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; , ., :K- a - .- .s-rwx-w '55.?S'TQFJIELMMVAIWVJK 1- ,; nam.wm,yj,nqqua m cn.akm xxR' um thXthetmizrgzzgnk 19mmaxmnx K Mv A b3. JA:,.-.L;i . Givm 3'11 '.' '16 Bums' Memorial Library Atlanta Ghrisiian Callgga - wzn Mk! :51 r - inc; w. xx vlliyiu;y f, g1: 5A8 SQNiOWS resent contents . I. OUR ALMA MATER ' '2. CLASSES 3. FEATURES AND ADS HAROLD R. Sms . AL'BRI-IY L. PAYNE Romak'r I5. PL'CKISTT JANE RC Runs KIAXINIE C. ADIJiR . GLENN 15. H'lmnx LLOYD C. Clum'u lfrlilnr-in-Cllizif If 11.x'im'u .1 1mm gt'r .lImiur lfx'liinr xhl'r't'rtixillg J Immgvr Lih'rm'y lidifm' NIIXm'rleion J Immgrr xlxm riafr JO 1? W0 it We, the staff of the '45 HARVESTER, appreciate the privilege of preparing and publishing this annual. For, though the trials of war- time service have been distressing at tlIDCS, it has only served to increase our activity. All the trials and bumps we received from learning will prove our eagerness to bring this annual to you. If it proves to be a true picture of this year's college life, both now and in years to come we will give the credit to our grand friendships found here and t0 the Campus 011 which they were formed. Ours is a war-time class. When we entered the school in Septem- ber, 1941, the clouds of war hung heavy as the blitz rained on London in all its fury. On the fateful December 7th, we began to realize that we faced an uncertain future. By the courtesy of our government, none of our class was lost in the draft; but we felt rationing, the loss of many young friends and the depth of sin, to which prosperity leads the world. Wye have finally come to the end of our courseethe year which may see the end 0f the war. It is significant that we chose as our colors the colors of the rain- bow; and as our motto, HL0, I am with you always." For we know that there is a silver lining behind the clouds. and that in war or peace He is still with us. With this symphony of hope ringing in our ears, we plunge into the midst of a sin-weary world. May we leave in the pages of this bank that same hope to the classmen of succeeding years! Wail jtianta GAME; ticm Gallege glma 777611594" HAIL, ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Hail. Atlzmm Christian Cullcgc! Cnmpmmisc shall never swerve tlwc Alma Murcia hail! From tlw plea tlmu'st hczml Charged upon thee by thy founders From Gml's Holy Vurd. Gluriuus vict'rin-s be thy pnrtiun: Hunm' HEN to fail. Rcusun for the faith within us Hail, Atlanta Christian College! Vc have learned from thcc, Alma Mater, hail! Now upon the Rock unshukon Glorious vict'rics be thy portion; XVc shall ever In: Honor ne'er to fail! Cl! m'ux 31m thy classrooms CYET Cclm Vith the Gospel truv, And thy suns 11ml daughters praise thee. Hail. the Gold and Blue! XVm-ds by SARAH Pluasmzv BUNDURANT Tn 11w tunc of Annic Lislr. PRESIDENTS MESSAGE HI planted, and Apollos watered, but God gave the increase." These words of the apostle Paul to the Corinthians describe the manner in which the work of the Kingdom of God is accomplished. This is a particularly important message to those who are ministers of the gospel, for 2111 ministers are eo-htborers in Christis vineyard. One may sow the seed, another may cultivate but it is always God who giveth the Harvest. This program leaves no room for idle boasting but points each worker to his particular task, while God in His might and power brings victory. To you, the class of 1943 I would say' HGo and labor in