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RfAMBLER WSH 0 1? 'Si -I a f' Published by THE CLASS OF 19 Ambler High School AMBLER, PA. 33 Dedication R. ABRAM R. HUNSICRER HAS BEEN THE DIRECTOR OF INDUSTRIAL WORK AT AMBLER HIGH SCHOOL POR TEN YEARS. THROUGH HIS EFFORTS THE SHOP WORK HAS ATTAINED A POSI' TION OF MAJOR IMPORTANCE. THE WELLfEQUIPPED SHOP BUILDING IN WHICH THE SCHOOL TAKES PRIDE WAS LARGELY CONSTRUCTED BY CHIEF AND HIS SHOP CREW. WE APPRECIATE NOT ONLY THE SPLENDID SPIRIT IN WHICH MR. HUNSICKER CONDUCTS HIS REGULAR WORK, BUT ESPECIALLY VALUE HIS CHEEREUL COM' RADESHIP, SIN-CERE INTEREST, AND HEARTY CO'OPERA' TION IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES. THEREFORE, WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1933, DEDICATE THIS ISSUE OF THE RfAMBLER TO HIM IN 'RECOGNITION OF THE EXCELLENT SERVICE WHICH HE HAS RENDERED AND IS RENDERING T0 THE BOYS AND GIRLS OF AMBLER HIGH SCHOOL. Ambler High School FACULTY Mr. R. Duncan, Mr. W. A. Milspaw, Mr. R. Harkins, Mr. J. Kunsman, Mr. A. Hunsicker. Mr. A. Drumm, Mr. C. Geary, Miss A. Gear, Miss B. Abrahams, Miss A. Potteiger, Miss E. Kulp, Miss L, Coyle, Miss A. Kelly, Mr. E, Baker, Mr. G. Meyers. Mr. E. E. Kerschner, Miss B. Boyles, Miss F. Barr, Miss R. Miller, Miss B. Donmoyer, Miss H, Bork, Miss E. Marple, Miss R, Manlove, Mr. J. M, Fisher. Four 1 1 1 1 1 Ambler High School Looking Back OUR little boys were playing in the sunlight on a skyscraper roof, overlooking the town of Ambler. Suddenly they stopped and looked above them, then they all ran to the back of the roof to wait, as an autogiro approached and deftly landed in the center of the runway. An old, old man clambered from the cockpit. The children gayly welcomed him. Why Grandfather Stuart, we didn't expect you home from Paris so soon! When you left yesterday, you said you were staying for the weekfendf' Well, children, I wanted to be home today, said the old gentleman. It was just iifty years ago today that I graduated from the school house you see over there. Of course, then it was only two stories high, not the onefhundredfstory modern building you see now. You know, said the old man, sitting down in an arm chair, and gathering the children around him, uit seems like only yesterday that we were Sophomores, just entering Senior High School. Why, I can remember, plain as day. We all crowded into Room 23 with Coach Drumm and Miss Barr. There were sixtyfnine of us then. Yes, indeed, that was a large class in those days. Why, of course, we had a president. Phyllis Wooler was her name, and Doris Dickinson was secretary, We certainly were busy in those days with parties, dances, and school activities. Then, there was the school papergChronoscope, I think it was called, about six on the staff were from our class. Six R-Ambler, 1933 You think you have a football team? Well, you should have seen old Duke Romano crashing over the line, and Joe Hayman was the best end you could want. Barbecow was the track team that year, already preparing himself to break records. Dillon certainly could knock a baseball for a homer, and Roberto could cover second like a blanket. 'sThat's the year we gave a mystery thriller, 'Whispering Pines' That's when Bob Webb started his dramatic career, Bob Buck, too. Yes, I was in it. They used to call us the 'three Bobs' Yes, that was a great play, and we put it over all by ourselves, sold the tickets and all. Then in 1932 we became Juniors, Boy, that was a thrill. And, you know, I was president that year, yes, Elsie Deutsch was secretary, Home room teachers? Yes, they were Miss Bork and Mr. Duncanfyou've heard me speak of them, Miss Bork is the teacher with whom we got up a Christmas party for a poor family. Maybe that wasn't fun! Why, we had everything from dolls to chickens. We were a musical class, too. Six of our members were in the band and orchestra. We still carried on the other activities. That year Dillon, Delaney, Bar' becow, and Brown were added to the football team. That's when the action started. And, say, we almost made up the full basketball team with Fluck, Pete Roberto, Phil Barbecow, and Allen on the team. That year Wanda Jensen, Trudy Walker, Miriam Hale, and Elsie Deutsch were on the hockey team. The same year Hunsicker managed the track team and discovered new ability in Linclenfelser, john Roberto, Brown, Rose, and Hayman, Yes, that's the year we went to Washington, too. Three glorious days they were! You would have split your sides laughing at Mr. De Roba, our guide, lecturing SCUCTI, Ambler High School to us on punctuality. We had two of the iriest chaperones, Mr. Harkins and Miss Potteiger. They weren't really chaperones, but one of us out for a good time, as we were. Gee! did we have it? It's something we'll never forget! That's the year we gave 'Penrodf Sure enough, we three Bobs were in it. Virginia Finney was my sister in the play, Phyllis Wooler was in it, also. Then Buck, Webb, Delaney, and I played again that year in 'Charm Schoolf Trudy Walker gave a spurt of drama in that as a school mistress. As Seniors, we took the school by storm. Coulter Allen was the president, and Jean Gehman was secretary. That reminds me-I wonder if Jean still plays the piano. She always played for the Assembly singing. I think she worked harder