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 - Class of 1937

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19 Wwfwiw' MMQW ,EO W Q iwg ENQMKZEJJ Zfwj Hg fW2Q4ffVfQ2N?s M ?fQm W fx N TQ we W if ww iw Q WAY QV My W N555 kwgghyik S W 5 , ?JemfwU X, ' g tk wffdg WW gxXiVff'T WWZ ' ' n BV ' V A? 4 ' ' awp QQ MH 97 , QQN S K 1,,.,-,T fiQE?2f5?fkIle, ' . lm' f1b'i,V5r ,. ' aim?-5,,.'7 f I .:1, X X f?le.'fi+ yu-.A--lv f,- .ggtkfful-1 .1.-pai' f- A V: My - 1ggiigxmgvifaffiwbgsgiwglhagq1KiIge.V.Qei5-QM:' 4 ' V4 f W .f .ah Mw,s4..-.,f ev M. ww 1- , . -:rl fQ . f . M f b A 1 0005! WWW My my I Q T 'IAV .4 VK .. Q -n ' uf? vtk. Y Lx., I X + Mgt fb . Q N - QD Q . Q 1 -QQ qi , Q, S . I 1 51 mlb. l . 1 g 'KU m ' m - S i m 1 I x ' Q CW' ' - Q W 381 gy hm Q I i ,ff .wwf Magma 9 www XM ,X I W AAWVQV Aworfg 4 . h The Hour lass Volume XVIII CPubli5bed CBy STUDENTS OF ANNISTON HIGH SCHOOL P Copyright 1937 T 11 5 V A 1 LQL 1 V. V. Foreword From the tip of the mas- cot's nose to the lock on the gate of the Al-I.S. Zoo, we have attempted to portray with a candid camera, and an even more candid pen, the life ofA.H.S. in '36-'37. 3, vu I x -,:' I 5 V 'tr'-f......a.Q,.,,,,,, ' ' - 'il ummfmmmwff 3 w2r .r,a:r. f...f,..:fm -' ff n '- ' ' Mm! O7'lf6Tlf3' Students - Activities . 1 ' ' Faculty . . 5 - 9 27 53 Sports . . Features . 6 3 A . 1 in A Q. 1 7.55: if i 1' 2 M Q i 4 4 N: is SS 1 i LE W N 3 f0 r if Xi i l 5 5 .- w D f x ii 9 'W' rl! ,f ,fa , N4 , ily, f i -' if 'ig ff i i M i Q X Ep? Mx X' jf' yjf A7 Af 3,4 5 .Fl?E' CDedz'cation To our mascot, the A.I'I.S. Bulldog, recognizing his loyal services and untiring efforts in encouraging our teams to achieve victory after victory, we, of the Hour Glass Staff, dedicate this, the 1937 edition of the Hour Glass. ' s 5 'N -T ' - F' -.if -w 'H -' . il' -. , ,, . 1lfk7.1:- ' - I' Y V Dy' ,,.Y:ff 'fs : - 4 -ci r ,Q Z' 4': .ff-L4-15-:',,,,A M 1 'X 1 ' 'uw '-171 :i in r Q - -,,-T--, , , l ,-, ,4- ,-.,,1- 4 f ---' - :L ,L A- . Vg. ,.1 f,f vm. .-', v Z ,f ,5,s .. I ? f. Z7 f A- , , ' 11 ' f f Qf if p Q H ' xl il Xb-XX 526 0 0 Of 5 X XY X ' 5 if 'ff-fs f f'Z'l1'- X fzxfgj yi ff 54,1 'E-fr , if-'X ' i- ? Z 3 ' Ki- - XAAJ if - , XAAZ x X x x- 67 f 42-fff f f gfxi X 4 5,- 14 - . f 'H af- l 1 'MTYluhvr Fczcult 7 A if-11' 11 Q 33 S fff ff W 3 ?..-1 THEHOURCLAQQOF N FACULTY ON PAGE 6 Mr. Myer-Some think that he is the chief character in the spider and the fly, but we know that he's a swell fellow. Mr, Nash!-The iron hand with the velvet gloveg sometimes he takes the glove off. We asso- ciate him with 312. Miss Smith-Her motto: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. She wields a wicked skillet. Mrs. Huger-You've heard the saying Sit on a cushion and sew a fine seamf' Well, in Mrs. Huger's room there are no cushions. Mrs. Austin'-She teaches our sweet demurc lassies to be hard woikin goilsf' Miss Liston-Our blushing schcol marm-Seated on her desk, with her pickle jar at her side, she teaches five-syllable words along with French and English. Miss Ordway-With her sweet decorous ways is always on the lookout for Hi-Echo news. Miss Richardson-The most absorbed conversationalists are blasted into silence by the dynamic personality of our librarian. Miss Stewart-Miracle worker with chemicals, is our chief claim to genius. Mrs. Reynolds-Our Yankee history teacher and Socialist has greatest difficulties for enjoymentl while teaching about the Civil War and during elections. Miss Malone-Sometimes called cat-killer, is our clever biological vivisectionist. Mr. Neely-Our versatile teacher. Besides teaching geometry, speech, trig, he plays the violin and the piano. Also, he acts and produces plays. Still, we've never heard him sing. Mrs. White-Maybe the idea of armchairs and ottomans hasnlt occured to her, but we're looking for them next year to add to our comfort in her room. Miss Weaver-A brilliant scientific mind for biology. She is also a bridge player of high rank. Miss Cater-Cute, blonde, and little-but size is no drawback when it comes to coaxing beautiful music from both the Glee Clubs. A Mr. Newman-The boys in Mr. Newman's industrial art classes respond hastily when he says, Come here. Come 'ere, now! Coach Lott- Chink is a proud papa as well as a wonderful coach. His grand personality makes him an A. H. S. favorite. FACULTY ON PAGE 7 Miss Williams-She sometimes needs a baton to keep in unison the rhythmic beat of chewing gum and typewriters. Miss Barnes- Teacher teaches our girls to be expert athletes, in fact, almost female Samsons. Miss Shelton-She is called Doc for her art of bandaging girls wounded in sports. As a side line she teaches history. Miss Ingram--This English teacher hoids the dipper in the Pierian Club whose members drink deepl' from the Pierian Springs. Mrs. Hudson-Next to Stuart Erwin we rank this math teacher first as a human adding machine. Miss Houser-We like to look at this tiny teacher as well as listen to her lectures on Woolley. Mr. Jackson--Our pride and joy band director teaches our high school windbags how to get it off their chests. Miss Peterson-Believe it or not, this soft-hearted teacher is hard to beat in math. Mr. Couch-Our physics teacher. He's got all the answers-in a little answer book. He is tops as an assistant football coach. . Mr. Self-Although Skipper's'y main interest is in Industrial Arts, he also sponsors the art of linoleum cutting. His intriguing dry wit has endeared him to all Hi-scholars. Mrs. Gibson-Like Caesar, whom she so ardently advocates, she came, she saw, and she is still conquering A. H. S. Mrs. Banks-As a math teacher, we figure that she adds up to an indispensable total. Mrs. Brurnmel-A loyal Hour-Glass fan. She collects them. Mudestly, she wouldn't pose for her picture, so this informal Nsnapi' was the best we could do. Miss Pinson-She heard the call of the Parnassian Hills and the result was the flourishing baby Parnassian Club. Mrs. Moorefield-This meek but persistent teacher was not with us the first semester, but we feel that A. H. S. has benefited by her valuable addition. Mrs. Warnmk-She mitigates your mathematical problems and also teaches the fundamental prin- ciples of science. Mrs, Horn-Her Virginia accent lends atmosphere to her intensely interesting and unbiased dis- cussions of the Civil War. HEHOURGLASSOF 8 5 if f c c ' ' :...g,...,--..- 123. fe bnsi, S-Fix , ,J i fi X NNE W' 3 A 'f wg Sf 9 If gn-in Siam a ,. -' -- I f' '5 A 5 I . . n mnrnfwr Students NISTON HIGH SCI-IGOI. 9 SENIOR OFFICERS 43' JOE KING ALEX SAWYER MARTHA H. CLEVELAND DOT DAVIS President Vive-Presidenl Sefrelary Tffdfufff S E N I O R C L A S S ' FRANCES ALDRICH A fun-loving gal from way Jack-sunny as they make 'em. MINNIE ALLISON Sings to you with her voice and her eyes, HAROLD BAKER Shy, retiring, and a magi- THEHG '4 71,64 U U 1 MARY ALLEN Brilliant in everything, An all-arouncl girl. PARKER ANDERSON A dignified senior and stoogie -what does that malice him? RUDOLPI-I BAILEY A true Southern gentleman --pardon his Southern c Cehf. RGLASSOF 9 sf' YW ' .ii MARVIN BLACK :Red Black-I-le should have that school spirit, Star reporter and a dependable worker. ADELINE Boon-I Have you heard her latest? If not youll Find it in the exchange column of the Hi- Echo. uiet humor d - scribes her best, RUBY Box Shorthand speed queen- She's going some if she can write as fast as she talks, SARA BROTHERS Thinker-upper of all these cracks but we like her just the same. SARA BRowN Of all the girls that are so smart, there's none like pretty Sally. MORGAN BUNCH Bright blue eyes and a con- tagious laugh are his. -- ..J...,L4.a..I..u.-.nan 'P 's 'f ' GLADYS BLANCHARD sense of humor wed all ike to have. Has she told you about her dog Napo- eon? AINIES Bowtss Hope you didn t miss him in our pl1y 'Growing Pains. 'Q BILLY BRIDGES The perfect attitude-de- pendable and earnest. MILDRED BROWN A reading machine, always wound up and always going. Z-' ANNETTE BUCK Revenge is sweet! Which means she's responsible for those faculty gags. EUGENiA CADE BUTLER Her dancing ability is only surpassed by her pleasing personality. ANNISTGN HIGH SCHOOL x - ,,-...,..-......,.s.,.T.,... 9 ,A V, 4. ,, ...,,,. ,J 6 W. ' ' ' ' - as Q A ' :gs -.-.It 11 . E NADINE CAMPBELL A real worker with a sweet appealing manner. RUTH CHRISTXAN HA x ure. JEWELL CCCHRAN No bigger than a minuteg a swell sense of humor. WALKER COLLINS Plays the trumpet in the band. That must be the noise we hear. BOBBIE DAVIS Any girl would envy her dimples and her winning ways. RUTH DEASON Tlxere's many a brain under that strawberry top! THEH vitty woman is a treas- Z OURGLA f cf, s ,-f.:w '4 , V . M V- 3 , , .,.,,,. V' LILLIAN FRANCES CAUDLE ur book critic-and nc! l'Gone With the Wind', either. MARTHA H. CLEVELAND Ye editor of our own Hi- Echo is ready to go places and do things. ANN COLE Our most sophisticated sen- ior, bet she didn't feel very sophisticated het first riding lesson. JAMES COOPER Swish-Another goal. A brainy basketball player with eyes in the back of his head. Dolzon-n' DAvis She's got everything-style, smile, class and clothes. iw-U Am' WELL DURDEN The teachers will miss being able to look down and see one person studying second period. SSOF me Q..L',..1. 