Atlanta Christian College - Harvester Yearbook (East Point, GA)

 - Class of 1948

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Atlanta Christian College - Harvester Yearbook (East Point, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1948 volume:

e 948 .N a :w $.35 HARVESTER nyMlPAOOXR 011 ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Jffgm 121,, 9:1. FOREWORD 11 11113 111111 1111- 111:511'1- 111 11111 Class 111: '18 111 11111111 111 you :1 111111111: 111 111C 5411111111 111 11111111111 Christian College. W11; 111111 111111 I11C privilege of seeing 111111 1111111011 Alma Murcr. W1t11111 1111: 111111 yours 11111111511111111'11.grow 11.11111 11 simple. 11111 1311111111154. struggling 11011ch 111 :1 seven 1111111111154 11151111111011 :111C1111111c11' equipped. 111111 situated 11111111 :1 beau- 111111111 1111111111111 campus. W'c 111111 are seniors :11'c :111x11111s 111 11111111 :111VC 1111111111113 111 111C struggles :11111 1111111105 111 :1 1111111 1111111111111 111 11111' 1111111 :11111 5111141111: 1115115 11.111151. More 111:111 11115. Wt :111' cugcr 111 1:11:11 111C 11'11111 wc 1111111: 104111111 111111111 1111-51 11.1115. 111 :1 11111111 111 5111 111111 11111115. 0111' 111111c is 111111 you may 111111 111 11115 1111111. 11111 111111' :1 111111111: 111 growth 13111 :1 picture 111 Harvesters 111111 11111'c 1111154111 11111 5111111 111 111111111115; 211111 :1111 1111111 111m 111 Apply 11 111 11111' 111111 11111111111111 1111115. Four years past our eyes beheld thcc Glories veiled before our view, Just two simple country buildings, Hills 11nd fm'est-skics of blue. Soon our hearts were twined about thcc Drawn with cords of tender love, "Home, sweet home" became thy title Fragrance sweet fell from above. Then we found ourselves in battle Pushing 0n toward Victory, Building lives and building quarters l,ifc like that in Galilee. Through the years we've watched our Campus Grow in mujesry and charm. Grow in houses, luwns, and sidewalks, Now 21 College-not :1 farm. Best of 2111, within thy clussroomx Men Of God who knew the Word Gave us solemn charge before thfsy Put into our hands God's Sword. Hail to thcew Our Alma Mater! Thy children's voices pruisc thee; To the Christ and to thy teachings May we ever faithful be. lmluxllulhll u u umuun u n. mu um I mu . GEORGE XV. BONDURANT DEDICATION The Class of '48 dedicates this HARVESTER to their sponsor, George XV. BonDurunt. Six times men tried to start 21 Christian College in the Southeast. Six times they failed. Then George BonDumnt undertook the task at the age of 21, the youngest president to serve any of our schools Fresh from college he had no experience, stu- dents, faculty, or funds, and only one frame building. But he had faith in the God who gave Gideon's 300 victory over 133,000; 11nd he worked with the energy of :1 man who loved his job. God rewarded faith 21nd work. and in the most dillicult section of the country a great school was built. The acknowledged hub of the College during this triumphant decade was his classroom Whatever other talents might have been his he was above 1111 else :1 great teacher. Those who sat at his feet