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1 4 Xwb JP A 'NJ f 3511 L P 1 C L HE QQ CQ .2-V4 U .Ifl'CM HUGH .fl OC Z'I3L1lSh,,fJ'i'Qr3 REfNDE1Q Q Y U, A VTP. BOOK f 'ms VN e the Class of 194 dedicate th1s our Semor vearbook to Mxss Agnes Thompson a teacher of Enghsh and languages from September 1916 to june 1948 Untlring xn her efforts Mlss Thompson gave unselflshly of her txme and talent to those who were prlvxleged to come under her dlrectxon We wish her much happiness during her retxrement 3 ,C.f , . ,. v ' A. 1 R . I A . . . . l 'I I f I 1 J - . . - - ,T f-X MARGARET BORDEAU Clan Oiiicer Soltball Basketball Volleyball Student Council BIZTTE BRAUN Clue Olllcer Cheerleading Softball Basketball Volleyball JERRY CHASE. Clall Officer Student Council 5 'Tx EVELYN DAME Chu Officer Softball Volleyball Bllllfblu Chaerleadlng ww 44 Joi-IN Locxn: HE LENE R OBER TS Softball Volleyball 6 Chu Oflicur Track HOWARD WELLS Baa kstball Baseball RICHARD WHEELER Clan Officer 3, 4 Baalutball Football Baseball Student Council GEORGE WOODMAN Chl! anti! Balkltball CLASS HISTORY On the mnth day of September 1945 eleven bewxldered Freshmen gath ered in the main room of Alton I-hgh School They were Margaret Bordeau Helene Roberts Mary Brtggs V1rg1n1a Drew W1ll1am Roberts Charles B1gelow Lester Davis Robert Dlckerson john Locke Ivan Plerce Donald Dore and jerry Chase We were no different from other Freshman Classes mn some respects but f1nd1ng our class rooms was not routme to us as xt was to our upper classmen Mr Hasttngs our prlnclpal greeted us warmly rn our frrst assembly after which we xmmedxately organized our class A class electlon was held and the followmg officers were elected jerry Chase Presldent john Locke Vice President Donald Dore Treasurer and Margaret Bordeau Secretary We regretted the departure of Charles Bxgelow Lester Davis and Ivan Plerce durmg that year However we welcomed the arrwal of George Woodman During that year Mr,Hast1ngs left and Mr Hurley assumed his dutxes as prxncipal Our Sophomore Class began with seventeen pup1ls mncludxng seven new members They were Richard Wheeler Bette Braun Wllllam Buchanan Ethel Merrill Norma Smart Gladys Stone and Bobby Crocker Our class was then the largest 1n the hlgh school and we hoped to have a large graduatmg class Our class officers durmg our second year were john Locke President Wxllzam Buchanan V1ce President jerry Chase Treasurer and Margaret Bordeau Secretary Norma Smart and Bobby Crocker moved away later In the year decreasmg our class to fmfteen pupils When we met ln September of 1947 as the 111111017 Class we had lost three members Vlrgxma Drew W1ll1am Roberts and Ethel Merrill We also gained three members Ph1l Noel Evelyn Dame and Rlchard Bernard Our junxor Class officers were Wtlllam Buchanan President R1chard Bernard Vice Presxdent Rxchard Wheeler Treasurer and Margaret Bordeau Secretary Toward the end of that year we lost Gladys Stone and Phil Noel September of 1948 found us starting our Semor year with four of our class gone Robert Dtckerson Mary Briggs Donald Dore and R1chard Bernard We elected Bette Braun as our Class Presldent for the year w1th George Woodman as V1ce Presldent Rrchard Wheeler as Treasurer and Evelyn Dame as Secretary Howard Wells Joined us in November gwxng us ten members an the Semor Class We were very unfortunate however to lose B111 Buchanan leaving us nine to graduate 8 . . 1 - . . . 