opening kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown as Baker gets its 1984 season off to a rousing start. The Buffs add touchdowns on an eight-yard run by Craig Beaman, a 26-yard scramble by quarterback Scott Dieterich and a five-yard plunge by Ashley Scott. Jimmy Hubbard adds one extra point kick to round out the scoring.•••• Fullback Richard Butler scores three times on runs of three, seven and 13 yards, while Clayton Oomino gets touchdowns on a seven-yard run from scrimmage and a 69-yard punt return. Quarterback Scott Dieterich goes 74 yards on an option play for a touchdown, while defensive backs Ronnie Richardson and Mike Redd return interceptions 24 and 30 yards respectively for scores. Broadmoor Baker-57 Broadmoor-0East Ascension Baker-20 East Ascension-0 The Buffs get touchdowns from its offense on runs of one yard by Scott Dieterich and 28 yards by Clayton Domino. The defense gets in on the act as safety Greg Owens returns an interception 85 yards for the clinching score. 98Ashley Scott, filling in at fullback for an injured Richard Butler, scores on a seven-yard run and a seven-yard pass reception from Scott Dieterich. Clayton Domino puts the game out of reach with a 91-yard punt return for a touchdown. Opelousas Baker-18 Opelousas-OHammond Baker-6 Hammond-0 Ashley Scott recovers a Hammond fumble on the Tor 16, and Scott Dieterich rolls to his left 19 yards for the winning touchdown with 11:49 left in the game. Baker gets just 125 yards total offense in the game, but Hammond is limited to 107 stripes and loses three fumbles. 100Baker takes a 13-0 lead on a Clayton Domino two-yard run in the second quarter and a Scott Dieterich one-yard sneak in the third period after a Jesse Harris recovery of a Covington fumble on the Lion 19. Jimmy Hubbard converts on the first PAT. Baker shutouts end when Lion quarterback John Boudreaux fires a 43-yard scoring strike. Covington Baker-13 Covington-7Denham Springs Baker-34 Denham Springs-7 Billed as the game of the year, Bakers quarterback Scott Dieterich passes for three touchdowns and runs for another. Dieterich has scoring tosses of 15 yards to split end Anthony Fugarino, 13 yards to fullback Richard Butler, and two-yards to slotback Nelson Carrathus. Dieterich is named Offensive Player of the Week by WBRZ television, while end Ashley Scott is Defensive Player. ■ 102Baker's hopes for an unbeaten season end as undefeated Gulfport scores on a 69 yard pass with 1:38 left in the game. After spotting Gulfport a 7-0 advantage on a 34-yard scoring run. the Buffs rally to take a 10-7 lead on a one-yard touchdown dive by Richard Butler and a 22-yard field goal by Jimmy Hubbard. Gulfport Baker-10 Gulfport 103Baker is led offensively by quarterback Scott Dieterich who completes six of nine passes for 176 yards and two touchdowns. He passes a 57 yarder to Anthony Fugarino and a 35-yarder to Nelson Carrathus. He also scores on a one-yard option play while fullback Richard Butler gets a touchdown on a one yard plunge. Jimmy Hubbard is perfect on four extra point kicks. Baker-28 Central-0The highlight of an Autumn Homecoming was the crowning of the queen. Past queens of Baker High attended the .eveitf. The court anxiously awaited the announcement of the queen Tension filled the Buffalo Stadium as the name Kristi Perot rang throughout. Kristi was escorted by her father. Pete Perot. Kristi is active in every aspect. She is Co Captain of the cheerleaders. Senior Class Vice President and a member of Tri-Hi-Y and the yearbook staff. Kristi enjoys dancing, water skiing, and shopping. After graduating Kristi plans to attend Southeastern. — 1984-1985 — Homecoming Queen And — Her Court — --- Senior Maids ---Sophomore Maids Glen Oaks Baker-37 Glen Oaks-7 Fullback Richard Butler leads the way with 167 yards and a two-yard scoring run on 16 carries, while tailback Clayton Domino adds 102 yards and a five-yard touchdown run on 16 attempts. Slotback Nelson Carrathus and reserve fullback Deano Nettles on 3-yard runs, Jamie Wyble on a recovery, Steve Shelton on a safety. Greg Owens received his sixth interception of the year. A record season for Coach J. C. Stewart. 108Baker enters the first round of the playoffs against the Tara Trojans of 6-AAAA. Baker assured itself of another playoff game with a 28-0 win over the Trojans. The Buff defense intercepted Tara 5 times with 2 fumble recoveries while the offense had 260 total yards. Tara Bi-District In the second round of the 7-AAAA playoffs. Baker journied to Galliano to take on the South Lafourche Tarpons. The Buffs' dreams of the dome were shattered as the Tarpens clipped the Buffs 13-6. Baker took an early lead and a total of 124 total yards to the Tarpons’ 274. South Lafourche sounded off with 13 unanswered points. South Lafourche Robert Sullivan Mason ....... Ton, Sampson. fcmck Allen. Mato, Jones. Jet. Calloway. Steve MM "" Norwood. Coach langjo . Felton Thorton. Iravlrs Jones. Eric Robertson. Jascha Khisen. Chris Moock. Len Howell. Coach Barham Baker 52 Catholic 40 Baker 54 St. Amant 69 Baker 62 Acadiana 44 Baker 52 Tara 54 Baker 41 Zachary 40 Baker 53 Broadmoor 78 Baker 67 Lee 