humility. earnestness and patience looking always unto the Lord of the Har- vest in whose field you serve." May the Lord bless and keep you. w! Q10 MOMS lmactomoes I fI I ' IIIIIIII IIIII I, m. . mWI" WI - -I u IIII'II WHIII I'PC I; III II III? IVIIr reIrIII-t that we do not II III- :III zIIIIhItI'IIts IIIZIH'IH! III the proposal IIIIIIIIIIIQ zIs tIII' zIIIIIIIle IJIIIIs tn press Although the trustee, IIIc IIIIIIIIIIzItIng plans. there Is IIIItIIIIILr IICI IIIIItu zIt thIs tInIC as In stIIIIIItIIIII- IIII IIIzItIII'IIII. 'IIIII- IIIIIIIIIItIII'I IIIIIII Is gl'UH'IIIg stI'IIIIIII' 11$. NCIV 'I'cstunwnt DCUDIU IIIIIIIczIsIIIgII see the urgent IICUII III :I DI'CIICIIUI' training school In the Southeast. IVII offer this IIIIUHILIIII skI-IIII III IIII It ths IIWH IIIIII IISIUII IIIIIIIIII: IIIL'SU IUIIIs In IIIIIIII H0 II: III- IIzItIIIII-II I'IIC IIIIIIIth III IIIF LUHWW IVII IIIIII UIII IIeIIIts IIItlI those III II host III UIIICFS III the SUIII'IICEISI' IIIIII pl'zu :IIIII IIIII'k for II IIIIIII: IIIIIIIIIc IIe m'u train IIIIII IIIIIs. 589 511g martian On May 22. 1944i Judge T. U. Huthcuck presented to the trustees of the Atlanta Christian College u deed to the property On which the huihhngs now stand. This includes approximately hfteen acres of land. W'ith the buildings and equipment on the land. this gift amounted to more them ten thousand dollars. This page is presented to show our appreciation of this gift. it is ll manifestatiun of his hfe-time interest in Atlanta Christian College and his willingness to szlci'ihce ..r for the Lord's work. lihe judge." us he is affectionately ezlllml hy the students of the College, will he I'ememherml lungr heezulse of this gift. The Senim's take pleasure in dedicating this third issm- of the HARVESFER to President James Cyrus Rmhmm. During his ministry at the Czlpiml View Christian Church in Atlanta, he came to love the school. During.r his ministry there. he drove out from town duringr the week i to tmth CIHSSCS. He has always been considerate in his 1150 of thc students in thc Lord's Work, and intcrvstcd in their activities. In September, 1943. hv czlmc with his family from AIitthpm't. Ohim to he 21 qu-timc rvsidcnt pmfvssnr. This your hc has effectively discharged his duties as the second prcsith-nt of the Atlanta Christian College. th dvilicntv thc 1045 HARH-ISTICR to this hzirwstcr of souls. GEORGE W. BONDL'RANT JAMES C. REDMON MRS. B. T. MORRIS A. E. SIMS T. O. HATHCOCK MORRIS BUTLER BOOK J. H. HODGES, MD. ICMMI-z'r'r A. MCNABB O. T. SPARROW WILLIAM ,YRAYIDR yiegr Atlanta, G21. Atlanta. G11. Atlanta, Ga. AtlzmtzL Gzl. . Atlanta. Ga. Orlando. Fla. Hupcvillc. Ga. Atlanta. G21. South Bend. Carmllmn. Ga. X0! Pirfm'ml: W. XV. HONDURAX'I' Washington, D. C. XV. CLYM DcLand H ORAC r: : SMITH , Flu. DUNN XVaukcgmL IH. j. Ii. Lw SCOMBE ICIICI'smL Ya. Ind. 0 67gb! JClSSWOOMS FACTS ABOUT THE FACULTY ALFRED Ii. SIMS, A.B., M.A. Almiugvtics. Christian Doctrine. Church History. Old '1 0st;lx11cI1t. Practical Klinistry, Christian Edu- cation. Psychology. I'irriniu Cllrixfiml Cnlll'rrr; Hrflmnr Collwrr'. L a - GmRma XV. BUNDL'RANT. AB. New Testament. Greek, Philosophy. Columbia L'Hif'm'xily: Cirlrinmlii Bililt' Srminury; Emory L'ni-I'r'rxitj'; G'I'Injgr Il'uxllinglml 1 'lIl.'T't'I'.Vl.fJ'. jgungs C. Rismmx. AB. chm'ncutics Homilctics. New Tvstzlmcnt. Public Spczlking. Cillvimmfi Biblv Swnimlry: Cuhlmbiu Tllmlngiml SFlllilllN'j'f lhli-I'rl'xil-y Syxtr'm 0f Gmrgin. LAWRENCE C. I3.