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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1983 volume:

I»I -?r' • Asotin High Schccl - Proudly Presents PANTHER 83 Volume 64 Asotin, Washington Table of Contents Cast ............ 9 Directors...... 27 • Stage Crew .... 33 Lights, Camera, Action.......... 57 A Word From Our Sponsor.........85 This annual is dedicated to the memory of Kerri l.ynn Johnson, Class of '88. She was a cheerleader and active in sports, 4-H and Chorus. She loved animals and children and cared more for her family and friends than for herself. She was a Christian and a member of the Nazarene Church. Her cheerful smile and sparkling eyes will never be forgotten.What do you think is AHS’s most outstanding aspect? Leslie Ausman, 8: “I think it’s the friendly people.” Lynette Ausman, 8: “The respeet the students have for their school.” Radford Parsons, 12: “Our illustrious Student Body president.” Mike Tetwiler, 11: “The cheerleaders.” Polly Busch, 11: “Mr. Detrick.” Ernest Park, 10: “The teachers.”m Mu Terry Urban, 11: “Its students and faculty.” Cholette Truitt, 12: “The spirit.” Laurie Sullivan, 12: “The super coaches.” Barb Henderson, 10: “Sports.” Lori Hendrix, 8: “The new building.” Audra Alexander, 7: “The people.”Would you rather go to a small school or a large school? Why? Tracy Queener, 10: “Small, because the halls aren't so crowded.’’ Codi Tetwiler, 9: “Small, because the teachers get to know you as a person, and are able to give you more individual attention.” Briana Greene, 11: “Small, because you can be more involved.” Tom Wilson, 1 1: “Small, because you get more of a chance to develop an outstanding personality.” Albert Thai, 12: “Small, because you get more attention.” David Thai, 10: “Small, because you get to know everyone.”Todd Johnson, 12:‘■'Small, because I wouldn't be able to know who all my classmates were. Aaron Earl, 12:''Small, because the people arc friendlier in a small school.” Jackie Crites. 8: "Small, because you are given more room to grow. ' Candi Tetwilder, 12: "Small, because you can be in more activities.” Rod Smith, 10: "Small, because everyone cares about each other.” 5Compare AHS to other schools. Sean Urquhart, 12: “AHS has a ski club.” Sheila Hough, 11: “AHS has a lot more spirit than most schools.” Jodi Burke. 7: “We don't have a closed campus.” Joan Painter, 12: “We have small classes, so you get more help from the teachers.” Dee Dee DeLisle, 7: “We have a lot more spirit than most schools.” Mike Lamb, 11: “I don’t know about the schools around here, but compared to Texas school systems, AHS is one of the bestDana Raspone, 10: “You are given more opportunities to become an individual. You aren't pressured into conformity.” Barry Greene, 9: “We’re always trying to support our school in any way we can.” Belinda Cortner, 10: “It seems we work together better.” Kimberlie Ausman, 12: “Sometimes it would be fun to go to a bigger school so you could have a better turnout for dances and things. But the way people act in larger schools in disgusting. In a small school, it’s like one happy family.” Michelle Shreve, 10: “We all get a chance to know one another because we’re small, so we can have more fun.” Dwayne Alexander, 12: “We have a lot more class than other schools.”8THE CAST TODDS. JOHNSON “Get used to hearing no bul never accept it.” HR A 9. 10, II, 12: FFA 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10. 11, 12; Claw Pres. 9; Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12; Football 9. 10, 12. TAMMI L. GEORGE “Fun is the spice of life, and I like plenty of seasoning." Fit A 9, 12. Treas. 10. 11; FBLA II. 12; Softball 10. JOAN EILEEN PAINTER “If you have true beauty, it will reflect itself in others.” Chorus 9; FHA 9, 12. Parliamentarian 10. Pres. II; FBLA 12. Sec.-Treas. 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Softball 10, 11, 12: Volleyball 10. II, 12: Homecoming Princess I 1; Jr. Miss Contestant; FHA State Delegate, FHA Girl of the Year 1981-1982: FHA Junior. Chapter and State Degrees. JOAN MILLER V1YRICK. Ill “His studies were pursued, but never overtaken.” FFA 9, 10, 11, 12: Pep Club 9. 10, 11. 12; Class Rep. 10; Basketball 9, 10. 11; Baseball 1 1; Football 9. 10, 1 1. 1 2; Golf 9. 10; BRA 9, 10. II, 12. DARIN HOWARD KRALSE “Those of you who think you know it all are rather annoying to those of us who really do.” FFA 12; Basketball 9, 10, 1 I. 12; Golf 10. 1 1. 12. LINDA KAY SCHNIDER I “I may look busy, but I'm only confused.” I Paper Annual 12; Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, I 12; FHA 9, 10. 11, Rep. 12; FBLA 10. I 11,12; Pep Club 9. 10. 1 1, 1 2; Class Sec. I 11,12; Softball 11, 12: Most Inspirational ill- 10EDWIN EARLWIEMER “It' better to wear out than to rust out. Chorus 9, 10; FFA 9. 10. 11, Reporter 12; FBLA 11; Pep Club 9. 10, 11, Pres. 12; Class Rep. 9. 1 1; Baseball 11. 12; Football 10, 11, 12; Track 9. 10. 11; Golf 9. 10; Basketball Statistician 1 1; BRA 9. 10, 11, 12. KIMBERL1E KAY AUSMAN “My mind's made up. Don't confuse me with facts." Paper Annual 9, 10, 12; Chorus 1 1; Drill Team 10; Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 12; FHA 10, 11, Publicity Chairman 9, Sec.