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Asotin, WA Asotin High Volume 67 Adviser: Adrian Bunn Editor: Kimmi Bonfield1. Leslie AusmanJoins the fun as a ghost on Clone Day. 2. Aloha from Corey Sangster and Corey Mullins during spirit week. 3. Dee Dee DeLlsle “casts out” for a biology experiment. 4. We’re Alice with Spirit! 5. Theresa Smole shows off the rose she received during homecoming week. 6. Bill and Will on a helium high after receiving Balloon-o-Grams. 7. "I give! Don't shoot," says Chad Sangster while Mike Winroth and Bill Wiemer give a Panther smile. 31. Hangin’ Loose are Dee Dee DeLisle, Janet Halsey, and Shannon Ausman. 2. “Asotin Panthers ... The team we love the mostl” — Cheerleaders at the Fall Sports Rally. 3. Chaivin' on a straw and posin ’ pretty — Lisa Rowland and Rachelle Shaner as Huck Finn clones. 4. “Tonight Dayton, Tommorrow the Worldt” boast the seniors on their float. 5. Eric S., Troy H., Mike M. and Chris H. are all smiles on Hall-o-gram Day. 6. Chrissy Bond (Alias The Deerslayer) receives a special occasion cake from Mr. Norton. 7. Good friends, good times — Terry O’Keefe and Trina Miller.Cjood timed to look Lack on tk a Smile, wi1. “Senior's don't take no CJmph jioeleads Chad Sangster. 2. Superman is victorious againl — Javier Smith and (under the mask) Aaron Cunningham. 3. Pep Band members blow their horns for spirit. — LaAnn Cooper, Eddie Hunter, Lynn Hough, Bryan Thompson and Joe Sandy. 4. Panthers take a break and try to work on the 1st half problems. 5. Mr. Norton gets in the spirit of things when Panthers prepare to sink the Piratest 6. Angie Blimka has a dazzling “doo“ on Punk Day. 7. “It's a little tough to do a lay up, but otherwise these boots are the greatest!'' — Corey Mullins.1. Slave day brings out the best in Lynn Hough, Gerard Thai and Tod Szendre. 2. Football team members express clearly that they are Number one! 3. Homecoming Royalty: L to R: Theresa Smole, Queen Shelley Shrader, Stacy Schnider, Kim Martin. 4. The band performs a stunning show during homecoming. 5. Kim Martin and Stacey Schnider cheer up a storm during B-ll football tournaments. 6. Pick U up, Sullivan, and "Get golnV 7. Chare Kerzman looks on... 8. Semore cheerleader Mike Marvel looks confident 8n . ’ . . . oLovin euery minute of it! 1. Jackie Crites and Monique Thai wait for the outcome of an important play. 2. Nice hair, JoeI 3. L to R: Mike W., Chad S.f Lance W.t Sean P., and Mark J. go Toga on Clone Day. 4. The gang’s all herett SENIORS: Class of 1986 SCtXlOrS 0 © get out early for lunch ... Do harass underclassmen on all occasions . . . Do beat everyone else in everything else . .. Do as little homework as possible . .. Do take advantage of the maximum number of possible excused absences .. . Donft bring a sack lunch ... Don9t go to dances alone ... Don't let underclassmen walk their hall. . . Don't Follow the Crowd! Officers, L to R: V. Pres. Mark Gunkel; Sec. Veranica Parsons; Pres. Sean Peterson; and Rep. Mike Winroth. Chrissy Bond “When people agree with me; I always feel I must be wrong. “ ASB Sec. Treas. 9; P A 11, 12; Choir Jazz Chr. 9-11: Flags Rifles 10-12; Sci. Club 9-12; FFA 11. 12; FHA 9-12; Pep Club 9-12: Ski Club 9-12: Cheerleader 12; Mascot 10-12; BB 11, 12: Softball 10: Golf 10; Stu dent of Month 11; Jr. Miss Runner Up 11; FHA State, Chapter and Jr. Degrees. Patty Brown “When I have something to say, I say U. When I don’t haoe anything to say, I say it anyway.” P A 11; Jazz Chr. 9-12; Drama 11. 12: Drill Team 11; Flags Rifles 10 12: FHA 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; BB 9 11: Softball 9-12: Volleyball 9-11. Todd Crites “My actions speak louder than my words.” Cl. Officer 9: FFA 10-12; Pep Club 12. Paula Felkins “She looks like an angel and acts like one too, but you neoer can tell what an angel will do.” FHA 10-12: Pep Club 12. Tim Flynn "I’ll try anything once, and sometimes twice.” FFA 9-12: Pep Club 9, 12; Ski Club 11, 12; Baseball 9; Star Greenhand 9; Star Chp. Farmer 11. 12Jody Gosse ”The unspoken word never does harm.” FFA 9-12. Mark Gunkel 'Ton must look Into people ms well ms mt them.” P A 9. 10; Honor Society 9 12; ScL Club 1012; FFA 9-11, Pres. 12; Ski Club 9-12: BB 9-12; FootbmU 9 12; Captain's end Most InspUmtlonml Awards 12; Golf 9-12; Asotin Co. Tele. Essay 3rd; Cmpt. Footbmll Temm. Chris Heaton "You're only young once; mfter thmt you hmoe to think up mnother excuse.” ASB Rep. 9; Honor Society 12; Set Club 12; Softbmll 12; VoUeybuU 9-12; Truck 9; Academic AU-American, Eng. 11. Troy Hill “Women are like the martial arts. It takes practice and skill to totally understand them.” Pep Club 11. 12; Jazz Chr. 12; Ski Club 10-12; BB 9. 10; Baseball 9; FootbmU 9, 10; Track 9-12. Mark Johnson "I toms gratified to answer promptly ... I said I didn’t know." ASB V. Pres. 11. Pres. 12; Class Pres. 10. V. Pres. 11; Band 9; Jazz Band 9. 10: Set. Club 10-12; FFA 9. Rep. 10. V. Pres. 11. 12: Pep Club 9-12; Ski Club 11. V. Pres. 12; FootbmU 9-12; Golf 9-12; Jr. Masonic Award; Rudy Haberman Mem. Award; Star Chp. Farmer, State Farmer. Will Lowery “Being good Is awfuUy hard!" Pep Club 11. Pres. 12; Ski Club 10. 12; Track 10-12; Most Inspirational. Track 10. Drama 12. Mike Marvel “If girls interfere with work, quit work.” P A 10; Bond Pres. 9-12: Jazz Band 9-11; Choir 9-11; Drama 10-12; FFA 9; Pep Club 9-11; Ski CUib 9. 11: BB 9: Track 9-12; ASB 9-12. Tawnl Miller “It would be nice If life’s problems could hU at age eighteen when we know everything." Band 12; FHA 12: Track 12.Ronna Myers “You will never be on top of the world If you try to carry it on your shoulders.” Jazz Choir 12; Drill Team It, Capt. 12; Flags Rifles 10: Science Club 10-12: FHA 11, 12; FBLA 1012, Pres. 12. V. Pres. 11; Pep Club 10-12; Volleyball 10; Honor Choir, After Eleven: Homecoming Princess 10: Girl’s State: Business Week. Sean Newhouse “Please, girls, one at a timet” Paper Annual 10: Track 11; Team Manager Basketball 11; Team Manager Football 11. Veranica Parsons “Success is picking yourself up one more time than you fall down.” ASB Sec. 12: Class V. Pres. 10, Treas. 11, Sec. Treas. 12: Paper Annual 9, Co Editor 11; Choir 9. 11, 12: Jazz Chr. 9, 11, 12; Drama 9; Drill Team 11; Flags Rifles 9, 10, 11; Honor Soc. 9-12: Sci. Club 10-12; FHA 9-12: Pres. 12; FBLA 10-12; Pep Club 9-12: Cheerleader 10, 12: Volleyball 9-12; Homecoming Princess 9; WASC: Asotin Jr. Miss 1986; Mas. Jr. Achievement; Most Inspirational Volleyball 11. Sean Peterson “A leader in many ways.” ASB Pres. 10. 11: ASB Rep. Sec. 11; Class Officer 9-12: Jazz Choir 9-12: FFA 9: ASB V. Pres. 12; Pep Club 11, 12; Ski Club V. Pres. 11, Pres. 12: BB 10. 11; Football 9-12; Track 11, 12; Golf 9. 10; Boys’ State 1985. 86 All Conference 2nd Team; Honor Chr. 10-12. Chad Sangster “By the time a person is old enough to know better, he’s old enough not to get caught.” Class Officer 10. 11, Pres. 9; FFA 9-12; Pep Club 9 12; BB 9-12; Football 9; Track 9-10. Shelley Schrader ”Strive to do your duty and you will know of what you are made.” Honor Soc. 11, Pres. 121; FBLA 10. 11, Pres. 12; Pep Club 9, 10; Cheerleader 10; Homecoming Queen 12; Dlst. Math Team 9. Terry Smith “Always ready for work or play . . . preferably play." Paper Annual 10. 12; Drama 12: Science Club 9-12; Pres. 12; FFA 9-12; Pres. 12; FFA 9-11; Pep Club 9-12; BB 9-12; Track 10-12; Golf 9. Eric Spiegel “There is no way to know until experiencing it.” Ski Club 12; Football 12; Science Club 12. 