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.wf! Mfg QZMJ wfb. . ff? , W M, MA WWW H f M5-My Z7 W Q M 21 W Qs 2:1 KM W 0 My WW 1 wk ,J Mff5fi' W'657l W 161' 5173 VL NYM U, x?,Qi?M""' ' R9?,fffg3.1ff!fgf"' fggw w W JM Mwikffiffgf Qvvmy' N . 'Q' r -4--. sv - .Q i V I u , t F .. Ww- . X B I W Q ffi22 fW Wg? 955 M5553 MQ A r , . ua xmikgffh A in E M af lf WSW vt Science and St. John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota St. Cloud Teachers College, St. Cloud, Minnesota, University Of Minnesota aiffw LEWIS SHEFFER Social Studies and Physical Education Rochester Junior College, Mankato State University FREDERICK BRANDFS Superintendent Science University of Minnesota fB.S.l3 Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota, Univer- sity of Minnesota MYRCN Business Coach Gustavus Adolphus College fB.A.l3 University of Minnesota L versity Minnesota H. GALE THUMSEN College KB.S.D Science and Industrial Ho e Economics and Arts General Science St. Cloud State Teachers University of FLORENCE STATER Minnesota S RHODA CAYLSTED f Social Studies, Physical Education, English Bethany College, , Kansas, Augsburg College, Minneapolis ALICE BERG ESTHEQ FYHR Fourth and Fifth Fifth me Sixth Grades Grades University of Minnesota, St. Cloud Teachers Duluth Branch College, St. Cloud, Minnesota 4 JANET JOHNSON MERLE KRABBE Second Grade First Grade Gustavus Adolphus Miss Wood's Kindergarten College, St. Peter, and Primary Training Minnesota School, Minneapolis, Minnesota NOT PICTURED CECELIA SEBALD RITA BEST Third Grade English, music Winona State Teachers Milwaukee-Downer College College Milwaukee, Wisconsin K AXNQ. l, 1. 1, N xl Q i X X4 Q A gg. E , sf -tl? J Q' '10 x t 1 Q- " ,U W? M ., H ,, ,-'Q' ,hay ' ' X O x r uxf 'W-an-L-.,. ,Qi L4 xf e 1-.51 11, n Q . 0... li J ,' ugilqfx an qw "'--ff, ' I sag ' as Gloria Anderson nAlways willing to do her share and a trifle more.u Band 2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,A5 Pep Club 3,45 Class Play 35 Visual Aids 1,25 Science Club 25 Librarian 2,3,45 Office Ass't A Walter Bloom NI am not in the roll of common men.W Baseball 35 Track 3 r 1 Ronald Clark UAll the world's a stage.N Visual Aids 1,2,35 Choir l,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Science Club 15 Basketball 2,35 Baseball 35 Class W Officer 1,25 Student Council l5 Fire Squad 3,4'A -' k!f LeRoy Clausen ' HHe always could add a word of needed information, also the unneeded.n Delores Hansen ,W "If silence is gold, I'll never get rich." Band l,2,3,l,5 choir l,2,3,L5 Pep Club 3,45 class YA Play 35 Visual Aids 1,25 Science Club 25 Class "W Officer 1,25 Cheerleader 2,3,L5 Librarian 45 Music Officer A5 Office Ass't 2,3 Clara Hedin NA variation from the ordinary.W ' Choir l,2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Visual Aids'l,25 Lawrence Hegge nGood at problems but hard to solve W Band 2,3,45 Pep Club 4, Class Play 35 Class !S1f'd1fA Officer 3,4 'spd Ardyce Henriksen WA good start is half of success they say, and if that's so we'll hear of Ardyce someday.n Band 2,3,L5 Choir l,2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Class Play 35 Visual Aids 1,25 Science Club 25 Annual Staff L5 Librarian 2,3,45 Music Officer 45 Declamatory l,2,3 3 Cecelia Ingemansen UMen may come and men may go, but I go on foreVer.N Choir 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Class Play 35- Science Club 2,35 Majorette l,2,3,45 Office Ass't 2,3,4 ' ' Joyce Jensen I HShe walks about quietly, but her absence would be noticed. " choir 2,3,45 Pep Club 3,4 Leo Jensen HI like work, it fascinates me5 I can sit and look at it for hours.n Class Play 3 Rose Ann Ketchum HLet the world slide, I'll never budge an inc Choir 2,33 Pep Club 3,4 X I I, ly lfxu 25, L Maurice Keyport Where I am girls and don't crowd.u Band l,2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Class play 35 Class officer l,2,3,45 Annual staff 45 Paper staff 35 Fire Squad 3,4. Karen Krogh UPeaches grow in Minnesota, too.n Choir 