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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1966 volume:

lilllililiV'ffii.DpJl xttim, "These are the happiest years of your life” they tell us. And we wonder -- do they remember these years? The frustration of being beyond child but not quite adult, the pain of growing and being sometimes someone you hardly know, the desire to be an individual and the need to conform; these are all part of these "happiest years. " Ah, but we do believe them. Life is full and good and even exciting. Someday we will agree that these were the happiest of our lives. And we will turn these pages looking for years past. An annual is a collection of memories. It is a bridge for passing into the magic of time gone, a pair of rosy glasses through which to catch a glimpse of once-was. We hope that in the pages of this book you will find some of the memories that helped make this year one of those "happiest years. " It is to those who told us "these are the happiest years" and helped make them happy that we dedicate our annual. To our parents and the many others who have, from our first faltering steps to this big step in our lives, provided love, understanding, and faith in us, we dedicate the 1966 PANTHER'S PURR in token of our appreciation. . . .C©wfewfeWE ARE the students of A.H.S. We are the leaders, the doctors and lawyers, the good law-abiding citizens of tomorrow. (Too much to take? Well, would you believe......) WE ARE individuals, but a group too--the student body of A.H.S. WE ARE A MANY-SIDED GROUP: W (m . . . Tom and Dave ready for a night on the town. And sometimes . . . Sally shows off a day’s fishing results. Tom and Vicki E C|W tft L60tAM . . . Kelsey and Sharon delve into the mysteries of chemistry. Abh... sometimes Sally and Leone r h ywmjoJl Qbo Row 1: Pat Bogar, Tom Petty, Betty Smith, Kelsey Dejean; Row 2; Twila Ellis, Carolyn Floch, Loretta White, Sharon Jones, Mary Creutzberg, Tim Clift; Row 3: Carl Flynn, Barbara Simpson, Dan Martin, Pam Berry, Jim Howlett, Terry Bly; Mrs. Keough. Adviser. Junto Steve Smith and Charlotte JohnsonQchoot Booa 1Superintendent, Principal, Advisor, Friend-- U t . L uvt tCfc U lfisOK Mrs. Mildred Hostetler High School Secretary Always cheerful and willing to help Miss LaDonna Goldner In a typical poseMr. Dan Johnson University of Idaho, B.S., M.S, Agriculture, General Science; F.F. A. Adviser Girl's Club and Drill Team Adviser Mrs. Margaret Keough University of Idaho, B. S. Eighth Grade English, English I-IV Senior Class, Annual Adviser Mrs. Betty Meloy University of Idaho, B. S ; Home Economics, Sociology, Chemistry, World GeographyMr. Robert Peasley University of Idaho, B. S. American History, Washington History, World History, Biology, Boy's P. E., Letterman's Club Adviser rFH Miss Joyce Sorgee Bethany Nazarene College B.S. Library, German, Geometry, Algebra II, Girl's P.E. Junior Class, National Honor Society Adviser Miss Bernadette Weber Washington State College, B. A. General Math, Algebra, Typing, Bookkeeping Sophomore Class AdviserQtudpjid QfXAjfaudfiS Linda Parrish and Linda Bolick are hard at work. Sue Hedt, Mary Creutzberg, Linda Parrish. Loretta White, Betty Smith, Michele Bogar, Twila Ellis, Barbara Simpson in their natural habitat--the ditto room. Pam Berry and Twila Ellis help keep the office running smoothly. UbuvdOKSBaSy 66 COK b Bu6-Dttu £ Cooks Alice Hollenbeck Gladie Ausman Edna Bayman JftlUtlW Dick Schiebe Melvin Ruark, Joe Hammond, John WyattkVUk. 1. Crack that whip, Mr. Johnson ! 2. Step right up, folks ! 3. And now NBC presents the daily news. 4. Failure, failure, failure... 5. Then she said, "You wouldn't dare take that picture!" 6. And now lets hear you sing. 7. Me-wrong? Never. 8. The Meloys in the lab. 9. You're pretty swinging, gramps! 10. Hey there! 