-Treas. 12; FBLA II; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Vice-Pres. 9. 12; ASB Assist. Treas. 10, Treas. 11; Basketball 9, 10, 11. 12; Outstanding FHA Student 1980-81; Asotin's 1983 Jr. Miss, Poise and Appearance Award. Talent Award; State Jr. Miss Finalist; 1982 Asotin County Fair Princess. CHOLEtTE MAY TRUITT “Do something . . . lead, follow, or get out of the way!" Paper Annual 10, 11, Annual Editor 12; Science Club 1 1. Rep. 12; Band 9; Drama 11. 12; Cheerleader 12; Track 9, 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; FHA 9; Business Week 81; Jr. Miss Constant, Recipient of Kodak and Simplicity Awards; Who's Who 1 1; FHA Junior Degree. AARON DEAN EARL “Great deeds need no trumpet." FFA 9, Reporter 10, Treas. 11, Pres. 12; Pep Club 9. 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 10; Class Rep. 9, 10, Pres. 11, 12; ASB Vice-Pres. 1 1; BRA 9, 10, 11,12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9, 10, 11, 12. r x;knetodd baker “All great men are dying; I don't feel so well myself." Chorus 11; Drama 11, 12; Science Club 11, 12; FFA 9, 10. 11, 12; FBLA 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Treas. 9, Pres. 10; Basketball 9. 10. 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10. 11, 12; Football 9, 10. 11. 12; All-Conference Defensive Back 10, 11; All-Conference Offensive Wing Back 1 1; KOZE All-Area Offensive Player 12; Track 10; Mr. Football 1 2. JAYME JO ARNETT “A faithful worker, a true and happy companion." Band 9; Chorus 9; FHA 9; Historian 10, Vice-Pres. 1 1; Pres. 1 2; FHA State Delegate 10, 11; FHA Junior, Chapter and State Degrees; FBLA 11. 12. 11SEAN TUCKER URQUHART "He'd rather hold a basketball than a girl, or would he?" Paper Annual 12; Drama 9, 10. 11, 12; Honor Society 10, 12. Rep. 11; Science Club 12, Pres. 11; FFA 9. 10; ASB Pres. 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9. 10, 11, 12: Football Statistician 11; Boys’ State Delegate; Track Most Inspirational 11; Masonic Junior Achievement dinner; Valedictorian. DWAYNE W. ALEXANDER “Why be silent when you can argue?" FFA 9,10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; BRA 9, 10, 11, 1 2; Golf 9; Track 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10, 11; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Asotin Telephone Essay Contest 3rd Place 1 1. CONNIE LYNNE GRINOLDS “Cm easy to please as long as I get my way." Paper Annual 10, 11, Annual Editor 12; Chorus 9; Drama 11, 12; Science Club 11, Sec.-Treas. 12; FHA 9, Junior Degree 9; Pep Club 9. 10, 11, 12; Mascot 12; Volleyball 9; Track 11; Student Council 11, 12; Who’s W ho 11; Spirit of Junior Miss 1 I. ROBERT LEE RASMUSSEN W hat lies behind us and what lies before us are liny matters compared to what lies within us." FFA 9, 10, 1 1, 12; Football 9, 10. 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10: Track 9,10.11,12; State Junior Farmer. 12 GERARD P. BILIJNGTON “There are two sides to everything my side and the w rong side." Paper Annual. Paper Editor, 10. 11, 12; Honor Society 10, II, Vice-Pres. 12; ("lass Rep. 12; Asotin Telephone Company Essay Contest 2nd Place 1 1; Golf 11. 12; Drama 12. STEVEN LEE MULLINS “I can resist anything but temptation." FFA 9. 10. Sentinel 1 1, Vice-Pres. 12: Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12; BRA 9. 10, 1 1. 12. LAURIE MARIE SULLIV AN “Too smart to study and too cute to care." Paper Annual 12; Chorua 11; Drama 11, 12; Honor Society 10. 11, 12; Science Club 11, 12; Cheerleader 12; FHA 12, Rep. 9. 10, Historian 11; FBLA 11. 12; Pep Club 9, 10. 1 1. 12; ASB Pub. Chrmn. 12; Class Vice-Pres. 10, Sgt.-at-Arim 11; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12; Softball 9. 10, II. 12; Track 9, 10; Freshman Homecoming Princess; Masonic Junior Achievement Award 1st; Girls' State Delegate; Business Week 82; Asotin County Fair Princess 1982; Asotin Jr. Miss 1st Runner-up, Physical Fitness Award. RADFORD R. PARSONS “The pen is mightier than the sword. Paper Annual. PajH r Editor 10, II. 12; Chorus 9; Honor Society 10, 11, Pres. 12; Science Club 1 1. Pres. 12; Pep Club Rep. 12; FFA 9. 10, 11, 12; Football 12; Athletic Club 12; BRA 12; Who's Who I 1; Masonic Achievement Award 1981, 2nd. STEV EN L. ROIIRBACII “Wake me in time for the weekend.” FFA 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 1 1, 1 2; BRA 9, 10, 11. 12: Football 9. 10. 1 1. 12: All-County Nose Guard 8 1-82. JENNIE LOUISE FLLBRIGHT •'Keep a song on your lips and a light in your heart." Jazz Band II. 12; Chorus 9, 10, Pres. 1 1. 1 2; Drama I 2; Drill Team 9. 10; Flag Corps I 0: Honor Society 10, 11. Sec. 1 2; Science Club Rep. 1 1. Vice Pres. 12; Cheerleader 12; FHA 9. 10, Pub. Chairman 1 1; FBLA 1 1, Social Comm. Chairman 10; Pep Club 9, II, I 2: Sec. T re as. 10: Class Treas. 