Aurora High School - Kennel Yearbook (Aurora, MO)

 - Class of 1940

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Aurora High School - Kennel Yearbook (Aurora, MO) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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CNAL Hmmm Tam QM GK, vpn xxxhk vmxvmaf sow. Qnvkwx my M. cxakmxxmss Q83 KW, Quai mf, Rum. mc?xf.vx.cxXXu, Xixxqkxamiz. KN mmbzv ok xxmfs xxpu HSM Qcxzrxsh 0105. 'nokd scxcvzd mamvvzs XYQX AM OXXXSQXSSS be mqmveix km' you m kms Xowkx uguv, Nom Moi RNS QXXQXXSRXXYXCX xifixe CYKLNX-1.X 'E "I I me Gzdxmkm xicxxsqxksxwwxd Ko me Qu imumv xrxduuxdmh or wmk bm io our J5aXmQfM0?S.i,T owl in Km mmm W fiirvi' who haue f.5XubXv3mck Yue, T LU ar ak Rv udmons xuhmkx use Nun Qu' um X0 uyhoxd tml xnxmdx un, me assured xnhX ba upmw bg Xhosf. uxko are ak io vase Ycxvouqh Xxms mi Xuhon 035 Xwv mrw, "' I ' ' In X ll l Ill i v 1 x ,Q X I Ill 3 t 'E I ll Wu Ill llll ll' , 1 ' R ' L BOARD OF EDUCATION Chas Winkler, E J Ferguson, J W Gilliland, J O Pierce, R W Smart, H A Sayers L N00 e Presldent Mr Gilliland Superintendent A B , Springfield Teachers College M A , Missouri Universlty Graduate Work, COlHmb18 Un1 versity, New York C1ty Nc the seniors of Aurora High School, vrcatly respect and admlre Mr ullliland who has car fully and felt? fully gulded us hrough our high school career, and me are glad to have hlm for our friend e well as advisor Mr AmOS-- Prlnclpal A, B., Springfield Teachers College . q M. A., Missouri Unlverslty we, the seniors of Aurora High School, wish to convey our esteem and gratitude to Mr. Amos, for the things he has done toward making our class a better one in his two years here. Music ll! Dean of Boys Drury College Loy-- Mrs. McClure-- Dean of oirls English and Latin A. B., Baker University M. A., University of Jouthe California Mr. Tripp-- Vocational Agriculture B. S., Missouri University M.Eh., University of Missouri Mr. Cherry-- Coaching History B. S., Springfield Teachers College Mr. Haseltine- Mathematics Bookkeeping Business Training Assistant Coach B. S., Springfield Teachers College Missouri University ,J r qgii ' E Q4 Mr. Jones-- Industrial Arts Senior Science B. S., Pittsburg Teachers College Mr. Lapp-- Social Studies Debate Speech A. B., Springfield Teachers College Northwestern University , E L' .'gzy""f gee ,WT 4, x 1' ' Q A 1 . X all 'lb ,Q f lub 'ihnqlf Tn Miss Faglewurger-- Physical Education General Science ' T if B. S., Springfieln Teachers College Miss McCord-- Commerce B. A., Sprinrfield Teachers College ' Qrcgf College, CLlCaRO, Ill- Miss shields-- Home Economics B, S., University of Nebrasle Iles Baxter-- English B. S., Pittsburg Teachers College D ' Miss Young-- Assistant Secretary of Board of Education Park College B. S., Kansas State CQ11ege Lg gr- 'Don't see why they don't Kennel Stuff-'40, News S I 40. Band-'37-'58-'39-'4O. erchestra-'37-'38-'59-'40, Glee Club a Cho.-'37-'38-' '4O. Student Council-'4O. benior Play-'40, Sr. Pres kmuxlnkllk HMy one objection to being queen is there's no room for edvencement.H Kennel Editor-'40, Majorette- '39-'40, News Staff-'4O. Glee Club R Cho.--'57-'38-'39-'4O. Band-'38-'39-'4O. Orchestra- '38-'59-'4O. Yell Leader-'4O. Senior Play-'4O. Kennel Queen- '4O. Nat. Hon. Soc.-'40 furnish beds in classrooms.' 1' arf? " An 'ff 'Until I came the world was incomplete.' News Staff-'40, Cheer Leader- '40. Vice-President of Sender Class-'4O. 72767 Mum, 'Charming in manner, striving to please--diligent in study, earning her E's.' Kennel Staff-'4O. Band-'37- '58-'39-'4O. Orchestra-'37- '58-'59-'40. Glee Club 8 Cho. 37-'38-'39-'40, Home Ee. Club- '4O. National Honor Society- '4o. U President--Dorothy Snyder Vice-President--Henry Williams Secretary--Betty McPherson Treasurer--Raymond Kelly Sophomore President--Henry Williams Class colors--Blue and Silver Vice-President--John Hubbard Sec. R Trees.--Betty McPherson Class motto--'A live wire never gets stepped on.' Class flower--Forget-me-not Class sponsors--Miss Eegleburger and Mr. Tripp. Junior President--Dorcas Newberry Vice-President--Buddy Young Secretary--Betty McPherson Treasurer--Jacqueline Bierer 58 74c2fwUs,DfLf2 'Harmonica Kidn Glee Club k Mixed Chorus-'57- '38-'59-'40, F. F. A. '58-'59- '40, Football-'59-'40, effwf ' odesty conceals his virtues' Basketball '39 .40 Football 30 39 '40 Student Council 50Y'S League Pr ia '40 Kennel Staff 1485 ent C5ln....SL nL1H8 forms to the rlght, glr Fennel Staff '40 Band '37 '38 '39 '40 Orchestra '38 '39 '40 baxoohone Quartet '39 '40 National Honor Society '39 '40 6-5Q..,,,Qp Liojwm, A cute kid what's his horse poweron .3 '40 Orchesfra K3..,.z,Z,,71j Ulf you love me, smile Football '57 '58 '59 40 Captain '40 Basketball '37 '38 '59 '40, A Club '57 '38 '59 '40 President, '40 Kennel Staff '40 ,W,,,.J-,,2hx And till the wonder grew how one small head could hold all he knew W Band R Orchestra '37 '28 '39 '40 News Staff '40 Kennel Staff '40 Glee Club k Cho '37 '58 '59 ' '40 Minstrel '39 '40 Nat lonal Honor Society '40 40 Senior Play I llll fill 'Love is a CiTCl9 neVeT ending Q7 'Ca office Staff-'59-'40, Home Ec. Club-'39-'40- HSo still erene, and Quiet is she, we know not what to say N 12? Q' Glee Club R Mixed Chorus '37 '39 IM JW! w ever was a girl more like God intended her to be 1- ll Drum Corn ' 9 '40 flee Club loru S ix if 1V HA glggll g stone gathers no moss W ll Teacher's assistant dQ444L1,, iE?aAa4f44nxf 'If she ever thought she word iome Fc Club lu k Cho 18 '59 Off ce :taff '19 '40 knew an evil spoke no evil '58 '59 G ee We JA JW 'Full many e flower is born to blush unseen 'QQ 'v X 'l 4' Glee Club R Mixed Chxrus '37 58 '59 '40, Librarian '59 ' . f U I S A M ,. N 1, 92:3 ' :4BT' ' ' -: 0 0 . - 0 ' , X ' ' ls' N ., ' 'M' A .- zo- . 1 ' L - C Q 1 - ' 1 3 CL S-'3 -'59, N - . - ' - . - 'H Q Wir A L- , N -- . .H I , . 454 -1 F.9F. A. - , I , xv A ' t fb, ' I U' - - - -' , L b Q - '- - - . li U - - - j I D ' l I Y, l 'Wm - - - - -7' ya ' - - -Zo K lllll Qtzggiffg I love is bllnd and lovers n't see, then why doesn't someone love me?N Judging team '39 '40 F F '37 '38 '39 '40 Senior Play '40, National Honor Society '40, Yennel Staff '40 News Staff '40 Librarian ' 'The answer to some ma1den's praver H Kennel staff '40 Football 3 '38 '39 ' C B1 Ketbdll '30 '38 '39 '40 Pres Studen Council '40 Football Cap '40 Minstrel '38 '39 '40 National Honor Soeiety '40 2144-ff 'If silence WSIS money, we'd have 8 mllllonaire in our m tl! Oratory '40 National Honor society '40 F F A Judging Team '39 '40 WML KLJPHJJ I'm gust a vagabond lover 188 Club k Cho 37 '38 '39 '40 '35 '19 ' O Mlnstre '40 famine 45249 Easy come easy go ,tudent Council '40 senior Play '40 MM glow NHe'd argue vlth a lgnboard ' 'lee CLUB A Chorus '39 'LO 1or l v 'LO News staff 'LO librarian V 'LO 'Uh WL..- Ni' Q:-7-Y vi IF 'IP l aiu ,-, 41 Ill .5113 Z SIe's slort and weet and hard to heat sais Paul Transferred from West Plains 4th year Clee Club R Mixed Chorus '40 AeA-H-Q1 'Quietness portrays hidden knowledge Transferred from Dadeville, Missouri in 3rd jelr Office btaff '40 'She makes her E's with ease Transferred from Springfield Missouri 4th year Glee Club k Mixed Chorus '40, Kennel Staff '40 Student representa ' er friendly attitude has won her many r1ends Office '39 '40, teacher' asslstant 77L'f7""t'L"' 'lf you didn see her you' never know she was there Glee Club R Mixed Chorus '37 '38 ' 9 2.5212-4 'There aren't many beeutiful blondes, but I'm a brunette n f . , H N R S ca fg, " ' . w . , , . - - , . . A. r' ' - - - - ... l - I . I, - ' , - 40. .V 1 L .N l 1 N. 7- ' - - 4l. ' fs ' - of " ' ' ' " t ' v Y X - . 'c- x , . . .idfl . r -N 15 v 1 L b ." - . AQ' ' L -- I l I O xx - I A tive to Jefferson City. CJ U1 ' 1 .If ' H . V f ' G .