11. Mrs. K. and her retarded children. 12. Alright, boys, clear the halls! 13. I resent that remark.Kelsey Dejean Sharon Jones Betty Smith Carolyn FlochLoretta White Terry Bly Mary Creutzberg Dan MartinSenior Officers; Jamie Howlett, Vice President; Kelsey Dejean, Representative; Barbara Simpson, Treasurer; Twila Ellis, Secretary; Tom Petty, President; Mrs. Keough, Advisor. Ulgkkj, Utgkbj Settlots lt Ouf) . . .7weJuG' Y vi C dM Twila, Barb, Betty, Linda, Carl, Tom, Kelsey, Tim Ok££ UfsOH OuJlM . . . Barbara Simpson, Tim Clift, Betty Smith, Twila Ellis, Tom Petty, Kelsey Dejean, Carl Flynn.Junior Class Officers: Charlotte Johnson, Treasurer; Linda Bolick, President; Sue Hedt, Vice President; Orin Triplett, Representative; Cheryl Howlett, Secretary; Miss Sorgee, Adviser. A Qxoup Chris Ausman Linda Bolick Michele Bogar Ernie BuschVicki Simpson Steve Smith Debbie Stephens Meta Thornton Orin Triplett Linda WalkerSophomore Officers: Doug Kleweno, President; Tom Wren, Vice President; Wayne Brown, Treasurer; David Kleweno, Representative; Bobby Greer, Secretary; Miss Weber, Adviser. Wayne Brown Don Chrisman Andy Copeland Leone Dejean Randy ForgeyDavid Jones Dallas Kimble Sally Kimble Jeanie Gehrke Bobby Greer Millie Haberman David Kleweno Doug Kleweno Diane Moose Irene McClurg Doug McMillan Marie Palmer IY Penny Tippett Terry Triplett Tom WrenFreshman Officers: Vickie Forgey, Representative; Casey Doherty, Vice President; Deanne Ausman, President, Michelle Habershan, Secretary; Morgan Newman, Treasurer; Mr. Wilson, Adviser. Ak, Sweet Youift Barbara Bolick Rose Burnam Vera Cruetzberg Verlon Cook Casey Doherty Johnny Floch Deanne Ausman Mike Bergquist Mark Bogar Rod Red fern Doug Stephens Randy Wiggins Brian Johnson Greg Jones Morgan NewmanAuhimL I. Dear L'il Jenny. 2. Mr. Kool. 3. Bobby-the morning after. 4. King Morgan. 5. Sheryl. 6. I think it's that body building course I’m taking. 7. Chief Shining Star. 8. Sometimes I feel like three different people. 9. Friends, Romans, countrymen--10. Now what are you drinking, Leone? II. I don't feel so good. 12. Sally. 13. Working on the Senior Carnival Booth. 14. What a "bod" Betty ! 15. Hello, Vicki. 16. What's going on here? 17. Any luck, Judy? 18. Hey, let me out! 19. Cheer up, Mary. 20. Those sexy Bogar girls. 21. Well, I don't think it's a bit funny. 22. Pin-up!? 23. Bathing beauties: Kathy Irene. 24. What'cha doin' Loretta? 25. Senior English. 26. The Chief. 27. What pretty legs, Steve. 28. Is that you. Marie? 29 Sharon doing "The Crawl. " 30. Pat and friend. 31. Just takin' a nap, Sharon.Qbuui idb Booty O ioe 6 Michele Bogar, Treasurer Steve Smith, President Sheryl Hamilton, Secretary Row 1: Orin Triplett, Steve Smith, Tom Petty, Kelsey Dejean; Row 2: David Kleweno, Doug Kleweno, Deanne Ausman, Vickie Forgey; Row 3: Bobby Greer, Sheryl Hamilton, Linda Bolick, Michele Bogar. Qbud di CouncilRow 1: Miss Sorgee, Adviser, Marie Palmer, Irene McClurg, Bobby Greer, Cheryl Howlett, Row 2: Kelsey Dejean, Doug Kleweno, Jean Burnam, Wayne Brown, Charlotte Johnson, Steve Smith, Sue Hedt, Twila Ellis, David Parrish. National f- 0R0V Oj Steve Smith, President Kelsey Dejean, Vice President Dave Parrish, Treasurer Cheryl Howlett, SecretaryDoug Kleweno, Tom Wren, Dave Jones, Orin Triplett, Jerry Tetwiler, Terry Triplett, Kelsey Dejean, Lynn Forgey, Ernie Busch, Tim Clift, Steve Smith, Terry Bly. LtAt iMH '$ Chub Mr. Peasley, Adviser Officers; Orin Triplett, Treasurer; Steve Smith, Vice President; Kelsey Dejean, President; Lynn Forgey, Secretary.Ditil Tfifltm B. Simpson, S. Jones, C. Floch, S. Hamilton, M. Thornton, V. Simpson, B. Greer, D. Stevens, N. Bly, P. Ebsen, L. Dejean, M. Bogar, M. Habershan, B. Smith, P. Bogar, M. Haberman, V. Creutzberg, f. Gehrke, C. Doherty, M. Palmer, D. Ausman, P. Tippett, R. Burnam, V. Forgey. Quh