Albertville High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Albertville, AL)

 - Class of 1953

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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1953 volume:

. ANNUAL STAFF KATHLEEN BROWN Advisor DELAINE THORNBURY Business Manager MARY ELLA SMOTHERS Feature Editor EDNA EARL STEPHENS Sports Editor KENNETH HUTCHESON Editor SANDRA GIPSON WAYNE WASHAM Jr. Editor Jr. Business Manager HAMMOND GREEN Secretary PATRICIA CORNELIUS Typist GERMAINE WHITTEN Staff PhotographerDEDICATION PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE FACULTY CLASSES FAVORITES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES SNAPSHOTS PATRONSMISS KATHLEEN BROWN We, the Mountaineer Staff and the 1953 Albertville High Senior Class, proudly and humbly dedicate this edition of our yearbook to Miss Kathleen Brown. No person has strived so faithfully for us, believed so conscientiously in us, and encouraged us so when all our hope was gone. We believe that she knows each and everyone of us better since she has worked on every project we have undertaken. Through everything she has kept her quiet, unassuming manner, her dignity under all circumstances, and her natural, even disposition. Throughout her many years at Albertville, Miss Brown has endeared herself to all who have worked with her. Never has she lost faith in the students. Our successes have been her successes. For always and always, Miss Brown will occupy a tender spot in the heart of every student of this class.TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 The Albertville School as we know it today, is built upon ideals of the past. These ideals are the culmination of efforts, contributions, visions and admirations of hundreds of students, teachers and parents. These people have entered the doors of the Albertville High School and received its influence. On leaving this school they have challenged us to attain even higher and higher standards in the desire for increased wisdom, enthusiasm and spirit, that long has been noted in the end products that this school has produced. As seniors of the class of 1953 you have the challenge of a record set by the past of those who have gone their way as Citizens of a great country. You have proven for twelve years your ambitions, desires, of what we feel you will be to your community in the future. This age you are living in is challenging you to preserve its heritage of a democracy. You must continue to grow in the responsibilities as citizens. It has been said that one generation well educated would solve the problems of the world. You have made a mark to this end, having arrived at the successful end of your high school training. The citizenship portrayed in this Annual is typical of your worthiness to co-operate for a job well done. You have as in the past contributed to the fine products of your school. I wish for you the continued successful accomplishments so typical of this Annual for 1953. May you review with pride the educational influences shared together in the Albertville High School. B. E. McPherson, Principal ALBERTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL • . FACULTY • • • • ■' a . • .