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Class play 35 Visual Aids 1,25 Science Club 25 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Class officer 25 Librarian 2,3,45 Declamatory 3. ex K I Shirley Lundwall nFate makes our re1atives5 choice makes our friends.u Choir 1,2,45 Pep Club 35 Class officer 35 Student council 4. Myrtle Magnuson HBuilt for comfort, not for speed.u Choir 2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Class play 35 Visual Aids 25 Librarian 45 Class officer 4. Yi.. :fVQ. E lvl. I? J. Elsie Molgaard Hlt's love that makes the world go 'round- gosh, how fast it's spinningln Choir 43 Pep Club 3,43 Visual Aids 1,23 Science Club 23 Class officer 33 Librarian 2,43 Carnival queen 2. Harriet Molgaard HMeek enough to inherit the whole earth Pep Club 4. Sonja Nielsen uShe has a store of knowledge she never learned from books.H Band 1,2,3j Choir 13 Pep Club 43 Class Play 33 Science Club 1,23 Cheerleader 43 Class officer 1,43 Student Council 23 Paper staff 33 Librarian 3,4. Bonnie Pearson Why did you smile when I said, HMan delights me notu? Choir l,2,3,43 Pep Club 3,43 Visual Aids 13 Cheerleader 43 Annual staff 43 Paper staff 33 Music officer 3,4. Jack Pearson . HAlways ready and willing to loaf.U ghiir l,2,3,gj Visual Aids 1,23 Fire Squad J - Q f 71 ' 3, Allan Plaisted . nOf all the things I like best, I much prefer to sit and rest.H Pep Club 33 Visual Aids 13 Baseball 3,43 Track 3,4, Marvin Olesen ul meant to do my work today.H Choir 1,2,3,43 Pep Club 33 Visual Aids l,2,33 Fire Squad 4. Carol Sa old ll gv WhY W0rry Of tomorrow if today be sweet.N Choir 1,29 Pep Club 3. W H Jerry Sexton V, Like H P0Wd9T puff, I'm for the ladies.H BQSUZ1 Aids 13 Basketball 1,2,3,L5 Track 2,35 se all 2:33 Fire 3011185 3,45 Carnival King 3 H ' Isabella Walker f It s better to be small and shine than to f r7 be big and cast a shadow.n ffl x 9 Norbert Wermerskirchen nwhat he wants to get out of school m st is himself.N :DJJ I LJ ,Ty C V ASKOV GRADE SCHOOL HISTORY In September, 1942, twenty-five anxious, but bashful little boys and girls took their seats in Mrs. Krabbe's room for the first time. She was known as Miss McCutchan then. Of these twenty-five, only ten remained the whole twelve years to graduate in 1954. They are :Ronald Clark, LeRoy Clausen, Delores Hansen, Ardyce Henriksen, Cecelia Ingemansen, Karen Krogh, Jack Pearson, Elsie Molgaard, Harriet Molgaard, and Sonja Nielsen. Either the teachers have had it in for us from the start or we didn't know how to behave, because Jack and Ronald were put in the corner the first day of school. Our third grade was split up so we don't all remember the same things about it. Joyce Jensen joined our class in the fourth grade. Miss Olson was our teacher this year. Mrs. Eckert taught us when we were in the fifth grade. we learned our history and geography real well that year! James Trestrail and Gloria Olson came in the fifth grade, but both left later on. We probably all remember the sixth grade as a time of fun for all of us except Hrs. Peterson, our teacher. I wonder if she knew about the eraser throwing contest we had every time she left the room. This was also the year they tried to break us of our note writing habit-they didn't succeed, even having them pinned on the bulletin board didn't stop us. They also tried to teach us not to eat candy in school. Sonja got a jaw breaker caught in her throat, which proves we didn't listen to the teacher very well. ' In the seventh grade, Leo Jensen came from Wisconsin and Gloria Anderson from Willow River. We were sorry to have Ronald Eccles leave us at the end of the year to go to Washington. Mrs. Fyhr was our teacher in the seventh and eighth grades. Remember in the eighth grade when Mrs. Fyhr let us sit out in the cloak hall and knit? It's funny we got anything at all accomplished out there. She even trusted us to study together out there. This was also the year that'we had so many parties. By the end of this year we were all excited about being in high school, and couldn't