'L -- ..J. ' 'aeilin-lush. 'Pi' .SENIOR cLAss LAKE EDWARDS He is the very pineapple of politeness. I I A A Jo FRAZIER She's got that true Southern spirit. Her friendliness can't be beat. MARGARET CECIL GAINES One of our school beauties -but the phrase beautiful but dumb wasn't macle for her. I GOLDEN GRAY Another successful petticoat president. Have you ever seen her blush? VESTA HARMON Better late than never, she EJ UMW! says. Another Robert Taylor votes the student body. J A Ti'i3?Fi3f1'f?i f 7 1 K J f . Q,.,,, ,fs 4 jf f 1, 1 ,A Q j i V f . Q 'Sn ' 'i 314 .115 ' 1 'ae G . , Dv K' 's GRACE ELLENBURG Still waters run deep U 99 MILDRED FRIES Quiet as a mouse, with a most becoming blush and lots of sense Louise GEIER The expression peaches a cream was just made for Louise's complexion. LAWRENCE GRAY One of our drum majors. A popular soda-jerlcer is a swell advertisement for any drug store. ANNYCE I-IENDRICKS Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech. PATRICIA HOPKINS Sci'umbunctious. Has she ever tried this one on you? ANNISTON HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS. SARA JENKINS Noted for her neatness4 fastidious in every respect. CHARLOTTE JOHNSON A iesson in Charfn and 3 musical genius. FRANKLIN JOHNSON Actor, stage-hand, scenery builder-he,s the apple of Mr. Neely's eye. MACFADDEN JONES Alias Einstein,', our phys' ics genius. XVe think he in- vented the theory of rela- tivity. HOWARD KEY Bulletin boards, shelves, zinc cuts?-he wins the approval of all the teachers with his mechanical marvels. EVELYN Kmcus Wfithdrawn. THEH X'- 11- DOROTHY Jonson Does she have rhythm! A bundle of sweetness with dancing feet. FRANCES JOHNSON The Spanish type, well-lilced by all and shines in gym. Lois JONES Completely unique, our only xylophonist. Not hard to loolc at either. FLORA LEE KENNEDY just plain cute and a wine ning smile. JOE KING Class president, basketball star, sunny disposition, in short, all the honors in one suit. Rox' KNIGHT A handsome knight -nm ble in all his deeds. See our Sports Section if you doubt it. OURGLASSOF -.--I-F .. .. ...,. -- ,,..l ,,.L.....t Q. '..,..n.-ma, 1 'PH C L A S S iSENlOR MARY FRANCES LANDERS VIRGINIA LEDnE'I'TEn Quiet, serene, untufflecl, and Actress and reader-Boy! a poet of promise. them there eyes. eww XJ-of lv-el V f'LoYD LEMING ELIZABETH LEYDEN I 'ard working messenger boy and an out-cloor man. A true artist-violinist ancl linoleum cutter. Sheys done a lot for school and class, PEARL LINDSEY She has a gentle beauty and HAROLD LLOYD a sweet mann own. QM Well-groomed and brilliant an individual thinlcer. OTIS MATTISON T h a t well-dressed m a n known to many as the Greek god. MARY MATTHEWS Rare combination of charm talent and beauty. LINDSAY MCCARTY Mx Secretary of I-Ii-Y A RANCES MCMINN Club member, and an Ush- . Hows that for versa- tility? Our best all-round student. Hats off to Frances! VONNIE RUTH MooRE JAMES MOTES You ve Got To Be A Foote ball Hero - immy, take a bow! Its soothing just to contem- plate her poise. Ancl is she a good volley ball captain! N G Min-'fi H . CJ N N Tr l 5 l I fl NJ. X SENIOR CLXQYAS JOE NUNNELLY Sleepy joe -His clrawl is the envy of these would-be Southern girls. ROBERT ORRISON Known to all as Curly. Where clicl he get that name? l MARGARET OWENS Tops at lots of things in- cluding poetry and theme writing. ALLENE PENNlNGToN An athlete with pretty hair ---wielcls a mean paint brush. HUBERT PHILLIPS A paper carrier that gets around. CARTER POLAND soapy is not only our most brilliant boy but also ll real basket ballet. Tl-lEl-I MARY LIVER smile will warm any- one's heart. EMILY OWEN Her beauty and winning nature make her attractive. Her talent and perseverance .V will make her successful. WESLEY PALMES Thar harmony you heard third period was Wesley and his partners in crime. .lag PERSELL All merchants groan when jack comes in. He's a Hi- Echo acl-getterf' FRANCES PIPPIN A pip in everything. QA pun, my word., CLINTON POPE A grand alternate football captain, he took up where Jimmy left off. SSDI: MA... . ,AL L, - ' AQ. 1' I,,eJ,.5, f li , I . ' X .... , I Y i --4 - 4 ' M -' F M 5 ' ' ,, WW' MLK SENIQR ci.Ass FRANK Pope A package of greased light- ning on the gridiron. WALTER RANKIN My only books Were women's looks. JXMMY REYNOLDS We all got a thrill on Fri- day nights watching Jimmy punish that pigskin. Jos RUFFIN Our Hour Glass camera man. Dubbed public ene- my No. 1 by the teachers for that reason. BRENTON SMITH Our chemistry student. just ask him what H25 is. SARA SMITH A jolly girl with a vivid per- sonality. Her wavy locks are the envy of all. ANNIST ti, .. 1: F 154 fag' ri or 1 ,-'-Aa I , s 1-4: .f , J f .. k ' tt -. , V I. ff! , U 4 ,Ji 1 I , I , Ly., , , , .l o VIRGINIA RAINWATER Has the distinction of being one of the guardians of the who's-at-wheren book. joe RASPBERRY Tall, blonde, and a hand- some athlete. CYNTHIA ROBINSON Originality is the keynote of her charm. It shows in her merry brown eyes. ALEX SAWYER Three cheers for the per- sonality man . He's good behind a candid camera, too. CATHERINE SMITH Withdraxvn. RUTH SNOW The only person we know who can set her tongue go- ing and then go off and leave it. ON HIGH SCI-IDOL 17 I I I. .JN f 1 SENIOR CLASS DELA SPARKS She's tried to bury her light under a bushel, but we've known it was there just the Safrle. NIARK SPEIDEL A Yankee in our midst, but he,s made a place in South- ern hearts. CARLETON STERNE Our child prodigy. In her class it's impossible to make an A. PAUL STONEY A good-looking bass. Wfho woulcln't lilce to have Paul serenade her? GUY TAYLOR Another Rubinoff,,. I-Ie's carried off lots of honors with his violin. CAROLYN THAGARD Expresses her artistic nature equally well in music, writ- ing, and poster work. TI-IE!-I Qt as ya 1 A N J A N HELEN SPARKS President of the Hobby Club, she combines brains and a talent for domesticity. REBECCA STANLEY Bubbling over with fun- she adds to any gathering. MARY STERNE A 'versatile girl-actor and writer-with lots of person- ality. Believe it or not, she was Dorothy Kix! FRANCES STOVALL A blonde you love to look at. You could learn a lot from her, too. INEZ TERRY One red-head with a sweet disposition. WILLIAM THORNTON Merchanfs pet annoyance but he brought in ads for our Hi-Echo. OURGLASSOF .1 EW I ...imf If -,-A, . :M V+ , . f- i ----W at-V f- ---W wr ii i SE :OR CLASS JACK Tun iz Always talking a usually funny. JEANNE WALKER Our Jenny Lind with spark- ling brown eyes. MARY NELL WATSON Always in the middle of a jolly crowd. KENNETH WELLS The kind of boy you know will be successful at any- thing he tries. ROBERT WINKLE Bob can dish out ice cream and we don' know what all iy else. 9. J N1AIzJo1zIE WOODRUFF A songstress, actress, and home economist, How does she do it? ROBERT WAKEFIELD A great football player-his line has a kick in it! ROBERT WARNOCK Snap! - there goes Bob again. A picture taking wizard and a class leader. JV' HUGI-I WEBB Ask Hugh who he thinks starts wars. But make your- self comfortable while he tells you. ELFORD WHITE Let's hope he never rides in the wrong end of that big white ambulance! MARY WISE Truly wise.', Behind that quiet voice is an amazing amount of knowledge. CECIL YOUNG In case you haven't recog- nized it, the face behind the trombone in the German Band is Cy's. ANNISTON HIGH SCHOOL s. If sw i w-N' b1'iQrXft.m y Wig, Uk kk X 5- tx k iw. J NIOR CLASS K Q 0 F FIC E R S Left to right' Secretary-Treasurer LAI M GEORGE LEYDEN Vice-President , Tom CLEVELAND President RAYMOND CLARKE The three-ring circus of the Junior Class started off with some loud and fancy band music. We certainly are represented in the A. H. S. Band. Raymond Clarke was ringmaster in rhe big ring with George Leyden and Tom Cleveland in the other two. The barking for the Big Show was done by Lalee Willett and Vivierte Stockman, cheer leaders for the football games-and did we have the crowds pouring in. We had some swell acrobats in the athletic line, fdon't rake that as a slam, boysl. And, of course, we had our share of beautiful girls and clowning boys. This circus is one that is run on a paying basis, on account of the in- telligent members of the troupe. Of course, we had our trials with the big animals-trou- bles, to you-but we've still gone-- On with the showlv So goodby and don,t get et up by a tiger. Cookie P. S. You'd better buy your ticket now to see the great show we're putting on next vear-and get a reserved seat! THE!