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Jimgm on... 1975 Pauik t A oiiu High Sclumi Abdiu, IVMluuglwi Uoium 56 Ci-Ediliu and Phihytapheu Aimlml Ediht Admit.... sm........ udy fyuiUn Heidi UanLemm Cindy Mullim Mu. Gail ScaU Vima Eanl Vatcy Huteil i Vima Pteiurn fyanel Peed Kellie Savaye Shelly WalkTmn SdHUMtt) exp uenm Viawded tuck a imMs| Sa (way doing, going, being. 2wilkuatimla nil back and imtmbw. lUe lum teemed MMrtucitittilcede yemob laughing, otyiug and thuggliug la gum up.CauglU in ike middle iomwlwe beiweenduld and adult and wmtdening ju»tivk wfoga. IVekmiLM umtbwdge chumvidiota the uwld and iituLomelm. —£m Auawuut 6Cxduuuje S faded al AH S Dear Students of Asotin High School: My time is coming to an end now and I want you to know how much I love you because you have been very special with me. So I will never forget you. I want to tell you one thing: This is, that six months ago I couldn’t talk one word in English. Now I can talk English because you have all helped me. I appreciate all the teachers for the help they have given me, and I will always remember you. I want to thank Mr. Cabe and the student body for accepting me and your respect for me. Now I have no more to say except I will never forget my time in the United States. Love, Luz Maria Gonzalez Luz Maria Gonzalez, AHS's first foreign exchange student, arrived on Dec. 6. Luz came from Colombia to live with Mrs. Alma Clouser through International Fellowship, Inc. During the six months she was here, Luz went to San Francisco and experienced snowmobiling, camping, and ranching, in addition to attending classes at AHS. Luz left the United States on June 13 to return home. 7Cooks Joanne and Lois prepare for lunch rush. Mrs. Clouser, English teacher, instructs Belinda. Mrs. Erickson, Home Ec. teacher. pampers Food Service guests. 8Below: Tracy and Kurt practice under watchful eye of Mrs. Urban, business teacher. Wrapping feet is just one of Coach Bremncr’s many jobs. Left: Mr. Winkey, music instructor, keeps marching lines straight. Above: Mr. McCarty, junior varsity coach, studies good plays. Below: Les keeps home fires burning while Carl prepares for student transport.Education: T(te Baoio Mankind's Mrs. Scott, creative writing teacher, proofreads Mike Haberman’s poem. Secretaries Marcia Roles and Beve Cortner spare a moment to look up from their busy routines. Coach Detrick prepares for a full day of physical education and history classes. 10Superintendent Omans plans budget for coming year. I Ag. teacher Mr. Johnson supervises Bingo game from the sidelines. r Feeding his new sea life aquarium animals, Mr. Rayburn, biology teacher, ensures a healthy tank of fish. Left: Principal Cabe plans class schedule to meet each student’s requirements. Right: Mrs. Meshlshnek, librarian and Drill Team advisor, looks over new uniform pattern. 11"A VmI Tot Rewewkt, PHILIP ALAN JOHNSON "Study Is a pastime. Why overdo It?” Band 2, Rep. 1; FFA 1,2,3, Rep. 4; Judging Team 1,2,3,4; Hon. Soc. 3, Rep. 4; Lettermen's 2,3,4; Stu. Coun. 1,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 3,4; Baseball 2,3; Football Coaches' Award 3; Top Judge Asotin County Fair 3. LAURIE KEY JENSEN "It's too late to agree with me, I've already changed my mind." Cheerleader 4; Chorus 1,2; Class Treas. 3; Drama 1,2; GAA 1,3,4, Rep. 2; Girls' Club 1,2,3,4; Mascot 2; Paper 1,2; PRO Club 1,2,3,4; Carnival Royalty 2; Science Club 1,2,4; Stu. Coun. Sec. 4; Boys' Basketball Scrkpr. 2,3; Basketball 1,2; Masonic Jr. Achievement 4. SANDRA LEE RAINYTLI.E "Keep away, boys. I'm already married." Chorus 3; Girls' Club 3, Pub. Chrm. 4; PRO Club 3, Cap. 4. BRICE EDWARD McKINNEY "Women don't bother me on the farm. " Class Pres. 4; FFA 1,4, Treas. 2,3; Judging Team 1,2,3,4; Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Carnival Royalty 3; Lettermen's 1,2,3,4; Stu. Coun. V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 2,3,4; FFA Star Grccnhand 1; FFA Star Chapter Farmer 2; Rudy Haberman Memorial 3; FFA State Farmer 3; Football Inspirational 4; Junior Achievement 3; Boys' State 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Carnival Chrm. 4; Outstanding American High School Student 3. i JACK LEE REED "The first element of success is the determination to succeed." FFA 1,2; Science Club 2,4, V. Pres. 3; Physics Award for 1974 Science Fair Project; Outstanding Achievement Award Science Club 2. STARLA RAF DOWNS "Foremost often In the ranks of fun, yet earnest enough when the work was begun." Chorus 3,4; Class Sec. 4; Drill Team Co. Capt. 3; Capt. 4; GAA 2,3; Girls' Club 2,3, Sec. 4; Miss Ambition 3, Miss Generosity 4; PRO Club 2,3; Girls' Basketball Mgr. 3; Girls' State Alt. 3. 