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 7 ie 1955 MounSa neer 9.1 Eertuiffe SSfig i Scfoof flfSertuiffe, 31 fa Sam aJTCountaineer cSia jf FREDDY WILSON Business Manager JANE GRAHAM Assistant Editor KAY LOWERY Staff Photographer SONNY DARDEN Sports Editor Circulation Manager BOB LESTER Feature Editor ERNESTINE WILSON Typist JERRY SUE WILLIAMS Junior Editor ANNETTE HALE Junior Business ManagerOur school year at A. H. S. consists of a Lot of study and a lot of fun. Throughout the year and the seasons we have different activities and fun. In fail there's football; in winter there's basketball; the spring is devoted to the seniore; and summer to the beauties. Because of things happening in the different times of the year, we present your 1955 MOUNTAINEER by seasons.The Outdoor Girl Classics in Rhythm Triplets??? Chorus Line Dimples Jaf Snaps VARSITY 1954-1955 Ac c ies Cncf 1)ic or ous Season Season Record 9-1 A'ville - - - 19 A’ville-------18 A'ville-------20 A'ville------31 A’ville - - - 24 A'ville------13 A'ville------25 A'ville-------13 A'ville-------33 A'ville------12 Centre-------0 Scottsboro - - 6 Boaz - - - - -0 Oneonta - - - 6 Arab - - - - 0 Etowah------34 McAdory - - 0 Ft. Payne - - 6 Sansom------o G'ville - - - 7 Coach FRANK ALFORDNORMAN McSWAIN Senior Wingback GERALD WOODHAM Senior Fullback All-County TOMMY MOORE Senior Wingback All-County HIAWATHA EASON KENNEDY SCORES Albertville 33—Sansom 0 JIMMY ALFORD SONNY DARDEN Senior End All-County MARLIN HANSON All-County Center Senior Blocking Back Senior Guard First Team All-StateLOWELL DAVIS Senior Tackle CHARLES ALLEN Senior Tailback ROBERT CAIN Senior End EDWARD CURRIE Senior Guard Woodham Scores Against Sansom JIMMY BARTLETT Junior Tackle TOMMY MADDUX Junior Guard BRUCE WRIGHT Junior TackleMoore Scores Against Sansom RALPH MORTON Sophomore Guard WILLIAM LOCKLEAR WILLIAM ENGLAND GENE TRAYLOR Junior Guard Junior Blocking Back Junior WingbackRONALD WARD GERALD SMITH Junior Center Sophomore Blocking Back DONALD KENNEDY Junior Tailback DANNY STRANGE Junior End RANDY FOSSETT Junior Fullback BOBBY ROEBUCK GERALD REEVES Junior Tailback Junior End Aggies Score Winning Touchdown Against G'ville -wa. Iff- it- - GLEN HALE Freshman Guard DELMER JONES Junior End MILTON ROGERS Sophomore Blocking Back EUGENE CLINES EDWIN HALL Coach BOYCE STONE Sophomore Guard Sophomore End Aggie Managers DAVID LUTHER—ANTHONY MOORE ALAN DARDEN All-County Players TOMMY MOORE—GERALD WOODHAM JIMMY ALFORD—HIAWATHA EASON Seniors Top row, left to right: Tommy Moore, Norman McSwain, Gerald Woodham, Charles Allen. Bottom row; Robert Cain, Lowell Davis, Marlin Hanson, Jimmy Alford, Sonny Darden, Edward Currie, Hiawatha Eason. “03” Oleum op row, left to right; Coach Reed, M. Rogers, E. Hall, B. Roebuck, D. Strange, F ThlneS G SlT1 t 1' D Jones. G. Hale, Coach Alford. Bottom row: L. Stephens, ' G M°rgan, H. Harris, D. Gray, J. Garrison, B. Allen, T. Cochran, G. Williamson.M ieij Ghee reef QMs to 7')tctory FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Right from Center: Linda Willmore, Barbara Benson, Betty Thomas, Marie Mitchell, Sandra Moore, Shelbia Williams, James Yates, Bettye Thomas.First row, left to right; P. Garrett, L, Hulgan, H. Cribbs, C. Adams, G. Long, B. Anderson, B. Levie, B. Masters, R. Popwell, T. Cryar, J. Cochran, B. York, B. Davis, A. Allegro, P. Williams, D. Golden. Second row; C. McPherson, S. Duckett, L. Lang, M. Morgan, J. Johnson, M. Fricks, J. Johnson, P. Davis, T. Rains, P. Lanier, L. Wilson, S. Wilson, C. Williamson, M. Sanderson, J. Richey. Third row; M. Dyar, C. Oliver, M. Almond, B. Taylor, R. Moore, D. Dickson, H. Reed, G. Grannon, R. Butler, J. Morgon, L. Lowery, J. Graham, J. Williams, J. Starns, N. Davis, B. Warren, M. Hooper, N. Robinson, S. King. Fourth row; Mr. Nixon, E. Ingram, T. Payne, G. Dickson, J. Thompson, J. Wilson, H. Spadley, J. Hudgins, T. Rains, A. Lang, B. Mountain, R. Knox, J. White. 7l.J£S. J(a - TK ff on Ooffar land Truman Raines, Student Director. Barbara Ellis, Librarian; Nan Davis, Secretary and Treasurer; Braxton Mountain, President; Martha Sanderson, Vice President; Jane Graham, Librarian; Jerry Sue Williams, Reporter.FLAG CARRIERS Barbara Warren Rosslyn Knox Janell White BAND SWEETHEART Jane Graham Patsy Garrett, Nancy Robinson, Lynda Hulgan, Mary Hooper, Sarah King. MAJORETTESfuture farmers of America LUUIKTODO fl DOME TO LEAEI ' K, EAMBETDUTE LfTME TD SERVE Harold Rives Winner of FFA Speaking Contest and Essay Contest. OFFICERS Left to right: Newton Bearden, Jack Prance, Jimmy Holder, Harold Rives, Melvin Hodges, Wendell Ter tell.future Jfom emaJ?ers of 7lmerica SWEETHEARTS Shelbia Williams Barbara Benson QUEEN Shirley Todd T OFFICERS Seated: Jackie Brown, Carol Thompson, Barbara Benson, Carolyn Bailey. Standing: Retha Fortson, June Shirley, Bobby Massey. ■Jj as A e thalf TOMMY MADDUX JIMMY ALFORD RANDY FOSSETT FRANK BAKER BRUCE WRIGHT31” Jearn Left to right; Frank Baker Randy Fossett Gerald Smith Hiawatha Eason Bruce Wright Jimmy Alford Tommy Maddux Welton Hayes Bobby Roebuck