Aurora High School - Northern Lights Yearbook (Aurora, MN)

 - Class of 1955

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Aurora High School - Northern Lights Yearbook (Aurora, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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v ...W e 1 1 1 , b4, 5 f ' 1 J 5 Sf' -wg in N lang 0 Q! X O X 44' 0' E Auf W-0,,M f. cinag e. bernikg w. 0. andersong d. cuzzo. Q l I Wa. 75 h. fondieg a. halbergg m. rosandichp 1. grebenc. mr. andersong superintendent of schools mr. gillachg high school princi- pal miss lessarg school nurse miss rantag miss lehtog mrs kellyg office staff I peter jurkovich physical education. coach dessa rajacich commercial arts mary gillach home econom ics richard lavine industrial arts josephine sharp mathematics joseph gillach principal, science ona coyle english, dramatics julian v. kjelstrom mathematics, physics margaret bingham social sciences. mathematics 5 K virginia thompson physical education michael rukavina social science arvid korpi industrial arts S ..,-1, - 'lui' , . 'w - x Pr S' ,5-. 0 A pw---f-- N fs 4, john gabriel history, english echo leviska english thomas reagen history, driver's training coach if it + mrs. robert bell home economics dawn tournquist science jeanne schwanke music o. r. olson band evelyn savage librarian, english MJ fillmore nikolai abrahamsen "nicky" "put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon." student council lg northern lights 3,45 class of- ficer 2,3,45 junior class play 35 mixed chorus 2, 3,45 football1,2,3,45 basketball 1,2,3,45 track 1, 25 f.t.a.45officer 45 lettermen's club 2,3,45 of- ficer45homecoming artendant3,45 teenage club 1,2,35officer35 pep club45 aurora borealis 2,3,4. edward bradach "cosie" "last saturday night." football2,3,45 basketball 1,25 track 1,2,35 base- ball 45 teenage club 1,2,35 pep club 4. james a. bradach "braddy" "let's have a party." class officer 25 football 3,45 basketball 1,2,4 ficer 4g teenage club 1,2,35 pep club 4. marcia elizabeth brown "brownie" "tennessee wig-walk." northern lights 2,3,45 aurora borealis 3,45 junior class play 35 mixed chorus 2,3,45 band 2,3,45 g. a. a. 1,2,3,45 4-h 1,25 teenage club 1,2,35 pep club 4. track 1,25 baseball3,45 lettermen's club 3,45 of- "I love the sunshine of your smile." seargeant bluff, iowa, lg correctionville, iowa, 1,2g pickstown, south dakota, 3g aurora high school 4. arlene w. buckley "bucs" "lucky me." aurora borealis 3,4g class officer 35 junior class play 33 mixed chorus 1,2,3,4g band l,2,3,4g cheerleader 2,3,4g g. a. a. 1,2,3g 4-h 1,2,3g homecoming attendant 33 homecoming queen 45 teenage club 1,2,3g pep club 4. , i john clark "got a hot rod ford and a two dollar bill." greenway, coleraine 1,'2,3g aurora high school 4 football 4. donna dunkelberger constance mary faith "connie" "sunday driving." national honor society 35 northern lights 3,4g aurora borealis 2,3,4g declamation 2,3,4g 4-h club 1,25 state fair blue ribbon 2g mixed chorus 1,2,3,4g band 1,2,3,4g orchestra 1,2,3,4g g. a. a. 1,2,3,4g teenage club 1,2,3g pep club 4g student council 1. 9 albert edward faragher, jr. "bert" "clarinet polka." class officer lg junior class play 3g declamation 1,2,3,4gboy's choruslgmixed chorus 2,3-,4g band 1,2.3,4g orchestra l,w,e,rg football 2,3,4g track 2,3,4g 1ettermen's club 3,44 teenage club 2,3. marcia jeanne futchi "marsh" "sparkling brown eyes." aurora borea1is4gjunior class p1ay3g mixed cho- rus 2,3,4g band 1,2,3,4g orchestra 1,2,3,4g g.a.a. 1,2,3,4g 4-h 2,33 teenage club 1,2,3g pep club 4. duane gantz "i've been working on the railroad." spooner, wisconsin, lg aurora high school 2,3,4 4-h lg northern lights 4. diane l. grebenc "banana" "rust1es of spring." national honor society 35 junior class play 3g mixed chorus 1,2.3,4g g. a. a. 1,2,3,4g officer 35 4-h 1,2,3g teenage club 1,2,3g pep club 4. dennis jon jaeger "ii9,Q.S" "dennis the menace is a bundle of dynamite." student council 2,3,4g pres. 4g northern lights 3, 4g editor 4g class officer 13 junior class play 3g boy's choruslgmixed chorus2,3,4g band 1,2,3,4g teenage club 1,2,3g pep club 4. carol d. johnson "ely rouser." ely, minnesota, 1,2,3g aurora high school 3,4 mixed chorus 3,4. carol marie johnson "two-timin' blues." .. josh.. aurora borealis 3,4gjunior class p1ay3g declama- tion 1,2,4g mixed chorus2,3,4gmajorette 1,2,3,4g g. a. a. 1,2,3,4g 4-h 1,2,3g teenage club 1,2,3g pep club 4. dorothy jeannette johnson "dorth" "it's later than you think." g. a. a. 1,2,3,4g pep club 4g teenage club 1,2,3, 4. 