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-4 'FW' R .i.. .-f... . , '- . . fi 35 , . . x !g.,g,..,,--4. P-, ip, z., 1-7 3 -, . . . V 2 -- . ,. X . , ,, .- . , . - .. . ' ' ' ' ' f . I' ...V 'Q Jn 'fi . Q ,,- . ' -'Ai v 4 X. X' , -- 4 . . B - f . , j' .X I ... 3. . I - 1 ' yy . . fig.. , 0 - X -' 4 ' b . x v A .'. .' - 1 . P 'A . . -R?r 57v 'V - ' . , I, , ' Vf 3:1 ..1 -.1 ' .5 . ' gr I K ff 'A . . x . - L .A 'ff-N XA 4 x 1 x F. .5 1 ' 1 A Q ', ' 'e 5 ..f- .V -A . , ,O L, -lg.. A , . pl- -., , I s L,f,s ' .. ' '.' ' V ' f , . -.1 , ' YQ 4 . ,Ull- LJ- l I .1 H.,-V, .. , ' 4 . 1 1. ' ' 'J' , ,- 1 .1 A., 'bn 3- fi.. r - ' - H. 4- ' '-A-' '- :. H, .. V 4 .1 yi. K M .H ., fr f'3!4,S 7. i 114' .tp 1 -, 1 . a ' , ,H M ' ' 5 . . . 5 f , T:-. ,N - . U' .erik ,V 1. W f ,-+1-gr .ff 1: - he .,.,,,-,ivrx H.. ,Lq, f ,ir b . A .M 1. . .. .2 ' 1 A.. ' -1 - -,:. - ' - .. lw' -3 'ig If , :J - -J' ' -1,5 - f sf b . f WT- 9- 'f'- Q' . , -Cn-g' -. A ' ref 5 .mf . .1. V 3A K ,,, :. 4- .QQ-Hg X A , .. , .I , 1 V. , t. pd., -,,, N , :.- ,,. -A ,. e--1'-A. - , - .-1 ff ,, 5 KJ? A X if-' 3 2i?E -!5vZ 'f' Q35 3 at I . -' Nfl f'5?.-Q 1 ' U' fn'-jq-.'f v .,f K, . f -'-.gh ' Nqr ,Q 1. R. ' N' ' 3' . , . J f .af . 1 , 1 A. ' lf f, N i 14, 0' .. fu, .H .1 . ' -- . vw . 5. .Q ' ' .21 Q, f F ' Q '4 . R 5 x- ' -' .- . . Wm. was-4 . -,, F' 'A W3 '. ff? - U xl. u f 5. - f,-S' ' ' .Aka L..-sauna.:-:W--A-M'Si 'Y W 5' .N E I v Y N EX LIBRIS 1 Q46 PENDULUM PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF AVERETT COLLEGE - DANVILLE. VIRGINIA h K e W4 qw' -- v ff' 111 U My 'Y ' ' Y Helix ,,f?ff2grv,, QV., Mfxrf- W fn, 2 , ' ' , K W , .I Aw W, V Q: 4 ,- -4 -'J 1 ff 'Q ,qfwzcvf KM'-w'm,,1.,,' bi .V -1' . ,, , A f , K fa A 75 - 1 R f 4 , wf 152: h 'f Q 1 f Q vi N- - -f , vu- va, 1 , v :A 4 wh' '. HM if f. f 'ff A,h- 4 . 55 fi. K,-W , 9 il X KQM 'Q f 'Q r A 4 'L fgj6Q',k,, 1 .7 .Wi , gag 1 Q ff Rf' vt ' 42515 -I 4, f1faN 1 7 X 1- H N ' ' mfr, A agp -,Qs s 4 J .. 'V ' ' a V'-, 13-1 Q, 1'-Q 1 ffwff' V . N K , , ' g 'ref A ' k L VT VW-s-Ex' , U MAI, , ,, , . X ff , AQ! ff ,,Q,,,,,f,,,fAfW ' 'f Q is Ir' 21 . M 1 a if ' - 2.,L , ti y 1.9, it taaa p A A T apisf Wvfi SV RAEWORD F CE eighty-one years Averett College has stood strong and impregnahle, a symlool of stability and peace in a chaotic World. Although those years have drifted on, their memory lingers in the hearts of those who Watched them go. Memory is the only paradise from which We cannot be turned out. To keep alive and vivid the memories of our Alma Mater and to span the gap of memory as time rolls on is the purpose of this vol- ume. lf this is achieved, our efforts have not been in vain. CONTENTS Tl-lE COLLEGE CEGANIZATKDNS FEATURES EEATERNITIES ATHLETICS t l l O one who in the years that she has been at Averett, in her devotion and loyalty to this school and to us, has made it a home for us while we are hereg to one who, with her interest and enthusiasm, has constantly kept before her the welfare and happiness of each of usp to one who, with her untiring efforts, has kept before us the highest ideals of life and beautyg to a Woman endowed with- A reason firm, a temperate Will, Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill . . . To MISS MADIE LEE WALKER We dedicate this l94U PENDULUM. DEDICATICN Y Wd COPYRIGHT IDA MARIE HARRIS Editor-in-Chief MARTHA WHEAT MARTIN Associate Editor ANN IEFFERSON MCDANIEL Advertising Manager MISS MIRIAM HAWKINS Faculty Adviser BCOK ONE THE COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM Cinzfigi gigfajo AB., A.M. PRESIDENT MADIE LEE WALKER A.B., A.M. Vice-Presideni and Dean of Women MARY CATHARINE FUGATE A.B., A.M. Dean and Registrar AVERETT COLLEGE PENDULUM IVA BRUCE ARVIN Assistant in Commercial Education MARIE EVELYN BOSLEY B.S. Home Economics CATHERINE A. BRANCH A.B., A.IvI., PH.D. Science LOUISE MILLER BRYAN B.S., A.M. Education and Bible GRACE V. CRENSHAW A.B., A.M. Mathematics and Latin ELIZABETH FUGATE A. B. Financial Secretary LAURA JANOS F UESSEL Voice and Public School Music l 1 0 L... 1 RACHEL FRANCES HATCHER Art MIRIAM A. HAWKINS A.B., A.M. English CARIMAE HEDGPETH B.MUs., M.MUs. Director of Music, Piano F AYE HILL, B.5., M.S. Physical Education MARY LOUISE JONES B.MUs. Organ, Piano, Theory CHENEY WALKER LEA A.B. Director of Public Relations ELNORA MADDEN B.MUs., M.MUs. Piano and Theory AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM C. A. MATHENY A.B., A.M. Director of Commercial Education Economics MARGARET NOBLE MATHENY B.s. Commercial Education MARY E. MCCAIN Assistant in Commercial Education ELIZABETH OTWELL A.B., B.L.1. Speech and Dramatic Art MRS. GERALD I-I. PAYNE R. N. Nurse ANNA MARY SANFORD A.B., A.M. Modern Languages and Violin BLANCHE SCHWINABART R.N. Nurse DOROTHY Sl-IIPMAN A.B. Librarian . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARGARET CROWEEE Pfesidenl EVELYN BLESSING Secretary Miss CATHERINE B Sponsor JANET SHANER Vice-President MARY JANE Buss Treasurer AVERETT COLLEGE Svvfiwwfwellrlmngvvnzinkliik-w124s1rl4Iiwn :1-Mud.-'-Afbwtvdl-Bvvvutf-'-vAShIfUI.1nwM bivddumriwwvvummumm mv. . PENDULUM JOHN AVIS BLACK SSJUCIESY Danville, Virginia Literary fb 9 K Versatile, radio, neatness. EVELYN ELAINE BLESSING EvcIyn', Cumberland, Kentucky Commercial Thorough, bright lipstick, white robe. CAROLINE HOLDSWORTH BENSON Caroline,' Portsmouth, Virginia Voice Loyal, music, tour. JOANNE BENT ..j0,, New York, New York Literary A C17 E Original, the stage, sports clothes. 'iS!WNrk6ll064C . If J - -Mf'A1.if'2'W' 11M f '-rfb.-,yn ' A.':'n4:f7KAHr ww: fri . ,-2'fkv,i- ' ,lmifu-.lf ir,-1 ' -nm '- - 11 vw-:.v-J1.x-M,w10vr.4'n-v-w-v- o:v,f1.wm,--:V-Hui A.-Jr'u0r-NMJA-2.u' r 'C , gl ,- MARY ANE Buss f . . I Blissic,' I Salem, Virginia y J.. Literary I A CIP 2 Jr Friendl , Sweet Shop, jitterbug. 'L ' SA MIDDLETON BROCKMAN Sarah Gastonia, North Carolina . Commercial dv 9 K, Z Z X red velvet, moccasms. 15 DOROTHY BROWN f fDOt9, Vinton, Virginia Commercial B QP K Vivacious, bright smiles, shining hair. LAURENE ELIZABETH BURNS Burnsie Torrington, Connecticut Commercial Inciustrious, journalism, saddle shoes. , VJ Nxkfrfbr ri R LQ KVYJLTE-Dk? 2' -C17-V nn pr'4s.v ' .5p.-J-'f.4f.-.F-:vx1.c:+Tf4-by s:Qir:-Gdfibiwx'-f2A:4.rn1v 1'KFQALI-144-'r:J75-.M-, afn.-P A-1,4 ar, , W? fr'-EC! ' we 3 7 ii' L. ii V inf ,ii- ff Vw Lf,-A x W E- ' .., , f , A A is I - ' , - .:..., I . i , f I !w , , ' A AIR N 1 ,assi . , 1- 4 . 7- . 'E Z 5 4? PENDULUM I Agfa 29' fy' . I A wi'f?ofkv I..-wfuwamv-wware-nmmfmmuwww.-I-1.-I,I.an.,w.uR.w. MARGARET VIRGINIA CROWELL Maggie Washington, D. C. gifs Eff Literary B ff' K Artistic, class meetings, pouncls. AARON CRUISE Aaron Stuart, Virginia Commercial Conservative, boolckeeper, sleepy. I MARY CAI-IILL I ..Mary,, Commercial Businesslike, Chanticleer Qflice, blue hat. l'lAZE.L CALLAHAN Hazel Literary V Pleasant, black curls, Day Studenfs Room. AdLLLf.2,S'l' 16 JM C4-Qa.oGSf7.n.