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The 1972 Panther Asotin High School Asotin, Washington Volume-53 Printed By Pischel Yearbooks, Inc.The experience of Life is new and different... Daily we change never to return to the past but always looking forward.Our short lived world is but a grain of sand among the beaches of time.slips quietly into the past... V 5Learn to live in the present 6If You Have Go un, On... In memory of BLENDA MARIE MOSHER Class of 1972 Grady Clark Burnam Stu. Coun. 3; Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 4; Class rep. 3. Daniel Joe Reed Transfer from Moclips, Washington. Stu. Coun. treas. 4; Hon. Soc. 1, 2, 3, 4; Class pres. 3, treas. 4; Boys’ Club treas. 4; Lettermen’s vice pres 3; Boys’ State; Basketball mgr. 2, 3; Annual 4. Donald Dean Preusser Stu. Coun. 4; FFA 1, 2; Letterman 1, 2, 3, rep. 4; Carnival 4; Class vice pres. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Crosscountry 2; Track 3. Eula Rene Jungert Stu. Coun. 4, treas. 2, 3; Sci. Club 3; Hon. Soc. 1, 2, sec. 3, treas. 4; Girls’ Club 1, 2, vice pres. 3, pres. 4; Girl of Month 2; Miss Charisma 3; PRO 3, 4; GAA 1, 3, 4, sec. 2; Carnival 3; Drama 3, 4; Class sec. 2, vice pres. 3, rep. 4; Scorekeeper 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Homecoming prin. 1, 2, 3; Annual 1, 3, ed. 4. Robert Lee Hatley Stu. Coun. 1; Sci. Club 3; Hon. Soc. 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, sec. 4; Letterman 2, 4, sec. 3; Drama 2, 3, 4; Basketball mgr. 1, 2, 3; Cross-country mgr. 2, 3; Baseball mgr. 2; Boys’ State; Jr. Achievement runner-up; Annual 4. 8 Strive To Excel. Move Forward to That Something. Edwin Thomas Hayward PRO 4; Annual 4. • • Bradford John Smith Stu. Coun. vice pres. 3, pres. 4; FFA 1, 2, vice pres. 3; pres. 4; Lettermen’s 1, 2, 4, pres. 3; Carnival 1; Drama 3, 4; Class sgt. -at-arms 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, capt. 4; Cross-country 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Jr. Achievement. Delvin Leon Shaw FFA 1, 2, 3; Baseball 3. 9To a World of Jack Lee Creutzberg FFA 1,2,3,4; Letterman 3,4; Class rep. 2; Basketball 1,3; Cross-country 3, capt. 4. Bobby Gene Moose Sci. Club 3,4; Letterman 2,3, 4; Carnival 2; Cross-country 2,3,4; Basketball 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Track 3,4. T omorrow. Beth Gail Forgey Hon. Soc. 4; Girls' Club 1,2,3, 4; Miss Generosity 4; PRO 1,2,3, 4; GAA 2; Baseball 2; Drama 3. JoAnn Hamilton Lynn Debra Lodge Girls' Club 1,2,3, treas. 4; GAA treas. 1,3; Class treas. 2; Basketball 3. Dean Arthur Weiss Stu. Coun. 2,4; Sci. Club 3; FFA 1, sentinel 2, sec. 3, rep. 4; Letterman 3, pres. 4; Drama 3,4; Class treas. 1, rep. 2, pres. 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Cross-country 3; Chapter Farmer Award. Michael John Gehrke Letterman 2,3; Baseball 2; Cross-country 2; Basketball 2.Carl Richard Martin Letterman 3,4; Basketball 3; Cross-country 3; Track 4. Raqual Jo Literal Hon. Soc. 2,3, sec. 4; Girls' Club 1,4, pointskeeper 2; Girl of Month 1,2; Miss Sportsmanship 4; PRO 4; Drama 4; Class treas. 1, sec. 4; Band 1; Carnival 4; DAR Citizenship Award; Baseball scorekeeper 4; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. Built on Dreams of Today. Donavon Ira Palmer, Jr. FFA 1,2. Jackie Duane VanPelt Stu. Coun. 2; Letterman 1,2, 3,4; Class pres. 2; Baseball 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Crosscountry 3, mgr. 4; Carnival 2. Cynthia Louise Grieve Stu. Coun. 4; Girls' Club 1,2, 3, rep. 4; PRO 3,4; Miss Spirit 3; GAA 2,3, pres. 4; Drama 3; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2; Scorekeeper 3; Class sgt.-at-arms 2; Carnival 2; Homecoming queen; Annual 4. Valarie Ruth Earl Drama 4; Annual 4. 