Algona High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Algona, IA)

 - Class of 1940

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Algona High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Algona, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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IN MEMUIQIAM DUI? SCHDDL ALLA LgARl? A ADMINISTIQATIDN J X66 xwoxe' P ' Q 9- 3,5 oi 9,0 1-10012, M000 G ' Agia' al of ELL . 60 Sc ox bo c50'9e6 01 ICI-IDUL IBUAIQD Back Row-Dr. L. C. Nugent, D. L. Leffert. Front Row-E. J. Hough, President G. D. Shumway, Mrs. D. D. Monlux I I 1 S gel ve l'u1lr Sifr BYRON ARNOLD Biology Zoology Eighth Science EDSON A'I'1'LESON Speech Economics Debate Consumer Education Economic Geography MARIAN BLAIR English Latin VIOLA BOHLEN American Literature English Literature N0 AN 'I'OlNE'I'I'E BONNSTETTER School Nurse LAWRE NCE CARRIIN GTON TS. ROSS CUTLER Junior High Mathematics Physical Science JANE DILLING Vocal Music Nine English Orchestra S ROBERT GETCHELL Band MAR G GILMORE English MARJORIE HOLMQUIST Junior High English G. T. KEEFER Physical Education Basketball ,Agriculture Football MARION K0 ORE MAN Shorthand Typing Advanced Shorthand Advanced TYDUIS JANE M AHIN Junior High Junior High Art ,XR 9 ALVFNA MILLER Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Eleven Algebra Business-Arithmetic DONALD MILLER World History Eighth Amerxcan Hlstoxy ESTHER QUINBY General Mathematics Citizenship Nine Algebra DOROTHY REIF Vocational Home Making MARY REMLEY American History Librarian CLYDE RIDENOUR Bookkeeping Geography Track Assistant Football Assistant Basketball MARY JANE STACY Physical Education BLANCHE STEHN Vocal Music HATTIE WILSON School Management Psychology Methods Junior High Penmanship Normal Training Grammar LEONARD WILSON Manual Training Junior Football Wrestling ight Zi. A Q-+ 9 5:?b. fi Q Pflya Nine Page Tan ALT, EVELYN. A face with Sin- cereness overspireadf' ALTWEGG, WAYNE, I profess not talkingg only this, let each man do his best. Football 3 Wrestling 3-4 ANDERSON, WALLACE. A firm believer in the power of silence. Glee Club 3-4 BAKKEN, ORVAL. The way he struts down the hall, you'd think he was six feet tall. Home Room Officer 4 Cheerleader 3 Student Council 3 Wrestling 1-2-3 Football 1 A. Club 1-2-3-4 Orchestra 2 Band 1-2-3 BALDWIN, ARLENE. She greets all alike with a beaming coun- tenancef' Glee Club 1 BANWART, RUSSELL. He will live in a house by the side of the road, and be a friend to man. Home Room Officer 3 Junior Class Play 3 Wrestling 1-2 Football 1-2 Glee Club 1-4 BAYLOR, GLADYS. So wise, so gay, she cannot live long-sin- isle. G. A. A. 2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Normal Training 3-4 One Act Plays 1-2 Mixed Chorus 4 Librarian 2-4 HEARD, KYLE. You can :ell him by the noise he doesnt make. BONAR, BONNIE. Positively pops over with pep. Home Room Officer 3-4 Junior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 1-3-4 One Act Plays 2 Librarian 2-3 BRANDOW, ELLSWORTH. lf :xt first you get no girl, try, try again. Glee Club 1-2-3 Football 2 Track 2-3-4 A. Club 2-3-4 BUCHANAN, RUSSELL. He thinks and he knows what he thinks and why. Student Council 3-4 One Act Plays 2 Externporaneous 3 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Class Officer 2 Football 2 Debate 2-3-4 Varsity Debate 3-4 Quartet 4 Pep Band 2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 1-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 BURBANK, LYLE. Act well your X part, there all the honor lies. 1 Wrestling 2-3 Track 1-2 Band 3 CALHOUN. ELGENA. A girl worth knowing. Normal Training 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 G. A. A. 2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 CHRJSCHILLES, JACK. Let's get together, so I can get something done. Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Junior Class Play 3 Student Council 3 Class Officer 3 Home Room Officer 3 One Act Play 4 Football 4 Debate 2-3 A. Club 4 Track 4 Band 2-3-4 CLAWSON, NORMA. ws nice 10 A be natural when you're naturally it nice. DEAL, HUBERT. His heart is for a girl. Track 3 Football 3 Wrestling 1-2-3-4 Page Eleven DRAYTON, MARJORY. She does- n't often mingle with the crowd, but she's not haughty, and she's not proud. Glee Club 1 One Act Plays 3 Librarian 5 EHRHARDT, DALE. Dale sings. Dale grins, and the girls he wins. Football l A 6 4 A. Club 3-4 FAITH, VIOLET. One wh0'll twist her way to success. Girls Glee Flub 1-2 Librarian 1-2 G .A. A 1-2-3-4 FORSBERG, VIRGIL I fish n a sea. of girls, yet never get a 7' for bite. One Act Play 1 Orchestra 4 Band 3-4 Debate 4 GARDNER, TRJELLA. The art of studying has left me for the mo- ment. Glee Club l-4 Librarian 5 GARMANN, IRENE. Like a spirit clear and bright, with some- h thing of angelic light. Glee Club 1 GEILENFELDT, DELORES. It is not well that man should be alone. GILMORE, EDWIN. It must be conclusively proven before he will believe it. Track 1-2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 A. Club 3 4 Glee Club 3 GODDEN, ARLENE. Her friends hold her very dear, for she's honest and sincere. GORMAN, WALTER. I never let studies interfere with my ed1x-a- tion. Football 2 GREEN, LLOYD. Quiet, but he will get along. GRONBACH, ELLEN. The long- er you know her, the better you like her. Glee Club 1-2 Librarian 4 Normal Training 3-4 GRONWALL, GERALD. ' ' W h y can't the women leave me alone ? Debate 4 GROOTERS, ROBERT. Study is a pastime-why over-do it? Football 1 Wrestling 3 Track 3 Band 2 HAASE, GAIL. Why do today what you can put off till tomor- row? HALPIN, R1f'HARD, A mall loved by a beautiful girl will al- ways get out of trouble. Footbill l 3 4 Debate 2 3 A. Club 3-4 Home Room Officer 3-4 lb HARR, ANNA MAE. Let's hope she continues to lead the way. Drum Major 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Annual Staff 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 2 Extemporaneous 1 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 IHLLBERG, DURWOOD. He gain- ed no title, but he lost no :ax 1. ' friend. it Wrestling 4 tif Glee Club 2-3 I r, XIIV ' ' Band 1 gg, - .,figF7 Track 3 H 3 Football 1-2-4 Manager 3 A. Club 3-4 HOLDREN, JOHN. Early to bed, ' early to rise, and you miss the best part of the day. Home Room Officer 4 Junior Class Play 3 One Act Plays 1-2-4 Football 4 Wrestling 3-4 A. Club 3-4 HOOVER, DOROTHY. Pleasant ' surprises come wrapped in small 3 packages. Band 1-2-3-4 Glee Club G. A. A. 2-3-4 Normal Training 3-4 HOUGH, MARY ANN. Quietly charming-until you know her, and then just charming. Home Room Officer 3 Band 1-2-3 Student Council 4 HUMPHREY, OWEN. He's a jolly good fellow which no one can deny. IRELAN, JO ELLEN. If love is madness, then I'm insane. Band 1-2-3-4. Orchestra 2-3-4 Glee Club 1-3 Annual Staff 4 Pep Band 3-4 Junior Class Play 3 Student Council 1 Librarian 1-2 Class Officer 1-2-4 One Act Plays 1-2-4 Home Room Officer 3 JENKINSON, MARGARET. Heav- en's! What thick darkness per- vades the minds of men! N Orchestra 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 4 lmyr lfourfrmn JOHNSON, ELLEN. It is better to have nothing to do than to do nothing. Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Librarian 2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 4 Junior Class Play One Act Plays 1-2 JOHNSON, HELEN. Likewise. Glee Club 1-2-3-4 One Act Plays 3 Normal Training 3-4 Mixed Chorus 4. JONES, CLARENCE. Seeks to be good, but not great. KRIEPS, VERENA. Life is short, so make it snappy. Librarian 2-3 Glee Club l-2-3 Annual Staff 4 student Council 3 Junior Class Play 3 Marching Band 2-3-4 IHVFTIMER, BETTY. A winning way, a pleasant smile. Marching Band 3-4 G. A. A. l-2-3-4 LEIGH, RUTH, Her ways are ways of pleasantnessf' LYNCH, JOE. Slow to smile- but when he does! Football 4 A. Club 4 MATERN, PATRICIA. Even on a dark and stormy day, she does her work while others play. Junior Class Play 3 Home Room Officer 3-4 Class Officer 2 Animal Staff 3-4 Glee Club 4 Librzirian 2-3 Mixed Chorus 4 l'4r MoENROF1, PATRIVK. M u c h study hath made him very lean and pale and leaden eyed. Orchestra l-2 Glee Club 1-2 MFRRTTT. BETTY. There are lots of good fellows in this world --just watch me. Junior Flass Play 3. Student Founcil l-2-3-4 Fhcer Leader 1-2-3-4 Girls Sextet 4 Glee Club 1-2 Mixed Chorus 1 Band l-2-3-4 One Act Plays 4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 MFSING, MARY. She has a level head, not flat. MlTC'llliLl,, WILLARD, What's the use of worrying when the world's full of fun? Glee Club 3 Band 3 Annual Staff 4 Football 2 MOORE, NVILMA. We know but little about her, but that is g1n0ll. Gloe Club l-2-3-4 Mixed Vhorus 2-4 Annual Staff 4 MORFK, CARL. llc loves hut one at a time. Football 2-3-4 Baskvthall l A. l'lub 3-4 NlOllli.Xl.l., HIGRN.