-IOURGLASSOF 20 N U1 'ef 01- u' HMJELU 5 MQZWM gag M: 'lf Left to rght FIFSI Row Mary Katherine Sxlter Louise Games Mlldred I-le1slett Sara Walker Helen Masters Thelma Radcliff Ruth Hxggmbotham Vlvrette Stockman Martha Woodruff Frances Rouse Glorxa Pearson Nellre Methvm Nell Pond Loulse Rcaxes Nellie Tyler Dons Parnell Bllhe Mae ewell Douglas W1kefreld Second Row Hattie Mae Swaffold Ruth arxerr Florence Rutledge Mrnme Lee Crouch Lora Brown Alberta Ward Mary Frances Rahrer Laune Willett Mary Walker Margaret Stanley ohnme Mae Murphree Margaret Dlshman Claude Keltner Fnnk Weaver George Leyden Stephen Harman Warren Drake Agnes Heathcock Brlly Coleman hlrd Row Bernice Drake Emma Catherine Fmcher Natha Le Phllhps Sara Stephens Mary Ahce gf-ry!! Mange Marguerrte Fxnk Vlrgxnxa Wfoocls Lennls Lxpham Peggy Adaxr Sidney Lemmg Thomas V Q Faulkner Clarence Watson Charles Lev: Robert Carr Raymond Clarke jack Dempsey B ford Argo WM Fourth Row Dorrs McCartney Colleen Saxon Paulme McAuley Clelan Carter Charles Orrnson Ralph Vfff , Games ohn Pelham Wxlham Dlxon Ivey Donald Springer Elhs Cruse Wxlson Landers Bobby N4 Tuck Gerald Ballard Cllvrn Gann Fnfrh Row Wrllraxn Box ewell McAlp1n Louise Ledbetter Ruth Glazner Elsxe Coleman Ruth Rob ertson Margaret Newman Thomas Brxdges Hazel Wolfe Mary Gertrude Smxth John Coleman Paul Landt Eunice Barnes Frances Corbin Bunny Hager Sixth Row Bllly Stoney Robert McKxbbol1 Nlargarer OBrlen Frances Fntzpatrxck Corxnne Llpham J Loulse Roberts Tom Cleveland ames Dodgen B111 Lryer Irwxn Boozer Stuart Watson Charlesa04 Self Grace Campbell Gloria Blackman ohn D lacy Seventh Row Lawrence Waugh Lonnre Funderburg Robert Bowre Hoyt rrver nny Grubbs Mary Frances Wade Tommre Lee Pace Elsxe Mae Pullman Wfacle Brannon Roy n Cour ne oss Thomas Chavers Eugene Bagley ack Ausrm rmmy Rerdmger ame S u oungblood Erghth Row ack Greer Vaughn Stewart Bully Cobb Woodrow M ham Traywtck Ernest Elwell Charles Shull Elbert Laney P H 1 H H Nlnth Mrller Mrss WW son rss Ingram een 1 e5vjjj,,. J-toJ '9 Q. ST 0 few iflifewwlfelfffle W AMW N mam. 4M JM 0-ax! ' ' . - tieimaol 'f'.', i : 1. ,. v ., ,,, i 'f ' ' w. ,L r- 1 soPHoMoRt cu.Ass i t O F F I C E R S Left to right: Vice-President . CLYDE MCLALLEN Secretary-Trearurer . AMY Jo SLAUGHTER Pygfideng . HAL CLEVELAND We Sophomores have drifted through this year with oodles of fun in our walce. In the beginning, last fall, schedules were hastily compared, changed and rechanged. Then officers were elected and we felt the excitement of autumn descending upon us. Homecoming night, Ann Graham, sponsor, looked plenty cute strolling across the field with Clyde McLallen. Elegant parties after the football games kept us in high spirits until exams brought us to earth. Several of the sophomore boys have acquired ushers' badges during the past year. The usunniestv of us is none other than the tapping marvel, George Thornton. To top the year off, Vivian Bishop won the A, H. S. Beauty Contest. Wfere we thrilled! y Tutwoueotfxssot 22 infant'- '-'iw1n 1 ff Left to Right: First Row-Diana Robinson, Louise Mary Lou Box, Marceline Reidinger, Dolly Gann, Carrie Williams, Margaret Patman, Hazel Carter, Bishop. Second Row-Helen Gidley, Shirley Ogletree, Amy McNaron, Eunice Aldrich, Clara Mae Chavcrs, Bertha Morgan, Nellie Mac Potts, Ann Graham. Billy Ann Borders, Sara Ellen Blanchard, Vivian Jo Slaughter, Sarah Leyden, Myrtle Gannaway, Marie Chearwood, Elizabeth Bethea, Mary Frances Irish, Mary E. Neal, Alice Landham, Dorothy Petrus, Thelma Brown, Helen Doss, Carolyn Lindsey, Louise Morris, Eulah Jo Cooper, Gladys Hubbard. Third Row-Charles Kennedy, Norris Williams, Frank Farr, Clyde McLallen, Sarah Trammel, Doris Williams, Imogene Peterson, Mary Pittman, Doris Lee, Lucilla Ports, Betty Winkle, Leon Bradley, Carl Sanders, Samuel Silar, Paul Bowen, Harry Dover, Hubert McCullars, Robert Dishman, Kyle Sanders, W. Pruett. Fourth Row-George Thornton, Margaret Lane, Wfilliam Edward Henderson, Onzelle Miller, Jean ,v' Wilkinson, Emmie Bagley, Christine McClellan, Jean McCutcheon, Nell Hendricks, Ralph Adams, John Stripling Jack Bentley. Fifth Row-Helen Pirlcle, Louise Sawyer, Helen Slaron, Frances Williains, Vilene Shelton, Eleanor Miller, Virginia Rascoe, Tommy Jones, Billy Cole, Ralph Austin, Billy Moran, Floyd Worsham, Jasper Easterling, Eric Allen, Leon Griffin. Sixth Row-Milton Porter, Ruth Moore, Beulah Thompson, Doris Ghee, Ruby Frazier, Joyce Thrash, Julia Jones, Pearl Dear, Morris Self, Yvonne Kilgore, Doris Jenlcins, Ralph Austin, Wfilliam Mc- kinney, Gerald King, Steele Andrews, Hal Cleveland, John Collins. Seventh Row-Leonard Hill, Douglas Triplett, Charles Self, Audrey Jarrett, Mary Kirby, Robert Pin- son, Burtis Perry, Fred Bryant, Samuel Sanders, Jack Green, Jimmy Skipper, Carl Johnson, Billy Heathcock Wallace Klein Gerald Parker, Ridgely lvliller, George Mallory, Hamilton Streetman. Eighth Row4Rufus Tollison, ,George Kangelos, Jewell Helton, Edna Feazel, Tag Livingston, Duke Wfilliams, Horace Xvilliamson, Wfilliam Box, George Wfoodruff, W'inifred Timmons, Charles Rice, I Charles Sprayberry, Alton Owen, Leete Lipham. Z ANN T--0 pe pwfml. i QOL nv- ISTON HIGH SCH w 23 0-JV llagx Zflia ilafllfgsha' -W-l-L----....,..L, ' f-41 U ,. ., 5-. i - , -Q FRESHMAN CLASS wi O F F I C E R S Left to right: 5eC,etd,y . ALICE LANDHAM Treamrer DIANA ROBINSON prejidenl . BILL LANE Vice-President , WALLACE KLEIN As rats in Senior High School, we have found that we aren't tops yet-far from it- we seem to be just the opposite. We have plenty to learn and one consolation is that we have as long in which to learn it as we wish to spend at A. H. S. Some of our first discoveries were about Mr. Myers' rubber heels and Mr. Nash's quiet but forceful commands-and we step lively when he says step. Also we have learned that Miss Richardson will not let us wander in and out of library if the idea strilces us as pleasant and that rats aren't allowed to leave homeroom any time they so desire. We have finally caught on to the fact that yellow slips are orders from headquarters and are far from being funny, and that skipping classes, especially gym, is not such a joy as we have been told-at least not for inexperienced freshmen. However, after about two weelcs of getting adjusted and gathering this information, we settled down to worlc instead of play. Our first year in Senior High School has been fun and an adventure for us and a source of amusement for our teachers and the rest of the faculty. But let us hope, as time goes on, we, the Class of 1940, will nnall he w' d ci' 'H d and respected by other rats. y ise an igni e seniors ourselves, worshipped THEHGURGLASSOF 24 'S f FRESHMAN CLASS Left to Right: First Row-Elizabeth Johnson, Charlotte Mallory, Alice Brummel, Gertrude Washburn, Camilla Sutton, Yvonne Lee, Sara Cecil Evans, Thelma Cryer, Jean Edmondson, Wanda Moyers, Mary Elva Hollingsivoi'tl1, Adeline Gallaliar, Jean Griffin, Cora Lee Wise, Minnie Laura McAneny. Second Row-Mary Frances Cass, Marie Crow, Mildred Louyinger, Helen Drake, Jean Gittings, Kathryn Pippin, Mary Liss Harvey, Ruth Freibaum, Mary Frances Glosson, Louise Evans. Rita Gay Burgess. Third Row-Ansel Marbut, Nlargaret Curry, Niary Frances Arbery, Betty Evans, Sara Will Baker, William Mortoii, Otis Dodge, Billy Darden, Blanche Reeves, Ann Rasberry, Mary Louise Bowie. Sarah Jo Harrell, Buck O'Brien, Elwood Fannin, Donald Shuffield, Solon Glover, Doss Cleveland, Charles Cole, Joe Broadnax, Gerald Hill. Fourth Row-Gertie Mae Marr, Annie Nell Campbell, Edaline Creel, john White, Bob Eros, Billy Steel, Elbert McClellan, Joseph Argo, Geraldine Boozer, Andrew Buford. Fifth Row-Virginia Taylor, Rosemary Clarke, Vivian Clay, H. T. Mills, Max Matthews, Walter At- wood, George johnson, john Krase, Ralph Coleman, Lamar Field, Chandler Watson, Warren Doss, Claude Dear, Elbert McClellan, Frank Pavne, Wayne Pittman, Clarence Moncrief, Billy Smith. Sixth Row-Eva Lee Fulmet. Myrteal Brown, Nellie Canada, Edward Peace, Worth McAuley, Eugene Parnell, Owen Gooch, Billy Brown, Paul Leyden, Kay Kennedy, Ed Ellington, O. C. Glazner, Bill Smith. Seventh Row-Arnold Haynes, Ophelia Bunn, Addie Mae Fundaburk, Lorraine Merritt, Eunice Tolli- son, Sam Stickney, Dela Bonds, joel Fink, Sara Ruth Sims, Mary Sims, Margaret Wimpy, Vir- ginia Brown, Martha McKinney, T, P. McKibbon, Earl Knowlton, Hilton Hurst, james Moore, john Mays, Arnold Gray, Betty Butler, Frank Crow. Eighth Row-Joe Shonesy, Norman Collins, Nada Phillips, june Hanvey, Martha Ella Cardwell, joe Hall, R. Campbell, Joe Stedham, Tommy Mullins, Atnim Owens, J. D, Triplett, Juanita Hol- der, Carl Kidd, Allen Crump. Ammusrom Hoon scaooi- AJ aierk ff We WWW i SUB-FRESHMAN CLASS Left to Right: First Row-Mary Elizabeth Flannigan, Ruth Payne, Jane Harrell, Mary Ann Scha- baker, Edith Lang, Doris Reynolds, Lois Martin, Rebecca Watson, Alice Robertson, Mary Perkins, Mary Leyden, Ann Gambrell McCarty, Betty Leyden, Virginia Weathers, Margaret White, Cath- erine Wise, Nell Seale, Doris Allen, Marilyn House, Vernelle Fordham. Second Row-Virginia Oglesby, Edith Jackson, Rachel Steen, Mabel Oakes, Donnie Turner, Ruth Sparks, Eva Miller, Mildred XX7hitlock, Mary Ann Springer, Norma Cruse, Mary Frances Jemison, Virginia Long, Louise Kimbrough, Anne Poland, Mary Jo Spradley, Dorothy Irish, Mary Nell Thagard, Anne Strickland, Frances Meadows, Carolyn Dunn, Annie Jo Harris. Third Row-Ann Coleman, Margaret Fincher, Sara Nell Grubbs, Jack Golden, Hannibal Tumlin, Ed- ward Bowling, Charles Conner, Lowry Mallory, David Friedman, Steve Arnold, Jimmy Greer, Wini- fred Roberts, Bill Andrews, Graves Hughes. Clark Hanvey, Ilva Gaie Williams, Catherine Kilgore, Jeanne Brigham, Irene Reyon, Ann Callicott, Mary Emily Whiteside, Margaret Clark. Fourth Row4Evelyn Atwood, Betty Bruce, jimmy Mirkler, Elbert Holland, James Daniels, Dick