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!2 A lldf Q f ' , f 1 -L-:Q -.1-uui L 1 ' sk IL, fi L 7 A P riff, GE X ' C' a X 1 '55 Q P 1-7XMN I -5 K 'S t ,r x . J ,i A X ,4 'wximcsxxwf M 0 MQ 0 X + 5 r 3 47 N A f u F! ! . I . f f???27fy ' 'i ' if 'pfif M X jg! FEM 4 ey, I r ','k' :s-SEE -I jy fyfffy is A7 , , 9 ! W-Q 1-,..., f- il Q if .- , - A 4 ' A7 J i K A 5 , Q ' WfQ m , J,, W MS-X45 43 i . 1115 x i i . , f Z 0 if Q. , A -awww-W H W fffmw F X f 'ffiw jUJx ' PW My if ff WWQM '5? -wa-5t': QQ Zfffl gsN'L 'i9M4a:i. W4 A1 Q -? ff ygiyijilqwfwwf , J 2,1 I 2749 my 77 . ' ' ,Cf . ?'7'7'?'- ' Qin A ,J yy? 2617 Q 27 ? ?ng?f 19 fjkff' H1 -74 fP2'P '?'?7Z?'f',357fAf7 in - . Wav? -22'-fpy, IQ -SQKJKXMJQQ kfffwa W ff Eff? ww if W6 P'M4?7g WW Warrior '62 X B Cllg N B222 Okl h K 2 x ifalixiqiifxlv iHUOl l lNi 11211 MINS! UI A 12113511 liflm i'il U1 AC1 NflVW'YV1 HH Y NWI? 3 1 X . 3 IQ CJIXH fb? IH! M5321 J.D .' J f I 7 lf!! XXI- 3QfJfx? 'W Dedication With deepest appreciation for many years of devoted service, we dedicate the 1961-62 WARRIOR to Mrs. Kate Miller, treasurer. Alma Mater Where the Ozark foothills slumber, There the Verdigris Joins the Arkansas and rnurrnurs, Onward to the sea. Where the air is sweet with cedar,-' There the mocking bird Sings a melody of praise More wonderful than Words. Chorus Our beloved Alma Mater In our hearts enthrone--- All hail to thee, our Alma M Hail, all hail, Bacone! Indian Braves and Indian Maidens Face the sunset gold, Seeing far across the valley, Challenges unfold CPrayerfullyJ O, Great Spirit, grant us Wisdomg Guide our steps arightg May our courage never waver As we climb the heights. ater X X 154. i KIWJM' 1 gf C3 X HswAww'f J 15? , Z , f xiii: v Aq N Q 7 411., , I .Zi , 'v W We studied ot- Bocone nr g fn Books--the source of World-Wide information Even experts are faced with problems. Seek and ye shall find any type of information you want. 3 I' 'A -if t P Studying quietly is a form of pleasure and enjoyment. Odell Nunley spoke in one of our Weekly Chapel services. Fireside fellowship provided close Christian ties. Worshiping together helped us to do away with the feeling of homesiokness and added to our spiritual knowledge. BSCU Officers relax and talk to Religious Emphasis Week Speaker, Dr. Jennings . Spirit presided ot all times. nw., -1- - Relaxation and conversation--the keys to friendship. f' Fashions via 1960-61. Sophomores remembered when they were Freshmen L Oh, those Zoology tests. Washington, D. C. , here We come! C G .5 EGE So this is how a frog ticks. Q f -Q We'1-e on our Way! The 1960-61 Sophomore-Freshman Banquet and Prgorn. i 1 We smiled through victory and defeat. SCORE WARRIORS SCORE! To achieve perfect physical fitness, we exercised. We played together. Home runs were scored by many. Working together always. We were deligent, vigilant, and tired 'Bet I can twist faster than you. II i Give me a bite. Peek-a-boo ! Leisure Tlme Now take the Cuban subject for instance- - Refreshments, anyone. Pinch your little fat cheeks be . So embarrassing! Go, Man, Go! El- 57 AX Ami f Q . jf' 4 5 49W MAN WW 56 I ff W Q' 117 Treasurer, Jeanette Mandel, Secretary, Rayrnon Postoakg and Vice-president, Goldie Taylor Boyd. President J. T. Carvell Student Senote i iii, . ......,..,,., I I ' 2Tf'. .t 5 nl :1rm STANDING: Miss Jeannine Rainwater, Wayne Bailey, Bob White, Jim Neafus, Joe Miller, Ted Lyons, Will Getz, Stanley Moler, Kelly Haney, and Fred Boyd. SEATED: Kay Hardy, Mary Jane McAlister, Raymon Postoak, Jean- ette Mandel, J. T. Carvell, Goldie T. Boyd, Pattie Richardson, LeVonne Ahtone, and Mary Hill. P-1-N- The central organization of the student body, the Student Senate com leted another year govern- , P ing curricular and social activities. The most extensive project carried out was the assisting of a faculty committee in the formation of a hand- book which would be useful to new students coming to Bacone. Operating under the new provisions set forth by amendments of the Constitution, the Senate stressed better study habits and the importance of obtaining the goals set for future life. Spending its second year in Sacajuea Hall, Student Senate boosted activities consisting of Ping-pong, dancing, television, and many other social pastimes. Formal activities such as the Harvest Moon Ball furnished lasting