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g iss , Q .....5" M09-V ,,.5"' ,y3,n,.Z1fM7Uf'Q?N Z MMH"JWMAMf ' ' Q' ffx:w,gr, A f '9E?f21,7f5Z'iL3ffff Gwffwl AL.. cipwuggjwy Cf, if-M-J If QM-1-4-f-.J Q mM7,gQ ,aa 7? Ldfuuv 59011: Mwfwwwwiwgw Wlvwy, 'T Mau XG ffeffbifsbfm Q13 :-""' MW - gwafgypyijigm 4 Mg Jwf MQ Q' f fan' jw,,,,,JMJ WWW iwwl JVM! QEQA,f5:,Q'QfW Q W QMMfW ---?1- my Q,,fM5""":'X my 1-I'-"""'? ......... .:.. 7vf.55a54M'MdM?5i-4-J ox E , . . 4-1953 - u ,4 hh V 1- H 'Sw . ,-'Q-1, , , .' fi de ' j b, ' iw? , I ,-'Q L5 K . r 1 YJ lg, . i 'Fw 1 41 ,Qffsffi f 1 if !'. I ,e, V, . vi.. b ,flgjfi 'mv ' ,-fi ' .' 1 ,.' .xf?g'l'?LA,:A5' ft' X, . . I - .. ' w - W '15f.?': .. m':l1s"' Y U ,. fx ' 131 five. 5 lf' 1 g??!g..v. 4. , T , if 1, I it . 4 A ' ' , , - I ,,A H 'EQ I pg N41 . ,,,,L . 1 f . , . , V , ,WL :'? . 4 , . 4 ,. ' ,, 4.3 U' 'nb fl .QA 'HN - X-rf Qbfgfg' , if-Pk: A , ,, 'HE' 1 2 i '-mn" eff' my 'L-fi, .Y fry V . , ', ilu' 1 ' K' Q 2 t . 2 .Q t ' " 1. 5 "-fi' U ' I -fy, 1.11. ' - in 4 ,WU-' A f ' .V - 31q'9g'.,f'f'7:,?, 5 ' .1' hz. ,. ,- ' W. l"":' " , fl' - ff, .fx --fczfm.-uni .1', , .igf",.- fl, W, . '16 I Q -'-giggggg 'f Au, me 391 .' '1-135 T-'13 . f21'k4,?'vgf'f, "i, 5 ? X F' s' Q" M3373 if T A is e. mmf . 4,1 'ff "- 7 fi,-A ' Y ,.-, fr 3,4 ,.zv.4j-A-311' 413, 5,1 ,JW " ilk' Lf 1,5054 " -fffxiH,v'?x 'AH ' A x, .. , 'FQAM T- N511 K J if 1351 , - ' ,f5af'::'.l ,, If fa, 2 LLP. .5 W gg . ea ga R 'nmwi r 'fxiflafig-Q1 v1 px-,J -13? 9' ' qu 'i"'f KT" :iw 1,.:w'.w-A i'ZvH, Zi '24 - wa r -UQ - A - 1 VJ' ,-fx -1 u, ,4.-:ff fi MW' nw ,A V 1 2 4 am . -- "FA -f . ww w '--Liaw 11' .- , 1 . was .1 'W aff'-1,4 ':+'r-Hg . ff. , ,- -2-4. b 'U A Y , 'kg s',s,iE,f ff, -'glfifk ,1V.,pg5f'Y A '1'5'v'4 Qjvfae , A U ' Q if-53 ' 'Fig' '73?i5L:5f" 4 A'f 7L F. 4 if 'P' E ' , if ' ff? J? ,' "'K"'if'v.P54-" ' wwf' ' 'E ' 5? Q, ,-,f ,,,m.,: 1 'aw ,fy u p :. -gym nm-,,,,11'. F w Q .az .1 .:, '.,'-xy' 'f , gf: wp' qzf S, ix' - ,5-5 w ' 59 'im M, ' -' -WS. 4.1m if s -- 1 A xv .ff..,5' w, i5f 715, ,z .f , . - 1, Jura 4 'Q-,Q ,sam Q, , Ngyh, MK, , Q , 'ff 7 Jf., V. . K pc' 4. C' . x '--Q? 1 'Fw v ,, I1 .S . , Y h. '2 H: -Y iv' i .Q , I ' flex. 1, Alifz' . SY: tk , i 35 2' Tn :Y AS, B ff nag 1 ,. V f In . - 37 X 5 W 32, in xl: 1 Q I' 'I 2 -22 ,L '6- .WI 'K fm. K. , AHS I 1 U 'J '. N .4 ,L E Heil 1,1 1952 51,2 :imma I ie? V , .vi E. ,gary I 1 if ' . -.I V! f 3 . 1, fi? ,' I f School Toas UHWTFI' I I VI I I I.. H Here's to Aurora, Alma Hater we will sing thv praise. I v ',' Voices glad to thee, our high school will ever raise. 1 Upward and onward is our motto, We will rise to fame. ly ' I ' The t n hree cheers to old Aurora, untold we'11 ,Uuidkffel ,gy We Igenzbfl 54155 U! AURORA HIOH SCHOOL - - is , iff' v VM wr ,-M. 4 ? mx? 'bf ls my N , " :fam ,FWTS XER . 5457? Xkrkk ' iw gg Ll' f Ffgggt, it gSf.," 5 W' Af 5. K gli., X my ,. 32 in M Vx' M Y it K if V M Y' . at if ' x'E"if?L P 7' 3 Y' "' 'Y K ' ' . . in in Wk? A 5? 'Hr A? f QQ f' f' r 1' fi f 1 A far, Qi? 'M use iq, ff' fm, is ' 5 f "V V . K LV ' ' 'ki .f gg SQ ss ,Q . , 555, XL W , K si: V nv if M xg W it K M' as , , f .K ' I ,Vi y W 'H YW is 2' MV' X X Q it M 55 Q S 'Y fr' if ,J af 'W I gg N ' ,.' Q A if A Q, g if L Bile at awww yaghswmz Eg I Hnrrr Hell, president of the Senior Claes, end Pat Lundv, editor of ite yenrboo', ore freientinf the dedication of the Kennel to Vr. Bailey. Yffe the Senior Class of l9S2, wish to dedicate our 1951-S2 yearbook, the Kennel, to our new superintendent, Hr. J. H. Bailey. We have grown to admire him, and this is our way of showing him how much we appreciate kin. Bibmuq g- . 2 1 955-Q-,.f d A Q - 0 f1,W,A.L NDF - Q sc? ' ei Hall of Wisdom' where wise ones studied x as af ' E Standing, left to right- J. W. Fogle, Eugene Edwards, Van Wiley. Seated- J. H. Bailey-Supt. of Schoolsg E. A. Dennis-Vice Presidentg O. E. Moore-Presidentg Ruth Wbrman-Treasure. Office 9466 Mrs. Banner MTS- M1059 it Q' ,Qi ,Q 'Q xi .A Sup ' l Mr.. J. H. Bailey To the Students and Patrons of the Aurora Schools: In America today we have more to enjoy and more for which to be truly thankful than do the people of any other nation. A combination of factors have made this true: our Christian religion, our system of government, and our free public schools. None of these can extist without the other. If we want to continue to enjoy freedom of religion, free enterprise, more nearly equal opportunities, the universal ballot, and the American way, more and more of our people must become actively engaged in strengthening the very foundations on which such a society exists-our churches, our system of government, and our public schools. For many years the people of Aurora have been justly proud of their schools. We ask your continued support and cooperation in order that the educational experiences of your boys and girls may continue to be of the highest type. Sincerely yours, rf, , , MT. George MbConnell J Bo so in Ed. ' S0 so M. E. - Mb. Univ. , .C Ujfice Staff Nancy Sue Campbell, Janice Cummings, May Bisby, Doris Trolinger, Mary Harter, Elaine Winzer, Ellen Winzer, Shirley Crowell, Mr. McConnell, Doris Parsons. 