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 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1957 volume:

1957Baker High School 1fa if, CJo Obee Ofe Tiaber J iy i, 3bou t ie moufcfer of our ways. irouyb ifie years we ff beep by one, Tint by staru arx s raise.7fail % 7 iee Ofe Haler l tyl. JCeep tie spirits that sing praise. oncfest memories come of J ee, Baker Elementary School  to Jlirs. JICculee Caste She had fun too! For four years we have looked forward to this edition of our yearbook to record forever. for you. her students and friends, these--un--shall wc say--interesting -pictures of our--un--(?) honorec (?)-In the six years that she has "hung us up by our toenails ‘til our eyeballs popped out," "dragged us through the gravel," and "beat the tar out of us, " wc. that is those of us who lived through these trying years, feel that we should pay a debt of gratitude to her, our faithful sponsor, in this, our last publication. The flapper or •It" girl. At 13. With classmates at B. H. S. on the merry-go-round, not walking the flagpole! The Line-up. cate A Sy Ae fy Cjam JSuff of 57 'a way Seriously though, this book is dedicated with deepest love and respect to one of the world's best teachers, and one of its wannest and most wonderfully fine and understanding persons. "The world stands out on either side No wider than the heart is wide; Above the world is stretched the sky, No higher than the soul is high. The heart can push the sea and land Farther away on either hand; The soul can split the sky in two, And let the face of God shine through.c iJ££2i f ir iywv»? n» r'L .i n» .-5cf ■ w Tjrfu.'tAy auu.Tyr Tf m aftniffu-v't- , ■ a.- .. .fi g -rr..-wr-m 8 CLAUDETTE THIGPEN, EditorKATHERYN SMITH Assistant Editor JOHNNIE DYESS Advertising Manager BARBARA CARNEY Circulation Manager BARBARA RICHARDSON Business Manager PAULA DANIELS BARBARA SMITH BETTY BAUGHMAN 9G. H. SOMMERS Principal TO THE PUPILS AND TEACHERS OF BAKER HIGH SCHOOL Education is a companion which no misfortune can decrease, no crime destroy, no enemy alienate, no despotism enslave; at home, a friend, abroad, an introduction; in solitude, a solace, in society, an ornament. It chastens vice, guides virtue, and gives grace and government to genius. Education may cost financial strife and mental pain, but in both money and life values it will repay every cost one hundred-fold. May your days at Baker High School be both pleasant and fruitful. Then in later life your reflections on your school days, stirred anew by the pages of this book, will be a source of pleasure and comfort to you, as you go about your daily tasks. Godspeed and pleasant memories to each and everyone of you. 10 r rrr. ? .-rrTrrrr?CHARLES ALLEN ABBOTT S.L.I., B.A. English, Speech Pet Peeve "Students who "try" to run my class. " i ALFRED BEVERLY ALLDAY Northwestern State, L.S.U., M.E. D. Commerce, Business Manager Pet Peeve Students to ask for change when he is away from office. MRS. HETT1E E. DUDLEY L.S.U., B.S. Horne Economics Pet Peeve Perfect students who are never wrong. LESTER C. BADEAUX L.S.U., B.S. and M.S. Industrial Arts Pet Peeve "Talking when roll is being called. " MRS. LUCILLE VV. BOND L.S.U. , B.S., M.E.D. Guidance, Mathematics Pet Peeve People who gripe.MISS MARY B. ALLISON L.S.U., B.S. Commerce Pet Peeve "Chatterbox students. " » IVY M. TURNER Southeastern, B.S. Science. ( Pet Peeve "Birds not flying high enough. " T PATRICIA HARRISON L.S.U., B.S. Mathematics Pet Peeve "Noise in the hall. " E. R. LEWIS L. S. U., Mississippi Southern, B.S., M. Ed. Physics, Chemistry, General Science Pet Peeve "Students interrupting classes. " MRS. ODETTE SALUNGER Southeastern, B.S. Social Studies Pet Peeve "Pencil Tapping." GORDAN BOSWELL, JR. University of Alabama L.S.U., B.A., B.S. Social Studies Pet Peeve "Those who say "can't" when they mean "won't."WILLIAM P. BRUMFIELD 4 Northwestern, B. A., M. Ed. i Biology, General Science, Mathematics Pet Peeve 4 "Too much interference. " i j! JULIE CUSACHS jj L.S.U., B.S. J Northwestern English Pet Peeve "People who sharpen pencils while I'm talking." HOMER McGAUGII Southeastern. B.A. Social Studies and Coach Pet Peeve "Students who don't cheer at MRS. DORTHY ROUSSEAU S.L.I., B.S. Home Economics Pet Peeve "Students who are disorderly. " MRS. MARY MONTEGUDO Louisiana Tech, Bachelor of Music Vocal Music Pet Peeve "Students who talk while they should be singing. "ELIZABETH CUDD Converse College, B.S. English and Social Studies Pet Peeve •'Students who COURT in the halls. - HURSIIELL MEARES, JR. Southeastern, B.A. Science and Coach Pet Peeve "Not enough 200 pound tackles. " MILDRED KANE La. Tech., L.S.U., B.A., M.S. Physical Education Pet Peeve "Picture shows in the gym. " » FORREST F. GRIFFEN L.S.U., B.A., M.A. Music I Pet Peeve "The people who gossip through the medium of "someone said, " "someone saw. and "Did you know?" FRANCIS KINCHEN, JR. L.S.U., B.S., M. Ed. Physical Education Pet Peeve MRS. ELIZABETH MclNNIS Northwestern, B.A. Mathematics "Students who don't pay attention in class. "MRS. MARGERY McCALL L. S.U., University of Louisville B.A., M.A. English. Guidance Pet Peeve "Throwing things. " MRS. A. P. HERNANDEZ L.S.U., B.A., M.A. Library Pet Peeve "Waiting for the Times Picayune. HELEN FULLER Baylor University, B.S. Algebra I, Mathematics Pet Peeve 16 "Drumming on a desk. ' MRS. JUNE ROSENTRETER L.S. U., B.S. Art MRS. MAITEE CARRAWAY L.S.U. , B.A. English Pet Peeve "Seniors. " KENNETH McCOY Mississippi State, B.S., M.S. Drivers Education, EnglishcS en or tm veers CARROLL EFFERSON BRUCE LADNER Vice President President FLORENCE PARDUE Secretary- TreasurerSeniors FRED ACOSTA He carries his troubles in his pocket --with a hole in it. GAY ADAMS Two studies she likes best of all; the hearts of boys and basketball. RICHARD ALFORD Just give me a hint of what it's all about. C. J. ASHLEY Don’t make your plans in cast iron. ANN ATHERTON Happy and filled with the joy of living. WALTER ATKINSON If it doesn’t concern you, leave it alone. RICHARD BAILEY His smile will carry him through. BETTY BAUGHMAN Dynamite comes in small packages. ALEX BENNETT Blessed is the man who invented sleep. L. J. BERGERON A southern gentleman.c Sen ors CALVIN BOUDREAUX Wliv worry? The more we study the more