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 1 , 1 . . . . . , . . . U . . . , , y ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . . 1 1 . . . 1 . 1 . . 1 . . . . 1 - 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . - . 1 1 0 . , 1 , 1 1 . . . . . 1 . . . . . . 1 , , 1 . . . 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 . . . , . . , 1 , 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . . . . . ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . . . 1 1 . . . 1 1 . . . . 1 1 . 1 1 1 CLASS WILL ll e the Semor Class of Alton in the countx of Pwelknap state of New Hampshmre ln the vear of our I ord mneteen hundred fortv mne upon leavlng these portals do he ebv make and afflrm thls I ast W1ll and Testament We now declare all previous wxlls drawn by thls class voxd To Mr Hurlex we leave more headaches wtth Semor English To Mr jones we leave the sterlmg steam sky, hook for h1s next Phy s1cs class to wonder about To lxhss Sargent we leave hopes that her Plane Geometry class w1ll be more quiet than her Advanced Algebra class was o Ixlr TICTHBB we leave our enjoyment of hls cordurox Jackets and sharp ties 'xlxss Roberts we leave hxstory ln the maklng o lx rs Hayes we leave a supply of blcarbonate of soda for her cooklng classes I Evelyn Dame leave my crown to the Carmval Queen of 1950 lvlargaret Bordeau leave my glggle to Lee Chamberlain Helene Roberts leave mx helght to Helen Rhxnes john Locke leave my quxet manners to Duane Martxn jerry Chase leave my posltlon as Treasurer of the Student Councxl or anv fmanclal mmded jumor Richard W heeler leave my stata e to Harry jones George Woodman leave my temper to Albert Barnes Howard Wells leave mx slster Pr1sc1lla to carrv on To the entlre jumor Class we leave our desks pencxls and books or them to studx hard wlth next vear To the sophomores we leave our past records on the desks To the Freshmen we leave the satzsfactlon of 1n1t1at1ng the newcomers to the mnth grade ln Alton Hxgh School e leave our memory of Alton H1gh the knowledge we have galned the laughs we have had and the apprecmatxon we have or the teachers who have worked so hard 1n xnstructmg us ln our dallv subjects 9 T I . I . . IV . To L .Y 1, . . . F T 1 Q. , . . I' I W 1 . . . I, Bette Braun, leave my Physics perplexity to Brian Eastman, I' y 'V . . ' I, ' . . - In I y . . . f I . . - . . - I, ' ' , ' r , I, , . I, Y , 'V . , . . ' I D . . , 1 . I I f I . . h t V . I CLASS PROPHEC3 In the year 1959 I had been overworked as Supervisor of Obstetr1cs at the Lacoma Hospltal so I went to my famxly phys1c1an who used to be a classmate of mlne one erry nase M D jerry stroked h1s mustache patted Arlene on the head and prescrlbed a long rest I went home early took a p1ll and went rlght to bed The p1ll really d1d the trlck because I slept well but I had the strangest dream The 1949 Semor Class of Alton I-hgh School was hav1ng lts fxrst re umon at what used to be Anderson s Dau-y Bar but was now the modern D1n1ng Room managed by Rlchard Wheeler and h1s sllent partner Geo g Woodman I was one of the first to arrlve wlth only Margaret Bordeau ahead of me We had some t1rne before the other guests arr1ved so we talked over our careers lv argaret had graduated from Laconla Bus1ness College 1n 1950 and was now employed ln one of the promlnent Insurance Companles of the cxty of Gllmanton Iron Works As we flnlshed talkmg of Margaret s carrer Helene Roberts the