11 jane margaret johnson "jonce" 'I taut i saw a puddy tat." class officer 35 junior class play 3g declamation 2,3,4gmixed chorus 2,3,4g band 1,2,3,4g cheer- leader 4g g. a. a. 1,2g 4-h 1,2,3g teenage club 1,2,3g pep club 4g homecoming attendant 4. violet h. kilpela "ki1p" "sweet violets, sweeter than the roses." student council2,3,4g national honor society 3g aurora borealis 3,4g junior class play 3g mixed chorus 2,3,4g band 1,2,3,4g g. a. a. 1,2,3,4g homecoming attendant 3g pep club 4g teenage club 1,2,3,4g officer 3. barbara anne korpela "barb" "don't fence me in." aurora borealis 3,4g junior class play 35 dec- lamation 4g mixed chorus 2,3,4g band orchestra 1,2,3,4g g, a. a. 1,2g 4-h 1,2p f. t. a 45 officer 4g teenage club 1,2,3g pep club 4. ellen la verne korpela wel!! aurora borealis 4g mixed chorus 2,3,4g g. a. a. 1,2.3g teenage club 1,2,3,4g pep club 4. j 12 .1435 V 9 5 1 'A - Z 4?kif?f 1'- :gk 5 Q I 5. f david koski "hey liberace ." grand rapids 1,25 mt. iron 35 aurora high school 4. ,Jia jg 'BAE joyce arlene make -mac.. "i wanna go on a lovin' spree." northern lights 45 aurora borealis 3,45 class of- ficer 45 junior class play 35 mixed chorus 3,45 4-h 2,33 pep club 45 teenage club 2,35 home- coming attendant 4. edwrna ruth kunnary 'i don't wanna be free anymore." helena montana 1,25 aurora high school 3 4 aurora borealis 45 junior class play 35 band 3 4 g. a. a. 3,45 teenage club 3.4. ,J-4? james milford nesselroad, jr. njirnn "1et him wear his levis tight." Q' junior class play 35 teenage club 1,2,3,45 pep club 4. 13 alice marie oja "ally" "give my regards to old broadway." nationalhonor society35 northern lights 45 aurora borealis 3,45 class officer 35 junior class play 35 declamation l,2,3,45mixed chorus 2,3,45g. a. a. 1,2,35 f. t. a. 45 officer 45 pep club 45 teenage club 1,2,3. anthony fredrick plevell "tony" "i love to go a wandering." class officer 45 football 1,2,3,45 basketball 1,2, 3,45 track 1,2,35 baseball 3,45 homecoming at- tendant 3g homecoming king 45 lettermen's club 2,3,45 officer 45 teenage club 1,2,35 pep club 4. rodney allan rissanen "riss" "when the sun in the morning comes over the hill." football 1,25 junior class p1ay35 track 1,25 teen- age club 1,2,3,4. joseph j. robinson "jerry" "pickle in the middle and the mustard on top." biwabik high school, 1,2,35 aurora high school 3,45 football 45 basketball 3,45 class officer 45 lettermen's club 45 officer 45 homecoming at- tendant 4. irene 1. stiles "wake up irene." fort yates, north dakota 1,2,35 aurora high school 45 pep club 4. -X marilyn ruth strutzel "mair" "one of the rovin' kind." aurora borealis 3,43 junior class play 35 mixed chorus 2.3.45 band 1,2,3,45 orchestra 1,2,3,45 g. Z. a. 1,25 4-h 1,25 teenage club 1.2.35 pep club kalle wesala "wess." 'use wildroot cream oil charlie." aurora borealis 15 junior class play 35 football 3,45 track 2,3,45 teenage club 1.2,3,4. jacquelyn diane wrage "jackie" "i speak to the angels." aurora borealis 2,3,45junior class play 35 g. a. a 1,2,3,454-h 1,25pep club 45 teenage club 1,2,3. 