-u.x' AB. Missions and Religions. Christian Normal Imfilulr. SARAH PRESLEY BONDURANT, AB. English. Cinrimmli Biblr Smilinm'y. jtmx XV. ICYNON, AB. Historical Geography. Cim'innnri BiMr SNIII'Imry. HENRY H. Srixxu'r'r, AB. Acts. .111sz Clll'ixlirm Collugr. PEARL A. PRESLEY: AB. Klusic. Rriulmnlf Collzjgw: JIKII'y-I'illt' Collrgr; Cincinnati Biblr Srmizmry. 6W 65cm OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION GEORGE W. BONDL'RANT . . Dmn of Collage Dmn of HIM CARRABELLE RAL'M . . . . DH!" nf "71mm! ALFRED Ii. SIMS . . . . . . . chi.x-Inlr JAMES C. Rummx . . . . . . Prrxizlmll GRACE FIREBAUCH SIMS . . . . . lx'iirlu-n .I, H. HODGES. N.IJ. . . . . Jlnliml A'lllf'l'NfH' HELEN FULLER W'ILsox . . . A . Librarian SARAH PRESLEY BONDL'RAXT . . . Diz'lifiml PEARL A. PRESLEY Dirwrtor Fin! I'u-u': Ruth leync, Mamie Ju Burns, Juno Hcrgcl, Cuml Ilvrgcl, Helen I'nrnmn, Rchn Invclndy, Mary Catherine Ewing, Gruu- Hcrgcl . . . St'mml I'uqv: liugcnc Crook, livnn Bolujntk, Johnnie LCL- Sclllwtt,juc Scnm-ll, Amlrcw Pnllun, jack Cox. Rcccc Turner . . . TIIII'AI row: A. 1,. Payne. 'l. T. Luvclzldy, XVzIItcr XVl'ight, Ralph Sims, Clifford Muhufi'vy. ACTIVITIES lngI'mnx at: Jefferson Park Church Springr Concert Capitol Virw Church Minstrel Central Church lfnstcr Cantata MUSIC CLASS AND CHORAL CLUB BUYS' CHORL'S GIRLS" CHORL'S Fizz"! ruqc: .lohnnie Lee Sennc-II. Jnt' Scnnrll. Andrcu Pulmn. ClifA l.glmrzl Starr. Mary Catherine Ewing' ford Muhuffry, Rt-ccc 'rlll'llel'. Rnlwrt Pufket . . Srz'uud mac: Grace Herget. .Ianc Herget, Ruth Vulm' XVI'ight, jack COX, Eugene Crook. Ralph Sillh. livun Bulc- Payne. Pauline Nix. Reba Luvclady jack, james Herget, Harold Sims, A. 1.. Payne. Carol Herget. Helen Parman. 08,1981 $718 Firxl mac: Harold Sims, Johnnie Let Sennetn Andrew Pntmm Robert Puckct . . . Swami rmu': .lzmc Regis. Mary Louise Zzlcc. Cum! llcrgct. Reba Luvelzxdy, Mary Cutlwriuc Ewing. DEMOSTHENES SOCIETY THIC ONLY HONOR SOCIETY ON THIS CAHPL'S OFFICERS HAROLD R. SIMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Prmidml .I. L. Slaxxu'r'r I'irw-wairlrul JANE XVlIsnx RliGlS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K'wrmm- MARY LOL'ISE ZACH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 'I'rmxm'rr Members :1ch admitted by winniru.I Hrst. scmml m' thinl place in tlu- Dcclumumr; m' Oratory L'ontvst 11ml Delmtc. Ucclumumry, Devcmlwr 11. 194+: Oratory 1' UhI'll2lI'X 20. HHS: Debate Hm 31. 1945. $1161 57443, 90m m1 HRST YEAR CLASS Mk mm REMIX MI IR Buzzsu- Mm xxm Mm" H'Mmm.,un C- "HYUIRXHLIR BHMIHWI; Hundliaunnzu Suuumwrrz. vauulrlfn Cuumllfmnsu SECOND YEAR CLASS Amrmzw IL J.;wmsmx Mum mm XH1R$ Hugxm" H. Suzxxm'ir'w K leunlltwnnz:u., M H ii$$u$saiimnii Atrllzunntrau. K Euwrjgiiau Mum, ALVIN; Mm" Raw Hi Munnmum 3311152., ALVIN! Mm" qSHHAIthlL-S MT, Gmtomw'm Riiw-mviim-xw. Allaulhaunnnzu Hiiimrg, ann Cmmwlliinnau 1; Mn gauglzters Sbmise CY 99 CLASS OF '43 MR.ANDMRS.ANTHONYTHmmetx. . . . . .Orangctielrl,Tums DONALD ROTH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Nm'fulk.YzL AIR. AND MRS. H. W. KYAS . . . . . . . . . . . . Chath:1m.Va. MR. AND MRS. URx'llua D. DAImmaR . . . . . . . . Grundy. Vn. FLORENCE lixt-xxnnclJM; Sxmvmgx . . . . . . . . DanmlJWu. HELEN FL?I.I.1;R VILs0N. . . . . . . . . . . .Arl;mtz1.Gn. ALPHA GAMMA GAMMA RI IADlN , XVRI'H L SPEAKING" KIOTTO: Mrhc Great Commission." Matt. 28:19-20 COLORS: Blue and Silver. FLOWER: Cornflower. OFFICERS J. ANDREW er'mx . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Przcvizlrnt HAROLD RL'DOIJ'H SIMS . .. . . . . . . . . . . IVM-IH-rxirlmt Hmnx Sx-wr PARMAX . . . . . . . . . . . . . Srrr'rmry A. L. PAYNE A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trmxm'r'r CLIFFORD MMIAFFEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . Srrgmnr-m-Jrmx CARRABEHJZ RAL'M . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sfmnmr old am! $1419 ALPHA SiCMA CHI HBRAVIC SOLDIERS FOR CHRIS'1 ' MOTTO: HFight the good Eght of the faith . . 1 Tim. 6:12. COLORS: Red and Vhitc. FLOWERS: Red and XVhitc Roses. OFFICERS REBA ROCKS LOVELADY ROBERT FULTON PUCKETT JANE LEAH HERGET RUTH NIX PAYNE Prmidenf l,irr-Prexidcnf Serra fury . Trmmrrr JOHNNIE LEE SENNETT Snrgnmt-at-jrmx GEORGE W. BONDL'RANT Sponsor 19 enmrs HUT'I'U: HLU, 1 mm with you alwaysf. FLOWER: Sweet P '213. COLORS: Rainbow Colors. MR5. U, XV. BMDL'RAXT Sfmumr NI LLM'D C. Ckmna Atlanta. chrgiu lfm'lwlur nl' Suu'nl Lilwmlm'v Alpha Sigma Chi '45; Choral Club '45: Annual Stuff 45: 'IWunsik-r from lfmur; University. Mum: C.-uu1.-u.ntx ADHCR lfustis, Florida Hux'lu'lor uj' xlrlx Alpha Sigma Chi '44, '45, Vicc-Prcshlcnr 44-: Kappa lfpsilon Chi '42. V43, Vicc-Prcsidcn: 43; Girls Trio 4+; Annual Stuff 4'3: Class Secretary 42. '43. 3H, '45. Plans m be :1 missionary, JAN u W'I LSON R 12015 Atlanta. Georgia Hm'lwlor of xlrix Kappa lfpsilun Chi '42. '43; Alpha Sigma Chi '44. '45. Vicc-Prcsidcnt '44; Class President 45: Choral Club '42, '43; Dvclumzltory Cun- test '42. '43; Orzxmricul Cuntcst '42. '44: Girls Trio 44: Annual Stuff '45. AUBREY L151: PAYNE Canton. Georgia Barlu'lur of 5110171 Lifw'ature Kappa Epsilon Chi '43; Alpha Gamma Gamma 44-, '45: Treasurer 45 of Class and Society; Annual Staff Y+5; Choral Club Y45; Transfer from Transylvania University, Lex- ingtom Ky. Prezlched at Antioch. Pleasant Hill. Ludville, Bethel. Plans to be evangelist in North Georgia unchurched communities. GLEN FRAN KLIN XVI LSUN Atlanta. Georgia Bmlldm- nl. thx Alpha Sigma Chi '45; Annual Stuff '45: 'IMHSfCY from Lzuvrvnw College Appleton. XVisn and Metropolitan Currcspumlcncc Bible Cullegc. Preachml at College Park '42-'44; Prcuclwd at Central '45. in HAROLD RUDOLPH SIMS Atlanta, Georgia Bm'hrlm' nf rifly Kappa lipsilun Chi '42. '43; Alpha Gamma Gamma '44, '45, President '44, Vicc-lesidcnt '45; Vice-Prcsidcnt of Class '42-'45: Dc- clzxmutm'y Contest '424 '45: Delth '44. 01-11- tury '43; College Quarter '42. '43; Basketball Team '42, '43: Chnrzll Club '45; Annual Stuff 445. Prmchml zlt Friendship. Al;1.. Pine Hill, A111,, XVhistlcviHc. Gm. Antioch 4chnU. Ga. Plans to be :1 missionary to Japan with the Cunninzluun Mission. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September, 1941. when the third Freshman class entered school, the prospect looked dark, for there were only three: Joe Ben Rhodes. from 011:1qu, 19111.: Harold Sims. from Eustis, Flu... and June IViIson. from College Pzn'k, Ga. But it seemed that nothingr could discourage this optimistic class. and we carried on us well :15 though we were three hundred. In the throes of adolescence, we elmSe :19 0111' colors, Black and Blue, to he in accord with the motto. HThe door of experience opens with hard knocks." Because of our good intentions to remain in single hlessednesx we chose us 0111' Hower, bachelor's buttons. XVe chose us our eIz1s5-snng. "Freshmen Forever." XVhen .VIzlxine Adler came into the class, with her colorful personality, we 112111 to drop 0111' dull colors; when Jane IViIsnn permitted herself tn be drawn into the lmnds 0f matrimony, we were compelled to ehzinge out Huwer: when our excellent grades propelled us into the Sophomore class. we Inst our song; 11ml :1s fur our motto. we are still convinced of its truth. 