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W XX-jlgk fm? f-f NO Wu? ' M A 19 ips 'QQFJQ UQDFQQ gf 332 J 6512 QQ' XM fd Q 'QQQXQEUQ ff 95,69 vjlgf OX SNP! 695 Q97 O X , UQ, 6 F19 Z! JJ OX y rf XXV ff LX xx LGI? X BXLPXGQ bgxx fl xg y xxllcf - XP U3 - W D356 YM SK 5 Ogg ufbujw J QV. X! X ND QW , D we X H fy Q KXQJQX POA 1 N0 , GMDJD la' Q U L Z, C55 V5 if ND M9 W ff X wwf yMU . Q11 i 7? 8827 U61 , X gil? S LC34yglNGMU,,M QJO7 . Gu Y? -U JV: Q JG mmm Xb -Q ilucik I Cloifppfcfxwmc W! fx, 5 . QU? 5--Z 'QC.C,. Jf iummpg XX 5? Q0 Q 4k V553 513' S X- 'x I N X Q N NN I ,X Kyguidx 9 f, ff ff ..YQ X X X QM7 CXNXQ Qi SL J Z- X X V M ' ,rRA Ili? xx! j LX! wb f' Qjwycf wb QQ X f X QM M NN BQ-Q X' ,, M h bfi V Y j Nj X' x .b J -q 4v' Q A. I L! YK lf, ""' , K QE 55 Xi 9 5 . , f - X SQ 3 - fy 53? 8 E jx xx 52 3 Qi Q J W S Ji? 51 QR gfcjw ba xy 1 SC Kp Agmig Q X 40 +5355 X5 J KTM Q X94-f Q2 Gb SQ ,ijcxgl wwf W A 5 if Q3 Xfwoffb ff, M HIST' M5 Q 5 A qgmff ww' xv YQ Nga ,855 -RN wx x 5 1 -A klod V005 1568 9916? W QSEX4 4'-Ylx V li N VME 5 5 Q C Fwrxfm., TR .Q PV gQA5y,Q,uf'1. ijlQLi.4h0fW15 -For being SUQYW 'Q up Q -' L'iZQf1d-tp Home J hauom Kam om, ibn bo-F C15 long QS J hOUC,L10U moo bccimc Oi 5.1nond.+r,Qny,g Q-For bomgeo osCC Q00 I-L Llou GMQQXIS CPFYIQFIU men J will DC' nerc. ifl'C!1d5 'former GP. BABB Junior High School Forest Park Georgia CL04 of au L-L Lfccui 0 O TABLE OF CONTENTS r ! ntroduction 1 16 49 36 s is P53-X. i. fig 'IT 1 61575 Atlanta, fast on its way to becoming a major city in industry and trade, is proud to be the site of many famous landmarks. Coca-Cola, an interna- tional favorite, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year in our city. Atlanta is also the home of Stone Mountain, the world's largest exposed granite structure and 7th Wonder of Georgia, boasting one of the most magnificent sculptures in the world. The Westin Peachtree Plaza, a beautiful example of modern architecture, is the tallest hotel in the world, towering 73 floors above the city. Georgia's State Capitol building is the seat of the state's gov- erning powers and is topped off with gold from our state's own gold mines. Our great city is also the site of the eternal flame commemorating the great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, I r. who was born and raised in Atlanta. Atlanta has emerged as a modern metropolis with something for everyone. ,.,,: 'Ka i ?'. ven though Clayton County is a thriving part of a growing metro- politan Atlanta, it still retains many Old South traditions. The county is named for Augustine Smith Clayton, a judge and Congressman from Georgia. Clayton County's first settle- ment, Leakesville, was established in 1823 but was later renamed Jonesboro in honor of civil engineer Samuel Jones who revived a bankrupt railroad. lt was on this railroad that cotton was shipped. Georgia's 125th county is probably best known for Margaret Mitchell's novel of the Old South, Gone with the Wind. For it was here that Miss Mitchell researched the historical background for the novel. Clayton County combines the best of yesteryear with the promise of tomorrow. . uhm E, .. . k,,, 5 V r.:f Agia , V , scgr, "?' N,t .C UN"f'y , ii, f Jar V trss or V, siilaifton iess ,Covraty Mfffiiff if? ff? ff? 