wait to meet our new friends from up north. BRUNO GRADE SCHOOL HISTORY Back in '42 thirteen excited youngsters entered the Brxmo Grade School. They were Marie Brown, Mary Billnan, Lyle Gray, Ronald Gross, Mary Ann Judkins, Ruth Moedt, Elmer Monette, Edith Nelson, Bonnie Pearson, Lois Passow, Arlene Peterson, Allan Plaisted and Norbert Werner- skirchen. Our teacher for our first two years was Miss Mary Murphy. Ruth Moedt moved to Chi- cago during our second year of school. In third grade we had Miss Hawley for our teacher. Mary Ann Judklns and Lyle Gray left us this year. Our fourth grade was very much the same ex- cept for harder work. Miss Lennox was our teacher this year. Glen Weidendorf, Gerald Wallner and Betty Frazer joined us this year. Miss Holmes was our teacher during our fifth and sixth grades. Bernice Linder joined us in the fifth grade and left us again in the sixth. We had a few new students join us during our sixth grade which made it much more fun and more competi- tion. John Swanson, Richard Fuller and George Ayers were the new students. Richard Fuller left us after the sixth grade but James Trestrail was there to take his place. Isabella Walker also joined us about the middle of this year. Mr. Trestrail was our teacher through our seventh and eighth grades. James Trestrail left us after the eighth grade so there were fifteen of us left looking forward to going to Askov. KERRICK GRADE SCHOOL HISTORY In 191.2 five youngsters entered the Kerrick school to meet their first grade teacher, Miss Stine. They were Jerry Sexton, Maurice Keyport, Rose Ann Ketchum, Donna Mae Hackett, and Soph- :la Robinson. In the second grade we had a new teacher, Miss Edstrom, and also a new classmate, Wanda Fogarty. Sophia Robinson moved to another school. Miss Edstrun was also our third grade teacher. Miss Chaffer was our teacher in the fourth grade, this year John Domagalla joined us. In the fifth grade we were moved into another room, which was known as the big room. Here we met our new teacher, Mr. Havisto. In the sixth and seventh grades, Mr. Anderson was our teacher. It was in the seventh grade that June Hartfiel joined us. Mrs. Flor was our teacher in the eighth grade. We were all looking forward to meeting our new classmates at Askov. DUQUETTE GRADE SCHOOL HISTORY In 191.2 several excited little youngsters entered the Duquette Grade School. We were Carol Meyer, Ralph Bloom, Walter Bloom, lqrtle Magnuson, and Billy McKee. Our teacher :ln our first grade was Miss Soenns. In our second and third year no more came or dropped out. Our fourth year was more exciting because of a new teacher, Mrs. Erickson. We were happy to see two new faces, Shirley Lundwall and Charlene Lundwall. ' In our fifth year we had a new teacher, Mrs. Ness and a new student came to our school', Ernest Pionk. Our sixth and seventh year was not too eventhxl. We also welccmed a new teacher, Mrs. Johnson. In the last year of grade school we still had Mrs. Johnson aa our teacher. We all looked forward to seeing our new classmates who we would join in the ninth grade at Askov High. The four finishing this year are Shirley, Walter and Carol. HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY Forty-two intelligent faces ibut that was alll started high school. The whole thing was all right by us except for one little thing. Initiation! Remember those itchy ol' 'Long Johns"? Weren't they horrid? And those shoes! Wonder how the boys ever lived through it. We had some of our classes over in the D.B.S. Hall, and it was a lot of hm walking back and forth. Che nice thing-they could never tell where we were. We found out who the gentlemen were, too, when one of the teachers was pushed down in the msd rush for dinner. In our sophomore year we had our revenge. The freshmen had to take their pmmishment now! All that wasted lipstick! About this time we were finding out what study halls were for--sleep. The teachers didn't quite have the sane idea, did they? Oh, the jvmlor year was really the one for work-the play, prom, and getting the mgng Qggttg out. At least in our own estimation, they were aJ.l successful achievements of our class. Which was the nest fun? All that crepe paper! Remember! We thought we'd never get it all up. Just like rain or shine the school paper was always ready on time. It all goes to prove lost anything can be done. And now it's our last year of high school. At one time or another we've all thought it was hopeless, but here we are hoping and waiting for our diplomas. .... THQ .,-.55 14, ,, , 94 925: ,..