-Xllll. 'l'l1 1- worlrl wants one snr-li man as he-. and he- is tho one. Football l-2 Ulm- Vlllb 2-fl MVRRAY, MARGAllli'l'. She'stlio kinrl wo like to find, always hap- py, always kind. G. A. A, 3 Librarian 4 Normal Training 3-4 NEUMAN, FERN, Quiet in class, but powerfully loud in marks. Orchestra 1 Home Room Officer 4 NEVILLE, JAMES. The saddest words of tongue or pen are those four words 'Go home at ten.' Football 1--2-'3-4 Glee Club 1 A. Club 3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Backetball 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Junior Class Play 3 NEVILLE, LOUIS. I don't want to grow up, when I see what it does to the rest of the people. Football 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1 Band 1 A. Club 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 One Act Play 4 Track 1-2 OWEN, PERRY. I'd leave for fun any time. Junior Class Play 3 Class Officer 2 Home Room Officer 4 Student Council 2 Band 2-3-4 Boys' Quartet 3-4 Annual Staff 4 One Act Plays 1-2 Glee Club 4 PALMER, KATHERINE. Not much talkg a great sweet si- lence. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 POOL, RICHARD. Who knows? Cadet Band 3 POTTER, BROOKS. The cares of the school lest heavily on me and the faculty. Debate 2-3-4 Orchestra 2-3-4 0118 Act Plays 1-2-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Mixed Chorus 2-3 Ifixtemporaneous 4 Annual Staff 4 Cadet Band 2 Home Room Officer 3-4 Student Council 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Pep Band 2-3-4 PRATT, MERLE. If love be music, play on. Band 1-2-3-4 Track 1 Debate 2 Glee Club 1-2-3 Pep Band l-2-3 Student Uouncil 1-2 Mixed Vliorus l-2 Orchestra l-2 liihrarizin l Boys' Quartet l-2-3 RAHM, ARDYTH. Were we all as good-natured as she. Glee Club 3-4 Mixed Chorus 4 RICHARDSON, RAYMOND. One girl for me-just who can it be? Glee Club 3-4 Quartet 4 Annual Staff 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Student Council 4 Home Room Officer 4 Class Officer 4 ROMSTAD, GERALD, Wise from the top of the head up. Glee Club 1 Cadet Band 2 One Act Play 1 SARCHET, HOWARD. I am my- self, a devil with the ladies. Footbal 2-3-4 Glee Club 1 Track 2 SCANLAN, BETTY. A man loved by a, beautiful girl-or did we say that before? Glee Club 1-2-4 One Act Play 1-2-4 Band 2-3 Home Room Officer 4 Junior Class Play 3 Glee Cluib Accompanist 4 SCHEPPMANN, ESTHER, Kisses are full of microbes but I dear- ly love thc little devils. Normal Training 4 Mixed Chorus 2-4 Librarian 4 G. A. A. l-2-3-4 Glee Club l-2-4 Sl'HUl.Z, JOHN. A curl in his hair: an spring.: in his walk. Band 1-2 lmyr Eiyliffvn SJOGREN, RICHARD. He haS been lonz: among usAhe's over six feet tall. SMITH, DONALD. All great men die young, I don't feel so well. myself. Football 1-4 Basketball 3-4 Junior Class Play 3 SPEAR, LLOYD. Witty and pep- py-full of fun, he's a pal to ev- eryone. Wrestling 1 Glee Club I-2 Orchestra 1 A. Club 3-4 Junior Class Play 3 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Home Room Officer 3 Football 1-2-3-4 SPEAR, VIRGINIA. One man for me--just who can it be? Student Council 2-3 Annual Staff 4 Librarian 3 Sextette 4 Junior Class Play 3 Home Room Officer 3-4 G. A. A. 2-3-4 One Act Plays 1-2 STEPHENSON, SHIRLEY, Big oaks from little acorns grow. G. A. A. l-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2 One Act Play 2 Mixed Chorus 2 STEVEN, DOROTHY. Some dal' they'll call her 'teacher, dear'. Glee Club 3 Junior H. Library 4 Normal Training 3-4 STEVEN, EVERETT. He answers to roll call-but we often won- der. Glee Club 1-2-3-4 STEVEN, FERN. Always will- ing to lend a helping hand. Glee Club l-3-4 Mixed Chorus 4 'l'El.KAMP, LA VONNEf A sweet disposition will make your Way 1-voi'ywliei'e. 'nyf Tlt'PIlf!l THOMPSON, ROBERT. I llke to think of the roads that lead away from here. VAN ALSTYNE, EUGENE. I have no wife to bother my life, so I paddle my own canoe. Football 1-2-3-4 Track 4 Basketball 4 A. Club 4 WALLBURG, GLADYS, I think high school is for fun, I guess I'm not the only one. G. A. A. 1-2-3 One Act Play 1 Glee Club 1 Junior Class Play 3 WILL, WALLACE. 'lAm I glad that's over. Football 4 Glee Club 1 Basketball 4 SENICIQ DLA CAS ,-S53 Page Twrnty-om UNIUIQS 13111111 111111 V, 11vvi111', Y, Vrnpser. 