hours and memories to the students. A new and closer relationship with the facul- ty Was one of the peaks which the Student Senate sought to reach. In the u er ri hthand corner four Bacone C PP g students enjoy a few spare moments of Ping- pong. Dancing, a popular pastime, was en'o ed by both present and former students. J Y Record player and records furnished by the Senate provided music for the festive oc- casions. Many faculty members seized the opportunity for an evening out and fun with the students.D We could have danced all night' How about the Peppermint Twist :PH The Jitter buggers sit one out v Bccone Choir Tenors! All Here! Sopranos! All Here! Basses! All Here! Altos ! ALTOS! All Here! This -is the familiar role call heard as the Bacone College Choir prepares to mount the Red Charger for another choir tour. This year the choir sang in the midwestern states of Kansas, Missouri Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Presenting both secular and religious music, the choir entertained church groups, schools, and various other organizations in these states. The traveling choir consisted of about 40 individuals. A strong feeling of the meaning to reach the hearts of their listeners existed at all times. E The will to sing is the only .-requirement for anyone who would like to be a member of the choir. Close religious attachment and fellowship can be derived by an indi- vidual who is seeking to learn choral and vocal techniques. Director, Miss Jeannine Rainwater, and Accompanist,IMrs. Dick West, take an advantage of the one of the few moments for relaxation. J ROW ONE, Left to Right: Joan Bates, Levon Ahtone, Lana Dixon, Mildred Cedar- tree, Janice Sharp, Norma Eubanks, Bette Arquette, Pattie Richardson, Judy McCosar, Shari Skenadore, Jenell Poemoceah. ROW TWO: Lorlei Trembley, Mary Hill, Jeanette Mandel, Betsy Wallowing Bull, Barbara Richards, Deanna Jacobs, Melva Richardson, Sandi Paddlety, Nora Cox, Mary Lee. ROW THREE: Tina Harris, Wayne Bailey, Kelly Haney, Tony Buck, Carl Two Horses, Ernest Paddlety, Dave Williams, Johnny Edwards, Raymond Pinto, Vine Drapeau, Christine Martin. ROW FOUR: Joe Miller, Bill Lorentino, Sam Warnock, Louie Brown, Jim Neafus, Ted Lyon, Johnny Lay, Ricky Nation, Randolph Snead, James Palmer, Russel Tsoodle, Bob Wade. Louie Brown, Bass Section Leader, Wayne Bailey, Vice-president, Barbara Richards, Soprano Section Leader, Ted Lyons, Tenor Section Leader, Randy Snead, costumes, Bill Lorentino, costumes, Pattie Richardson, Secretary, Enoch L. Haney, President, Mary Hill, Alto Section Leader, and Earnest Paddelty, costumes. Jeanette Mandel and Enoch Haney preformed sign language for Various numbers this year. OFFICERS--TOP TO BOTTOM, Left to Right: Indian Club Every Tuesday evening the resounding beat of the drum was heard on the Bacone Campus. The Indian Club uprisings enabled students to learn and exchange tribal customs. Traveling with the Bacone College Choir, the Indian Club featured the Eagle Dance, Snake Dance, Buffalo Dance, Shield Dance, Round Dance, Indi- an Two Step, and War Dance. The club was sponsored by Mr. Dick West, Wah-pah-nah-yah, famous Indian artist and Bacone instructor. F l l President, Bob White Secretary, Diana Jacobs Drummer, David Williams KS QQA- Lettermen's Club Under the sponsorship of Coach Ken Hayes and Mr. Robert L. Thomason, the Lettermen's Club sought to strengthen sports interest. BOTTGM TO TOP, Left to Right: President, Henry Biasg Mr. Thomason, Coach Hayes, Secretary, Ronnie Lashleyg Doug Marting Ken Jeffries, Robert Lee, Neil Thompson, Phil Postoak, Stan Keel, Bob Bulltail, Roger Elkins, and Jerry Quillen. Science Club Boosting scientific study, the Science Club enjoyed film strips and student projects. Mr: J. K. Pugh demonstrates atomic structure to' several members. Freddie Boyd, president and Russell Bates, vice-president served as leading officers for the organization. N, Circle K Operating for their second year, the Circle KClub, sponsoredby Dean Leo D. Harmon, manag- ed the concession at the Basketball game as their main project this year. BOTTOM TO TOP, Left to Right: President, Will Getz, Jerry Tay- lor, Doug Sullivan, Stanley Keel, Danny Scott, Ted Lyons, Gordon Wallace, Paul Strickland, Stan Moler, Larry Link, John Sigle, Paul Plow- den, Roger Elkins, Ken Jeffries, Bill Lorentino, James Pabst, and Russell Bates. Library Club The Library Club also spent its second year of activities functioning as a social organ- ization. Officers were Kay Hardy, secretary, Stanley Keel, president, and Mose Poolaw II, vice president. Sponsors were Mrs. Leta Dover and Mrs. Mort Woods. .Ad BSCU CABINET--STANDING: Mr. Daney, Dave Williams, Will Getz, Joe Miller, Kelly Haney. SEATED: Kay Hardy, Wayne Bialey, Levon Ahtone, Shirley Cooper, and Sarah Wahput. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK. Speaker: Dr. Rayrnond P. Jennings BSCU To strengthen the student religious program at Bacone, a new organization was formed to co -ordinate the various activities and ooncerns of the program. The new group was called the Bacone Student Christian Union CBSCUD and was sponsored by the Rev. Herschell E. Daney, director of religious life. The Union was composed of all interested and active participants of the Bacone student body. The cabinet of BSCU consisted of: Wayne Bailey and Levon Ahtone CCo-Presi- dentsbg Kay Hardy CTreasurerJg Shirley H Cooper QVice-Presidentlg Sarah Wahput KSecre- 1la1'yP3 David Wi11ia1T1SA fPublicity Chairmanbg Will Getz QBYF Presidenthg Joe Miller fDevotional Life Chairmanlg Enoch L. Haney fChapel Committee Chairman? and Raymond Pinto CDeputations Chairmanl. Dr. Raymond P. Jennings, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Ottawa, Kansas, and chaplain of Ottawa University, led Bacone's annual Christian Emphasis Week in November. Theme of the week was Your Reasonable Service, based on Romans 12:1. Dr. Jennings stressed the importance of shaking off the feeling oflnoncomitment, by offering our lives to that which is supremely worthwhile. God calls us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, Dr. Jennings said. BSCU MASQUERADES--Barbara Rich- ards, John Washburn, Levon Ahtone, Lillian Richardson, Rosa Richardson, and Kay Hardy. ll- K 5 in PRESENTING THE PROGRAM--Mib dred Cedartree, Avis Sullivan, and Randy Snead. Hmmm! Good! Judy McCosar and Wayne Bailey ' w BYF OFFICERS--Mr. Daney, Will Getz, Randy Snead, Betty Arquette, Melva Richardson, Avis Sullivan, and Mildred Cedartree. REFRESHMENTS--Bob Bulltail, Dave Williams, Robert Lee, Judy McCosar and Louis Stewart. 1 ww Aw, Phi Theta Koppo The Bacone chapter of Phi Theta Kap pa, Lambda Delta, set about to inspire more students to strive for honorary stand ards set for a Phi Theta Kappa Pledge, Initiating five new members at the beginning of the semester, Lambda Delta begin various projects for raising money to send representatives to the annual Phi Theta Kappa Convention in Biloxi, Missi- ssippi or the district meeting in Denver, Colorado. Striving to achieve better relation- ships between faculty and students, PTK demonstrated their unique qualities as student leaders. Mrs. Benjamin Kies was the frater- nity sponsor, and Mary Hill president. I J 'A Sa .A V I W V R-7 iam: f . A X1 1 ' TN 7 'lf L? AV A 1,7 if , ,+ 4 ' x Q' f , r N, J f 2 of 1 ii Ax' 1 AI Warrior Princess JUDY MC COSAR Lettermen's Queen JANICE SHARP Basketball Queen JUDY VOSS Warrior Princess' Attendants MHFY Hill Marjorie Givens Basketball Queen's Attendants Mary Jane McAlister Paula Bigby W fi fy 1:57. fr ww 6 J A I 1 6 I ia , 1 N , MP I 'M Q f I QMS 4. 5. ' Q7 lv QUE? j MW' l Vial? ff llqlf go? 'yffggp Cheerleaders Jeanette Mandel Paula Bigby Pattie Richardson Betty Arguette Mary Jane McAlister Joan Bates Head-cheerleader 5Mg, M 0 0.0006 O TQQMUQRLS The intramurals program at Bacone kicked off the fall season with an eight team baseball league that proved to be equal from the start to the end. lt was finally Won in a best of three series by Virgil Bray's PebblePluckers over Joe Smith's Do -Little's. Most games were won by no more than a one run margin. The teams entered with their captains were as follows: Pebble Pluckers- -Virgil Bray Do -Little ' s - -Joe Smith Washita Washouts - -Ed Hoyle Untouchables - -Eddie Shafer Show -Offs - -Phil Desmond Playboys - -Bob VVhite Fleet Foots- -Jerry Quillen Next in line for intramurals was a real good five team league of six man football. This was won by Troy Noah's V-8's. V-8's--Troy Noah Colts - -Bill Sturm Misfits - -Pete Fish Cardinals - -Jerry Cates Rinky Dinks - -Jerry Taylor Volleyball followed Football and here was the first