will never forget. And so to you, dear "Mr. B," :15 we affectionately call you, for all that you have meant to us 215 president, professor, sponsor, 11nd friend, we dedicate our book with the prayer that wherever you go we may still hear your favorite hymn upon your lips: Beneath the cross of Jesus 1 fnin would take my stand. The shadow of :1 mighty rock within :1 weary land: A home within the wilderness, :1 rest upon the way. From the burning of the noontide heat. 21nd the burden of the day. FACULTY DONALD ROTH Rarlnmlimz M 011711sz PEARL A. PRESLEY Cmuplyell'x Debulw 1H mi 5 .' a m pumii I 'e R cligia 11x I 7 CARRABELLE RAUM ROX H MILLER Pwnrmml Problem; N ,1 , 1, J ' V . Sclnma of lxcdcmpnon Pnblw Speaking ADMINISTRATION HAROLD C. TURNER jOHN XXV. EYNON Field RUPI'L'J'WIIUHI'L' Acting Praridcnl DONALD ROTH CARRABELLE RAUM Dam of Man Mulrmz A MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR A college yearbook is :1 specialized publication for -.1 highly restrietetl clientele. It has practically no appeal for the public :tt large. and yirttmlly no Vzilue to the merehitnts who. through goodwill ittlyertise in its pages. But to the college fitmily l'or whom it is prepztretl. it is :1 veritable treasure house of sncretl memories which grow more Pl'CClUllS with the passing years. My hope is that this yCLIYbOle'i'flllS HAltVIis'l'liR of lQ-iS which you have anticipated preparingY ever since you came here its freshmen four yeiu's itgoewill help to keep :llch the happy recollections of these blessed yettrs together in the llLlllS of your Alma Miner. My prayer is thitt it, with its companion volumes of the past three years. will help you to remember what you were when you Crime. and how the touch of those who loved you in the Gospel molded itntl made you into what you tire today. And now, we come to the parting of the ways. Wlhereyer we go, and whatever lieltls of service we find. may God help us each one to he litithlul to the Gospel in its sim- plicity and fullness 115 we have learned it in these classrooms. OIL tleitr Cllllkll'ClL let me one more time beg you, in itecents so yearning llllll the words must ring, in your hearts through zlll the years illIC'dLlI be flLlC. for there iu'e those who trust you! Be pure. for there llfC those who cure! Be strong. for there is much to stiller! Be hrztye. for there is much to tlitre! Yes there will be lonesome tlttys :thetul along the pathway of duty llnLl service. But when such 11 tliiy entls, 21nd the shadows of the night full upon the yitlley road you are traveling, listen to the clear, sweet voice singing up on the heights. where the l1l$l rays of sunlight still bttthe the hilltops with the promise of ginother dawn and here will he wortls of strength for your soul: Siner your way home. :II the end of the tlzty; Sing your way home. LlI'lVC the shittlows away Smile Llll the while. llllLl wherever you go: It will lighten your lULlth it will brighten your roatl. ll you'll sing your wily home. Some of the most precious moments we have spent together have been in prayer: so let us go together once more before His throne of :JJ'HCC 'ere we part: "Dexir Gotl