ignorance we find. WILLIAM BRIDGES Men of few words are the best men. JOSEPHINE BRISTER Her ways are ways of Pleasantness. LLOYD BROWN A little learning is a dangerous thing; therefore, drink deep. REIGH CALLENDAR Happiness is a habit; cultivate it. BARBARA CARNEY Leave silence to the saints; I'm just Human. DONALD CARTER A red-head is a rare thing; es pecially one so nice. SIDNEY CAS TON Sigh no more, ladies! Sigh no more! CURTIS COLE Let those study who think it's right, as for me, who knows, I might. JULIANNE COURTNEY Politeness goes far but costs nothing.Seniors BARBARA CREEL She prefers to listen. THOMAS CRUTCHFIELD It is the wise head that makes a still tongue. CHARLOTTE CUNARD Friendly to all, hostile to none; always jolly and full of fun. RUTH DAKE Gently she speaks. PAULA DANIELS Be glad of life because it gives you a chance to love, work, and play. MARGARET DAVIS Sweet, neat, and quite petite. BARBARA DOMING There was such speed in her little body and such lightness in her great big brain. FREDDIE DUPUY My heart is whole, my fancy free; go away little boys; don't bother me. JOHNNIE MAE DYESS Never let studying interfere with your education. CARROLL EFFERSON If effort brings success, fame is here.Seniors BILLY FISHER When in doubt, don't. LOREN A FLETCHER She says little but thinks a lot. JANICE FONTENOT Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive. W. T. FONTENOT I like for people to know that I know something. EARL GIBSON I work and work whenever 1 can, but I prefer to be a ladies man. MARY LOUISE GRAHAM She burns the midnight oil; but not always for study. RICHARD HAGAN Earnest endeavor is sure to reward. JUANITA HALL What I was, I am, and always will be. ROBERT HALL All great men are dying; I don't feel so well myself. BARBARA HARRIS Happy am I, from care I'm free. Why isn't everyone contented like me?c )en or.s RICHARD HANO I wish I were a little rock, a-sitting on a hill; a-doing nothing all day long, ‘cept just a-sitting still. CAROL HEBERT When fun and study clash, let study go to smash. LYNN HERANDEZ If girls interfere with your work, quit work. JAMES HILBURN And lead me not to temptation. MARILYN HUGHS Her smile will carry her through. SUE HURST Quiet and easy going. CAROLYN KELLY I chatter, chatter, as I go. SHIRLEY KEOWEN 1 say just what I think and nothing more or less. BRUCE LADNER Not at the top, but climbing. ALTON LEWIS So long as life requires no strife, it’s hard to resist the will to exist.Seniors NANCY LINDSAY Good qualities need no advertising. BARBARA MAPES Reverence, that angel of the world. JOHN MARSH Common sense is an uncommon thing. JERRY MARTIN Look out! I may do something startling yet. ALICE ANN MAYO A handful of fun is worth a bushel of learning. EMMITT DIAL McADAMS Deliver me from the contamination of education. MELBA McGREW She's full of life and full of fun. MILTON MILLER Execute your plans before you make them known. RUBY MILTON Book sense and common sense but plenty of room for nonsense. FLOYCE MOORE I'm sure that care is an enemy of life. c)e ? o ’s FLORENCE ANN PARDUE Our brains are too valuable to ruin by overwork. JO ANN PARKER Those who say least are often the wisest. MARGARET PARTIN A quiet mind is richer than a crown. DONALD PENNY A smile that wins, a manner that takes; everywhere he goes, friends he makes. RONALD PENNY Full of life and lively fun; a friend and pal to everyone. BEULAH POSEY Much wisdom goes with few words. FLORINE KNIGHT POWERS A lass so neat, with smile so sweet. RUTHIE POWERS I am as I am and so 1 will be. S. A. POWERS His future is planned; third finger, left hand. LOUIS RAINWATER To learn or not to learn, that is the question.Sen ors CHARLINE RARICK Quiet, quiet as a mouse; she'll be master of her house. LEWIS REYNOLDS Not a dull class with him in it. BARBARA RICHARDSON Beware! I may do yet something sensational. PAT BRAUD ROGERS Laugh and the world laughs with you, frown and it wrinkles your face. TOMMY ROWLAND A big boy with a stout heart, he’s always ready to do his part. LAWRENCE SEGUIN Pleased with the world, and the world pleases him. CAROLYN SLATON Life is what you make it. BARBARA SMITH To know her is to love her. JOYCE SMITH The rough sea grows calm at her song. KATHERYN SMITH If you must kill time, work it to death.(Seniors YVONNE SMITH A sweet little miss we all proclaim; but a "Miss" she will not remain. BUDDY SPIERS Happiness is cheaper than worry, so why worry? JIMMY STACY Eat not thy heart (with worry) SYBLE STANLEY I will look on clift and clouds with quiet eyes. WAYNE STEWART You may prove anything by figures. ELIZABETH STOGNER The remedies of love she knew by name, for she was wise in that old game. IRA GENE STROTHER Not whether he won or lost; but how he played the game. CLAUDETTE THIGPEN I love work; I could sit and watch it for hours. DOUGLAS VARNA DO Faint heart ne’er won fair lady. ROBERT WATSON When you have nothing to say, say nothing. c seniors C. 0. WELLS I'll agree with you, but you're wrong. MILLIE JO WHETSTONE Through life she goes with a happy smile. EDWIN WHITE They gazed and gazed, but still the wonder grew, how one small head could carry all he knew. HAZEL WILLIAMS Big things come in small packages. EUGENE WILSON He prefers to listen. CHARLES WOODS Curly hair and eyes of blue, we think he's tops, don't you. BEVERLY YOES A friend to all who know her. HARRY ZACHARY All's well that ends well. 27Most Athletic ALICE ANN MAYO CALVIN BOUDREAUX Most Popular FLORENCE PA ROUE LAWRENCE SEGUIN Most Intelligent CHARLOTTE CUNARD EDWIN WHITE 28Senior Best Personality ?auor es JOHNNIE MAE DYESS CARROLL EFFERSON Most Likely to Succeed KATHERYN SMITH LLOYD BROWN Prettiest Girl NANCY LINDSAY Most Handsome Boy SIDNEY CASTON President JERRY DYOSS Vice President MIKE KLING Secretary CAMILLE CAILLOUET Treasurer KATHRYN CARROLL Cjfeuenlh (Jrade auoriles TOMMY LANDRY ELIZABETH RATCLIFFV feuentf) Jrac e Loyce Adams. Norma Aucoin, Daisie Averett. Charles Bailey, Janice Bankston. Mary Jane Barnett, Louie Bennett, Tommy Berry, Randell Bezet, Clara Mac Boudreaux, Kay Butler, Phillip Bourgeois, Billy Braud, Aubrey Britt, Richard Brown, Ronald Buford, Thiel Bucto, Ivy Butler, Betty Callendar, Camille Calliouet. Kathryn Carroll, Suzy Carroll, C. E. Caston, Gayle Causey, Juanita Cavalier, Raiford Coates, Bonnie Corban, Tony Corona, Billy Crawford, Norman Crochet, Eugenia Dabadie, J. W. Dabadie, Lou Ella Day, Francis Dunaway, Jerry Dyess. 