Coach Alford 11 33” 3earn Left to right; Charles Allen Delmer Jones Donald Kennedy Danny Strange Johnny Starnes Curtis Byars Eugene Clines Charles McClendon Jimmy Bartlett Van Owens Bobby McClendon Aggies Junior Team Basketball Managers Glenn Hale, Wayne DyeMaddux scores Wright ballets Kennedy takes a rebound BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Lanna Ledbetter, Gayle Plunkett, Darlene Crawford, Jan Johnson, Linda Willmore, Mary Joan Camp.. Junior C iu tanCruising down the river, Sleeping Beauty’ That 01' Mountain Dew Christmas Cheer' Did you say a Reindeer? What an array of talent.First row, left to right: M. Morgan, M.J. Carr, E. Wilson, P. Payne, E. Lackey. S. Kendall, C. Williamson, K. Lowery, J. Pierce, B. Mayo, B. Lester. Second row: J. Thompson, F. Wilson, R. Smith, F. Farmer, J. Yates, B. Hayes N. McSwain, G. Fuller, J. Wilson. Members at Work CIVITAN Seated: Geneta Moore, Linda Levie, Nelwyn Rains. Back row: Charles McPherson, May Ann Mc-Swain, Edwin Lacy, Mary Virginia Lee. BIRMINGHAM NEWS ORATORICAL CONTEST Left to right; Linda Levie, Bob Lester, Ann Skinner.  jus 0 rivers First row, left to right: Melvin Hodges, Junior Smith, Fred Brothers, Ernest Henry, Bobby Boen, Mr. Wood. Second row; George Lang, L. A. Traylor, Sam Peters, Ray Arnold, Reese Latham, O. H. Pair, Dewey Cain, Joe D. McCreless, Ed McCreless, P.C. Taylor.Seated: Miss Brown, Diane Davis, Jeanne Shell. First row: Dorothy Spence, Louise Walls, Maxime Blye, Edna Reed, Una Staton, Gaynell Richey, Darlene Crawford, Shelbia Williams, Joyce Miller, Melba Brown, Gay Orr. Second row; Duane Long, Patricia Farmer, Margaret Kan, Joyce Carr, Marie Williams, Catherine Woods, Eleanor Lackey, Emma Lou Bearden, Jerry Burgess, Johnny Floyd, Jimmy Benson, Newton Bearden. Office Oiaff Seated: Helen Burks, Shirley Irvin, Lucille Pinkston. Standing: Kay Lowery, Lamerle McBrayer, Jessie Mae Lyles, Wanda Smith, Joan Pankey, Ruth Campbell, Martha Reynolds, Louneal Pinkston. First row, left to right: Lenora Evans, Ann Burk, Wanda Smith, Erma South, Arnice Cahill, Dorothy Traylor, Patsy Rains, Nelwyn Rains. Second row: June Shirley, Julia Woodham, Nadine Bright, Jan Todd, Jo Ann Gunnels, Carolyn Jones, Patty Pinson. Third row: Mr. Landers, Director; Franklin Rutledge, Dean Templeton, Ted Jordan, Roy Smith, Fred Barnes. Billy Gene Head.FRANK ALFORD Hobby: Sports Saying: All right, boys, let’s get them. Desire: Win all the ball games next year. Song: Melody of Love Memory: Last second basket made by Jerry Snow in County Tournament. MARTHA BIDDLE Food: Broiled steak Amusement: Oil painting Desire: Trip to Switzerland Song: Stardust FRED BISHOP Hobby: Gardening Color: Brown Desire: To finish the next degree Amusement: Ball games Song: Star Spangled Banner EUNICE BOONE Peeve: Lazy people Saying: Life is bigger than anybody’s college. Desire: To live in the hearts of my students Song: Rock of Ages Memory: Annual Dedication KATHLEEN BROWN Amusement: Enjoy my friends Song; Ave Maria TV: I've Got a Secret Food: Filet Mignon Color; Green KIRBY BUCKELEW Hobby: Fishing Color; Red Desire: To be with my family Song: I’m Free Again TV: George GobelP. L. COFFEY Peeve: Checking papers Saying; I don't know. Food: Peas? Amusement: Shoot bull Memory: '54 A'ville-G'ville game. MARGARET DAVIS Peeve: The alarm clock at 6 a. m. Hobby: The theater Food: Salted Almonds Song: I’m Free Again. Desire: Trip around the world. VERNICE GALLOWAY Desire: To be a good teacher. Color; Blue Peeve: Forgetfulness Food; Fried Chicken Song: Annie Laurie” KATHLEEN GARRETT Hobby; Working with flowers Food: Hot rolls Desire; Travel Song: I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen. Saying: See! GORDON GARRETT Peeve: Sniggering Hobby: Reading Saying; All right.” Desire: To be liked and help others. Memory: Moving back to Albertville and working at A. H. S. HAZEL GIBSON Pet Peeve: Chewing gum Saying: He can who thinks he can. Food; Dessert Song: Sincerely TV Show; MedicWJJWI MMEMOUtt. RUSSELL GIBSON Peeve: Giving exams on Monday. Saying: An occasional theme is good for one’s morale. Hobby; Watch TV TV: Dragnet Memory: My wife RUBY GOODWIN Amusement: Listen to radio. Desire: To be healthy all the time. Song: My Desire Hobby; Sewing Memory: When Carolyn received her diploma. H. C. GREGORY Hobby: Travel Favorite Song: America the Beautiful Heart's Desire: Friends Peeve; Other people's troubles RUTH GRINDLE Hobby; Record collecting Food: Shrimp Desire; Not to have more than 35 in class. Song: September Song Memory; When May Day was over. SAMUEL KEY Peeve: A room without enough blackboard space. Saying; Say I can instead of I can't Food: Fried Chicken Desire: To make my family happy. Memory; My son's birth in September. LESTER LANDERS Peeve: I didn't know we were supposed to do that” Food: Meat Loaf Desire; To live peaceably with mankind.NANCY JO LUTHER Pet Peeve: Stupid questions Hobby: Dramatics Food: Spaghetti Color: Red TV: Toast of the Town MARY MURKOCK Hobby: Handwork Color; Navy Blue and Light Blue Amusement: Listening to good music. Desire: Good Health Song; Bells of St. Mary. GEORGE NIXON Peeve: Immature Student Saying: If it's not flood it’s fire. Food; Creole Gumbo Soup Song: What’s New? Memory: Birth of third son. LAVELL PLEDGER Hobby; Wood work Saying: As the old saying goes. Amusement: Hunt and Fish Song: This Old House RALPH REED Color; Scarlet Food: Cheese and Crackers Song; Straight Ahead” TV: Omnibus Memory; Emma Sansom Football game. GWENDOLYN RICHEY Peeve: Test papers with lipstick blots. Food: All fruits Color: Green Song: Count Your Blessings Memory: My nephew was bom.AUSIE SMOTHERS Peeve: Having pictures made. Food: Any kind Color; Blue Amusement: Visit friends Desire: Good Health AUBREY RUSH Peeve; TV commercials Amusement; Hunting Food: Steak Song: You'll Never Walk Alone. TV: Medic KITTYE THOMASON Peeve: Unprepared lessons Hobby: Collecting Stamps and Coins Color: Green and Yellow Desire: Granddaughter TV: Meet the Press KATIE SMITH Peeve: Sassiness Color: Blue Food: Pecan Pie Desire: To see the world at peace. TV: Perry Como Show. MARY EMMA THOMPSON Color: Old Rose Hobby: Trying out new things to make. Amusement: Painting Song: “Humoresque TV: Liberace MARY WEATHERS Peeve: Being late for appointments. Saying: Oh, sugar!” Amusement; Play Bridge Desire: Travel to Europe Memory of '54: Kentucky Derby and Sugar Bowl game.s'as'S'iyQ VLeft to right: Claybrooke Adams, Jane Adams, Kenneth Adams, Benny Allen, Glenda Allen, Sue Bailey, Walter Baird, Patsy Barkley, Michael Bearden, Jimmy Beck, Jimmy Beddingfield, Fred Bishop, Virginia Borders, Gilmore Brannon, Glenda Bright, Robert Brooks, Charles Brown, David Brown, Jean Brown, Norma Brown, Fay Buch-annon, Carl Buckelew, Welch Buckelew, Betty Burgess, Sandra Burgess. Richard Butler, Linda Cahill, Benny Cain, Wendell Caldwell, Newman Camp, Farris Campbell, Ted Campbell, Earlene Chamblee, Noel Chandler, Bobby Charles, Patricia Childress, Benny Christian, Barbara Cochran, Brenda Cofield, Joe Comer, Shirley Comer, Doris Compton, Betty Coody, Gail Cooper, Jimmy Couch, Gail Craig, Henry Cribbs, Jimmy Culbert, Sid Daniel, Alan Darden, Tommy Davis, Martha Decker, Johnson Dodd, Jean Dorsett, Evelyn Doss.Left to right: Gail Duckett, Roger Duckett, Delores Eaton, Faye Edmonson, Freeda Edison, Margie Ellers, James England, Anne Evans. Faye Farmer, Billy Farris, Jimmy Fletcher, Barbara Frachiseur, Alan Fricks, Jo Ann Gary, Edna Glassco, Marjorie Gore. Ray Greer, Annie Gregory, Clyde Gregory, J. T. Griffith, Rebekah Guice, George Gunnells, Majell Gunter, Betty Hard. Linda Harper, Marie Harris, Sarah Harris, Frederick Hasty, Johnny Hatley, Teddy Head, Danny Helton, Peggy Hines. Amanda Hubbard, Doris Jackson, James Jarmon, Byron Jefferds, Agnes Jenkins, Charles Johnson, Charlotte Jolley, Carl Jones. Patsy Jones, Larry Jones, Keith Jordan, Edward Justice, Barnard Kennedy, Sara Kent, Mary Kirkland, Jerry Kittle, James Lancaster, Ella Langford, Billie Lang, Carolyn Lang, David Lang, Lavon Lang, Tommy Lang, James Lawson.Left to right: Esta Leonard, Billy Lester, Margaret Lindsey, Wendell Lindsey, Gary Long, Sherry Long, Lynn Luther, Janice Lyles, Dean Malone, Frances Malone, Jerry Malone, Barbara Maltbie, James Maltbie, Donald Mann, Connie Martin, Edith Martin, Bobby Masters, Judy Mathis, Earl Matthews, Peggy Matthews, Carolyn Mayfield, Jerry McClendon, Arthur McQuiller, Elbert Medlock, Marie Mitchell, Ned Mitchell, Willie Moman, Anthony Moore, Bernard Moore, James Bradford Moore, Linda Moore, Donnie Morris, Robert Morton, Glenda Murphy, Betty Myers, Anne Newby, Linda Newby, Edward Nixon, Joan Ogle, Gene Oliver, Michael Oliver, Tracy Oliver, Linda Pate, Occo Pair, Ruby Pannell, Doyelen Pate, Donald Payne, Billy Pike, Shirl Pike, Charles Pinkerton, Gayle Plunkett, Joyce Pope, Roger Popwell, Junior Pounds, Edward Powell, David Prance.f Junior I ( ass Left to right: Cecil Prentice, Mary Ragsdale, Max Ragsdale, Thomas Ragsdale, Jean Raines, Thomas Rains, Wayne Reaves. Donald Reese, Hubert Rhoades, Glenn Rice, Michael Rigsby, Richard Rives, Juanzetta Roberts, Linda Roberts. Benny Robinson, Donald Robinson, Harold Rogers, Carolyn Sanders, Johnny Sanders, Marilyn Sanders, Gene Shell. Glenn Shell, Maggie Shirey, Joyce Silvey, Bobbie Simpson, Gene Simpson, Rafford Slaton, Wilburn Slaton. Barbara Smith, Charles Smith, Dorothy Smith, Douglas Smith, Larry Smith, Linda Smith, Martha Smith. Nell Smith, Sherman South, Sandra Stanfield, Joyce Stanford, Charles Stanley, Darrel Staton, Anne Stevens. Mary Stephens, Aaron Stone, Franklin Stone, Phil Stoner, Edwin Swords, Nickey Swords, Kenneth Teal. Max Teal, Billy Thompson, Charles Thompson, J. T. Thompson, Linda Thompson, Arthur Todd, Anne Turner., Junior I ( ass Left to right, first row: Arlon Turner, Rudy Turner, Ell Vandergriff, Jerry Vaughn, Joe Walden, David Walker, Linda Washam. Second row: James Whitlock, Junior Wilbanks, Patsy Williams, Robert Williamson, Evelyn Willis, Hugh Wilson, Charles Wright, Third row-. Joyce Wright, Kenneth Young. Look What I Can Do 1 5 We're Not Posing 11!Left to right: Morris Abernathy, Misher Almon, Jill