11Only That Day Dawns G. Burnam, valedictorian, and D. Reed, salutatorian, delivered graduation speeches.Juniors Undertake Added Responsibilities Jean Ausman Joan Ausman Pam Ausman 14Diane Martin Debbie Simpson Susan Parsons Jeff Peavey Mark Sandquist Jay Shaw Tom Tower Rian VanLeuvan CLASS OFFICERS, top to bottom: Jay Shaw, secretary; Ron Jones, president; Dave Hedt, vice president; Nadine DeJean, treasurer; and Gail Johnson, representative. 15Sophomores Develop Individualism Lyne Baker Carol Fisbeck Ed Blankinship Karl Cox Dennis Crowell Delbert Downs Brian Fitzgerald Terry Frisbey Tim Frisbey Barbara Hall CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Ann Tolman, treasurer; Twila Louden, secretary; Brian Fitzgerald, president; Pat Jensen, representative; and Brad Hollenbeck, vice president. Renita Hall Brad Hollenbeck Pat Jensen Marilyn Jones 16Randy Knopes Teresa Lathrop Twila Louden Doug McKinney Harvey Parisian Criag Palmer Debi Sargeant Judy Shaw Ann Tolman Debbie Walk Starla Wilson Mike Zaat Bill ProvostFrosh, Eighth Adjust to High School Pace T. Appleford J. Ausman L. Ausman C. Avey H. Baker A. Berg R. Clubb B. Collier M. Cox E. Fishbeck E. Frisbey C. Gill Class officers, left to right: T. Appleford, representative; J. Reed, sergeant-at-arms; V. Wilson, secretary; S. Walk, president; Bill Spears, vice president; and D. Hostetler, treasurer. 18Eighth grade takes active role in Christmas skits 19 Front Row, left to right: B. Flatt, K. Lohman, L. Hollenbeck, C. Halsey, D. Preusser, D. Grose. Second row: J. Reed, S. Avey, R. Katzenberger, D. Parsons, T. Louden, R. Schwartz, L. Halvorsen, C. Mullins. Third row: L. Pierce, E. Wren, M. Lee, S. Collier, P. Bogar, M. Haberman, M. Jones, J. Moose, A. Rogers, D.R. Schnider, Mr. Rayburn, advisor.“Education Is the Apprentice of Life” Cicero Mrs. Hoffman prepares demonstration experiment. Mad scientist, Mr. Rayburn, develops new cure for 1 Lazyitis'! Principal Rex Johns and Ron Jones present memorial plaque. Superintendent Omans conducts school business.Miss Wittman, physical education, orders GAA uniforms for next year. Lester Spears, custodian, "replaces the old with the new." Mrs. Scott, art teacher, instructs freshmen. LaDonna Goldner files student records. Mr. Louk, athletics director, smooths field for baseball.As Girls Club advisor, Mrs. White chaperones Sadie Hawkins. Mr. Cox . . . ’The Beat Goes On! Mr. Johnson reforms AHS students. Custodian Carl Cox busses pupils home. 22Honor Society advisor, Mrs. Clouser, meets with Dr. Nydeggar after induction. Mrs. Urban, commercial arts, types on new IBM typewriter. A book, contemplation, and Miss Gilleland. Mrs. Bond, secretary, receives payroll from Mrs. Mosher at courthouse. Joanne Sargeant and Lois Tippett cook their “More.” The faculty and administration of AHS not only guide us in our educational training, but they support and participate in various phases of our school life—dances, dinners, pep assemblies, class projects, and the Panther Booster Club. 23What ever happened to femininity? Spirit Your money or your Panther button! 24"Gets It All ” Monday, followed by Fantasy, Peace, Western and School “Baseball Beauties” pose on team bus. Color Days. During an assembly Friday, ten students and teachers were presented Spirit Cats by cheerleaders in recognition of their costumes. 25Annual Carnival Raises Funds for 1972 Football Season "Kick Out Football Funds; Raise Our Goalposts” was the theme of the 1971-72 carnival. Proceeds went toward the purchase of football equipment. Two new booths were added to the carnival. The Kissing Booth proved to be a success. Michael Cox, the music instructor, volunteered to be the victim of the Dunking Booth, which the high school band sponsored. CARNIVAL ROYALTY—Top to bottom: Raqual Literal and Brad Smith, seniors; Twila Louden and Brian Fitzgerald, sophomores; Gail Johnson and Tom Tower, juniors; Cindy Halsey and Lcs Pierce, eighth grade, center right; King and Queen Darcy Hostetler and Rick Halvorsen; Crownbearers Bonnie Blum and Ricky Omans. 