15 nrcky abrahamsen bequeath my charm and attractrve appearance to darrell scheurrng tad bradach bequeath all my troubles 1 had 1n school to my brother davrd James bradach bequeath my flashy corduroy shuts to anyone who can f1t rnto them marcta brown bequeath my wrggle to anyone who thmks they could come up to the specxftca trons arlene buckley bequeath my cheerleadrng experrence and abrlrty to the upcomrng cheer leaders 1 John clark bequeath my ford to roger skerb1tz who hopes that someday he ll have a new one 1 connre farth bequeath my school books whrch 1 hate to leave to the Junrors 1 bert faragher bequeath my football shoulder pads to Jrmmy robrnson rn hope he ll grow to ftt them marcra futchr bequeath my love of sunflower seeds to the Janrtors of a h s duane gantz bequeath my drsltke for strong perfume to some of the Junror grrls dtane grebenc bequeath my love for a h s to anyone else who can take rt for 13 years denms Jaeger bequeath my cackle to elarne makr carol d Johnson bequeath my love for ely to future basketball boys carol m Johnson bequeath my many boyfrrends to mola karrch who mrght need them dorothy Johnson bequeath my ab1l1ty to have fun during the summer to anyone who wants to try Jane Johnson bequeath my love for cats to beverly vernon davrd koskr bequeath my lrberace Jokes to mr gabrrel barbara korpela bequeath my natural blonde poodle to anyone who loves dogs ellen korpela bequeath my secret affarrs to the publrc edwtna kunnarr bequeath my nrghts wrth paul to anyone who thmks they can take them away Joyce makr bequeath my good trmes 1n hrgh school to my brother drck James nesselroad bequeath my levrs to any student boy or g1r1 who can wear them as well alrce oJa bequeath my abrlrty to stay home nrghts to sandy deanovrc who should try rt tony plevell bequeath my front seat 1n hrstory class to anyone who wants the prrvrlege rodney rtssanen bequeath my hour of sleep tn hrstory class to next years hrstory class Jerry robtnson bequeath my beautrful legs to Joe drmaggro so he and marrlyn wtll make a better parr rrene strles bequeath my sparklrng dark eyes to anyone who would lrke them b marrlyn strutzel bequeath my reports on current events to my brother vern rn hopes he ll do etter 5 kalle wessala bequeath my harrdo to ronald nemanrc rn the hope that he w1ll carry on the tra 1t1on 1 Jackre wrage bequeath my good natured personalxty to people who can t take a Joke we barb and marrlyn bequeath our trrp to ketchlkan alaska to anyone who rs look1ng for a man h we dJoyce and Jan1e bequeath our laughrng frts rn shorthand class to anyone who wants thetr seat c ange 6 mil i' ' . . . . 1, , . i. . ' . . . . - ii ' . . . . . - I I ' i, . .' . . l I I . in , . , . .t 1. - . - L . n . . it. il l 9 i. violet kilpela, bequeath my good time at girls state to next years candidate. i, . . 1. . ' . i' . ' . . . . 1, ' , - - O I I . . I Y . ' . 0 I 1 1 :sean 7975 attentron mr and mrs amerrca and all shrps at sea' for elsewherey the world rs rn a chaos tonrght and we frnd the Aurora class of 55 rrght rn the middle of rt here rt rs hot off the press! coach anthony plevell who has been called the greatest coach of the century has done rt agarn brought hrs team to another world serres vrctory what a man! a specral bulletrn from the prrvate executrve offrces of the tomahawk country club! J J and e t bradach announced late last nrght that the ragrng prrce war between their tomahawk country club and J robinson s cafe du boeuf rs nearing settlement the decrdtng factor rn the rssue was the refusal of wartresses dorothy Johnson and ellen korpela to sell steak drnnets and cavrar for the mere pnce of 504 meanwhile the you all drrve rn rs dorng a land offrce business on mary maddox s southern frred chrcken another flash from the sports world Jackre wrage ace basketball player in the women's league has hrt the 1 000 pornt mark thrs season congratulations Jackre! back to new york where screntrst kalle wesala has Just perfected a new vaccrne to prevent rabres rn cats thrs new wonder drug rs berng used for the frrst time on patients of the omar memorial hosprtal Qfounded by Janre John son rn memory of omar 1 J head nurse arlene buckley says pattents are dorng much better under the new treatment and now a word of interest to all you lrttle women guls rs your hart strmgy straggly do you frnd rt hard to see under your shaggy bangs? come to strle s for style where the calm and competent rrene and her smrlrng assrstant donna dunkelburger wrll make you tnto a new woman now back to the news at a recent meetrng of the agricultural unron rt was drsclosed that James