71 Baker 47 Belaire 50 Baker 53 Catholic 51 Baker 42 Tara 57 Baker 55 St. Thomas 65 Baker 62 Lee 63 Baker 49 Northeast 44 Baker 63 W. Feliciana 45 Baker 75 Istrouma 76 Baker 43 Redemptorist 68 Baker 85 Brusly 81 Baker 53 Central 65 Baker 55 Hammond 57 Baker 67 Covington 63 Baker 56 Denham Springs 55 Baker 60 Glen Oaks 64 Baker 54 Belaire 65 Baker 47 Central 71 Baker 73 Covington 56 Baker 47 Hammond 49 Baker 50 Denham Springs 68 Baker 38 Glen Oaks 52 Baker 63 Belaire 58lop Lett: Wendy Epperson. Pat Burrell. Veronica Billings. Wanda Ford. Ethel Cummings. Ann Mack. Lisa Henry. Joann Brown, Chanell Taylor. Coach Mrs. Daigle. Bottom Lett: Connie Breaux. Jamter Griffin. Mary Sept. Mary Hall. Tina Broussard. Renee Burrell. Denese LeBeaux. Not Pictured Donna Dake. Julia Cockran.Front Row: Tina Bums. Mike Redd. Johnny Hailey. John Hays Second Row Ty Thomas. Scott Dieterich. Greg Engelsman, Tommy Drew. Allen Wa’Js. Third Row: Chris Moock. Ronnie Richardson. Anthony Fugarino. Tom Campbell, Jr. Carrathus. Len Howell. Mike leBlanc. C. Moock.Chris tones. Shane Meyers. Nia Crittenden, Jewan Gooden. James Cresie. Sean Smallen. Wade Higgins. Alton Gaian. Coach Thomas. Ty Thomas. Alen Wa Gardenhire. Alonzo Frank. Len Howell. Barry Causey. Will Gautreaux1985 Softball Members: Tom Poland. Lori Wells. Cindy Welch. Vicky Stevenson, lynn Allred. Michele Esther. Tanya Richardson. Angie Pratt. Angie Alford. Desiree Bennett. Missy McCleary. Robin Gibb. Mary Sept. Tma Broussard. Tara Poland. Statistician. Carolyn McKinley. Manager. Jackie Mott. Manager.Coach Tydor. Mindy Beck, Brian Lefebure, Kevin AJIen. Daryl Roan. Jamie Ducote. Tommy ‘Turtle' Walters, Chip Morgan. Turk Moore. Candy Davis. Robert Smart. Chris Womack. Chad Galbo. Billy Fruge. Tony Lyons. Larry LeBlanc. Ralph Ihaxton. Freddy King State Qualifiers- Coach Tydor. Tom Wal ters. Turk Moore. Chip Morgan. Daryl Roan. Ralph Thaxton. Freddy King. Chad Galbo. 123- LXMindy Beck. Leon Williams. Eric Brabham. Howard Comeax. Mike Dougherty. Matt Young. Candy Davis. Coach Tydot. Jody Boulwcll. Paul Rogers. Stephen v Meaux, Louis Denson.Golf Team left to Right: Chris Thomas. J3Son Landrem. Kirk LcJeunc. Jeff Calloway. Danny McRae. Not pictured: Robert l ussleman. Chris Pulver.Missy MeCleary. Kasey Hams, Julie Richardson. Geneva Herbert, Robw Gibb, Angie Pratt. Tara Poland, scorer. Shante Gibbs. Michelle Mack. Carolyn McKinley. Missy Goynes. Stacy Ellis, Jackie Mott. Manager Tom Poland. Tanya Richardson. Lori Wells. Kim Fauver, Cynthia Collins. Karen Jones. Jeanette Alexander. Covington won 2 0 Hammond won 2 0 Central won 2 0 Glen Oaks won 2-1 Covington won 2-0 P.G.T. Beauregard lost 2-1 Central lost 2-1 Redemptorist lost 2 0 Hammond won 2-0 Central lost 2-0 Glen Oaks lost 2-1 Acadiana lost 2-0 Placed second in District; advanced to the State Tournament in New Iberia where we lost our first game to Acadiana 2-0. Lon Wells Shanet Gibbs All District Players Toni Poland Jeanette AlexanderTop Row: Darrell Roan, Ashley Scott. Randy Doty. Richard Butler. Felton Thorton. Richard Moncriffe. Middle Row: Theron Chiasson. Chris Johnson. AJdrict '' Piper. Michael Mier. Bottom Row: Harry Jarvis. Freddie King. Byron Davis, Raymond Woodland.Sharlous Booker. Jamfer Girffen. Theresa West. Mia Mack. Yollanda Coleman. Joann Brown. Erica Gardner. Tisha Allen. Kiki Gayle. Stephanie Tate. Antonia Came, Chanell Taylor Manager. Sonyalita Patton. Angie Albardo. Donna Thornton, Trainer, Nena Verrett. Ms. Daigle, Desiree Carter. Cheryl lones. Renee BurrellJUNIOR Z L K C I J M P 0 S A H L R S H T D B I F W E C A S N T B C C c B K R A B D B $ c c M B 0 0 Q N D P M F I B B Z F M Z w T A z B N 0 T Q 0 T L B A N Q T W 0 D K T c K P 0 E D G H X 0 R S U V W V E P X 0 Y I M K K I J U Q C S U C B G R E B 0 K I G R Y c s I 0 S T V R R 0 T A V F Y N M 0 E S L K X D M 0 N D Z M W L z P G N H C E H D C P N T u p W P B R B N Z A X Y 0 E F C I G I J L M Q R M V R Q B T K C T 0 I N D C X E J L K N P R 0 0 c 11 V PARTIES M L A A A M 0 R K 0 T W Y R K X 0 Z N C A F E I L K Z C N 0 I P H P z V B F T L B D G J K N P Q 0 R CONCERTS M F R A T L M Q D B E A G S M U V S W X B E A w z Y J WAVES D P I N K J S R D A U C H I J Y z w c D F G B A X M REBOK C 0 L B B A D C F E F G I J K L M A F N L B A F A Y C W E B G D W I E L G N I P K T R M T 0 0 V K $ CLASS RINGS Z B X D A F C H K A J F M H 0 J Q C L S N B U P w R BOBS N Q c T N X Z X I A V B C D S U X H Y G F S E P 0 R SWATCHWATCH R B p D V X w H Z J F E F R T V w 0 Z I H D V W c B E PROMISE RING A B S D 0 E U F E H Y F G I Y J H K G L K M N L S 0 Q P W X T Y V V W A K L J B C M U X T A I J V I C D f. PROM A C G Q I J K L M N 0 P M Q R S T T A N 0 Y Z K A p REFLECTIONS B c L A S S 0 R I N G S M S Q T E C A C B D E F E MCDONALDS B A C D H J M N Q P T V N H R T H H 0 P P P w I 0 D CORTANA 0 [5 U D I K L 0 R S V M X Y B Z C M Q z A C F G s H j C 0 T P R P 0 s T R 0 H s N E X D E B L S D T I W x PIZZA M A D C F Q I K N Q s U X Y E p X H A D c E F G w J VIDEOS H G B E J L M 0 P R T W V Z R z 0 X B P R 0 M M i K M [ E I J D Q R W U C A G K J s U V T F J H B Q U V w C 1 G F C K P S V X B D H M c R U A B K G 0 I p T X c A b : H B R E F L E c T I C N s Q Y Z E L M 1 R s V Z p D E A L M N 0 T Y Z E P I N 0 P X c D M C 0 D 0 N A L D • A Q D C F J V u Z S N 0 p M L Q W T Y ' C X z Y E r J B G H E I K K T M R Q N 0 P R s X U z A B w G F J Kti Beasley. Chan Beasley. Sandra Belew, Tony Bergeron. John Bernmger. Melissa Billings, MasonBlanchard. Kim Blanchard. Shelia Boucher, Ely Boyd. Tracey Brarnlet. Greg Bridges. Joey Broussard. Tina Brown. Elizabeth Brown. Joanne Brown. Sidyetta Brunty, Kim Buhler. Travis Butler. Oanette Burris. Tina Byrne. Angela Calloway. Jeff Campbell. Angie Canezaro. Jackie Cannon, Donna Carmen. Greg!!