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" dh -- FQ , fs. sign I 1 The opening day of school 15 always a hectic one at Babb Jr High Ev eryone is modeling his or her new clothes, hoping that no one else is wearing the same thing. Classes are fairly well organized but confusion still reigns. , B Teachers and students alike are both pleased and relieved when the frantic first day is over. be Clubs are important in the students' lives at Babb. We offer a wide variety of activities for our students, where they have an oppor- tunity to become involved in their clubs, performing many beneficial social services. Our Y-clubs and Beta club are a center of student involvement with services ranging from running a school supply store to sponsoring canned food drives for the less fortunate members of our community. . , W it it if ia 3' gizi M , Z li P6 69 as mf pptaa M we ' . if if ,, . ' I Q 1 ,f 5f'5r1r-lE1""f- Ziff' ' ,gym ' V P ' ' f L' ,, ff! 'fllkff' 399''513525512'f'M5:iW5'4P'V ' 1 Qih V55 Qgli fgl 1 ,f M, A 6 fi, f Q umm 9, ,.,,, mf, w V, 2' f' 1.. ., ,Jw ,, 44 ew 4 1 , me , fi , f, 45 ,Z E 1031 1-Vf ,, ,W if .,..,. , 4 if 4. K 02 w " f w ' 'A ,wr W f f 1 E, , ,. as ,M AK 4 , if ,Wf- A-w-Q-........,,., iw., f' .,g' M. 1"' s WW,,.,. Q' if WWW1wgf: " f" f ' rw ' X - Nmqy in 1 .1 . 'W .bs ,. Xb' SYf2s- ng ,W AA 7- ,. fy EA K . M. M X' "" T65 w L5 D L , 'Yu an x Mvffh E Ni '1,2 fw- Q 1" M aug E Qfwif P ' , vi ' ffky W '7 Q " Qty" F, f,'jQ'w1vf 'I 'I 'V V 'Q' 2V Qxjx V Y, ,. 7 j A , N, , V, V, 4, AV A, V A . 1 - A H - i ,Vy Aw VV 'VM W' ' E? i " , K 'JFK 46 4 " A , ' , N 'r . cf A 4 A A A, A AQ 'VVV . A A Q AA f A , ,m Q1 A V 5 .A A +. A wg' 3 a"Q,ff A . tau' ' rf fb -' ' g WX Y ..... -11m - ik A v ' f cf " T A 3, A 4' ' jv' f M ' f W :,A., JV AA A v '2 gl. 1 4 A ,A -:r A 2 ' 'if' A... awww 3 A -V 1, f A V ,J it ft AV , MV V A VV, 9' A it . Q' gr V A h fn h 'A 5 wi j N" A A of j 3 1 .,, X 1 mm W A 1 1i1AQ, A A .. if A X'- 4 A 'V VV V .,q5 F, l, ,QA V A AA - VV ,V ,V V A VA A yah A V ,A AA , A V 1 ' . V AVVV AQ vw ,J V V A. AMVA 3 j ., L x A - 3 A 1 A MM l I 'url ' 5 N A V 1 'A 'A in. 'G 1 I mf y M asm n nuwfn-r 'N .-,si m , ... X gr , is L' A ' 5 f I ' ' I , . X . 4. Rf? Tony Hiett -I Cory Phelps Angela Mewbourne Brannon Evans 'E Ejligffl vm an ,gf-.N M I ' 'A-sffag-. . - Y, kg - ,v Mk, !. K cn, f A r X t me 4 , 1 'Iliff 5' , ,x1Qm'?v fi .-:ig U. rg' V' '31-l,j:,E??x :. . Q, I 3, ifffigf. , h "N A fl V-7, M 'ff lf 1 . , 1 ., ' Qu. 9 , 14 M gi- fu f '- an M -1 f'4'M:-sign X ' . J' . QU X 1? jill Newman jesse Wheelus Missy Landsdown - 5? lg? is-. ,E 4 vw 2' el Rosa Trapani Brad Wimberly i?Q'4?Zi:'i?IS'iPIS'i,'i?Ii?4i?i?'i?Ii?-i?' 14 '74ia?fi'4?'-i4?Ii4?lAr'- -ll-3541521--ll-4 ! Rhonda Parks Mike Clayton Kim Barton Chris Baugh NU SPH VI SPRE, Angie Thompson Mike Adcox Nicole Campbell Mike Thompson Dana Parker 15 We wie. . G,, Q ' mm ' ,W , ,,,, Q N. 'ummm W ,X 'nv-x mu NK NN X xi vtixiwgxkr M 5XXvxuXwx MXW, 4 vw f - nbguif' , , we ' ' " " - ,'E9SI,9w,.,f,6?"f'?Kt'X W ' Gm tmx WA u 11 uf Tx My Gwfj jQ'jf,flCffeQi'fx 1 uf ' mem . V - -1. ' CQIA b XX X' 'Dc x ' 'img ff-DYXN X "3"'f.,aQ.,'l ' X X X 7 Xliw Qirxh X in ., XXXUA xmiaixiw ' ' QA EXUXQXX Q23 12 1 A-had www ,,,x . 2 Nu C'-UBS MEMBERSHIP RQSTER Legend ...Ig 5- Y -1 X. X -X N , X 1 J 5 A-.gff i K 'f1"'g ' Staff - .. 'gain' X xx 5 ZH f 2, A ,-,, Dawn P1 ' " ' , .ds :ui -r,- ig 1 il Ji +4 41 -i. -r I 'lg - 41:1 i 4 ,E if - ' lllillllll I ILWINWQIIIM.Mtlillllllllllllmillim llillllllllMlllllilllllililll lllllllilllllllll -,. 