---1-371. ' P As I was cleaning the meteor dust off my bookshelves the other day, I ran across an old weather-beaten PINE KNU1' fran 1954. It made me very lonescme for all of my old pals, and I de- cided to take a vacation frm my flying saucer wrecking yard. I gassed up my new Model T smokemobile and hit the air. I hadn't been travelling for over sixty seconds when I hit a huge mass of bricks. I had run smack into a building being erected by the Wermerskirchen Construction Canpany. I chatted with Norbert and his secretary, Miss Isabella Walker, for a few minutes, and they told me I would find Sonja Nielsen down the road in her shooting gallery. Sure enough! I found Sonja surrounded by all her guns, giving lessons in shooting. When I had gone about two miles I discovered an awful factg I had run out of fuel for ny little smokemobile. So I set out on foot for the nearest farm where I met, to my surprise, Karen Krogh, who was busy harvesting her bountiful bean crop, and she welcomed me warmly. She gave me sane fuel and a lift in her surrey and told me not to miss visiting the Dry River Hoe- down in the Legion Nall at Danbury, for Ronald Clark was to sing there that night as the main attraction. I assured her I wou1dn't miss it and I d1dn't, either. The show was a huge successg the entire populace of the area turned out to see it. That night I also witnessed an amazing feat-.a juggling act by Allan Plaisted. After the show I chatted with Clara Hedin, manager of the Hedin Poultry Farms both here and in Japan. The next day, bright and early, I hopped into my little smokemobile for a visit with other old pals in New York. To my surprise, as I was my-ing atm juice, I noticed a huge billboard announcing the next game between Askov and Syracuse, with Jerry Peg-leg Sexton as the world's greatest basketball player. He also runs a Hot Rod Manufacturing Company on the side. fend enjoys this even more, I'm told., When I reached New Yak I headed straight for a big sign which read: "Expert Roller Skating Instructions, Gloria Anderson, P1-op." I couldn't resist this and I received sms very timely tips fran Gloria on skating and also as to the whereabouts of other old buddies. She told me that Bonnie Pearson was Dean of Girls at a hqne for juveniles who skipped school. She said that Miss Pearson has a very understanding nature and much experience, which, no doubt, has contributed to her success as a counselor of this sort. While in New York, I found Rose Ann Ketchum, as head nurse, in one of the leading hospitals. At the time of my visit with her I also chatted for a while with Cecelia Ingemansen, who had been doctoring for sometime for toeache-itis. However she had improved a great deal and told me where I could find me of her friends fend mine, toes who was none other than Ardyce Henrik- sen, the head librarian, in the biggest library in the nation. While visiting her there, I talked with Laurence Hegge who was busy with his latest experiment--a cat that woulf'n't meow. So far he had not had much success but was still trying. On the way back from the library, I spied a poster in a window which read: 'Magnuson Reducing Salon", I stepped inside and saw Iqrt with five busy secretaries flying around her. Myrt offered me a free treatment and I accepted-just for hm, of course! She had a very nice layout there. She told me that Marvin Olesen was her best customer and was around most of the time, so she hired him as janitor of her establishment. She told