0111' class activity began with the "hut" idea of putting Mlihumh" 0n z1lI the toothbrushes belonging tn the upperelussmen. Like :111 our other itICZlS, this one was :1 Hhurning" success. One more was zuhled to our number in jnnuzlry of that sehonI-year, when Lemuel llilliczln. from Ft. Myers. Flu" enme to school. In the Spring our Freshman ICninsh Class presented before the Literary Society 2111 hilzn'ious melodrama, entitled. HA.C.C.. Past, Present. 21nd Future." In this plzn' the upperelzismnen were very aptly 1111it21ted. IVhen 0111' Sophomore year began. Aubrey Payne, from Canton. F111,, and Maxine Adler. fmm I'Znstis. 151m. ezlme to join us in 01111 Izlhnrinus studies. This was the war we had nn Christmas mention. due to the stress of szr-time tmveI. During: this year Joe Ben Rhmles left the eluss. 0111' Junior year began with the addition of two fuIl-time professors: Professor A. If. Simsi and Protessnr James C. Redmnn. At Christmas of this year, nnr beloved .Izlne IViIsnn decided to change her name to KII's. Jenn Regis. The crowning: event of this year was the Juninr-Seniur Banquet. to which we had long looked forward. The day before the banquet. IIDt." Payne and Harold Sims left early in the morning for North Gem'ggiu with 1111 empty ehicken-mup in the car. They returned nezn' nnnn with fourteen frying-size chickens. IVe never learned where they gut them, hut we sin'er ez1n tell you where we put them. We began our Seniur year by givingr :1 wieI1er-rnz1st fur the student body in honor of the Freshmen. 71 JI eCnnfinunl Ull Page 4 JUNIORS JOHN T. LOVELADY . . XVhiteshurg.Gn. REBA ROOKS Lm'umm' . VVhiteshurg.Gn. jAMEs ANDREW PATTON . qu-csvillc, N. C. RUTH NIX PAYNE . . . . Cunwnlhx. ROBERT FULTON Pucmz'r'r . liust Point, Ga. jonxxua LEI: SENNETT . Pruiriv Point Klisfu COLEMAN REESE TL'RNHR . I'lusr PuinLGu. MARY LOUISE ZACH . . . Savannah. Ga. Ix. Ln SOPHOMORES GRACE ARl-LLM H ERGIE'I' . . . . . . . . . . . . . Buffalo, N. Y. jANu 1,1;st H ICRGE'I' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Buffalo. N. Y. LINTON M. Homngs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Buf'fulu. N. Y. PAL'I, MORGAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Atluntzx.Gu. PAULINE Ckmna Nix . . . . . . . . . . . . IJuvrcm'cvillc.Ga. EVELYN IJou:1. xs PERRY. . . . . . . . . . . . .Tupclukliss. 21b FRESHMEN FRANCES CAROLYN BURDET'I'E . . Atlzlntzllh. MAMIL: JUBL'RNS. . . . . .Dnlton,Gz1. MARY XVILu-x COOPER . . . . Okolunu, Miss. EMMETT EUGENE CROOKIZ . . BoonesMilLVn. ERIEMMaDAHs. . . . . Hickory,31iss. MARY CATHERINE limxc . . . Atlantu.Ga. CAROL S'I'EATH HERCET . . . Buffulo.N.Y. 1. JAMES HENRY HERGET . . . . Buffalo, A .Y. CLIFFORD FAxox MAHAFFHY . . XVelch,XV.V-k1, GLADYS MARTIN . . . . .Okolona,Miss. FRESHMEN H l-IHSN SNAW PARMAN XVstm-zLL MARLIN PARMAN j l-IAX FRANCIS R mus XVARRIsN JOSEPH SEN N ETT RALPH Ifmmms Sms Luxom CLYDE STARR JACK OLIVER Cox V M. H2R liRHN XVRIGHT HVILLIS RL'FFMN SMITH :iNut pictured. . ...x Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalo. N. Y. . Atlanta. Ga. Mashulzwille, lIiss. . Atlanta, Ga. IC'lst Point. Ga. Savannah, Ga. War. W. V11. East Point. Ga. MBTJ;RADL'A'HCS ICNMA'M: B. CllA'l l lliI.D jon R. CHATFIIJLD Humax' FULLER XVnsox SPECIAL STLfDIC JAMES MARVIN BmcKmaLL