5. Library PlEWS, Jwuuucz u Davis, Ronnie V3 Johnson. K lv 4 Ll Cheeves Scott 41" M IHTK IS. r i i Tri-Hi-Y officers: Front row, left to right: Jan Turner, Jill Newman, Angie Mears, Tara Hanes, Jenny Vandiver, Jenny Hall. Back row: Kelly Ewen, Erika Robbins, Ronda Parks, Audrey Jamison, Rocki Mew- bourne, Jenay Coates, Patti Lord, Debbie Grant. Front row, left to right: Rachel Tumlin, Tiffany Saunders, Brandy Stallworth, Leslie Scogin, Darlene Bedley, Jenny Vandiver, Kelli Beazley, Ronda Parks. Middle row: Jill Newman, Shannon Pafford, Verlie Wilson, Beth Durden, Nikki Nastopoulos, Jenny Hall, Angie Mears, Tara Hanes, Alix Smith, Shannon Stroup. Back row: Patti Lord, Missy Parks, Amy Griffin, Jennifer Pollard, Becky Carter, Stephanie Bell, Janie Harper, Mrs. Simmons, Nikki Fletcher, Audrey Jamison, Lydia Hearn, Kelly Ewen, Suzanne Roberts, Erika Robbins, Robin Upchurch, Rocki Mewbourne, Jenay Coates, Ms. Bates, Jan Turner, Debbie Grant, Kim Locklear, Angela Miller. , , ,,,.. , ., we The Tri-Hi-Y is a service oriented club involved in school and community projects, The members be- come involved in serving others and learning about leadership role. They also attend various conferences during the year where they learn how legislation is en- acted, and how to apply Christian ethics to their daily lives. f 1 ' ,M Chris Baugh. Back row: Mr. Key, Farmer, Mrs. Leoni. Alvin Craig, Jesse Wheelus, Brannon Evans, John Hensley, Alan Whatley, Chris A r"""""" In 1929 in London to organize a the "improvement of the tion of young men . . . Men's Christian Association worldwide. The program has ed in physical education, camping, and club work for adults and young people. The purpose of the Hi-Y is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, community, high standards of Chris tian character." . Chris Baugh Footsteps To Service nal' .fun .wg '00, fl.. ,A HI ' xg, ,53,,,, . I Lis, 41- ., .ss Left to right: Front row: Allan Hansard, Bryan Craig, Kyle Bevis, Alan Whatley. Second row: Gary Winger, Tony Hiett, Mike Thompson, Mike Clayton. Third row: Jeremy Roldan, jesse Wheelus, Brannon Evans, Chris Baugh, Ned Boggan. Back row: John Barnett, Keith Hiett, jonathan Corley, Scott Sutton, David Rowe, joey Wallace. """"'-+..., Industrial Arts Kneeling - Billy Tidwell, Standing -- Mr, Kirby, Jake Forsyth, Do: Moore, David White, josh Pearson, Joey Wallace, Joe VVhite, Stairs - jason Waldrop, Barry Davis, Brian Litteral, Tony Trollinger, jarni Parrot, Dan West, Gerald Tritt, Ron Carney. West, The Industrxal Arts Club provides fur ther study of tools and materials for stu dents at Babb Ir Hlgh The club contrib utes time for school and community services The highlight of the year for these students is to represent Babb during the annual conference by particrpatlng in com petitrve events This conference is held each spring sam 4-I-I The 4-H Club is an extension ofthe University of Georgia through the -X County Extension Office. In this l I club the 4-Hers participate in many p levels of competition. Enthusiasm, i adventure, excitement, thrills, and , activity . , . this is what Babb's 4-H l Club has to offer its members. Officers - Amy Griffin, Keith Hrett, Xernona Phillips fi? Left to right: first row: Candy Williamson, David Smith, Mr. Martin, Rachel Williams, Amy Griffin, Sherry Womer, Laura Chason. Second row: Josie Phillips, Pamela Wade, Xernona Gray, Lakechia Woodard, Yulcra Elder, Kinetha Gwinn. Third row: Laquanza Smith, Scott Green, Tony Trollinger, Chris Sweatman, Lisa Mangold, Tina Wade, Verlie Wilson. Fourth row: Carla Matthews, Dotsie Robbins, Darlene Bedley, Serena Smith, Suzanne Gass, Cheryl Peterson, Missy Parks, Doug Frazier. Fifth row: Michelle Buffington, Keith Hiett, Kerry Allen, Danny Mitchell, Mike Grant, Greg Ivey. ' . VOCA Front row - Left to right: Parin Learig, Gerald