Alden High School - Redskin Yearbook (Alden, IA)

 - Class of 1947

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Alden High School - Redskin Yearbook (Alden, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 15 of 60
Page 15 of 60

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Page 15 text:

DSK H55 I Merle lzer wull my front seat and smart remarks that got me there to Vurgunua Chrust an and the vacant one near ut to Harry Clark I Evelyn Puttkamer wull my abuluty to play the whole basketball game on the floor and unsude dope on everyone elses romance to Paulune Pungel I Duane Geesaman wull my wavy haur tO Wally Krause un hopes hus gurl wull let hum get a butch also my knack of unterceptung a pass as next years football team wull need ut I Bob Kellogg wull my skull un Home Class to Lulla Pungel as only one of us wull needuf I Leslue Wutmer wull my numerous abulu tes among them to run the quarterback sneak to get good grades and attractuon for Freshmen gurls to be scattered among the Junuor boys so theur Senuor Class can be tops too I Margery Chrustuansen wull my spotted Nall paper chule lunches blown out fuses zun and her Wulluams trube l Rodney I-lanchett wull my abuluty to druve wuth a Freshmen obstacle un the front seat to Don Pommerehn to help hum wuth hus num r ous gurls I Bob Pungel wull my Hog Callung abulu ty to Lulla Pungel because Kellogg s hogs are slughtly deaf Bob Nott wull the Communuty bracelet to F Parker for next years Chrustmas grab ua Joyce Hall wull my perfect attendance an never tardy record to Geraldune I-Iucket neur Bull Jass wull my one legged A s un book keepung and the black onyx un my rung to the whole Junuor Class as they could use them I Danna Rae Bergeson ll all my made up excuse slups to Mary Schmeduka who undoubtedly follows the tradutuon I Don Sanders wull my abuluty to druve any tume anywhere and at any speed wuth a car load of boys IDD to next year s center on the tootball team IM! lContunued I Verner Raska wull my John L Lewus cugars No pool no school and ln Unuon here IS Strength slogans to Wally Krause Lecause 2I us creepung up I Beverly Wlkue wull my love of flurtung wuth the bus druvers to Muldred Polzun un hopes hat next year s druver won t be engaged I Marlyn Olson wull my abuluty to get out of my seat wuthout fallung apart and basket ball abuluty to Clunton Meyers I lrwun Chrustuansen wull my old shoes to the U S Navy or to anyone who has a paur of oars I Duck ldso wull my abuluty to woo the star basketball player and keep her up late be fore the games to J F Parker I Ray Crouse wull my Lost Weekends t Clunton Meyers to carry on from where I left uff I also wull my duscarded George Wash ngton wug to our class sponsor to reduce the glare a car whule peerung through the steerung wheel spokes and to make the wheels screech whule flyung around a corner to Mary Schmeduka I Dorothy Mulford wull the ever uncreas ung menagerue of cars from varuous nearby towns and my abuluty to tear out the front door when a car horn honks to the Junuor gurls IThere s enough to go around gurls I I Erlene Stearns wull the unceasung pleas ure I receuve from Iustenung to Sunday tele phone calls to Paulune Pungel also my abuluty to create quute a scene at dress rehearsal 'cr the speech class play The foregoung document was sugned by the aud Class of 47 un our presence and by them publushed and declared as for theur LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT and at theur request and un theur presence of each other we here unt subscrube our names as attestung wut nesses at Alden Iowa the 14th day of Moy A D 'I 47 NITNESSES Dorothy Mulford RESIDES AT Alden Iowa Erlene Stearns RESIDES AT Alden uovwa Cf ff I 1 I 3 I r , , ' 1 ' ' ' . , , ' EC, ' I I I I I I I it 'y O . I , , f-K L E X - the results ofa slumber palrty to Mildred Poli I, ROY BOIGHTIUG, will mY abuluty to CIYIVE IDP II I . , 1 u - g i J. ' I - ' ' - I Q- ' . I, , ' ' d . . 1 If . I . - . . - s V t , , wi un- I I5 A u I ' . ' ' I I - - ' . , ., 9 . , , I Waugh

Page 14 text:

