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ASOTIN HIGH SCHOOL Presents PANTHER 82 "A Touch of Class Contents Editor: Crystal Keefer Cover Design: Albert Thai Duane Shears Advisor: Gail ScottAHS Shows A Touch of ClassStudents DisplayTheir Style in ColorGraduates of 1982: CRYSTAL ANNE KEEFER "Ready, steady, always on the run; when you find her. she's in the midst of fun." Paper-Annual 10. Co-Editor 11. Editor 12; Drama 9. 10. 11. 12; Drill Team 9; Honor Society 10. Representative 11. Historian 12; Cheerleader 9. 10. 11. 12; FHA 9. 10, Vice-President 11. Secretary 12; FBLA 10. 12; Pep Club 9. 10. 11. Vice-President 12; Class Vice-President 9, 11. President 10; Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12; Softball 9; Volleyball 9; Student Council 10. 11. 12; Asotin Junior Miss First Runner-Up 1982. Talent Award 1982; Masonic Junior Achievement Award Runner-Up 11; Homecoming Princess 10; Carnival Royalty 10; Baseball Scorekeeper 12. ROBERT F. VAN PELT "Some people drive like tomorrow isn’t worth waiting for." Paper-Annual 11. Co-Editor 12; FFA 9. 10. 11. 12; FBLA 10. 11. President 12; Pep Club 10. 11. 12; Basketball 9. 10. 11; Football 9; Boys' Rooting Association 10. 11, 12. KEVIN D. BOTTS "His eyes spell mischief, his smile spells 'Hi'; we all like him, he’s one swell guy." FFA 9. 10. Vice-President 11, President 12; Pep Club 11. Representative 12; Class President 9. Vice-President 12; Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12; Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12; Football Statistician 10. 12; FFA Star Green-hand 9; Star Chapter Farmer 10. DAVID D. BONFIELD "He’d rather hold a football than a girl, or would he?" Pep Club 9. 10; Class Secretary 10. Representative 12; Basketball 9. 10, 11. 12; Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12; Football 9. 10. 11. 12; Track 9; Mr. Football 12; Boys’ Rooting Association 10. 11. 12. 12The Class With Style STEVEN D. SCHEIBE “Beware of those who fall at your feet. They might be reaching for the rug." Drama 9; FFA 9. 10, Sentinel 11, Vice-President 12; Pep Club 9, 10. 11. 12; Basketball 9. 11, 12; Baseball 10. 11. 12; Football 10; Golf 9; Football Statistician 12. ROBERT J. HALSEY ‘Hard work never hurt anbody, but I'm not taking any chances." Paper-Annual 11; Drama 9, 10, 11, 12; FFA 9. 10. 11. 12; Class President 12; ASB Publicity Chairman 12; Basketball 9, 10; Golf 9, 11, 12; FFA Grand Champion Steer 9; FFA Judging Team 9. 10. 11. ROBIN DONEEN PAASCH ‘Now that I have it all together, I forgot where I put it.” FBLA Representative 12; Pep Club 12; Class Secretary 12; 1982 Junior Miss Contest, Spirit of Junior Miss Award. NATHAN P. HENDRICKSON "All great men are dying; I don't feel so well myself.” Band 9. 10, 11, 12; FBLA Parliamentarian 12; Pep Club 11, 12; Basketball 12; Baseball 11, 12; Football 11, 12; Wrestling 9, 10; Tennis 9, 10; Paper-Annual 12; Student Council 12. 13ROBERT A. BAILEY "Athletic, witty, full of fun, he's simply liked by everyone." Drama 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 11, Vice-President 12; Science Club 12; Pep Club 9. 10, 11, 12; Class Sergeant-at-Arms 10; ASB President 12; Basketball 9, 10. 11, 12; Football 10. 11. 12; Golf 9. 12. Most Inspirational 10, 11; Second in Asotin Telephone Company Essay Contest 11. PEKKO K. HONKALA "He says a little but thinks a lot." Exchange student from Finland. Volleyball 10, 11; Golf 12; Track 12; Skiing 9. 10. 11; Skating 9. 10. 11. RICHARD V. FRED "Life without sport isn’t life.” Chorus 11; Honor Society 10, Historian 11. President 12; Science Club 11; FFA 9. 10, 11, 12; Basketball 11. 12. Statistician 10; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9, 10. 11. 12; Track 10. 11, 12; Second in Masonic Junior Achievement Award 11; Reserve Champion Hog Fitting and Showing 10; Champion Hog Fitting and Showing 11. DELLA KAY EVANS "Rather quiet but still full of life." Chorus 10. 11. 14"Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it." CLINTON G. WAFFLE •'Four-wheelin' he liked and skipping, too; textbooks were all right when the pages were few FFA 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9, 10; Track 12; Wrestling 9. 10; Boys’ Rooting Association 10, 11. DENA MARIE BELIEU "The world is like a fruitcake — it wouldn’t complete without a few nuts.” Drill Team 9; FHA 10, 12; FBLA Historian 12. CURTIS H. DODD be ”De size of your hat ain’t de measure of your brain.” FFA 9. 10. 11. 12; FBLA 11. 12; Basketball 9. 10. 11; Track 9; Boys’ Rooting Association 10. 11. 15Asotin’s twelve-year seniors included, left to right: Curtis Dodd, Bobby Halsey, Kathy Marvel, Rick Fred, Della Evans, Kevin Botts, Lorelei Talbott, and Richard Bloodsworth. RICHARD F. BLOODSWORTH "I live for weekends." Wrestling 10. LORELEI TALBOTT "Lots of fun, often wise; mischief twinkles in her eyes." Drill Team 9. 10; Cheerleader 10. 11, 12; FFA 9, Secretary 10. 11, 12; Pep Club 9. 10, 11. Secretary 12; Class Vice-President 10; ASB Secretary 12; Volleyball 10, 11. 12; Boys’ Basketball Scorekeeper 9; Boys' Baseball Score-keeper 10. 11, 12; FFA Star Chapter Farmer 10. 11; FFA State Farmer Degree 11; Homecoming Princess 11, Queen 12; Class Representative 11; Asotin County Fair Princess 11; FBLA Vice-President 12. ANDREW LAWRENCE SHEPPARD "Seeing is believing but feeling is the truth." Drama 9. 10, 11; Honor Society 10, Historian 11; FBLA 12; Class President 11; Football 9, 10. 11. 12; Wrestling 9; Boys’ Rooting Association 10, 11. 