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l 1956 eww PUBUSHED BY THE SENIORS OF ,cure JW sczmz M 1 2. W2 'w fw !!2 V W w ir 'N i H Nl r :QE 2: If U 'z EN 1 1 SUPERI NTENDENT OF SCHOOLS V. SAMUELSON PRINCIPAL ARNOLD HAMMOND SPONSORED BY ALTA COMMERCIAL CLUB ' . S :W , ART SUTTON Coach History Buena Vista 5.71, sczmz fly Mm.-rv: vf'. . . ,fA-iL,,A , MRS. KATHERINE NORTON English - Dramatics B.A. University of Iowa STAN STRUDTHOFF Assistant Coach - Science B.A. lowa State Teachers LORRAINE SAWIN Girls' Physical Education Junior High B.A. University of Iowa LISLE HASH Vocational Agriculture B.S. lowa State MARY GLEE WATSON Home Economics B.S. iowa State SCHOOL BOARD Morris Peterson Vrreasurerl, Nels E. Johnson, Donald Anderson, Leroy Peterson fPresidentl Superintendent M. V. Samuelson, Lloyd Anderson, Harry Melander. C. F. Sangston qsecretaryy THANK YOU We the Seniors of Alta would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Faculty and School Board of the Alta High School. They have helped us in activities and our projects of the year which have helped to prepare us for the future that lies ahead of us. SCHOOL SECRETARY ANNETTE MORTENSEN SPONSORED BY BUENA VISTA MOTORS - Storm Lake 3 FULLER rss Education Education Ltate Teachers JANET ANDERSON Vocal Music B.A. Buena Vista ALFRED GREENE History B.S. Buena Vista REGINALD SCHIVE Instrumental Music B.A. Iowa State Teachers JOHN STEVENSON Veterans' Farm Train B.S. Iowa State ALICE REYNOLDS Remedial Reading B.E. is Buena Vista University of Iowa ing aww, Safran! AUGUST School opens Flag raising SEPTEMBER Faculty picnic Seniors choose Annual officers Mr. Salie came with picturesg all seniors were happy - no English F.H.A. Installation of officers Classes choose officers First football game with Holstein Joan A., Maesel L., Susan H. and Joanie J. went to Storm Lake to attend the Yearbook Clinic Juniors had a night class meeting Larry Z. got his front tooth chipped in football practice Bob K. got his shoulder broken in football practice Seniors expected Juniors to spring colors but they didn't Juniors spring colors High school took Iowa Tests of Educational Development More tests Had safe driving exhibition Susan H's. slumber party No school - Teacher's meeting in Storm Lake Four F.H.A. girls and four F.F.A. boys served at Adult Night OCTOBER Boys elected candidate for Homecoming Queen Choose Queen and attendants Six week tests M. L. and J. A. went to Sanborn's Homecoming Dance Alta marched at B. V.'s Homecoming Parade. Some went to the game Freshmen and Sophomore kids had a run-in with the cops Seniors worked on their float until twelve o'clock Homecoming game with Sutherland. Alta defeated Suther- land 21 to 6. Seniors won first with their float, Let's Play The Last One For Mother Band marched at State Contest at Storm Lake. We received a II rating Sophomore girls gave faculty supper. Western theme Everyone was busy with choir practice Everyone was recuperating from Dennis and Deannajs party. It was a lot of fun Last football game with Aurella Members of the advertising staff of the Annual were at school bright and early at 7:45 Halloween dance at Legion Hall NOVEMBER No school. Teachers convention Future Teachers' Day at Storm Lake. Nine senior girls go All the girls have been busy asking boys to the Sadie Hawkins Dance Juniors had dress rehearsal for their play Junior Class Play, No More Homework S. V. C. Jamboree in Alta Got a new telephone from the office practice room to the Annual room. More fun. Huh! Illene tried to cut her hand off Faye H. stole a car. tWhy did you get so mad -- the cop didn't bawl you out, did he? Annual pictures were taken today DECEMBER Sadie Hawkins Dance. lPoor girls are now all brokej It seems Miss Watson had to have a little push on the to the basketball game. lHow about that?l Had a dance after the Milford game way Freshmen girls have been baking cookies for the big dance Friday night Senior girls have been sampling the Freshmen girls cool les. They were mighty tasty F.H.A. sponsored Christmas Formal Dance School is out for Christmas vacation Some Senior girls and some Junior boys had a party JANUARY Surprise Birthday party for Roland C. given by Mary Mb. Nyla turned into a redhead over the holidays County Tournament begins Alta wins County Tournament Bill McD. had a little party F.F.A, gave a skating party for the F.H.A. FEBRUARY Activity pictures taken today Band Festival at Sioux City. Denny, Maesel, Susie and Karen got Reg's car to go downtown for dinner. What Sectional Tournament begins hun! Storm Lake defeated Alta. Some of the kids had a Dari! Joan A. misplaced her car until 11:30. It was in fron Susan's house all the time. Ha! Ha! Leap Year Dance sponsored by F.H.A. MARCH tof Senior girls left for Des Moines for girls' state basketball tournament Career Day in Storm Lake for the seniors Trip to the State Hospital in Cherokee for seniors Gary J. finally got back from Cherokee Boys went to Des Moines for Boys' State Basketball Tourn- amemg Seniors had play practice for the last time Dress rehearsal for Senior Class play Senior Class play, The Brain Storm APRIL Bud M. sold his car Senior Skip Day at Omaha Junior-Senior Banquet Typing contest in Des Moines. Joanie won second plac the Personality Contest Alta Relays MAY Gary J. set a new discus record at Aurelia Relays Faye's slumber party Last day of school for the seniors Baccalaureate ein Carol R. and Dean P's. party for the entire high school Commencement Last day of school Alumni Banquet RICHARD PETERSON JOAN ANDERSON Salutatorian Valedictorian Seniau , A JOAN ANDERSON Mixed Chorus 3, 41 Glee Club 1, 3: Freshman Chorus 13 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45FHA Vice-President 35 FHA Pres- ident 45 FHA State Convention Delegate 23 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: GAA Secretary 2: Scarlet and Black Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff Editor 4: Class President 23 Class Play 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 43 Cheer- leader 43 Attendant 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4. SPONSORED BY THE ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR ROY AXELSON RONALD CARPENTER CHARLES FORD RAY GRIENKE Class Vxce Presxdent 4 FFA 1 Annual Staff 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 4: otball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 .5 Annual Staff 4 Mxxed Chorus 3 4 Football 1 Track 1 Boys' Glee Club 43 Basketball 1, 2, Football Captam 4 Student Coun Boys Glee Club 4 Basketball 1 2 3 45 Track Manager lg Football c1l 3 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 4 Trackl 2 3 4 Class Play 4 Manager 31 Track 2, 3, ,X gf exp, X. 3 ,,,v J.. .vf j,4 5?JI1,::'I' ': 61-ff , .1 f f iff -' ll ,, raw- 1, N242 if-' 'Q' 'fi New vw 37, v'r N ,, .r 1:- ,ff illiga we f. ,Tag we .- RUDY GRIENKE Track 12 Football 13 Annual Staff 4. SUSAN HETRICK Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 33 Freshman Sextet 1, GAA l. 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: State Convention Delegate 33 Pep Club 3, 41 F-ep Club President 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 42 Flagswinger 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 43 School Treasurer 43 Annual Staff 41 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 43 Editor 4. SPONSORED BY THE ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR DARREL HINKELDEY BILL HITCHCOCK Annual Staff 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. Annual Staff 43 Football 1, , Track 3, 43 Band 13 Class Play 4. 4. LORNA HITCHCOCK Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Freshman Chorus 13 Fresh- man Sextet 13 FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 41 Student, Council 43 Annual Staff 42 Class Play 3, 43 Twirler 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4. BARBARA HANSON Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 42 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Triple Trio 43 Freshman Chorus lj Freshman Sextet IQ Marching Band 1, 2. 3. 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA Vice-President 3: FHA 1, 2, 3, 42 FHA Recreation Leader 13 FHA Project Leader 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4: Student Council 23 Pep Club 3, 43 Class Play 3, 43 Class Secretary- Treasurer 33 Annual Staff 4. FAYE HUSEMAN GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Flag Swinger 3, 43 Freshman Chor us 11 Class Play'3, 43 Annua Staff 4. :lf fm' . -f,' f-',f W, 31435, ,,,, 'Ulf ii' .115 Lua? . 1 31 1 Q Q 4522511 13 'l' A ,,,,4z.,,,, V -W-isa A 1 ms! g:amxws,v,, . , ISQJSQQ11' 1 :Wie 1- , -, www-,s1,, 4-,gg,,,g grsalfiklfwffw 1519211 if 1. , wfgr14zf.:11-f, f --,A 14,-1 ,1 J' f will 2111 , we 1 ,M :.,, , 1 I9 fa MELVA HUSTEDT Freshman Chorus 1: Mixed Chorus 4: Glee Club 1: Scarlet and Black Staff 4: Pep Club 4: Annual Staff 41 GAA 1, 4: FHA 4, ILLENE JOHANNSEN Mixed Chorus 2, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 4: Pep Club 3, 4. SPONSORED BY THE ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR GARY JOHNSON Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Captain 4: Scarlet and Black Editor 4: Class Secretary-Treasurer 1: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 3, 4. JO ANN KENT Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Freshman Chorus 1: Freshman Sextet 1: Glee Cluh 2, 3, 4: Sextet I 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA State Convention Delegatee 3: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: Scar- let and Black Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4. NYLA KING Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Freshman Chorus lg GAA 1. 2, 3, 4: GAA Captain lg GSC 1: Pep Club 3, 4: Student Council 2: FHA 2, 3, 4: Attendant 2: Class Play 3, 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 41 Annual Staff 4. Y? as JOAN JARVIS Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Accompan- ist 1: Freshman Chorus: Freshman Sextet 1: Triple Trio 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Accompanist 2: Vocal Solo- ist 2, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA Music Chairman 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4: Annual Co-Editor 4: Class Play 3, 4. Staff .asv-3 ,gg1.,,3fA-'11wife-ef11a1ssro:2,:- .