- - K - - l Q9-Fw F.F.A.- -.,-4., 1 , ,' ' S. ll -- 'I . , ,t d at 4 .ll rf s - ' 1' - - -- .- - 5 . .K T. l., 5 '- : s . , V ' .H , 1 ' ' - - . 'F ' Sen' P ah- . ' - 5 NT, '39- . ,. -'3e- . , - f Qmf Xml-w 'No matter what the dl9CUSS1OH ma be I can always disagree Band '38 9 'L News taff 'IO Drum hagor '39 Orchestra '37 38 39 Librerv Staff 'LO Flee ub 8 Cho 8 39 ' We ste quac 'LO or I ay ' Nat Honor oc ' QYQJCZZ 'Always on the Job Yennel ta f 'LO 3 8 39 'LO News ptaff ' 0 95359 LO enlor av 'LO ,ww 'It is a great plague to be too handsome a man W Football Team '59 '40 Go'f Teen '59 '40 Band V57 158 13: '40 Orchestra '38 '39 '40 Prince Charmlng '40 Glee Clut 5 Cho '37 '58 '39 ' 0 .1171LJ 'Is a fine old boy, he gives h s momma lots of joy ' Senior Play '40 Kennel Staff '4 8t1OD8l Honor ociety ,Jw-f4s2'gfZMA ' ur class sheik W Basketball '38 '59 '40 Judging eam 40, F F A '57 ' '59 '40 'fef ' e's our class farmer he surely sows his wild oats ' Glee Club Q Chorus '59 '40 Football '39 '40 Basketball '38 '39 '40 lllll G' Ill ya Y 4lP' 914 KAAQAW 'The only persmn she flirts with is her dad Transferred from Jenkins 2nd year Office Staff '3 '4 dglwuzf 'The second Mlnnle Hotcha Transferred fron Jenklns 2nd year TLdcher's 8SS1St3Ht '59 '40 gwl., 'She knew the answer Transferred from Lebanon 4th ear Band '40 9lG4177LuAuA1nJ 'small but mighty N Drum Corp 39 'LO Home Pc Club 'LO Tlbrary Staff 39 ' O NShe's new, but we like her Transferred from uraue Sen1OF Play 'Lo 'Pretty blondes are hard find but I'm a brunette Kennel teff 'LO Glee Club an Cho 37 1 39 ' O Offlce Staff 38 39 'LO 1or Dlay 'LO Crdtory L Y8tlOH81 Wonor oclety K IIIIIX kgwffffwzz NLove and leave 'em, kld 'em and dectlve 'em U and '57 5 75 40 Football ' Q '41 1 J fwce P C L e IU Kennel aff '43 QW? 'He lives buslly' Teacher's assistant '58 '59 ' fmegvw 'A fine hov, but he needs to grow up Band '59 '40 Clee Club Mixed Chorus '40 Le! zfzzafsaf bonmone mistook me for nnochlo ' Kennel Staff '40 Senior Play '40 Quai nlf he couldn't make sally Rand drop her far he could take it away rom her Kennel taff 'LO Pootbal 38 '39 'LO dasketball 37 38 39 LO Basketball Lap I Afgjw Uma H s absence wotln be con sp1cuous a 53 9 ' 3 Crc es t a ' 7 '53 ' 9 '40 Club f Cxorus '57 '43 Quart t 9 '40 Natlonal Ionor Soclety '40 1' Q in 'Y' all Q !"'l Agbh,CD4b4f 'Our student leader good and true, a finer frlend you never knew 'e1H6l Ctaff 'LO vews Staff 'LO 1 cs tuuent Council ' Vell header '31 LO sind 8 u C U benlor 'lay 'LO G1rl League F e lLSHt '39 'LO latlcnal Ionor ocletv 'LO Jamie 'There's only one bov for m ' Drum Corp '57 '38 '59 '40 Office Staff '58 '59 '40 Glee Club '57 '58 '59 '40 Kennel Staff '40 AA, nTh1nking you're thinking is no s1gn you're thinning 'run Corp 'LO Clee Club Q no Q 39 '40 Lone EC Club ' O My hea t is ever at your ser vice Orchestra '59 '40, Glee Club k Mixed Chorus '57 '58 '59 '40 News Staff '40 ,Q-v-4-ev..,0ff.a 'Because she says DOUHIHS is mo sign she has nothing to say ransferred from Sprlnbfleld ' Nels taff ' g,,,,,,4Q,754'-66. 'Old Man Rhythm's Step daughter W Drum Corp '59 '40, Glee Club k Mixed Chorus '57 '58 59 4 , National Honor Society '40, Senior Play '40, Kennel Staff '40 I ' I ,f' 1 Q. , .vw X B - - - 3-l-3 - H '+" 4. 5 I 1 - u . . - f 1'l3LF2l ' 9-'40 -:E C ' A ' 9- ' 'i',,i. .,.,tm-.,a 1 N - A - Q - LC , 5 I"S. 140.10 V5 ---1 - ' , A ' ' lf , f'-I . ia -y3 .- - 53' ' " 4 '39-'4o. Hone Ee. 'l b-'40, 1 x :.- ' ' ' ' e.' S - - - - . F. F. A. - - 40- Q-ty - - - 0 'Q n - 7 . 4 ' mx . , .N if in ' ' 1 I R ,"- 1 A ' - ' ' w f' ,, " Cn .-'37-'Bo-' - . 1 , we W ' - . - 1. . K H73 ' e ' 1 i , 5 5 .1 " 'YW W 7, 1 - P1 ' . ." ' -F in - . Q-V'-.',1 Q - - - I A? - G I " J, , ' ,x .Il f .- .. T . G . - . ' 9 - 5 -1- , ' ' 1.0. J - Lo. - - . ' A -1 - p s 1 1 V' I v ' - - , . t , -'z,o. 35" 4 7 ,' u iv , - 1 - ' .ll , . . p J' - B QQ--57-'.V-'3 - 47. 7 n N in ' - - rf- 5 - - 5 - . Glee 'W' U - - -' -' 0 ,C 1 --. - . sax -4 -9 V - .- . 9 -U3 , . . ' -. ' i - - 'He never had but one idea and that was wrong news Staff 40 Kennell staff 40 Football '59 ' Club a. one '39 '40 40585186 :57 :SB '39 '40 Basketball 39 39 '40 Orchestra '40 WH, 'H s life is busy and earnest ' Glee Club K Mixed Chorus '38 '39 '40 'Seventeen years and no ign 01 wear N A '38 '39 '40 Pre 1 dent of F F A '40 Judging team '39 '40, National Honor Society '40 'Little Big Shot ' Glee Club Q Mixed Chorus '37 '38 '39 '40 Band '37 '38 '39 ' A '3 '3 '39 ' 'Tall dark and dumbfounded ' 38 '39 ' JRM17 ' farmer lad is he F F A '40 blee Club k Mited Chorus '37 '39 '40 if yy' M yin' TP' 9? 1 YN17 'They say She is always in the 'Jo King' mood Kennel Staff '40 Drum MHJOP 158 139 140 Orchestra '37 '38 '59 '40 Library Staff 59 '40 Home Ec Club '40 olee Club ar cm 57 '38 '39 '4O Senior Play '40 Nat ional Honor Qocm ty '40 'Red hair is the Plft of the immortal gods Glee Club R Mixed Chorus '37 '38 '39 ' 0 N yvn, .fQY'4iLd7 'Blondes may come and brunettes nay go but redheads will never dye ' Glee Club R Mixed Chorus '38 '39 '40 Cfzyrv 23754 'I'm young and innocent but Kennel Staff 'LO Drum Corp nom h Clu ' ee Club Q tho 'LO Deb te Squad 'LO SGHLOT Play 'LO N1tlOY8l Honor Society 39 'LO 7 She must have been a beautiful baby to make such a beautiful al News Stuff '40 student Coun cil '39 '40 Pres Girls League '40 Senior Play ' Office Staff '39 '40 Drum Corp '39 '40 National Honor Society '40 new 'She thinks twice before she speaks and fren BUYS PICHCV Kennel staff '40 lee Club Ch0 '95 '59 ' C Drum Lorp '39 '40 senior Play '40 Natlonal Honor soclet, '59 '40 I ." fl -. .VV - - - . 'I f ' . - f -- - . - Q ,-v - - - - - t . h - i ' , .A-'- , - 1 - J , :au -. - - L X - - 4 . D - . M '-,swing ll i . xA '.1f A J F. F. . - - , 8 - ' ' o n o , yy' " ,V L ',l ' ' have a desire to be devilish.u '38-'39l'LO.-W e 'C. b- LO. ' ' Gl - ' .-'37-'3Q-'29- 40. F.F...- v- 3- -40 '- " -v - , 1 ' on J7PZ I v D 7 U S -W F. F. A.-'7 - - 40 - , - - .' . - 40. A ,. ,Qs L .., x 4 .N . . .- , ' we xv, '-'flmi '4'- G 0' - w ' H ' W- - . ' 47 X K IIIIIX I NA happy d1S7OSit1OU 1 u gi of nature' sw 9 Qwiifuffmjf I d n't know nuttin' see don't know nuttin' ' L ff 140 Glee Club 3' gn Band '37 U33 13-I, '40 Kennel zisv 'ss '59 '40 Staff '40 News Sf--iff '40 I The llttle minxster Library Staff ' Sense and Nonsense Ag ix 33 QW Fav! 'A sober youth wlth a solemn phi? he eats his grub, and minds his biz F A V O Basketball '40 MZ nconsciou evs Staff LO Glee Club Q Chorus 39 Senlor Pla5 x RFI lllklllli hr 4.. lil Tom rs PT9S16SHt ro M1qSOUT1 Hof me Jac uellne Iodler V106 Dre llent he suye can trinv the tovether 5 'K JUHIOT 4l1tOH Looke A156 t lou can't aluay Uett Wheat tell Greater P1TlS than I have lived buf I doubt ll 1 Charles iurney 'Here one W 'i ,J inf Pe,pv1eve fogle Secretary N vyorth is ngt measured 1n 1HChSS Harold Vorrester TredSur9T Cmoky' 3193 fuk' ...Hi G1 dy Oldham U oh boy, h o J' Russell Jones A llttle learning is 4 ddn5erous thing, Russell's harmless Josephine Zinn W appiness is a habit, she's cultivnted it H DDQ fm mf SJT7' JHHIOT Glpson M11dred Rimner look out here I c me N not fise but otherwise Elizabeth Dustman Powa d BGSU? 1 , The brlpht lights are no lure for her W 9 learned it all in ten ea y essons J D williams Yathleen McClure X ' - Hi.. A any I ig 'K S ,X i ,K K, l A,A,k ,, . 71 ., T , "L . ll fi , 'S -- ' , ' J f-' ' ' vvq M.. :- ,,, - ---SA .'. rv , , L - , ii G ' Q? ' -- ' -l s'f' ,, . Us ' - S , H , .H U . f ' - ' x l -sf, S A . ' 'L . , Q5Q.Jk gi ,Ff I js, , vi- fw- .. .y Q . ' ., .fu K M , I -,M f . f""' we ff, , A -nw.-M 5 f W nz? "if 2 4 .4 Y , ,X . ' A ..9A, be' - new y mi W , . A e n fe r M 1-an 'X -l . , . . E 5 Q v . ' u , , ' X., X' ull x. ' S ," BOY, O I OT 0 I U 1' . n ' , . . . ll v- ' s Q.: "" ' . Cl 19 . , H ' ' ' 's . 