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I I W x ' 1 1 1 , 1 Q I 1 Q ' A i 5 , , T l l i 1 4 e In-un-1-7.- J 1960 Cyclone TV Published by the Yearbook Staff Alfa Community High School Alto, Iowa S FOREWORD High school days, filled with hard work and happy events, are days which We will try to re- member and cherish. As we become older, we will probably forget some of those happy events. Then this yearbook will be our only record of the happy days that we can never live again. Through this book We will be able to recapture again the activities and laughter of the days of our youth in Alta High. This is our record of those memorable days. Table of GTQQTS Y i TT . I . TABLE OF CONTENTS Senior Section 5 Administration 15 Organizations and Events 21 High School Section 37 Athletic Section 45 Music Section 53 Elementary Section 63 15 ' 5 IN MEMORIAM 3.552 age? NEVAN RANEE HUNT Nevan joined our class in our sophomore year and was a mem- ber until her passing October 23, 1957. She was with us only a short while but in that time she made many friends with her warm heart and winning smile. Senior Section These memories echo still . . . final year . . . regrets . . . class play . . . skip day . . . college entrance . . . tests . . . scholarships . . . gradua- tion . . . valedictorian . . . commencement . . . baccalau- reate . . . career day . . . senior pictures . . . state tournaments . . . gradua- tion . . . parties . . . an- nouncements . . . a signed diploma . . . on to the fu- ture . . . 1- 1 il l Groduoiion Front, row: Nancy Pedersen, Leah Heschke, Ruth West, Connie Lichtenberg, Annette Schmidt, Mary Louise Otto, Janet Swanson, Carol Johnson. Darlys Anderson, Doris Johnson, Virginia Fredericks Second row: Robert Meredith, Jerry Buckendahl. John Grieme, Darrell Banta, Clayton Porter, Bob Wolfe, Kent Huseman, Gordon Radke, David Friedrich, Roger Rydstrom, Larry Frantz, Norman PQHCTSOH Third row: Donna Becker, Thomas Kristensen. Kenneth Quirk, Dennis Otto, David Anderson, James Oquist, David Davies, Vernon Hoops, Ralph Hogancamp, Malvern Huseman, Karen Ankerson fl A, COMMENCEMENT COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER Rev. Dewey L. Brevik 'fs if GRADUATES PROCESSIONAL DARLYS ANDERSON FHA 35 GRA 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Scarlet and Black 4 CCo-Editorl5 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Softball 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, 45 Trio 1, 25 Sextet 25 Mixed Quartet 1, 525 Double Mixed Quartet 1, 25 Soloist 1, 25 Class Officer 1 fVice- Presiidentl, 2 CPresidentJ, 4 lSecretary-TreasurerJ5 Class Play 2, 3, 4 DAVID ANDERSON Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Football 1, 3, 45 Track 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Class Play 4 KAREN ANKERSON FHA 1, 2, 3 iMusic Chairman, ConventionJ5 GRA 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Scarlet and Black 2, 35 Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 4 fAssistant- Ed1torJ5 Concert Band 1, 2, 3 CVice-Presidentl, 4 1PresidentJ5 Wood-wind Quintet 3, 45 Woodwind Trio 45 Dance Band 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 Accompanist 2, 3, 45 Soloist 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sextet 1, 35 Girls Quartet 2, 45 Double Mixed Quar- tet 25 Mixed Quartet 35 Madrigal 3, 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 4 DARRELL BANTA Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Track 35 Basketball 1 DONNA BECKER FHA 1, 2, 3 fHistorianJ, 4 fPresidentJ5 GRA 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 35 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Cyclonettes 2, 3, 4 Qlice-Presidentlg Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3 JERRY BUCKENDAHL FFA 45 Yearbook Staff 4 'NAV ..,x, There's the problem. Now oll we have to do is prove it! GEOMETRY Robert Wolfe, Malvern Huseman, David Davies BUSINESS LAW Clayton Porter, Roger Rydstrom, David Friedrich, Karen Ankerson, Robert Meredith DAVID DAVIES Yearbook Staff 45 Football 1, 45 Track 1, 23 Basketball 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Vocal Solo 2, 33 Boys' Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Quartet 2, 3, 45 Double Boys' Quartet 33 Boys' Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 Madrigal 3, 45 Class Play 3 Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? As Seniors we are facing an end and looking forward to a new beginning. We have overcome many disappointments, experienced a wealth of fun, and, we hope, gained the edu- cation suitable for our future years. We may not be the best class that graduated from Alta High - we cannot be judges of that. But we have accepted our challenge and worked for- ward - each as his ability would allow. If we are remem- bered for nothing else, let it be that. LARRY FRANTZ Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Year- book Staff 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 45 Basketball 15 Con- cert Band 1, 25 Marching Band 15 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresi- dentl5 Vocal Solo 1, 2, 3, 4: Mad- rigal 43 Mixed Quartet 33 Double Mixed Quartet 35 Attendant 1 VIRGINIA FREDERICKS DAVID FRIEDRICH FHA 1, 2, 35 GRA 2, 33 Pep Club Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 lVIC9 33 Scarlet and Black 35 Yearbook presidentlg Yearbook Staff 2 3 4 F bll 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2 3 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 3 oot a Girls' Glee Club 3 Basketball 25 Mixed Chorus 2 Boys' Glee Club 25 Attendant 3 Class Officer 2 fStudent Coun cilJ5 Class Play 3, 4 li., . -,-H.-. e., .numrwm-1.1x .1 i JOHN GRIEME Lettermerfs Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Football 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 13 Boys' Glee Club 13 Class Officer 4 lPrcs1dentl LEAH HESCHKE Yearbook Staff 43 Basketball 1, 23 Softball 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 Vocal Solo 13 Class Officer 2 lSecretaryl Treasurerp Class Play 2 RALPH HOGANCAMP Le-ttermen's Club 3. 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3, 4 4Manage1'J3 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4g March- ing Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 13 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Vocal Soloist 33 Double Mixed Quartet 2, 33 Boys' Quar- 1et 2: Class Play 4 VERNON HOOPS FFA 1, 2: Yearbook Staff 43 Track 4 KENT HUSEMAN FFA 1, 2, 33 Lette-rmen's Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 23 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 1 iStu- dent Councill, 2 fPresident73 Class Play 3, 4 MALVERN HUSEMAN FFA 13 Yearbook Staff 43 Track 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 13 Boys' Glee Club 13 Class Officer 1 fSecretary-Trcasurcrl: Class Play 3, 4 OFFICE PRACTICE Nancy Pedersen, Janet Swanson, Annette Schmidt, Mary Louise Otto, Doris Johnson Donna Becker The future secretaries of tomorrow Ieorn voluoble skills throughout the school year. CAROL JOHNSON FHA 1 fAssistant Music Chairmanl, 2, 3: GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: Scarlet and Black 3. 4 lCo-Editorb: Yearbook 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Brass Quartet 1, 2, 3: Dance Band 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Ac- companist 2, 3: Class Officer 1 lStudent Councill: Class Play 4 DORIS JOHNSON FHA 1, 2 1Conventionl, 3 tVice-Presidentl: GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, 4: Scarlet and Black 1, 2: Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 fEditorJ: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Attendant 1, 2, 3: Queen 4: Class Officer 1 tPresidentJ, 3 lVice-Presidentlg Good Citizen Award 4: Class Play 3, 4 THOMAS KRISTENSEN Yearbook Staff 4: Basketball 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2 CONNIE LICHTENBERG FHA 1 4SeCretaryl, 2 fRecrea- tion Chairman, Conventionl, 33 GRA 1, 2 fSecretaryl, 3 tVice- Presidentl, 4 lPresidentl: Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4: Scarlet and Black 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4 lVice-Pres- identl: Attendant 4: Class Officer 4 IStudent Councill: Class Play 3, 4 . There must be some relo- fuon to the experiment and the formula on the board! PHYSICS Norman Peterson, Ralph Hogancamp, Carol Johnson ROBERT MEREDITH JAMES oQuls1' Letgel-meng Club 3, 45 Yeapbogk FFA 4: Basketball 1 2 Baseball Staff 43 Football 1, 3, 4: Track 3, 1. 2: Class Officer 2 lSeC1e1d1s 43 Basketball 1, Q, 33 C1355 p1ay Treasure-rl, 3 lV1C6 Piesidentl 4 Class Play 3 DENNIS OTTO FFA 1, 2 CTreasurerJ, 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Manager 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3 MARY LOUISE OTTO FHA 1 fPresidenti, 2, 3 KProjects Chairmani, 43 GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: Scarlet and Black 33 Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Twirler 4, Cyclonettes 2, 3, 4 iTreasurerJg Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 NANCY PEDERSEN FHA 3, 4: GRA 3, 45 Pep Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Basketball 1, 25 Softball 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 NORMAN PETERSON Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 tSecretary-Treasurerlg Yearbook Staff 3, 4 iAssistant Editorig Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officers 3 iPresidentJ: Class Play 3, 4 CLAYTON PORTER FFA 1, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Football 1, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 33 Vocal Solo 2, 33 Mixed Quartet 2, 3, Boys' Double Quartet 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4 KENNETH QUIRK FFA 13 Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Football 3, Track 33 Manager 2, 33 Class Officer 2 lVice-Presidentl, 3 CSecre- tary-Treasureri, 4 KSiudent Councilig Class Play 3, 4 CLASS OFFICERS Gordon Radke iVice-Presidenti, Connie Lichtenbcrg iStudent Councilb, Darlys An. derson tSecretary-Treasurerb, Kenneth Quirk iStudent Councilj, John Grieme tPresidentJ Meetings of the big five bring about important deci sions concerning the seniors. 1 1 GORDON RADKE Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 lPresidentl: Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 tCo-Captainbg Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball'1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 1 2, 4: Double Mixed Quartet 2: Boys' Quartet 43 Attendant 4: Class Officer 2 tSecretary-Treasur- erl, 4 lVice-Presidentl: Class Play 3, 4 Standing: Larry Frantz LITERATURE First row: Virginia Fredericks, Leah Heschke, Jerry Buckendahl Second row: Dennis Otto, James Oquist, David Anderson ROGER RYDSTROM FFA 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Basketball 13 Baseball 1: Mixed Chorus 1: Double Mixed Quartet 1, 2 ANNETTE SCHMIDT FHA 1 fRecreation Chaimianl, 2 41-listorianl, 3, 4: GRA 1, 2, 4: Drill Team 3, 4 fSecretaryJg Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Marching Band 3, 4: Flag Twirler 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 3 iStudent Councillg Class Play 4 JANET SWANSON FHA 1, 2, 3 fConventionl: GRA 1 fTreasurerl, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4: Scarlet and Black 1, 3: Year- book Staff 3, 4 fSenior Editorlg Cyclonettes 2 fReporterH, 3 tSec- retaryi, 4 fCouncillg Mixed Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 4 lStudent Councillg Girls' Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Sextet 1: Girls' Quartet 3, 4: School Treasurer 4: Class Officer 1 tVice-Presidentbg Class Play 3 RUTH WEST FHA 1: GRA 1: Pep Club 3: Yearbook Staff 3, 4 lBusiness Managerb: Mixed Chorus 1: Girls' Glee Club 1 Will we ever remember where ond how to punctuote these sentences? 1' .fffwef ROBERT WOLFE FFA 3: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Football 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 4: Baseball 1, 2: Class Officer 3 4Student Councill: Class Play 4 r X, 5-of src, , 119' 4 'Y .4 'Z 4 SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Front row: Malvern Huseman, Ralph Hogancamp, Doris Johnson, Annette Schmidt, Darlys Anderson, Nancy Pederson Second row: Connie Lichtenberg, Carol Johnson, David Anderson, Norman Peterson, Bob Meredith, Mary Louise Otto, Janet Swanson Senior Class Play Third row: Donna Becker, Karen Ankerson, David Friedrich, Gordon Radke, Bob Wolfe SENIOR PLAY CAST Prison Matron ................, Mary Louise Otto Bailiff .,.,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,.,,.,.......,.,,. Kent Huseman Judge Heath ..,....................... Gordon Radke District Attorney Flint .....i.. Kenny Quirk His Secretary ,.,,.................. Donna Becker Defense Attorney Stevens Norman Peterson His Secretary .,.,,,,............... Janet Swanson Clerk of the Court .......,..... David Anderson Karen Andre ................ Connie Lichtenberg Dr, Kirkland ....,,,...,................. Bob Meredith Mrs. John Hutchins ......,. Darlys Anderson Homer Van Fleet ....,....,. Ralph Hogancamp Elmer Sweeney ................ David Friedrich Nancy Lee Faulkner ............ Carol Johnson Magda Svenson ......,...,,.,.. Karen Ankerson John Graham Whitfield ............ Bob Wolfe Jane Chandler ........i............. Doris Johnson Sigurd Jungquist ................ Clayton Porter Larry Regan .................. Malvern Huseman Roberta Van Rensselaer Strictly speaking, the Night of Janu- ary 16th,' is a play without a heroine, but Connie Lichtenberg was chosen for the leading feminine part, that of Karen Andre, defendant in the murder trial. Nor had it a hero, the principal male role being that of the prosecuting attorney, Kenneth Quirk, and the defense attorney, Norman Peterson. Twelve important members of the cast were chosen the night of the performance. These were the jury, who listened to the evidence and rendered their 10-2 verdict of guilty! Annette Schmldt Kenny Quirk- Gordon Radke, Robert Wolfe, Donna Becker Court Stenographer ........ Nancy Pederson Carol Johnson Norman Peterson VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN FO R YEARS OF U CONNER AWARD PERFECT ATTENDANCE If 0' K ,,..f' -Jkm -'Qc A 19. IOWA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP AWARD REVOLUTION DAVID FRIEDRICH GOOD CITIZEN AWARD Doris Johnson is- 55. CONNER AWARD Karen Ankerson CLASS MOTTO Looking ahead we see beyond. SCHOLARSHIP BUENA VISTA COLLEGE Gordon Radke CLASS FLOWER Pink Rose SCHOLARSHIP BUENA VISTA COLLEGE Ralph Hogancamp CLASS COLORS Rose and Pink SCHOLARSHIP BUENA VISTA COLLEGE Malvern Huseman Administration Section These memories echo still . . . another year . . . first day . . . getting in the groove . . . lessons to plan . . . check pa- pers . . . figuring grades . . . attend faculty meetings . . . class sponsor . . . wishing for raises . . . after school class . . . administering discipline . . . preparing them for the future . . . chaperoning dances . . . selling tickets . . . keeping study hall . . . con- tracts . . . teachers' confer- ences' . . . state convention . . . night school . . . Q V r 1 i l 'ZZ Mf 4-mi 17W ,fi ' ., if' vi ,ff JR Charles Elliot, Mrs, Charles Elliot, Melvin Samuelson, Mrs. Melvin Samuelson SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Melvin V. Samuelson BOARD OF EDUCATION Arling Peterson, Harry Melander, C. F. Sangston fSecretaryI, M. V. Sam- uelson fsuperintendentl, C a rl Delbridge, Burton Poulson, Don- ald Anderson iPresidentJ ,. 1 Mrs. Paul Jones, Karen Hinkelde W 't E I Delbert Mccoy Y I 81 TCSSJ, ve yn Aegerter FACULTY-BOARD DINNER The Faculty-Board dinner was held on Saturday evening, November 21', in the school lunch room. Preparations for the dinner were made made by the high school homemaking girls, consisting of two freshmen groups, one sophomore group, and one senior group. The Freshmen I group was in' charge of the table settings, decorations, nutcups, and were on the clean-up committee. They also acted as waitresses. The Freshmen II group took charge of the invitations, prepared relishes, cock- tails, and helped with the nutcups. The girls in the Sophomore group pre- pared all of the food except the turkey and dessert, and also helped with the invita- tions. The Senior Homemaking girls did the planning for the dinner, helped with the nutcups, prepared the dessert, supervised the waitresses, and acted as hostesses. They also helped with the clean-up. Menu Tomato Juice Cocktail Crackers Roast Turkey Dressi-ng Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Relishes Butterd Corn Cherry Jell-O Salad Yeast Rolls, Butter, Jelly Chocolate Walnut Dessert Coffee 15 REGINALD SCHIVE This year has been the big year for the Schive family for it brought with it the ar- rival of their son, Geoffrey Reginald. Mr. Schive's wife, Janet Anderson, is a former vocal music teacher of Alta High School. They met while teaching at Alta. In his eight years at Alta, Mr. Schive has become en- gaged in many extra func- tions. He is the staff arranger for the Men's Civic Glee Club at Fort Dodge, a board mem- ber of the American Federa- tion of Musicians, member of the Iowa Bandmasters Asso- ciation, and plays with scv- eral bands and combos in- cluding Karl King's band and the Storm Lake Municipal band. The family is active in the Methodist Church and also in the Eastern Star. MAX R. FULLER Mr. Fuller is thirty-two years old. He attended high school at Guernsey, Iowa. After high school, he went to Iowa State Teachers College to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Fuller is now teaching the classes of typing, office practice, shorthand and driv- er's training. He has been here for nine years. Mr. Fuller's hobby is pho- tography. He often takes pic- tures of his wife Donna, and his two girls, Barbara, who is four, and Diane, three. The Fuller family attends the Methodist Church. In his spare time and dur- ing the summer months, Mr. Fuller works at the Gamble Store in Alta. KATHERINE NORTON Mrs. Katherine Norton at- tended the University of Iowa where she obtained her Bach- elor of Arts degree. Her graduate work was taken at Drake and Western Michigan University. She was born in Chariton, Iowa, and received her sec- ondary schooling there. High on her interest in life are her children and grand- children. Favorite hobbies in- clude traveling and reading. At present, Mrs. Norton teaches freshman E n gl i s h and French. She also does a fine job with the school li- brary. ARNOLD HAMMOND Mr. Hammond received a Bachelor of Arts degree in math at Westmar College in Le-Mars, Iowa. He then taught at Arthur, Ogden, and Belle Plaine before coming to Alta. In 1944 he came to Alta where he has taught for 16 years. Mr. Hammond is high school principal and ad- vanced math teacher. Princi- pal Hammond plays chess, hunts, and fishes for his hob- bies and also is coach of the Alta Junior High School foot- ball team and basketball team. In the summer months, he manages the Alta Munici- pal swimming pool. He has traveled throughout the West. Mr. Hammond has been married twelve years, and has a son, Curtis, and a ,. daughter, Vannessa. HAROLD EHLERS Harold Ehlers received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Valparaiso University. I-le re- ceived his Masters degree in 1956 from Colorado State. Mr. Ehlers has done addition- al graduate work at Iowa University and Colorado Uni- versity. Here at Alta High School he teaches English II, III, and IV. He also directs the Junior and Senior class plays. Mr. Ehlers, whose home is Arcadia, Iowa, was born October 2, 1929. He is a mem- ber of the Lutheran Church. He is 5' 8 and weighs 158 pounds. His favorite food is steak. During his leisure time he enjoys listening to class- ical music and the music of the modern day. WILLIAM E. BISHOP Mr. Bishop attended high school at Moravia, Iowa. He then went to college two years at Simpson in Indian- ola. After completing two years at Simpson, hc went to Westmar at LeMars for two years. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree. This is his second year of teaching school. During the summer he attends summer school at the University of Iowa. In his spare time he enjoys playing with the babv. His hobbies include woodworking and collecting records. He at- tends the First Presbyterian church in Alta. CAROL EDMUNDSON Miss Edmondson, our phy- sical education teacher, at- tended Iowa State College at Ames for four years. Hender- son, Iowa is her home town, She enjoys swimming, and traveling. She likes all types of sports, both participation and being a spectator. She has taught two years at Alta. CHARLES A. ELLIOT Between elementary and high school vocal music, the annual Christmas music pro- gram. contest rehearsals, and private lessons, Charles A. Elliot, our vocal music teach- er, is kept very busy. This ambitious and energetic man was born and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri. He attend- ed Northwest Missouri State College, where he received his degree in musical educa- tion. In his spare time, Mr. Elliot enjoys painting and collecting records. He and his wife, Elaine, reside in Alta at 205 Prospect Street. Mr. El- liot says that he likes Alta very much and finds it a friendly town. MARVIN POLZIEN Mr. Polzien received his Bachelor of Science degree at Iowa State University, He came to Alta in 1957. Mr. Polzien teaches all vocation- al agricultural classes and works with the young and adult farmers in night class- es. He attended high school at Wall Lake. Iowa. His wife, Dora, and two children. Juli and Jeff, live at 517 West Highway in Alta. During his free time, he likes to go wa- ter skiing or eat T-bone steak. DELBERT McCOY Mr. McCoy's home town is Clarkfield, Minnesota. He went to college at St. Olaf in Northfield, Minnesota. He re- ceived a Bachelor of Arts de- gree. He majored in physical education and biology. This will be his fourth year of teaching here. He is head football coach and assistant basketball and track coach. He also teaches general sci- ence and biology. He has no other hobby ex- cept watching television in his spare time. While in the army his travels took him all over Europe. During the summer he at- tends summer school at the University of Minnesota. CARL SMITH Mr. Smith was born in Cor- pus Christi, Texas. When in high school, he lettered in both football and basketball. He was very active in boys' glee club and mixed chorus. His favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing. He went to college at three different schools: one year at Yankton College, one year at Denver University. He finished school at the University of South Dakota. He was a coach for nine years. He has taught social science and English, Mr. Smith is our as- sistant principal and teaches world history and American histor5 HAROLD CARSTENS Mr, Carstens came from Iowa Falls, Iowa. He receiv- ed his Bachelor of Science degree at Iowa State Univer- sity. His favorite food is bar- becued ribs and football is his favorite sport. His hobbies are golf and fishing. His wife's name is Shirley. They have two children, Dorene 3. and Kenneth 16 months. They live at 717 Johnson Street. JERRY E. IBACH Jerry Ibach is twenty-three years old. He graduated from Bayard High School and lat- er attended Buena Vista Col- lege where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Ibach received eleven letters while in college. Out of the eleven, four were in football, four were in base- ball and three were in bas- ketball. Coach Ibach is assistant coach in football and head coach in basketball. He also teaches government, b o 0 k- keeping and physical educa- tion. Some of his favorites are steak, classical music, sports, his wife, Glenda, to who he has been married to for three years. Another favorite is his one and a half year old son, Tommy. EVELYN AEGERTER Our new Homemaking teacher, Miss Evelyn Aeger- ter, is twenty-two years old and in her first year of teach- ing. She attended the Rinard Consolidated High School, Rinard, Iowa, and Iowa State University in Ames. She has a Bachelor of Science degree. Her varied hobbies include reading, sewing, piano, and organ. She loves to listen to the Mormon Choir in stereo and to eat her favorite food- pineapple. During the summer she works as a computer in Agronomy Research at Iowa State and is a member of a Youth Caravan team in VVest Virginia. This past year she also worked at a social ser- vice agency in Seattle. VVash- ington. Our Faculty in the Community HOME IS WHERE YOU MAKE IT Every school system has its teachers. Unfor- tunately, they are often isolated in this realm. We are very proud of the part our teachers play in the community life of Alta. Some of them have made their permanent homes here and are interested in the future of the town. You'l1 find them in var- ious churches, leading choirs and teaching Sunday school. During the summer their work takes them to business houses and the community swimming pool. In case of fire they do their part with the volunteer fire department. As high school students, we have found our teachers ready to help us with all our problems. This then, is our faculty. A NEW CURL FAMILY SHOPPING APPLIANCE SALESMAN FUN IN THE SNOW AND A NEW CAR AND BABY MAKES THREE VOLUNTEER FIREMAN E .2 I I fs , f ii s ,,.. x 5 3 ii? ' , I: wx 1, 1 ' j , 1 4 f 1 ' wif fi f ' 5' F Ewfwxgzf' .- avi if f ' ' J sg if ' SCHOOL SECRETARY Mary Jensen BUS DRIVERS Front row: Elmer Svendsen Hubert Frederickson Harold Siglin Duane Nelson Second row: Harold Gould Harold Brueggert Marlyn Erickson 20 ff Organizations ond Events These memories echo still convention here we come . . . kick up your heels . . . have only gossip . . . meet that deadline . . . orchid and pur- ple - dig those crazy colors . . . what's the latest? . . . 