where she had been do1ng research work on uramum She began telhng us many of her experiences durmg the past ten years when Howard Wells strolled over to us He mformed us when we asked h1m that he was now a Conservatlon Offlcer of the State of New Hampshxre Whlle we were havmg some coffee Bette Braun came 1n all smiles as she used to be ln school years She began a secretarial career after she graduated from Lacoma Bus1ness College ln 1950 She also was marrled now w1th a palr of blonde twxns As I was beg1nnn1ng to wake up El-Qlsocke now a hunting guide ln the northern part of the state had just entered the d1n1ng room As the haze from the deep sleepl had cleared I thought that lt would be grand to see all my classmates agam Evelyn Dame ORATORICAL CONTEST The Amemcan Leglon H1gh School Orator1calContest under the dlrectlon of the Pepartnuent Amerlcamsm Comm1ss1on regulatlons and sponsored by Local Post 4472 and tlfe Alton Hlgh School was held at Grange Hall 1n Alton on February 14 at 8 30 P M The rhetorxcal contestants mcluded Bette Braun 49 Pr1sc1lla Barnes 50 lee Chamberlaln 50 and Duane Martxn 50 Thelr speeches were or1g1 10 , l . . , . . . 1 1 - . , , , . Y - I I n . . . . , . . V. ' , D I r e i . . . . . . , scientist of the group walked in, Helene had just come back from Europe ' l l I l u . . , Y . . . I u l I A . . . . 1 . , . . a - . n . , . 7 4 I I nally composed on subjects pertammg to the Umted State Constltutxon whxch were respectlvely The Amerlcan B111 of Rxghts The Const1tut1on mn a Chanvxng World The Constltutlon Guardlan of the People s Rlghts and The Frammg of the Constxtutlon The judges made the1r declsxons upon the speech the effort and the force and effectlveness Bette Braun was selected for flrst place to go to the D1str1ct competmtxon Prxscllla BaI'1'19S for second place Lee Chamberlaln for thlrd place and Duane lxlartm for fourth place OUR LOVELY HOIVIE The Semor Class presented Its play Our Home Our Lovely Home wrltten by Rlchard Wheeler and dxrected by Mr Hurley one afternoon m an assembly The secenery and costumes were orlgmal and were gathered together the members of the class to make a hurnorous appearance The play was an old fash1oned farce wmth a vxllaln hero heroxne and It afforded much enj ox ment to the audlence Behznd the Scenes Costumes and Makeup Margaret Bordeau and Helene Roberts Scenery and Sets B111 Buchanan and jerry Chase Cast Maw Evelyn Dame Paw Howard Wells Hubert Rlchard Wheeler Agg1e Bette Braun Marv1n McNasty john Locke Helpful Henry George Woodman FACULTY BRIEFS Mrs Eleanor Hayes teacher of Home Econom1cs and Blologv at school was born 1n Hampton Falls New Hampshire She attended Roblnson Semxnary and Whxttler Hlgh School also she graduated from Keene Teachers College Mrs Hayes IS the supervmsor of the school lunch program ll . . .. .... . .. . , . , . , . .. .. . . . , . .. CJ , I x ll ' ' ' ll l l . , . .. , .. . . .. .. y , , , . , by I l Y I , , ......... ...... . , . I 0 Y 1 s . . Mxss JGCQUCIIDCJ Sargent our Mathematlcs mstructor seems to have traveled to the East well m her school years She was born mn Knoxvxlle Tennessee but attended Melrose Htgh School Melrose Massachusetts for part of her hxgh school days and Rldgewood I-hgh School Rmdgewood New jersey for the remamder of those four years She took part m archery and basketball then Whxle attendlng New jersey College for Women Rutgers Un1vers1ty New Brunswlck New jersey she