nesselroad former om krng now re trred on hrs experrmental farm rn kansas has by the use of hrs newly developed rngredrenr xcf increased prod uctron on hrs acreage by 50 000 tons says mr nesselroad rt Just grows and grows and grows an article of rnterest rn thrs month's rssue of places and faces for those of you who yearn for a glrmpse dollar dude ranch tn arrzona rovrng photographer carol m Johnson has done an excellent Job rn photographrng beautrful scenes and candrd shots resultrng rn an rnformatrve 4 page artrcle deprctrng lrfe on a dude ranch here's a trdbrt from the whrte house presrdentral secretary carol d Johnson announced early thrs week that the presrdent and hrs wrfe wrll make a trrp to hrs home town rn montana to attend a ceremony for the official openrng of a newly constructed lrbrary there thrs week in phrladelphra frlmore abrahamsen noted professor of hrstory at harvard wrll grve a series of lectures ticgrsghe women s gurld the subJect of tomght's lecture wrll be the thrrllrng taconrte developments at aurora rn on the fashron front barbara korpela created asensatron rn marcra brown s frfth avenue dress salon by her model rng of the newest fashron hrt orrgrnated by the famous desrgner connre men! ' tomorrow nrght take your best grrl to v1olet's cozy verandah on the corner of park avenue and broadway where you can drne and dance to the lrltrng musrc of bert faragher s orchestra featured wrth the band thrs week only rs the dream of bobby soxers all over the country the one and only golden vorced rod rrssanen and now back to the news at the annual pta conventron held rn new york city last week a commrttee was selected to act upon the ever rncreasrng need for better schools throughout the natron offrcers of the commrttee are presrdent edwrnafkunnaryj lobb secretary marrlyn fstrutzelj nrckerson and treasurer drane fgrebencj englestad rmmedrate actron on the problem rs expected rn the world of show business opening at the coconut grove tonrght rs arthur godfrey's newly drscovered comedy team davrd and harvey featrrrrng the xnrmrtable davrd lrberace koskr and hrs srlent partner harvey also featured here are marcra futchr and Joyce makr the two mrsses srngrng the hrt song daddy don't spank me wrrtten by dennrs the menace Jaeger and now untrg tongorrow nrght when news makes more news thrs rs your frrendly newscaster norman pratt say rn goo nrg t 17 of the wide open spaces. editor alice oja has chosen as 'place of the month' for december, duane gantz's million ' g . . . . . " ' " ' ' ' pre smdent tony plevell vmce pres1dent rucky abrahamsen secretary Joyce mak1 treasurer Jerry rob1nson advlsors mrs 1ev1 ska mr rukav1na JL? J4-54. qlnfh 'L 4- W flower orchld colors green and s11ver motto "11fe IS a p1ctureg pamt lt well." 18 wrlham carlson clrfford parvmen rodney rosand rch delores frnnrla 'Q ID douglas faragher 7' 'JF James dunkley mary dawn chaput darlene whlte gerald krskmen mary antt11a arhn threl gerald orazem r presrdent vrce pres secretary treasurer 28? steve engst anne krulc hm rdent sharon smohch w1111am wrage rchard thompson glenna hostetter marschelle syverson ad' patrrck roberts phylhs moen donald olson clrfford pesonen 20 rodney rosandrch douglas faragher chfford pesonen elame makl kenneth we rberg ronald nemanrc marjorle gahnatz lennrs balcom 0 0 .3 ' .... - 1 .................. . ' ' C Q i A A If A 5 , ' j g Q f , , -2 1 . A 1, qQ.:b . pr . , :.Qv-: L 3 A ,kk . Y t? t,d Q i d e N . . I ,X J i ,Q , A A - 2' vzqlz h f t pictures not available leanord anderson gene halberg harold Johnson gwen Johnson fred heath frank cuffe Judy norrell raymond round evelyn tergen Janet Johnson kay mattson fred zuponctc John we rberg -1 arlene holonen kenneth Johnson roger skerbrtz don staples frances steptz fwfrtu 1 lots boese beverly leete chuck wrlhams edward berdrce I Q JM: varno wesala 'S hellen holmen clrfford nrsula oh loewen arnold trygstad stanley plevell brran johnson Jackie Johnston wayne hakala gary bayless 1? Jrm west coral loken 'S elarne makr Judrth errckson i It . K 'G N A 6 -if T3 'A 1 X NJ - 4 Q ' I , g N V 'Q ,,: . 