Tritt, Mike Shurley, Sabrina Pope, Cheryl Waldrop, Tracy Stephens. Middle row - Natasha White, Joey Wright, Sue Gass, Kim Rhea, Mirabel Miranda, Laura Chasen. Back row --f Carla Matthews, Randy Tuten, Jeff Banks, Marie Duffy, Nicole Sutton, Eugenia Smallwood, Mr. Curry. PHA F J if "' A S F as Front row - Left to right: Diane Hollavvay, Angie Mears, Donna Burch, Selina Brogclon, Ellen Whittaker. Middle row: Michelle Tilley, Dottie Smith, Nicole Sutton, Linda Dillard, Paula Wil- liamson, Debbie Holloway, Brenda Dillard, Andria Nelson. Back row: Mrs. Wilkes, Shantee Lance, Beth Young, Jenay Coates, Reni Griffin, Shannon Hilderbrand, Mrs. Kitchings. VOCA's :purposes are to develop leader- ship abilities, to at- tain a purposeful life by establishing real- istic vocational goals, and to create enthusi- asrni forflearning. The VOCA, Club also competes in regional andtstate contests in several areas in an at- tempt to iachieve these goals. r FHA provides op- portunities for self development and preparation for fam- ily and community living and for em- ployment. The goal of the FHA is to help young people develop skills and assume their role in thefam- ily, personal growth, vocational prepara- tion, and community involvement. PHA is a local, state, and na- tional organization. 'Q S I Le-ell I in r .4 a Qi: S- 1 -LL? WI , ft Front row left to right Darlene Bedley, Deana Crisp, Candy St. Pierre, Sandra Taylor, Tracy Starr. Back row: Mrs. Stanley, Jason Huckeba Susan Cass Shanetta AITIPY, Holly Cerka, Carla Matthews, Mrs. Lawrence, Lorie Barrow Knot picturedj The purpose of the club is to promote in- terest in sign lan- guage, increase deaf awareness, minimize communication bar- riers between hearing impaired students and their hearing peers, and to promote better relations among deaf and hear- ing people in the school and communi- ty. i n a I1 ll 8 9 ' strike-5 5 f ff 29 Ch rus -. QL? Symphonic Band -- Left to right: Front row: Erika Robbins, Jill Newman, Kim Atkins, Shannon Stroup, Amy Sweckarcl, Alix Smith. Second row: Mia Gowing, Kerry Allen, Latoya Wimbush, Tangia O'Neal, Becky Carter, jan Turner, Carey Driver, Debbie Grant. Third row: Stephanie Bell, Linh Nguyen, Michelle Banks, Byron JW, VW. i 2 the band 'Bmpr X , KX-1"sV,r'-' vW .x, This year's Miss Babb is Rosa Trapani. Rosa is an honor student who enjoys modeling and hopes to be a computer engineer. She is a bright, friendly young lady and we are proud to have her represent Babb as Miss Babb 1986. First runner-up, jen- nifer Davis, will be the reigning Miss Babb in Rosa's absence. Jenni- fer's ambition is to be a professional model. ir W -X392 4.9921 0 . g THLETIC .fiwna 'Rb P QC will X11 IX , X Y ,-QE, fr if iff K N I -Q ., fwffk if xg' ave "ily 'A' A aux' 6 XC if .,f,3,,,m, 1 Q- Sf. 'Z M " H I' "Zh 9 s ,i ' -ffouiamente A 54 1 'f 1 .. - --gf seymg-gkggiy, ' - ' 85 gift 4. K K raw is E gl' .9 iliw 9TH DE FOOTBA BABB J Q 0 North Clayton 13 16 Riverdale r 13 38 Morrow 43 0 21 Pointe South K 19 20 Mundy's Mill is 0 31 Adamson Q0 41 Jonesboro O Forest Park 6 20 PLAY-OFF5 A Babb vs Pointe South 13 l,ll Q e.e, ' t e,eeea QTHAQQQDQQBOYS BASKETBALL 1 Q fa? BABB 4 'flvgegiffo 60 A Essays Mau as 42 aj' ,, LA ,amson 45 fy,-lA""'y 5 Qfth 59 iMorrow 39 of 39 40 52, A HE .Q 1 W wg 526 f v-'Wg 25 N ' .i-'-'E' Morrow I '.rfi1' 'lr E 'ww- Left to right - Front row: Dan West, Mike Aclcox, Mitch Yarbrough, Cory Phelps, Jesse Wheelus, Mike Thompson, Cscar Dobbins, Derek jones Second row: Gerald Tritt, Dennis Jewell, Hal Toney, Don Nesmith, Tommy