'Handy an . . . pep meetings . . . yearbook royalty . . . Cyclone sportsmanship , . . action! . . . rainy weather . . . no homecoming parade . . . ruined floats . . . let's see ya strut . . . building for tomor- row's horizons . . . the meet- ing please come to order . . . -1 EDITORS SECTION Front row: Norman Peterson Mssistant Editorl, Doris Johnson rlidltorl Second row: Janet Porter, Lizobeth Peters, Frances Dahl, Sally Carpenter, Connie Langlet Third row: Janet Bmith, Karen Hartman, Marilyn Murphy, Beverly Hanson Fourth row: Marcia Hutton, Douglas Patten. John Soderquist, Nancy Klndwall ATHLETIC AND HIGH SCHOOL SECTION Front row: Alice Noble tJunior Editorl Second row: Ronald Peterson, Ralph I-Iogancamp, Philip Lietz, Dean Radke, Eleanor Remlllard Third row: Mary Louise Otto. Myron Radke, Dave Davies, Annette Schmide Fourth row: Bob Meredith, Donna Becker, Clayton Porter, Bob McDonald, Loren Wlnterhot Karen Ankerson msslstant Cyclone Staff , l Editor Doris Johnson and her capable assistant l editors, Karen Ankerson and Norman Peterson with the help of Senior editor Janet Swanson and Junior editors, Alice Noble and Diane Holtz, all under the supervision of Max Fuller, the staff ad- , visor, headed this year's publication of the Cyclone. N The entire staff worked diligently to make this 4 yearbook a success. , The yearbook's many activities included the an- , nual yearbook dance which was held March 5. King Bob McDonald and Queen Sally 'Carpenter , who sold the W the evening's W were chosen from the ten salesmen most yearbooks, They reigned over festivities. All yearbook alumni were invited to at- l tend the dance. Early in the spring a yearbook pic- nic was held, all members enjoyed themselves. l The yearbook which is financed entirely by l yearbook sales is a pictorial history of the school's , activities during the year. It includes all classroom activities and extra curricular activities such as: Y football, basketball, track, vocal and instrumental music, the school paper, FFA, GRA, etc. Since we stopped selling advertisements two years ago and concentrated on a house-to-house sales campaign, sales of the yearbook have risen from 180 three ' years ago to an average of 350 for the last two years. i i l l 1 i 1 i SENIOR SECTION , Front row: Editorl Second row: Helene Dahl Mary Carter Judy Coombs Third row: Roger Rydstrom Carol Johnson Dennis Otto Kent Huseman X SALES STAFF Front row: Nancy Pederson, Linda Cone, Malvern Huseman, Margaret Turnquist Second row: Karen Ltetz, Norma, Lichtenberg, Ver- non Hoops Third row: John Grieme, Larry Frantz 4-V I-.1 x .fx X414 I v 51 ...- 4 0 BUSINESS MANAGERS Front row: Jerry Endreson tJunior Business Managerl, Ruth West tSenIor Buslness Manageri, 'Agn R Alan Harms nJunior Business Manager: Second row: Jean Mangold, Judy Jones i Thlrd row: Janet Peterson, Ronald Preston. Carolyn Stllle M-If QVGA S ACTIVITY GROUP Front row: Janet Swanson tsenlor Editorj Carole Walton Bonita Johnson Pe8KY Klndwall Virginia Frederlcks Third row: Second row: Jerry Buckendahl. Steve Peterson Paul Ruehmann Fourth row: Dean Brechwsld Dave Anderson THE KING AND QUEEN CROWNING THE QUEEN TH E ROYALTY 23 ELEMENTARY AND MUSIC SECTION Front row: Diane Holtz fJunior Editorl Second rovv: Leah Helschke, Karen Hinkeldey, Kenneth Quirk, Ellen Herzberg, Darlys Anderson, Julie Grigg, Lani Slglin Third rciw:bConnie Lichtenberg, James Oquist, Don Gustafson, David Wolfe, Maynard Mohn, Laurel Lich- en erg Fourth rowi Gordon- Radke, David Johnson, Robert Radke, Bob Wolfe, Gary Peterson, Darrell Banta, David Friedrich lr F.F.A. Front row: Mr. Polzien fAdviserl, Allan Pedersen rReporter1, Steve Peterson Isecretaryl, Bill Huseman 4PresidentJ, Richard Hogrefe Wise-Presidentr, Don Gustafson fTreasurerl, Melvin Molgaard 1Sentinelp Second row: Larry Frantz, Stanley Fredericks, James Oquist, Roger Rydstrom, Ed Millard, Mike Stille, Milton Hustedt, Eldon Poller, Phillip Stokes. Jerry Buckendahl Third row: Jerry Meyers, Jim Watts, Allen Jahde, Merlin Ryherd, Dave Anderson, John Nordstrom, Keith Endreson l? ' 24 4-A 'X 'V' . F F if A K M.. fi '1:, F if , K-5 fx FFA JUDGING TEAM Harold Carstens Wocational Agriculture Instructori, Jim Watts, Melvin Molgaard, John Nordstrom, Bill Huseman A 9 MELVIN MOLGAARD JOHN NORDSTROM PUBLIC SPEAKER FFA BANQUET CREED SPEAKER FFA The Alta Chapter has done many things over the past year. Last summer the officers and Mr. Polzien went to the lakes for three days and made out the pro- gram of work. This fall the Chapter entered an exhibit in the Spencer Fair and a judging team participated in judging events. The Chapter also put on ri demonstration. Five boys and our advisor went to the FFA National Convention at Kansas City, Missouri. Our money making project this year was sell- ing fruit. It proved to be very profitable. Plans for a FFA Banquet during National FFA week are being made. An outstanding speaker will be secured for the evening program. For recreation the Chapter has played Aurelia twice in basketball. Newell and Hayes are also scheduled to be played. R' A PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE FFA PROJECT F.H.A. Front row: Miss Aegerter fAdviserl, Jean Mangold tTreasurer1, Daphne Holmes QVice-Presidentl, Linda Sandine 4Secretaryl, Karen Leitz 4District Public Relations Officerj Second row: Connie Langlet, Virginia Fredericks, Judy Jones, Margaret Turnquist, Beverly Hanson, Janet Peters, Lizabeth Peters, Sally Carpenter, Nancy Pedersen, Dianne Radke Third row: Margaret Sandine, Karen McGowan, Marva Dierenfeld, Sharen Huseman, Annette Schmidt, Jolene Huseman, Janet Smith, Sheila Krenzien, Sherry Erickson Fourth row: Sharon Williams, Karen Banta, Janet Peterson, Mary Louise Otto, Norma Lichtenberg, Car- olyn Stille, JoAnn Warren, Tyann Pierson ' ' ,, ' -ii' - E ' , ,. ..I5'+ .s5Z5ail 'gbif' 65555g??iQ.Ie9Qiwffel5i'I 'A ,.w ?,f?ffifif'?'5' Z' Q . 1 t ' A . . P Me, :9tfs:.1i,gsgg3gisis,-gf .pg K ez, I ifwgi My Nfiiiiii'-L, Q fssyswiiiwggegif.Reissiaiiixit.42giw5iii 2S2azi.: Tai amos 31 air ,Si .1 335 Qfqsxx W ,f V as ,ga K 18 S5 f' N MW K W S i QA K ? M ,,,, L 3 ix jg: ,Mk ,X 25 QI S897 Vfifp file' sf fait.,-ffam-.. izwifia-ffif':,L' te- ggi., ,,,4.g,r git' ,if me'i11,f33ip?fvif,f:ifii:if1Mixes , i , . - . . - Iwi? '15-1 ' ' ' da V- ' I ,- fe .mf Miele- fg5ie.a?1.e as A i ip? A 1 3- Q, fm - e IS.. ,jx - .1...,, W X W im :'i'i'.i.,i5?? we K 3 1 I? W J f f , N W is K ,Y ag 1 gl i iw? Q2 ' , zL5 ?Qff Tiff - Gai' Wi? r .4 ':,5z1'ef.. fi? 1isei?k5rQ,2z, Qi5 Fifi? . , ,. fe w . 5--gig . 4-tv1.sQ,fff2 1gm. fr '1 1 f if si , L93 ' sa , G, -is 221 ' 3 was 2 QS up X29 it , S+ fi Q 'MSM 'A ' ' 'I SENIOR GIRLS EATING THEIR OWN COOKING FHA ACTIVITIES The theme for this year is Getting to Know Our Neighbors. Our meetings have been based on different countries. Carol Johnson won the Betty Crocker Search for the Homemaker of Tomorrow. The activities for this year included: the instal- lation of new officers, serving lunch at adult night school, a pizza party, sponsored the Christmas dance, a bake sale, held the District Convention at Alta and attended the State Convention at Des Moines, made drapes for the music room, and held regular meetings. f . .1 ri- it, :gp 4 If X in . ..f.ft1ft,. 5 :- i' ii- U ,.,,, , , . at if IU7.?z5'fI'w f . fi 2 f 5 1 Y e ,- Eff E.. lit. 5? to Q . we wtf Gm ' S' 'W 1 Si ' .,g''asg5:f:-7 7157: : . if J ig ,sg A i fqfyji, W2 Ma' V f '- ' ffii iafifgi a 4, JM we 4 E - me ., .555 -f--f af .'e..-:iw ,X ' A as .,.- , . iii i, is thx 5 Q S+ Q 5 ff ww f 3 : limes, ...., . . - ':. fAa.flg,g'i' 12. 9 1' 7 l i? iiiff .- if., T Ser H IiiiktfiggisiibieiilsfiilX212 esYieme2za3gw.a,fit . nugget ....-, . X. 3 FHA CHRISTMAS DANCE 'E Q ,iff it ,. . ..... l . . . 'i 2 W Ji J , Qgjji , ,. , . L I Qilgf f lE5f2Jfi2S2Si12f2'fi?f, 'I , . 'i r ' I fyfv w ,gif K ,, 1 t,3,..?1,5 V i W it , 5,,.5?, 5?,?Q55g, It be tk , fi Q 26 H' lm'-1 Fi' ...,, 41 A l' if Ty, b E V T .fr ' E+-, N . N Q f rp som-lomomz DINNER ' wx' xx 1711. FRESHMEN EATING VEGETABLES 4-'1 KI NDERGARTEN PARTY 'af' fa f t M' X was , L f y, x ,os Staff ,e-jf , M if f ig , . i . f J JK, 2. W as un lor ,V ' ,- . - i '71 KEN xii is f ' I f r' . Qifgi,iVfi1 , 5, , W , fav, it ., . 7 fhzisgmi X F 1 V K ,vt ,W ,W 4 Ml f ,Jaffa ,fe -, iam ,jf KK ' , -,:, A f yK,L .::::. f-'. ,i-ww Wi' Q I :wssTi5??1zQJSf?K'i+i i m -'ii sw ' ff - A T A BCI nq uet . . K,.f'-- .K:,' ay ,li 4 - - .. 5' 'fKfswvr5fg,gf f ,fe , ,. Si : - 'K , T ' f r fs , ' ve, if -f yr - ,w,.-iw it K , ' ff of V ' . ' 5 is - . f , . , Q - f ,af-' awwfriiaifwfiigglfif',Q-'ff' f-to , ::f1,..v1ewss2vgA- - ' ' 'f-I - f' in-f ' ,A -,mb - - 11 i ' J , M, A , I ..., . I . A f . 21, A 2 F 9 Une S OI' en 9-- ,M , ' KK - V J..-ff' K,fi,f K 1 , Q ig A ,,g.g?Jai 2 K5 ' A i 0 I v gigigygiwexkf .ri X, i if J! K, .K 9 K i 2, 1 z r xi 'Si 0 if P 1+ -.Eine wife Y as as V we ' 2 f-:-Wav:1'vi:t--.Jizasaafsf2-:i',1,1'g,ga. r i ax fizisqgfw .- t. A fy t K. r22v:-ram i KR V .g.l1:,,gyK. iz zn iiilqlia--i,K',1' if' ' :W i t s-iii ' A fs ifffiififf - ' ' 'fi ' zz K, fggijiif'-1:igx:Q5.ff K X'i'li'fR,i 1 V 1 gi ' 1' K 0' i, ii . , . . K ' 1, , , :K ' ' - ' , KK1K ,K.2KK , A 6:30 7:30 Night With Neptune Feast of the Fishes Treasures from the Deep 8:30 Dancing 'heath the , Waves with Art .Fish Food' Kgpmse Sea Goddess Bait Juice and Crackers 10:15 Famagea Breaded Sea Horse Pork Cutlets 11:00 Dancing Pearls of the Sea Potatoes 12300 Anchors Away Coral Reefs Carrots Captain's Choice Celery and Pickled Apples Jelly Fish Orange Salad FANTA-SEA Sea Sponges Rolls A Sea Show by the Sea Sho Mermaid's Delight Strawberry Sundae with Wafers Brought to YOU by f sea Foam Milk Sea ' Gram Whiskey wafer of the Marky Deep Coffee 503 ' ly Mattresses - Pearls in a 'Sea Shell Nuts and Mints Surf Soap: Sea - nery by the Juniors Featuring - Nep - tunes tby the Mermaids and Sailorsl Music by Coral Records Candace Anderson Janet Porter Linda Larsen Judy Coombs Beverly Lietz Bonita Johnson Peggy Kindwall Helene Dahl Linda 'Sandine John Soderquist Paul Ruehmann By the Sea Hul-a-ba-lu L Moonlight Bay Beyond the Sea Forty Fathoms Happy Talk - - Cast Sandra Dierenfeld Loreen Friedrichsen Vickie Hanson Sally 'Carpenter Roger Anderson Doug Patten Dianne Radke Lani Siglin Mary Carter Bonnie Frederickson Judy Anderson - The Fish Line - Sally Carpenter Roger Anderson - - Doug Patton - Roger Anderson - Sea Weed Six I Covered the Waterfront Sailor Soderwater TheSea of the Moon - - Fishy Four Sailing, Sailing - - - The Fish Line Narrator - - Sir Sea-drick Hardwick 28 Treasures from the Deep Ahoy ..-- - - Alice Noble iJunior Class President? Sing Me A Chantey - - Myron Radke Response ---- John Grieme tSenior Class President! Neptune - - - - Karen Lietz Sea Breezes - - Mr. Reginald Schive Ebb Tide ---- Janet Peterson Eugene Peterson Farewell Ye Mates - Darlys Anderson fSenior Farewell? Soft Sands - Linda Cone, Janet Peterson Carole Walton, Daphne Holmes 1 -fSw-:eMxiiifisi2252s1YfiFiiil5lEs!f??kiEsE2Qi45ai:Hmf?'PIMQIH If IL. IE! ' A MOMENT OF GRANDEUR After the last furious days of winter and dur- ing the last days of March, the second floor of Dr. Noble's office became the scenery of preparatory activity. With a great deal of sound and fury, work had begun, the occasion, the imminent junior- senior prom. Although the planning of the program was the responsibility of the members of the junior class, these stalwarts were not without assistance. The mothers were in charge of the preparation of the banquet meal, and the class sponsors, in charge of the students. Numerous citizens were prevailed upon for the loan of materials, and much apprecia- ted refreshments. A vote of thanks is due to all those who helped in any of these ways, to Mr. Bishop, who had charge of the prom, Miss Aegerter, who headed the banquet, and Mr. Elliott, who di- rected the entertainment, as well as the other class sponsors. While one committee worked independently of the others on the decorations for the school lunch room, where the banquet was to be held, most of the others, with one week left until the crucial date, transferred their operations to the Legion Hall -- scene of the impending dance. More nights than not, during the last month, were devoted to very necessary labor on the project. The pace was at times less than rapid, but never less than hectic. Somehow, sometime, everything would be in order, and with late hours and the blessings of fate, the sometime proved to be the right time. The decorations in the Legion Hall were to be shown on two occasions, the night of the dance and the following Monday night With dinner prepara- tions in order, the initial apocalyptic moment had arrived, the occasion of the banquet proper. The lunch room was bedecked with painted cartoons of sea creatures, the tables were gold fish bowls, and the girls in billowing formals. The food was dis- posed of, and the formal ceremonies began. The junior misses and misters provided entertainment intermittently, receiving, as did the speakers, their introductions, from Dean Radke, master of cere- monies. The banquet was at an end, and the jun- iors and seniors, some of them pausing to find dates not belonging to the participating