10; ASB Sec. 12; Basketball 9, 10; Honor Choir; Asotin Telephone Company Essay 1st; Jr. Miss Contestant, Scholastic and Kraft Awards. JEFFREY JAY ADAMS "There is a lime to speak and a time to be still.” Chorus 1 1; Science Club 12; FFA 1 1; Pep Club 12; Football 12; Basketball 11, 12; Baseball 11, 12; BRA 12. CANDACE RLSSA.NNETETWILER "I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken." Chorus 10; FHA Historian 11; Basketball 10; Softball 10. 1 I, 12. | KARI.T. RLOODSWORTH ’'Men of few words are the best kind." FFA 12. SHELLED RAF PEDERSEN “Just about tin time you think you can make ends meet, someone moves the ends." FBLA 12; Basketball 10. 11; Softball 10. 11. 1 2; Voile) ball 11. GALEN FRiSREY “I 1 show them all if 1 were only a few inches taller." 14 ANGELICA ALEJANDRA MORALES LOZANO “As she tbinketh in her heart so is she." Basketball 9, 10, 1 1. 12; Volleyball 9, 10, 1 1, I 2; Pep Club 1 2. ROBERT DAVID CLOKE “Once 1 was caught studying, and I've never lived it down." Basketball 9, 10; Baseball 9, 10; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Golf 9. 10. 11; Wrestling 9. 10, 11; BRA 12. LEO CLARK "I'm too busy to be organized." FBLA 12: Pep Club 12. ALBERT M. I . TH AI “It's what you do with what you've got that counts." Band and Jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Chorus 10; Designer of Annual Cover '82; Pep Club 9, 10, II, 12; Drama 11. 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Annual Staff 12. JOHN RYAN EDWARDS “When I’m right, no one remembers, but when I'm wrong, no one forgerts." Football 12. PAUL El GENE DUCKWORTH “It's a good thing they invented Saturday nights." FBLA 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 1 1, 12.T elve-year SENIOR, Top: Karl Bloodsworth, Darin Krause. Robert Rasmussen. Todd Johnson, Steve Mullins. Kim Ausnian, Candi Tetwiler. Bottom: Steve Rohrbach. Gerard Bill-inpton, Aaron Earl, Linda Schnider. SENIOR Glass officers: Kim Ausman, vice-president; Linda Schnider. secretary; Gerard Billington, representative: Aaron Earl, president. SJf Dear Smokey, 1 «» J • Always remember and never forget: Your Maying out of deep gravel has given us all the peace and happiness throughout the years that we Love Dad and could ask for. Aaron D. Karl, Thanks for being the son you are. omplishments over the past twelve i . s Mom and Dad Tammi George, To a special daughter who we have enjoyed watching grow up. In everything she will do in the future, we will stand by her. | Love always. Mom. Frank and Katina iud of rough them all it you. Leo, We had some gi»od times and some bad one.., but made you a man. You finally made it and I'm prou Love, Mom J Laurie, What a joy you have been to us over your school years. So much enthusiasm and joy , you often wore us out just trying to watch your games and activities. You have contributed so much to life a the Lord's benefits. You have We know your faith i start you on the road Candi. Just know we are proud of ou arid that we love you very much. May all your dreams come true. Congratulations and God bless you. Dad. Mom. Codi and Robbie Shelley Pedersen, Congratulations! Hoping your future is filled with happiness and success. $ Love. Mom and Dave Dad and Nancy parents Cholette, We are proud of your i encouragement in your futw accept our Jeff Adams. You have thank you,J less. We want to ive enriched our us a great deal of joy and hap r the many ways in which you a happtj and successful future Mom and Dad Linda Schnider. Just a little note to sa] You're as sweet as you are thanks for the help with yc ■w much we love and appreciate you. hutiful. Thanks for being a good girl and sister and brother. Love you. Mom and Dad Robert Cloke, I am proud of the person you are, and I feel 1 could or been loved any more if you were my own son. With my true love, Rozella Cloke Albert. It has been very gratifying to see you through your twelve years of education. You would make any parent j tfud. .V oubliez pas Je t'aiine toujour. Jennie, You've brought much joy and happiness to our lives these past eighteen years! God blessed you with many talents and abilities. Our prayer for you for the future is that yo» II bring as much joy to others and strive to do your best in whatever you pursue. Run with patience the race that is set before you, looking nto Jesus. We love you deeply. Mother, Dad and Glenn Robert Fa1 low you will Wn-d in whatever you do iard and put all your effort into it. We love ife. Mom. Dad and Tim Dear Connie, We are very p school years. We goals. to be proud of. Good I wish all mothers luck in the Air Force ir accomplishments during these high iccess and happiness in all your future Love, Mom and Dad Galen Frisbey, Well, Galen, you are the last one and it hasn't been easy. We are proud that you finished school. May all our dreams come true. Your loving parents Jaymc, We've enjoyed your happy outlook on life the past seventeen years. Never lose it and always keep your unique personality. Love ya. Dad and Mom Rocky, Some of the things I love about )ou: Your sense of humor, your positive outlook, your sensitivity, your industriousness . . . Mom Dear Sean, Thank you for coming into our lives. Vie love you and are ver proud to be your parents. Love, Mom and Dad Joan Painter, Always keep