than the actors at operetta rehearsals, yet she was always willing to play again if you wanted her to play. That was the year the track team won so many trophies. They always came home with a place-usually first. Yes, the other teams were also good that year. We always had hard fighters. Yes, that was one of the 'depression years.' Yet, in spite of the panics, the school put over some mighty ticket campaigns for 'Miss Lulu Bett' and 'Oh, Doctorf We used to have grand times during home room periods with Miss Kulp and Mr. Meyers. They were our class advisors. Don't think it was all fun. We had lots of work to do, and some of the hardest tests. One of the greatest things accomplished by anyone was running past Charles Illingworth in the hall. He was chief of the hall guards, and he was strictly business. What time did you say it is? And I must be in Philadelphia in ten minutes! Well, I almost felt as if I were back in High School again. Yes, indeedyg I'll never forget those years at Ambler High. So long, youngsters-Contact! Eight R-Ambler, 193 3 COULTER B. ALLEN Al Yesterday- Deacon from Girard College. Today- Local boy making good. Tomorrow- Temple gym star. Student Council, 4, Hall Monitor, 4, Class VicefPresident, 3, Class President, 4, Athletic Association, 3, 4, Football Squad, 3, 4, Basketball Squad, 3, 4, Baseball 3, PHILIP BARBECOW 1'Phil Yesterday- Started running. Today- Still running. Tomorrow- Has run. Track, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Collegeville Record: lst, broad jump, 1932, 21 feet four inches, Relay, 1931, 1932, Outdoor Club, 1, Football Team, 1, 3, Squad, 2, Basketball Team, 1, 3, squad, 2, Athletic Association, 3, 4, Stage Crew Play, 2, Operetta Stage Crew, 2. IDA OLGA BARTOL Id Yesterday- The little girl in calico. Today- A maiden in silk. Tomorrow- Grandmother in velvet and old lace. Athletic Association, 4, Stage Crew Play, 3, Class Program, 1, 2, Nature Club, 1. NATHAN U. BROWN Brownian Yesterday- The shy grammar school boy. Today- Athlete. Tomorrow- A classy hobo. Athletic Association, 3, 4, Stage Crew Play, 2, 4, Football Team, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Program, 1, Gym Exhibition, 1, Track Squad, 1, 2, 3, 4. Nine Ambler High School ROBERT BUCK K'Bu.cky', Yesterday- A child from mother's arms. Today-- A boy from father's knee. Tomorrow- The old man himself. Student Council, 2, 3, Hall Duty, 3, 4g Class VicefPresif dent, 23 Athletic Association, 1, 4, Play Cast: Whispering Pines, 2, Charm School, 3, Penrod, 3, Miss Lulu Bett, 4: Chorus, Pirates of Penzance, 2: Chronoscope Editorial, 3, Cir' culation, 2, Football Team, 4g Squad, 3, Track Squad, 4, RfAmbler Revue, 4g Science Club, lg Honor Society, 4. GEORGE CATERISANO Bing Yesterday- The tapster without a public. Today- Franklin D.'s main support. Tomorrow- Maurice Chevalier's double. Athletic Association, 45 Play Cast, Vv'hispering Pines, 'l R-Ambler Revue, 4: Outdoor Cluh, 1. MILDRED REQUEL COHEN uMillie Yesterday- Her father's salesfgirl. Today- Atlantic City's main support. Tomorrow- First 'cellist in Philadelphia orchestra. Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew Play, 4, Play Cast, Whispering Pines, 2: Chronoscope, Circulation, lg R-Ambler Staff, Junior High Section, 4: Gym Exhibition, lg Collegeville Chorus, Z, 31 Class Program, 2, 3: RfAmbler Revue. 4: Nature Club, 1: Mixed Glee Club, 4: Girls' Glee Club, 1, 4. NELSON DECK 'KNCV' Yesterday- Always belittlin'. Today- Stepping along, Tomorrow- Hardware king. Athletic Association, 4: Operetta Chorus, Pirates of Pen- zance, 2, RfArnbler Staff, 41 Track Squad, 4: R-Ambler Revue, 4: Science Club. 1. Ten R-Ambler, 1933 JOHN M. DELANEY Mike Yesterday- Innocence abroad. Today- Ambler High's Romeo. Tomorrow- Don Juan of --. Hall Duty, 4: Play Cast, Charm School, 3, Miss Lulu Bett, 4: Operetta Cast, Pirates of Penzance, 3, Chorus, 1, 2: RfAmbler Staff, 4: Football Team, 1, Z, 3, 4, RfAmbler Ref vue, 4: National Thespian Society, 4: Band, 1, 2, 3: Orchestra, 1, 2, 3: Track Team, 4, Cast, Oh Doctor, 4. ELSIE DEUTSCH 'KElse Yesterday- Protege of Miss Boyle's. Today- Ambler High's cashier. Tomorrow- Head nurse at Massachusetts. Class Secretary, 3: Athletic Association, 3, 4: Hockey Team. 1, 2, 3: Basketball Team, 1: Gym Exhibition, 2: Class Pro' gram, 1, Z: R-Ambler Revue, 4: Nature Club, lg Track Team, 1, 2. PHILIP DILLON 'lKing Yesterday- Played cops and bums. Today- Football star. Tomorrow- Somebody's husband. Hall Duty, 3, 4 Athletic Association, 3, 4: Stage Crew Play, 1, 2, 3, 4: Football Team, 3, 4: Track Team, 4: Class Program. 