12A Vmwl Tc five, A Future T Ml old." RICKY JOE WILKINSON "He may seem quiet ami look naive, but if you know Rick, it’s hard to believe." Class V. Pres. 4; FFA 1,2,3, Reporter 4; Judging Team 1,2,3,4; Lettormen's 1,2,3,4; Carnival King 1; Science Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1. CYNTHIA LYNN AVEY "I've already made up my mind so don't confuse me with the facts." Chorus 3,4; Drill Team 3; Drama 4; Girls' Club 1, 2,3; Paper 3; Science Club 1. LORI ELLEN AUSMAN "It isn't quantity that makes a woman. It's quality." Band 1; Cheerleader 3; Chorus 3,4; Class Sec. 1, Treas. 2; Drama 1,2; FFA 4; Judging Team 4; GAA 1,2,4, V. Pres. 3; Girls' Club 1,2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Homecoming Royalty 2; Stu. Coun. Asst. Treas. 2, Treas. 3; Basketball 1,2,4; Carnival Chrm. 4; DAR Good Citizen 4; Outstanding Teenager of America 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Society of Outstanding American High School Students 3; Betty Crocker Homemaker 4. RAY (BUD) LLOYD I.AWEN "Why study? Seniors usually graduate!" Class Rep. 4; FFA 2,3; Lcttermen’s 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4. Chopping cords of wood to sell started off the year for the Class of 1975. Following that they held their annual turkey feed in November. Both of these projects were to help pay for their commencement. The 28-member class graduated at Chief Looking Glass Park on May 29, 1975. Their colors were burgandy and pink, and the class flower was the carnation. Don Detrick was the Senior Class advisor.ROBERT WAYNE WILSEY "Life without sport Is not life." Band 1; Class Rep. 1,2,3; FFA 1,2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Judging Team 1,2,3,4; Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; I ettermen's 1, 2, 2, Pres. 4; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Stu. Coun. 1,2,3; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Football 2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Baseball's Most Valuable Player 3; Defensive Award 3; All-Around Asotin County Fair Fitting and Showing 3,4. LORI ANN MARTIN "I'll agree with you, but you're wrong." Band 1,2; Chorus 3; Drama 1,2; Drill Team 1,2; GAA 1, 2,3,4; Girls’Club 1,3, 4, Treas. 2; Hon. Soc. 2, Sec. 3; Paper 4; PRO Club 1, 2,3,4; Science Club 2; Basketball 1, 2,3; Baseball 1. WANDA JOY KEEFER "A beauty with brains. What more could you ask?" Chorus 4; Drama 4; GAA Pres. 4; Girls' Club 4; Hon. Soc. 4; Mascot 4; Paper 4; Carnival Royalty 4; Stu. Coun. Pub. Chrm. 4; Basketball 4; Soroptimist Youth Citizenship Award 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Transfer from Ryegate, Montana. DAVID ERNEST PELTO "Leave silence to the saints. I’m Just human." Band 1,2,4; Class Pres. 2; Drama 1,2; FFA 1,2; Letter men's 2; Paper 2,4; Baseball 1. 14MILES RAY COX "I was nearly killed by a train of thought running through my head." Lettcrmen’s 1,2,3,4; Science Club 3; Basketball 1,2; Football 3. JULIE ANN AUSMAN "Silence may be golden, but I'm no gold digger." Annual 2; Band 2, Sec. 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Chorus 3,4; Class V. Pres. 3; GAA1,2,3,4; Girls’ Club 1,2,3,4; PRO Club 1,2,3,4; Science Club 2,3; Stu. Coun. 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4. DARCY JOANNE HOSTETLER "Silent people can be dangerous." Annual 2,4; Band 1; Chorus 3,4; Class Sec. -Treas. 1, Treas. 2; GAA 1,2,4, Treas. 3; Girls' Club 1,3,4, Sec. 2; Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; PRO Club 1,2,3,4; Carnival Queen 1; Homecoming Royalty 3; Science Club 2,3; Stu. Coun. Asst. Treas. 3, Treas. 