14Codi Tetwiler "Life is a series of surprises." Jazz Choir 9. It, 12: Science Club 10-12; FHA 9-12: FBLA 10 12; Pep Club 9-12: Ski Club 9: BB 10. 11; Volleyball 9-12: Baseball Stat. 9 12: Bl. Ml. All League Volleyball 11; FHA Degree 9. 10. 12: Homecoming Princess 11. Michel Thai "He's small, but. oh. how mightyI" Science Club 9 11: FFA 9. 10: Pep Club 11. 12: BB 9-12: Track 9. 10: Star Greenhand Award 9. Bridgett Thayer "Life was never meant to be taken seriously." Jazz Choir 12; Honor Soc. 11, 12; FHA 11. 12; Science Club 11: FBLA 11, 12: Cheerleader 12; BB 11: Honor Choir: Jr. Miss Scholastic Award 11. Matt Toth "To be born a gentleman Is an accident. To die one is an achievement." Band 9: Jazz Band 9; Science Club 11. 12; Pep Club 10-12: Basketball 9-12; Golf 9-12; Football Stat. 10. 11:ASB 12: Tele. Essay Contest 1st Place, 11: Golf Most Inspirational 11. Lance Wade "If it is to be, it shall be up to me." Class V. Pres. 9. 10: FFA 9-11: Pep Club 10-12; Ski Club 9-12: Basketball 9-12: Football 10; Track 11. 12: Golf 9. 10. Bill Wiemer "I'm never late for anything but school." FFA 9-12: Pep Club 9-12; Ski Club 10, 11; Baseball 9-12; Football 9-12: Most Inspirational Baseball 11; Baseball State Champs 11. Bill Wilsey "Man is not made to question, but to adore." FFA 9 12; Pep Club 9. 10: Ski Club 9-12; Football 9. 10. 12: Track 10. 11. Mike Winroth "Girls are like gas. they keep me running." Class Officer 9, 10. 12: Pres. 11; FFA 9-12; Pep Club 9 12; Ski Club 10 12; Basketball 9-12: Baseball 9-12: Football 9. 10, 12; Mr. Football 12: Prom Court: State Baseball Champs.Dear Marie J. I feel eery lucky to have a son like you. At you hmoe grown, I have only known pride, never disappointment In you. I know your future will be filled with good things. Love, Mom Dear Tim, Well son, this has sure been an etjoyable 17 years you'ee brought us. Now we'll take this time to say we love you and thank you for being our son. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Eric, Thank you for letting us share this last year of school with you. It has been quite an experience for Leonard and I, but we have both thoroughly eqjoyed U. Good luck In life and hope your dreams come true. Love, Mom Good MORNING, Mark, May your life be full of good things, looe and happiness — all the things you are to us. Dad and D Michael W„ Thank you for making us the proudest of parents of your accomplishments at AMS. You are a special person so make the most of your abilities. Looe, Mom and Dad Rani P., A RAI OF SUNSHINE It's hard to say with words you see, what Joy you 'or brought to your mother and me. For seventeen years you'oe graced our home, with sun-like looe-Uke an Inspired poem. With your head held up and your goals set high, you seem to do well at whatever you try. So we declare on this special day, God Bless You, our Veranlca Ral. Patty B., We want you to know how proud we are of you, and that we wish you all the best In your future years to come. We looe you. Mom and Dad Lance, Thank you, Lance, for 18 years of happiness! We are proud of you and with your eminent achievements, we know you will be a success. Love, Mom and Dad Will. How we've both grown over the years In you. I like what I seel Be all that you can be. Mom To My Son Terry Smith, May these things be a part of you and may you give and receive them as you embark on your life and career: Looe, Laughter, Pride, Humility, Concern, Faith, Accomplishment, Honesty, Trust, Tenderness, Strength, and Happiness. Congratulations on your graduation. I LOVE YOG, Mom Dear Sean Peterson, I looe you and I am so very proud of you. You’ve been everything I'oe hoped you'd be. You brought me Jog, happiness, and given me many beautiful memories of a fine young man. I pray the Lord bless you richly with strength, wisdom, and knowledge In all you endeavor throughout your life — that you continually put Christ first and your dreams come true. Looe always and former. Mom P.S. We looe you and are very proud of you too. Looe, Chuck, Barry and Kyle Shelley, You are very special to us. Good luck and happiness In alt you do. I looe you very muchl Looe, Mom and Dad BUlWUsey, Sometimes It has been a struggle, but we have always had faith In you. "Looe you," Mom and Dad Dear Troy, "The Nlr Ja" Memories — f remember some good days, and I remember some bad. But most of all, all the fun we’oe had. Because memories that bring a smile to your face, are the beat memories of all. So, think of them when you think of me. Your mother loves you most of all. Looe ya. Mom Todd, We pray that you will have the courage to seek opportunities, the patience to work at them, and the grace to give to others. Looe, Mom and Dad BUI Wtemer, Thank you for all the Joy and happiness you have given us. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. We are very proud of you as a son and brother. Looe, Mom, Dad, Gary, Eddie, and Jeff Bridget!, We looe you more than you’U ever know and we are very proud of you. Our prayer for you Is that your life wUl always be Christ-centered. WUh love. Mom and Dad Chrlssy, As you Journey through life to find your place wherever you are or whatever the case, don’t ever lose the smUe on your face. Always remember whether far or near, that your family loves you and will always be here. Love, Mom and Dad Ronna, The good Lord only made one — and I’m so proud he blessed me with youl I looe you. Mom7 p % A ”Anyone who thinks the sky’s the limit has a limited imagination” was the theme for the ’86 graduation. Shelley Schrader led her class as Valedictorian, while Mark Gunkel was Salutatorian. Their colors were silver and purple and commencement was held June 1, 1986, at 4:00 P.M. ◄3 A4 1. Salutatorian, Mark Gunkel makes his farewell speech. 2. The class of 86’s final moments. 3. Proud moments — Bridgett, Rani, Mike, Paula and Bill. 4. ’’What’s so funny, Chad?” 5. 7 did it, I did it; I can’t believe I did IU”Leslie Ausman Lynette Ausman Rod Bond Joe Bowman Tammy Bowman Bob Brereton Ellen Burnam Jackie Crites Mike Dominguez Gary Ferguson Kyle Halsey Tom Parker Paula Parsons Jody Petty Lori Petty Kim Queener Wendy Smith Jeff Sullivan Jeanna Surber Monte Sutton Mike Tatlow . Don’t show up for class JUniOrS • • « meetings ... Don’t double date ... Don't get caught sleeping in class ... Do win spirit contests ... Do take the PSAT ... Do brown nose teachers ... Do set fashion trends in ghost costumes . . . Do stick together .. . and Juniors dare to be different1 1. Officers, L-R: Sec. Lori Petty: V. Pres. Jeff Sullivan; Pres. Javier Smith: Rep. Bob Brereton. 2. “I'll get those girls even if it kills me," says Lanny Hough. 3. Asotin High's greatest clan of fans say, "Shake your caboose." 4. Halsey hides his worst side. 18Lanny Hough Julie Keys Erick Martin Corey Mullins Danny Painter Mia Rognstad Corey Sangster Stacy Schnider Javier Smith Todd Smith Monique Thai Nikki Thompson Kathee Toth Shelly Watson Rodney Wayne 19Kimmi Bonfield Melanie Botts Wayne Brooks Dale Cooper Aaron Cunninghan Dee Dee DeLisle Robert Erickson Brent Fausone Annie Forrest Janet Halsey Audra Alexander Shannon A us man Mike Bacon Angie Blimka Mark Boleware 20 Sophomores... Don’t ask Senior girls out ... Don’t make waves ... Don’t elect guy officers ... Do double date because only half can drive ... Do get caught sleeping in class ... Do take driver’s ed ... Do act tough around Freshmen . .. and Do have pride in AHSr 1. Mia leads rainmakers at the Pomeroy pep rally. 