31( feoenlh cJracfe Esier Ruth Eccles, Benny Ellis, Willie Felps, Carroll Fendleson, Carol Fleming, Calvin Forman, Frank Gibbs, Deannie Griffen, Ruth Griffen, Laura Gullctt, Shirley Haire, Billy Hammons, Ruth Hano, Carolyn Higginbotham, Homer Hillen, Sammy Hoyt, Melvin King, Mike Kling, Geraldine Kohler, Virginia Koon, Tommy Undry, Carson Une, Carrol Lassere, Bobby Lee, Frank Long, Francis Mapes, Eugene Marioneaux, Marie Massey, Aubin McAllister, Carolyn McCain, Elvin McGee, Brenda McGrew, Robert McMichael, Charles McMillan, Lucille Middleton. 32 C' eoen j (Jracfe Marlowe Milton, Margaret Mixon, JoAnne Morris, Patsy Nettles, Eva Merle Nevels, Sadie Pearl Nevels, Don Pogue, Lenora Posey, Wayne Prather, Donald Raborn, Juanita Rarick, Robert Rarick, Elizabeth Ratcliff, Barbara Reeves, Margie Reeves, Fred Roberts, Lenwood Rogillio, Eugene Rowland, Patsy Rushing, Major Sartin, Nelda Sanders, Chris Sellars, Lenora Sibley, Gayncll Slaton, Carolyn Smith, Linda Smith, Mamie Smith, Jimmy Spiers, Klcvc Stephens, 1-arry Summcrford, Barbara Wallace, Patsy Winbourne, Louis Wright. 33 'Jenth cJrade icers President DEWAYNELOTT V ice President LINDA SUE WHITEHEAD Secretary OLUE LOU CARNEY Treasurer CHARLOTTE NETTLES entA Jracfe Pat Allen, Margaret Atkinson, Judy Babin, Margaret Babin, Larry Beasley, Richard Bezet, Myrris Bras-hear. Gene Bridges, Ina Bridges, Linda Brosctte, Dianne Brown, Joe Brown, Linda Brown, Paul Brown, Peggy Brown, Robert Bundick, Jack Butler, Archie Campbell, Ollie Lou Carney, Jack Celestin, Blanche Chapman, Harry Cornelius, Faye Crawford, Etta Mae Crochet, Clifton Crumholt, Mary Ann Cutrer, J. W. Dabadic, Claude Davis, Jack Davis, Ruby Lee Dedon, Mary Ethel Downing, Richard Dupont, Bob Edward, Stella Ellis, Doris Fontenot, Gayle Fontenot, Robert Foster, Mary Geoghagon, Donald Green, Charles Hall, Leroy Hendricks, Harold Hogan. 357en A Jrac e Walter Hooge, Douglas Jacobs, Charles Jenkins, David Kennedy, Billy King, Cary Klcinpeter, Paul Undry, Louis Leteff, Dewaync Lott, Peggy McClure, Wayne McGregor, Billy McIntyre, Sylvia Miller, June Milton, Charlotte Nettles, Parker Nettles, Jackie Osborn, Herman Parker, Ida Mae Payne, Sherman Payne. Tommy Reeves, Jack Roberts, Dale Ruffin, George Scguin, Billy Shackleford, Wayne Slocum, Jimmy Spurgeon. Billy Stiles, John Story, Mamye Story. Bobby Sullivan, Gordon Talk, Judy Taylor, Sue Terry, Elizabeth Thigpen. David White, Henry White, Linda Sue Whitehead, David Whitlock. 36:nt N JARRE U .esiden. immy day en wroteN fjS SMITH ryCm A cJra.cfe (j ass Jauor tes BERT FISHER 30 ANN SMITH"yC n A 5:Jracfe Daryl Alford. James Atherton, Tommy Atkinson, Dotsy Babin, Herbert Babin, Alice Ballard, Ruth Ber-taut, Winfield Bouquet, Bonnie Brashear, Madeline Brashear, Jackie Bridges, Marshall Brown, Jeanette Callahan, Betty Callender, Miriam Callender, Betty Jo Campbell, Meryl Campbell, Eugene Causey, Clara Mae Cavin, Norma Lee Celestin, Gordon Clanton, Reuben Clark, Larry Cothern, Barbara Crews, Edith Cunard, Virgil Davis, Tommy Day, William Depew, Dianne Dumas, Doris Dupont, Glenda Durbin. Lynda Ellis, Barbara Fairchild, Casey Farris, Henry Farrl, Judith Favaron. 38Barbara Ferguson, Bert Fisher, David Fleming, Robert Fontenot, Parrish Foote, Kathleen Forbes, Vivian Ford, Mary Lee Fresina, Janice Gibbs, Archie Graham, Larry Graham, Earl Gullett, Beth Herrington, Kathy Hayden, Ellen Higginbotham, Donald Jarreau, Carrol Jewell, Larry Jordan, Phillip Kling, Linda Kohler, Jerry Landry, Elaine Latham, Bennie Lilly, Jo Ann Martin, John Martin, Pat McCleary, G3ry McClure, Robert McGrew, Gloria McMahan, Barbara McVca, Elizabeth Meyers, Vincent Milligan, Dennie Norwood, Sandra Nutt, Glynda Passmore, Donald Pedigo. 39 mtfi Jracfe Beverly Petrere. Bob Prescott, Martin Rainwater, Carolyn Reeves, Johnny Reine, Gayle Reynolds, Ronnie Reyer-son, Terry Richardson, Sherry Rives, Virginia Ruffin, LeRoy Rushing, Rosemary Scott, Leslie Sibley, Jo Ann Smith, Danny Smith, Margaret Spinks, Francis Stacey, Joyce Stanley, Shirley Stevens. Gary Stiles, Travis Stringer, Barbara Struppeck, Emile Templeton, Joseph Thibeaut. Clifton Welch, Ernest Westbrook, June White, Bobby Williams, Linda Williams. Walter Williamson, Annette Wilson, Allen Woods. Jerry Woodward, Karen Wrotcn, Janice Yoes, Ruby Lee Yoes, Patricia Zutno. 40President BUTCH CASTON Vice President KATHRYN DAVIS Secretary JUDY JOINER Treasurer BERTRAM STONE Cjiy iifi (Jracfe Lyncld Alford, Helen Atkinson, Jim Babin, Ruth Berry, Katherine Bertaut, Johnny Bourgeois, Julius Brown, Dcwaync Butler, Carroll Campbell, Allan Carroll, Butch Caston, Jerry Chapman, Gay Clark, Vivian Cook, Judy Copeland, Annie Corona, Herbert Courtney, Bob Cutrcr, Donald Davis, Judy Davis, Kathy Davis, Juanita Dcdon, David Dewbre, Mary Donellan, Joyce Doughty, Jane Dyer, Joyce Easley, Cheryl East, Glen Edwards, Charles Fontenot, Katherine Foote, Joyce Ford, May Graham, Alma Granger, Sharon Hagan. 42( ly ii i Jracfe Bobby Harrington, Earline Harville, Reba Hendrick, Janice Jacob, Gale James, Judy Joiner, J. D. King, Ollie Keating, Lyndel Kern, Ruth Lane, Albert Langlois, Adela Leteff, Noah Lewis, Harold Lily, Harold Mahan, Peggy Mahan, Wayne Milton, Terry McAdams, Glen McCann, Glenda McClure, Harriet McCoy, Michael McIntyre, Linda Nettles, Jackie O'Neal, Justin Pantinople, Larry Pearson, Connie Pense, Eddie Poche, Robert Redden, Jimmy Reed, Larry Reeves, Ronnie Reine, Penny Reynolds, Glenda Rowland, Virginia Rowland. 