the sunshine in your smile, tie sparkle in your ey Hold your head high and never say die. Y oil are a special person, love you. Kimberlie, Thank you, Kimberlie. You have made us all so happy and proud to have you as a daughter and sister. W'e love you. Your family Darin Krause, How could we be so lucky to have a son like you? Thank ou for all the joy you've given us. Love, Mom and DadJUNKJI SSCPHCMCPES r Mike Brown Molly Burnam Don Corker Belinda Cortner Dale Dyer Ariel Evans Lee Ann Felkins Katina George Joan Halsey Barbara Henderson Connie Henderson Jim Hendrix Norman Hough Chris Johnson Tuesday Kimball SOPHOMORE officers, from left to right: Archie Nagle, representative; Dana Raspone. vice-president; Chris Johnson, president; Tracy Queener, treasurer; Molly Burnam. secretary. Jeff Aiken Kurt Ausman Jeff Bacon Bill Bond Ben Bonfield iL Dave Lawen Kim Lopez Shannon McMillan Archie Nagle Wade Owens Ernie Parks Brian Prior Tracy Queener Tim Rasmussen Dana Raspone Brian Sangster Todd Shaner Michelle Shreve Rod Smith Jenny Stenkamp David Thai John Toth Jamie Tuschoff Lisa Vance Tim VanderDoes Kirk Watson David Wilson 21FRESHMEN % FRESHMEN officers, pictured at right: Lance Wade, vice-president; Sean Peterson, treasurer; Chris ) Bond, secretary; Chad Sangster, president; Mike Winroth representative. Kerri Adams Chrissy Bond Patty Brown Todd Crites Paula Felkins Tim “Flynn Jody Gosse Barry Greene Mark Gunkel Troy Hill Mark Hod son Mark Johnson Ben Jones Mike Marvel Bridget Olson Veraneia Parsons Sean Peterson23Jill Aiken I eslie Ausman Lynette Ausman Rod Bond Bob Brereton Kllen Burnam Clint Clarneau Jackie ('.riles Mike Dominguez Kyle Halsey Lori Hendrix Alaena Holder Lanny Hough Corey Mullins Danny Painter Tommy Parker Paula Parsons Jody Petty Lori Petty Kim Queener Kevin Kembold Keith Ruska Corey Sangster Stacy Schnider Javier Smith Todd Smith Wendy Smith Mike Stevens Jeff Sullivan Monte Sutton Monique Thai Nikki Thompson Kathee Toth Robin Tucker Shelly Watson Rodney WayneJUNIOR HIGH r l Audra Alexander Shannon A unman Mike Bacon Angelia Barnett Wade Bloodnworth Kimmi Bonfield Melanie Botin Wayne Brookn Jodi Burke Dale Cooper Aaron Cunningham DeeDee DeLisle Ann Forrest Khellie Gonse Janet Halsey Jerod Hatley Kerri Johnson Chare Kerzman Carol Lodge Cindy Maentan Terry O'Keefe Tania Parsons Amy Petty Brent Prior Cleve Reeves Jason Reichert Kevin Schnider Rachelle Shaner Mike Shaw Kim Smith Fldon Stetson Duane Szendre 25THE DIRECT'©US Bev Miles District Secretary rAClLTT29rAciLiy rDIRECTORS’ AUTOGRAPHS4 STAGE CREW 33Student Council The Student Council of Asotin High School prospered well for the 1982-83 school year. With school funds, the group purchased an ice machine to be used primarily by the Athletic Department. The Student Council also provided a food basket to a family in Asotin. A ski club was formed and was very popular with the student body. Officers for the 1982-83 year wre Sean Urquhart, president; Sheila Hough, vice-president; Jennie Fulbright, secretary; Joan Halsey, treasurer, Tracy Queener, assistant treasurer; and Laurie Sullivan, publicity chairman. Student Council advisor was Ray Norton. 34The Paper Annual staff of Asotin High School experienced another year of debt despite the numerous fundraising activities. The staff saved candy wrappers and aluminum cans and sold ads to local businesses to help pay for the annuals. Gerard Billington and Radford Parsons served as the Panther Pause editors, a paper that was published biweekly. Connie Grinolds and Cholette Truitt were yearbook editors. Advisor for the class was Mrs. Gail Scott. 35 j jv±s ivriNNv dadVdThe National Honor Society continued several of its moneymaking activities. By selling concessions, holding a spaghetti feed, and showing two movies, the group made well over a thousand dollars. The money paid for five $100 scholarships which went to the senior members. With the money that was left, the nine-member group traveled to Banff, Alberta, for five days. Club officers were Radford Parsons, President; Gerard Billington, Vice-President; Jennie Fulbright, Secretary; Terry Urban, Representative; Karen Tippett. Historian. Advior for the year was Kay Neace. On May 23, four sophomores were inducted at the Helm Restaurant. The new members are Molly Burnarn, Joan Halsey, Dana Raspone, and Rod Smith. The group presented Mrs. Alma Clouser, Ex-Advisor, with an engraved silver tray. 36Driver Belly Halsey. Kay Neace, Alma Clouaer The Junior High Honor Society made a trip to Wallowa Lake on May 15-16. The induction, Avhich was held on March 7 in the library, brought 14 new members into the club. Kay Neace served as advisor. 37 HONOR SOCIETYOn Thursday, May 26, Asotin’s Future Homemakers of America had their annual Recongition Tea. President Jayme Arnett passed on her position to Tracy Queener. In April six members represented Asotin’s chapter at the state meetings in Ellensburg. Jayme and Joan Painter were two out of 14 to receive their State Degrees. Joan Halsey, who was running for Director of Recognition, Tracy, Veranica Parsons, Chrissy Bond and Mrs. Beverly Erickson also participated. Careers provided the group's in-depth project. Members also worked with the FFA on the Mothers’ March of Dimes drive. 