2. Dan Marvin abiding by sophomore regulationsI 3. Brent Fausone imitates Huck Finn on Clone Day. 4. Officers, L to R: Front: V. Pres. Theresa Smote and Rep. Rachelle Shaner. Back: Pres. Janet Halsey, Sec. Chare Kerzman and Treas. Trina Miller. Picture Not Available Jerod Hatley Chare Kerzman Carol Lodge Chris MacMillan Michelle Manus Dan Marvin Mike Michelin Trina Miller Terry O'Keefe Tania Parsons Amy Petty Brent Prior Jason Reichert Lisa Rowland Kevin Schnider Terry Schrader Matt Seibly Rachelle Shaner Kim Smith Theresa Smole Duane Szendre Roger Witters 21Brit Austrian Angela Bashore Tyler Berzett Brett Bond Tony Boyer Linda Carpenter J. P. Cook DiAnn Cooper LaAnn Cooper Kris Folkins Susie Gilbert Jerry Glass Brent Grieve Lynn Hough Richard Hough Sherman Hunter Kim Kildow Robert Kyles Lyle Kittell Cher Linehan Rae Lynn Madison Kim Martin Dina McDowell Jeff Mullins Don’t sit in the library ... Don’t look forward to Slave Day .. ... Don’t sass . Don’t go out on the weekends Seniors ... Don’t know when they’re being insulted ... Do what they are told ... Do bring sack lunches ... Do ride the bus ... Do hang out around the bathrooms . . . Do their homework ... Do have three more yearsl 2231 1. Officers, L to R: Linda Carpenter, Sec.; Matt Wilson, Pres.; Jeff Mullins, V. Pres.; Philippe Thai, Rep. 2. Freshman Matt Wilson poses with his sculpted friend while in art. 3. Angela Bashore and Kim Martin wait for a sock hop. 4. Freshman guys flex their muscles on Clone day. Alfie Nagle John Painter Shawn Rettkowski Natalie Rowden Becky Surber Tod Szendre Brenda Talbott Gerard Thai Philippe Thai Heidi Thayer Bryan Thompson Chad Walker Matt Wilson Rob Witters 23Kathy Bremner Shawn Bowman Adrian Bunn Donald Detrick Beverly Erickson Dan Johnson Roxanne McDonald Susan McGee 2 ATeachers... Do keep kids after school... Do plan to give their tests all on the same day ... Do give homework on game nights ... Do drive sports cars ... Do like assigning essays ... Don't like reading essays ... Don’t know the meaning of “mercy" ... Don’t mind giving us their extra time ... and they Don’t give up on ust! r" 1. Mr. Wilcox — “Couple things." 2. Mad scientist Brent Youlden and his assistant Matt Wilson. 3. A meeting of the minds — Mr. Detrick and Roger Witters. 4. Smile, Mrs. Bunn, Friday is a ‘cornin’t 5. Mr. Rayburn demonstrates his authority while Mike Bacon shows his respect. Kathy Meshishnek Kay Neace Fred Rayburn Nate Reade Nancy Sangster Gail Scott Duane Shears Denise Strohmaier LaVonne Urban Rick Wilcox Brent Youlden 25ADMINISTRATION School Board: Larry Robeson, Sherman Hunter, Bob Hough, Dave Bonfield, and not shown Phillip Johnson. Principal Raymond Norton Custodian Lester Spears Superintendent Richard Riggs Secretaries Liz Davison and Bev Miles Rusty Reed Virginia Collier, Marietta Scheibe, Don Dodd Marlene Belieu, Art Belieu, and Arlene MullinsKatie Allbright Dan Bennett Angela Berzett Geri Blevins Nathan Bogar CarU Michele BroennekeW' t Shelly Brown Officers, L to R: Greg Maes, Treas.; Jason Galyean, Pres.; Kami Sutton, Rep.; Corey Raspone, V. Pres. Mick Stevens: Rep. and Kerri McMillan, Sec. Daren Christianson David Eniss Jason Galyean Wayne Haines Bobbi Jo Jungert Jeanne Kaiser Ted Kiesecker Kerry Linehan Greg Maes Chris Martin Kerri McMillan Corey Raspone Angie Reeves Nick Stevens Kami Sutton Dan Thiessen Corey Van Pelt Kris Wallace Lisa Ward Eric Wheeler Carlin White 27Chris Ausman Ronnie Carpenter Denise Cloke Rainy Cole Michelle Cook James Coon Cody Cox Melanie Dominguez Heather Gentry Lisa Hatley Greg Hoglund Eddie Hunter Sally Joye Pat Kaiser Angie Luther Brooke Martin Sis Miller Bud Mullikin Kyle Peterson Crystal Petty Clint Reeves Matt Riggs Robbie Robeson Picture Not Available Jayson Ross Casey Sangster Krista Savoie Jennifer Smith Kassi Smith Shelly Smith 28¥2 A 1 1. Jr. High ASB Officers, L to R, Front Row: Chris Martin, Treas: Kerri McMillan, Sec.: Angie Reeves, Pres.; Bobbi Jo Jungert, V. Pres. Back Row: Angie Luther, Rep.; Hick Stevens, Rep.: Chris Ausman, Rep.: Kami Sutton, Rep.: Colleen Sullivan, Pub. Chair. 2. Chris Martin waits patiently for the hike of the ball to begin the play. 3. “We’re 1 ” boast the 8th grade cheerleaders. 4. Heather Gentry and Colleen Sullivan cheer on their team. A4 Colleen Sullivan Shawn Tannahill Gene Tucker Keith Weissenfels JeffWiemer Shawn Wilks 29JR. HIGH ACTIVITIES 1.8th Grade Cheerleaders, L-R, Front K. McMillan, B. Jungert, A. Berzett. Floor: K. Sutton. 2. Jr. High Girls’ Basketball, L-R, Front- D. Cloke, A. Luther, K. Savoie, B. Martin, C. Sullivan, S. Miller, H. Gentry, M. Cook. Top: C. Petty, M. Broenneke, B. Jungert A. Reeves, A. Berzett K. Smith, K. Christianson, K. Sutton, L. Hatley, K. McMillan, Coach Tom Towers. 3. Jr. High Boys’ Baseball, L-R, Front- B. Rlbble, J. Ross, K. Martin, K. Hassett, N. Bogar. Top: Coach Nate Read, K. Welssenfels, C. Ausman, N. Stevens, O. Sangster, M. Broenneke. 4. Jr. High Boys’ Basketball, L-R, Front- C. Raspone, E. Hunter, C. Cox, C. Van Pelt J. Ross, K. Martin, N. Bogar, S. Wing. Top: Coach Ed Ausman, M. Riggs, K. Hassett, B. Mullikin, N. Stevons, K. Weissenfels, G. Maes, C. Ausman, D. Bennett, C. Sangster, J. Coon, K. Peterson, Coach Tom Towers.1. Jr. High Band, Front: R. Robeson, M. Riggs. Middle: B. Martin, S. Joye, S. Miller, L. Hatley, R. Cole, D. Cloke. Top: J. Galyean, K. Welssenfels, S. Wilks, G. Maes, C. A us man, E. Hunter, J. Kaiser. 2. Jr. High Football, L-R, Front J. Wiemer, B. Mullikin, C. Martin, C. Reeves, C. Raspone, N. Bogar. Top: S. Wilks, W. Haines, D. Bennett K. Weisenfels, C. VanPelt, H. Stevens. 3. 7th Grade Cheerleaders, L-R: S. Miller, S. Smith, C. Sullivan. Floor: H, Gentry. 4. Jr. High Choir, L-R, Front D. Bennett, J. Ross, D. Enlss. Middle: K. Peterson, A. Luther, S. Smith, H. Gentry, L. Ward, M. Cook, K. McMillan, M. Dominguez. Top: K. Savoie, C. Petty, A. Reeves, K. Christianson, K. Smith, K. Allbright, S. Brown, J. Kaiser, C. Sullivan. 4 4 31HONORS Boys' and Girls' State Delegates: Javier Smith and Jody Petty M. Toth, C. Tetwiler, L. Wade, M. Marvel, T. Flynn, B. Wilsey, M. Johnson, B. Wiemer — 12 year Seniors. Business Week Delegates: Bob Brereton, Jeff Sullivan, Jackie Crites, Monique Thai, Asotin Tele. Essay Winners: Bob 1st, Jackie 2nd, and Monique 3rd. Salutatorian: Mark Gunkel Valedictorian: Shelley Schrader 1986 Awards Pell Award — $2050, Mark Gunkel Basic Grant $750, Mark Gunkel National Defense Student Loan $1500, Mark Gunkel Merit Scholarship $150, Mark Gunkel Honor Society Scholarship $150 each, Veranica Parsons, Bridgett Thayer, Mark Gunkel, Shelley Schrader ( Associated Student Body Scholarships, $150 Valedictorian, Shelley Schrader, $100 Salutatorian, Mark Gunkel Michael Lee Memorial $200, Mark Johnson, alternate Shelley Schrader Kerri Lynn Johnson Memorial $200, Veranica Parsons, Mike Winroth, Asotin Ed. Assoc. $200, Shelley Schrader Presidential Academic Fitness award, Bridgett Thayer, Veranica Parsons, Mark Gunkel, Shelley Schrader Potlatch, Inc. Scholarship $1000, Shelley Schrader Junior Miss Scholarships, $600, Veranica Parsons, $300 Chrissy Bond LCSC Presidential Scholarship $500 each, Veranica Parsons, Shelley Schrader Dogwood Festival Scholarship, $250, Veranica Parsons LCSC ' Matching Scholarship $250, Veranica Parsons WA State Principal’s Award for Academic Excellence, Shelley Schrader Beta Beta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship, $100, Mark Johnson Washington State Honors Award, Bridgett Thayer, Terry Smith, Shelley • Schrader Trend College Scholarship $750, Ronna Myers Communicating for Agriculture Scholarship, $250, Mark Johnson ds we glance lack we 6ee wltg tlioSe invo Led in groups, eventi, and Sports made us . . . 