43Viyfil i Qracfe Margaret Sanders, Reece Seales, Barbara Sharpe, George Sibley, Chester Smith, J. E. Smith, Gloria Spiers, Roger Spiers, James Spinks, Bradley Stiles, Tommy Stiles. Robert Stogner, Bertram Stone, Paul Thompson, Carolyn Thornton, Laney Varden, J. M. Walters, Bobby Joe Ward, Kay Warden, Charles White, Dickie White, Frances White, Sidney White, Carol Wilson, Jimmy Winburn, Veuie Winstead, Roger Wise, Eddie Wrotcn, Melvin Yoes. 44Seventh CLASS OFFICERS President - LARRY CORBAN Vice President - JEAN WARDEN Secretary - PEGGY BARKER Treasurer • TOMMY CORBIN CLASS FAVORITES DEWAIN NETTLES JIMMIE SUE SMITH 45Reed Alford, Wayne Allen, Kay Ashford, Bernard Atherton, Kenneth Austin, C. O. Ballard, James Banta, Peggy Barker, Stacy Carol Barrios, Phillip Bauer, Delores Beasley, Paul Bcrthelot, Malcolm Bczct, Neal Bczct. Lois Boyd, Margaret Brashear, Sammle Bridges, Wiley Bridges, Ronald Brown, Vicky Bruick, J. W. Burns, Thomas Burroughs, Jimmy Callahan, Connie Callender, Marvin Carter, La Winda Castello, Carolyn Causey, Gordon Conner, Charles Cook. Sandra Cook, Larry Corban, Tommy Corbin, Linda Core, Joe Corona, Roy Cox. 46Margaret Crawford, Milton Crawford, Ora Crochet, Mike Cross, Jackie Cunard, Mike Dakc, Jean Davis, Paul Davis, Ralph Davis, Roy Davis, George Day, Ollie Mac Downing, Arthur Fccles, Eleanor Btess, Dottie Fergerson, Roddy Fillingame, Martha Fisher, Joan Flake, Margaret Fontenot, Sandra Fortner, Alex Geter, Diane Gill, Billy Grady, Faye Graham, Ann Green, Arthur Griffen, Dayle Griffen, Dianne Hill. Troy Hill, Larry Hobgood, David Hoogc, fcmily Horner, Hardy Jenkins, Donald Jett, Kathleen Johnston. 1 » j I I i : : 1 I ; ; • i i « i » j 5 I | : 47Linda Kennedy, Virginia Kling, Carolyn Knapps, Gerald Knapps. Patricia Knapps, Donnie Krumholt, Margaret Krumholt, Donald Law, Gary Lott, Linda Mahan, Mike McClcary, Frankie McCollum, India McCollum, Leslie McGrcw, Thomas McGrew, Robert McVea, Sedgie Mclancon, Margie Milligan, Judy Milton, Bobby Miscar, Bob Mitchell, Glen Montgomery, Dwain Nettles, Jackie Norwood, Willie Parker, Thomas Patterson, Thomas Payne, Winnie Payne, Kenneth Prather, Alton Price, Marshall Quick, Connie Raborn, Joan Reeves, Carrol Richards, Edward Richards. 48Billy Rushing, Carroll Rushing, David Rushing, Gay Nell Rushing, Anna Sanchez, Carroll Scott, Carolyn Seguin, Janice Seguin, Richard Seguin, Donald Sellars, Amos Simpson, Jimmie Sue Smith, Willie Mae Smith, Robert Story, Obie Tate, Stuart Vickers, Catherine Wallace, Jean Warden, Mary Sue Westbrook, Raymond Wheat, Carolyn White, June White, Keith White, Michael Whiteman, Robert Williams, Brenda Yoes, Brent Yoes, Bobby Young, Geraldine Zumo. 49JJaAer Cj emeniartj Ohzcu fy MISS SUE ALLEY Second Grade MRS. MARIE M. BABIN MRS. MAGGIE First Grade MRS. EDNA CARNEY Second Grade BRUMFIELD First Grade Fourth Grade MRS. ROSE C. EPPERSON First Grade MR. J. L. FAUNTLEROY Sixth Grade MRS. MARY HEARD Fourth Grade MRS. DORIS LAW Fourth Grade MRS. PATRICIA LINK Second Grade MRS. WILDA McCOY Sixth Grade MRS. MARGARET OWENS Fifth Grade MRS. ROY PEARCE Fifth Grade MRS. LUCILLE WHITE Fifth Grade MRS. VIRGINIA ROBINSON Third Grade 517Kr: aunlfer'oij s cS x A Strade Cheryl Alford, Prentiss Alford, Albert Allen, John Anglin, Harry Atkinson, Toni Barrett, JoAnn Bauer, Billy Berry, James Bourgeois, k. Dottie Brown, Betty Davis, Donna Day, lilly Dye, Ronnie Fleming, Linda Fontenot, Freddie Griffen, Darryl Guillory, Reggie Haire, Michael Haydel, Janice James. Larry Leteff, Ray Leteff, Jean Prescott, Norma Richard, Merrill Roberts, Wayne Roberts, Elives Roebuck. Louis Rollins. Cynthia Sharp, Elizabeth Sibley, David Smith, Danny Sumrall, Jackie Templeton, Gail Terry, Barbara Williams, Warren Winstead, Ronnie Woodward, Bob Woods. 52Ulrs. JKcGoy's Six A £ racfe jr on, Ann Bouquet, K Mildred Atkinson, Leo Bouquet, Dana Byrd, Sue Carter, Donald Christopher, Melanie Cline, Carolyn Cox, Scott Davis, Janice De Jean, Ethel Fletcher, Wayne Forbes, Dera Garrison, Royce Garrison, Margaret Griffin, George Hardey, Sandra Higdon, Meredith Hill, Barbara Lee, Barbara Lilly, Merry Link, Kathie McCleary, Gary McGowen, Allen Mock, Sandra Panaro, Patty Parker, Jan Parrish, Diane Peterson, Clark Pulliam, Shirley Reynolds, Donald Rowland, Harold Runyon, Katherine Smith, Johnnie Spurgeon, Catherine Thomas, Judy Tlireeton, Carolyn Throckmorton, Carolyn Yoes, Louise Young. 53JTCrs. (. )£ Ze s cJrarfe Shelia Alderman. Freda Beth Allday, Cindy Brashier, Carlene Chisholm, Linda Etheridge, Ginger Foster, Mary Alice Foster, Anthony Frcsina, Dalton Goeghegan, Wayne Griffcn, Gayle Herring, Jimmy Jacobs, Wayne Kelly. Gary Law, Dickey Matthews, Earl McCoy, Johnny McMahan, Frankie Morgan, Warren Myers, Bill Nettles, Robert Pearce, Donald Wayne Rushing, Robert Saloon, Harold Seaton, Jack Sharkey, Grady Smith, Helen Spurgeon, Geraldine Threeron, Sue Toler, Margaret Triplitt, Sue White, Rena Kaye Whitehead, Linda Yoes, Betty Zimmer. 54JITrs. JJearce's S f iA Jrac e Larry Atkinson, Ann Bouquet, Kenneth Boyd, Glen Bridges, Floyd Brown, Pat Burroughs, Bobby Castcllo, Bobby Joe Cherry, Barbara Coleman, Charlotte Depew, Peggy Ford, Lawrence Grady, Leo Griffin, Sandra Guss, Alton Leteff, Elaine Lilly, Anna Frances Martin, Lavelle Myrick, Ginger Newman, Jerry Payne, Linda Price, Charles Purvis, Sandra Quirk, Jimmy Raborn, Jerry Glen Scott, Julien Tanguay, Dianne Thigpen.TIfrs. Owens' flfi Oracle Charlotte Alford, Gloria Babin, Joyce Babin, Patricia Boyd, Ann Brown, Diane Cuuard, Albert Dake, Ellen Deprato, Wesley Forman, Larry Germany, Kit Hayden, Sandra Hill, David Horton, Eugene Martin, Terry McGrew, Patricia Milligan, J. C. Seguin, Raby Sellers, Marcella Simpson, Sue Simpson, Alison Suggs, Mary Thibaut, Gwendolyn Waguespack, Delphine Wheat, Jimmy White, Phillip Williams, Wayne Wroten, Betty Yoes. 56l aa s '7‘ouri i 5'rac e Sharon Bradley, Arlene Brown, Kenneth Butler, Cynthia Cantu, William Carpenter, Sharon Charlton, Peter Corona, Rickey Day, Deba Davis, Mary Lou Eckert, Gary Fortner, Sherry Gatlin, Kathy Grady, Janice Hagan, Judy Harless, Danny Highsmith, Malcolm Hill, Bryant Keathing, Lindsey Laird, Billy Lewis, Jim McVca, Sandra Milligan, Dan Mollcr, Michael Nutt, Sandra Pike, Lady Richard, David Rogillio, Linda Seaton, Richard Stiles, Cheryl Terry, Ronald Watts. Pamela Wilson, Janice Whitehead. 57Jltrs. Hfearcf s 7oar A £Jracfe Steve Adams. Chris Allen, Robert Behrens, Mary Lee Bollier, Fred Bourgeois, Mary Helen Butler, Richard Causey, Michael Donnellan, Jim Gibson, Billy Graham, Michael Higdon, Cheryl Jewell, Kathleen Knapps, Daisy McGrcw, Gerald Nunnery, Lamar Pugh, James Reynolds, Sherry Reynolds, Joseph Richards, Linda Rushing, Gracie Scott, Kenneth Simpson, Mansel Slaughter, Margie Smith, Charles Templeton, Mary Thompson, Amelia Wales, Billy White, Leslie White, Kerry Yoes. 58Arleen Alford. Frances Allen, Triplett Anglin, Grover Austin, John Ballard, Nancy Beasley, Carolyn Bernard, Sandra Boyd, Leguida Bridges, Pam Bridges, Nancy Jo Cox, Patricia Cross, Gerry Dickerson, Joey Dykes, Jr., Barry Forbes, Greg Galloway, Wayne Guidry, Yvonne Guillory, Ellen Harvey, Ronald Jett, Donna Karras, Kraig Martinez, Michael Rushing, Rhonda Shoemaker, Richard Throckmorton, Jackie Vickers, Lyman Watson, Warren Zimmer. 