classes, trickled into the Legion Hall. The much labored over decorations. hitherto seen only in the rough. were revealed. Under the auspices of dim, colored lights their character was improved, and now the cardboard and paper went a fair way towards looking romantic. The seascape on the east wall, south of the door announced through the veiling of fish nets the theme, Nep- tune's Garden. In a cave west of the stage lnow masquerading as a boatl a smiling octupus guard- ed an open treasure chest, and in the southwest corner Neptune, reposing in his illuminated sea shell and escorted by mermaids, drove his sea horses. In the northwest corner, the ancient sunken city gave way to the cave of Minnie the Mermaid, where punch was served by the same gobs and mermaids who had waited on tables during the din- ner. A colorful coral garden lay on the remaining side of the door. The opportunity for the sophomores and fresh- men to get into the act came with the presenta- tion of the Sea Show by the Sea Sho, and the softer strains of the Art Kermse Band prevailed through the evening. The scene described, the object of so much labor, darkened as the Cinderella hour struck. The music was gone, and the young hearts and tired hearts dispersed: the former, to smaller or private parties, and the latter, to their comfortable berths for the night. Front row: Frances Dahl, Linda Cone, Nancy Kindwall, Alice Noble, Karen Lietz, Sharen Huseman Second row! Carolyn Stille, Philip Lietz, Loren Wlnterhof, Bob McDonald. Tom Cvrigg. Alan Harms, Jerry Endreson, Dean Radke JANUARY THAW Mr. Gage, a writer of a little regard and of no little debt, packed up his belongings and familv and moved into the old farm home of the suppos- edly dead Rockwood family. He was contemplating a long period of peace and quiet in which he could finish a novel, which held promise of redeeming him with his creditors. Such was not the case. Just as the January thaw was setting in, the Gages found themselves confronted with three very live and very lively Rockwoods: father, mother, and son. The younger member of the Rockwoods soon became implicated in a romantic situation involv- ing George Husted and Barbara Gage, the young lovers. With the Rockwoods for boarders, three daughters, suitors, disgusted maids, and Uncle Walter, a Mount Idy type character, to contend with, the Gage family soon became involved in a farcical series of misadventures. Finally, these misunderstandings were resolved, however, and the Gages had a happily married daughter together with two amiable neighbors who had decided that the merits of the Rockwood barn were decidedly greater than those of the house. LET'S TAKE AN OLD FASHION WALK That backwoods charm gets 'em everytime. , Junior Class Play 0 JUNIOR PLAY CAST Frieda ......,...,.............,........... Alice Noble Herbert Gage .................,..... Alan Harms Sarah Gage ......, ........ N ancy Kindwall Paula Gage ....... ............. F rances Dahl Barbara Gage ...,.,...... Sharen Huseman Marge Gage .,.. .................,.. K aren Lietz George Husted ............ Jerry Endreson Jonathan Rockwood .........,,. Philip Lietz Mathilda Rockwood ,,,,.,,,,,,, Linda Cgne Mr- L0OmiS ...........,.... Loren Winterhof Uncle Walter ..,...,.,....,.,,,.,., Dean Radke Matt Rockwood .,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tom G1-igg Carson .................... ..... B ob McDonald City Slickers We still like out-door plumbing. Ji ! HOMECOMING QUEEN AND KING Doris R. Johnson and Norman Peterson HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES The week of September 28, 1959 began the homecoming activities at Alta High School. At the beginning of the week the classes were busy pre- paring their floats for the parade. On Thursday night there was a bonfire and pep rally at the park. The coaches gave pep talks and introduced the team. On Friday afternoon rain made it impossible for the Homecoming Parade to take place. A pep rally was held in the gymnasium. The traditional judging of the class floats never took place this year. Friday, October 2, the football team did their part to make the 1959 Homecoming a success by defeating Sutherland 22-0. The game was played in ram. The band entertained at halftime and the crowning of the King and Queen took place. Doris R. Johnson was chosen Queen and Norman Peter- son was named King. The attendants were Connie Lichtenberg and Gordon Radke, seniorsg Mary Huscman and Jerry Endreson, juniors: Jean Man- gold and Robert Radke, sophomoresg Karna Berg- mann and Paul Ruehrnann, freshmen. Following the game the homecoming dance was held at the community room with the Rhythm Knights furnishing the music. A Qi FRESHMEN ATTENDANT AND ESCORT Karna Bergmann and Paul Ruehmann -SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT AND ESCORT THE ROYAL COUPLE Doris R. Johnson and Norman Peterson L Jean Mangold and Robert Radke HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER ATTENDANTS AT PEP RALLY JUNIOR ATTENDANT AND ESCORT Mary Huseman and Jerry Endreson SENIOR ATTENDANT AND ESCORT Connie Lichtenberg and Gordon Radke if'- SENIOR FLOAT Chug'n To Victory xf' FRESHMEN FLOAT We'1l Lay 'em Flat JUNIOR FLOAT Blow Sutherland to An0ther1and KR X , xx I r I 'I-vw .Y ' an .-.- a K A' A gf v ,,f Wx '...VA ,I in ,V Q, 4 , - SOPHOMORE FLOAT We'11 Skunk 'em BUILDING A FLOAT 33 0 - '-'unix HIV I 1 A lk' in 1 R A Front row: Miss Edmundson fAdviserJ, Candace Anderson fT reasurerl, Linda Cone fVice-Presidentl, Connie Lichtenberg fPres1dentJ, Marcia Hutton lSecretaryJ, Lani Siglin fReporterJ Second row: Connie Langlet, Janet Porter, Virginia Fredericks, Sally Carpenter, Beverly Lietz, Judy Coombs, Lizabeth Peters, Judy Jones, Eleanor Remillard, Nancy Pedersen, Dianne Radke Third row: Louise Murray, Carole Walton, Karna Bergmann, Janet Peterson, Beverly Hanson, Ruth Ann Peterson, Carmen Nikoley, Linda Sandine, Doris Johnson, Frances Dahl, Julie Grigg, Helene Dahl Fourth row: Diane Holtz, Marilyn Murphy, Jean Mangold, Darlys Anderson, Mary Carter, Carolyn Stille, Peggy Kindwall, Ellen Herzberg, Sharen Huseman, Linda Larsen, Janet Smith, Karen Hinkeldey, Mary Huseman Fifth row: Bonita Johnson, Carol Johnson, Nancy Kindwall, Mary Louise Otto, Alice Noble, Norma Lich- tenberg, Donna Becker, Karen Ankerson, Janet, Swanson, Daphne Holmes, Annette Schmidt, Karen Lietz GRA ACTIVITIES GRA this year consisted of fifty-three mem- bers. Officers elected were: Connie Lichtenberg, presidentg Linda Cone, vice-president, Marcia Hut- ton, secretary, Candace Anderson, treasurer, and Lani Siglin, reporter. Our sponsor, Miss Edmund- son again this year has made GRA a lot of fun. The activities for the year started with an ex- citing volleyball tournament. The juniors WO!! the series. The baskeball tournament was won by the juniors. , The senior girls again attended the girls' bas- ketball tournament in Des Moines. Extra outside activities included a play day with Lake Vlevv and Albert City. We also had a sock hop, a Sadie Hawkins dance and a bake sale to earn money for the state tournament trip. CYCLONETTES Connie Langlet, Eleanor Remillard. Beverly Lietz, Judy Jones Sally Carpenter Lizabeth Peters Janet Jeters, Sheila Krenzien, Marva Dierenfeld, Linda Sand' B 1' H I ' , ' phy. Janet Smith. Bonita Johnson, Annette Schmidt, Janet SrsfansoeiilerltliarvaIEJouriseMgtItoInD1d,iiurIa Becker, Sharen Huseman ion floor in front of Cyclonettesl I ' ' The Cyclonettes have been organized for three years. It consists of twenty girls who have worked hard to perform at several basketball games. Miss Edmondson is our adviser and Sharen Huseman is our leader and president. Council members are: Connie Langlet, Beverly Hanson, Judy Coombs, Linda Sandine, Annette Schmidt, Mary Louise Otto. PEP CLUB Front row: Doris R. Johnson, Mary Huseman, Connie Lichtenberg, Linda Cone, Mar- garet Turnquist P td M d : Frances Dahl 1Secretary-Treasureri. Sally CHYDQMCX' K F651 911 1 sewn Igajren Hinkeldey 4Vice-Presidentl, Miss Edmondson fAdviserl Third row: Judy Coombs, Nancy Kindwall, Janet Peterson, Alice Noble Fourth row: Bonnie Fredrickson, Marilyn Murphy, Mary Carter. DHFIYS Anderson Fifth row: Lani Siglin, Linda Larsen. Ruth Peterson, Carole Walton, Ellen Herzberg Sixth row: Janet Porter, Julie Grigg, Candace Anderson, Peggy Kindwall. Bonita Johnson ' . . - Seventh row: Karen Banta, Sherry Erickson, Sharon Williams, Diane Holtz Eiuhth mwg Karen Ankerson, Karna Bergmann, Beverly Lietz, Helene Dahl. Janet Swanson PEP CLUB ACTIVITIES A Pep Club was organized at the beginning of basketball season this year. Our purpose is to help ,, the cheerleaders and promote better sportsmanship and school spirit. Every girl in Pep Club must wear dark skirts, white blouses, and red vests to home games. Q' Our activities for the year include making pep signs and posters and also keeping the schedule sign in the gym up to date. We also have a sock hop. 35 n Swanson AABB. Scorlef and Block Staff qco-editors? ' let d Da,-lys Anderson I - 1, ' Comme Lang H rtman Front row! Carol Johnson miie Carole Walton' Lam Sliglviseri, Diane Holtz, Karen 9' Second Tow: Margaret kianBeve111y Hanson, Mrs- Norton f ' ' N ble , Da , Third row. Frances Fourth Tow: Nancy O Soderquxst, Alice Johnston. John Kindwall, Mike o o? 5, o onn, no o of the old fa' k n o oo i o o 4 . o You Are parts' l ono loo ooo oo A oom o o o f V ,op You Were pf ,o. ,.o .oo' oo' possibilities are ' o, . e was -Wiidnas the wildf F!RST .3'EMESTEff-' HONORIRDLL o on i o n o s13:N1ORs f- no o Karen Ankerson AAA13' Carol! Johnson AAAA' Norm Pham n 1 , 01 Q AAABg Kenneth Quirk, BBBBg Annette S ' ' chmzdt, ABBBg Jan Qt 'k'. fr P Janet S. and Mitch M. Judy J. and Myron R. ,Liz P. and Jerry E. Sugp S, and Jack Maxwell Alice N. and3Eob H ' olvfaryl H. Don Gi G. I M nhlmiif D- JUNIORSY n o 'o .. ,noo o ' V Alan Harms, ABBBg Daphne l HoImes, AAAAg Mary I-Iuse'man,oj AABBQ Sharen Huseman, 3AAAB 5 'onn o f5l Tf-g5 i5jQ ''i41YQQsg 'fo 1 Im-on Lietz, AAAAQ A1iCeLNoh1e,,' fH'3Wf1d0 ABBBQ' Janet Peterson ABBB. SOPHOMORES: h H Roger Anderson, BBBB: Mar- 'A::iz1jHutt0n,, BBBB: Laurel Lic? otenberg, AQAABBQ iJ65iLt1' fMangr A'BBBg,i fboug oho x,hPaftten,3Q BSP 'Lizabeih ,gh gl: nPf91'SUf1f HERB: Anas Tomo MSW Coom bs, 1 oonoo o fn fy o lf' feld, L KAABBQ ' Marilf J0hn,' I'sTOi'C?.ni: Pc?fers6h,' A AAAAg Ror msgs ' 4o.L , . ytions. Cine shindigo fnut cave- men, me boasts, or some dl An: old-tiwf auf' Uarlys with the fine supervision of the efllfofs' k L Scarlet and B130 V Inf' Cm-0,1 Johnson, the .N X Weekly pub- 4 AnderSOr1 and in turned out a fme t'1ff has once aga . ern Of?-fel N L - ' Mrs. 01' - n . o eiffioixg Tication. The staff advlsor 15 n11aV43ZinA es forthw- ,.5f,'f315'?H0uih?n ' dogg gf o ' n a' , ono ,wsnoooKennynSj n , Here, 'oonnoo l 3:71 his '- Fhemr dmfergii gm' F'S5oUf the Seniors , ' olo H+ o ' .gi A Jalliffi nno oooooo +o an H ,A ,',l'h: 1 o:.A 5 ,o,n,,. ,mpg mln, ., g'isf1x'YQ Jiifidifggi 7 -Lnl ha Saniiingf-5 ?3.'fi'z- ' Se We oWo1fe fffg ' Dam o o Ju Wh Abierggi. I. KF ,Q W f,':V. '53-'ff9'v'+f L High School Section These memories echo still . . . class officers . . . flag raising . . . football games . . . class meetings . . . Iowa Education Tests . . . drivers training . . . homecoming . . . choosing a queen and attendants . . . six weeks tests . . . marching band . . . freshman and sophomore party . . . floats . . . march- ing band contest . . . basket- ball . . . dances . . . junior class play . . . pictures taken . . . freshman cooking in home economics . . . Christmas dance . . . Christmas vacation . . . county tournaments . . 7lYI ?1 WHII Hr-H TYPING Front row: Carole Walton Linda Cone Second row: Tom Grigg Bob McDonald Nancy Kindwall Carolyn Stille ENGLISH Philip Lietl, Harry Melander, Carmen Nikoley, Margaret Sandine, Daniel Smith, Randy Fredericksen AGRICULTURE Melvin Molgaard Steve Peterson Bill Huseman Allen Jahde Merlin Ryherd Phillip Stokes L PHYSICS Loren Winterhof Dick Krenzien Alan Harms Diane Holtz JUNIOR CLASS J io NE' I oz' R Front row: Frances Dahl. Janet Peterson, Mary Huseman, Linda Cone, Ronald Peterson, Sharen Husernan, Diane Holtz, Carmen Nikoley, Carole Walton Second row: Miss Aegerter fAdviser1, Dean Radke, Jerry Endreson, Philip Lietz, Richard Hogrefe, Allen Jahde, Daphne Holmes. Karen Lietz, Ellen Herzberg, Mr. Ehlers fAdviserl Third row: Mr. Fuller mdviseri, Harry Melander, Alice Noble, Melvin Molgaard, Richard Krenzien, My- ron Radke, Merlin Ryherd, Steve Peterson, Nancy Kindwall, Carolyn Stille, Mt. Ibach 1Advisery Fourth row: Mr. Elliot fAdviserl, Bob McDonald, Donald Gustafson, Philip Stokes, Eugene Peterson, Rou- ald Preston, Alan Harms, Bill Huseman, Loren Winterhof, Gary O'Donne1l, Mr. Bishop fAdvlserJ JUNIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES These are the young people who have just fin- ished their third or junior year of high school. These are our future seniors and it is obvious that they have gained much wisdom and maturity. The most obvious sign of this maturity is their improv- ed vocal cords which enable them to make more racket than the underclassmen. However, the jun- ior soon finds that this is not an easy year in school. It is a year of reckoning in which any lost time must be quickly regained. This is the year that many students take five subjects and with English, United States history, French, shorthand, business law, bookkeeping, geometry, typing, and physics to choose from, they have a wide selection. Of these, the first two are mandatory and the rest elective. With the ordeal behind them, the juniors can now look back on their speech making, cramp- ed fingers, and mistreated logical facilities with a fiendish pleasure in the knowledge that the class below will be put in the bucket next year. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Although certain sluffers many times became un- available for duty on the junior projects, the ma- jority haye taken part and have been taken in fthe activities of coursel. The non-football and non- basketball players learn to wear smiling faces in spite of adversities met while working at the jun- ior refreshment stand. Many of these colorful personages have taken part in the local humor contained in the play, Jan- uarty Thaw, a farce, which perhaps has been in- spired by the current housing shortage. Pip, pip and run tun tun, the juniors work is never done. The supposed high spot of the junior year was the Junior-Senior Prom on which the Juniors spent much time, energy, and anxiety on the telephone fperson to person especiallyl. Now their third year of -school is finished and the sainted halls are empty for the summer, but it will not be long before they shall again be filled with gurglings, shufflings, scribblings and clangor- ings as the saints go marching in. M H lStudent Councili, Jerry Endreson fVice-Presidentln Janet Peterson ary llgeegsetxary-Treasurerl, Dcn Gustafson 1Student Ffouncill, Alice Noble IPres- identr 47 5? 39 HISTORY Seated: Ray Hinkeldey Karen Banta Carolyn Larson Standing: Ronald Peterson David Warren Mike Johnston Ellen Herzberg LITERATURE Front row: Dean Radke Myron Radke Eugene Smith Second row: Gary Sundberg Karen Lietz Daphne Holmes Janet Peterson DRIVER EDUCATION Marcia Hutton Karen Hartman John Soderquist Karen McGowen Sharon Williams Gary Faust BIOLOGY Judy Jones Lizabeth Peters Sheila Krenzien JoAnn Warren Tyann Pierson Don Meyer Douglas Patten SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Linda Sandine lstudent Councill, Tom Wall :Secretary-Treasurerb, David Wolfe lPresidentl, Sally Carpenter 1Student Councill, Robert Radke lVice-Presidentb S O ip HE.- 10 ,gb -il? E E S SOPHOMORE CLASS ACTIVITIES Take a mixture of youth, noise, and sometimes even ambition: shut it up in a schoolhouse and you have the typical Alta sophomore. English and world history are the required courses for this year. These coupled with the electives, algebra, biology, agriculture, home economics, and a requir- ed semester of drivers education make up the sub- ject matter which is fed to their creditable young minds. Boys who do not participate in athletics and all girls are required to take physical education two days a week. We have many rock'm, sock'rn sophomore athletes, and when these fellows and girls were not busy watching television, many have been known to vent their voices in musical ac- tivities, or their ambitions in the F.F.A., F.H.A., and G.R.A. organizations. Some even wandered into the folds of the Scarlet and Black Staff or Yearbook Staff. The sophomores create much of their ovcm recreation by sponsoring dances after football or basketball games, and a treshmen-sophomore party which takes place twice during the year and is organized once by each class. Of course, a float is also labored over and finally presented at the homecoming football game. Front row: Connie Langlet, Sally carpenter, nizabeth Peters, Margaret Sandine, Linda Sandine, Sherry Erickson, Karen Hartman, Gary Faust, Margaret Turnquist, Allan Pedersen, Eleanor Remlllard, Judy Jones Second row: Beverly Hanson, Tom Wall, Karen McGowan, Janet Smith, Karen ABanta, JoAnn Warren, James Watts, Tyann Pierson, Sharon Williams, Jean Mangold, Marva Dierenfeld, Sheila Kren- zien, Janet Peters Third row: Janet Peterson, Laurel Lichtenberg, Eugene Smith, Don Meyers, David Warren, Douglas Pat- ten, Dave Wolfe, Maynard Mohn, Randy Fredericksen, Roger Anderson, Jolene Huseman, Marcia Hutton, Delbert McCoy lAdviserl Fourth row: Ray Hinkeldey, John Soderquist, Dave Johnson, 'Gary Peterson, Edward Millard, Daniel Smith, Mike Stille, Milton Hustedt, Robert Radke, Mike Johnston, Stanley Fredericks, Gary Sundberg CLASS SOPHOMORE SEWING IN HOMEMAKING Seated: Janet Peters Sherry Erickson Standing: Dianne Radke Judy Coombs Marilyn Murphy Norma Lichtenberg Jolene Huseman DRIVER EDUCATION SHOP Alan Pederson Mike Stille Ed Millard Gary Belcher Jim Watts Milton Hustedt Front row Stanley Fredericks, Maynard Mohn, Janet Smith I Second row Margaret Turnquist, Susan Syndergaard, Marva Dierenfeld, Elea- , I- ,V F7, R E dui X 5.5 John FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Nordstrom nsecretary-Treasurerl, Dean Brech- wald :Vice-Presidentr, Paul Ruehmann 1Pres- identu, Charles Kraemer 4Student Councill, Keith Endreson 1Student Counclly THE FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES For years the older high school folks had con- sidered these people as only youngsters. Then, 'What ho ? they were fellow preps - freshmen at Alta High. With the influx of students from the Hanover and Fairview elementary schools, this turned out to be a year of adaptation for many. There were new obligations, opportunities, and ac- tivities to cope with. The boys and girls alike have mathematics, general science, and English as required curricula. One more subject is imposed upon them in the form of home economics for the girls and shop or agri- General math, general science, and English are studies of the fundamentals in their respective fields, and give the student a background for more advanced work in succeeding years. The remaining three are practical courses concerned mainly with introducing the pupil to ordinary problems and in helping him to find his special aptitudes or abil- ities. The enthusiasm of youth abounds and these youths were not to be outdone on the less ardous side of affairs. They received a full introduction to their new social status in the form of dances, Hr are W musical activities, clubs, and athletics. In addition they built a float for the homecoming festivities. They are treated by the sophomore class to a scamper at the roller rink, and in turn gave an impromptu party for their benefactors. Watch out upperclassmeng next year these freshmen shall be wise to the ways of the world. culture for the weaker sex. With the exception of shop and agriculture, the class is segregated into two groups for each course. This is done to insure the teachers against being too greatly outnumber- ed. FRESHMEN CLASS Front row: Dianne Radke, Willard West, Louise Murray, Vicky Hansen, Beverly Lietz, Tom Johnston, Jerry Meyer, Janet Porter, Candace Anderson, Loreen Friedrichsen Second row: Miss Edmondson tAdviserb, Karnn Bergmann, Helene Dahl, Lani Siglin. Karen Hinkeldey, Marilyn Murphy, Ruth Peterson, Julie Grigg, Judy Coombs, Bonnie Fredricksen Third row: Mr, Smith fAdviserl, Patricia Stokes, Linda Larsen, Keith Endreson, Charles Kraemer, Peggy Kindwall, Ronald Peterson, Bonita Johnson, Loren Huseman, Mary Carter, Sandra Dierenfeld Fourth row: Norma Lichtenberg, John Nordstrom, Eldon Poller, Nathan Peterson, John Nordman, Dean Brechwald, Garry Belcher, Roger Winterhof, Paul Ruehxnann, Mr. Schive tAdviserJ PHYSICAL EDUCATION Beverly Lietz Julie Grigg Ruth Ann Peterson Janet Porter Karen Hinkeldey Helene Dahl GENERAL MATHEMATICS Seated: Sandra Dierenfeld Linda Larsen Standing: Roger Winterhof Jerry Meyer Tom Johnston Loren Huseman a W-Q..-sf' COOKING IN HOMEMAKING Vicky Hansen Louise Murray Karna Bergmann Bonita Johnson Peggy Kindwall Loreen Friedrichsen Candace Anderson GENERAL SCIENCE Ronald Peterson Patricia Stokes Bonnie Frederickson Eldon Poller Nathan Peterson Athletic Section These memories echo still . . . victory cries . . . hut one, hut two, hut three . . . CHARGE . . . first and ten do it again . . Q TOUCH- DOWN . . . champs again . . . break . . . drive . . . 5-4-3-2- swish . . . Yeh Alta! . . . long section . . . short section . . . second cross-road . . . BANG! four times around and I m beat . . . jump that hurdle . . . throw that discus . . . Yeh CYCLONES! 'Wi JE 4s .1?K Coach Ibach, David Friedrich 4Co-Captalnj Gordon Radke tCo-Captainl, Coach McCoy PIGSKIN REVIEW Alta 27 Holstein 7 Alta 19 Primghar 0 Alta 46 Sanborn 0 Alta 22 Sutherland 0 Alta 6 Aurelia 0 Alta 31 Hartley 19 Alta 20 Milford 6 Alta 13 Paullina 19 HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row: Dean Radke fManagerl, Keith Endreson, Paul Ruehmann, Jerry Endreson, David Wolfe, Don Gustafson, Norman Peterson, Myron Radke, Bob McDonald, Dave Anderson, Laurel Lichtenberg, Ralph I-Iogancamp, David Warren 1Managerl Second rovv: Coach Jerry Ibach, Steve Peterson, John Grieme, Bob Meredith, Bill Huseman, John Soder- quist, David Johnson, Dean Brechwalcl, Tom Grigg, Douglas Patten, Dave Davies, Dennis Otto fManagerl, Coach Delbert McCoy Third row: Clayton Porter, David Friedrich, Ed Millard, Bob Wolfe, Daniel Smith, Kent Huseman, Ronald Preston, John Nordman, Robert Radke, Gary Peterson, Gordon Radke THE CYCLONE RECORD The Cyclones, wearing their new jer- seys, won all their games but the last one. This victory of Paullina's was a heart- breaker for it meant Paullina would share the conference championship with Alta. Before they met Paullina 'this year, and including the 1958 season of football the champs had fourteen straight Wins. They finished this season with seven wins, one loss, and a total of 184 points to their opponents 51. M051 vel-un Liv Fw, LP-'lea A00 oN V' 6033 Conifxexgfck first Te Co-captain Gordon Radke led the scoring attack with a total of 68 points. Of these, 56 points were from touchdowns, and the remaining 13 points were made by his excellent kicks. Gordon was a mem- ber of the all-conference first team and received recognition as an all state honor- able mention and All-Arnerican honorable mention which made the Cyclones and their fans very proud. Two other members of the squad, David Friedrich and Bob Wolfe, were a part of the all-conference team. The skill and gumption of these men helped to in- crease the enthusiasm of the mighty bul- warks. John Grieme, a member of the all- conference second team, scored 30 points for the Cyclones and was the leading pass receiver. Alta's other contribution to the second all-conference team was Bob Mc- Donald who, being a junior, will return for more star playing next year. The players who received all-confer- ence honorable mention were Kent Huse- man, Norman Peterson, Myron Radke, and Tom Grigg who were all fine players on the Alta Cyclone team of which every- one was proud. OFFENSIVE TEAM Front row: Dave Wolfe, Bob Wolfe, Tom Grigg, Dave Friedrich, Jerry Endreson, Kent Huseman, Robert Radke Second row: John Grieme, Myron Radke, Norman Peterson, Gordon Radke DEFENSIVE TEAM Front row: Ed Millard, Kent Huseman, Bob Wolfe. Tom Grigg, Robert Radke Second row: Norman Peterson, David Friedrich, Bob McDonald, Gordon Radke Third row: John Grieme, Myron Radke FRIEDRICH All Conference First Team Guard 3.1 BOB WOLFE All Conference First Team Lineman 47 BASKETBALL SQUAD Front row: Jerry Meyer, Paul Ruehmann, Don Meyer, Stanley Fredericks, Mike Johnston, John Soder- quist, Douglas Patten, Laurel Lichtenberg, Keith Endreson Second row: Coach Delbert McCoy, Coach Jerry Ibach, Dean Brechwald, Robert Radke, John Nordman, Mike Stille, Ed Millard, Gary Peterson, Ralph Hogancamp, Dennis Otto, Gary Faust Third row: Harry Melander, David Wolfe, Don Gustafson, Tom Grigg, Gordon Radke, Kent Huseman, Bob Wolfe, Clayton Porter, Bob McDonald, Myron Radke, Norman Peterson, Jerry Endreson f NORMAN PETERSON All Conference First Team Guard 6503 OUR CONFERENCE RECORD The Alta basketball season is past but the memory of the games will always last in a students mind. With the happy moments also came the sad ones. Alta high placed fifth in the conference with a record of 7 wins and 7 losses. The overall record for the season was 9 wins and 12 losses. We placed two players on the all- conference teams. A first team place was given to Norm Peterson and Gordon Radzke made the sec- ond team. Norm Peterson led the team in scoring with 342 points. Kent Huseman led in rebounds with 183. Fun mixed with work on the part of the whole squad has made this season a success in the 1959-60 school year. .fam S9 REBOUNDS ALTA GORDON RADKE All Conference Second Team Forward TWELVE L14 FIRST ll Q, 51 -.