2: Bachelors' Club, 1: Baseball Team, 2, 3. VIRGINIA RUTH FINNEY Ujirmyw Yesterday- Quiet little thing. Today- An actress. Tomorrow- School teacher. Honor Society, 4: Secretary of Student Council, 4: Hall Duty, 4: Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4: Play Cast, Penrocl, 3, Miss Lulu Bett, 4: Operetta, Chorus of Pirates of Penzance, 2: Stage Manager of Whispering Pines, 2, Charm School, 3: Chronoscope Editorial, 1, 3, Hockey Team, 4, Gym Exhif lJiti0n, 1: Class Program, 1, 2, 3: R-Ambler Revue: Nature Club, 1, Girls' Glee Club, 4. Eleven Ambler High School FREDERICK FLUCK Fritz,' Yesterday- Sweet little thing with curls. Today- A gentleman of leisure. Tomorrow- A cop. Hall Duty, 3, 4, Member of Athletic Association, 3, Vice' President, 4, Stage Crew Play, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager of Chronoscope, 2, Basketball Team, 2, 3, Class Program, 3, Band, Z, 3, 4. JEAN GEHMAN Ujeanl, Yesterday- Shy tomboy. Today- Biggest eater. Tomorrow- Latin teacher. Honor Society, 4, Hall Duty, 4, Class Secretary, 4, Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager of Play, 3, Play Cast, Whispering Pines, 2, Charm School, 3, Miss Lulu Bett, 4, Operetta Chorus, Pirates of Penzance, 2, Stage Manager of Play, Peg 0' My Heart, 2, Penrod, 3, Chronoscope Editorial, 1, 2, 3, RfAmbler Staff, 4, R'Ambler Revue, 4, Nature Club, 1, School Pianist, 1, 4, Orchestra, 4, Valedictorian. MIRIAM HALE Miriam,' Yesterday- Mudpie sculptor. Today- Art student. Tomorrow- Commercial artist. Hall Duty, 4, Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew Play, 3, Business Manager Play. 2, 4, Stage Crew Play, 3, RfA1nbler Staff, 4, Chronoscope Editorial, 1, 3, Hockey Team, 3, 4, Hockey Squad, 2, Gym Exhibition, 2, Class Program, 1, 2, Nature Club, 1, Glee Club, 2, 4, JAMES HARPER Ujessi' Yesterday- Harpie. Today- Sink 'em dead shot. Tomorrow- O. K. Technocracy. Hall Duty, 4, Athletic Association, 3, 43 stage CTCW Play, 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew Operetta, 1, 2, Play Cast, Whispering Pines, 2, Football Squad, 1, 4, Basketball Team, 4, Basketball Squad, 3, Gym Exhibition, 1, 2, Class Program, 1, 2, Gym Club, 1. Twelve R-Ambler, 193 3 JOSEPH HAYMAN Ufoe' Yesterday- HayrnanfDiehl Co. Today- That L'wouldfbe hardfworking man Tomorrow- Furniture magnate. Student Council, 2, 3, 43 Hall Duty, 3, 4g Athletic Associaf tion, 2, 3, 4g Stage Crew Play, 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta Chorus, Pirates of Penzance, 23 Football Team, 1, 2, 3, 4g Captain, 4 Track Squad, 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Program, 2, RfAmbler Revue 4, Nature Club, 1. , Q 1 THOMAS HENRY Tom' Yesterday- Mother's little helper. Today- Little Tom. Tomorrow- Mahatma Ghandi, the second. Athletic Association, 3, 4, Stage Crew Play, 2g Class Pro' gram, 1, 43 Outdoor Club, 1. OAKLEY HOYT Oak Yesterday- Mother's blond baby. Today- The successful student. Tomorrow- The model citizen. Athletic Association, 4g RfAmbler Staff, 4g RfAmbler Revue, 4. RICHARD WARNER HUNSICKER 'LDick Yesterday- The bashful boy. Today- The struggling suitor. Tomorrow- The happy husband. Athletic Association, 3, 4, Football Squad, ager, 3. 4, Track Ma nf Thirteen Ambler High School Tomorrow- Highfgear Homer. Student Council, 4, Hall Duty, 2, 3, Chairman, 41 Athletic Association, 3, 43 Play Cast, Whispering Pines, 2, RfAmbler Staff, 4, Football Squad, 2g Business Staff of Chrorioscope, 2, 3. WANDA ELIZABETH JENSEN KLWandiel' Yesterday- Basking in another clime. Today- Promising stenog. Tomorrow- Maybe Mrs. H. T. W. Athletic Association, 3, 4: Business Manager Play, 4g Chorus of Pirates of Penzance, 31 RfAmbler Staff, 4g Hockey Squad, 2, 4, R-Ambler Revue, 4, Class Program, 1, Secretary of Girls' Glee Club, 4. CELESTER JOHNSON Less, Yesterday- Eatin' bread and honey. Today- Learnifying. Tomorrow- Penllyn's hostess, Hockey Team, 43 Outdoor Club, 1. IRMA JONES i'Tl1errrLa Yesterday- Ambler's oldffashioned girl. Today- Turning point. Tomorrow- Hafchafcha queen. Athletic Association, 4, Class Program, 1: Art Club, 1. Fourteen CHARLES B. ILLINGWORTH Hfuriei' Yesterday- Sweet sixteen, but- Today- The iceman. R-Ambler, 193 3 JAMES KEANE L'Pat Yesterday- A farmer boy with big blue eyes. Today- Living and learning. Tomorrow- Big rancher. Class Oflicer, Secretary, 23 Athletic Association. 3. 42 Stage Crew Play. 1, 2, 3g Operetta, 1, 2, 3, Football Squad, 4: Gym Exhibition, 2: Class Program, 1, 2,3 RfA1nbler Revue, 4: Pepper Club, 1. GLADYS LUCILLE KNOTT Gladys,' Yesterday- In Blue Bell. Today- Waiting for her Pa's Ford. Tomorrow- Sporting a new curl. Athletic Association, 3, 43 RfAmbler Revue, 4: Art Club, 1, Girls' Glee Club. 4: Class Program, 1, Z. G, DUDLEY LEAR UDucky Yesterday- just a farm lad. Today- Prospectville's gift to the ladies. Tomorrow- A Drexel engineer. Stage Crew Play, 1: Chronoscope, Circulation, 3: RfAmbler Staff, Associate Editorg Class Program, 1, R-Ambler Revue, 45 Science Club, 1. FRANK LINDENFELSER uLindy Yesterday- The little boy from Springhouse. Today- The lover of beautiful women. Tomorrow- A taxicab driver. Athletic Association, 3, 4, Operetta Chorus, Pirates of Pen' Lance, 21 Track Team, 3, P. I. A. A, Relay Team, Hrst place, 3: Class Program, 1g Science Club, 1, Gold Medal for Ac' curacy, Taylor School High School Typewriting Contest, 1933. Fifteen Ambler High School girls. Yesterday- Inquisitive. Today- The unholy satirist. Tomorrow- Walter Winchell, Znd. Club, 1. Sixre en ELMER LINDKVIST 'LElmerH Yesterday- We're dying to know, too. Today- Another eligible boy for the Senior Tomorrow- Another Einstein with a new theory. Transferred from North Wales. RfAmbler Revue, 4. EMERSON MATZ 'KMatz Yesterday- An eligible iceman. Today- Well anchored. Tomorrow- Anne's conquest. RfAmbler Staff, 44 Gym Exhibition, 2, Glee Club, 45 Hall Duty, 3, 4, Athletic Association, 3. ANNA MIRIAM MCPHERSON Armen Yesterday- An aristocrat. Today- just one of the gang. Tomorrow- A modern business woman. Athletic Association, 