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Basketball Inspirational 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Citizen Ambassador to Europe 3; Asotin County Fair Princess 4. EDWARD DEWAYNE FRISBEY "Let the whole world slide; I won't budge an inch." 15DOUGLAS DEAN LODGE "Wine, women and song are getting me down-guess I’ll give up singing." FFA 1,2,3, Sentinel 4; Lettermen’s 1,2,3, V. Pres. 4; Basketball 1; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 3,2,3,4; Mr. Baseball 4. JUDY JOANN JUSTUS "I can be good if I want to, but there arc times when it's more fun not to." Annual Co-Editor 4; Class Treas. 4; Drill Team 2.4, Sec.-Treas. 3; GAA1,2,3,4; Girls' Club 1,2,3,4; Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; PRO Club 1,2, 3, 4; Carnival Royalty 3; Science Club 3; Basketball 2.3.4, Mgr. 1; Baseball 1; Girls' State 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Outstanding American High School Student 3. HKroi KARLENE VANLEUVEN "Here I am, you lucky people. " Annual 2, Co-Editor 4; Drama 1,2, 3,4; Drill Team 4, Sec.-Treas. 2; GAA 1,2,4; Girls' Club 1,2, 3, 4; Miss Friendliness 4; Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; PRO Club 4, Asst. Director 2; Science Club 1,2,4; Basketball Mgr. 1, Sckpr. 2; Baseball 1; Miss AIIS 4. EDWARD DEAN FISBECK "Do not hurry, do not worry. There will always bo plenty of time." Basketball 1; Carnival Royalty 1. 16DAWN MICHELLE WALK "You don't have to hang from a tree to be a nut." Annual 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3; Chorus 1,3,4; Class Pres. 1, V. Pres. 2; GAAl.2,3,4; Girls' Club 1,2, 3,4; Girl of the Month 2; lion. Soc. 2, 3,4; Homecoming Royalty 1; Mascot 1; Paper 2; PRO Club 2,3,4; Science Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Citizen Ambassador 3. RONALD BRAD COLLIER "Why all the fuss? There's another day coming." Class Pres. 3; FFA 1,4, Reporter 2,3; Judging Team 1,2,3; I ttermen's 1, 2,3,4; Carnival Royalty 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 3; Boys’ State Alt. 3. WILLIAM LEE SPEARS "Athletic, witty, full of fun; he’s simply liked by everyone." Band 2, Pres. 1; Class Pres. 1; FFA 1,2,4, Rep. 3; Judging Team 1, 2,3,4; Hon. Soc. 2,3, 4; I.ettermen's 1,2,4, Sec.-Treas. 3; Science Club 2, 3; Stu. Coun. 2,3; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Masonic Jr. Achievement Runner-up 3; Boy's State 3; 1st Place Asotin County Fair Judging Trophy 2; Society of Outstanding American High School Students 4. TRACY ANN APPLE FORD "Lots of fun and often wise; mischief twinkles in her eyes." Annual 3; Chorus 3; Class Rep. 1, V. Pres. 2; Drama 4; GAAl.2,3,4; Girls' Club 1, 2,3, 4; Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Paper 2,3; PRO Club 1, 2,3,4; Homecoming Queen 4; Stu. Coun. 1, Sec. 3; Basketball 1,2,3. VICKI LYNN LEATHERBURY "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Frown and it wrinkles your face." Annual 3; Band 1,2, Rep. 2,4; Chorus 4, Sec. 3; Drill Team 2, Cap. 3; GAA 1,2,3; Science Club 2; Stu. Coun. 2,4; Baksetball 1,2,3; Baseball 1; American Legion Speech Contest 1st Regional, 4th State 3. 17S. Avey fyuiiim Ready T "Take Ov i" P. Bogar S. Collier C. Gambill Junior Class officers, left to right: R. Katzenberger, secretary; M. Jones, vice president; C. Mullins, alternate representative; E. Wren, representative; S. Collier, president; D, Parks, treasurer. M. Haberman C. Hagenah T. Heathman L. HollenbeckV. Stewart M. Trodahl R. Van Pelt L. Wilkinson E. Wren 19E. Jenkins R. Johnson L. Gambill C. Gill T. Halsey Sopkwiwied Atm fctw Top D. Hanchett R. Hostetler D. Earl R. Downs D. CombsS. Leatherbury D. Lynch T. Mullins Sophomore Class officers, left to right: Perry Brott, vice president; Kellie Savage, treasurer; Curt Scheelke, representative; Esther Jenkins, secretary, and Rod Hostetler, president. K. Savage C. Scheelke K. Schnider R. Seely J. Shelman T. Spears K. Tuschoff J. Uglem L. Wilsey T. Belloni 21Ftewk mm flee Fmf Hivtdfo J. Appleford E. Ausman J. Burlingame D. Clark L. Evans 22 Freshman Class officers, left to right: Ed Ausman, president; Teri Waffle, secretary; Jeff Appleford, vice president, and Don Shaw, treasurerL. Lodge R.Nlemi L. Lodge A. McFachen L. McEachen K. Savage P. Scott D. Shaw W. Stucker C. Thiessen J. Trodahl L. Tuschoff T. Waffle D. Walk A. Weissenfels S. Wilkinson C. WilliamsAHS S tudeub Win Hmm Top: World travelers, left to right: Shelly Walk and Darcy Hostetler, Citizen Ambassadors, and Lori Ausman, 4-H representative to Washington, D.C, Bottom: Four were chosen for Outstanding Teenagers of America: Bruce McKinney, Wanda Keefer, Bill Spears, and Mike Lee. Bill Spears, Judy Justus, and Bruce McKinney attended Boys’ and Girls’ State. Valedictorian Wanda Keefer and Salutatorian Tori Ausman prepare to graduate. Business contest winners, left to right: Margaret Trodahl, Donna Earl, and Kathy Tuschoff. 