13. BVONV11, . Bilsborough, P. Fue1'sto111 5411111111 111111 11, IN'YiIlQ', J. 1Cg:vsd:1111, M. Al1d01'.S01l, D. I31'ow11, W. Iijust10111 11111 1 1 i1's1 111m M, Dllllll, IJ. 4'1:1psz111d1v, N. 1C11sw01't11, D, Cook, M. Fuller, 111s , 1111 lglll'k 11011-V V. 1I111'11111, 11, .1011se11, D. King, T. K01111111s X 1s11u 111111 N S1-1-111111 Huw I., .Iu1111sr111, IJ. Hill, B. Gecringl, M. J1ck111 lx Firm Iiuw- N, 111122, IP. 111sk11, P, Hovey, 1. 11111'1'is, l 11111111 X J1 N011 HUIIIILN 111 111.,1!11!1fu X 9,1 x MF '5 Back Row-A. Lundll, R. Turner, M. Neville, W. Mitchell, M. Miller, I. Olson Soc-ond Ilmvf-f--IG. Luttimer, li. McNeill, M. Pelisek, B. Reaper, B. Orton, B. Miller, H. Pannkuk, J. Nielson. First Row l'. Mvlinroe. li. l,aBnrre, D. Norman, L. Miller, D. Rugpzles, T. Padgett, l'. Mittafx. linck Row' W. Zviglvr, R. 'l'l1oi'po, li. Scrilnier, lil. Zcigler, P. Sampson, R. Sabin. St-1-ond Row -fff IJ. Sparks. li. SlIllIPSUll, ll. Zentner, M. Weber, A. Tliolnpsnn, J. Saul, R. Ulfers. First Row'-Ill. Saul, F. Sorvnson. M. Zeigler, B. Towne, D. Sorenson, P. Seip, R. Smith. l'rl yr- Tn'1'nly Ill IDD DDE! Buck Row-M. Bartholomew, M. Falhoun, M. Conklin, R. Bilsborough, B. Amunson, W. Barr, G. Volberg. Second Row--WM. Bacon, G. Dutton, M. Dearchs, B. Courtney, F. Carney, A. Bahr, D. Engstrom. M. Altwegg, V. Blanchard. First Row-W-R. Ditsworth, M. Dailey, I. Bernau, E. Bahr, C. Campney, K. Asa, B. Bosworth, L. Adams. Back Row-R. Geilenfeldt, J. Kenefick, B. Geigel, T, James, C, Gunder. Sevond Row-H. Brown, R. Heerdt, M. Larson, E. Larsen, F. Laing, F. Johnson, F Lashrook D Leigh. ' ' First Row-P. Halsrud, A. Lemke, R. Laubenthal, C Johnson, chynka, K. Geilenfeldt. L. Gardner, M. Halpin, D. Ku 1,,,,- 'I if-filly four 4-. E s .J Back RofwqH. Mathes, B. Nugent, M. Schemel, A. Phillips, O. Nichols, J. Romsta-d, D. Prew, R. Potter, G. Pedersen. Second Row-L, Norris, M. Rich, J. Potter, M. Morgan, E. Ringgenberg, B. Neville, J. Potter, S. Roney, M. Moore, M. Rochleau. First Row-B. Sarchet, A. Maharas, N. Palmer, W. McMahon, C. McVay, D. Rasmussen, D. Samp- son, R. Palmer, L. Sarchet. Back Row-E. Skilling, V. Seller, R. Willasson, C. Will, C. Wadleigh, J. Tibbetts, W. Strayer. Second Rowe-D. Youngwirth, M. Taylor, J. Scobee, L. Turner, J. Tibbetts, G. Steven, D. Will, J. Stephens. First RowWB. Venelna, L. Wadleigh, I. Stockwell, E. Sorenson, S. Wittern, N. gle, R. Swanson, D. Waldron. Telkam p, A. Sla- Pagz- Twvnly-ji: FIQESHMEN Back Row-D. Adams, A. Anker, A, Bilsborolgh, D. Baker, G. Bahr, H. Forsberg, G. Baker, D. Dutton, L, Elmore. Second Row-D. Drayton, H. Dutton, M. Bilyeu, W. Black, E. Eller, M. Carney, M. Amunson, D. Brethorst, M. Bowman, L. Fraser, First Row-J. Buthman, G. Banwart, R. Forlbes, D. Dale, E. Engstrom, V. Butts, E. Brown, K. Baker, D. Brown. Back Row-B. Granzow, H, Genrich, R. Gorman, B. LaBarre, M. Johnson, M. Knudsen, B. Hold- ren, D, Larsen, M. Holmes, F. Hudson, J. Hardgrove. Fvrst Row-R. Hagg, R. Humphrey, H. Johnson, E. Larsen, D. Lage, V. Gregory, H. Geilenfeld, J Guderian, L. Hill. W l1'f'ulyx:.r Y' Back Row-A. Pfeiffer, R. Pedersen, R. Maxwell, B. Miner, P. Rich, B. Reed, Second Row--P. Pollard, D. Otto, M. Mor-lan, M. McGuire, G. Palmer, J. Pelisek, B. Mesing, B. Prew, D. Potratz. Fifsi Row-J. Mnwdsley, M- LiY1dh0l'Si, P. Lynch, M. Raney, M. Norton, L. Long, D. McCullough, F. Nielsen. Back Row-R. Vanderwerf, R. Simpson, L. Wolcott, D. Sabin, B. Zentner, M. Zwiefel. Second Row- D. Sjogren, D. Sjogren, M. Valentine, J, Young, L. Sparks, M. Simpson, S. Shore, J. Stephen son, R. Skilling. First RowgN. Saul, J. Will, D. Sandberg, E. Vera, L. Winders, J. Slaughter, R. Owen, R. Stephenson, D. Sankey. P1102 Twenty-seven UNIUIQ I-I El-i Back Row-F. Phillips, F. Dettman, M. Smith, R. Laing, R. Palmer, H. Pannkuk, L. Steven, K Merryman, J. Johnston, J. Hennings, R. Strayer, H. Blanchard, S. Phillips, E. Will, J. Fors- berfz. D. Johnson, Merryman, S. McGinnis, P. Crawford. Third Row-D. Godfredson, I. Forbes, R. Clement, D. Wallukait, R. Reed, B. Fuller, M. King, R Hang, O. Cook, U. Moulds, M. St. John, R. Schweiger, E. Hovey, D. Abbott, M. Galbraith, R Farney, F. Braun, J. Fhrischilles. Second Row-E. Furst, E. Keith, J. Dodds, S. Sorensen, B. Sharpe, L. Bacon, B. Blanchard, D Phillips, E. Dau, G. Stevens, J. Thorpe, M. Keen, A. Bast, A. Baldwin, D. Johnson, P. Dits- worth, M. Merryman, F. Sawyer. First Row--M, Johnson, M. Miller, R. Voyles, W. Adams, R. Helmers, R. Lashbrook, E. Jergen