16BARRY L. PETERSON “Men with few words often think most.” Science Club 12; Pep Club 12; Basketball 12; Track 9,12; Football Statistician 12. The seniors of 1982 started their senior activities with liming the “A” on September 23. In February the class raised approximately $200 by taking inventory at Low Cost Drug. Twenty-two seniors graduated on May 30 at 2 p.m. in the class colors, orange and white. Their class motto was, “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.” Senior Class officers pictured below, from left to right: Robert Halsey, president; Robin Paasch, secretary; Dale Bonfield, representative; Kevin Botts, vice-president. KATHRYN ANN MARVEL “My tastes are simple. I like the best.” FHA 9, 10, 11, 12; Science Club 9, Treasurer 10, Representative 11; Honor Society 10, Secretary-Treasurer 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; J.V. Cheerleader 9; Varsity Cheerleader 11,12; FBLA 12, Vice-President 11; Chorus Representative 12; Paper Annual 11; Volleyball 9,10,11, 12; Basketball 9. 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11; Baseball 12; Baseball Scorkeeper 10,11; Class Secretary-Treasurer 9,10, 11; Band 10; Asotin’s Junior Miss, 1982; Asotin County Fair Queen, 1981; American Legion Girls' State Delegate, 1981; Masonic Junior Achievement Award, 1981; 1978 Homecoming Princess; 1979 Coach’s Award, Track; Drill Team 9, 10, 11, Flag Corps 11. KENNETH J. ROGERS “Why should the devil have all the fun?” FFA 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9; Golf 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10; Boys’ Rooting Association 10,11. RONALD E. VANTREASE “There are two sides of everything, my side and the wrong side.” Honor Society 10,12, Vice-President 11; Science Club 11; FFA 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Representative 9, 10; ASB Vice-President 11; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Masonic Junior Achievement Award 1981; American Legion Boys’ State Delegate 1981; Asotin Telephone Company Essay Contest, First place 1981; All-Award Livestock Showman, Asotin County Fair, 1980; FFA Fitting and Showing Hog Champion 1980; FFA Rudy Haberman Award 1981; Proficiency Award Twentieth Century Typewriting 1980.Juniors: A Class by Themselves Tammi George Connie Grinolds Todd Johnson Darin Krause Steve Mullins Smokey Myrick Jeff Adams Dwayne Alexander Jayme Arnett Kim Ausman Rocky Baker Gerard Billington Karl Bloodsworth Leo Clark Paul Duckworth ' If . Aaron Earl Galen Frisbey Jennie FulbrightJoan Painter Radford Parsons Shelley Pedersen Junior Clast officers, left to right: Aaron Earl, president; Traci Woerman. vice-president; Linda Schnider. secretary; Laurie Sullivan, sergeant-at-arms; gnd Eddie Wiemer, representative. Robert Rasmussen Rusty Reedy Steve Rohrbach Linda Schnider Laurie Sullivan Candi Tetwiler Albert Thai Cholette Truitt Sean Urquhart Rhonda Wayne Eddie Wiemer Traci Woerman 19Sophomores Mix Wisdom With Foolishness Darrin Allbright Darrin Beckvold Ron Brown Polly Busch Bill Cloke Don Cox Scott Crites LaDawn Dodd Todd Duckworth Kathy Forrest Robin Frostad Briana Greene Brenda Hahn Sheila Hough Sheila Johnson Char Myers B'l Bob n 20Jim Neuschwander Kelly Parsons Paul Raspone Rusty Reedy Corrina Robinson Bryan Scheibe Victor Smith Lisa Swan Bill Talbott Karen TippettFreshmen Give Life to AHS Jeff Aiken Kurt Ausman Jeff Bacon Ben Bonfield Mike Brown Molly Burnam Rose Clarneau Don Corker Belinda Cortner Dale Dyer Ariel Evans Katina George Joan Halsey Barbara Henderson Connie Henderson Jim Hendrix 22Norman Hough Chris Johnson Dave Lawen Sarah Maxwell Shannon McMillan Rick Myers Archie Nagle Wade Owens Brian Prior Tracy Queener Tim Rasmussen Dana Raspone Brian Sangster Todd Shaner Michelle Shreve Rod Smith David Thai John Toth Tim VanderDoes Kirk Watson David Wilson 23Eighth Grade Kerri Adams Heidi Ailbright Daryl Bilbrey Todd Crites Tim Flynn Jody Gosse Barry Greene Mark Gunkel Troy Hill Mark Hodson Mark Johnson Mike Marvel Rocky Sherman Lance Wade Ronna Myers Kyle Smith Jessie Wisdom Darren Paasch Terry Smith Monica Pomeroy Veranica Parsons Codi Tetwiler Patty Brown Sean Peterson Michel Thai Billy Wiemer Nancy Reedy Matt Toth Bill Wilsey Chad Sangster Robin Tucker Mike Winroth 24Junior High Adds a Touch of Enthusiasm Seventh Grade Jill Aiken Leslie Ausman Lynette Ausman Bob Brereton Ellen Burnam Sandy Cheek Clint Clarneau Jackie Crites Mike Dominguez Kyle Halsey Lori Hendrix Alaena Holder Lanny Hough Lisa Maes Brenda Merry Corey Mullins Tracy Neuschwander Jana Newman Danny Painter Tommy Parker Paula Parsons Jody Petty Lori Petty Kim Queener Corey Sangster Stacy Schnider Javier Smith Todd Smith Wendy Smith Mike Stevens Jeff Sullivan Monte Sutton Monique Thai Nikki Thompson Kathee Toth Wendy Trosclair 25Junior High Student Council, pictured at right: Todd Crites, treasurer; Paula Parsons, representative; Mark Hodson, president; Brent Youlden, advisor; Mike Winroth, representative; Corey Sangster. Not pictured: Robin Tucker, representative; Ronna Myers, secretary; Jeff Sullivan; Corey Mullins, vice-president. ... And Brings Forth Leadership Eighth Grade officers, pictured above: Sean Peterson, treasurer; Mike Winroth and Robin Tucker, representatives; Lance Wade, vice-president; Mark Hodson (back row), president. Not pictured: Ronna Myers, secretary. Seventh Grade officers, pictured at right: Jackie Crites, treasurer; Corey Mullins, vice-president; Paula Parsons, representative; Jeff Sullivan, president; Leslie Ausman, secretary; Rodney Wayne, representative. 26Bill Marvel Bob Hough 1981-82 School Board Our Leaders Have Class! With the help and support of everyone in our school district, we, the students, had a very successful year. Chairman of the School Board was Keith Ausman. Serving as vice-chairman was Bill Marvel. Other members were Andy Copeland, Philip Johnson and Bob Hough. 