partici- pation by the girls. Winners of the boys volleyball was Ken Jeffries. Grand Slammers--Ken Jeffries Desmond Devils--Phil Desmond Faculty--Ken Hayes Mites--James Ashley Cast-Offs--Don Brown West Coast Syndicate--Ed Steele The results of the girls Volleyball were: The Wanders The Loaferettes The Johnny Cakes All three ended up ihn a tie for first place. The other team in the league was the Lightle Litefoots. Basketball, by far the most popular of all intramural sports, followed volleyball and there were l0 entries. The teams entered with their captains were as follows. Winners were not known at press time. Bombers--Kent Allen Toads--Paul Strickland Chiefs--Pete Fish Bears--Bob White Faculty Plus - -Herschell Daney Mites - -Haskell Blair King Pens--Eddie Shafer Roadrunners--Dow Brown Double Dribblers--Stan Moler Magnificent 8--Ted Lyon Basketball 61-62 Harper Bonner Bias Hawkins Roberts Woolridge Smith Wilson Wallac e Bray Thompson Radford Kusleika Scott Student Manager Cates Plow den Brown Carter The Varsity 61-62 BACK ROW: Hawkins, Bonner, Bray, Plowden, Kusleika, Smith, Thompson, Coach Ken Hayes. FRONT ROW: Coach Perry, Wallace, Carter, Cates, Harper, Roberts, Rad ford, Bias. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Perry, Cates, Wilson, Brown, Scott, Woolridge, Carter, Harper. lun -- If u 1961 Baseball STANDING, Left to Right: Coach Hayes, R. Lashley, H. Jones, E. Shafer, S. Keel, D. Woods, Z. Gray. KNEELING: G. Rogers, H. Bias, K. Jef- fries, E. Hoyle, J. Quillin, P. Postoak, E. Poastoak. Ed Shafer, outstanding hurler. The 1961 edition of the Warriors Varsity Baseball team was without a doubt the best fielded at Bacone. The War- riors finished a very close second to Northeastern A St M in the conference wth a record of 11 wins and 3 losses. For the overall season they finished with 16 wins and 5 losses to all comers. The scores and teams played were as follows: Bacone O.M.A, 2 Bacone Bacone Murray 1 Bacone Bacone 1 Murray 1 Bacone Bacone O,M,A. 1 Bacone Bacone O.M,A, 5 Bacone Bacone 10 Eastern 2 Bacone Bacone 8 Eastern 0 Bacone Bacone 13 Northern 4 Bacone Bacone 3 Northern 13 Bacone Bacone 3 Ft. Smith 3 Bacone Bacone 2 Connors 3 Unanimous choices for All-Conference Eddie Postoak - Pitcher Ph 8 E. Central 9 9 Connors 0 7 St. Gregory 0 3 St. Gregory 1 17 Ft. Smith 6 0 N. Eastern 4 0 N, Eastern 1 5 Cameron 0 4 Cameron 1 8 Connors 7 Regionals il Postoak - R. Field Henry Bias - Shortstop Honorable Mention All-Conference: Darrell Wood - Third Baseman Eddie Shafer - Pitcher 3 Q32 24, I 1 1 - ?,'?:Zf aa' hi ,af f fX4ff H l l f w h f xl 22 X X gf 'iff 1 , , T' BACONE COLLEGE -. ig W ' sAcoNs, OKLAHOMA Q Dear Friends: As this eighty-second year of Bacone College comes to a close, I wish to extend heartfelt greetings to all Baconiansand other friends of this great institution of higher education. This 'year has provided the largest junior college enrollment in the history of the school. Great emphasis has been placed on high quality instruction. A spirit of concern, cooperation and determination by the faculty, coupled with other blessings of the year, has resulted in a great year of progress at Bacone. Congratulations to you students who have met the high standards set before you. There are limitless frontiers ahead for you to conquer. Re- member, that such a conquest calls for a love for Almighty God, a strong faith and. hope, an abundance of true knowledge and an untiring determina- tion. The cooperation and support of faculty and other friends has helped in providing the Bacone students with these tools needed in building a greater world in which to live. i Q Most sincerely, Roger W. Getz President W. LEWIS WOODSON Business Manager REV. HERSHELL DANEY Director of Religious Life Administrators I i , LEO C. HARMAN Dean of the Faculty WILLIAM F. CONNOR Director of Public Relations Robert F. Fe rree Religion Patrick Gore Mathematics Mrs. Leo D. Harman Mathematics Ken Hayes Physical Education Mrs. O. C. Jamell Science Mrs. Benjamin B. Kies French, Speech Faculty Miss Annette Anderson Business Education Mrs. Lola G. Bower Library Assistant Wayne Cheek Business Education Phillip R. Clugston Social Science Mrs. Leta S. Dover Library Mrs. Eva C. Fearnside English s Mrs . George King English Miss Goldie Lemon English James Perry Physical Education