■ I The“- Frustrations Of Yearbook Are Contagious Davis, Melissa Davis. Patricia Davis. Robin Davis. Tim Dettman Rebecca Dietiich. Richard Dmo. Tonya Drew. Tommy Ducote. James Ducote. Jodi Dukes. Freddie Duncan. Monica Dykes. Jeanette142Freeman. Eric Eremin. Max Galbo. Chad Gauthreaux. Catherine Gibbs. Shante Gibson. Eric Gore. Bobfci Granier. Chad Gray. Cheryl Griffith. Bobbie Guy. Colleen Hailey. JohnnyHaney. Yolanda Hamman. Eric Hams. Emanuel Hams. Malcolm Hawkins. Sharman Hayes. Jeffrey Hays. John Hebert. ChrisHubbard. Jimmy Hubbard. Shawn Hulfstatler. Connie Hughes. Tim Humphries. Tern Jackson. AnthonyKarr. Michael Kemp. Michael Kemp. Stephan King. Kevin Klusen. Jascha Kmghten. Sandra Kyser, Kenny Lang. Ken Langley. Bruce Law. Lara 149Lawless. Raymond Leblanc. Larry Leblanc. MichealMcCaskill, William McCune. Darlene McDaniel. Stacey McKenzie. Melody McKenzie. Staci McLain. Thomas McManus. Brian McManus. David McNicol. Tammi Mc' ea. Brad Meyer. Danielle Michel, Carl152 Michelli. William Michelsen. Roll Miller. Kevin Mtxon. Rory Mock. Paul Morrison. Ricky Morrow. Vinell Neal. Andy NetterviBe. Angie Nettles. Deano Noble. Lonnie O'Callaghan. Daniel Olmde. ShannonOubre. Barry Palmour. tammy Patterson. Jacquetta Pea. Dwayne Petite. Laronda Pickering. Steven Pitre. Michael Plummer. Germaine Porter. Donald Prather. Lana Price. Sylvia Prieskop. Scott I I ! 153 —Stevens. Jennifer Stevens. John Stiles. Peggy Story. John Stoute. Sam Sullivan. Del Sullivan. Mike Smarts. Knsty Taylor. Chanelle Taylor. Keith Thomas. Byron Thomas. Emelia Thomas. PriscillaA G P Y G M Y F H ■ V H C " 0 G E 0 I •• U ... s M F X V N :• F H I R D T M A 0 N B T S V A R H D E c A E A N A Y H B 0 T M P S E 0 E N F E U U Y A M K 0 R F F 0 Y K F I L P 0 w u T U Z J S S P 3 0 W A T 0 V. R E U D T M R 0 A N 0 C 0 A V H E W H R I A D E R 0 M U H A L A s H B E C u S E L P P E A M E 0 P 0 L R A N w S S L S 0 T : L E Y F R 0 w S H w D S M T L G U Z L A T u N A A P E L A W H E R E A I T A S 0 E S 0 E H T I p N E N G W c I c •: E D F T H S I G W N A Y c B 0 X E S D Oil iko P 0 F A I F 0 D E s Q V T G E T D E S A W I C K E S A S w I C 0 T A I S 0 V R T E I H 0 R T 0 T E B E E Y I T H I E A p UIUDS iJ E R 0 L G I E C c E L E D A N Y A K 0 N B T N A S H N S N 0 w T A C S W G L I 0 L E W D M B T 0 N U A T A M C E H R C A B S T C M N 0 c I R S Z C w N T Y M I L v; F I 0 E N B D A N C E T E A M D P 0 0 Y L 0 U C 0 P C U 0 T 0 K 0 P N 0 P A E N S R R S G CHEERLEADERS A V K A L L I 0 v; s I T H u L D V R T E D E C R T D I S T M R P T A C 0 B V I G 0 B A R V I A H T C T : A S S M A 0 I 0 N E R 0 D t 1 M F. 0 F R N T p 0 R A D E T E E H N T S L M I R F S L J N N 0 C 0 E C F B R V J E E p A W I N E A E G c L K 0 S R E s H C A R D E C A : J L T I H R 0 s I R T T R E R I p I N I E A T H E S T E u L E A 0 C H C N 0 T B Y H E I M R D A K N T C p Y U S E V u DRAMA w L D B E E I D T B U . S Q U E I I R G T 0 H C 0 N S T D A F B L A Q T A T P P K I N 0 I S U T L C N T 0 C :: I 0 A s S T N E 0 H E I E R 0 I 0 K A B T E S A 0 F T C I T E F E c T I B S B F C A R I A M E P U R I L Y H C A E F A E 0 U :: R I T 0 R N Y 0 Q F F A T A E S S E E N S :: A I :: E :: E F S E I R 0 N T u I A E M C U A R S I P E I M A T V N H I 0 R I A s S S E 0 Y H F S 0 S F H A w R V L D S P A T E S E E S N E M I F M V A P F L I E T H D JUNIORCABINET N N L E I H N 0 S C I R I D F Y H H T N R N M I Y E R E V s A A T N A 0 G R I C Y A s S S 0 G B 0 T L R I N S I W F T INTERACT 3 T B S T Y P G I Y T 0 E E c V. 0 U 0 N W Y T 0 A I F N 1 E H 1 - Y ■j I L Y A 0 R S M N B L B T H T Y G C H D C 0 D Y M I N E Y p 0 E R D U E 0 A 0 R C C 0 0 D 0 E T 0 0 U D D R A M A 0 p M U S 1 G M A V N S E S 0 F S E E L N A T A F T H T P T H E A T R E G W P LIBRARYSTAFF : A E A H T T E E 0 U V F N K E V. I 0 B A N D P N E B U T X 0 L T I L 0 •: H S H D E B E N R 0 E N 0 P F H C A X E H A F 1 N T E R C L U B a' H T S 0 N c G I N T E R A C T A S T T T F T V E R 0 D I E V NATIONALHONOR J 0 H R T W A B W U I E 0 W M 0 E R A T E H E S E w A Y S J H N A S H A M B L E K C V S W E E A T H 0 R N A T 0 T E T R 0 F F 1 C E A 1 D E S 0 T S T T N C U N N T K A K T R U M E D I C L Y s H A 0 p SENIORSENATE 3 R S I T R S w 0 X Y I Y S D H E N U E N V R !. E D A R I N 5 R S T U 0 Z D P E A U I 0 N 0 D L S E S D A K U D E B F G STUDENTSPIRIT F B G R U G T E A R F H A I T H 0 U I T N Z C L U B N 0 0 L T R 1 H 1 Y Z A D A D D H S E C C A S Y D S H T G E Y W E A E F N 0 0 F T R H 0 R M E E R v: R I G T G 0 E R M T 0 L T E M I V K T A YOUTHSAFETY X T E B S A W N E A N J I C R M N K A S T Y 0 T S I :: D B W Z C L U B A K S 0 T