Jus- tice John Linden Earl Davis, james Harkins, Thomas Chryst, Henry Cornelius, Charles Woods, I Allen Draper, Milton Kay, Charles Fulghum, Newton Evans, Charles Henry, Lonnie Bowen, Harry McMillan, Gertrude Kilgore, Catherine justice, Mary Jewel Rainwater, Mary Jewel Marr, Elizabeth Sommerhill. Fifth Row-Frances Bryant' Annie Elkins, Millard Pippin, Harold McCary, Harvey McClanahan, Robert Tate, Earl Lunceford, Danny Wfeeks, Norman Holland, Eugene Hammett, Allen Fay, Jerry Hughes, Thomas Battles, Sammy Blair, john McClanahan, Charles Fay, Lovie Martin, XValter O'Brien, Ruby Lumpkin, Gordon Xvilliamson, Catherine Whitley. Sixth Row-Tom McNaron, Hubert Vffells, Howard Phillips, Ralph Reaves, Fred lVlcAlpine, Elbert Willett, Thomas Twisdale, Henry Silverman, Billy Rahrer. Brandon Parker, Stanford Masters, Earl Bagley, Lee Butler, Dave Ballard, Lee leans, Xvafford Gann. Seventh Row-Danny Methvin, Martin Xvakefield, Amos Payne, Gloria Driver, Nlarinel Carr, Sara Dickert, Inez Nowland, Katherine Wfilkins, Clifford Porterfield, Norvin Wfhiteside, Tim Durtett, Billy French, Julius Hagerty, Grover Johnson, Kenneth Feltham, Curtis Deason, Cecil Moore. ee X Qs X T l'l E l-l CD U R G L A S S G F 'A 26 X5 ri ict Sag 5 A f' 1' -. DW, .V .,,,, W -1 NISTON HIGH SCHO ,f X X ,zzz M WW 2 .jf f I 5:2 ' 1 f- 12 Z I Nj 'L 5 U L 'fix pf 8 I if '4W'.?' ' 14,12 3 f f Vp f f Q , f 1 f of K1 I' N, ll .1113 X -X .fox '-s as ,-- I fl' ,Q ' '1- 1 ,ff Z' If ' l x s 25 X if 1 ,f ,5 , sl Q Io 1: rf: f- fi. 5.52.2 'Lf' X 4 f'f'Z'-1152.13 gl' 'm , . ,,.r,v.4 fn. I 6 , u. - t: . 4 1 X 6 'b'?'514 :7 4 f 'I Q. 57- ggi I 1 , .L 'f 4'-131' 0 5::4'gff' Q . I I -Y'-5: N' ' 1 I J ,P 0, I 'Lf :LH Z' 1 X C7 'YIM 'uf ,.- ' f 1-41 H -N A .51 f , c f 11 ,r r If 177 5,457 ,111- KE5, F - f I 3- Z- O ' . . . Z7 li----, OL -'rf' 4 H GLASS TAFF ' ' A A AEN MATTHEW5 MISS LISTON EMILY OWEN Lfggfxlgrvwi-R1En'5V?E 3315552 Egcxxgsu M Arn EDITOR uaguuv srfonsou rem-une emron 0 4 f 5 I fh a 1 , ,, f , f M , - an rf A 1 .los HUVI DN ROV HNIGHT AGNES HEATHCOLH ANNETTE BULH SAQA BROTHERS DJIKOVOQIIAPH LUVTUU DPDDIS hDlIOQ CLUB EUITOD FALULTY EDITOR SENIOQ EDITUQ V v Lf AA' M ' f f . -E: V ' A ' 11,15 gr A5 I 1 :A-QQ: ,425 s' H 1155 M A A ,A U I - l '- A-wa.. . , A 'J xA X 54131: 'J FRANCES MLIVUNN kLl1ABl IH LEYIJFN VAUOHN STEWIXWI BILLY BPIDUES MQDVFN BLALK. PAIJMEPANDLQSON f4'J'pI5l'ANl LDIIOI2 'I W INST ABSISIANI ARI LD A35l5TlKNT AF!! LD. A5 IBIANT SPORTS FD. ASBIBTANT CLUDIZU MANAGERS A SUBSCRIPTION , ma- f . , i x 2,4 'f K' +-N. ffm! ,, - . A ' ' .fed + in - -Q-. A f- 1 GJ 5, 1 - - 4 6 Am ' 1, ' 2 f f A ' AV 4 .- 5' mfg , -f 4' 4 1' V 3 ,yfm vow A, M , , 'A Ag Q4 ,, f , MQ. . A lf, , ul' , l.f. ,L IKE 111: .,-, n 'J f , ,f ff A ,f -Q , Z , 4 rx: W, P 5 , , . f inf Z, J ' MAL-N ALLH4 HAROLD LLOYD MARQADLTQLCIL GAINES ALEX SAWYED EUGENIA CADE BUTLER V':':,fLg A ' 4, ' ' 'QWETVQIE ini,-'If .fx K1 0, . M ,gf-Vg. ,A ,!f,0,.:A -. --mn ,.g my ' 13 f A f- A - 42: 'J' Ji 4 I 'PS J '45, - i '1 IG. U , - -- 'WAFA viii ' ' - - F ' ' U' Q 35:43 ,443 Z . - A 3 My ' ,f - 3 5,3 V: 3 In A 52' A 5 Q ' Lili' A 1 Q I A , ,,1' ' ,-T ' fl, ' A - Jmmv wsvmowu DIANA ROBINSON HAL Lu-vuLANo Amee LANDHAM DAVID FEJESMAN BUSINESS MANAGERS FIIQST SI'1MESl'ER Murpzaret OWL' s, D ll S ' f F- 1 1 Willm-11, Lake l7I1iwarul, Imul Lanclt, William Moriah. lkggiyl LJiflZfgrT,eri3ctg3?nfiirdigivull, Lmm THEHOURGLASSGF 28 N 1. v ii A 4 ,V sg 'E . , 'VR Lindsay McCarty, Charlie Lott, Coach Couch, James Cilvin Gann, Billy Cobb, Alex Sawyer, Frank Pope. Left to Right-fLalce Edwards, Bob Wakeheld, Roy Knight, Billy Bridges, Shull, Cecil Young, Joe Rasberry, Carter Poland, Francis Ward, Coach C0oper, Frank Crow, Vaughn Stewart, Tommie jones, joe Shonesy, Tommie Bridges. Center-jimmy Reynolds, Joe King, Jimmy Nlotes, A C L U B O F F I C E R S JIMMY Morris President . Vice-Prefialent , ALEX SAWYER Sfffeldry . JINIMY REYNOLDS Treasurer JOE KING Sporlfor . COACH Lon' May we present our heroes of the gridiron, diamond, cage, and track? They constitute one of the oldest, no reflection on the individual's age- and most active clubs in school. All of them, the heroes, have made their Ays in some field of athletics. They are famous not only for their prowess in sports, but for their superb entertainments. This year they have had a number of dances, a steak fry, and ' ' h h l4' b ' in dolls and that unsurpassable banquet in May. At Christmas every year you see t ese us ies ring g rocking horses to school. Be not afraid! It isn't feeblemindedness, but their yearly good turn to give toys to the underprivileged children of Anniston. ANNISTON HIGH SCHOOL 29 vm 1 x I 0 5-Helm i ,wiv 'x my A' . .reii,.,.,. ff , - , . L rr ' I I F' 'l ' 'V ANNISTON HIGH sc:Hooi. BAND M 4,.w.,m.,.. .,-- - W Left to Right: First Row-Rankin, Killebrew, Klein, Morton, Cole, Anderson, Boozer, Gray. Second Row-jackson, Skipper, Porter, Mallory, Dishman, Steele, Worsham, Drake, Wise. Third RowfBryant, Creel. Currie, Vaughn, Fink, Porterfield, Levi. Fourth Row-Rasberry, Brannon, Orrison, Lacy. Collins, Keltner, Clarke, Darden, Miller, Glover, Argo, Ha ert . Fifth RiwlTuck, Reidinger, Dodgen, Parnell, Baker, Argo, Cleveland. Kilgore, Reid, Carr, Pinson, Young. Sixth Row-Swann, Stoney, Hill, Leslie. Insert-Jackson, Rankin. The Band, under the direction of Mr. jackson, has put music in the air this year. Throughout the football season it sweated through daily marching practice. Of course, the members felt repaid when they heard the compliments dished out by spectators of the football games. The Gadsden game proved the most fun of all the games because of the ride and supper donation. To try to get more into the Christmas spirit, the Band brought food, candy, and fruit to school just before the Christmas vacation. These things were given to the Salvation Army, which distributed the food among the needy. The concert came off in grand style. Attendance estimates range from nine to eleven hundred. That crowd was a big help in defraying the heavy cost of the trip to Birmingham. About sixty-five Band members made Birmingham a sadder and wiser city. After the Band has stayed two days and three nights in one place, that place is somewhat rundown. Several members participated in the massed band of two hundred and fifty pieces. As a director, Mr. jackson is tops. His bright remarks, his good-natured razzing are a relief to the poor Band members after the call-downs and scowls of the other teachers. Taken together, this year's Band eclipses any other Band year so far. 0 T H E I-I U R G L A S S 0 F ao s . . . a .. . .- , ,.,, , J PERSONNEL OF BAND DRUM MAJORS WALTER RANKIN LAWRENCE GRAY Drum: Wllham Morton Parker Anderson Wallace Klein Notrls Williams Xvxlllam Cole Frank Buck Soprano Saxophone Solon Glover Tenor Saxophone Buford Argo A to Saxophone: oe Rasberry Wade Brannon Robert Orrxson ulxus Hagerty Cornet: Claude Keltner Raymond Clarke Walker Collins Rrdgely lVIlller olm Damel Lacy lmmy Reldlnger Bully Darden Robert Tuck ames Swann B W frombones Cecxl Young Robert Pinson Robert Carr Gertrude Kilgore Doss Cleveland Barzlonen Robert Baker oseplx Argo Franlx Relcl Mcllopfvon ames Dodgen Frenrlv Hom Eugene P nell Bauer George ey den Gerald H111 Tom Dowmng fo o Billy Steele Floyd Wforsham elen Dralee F ufe Cora Lee Wise Con en' Bell: Elaine IklllEbl'ENV ell fyre Irwm Boozer WALTER RANKIN, JR. N T O ,-........-...M-vw e ' ', ' sf' 1 mes. 1,5-f ug1,:3'-5, ,L , ' 1 O - .4 L wxmnmgv-A J , ,. -s' J , ws.. it 5 gg e VI X ww ri? 'af Nwflgyiyfbfjy Left to Rxght Fxrst Row Mlldred Hgiglglilglelen Masters Alberta Ward ohnme Nlae Murphree Flora Lee Kennedy ewel Cochran Heltn Spar s Frances Aldrl h Sara Smith Ruth Jarrett Dela Sparks Sarah Brown Florence Rutledge Second Row Sara Wa'ker Lourse Reaves Annyce I-Iendrlcks M1rgaret OBrxen Sara Stephens Lora Brown Mary Alxce Mange Mmme Lee Crouch ulxa Ausru Sara enltms Thu-d Row Colleen Saxon ,Doris McCartney Ruby Box Mary Allen Frances ohnson Vrrgnma Led hetter Mary F Landers Ruth Snow Fourth Row Vesta Harman Mary Wxse Norma o Frazxer Margaret Dlshman Mrs Au rm Pearl Lindsey Paullne McAuley Fxfrh Row Louise Geler Bobble Davrs Golden Gray Marjorie Woodruff Mmnxe Allison Ruth Chrnsrxan Slxrh Row Robert Wnnkle ack Persell Arnold Gray Jack Dempsey COMMERCIAL CLUB Motto To promote better rxriderxtandrrrg o ll lmfmesf world and to creale a celmg o umty among cami nal stzldents Preszdrnt Vice President Trearurer Secretary Sponsor GOLDEN GRAY if Nomvm jo FRAZIER X HELEN SPARKS MARY ALLEN MRS AUSTIN These our husmess men and women have long had 1 model orgamzatxon This club was organ xzed way back ln the dark ages when the Anniston H 1 9 h l h g strcngt an ms ouncl favor IH the eyes of the facul V and student body This year they have had talks hy busmess men nn 'nddntlon to busmess plays on thexr br weekly programs 1X U 'C T' -L N 153- 5 5 'Z I ,J-A ,bel lz, , 'c, ,J',' , l . Y 'Y ' . Y , 7 J 7 l I , T 'A Z . 'Y -I . -, . , I S- V Y ' 4 . ' ,J , 1 , - 5 iv 1 ,i I, A . n H: If , I, , O R S I - I A 7, , ' .,,... , . I du ' ,h dl fl ' ig1 -Z oo was oused in the Old Barn . Ir has l'0WH In WIS Urn an ' ' I t ' ' y T I-I E l-l 0 U R G l. A S S 0 F 32 'B s'sV a t E t. 1+:Q,j'r1ffi+vffs f r ' ' ff L' L ,, if J,-,,..l,,,,rr1,,.,-1-V,-5 4'-ff-uf, 'h-AA..n....laL04..d.