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K I ,yfiff A L BICDN IAN Top Roxy Tenh Renyyxck Levus R Parsons lxropscott Jones Bachelor Bottom Roxy Elhott Combellack Edwards Traut Wrllrams Sletght Wonaen s Varsltv Debate Squad Usmg two questxons Chrld Labor and Capxtal Pumshment Albron s varsxtyf yyomtn debaters met teams from Butler College lndtanapolns Wxttenberg Sprxngfleld Ohlo Denmson College Curanvrlle Oh1o Mlchtgan State and 'XVestern State Normal durmg the 1926 season Nme drfferent yt ere used Thus year s squad yuth the exeept1on of one member was composed of members of the tyyo loyyer classes In new of thus fact prospects for College College speakers entirely success ful season rn 1977 for the y omen debaters lS consrdered unusually promlsmg t t , . . , '- c ' ' . . , . I Y , V ' 1" l Y ' Y 1 v f s v' ' , ., , Q h V L . . Y . , l94ll qflc A l,l1lC,DNlAN Top Row-Tyler. Chenoweth. Dammon, Kintner, Hoag. Marvin Bottom Row-Lawton, Lyons, Cortright, Yinger. Wallis, Rockwell Freshman Debate Squad Meeting, for the first time in her freshman debate history. teams outside of the SIJIC. Albion's yearling team split honors in a triangular event by winning a unanimous decision from Wittenberg College, Springfield. Ohio, and losing, 2-l. at Ohio NVesleyan, Delaware, Ohio. The question of the abolishment of the jury system was used in the freshman encounters. The first-year men were given part of their training under Rupert Cortright of the Varsity team. who assisted Debate Coach H. L. Ewbanlx. Dail 'Qfriu A LHHJNL-KN Gerald Dykstra Kenneth Bartlett Rupert Cortright Albion's Eirst International Debate Meeting Cambridge University of England on the prohibition question, Albion College not only won her first venture in international forensics, but was one of two Michigan schools out of half a dozen to defeat the visiting Englishmen this fall. The First Methodist Episcopal Church was jammed November 5 by the largest crowd that ever heard a debate in Albion, and the quality of the work done by Prof. H. l.. Ewbank's Purple and Gold men is shown by the fact that an audience vote on the merits of the debating gave Albion 494 votes, Cambridge 140. Kenneth Bartlett of Plymouth, Rupert Cortright of Albion. both Albion veterans, and Gerald Dykstra of Albion, former U. of M. debater, formed the Albion team. l96l fm: ALl,SliQ7Nlf'kN V W f I V '1!Ei!!ii!!ii!IKeN? !:QQgf::K !WW71 MFFWH owwl f f ff ww 1 -- "NON ff 'N ww My ww 1yw mga Q Gall .N jj UM lfvj :SPI ' px, 4 WW! J! f .. . , ---+5 .,33i3g5g1L "2f 771. .T:"!"Q!l,YQ ff U NN !a251'ifiiWiQ1 1 i lf' 4 ,JJ 5 X .,,x-f::ii'- fr ,uf l1',1Sl!31, M2 XM fr. W i:5 I xx X 5 QONEIEIDV 'WGIRY A rf W Lifkmwixig ' A E973 ,.. .,,. ,,,,, . C 1 Lv-A-V i726 4, 145 l. Isl IIIYPNJ liek TNQ Alblon College Glee Club G Calvln Rxnggenberg M Mu Thomas I Starr 26 Donald F Whlte 27 Arthur G Carr 29 Lours Gregory 29 Wllllam S Maywood 26 FIRST TENORS Holland Capper 27 Raymond B Mmor 27 Allen R Elllott 28 Kenneth C Kruse Z9 Les me G Lee 29 FIRST BASSES Arthur B Dewey Z6 George W Prnce 26 Erwrn F Ylnger Kenneth W Burgess 27 Clement B Ymgcr 28 PERSONNEL A A G O Drrector Manager Accompamst Accompanxst Vxolxrnst Cellnst SECOND TENORS Forrest R Snyder Z7 Harlan R McCall 28 George E H1ll 29 Dempster Ymger 29 SECOND BASSES M W Buckborough 26 Alvm A Neller 27 Syver C Thmgstad 28 Wesley Bradburn 29 Earl J Swalles 29 ALBION COLLEGE MALE QUARTETS Fxrst Tenor Allen R Elllott Second Tenor Phll T May Barrtone George W Prrce Bass Syver C Thlngstad Holland Capper Leslle G Lee Wesley Bradburn Alvm A Neller . ' Phil T, May, '27 ' . ' ,'26 . ' ,' l9Sl '7Ae ALEuoNiXN'7 Albion College Co-Ed Glee Club Mrs. Ella May Minert - L. Ruth Dewey, '27 - Frances M. Thornton. '27 Pattie Foote Herring - Ethel M. Partridge, '29 - Helen Letts, '27 - - Kathleen White. '29 - PERSONNEL FIRST SOPRANOS Mildred E. Freeman. '27 H. Helene Faulkerson. '28 Etta Eikenhout, '29 Bernice Kleinhans, '29 Jean M. Medlyn. '29 Evelyn Thrall, '28 Frances L. Peatling. '29 Eula Dodds, '29 ALTOS Frances M. Thornton. '28 Dorothy Ncllcr, '2 9 Dorothy M. Burrell. '26 Catherine S. Morrison. '28 l99l - Director - - Manager - Asst. Manager - - Violinist - - Reader - Accompanist - Accompanist SECOND SOPRANOS Lois D. Willis, '28 Kathleen M. White. '29 D. Ruby Carpenter. '28 Ethel M. Partridge, '29 M. Elmina Cain, '29 S. Ruth Burchs, '29 M. Elizabeth Burnett. '28 Margaret R. Sleight, '29 Marceline E. Robbins. '28 Janie I. Shoults, '29 Helen Letts. '27 L. Ruth Dewey, '27 MIXED QUARTETTE ENSEMBLE CLASS HIOOB ' ' l -I---is-iam X X l I vi, l X J XX ff fl Y5, LJ S Q -X EIOI3 -U 31NK7QU X VAL! ALBIONIAN V - PLAY PRODUCTION CLASS AT WORK Play Production Under the leadership of Miss Florence Swisher, Albion is doing outstanding work in the field of amateur dramatics. This work is all carried on in regular courses so that a thorough study of the principles of play construction, staging and acting is secured as a background for the individual performances The courses in play production have three-fold aim Ill To gn the student an acquaintance with and standards for judging the best in dramatic literature thereby discouraging the cheap and sensational acting that ix ill enable the student to recognize and appreciate the best works of art To afford as much practice as possible in presenting plays for the public. Every student in the course appears at least once in 1 public performance the aim of the department being to give the training to as many different people as possible Through Miss Swisher's knowledge of the New York stage, Albion audiences have seen the best of the modern plays as soon as they were available for amateur production. Among recent productions are: "lcebound," "Thank You," "The Goose Hangs High." "The Famous Mrs. Fair." "The Show-Off," and "Minnick Plays by Shaw and lbsen have also been presented C25 To set up artistic standards in stage designing, lighting, costuming and UQ . . ' ' ' ' . ' Iilozl tagjm: ALuloNaAN g MISS FLORENCE SVJISHER V The work in play production is under the direction of Florence Swisher. Fx. M., instructor in public speaking and director of dramatics. A thorough stu- dent of the dramatic art. Miss Swisher combines an appreziation of the best in art and literature with an unusual ability to direct others. Last spring, under her direction. an Albion cast appeared in New York in the contest for the Belasco cup and were given the highest rank awarded to any college group. Miss Swisher also trains Albion's representatives in the womens oratorical contest. .- I ' THE CAST THAT PLAYED ON BROADWAY lwsl RESIDENTS MESSAGE precious of possessions. That is what 1 the Albionian will be to you. As often MEMORY BOOK is among the most ,fi fi as you scan its pages in the years to fond recollection will bring many treasured .--VL "Q of all, the Albionian will help to keep alive 'ociations of college life. The pictures of Maternity brothers and sisters, of classmates and of teachers, will revive many happy experiences and rive to you a perpetual renewal of your youth. so. and daughters of old Albion, take With J ine record of joyous years and high achieve- ' Peturn often to the scenes it commemorates ' ike the future of Albion College nobler .iful than the past. Sincerely yours, I l ' ,HlllllillillllllilliTill?lllilfllllilllllllli HllllllllllilllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll Lil -.,.S-4..........,.'.TIfT ' f- -R1 Hiurvlfxt-4 MINICK .... His Son ,..,,, Nettie Minick. . Lil Corey ,... The Maid. . , Al Diamond. . . Two Old Men Jim Corey ,... THE CAST THAT STAGED "MINlCK" Marge Diamond. . . Colored Maid. . Members of the Women's Club. . . l104l Leslie Williams Raymond Conrad Zura Major Mildred Monroe Daisy Williams ,Frances Peatling Elizabeth Burnett Walter Strait Gerald Stewart 'Reginald Edwards Allen Elliott Bates Wills Clinch Crocker Martha Witters -Dorothy Diebolt Marian Howlett 'Huldah Grieder Louisa Rogers Gianetta Pray Letha Perkins Theo Broxholm Ruth White Ethel Partridge xMyrtle Fuller ununn ' It 9.l2slf'r'-.V-'-' in A,-......-1 .., ., xo5H QCP? CCN UQQRCK wc ig' A-1 C CLYUE f..-HMPN.-SN GST sqm 'atwittxmanzvr R AL- ,l -s 39+ 'fs , un KIUAN zSABELLE Kim? SPCR? an-we furunrs i.5lTJB ff -l Anti U, CLRREPEE C855 ewan.-s umm-nes 966 ALBIONIAN The 1926 Albionian Staff Elected Staff Cliiford D. Burbank , . . .....4..... .... E ditor-in-Chief Otto Bauer . . . Russell Parks . . Francis Baad . . Clyde Lampman Paul T. Risley. , . . . i . . . .Business Manager , . . , .Associate Editor . . ....,.....n Associate Editor . , . . ,Assistant Business Manager . . . , Assistant Business Manager Editorial Staff Lester Mange Art Director Isabelle King Features Clarence Case Religious Activities Robert Hartwick Assistant Art Director Goodrich Reed Music and Drama Edward Kilian Sport Editor Gordon Herrick Auditor lwll ,.,,. -amauznu-.-vzvvan-.:a. 1: . , . f .as-V-4w'w---F' 'll Alfilxlxil-XFNJ 9 GROONHNG THE GROVRER Ple1ad Staff Allen J. Renshaw Edward Kilian George Paine Darrel Johnson Lawrence Childs Ed1tor 1n Chref Assocrate Edrtor Assocrate Edrtor Busrness Manager ASSISKZHI Buslness Manager Asslstant Buslness Manager Lawrence Anderson ...,,,,...,..,,...,......... Columnrst Harold W Schumacher Lawrence Anderson Kenneth G Bartlett Erwln Ymger Harold M McCracken Glanetta Pray Joshua G3ll1H1Ol2 ..!.. CUBS H108 News Edxtor Asslstant Ne Ed1tor w Dramatrcs Features Conservatory Alumnl SCIEDCQ Wendell Edwards ....,..,...,.,,.. .4..... ' . S . ll Q F,:.f - ,- ,. ,f3'7'x1i55'7R"-'XN murmur- H l .J 3 J . X Q! U Q! TAL CLUB? Ei KMQQE - H1093 Spanish Club With two fold purpose to aid its members in the use of the Spanish language and to acquaint them with the life and customs of these people the Spanish Club was organized in 1921. The Club meets once in a month, and its membership is limited to twenty- lise members of the department with the highest scholastic standing. Charles Rogers OFFICERS Josephine Hawes ----- i - Beatrice Foote Emmet Brocklebank Professor Gilbert Mrs. Gilbert Miss Starr Miss Koenig Miss Goodrich Margaret Robinson Nlyrna Giles Milo Frisinger Dorothy Frisinger Edgar Long Robert Bradbury Elizabeth Spense Pauline Torrey MEMBERS George Greenwood Norman Reed Thorn Smith Palmira Vasquez Nellie Weidenhamer Earl Scott Donovan Cameron Abel Jourdan Marion Kingman Ruth Mastin Catherine Morrison Ruth Stakes Helen Rockwell Wendell Edwards - - President - Vice-President - - Secretary - - Treasurer Darrell Decker Irene Marsh Florence Clark Hollis Quinlan Rosamonde Fisher Clifford Burbank Edith Bentley Dorothy Kennedy Frances Lewis Harlow Stankraulf Aubrey Williamson Amy Mann Margaret Adair A ?i4E5f251fi34Ori4tf2'4'4f Iliroll ,i.....--.,.., ,..- Y ' X 1748 ALBICJNIAN The Contributors' Club The Contributors' Club, the honor organization of the department of English. was founded in 1905. and has upon its register the names of the best students of English since that time, The purpose of the club is to furnish interest in good literature and encourage writers in Albion college. Election is contingent to nomination by Prof. Phil Hembdt. the head of the English Depart- ment, and approval by the club. Membership consists of the faculty members of the department and a maximum of Sfteen of the most promising writers of the college. Woodena Tench Edgar Long - - Elsie Munro - Prof. Phil Hembdt Prof. James V. Clarke Prof. H. L. Ewbank Mr. Hilberry Miss Ball Miss Swisher OFFICERS MEMBERS Miss Wilder Edgar Long Woodena Tenth Helen Dean Edith Thrall Lorena Jones liltie Munroe fllll - - President - Vice-President - Sec retary-Treasurer Harold Norman Kenneth Bartlett Dorothy Hix Russell Parks Elaine Abbott Goodrich Reed '16 lj A L U 5 CUN LAN Biology Club OFFICERS Mauree Buckborough ---f - - President Elorenee Harmelink - - Vice-President Rodger Chenoweth - Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Dorothy Burrell Ida Crandell Holland Capper Thorn Smith Melvin Knisely Rodger Chenoweth Florence Harmelink Ka rl Stiles Charles TenHouton Park Bradshaw Professor Judson Miss Rogers Miss Drake lirrzl Q4 Lx 1 0 NTIIA Ng E' F D -1' I -er I I I I I The Home Economics Club In the fall of 1918. shortly after the Home Ezonomics Department was established in Albion. a society was formed under the name of "The Home Eco' nomics Club." supervised by Mrs. Pitkinfflrnold, the Department head. The membership at that time was limited to nfteen members. In 1924 the membership was extended to include all girls of the three upper classes having an average of "B" and majoring in the Home Economics Department, Its purpose is to bring more closely together in a social and educational manner those girls who should prove themselves especially interested in the work of Home Economics. OFFICERS Inez Klahn - - - - - - President Nlary Seekell - - Vice-President Doris Campbell - - - Secretary Marguerite Merritt - - Treasurer MEMBERS Miss Crosby Miss Dean Leah Carter Dorothy Frisinger Pauline Rodgers Irrsl Lois Whitney Mary Moulton Edith Bentley Thelma Gauss Ethel Behling :Z PQRQWQRD LI .