me to be sure to visit the Keyports while I was in town, so I took her advice and visited Shirley and Maurice that very afternoon, and of course, their family. I also chatted with Carol Sagvold for several minutes after I left the Keyports. At the time she had been baby-sitting with fifteen of her grand- children and was taking sane of them for a little stroll. I headed north to see Walter Bloom at the fire tower in Nickerson. He welccmed me warmly and directed me to agplace to buy smokemobile fuel. When I saw Delores working as the attendant in the wrecking yard and gas station combination, I got the surprise of my life. The name of her establishment was "Modern Machinery Hill." Walter also mentioned to me the trouble his neighbors were having. It seemed that the Mrs., Elsie, couldn't agree with her husband on one score. She wanted to continue singing with her cousin, Harriet, as the Moley girls, but her husband had been having earaches and oouldn't stand the noise. As I left the wrecking yard, Delores told me to watch out for Jack Pearson who was still crazy about cruising around on his cycle. It was still the same, only he had super-atomic power now. I was just thinking about Jack when he whiszed up to me. He told me he was just returning frm the shindig over at Danbury. I asked him what the big stink was that I snelled. He told me it was rutabagas. Leo Jensen and LeRoy Clausen had fonned a corporaticn to beccme the big- gest root dealers in the area, the roots must have been rotten. I stopped in at their place to use the telephone. When I got there they were busy making plans for the construction of a double-duty destinker. When I got the operator, she sounded familiar, and suddenly I realised I was speaking to Joyce Jensen, telephone operator, noted for her quick, courteous service. I got U party and soon afterwards took off in my mnokemobile for Venus. 66444 7066! He, the senior class of 1951. of Askov High School, after twelve years of sweat and smiles, disregarding our differences, do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament. I, Gloria Ann 'Andy' Anderson, will my uncanny ability to cut ten minutes off social class every day to Carl Jensen. I , Walter Lorenz 'Wally' Bloom, will my good nature to Delores Krueger. I, Ronald John 'Ronnie' Clark, will my dark, wavy hair to Irene Passow, and to Dean McCul- lough goes my janitor's job in case he needs s e spending money. I, LeRoy Lunde 'Lippy Lee' Clausen, will my ability to be the first one up in the pool hall at noon to Paul Petersen. I, Delores Mathilda 'Del' Hansen, will my ability to get to doings aJ.moet every night of the week to Barbara Hansen. I leave my cheerleading ability to anyone who wants it. I, Clara Marie Hedln, will my love for giving speeches to Philip Chalman in hopes he can keep the seniors happy in English class next year. I, Laurence Carl Hegge, will my ability to keep the teachers on their toes with my knowledge to Gerald Knapp. I, Ardyce Lou 'Ardy' Henriksen, will W colorful vocabulary to Deanna Buld. My gift of oratory I leave for Jack McCullough to use. I, Cecelia Marilyn 'Cindy' Ingemansen, will my ability to run the ditto machine to Barbara Albers so at least there will be someone to run off tests next year. I, Velma Joyce Jensen, will my dislike for my first name to any junior girl who doesn't like hers. I, Leo Theodore 'Lee' Jensen, will my knowledge of trucking to Joy Plesner in hopes she will become e cattle buyer someday. I, Rose Ann 'Rosie' Ketchum, will my long black hair to Barbara Johnson. I, Maurice Anthony Keyport, will my ability to get along with the girls to Pat Galvin. I, Karen Marie 'Carrots' Krogh, will my job as choir secretary to Else Christensen so that next year she'll have to get there on time. My happy-go-lucky mood goes to all to the pessi- nists in the junior class. I, Shirley Mae Lundwall, will my argumentative ability to Helen Torell. To Edward Bltglund goes my contagious giggle. I, Myrtle Ardyce 'Mvrt' Magnuson, will my ability as a