26Sadie Hawkins in the “State of Err or-n-C on fusion” Debbie Walk and Brad Smith were chosen as best dressed Dogpatchers. Persistent female gets her reward. The Daisy Maes at Asotin High School dragged their dates to the multi-purpose room on Nov. 19 to attend the Sadie Hawkins Dance which was sponsored by the Girls’ Club. Students donned their “hawgstomp-in’” clothes and danced to the sounds of Mountain Hi. 27Cast Depicts Life On Chicken Farm The hen proved to be the boss Nov. 19 when a 22-member cast performed Betty MacDonald’s play version of THE EGG AND I. An excerpt of the two-act comedy, set on a chicken farm on the Olympic Penninsula, was also shown on Cable 7 TV. Seniors Raqual Literal and Bob Hatley portrayed Betty and Don MacDonald. Their children, Joan and Anne, were characterized by Judy Shaw and Rene Jungert. Valarie Earl served as student director, and Mrs. John Scott, faculty advisor. Highlights included the bathtub episode, an umbrella “love” scene, and the escape of Primrose, the Pedigreed Pullet, during the afternoon performance. Anne “pommels briskly” on Joan’s “protruding areas. ” Betty and Don learn to operate “sinister” stove in MacDonald kitchen. 28Joan greets long-lost friend, Tessie. “ You won't poke these out at the toes!” Delicate Daisy looks on as Nadine makes up Millicent Ames. 29Homecoming, Christmas “Time Turns Back Through Rose Colored Glasses” was this year’s theme for the annual homecoming dance, held February 12 after a victory over Prescott. Couples dance to the sounds of "Sweet Water. ” Royalty, seated: Mr. Basketball Dean Weiss and Queen Cindy Grieve. Standing from left: princesses Vickie Wilson, Joan Ausman, Debbie Walk and Cindy Mullins. Students take a casual “time out” between dances. 30Brighten Winter Months “—and a partridge in a pear tree!” “This just has'ta be yours!”Students Active in “A” Change, County Fair "I wonder what Mr. Louk thinks of it!" -n •••?■ Upperclassmen wait on top to plaster late arrivers with eggs.On-lookers gaze at parade. The last week in April found AHS students busy with numerous projects. The upperclassmen held their traditional numeral party on April 26, the day before the opening of the Asotin County Fair. During the three-day fair, FFA members participated in livestock judging, and the Asotin bands performed at Saturday's parade. Princess Rene Jungert represented Asotin in the royal court. Pat receives champion honors for his cross-bred steer. Princess Rene rides again."Put Peace in the Hands of Man" was the theme for the second annual Morp dance held March 24. The freshmen and sophomores followed a red, white, and blue decor and added contemporary posters for accent. MORP Spells 'How do you expect me to dance like this?” 34PROM.. .Backwards Twenty-three couples danced in a setting of red, green, and yellow crepe paper at the second Asotin-Anatone prom May 12. Decorations followed the theme, "Springtime in Holland." Shelly and Debbie dance with music. Slow music is for lovers. Couples visit between dances. 