-L. he PURPOSE CDP ANY" P CQLLEGE ANNUAL IS QELDCDM REAKZED IMME' DIATEQY UPON THE PUB'- LTCATT-DN OF THE 150014 T NDR DOES TEE VGLUME FRESH PROM T1-IE PRES SES HOLD MORE THAN THE CAE T um INTEREST QE THE STU- DENT.IN THIS RESPECT, THE TQQ6 ALEIQNTAN DTE- E EERQ NQT FROM QTETERQ HQWEVER FULLY AWARE OF THE NOW GLARING EAULTS OF' THE EOQRTTS EDITOR , 1 C D I Physical Research Club Composed of advanced students in the Department of Physics. and the De- partmental Instructors, the Physical Research Club is organized to stimulate a spirit of research among its members. This is done by discussing developments in the science of physics and the application of physics in engineering practice. One or two social evenings are enjoyed by the members each year. OFFICERS Ray Holmes - ----- - - - President Wynne Garvin - Vice-President Arthur Babcock Secretary-Treasurer Walter Baird Charles Barclay Harold Bristol Orel Burdick Lawrence Childs Francis Chapman George Greenwood Ray Holmes Dec Hurst MEMBERS John King Melvin Knisely William Krebs James Lightbody Edward Long William Maywood George Miles Carl Schilz l114l Howard Smith Pauline Smith Professor Rood Mr. J. C. Stearns Walter Strait Charles Ten Houten Howard White Ellis Wylie Classical Club The Classical Club of Albion College was organized in 1922. The aim of the club is to rouse greater enthusiasm and to impress upon the members of the club the vital significance of Latin and Greek in their educational equipment. The members are required to have had at least two years of Latin or Greek in high school and some courses in the College Department. OFFICERS Edith Merritt - - - - - - President Byron Ballard - Vice-President Frances Lewis - - - Secretary Claude Kantner - Treasurer Prof. A. H. Harrop Merrilla Berridgc Dorothy Burrell Robert Cluff Charlotte Cooper Kenneth DeOme Allen Elliott MEMBERS George Hill Clarence Hood Charles Jacoltes Sherman Lawton XVinifred Lindsay Beulah Magnotta Vwfinfred Peck Cecile Reusch lm? Josephine Richard Louisa Rogers Hazel Ross Mary Sackett Chester Scott Arthur Stratton Nellie Ward 'Ula A L BIONIAN g Mathematics Club ln 1911 fourteen students met with Professor Sleight and laid the foundations of the Mathematics Club. Since then one hundred nine members have enjoyed as the benefits of that founding, a broader knowledge of the teaching of mathe- matics and a more thorough understanding of certain phases of mathematical science. Under the direct supervision of the Mathematics Department, meetings are held on the first Tuesday evening of each month, at which interesting mathe- matical problems are presented and discussed, Membership in the club is limited to those who have had two years of mathematics and majoring in that subject with an average of Of the total membership of the club. ninetyfseven are now college graduates: nine of these were valedictorians or salutatorians: twenty-one received fellowships or scholarships, or both: sixteen were elected to honorary societies: seventeen have received M. A. degrees, and five have received Ph. D. degrees. OFFICERS C. A. Jacokes ---- - - - President Mildred Fitch - - - - Vice-President Mona Gerred - - - - Secretary-Treasurer Prof. Roscoe E. Sleight - - Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Merrilla Berridge George Price Rupert Cortright Dorothy Schilskey Arthur Dewey Frank Sanders Mary Alice Parsons Lester Smith HI16H Uri.: A l,lstt,:'f4t if-4 """"""""',,,,,,,,,.,,., ,M Political Science Club To promote interest in the study of current history and politics, the Political Science Club was organized in the fall of 1921. The club is limited to ten per cent of the entire department, other qualincations being a major or minor in the History Department with an average of "B" or above. Allen Renshaw Harold McCracken Eleanor Doods Clarence Barclay Otto Bauer Kenneth Bartlett Grace Butts Francis Baad Myrna Giles Irene Kennedy Mary Sackett Louise Traut OFFICERS MEMBERS Mabel Horning Clarence Hood William Lovejoy Forrest Snyder Russel Fink Walter Bath Gladys Erickson Marian Pullen Dorothy Hix lllvl - - - President - Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer James Griffiths Edith Merritt Byron Ballard Alvin Neller Bates Wills Donald Button Arthur Dewey Norman Reed 'lfie' A L UIONIAN Social Science Club The Social Science Club was organized in the fall of 1910 for the purpose of promoting a greater interest in the study of economic and sociological problems Membership in the club is limited to those twenty students in the Department of Economics and Sociology who show a proiiciency in their work The research and discussion which the Club members carry on are invaluable aids in acquiring a fuller appreciation of the current social problems OFFICERS Harold McCracken - - - - - - - President Bruce Osgood - - - Vice-President Elaine Abbott - - Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Dr. W. W. Whitehouse Prof. R. G. Hall Del Hahn Pauline Torrey Murray Spitzer Paul Spaulding Ruth Smith Norman Anderson Marian Pullen . .....11...,'- ..,f...of v-ev-u-f-rv-1-v,v-sr.--ufbfli--w fum B- . is . 'NV' VM" I: x 18lI :fill Ruth Mastin Josephine Hawes Eugene Fowler Vern Doughty 1 ' " -as Q ' - .ou-Q 1 .i xi.: u c . 1 7A':-5FfEW?N.'AN,r - Le Cercle Francais Le Cercle Francais is composed of those students in the French Department who are taking advanced courses and who have achieved a certain scholastic stand- ing. It aims to foster a greater interest in the language and the customs of the French people, and to provide better opportunities for practice in speaking French, French songs, French games, French literature, and the lives of its authors. Short French plays are included in the programs given by the students. Gertrude Buck Michael Fatica - Catherine Morrison Harry Worth - Prof. D. M. Gilbert Mrs. D. M. Gilbert Miss Koenig Miss Starr Miss Goodrich Elaine Abbot Geraldine Abbot Margaret Bailey Helen Bunker Ruth Dean Rosamonde Fisher OFFICERS MEMBERS Yvonne I-laggit Josephine Hawes Ruth Heathcock Abel Jourdan Marian Kingman Arthur Lange Margaret Little Frances Mack Beulah Magnotta Beryl Marker llwl - - President - Vice-President - - Secretary - Treasurer Irene Marsh Bruce Osgood Russell Parke Mary Alice Parsons George Price Allen Renshaw Ruth Smalley Elizabeth Spense Anna Spannenberg Pauline Torrey Louise Traut Une .ALBICJNCIKISI German Club Programs for the monthly meetings of the German Club are planned to show the life and customs of the-German people. Acquaintance with German literature is given through prepared resumes on institutions, biographies, and language. Social hours, at which typically German refreshments are served, follow the formal programs. Requirements for membership are grades of "A" in first year German and "B" in the second year course. Adelbert Hahn Clinch Crocker Rupert Cortright Anna Spannenberg James Cretcher John King OFFICERS MEMBERS Bert Kahn Rosella Link Edgar Long John Scott President Secretary-Treasurer Mona Gerred John Ludwig Selma Koenig Cynthia Starr Fall Chemical Club Tradition tells us that the Natural Science Club. the oldest club on the hill. was founded in 1897 under the supervision of Dr. Delos Fall. It was out of this that the present Biology and Chemical Clubs were formed. The Fall Chemical Club exists for the purpose of training in speaking a sci- entific language and increasing the interest in applied chemistry. An intensive study of "The Chemistry of the Rarer Earth Metals." by Prof. B. S. Hopkins, an alumnus of this college, is being carried on in meetings. Walter L. Baird Charles Barclay Floyd Boys Emmett Brocklebank Orel Burdick Leah Carter Roger Chenoweth Berneace DeYoe MEMBERS Ira Frost Kenneth Goodemoot Ray Holmes Dee Hurst John King William Krebs Edgar Long 'Elsa Mack Lester Smith llrzoll Pauline Smith Carl E. Schilz Karl Styles R. Bruce Taylor Charles Ten Houten Harold Tweedie Prof. D. L. Randall Miss Dorothy Engel 'r -,. N1 I , , a.- Al nn: w. u -mx: ,"""""",,,.,, M:-, ff' AW X J' xp- 7 I fy A ' nfH9'5025'x X " ' P '.iv'2: . jp , j,:sa' IL?In- Qgffldx' L Q N ffliiaietgqk-v'-""f'f5- .I J7 1 xy' 5 Esau, I b -' x Q XYZ' X 5, X X -V X 9 f g 1 N rl . 4' ff 1 v Y ff V ' 4 ' if? N ' I7 ii ' -4.1,,g.lm T t 1 f M. . "Tw f -11. if -..W J . If HIIINMI Ill: IV. - 1 f f e asf PM .' 1 193V-Wy' X 'f I' I ' 1 Xqrl Q' ' Ax 'L 'ing' hx ' X,-.f-'13, 1 4 -- f-JV 451:" '0'ff 'Nw X 'if' 7 ' QI fl-?5:1fW41 f Nf':'a-LLP' ,A 9 If ',,f f -4,-fx! pQ Siagg.h1..:1.U W lk f ff ,A!4fx3l.,,j, W A , -'SX ff Av. Q fL xll pg-, ' Ia5uQnQu.s' QPZQANRZMWONS U 4 5 1 A J E0 uimgl. J lIn.1H .A--nn.v--f-sv Y. M. C. A. The Young Mens Christian Association of Albion College is afhliated with the World Student Christian Federation. The primary aim of the Association as expressed through its various activities is to lead men to faith in God through Jesus Christ. Emphasis this last year has been laid upon the World Court, International and Interracial Relations, Boys Work, the Educational Problem, and a study of campus maladjustments. Of special interest is the fact that the Association has been an indigenous group, supported and guided by students. OFFICERS Clarence Case - ---- - - - President Russel Babcock - Vice-President Kenneth DeOme - - - Secretary Alvin Neller - - - Treasurer CABINET MEMBERS Otto Bauer Russell Johnston Harold Norman Thome Smith Raymond Conrad Leslie Williams H1221 Student Volunteers The Student Volunteer Movement is an interdenominational movement founded thirty-nine years ago for the purpose of creating an interest in foreign missionary work and to help those intending to become foreign missionaries. Each state has its own State Union made up of the Volunteers of all col- leges, The Sixth Annual State Student Volunteer Conference met in Albion. March 5, 6. and 7. Albion's organization is a part of the National and Mich- igan Union for Foreign Missions. At the weekly meetings the spiritual life of the members is deepened and the conditions and needs of the foreign Held are dis- cussed. The group aims to support religious activities on the campus and to bring other students to see the need and opportunity of the foreign mission field. Eighty-two missionaries have gone out from Albion to bring about the ful- nllment of the Volunteer Motto: "The Evangelization of the World ln This Generation." OFFICERS Treva Oveiholt - - - - - - - President Robert Fleming - - - Vice-President Mildred Price - - Secretary-Treasurer i113i I M 'W AND SETAEEASIK YOURIN ' DULOEN CE. A AETER YOU HAVE GIVEN ITS PAGES A FEW CURQORY GLANCE SI LAY IT AWAY UNTIL THE OLD MAN WITH THE SCYTHE HAS' TURNED HIS GLASS A SCORE OR SO OE TIMESZAND IT- '- MAY EDE THAT WHEN YOU ' ' AGAIN OPEN THESE PAGES' THE PICTURES AND NAMES' HERE' IN WIII CONJURE UP MEIVIO' RIES' A9 PRICELESS ASR THE' ' ' EJOOK MAY THEN EDE HELD EJY YOU. AQUA ! I7I 5 - ,. , 1- ........-Q-,f-,,. 43V-vw ,eff-w.a f'1..f...- M iasuur'-uA.N . l I li 15 I. '? lf Q T' 1 1 P il i , 1 9 A 1 5 Z li i a i -. M 3 OXford Club Q ' Students who are looking forward to the Christian ministry or other relig- l Q ious work find association and material help in the Oxford Club. This organi- W W zation has been afliliated with the National Oxford Club since 1922. l 1 , . Meetings are held twice a month, at which time some member of the faculty or an outside speaker lectures on some phase of religious activity. l I All the ministers of the city as well as conference members of the faculty J are Honorary Members of the Club. OFFICERS Earl Scott - - - - - President Roy Johns - - Vice-President Thome Smith - Secretary W. W. Kintner - Treasurer MEMBERS Rev. Robert Miller Byron Ballard William Blanding J. A. Rogers Douglass MacEach ran William Lovejoy Abel Jourdan Kenneth DeOme Dempster Yinger William Morford K. W. Burgess Cornelius- Wheaton J. A. Gallimore Chester Scott l124l Percy Mills Ernest Johns Francis Chapman Marion Nye Donald Jones Ruth Edmonds Clement Yinger ' 'IAC ALIHIJNIAN ' -...,......,...,.,.,-.- -. ., , . ,,,... . ..... -........,4 Y. W. C. A. Nlembership to the College Y. W. C. A. has been determined on an interest basis this year. lt has been the duty of the cabinet members to interview each Co-ed and personally ask her to join. On joining, the members have been divided into various groups according to their interests. They have taken up the problems of Social Service, Bible Studv. Relationship of Faculty and Students. Extra Curricular Activities. and World Friendship. The Student Objective is, "We unite in the determination to live unrcservedly Jesus' law of love in every relationship and so to know God." Regular meetings have been held at the College Chapel on Sunday mornings throughout the year. Ilml bw" "" -ll A- . , fr-:fn . 7Aq.5.ALBloNlAN l ------- sa 4 .- . .- .3 i W lllllllll n mx lllllllll llllllllll flux Al!III.!li5'II.'H llilll' I llll llllf llll I Ill lllllll I lllll llll lllllll ll llllllllll1 Illllllllllll lllllllll lllll :I lllliiillk n1IHI!"'I"' "IH!IlIII5I!k, SIWIFIIIIII' f---,.i....,..i-- Y 74-Q Mm Uhr: ALBIONIAN I I I Z' gW X J XG! A W I my Q, X, I M v9NfQLl1n x Xx M 'N5 W". 41 X 'U X no I NONN ' ,U 7 NQLk,'f40soog4fQ', y XX ,,, v mf, Mm, xml X un l,.'f:x l Lulu Q ' 900.0 1 lllun , ' i' ' .1 QQ I .l .ml ' ,igloi r' HIE' W H --gg , ', l1l":':::" 'I 'p'4v0'Q f XXHEEUIIIIT ""' ' 5 4 '34 illllllll' f f "WW" X 'a::::1::" 1 ' Q4 , 'III llln U ,ff Alllll WNW' ' 1 f .1 f...::r4 N lllllllm' L' I tg O ' K' , influx Wllllllllvdy 5 sz, fi ,as 1' 'W 3 . 'X' "Kr X . - MA w- N. . 1 ' X U - I X X'-XNo.i'!""1l?','.- 1',-"':.gsXl,.x'-KX-" 'fin' gX.Q Yxff I 1 J' 651 'QNXJI Hgx' .fy 1 Lg NN I v X , - i , . Q. , r x"-A ' i , - X f ,Q .535 . MA -. f-gf' 9,.',wg wb Q Q W- xaszilzk ' . f in We 'X K: 2 ,"' N' 'J' 3' - E, ' uniiiillyx, :xx X 1. ! .Q. 'A f -I 1 Leg: j I. 1 fmmiiis: " 1:fiE::.:jX L -af: f 5 """f :a!:L':::::::':::-It f ' - K Y x - 1 vv z-.112 "T ' 'V ,, : 1' N I Q ' Lv A J ,Mis'-1:::Li55.1,i::aug: N l - , xx ., , , I 4 X .w I , .XX .,-':f-,:,f- Lam- l saazaaessa.1-:::r:.,-1::.-,' '- 614 1 K, . . . . EEEEEEEEEEEEZ ' I 1, N-' , ,ci - - - "TL'7 I N xx 'A N W - J X, qv iililiilliii , I 'mi' ' A". ,,.' N Q ' ' N1 , '- Q 1 ggggggx nf , Mr , .g'ifw -,v-,, , ff. W f, 4 A li I y A lf , 4 ,g--:5:5:i. .X f I ' O N - Q. -f 55,215 '--'1":::sasaeaaaa 1 .V 1 -. " 4 . 1 - - r ' .2 0 rx YEEi!!::.. :::::::.:::::: .... wg gn-':a' I I Q ' - lv , """l' K xl 5 A 1 ' f- . 15555555 A ,',, ,gg X- aaz2iEQf!0'Q90' F -- --A , - mill!! Q 'of ' - f ::::::"'E if iiiiiaassaazzsggm , '54 ,N :-- . ,ff f---g-p - S35 ff '94, J if .1 . 2 " ,wily -- ':::1:sia1saii,. ...- - - .assi t - .V :- g- y., , - - Nf 'V A A " - ' 05: 1- ' ill' ,fuzz 5 X ' f - '- ' X, -IZ. - -H f 5 fri 1 I og ' 'I- in - " I . It '. mm 5QQM?5 1 LJ' KX31 M173 5 x IL Panhellenic Council The local Panhellenic Council was organized in 1917. This organization of two representatives from each of the sororities and Clionian, with their presidents and alumni-advisors as ex-oflicio members, carries out the recommendations of the National Panhellenic Congress, regulates rushing. sponsors new organizations. and endorses the activities of the college, The two social activities of the year are an intersorority party and a banquet. The present ofncers are: OFFICERS Josephine Marsh of Alpha Chi Omega 1 - - - President Margaret Hayden of Delta Gamma - - Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Alpha Xi Delta Delta Gamma Gladys Bauer Margaret Hayden Mary Seekel Isabel King Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Delta Josephine Marsh Theo Broxholm Catherine Morrison Elsa Munroe Clionian Gianetta Pray Dorothy Frisinger lll28ll Interfraternity Council The local lnterfraternity Council was reorganized in 1020, The organiza- tion is composed of two members of each men's fraternity. The Council carries out the rules of the National lnterfraternity Conference, makes pledging regula- tions. and promotes the annual lnterfraternity Banquet. The present oflicers are: OFFICERS George Price of Delta Sigma Phi - - - - President Robert Garfield of Sigmi Chi - - Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Alpha Tau Omega Delta Tau Delta Harold Norman Clifford Burbank Russell Babcock J. Dunton Barlow Delta Sigma Phi Sigmi Chi George Price Robert Garlield Allen Renshaw Robert Campbell Sigma Nu Morris Buckborough Otto Bauer lrlol K7flf' nxl.,l1lCjNlAN Alpha Ch1 Cmega Beta Chapter Establlshed 1887 Colors Scarlet and Olxve Green Flower Red Carnatxon Publxcatlon The Lyre Iyfllllltlyfd al Du Prizm' I.!Ill.'Z'L'l'.Tlfj', C1'0Ur1m.rIIv, Ilzdimza, 1883 it ' f I H ., nw , 4. 