38Officers Jayme Arnett.................. Sheila Hough Kim Ausman.................... Laurie Sullivan............... Linda Schnider................ Joan Halsey .................. TracyQueener ................. Beckie Wisdom................. .....President . Vice-President .....Secretary .....Treasurer . Representative .....Publicity .....Historian Parliamentarian 'CO OF AMERICA 39 VUJAsotin’s Future Farmers of America profited approximately $500 this year from the sales of German sausage and wooden miscellaneous sheds. The livestock judging team, comprised of Rod Smith, Chris Johnson, LaUawn Dodd, Kelly Parsons and B. R. Sangster, claimed third place and a banner at the Asotin County Fair for recognition of their abilities. These five individuals also represented the chapter at the State FFA Convention which was held the second week of June at Washington State University. The organization chose not to have an Ag. Mechanics team this year due to the extensive travelling required for competition purposes. Leaders of the club this year were Aaron Earl, president; Steve Mullins, vice-president; LaDawn Dodd, secretary; Bill Talbott, treasurer; Ed Wiemer, reporter; and Todd Johnson, sentinel. Dan Johnson served as advisor. AWARDS STAR GREENHANDS: Michel Thai Tim Flynn CHAPTER FARMERS: Chris Johnson Rod Smith CHAPTER FARMER: LaDawn Dodd HABERMAN MEMORIAL: Robert Rasmussen WASHINGTON ST A TE BANKERS' AWARD: Rocky Baker DeKALB AW ARD: Aaron Earl HONORARY CHAPTER FARMERS: Fred Rayburn Rob Wilsey Tom Petty Carl Flynn BIG BUCK CONTEST WINNERS 4041 fTAviaj 42 FBLA officers, from left to right, back row: Rocky Baker, vice-president; Joan Painter, representative; Laurie Sullivan, treasurer; Shelley Pedersen, secretary; Brenda Gosse, historian. Front row: Linda Schnider. president.May 15 and 16 the Science (dub went to Wallowa Lake with the National Junior Honor Society. Members spent their time hiking and goofing off. Advisor Alfred Rayburn, Kay Neace and Betty Halsey served as chaperones. SCIENCE CLt B officers, below, seated at table, from left to right include: Connie Grinolds. secretary-treasurer: Radford Parsons, president; Jennie Fulbright. vice-president; Karen Tippett, alternate representative. Not pictured: Cholette Truitt, representative. 43 SCIENCE CLUBPEP CLUB: Top row, left to right: P. Brown, J. Painter, J. Arnett, D. Raapone, C. Grinolds, L. Dodd, N. Hough, C. Johnnon, C. Sangater, S. Hough, S. Mullins, T. Johnson. R. Baker, S. My rick, S. Rohrbach, B. Cortner, P. Duckworth, M. Marvel, S. Pedersen. Middle row: J. Fulbright, L. Sullivan. P. Busch, L. Schnider, V. Parsons, E. Wiemer. B. Talbott, R. Parsons, K. Tippett, B. Greene, A. Earl, K. Ausman. Bottom row: M. U inroth, M. VandeVoorde, T. Flynn, B. Wilsey, R. Rasmussen, M. Lamb, B. Sangster, C. Tetwiler. Besides raising spirits all year, the 1982-83 Pep Club also had Spirit Weeks for basketball and football. Junior and senior high students supported both events. The club also organized the Homecoming dance on Oct. 15. Officers included Ed Wiemer, president; Bill Talbott, vice-president; Veranica Parsons, secretary-treasurer; Radford Parsons, representative. Veranica Paraon Radford ParaonH PEP CLUBIn the last play of the Homecoming game, on Oct. 15, Asotin’s Panthers defeated the Waitsburg — Prescott Vandals. Senior Linda Schnider was chosen queen. Her court included Karen Tippett, Tracy Queener and Veranica Parsons. Rocky Baker was chosen as Mr. Football. Marching Band, Rifles and Flags performed during halftime to “Simple Gifts,” “Private Eyes,” and “I've Got the Music in Me.” Activities of Spirit Week included Hawaiian Day, ‘50’s Day, Punk Rock Day, Inside-out Day, and Dress-up Day. On Thursday night, the student body met at the south end of town for the traditional bonfire. 47 9NIW933MOHTodd Johnson and Laurie Sullivan reigned as king and queen for the 1983 Sweethearts' Ball on February 12, 1983. Some 20 couples attended the dance after the Asotin — Pomeroy game. Seniors were responsible for decorations; juniors, music; sophomores, refreshments; and freshmen, clean-up. ‘■‘‘Let's Go Dancing" was the theme for this year's MORP. The dance, co-sponsored by the sophomores and freshmen, was held in the little gym on March 18. David Thai and Todd Duckworth served as disc jockeys. 