itntl Filtllcl' of us llll, we thunk Thee lot itll of Thy blessings. and especially for the past four years together. Lllkl for one another. :intl itll El111l' we have come to meitn to one another in Christ. Now bless us :15 we go our ways. llllkl keep us true to Thee till tleitth. ln lesus' n;unet we pray. Amen". God he with you till we meet ttgiiin. Keep loye's banner llotiting oer you; Smite deaths llll'CLlfinlIllL' wux'e before you: Gotl he with you till we meet again. Alwitys yours. Giaoiimi XX". BONDI'RAN'I'. SENIOR CLASS Sjmmm' GEORGE W. BONDURANT HARRY FRANKLIN MARTIN CALM Pl'wideni Alpha Gamma Gamma, Vice-President 717; Annu- ERIE MAE DAVIS :11 Staff Business Manager; Debate '47; Boys' Qunr- Alpha Sigma Chi, Secremry '43; Annual Staff tettc; Basketball; Preached at Hickory Flat, Miss. Treasurer; Choral Club '45. Stewart, Miss. SENIOR CLASS 13. EUGENE CROOK Alpha Gamma Gamma; Choral Club 1191; Prcuchcd at Hickory, Miss, W'hitcsbuI-y, Gm and held rc- Vivuls in North Carolina DOROTHY ROTH CROOK Alpha Sigma Chi, Vicc-Prcsident '46; Annual Staltili Subscription Manager; Choral Club '46; Girls' Trio; Basketball. WILLIAM PAUL GIBSON Alpha Sigma Chi; Choral Club 516. V17; Prenched ut Bcthcl. Gm SENIOR CLASS CAROL STURM HERGET Alpha Sigma Chi, Vicc-Prcsidenr '43; Editor of HAIIVI-ZS'I'I'IR; Dcclzumlmry VVL '43, Oratory '43; Basketball; Girls' Trio; Choral Club II. w J JAMES HENRY HERGET Alpha Sigma Chi, Treasurer "i6; Annual Stuff Mmmgmphcr; Buskctbull 3'13; Choral Club 3'33: Prenchcd :1: Palmetto. 611., Ludvillc. CIllq Bcthel. Georgia. TED ROOSEVE LT JON ES Choral Club; Prcuchcd :u Lakewood. Atlanta, Ga. JUNHOR CLASS Rm' B. MILLIIR MARGARIE'I' U515 TILLUI'SON Spnllml' Chm Pl'widc'lll MAmaL LlN'l' Br'r'nmv S'I'ANIJEY R. BH'TRAY JUNIOR CLASS NORMAN F. MCFARLAND BONNIE NHL PH:K1?1"1' WILLIS R. SMITH ESTHER W L NDER WILFONG NIZLLIIS MAE WARREN SOPHOMORE CLASS DONALD ROTH 5pm 2110;" WALKER B. PERRY JAMES M ALLGOOD. JR- EVERI-fr'ru B. CURRHZR Clay." Pl'witlwzl RAYMOND CARL FISH ALBERTA F. HERGET CLARA BRIENTS 1V1LFARI.A ND SOPHOMORE CLASS CLINTON A. IWCFARLAND LILLIAN M. S'I'IZWMH CHARLES D. THOMAS WILLIAM R.TL t:K1iR WALL CLIFFORD W. XVHMJNG FRESHMAN CLASS SARAH P. BONDURANT Sfmmor MARSHALL JAMES szuma'r'r BARBARA ALLGOOD Clam Pl'c'J'l-zlolll RUTH ALLIGOUD Jonx E. ALLIGOOD FRESHMAN CLASS VAN DEAN ARCHER MOHZNIZ BELL WILLIAM Hmmsm' CLIFTON HELEN SPLRR CL'RRIIER MARLIN H. DAY FRESHMAN CLASS BILL GARDINER HERBERT RAY HUMPHRIiSS Lows "Bomsui" HALL RHODA P. LILLIEY BETTY FISH NIl'HlHIN RIZBA MOORE NICHOLAS I. IVII'U'HIN VIRGINIA SANDERS PERRY FRESHMAN CLASS Wk EGYPT PEARL PRESLEY CHRISTINE G. TOPPING A. M. WALLACE. JR. PIuaNmN SLTMNIZR Nigbz Slildcnl ACTIVITEES ALPHA GAMMA GAMMA "Rmdiny. UVrilinp, Speaking" MOI'TO: "The Great Commissiun." Matt. 28: 19-20 COLORS: Blue and Silver. FLOWER: CornHowcr. OFFICERS HOWARD S'H'RM Prurirlvm HARRY IXMRTIN Vim-Pruridml BARBARA ALLUOOD Sbn-ym-y CHRISTI N1: TOPPI Nu Trcwmw MARLIN DAY SL-rgmHH-dLArim NIELHIZ MAI; WARREN STANLEY BL'T'I'RAY LILLIAN SI'EWART CLIFFORD WleNG BILL GARDINER ALPHA SIGN A CHI "limz'c' SnMicm for Clu'ixl" MOT'I'O: "Fight the good Eght of faith." COLORS: Red and White. FLOWERS: Red and WXhitc Roses. OFFICERS I Pral'lecnl Vive-Prw idem Sanctum Trauma Samoan! -zll-A Hm DEMEDSTHENES SQCIETY The Demosthenes Society is :m honor Society. Members are admitted by winning Ersr, second, or third place in thc Declumutory 0r Oratory comes: and chntc. Left to right: James Allgood, Neil Puckett, Carol Hcrgct. Harry Martin, Norman McFarland Mabel Buttmy. .PAULINE MISSIONAR? SQMIEE'EY GIRLS' CHORUS BOYS' CHORL'S This Room Was Furnished in Memory of MRS. MINNIE E. FOSTER 0f The Mr. Rainier Christian Church, Mt. Rzlinicn Maryland, December 26, I946 OUR CHILDREN J . D . P U R Y E A R ODORLESS CLEANERS AH Work Cmmmlcczi CA. 1522 . . . . H2 W. Cleveland Ave. EAST POI N'l' GEORGIA EAST POINT FORD COMPANY Sales Service 308 N. MAIN ST. CA. 2166 Martin-Johnson Printing Company PRINTERS - PUBLISHERS Legal Forms-OHice Supplies-Rubbcr Stamps XVhitewuy Avenue and East Point Street EAST POI NT GEORGIA 66Tll'e Wing09s Banquet R001m99 6Next t0 XWcst End Post 0mm AIR-CONDITIONFD Private Room at Reasonable Prices . 6 . Public Address System . . . Radio . . . Pizmo for Musk . . . Record Player . . . 16mm Motion Picture Proj- ector hvirh sound L FOR RESERVATION CALI. RA. 0635 J. C WINGO 625 Lee St, S. W. BEST LAUNDRY 6K: DRY CLEANERS IN EAST POINT 136 Whircwny Ave. Phone: CA. 600-1 "A I.WAYS TH 17. BEST" C O M P L I M E N T S Strickland Service Station North Main and Commlly Drive CAIhoun 9l04 EAST POI NT GEORGIA BARNETT AND S HAW BARBER and B 13 A U T Y S H OP 1 17 South Main Street EAST POINT GEORGIA CAlhoun 6289 East Point Cleaners CLEA NING ..... PRESSING OLlN CRANK OWEN BELL, Olt'llm' 106 North Main Street EAST POINT GEORGIA Candy Distributing Conlpany WAlnut 3142 u: IT'S A SWEET . WE CANT BE BEAT 197-302 Peters Street S. W. ATLANTA 3 GEORGIA SEMMES PARK G R 0 C E R Y 510 CONNAIJX DRIVE Phone: CA. 2158-2139 GRANT9S BAKERY 123 WEST CLEVELAND AVIENI'E CAlhoun 3033 lel'IJ' am! IIVcdding Cdlwl liAs 1 POINT GEORGIA EAST PGINT TAILORS TAILOR MADE CLOTHES Men's Furnishings . . . Alterations and Repairs . . . Dry Cleaning Pressing . . . Huts Cleaned :md Blocked 111 WHSST CLEVELAND AVIiNl'lZ Phonc CA. 7615 WTHZEUMH, Drivc-In Restaurant livwlll'nf 1 '00d and "1141170ti Irv Crc'anf, FROSTED MALT Comer of S. Main Street and Hamilton Avenue liAs'I' Po: NT GEORGIA COMPLIMIZNTS .013... BEE.HAHHHi L r A A - umumm'nmImniimmm LUHES 200 N. MAIN STREET EAST POINT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS F.L.VHLIVA NORTH CAROLINA VETERANS CAB CQMPANY A N D FRUITERE'A 505-307 S Mnin Strcct EAST POINT 0150mm 24 Hon 1' Service PlLGHBlM CHE! STEAM TAB EEENACLE A Church that Prcnchcs thc W'lmlc Cuunscl of God liltNIfS'l' Hl'N'HiR mmy Bulhlo. N. Y COMPLIMENTS T O T H 1': SENIOR CLASS 01: ATLANTA CPIRISTIAN COLLEGE from HJU PALMETTG CHURCH 9F EEERIST JAM us HERGIIF, Minister PALM 1-: 1 1 0 GEORGIA 'HY ' vi! r'll'ill 'mmumdmmunmmimwmr 'ml' CONGRATULATIONS f r 0 m C A P E L L A CHURCH OF CHRIST A. L. PAYNE, Miuisfcr KI NC NORTH CAROLINA Cawthon and Hollums Home and Auto Supply FIRESTONE 11ml ARMSTRONG TIRES B E N D I X HOME LAUNDRY Frigidaire Salts tlllll Service 301 West XVashington St. EAST POINT