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II u. eugene maki shirley sustersic 1'-F f . dennis scheuring ' ' 'f 1 s " '. ' , -W 2 . X marilyn o'brien W I1 1 a I richard pietala karen wagner . , shirley hakala david depaulis ? A eirf dixie fondie 'aa xlib victor klune diane jasper walter waissanen gaul moyer patricia whitcraft QQ robert nori virginia morlanen dick mckinley nancy olson 1 A 1 robert korpi nancy smolich david smolich carol stepetz . 43' melvin toratti alerha berg A 0 1" N? UL . A A A H --Q F f VJ, A ' U . 1' If I I 1 is we barbara edwards antoinette spehar deanne yerich .Q s .ss , X ki 'A-, H., Q K af-.,v' 5 . ' ,- N K - I , , 1.9" sandra brascugli bruce white billy turpela fs. var xl y lf, 1 jerry rebrovich susan bayliss I.-0 'rg .4 kenneth maki vince lacer -J .6 4, meribeth suzanne krasovetz orazem prxscxlla Johnson arlene gozdonovrc rosemary trrhey janice baudek helen mitsche mark stockwell dan Soodeu darlene wrermaa dale weulander delores freeman gerald latala james robinson karen johnson joseph grebenc anthony mismash if A at marcelene kay peterson sturgiss william aho jeanette fylty eleanor halmet no plcture avarlable yvonne cary i n,e5e n at E F 5 XP! diane rukavina arlene johnson david bradach A - .i:.5,1 ' . . V , awww? peter jerkovich francis delage robert christeck 43a ff lillian lavalley margaret hanka jerry fondi bruce johnson marshall tynjala matt kunnan johann korva paula kakkonen richard hough richard perala delwyn niemi freddy mikelich bruce maki jim brown V -I '-ar sally kulaszewicz A f 1 -if J , 1,,. u .Sci -. I , 1 sharon lindgren 1 'Q ,- ' rl., o r , edward maki carol nowak clinton sampson peggy tregillis ' 5-ws' ft. richard lakso WU ,kj ,Q W .,n, S. M ruth loewen berneta long patrick mcgauley kathleen o'brien roger perry 1 , Z L 511 M" ' K 'Y 5 dennis servatka lavern carol turpela darhene bv, i n 'il 4-. 1 1 1 ff- . fa' X P 5. 4' f l-, K - . 'lrfw S "v ' vw, xx ' X Q . ' l v 4 , L "' ' 1 E Wx. gf Miz . A 2' 'U i' I Emp, junior high pep club. senior high pep club. I Ei 43 F 5 2 the senior high declamation con- test was held on february 25th. the .seven winners went to ely and received very good ratings. the junior high dec- larnation contest willbe held in late april or early may. front rowg 1. to r.: a. oja, j. johnson, f. stepetz, c. faith, s. colvin. back row: p. o'brien, h. holmen, c. huhta, c, williams, b. faragher. winnersgfront rowg 1. to r.: c. faith, a. oja, j. kocjan- cich. back row: b. fara- gher, p. o'brien. ' front rowgl. to r.: m. o'brien, j. stanch- field, c. nowak, m. kochevar, d. fondi. back row: b. berdice, k. o'brien, c. turpela , j. belongia. 33 front rowg 1. to r.: n. smohch j.e11ingson, m. hanka, k. John son, s. hakala. back row krasovetz, b.j.turpe1a k wagner. the national honor society was organized in the spring of 1954. it stresses three main thingsg character, service, and leadership. the initial qualification for membership is a scholastic average of 88. score sheets are rated for each candidate by the faculty members, and averaged to determine the new mem- bers of the society. these elections are held each semester. the charter members of the senior class ofl954 were: annamarie brown, ted dahlin, vera kari, geraldine parvinen, kay beloy, and ralph pesonen. charter members of the junior class were: diane grebenc, marcia brown, alice oja, violet kilpela, and connie faith. students elected in the fall of 1954 were: sharon smolich, kay mattson, richard thompson, rodney rosandich, and clif- ford pesonen. character service Nf N leade rship scholar ship back row, 1. to r.: duane gantz, mrs. leiviska, dick thompson, marcia brown, sharon smolich. second row: judy erikson, hellen holmen, janet johnson, nick abrahamsen. front row: joyce make,kay mattson, rodney rosandich, dennis jaegar, alice oja. not in picture: connie faith, mary dawn chaput. many years ago aurora had an annual but it was discontinued. in 1953, however, the student council decided to undertake the publication of an an- nual again. since then, our annual has progressed and this year it has 64 pages compared with last year's 52. on the northern lights staff this year, we have 15 students who have helped to make it the success it is: editor, dennis jaegar, assistant editor, marcia brown, feature editor, janet john- son, business managers, sharon smolich and constance faith, art editor, alice oja, layouts, judy erikson and mary dawn chaputg sports, nick abra- hamsen, dick thompson, rodney rosandich, and duane gantzg typists, kay mattson, hellen holmen, and joyce maki. our advisor is mrs. leiviska. 