sen, R. McVeigh, T. Malamphy, D. Malamphy, D. Wheelock, P. Pfeiffer, M. Lund, H. Pad gett, H. Lashbrook. Bar-k Row- B. Scobee, P. Rutledge, L. Schmidt, E. Crapser, S. Sanders, H. Rutledge, T. Holmes. R. Wiese, V. King, A. Davenport, B. Johnson, M. Anderson, B. Harvey, E. Skilling, D. Col- berg, J. Kuehynka, R. Baldwin. Third Row- D. Johnson, J. Abbott, S. Bowman, I. Steven, B. Pratt. J. Bilsborough, W. Orton, D. Laing. D. Young, A. Kresensky, W. Heerdt, D. Ellsworth, N, Voyles, A. Nyles, J. Grooters, F. Gibbons, M. Eason, J. Brownell, B. Petersen, D. Allen, B. Maharas, E. Setchell, R. Riddle, B. Johnson. Second Row--L. Blanchard, F, Wray, J. Pritchard, J. Burns, M. Pelisek, D. McGuire, J. Sterling, V. llovoy, B. Bush, E. Ellsworth, R. Burgoss,K. Brown. P. Nordstrom, T. Putz, D. Phillips, f'. Rentz, G, Svribner, J. Kenefick, K. Ward. First Rowe-AS. Blavk, O. Martinson, R. Shore, J. Haig, J. Vanderwerf, W. Millard. R. Taylor, J. Pfiurray. L. Pa'mer, H. Blanchard, V. Lashbrook, L. Johnson, P. Minard, H. Johnson, D. Ric-hardson, R. Devine, B. Sankey, H. McCullough. I -G fba Page Twenty-nine uk 1 1 R Defi 0 B Gu r J R1llLfg9llbQl'Lf, IC. Schepp111111111, S 1 F Slevin, P Mdtern M Fullel 'VI J Rlch. nrilv R011 VI ss D111 0 neon pear D nqko '. Hovey, R. SWYIIISOII, li. P1' NN Ronu X FHUIIIDSOII J Potter P MCEXI 00,13 Siu! L Holmes. IRI Hou 1 IIIO owne oo Ol CIIQOII, A. Ruhm, M. .l. Nvvillo, Il. Sc 111 'flagg- 1 I N'--......, Ing Se s an ,Ah 0 O I S, W g' i 1' . 5 aim f'?i fe . ,ff NM. kvWvwIs.wx.i--5 . K , 'L 4E1DN4EIEIIl21l First Row--M. Brundage, J. Guderian, P. Fuerstenau, L. Wolcott, B. Reaper, M. Miller, A. Single, L. Wadleigh, IJ. Kuchynka, D. King, M. Raney. Sm-mid Row--f-M. Aniunson, J. l'hrisc'hilles, B. Fuller, J. Buthman, M. Norton, J. Hardgrove, D. Pi-ow, W. Zeiglvr, W. Bjustrom, K. Brown, D. Hoover, J. Irelan, M, Bartholomew. Third Row----li. Calhoun, V. Butts, B. Butts, D. Cook, K. Furst, B. Nugent, B. Potter, D. Sjogrren, IJ. S' B ' ' ' ' ' Jomen, . Getiixig, B. Amunson, H, Keith, Q. Wadlelgh, R. Burhanan, V. Johnson, F. Forsberg, D. Skilling, IJ. Dale. Fourth Row-fJ. Jenkins, l'. Bilsborough, M. Gudei-ian, Mr. Getchell, D. Sparks, C. Johnson, J. Nielsen, R. Bilxh ' ' ' ' ' 1 Q mouph, J. thrischilles, J. Saul. ,W .Www :wrt .x ,...-x Q K- Q. J.- IBANID lhum Q 5 ei .g i . First Row-J. Chrischilles, R. Swanson, V. Forsberg, M. Raney, J. Irelan, D. King, M. Jenkinson, H. Genrich. Second Row-J. Potter, L. Long, D. Cook, K. Furst, B. Potter, D. Kuchynka, J. Guderian, P. Fuerstenau, M. Brundage, M. Miller. Third Row-J. Jenkins, E. Vera, Miss Dilling, H. Keith, B. Geering, J. Hardgrove, W. Zeigler, J. Nielsen, R. Biisborough, D, Prew, W. Bjustroni, J. Saul, D. Saul, S. Shore, J. Stephenson. First R0W'D' Cook K FUl'St B NUJZGHL P Fllerstenau J Guderian M Brunda ' ' ' - , - -, , - . ge. Second Row-MR. Buchanan, B. Geering, H. Keith,C, Bilsborough, B. Potter, W. Bjustrom, V. Jonn- son, M. Bartholomew, J. Irelan, I . S f 2 f llfifm if D 2 D EC Back Row-M. Jenkinson, A. Banker, D. Baker, C. Vampney, R. Laubenthal, I, Bernau, G. Baker, A. Lemkee, R. E. Gorman. Second Row-P. Rich, L. Sparks, M. L. Dearchs. E. Engstrom, B. Venema, M. McGuire, P. Lynch, P. Pollard, J. Pelisek, B. Reed, B, M. Miller, Miss Dilling. First Rowilil. Larsen, L. Winders, M. Morlau, M. Simpson, B. Mesing, D. Sankey, M. Valentine, L. Long. M. Lindhorst. rst Row'-fV. Butts. J. Vhrischilles, B. Fuller, M. Norton, V. King, B. Reaper, J. Roinstad, K. Brown, B. Fourtney. it-ond Row-VIC. Dau, E. Furst, D. Wheelock, N. Saul, F. Wray, D. Wallukait, J. Kenefick, R. Bur- gess, ll Laslibrook, K. Ward, S. Sanders, F. Sawyer, E. Keith. iird Rowe-B. Butts, M. Holmes, J. Sterling, Mr. Getchell, D, Sparks, D. Waldron, J. Saul, J. Potter. 'J 'ii sa 35 ..1's'fiw 5- L 2 . i K l'11-qw Ihf'rIy1fi:-4' Top Row-L. Turner, W. Barr, R. Buchanan, B. Nugent, C. Devine, D. Ulfers, W. Anderson, E Geigel, P. Owen, 0. Nichols, C. Wedleigh, R. Potter, M. Holmes. Second Row-C. Miitazr, B. Humphrey, D. Brown, D. Palmer, G. Dutton, B. Maxwell, M. Tay lor, J. Jenkins, R. Simpson, M. Bacon, R. Owen. First Row-D, Sandberg, F. Nielsen, B. Turner, R. Richardson, Miss Dillinsr, Betty Scanlan, M Guderian, R. Banwart, G. Steven. . Q' fi' unQf 4 Q... ,W vp.