- I Left to Right: First Row-Sara Cecil Evans, Billy Stoney, Margaret Cecil Gaines. Second Row-Cynthia Robinson, Louise Gaines, Diana Robinson, Ann Cole, Martha Helen Cleveland. hird Row Margaret Owens Becky Stanley. d E ' Cd Fourth Row-Minnie Allisori, Mary Jewell Durclen, Dot lobson, Elizabeth Ley en, ugenia a e Butler, Jeanne Walker. Fifth Row-Doris Williams, Mary Frances Arbery. ' Sixth Row-Guy Taylor, Mary Katherine Salter, Mrs. Banks. E T U D E C L U B Molto- To promote a keener appreciation of good music O F F I C E R S lVlARGARET CECIL GAINES President . . . . Vice-President . , BILLY STONEY Secretary-Treaxurer . SARA CECIL EVANS Sponrar , , MRS. BANKS Il rou of musically inclined students formed a music club. Selecting Some four years ago a sma g p . Mrs. Banks as its sponsor, Robin Russell as its first presiclent, and Etude Club as its name, the club started off on high Cu by becoming a member of the Alabama Federation of Music Clubs. Last year these 'lEtudians'l gave a beautiful concert at the Alabama Power Company Auditorium. Each member had some part of the program, consisting of piano numbers, violin numbers, ballet danc- ing, and singing. They really are a talented group of musicians. Robin Russell, Guy Taylor, and Sara Cecil Evans have each been given high honors in the state music contests. ANNISTQN l'llGl'l SCHQQL 33 .- -, 5.5 , '- gl 1 N R r r 1 gil l , . l x t ff 'V l gli! A Z Z '1 X ff W6 We ll r M it or Left to Rl hr FIYSI Row Katherine Landt Martha Helen Cleveland Miss Cater Dnna Robinson Carolyn Thagard Allene Pennington Second Row ean Gxttlng Allce Landham ean Grxlfm Brllla Mae Williamson Yvonne Lee Ger trude Washburn Mary Alxce Mange Mary Frances Irish Nlary Katherxne Hlllary Thlrd Row ohnme Mae Murphree Etna Davis Louise Treadwav Mary Gertrude Smith Eulah o Cooper Sara Ellen Blanchard Gladys Hubbard Pearl Dear Annette Buck Marjorie Woodruff Fourth Row Mary Nell Watson Frances Fxtzpatnclc Lo1s ones ulxa ones Lxlllan Caudle Mary ewell Durden Mmme Allnson essxe Mae Dear Ruta Gay Burgess Frfrh Row Margaret Owens Lorraine H111 Marxe Cheatwood Martha Ella Cardwell Jeanne Walker Becky Stanley Ann Cole Sixth Row Martha Woodruff Mxldred Corbm Mary Frances Arbery Bxllxe Anne Borders Brllre Mae ewell Nuff EE CL O F F I C E R S President Vice Prendent Vice Prerzdenl Secretary Tenziurer Sponsor NIARTHA HELEN CLEVELAND JEANNE WALKER CAROLYN THAGARD ALLENE PENNINGTQN KATHERINE LANDT MISS CATER Lets all sxng lxlce the Glee Club smgs nf we only could' Under thexr new dxrector M155 Cater great progress has been made by our song buds A veritable Mzss Grace Moore was dlscovered n eanne Walker who won a part time scholarship IH rho Blrmrngh-rm Conservatory contest The Glee Club has made a number of publnc appear-mces among which mere the Community Sxngmg at the Rxtz Theater servncc at the Fxrst Presbytcrnn and Parlter Memorlal Baptist Churches G2 -J LS, 'J ,L .Q U, , I jf ' l - ' , ' Q, W .J'J Q i l -' ll.J,. , ,H 5 Q GL UB .W ' A A J Y' I- -V In . .i T H E I-I O U R G L A S S O F 34 'S Ermmnwmww ' W'r'e sr 12 , f 1 WM XJ . x lim, 6 1 i i i i 'WW79 HI-li-CHO STAFF Left to Right: First Row-Cynthia Robinson, Assistu Helen Cleveland Editor-in-Chief ' Emily Owen, Assistant Editor. nt Editor: Lanellu VVrif:ht, Quintard Editor, Martha Second Row: Finchier, Woodruff, Parnell, Gaines, Slauilhter, Graham, Jewell, Walker. Th'rd Row-Higzinbotham, Salter, VValker, Owens, Booth, Pcttus, Jobson. 1 Fourth Row-Davis, Coleman, Sparks, Huszer, Stanley, Humphries, Butler. Fifth R0w4Woodruff, Carter, Pennington. Brown, Christian, Allen, Thornton, Watson Cole. ' ' l C ll' Q Pelham Sixth Row-Durden, Caudlc, Leyden, Taylor, Speide, o in-, . Seventh Row:H'Ea'thcock, Warnock, Persell, Poland, Rasberry, Anderson, Cleveland, Landt. Stovall. Sterne, Watson, Willett. S Y l GET THE Hi-ECHO BUYYOUR OXFORD . . , ANNUAL V Published by .Studenls of Annuton High VOL. III. ANNISTON, ALABANIA, MAY 23, 1937. NO. ll. HI-ECHO TO ENTER STATE CONTEST The Hi-Echo will be entered in the State Hixzh School Tourna- ment which will be held in Au- burn in April. Mr. Leo Gasser, general chairman, writes that there will be events in the fol- owing fields: One-act Play, Speech, Read- ing, Hifzh School Paper, Art, Journalism, Spelling, En121iSh. History, Typinrz, Mathematics. Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, General Science, and probably in German, French. Spanish and Latin. TRIBUTE TO MISS ORDWAY To youfwe could bring Glad Gifts of costly wealth In return for the gracious smile Charniim: way in which You helped us day by day. But--to you-we bring: Glad gifts from the heart Of every person whose spirit Your smile has cheered And whose way you have Made briirhter day by day. fMary Sterne. H 'ANNISTON HIS 0 I 35 ,..., -,,., K ,..1,.a.. HOUR GLASS AND HI-ECHO REPRESENTED AT S. I. P. A. Professor Riegel Judges Publi- cations. For the first time a delegation from A. H. S. attended the Southern Interscholastic Press Association in November . This organization is sponsored by the Lee Memorial School of Journalism. Those attendinrr were Miss Virginia Ordway, Sponsor of the Hi-Echo: Martha Helen Cleveland, Editor: Carle- ton Sterne, Editor of the Hour Glass, and Emily Owen, a mem- ber of both staffs. MW SCHOOL !'0'f-aaa 'J X 364444 Qgvauiowwi 1, ' , ,Le,,g,..Q.. ..... 5: Left to Right First Row Wesley Palmes Morgan Bunch Roy Knlght Norris Williams Hal Cleve land Stuart Watson Paul Stoney Lake Edwards Franlc Pope Robert Warnock Clyde McLallen Robert Wakeheld Joe Kmg Stephen Harman Ons Mattnson Robert Carr John Pelham Alex Sawyer Tom Cleveland Second Row Marvxn Black james Bowles Wfallcer Collms Hugh Webb xmmy Reynolds Cecxl Young Lxndsay McCarty Blll Thornton Franc: Ward Carter Poland James Motes ames Cooper Ralph Games Lawrence Gray Mr Neely Dunlap Henry CL Matlo To create mamfaxn and exiena' zfvmutglvout th school and cnmmumly lvxqlv rtafzdards of Cfvnrtlan character O F F I C E R S Preszdent ROBERT XVARNOCK Vxce Prendenf JAMES COOPER Secretary LINDSAY MCCARTY Trffmvff ALEX SAWYER SPOYUO' MR NEELY Its an old Hx Y custom to do one blg thing every year as well as the little thmgs The brg thmg was the work done m mfluenclng other schools to send delegates to the Youth Conference ln Tuscaloosa Several members attended from here 1nd Bob Warnock preslded as retlrmg president of the Conference The httle thmgs Included the Father Son Banquet as new as the 1ce cream supper IS old Charxtably spealung we gave baskets at Christmas and Th-rnlcsgrvmg to the needy Clean Speech Clean Sports Clean School A Clean Life 'T -, ',, , 1 1, l 1-I,, ,l . HI-Y UB T H E H O U R G l. A S S O F 36 s w va w 1. 'rr vi'-5 Ml' 2 W Left to Right: First Row-Helen Sparks, Ruth Snow, Sara Jenkins, Grace Ellenburg, Dela Sparks, Jeanne Walker. Second Row-Helen Masters, Marceline Reidinger, Mildred Heasle , Marjorie oodruff, Flora Lee Kennedy, Mary Allen, Doris Jenkins, Florence Rutledge, Jane Reid. Third Row-Frances Aldrich, Sara Walker, Juanita Adair, Margaret Lane, Jean Gittings, Cora Wise, Corinne Lipham, Fourth Row-Miss Inez Smith, Sponsorg Sara Smith, Nlinnie Allison, Gloria Pearson, Frances Rouse, Ruth Christian, Nell Phillips. No picture: Dora Ruth Hall, Pearl Muncher, Sara Trammel, Louise Morris. ' . , , H O B B Y C L U B Matti?- To develop our hobbies and to learn new ones OFFICERS Prexident , , . , . . HELEN SPARKS Vice-President . - - RUTH SNOW , SARA JENKINS Secretary . . - . GRACE ELLENBURG Treasurer . Everyone should have a hobbyf' How often we have heard this said. Last fall, Miss Smith organized this club, an offspring of Home Economics Club, to encourage more girls to adopt hobbies, ' cl l ' those which they have chosen. Their programs have been on dif- to interest them more eepy in Peirent hobbies, Miss Smith leading the discussions. Let's all get on a Hobby Horse and ride, ride, ride! ANNISTON HIGH SCHOOL sv ,,......a--A-lk ttee y t M J fQf'5Tff re. Front to Back Fnrst Row Peggy Adair Lounse Reaves Lcnnls Lxpham Lois ones Frances Wade Tommie Lee Pace Jewel McAlp1n Center Left to Right Myrtle Gannaway Nell Pond Second Row Nellue Methvm Eleanor Mxller Frances Fxtzpatrrck Marne Cheatuood Yvonne Kllgore Clelan Carter Margaret OBrxen Third Row ean Grlffm Edna Feazell Mary ewell Marr Vrrgmra Ledbetter Louxse Brown Mary Elizabeth Sums Nell Hendrlcls Bottom Row Left to Rrght Alxce D111 Emmxe Bagley Center Row Mrldred Brown Allene Penmngton Top Row Vnrgxma Woods Pearl Dear HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Prendent MYRTLE GANNAWAY Vzce Prerzdent NELL PoND Secretary Treasurer IVIARIE Cbxefcrwooo Sponror Mas 1-IUGER Can she bake a cherry pre Brlly boy? Can she sew a fxne seam charmmg Billy? Yes' If shes a member of the Home EC Club These our home makers of he future gxve great promise of brxght fires but not burned blscuxts They lnve grown so that one hardly recognizes the small group which orrgmally met when the Old Barn was fxrst relegated to the shelf of back rumbers Thenr programs have been about famous women and the opportunities for women m the business world ewel McAlpm had charge of the programs while Mrs I-auger acted 1s censor Y Y Y N I : ' - 1 I, ' 1 l I v V .l 1 1 , A TJ I 1 . . , I Y . V 1 , . . . , . , T H E H O U R G L A S S O F 38 K ,M I- 1 QM? Va -- .N AN W V I ju '-.