27What Gives AHS Beverly Erickson — Home Economics Bev Miles — District Secretary Lavonne Urban — Business Brent Youlden — Science, Mat Mrs. Meshishnek: The exceptional artistic talents of many of our students in art, drama and music. They are classy! Mr. Detrick: The mutual respect among administration, teachers and students. Mrs. Erickson: The size of the school — everyone is recognized in some way. Donna Baker: The closeness that exists between all of us here — students and faculty alike — and the special pride that we all feel toward Asotin High School. Mrs. Scott: The courtesy that is shown to visitors in our school. Den ice Strohmaier English. Music 28A Special Touch of Class? Kathy Bremner P.E.. Science Duane Shears Counseling, Art Alma Clouser: Our colorful facility and classrooms. Mr. Shears: A special ‘touch of class’ is having a school secretary with the greatest laugh in the West! Mrs. Neace: The special ‘touch of class’ at AHS comes from the students themselves. It is their willingness and attitude toward learning. Mr. Reade: I feel the small community environment and friendliness of the people here make it enjoyable to work at AHS and to be associated with the community. Mrs. Szendre: Its small size which enables students and teachers to get to know one another as PEOPLE. Kathy Bremner: Donna Baker. Chris Reade: The spirit and closeness of students towards each other. Dan Roche Alma Clouser Spanish 29Shawn Bowman — Music Thank You! 30Club Members Display A Touch of Class”NJHS Formed The National Junior Honor Society at AHS was formed in March of 1982 with 16 members. Their induction was April 8. During the year the NJHS raised money by selling concessions at the wrestling matches, the talent show and the junior high volleyball matches. On May 14-15, 12 members traveled to Wallowa Lake for a two-day trip. Mrs. Betty Halsey drove the members in her van. The advisor is Mrs. Alma Clouser. 32SB Establishes Scholarships Student Council members established two scholarships for the valedictorian and salutatorian of $150 and $100, respectively. Under the leadership of President Robert Bailey and Advisor Ray Norton, the Council also presented a Christmas basket to a local family, planned the annual Christmas party, co-sponsored a rummage sale with the annual staff and helped finance the baseball team’s trip to California. Other officers were Aaron Earl, vice-president; Lorelei Talbott, secretary; Kim Ausman, treasurer; Joan Halsey, assistant treasurer; and Bobby Halsey, publicity chairman. Aaron Earl Bob Halsey Joan HalseyNHS Experiences Foreign Trave All eight members of the National Honor Society traveled to Victoria, British Columbia, in May. The trip was financed by showing two movies and selling concessions and tickets at home sporting events. The group also inducted National Junior Honor Society members. The junior high club began in April. Officers for 1982 were Robert Bailey, president; Jennie Fulbright, vice-president. Other members were Radford Parsons, Laurie Sullivan, Gerard Bill-ington and Ron Vantrease. Alma Clouser served as NHS advisor, and Regina Sullivan drove the van to Victoria. 34Inducted on May 17, five sophomores joined the club. New members are Jim Neuschwander, Terry Urban, Sheila Hough, Karen Tippett and Briana Greene. Brenda Hahn was taken into the group prior to her moving in April. 351982 Officers Joan Painter. Jayme Arnett Crystal Keefer Tammi George Laurie Sullivan Jennie Fulbright Candi Tetwiler. Brenda Hahn .. .... President Vice-President .... Secretary ... .Treasurer . Representative .......Publicity .......Historian Parliamentarian 361 Future Homemakers of America spent part of the year making a queen-sized log-cabin quilt in orange, beige and brown. Teri Reed won the quilt in a raffle which netted $235. Big and Little Sisters had a noon luncheon and exchanged gifts during National FHA Week in February. As part of their in-depth projects on careers, members had guest speakers from the airlines and a beauty college. Highlighting the year was the annual Recognition Tea on May 17. Joan Painter was named Member of the Year. Modeling fashions they made were the Home Economics I and II classes. Senior FHA members modeled clothing from the Bon and Maurice’s. Mrs. Beverly Erickson acted as advisor and accompanied Jayme Arnett and Tracy Queener to the State FHA Convention in Ellensburg in the spring. 37FBLA Mans School Store The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) began the 1981-1982 school year with 17 members. The group made $246 at the school store and paid off the School District bill of $764.83 for the school supplies. Officers were Bob Van Pelt, president; Lorelei Talbott, vice-president; Joan Painter, secretary-treasurer; Robin Paasch, reporter; Perry Flendrickson, parliamentarian; Mrs. Lavonne Urban, advisor. 38SCHOOL STORE 1981 82 PRICES Carbon Paper...............................2 for 5c Cards, Index........................................ White, Blank (3x5)..............................30c White, Ruled (3 x 5)............................30c Colored, Blank (3x5)............................40c White. Blank (4 x 6)............................50c Compasses.......................................30c Construction Paper 9x 12......................................2 for 5C 12 x 18..........................................5c Correction Tape (for typing).........2 5C and 5 10c Crepe Paper Streamers...........................35c Envelopes No. 6. No. 10 or Manila..........................5C Erasers Pencil..........................................15c Pencil Cap.......................................5c Typing..........................................25c Folders File (%cut)......................................5C Pocket (tan, red, blue, yellow, green)..........30c Report (tan, red. blue, yellow).................25c Glue. White.....................................15c Paper Composition Books (100 sheets).................1.30 Notebook Filler Paper (100 sheets)...............70 Pencil Tablet....................................50 Scratch Pads (4 x 6).............................15 Stenographer Notebook ...........................60 Typing Paper EZ-rase.........................20 35C; 100 1.75 Regular.........................20 15C; 100 .75 Pencils Plain, No. 2 ....................................5c Asotin Panthers, No. 2..........................10$ Pens (Blue).....................................25c Protractors (4 inch)............................10$ Rulers..........................................25c 39FFA Uses Good Judgment Asotin’s Future Farmers