The girls in action- Rowl: B. Simpson, B. Smith, S. Jones, L. White, P. Berry, L. Parrish, P. Bogar, C. Floch, M. Creutzberg, Row 2: L. Bolick, K. McClurg, C. Howlett, P. Ebsen, M. Thornton, S. Hamilton, D. Stephens, S. Kimble, C. Ausman, V. Simpson, J. Robertson, M. Bogar, C. Johnson, S. Hedt. Row 3: J. Goldner, P. Tippett, N. Bly, P. Tippett, R. Simpson, M. Palmer, I. McClurg, S. Kimble, L. Dejean, B. Greer, J. Gehrke, M. Haberman. Row 4: B. Bolick, R. Bumam, M. Habershan, V. Forgey, V. Creutzberg, C. Doherty, D. Ausman, Mrs. Meloy, Adviser.D. Kleweno, Reporter; C. Flynn, Sentinel; K. Dejean, President; O. Triplett, Secretary; D. Kleweno, Treasurer; S. Smith, President; Mr. Johnson, Adviser. Row 1: S. Smith, U. Long, O. Triplett, D. Kleweno, D. Jones. Row 2: Mr. Johnson, L. Forgey, D. Kleweno,. D. Kimble, K. Dejean. T. Petty, C. Flynn, R. Forgey, T. Bly. Row 3: M. Bergquist, D. Stephens, T. Clift, B. Johnson, J. Tetwiler, T. Wren, J. Floch, M. Bogar, A. Copeland, D. Chrisman.Mr. Peasley Jerry Tetwiler COACH” Tim Clift Dave Jones Steve Smith Orin TriplettLynn Forgey PcmiheitS Kelsey Dejean Wayne Brown o Aj odb u otk Ernie Busch and Dave Parrish Doug Kleweno Terry TriplettFront Row: Dave Jones, Doug Kleweno; Back Row: Tim Clift, Orin Triplett, Steve Smitti, Wayne Brown, Coach Peasley, Terry Triplett, Lynn Forgey, Jerry Tetwiler, Kelsey Dejean. btj the! qm L cocuckc Tim Clift, Most Valuable; Orin Triplett, Captain; Terry Bly, Most Inspirational. Q i O ; OuMtuuy: The mighty Panthers of Asotin blazed their way through a 20 game season with only two losses, both at the jaws of the Highland Huskies of Craigmont. The season ended with a 56-63 loss to Rosalia in the District Tournament, but only after 21 foes had fallen at the claws of the Panthers First place in the Blue Mountain League with a 12-0 record and first place in the Sub-district Tournament highlighted the season. Playing with only three seniors out of a 12 man squad, the Panthers are looking for an even better team for next year.B Cqu d Ugfcb, R■w eu, at test Tta Lt up: Front Row: Don Chrisman, Brian Howlett, Doug Stephens, Greg Jones, Andy Copeland; Back Row: Mark Bogar, Terry Bly, Rod Redfem, Jim Howlett. Tom Wren.PoniJifi iS ito ydtimj CmjUho. QctoebocjuL: ASOTIN 51 CULDESAC 52 CLARKSTON 61 washtuUna 66 LEWISTON JV 59 HIGHLAND 72 LEWISTON JV 57 HIGHLAND 64 PRESCOTT 73 TOUCHET 58 COLUMBIA 54 KAHLOTUS 64 ANATONE 74 WASHTUCNA 65 CULDESAC 49 TOUCHET 59 PRESCOTT 59 ANATONE 58 CLARKSTON 85 COLUMBIA 69 KAHLOTUS 47 KENNEWICK 73 PRESCOTT 61 COLUMBIA 50 PALOUSE 66 WASHTUCNA 56 ROSALIAJ XhiMMk is the wend (jO the twplt -wlMvUig Wey, kau you ImjuL tk o about. . .Sally Kimble Chris AusmanA A Row 1: B. Bolick, C, Aus-man, N. Bly; Row 2: T. Ellis, D. Ausman, R. Burn-am; Row 3: M. Palmer, M. Habershan, Mr. Wilson (Coach), J. Gehrke, M. Haberman, C. Johnson. Chris, Most Valuable; Rose, Most Inspirational; Marie, Most Consistent. Deanne Ausman Marie PalmerMr. Peasley shows Sheryl Hamilton the proper grip while Bobby Greer, Loretta White, Sharon Jones, Leone Dejean, Chris Ausman, Debbie Stephens, and Michele Bogar observe. Boy’S Goty Terry Bly, Udell Long, Ernie Busch, Dallas Kimble, and Randy Forgey watch as Mr. Peasley demonstrates correct driving stance. Don Chrisman, Jim Howlett, Lynn Forgey, and Mark Bogar just prior to takeoff!Tta CiumIjuqIs (Ong QmAj Ou ft Morgan Newman and Rose Burnam Gdttixq R-e efy . . . Kelsey helps Co-chairman Sue Co-chairman Orin--soliciting???FUK 04ui GtfMGS Chris helps at the Fish Pond Dave and Tim at the Basket Toss CUumIucI R jO j Tom Leone, Sophomore; Lynn Michele, Junior; Morgan Rose, Freshman; Tim Barbara, Senior.Wl ’$ Cento Most Intellectual Kelsey Dejean Sharon Jones Most Witty Dan Martin Loretta White Best-Looking Kelsey Dejean Betty Smith Barbara Simpson Jamie Howlett Most Athletic