1. Matt Toth wonders if he is really the master of the machine. 2. “Wonder what Huck would’ve been doin' now." — Shannon A us man and Kim Smith. 3. Sis Miller pipes up a peppy tune. 4. Monique Thai tries to free the candy in the Spanish class plhata.L ove every tninu te of it!1. Patty Brown — an entertainer in actionI 2. General Wilcox ponders the next battle strategy. 3. Mike pounds away at his favorite sport. 4. Corey Sangster — “1 know there's a hole here somewhere.” 5. Nikki Thompson hammers it over the net 6. Shannon A us man tries to find the right words.i A4 1. Terry O’Keefe puts one up against the Koyotes. 2. “Tom Selleck, eat your heart ouU” — Corey Sangster and Jeff Sullivan. 3. “Shout it out for Juniorslt!” 4. Mark Johnson — “These guys mean business 5. Brenda Talbott takes time to “Remember when."AHS MUSIC The music department had a very busy year in 1986 from concerts to parades all the way to Canada for Expo f86. The following are some of the events they were in; WSCI Band Day, Christmas parade, Pullman Jazz Night, U of I Festival (they won 1st in sight reading), SEWMEH Festival, Asotin County Fair parade (they won 1st), many concerts, and Expo f86! 1. Mr. and Mrs. Bowman are lookin' ritzyt 2. Pep band lioens up the crowd at football games. 3. RaeLynn Madison and Rainy Cole pipe out a tune in the flute section. 4. Concert Band. LR. Front: L. Cooper, T. Miller, C. Lodge, J. Halsey, R. Madison, D. Cooper. T. Miller. D. DeLisle, C. Kerzman. Middle: K. Folkins. J. Painter. K. Schnider, E. Burnam, S. Ausman, M. Marvel, J. Sandy. Back: L. Hough, Director Mr. Bowman, and G. Thai. 5. Pep Band, L R, Front: P. Kaiser, G. Maes. K. Weisenfels, R. Robeson, G. Thai, L. Hough, M. Riggs. E. Hunter, S. Wilks, J. Galyean. Middle: L. Hatley, R. Cole, S. Joye, B. Martin, L., Cooper, T. Miller, R. Madison, E. Burnam, S. Ausman, D. DeLisle, C. Kerzman, C. Lodge, T. Miller, J. Halsey, S. Miller, D. Cooper, D. Cloke. Back: Director S. Bowman, B. Thompson, C. Ausman, M. Marvel, K. Schnider, J. Sandy, J. Painter, K. Folkins. 6. Jazz Band, L R. Front: E. Burnam, B. Thompson, L. Cooper, L. Hough, J. Halsey. Back: C. Ausman, G. Thai, C. Mullins, J. Sandy and Director S. Bowman. 7. Jazz Choir, L R, Front: P. Parsons. H. Rowden, S. Peterson, C. Mullins, M. Manus, K. Queener, L. Petty, J. Surber. Middle: A. Bashore, W. Smith, B. Thayer, T. Hill, R. Erickson, K. Martin, R. Myers, C. Tetwiler. Back: D. McDowell, C. Linehan, K. Smith, L. Carpenter, S. Bowman, P. Brown, V. Parsons, K. Toth, and B. Surber. A2 T4 A3FLAGS AND RIFLES A2 A3 t. Squad members Jeanna Surber, Dina McDowell, Kim Queener and Cher Llnehan wave their flags hlghl 2. Dina McDowell and Jeanna Surber twirl their ribbons at a Pep Assembly. 3. Corps Members, L-R, Front: Kim Queener, Jeanna Surber. Middle: Dina McDowell, Kathy Toth. Back: Jeanne Kaiser, Cher Llnehan and Patty Brown. 4. Smile pretty for the camera, glrtsl The Flags and Rifles Corps manuevered their way through yet another impressive series of performances this year. Director Shawn Bowman, Rifle Captain Jeanna Surber, Rifle Co-Co-Captain Kim Queener, Flag Captain Patty Brown, and Flag Co-Captain Kathy Toth led the group to higher heights as they participated in various events such as WS(J Band Day, AHS Homecoming, the Christmas Parade and the Asotin County Parade. New to this year’s program were the ribbon sticks, newly colored flags, and new uniforms. These members demonstrated extra dedication due to the fact that rehearsals were held at 7 a.m.l All in all, it was another successful year for the CorpsIDRILL TEAM This year’s squad was small enough to be a lot of fun and big enough to do a really great Jobl We worked together well and felt we Improved and were pleased with our yearI The highlight of our year was attending USA camp together1 Being a part of AHS's Drill Team this year has left us all with many happy memories. Advisor Evelyn Parsons A3 1. DeeDee DeLlale and DIAnn Cooper give us a taste of their awesome talent and skill. 2. Tania Parsons and DeeDee DeU-sle get down! 3. Another astounding grand finale finish to one of the Drill Team's stupendous performances. 4. Team Members, L-R, Bottom: DeeDee DeLlsIe, LaAnn Cooper, DIAnn Cooper, Janet Halsey. Top: Tania Parsons, Brenda Talbott, Captain Ronna Meyers, and Angela Bashore. •44 37STUDENT COUNCIL This year's Student Council was able to add a school. ASB Johnson lead few things to our president Mark the 19 member group as they aimed to improve our school. Through the year a new trophy case was bought and placed at the east entrance of the school. A reader board was also purchased. It hangs in the office where everyone can see it as they pass through the library. A food basket was also donated to needy families in our community. The vice-president was Corey Mullins, treasurer — Terry Schrader, publicity chairman — Shannon Ausmant and secretary — Veronica Parsons. 1. Mike Wlnroth smiles for the earner . 2. Mark Johnson. "What are you looking at?" 3. Veronica Parson talk with the group during a meeting. 4. From L to R, Top Roto: Mia Rognstad, Rachelle Shaner. Sean Peterson. Theresa Smote, Bob Brereton, Corey Sangster. Codl Tetwller. Terry Smith. Middle Roto: Dee Dee DeLlsle, Mike Marvel. Mark Gunkel. Stacy Schnlder, Kim Martin. Tania Parsons. Bottom Roto: Veronica Parsons. Corey Mullins. Mark Johnson. Terry Schrader. Shannon A us man. Not Included: Mike Wlnroth. 5. Wendy Smith and Corey Mullins show off their flowers. 6. Mike Marvel and Terry Smith torture Angela Bashore on Slave Day.FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA • Sophonones FHA had a busy year. In June they attended the student body workshop held in Ellensburg. In October they attended Regional Day in Colfax. Three members presented the emblem ceremony. Janet Halsey and Ellen Burnam presented a workshop on anorexia and bulimia. Other members represented the Asotin Chapter on the Knowledge Bowl Team. In April some members attended the state meeting in Ellensburg. Janet Halsey ran for State Vice President for Region 7. Though she was defeated she plans to run for a state office again. The FHA was in the Asotin Christmas Parade, March of Dimes, Valentine Balloon-O-Grams, and the annual Tea. T2 1. L-R, Back Row: P. Brown. C. Bond. J. Halsey, E. Burnam. N. Thompson. C. Lodge. C. Tetwiler. T. Miller. R. Madison. P. Felkins, D. Delisle, B. Thayer. Middle Row: Mrs. Erickson, V. Parsons, L. Carpenter, M. Bolts, L. Ausman, H. Thayer, A. Alexander, R. Meyers, L. Rowland, B. Surber, A. Forest, T. Parsons, S. Schnider, L. Hanson. Front Row: A. Bashore, M. Rognstad, K. Queener, D. McDowell, R. Shaner, T. Miller. T. Smole, K. Martin. 2. Janet Halsey does her Mark Twain specialty. 