parucxpated m Rhythrrnc Sw1mm1ng and was an advlsor to a competxtlve sw1mm1ng group At Alton Hmgh School she IS also the coach for the gxrls volleyball team and advxsor to the cheerleading squad Mr Thomas E Tlerney was born m Lewlston Ma1ne Whlle attend1ng Lew1ston H1gh School he partlclpated m football basketball and baseball H graduated from St Anselm s College m 1937 wxth A B Degree At college he played mce hockey and baseball He served three and half years m the Army with overseas duty In the South Pac1f1c Theatre At Alton High School Mr T1erney teaches Enghsh Latm French and World H1story He also coaches g1rls basketball and boys baseball Mxss Jeannette Roberts who teaches Elngllsh Soclal Studles and U S H1story ha1ls from the town of our arch rmvals Farmxngton New Hampshlre Boston Massachusetts and the Umversxty of New Hampshtre she parhclpated ln basketball golf tennis and archery Durlng the war she served 1n the W A C for th1rty four months at Florxda and Oklahoma where she d1d dr1v1ng and personnel work Mr George N Hurley our headmaster was born ln Boston lvfassachusetts where he later went to Boston Latln School and jama1ca Hlgh School He 1s a graduate of the Un1vers1ty of New Hampshxre and 1s now work1ng for degree of Master of Educatxon at the same college S1nce then he has taught at Northeastern JIHIIOI' Hlgh School Somervllle H1gh School and Alton Hugh School After college he went to sea then was a truckdrlver sales man hotel manager credxt supervlsor and offtce manager Durlng the war he served with the U S Navy ln the South and Central PaC1f1C areas xncludmg Palau Iwo jlma and the Ph1l1pp1nes Besxdes being our headmaster he coaches the gurls softball team and teaches Engllsh Mr Stuart C jones comes from Watertown New York He has studxed at Copenhagen Central School St Lawrence Umverslty Holy Cross College Sprmngfleld College and the Umversxty of New I-Iampshlre He was ln the U S Naval Reserve Offmcers Tralmng Corps durlng the war At Alton Hlgh Mr jones 1s the Phys1cal Educatzon mstructor sclence teacher and coach of the boys basketball team 12 . . . , . . v ' I I I I I I I J p A . . ,I . , , . . . . . . . . . I ' I I I e . . . . . . . , I I I ' ' I I . I . , . . , D i I I I I where she attended high school, During further education at Curry College, i . . . , . . I I I ' I I 0 u - j 0 ' I I . I . . , . . , ' I I I I I ' , . 1 . . . t . . , . , . . . y - I I ' I I 1, Q - . u I u l ' . , . I I I XT UNDERGRADS Cfau o 1950 Clan of 1951 A Q ' 1 5 Clan a 1952 gacufl M , Ti y Mx, Hulhyy M .Jon Mi R b ts Mill Sargent M 3, H 16 f-X THLETICS Tl CHP FRLEADINC' Advisor Ivhss Sargent Cheerleaders lvlary Lee Chamberlaln Bette Braun Lorra1ne Bur1e1gh Rlta Charles Ruth Stone Evelyn Dame Audrey Gould and Prlscllla Barnes The cheerleadlng squad organued at the begmmng of the basketball season won the compet1t1on of the Annual Cheerleadlng Contest of Central New Hampshlre at Meredlth wh1ch started off a successful season for the glrls VOLLEYBALL Coach Iv11ss Sargent lx anager Audrex Gould F1TSt team Bette Braun Prlsctlla Barnes Helen Rhmes Mary I ee Chamberlaln Margaret Gllbert Beverly Byrnes Helene Roberts and lxiargaret Bordeau Substltutes Ruth Stone Helen La Cromx Norma Crlldden and Evelyn The volleyball team thls year ended the season wmth a 507 average wxth two losses to Nute and two v1ctor1es over Farmlngton The glrls had a good showlng wlth sufflclent plavers present at