Tim Clift Twila Ellis Most FriendlyWko? Most Intellectual Sue Hedt Ernie Busch Most Witty Linda Bolick David Parrish JtUtttW Best-Looking Steve Smith Michele Bogar Most Athletic Orin Triplett Chris A usman Most Friendly Lynn Forgey Cheryl HowlettCopkOtnJM $ Most Witty Most Friendly Randy Forgey Jean Burnam Doug McMillan Penny TippettPiesJunGK Most Witty Barbara Bolick Brian Howlett Best-Looking Deanne Ausman Doug Stephens Most Intellectual Vickie Forgey Doug Stephens Most Friendly Casey Doherty Brian Howlett Most Athletic Michelle Habershan Greg JonesflsotUv County Fob Qu av Twila Ellis Junior UiSS CCtM JidctfeS Linda Parrish Twila Ellis{fi Pio Ucbutkius D(w JUNIOR and SENIOR CLASSES of ASOTIN HIGH SCHOOL present J oon light and 7(pses Friday, May 6, 1966 8:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. admired the scenery, What're you doing, girls? and--had fun! A native obviously! What're you doing, boys?JP'v mV j ■ 4 had a picnic--in the barn, and then wearily headed for home. SucMfilliy — the year was over; it was graduation time. Don't Forget the Oneok 1 where we . . . made muscles. played games, looked beautiful.Q vOuixxjOito Awtoto f-ttgk Qck wl C?ass of 1966 Cfoss Roll Pamela Gail Berry Patricia Glea Bogar Kelsey Raymond Dejean Carolyn Kay Floch James Ira Howlett, Jr. Dan Martin Thomas E. Petty Betty Kay Smith Terry Leroy Bly Mary Ann Creutzberg Twila Arlene Ellis Carl Thomas Flynn Sharon Ann Jones Linda May Parrish Barbara Ann Simpson Loretta Irene White Cfoss Mottcv So little done, so much to do. Mr. Warfield delivered the commencement address. We all looked dignified in our caps and gowns. A»uL the tt uxxs ' 'Qowb-byp A W.£ » A WMl”We wish to thank those whose financial support helped to make this year's edition of the Panther's Purr possible. Lewiston Chamber of Commerce Lewiston. Idaho Hotel Lewis-dark Pioneer Insurance Agency 116 2nd CH 3-5222 Asotin, Wash. Bob’s Floor Covering 510 Poplar PL 8-5560 Clarkston, Wash. Boyer's Clarkston Furn. 826 6th PL 8-5841 Clarkston, Wash. SH 3-3531 The Guy Bennett Lumber Company Dustan Loop, Clarkston, Wash. Jerry Milling Company CH 3-6111 405 Beaumeister Drive, Asotin, Wash. C S Tire Service PL 8-2451 315 Diagonal, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-7242 Midway Grocery 41.9 2nd CH 3-5111 Asotin, Wash. National Bank of Commerce 110 2nd CH 3-57 Asotin, Wash. FHfisew tg Oua Loyal! QuppcMtpM I The Westbank Restaurant PL 8-7451 Clarkston, Wash. Gay's Grocery Asotin Service Station 201 2nd CH 3-6141 903 1st CH 3-5121 Asotin, Wash. Washington Water Power Company THE FUTURE BELONGS TO YOU Lee Morris Company 844 6th, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-2092 Lewiston Grain Growers, Inc. Asotin, Wash. CH 3-6152 Merchant Funeral Home 1000"7th, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-7441 McQuary Insurance Agency 72 5 6th, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-5202 Schurman’s Hardware 802 6th, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-6411 Sprouse-Reitz Variety Store 5th Poplar, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-2888 Thill's Jewel Box 904 6th, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-6271 Valley Commercial Bank 5th Diagonal, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-2584 Wasem's Rexall Drugs 845 6th, Clarkston, Wash. PL 8-2565 Walt Vedder, Farmer's Insurance 1303 6th, Clarkston Wash. PL 8-5151 To you, who have prepared for it. To you, who look to its mysteries with eagerness rather than apprehension. To you, who will master the challenger of the future, our hands are raised in salute. The thousand men and women of The Washington Water Power Company, an organization that has also prepared for the future, extend to you their sincere best wishes.■p

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