ICVAN ARLINI; BOLICJACK . . . MARGARET XVHS'I'MURIsLANn BOLEJACK FRANK CHARLES CASH MARY ANNE CLEVELAND JAM; HARRIS Iivxox . GER'IRL'DI; Simms'mx GIBSON PAUL VVILLMM GIBSON TED R. joxus . VII,LH : CLYDE Poxmau . PAUL 151mm REEVES LAWRENCE G. Snnanuxu AGNES OWEN XVII.sux CHARLOTI'E XVILsnx GENE BIiRNICI-I XVII'sox HAYWOOD Cmmx W'Ilus'nx 20 Rod 0;1k,G;1. Red Oak, G11. Atl;1nt:1.G;1. Decatur. Ga. King N. C. King. V. C. Atlanta Ga. Atlanta G11. Atlanta. Ga. Atl;ll1tz1.GzL Atlanta. Ga. Atlanta. Gil. AtlzumL Ga. Atl:1nt;1.Gn. Atlunm Ga. Atl:1nt:LGu. Arl:1nt;1.U;1. Atlanta. Ga. Atlnnru, U11. Compliments .of... Dr. and Mrs. D. R. Bridges HAPEVILLE GEORGIA ADAMS BARBER SHOP 105 XV. John Wesley Avenue College Park Georgia Cnmplimmfs 0f . . . WRAY'S GROCERY STORE 700 XVashington Street East Point Georgia W. C. GUTHRIE FURNITURE EXCHANGE IsIR-JOJJ DuKullx Aux, N. IC. TL-L IHi. 07H Atlanta, Ga. Furniture Acccptod fur Mnx'ing Direct Factory Qmm-Ction TRIO MATTRESS RENOVATING CO. Compliments ...fr0m... CHESTERFIELD HEIGHTS Christian Church DONALD ROTH, Minister All Types Hf Mutlrusscs chnmlcd 51mm, Cnuchcs Cm'crcd NORFOLK VIRGINIA MA. 2083 CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS OF Mrs. G. W. BonDurant YOUR CLASS SPONSOR 1 9 4 1 - 1 9 4 5 F ROM Adairsville Christian Church GEORGE W. BONDURANT Minister ADAIRSVILLE GEORGIA Hvuulifnl Camp Christian Im'ulml u! Crvvmwurl Springs. Hiss.. 16 miles from Aberdeen. Ynulll Hump. .Ium' 2-1-30. MIIIII uml Uinislvr'a Camp. July 29-August 3. Calmp may he rvnlcd n11 nnn-prufil Iyusis. II. inlvrwslwl. urilv HIL H, L NEVILLE. .UH-rdvvn. Uiss. Best Wishes t0 . .. Compliments of ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE CENTRAL CHURCH 0F CHRIST DR. J. H. HODGES ROLLAND A. STEEVER M in ist 0r IIAPEVILLIC GEORGIA Compliments of . . . CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH Ihnlmm Drive uml Hunplwllmn RII. Unu mile frnm the college G. F. XVilson, Minister SAVANNAH GEORGIA ATLANTA GEORGIA 9 .1, GEORGIA CHRISTIAN SHIUICIC CAMP .l. C. Rt'dmun. Ilirr'vlur NORTH CANULIXW CHRISTIAN SERV- ICI': CAHP U. Wl Urlmw'r. Ilirt'rlnr UISSISSIPPI CHRISTIXN SERVICE CAMP .L L. Jackson. tlirr'vlur FLORIDA CHRISTIAN SICIHICIC WHP X. If. Sims. pru'l'r'xsur Hmrtiest Best Wishes t0 the . . . ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE CHURCH 0F CHRIST EUSTIS, FLORIDA + HA Friendly Church in A Friendly Communilf, + PREACHING CHRIST Crucified : Risen : Coming Again HOBART LAsu, Minister COMPLIMENTS OFTHE FRIENDSHIP CLASS EAST DAYTON CHURCH OF CHRIST MRS. TURA T. THEOBALD P resident CONGRA TULA TIONS AND BEST WISHES FROM THE . . . CHRISTIAN STANDARD We desire to be your continuing friend. We oil'er editorials lhul vonlend earnestly for the faith; Essays lhal are helpful, both doctrinzllly and priu'liczlllyg and news columns that preserve and enlarge the fellowship of College days. CHRISTIAN STANDARD Bux 5 S'I'ATIUN N CINCINNATI, 01110 SUNSHINE CLEANERS LUJII LIJIILIVT5 01' . . . WHITE WAY CAFE 113 While Way Ave. Mrs. Mason, Prop. Ii,xs'1' Pulx'r Gunman Phone: CA. 3309 123 Wllilv Way Awnuc DAN BRIDGES MCCOYIS I If IV 12' L E R EAST POINT GEORGIA HM'I-anLl-z Ummum MERRITT AND WELDON Compliments 205 S. Huin SI. : ICust Pninl. Ga. lem: CA. 2131.5 STRICKLAND SERVICE STATION 9 Complimfnts Nnrlll Main and Connally Drive YOUR FRIENDLY DRUGGISTS CA. 9104 EAST POINT, GA. g; HaVe a Coky ,.7: Thereh friendliness in the simple phrase, Have a Coke". It turns strangers into friends . . . Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes-has become the high-sign of people of good Will. a Bnttlcd Undsr Authority of The Coca-Cnla Cnmnany by THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. EAST POINT LUMBER COMPANY liAh'l' me'r GEORGIA 131557 WISHES FROM . . . FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Lynn: WALES FLORIDA Hmm- Clllmlln 337.; Marfin-Johnson Printing Co. PRINTERS PUBLISHERS 14:14:11 IVm-ms : Umn- Supplix-s : Ruhlu-r Stumps Wllilw Way Aw. uml liusl Pninl SI. ICAST POINT. HICHRUIA Barnett 8 Shaw Barber 8 Beauty Shop 117 S. Main Street lCAsT PUIVT 01-101mm Beloved, let us love one another: I John 4:7. for love is of God. PEACHTREE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Peachtme and Spring Street ATLANTA GEORGIA C 0 MPLIM ENTS ...0F... PERRYS MK CLEANERS + TUPELO NIISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS ...0F... THE GREEN RAIL A GOOD PLACE TO EAT CANTON GEORGIA Best Wishes 10 . . . ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE . . . FROM . . . T. O. HATHCOCK Compliments GEORGE B. SOSEBEE + CANTON GEORGIA GLENN BUICE AUTOMOBILES Bought and Sold 367 Spring SL, N. W. JA. 5035 ATLANTA, GA. Compliments of . . . ALLGOOD UPHOLSTERY COMPANY 4-83 Edgewood Ave. J. M. Allgood JA. 1614 CAWTHON 81 HOLLUMUS HOME . AUTG SUPPLY FIRESTONE AND ARMSTRONG TIRES BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY Frigidaire 301 W. EAST POINT, GEORGIA and Service VVaShington Street CAlhoun 1105 Compliments of . . . SMITH CAB COMPANY CA. 2155 COLLIER 5-10-25: STORE EAST POINT GEORGIA Frush llursc Radish Prepared mm- 1911-511 Liuws u spl-cmny CEFALU PRODUCE EXCHANGE mm H gum! plmw m Iradv" WHOLESALE 19m IT AND Puom me 52 A. Ct-fulu. Iwm-m" liliHRHlA STATIC MARKET lem- RA. 9703-1 ATLANTA. GA. O Compliments of . . . C. E. SMITH PLUMBING CO. 485 Edgewood Avenue WA. 2142 O D Y E R S E R V I C E S T A T I O N Huurgiu uml Cupilnl Aw" S. W. JA. 9413 J immic Dyer Best Wishes from. . . . CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR KISSHHllCl-Z. FLORIDA .IOIC IHCN HHUIHCS ,llinislvr C 0 M P L l M E N '1' 5 PALMETTO CHRISTIAN CH U Ii C H + PA L M 1 :'1"1'0 GEORGIA lllIG0T0N CHRISTIAN CIIUIHEII Congralulates Craduates 21nd Undergraduates . 0F . . . ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE . FOR . . . Answering the Call of Christ HARVEY L. BEASLEY. Minister COJ'IIPLL'IIENTS 0F . . . WHESTLEVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH PINE HILL CHRISTIAN CHURCH ANTIOCH CHRISTIAN CHURCH tHeurdi HAROLD SIMS Minister Jefferson Park Church of Christ LAWRENCE W. BAIN, Jilinixtur Wadley and Bryan Ave. EAST POINT 01-101mm Pilgrim Christian T a b e r n a c I e Richmond Aw. m ISn-vktnridgu SI. ERNEST HUNTER WRAY Puslur A Church that Preaches the Whole Counsel of God BUFFALO NEW YORK COJIPLIJIIL'NTS 0F . . . L. A. JACKSON G. F. WILSON Okolona, Miss. Atlanta, Ga. DON ROTH . . . . Norfolk, Va. HENRY SENNETT . . Atlanta, Ga. HAROLD R. SIMS . . Atlanta, Ga. A. L. PAYNE . . . Atlanta, Ga. A. C. PEACOCK Atlanta, Ga. BABY PICTURES 1. Gladys and Grace Martin; 2'. Ralph Sims; 3. James I'lergel; 4-. Grace and June Hcrgot; 5. Joe Senncn; 6. Walter Wright; 7. Irma Red- mon; 8. C. W. BunDuram; 9. Carolyn Burdettc; 10. Lcnuru Starr; 11. Helen Parmun; 12. Maxine Adler; 13. Jane Regis; 14. Mary Louise Zucc; 15. Jack Cox; l6. Mamie Jo Burns; 17. Humid Sims; 18. Robert and Neal Puckett; 19. thu Lovelatly; 20. Johnic Let- Scnnctt. tConiinued from Page 240 This year Lloyd C. mec, from East Atlanta juincd our class after having had previous cullcgc training. 