3, 4g Class Program, lg RfAmbler Re- vue, 4g Nature Club, lg Glee Club, 3, 4. CAROLYN MENNA 'iCarriel' Arhleric Association, 2, 3, 4: Class Program, ls Nature R-Ambler, 193 JANET MICHAEL Reds Testerday- Shy country lassie. Today- Now is the time for all good men, etc. Tomorrow- Queen of Fort, Student Council, lg Class Secretary, lg Athletic Association, 43 Chronoscope Circulation Manager, lg RfAmbler Staff, 4' Class Program 1, 2, RfAmbler Revue, 43 Nature Club, 1. DORIS LOUISA MILLER 'LDotts Yesterday- In Room 22. Today- In Miss Abram's cooking class. Tomorrow- Somebody's nurse. Class Program, 1, The Outdoor Club, l. MELA PETROVE K'Pete7' Yesterday- Very interested in the band. Today- In Room 24. Tomorrow- Somebodys stenog. Athletic Association, 4, Class Program, 1, 25 Nature Club, 1. MILDRED POTTEIGER Middyl' Yesterday- At the seashore with the crowd. Today- Striving to get used to Miss Bork's English. Tomorrow- Maid of honor for 'LEm. Athletic Association, 4g RfAmhler Revue, 4: Nature Club, 1: Girls' Glee Club, 45 Senior Chorus, 4. Seventeen Ambler High School MARJORIE LOUISE POTTS Peg Testerday- A million dollar baby from a Sffif 10c store. Today- Mr. Meyers' sidekick. Tomorrow- Possibly of Lansdale. Play Cast, Whispering Pines, 2: Operetta Chorus, Pirates of Penzance, 2, Gym Exhibition, 1, 2, Class Program, 1, Z, R'Ambler Revue, 4, Nature Club, 1: RfAmbler Staff, 4. PAUL RASER Spag', Yesterday- A nice child. Today- 'Way ahead of us. Tomorrow- We hate to imagine! Athletic Association, 3, 4: Stage Crew Play, 2, 3, Operetta, 3, Football Squad, 1, Class Program, 1, RfAmbler Revue, 4, Science Club, 1. MARIAN RAU Marian', Yesterday- Minding her history. Today- Watchfully waiting. Tomorrow- 'sDon't be late, Phil. Student Council, 1, Hall Duty. 1, Class Secretary, 1, Athf letic Association, 4: Stage Crew Play, 3, Chronoscope. Circuf lation, Z, 3, RfAmbler Staff, 4, Class Program, 1, 2, RfAmbler Revue, 4, Science Club, 1. PETE ROBERTC 'LRr1l9bifH Yesterday- Oh, Rita! Today- Dan Cupid's assistant. Tomorrow- Radios future 'KBing. Hall Duty, 4, Athletic Association, 3, 4, Stage Crew Play, 4, Football Team, 1, Football Squad, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team, 1, 3, Basketball Squad, 2, 4, Baseball Team, 1, 2, 3, Class Program, 1, 2, R-Ambler Revue, 4, Science Club, 1, Track Team, 1. Eighteen R-Ambler, 1933 RAYMOND JOHN ROBINSON 'KRay Yesterday- A Gwynedd Valley admirer. Today- A commuter. Tomorrow- A resident OJ. Stage Crew Play, 1, 2, 33 Operetta, 1, 25 Science Club, 1. FRANK R. ROMANO Duke Yesterday- just Duke. Today- just Duke and his Model T. Tomorrow- just Duke and the Ford, if it lasts, going to Roxborough. Honor Society, 4, Student Council, 4g Hall Duty, 3, 4g Class Treasurer, 4, Class VicefPresident, 35 Athletic Associaf tion, President, 43 Chorus of Pirates of Penzance, 3, R'Ambler Staff, 43 Football Team, 3, 43 Basketball Squad, 2, 3g Football Manager, 43 Track Squad, 2, Gym Exhibition, Zg Class Prof gram, Z, 3, R-Ambler Revue, 45 Nature Club, lg Band, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager, 3. ALLEN ROSE 'LRosie Yesterday- The boy with the silver voice. Today- A member of the barber shop quarf tet. Tomorrow- Cab Calloway, the second. Athletic Association. 3, 4, Basketball Squad, 3, 4, Track Team, 3, 41 Class Program, lg RfAmbler Revue, 4, Mixed Glee Club, 45 Science Club, 1. HARRY ROSSITER K'Harry Yesterday- Bashful boy. Today- Sheik of North Wales. Tomorrow- One of M0ntgomery's 262000. Class Secretary, 23 Stage Crew Play 1, 2, 3, Business Man' ager Play, 23 Play Cast, Whispering Pines, 2, Chorus of Pirf ares of Penzance, 35 Stage Crew Operetta, 1, 2, Track Squad, 2, Class Program, 1, 25 Science Club, 1. Nineteen Ambler High School MURIEL M. SCHOTT l'Schotty'l Yesterday- Muriel from Minnesota. Today- The smallest senior. Tomorrow- Answering those letters from Du' luth. Transferred from Duluth, Minn. Athletic Association, 3, 45 Class Program, 2: R-Ambler Revue, 4, Glee Club, 4. JOHN SIGNORE johnny Yesterday- just John. Today- Room 24 enthusiast. Tomorrow- Banker. Stage Crew Play, 4, Play Cast, Vs7hispering Pines, 2: Foot' ball Squad, lg Baseball Team, lz Track Team, 3, 41 Gym Exhibition, 2: Bookkeeping Contest, 33 Science Club, 1. GERTRUDE STOUT USlwimp Yesterday- Looking ahead. , Today- just dreaming. Tomorrow- Who knows? Athletic Association, 4. ROBERT STUART 'Boop' Yesterday- A blushing violet. Today- The forgotten student. Tomorrow- The double for George Arliss. Science Club, 1, Salutatorian. l Twenty s Student Council, 43 Class President, 3, VicefPresident, 4, Athletic Association, 4, Play Cast, Whispering Pines, 25 Pen' rod 3- Charm School, 31 Miss Lulu Bett, 4g R-Ambler Staff, 4: business Staff of Chronoscope, 3: R'Ambler Revue, 49 R-Ambler, 1933 MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR '1Betty Yesterday- Tomboy. Today- Fighting with Dick, Tomorrow- A gentle nurse. Athletic Association, 4, Operetta Cast, Pirates of Penzance, 3, Stage Manager Play, Whispering Pines, Gym Exhibition, Z: Class Program, 1, 2, 3, RfAmbler Revue, 4, Nature Club, 1, Glee Club, 4. CATHARINE TROUTMAN Kay Yesterday- A cold, cold linguist. Today- Starting to primp. Tomorrow- We're waiting. Gym Exhibition, 1, 2, Class Program, 3, RfAmbler Revue, 4, Nature Club, 1. GERTRUDE WALKER Trudy Yesterday- Absent from school. Today- Absent again. Tomorrow- Mrs. Bill. Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Class Secretary, 2, Athletic Assof ciation, Secretary, 3, 4, R-Ambler Staff, 4: Hockey Team, 3: Captain, 4, Gym Exhibition, 2, RfAmbler Revue, 4. ROBERT M. H. WEBB K'Webbie Yesterday- Prospectville's pride and joy Today- A mass of ceremonies. Tomorrow- UNO, you can't drive the car. Honor Society, 4, Student Council, VicefPresident, 3, Presi- dent, 4, Hall Duty, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer, 2, Play Cast, Whispering Pines, 2, Penrod, Charm School, 3, Miss Lulu Bett, 4, Operetta Chorus, 1, 2, Chronoscope, Editorial, 2, 3, Football Squad, 2, 3: Class Program, 2, 3, R-Ambler Revue, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cast, Oh Doctor, 4. Twerltyforle Ambler High School Today- l Honor Society, 1 Whispering Pines, ates of Penzance, PHYLLIS WOOLER '4Pl1il Testerday- A shy and quiet little blonde. Today- The most talkative girl in the senior class. Tomorrow- Draw your own conclusions. Student Council, 1, Zg Class President, 1, 2, Athletic Assof ciation, 2, 4: Cast, Penrod, 33 Stage Manager Play, 4g Chrono' scope, Editorial, 1, 2, 35 Gym Exhibition, 1, 2, RfAmbler Ref vue, 4g Glee Club, 4. ADA WORTHINGTON Worthirzgton Yesterday- One of the few quiet seniors. Today- Tin Lizzie's Aunt Ada. Tomorrow- Who knows, maybe a G. D. G. Chronoscope, Editorial, 1, Gym Exhibition, 3, Nature Club, 1. ADA MEEHAN ZIEGLER l'Ada Yesterday- just a kid, Today- A good sport. Tomorrow- An aviatrix, we hope, Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4g Class Program, 1, RfAmbler Revue, 4: Nature Club, 1g Glee Club, 4, EMELINE M. ZIEGLER Emmy 'Yesterday- W Tomorrow- 42 35 3: An innocent of the Purity' League. Covering up her past. Manager of Honurns and Co. Athletic Association, 1, 3, 4g Play Cast, Charm School, 33 Chorus Operetta, Pirf Stage Manager Play, 3, 4g Chronoscope, Editorial, 1, 2, 3, Hockey Manager, 43 Basketball Manager, 4: Gym Exhibition, 1g Class Program, 1, 2, 3g RfAmbler Revue, EditorfinfChief, 4, Nature Club, 1g Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4. Twerrtyftwo R-Ambler, 1933 HELEN MEEHAN ZIEGLER 'LHelen 'Yesterdayf Ada's double. Today4 Another slaving senior. Tomorrow- In a cockpit with Ada. Class Secretarv, 1: Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4g Class Program, 1, 25 RfAmbler Revue, 4: Nature Club, 1: Glee Club, 3, 4. Seniors President ..... .... C OULTER ALLEN VicefPresident .... .... R OBER1' STUART Secretary ..... .... J EAN GEHMAN YESTERDAY We enjoyed long years of only fun, No thought of worlds still to be won. TODAY A class that with fair promise glearns, But with a hope still brighter beams. TOMORROW Who can tell what tomorrow brings Until today about it sirigs? Twenty-three Ambler High School Senior Horoscope F June 20, 1933, is your graduating day, the most exciting hours for you are from 8.30 P. M. to 10.30 P. M., for during that time you will have received your diploma and will have said au revoir to Ambler High School. A class graduating on this day will be influenced by Venus and Saturn, but this class must beware of skies which show a bright Jupiter, for it means trouble. The best days of the week for you are Wednesdays and Saturdays. These are the days to have your favorite dates. If you are graduating on June 20, and your name is Rau or jones, treasure your innocence and let no big handsome men come into your lives and break your hearts. Constant confusion may be prophesied for the youngest member of your class. The planet Mars predicts a terrific struggle with forgetfulness. Always may be seen fore gotten purses, books, and finally a kindergarten class, forgotten by its mistress. Pain and misery are seen for two girls, for their heads are badly bent from constant leaning over books. Something may be seen rising and rising. Yes, it is the electric bills of Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Troutman. The lights are on until the wee hours for the girls to study. One who has recently been a bold bad robber may be seen gesticulating from a soap box and gradually climbing until he is gesticulating from the dome of the capitol itself. Diana influences the captain of the hockey team and foretells of wedding bells and also of a little cottage with a garage just big enough for a motorcycle. Any pair of twins graduating on june 20 will have high aspirations. They will constantly be together, and finally be the first to make a nonfstop flight around the world. Gladys Knott also is going high, and the stars say she is going to spend more and more time over at Pitcairn with her brother. A snowfwhite cloud floats over the Great Dipper. This designates a white uni' form, probably worn by Elsie Deutsch and Anna McPherson, nurses, and Betty Taylor, dietician. The great dog star is barking. We see a bright future for raising Doberman Pinschers. We hope Phyllis' Dukie and Vikie are all right and we predict many little Dukies and Vikies, all of whom are prize winning pups. The V in Virgo means violinfcello, which will be played by the Mildred Requel Cohen in the next World Symphony. Miss Cohen will be a virtuoso at a wedding in October which is a promising social event. Aries promise a new Ford Vf8 