-fun..-3,.,. Q.-Q nG-6S+v19-AK1'5ll'lLLSi-o-6Ll.4. '344J-Lw-a-uS.Tv7l W2 C9-0-V-fd-Q.-ve, Luc..0.AL, D - Q fI.'flA?4.1,f. 2.11 'Mgt Wm- 31 fl ,- -' Y -K f A I , ' X . 'QWWMWZ 961. an J If ftffhlt-x,:iwtuJ16v',ln:-:1.q.,1 m-r w r-.-wmv-fzwn H T A M,-,,g,,1f.,,-4-',wu 4,r,1'n..,,mg.v,. 'rdSur:-www--:V':4r.'f:4,-rx'x1,7:-uoiflht-XA ,4.ffut.-Q er x S f .,.+v,f.fxfJ.-aa.-coax!!in H sl-n,fL.yv.'tw:.f.v. .4 FRANCES MADGE CUNNINGHAM 6iMadge', Gastonia, North Carolina Commercial ZZIX Likeable, grins, bathing cap. HESTER EASTERLING I-Ieslerw Norton, Virginia Literary Cooperative, laundry bags, pen and paper. JANET BLANCHE FISHER fund Washington, D. C. K E Literary To T .5 3 2 A 'a 9 gr 3 ? Li 'rt A j: H 1' ,, E H 'r j, E' as 5 fi 9? 4 2, -'1 it il' zz 5 I 'Q li 5 'P it L? 1 A . in DZ ii, U 'f 1 Musical, Wasliington, brown eyes. , F' ,Z Q. 4 ,- riff-I ' 3 ROBERT FULTON , fr' ..BObby,, 7 Danville, Virginia Literary h k -' vi Diplomatic, touch football, hands a e. H5 'I Lf ,N A f Z' 5. . I r ioirf8 'f'f15b'IfQ? 4-wwkiazauwsngiMum-wsuwfmrnt 3-M..w,1:I:wxeww-:wee-w.u . a,.,,IW.,.I.-..,.,,,,.,c.,.IIM.. p E N D U L U M MARY FRANCES GILBERT isC0Onl7CTf,, Danville, Virginia Literary Corclial, orchicls, pastels. THELMA KATHERINE GROGAN ssKiity9s Danville, Virginia Literary Affable, sweets, shorts. IDA MARIE HARRIS ..Re,, Richmond, Virginia Literary K CIP K Typical Averett girl, catsup, boots and saddle. PAULINE I-IASH Hpollyl' Kindrick, Virginia Home Economics Happy, movies, freckles. 18 'Streamer-iw' ,f- Wynn ww 4.4.3111nwvv'-nnu'-fvins-r'wv3f-wwn-h'p1v- 11 1 mn 'vwfay 14-' mink-,4'nm1w-v,. v.nasw'aw-4:--'v1's '6+dx'wfr'wwhI4Q-VC' M.-Qi, 1u.a.w.,fms'.-siifi-if w-.m.4..'.w.vsuuuzfiff1.Amvamnffwf- . M' ' 1 -' 11 ' f ' - -X I ' 'A ' ' -' - ' - 'V - S C22 ES E U E59 :ZF -ragirn r--'NSD'-.ln 75 375' gi Z E E 'L 5 O Z T'-'-1211.11-9-rr'-vf.f.Qv:s.s-1: Trustworthy, baby blue, Richmond. 1 F F.-'iiftai' J, xrvy. ANNA LEE HINTON Anna Lee Reedville, Virginia Literary Z E X Sincere, mail, black academic gown. eff-rf?':-.ru-F 57n.5': H-4.1 ew.:-wnvrx 'lhi-in:-F Fifimfiw af 2175095-sfsff 1-14 4-.1-2111.1 QJ- L1-ax M- 4,-To-NSG S 132L'?-' L4 31 Z F1 QE? Q m QQU I -4 IP -I -I ii Emporia, Virginia Literary - Diligent, boots, peanut butter. . 1 N 1 X, if 2 ELIZABETH BELL JACKSON I-'F ' Bell Tryon, North Carolina Literary Decisive, boxes, white sweaters. ' f Z 1.- ni G ig l . 4 . ...W 4 , i i I ff 42 5 ir' fill X ,b g .. . Q JK ' A J' M . TT.. ' f. 1 4 V - - 19 'WRC-h A LMWQ , 5 f X 'X X N if-'AN '+i l-'i !v'in1I'46sCN'w 'J2i9'17W v'vfJ1J4-urkazlm 3-A.s..-MJ Mxaiuww-:utr-nw.vfv:.1w4m1fLvdam:f1-wi.-mmawsie iw.. P E N D U LU M GLADYS ELIZABETH JOYCE L I V 1 P I DORIS VERA JACQUIN Doris Caldwell, New Jersey - Literary L , Ach: ' Lovable, satin, stuclio. MARTHA JOHNSON Hfonnien I I Culpeper Virginia l Literary l Ii ll Ii Animated, bright colors, garclenia. I l l l. uPete Mayodan, North Carolina Literary Lively, gym, basketball. VIRGINIA IsABEI.I.E KosT nlsabcllen Monroe, Virginia Literary Consiclerate, midnight blue, old fashioned prayer book. 'QLBMMHIIMQW A A X J X N. am.. CAROLINE PATTON LAYNE ucarolineu Bremo Bluff, Virginia Literary Helpful, radio, giggles. IONA LONG Iona Louisa, Virginia Literary Obliging, stationery, soft music. M., .vgq,':'.M1lff1Z . A myzyvf g..-:.Qvfmec.wuv-.i-1-.aaf.4.w WW - '- 4 ,vwvwv-Au.-4'12-no-1.4m-ww-vy wac5,0g-wvus-vzvzfs 4..yy-,mf-b.wx44.u' if xVvGQR'ED!. --7ul9K v -. ww. -'ff-'JZ'-luvbinoxj 'Un 'a.af.f'r+J I Zawya-g A.,-ax M1-A vi 1 Ji' ,fill - -P13 if-27 I, '-I 1 3, 2 3 E. Z :1 Jw D' an rn 9, PU E, I 'o 4 fi U m 1 as I ,E S lg 'D ru s :P 4 2 '-' WS m2 E ZS 5 Ei o..a:S, - gg 54:3 ' Q I ' wi 4 S af 'D -91 4 'im E! we 1' -Us 5.f'Q. 1' 54' 2 '5 O fi? 1 E 5' -11 5 5' Z -1-1 0 nf U' gp W O 77- Ll 2 9 Z 9 :r' S 'F' I -N . . ill lf M ,s Alias, f - fl W' 1 Q55 1 A , 1 L, xfsms-9:2 s.,g.5,,4s.,,,,, K 9 V, hm:-V IG .f ,-- A - . ' -o X' . swf 'J '1b'iMI' uefswximlz4-lmnwniviww-'niiaauwwmHM.. aww:rm'Mb-w-ruthA90:Mui--4Ai1bivuasavrrwu-w-.hxwraam-Nav.. P E N D I I I ' I M wwwnnrun fr riff! We W wr wi W ' , WW A A f 1 My ufflil M Ml ANN JEFFERSON MCDANIEL Ann Mac Danville, Virginia Commercial Energetic, filing cabinets, ads. ELIZABETH MCDOWELL Elizabcif1 java, Virginia Literary Adaptable, apples, week-ends home. MADELINE MCNAMEE .sMaC1, Elizabeth, New jersey Literary Adv! Amiable, frat pin, Florida tan. HAROLD L. MCNEELY ..MaC,, Danville, Virginia Literary Courteous, Diplomatic Service, tweecl ancl green. f.m.II.x'o .'su:'- uv: nA Q' A -fatwq mean-! YAC1-NZ-'vm-N-4 . fl' EDNA FRANCES MEADOR Edna Frances Roanoke, Virginia Liierary Essential, nurse's cap, hair net. DORIS LEIGH NICHOLS 'iDori.s Danville, Virginia Commercial fb 9 K Intellectual, lace, archery. i WM'f'- v'.- 4 I if-v-1.2-.Ju-I-4',u-+L-f,4f-.-If-w axe,'g.u-an--:uP:4.f 4 .vr,mf-b.wI44v.' 5 F? R E 5 li Q I E 5, 3 if 2 3' S X If S If KS 'eg Q. A if q ls 5. Q-, M I All I 5 If Il-If lm, l 'x E F2 Si? 'X IA if i I. LOUISE PARKER - A Louise .gg Richmond, Virginia Literary Ii II Ii no ,XX Kindly, curls, fruit from Dad. l MY, A : - PAULINE CARRIE PARRIS Polly W Danville, Virginia Commercial fi? 9 K Apt, fluffs and ruflles, bracelet f- H Q-I , g 4- L , I ,LJ-1 ' 0 ' I 4, l I ' 45 l Irl xg I l ' V ii' A 7'- -AA ,H - 23 065, 3 were-is N . 1. ? icq, 6- r-.1-rwm-44.11.-4wf,.fv,:iWwvvw5:f4uft4a1wi 2-A.is-w.mM:1viuwv-aufrfr-5mw:M.1rwAi4livdaawcrdadvw-amfadd-'NAKM - WILMER PECK PETERS 4-Peck,, Bluefield, West Virginia Literary fl? 9 K, K II K Accomplished, clebate, Valse Bluette. KATE GARRETT SAWYER Hchublninsn Hampton, Virginia Commercial Conscientious, songs, scales. v PENDULUM JANET C. SHANER Ufanef' LeRaysville, Pennsylvania Commercial Agreeable, office desk, angora. ANNIE MAE SLAYTON Annie Mae South Boston, Virginia Commercial dv 9 K Dignifiecl, typewriter, pleats. W4fq14iv1s1:n1.. fwfvfwHf'1- 4 Y 41 V A,-,urhrl .'SA 1 Y LOUISE GOODWIN SNAVELY SGLOUS 7 Cluilhowie, Virginia Literary Dutiful, prayer service, canvas ancl brush. EVELYN MAE SNODDY Evelyn Arvonia, Virginia Commercial Attractive, candy store, housecoat. w-,.,-v,4.rxrJ .viuzoesfln-4, nl-r.7L.yv,',fI.-.AL Lf5'fn'1f'kwLw1f',mb'1f ff'f 'ff-'Ju Iv M-1'l14'sw64'f 4 I .U'v'4fErJ1-h'4 r3 A r acwgewsq,--Qu 'gi,,q4,4,-I,,7,,g,q,,Mt,,v CATHERINE AUDREY STEWART ButclI,' Salisbury, Maryland Literary fb H K, Ii Il K Ideal, huge hats, blue eyes. BETTY STEWART 46BeUyl9 Salem, Virginia Commercial B if K Merry, cardigan, roller skates. v...g.-fe...-Q , 5'-ravi bin.-D: 'ws wx-nf:-v ,-:sw:z-z:- nu -ff-KkvJc'f-4 -as 1,w::4,.s:.fs 42'2:Yf9fifs:f1w4':,'-wil-1.1, :J-1-I-J 'JF' vziwf-'11 71.'