35Foster Child Chosen Sue goes "Hawaiian" for style show. GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS, left to right: Ren£Jungert, president; Joan Ausman, vice president; Cindy Grieve, representative; Gail Johnson, secretary; Beth Forgey, assistant treasurer; Judy Shaw, publicity chairman. Not shown is Lynn Lodge, treasurer. Among activities of the club were sponsoring a foster child for next year and hosting the Mother - Daughter Tea. The 1972-73 officers were announced at the tea. A style show was presented featuring apparel from a local dress shop and fashions constructed by the girls themselves. Girls' Club members display talent at tea. 36As Girls’ Club Project Nine girls were chosen as Girls' of the Month, each month having a different title. From these girls, members chose Rent? Jungert as Miss AHS. Below, in back row: Lyne Baker, Miss Friendliness; and Beth Forgey, Miss Generosity. Center row: Pam Ausman, Miss Leadership; Raqual Literal, Miss Sportsmanship; and Debt Sargeant, Miss Ambition. Front row; left to right: Judy Shaw, Miss Spirit; Ren£ Jungert, Miss Charisma; and Shelly Walk, Miss Sunshine. Not shown is Miss Inspirational, Pam Kimble. 37Staff Assumes Dual Role Rene crops for William and Karl. Dan and Valarie discuss section. Journalism members this year took on the double responsibility of publishing the newspaper, Panther Pause, and of compiling the 1972 yearbook. Annual editor was Rene Jungert, assisted by Sheri Ausman. Photographer was Karl Cox. Mrs. John Scott advised the group. Lisa, Twila and Ann plan ad sales Sheri, Bob and Tom print school paper. 38Club Rebuilds Telescope Science Club members spent part of the year rebuilding an eleven-inch telescope they received from the Frank Mosher estate. Six members, accompanied by Alfred Rayburn, advisor, also toured the Seattle Science Center in October during a three-day coastal trip. The club, in its second year, joined the National Science Club of America. Officers examine scope. Left to right: A. Tolman, vice pres.; K. Cox, rep.; K. Bowman, pres. ; and P. Ausman, sec. 39The Future Farmers of America judging team placed second in competition at the Asotin County Fair this year, and four FFA boys gained top recognition in their respective livestock divisions. Brad Smith won the Grand Champion Hog award, and Pat Jensen received the Grand Champion Cross-bred Steer ribbon. Ron Jones was awarded the Reserve Champion Hog award and Bill Provost took top honors for the fitting and showing of his hog. Six FFA members took top agricultural honors at the awards assembly June 1. Pat Jensen, Ron Jones, Doug McKinney, Bill Provost and Brad Smith received major judging team awards. Bruce McKinney was awarded the Star Green Hand Degree, while the Star Chapter Farmer Degree went to Ron Jones. Doug McKinney was also selected for the Rudy Haberman Memorial Award, and Smith earned the DeKalb Accomplishment Award. 40 Three members of judging team pose in front of livestocGrowth Through Competition FFA members, front row, left to right: Jay Shaw, Bob Hatley, Brad Smith, Dave Hedt, Pat Jensen, Doug McKinney, and Mr. Johnson, advisor. Back row: Brad Collier, Doug Lodge, Rob Wilsey, Miles Cox, Bill Spears, Bruce McKinney, Brian Fitzgerald, Bill Provost, Rick Halvorsen, Phil Johnson and Ron Jones.Council, Honor Society Promote AHS’s Student Council kicked off the school year by planning the annual carnival in October. Sponsoring cake raffles and a chili feed highlighted the Honor Society’s year. The group, annually awarding two scholarships, received several memorials in Blenda Mosher’s name. ASB officers: Sheri Ausman, secretary; Judy Shaw, assistant treasurer; Pam Ausman, treasurer; Brad Smith, president; Ron Jones, vice president; and Kathy Bowman, publicity. Standing, left to right: P. Ausman, T. Appleford, K. Lohman, M. Lee, K. Cox, R. Jones, and B. Smith. Seated: J. Shaw, K. Bowman, V. Leatherbury, J. Ausman, N. DeJean, L. Guenther, S. Ausman, D. Weiss, and P. Jensen.Fund-Raising Projects Bottom row, left to right: Lisa Guenther, Judy Shaw, Kathy Bowman, Bob Hatley, Beth For gey, Dan Reed, and Raqual Literal. Top row: Rene Jungert, Ann Tolman, Adrienne Howlett, Pam Ausman, Joan Ausman, and Nadine DeJean. 