Amos, Shirley Armstrong, Jean Ayers, Myra Baird, Ray Baker, Alton Baugh, Harold Baugh, Bonnie Beck, Cecelia Benefield, Margaret Benefield, John Benson, Janice Bishop, Homer Bishop, Peggy Bolton, Sibyl Bonds, Diane Boyd, Billy Broadfoot, Barbara Brown, Carolyn Brown, Larry Brown, Billy Bryan, Carolyn Buchannan, Barbara Burdett, Virginia Burks, Tommie Butts, Sue Camp, Sandra Camp, Jocelyn Campbell, Joe Campbell, Charles Carroll, Robert Center, Sue Clark, Ruth Coffey, Harold Cofield, Lynn Cofield, Joe Cooley, Steve Cooper, John Corbin, Katie Cordell, Miron Cowan, Larry Craig, Kayra Creel, David Cryar, Edwin Currie, Danny Davis, Ladean Davis, Patricia Davis, Jack Decker, Jim Decker, Jane Deck, Fred Dickerson, Dan Dickson, Gary Dickson, Sam Dixon.'Junior 2 Left to right: Jimmie Sue Dilbeck, Jo Ann Dobbins, Jimmy Duckett, Nelda East, Eddie Ray Ennis, Sandra Ennis, Hazel Eubanks, Anita Farmer, Charles Farris, Arlon Fowler, Jo Ann Garrison, Tommy Gentry, John Gipson, Marlin Gipson, Jerry Goggins, Coy Graben, Martha Gray, Phil Green, Dorothy Griffith, Wendell Grimes, Jimmy Hall, Linda Harris, Robert Harris, Donald Hart, Harold Henry, Shirley Henry, Garland Hill, Ann Holder, Rebecca Hunt, Drucilla Hunt, Charles Hudgins, Doris Ingrim, Bryant Irvin, Eugene Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Edith Joiner, Lana Joiner, Janella Jolley, Doyal Jones, Jeny Jones, Charlotte Karr, Gail Kendrick, Dorothy Kennedy, Wayne Kennedy, Wanda Knight, Edwin Lacy, Edith Lancaster, Annie Jo Latham, Lana Ray Ledbetter, Mary Lee, Shirley Lee, Mary Lemaster, Sally Locklear, Delyn Lovelady, Joyce Mahan.'Junior 2 Left to right: Rex Maltbie, James Mardis, Wendell Miller, Richard Moore, Betty Moore, Charles Morton, Joyce Morton. Delaine Mountain, Janet Myers, Faye McBrayer, Ginger McGee, Charles McPherson, May Ann Mc-Swain, Bobby Nixon. Doris Ogles, Richard Ogles, Jennie Orr, Ronald Owens, Margaret Pannell, Jerry Parris, Jack Pate. Charles Pell, Jo Ann Peppers, Dorothy Perry, Fred Perry, Dorothy Peters, Shirley Phillips, Patricia Pierce. Roger Presley, Jimmy Rayburn, Linda Rice, Linda Rives, Lucretia Rives, Jo Ann Robinson, Janice Roden. Michael Robertson, Linda Simmons, Mary Sims, Brenda Smith, Donald Smith, Jean Smith, Jerry Smith. Linda Smith, Sarah Smith, Billy Snider, Patricia Sowell, Linda Stevens, Barbara Strange, Betty Thomas. Mary Townson, Brenda Todd, Benny Trammell, Arley Traylor, Earlene Traylor, Johnny Traylor, Bonnie Walden.'Junior 2 Left to right: Jerry Waldrop, Bruce Watson, Jack Watts, Glenda Webster, Doris Yancey. Morning Exercise Junior Abe'11 athy SS—1 OP HI efield Neva Be den syble 0 ° gennett ioe Biddle WindeU B hoP M y B°pP ht Carole B»gh' Carol Bry3 ,oan Burden ,ln’ 'UaT » Martha CJunior 3 ('fa ass Eat°n Edmons°n y Fair°eI ;nt Vd hVe ,dra Gamble .Gail GaiV .GaiV Geoi e GeoiSe Honzell Harris Donnie Hammock Billy Haltiwanger Glenn Hale Lynn Henry Laurice Hanson Jimmy Holdbrooks Shirley Hopson Eddie Howard Henry Jackson Charles Jenkins Laura Jenkins Mary Joiner Billy Jones Clara Johnson Jan Johnson Janette Jordan Kim Keller Betty Kennedy Rossalyn KnoxJunior 3 ( ass L,aflderS ponatf Lang Syble ve Margie 16 Carolyn pavid Long patsi Lanier Ann L0wry Tudy Lumpkin Pe gy Ky.M MoNe ■7tw or3 Glass V n Vicki Rains Henry Reed Marvin Reese Patty Reeves Nancy Robinson m (a r — IOh 1 - v .Li Fred Rutledge Sumpter Rutledge Carol Shellborse Irene Shirey Joyce Shirey Anne Skinner Betty Spence Delana Stephens Charles Strickland Robert Taylor John Thomas Prank Thomas Juanzetta Tidmore Billy Teal Glenda Todd Roy Todd Peggy Townsend Doyle Turner Jewell Vaughn Milford Waldrop Annette Walls Terry Webb Milliard Westmorland Earnest White George Williamson Patricia Wilson Joyce Woodham Edwin Wright Robert Wright Joyce Yancey A P O V Pint row, left to right: Bobby Allen, Jerry Anderson, Ray Arnold, Carolyn Bailey. Robert Bain, Carolyn Baird, Jene Baker, Eula Mae Bates, Jerry Beam, Betty Sue Beam. Bobby Bearden, Helen Benefield, Margaret Benefield, Barbara Benson, Newt Bentley, Dortha Bishop. Margaret Bobo, Leona Brandon, Nelda Bridges, Harold Brothers, Bobby Burgess, Jerry Burgess. Ann Burke, Ezell Cagle, Jo Ann Camp, Mary Camp, Joyce Carr, J. T. Carter.Fiist row, left to right: Sara Cheek, Albert Childress, Eugene Clines, Mary Coffey, Marie Cook, Jerry Cordell, Anne Culbert, Helen Currie, Syble Duckett, Ernest Duke. Wayne Dye, Barbara Ellis, Jean Ennis, Retha Fortson, Mona Fricks, Franklin Garrison. J. C. Garrison, James Gore, Martha Gillialan, Donald Gray, Julia Green, Betty Hall. Dorthy Hall, Edwin Hall, Lona Hall, Larry Hanie, Wayne Harper, Clifford Harris.First row, left to right: Ray Harris, Bobby Hayes, Jack Henry, Marlene Hill, Aron Hillsman, Willodene Hodges, Jimmy Holder, Amice Hooper, Martha Hunt. Nora D. Jenkins, Hamp Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Juaneta Johnson, Carolyn Jones, Clara Jones. Donald Jones, Joyce Jones, Margaret Nell Kan, Sara King, Shirley Knight, Aron Lang. Carole Ledford, Lynda Levie, Shelvia Light, Jimmy Lindsey, Glyn Lovell, Marion Lusk. First