everv practlce BASKETBALL QGIRLS l Coach Mr T1erney Manager Helen Rhlnes Fxrst team Mary Lee Chamberlaln Prxscllla Barnes Lorralne Burlexgh Beverly Bvrnes Bette Braun and Arlene Dore Substxtutes Evelyn Dame Margaret Bordeau oyce Hayward ldargaret Gllbert Shlrley Txlton lwfurlel Emerson and Prxsctlla V' ells The Alton g1rls went above the past few years records and marked up several vlctorles Out of the elght league games there were four wxns three losses and one forfext Outsxde game records show agam four wms three losses and one forfext The season was begun and ended mn vxctorles the scores bemg Belmont 32 Z3 and Osslpee Z7 Z0 19 A AND ACTIVI ES Dame. ' 1 . ,J . Cheerleader: Jfoyal 7 Jgaakefbalf Squad THLETICS AND ACTIVITI BASKETBALL QBOYS Q Coach Mr jones Manager Clinton Woodard Tallant Dodge the captam of our boys basketball team is a varsity three year award wlnner He enters ln many other A H S act1v1t1es and ms also Vlce Presldent of our Student Councll Norman Dame IS better known ln hls basketball playlng for his ab1l1ty to dodge and dlve Hls approxlmate 5 5 does not hold htm back 1n thxs sport Anyone can recognlze another varslty player Duane Mart1n by h1s hoots and calls on the basketball court He provldes enjoyment for all and strong defense for the opposing team Stuart Drew the fellow more on the qulet slde IS fast becommng should prove lnterestxng for the spectators to v1ew th1s up and comxng player Robert Dore the Freshman varsxty player has been a basketball sportsman smce the seventh grade Th1s year his pOS1t1On has been swxtched from forward to guard and he contlnued to shxne Another player who began at the bottom of the team and worked up th1s year IS Harry jones He s really gettlng m there now and w1ll probably be a steady fxrst team player next year Harry IS also the school s number one sk1 champlon Howard Wells a newcomer to the team was another who played a fast game and proved to us all that he does know the game john Gault began playmg toward the m1ddle of the season H15 helght proved to be helpful as he took over the posmtton as center forward john IS another of our future promxsmg ball handlers Paul Ba1ley and Albert Barnes dld not enter mto the court untml the last few games of the season but they as the rest of thexr team mates helped to provlde fast playlng at the games Z1 A E S recognized for one of the best ball-handlers on the squad, Future years CARNIVAL The Fourteenth Annual W1nter Carmval of Alton Hmgh School was begun wlth the electlons of the Carmval Queen from january 17 Z1 -Evelyn Dame was elected and later proclalmed her kmg as George Varney Other contestants were Margaret Gtlbert Joyce Lessleur Audrey Gould Mary Lee Chamberlmn Murxel Prescott and Bette Braun The Ball was held january Skl events supposed to have taken place january Z8 Z9 were postponed because of bad weather to r ebruary ll 12 On the f1rst date Junlor events were held at the Hxgh School and the day after the senlor events wlth Alton competmg agamst Plttsfxeld were held at both the school and Gllman s H111 Alton was again victorlous maklng the record for the plaques th1rteen out of fourteen years CAN YOU IMAGINE 'P john L. m a hurry 'P Margaret B wtthout a Joke 'P jerry C wtthout a mustache 'P Evlyn D wlthout dimples 'P George W wlthout an argument? Bette B w1th red ha1r 'P Rmhard W throw1ng away a quarte Howard W wlthout a neckt1e'P R1ta C not chewmg gum'P Joyce H w1thout the new 1ook'P Arlene D actmg sane'P Sklp M be1ng rude to the gxrls 'P Bob D not breakmg hzs glasses ZZ Zd. : I -,n , ,I l' H, li 1 . . H . n ' , i Helene'B, without the Ford 'P' H I l.. D . .Q P 'P I garb fcwfaetbafl Squad Carnwal een and Court Ch E D B B G lb Z3 fT WALSWORTN un... ,Jun A L... luxiorru alumnus lu nu U H Z3 x ,gf .L-fb A .. M., ...