H E R T B I E S T U G E I W A A S 0 H T A T C S U G B 0 Y H I Y L s H 0 w D 0 Z R T B A 0 p I J R A L M YEARBOOK R H T c D S A J K M P Y 0 U A Q S C Y F S N H E F D E L T H BAND J M G E Y F W W X P I T D 0 0 F F I C E A I D E S B R H E C H R M U H T H X E R T K R E A Z D 0 C T Q S R E 0 E U I T s FLAGCORPS P A U R D S V A T B E A S I X W N I P 0 R : E T T A s L L K PRESIDENT D E V. I T c R R I V G s E T H E L A G C o R P s M E P F D VICEPRESIDENT A S E N R ■; E C F T I! E P N T A T S J E F M T E R U R D I T Q L 0 U S E V X U T Y N E I A S T 0 Z 0 K 0 T G R T T U K K SECRETARY J J J R s R E T 0 U I C Y S E C R E T A R y A R B Z T Y E I. TREASURER D J R B J U N I 0 R C A 3 I N E T S 9 T K L jL B JL JLJL JL ft I • 01 STRICT 4 X L MUSIC EDUCATORS ■j ASSOC 1985 Earl Roan. Terry Dickey. Mike Dawson. Mike Heath. Jorn Page. Darren Chambers. Leon Williams, Jimmy HirUler. Jay Gummaraju, Matt Richards. Becky Shepard. Dirk Dunnam. Mike Brooks. Tammy Prieskop. Richard Moncriffe. Tina Broussard. Tara Jacobs. Arnie Austin, Billy Reese. Lou s Fontenot. Donald Coleman. Chris Pulver. Roianne I egrand. Joelle Aycock. Jamie Ducote. Carl Michelli. Ashley Foote. Warren Fehr. Derek Irwin. Catherine Heard, Janeana Prueitt. Prichard Moncriffe. Jennifer Walker. Lmdy Shepard. Nancy Fehr. Ricky Theriot. Sharon Bauchand. Danette Buller. Jamie Aldridge. Margaret Woodard, Michelle Beauchamp o Band Band Band6ok htwon Jacobs. Kasey Hams. Sherri Bankston. Nena Verrett. Chan Clay. Jeanette Marlin. Monica Goynes. Suaanne Canfield. Jennifer Eilertee. R JflRSTTfeyneTTraci Wells. Joflnn Patin. Lori Wells. Karen Johnsnn. Pamela Whitaker. Stephanie Staples. lammi lourere. Shaa fuqua. Kristi Re I ashley. Pianist. Tara Jacobs. Vicki Downs. Vicki lutnck. Saundra Bafeaui Tina Burns. Katie Jones. Stephanie Gault. Kim Blanchard. Margaret Co Mi, Dion. Shana Koppa. Jodi Beasley. Joanrvi Atkinson. Mr. Jones. WendaH Smith. Craig Cucullu. Terry Causey. Steve Pierce, obby Crur. Charles Beardon, Grady Noland, EtiC'Brabhan. Gree Bramlet. Jeff CaRoway. Rubin Wallace. Kenny Wilson. Hawaii: Mr. Jones, Stacey McDamek Wendall Smith. Kabe Jones. Grady Ncland. Tira Burris. Philip Kidd, Karen Johnson. GregBrarae , Kun Wargo. Rubm Wallace. Joanna - .-sod Kenny Wilson. Jodi Beasley ; 'leasurer.'Stephan I’e Cnannel )z 163Brynn Stensrud. Mike LeBlanc. Bill Whatley. Steve Pickering. Cheryl Wheelock. Joe Leonard. Daryl Hodges. Rhonda Smith. Kim Wargo. Katie Jones. Grady Noland. Keith Short. Lisa Walker. Sherry Clark. Dannette Boiler, Nancy Fehr. Dawn Robertson. KeBy Pouciau. Karen Cayer. Jennifer Stevens. Chanell Taylor. Delesia Spur lock. Not pictured: Tony Turner Cindy Oake BETA Stacey Tourere. Robin Vidrme, Kim Venzant. Sus e Rice. Lisa Lattmg. Kristi Martinez. Kelly Pourciau, Susan Reynolds. Dawn Middleton. Cindy Watts. Lara Lindsey. Dawn Spillman. Melinda Perrault. Wanda Gice, Elaine Vessel. Cheryl Wheelock, Sonya Francewar, Jo Boyd. Missy Morgan. Angie Smart. Kim Austen. Ernestine Fontenot. Shame Kimball. Staci Monson COE Chris Kersey. Christy Couvtlon. Rhonda Goo dale. Bessie Sims. Shannon Almond. Laura N: mand. Nycol Innerarity Drama Club 164Tonya Skipper. Staci Tourere. Teranda Martin. Terri Johnson. Nancy Lily. Cheryl Wheelock. Dawn Robertson, Kelly Pouciau, Sonya Francevvar. Jennifer Stevens FBLA Ricky Edged. Joe DeSoto. Patrick Davis. Gerard Daws. Paul Kimball. Vickie Wander, Ohiia Rodriquez, Sharon Baunchand. Jcdy Irwin. Kathy Edged. 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Johnny Boyd. Keith Bryant. Keith Short. Daryl Hodges. Joe Leonard 166Pan Vaughan. David Nobles. Joe Leonard. Lynn Allred. Dawn Robertson. Tom Campbell. Lisa Walker. Daryl Hodges. Lisa Weber. Grady Noland. Kelly Pourciau, Kim Austen National Honor DeEtte Wilson. Lon Wells. Tasha Elbert. Joe Leonard. Kathy Dettman. Lynn Allred. Michelle Beauchamp, Ricky Edgell. Grady Noland. Paul Bennett. Greg Engelsman. Jodie Irwin. Lynda Ensenat, Tammy Preskiop, Bret Barrick, Kyle Landrem. Keith Bryant. Shannon Fowler. Lisa Walker Newspaper Staff Wendell Smith. Keith Bryant. Jack Cra g. Steve Wyble. Kirk Peterson. Kathy Dettman. Lara Imdsey. Nancy Paimour. Patty Persick, Lisa Spurlock. Shannon Fowler. JuLe Bouquet. Kim Wargo. Jill Carter. Tasha Elbert. Lisa Walker. DeEtte Wilson 167 Office AidsJulie Bouquet. Susan Reynolds. Tasha f ibert. Karen Johnson. Lori Wells. Krisit Perot. Shannon Fowler. Nkbelle Esther. Dawn Robertsor Lisa Walker. Pam Vaughan. Lynda Ensenat. Keith Bryant. Kelly Bounds. Steve Shelton Ja mie Wyble. Greg Engelsnan. David Nobles. Kyle landrem. Greg Owens. Oaryl Hodges Keith Short. Johnny Boyd. Greg Washington. Robert Black Senior Cabinet Kim Austen. Ramona laureles. Jodie Irwin. LeAnne Irwin, Michelle Beauchamp. Veltons Moncnelfe. Delesia Spurlock. Dawn Robertson. Theresa Bond. Missy Carter. DeEtte Wilson. Joanna Atkinson. Tasha Elbert TRI-HI-Y 168 Youth Safety K u .1 C B E G 0 M 0 D A c F A F E A E CFKJMNQR7' Senior A Z L N X 0 H M W K A B D L I F F J N E M c c L 0 R J 0 E I F J A L I F 0 G B R H C I J B D 3 0 A M D H Y W B X Z GOIPKOLVP; LMGKJIKLAjl FBLKULJNSa C D C C L A N J D F E B H G I N Z M E L 0 C J N M L U n 1 graduation R