- -' , 1 -- 4 A iff 'ww-cw A451152 SGEZWQIM-ff-Pl' , -A .A ,1.i,, s -- gf 5' ,' 1 f, 5553253457 1 Z: ' 355--ff-iff ,M -A 53-Ziff: ',. 13,1' 'gif ,,, ,.,. 1 1.13. 9 .-- .f,' 5 an 1 v t if is 1, ,.,. 1 :ew -- ,.,. 1, , , ,. -, ' . gf? - A 'H-f - s 'k '1 1- ,11,,g , a-3 -,H a ,, 211154.24 ,, 3 wx, ig:,,.,g,1,5,1s,,,?,I 'af' 1 1-111: 1- ' Ei :PJJ J if .1 1 11 4 f one 1 ai 1 ,, 1 ' 'fffaifielg- 1 11,1114 1.12 1E,,, 'Q fi' s i arm. --nslxxxyl 1711114-M Z .,.. 18, A J fav' 1 1 -7 , ,,, , I 1 ,' wiaez:s,s21,3iasy F4121 '15 gl f , an W six f 1 riff as 3? il 'iff ME, as pl, M113 , H M ,ww fi 4 A M fi All Eg, ,Q 3 E we 31 N A 1 A5 591.53 ir Xi N W' 4 ,fe N A1 2 Sw 1, , 1 A 2, 1 A 1 , A V 1' X '1' - agile? f , gW,,f,, ,. .. W 1, - ,-11,,.. . , ,,,q egg? ea W 1,,,:,.a1 Qi,iaQ3 Y -A A 5,1 125: W A A ., ,Q Q' X We M P ,nigga 2 1 , 1 :aff is ,Kwai gl A K' 'Ye 4591, 4 1 ai in A 1 1 , 1 12 at sw 1, 1 'ff 13 we 2, M RONALD KJOLHEDE Mixed Chorus 1, 4: Double Quartet 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: Annual Staff 42 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, .Mfrs-' :mi - I' 14' 1 ' A fi 9, . 1 1 ., , 1 .. 1..,,.. , ,iw MAESEL LIETZ Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Freshman Chor- us lg Glee Club 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Twirler 3, 41 Girls' Quartet 41 Girls' Sextet I 43 Mixed Quartet 4: Double Mixed Quartet 4: Class Play 4: School Treasurer 43 Annual Staff 43 Business Manager-43 Scar- let and Black Staff 2, 3, 41 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 2, 3, 4, FHA Treasurer 4: Pep Club 3, 42 Pep Club President 4. VINCENT MOSER Mixed- Chorus 1, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 3, 4g Student Council 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 FFA Treasurer 23 FFA Vice President 3: FFA President 4. 5225335 wgsa A or as M, l ,kg frmwwxf-'z 1 l, W Y, ,J 22.117 , ,.,, Q, et not --. ,.1,:s+--W 4, .,,,r-.iz,.- H , ,.., l W . 1 it in Sf , Qiffzai, . V PWMP f ffpTv7FM iR:- P,-..,m,.,. QP::l1 .if'ns , i A A , ,,,, , , ,Q ,,s,s t. ,W , ,, wi 1i?lbil2if P 1 in H , -,sarasota ' , wit .tiff If V BILL MCDONALD Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Brass Sextet 1, 41 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 43 Boys' Quar- tet 41 Mixed Quartet 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 43 Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 3g Student Council 1, Annual Staff 43 Class Play 3, 43 Class President 33 Homecoming King 4. HOWARD MORDICK Football 33 Track 3: Football Man- ager 2g Annual Staf! 4, SPONSORED BY THE ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR DENNIS PETERSON Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Cone rt RONALD MURPHY Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Brass Sextet 13,943 RICHARD PETERSON Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 41 Annual Brass Quintet 2, 3, 4, Brass Quar- Staff 4' FFA l, 2 3, 4: Boys' Glee tet 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Class Secretary Club Vocal Solist 3, 4: Double Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, Treasurer 4, FFA 1, 2, 37 Basket Quartet 41 Class Play 4. 3, 45 Annual Staff 4: Class Play 3, 4: Ball 41 Football 42 Track 3, 4 Iksw gza V 432, , 4 1. ,I s : . ,f 'M if .. W U- .3 , .1 2' wa? ,azz-?23i??f-4. 3 ' . 34 1-4--4-'Ei-g ',gL,,',N,gb , , ,. , . 3 azlgiiiig, 1- 's -. 552: JW. L f ' 1 f rr- +- ,-G sei F113 3 Et , 5 si' .E f V K 43 4 ,Q Q ,,,,, 5e5. e,, j 4 -n 4,4 . 1 ' in 3 ii l . Ze 12 4- New BILL RYHERD LYLE SANDINE FFA 1 2 3 4 FFA Vice President Annual Staff 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4. KAREN STILLE Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3. 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Quartet 3, 43 Girls' Trio 3, 41 Girls' Sextet 1, 2, 33 Double Mixed Quartet 43 Vocal Solist 3, 43 Piano Solist 3: Clarinet Trio 1, 2, 3, 43 Clarinet Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 Mix- ed Clarinet Quartet 2, 3, 43 Clari- net Solist 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 43 Student Council 1: Scarlet and Black Staff 2,.3, 43 Annual Staff 43 GAA 1, 2, 3. 43 GAA Treasurer 13 GAA President 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA Secretary 23 FHA Reporter 33 FHA Music Chairman 33 Home- coming Queen 43 Attendant 13 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4. SPONSORED BY THE ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR DON SWANSON Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Brass Quartet 43 Trumpet Trio 4: Brass Sextet 43 Brass Quintet 43 Trumpet Quartet 3, 43 Boys' Quartet 3: Football 1, 2, 3. 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Captain 43 Vice- Class Play 33 Annual Staff 4, LARRY ZWEMKE Football 1, 2. 3, 43 Basketball 1 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Class JERRY VAN HOOSER President 13 Scarlet and Black Vice-President 23 Annual Staff 4. Staff 4: Annual Staff 4- 1 Qs' -waz' I-li, .. - ll Q w 4, Q . gk g jgf r g f C O F F I C E I nt Don Swanson 73 resident, Roy Ax elson . ry-Treasurer Richard Peterson Council Lorna Hitchcock Vincent Moser cLAss SONG 'iffifigg-5-1: ...Q . 7,,,.?,v, -.W .V sq ee cheers for Aqua and Black they are the colors we've chosen take them to victory For the juniors now are the foes. Come! We will challenge you. We'l1 fight and never give in. '56 is our year, you will see. And our colors will always win. C0 LO RS Aqua and Black MOTTO Knowledge is power, power is success! F LOW E R White Carnation YELL '56 is our year. That is why we chose this cheer For our colors we chose the best, They will fly o'er the rest. Aqua. and Black! Aqua and Black! Rah! Rah! Rah! SPONSORED BY LAKESHORE CAFE - Storm Lake all 'r'l W'f' wwf SENIORS VISIT OMAHA ON SKIP DAY At 5:00 A.M. thirty-one sleepy eyed Seniors and our sponsor, Mr. Ham- mond left for Omaha. We stopped at Denison to stretch our legs and eat breakfast. Upon our arrival in Omaha we visited Boys Town. We got to see their trade school and huge field house. All of us were quite impressed by the size of Boys Town. Our next stop took us to the television station KMTV. We were very lucky to see one of their live colored shows. After a tour through KMTV we had a few hours to go shopping. At noon we were guests for dinner at the large Brandise Department Store. A delicious meal was served. The high point of our Skip Day took us to Offut Air Force Base. After a guided tour on the base, we were told the history of a jet trainer and we got to look into the seating compartment of a jet. On our way home we stopped at Missouri Valley for supper. A group of tired Seniors who had enjoyed Skip Day very much arrived in Alta at 9:00 P.M. Sponsored by HORNER AND OLSON and LAKE SHORE GROCERY--Storm Lake fr Q I is graduation I! Baccalaureate service for the senior class of 1956 was held in the high school auditorium May 13. The Rev. R. M. Lammers delivered the sermon. His topic was The Things That Count Most in Life. Commencement exercises were held Wednesday, May 16, in the high school auditorium. Dr. John H. Olson of Omaha, Nebraska, gave an inspiring address, entitled Tomorrow - Today's Dream. Highest scholastic awards for the graduating class went to Joan Anderson, valedictorian, and Richard Peterson, salutatorian. The four other top students were Barbara Hanson, Roy Axelson, Karen Stille and Joan Jarvis. Bill McDonald and Barbara Hanson were the recipients of the Conner Awards. LeRoy Peterson, president of the Alta board of education, presented the diplomas to the thirty- three seniors. The benediction, given by the Rev. E. R. Peter- son, brought the memorable four years of high school to a close. . .. aiffsnwlf . 's- we if QAM- ,. , -yew 1-: so fftttei..,p,c. ' , .ifssprzfaf . .- 15 qifyg nofm, , . ,, 1 3 ,, Q5,NTf-X ' Oi vi 5 if 1 gigs? ,M bwswf ,A . f,,,- .i . ,-- , We i , :Q-siffilwidla' 1 Y A-lfwwflh . .s wr.: . . -16 -fe. . f,. BACCALAUREATE SERVICE sEN1oR CLASS OF 1956 High School Auditorium Alta, Iowa, May 13, 1956 - 8:00 P.M. ikii Processional .... ................................................... ................................. Cl a ss of 1956 Invocation ......,,............................. ................. R ev. R. M. Lammers Opening Hymn .......................,..... .... O nward Christian Soldiers Scripture Reading and Prayer ................. . ........................... Proverbs, Chapter 2, Vol. 9 Music ...................................................v.............................................. Tenor Solo - Dick Lund Where'er You Walk - Handel Sermon ......, . ..................,.............................................,............ Rev. R. M. Lammers The Things That Count Most in Life Music .......... ....................................,.,................... T rombone Solo - Gary Walton Adagio - Haydn Benediction ..,... ................................ ....,. R e v. R. M. Lammers Recessional ......................................... ............................................................... C lass of 1956 COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM May 16, 1956 Processional .... ..........i.................. ............... C l ass of 1956 Invocation ..... ................................................................................... R ev. E. R. Peterson Music ..........,......,.......1..........................................................,....................... Woodwind Quartet Prelude from 2nd Suite, Opus 122-Lefebvre Introduction of Speaker ...............................................,.................. Supt. M. V. Samuelson Commencement Address ...........................................,................................ Dr. John H. Olson Tomorrow - Today's Dream Music ...................................................................................................................... Mixed Chorus You'll Never Walk Alone - Rodgers and Hammerstein Announcement of Awards and Presentation of Class ............ Principal A. Hammond Presentatmn of Diplomas ........................................................................ Leroy D. Peterson President of the Board of Education Benediction .....................................................................1.......................... Rev. E. R. Peterson SPONSORED BY ALTA COOPERATIVE CREAMERY at .. . f -zslsxsml i f' . r I Ending Um 7amafumw .a 1' , attest FHA Row: Emma Jean Rasmussen, Deanna Johnson, Diane Schuler, Lucinda Robbins, Sharon Patterson, Lynette Mor- dick fsecretaryj, Maesel Lietz fTreasurerJ, Joan Anderson fPresidentp, Janice Huseman 1Vice-Presidenty, Linda Enderson, Sandra Braley, Lorna Hitchcock, Laurel Mordick, Janet Carpenter, Judy Johnston. Row: Miss Watson 1Sponsorl, Elmerna Koth, Faye Huseman, Judy Brown, Kathleen Radke, Martha Becker, Sharon Lichtenberg, Judy Peterson, Jane Dreier, Jackie Gustafson, Marlene Murphy, Deanna Brechwald, Kathryn Sievert, Myrna Murphy, Joyce Brandt, Lorene Peterson, Mary Ann I-Iinkeldey, Joan Jarvis, Carol Radke, Nyla King, Karen Stille, Mrs. Earl Anderson 1Chapter Motherj, Third Row: Illene Johannsen, Barbara Hanson, Sara Ryherd, Jennie Ann Smith, Susan Mangold, JoAnn Kent, Betty Moser, Ilia Mae Hinkeldey, Faith Oberg, Ruth Lietz, Bonnee Lauridson, Connie Hadden, Jacque Otto, Dorothy Fried- rich, Sherrill Peterson, Darlene Specketer, LaVerne Lichtenberg, Sandra Svendsen, Susan Norton, Pat Wittgow, Melva Hustedt, Susan Hetrick, Mary Helen McDonald. ,ffmmtm 017114 eww Front Second 2555255 , - Jigga ma, ek iviawygxgw, g4g?gsa?f-egfzgg H , Ax .ft , E a t . 1 ...t. J . muy Y 5 ,i .34 '-if Jr TS F 5 L B X as ix 5 . 1. ,. f. N Q 4 X ,t X - ' - V . g-'fgg,,w.e,3ggf as-. - g .M V V , or ' fame , . 2 S v g-.-4. ' A 'fl' New f v Q. ,.,, ,, 31' me 7 3 1 I 9 2:11 223555 iw an as j 1255 1 s.. , I 1 S e - , E SPONSORED BY RUNGE AND SCHREIBER, Insurance and Real Estate 18 J A he i ' -Kf-'k or W it M w,ffm.1-Jim a .Ii wi , J - L ' , , 'fi' , 'ff'2?'Z:. ff? mf l . .,L. -252 '- -1s ,,, a:,!'4-1'. M ' .sf V :Lui 11: X, Q,.,'s,,, .,,. ,4 , , A , V I, , if 2 , lj Y . , Y f gli? G,-, , , FFA Front Row: Clem LeDoux, Mr. Herron fAdvisorl, Leland Molgaard fRepfrterJ, James Otto, fSecretaryl, Bill Ryherd fVice Presidentl, Alvern Miller QSentina1J, Ralph Watts Cfreasurery, Martin Glienke, Duane Jansen. Second Row: Jerry Mills, Ronald Murphy, Merle Larson, Arne Axelson, Milo Kindwall, Norman Larson, Jerry Otto, Howard Lietz. Third Row: Gaylen Hinkeldey, Burton Johnson, Dick Schmidt, Donald Peterson, Marlin Friedrich, Jon Stille, Darrel Hinkeldey, Absent: Vincent Moser lPresidentJ, 07 ggi ,i 'K air- A , 19 v f SCIENCE Howard Mordick Gary Johnson Charles Ford Jerry VanH0oser MATHEMATICS Duane Schlinz Darrel Hinkeldey Richard Peterson Roy Axelson 70, lt! I SPEECH Lorna Hitchcock Dennis Peterson Faye Huseman Bill Hitchcock GOVERNMENT Faye Huseman Nyla King Ronald Kjolhede Rudy Grienke Illene Johannsen SPONSORED BY BARLOW'S CAFE - BUENA VISTA MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION CYCLONE STAFF Front Row: Nyla King, Barbara Hanson, Susan Hetrick, JoAnn Kent, Maesel Lietz fBusiness Managerl, Joan Anderson lEditorl, Joan Jarvis qAssistant Editorl, Lorna Hitchcock, Melva Hustedt, Illene Johannsen, Faye Huseman, Karen Stille. Second Row: Jerry Van Hooser, Richard Peterson, Ray Grienke, Charles Ford, Ronald Murphy, Ronald Kjolhede, Bill Hitchcock, Duane Schlinz, Bill Ryherd, Bill McDonald. Larry Zwemke. 'Third Row: Roy Axelson, Don Swanson, Rudy Grienke, Howard Mordick, Dennis Peterson, Gary Johnson, Darrel Hinkeldey, Ronald Carpenter. Absent: Vincent Moser, Lyle Sandine. The Cyclone, the Alta yearbook, is published annually by the Senior Class, under the sponsorship of Max R. Fuller. It presents a record of the year's activities and a pictorial review of the students and their school life. Pictures were taken exclusively by Buntrock and Salie Studio of Storm Lake. We wish to thank everyone who contributed to our annual to help make it a SUCCESS. '30, - KN 4' SCARLET AND BLACK STAFF SPONSORED Front Row: Maesel Lietz, Connie Hadden, Sandra Braley, Linda Enderson, Betty Moser fAssistant Editorl, Susan Hetrick 1Co-Editorl, Gary Johnson 1Co-Editorr, Janice Huseman rAssistant Editorl, Lorna Hitch- cock. Laurel Mordick, Jacque Otto. JoAnn Kent, Second Row: Myrna Murphy, Marlene Murphy, Illene Johannsen, Barbara Hanson, Dorothy Friedrich, Mrs. Norton rSponsoru, Joan Anderson, Mary Heelen McDonald, Melva Hustedt, Jackie Gustafson, Joan Jarvis. Third Row: Keith Smit, Jerry Otto, David Ford, Karen Stille, Nyla King, Carol Radke, Elmerna Koth, Larry Zwemke, Gary Walton, Marlin Cone, Kenneth Watts. . BY LEONARD'S STYLE SHOP - RYDEN CLOTHING AND DRY CLEANING 21 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Vincent Moser, Larry Zwemke DRIVER EDUCATION Faith Oberg, Bob Kindwall, Lynette Mordick, David Hadden acaliom 404 Gm 7amoMaw SECRETARIAL PRACTICE JoAnn Kent, Karen Stille, Barbara Hanson Maesel Lietz, Melva Hustedt, Joan Jarvis SPONSORED BY THE ALTA ADVERTISER 22 MECHANICAL DRAWING Ronald Kjolhede, Ronald Carpenter IK B Cpu JW iid' flow' VOCAL MUSIC Karen Stllle, Ronald Murphy B111 Hitchcock, Miss Anderson cyl I NCQPARTNER 9 il 6 NP J' A ' V0 A I fait, 6' 1 D0 xgfmk It-,, I v .il 5 I Q Ph BOWLING Melva Hustedt, JoAnn Kent Nyla King, Maesel Lletz -, -: 2v' INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Dennis Peterson, Don Swanson Bill McDonald, Mr. Schive SPONSORED BY THE ALTA ADVERTISER 2 No- Mau 44 'QT JuNloR cLAss PLAY rj -Q' ' y 1 fr,.,'W,,. Front Row: Marlene Murphy, Mary Helen McDonald, Linda Enderson, Mrs. Norton Second Row Herbert Johnson Larry Peterson Dennis Brechwald Leon Johannsen fDirecto1-n, Betty Moser, Sandra Braley, Deanna Brechwald. Gaylhen Hinkeldey, Howard Lietz. y 1 I X Third Row: Darryl Frantz, Myrna Murphy, Jackie Gustafson, Carol Radke, Ken Watts. Miss Goodin Mrs. Glendenning Miss Ogilvie Mr. Harper Coach Guthrie Mr, Lundqulst Pamela Jones Buzz Baily Shalimar Ames Midge Murphy Faversham Lightly Tallulah Ploetz Ronald Sassoon Miss Dill Tick Tok Mrs. Ratchet Elmer B. Ames Deanna Brechwald Mary Helen McDonald Linda Enderson Howard Lietz Leon Johannsen Herbert Johnson Carol Radke Dennis Brechwald Betty Moser Sandra Braley Darryl Frantz Marlene Murphy Lary Peterson Myrna Murphy Gaylen Hinkeldey Jackie Gustafson Kenny Watts Probably every high school student has dreamed of being prin- cipal for a day! NO MORE HOMEWORK is the successfully tested and colorful account, suggested by a newspaper story, of what actually happens when circumstances propel three students into the roles of principal, vice-principal, and school secretary at Ames High School. It all begins because Principal Lundquist just has to be away to speak at the State Principals' Convention. Miss Dill, regular school secretary, has a terrible cold and insists on going home for the day. The vice-principal, Mr. Obermayer, is confined to his bed with a high fever. Then it is that Mr. Ames, school board president, decrees that the student council officers shall take over for the day. And that's how Pamela Jones becomes acting-principal! She gets off to a bad start when, in trying to buzz for the jani- tor, she rings the fire alarm bell instead. Then she has to decide whether to stand behind an unpopular teacher and whether to keep the schools star athlete out of the State Basketball Tournament. Not the least of Parn's worries is good-natured Buzz Bailey, acting vico- principal, who grandly advises a gossipy student that There will be no more homework! Then theres Faversham Lightly Jr., who would rather sleep than eat - and spends most of his time doing both! To add to Pam's grief, the home ec. teacher is lateg and Shalimar Ames, her hated rival, turns on her honeyed charm to lure the reluc- tant Buzz into taking over the class - with some truly astonishing results! And finally, with the school play, Rusty Wings, set to open that very night, she loses the key to the trunkful of costumes. However - complications are convincingly resolved in the end. Shalimar's conspiracy to implicate Pam in the robbery of the play- ticket money is exposed, much to the dismay of her pompous father. Rusty Wings takes an unexpected flight of success, with Pamela starring. Even the audience finds itself playing an unexpected part! SPONSORED BY PETERSON MOTOR COMPANY - SPORTSMAN'S Storm Lake - Cherokee Storm Lake SENIOR CLASS PLAY Inner Willy is off to college - relentlessly goading poor Will- oughby into becoming a man. Of course Willoughby needs just that sort of character around. Having led a sheltered life with his three maiden aunts, he's become about as spineless a creature as ever there was. In the college dorm, he's the one who makes the beds and lends the money and clothes tuntil he hasn't even a pair of trousers to wear when his aunts arrive to visitJ. That is, until Inner Willy materializes. Then gradually - very gradually and painfully - Willoughby begins to act like a man. Willoughby has the makings of an athlete, a star football player, but he insists that he comes from a Ulong line of faintersf' And be- sides, there's always the danger of a smashed nose and broken bones and all. His three aunts agree, they even decide college life is too strenuous for their frail boy and insist that he return to the home town. And he would have gone, too! But there is a certain blonde -- a college newspaper reporter, no less - who tries to encourage Willoughby to stay and become a hero. The college rooters, too, put the pressure on him, and of course there's Inner Willy, who twits and tortures the poor fellow with jibes likeg Water on the knees, you know. The family tree had weak lim s. Small wonder then that Willoughby finally decides to stand up to his aunts and announce that he's going to stay and play football. Even those doubtful demurrers are happy when they see how striking Willoughby looks in a football suit. Most wonderful of all is pretty, blonde Sally's reaction - well - not quite as wonderful as Inner Willy's disappearing act when he sees that the outer Willy has shed his shackles at last! if Willoughby Adams Inner Willy Chuck Martin Johnny Newton Harvey Downs Ralph Jones Coach Lloyd Hank Johnson Sally Bishop Aunt Louise Aunt Olga Aunt Hester Marybelle Turner Lottie Marion Anna Kay Dorothy Bill McDonald Bill Hitchcock Vincent Moser Dennis Peterson Chuck Ford Ronald Murphy Gary Johnson Ray Grienke Barbara Hanson Maesel Lietz Susan Hetrick Joan Jarvis Faye Huseman Nyla King Karen Stille JoAnn Kent Lorna Hitchcock Joan Anderson I . s-ey -sitvzgle .talawfaef f' A I '7l1e Bum Sioux Front Row: Lorna Hitchcock, Joan Anderson, Susan Hetrick, Nyla King, Maesel Lietz JoAnn Kent. Second Row: Gary Johnson, Joan Jarvis, Karen Stille, Faye Huseman, Barbara Hanson Dennis Peterson, Mrs. Norton tDirector7. 