J. K. Pugh Science Mis s Je annine Rainwate r Music Mrs. Alice Spinks Art 1961 - 1962 Robert L. Thomason Industrial Arts Mrs. Wendella Thomason Home Economics Billy R. Weaver Social Science Walter Richard West Art Mrs. W. R. West Music Mrs. Anna Jean Woods Library Post Master Mrs. Martha Vaughan Assistant in Public Relations Mrs. Lawrence Maddin Secretary to Dean Miss Bethany Duckworth Secretary to President Mrs. Kate E. Miller Treasurer Office Staff Walter CDadJ Rattler Mrs. Robert Ferree White Cross Secretary 5, w Mrs. Mallie Sterling Bookkeeper Housemothers Mrs. Lillian Murphy J ourneycake Hall Mrs. Julia B. Smith J eannetta Barnett Hall Mrs. R. B. Caskey Walter Starr Hall Mrs. Agnes Sawtell McCoy Hall Mrs. Mary Cornine Poloke-Bosen Hall Maintenance Crew Jean Hulcher Earl Smith Roscoe Hardy ROY Spinks Cafeteria Staff Not Pictured Mrs . Susie Hudson Assistant Dietitian Mrs. Roseanna Spinks Miss Lucy Newman Dietitian T. B. James Miss Edna Dixon Qwfwk Wim Mwamfo, New ,iifflf mf, fgiQ0 M 553522525 mgz Maja .WQWM fix 17021171 Mfg My Qfifdf Q If X764-2 MMU ' , ' -1, , ' X U o A E lf 1 121- 04 f o Z Z Z lf ' 2 X 5 . Q 'A : f i Qing' HX' X 'Q 441, X N x Q f , 1,0 :7' 92 , 1 5 'I l!'l 1 - 'ul' 1 M Sophomore Closs Officers Stanley Molar Jo Nita Wade President Stanley Keel Sponsor Barbara Richards Representative Representative fivfiwp W Roger Elkins Ted Lyon R ' rt Representative epo er Mr. R. L. Thompson Sophomore Memories Do you remember the day when Harley Bias wore a slip and Don Brown was dressed as a prophet? But of course ----- freshmen initiation! And, oh yes ---- sneak day! The freshmen vwrere at school but what happened to the sophomores? But one we can always remember is the exciting time of the Frosh-Sophomore banquet, May 25. Secretary'-Treasurer ,fi Abe rc rombie, Carol Muskogee, Okla. Acree,. Jo Ann Cherokee Muskogee, Okla. Adair, John Cherokee Stilwell, Okla. Arquette , Bette Yakima White Swan, Washington Barrett, Fay Muskogee, Okla. Bates, Russell Kiowa-Witchita Anardarko, Okla. Adkins, Mildred Chickahominy Providence Forge, Virginia Ahtone , Levon Kiowa Billings , Mont ana Allen, Kent Okemah, Okla x .4 Y, 5 Q 't L ' v , IJ x V' fi H U w - ,JJ 'Vt B air, Fredda Muskogee, Okla. Boyd, Freddie Talala, Okla. Brown, Louie Cherokee Ft. Gibson, Okla Baze, Richard Muskogee, Okla. Beets, Bobby Creek Muskogee, Okla. Bias, Henry Warne r, Okla. Buck, Tony Creek Weturnka, Okla. Bude, Bette Muskogee, Okla Carvell, J. T. Muskogee, Okla .. ,,.- 3 V K y esros at f yn, .'1' V -L01 '1.' C La. ,MFT . f, E7 rr - Edwards , Johnny Che rokee Mulberry, Arkansas Farris, Linda Muskogee, Okla. Fish, Pete Creek Wetumka, Okla. Haney, Enoch Seminole Okmulgee, Okla. Highfill, Frances Muskogee, Okla. Hill, Mary Shawnee-Delawar Edmund, Okla. 6 Bullt ail, Robert Crow Lodge Gras s , Montana Choate, Alma Muskogee, Okla Cole, Lucille Muskogee, Okla 1 Hoyle, Edward Muskogee, Okla Jefferies, Ken Wynona, Okla. Jones , Lynn Muskogee, Okla. Cooper, Shirley Tulsa, Okla. Cox, Nora Muskogee, Okla. Dunagan, Edward Okay, Okla. Getz, Will Bacone, Okla. Givens, Marjorie Creek Okla. City, Okla. Hales, David Muskogee, Okla. Ketche r, Jo Anna Che rokee Talequah, Okla. Las ate r, James Wagoner, Okla. Lee, Robert E. New Alb any, Indiana Lir1k, Larry Muskogee, Okla. Mandel, Jeanette Paiute - Shoshone Fallon, Nevada McClure, Norma Muskogee, Okla. Lievs ay, Richard Okt aha, Okla. Lightle, Charlotte Muskogee, Okla. Linduff, Cinda Okay, Okla. Q Q. Q ,E - A '- f-.':m:e.. : ' 1 swf' r..,, :-, .M WY' .rw ' '-'EHS ff 49,0 , , ,Q f5f:5w,'iQ,?+1fsfg .J ,. k .fi ,' V ,ee 521- ' ,' ' ' : ,'l'i,l5zfl3f2Q , 2 fm 9'-vf.iff1,,fSig,'5i5 392 ,,,M?2 ,Ka -aa Pierce, Becky Muskogee, Okla. Poolaw, Mose Comanche-Kiowa Walters, Okla. Postoak, Phil Cherokee Kansas, Okla. Palmer, James Seminole - Creek Wewoka, Okla. Parson, Hoy Cherokee Braggs, Okla. Pickup, Jerry Cherokee Claremore, Okla. Postoak, Raymon Cherokee A Kansas, Okla. Pumphrey, Don Muskogee, Okla. Richardson, Melva Tuscarora-Sapony Macon, N. Carolina Clarkson, Bob Muskogee, Okla. Desmond, Phil Muskogee, Okla Shafer , Eddie Muskogee, Okla M Sturm, Bill Muskogee, Okla. Thompson, Neil Muskogee, Okla Waldroop, Herb Cherokee Bacone , Oklahoma Richardson, Pattie Boyd, Goldie Taylor Tuscarora-Sapony Oologah Hollister, N. C. Sinyard, Cliff Muskogee Spec k, Eugene Muskogee Stark, Gerald Muskogee White , Arch -Henry Shawnee Whittier , Califo rnia Williams, David Kiowa-Tonkawa Anadarko, Oklahoma a im- 4? H. f ua-' E C , 1 .':l.. i5 1 R. . Z vi -:a ?.': L - ff ' 555252155 . 