59711 rs. yJeecAer’s lire (Jrcicfe Mike Abadie, Judy Ann Allen, Sandra Beverson, John Bollicr, Charles Bouquet, Annette Bourgeois, Roary Bradford, George Bridges, Susan Brown, Sammy Bynog, Roy Carter, Steven Coyle, Donald Crawford, Marvin Depcw, Randy Easley, Linda Fortner, Stanley Roller, Sharon lavender, Herbert Martin, Alan McGrew, Genic Richard, Janis Rodriguez, Berta Rollins, Tommy Saloon, Sylvia Sandifer, Blair Sharkey, Susan Slaughter, Bobbie Jo Smith, Philemon Smith, Velda Smith, Roger Stanley, Larry Stevens, Treasure Toler, Gail White, Sandra Whiteside, Sue Wilson.Tlt ss CjAeoaAer’s U iircf rcic e Angelina Ardoin, Edward Atherton, Linda Babin, Reyna Barrios, Dennis Bauer, Keith Bernard, Jessie Lee Brashcar, Pamela Brashcar, Wade Byrd, Jerome Carlock, Jesse Coleman, Douglas Furr, Robert Getcr, Gerald Hill, Karen Jewell, Steve Johnson, Jerry Lemons, James Lewis, Larry McGowen, Brenda Myrick, Bill Ory, Michael Payne, Robert Pulliam, Martha Schliclu, Michael Scott, Charles Seguin, Darlene Seguin, Larry Speights, Michael Stroud, Kenneth Throckmorton, David Wednt, Andrea Winstead, Susan Wright. 61UTrs. 7?o nson’s ZJ iircf(Jracfe Gail Anglin, Linda Barrow, Patricia Bass, Michael Broussard, Brenda Burdette, Tony Corona, Daniel Donellan, Loretta Dotson, James Dougherty, Stanley Easley, Lynn Efferson, Woodrow Fclps, James Fleming, Robert Gridley, Peter Griffen, Robert Hamilton, Daniel Haydel, Ruth Hobgood, Richard Knight, Ted Landry, Michael Law, Paula Mouton, Kathleen Nevels, Beverly Ann Newman, James Odom, Martha Pugh, Linda Quirk, Larry Richards, Richard Rowland, Judy Scguin, Donnie Simpson, Ronald Thomas, Lillian Thompson, Leslie Wallace, Wanda White, Patricia Yocs. 62JTTrs. 3 rif s Seconcf (Jracfe Kathleen Adams, Sidney Austin, Pat Barrow, Marshall Bernard, Tommy Brown, Linda Corona, Peggy Dewbre, Buddy Dotson, Larry Etheridge, Vicki Glace, Kathy Henderson, Penny Jewell, Dale Crumholt, Linda Leteff, Kathleen McGrew, Lydia McManus, Jeannie Martinez, Connie Merritt. Joe Myrick, Peggy Myrick, Gary Nelson. Jack Odom. Carroll Richard, Glen Roebuck, Mary Saloom. James Sanders, Gayla Sue Sanchez, Lydia Sibley, Ryan Thibodeaux, Toni Tyler, Edith Wilkinson.I Diane Alford, Linda Allgood. Henry Aucoin, Linda Boyd, Elaine Brown, Sharon Cline, Catherine Corona, Tommy Corona. Barry Dickerson, Linda Sue Eckert, Patricia Grady, Jane Gray, Jewell Harrington, Penny Haskin, Patsy Hendrick, Sharon Hooge, Gary Hoover, Joan Nevels, E. Y. O'Neal. Jane O'Neal, Richard Ory, Donald Pearce, Jackie Reynolds, Dennis Seaton, Douglas Simpson, Danis Smith, Randy Smith, Johnnie Wales, Dale Whitehead, Cheryl Womack, Michael Young. 64M ss l Ieij ys Second 5Jrade Rex Allen, Danny Bczct, Michael Bouquet, Bruce Bradley, Charles Brashier, Bobby Broussard, Lena Chapman, Paul Cox, John Davis, Donnia Dotson, Leo Dougherty, Theresa bfferson, Suzanne Flake, Jerral Haskins, Michael Lewis, Joan McAllister, Jennifer Milligan, Gene Redden, Connie Rollins, Bobby Rushing, Kenneth Sandifer, Pellie Seguin, Linda Simpson, Andy Starks, Bill Stevens, Roger Thomas, Leroy Waguespack, Barbara White, James White, David Williams, Rita Williams. 65JIfrs. 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(Jracfe Timothy Ballard, Jane Berry, Jean Berry, Kenneth Bourgeois. Sherry Brashcar, James Brooks, Mike Causey, Rhonda Clegg, Frances Coleman, Karen Coley, Candance Dickerson, Paula Engels, James Germany, Jack Graham, Rebecca Guillory, Jean Hagan, Beverly Henderson, Linda Knaps, Nancy Laird, Cherie Mouton, Martin Munson, Richard Pike, Deborah Riddle, Patricia Scott, Gwen Simpson, Wendall Smith, Brenda Walden. Nancy Jo Wallace, Robert Wendt, David Whiteside, Charles Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Kathy Yocs. 68CoeautiesfJunior Jieauty Queen wki. Judy .7 mer 72 Hetty Jo Gamp beff 7374 yCancy SrnffsayJic omecommy TKaicfs of Jionor iariara Oarney forenee firm farefueJfome coming JKaic s — JKaryai'et J3abin 7J jyyy JlfcO ar'e 76 jhfomecom incj 7JTa ids Marie Massey Jeyyy Mafian Marcyaret 7lti nson Jieltij (.'offender 77 7 7 A. Scvee fiear arbara Doming D xonG arniua J)ci I Queen Barbara Inn (Jarneyr JKr. and THiss -). c5. NANCY UNDSAY SIDNEY CAS I ON JKr. and JK 'ss )c a Cdub 80 JOHNNIE MAH DYESS JERRY DYESS. I I 81 S •• '1STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President.................CARROLL EFFERSON Vice President............- LLOYD BROWN Treasurer..................BARBARA CARNEY Secretary.............CAMILLE CAILLOUET 82 Student CouncilEditor - KATHERYN SMITH Sponsor - MRS. MARJORIE McCALL Assistant Editor - JOHNNIE DYESS Paper Staff Circulation Manager Sports Editor Exchange Editor SIDNEY CASTON S. A. POWERS EARL GIBSON r A Business Manager CARROLL EFFERSON 84REPRESENTATIVE TO LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Katheryn Smith Barbara Doming Dixon Journalism Recreation GIRLS' AND BOYS’ PELICAN STATE Robert Hall Claudette Thigpen Johnnie Mac Dyess Edwin White 85First place CHEERLEADERS Third place INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Second place "B" CLUB F.H.A. KEY CLUB F.N.A.SZ)oys' J)eauiij O ayeani First Place CHARLES BAILEY Second Place LOUIS REYNOLDS Third place BRUCE LADNER Contestants JERRY DYESS CHARLES WOODS SIDNEY CASTON BARBARA RICHARDSON BETTY BAUGHMAN MR. MEARES I 87Mr. McGaugh s P.O. D. class Mr. Alldays typing class Mr. Brumfield’s biology class Mr. Lewis’ physics class 88 )afe ' Jfiyf Gfor us : MRS. MARY MONTEGUDO, Director t t 3 « Drum Major WARREN LADNER Ix is Adams Camille Caillouct Yvonne Smith Barbara Carney Ollie Lou Carney Ruby Lee Yoes Virginia Rowland Eva Novels Liz Ratcliff Beverly Yoes Baker Boosters Linda Sue Whitehead Marilyn Hughes Sadie Novels Glenda RowlandCde nenianj dfieer eaders SHELIA ALDERMAN SANDRA PANARO FREDA BETH ALLDAY GALE TERRY KATHY McCLEARY TONI BARRETT BARBARA JANE WILLIAMS 94 BETTY ZIMMERGfuSsSponsor President LEROY HENDRICK MR. L. C. BADEAUX Secretary- Treasure BILLY WAYNE SHACKELFORD