'I'hird Row: Bill Hitchcock, Ray Grienke, Bill McDonald. Charles Ford, Vincent Moser Absent: Ronald Murphy. SPONSORED BY BEYER'S YOUNG FASHIONS- SHAW-YOUNGSTROM Storm Lake Storm Lake The Last Night Under the Big Top 7:00 8:15 9:00 10:15 10:45 11:30 11:45 The Tommy Thomas Combo Ewan: 1955 Banquet Dinner Dinner Program Dancing to Tommy Thomas Combo Intermission - A Three Ring Circus Ring One: Aerial Artists Ring Two: Here Come the Clowns Ring Three: The Wild Animal Show Dancing Q 5 S x Balloon Shower --H- Pulling Up Stakes The Alta Juniors were hosts for the annual Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom which was held in the school gymnasium Saturday, April 30, 1955. The chosen theme, Under the Big Top, had the characteristics of a circus. On one wall was Silly Sam's Side Show. It consisted of a juggler, a strong man, sword swallower, fat woman, magic man, fire-eater, and two barkers, all of which were painted figures fastened to the wall to appear as the picture in front of the large tent. Across from the side show were three stands. One was a fortune teller, a place to have your pictures taken, and a game of throwing rings and win- ning a prize. Another act, and side rings were made up of a seal act and a lion act. The background for this was a parade of two elephants, an ostrich, two cages of monkeys and on horse-back, and a large bear. streamers and two large clowns decorated the stage. The ceil- attraction was the three ring circus. The center ring was a dog lions, a girl Colored ing was made of multi-colored streamers of red, green, white, blue, and yel- low. It draped so as to resemble a circus tent. In the center, it reached a peak, where the balloon bag hung. The entrance was of white lattice work in a lover's lane style. Red hearts hung from the streamers with the names of the Juniors and Seniors on them. A merry-go-round was the center of attraction. It consisted of red, white, and green polka dot horses which revolved in the center of the merry- go-round. Pink lemonade was served at the pink lemonade stand. The tables were very colorful with merry-go-rounds as center pieces. Colored horses on the merry-go-rounds were used as place cards. Circus animals were the favors, and pink, green, yellow, and red animal nut cups were also used. After the delicious three-course ban- quet dinner, which was served by the Barker and Clown waiters and wait- resses, a short dinner program followed. The guests enjoyed dancing to the music of the Tommy Thomas' Combo until 11:30, after which a balloon shower fol- lowed. This concluded a very beautiful and successful Junior-Senior Banquet. SPONSORED BY THE SILVER GRILL MENU PINK LEMONADE ROAST OF LEAPING LENA WHITE BALLOONS JUGGLING ACT RINGMASTERS SALAD s ww PEANUTS AND POPCORN ELEPHANT EARS CLOWN'S DELIGI-IT PAIL OF WATER DINNER PROGRAM Ringrnaster .................... Don Swanson Clowns Everywhere .,.... Bill McDonald On Parade .....,...... Margaret Anderson The Man on the Flying Trapeze Gerald Christensen Training Traits .... Principal Hammond The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down Dennls Brechwald Barker's Ballyhoo ......,... Gary Johnson 'K-em The Four Clowns .... Dennis Brechwald Carol Radke Larry Peterson xnxx Deanna Brechwald Pulling Up Stakes ..., Raymond Sievert :s':e .if nm.. . U 'er SPONSORED BY THE SILVER GRILL 27 '-Se' E gfle guniot Class of 1956 of Jffa SCXIOO! presents gfflfflffw of gantasy The Juniors of the Alta high school were hosts and hostesses to the Seniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet on April 21, 1956, at 'I p. m. The entrance was composed of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck displaying the banner entitled, Garden of Fantasy. The coat check was made up of latticed blue and white stream- ers, with an arched doorway entwined with pink and red carnations. The side sections of the south wall depicted a storybook theme from Disneyland, The characters shown were Uncle Scrooge: Donald Duck: Grandma Duckg Daisy Duck: Huey, Dewey and Louieg Mickey and Minnie Mouse: Pluto, and Lady and the Tramp. The antimated section displayed the scene of Minnie talking to Goofy in front, of a little cottage. Uncle Scrooge, Grandma Duck, the three nephews, and Pluto by his dog house were spectators to the scene. A sloping grass hill led to the stage. Welcome Seniors was spelled out in colored carnations on tne green slope, A stairway, bordered by rocks and flowers cut through the center of the hill and led to the stage. A statue of Donald Duck at the top of the steps resembled a master of ceremonies, A white fence entwined with colrred flowers bordered the stage, The ceiling consisted of French Blue and Light Blue streamers, -is ler,4fsaf..mastua1ftfw vlas1ws1:.1.giiMNssivr'jff .ml ww-w U ' ' 1956 The punch stand was decorated as an old stone wishing well, complete with the old oaken bucket. The north wall continued to carry out the storybook theme of Disneyland. Horace Horsecollar, Donald Duck. the three nephews, Pluto and the two little pups and Goofy thumbing a ride were all traveling the winding road to the Fantasyland Castle. The west wall was a. beautiful forest scene including green trees, a waterfall and colorful mountains. Many forest animals, a mountain pool and lovely flower beds completed the scene. Dumbo, the flying elephant, winked gayly at the guests from his perch high on the west wall of the gym. The center of attraction was a beautiful blue and white fountain in the center of the dance floor, Out of the high stone center flowed showers of sparkling blue water. The waiters and waitresses wore costumes resembling those of Peter Pang green shirts, yellow pants, and bright colored hats with 9, feather in them. These waiters and waitresses served the banquet dinner and acted as hosts and hostesses at the open house held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The music for the evening of dancing was furnished by Jimmy Smith and his orchestra. At intermission, a minstrel show was pre- sented by sixteen freshman students. A very enjoyable evening came to a close at 11:45. An Evening in o Garden of Fontosy Jimmy Smith and his Orchestra 7:00 Banquet Dinner 8:15 Dinner Program 9:00 Dancing to the Music of Jimmy Smith and his Orchestra 10:15 Garden Interlude - Intermission Shadows in the Moonlight 10:45 Dancing 11:30 The Close of a Perfect Evening SPONSORED BY ALTA TRUCKERS Gene Holstein - Allie Johnson Andy Brechwald MENU GATHERED DEW DROPS QUEEN'S CHOICE SNOWBALL BLOSSOMS GREEN BERRIES MOONLIGHT AND ROSES GARDEN PEBBLES FLEECY CLOUDS AND STAR DUST LOVER'S DELIGHT FLOWER NECFAR DINNER PROGRAM Bee Keeper - - Rodney Patterson Pedals for Your Pathway - - - - Kenneth Watts Garden Gate - - - Don Swanson Enchantment - - Miss Anderson Wonders of the Garden - - Superintendent Samuelson Rustling Leaves - - Reginald Schive In a New Garden - Arthur Sutton Threads of Silver - - Dean Peters Evening to Remember - Joan Anderson SPONSORED BY JOHNSON ELECTRIC ROXY THEATRE 29 CUSTODIAN , , K I Q! 5' Sahara! , 1 I I 25 I - sig 5 X K! 5121 74 -I 'fezggwiw-f M H f , S , ,K-7 -1 -,I-Mew? :4ff53i4-'fzi5z'i55. ,ilwffh f N . : - Mfzfirf 351'-A EEf?L!'E,Ef-'5, Sm 'fi'iT.., f' I -f , l , k,yA,5,,L:, . M V U. , x,s2z.59z's2g ff,--rfxwx 'I X 3 . HW LW, K S 3,5 , ., Hzifiiigiafasfi:isis EM S ezwm 5 an .f :ff wi 1 11 .,,J,,,,,,, A.An L., ,A,,,M.., I ,,.,,,. ,,,. , I , , Vgfqyeiwf - ., Lwwpgig? 1 , .p - ,sr - , 3 se f , - A fm -2L:pw,..m , H.,h,fwf141 f:1',f7 A . f f' I - f ' iwigjfsfeffgiffi .. m f lfileirli' fQIsiwSf3?3,?If' gs5,,, :Qi f K1 Q qw' 'Q: x.-19 f M as, Ifwzgle, . .:-pggi, , kgs? E-mg . H, f ff: j I. ' A ifmfsfiffiil' ag lsffifgmi fillff jfifizg, -Z zlfiyfif. .5 I . i - ' I ' 'j'5f1gX,r'j5, MQ 15,3 ' , gf 3.75, , jggefyf - ,k rgz si 'fggqgifgf . ,E A . 14252: -Ji? 1 -: : I ' T. f fe . , M 1. sl- -5 .,,ew,. L ,M V fr., Q-, I ff'iii1Qgg.ffsiin5 31 ' 'S A ' ' yiffqss, '2zvi.efi,1:Qi ggfgigfggz, I nj: . ,gfg5,11y:,,Q.1,,,.5, , ,- . , 1 fzzgfg V Y , wwf ,Mx f - V - . 4, ,. -- M1 Z, I S ?fli7f33 ' I 55f: lf:': J Pfffffi I A er ' ' ,- Q f 521 , H rg' , , A 'T , ,.,. Q W M ' ' H s' A - ' ,Lg'fzdwiliggvr 1- .M r ,-fs H A wr., ge ' ., r h'i2E W , 1 ' . tive HUBERT FREDERICKSEN if . Y' I J Q 1 , M, :.. .. . , .. LW -,S , - 'E u - 7- ,,,..,f2z1s.1w. ,Ag-g..fz: ,fake 'arg-,, -M,-A 1 K I K in Wiibiiii.'314Y7ff?45'5' ' GSW , is ,sm - ' f g ' I 1 lb- I I ,Qi .. Ifnlfxz' . I5 551821 1 I ' g , I ' 'ff I V I ' .HPI Il ' . SCHOOL COOKS Clark, Mrs. Swanson, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Benna sig? I BUS DRIVERS Elmer Strom Harold Slglin gi -ri Warren Jimmerson Duane Nelson Harold Gould Elmer Svendsen SPONSORED BY FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK y fa M153 as V 2 l 4 1 A .QQQV I CUSTODIAN Mun allelfnm SCHOOL NURSE NEI-5 BERNDT Mrs. Schreiber, Lorna Hitchcock SCHOOL BOY PATROL Ronnie Bob Merlin Ryherd Steve Peterson Patterson fLieutenant5 McDonald fCaptain5 Dick Krenzien Wendell Brandt SPONSORED BY FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK ,x F-'i' ,,, ' 2 X V X. 1 6 X GAA Front Row: Emma Jean Rasmusson, Deanne Johnson, Diane Schuler, Lucinda Robbins, Sharon Patterson, Doris Johnson, Pax, Wittgow iSecretaryJ, Karen Stille fPresidentr, Betty Moser mvice-Presidentp, Sherrill Peter- son iTreasurerJ, Linda Enderson, Sandra Braley, Lorna Hitchcock, Laurel Mordick, Janet Carpenter, Judy Johnston. Second Row: Elmerna Koth, Faye Huseman, Judy Brown, Kathleen Radke, Martha Becker, Sharon Lichtenberg, Judy Peterson, Jane Dreier, Jackie Gustafson, Marlene Murphy, Ivlrs. Sawin qtiponsorl, Deanna Brech- wald, Kathryn Sievert, Myrna Murphy, Joyce Brandt, Lorene Peterson, Mary Ann Hinklecley, Joan Jarvis, Carol Radke, Nyla King. Third Row: Illene Johannsen, Barbara Hanson, Sara Ryherd, Jennie Ann Smith, Joan Anderson, Susan Man- gold, JoAnn Kent, Maesel Lietz, Ila Mae Hinkeldey, Faith Oberg, Ruth Lietz, Bonnee Lauridson,Connie Hadden, Jacque Otto, Dorothy Friedrich, Janice Huseman, Darlene Specketer, LaVerne Lichtenberg, Sandra Svendsen, Susan Norton, Lynette Mordick, Melva Hustedt, Susan Hetrick, Mary Helen McDonald. PEP CLUB Front Row: Lucinda Robbins, Joan Anderson, Karen Stille, Deanna Brechwald, JoAnn Kent. 58001141 Row: Janet Carpenter, Deanna Johnson, Sandra Braley, Betty Moser, Doris Johnson, Maesel Lietz, Susan Hetrick, Linda Enderson, Sharon Patterson, Lorna Hitchcock, Laurel Mordick, Judy Johnson. Third Row: Sandra Svendsen, Dorothy Friedrich, Ilalvlae Hinkeldey, Janice Huseman, Connie Haclden, Sherrill Peterson, Emma Jean Rasmusson, Bonnee Laurldson, Jacque Otto, Faith Oberg, Ruth Lietz, Susan Man- gold, Susan Norton. Fourth Row: Jackie Gustafson, Melva Hustedt, Illene Johannsen, Barbara Hanson, Sara Rynerd, Jennie Ann Smith, Darlene Specketer, Lynette Mordick, Pat Wittgow, Mary Helen McDonald, Marlene Murphy, Kathryn Sievert. Fifth Row: Nyla King, Carol Radke, Joan Jarvis, Lorene Peterson, Joyce Brandt, Myrna Murphy, Jane Dreier, Judy Peterson, Sharon Lichlenberg, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Juuy Brown, Faye Huseman, Elmerna Korn. 32 SPONSORED av .uMMERsoN D-x AND WAR JOHNSON, Tank Service 24151532 - Mm,-eg - -fmf-, -wfwg, ,Alu wif SQQYQ 1,95 1 -zz-4 we Q72 , . .V 5,553iQa!i'L . 