B S K N n G M J R I G v; z M 0 I N H Z G I C T K J K A D 0 B T J N J 0 H T H A S M U N D I uvrsksq.po: PROM B U D C B A K L L 0 0 T L E I M C A Z YXSWADRFNi C L C L C K D 0 E M c D F G H I E Q P uxvaybwld: P R U Y N A C D J J Z T u N 0 Y Z J L W H 0 E' M LZSRGU NTH, V. L D Y z L 0 T A p W X K M c 0 P 0 C DAJFHKSRC! HEMBREE I B J I L I S C w H 0 N z 0 R L R P T Q U I V T N R S R 0 Z 0 0 s T B C L Z JDFIKJTJF!1 OMBIEBCDIC B E Z E T I. .1 N H C V. M Z M P Y 0 S A D E F D R RICSVWYEN3 N N B I L E D T L 0 P Z N G J Q C M : BGTUCAZFA, FINALS C Z M L C A C 0 C D L X Y H P H 0 A J HEHOXDGLZi it X X Z L D 0 T Z L B M N L w Q 0 N G NOBEFBEHEYj FLORIDA L B T X L M N E M X Z D K 0 I P F I E FGHMI JKVNX c 0 M 0 L T R Z B X L P 0 N L R A C X VPOBMBLCD- CARS A F 0 R T U N E A U B U C D 0 L C A L ESORCZMEDA D 3 c F B R U B U H S K M N 0 Z D M 3 TULE3 JNLFC COLLEGE H B A T K N A A G I L 3 R 0 F V W X Y ZABECAOHBG I. I J P A K B C F J K 2 B C G H I J X LMFGHBCIUL MEMORIES M E G B P Z L P E C L A M Q G V E s S nlxjixdjdk! K A C B W z R M B X Z L M 0 G J 0 p T UVWZYEPQQK P L U M C R A Z Y F D C M N K L S Z L X Z L K K K 0 Q R ABCJXYZSNP A D J L 0 A A Z P R u Y :: S B A D S K LXUVLFOOTU RELATIONSHIPS E F K H P B r- A W P c D M A H L M E F LSTWPAEABC F I B B A C C B J S L S X B K I 0 G M njclbmkklk WILD D N C J Y A D K M Z L Y w U .J U s H 0 rouzcejjna G A H X D X E Y I z C D c E I E p I P OBOQMHIOBO PORSCHE I L L N Z M F K C 0 E F D F I D I H G LSNRBHPNCD I S 0 P 0 0 G C H N A H G R H J E F K mopsegedgz FAME R H I E P N H C E Y I P 0 0 P S K L S ULCDFHIJOY R N G F Q E I 3 L 0 J M M N 0 A K E G HMZTHSFXRX FORTUNE A H D N U Y J 3 0 H E K Y Z G B X C F I JABUGLZGK L C J M R W K M B M U L Y U P C D Z Y lkvxcmbarv L S U B K L E S V L U R F A B C X L L I K 0 bzwydefgao A K L P T u M w B E K F I J V H W N X PESVKLWXDJ SOUTHERN F. C B M N 0 K V M F G E t. : M G J M L QRZTUMYZES F J : S T R L L C D H M N 0 P M V F G HINEONPCSR MONEY G D K P Q s 0 Z A U Q A E c C L J I G JPCBTOASTli H I K J K L P U H T T F B D R D K U H peeybzgevx FASHION N 0 C 0 L L E G E G E W X Y A T E S V NUWXPQKHViiY J K L M S V Q A F S P. C A Z Z R Q P R ONMKLRJDBZ GRADES I G P Q u X R B T E C D H T Y Y Z E A B C G K H I A C - C B H R w T S I F G A V U S R V H W X ffdkdorst. CREDITS T U W I B C D D K H K L M ? Q T R Q s thxccorbl A E R T N E T E J I J B N 0 U T P U T u Y Z P B S P J n JOBS D Y X Y R X F W G G C V U 0 S N 0 Q L VLSUAEFRGK X U S C Y Q U A p] D H I s T M 0 E S Q XUWEPGHPIJ GUESS T Y V C W V P F H J L V N J A V L P ryimstkbj F Z p R 0 M E D F K I p 0 L K IT Z A knjgyqxlk FINALE A L J 0 L P Z B C G B S H Q I C G H M OSOHLCBNAC J K K B Q M c W 0 D A B E R K D J H B ORTUVKEDF, JL JL JL JL JL JL JL Y( i- T I SUL ""TP- PS-172 Albert. Yvonne Allen. Earnest Allred. Lynn Allen. Richy Arseneult. Alan Atkinson. Joana Austen. Rim Aycock. Joelle Babin. Dawn Badeaui. Karen Badeaux. Tommy Baggett. Malcolm Bailey. AnthonyBaker. Greg Barnck. Bret Barrow. Ooretha Bay ter. fdwm 8eauchamp. Michelle Beck. Missy Bennett. Mark Bennett. Paul Bergeron. Tom Bergstrom. Petra Bickford. TroySenior Joana- We are so proud of you! You have blessed our lives, and given us much joy. Always keep God at the center of your life and he will guide you. We love you! Love. Mom. Dad. Diana, Joe Congradulations Kim-We are so proud of you and all you stand for. May the Lord always be the leader in your life. Love. Mom and Dad Congradulations Joelle We love you and wish you all the best forever and ever. Mom. Dad. Tracy. Blackie 174Beetle Sheila Black. Robert Bolton, Frances Bordelon. Randal Bounds. Ke'ley Bouquet. Julie Showcase Missy, We are blessed having you as our daughter, and friend. Always remember we're behind you in all you do in the future. Love, Daddy Mom Toni, We are proud of you. Just Remember to always be all that you can be and let God direct your path. We love you very much, stay sweet as you are now. Love. Mama, Daddy, Pam and John Johnny Boyd. We are so proud to have you for our son, You have always brought much |oy and happiness to us. Remember our Lord who guides and keeps us all and trust Him in all things. We love you very much, Daddy. Mother and Dee I - I Boyd. Joe Nell Boyd. Johnny Brazier. Bernard Breadoux. Connie Brilz. John Brosselte. Jeanme Brown, frednell Burrell. Bobby Burrell. Renee Butler. Richard Bryant. Keith Bryant. Ritchie Campanile. Sherry Campbell. Carmen Campbell. RicKy Campbell. Tom Carney. Michelle Carrathus. Junior Carroll. Greg Carter. John Congradulations Ritchie- A very special person. We are so proud of you lor what you have accomplished. We love you and wish you success in the future, love. Mom. Dad. Mark Tasha You have made us very proud of you We love you for being you. We wish you all the success and happiness that you deserve. God Bless You. Mom Dad Kathy Dettman Congratulations "Sissy". We are very proud of y and wish the best of luck for you in the coming yea We love you very much. You deserve the best, love. Mom. Dad. Joey. Becky Chris 176Troy Fsch Congratulations Troy. We are very proud of you and ycur accomplishments. Always remember "Footprints ii tl« Sand” and you will succeed in whatever you