'Fix llsol one RTE u"bRIii,3f-N Alpha Ch1 Omega SORORES IN FACULTATE Mrs. Clarissa Stewart Miss Elmina Steffe '26 Margaret Robinson Pauline Torrey Esther Richards Gladys Erickson '27 Josephine Marsh Josephine Hawes Frances Mack Louise Traut Doris Campbell SORORES IN COLLEGIO '28 Dorothy Nicholls Louise Putnam Dorothy Kennedy Marjorie Sturtevant Norine Nagle Catherine Morrison Priscilla Westcott Beatrice Foote Lois Wheaton Marion Howlett Elsa Mack '29 Etta Eikenhout Margaret Sleight Joesphine Richards Elizabeth Ruthruff Edith Van Camp Kathline White Lorraine Traut PLEDGES Dorothy Diebolt '27 Harriette Davey '29 Mazie Maples '27 Antoinette Sheldon '29 llslll --wif A LlHONI.-KN ' I f 4 if ' l J ,E 2 4 :Q ll -'Q I i Q i, Q4 Q Alpha X1 Delta ll rl Q . 5 Ifoxnzdcd af Lomlzard Cnllvgv, Gulcslmrg, Illiuoix, 1893 if 2 Phi Chapter Established 1915 F Colors: Light Blue. Dark Blue, and Gold l Z Flower: Pink Rose Publication: "The Alpha Xi Delta l1s1l Alpha Xi Delta SOROR IN FACULTATE Margaret Drake SORORES IN COLLEGIO '26 '27 Grace Blue Jean Douglas Rosamonde Fisher Dorothy Parrent Inez Klahn Ruth Smith Lucille Marsh Lois Whitney Anna Spannenburg Daisy Williams Mary Seekel Grace Duffey '28 Thelma Long Palmira Vasquez PLEDGES '28 Gladys Bauer Florence Clark Lorene Hamilton Anna Kropscott Margaret Osmun Thelma Gauss Geraldine Elliott 29 Margaret Fuller Norine McAuliffe Elmina Cain Arline Walk Irsal Glnntrnts Glampun Hiram Uhr Zlfurultg Uhr Gllzmaza Athlvtirs Gnurrning Enhim Hurrnzirn Glnnnernatnrg Emma ijduhlimtinna Bvparimrntal Gluhn illvliginun Gbrganizatirinn Zlirsnternitiw anh ivnrirtirs Ahuertiavra - '7Ae ALBloNnAN V - Delta Gamma Founded nf l'Va1'1'c1z Izzxtzlzzfv, O,1'f01'd, Mz'ssi.vsippi, 1872 Zeta Chapter Established 1883 Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue lIs4l '26 Dorothy Janes XVoodena Tench Elizabeth Spence Marian Wolfenden Helen Dean Myrna Giles Dorothy Burrell '20 Ortha Smith Gwendolyn Andrews Delta Gamma sortoiz IN FAQULTATE Audrey Vkfilder SORORES IN COl.l.EGlO '27 Elaine Abbott Marian Marflleus Margaret Hayden Francis Pcatling Betty Burnett '28 Charlotte Cooper Geraldine Abbott PLEDGES Dorothy Leech Gertrude Gilbert Margaret Mercer lmi Ruth Dean Marian Ashley Margaret Little Isabel King Marian Alger '20 Esther Young Mary Tamblyn Elizabeth Price Dorothy Neller Katherine Bullen Esther Shotte '.7f'14' -Xl HHWNIAN f I Q . 'I .' Kappa Delta Founded at V1'rg1'nia State Normal, Fa1'n1.zfiIlc, Vir'gz'nia-, 1897 Sigma Pi Chapter Established 1923 Colors: Olive Green and White Flower: White Rose Publication: "The Angelos -.-,-1 , Q .vwi l136lI ' "Ur Allman'- Jl'XT'1 ,YZ ,,,,,,,,- Kappa Delta SORORES IN FACULTATE Annie Dean Paltie '26 Lois Conrad Leah Carter Irene Marsh Florence Harmelink Elsie Munroe Marian Pullen Helen Goodrich SORORES IN COLLEGIO Theo Broxholm Anna Root Esther Wooton '28 Cecile Hathaway Beryl Marker Eloise Butts Herring Margaret Adair '29 Janie Shoults Thelma Raidle Josephine Gray Ruth Mcllvenna Helen Webster '27 Francis Lewis Francis Morrison Benida Madill Helen Cox Francis Risinger PLEDGES Florence Pangborn Alta Townsend Margaret Nash Frances Spring Grace Lindsay Unella Wing l137l 'PA 0 A lr. Q' The Clzonzozz Lmfarx 90 ztfx tat jozmdca' 111 101 Mlldred Frtch Dorothy Frlsxngcr Ecllth Merrltt Treva Overholt Esther Palmatler Mary Sackett Mabel Hornrng Mary Moulton Mary Alrce Parsons Cl1OH13H ACTIVES Gxanetta Pray Lucrle Robmson Paulme Rodgers Paxlnne Smlth Nellie Weldenhammer Edlth Bentley Ruth Edmunds Myrtle Fuller Helen Holmes Letta Kervm PLEDGES Marlon Carlxsle Jean and zfoaganz td Um 1 1097 Rosella Lmk Amy Mann Mxldred Prlce LOISB Rogers Frances Thornton Helen Benedlct Ruth Burchs Lucy Leng Ruth Parsons Bernlce Walkley Nledlyn ,26 . . ' '28 '29 '27 '29 if 2 ,f,4 24.e , -, ..,.Ew?. ..,... ,,2, 2 , , A 2 . . l1s8H Eclectic and Atheniades The EcIz'rf1't' and .cltlzvlzimrkv I.lfc'I'll1'j' .5'm'l't'ly was fvzrzzdvzf in LX'-15 '26 Walter Bath Francis Chapman Ruth Heathcock Dee Hurst Lorena Jones Ruth White '27 Wesley Bradburn '28 Letha Heathcock Whyle Wilcox It Ilucalzzt' a Clnsvd Sucivly in 1922 ACTIVES '27 Lottie Bachelor Byron Ballard Gertrude Buck Dorothy Hix Doris Normandeau Charles Tenl-louten PLEDGES '29 Luna Bachelor Theressa Combellack Lois Heath llwl '28 Helen Faulkerson Kenneth Goodemoot Yvonne Haggit Stella Heath Marian Kingman Adrea Lewis Lois Reist Howard White Ernest Lutey Carl Martenson Percy Mills William Morford Helen Rockwell 11-wa-mvns-aezvnnsne. 4.-:mga , --ei.. . -. zu, 3 Ab- "if il "f'-NWN!-'XTW ,,,,,,,,.,,,..,. Corinthian T116 Coririflzimi Lite1'u1'yS0vi1'fy wax fnzmdm' OUOIPUV 30, 1922 ACTlVES Ida Crandell Mildred Freeman Marie Kintner Mavalyn Haugh Hazel Montgomery Bernice Kleinhans Ruth Monaweck PLEDGES Anna Monroe ',:,.lvsG- ll-sol Dorothy Schilskey Myrle Spcnse Lois Willis Mildred Monroe Alberta Phillips H :'v4eQALaaomAn .QL ' , 'llliea .!X l..E3-ICIDINJ lA4tlNl Alpha Tau Omega Fozuzded at Virg1'11z'a Illilifary Izrstitufc, Riclzuzond, Viz-giniaa, 1865 Beta Omicron Chapter Established 1889 Colors: Sky Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Tea Rose Publication: "The Palm" l142l ALBIONIAN Alpha Tau Omega FRATRES IN FACULTATE Edwin Roscoe Sleight Reuben W. Betchtel '26 Harold Perkins Murray Spitzer Harold Tweedie '27 Russell Babcock Arthur Babcock James Lightbody Harold Norman Bruce Osgood FRATRES IN COLLEGIO James Cretcher Maurice Strong Donald White Paul Camburn Howard Smith '28 Robert Cluff Leslie Hoffman Bruce Taylor Edward Kilian PLEDGES Louis Leeson George Heels Harold Lewis Harold Wilson Hugh Sebastian '29 Thomas Emery Stewart Bolhuis Lawrence Jannash Ralph Doolittle Sherman Lawton Carlton Knack Donald Wilson Angus Raupp Harlan Mitchell Robert Gillespie William Br0wn ll-ssl 1"4"'x. CHAPEL ENTRANCE ---v .- - .. Y .H , ,.,,,,. ..,,.. ,.........., 4 , . -i,Z4': A LUPQN 'AN A Delta Sigma Phi Founded at thc Collvgf of the City of New York, 1898 Alpha Tau Chapter Established 1917 Colors: Nile Green and White Flower: White Carnation Publication: "The Carnation lI44l ' 'ine RX LDISCJN a AN Delta Sigma Phi FRATRES IN FACULTATE XV. Vifhitcomb Whitehouse Robert S. Miller '26 Donovan Cameron Scott Hartman Harold Kilmark George Price Allen Whitney FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Dallas I-larger Alvin Neller Russell Parks Lloyd Snelling Allen Renshaw John Varty Roger Chenoweth Lawrence Childs Darrell Decker Reginald Eldred Donald Gabriel Charles Nelson '27 Verne Doughty Eugen Fowler '29 Ted Cook Dudley Culver Clarence Dammon Lawrence Gilbert Richard Higley Leslie Williams '28 Harold Bristol PLEDGES ll-ssl George Paine Lawrence Van Camp Bates Wills Walter Kilmark John Sinclair William Snelling Robert Tyler Norman Whitehouse George Hill Pfu Al BIONIAN dak? Delta Tau Delta Foundld at Bfflmzzx Colhge B4 ham U uf Ijllgllllll 1S":9 Epsnlon Chapter Establlshed 1876 Colors Purple and Gold Flower Pansy Publxcarxon The Rambow I1146l ... , UAQ ALBION IAN v i' '26 Warren Shields Lyle J. Eastman Hume S. Dice Clifford Burbank J. Dunton Barlow Arthur R. Lange Hartley J. Cansfield Ralph J. Preshaw Delta Tau Delta FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Victor Wiliams Gordon Herrick Russell Cortright Theodore A. Bergman Thorn Smith '28 Roy Oliver Paul Winder W. Earl McConnell VV. Clark Roggie '29 John Cronk Stanley Cowen Thomas Steverman Edward Carleson Bernard Koether '27 Raymond Conrad George Koether Harry Williams Harlow Stankrauff Charles Baldwin PLEDGES XVilliam Simmerly James Holland Wilmer Stone Ansel Baker l147l Him: A LBIONIAN Sigma Chi Fozmdrd at .lliauii l'11ii'c1'sify, O.1'fm'd, Olzio, 1855 Alpha Pi Chapter Established 1886 Colors: Blue and White Flower: White Rose Publication: "Sigma Chi Quarterly li. I ll148l M-42139 ALBICDNI,-NN ""' -' -,:, ' 1 '26 William Sibley Robert Garfield Neil Galbraith Sherwood Brown Hoyt Howell Edgar Long '28 Frederick Sauer Edmund Ward Horace Hill '29 Bradford Brackway sigma Chi FRATER IN FACULTATE Dudley Vernor FRATRES IN COLLEGIO '27 Victor Nagle Robert Campbell Frederic Leech Clarence Boldt Raymond Hull Russell Johnston PLEDGES Lee Bartlett Lynn Bartlett Kenneth Hadley Stuart King Howard Teeter Hobart Moore Robert Sauer luol Hollis Quinlan Emmett Brocklebank '28 Lawrence Billings Murlin Kuhlman Roy Spaulding William Cummings Blaine Nutt Eugene Houck Clarence Hartung Edward Bullock ' '71'ug' ALBICJNUAN ' Sigma Nu Founded af Virginia Military Inzxtitzziu, Richmond, Virginia, in 1869 Gamma Gamma Chapter Established l895 Colors: Black. White. and Gold Flower: White Rose Publication: "The Delta" -'1"+-7 J- wie'-P -11: 41' L ixson 0 A I , 761: ALBIKJNIXXYNI '2 6 Park Bradshaw Morris Buckborough Otto W. Baur William Crowe Owen Perkins Ray Holmes '27 Norman Anderson Kenneth Bartlett Floyd Boys '28 Elson Balkema Roger Calvert Sigma Nu FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Robert Bradbury Clinch Crocker Howard Kenaga Phill Theo May Victor Peck Norman Reed Charles Rogers Paul Risley Carl Hamman Del Hahn George Jones Harlan McCall Darrel Johnson John Ludwig Syver Thingstad Arthur Thwaites Ha rold Schumacher '28 William Blanding James Galloway '29 John Bromley Leonard Hoag Alvin Rockwell PLEDGES '29 Joe Fleming John Lawther Kenneth Ringle Merrill Walls Lawrence Wiseman 3---2-1 - L . llill f7Ae ALBuoNaAN Zetalethian Founded as a Iitc'1'a,1'y society, 1903. RCL7I'gUll'iSCd as Cl local f1'atc1'nity, 1924 Colors: Blue and White 1115211 '26 Laurence Anderson Charles Barclay Arthur Dewey Milo Frisinger Harold McCracken George Miles Thomas I. Starr Erwin! Yinger '27 Francis Baad James Griffiths Zetalethian ACTIVES William Lovejoy '28 Kenneth DeOme Wendell Edwards Allen Elliott Roy Johns Ralph Keyes Walter Strait Clement Yinger '29 Raymond Bowers lrssl Emerson Brigham Ernest Johns Howard Kranmore Norman Lyons John Marvin Raymond Rogers William Rogers William Rogers Lawrence Wylie Dempster Yinger George Webber Harold Neff ROBINSON HALL . HIGH 7156 ALBIONIAN Maecenian The Macrmziafz Literary Society was founded llla-rflz 3, 1924 HONORARY CHARTER MEMBER Dr. Frederick S. Goodrich Els-:Il Maecenian ACTIVES '27 Walter Baird Forrest Snyder George Greenwood George Edwards Russell Fink '28 Clarence Barclay l.aVerne Ridout '29 Harry Worth William Krebs John Morey PLEDGES John Young Harris Holmes Harry Newton Cecil Miller Terrance Hood llisl .g1 'IN ' ' - , , 2 ,fy A, H , '- Q, r' 4, ,,x- . .. . 'J' 7" ', 'WM 'J' ' ' "' 7'?efALB'9N'AN M 4 -. Y 1 1 'P' -'fl'--H '9"1" ' 'R 59, A inhgxskvi. my 3' 'Q 1 ' n V l v1.1 I .v , 1. .1 X-LAL 'W-"34fL' .WW I7- -1 I 1 - '-. 7",7rj '..L' FLY , , ' , ' H V1 ni '4 A - L-..' xfjflyl... 54' H1 1 -,A . q l'Q"1:iSiN 3 'wtf Nw .nu 1: naw- vlhfbg-i ar "ru A Q , A4 -4 ,: x,,g-',u 'h'LE'.k" K A -..........,,.,,,,,A4m,,,,4A W A, A-4-,-,1 AND NOW MAY WE PQESENT F JQ ADVEQTISEQS HAVQNG PLAYED AN X Q f'Q15 "KTu 2-JW W' 'N W 7 f WNW xrl V QV, x W,.'x N I WE' Ur N I I xxx W!!! C Q XIVIPUQTANT PAQT IN IVIAKNG THIS VOLUVE POSSIBLETHEY DESEIQVE DUI? PATQON AG A ffLf!!!fff7'fff f!Wf4!fffWfffffffW M Y 5 ff im'mff?ff1fZ7 451 fffffjfl K A fp XHIAMN M W W m q M y ff' f 1 I WuYM'lSHllUllluElMLlJUlHLHlHWl1Wl" ' 'II f-4-G..-.., t,....,.g, ,, , nbgw V, W Y -vf7lQr:, ALBlOljlVlAN The College of Your Fathers Wants to Be Your College A F ., As xt was 5 , , W4-ee 1861 'Q' r U' 1' Wihif if f ll ff 1 f' mga' 'E' E nr 5 Come and see It 111 1926 so 1 s fgklygmgg I A nm 'saga 1 1 lliliiIlllillllilillliim ,fc ,,, Jalmllllliiu A C For three generat1ons Alb1on College has been the Mecca of M1ch1gan Method1sm Grand ch1ldren of Alb1on s first students have been graduated from IC Although SlXty Eve years have wrought many changes 1n bu1ld1ngs, equ1pment, faculty and methods, It stxll IS the college of your fathers, and st1ll lt preserves under the 1n fluence of Chr1st1an teachers, the 1deal of a l1beral educat1on and the faxth of 1ts founders Albion has always been a small college xs now and always wall be helxevxng that only under such ccndltrons can students realize the most from their work through a personal contact wxth the faculty Whrle rt mamtams the atmosphere ofthe small college yet xt xs large enough to afford the best there rs ln CdUl.8tlOD3l facultles Albron rml.s rn class A the hxghest ratmg gxven any educatxonal mstxtutxon Its credxts and degrees are accepted at par hy practxcally every college and umversxty rn the country Seventeen well developed departments of mstructron are mamtamed xuth a carefully selected faculty numbering forty Eve Two degrees are awarded the bachelor of arts and bachelor of musxt Students who take thexr mamor rn the Conservatory cf Music may recewe the A B degree rf they so desxre An arrangement wrth the State Umver sity enables prospectxve lawyers doctors dentists and engmeers as vrell as those mtendxng to do graduate work ln husmess admmxstratxon to tuke thexr fourth year there thus shortenxng their course by one year Albion students are recognxzed by the state department of educatlon and those graduates who complete the requnrements rn the department of educrtxon are rwarded the State teachers Alblon heartily belxeves m the value of extra curricular actlvxtxes and heartlly encourages them In debating and oratory Albxon teams are recogmzed as outstandmg xn the Middle West In athletics Albxon has won more than her share of champxonshlps Her muslcal organlmtxons have been heard all over the State and are noted for thelr excel lence In dramatlcs she IS not to be excelled Twxce have her student play ers received favorable cntxcxsm from Broad way crrtrcs when companies have appeared upon a New York stage In fostermg such actrvltnes Albxon not only develops scholars but leaders as well Albxons one arm above all others 15 to talre boys and gxrls from thexr home commumtxes and return them men and women of character, life certxficate xntelllgence and vrslon lf after readmg thls you are at all xnterested ln what Albxon can offer you, wlll you wrrte us for a catalog and a copy of the recently xssued student act1v1t1es bullet1n7 AI1BlQN COLLEGE JOHN LAWRENCE SEATON G CALVIN RINGGENBERG Presldent Dxrector of Conservatory . . f Eff' J E' -1-11 ""' X 1"' -. ' ff: ,-15 .5-.'K In : lf . 