4' -A S 'Fi 1. - faculty MISS EDRA COX - COMMERCE MR . O. R. TRIPP - VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE MRS. IRENE HARTLEY - lfUI'I'HEMAT IC S MISS ERIIADEEN IIIERS - HOME KR . LXR . MRS . LIRS . I.'R . rim 0 MR . Iwi? . ECONOMICS F. E. PATRICK - SOCIAL STUDIES R. H. TOLLIVAR - SOCIAL SIUDICS ESTELLE I'L'U,QILTON - sz.-DDCII, SPANISH, ENGLISH VIRGIE KIIIC - LIBR.ARL'1N J. ROBERT BROYNE - nc:rCLIsH, CHELQISTRY FAST - SCIENCE, .ASSIST JIT COACH LECNIRD HOBQQRT - D. 0. , CUIDAI-ICE GENE LOY - MUSIC, DRIVERS EDUCATION, DEAN OF BOYS MISS RBITIIE BIJCTER - ART, LCR. ENGLISH, DEAN OF GIRLS JIJES I-T3.1.L - INDUSTRIAL ARTS , COACH, EVHYSICAL EDUCATION and if' -x V1 I Lx I Q if QA. 4, 2 ,- MISS EDRA SOX B. S. in Ed. - S. M. S. B. S. in Ed. - Univ of Mo. B. S. in Ed. - S. M. S. O. R. TRIPP F. E. PATRICK A. B. - Kirksvillo M. A. - Mo. Univ. S in Uriv of Mo , M. E. - Univ of No B. S. S in R. H. TOLLIVAR in Ed. - S. M. S. B- . Ed. - B. s, s. M. s., Pittsburg. vw' fit MW W. PM ,ms Senior Class Ofhcers Treasurer...., Re orter p ICICI! Secretary..... Representativezzrzz President..... 4-5 S RICHARD BROYLES Glee Club L. ,II Els? ,.....x.A. i..:1msme Vice Presidentlffierry Phillips ...Marlene Maples . ....Harry Hall Betty Moore Larry French Ellen Winzer 1951-52 Seniors The 63 girls and boys which make up the 1951-52 Senior Class have slaved away under the expert leader-ship of our officers and sponsors to achieve the honor of being called dignified seniors. The sponsors who helped us reach this goal are Miss Mers, Mr. Hobart, and Mrs. King. Our colors are blue and white, our flower is the carnatio our song WBlue Monn', and as our motto we chose, WNot at the Top, but Climbingn, which signifies how we face the future. To help make this an exceptionally talented class we had seven boys who lettered in football. They were: Jack Ware, Larry French, Jack Halterman, Gene Cummings, Leonard Berry, Carl Wishon, and Thomas Williams, Also we boast the l95l- 52 Annual King and Queen, Halloween Queen, and the Football Queen. We are very proud of our Senior class, and hope we will be even prouder in years to come, as they strive for the top. CARL WISHON BOBBY REDNER Glee Club 3, D. O. Football 2-3, D. glub A, Football O. Club A. -hu fmxm: X1 LEVJRLEY TROWER Band l-2-3-L, Glee Club lub 1, Jr. Play 3, D.O. C L, F.H.A. 2, Pep Club Vice Pres. 3, D.O. Club Sec.-Tres. A, Class Rep, 2, Football Attendant 2-3, Halloween Queen L, Home Ec. Christmas Play 2. R. G. BRONN Band 1-2-3-L, Orchestra 2, Glee Club 2-3-A, LARRY FRMNCH Glee Club l-2-3, D.O.n LARRY FRLZNC H Glee Club l-2-3, D.O. 4, Class Rep. 2, Football Q, Golf L, Annual King Candidate 2, Jr. Play 3 Kennel Staff L, League Officer 3-Q, Class Sec. L, Laaketball 3-L. MARY LOU HILTON Band l-2-3-L, Orchestra 1-2-3-A, Glee Club 1-2- 3-L, F.H.A. 2-3'h, Pep Club 2-3-L. CAHCLYN WHISLER Glee Club l-2-3, Jr. Play 3, D.O. Club L, Art 2, F.H.A. 2-3, Cheer-Leader l. GENE BERRY Glee Club l-2-3-h, JT- Play 3, D.O- Club 3. JACK HALTERMAN Glee club 1-2-3-4, Ken- nel Staff L., Student Council 3-L, Boys' League Pres. L, Football l-2-3-l+, Golf 1-2-3-L+. Track 2, Basketball 2- 3-L, Class offices Vice Pres. 1, Rep. 3. JERRY COLLEY Glee Club 2, D. O. Club Rep. L, Houn Tales Staff 3'lQn, Fc Ho Ae 1, Club 2-3-A, Girls' Lea- gue Tres. 3, Speech play 3, Jr. play 3, Christmas Art Play h. MONA JUNE SHEPHERD Glee Club-1, Jr. play 3, Kennel Staff-A, D.O. Club-L, F. H. A.-l-2, Pep Club-2-3-4, F, H, A, Reporter l, Vice Pres. 2 Annual Queen L. ARLIE EDWARDS Band-2-3-L, Glee Club 3, D. O. A, Annual King Candidate 3, Junior Play 3, F. F. A. l-2. Leonard Berry LEONARD BERRY Glae Club 1-2-3, Houn Tales Staff 4, D. O. Club L, Student Council Vice. Pres. L, Football 3-A, Basketball 3-L. KAREN SUE COMPTON Band l-2-3-A, Orchestra 3-L, Glee Club l-2-3-L, Jr. Play 3, Kennal Staff ly, Fo Ha Ao J-'2, Club 1-2-3, Football Queen 4, Twirler 1-2-3, Drum Majorette L. ANNA M. WOWE Band l-2-3-L, Glee Club 1, D.O. Club 3-L, Houn Tale Staff L, Kennel Staff L, F.H.A. 2, D.O. Vice Pres. L, Girls' League Sec. 3. JOHN JIQIK Glee Club l-3, Debate Team 2, F.F.A. Recorder 3, F.F.A. Sentinel 4, Jr- Play 3, F.F.A. 1-2- 3-L, Kennel Staff 4. ROWERT D. HATZFIELD Band l-2-3-L, Orchestra 3-L, Glee Club 2-3-L, Student Council l, Ken- nel Staff