3. From L-R, Top Row: R. Meyers, E. Burnam, S. Schnider, B. Thayer. Bottom Row: V. Parsons, T. Smole, J. Halsey, C. Bond. 4. Kim, Annie, and Janet show they are physically fit. 5. Some encouraging smiles from an excited group.FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Members, L-R, Front: G. Thai, L. Hough, S. Ausman, M. Dominguez, R. Bond, D. Painter, A. Blimka, J. Surber, L. Cooper. Second: C. Sangster, B. Brereton, T. Flynn, M. Gunkel, C. Sangster, S. Peterson, L. Ausman, M. Johnson, J. Petty. Third: B. Talbott, K. Halsey A. Petty, L. Petty, K. Smith, J. Sandy, J. Hatley, T. Schrader, M. Bacon, C. Bond, J. Painter, C. Felkins, S. Watson, N. Rowden, M. Manus, M. Sutton, D. Johnson. Back: R. Witters, M. Seibly, T. Smith, J. Bowman, R. Witters, C. Mullins, B. Welmer, B. Wilsey, K. Schntder, R. Hough, B. Ausman, B. Kelly, D. Cooper. Officers, L-R, Front T. Flynn, Sen.; Sean Peterson, V. Pres.; M. Gunkel, Pres.; C. Sangster, Treas.; L. Ausman, Sec. Back: D. Johnson, Advisor, C. Sangster, Rep.; and Bob Brereton, Reporter. Asotin FFA wrapped up another year. The chapter brought in over $1,000 on fund raisers which was used for awards and sending representatives to the national convention in Kansas City. Livestock judging finished with 6 banners, the rituals team fared well at districts. and the Creed Speakers finished with high marks. Members were actively involved in Fair with show ing animals or just helping out. At the end of the year FFA planned a fishing trip with Wally Beamer up Hells Canyon. Judging Team, Front: J. Petty, K. Halsey, M. Gunkel, C. Sangster, M. Johnson. Back: Dan Johnson, Advisor, L. Petty, A. Petty, T. Schrader, S. Watson.At FBLA highlighted the year selling mugs of hot chocolate and running the school store. In May they visited the Medical Service Bureau and observed office procedures. Several members competed in state buisiness competitions and kept FBLA on the move! 1. Bridgett shines a smile. 2. Officers, L-R, Front: Treas. Shelley Schrader, Pres. Ronna Myers, Sec. Bridgett Thayer. Back: Rep. Codi TetwUer, Hist. Janet Halsey, V. Pres. Rani Parsons. 3. Front: C. Tetwiler, S. Schrader, R. Myers, B. Thayer, V. Parsons. Back: Advisor Mrs. Urban, J. Petty, T. Parsons, C. Lodge, J. Halsey, D. DeLisle, R. Shaner and T. Smote. T3 FBLASCIENCE CLUB At This year the Science Club focused on the return of Halley s Comet. Members took a trip to WSG to learn more about the comet and they viewed movies from the Mother Earth series. The big event of ther year was a pizza party — nothing scientific about that — but what fun! 1. Officers, L-R: Rep. M. Toth, Pres. T. Smith, Sec.-Treats. C. Heaton, and V. Pres. R. Parsons. 2. Members make final plans to visit WSCI. 3. Members, L-R, Front J. Sullivan, M. Johnson, M. Gunkel, M. Thai, S. Peterson, T. Smith, B. Talbott J. Halsey. Middle: Advisor Mr. Rayburn, C. Tetwiler, D. DeLisle, A. Alexander, L. A us man, S. A us man, T. Parsons, K. Smith, V. Parsons. Back: S. Watson, B. Brereton, J. Smith, M. SuUon, M. Toth, R. Myers, and C. Heaton.HONOR SOCIETIES At A2 Honor Society in the 1986 year consisted of nine outstanding scholars who dedicated themselves to the group’s activities and fund raisers. As usual, the group manned the concession stand at the basketball games. However, not all of their activities were fund raisers. This year the members participated in the Dogwood festival by cleaning the museum’s windows and leading group tours around Asotin. The trip this year was cancelled due to lack of interest and the extra money was used to increase the senior members’ scholarships by $50 apiece. The group is advised by Mrs. Kay Neace.AS 1. Jr. Honor Society, Front Row: K. Me Million, M. Broenneke, K. Sutton, C. Raspone. Middle Row: S. Ausman, D. DeLisle, J. Halsey, T. Parsons, K. Smith, A. Petty, M. Bolts. Back Row: R. Madison, K. Christianson, H. Thayer, L. Cooper, L. Carpenter, T. Schrader, Advisor, K. Neace. 2. Sr. Honor Society, Front Row: V. Parsons, M. Gunk el, S. Schrader, B. Thayer, M. Thai. Back Row: J. Smith, K. Toth, C. Heaton, J. Crites, D. Painter, Advisor, Kay Neace. 3. ‘Isn't this fun, Bridgett?" 4. "What, more food, Kimml?" 5. Officers, Front: Vlce-Pres. V. Parsons, Rep. M. Gunkel, Pres. S. Schrader, Sec. B. Thayer, Historian, Monique Thai, Treas. J. Crites. Back: Rep. T. Parsons, Vlce-Pres. T. Schrader, Pres. J. Halsey, Sec. Treas. S. Ausman. 6. "What’s that you were saying?" 45WWRS One of the largest groups of Pepsters ever at AHS helped boost spirit during the year. Pres. Will Lowery kept the club busy selling spirit pins and T-shirts. This year marked the first Pep Club sponsored Powder Puff football game. The Semores defeated the Jumen 12 to 6. The club was advised by the brave and fearless Ms. Kathy Bremner. 1. Pep club members take time from busy schedule to pose for group shot. 2. Officers: Pres. Will Lowery; V.-Pres. Rani Parsons; Sec. Treas. Ronna Meyers; Rep. Terry Smith. 3. Dale Cooper, Brit Ausman, Kevin Schnider, and Javier Smith display treats given to them by their GA. 4. Janet Halsey shows off winning Soph, banner.T2 At A3 This year’s club had a fair sized group of 31 members who made two trips to Bluewood. This year’s group was led by Dan Johnson, who said that all the members had a great time. 1. Officers: Pres. Sean Peterson; V. -Pres. Mark Johnson; Sec. Treas. Bridgett Thayer; Rep. Mia Rogstad. 2. “Wanna race?" asks Will Lowery to Brit Bond and PhUlppe That 3. Chrlssy Bond looks up and grins while Bridgett Thayer tries to get her skis on. 4. Ski club members come off the slopes long enough for a group shot.CHEERLEADERS A3 This year could have been called The Year of the Class Competition at AHS. In the early fall the cheerleaders announced the first of a series of weekly spirit contests that ranged from which class could make the best cemetery poster, to which class could clone itself most perfectly, and even to which class really had the best looking Pirate opponent1 Sophomores won by acting crazy enough to get 8 banners, Juniors took 7, Freshmen won 6 and Seniors earned 5. The squads also enjoyed a kidnap breakfast compliments of Mia and Mrs. Bunn. It was a year of ups and downs, but one that offered some great memories. A2A8 1. Shout it out! — Mascot Shannon Ausman. 2. Cheerleaders come to attention for a pre-game salute. — Kimmi, Leslie, Theresa, Mia, Kim and Rachelle. 3. Santa (Joe Sandy) and Rudolf (Mascot Monique Thai) present a pep rally skit. 4. BridgetL Thayer thinks victory! 5. Football Cheerleaders, Left to Right, Front Row: Chare Kerzman, J.V. mascot, and Chrissy Bond, V. mascot. Middle Row: Veranica Parsons, V.t Stacy Schnider, V. captian, Leslie Ausman, V., Kimmi Bonfield, J.V. Back Row: Theresa Smole, J.V., Kim Martin, J.V. captain, Rachelle Shaner, J.V., and Mia Rognstad, V. 6. Basketball Cheerleaders, Left to Right, Front Row: Monique Thai, V. mascot and Shannon Ausman, J.V. mascot. Back Row: Rachelle Shaner, J.V., Stacy Schnider, V., Bridgett Thayer, V., Theresa Smole, J.V.f Kim Martin, J.V., and Chrissy Bond, V. 7. “I've got spirit, yes I dot" — Chrissy Bond. 8. It's fun to be 1 — Mia, Rani, Chrissy, Leslie, and Stacy. 