row, left to right: David Luther, Forrest Mardis, Peggy Marony, Frank Mayes. Sylvia McBrayer, Bobby McClendon, Donald McClain, Joyce Miller, Windon Minor, Charles Moore. Geneta Moore, Olan Morton, Ralph Morton, Edsel Mosley, Sandra Moultrie, Hiram Nelson. Patsy Oliver, Robert Oliver, Gay Orr, James On, Johnny Owens, Tommy Owens. Goldie Pannell, Joe Ann Pell, Helen Peppers, Robert Peppers, Jerry Perkins, John Gordon Pierce.First row, left to right: Marie Pope, Margaret Pope, Bobby Rains, Martha Rains, Gaynell Richards, Gerald Richey, Jerome Richey, Jimmie Rives, Betty Robison, Alton Rogers, Milton Rogers, Franklin Rutledge, June Shirley, Tommy Simons, Doyle Slaton, Una Slaton, Benny Frank Smith, Gerald Smith, Joyce Smith, Roy Smith, jerry Snow, Mayla Spear, Norma J. Spear, Annie Ruth Spurgeon, Johnny Starnes, Brenda Staton, Bobby Stephens, Bobby Lee Stephens. First row, left to right: Billy Taylor, Carole Teague, Dean Templeton, Billy Terrell. Ronald Thompson, Faye Todd, Myrtle Townson, Dorthy Traylor, Barbara Warren, Betty West. Jimmy West, Ovella White, Claire Williamson, Lynda Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Sue Wilson. Gerald Wolfe.CLASS OFFICERS Donald Kennedy, Treasurer; Shirley Irvin, Secretary; Bobby Roebuck. Vice President; Bruce Wright, President. First row, left to right; Clyde Allen, Edna Austin. Second row: Don Baily, Freddy Baldwin, Wanda Barkley, Fred Barnes, Jimmy Bartlett, Juanita Baugh. Third row; Emma Bearden, Jimmy Benson, Louise Bishop, Maxine Blye, Bobby Boen, Nadine Bright. Fourth row; Jean Brock, Jackie Brown, Terry Brown, Donald Buckelew, Curtis Byars, Winfred Chamblee.Put your shoes back on,girls! It’s too early for wading. Martha Sanderson, Annette Hale, Jerry Sue Williams and Patsy Garrett. First row, left to right: Azzie Cherry, Willodean Childress. Second row; Bobby Jo Coe, Darlene Crawfotd, 11a Cntcher, Barbara Davis, Marlene Davis, Shelby Davis. Third row; Jimmy Dunn, Quimby Dunn, William England, Lenora Evans, Patricia Farmer, Johnny Floyd. Fourth row; Randy Fossett, Marcia Fuller, Patsy Garrett, Ralph Gentry, Glenn Green, Jo Ann Gunnells.Sandra Kendall, Martha Sanderson, Sharon Strange, Annette Hale, Rosemary Roberts, Maxine Blye, Jerry Sue Williams, Lynda Levie. First row, left to right: Mac Hackney, Annette Hale. Second row: Denny Hall, Billy Haney, Jimmy Harper, Cecil Harris, Sue Harris, Claudine Head. Third row: Judy Holder, Jerry Hudgens, Shirley Irvin, Dorthey Johnson, Delmar Jones, Eddie Jones. Fourth row: Martha Karr, Barbara Kennedy, Donald Kennedy, Shelby Kennedy, Eleanor Lackey, Norman Lambert.What's so funny? Jane Graham, Shelbia Williams, Jerry Sue Williams. Senior 2 ( ) ass First row, left to right: Myra Jo Lang, Dorthy Lawson. Second row; William Lockear, Duane Long, Tommy Maddux, Charles McClendon, Garry McClendon, Joyce McClendon. Third row: Dula McDonald, Jack Mitchell, Margaret Morgan, Donald Moore, Gene Oliver, Van Owens, Fourth row: Joan Pankey, Miles Pell, Jack Prance, Nellwyn Rains, Patsy Rains, Gerald Reaves.Patsy Garrett, Martha Sanderson, Jerry Sue Williams, Annette Hale. First row, left to right; Edna Reed, Shelby Richards. Second row; Gay Nell Richey, Melba Rives, Gayle Roden, Bobby Roebuck, Martha Sanderson, Jimmy Scarbrough. Third row; Adron Shell, Thomas Shell, Joyce Singleton, Betty Lou Smith, Ivey Smith, Jimmy Sue Smith. Fourth row; Tommy Smith, Wanda Smith, Dorthy Spence, Mary Spurlin, Jimmy Stanford, Wayne Staton.First row, left to right: Dannis Strange, Billy Strickland. Second row: Wendell Terrell, Jimmy Thompson, Jan Todd, Shirley Todd, Gene Traylor, Louise Walls. Third row: Ronald Ward, David Webb, Ray Wells, Janelle White, Jerry Sue Williams, Marie Williams. Fourth row: Shelbia Williams, Jimmy Wilson, Antha Woodham, Cathrine Woods, Bruce Wright, Myra Wright.Left: Most Talented JERRY SUE WILLIAMS JIMMY THOMPSON Middle left: Most Popular ROSEMARY ROBERTS BRUCE WRIGHT Left: Wittiest BETTY LOU SMITH RONALD WARDPrincipafs JKessape Since 1931 it has been a happy experience working with boys and girls. The cycle of our changing times has just about revolutionized our entire world since that date. Never has life been more complex, more exacting and more exciting. Never were human achievements more varied, more productive, more wonderful and at the same time more tragic and more destructive. The seriousness with which boys and girls look upon life today with a determination to succeed in some walk of life, is very satisfying. However in our modern scientific age we can't afford but to strive hard to be our very best. With all the complexes of the isms and social changes, I have no fear of man’s rightful place, if we can properly educate the generations to come. Whatever effort and price is necessary for you to develop your education is not too great. To neglect your education would be tragic. I trust for each of you a joyful and successful future. B. E. McPhersonFRANK BAKER Basketball 51-55 A Club 53-55 Jr. Civitan 55 Jr. Who’s Who 53-54 Basketball 51-55 Football All-State 53-54 All-County Football 54 Sr. Who's Who 55 Magazine High Sale 55 JIMMY ALFORD Band '51; Football 53-54 Glee Club 53-54 A Club 52-55 Jr. Civitan 53-55 CHARLES ALLEN Football 52-54 Basketball 54-55 A Club 53-55 Who’s Who 54 NEWTON BEARDEN Chapter Champ Com Grower 54 EDWARD BEAM FFA 53-55 FFA 53-55 Won place in hog show ALTON BELLROBERT CAIN A. B. COOPER EDWARD CURRIE Football 51-55 Football 53-54 A” Club 52-55 A Club 54-55 Homecoming 54 May Day 52 NORMAN DARDEN Football 51-54 Beta Club 53-55 Junior Civitan Club 53-55 Pres. Jr. Civitan Club 54 Pres. Junior Class 53-54 Pres. Senior Class 54-55 Paper Staff 53-55 Annual Staff 54-55 High Magazine Sale 54-55 A” Club Sec. and Treas. 