L, Class Pres 1, Boys' Quartet 3-L, Christmas Play L. JO ANN NXLLXCE Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestre 1-2-3-L, Glee Club 1-3- L, Jr. Play 3, Kennel Staff 4, Art A, F.H.A. 2-3, Annual Queen Cand. 2. DORIS PARSONS Glee Club 1-2, D.O. A, Jr. Play 3, Houn Tale Staff 3-M, Kennel Staff A, F.H.A. 2, Pep Club 2-3, Big Eight Speech Meet 3, Office Staff A. JXCTIE DJXN FlRE Bxnd l-2-3-4, Jr. Play 3, D.O. club 4, F.F.n. 1-2-3. MARILYN CROOK Band l-2-3-L, Glee Club 1-2, D. O. 3-L, Halloween Queen Candidate 3, Annual Queen Candidate 2, Junior play, Houn Tales Staff 3-L, Kennel Staff L, Pep Club 2-3-L, State D. O Rep. 3. JERRY DEAN PHILLIPS Glee Club 1-2-3, D. O. L, Golf l-2-3-L, Junior play 3, Houn Tales Staff 3, Basketball L, Class Officer 3-L, Boy's State 3. JOE LEE HC Cullah n.o. 3-1., Jr. Play 3, F.F.A. 1-2. 1LORIA xFN FULP Claw Club l-3, D.O. Club L, F.H.A. 2-3-L, Pep Club l-2-3-L, Pap Shen 3, ELLEN WINZER Glee Club 1-2 D. 0. L, Student Council See. L, Jr. Play 3, Houn Tales Staff 3-L, Kennel Staff L, F. H. A. 2 Girls League Chaplain L, Rep. L, Big Eight Speech Meet 3. GENE CUM INGS Football L, Golf 3. SHIRLEY CROJELL Band 1-2-3-L, Glee Club l, Houn Tales Staff 3-L, Kennel Staff A, F.H.A. 2, Big Eight Speech Meet 3, D.O. Club A. J-.ALC x,'z,LR.h1 Bend 1-2-3-A, Kennel Staff b, Boys' League Sgt. at Arms L, Football A. L ZLQU5 115321111 c-lee Club 1-2-3-L, Art 'J Jo SUE ANN UOLFINBARGER Glee Club 1-3, Houn Teles Staff L, D.O. Club L, F.H.A. 2-3-L, Pep Club Show 3, Cheerleader 2-3-A. LIHIE GRACE PHILLIPS Glee Club l-2, D.O. Club L, F.H.A. 2-3, Pep Club 3-A. CARROLL HILTON Glee Club 1-2-3, D.O. Club h, Speech Play L. GENE BOWLING D.o. Club 3, P.F.A. 1-2 Q IARLENE MAPLES Band l-2-3-M, Glee Club 1, Orchestra 3, Jr. Play 3, Houn Tales Staff M, Art 3, Pep Club l-2-3-M, F.H.A. 2-M, Girls' League Pres. H, Student Coun- cil M, Sgt. at Arms 3, Class Reporter L, Art Play 3, Home Ec. Play 23 Pep Club Show , Pep Club Officer . ROSEMARY REID Band 1-2-3-4, Glee Club l-L., Jr. Play 3, Houn Tales Staff 3, Kennel Staff 2-A, Art 3-h, FeHeAa 2-Lp, Pep 1-2-3-h, Pep Club Pres. 3, Class Reporter 2, Girls' League Vice Pres. 3, Girls' League Sec.-Tres. A, Art Play 3-L, Girls' State L, Pep Club Show 3. DHAIN ROSE F.F.A. 1-2-3-L, F.F.A. 2nd Vice Pres. 3-L. LARRY DAVIS Glee Club 1-2, Jr. Play 3 Kennel Staff 2-A, Sgudent Council 3-L, Class Seo.- Tres. l, Pres. 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. of Student BOGY 4, NANCY SUE CAMPBELL Glee Club 1, Jr. Play 3, Houn Tales Staff 3, Kennel Staff 4, F.H.A. 2-3-L, F.H.A. Pres. A, Pep Club 1-2-3-b, Pep Club Pres. L, Pep Club Show 3. .uv-vQgfw. ,nfw me 1.5. -11 'Yu u Qi' 1' ' -. ,L sf Q E, ,INK - . SX Q ,gx QQ N x BARBARA EPPERSON Band l-2-3-H. Glee Club l-2, Orchestra l, Jr. Play 3, Houn Tales Staff L, Kennel Staff A, D.O. Club 3-A, Pep Club 2-3, Football Queen Attendent l-2-3-A, Girls' State 3, State D.O. Rep. 3. BILL GLUTNEY Glee Club 2, Jr. Play 3, D.O. Club 3-A, Debate Team 2, F.F.A. l-2, F.F.A. 2nd Vice Pres. 2. FREDDIE CRABB Glee Club 1-2, D.O. A. VELTQ. mm o'1f3,1L Glee Club 1-2, D.O. Club A, F.H.A. 2-3-L. PATSY MCCULLXH Glee Club A, Art A. D MICHLRD JOHNSTON Glee Club l-2-3-4, Jr, Play 3, Kennel Staff 4, Aft 2-3-h, Art Play 3-A, Speech Play 2. TIiO1L...J ITLI 'Q IS Glee Club 1-2-3, D.o. Club L, Football 3-A. LOI -3 'O F17.1'LD Fgglfl ,T, I 'xl Iffil' lEII'f CET Glee Club l-A, F.1. . 2-I+, Speech 2. BG, M, IR ,,, ciao ciHbHE-L, F.H.A. 2-A, Speech Contest 2. LOJT. BRUFEJTT Jr- Flay 3, D.o. Club L, Art A, F.x.A. 2. ARLEIE MXTTOX D . O . C lub L, . BLRBARA XILLIAMS Glee Club 1-3, Jr. Play 3, D.O. Club L, F.H.A. 2-3 , Armual Queen Candidate 3. DELPHYTTE Tl.XT'I'O1'I D. O . Club Lp . IRB! 1 IRINICLE Glee Club l-2-3-A, Jr. Pictures Not Available Play 3, F.H.A. 1-L, Pep Club l-2-3-h, DALE BROWN Twirler 1-2-3-Lp. .TERRY LEE SUMNERS 5- .mg J5:vq:fvg::f, 181 pw'-A Ji J V' 53, Q Q ' ' A 4 I 'Y ND un1or Class Officers John McGaw..........Representative Gayle Ann Kepner..........Reporter Jerry Wagnon.. ...... Vice President Jean Trolinger.Secretary-treasurer Charles Williams. ........ President 1951-52 Juniors It is with great anticipation that this year's Junior class looks forward to next year and the thought of becoming the Seniors of 52- 53- Their leaders for the past year have been Charles Williams, presidentg Jerry Wagnon, vice presidentg Jean Trolinger, secretary-treasurerg Gayle Ann Kepner, reporterg and John McGaw, rep resentative. Mr. Fast, Mrs. Hartley, and Mrs. Hamilton have served as sponsors and advisers of this class which now numbers 70. Doris Murray Jerry Laird Carol Ann Thurman Jay Holmes Garry Avery Carol Mais Ralph Shomer Marilyn Brougher Rosemary Nash John Wise Nilene lbnneyham Gilbert Ehrherdt Eugene Buehler Leola Henson Raymond Lentz Carol Jennings Gayle Ann Kepner Teddy Pritchard May Bisby Alfred Baum Danny Lasiter Virginia Spaniler Evert Gene Cl ne Carol Roper X NJ' Gia l wie Q , 5 xi, E. f 4l!!!!!!Il 5 5 11 g,J ' """ rg 'Q Q f 1 Darlene Meadows John McGaw Shirley Baker Foe Lee Hilton J. D. Pilkenton Shirley Meadows Don Gatchel Joyce Boswell Doris Skaggs Clyde Helton Dossie Kissee Charles Williams Jerry Nagnon Bonnie Chaney Richard Emmons Barbara Pannell Beverly McCann Richard Randall Barbara Davis Joe Blair Larry Davis Annabel Herron Ernest Ford Wilda Sue Garris Betty Bradley Kenneth Ackley Corene Head James Hancock Floyd Towner Jean Trolinger Jerry Williams Joan Brosseau James Garrlnger Leslie Crouch Harold Payne Dale Bellis Charles Robbins James Hathway Arthur Owens Jimmy Smith Bob Williams Iictures Not Available Kenneth Ackley Billy Medlin Betty Jo Ray Shirley Wilkg ' Q K mm' - ' 1., 0 E ' bbll 55 ISA H A 8 5 I . Yi mg D uvlu , ' Mjkf t wg 1 ei' ,. X' Snapofiatf: ff-C .7"""-" A -Q '- xiw n1.vunn1nn:1uns.g. 1. Sw No longer 'greeniesn of A.H.S. the Sophomore Class of l95l-52 have established a fine record. Chosen to lead the clssu were: President-V.T. Dnvi Vice-Prezicent-Chnrlss Spnngler, Secretary und P res. -H. T. Davis Vice-Pres. -Charles Spangler Sec. and Trees. -Jim Rhode Rep. -Gary Young Sn Trensurer-Jim Rhode, and Representative-Gary Young. They ure sponsored by Hr. Loy, Miss Baxter, and Miss McCormick. They boast of having 9 boys on the B football squad, nnd 2 on the A team. They have learned the ways and rules of A.H.s and are a fitting representation. They will soon be upperclassmen und leaders. They are looking to the future and not brooding over past mistakes. All in all they make up a fine portion of the A.H.S. student uody. If ' rililv u ' rl 1 1 1 Mary Ann Neale Bobby Miller Guylene Palmer Charles Spangler Tommy Collins Marilyn Holt Donald King Gail Mcwhirter Gertrude Iirik Jim Rohde Marlys Holt Robert Robertson Tommy Laird Betty Sullivan J. B. Kunkel Carol Lou Oldham Leah Pearl Manis Earl Berry Carolyn McKenzie Ralph Broyles Jerry Hilton Molly Sue Burnett M. T. Davis Delores Snyder Martha Murray Donald Johnson MarLaret Smith Cecil Johnson Tommy Eckels Wilma Tate R. A. Bowling Marjorie Taylor Martha Sue Cleek Bobby Gene Pilkerton Joyce Wheeler Gary Young Lawrence Miller Wilma Ash Kenneth Young Dorothy Williams Maxine Fulp Wayne Walker Vesta Wolff Charles Brougher Dale Sperman Dorothy Ballard Jerry Williams Josephine Shelton nn Joan Hinters Eldon Combs Rebecca Ellis Jack Melton Dick McNett Yvonne Dennis Tony Robson Frieda Thurman Mary Ruth Harter Guy Lecky Rebecca Williams Joe Lee Cline Jimmy Young Geneve Estes Terrence Thorener Betty Jean Light Joan Menetzke Gorden Cannedy Elsie Wishon Buddy Hukill David Jones Janice Cumminns Charles Roberfson Betty Lee Minnis Barbara Maples Donald McCallister Floretta Swearingen Wayne O'Nea1 Donald Demsher Shirley Wheeler Freddie Houston Elaine Winzer Juanita Johnson Richard Whitney Mary Jane Snider Jerry Fogle wif' . sr 5 Paul Calico Frances Henson Fred Baum Betty Andrus fa. QIIII if Alice Evans Don Miller Arlene Ford vgif, Jackie Wolfinbarger X' exe fi t if SSE . is Dougles Fulp 'QP Joan Crabb Ns 8 Jerry Shoemaker Donna Gray X X fflg, rg E f i S f ! I 1' Roger Arnhart Wayne 0'Nea1 S947 Pictures not Available John Faucher Henry Hierholzer Jimmie Norman Cecil Smith Snapfsfaatfo 59:44:65 ,pf - Freshmen Class Gfflcers Vice President.... Secretary..... Treasurer..... President..... Representative 1951-52 Freshman Darlene Lusk Sue Cantrell Marilyn Boyd ..Terry Ryan ..Phil Brown The Freshman Class, better known as the NGreenies' has a membership of 80 to begin its high school CBTBST. The past year has been one of adjustment to high school life in general for this new generation of pups of A. H. S. ln addition to the more difficult work, there have been new friendships to be made that will linger in future memories. They have an optimistic outlook on the future, which is a characteristic of all houns of A. H. S. They have been ably sponsored and assisted by Mr. Patrick, Miss Cox, and Mr. Browne. I ff' 9 ? no V f5'f"- 7' . NQHW or Sai? Q -:ma Ke, 5 X wx lf XS' i , SJ in 2 rm e 1951:-fm 3535553 Rex Fritts Velma Roach Darrell Throener Barbara Nash Mina Uheeler Eugene Adams Marjorie Ware Lester Neill Buddy Manetzke Juanita Owens William Ghan Bessie Points Shirley Haddock J.YhLwnmn Marlene Jennings John Harter Jerry Lee Cline Lois Turner Donald Lee White Sue Tacker Dorothy Crumm Carl Eubanks Shirley Maxwell Joe Rey Dowell Kay Binion James Wilson Nancy Howe Paul Thompson Jimmie McCann Leta Faye Uilliams Leroy Cummings Hazel Forrester Darlene Lusk Clarance