cartoonist to Mardelle Hessmn so that she will someday be in the funny papers. To Darrel Madsen go my wise cracks so he can keep the future seniors from getting bored. I, Elsie Marie Molgaard, will my melancholy moments to all the dreamers in the junior class. I, Harriet Julia 'Herby' Molgaard, will nw quiet beauty to Patricia Laursen. To Duane Monette goes my neat appearance, and he surely doesn't need it. I, Sonja Elisabeth 'Suzie' Nielsen, will my utter dislike of all things cowardly to Richard Wahlquist. To Fran Dahlgren goes my knack for being first to dinner. I, Bonnie Lou 'Bonita LuLu' Pearson, will nu ability for getting passes and excuses to Freida Bassmussen. To Beverly Sebald goes my title as 'Clothes Sharpie' of the senior class. I, Jack Bennett Pearson, will my motorcycle to Leslie Lund so he can keep the tosm constable busy at noon. To B111 Haynes goes my projector's ability for use during next year's social Clllle I, Allan Dale Plaieted, will my sunny smile to Sylvia Jensen in hopes she will brighten many a dull moment. I, Marvin Herbert Ole sen, will my height and weight to Bobby Thomsen in case he needs it for basketball next year. I, Carol Ann Meyer Sagvold, will nu ability to go to school and keep a husband at the same time to Carol Christensen, in case she wants .to try it, too. I, Jerome Edward 'Jerry' Sexton, will U basketball ability to sq brother, Tinmy, so we may go to the district tournaments next year. I, Isabella Halker, will my talent for sewing to the senior home economics class of next year. I, Norbert Frank 'Hem' Wermerskirchen, will my ability to be seen and not heard to Art Jensen in hopes it will tame the juniors a little. Jointly and severally, we will our textbooks to the janitor for kindling in case the school is as cold next year as it was this year. He, the senior class, will, to all future seniors, the utter amazement they feel when they realise they are at last seniors. ' '. 1 0 E .ij :,.: .1 ,AI 1 , I, I , ,f -..A - ,QW -i wr ii 'S 'M- IP if ., e. .1 ,, ,V JS E 4., 'rw 4 F. Mn.: n. nz' saw., , .-,L -'Es W it 6" 2591 si :iii n i' tw :dn A 'XB .ig gag. AW, Wi. Leon Ned egaerd President 1 -fi Shirley Andersen Annette Bllid Dale Hansen Lila Nielsen Vice President Barbara hgge Elmer Berg Irene Christensen All-an CYNB Darlene Johnson Betty Rasmussen Danna Wermerekirchen Gail Krogh Darlene Scovill Sally Berg Lois Degerstrom Irene Larsen Betty sebum Genera Shy Ruby Clerk Deen Fraser Katherine Galvin Charles Methos Secretary Leo Birkholl Barbara Praha A1160 Molgaard Howard Sparks Betty Treasurer Donna Brieland Earlene Graves Ernest Morse HQ! Thmkn f r we m.mX , X X at 4 " ,ar E x --sf .-.- , A P A ? A J e , as W, - - '- ff- A ' ' 5 Q, , , C A Ji 'L I 2, y if 5 L 3. V, 'A . I , A P' R- f , . A R51 2 Q we A li M 5 . We Q., 1 , I P -wx A V ' ' L awww Annette Brandee, Margie Clausen, Donna Lee Fisher, Albin Hedin, Bertrand Ingemensen, Arlene Jensen, Gerald Jensen, Orland Jensen, Robert Jensen, Gene Krogh, Mary Krogstad, Alan Larson, Leroy Larsen, Marlin Lund, Judith Madsen, Darwin Maxwell, Curtis Meier, Allen Newman, Pearl Newman, Karla Paulsen, Arne Pearson, Darlene Petersen, Bonnie Peterson, Howard Rasmussen, Daniel Scovill, Wrne Sorensen, Bruce Spicer, Beverly Storebo, Rosalie Hard Camera shy: Duane Haukinson SeaewZ4Q2444 Sharon Anderson, Pet Alberts, Shirley Clark, 'Bette Clausen, Janet Degerstrom, John Ecklund, Kathryn Haynes, Linda Hedin, Deloris Jacksen, Verne Jensen, Arlin Krantz, Sherry Krogstad, Betty Larsen, Dorothy Matthews, Richard McCullough, Karl Nielsen, Solvig Petersen, Roger Pletcher, Ronald Fletcher, Verlene Reynolds, Katherine Sorensen, Sharon Serritslev, LeVonne Thomsen, Olivia Uessman Q' 3 R 'Q it Q P 2 l I 1 e. . f i Vw if 7VVV,L.V ' 3 XV -, , ,. gg, X, an ' 'A A r J if A X P . 2' A ,. t. V. I x xg: K .QIQ NV a , K. X K , I N - eyte Q1 ,Y- q . H523 ':" ' ' f- 1- '- 5 f,I,.1:- V X sk," f E ' S l ll D ' ' f 5 '?""-7 I . , -hd' I H gg, o Q Y . P . 5 ,. ,, X , I' -at J J ,Q .N J, 1. ' QA .