-., .' .4 -'. if l Front row: Coaches Jerry Ibach and Delbert McCoy Second row: Harry Melander, David Wolfe, Don Gustafson, 'Tom Grigg, Gordon Radke, Kent Huseman, Bob'Wolfe, Clayton Porter, Bob McDonald, Myron Radke, Normana Peterson, Jerry Endreson KENT SCORES TWO AGAINST PRIMGHAR CLAYTON PORTER All Conference Honorable Mention Forward it F 'wk ff? 1959-60 BASKETBALL NORMIS LONG SHOT SCORES Alta 42 ..... .... S ioux Rapids 44 Alta 38 ..... .........,. H olstein 39 Alta 57 ..... ..... P rimghar 30 Alta 49 ..... ........... S anborn 32 Alta 61 ...... ...... S utherland 55 Alta 60 ..... ......,,. A urelia 68 Alta 39 ...... ...... H artley 44 11, Alta 59 ...... .....,.... M ilford 51 Alta 53 ......... ............... P aullina 58 Alta 62 ...............,......,... Sanborn 33 Alta 57 ........................ Sutherland 51 Alta 54 Albert City-Truesdale 56? Alta 67 ............,............... Aurelia 78 Alta 57 ............,........,..,... Hartley 61 Alta 63 .........A.................. Odebolt 48 Alta 76 ..,...........,..,..A....... Milford 44 YL Alta 65 Albert city-Truesdaie 75 lg Alta 52 ........................ Paullina 85 3 Alta 77 ............................ Aurelia 64 KE T Alta 59 ........,.....,...,.,...,, Holstein 81 gl CH?SEMAN 4 4 ' County Tournament H gln elglence U Sectional Tournament onora e entlon Center f 49 an Keith Endreson Roger Winterhof Jerry Endreson Norman Peterson Bob Meredith Dave Johnson Track Two Mile Relay: Don Gustafson Loren Winterhof -X fa ,L .vzoigef V, . -f ., , f.-, ,,.4,.,, ., k,.L e,,,,,s, . ff ,, .,, sf 1 fr.7,,w..W new , . . ew ..f- 1. f- ff . W mi. :,.,:4Ls: f..-or-I .sg -o,.,m.,- : --Q--L si .if1.::11 Z . Bill Hu seman Jerry Endreson 5 -. .. A-v m ,- f5s.s55,QSQW.,Q,g,gl,r. f . 1 1 1 - 'A A if 3 if f r-1+ ,- -5 -A ' W, , -4 - ff Q A ., 7-.. 3 if 2 .- f. A . K K I 22.952 4 J, , f - 2 ,.. ' - N: 'Q fffismiil ,Sf S fi, a k g-lg u ' -wi.: if ,,,, 2 e l Q, , iP?: . ff 35 2? 1 ' A. , .4,,,.,,..,1 ..-1 3 , . . . ...., , .. ,, , . . W, ,X,Q,,eramp.., - gg , 1f5 v w,gE3Q559E5s9 ' we 2 QA is 'f ' T H ' -' f , 1 fs 'f- -.-- .E I L ' K , -- . -s .,1- I -1 1 .mfg-.M,,reesi:k A ie ,. -1, -- 4 V r . f we ii Q We 1 5 , 5' . : I -. fffgfeneifw-f,5,35 TRACK SCHEDULE State lndoor Track Meet ............ March 26 Holstein Relays ................. Sac Relays .............. Alta Relays ..A.............. Estherville Relays ............... April 8 April 20 April 22 April 27 Aurelia Relays ..,,.,.......................... April 28 Pioneer Relays at Milford May 3 District Track Meet at Holstein ...... May 6 Conference Track Meet at Aurelia May 10 State Outdoor Track Meet at Ames May 14 gi f,,:x.,- . .., 1 Q. Mile Relay: Douglas Patten, Robert Radke, Kenneth Gordon Radke Quirk, Medley Relay: Douglas Patten Gordon Radke ' Bob Meredith Jerry Endreson DAVID WOLFE TRACK SEASON The Alta track squad of 1960 ended a successful season, participating in ten track meets. The squad worked hard through the season and at times mixed in a little fun to make the work seem easier. The result: the teams as well as the in- dividuals did very well. The highlight of the track season was finishing second in the conference meet at Aurelia. In the con- ference meet, Alta won first place in the following event : Gordon Radke, football throwg Maynards Mohn, mile rung Douglas Patten, 440 rung two-'mile relay: and med- ley relay. I I ff? lf. 4 Maynard Mohn Ray Hlnkeldey Bill Huseman Don Gustafson Philip Lietz GARY PETERSON CHEERLEADERS Doris R. Johnson Mary Huseman Connie Lichtenberg Dennis Otto, Gary Faust, David Warren, Dean Radke, Ralph Hogancamp Linda Cone Margaret Turnqulst Front row: Ralph Hogancamp, Jerry Endrescn, Dennis Otto, Philip Lietz, Dean Radke, David Anderson, David Warren, Paul Ruehmann, Bob Meredith, Maynard Mohn, Kenneth Quirk, Gary Faust Second row: Coach Delbert McCoy, David Johnson, Gary Peterson, Gordon Radke, Mike Stille, Ronald A CLUB Preston, Kent Huseman, Ed Millard, Robert Wolfe, Tom Grigg, Robert Radke, Clayton Porter, Coach Jerry Ibach Third row: Don Gustafson, Loren Winterhof, David Wolfe, Norman Peterson, Bill Huseman, Myron Rad- ke, Bob McDonald, John Grieme, Douglas Patten, Laurel Lichtenberg, Larry Frantz, David Fried- rich f:sRr 'wwx:1 lw.1:f'. wx- fel'-Hi' sgaf ' emma ' Music Section QV These memories echo still . . . concerts . . . spit out that gum! . . . concerts . . . ner- vous tension . . . solos . . . marching band . . . lift those feet! . . . warm-up . . . large groups . . . use your dia- phragm! . . . early practices . . . girls' glee . . . lost music ...timing . . . rhythm . .. pitch . . . boys' glee . . . har- 'mony . . . pep band . . . prac- tice makes perfect! sb' 5 xii Vulfefg- MIXED CHORUS Front row! Bonnie Fredricksen, Karen Lietz, Janet Smith, Mary Huseman, Mary Carter, Donna Becker, Vicky Hansen, Sherry Erickson, Helene Dahl, Norma Lichtenberg, Virginia Fredricks, Tyann Pierson, Joan Warren, Janet Peters, Ellen Herzberg, Karen Ankerson Second row: Margaret Sandine, Karen Banta, Julie Grigg, Connie Lichtenberg, Janet Peterson, Beverly Leitz, Judy Coombs, Peggy Kindwall, Carole Walton, Lizabeth Peters, Sharon Williams, Karen McGowan, Bonita Johnson, Eleanor Remillard. Jolene Huseman, Janet Porter, Janet Swanson, Diane Holtz, Candace Anderson, Carolyn Stille, Linda Larsen, Connie Langlet Third row: Linda Sandine, Mary Louise Otto, Marilyn Murphy, Nancy Pedersen, Doris Johnson, Loran Winterhof, Robert Radke, John Soderquist, Ronald Peterson, Dean Radke, Jerry Endreson, Don Gustafson, Alan Harms, Jerry Meyer, Linda Cone, Frances Dahl, Dianne Radke, Sally Carpenter, Jean Mangold, Patricia Stokes, Loreen Friedrichson Fourth row: Lani Siglin, Karen Hinkeldey, Alice Noble, Sheila Krenzien, Gordon Radke, Douglas Patten, David Davies, Thomas Grigg, Eugene Peterson, Dean Brechwald, John Nordstrom, Merlin Ryherd, Melvin Molgaard, Thomas Wall, John Nordman, Roger Anderson, Judy Jones, Sandra Dierenfeld, Darlys Anderson, Sharen Huseman, Karna Bergmann, Beverly Hansen I-'ifth row: Marcia Hutton, Nancy Kindwall, Daphne Holmes, Marva Dierenfeld, Larry Frantz, Myron Radke, Daniel Smith, Eldon Poller, Roger Winterhof, Clayton Porter, Phillip Lietz, Paul Rueh- mann, Bob McDonald, Ralph Hogancanip, Mike Johnston, Ronald Preston, Allan Pedersen, Janet Peterson, Ruth Ann Peterson, Annette Schmdit, Margaret Turnquist CHORUS OFFICERS Front row: Bob McDonald Alice Noble Daphne Holmes Don Gustafson Second row: Dean Radke Larry Frantz Connie Lichtenberg Janet Swanson Peggy Kindwall Front row: Myron Fadke, Robert Radke, Dean Radke, David Davies, John Soderquist, Don Gustafson. Paul Ruehmann, Ralph Hogancamp, Jerry Meyer Second row: Janet Smith, Loran Winterhof, Larry Frantz, Dean Brechwald, Eugene Smith. Mike John- ston, John Nordstrom, Thomas Wall, Allan Pederson, Mr. Elliot Third row: Gordon Radke, Daniel Smith, Eugene Peterson, Douglas Patten, Eldon Poller, Alan Harms, Ronald Preston, John Nordman, Roger Anderson BOYS' GLEE CLUB GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MIXED CHORUS CHORUS SECTION LEADERS Front row: Janet Peterson Karen Ankerson Daphne Holmes Carole Walton Second row: Eugene Peterson Roger Anderson Larry Frantz Front row: Dianne Radke, Candace Anderson, Vicky Hansen, Sally Carpenter, Lizabeth Peters, Judy Jones, Janet Porter, Nancy Pederson, Connie Langlet, Loreen Friedrichson Second row: Carole Walton, Sherry Erickson. Linda Sandine. Carmen Nikoley, Karen Hinkeldey, Janet Smith, Ruth Ann Peterson, Beverly Hanson, Janet Peterson, Margarec Turnquist, Margaret San- dine Third row: Sandra Dierenfeld, Jean Mangold, Sharen Huseman, Sharon Williams, Tyann Pierson, Joan Warren, Ellen Herzberg. Karen Banta, Darlys Anderson, Linda Larsen, Patricia Stokes, Diane Holtz Fourth row: Daphne Holmes, Annette Schmidt, Janet Swanson, Janet Peterson, Alice Noble, Donna Becker, Mary Otto, Carolyn Stille, Marcia Hutton, Jolene Huseman, Mr. Ellliot SECOND TENORS Front row: Jerry Meyer Ralph I-Iogancamp Phillip Lietz Second row: Paul Ruehmann John Nordman Melvin Molgaard Merlin Ryherd Third row: Don Gustafson Bob McDonald Eugene Smith Fourth row: Dean Brechwald Mike Johnston Alan Harms FIRST TENORS Front row: Thomas Wall Roger Anderson Allan Pederson Second row: Ronald Preston John Nordman. FIRST ALTOS Front row: Nancy Pedersen Beverly Lietz Carole Walton Judy Coombs Lizabeth Peters Vicky Hansen Second row: Doris R.. Johnson Sheila Krenzien Mary Carter Marva Dierenfeld Sherry Erickson Third row: Daphne Holmes Janet Peterson Donna Becker Alice Noble Connie Lichtenberg Peggy Kindwall SECOND ALTOS Front row: Margaret Sandine Linda Sandine Marilyn Murphy Mary Huseman Lanl Siglin Dianne Radke Second row: Bonnie Fredrickson Frances Dahl Karen Hinkeldey Julie Grigg Janet Smith Karen Banta Karen Lietz Mary Otto Nancy Kindwall Marcia Hutton Linda Cone SECOND SOPRANOS Front row: Connie Langlet Virginia Fredericks Eleanor Remillard Beverly Hanson Helene Dahl Janet Porter Second row: Janet Peters Sharon Williams JoAnn Warren Tyann Pierson Karen McGowan Third row: Jolene Huseman Janet Swanson Norma Lichtenberg Bonita Johnson FIRST SQPRANOS Front row: Loreen Friedrichsen Judy Jones Margaret Turnquist Karna Bergmann Sally Carpenter Candace Anderson Second row: Jean Mangold Patricia Stokes Diane Holtz Linda Larsen Sandra Dierenfeld Ruth Peterson Janet Peterson Third row: Darlys Anderson Annette Schmidt Karen Ankerson Carolyn Stille Ellen Herzberg Sharen Huseman SECOND BASSES Front row: Myron Radke Larry Frantz Douglas Patten Second row: Loren Winterhof Eldon Poller Third row: Gordon Radke Robert Radke Daniel Smith FIRST BASSES Front row: Ronald Peterson Dean Radke Jerry Endreson Roger Winterhof Second row: John Soderquist David Davies Clayton Porter Third row: Thomas Grigg Eugene Peterson Front row: Lizabeth Peters, Jean Mangold, Janis Mieras, Peggy Kindwall, Colleen Samuelson, Ruth Ann Peterson, Sally Carpenter, Alice Noble Second row: Nathan Peterson, Janet Porter. Karen Ankerson, Janet Hutton, Thomas Johnston, Janet Smith, Craig Jorgensen, Richard Anderson, Wayne Halverson, Linda Sandine, David Strom, Ralph Hogancamp, Phillip Stokes, Carol Johnson, Douglas Patten Third row: Carolyn Stllle, Diane Nielsen, Janelle Gcettsch, Beverly Sassman, Judy Jones, Dean Brechwald, Dean Radke, Dennis Gustafson, Norma Buckingham, Allan Pedersen, Ronald Peterson, Ronald Preston, David Warren, Karen Lietz, Carole Walton, Beverly Lietz, Mar- ilyn Murphy, Beverly Hanson, Marcia Hutton Fourth row: Karna Bergmann, Cynthia Benna, Addie Alderson, Shirley Hoops, Dee Anne Gates, Sharon Bell, Linda Larsen, Candace Anderson, Margaret Turnquist, Mary Huseman, Linda Cone, Nancy Kindwall, Bonita Johnson, JoAnn Vlfarren, Thomas Wall, Mr. Schive, James Sassman, Clayton Conard, Danny Dorr, Douglas Lee, Paul Ruehmann, Judy Anderson, Mary Carter, Janet Peterson, Eugene Peterson, Roger Andreson TWIRLERS AND FLAG SWINGERS DANCE BAND Front row: Carole Walton Dennis Gustafson Dean Brechwald Marilyn Murphy Janet Smith Karen Ankerson Second row: Carol Johnson Douglas Patten Phillip Stokes David Strom Third row: Janet Peterson Roger Peterson Eugene Peterson James Sassman Thomas Wall lil 7. BAND OFFICERS Front row: Dean Radke fVice-Presidentj Karen Ankerson KPresidentJ Second row: Paul Ruehrnann 1Student Councily Lizabeth Peters lSecretary-Treasurery Douglas Patten CStudent Councilj SECTION LEADERS Front row: Douglas Patten Lizabeth Peters Alice Noble Karen Ankerson Jean Mangold Janet Smith Roger Anderson Second row: Linda Cone Mary Huseman Marcia Hutton Dean Brechwald Karen Lietz Carole Walton Clayton Conard TRUMPETS CLARINETS Front row: Jean Mangold Lizabeth Peters Janet Porter Nathan Peterson Second row: Beverly Sassman Judy Jones Sharon Bell Cynthia Benna. Shirley Hoops Third row: Carolyn Stille Janelle Goettsch Diane Nielson Addie Alderson Karna Bergmann Dee Anne Gates Dave Strom, Allan Pedersen, Linda Sandine, Ralph Hogancamp, David Warren, Phillip Stokes, Ronald Preston, Douglas Patten, Carol Johnson, Ronald Peterson, Wayne Halverson, Richard Anderson Craig JOI'g9l'lS6I1 Absent Eric Tienter PERCUSSION JoAnn Warren, Margaret Turnquist, Mary Huseman, Linda Cone, Nancy Kindwall, Bonita Johnson, Linda Larsen, Tom Wall, Candace Anderson Aw-.w...,wsm,1r:fwma.w4-Q , -yum, ,eva x,,,J..-N-, ,W my-X, -H ,es--fewer:-,ewwv'.Ww.L,,...H,.--1 ..,.sv,, ,I-We 42- 5 -I1 ff E.. ' if ,p, , i JV 'fri' - ef- 'I 1 . , , -1 W T Q7 X - Y O I O 4 LV ' A my V if ' TN, N J 4 H f a K QQ fl , ff' -4?-rf -'N 4 A , pig. 3 A Q' ffsffiig f A 'L DL' --, 2 ,bg-24 , ' :5i'E..w I Q 'Z S ' X s 'fx- ,AQ I , - f , 34, 1 f. 5 ,li ffeg KM?-Q57 ,. 