0n the 17th of October, we sponsored our annual sncak-day. It was such :1 complete surprise that we actually fooled our professnrs, which is seldom done. it was held at Maddox Park, with a morning full of planned enter- tainment. u Hupcr-uhundant dinner, and a ball game between the single and the married men in the afternoon. The Christmas party given by our class on December 14th, was a grand success. As is characteristic of our class attuirs, refreshments were plentiful. After many great drnps 0f perspiration. we published nur Annual. As our pmjcct for the year. we CilUSC tn erect a drinking fountain 011 the Campus for the 1150 of the College. 0111' new mnttu is. "Lu. T am with you always? uur CHIUTS. the colors Hi the rainbow; and our Hmvcr. swcctpcas. 'lihrough 2111 these years, Mrs. BonDurunt has hccn our agreeable sptmmr. If time must :40 mm. and history must he written, let us utter this as the history of the nevcr-ttn-htufurguttcn class mi 43. 11An undenominational congregation set for the defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.,, + 24th STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST 1111 24th Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA .+. A Most Cordial Welcome Awaits You at the . . . CHURCH OF CHRIST Fulton Ave. and Marina 5!. HAPEVILLE. GEORGIA The Newest Church in This Area ALFRED E. SIMS Minister Best Wishes from . . . Antioch Church of Christ Bethel Church of Christ Ludville Church of Christ Pleasant Hill Church of Christ OSCAR WILD Minister A. L. PAYNE Minister "Hoping that the money may be used to advance the cause of Christian Education at 'A. C. C.'" O Gethsemane Church IJf Christ J. E. LIPSCOMBE Pastor + ELLERSON VIRGINIA 44 Congrafulafions . . . Gonzphments TO THE CLASS OF ,45 f; East Point Christian Church 0 ROBERT O. WEAVER, Minister Washington and Church Sts. YO U R EAST POINT GEORGIA Big Star Store SOUTH SIDE FURNITURE STORE Q We Buy and Sell Good Used Furniture EAST POINT GEORGIA 652 Pryor St., S. XV. : WA. 5072 THE CHRISTIAN RESTORATION ASSOCIATION SHARES THE JOY OF Atlanta Christian College AND THE CLASS OF '45 Ours is a common causeedehned by the Lord in His Great Com- mission. The college trains men for the ministry of the Word, and the Association supports loyal evangelists in the held. We publish THE RESTORATION HERALD, Which contends earnestly for The Faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. Subscription price: 50c per year, 3 years $1.00. 0 The Christian Restoration Association 702 People,s Bank Building CINCINNATI 2, OHIO 4S VFROM NEGATIVES :c Wu ,n 5 ON FILE - - FILLED AT ANY TIME 1 ZZed ngWe W 'nnn'ulu Pnomnnrnn nernmmenr 7426 TEL. MA 252 PEACHTREE ST., N. E. ATLANTA SUCCESSFUL ANN UALS Require the services of experienced and expert rruftmnen, trained in every detail of the lll'nresses ul' creating-planning layout and design - typesetting-printing lillmgl'nphing mill himling . . . Through- out half a century this mmpuny has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing...0ur services include a special college annual sales and service organization . . . Abundant equipment-mmlern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value 916 FUUTE 6 DAVIES PBINTle? JTHUGIHPHING - ENGRAVING A T L A N T A DR. JAMES A. BUR??? L'BRARY Given To The VRBumS' Me'rnO'rial Libnm' Ammo, Ghristia"

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