49THE STAFF This was a year of old and new. The 11 member staff er joyed the benefits of having experienced members return to help train many newcomers. Javier Smith, Panther Pause editor, insured that students got the campus news, and Kimmi Bonfleld took the leadership position as annual editor. The Panther Pause staff returned to the 2 column layout format, while the yearbook took on new challenges of various design graphics. It’s all here and we hope you will Love Every Minute of It! 1. L-R, Front: Brent Prior, Advisor Mrs. Bunn, Mia Rognstad, Editor Kimmi Bonfield, Rachelle Shaner, Leslie Ausman, Duane Szendre, Chrissy Bond, Carol Lodge. Back: Mike Michelin, Dan Marvin, Aaron Cunningham, Javier Smith, and Audra Alexander. Not Shown: Melanie Botts and Stacey Schnider. 2. “Get back," warns Aaron Cunningham as he readies the press for another issue of the Panther Pause. 3. Editor Kimmi Bonfield (right) helps Melanie Botts crop pictures for the layout. 4. Mia Rognstad and Dan Marvin wait for the paper to come off the press. 5. Newspaper editor, Javier Smith, prepares to write another jarring editorial. 50JR. MA9 1. Jeff Sullivan escorts Mia Rognstad. 2. Lori Petty just “Can’t Say No." 3. "Yee Ha," says Jeanna. 4. Leslie A usman introduces Monique Thai. 5. Jr. Miss girls bop to "Thank Heaven For Little Girls." 6. And here u e have the all mighty painter — Monique Thai. 7. “Oh, Corey . .. I won," says Monique Thai. 8. Stacy announces contestant 5. 9. Kim Queener performs to “We Are The World." 10. "I am So Excited" and that is the way these girls are acting. A10 March 25 was an exciting evening for 9 Jr. girls who hoped to become the next Asotin Junior Miss. The Theme was “Thank Heaven For Little Girls.” The following winners this year were: Mia Rognstad, 1st runner-up; Leslie Ausman, 2nd runner-up and Physical Fitness; Jeanna Surber, Spirit of Junior Miss; Creative and Performing Arts, Kim Queener; and the winner of the Scholastic Achievement, Poise and Appearance, and the 1987 Junior Miss was Monique Thai. 53E 1 =-fc V FHA H€GO; T6 1. FHA members start the opening ceremony by lighting the candles. 2. Dogwood Princess Veranica Parsons presents her formal dress. 3. Annie Forrest gives us a glimpse of her handmadejumpsuit. 4. Stacy Schpider receives her FHA pin. 5. FHA members Kim Queener and Becky Surber give the report on the state meeting. 6. Advisor Beverly Erickson tells of the dedication of the members to FHA. The FHA TEA this year was very successful. FHA highlights of the year were presented along with Home Ec. class modeling, a senior mother presentation, a report on the State Meeting, Prom On Parade, and various awards such as Ellen Bur-nam’s acquisition of the Outstanding FHA award and the presentation of the Most Inspirational FHA officer to Ronna Meyers. Kim Queener, Jr. Miss Talent Winner provided entertainment for the tea. Later, the installation of new officers was completed and refreshments were served. The Tea fulfilled its purpose once again of bearing the fruits of all the labor that the FHA members had put in through the year. FHAA2 “This Could Be the Night" was the appropriate theme of the 1986 Prom. Due to the cooperative efforts of the Jr.-Sr. classes the Prom went to full blast on May 24. The Junior Class decorators artfully constructed the awe-inspiring lilac and silver balloon double arch as well as a “starry" cloud picture backdrop. Some said these were the best decorations ever. At 9 PM the dance began with Bob Scott serving as D.J. for the night. The refreshments were provided by the Seniors. Prom King and Queen were Mike Marvel and Chrissy Bond. The general opinion of those who attended was that this was a night to rememberll A4 1. Shelley Schrader shows off her shining smile. 2. Mall Toth and Ronna Myers lake a break fron the dancing for a picture. 3. Prom Queen Chrissy Bond gives Mike Winroth one of her tender hugs. 4. Nothing but guys, gals and gigglesI — Jackie Crites, Stacy Schnider. and Eric Spiegel. 5. Prom King Mike Marvel and Will Lowery display their modeling talents in front of the picture background.HOMECOMING A 1 A3 A4 Students Unite for Homecoming “Before the Break of Dawn” was the theme of Asotin’s 1985 Homecoming held during the week of October 21 to 25. The Panthers were closely defeated 14-13 by the Dayton Bulldogs. Activities during Spirit Week included students dawning zany costumes on Hawaiian Day, Turban Day, Sweat and Sunglasses Day, Dress Up Day, and Punk Rock Day. Entertainment on Thursday evening began with a pep rally given by the cheerleaders and following the rally the first annual Powder-puff game was held between the Jumen and the Semores. The Semores won the Pep Club sponsored activity 12 to 0 and the antics of the boy cheerleaders were a hit. Just before the homecoming game kickoff the class trucks paraded around the field. The Freshmen won the spirit banner for the best decorated truck. 56 A2 1. Senior players thank their parents for support. 2. Juniors show their true personalities. 3. Donna arranges the goodies for the guardian angels and devils. 4. Decorating hallways is fun work. 5. “Punk Rock! No way, this is me, says Shannon A us man. 6. Queen Shelley Schrader accepts her crown and roses on the field at halftime. 7. Freshmen show spirit to win banner. 8. "All together nowt" says our very own conductor, Ellen Burnam. 9. 1985 Homecoming Royalty: Mr. Football Mike Winroth, Queen Shelley Schrader, Junior Princess Stacy Schnider, Sophomore Princess Theresa Smole, and Freshman Princess Kim Martin. 57FAIR The Asotin County Fair is one of the most anticipated events of the year. This spring students spent most of their time on the long weekend of April 25-28 doing a variety of things. Some got their fill of carnival rides and cotton candy; others took part in the fitting and showing events at the fairgrounds. Mark Gunkel made history in the rodeo and others took part in the parade. It was a weekend of 100% pure American Made funltl 1. "Bashful, Angie?" 2. Janet Halsey is proud of her Reserve Champion Steer, Oly. 3. AHS band marches their u ay to first place in the parade. 4. "Smile, Lynn, while the judges look you ooerl" 5. Sean Peterson and Codi Tetwiler are hard at work. 6. Rob Witters spends a few minutes geUing his stock ready for show. 7. Leslie Ausman (facing) and MoniqUe Thai gioe a warm smile and wane to the crowd as Jr. Misses. B. Fair Princess Trina Miller hands out trophies. 9. "What have you boys been up to?" — Corey Mullins and Joe Bowman. 59At The dreams became a reality for AHS concert band and choir members in early May. Those students who had participated in fund raisers and various events for the past year boarded the bus in the early morning hours of May 7 and headed for Vancouver, British Columbia where they performed at Expo ’86. Some highlights of the trip, other than the performances, were seeing some super stars, making video tapes, and eating at McDonald’s almost every meal! But each member has his own special memories of those days, and the AHS musicians Loved Every Minute of It!! W41. Joe Sandy says AHS Music is TOPSI!! 2. “All Aboard,” says bus driver Tom Towers. 3. Expo celebrities Trina Miller, Kevin Schnider, and Tawni Miller stop for a quick snapshot. 4. Kim Smith, looks like it’s all there, but where’s the kitchen sink? 5. AHS choir — Making music together is what we do best! 6. Director Shawn Bowman gathers the group for a quick photo. 7. Expo today, Broadway tomorrowI! — Corey M., Bryan T., Lynn H., Chare K., and Angela B. 8. Corey Mullins — “They took me along as the clean-up boy!” 9. Concert band gives a smashing performance at Expo '86. 