'E' L 'Q' - ,Y nl ! BATON TWIRLERS AND MAJORETTE Connie Langlet Judy Coombs Beverlv Hanson Sharon Huseman FLAG SWINGERS Mary Otto Annette Schmidt Linda Sandine VOCAL MUSIC ACTIVITIES The Mixed Chorus and Glee Clubs helped perform a fine Vocal Instrumental Christmas pro- gram, The Pageant of the Holy Grail. The mem- bers and instructors worked hard on scenery and preparation of this program. Although this type of program is different from those in the past years it was very successful. Next, the Mixed Chorus worked hard to get ready for the Tri-School Festival, which was held on February 1, 1960, at Albert City, The Albert City, Aurelia, and Alta mixed choruses sang to- gether as one unit under the direction of Larry Day from LeMars College. Since they allow only sixty members to go to contest, the mixed chorus had to be cut down. On April 30, 1960, the Mixed Chorus and Glee Clubs went to contest at Odebolt. The Mixed Chorus re- ceived a Division I Rating. Both of the Glee Clubs received Division II ratings. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC ACTIVITIES This year has been very successful for the Alta High instrumental music department. The Marching Band performed at all the home football games, They made a very good perform- ance during the half of the homecoming game. The Marching Band State Contest was held at Alta on October 10. The Marching Band received its third consecutive Division I. With the coming of basketball the Pep Band was put into action. They played at the home games and also at the pep meetings. The first appearance of the Concert Band was in the Christmas program when they played Over- ture to the Messiah by G, F. Handel and Mo- zart's Alleluia. The Tri-School Music Festival was held in Albert City on February 1. The direc- tor was Robert Lowry of Sioux City. Alice Noble, Karen Lietz, Jean Mangold, and Liz Peters were selected to play in the All North- west Iowa High School Band. It was directed by Weston Noble of Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. The Winter Concert was held February 29. The Junior High School Band Concert was held March 29. The Junior High School Music Contest was held at Storm Lake on March 26. They receiv- ed tiventy-three Division I's out of thirty-two en- tries, The Pre-Contest Concerts of solo and en- semble entries for contest were held on April 4 and 5. The Small Group Contest was held in Or- ange City on April 8 and 9. Those receiving Division I ratings were: Alice Noble tflutel, Woodwind Trio A, Wood- wind Trio B, NVoodwind Quartet, Woodwind Quin- ict, Woodwind Choir, miscellaneous groups ni' Woodwinds, and Trombone Quartet. Receiving Division II ratings were: Sally Carpenter lflutel, Ruth Ann Peterson tfluteb, Karen Lietz tbass clarinetb, Liz Peters lelarinetl, Jean Mangold tclarinetl, Beverly Lietz ttenor saxl, Marilyn Murphy ftenor saxl, Carole Walton lbaritone saxl, Doug Patten ttrumpetl, Marcia Hutton tbaritonel, Roger Anderson ttrom- bonel, Paul Ruehmann ttrombonel, Clarinet Trio. Flute Trio, Flute Trio B, and Flute Quartet. On April 30, the Large Group Contest was held in Odebolt. The band received a Division II rating. They played Ballet Egyptian. A Tribute to King was the theme for the Spring Concert. They played all compositions of Karl L. King, world famous band composer. He made a personal appearance and guest conducted the band. DAMSELS TEMPT SIR LANCELOT THE SILVER CHALICE APPEARS 11- Elementory Section These memories echo still . . the abc's . . . the three bears . . . Junior High basket- ball . . . Junior High cheer- leaders . . . recess . . . add- ing . . . subtracting . . . let's read . . . studying the United States . . . safety rules . . . learning to count . . . parties . . . nature study . . . playing store . . . visiting the Adver- tiser . . . spell downs . . . Jack and Jill went up the hill . . coloring . . . -1 ping: Front row: Larry Hansen, Cynthia Benna, Sharon Bell, Dennis Coombs CSecretary-Treasurerl, Marlowe Poller lPresidentJ, Tom Huseman, Vice-presidency, James Turnquist, Billy Matzdorff Second row: Diane Nielson, Janelle Goettsch, Diane Hogrefe, Susan Grieme, Ronald Falck, Donald Holmes, Linda Schuelke, Colleen Samuelson, Judy Anderson Third row: Rita Saathoff, Wayne Halverson, Clayton Conard, Judy Fast, Robert Williams, Tom Cone, Beverly Sassman, Philip Jahde 5 Front row: Diane Nielsen, Beverly sassman, Janelle Goettsch, Addie Alderson, Linda Lee, Nancy Larsen, Shari Christensen, Janis Mieras, Colleen Samuelson Second row: Cynthia Benna, Shirley Hoops, Dee Ann Gates, Linda Meyer, Laurine Peterson, Sharon Bell, Dennis Gustafson, Norma Buckingham, Brian Peterson, Ricky Wolfe, Mickey Laffin, Barry Tienter, Douglas Svendsen, Eric Tienter, Richard Anderson, Craig Jorgensen, Wayne Halverson, David Strom Third row: Burdette Watts, Dennis Carlson, Tom Waldo, Louise Eriksen, Linda Siebels, Linda Falck, Linda McGowan, Jean Grienke, Jacque Castle, Linda Delbridge, Janet Hutton, Dennis Sassman. Mr. Schive, Jim Sassman, Clayton Conard, Jim Norlin, Danny Dorr, Douglas Lee, Judy Anderson SAFETY PATROL BOYS Daniel Hansen, Orin Huseman, Luther Kjolhede fCaptalnJ, Ronald Anderson, Jim Sassman, Daniel Don' iLieutenantl, Philip Belcher, Charles Moore I-c-.iv ik' is , Mn. JoNEs JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES Junior High is a place of preparation for High School. We have a very tight schedule in Junior High and are kept quite busy. In seventh we are kept busy with math, Eng- lish. reading, spelling, geography, and science, while in eighth grade we have math, English. read- ing, spelling, history, civics, science and health. In math class we learn simple geometry, the use of formulas, and we Work with fractions. We discuss the lesson and correct our papers. The language arts class include English, read- ing, and spelling. English class helps to maintain our knowledge of the parts of speech. how to dia- gram a sentence, and practice in giving talks, im- promptu speeches, stories and explanations. We also learn how to write essays on various subjects. Reading helps to develop our vocabulary. We dis- cuss the stories that we read and go over the defin- itions of the new words. Spelling also helps in our vocabulary and also in the enunciation of the words. We have seventeen new words each Week. The study of science includes the study of plant and animal life, the earth's surface and the uni- verse. Health is also included. We have many extra-curricular activities. We have industrial arts for the boys and homemaking for the girls. In homemaking, the girls have one semester of cooking and one semester of sewing. For the boys interested in sports, we have a bas- ketball team and a football team. In Vocal music, the seventh grade has subscribed to a magazine, Junior Keyboard. The eighth grade has studied everything from jazz to symphonies. We have been getting good experience in writ- ing since the high school Cyclone staff asked us to write one article each week for the newspaper. We have two skating parties a year and this year we had a Thanksgiving and Christmas party a so. Front row: Daniel Hansen, Charles Moore. John Woodall, Robert Langner, Dennis Gustafson fVlce- . presidentl, Luther Kjolhede rPresidentl. David Strom qsecretary-Treasurerl, Shirley Hoops, Janis I . Mieras, Donna Castle, Norma Buckingham ,I Second row: Donna Pedersen, Laurine Peterson, Janet Hutton, Dee Anne Gates, Addie Alderson, Doug- 5 ' sen, Susan Holtz las Goosman, Ronald Anderson, James Sassman, Linda. Siebels, Lorraine Swanson, Louise Erik- Third row: Philip Belcher, Dennis Sassman, Daniel Dorr, Eric Tienter, Thomas Alger, Richard Anderson, Douglas Lee, Douglas Krenzien, Craig Jorgensen, Orin Huseman, Scott Schuler 4 SEVENTH GRADE -HF I N-A iss? - we CHEERLEADERS Judy Anderson Janet Hutton Addie Alderson Diane Hogrefe FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row: Luther Kjolhede, Philip Belcher. Orin Huseman, Dennis Gustafson, Larry Hansen, David Strom, Dennis Sassman, Scott Schuler Second row: Thomas Alger, James Turnquist, Richard Anderson, Wayne Halverson, Robert Francis, Mar- lowe Poller, Douglas Krenzien Third row: Douglas Lee, James Sassman, Tom Huseman, Ronald Anderson, Douglas Goosman, Donald Holmes, Tom Cone, Dennis Coombs JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCORES Alta Alta Alta Alta Sioux Valley Holstein Sioux Valley Newell BASKETBALL sQuAD Front row: John Woodall, Philip Belcher, Dennis Gustafson, David Strom, Eric Tienter, Scott Schuler Daniel Hansen Second row: Tom Cone, Tom Huseman, Douglas Goosman, Ronald Anderson, Ronald Falck, Donald Holmes Third row: Billy Matzdorff, James Turnquist, Douglas Lee, Dennis Coombs, Marlowe Poller, Philip Jahde JUNIOR HIGH Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta 66 BASKETBALL 12 Aurelia 34 22 Aurelia 18 23 Holstein 30 24 Storm Lake 32 20 Storm Lake 31 11 Cherokee 40 24 Sac City 22 35 Fairview 22 Larry Hansen Front row Steven Peterson Steven Sassman, Karen Melander, Dennis Carlson, Shari Christensen, De Second row Mrs Waldo Dwain Holmes, Ronald Steffes, Robert Nordman, Catherine Turpin, Curtis Third row Michael McDanel Diane Gould, Diane Sundberg, Nancy Larsen, Brian Peterson, Christopher Olsen Michael Oatman Linda Falck SIXTH GRADE ACTIVITIES Arithmetic, ancient history, geography, health, science, English, reading and spelling, plus vocal music, instrumental lessons and Junior Band, phy- sical education and various art projects have pro- vided sixth graders with a busy school day. In addition to covering the prescribed subject matter and the development of sixth grade level abilities and skills, instruction has been designed to stimulate individual initiative, increase the use of source materials and improve study habits. Three pupil-planned and managed parties - Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day events rooms. - provided special fun for both sixth grade Sixth grade boys made their first public ap- pearance on the basketball floor during half-time periods of high school games. Front row Patty Bell Mickey Laflm Lanny Anderson Linda McGowan, Barry Tienter, Linda Delbridge, Second row Muns Farestad Karen Peterson Joelle Sinns Jim Norlin, Susan Schuelke, Linda Meyer. Third row Rickey Wolfe Marla Herzberg Jean Grienke Douglas Svendsen, Donald Ryhefd. Linda Lee SIXTH GRADE 67 FIFTH GRADE Front row: Douglas Hansen, Janis Dorr, Keith Pierson, Gary Molgaard, Sandra Banta, Jean Sievert, Lon- nie Sassman, Becky Christensen Second row: Candy Kjolhede, Christine Cunard, Billy Eriksen, Ordell Weiland, Barry Smith, Phyllis Swanson, Barbara Grieme Third row: Brian Walsh, Cindy Schuler, Louise Friedrichsen, Peter Nielsen, Gail Huseman, Steven Jim-J merson, Miss Range Absent: Jayne Launderville, Mary Ann Olsen, Randy Richman FIFTH GRADE ACTIVITIES This is our fifth step, another year of know- ledge and education, in learning. Not only in learn- ing but we also have playtime .and P33195- In a year we read two reading books and study phonics, The parts of speech may be hard for some of us but we try our best to learn them in English classft is very interesting how one fraction is re- lated to another,d and dhcawghsy are added, sub- i 15 1' , n 1Vl e . . tracgend' hxegthp Irie Save studied different thlngs about our body. A contest to see which room can Spell the best has proved a very interesting activ- i . ,, ty In social studies we have met our .Northern and Southern neighbors and have studied more about our own country, the United States. We have always looked forward to Halloween, Christmas. and Valentines Day because WG have 3 ! special holiday party- Front row: Jayne Buckingham, Glenda Walsh, Trudy Greene, Ranae Poller. Kathy Magnuson, Nelda Herzberg, DeAnn Pederson, Ida Sievert Second row: Gary Roberts, Dennis Fast, Debbie Hanson, Judy Huseman, Margaret Nordstrom, Doug Mor- tensen, Dana Johnson, Miss Sewalson Third row: Doug Van Pelt, Bob Kristen topherson, Bill Dahl, Ricky Parker son, Larry Steffes, Nancy Szssman, Donna Erickson, Jam Chris- FIFTH GRADE if FT' , Wi r 'i X 2 aL..a,t 'Q ,. Ol --raw? FOURTH GRADE Front row: Darla Van Pelt, Ricki Otto David Delbrid , , ge, Janice Molgaard, Diana Florke, Ellen Grienke Colette Tienter Second row: Diane Jesse, Linda. Samuelson, Mike Binder. Danny Stieneke, Martha Hanson, Eugene Lich tenberg, Miss Bohning 'Hurd row: Paul Peterson, Kathleen Cacek, Robert And r M e son, aren Johnsen, Darlys Brechwald, Danny Hallengren, Marcene Peterson FOURTH GRADE ACTIVITIES We, of the fourth grade, have completed many activities this year. We have studied many things and also had fun doing art projects. In science, we have studied the weather, space materials, plants, and animals. We studied the plants and animals by bringing different types of them. In our weather unit we made a reference re- port on the weather conditions. We also learned and had fun doing many experiments. In English we learned many things about our English language we didn't know. We also looked up things in the dictionary and encyclopedias. In social studies we learned of different places in the world. We drew our own World maps and also put on a play written by our classmates. In arithmetic we have been studying fractions. We also get into more complicated work of sub- tracting and adding numbers plus multiplication and division. For fun, we work with clay in art class. We had a Health and safety poster