David WHITE Back row, left to right: Jackie Bridges, Carrol Fen da Ison, Marshal Brown, Jackie Osborn, Harry Cornelius, Leroy Hendrick, Larry Beasley. Carson Lane, lorn Berry, Rayford Coates, Mr. Badeaux. Middle row: Robert Foster, Gary Stiles, Bob Prescott. Gordon Talk, Harry Zachary, Larry Graham, Gene Bridges, Jack Davis, Bob Edwards, David White, Tony Corona Reporter Bottom row: Jack Roberts. Travis Stringer, Billy Shackelford, Pat McCleary, Walter Williamson, Gordon Clanton, Henry White, Phillip Kling, Francis Stacey. RA YFORD COATES CARSON LANE Parliamentarian Oxy-acetylene Welding Copper-enameling Arc- Welding Mcch. Drawing Ceramics LeatherPresident Vice President THIEL BUETO DEANNIE GRIP FEN MIKE KLING Secretary BETTY BAUGHMAN Sponsor Treasurer Reporter MR. MEARES Sponsor BARBARA RICHARDSON Sponsor KEY CLUB MEMBERS 97President DEANNIE GRIFFEN Vice President MIKE KLING Secretary Parliamentarian Treasurer Reporter CAMILLE CAILLOUET PAULA DANIELS LOYCE ADAMS KATHERYN SMITH Preamble Believing the creditable student effort and achievement should be encouraged and rewarded, and seeking to cultivate the ideals of service and proper leadership in our citizens of tomorrow, the Beta Club has been for the promotion of these ideals among the high school students of America. Purpose The purpose of this organization shall be: to promote the ideals of honesty, service, and leadership among the high school students of America, to reward meritorious achievement, 3nd to encourage and assist students to continue their education after high school. 98BETA CLUB MEMBERS Loyce Adams, Richard Alford, Betty Baughman, L. J. Bergeron, Phillip Bourgeois, Thiel Bueto, Camille Caillouct, Suzy Carroll, Kathryn Carroll, Barbara Carney, C. E. Casion, Jr., Charlotte Cunard, Paula Daniels, Barbara Dixon, Jerry Dyess, Johnnie Dyess, Deannie Griffcn, Prank Gibbs, Marilyn Hughes, Carolyn Kelly, Shirley Keoweu, Mike Kling, Virginia Koon, Bruce Ladner, Nancy Lindsay, Brenda Mc-Grew, Alice Mayo, Florence Pardue, Margaret Partin, Wayne Prather, Elizabeth Ratcliff, Barbara Richardson, Florine Powers, Kathcryn Smith, Joyce Smith, Yvonne Smith, Wayne Stewart, Elizabeth Stogner, Claudette Thigpen, Lewis Wright.Sponsor RUBY MILTON President Mu Sigma is an organization which has as its objective the promotion of scholarship. A person shall be eligible for membership who has maintained a "B" average for five semesters. The pupil will be eligible after the first semester of his junior year. BARBARA CARNEY JOHNNIE MAE DYESS KATHERYN SMITH CARROLL EFFERSON Vice President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian 100IBiSrary G uS LIBRARY CLUB President.....................SHERRY RIVES Secretary...............SHIRLEY KEOWEN Treasurer...............CAROLYN KELLY Reporter................NANCY LINDSAY Historian...............HAZEL WILLIAMS 1012 Y: 71. CM Outstanding F. N. A. Member CLARA MAE BOUDREAUX F.N.A. MEMBERS Janice Gibbs Carolyn Kelly Diane Dumas Lucille Middleton Carolyn Kelly Charlene Rarick Shirley Kcowen Clara Boudreaux Marlowe Milton Bonnie Corban 102 Juanita CavalierKATHERYN SMITH President Secretary JOYCE SMITH 3.0.71. BARBARA CARNEY Vice President Outstanding F. T. A. Member - CHARLOTTE CUNARD Corresponding Secretary CHARLOTTE CUNARD Sponsor MRS. MARJORIE McCALL F.T.A. 103 m retFormal Initiation Former President, Florinc Knight, presents boutonniere to Mr. Sommers, Principal. ff‘ O r t Spirits of F.H. A. BARBARA DOMING chosen Sweetheart of F.H. A. Awarding of Valentine Cake to Sweetheart by President, Barbara Formal Initiation President, Barbara Reeves; Vice President, Carol Hebert; Secretary, Clara Mae Boudreaux; Treasurer, Marie Massey; Parliamentarian, Shirley Bankston; Reporter, Etta Mae Crochet; Song Leader, Henrietta Smith; Committee Chairman, Elizabeth Thigpen; Historians, Karen Wrotcn, Ellen Higginbotham. F.H.A. Initiation 105SpeecA C) ub i i Mr. Charles Abbott - Director Janice Fontenot Sue Hurst Rehearsing Scene From a Short Play Linda Brosette Fred Acosta Ruby Dedon Margaret Atkinson Blizabcth Ratcliff and Claudette Thigpen, Make-up Artists for Pat Allen and Joyce Smith 106 I 107JjaJzer luffs FULLBACKS Sidney Caston Lynn Hernandez Bruce Ladner Fred Roberts TACKLE Milton Miller Tommy Rowland Parker Nettles Robert Foster De Wayne Lott Frank Long QUARTERBACKS CENTERS Carson Lane Rayford Coates LEFT HALFBACK I qq Calvin Boudreaux Jerry Martin Tommy Undry Wayne Slocumb Thomas Reeves STARTING BACKFIELD Calvin Boudreaux - LEFT HALFBACK Tommy Landry - QUARTERBACK Lynn Hernandez - FULLBACK Jerry Martin - RIGHT HALFBACK Jerry Dycss Ira Gene Strother LEFT END Charles Woods•unit Coach McGaugh in Conference CENTERS Ira Gene Strother Jerry Dyess Billy Crawford FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1956-57 Catholic High 13 Baker 45 Pineville 12 Baker 37 Plaquemine 0 Baker 45 Central 0 Baker 41 West Monroe 21 Baker 21 Covington 0 Baker 34 Lutcher 0 Baker 40 Redemptorist 13 Baker 33 University High 7 Baker 28 Gonzales 13 Baker 28 St. Amant 14 Baker 13 VARSITY SQUAD ENDS Alvin Dungan James Hilburn Lawrence Scguin Charles Woods Leroy Rushing Wayne McGregor Bob Edwards Aubrey Britt GUARDS C. O. Wells Glenn McClure Frank Gibbs Bo Payne Billy McIntyre Donald Rayborn Lewis Leteff Randall Bezet 109BOl’DREAtX MVP—Coach Homer MeGaugh of the Baker High School Buffaloes, left, congratulates Calvin Boudreaux upon being named the Buffs’ most valuable player at the school's annual football banquet last night. Boudreaux was picked from a back-field that has been termed the best in the state —Staff photo bv Art Boudreaux is Named Baker's 58 Mo si Valuable By JHRRY HUTTO [coach, was the featured Advocate Sports Writer cf the evening, ar.d Calvin Boudreaux, a footballin started off in a light vein “ n;ho him that brought the fans to he SVPjlchcd t0 the problem their feet, and made his grid juvenile delinquency, and the : opponents wish they had the Played by athletics os deter or. ease of movement of ballet “Probably the finest . i dancers. named .he -M«. J!J Gl'cnn Valuable Player last night at ne taught Sundav School but 1 the annual Baker High School body could sav he was a sissv football banquet at the school want a min provc ,,f n iac , ;l n,an on ,ilc football field wh The Buffalos, who