Ball Larilyn Boyd Jackie Standefer Phil Brown Pamela Gardner Terry Rhyan Barbara Sheldon Louise Garringer Jim Cook Dora Ann Capetti David Lee Joe Hilton Faye Gilmer Charles Skaggs Evelena Williams ii? v Q5 wiif. B, X . fl in , X I 2 mwhw-A -sz i f I an mai X 'R if W Q7 , . , Y' . . , X f like Miz 8 "J AW! zf l r i l Q Pictures Not Available Eugene Adams Joey Hadley L. W. Parson Norma Jean Berry Marlene Hood Keith Parsons Billy Jo Garoutte James McAnally Nollie Mae Hale Lois Jean Bruffef Gary Wheeler Sue Tacker Tommy Barrett Daniel Coleman Susan Lowry Jimmy Barker Joyce Ruth Tindall Sue Cantrell Johnny Becket Beverly Sikes Albert Lentz Gloria Sue Irby Carl Head Uillena Burbridge Cathrine Friend Wanda Masters Bonnie Ballard Carol Stratton I C .2-U, iii, H, ,,,. ---M 'Y .iff 'L lg ll Nw -ann:--I 'fx M x N xg Q U ifxv 1-QQ I A, aw Q U' , . 1 ,u . . . . , f ... Q., fag . ' .. , Y 1 ol TWP. Vntio Stark Vrr. Noll Young Yrs. Pauline French lkf. Nell Wooten lilly lll Cooled 'T'- Crwhn Duwning Vrr. Dnrofhy Fritts I . ,.....s, C'uA todiam YT. Evertt Fare IT. Jim Fanning Ur. Eldon Howerton J 7 56 5 . ' ' Beaque Chaplain-Carol Ann Thurman, Vice President-Carol Mais President- Marlene Maples, Secretary Treasurer-Rosemary Reid, Sergeant-at-Arms- Beverly Sikes, Zaye' .Beaq ue Chaplain-M. T. Davis, Secretary Treasurer-John McGaw, Sergeant-at-Arms Jack Ware, Vice President-Larry French, President-Jack Halterman. Back Row ---Ihll Brown, M T Davis, John IcGaw, Ellen inzer, Nr McConnell Charles Jilliams Bront Row ---Jlck Ialternan, Terry H en, Leonarn Berry, Gary Young, Marlene Mapl Afternoon fl IU "im " Efaun ffalieo Staff spin: Ass't. Editor-Shirley Wilk Ellen Winzer-Editor Editor---------Ellen Winzer Assistant Editor--Shirley Wilks Art Editor -------- ----Pat Lundy Sports Editor--M.T. Davis, Jr. Cupid-----------Dapper Dan Business Manager-Jean Trolinyer Assistant Business Manager---- Marlys Holt Mimeograph Operator----Richard Emmons Nssistant Mimiograph 0perator-- Gertrude Jirik Exchange Editor---Elaine Winzer Reporters: Jerry Colley, Marlene Maples, Gayle Ann Kepner, Molly Sue Burnett, Lois Wofford, and Guylene Palmer. Typists-------Shirley Crowell Alma Jo Peterson, Doris Parsons s Editor -Pat Rundr. ,nm i Associa'e Editors -'Ihirlev Meadows 'usan Lowerv Qian? 1 Q x Charles'7illiams, and Gary Young. Deoartmental Editor -Anna Warsaret Rowe. Assistants -Barbara Erpereon, Alma Jo Peterson, Nano? ,, Que Campbell, and V.T. Davis. 3" Pnotosranhic Editor -Rosenarv Reid. Assistant -Jean Trolinfer. Artists -Patsv'UcCullah, Carol Romer, Richard Johnston, Gloria Trbv, and Jo Ann Wallace. Tvpists -Jonn Jirik, Karen Connton, Shirlev Crowell, Nancv Cawnhell, and Alma Jo Peterson. Advertisinp Vanaser -Larrv Davis. Kssistant -Jonn VcGaw. Gales Vanarers -Doris Parsons and Ellen Winzer. Assistant -Joqce Boswell. Pusiness Vanaper -Qob Hatzfeld. . Assistant -Richard Randall. Finance Comnittee: xx 1 . l j.. Varilvn Crook Gene Berry Que knn Wolfinbarrer Leonard Berry Varv Lon Wilton Bill Gautnev Pat Lundy-Editor Lois Wofford J. R. Ware ' Nona Gheoerd Leland Herron Gliria Ann Fnln Jack Halterwan 1 LQ 2 5' 5 Q . ,.q.,,-..,Mi gs i A .ggwmMTNWgxVy ,,,L A . """" - -ru. , -A ' 3 5 5 5 E Q , 3 5 Q , W 3 -' W , Q K, Lf Lh,i 5 ' 5 ,obs .1.f ,-1 mm.- ig, gxM'3 K3 A L5 5 g . go r 5 s i 1 X. 3 .5 . L. E -ja' " 'mfririwo-Jiluisflf' I " Q 9 .,,. , ,, V., , JM - , pe.. J el v.r,,l'.Co-TS Q 1 C 1 Sarah 1eynolds.....Iency Que C'mpLell Emma Esrgee...........Rosem:ry Heid John Reynolds... ......Jerry Thillips Daisy..........3uc gun jolfinbarpcr Dick Reynolds.. . ....Bob Hatzfield Iopoli iu:tcr...... ....R. G. Brown Pee-wee Smith..... ......Joe KcCullah Irs. lux G1.... ....Detty Joore Tweety........... ...Barbara Eoperson lr. Qcgmish.. . . .Jick Hglterman Qeaches........ .........Jerry Colley iay .LmGdi.... .. ....Lois Woflord Monehanolooloonao oocoonoaoJOhn Jirik Q3ClmC Gelgfesofqo aollleu Winger Lem Marblehead.. . ... ...Harry Hall JOCUOJ Km . EMIS.. ...Joe Allman pn vfho X in TOO MANY DAT sn fl X rv w .4 Q7 Cast of' Characters 5 Louanne Miller...... Lbs. Adelaide killer Eleanor Coleman.. Alice Williams... Carolyn Smith..... Betsy Miller..... Miss Esther Jones,,,, Mrs. Hayes........... Paul Chase........... Mr. Harry Killer. .Gayle Ann Kepner .Marilyn Brougher .Darlene Meadows ...Carol Thurman ....Doris Murray ...Betty Bradley lilda Sue Garris ......Carol Mais .J.D. Pilkington Charles Qilliams 425 ' N iili gg ll!! Floyd Page, Jr.............John McGaw Irvin Worthington..........Joe Hilton Howard Bowen Max Davis.. ....... Norman Kelch... Mr. Hayes .... . Girl Scout... Harriet..... Andy........ Boy Scout... ......Ernest Ford ......Jerry Uagnon ....James Hathaway ...Charles Robbins Carol Sue Jennings .. .... .Carol Roper ...Richard Randall .....Bob Villiams Row Row Row Row Row S ---Elaine Winzer, Gertrude Jirik, Joan Winters, Pat Lundy, Rosemary Reid, Marlene Maples, Beverly McCann, Dorothy Ballard, Doris Skaggs, Leola Henson, Wilma Tata. L ---Mary Ruth Harter, Dorothy Williams, Rebecca Ellis, Wilda Sue Garris, Darlene Meadows, Shirley Wheeler, Shirley Baker, Barbara Pannell, Wilma Ash, Rebecca Williams, Betty Light. 3 ---Nilene Mooneyham, Velta O'Neal, Arlene Ford, Molly Burnett, Delores Snyder, Betty Sullivan, Martha Cleek, Joan Manetzke, Janice Cummings, Marilyn Brougher, May Bisby, Barbara Maples, Gloria Ann Fulv. 2 ---Betty Minnis, Nancy Campbell, Bonnie Cline, Frieda Thurman, Vesta Wolff, Geneva Estes, Donna Gray, Fredalene Hutchison, Elsie Wishon, Josephine Shelton, Annabel Herron, Rosemary Nash, Miss Mers. l---Carol Oldham, Alma Jo Peterson, Joan Crabb, Floretta Swearingen, Pats McCullah Ma y , 1 rgaret Smith, Corona Head, Betty Bradley, Alice Evans, Gail Mcwhirter, Sue Ann W Qlfinbarger, Mary Neale. Standing- Alma Jo Peterson-Songleader Delores Snyder-Sec. Q Tres. Betty Moore-Historian. Miss Mere-Teacher. Molly Burnett-Reporter. rlene Ford-Lianist. Betty Sullivan-Sgt. at Arms Sitting- Pat Lundy-Vice President. Nancy Campbell-President. Marilyn Brougher-Chaplain. is V 3 x 4 ., f Q A J A . M -' j f? 'N 4 v ' A ms' . , ?"?5!?SsQ ss sf - F NN 'Q ' ' ' vig gg r- E 5' .5 ' F, Q. X 3 S xx XXX X, N Sai Swag 51. Q? sg? 19 R51 . , .w x Z' rar: E -' .H vrjk ,flqqm viaaa ggi HEQ, ,y Ag if -gil AlmA, fy .ggaggi A. , 5,2 - y 4. A Eff J fr "'7l"!"1r'a-r 5 ' ' -S ,, ' f 7' ' 1--1 J . -W..-D ,.-ak. :.-,s.,.--.W ' " i V H 2 5 F ' V ' ' ' , ' - A ' a J , l ff 5 -.2 K K I H ,- exzy m -f a r- -. - ..: --1 fats . W-3"1f??f . 6 1 a Q , A,.. , ,,., ig as ,l'4r'ZW5'. H as ' 3V , k .iles ' 1 3' 'wp ---.e,...,,., wa, ,. 43 is B53 if Hlcmd Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 8 Arlie Edwards, Charles Span ler Jackie Fare Joe Allmond. "' B Z ---Barbara Mitchell, Marilyn Brougher, Johnny Beckett. ---Virginia Spangler, Guylene Palmer, James Hathaway, Charles Brougher, Bererley Trower, R. G. Brown, Jack Ware, Alfred Baum, Jimmy Barker. 5 ---Jim Cook, Betty Moore, Jimmy Norman, Rosemary Reid, Jerry Fogle, Bob Hatzfeld, Larry Davis, Richard Randall, Pat Blyth, Ernest Ford, Bob Williams. M ---Wanda Masters, Darlend Lusk, Joan Wallace, Carolyn McKenzie, Jack Melton, Gary Young, Marlene Maples, Doris Skaggs, David Lee, Phil Brown, Janet Tripp, Gorden Cannady. 3 ---Arlene Ford, Sandy Marsh, Sue Cantrell, Janie Stratton, Sh':ley Meadows, Joyce Tindell, Shirley Crowell, Beverley Sikes, D: othy Sue Cook, Marilyn Boyd, Kay Binion, Gayle Ann Kepner. 2 ---Karen Compton, Molley Sue Burnett, Mary Lou Hilton, Epperson, Marilyn Crook, May Bisby, Carol Stratton, Jean Myrna Beaver, Barbara Shelton, Susan Lowry, Gloria Irby, Fogle, Mr. Loy. 1 ---Irene Wrinkle, Doris Murray, Carol Thurman, Delores Pam Gardner. Barbara Trolinge Sissy Snider, I'- The Aurora High School Band is a noble organization. we are extreme- ly proud and fond of our leader, Mr. Gene H. Loyg who has been a member of the Aurora faculty for 25 years. In our band there are eighty members. we play for all athletic activities, we have been honored by attending and playing in the Missouri and Arkansas football game, and also, each year we make a trip to the 'State Fairn in Sedalia. Our band has been said to be the Wbest marching band in Southwest Missour1.W Every year during the Halloween Celebration the band skillfully prepares to get our carnival under way. From the proceeds we are able to make trips by chartered buses and buy new instruments and uniforms. ficubcfew Pam Gardner, Majornette-Karen Compton, Irene Wrinkle Delores Snyder, Carol Thurman, Doris Murray. 3, . . . fx Si!! ml- V-N515 ' 'f:2:.f,, " .1 gg gg- ie. Wm "F , 3553 VY ,fun , ,-Q .ml W if if an 'Pr I, 9 , if sz gg ug. Q Um! :Sf 1 New Lg 45 , 3 91" :W f?1'if? W V.:f1"i' ' :ff U Q vu ah VF, ,EFT qw' W1 m ,F wrf , N' saga sg a 1 as V Biff, "1 X5 -1-M iw X Q ,K ' + 1 X ' Siva' 'xi , L Q S1 , Q i ' V1 f SEQ xg? S54 fs 4 ? t1 . - 'f ' - x Qffmw x K .1 x r - . 1 vmxx f1l 43. Bonnie Thomas Sue Tacker Carol Raper Kartha Sleek Betty Sullivan JO Beadew .Trp Rosemary Nash .ll Row Row Row Row Row ...UDCJ.A.LC..LU' ...C.LkA, UUJUU ..lLCC5.I.U.L, ,1 J..Lk,llC . GcJk,,U'.vb, i.r,..L'J-"ti l.U.Lu, .,.1..LiilC-L -- nl Jebecca Uilliams. 5 -Sue ellis, Lat Lundy, Jvalinu illians, Guylene Palmer, Delores Snyder, lrene Irinkle, Betty linnis, Larilyn Qolt, Janice Curxings, Lolly Burnett, Virginia Spangler. A -Miss Yers, Catherine Friend, Carol itratton, Carol Qloham, Laril Boyd, Karen Compton, Jerry Colley, Mona Shephard, May Bisby, Joan Kanetzke, Betty Light, Hrs. King. 3 -Leta Uilliams, Gloria Fulp, Susan Lowry, Tania Masters, Gloria I Yvonne Dennis, Arlene Ford, Mary Lou Hilton, Annabel Herron, Vesta Uolff, Barbara Maples, Frieda Kay Thurman. 