61A3 1. Elsie (Kim S.) and Doris (LaAnn C.) check props. 2. Shannon Ausman steals the show as a Chinese serving girl, Rhonda. 3. Miss Brooks (Kathy T.) relaxes a moment. 4. Miss Brooks pours "snow" as Stanley (Gerard T.) demonstrates sound effects. DRAMA “Our Miss Brooks,” a comedy about students who are preparing to perform a play, was staged on March 11 by the AHS thespians. The use of gym space for rehearsal is the basis of conflict between the coach and play director, Miss Brooks. All ends wellI This play was dedicated in memory of the late Michelle Shreoe.VOLLEYBALL: Smooth Moves Varsity Advances to Play-offs The Lady Panthers1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 season record of seven and twelve in no way reflected the hard work, dedication and team spirit demonstrated by this team. It was an inability to maintain intensity, rather than a lack of effort, which resulted in the loss of several close matches. Their league record of six and eight did earn them a place in the Blue Mountain League sub-district tournament. This team was led by three seniors — Veranica Parsons, Codi Tetwiler and Chris Heaton. Their contributions to Asotin's volleyball program will be remembered. Kay L. Neace Coach A1 Left to Right: Coach Kay Neace, Nikki Thompson, Paula Parsons, Kimmi Bonfield, Trina Miller, Codi Tetwiler, Rani Parsons, Chris Heaton, Stacy Schnider, Kathee Toth, Wendy Smith, Lori Petty, Asst Coach Fred Rayburn, and manager Chris Ausman. 1. Lookin' Good — Lady Pantherst 2. Wendy Smith dives for a dig as Lynette Ausman assists. 3. Practice makes perfect — Codi Tetwiler. 4. Rani Parsons tips against a tough contender. 5. Lady Panthers wait for outcome of the return, as Rani serves a hot one. 6. Coach Neace smiles when introducing team members. 7. Chris Heaton takes a moment for concentration. 8. Trina Miller hustles for the ball. 9. Paula puts her all into serves. 6499A determined group of returning junior netters worked with 7 new freshmen to earn a successful standing in league competition. Coached by Fred Rayburn, the girls strengthened their basic skills and began mastering advanced tactics in preparation for future seasons. The first half of the season proved more successful than the second, but many final matches were lost by close scores. The girls finished the season 6-6 in league play. 1. “Hands up, girls.” 2. ”Get that spike. Shannon.” 3. Left to Right, Front Row: Brenda Talbott, Angela Bashore, Tania Parsons. Middle Row: Kim Smith, Kim Queener, Linda Carpenter, Dina McDowell, Becky Surber, DiAnn Cooper, Audra Alexander, La Ann Cooper, Jeanna Surber, Dee Dee DeLisle, Janet Halsey, RaeLynn Madison, Shannon Ausman. Back Row: Coach Kay Neace, Chris Ausman, Jody Petty, and Coach Fred Rayburn. 4. Janet Halsey returns the ball with little effort. 5. Jeanna and Kim waiting for three ball rotation. 6. ” Which way did it go?” — Kim Smith. JCIISIO Volleyball1. Robby Witters gets tackled after gaining another first down. 2. Robby Witters escapes an opponent. 3. Matt Wilson makes a good drive. 4. Todd Szendre helps out varsity player Jeff Sullivan. A3 T4 Football For the first time in several years there were enough players out for football to play Varsity and Junior Varsity games. The athletes playing Junior Varsity also played Varsity ball this season. Keeping with the winning ways of the Varsity, the younger Panthers also garnered a winning season. Their season record was 3 wins and 2 losses. The crowd-pleasing games showed everyone that we have a great group of guys ready to carry on the pride and success of the Panthersl Watch out for them in years to Cornell Coach Duane Shears 67FOOTBALL: 3rd in State At A2 A4 ( 1. Erick Martin hits the ground as Corey Sangster takes a seat for a first down. 2. Jeff Sullivan and Bill Wiemer nail a Pomeroy quarterback. 3. Mike Wlnroth lifts a pass for a completion. 4. Willy has a sideline smile as time runs out and Panthers advance in the play-offs. 5. Mark Gunkel and Jeff Sullivan smash a Pirate. 6. "We’re number 11” — Bill Wiemer, Aaron Earl, Corey Sangster, Mark Gunkel, and Dan Painter. 7. Corey Sangster pulls away for a touchdown. 8. Dan Painter takes a hit from a Cusick Panther in the Klbbi Dome. The 1985 Panther football season began as a rebuilding year after graduating nine seniors in 1984. The team turned the rebuilding year into an extremely successful season by earning a 3rd place trophy in State competition. With leaders like Mark Gunkel (Most Inspirational and Captain’s Award) and Mike Winroth (Mr. Football) the Panthers posted a 7-4 record, beating Cusick and Granger in the state playoffsi, and losing to DeSales in the semi-finals. Coach Wilcox viewed the season as a demonstration of hard work and overall team effort. A7 l to R. Front Row: C. Mullins. J. Sullioan. M. Gunkel. S. Peterson, B. Wiemer. M. Wlnroth. M. Johnson. C. Sangster. and M. Tatlow. 2nd Row: A. Nagle. M. Dorn j Inguei. R. Witters. K. Schnlder. T. O'Keefe. A. Cunningham. L. Hough. E. Martin, R. Kyles, and B. Ausman. 3rd Row: J. Glass. B. Grieve. M. Wilson. B. Prior, D. Szen ire. J. Reichert. J. Mullins. C. Walker, and D. Cooper. Back Row: Coach D. Shears, 0. Painter. T. Szendre. R. Hough. R. Witters. S. Hunter. Head Coach R. Wilcox, and Qg ch N. Reade. aSi8V.Vp9v;83c5Sl'S0 la 39r71 „ wo - sir Hr 6 t0or£io-‘7v ?2r6cGIRLS’ BASKETBALL: HOTSHOTS The Varsity Girls' Basketball team had its ups and downs, but they played every game with heart. Their season record of 3-16, doesn’t truly reflect the hard work and devotion the team put in to each practice and game. 9 1. A hot shot for the Panthersl 2. Monique Thai drives down the floor. 3. Nikki Thompson puts up a free throw. 4. Team, L-R: Coach Brent Youiden, Nikki Thompson, Carol Lodge, Chrlssy Bond, Janet Halsey, Leslie Ausman, Stacy Schnider, Jackie Crites, Trina Miller, Theresa Smoie, and Monique Thai. 5. “Someone grab the ballI” 6. Coach Brent Youiden, "OK, here’s what were going to do.. 7. Go Trina and CarolI 8. Trina stretches for two. 9. No pain, no gaint 10. Janet Halsey blocks an aggressive opponent. 71JUNIOR VARSITIES: HOOP IT UP With a small squad and young players, the 1985-86 JV squad improved steadily this season. Under the guidance of Coach Bob Jungert, the girls had a 3 win, 8 loss record. The team worked on refining their ball handling and shooting skills. The future looks promising for the squad. 1. Team. L to R, Back: Coach Brent Youlden, Carol Lodge, Chare Kerzman, Rae Lynn Madison. Front Kim Martin, Brenda TalboU, Angela Bashore. 2. Chare Kerzman celebrates a oictory. 3. Coach Jungert addresses his team. 4. Brenda and Rae Lynn concentrate on the game.A2 The 1985-86 Boys’ J.V. Basketball team brought home yet another league chmpionship. Using aggressive play and poise, the young team, coached by Rick Wilcox, posted an 18-3 record. 1. Jeff Mullins puts one up. 2. Dunne Szendre screens out a cardinal. 3. Dale Cooper playing good defense. 4. Chad Walker drives the baseline. 