2526 How do you make chocolate-covered, coconut-coated, peanut-butter lollipops? Well, the 13-member, all-girl Drama Class surely knew the answer when they presented ’The King Who Loved his Lollipops” on Jan. 17. It was a children’s play based on "Rumpelstiltskin. ” Or how would you like to trade places with your mother? Quite a switch, eh? That's what these girls did in "The Trouble with Mothers" on March 7. "Hair," a reading by Heidi VanLeuven, and "TV," a skit by Beth Shelman and Cindi Avey, were also presented. On the same day "The Good Name of Whizzleberry, or Take That, You Villain," a pantomime, featured a melodramatic villain, hero, and heroine and the age-old adage, "Crime does not pay." This busy year wouldn’t have been a success without Mike Haberman and Randy Johnson for stage hands and Mrs. Gail Scott as advisor. Esther summons the spirits while Lenna and Cindi perform an operation to change jewels to lollipops. Well, what do you expect to happen when you lie? King and his court gather for cast picture.V uuhu CCom £ewm Tot (Hake £oi£ipop 27Studeuk Participate, inCawimt, Spirit Students showed their continued support for two traditional fall activities, Carnival and Spirit Week. The student body raised $860 this year at the Carnival on Oct. 5. Eighth graders Darlene Schnider and Greg Ausman reigned as king and queen. Other contestants were seniors Brad Collier and Wanda Keefer, juniors Curt Gambill and Rhonda Keefer, sophomores Tim Parks and Tammy Mullins, and freshmen Jeff Appleford and Joyce Keefer. Cheerleaders sponsored Spirit Week Oct. 29-Nov. 1 to kick off Homecoming activities. Students participated in Raunchy Rughead Day, Grandpa and Grandma Day, Sock It to ’Em Day, and School Colors Day."Puide in ike Beginning,Sucms id ike £wt" "Pride in the Beginning, Success in the End" was the theme chosen for Asotin's third annual homecoming on Nov. 1. The homecoming royalty for 1974 was queen Tracy Appleford and princesses Rhonda Keefer, Tammy Mullins, and Joyce Keefer. Bud lets himself go.Vaum H Sclmtlfm. "Good-bye Yellow Brick Road" was the theme for this year’s Morp dance held in March. Freshmen and sophomores decorated around the theme and couples danced to music by Ogre. In September the annual Sadie Hawkins dance was held. Mike Haberman and Wanda Keefer were announced best dressed Dogpatchers, Lil Abner and Daisy Mae. Prom, held in May, ended the year’s dance activities. Juniors and seniors decorated around the theme "Where Peaceful Waters Flow." Neil Spears’ band provided music. 33Suh Skim (s i "A” C (wwge... Cooperation is the name of the game. Doug ami Ed pour it on. Seniors relax after a long day of moving rocks and liming.Aftoiut Cwutfy Fait Princess Darcy Hostetler strides down Asotin’s Main. It's hard work down to the last day. A warm smile is a winning smile. Asotin County Fair was lengthened to four days this year from April 24-27. Princess Darcy Hostetler represented Asotin in the royal court. Representing the school of Fair Board were seniors Lori Ausman and Bruce McKinney and junior Cindy Mullins. 35FFA Take Tup Fait Hmm 36At the Asotin County Fair in April, FFA member Lori Ausman had the Beef Grand Champion. Rob Wilsey had the Hog Grand Champion. Another highlight of the FFA was the livestock judging team placing first out of 200 schools. On the official team were Bruce McKinney, Rod Hostetler, Dave Proferes, Bill Spears, Rob Wilsey, Phil Johnson, and Rick Wilkinson. Officers were Rob Wilsey, president; Mike Haber man, vice president; Brad Scheelke, secretary; Ed Wren, treasurer; Rick Wilkinson, reporter; Phil Johnson, representative, and Doug Lodge, sentinel. Advisor was Dan Johnson. 