-M' ,Risk K , -'15 , Wi' 5" '- '-'LIE Q-A J ff, W , ,EM 1 Q H, gs, 5 JE' mg: , 5 .f 5. 7amtlQtade David Anderson, Judith Anderson, Carole Ball, Kenneth Bresin, Bonita Christensen, Paul Christen- sen, Duane Clausen, Arla Hansen, Marvin Hansen, Dale Johnson, Patricia Hansen, Donald Jorgensen, Ruth Larsen, Brien Lnndgren, Kenneth Meier, Anna Molgaard, Bruoe Stott:-up. '74ad7wd4 Jackie Alberts, Virginia Bresin, Wanda Clark, Jack Clausen, Betty Ellson, Michael Genereux, Arden Jensen, Carolyn Jensen, Charlene Jensen, Robert Jensen, Eric Johansen, Janice Johnson, William Krogsted, mane Inmdgren, Richard Newman, Linda Neilson, Judith Olesen, Asta Petersen, Philip Soovvill, Janice Sostak, Ronald Yoxmgberg. 'I .6 K P .1 .gk fm ,O N , . K-nllug:-nl4ln ga Eiiggsall- . ! rxxf Nh, 5 Second 'B 45 gg, Q A , In .n, Q ,Ni x A 'P'U-'l'1 1' gsigsiuiuii gs sb- , -J 5 , 4 1 YE' ' James Anderson, Ronald Carroll, James Christensen, Kenneth Dewitt, Mary Eklund, Dennis Jensen, Larry Jensen, Margaret Jensen, Philip Jensen, Robert Jensen, Diane Jessen, Douglas Johnson, Glenda Madsen, Robert Madsen, Richard Meier, Gale Nelson, David Newman, Harold Nielsen, Paul Paulsen, Peter Paulsen, Peter Pesheck, Arlene Thomsen, Darlene Wessman, Richard Youngberg. 7m:Qwie Ja es Adams, Judith Anderson, William Bresin, Bruce Christensen, Albert Clark, Richard Clark, Diane Degerstram, Patricia Ellson, Kathleen Fogt, Richard Faye, Patrick Genereux, Barbara Jensen, Diane Mae Jensen, Evelyn Jensen, Dennis Johansen, Diane Lee Johnson, Judith Keating, Donald Krogh, Laurel Krogstad, Claudia Lund, Marie Lundgren, Marilyn Madsen, Kathleen Morgensen, Leona Newman, Karl Oleson, Carl Richard Pearson, Linda Pecheck, Terry Rassmusen, Jerry Stead,Raymond Youngberg, Karen Patent. S- 47: Q F my Qu f ' .0- 12 7 5 H ,V 1, le 1. s Ak H3 im 'Sh han.. 'lb kk, A -1 4 L: . 7 55' 'Q u . --. ,n -4. "HI-el .'1ung,.-,K wp--M-ff.Q.q... ...--,- -- , ,,,, .. ,,..A - - ,,. WM.,,wWv-W, QW - Q - I Z A 1 2 gig-,ii A wk.: W M... '.WQs,1eeie3'x in K ' f ' l 1 , f x f w Q gp., 1 ' ig 5' ' af- X 5 M, Q , . -. Jw Q ' --Shin L 'Bali W13. 3 M, wg.-. kwin N , 5. x. Kiixiwlikimf' ,rw--vw-fmi . ,. ,V ., .W WM, ws .W , ,gm ' k 6: -5 f , . f 1 K Usb Al aww ' w 1-553 - 1, ' s5iv3flf35a'fiQsff?f'fTfFif-:L 5' ' iffwa ' ,lfHa av55fff 1'k2 ,gwiigigiglfp , . ,mai V 'L '+3,11g.LA'. : Rh , ' ,- -1' if 'Q N' 41, M1 : - we 1, , , gg R .. -f's,5A N f v, E snr . . " 5' .a,,.,g.m,, fu sv N K 1535 'K S n 1.::-' 54 Q .11 f ' 1 s ,,, ' J . ..,..., . ,, .f 'Q ' I-A i ' ,. .2 ' J N - k' ' '. A , ,1 . 1. we 1 . , ,,1'l- M' A" M:: 'T 'ff . f 1 x A .avxkigixx ' mn? ..VLL P V -A 'I , - . Iii, . ?" v fix - W 7'lHFff' I 5, E f Lf l - R ' -" f-A V . 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SECOND ROWx Charles Matthes, Duane Hawkinson, Jerry Sexton, Robert Sostak, Dale Clausen, Walter Bloam, Alan Plaisted, Lewis Shaffer, Coach. 24446416 FIRST ROW: Philip Chalman, Alan Plaisted, George Clegg, Winston Gross, Donald Anderson SECOND ROW: Bill Haynes, Tim Sexton, Delmar Hawkinson, Ronald Clark, Walter Bloom, Jerry Sexton, Roland Thais, Coach ' 9,5 R A-,.-.195 N 4 x Em x . ,A.A , L7 -Q La ' V 5 j'gV V ,T 5 ze , x i g 5+ 7.12313 P- , , ' 'f Qiagi-22' "QQ , ' ,nz EM , 'Y . . . ' u l Q A me 1 - 11 W 5 rv ' . 1 L, f M L 1 If if Q , K -M i Q , if u , , . ,..- , 1 ' , was V- F 'f L , . ' wr I w , ff.. . ' 'lfiffi f'TE5l5'.."f' ,. . J, 435- , ,f-ff V 'K J :5'?K"' "" . 1 5' 'H 4 'd gizisli W W ''siQ'E1.ffb-ja,-gig" K a:qv5:'1' , 1 5 ,, W-.3 , U 1 'M 'fi .. 'S . '- 1' ' 5' ' - . ,Al 4, I AVLLL :ig -' , -V J! :- I 5 :Y J' -af V km. 'W A 11: 5 L H .si-igjfg -Eli, Njigff- ' , wb, ..1a,f A ., . M ,..,.,,a..- .. - "S 'ff 'L Q ' . ' . - L21 'fs QM Lk - . .P .L Thiran U A W. ui. ,' 7 A , . 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SECOND ROW: Gloria Anderson, Ardyce Henriksen, Delores Hansen, Helga Larsen, Elsie Molgaard, Karen Krogh, Elenor Storebo, Delores Krueger. 