of America placed sixth overall in state livestock judging with a third in the sheep division, second in swine and fourth in oral reasons. Judges included Steve Scheibe, Steve Mullins, Clint Waffle, LaDawn Dodd and Todd Johnson. The Ag. Mechanics team, comprised of Richard Bloodsworth, Steve Scheibe, Ron Vantrease and Ken Rogers, took second in District 6. Other group activities included a sausage sale which netted $180, a fishing trip up Hells Canyon on June 1 and the Farmers’ Ball on Dec. 5. Members also made over $23,000 at the Asotin County Fair in April. At a spring awards ceremony, the following members were recognized: Chris Johnson and Brian Sangster, Star Greenhands; Scott Crites, Sophomore Star Chapter Farmer; Robert Rasmussen, Junior Star Chapter Farmer; Aaron Earl, Haberman Memorial Award; Steve Scheibe, Rainier Bank Award; Kevin Botts, DeKalb Award; LaDawn, Special Award; and Clint Waffle and Ron Vantrease, Ag. Mechanic Awards. Honorary Chapter Farmers were Keith and Connie Hanson and Lee Earl. Officers were Kevin Botts, president; Steve Scheibe, vice-president; Lorelei Talbott, secretary; Aaron Earl, treasurer; LaDawn Dodd, reporter; and Steve Mullins, sentinel. Dan Johnson served as advisor. Representing Asotin at the National FFA Convention in the fall were Kevin Botts and Steve Scheibe. 4041Journalism Class: A Touch of d’ Pen The 1982 Asotin High School Paper Annual Staff spent most of its time raising capital to cover the expense of the annual. With the aid of baked food and rummage sales, advertisement selling, and vigorous scrounging for candy wrappers and aluminum cans, the staff succeeded in their never-ending quest to meet the inflationary price of the annual bill. The “Panther Pause” Staff also succeeded in publishing their bi-weekly newspaper under the leadership of editors Gerard Billington and Radford Parsons. Crystal Keefer served as the yearbook editor. Although the class was subjected to seemingly impossible deadlines and discouraging profits from their sale attempts, they stuck together and managed to make the year one to remember. The Paper Annual Staff was advised by Gail Scott. 42Science Club: A Touch of Madness Science Club once again held its annual Thanksgiving raffle and turned a profit of $55.52. Dottie Szendre and Chet Morris were this year’s winners. They each received a $10 gift certificate. Due to the lack of funds, the organization was unable to go on a trip, but they did succeed to have a great year at AHS. Club Officer , Sean Urquhart, president; Karen Tippett, vice-president; Sheila Hough, secretary-treasurer; Barry Peterson and Jennie Fulbright, representatives. 43Pep Club Takes Credit for “Classy Spirit Weeks This year’s Pep Club was most active in the promotion and organization of spirit weeks for both the football and basketball seasons. Members planned a variety of dress-up days, including Punk Rock Day and Career Day. Brenda Hahn acted as president. Other officers were Crystal Keefer, vice-president; Lorelei Talbott, secretary; and Kevin Botts, representative. 44(n Activities Students Exhibit "A Touch of ClassComing from Nurmij rvi, Finland, Pekko Honkala visited America and Asotin. A Pacific Intercultural Exchange student, Pekko was on the track team and graduated with the Class of 1982. Pekko stayed with the Dave Parsons family and also traveled to California and Missouri. 46Honors Go to Top Students Salutatorian Rick Fred Valedictorian Ron Vantrease Robert Bailey DAR Good Citizen Class of 1982 — Awards 1. Washington State Principals’ Award for Academic Excellence — Ron Vantrease 2. Eastern Washington University Certificate of Artistic Recognition — Crystal Keefer Bobby Halsey Robert Bailey 3. Potlatch Forest Foundation Scholarship, $700 Renewable for Four Years — Robert Bailey 4. National Honor Society Scholarships, $100 — Robert Bailey Kathy Marvel Ron Vantrease 5. Mike Lee Memorial Scholarship, $150 — Ron Vantrease 6. Jade Lantern Annual Scholarship, $250. Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lee — Ron Vantrease 7. Tri-State Memorial Health Career Scholarship, $300 — Kathy Marvel Rick Fred 8. Valedictorian Trophy — Ron Vantrease Salutatorian Trophy — Rick Fred 9. Associated Student Body of Asotin High School Scholarship — Valedictorian, $150 — Ron Vantrease Salutatorian, $100 — Rick Fred 10. Pell Grants (Government Grants Amounting to Approximately One-Half of Tuition) Robert Bailey Barry Peterson DenaBelieu Lorelei Talbott Kevin Botts Ron Vantrease Rick Fred Perry Hendrickson Cholette Truitt Business Week Delegate Kathy Marvel and Ron Vantrease Kiwanis Outstanding Seniors Girls’ and Boys’ State Delegates. Not Pictured: Asotin Telephone Essay Contest: Jennie Fulbright, first; Gerard Billington, second; Dwayne Alexander, third. Masonic Junior Achievement: Sean Urquhart and Laurie Sullivan, first; Radford Parsons and Jennie Fulbright, runners-up. 47“Reach for the Rainbow” was the theme for the 1981 Homecoming on October 30. The Panther football team made history on this memorable night by defeating Pomeroy 27-6. The Homecoming queen was Lorelei Talbott. Attending her were Joan Painter, LaDawn Dodd and Dana Raspone. Spirit Week was filled with Punk Rock, Cowboy, Sweat and Sucker, Crazy Class Colors and School Colors Days. The traditional serpentine and bonfire were also observed, and the cheerleaders prepared breakfast for the football players. a Touch of Spirit Brings Uicto49A Touch of Music... Makes Us DANCE!! “Sweet Dreams” was the theme of the 1982 MORP dance held in the Asotin Elementary School gymnasium on March 13. Rob Baker, a 1981 graduate, was the D. J. This dance will long be remembered by the attendants as one of the best dances at AHS. The dance was sponsored by the sophomores and freshmen. May 15 marked the Junior-Senior Prom in the theatre hall of Morgan’s Alley. The Reactors from Spokane played. Crystal Keefer and Dale Bon-field were chosen as queen and king. FFA members sponsored the annual Farmers’ Ball on Dec. 3. MORP pictures compliments of Fran Rader. 