48Angie Morales and Smokey Myrick reigned as queen and king at the Prom May 20 at the Lewiston Elks. LaDawn Dodd and Mike Lamb were princess and prince. About 33 couples danced to the music of Country Mist. woeicivjuvmji nns Sheila Hough was crowned the 1984 Asotin Junior Miss on April 5 in the high school gymnasium. She shared the Scholastic Award with Briana Greene and recited a poem called “I Am Music while playing the piano. Polly Busch was first runner-up and was presented with the Creative and Performing Arts and Physical Fitness Awards. Briana also gained the Poise and Appearance Award, while LaDawn Dodd captured the Spirit of Junior Miss and the Kodak Photographic-Award. “Sweet Old-Fashion Girls” was the theme. For entertainment, 1983’s Junior Miss Kimberlie Ausman performed her skit, “Betty at the Baseball Game,” and Miss Jennie Fulbright sang, “Don't Cry Out Loud.” At the state program at WSU, Kimberlie was named one of the top ten finalists. uniIn Asotin County’s Centennial year, the theme for the Aostin County Fair was “A Pape in History.” The fair was held April 28, 29, 30 and May 1. Queen Karen Tippett, a junior, reigned from Asotin High School. AHS WINNERS Chris Johnson: Grand Champion Steer, Reserve Champion Steer Fitting and Showing, Top Beef Carcass Jeff Adams: TopAg. Mechanics Mark Hodson. Mark Johnson: Top Beef Judge Mark Gunkel, Kelly Parsons: Top Sheep Judge Dan Painter: Top Hog Carcass Mark Johnson: Reserve Champion Breeding Beef Rod Smith: Reserve Hog Fitting and Showing Asotin Livestock Team: Third Asotin Marching Band: Second 51' dITJVariety summed up the 1982-83 drama season. The class, under the direction of Mrs. Gail Scott, began the year with a children's play, Cinderella VI ore Combat Hoots. In December, the group performed Christmas at Home as a present to the student body. Seventeenth Summer, a play about a girl's first love, provided springtime entertainment. Finally, to climax the year, the thespians presented a one-act melodrama. Foiled by an Innocent Maid, at a dessert theater.53 • VKvao54Highlighting 1982-83 for the Music Department was the Jazz Band Choir’s trip to Boise March 24-26. The groups gave concerts in Grangeville, Riggins, and Cottonwood. Shawn Bowman, music director and president of the SEWMEA, hosted the Concert Band Festival here April 23. In February the Pep Band filled in for the WSU band at their home game against UCLA. In March the Jazz Band Choir competed at the University of Idaho Jazz Festival. The Marching Band appeared in two parades and the Concert Band performed twice this year. The jazz groups held a spaghetti feed and a Pepsi sale for fund raisers. Laurie Sullivan and Sean I rquhart Girls and Boys' State Delegates Aaron Earl and Laurie Sullivan Kiwanis Outstanding Seniors l aurie Sullivan Business Week Delegate Not pictured: Asotin Telephone Essay Contest: I iDawn Dodd, first; Sheila Hough, second; Kelly Parsons, third. Masonic Junior Achievement: Terry Urban and Sheila Hough, first; Briana Greene, runner-up. CL4SS OF 1983 — AWARDS 1. Clarkston Education Association Scholarship Sean I rquhart ($200) 2. Pell Grants (Government Grants Amounting to Approximately One-Half of Tuition) — Radford Parsons and Cholette Truitt 3. National Honor Society Scholarships. $100 Radford Parsons Laurie Sullivan Gerard Billington Jennie Fulbright Sean l’rquhart 4. Associated Student Body of Asotin High School Scholarship Valedictorian. $150 — Sean L'rquhart Salulatorian. $100 — Radford Parsons 5. Washington State Principals Award for Academic Excellence Sean l'rquhart and Radford Parsons 6. Mike Lee Memorial Scholarship. $ 1 50 Sean I rquhart 7. Kerri Lynn Johnson Memorial Scholarship. $150 — Radford Parsons and Laurie Sullivan 8. LCSC Presidential Scholarships and Out-of-State Tuition W aiver: Radford Parsons — $2400 Ijiurie Sullivan - $2400 9. Seattle Pacific University Honorary Award for Achievement in Music Jennie Fulbright 10. Valedictorian Trophy Sean L'rquhart 1 1. Salulatorian Trophy — Radford ParsonsLIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION 57SPCRTS AWARDS 58FLAG AM) RIFLE CORPS: left to right, top: Belinda Cortner, Dana Raspone. Middle: Lynette Austrian, Paula Parsons, Wranic Parsons. Bottom: Jackie Crites, Joan Halsey, Tracy Queener. Not pictured: Leslie A usman. I This year the new Rifle Corps was added to the Marching Band and Flag groups. Both Flags and Rifles performed in area parades and at halftime activities at boys' basketball games. Each group had two representatives at the University of Idaho's summer camp. Rifle members were Belinda Cortner, Dana Raspone, Joan Halsey and Tracy Queener. Flag members included Leslie Ausman, Lynette Ausman, Paula Parsons, Veranica Parsons and Jackie Crites. Shawn Bowman served as advisor. 59 FLAGS RIFLESLinda Schnider Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Mascots Jennifer Aaseby Karen Tippett Varsity Football Cheerleaders „ CHEERLEADERSJay Vee Football Cheerleaders AHS’s 1982-83 cheerleading squads added real pep and enthusiasm to football and basketball games this year. During the year the cheerleaders performed dance routines to “Pac-Man Fever,” “Can't Be Beat,” and “Eye of the Tiger” at football and basketball home games. They also sold pies, washed cars during the summer, and raffled cakes during home games. FOOTBALL VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Kimberlie Ausman, captain: I.aDawn Dodd; Linda Schnider; and Laurie Sullivan. MASCOTS: Connie Grinolds and Karen Tippett. BASKETBALL VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Folly Busch, cap-tain; LaDawn Dodd; Jennie Fulbright; Sheila Hough; and Cholette Truitt. JAYVEE CHEERLEADERS: Dana Raapone. captain; Belinda Cortner; and Joan