• • • . . • v. .. • V . - « • • . • •• % BS - i IVA LENE BUCKELEW, BS Florence State Peabody College JONN1S BUCKELEW Jacksonville State EUNICE BOONE, BS, MA Jacksonville State Alabama Polytechnic KATHLEEN BROWN, BS, MA Huntingdon College Peabody College Iowa State College C. K. BUCKELEW, BS Jacksonville State P. L. COFFEY, BS Alabama Polytechnic TONY DANIEL, BS Jacksonville State MARGARET DAVIS, BS, MA Peabody CollegeCORINNE FANNING. BS University of Alabama Nashville Business College VERNICE GALLOWAY. BS Jacksonville State KATHLEEN GARRETT. BS Alabama College HAZEL GIBSON, BS, MA Jacksonville State University of Alabama RUSSELL GIBSON, BS, BA, MA Jacksonville State University of Alabama RUBY GOODWIN, BS Alabama College Jacksonville State ♦NELL Me BRAY ER Huntingdon College WILLARD H. McNEER, BS Delta StateAVAILABLE GWENDOLYN RICHEY, AB, MA Athens College Peabody College AUDREY M. RUSH, BS University of Alabama AUSIE H. SMOTHERS, AB Howard College Peabody College KITTYE THOMASON, AB Huntingdon College Alabama Polytechnic Peabody College MARY EMMA THOMPSON, BS Alabama College MARY A. WEATHERS, AA, BA Athens College VERNON WELLS, BS Mississippi SouthernSENIORSKENNETH HUTCHESON.......................................President ERWIN SMITH........................................Vice President SARAH WILBANKS..........................................Secretary MAX CROFT--------------------------------------------- TreasurerBETTY ABECROMBIE HELEN APPLETON Band 50-51; Thespian 51; Paper Staff 52-53; Beta Club 51-53; Asst. Editor of Mountaineer 53; 3rd High Salesman in Magazine Campaign; Glee Club 50-51; President of Thespian 53. DORIS ANN ARMSTRONG FHA 50-53; FHA Treas. 52; FHA Vice Pres. 53; May Day Court 52; Football Cheerleader 52. BUBS BAINS Glee Club 52-53; Band 48-53. VERBON BELL YVOLENE BENEFIELD FHA 50-53; FHA Historian 52-53; Glee Club 49-53; Glee Club Treas. 52-53; Sr. Who's Who 53.VIRGINIA BLACK Football Cheerleader 52; Glee Club. MARTHA LOU BOEN Glee Club 49-50; Library Club 53; Treasurer of Library Club 53. JACKIE BOWEN FFA 49-61. JOHN DAVID BOWLING A Club; Glee Club; National Thespian Society; Jr. Who’s Who 52. RANDALL BROTHERS Beta Club; Sr. Who’s Who 53. HECTOR FAYE BUCHAN FHA 50-51; Library Club 53.THURMAN CARVER Glee Club 52-53; Sr. Who’s Who 53. ANNE CHARLES May Day 50-51; Hi-Y Club; Office Staff 52-53. GAIL CAMP Sr. Who’s Who 53; FHA; Glee Club. LOUISE CAMP FHA; Pres. FHA 52-53; Beta Club; Sr. Who’s Who 53. ANN CHILDRESS Band; FHA. BOBBY J. CLARK Band; National Thespian Society.GLENDA RHAE COBB May Day 49-50. {Z6a£4 X US uh, pcctivvuf Made Too Busy tyetb Mot (WlfaMt EDWARD COOLEY FFA PERRY SUE CORDELL BILLY JOE CRITCHER PATRICIA ANN CORNELIUS May Day 47-48; Beta Club 51-53; Office Staff 53; Typist for Mountaineer 53.F. MAX CROFT Sr. Class Treas. 53; Beta Club 51-53; Beta Club Treas. 