-.,,?-Wag I W MH , warm-vr -rr--var ,, , W ch rs Jeanne Brigham Ilva Gaie Williams, Left to Right: First Row-Thelma Cryer, Virginia ea e , , Frances Bryant, Rebecca Watson, Mary Jo Spradley, Lois Martin, Anne Poland, Anne McCarty, Norma Cruse. Second Row-Allan Draper, Tom McNaron, Newton Evans, Elbert 'Willett, Otis Dodge, T. D. Mc- Kibbon, Vivian Day, Jean Griffin, Charles Henry, Gertrude Washburn, Charlotte Mallory, Mel- ton Kay, Mary Frances Jemison, Billy French, Graves Hughes, Mr. Neely, Sponsor. JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS President . . , . ALICE NEWMAN BRUMMEL Vice-President . , GERTRUDE WASHBURN LAMAR FIELDS Secrelary . , After many, two years fwe must be specificl, Mr. Neely reorganized the Junior Dramatic Club in February. It consists of young aspirants to the amateur stage of A. H. S. They are planning to give a play this spring, and we know that it will be a success for is not the inimitable Mr. Neely the di- rector? This club promises some superb actors and actresses for our plays in the years yet to come. ANIXIISTON HIGH SCHOOL 39 . -V -- ,.- ........,, ,kv - -,, 1 l wapw C l l f K ! ,, 21: as , 3 ' fax Left to Right Front Row Irwm Boozer .F lljfeaver Stuart Watson Xvarren Drake Clyde McLallen M2 Second Row Buford Argo james Dodgen Bull Cryer acle Brannon Tom Cleveland Thlrd Row Bxlly McKxnney Eugene Bagley Thomas Brldges Norris Williams Fourth Row Miss Weaver Harry Dover Wllll3m Dxxon Ivy Horace Wllll3mSOn DERN SCIENCE CL OF1-ICERS Pmndmg TOM CLEVELAND Vice Prexxdent HAL CLEVELAND Tfgafuygf THOMAS BRIDGES Sponmf Miss WEAVER Feehng the need of speclal lnstrucnon for the future Edmons Fords and Emstems of thxs world Mnss Corrme Weaver organxzed the Modern Sclence Club nn 1934 They have made a rather extensive study of electrxcal science this year Shuclcmg isnt xr? The programs have been various phases of scxence wnth different members conducnng the drscussxons or experlments as the case may be Their the Scxence Clubs plcnmc nn May rs one of the outstandlng socxals of the sprmg and gets better and better each year M O U B T H E H O U R G L A S S 0 F i 40 N A , M - W y ,,yT at,,t,t 1 i QW Left to right: First Row!-Mary Allen, Nlattha Helen Cleveland, james Cooper, Dorothy Davis. Second Row-Miss Kate Malone, Sponsor, Golden Gray, Frances McMinn, Mary Matthews. Third Row-Emily Owen, Carter Poland, Joe Rasberty, Carleton Sterne. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY At last Mr. Myer's dream of uhonor for the honorable the National Honor Society received its charter in February by the faculty, consists of brilliant, loyal, deserving seniors Malone is the inspiring sponsor for the society. SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP ANNISTON HIG 41 has been realized! The local chapter of This organization's membership, selected in the upper third of their class. Miss CHARACTER SERVICE l'l S C l'l Q ..W..,,r..,..,.-,, , ,, ,, - . 4, X , K .unsi- l O L Left to Rlght Frrst Row Ahce Brummel Dlani Robinson LaNelle Shlflett Amy o Slaughter Sara Leyden Brllre Ann Borders Loursc McNaron Second Row Charlotte Mallory Christine Trurtt Wlargaret Wxmpey Carrie Williams Jean Edmond son Ann Graham Otis Dodge Dorothy Pettus Thnrd Row Frank Farr Thelma Cryer Necla Phxlllp Mass Plnson Frank Payne Louise Morrxson Norrxs Wxlllams Fourth Row Brlly Cole Charles Porterhcld T P McK1bbon PARNASSIAN LITERARY CLUB O F F I C E R S Prendent DOROTHY PETTUS Vice-lPrena'cnt FRANK PAXNE Secretary Treasurer AMY J0 SLP-UGHTER CHM Bn.1.x ANN BORDERS Spgnjgy Miss PINSON Havent you heard? The Parnasslan Lxterary Club all of a sudden came to hgh: last fall seems that some of Miss Pmsons lznglxsh pupxls got mtellectual hence a new lrterary club for the furtherance of knowledge A committee even l1lJorecl over a constrtutlon Wlth 3 rnefnbefshlp of fhlffy EIVC boys and girls '1 SUCl1l event NVZIS llnfnedlately SCl1CClL1lECl at Lounse McNarons More fun' Th-at ser the club off wlrh 1 lrmg every one was mterested' Then someone the presrdent hud apporntcd began plannmg elegant programs One was Ala bama Authors But the most Interesting event was Mrs E P Coopers vrslt when she read one of her short stones Smce when did a new new club rate a vlsnt from talented Mrs Cooper? The P C L wlth Miss Pun on as ponsor wlth shlnmg pans to s1y nothlng of red rosesl and good lntennons ns going places' gn.-.- uf' l ' : A '-1 ' b , l + I 1 I 1 -l ' l V. I Q 'U ' I' y n ' . It . . ll' l . . I K , - . l i V7 . . I I - I, . , . S , 5 Y , . . . 4 K Q , A , y T H E H O U R G L A S S Q F 42 'Q j - Exi le :Jw-A v ,.,.l y, -V-- ,, W - I .N ,, I, M W 4 I V s,. E Lg J KU! DXtX'fff'J 1 Left to Right: First Row-Mary Frances Landers, Allene Pennington, Mary Sterne. Second Row-Viviette Stoclcman, Bobbie Davis, Cynthia Robinson, Diana Robinson, Sara Ellen Blanchard, Eulah ,lo Cooper, Elsie Coleman. Third Row-Mildred Brown, Ruth Snow, Norma .Io Frazier, Louise Geier, Helen Masters, jean I-Iaynie, Miss Ingram, Gloria Pearson, Gladys Blanchard, Marjorie Woodruff, Sara Arnold, Annette Buck, Mary Oliver. 4 -Nl i j PIERIAN LITERARY CLUB Ilflotlo- Drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring. OFFICERS Pfejidmf , , ALLENE PENNINGTON Vice-President MARY STERNE 5ef,e,a,y.T,ea,u,er IVIARY FRANCES Limosus The Pierian Literary Club was organized many and many a year ago, 1930 to be exact, in a room by the side of the hall with Miss Meharg as sponsor. Instead oftwealcening uiith age, it has been growing in strength. Miss Ingram became its sponsor this year with very gratifying results. They have been studying the modern world of Literature, Music, and Art with various members presenting the programs. All work and no play makes jill, as well as Jack, a dull person, so the Pierians have had a scaven- ger hunt and a dance. They are planning to have a house party in addition to their yearly dinner and dance for the senior members. ANNISTON HIGH SCHOOL 43 Nuo-gg, ,.m4.4.-... fuk Vp- I 1 i ' ,QQQLQTTW-1g QQ is N AX p ' - '45-QZLC4-J., ffl' Left to Right: First RowfFrances Stovall, Gloria Blaclimon, lVlartha Xxfoodrtlff, Sara Jenkins, Wesley Palmes, Louise Reaves, Cynthia Robinson, Margaret Owens. Second Row-Dot Pettus, Mary Walker, Paul Stoney, Frances Corbin, Frank Weaver, Lois Jones, Vir- ginia Humphries, Christine McClellan, Mary ,lewell Durden, Billy Stoney, Mary Gertrude Smith. Third Row-Miss Houser, Carolyn Thaggard, Frances McMinn, Catherine Landt, Mary Katherine Salter, Robert Warnock, Margaret Cecil Gaines, Martha Helen Cleveland, Agnes Heathcoclc, Mary Sterne, Guy Taylor, Lillian Caudlc, Dot Davis, Carleton Sterne, Emily Owen. 1Qw ', scRiBBi.ERs' CLUB Nlolloz ill To develop an appreriation for the but writing. KZJ Tu do rreaizve writing. OFFICERS President NIARTHA HELEN CLEVELAND Vice-President MARGARET CECIL GAINES Secretary CARoLx'N THAGARD Treasurer Y. MARY JEWEL DURDEN Sponsor L Miss HOUSER Down in her old home room, where she now does teach , Miss Houser gathered about her linees a group of talented writers, for so they proved themselves, and formally organized the Scribblersl Club in 1934, When a Scribbler has something publisher there is great rejoicing in this band of seekers- afrer perfection in the literary field. There have been rather few of these rejoicings, but they suffice to furnish the members with plenty of initiative for more strenuous efforts. Most of the success and spreading popularity of this Club belongs to Miss Houser, who has devoted so much time and energy to its work. rife Home GLASS oe 44 'CD N , 'nsrrs ' , Q'1 E - T HEME mmm - -aff L ., I ' ' .:-1:45. V-4+ - 'v iii'-fe f i -.Q H 'nt,.....6.I,9...-A:--I ,Q Lu. -DJ-.z,:... 6 I ' I ',J QQKQW .. P M 8 X 9 C j-ff? 7314+ gm 14.I: 'J7 SPECIAL SPEECH Q9 0145 5 PRESENTS K1 . Orff 0 GROWING PAINS, STOP THIEF, AND QUALITY STREET ROLL Nancy Atkinson, Gladys Blanchard, Adeline Booth, James Bowles, Sara Brothers, Robert Carr ! Lillian F. Caudle, Raymond Clarke, Martha H. Cleveland, Ann Cole, Nvalker Collins, Frances Corbin, 1 Dot Davis, Warren Drake, Mary J. Durden, Grace Ellenberg, Thomas Falkner, Dunlap Henry Paz tricia Hopkins, Dot -Iobson, Frances johnson, Franklin Johnson, Claude Keltner, Mary F. Lai-ider-5 Elizabeth Leyden, Pearl Lindsey, Sara McClurkin, Margaret Owens, Doris Parnell, john Pelham, James ' 4 M K, Salter, Becky Stanley, Mary Stcrne, Robert Warnock, Clarence Reynolds, Cynthia Robinson, ary Watson, Louise Watson, Robert XVinkle. ANNISTON HIGH SCHO 45 'T - ... ,,-1. A OL lisa l feWwg,ygP 'L-CL! p 5 K 1 Dnshman Sara Stephens Mary Smith Narha lee Phxlllps Third Row Ruth Glazner Allene Pennmgton Vonme Ruth Moore Margaret OBrien Lalee Willett Louxse Ledhetter Margaret Stanley Lounse Treadaway SPORTS CLUB lllotto flluayy lrue lv the Hzghcyt ldealx O F l' I C E R S Prmdcnf VONNIE RUTH Moons Vnrc Prendent lVlARY WALKER Yecretary Treasurer W? 72 lVlARGARET NEWMAN Any gnrl who dxdnt make her letter and get m the Sports Club thus ve1r had better start getting some self plty cause we had a de lovcly txme The mam dish of the season was vegetable soup 1 volley ball Play Day for all the nearby s hools wl-nth we sponsored But dont get the xde-1 that we re vegetatmg cause weve got some real workers Another Lhmg th1t was lots of fun w1s our Chrnstm1s banquet and were we pleased with the presents we got and our letters to Santa' l sssss ' y T H E H 0 U R G L A S S O F 46 N l H4 ' nm ,u-mm ww---U13 l l l 1:7 l 1 1 2 I ll 2 i, - ri r ff A lk-lj! T A K l v , ...