2 I air--ini-ell Q -ski: 351. - -if I 155:31 it ' ' Hail- " ,f:,:,m, l " 'mmf :Tvs Q f g lfllu Siegel: - iT,f, - gm' 11' . x'4sQ':F1" " A94 - 'iffffy Q ji -11, J' Q-t il: . ' ?42fi?e:9 --H ss., ' 5--: - -: l1SSl A School for Savings Have you educated your savings to earn all they should for you? Is your money trained in the " sound investment school" to bring you a rich reward in cash ref turns and in security? Your money invested ns Consumers Power Preferred Shares fTaxf1cc m Mxchxganj buys you a profiting partnership that brings you a check every month in the year - there are no vacations l CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY ASK OUR EMPLOYEES ABOUT IT D593 W 5ZQ1Igff5ib BURN pp 'Ohis is to you Who helped us tlironglig Sorne praise is due, For yon've been true. OKS GEO. MITCHELL and COMPANY Alhion's Favorite for 28 'Years .AN Inspection of our work will result in your unqualified enf dorsement of the workmanship of our artisans and the high quality of our materials. H. PARDOE AND SONS ALBION .'. MARSHALL We use the paint products of the Glidden Company of Cleveland, Ohio. A11 of our materials: paint, leads and oils, are of the highest quality. PAINTERS and DECORATORS THE STARR COMMONWEALTH THE ALBION PUBLIC SCHOOLS THE SHELDON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH THE KRESGE GYMNASIUM THE SUSANNA WESLEY DORMITORY ESTIMATES GIVEN-All Contract Work According to Specifications The sarne careful attention given to private residences IIGOI 7667 ALBIONIAN I A Bigger cmd q3et1:e'r ALBIUNIAN Photographs by GRANT STUDIOS THE GRANT STUDIO IIO E. ERIE ST. ALBION, MICH. H1611 Compliments of The Service Caster and Truck Co. Albion, Mich. The Central Market Everything in Meats Tours to please R. V. LOQMIS Party Flashlights have been my Specialty for 20 years G CLIFFORD SMITH Phone 102-House 364fW Compliments of The Thwaites Furniture Co. Albion, Mich. McDougall and Young Dealers in .Quality F uels O Q IIS N. Superior St. Phone II8 Compliments of The Albion Malleable Iron Co. ey Albion, Michigan II Il , . vnu, , ,.A...'f ,- nic, 5152- f' Ewa ',f.1 . Z.. ,- LIBRARY WALK J .Ha - I 246, A EHIONWNL Compliments of The Truscon Laboratories MAKERS OF Waterproof Paints Enarnels, Varnishes DETROIT, MICH. Our Products used and Recommended by I-I. PARDOE 81 SONS ALBION - MARSHALL Painters and Decorators THE WESLEY DORMITORY THE KRESGE GYMNASIUM THE ALBION PUBLIC SCHOOLS THE STARR COMMONWEALTH THE SHELDON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Albion Gas Light Company Service First Profit a By-Product F. E. Caron Manager SINGER 82 SON ALBION, MICH. Furniture of Quality COMPLETE HOME FURN I SH I NGS The I-Iotel Barber Shop Where the work is done right Andy Whalen II6-II 37Ae-ALBnoTr2nAN The Palace of Sweets Sodas S Swndaes Candies The Albion Confectionery KOSTIANES BRoTHERs .Quality and Sefrvice Where it goes the farthest 0 Maple City Dairy Co. ALBION, MICH. A Business Tonic That Won Success Everything has a beginningg a child is born and has to be carefully nourished. If left alone it could not live. The beginning of the business of the J. C. Penney Company was a precarious one. It passed through many moments of uncertainties. But it was never left alone. Its greatest nourishment was derived from the brand of service its founder gave to the public. It served best by giving only worthy goods for the least possible money. Fed upon this tonic it eventually grew into a live, rapidlyfexpanding business. The same service governs its operations today as then, but the strength of this service has been notably increased, G. l16sl fm 6 A fa foils ASN? The Censor Theatre The place where all the students go For II years always the best in Photo Plays PARAMOUNT AND FIRST NATIONAL PICTURES Our New Modern Theatre is Nearing Completion. Watch for the Opening The Sanitary Market Your continued patronage is the finest advertisement of our MEATS 404 s. SUPERIOR STREET WICKHAM'S The College Barber Shop Since Iooo Again thanking you for your past Friendship and Patronage HARRY MORSE Cleaning and Pressing Special Service on the Campus Everett Cavanaugh OPTOMETRIST Specializing in Comfortable Vision Albion, Mich. --i - '7Ae ALBIONIAN The Southern Michigan Transportation Co. DeLuxe Motor Coach Service of the Southern Michigan Transportaf tion Co. has served the Albion College Athletic Association and the Glee Clubs in the past year. We are ever ready to serve your future Transportation Needs. Iaeaieadl l167l 1 Vi M'7Q4i ALBlONxlAN , P CHAIN DAIRIES QUALITY FQQDS Coldpack Pfrocess The Best G for The Least A BOTTLE OF MILK IS A BGTTLE OF HEALTH 3125. Superior The Albion College Co-Operative Book-Store Owr Pvimcwy Intevest is Sewice to the Student Body STUDENT NECESSITIES g H H 545111 .,.m.,W 1 it ln... , ,. "' 'NW' Q " , , . Compliments of The Gale Manufacturing Co Albion, Michigan "tl ?1-w,x- G N251 ,Eiga l!'L2fF9f"1f"cl'.' I '5g'12Z?"? -QEAYFQQA ,.. we J.e1,ieQ-Saga-15.fQ+e 1 .... ..... W5 GGL'drLNJf15L17iiE55fmmm in -.-' i f ' ,, SN C, ' G 5-1-W-1-'-""" 1. 1 Qfjgwf i v . EEL v s"'lv iv 'fr 'lu -I. Q ' w iigll' ' 'ie-5 'himu 'F' f .-qflii' x 1 X 11.0 BEEF fl x f alibi' ,ff ,G Q, 1 tml... ,va Q. ,-,Xe,- X XY- -Rl . :Lf ' N 4 w1i'X ia, .X gk Compliments of Union Steel Products Co. GEORGE E. DEAN, Glass of 1896, President BROCKWAY DICKIE, Class of IQIS, Secretary W. CLARKE DEAN, Class of 1921, VicefPresident H1693 -r. - E '74t?,AFQLON'A'f'i All Plumbing, Heating and Ventilation in THE KRESGE GYMNASIUM THE WESLEY DORMITORY and THE CENTRAL HEATING PLANT Installed by A. S. WILDT H1703 Builders of the KRESGE GYMNASIUM AND THE SUSANNA WESLEY DORMITORY G0 Schumacher Construction Co. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Aibion, Mich. The Best Of I-IoMEfCooKED FOOD "just Like Mothe'r's" G HUNTEPJS INN 604 Austin Ave. On llM,l7!I Rhoton's Five and Ten Cent Store A complete Eve and ten cent store with variety merchandise RHOTONV5 STORE Albion, Mich. 1711! .1 '71'.f?..,'5l-BFQ.'7'f 'AN The Sal1y-Ann Beauty Your's for Service Sh0P ' The Snug Barber Shop MAHONEY AND K ILLIAN 2135 S. Superior St. Phone 323fM C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 1o1 W. Porter St. Sarah E. Beckwith Successor to O. A. Leonard General Insurance Superior and Erie Streets Phone 55 Day's Coffee Ranch 406 S. Superior St. Phone 567, HIGH GRADE COFFEE TEAS AND SPICES Fresh Jumbo Peanuts Peanut Butter made While you wait Our Clothes are designed to please the College Man Albion College Representative LES HOFFMAN Maurice S. Gordon Co. 21 W. Main Street Battle Creek, Mich. We welcome you to our store-you are sure to find that odd piece of furniture that you have been looking for. All the popular lines on our floors. O J. J. Thwaites Furniture Galleries Furmcrly RADIO AND FURNITURE CO. Superior and Porter Streets Phone I3 Albion, Mich. H1729 E vzaAetazesN.xqfeeeeee The Post Tavern BATTLE CREEK, MICH. Reasonable prices in all departments. 250 rooms. Excellent furnishings and appointments. Washed air. Circulate ing ice water. Informal. Numerous dining rooms to suit every preference. Unusual Colfee Shop. Afternoon Tea and musical program daily. C. H. MONTGOMERY VicefPreside11t and Manager ONE OF AMERICA'S EX C EPTIONAL HOTELS The Students Stofre Kuppenheimer Clothes, Manhattan Shirts, Inter' wovenSocks,Cooper'sUnderf wear, MichaelfStern and StylefPlus Clothing. Especial attention is directed to our offering of fine furnishings, the kind that students like and should have. Other features in the matter of quality and service that make this the student store of Albion. Torrey and Blaisdell The Home of Kuppenheimer Clothes The Chatter-Box Sandwich Shoppe WHERE YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME Commutation 'Tickets 55.50 for 55.00 ALBION, Mlcn. E. J. Winslow PLUMBING AND HEATING PHONE 109 BREAD In Albion it's Hoaglin's 9 Ho aglin Bros. Bakery Friendly Service The Up-To-Date Shoe Shop Electric Shoe Repairing First Class Workmanship Corner Cass and Superior Phone 414 EPWORTH LABORATQRY H1211 Watch for the White Wagon 0 Woodruff 82 Sons G L W Une ALB-TOQIWIATNT ---1--- .W. Osmun 82 Son MILK AND CREAM DEALERS 506 West Center St. Phone 545j A GOOD PLACE TO BUY YOUR Clothing, Furnishings and Footwear QUALITY AT LOWER COST The Recorder Press Company G Commercial and Job Printing G "Let Your Printer Paint The Picture" O. I-I. GALE DIRECT EXCLUSIVE AGENCY A. j. REACH COMPANY S porting Goods Hardware and Athletic Goods G ESTABLISHED IN 1856 Phone 206 1743 '76 F'-L5E9l9'1'sQ'1'. WE HAVE KEPT FAITH Painters and Decorators THE STARR COMMONWEALTH SHELDON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ALBION PUBLIC SCHOOLS THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH THE KRESGE GYMNASIUM and now THE SUSANNA WESLEY DORMI TOR Y Only the highest type of workmanship and the highest quality of materials can result in such an achievement. I-l. PARDDE AND SONS We use the products of the Billings-Chapin Co. Ask Me-I'li Bite So do the rest of us-At I-loaglin 82 V Ghanka The Front Door is Never Locked Our Sunday night dinners and luncheons are popular The Gleason Printing Company . 106 E. Erie St. COMMERCIAL PRINTING BUSINESS CARDS BOOKLETS PROGRAMS FOLDERS CALLING CARDS STATIONERY WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS PROCESS ENGRAVING Student Patronage Solicited lrvsl 'nf A l.,Uli7Nl.AN H A Q ia, 59 9 rr .9 9 EQ 22 .2 I 9 55 'I I . XQSQZ - Q YE ENGRAWER OF ULD with his small tools and his piece of box Woocl spent days, yea sometimes Weeks, in the Pro. duction of a single illustration requiring much skill ancl patience. MODERN PHOTO-ENGRAVINGS are made photo mechanically with the use of modern Photographic apparatus and the aicl of chemistry. But it depends just as much upon the skill of the artisans as in the days of old. Your illustrations-he it a school hook or a, catalog, if intrusted to us, will he given careful attention so that the finished printed page may truly convey the illustration you Wish to produce. SERVICE ENG RAVING CO. BOYER BLDG. CONGRESS B: BRUSH. DETROIT. MICH. .9 6 9 Q .9 C 9 6 fi C .......... :- ..... mu U wgg SAI B'.5mzi You Will Like The New Pa r li e r l n n A Wiggins Hotel Bringing To Albion A Hotel Service Dislinrlive In. Ils Courlesy Unique In Ils Appoinlmenl Faullless In Ils Eaferulion Opening A New Era In Student Social Life Formal or Informal Fzmclions Enlerlainmenl Grill Ballroom HATES 552.00 AND UP 177l MVK '7h f: A L B I OOD Paper Good Ezzgmwkzgf Good Przkztzhg When combined make your College Annual a better book GG R9 SP12C1A1,1s'rs IN COLLEGE ANNUALS 248 WEST CONGRESS STREET DETROIT, MICH. - l l1781I l UAQALBIQHQAN k Autographs- az , Q7 -ffmzzwkf V Mxj f , V, Czfwff XJ. ' , .,X ,J VL , ,JA Wf?"vv N ,Z U5 fdwiff 110' NXUUQV- 09 LW-fk' 4'-W ,f,y.fv-vff4f E ',2r?22-A4fL' 7" I X J 0CvL,g,QLf ' b Qx ti- b TY , Q7 af, fi,7f ,:4Q2f, Q4 7 W, ' . '1fif ' A 4 A "'v wi' X' i C?zl' ,t -'Z' 57. ing vi. - . ., XC, bt 5 I ' 1- 1 I 1,84-xl-'VJK lf' 'H Ut .. Jn... .YQ S? ' XLQAI-4.,--rv-dwg ,7-'104-9,30 il A . , . : ..e , A .A I. l I , I . . ' 4 , . 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' :ill iw " ' :::fIflI!lli:!:': 5:1111 . 2-'s:asss',aas:sss I li A I 222471 I I ' 1 I ' I In V iz:--.---mf.. :::gg, X I , - ll u .M .E 5 I, H' If ' !:HQ QL Q Al- 1' D -. lzgiggziiiggav 1' f ...., I N " I X 4 1 .na :E-. f f ' H- 'iv " ' l5iiiiii5Ei.5:5F1 .... f f Hifffu '::::::a::5:5. .5E2sse:EEE?55if:: U73 '7Ae, ALBIONIAN ROBERT WILLIAMS, A.B., D.D Dean of ihe College and Professor of Philosophy Delta Sigma Rho: A.B. Wesleyan University, Middletown. Conn., 1911: D.D. Albion College, Al- bion, Mich., 1921: Registrar and Vice-President, Department of Eng- lish, East Greenwich Academy, East Greenwich, R. 1.: Dean, Department of English and Classics, Williams- port Dickinson Seminary, Williams- port, Pa.: present position since 1921. RUTH HASSE, A.B., M.A. Dean of Women. A.B., Coe College, 19203 M.A., Columbia University. 1925: Dean of Women, Westminster College. Salt Lake City, 1921-24. ' Uhr- ALUILDNIAN FREDERIC SAMUEL GOODRICI-1. A.M., D.D., Profes- sor of Biblical History and Literature. Phi Beta Kappa: Psi Upsilon: AB., NVesleyan Uni- versity. Connecticut. 1890: A.M., University of Michigan. 1898: Yale University. Connecticut. 1898: University of Chicago. Summer Sessions: University of Berlin: DD.. Deliance College. 1909: Assistant Instructor in Circelt. Wesleyian University. Connecticut. 1891-92: President of College. January Z1. 192-l-, to July 15. 192-1: present position since 1892. EDWIN ROSCOE SLEIG1-IT. A.M.. Professor of Mathematics. B.S.. Albion College, 1901: A.M., 1901: Professor of Mathematics. Montevideo. Uruguay, South America. 1902-04: Michigan Military Academy. 1904-06: Carthage College, Illinois. 1906-08: Alpha Tau Omega: present position since 1908. PHIL HAROLD HEMBDT. A.M., Ph.D.. Professor of English Language and Literature. Phi Beta Kappa: Delta .Sigma Rho: A.B.. New York University. 1901: A.M., 190-1: Ph.D.. 1915: Principal High School, Mt. Kisco. N. Y.. 1901-O55 Normal School. Superior. Wisconsin. 1905-13: author of "1-lome English and School English." "Irish Life in Irish Fiction." "The 1nf1uence of the Royal Society on English Style". "Guide to Novel Reading". "Analysis of English Prose Sty1e": Phi Gamma Delta: present nosition since 1913. i101 """a!"'W i . .,- lvl-4,:1i.-,.3:1ll:"' 1 - .,.a1x, -- ianu-lf - 'zll'llJl"'Jl',Xl'd ' . ' ,vii-"' i ARTHUR HENRY HARROP, A.M., Ph. D., Professor of Latin and Greek Languages and Literature. Phi Beta Kappa: A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1894, A,M., 1896: A.M., Harvard University. Mass., 1903: Ph.D., Boston University, 1905: Vice-President and Professor of Latin and Greek, Union College, 1894-95, same at Missouri Vi7esleyan College. 