contest earlier in the year which proved interesting. Front row: David Boettcher, Marsha Cox, Tony Stille, Bobby Hogancamp. Danny Peterson, Mike Goos- man, Janet, Seivert Second row: Kandy McDanel, Marlin Weiland, Robert Becker, Tom Gustafson, Mickey Rohlk, Karen Farestad, Miss Hornor Third row: Claudina Grienke, Mark Johnston, Steve Johannessen, Jim Camerer, Anne Hansen, Dennis Bruns, Betty Oatman 'Q n FOURTH GRADE 69 Front row Linda Bi-uns Lira Sandme D'ane Bauer Donna uoops Vicki Ann Alger, Claudia Olsen, Second row Linda Peters Vicki Sue Wolfe Terry Binder Becky Stille Douglas Gates, Ardell Ericksen, THIRD GRADE Third row Bruce Nelson Russel Post Ronnie Mortensen Jimmy Gordon, Teddy Mahn, Louis Anderson, THIRD GRADE ACTIVITIES When entering third grade we found out we had to be on our own by working and thinking for ourselves. We reviewed our addition and subtraction facts, learned to count money, tell time, measure things, carry in addition and borrow in subtraction. The high light of our year was to learn to multiply and divide through the fives. In reading we became more independent read- ers. We used three basic books, The Street and Roads Sries. We acted out our favorite stories for other grades. English found us Writing real letters to our grandmothers, the grocery store and the post of- fice. Something ne wwas the making of book re- ports using correct vvords and form. Visits were made to the grocery store, post of- fice! library and to a pond. We all became true first Americans of Indians in the fall. We built our own tepee, totem pole, and cooked' real Indian food. Front row Tommy Parker Milo Hustedt Dennis Langner, Charles Conard, Kenny Ryherd, Richard Carl- Second row Alyce Witzke Janet Smns Dari Holmes, Candace Norlin, Kathleen Fast, Gayle Barr, Karn Third row Vickie Brueggert Johnnie Hallengren, Steven Strom, Lawrence Ahart, Mike Peterson, Ricky Benson Myron Murphy Kathy Peterson -4 SECOND GRADE T I s ,fi - .ZA rl 4 gf ,ef 1 nl?-Y Front row: Brbara Schuler, Sandra Sundberg. Lori Jimmerson, Wayne Frederickson, Sharon Holtz, Steven Steffes, Alan Buckingham Second row: Patty Christopherson, John Diischer, Richard Adams, Doris Hanson, Marlene Pe- terson, Brenda Walsh, Nancy Peterson, Gilbert Moore Third row: Karen Halverson. Raymondn Nading, Timmy Alkire, Kim Barr, Donna Johnson, Peggy Anderson, Danny Goosman Absent: Paul Lietz Simi 'i S! SECOND GRADE ACTIVITIES ' has been another step in a child's stridghlgdr Tigre knowledge and education. Although small as it looks, if is a great Step in a Second r' . . . . gradlgteidiizygf is important in second grade for. It is 12, V used in all subjects and it is also a subject itself. Other subjects connected with reading are English ' d h netics. , an iritjhmetic has brought more knowledge ln Y measures, money, and numbers. i Science has given us knowledge from the um- verse to small, ordinary plants, animals, and rocks. Social studies. music, ph-yslcal education. -vt f health and other subjects help build our minds. . Hard work and play with other children flll out the activities of the second grade. env ..-. ll. X X I Marg' ...M Front row: Jacelyn Watt, Lynette Hansen, Marcia Meyer, Brian Frederick, William Anderson, , Timothy Sherwood, Steven Launderville Second row: Larry Grieme, Gregory Johannesen, James Oatman, Jeffrey Poulson, Kevin Anderson Delores Syndergaard Third row: Norma Beckfield. Brenda Samuelson, Melinda Peterson, Raymond Stille, Dick Adolph- son, Burton Hill, Steven Marshall, Mrs. Jarvis Absent: Linda Cacek, Collene Huse-man SECOND GRADE 9. FIRST GRADE Front row: Douglas Walsh, Karen Goosman, Randall Ericksen, Paul Huseman, Julie Grienke, Roger Sassmann, Cheryl Hartmann, Kathy Parker, Bruce Hill Second row: Susan Melander, Thomas Peterson, Karen Tracy, Jonathan Hansen, Dale Rohlk, Vicky Pe- terson, Cynthia Peterson, Barbara Anderson, Miss Harris Third row: Donna Lee, Jim Steffes, Lee Chase, Lorna Bruns, Brenda Diischer, Joan Becker, Jerry Moore Absent: Douglas Pederson FIRST GRADE ACTIVITIES The first graders are very active in their first year of school. They read stories of Dick, Jane, and Sally. They study ntunbers, language, and phonetics. They do much drawing and studying of science. In the spring they grow a garden of flowers and vegetables. They also oollect leaves and take a field trip to study birds which they place in their proper categories. FIRST GRADE 72 Front row: Gary Sassman, Thomas Hallengren, David Brinkman, James Huseman, Ronald Dyslin, Roger Bruns, Gregg Peterson, Steven Quirk Second row: Shelley Krenzien, Beverly Christensen, Jacqueline Adams, Carol Smith, Janelle Harth, Sharon Magnuson, Jean Gould, Miss Jons Third row: Cheryl Witzke, Pamela Hetrick, Barbara Peterson, Patricia Stieneke, Jolene Olson, Sharon Voit Absent: Ronald Anderson KINDERGARTEN I Y,-QNQ li-f rs .JQYN Front row: Bobby Launderville, Douglas Greene, Bruce Frederick, Julie Christensen, Eldon Lichtenberg, Renae Bergquist, Beth Farestad, Vicky Alkire Second row: Tommy Huseman, Ann Hill, Edward Hanson, Ruth Beard, Marvin Nehring, Steven Adams, Vanessa Hammond, Janeen Martin, Joleen Swanson Third row: Bruce Radke, Evelyn Moore, Elaine Becker, Kathy Cox, Barbara Marshall, Cheryl Brueggert, Linda. Goodman, Steven Volt, Miss Essman KINDERGARTEN ACTIVITIES In kindergarten we learn many new things. At first we learn our colors by using colored name tags and colored circles on each table. Each month We sat at a different table with a different colored circle. We learned to Write our numbers up to ten. In the first semester we learned to count to five. In the second semester we finished counting to ten. To learn our alphabet we made a book con- taining pictures Which we put in alphabetical order. Also during the year we learned to tie our shoes and write our first and last name. We learn- ed numerous songs and finger plays, also acted out stories. We colored and painted many different things for art. Also we had different units on families, pets, holidays, toys, winter, and farms. Part of our learning is to share and get along with our family and playmates. ' One of our biggest thrills was having our mothers at our Christmas party. er, I, 3: .1i,w,-. .Q ffl rj 'P 5 - 1 K RD 14I3t'.,if Vvfwf' l -5 -. if Sf . Y x fi 1 , 'fl ' ?'?,?i7f ' 5 if '. -f L. 1 f f I3 I I ' is I ' X y no 1 I , f 5 ! Q , , iffzfi iflnl-Vi '43 . ' I E I f 1 get 5 ilfli-fi' l , -ut. -. fi. S ' 1 E f . I ilififli 'fi 1 ' vii' ' ' ' ffimf ? E f I ,. Ae-vit. 7 ' 'fix .' w ,V 'kj 2' e , , f . ,Vi 3. o Qi ., I '4: 'Ai w ' .- I 1 A A xx a s gg . 2: fi A fi fig ..- , ty ' -- ,if J, f 2. li '- -I I I 7 waist S., :xfK7? -feggw W 'Z rw ,, 2 sie v e ,I N i , ' I ,.. 5 A-,A If .V 3,40- 1 i I 3 I - 'f a we q ' N ,f .-xlsfggerzffgkgf .. ,, . 'f LF ,i i .ep rw-it A ,. V - M y i.,,i'...'i, f' ' W i ' r 11 In 'il , 5 ,. , , .,. . ' 5 - '1,i,,,,f- no ' 35- 'isiifgai so .. tg - V . Sv, Farr ,, I . Wi e I ,ae 1?ff '5'2' , , -. ff .F , of 9 Mr -Yea., fi 1 M as Front row: Joni Witzke, Randy Sassman, Julie Sandine, Kathy Sundberg, Nicholas Stille, Lynn Reasor, Davey Nelson, Tommy Laffin Second row: Marvin Mortensen, Jeff Kjolhede, Don Post, Marlene Morrow, Sue Poulson, Mary Norlln, Nancy Stokes, Patti Schuler, Mike Mahn Third row: Alan Bruns, Duane Camerer, Howard Diischer, Patty Saathoff. Charles Specketer, Billy Sig- lin, Dave Mortensen, Roxy Remillard. Miss Essman .. 4.- ' I KINDERGARTEN JUNIOR HIGH Front row: Lynn Osborne, David Coombs, Dee Ann Rath, Charles Rydstrom Second row: Mrs. McCabe, Robert Wilt, David Smith, Richard Rydstrom, Mr. Thiemen FAIRVIEW JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES In Junior High we are changing from grade school to high school. Along with this we must as- sume more responsibilities and make changes in our study habits. We have seven subjects to pre- pare for each day. Our activities include physical education class twice a week, music classes every day, some of us have instrumental lessons once a week and art class once a week. During the Winter months, the boys play several basketball games with other Junior Highs. We also take part in presenting pro- grams for community meetings. We find Junior High fun, although it involves h-ard work. FAIRVIEW MUSIC ACTIVITIES Music classes include singing in unison and in parts. To help us in sight reading and in rhythm we use syllables and counting. Our musical games such as Baseball and Fine, are a help in learning the musical symbols. Listening to different types of music by record helps to give the student an appreciation of the classics. Further rhythm training is achieved by folk daglices, square dances and the simple action rec- or s. 'Pupils are given the opportunity various times :luring the school year to perform, either by solo or in a group. -Ill' uv' 1 k K .a s vi S xi . ' , if FAIRVIEW FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Front row: Carol Edwards, Linda Rath, Robert Peterson, David Kjolhede, Susan Rath, Marsha Friedrich Second row: Mrs. Gould, Robert Jensen, Robert Mallison, Larry Jensen, Patricia Schuldt, Michael In- gram, Shirley Heschke, Kathleen Frederickson Third row: Janis Peterson, Barbara Kraemer, Raymond Friedrich, Kurt Frederickson, David Meyer, John Rydstrom FAIRVIEW FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE ACTIVITIES Having races at the blackboard in arithmetic seems to prove both enjoyable and helpful in our arithmetic classes. Correct usage of words and improving our man- ners are being stressed in our language classes. In social studies, the fifth grade has increased their knowledge of our 50 states by learning the location, the correct spelling, and the capitals of each state. Also each pupil was assigned either five or six states to write reports on. In both health-classes, each pupil is to make up a crossword puzzle over material covered in the book. One of the events enjoyed by the pupils was the community meeting in January, at which time they presented two plays, The Hill Billy Wed- ding and The Little Red Schoolhouse. FAIRVIEW THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE ACTIVITIES Arithmetic classes find the third grade learn- ing to carry and borrow, and the fourth grade learning multiplication and division processes. Reading time is fun and busy. Looking up new words and learning their meanings, learning and reviewing phonics rules, dramatizing stories, and reading orally with expression take up our time. We also enjoy Weekly Readers. Social Studies is quite different for the two grades. fI'he third grade reads and learns of our community and others like it, while the fourth grade begins history of our country and map study. t Science offers experiments for us to eagerly ry. I .We hope that by working in groups and in- dnndually the best in each child may be brought ou . FAIRVIEW THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Front row: Cherie Dyslin, Lynn Peterson, Mary Christensen, Lee Meyer, Rodney Bruns, Kathleen An- derson, Diane Rehnstrom, Bruce Edwards Second row: Sherleen Clausen, Rodney Frederickson, Alvern Friedrich, Mrs. McMurray, Gary Bruns, Maren West, Steven Mallison Absent: Randall Hill, Roger Lundberg -lYCl 4l Z X lilell KIIQ I - E rf' .if awmm ,..,V FAIRVIEW rmsr AND sEcoNo GRADES Front row: Jeanie Christianson, Cynthia Anderson, Thomas Meyer, Penelope Smith, James O'Donnel1, Marsha Bruns, Janet Edwards Sherri O'Donnel1 , . ,H ,HW Second row: Mrs. Halvorson, Dennis Smith, Darwin Clausen, John Schuldt, Kenneth Friedrich, Douglas Bruns, Eugene Friedrich, Eldon Peterson FAIRVIEW KI NDERGARTEN ACTIVITIES, We started to kindergarten Monday, January 18, 1960, with eleven of us enrolling. We plan to get through three Reading Readiness books and one number book. We all want to be able to print our names by the end of the year. We think school is fun. FAIRVIEW KINDERGARTEN Front row: Vonda O'Donnell, Duane Clausen, Galen Fredericks Second row: Gary Christensen, Marcia Coombs, Paul Peters, Gregory Quirin, Gayle Fredrickson Absent: Duane Binder, Roy Olsen, David Rehnstrom 76 'l if A , Z , 5 Libra if S, Ease its 1 0 t Si, K Q- Aa . .A ' ' gil ' , is is . . 5' 2. di he Us WHY .M 4 .g:e1 Q1,fv5ifl?s ' :' ' 3'::Z:'I2,,fy FAIRVIEW FIRST AND SECOND GRADE ACTIVITIES Our group consists of nine first graders and six second graders. We appeared on community programs in Octo- ber and December. This was fun. Learning to read is such a satisfaction when we discover We can read books other than our text- books. With sight Words and use of phonetic rules, this is made possible. Number work in both grades is quite easily learned when we can quickly recognize grouping. In both grades each combination is learned as a number story. Circles and straight lines, is the familiar phrase when learning to write the manuscript way. Cursive writing in second grade is a thrill, because we are growing up and writing like our older friends. :Stiff f ' i, h'

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