-,.-.-. ., I 1 l V I Left to Right: First Row-Earl Knowlton, Golden Gray, Stuart Watson, Viviette Sroclcman, Frank fl V Payne, Diana Robinson, Gerald King, Nellie Tyler. -V Q Second Row-Tom McNaron, Imogene Peterson, Kenneth Feltham, Anne Graham, Earl Davis, Sara i Leyden, Lamar Field, Frances Bryant, john Pelham. 1 Third Row-Thomas Bridges, Myrtle Brown, Billy Stoney, Anne Rasberty, Ruth Robertson, Inez Now- 4 land, Mary Ann Springer, Billy Moran, Billy Bridges. , Fourth Row-Sara Blanchard, Eulah Jo Cooper, Rufus Tollison, Mary Allen, Lillian Frances Candle, ' Joe Rasberry, Pauline MtAuley, Mr. Nash. l Fifth Row-Max Matthews, Julius Hagerty, Frances McMinn, Courtney Doss. l' ZSTUDEN COUNClL t O R S ' Preyidenz , . . GOLDEN GRAY l Vice-Prerident , D . A STUART WATSON 't Sefretary-Treasurer M VIVIETTE STOCKMAN QJQJ- Sponror . . . MR. NASH E l Those charming middle-men, the Student Council representatives, have greatly -helped the faculty with their ticket peddling and home room programs. They it is who have. immunizedold A. H. S. 1' against the spreading epidemic of sit-down strikes. They help to create a spirit of good-will and coopera- ,' tion between the faculty and the Student body. .How wc envy them the right of being late to third period classes on Monday, The beauty and cleanliness of the halls Emi groungls are walking-AI beg your 1 pal-don,-standing monuments to their good work. -To Mr. Nas ue cre it cannot be given as he A merits so much for his work with the Student Council, l l l ANNISTUN l'llGl'l SCHOOL ly l 47 1 5. V vi - . .l ' ' - '-'- 1 ---sscnin X1 Y , 4 ima-J .- Left to Right-Robert Wfarnock, Tom Cleveland, Alex Sawyer, Joe King, Roy Knight, Parker Anderson, Hal Cleveland, Clyde lVlcLallen, Paul Stoney, Donald Springer, Bill Thornton, Thomas Bridges, Lake Edwards, john Pelham, Horace Williamson, Lindsay McCarty, Mr. Myer, USHERS' CLUB OFFICERS PM-,fig'f-nf . LINDSAY MCCARTY Vice-President , . . Jos Kms Secretary-Treaxurer LAKE EDWARDS About two years ago Mr. Myer became inspired to organize an Ushers' Club that would guide us along the straight and narrow path. And so, evcn as the little Red Hen, he did. The members of the Ushers' Club are those cute little boys char walk the halls and sit in the seats of the most high lthe deslcs at the extremities of the corridorsl. It is their duty to collect the teachers' curse, otherwise known as yellow pass slips. They serve as traffic officers in assembly as well as being general flunkies for His Highness, Mr. Myer. Tl-lEl-IOURGLASSOF 48 N -' ! n , . W: l l if Q - ' ' , 'NQZCU' ' ' Mfg- F 4 ,- 5' , BLOCK PRINTING CLUB 11- ' 'v ,. m Left to Right: First Row--Doris Parnell, Annes Heuthcuck, Elizabeth Leyrlan. Second Rowfulack Bentley, Leon Bradley, Mzvry Katherine Salter, Nellie Tyler: Mr, Self, Spun:-zur, ' . jcwl 1 Dj BOYS' LEE CLUB w Z F, T- I-,ow plump ',N'lf1nex', Otix Mnttison, Miss Cater, Sponsor: Stephen Harman, Wesley ' lg xrs x ' A ' ' Leftpglnif f F ml-Q PM ff', Huulv Wm'-hlv, Jack Turner, Elfurd White, Jack Persell. SecullllRR0wil'1I1lul1lslllgysI lllxrin limw'1', Hzlruhl ': x't Bowie, M3l'lf SD'Jifll'l- Thi,-f wwf- . 1 1-I , ,Ah ll l-l S C H O O L ANNISTQN HMG N. 49 -...-- ---..-.- -- INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Le-ft to Riizht: First Row--McFadden Jones, John Ed McKinney. Gerald Ballard. J0l'H'1 Clileman- Lawrence Gray, J. D. Lee. I Second R0wfWillian1 Box, Otis Mattison, James Motes, Frank Crow, Hoyt Driver, Frank Pop , H r Baker, Alex Sawyer. y V Third Ruwfwalter Rankin, James Sermon, Garvin Marius, Walker Dean, Joe Shonesy, W orth McAuley, Douulas Powers. - Fourth Row-Hugh Webb, Jack Turner, Joe Morrison, Tom Dowmml. Albert Ward. JUNIOR SPORTS CLUB Left tu Rizht: First Rowf Sara Ellen lilanuhard, Gladys HulJIJzn'd, Billy Anno Borders, Adeline Gallahar, Dolly Gann, Virginia Brown. Sffconcl Row-Eula Jo Coupe-r, Je-an Griffin, Minnie Laura McAneny, .Ie-an Edmondson, Gertie Mae Marr. Third Row Alice Dill, Theda Pruitt, Jenn Gitiinm-a, Margaret VVimpey. Fourth Row-Doris Ghe-0, Ruby Frazier, Martha Holcombe, Christinc- Truitt. fifth Row-Joyce Thrash, Miss Shvltnn, Sponsor, Nurla Phillips, MQ. TI-IEI-IOURGLASSOF 50 i N W .V , 7 , , 'i 'Q,,,,1. -I 4' A ' !'f fwkw-Yami smasmnnmmi ' -, .v,, - V I , . I .. W., . 4 .,-, vq Amr, i M --1 ' ,f,.vg,2wgp5-Q.w,f,5,, , fliif . , ', Q, ' ' fi 5 fb f' , R l V f iii, L, '- ' . I P 4 I ,lf L Rs' CLU M' i ,M M fi X ', Left to Riirhtz First Row-- Frances Pippin, Thelma Radcliff, Louise Ledbetter, Jewell McAlpin, Margaret Stanleyl, Vonnie Ruth Moore, Rufh Higgrinbofhani. Sccond Row-Emm Catherine Fincher. Doris Parnell. Mary Walkf-r, Mildred Brown, Viviotte Stockman, Natha Lee P lips, Hazel Holland, Miss Barnes, Spa sur. 1 3,3 Qorllzqlil TAP CLUB H11 Ann Bord r Diana Robmxon Sara Leyden lxathrxn et to Right Mlfanrii-rnilrishslnlrlisvrr Lulliett r imma Catherine Fmnher Mary Jo Whelchel Jean pm Mary T Wilkmwn Louixe MCNHTOFI N T O Lf- Qi, .fiil 51 f 1 1 indium 'M muummmmm 3 Andy Hardy Mr. Hardy I . I Grandpa Hardy Mr. Stubbins Wayne Trenton , ! r Aunt Milly . . Mrs. Hardy SENIOR PLAY wfiwfbffv ' FE .04 Q 1- 9 E -W 7 ' ?wQ?'3'-.P-:eff THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS SKI DDI NG By A urania Rouverol 8 I rrarIra or ., . .. ......,.,. ,.... .. Myra Hardy Wllcox Marion Hardy Estelle Hardy Campbell Lake Edwards Bill Thornton Walter Rankin Roy Knight Franklin Johnson Dunlap Henry Pearl Lindsey Frances McMinn Mary Sterne Mary Allen Martha Helen Cleveland Dot Davis Golden Gray Carleton Sterne Mary Matthews Patricia Hopkins THE HOUR GLASS OF 52 N H P'U5l:'f'7 ': 5' K., '5 1 Zfv-'Q - - ' ff? ltfzaz '-Q 43 A N N F O O T B A L L COACHES-MANAGERS S cw ENTIRE SQUAD THE!-IOURGLASSOF sm., 54 N Miwu-um Q3-lu F.lRST TEAM Left to Riuht: Line--Cooper, Ward. Gann, Stewart, Pope, Bridges, Sawyer. BaekHeldfF. Pope, Reynolds, Wakefield, O'Brien. hB The Bulldog Brings Home t e acon... LEEDS GAME The Canines clicked for a 19-0 victory in this ame. Frank Pope and Jimmy Mutes took the backfield honors. LINEVILLE GAME Although losing 13-8, the Bulldogs officially de- feated Lineville as one of their players, Barker, was ineligible. Anniston won 1-0. OXFORD This annual game was not without its usual spice. Both the Yellowjackets and the Bulldogs were scoreless until the fourth quarter- TWO passes, thrown by Tommy O'Br1en to Alex Saw- yer and Frank Pope. were good for a touchdown. A pass to Frank Pope over the goal .line made the extra point which decided the winner. Oxford's score came earlY in the last guage' when Emerson intercepted B Desi tTl1Tn3'1et ti? Q ran wide around end for the coun er for extra point failed- ALEXANDRIA I Ll H t . Q ' ff t .low start in 12 YS h Qftezhflghrliiogs sgorzerlq three touchdowns in tie 'last h'ilf. The Bulldogs' three touchdowns were mad' by Shonesy, O'Brien, 'atnd lzoDe.UEi2:ll3' m the g' .ne a safety grave Anms on wo 1 . TUSCALOOSA f ' H' h School Bulldogs lost to the The Annisginlnh :School Bears 27.6. Anmstlibr Tlaicadtiltbiillayedlgthroushout the game. The Bu W . ANNISTON dogs' lone touchdown came as a result of a Tus- caloosa fumble, recovered by Frank Pope on the Tuscaloosa's 31 yard line. Winning only by a moral victory, the Bulldogs were thrown back by the Bears to the tune of 27-6. JONES VALLEY ' The inspired Anniston High Bulldogs took Jones Valley for a 26-6 ride. The best run of the game was made by Frank Pope, from the Jones Valley 39 yard line for a touchdown, though it was called back because of an off-sides penalty. An- niston played jam-up football and deserved the score. NORTHPORT The Anniston High Bulldogs took the North- port encounter 26-O. The Bulldogs scored in every quarter except the second. But they added an extra counter in the last quarter for that over- sight. The line play in this game was the best this year, and the backfield was right with them. ASHLAND Anniston made four touchdowns and added the extra point after each one to beat the Ashland team 28-0 in the last game played on Johnston Field this year. Anniston was slightly off par this game. GADSDEN The Bulldogs ended a successful season, clicking with an air attack that proved far superior to the Tigers. This 39-0 victory proved the team had lived up to expectations. HIGH SCHOOL W 1 51 -iiv 11 1 ' McCarty Y 1 Stewart , , , , 11 ILM f ,, 2 A ,,.,,,-. T- - f w x x x , ru , 3 If 'lj ig 1' uf ,I it i 1: , .. fx f F' ' N Y VZ ' , ' .. , f, fm, 'N W X 1 ,, ,, , 1 A .I 4 -1 , Q 1 1 I 1 . if K .XA 1.2 f ' ,ww 1 , ,, 1 , 1 A ' 1' , ,. . wifi. 1 5'-4'vEix4'41, v 4 03' 112' IM 'L V 9'-7 ' W X :'w31.1,? 