339 'V 117' 'f V A 9' 7 : an , I ff W C Q. 4-I my i A y "w, P. A. , , , , . 1- , . . C ' ll ' Y' Q . H ' ' l Q X , ' VI ' , H vv 3 Q d 'The second ma or of Je k1ns A g1rl that can't be C0919 Thel A Acams t veq 5 rouse coule oe so rulet font orc Love Po west, xounv man, e t IX - " f as if ig I -v' ,, Robert Burnev Bonaoarte et H15 best nas Pobert never as Hood Frances leryuson Maybe I'm gust dumb etty Meson ' C M mma, why don't the wen propose Uorotht Faffa mo hear her qulet voice, one would never Know ' 'ene Nawlor Sure and steady 1ll ,pau 3 X Clyde nubanks 'He paddles 115 own canoe Cvoen lost Ruth Ho erton Ie's a shlek :here Jrls are concerne 'Ju t a little t1m1d9 arworle Nelnan Marcus Sheldon ' ' ited all my life and am stil' waiting T ose dlmples sure get around I ve wa 44' Xnnette Day T ce me as I Joe Nilk I find fnowledge no orothy Fulks Noisy llke a mouse at nn- ,rf hi Harry Earnhart Hairless Joe b Betty Jo llis u-'den I-'nows vhat she knows :hen she knows it B11ly Wavis 'Great oaks Iron little acorns grow ' 'f 1 - I 'W I - . V , '- "- f f - - -- . ' as w 's ' Q A' N 5 .F -K I . - v I, ' ' J f X, Q X. f - Q . , ' 1 F , ,Tn V 1 F' T' 1 'TIG Q A .. ' ' L -" u A ,' A ' H ,, k C as V' v P 4 . l A "., 5 AJ, . go s ." W . ' . , lla ' .YI 3 ' .,- H,h, 2 - . M H J I V' I Y' . , A I !E.m?, , A -'T ., lx , f ' . A, , - 9 D :' A ' ' H - n ,A 1 f - ' X . O: ' A h yy.: ,EA . v Y du' V S . . 'uv M Q ' vy 4' ' A " h ' lv N - ' ... , , Q F in I ,, Q a- gl g ' 3' l ghwi , l'4' ,fs .ln l I - ne V 5: am." u .rv l S -- W I ," n , -A --.. N . . . . . . D rl - N ' , . 1 ' - - klllll 4 Noema DIXOH Oh that eyebrow ' Frank Burn y Thls 1S the other N Mary Thurman They say she makes love 1H her sleep Wilma Jean Greene We shall live to see her name 1n the poet's hell of fans W 'K 2 Dean Robertson what uifference he'd h1ve maee 1U Grandma's llfe Geraldlne Brown eelf explanetorv WISE W1 e and othervl e 401-ilk rdf 'ful' -fr Yr Jay Wl1COX 'Small but H1 hty Tdward Payne Lillle Wllson Qnny Roy W Chatterbox Elene McConnell paul 211111 H ove 1S blonde fortune favors fools W1lliam Kenyon 'Never talks unless he's made to ' 14011186 Stfmdefer Ruby Mae Keith I am mvself and proud of it HOrder now for ChT1StmBS W Clarence Bremer Carl Regehr uMen of few words are the best men Secret and self contained and solitary as an oyster Paullne Sanders Here comes the br1oe ' I i L l 1 H ' .,1 r a . C A . ' ' - n S u ' ' - ' . vw r- - A . vv H . ' .N NJ C- ' rv ' S . - V ' S . 'V ' N, M'Qkl 5 I , ' 1 . L K A . R Vt' gg? L: H W -nn ! -X f .-f xxx Na- X e Q X, . ? Q "' 35 el 1 . 5 5 We X 31511: mg , vv ' D , H H . . 5 . ' o is M 0 ,. VIL ' . Iv "H Q L. n. e ' l v , ' ' lv . 0 rl . vl - H . 0 n rv ' I .1 fa 'vw NQBQ I Lillian Acree Jacx Walters Goc's gift to Uorothy Frovnholtz Q .rc I 0 IN cvs tb' Bob Summers the women W Dorothy Burnaugh sweet young thlng Watch out, curves aheao Charles Emhoff Take out h1s teeth and see what he's not W it ttle lady, small but wlzhtv Clyde Strain He th1nks and thinks once 1n a while W D L Frances LeMaster av ynn am Hang on Hold t1gnt" The cavpus wldow Robert Smlth Mary Pachlhofer W A mass of genu1ne manhood ' Dorothy Sue White WPrim as a rose.u Gene Reid uThe m1SSiHg link.n Helen Hewitt 'Ca1m, cool and collected. 'Modest but full of insplrations Charles Treat 'I love my gals, but oh, you kidln Mary Virginia King NMartha Rave's closest r1val.' Roland Ruckman W WThe pool hall k1d.' -W 1 1 AA, 4? A -,,, M 4', X we ttf 3. ' , Ay U' 5 Shanghai Lil'N Hrne little boy with the big bra1n.' H N Q ' nA ' 5.11 wk, nA -L A L A . .N ' . 2: A . ,. H n .' B UNIX 'uf fav len' Virrunia avis Berber may c ne and vo, but my halr poes on WThat almond e ed beauty forever ' Harold Short Jewnne Kelthlev mires Pirls at a dlstdnce umie leaves the lirhts on Leona Thurman Fux nrashers ' flciency 15 her rotto ed hfaded br1l1iance W Oren Wlse Weitha 'acke Y Odest QS Justlce 'Columbus discovered kmerica so whatou Mary 0lf11'1b91'6'e1' 'knna Lee Conway North her weight in gold till waters run deep L' U Hilton W Warren Gwaltney 'What Care f0I' WOT'-ily Pleasures Quiet actions nroduce an act1ve mind " M Porter williams Bernard M815 If silence were golden he should be WA farmer lac is he, but he knows his techni milliona1re.W CB11t16Sf flberta Hierholzer Angie Marie hvans Hlf Vou Want 3 blonde, herels Alberta.u nP1ctures of does both big and small make her note book more interestlng to all.n SIWIIO QIIIIZO ,.. pa .LW Af V.: 1535. + Q' N :P 1 ' lL ,U-15. T7 3k"1S' V, 'ss -IU' 31' .l XL 41- 'use-' 9. "s Q27 v.,,, no " -N z Junior McCallister, Helen Garner, B111 Maynard, Harriet Fly, Charles Llovd, Roe Theta MCCf8l11S, Oscar Faucher SX ir-I June Gray, Lewis Giester, Dorothy Loy, Frank beigrist, Edith Ross, James Wilson, Frances Loving Stanley Brewer, Nancy Williams, Marjorie Wishon, Bill Bierer, Dorothy Phillips, Richard Elliot James ohipman, Viola Wolfe, Le Ray Berry, Ellzabeth Stark, Robert Wharton, Margaret Davis, Leroy Nichlos Bobby Doran Fay Armstrong, Julia Ann Harris, Nylene Blades, Geraldine White, Lulleene Talburt, Emmett RIURUOHB Mary Jones, Grace Hansen, Jack Patterson, Margaret Basham, Bill Perriman, Ester Rat Clifte, Geraldine Wilks. O K Ill! ah. Nu 'L x51 .5 une' 'Nr S, ' 3' lb 1 Gain l ev ',,. 'sf if .,., 'V Y 4.1-'ke -ik an 'irv' 45 JE nf v-...ff Ci' 'K 5 -ar Y-7 Lola Dene Biddlecome, Marvin Hawley, Rosemary Hewlett, Bay Provence, ehirley Kelly, David Burke, Verna Forrester Loris Gross,Lloyd Alleger, Frances Feath, Jirpil Lackey, Imogene McDowell, Bud Eu banks, Jaunita Morris Reitha Hillhouse, Ralph Shoemaker, Louise Dunning, Jimmy Muench Kathryn Gardner Gene Nilliams, Amy Berry fi Reitha Ruckman, Kenneth Palmer, Edna Jacques, Billv Roach, Ruth Boyd, qerbgrg Johnson, Betty Rose Taylor. T D 'ur fs Q' Bobby Florer, Margaret Williams, Bobby Lane, Virgrnia Morrison, Loren Hill, Bonnie Jean Ellis, Meredith Conway. Maurice Clopton, Jack Ginn, Clinton Maxwell, Mildred Wilson, Charles Denchfield, Lavina Nae Fly, Gerald Nhite. Edward Rucker, Maggle Helen Berry. . F .l, , 5 'QV f ka 'ki A 1 ' , u ., E I .. af 3, . -I A K. , 1 X-42, , Gifs' Q 0 r : :B . ,, - 0' v . ' ' 4 6 r, ' g , . - Q, r ,Y ! if tqxwyf 1 A. I f -5 . x l - , gy f 4 I A W -E gp, A- e J? sid T 3 '. kr 45 lw B E fi will 3' . -'fi Q.. ,fill ' My L ihh. 'L 1 Q ' 'MI 0- fri A M a H ' 5 , E -Q ' , X , ,rex -1 R, L if! 9 A my x L I Q ' sf - g G A ., n M Q 'f av ' A rl 1 1 M . 2 ,X . 4 A 21, 5-we I i, V, ,, ' ii? In "- ':."" av' V1 . ii hr A 3 Q' , 2 f F! , , R M M . 4-YJ W, Y Q ' ' I O I Ill NIV I K 10 'N T "' X ,,A , , W V f , 9' -. 1 N4 1. Y, J Q W 5 , g d 7 a u I ' I I W df 5 1 I . I l l 1 J .1 ??f'f7f a X f i .,W,. J 6 A .. , i J ' 'E - My fur z If , V, Q1 L , . ., .1 S x 'V17 ' d A RI l Y 'G W, e av I 44 .-'Y 4 ,I P5 F ' ' ,ga. V wx li E Q Q 4 i.-?H h,1 Vqlyl 5 Q 3, 5 f g LEA 9 AVQ- no Q A J , J 'I' r ,fi uv y , e :Q A J J J . . 4 I 4 01 sv Eid' ! J! 3 Q . 1 , ,N arf' Q! Y ve'- ' ' 153' nga - ' ' J ly, " , . 