-5-.':v.W,Zg4.fnk Gill' EA ,umm - --xx I FN + G, Xx 1 ,,,.W - 5 ,.., , 1, I Irf 'X iv 1 -as I I I t -u W bl af I 6'-h, +'4'v'iM3 ,I vffwowfqHwfwiwxzmvw-wwwfmru,x-niswfzifwvxu.m-wwf:-pw.wfM.va-wafirbivunaweef-s.wmiat,Qu.m4.M. P E N D I I I I ' M vwmmsmc MARTHA CAROLYNNE TREDWAY ..Tred,, Clover, Virginia Commercial Z E X Indispensable, turban, clark glasses. DOLLY EASLEY VADEN Dolly Gretna, Virginia Literary B fir K Vivicl, flowers, curtain calls. DOROTHY VERNON HDOV Mayodan, North Carolina Commercial Athletic, hockey sticks, blonde curls. IRIS DVERA WASSERMAN . this, , Richmond, Virginia Literary Accommoclating, black velvet, French class. -af I aww -I ll .Awvh1:.-wh'-x1 N mmmxfa.vA.':'ne:rI04:4ff.7L-rvl-ffw-Qv!'fn'2i'h'kxmwl-44'vtAn'f-.fn x m , H w f vl up-v1.2-.2Ly.-4'.wuaq-r,4r..,.,N4,v,:.m-.4K.,,,,-,,,,.,,..,,,:,,.-,img,,n4,,,N,,,,,,,,Avy wa f iwigu' -v-.- ivrexw -cv -rv. FW -1-'-Defi Q Sf-121' bin-+1 Us 'wa-:fr-f vayfx- 'un Wiflifniv :A erffru T11-izyr-. ' G :22'r A1'-2C+S1f f4 2rfi4'-'a -v:.v-.f-1-f14-.-f-1:w-1.':..,u.L:-5x-Mv O o an 3: :- :L QE O O EL: 5 Q z U2 O ae -.-. O -1 9- Z o 1 :- O N - il E. nw Literary cb 9 K f-xi NX Dependable, Y. W. A., bows of ribbon. 1 ..- fx .15 Z ',f, ,, , 5 EDWA.nEdYoUNc. if ,- Danville, Virginia l Literary Clever, sketches, riding clothes. Lf' i 11 H ' 'N if 44 H ' ' 49 ' .f F . :- E Al ,gg l ,hig- I I no 'KI K 5 Q9 T. WWEMII N if 1940 PENDULUM EDWARD MCDOWELL BISHOP Senior Mascot KITTIE LEA funior Mascot IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH DEANS MARY LOUISE MORRIS President Vice-President JULIA WRENN BOLLING DORIS DEAN DoDsoN I Secretary Treasurer MISS RACHEL HATCHER Sponsor AVERETT COLLEGE - 1940 PENDULUM DORIS CAPITOLA ALLEN Alexandria, Virginia HELEN ASHWORTH Danville, Virginia ANN BYRD ATKINS Dutton, Virginia LINDA ROSALIND BAROODY Danville, Virginia JESSE WILSON BENTON, JR. Danville, Virginia DORIS MARIE BERMAN Andalusia, Alabama Lois BLANTON BISCOE Granite Springs, Virginia JULIA WRENN BOLLING Blackstone, Virginia RUTH GRACE BRIDDELL Crisfielcl, Maryland JOI-IN WESLEY CARTER Danville, Virginia I-IALLIE GI-IOLSON CI-IILDREY Halifax, Virginia FRANCES CONWAY DAVIS Raccoon Ford, Virginia FRANCES ANNE DAWSON Ringgold, Virginia ELVA SAMSON DAYTON Arlington, Virginia MARY ELIZABETH DEAN? Portsmouth, Virg fifif ffif I -W5 72,337-ff QJWZQ . Wjfifflgr' Qlwwif x-MLJ Wwjyf I DORIS DEAN DODSON Danville, Virginia EMMA FRANKLIN DODSON Danville, Virginia EUNICE ELIZABETH DRISKILL Charlotte Courthouse, Virginia EMILY PAT FINCH Blairs, Virginia NANCY FLIPPEN Danville, Virginia LAVERNE IRENE GALYON Edgewood, Pennsylvania MARY SHELTON GILLOCK Lexington, Virginia IRIS GAYLE HADEN Amelia, Virginia MARY MARSHALL HAWTHORNE Round sfR'fH5'f'?psQNA 1 LYQYSQXQQW, O. N Q.-Q tur, Georgia l JANET I-IERo Long Island, New York ELIZABETH CAROLYN HEYWOOD Portland, Maine MARGARET RUTH HODGES Sl. Stephens Church, Virginia MARY VIRGINIA HODGES St. Stephens Church, Virginia AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM GERALDINE KATZ Brooklyn, New York T. A. KERNS, JR. , ville, Virginia IRIS GAY LACY est Point, Virginia .WM , KATHLEEN LoUIsE LoNc cv Irvington, Virginia URA ELIZABETH LONG , Durham, North Carolina ' DORIS ATALA MCCLAUGHERTY Gretna, Virginia 5 1 MARY LOUISE MORRIS 6? - . e9 74,0 4-4-1-gffrg-'Z' Portsmouth, Virginia J-.4 liz I I ,?.A.u-4115. ua A-il,-4. ...ia CHARLOTTE CLARA MYLUM 40 '7 Ringgold, Virginia I 1--wr--.M-M '-I-J ' e.....,.,n .....',...... MARY PRYOR NICHOLAS -.4-4-Y TA- '- U ' Richmond, Virginia -A ...ik 4-IAA-fu.-2,.,, 6 1 EVA LEE NUTTER Clarksburg, West Virginia DORIS PALTROW , Long Island, New York I ROSA MAYBELLE PAXTON i Clifton Forge, Virginia ROSEBUD PLEASANT Danville, Virginia MARGARET ELIZABETH POARCH Christianslsurg, Virginia E MURIEL CURTIS , A ROBERTSON I White Sim, Virginia l , ALM. , 3544-ousaaaag .4..u4,. A-4.-0142 M 06.02. NATALIE ANN SANFORD Danville, Virginia WETONA JUSTINE SEBASTIAN Crewe, Virginia SHIRLEY SHACKMAN Staten lslancl, New York AARON DOYLE SMITH South Boston, Virginia JOSEPHINE TAYLOR SMITH Spencer, Virginia COSIE JEWELL SPENCER Martinsville, Virginia LILLIAN BRUCE SPENCER Danville, Virginia ilu.: SHIRLEY ELIZABETH STONE R . , Schoolfield, vifgmia 9 - - 'A-0-L L,-.J LA-07t.LJ. to CAROL TALCOTT 54.,,M, , Keswick, Virginia SW 5 CAROL FRANCES TAYLOR I Danville, Virginia RUTH LEE THOMPSON 4 Danville, Virginia DOROTHY MAY TRAPP QM Bronxville, New York 5 - s' Aw QQ ' 1 BETTIE MAE TUCKER I Winston-Salem, North Carolina K , l VIRGINIA CARTER Q VELLINES a Doswell, Virginia . X J. D. WARNER, JR. Danville, Virginia . i AVERETT COLLEGE l 1 u 1940 PENDULUM AILEEN EVELYN WIDDOWSON Mardela Springs, Maryland JEANNE TRAVERS WILKINSON Mardela Springs, Maryland ,IOSEPHINE ELIZABETH WOOD Warrenton, Virginia VIRGINIA LORA WOOD Chatham, Virginia MARY ELIZABETH WRENN Richmond, Virginia MILDRED EUNICE WRIGHT Crewe, Virginia EDYTHE MAY YATES Blairs, Virginia 34 I COMMERCIAL CLASS NANCY PAYNE JACK CAMPBELL President Vice-President JEAN DAVIS MRS. C. A. MATHENY Secretary Sponsor AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 I T l l i I E I I I : I PENDULUM JEANNE LAMAR BRETT Danville, Virginia MARY CHARLES BROUGHTON Tappahannoclc, Virginia LOIS ELIZABETH CALVERT Danville, Virginia JACK I-IICKS CAMPBELL Bullock, North Carolina BERNICE CARROLL Danville, Virginia . ESTHER HUGHES CARTER Kilmarnock, Virginia I 'wliiyj ll MARJORIE Lou CAR Stoneville, North Carolin EDITH HOPE CRAWLEY Danville, Virginia W ADELE-GWIN CURTISS Cleveland, Ohio K W MARY STUART DAMERON 7, f Danville, Virginia if ,yi JEAN AUDREY DAVI , Buffalo Springs, Virginiaogal CV MILDRED P. DEANE Schoolfield, Virginia IRENE ELIZABETH FRANKLIN Spray, North Carolina DAVID GILBERT Danville, Virginia CLEORA LOUISA I-IEIDER Washington, D. C. 'Ll , LILLIAN MAE HINSON Templemans Cross Roads, Va. ANNIE ELIZABETH JONES Chatham, Virginia LUCINDA LEFFEW Leaksville, North Carolina BILLIE LINDSEY Ringgold, Virginia FAY EToILE LITTLE Java, Virginia JULIA LOUTTRELL MARTIN Leaksville, North Carolina ALBERT MAURAKIS Danville, Virginia NANCY ANNE PAYNE Danville, Virginia VIVIAN HOPKINS RAINEY Dinwiddie, Virginia MARY LYLLION RAMSEY Syclnorsville, Virginia JEAN WHITTIER SHERMAN Shipman, Virginia MYRTLE BRUCE SIZEMORE Clarksville, Virginia HELEN MARGARET STEPHENS Danville, Virginia LUCILLE THOMAS STEPHENS Leesburg, North Carolina VIRGINIA DARE STONE Ridgeway, Virginia AVERETT COLLEGE BRANTLEY STOWE Dry Fork, Virginia DOROTHY DEAN WHITT Chase City, Virginia RACHEL HAYDEN WYATT Callands, Virginia MARIE YORK Danville, Virginia 38 , Q 7225 - F A A fr BCJCK TWC CRGANIZATICNS ' . 