2f'-1 Z4e 'mf3,Li1is , ,,x kwa, -,s,v,fg3':1- . hw, fwgf, HM , .Xi J, WXWAV ,Q Q , 15,3 13 , , 4,1fL.:,- ,Riga 1 Gam 1 1ww,fw:'ri?f ' 11 ,2ff2e1f:.wW-?w'fiY 4, 1 W, ,,,,1,,,,. .,,.v. ,4wQ?w,,,,,, 115 1,1 ,f, K, WNW., . 1' f 1 1 ff' 1 f 11 I Wm ,rv ,,,,,, 1.-vw 1 fn , 'Y ww 111, 1 f 1,1 1 151 1 , , XX . vb, '..-4. F .,4s4 ,X Crow ., ,4.,1.,1,,,,-fm, x,,W,.,,.a, M...x2'!f ,ar 1 -1 4-3,1- . , ' W .1 -fam ,f 4 ,f eg.. Q 'M X, -522-f ' Q . I UP? 1-ff., 3, - ,,,,W'.xX ,1 1.1-.,vg4f,? 1 Q 551, ,. . 21 McKinney A 1 1 T 1 Y 1 T A C K L E S ' 1 X11 ,1. D 4 Y, , . 11 P 1 1 ' J l X L F I 1 A Bridges Ward Rasberry , THEHOUR LASS F i K 1 .4 12 I T '56 'K 1 ff,.-r.-vv.ffv-1-,-..-v- v---- '1 ., AM ' H551 m.1'1...-.. J' l 'v5T fZ'FIF? ff rm - 1' 1 1 .- 4 Y'-7 '- u C r G bbs Sh II S r , ENDS HALFBACKS QUAR Cobb Ones J Shonesy A N N lS'VO N Pope Reynolds Mores Wakeield O,Brien ACKS AND FULLBACKS 57 H IGP4 SCP4O Cl HAI! MQTW Left to Right: l'irst Row-Pope, Poland, lVlcCarty, Cooper, Shull, Elwell. Seond Row-Coach Lott, Blewster, Bridges, King, O'Brien flVlanagersl, Young and Springer. BASKETBALL Coach Lott's quintet had one of the best teams in the school's history this year-winning 9 and losing 6 during the regular playing season. In the Sixth District Tournament they were not seeded but defeated the seeded No. 1 Sardis Team, also No. 3 seeded Team, Jacksonville-meeting Oxford in the finals after a tough bracket throughout the tournament. They lost to Oxford 15-H12. Anniston placed two men on the A11 District Team--Cooper, a lanlcy center and O,Btien, star guard. The Bulldogs entered the State Tournament at Tuscaloosa but lost the Hrst game to Haclclersburg, a strong team, 38-14. TOTAL POINTS OF EACH PLAYER Cooper 122 Shull 73 O'Brien 45 Bridges Z8 Poland 100 McCarty 47 King 36 Elwell 5 SCORES OF GAMES A. H, S. 32 Heflin 19 A. H. S, 16 White Plains 11 A, H, S. 27 Lincoln 13 A. H. S, 20 Selma 21 A. H, S. 32 Lincoln Z0 A. H. S. 24 Alexandria 20 A- H' 5- 'U G' M' A' 20 SIXTH DISTRICT TOURNEY A. H, S. 32 Selma 10 A H S 31 Heflin 8 A. H. S. 19 G. lVl. A, 15 ' ' ' AI HI S' 30 Oxford 13 S, 32 Walnut Grove 11 A. H. 5. zo Alexandria zz A' H' 13 Saffls .H A. I-I. S. 6 oxford 17 A' H' S' 1, gcfsogvl e A. H. S, Z6 Jacksonville 31 ' ' ' X ml 15 A. H. S, 32 Snead College 14 STATE TOURNEY A. H. S. 17 Snead College 41 A. H. S. 14 Haclclersburg 38 58 N 4 .. ti., 1-. 'I . 6-N kit.-ig, 'aw . k F 1 J' T e:1'f'r21'ffr - if -I . ,, , BASEBALL SQUAD ur fqfw. im-WA' Left to Rrgl-lr Front Roux Wallace Scart Tommy OBr1en Bxlly Coal: Davns Bevvster Bllly Bnclges Tommy ones Thamas Brxclges Secznd Raw Preston Harbm Vaughn Stewart Frank Pope ohwn Grubbs oe Morrnson Thomas Chavcrs Frnesr lzluell Tlurd Row Coach Lott john Ed Y McK1rney Wayne Putman xmmy Cooper Call ohnsnn Donald Sprmger lManagerj Bllly lVlcKmney Assn tant Managerj GOLF AND TENNIS TEAM F Row Bob Waheheld aclc Turner Bob LE I tj Rlghtl dwg L Row Eric Allen Charles Orrlson Gerald Kmg Bob Orrlson Frank Wat T Cl n BC iilalxf-I 'IgmM1ll2:e,?oe Kmg 1mmY Reyfwldb N WM O Warre n J sv! V ofmvx E- D' 1 ' , J: , Y-' . 1' '- 7 Q, My I ,--K -l -, J - .J ' , ,- - ' -- , . ,A , . ,I , i . , , . 5 'S . F5 I f X 4 z lr 3' M f ' I ' FF- ,I 'I '. ' . . 'Bl i vry. A lv- .4 'J' Q' AN ISTQN HIGH SCH or 59 Y 'U XV' YO .5 N 'N fix. PA BIRD'S EYE VIEW OE .W A,- 1. TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONS 3, RING TENNIS CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Mary Walker, Ruth Left to Right: Mary XVallcer and I-Iigginbofhaml Ruth Higginbotham. 2. GYM INSTRUCTORS 4. SI-IUFELEBOARD CHAMPIONS Left to Right: Miss Shelton and Left to Right: Christine Truitt and Miss Barnes. Laurie Willett. The Physical Education Department offers n broad program of activities in order to provide for the needs and interests of the girls. Physical Education work is required of all students through the tenth grade, and one-fourth credit a semester is given for satisfactory worlc. The course is elective for other Students. According to the state program, three activity periods and one health period are provided for each week. The health work consists of projects in which definite work is planned for the correction of defects and improvements in the health of the girls. Tl-IEHOURGLASSOF 60 5 4,1 Q - -- . - E V i' M ,jf THE , 6'RsL,9f PH CAL --0 I Left to Rlght Back Row Mary Ellzabeth Sanders Natha Lee Phllllps Vlrglnla I-hllmarla Mary Wauqer Front Row Emma Catherme Pmcher Vrrgmma Brown Bobble Davxs Margaret Stanley 2 SAILOR DANCE Left to Rneht Frances Plppln Imogene Peterson Sara Ellen Blanchard Team games stunts o anc p d l ndlvldual ames and posture work are included ln the physxcal education class period Tournaments ln rmg tenms table tenms shuf fleboarcl croquet horse shoes and paddle tennis are orgamzed ln the gym classes to determme the class champions These cluampxons compete after school for the school champlonshnp An mtramural pro gram of volley ball basket ball and baseball ms planned and wmners of each sport are determined by round robm tournaments N O MAJ 4 - ' , al K A , - , f llc- d es, ta dances, mass games, an re ays, ' A I g I A N I S T Q N H I G H S C H C l. 61 .I . Y! V .I ..:' J . I. li Uii ti I i I . l I I Ja :T VW 4. gf. ,. I .1 . 1: 4 1 . lf .El Il ' L9 I E lj: III U' li if .M I 'rl fl' ,. l f ,I l l , . 1 I I :Tl if I, l 4 I i I I .lf IL! l. .111 -ifwu-'Jw rl ,. .MH mmm EDUC IONIS 1. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS OF 1936 Left to Right: Rirst Row-Doris Ghee, Mary G Smith, Eunice Aldrich, Norma Freeman. Second Row-Joyce Thrash, Margaret O'Brien, Third Raw-Ruby Frazier, Natha Lee Phillips Jewell McAlpin. 3. PYRAMID Lef: to Right: Louise Ledbetter, Mary Walker Viviette Stockman, Ruth Higginbotham, Vonnie Ruth Moore, Frances Pippin, Chris tine Truitt. 2. BASKETBALL CHANIPIONS OF 1936. Left to Right: First Row-Mary Walker, Captain. Second Row-Margaret OyBrien, Margaret Dish- man, Jewell McAlpin, Natha Lee Phillips, Viviette Stockman, Third Row-Ruth Higginbotham, Thelma Rad- cliff, Emma C. Fincher, 4. PADDLE TENNIS Left to Right: Frances Pippin, Emma C, Fincher, Viviette Stockman, Points which are earned in these activities enable a girl to make her letter. A girl who earns 800 points is awarded a school letter and is eligible to attend the district Play Day at Jacksonville. A girl who earns 1200 points is awarded a state letter and is eligible to attend the State Play Day at Monte- vallo. Thirty-two girls enjoyed the State Play Day this spring. The Junior Sports Club and the Senior Sports Club are composed of girls who have earned letters. The Leaders' Club, First Aid Club, and Tap Club are also sponsored by the Physical Education Department. A Volley Ball Sports Day, sponsored by the Leaders' Club and the Sports Club is the big event of the fall, Five nearby schools are invited to bring two teams each. The girls are divided into teams after they arrive and play with each other during the morning. This year the plantation idea was used throughout the Play Day, the teams were designated by vegetable cut-outs and the cafeteria tables were decorated with negro mammies of crepe paper, piles of red apples and cotton bolls tied with red and black ribbon as place cards, A program of negro clogs and square dancing was enjoyed after lunch. Miss Louise Shelton is the instructor for the seventh and eighth grade girls and Miss Harriet Tl-IEH ami' Barnes instructs the ninth and tenth grade girls. O U R G L A S S Q F S Features NISTON HIGH SCHOOL ff-' 5 - L um.-mf: -r . , .. ? 1 o U R Q U E E N I N THEHOURGLASSOF5 QUEEN VIVIAN Bl5HOP N A , . 1 B E Alu TIE 5 ,J MAQGAQET CECIL GAINES 'A---1 E 1 i DOQOTHY ' DILL N I NELLKE TYLER NXIISTON HIGH SCHOOL WtiY fx I , 3r , J -'FH' 1-,arm-vu 'mf-Hfmif lvnfawm-an-Amgruh 3 MOST BRILLIANT BOY- CARTER POLAND AL BEST PERSONALITIES DOT DAVIS SAW P1 MOST ATHLETIC BOY TOM O BRIEN , MOS T H ANDSOME BOY . DUNLAP HENRY MOSTATHLETIC G1 RL MARY WAL ' if T' Mosr BmLuANT erm- CARLETON STERNE l MOST CHARMING GIRL CARLETON STERNE FAVORITE FRESHMAN-MARY FRANCES ARBERY SUNNIEST SOPHOMOP1E GEORC1E THORNTON JOLLIEST JUNlOPQ'LFsLEE WILLETT MOST SOP!-HSTICATED SENIOPWANN COLE ' THE!-IOURGLASSOF .I , ' 1, :1:T7 : I ,qw-,,, 'su ' ' ggxffcfw-14. rf J 4+ aw V my V f NICEST BOY- ROBERT WARNOCH BEST DRESSED COUPLE 'SWEETEST GlRL'GOLDEN GRAY DUNLAP HENRY R DOROTHY DAVIS MOST HUMOROU5 COUPLE MOST LOVESKCV1 COUPLE QEQH- YQUNQ, MARY FRANCES ARBERY I-Alngg WILLETT FQANH POPE MAN CHASER-WALTEY2 RANKIN womzm HATEQ-Bum Bmoees VIYBNN HATER- FRANCES MSMINN MAN CHA'5EQ'MADY FQANCESIRNSH ANNISTON HIGH SCHOGL ,..v-...v..,,,,...,,,,,, I H CLOSED AHS ZOO I n N ww im! 1' .av 1 ,mpg u 1. ,f. A F. , ' 43 -Q.. Y' 4 ff ' ,A 3' 11 5 ' 4 ,Q 'W ,A y F 1 , dw r 4 2 4, I Wm al, in 5 f 1 xr Q A. A f 42 D . u I I Q I 'I I , I I I I 'I I Il' III :II I' . .I I III 'III IIII I .II . 1 I III I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I, I Il II I I II I I III I I I I II I II If -4-nfl-I 75- .Jbmmanmbymm -I4 - -f'--:vw n S Q V . r ' 1 5 1 , W 4 L R 1 X w 1 1 Y 5 W. 5 Mu 55 4 ,, , .N- 4, 4 1 A , Q K1 4 5-V. xv sw 'sf u , ,Q .J Y JW' fy M Ui lk - jg, E ,. an W, ,233 .f V41 QL ,L .,4 n ' ff .42 Y n ! I , Vs 25 . , -. v '55 .J ,H

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