4- ' ff? 5.1.42 .ffl - - 95 W ' L U l 11 , ,wk iilfgxtk . ' ' i g F, AL Q 9 sv- v--? V AL. I 'K -v A-BK -I sl lst Row Joan Sayers, Don Atkisson, Mary Jane Seburn, Burnell Todd, Lucille Hubbard, Charles Burk 2nd Row Alta Oglesby, Bobby Reid, Mary Alice McCubbin, Norman Penfold, Lois Harrington, Richard Hamlin 5rd Row Danny Wann, Martha Lou Jones, Paul McCracken, Marclar Dowdy, Raymon Ables, Juanita Bell 4th Row L D Faucher, Juanita McC1 re, Billy Ozbun, Virginia Henderson, Junior Taylor, Frances Pritchard 5th Row Dorothy Kenyon, Charles Jones, Venice Meadows, Floyd Thurman, Marie McCann, Bob Sheldon. Ill IS Qs po-vi' Qrr Ah? Q9 qv ,X V"Y',g sf- "-x.,-fc Y Qc 'Mx aaa? lst Row Geneva Hillhouse, John Russell, Anora Holt, Frederick Payne, Bernice Fawcett, Robert Hierholzer , Wilodyne Graham 2nd Row Stella Mae Carr, C A Stockton, Howard Smlth, MGIJOPIG Haffa, Cecil Hart, Betty Jane Potter, Marlon W1lKs 3rd Row Tommy Tunnel, Mary Cornell, Wlllls Sullivan, ChPlStlDB Shoemaker, Max Hensley, Nad1he Calhoun, Nelson Arney 4th Row Florence Farquhar, Billy Ga1nes, Dorothy Jane Davis, Chester McCann, Jackie Lee Williams Allce Lloyd, Charles Barnes. Sth Row Junior Dowdy, Gloria Gouge, Lester McCann, James Smith, Richard McCla1n, V1FQlHlB Jones, Burl Taylor. if 1? . Q Q U I X gm K All ' . I 2 ffl. V , , - K' as 1 3, , . A K Q I gk f i e - fwfr ,- ws' qs, r v 1 i?flEgw't 'f f F I mm, Q V: V hrvr Agn' A fc v Q Q 1 x. S IIII. I 1' ., , V, Q . ., 2 , J t - 4? ' "V Gi, - V, .J ,J A va A , m .2 ,.,. A - .3 , : N v.f'i,'sw i i p L K ' X 1 il fb , Q A gas? yu ., Six -fl A V , xx., 1,1 . QV X ' fa - A il' he 9 sa 2 -f FQ' 3 'Q .. , xg x...,,.,. W 1 A -, V xt' fl I K lllll A al sn S i 4' .sr qi 'ff --f .fl N' iQ gg ?'N eu in fu... van! "" 0- 9 S-NJ 5 in lst low Dan DOHlC8, Wanna Tribble Ban Angelo, nova Wrxter, Charley Nelson, Nellie Crawford, Richard balnoun 2nd Row Lois Hollingsworth, Oral Pampbell Imogene Berry, Eugene Conn Virginia Hill Stanle Hensley, Juanita Berry 3rd Row Delbert strain, Billy Dodd, M1ldred Forrester, Marie McClure, Eleanor Plane, william Allen, Tilford Gregory. 4th Row Jack N1lliams, Jaunita Nicham, Willa Dean Bradley, James Lewis, Thelma Seigrist, Edith Regher, Olive Evans. 5th Row J. J. Stratton, Barbara Cherry, Wanda Writer, Clifton Gunnels. :,. Qa. v is : Y ' -J 1-I ., -i. ""9 v ' ,Q-. A i Vf , ' , . ' J gsv:,.5.v ff ' " - A 1 2 I' -.Y ' 4 di f -r- 2 3 " -2 qi A I ' I : V- T sw-' . Ax, . - I ,rv B . I .4i?? X - . I A 4 4 1 s. 11: A . l " A 'M so . 'am -. A els.. d l' +- A , . , K - a .Qu , A Q, I 4 L ,A 9 1 G9 - I . , v A t Q A ,. ,var . y, fi D . V D yr X t n a M li Y -for . . E . , V H . . . -J 1 1 I y Q o 4.-2' 99' fbs 1 IABII Iko?l5lPll Ill Harlan Stark, Teddy Morris, Patty Gott, Sue Ables, Betty Loy Juanita Eddington Mary Lou Underwood Vivian Munday, Betty Jones Harold Pulp Roy Provance Willie Young, Ruth Gwaltney, Marie Rimmer Josephine White, Marie Green W J Hollingsworth, Clyde Peterson Helen Richardson Kathleen Berry, Jirginia Tettenhorst Beatrice Young, La Verne Arnwine, Edward Werdein Jr eprague Teddy Wilson J W White Jim Gold, Lanette Adams, Helen Crous, June Ruhl Maxine Newcome, Elwin Crumrine, Richard Snyder, Teddy Christian O A Dameron Betty Fly Jack Cochran, Dorothy Hobbs Betty Lou Smith Dora Mcvey Ama Jean Cosper Billy Fulks Bobby Mason Jr Wilks, Billy Snied Paul Rushabaugh Bob Lee McKinley Dale Lucky John Gold 'Gem "' sr, 23f'Q9?' 'wif 2125993 Q 5" , MQ ' ' Hnvf,h ff FRANKLIN TEACHERS L. Buford Thomas, principal, Lorena Ward, Helen Heagerty, Jessie Robinson, Ethel Gardner, Roscoe Hamilton, Freda Miller, Irene Coleman, Aileen Cobb, Blanche Smith Head, lary Frances Patterson. Y fa 41, 'Cl - , ,Y 13 3 JS 4'-fr D G v ,S 4 ."' 5 M .fy ,,,A. -Q .1 .ll l5l.l. JDM IDI!! IIIE John Winds, E. Parks, James Gross, Daniel Driesel, Olan Kleeman, James Payne. Carl Hadley, Warren Bond, Billy Jones, Darrel Green, Eugene Jones, Morris Lee, Kenneth Wise. Walter Eleey, Laura May Mcwhirter, Ima Gene Hartley, Marie Wallin, Sarah Jane Clayton, Nina Wise, Clymenla Jones, Shlrlene Gregory. Betty Davis, Lucille Hilton, Melba Dene Shackleford, La Verne Dunning, Virginia Mae Kelly, Clarona Prunty, Betty Jean Smith. 4. F s. A fn . K 8 .N J Q , 6 1'-' . V , gf' Q. -- egg fi wg Q V W -ev ' 4' L e"' ' A ni Av A R' LOWELL TEACHERS Ewell Thurman, principal, Opel Dopson, Hazel Gardner, Haidee Smith, Margaret Deerdorff, Grace Gardner, Katherine Jones Elaey. Sit ,g, 'QYJ ,1'!, , T ' It H41 , 13.51 ,TJ A ,I 1 if We fuk A i X zz 3 ' 'EG Nga 3 . 'X 'v 5 I Z I' ' ' asm' 1 Bill 5. S 'K Q '--1-an-,.f IA lm V12 Q 'ass ?'i .1-f 1 ip f 15 f 'r l ,yn ffm' ff . . -s . 41 sy '35 K e af SA 5 'F Q ' bf f 'Em X yawa y 1 I a y x . 1? f ',x , l Q, I tux . , . 'Q 9 , , . , ,... . 3 mm 'Z fl ' V 4 gli R. V 'g , 39, .f 'Q-L C f . -gg , , b up L .. A f -' P5 1- 1 Y. 6 J '-2 - . . if ' 3 fr A , . . . x x 5 X 1 . 1lll lllllli IH WI! lt-'F lst Row rv- 1"-ggmii FOOTBALL SQUAD wxxqg Muench, Stockton, Provance, Berry, Hamlin, Burney, Strain, Elliot, White 2nd Ron -vaQg ih:W2 'vw' -A 1'-r-m'S.v Young, Mason, Williams, Smith, Sprague, McCal1ister, Robertson, Zinn, Burney 3rd Row Coach Cherry, Kenyon, Thurman, Bray, Sauer, Kelley, Williams, Jones, King, Doran, Coach Haseltine I Ill II CHI WX .1 af' T KHorse3 mccamlisie fs we1E',U L1-ed YeArS lem Ill Ill ll! 5 34341 rikku sv Q-x -v qfiv., My Q64 Robert KSheaJ Smlth A Welght 130 Years lettered 2 Gdle ,yel ght 'Sf35b9 Sauer ears lettered Henry lHankl w11l18.!I1S weight 160 Years lettered 3 4.3.6 4' 1 fn 1 Q5 T JFK! 1 if ' 1 fri ' x il , M i A Q -Q Q, if :vig J. 35, 1 " f-ff wgleglffunctionj K Q-, fi' 2 Max L Cherry Coach Martln Haseltlne Franklin CBusJ Williams Assustant Coach weight, 135 Years lettered I. WW 3 gasoil Yea, 185 ine Buddy in y y B111 101111113 S lettered 2 Welght YES Duns weight' 13 ed 2 peer Years lettered 3 Years le . lf ,Mlll V 7 . V. W' ,,,.1N,, ' ' - 4' Q5 if: 4 4 1. ' vw l 1 ' 1 ' H .1 ef 'I I K' ' ' . . 'I " -'B x " Yi 4 . , A A - . , , 35 z.. ' ' 6, " ii: . X w- 1, ' K , -" ' ' N H fm- A 1 , ' " , a-'1'x" . iw, . f Fvfl fkkhf-.,A ig X, we T ' N ,iff 4-jd-52 .K- ,. " -.'. ' 4 , . ,, . in Q, '- . is A " i, V LV X d ay:- , . . 1 ,- ' 'L . " ' L, wk- ' v 1. W' ' - i . ,e -' 74 zefrfwfgiffrfgrf f , , , M s , N, ,..,.w , ' . , , ' ' -'-'Si ,.".,1',: 1 " "if l"' ' .' . - . - L l . ' L"'S:s:1.15 KS- "':'i"'- --e-""'I44?f " h , . ,A . ., 1 .- - ' u I I ' ' va A 1 Y - TT- " " . 5--1 -,2 -- is Q ' f f , I E ' In ,-.,, . 9: , ' ' 'f fn , " . A , . " U A H k . . ...M .. 1 A 1 X . , ,M . ,- f V 1 . -- . . Y ,- 4,,bzr'f1'?',fr. ,,22gQqlg'f'. Y ' ., we. H 'fi .w , , ' :silt " ', , ,y K ' . .' xi, f,V,.x,' ' Wy ,V 'Fw , A ' Q .J V 'S A , I ll Il NIA VIN Ein kin P5555 '!'f:ff-my 1-N Kelly Jack l'I'w1gJ Sprague W 141 ,Raymond Kigxgbbe gfeightl E20 d 2 15:31 5111-fggdjgenyon e Qieghtlettered ears ere ars lettered l 4' 1 4,4 5 L 49 Russell musty! .Tones Weiglt 175 Years lettered 1 Charles CRepeatl Burney Dean lPooch7 Robertson Weight 155 Nelght 150 Years lettered 1 Years lettered 2 Fifi' Harold fO1j Zinn fl B orl Ygelfgtl 155 my G KSweet Potato! White Pai1hiTu!i7O ettered 2 Weight 11.1 we is legtered Years lettered 1 Yea A . L ' 5 X X' ,. "1 R A e 1 Q :Q 1 sb 4. .,, . U e , e. e , ' f , g . . ' ' . ' ' ' ' wg A ' w.-E . . 'N ' L' 'ss i - fi A. i --1 H2 -- U em-- ll -- , . 'Wa I , . N 4 ,V , ., . e ,e I 'VL 4 , '50 + f, . . L i1.f "'1'f,ft.-f ' ,"" ' ' 4 . ' JV f , L- .f 9- I u- ,v I 5 . V wh-, U Q. ' U ' -- --1 BASKETBALL A TEAM I PLAYip henry Liliiaxs bus Williams Raymond Kelly Eddie oauer Billy Mason Jack Ginn Edward Jacque Ist Row-- Henry Williams, Bus Williams, Raymond Kelly, Eddie Sauer. 2nd Row-- Coach Cherry, Bill Mason, Jack Ginn, Edward Jacque. nBn PLAYER Robert Smith Gerald White J. D. Williams Clyde Eubanks Floyd Thurman Bill Perriman Warren Gwaltney TEAM POSITION Guard Guard Forward Guard Center Forward Center BASKETBALL B TEAM lst Row-- Robert Smith, Gerald White, J.D. Williams. Bud Row-- Clyde Eubanks,Floyd Thurman, Bill Perriman 3rd Row-- Coach Haseltine, Warren Gwaltney. 18 -96 in uL1-ll. Forupr. Jenter Forward Guard Forward FOFW1YC Guard .Q 4:- 1115 5 U? p.. 7, ' MQW T3 J! 'rfb-", A , -. ,ww ,x,f.-4-H feb ... A--' f-r ' --,,?' A . af' N . -'-- ,Su ,-lr-'f'7. -'QW -' .f,. ,' - . . - fv, ff Q D Q foo4Q,fa".," ' -an-"Mai,-",,,. '-Q' I .-11, -W . v - ..,ar"' 4. 