1896-97: Acting Assistant Professor of Greek at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, 1905: Professor of Latin, University of Denver. 1905-13: Registrar and Instructor of Latin and Greek, Alle- gheny College, 1913-15: author of "College Train- ing," "Fraternity Scholarship," "What the College and University Ought to Do for the Student in Latin," "Latin and Greek as First Aids in the Study of Psychology," "The Story of Ammi Bradford Hyde": Sigma Alpha Epsilon: present position since 1915. ARTHUR MERTON CHICKERING. M.S., Professor of Biology and Geology. Sigma Xi: Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University, 1913: M.S.. University of Wisconsin, 1916: further graduate work at the University of Michigan. Summer Sessions. 1919-24: Instructor in Biology, Beloit College, Wis., 1913-18: Instructor in Zoology at University of Michigan Summer Ses- sion, 1921-22: Papers in Cytology: Member of the A. A. A.'s: Member of the American Microscopical Society, 1924: Member of the American Nature Association: Fellow of the American Geographic Society: Member of the Michigan Academy of Science: Vice-President Zoology Section, 1910-20: present position since 1918. DAVID LINSDAY RANDALL, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry. Sigma Xi: A.B., Yale University, Connecticut. 190-l-: A.M.. Yale University, Connecticut, 1905: Ph.D., 1907: Instructor in Chemistry, University of New Hampshire, 1907-10: Professor of Chemistry and Faculty Secretary, Baker University, Kansas. 1910- 18: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Wesleyan University, Conn.. 1918-19: Member of the American Chemical Society: Sigma Phi Epsilon: present position since 1919. 1201 n- -Xll1l'.W"ulX"-. ALBERT JOHNSTON McCULLOCI-1. Ph.D,. Professor of I-Iistory. A.B.. University of Missouri. 189-1: A.M.. 1895: Ph.D., University of Denver, 1905: Columbia Uni- versity, 191-1: Instructor in I-Iistory. University of Missouri, 1894-95: Professor of History, North East Missouri Teachers' College, 1919: Professor of History. Morningside College. Iowa, 1923-2-1: Author of "The Loan Office Experiment in Mis- souri"2 Pi Kappa Delta: present position since 1919. DONALD MONROE GILBERT. Ph.D.. Professor of Modern Languages. Phi Beta Kappa: Ph.B.. Wesleyan University, Con- necticut. 1908: Certincat d'etudes Erancaises, Uni- versity of Paris. 1910: A.M,. West Virginia Univer- sity, 1917: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. 1920: Instructor in French, Northwestern University, Ill., 1909-10: Instructor of English. Corozal. Porto Rico. 1908-09: Supervising Principal, Corozal and Humacao. Porto Rico. 1911-1-1: Instructor in Eng- lish and French, Instituto Nacional, Panama, 191-1- 151 Instructor in Romance Languages. West Vir- ginia University, 1915-18: University of Cincin- nati. 1918-19: Graduate Work and Assistant in Romance Languages, University of Wisconsin. 1919- 20: Delta Kappa Epsilon: present position singc 1920. CLEMENT EUGENE ROOD, Ph.M., Professor of Physi cs. Ph.B., Albion College, 189-1: Ph.M.. 1897: In- structor in Astronomy and Physics, Albion College. 1895-97: Fellowship in Astronomy, University of Chicago. 1897-99: Instructor in Mathematics and Astronomy. Beloit College, Wisconsin, 1899-1901: Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Carthage Col- lege. Illinois. 1901-03: Instructor in Physics. Michi- gan College of Mines. 1903-15: Assistant Professor. 1915-20: Head of Department of Physics. XVestern State College of Colorado. Summer Session, 1923: present position since 1920. frxnsvt-1 azz- --.aqua , 'rl , -K -.-......-q.-,,....a. , 1111 .aber N-:P P7116 ALBICDNIAN HM HENRY LEE EWBANK. A,M., Professor of Public Speak- in Phi Beta Kappa: Delta Sigma Rho: Phi Delta Epsi- lon: A.B., Ohio Wesleyan, 1917: AIM., University of Michigan, 1924: Treasurer National Association of Teachers of Speech: Instructor in Public Speak- ing, High School, Delaware, Ohio, 1916-17: Graduate School at University of Michigan Summer Sessions, 1921-23: Instructor in English, Albion College, 1917-18: Assistant Professor of Public Speaking, Albion College, 1918-21: Assistant Pro- fessor of Public Speaking, Nlichigan State Normal College, Summer Session, 1923: Chi Phi: Head of Department of Public Speaking since 1922. FRANK W. SI-IULTIS. A.B,, A.M., Professor of Business Administration, A.B., State Teachers' College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1908: A.M,, State Teachers' College, Greeley, Colo., 1914: Instructor at Greeley, Colorado: present posi- tion since 1922. WILLIAM WHITCOMB WHITEHOUSE, A.M., B.D., Th.D., Professor of Economics and Sociology. AB., Lebanon College, 1916: Lane Theological Seminary, 1915: B.D., Garrett Biblical Institute. 1917: Marquette University, School of Commerce, 1917-18: M.A., Lawrence College. 1919: Th.D., Drew Theological Seminary, 1922: Graduate work at Northwestern University, Summer 1924: Author of "The Church in the Light of the Imitation Theory," "The Chursh and the Industrial Situa- tion": Lecturer at International Students' Confer- ence, Lake'Geneva, 1923: Delta Sigma Phi: present position since 1922. 1221 QALBIONIAN THOMAS MILTON CARTER, Ph.D.. B.D., Professor of Education. Phi Delta Kappa: A.B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1914: B.D., Garrett Biblical Institute. 1917: A.M., Northwestern University, 1921: Ph.D.. University of Chicago. 1923: Student Director at Hamline Uni- versity, 1919-20: Member of the National Educa- tion Association: Member of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters: present position since 1923. BERNICE L. CROSBY, B.S.. Professor of Home Eco- nomics. B.S., University of Wisconsin: Director of Home Economics: present position since 1924. R W BETCHTEL, A.B., Director of Athletics. A.B., Wittenberg College, 1917: Summer School. Wittenberg College. 1917: Director of Athletics. Akron South High School. 1917-18: Director of Physical Education. Marine Barracks, Paris Island. South Carolina, 1918-19: Director of Recreation and Athletics, B. E. Goodrich Co., 1919-20: Direc- tor of Athletics. Akron South High School. 1920- 21: Director of Athletics. Woodward Tech. High School, Toledo. 1921-22: Director of Physical Education and Athletics. Baldwin-Wallace College, 1922-24: Summer School, University of Michigan. 1923: Summer School. Notre Dame University, 1924: present position since 1924. 1231 'Y1x',,,1r,a ?"'1':, 1,-N1 mf! 1 , 1 "Q R' 1 A 11'n4f1ym1v SN 1 it 1','1Yg21' " 1 T' 1 1 11 .'."111, 1 -:Sw .1': .r-'JAH' 'Q K 1 1 71. '.'1 A 'WI ' 1111 .5 'ff' ',"1 ."-11 115514 , . I-1 I, Lrfjluy ' 1 T111 1 1 1 liz, 1 .,. " " -Q. 1v A 11 11.1 l's',f1" ,111 'Ir . .11,I11P-'M 1:-sw, 1 I 11- M11 V-1 ,'f ' , uk if , ifx Fm!! y,',,1- '1 'Avo - ' 'p,'J-14 " 1 , 1,4 '1"5yF'1 f 'fy' ,N' r ,Ju 1. 11 1 1 - ,' w"1'i 1 1 ry ' "' 111 X 1 "11.1 1 'nl' .'-1 I fl. "-1.1 M , 1 I ',1,,'4 '1',,.11 'l. 2 .wa ,' - '11 1. ' '11 1 N . , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1, 1, . . 'I1:5"'1,j-,- ," 'Vw' 11' 1, .,,.. 11.1 1 11.11 N 'y 1 pf: . ' .-,qw ,E " , 1 ' - 1111 1,1 . ,muy xi Y ' 1. a"' 4' l 'I 111 fu "1 ,v'1.,- 1 ,, :111 1 1 ' 1 1 1 " 1 1 L, - 1 , , '1 1 1, '. wx 1' " K' "' '11 1 .1 g 1 11 ,I N x J 'J' 1 , 1 - 1 ,.",'4 1 , 1" -' 1 ' "'-1':11'1 1 '-11 X1 U 'pM 1 ,, . , . Q. ' 11 wp J L I k 1,13 ' A - 1- fs ' ' . 14" " ,211-.1-U' .f .11 "r I WK" Q' 1. 'f ' '11 ,gf , N. , . . I ' - 1.55 'X -' ,us 1. 'H .1 .ew 1 11 31' 4,1 If Q. '1 , M15 'YV 11- . I' ll ' 1-"on ' tr 4, 1111 wt 1 .1 .N-1 AT 'lm '-' .1 ' 11-1, 1. 1 1 KA' 'Q'f:1, 4. .-111'f1 - 1 M We-' - 1 . ,- 11, 4 . --111' I 4 Y U. 1 .i11 1 lx , ,1 X ,. ah, 1 111 . A 'M 1 I1 ,1 .1 , 5 11,1 N , 11 W. Fa N1w:.I 11? 5 1, 1: , , I .1,':,,i. 1, .rl 1, ' "wx 1- 1 1 j'11Iy""1.v ' "?"I1.. 1 11111--1' . 1'. ,' -1,,.1','11,-1.,.11,' ,,,'4.' 3, .1. , ,1,,1 1,g Q11 - 11,"1H, 1. 1 11 1 11 r 1 J' 1 1 1' 1. H11 11 1 - ' 1 - 1 1 : ' ' 'Ry . H 1 1 V U 1 ' Y 5 1 I 1-. ' 'X 1 . 1 1 1 1111 1 '1 11, ' 1 '21,-. . 11 1. ' 1,111 1 '11 311,41 1 1 1 ,. .1- 'lv '. i w 11 1 11-1 11 1 Z 1 1 HW s,.. HW, . .1 1 xv, X 1 1.?:'1'2," 'l 'T 1 - 1. "T,.'e,' 1 ,V ,1'. 1 ,, ' ,1. ,, V ' Fi 1j'w M 1 1-I H1 ..111.,,1NI 111511, ..1 , 1 , I1 L1 -2 If :r1lJ1'r'1y 1.3, 1, f A, 1 - ,1 1 , .11,,11,.,1.,111'.g':1-1 VL.. x", I 1' .1 1 1-111.1 111 1 1 Mg,-11 'w I 1 r 115' 511,13 .air ' " '11 1 11+ 1,5 1 if ' .u 1,1 11.1 ,1, 1' 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 ' 1' '- Pl , L 1 s ,,-rfff .. 1' , 1 V 1 1 11. ,1. 1131. W .11 1111A 1:1 .' Nr Q ....-- .. ,, 4.11-,S-..-. ROSE BALL, B.S., Librarian and Instructor in Library Methods. B.S., Albion College, 1896: Chautauqua Library School, 1922: Member of the American Library Association: present position since l905. IZLORENCE SWISHER, B.A., A.M., English and Public Speaking. American Association of University Women: B.A.. Ohio Wesleyan University: Ohio XVesleyan School of Oratory: Sargent's Dramatic School, New York: University of Chicago: A.M.. Ohio State University: Major Work for Ph.D. at Columbia University: Instructor Buena Vista College, Oxford College: author of "Costumes and Stage Properties of the Early Popular Drama": Three One-Act Plays: present position since 1921. SELMA SOPI-IIA KOENIG, A.M., Instructor in Modern Languages. A.B. and A.M., University of Wisconsin: Graduate Work. University of Chicago: present position since 1921. tv! ' -nk l14l I 'l"t' -Xl lllibr-:IA 'N LEON A. SEARS. B.S.E.. Instructor in the Department of Mathematics. 1Resigned February. 10161. B.S.E.. University of Michigan. 1920: present posi- tion since 1921. 1 AUDREY KENYON WILDER. A.M., Instructor in English. A.B.. Albion College, 1918: A.M.. Columbia Uni- versity, 1921: Instructor at Libertyville. Illinois: Graduate School, University of Chicago. Summer Session, 1923: Delta Gamma: present position since 1922. ANNIE GILMOUR DEAN, B.Pd,. Instructor in the De- partment of Home Economics. B.Pd., Michigan State Normal College: University of Chicago, Summer Session, 1923: Instructor at Ithaca. Michigan. 1918-21: Kappa Delta: present position since 1922. ---ingg'- --' ----4. .. -M , , -i...c,- V -V-+771 ,-,f-,, x:eV K --4 1- -.---f- .i.... ..,, lvl ....,..,,a- 'nk 7Av ALJEKTNINN CYNTHIA VIOLETTE STARR, A.B., Instructor in Modern Languages. Phi Beta Kappa: A.B., University of Nlissouri, 1921: Instructor in Modern Languages at Univer- sity of Missouri and Lindenwood College: present position since 1923. JAMES VERNQL CLARKE, B.S., M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor in English. Instructor in Journalism. BS., Vanderbilt University: M.A., Cumberland University: Reporter, Nashville Banner, 1916-17: U. S. Army, 1917-19, Lieutenant Field Artillery: Publicity Director Charleston Naval District and Editor of "Afloat and Ashoref' 1919-20: Associate Publicity Director. Presbyterian Church. U. S. A., 1920-22: Assistant Editor, "Presbyterian Advance": Professor of Journalism and Publicity Director, Cum- berland University, 1922-2-1-: Summers Work. George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville: Member American Association Teachers of Journal- ism: present position since 192-1. JAMES EDWARD JUDSON, BS., M.S,, Instructor in Biology. B.S.. University of Illinois: M.S., University of Wisconsin: Alpha Tau Alpha: High School ln- structor, Raymond, Illinois: Research Assistant, Uni- versity of Wisconsin: Kappa Beta Lambda: present position since 1924. . 1261 - one .ALHlONiAN - JOYCE CLENNAM STEARNS, BS., Instructor in Phy- sics. B.S,. King Fisher College. 1917: Officers Material School. Mare Island. California, 1918: Principal Clinton High School. Oklahoma. 19197211 ln- structor in Physics, King Fisher College. King Fisher, Oklahoma. 1921-22: Boy's Advisor. Denver High Schools, Denver, Colorado, 1922-2-l: En- gineering Schools, New London, Connecticut, Stevens Institute: present position since 1924. EATHE1. MARTIN. A.M., Assistant Librarian. A.B., Albion College. 1908: A,M.. Albion College, 191-l: Assistant Librarian at Albion College. 1908- 09: Teacher of Greek and Latin. Flint High School. 1909-13. 1915-17: present position since 1910. LOTTA MAE ROGERS, AB.. Assistant in Biology. A.B.. Albion College, 1923: present position since 1923. 1171 t Y. v-,W .K-1.. .. G CALVIN RINGGENBERG, M.Mus., Director of the Conservatory, Professor of Pianoforte and Pipe Organ. M.Mus., Iowa State College, 1910: Graduate New England Conservatory, Boston. in Piano Teachers' course under Alfred De Voto, 1914: Organist and Choir Master, Newton Center M. E. Church, 1914- 17: Post-Graduate New England Conservatory in Piano: Soloists' Course under Alfred De Voto, 1915: Graduate New England Conservatory in Organ Course under Wallace Goodrich, 1916: Spe- cial Student Harvard University, l915-16: Organist and Music Director of First Congregational Church. Fall River. Mass., 1918-20: Director of Fall River Choral, 1918: Director of Music Department, Jamestown College, Jamestown, North Dakota, 1921-2-1: Conductor of Jamestown Choral Society, 1924: Studies in Ecole Des Hautes Etudes Musicales de France under Isodore Phillip in Piano and Charles Marie Vidor in Organ. 1924: Summer School, Iowa State College, 1923: Graduate of Chicago Musical College. Chicago. under Clarence Eddy in Organ and Carl Busch in Composition: present position since 1924.- CLARISSA DICKIE-STEWART. Instructor in Piano and Normal Piano Methods. Albion Conservatory: Detroit Conservatory. Personal Instruction under Dr, William Mason of New York, W. C. Seebaeck of Chicago. Rafael Joseffy of New York: Summers of 1920 and 1922 in the Music School of Northwestern University: Special Course in Normal Methods of Piano: Josef Lhevinne, Rus- sian Pianist: Teaching under Otto Sand and E. W. Chase in Albion College Conservatory: Private Teaching in Battle Creek, Michigan: Alpha Chi Omega: present position since 1920. ELLA MAY MINERT. Professor of Voice and Public School Music, Pupil of Jeames Stephen Martin, Pittsburgh: Mrs. Theodore Toedt, Percy Rector Stephens, New York: Dr. Rhys Herbert, Minneapolis: Mrs. Nettie E. Sny- der, Florence. Italy: Dr. Farnsworth, Columbia Uni- versity: New York Teachers' College: Solo Positions in leading churches of Pittsburgh, New York, Minneapolis, and Atlanta. Georgia: toured the coun- try in recital and concert: soloist with New York Opera Company, on season: served one year in France with American Red Cross, in charge of recrea- tion in hospital huts: Artis member of National Federation of Music Clubs of America: head of Voice Department in University of Dubuque, Iowa. 1919-21: Instructor in University of Minnesota. 