55 LOWELL DAVIS Senior Who’s Who Football 52-54 HIAWATHA EASON Football 52-54 Basketball 52-55 A” Club 53-55 A Club 53-55 A Club 53-55 Jr. Civitan Club 53-55FREDDY FARMER JERRY GARRETT MARLIN HANSON Good Citizenship Award Football 52-54 School Store 54-55 Beta Club 52-55 Radio Club 54-55 WELTON HAYES A Club 52-55 Pres. A Club 54-55 Jr. Civitan 52-55 Sr. Who's Who 55 Vice Pres. Junior Class 54 Paper Staff 54-55 SAMMY HAYES Basketball 54-55 JOHN HAWK Glee Club 53-54 Beta Club 53 Jr. Civitan Club 54-55 Glee Club President 54 May Day 54 Sr. Who's Who 55BILLY GENE HEAD MELVIN HODGES GARY FULLER Sr. Who’s Who 55 FFA 52-55 Glee Club 53-55 FFA Reporter 52-54 State Farmers Degree Auburn 54 Sec. FFA 55 EDWIN INGRAM Band 51— 55 All-County Band 53 Radio Club Reporter 54-55 Sr. Who's Who 55 TED JORDAN A. G. LANGBOB LESTER Radio Club 55 Beta Club 53-55 Paper Staff 53-55 Annual Staff 55 Vice Pres. Beta Club 55 Jr. Civitan 55 Debate Team 55 School Store 55 Vice Pres. Sr. Class 55 Fourth High Magazine Sale Sr. Who’s Who 55 BRAXTON MOUNTAIN Band 50-55 KENNETH LUSK BUDDY McCLENDON Basketball 55 FFA 50-51 NORMAN McSWAIN Jr. Who’s Who Beta Club 53-55 Paper Staff 55 Jr. Civitan 53-55 Basketball 52-54 Football 51-54 Pres. Band 55 Radio Club 55 All-County Band 52-53 A Club 55 JIMMY PHILLIPS Basketball 53-55TRUMAN RAINS HAROLD RIVES RICHARD THOMAS Band 53-55 FFA 52-55 FFA 51-52 A Club 52-55 County FFA Sec. 53 Baseball 55 Basketball.51-54 FFA Pres. 55 Jr. Favorite 54 County FFA President 55 Asst. Band Dir. 55 State Farmers Degree Beta Club 53-55 Beta Club 55 Jr. Civitan 53-55 FFA Chapter Winner of Vice Pres. Band 53 Oratorical Contest FFA 51-52 All-County Band 53 Debate Team 55 GERALD WOODHAM FREDDY WILSON Football 50-54 Beta Club Treas. 52-55 A Club 51-54 Jr. Civitan Pres. 55 Co-Captain Football 52 Radio Club 55 Basketball 51 Jr. Who's Who 54 Jr. Civitan 53-55 Sr. Who's Who 55 High Magazine Sale 55 Boys' State 54 All-County Football 54 Bus. Manager of Mountaineer 55 Jr. Who’s Who 53-54 BOBBIE BOPPILEEN BRIGHT MELBA BROWN IRA BURGESS Glee Club 51-53 Band 52 FHA 53 Glee Club 52 FNC 55 Class Treasurer 55 Glee Club 53 Library Assistant 53-55 Beta Club 55 HELEN BURKS Beta Club 53-55 Office Assistant 55 Library Assistant 54 Sr. Who’s Who 55 RUTH CAMPBELL May Day 52-53 FHA 52-53 GAYNELL COBYDIANE DAVIS NANNETTE DAVIS MARTHA DYAR Band 51-53 Band 49-55 Band 50-53 Glee Club 52-54 Band Sweetheart 54 Drum Major 53-55 Library Asst. 55 Paper Staff 55 Sophomore Beauty 53 Annual Staff 55 Jr. Who's Who 54 Glee Club 54 Glee Club 51-53 Beta Club 55 Jr. Who's Who 54 Sr. Who's Who 55 May Day Queen 55 JANE GRAHAM All-County Band 53 LYNDA HULGAN Band 50-55 High Mag. Salesman 55 Flag Carrier 54 Paper Staff 55 Majorette 55 Asst. Annual Editor 55 Glee Club 53 Glee Club 52-54 Band Reporter 54 Beta Club 53-55 Campus Cal. Staff 55 Jr. Who's Who 54 Beta Club 53-55 High Mag. Salesman 55 Dramatics Club 54 All-County Band 53 High Mag. Salesman 55 Sr. Who's Who 55 Debate Team 55 Band Librarian 55 PATRICIA GARY Glee Club Lib. 53JEANETTE LOWE KAY LOWERY JESSIE MAE LYLES Beta Club 51-52 Glee Club 54 FHA 52-53 Radio Club 55 Beta Club 52-55 Annual Staff 55 Sec. Radio Club 55 Office Asst. 55 Paper Staff 55 Sr. Who’s Who 55 Annual Staff 55 Bookkeeping Award 54 Sr. Who’s Who 55 BETTY MAYO Beta Club 52-55 Beta Club Sec. 55 Glee Club 52-54 BOBBIE MASSEY Radio Club 55 Sec. FHA 55 JANE MATTHEWS Jr. Who’s Who 54 Jr. Homemaker Degree 50 Glee Club 52 Girls' State 54 Oratorical Contest 49 FHA 54 May DayLAMERLE McBRAYER DOROTHY MINOR FRED WILLIAMSON Beta Club 52-55 FHA 53 Annual Staff 55 Radio Club 55 Jr. Who's Who 54 Bookkeeping Award 54 Office Asst. 53-55 Glee Club 53-55 PATRICIA PAYNE DAPHENE PIERCE Beta Club 52-55 Glee Club 52-54 Paper Staff 53-55 Treasurer FHA 54 LOUNEAL PINKSTON Radio Club 55 FHA Quartet 55 Office Assistant 55 Glee Club 53 Radio Club 55 Bookkeeping Award 54LUCILLE PINKSTON Beta Club 52-55 Sr. Who’s Who 55 Office Asst. 55 ARLENE POWELL Football Cheerleader 54 Jr. Who's Who 54 Sr. Who’s Who 55 Homecoming Court 54 ELIZABETH RUTLEDGE FHA 55 ERMA SOUTH FHA 51-54 FHA Sweetheart Glee Club 53-55 NELLIE SEGERS Glee Club Reporter 55 Glee Club 51-52 JEAN SHADDLX SHELL Homecoming Queen 54CORA STRANGE JUANETTE TEAL FHA 54 FHA 54 BETTYE THOMAS Band 50-54 Annual Staff 55 Beta Club 55 Junior Beauty 54 Glee Club 52-54 Football Cheerleader 55 Good Citizenship Girl Paper Staff 54 