713,-pw, ' f 159353 u ',i'5.1:s:55wa-N1:-wwwWww f-,.-W ,. A. ffwQ.ifa,f-W vw f,g,',l.,.,,. . ,, . X., A X, , ,, wifi! 1 -- f - .. .- ygwfmfe, :ew I A W - M' Q-A 7- 1 J .xM...gWm:f4f ' Z SOPHOMORE yy or ale. CLASS 0 ,Q ll llf ill x Front Row: Sara Ryherd, Jennie Smith, Dorothy Friedrich, Jacque Otto, Deanna Johnson, Jerry Sandine fVice- Presidentl, Roger Peterson 4Presidentb. Lynette Mordick tsecretary-Treasurery, Cindy Robbins, Janet Car- penter, Faith Oberg, Darlene Specketer, Pat Witt,-gow. Second Row: Mr. Strudthoff, Bob Klndwall, Jerry Mills, Garden Strom, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Sharon Llchtenberg, Kathryn Sievert, Jane Dreier, Joyce Brandt, Lorene Peterson, Judy Brown, Eddie Peterson, Dick Lund Mrs. Ncrton. Third Row: Arne Axelson, Dennis McGowan, Marlin Friedrich, David Hadden, Raymond Moser, Ralph Watts Charles Dahl, Paul Woodall, Dick Schmidt, Burton Johnson, Alverne Miller. SPONSORED BY ALTA OIL COMPANY - DR. R. A. SWANSON, DENTIST 41 ,.,.,,,,., T , 7 5 H M , I -,:f , X ,ia . it sp L.-.f 2- Q iiegsgg . If ., ' H if R ,fx f fQi'v 'Nw-if ,Inyif , lie! . Xa . 4. ll nm' EI Umm 'lame iw4sv..1'2-1- OFFICE Q- 0 Rmenmls 0' . v 4 Q T7 J JUNIOR CLASS Front Row: Myrna Murphy, Jacqueline Gustafson, Janice Huseman, Laurel Mordick, Betty Moser, Deanna Brechwald rVice-Presidentr, K9UH9th Watts 1PresidentJ, Roland Uarlson lSecretary-Treasurerp, Linda Enderson, Sandra Braley, Connie Hadden, Mary Helen McDonald, Marlene Murphy. Second Row: Terry Minard, Kenneth Pagel, Howard Lietz, B111 Swanson, Larry Williams, Norman Larson, Galen Hinkeldey, Judy Peterson, Carol Radke, Elmerna Koth, Leland Molgaard, Larry Peterson, Herbert Johnson, Jerald Van Hooser. Third Row: Mr. Fuller, Dean Peters, Dennis Brechwald, Kennetn, Carter, Darryl Frantz, Rodney Patterson, Duane Jansen, David Van Buskirk, James Otto, Milo Kindwall. Leon Johannsen, Miss Watson. f 1 6 r Refogr 9' CAM V A sf v ' C SPONSORED BY SIGLIN TEXACO STATION - RUPPEL'S BARBER SHOP mi, 'Q ,1 L- ll' iff .zlwauis ,mi NYJ.. FRESHMAN CLASS .L Z' l 1 An' Q2 eh' .X 1 h I Front Row: Ruth Lletz, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Judy Johnston, Sharon Patterson, Robert Hinkeldey Wice- Presidenty, David Ford fPresidentJ, Marlin Cone fSecretary-Treasurerl, Doris Johnson, Dianne Schuler, Sherrill Peterson, Bonnee Lauridson. Second Row: Mrs. Sawln, Gary Walton, Merle Larson, Jon Stllle, Martha Becker, Sandra Svendsen, Ila Mae Hinkeldey, Susan Mangold, Laverne Lichtenberg,Susan Norton, Kathleen Radke, Keith Smit, Jerry Otto, Miss Anderson. Third Row: Larry Lichtenberg, Wendell Carlson, Dennis Radke, Ronald Hoops, Martin Gllenke, Lowell Harms, Paul Turnquist, Clem LeDoux, Donald Peterson, Ordell Kindwall. SPONSORED BY DRS. BURGER AND BURGER, VETERINARIANS - BRIARDALE STORE mmf,- - - .em sl ., 4. ,T sw-ge A .wtf ' K , -4 Lf.: Qif fk?3i'75f' P A149 A S swiss? 816016441644 'Yi' A ..,,,,ux,.m. ,, U -w 1. ,L 2? fm, ' I .. f'g1gA:f' A ., :i295,:.. Q , .5f5?5'fif1- ,z E'v5Af'f-- ? f f -g,--gN?m,W ,.m,M,,. , -.W - mi2f,4?w5 lf'i'1f?ifWf i1.'5K14?fYli'- f??f2?g??:a f!ii?'::?f- 'flfffk' 'Sf f . f,,,fW,-:Q fvy, :wi-.,g: k 1f-- K, - V , A k H . ,Han ki A ' W --:fb 1321, ia, ff?s1?:'.,.: ,,,,.,f1m,,. -A ':-Yiefwiw fa ,PK X K -I ,glwgy 1.,migiAL,, L- ,,,35, , as :K , . 2 J , ..,, , Front Row: Leanna Koth, Sally Weiland, Gloria Remillard, Ruth West, Carol Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, David Anderson, President, Ann Ford, Vice-President, Virginia Fredericks, Doris Johnson, Connie Lichtenberg. Second Row: Mrs. Waldo, Larry Frantz, Jerry Buckendahl, Janet Swanson, Karen Ankerson, Donna Becker, Darrell Banta, Clayton Porter, Mr. Greene. Third Row: Ralph Hogencamp, Bob Meredith, Dennis Otto, Kenneth Quirk, Vernon Hoops, Larry Radke, Norman Peterson, Tom Kristensen. fi? 2 J Pa A lr: VV wh 'N fa-Q.. if or,,,, . 'A', xx z I ..,, , ,gf-ld, ,fl Front Row: Carole Walton, Patty Pollard, Francis Dahl, Carolyn Larson, Harry Melander, Vice-Presidentg Ronald Patterson, President, Sharon Huseman, Secretary-Treasurer: Judy Ericksen, Carol Mills, Linda Cone, Mary Huseman. Second Row: Mr Greene, Ronald Preston. Nancy Kindwall, Mary Matsen, Diane Holtz, Carolyn Stille, Daphne Holmes, Janet Peterson, Alice Noble, Karen Lietz, Carmen Nikoley, Mrs. Waldo. Third Row: Eugene Peterson, David Peterson, Dick Krenzien, Bob McDonald, Merlin Ryherd, Wendell Brandt, Melvin Molgaard, Tom Grigg, Steve Peterson, Billy Huseman, Garlan McGowan. w1ll s1fF .atllw'fe1f'ivd'11 avr'sQaw?'v7'i'V'-P'-'far' im . . W' or rx , :fr ' 'Lf ' SPONSORED BY BUNTROCK AND SALIE Storm Lake Row: Karen McGowan, JoAnn Warren Eleanor Remillard, Margaret Turnquist, Sharlerle Endersorl, Llzabeth Peters, Judy Jones. Row: David Johnson, Janet Peterson, Margaret Sandlne, Jolene Huseman, Sharon Williams, Gary Sundberg, Miss Vial. Row: John Soderquist, Douglas Patten, Laurel Llchtenberg, Barlow, Daniel Oberg, Stanley Fredericks, Roger Anderson. SIXTH GRADE SPONSORED av KINGANS - storm Lake MISS HEUERMANN 39 hnsggl FIFTH GRADE Front Row Louise Murray, Vicky Hansen, Tonda Overton, Beverly Lietz, Helene Dahl Janet Porter, Ann LeDoux, Julie Grigg, Judy Coombs. Second Row Nathan Peterson, Kathy Hallengren, Mary Carter, Marilyn Murphy, Bonnie Ford Ruth Peterson, Lani Siglin, Bonita Jchnson, Linda Larson, John Nordstrom Third Row Dean Brechwald, Jack Herron, Ronnie Peterson, Tom Johnston, Gary Gall Willard West, Philip Anderson, Alan Brandt, Gary Belcher, Eldon Poller, Miss Rush FOURTH GRADE Goettsch, Sharon Staley, Sally Peterson, Diane Nielsen, Marilyn Benna, Sharon Bell, Mary Radke, Judy Lundberg, Judy Anderson. Sassman, Donald Holmes, Clayton Conard, Wayne Halverson, Tom Coombs, Dennis Molgaard, Colleen Samuelson, Linda Schuelke, Poller, Jimmy Turnquist, Larry Hansen, David Anderson, Daniel Carpenter Robert Williams, Billy Matzdorff, Tom Huseman. Absent Susan Grleme. liillxl. 1lS Miss sEwALsoN TH'RD GRADE Front Row: Janis Mieras, Peggy McDermott, Phil Belcher, Luke Kjolhede, Donnie Ryherd, Karen Andersen. Donna Castle. Second Row: Lind Swanson, Sandra Strudthoff, Miss Sewalson. a Siebels, Jan Herron, Susan Holtz, Laurine Peterson, Lorraine Third Row: Ronnie Anderson, Richard Langner, Dennis Gustafson, Orin Huseman, Jimmy Sassman. at THIRD GRADE Front Row: Larry Pollard, Norma Buckingham, Danny Hansen, Lois Sutton, Scotty Schuler. Second Row: Richard Anderson, Douglas Lee, Dennis Sassman, David Strom, Douglas Krenzien, John Middents. MRS. RASMUSSEN Third Row: Addie Aldersen, Janet Hutton, Linda Barlow, Laura Holstein, Louise E 'k - rx sen, Mrs. Rasmussen. Absent. Shirley Hoops. 4 i :sI swuzuz 2 qsw,,w',q,,1, arena. .ramen anemia ,W mn.. ,maui - 1 i SECOND GRADE J X -,xv. Front Row: Linda Delbridge, Karen Melander, Ricky .Radke, Chuck Staley, Larry m McCullough, Burdette Watts, Mickey Laffin, Jackie Castle, Dlane Molgaard. W M Row: Eddie Buckendahl, Brian Peterson, Douglas Patton, Ronald Steffes, K 6 K Randy Brickson, Diane Sundberg, Terry Walsh, Ranae Overton, Susan Schuelke, Cathy Turpin. MRS. HUSEMAN Row: Barbara Grieme. Leslie Gall, Mike Oatman, Larry Gustafson, Chris Holstein, Mike McDanel, Larry Jensen, Linda Hartman, Linda Lee, B a Q 5 vu. 1 SPONSORED BY ALTA COOPERATIVE CREAMERY Front Row: Larry Warner, Timothy Stille, Thomas Waldo, Lanny Anderson, Steven McCullough, Steven Sassman, Steven Jimmerson, Ricky Parker. Seecond Row: Patty Bell, Diane Gould, Linda Falck, Joelle Sinns, Karen Peterson, MRS' Jean Grienke, Linda Meyer, Darlyn Leonard, Mary McDermott. Third Row: Chris Olsen, Douglas Svendsen, Curtis Hammond, James Norlin, Dennis ' ' ' Jarvis. Brisbois, Raymond Huff, Ordell Weiland, Dwam Holmes, Mrs. - ivfb W ls., ri: a , .3 ,ite-2,-if Q Front Row Christine Conard Nancy Sassman Susan Strudthoff, Carolyn Warner Ida Sievert Gall Huseman Cynthia Carpenter. Second Row Sharon Blaske Bobby Wittgow Randy Richman Lonnie Lullman, Peter Nielsen Bobby Jensen Candy Kgolhede Donna Erickson, MISS Bailey MISS BAILEY Third Row Larry Steffes Keith Pierson Brian Walsh Danny Hallengren, Front Row: Elaine Whitinger, Mary Ella Johnson, Kathy Magnuson, Gloria Knoben, Glenda Walsh, Mary Ann Olsen, Linda Clough, Jayne Buckingham. Second Row: Limda Holstein, Cindy Schuler, Trudy Greene, Debra Hansen, Judv Husernan, Phyllis Swanson, Jayne Launderville, Sandra Banta, Ranae Poller, Mrs. Bappe. Third Row: Lonnie Sassman, Bill Dahl, Douglas Mortensen, Bill Erickson, David Sins, Bob Kristensen, Douglas Hansen, Anthony Stllle. Absent: Margaret Nordstrom. FIRST GRADE SPONSORED BY ALTA COOPERATIVE CREAMERY 43 KINDERGARTEN CLASSES . Front Row: Ella Grienke, Gayle Barr, Susan Wentworth, Jean Strudthoff, Claudina Grienke, Anne Marie Han- sen, Diane Florke. Second Row: Michael Binder, Daniel Stieneke, Hugh Holmes, Janice Mol- gaard, Cathleen Brickson, Deborah Kennedy, Steven Johannesen, Robert Becker, Mrs, Fairchild. Third Row: Bobby Hogencamp, Robert Anderson, K9HH9th Ryherd, David Boettsher, Bruce Hallengren, Daniel Peterson, Charles Knoben. 