1940 PENDULUM STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION AUDREY STEWART President MARTHA WHEAT MARTIN Vice-President WILMER PETERS Secretary SARAH BROCKMAN Proctor DOROTHY BROWN Proctor MADOE CUNNINGHAM Proctor MILDRED HAYDON Proctor MARSHALL HAWTHORNE junior Representative BETTY I-IEYWOOD Commercial Representative BAPTIST STUDENT UNION MARTHA JOHNSON President LOUISE PARKER First Vice-President MADGE CUNNINGHAM Second Vice-President IONA LONG Third V ice-President ANNA LEE I-IINTON Secretary- Treasurer CORAL WIGGINS Y. W. A. President MARY ELIZABETH WRENN B.Y.P. U. Representative ISABELLE KOST Reporter WILMER PETERS Inter-denominational Leader JULIA BOLLING Sunday School and Prayer Meeting Representative JOSEPHINE WOOD Morning Watch President AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM THE PENDULUM IDA MARIE HARRIS Ediior-in-Chief MARTHA WHEAT MARTIN Associate Editor MARY ELIZABETH WRENN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,.. j uniar Assistant Editor ART COMMITTEE Maybelle Paxton I..aVerne Galyon Eva Lee Nutter SNAPSHOT COMMITTEE Lois Biscoe, Chairman Carol TaIcott Doris Dodson Wilmer Peters MARTHA CAROLYNNE TREDWAY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S p urls Ediior FRANCES DAVIS ..VV..............................,...................,I........,..,.,,.,,.......,,......,...................... Assfslanl Sporls Edflar ANN MCDANIEL .YV.YV.....................,......................,.,.,.,.. .,.,.....,,,.,,.,...................................... A dverifsfng Manager ASSISTANTS TO ADVERTISING MANAGER BOBBY FULTON HAROLD MCNEELY NATALIE SANFORD MARY CHARLES BROUGHTON TYPISTS ' CURTIS ROBERTSON JEANNE WILKINSON MADcE CUNNINGHAM I 5 9. 42 ' THE CHANTICLEER I..kI'IlI4IXli 1-!I'1:Ns lfflilm'-in-Chia-f 3l.x1:x' 1'.xH11.l, IfllNfllI'SN ,llrnlrryfvr IC I DITUH I A I . STAI-'If XIAXHI-II,I.l. I'AX'I'wY, ,, ,mlxxixlrrlll lfrlilm' AIAIIY J, llmss A,,, , ,,,,,, ffupjf ljrliim' l:lul.l, -TM in-HN ..,.A,,,.... , ..,,, Aww gun l,vfIItm Gwlx pI,l:,I,ISSv-Aww CON!! Edlfw. l.x1coLINI1 LMNI-1 ..... ...... . .. ........ .'ISSUf'I4lfl' I-,flztnr , H X Q M F, I M FI. 1 MARTHA tv. 'yRm,wMY-H W-wNlm,.fx Hllifm, NMALII-. .,xxI4wl:D ,,,,,, ..... 1 rl Inv lzltm Sm-:I,'r4,mN I1IIl.l.lN'K ,,,,,,,, ,Alssixffzzlf Npnrfx Ifrlifor Ilukls Ibemsux ,.,... . ..,, l 1'llflll'l' Hzliior -IANET ll!-iluw. Iixix LI-31-: Nl r'1'1-:1:. 1-'lmxvl-is LLWIS ,.,,, ,, ,..,,,,,,,, .,...... , . ,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,, f 'UIIIIIIIIINYN ICVA I.ICI-I Nl l rl-Ik, Mun' I,uI'1s1i Mulzms, ,,,,,A,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .....,. ,,,,,,,,,,, . I rt la'4Iif11rx Mus. Ill-:Nm D. I,1f3.x., .,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.... , , ,,,.... f'I1l4'llHj! .trlrisvr REVORTERS I-Ivelyn Iilf-ssing lim-ll .Iflcksem HVE1 I.0+- Nuftvr 111-ity Sfl'XV2ll'I Bvttiv 'l'1l1-kvr Surah IIl'lH'Iil1l?lI1 Isulwllv Kusl Maylwllv I'iIXt17H Yirgillia Slum- Holly VZIKIUH Marjorio I'2II'I1'1' l'n1'uli11w I.:1v111- :XIIIIYUY SI1-wart Ivrmvtllv Tran up -IPZIHIIL' Wilkillsun . . . I HVSINI-ISS S'I AFL' I.1I.I,I.xN Slwixvllilc I.......,,, ,,,, . IIIVf'I'fI-VIII!! ,Ilflllllffff M.xIus1-I 1'l'NxINuH.ul. .,,, f'II'CllI1IfI1l1l llrzllaylrv' ANN BI1'II.KNII4IL, EMMA IJIJIISHNW, ..,,,,. INSiSfIllIfS MAR.m1:lrz 1'.x1c'1'I1:1: ........ .... I f.I'4'llYlIlfll' I-Editor IiI411,L .T.u'1isuX. B14:'r'1'11-1 'IIl'l'KIiI! ,,..,,,.... lxsisrunfs luis W.xss11:m1.xN ......,. ,,,,.,,....,,,.. 1 Ir'r'lmni4's 'l'Yl'lS'l'S I-Ivelyn Illn-ssing Bell -IZIVICNIYII l'lvurn III-idx-1' livtty II1-ywmnl .luliu Martin .Iusrinv Svhzlstiml 43 AVERETT COLLEGE A 1 1940 PENDULUM PHILOMATHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY JOANNE BENT ...,,. JOSEPHINE WOOD ,.,......... MARY FRANCES GILBERT ......... NATALIE SANFORD ....... MILDRED HAYDON .,.,.. HAROLD MCNEELY ,....,... GLADYS JOYCE ,,,.. ........Presidenl ..,.Vice-Presideni .,...,..Secreiary .....Studenl Critic ...........Cl1aplain .. News Reporter Alhlelic Direclor MNEMOSYNEAN LITERARY SOCIETY BOBBY FULTON .....,,. IONA LONG ........ CAROLINE LAYNE ...... MARSHALL HAWTHORNE ..L,. MARY LOUISE MORRIS .......... HELEN MASLOFF ..,,... JEANNE WILKINSON .,..,.. ,.......PresiJcni Vice-President ........Secrelary ....,...Sludenf Crilic ............ClIaplairI .........Nclvs Reporler Athletic Director AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM DOLLY VADEN ,, A.. LOUISE SNAVELY ...,.. ANNA LEE I-IINTON ...,,,.. MADAME FUESSEL . Mary Alice Altice Linda Baroody Caroline Benson Julia Bolling Laurene Burns Mary Cahill Marjorie Carter Mary E. Deans Janet Fisher Juanita Gray Janet Hero CHORAL CLUB Doris Jacquin lris Lacy Elizabeth Lewis Helen Masloff Ann McDaniel Elizabeth McDowell Mrs. Sue Merril Nancy Payne Margaret Poarch Vivian Rainey ......Presidenl Secretary Librarian ........Direcior Natalie Sanford Justine Sebastian Martha Slayton Jewell Spencer Lillian Spencer Auclrey Stewart Shirley Stone Carol Taylor Martha C. Treclway Jeanne Wilkinson Mary E. Wrenn 46 VERSE-SPEAKING CHOIR MARY FRANCES GILBERT ..RRRR .. ,.... P resident BELL JACKSON ,,,,,,,,V,E,,,,, ,..EEE,,. S ecrelary MADGE CUNNINGHAM ..EEE ....EEE. L ibrarian MADAME FUESSEL ..E.,,E ,E..... D irector Doris Allen Ann Byrd Atkins Joanne Bent Lois Biscoe Evelyn Blessing Ruth Briddell Sarah Brockman Dorothy Brown Margaret Crowell Doris Dodson LaVerne C-alyon Ida Marie Harris Marshall Hawthorne Betty Heywood Martha Johnson Fay Little Elizabeth Long Julia Martin Martha Wheat Martin Mary Louise Morris Eva Lee Nutter Louise Parker Maybelle Paxton Curtis Robertson Lucille Stephens Virginia Stone Mildred Wright Josephine Wood 47 AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM Y. CORAL WIGGINS ..,...., MAYBELLE PAXTON ..,.. FRANCES ANN DAWSON ...,.4 ANNIE MAE SLAYTON ...., KATE SAWYER ..,....A LOUISE PARKER ,,,.,,.,,,,,,,, W. A. OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH DEANS S..,... MARY LOUISE MORRIS ........ ,,..,,...Presiden! Vice-Presidenl Secretary Treasurer ....,,,.Circle Leader .,,,....CircIe Leader .Circle Leader ...,.,..Circle Leader LOUISE SNAVELY .v...SS ..e,.........,S.. P osler Chairman CAROLINE LAYNE ....... ......... P ersonal Service Chairman 48 DRAMATIC CLUB MARGARET CROWELL ,,vY,,, ......... P resident First Semester ADELE-GWIN CURTISS ,,,,,,ve, ,...,.... P resident Second Semester JOANNE BENT ...,.,....,... ,..,,. ,.....,.,. V i ce-President MARY JANE Buss ,.,....,...,.,..,, ...... S eeretary-Treasurer Miss ELIZABETH OTWELL ..,..,............ ....... ,.,... ............. S p o nsor Ann Byrd Atkins Jane Hyatt Vivian Rainey Doris Berman Caroline Layne Kate Sawyer Lois Biscoe Fay Little Myrtle Sizemore Mary Charles Broughton Dorothy Brown Marjorie Carter Frances Davis Eunice Driskill Bobby Fulton Shelton Gillock Pauline Hash Marshall Hawthorne Julia Martin Dorothy Mcclaugherty Harold McNeely Mary Pryor Nicholas Eva Lee Nutter Louise Parker Maybelle Paxton Margaret Poarch Josephine Smith Jewell Spencer Audrey Stewart Betty Stewart Dorothy Trapp Martha Carolynne Treclway Betty Tucker Virginia Vellines Iris Wasserman -lt! ff AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB HAROLD MCNEELY ..,.... MARSHALL HAWTHORNE ...... ANN MCDANIEL ........... BELL JACKSON ,.,,........ MR. C. A. MATHENY ......... Laurene Bums John Carter Bobby Fulton Virginia Catewood Virginia I-Iall Presidenl Vice-President ........Sccreiary Treasurer .......Sponsor Cleora I-Ieider Nancy Payne Dorothy Trapp J. D. Warner, Juanita Wells DEBATE COUNCIL WILMER PETERS ,.... ,,,,,,,,, P resident MRS. HENRY D. LEA ,.,,.,,,,E E....,. S ponsor Marjorie Carter Helen Masloff Frances Davis Maybelle Paxton Caroline Layne Jeanne Wilkinson W 5 1 AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM HOME ECONOMICS CLUB MADGE CUNNINGHAM ,.... LOUISE PARKER ..,,.ACC.. JANET SHANER ....,.E..., Miss EVELYN BOSLEY ,..,,.E Evelyn Blessing Mary Jane Bliss Sarah Brockman Frances Dawson Hester Easterling Janet Fisher LaVerne Galyon Iris l-laclen Pauline Hash Frances l-lenclee Isabelle Kost Iona Long Kathleen Long ,. President ice-President .,..msecreiary-Treasurer ........Sponsor Eclna Frances Meador Charlotte Mylum Maybelle Paxton Mary Ramsey Curtis Robertson Annie Mae Slayton Evelyn Snocldy Betty Tucker Dorothy Trapp Josephine Wood Virginia Wood Mary Elizabeth Wrenn Eclythe Yates EVA LEE NUTTER ...... LAVERNE GALYON ............ Miss RACHAEL I-IATCHER.. Ann Byrd Atkins Mary Jane Bliss Ruth Briddell Laurene Burns Marjorie Carter Frances Dawson Mildred Haydon Elizabeth Hazlewood Janet Hero Anna Lee Hinton Margaret Hodges Mary Virginia Hodges Jane Hyatt Bell Jackson ART CLUB Eclythe Yates ..,,,..,,Pres1deni Secretary ........Sponsor Doris ,Iacquin F ay Little Kathleen Long Ann McDaniel Mary Louise Morris Maybelle Paxton Vivian Rainey Annie Mae Slayton Louise Snavely Virginia Stone Carol Talcott Bettie Mae Tucker Virginia Vellines lris Wasserman 53 AVERETT COLLEGE L l BUCK THREE FEATURES 1- Julie? glldwdtf JHMAQ QOL Mdtgdftef CCOWZZ! ww dl Wlmflm giwieai JHQ-an CUTQZ HIH THHHIE HHHHIS my Z ITHTTTT THYTT TTITTTITTH STTTTT THTTHH TITTTT TTHTT TTTZHTTTH ITTHITT HTTTT HTTTTHHIT TTIHHTHHLL HHTITTHITTTTTT 1940 PENDULUM Four more days before we go home. Uniforms, girls! Up-and-coming juniors. The Recreation Roonlian ever popular place. Third Main beau- ties fand a Lamp-postl. What's the cen- ter of attrac- tion? Wrestling with temptation. We welcome him! Best bib and tuc- ker. Averett's lesser half. B BC k C HHIPUS gOS' sip jamboree. 5 ur' The record snow- fall. Ain't it fun? Jack Frost's Bathing Beau- ty. The Ucoeclsn wielded t'1e meanest snow- balls. But we can make 'em, too. Wheatie takes a seat. And Fay takes a walk. Miss Hatcher! snow lady. The masterpiece in the making. Nalure's gift to Averetfs scen ic beauty. AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM And again she poses. Work ? P ? Smile, please. The only thing they ever mop up is girls. Always close to nature. Yes, we lilce her too. Three-fourlhs of the Bishop family. Mrs. lVlatheny's property-home and husband. Rarin' to go! Louisiana meets Alabama. A cordial wel- come. BCGK FGUR FRATERNITIES i 1940 PENDULUM PAN-I-IELLENIC COUNCIL A mVL: 'N 68 DOT BROWN Prcsidenl MARY JANE Buss SARAH BROCKMAN MARGARET CROWELL. ADELE-C-wlN CURTISS LAVERNE GALYON IDA MARIE HARRIS ANNA LEE HINTON DORIS JACQUIN LOUISE PARKER AUDREY STEWART DOLLY VADEN Miss MADIE LEE WALKER Sponsor WILMER PETERS Presidenl JACK BLACK I SARAH BROCKMAN HELEN MASLOFF DORIS NICHOLS PAULINE PARRlS ANNIE MAE SLAYTON AUDREY STEWART CORAL WIGGINS Miss CATHERTNE BRANCH Sponsor PHITHETA.KAPPA CDGK AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM BETA PHI KAPPA ,isv 'X - :,: .:-'j ,, ' , I .::-5 ' V ,. ? 70 DOLLY VADEN Presidenl DOROTHY BROWN MARGARET CROWELL BETTY STEWART MARY CHARLES BROUGHTON JEAN DAv1s IRIS LACY DoR1s MCCLAUGHERTY EVA LEE NUTTER MYRTLE SIZEMORE DOROTHY TRAP? BETTIE TUCKER VIRGINIA VELLTNES DOROTHY WHITT Miss ELNORA MADDEN Sponsor L A if Q 'k -U-xt tn 1 F93 f'y6pf Wai SQY cite 'E ,jglix vous wr Q XA ytpfff vc c-'SL.o:,,r-'asus' ' DELTA PHI SIGMA .E 5 fs- U, f -f'x,sa,qC'KsLA5 QB' .rl vbvg' MARY JANE Buss President JOANNE BEN1' ADELE-GWIN CURTISS DORIS JACQUIN MADELINE MCNAMEE . MARJORIE CARTER FRANCES DAv1s FRANCES ANN DAWSON JULIA MARTIN NATALIE SANFORD LILLIAN SPENCER Miss RACHEL I-IATCHER Sponsor ACIJZ AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM ZETA SIGMA CHI ZEX ANNA LEE HINTON President CAROLINE BENSON EVELYN BLEssINc SARAH BROCKIVIAN MADGE CUNNINCHAM MARTHA CAROLYNNE TREDWAY DORIS DODSON LAVERNE GALYON FRANCES HENDEE BETTY HEYWOOD FAY LITTLE MAYBELLE PAXTON VIRGINIA STONE ,IEANNE WILKINSON MISS FAYE HILL Sponsor IDA MARIE HARRIS President MILDRED HAYDON MARTHA JOHNSON MARTHA WHEAT MARTIN LOUISE PARKER WILMER PETERS AUDREY STEWART LDIS BISCOE JULIA WRENN BOLLING RUTH BRIDDELL MARY ELIZABETH DEANS MARY MARSHALL HAWTHORNE MARY LOUISE MORRIS MARY ELIZABETH WRENN -IOSEPHINE WOOD MIss MIRIAM A. HAwKINs Sponsor KAPPA PI KAPPA KHK AVERETT COLLEGE E' l l-- - BOCK FIVE ATHLETICS 1940 PENDULUM ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MARTHA CAROLYNNE TREDWAY ,,.,..... BETTY STEWART ......... MADOE CUNNINOHAM ........ SARAH BROCKMAN ..T,.. DOROTHY BROWN LAURENE BURNS IDA MARIE HARRIS PAULINE HASH BELL JACKSON AUDREY STEWART .........Presidenl Vice-President Secrciary Treasurer GLADYS JOYCE CAROLINE LAYNE MARTHA WHEAT MARTIN EDNA FRANCES MEADOR WILMER PETERS 76 COLOR TEAM CAPTAINS-1939-1940 SARAH BROCKMAN .,.,..,...........,. ..,... ,,.,...,......,.,..., .... . Red Team MADGE CUNNINGHAM ........ Yellow Team GWIN CURTISS ..... .......,.. P urple Team BETTY STEWART ,,.,.. .....,....BroIvn Team AVERETT COLLEGE - 4? 1940 PENDULUM VARSITY HOCKEY GLADYS JOYCE Capiain BETTY STEWART, LAVERNE GALYON CURTIS ROBERTSON Co-captain SHELTON GILLOCK CAROL TALCOTT ANN BYRD ATKINS KATHLEEN LONG IVIARTI-IA C. TREDWAY EVELYN BLESSING MARY LOUISE MORRIS DOROTHY VERNON SARAH BROCKIVIAN MAYBELLE PAXTON JEANNE WILKINSON ELVA DAYTON JOSEPHINE WOOD 78 VARSITY BASKETBALL LOIS BISCOE DOROTHY BROWN MARY RAMSEY CONNIE DAVIS ELVA DAYTON GLADYS JOYCE Captain JANET SHANER VIRGINIA STONE SI-IELTON GILLOCK JEANNE WILKINSON JOSEPHINE WOOD BETTY STEWART, Alternate Captain ANN BYRD ATKINS, junior Manager A 79 I I AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM CHAMPION COLOR TEAMS YELLOW SHUFFLEBOARD EVA LEE NUTTER VIRGINIA STONE MARY CHARLES BROUGHTON BROWN VOLLEY BALL BETTY STEWART GLADYS JOYCE I EMILY FINCH EUNICE DRISKILL VIRGINIA VELLINES JEANNE WILKINSON HESTER EASTERLINC JANET SHANER JOSEPHINE WOOD so XX CHAMPION COLOR TEAMS BROWN PING-PON G BETTY STEWART MARGARET CROWELI. GLADYS JOYCE JEANNE WILKINSON YELLOW BASKETBALL LOIS BISCOE VIRGINIA STONE MADGE CUNNINOI-IAIvI FRANCES DAWSON DOT BROWN CONNIE DAVIS Sl AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM V 1 A . M W H ,fgjx ,L,L, - A ' Y J - TMCCY M ACA.. ' e C-Y - W, , AIX -T T 3 of A,,,. g i. , K, X 1 . YC E 1 5 A M. . Y , - A A A .Y . dnt F 1. ,, ,:,,. V it , ...Sub , ,F 01 I .i T ,li .... KW t L I 'Eu . qv. r fm I L55 l i Tj . .. , E V' X 1, .4 K: V A ., . . ., . A .... ' . '--. - 1 ' 1.