52-53; Jr. Civitan Club 51-53; Jr. Civitan Pres. 52-53; National Thespian Society 51-53; Store Clerk 52-53; Latin Award 52; Salutatorian 53. SARAH JANE DAVIS May Day 49; FHA 53. PAUL DECKER Curtain Callers 51-52; Curtain Callers Pres. 51-52; Glee Club 52-53; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Top Salesman in Magazine Campaign. GAIL WILLIAMS DUVALL Jr. Who's Who 52; Sr. Who's Who 53; Curtain Callers 52; National Thespian Society 52; Glee Club 50-53; FHA 51-53; FHA Reporter 53; May Day 50; Sec. of Curtain Callers 52. WAURINE EIDSON Beta Club 51-53; Sec. of Beta Club 53; Glee Club; Sr. Who's Who 53; Debate Team 53. ANNE FRANKLIN Band 47-53; Band Pres. 51-52; Band Vice Pres. 49-50; Beta Club 51-53; Campus Cavalcade Staff 52-53; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Basketball Cheerleader 49-50.ROBERT GRAHAM Band. KENNETH GRAY HAMMOND GREEN Beta Club 51-53; Campus Cavalcade Staff 52-53; Sec. of Mountaineer 53. FRANCES GRIMES MAE GRIZZARD May Day 49; FHA 52-53. BOBBY GUNNELLS Beta Club 51-53; A Club 50-53; Basketball 51-53. MARY HALL Beta Club 51-53; Jr. Who's Who 53; Sr. Who's Who 53. PEGGY HEAD AVAILABLE IMOGENE HODGES NADINE HOLDER May Day 50-51; Jr. Who's Who 52; Sr. Who's Who 53.ARVIN HUDGINS FFA 49-53; 1st, .ace Tractor Derby 51-52; Vice Pres. FFA 51-52. KENNETH HUTCHESON Senior Class Pres. 53; Ed.-in-Chief of Mountaineer 53; Beta Club 51-53; Jr. Ed. of Mountaineer 52; A Club 51-53; Campus Cavalcade Staff 52-53; Football 50-52; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Basketball 51-52. GENE JOLLEY A Club 51-53; A Club Vice Pres. 52-53; Football 50-53; Capt. Elect of Football Team 52; FFA 49-53; FFA Reporter 51-52; Delegate to FFA State Committee 50; Glee Club 52-53. AMORETTA COCHRAN JOHNSON Beta Club 51-53; Thespian 51-53; Glee Club 49-53; FHA 50-51. DONALD KENDRICK FFA 51-52; Glee Club 52-53. RONALD KENDRICK FFA 51-52; Glee Club 52-53.SARAH BUCHANNAN LAND Glee Club 50-51; May Day 50-51. DICKY LATTA Beta Club 51-53; Vice Pres. Beta Club 52-53; A Club, Sec.-Treas. ; A Club 52-53; Football 51-52; Sr. Who s Who 53.Gladys McClendon FHA 50-53; Glee Club 51 53. jerry McClendon FFA 50-53; Basketball 51-53; Sr. Who's Who 53. ANNA MACHEN Glee Club 52-53; FHA 51-53; Sr. Who's Who 53; Fifth Highest Salesman in Magazine Campaign. BILLY JACK MINOR A Club 49-53; Basketball 51-53; All County A Team 53; All County B” Team 52; Sr. Who's Who 53.BARBARA ANNE PAYNE Glee Club 49-53; Sec. of Glee Club 52-53; FHA; Sec. of FHA 51-53; Beta Club 51-53. IDA JEAN PEARCE Glee Club 52-53. HAZEL OGLE FHA 52; May Day 49. MILDRED OGLE Glee Club 46-47; May Day 52; FHA 52-53.JACKIE PINKERTON JOE L. RADFORD Glee Club 50-53; Football 52; A Club 52-53; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Sr. Who’s Who 53; Band 49-50. TOMMIE FRANK RAINS FHA 50-53; Library Club 53. CHARLES RAINWATER Basketball 50-53; Glee Club 51-53; Jr. Who's Who 52; Jr. Class Pres. 51-52; Sr. Who’s Who 53; Sr. Class Favorite 53; FFA 50-52; Captain of Magazine Sales 52. INEZ RICE DeLEATH RIVES Band 48-53; Band Manager 49-50; Band Pres. 50-51; Band Vice Pres. 51-52; Band Student Director 52-53; Glee