43 Honor Society initiates gain recognition at induction ceremony. Not pictured: Beth For gey.Lettermen: Ready, Willing and Able. Under the guidance of Advisor Melvin Louk, the Lettermen’s Club purchased basketball and track uniforms from profits made on concessions and picture sales. The club will also maintain the Rudy Haberman Memorial Fund by donating $50 annually. This year’s officers are president Dean Weiss, vice president Tom Tower, secretary-treasurer Dave Hedt and representative Don Pruesser. 44Band Adds Enthusiasm to Games Members pose with directer Michael Cox for group shot. The Asotin High School band provided lots of cheery music for pep assemblies and basketball games this year. The twenty-nine members, under the direction of Michael Cox, supplied musical entertainment during half time of all home games and entertained guests at a concert Feb. 28. In addition, they sold key chains during their annual Christmas concert as a money-raising project for new uniforms. Band makes spirited music during outdoor pep assembly.Panthers Race To State Moving into the third year of cross-country, the twelve-man team was headed by Captain Jack Creutzberg. Top runners were D. Lodge, R. Wilsey, D. McKinney, and Creutzberg. McKinney and Wilsey represented the Panthers this year at State, by placing ninth and tenth, respectively, in the district meet. The Panthers were coached by Mel Louk. B. Provost struggles near finish line for better placing. D. Lodge burns trail at home meet. Cross-country team suits up for home meet. 46Hard work and determination led R. Wilsey and D. R. VanLeuvan finishes at Lewiston meet. McKinney to State. 47 B. Spears left, and R. Halvorsen right, work hard under the supervision of Captain Jack Creutzberg, center.Panthers Win Holiday Tourney Winning the champion's trophy from the Colton Christmas tournament highlighted the basketball season at AHS this year. The Panthers finished the year with a 15-5 over all record and a 9-3 Blue Mountain League standing. By placing third in league competition, the team traveled to St. John Feb. 22-23 for district play. Seniors display Panthers Christmas trophy. D. Preusser stalls at district. Panthers reach to block the shot. 48LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Louk, T. Tower, M. Sandquist, D. Preusser, B. Moose, B. Fitzgerald, B. Smith, D. Hedt, M. Zaat, J. Shaw, T. Frisbey, J. VanPelt, R. Jones, B. Collier, mgr. B. Smith is an expert at controlling the backboards. 49J. Shaw contemplates next move. Panthers spring to action after jump ball. A. Tolman and T. Louden record game statistics. 50 T. Frisbey lines up for free-throw.New tactics help team to overcome opponents. n PanThersLefc Coach Louk instructs squad. T. Tower and D. Weiss initiate fast break. 51Season Ends.. B. Moose hurls ball to D. Hedt. D. Preusser and D. Weiss take ball out of bounds. 52 D. Weiss plans tactics while D. Hedt blocks out opponents.Pep band plays victory songs at half time. B. Smith displays Most Valuable and Team Captain trophy, while T. Tower holds Most Inspirational. At annual banquet, parents and faculty assemble to honor players. ... With Awards BanquetJay-Vees Build TOP: R. VanLeuvan drives in for shot while M. Zaat waits for rebounds. BOTTOM: B. Provost (40) and D. McKinney help R. VanLeuvan score. LEFT: D. McKinney tangles with opponent.For Future FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Johnson, II. Wilsey, D. Lodge, H. Parisien, B. Spears, M. Cox, R. Halvorsen. BACK ROW: B. Collier, mgr. , T. Frisbey, B. Provost, P. Jensen, M. Katzenberger, R. VanLeuvan, D. McKinney, B. McKinney, H. Baker, Coach Louk. The junior varsity closed its 1971-72 