Middleton, Bernard Champion, Tony Hiett, Lorenzo Stroud. Third row Gary Wagner, Walter Gooden, Gary Winger, Lester Palmer, Joey Wallace, Calvin Gay, Barry Davis, Paul Daniel, Roy Gay, Bobby Yun, big' Gmane FOOT BALL -if 38 1 'YS Left to right: Front row: Alvin Laws, Lee Poumanee, Wayne White, Paul Evans, Shane Shoup, Jon Fryer, Shannon Wrye. Second row: David Lemon, Chris Farmer, Kwang Yi, Daryl Mickel, Casey Parker, Seth Wallace, Vanna Thamrnavongsa. Third row: Elliot Noll, Tony Roberts, Tim Graham, Chuck Robinson, Brad Hudgins, Chris Blanton, Jason Gibson, Jeff Murphy, Louie lngle. x YQ N9 6 Q FGOTBALL - 9 L ' L i , Angie Mears Brandy Stallworth Nikki Nastapoulos Cheerleaders Barbie Mitchell 1--1 Jennie Vandiver Amy Griffin Tara Hanes 42 F5134 Stephanie Bell Shannon Stroup Bryan Craig 1 Addy Bohannon f k H ' zywf 'A Q W' ' , J ' if fi, V:' f 7 v ei! ,,4 , , , ,,,, 1 ,,,,, - E 5 Jill Newman Kim Barton Shannon Pafford 9th Grade Boys Bassketball 1 9th Grade boys basketball,-M Front raw, left tf3 righifkChris Lorenzo Stfoud, Tony Hiett.LBack row:HaI Toney, Danni? 359311, Tiin'BiixssQe1ig Ca1Vin G535yf .f If 'fri 2' l d Q' ,ff xg 9th Grade Girls Basketball l 154:-5 Q. is ,AOA p f 9 F15 9? Q .Nu R-"I -- - 's-'. 13- -,R 'C:':N'- , 15- . A- . . 4.9 in 33 ., Q - : ,fl Mi j 9th grade girls basketball - Front row, left to right: Lakechia Woodard, Sabrina Wyatt, Missy Lands- down, Angie Thompson, Dana Parker, Nicole Campbell, Sonia Mackey. Back row: Gena Boris, manager, Lashaun Burns, Cawanda Parker, Latasha Forts, Caroline McConnell Joyce Coleman, Dee Bettis, Christy Nunally, Beth Durden, manager. i ii 'z . '4 Y 1 K.., W if i -x ywxx A Q16 WK if Sth grade girls' basketball - Kneeling, left to right: Yukra Elder, Leakhena Yim, Mae Barnett, Donna Burch, Kim Stamper, Stephanie Brown. Back row - Gena Boris Qmanagerj Felicia Colquitt, Potoria Kelly, Xernona Gray, Zaundrea Nunally, jennifer McConnell, Verlie Wilson, Beth Durden lmanagerj. 'Qin Left to right: Front row: Chuck Robinson, Melvin Dawson, Jeremy Carrera, Shannon Wrye, Robbie Kay, Alvin Laws. Back row: jerry Phillips, Kwang Yi, Tony Roberts, Willie Dean, Drayton Grier, Daryl Mickel. R ' .ffl 4 -.Q-ff' Sth Grade Girls And Boys Basketball Mr' , 4' u..f ,, ' ,X ,,,,,:.,Q f ,,-,.f- MX. , -A f 4 Ma, - 'I .,f af' , ..- f"f""A' 3 fc' 3 w x 0 ' :I ,X ff' , ff 'Y' 1' ,. Q: . f vhrw 4 f Vwyv ITV ,VT . JJ! f W M-1, uf ff , w , ,A ,R , V , 1 .M ,J ,J w"9?" 5 rr ,M , J' H 'G MA. ,, ' Vs 4 V,,f'-mf V M 1 , My 4-1:V4A?'!J.a Jar. 'xr' 3 N4 M11 , ,av .V V' G M if v .,y,A . M --..,,,, , Q MMM , wh. K " 'n 'TW' xx " A ,ff qywm ww 'R grax 'GSP' I f David Hawkins -- Principal w Mr. Hawkins is always at work trying to improve school environ- ment on campus and off. He is the biggest basketball and football fan at Babb, making sure he is there for ev ery game. He has been an asset to Babb for the past 19 years X Mrs. Ann Keech is not only a decli- cated instructor, but she will listen to any comment good or bad Mrs. Keech has been at Babb for four years but she has worked for many other Clayton County schools Trudy Warren -- 9th Grade Ann Childers -- aah Grade Counselor Patricia johnson - Media Specialist BULLDOG POWER Mr-sBeck 1' f 1 'Q I, ,- Em' WV -s ?"' 