37Tea HigkQigkb GM»' C M{Jem 38"Where Peaceful Waters Flow" was the theme for the Girls' Club's annual Mother-Daughter Tea on May 12. Heidi VanLeuven, a senior, was chosen Miss AHS. Other activities the club sponsored were Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, a clean-up day, a candy sale, and serving at the Asotin County Fair Breakfast. Heading the club was Lori Ausman. Other officers were Cindy Mullins, vice president; Starla Downs, secretary; Sandy Rainville, publicity chairman; Sandy Avey, treasurer, and Rene Schwartz, representative. Beverly Erickson advised the girls. 39Student C omci CamuuuUy Ptajech Distributing Christmas baskets to needy families and holding a Christmas dance for high school students were two projects spearheaded by Student Council. Before the Asotin County Fair, members also organized an all-school clean-up day of the town. Heading the Council was Bruce McKinney. Other officers were Mike Haber man, vice president; Laurie Jensen, secretary; Darcy Hostetler, treasurer; Sandy Avey, assistant treasurer, and Wanda Keefer, publicity chairman. 40Howw Society Heidi Raihlei, Chili Feed The Honor Society this year held its traditional cake raffles at home basketball games and a chili feed for money-making projects. The money was used for a scholarship given to a senior member of the club. In January the club inducted six members and one honorary member, Luz Maria Gonzales, our exchange student from Colombia. Mrs. Alma Clouser served as the club advisor. Officers, from left to right: Brad Scheelke, vice president; Rianne Katzenberger, treasurer; Sandy Avey, secretary; Judy Justus, representative; Ed Wren, president. 41Science CCut Vbib A picnic trip to Wallowa Lake was the Science Club's main activity this year. They also sponsored a turkey raffle as a money-making project. Alfred Rayburn was their advisor, and Brad Scheelke was the president of the 28-member club. Other officers were Phil Johnson, vice president; Margaret Trodahl, secretary-treasurer, and Rianne Katzenberger, representative.Stolfca Recced Weuw, HwtMy Journalism staff looks over newly printed paper. TOP: Ed Wren, journalism editor, plans stories for next issue. BOTTOM: Editors Heidi and Judy find ideas for 1975 annual. Editors for the 1975 PANTHER yearbook were Judy Justus and Heidi VanLeuven. They also served as photographers. Cindy Mullins was assistant editor. Ed Wren headed the PANTHER PAUSE newspaper staff, Mike Haberman was in charge of production, and Rene Schwartz and Rhonda Keefer were typists. Gail Scott was their advisor. Annual staff takes time out for picture.Wlmic Jot AK Agw Under the direction of Glenn Winkey, the Music Department gave performances that appealed to all age groups. The 37-member chorus, "The Sounds of the Ages," gave three concerts. The first concert emphasized mainly pop tunes, the second was a Christmas concert, and the third was a rendition of a collection of songs named "Light-shine," accompanied by drums and the piano. Vicki Leatherbury was president. Besides marching in the Asotin County Fair parade, the band also gave three performances. They played such pieces as "The Entertainer," "S’cool Room Riffs," and some classically oriented music. Casey Hagenah was president.45Vtffl Team, PRO CM... Drill Team officers are from left to right: Judy Justus, co-captain; Rianne Katzenbcrger, secretary-treasurer; Belinda Larsen, representative, and Starla Downs, captain. 46Bmt TmnSptiil The Asotin High School Drill Team and PRO Club contributed much enthusiasm at the football and basketball games. The Drill Team, containing 21 girls, gave its performances at the home games. Routines were choreographed for "You AinTt Seen Nothin' Yet," "Shaft," "Rock Around the Clock," and "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town." A 1950's sock hop was their money-making project for new Drill Team uniforms. Mrs. Kathi Mechishnek was their advisor. Under the guidance of co-chairman Sandy Rainville and Sandy Avey, the PRO Club spent their time making signs to boost Panther spirit. 47C kmteadm Adept Pat Wilscy was chosen by the cheerleaders to act as their advisor for the school year. She helped the cheerleaders put on a football breakfast and a basketball lunch. All four varsity cheerleaders attended the Washington Cheerleader Conference at Ellensburg last summer. They learned new yells and routines which greatly boosted school spirit. Varsity cheerleaders were Cindy Mullins, Laurie Jensen, Darcie Parks, and Darla Parks. On the Jay-vee squad were Donna Earl, Tammy Mullins, and Kathy Tuschoff. Mascots this year were Rhonda Keefer and Wanda Keefer. 