Club 49-53; Glee Club Pres. 52-53.JOHNNY ROBERTS Football 51-52; A Club 52-53. PHYLLIS JEAN ROBERTS JAMES ROBERTSON MARY ELLIS ROBINSON Glee Club 49-50; Band 50-51; Majorette 52-53; Sr. Who’s Who 53; Band Librarian 52-53. PH070 MOT AVAILABLE CARL ROEBUCK Football 51-52; A Club 53. MARY ALICE SANDERS FHA; Homecoming Queen's Attendant 52.BILLY SMITH Beta Club 51-53; Jr. Civitan 51-53; Good Citizen Award 50; Basketball Team 50-53; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Sr. Who’s Who 53; Store Clerk 52-53; Valedictorian 53. ERWIN SMITH FFA 50-53; FFA Pres. 52; FFA Treas. 53; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Sr. Who's Who 53; Sr. Class Vice Pres. 53. MAURICE SMITH MARY ELLA SMOTHERS Good Citizenship Award 49; Drum Majorette 49-53; Band Librarian 52-53; Glee Club 50-53; Glee Club Sec, 51-53; Campus Cavalcade Feature Editor 51-52; Editor 52-53; Magazine Campaign Captain 52; Mountaineer Feature Editor 53; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Sr. Who's Who 53. FRANCES STANFORD FHA 52-53; Beta Club 50-53. NORMA JEAN STATON Glee Club; May Day.EDNA EARL STEPHENS Football Cheerleader 50-52; Miss FHA 50-51; Glee Club; May Court; Jr. Class Beauty 52; Sr. Favorite 53; Homecoming Attendant 52; FHA 50-53; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Sports Editor of Mountaineer '53. RAYMON STONER A Club 50-53; Football 49-52; Basketball 49-51; Jr. Class Vice Pres. 51-52; Sr. Who's Who 53; Glee Club 50-53. MELBA STRIPLIN Glee Club 49-50; FHA 50-51; Class Librarian 49-50; Basketball Cheerleader 52-53. VIDA WATWOOD TABOR President of Library Club 53. BETTY JEAN TANKERSLY Glee Club 52-53. MARTHA JEAN TERRELL FHA 51; May Day 50; Glee Club 51-52.DELAINE THORNBURY Band 48-53; Glee Club 51-53; Beta Club 51-53; Jr. Civitan 51-53; Pres. Band 52 53; Band Librn. 51- 52; Jr. Civitan Pres. 52; Asst. Bus. Mgr. of Mountaineer 52; Bus. Mgr. 53; Campus Cavalcade Isst. Ed. 51-52. ANN DYAR THOMAS Class Beauty 50,52,53; Majorette 52- 53; Cheerleader 49-50; Nat. Thespian Society. Pres. 52; Glee Club 52; Vice Pres. Glee Club 52-53; Band Sweetheart 53. MARJORIE TURNER Glee Club 52-53. DOROTHY WALDEN TOO SUSY TEMPIE WALLEY Beta Club 51-52; Latin Award 52. GERMAINE WHITTEN Oratorical Contest Finals 50-51-52; Mountaineer Staff Photographer; 2nd Highest Magazine Campaign 52; Sr. Who’s Who 53; Flag Bearer 51-53; Band Publicity Manager; Beta Club 51- 53; Campus Cavalcade Society Editor 51-52; Reporter 52-53; May Day Court 51- Nat. Thespian Society 51-53; Pres. .51-52; Sec. 52- 53.CHARLES WHITMIRE SARAH ANN WILBANKS D. A. R. Good Citizenship Girl; Beta Club 51-53; Sec. of Beta Club 52; Pres, of Beta Club 53; Jr. Class Sec. and Treas. 52; Sr. Class Sec. 53; Jr. Who’s Who 52; Sr. Who's Who 53; Glee Club 50-51; Library Club 53; May Day Court 50. JUNIORSNEAL REED.....................................................President JOE FRANK DECKER..........................................Vice President CLETA VON GARRISON...................