11 , ,,, A.X.., 3 Wifi 1Q4ffes..f:.2 1' 4555 fiixftf -.V ...?z.A.,, -f i5kgSfffx5?gE .J T555 'gs Am . ,fmsmfiiifis ' f 2415 7:1 - 1155, M .L H, ,Y ffaii. M, .,A. . , Msfixm-335-' 1: Qgwmgz- ,nfl-W,-2, A,,gggfQfg13f Ky .JESEYQ 'Lifes ' ...Wy H, M M, . ,gem Mas' Lu, 44442: 51 .mm 152, ,- ffsgggfaggzfsft z'if?:5TZ5Q?9e5?iV A i,,?5S7'i?1liH?-Hczatif5FQ?.5Nf21ffffkiffr-fwfw wmv A ,M-ff.M W , , K, M, 5 ,W M Q . , '- ,L 'f W' if,'fEiE-V' .mg Qi? ' ' W5ffJQ25l?i::5'25s E 7 L if:f577'2,2:'2'.1 If 4, 511532125923-f iv,Tiki'f1!Ef:f'55'S-'QW f'k,EP5ffV ,'f5i,'ffZ5i2.v ' I xfEi?5,f::,f:: --U Lf K5-VL :.:V5i,f' 1v'j3'1XZfv: J' 1- 'P-gggggk5.,f.,ngzggiW:--g55Egg,5,x,.3U :i,kJ5?5.f5,b5ija,ig ,fly Manga: i?5L5,,5:Lg,lV 1 555395133,..:J5mf,25,,5:VL.L. Vkgximfykyx,,hligw,5??,5 -yyibi 5:35 ? WMM V-W K - , MA- -7 'SwvLmxfwwere?wffvwiikqifiess-1122-'fiiysafzilfgg:Mig1,15-'f'iiff2w1595iiJ-,gfwwA':tf:SQ,Sv5 22g1MNH-s1wagiriifi,1. -1 wg-flsvfaywzef-giia,fy,myiam'f-ayxeqn--',1-2::5x2f4aAgw.,,1-vfggsim-:wx--sgiiiiffweiiifiwf:30ifrs4:,zAfg,f.,affa-'-fwggsxfi ' . ,, A , Q 'HM , M, , M. .,,,, ,, M ,X , bf, Hmm BOYS' QUARTET Dean Peters Richard Lund Howard Lletz Bill McDonald BOYS' QUARTET Larry Peterson Dennis Brechwald Darryl Frantz Dennis Radke MIXED QUARTET Darryl Frantz Kathryn Sievert Lynette Mordlclc Richard Lund BRASS QUARTET Don Swanson Carol Johnson Dennis Peterson Roland Carlson SPONSORED BY QUAKER OATS CO. GIRLS' SEXTET Maesel Lletz JoAnn Kent Laurel M01-dick Sandra Braley Jennie Ann Smith Mary Ann Hinkeldey BOYS' Dousus QUARTET Dennis Radke Richard Lund Dean Peters Jerry Mills Robert Kindwall Gaylen Hinkeldey Howard Lietz Marlin Cone BOYS' DOUBLE QUARTET Dennis Radke Ronald Carpenter Martin Glienke Ronald Kjolhede Ray Grienke David Van Busklrk Ronald Murphy Jon Stille SPONSORED BY FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK GIRLS' SEXTET Sandra, Svendsen Emma, Jean Rasmussen Bonnee Lauridsen Dianne Schuler Judy Johnston Sherrill Peterson arf ,Q V Ai A - 'A AW . . , VK -Tiff, -gf -as 3 , . une,-,u f ,. ,, Q 1 ,- 5 ja 5- -L H ,Jw frm'-ef' L 1 ve , fswref ' fx '- Wvfvlf' War q : . 'Mi' .- f ' . ' , K 1 L ,f .41 Vzigxa ' 11f'2-WEL A 9.1 -1' -Q: Y V 2 'f?M1g1,,,,Al ifwgf THF ffm' A 55,1 51135535 5 1 , -' hi-fi 'Tran f . ,,3 '5i, , ay ,TR ff , o l 1 'E4Qwfg, s 1 v i ' Y A Faszw. , m fg , ,Gif . , IL , 1 JSC-' , H 51 fz1feV'A7W 3 f 17' ' f f W.. , ,img .wi ' 'Z a 3 ,F . 5 ,31 sw. .A .T 5 1 W, ,, ,T 2 '., , , . :, s M 4 PM yo 'ff 'h f K X 'I ffl' . 4 1' '51 - f A J -A A , ,, ,L I Q, 5s . p z ,V .4 X 1 L,,, .,,,,f,,, , , ., amgsf -Q, ,. W A.-, , W, 2 f -f . . . J f , si'-1 'Y '--WMA-'W ,, g og . T. ., .,,.., . A-wx ,f. ,, f-ww,wfwsw L A V- fav : V , ,, ggi? ,. z,, ,tags , 92. 7 ff, ,H ,wg K K if K A ,,,. is ' I M--wi. . .L I . I --- 5 A - , jjg g V ,,,. Vo '-rox V ,. :f'u1i'?z ' A w , Q f. 4- k'. f Q, nf- w:. .f'. l7 ,sos ,' .aifzgs gf f , -M - if 1 F H - 'Sf Er . 5, L f .,f1u-: Q QL ggi '2 1 ff EQ, A W' - ogg- -1524 , Y ' ' s-42 'inn-M ' ' H- nj 5.-11 E' P? ' - f'-gg ig, ' 32 , 35255215-' ' ' , K f o x fisgv i K - ' 4 f -- -ff A --ff- - - A--' . 'S , ' ' V' ff ' - ' f T Q f ' ,. . MARCHING BAND TWIRLERS AND FLAG SWINGERS Lorn a Hitchcock, Maesel Lietz, Lucinda Robbins, Carol Radke Susan Henrick, Joan Anderson, Faye Huseman. BRASS SEXTET Don Swanson Carol Johnson Dennis Peterson Bill McDonald Darryl Frantz Roland Carlson 48 SPONSORED BY COLE MOTORS - MELCHER FU Storm Lake Storm Lake RNITURE AND GIFT SHOP TRIPLE TRIO Sandra Braley Dorothy Friedrich Susan Hetrick Kathryn Sievert Barbara Hanson Joan Jarvis Faith Oberg Connie Hadden Dianne Schuler TRIPLE TRIO Sharon Patterson Emma Jean Rasmussen Sandra Svendsen Bonnee Lauridsen Doris Johnson Susan Mangold Martha Becker Susan Norton Judy Johnston CLARINET QUARTET Susan Norton, Karen Stille Deanna Brechwald, Bonnee Lauridsen JUNIOR BAND Front Row: Jean Mangold, Karen Lietz, Karen Ankerson, Alice Noble, Sally Carpenter Second Row: Lisabeth Peters, Nathan Peterson, Carole Walton, Ronald Patterson, Jim McKay, Larry Frantz, Dianne Holtz, Patty Pollard, David Warren, Marcia, Hutton, Ronald Preston, Douglas Patten, Ralph Hogencamp Third Row: Carolyn Stille, Janet Porter, Tom Wall, Linda Cone, Mary Huseman, Jo Ann Warren, Michael Stille, Marion Anderson, David Peterson, Roger Anderson, Janet Peterson, Eugene Peterson. SPONSORED BY L. J. PETERSON, Jeweler CONCERT ont Row Karen Stllle Deanna B avid Van Busklrk, Martha Becker, Kenneth Pagel Third Row Sharon Lxchtenberg Fazth Oberg Judy Johnston Sandra Braley Jacqueline Otto, Don Swanson Carol Johnson Marian Friedrlch Donald Peterson Doris Johnson Douglas Patten. Fourth Row B b SAX QUARTET Kenneth Pagel Dennis Brechwald Emma Jean Rasmussen Jim McKay BRASS QUINTET Don Swansvn Carol Johnson Dennis Peterson Darryl Frantz Roland Carlson BAND Front Row: Susan Norton, Alice Noble, Joan Jarvis. Second Row: Emma Jean Rasmussen, Marlene Murphy, Connie Hadden J1m McKay Larry Frantz Dennis Brechwald Third Row: Dennis Radke, Ralph Hogencamp, Alvern Miller, Darryl Frantz Robert Kmdwall Janet Peterson EL gene Peterson, Roger Anderson, Gary Walton, Roland Carlson, Dean Peters Fourth Row: Mr. Schive 1DirectorJ, Jerry Otto, Bill McDonald CLARINET TRIO Susan Norton, Karen Stille, Deanna Brechwald. SPONSORED BY E. J. EDWARDS, HARDWARE OLSENS WELDING AND MACHINE SHOP GIRLS' QUARTET Kathryn Sievert, Laurel Mordick, Lucinda Robbins, Lynette Mordick SPONSORED BY MID-BELL MUSIC - Storm Lake Mlxsn QuAn'rE'r Larrv Peterson, Carol Radke, Deanna Brechwald, Dennis Brechwald Front Row: Faith Oberg, Ruth Lietz, Bonnee Lauridsen, Emma Jenn Rasmussen, Dianne Schuler, Jacqueline Otto, Judy Johnston, Doris Johnson. Second Row: Miss Anderson 1DirectorD. Ila Mae Hinkeldey, Deanna Johnson, Myrna Murphy, Carol Radke, Deanna Brech- Wald, Janet Carpenter, Sharon Patterson, Sherrill Peterson. Third Row: Judy Brown, Marlene Murphy, Lynette Mordick, Sandra Svendesn, Lucinda Robbins, Jennie Ann Smith, Susan Mangold. Susan Norton Fourth Row: Kathleen Radke, Joan Jarvis, Barbara Hanson, LaVerne Lichtenberg, Sharon Lichtenberg, Martha Becker, Jacqueline Gustafson, Judy Peterson GIRLS GLEE CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB Front Row: Sherrill Peterson mccompunistl, Lowell Harms, Larry Llchtenberg, Darryl Frantz, Donald Peterson, Dennis Radke, Martin Glienke. Second Row: Dennis Brechwald, Gaylen Hinkeldey, Jon Stllle. David Van Buskirk, Robert Hinkeldey, Keith Smit, Gary Walton, Miss Anderson fDirectorJ. Third Row: Roland Carlson, Jerry Mills, Leon Johannsen, Marlin Cone, Dean Peters, Richard Lund, Larry Peterson. Fourth Row: Bob Kindwall, Ronald Carpenter, Ronald Murphy, Howard Lletz, Ronald Kjolhede, Ray Grienke, Bill McDonald. GIRLS' QUARTET MIXED QUARTET D 53 sPoNsonED sv MO0SE'S PLACE l TRUMPET QUARTET Donald Peterson Marlin Friedrich Carol Johnson Don Swanson 5 lll'f 1 ' TROMBONE QUARTET Roland Carlson Gary Walton Dean Peters Roger Anderson S MIXED Front Row: Laurel Mordick, Lucinda Robbins, Jennie Ann Smith, Sandra Svendsen, Linda Enderson, Connie Hadden, Deanna Johnson, Ruth Lietz, La Verne Lichtenberg. Sharon Patterson, Betty Moser, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Sara Ryherd, Dianne Schuler, Sandra Braley. Second Row: Marlene Murphy, Faith Oberg, Darlene Speketer, Illa Mae Hinkeldey, Janice Huseman, Melva Hustedt, Elmerna Koth, Susan Mangold, Deanna Brechwald, Judy Brown, Joyce Brandt, Kathy Radke, Dennis Radke, Martin Glienke. Third Row: Karen Stille, Barbara Hanson, Nyla King, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Joan Jarvis, Martha Becker, Sharon Lichtenberg, Pat Wittgow, Lynette Mordlck, Janet Carpenter, Dean Peters, Larry Peterson, Donald Peterson, Jerry Mills, Jon Stille, Clem LeDoux. 54 SFTONSOITED BY C. H. DAHL G SONS, BLACKSMITHS - MELANDER'S GAMBLE STORE e, ooy, mJt,g q ramen- in nn... ,, , DOUBLE MIXED QUARTET Laurel Mordlck Darryl Frantz Maesel Lletz Howard Lletz l Lynette Mordlck I Richard Lund i Lucinda, Robbins Dennis Radke Front Row: Myrna Murphy, Judy Peterson, JoAnn Kent, Illene Johannsen, Joan Anderson, Maesel Lletz, Lorna Hitchcock, Jacqueline Otto, Susan Norton, Sherrill Peterson, Judy Johnston, Bonnee Lauridson, Doris Johnston. Second Row: Richard Lund, Lowell Harms, Wendell Carlson, Gary Walton, David Van Buskirk, Darryl Frantz, Gaylen Hinkeldey, Larry Lichtenbefg, -721119 Dreier, Kathryn Sievert, Lorene Peterson, Dorothy Friedrich, Susan Hetrick. Third Row: Alvern Miller, Merle Larson, Marlin Cone, Ronald Murphy, De ' Pagel, Ray Grienke. Roland Carlson, Howard Lletz McDonald, Carol Radke, Jacpueli nms Brechwald, Leon, Johannsen, Kenneth , Robert Kindwall, Ronald Kjolhede, Ronald Carpenter, Bill ne Gustafson, Mary Helen McDonald, Miss Anderson fDirectorJ. lime -AR'1!!:.m'f2PN,,.....,m5'.wf ,ml ,.... ,, w n,, el' N all DOUBLE MIXED QUARTET Kathryn Slevert Dennis Brechwald Karen Stllle Larry Peterson Carol Radke Bill McDonald Deanna Brechwald Dean Peters 55 MUSIC ACTIVITIES The snappy Alta Marching Band under the baton of Majorette Carol Radke gave many enjoy- able performances and did many formations for the spectators during half time at all the home football games. On October 14, the Marching Band lead the homecoming parade and played during the rally downtown. They also performed at the Buena Vista Homecoming parade in Storm Lake on October 8. State Marching Band Contest was held at Storm Lake on October 15 with Alta Marching Band taking part. They received a Division II rat- ing. Concert Band and Mixed Chorus then began preparations for the annual Christmas program, which was given on December 14. It was Christ- mas In White. Various ensembles presented some enjoyable numbers also. Spectators enjoyed the playing of the Pep Band at the home basketball games. Three members of our band with Mr. Schive journeyed to Sioux City and played in a 270 piece 1 band at George Allee Gymnasium on February 4. GIRLS TRIU Tri-School Music Festival was held in Alta this Kathryn Sievert, Lneinda Robbins, Lynette Merdiek year. The Concert Bands and Mixed Choruses of Aurelia, Albert City and Alta took part in the festival. Practice was held in the afternoon and at night a fine two hour concert under the directorship of Mr. Forbes of Sibley and MF- Bell of StO1'1'f1 Lake WHS given. State Music Contest for small groups and soloists was held