- .vi Q NX-ug, ' x. ,4 B.. fl .7 0' I ll lv lhnly xnvn Top Row-R. Buchanan, D. Smith, P. Owen, J. Neville, R. Richardson. Second Row-Mr. Cutler, W. Moore, G. Wallburg, Miss Blair, B, Bonar, J. E. Irelan, V. Krieps, B. Merritt. First Row-B. Morck, W. Mitchell, A. M. Harr, P. Matern, V. Spear, B. Potter, E. Gilmore. rlgllf 7 hir lu rivlhl 'vu ... ,K ,..- HW mimi!! IU' E sbs Top Row-M. Braun, D. Stevens, M. Brundage, R. Smith, M. Drayton, C. Johnson, G. Baylor, J. Farr, B. l.. Towne, M. Murray, B. Gunder. Second Row--Miss Mahin, V. Hagg, G. Palmer, H. Keith, M. McGuire, E. Gronbach, Miss Reniley, H. Pannkuk, I-I, Scheppmzinn, B. M. Miller, D. Hill, F. Johnson, Miss Quinby. First Row--WJ. Buthxnun, M. Dailey, E. LaBarre, C. Harlan, E. Johnson, B. Reaper, A. Thompson, B. J. I,ziBar1'0, P. Mclinroe. nf-,Xu x .NNN l'1l1!a' 4. l 3 A H1 irly-I U11 Top Row-f--R. Skilling, R. Richardson, B, Nugent. E. Gilmore, T. James, P. Fuerstvnzlu. Second Row-AB. Reaper, L. Holmes, L. Long, B. G-eering, J. Stephens, D. Brown, K. Ward. Nielsen. First Row-D. Palmer, M. A. Hough, R. Buchanan, Miss Bohlen, M. J, Neville, M. Dailey, B, Pc ter. xx ' Left to Right- E. Simpson, C. Devine, J. Nielsen, B. Pool, V. Harlan, D. Cook, M. Fuller, R. Turn er, M. J. Neville, J. Jenkins, C. Harlan, K. Brandow, L. Holmes, K. Hagg, I. Harris, M. Mil ler, W. Bjustroui, V. Isaacson, M. L. Pelisek. Wifi' W? xv I'uyfv I-'1 :lu In DEBATE Top Rowgti Orton, G. Gronwall, V. Forsberg, Mr. Attleson, P. McEnroe, G. Dutton First Row-B. Nugent, P. Fuerstenau, R. Buchanan, B, Potter, D. Palmer. W- I-'m'Yn1ln'n Top Row--Miss Wilson, M. Murray, B. M. Miller, L. Telkamp, M. Anderson, E. Gronbach. Sevond RowfD. Steven, P. Fraser, V. Hagg, E. Calhoun, E. Scheppmann, C, Harlan, M. Jackman First RowiA. Godden, D. Hoover, V. Johnson, G. Baylor, H. Johnson, D. Insko, P. McEnr0e. 7 sl F, A I I ' 4 l S . l'uf11- I-'nrlff ll: 1 I. CE HA If D Elf DD M. J. Neville, H. Zentner, B. Merritt ,ygKTa-nh, zk I 'W A ,, ,A 'H M, I I I 0-A al. Y -fan!! . . A ' 'Q lhwf I bn n rl 11 Back Row-Coach Keefer, W. McMahon, 0. Nichols, E. Gilmore, V. Harlan, D. Smith, F. Laing Sampson, G. Colberg, E. Van Alstyne, H. Geilenfeld, T. James, J. Holdren, P. Sampson, Deal, M. Calhoun, C. Gunder, V. Seiler, R. Devine, E. Lattimer, E. Skilling, J. Tlbbf Coach Ridenour, Coach Wilson. Front Row-R. Amunson, R. Willasson, H. Sarchet, R. Geigel, M. Conklin, W. Mitchell, L. Sp J. Neville, W. Will, J. Chrischilles, L. Neville, R. Thorpe, R. Halpin, T. Kohlhaas, W. Hi! D. Helberg, B. Morck, J. Lynch, A. Phillips, W. Holdren. Back Row--J. Neville, L. Spear, W. Hicks, L. Neville, From R0W-W- Wm, J- Ch1'iSChi11eS, E. Van Alstyne, R. Thorpe, H. Sarchet R Halpin T Kohl- haas. ' ' ' ' K Plum Forly-six ,p lsxifi. . , MQ ff. M,:..u,.. 33 . X z, 1 Pun., IJ...-A.. !?Uj :Tj E014 f WWW ali Back Row-M. Conklin, mgr., B. Nugent, R. Thorpe, G. Pedersen, C. Will, E. Van Alstyne, r W. Will, mgr. Middle Row-Coach Ridenour, R. Neville, J. Stephens, D. Smith, J. Tibbetts, R. Devine, R. S ing, E. Lattimer, Coach Keefer. From Row-W. Holdren, G. Colberg, R. Wray, O, Nichols, L. Spear, T. Kohlhaas, J. Neville Willasson, E. Skilling. if lii. N 3553! XR L 1 . I Q ' 4 , u ,e l it e K :,,,.:... I - wi, A 1 K ' - W illl :ff -. Buck Row-H. Genrich, C. Gunder, H. Deal, M. Schemel, W. Altwegg, I. Olson, M. Taylor, M. Alt- WQFJX-Y. Middle Rowfl'oacl1 Wilson, H. Padgett, G, Banwart, L. Hill, W. Adams, M. Miller, R. Dale, C. Mittag, F. Nielsen. Front Row-ll. Hzilsrud, E. Anfinson, H. Geilenfeld, R. Geigel, D, Helberg, A. Phillips, J. Hold- reu, A. Mullzlras, D. Ditsworth. 1 Page Forty-nine 111 I' i I l H IDF S TT Back ROWER. Laing, M. King, R. Strayer, A. Pfeiffer, H. Forsberg, Holmes, L. Elmore, N Carroll, D. Bruns, Coach Wilson. Front Row-R. Devine, H. Geienfeld, R. Owen, J. Will, R. Schweiger, H. Lashbrook, R. Steven son, R. Lashbrook, C. Lashbrook. Back Row-R. Strayer, R. Laing, L. Steven. M. King. Middle Row-Coach Ridenour, R. Devine, R. Allen, H, Laghbrookf R, Reed, D, Wauukait R, Schwelger, W. Fuller, J. Chrischilles, Coach Keefer. Y Front Row-W. Black, J. Hardgrove, D. Sjogren, R. Skilling, W. Holdren, M. Holmes, R. Simp- son, R. Owen. he gl Wu 99 Back Rowe 4.1. Chrischilles, R.. Thorpe, W. Hicks, R. Halpin, W. Will, T Kohlhaas, D. Helberg, A. Phillips, R, Geigel, R. Crapser. Middle Row-Coach Keefer, V. Harlan, E. Van Alstyne, H. Deal, J. Neville, J. Lynch, R. Skilling, H. Sarchet, R. Willasson, K. Brandow, Coach Wilson. Front Row-M. Altwegg, E. Gilmore, H. Geilenfeld, J. Holdren, L. Spear, L. Neville, E. Brandow, B. Morck, O. Bakken, F. Nielsen. 