All-County Band 53 Senior Who's Who 55 CAROLE THOMPSON Beta Club 53-55 Jr. and Sr. Sec. Class 53-56 FHA 53-55 LINDA WILLMORE Football Cheerleader 55 Glee Club 54 Beta Club 55 May Day Court 54 Paper Staff 55 Jr. Who's Who 54 Cheerleader 54 Glee Club 52-54 JEAN REYNOLDS May Day 51-52 FHA 54 Homecoming Court 55 FHA 53 FNC 55 Basketball Cheerleader 55 Sr. Who's Who 55ERNESTINE WILSON Glee Club 54 Annual Staff 55 FHA Historian 55 Radio Club 55 Beta Club 52-53 FRANCES YANCY Glee Club 52-53 May Court 53 FHA 54 Beta Club 55 Sr. Who's Who 55 Can This Be True: Martha Dyar, Melba Brown Jane Graham, Diane Davis. -S. ajen ors Trutn n D , m Cmy 7 )afe ftctorian Safutatortan JESSE MAE LYLES FREDDY WILSON f)e Slue A 'loyetfer Htiff the C nef First row: Carole Thompson, Melba Brown, Ira Burgess, Betty Mayo, Pat Payne, Kay Lowery. Second row: Richard Thomas, Dorothy Minor, Bettye Thomas, Jane Graham, Sonny Darden, Gerald Woodham, Jimmy Alford. Third row.- Freddy Wilson, Ed Ingram, Braxton Mountain, Jimmy Phillips, Hiawatha Eason, Lowell Davis.REMEMBER WHEN Fiist row; Louneal Pinkston, Lucille Pinkston, Tommy Moore, Jessie Mae Lyles, Ted Jordan, Nanette Davis, Fred Williamson, Ruth Campbell. Second row; Bobbie Massey, Ernestine Wilson, Freddy Wilson, Ira Burgess, Freddy Farmer, Pat Payne, Diane Davis, Sonny Darden. Third row: Frances Yancey, Bettye Mayo, Janette Lowe, Kay Lowery, Bettye Thomas, Braxton Mountain, Jane Graham. Fourth row; Linda Willmore, Gerald Woodham, Jane Matthews, Norman McSwain, Newton Bearden, Helen Burks, Jean Shell. Fifth row: Lamerle McBryaer, Bob Lester, Carol Thompson, Gary Fuller, Truman Rains, Elizabeth Rutledge, Cora Strange, Arlene Powell, Frank Baker. - €i 4 - a - t A .T- - ■ ! ?L 10 . i f - » Senior ('e e rities Right; Most School Spirit KAY LOWERY—NORM AN McSWAIN Below: Most Ambitious LUCILLE PINKSTON—BOB LESTER Middle right: Most Athletic HELEN BURKS—FRANK BAKER Right: Most Popular BETTYE THOMAS—GERALD WOODHAM min Him mm mmLefts Most Versatile ARLENE POWELL HIAWATHA EASON Middle Left: Most Original NANNETTE DAVIS CHARLES ALLEN Above; Prettiest, Most Handsome ERMA SOUTH-JIMMY ALFORD Left: Best Personality CORA STRANGE—SONNY DARDENLeft: Most Interesting LINDA WILLMORE JOHN HAWK Right: Friendliest BOBBIE JANE MASSEY BILLY GENE HEAD Right: Cutest JANE MATTHEWS EDWIN INGRAM Left: Most Likely to Succeed JESSIE MAE LYLES HAROLD RIVESHen Hop JFCapazine Salesmen Seated: Myra Jo Lang, Linda Willmore. Standing, left to right: Mrs. Gibson--sponsor, Ira Burgess, Darlene Crawford, Barbara Kennedy, Duane Long, Gayle Ross, Shirley Irvin, Marie Lusk. Second row: Shirley Knight, Wanda Barkley, Ann Burk. Seated: Melba Brown--tenth place, Lynda Hulgan--sixth place. Left to right: Braxton Mountain --ninth place, Gerald Woodham--seventh place, Jane Graham--fifth place, Jimmy Alford--second place, Sonny Darden--first place, Bettye Thomas--third place, Bob Lester--fourth place, Nanette Davis--eighth place. Hu jure Yurses GfuSTwo Bookworms and a Snake” Get Much Sleep Last Night? ieia Cfu6 OFFICERS Betty Thomas President Bob Lester Vice President Miss Gwen Richey Sponsor Fred Wilson Treasurer Betty Mayo Secretary“0?” GU Left to right: M. Hanson, N. McSwain, J. Thomas, D. Kennedy, J. Alford, T. Smith, G. Traylor, F. Williamson, T. Shell, B. Wright, B, Hayes, L. Davis, R. Cain, R. Morton, W. Locklear, T. Maddux, W. England, D. Strange, H. Harris, J. Barklett, H. Eason, Center: A. Moore, S. Darden, A. Darden, G. Woodham.( Campus ( auafcacfe Front row: Marlin Hanson, Bob Lester. Second row; Nannette Davis, Pat Payne, Sonny Darden, Rosemary Roberts, Ira Burgess, Jane Graham. Third row: Lynda Hulgan, Bruce Wright, Jerry Sue Williams, Norman McSwain, Jessie Mae Lyles, Jackie Brown. Miss Gwen Richey Sponsor 9Kay Day May Court'CAST AND CREW John Hawk, Gary Fuller, Marlin Hanson, Norman McSwain, Truman Raines, Frances Yancey, Braxton Mountain, Diane Davis, Lynda Hulgan, Bettye Thomas, Bob Lester, Miss Jo Luther, Linda Willmore, Patricia Payne, Arlene Powell, Kay Lowery, Ernestine Wilson, Martha Dyar, Fred Farmer, Betty Mayo, Elizabeth Rutledge, Jimmy Alford, Sonny Darden. THE FAMILY Bettye Thomas, Norman McSwain, Carole Thompson, Ernestine Wilson. Secretary, Boss and Beau Pat Payne, Carole Thompson, Truman Raines.unior-c senior ro n iancf Jji rom Presentation of bouquet from 1954 Sweetheart, Nanette Davis, escorted by Braxton Mountain, to the 1955 Sweetheart, JANE GRAHAM escorted by Andy Finley. LEADOUT JANE GRAHAM - - Band Sweetheart ANDY FINLEY............Escort OFFICERS AND DATES Barbara Ellis, Librarian escorted by Hiawatha Eason Nanette Davis, Secretary and Treasurer escorted by Braxton Mountain, President Jane Graham, Sweetheart escorted by Andy Finley Martha Dyar, Vice President, escorted by Johnny Bruce Sandra Wilson escorted by Truman Rains, Student Director Jerry Sue Williams, Reporter, escorted by Tommy Madduxs um ner s. naps Me and My Teddy Bear' Does Your Back Itch??? We’re in Love! Just Looking Handsome Don’t Fall Off! IMISS JEAN POWELL youth is beautySophomore Glass CBeauty MISS MARY