GEORGIA CAlhoun 1105 HUGHEYS SHOE SERVICE 112 W7. CLEVELAND AVENUE CAIlmun 9188 EAST P01 NT GEORGIA DIAMONDS SILVERWARIS WA'I'CHES KING J EWELRY COMPANY CASH OR TERMS CAlhoun 6066 150 North Main St. EAST POI NT 6150mm EAST POINT PHARMACY "A Doju'mlablr Drug 810113, CA. 2116-7 WM send for and deliver PRESCRIPTIONS COMPLIMENTS ..OF... BUY 5. DAVIS HUBBS, NEW MEXIEIJ EHUHEH UP CHRIST EUSTICE, FLORIDA "A Friendly Cbm'cb in a Friendly COIIIIIIIHIifyn HOBART LASH, Minisfcr FIRST CHRISTIAN HOUSE OF WORSHIP ORVEL C. CROWDER Milzisfcr COLUMBUS ' MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHURCH AT LAKEWO0D ATLA NTA GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF Allgood Upholstery Company J. M. ALLGOOD AL. 1614 336 DECATUR AVENUE ATLANTA GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE ADAMS CBMPANY EAST POINT GEORGIA .COMPLIMENTS OF BILLS TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE EAST POI NT GmmnA HOW SHALL THE N 156' R O HEAR WITHOUT A MINISTRY? COLLEGE 0F THE SCRIPTUBES LOUISVILLE, KY. T113135 MAXEY COMPLIMENTS OF Clyde Kinnett, Sr. EAST POINT GEORGIA THE CHRISTIAN RESTGRATHDN ASSIDCIATIGN A fellowship of faithful brethren com- mitted to evangelizing America. WC salute all our brethren of like precious faith, and the young men who are preparing themselves to preach The XVord. XVC publish the lx'whnmirm IIcmM. 11 journal of The Faith. Subscription fifty cents per year. Address; The Christian Restoration Association. 702 Peoples Bank Bldg. Cincinnati 2. Ohio. Merritt 8; Welldon TIM REXALL Sforv Phones CA. 2134-5 201 S. Main Street EAST POI NT GEORGIA "le 1m fm- Lem. . . . F U R N 1 T U R E B. M. FUNDERBUBG Furniture Exchange Furniture Accepted for Moving DE. 671 1 1518-20-22 DcKnlb Avenue, N. E. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT FIRST EHBISTIAN EHUBEH XVATER VALLEY MISSISSIPPI HIVEBVIEW CHRISTIAN CHURCH Dedicated to thc Proclamation of the New Testament Gospel ROBERT PUCKET'I' MINISTER RIVERVIEW ALABA MA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS GASPAR-WARE PHOTOGRAPHERS ATLANTA GEORGIA 131357 1171mm TO . . . . Atlanta Christian College DR. J. H. HODGES HAPEVILLI? GEORGIA FRYEIPS SERVICE STATION GAS, OIL AND GROCERIES PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Phone AMhurst 4851 Cumpbcllmn Road 11nd Dodson Drivc YOU ARE INVITED TO VISIT THE BROADW'AY CHRISTIAN CHURCH Corner Second and Broadway Lexington, Kentucky ORVAL M. MORGAN, Minixfz'r A Church Following the Apostolic Pattern CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES BLEJE AND WHITE SERVICE STATION AUTRIEY 21nd COLE 416 S. Lamar . . . . Phone 317 OXFORD, MISS. Home of 1th UUichIirily 0f Mixxisxs'ippI' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS Autrey, Jane and Dale Jackson For YOUR CHURCH SUPPLIES order from THE GQSPEL LE3HT IN WASHI NG'I'ON NORTH CAROLI NA A. C. Hemperley ; Son FUNERAL DIRECTORS "Scrx'ing Since 190-1" IZAST P01 NT GEORGIA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS H. . B. HugEnieH TAMPA FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES . . . 70 gm W me gmdumg P101150 lkrvl frm- lo t'ull on us at am limv fur zmy help that M van give ym in your important task ahead. Slumlurd publishes a mmplvlv lilw ni' lmlh l'niI'Urm :md Cx'zulml Lvssnn lilm'uturc that is Iwing uswl in thousands ni' .xlu'rnssful vllurvllcs and Bible sclumls who are vunwslly lczu-hing llw Srriplurvs us 1110 divinvb rmmllml Whrd of God. There nmvr hats Ilnr M'vr uiH lw um 1lPViilIiUIl from this truc-Lo-lhe-BiMv mntvnl nl' Slumlunl supplies . . . We are ill your service. THE STANDARD PUBLISHING COMPANY 20 E. Central Parkway, Cincinnati 10, Ohio Phone CA. 7568 Res. Phone CA. 1967 H. S. STARRETT PLUMBING C0. PLUMBING AND HEATING Contracting and Repairing 130 W7. Cleveland Avenue EAST POINT GEORGIA Compliments of MO0DY SHOE SHOP 103 Thompson Avenue EAST POI NT GEORGIA LAUNDROMAT 113 XWARE AVENUE CAlhoun 0077 EAST P01 NT GEORGI A THE HARDWARE QUTLET PAINT, ROOFING, PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 104 N. Main St. Telephone CA. 6832 EAST POINT GEORGIA SALES RENTALS SERVICE MINTON-JONES C0. Typewriters - Adding Machines Supplies CA. 0633 . . . . . 129 XVhitewuy EAST P01 NT GEORGI A DURHAM SUPER MARKET Everyday Low Prhw 110 Connnlly Drive EAST POINT GEORGIA Harfs Department Store "The Home MIMI Mae erlnmdirc" 303-5 8. Main Street - CA. 1103 EAST POINT GEORGIA East Point Supply Co. Damien in. ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL -- ROOFING VALSPAR PAINTS :md VARNISHES Phone CA 3331 101-! 19 Commlly Drive HTORMI-IRLY ClIATTAHOOCIIEE AVEJ EAST POINT GEORGIA Gl'cciilzg 1 from the . . . . Christian Endeavor COMPLIMENTS SGCiety ...OF... 0f Mm FIRST CHRlSTIAN CHURCH S 0 U T H S I D E DIEWITT, ARKANSAS MISS ALICE IVIARIli SIMPSON, Prwidcwl M 0 T 0 R S DR. G. T. BATEMAN, AUuiJ-lcr COMPLIMENTS OF CA. 0566 Night AM. 1352 M $5 S GROCERY CGMPANY M I N 0 R 1176019de9 S T U D I 0 HOTEL, RESTAURANT and BAKERS' SUPPLIES 533 West VVhirehnll Street S. W. A TI. A NTA G ISORGIA 123 WHI'HZWAY EAST POINT GEORGIA Quality 1700113 QQMJCDNIAL STQBES KELLY :: 0GLESBY GROCERIES and CAS ATLA N'I'A G EORGIA Tumlin Lunlher C0. Lumben Roofing, Building MmteriaL Lime. Cement Brick PHONE CA. H411 3, H Swath Main Smear Commit PARK GEORGM iI 3011mm MIIIWHi-rmllm WI! EJEWJEST M: CMMLLIIEY JITUIIDKBIE; jawswzaa: COURT Imam M m: Nrr; m: ft'ixA. i933 ii Fairfax Sada Shwmmm REGUFMIR MEJILI? ""Hmnwmzmdles- RQDMSW SERVED DAHLY fl'WmiiIx Mum" Haw Kfmwlm :IMM ll'j'zrmm..I :thsz jl: IR. GINLJLMLANM IIDIIYEWMWM QQDLEEGJE PARK MIEHMNG EWD: HQJMIE GTMNUTND MWAIL WVNLWIIJTTIRY :nrmJI DAIHRY IFIEHZDS 1! VI 93 11333qu Why 11m rAw-Imlm IEirM'h" WV hi1 NH ;, GA QTANHIFMMM 1135535 WLIMW 4:12:11! NM lAL'Iiwiinxg Qi'wrm JHMJY "fr 7' JR I am MOMH 11 ll Whmw Awunm TEAS? ?mm- Gmmmmm CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '48 FROM The East Point Christian Ehurlzh "Tbt' Frimnlh Grczt'ing Cbzn'rfW 1'11 fln' "Friend! ' Gruu'in" City, . e , g7 g7 r7 A z. A EAST POINT Gymmm W. J. FREEMAN GRADING . . . . BULL DOZER . . . . PAN WQRE FISH POND . . . . LAKE CHZANNNG LOTS LEVELLED 1860 Lakewoud chnuu S. L Telephone CY. 443M A T L A N T A '$r. i3 ' X aagmwmgd Ag BRADLEY 8L SONS ATLANTA GEORGIA 3:; I 5.11. Ednauquaq

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