2 -Shirley Maxwell, Nancy Sue Campbell, Iary Neal, fam Gardner, Floretta Sweringer, Louise Garringer, Margaret Smith, Sue Cantrell, Darlene Lusk, Alice Evans, Gail he hirter, Doris Murray. 1 -Sue Ann Uolfinbarger, Alma Jo Peterson, Betty Sullivan, Martha Cleek, Rosemary Nash, Carol Roper, Bonnie sue Thomas, Sue Tacker. 5 Yr ll, U I1 I' by: , QW, Y, x,:3. f 'sfggkggwkw W ,rpg-Lf-X .wfsqfs ,wgx-5-.t:3,'ff5Qyf 1 K WQQ-gmjfa wxm X WK K " rv L wwff' ' Xi f X A 'XX ' EVN.'xNyw.l..L,-...fNN5"'fv'z r. A 1 ',,?"S, X , NN ,V 1-:ff , A ,W .. ....' Q :.- Q Nw- wgs W5-W - lf lf, i' ' 3315 3 -Q -A '2 . 'H , I ix ,wg ws Y 5 iggff-Eifff , is :Q g K V f . I' 5. M 4 ' . ,. I f-. f xv . l A QT? - , ,, f51' 'fZ41?g H' 'wo ' J-U :?,fgg:iZ '15 . , . H .,, V-,vm-www! . 4 Y QYRTYYT f-:sf 1- f, ffl vc. AC., !f:'fi-.2 599 SS' ,,g , idx 2- 3 I A fkv we gpzme 1 vw- :ng ' , ,. Ii,-eg " 4 7- w 1.f.M,,m A by ai' if-:,v. 'L . .hiv 5 Avy? ,fi " M -4 div- Nx Y Sw, glnvv' R x A I a Ak . ix X, f 5 R eggs? Q Wggi iwigkg Y ' S! S vi nrfff ifik- S Nggvwgw. gs it Q i 'S A, 1 X ,,' ' '5 g Wiktk Q 31.6.5-sig J km ' . N wx 4' bi .X 3 5 wi 3 t Veiigvxha 97'-'rl m,g,,.,,' Q 3 " K - .X f Q E A--'Wx M N-6 Q-'XXX 7 Q ,L as - x f , Q' f:1""' f N 'W is . ' ff f -. . Q 'Nia T" ' ,ff - .40 ' 'V H ,' - ' ff' ' 1' RN- Q N WW .W NA!! Jerry Phillips, Dwain Rose, Jim Rhode, Leonard Berry, Gene Berry, Richard Broyles, Jack Ware, Don Gatchel, Larry French, and Jack Halterman. 33cm "B" TEAM Earl Berry, Jerry Hilton, Donald King, M. T. Davis, Jerry Williams, Kenneth Young, Jerry Wagnon, Jerry Fogle, Charles Spangler, and Bobby Miller. gf Q 4 S ' wg E' Q 3 5 3' 5' 3 gf 'ffm 'gat' " Q: Q -., -Z.. -sf vb .- Q fx REE- x xf 3 'Q FE . , , Q .. . , 5 L . .x f-'T mn-'- W ve-mx A . X A 35355 ,fixx . S N-W Q i A . SNQN 5 I x . , ix Xl A x X Fresh.- GLORI A IIEY Lijiggggggfi Soph.- DELOR wE'wQgM f fixw. .T 1' CAROL MHEHDN IS SNYDER Nl VVQQ. Xx Safwtatwzian LARRY DAVIS 'Uuledictwzian 1' QQMSHSQ ,L.,1 ,f x RX , Receiving The Kem Trophy Perhaps the greatest accomplishment ever achieved by the Aurora F.F.A. Chapter was the winning of the Kem Trophy for the best exhibit of live- stock at the 1951 Missouri State Fair. Aurora boys showed Jerseys, Guernseys in dairy cattle, Herefords and Shorthorns in beef cattle and fat steers winning over 30 blue ribbons and 5 championships. Boys who competed at Sedalia were, left to right: Ernest Ford, Paul Calico, Tommy Collins, Emmett Reidle, Billy Elliott, Alfred Baum, Bobby Williams, Ray Loy Eubanks and J. B. Kunkel. Others in the picture are Carl Humphrey-State Adviser of F.F.A.g Mr. Peabody presenting the Kem Trophy, O.R. Tripp-Local Adviser, and Robert Thornberg-Commissioner of Agriculture. 5 5? in Q fs 5 i gi Q ez E s I. ? 5 I S f 3 i nThe Zenger Case' Theme-'Let Freedom Ringn This was an English play given by Mr. Browne's English III class Truly it showed how the early Americans fought for their freedoms. Spee ch 146 fil7ifieA Jack Melt0n'C0unty 'inner Richard Randall-Winner in ' A l 1n mer can Legion h d- -1 1 Oratorical contest-1952 umorous rea lngs 95 Debate teams-1952 Marlys Holt, Leah Pearl Mania, Guylene Palmer, Molly Burnett.. more POWER Io' ffl i L w s XX 5 I. S .S wig? lk N Y Si N Qri C9 t - X S N v XXX 5 Hg 'S X XX X X fl lf! wig ' 4 M' limi S' at mi t X 7pm i, Ii 2. 'N ' P' llll":l'rll',' 'lla ,- -H I ,ellvillfllllfll J if l- NW in The recently completed Riverton plant addition tpictured at right! means 'Mane Power To The Empire District." lt represents Empire's boundless faith in the four- state district of Missouri, Arlransas, Oklahoma, and Kansas . . . faith in its con- tinued rowtlt . . . in the enter rise and abili o its cit s. rg resen Empire: partnership with you, tire future "EmpiZ District" busi nandpp fe: sional men, wage eamers, and home makers . . . e combination that guar tees 'More Power To The Empire District." Congratulations to the class of 1951. HE QElllPlR lQ DISTRICT urcrmc coMPA'N,v SRXXGXNEO S XRS YB N xxx ,pk X. F COCA-COLA COCA-COLA BOTTLI NG CO. Aurora, Missouri Compliments of SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION JAKE SMITH West Highway 60 Aurora, Missouri SEBURN MDTDR CD. IZ Wesf Locus? Aununn. 