1 J " -'SI'-.1 Thanksgiving Game - Aurora HAH GameS OPPONENTS Alumni Pierce City Webb City Nevada Monett QConJ Crane Neosho Monett CNonP Crane lTourJ Purdy Galena Seligman Mt. Ternon Branson fTourneyJ Blue Eye Seymour Nixa Sch.of Ozark Spokane Mt. Vernon Lamar Carthaye Joplin CTourneyJ Monett Joplin Webb City WHERE PLAYED A.H.S Aurora Pierce City Aurora Nevada Aurora Aurora Neosho Monett Crane Crane Crane Crane Crane Branson Branson Branson Branson Branson Mt. Vernon Aurora Aurora Joplin Joplin Joplin 51 41 55 55 25 58 54 55 21 24 54 25 17 48 57 56 25 45 29 52 27 29 22 29 v Qi Aurora vs Monett . OPP. . 1 1 1 l8 25 58 52 26 16 22 57 l8 25 27 10 19 12 44 26 l6 29 28 52 59 24 55 26 BIG EIGHT Aurora Carthage Lamar Nevada Mt. Vernon Webb City Monett Neoeho STANDINGS IN FOOTBALL WON LOST TIE 6 1 O 4 3 O 5 2 O 5 1 1 O 6 1 2 5 2 2 3 2 l 6 O 42-22 - Aurora vs Lamar GOLF TEAM Jack Sprague, Henry Williams, Howard Bagby, ciyae strain THE HAH CLUB The 'A' Club was first organized n 1915 for the purpose of establish- ng a better cooperative spirit between he boys and the school. In order to be eligible for mem- ership in the HA' Club, a boy must ke part in a fourth of the games layed during his school year. The length of time for initiation l s decided by the club members, but it nnot exceed e week. At the end ot his time the coach administers the A' Club oath, and then the boy 1e.a ull-fledged member. The club was reorganized this ear. The officers selected by the embers are: Buster Williams----President Buddy Young -------- Secretary Treasurer GOLF TEAM The Aurora High School golf team le composed of Howard Bagby, Henry Williams, Jack Sprague, and Clyde Strain. The Aurora team participated in the Oarkamo meet at Springfield, which was won by Springfield Senior High. We defeated Bolivar, Mt. Vernon, Webb City, and Carthage, we were defeated by Springfield Senior High and Greenwood. Then came the big event of the year, the big eight golf meet held at the Aurora golf course, which was won by the Aurora team. This team consisted of two Juniors and two soph omores, the team in the new season has the same four lettermen back and has an excellent chance of winning the crown again. 'A' CLUB Charles Burney, Robert Lee Smith, Billy Mason, Jack Sprague, Buddy Coach Cherry, Henry Williams, Paul Zinn, Dean Robertson, Gerald Coach Haseltine, Russell Jones, William Kenyon, Junior McCal1ister, Raymond Kelley, Buster Williams, Joe King. 17 tr .lei rrs 'i h Cheer Leaders Kenneth Lepp Dorcas Newberry Dorothy Snyder Tommie Clopton PEP RALLIES There were two rallies early in the season on the nights preceding the Mt. Vernon and Carthage games. These were held with energetic yell leaders and many 'inspired' students and teachers. There were short pep assemblies before all the other games, either in the school or on the front steps. The biggest and most enthusiastic rally of the year was held November 22, the night before the Thanksgiving Day game at Monett. A majority of the students met at the armory and with a small band leading the way, a snake dance was formed and proceeded up and down the main street. On the corner of Madison and Olive, the crowd halted and listened to students teachers, and townsmen as they urged the team to victory. Then a Monett player in edlgy-was carried in as the band played its own conception of a funeral march. Without the usual sadness, he was placed in the middle of the street, the last rites were delivered, and he was burned amid the sounds of singing and cheering by the students. HL U F 1 September 22 the Aurora Iivh U hool Houn' Do s opened the 1939 footbill season bv 1nVHdlH the Mlewl, Oklahoma, 'ar U0 s Thls season the Houn's were nlaylnp uch stronver teens ln thelr non conference anes than thev had 1U many year lhe Iiaml var Do,s we e fdVOT1D9S becau e of tuclr record the vear before s was the fir t Ware for rest f th Aura a bows, but they de q 0 Q Out weighed, the boys went down 1U defe t by tho e of 5 to 7 vw v ILL nr 'eptember 29 the loun's ent to lourt 1U Grove, wnnner of tie Ozark Howl held 1n nrlnwfleld 1U 1038 Aurora faln DlCk8d to lose but th s vane was also a non conference va e The ire ma rlaved 1D thf rarn and on a muddy and slippery field A ror lo t by the cor of to UPHSVSXWQWQ October b, the Aurora Noun' lxved thexr f1r t ronference e of the V IOUN' vs WVIADA October 13 Nev na gourneved to Aurora to be defeated 1U a h rd fought gave Vevada d1d not lose another conference ame dUT1HW the football season Aurora won 14 to 12 fQU"s Vs PXQTWXFE October 20, Aurora vent to Cartha e for a Dlght fame Garth e and Aurora were both undefeated and lt was thought that whlchever tear won Chle Wd e would w1n the B15 Elght Ch8'D1OD hip Aurora lost this close vame by the score of 13 to 7 HOUN'C Vs uAqSVILLE October 27 the Uoun's o11ved Ca ville 1D 1 non conlerence ame Auro was the heavy favorlte The ame wa nl yed at Aurora, Nlth Aurora wlnnlng 47 to 12 HOUV'C vs YEBB CTTV November 3, Aurora bl jet Webb lty at Nebb Clty Auroza wa a ein the favorlte to w1n by a lar e score The Ioun's von but not by a large co e Aurora 12 Nebb Clty 0 LCUNVC VS AT VhRIOv November 11, the Aurora 'oun's ct the t Vernon Mountalneers 1D the anrual AIm1at1C9 Day football ame bet een the vo terms Auro a was agaln f1vor1te, but belng the favorlte of this gene doesn't ean much Mt Vernon was ahead at the half 13 to O Aurora came bacx, runnlrg the score up to 32 and noldlng It Vernon scoreless to wln 32 to 13 OUW's VS .AWAR Jovember 17, the doun's were e 11 to play n a ame that meant the champion shlp as far as the football fans me e concerned The fame was to be played at Lamar against the Lamar Tigers Lamar had 5 victories aaamnst O defeats, wnlle Aurora had 4 victories again t l defeat Lamar was the favorite Lamar romped over the Houn's the first half but the Houn s ame ba k wlth thelr second half snirit to amave the Ians, and win the game by the score of 21 to 20 hUUN's VS NUNRTT November 23, the annual Thanksglvrng Day name between Aurora and honett was olayed at Vonett. Aurora nad to Nln if they noped to win the Big Light Champion snip, and Nevada had to defeat Lamar. Wevada defeated Lamar, and Aurora beat Nonett by the score of 19 to O, w1nning the Sig Eight Chambionshlp in football for 1939. It was the first tlme slnce 1934. FCCTNJ 1 RETHME C' 939 . Y , , , . ' ,, sc . fi , f 1 ' ' q , ,'Ag 7 f. 1 U . 3 . . C . 1 m y CA . . - .21 A, L E f ' S. "1 . . .W ,, .. 7 ' H ' .- U ,, , ,. . , u Q, I . Thi s ,'U , 2 .e ' r 1 1 I5 . Q oi fignt. - J ' . . l a ,' n, scor 2 , HO,j S vs MCi'TAlN JXOVE Q .I . , I A Q , w Z . 2, . ,, , 1 '. , SA : , , r was ng. A , i M,r '- - , n . hz, '.s . . ' 2 ' 1 ' . 'u e s .. s e . 29 O. H ,X I JL , ' ,A ,' Suzi, ' 'S t iam ., 39 season with Neosho. The game was played on Helly Field, Aurora winning 34 to b. , 7 I-. A , , ai ' ' L , ' a , J . 1. . F A ,! L . . V . , . n ,n . Jn. .t, -' 1 ' , M . 2? Q . . . , Q . L- ljlm + , mA s . ' . Q . . A A gl u , A A fl ss ' z -: f 5 . ' ra Q ' . V ' S U 3 4 ' 1' " ' . 4 .4 J ,L 1 ' ' f' Q . I :f , . 1 s r , , . , . J U I . "I N Y A ' 1 m' '. M . . ' ' ' - 1 - 1, L., 4-.N 1 tv- 1 - . If ' 5 f ' L, U ' ' V - 1 , . . x A . . f , - A A 1 - ' . w , - ,. M L J I ' nga'. " 1 H - ' - A 1 1- . ,I 1 M T 7 , . 