3' f I ., f 2 I 'E - Ji 7 is 92 :h r is f V. in 2 X e F , L W A 7 mswwaw M xx! f J af K E , XA 5 5 1 5 2 J Sponsor Mr. J. K. Pugh Vice - President Danny Scott Creek Tulsa, Oklahoma Secretary Janice Sharp Muskogee, Okla. Representative Joe C. Miller Seminole Okemah, Oklahoma Freshman Class Officers President Jim Neafus Euchee Bixby, Oklahoma Representative Kay Hardy Scottsburg, Indiana Representative i Mary McAlister Muskogee, Okla Reporter Joan Bates Kiowa FRE SHMAN CLASS ACTIVITIES The Freshman Class worked all year on money- making projects to give a banquet and dance for the Sophomores in May. Before the Christmas holidays the projects in- cluded selling candy, sponsoring a Sadie Hawkins dance, and giving a pie supper. After the Christmas holidays the projects were the showing of a movie each month, giving another pie sup- per, and having a Cake Walk. The years' money-making activities ended with the Frosh-Sophomore Banquet and Dance on May 25, Anadarko, Okla. Adkins, Arleen Chickahominy Providence Forge, Va. Anderson, Cecil Wayne Lindsey, Oklahoma Anderson, Eric Muskogee, Oklahoma Babcock, Martin W. Oneida Oneida, New York Bailey, Eddie Creek Redondo Beach, Calif . Bailey, Wayne Creek Redondo Beach, Calif. Anderson, Helen E. Choctaw McAle ste r, Oklahoma Anderson, Jerry Cherokee Fort Gibson, Okla. Ashley, James W. Cherokee Tulsa, Oklahoma Bliss, LeRoy Paiute Lovelock, Nevada Boling, Letha F. Fort Gibson, Okla. Boling, Utah Okay, Oklahoma Bias, Harley Dale Warner, Oklahoma Bigby, Paula Ann Stillwater, Okla. Blair, Haskell Fort Gibson, Okla. Boswell, Olen Muskogee, Oklahoma . Brewer, Jerry Lee Kansas, Oklahoma Briggs, Judy Muskogee, Oklahoma Al- Cedartree, Mildred Arapaho Bacone, Oklahoma Christie, Arlis Cherokee Locust Grove, Okla. Clemmons, Jimmie Cherokee Gans, Oklahoma Curry, Teddy Castle, Oklahoma Davis, Suzi Muskogee , Oklahoma Dixon, Lana Choctaw Muskogee, Oklahoma Brown, Adam Bradley, Oklahoma Brown, Donald Fayetteville , Ark . Brown, Johnny Creek Henryetta, Oklahoma Drapeau, Vine Sioux Ravinia, South Dakota Echols, Thelbert Okay, Oklahoma Elliott, Lola Choctaw Whitesboro, Okla. Brown, Kenneth Smithville, Okla. Byfield, Jean Fort Gibson, Okla. Carter, Eddie Muskogee, Oklahoma Cook, Sally Muskogee, Oklahoma Coolbaugh, Jeanette Muskogee, Oklahoma Crossland, Shirley Che rokee Muskogee , Oklahoma Eubanks, Norma Jean Muskogee, Oklahoma Evans, E rne Stine Haliwa-Cherokee- Tuskarara Hollister, North Carolina Farris, Nancy Muskogee, Oklahoma Graham, Barbara Muskogee, Oklahoma Green, Sherry Muskogee, Oklahoma Hale, Betsy Creek Okemah, Oklahoma Fields, Redgie Cherokee Oaks, Oklahoma Gautney, James Okay, Oklahoma Glenn, Darrell Muskogee, Oklahoma , .. E: h F ,R-. x ' 5 'iill'-ivfiiszgg, ' Zi: tg ff ' xv N5 '52 ' K -i T - was riaa ,X f.-aa,-W, ...A Hawkins, Johnny Tulsa, Oklahoma Hayes , Ronald Braggs, Oklahoma Homer, Fauna' Choctaw Hugo, Oklahoma Harper, Charles Fort Gibson, Okla Harris, Tina Arapaho Ethete, Wyoming Hawkins, Inetta Stillwell, Oklahoma Ichord, Stephen Albion, Oklahoma Jacobs, Deanna Onodaga Nedrow, New York James, Edward Yavapai-Hopi Clarkdale, Arizona King, Levi Ponca- Omaha Ponca City, Okla. LaCrone, Jim Muskogee, Okla. Lashley, Larry Cherokee Muskogee, Okla. Lorentino, Bill Comanche Salem, Oregon Main, Linda Muskogee, Okla. Markovics, Nova Muskogee, Okla. Jesse, Alexander Seminole Sasakwa, Oklahoma Jones, Helen Kiowa-Cherokee Shawnee, Oklahoma Jordan, Betty Muskogee, Okla. Martin, Christine Cherokee Locust Grove, Okla McCosar, Eugenia Creek Los Angeles, Calif. Miller, Harold Creek Talihina, Oklahoma Keener, Eddie Wynona, Oklahoma Kelly, Jo Ann Tulsa, Oklahoma Kenady, Doyle Muskogee, Oklahoma Lay, Johnny C reek Muskogee, Oklahoma Le ath, Frank Muskogee, Oklahoma Lee, Mary Arapaho Arapahoe, Wyoming Miller, Leon Wagoner, Okla. Nation, Ricky Cherokee Fort Gibson, Oklahoma Nevaquaya, Frank Comanche Lawton, Oklahoma Odell, Eugene Hulbert, Okla. Orr, Janette Fort Smith, Ark. Pabst, James Fayetteville, Ark. Noah, Troy Choctaw Talihina, Okla. Nofsinger, Jim Cherokee Chouteau, Okla. Nunley, Odell Cherokee Tulsa, Oklahoma 1 Pinto, Raymond Navajo