season with a 12-8 overall record and an 8-4 standing in Blue Mountain League competition. Mike Zaat tipped in 127 points, followed by Brian Fitzgerald with 126. Other top scorers were Tim Frisbey, Rob Wilsey, and Bill Provost. Mel Louk was B squad coach. TOP: P. Johnson plans strategy. BOTTOM: R. Wilsey shows how to block a shot. 55Co-captains Dave Hedt and Bob Moose helped lead the Panthers to a 15-11-1 season. Hedt was also named inspirational player for the third consecutive year. Mel Louk coached the team. B. Moose concentrates on a big hit.Panthers Show Winning Form Slugger Smith waits for ball. M. Cox fields grounder. Scorekeepers J. Ausman and R. Literal take breather between games. Pitchers B. Spears and D. Hedt warm up before games.Mascots Join Two mascots were added to the cheer squad at AHS this year. Laurie Jensen and Shelly Walk were chosen by the cheerleaders to fill the positions. The idea met with such success that these playful kittens have found a permanent home at Asotin. All four cheerleaders attended NCA camp at Ellensburg last summer. They learned new yells and routines which greatly boosted school spirit. Nadine DeJean, queen Jean Ausman Lisa Guenther Joan AusmanCheer Squad Debbie Walk Judy Shaw Julie Ausman First AHS mascots, L. Jensen and S. Walk.GAA Finishes No. 1 J. Ausman reaches for pass. Scorekeepers M. Jones and R. Jungert total up final statistics. Finishing first in league play highlighted the GAA basketball season. The A squad ended its regular season with a 9-6 record, thereby qualifying for district play in Troy and Lapwai. High scorer for the season was Joan Ausman. The B squad finished with a 10-1 season record. Julie Ausman received high point honors. Roberta Jo Wittman coached both squads. The shot is up!FRONT ROW: T. Appleford, H. VanLeuvan, P. Kimble, J. Justus, D. Hostetler. CENTER: L. Baker, R. Hall, V. Leatherbury, D. Sargeant, J. Ausman, L. Martin, L. Ausman, T. Lathrop, S. Walk. BACK ROW: Coach Wittman, J. Ausman, J. Shaw, J. Ausman, S. Ausman, C. Grieve, B. Hall, P. Ausman, G. Johnson, D. Walk, N. DeJean. 61 B. Hall tips ball to Panthers.TOP LEFT: S. Parsons awaits next play. LEFT CENTER: J. Shaw throws to second after tagging opponent. RIGHT CENTER: Hum, batter; hum, batter!” LEFT BOTTOM: Basketball award winners, left to right: C. Grieve, Captain; J. Shaw, Inspirational; B. Hall, Most Coachable; J. Ausman, Most Valuable. Fourteen girls participated in the GAA softball program, coached by Roberta Jo Wittman. Winning their only game 24-3 against Anatone highlighted the season. 63Front row, left to right: R. Wilsey, D. Lodge, T. Tower, and J. VanPelt. Back row: Coach Al Lang, R. VanLeuvan, B. Smith, B. Moose, J. Shaw, and H. Baker. Not pictured: M. Katzenberger, B. Provost, D. Weiss, and D. Preusser. Captain T. Tower perfects B. Provost eases over high jump bar. his triple jump. J. VanPelt hurls javelin through air. 64Track Takes First in League The Panthers ended their second year of track by placing first at the Blue Mountain League track meet. The five members who qualified for the district meet were Tom Tower, Brad Smith, Doug Lodge, Rob Wilsey, and Bob Moose. A1 Lang coached the team. B. Moose and D. Lodge pass Baton during Relay race. B. Smith qualified for district discus competition. 65 D. Weiss leads J. VanPelt and J. Shaw in hurdles.ROGER WOOD AND RICH MOSMAN SAY- WALLACE-FRAZIER TITLE COMPANY, INC. hi , asotin! 914 SIXTH STREET COMPLIMENTS OF SERVATI US NEWS AGENCY CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON MAC'S CYCLE 700 BRIDGE ST. CLARKSTON, WN. TR I U M PH-KAWASAKI SKIDOO SNOWMOBILES BEST WISHES BOB AND BETTY RIDENOUR FOR THE BEST IN COUNTRY MUSIC BOB'S TV AND MARY CARTER PAINTS DIAL 1430 KCLK Thank You For Your Patronage 66AT CENTRE RESTAURANT COFFEE SHOP DAILY OPEN 9 A.M .