1 mim90Sl'HDh6rS: m. futchi, s. front row, 1. to r.: business managers Smohch- f- stepetz- c. faith, a. buckleyg news editor, k mattsong art ass't.,d. finnila. back row art editor, r. skerbitzg sports editor, d thompson, feature editor, m. brown ass't. sports editor, r. rosandich. the aurora borealis has been in operation for four consecutive years. it is put out once a month by ..... front row, 1. to r.: reporters, c.m. johnson, j. maki, e. korpela. middle row: h. holmen, e. kunnary, m. . . . . the paper staff which is made up of volunteer m e mb e r s from the junior and senior high school. strutzel, b. korpela. back row: f. fl-ont: typists' m, Stmtzel zuponcic, j. wrage,c. williams, s. back row: 1' to I-I: m Plevell- anttila, v. kilpela, a. oja. we, - xis' THE A35 Q-ix:-fy f iq H rw I "YI 'BUS 'fm- ,mf senior jane johnson arlene buckley darlene white vina ku mpula beverly vernon junior sandra deanovic barbara berdice dixie fondie W :Qi me Wx' in Q Qfmn na-+1.,1'a" . y 1 - if g ' 1, . '+I' H . ' X 1 f 4 ,ff . an -wa as 1 , Rl ' . from rowg l. to r.: marilyn janezich, beatrice ness. back row: mary gillach. cafeteria crew a richard myshak QQ classes passing 3 Q i , i I I robert russell 'ne 1 ani' if-fl, 11 yi K from rowg 1. to r.: elaine kunnary, judy halmet, janet belongia, carol crandall, marilyn o'brien, arlene buckley. second row: sharon smolich, darlene white, dixie fondie, frances stepetz, barbara berdice, violet kilpela, janice ellingson, coral loken, Iorraine forry, third row: vera young, janet johnson, Charlene huhta, edwina kunnary, delores finnila, jackie wrage, marcia brown, hellen holmen, gwen loken, K'plg 40 YI 0-7 from rowl tor denmsjaeger presrdent darlenewhrte treasurer clrfford pessonen vrce presrdent vrolet krlpela secretary back row 1 to r davrd bradach pat o brran henry Joe pauhsrch Judy helmut paul wrllrams not rn prctures carol steptz edward mrkulxch karen halberg mrs echo levrska the student counc11 agam thrs year sponsored the homecommg actrvrtres, the northern hghts and herrratrte chapter of natronal honor socrety last summer arlene buckley was sent to cheerleaders school rn syracuse, 1nd1ana the Junror cheerlead ers are also sponsored by the student counc11 41 . rg - f gm ' .,,? EL Q I t Q ' X ' C27 s n" ' Q . X 2, xx 5 , is 1 I Q' I 5 front row 1 to r douglas faragher ronald nemanrc fred zuponclc charles w1l11ams back row 1 to r frances stepetz marschelle syverson sharon smolrch sydney ann colvrn o r olson connxe farth bert faragher darlene whrte charlene huhra elarne makr drxre fondre the orchestra plays for the fol 1ow1ng programs durmg the year baccalaureate c om men ce me nt concerts class plays school pro grams and class day the appearance of the orchestra under the dlrectron of o r olson are always apprecrated and well at tended by the publlc 42 . .' Q . - .' I I Q I - - I Q C I Z 2 - 1 1 1 1 - . - 1 . H "no more homework" miss goodin, joyce makig mrs. clendenning, marcia browng miss ogilvie, alice ojag mr. harper, dennis jaegerg coach guthrie, david koskig mr. lund- quist, bert faragherg pamela jones, marcia futchig "buzz" bailey, kalle wesla' Shalimar ames diane rebenc "mid e" mur h connie faith y , g 3 g P Y, S faversharnlightly, rodney rissaneng tallulah ploetz, edwina kunnaryg ronald Sassoon, tony plevellg miss dill, jackie wrageg "tick" tok, nicky abraham- seng mrs. ratchet, jane johnsong elmer b. ames, james nesselroad. . HK, 1 A sv te " fe .eil , 5 , t ' 1 2 2A C A 1+ 4 "no more pencils, no more books." f W g ? f' ? Q ' 5 1' ' ,...4...., ' 3 .. L E 2 sopranos- 1. to r.