50Sweet Touch of Fame Kim Ausman was crowned Asotin’s 1983 Junior Miss at the April 6 program, entitled “Sweet Touch of Fame.” She also won the Creative and Performing Arts and the Poise and Appearance Awards. Named first runner-up and recipient of the Physical Fitness Award was Laurie Sullivan. Jennie Fulbright captured the Scholastic and Kraft Hostess Awards, Connie Grinolds was named the Spirit of Junior Miss, and Cholette Truitt won the Simplicity and Kodak Awards. For talent, Joan Painter composed and presented a poem about life; Jennie presented a piano-vocal medley; Laurie choreographed a dance routine; Connie did an original skit which included a piano solo; Cholette performed an original skit; and Kim presented a humorous monologue. Theresa Kingsley was Mistress of Ceremonies, and Kathy Marvel, 1982’s Junior Miss, was on hand for the crowning.Rolling With the Times LaDawn Dodd reigned as queen over the 1982 Asotin County Fair in April, with Kim Ausman and Laurie Sullivan serving as her princesses. “Rolling with the Times” was the theme this year. The AHS marching band performed in the parade down Main Street following the traditional cowboy breakfast. Livestock Winners Rick Fred: All-Around Top Showman Champion Swine Showman Aaron Earl: Champion Beef Showman Ron Vantrease: Reserve Champion Swine Showman Chris Johnson: Top Livestock Judge Top Beef Judge Todd Johnson: Best Show of Ag. Mechanics Mark Johnson: Top 4-H Swine Showman Karen Tippett: Reserve 4-H Swine Showman 53Dramatists Get Booed The audience had fun booing and cheering throughout the old-fashioned melodrama, LILY, THE FELON’S DAUGHTER, on Jan. 20. It was a traditional tear-jerker that told a sad but silly story of Lily Fairweather, complete with the villain, hero, and heroine. The play was directed by Gail Scott. Crystal Keefer was playcard girl, and Jennie Fulbright played the piano through the play. LILY. THE FELON S DAUGHTER Lily Fairweather Brenda Hahn Betsy Fairweather . . Connie Grinolds Compton Fairweather . Jonas Fairweather .... Rocky Baker Craven Sinclair .... Bobby Halsey Miss Ophelia . . . Cholette Truitt Robin Steel . . . Sean Urquhart Mrs. Kingsley .... Kathy Forrest Mrs. Bloodgood Lord Montmorency . . . . 54And Brins Enjoyment to Audience For their spring play on May 20. the drama class elected to produce Mother is a Freshman, a three-act play published by the Dramatic Publishing Company. The action centered on an attractive mother forced to accept a scholarship and attend college with her sophomore daughter. Conflict entered their lives when both mother and daughter fell in love with the same professor and when the dean threatened to expel the mother. Crystal Keefer was featured as the mother, and Cholette Truitt was her daughter. Robert Bailey was cast as the zoology professor, and Bob Halsey portrayed the surly dean. The college students were Connie Grinolds, Kathy Forrest, Laurie Sullivan. Joan Halsey, Kathy Marvel, Jennie Fulbright, Albert Thai, Tom Wilson, Kevin Botts and Steve Scheibe. Molly Burnam was the housemother. The play was directed by Mrs. Gail Scott. 55Groups Tour Washington Asotin’s jazz band and choir enjoyed a good year of travel and music. Their biggest event was their trip to Seattle in March. On the way, they played at three different schools: Tekoa, Soap Lake, and Auburn. Under the direction of Shawn Bowman, the marching band performed at halftime for the University of Idaho’s Homecoming, marched in both Clarkston’s and Asotin’s Christmas parades and climaxed their year at the Asotin County Fair parade in April. Special performances by the jazz band and choir included appearances at a senior citizens’ banquet in Lewiston, at the Pullman Jazz Night, at the Scout Rendezvous at Hellsgate State Park in May, and at Asotin’s commencement. In addition, the groups presented their annual Christmas and spring concerts. At a junior high concert band festival, March 25 at Colton, Asotin had a II rating (good). Selected for the Southeast Washington Honor Choir were Jennie Fulbright, Kathy Marvel, and Brenda Hahn; Honor Band members were Albert Thai and Briana Greene.Both the high school and junior high choirs presented varied programs throughout the year. Highlighting the junior high program was the presentation of the musical, TEEN, directed by Mrs. Denice Strohmaier, on March 10. Having solo leads were Mark Hodson, Mark Gunkel, Michel Thai, Monica Pomeroy, Wendy Trosclair and Wendy Smith. The group also had fall and Christmas concerts. Accompanying on the piano were Marilyn Hodson and Jennie Fulbright. 58AHS Honors Finest of Class INSPIRATIONAL Kathy Marvel SOFTBALL CAPTAIN Shelley Pedersen INSPIRATIONAL Linda Schnider BASKETBALL BASEBALL — INSPIRATIONAL CAPTAIN Kevin Botts — Dale Bonfield VOLLEYBALL Laurie Sullivan BASKETBALL Kim Ausman 60TRACK MOST FOOTBALL CAPTAIN INSPIRATIONAL INSPIRATIONAL Robert Bailey Sean Urquhart ALL-COUNTY PLAYERS Rocky Baker. Dale Bonfield. Steve Rohrbach. Ron Vantrease. Rick Fred GOLF MOST INSPIRATIONAL David Thai 61Flag Corps Dons New (mage Flag Corps for 1981-82 was a great success. With two people returning from flag camp, the complexity of our drills was greater. We performed in four area parades plus Asotin’s and the University of Idaho’s Homecoming activities. During the course of the summer, funds were raised for new uniforms. The corps elected to buy their own boots. The end result was a corps that could compete in dress and performance. WuM Flag Corps members, left to right: Polly Busch, Tracy Queener. Char Myers. Belinda Cortner, Brenda Hahn, Joan Halsey, and Karen Tippett. 62“California or Bust” Is Talent Show Theme “California or Bust” was the theme for the AHS baseball team’s talent show March 6. The players were raising money for their spring trip to California. Some $1150 was collected by this venture. There was a players’ sewing contest with the winning aprons auctioned during the evening. Some highlights of the night s entertainment included: Dolly Parton (Lester Spears) singing her (his?) hit single, “Nine to Five”; the Asotin High School Jazz Band and Choir; a medley by the Banana Belt Fiddlers; “Anonymous Coaches’’ dancing in a chorus line; and the baseball team singing “California, Here We Come.’’ Supplying the brains for the show were Coaches Don Detrick and Nate Reade. Auctioneers were Dave Nelson and Clay Bickford. Local businesses and citizens donated materials to be auctioned.Cheerleaders Add Class to AHSAHS cheerleaders brought out the Panther dynamite spirit. They led the crowd in cheering the teams on to victory during football and basketball seasons. Through them, enthusiasm, pride and life were shown as AHS. Varsity cheerleaders included Kim Ausman, Crystal Keefer, Lorelei Talbott, Linda Schnider and Kathy Marvel. On the JayVee squad were Dana Raspone, Sarah Maxwell and Brenda Hahn. Tracy Queener, Karen Tippett and Robin Frostad served as mascots. Lending spirit to junior high sports were Leslie Ausman, Monique Thai, Jackie Crites, Paula Parsons, Veranica Parson, Stacy Schnider and Codi Tetwiler.! The 1981 football season for the Asotin Panthers was a successful one by all measures. We did have our ups and downs as any team does. Although we didn’t achieve all of our goals, we can take pride in the fact that we beat the league champions and were one of the top teams in a very competitive league. Our program has turned the corner, and we can expect to have success in the years to come if we can dedicate ourselves to work as hard as this year’s team did. We will lose six quality seniors this year. They are Rick Fred, Dale Bonfield, Perry Hendrickson, Andy Sheppard, Ron Vantrease and Bob Bailey. This group of young men made big contributions to our success over the years and set a good example of what leadership, hard work and determination can produce. Lhe ?8d Pavn7ther footbal1 sc uad- top row. left to right: Assistant Coach Shears. Kirk Watson. Archie Nagle. Dale Bonfield. Steve Rohrbach Smoke Mynck. Ron Vantrease. Aaron Earl. Clint Waffle. Andy Sheppard. Jeff Aiken. Tom Wilson. Kurt Ausman. Chris Johnson. Robert Rasmussen. Ariel Evar and Assistant Coach Reade. Bottom row: Jeff Bacon. Brian Prior. Jim Neuschwander. Rick Myers, Perry Hendrickson. Ed Wiemer. Dwayne Alexande Rocky Baker. Rick Fred. Robert Bailey. John Toth. David Wilson. Ben Bonfield. Coach Roche and Manager Tim VanderDoes. Photograph courtesy of th 6667Plummer Colton. W Rosalia Oakesdale Pomeroy St. John Endicott Asotin Asotin Asotin Asotin Asotin Asotin Asotin Asotin 1981 Season Record Wallowa Lapwai .Asotin’s football team, coached by Dan Roche who was assisted by Nate Reade and Duane Shears, finished another exceptional year with a 5-3 record. They also tied for second in the Whitman County B-League. Eight new school records were broken or tied in the 1981 season. The Panthers allowed the least number of points in a season, 103; the most rushes in one game by Dwayne Alexander; the most interceptions in one game by Eddie Wiemer (2); the best pass completion in one season by Ron Vantrease (47%); and the most assisted tackles in one game by Rick Fred (23). Rocky Baker broke or tied the most records this season. He had the most touchdowns in one game (3); rushed 80 yards for a touchdown, and scored the most touchdowns in one season (8). Baker was also selected for All-County on both offense and defense. Other players selected for All-County were Ron Vantrease, QB; Dale Bonfield, DE; Rick Fred, LB; and Steve Rohrbach, NG. 69Power Volleyball Hits AHS This year’s team was without a doubt the most highly skilled team I have ever coached, yet the youngest and least experienced. This team was known for its aggressive defensive play in diving and blocking. The two graduating seniors will certainly be missed next fall, Kathy Marvel (top scorer this season with 82 points) and Lorelei Talbott (most consistent server over the last three years with a 97 percent success rate). Power volleyball came to Asotin this year, and with the valuable playing time these young players received, I feel next year will be “the year of the Panther” in Blue Mountain League volleyball. 70JayVee team, pictured above, left to right: Coach Kay Neace, Connie Henderson. Katina George. Molly Burnam. Joan Halsey. Rose Clarneau. Dana Raspone. Char Myers. Tracy Queener, Belinda Cortner. 71Panthers Head League 72 Any assessment of Asotin High’s basketball team must begin about October of 1981. At that point the general consensus was that it would be a struggle to finish the upcoming basketball season above .500. The reason for that prognostication was due to our great handicap: lack of size. I think at that point, it might be fair to say that our goal was to qualify for the district tournament. To do that we would have to finish in the top three of the Blue Mountain League. Obviously, we met our goal. Not only that, we surpassed it by a tremendous margin. The 1981-82 team was the Blue Mountain League Champion and established a school record for win-loss percentage at 17 wins and just 5 losses in achieving the honor of being league champs. In determining why this success was attained, I believe we can use the following as a guide for attainment of goals in any task. First, this team was dedicated. They knew what they wanted and they realized that, through hard work, they could reach lofty goals. Hard work, then, is the second rung on this ladder of success. Thirdly, they realized their prosperity through teamwork. Not having tremendous individual talent, they pooled their resources and victory was often the result. The last two elements of success go hand in hand. Perhaps these were the keys to this team. They maintained a positive attitude and an immense amount of desire. They simply refused to quit. As a result, this was a successful season in every measurable way. 7374Varsity, top left picture, left to right: Robert Bailey. Dwayne Alexander, Kevin Botts, Rick Fred, Sean Urquhart, Steve Mullins, Dale Bonfield, Ron Vantrease, Perry Hendrickson, Steve Scheibe, Coach Don Detrick. Not pictured: Rocky Baker, Barry Peterson. Junior Varsity, lower picture: Rod Smith, Chris Johnson, Brian Prior, Darin Krause, John Toth. Ariel Evans, Kelly Parsons, Jeff Bacon, Smokey Myrick, Jeff Adams, Ben Bonfield, Victor Smith, Kurt Ausman, Terry Urban, Coach Dan Roche. 