went ,hcv lincd ith lh™Sh K,h« R.rid «°Kn on." Dietzcl said. I want the.: with probably the best baekfield a„ ,0 bc { h on Jhe fieId. b, pound for pound, of any high not a .,ou,h. off lhe field.” school outfit in the state, was Dift,70| siid ,ha. Drobab!v ,b not an easy team from which to most important thing a bov learn pick the most valuable player. In lootba;| 1S t0 for{;cl ,hal • As things will have it and as is thc important thing ’ It s w things will foul up when the happens to the team that counts,' occasion is one that is anxiously be addcd awaited, thc trophies that were The Tigers mentor ended u; to bc presented to the outstand- his t:,|k bv congratulating ti ■ng players at the banquet, did Raker Buffalos for the fine sho. not arrive. But Coach Homer jnj» (bey mace during thc pal MeGaugh. the genial head man season, and lie added. "I like t of the Baker Buff grid team. wav you boys go after people." ' smoothed over the absence of flic first award of thc cvcnir the awards and the players were was presented to Tommy Rc presented certificates of honor. iaRd for being the gridder w. Coach MeGaugh said the tro- the highest scholastic average, phics “are probably in Baton The Captain’s award went • 3 uge. but they are not in fullback Lynn Hernandez, and t Baker." and he said that the best offensive lineman prize w; footballers will probably receive presented to end Charlie Wood? them Monday. Tommy Rowland, a fine tackle Woodrow Dumas, who served received the honor as the be? ns the master of ceremonies for defensive lineman, tliet event, did so ably, keeping The hardest working non letter thc 200 fans attending in a light man award was presented : frame of mind and entertained. Wayne McGregor. Paul Dietzel. LSU’s football' Coach MeGaugh presented t best offensive back award to ha!: back Jerry Martin who paircc with Boudreaux in the Baker for | tunes. Presentation of athletic nurr erals was the last event on th program, and they were presentee to the following: Eugene Marioneaux. LcRo Rushing. James Hilburn. Alvi: Dungan. Frank Long. Fran-Gibbs. Gary McClure. Sherma Payne. Jerry Reeves. Carsc Lane. Bruce Ladner. Bobby Lee Jack Roberts, Lloyd Brown Charles Woods. Lawrence Sequin Parker l-ee N'ettles. Milton Miller Tommy Rowland. C. 0. Wells. Ir; Gene Strother. Tommy Landry Calvin Boudreaux. Lynn Hernan dez. Jerry Martin. Fred Robert? Sidney Fasten. Pat McCleary a- Carroll Efferson. n I 10GUARD FORWARD GUARD CENTER Jerry Martin Calvin Boudreaux Lawrence Seguin Mike Kling SENIOR VARSITY ALL FOOTBALL MANAGERS Bobby Lee Carroll Efferson Lloyd Brown Jack Roberts Pat McCleary GUARD Klcvc Stevens SEASON'S RECORDS Won 23 Lost 8 Won District Championship with eight wins and no losses. Won Baker Invitational Tournament CENTER Charles WoodsFORWARD FORWARD Lloyd Brown Carroll Efferson GUARD Tommy Landry JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL MANAGERS Pat McCleary JACK ROBERTS Placed second in Gonzales Invitational Tournament Placed fifth in Wedge Keyes Tournament Now Participating in State Playoff for State Championship FORWARD Charles Bailey FORWARD Milton MillerAlice Ann Woods Linda Brown Pat Braud Rogers FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD Kathleen FORWARD GIRLS’ SENIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 114BEAVERS Barbara Dixon GUARD Barbara Harris GUARD Gay Adams GUARD Claudette Thigpen MANAGER TUMBLERS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 115Mr. Kinchen's "D'' Team Baby Boosters tm r KTft Mf-T msj c craps an118 JOHNNIE MAE DYESS - East Baton Rouge Parish winner of the Outstanding Business Student Award.JX. EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH STUDENT DAY GOVERNMENT BAKER HIGH SCHOOL •OFFICIALS' - These five youthful officials pictured above are the representatives of Baker High school who participated in Student Government Day March 1st. Pictured are, from left, Jerry Martin, Fire Chief; Carroll Effcrson, Councilman; Johnnie Mae Dyess, parish treasurer; Claudette Thigpen, recreation and park commission member, and Lloyd Brown, planning commission member. 119 nb»Queen NANCY LINDSAY escorted by TOMMY ROWLAND I Homecoming Court BARBARA CARNEY escorted by JAMES HILBURN FLORNECE PARDUE escorted by JERRY MARTIN 120c Scenes of Joeauty Jjayeani Baton Rougcans before Disneyland ls)e Z)en o (Ja tforn y I Janice, you're looking the wrong way! Was California that wonderful? Close your mouths, Nutts!! Kool Kats of California after Disneyland. Wc go Elvis style! after Disneyland 122We even took our education to California. Louisiana to California? Music is contagious. 123124 Stop cheating, Boudy and Kat.Stop it, Foo. We know you are the BEAUTY QUEEN. i 1 I ► | ' ; I I i i • I i I i I • i I i i ! i i i 125 i wish you’d drop her. I126 Cafeteria Workers19S7 iSakoA, IBcJzOA, UUUIMA 19mu TMiewA, MAe m jt Irtfzn. Adnd jestttwiA cumc. 7 As 2A Z L cu Jfr make. oua. H£oa- JiArb . IAouAL 2 jfa i ft, (tea - asnd 2 ad£ tAeml °4. mzacA cul Me Msvzzgd o pyzeciaA 2r 9 , 4 'deu a£ur. a AM, -yottAl J£7 (M Sfef 127■u( m awl Y 7 'REALTORS 1955 Scenic Hwy. Ph. 7-2241 Baton Rouge, La. "Developers of Bakersfield, Baker's Nicest, Newest and Largest Subdivision" BUD RANKIN'S SEED AND FEED Zachary, La. Ph. 6-2310 KINNEY SHOE STORE Delmont Village "Your Friendly Family Shoe Store" PHARMACY Ph. 6-2874 Corner of Baker Hwy. and Groom Rd. Baker, La. "Patronize Your Ethical Pharmacy" LOG CABIN 7838 Airline Hwy. Baton Rouge, La. Wa. 1-2641 (Private Dining Room) KNIPPER'S ESSO SERVICE 1810 Scenic Hwy. Ph. 7-4591 "Specializing in Car Polishing Complete Line of Esso Products" CARL HEINE USED CARS Baton Rouge, La. Ph. 7-3186SMITH'S red and white grocery 8180 Scenic Highway- Baton Rouge, La, Ph. 5-4914 P. L. DANIELS MUSIC Compliments of Baker, La. MART "Houses for 347 Main St. Man n' Rent, Houses for Sale, Lots for Sale" Baton Rouge, La. "Everything in Ph. 6-2741 Music" MAIN STREET PROVISION COMPANY BEAUTY SALON and Compliments of HART BEAUTY SALON TOMMY 1801 Main Ph. 2-5574 ROWLAND 231 Convention Ph. 3-9492 Compliments of f MEAT MARKET 2881 Wyandotte St, Baton Rouge, La. Phone 5-9696 CPOD FOOD GROCERY Baker, Louisiana Ph. 7-4750 Compliments of ROY PRODUCE COMPANY Ryan Airport Baton Rouge, La. Ph. 5-4402 Compliments of