3 A s . -. v - AA x , . ' c E U M - , , , , . , , 'll: ZZQ21 film!! ,Mfm ff ZW ffm lan 4' I ...Al Eeh...20 Q5 vfvfwmy M.a.uah..B QJLJJW fflfwf 122:54 ,cb M414 ?,7?f.dfff4AZ2f Maddy e.,mn.u YM! ,, 27147 M7 WW ii. 1, -ij 1? KENNEL STAFF Kathleen McClure, Eddie Sauer, Billy Mason, Charles Lloyd, Howard Eagby, Junior Gipson, Robert Burney, Howard Bless, Kenneth Reid, Jim Gates, Jacqueline Bierer, Dorothy Snyder, Gene Reid. Betty MCPHSPSOD, Isabelle Dearborn, Joe King, Henry Williams, Silly Joe Winkler, Mary Helen Wharton, Gladys Henderson, Harold Forrester, Buenta Dunn, Dorcas Newberry. Buddy Young, John Hubbard, Josephine Zinn, Betty Plane, Eugene Letterman, Wilmer Hill, Paul Etheridge, Tommie Clopton, Lynn Davis. THE KENNEL STAFF The 1940 KENNEL was capably organized under the direction of the editor-in- chief, Dorothy Snyder, and her assistants, Jacqueline Bierer, and Jim Gates. It has been the desire of this year's staff to produce a book without a definite theme, but one that would convey a true picture of the actual school life of A. H. S. J The financing of the annual seemed an impossible task, but our business staff, headed by Kenneth-Reid and Gene Reid, has done an excellent piece of work. It can be said, that this book would have been impossible, without the assistance that they so ably obtained from the ever willing merchants and pro- fessional men of our town. Miss Eagleturger and Mr. Tripp, our sponsors, have been an invaluable aid in guiding our work, and the entire staff has cooperated to efficiently perform their tasks. Their work is praiseworthy, as it has been done outside the allot- ted school day. The Kennel Staff of 1940 takes greet pleasure in presenting to you this book, which preserves in story and picture many pleasant memories, that other- wise night grow dim and fade away with the years. f U I ID- QQ , 0 . YQ, IPHYPI. NDWQ DTAFF Jorcas Newberry Dorothy Qnyder Bobby Hobbs, Paul Ethridgc, John Hubbard Jim Fates lommie Llonton uowa d Floss, Bill Ables, Wilmer Hill, Hazel Finn Phyllis Hilton, Dora Lee Fun en, J. B. Ample. Library Staff The library staff consists of sixteen student librarians for books and eight for magazines. Three are on duty each period of the dey. Each receives five honor points. The head librarian serves for one semester. The two resuler heed librarians this year were Jacqueline Eierer and Dorothy Fvlks. The head magazine librarians were Paul Eth- eridge end Dorothy Phillips. Heed librarians receive ten honor points each quarter. 1- Iibreriens -re under l .irecti n F the fecul y lib erien. T.ere a-e approximately 5,000 oks in the liars y, e o the Dewey system is used for library classifi- cation. B111 Maynard, Kennetr Palmer fi? 91 i Wilmer Hill, Dean Robertson, Jacqueline hodler, Dorothy Jane Brownholtz, Dick Hamlin, Betty Ann McPherson, Bob Hobbs Kenneth Palmer, Coach Lapp, Hazel Ginn, Frederick Payne, Marvin hawley, Boyd Nise, Bill Maynard, Paul Mctracken .1 W I Betty Ann McPherson, Bob Hobbs DEBATE The Aurora Speech squad started to work at the opening of school, with thirty interest d students reporting for practice During the year, various members of the squad have traveled over a thousandndles, and have competed in over seventy debate five tournaments, one radio dis cusslon protram over K W T O , and two oratorical contests B111 Maynard and Kenneth Palmer won the debate chamolonshlp at the Southwest Baptist Invitation Tournament at Bolivlr went to the quarter finals in the issouri stxte Deb tiny oeague runoff at Springfield and were picxed, as one of the si teen best teams from six states, to compete in the tournament of champions at Drury College Robert Hobbs and Betty McPherson will be the on y ecperienced de baters lost through 5FddUdt10D my 'Q VATIUWAL HUNQR SOCIETY "- A CDAQLEF of the Netlohal Honor woolen! wq e,LeLl1.heh in the Aurora ?1gh School ln l13z. The members of the orgeni4atloh ure chosen by the fqcultx who oo their bent to select pupils that are outstendlng and well- Lallnced in four phhses of school life -- cholqrship, leluership, character and service. Some SLUUEHLL are out- atlnulmg in ull four of these ph1ses, while others may be weak in one or more. To be selecteo a stuoeht should be above average in all four end out- stahuihg in at least LHT68. This year the faculty has selected thirteen members of LHS senior class for this society bringing the total number of m6mb6FSUlp for lv4O to eighteen. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Bobby Hobbs, Betty McPherson, Lucille Hall, Betty Plone, Mary Helen Wharton, Kenneth Reid. Doroth Snider Jil Gates Tucquel'ne Biercr, Gladys Henderson, Hazel y " I1 ,1 . L l Ginn, Paul Ethrldge, Dorces Newberry. John Jones, Boyd Wise, Billy Winkler, Eugene Letterman. I I' ' " s I . 1" 1, qi' , 'll' ,li lf Mp! p WI mlgllll :limi l 11 lm" bm 5 fL'f'Ulif?fTIT CCUTTC Il The stucent council is connosed of the presicent of the student body, e councilor-at-larye, chosen by the students, oresicehts of the lweeues, a representative from each hone room and the hresiuente of the classes. This 'ives a menbershio of nineteen in the council. lhe council et his r adv at all tires fo? YNY Service to the school which might be esked bv any tqacher or administrator. 5 ' The council meinteins e Coe-Cole machine in the hall for tLe ouroose of financine the all-school parties, exoenses of the noon hour faxes equipment, and assemblies. STUDENT CTUNCTL Barbara Cherry, Virginia Jones, Jr. Gipson, Max Eckels, Deen Robertson, Tommie Cloptoh. Joan Sayers, Jackie Williams, Harriet Fly, Emmett Rathbone, Dale Towers, Marjorie Haffa, Charles Mccallister, Henry Williams, Dorothy Snyder, B111 Mason, Shirley Kelley. Howard Bagby, Robert Smith, Edith Ross, Florence Farquher, Franklin Balmas, James Young, Frances Ferguson, Bonnie Jean Ellis, Dorcas Newberry, Hazel Ginn, Jacqueline Nodler. E 1 I lll.S lol.-'EAO Ill! 9-1 1 C Q--1 'Wir Jacquellne BICYFP Hazel Ginn Betty Plone Dorothy Snyder Trpasurer President Vice Presldent Secretary The Girls' League was 9St8bliSh6d 1h Aurora High School in 1932 Every girl in the school is ellplble for membershlp The Girls' League under the sponsorship of Mrs McClure, has meetings twice a month 0 the programs are discussions, music, dramatics, and prepared talks Each girl is given a chance to contribute to the building of the programs At one of the first meetinps she is handed a slip of paper and asked to explain what types of programs she enjoys most, and also what she can do to contribute to them The most important event sponsored by the girls is the annual mother daughter tea, usually held early in the school year Lech year the Glrls' League cooperates in presenting an amateur hour Wlth the boys IIIIYL lol..Al5lll -Q 1- 'ts' Billy Mason Buddy Young Lee Ray Berry Buster Wllllams President Vice Presldent Secretary Treasurer The Boys' League of Aurora High school is an organization of all the boy at A H s under the direction of Mr Loy, dean of boys The Boys' League was organized 1D 1932 Many activlties are conducted 1n Boys' L68gU6 each year The most outstanding activities of the past year lnclude a jO1DC meetlng Wlth the Girls' League, for the purpose of present1ng an amateur hour, the annual Boys' League m1DstTB1, and the father and son bancuet, which is held an ually for the father and friends of Aurora High School boys Officers this year are Bill Mason, presldent Buddy Young, vice president, and Lee Ray Berry, secretary and Buster Williams tree urer The president appointed three committees to carry out the activ ities of the league Chairmen of the com.ittees re Billy Winkler, chairman of the absence comnlttee, Kenneth Reid, chairman of the scho lastic committee, and Kenneth Lepp, chairman of the sick committee v r N ' 4 1 .,, . . XA I . y qi! F . K I t , . .J. . ' . I1 9 I , 0 J 1 . . -' . ' I I ll ll ll :El -j Q ill! - -4 -hr, 3 Sv V s- w V '- g A s . . '. . . . ' , . . . Z1 - S ' A . . . 