5. !',-rf: 4-- ...a-.- 'fl Unfortunately, because track season was just beginning when this book went to press, no track picture has been included in the Annual. Page Fifty-one 3. As 1 .. 3 L Av... Top Row- F. Johnson, R. Gorman, N. Saul, M. Larson, M. McGuire, D. Saul, L. Sparks, M. Val entine, P. Pollard, M. Braun. Third Row-L. Wolcott, J. Buthrnan, B. LaBarre, M. Brundage, B. Towne, D. Sankey, B. Prew, I Lynch, P. McEnroe, E. Calhoun, E. Scheppmann, M. Amunson. Second Row-L. Long, D, Hoover, S. Stephenson. P. Hovey, J. Slaughter, M. Dearchs, J. Young M. Dailey, D. Potratz, J. Guderian, E. Dearchs. Row'-L. Sarvhet, M. Pelisek, K. Palmer, H, Zentner, B. Lattimer, Miss Stacy, V. Faith, .1 First Thompson: A. Harr, B. Sarchet. gn Fi-ffjl lu' lv Puyu Filly-fhrec aa 'Y 5 fi 1 ', F War ' K ., X 'fx 8 y: f , X' Q Q f' 1. Page Fiftyvlour . Y .Y -Lg , Y .Y A ' ' x bf' ,L , C 7 51 . m gfi'?F'53Yi7 . K m.:Q A?f M S . .ae Q-af Zf ik ll -gen- Puyf I-'ijly-five WOUlDN'T IT BE NICE If-'- 1. Buck Smith's jokes weren't so corny? 2 Miss Bohlen could heckle that guy from Cedar Rapids that sent her a bill for 3 cents? 3. Kit Morck would learn the rules of bridge and quit bidding eight hearts? 4. Cutler would quit giving those long assignments over Christmas vacation? 5. Miss Kooreman could answer her own questions? 6. Sterling and Merritt would really lose those ten pounds they're always talking about? 7. Looey and Chris would give the under classmen a break? 8. Fuller weren't so scatter-brained? 9. Scanny and Rich would settle down? 10. Jo Ellen were as free as a breeze--how about it fellas? 11. Everyone were as friendly as Bonnie Bonar? 12. Gooch really enjoyed something? 13. Johnny Holdren could always stay as young as he is now? 14 Patricia Matern would break down and let us copy her papers? 15. Billy H. were a senior-don't you think so, girls? The difference between air and water is that air can be made wetter, but water can't. Mr. Attleson-What is money? Jim-Money is the most thing I havelft EO! any of. Nearly at the bottom of Lake Michigan is Chicago. A A skeleton is a man with his inside out and his outside off. The Prairies are vast plains of treeless forests. There was once a very GREEN boy who had no faith in MORRALS. His father often told him he would get into trouble because of this. He often said, You ARNOLD enough, so you can't go to college, but you WILSON. I don't want you to be just a POTTER or a GARDNER. When he was eighteen he tried to rob a bank. This was a BONAR because he had no gun, just a SPEAR. As he was running from the bank, a policeman followed him and shouted, ALT in the name of law. The officer, however, slipped in a POOL of water and the boy es- caped. The boy hid out and grew a BEARD for disguise, but this time the Feds were HALPIN the local police. HOUGH would he escape? After thinking it over for a while, he thought if he quit MESING around in this business and gave himself up, the police would give him a fair DEAL. He showed good MERRITS by turning himself in. The mob tried to LYNCH him, but the police got him safely to the big HAASE. Twenty years later he emerged from prison a NEU- MAN and free once MOORE. There is no MORRAL to this story. I fl l'fl,:1-xi! J' ...-1 SENIDIDS AS BABIES 1. Lewis Neville. 2. Lewis and Jim Neville. 3. Jo Ellen Irelan. 4. Esther Scheppman. 5. Pat McEnroe. 6. Bonnie Bonar and Jack Chrischilles. 7. Ray and Mildred Richardson. 8. Walter Gorman. 9. Lloyd and Virginia, Spear. 10. Dick Sjogren. 11. Helen and Ellen Johnson... 12. Wilbur Steven. 13. Fern and Dorothy Steven. 14. Joe Lynch Jr. 15. Lloyd Spear. 16. John Holdren. 17. Pat Matern. age SUNG TITLES Page Filly-right Wayne Altwegg ............ ' Wallace Anderson -- --' Arlene Baldwin ....... .... Russell Banwart ..... .... Kyle Beard .... - -- Bonnie Bonar ........ --- Ellsworth Brandow--- ..-' Russell Buchanan---.- ----' Jack Chrischllles .... .... Hubert Deal ......... -- Dale Ehrhardt---..--- -- Vlrgll Forsberg .... Irene G-armann .... Edwin Gilmore .... Walter Gorman .... Lloyd Green ................ Gerald Gronwall ............ Robert Grooters --- Gall Haase ...... Richard Halpln .... Anna Mae Harl' ..... -- John Holdren ..... Dorothy Hoover ..... -- Mary Ann Hough .... -- Owen Humphrey ..... -.. Joe Ellen Irelan ...... -- Margaret Ienklnson Ellen Johnson ........ --' Pelen Johnson ....... --' Junior Jones .... Verena Krieps--- Joe Lynch Jr.--- Patricia Matern --- Pat McEnroe .... Betty Merritt .... Mary Mesing ...... Willard Mitchell ..... --.. Jim Neville .... -- Lewis Neville .... Perry Owen ..... Richard Pool .... Brooks Potter ..... Gerald Romstad - .... -- Merle Pratt ......... --- Howard Sarchet ..... --' Betty Scanlan ..... John Schulz Jr.--- Richard Sjogren ..... -- Donald Smith ...... Virginia Spear .... Everett Steven ..... Fern Steven ........ --- 1 4 4 An Apple for the Teacher x 1 s Kiss Me Agaln Red Sails in the Sunset 'It's Love I'm After 'It I Only Had a Brain You Leave Me Breathless' Why Am I Happy' Sleep, Sleep, Sleep I Can Dream, Can't I 'Somebody Loves You 'The Lost Chord A Man and His Dreams The Little Red Fox Two More Years' I Want a Girl 'You're a Sweet Little Headache 'Am I ln Love 'It's My Turn Now Little Skipper 'Yes, We Have No Bananas 'I Want My Mama 'Melanchody Mood 'Take Your Girlie to the Movies 'Sweet and Lovely Oh Johnnie 'Five Foot Two 'Mary Had a Little Song She's Way Up Thar Faithful Forever 'Somebody's Sweetheart 'I'm Like a Bird 'Music in My Heart' 'I Love a Parade 'Who's Afraid of Love 'Poor Old Joe 'You're an Education 'Laughing Irish Eyes 'Short and Sweet 'Weary 'Let There Be Love 'One Foot in the Groove 'Falling in Love Again 'I Get a Kick Out of Corn 'In My Merry Oldsmobile 'I Must Have One More Kiss, Kiss, Kiss 'Scatter-Brain The Little Man Who Wasn't There It Took a Million Years Swinging in the Corn Sweet as a Song Drifting Along Yours for a Song LaVonne Telk-amp --- --- Strange Enchantment Robert Thompson ....... --- Little Tendertoot Eugene Van Alstyne .... -..- Boogy, Woogy, Blues Mr, McDowell ........ --- 'I'hat Sly Old Gentleman' VCU IAUIBHT Russ-Virgil, have you got a phone? Vlrg--Just call the rendering works and ask for me. Parallel lines never meet unless one or both of them are bent. Cutler-How do you remove air from a flask? Lloyd S.-Fill the flask with water, tip the water out, and put the cork in quick. Teacher-What people live in Po Valley? Darkie-Po' people. One of the main causes of dirt is janitors. Shakespeare was born in 1569 supposedly on his birthday. Getchell-fAfter struggling desperately with the drum sectiony Say. can anybody tell me what syncopation is John Saul- Syncopation is the emphasis on a note that isn't in the piece. Medical men have found that there are more dead than there were. Miss Bohlen-What did Paul Revere say at the end of his famous ride? Grooters-Whoa! Imagine our principal's surprise when Mr. McDowell opened a letter in his morning mail and found it addressed, Dear Sweet. To stop a nosebleed, stand on your head till your heart stops beating. If you are sick, a, physician should be in- sulted. Mr. Cutler-What ls time? Rich-About three o'clock. The stomach is just south of the ribs. Mr. Cutler-What's a base? Russ-There's first base, 3600115 DHSG, third base, and home plate- A virgin forest is a forest ln which the hand of man has never set foot. Miss Bohlen-Eugene, would you like to leave the room? Gooch-With pleasure! Miss Bohlen-tNot to be outdonej The pleas- ure is all mine. Thorton Wilder, aut.hor of The Bridge of San Luis Rey, was born in 1896, and died in the future. Rural life is found mostly in the country. ELECT DN IQETIJIQNI Best Manners Best Dancer Best Personality Best Dresser Best Humor fu Most Athletic Most Representative Most Dignified GAL'S NAME Fern Steven Betty Scanlan Betty Merritt Mary Ann Hough Bonnie Bonar Shirley Stephenson Patricia Matern Delores Geilenfeldt FELLA'S NAME Edwin Gilmore Lewis Neville John Holdren Bud Morck Don Smith Lloyd Spear Brooks Potter Russell Buchanan UH l ifl!l'nin -1-.L A K , KIDI' IDAIQTY Taxi kids! Verena Kriefpg The second Paderewski Betty Scanlan Burch sz Sammy Tub Halpm Russ's a kid again Meredith Raney Bee Merritt Bakke Gladys Wallburg Looey Neville --nl f ,pg 5 ani-QF l'nj1r' Sir!!! 1 I ,LV Ready for a swim Why the fists? Turn around Nice pose Halpin They don'L look lik Pals Neville Whivh is which? Comfortable chair Is it natural? In Ilia- good Old SllIllIIll'l' time Hivks I 12. 1 95,315- i Ig. u Iii. if I2 K gn---' 9 I 5 . .- 4 L1-cf Ih- quid Q 1 :hx N CQ? N - m ,n X if Y, x I

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