1923-2-1: present position since 1924. 11231 Tffuj A l. H 1 fi N I.-XN CHARLOTTE JULIA RUEGGER. Professor of Violin. First Prize with Distinction. Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. Belgium: Medaille de la Reine Elizabeth de Belgique, Royal Conservatory. Brussels, Belgium: Assistant to Cesar Thomson, 1900-13: Head of Violin Department, Institut des Hautes Etudes. Brussels, l908'l3: Head of Violin Department. Oberlin Conservatory, Ohio, 1913-14: Head of Violin Department, Meredith College. Raleigh. N. S., 1915-19: Director of St. Johns Church Choir, Fayetteville, N. C.. 1919-23: Decorated by H. M. King Albert of Belgium. 1918: Head of Violin De- partment. Albion College: Director of Music. First M. E. Church, Jackson, Michigan: Composer of Church Cantatas. etc.: present position since 1923. RENNETH REYNOLD UMFLEET, Bac. Sch. Mus.. Head of School Music Department. Vincennes University, 1913: Special Student Hen- niger's Conservatory, St. Louis, Mo.. 1914: Artist Graduate Kroeger School of Music, St. Louis. Mo.. in Piano under Ernest R. Kroeger, 1915: Post Grad- uate Work at Institute of Mnsical Art, New York City, 1915: Director of Music. Kentucky Normal College. 1916: Supervisor of Music. Public Schools. Clifton. Arizona, 1916: National Summer School for Teachers, Chicago, 1918-19: Supervisor of Music. Public Schools. Bisbee, Arizona, 1919-20: Graduate Columbia Summer School of Music, 1920: Private Pupil Herbert Witherspoon, Chicago Musical College. 1920: Supervisor of Music. Public Schools. Wooster. Ohio. 1920-22: Oberlin College and Con- servatory. l922-Z5: present position since 1925. F DUDLEIGH VERNOR, Instructor in Organ. Teacher at Bay View Summer University: Teacher of organ, piano. theory, Albion College, 1917-18: Organist, First Methodist Church. Jackson: Studio Piano and Organ. Jackson: Composer of "The Fellowship Song of Sigma Chi," "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi,": Sigma Chi: present position since 1923. -Ci 1101 Tl hm1ALuKnwAN MARGARET DRAKE, Instructor in Biology. A.B., Albion College, 1924: NLS., University of Michigan, 1925. DOROTHY G. ENGEL, A.B., A.M.: Instructor in Chemistry. ROYAL GLENN HALL, A.M., Ph.D.: Professor of History. A.B.. Park College: B.D., Auburn Theological Seminary: A,M., University of Kansas: Ph.D.. University of Chicago. l3Ol ' '7hc' ALHICJNIAN I CLARENCE BEVERLY HILBERRY, A.B., PLM.: ln- structor in English. A.B., Oberlin College: AM., Oberlin College. LETA E. HAMILTON. Director of Physical Education for Women. Gradute of Department of Physical Education, Battle Creek College, PAUL JONES, Director of Physical Education for Men. Graduate. Chicago School of Physical Education, U-is 5, lvl GEORGE HAROLD HICKOX, B.E.. Instructor in Mathe matics. B.E., University of Iowa. 113211 -lflfi' A L U I f VW I AN F! Aw-n'yc LB'ON IAN ' K , I Xllllll Xxx f ' xx XX ,A 4 x ' sl ff ffff M .lnwx fill' i N f :mlm ....... X ' ' ' ' X ff -X "555E2P.:EE5E5!EE ' L -- "., lf' ...f1f5.--, f Xi Wd2'1zZqf ,2s:I'121"'M ww Q QW X ,! llXX.lxQlf1 E333 l ll I 'u ..L'?ia "nw -Nl HIUNLAN l54l ANDERSON, LAURENCE A. Holton, Michigan Student Scnatc 4: Pleiad Staff 4: College Social Committee 4: College Publicity Committee 4: Ztlalethian: Literary. BARLOW, J. DUNTON Detroit, Michigan Football 1, 2. 3, 4: Track 1. 2. 4: Business Ad: Delta Tau Delta. BATH, WALTER T. Negaunee. Michigan Political Science Club: E. and A.: Lit- crary. BRADSHAXV, PARK S. Royal Oak, Michigan Della Sigma Rho: Debate l, Z. 3. 4: Glcc Club: Physics Club: Biology Club? Sigma Nu: Pre-Medic. BAUER. OTTO W. Pigeon. Michigan Publications Council: Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net: Intcrfratcrnity Council: Busincss Manager Albionian: Sigma Nu: Business BERRIDGE, H. MERRILLA Albion. Michigan Y. XV, C. A. l, 3. 4: Classical Club 4: Math Club 4: Literary. BLUE, GRACE Colurnbiaville. Michigan Boosters' Club: Secretary. Student Senate. 4: Outing Club 2, 9: Alpha Xi Delta, Literary. BUCKBOROUGH. MORRIS W. I ' Lansing. Michigan Cofop Board: Glee Club: Chemical Club: Biology Club: Sigma Xiu: Pre-Medic. ' ffm- Al 1iinwiaN BUCKINGI-IAM. GEORGE Edmore. Michigan College C. of C. 2: Mich. State Summer Session 1925: Business. BURBANK, CLIFFORD D. St. Johns, Michigan Debate I: Spanish Club: Baseball Man- ager: Plciad Editor 31 Albionian Editor 4: Contributor's Club: President Mich. Col- lege Press Ass'n: Delta Tau Delta: Jour- nalism. BURRELL, DOROTHY Bronson. Michigan Phi Gamma: Senior Basket Ball: XV. A. A.: Biol. Club: Classical Club: His- trionic Club: Outing Club: St. Cecelia Club: Student Church Board: Student XVomen's League: Delta Gamma, Literary. BUTTON, DONALD E. Otsego. Michigan Track l. 3. 4: 'Political Science Club: Pte-Engineering. CAMERON, DONAVON R. Marlette, Michigan Assist. Bus. Mgr. Albionian: Assist. Bus. Mgr, Pleiad: Bus. Mgr. Pleiad: College Chamber of Commerce: Spanish Club: Student Senate: Delta Sigma Phi: Busi- ness. CANSFIELD, HARTLEY J. Saginaw. Michigan Basketball Z. 3. 4: A Club: Delta Tan Delta! Business Ad. CARTER, LEAH J. Pontiac. Michigan Co-op Board 2. 3, 4: Book Store l. Z. 4: Publications Council: Chemical Club: Spanish Club: Hislrionic Club: Home EC. Club: Honor Roll Z. 3: Kappa Delta: Home Economics. CORTRIGHT, RUPE RT L. Albion. Michigan Class President 4: Debate l. 2. 3, 4: Bancroft Debate Prize: Delta Sigma Rho: College Orator 4: Pub. Council: Student Senate: Winner Horn Oraturical Contest 3: Constitution Oratorical Contest 3: Mathematics. iv. b-nl t-ur C 'if' bl. --gh if 'i7fQ ci AX 1. siiiia 'i Blow IRAN V E361 CASE, CLARENCE Detroit, Michigan Classical Club: Student Senate: Co-op Board: President Y. M. C. A. Theology. CHAPMAN. FRANCIS St. Louis, Michigan Student Volunteer: Oxford Club: Physics Club: E. and A.: Pre-Medic. CONRAD. LOIS Grand Rapids, Michigan Outing Club 1, 2: Histrionic Club 3, 4: Pan-Hellenic 4: Kappa Delta: Literary. CRANDELL, IDA Three Rivers, Michigan Biology Club: Student Voluntser: Y. XV. C, A.: Philharmonic: Corinthian: Literary. CROWE, WILLIAM Royal Oak, Michigan Track 2. 3, Capt. 4: A-Club Z, 3. Pres. 4: Football 3. 4: Baseball 3: Sigma Nu: Pre-Medic. DEAN, HELEN E. Albion, Michigan Phi Gamma: Tennis l: Philharmonic: St. Cecelia: Biology Club: Contributors' Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: Y. XV. C. A,: Delta Gamma: Literary, DEWEY, ARTHUR Albion, Michigan Spanish Club: Math Club: Pol, Science Club: Philharmonic: Glcc Club: Zctaleth- ian: Mathematics. DICE, I-IUME S. Albion, Michigan Spanish Club: Golf Team 3: Delta Tau ' Delta: Business ' Um: ALBICPNIAN DODDS. ELEANOR Highland Park. Michigan French Club! Y. XV. C. A.: Political Science Club: Education. DRIGGETT. CORA B. Flint. Michigan Y. XV. C. A.: Thoburn Auxiliary: Cileu Club: Philharmonic: Home Service Band: Classical Club: Religious Education. EASTMAN, LYLE J. Albion, Michigan A Club: Football l. Z. 3. 4: Assistant Coach. 1924: Baseball l. 2. 47 Manager Basketball: Glee Club Manager 3: Delta Tau Delta: Literary. ERICKSON, GLADYS M. Racine. Wisconsin Michigan State Normal College: Columbia University: Political Science Club: Alpha Chi Omega: Literary. EVANS. ELIZABETH J. Litchheld. Michigan FISHER, ROSAMONDE Albion. Michigan Phi Gamma: French Club: Spanish Club: Alpha Xi Delta: Literary. FITCH. MILDRED M. Flint. Michigan Senior Basketball: Math Club: Publica- tions Council: Studcnt Church Board: Clionian: Mathematics. FRISINGER. MILO D. Albion. Michigan Spanish Club: Student Volunteers: Phil- harmonic: Zetalethian: History. .ri an If JG 'E ' . r I is ffhc ALHICJNIAN FRISINGER, DOR OTHY Flint. Michigan Booster Club: Spanish Club: Home Ec. Club: Pan-Hellenic: Student Volunteers: Philharmonic: Clion GALBRAITH, NEI ian: Home Economics. Ann Arbor, 'Michigan Sigma Chi: Busincss Ad. GARPIELD, ROBE RT H. Albion, Michigan Boosters' Club: Spanish Club: Athletic Board: Football Managur: A Club: Sigma Chi: Business GERRED, MONA Y. VNV. C. A, 1, 4 Outing Club: Phill V. Lansing, Michigan : Thoburn Auxiliary: iarmonic: Girls' Glen Club: Publications Council: German Club: Nlath Club: Mathematics. GARVIN, CLARKE WYNNE Physical Rcsca rch Millington, Michigan Club? Band: Prc- Engineering. GILES. MYRNA Y , Rockford, Michigan Political Science' Club: Spanish Club: A ..-,. Delta Gamma: Literary. "'c HARMELINK. FLORENCE Bi Q. ,. , ggi. . Q r Jeifn -'-7.x , f:-'nxt-gun- 411: 1 , isSl Gra nd Rapids, Michigan Outing Club: Basketball: Biology Club: St. Cccclia: Glue Club: Y. XV. C. A. Cab- inet: Philharmonic: HANSEN, MARY History Kappa Della: English. Bronson, Nlichigan ' 761: ALBION!-RN HARTMAN, J. SCOTT Coloma, Michigan Bascball 4: Delta Sigma I"hi1 lfnginccr- ing. I-IEATHCOCK. Outing Club: Philharmonic: RUTH M. Ironwood, Michigan Baslwtball: Frcnch Club: E. and A.: Tcaching, HOLMES. RAY D. Midland. Michigan A-Club: Track 2. 3. 4: Capt. 3: Cross Country 2. 3. -l: Capt. 4: Physical Rc- v search Club: Chemical Club: Sigma Bu: Chemistry. HOLT, WILLIAM BODELL Marshall. Michigan Managur of Publications 4: Student Sen- ate: Publications Council: New Scrvicc Committce: Plciad StaII: French Club: Journalism. HURST, DEE St. Louis. Michigan Band: Philharmonic: Chcmistry Club: Physics Club: Student Senate: E. and A.: Pre-Engineering. JANES. DOROTHY Grand Rapids, Michigan Home Economic Club: Y. XV, C. A.: Publications Council. Dvlta' Gamma: Ilomc Economics. JONES. LORENA BELL Compton. California Phi Gamma: Delta Sigma Rho: Contribu- tnr'S Club: Orator 1. lltliatt- 3, -l: Phil- harmonic: Glu Q lub: Sinai: llaskt-tluilg Student Voluntcvr. Y, XV, l' A Labinct. Publications Council: Il.xirion,. Klub. lg. and A.: Literary, KILMARK. H. C. Coloma. Michigan Basketball Rcwtvrs l: Yarutv 2. l'1.1'.:4 ball 3. 4: Fri-nch Club. Illia Sigma Phi: Business. 7- A. 1 I f I Y 1-f il 3 1 t I -.Q ,gnu Q i A LM, --an-Q' gm if .xiifia :BN IA Nm' KLAHN, INEZ M. Alto, Michigan Spanish Club: Home Economics Club: Home Service Band: Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net: Outing Club: W. A. A.: Senior Basketball: Women's League: Alpha Xi Delta: Home Economics. LANGE, ARTHUR R. Lansing, Michigan U. of M, 1921: French Club: Chemistry Club: Student Senate: Delta Tau Delta! Literary. LARGE, PAUL L. Grand Haven, Michigan LONG, EDGAR C. Detroit. Michigan Football Reserves 4: Contributors' Club: Spanish Club: German Club: Albionian Staff: Pleiacl Staff: Chemistry Club: Ath- letic Board: Physical Research Club: Sig- ma Chi: Pre-Medic. LOZUAWAY, CLARENCE Jackson, Michigan Football 3, -lg A Club: Business Ad- ministration. MCCRACKEN, HAROLD M. Farmington, Michigan Cross Country 1: Social Science Club: Political Science Club: Publications Coun- cil: Zetalethian: Pre-Law. McKINNEY, ELMER B. De Witt, Michigan A-Club: Baseball 1, 2, 3. 41 Basketball 3: Literary. - MARSH, IRENE Tecumseh. Michigan . Student Senate: Spanish Club: French Club: Kappa Delta: Modern Language. Q I E4 'Phe' -X LHICJNIAN MARSH. LUCILLE A. Albion. Michigan Pan-Hcllenic: Y. XV. C. A.: Alpha Xi Dcllat Literary. Wll' MAYWOOD. XVILLIAM 9 Albion. Michigan Tcnnis: Glen Club 4: Philharmonic: Litcrary. MERRITT. EDITH M. Manistee. Michigan Phi Gamma: Classical Club: Political Science Club: Home Service Band: Stu- dent XVomrn's League: Clionain: Lit- crary. MERRITT. L. MARGUERITE Albion. Michigan Home Economics Club: French Club: Teaching. .. .. ,-. , . MILES. GEORGE A. Grand Rapids, Michigan Baskctball 3. 4: Baseball 3, -l: A-Club: Spanish Club: Physics Club: Band: Zctalcthian: Pre-Engincrring. MUNRO. ELSIE Albion. Michigan Outing Club: French Club: Histrionic Club: Contributor's Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: Student XVomen's League: Kappa Dclta: Literary. pk , NEWELL. MARGARET Detroit. Michigan Literary. OVERHOLT, TREVA B. Levering. Michigan Student Volunlccrs: Clionian: English. E411 . 'YAC ALFSICJNIAN sv I -4--n -xmas-au: 4 PALMATIER, ESTHER A. A Parma, Michigan Y. XV. C. A. 3. 4: Studnnt Senate 2. 33 Thoburn Auxiliary: Clioninn: Literary. PALMER, GEORGE ALFRED Milford Haven South Wales Great Br1ta1n Hxstrionic Club Oxford Club Glce Club Philosophy 'JERRINS HAROLD Elmt M1ch1g1n Track M1n1gcr Alph1 Tm Omrgi Lltemry PERKINS OXVEN Royal Otk M1ch1gan lub Football 3 4 B b1ll1 2 4 Cwpt 3 Sugm1 Nu Business PRESHAW RALPH J Hxqhlmd Pirk M1ChlgJU Purdue Unntrsitx Pnsxd nt Juniors Club aslxrlbill 4 Cwptun oo 1 Dtlu 1u Dulh Busmiss PRICE GEORGE Eist Tawws Mxchxgm irc Club 3 4 Math Club Pen PULLEN MARIAN Mt Pleasant M1ch1g1n Socnl Science Club Political Science Club Glcc Club lwppa Delta Hrstory RICHARD ESTHER Grind Ledge Mxchmgan PhiGamm1 M1th Club Philharmonic Student S mtv. B15 et bill Alphw Chr Omtg1 Mnlmtnntxcs .1 ' 1 . .'.1f-:k2::5:211-zi1Ii3f:- ' ' ' : .' : 1 , if 1 I - 1 ' . A-C I ' . 2 asc,. . ,3, 1 A A :B'riiZ.3.:..'i 3. 'li F tb.ll I. 2. 3, 41 ' 4 T. M I ,. Cl' ' 1 - 2 V-d 'I -'F Staff 4: Delta Sigma Phi: Mnthcnutics. I E I QQ c 3. gg Y, xv, C.ilA.:.' ' 'fl .C t 1, Q l ii r I ..-xieixlki N-iw .. . . vi: 1 I 32511. 1 1 V . - . -i:w::'3aee--1.1.6111-::,::1:i+' Yqaa- ::':-. , 4, . 44317- -- ' V V W 4 I-ul ..-...+. Qm9WeALBKDMAN ROBINSON, MARGARET Albion. Michigan Y Spanish Club: Alpha Chi Omega: English. SACKETT, MARY Sunficld, Michigan Phi Gamma: Pol. Sci. Club: Classical Club: Student Senate: XVomcn's League: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet: Clioninn: History. SANDERS, FRANK OLIVER Albion, Michigan Math Club: Literary. SCOTT. EARL S. Hastings. Michigan Student Volunteers: Oxford Club: Span- ish Club: Theology. SEEKELL, MARY F. Albion. Michigan 1 ' ' -si C PG-nun Home Economics Club 2. 3. 