DSK acid ufory COVTTIDUSCJ Audrey Adamson and LaVonne Jensen drop ped out whule Don Sanders uouned us Rea uzung we needed guudung ourt furst and great year un the assembly we chase Muss Huntung as our sponsor and as the year went on we could see that our boys were goung to be a 'uelpung hand un the athletucs As Sophomores we gauned Laurene Behn Rodney Hanchett Darus Saathoff and Beverly Nulkue whule Barbara Schalk Bull Cormany and Donna Bergeson left us to uoun other chaols and Vlulbur Peet left us a luttle later Thus year we chose Mr Nuss as our sponsor Our boys as well as our gurls were an asset to our school sports As Junuors we had a total of 33 they were Ray Balentune Charles Barhute Lulluan Caruth lrwun Chrustuansen Margery Chrustuansen Duaun Clark Rayman Crouse John Halber sta t Joyce Hall Lola Hunt Duck dso Merle lzer Bull Jass Doyle Johnson Bob Kel logg Joan Ketchum Glen McElvanua Dorothy velyn Puttkamer Verner Raska Erlene Stearns Roma Swuft Leslue Wutmer Don Sanders Laurene Behn Rodney Hanchett Dorus Saathoff Beverly Wulkue Danna Berge on Thelma Johnson Bruce Harvey moved from among us and Lulluam Caruth and Du ane Clark dropped We chose Mrs Jackson as our sponsor and ut was she who helped us wuth a very successful year as well as a grand Junuor Senuar banquet Funally we reached our goal and as Senuors we numbered 28 gaunung Duane Geesaman whule losung Dorus Saathoff Thelma Johnson and Lola Hunt leavung the funql and complete tabulatuon to read as thus Roy Balentune Charles Barhute Donna Bergeson lrwun Chrus tuansen Margery Chrustuansen Rayman frouse Duane Geesaman John Halberstadt Joyce Hall Rodney Hanchett Duck ldsa Merle lzer Bull Jass Doyle Johnson Bob Kel Iogg Joan Ketchum Glen McElvanua Dar othy Mulfard Bob Nott Marlyn Olsen Bob Dungel Evelyn Puttkamer Verner Raska E uene Stearns Rama Swuft Leslue Wutmer Bev erly Wulkue and Donald Sanders As our last and funal year started we pucked Mr Haven as our advusar When the smoke of the year had cleared away we found our bays and gurls sharung great honors un athletucs Ne are leavung now but for many of us ut us many memarues to keep and remember but we leave the faculty wuth headaches and nutuals all over the place There are only tour who have stayed together durung the m2 year course of study they are Duck ldsa Dorothy Mulfard Joyce Hall and John Hal berstadt add We the Senuar Class of 47 beung of sound mund fwuth 29 exceptuons wuth sponsor? and body do hereby bequeath the followung pos sessuans to the Junuor Class Thus wull beung legal and wutnessed by pragressuve people may not at any tume be overhauled Thus dacu ment comes unto effect on the l4th day of May or at whuch tume the Senuors of 47 evac uate the buuldung of A H S l Charles Barhute Presudent of the Senuar Class wull nay abuluty to lead the Senuors un orderly meetungs to Jean Schmeduka cr her uccessar l Roma Lou Swuft wull the wrecked cars of my boy fruends to Harold Carstens so next years gurls manager can rude un style l John Halberstadt wull my post un the Post Offuce to Katherune Bennett un case Stanley gets a male helper l Glen McElvanua wull my ummaculate hour and erect walk ibut not my g ll to 'lunton Meyers I Joan Ketchum wull my abuluty at short hand musuc especually You Keep Camung Back Luke a Sang and love of boys to Jean Schmeduka l Doyle Johnson wull my unuque person aluty complete wuth sude burns moustache cowboy boots shurts hat and horse toJ F Parker to ga wuth hus struped Suspenders and saddle shoes ' 1 A 1 - I - l - I l 5 l 4 ' 1 1 I f 3 ' ' . 1 4 ' ' . I I I - . I I I - l ' 1 1 1 1 r- 4 I I 1 1 1 1 ' . . .l I . . I I '. I l ' d, y 1 , ' u , A 1 1 ' 1 - X - .- Mulford, Bob Nott, Marlyn Olsen, Bob Pungel, is just o stepping stone of life. We take wuth Y - , I . , I . I . S I ' l 1 S 1 4 I . , Q I ' I 4 ' H J , 4 ' 1 lr 1 v . . 4 'll I I ' 1 ' S A S Y I I I I I - I I 1 V ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - -12-

Page 16 text:

DSK C CL55 W 0l0AQCg ln the year l962 we fund John Halber tadt chuef news commentator of statuon AHS reportung the latest bulletuns Hus tume us lumuted between preparung hus broad casts and playung on the Globe Trotter s Bas ketball team runnung competutuon wuth Bom The teletype us tuckung away furuously Hash' Doyle Johnson us un seruous condutuon after receuvung unuurues when hus Arabuan thoroughbred threw hum A word from the wuse Doyle Never rude a horse sude sadd e they don t apprecuate both spurs un one sude We now unterrupt thus program for a short wave broadcast from Honolulu We hear from Verner Raska who has been teachung the na tuves the true Hula Hula He us now on struke for hugher wages and shorter wuggles A bruef pause for statuon udentufucatuon At thus moment Donna Bergeson Johns pruvate secretary rushes un wuth several utems that must be crowded unto hus broadcast These utems unclude a specual bull tun from the auto Racung Tournaments un Mexuco Cuty fvhere Roy Balentune has en ered a a dare vu druver and us rated as one of th who has entered probably because of hu c peruence whule attendung Alden Hugh School Exclusuve Hollywood ln the rnovue mak ung caputal of the world we fund Dorothy Mul ford and lrwun Chrustuanson who now ha clark haur celebratung theur tenth annuversary as understudues for Dorothy Lamour and Tur l an Bey Next on John s agenda we fund an uncudent vvhuch occurred recently over Alden Every cne was very excuted when they saw none other than Erlene Stearns pulotung a duruguble odvertusung the ldso Daury products whule the owner Duck ldso was at home attemptung to take care of all the busuness Erlene was cre atung Also un Alden us lvung the Glen McElvanua and Rodney Hanchett famulues To provude a omfortable luvung Glen McElvanua has been rnade manager of the rotten egg and chucken unutual duvusuon of the Schager Enterpruse Rod ney Hanchett entered the Madson Hardware Busuness as a partner and ut us now known to all Aldenutes as the Hanchett and Madson ld Hardware At thus tume we check to see uf the ad vertusement us over so John can contunue hus news broadcast We lusten carefully and heau Duane Geesaman conclude hus statement con cernung the Geesaman Drug Store now located on the corner of Snooker and Eught Ball Ave nue un Alden Tume to contunue After ccncludung the utems mentuoned above un hus program John reported that the abulous Merle lzer was offered a uob un a swank nught club as chuef entertauner playung unus harmenuca un a way that only Merle knows He refused thus offer however because he nreferred to remaun at hus present uob portray ung the Thun Mans shadow on the Thun Man s Detectuve Agency program The man ager of thc swank club Duffys owned l Bob Nott was very dusappounted because r Meres decusu n Bobs establushm t fhuch h unher ted from hus uncle us Iocatca un the cast suburb of Alden Thus club proved c a ar ace for al form cho nlmates ecual bulletun Ronert unge uus e turned frrm a trup cn the Scven Seas has been promoted to Captaun of the Unuted States uflarune Corps Whule un thus country he wull ueturn to hus heme town and vusut all wh D kncvw hum It us rurnored that he wull be acccm panued back to Alden by a young lady Wu t be one from Radcluffe Wulluams Nebraska Nusconsun or Alden? Tume wull tell Speakung of tume Charles Barhute us b gun nung hus eughth year workung for the Pepsodent Tooth Paste Televusuon Company Has uob u demonstratung how one can acqu re that Pepsodent look In hus leusure tume he also poses for ads that we see dusplayed on bull Loards and un the funnues Feature attractuon Leslue Wutrner Profes sor of Arnerucas best known unuversuty lo cated un the suburb of Alden us spendung hus xacatuon tourung the Unuted States lecturung en how to adapt yourself to a stuff course of Shorthand and get straught As all the way through from the begunnung We unterrupt our program for a specual an nouncement Evelyn Puttkamer has lust been - . , ' . bo. - - l It - ' I ' . . ' . . , . ,I I ' ' . . ' , , ' l 1 ' . . , i X I rf, 1 3' , ' uf l ' o , ' ' enu 1 A I .YA C I N I N I I I N k X' 3 f ' ' e to lv popul pl I of Bobs er t ' is -I - de l A e best SD ' l p lu T V - X , 5 x- 1 N l g u . , A u - ' Q ' ' I ' ' ' 1 r 1 H I u 3 . ll I , . . . I ' 1 1 I - , . , . . J . . . . 1 . I I ' V . Q ' ' I - . . . . T, I - , . . . J ' X . , . . in . A , E V I r

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