75Girls’ Basketball: This year’s basketball season must be considered a success in many respects. The girls took second place in the Blue Mountain League with a 8-2 record. They were 13-7 overall for the regular season; and after their first district win ever, they finished 14-9. The wins are gratifying. But even more gratifying is being able to say that this is the hardest working group of girl athletes I’ve ever coached. Each girl contributed much to the success to the team. Each of these girls possesses those characteristics that will further her success in life. Each member of this team is a winner. 76Determination Leads to Success mps mts Varsity squad, left to right: Ms. Bremner, Kathy Marvel, Sheila Hough, Kim Ausman, Connie Henderson, Barb Henderson. Crystal Keefer, Brenda Hahn, Laurie Sullivan. Karen Tippett and Mr. Youlden. 7778 Tha Junior Varsity team, back row, left to right: Ms. Bremner, Corrina Robinson, Brenda Hahn, Rose Clarneau, Connie Henderson, Belinda Cortner and Joan Halsey. Front row: Karen Tippett, Katina George. Briana Greene and Dana Raspone.J.U.’s Score Late-Season Wins Asotin’s JayVee team finished the season with a 9-8 record. Seven of their nine victories were gained during the last eight games. Due to injuries and varsity play by five of the players, the team had to play short of substitutes for most of the season. The team's determination, willingness to learn and hard work overcame the hardships and made the 1981-82 season a success. 79Team Tours California A nine-day trip to California highlighted this year’s baseball season. The trip included a visit to Disneyland, a Los Angeles Lakers’, and a California Angels' game. The Panthers also defeated three out of four California high school teams. The Panthers ended the season with the Blue Mountain League trophy and a 15-7 record but fell to Tekoa in District 9 competition. Don Detrick, assisted by Nate Reade, coached the team. Managers were Kirk Watson and Norman Hough. Panther Baseball team, kneeling, left to right: B. Talbott. B. Bonfield, D. Wilson. J. Toth, E. Wiemer, J. Adams, K. Parsons, A. Nagle. Back row: Coach Detrick, Coach Reade, S. Myrick, R. Fred, P. Hen--drickson, D. Bonfield. A. Earl, S. Scheibe, R. Baker, J. Aiken, B. Prior, K. Botts. 80Disappointing: That is what immediately comes to mind when one attempts to describe this year's baseball season. We had a winning season; we were league champions; we made a tremendous try, but we did not reach our goal. Our goal was to take part in the State Championship game. We fell short. I think the preparation and effort was there, but we failed to meet this goal. Maybe, it was just not to be. Gi. 81This year’s softball team, with a record of 17-8, was for the most part made up of young and inexperienced players. What they lacked in maturity and skill they more than made up for in determination and enthusiasm. They placed second in the Blue Mountain League and second in District 9. They “ran for the roses” but came up one inning short in making it to the regional play-offs. Next year’s team will have both maturity and experience with them. Many thanks to Marietta Scheibe, our greatest fan and bus driver, to Briana Greene, our scorekeeper, and to those who sat on the bench and made those on the field look so good. Asotin’s Softball team, kneeling, left to right: Briana Greene, Connie Henderson. Karen Tippett, Dana Raspone, Joan Painter, Belinda Corther, Kathy Marvel. Standing: Coach Bremner, Kim Lopez, Candi Tetwiler, Linda Schnider, Shelley Pedersen, Barb Henderson, Molly Burnam, Laurie Sullivan, Joan Halsey, Coach Neace. Diamond Gals Miss by One 8283Golfers Play Around Although the turnout for this year’s golf team was the lowest ever, the boys recorded their best record at 6-6. The Panthers journeyed to Spokane to participate in the district golf match. Out of twelve AA schools, Asotin placed ninth. The golf coach was Ray Norton. The golfers, pictured below, included Robert Bailey, Ken Rogers, Gerard Billington, Darin Krause and David Thai. • » J 84Tracksters Place At District Asotin’s 12-member track team, under the coaching of Brent Youlden, distinguished itself by taking several individual honors. Barry Peterson placed second in the 110 high hurdles at District and set a new school record at 41.8. Sean Urquhart, who took a second in District in the long jump, tied the school’s high jump record at 5'10". Robert Rasmussen finished third in District javelin competition. Track members, bottom row, left to right: T. Duckworth, T. Wilson, M. Thai, B. Cloke, D. Cox, Coach Youlden. Center, T. Urban. S. Urquhart. Back row: W. Owens, M. Vande Voorde, R. Rasmussen, P. Honkala. 