-2: gr T. T'-'V ., - if . lily. K .7 :ff . L K V I. Lrik, 2555? I ,. -- ' ' ' U ,21f.,f M Y K' ' neil--W-.- , ' 5 T 2 E . r..g.,.:g 2 jgjjzf i:?i.ff2kQ T, , Q rx A 1 rd . Y 1 'rgqx .ar 4:'v1gq.fm'-- .. -,, . Q af.. i u. 1 in f a EQ. mn Q D Q , T 1 g . P is A Ii ,ffl-5 gf Y Mg ' Q I Q, gl 23+ HINQTE it N. T T S' Ni: di-:fig 5 Y NL, MM.. sf' -2 wh . A H f ':'n -Moa E ' .: To A f K 5 i .gifs Tif f' :xxx I nm. 4 ' as PM ' A35 In ...+C WL - - wk.. 11.3 .5 .W . . . ,... 5g-,- ng v w- , ' ., ff 4: A M , A M- fig' f ?f.f:'. Q Igh- -'.- jgqlz.-aL,,,,i TT 7 f. LVL L N au Q ? t Y -.,. Q L 1 Tj ' U 'T T' IQ' ff 'Q . - 11 .,....h -P I zi' ki C f ,fm .V M . QF' Q-.. f flfi- all SWIMMING TEAMS NEMO PHILO BETTY STEWART, Honorary Captain MAYBELLE PAXTON, Honorary Captain C-WIN CURTISS LAURENE BURNS SHELTON GILLOCK ELVA DAYTON GERALDINE KATZ KATE SAWYER MARTHA WHEAT MARTIN CAROL TALCOTT MARY LOUISE MORRIS JOSEPI-IINE Woon E 82 The great out-of doors! 0ochie, Cooch- ie. Rats must wear their caps. Goin' to win that game! Hey, a car Bottom up. Three brunettes and a Hman . New York Gla- mour Girl. When Averett spends a week- end off campus. Something funny? A familiar view. Posin' AVERETT COLLEGE 1940 PENDULUM Ill Ill Ill Smilin' through. Somebody's get- ting a horse laugh. Don't look now, but there's a man behind you. Off key? Where's my bag? Historicwilliams- burg. The March wind. Thanks for the memory. Trouble on his hands. The spirit of Av- erett. Beauty views beauty. Baby Dumpling. SPECIALS DIRECTORY OF STUDENTS. 1939-1940 Adkins, Blanche ,,,,,,AA,,,,,,,,,,,, Rt. 2, Danville, Agee, Virginia ,.,.............,,,,,,................ l:l0yd, Allen, Doris ,....... 603 S. Lee St., Alexandria, Altice, Mary Alice, I46 Montague St., Danville, Ashworth, Helen .,,,,,.,............ Rt. 6, Danville, Atkins, Ann Byrd ,...................,..,,,,,,,.. Dutton, Baroody, Linda..l66 College Ave., Danville, Benson, Caroline ,,.. 4l Court St., Portsmouth Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Va. Bent, Joanne eeee,,,, 37 W. sth si., New Yofilciiy Benton, Jesse ,,,, 319 Virginia Ave., Danville, Va. Berman, Doris ...........,..,,,,,.,, Andalusia, Alabama Biscoe, Lois ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i, Granite Springs, Va. Black, Jack ,,,,,,,,,, 924 N. Main St., Danville, Va. Blessing, Evelyn ........,,.,,,,, Cumberland, Kentucky Bliss, Mary Jane ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,.. Box 64, Salem, Va. Bolling, Julia Wrenn, 408 Oak St., Blackstone, Xa. a. Brett, LaMar ,..,,,...... 9l8 Green St., Danville, Va. Bridclell, Ruth ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Crisfield, Maryland Bridges, Helen..Adams Court Apt., Danville, Va. flVlrs. C. H. Smith, Broclcman, Sarah, 309 E. Third St., Gastonia, N. C. Broughton, Mary Charles ...... Tappahannoclc, Va. Brown, Dorothy .... IOI Bowman St., Vinton, Va. Burns, Laurene, 417 Prospect St., Torrington, Conn. Boyer, P. S .,,,,.,,.,.,..,.,,.,,.,.,,.,, Rt. 6, Danville, Cahill, Mary ,.,,.. 528 W. Main St., Danville, Va., Callahan, Hazel ...................... Rt. 3, Danville, Va. Calvert, Lois .......................... Rt. 6, Danville, Va. Campbell, Jack .......... .................. B ulloclc, N. C. Carr, Elsie .... I .........,,,, .....,,.. R t. l, Danville, Va. Carroll, Bernice ...................... Rt. 4, Danville, Va. Deans, Mary Elizabeth, l226 Holladay St., Portsmouth, Dibrell, Mrs. L. N., IZ4 Broad St., Danville, Dodson, Doris .,.. 334 Virginia Ave., Danville 1 Va. Va. Va. Dodson, Emma ,,,, Bachelor's Hall, Danville, Va. Driskill, Eunice ..,......... Charlotte Courthouse, Va- Easterling, Hester ...... E. Parlc Ave., Norton, Va. Ferguson, lris .... lll7 N. Main St., Danville, Va. Finch, Emily .......................................... Blairs, V3- Fisher, Janet, 4113 lllinois Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. Flippen, Nancy, 205 Jefferson Ave., Danville, Va. Franklin, Irene ,........... Dameron St., Spray, N. C. Fulton, Robert .... 644 Jefferson St., Danville, Va. Galyon, LaVerne, 446 W. Swissvale Ave., Edgewood, Penn. Gatewood, Virginia .............. Rt. l, Danville, Va. Gilbert, David .............,....,..,,. Rt. 2, Danville, Va. Gilbert, Mary Frances, 304 Virginia Ave., Danville, Va. Gilloclt, Shelton, 205 Jefferson St., Lexington, Va. Gray, Juanita .... ZIS Campbell St., Danville, Va. Grogan, Thelma ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,, Rt. 5, Danville, Va. Haclen, Iris ,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,...................... Amelia, Va. Hagaman, Nell ,,,,,,.,..,................... Hiclcory, N. C. Hall, Virginia .......... l09 Ross St., Danville, Va. Harris, lda Marie, 3223K Hanes Ave., Richmond, Va. Harris, Phillip .... I64 Park Ave., Schoolfield, Va. Hash, Pauline ...,.............. ............... K indriclt, Va. Hawthorne, Marshall ,...... .......... R ound Hill, Va. Carter, Esther Hughes ................ Kilmarnock, Va. Carter, John .,,..,.,.,...... Forest Hills, Danville, Va. Carter, Marjorie ........,............,.... Stoneville, N. C. Chandler, Evelyn ...............,.,...,.,,,,. Virgilina, Va. Chattin, Mildred, 29 Stolcesland Ave., Schoolfield, Childrey, Hallie ........ Box 66, Rt. 2, Halifax, Colston, Jesse ..,, 2l47 N. Main St., Danville, Va. Va. Va. Colston, Thomas, 2147 N. Main St., Danville, Va. Crawley, Edith ........ 315 Gray St., Danville, Va. Crowell, Margaret, I42I Buchanan St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Cruise, Aaron ......................................,. Stuart, Va. Crumpton, Erie ...... IOO6 Main St., Danville, Va. Crumpton, Mrs. E. R., i006 Main St., Danville, Va. Cunningham, Madge, 335 NV. Franklin St., Gastonia, N. C. Curtiss, Adele-Gwin, 2865 Southington Rd., Shalter Hgts,, Cleveland, O. Dail, Melva ...... 2006 N. Main St., Danville, Va. Dameron, Mary Stuart ........ Rt. 4, Danville, Va. Davis, Frances ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,,,, Raccoon Ford, Va, Davis, Jean ............,.......,....... Buffalo Springs, Va, Dawson, Frances ...........,.,,,.. Rt, 2, Ringgold, Va, Dayton, Elva .... 48l2 24th St. N., Arlington, Va. Deane, Mildred P., IOI Bishop St., Schoolfielcl, Va. Haydon, Mildred, 9 E. Thornapple St., Chevy Chase, Md. Hazelwood, Elizabeth .,,....,.................. Toano, Va. Heider, Cleora, l35l Shepherd St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Hendee, Frances..730 Sycamore St., Decatur, Ga. Hero, Janet, 68-06 Dartmouth St., Forest Hills, L. l., N. Y. Heywood, Elizabeth, 20l Prospect St., Portland, Maine Hinson, Lillian ........ Templemans Cross Rds., Va. Hinton, Anna Lee ............................ Reedville, Va. Hodges, Margaret .......... St. Stephens Church, Va. Hodges, Virginia .......... St. Stephens Church, Va. Hyatt, Jane ........................................ Emporia, Va. Jackson, Bell ....................................., Tryon, N. C. Jacquin, Doris.,20 Caton Terrace, Caldwell, N. Johnson, Martha ................................ Culpeper, Va. Johnston, Emma Tatum ...........,.... Greenville, Va. Jones, Elizabeth ...................... Rt. 6, Chatham, Va. Jones, Mae .............. ......... R t. 6, Chatham, Va. Joyce, Gladys .............................. Mayodan, N. C. Katz, Geraldine, ll2l E. 7th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Kerns, T. A., Jr., 490 W. Main St., Danville, Va King, Helen ...................,..,....,,. Rt. 2, Blairs, Va. Kost, Isabelle ...... ,......,...... M onroe, Va. Lacy, Iris .,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, Box 489, West Point, Va Latham, Mrs. Allie, ll9 College Ave., Danville, Va. Layne, Caroline ....,,,..e.........,,,,... Bremo Bluff, Va. Leffew, Lucinda, Boulevard Branch, Leaksville, N. C Legwin, Marie, l33 Washington Ave., Schoolfield, Va Lindsey, Billie ,,.,.,,,.,......,,.,,, Rt. l, Ringgold, Va. Little, Fay .....,,,,,,,,.,......,,,,,,,..,.....,.,,........ Java, Va. Long, Elizabeth, 705 Shepherd St., Durham, N. C. Long, lona ,,........,,,,,,,,,,,,........,,,,,,,,...... Louisa, Va Long, Kathleen ......,,,,,,...,......,,,.,,,,,. lrvington, Va Martin, Elizabeth, 349 W. Main St., Danville, Va Martin, lrvin ,,,,,...........,,,,,,.,,. Rt. 2, Danville, Va Martin, Julia..208 Hamilton St., Leaksville, N. C. Martin, Martha Wheat ...,....,,....,,,.., Ashland, Va Masloff, Helen..l36 W. End Ave., Danville, Va Maurakis, Albert ,,.,,, 820 Pine St., Danville, Va McClaugherty, Doris .,......,,..,,.............. Gretna, Va McDaniel, Ann, I39 Robertson Ave., Danville, Va McDowell, Elizabeth .,,,,,..,... ,.....,,,,....... J ava, Va. McNamee, Madeline, 852 Park Ave., Elizabeth, N. J MeNeely, Harold ,... 218 Gray St., Danville, Va Meador, Edna Frances, Route 2, Box 398, Roanoke, Va Mebane, Katherine ,Box l42, Yanceyville, N. C Mitchell, Nancy,,525 Madison Ave., Pulaski, Va Moore, Mrs. Frances Houghton, Route 2, Danville. Va Moorelield, Sally ..........,,,,,,,,,,,, Yanceyville, N. C Morris, Mary Louise, 500 Webster Ave., Portsmouth, Va ' Va Mylum, Charlotte ,...........,,.....,,..,,.,,,, Ringgold, Nicholas, Mary Pryor, l007 N. 35th St., Richmond, Nichols, Doris ,207 E.. Thomas St., Danville Nutter, Eva Lee, l62 Washington Ave., Clarksburg, W. Overbey, Mrs, Eloise R ..,., Route 6, Danville, Paltrow, Doris, Va Va Va Va 42-41 208th St., Bayside, Long Island, N. Y Parker, Louise, l3l8 Oakwood Ave., Richmond, Parris, Pauline, Kemper Road Ext., Danville, Paxton, Maybelle, 932 Commercial Ave., Clifton Forge, Payne, Nancy, l55 Holbrook Ave., Danville Perkins, Mrs. Mabel Coffey, Avondale Apts., Danville, Peters, Wilmer. l504 Jefferson St., Bluefield, W. Pleasant, Rosebud ........ Star Route, Danville, Poarch, Margaret, 3l3 E.. Main St., Christiansburg, Powell, Edith, 24 l-loweland Circle, Danville, Powell, Mary, 169 Holbrook Ave., Danville, Rainey, Vivian .,...........,......,..,,,,,,, Dinwiddie, Ramsey, Mary ......... ,.,,,,.... S ydnorsville, Robertson, Curtis ...,.... ...,.,,,. W hite Stone, Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Robertson, Mrs. Edley A., Box 200, Route 2, Danville, Sanford, Natalie, l85 Marshall Terrace, Danville, Sawyer, Kate, . 425 Newport News Ave., Hampton, Sebastian, Justine .....,...,,.,,.................... Crewe, Shackman, Shirley, 254 Sharpe Ave., Va Va Va Va Port Richmond, Staten Island, N. Y Pa Shaner, Janet ,.............,,.,,.,........... LeRaysville, Sherman, Jean ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,.,.,,,,,,, Shipman, Sizemore, Myrtle Bruce ,,,..,..,....... Clarksville, Slayton, Annie Mae ..,..,,.,.,.,..... South Boston, Smith, Aaron ,..... 301 Lee St., South Boston, Smith, Josephine ..,..................,,,,,.,.... Spencer, Smith, Mildred .,,,,,,..,..............,,...... Woolwine, Smith, Rosa ,,,,,,,,,, Box 209, Rt. 2, Danville, Snavely, Louise ,...........,.,,.,,,,,,,........ Chilhowie, Snoddy, Evelyn .,......,,.,,,,,,,,.,.,....... Ore Bank, Spencer, Jewell ......,..,,. Route 3, Martinsville, Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Spencer, Lillian, 245 Jefferson Ave., Danville, Va Stephens, Helen, 132 Campbell St., Danville, Va Stephens, Lucille ,,,,,.,,,.......,,,.,,,,,,,. Leasburg, N. C Stewart, Audrey ,,,,..,. ..... Cn ay St., Salisbury, Md Stewart, Betty ,,,..,.,...,......,,,,,, Box 190, Salem, Va Stone, Shirley, 6 Washington Ave., Schoollield, Va Stone, Virginia ......,, ,,,,,,,.,.............. R idgeway, Va Stowe, Brantley ,,,.,,,,,,..,,.,.,,........... Dry Fork, Va Talcott, Carol .,.,....,. Oakdale Farm, Keswick, Va Tarpley, Mrs. Minor ,,,,...,.,............ Dry Fork, Va Taylor, Carol ,,,,,,,,,, 428 Floyd St., Danville, Va Thompson, Dorothy, 227 Mt. Vernon Ave., Danville, Va Thompson, Ruth ...... 742 Stokes St., Danville, Va Trapp, Dorothy, I47 Midland Ave., Bronxville, N. Y Tredway, Martha Carolynne, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Clover, Tucker, Bettie, Va 430 Granville Drive, Winston-Salem, N. C Vaden, Dolly .........,.,,,, ,.,,,,.,.......... C retna, Va Vellines, Virginia ,,,, .,...,,,,,,,,,., D oswell, Va Vernon, Dorothy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......... Mayodan, N. C Warner, D., Jr., l34 Holbrook St., Danville, Va Wasserman, lris, 32l5 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va Weber, l-lubert.,Box 698, Route 2, Danville, Va Wells, Juanita ....,.,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., Fork Union, Va Wells, William ......,.,,,,,,,,,,......,...,..... Callands, Va Whitt, Dorothy. 202 Virginia Ave., Chase City, Va Widdowson, Aileen ...,........ Mardela Springs, Md Wiggins, Coral,.4l6 Kingsbury St., Oxford, N. C Wilkinson, Jeanne ....,,....,.,. Mardela Springs, Md Wood, Josephine .....,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Warrenton, Va Wood, Virginia .,,..,,,,.,.,,,, Route 6, Chatham, Va Wrenn, Mary Elizabeth,,Route 5, Richmond, Va Wright, Mildred, 414 E.. Virginia Ave., Crewe, Va Wyatt, Rachel ..........,.,......,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,, Callands, Va Wynn, Nettie, 418 Avondale Drive, Danville, Va Yates, Edythe ,,,,.....,,..,............,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Blairs, Va York, Marie .... 