ctcose to do. We love you very much. Dtddy. Mama and Paul Ernestine Fontenot Congratulations Ernestine You are a very special daughter and sister. May Gcd bless you and be with you always. Love. Mom and Dad. Lloyd. Stacey, larry and Louis. Shannon Lame Fowler Shannon, you have become quite a young lady. We are all proud of your accomplishments. We wish you much happiness and success in the years ahead. Love. Mom. Daddy, and Shane I ■ I Davis. Byron Davis. Candy Davis. Stacy Deiournett. Cynthia Denson. Bridget Dettman Katherine Dietench. Scott Oillon. Jelf Dmecola. Mark Dion. Stephanie Dobson. lodd M Doty. Anthony Doty. Randy Douglas. Tammy Dufour. Dewayne Dunn. James Edged. Ricky Efferson. Rusty Elbert. Tasha Wanda Gice Wanda sweetheart, you have given me more than any parent could ever ask tor. You have proven to me that one parent can do lust as good as two. You have respect and a beautiful personality and thats why I love you so much. Love Always. Mom Rhonda Goodale Rhonda. This is a short gesture to remind you in later years of how proud we are of you for achieving this goal It's something you can always cherish and no one can ever take away. We love you baby. Moma and Daddy April Higgins Congratulations April We love you and are very proud of you. Keep up the good work and you'll .,o along way in life. Love. Daddy. Ma ma. Adam and Wade.Engelsman. Greg Ensenat. Lynda Esch. Troy Escher. Michelle Gray. Shander Green. James Fehr. Nancy Fisher. Marcy Fontenot. Ernestine Fontenot. Hope Forbes. Kenny Ford. Marty Foster. Sarah Fowler. Shannon Francewar. Sonya Franklin. Aaron Fugarino. Anthony Teresa Kilpatrick Congratulations. We are very proud of you and we lore you very much. You have made it. and we are very confident that you will make it in life. May God be with you always. love. Mom. Dad and Don Kyle Landrem To our son Kyle, our love and best wishes for a happy and successful life. May you forever hold the hand of God and let Him be youi guide. We are so very proud of you and love you more than words can express. Our love Forever. Mom. Dad. and Jason Lisa Lading Congratulations! You've been waiting for this day a long time. You are a blessing to us. Always seek Gcd's will in every thing you do and you will find happiness. Love. Dad. Mom and ChrisLara lane L ndsey Congratulations. Lara. You are our heart. We are so proud of you and all that you stand for. Thanks for being you. Mother, Mr. Dave, and Scott Terarda Rena Martin Congratulations on your graduation. We wish you the best ot luck in the future in striving lor your goal. Don't settle for "okay", go all the way. May God bless you. Love Mom. Dad and Carla Kristi Martinez Congratulations. Kristi. We love you and are so . Proud of you. Our prayer for you is God's bless n; guidance in the coming years love Ya! Mem. Dad and PaulHardest. Patrick Hardesty. Michelle Harris. Jesse Harris. Nick M Ccrgratualtions, Laurie-We are very proud of you. wish you the best of luck and happiness in all your ambitions in life love. Mom Dad Kristi. Thank you for being the toy of our lives for the past 18 years You deserve all the pride we have in you ard the very best life has to offer. GO FOR IT! I ove. Oad. Mem Carl Congratulations Melinda We wish you all the best. May God bless you ard watch over you. Love. Mom. Oad Kristen Juanda Rainwater Take one last look but never forget this is a big step and there are others to come Keep going and be proud for all that you have done. love Dad. Mom. lawanna Pucks Juaquine Raymond Good luck in the Future from Curtis. Raymond (Daddy) Juaquine Raymond We are so proud of you. Stay Sweet and consic-and you wi i be a success. Love. Momma. R J„ and GrannieHodges. Daryl Howard. Adrian Hunt. Marquette Hynes. Gerald Irving. Derek Irwin. Jodi Jackson. Angela Jackson. Jeanette Jackson, John Jacobs. Tara Susie Rice Congratulations Susie, you’ve always made us proud of you. We wish you much happiness in the future Mom. Dad. Paul and Robin Lynn and Ken Roberts Congratulations to my two miracle children. On May 31.1967.1 was given two special gifts from God. I’m as proud of you today as I was the day you were torn A special love from. Mom. Dad and Kaidy Dawn Robertson Congratualtions Dawn. We wish you success and happiness in your future. Keep your chin high and your faith in God and you will go a long way. We love you! Mama. Daddy KimJarvis. Harry Jefferson. Yvette Jenkins. Kenneth Jester. Me mda Johnson. Christopher Johnson. Derrick Johnson. Karen Johnson. Michael Keith Short Congratulations Son for the accomplishments that you have achieved in the past. We are all very proud and love you very much May your future be tilled with happiness and success you so richly deserve. Jennifer Simmers May you never forget the good times we've shared. May they carry you through any difficult times. May you never forget how much you're loved. May you have the best that you deserve. I love You!!!!! Tammy Angie Smart "Our family is very proud of you. God bless you as you take this giant step in life. We love you very Much.'' Phil. 1:3 Mom and DadJohnson. Tony Jones. Jan Jones. Tracy Joseph. Michele Keith. Susan