5 ' A . S - . '5 Q ' A . . - . - , ll Burk, Faucher, Hurt, Payne, Stratton, Tunnel, Smith, Hill. Mr. Tripp, Wilcox, Summers, Smith, Wise, Siegrist, Eubank, Arney, Wilks. Cempbell,Dawdy, Bremer, Treat, Wilks, Hilton, Emhoff, Florer, Hull. Hill, Denchfield, Jones, Nelson, Elliot, Regehr, Hilton, Euhunk, Williams. Wise, Short, Etheridge, Kerr, Jones, Earnhart, Williams, Graham, Berry. Redner, Jones, Allen, Kenyon, Brashers, Jones, Williams, Hillhouse, Lane, Williams, Shoemaker. Williams. Tne dairy judging team of 1953 Q composed of Orville Hillhouse, Paul Etheridge, and Boyd Wise, placed second in the district contest in Springfield and third at the state contest in Columbia. The live stock judging team of 1939, composed of John Jones, Har- old Williams and Boyd Wise, placed first in the district contest held in Springfield and first in the beef cattle judging at the state contest in Columbia. Wise, John Jones. iaul Etheridge, Orville Hill Williams Mr. T 1 . Onse- ' r PP winner Hin, nr. Tripp. B d W-S H ld will- Jay Wilcox Edward Payne, Oren Wise gZeS:lpZQ1 Egger1dge.1ams' John Billy Summers, Charles Emhcff, Carl Hill, Mr. Tripp, charles Em- Regehrf Clyde Eubmk' To To To To To To To HOME ECONOMICS OFFICERS 5 F15 NHIEIG The Aurora Home Economics Jlub is affiliated with the state and national clubs. The emblem of the American Xome Economics Association is the Betty Lamp, a crude oil- burning lamp, which has for many centuries been used as the symbol of learning. Mary Pacnlnofer, Bonnie Jean Ellis, Josephine Zinn Ruby Mae Keith, Leona Thurman, Dorcas Newberry Betty Ann McPherson, Betty Mason, Mary Helen Wharton, Miss Shields, teacher. A Aims and Objectives of the Home Economics Club X N promote pleasant, wholesome social affairs. provide opportunity for experience in carrying responsibility. promote democracy in the school. develop team work and friendship. learn more about the field of home economics, its state and national organizations, and leaders. foster high ideals of and apprecia- tion for home life. take an active part as a club in worthwhile community activities. HOME EC. CLUB . - ie Wilson Ad Edith Ross Betty Ellis Elizabeth Dustman, Lill , g?:2?Seta?25rellis, Jaunita Morris. 'Miss Shields, My Berfyv Virginia Davis Dorothy Haifa, Elizabeth Stark, Verna Forrester. Jean Newcum, Pauline Sanders, Nancy Williams, Betty TBY1OI', June Gray' Vlola wol e' Reitha Ruckman, Annette Payne, Frances LeMaster, Esther Ratcliff. Anna Lee Conway Grace Hansen, Harriet Fly, Maeiffie Helen Berry, 34113 -memes' Mildred Rimmer Jacqueline Bierer, Mildred Wilson, Alberta Hierholzer. Jeannie Keithley, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Reitha Hillhouse, Margaret Davis 'J 4' Band Genevieve, that tilt io jopr Le Q surely yrcvoc Live. we Surely nonld like to know who LL. is behind ehzrlcs's flume. HSkinny,H those drums aren't ever in the middle. Max, you look jurt slightly Wduckv.U Betty, your ton:uc's really Quye, the QQLKSY, 3959, taste kwa, Meredith, come out Tren behind tL,t bass horn. Mr. Loy, tlcre certainly ie ' c1n 1 uncut a uniform. Well, well, it': Mary Helen ngnin. 9"""fv Underwood, Hilton, Conway, King, Jayers, Greene, Williams, LOY, 5taTkv Phillips, Newberry, Peebles, Clayton, Dustman. Hobbs Reid Palmer Conway Adams Wheat Bierer, Berry, Walters, Mc- , 9 1 1 1 I Callister, Sprague, Gipson, Young, Mr. Loy. Brownholtz, Haffa, Hewlett, Hall, Burney, Rathbone, Haffa, Loving, Williams, Denchfield, Hamlin, Hubbard, Fogle. . Loy, Burney, Roach, Dunning, Winkler, Forrester, Baaby, Reid, Wharton, Clo ton Gates P - , Atkisson, Brigham, Browning, Eckels, Wharton, Patterson, TOWSTS, Ham: Clopton. Conway, Plane, King, Roach, Johnson. Frances Ferguson, Ruth Howerton, Jerry Brown, Lola Dean Biddlecome, Jaunita Steele, Betty Mason, Buenta Dunn, Gladys Oldham, Dorothy Snyder. Jacqueline Bierer, Bonnie Jean Ellis, Lilly Wilson, Elene McConnell, Betty Plane, Lucille Hall, Helen Garner, Virginia Davis, Mr. Loy. Jaunita Morris, Reitha Mackey, Betty Jo Ellis, Marjorie Newman, Frances Pritchard, Esther Ratcliff, Jean Newcum, Eileen Norman. Mary Thurman, Betty Taylor, Hazel Ginn, Betty McPherson, Mary Wolfinbarger P-P-r- QV? ' ?.? 5 5 ! L D'gn f ' , V 'Q' We 69 Drum Corp Mr. Loy, don't you ever smile? Jacqueline, can't you keep a straight face? How did 'glamour girl' McPherson get on the back row? What's the matter, Betty Rose? Did a puff of wind come along? Mary Emma, you almost didn't get in. How do you rate the second row, Betty? Did you have a fight with him lagt night, Jean? What! No freckles, Reitha? Jaunita, it looks as if skirtg arg shorter this year. Betty Plane, that's one way to hold your chin up. Qi ,, . JW' Hit agftiy ' -- v ., v Dale Towers, Pauline Sanders, Emmett 'T' Orchestra F:" An orchestra without music. No ,. stands either!! Nho is ne, Genny? Bob, is Nano, amas, nmntu wetting the best of you? r--. There's kenneth, :he Hover-all kid.H Rosemary, it ignvt halloween, is it? Willodyne, all we need is checxers? Wayne, this isn't a glee club. Udoe is me,H snys the Hcumpus wilew.W How can Hlittlon Joe Xing ganare such e oir horn? Kenny, you look just like n cow ---- contented. Geneva, are you happy unlut the whole thing? Rathbone, Jack Patterson, Jacqueline Bierer, Maurice Clopton, Rosemary Hewlett, Robert Wharton, Eugene Short, Bill Bierer, Alice Lloyd, Phyllis Hilton, Geneva Hillhouse, Willodyne Graham. Genevieve Fogle, Dorothy Snyder, Billy Winkler, Joe King, Kenneth Reid, Dorothy Haffa, Marjorie Haffa, Dorothy Loy, Dick Hamlin, Jack Sprague J. D. Williams, Betty Wheat, Tommie Clopton, Frances Ferguson, Gene Rei Don Atkisson, Kenneth Hall, Bobby Hobbs, Jim Gates, Mr. Loy Mary Helen d, Wharton, Dorothy Brownholtz, uae Lynn Ham. , Burney, Bierer, Rathbone, Dustman, Wilson, Loving, McCrellis, Fogle, Greene, Biddlecome, Davis, Pachlhofer,El1is, Hilton, Apple. Hall, Walters, P tt Mixed Chorus Dorothy, were you afraid you wouldn't be seen? Yea-a-a-a, itinkyl Thelma Lee, you didn't Quite make it! Bill, whom are you winking et? Bonnie Jean, that smile looks like e million. Wilma Jean, what kind of tooth :este are you ajvertisini? All set, Lucille? Mr. Loy don't 'low no boogie M n 'round here, Kelty Ann. Up and it 'em, Porter! Eyes front, auth. a erson, Boyd, Heath, Dunning, Adams, Garner, Oldham, Ham, Berry Conway, Ferguson. Geister, Redner, Clopton, Wharton, Fly, Conway, Berry, Wolfin- barger, Mackey, Dixon, Steele, Acree, Berry, Hobbs. Towers, Luckey, Brownholtz, Ozbun, White, Dunn, Payne, Dearborn Florer Shipman Winkler Sprague. Roach, Williams, White, Lockmiller. Fly, Hewitt, Henderson, Hall, Ekhoff B , urney, Earnhart, Jones, Hierholzer,. KSHYO11, McDowell. Ellis, Blades, Morrison, Williams, Plane, Nichols, Yost, Eckels, Gipson. McPher- son, Wheat, Armstrong, Ross, Newman, Wharton, Brown, Williams, Berry, Towers, Hawley, Burney, Mr. Loy. Snyder, Bierer, Williams, Zinn, Keithley, Rucker, Bagby, Doran, Muench, Ables, McCallister. Fulks, Haffa, Hewlett, Loy, Howerton, Keith, Uonway, Bloss, Zinn. Girls' Glee Club Gladys, he'll come back. Or Dorothy Jane. Can't you take it, Rae Lynn? Shouldn't LT. Loy be envied? Want en aspirin, Alberta? Peepinq Tom, or is it peepinr Irene. Dustman, Brownholtz, Morris, Loving, McCrellis, Oldham, Blddlecome. Davis Pachlnofer, Ellis Hilton Brown. Boyd,,Wilson, Heath, Dunning, Adams, Garner, Fosle. Ham, FGYEUSOH, Berry, Dearborn, Henderson, Hall. , Greene, Fulks, Fly, Conway, Berry, Wolfinbarser, MHCKGY, DIXOH, Kelth, Wharton, Conway. ik u qt K w.lliamS, white, Kenyon, Lockmlller, Ozbun, Unite, Phillips, .aYn9, - BT 1 1 Haffa, Dunn, Steele. Hiernolzer. Fly, McDowell, Ellis, Taylor, Morrison- vewlegg, Loy, williams, Ross, Zinn, Newman, Armstrong, EkhOff. Acree. Mr. Loy Snyder,.McPherson, Bierer, Blades, Howerton, Keith, Nheat, Plane. Boys' Glee Club One-hundred men end e sirl!!! Howard, you would be different!! Halloween is over, Junior. That's the sickest