48PatedAdwM JayVee cheerleaders Kathy Tuschoff, Donna Earl, and Tammy Mullins help support team for another victory. Mascots Wanda and Rhonda Keefer keep up Panther spirit. Varsity cheerleaders and advisor hold breakfast for football team.Atkhtic Cluk R awe Tuiub The Lettermen's Club sponsored a pen sale which netted about $50. Members sold pens with basketball schedules on them. Coach Don Detrick served as advisor for the 35-member club, which is composed of boys who have lettered in a sport. Officers, left to right: Rob Wilsey, president; Doug Lodge, vice president; Mike Haberman, secretary-treasurer; Ed Wren, representative. 50 The GAA netted $98 from a spaghetti feed held on Oct. 12 in the grade school cafeteria. About 70 people attended the dinner which was held to make money for Homecoming, co-sponsored by GAA and the A SB. Activities included track, basketball, baseball, and tennis. New girls' basketball uniforms were also bought. Miss Kathy Bremner was their advisor.Gfolb HamwlylUfo Right: Varsity girls build up winning power. Bottom: Junior Varsity boasts an impressive record. 52Diana reaches for the jump ball. The Asotin girls narrowly lost the championship of the East Division of the Blue Mountain League to Dayton by a 37-36 score on Nov. 26. The girls' varsity basketball team ended their season with a 7-3 overall record. Top scorers were Julie Ausman with 104 points and Darcie Parks with 53. The junior varsity had a 4-2 season. Kellie Savage scored 41 points and Tammy Mullins had 25 points. Pam Scott was manager, and Vicki Stewart and Esther Jenkins were scorekeepers. The girls were coached by Miss Kathy Bremner. 5354 Miss Bremner gives girls strategy.Darcie starts the action with a slam! Julie at the foul line. Pam Scott, Vicki Stewart, and Esther Jenkins. Darcic with an outside shot. 55GridVrn Teata Gam Experience Ending the season with a 2-8 record, the 28-member Panther football team was proud to look back at the progress made and the experience gained. The two victories were against Clarkston 27-20 and Kendrick 13-12. Mike Jones and Brad Scheelke ended the year with the most touchdowns. Doug Lodge gained the most yards rushing, going 166 yards for 33 carries, and Curt Scheelke had 94 tackles for the season. The boys were coached by Principal Keith Cabe. Assistant coach was Don Detrick.Boys "chomp down" at Homecoming breakfast. 58 Wilsey completes another pass.A winning Panther is a happy Panther. 59Good sportsmanship in both victory and defeat helped give the 1974-75 Panther basketball teams their character. Coached by Don Detrick, the varsity team had a 9-14 record with Rob Wilsey contributing 232 points. Mike Jones followed with 207, and Bill Spears had 165. The junior varsity had a 14-7 record. Having the most points were Tim Parks with 217, Larry Lodge with 141, and Mark Ausman with 122. The boys were coached by Bob McCarty. 60 V. Stewart, L. Iloferkamp, and V. Leatherbury served as managers and scorekeepers.R. Wilkinson gets control of jump ball. C. Hagenah tries for an extra point. Lack at didn't keep tkePantheu dmu.62B squad gathers at season's end. 63Back row, left to right: C. Hagenah, B. Spears, M. Jones, K. Schnider, R. Johnson, L. Lodge, P. Brott, S. Collier L. Lee, E. Ausman, B. Scheelke, Asst. Coach D. Kachelmeier. Front row, left to right: R. Wilsey, M. Ausman, D. Lodge, D. Fitzgerald, C. Scheelke, and Coach D. Detrick. The Asotin baseball team this year won first in the Blue Mountain League which put the Panthers into the Washington Class B state championship game against Kiona-Benton. The team came home from Yakima with second place, ending their season with a 20-9 record. The team was coached by Don Detrick. Assistant coach was Dennis Kachelmeier. Scorekeepers were Lisa Hollenbeck and Lori Gambill, and managers were Vicki Stewart and Ed Wren. Winning the Mr. Baseball Award was Doug Lodge. Bill Spears received the Team Captain Award and D. R. Schnider the Coach’s Award. 64BaaefaHE Team 2nd at Slate Coach Detrick prepares for game. Right: B. Spears rounds third base to go home. Left: Team lines up in batting order. 