to Ada Worthington, a budding farmerette. This star, however, tells of no future which will include Ada's education in Latin. Twentyffouv R-Ambler, 1933 Saturn is crying. A needle is sticking through it! lt must be our seamstress, Doris Miller, the most promising modiste of Fifth Avenue. Draco, the triple quartet, stands for the Unholy Twelve G. D. Gfs. They are led through toil and tribulation by President Finney, who is going to teach them all how to do the Bowery. Jin is destined to follow the family tradition and be another Finney in the bright lights. The North Star leads many a sailor aright and guides him out of troubled waters. Maybe it will eventually take charge of Dick Hunsicker, and teach him not to mix up with highfgear Betty, for she is worse than troubled water when she gets started. jupiter is the morning star from March to September. Trouble may be predicted for Coulter Allen if he continues to stay out late enough to see it on his way home. If this star is again associated with Linton's, it will change to a comet. Coma is the star for Keane, but some day he may leave his paternal star and awake from his dreams so suddenly that those brown curls will turn gray. Illingworth is guided by Mars, the star of war. However, all Charles' wars are caused by the iierce wagging of his tongue. His fatal gift of gab has been Charles' chief source of trouble. Duckey Lear, the Romeo of the class, is always trying to kiss the girls. When the girls are willing, however, Duckey runs away. His amours are governed by Venus. Carona, the typewriter star, foretells a future of keys, and more keys, words, and more words, errors, and more errors for Frank Lindenfelser. Cancer, the star of stomach aches, will haunt Joe Hayman, if he doesn't keep out of bread boxes. We give joe the honor of having the greatest capacity of anyone in the class of '33, John Delaney will always have Bootes on his trail. John will set a new standard in the size of boys' shoes. However, Bootes becomes dim in the light of Johnny's bright smile. The Great Dipper will ever be an influence in Paul Raser's life. Paul always has found dippers a great obstacle, especially when they are in punch bowls. Hades is threatening the life of Harry Rossiter. This star caught up to Harry once and burned his home. Maybe the star will stop there, but Harry better be good. Pegasus may be the winged horse of the sky, but to Ray Robinson, it means wings on his Ford. We hope Mr. Robinson won't cripple the car again by breaking the wing. Hercules is going to carry Pete Roberto to far away Spain, where he will enchant all the senoritas with his silvery guitar. Cygnus is a great hardware star. Nelson Deck will hitch his wagon to this star. The wagon, it seems, will contain a few drugs, perhaps from Angeny's. Twenty-fue Ambler High School Aries predicts the composition of Sunday School airs for Mela Petrove. She already is inspiring the kiddies who sing to her playing. The Three Sisters are always dancing. They will be partners of Midie Potteiger this summer at Willow Grove. They make iitful chaperones for a couple. Lately these Three Sisters have taken Carrie Menna in hand. Lynx may take over Wanda Jensen. She may be a waitress at the club house of a golf 'klynxf' if her present star, Wentz, doesn't overtake her Hrst. We should like to see Webbie influenced by Scorpius, for he is the sister of Scorpion, and who wouldn't like to see Bob dramatize a scorpion instead of the usual hero all the girls adore? Sculptor will carve out a happy matrimonial future for 'lBoop Stuart. We all see him humbly handing over his pay envelope every Friday night. Pisces, if spelled with a D, would be almost discus. Dillon is always breaking records, and it looks as if he will set a new record for broad shouldered men. Matz's star, Lyra, will shine whenever it can get an audience. Lately it has given good performances before Anne. The future is all blurred, we can't tell who it will be next. The Star Ruth will ever make a baseball fan of James Harper. Some day it will become another Babe Ruth. Serpents are taking charge of Miriam Hale's eyes. These two black liquid pools, fringed with more black, put many boys in the dark. We warn all mankind against them. The only planet for Janet Michael is the Sun, for bright and hot as the Sun itself is -Ianet's hair. The Sun is the source of all life, so in the future may Janet continue to be the life of every party. Antlia is the star that shines over Harlem. It is destined to bring all the latest dance steps to Celester johnson, so that she may show them to all the girls in the shower room during gym class. Hydra forms a huge bridge across the heavens. They are the stars of engineers. Hoyt and Buck must follow these stars and never leave their path to be influenced by other stars. These boys are already planning a bridge across the ocean to make it easier for them to visit Paris, AND the Parisians. Saturn is hidden by its wings and moves about the sky like a ghost. This is Brown's star. Brown certainly flies around the Held like a phantom. Oriole is the star with the golden voice. It has given melodious voices to Allen Rose and Thomas Henry. The star will lead them through the air and finally into your home over the radio. Twentyfsix R-Ambler, 1933 Hercules