5. Team, L to R, Back: M. Wilson, D. Szendre, J. Mullins, J. Glass, S. Hunter, J. Painter, J. Smith, R. Witters. Front: M. Selbly, B. Grebe, K. Schnlder, R. Hough, T. Szendre, L. Hough, and P. Thai.BASKETBALL: A THIRD TRY The expectations for the 1985-86 edition of Panther Basketball were high. Following two successive trips to the State Tournament we felt that it was a realistic goal to reach for a third trip. Unfortunately, this pinnacle was not to be reached. But, I feel that is an important part of activities and their relationship to the learning process and its tie with life. We need to learn to reevaluate goals and to analyze how goals can be met. Yes, we had a winning record but the real success for each individual was whether, or not, each player learned about goals, commitments and sarcifice. Won 13 —Lost 11 Coach Don Detrick1. Chad Sangster takes a break during the game. 2. ”Let go, it's minet” — Terry O'Keefe. 3. 1985-86 Asotin High School Varsity Basketball team from left to right: Scorekeeper Lynnette Ausman, players; Kyle Halsey, Chad Sangster, Matt Toth, Monte Sutton, Lance Wade, Terry O’Keefe, Corey Sangster, Mark Gunkel, scorekeeper Ellen Burnam, Coach Don Detrick. Front Row: Lanny Hough, Jeff Sullioan, Corey Mullins, Erick Martin. Hot Shown: Mike Winroth. 4. “Hey Detes, pretty proud of that tie, aren’t youl” 5. “Hey, Lance, watch ’em underneath,” says Mark Gunkel. 6. Jeff Sullioan Jumps up for a nice clean jump shot. 7. Matt Toth shows off his great sportsmanship with a high floe to start off the game. 8. Can you say “Basketball” ... 1 knew you could. — Terry O’Keefe. 9.1 got it, I got it?SOFTBALL: LOOKS AHEAD An 11 and 9 season and 3rd in Blue Mt. League is nothing to be ashamed of, yet, this team had hoped for better. With 12 returning players next year, the team goal, of “going to state” should be realized. Patty Brown, the only senior, led the team throughout the season with her dedication and er joyment of the sport. Her skill and spirit will be missed. Many thanks to our scorer, Pat Petty, and returning graduate, Molly Bumam, for their support. Coach Kay Neace 1. Patty Brown hits a homer. 2. “Pitch me a good one.” — Wendy Smith. 3. ”I'm bored.” — Brenda TalbotL 4. Ellen Bumam takes a strike. 5. Paula Parsons waits for the hit. A1 T5 A4 Team Members, L-R, Front W. Smith, D. McDowell, B. Talbott. Middle: P. Brown, K. Toth, A. Alexander, D. Cooper, T. Smole. Back: Coach K. Neace, Mgr. M. Bumam, R. Madison, E. Bumam, P. Parsons, K. Bonfield, T. Miller, Asst. Coach K. Bremner, and stats. P. Petty This year’s Golf team did a swell job. The season left them 6-6, not bad if you consider the competition was A-League Golf. Advisor Mr. Norton says, ”People should spend less time fooling around with sports like football, basketball, and baseball and concentrate on demanding sports that can be et joyed throughout life. Like golf for instance.” Keep on swinging you fun loving golfers! T5 GOLF: THE “FARE” WAY A2 1. Team from L-R: Angela Bashore, Lynn Hough, Mark Johnson, Terry O’Keefe, Matt Toth, Rod Bond, Coach Norton, Lanny Hough, and Janet Halsey. 2. ’’Fore” yells Angela as she gets ready to slice another. 3. ”Did you see where that little bugger went?” 4. Terry poses with the 1 divet of the day. 5. ”Gee Beav, we look like twins!” Mark Johnson and Matt Toth. 6. ’’Yeah, My buddy Jack Nicholas taught me this.” T6BASEBALL: A TEAM UNITED From L-R, Back Row: Asst. Coach Nate Reade, Brent Grieve. Tyler Berzet. Eric Martin. Corey Mullins. Bob Brereton, Mike Michelin, Mike Winroth. Coach Detrick. Front Row: Brent Prior, Rod Wayne, Bill Weimer, Malt Wilson, Duane Szendre, Dan Painter, Wayne Brooks, Sherman Hunter. As defending State Champions, the 1986 version of Asotin Baseball had a great deal of pressure to deal with and not much experience with which to fulfill everyone’s expectations. Ultimately, it was inexperience that proved to be the Panthers’ undoing. Although we finished second in league and performed creditably in the District play-offs, the season was somewhat of a disappointment to many. This, I think, exemplifies the nature of AHS baseball. We lost 6 starters from the ’85 State Championship team but we still expected to be in contention, and we were. Therefore, in my mind, 1986 was another successful year. Don Detrickt. Dan Painter and Corey Mullins eryjoy the lead from the dugout. 2. Wayne Brooks takes a reading from the catcher before releasing one. 3. Rod Wayne watches closely and stays ready. 4. Corey Mullins waits in centerfield. 5. Mike Winroth runs the bases. 6. Eric Martin — “Are the scouts watching?” 7. Bob gets a hitl 8. Corey Mullins swings for a base hit. 79TRACK: THE “TOUGHEST YARD L J A9 This year's track team will long be remembered. The accomplishments this year far exceed any other District 9 team's efforts. Once again the team made it to state where several members set new school track records. Seniors Mike Marvel, Will Lowery, and Lance Wade all assisted in leading the 1986 Asotin track team to becoming the best one in AHS history. A10 All 1. Mike Marvel clears the barf 2. “Lance Wade hands off to Mike Tallow. 3. Mike Marvel gives it all he’s got. 4. Char Kerzman rounds the bend. — (Most Inspirational) 5. Bryan Thompson hurls thatJavellnl 6. Jr. High Track Team, L to R, Front: B. Jungert, K. Christianson. 2nd Row: S. Wilks, K. Peterson, S. Miller. 3rd Row: D. Bennet, A. Reeves, A. Luther, C. Petty, B. Reed, C. Sullivan, A. Berzett, B. Martin. K. Wallace. 4th Row: G. Maes, J. Coon, S. Wing, and Coach Shawn Bowman. 7. Will Lowery pushes to cross the finish. 8. AHS Track Team, L t R, Front: Mike Bacon, Mike Tatlow, Bill Wilsey, Mike Marvel, Will Lowery. Back: Coach Brent Youlden, Chare Kerzman, Bryan Thompson, Lance Wade, and Vance Smith. 9. “Heave Ho and away she goes.” — Vance Smith. 10. “I’m running in my sleep.” — Mike Bacon. 11. “All in a day’s work, baby!" — Will Lowery 12. Just relaxin’. AD SPONSORS Clarkston Auto Sales Garden Square Servatius News Agency Surveyor's West A12EWINGS Perfection Letz Paint “quality you can count on" 435 Elm — Clarkston, WA BOB AND BILL EWING. Owners UNIQUE DECORATIVE CENTER Quality Installation Insured Samples Shown in Your Home 840 Sixth Street 758-8771 JOHN RIMMELSPACHER Clarkston, Washington 301 D St. Lewiston, ID 93501 BRUCE WYATT Agent Like a good neighbor, ; State Farm is there. V J STATE FARM INSURANCE 450 A. 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Atf wk ■+ - To ---4 . A - - • '-,»" J' XL., ’„l.' A j AP4or ■At h T r tA ) A-D.- .C. [« tW C wf "9 tW+OA. . , •» % CoJc Taso-uJ afftr £gg » .»»u uyW +, Jiftcrtfrj JK sL -'.Sr'JXSL H V V »wnb t Micktlin (Omit? 'Jf »K «kij± " Do y»i -HMlifc r KotfttU tu (xm |j[ , „ x. of IP L i1 ' r 7' , 5 Tu" t «v .« ey Can1 - We)P | cq Clin yP «y 14 . $ ? --------- T ' W-fA. y Worry cW, w«" If »»• o f y — $:? cK Bofert. M rrw»t, sdHfiirrK ci c-o • -3?H4 t§njjfT • '« » oSi §Qt ffcy UAVr»4K .(Cjmcw . l --gO UtpajaflAu c t “-ngAl - • — -ISSI ? i £.(- onr e a»ve,iV U U . V - €. 3bf WtUfu -W FiX- - frfr I '- 1 C'S cjxf c h Ji Cue. -v a - CW Tk« J io iabit- -----------» 3 Hey Uit cr m ylx. I'tJ i ?o « v f V you a J 7her 4 y iU +A . Brj pen! nt i yem! i -5 Umt e ni y ipr? s£i frxo ." ,;nZ h' Weoff, Oo J tC L I Oy |f. « Jt WKjk ft '« » r u » A A r -I— S %Hk Tf ruA tri fir '"ck, Kmm. Aid TTmt. f Jkor-Cio j n U. Softy 6of ' rWu . 5j .Zkfi-rd y f 5Jpe i4 a. la' . ' of «W- - HaIjV' + Varhn Kttp Pkt 6t +H«- gry SuxUkxxH o tOfSTi db atCWr- S3o5JHmA « bs a «3c V- w do?. ■5.5. r;c ,O '0 y ef f-K.t (e o t y K»w (•Ut. + »t « a5 oW, uJh«4- d la ' 'iooi do? rAlu .'nJ Lur C ’ H tX 1:C K p cK , •x Co vkiK. l 0uf' y.60l Z.S. H- j Ay .« --e Ssjj-hs tM-St ejects ftfl ZiZ n i s 1 67

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