65 Team and fans watch during a tense moment of the game. 66Catcher D. Fitzgerald waits for the game to begin. E. Ausman and D. Lodge warm up before the game. S. Collier gets ready to make the connection. We’re ready, but where's the other team? 67Tmk Team Ga Ta V bhicl Back row, left to right: Coach K. Bremner, D. Parks, B. Shelman, M. Personett, T. Spears, K. Tuschoff, T. Mullins. Front row: Manager B. Larsen, K. Savage, L. Hoferkamp, T. Waffle, and C. Mullins. Linn hands off to Cindy to finish the 880-yard medley. Top: Darcie masters the long jump. Bottom: Mike finishes the 880-yard run. 68 The team warms up before the meet at Dayton.Coach B. McCarty with shotput and discus thrower M. Lee and runner J. Reed. Our coach concentrates on the meet. The Asotin High School track teams this year sent one boy and four girls to the Southeast District 9 Track Meet at Moscow. Kurt Peer participated in the 120-yard high hurdles. Linn Hoferkamp ran the 80-yard low hurdles. Running in the 880-yard medley were Kathy Tuschoff, Tammy Mullins, Linn, and Cindy Mullins. The teams were coached by Kathy Bremner and Bob McCarty, with Belinda Larsen serving as manager. Winning the coaches’ awards were Mike Lee and Beth Shelman. 69ASOTIN FIRE department 70 Top: B. Shelman and M. Lee receive Coaches’ Awards for track. Bottom: Baseball: D.R. Schnider, Coach’s Award; B. Spears, Inspirational; and D. Lodge, Mr. Baseball. Football: R. Wilsey, Defensive; P. Johnson, Coach’s Award; B. McKinney, Inspirational; D. Lodge, Offensive; and R. Hostetler, Jay-Vee Award.SHARP'S CLEAN ENERGY 1227 21 st st. LEWISTON, IDAHO PULLMAN-MOSCOW HIGHWAY MOSCOW, IDAHO 518 BRIDGE CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON THE JADE LANTERN Chinese-American Food Orders to go 4 p.m. to 3 a m. Live Music-Dancing Nightly 9 p.m. to 2 a m. CLARKSTON OFF. (5091 75B-3359 ANATONE PLANT (5 09) 243-4497 MOBILE PHONE LEWISTON JS46Q73 STEVE FOREDYCE BRANCH MANAGER FARMERS P.D. BOX 50 ASSOCIATION CLARKSTON. WN. 99401 LYNDEN FARMS INCOR PQ R ATEO M ARKETl NG DIVISION „ Phone: (509) 243-4444 4-10 ASOTIN SERVICE Asotin. Washington DRIVE-IN Mechanic Repairs Starters Generators iJcM if, cAelic fitesi SeAuice "home of the Rebuilt Lawn Mowers CURLY SPUDS11 Small Engines CLARKSTON, Dick Hollenbeck Farmers: Seeding Fertilizing Ph. 243-4622 WASHI NGTON Res. 243-4218 Cattlemen: Placement of troughs and the roundup of lost cattle 71Compliments of ASOTIN TELEPHONE CO. CLEARWATER BEVERAGES INC. Lewiston. Idaho Asotin. Washington 524-24 main LEWISTON, IDAHO DARRELL'S BARBER SHOP By Midway Grocery Appointments Available Phone: 243-4680 AHS Twelve-Year Seniors U-DRIVETHRU CAR WASH JHSrub stake AND SNACK SHACK K 2021 Idaho Lewiston. Idaho Howard Guenther. Owner JERRY McCUMBER'S ASOTIN GRUBSTAKE Congratulations. Class of '75 VERN'S CUSTOM FLOORING 413 Elm, Clarkston, Wash. 99403 GLASS SHOP 510 Sycamore George Stedman. Owner Carpet Custom Draperies Formica Counter Topping Linoleum Tile Paint PEPSI-COLA LEWISTON, IDAHO All Kinds of Glass Clarkston. Wash. 72VALLEY STATIONERY JERRY MILLING CO. INC. REED'S TRUSTWORTHY HARDWARE 930 Sixth Street Clarkson. WAS 99403 (509) 758-3011 Office Supply Stationery LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY FEEDS GRAW SALVAGE CONCENTRATES PHONE 243-42 12 ASOTIN, WASHINGTON 829 D. Street Lewiston. Idaho 743-6567 B.J. BRIDALS N FORMALS Tropical Fish Cove and Pet Shop LEWISTON, IDAHO KRUEGER'S FORMALS O K. CAR MARKET Phone: (208) 743-7477 1035 21st Street Sunset Center Lewiston. Idaho 83501 WEDDING GOWNS BRIDESMAID DRESSES MOTHER OF THE BRIDE LINGERIE ACCESSOR IES 1224 Bridge Street New and Used Cars 758-5551 CvHgitaluCalim, tim 75 The employees of Omark-CCI wish to extend their heartiest congratulations to you. the Class of '75. We wish you every success in realizing your future plans and ambitions. 