Kidd. PhTip Kilpatrick. Teresa Kimball. Shame King. Darrel King. Freddie Knigliten. Sabrina Knippers. Chris Landrem. Kyle Landry. Rusty tatting Lisa LeDuff. Monica Lee. Richard Lees. Scott Lefebure. Lisa Lejune. Kirk Wesia Spurlock Congratulations Lisa-We are very proud of you and sh you the best ol luck in the future. We love you and good luck in college. Mom. Eli. Andre', and Jared David Lamar Tidwell Congratulations. David. You have made us very proud You deserve the very best life has to offer. We are proud to have you as part of our family. Love. Mommy. Daddy. Dale and Kellye Stacey Tourere Congratulations Stacey. We are very proud of you and wish you the best for your future Good Luck. We all love you. Dad. Mom and TammyMack. Michelle Macke . Scott Marroy. Mike Martin, lohn Martin, leranda Martinez. Kristi Massey. Billie Leonard. Lindsey. Di Lindsey. L London. 1 Mack. Mkhe Cheryl Wheelock Cheryl is a sweet daughter in every aspect. She has set a goal in life and is trying to achieve it. With our love and her understanding ol life, she will succeed. We wish her the best and we know she will hold her head up high and achieve it. Love Always. Mr. and Mrs. Moses Wheelock (Mom and Dad) De'Ette Mehta Wilson We are proud of the accomplishments you have made in high school Always remember. With Cod as your guide, no mountain is too high tor you to climb. We love you. Mama. Daddy and Sonseeahray Russell Young Our love and best wishes to you on your gradi and m your future. Love Mom Dal Brent and ChrisMay. Scot! McAllister. Wend McBelh. Jim McCaslle. Aldrich McCoy Warren McDonald. Billy McDonald. Doug 187 McKinley. CarolynMcRae. Danny Middleton. Dawn toer. Matt Mief. Mike Mock. Victor Mohler. Kay Moncritfe. Pritchard f oncriffe. Richard II Monson. Staci Mcore. Melissa Moran. Clark Morgan. Melissa Mussleman. Darren Mussleman. Robert Newman. Wendy Nobles. David Noland Grady Normand. Laura Owens. Greg Palmour. NancyTasha Elbert — Trent SingletonPourciau. Kelli Powel. Stacey Pneskop, lammy Proctor. Lamar Rainwater. Juanda Raymond. Juaqume Redd. Glen Reed. Dot Reynolds. Susan Rice. Susie Richardson. Ronny Richardson. Tonia 191Roan. Darrel Roberts. Ken Roberts. Lynn Robertson. Dawn Robertson. Tim Robinson. Chris Robinson, Dave Robinson. Earl Rogers. Jim Rogillio. Ben Rummel. Paul Rushing. Crystal Scott. Ashley Scott, Jefl Scott. Jefferey Shavers. Brett Shelton. Steven Shirey. Calvin 192BESWERSONAUTY Short. Keith Simmers. Jennifer Sims. Bessie Singleton. Kelfm Singleton, Trent 193Skelton. Glynn 194 Skelton. Ira Skipper. Tonya Smart. Angie Smith. Ricky Smith, Wendell Spillman. Dawn Spland. Gilbert Spottsville. Earl Spring. Kirk Spurlock. Delesia Stevenson. Jackie Stevenson. Sylvia Stevenson. VickiTaylor. Greg Templeton. David Templeton. Greg Thatton, Ra ph Thomas. Patricia Thornton. Alvin Thornton. Felton Tidwell. David Tolbert. Shavonne Tourere, Stacey Turnbow, Jim Turner. Tracy Vaughan, Pam Vewant. Kimberly Vessel. Elaine Vice. Jean Vidrine. Robin Walker. Lisa Wallace. Rubin Walters. Tom Washington. Greg Watson. Judith Watts. Cindy Webre. lisa Welch. Cindy Wells. Lori Wesley. Oliver Wheelock. Cheryl White. Andrea White. Kenya 196Williams. Shelia Wilson. De'ftte Wolfe. Mark Wyble, Jam;e Whitfield. Tammy Whitfield. Tom Williams. Claudme Williams. Robert198PROGRAM Master of Ceremonies..............................................Charles Abbott Counselor Invocation.................................................Daryl Hodges Hi-Y President Pledge of Allegiance.......................................Keith Short Senior Class President Honors Presentation........................................Jerry Epperson Principal ..................................Richie Bullock Assistant Principal ...................................Larry Thomas Dean of Students Senior Class Presentation.................................Keith Short Alma Mater.......................................Senior Choir Members Joana Atkinson Marcy Fisher Wendell Smith Bridget Denson Karen Johnson Rubin Wallace Stephanie Dion Grady Noland Lori Wells Benediction..............................................DeEtte Wilson Tri-Hi-Y President 199GraduationAtYou can bank on our support. YOUR FULL SERVICE BANKS' Baton Rouge Bank Bank of the South MEMBER F DIC AMERICAN BANK American Bank CNB c n y v imrsAL City National Bank Metropolitan Bank Fidelity National Bank Firat State Bank LNB Louisiana National BankGRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE Class Rings • Invitations • Diplomas • YearbooksSCENIC SUPERMARKET 7850 Scenic Hwy Baton Rouge. LA. Phone: 356 0481 The Buff Staff wishes to extend our gratitude for your continual support in our school activties. You have made our years at Baker High School enjoyable. Without your help this memory would not have been possible. Sincerely, The Buff Staff 1984-85Baker Cleaners 236 Mam St. 14089 PLANK ROAD • BAKER. LA 774-7016 775 0255 CENTURY 21 Wallace Agency 3105 Washington Baker. LA. 70714 775 3876MCWMVVH A«TBM "YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS" COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE HOME HEALTH CARE NEEDS SICKROOM EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES SALES AND RENTALS WHEEL CHAIRS • CRUTCHES • WALKERS REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES Bertram M. Stone. Ill • Owner 11741 Plank Rd. 775 1740 Baton Rouge, La.THE BOSS! AN AMERICAN SPORTS CAR FROM NELSON EAST 4303 Highway 19 Zachary. LA. 654 2611 J R CANTEEN, INC. 3310 Baker Blvd. Baker LA. 70714 7780951Telephone 7746446 J. BARRY BABIN, D.D.S. ORTHODONTICS RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL SALES SERVICE-INSTALLATION CENTRAL WINDOW UNITS WeatherKlng4! OT’S HEATING AIR CONDITIONING INC. AUTRY SPOT" P OURCIAU-OWNER 715-6461 1021 HUSBAND STREET, BAKER, LA LOUISIANA OIL REREFINING CO. 2950 Ray Weiland Dr. 778-0676YOUR CREATIVE PRINTER FIRST STATE TAYLOR RENTAL 1060 Mam St. Baker. LA. 70714 774-8154 ft ELECTRIC, INC. Jefferson St. LA. 70714 775-8290 Bonded Contractor And Commercial L. Milton Manager ICompliments Of SID GAUTREAUX Chief Of Police American Mortgage Loan Corporation 1252 MAIN STREET BAKER. LOUISIANA 70714 PHONE 775-2860 JOHN RAYBURN TWIGGY CASTELLO' (504) 775-1000 ' Tires Wheels vyr-v'- Service ■ 15950 PUNK ROAD • BAKERTTa-70714 m SASSER ASSOCIATES, INC. 13073 Plank Road Baker. Louisiana 70714 Business (504) 778-0144 Residence (504) 774-3967 JOYCE DAVIS Sales Associate EccA Of tie it lrdep rdectly Ownad ond Opt of ad STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOME OFFICES: BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS KEITH COX Agent 1110 Main Street. Suite A Baker. LA 70714 Off.: (504) 775-2494 Res.: (504) 928-2224 Appraisals • Investments ‘Residential Ronald L. ‘Reese, QRI •Broker Business: 774-1915 'Baker, Louisiana 70704-0565 ‘Home: 778-1323 'Reese Realty L.'T.'D. 3034 'Rap Midland T O. Bo 565 Your Hosts Greg Charlotte Landry For All Your Rigging Needs SALES, INC. Phone 261-9599 P.0. Box 185 9412 Dyer Rd. Baker, LA 70714 JOE CAPPE PRESIDENT 3301 Wimbish Drive Baker. Louisiana 70714 Office (504) 775-8700 PRECISION HAIRCUTTING CREATIVE HAIR COLORING PERMANENT WAVING BAKER. LOUISIANA FOR APPOINTMENT PHONE (504) 774-7277 Pnonc 775-3001 SPORTSMAN’S LA PETITE FLORIST GIFTS CORNER Your One Stop Full Une Sporting Goods Store 3508 Groom Road Baker. Louisiana 70714 Phono (504) 775-7477 P.O. Box 115 Phone Mam St. Baker (504) 778 0772 70714 FRANKE PIRIE Congratulations Van! fj BLANKENSHIP DRUGS % 52SSU IS"""" 920 MAIN ST. H3EED BAKER, LA. ASSOCIATE STORE HOME OWNED PHYLLIS AND RON NIELSEN "We’ve Been Serving Baker For 26 Years” PHONE: (504) 775-4232 988 MAIN STREET BAKER. LOUISIANA 70714 Pnone (504) 925-1627 Prestige Business AMERICAN BANK Machines Of FICE EOOiPMFNT SALFS, PfNTAl ANO REPAIR SPECIALIZING IN IBM MACHINE 6518 Renoir Avenue J. C. "PETE ' PEROT Baton Rougo. Lcu tana 7C806 3202 Groom Rd. Baker. LA. 70714 BAKER OFFICE SCHOOL SUPPLY (504) 775-2303 775-2401 VII • "When In Need. Call The Boss" • froMa UoH 4 (Auto PatU 1158 Mam St. 774 8773 Baker. LA. 70714 JAMES C. DONALDSON • Owner 11748 PLANK RD. M. CRAIG DONALDSON BATON ROUGE. LA 70811 'ZZTTZi T.P S- ALIGNMENT BRAKES-TUNE-UPS GROUP Group VV Cable. Inc.. A Subsidiary of Weatlnghouae Broadcasting and Cable, Inc, 3206 Mam Street. Baker. LA 70714 on __ (504) 774-9400 UMtSLt BAKER CAR CARE 14330 PLANK RD. BAKER. LA 70714 774-9943 REID C. BENHAM SEWING MACHINE SALES Family Industrial — SALES - SERVICE — PARTS Village Fabrics Sewing Machine Center Brookwood Village Shopping Center 12240 Plank Road Baton Rouge. LA 70811 MR. BOB (504) 774 7102 JARREAU TEXACO 790 Mam St. 70714 Phone 774-7901 Jul» MiCuVxh P mO'No) Interiors Wallpaper - Carpet - Flooring - Blinds 1420 Masaslppi Awmia P O Box 966 Bakar. LA 70714 - (504) 775-7587 THE SPORTS CONNECTION 11713 PLANK R0A0 BATON ROUGE. LA 70811 LOUIS SHAR JR RONALD SHAR (SCO 775 0953 BUDDY’S LANDSCAPE 12845 Plank Road Baker. LA. 70714 (504) 774-6263 6265 PORCELAIN DOLLS $ PAT TOMMY WATSON 504 774-3865 Belle Affere’ BAKER. LOUISIANA 810A Main St. CLASSES AND SUPPLIES TRI-PARISH U PLUMB IT Complete Line 01 Plumbing Supplies For The "Do lt Yourselfers” BUTLER SMITH CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS 774-3816 774-3848 3262 Baker Blvd. Baker. LA. 70714 P.0. BOX 30 BAKER. LOUISIANA 70714 John D. Butler 504 7754982 Robert Smith JOHN ENGELSMAN ATTORNEY AT LAW 3639 GROOM ROAD BAKER. LA 70714 (504) 774-6400 Jewel E. Welch, Jr. Attorney at Lew 5041 Hwy. 19 Zachary. La. (504) 654-3558 Maine Address P.O. Box 613 3afcv. La. 70714 624 S: F«rc nand Baton Ftoupa. La. [504)344-1811♦ 

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Baker High School - Buff Yearbook (Baker, LA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Baker High School - Buff Yearbook (Baker, LA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Baker High School - Buff Yearbook (Baker, LA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Baker High School - Buff Yearbook (Baker, LA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


Baker High School - Buff Yearbook (Baker, LA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Baker High School - Buff Yearbook (Baker, LA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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