3 W. Q haha. ' n S f -- ,. -up ,,n.,.., . rv -un , gm Q gr .8 Robert Allen PECE Beth Bates Science Lindy Bohannon ESL Instruction Jean Bowen English Tim Clarke Science Gail Cone English Joseph Curry CVAE Sue Driver History Marita Fisher PE Peggy Caden English Joyce Gibson Science David Jenkins Science Ur 4 i i 11 2 i N . , . f ,-af N as , 1 ,,,-Q ma X --......., Leonard Moen PE james Norris Chorus Nancy Phillips English Marion Ramos Math gf y. . .7 x 'NH I XO P' X ' gf! W fy w i f' L 3 . fl f X X xt Q Y' 1 Q X, .ff X Q N 1 13 W X 4 5, UW, I G mi XX-'S Xa Z M' gif 5 Je' GX' 95 gin' 59909 ,ge A w. L 5 ff ws, 41 4 A ,q f ,, MWA, kxf Vi Mike Adcox jennifer Allen Kerry Allen Shanetta Ampy Billy Anderson Katina Anthony John Barnett Lori Barrow Kim Barton Curtis Battle Chris Baugh Mamie Beckworth Darlene Bedley Stephanie Bell Dee Bettis Kyle Bevis James Blackwell Sherita Blango Freddy Blankenship Kevin Bobo I '12 Ziff f 4 M CW A, I , VJ X ,g WZ : .1 up ' ' l' ,hfvyfgfgfi .W , , if " ,,,,. . V. M HAV, , V. ,:t,,,tttf ,.., ' A2211 ,uf 'M Farewell Class Of 1990 Two years filled with growing pains, heartaches, laughter, tears, losses, and vic- tories. May you look back on this time with fond memories of your years at Babb. To the graduating class of 1990, Best of Luck. A mpiff' , , Q 5' 1 ,,,. ,... V, ,.,i,, 'W , , J, ' .,,. ii 'M V ff if ' 534 e r ggi? K if sez ar 2 in it --,i,f,,,,, , H, ,za ny B . 'wa l , W : 4 f . Q. .ln fi" " 3 ' GWEZZ IWW' Gi? ' C i ff X W K Q 257 f ,ww iff ,,.. fra, j .. Z1 ,,,,'2 ,, fe " W M ,K 4 4, f Z nk ., 7,1 f I f, ., A , , ,,, , f f fader 4 W 5 , f Ned Boggan Robbie Bogle Addy Bohannon Dorrell Booker Gena Boris Denise Bostick Seng Chanh Boualavong Lashun Bowen Lisa Brackett Sherry Bryant Wendy Burdick Ronnie Burlingame Jody Burnett Kenny Bussell Tim Bussell Jerry Cain Chris Caine Carol Calhoun Nicole Campbell Kathleen Carter Bernard Champion Laura Chason Duane Christiansen Steve Clark Mike Clayton Joyce Coleman Henry Collins Steve Collins Jonathan Corley Bryan Craig David Crittendon Jesse Crittenden Laura Crowe Paul Daniel Barry Davis Mark Davis Katrina Defilippo Melissa Difabio Oscar Dobbins Terry Dupree Beth Durden Steve Duvall Tina Emily Brannon Evans Johnny Ferguson D'Linell Finley lake Forsyth Debra Freeman Gary Freeman Dee Friend Miguel Fulleda Suzanne Gass Calvin Gay Roy Gay Donal Germany Tonya Gipson Michelle Goddard Walter Gooden Aundrea Gordon Mia Gowing X f, V11 V , -4' wwf irq. , V W L , 1 1 ,I ' if W1 f S- M fb! f . mi5f7W' f Q f ff W , mf ff 1 Ge fw "' we , AJ i in A xi if ,Y ,X "lm-,N' ' 4 4 fr 1 fs, 9 ,fs , ,V ' MHZ ,V VA,,,-,,N,,M., ,, 5 1. f ff"- r ,,...3gWn- ,... ...,, - ,,,.. ,,,, WWW ,,,,,,, N, , ,,,,,, M ,,,,,,,,,,,,, H fm, -ff, ,. .If N4 "VJ ' , , .V ,f W ,fy M my f .V W Debbie Grant Steve Guest Ginger Hackler Allan Hansard Deon Hartsfield Mandy Hayden Lydia Hearn Karen Heggar Mickey Henson Keith Hietf Tony Hiett Scott Hildreth Angela Holbrook Diane Holloway Jason Huckeba Christy Hughes Greg Ivey Louis Jackson Audrey Jamison Tamika Jefferies Carson Knight Randy Krumm Robert Krumm Missy Landsdown Julie Latham Antoine Jester Dennis Jewell Derek Jones Todd Kellar Sonya Kinney Kathy Latour Angela Lay Lynn Lee Patti Lord Kimberly Lowery Tanis Luff Dana Mabrey Tino Mamatas Lisa Mangold Oday Manyvong Carla Matthews Sonya Mackey Angie McCormick David McDermitt Cindy McFarlin Stanley McNorton Angela Mewbourne Tommy Middleton Leslie Minton Mirabel Miranda Danny Mitchell Zak Mitchell Chrissy Morrow Laura Mullinax Christy Nash Villay Nera Don Nesmith jill Newman Mike Newsome Linh Nguyen l fa , V sf ' ,, . 