smile, Bobby. Ipana, for the smile of beauty, Jack. Take Sal Hepatiea, for the smile of health, Virgil. Trust Bloat to get close to the pianist. That's a cute picture of Jack, Dottie If YOU went to fight, Max, take off your glasses. Have you lost your best friend, Horsey? Harlan, this picture does thines for you. Could the director's daughter have caused your abstraction, Pickle? will he? That last note rust have Rotten you, Imogene, you're a sleeping beauty! Dorothy, thet's one way of keeping a bow--tied on top of your head. Come on and smile for us, Mary Helen. Why the soulful look, Isabelle? My, wh't e pretty smile, Jean. Edith? You're supposed to look at the birdie Williams, nharton, Rathbone, Eierer, Burney, Berry, Florer, Burney, 3prarue, Loy. Nharton, Hall, Ceister, Roach, Luckey, Walters, Jnipman, Yost, Burney. Patterson, Towers, Clopton, Nichols, Winkler, Zinn, Apple, Hobbs. Earnhert, Redner, Gipson, Muench, Eckels. Rucker, Berry, Williams, Ables Hawley, Joran, Conway, Bloss, Bagby, Jones, Clopton, McCalllster. , r I I ,, I Q E 1 h The senior class chose for its play WKicked Out of Colleheu. lhe success of the play was largely due to the work and untiring efforts of their coaches, Miss Eagleburger and Mr. Tripp. It was given Friday, March 29. Bootles Benbow, the most popular boy in college, was so busy with inventing a natent air brake, that he was 'kicked out of college'. Dootles' father ar- rived, and in order to win his father's favor, Bootles introduced his disguised classmate as his wife. His father gave them some money and they moved to Honeymoon Flats, where Bootles finished the air brake drawings. His mother arrived and Bootles' first wife hed deserted him, so there was nothing to do but find and present another wife. At last the truth comes out and Mr. Benbow again threatens to disinherit his son. The agent of the motor car company accepts Bootles' air brake, and he is allowed to re-enter college, and under these circumstances, his father relents. Booties promises them that soon he will introduce Miss Jonquil Gray as his third wife. HKICKED OUT OF COLLEGEU-SENIOR PLAY CAST Paul Etheridge, Betty Plane, Jim Gates, William Ables, Lynn DaViS, Howard Bloss,JaCQueliHS Biefer, Lucille Hall, Dorcas Newberry, Gladys Henderson, Tommie Clopton, Dorothy Snyder, Betty Ann McPherson, Bobby Hobbs . The play 'Dotty and Daffyn was given March 8 by the junior class. The story is concerned with find- ing a rich husband for Mrs. Phyllis Travers- To convince Paxton Belmont tHdL she ls only Z9 years of age, her CBUEULSFS, Dotty and Daffy, were forc- ed to dress as little girls. Their boy friends, twin brothers, also im- personate children and cause trouble for all. Aunt Hester Harley, a man- nater, arrives at th8 time when the house is filled with men. She prom- ised to make Phyllis and her daughters heirs to ner will if they promise never to marry. At the final curtain, we find Phyllis planning to marry Hugh Rand, a childhood sweetheart, and the girls engaged to the twins. This leaves Paxton to marry Aunt Hester, whom he had deserted at the church years before, when they had planned to be married. Wilmer Hill, Freda Young, Gene Letterman, Hazel Ginn, Franklin Balmas, l HDOTTY AND DAFFYH--JUNIOR PLAY CAST Russell Jones, Ruby Mae Keith, Gene Reid, Mary Virgina King, Wilma Jean Greene,Frank Burney, Josephine Zinn, Jack waltePS. Char1eS Burney: Dorothy B,0wnho1tz.L111isn Acree, Dean Robertson. Friday, May 12. That was the day we had all been looking forward to. It wasn't bright and sunny as most tales begin, but it was pouring rain. This was no handicap to the juniors of '39, however. They went right ahead with their plansg and when the seniors arrived that night, they found the gymnasium cleverly decorated to resemble a barn yard. Among the other novelties, were found the typical big red barn with.hay in the door, a split rail fence with a quaint old stile, a wishing well, and two very alive baby goats. lt was indeed a very fine recep- tion and will be remembered always by all who participated in making it such a huge success. ALL SCHOOL PARTIES A new activity in our school, and one that has been enthusiastically re- ceived by the student body, is the all school informal party. The first one, held December 1, was a victory party for the football boys as Big Eight champions. Buss Williams and Henry Williams. co-captains of Aurora's champion Houn's, crowned Dcro thy Snyder the football queen. On February 9 the student council sponsored a Valentine's party for the entire student body. The committee in charge conducted many entertaining and novelty features, including a grand march, matching half hearts with the names of popular songs written on them, pairing off as movie stars, and using big paper hearts instead of chairs in a novelty version of NGoirg to Jerusalem.N On April 5 the last party of the year was held. Numerous games, includ- ing chlnker checks, pinochle, bridge, and several group games were enjoyed by the students. Music for all three occasions was provided by playing records over the public address system. 1 Mother and Daughter Tea 'N The annual mother and daughter tea was held in the beautifully decor- ated gymnasium October l2, 1939. The decorations were typical of an autumn scene. The tea table was the center of festivity, with a bowl of polished fruit and vegetables as the center plece. The Program was presented by girls of the hlgh school with Dorcas New- berry presiding. The home economics department was in charge of the social hour. Soft muslc was played throughout the tea. -In -M3 IHIIIII1 III SBI Ill ll I K I m b 43 k, z . ..'f'-In 4 I , ' 9 7 N Y 5 n 5 43,61 '1g::w" IALI ll Wil lllkl'lll ' W ' Q f " J P I D Lx . a u n f ilu I -9 1. gp-:Q 'wi gg? if I0 1' 'III g wk! 'D'-x 5-fm ,ff bf 1 53 5' S E, X av 41444 H0 T - 2 uf 1 ,.,- .1 ' Fji, V ww ' 'a' Q an 311322 'V .af .3 , gf if , Wk. Wah lf ua J ii' Q ..-f 411 10 fs. -?"N3jSf'f XG 'B N1 A-ee, 1 ,U 514. cfxofffsna mrlo uqu ora aaa mad: lo sszble Ma success 0 IME 7'fenna1 d fo Hmm we aa ful ga em r' ear' loyal supporf' HB C Sfore Hu o a ff afar-I ser ffuro a Jura a ungra Uma ,Hu ora rocsrlj 00 :Huraira fwspafal Hurora fu ber C0 Ben nhl n 5 o Bcmon Sfo 251' 772415 Co Dr C' E Ulyffz Ur J ff Brown Cannad rflacfrcc Ssrmce Coe Cog BOHJLITQ Co .U ff Uaws Dell ard 5 C funn .Urace .Dyis Druq Sfors C1 ff Ed Jmjjles Cafe 730.5 Sermnca Co '75 Hs Sh Wospnfal Ha .1 JNSUFQNCS Ha Chev lei D X W ffsaff if uuemle Shoe Corp Dr F26 fffls y 7'fE7ITlEdyS 73 o er 7'Kl.77 J 1 Wome Dr 7-If farson Jfzzat once Co Maier fzghf-9 Cold Storage Co e u J w fa 0 a fenfmari Sfuchos Heads Shoe Shop ma eslnc .Hour 771111 Cha 116 Warfj Vernon TH Pharson 'md Ulzsf map Co Ralph 'Ulorqcm mum o. 5 Urocar Ojar-H eauhj Par a Gjarh Jculors Cleaners dl 41 dson 77?gf C0 Warm! E Uhic arf Sa ers Hardware C Hobs H11 Smurf r' D Qliflll Smdh Jflsorqe J Shale JZl!5hqman br Co 5 f Cdy reame E I3 Joacf J Jas Clofh ng Sforg Wann Dru. C JT R 'ldharion Jrecl Wheeler W aff House Wfarhei- 'bffufas 55 U 2 Sfafw 'Ufcls n S if D an Zlfoofsn .U uc, Sfore, a 0 29 C Yfoung Jing fo oawjrz ffrlrzs. fausdnesshan r0'S Lo 1 If f N r , fe 0 ' If an r f 9 r JL if I an is f H1 710 ' . . rj r. cf L ' r' lganf ' ' r J I if r ' r A . S m . t Jra L 1' ras cl ' ' ' " cf bc . 25 r' . . 2 A G' f5raLferzslLadnS, nfnc. Princess Jjneculrc '- ' ' . . N H . +I . ' a' ' . if 0. r 6117" . ' r . H. ' L 5' on H . ' ' ul I om U.TnmL ' C T41 - . Q, ' L Q ' oz ' 0. 1 . . if ra . . e y A . .' " r ic ' n A ' v r c if r 7 unera D ue V una H1159 xf LMWMLQLWA W MM QMW Zfiwffvzw gwywv MWA WMM YJMMNWM 9 'I -W War p K -J Q5 , ZLWLA. ..,. N 0 X d

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