5 4 . Aunm-IA, MISSOURI Cvmbllmenfs of WH, The Aurora Wholesale QI: pmmogih Aurora, Missouri D xx. ' n II f lII,,, ' Compliments of . . SQUEEZE INN CAFE M.F.A. FARMERS EXCHANGE BERRY'S FLORAL sHoP DENHAM'S RADIO sHoP LocIcwooo's SEED STORE BOGART'S SERVICE STATION ERENCI-I's SERVICE STATION LAWSON'S SERVICE STATION DRYER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE NEIMEYER's SHOE SHOP EuLP's PRODUCE HOUSE ALExANnER's CAFE WALTON'S BATTERY SHOP JOE sI-IEI.'roN sERvIcE STATION DOCTOR 8. MRS. HERRON AURORA BEAUTY SHOP ANN'S READY TO WEAR TACKER'S GROCERY SOUTH PARK GROCERY HOUSE GROCERY MARTHA'S CAFE CARLSON BEVERAGE CO. HIGHWAY MARKET C. S. BISHOP MANUEL'S HATCHERY JOHNNY HILTON TEEN TOWN O. K. RUBBER WELDERS DAVIS PAINT C0"'Pli"'e"fS 0f ASSOCIATE STORE HARRY E. RITCHHART Large Stock Paint and Wallpaper Complete Housewares and ' f Plumbing - Heating - Sheet Metal Gift Department Phone 13 18 E. olive 119 Madison Ave. Phone 30 Harold Clow, Owner Ta-'fe That Fmb LEITLE Bkos. GARAGE DMU' Goodness BILL sz RAYMOND AURORA DAIRY QUEEN General Automotive Repairing Cones - Malts - Sundaes PHQNE 361 530 Church St. Madison 8C Locust Aurora, Mo. C l' t 'mf' 'men S of CHARLES WHITE Moron co. STOCKER PROPANE ERVICE S PONTIAC PHONE 620 SALES and SERVICE 228 Madison Aurora, Mo. 226 W. Church Phone 57 Congratulations Graduating Class of '52 Auf01'2, M0 SUN-RICH MILK COMPLIMENTS of O. E. MOORE 81 SONS Compliments REX MCNATT Compliments of TIRE SERVICE CO. Highway so at Madison Ave. PHONE 545 U s TIRES - FIRESTONE TIRES Pierce , Lumber Cgmpany S BUILDING MATERIAL, BUi:3:I3SInHARDWARE, PAINT, ETC - Quality Cleaning "' AURORA, Mlssoulu AURORA MISSOURI PHONE 360 of THE JUVENILE SHOE CORPORATl0N 0F AMERICA Aurora, Missouri Compliments of Toft and Company Dry Goods - Clothing - Shoes GooId's Poultry Farm Aurora, Missouri The Aurora School A. R. wl'lGl"i'0I1 of jeweler and Optometrist Photo-Engraving Aurora, Missouri T A S 0 P E Glasses Fitted - Watches Repaired - Congratulations - Estes Florists WILLIAM WOOD "Flowers for All Occasions" 408 S. Adams Telephone 613 RALPH HH-TUN Luslc at RQBERTSQN IMPLEMENT co. MQTU SALES Iohn Deere Sales and Service 9 X Q ,gt Phone 35 X-f ix, ' 9 Aurora, Missouri RURA- MISS'-DU ' See Sullivan Jewelry 128 Madison Aurora, Missouri Iewelry for any Occasion T A Y L O R TRUCK 81 IMPLEMENT CO. F armall Tractors International Trucks McCormick Farm Machines Phone 505 East Side Square Western Auto Associate Store PHONE 252 AURORA, MO. Aurora Laundry Laundry Called For and Delivered West Side Square Phone 330 Compliments of White Hardware Phone 580 Aurora, Mo. M. T. Davis Lumber Co. "All Building Supplies" OLIVE - McNATT Phone 570 Aurora, Mo. The - Wardrobe Cleaners Cleaning - Dyeing Custom Tailors - Alterations SOME EQUAL . . . NONE BETTER Compliments of THE AURORA BANK - Complete Banking Service - Interest Paid on Savings Accounts MEMBER F.D.I.C. l2CDWlfxND'S 'fi Dry Goods - Clothing - Shoes For The Entire Family AURORA, MISSOURI 108 Madison Ave. Telephone 123 BANK HOTEL -and- COFFEE SHOP Famous for its Coffee Fountain Service JOE C. LeDUC, Manager Faulkner Sales Co Frigidaire - Maytag Hoover - Zenith 1 1 0 Madison PHONE 2 2 Compliments of AURORA LUMBER C0. Aurora, Missouri B and T Super Market East Side of Square Aurora Greenhouses Compliments of Marsh Funeral Home Florist Ambulance Service PH E Phone 3 l 6 Aurora, Mo. ON 456 Oscar L. Marsh, Owner Aurora, Mo Compliments of Faucher Skelly Service The E. B. Todd Company PHONE 401 Aurora, Missouri Aurora Missouri Westinghouse Surge Compliments of Appliances Milkers Marlin Manufacturing Co. WiIey's Tire G' Home Supply Aurora, Missouri Compliments of SIMS MOTOR CO. Compliments of HAM CHEVROLET Aurora, Missouri CO. DYES DRUG STORE Aurora, Missouri Fountain Service Prescriptions PHONE 68 Compliments of SMlTH'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of DR. E. T. SMILEY oPToMs'rms1' Compliments of CARR MOTOR CO. 101 S. Elliot Phone 595 Compliments of SOUTHWEST MFG. CO. OZARK CLEANERS "Do A Better 1011" Phone 218 Aurora, Missouri Aurora, Missouri Compliments of 32 E. Ol 4 14utvg1-aplw 4 .,-, , . . ., 1 . . . F:". . Q . ' x ' - ., ' , V '. C, ' ,. ' Q Y ' Qi' .lt K" A L . , , v' ' SJ 1 ,N .' 5',i4'ff,'1 . ,, ww, ws. fvf-Qs: - ff , ffimwvi-,Q QTY A ing-Affiggp i . A Q- -+I' f, f 23. 464 -- V :., .fM3fL ' Qsj'Q':f 13. Q r, 15' P 9 A 3-fl. -:J gf' ww M rug, . ' Ywf'-H" , - ,Wa il -5 1,,,n, ' X -J Wa, 2, N , , Tixgpw .. 'sg ,fin . -sm :mmm 1, ,..1f'?P-Q-Q-f""1lv f """"'i ,sg-:Z---uss .- -c+"'c',pv --5' 43-"J"?yf4f 7JffWff7f96J" Jymgwwgxmwifipz 9""y fwff wwwgmnww ce 21 QWQMQ ww 0 WMU? 56,25 MHZ ifwwulw QT ZZDMJMVLJHPWMMJXQWJMA vaz4,,Ly.,,f,..Z:, V'7a7,,,rg,,z4a 5'ZM'fQk-W Ui-c4,F3 Q fm W ff' ZW 945355 L,?wfff5'?5QffQ,i H 76.1.2-M. M,44..,.A M img Azlwy-.Lfub AMW 4 M5 7"f'69wf,J21wff0v"-W' Q' 04770 dvi mf Milf ww' !ak A My jjihk eww ,www """""'::' .3f,27w,QiB,f, QMS' E1 La4.,4..f i Q-'-iiinusg-D Ig all---u. uv'-P 9'5-

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