7m S Marvin Olesen, Jerry Sexton, Maurice Keyport, Tim Sexton, Ronald Clark 0,f,Qzef4 ' Sylvia Jensen, Mrs. Nielsen, Secretary, Gloria Anderson, Cecelia Ingemansen, Francis Dahlgren, Barbara Krogh, Beverly Sebald, Barbara Hansen, Deanna Budd, Helga Larsen. i Wtayawww Barbara Hanson, Cecelia Ingemansen, Betty Lou Sebald v 94464 ,4vwl.4' weaken Mary Krogstad, Valerie Sheehan, Pearl Newman, Sylvia Jensen, Suzanne Carroll, Mavis Jensen, Sherry Kroustad, Martha Johansen, Geneve Johnson ..- .. , - ffge M' 4- 'w',44- Q Zac Duhew Hans Lunde, Kenneth Cahoon, Harold Fisher, Fred Olesen, Ed Peters, Harry Mortensen !7 .5 John Clark Dental Uffcbe Dr. H. G. Swennes, Marjorie Madsen 3 4. w.- , 5:5 4 ff JJ x v ,ip x k I' WJ sg ghx 'Qfmw 'K-' X Tj 53 . . 1 -nga-vt Lend? OUR SPONSORS We, the Askov students, are grateful to the following for contributing to the production of this annual, and urge you to patronize them ASKOV Morgensen's Cabinet Shop Jensen's Cafe Askov Hardware Store Sebald's Garage Feury's Shoe Shop Adjustable Sign Co. Askov Variety Pederson's Radio Shop Sorensen Implement Co. Ferndale Nursery Q Greenhouse Ralph Wahlquist Co-op Oil Ass'n. Co-op Feed Store Askov Dray Line BRUNO Erickson's Fairway KERRICK Fe Ce Marotta Kerrick Pramoter's Club Kerrick Hotel Sexton'e Mercantile DUQUETTE Cherrio-Circle Club Lund's Tavern SANDSTONE Mac's Radio Q TV Service Pearson's Clothing 5 Groceries Jensen Realty Co. Madison Hotel Q Coffee Shop Tip Top Beauty Shop Louie Hutter Motors Pierson's Jewelry Barnick's Furniture Store V 1, WCKVIJCSCK lxfc. Mr!!! Pzire 'fc2e,0!!01ve, Ca is fQmGJS6'ff1v. Asffz wg MMM S ecuriijy 913.16 BANK Mavic M PM L 2I.S'y7!Y'j ea 14,95 v,JY510Y. .456 Ygfwflflff E Jfovge N5 emi- CM: vw-ale? JYa,J se Nts E a ff, JQSGLJWIWM JJQQ Jfirm 'Ug,7,,,a, gif, W., ' M 4-zgsfgezafg' C-'. IQ. Pc'Iev s eff Pro R , .M .. Agffmfeffrff K-ffmfi WM Co-apyxfe vc MZ? Ze las. fvJc-arsafr De Lama f7.sf2y3 Jfmfff. Day LL eI'Z'c, Jmilf 1516? ggfgrg Jfvoklzgf Drag gfo Ye, ,,g6,Q,GJQ:1,m SAM! 81 axe, Jflmrm 0256K Szeflffffc. 6,00 jg.3M5'g fgyfeij 'X5'f5'Y9 MMM q9a.xJ.s'Zb1re,JZ1T'1K JR- 3?-afnfloh. 30545-Sf0Y4 - Lumbar CaMPJ.h3 . jcg,f5y9j4,,'QW QSA.NJ6"l'olfe,J1Wff'!V- Pfzaiiejrafly Mffhis Bvvflfclvnfe by 53027 87'u.J1bJ6o3a Lafei . A' A Jfiflq ' Q I 'x .,1u 2,1 .- ,.g 4,.5,, 11,1 1 ,, x 5 L , .--A.. ' .Zh :N-44, -,, w., .V -,.. .:-- 1 x.. , -N, I. ,L 1 I 'A ,,.L - , L fi . , ,---J -- ' "rv- ' -QQ" 3-3: 3. Hug. x . ,, Vt 'gif ,,. 5 v 1, F" - ,.', f-5 .-1 V . gJ - -. ,. . '. - ,iv .' W. gk N 1 ' M 1-SH' A'-w,:,g,f.1.' . wJ'.'-L X.: g. " if' ' :'f.v. . . r if ': W-:. :f 3" l'7"'9 4. ..,. N ,. ,.. 'f -1- P 415 4 .. , f 1-, ' - L21 , 4: ,-,, V ey, X ge w ,nn K .L 1 . I ' .fx , 5 Z , -- . 1 Q, . X uf-111 jpj- .. ' 1 .1 ,lv W:-.-, ...T c, 4 54-LE. Y,- A ' 4 ' ' K , , .gd 1. M' : . . ' '- .sn . . 1, ,L .Qu W., -w , Mgt. f , . , ,M xr- -q .- gui' 7 . , ' :, 1. ,,, 1 4+ . . ., R. ' 1 -. Q- ff-!' 'A my , ,, 1--,,, . -4514 gm- , HWS! " V , "-1f,p,. ' . -,. !. -. 9, xx, .Q X w A x ..-, ..A' Afq . A nw, ,,, 4 r a wa, '-,X 1 , ' 1 '.5,J4: .5 ..,- , "Ili " LL, ', ,H - 11 1. N., ' .,-1. f' ,.1.L..ig '.iu4...Q1.m.. -1' F. -2 5-Q .L ,J ff aww Af F ifyx. W Qfygwj Riff nf Sm ,GQ-4-A r Xa -Yx GM 21' Q.: av' Bax -.1 'fre YL? Y

Suggestions in the Askov High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (Askov, MN) collection:

Askov High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (Askov, MN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Askov High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (Askov, MN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Askov High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (Askov, MN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Askov High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (Askov, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 29

1954, pg 29

Askov High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (Askov, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

Askov High School - Pine Knot Yearbook (Askov, MN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

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