Hafoey.L10Jk fZ . “Breathtaking” sums up the 1982 Asotin Panther football season. The boys were tagged “the cardiac kids front Asotin” by the Lewiston Morning Tribune when they won three games in the last play. They continued to win, and at the end of the season, their record was 8-0, which gained them the Whitman County League championship. Ranked Number One in the state by the Associate Press, the team seemed to have an excellent chance of playing in the King Dome. However, in the first playoff game with Liberty, things did not go right and the Panthers suffered a disappointing 14-13 loss. Liberty went on to win the state trophy. With a lot of hard work and dedication. Coach Rick Wilcox managed to turn a squad of 35 individuals into a closely knit team. Assistant Coaches Nate Reade and Duane Shears were both instrumental in creating the “awesome” Panther team. MMldtI Top row: S. Crites, D. Lawen, S. Peterson. B. Greene. C. Sangster. B. Wilsey, M. Winroth, B. Wiemer, M. Johnson. M. Gunkel. 1. Hodson, Coach Shears. Middle: R. Brown, C. Johnson. M. I.amh. A. Nagle, B. Cloke, B. Prior. B. Bonfield. J. Aiken, K. Ausman, I). Wilson, J. Bacon, Coach Wilcox, Coach Reade. Bottom: T. VanderDoes, J. Edwards. R. Parsons, T. Johnson, E. Wiemer, R. Baker, S. Rohrbach. A. Earl, S. Myrick. J. Adams, R. Rasmussen, R. Cloke. rCCTDALLAaron Earl John Edwards Todd Johnson Smokey Myrick1 „■ FOOTBALL 82 RECCED 39 Asotin, 6 Clearwater Valley 34 Asotin, () Wallowa 35 Asotin, 20 St. John — Endicott 7 Asotin, 6 Colton 6 Asotin, 3 Dayton 21 Asotin, 20 Waitsburg — Prescott 13 Asotin, O Rosalia — Oakesdale 25 Asotin, 12 Pomeroy- 13 Asotin, 14 Liberty 65The Asotin Panther volleyball team achieved its goal this season hy making it to the District 9 play-offs as the Number 3 team from the Blue Mountain League. This was the first time since the volleyball program began six years ago that an Asotin team had made it to district play. Barb Henderson had the most points, aces and spikes for the entire season, and Laurie Sullivan led with 153 assists. The tedm compiled a 7-11 record. The proud coach was Kay Neace. - VARSITY, lop row. left to right: Laurie Sullivan. Sheila Hough. Barb Henderson. Angelica Morales, Joan Halsey. Connie Henderson, Coach Kay Neace. Bottom row: Joan Painter, Dana Haspone, Tracy Queener, Briana Greene, Janet Halsey. - VOLLEYBALLJl -MOR ARSII , Top row. left to right: (.oaeh Kay N acp. Dana Rasponr, Codi Tet-v il« r. Patty Brown. eraniea Parsons. Bottom row: Janet Halsey. Briana Greene, Katina (George, Traey Queener. Asotin’s Jay Vee team ended with a 7-7 record. Briana Greene led with 46 assists, Codi Tetwiler had 15 spikes, and Veranica Parsons led with 77 points and 27 aces. Managers for the season were Janet Halsey and Khellie Gosse. 6768 Beys’ Basketball“What Might Have Been” What might have been is a question that the players of this year's basketball team will be asking themselves in the years to come. We were developing into a good basketball team. We had good shooters, good rebounders, and a good beneh. W e were meshing into a cohesive unit. W hat might have been? W e will never know. 69Top (ram photograph, left to right: R. Burt, J. Adams. J. Toth, S. Urquhart, R. Baker. T. Johnson, K. Schnider, R. Smith. S. Mullins, K. Parsons. I). Krause. B. Bonfield, I). Detriek. Lower team photograph, top row: R. Wilcox, M. Gunkel, C. Johnson. C. Sangster. M. Toth. M. Hod-son, A. Evans. J. Bacon. M. Winroth, I). Wilson. Bottom row: M. Marvel. L. Wade, M. Thai. 71Despite the slow start on the season, the girls’ basketball team ended its year with all-12 overall record. Placing second in the Blue Mountain League, the girls then advanced to Endieott for district play-offs. After losing to Palouse-Garfield and then beating Rosalia, they advanced to WSU to play Tekoa which ended their district record at 1-2. The Panthers were coached by Brent Youlden and assistant coach Kathy Bremner. Keeping score and statistics for the year were Smokey My rick and Veranica Parsons. Girls Easketball o73EASEC4LLFor the first time since its inception, Asotin High School was not part of the Washington State Baseball Play-off format in 1983. From this standpoint, some would say that the 1983 season was a disaster. But, that is not the case. Many teams would feel highly satisfied with a 12-8 win-loss record; a .297 team batting average; and three individuals batting over .400. The fact that expectations of the Asotin High School baseball team are higher than most says something about the Asotin baseball program and its participants. Don DetrickWrapping up their regular season with a record of 16-3, the softball girls finished first in the Blue Mountain League. They traveled to Spokane to compete in the regional playoffs and were eliminated after three games, winning one and losing two. The girls set a goal in March to make it to the playoffs and win one game and they fulfilled it. This year’s team had the best season record ever. With help from Marietta Scheibe, their bus driver, and Steve Rohrbach. their scorekeeper, the girls and Coaches Kay Neace and