HOOPER the grace and charm of royaltyMISS WANDA SMITH the lustre and brilliance of a southern belle. ,7 unior ( ass ieauti yMISS MARTHA DYAR a sparkling array of personality and lovelinessjunior 2 Jauorites Jreshman T'auontes c SopAosnore Aaoori es.Junior Jauorites Senior JauoriiesJfomecomiruj Queen Her Majesty, ERMA SOUTHJKay Queen Her Majesty, MARTHA DYARDecfication As a teacher in Albertville High School we feel that you influence the lives of our student body. It is certain that some of your dignity, sincerity and warm regard for everyone has rubbed off on each of us with whom you come in daily contact. We, the Senior Class, truly believe that from our association with you we are better students today, and will be better men and women of tomorrow. AS a small measure of appreciation of your services to Albertville High School, we dedicate this lasting record of our senior year to you-- MISS MARY MURDOCK Seated, left to right: Jerry Sue Williams, Miss Brown, Betty Thomas, Jane Graham, Annette Hale. Standing: Bob Lester, Ernestine Wilson, Kay Lowery, Fred Wilson, Lamerle McBrayer, Sonny Darden, Jessie Mae Lyles, Nanette Davis.ADVERTISERSCOMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF One of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaDRINK North Alabamas Finest Distributed by BAIRD BROTHERS Phone 82OW Albertville, AlaCompliments of COLO VIAL POULTRY COMPANY OF ALABAMA Albertville, Alabama fVAO'R.NBUR.Y RADIO - TV SERVICE Phone 553-R Albertville, Alabama ROSS- ADAMS Lumber and Building Materials Phone 100 Albertville, AlabamaFashions for the Discriminating Person Ours Alone - Christian Dior Perfumes Christian Dior Hose - Henry Rosenfeld and Nardis of Dallas Dresses Compliments of WHITTEN PARTS COMPANY Albertville, Alabama Compliments W.E. WALKER COTTON COMPANY Albertville, Alabama Best Wishes CAFETERIA Fine Foods Albertville, AlabamaFLOYD BROWN CHEVROLET Sales - Service Albertville, AlabamaWith Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School RUBBER CORPORATION Manufacturer of A. R. C. Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, Alabama Courtesy ADAMS CLINTON SMITH BROWN SERVICE MOTORS FUNERAL HOME Used Cars J. W. (COOTER) SMITH Albertville, Alabama DONALD SMITH BRINDLEY'S DICKSON Groceries - Meats SERVICE STATION Fresh Vegetables Phone 34 North Broad Street Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama THOMPSON FURNITURE AND HARDWARE CO. THE ALBERTVILLE For Progress” Phone 71 Commercial Printing Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama ALFORD golden's COTTON COMPANY Office Phone 181 SUNDRIES, INC. Long Distance Phone 216 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of MARTIN THEATRES Compliments of CAROL AND SHADE-SIDE DRIVE-IN JEWELERS Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGI Y WHITE r 1 VJ VD 1— 1 T i 1 VJ LJ 1 1 GROCERY GIN CO. Albertville, Alabama Where Your Business Is Appreciated Albertville, AlabamaCompliments of Compliments of MERCANTILE SUNDRIES Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of TRACTOR COMPANY ALABAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Ford Tractors Phone 656 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Courtesy Compliments of U. S. Royal CRIBB’S Recapping Tires TIRE and Tubes SERVICE Vulcanizing FLORAL CO. Phone 592 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama O. t-4 Compliments of ALBERTVILLE ( l 6Zct Z444 h WHOLESALE MOTORS GROCERY Chrysler - Plymouth CO. Sales and Service Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama  HOTEL HORSLEY STORES Albertville, Alabama Albertville and Boaz Alabama O' ce'4' COTTON CO. STYLE AND GIFT SHOPPE Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama JOE C WAKEFIELD ROBERTS 6 ISBELL LAUNDRY HARDWARE CO. Your General Electric Dealer Albertville, Alabama Phone 500 Albertville, Alabama BRYAN J.B.ROBERTS SONS HOME ACCESSORIES Wearing Apparel Good Things for the Home F or the Entire F amily Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama KELTON DENDY DAN DENDYnorth ALABAMA POULTRY CO-OP INCORPORATED Phone 499 Albertville, Alabama p a, j pharmacy North Broad Street Albertville, Alabama Cu ia. Cade MILLS DEPARTMENT STORE Albertville, Alabama Albertville, AlabamaMr. McPherson, the Senior Class of 1955 thanks you for the help and understanding that you gave us while we were in high school. Not only is this year a graduation for us but for you also. To us you were a part of the school because most of us remember you since our first day of school. To hear seniors say you were exacting was not uncommon, but any one of these same seniors admired and respected you for it. To you, we again say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.A LITHOGRAPHED - YEARBOOK DALLAS • TEXAS { . , , .' -. •v , .» « - I . ,K .y 5%rV -■ fv ... . j ■' i - v-j C V V t S ' $ ' ' ASiV l V ■■ft;' I ■' ■ -V It r . t ■' - Y «tk $. • K j' yk: ' iT vj v; V 'V - ,N X -;- ' • r J . » fr. w. V -vav r .' • Jf! r V • • ' ’ V. » |lfc r ' :-;f -• ► %

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