4: Outing 5. Club l, 2: Spanish Club 1: PnnAHellenic l Council 3. -li Alpha Xi Dultnz Home Economics. -sl. SIBLEY. XVILLIAM hip' Ishpcming, Michigan Sigma Chi: .i er.r'. SHIELDS, WARREN Albion. Michigan Bnxebnll l, Z, 3, 4: Di-lin Inu lIt'li.ig Eusiniwy. SMITH. LESTER Wll-I.IAM Durand, Michigan Math Club: Chemistry Club: Student Senate: Publications Council: Chemistry. i43l 'C nur IW .11 Q 1 11 Y L ,, L. 5 :f ni Q. A 7!zc Al BHYNIAN tix- ' ,- 5, I4-:ll SPANNENBERG, ANNA REGINA Rockford. Michigan French Club: German Club: Home Ec. Club Social Service Band: Alpha Xi Delta Modern Languages. SPENSE ELIZABETH W. Jackson, Michigan Spanish Club: French Club: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Delta Gamma: Literary. SPITZER MURRAY Detroit, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega: Pre-Law. STARR THOMAS F. IRWIN Royal Oak, Nlichigan Publications Council: Philharmonic: Pleiad Stall' Glee Club Manager 4: College News Service Committee: Homecoming Committee Zetalethian: Journalism. STRATTON ARTHUR R. Otsego, Michigan Law. TENCH, WOODENA Albion, Michigan Phi Gamma: Contributors' Club: French Club: Boosters' Club: Delta Sigma Rho: Debating: Honor Roll: Student Senate! Delta Gamma: Literary. THRALL, EDITH FLINT Albion, Michigan Life Saving Squad, U. of Tenn.: Glee Club, U, of Tenn.: Italian Club, North- western University: Contributor's Club: Delta Delta Delta: Literary. TORREY, PAULINE Albion. Michigan Social Science Club: French Club: Spanish Club: Alpha Chi Omega? Literary. Un.: Atuiowmmi ww' TWEEDIE, HAROLD P. Croswell. Michigan Chemistry Club: Alpha Tau Omega: Chemistry. WHITE, RUTH Albion. Michigan French Club: Histrionic Club: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet: Publications Council: E. and , A.: English. WHITNEY. ALLEN North Branch. Michigan Physical Research Club: Orchestra: Della Sigma Phi: Literary. WILLIAMS, CARL BATES Mesick. Michigan Student Scnntc: Bible, WOCI-II-IOLZ, DORIS Cleveland. Ohio Philharmonic: Pleiad Staff: Journalism. WOLFENDEN, MARION ELEANOR Jackson. Michigan String Quartette 1. Z. 3: Orchestra 1. 2, 3. 4: Philharmonic l. 2. 3: Junior Rc- cital: Business Club Z: Honor Roll 3: Delta Gamma: Music. YINGER. ERWIN Detroit. Michigan Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Glcc Club: Plciad Staff: Publications Council: Philharmonicl Zetalethianz Business. lui ,-.....-4 B66 il -a is 'Q 'C 04 ,l 1 -I sd ...r ,J " 'f7.'iC A L lj1l0N'Alw Phi Gamma Phi Gamma of Albion College is a 'local honorary scholarship fraternity. Ir was founded for the purpose of promoting a high grade of scholarship on the campus. Election to membership in this fraternity is made from the senior stu- dents. who have an average of 90 per cent, or better. The jury on the election is made up of the members of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi, on the faculty. These also form a nucleus for the society from year to year. The members elected this year are: Esther Richard, . . Dorothy Burrell. Rupert Cortrighr Helen Dean ..,. Rosamonde Fisher Lorena Jones. , Edith Merritt .. George Price. , . Mary Sackett , . . Woodena Tench Grand Ledge . , . .Bronson , . .Albion . . . , ,Albion . . . . ,Albion Mt. Clemens . . .Manistee .East Tawas . . .Sunfield . . .Albion l140l . I .Nl IXIY I R' F pus- an-fe--1....,Gf,, fi PIG-5,1 47:1 ' if A L IKIVWN :A N "" NORMAN ANDERSON .,.. ELAINE ABBOTT .... FRANCIS BAAD .,.... ARTHUR BABCOCK. . RUSSELL BABCOCK, . . LOTTIE BACHELOR. . . BYRON BALLARD ..,,.. CHARLES BARCLAY .,.. CLARENCE BARCLAY Six Lakes, Mich. . . , .Albion, Mich. , . . ,Colon, Mich , . .Ga1ien, Mich. . . . .Ga1ien, Mich Albion, Mich. . Onondaga, Mich. . . Scottville, Mich. .. Grand Rapids, Mich. KENNETH BARTLETT . . . , , , Plymouth, Mich '-na... , .. 4... . ,a-a.a.uf' L..- '.Q.m rr-.uaazipaass '.h.uaA1n-Q-Qumran tuna.-4. nu- me-..+.:a i431 'YAC ALLSICTNIAN THEODORE BERGMAN . .... ..,......, D ctroir. Mich. FLOYD BOYS ,.......,,.,...,........ Kalamazoo, Mich. ROBERT BRADBURN .....,,.,..,...,....., Caro, Mich. ROBERT BRADBURY ....... ,.,... M exico City, Mexico EMMETT BROCKLEBANK .....,......... Jackson. Mich GEORGE S. BROWN .....,.,.,........... Albion, Mich. THEO MAY BROXHOLM ,.,.,,........... Albion. Mich. GERTRUDE BUCK.. .................... Ferndale, Mich. HELEN BUNKER ........,......,.,....... Mason. Mich. OREL ZENO BURDICK ...,................. Hart. Mich I-wi sm ff ATE i 65:1 A i T KENNETH BURGESS Dearborn Mich DORIS CAMPBELL .................... Royal Oak, Mich. a .-F 5 4 ROBERT CAMPBELL HOLLAND CAPPER RALPH CESSNA. RUSSELL COURTRIGHT . CLINCH CROCKER .... DOROTHY CURTISS. LEONA DARLING. JEAN DOUGLAS. Marlette Mich . ,.,... Hudson, Mich. . . . .AIbion, Mich . .A1bion, Mich. . . . .Detroit, Micii. Benton Harbor, Mich. ...,.......F1int, Mich. . . .Brown City, Mich ILSOH 'YAC ALBIONIAN GERALD DYKSTRA .......,..,,.,.,...... Albion. Mich. HELEN ESTEE .....,.......,........,.. Shephard, Mich. RUSSELL PINK .......................,.,.. Ovid, Mich. ROBERT FLEMING ,...,.........,.,. Eaton Rapids. Mich. E. C. FOWLER ..............,.... Saulte Ste. Marie, Mich GEO. GREENWOOD ...........,......., Rochester, Mich. HULDAH GREIDER ................,...,.. Alden. Mich. JAMES GRIFFITHS .........,...,.... Grand Rapids. Mich. ESTHER WOOTON ...................... Lansing, Mich. HARRY WORTH .......... . .....,..,.., Negaunce, Mich Ii 7136 ALBIONIAN ROLAND HAINES ...,. .... E llwood City, Pa. DALLAS HARGER ..... .... F armington, Mich. ' JOSEPHINE HAWES ...... ....., J ackson, Mich. MARGARET HAYDEN. . . ..,. Lansing, Mich. GORDON HERRICK .... . . .AIbion, Mich MABEL HORNING . . .... Brooklyn, Mich. HOYT HOWELL ..... ..... A lbion, Mich. RAYMOND HULL . .,., sf. Johng, Mich, C. A. JACOKES ..,..,. ..,... F remont, Mich. HOWARD KENEGA . , . . . . Royal Oak, Mich - --f-..ng5.,.-fcficr " ii2i 761 Al IHONI XN Detroit Mich Detroit Mich Dundee Mich Grand Ledge Mich Detroit Mich Albion, Mich. . , ,Hol1y, Mich. . . . . .1-Xlbion, Mich. . . . .Ironwood, Mich. . . . . , . . Lansing, Mich 11 Y L ,, L. 5 :f ni Q. A 'Ihr' A l. HILDNIAN HAROLD NORMAN. . . D. NORMANDEAU .. BRUCE OSGOOD ,... RUSSELL PARKS ..,.,.. - - S f- Jam.'.. '.wv,-LJ: MARY ALICE PARSONS. DOROTHY PARRENT. . . FRANCES PEATLING .... GIANETTA PRAY. . HOLLIS QUINLAN NORMAN REED ..., Reed City, Mich. . .Westwood, Mich. . . . . . .To1edo, Ohio , . , .Battle Creek, Mich. . .Muskegon Heights. Mich Clarkston, Mich. .Boyne City, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. ,. . . . . . Jackson, Mich. . . .Albion, Mich .. -. .,-,uc- ,. ..,-..v-9-' ii54i flhc ALBICDNIAN -..sly , ,, ina- ' 1- i ,-'L ' -nrixti +rf-l- , . , . i . ALLEN RENSHAW .,.. . . ,Bronson Mich PAUL RISLEY ....... . . .Chelsca, Mich LUCILE ROBINSON . . . ..... Flint Mich ANNA RODGERS. .. ...... Albion Mich CHARLES ROGERS. . . ...,... Albion Mich ANNA ROOT ...... ..,, A lbion Mich CARL SCHILTZ .......... , . .Grand Ledge, Mich DOROTHY SCHILSKEY .... .... R oyal Oak, Mich HAROLD SCHUMAKER .... ....., A lbion Mich CHESTER SCOTT .... ....., Q uimby. Mich. 1, - A - -1...L -,....:.,f, ,- --f,-.,...Q lvl I L 760 A LBIONIAN HOWARD SMITH PAULINE SMITH RUTH SMITH LLOYD SNELLING CHARLES TEN HOUTEN NELLIE WEIDENI-IAMMER LOIS WHITNEY HARRY WILLIAMS Albxon Mxch Alpena M1ch Fowlervxlle Mxch Fowler Mxch Newago Mxch North Star M1Ch North Branch Mxch Albxon Mxch VICTOR WILLIAMS Alb1on M1ch FORREST SNYDER ...,.....,.,,..,...... Albion, Mich Is 9Ae,.ALBIONlAN Class Of 1927 WALTER L. BAIRD JAMES LIGHTBODY 'QE I "' - ,hi 3' " ful... : g-Y-f. I Qzfitg I .--' -,. A - 1 - -ze' - f 4, I- - 'g'xVi,sf ,il 3, 44" ' sg 53,1-La. .' ..u. .. .324 , fb '?I " 5.5" 3 .-1 ' '-,ff .,r ., 5 r'. 'I' WILLIAM LOVEJOY WALLACE McWILLIAMS ZURA MAJOR MARION MARFILEUS RAYMOND MINOR RUTH MONAWECK MARY MOULTON s. J. MOYNES HELEN PURCELL. GOODRICH REED HARRIETT READ HAZEL ROSS JOHN scOTT THORN SMITH MAURICE STRONQ PAUL THOMPSON NELLIS WARD F Isvl -71aeQ. .ALBnoN.nAN "JY',' w3'1'5'SFf ...uf 1 if My j . . ..1! 7' 1 V is M .- -:f5l,.1i'.mA1Ll- I7 C760 ALE,5lONIAN 'R iw! 53? XM - ,f fn?-r , '. .QQ ' ,,. Q, , X ,V aw.-:.1,,,...,,.1.4i:,V,. N- , 4: Q i :A I ,fr . I 5' Q W 4 'li - Y W bboligfvl , Be nfle BUHS Q W H3 'ii Conicxd . , Q 555: 1 'X 1 . '30 I: is films? ,A- Q" Q:,, J ' -.451 WVU 115 r' I Q, . ' , Q X . U QQ ' . X ,X 1 r ' Adair Gillmgs Blmnding af - Y-Q, - an ,,-:r::.::1::a-"Q, 7' ,- 'vf' Y' ....,, -. -- - km. . - -- gm:-,.-Y . v nib 'zen -1 . v -- P -. ,v:-:-: 4' -M? . W X fa Q - Q .: Camburrf Carina n?r2I" Cooper' 1 ,,2, 1" ' Q 43 SV TS .X ,,:,.,.,:,.,V,,, , X + 2 N? X H fd+f'cd 1 ..'1 'J if zu, CQ! FK, 'R 4- X. 1. -x 5. Y v V " 'f P!-n s: H, - - Asffley 54315 'DIA - 'A ' Ygovldi' .- 9 in - 1 N . 1 f 1 v.,1. l ff! L .X 1 25 ,, an - 154 Uftfm, 41 3- fgjff' Drisfof Durneffx 1' was ,.':AV 'W x AK is if' wa N S K Q3 :Q 9 Q ,I 24 Childs CldrK Cluff, wi 5 k 1 L N, Decker Qfbolf vl , Gs uw.,--.......,..-.w-. , Foofe Frank Edwards Freeman 1 A Q V Q. 'gap-.., ., . I V , -,I f ' . ,. .f f , V .vs ,Q . b 1 . 2 -,q v I P, ff' Q , A Q. gg " "g g, Q Gabriel Galloway A G'Q.3USSf-1 - Goalfgmkpg,-rl X H6 011 ' 14552 A-if ' ' -' A' 1 Jew: V J H '1 I as 4. A X' ',, Aff 0 ff A 5 5 fl 1, N Q34 'I 5 ' gb I 1ii-tVu.!-N35 - A f 5.1 Hrxmiffon Haqqff' Han-:man Harrrman Hqweej? Hea-rh .figiw 1 ' " 1 .F 'A 4 W I x, " ' ' T , 4 f 1 . Heels Hoffman Holmes Howleif Johns . X - 3 4 I 1 i .fs 1 N 3 :, J 4 , 1 f . 1 . . -. 5 -3 . I .Tolmson - forneg- V Kdnfner Kennedy Kerwif 1 Keyes 4 ff ,f -I' ?"' I ' I ' J 5- -of V - 4. I . 2 f 7' Kingman Kinfner Klefsr Kropscorr Kuhlmdn l.AmpmAr1 T Af-1 ., 1 , A . 9 E-:Ev 2 rip Ldw-fl-,gr Lew,.5J A. Lexyig, H. Le ms, F Leffs Lifvdsdvy w ' H I' I r- ' aa? 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Snelling Ruth Stakes Otto Tegtmeyer Syver Thingstad Carol Thompson Louise Traut Lawrence Vancam Edmund Ward Lois Wheaton Daisy Williams Martha Witters Ellis Wylie P 1 l I f74e g3A'l.Ba oN,nAN u fZ4ff AFBFQN 'AN M. R05 uxmg A gmt W. 54 gifs! 1 s 1 FX nd rcws ,X Ee rgar 5r.JmV4,y 2' Y J X Clivleiion Collins Averill 9 'R A ,F I1 X x ffvalhuvs . .,.. 4 N., J 19 N X 0 X, Draw nlwm. l Emchmgpr-, L, ,Eh M ww gms: . Wk' 'SN' XX 4 Bcwcrm N, -1 I 8 . ,. I :' ,I f I . , . , , W' Q Q' l aullcn Ci--imc Carv Baker Beacmri x . 4 . l . 3 A Q' if ' I li " - ' it 4 Q - fi A Breddy Dv-?gh.1m . ' wi . A ' 3 5 " M -Q.-. "I 5 fy: . I I 50:15.04 Cain, 5. Qhanowcfh Clarh, C-1, Bc nad ic? ,aw - V, X Vx 'X 3 S' A X f 3 . 51-acliwqby 1 tl CQQEUHS g:QE', , -. X xx . Q-A 3 k 4 C uluar' 1 ., N .. If Y' -4 . an 5' ,' ' jr ,z dd 'l . Q' ' x . . f i i f z .f ,J . Comb.:fl4r.IS Cowen Cmnmarc Cr-ouk, I X. A I ... ., ...-.. I 2 3 - , I , M 1 , " . QS ' ' A E ' 5 ' 5 1 wg :W Davey Dodcnhcff 1 M , ' Qesigxyue 5661! 2 5 - .A+ gf E Ren'-h out GIlIaspio,H O' f J 5,-'i '-1-4 -55 , I V l i' .D I f!! Harris 111. Hartwick .3 -1 ...- A o 1 Houck Kkkfor Fisher uller Gill-:ea-T' Gilber1' 15' 1 Gray Gregor, Hadley .Q Hgqal-Shaw -3, s . Hefley V Hiqley, Hill ,Hawkins Har-Tung Hedfh q YHO49 Holland norms um: - I I ., 1 1 , 9 1 I V ,JJ 1 5- 4 FF , 7' H Q in 'H nA A ' 3 Jannasch .Tones -Tulms Johnson Iourdan 1 at K f f Kilmax-K 'A4 King Kfnfner Knock , , if-73 wr:-.1 if ' 924852155 ,.,, 5 . . , - ' ' f HVQQQNI c? H , , , I , , - v Wa f 2 ji 4' , it ' - Koefheqe. I ml MP'-fxvf:ff':z: 5 '- '19'?F, f M 2:-1 ., , , Kruse ,. , A E' by Ludemom Lurey ww Q . I, l'7acfm:,41ranAD Nncfachrnnlfi S ' , 5 W f i ' , I 4 i fr: 5 1 : L . Honra: Munryamery fy , , Q :Z Q VN e wfo n Nc b I e g - .. A 'K 5 V .5 -xii' x if fi R 53 ff .-xv ' ni., ' ,,,Q, fir-s ous, R. P4 r fridq 5 JM., Lcxwfon Lee :Wind .09 Ludwig L 1 n rv 174 r v 1 n M ed fy rs , , , A xt .V uf -,: -dk- , E V f ' Harrison Norfnvd 1,xag fi: E, ' If 1x:I?.E'f,.f -..... N 0 r F o rv N aff Fhilhfs W E681 "N Y Leech ,fx N5-Auffffe -x Mercer Nash x 3 7 Q -5 1 ' . X . -3 :Z 1, , ,- Palm-mo Leung . ' V' Vkvf 5. 'S xv sf Mflryefrda Hills , 2: ' ' 'I ,.,. 1:-ff' ' ,w?5a5, S11 W 9 ,-' ' Heller ' a ff fb' ,2XJ'5OllS.W. I r , f 57, ' f"P9'f"51W- ' '7"4"'SJ"?' A ' "iTf'f"ff-,, '-. ff"iT"'i 'R"m"K S " 7' 5 4 ,, -V ' 4 s ' X 5' qs- Y ' 4 l' - K V. r I I 7 1 1 ' " , 1 N' x n E L - ,:ffQ!f5j 4 353-Vff f' ' f Ihfgi, Sauer Schlhg Seholf Sv-oft YY. Swff, E- Sealy G A A . s A . .ik e4 ,f' ,jQf A 2 'O 1' Q 1 . : . K ' - we Shoah: sfncfalfl T sf.,:.,nf s...'+h, li sm:+n,0- sf.L1f-ish, if H 1. Q If-A V w , L Q 1 V ' 3 . f f - A ' Q' ' . 1- 1 an el ' :M 5' .A ' ' I x ' , '. , L' 'P' iQ'5'v8r-man " Sfane '. V Su-I-cliffe, -, Sw-exiles Tiwnaqnd Tr-aut rv' .1 -Sw 1: ' .M ' r ' A xg- In 1 .I ,I i iA V in W V . I x rv-71 .Q K Fw W A 1 -I 4 . , , .I 1, I Ale Y X-M, , -... 5593 X ' 1,5 1 .9 -' ' . X y' ' ,, ' : 4 , w r Q4 we X ,J 'ill 7 Y Y ,sf ,1 ,J V ? .W ,Q - , ,A Ir I, i L H .J 4 'Q-' ' 4 .5 1 i -1: A Ayr 1, 5, Y I. , Q A4 1 tl- K If V , .fl . W4 Q rg- far - ' 'lf ' A. Q2 ' 1" 511. ' A .. F! u ' , A l"'. if A .., M21 'IEA' gag ' " 1 " ' 1' A 1 ' ' f - 4 'EYE sffdirfwvfa- ,w4, L, H-ww wwe E691 A L BYEJN :AN Evoll 'M-func ALa.QN .,fa. I WQJJ A ' Q C' A XA! Ti U11 ,f NK 3 UP! DY BO ERY EV . 1 ti-5' . 5 A, - :-3, ' U A '...'..x- f n .m'i..,. QQ 0 4-Q l. DEAN e Press-Box Dope Capturing second place for the third successive season. Albion closed its 1925 year of collegiate football with three association victories, one tie game. and one defeat, In contests outside of the M. I. A. A.. Coach R. W. Betchtel's proteges lost three and tied in a fourth. Michigan State Normal blocked the Purple and Gold hopes of a state championship when it defeated Albion 6-0, in a game played at Ypsilanti. i Sixteen former letter winners were on hand at the start of the season's prac- tice in September. With these veterans and thirty-Eve other gridders, Coach Betch- lel and Assistant Coach Dean began their work of conditioning the men and teaching fundamentals. Pnl ' Q - f ' I ,g , 'fx 'tif Q , aw f ,, ,.:' ' A ..- 'E .Q . 1 .fn X 1 1,-2 . 'F ' B g in ..... '11 1 ff " .3 M 11 i a- Q.- '!".: -1.- 11, Q, 2 -- Q . Q. 9, A -, .... 1 - EQ 5? QE 2 as S Q v wp V'9V"""'E 'Q 1',,,, . .:.':": A :-"': ":::' 1 Iq' 5? 'V I-1 5 A Q U ': z J .. .. 'TQ --. - .52 qw I wa. 2.-v " 1 , ., . , ' . an ,f . ... .. . -" Q 3' 5 .:: Q . . -..-: T .. .-..4. ---...... 