- judy ericksong arlene buckleyg janet johnsong jackie johnstong violet kilpelag alice ojag elaine makig kay mattsong diane grebencg marcia browng nancy wedang judy kacjancichg not pictured, connie faith tenors- l. to r.- marcia futchig charles williamsg john loweng elaine kunnarig carol d. johnsong barbara korpelag not pictured. jane johnson basses- 1. to r.- john clarkgfred zuponcicg douglas faragherg clifford pesoneng jerry kiskineng dennis jaegarg nicky abrahamseng bert faragherg dick thompson altos- 1. to r.- darlene whiteg vina kumpulag mary dawn chaputg joyce makig carol m. johnson g doris norig arlene haloneng frances stepetzg phyllis moeng marilyn strutzelg hellen holm :ng sharon smolich fun asks 33551 4' f il! A as Z?54 4' I 1,-fx 6' . Si , I' f k f ' W. . Ag 4, f ' 10464 " ,, fl ff' Q ' f K mb? g . Q N4 , 7 m W , me 4 , ' .. 14- -f , . K v Q. X 5 9 f i. , , -4. ,, U 'rw A' P , . 4 N A f Q N. 2. 1 . v.Z's,s.,,'-,Q-",x'x.'.,,,.x--",-xs.I S355 if '-W. .J k gf! 3 ,NN ,fox ,N ,f'x N 'f' My 'mix A A ' Nadi 1 Q seeiws he tired darlene? how it looked before the dance. S Cl e "smiles" toni twins??'??????? manazdaadto 'sw M W bev dan X , in love, boy and roger cing. s????????? K L U 4 ' 1 s ' sweethearts ' . , -X ia' happy????? dancing "fs 1 ,-1Ss4,"'-,E an 'i fi! H 3-0 X Q T ' x.,'Nx lynx I 'If' 1'g""x,,,,jx ' 'X-I Y they've even got a smile for the birdie. three hours before the dance. chuck. you're supposed to look at barb. concentration! sour pusses! l vlolet kllpela barbara korpel edw1nna kunnary Jane Johnson arlene buckley ...ti-. Ns 5- Li i -. llxi 111 -..H .XXX- -s,. 3 11.-W' Q-A 4 I 1 wa A 9 194 .o li ' l ..,,, D ,, .f-' . "' ""i'f'w F sn NB. ,A t gs .X t'Qx K? . N Q: V r 1 F ' ! I gs ' U .. lx. A . 4 . 1 .1 'ff nt 0' , ,Q ,-2 I l A ' if R Ak L 5 I Mfr J 5 5, QQ "' - aw, ,,,-I friends, romans, and countrymen tee hee discussing chemistry ??? what are you looking for, kay ?? hitting the press left - right - sound off 1,2,3,4 babies must play wow ! ! history reports ?? forward ! march ! who is the note from harry ?? conversing ?? don't bother me ! abliging for jan's camera goofing off, again doesn't the school look nice ?? leg prints in the sand 52 sgqq WW ---fm I J ,231 . Is, . . .-.Q Wu. Sf i ' .e uf, si' 1 53 dnb! l 1 v :wif-il Hfllfvf ' 1'f'l!J'f if 5 JWXNBSI --' 'WQHSA54 fu Yi la?-' H fu 1 ' a front row l. to r.- ronald nemanicg fred zuponcicg stanley plevellg eddie berdiceg harold johnsong douglas faragher billy carlsong david grivette. back row 1. to r.- coach pete jurkovichg jim bradachg tony plevellg nicky abrahamsen bert faragherg dick thompsong steve engstg jerry robinsong jerry kiskinen. fu 55 , 'Q,zpif5g1si2 ' ,Um f H? 5 . Ka , n Q me 'Z gli -- : id 9- ,Q sg . 9 ' V . .1 -'I , , I . :,,:gg,15qx, ,::- 5.5za?M.,5 ML. , ass't coach tom reagen coach pete jurkovich jerry kiskinen ed berdice dave grivette stanley plevell ,W f 1.-migjv - 5 . 6,215 ,261 Q, .-1.,, .:.v',.v m y , .,... m e Y A52985 2 -. ii. Ai Plank Q 4 A A,fa'e,if2.swsm E., ,MNH ,M 'fsfwgQT?f39?,.gg 2gg? . h h h 1 - 1- , W,iz-i' - 1fQ.1 I I H , ,Z 1 as V, .3- Yfiff If" V V wif: 'ii Q' 55412 . 2' 4 1 A 'gwff F ,,,-5' on X Q, 'yi REQ i W-iw 2 ve L Q Qui , I 4-,eawa y fini, ,., '75 Y 2 U i' i -I - i 11 if . - sffiw ,-f 3 gm-1' 'gli-iii, 5 K 1 f . V ffu ' tony pleve 11 faragher bert ronald nem anic johnson harold bill carlson Il jerry rob' nick abrahamsen ..12 ..34 .7 ..33 ....0 . .. . 6 tota1'7Z' ,Lua A a -sl 3 if r 5 1' BUFOIB 2lUl'Ol.'3 8lll'OI'3 8L1I'O1'8. 3l1l'0f3 3l1l'Ol'3 ,..