Compliments of AM RHEIN'S MILLWORKS FLORIDA ST. QUICK CAR WASH 2909 Florida Baton Rouge, La "Keep It Washed Regularly Preserve the Finish"PATRICIA STEVENS Finishing and Modeling School Be More JLovely! ! ! Gain Poise and Self-Confidence Through Expert Training at PATRICIA STEVENS 832 Fla. St. Ph. 8-4470 Compliments HOPPER'S of ICE CREAM FRANCIS 2939 Scenic LEDOUX Hwy. Ph. 7-3126 Let’s Go Buffaloes Compliments of ESSO CENTER Atlas Products and Accessories “Your Dependable Esso Dealer” Baker, Louisiana Phone 6-9739 'Mmu-d'i BEAUTY SCHOOL 3328 Plank Road Baton Rouge, Louisiana Phone 4-0533 7-0626 Congratulations, Seniors! ! ULF STATES UTILITIES COMPANY _____________ Dependable Public ServiceCompliments of ALLEN'S CHEVROLET COMPANY Hwy. 190 Denham Springs, Louisiana CAMPANELLA TAILORS Alterations Formal Wear for Hire Costumes for All Occasions 1056 Convention Street Raton Rouge, Louisiana Phone 3-8752 PASTRIES 5151 Plank Road Ph. 5-7111 Baton Rouge, La. DAYTON BARBER BEAUTY SHOP JACK HENDERSON Prop. 4259 Plank Rd. Ph. 5-2328 Baton Rouge, La. AIRLINE ESSO SERVICE STATION Ph.5-9176 2530 Airline Hwy. Baton Rouge, La. PHARMACY No. 1 8418 Scotland Ave. Ph. 7-0606 No. 2 7744 Plank Road Ph. 5-4045 Baton Rouge, La."IF YOU WANT IT SOLD, GET US TOLD" CAGLE AND GREVEMBURG 4539 Plank Road Baton Rouge, La. Ph. 5-7766 Yes--it makes a difference who sells your home. List it with a firm that gives you these advantages: 1. Maximum Sales Price. Analysis of your home or other property with complete knowledge of present real estate values, assures a I fair deal to both buyer and seller. 2. Quicker Better Sales. Our list of prospects grows greater every day. Our financing is tops--G. I. , F. H. A., or conventional loans available to assure quick sale. 3. Complete Service. We handle all details to the complete satisfaction of both you and the buyer—Shift the worry from you to — The Fastest Growing Real Estate Firm in Baton Rouge. BODl'S BODY SHOP "Best Work in Town" M E DEPARTMENT STORE Baton Rouge, La. Ph. 5-2316 1054 N. Acadian Baton Rouge, La. Ph. 4-5608 BROWNSFIELD CAFE 11748 Plank Road Baton Rouge, Louisiana Your Troubles End BROWNSFIELD BEAUTY SHOP at the Ph. 7-5658 RAINBOW Rt. 5 Baton Rouge, La. Feed, Seed and Flower MAE E. BROOKS, Owner Fancy and Staple Groceries Dry Goods - Gasoline - Oil 7485 Scenic Hwy. ADAMS GROCERY 4935 Monarch St. Baton Rouge, La. - Ph. 7-9103 Ph. 5-3031 Baton Rouge, LouisianaHAIR- FLYING SERVICE Time Flies Why Don't You? Service - Repair - Sales Instruction - Charter - Rides Model 180 Model 310 Cessna's 180 is the high The incomparable Cessna 310 performance of all 4- is the fastest, most modern place business aircraft. twin engine business airliner you can buy. J. H. RHODES GROCERY chap's Zachary Ph. 6-2585 DRIVE INN 3720 Airline Hwy. Ph. 51260 Baton Rouge, La. BANKSTON'S 5 10 "We Specialize in Sea Foods" Main Street "Try Our Delicious Zachary Ph. 6-2653 Stuffed Shrimp" J. C. CARLINO SITMAN'S ESSO SERVICENTER 7225 Scenic Hwy. S. S. CARLINO Baton Rouge, La. Ph. 7-2714 REAL ESTATE Builder of Fine Homes DOUCETTE'S Ph. 7-1826 2820 Plank Rd. NEW AND USED CARS Ph. 3-2121 Baton Rouge, La. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Ph.5-6151from a MAC'S ESSO brame Baker-Scotland Road Compliments AND "We Try to Please You" of JOHNSON S, Ph. 6-2817 1248 Main A FRIEND INC. Zachary Louisiana 4150 Florida Street Ph. 3-2871 "Your Chrysler - Plymouth Dealer" Baton Rouge, La. EASTERLY'S DRESS SHOP 3631 Florida Street Ph. 2-2786 Baton Rouge, La. OURSO AND COMPANY Baton Rouge's Shopping Center 2783 Plank Rd. Ph. 71473 Baton Rouge, La. "Service That Inspires Confidence" ice co. 6608 Scenic Hwy. Baton Rouge, La, Ph. 5-6748 £ A frj lEND RUSSELL'S BLAKE ESSO SERVICE AND BOWLES 6742 Plank Road Baton Rouge OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Ph. 7-5512 "If We Haven't Got It, "Everything for the School You Don't Need It" Except the Teacher" 4f j . GUY WOODHAM PAINT AND WALLPAPER 1 19 North Foster Ph. 4-9436 PONTIAC CO. Baton Rouge, La, 759 N. 21st Street McMANUS GROCER AND MARKET 7400 Scenic Hwy. 3-5773 Baton Rouge, La. Phone 5-4611 Baton Rouge, La. T E R M I T E S ? C A L L T E R M I N I X SOUTHERN TETRMINIX CO Call 7-2296 3574 Plank Road Locally Owned and Operated MIRE'S VARIETY STORE Baker, La. Simplicity Patterns Fabrics - Gifts for All Occasions DODGE CD (TV MARINE SERVICE Authorized Johnson Dealer Fresh and Frozen Seafoods A A FISH MARKET 8020 Scenic Hwy. Ph. 5-8075 U. S. Hwy. 190 Denham Springs, La. Ph. 5-6325 ESSO Compliments of KADAIR PHOTO SERVICE 11736 Plank Rd. Compliments of Ph. 5-4134 A FRIEND Baton Rouge, La. Clothes for the lintire Family at JOSEPH SHERMAN DEPT. STORE 4012 Scenic Highway Baton Rouge, Louisiana Phone 7-1816 ' We Trade While Others Talk" McKEY MOTOR CO. 6516 Scenic Hwy, Baton Rouge, La. New and Used Cars The Working Man's Friend BEN PEABODY ESSO STATION Atlas Tire and Battery-Headquarters 3452 Scenic Hwy. Phone 5-0354 Baton Rouge, La. U b iLt U UA Kj 6131 Scenic Highway Baton Rouge, La. Ph. 5-2343 MSI Ask for Baton Rouge's Metal Window Experts MOORE STEEL, INCORPORATED Ph. 762554 Bldg. 15 - Ryan Field Gasoline, Oils, Greasing Tires and Accessories ED LEGGETT'S ESSO SERVICE 11505 Plank Rd. Ph. 7-2554 pope's AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND MACHINE SHOP 720 N. 18th 4626 Plank Rd. Baton Rouge, La. Phone 4-6713 7-0644 CL A ; TASTY FREEZE WrvW l l fy s c l. V I IZl CO., INC. Baker, La. HARDWARE 3946 Scenic Hwy. CICERO'S PACKAGE LIQUOR Dial 5-6649 Baton Rouge, La. Baton Rouge, La. Ph. 5-3010TRY OUR HARDING HEIGHTS DRUGS Ph. 5-2046 11701 Plank Road Baton Rouge, Louisiana We are ready to serve you with a complete line of cosmetics, drugs, baby needs, sundries, veterinary supplies, and hospital supplies. Prescriptions Accurately Compounded by Registered Pharmacist Visit Our Soda Fountain and Let Us Prepare Your Favorite Treat WICKER' S ESSO 6151 Plank Rd. Phone 7-5641 Baton Rouge, La. 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Suggestions in the Baker High School - Buff Yearbook (Baker, LA) collection:

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Baker High School - Buff Yearbook (Baker, LA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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