1 A : i .. - W, an .' k -".f,. ' 54 me 55 53 9 5 5? E? Q2 52 Q 5 o'm'3, Q- an 5,59 -'55 8 EC THE CHAPEL kg B e, Sf AQ? ' " 2955 Q. is A H211 f77ia3 AX L.l3 lfI7FH l!N.F4 K .,.,.,, ,,.. , ,. ... ,.T....,.. ......t..,A With four regulars on the injury list for the first game, September 26. Albion felt the hand of defeat at Oberlin college, losing to the Congregationalists, 7-0. Albion outplayed the Buckeye eleven during the first two quarters. but Oberlin spurted long enough in the third period to shove across a touchdown and then in the final quarter stopped any advances which the Methodist gridders threatened to make. On the following Saturday, the Methodists suffered their worst defeat of the season, losing to Notre Dame Reserves, 40-20, in the opening contest of the home season. The Irish presented the smoothest backfield work and the prettiest passsing combination seen on Alumni Field for some time. Albion outplayed the visitors for a time in the first half and threatened to score often, only to lose ground in failing to break up the highly effective Notre Dame aerial attack. l74l In its Hrst M. I. A. A. tilt of the season, Albion did what it failed to do in 1924, that of defeating Hillsdale. The Baptists took the bad end of a 21-6 score, playing in ideal football weather before a large crowd. Coach Betchtel's men gained the height of their early season power in this game. Albion's pennant aspirations received a severe setback in the next out-of- town game, Ypsilanti producing a 6-0 victory over the locals. The one touch- down came late in the first quarter on a short pass, after a series of end runs and off-tackle plays were executed by the Teachers for gains. Albion was forced on the defensive for the most part of this game. the veteran line finding an im- penetrable wall before them. lvsl 762 ALBlONlAN Four Methodist fumbles in ten minutes of the Hnal quarter of its game with Kalamazoo at Kalamazoo, allowed the Orange and Black team to hold Albion to a scoreless tie. The field was a complete hundred yards of water and mud, balk- ing play on both teams. Albion held the Kazoo team on even terms for the first two periods and completely outclassed its opponent in the final half. Aided by an off-date. Albion, after two weeks without opposition, made its Homecoming day game successful by defeating Alma, l2-O. In this game the Betchtels showed their only weakness in the third quarter, when after scoring a touchdown in the first half, they allowed Alma to spurt and threaten the Albion goal on two occasions. l76l t:z7ifZ IX l..E3 lliilil lliklil The most decisive Albion victory of the season was scored November 14, when Olivet fell before the locals. 36-0. Through this win, Albion clinched its claim to second place in the season's standings. Central State Normal of Mt. Pleasant gave the Purple and Gold one of its best games when it held the locals to a scoreless tie in the Homecoming day tilt of the up-state institution. The teams played on even terms throughout the first half but Albion had much the better of the argument in the final two periods. The best played and most exciting game of the year came to be the closing one, Western State Normal triumphing over Albion, 3-2, Thanksgiving day on Alumni Field. Although outscored. the Methodists covered themselves with glory, outplaying the Staters and providing the more offensive game of the two. Albion's score came in the third quarter when Kazoo was forced behind its own goal posts for a safety. Early in the final period, a 35-yard place kick gave the Normalites the game by one point. Three Albion players made the ofHcial all-M. I. A. A. eleven as picked by the six association coaches. They were: Victor Williams. Half: Ralph Preshaw. End: and Clarence Boldt, Guard. Captain Howell, Tackle, and Lyle Eastman. Center, were given honorable mention. Fifteen "A" monograms were awarded at the end of the season by the Athletic Board. This number includes Robert Garfield, the first student manager under the new system. The players to receive the awards were: Captain Howell. Captain-elect Victor Williams. Harry Williams, Carlson, Hoffman, Barlow. Boldt. Preshaw, Eastman. Campbell, Kcnega, Peck, Sauer, and Thingstad. Howell, Eastman, Preshaw and Barlow are seniors. l77l 7Sl SQUAD COURT 1926 Crocker. CY S Ri nnell, O CC alermo, Fleming, M P Mica, F Miles Row: OP T ansfleld, Kenega, Gray, Holland, C reshaw, P apta n mman, C Ha omlcy, Br l'l. Middle Row: Carlso Thwaites cock, nb Goldberg, B Row: Bottom '7Ae-ALBnoNa5N Court Chatter Putting to good use the new Stanley S. Kresge Ciymnasium, the 1925-26 basketball team completed what local officials regard as one of the best campaigns a Methodist quintet has ever enjoyed. The cagers won 13 games out of 20, captured a third place tie in the M. I. A. A. race, and played before more than 8,000 spectators in eight home games. A I X Coach R. W. Betchtel piloted the club off to a good start during the Christmas period, when five out of six games were won. Return- ing home the Methodists topped off Olivet in the first game to be played in the Kresge gym. 30-21. Following this, a string of four games were won before Kalamazoo turned the trick in its favor. After the season was fully under way. the Betchtelmen did not do so well in out-of-town games. dropping four out of six scheduled on foreign courts. Capt. Ralph Preshaw To gain third position in the association. Albion won five games and lost an equal number. In games out- side the M. I. A, A. Albion won eight and lost two. The Purple and Gold cagers averaged 30 points per game. while their opponents totaled an average of 26. During the season, Albion tallied 609 points against 535 for opposing teams. Against M. I. A. A. quintets the Methodists out- scored. its opponents 312-309. E Eight players received monograms: Captain Preshaw, Captain- elect Kenega. Cansfield. Carlson. I-lamman. Bromley. and Babcock. Lyle Eastman, as student manager of the team. was also awarded a letter. 1925-26 Final Standings School W. L. Pct. Kalamazoo 9 l .900 Ypsilanti 8 2 .800 Albion 5 5 .500 Alma 5 5 .500 Hillsdale 3 7 .300 Olivet 0 10 .000 li79l BASEBALL SQUAD 1925 rbody, Miles. gh Winder, Eastman, Bell, Li Robinson, ITLITIRI1, Ha Camburn, nriey, any McKi Crowe, Kuhlm D Perkins, Qffaptain fLeft to rightf- '7Ae ALBIONITATQO In ' ,nf-f ., X at ,. :li ,K ' ' - .UN Va fl! 'A fl ' -s l' H ,fm ' if 4 ' fill. - il ' 7 ffl T z V 2 g' 2-A fi., Capt. I.. J. Eastman Coach "Deac" McGuire Baseball Prospects Piloted by "Deacon" Jim McGuire, a veteran major leaguer who has seen 41 years connection with the big tent, varsity forces in baseball assembled this spring for a heavy schedule of 14 games. Twelve veterans reported along with some unusually good freshman material. Severely handicapped by tardy spring weather, the diamondeers entered their first game, that against Michigan State College. with only three days of outdoor practice disposed of. The team has prospects of fulfilling its expectations as a leader in the association this year and to date has made a good account of itself. although dropping the first two games played. Turning back the pages of athletic history to a season ago-the 1925 nine did not fare nearly as well as the present machine promises to do. Out of a 15 game schedule. the Betchtelmen won only Eve. finishing fourth in the M. I. A. A. race with three association victories and seven losses. Nagler, Lake Odessa: Per- kins, Royal Oak: and Lightbody, Detroit. were the three main-stays on the firing line. The 1925 championship season ended in a tie. Alma having won the most games during the season but Ypsilanti having taken the annual field day pennant. played off at Hillsdale. The next four teams finished in the following order: Hillsdae. Albion. Kalamazoo and Olivet. l81l TEAM TRACK 95 1 img gALBlONlAN! Track , Prevented, by the lack of numbers, from sending a well rounded team into collegiate competition, -W' Albion's 1925 track squad failed to win either of , , its dual meets with Kalamazoo and Ypsilanti, , V i placed sixth in the state events at East Lansing, and last in the M. I. A. A. field day at Hillsdale. ll ' Letters were awarded, at the end of the season, V to Captain Holmes, Captain-elect Crowe, Browne. ,i - Roberts, and Keyes, Other members of the squad were Button, Blanding. Marin. Conrad, Kingman, Spaulding. and Cretcher. Grandville, Robinson, Berea. Ohio, tutored the thin clads. if ' Twelve men were on the squad throughout the season, representing Albion in the following events: Button, hurdles and 100 yard dash: Blanding, mile run: Marin, hurdles and high jump: Crowe, javelin throw: Conrad, dash events and broad jump: Kingman, two mile run: Roberts, mile run: Spaulding, half mile and 440 yard runs: Browne, pole vault: Keyes, half mile and 440 yard runs: Holmes, two mile run: Cretcher, discus and shot put. I -K, Capt. Wm. Crowe Cross-Country Team Running over a difiicult four mile course through mud and rain, Albion cross-country runners linished fourth in the 1925 annual M. l. A. A. classic staged at Hillsdale in November. Thirty athletes took part, Ypsilanti capturing the meet with Kalamazoo, Hillsdale, Albion, and Alma next in line. Olivet did not send any entries. Capt. Holmes, Midland. was the first of the Albion men to finish, taking ninth place. McCall, Ithaca, was number l7 in the running, Thibodeaux, Stand- wood, 18, Blanding, Greenville, 20, and G. Jones. Millergburg, 21. Lawther. Plymouth. rated as Albion's sezond best cross-country runner, was unable to enter being taken sick the week previous to the run. l8sll 3.-.1 ,i-,. C76 fl 'if- XLBI I PUBLISHED BY TI-IE QSTUDENTKS H x OF ALBION COLLEGE Q? 2 K U x K L I I F5 I p '7Ae ALBlOH7lAYjlg and second tourney by closed one Albion has Ouimaras. Over The Net Capture of the 1925 M. I. A. A. singles title by Adelbert Hahn place in the doubles Hahn and E. Baird, of the best seasons experienced for some time in tennis. At the end of the '25 campaign, six monograms were awarded, these going to Hahn, Clapp, E. Baird, H. Cam- burn, Scofield, and Miss Henrietta Five various bits of competition ' were entered into by the men's i group, while the girls' participated five times in collegiate play. Their respective records follow: Men-defeated W. S. N. 6-O3 lost one doubles match and one singles match to Hillsdale, and won one singles match CHahnj: in a return match with Hillsdale, won 6-O: scored five points at W. S. N. invitational meet and took third placeg de- feated Olivet: Won Hrst place in men's tennis of M. I. A. A. and tied with Kalamazoo for all-around competition. Women-lost to W. S. N.: divided a home and home series with Hillsdale women: lost to Olivet: failed to place in M. I. A. A. field day events. li34l n , kt- , F' 1. 41, W FF L , 'ff . 25 . K 1 I 41 ,gg- ' 195, Q r 'li' 'F . 'UQ . W fv , Womens' ATHLETIC Assocumon Orncsns K, Q .. I I 1 4 Jumon Womans Basusr BALI. Tum f 174 if X1-511 H ..., ' L 'Ui 7 Simon Womens? BASKET BALLTEAM Q. A 3 o 'Q .Ax A . A--, 1 . -. 4.4 ' ... -Za.,-.... -..Q5e.4uIn.1.,,,.u -.n......,... . -. . . . I W3 . - ,Sw 1 57.445 A LHICDN The "A" Club Undoubtedly one of the most coveted honors in the opinion of the men of the college is a membership in thc "A" Club. The "A" Club. founded a decade ago, is composed of men who have won a letter representing the college in any branch of athletics. The purpose of the club is to unite the letter men of the college into a working unit to bring about a greater interest in athletics. and to promote good, clean athletics along with high scholarship. MEMBERS Ernest Kellerman Adelbert Hahn Russell Babcock Hartley Cansfield Dallas Harger Ralph Keyes Paul Camburn Syver Thingstad Robert Bradbury Robert Campbell Leslie Hoffman Carl Hamman Clinch Crocker James Lightbody Victor Peck l36l Harold Perkins Hoyt Howell Robert Garfield J. Dunton Barlow William Crowe Lyle Eastman Clarence Lozuaway Gwen Perkins Ray Holmes Howard Kenega Edward Carlson Harry Williams Victor Williams Paul Winder Frederick Sauer 1 " jg:--1 Q iii 2-1-L 7fu: A L UHDN IAN lil I-Q X Z ji X n11 11 1 li H, I 4 GGXERNNGL Q3-QDUEQ41 ' L " 'A 4-J' -- -----fix ...--ig..u- P571 "'fT1.,gg-., ffffjj 'ff,- fri rari'irq 9-X FJ ,i,u ggf Y, I Top Ron lxellerman Smith Anderson Holt Stratton Burbank Bottom Row Janes Cortright Bartlett Sickett Blue Parks Darling Student Senate The Student Senate is the Executixe Committee of the Albion College Student Self Goiernment Assoeiation of which all students are members The object of the Association is to place the student body as nearly as possible upon a self government basis and to foster a spirit of mutual helpfulness between faculty and MEMBERS Esther Richard James Lightbody Mary Suckett Harriett Read Woodena Tenth Donoi an Cameron Raymond Conrad Dee Hurst Irene Mirsh Sherwood Brown lxenneth Bartlett Laurence Anderson Carl Williams Paul Spauldrng Rupert Cortright Ruth Dewey Holland Capper Arthur Stratton .yup-p1..,.3f Donoi an Lewis Lester Smith William Holt Mary Hansen Leona Darling Ernest Kellerman Professor H L Ewbank Grace Blue ,Q , , g Y 1 v V v v L 1 1 v I x I I 71 4 I . Y ' '- I v V- I students, and to encourage and stimulate a true college spirit. . ' , ' . V , . Y K l ' V . Y L , l83l Top Row-Lightbody. Bartlett. Babcock. Bradbury. Peck Bottom Row-Thingstad, Buckborough, Conrad, Carter, Prof. Randall, Case Directors of the Co-Operative Book Store "The Co-op," the campus terminology for the Albion College Co-operative Association, was established in 1803. Its purpose has always been, and is now. to handle books. pennants. college jewelry, memory books. writing materials and general student supplies on nearly a cost basis. This policy results in a saving to Albion College students of nearly three thousand dollars each year. On the side of the Association itself, a business of approximately twenty thousand dollars is done annually. The control of the "Coop" is with a Board of Directors composed of six members of the student body and three members of the faculty. The Board elects the controlling ollicers of the "Co-op" Book Store. lS9l Top Row-Holt. Seelye. Yinger Middle Row-Burbank, Norman, Cierred. Kropscott. Vkfhite, Brocklebank. Renshaw Bottom Row-Fitch, Hawes, Bartlett. Cortrigbt, Cooper, Broxholm Publications Council Elected by the student body, the Publications Council assumes control of campus publications and names the staffs of the "Pleiad" and the "Albionian". Membership in the council includes one representative for each organization, ten from the independent group, and three from the faculty. ll9Ol --- 1jQQElXh51QSi Lim lUA11Qf.f- I 3 76:3 ALBIONIAN Isabel King Rupert Cortright Oratory Representing the college at the annual meeting of the Michigan Oratorical League at Ypsilanti, March 5, Albion's woman orator, Miss Isabel King, '28, Won fourth place with her oration, "Culture Paramount." Rupert Cortright, '26, in the men's division of the meet, Won second place With his oration, 'Behind Locked Doors." Mr. Cort- right also delivered his oration before the Civic Oratorical League and tied with the Wooster College orator for third place. H9211

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