85Junior High Football: Almost Perfect Junior high football team, top row. left to right: Todd Crites. Matt Toth, Chad Sangster. Mark Hodson, Kyle Smith. Lance Wade. Mark Gunkel. Troy Hill. Darren Paasch, Mike Win-roth, Coach Don Detrick. Middle row: Barry Greene. Terry Smith. Mike Marvel. Billy Wiemer. Jeff Sullivan. Danny Painter, Bob Brereton, Mike Stevens, Sean Peterson. Bottom row: Corey Mullins. Mike Dominquez, Mark Johnson, Corey Sangster, Lanny Hough. Asotin’s junior high football team placed second in the Whitman County League with a 5-1 record. The boys lost to Tekoa in the championship game. 86Under the direction of Coach Brent Youlden, the junior high girls managed a tough display throughout the year. The A team compiled a 2-9 record, while the B team had a 5-6 record. Pictured at left, top row. left to right: Monica Pomeroy. Kim Queener, Nikki Thompson, Kerri Adams. Coach Youlden. Codi Tetwiler. Leslie Ausman, Wendy Trosclair, Veranica Parsons. Bottom row: Alaena Holder. Kathee Toth. Jill Aiken. Monique Thai, Stacy Schnider. Ronna Myers. Jackie Crites, Paula Parsons. iris Gain Experience 87Winning: Not as important as Experience The seventh grade basketball team faired better than the eighth grade team, with a 6-4 record, while the eighth graders tallied a 3-10 record. Coaches for the teams were Ray Norton and Al Lang. 88JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL TEAM 89Classy Group GraduatesDale Bonfield, From baby to child to boy to man. The years have slipped like water through my hands. As my son you've always made me proud and I want you to know it hurts my heart to let you go. Mom Bobby! Choose what makes you happy today, proud of yesterdays, and anxious for your tomorrows. You are special to us and we love you for what you are. You! Love. Mom and Dad Steven: Graduation! Now you start a whole new phase of your life, fulfilling your dreams and plans. Go after them knowing your family wishes you the best. You have both our love and support. Love. Mom. Dad and Bryan Della. Memories are made of love, happiness and worry. Good luck in the future. We love you. Dad, Mom and Ariel Andy Sheppard. Congratulations to a fine son. May happiness and success be yours in the future. From a proud father with love. Dear Andy, I’m proud knowing that you are already a fine young man. Thank you for being my son. Love, Mother Andy. Work to your potential; you have it all. You made me proud to know you. Cecil Ron. Congratulations on reaching the goal you set for yourself while yet in grade school. We are proud of you. Always keep your goals set high and never forget Philippians 4:13 and 4:19. We love you and are behind you in whatever you do. Mom. Dad and Family Robin Paasch, To our daughter Robin who is beautiful in every way. We are so proud of the person you are becoming. You have given us much happiness and I know you will continue to. With all our Love, Mom and Dad Rick Fred. You have been such a hard worker and so reliable and good. Thank you for all the joy and love. We love you. Dad and Mom Curt. Even though it has been a struggle at times, we have always had faith in you and have always loved you. Congratulations and Good Luck in all you do. Love. Mom, Dad and LaDawn Lorelei, Thank you for being you. We are very proud of you and wish you the best. Love. Mom and Dad Dear Crystal It’s finally come — an end to school days — not only for you. but also us. And now a new beginning with wishes for sunshine happy days, no matter if they're in Seattle. Spokane or wherever. God be with you. Our very special love, from your family Barry, I'm very proud of you. I'd like to wish you all the love and luck in the future. Much Love. Your Father Clint Waffle, We are so proud of you! Wishing you the vefV best in College and all your future endeavors. Know always we love you. 91 Mom and Tim3 KoT-t-n 9f«++CK;ff) u. uOl l l« y5 f C-.'a I. , Txe. 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Ktw ie Out oFhcrE tr'5 C GA P1A this t4 a)(?; AaiO rA»c£, 9 az-z of- r t 'tK «r '€ «u r Cx y) t yoor-Sec Te+ Pf 6 ? C AS tAA AZEThank You. Contributors! DIAGONAL CHEVRON SERVICE CENTER THILL’S JEWEL BOX VALLEY STATIONERY AAA VACUUM MAC’S CYCLE T B M SERVICE CENTER PAYLESS GROCERY DECHENNE’S MARINA DAVE’S BODY AND PAINT SHOP TWIN CITY PRINTING DARREL’S BARBER SHOP ENGSTROM STUDIO RIVERPORT REAL ESTATE FREDA’S CRAFT SHOP REGIONAL RECYCLING INC. BLUE RIBBON LINEN SUPPLY CLOWN TOWN HIRZEL’S MUSIC CO. HARRINGTON’S COPY PRODUCTS, INC. CENTURY 21 REALTY TWIN CITY LEASING INC. BARNEY’S SOOPER MARKET BETTY’S HIS HERS HAIR STYLING ‘UP THE CRICK’ FAMILY VISION CENTERS, INC., P.S. KEN’S APPLIANCE REPAIR CLARKSTON HEIGHTS PHARMACY FRAN RADAR STUDIO SKELTON’S FLOOR COVERINGS CARR SALES CO. WAREHOUSE FOODS 711 Snake River Avenue 746-1921 SABORAH STUDIO 733 5th 758-7900 VALLEY BANK 5th and Diagonal 758-2584 ASOTIN TELEPHONE COMPANY 126 2nd Street Asotin 243-4111 HAY’S PRODUCE AND GARDEN CENTER CLARKSTON AUTO PARTS 701 Bridge 6th and Diagonal GATEWAY INN COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Aostin 111 Filmore 3010 Main THREE MILE INN MacDONALD’S Asotin 711 21st Snake River Road BI-RITE LUMBER CO. BETTY'S WORLD OF TRAVEL Lewiston Mall 743-4508 93DUCKWORTH BOATS IDAHO BEVERAGES 2108 First Avenue N. Lewiston, Idaho 743-6535 SETTLER RESTAURANT ADAMS PHARMACY 2123 5th Avenue 918 6th WILLETT BROTHERS PIONEER INSURANCE 9th and Main Lewiston 116 2nd Asotin 243-4242 Auto, Parts: 743-1585 Machine Shop: 743-1584 Welding: 746-0508 758-9831 3010 Riverside Drive MIDWAY GROCERY 204 First Asotin 243-4412 CLARKSTON DON SLY HEARING OPTICAL AID SERVICE 617 Diagonal 800 6th 758-8421 758-6041 LEE MORRIS KLOSE KARE CLEANERS 844 6th 613 Sycamore TACO JOHNS WASEM’S 1213 21st Street 800 6th 746-0291 758-2565 BURKE’S FURNITURE 1313 Bridge 758-3355 BUD’S TOURS LOW COST DRUG MUTUAL OF OMAHA Asotin 243-4756 609 3rd 758-2539 843 7th 758-9515 OMARK 20th and Snake River Avenue 746-2351 94 ALBERTSON’S 758-5523 511 3rd and Diagonal Clarkston RAINIER BANK 718 6th 758-5544 Clarkston BOYER’S LEWIS-CLARK SAVINGS AND LOAN Clarkston Furniture ASSOCIATION 826 6th 303 Diagonal WASHINGTON WATER POWER 915 6th 758-0510 McQUARY FIRST FEDERAL INSURANCE SAVINGS AND LOAN 725 6th 6th and Elm GROUPWCABLE Lewiston 1343 G Street 743-3325 MERCHANT’S BOOK NOOK FUNERAL HOME 516 Main 1000 7th Clarkston Lewiston VALLEY REAL ESTATE 922 6th Clarkston 758-2534 MARVEL CONSTRUCTION ABBY’S PIZZA 405 Beaumeister Drive 243-4184 1281 Bridge Street Asotin 758-3386 RED SHIELD RESTAURANT ASOTIN AUTO CENTER LANCER LANES AUTO SALES 1250 Bridge Street 103 2nd 243-4134 GREAT WESTERN 1521 6th N. Ave. 746-3605 0hm a£ue) ROSENBURG REALTY INLAND METALS EARLY BIRD SUPPLY V HAROWARE STORES 725 Diagonal 635 5th 1508 15th SCHURMAN’S 758-3304 758-2544 758-3333 8016th Clarkston 95

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