Kathy Bremner had a super season. SOFTBALL77Seventh Grade Girls' Basketball JUNIOR HIGH SPORTSSeventh Grade Boys' Basketball Junior High BaseballThe golf team for 1983 had a season record of 3-7. The players did very well at district in Spokane, beating several larger schools. David Thai was medalist for Asotin at the district meet, shooting a 92, while Darin Krause shot a 95. Team members include, back row: Darin Krause, Gerard Billington. Lance Wade. Ron Brown, Matt Toth. Kelly Parsons, and Coach Ray Norton. Front: Mark Johnson, Mark Gunkel, David Thai, Sean Peterson, Terry O'Keefe, and Terry Smith. L J GCLFThe 1983 track team was small but scored big during the season. Several personal “’bests'’ were recorded by the members and the whole team worked hard to have an enjoyable year. The group was coached by Brent Youlden. Members included Bryan Scheibe, Mike Marvel, Chad Sangster, Sean Urquhart, Ariel Evans, Terry Urban, Wade Owens, Robert Rasmussen, Don Corker, and Michel Thai. ■ aav BANK ASOTIN 110 2nd 243-4141 SABORAH STUDIO 733 5th Clarkston 758-7900 TED DONNA’S MIDWAY EMPIRE GROCERY 204 1st Asotin 243-4412 r TIDYMAN’S WAREHOUSE FOODS 711 Snake River Avenue Lewiston 746-1921 BURKE’S FURNITURE, CO. 1313 Bridge Clarkston 758-3355 te, ASOTIN TELEPHONE CO. 126 2nd 243-4111 SF TJ’S PANTRY RESTAURANT “OPEN 24 HOURS" 200 Bridge $ Clarkston 758-9512 DUCKWORTH BOATS, INC. 3010 Riverside Drive Clarkston 758-9831 82OMARK 20th and Snake River Avenue 746-2351 SCHURMAN’S HARDWARE 801 6th Clarkston 758-6411 RAINIER BANK CLARKSTON 748 6th Clarkston 758-5544 LITTLE RIVER INN RESTAURANT Pk. TAVERN Troy Route 85 Enterprise, Ore. (503) 828-7741 BETTY’S HIS HERS HAIR STYLING 508 3rd Asotin 243-4193 JONES’ PIONEER INSURANCE AGENCY 116 2nd Asotin 243-4242 GATEWAY INN RESTAURANT 111 Filmore Asotin 243-4222 - “UP THE CRICK’ RESTAURANT 122 2nd Asotin 243-9144 MARVEL CONSTRUCTION 405 Beaumeister Drive Asotin 243-4184 WILLET BROTHERS, INC. 9th and Main Lewiston Auto Parts: 743-1585 Machine Shop: 758-1584 Welding: 746-0508 VALLEY BANK BOB EARL’S LEASING SALES Diagonal Street Clarkston 5th and Diagonal 758-2584 V WASEM’S 800 6th 758-2565 I r- — WASHINGTON WATER POWER CO. 915 6th Clarkston 758-0510 UNIQUE DECORATOR 840 6th 758-8771 BENEDICT’S ATHLETIC CENTER 826 Main 746-3405 LEE MORRIS CO. 844 6th 758-2092 ASOTIN AUTO CENTER 103 2nd 243-4134 GREAT WESTERN CATALOG SHOWROOMS 1521 6th Avenue N. Lewiston, Idaho 746-3605 83DIO 1719 15th Avenue Lewiston, Idaho 743-3909 SWALLOW’S NEST GOLF COURSE 1725 Swallows Nest Loop Clarkston 758-8501 SIXTH STREET CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 535 6th Clarkston 758-9535 PRINTCRAFT CLOKE HOME IMPROVEMENT PRINTING, INC. CENTER, 1628 Main INC. Lewiston 743-2922 1715 Idaho Street Lewiston 746-1378 or 746-0740 THANK YOU! SETTLER RESTAURANT 2123 5th Avenue Clarkston Heights 758-9159 THANK YOU, CONTRIBUTORS! FAMILY VISION CENTERS, INC., P.S. SHINN-REIMERS TV APPLIANCE DARREL’S BARBER SHOP BETTY’S WORLD OF TRAVEL R S PRINTING THILL’S JEWEL BOX FRISBEY’S TIMBERLINE CAFE BOB LEN’S FLOOR COVERING MAC’S CYCLE 4-10 DRIVE-IN TWIN CITY PRINTING INLAND MARKET STATE FARM INSURANCE — JIM LEE, AGENT ADOREE BEAUTY SALON ANNIE’S AUTO WASH HEIGHTS MARKET THE CURLING IRON AAA VACUUM 85tU Vi .O -o k 'O .S m , ’ J DuddYU Wi pp nvjm si -ouon fcha -A V x rcoa A. £f faonu v v s®,g"enn3r fo reVe TV Kw«T, — - f iki £- ,fce«r.Xf A Cs ytW««7 Ym. ®e { ;K« fowg fSH-T"- ionics fer 4sKmflK ra (fc 0 jl m-e -Vo -3 s. V -£ A P om x D n . asss $««•£ ot i-'i ) erCt 1 ji ‘ v ooeru 'SCtriiM, w, +,oboOCVHmt- M 'ur uy UboAe AiJU '??{isxjp£osk:trts Z 7 C.ft Ws 7 jv‘o :w? T 3e99 fid amt) j UQ M A?X» T T3h- fiQ-[ T ▼ M M»» M „v DO! v tim 0“- RZK r et- : ■‘ m6T0Ve« . TeerHj SC =t UC n1‘K tt » it - L® v‘ - J(k„ W»€f-T. H k d oo M«u -JkMluih 7Tv hKo. ft-jfc-fW. JL»c jo«n -TkJ, , ftWZf • rh k b, UOuV J . rt y znossr+J -oJt eUA,' «"• Owe 1,8 • '- «yg- Alssco-H £ “ H. jr'Fj f T r)iT rr-TG ''V n. v -i k JL«jo«A 'O -rrf-fl.- ti» kfc iri . + Moc w)u l C.» T 1C 0 t tf - 2m 5 JciftfS i vv ;«■y«- A« r £ CEASS j?£UAj OtJ OP THE t ESSS F '8 3 X A - at 7-(aJ £ ! f VlarK H. VJZ C ICA 6 h! ho xi v o TO : Er f. 5 f f£ 7° DOo un o r - „ W o §« ' s: 62 P ° Lo 'Vp e. cr FuF -Je «- 3 T v e e£ gonryx x r ) Z O€. 4 2fc 7 : V B c ■VST Tew UWe 1 r Hire • W-s a i S?H? ufvafl"? « A f fr iend5.0 oucr vu» kcr yoorr t. y.u, u K't s r. Vo w« r syfjfJrjr aj V r brvVfctrf tWrtu,, mxV vi rl L I i t kJOUL . Jrr £ o €X E 'TH£-r£ a Ho rre s ft-eAse r cr CAt -TH A +3 Soo fZsS U A rK k W5au0 ou »r -tK VJOWi OCL '-- ------- - - 1 too toe£ f£Fc.tLx, Aj s+to£-£ A oo KS, 4)6 o e -TA- c. net: KLUSS «.e. L.v. oi«n Spools OUT Ftf-E. VB.KI Mts 9 ti i is. T.'''+ f -}) yi ? ' ? ? K VK To H tt c. 7W.MS V i y 'Wuoy h +s? l¥ndte - - ■Vi i K ■-•'v SKSg ' ■ w. ;:v C. , Wt V ■ .s£nA .' - - . ij- v TwAr.v - V'V rv V ■: ?IV ■ , v tv . ; ' .ft V »V wSK : C"' - v S. .V + . »v -'V; IV --• i. L 1 V«« I . •? » .V ' . r -,s UV v .« -.t -Y ♦’V 4 r»; • w •“$ 5 F]P Hrrf f... w: i? 5f • fl • .’•s ■ ■ St '‘"UeF 1 w m 7 x f 1 ¥¥- rtfir A 1 

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