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David Nitz Christy Nunally Phouthasac Outhavong Rhonda Paciga Shannon Pafford Lester Palmer Cawanda Parker Dana Parker Shannon Parker Rhonda Parks Chad Pearson Dee Petty Cory Phelps Shawn Patillo Chris Ponder Sonya Pondexter Sabrina Pope Stasha Pope Scott Potter Corey Powell Carla Price Dotsie Robbins Erika Robbins Suzanne Roberts Brad Roland Jeremy Roldan David Rowe Kesha Rutherford Lisa Schaeffer Steve Shows Mike Shurley Eugenia Smallwood Alix Smith Dottie Smith Serena Smith Lon Soumanone Tracy Starr Brian Still Mike Stringer Lorenzo Stroud Shannon Stroup Scott Sutton Robert Teachout Angie Thompson Michael Thompson Mike Thompson Tabby Thompson Theresa Thurmon David Tolley Hal Toney Rosa Trapani Gerald Tritt Randy Tuten Troy Tyson Gary Wagner Billy Walker Joey Wallace Stella Ward Jennifer Warner Joey Watt 4. ,,,,, fm!a,f:,fW,fmm ,,,,,, ,, .Mu -- i :,, I ,,,. ., ww w f 21 '-Lg 1,-in f W ' ' 3 ,,,,y, Zh 7 , "w1:r71,fV '. ' f M fi? 1 ., . 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Si, s fl W X qi s S El 5 iss S ei S .:, in V 2' Y: A 5 If amz gqggsef' Vi 1.. ! hi l L if ,,L-. 1. -12 Vff- . ,, yyy ,S - -.,- ll: .QQ 2- sexi-X E56 ei is 3 K ex Q. 4 R S Emp -Q,-' , - ---- View 5, :em , -.wi-.. Q- 1 ieii SP2 in --'- 9 ms, L is W we i 'Q 2 . A T 3 1 Q w1elUJclL'0m,j2Ml' 'KQAY Jeyou-1 K1 " x Wifi L L WL fill 72142 . lvl S mi Ronnie Welch Dan West Wayne West Alan Whatley Jesse Wheelus Beth White Chris White Joe White Natasha White Andy Whited Michelle Whitaker Ellen Whittaker Rachel Williams Mike Wilson Brad Wimberly Michelle Wimmett Jason Wingard Gary Winger Sherry Womer Lakechia Woodard Sabrina Wyatt Mitch Yarbrough Simon Young Bobby Yun Guess Who 68 4' a r S' ,M 'r f 5 1 j A I QQ J Quentin Alexander Shawn Allen Kim Alred Natasha Anderson Alan Appling A Tonya Arnold Kim Atkins Denver Ballew Michelle Banks Mae Barnett Steve Barrentine Lori Bnslcr Cindy Bass Judi Bates Travis Bayne Robert Beasley Kelli Beazley jackie Bell Timothy Black Tom Blair WELCOME CLASS OF 1991 May the years you spend here at Babb be some of the best of your lives. May they be filled with happy times and pleasant remembrances of these days gone by. -uma ts --... S si ss? x. it W. fx, .mis m:5:V:: W fa aff f , 6 X W W ,S S f Wf f 4 2 1 l . ln 5-. ai 1 I Scott Blankenship Chris Blanton Amy Bohannon Roy Booth Marsha Boyd Dwight Bradshaw Chuck Brewer Selina Brogdon Sabrina Brooks Michelle Buffington Monica Bulloch Donna Burch Aaron Burton Brad Byerly Bryan Campbell Ron Carney Becky Carter Carol Carter Carlonda Chambliss Christina Cheeves Leon Choosewood Holly Cirka Celeste Clark Pam Cmar Jenay Coates Felicia Colquitt Jennifer Conklin Keith Cotrell Angela Cowger Shannon Crawford Shannon Crews Michael Cruce Kelly Crumpton Jennifer Davis Melvin Dawson Willie Dean Brandy Dease Melisa Denson Brenda Dillard Linda Dillard Paula Dobbs Heather Dorminy Cristy Dowdey Scott Drew Carey Driver Paula Dumas Scott Edwards Yukra Elder Raymond Engler Mike Evans Paul Evans Kelly Ewen Chris Farmer Nikki Fletcher Rene Flournoy Shane Floyd joe Fowler Doug Frazier Cindy Freeman Jonathan Fryer WWW Zn f 5 . Imgfi-,," sl 4 'M J gin" 1 gg M zz? s l 1,5777 :fir -, 'z , Zh' mam S NL 1 f 6 Ya' ,,, J Vit 2 f ,- M , ,, ' f 'Y John Fuller Tommy Futch Ronnie Gamble Jennifer Ganzel Henrietta Garner Jennifer Garrett Jana Gearin Jason Gibson Dusty Gordon Tim Graham Michael Grant Felita Gray Xernona Gray Scott Green Drayton Grier Amy Griffin Reni Griffin Kinetha Gwinn Jenny Hall Carrie Hammond Tara Hanes Scott Hannah Lee Harper Janie Harper Ronnie Hartley Matthew Hayden Ricardo Haynes Yolanda Haynes Kevin Heaton Norbert Henderson 73 Tyron Henclren john Hensley Matthew Hicks Shannon Hilderbrand james Hilley Melissa Hines Kelly Hogan Dennis Holcombe Debbie Holloway Ricky Holmes Brad Hudgins Alan Hutcheson Louie Ingle Adam Ivy Bobby Jones Robbie Kay Angela Keith Potoria Kelley Danny Kirschbaum Shawntee Lance Alvin Laws David Lesley Michelle Lipford Brian Litterel Kim Locklear Teresa Ludvigsen Scott Lunsford Bobbie Lyons Sonya Martin Jeff May SJ"QE5'?33. 