73VALLEY REAL ESTATE • HOMES •RANCHES •COMMERCIALS 913 6th STREET CLARKSTON, WASH, BOBTS T.V. SERVICE 829 6TH CLARKSTON PL8-2060 SERVICE ALL MAKES PLaza 8-2534 CHUCK CASSELL PLaza 8-6357 COME INN CAFE Your Family Restaurant Clarkston. Wash. OF T.V. BLACK AND WHITE AND COLORED BICYCLE SALE AND REPAIRS RmmekRwk PIONEER INSURANCE AGENCY UNIQUE DECORATIVE CENTER JOHN RIMMELSPACHER 840 SIXTH ST. CLARKSTON, WA 99403 KENT JONES ASOTIN, WASHINGTON BELTONE We service all makes free hearing tests in office or home by appointment. phone Don Sly. McQuarv ■ (509) 758-8771 HARVEY'S HOUSE OF MUSIC MCQUARY INSURANCE AGENCY 725 6th street CLARKWAY BUILDING CLARKSTON, WA. phone: PL 8-5529 Clarkston. Washington Beltone Dealer Compliments of TOM SMITH'S 'Where Friends Meet’’ 9026 6th Street Clarkston. Washington 74Protein Molasses Supplement Lee Earl 243-4312 Asotin. Wash. HAROLD'S CHEVRON Asotin. WA 243-4431 CLARKSTON FLOWER and GIFT SHOP HAROLD VAUGHN INSURANCE MIDWAY GROCERY BREA AG SERVICE Greatest Invention Since Grass LEE MORRIS COMPANY ’home owned department store FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS11 TR IUMPH-KAWASAKI SKI—DOO SNOWMOBILES 844 6th ST. CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON SCHURMAN'S HARDWARE Jkujfl aJlM HARDWARE STORES 801 6th Street Clarkston. Washington 914 6th Street Clarkston. Wash. 758-2222 924 6th street ADAM'S PHARMACY CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON VWIII I llWh nw FRIENDLY SERVICE, FREE DELIVERY11 TED AND DONNA’S STREET CLARKSTON, WN. MAC’S CYCLE 700 BRIDGE 75Gateway Inn Cafe FINE DINING DAILY Open 6 a m. - 10 p.m. weekly Open 7 a m. - 10 p.m. Sunday Salad bar 5 a m. - 10 p.m. evenings Smorgasbord - Sunday. Noon - 5 Barrels of chicken to go 20 pieces: $8.00 10 pieces: $4 00 4 pieces: $2.00 and WASEM'S REXALL DRUG 800 6th Street Clarkston. Washington ARMY-NAVY OUTDOOR STORE PLYWOOD DISTRIBUTORS INC. Western Wear for the Family Western 823 md,! street LEWISTON, IDAHO Gifts STILLINGS EMBRY FLORISTS Lewiston English tack WHOLESALE BUILDING LOW COST DRUG Lewiston, Idaho MATERIAL DISTRIBUTORS Clarkston. Washington 76RESTAURANT Clarkston, Washington CASH'S Plumbing Heating Compliments of FREE ESTIMATES Moore Lyden Earl Cash Dick Dollemore 758-3391 BOYER'S FURNITURE LIKE HAVING A FRIEND AT THE FACTORY11 ASOTIN COUNTY CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION Health through Chiropracting Next to Moose Lodge Downtown Clarkston. Wash. COMPLIMENTS OF LESTER DAVE PARSONS 77YEA. PANTHERS! ULvv oJUa. d STUDIO 1719 15th AVENUE - LEWISTON IDAHO 83501 PHONE 743-3909 VOROUS COMPANY (BUD VOROUS) SMALL ENGINE REPAIR TORO AND COOPER LAWN MOWERS 929 6th STREET CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON phone: PL 8-2851 PAYTON'S GLOVERIZED DRY CLEANING THE ECONOMICAL WAY TO DRY CLEAN 816 2 1st ST. LEWISTON, IDAHO Styling Is Our Business" Swiss Styling Salon 1348 14th Street Clarkston. WA Phone: 758-6471 SALE S-SER VICE-PARTS DISCOUNT VACUUM phone: 743-6352 OBERT AND VERLIE 301 MAIN ST. LEWISTON, IDAHO 83501 DAVE'S BODY AND PAINTSHOP Complete Collision Repair 3rd Diagonal Clarkston. WA Phone: 758-6391 KENTJONES REALTY Congratulations. Class of '75 Asotin, Washington Phone: 243-4242 CHICKEN BROASTER Breakfast- Lunch-Dinner Daily Merchant's Lunch Open 6:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Open 7 days Broasted chicken and all orders to go. Thain Rd. and Burrell Lewiston. Idaho Phone: 743-3031 78INLAND METALS Heating and Air Conditioning P.O. Box 128 Clarkston. Washington Phone: 758-2544 JAN'S CLEMANS ADDITION, WASH. "the biggest little pharmacy IN THE VALLEY1' BOB'S PILL BOX 1522 17th st. phone: SH 3-2631 LEWISTON, IDAHO VALLEY BANK IbigM Dept. Store 621 Bryden Avt. Southgate Plaza Lewiston Orchards “The Warmhearted Bank" STORE HOURS: 3 Ways to Charge 5th and Diagonal Clarkston. Wash. 99403 MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 9 TO 9 SUNDAY 11-6 FAIRLEYS H and H BOOTERY THAIN BODY SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF B AND C MEATS ORCHARD'S PHARMACY BOOTS AND SHOES FOR EVERY OCCASION1' BODY AND FENDER REPAI R 1021 BRYDEN 523 THAIN LEWISTON ORCHARDS 604 MAIN LEWISTON, IDAHO LEWISTON ORCHARDS SH 3-2232 LEWISTON ORCHARDS 743-5515STOCKYARDS CAFE 261 5 7th Ave. North IMPERIAL CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA SALES SERVICE Twin City Salesyard Building PL 8-2082 TRUCK SALES TAYLOR'S owner's personal-service" 613 SYCAMORE 743-2595 Chic Jeannean Justus CLARKSTON TENDERLEAN MEATS Locker Beef.....Beef and Pork Bundles 805 Snake River Avenue Phone: 743-5411 MERCHANT FUNERAL HOME LEWIS AND CLARK SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 303 Diagonal - Clarkston, WA 99403 (509) 758-5501 80

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