239 W. Thomas St., Danville, Va Young, Edward .,,,,.., 9ll Main St., Danville, Va DIRECTORY OF AVERETT COLLEGE FACULTY 1939-1940 Miss Willie G. Allen ,..,,. Averett College Mrs. Iva B. Arvin, 245 Jefferson Ave., Danville, Va. Mr. Curtis Bishop, Forest Hills, Danville, Va. Miss Evelyn Bosley, Bowling Green, Ky. Miss Catherine Branch ,.,. Grovetown, Ga. Mrs. Louise M. Bryan, 2405 Oakland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Miss Grace Crenshaw ...... Abingdon, Va. Miss Elizabeth Fugate, 1212 Floyd St., Lynchburg, Va. Miss Mary C. Fugate, IZIZ Floyd St., Lynchburg, Va. Mrs. Laura Fuessel ...... Averett College Miss Rachel Hatcher, 214 W. Washington St., Kinston, N. C. Miss Miriam A. Hawkins, 272 Alexander Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. Miss Carimae Hedgpeth, Lumberton, N. C. Miss Faye Hill, 704 E. Locust St., Scottsville, Ky. Miss Louise Jones, 455 Avondale Drive, Danville, Va. Mrs. Martha Knight, 4lZ St. John's St., Greenville, S. C Mrs. Henry D. Lea, Hawthorne Drive, Danville, Va Miss Elnora Madden ......., Mansfield, La Mr. C. A. Matheny, Westmoreland Court, Danville, Mrs. C. A. Matheny, Westmoreland Court, Danville Miss lVlary McCain, I55 Benelield Ave., Danville Mrs. Edna D. Mclndoe, 58 Douglas Ave., Lonaconing, Miss Elizabeth Otwell ...... Cullman, Mrs. Gerald H. Payne, 'Xp Mr. Charles W. Johnson, Wise Miss Anna Mary Sanford, 123W College Ave., Danville Miss Blanche E. Schwinabart, Elk Garden, W. Miss Dorothy Shipman,.West Point, Miss Madie Lee Walker, 475 W. Second St., Lexington v x s Va Va ,Va Md Ala Va Va Va Va Ky AVERETT COLLEGE Dcmvilie, Virginia Foimdedi859 A JUNIOR CQLLEGE QF DISTINCTION For Cato iogue, Address CUi2Ti5 BISHOP! ERE5ii3EixiT 0 0 7 1 H X I n I f f Li X x 'sq ul ' ' ' ,, Nm f Q- E - wkiix, ZZNQ,EEf X' Q7 E i f ii vue W YQ- E W i ' i i f- WE VE GRADUATED X1 W, FROM THE OLD E if 'Zi m i0 A BEAUTIFUL :E NEW STORE ii E LHERMAN 'fDaaud1e.rZcst.S'tor1e' IDEAL BAKERY WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE 532 Loyol Street Phone 2187 DANVILLE, VA. 'DUI 's,woL HSIHL EIDII-I H9 LNOM HDVWOLS EIIIOA IEIHHH LMS DOA JIU SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE WYATT fr HALL 135 Wotson Street PHONE 3115 HTHE STORE THAT HAS EVERYTHING EQUIPMENT FOR IQITCHENS AND DINING ROOMS FOR HOTELS AND INSTITUTIONS EZEKIEL 5' WEILMAN CO., Inc. Rwcnrnondt VIrQInIo Fatrnrtip HARPER'S DAIRY ent, PoR QUALITY Qhhertigzrg PHONE 279 BACHELORS' HALL SAY IT WITH FLOWERS WYATT BUICK SALES CO. From Cnorlie ond Julio GILES FLOWER sn-lov 521,15 DonvIIIe 63I Mom SIIEGI Vlrginio J. T. TOWNES PRINTING CO. DOOLEY'S SODA SHOPPE PRINTERS-STATIONERS WEST MW Sffeef Cot Untnn Gnd Pnttnn Stteets THE Youno PEOPLE'S STORE-SWEETS ond EMS DonvIIIe, Vo. PHONE IOOO BROWN JEWELRY COMPANY Monufocmring ond Dispensing OPTICIANS MAI N STREET DANVILLE, VIRGINIA GURDINE-GENEVA THE SHOP OE LOVELY THINGS Danville, Virginia THE COUNTRY CLUB INN PHONE I6l3 WHERE AVERETT STUDENTS ENJOY PLEASANT EVENINGS and DELICIOUS SOUTHERN DlNNERS JOHNSON Cr SPIGGLE DRUGOISTS 558 Main Street, Danville, Va, PRESCRIPTlONS4SANDWICl-IES-SODA The REXALL Stare WYATT CH EVROLET CORP. SALES AND SERVICE I23 Loyal PHONES 3610, 36l2 COIVIPLIMENTS G. S. K. RESTAURANT Danville, Virginia PHILIP GREENBERG WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MEATS also PHILIP GREENBERG MOTOR EXPRESS DIRECT CONNECTIONS EVERYWHERE Patronize PATTERSON'S SAFE, DEPENDABLE DRUG STORE SERVICE Masonic Temple Danville, Virgi COLLEGE SWEET SHOP PLATE LUNCHES SODA AND SANDWICHES--DELIVERY SERVICE Pnanes I IO and ll I BOWL EOR EUN AND RECREATION RED CROWN RECREATION Ivlaratack Bldg. Opp. City Armory PHONE 3464 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS W. I. ANDERSON Cr CO. GREENSBORO, N Q WHOLESALERS BOTH FRESH AND FROSTED ERUITS AND VEGETABLES EFlRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE DANVILLE'S ECONOMY CENTER I 4 1 'N .Am CLEANERS-DYER? I I H . HDI: - A .1 JAS. T. CATLIN 6' SON CO., Inc. GENERAL INSURANCE Mosonrc: Temple Phone 54 SWANSON MOTORS, Inc. ns No. MARKET BELK-LEGGETT CO. DANVILLE'S SHOPPING CENTER Phone 942 DonvrIIe, Vrrgrn GARDNER-TATE p, B. GARDNER, Prop WHOLESALE ERUITS AND PRODUCE PHONE 3640 3I HI Pdfton Street' ed COM P L I M E N TS t l1lU-llulu 9 QLLH Y gm 0 I3 5 uthern Dairies ,' ' , I I I ' W fm VASS-MOBLEY AND SOUTHERN PEOPLE HARDWARE CO., Inc. T. H. COOK LEWIS-CARTER FURNITURE CO. WHOLESALE Our Store Is the Servrce Sfdtron CANDIES AND CANADA pm GINGER ALE OU We R004 I0 HOPDWGS9' PHQNE 318 Mein Street DonviIIe, VO CAMPUS CLASSICS . . Designed for young women who redlize gudliry dnd perfect rdilorrng mdke dge- less clothes, wedroble everywhere I I . CoIIeCted with o knowledge of AvereTr's needs ond preferences dt the SPORTS BAR dt FRANCES KAHN'S 4IO MAIN STREET DANVILLE, VA lb. HOTEL MACK-ELLIS CO. DANVILLE CLEANERS AND DYER5 ,QZZZRWSZESZQ -Q Q E 2 13 GOQDFOQD-GARAGEOPPO Phone 436 217 Main St H E .C1eme fS' Mgr' IDLEASIIXIG YOU IVIEAIXIS OUR DANVILLE ENTERPRISES, Inc. Operating HOLLY-BURCH, FLORISTS CAWQL RIALTO NEAR ALL COLLEGES AND HOSPITALS Gnd PHONES 231 AND 2103 115 Market St, Danville, Va, HAMLIN 6' HAMLIN WE BUY OUR CANDY FROM l-IAMLIN 6 I-IAMLIN PHILLIPS PRODUCE CO. WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Cl-IICKENS AND EGGS 210 Lynn St i AM RRoUp DF READ AVERETT COLLEGE THE CHANTICI-EER OI' DEWEY W. SWICEGOOD NEWS QF AVERETT We, ot the statt ot the 1940 Pendulum, wish to express our appreciation tor the loyal rielp and co- operation of Mr, Bill Burton ot J. P. Bell Co., Mr, Len Glover ot the Lynchburg Engraying Co., tlie members ot the administrative statt and faculty ot Averett College, and our advertisers. LYNCI-IBUR6 ENGRAVED ANNUALS ARE BUILT UPON YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AS SPECIALISTS IN THE FIELD OF SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS . gf IN successfully fulfilling the requirements of the moclern College Annual Staff we have combined a comprehensive and systematic servicing program with that high standard of quality so essential in the production ol: line yearboolrs. Lynchburg engraved annuals are built by an organization specializing on school annuals exclusively, there- by assuring each stalf of the personal and in- telligent assistance so necessary in the planning and designing of a truly satisfactory boolc. LYNCHBURG ENGRAVING 'COMPANY- LYNCH BURG ' VIRGINIA l l B E L L MADE THE IMPRINT CP PRIDE RINTING is the great conf structive force of the modern civilized world. It plays the indispensable part in the dissemination of news, in the expression and progression of political ideals, in the records and exchange of commerce and industry. It democratizes education, science, art, music -and broadens the scope of everything it touches. CITO appreciate its high place in the esteem of an enlightened world, PRINTING MUST BE WELL DONE. Our offer' ing to the cause of BETTER PRINTING is REPRESENTED IN THIS ANNUAL J P BELL CQMPANY, INC 816 MAIN STREET f LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Autographs

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