-Q. f 1 7 5 l"A ,fi 5 J, 1 s Wi X 1 1.9 Sul Q ...A- P., s 3 1 Qui ,W 3 J vibjy 5:74 9 0 j 'Q 'ia ,Q "MQ DV E2 Q 6 I c x L BELOY S APPLIANCE CENTER Phone 108 Aurora Mmnesota BARB S BEAUTY SHOPPE Phono 156 Aurora Minnesota CHRISTENSEN INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 28 Aurora Mlnnesota Compliments of DRS R W LH W ANDERSON Phono 85 Aurora Mmnesota LOKEN S BAKERY Phone 159 Aurora Mmnes ota MARSHALL WELLS STORE Phone 215 Aurora Munnes ota MIKE S DRUG STORE Phone 38 Aurora Minnesota ORAZEM 8- SMOLICH CLOTHING Phone 128 Aurora Minnesota PIONEER DRY CLEANERS Phone 24 Aurora Minnesota PERPICH JEWELRY Phone 96R Aurora Mmnes ota AURORA HARDWARE 8- GROCERY Phone 45 Aurora Mmnesota ROTHMAN GARAGE Phone 21 Aurora Minnesota RINTALA BROTHERS STANDARD SERVICE Phone 64 Aurora Munnes ota HANK PAULISICH BUSINESSMAN Aurora Mmnesota BRADACH BROTHERS LUMBER 8. FUEL Phone 138 Aurora Mmnesota THE PENROSE MOTEL Phone 2031? Aurora Minnesota CHERRO S VARIETY STORE Phone 72R Aurora Minnesota AURORA PURE SERVICE JOHN ELO Jabber Aurora Phone 132 PALO No 188 LICARI S Aurora Minnesota ALLISON S CAFE Phone 216 Aurora Mmnesota CHARLIES SHOE SERVICE MERCHANDISE SALES Aurora Mm nesota A 8' W DRIVE IN Aurora Minnesota Complxments ol DR I T DAHLIN Phone 106 Aurora Mmnesota HOLTER S APARTMENT MOTEL Phone 238M Aurora Mmnesota H JACOBSON LUMBER COMPANY Aurora Munnesota BEN MATTSON PAINTER Phone 52M Aurora Minnesota SKERBITZ RADIO 8- T V SALES 8: SERVICE Phone 189K Aurora Minnesota AURORA SURPLUS STORE Aurora Minnesota FARAGHER RADIO Phone 77K Aurora Mnnnesota TACORA Aurora Minnesota Compliments o EAST RANGE CLINIC DR BARNES Aurora Minnesota Compliments o W J CHAPMAN JACKSON HALL Aurora Minnesota Compliments of DR GULON OPTOMETRIST Phone 242 Aurora Mmnesota 61 0 BARBER SHOP 8- ARROWHEAD ALLEN morons AURORA CO OP GAS COMPANY RUDY SMOLICH ROBINSON S CAFE BUSINESSMAN STATE BANK OF AURORA DEPOSITS INSURED l Phone 'I Au'-ara Mlnnesofq WASHINGTON D C S10 000?63'?fc'L'SZ235?SE S10 000 x X39 Ig Q2??hm w, 45 'lfdgfbex 'Il 1 I xl Ili s xY.Rlc" vnfmt' BLS? ease G10 A lull AMERICAN LEGION Quayle Shusfer Post 241 Phone 130 Aurora Minnesota COLLETTI s COLWN LUMBER 8. COAL COMPANY 'roNY s POTOCNIK RANGE suPPLY PURE SERVICE FOOD MARKET Aof Phone 57 Phone 15 Award Minnesom Aurora Minnesota A'-"'0"U Minne I I Phone 247 Aurora Mirmesoi Aurora Minnesai 9 9 in j IV ' I I . 1 f' ' ' A , . . I f I I gf S 2 .4 1 uf A V ' - W 7 : A : Q: '7 E' 2 Q "j : 5 Q 5 - ' A , xxx yX I I Phone 34 Phone 8 Aurora Minnesota Aurora Minnes I Ph Phone 48 on' 66 ur a Minnesofa Aurora V Minnesota Aurora Minne I I Compliments of THE SCHOOL BOARD INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT 13 Aurora, Minnesota Rodby s Jewelry Aurora Mutual Service Ruth Peterson Agent Aurora Tamte Funeral Home Vnrgunla The Jewel Box vlfglhld EI Queeno Dlstrlbutmg Company Inc Chusholm Aurora Bus Servnce Naurn Aurora Maugerute s Mull y Varglma Pederson Studio Vlrglnla Andrew Lucarl Blwablk Quality Shop Vnrgmua GREATER VIRGINIA TRADE DIVISION Ready Max Concrete Concrete 8. Slag Blocks Plants at Amon, phone 289 QI?-ranch of Chamber of Commercel and Vurgmua Phone 2581 THOMAS LEONARD V F W LIONS CLUB STUDIO AUXILIARY 419 Puerce St Eveleth Minnesota Aurora Mmnesola Aurora Mmnesola Compliments o MINNESOTA A G 0 WEN POWER AND LIGHT TMPANY Plumbing Heatmg Sheet Metal Roofing Phone RA 7 6841 722 E 9th St Duluth Mmnesota Congratulations from HEJDA RADIO 81 APPLIANCE CO MODERN HOME MFG CORP K 8' L CONSTRUCUON The Television Centef' Drawer U COMPANY INC Phone 347 w Ph n 317 Chestnut Street o e 5601 Bnwabal: Munnesota Aurora MIFIHOSOIU Vnrgmnu Minnesota serv: snomens concners ' 1 TRI-STATE SPORTS AMERICAN I.EoloN FRED CINA EQUIPMENT COMPANY AUXILIARY REPRESENTATIVE Phone 58 Duluth Minnesota Aurora Minnesota Aurora Minneso' UNITED STEELE-WORKERS RANGE OF AMERICA C0-OP FEDERATION Local Union No. 3160 Aurora Minnesota Vhginic Minnesot UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA Local Union No 4108 Aurora, Minnesota ANCHOR GAS 8. FUEL COMPANY AURORA MINNESOTA Dependable And Reliable Service Twelve Years Experience In Northern Minnesota Branches In Ely Orr and Int Falls Minnesota Try Us You Won t Be D1S8Pp0lIlt6d For Your Home on the Range It s Phone 303 -L CREDIT JEWE I-ERS We Have Everything In Gas Auron Minnesota I Vnrgnma M nnesata ACCORDION CENTER MOEGLEIN THE BIWABIK FUNERAL HOME TIMES 333 W Superior St Duluth Minnesota Gilbert M nnesota B'wc'b'k M"'n'5'-'fm' BOURGIN'S FURNITURE' z 3 :Q 1 , s

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