is the hero of many stories, and the star has made a hero of 'LDuke Romano. Many of the younger boys look up to him and do anything to have the football star even speak to them. They would go into raptures over a ride in his model T. Gertrude.Stout needs the influence of Corona, but since Frank has monopolized that star, Gertrude must be content to be influenced by him. Eridanus must protect little Schotty from some big King Kong from North Wales. Muriel needs this protection, because she wouldn't even make a handful for a gorilla. Ursa has given Ida Bartol a sweet disposition. This star will continue to make Ida a sweet tempered, likable girl. Maybe she will go to Spain some day. Didn't you notice how well she looked in the Spanish chorus? The Milky Way of the sky is just another cinder path to Phil Barbecow. Some day he may try winning a race on it, but that would mean only another medal to add to the collection. We sometimes think that john Signore is reaching for the moon when he throws the javelin. If john keeps on gaining he may pierce the moon. Persius, the charmer, guides Elmer Lindkvist, for to what else are we to attribute his magnetic personality? Even Elmer admits he charms the girls. If Fred Fluck is ever found not chewing gum, we are sure the Earth will stop its revolving, and if he is ever found not arguing with jean the end of the World itself will come. The stars determine the future of everyone. Follow their paths and abide by their prophesies. Twentyfseven Ambler High School -ii' 1. Walker. 2. McPherson. 3. Illingworth. 4. Lindenfelser. 5. Stuart. 6. Menna 7. Roberto. 8. Michael. 9. Deck. 10. Taylor. 11. Lear. 12. Fluck. 13. Cohen 14. Allen. 15. Worthington. 16. Keane. 17. Wooler. 18. Delaney. 19. Schott 20. Robinson. 21. Rose. 22. Signore. 23. Webb. Twentyfeigbt R-Ambler, 1933 1. Brown. 2. Deutsch. 3. Bartol. 4. E. Ziegler. 5. Potteiger. 6. Harper. 7. john' son. 8. H. Ziegler. 9. A. Ziegler. 10. Barbecow. 11. Matz. 12. Hale. 13. Hoyt 14. Petrove. 15. Troutman. 16. Finney. 17. Hunsicker. 18. Stout. 19. Jones. 20 Buck, 21. Potts. 22. Rossiter. 23. Rau. 24. Knott. 25. Gehman. Twe-ntyfnine I 4 K , , 4 Ambler High School Watkins, Haggar, Brown. Arnold. Mallozzi, Barbacow, Jones, Patterson, Rorer, Lamelza, Marincola, Signore, Bussing, Black Burrell, Arney, Fluck, G. Lutz, Marchant, Claville. Bartol, Dull, Roesch, F. Lutz, Krisan, Kern, Shelly, Adams, Burroughs. Hallowell, Leech, F, Zollo, Kalb, Gibbs, Pearce, Illingworth, L. Zollo, Dixon. Queenan, Cohen, Wabescz, Knight, Smith, Renner, Taylor, Stevens, Morgan, Lusky. Jagger, Fales, Worthington, Flury, Cathers, Willis, Sancliford, Magargal, Romano, Flower, Urban, Niblock, MacLaughlin. Sleath, Milligan, Stillwagon, Angeny, Paton fVicefPresidentj, Hurst fPresiclentj, Stone fSecre taryl, Wolff, Hamilton, Evans, Busch. A juniors YESTERDAY Fresh young Sophomores, hoping soon to be juniors, Seniors, and at last set free. TODAY juniors have the best of work and fun- Parties, sports and plays, then Washington. TOMORROW Next year, SeniorsAtheirs will be the place To lead in work, in sports to set the pace. Thirtyftwa R-Ambler, 1933 Lusky, Cannon, McClellan, Scheibner, Brunner. Cohen, Amey, Burrell, Scholz, Mallozzi, Hopson, Half, Collier, Harrar, Albert. Zebich, Smith, Rose, Melograno, Romano. Clark, Nelson, Harp, Corey, Hunter, Blank, Pulli, Palermo, Brumbaugh. Berwind, Calamaro, J. Gradin, Cricium, G. Magargal, Heath, Davies, Hunsicker, Colmer. Bruno, Linde, Colfax, Lentz, Brautigan, Mortimer, Luxton, Petringelo, D. Magargal, Dressler Pearce, Taylor, Dowling. Gordon, Cannon, Johnson, Flynn, Lower, D. Iohnson, M. Gradin, Rex, Green, Houghton, Umstead, Stuart, Spencer. Ditter, Rudolph, Deuchar, Fox, Reyner fVicefPresiclentj, Meyers fPresidentj, Staokhouse fSecre taryj, Bunting, Stoler, Bradley, Barry. James, Lapradd, Civarelli, Springsteel, Richards, Assenheimer, jensen, Martin, Lancaster, Fluck Kriebel, Boland. Sophomores YESTERDAY Leaders in the junior High were they, With sports and work and entertainments gay. TODAY Now their help to Senior High they bring. 'They aid in sports, in operetta sing. TOMORROW juniors next, they struggle and progress, Seeking always finest hopes to stress, Thirtyfthree Ambler High School ESOQIJ T21 'Tl1i1tyffou'f ROON 5 ROOM 25 R-Ambler, 1933 ROOM H ROOM fndm Thirty-five ROOM m Ambler High School Home Room OmCCTS ROOM 21 President .....,,. . . . . . ..... ROBERT LEWIS VicefPreside-nr .... . . .ROBERT COMPTON Secretary ..... ..... C HARLES HAYMAN Advisor . . ........ ,MR. BAKER ROOM 14 President .... . . .......... ...... A NDREW DRESSLER VicefPresidenr . . . .... BARBARA ELINGHAUSEN Secretary ....... . . , . . .GRACE HALDEM.iN Advisor .... ........ ..... M I ss MILLER ROOM 25 President ...... ........ . ....... F ELIX IRELAND VicefPresident . . . .......... JUNE HOUPT Secretary ....,,. .... D OROTHY WINEBURG Advisor . . ........ . . .Mlss GEAR ROOM 15 President ....... ......... .... R 0 MEO GIGLIOTTI Vice-President .... .... C ARRIE MACORT Secretary ..... ...... M AY W.ARo Advisor. . . . . ..... Miss BOYLES ROOM 11 President ....... ....... , . . ....... HUGH GEHMAN VieefPresident . . . ....... DOROTHY TROUTMAN Secretary ...... ..... W ILLIAM DUMMELDINGER Advisor . . ..,...... Miss DONMOYER ROOM 12 President .. .... ...... ........ D A NIEL SIGNORE VicefPresidenr .... .....,...... J OHN RAINEY Secretary ..... ..... K ATHERINE CATERISANO Advisor. .. .......,... MR. KUNSMAN 'Thirtyfsix Ambler High School Afsova' Ofifll-lES1'f RA afrww BAND Thirty-eight R-Ambler, 1933 133, CO UNCJL T RJAEIBLEA 5 DXF? CQUHSJL Ambler High School Fony R-Ambler, 1933 OH OSTFQR 'f Forty-one Ambler High School SR, H15 H JEL HIGH 5 ii. .HISH F 9 R-Ambler, 1933 Sli, 5-USU-J Fortyftlwee SB, HJ SH JB, HJGJ-J Ambler High School Facts About Graduating Track Men P. Barbacow Captain of this year's unbeaten team, was a letter man for four years. He broke the 440 and broad jump records this year, besides running anchor on the Mile Relay team that set a new standard. He scored more points in 1932 and 1933 than any other member of the team. He will be a great loss to the track team. P. Dillon Achieved the remarkable distinction of being an outstanding field man in his first year's participation. He has consistently made performances in the shot and discus within inches of the existing school records and may break either or both before the season ends. He won both the shot and discus class MB district championships. Dillon is also a good javelin thrower. I. Signore Two years a letter man in track. Concentrated his efforts on the javelin throw, finally reaching the top in his event by setting a new school record during the present season. F. Lindenfelser Also won his letter two yearsg competed in 100, 220, 440 yard racesg was a member of the 1933 Mile Relay team which broke the school record. Frank's gene- rosity in the use of his car has also done much to make the past two seasons successful. A. Rose Won his letter two years and was the lead of this year's record breaking relay team. Allan was originally a half and quarter miler, but this year has proved himself an excellent broad and high jumper, besides being able to run 100 and 220 yard distances. J. Hayman First year to win a track letter, though a member of the track squad for the past two years. joe's only good event is the javelin throw, in which he has been consistently able to do better than 150 feet. SCHOOL RECORDS Event Time Record Holder 'Tear Made 100 Yards... .. 10 W. Maclntyre .....1932 220 Yards.. . . . 22.4 VJ. Maclntyre . . . .1932 440 Yards ..... . . 55.4 P. Barbacow . . . . .1933 880 Yards ...... .... 2 '12 A. Burrell . . . . . .1933 Mile .......... .... 4 -46 A. Burrell . . . . . .1933 120 High Hurdles.. .. 18.1 R, Gray ...1931 120 Low Hurdles . . 14.4 P. Krisan ...................... 1933 220 Low Hurdles . . 26.4 H. Cupit ...................... 1933 Mile Relay ..... . . 3f39.3 A. Rose, H. Barbacow. F. Linden' felser. P. Barbacow .............. 1933 Shot ...... ..... 4 7' 6V2 P. Dillon .......... . . .1933 Discus .... .... 1 22' 7 D. Houpt ......... . . .1932 javelin ..... .... 1 64' 1116 J. Hayman .... . . .1933 High jump . . . .... 5' 6'Vg A. Hurst .... . . .1933 Broad Jump . . . .... 21 VZ P. Barbacow . . . . .1933 Pole Vault . . 1 . . . 11' 8374 D. Brister . . . . . .1932 Frrrlyffour R-Ambler, 1933 SENIOR HIGH TRACK Black fMgr.j, Brownback, W. Rose, Meyers, Patterson, Rudolph, Compton, Davies, Dowling, Lochetto. Coach Drumm, James Mallozzi, Hayman, Hopson, Burroughs, Amey, Fluck, H. Barbacow, Pulli, Cupit, Magargal. Heath, Amey, A. Rose, Signore, Dillon, P. Barbacow, Lindenfelser, Hurst, R. Burrell, Krisan, A. Burrell. Intevscholastic Schedule 1933 April 29 Penn Relays First place, Mile Relay May 20 P. I. A. A. Meet Championship, Class B May 30 Reading Interscholastics llfliifgffjlgffgr Pa' June 3 Norristown Open Championships 1st-Ambler Dual Meet Schedule 1933 AMBLER Opponent April 8 Girard College ..... . 65 25 18 La Salle Prep ....... . 88 22 20 Bryn Athyn College . . . . 65 43 May 10 Lansdale ........... . 57 42 12 Upper Darby .... . 67 41 17 Abington ..... . 70M 3'7Xg 24 Radnor .,,... , 74 34 Fortyffue Ambler High School FAYI'i-'iCJIL'9 3' NWT! WWJM' EMMMV mlm mm nm mm fiww MW WLWWWQZMQH MZQZTILH mmiMZf,,afm4.., QDWQM WWW-5 mx V A + - wwfmi ,Of,A.405 mmvzdfhmx fjggzfww, 4 zQ,.,..g M' J. iMM ffm Jw mrs R,L.,1w,Ma1+n,, MQZWEMBX if Qfflgnwisf W a1.w+v:,,6 ' 'MM' - - mwwiig' 5ZvwM'7fwbiM:,?N .zf1t.,A-L..zL wJ.2A.1bw.52:.Q. , W' Z6 QW, HMAQGMM mn Wifi! 5 f 7-7,,M12fZ,,f ,A ?.,+a Hm4,,v7.,f,Z,,,,M ZMMMCZM 7P77'4 + jf-,LA Zfyfffv ffybfwiww Zfmf Jfjf WVMV fQwfz wGffMHffMW 8 fwlwm 4m4 Qmwfbx 41fwLM7fc1pwg,,, af0M fBM,f? JL ?,?MW ,AW5QvMgMWi QW ?f'4MZ:59'-W? WWWJ Jwi,,-' ZTZZO-f ff! iizigi Q Wffwm ,?fffQf-V WM md I CZ2jxLi?Cam0.,n-. R-Ambler, 1933 PfY1'FiON5 Q41 0. Quail A FAQJQ-rv Ml 7h4LffwZ 59PH9l'l9F13qI WWW' , QW.- 451,11 gi-3 fwwf M 15 , QQ5l'Ql1 fgfffywffwffh . 7Q,C,g,MwI JLMMN .LW 5 4 G f - 7QMmM 7fff,-aw, C79 I ' Q0 zftjifffmfg GM'-W 7yA,df',g5,gzz,,g QU.. gala Ukmijgwwhaf ffl, My 1 X'f2fY'QJ,H1t6 if ZA76fZ44-'ffY EXW WL Wm WWW Q? swam ' 'Aw J V ,LW ffm awk, 7 -3n.'u...Z,a '3 14l0,.,.,Lg EMM Wfawfj Zwm? 7 I5m 4?,4g,7, jgZqd.,f!C1m Q Qfwlf Wff5 ' . MMMMJI 'cg 'M , if! aww! ?w,1Z5'ZZm k MST? 3' Q',4 7'75'l' Jzbwjiy-fw 7 F y ACKNOWLEDGMENTS THE I933 R-AMBLER STAFF WISHES T0 EXPRESS ITS APPRECIATION OF THE CO-OPERATION AND EXCELLENT WORK DONE BY THE PHILADELPHIA-WEEKS ENGRAVING COMPANY, THE HOL- LANDER AND FELDMAN STUDIO, AND THE CLARK PRINTING HOUSE.

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