-8 P.M SUNDAY NOON TO 6 P.M. RCA ZENITH ORIN!S RADIO and TV 724 6th st. CLARKSTON F IT'S WE HAVE ALICE!S RESTAURANT ta w MMM .... GOOD! . HOMEMADE PIES . SPECIALS EVERY DAY 1719 15th AVENUE LEWISTON,IDAHO 83501 ALICE HOLLEN BACK , MANAGER VALLEY REAL ESTATE vrs BEAUTY SALON .HOMES .RANCHES .COMMERCIALS 913 6th STREET CLARKSTON, WASH. "i’ll curl up AND DYE FOR YOU.” phone 758—5649 LEWISTON GRAIN GROWERS, INC. PLa za 8-2534 CHUCK CASSELL PLaza 8-6357 722 4th st. CLARKSTON LEWISTON GRANGE SUPPLY t,the complete farm service center" ASOTIN AND ANATONE, WASHINGTON MAIN OFFICE - 5tH AND MAIN LEWISTON, IDAHO M-F MACHINERY---FARM HARDWARE CENEX PETROLEUM PRODUCTS FERTILIZER ND CHEMICALS 106 "CTT STREET 743-3593 FEED MILL - 1200 SNAKE RIVER AVE. LEWISTON, IDAHO 67TAYLOR'S owner's personal PL 8-2082 613 SYCAMORE CLARKSTON DR. HAROLD F. KING OPTOMETRIST PHONE 758-7281 FOR APPOINTMENT 930 6th ST. CLARKSTON, WN. THILLS JEWEL BOX RINGS WATCHES JEWELRY J eni----- FLOOR COVERING SIO 9091AI CUUKSTOM. WASH. 99403 PW 1109 7U-UU JAN'S SALON CLEMANS ADDITION, WASH. LEE MORRIS CO. "home-owned DEPARTMENT STORE FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS1' 844 6th ST. CLARKSTON, WASH. JERRY MILLING COMPANY FEED SUPPLIER PRESTO LOGS PHONE 243-1212 ASOTIN, WASHINGTON HAROLD VAUGHN INSURANCE 914 6th street CLARKSTON, WASH, 758-2222 ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE HARVEY'S HOUSE of MUSIC CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON ASOTIN BRANCH MEMBER OF FDIC NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE 68 .'7 'w' PARSONS DAIRY INCORPORATED PRODUCER OF CLARKSTON BEAUTY NOOK GOLDEN GRAIN MILK 905 — 6th st. PL 8-6351 PIONEER INSURANCE AGENCY KENT JONES ASOTIN, WASHINGTON COMPLIMENTS OF LEWIS AND CLARK SAVINGS and LOAN ASOTIN TELEPHONE CO. "where people save with confidence" CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON "home of the dude burger" , HOMEMADE PIES . NOON SPECIALS ASOTIN, WASHINGTON PHONE 243-42 1 I 69C AND S RECAPPING AND NEW Tl RES WHEEL ALIGNMENT BRAKES AND SHOCKS TAIL PIPE AND MUFFLER SERVICE 315 DIAGONAL CLARKSTON PL 8-2451 SCHURMAN'S HARDWARE 11 TRUE VALUE HARDWARE11 CLAYTON AND PAUL 801 6th ST. CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON BILL'S BOOT SHOP 922 6th st. CLARKSTON, WASHI NGTON BOOT AND SHOE SALES SHOE REPAIRING PL 8-6221 WASEM'S REXALL DRUG 800 6th st. CLARKSTON JEKYLL'S and HYDE'S 8th AND 'd' STREET LEWISTON,IDAHO a . M ONTGOMERY WARD ■TON LOW COST LOW COST DRUG CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON 7th ST. GROCERY .GROCERIES .MEATS .COI-O BEVERAGES 7th AND BRIDGE CLARKSTON AT THE FACTORY SPENCER LIVESTOCK COMM. COMPANY BOX 71 1 LEWISTON, IDAHO 70U-DRIVE-THRU HOWARD GUENTHER 9021 IDAHO LEWISTON, I DA HO SHERI '73 © ® © 4 ouratd 3 PIZZA VILLA !ihouse of a FAMOUS FOOD11 YOUR FAVORITE PIZZA PIE VALLEY COMMERCIAL BANK tia most UNUSUAL BANK11 CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON t,mr. sudsy,t ANN T74 RENE '72 LISA T73 ER VONOTS YOUR FAVORITE BEER AND PIZZAS, SANDWICHES, TOO1. 2418 N AND S HI WAY LEWISTON, IDAHO CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON 71TED AND DONNA'S MIDWAY GROCERY We have made a world for each of us. But we need a world for all of us. 72SWALLOW'S NEST GOLF COURSE WESTBANK RESTAURANT "always open" 2nd and diagonal phone PL 8-7351 CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON ADAMS'S PHARMACY CLARKSTON, WASHINGTON TOM SMITH' S 73747576777879

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Asotin High School - Panthers Purr Yearbook (Asotin, WA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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