2- ' ' j WF e ....- is, . 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Sheryl McCullers Troy McNeil Angie Mears Sandie Messick Lisa Morrow Lenny Meuse Tricia Myers Daryl Mickel Angela Miller Eric Miller Barbie Mitchell Don Moore jonathan Murders jeff Murphy Nikki Nastopoulos Andria Nelson Mae-Lee Newton Kerri Nix Erika Norris Davao Lemon Jay Olverson Tangia O'Nea1 Eric Orr Randall Orr Chone Outhavong Erica Palmore Casey Parker Missy Parks jamie Parrott Lisa Pattillo Josh Pearson Cheryl Peterson Mek Phanhmixay David Phillips Josie Phillips Dawn Plews Jennifer Pollard Chonthaly Pounmanee Dodi Powell Tammy Pruitt Chris Puckett Tony Pyle james Ray Keith Reid Kim Ray Joseph Richter Lashunda Ridley Rachel Roberts Chuck Robinson Nancy Rosell jamie Rust Tiffany Saunders Leslie Scogin Mark Scott Christi Shaw Lemont Shepard jacob Sipler Laquanza Smith Deborah Souder Tom Sparks we X as MUS X 5 ig S R ,Exif Q 2 a R X s X QS 5 Q, x X 3? To , 5 X X F 52 P? it 2 S . E .. ,agp ii.. , S .. p S ' , ' Ein 2 as Z' ""'N ' i .V.. M sf Q ., 2 5 f i i f Q .-gf l ...ii .,.:. QXQSQQ Q i is N Yi: we-.Q l X X W t og 'wi .. ,,,. Candy St. Pierre Buffy Stallings Brandy Stallworth Kim Stamper Lucius Starks Tikita Starks Katrina Starnes Marshall Story Donald Stover Shane Stover Shane Stroup Tom Sullivan Amy Sweckard DJ. Syone Eric Taht Sandra Taylor Laura Thompson Rebecca Thurmon Billy Tidwell Michelle Tilley Mark Townsend Wanda Tschudy Rachel Tumlin David Turner jan Turner Amy Truitt Michael Turner Christine Uebler Robin Upchurch Jennie Vandiver Pam Wade Tina Wade Jason Waldrop Seth Wallace Tonya Ward Christy Watkins Marcey Welch jill Wells Sherry Wheeless Alan White David White Wayne White Candy Williams Paula Wilson Latoya Wirnbush Tressa Winn Marcus Woods Joey Wright Shannon Wright Trena Woodworth Shannon Wrye jimmy Yarborough Kwang Yi Lealchena Yim Guess Who - -,,. ,, i -:.9,, .g-ns' :D s it: Q , wif X QQNX X if XX if er-f Q so IV of' XM ,A x QS X w, s X X X X i f Q as :ix "-N .. ......X---"""""""iN""' 'Q' X is M as ik. S .sir - ix ,rm- . .. MX... 0- X YS .X 'S xi 3 lg i Xa f SY XXX Xa X X X XX Xmifxg wait KX t X:.., X M ..,,.. , K 1 '3 SPECIAL THANKS The Annual Staff would like to exp ess ts thanks to the follo mg people for all 3 the help given to make the product o f th s book poss ble Q Ms. Paula I-Iattaway 3 Mr. BJ. Phelps Georgia Department of Industry d T de t Also many thanks to the faculty nd administ to for the suppo t and 3 assistance 'n all phases of mak g th s nnual a eal ty Ai?Ad?dP'.'P'4'f'4B'-g'P:d?Adf?a'.'4'.'4!?.'?'.'.?4'?'-Q'A Autographs 1 www SMW2, lemme lon BSQQMSQW O er 6?5l?QQQ5 txilfli' 6 is 0 QQ 311,50 fd Aw 4 'Oar 0022521 3345! oell Q Autographs UD lm fpwmxk, ,,, - w 1 QQ m?h QYSRMQQFO ggi LXDJNQX wxamjgfbil 1 M SQQL Gm max T, wwd in 11 P9544 LQXQ wi mi md om AWN? gin? MMA LOEJH XQ'CT'9Al md MQ QQ afykofbkwixfv Wim ww, . L, :Q . w 0 9' 7 Q S p 5 C5 Lf? My 6 U3 5 D Q16 W 4 ' f fL Smw fi 45 'qVQm5m '0Q X58-QW QQ ff 5 pQ,v"5Om,IJ1Yx HULL' Q y C Q jf W QM? on MQ, MXQMQJL QLQMQA O vw If J. 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Suggestions in the Babb Middle School - Legend Yearbook (Forest Park, GA) collection:

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