-. 14 Comphments QUICK FRI EZE LOCKER SERVICE Inc Telephone Wolfeboro N H CENTRAL HOTEL Farrmngton N H 40 Rooms Open Year Round Dmlng Room SGFVICG Beverages James C 8z AIICE F Beaudry Props WOLFEBORO COAL COMPAN1 Gulf Heatmg O11 T1mk1n Wall Flame O11 Burners Telephone 408 409 Wolfeboro N H FARMINGTON NATIONAL BANK Safe Deposlt Boxes Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporat1on Farmmgton N H 111 , . oss1PEE OIL COMPANY PLACE S ESSO SERV ICE STATION Gas O11 Lubr1cat1on Batterxes TIFGS Phone 4961 Central Street Comphments of L A N D Y L X NI D WYMAN S GARAGE CHEVROLET FRIGIDAIRE Phone 70 -Xlton N H GRANITE STATE INEVSS Telephone Wolfeboro -16 Wolfeboro IN H George and Betty Woodman. Props. n T Complxments of W E COUCH Alton N H C E CORKUM Nlen s and Boys FUTH1Sh1HgS Sk1 Equlpment F1sh1ng Tackle Wolfeboro N H J JONES 8z SON Somethmg for Everyone VIcFADDEN 8z LIBBEY Your Drugg1sts Compl1ments of FIRST NATIONAL STORES Inc Alton N H Compl1ments of WHITE LODGE Mr 8z Mrs H C Patch Props BURLEIGH S RED AND WHITE STORE Alton N H Compllments of E B MARKET Ella and Bert Courtemanche Telephone 138 Alton N H - IP . . ' 3 , - - 3 . . N. ' P , ' . Z . . F5 . U '34 O . 5 VD rj 7-4 s Rl . U1 . 1 1 :Q I . s- . N- O ' ' v-I . PV? fb 3 . . U' . O . 3 ' 9 - Z . 3 A N D E R S O N S Luncheonette Dalry Bar Home Made Ice Cream Sandwlches Pastr1es Sllex Coffee Carl 8z Roy Anderson Props Route 28 Alton N H Open 1030a m 1130p m Comp11ments of A FRIEND Comp11ments of KENNETH R GILBERT Representmg E A Strout Realtw Agency Inc Alton Bay N H HAROLD F BROWN Wolfeboro N H Men s Women s and Ch1ldren s Footwear Men s and Boys Furn1sh1ngs HALL S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Chem1sts and Prescr1pt1on Drugg1sts OppOSlt9 Post Off1Ce S Ma1n St Wolfeboro N H Phones 479 85 8565 Emergency N1ght Phone 80 Norma E Deyak 8z M1chael F Devak Reg Pharmac1sts Complunents of OSGOOD PHARMACY Farmmgton N H Comp11ments of RICKERS SERVICE STATION T1res Shell Gas Tubes Telephone 49 Alton N H THE COLONIAL ARMS Open Year Round Wolfeboro N H 1 - - - K ? . , . , . . . , , . . ' - 9 9 - 9 , . 1 9 - - , . . - 9 . . , . . , , . . ' ' V 1 9 L . , . . , . . l - - , , 1 g haf- Lf..-1.1-,,p,.--ELL., H ' FARMINGTON GAS 8a APPLIANCE Utxlxty Bottle Gas and Gas SQFVICG Tlorene and Glenwood Stoves Farmmgton N H MORRELL S STORE Fllms Developmg Alton N H Comphments of ERNEST R SANDERS Contractor and Bullder Telephone 72 Alton N H SHERMAN BRUMMITT INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance Real Estate Wolfeboro N H Comphments of RHINES SERVICE STATION Sunoco and Esso Gas and O11 Junctlon of Routes 11 and 28 Telephone 118 Alton N H Comphments of ALTON I G A SER V CENTER Hlrds Eye Foods Meats Grocer1es Beverages Phllco Un1versal General Electrlc Products Telephone 11 Alton N H SHINE SERVICE STATION General Repamng on All Makes of Car Complete Socony Vacuum Products Telephone 206 Farmmgton N H THANK YOU ADVERTISERS 3 CO. , , . . , . . , , . . , . .X l l ' A Q Q - ' I , . . A , . . w .. S ' 1 3 , . .

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