at Paullina this year on April 6 and 7, Those who received first ratings in the instrumental division were: PIANO SOLO: Karen Stille. CHAMBER GROUP OF WOODWINDS: Karen Stille, Susan Norton, Robert Hartman. Second ratings were received by: Clarinet Quartet, Clarinet Trio CAD, Clarinet Trio CBJ, Piano Solo, Robert Hartman: Clarinet Solos, Karen Stille, Susan Norton, Trombone Quartet, Bass Clarinet Solo, Rob- ert Hartmanng Woodwind Trio. Those receiving III ratings were: Brass Quartet CAD, Brass Quartet CBJ, Saxophone Quartet, EUPh0HiL1m Baritone, Darryl Frantzg Trombone Solo, Gary Walton. In the vocal department division II ratings were received by: Treble Voice CLowl, Carol Radkei Treble Voice CMediuml, Jennie Ann Smithg Tenor Solos, Dean Peters, Richard Lund: Baritone Solos, Darryl Frantz, Gary Waltong Double Mixed Quartet CAJ, Double Mixed Quartet CBJ, Sextet, Boys' Double Quartet. Those receiving III ratings were: Girls' Sextet, Treble Voice CHighJ, Karen Stille, Deanna Brechwald, Sandra Svendseng Treble Voice CMediu'ml, Lynette Mordick, Marlene Murphyg Treble Voice CLowJ, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Faith Obergg Bass Solos, Ronald Murphy, Ray Grienke, Howard Lietzg Tenor Solos, Larry Pctersong Girls' Quartet, Mixed Quartet CAD, Mixed Quartet CBJ, Boys' Quartet CAD, Boys' Quartet CBJ. Concert Band. Mixed Chorus, small groups and soloists gave a Spring Concert on April 24. Concert Band, Mixed Chorus, Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs competed in the Contest May 5 at Mapleton. This con- cludes another year in which a great number of our students participated in our Music Departments. PEP BAND Front Row: Bonnee Lauridsen, Susan Norton, Don Swanson, Carol Johnson, Sharon Lichtenberg, Joan Jarvis, Second Row: Herbert Johnson, Leland Molgaard, Marlin Friedrich, Doris Johnson, Dennis Radke, Kenneth Pagel, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Dennis Brechwald, Third Row: Judy Johnston, Sandra Braley, Jacqueline Otto, Barbara Hanson, Jane Dreier, Lorene Peterson, Kathryn Sievert, Mr. Schive qDirectorl, Bill McDonald, Darryl Frantz, Robert Kindwall, Gary Walton, Roland Carlson, Dean Peters. 56 SPONSORED BY WISCONSIN LUMBER COMPANY -. 1 1 f:.3af3f-:fEff?V : f , , 1 1 tw- . . Z . is V R, g.v52ifZitfgu--Qgfftg I ,, ,. A, gk, ,K ... H -o, , sl., ,A .W , m ay lffotlggi - , 1 ' - N ew 4- L: , N . - ,, .M . - 'L Z Us weve .. nh, 1, A .- fme., . ' gfg,g:.e,2fZL4-,gl 7 .. if QWHfsVi5i?'fifLi51fi3EEfii'?S?E ' l f?'Ffii?il f' Q. J' .. ' 1 + Q , .5 tWgs:i'1fv:+?'?5H '?fMie2Lfq. of,fzf f . . 'ff 1 f , ' . 5:1 3 m,,.,.wf5f?w xft.-pfsi . fr . -e , ,Q,,.3to',,i .fig 4835254 we Y - 1 I , ' -, , 5 1 gl., ,, -1 .:-3 ' il., H 'a feQ,jM Q4 vffggwg , ,ff we 1,,k1Qrggf.f .. fi ,Q,,w'ja Ang, - A I we . . ,,.,. JMQQT. - em ,925 -rw tr ff. ':- v. - --Zwx:m1fsis,gf:-P' :. .- - iw Z s 4 to 3, 2 we 1 of 1 ff, K Wagga 1:43125-, 1 .egg t p l N -of f S f , - -'-f 1 QLKKIEFEMSSAQEQQE. 1.5, it t ,. M ff-5, J- is A .- ,Q - w Jim - Us ' . v ' , L f. , as My mu:-1. t Q. A - izriiwr f t ' ,- t,e.g't,a,.,:t, . ff-a g uw , N U I -- :age Q 1 ' .rf :I-ji:-1 A fa ' 'A fi, If V LARRY ZWENKE Senior End, Weight 145, height 6' l . First year letter Winner. Good blocking end, Rough operator. JERRY SANDINE Sophomore Tackle. Weight 200, height 6' 3 . First year DUANE JANSEN Junior Guard. Weight 135, height 5' 6 . First year letter winner. Good defen- sively, dependable, steady, LARRY PETERSON Junior Center. Weight 150, height 5' 10 , First year letter winner. Good compet- tor, needs experience. FOOTBALL ALTA 13 ALTA 0 ALTA 6 ALTA 6 ALTA 0 ALTA 21 ALTA 6 ALTA 20 I. . Q , 1 , e ,f,,z1.Q lg-I 1. . 3 is 1 ' ' K ,... , , Q, j ef . tif ,ew gt ,asf fare. . ,P ,, .1 ..--,,,. we its fs - t . as . T ' 4, '57,-'gl we ' ew Z ' .4 r'Y5If:i:'H.'-51. 43 -Y' 3 H 'K .,,:i., 1 ,L X15 v.,?ff1j5?i,gq,,,sE,,ggg52g5 wp, I ,,. .frwUv.1 w -. -- .tg 7w5.S NW ft , Sigel, . .. f,i.w,ts. ,, .ze Z f I-F-f W ,M ' 9 ., rf CO-CAPTAIN CHUCK FORD Senior End. Weight 155 height 5' 11 . Third year letter wl sive end nner. Good defen- and pass receiver. All conferenc- first team. SCORES HOLSTEIN MILFORD 19 13 PAULLINA 7 PRIMGHAR 6 SANBORN 18 SUTHERLAND 6 CHomecomingl AURELIA I-IARTLEY 27 13 letter winner- Experience SPONSORED BY SWANSON'S DAIRY will come. Two years left. Watch him. rfrfeemwf f!i 'df firmer f.xv9?Z.-sw Kmufmxnlmsi RICH PETERSON Senior Tackle. Weight 200, height 6' 2 . First year letter winner. Size in his favor. Good defensive play- er, All conference honorable mention. DEAN PETERS Junior Guard. Weight 135, height 5' 7 . First year letter winner. Good hustler, light but rugged. MILO KINDWALL Junior Center. Weight 140, height 5' 'l . Changed from end to center well. Learned quick. Tough on defense. DARRYL FRANTZ Junior Tackle. Weight 185, height 5' S , Tough on de- fense, strong on hustle. Be on the look out for him next year. NORMAN LARSON Junior Guard. Weight 185, height 5' 9 . First year letter winner, Good hustler. Showed interest to learn. ' CO-CAPTAIN DON SWANSON Senior Fullback, Weight 165, height 5' 9 . 'I'hird year letter winner, Great on de- fense, powerful on offense. Team kicker. Honorable mention All conference. FOOTBALL SEASON The Cyclones started the season at home by losing a hard fought battle 19-13 to the Maple Valley Champs, Holstein. Alta's inexperience in the line was the determining factor. The Cyclones then started Sioux Valley Conference play with Milford. They were defeated after a hard fought game 13-O. They then played Paullina, who eventually won the con- ference title. The Cyclones used everything in their power to win, but finally fell in the last half 7-6. Alta started their three week homecoming series of two away and one at home. At Primghar the half time score was 6-0 in favor of Primghar, but a determined team took the field and tied the game 6-6. This was the final score. Alta, after spoiling one homecoming, journeyed to Sanborn with hopes of spoiling another one. The Cyclones lost 18-O. Our Homecoming proved to be successful by downing young, inexperienced Sutherland 21-6. Then the annual Alta-Aurelia battle proved to be a losing cause in a 27-6 defeat by a strong, fast Aurelia club. The Cyclones rebounded to defeat Hartley 20-13 in the final outing for the year. SPONSORED BY SWANSON'S DAIRY BILL MC DONALD Senior Halfback. Weight 150, height 6'. Second year letter winner. Overcome injury Jinx to have great year. Best up the mlddle. Second team All conference. GARY JOHNSON Senior Quarterback. Weight 185, height 5' 8 . Shows his heart is with the game. Was tough both on offense and defense. Key man to all plays. Good passer. First team All conference. ED PETERSON Sophomore Guard. Weight 210, height 5' 8 . Always filled in in the line where needed. JERRY MILLS Sophomore Halfback. Weight 145, height 5' 9 . Fastest back on the squad. Filled in where needed. Showed fine spirit. DEN PETERSON Senior Halfback.. Weight 135, height 5' 7 . Second year letter winner. Fleetfooted, a good hardhitting defensive halfback. AWS-s1sffswec4:aaaas'H s1..,l.f-we-.1 , , ,, 33 ral. Front Row: Lowell Harms, Clem LeDoux, Donald Peterson, David VanBuskirk, Keith Smit, Merle Larson, Gorden Strom, Robert Hinkeldey, Gary Walton, Larry Lichtenberg. Jon Stille, Dennis Radke Second Row: Don Swanson, Milo Kindwall, Dennis Brechwald, Dean Peters, Duane Jansen, Paul Turnquist, Darryl Frantz, Dennis Peterson, Gary Johnson, Marlin Cone, Roger Peterson, Lyle Sandine fManagerl Third Row: Kenneth Carter lManagerl, Stan Strudthoff 1Assistant Coachl, David Ford, Jerry Mills, Charles Ford, Bill McDonald, Larry Zwemke, Jerry Sandine, Richard Peterson, Larry' Peterson, Norman Larson, Ed Peterson, Art Sutton lCoachr SPONSORED BY BRASS RAIL - INMAN'S ELECTRIC SUPPLY Storm Lake , ,41 - 60 mxwflmaf fi'.f1fa4a:'e:aeen-ree-www'areuffw-iIif5:f.:, 4 . I 1 Q, F215 :K , 5 A ,yd .- ,,WQf5ge,'.wW' 4 1 ,.., , A Ji wgggz-Qi N , f ,,,3, 1 x i i A gt-V K . MW X Y ,W I A L egg My 1 , ve I 5 t if 9 , . , - 4 ' I . -. '. , 1 - ,W , I L. I 1. 322 5f?'?: ' 22-sz . ' t1n5 Pa'f I ' i ' P T I f A -. 5 i. l7' 1:ff!f1 47ffV ' ' ha i: 525 3 l 2 fe? 2- In PM t 2 'Ji I ,eff , 'Q g y Atty : , ' tv - 3- xr V. .fr 1 i t w . fm-mmf H I ' ' li, I -ff: ,W-'M K 'Q , 1 U Y '- KING BILL McDONALD ESCORTS QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Sherrill Peterson, Freshman Attendant Lynette Mordick, Sophomore Attendant Linda Enderson, Junior Attendant Karen Stille, Queen Joan Anderson, Senior Attendant r I . -., . I 1 V, to I an . . I ' 'f u i f f.-' - W : L ...L:,. , , '. HW I f 1 qgtggrn wi vkrk sl-4' 'I V 5 oot' ,--'W JUNIOR FLOAT Brush 'Em Off SECOND PLACE sPoNsoREo BY JONES FUNERAL Home ,f W ALTA HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND LEADING THE PARADE SENIOR FLOAT ll I ll Let s Play the Last One for Mother FIRST PLACE ,aa AMAA . , HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES The Homecoming activities of this year were a huge success. Homecoming started off Thursday evening at 7:00 as the student body gathered for a snake dance beginning at the school house, progressing through the business dis- trict, and ending at the football field where pep talks were given by Coach Sutton and Queen Karen Stille. Following the tradition, King Bill McDonald burned the dummy representing Sutherland, our opponent. The following afternoon, a parade was sponsored in which four floats were entered. Placement went as follows: Seniors - first, Juniors - second, Freshmen - third, and Sophomores - fourth. During the half of the game, Karen Stille was crowned Homecoming Queen of 1955 by King Bill McDonald. At- tending Miss Stille were Joan Anderson, Senior Attendantg Linda Enderson, Junior Attendant, Lynette Mordick, Soph- omore Attendant, and Sherrill Peterson, Freshman At- tendant. Following the game, a Homecoming Dance was held in the school gym sponsored by the Seniors. Music was furnished by Tiny Rice. Refreshments were served at the close of the evening by the Senior Class. SPONSORED BY THE PETERSON COMPANY HOMECOMING KING BILL MC DONALD ' ' we . Mfwfmwl:- 224211me:i23?1ff1wffzsssrL.1Pffrw:x,l2aYai4Bfief-imiaim z. HOMECOMING QUEEN KAREN STILLE HOMECOMING GAME Alta's young Cyclones scored three times against list- less Sutherland and then coasted home to a 21-6 victory over the Tigers in the annual Homecoming battle. Senior Bill McDonald, taking over at quarterback for the first time in his career, hurled two touchdown passes and scored once himself. Jerry Mills headed the early drive. Larry Zwemke swiped a pass which set the Cyclones up for a touchdown. Don Swanson booted the extra point to put the Cyclones in front 7-0. Bill McDonald passed a long toss to Chuck Ford and the Senior hauled in six points. Don Swanson again kicked the point and Alta lead 14-0. Chuck Ford caught a beautiful pass from Bill McDonald for the locals' final points. Don Swanson made it a perfect night with his third conversion and a 21-0 Alta lead. Sutherland passes counted for the Tiger tally. Dean Peters was hurt in the third quarter. This vic- tory gave the locals a 5-4 mark for Homecoming games in the last nine years. SPONSORED BY THE PETERSON COMPANY A PEP RALLY DOWN TOWN KING, QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS King Bill McDonald, Queen Karen Stille Sherrill Peterson, Freshman Atte da t Joan Ander n S io Attendant Lynette Mordick, S ph more Atte d 1: Ltnda Enderson, Junior Attendant SPONSORED BY GALL'S STANDARD STATION 64 FRESHMAN FLOAT Time for Victory THIRD PLACE SOPHOMORE FLOAT Sink 'Em FOURTH PLACE ' 1 uLfff 'GY JOAN f-wig a . i ,gm WSL , ., ,,. Sw J3fJG'.,:. Es3- Y wiv. 