Gallup, New Mexico Pitman, Richard Muskogee, Oklahoma Plowden, Paul Cockeyville, Md. Paddlety, Ernest Kiowa Anadarko, Okla. Pete, Burton Paiute Reno, Nevada Pete ring, Nancy Muskogee, Okla. Poemeceah, Janelle Comanche Walters, Oklahoma Powless, Keith Seneca Gowanda, New York Pugh, Ronnie Muskogee, Oklahoma Roberts, Maurice Pawhuska, Okla. Rodenbe rge r, Nellie Muskogee, Okla. Russell, Joe Cherokee Oaks, Oklahoma Shoemake, Delores Cherokee-Choctaw Muskogee, Okla. Smith, Jerome Creek San Francisco, California Smith, Joe Cherokee Muskogee, Okla. Radford, Curby Tulsa, Oklahoma Richardson, Horace Haliwa Warrenton, North Carolina Richardson, Lillian Haliwa- Che rokee - Tuskarora Warrenton, N. C. Snead, Randolph Choctaw-Quosati Talihina, Okla. Springwater, Dennis Cherokee Stillwell, Oklahoma Steele, Edward Troutdale, Oregon Richardson, Rosa Haliwa- Che rokee - Tuskarora Hollister, N. C. Riggs, Lanny Braggs, Okla. Roberts, Bob Muskogee, Okla. Samuel, Randell Choctaw Hatfield, Ark. Sampson, Clayton Paiute Reno, Nevada Shannon, Betty Boulder, Colorado Stevens, Marvin Cherokee Muskogee, Oklahoma Stewart, Louis Chickahominy Providence Forge, Va. Stige r, Billy Muskogee, Oklahoma Sullivan, Douglas V Okmulgee, Oklahoma Taylor, Jerry Choctaw Hugo, Oklahoma Thomas, Beverly Nez Perce Kamiah, Idaho Strickland, Paul Talihina, Okla. Stubbs, Vivian Muskogee, Okla. 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White, Bobby Cheyenne-Shawnee Seneca Quapaw, Oklahoma Whitesell, John Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania Williams, Edna Cherokee Southwest City, Missouri Williams, Ramona Cherokee Stilwell, Oklahoma Wilson, Steve Creek Elmore C ity, Oklahoma Wolfe, Charles Cherokee Stilwell, Oklahoma Wooldridge, James Tulsa, Oklahoma Young, Charles Muskogee , Oklahoma Collum, Sandra Cherokee Muskogee, Okla. Crow, Gordon Cherokee Muskogee, Okla. Green, Harvey Haliva Hollister, N . C . Hutchins, Betty Braggs, Okla. Jewell, Raymond ElCentro, Calif. Johnson, Charlene Creek Okniulgee, Okla. McCarter, D. J. Cherokee Tahlequah, Okla. Paddelty, Sandi Kiowa Claremore , Okla . Quiyer , Mary Arapahoe Ethete , Wyoming Relyea, Vincent Las Vegas, Nevada Southerland, Leon Choctaw Anoka, Minnesota Tsoodle, Russell Kiowa Mt. View, Oklahoma Two Two, Peter Sioux Pine Ridge, S. Dakota Williams, Jimmy Checotah, Oklahoma Freshmen Second Semester Entries e k., X , 3, ' .as , ref: X we va W .. ' pg wi ig 1 S S ...fl Tu tti i Ji' iv S 1 X Y' 54 ,i M- W I 4 H 5,3 5. 4' -sf? . - ' 1 5 5 3 E 3. . lg r x J .s.. wg, SZ . F ,ig . P . ll J , ' -2 1, .f 2 is Qs. -' Q fi-., ..., M ig if as x Q A X 'L as 9 4 2. K 3 xgrwi vc Rb gt . , ,,,, , lie iz Q sw. ,et W Q. fed we . , sf? 23251, - fggkgw ' av, 3 N i ew f tw I ,. X sl? e if I -f1'e2z4,:2afW f' 1-if J wiki:- 3 rig.: . i ,ITN-A' psf,-11iyz'i' .. ,- . , Q Mi .,,. .1 we if af Y -gr , .. . .... , , , . ,Si , M Q6 rm.. ag ML, , 5, ,W 5 Vi Us . .S Les - , v, , ' -, i?5iZg29E1i5i ELig f f . f 7 V' Sf? - ' if if ,. ..,, ,, . H, ,i. Q 1 rr l ' iiii T1 rsr g Q 6, l 'QQ up K Q' W fi' Adkins, Pearl Parker, Ned Chickahominy Muskogee, Okla. Providence Forge, Va. Cosen, Gilbert Apache Whiteriver, Arizona Howard, Tom Muskogee, Oklahoma Skenadore, Shari Oneida Plymouth , Wis . Warnock, Sam Okmulgee, Okla. Sophomores Jeanetta Barnett Hall Campus Views Bacone Gymnasium Bacone Art Lodge rm- , Sacajawea Hall Poloke - Bosen Hall Benjamin Wacoche Hall Isaac McCoy Hall fig Q! Qgbkfijt X f ' 3 Honor Students 46 ff ,, t K c 9, 1 f6'0 - f 5 K .. 7 253 mei? arg? aotd 534 2 E 3' rr 5 E11 ,,, :U 5. Eli Q WJ! W Li? gut 1 1 L+ 5' 0 7-91 ,... S U2 FP' U2 FD 0 U1 -+- CD S YXX SXXX ,TO mass 2aEw m'5'3E mm Z am U mg f: P' '11 mg ,U Pm UJ 'LT o sv P- G ,fAllt u' ' -Q3 Q9 ' mf . JOHN SIGLE , Q 'W Freshman p Chosen as the outstanding 'X J A scholastic student for the first 55, A semester. ,g iii V1 - E - WLS 'u YL 'L if 41 JUDY VOSS Freshman Chosen as the outstanding scholastic student for the first semester. Publications STANDING, Left to Right: Mrs. Eva Fearnside, sponsor, Kelly Haney, Sherry Green, Janette Orr, Bobby White, Lana Dixon, J,T, Car-ve-11, SITTING: Judy McCosar, Wayne Bailey, Mary Hill, Norma Eubanks, Marjorie Givens. Archie, Janette, Judy, Eric, Pattie, Nova, and Mary. Boconion Reporters Arch-Henry White . . . President Judy McCosar ..... Secretary Eric Anderson . . . V. President Wayne Bailey . . . Treasurer Journalism Club Officers Bill Babcock Editor's Nightmare BACONIAN Layout Pushing the deadline seemed to be a never ending operation of the WARRIOR and BACONIAN publications staffs. Countless hours were spent trying to put out a yearbook and newspaper. Most students don't realize just how much time goes into the production of the publications until they have tried it. The annual staff was busy, first making layouts, then having pictures taken, putting the pictures on the master sheets, and finally writing copy. Section editors consisted of Lana Dixon, Norma Eubanks, Sherry Green, Linda Main, Pattie Richardson, Judy McCosar, Margie Givens, Bob White, and Janette Orr. Tracking down news proved to be a task for BACONIAN editors and reporters. Writing copy, typing, correcting, layout, and finally printing, consumed alarge portion of the young journalists. A new Off-set press furnished a different style of paper for Bacone. As the long hours of hard work drew to a close we glanced back to see the achievements we had made. Two new sections were added to the WARRIOR. First, Student Life, which depicts everyday happenings at Bacone, and the WHO'S WHO which honored outstanding students. We offer our undying gratitude to Mr. William F. Connors who so ,graciously took pictures for the annual. His never ending patience and everlasting willingness made the largest part of our yearbook possible. A big 'Thanks' also goes to our sponsor Mrs. Eva Fearnside and Mr. Robert L. Thomason, who spent many hours of their time 'boosting' us to meet the oncoming deadlines. Kay Hardy BACONIAN News Editor Mary Hill WARRIOR Editor in Chief Kelly Haney WARRIOR Art Editor Arch-Henry White, Business Manager MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ALL-AROUND Goldie Taylor Boyd Mary Hill Melva Richardson Kelly Haney Ken Jeffries Phillip Desmond Sophomores Who's Who MOST ATHLETIC Shirley Cooper Bill Kusleika MOST INTELLECTUAL MOST TALENTED WITTIEST Lucille Cole Barbara Richards Bette Arquette Stan Moler Ted Lyon Ronnie Lashley ! i i , . , 1 BEST ALL-AROUND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST POPULAR Mary Jane McAliSter Janette Orr Janice Sharp Virgil Bray O. D. Nunley Jim Neafus Freshmen Who's Who MOST ATHLETIC Sarah Mahpat Paul Plowden v MOST INTELLECTUAL MOST TALENTED WITTIEST Kay Hardy Joan Bates Vivian Sfabbs John Washburn Curly Radford Joe Mlller Worrior Boosters A . W WM 'UD'4'ffr' Qtffi? gif? of Wim f:z:ss::1g2::z6f?CkOff me M Zfw gm grizwm JMS? 'Q A924 if wgjjmazr 45 gif EN Q!!! XJ? I ?QFR6S1CR Effffrvs fs QW W, fffffdm o W ffwfff WXM QM GJ gczaffaowwzyy. Wm Jwfigwfyrifxy W MM My QP! MV! gif awwg of QZQEOMMJEWW Q QWW QW M,-ff' W- ,ew XLSW' 1XW5'f11vMQ.f? 9,fEy '3 Q2 91 QJMWWL M A Q S Eaf 'cMQj03fCff'V 'fM 5- 01 H5 EAW Sm gb,,,jgl,.. iffy ,fwwfffff 'flflffmlw X 77,J,1.Mo774Zw-f or I Q L Vkzw W Q ff MJ if ag fbwkfw 41' if 2f+L!d,,4,.4f M, 142 Lfwpi ' 'ffm 442 1214 awww! ,dj JL g,gxfj9,.!ff .AAL 1,14 .41wLf'f L wma 7' fi 4 X , ,,,yz JA' f 4 1 A lQC,' fy pdf? ffffv' 0 7 , zdgffyziuhqf Zi 4 42-ff W M ff,.J7,,gf7M Maffwff kg a.Lp4,.4f 04140462 f Ll, 4L fLl ?tl1-v.4,,4.f?3f0LLQ1fL.fxfl411fLl4-af6' ff? J , K91ff6if2 'vgj, 7 , M 44,1 Vfaf 41-1-7 QZXJL, Nfl, 'ffamb ,MJ M w1 f fffMzff2,fzMf ww' f jwca' 'fl an ,,7..:,, ff' .ww W4 Q 'QA ,f 'Z76' fm fjj x 2 , ,cr x A 4 - can 'dd 'af' 1 502 ZiZffg ,fda yfv My .WW Z5 7 L 6 f , f71Wf'fy ' 'Wm WN 4 f Z fw K-Z7 , ,- mul' -fffjzc 4 AQ: 'ta' INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS i l40 AQ 6 ,411 157, PKoInsI:s CITY I Winnipeg . jZ, L, ub is ers - anu ccturer ' - A ai Y b ks - Y Qfbook covers ,We r-ff 44 af fda' f ' .ff ,611-af , 05 - uoti nnounceme ,fri D X on G d A n577ce1,4.f ,. D waywwn, ffffy USA A ffl' ly I Ima VL!WjWZf,4J,,Z5M4fzf52!44Q5f,fZf4, 1 .4l2niIF M-Q' X + fi l vb , W' 5 I' N Q -Lsgux eww MMJLQQM L QW? X , nf I Dlcinvx ! J'LL yd . 'Ik' Qffmvwfdwffwvilm. 1 ?ffUT og, W' A H7 v 4 .4 -9- 'QL JL ol Q17 mg 4' pu 1 if W. G+ M ifW Q','i.1'9Z' .bw K 6 ' 'IMI' -'MWA 3 Wim MMAMVM .ww f iff fgfpiffii I Qwfwv ' H k,R1fQgfg1 MM 5911 gswvw ' jgji iL bwJJ L- f+CM' iipiii iff !U'W9 b-LL may JJ ff -ffff' 'A' vw PM My H11 5

Suggestions in the Bacone College - Warrior Yearbook (Muskogee, OK) collection:

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