'fkfgfuwyff ff? fe X veaaliw-s:fp,g:1X..fswamges my ,5 S ,A if wean Q 33,0 Q if fix ff 125+ MK yiyigm Wgwwj W 5 Vg ,M A 'X fu: ,gif ' ,aussie 'V' 5 mug? Wife, .Q ffm YQ J? 15 i 'WTF' fd, WN New xv fl A 1? fm wq iw? Jgfxia N as gi dimffvg Q uw J Qi? Qqik R g QF' A x wx. KAREN JO ANN Lucinda Robbins, Joan Anderson, Karen Stille, Deanna Brechwald, JoAnn Kent CINDY DEAN NA qhscamz SPONSORED BY ELLERBROEK'S - Storm Lake r--1xrew1t2222t'f,'wis12-'asmiLse3eafa.P:9m.azeazsf5sf1-iewrfsatfe BILL MCDONALD Senior Forward. Height 6' 2 . Second year letter win- ner. Leading scorer. Good driving forward. All confer- ence first team. RAY GRIENKE Senior Center, Height 6'. A second year letter winner. Good high-jumping rebound- er. CAPTAIN GARY JOHNSON Senior Guard. Height 5' B . Fourth vear letter winner. Good All-around man. All conference first team both junior and senior years. All state honorable mention. BASKETBALL SEASON Alta's Cyclones started out a good season, Winning four times before being beaten. We ended with 20 wins and 4 losses. Th Cyclones also won the Conference ship this year. They were undefeated in play. This was the first conference crown the season Champion- conference since 1950. The team also won the County Championship. Alta has won the County Tournament the last two years. In the Sectional Tournament, the Cyclones beat Albert City in the first round and then los Lake 60-72. The starting line-up for the Cyclones Sandine at center, the forwards were Bill and Richard Peterson, and the guards were t to Storm was Jerry McDonald Don Swan- son and Gary Johnson. The four senior starters will be greatly missed next year. SPONSORED BY LAKESHORE CAFE - Storm Lake JERRY SANDINE Sophomore Center. Height 6' 3 . First year letter win- ner. Filled in center spot good. Needs experience but moves good for his size, RON CARPENTER Senior Forward. Height 5' ll . Liked game very much. Adept defensive player. LARRY ZWEMKE Senior Forward. Height 6' 2 . Second year letter win- ner. Good jump shot, Used height to great advantage. ow+efWf2wi5ezSKG?awsfss!z!1?fsme2aa:l All C0l1fEI'8l'lCe fi!'SC team. Alta 67 ...... Alta 59 ..,,.. Alta 58 ...... DON SWANSON RICHARD PETERSON Senior Guard. Height 5' 9 . Senior Forward. Height 6 1 Third ear letter inn Firs ear t r in y w er.A ty lete wnerA good passer, defensive ace. good shooter and rebounder All conference mention. HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCORES Sioux Rapids Newell Rock Rapids hOHOl'Bble 44 23 44 Alta 76 ....., ........,................ Alta 43 ...,.. Alta 51 ...... Alta 57 ....... Alta 60 ..... Alta 79 ....... Alta 86 ...,... Alta 59 ......, Alta 39 ...... Alta 77 ..,... .................................. Alta 59 ,.... ..... A lbert City 364: Alta 68 ..... ....... N ewell 3721 Alta 65 ..... .... H olstein 59 Alta 82 ..... .... P aullina 62 Alta 94 .... .... M arathon 28 Alta 67 .... ........ H artley 42 Alta 70 ..... .......... S ac City 49 Alta 69 ..... ..... E mmetsburg 51 Alta 82 .... .,...... P omeroy 63 Alta 66 ..... ...... A lbert City 24M Alta 60 ......,...................... Storm Lake 74696 5County Tournament WDistrict Tournament SPONSORED BY LAKESHORE CAFE KEN WATTS Junior Forward. Height 5' G . Good eye. Help next year. Played with undefeat- ed second team. BILL SWANSON Junior Forward. Height 5' 11 . First year letter Win- ner. Good reliable sub. Watch him next year. LYLE SANDINE Senior Guard. Height 5' 9 . In there working all the time, First year of varsity ball. Sanborn Sioux Center Primghar Arnolds Park Milford .. Albert City Odebolt Aurelia LeMars Sutherland DEN PETERSON 58 57 49 64 42 45 45 50 66 60 Senior Guard. Height 5 Good hustling overcame h1S height disadvantage. - Storm Lake ,lqegffggfg-gg.,'g2ll.-:.:.,,. f. l l ,fm -- . f f.1.g11: ea nunp-n-351-,ul FIRST TWELVE Kenny Watts Dennis Petersan Gary Johnson Don Swanson, Lyle Sandine, Bill Swanson Ronald Carpenter Ray Grienke Richard Peterson, Bill McDon- Front Row: Kenneth Carter rManagerr, Kenny Watts, Gary Johnson, Don Swanson, Ronald Carpenter, Richard Peterson, Larry Zwemke, Jerry Sandine, Bill McDonald, Ray Grienke, Bill Swanson, Dennis Peterson, Lyle Sandine, Darryl Frantz rManagerI. Rowt Stan Strudthoff lAssistant Coachb, Marlin Cone, Roger Peterson, Gaylen Hinkeldey, David Ford, Ed Peterson, Howard Lietz, Bob Kindwall, Larry Peterson, Richard Lund, Norman Larson Milo Kindwall, Merle Larson, Jerry Otto, Art Sutton 1Coachl. Third Row: Paul Turnquist, Charles Dahl, Dennis Radke, Larry Lichtenberg, Robert SPONSORED BY Hinkeldey, Jon Stille, Burton Johnson, Dennis Brechwald, Dean Peters. Ordell Kindwall, Keith Smit, Marlin Friedrich, Donald Peterson, Paul Woodall, Clem RYSTAD BROTHERS HARDWARE I-'eD0ux' Raymond Moser- Front Row' Steven Peterson, Tom Grieg, Dennis Otto, Wendell Brandt, Pete Molgaard, Bob McDonald, Larry Radke Second Rowi David Anderson, Bill Huseman, Bob Meredith, Norman Peterson, Harry Melander, David Peterson Third Row: Larry Frantz, Garlan McGowan, Ronald Patterson, Tom Kris- tensen, Darrell Banta, Clayton Porter, Ronald Preston JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Alta. 19 Storm Lake Alta 14 Holstein Alta 27 Aurelia Alta. 0 Storm Lake Alta 13 Holstein Alta. 14 Aurelia. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Alta Alta Alta Alta. Alta Alta. Alta Alta Alta Alta Holstein Aurelia Cherokee Storm Lake Sioux Rapids Cherokee Aurelia Sioux Rapids Storm Lake Holstein Front Row: Larry Radke, Tom Grigg, Dennis Otto, Kenneth Quirk Steven Peterson, Bob McDonald, Bob Meredith Second Row: Norman Peterson, David Peterson, Ralph Hogencamp Bill Huseman, Harry Melander, David Anderson Third Row: Tom Kristensen, Clayton Porter, Ronald Preston, Larrv Frantz Garlan McGowan, Ronald Patterson, Darrell Banta, Arnold Hammond JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS SPONSORED BY ROLLARENA Jallet Swanson Mary Huseman Linda C0119 Karen AX1kel'SOl1 - Storm Lake TRACK SEASON Although the track squad was lacking in lettermen, they worked hard and had a successful season. The season opened with the state indoor meet, held at Iowa City March 24. The boys proved to have some very hopeful prospects. On April 3, Alta, Albert City and Aurelia held a triangular meet. The squad did a good job, placing second, It was a cold, windy day on April 9, when Alta participated in the Holstein Relays. Despite the bad weather, the Cyclones finished in fifth place. April 13 proved to be an unlucky day. The boys did not do much at the Pocahontas Relays as most of their tries were unsuccessful. Alta took part in the Cherokee Relays on April 14. Although they showed improvement over Friday's meet, they could not get the needed points to place in the meet. The Sac City Relays were held April 20. Alta seemed to be out-classed by the larger schools. Our own meet, the Alta Relays, was held April 27, The boys were well adjusted to working on their own field and the en- tire squad did a good job. The Sioux Valley Conference meet was our most successful of the season. It Was held May 1, and the Cyclones were in good shape and placed second. Gary Johnson set a new record for the discus throw at the Aurelia Relays May 4. The whole team worked to turn in the necessary points to give them a second place. The Cyclones took part in the Estherville Relays May 7. The squad brought home a third. In the District meet at Aurelia May 12, the following boys qualified for the State Meet at Ames May 19: Bill McDonald, high hurdles, low hurdles and high jump: Gary Johnson, discus: Dick Lund, high jump: Dennis Brechwald, pole vault, mile relay team fChuck Ford, Howard Lietz, Dennis Peterson, Ray Grienkel: two mile relay team iMilo Kindwall, Gaylen Hinkel- dey, Kenny Watts, Chuck Fordjg Ray Grienke, quarter mile, The Cyclones had a dual meet with Storm Lake May 15, bringing to a close a very fine track season. SPONSORED BY ALTA BEAUTY OPERATORS Johnson's Modern Beauty Shop - Cox's Beauty Shop 2r ALTA Alta Shoe Shop Prnde N Joy Lester Kolpm DeKalb Trumble's Bowllng Alley 1? STORM LAKE Hobby Center Tooheys Clothing Store Camera Shop Douglass Clothing Ellas Cafe Trukken Leather Shop Horner and Olson Bakery Lucna's Shoe Store Storm Lake Lumber Company Woman's Shop Cullugan s Soft Water - X . Xxx , x X x X . X . x - X M xx , , . Zh N ,X V Z .Y K X X I X Z 4 ' - x X i'1 p,. L t'i'vi1'iQ'l 'T X X Z 14 151 The annual staff would l following people for their help in making our annual a success: American Yearbook Company, Hannibal, Missouri, printing Alta Advertiser, Alta, Iowa, setting type and photography Buntrock-Salie Studio, Storm Lake, Iowa, photography Bert Hedstrom, Storm Company representative Lake, lowa, American Yearbook Merchants of Alta and Storm Lake, financial support Faculty and students of Alta High School, support and cooperation l l l ike to take this opportunity to thank the ,zflf l Q fx Z

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