-.........................Secretary EDWARD NESMITH............................................... TreasurerANNE BAILEY EMMA LOU BAILEY BETTY BAIN POLLY BANKS RAY BEDDINGFIELD BETTY BOBO JAMES BONDS ROBERT BRIGHT CAROLYN BROWN JOHN BRUCE ELOISE CAMP GEORGE CARR EUNICE COBY GERALD COEFIELD WANDA CONWAY NEAL COOLEY JOE FRANK DECKER NERINE DRIVER KENNETH DUNN RONALD ELROD ADAM ENGLAND RONNIE FARR WILLODEAN FERGUSON ROYCE FORTSONBETTYE FOSSETT CLETA VON GARRISON THOMAS GILLILAN SANDRA GIPSON CAROLYN GOODWIN ANNE GRAVES PEGGY GRAY TEMPIE NELL HALL FAYRENE HAM CHARLES HARRIS BOBBY JIM HEAD BONNIE HILDEBRAND CLARENCE HOLSONBACK SHIRLEY JOLLEY BETTY SUE JOHNSON JANE JOHNSTON MALCOLM KITCHENS ARLENE KNOX ARDELL LATHAM LORETTA LEDBETTER CHERI LONG JO ANNE LONG JACQUELINE LYLES SANDRA MANNELOISE MATTHEWS LOUISE MATTHEWS WILLODEAN McCLAIN mabel McClendon SHIRLEY McGUIRE FRANCES McNAIR JUDITH MILLER VERNAL MILLER BARBARA MITCHELL CASSIE MORTON THELMA MULLINAX SHIRLEY NEELY EDWARD NeSMITH JERRY PATTERSON GLENN RAGSDALE ANDY RAINS ANGELYA RAINS SUE RAINS BETTY JOE REAGAN NEAL REED ALBERT RICHEY JO ANNE RICHEY SAMUEL RICHEY THURMAN RIVESLEWIS ROBINSON FRANCES RUSSELL GEORGE RUTLEDGE BUDDY SHELL BUMAN SMITH RALPH SMITH CAROLYN STANLEY DORIS STEPHENS SHELBA STEPHENS LAMERLE STRANGE VIRGIE SWORDS LILA DEAN TAYLOR JUANETTE TEAL LILA JO TEMPLETON BILLY THOMAS MARTINE TIDMORE RALPH WALLACE WAYNE WASHAM TRENT WHITTEN SHELBA WILKERSON JIM WILLIAMS KYTHA WILLIAMS FRED WILLIAMSON RAY WILLIAMSONGAYLIA WOODHAM JUANITA WRIGHT BETTY RAY YANCEY CHARLOTTE YORK STUDENT LEADERSHIP DAY SOPHOMORESJimmy Alford Charles Allen Frances Baker Franklin Baker Wilson Baldwin Edward Beam Buford Bearden Newton Bearden Alton Bell Tommy Belue Doris Blackmon Shirley Bolding Johnny Bonds Bobbie Bopp Ileen Bright Melba Brown Bobbie Buckalew Ira Burgess Billy Burke Helen Burks Billy Burns Robert Cain Ruth Campbell Latham Carver Jeanette Champion Gaynell Coby Loyce Cole A. B. Cooper Ila Jay Critcher Edward Currie Norman Darden Lowell Davis Nanette Davis James Duckett Ray Duvall Hiawatha Eason Freddie Farmer Sarah Floyd Philip Frix Jerry Garrett Kenneth Garrett Jane Graham Daphene Gray Marlin Hanson Bobby Hart John Hawk Sammy Hayes Welton Hayes Billy Head Billy Heaton Melvin Hodges Gayle Hodgens Lynda Hulgan Edwin Ingram Anna Ruth Jackson Mary June Jackson Casey Jenkins Bill Johnson Ted Jordan Wayne KytleLula Lambert Norman Lambert A. G. Lang Hazel Lang Jimmy Long Kay Lowery Kenneth Lusk Jessie Lyles Billy Masters Betty Mathis Jimmy Mathis Jane Matthews Betty Mayo Lamerle McBrayer Billy McClendon Norman McSwain Zelmaline Miller Dorothy Minor Betty Moore Tommy Moore Sandra Moultrie Braxton Mountain Ruby Ogle Ernestine Parris Myra Paseur Patricia Payne James Phillips James Pierce Jim Pierce Louneal PinkstonLucille Pinkston Arlene Powell Truman Rains Harold Reaves Robbie Reese Wayne Rice Charles Roberts Marjorie Roberts Elizabeth Rutledge Nellie Segars Adron Shell Mary Ann Shirey Erma South Wayne Stephens Cora StrangeFRESHMENNeal Fossett Patsy Garrett Glenn Green Imogene Gunnells Jo Ann Gunnells Mac Hackney Annette Hale Denny Hall Billy Haney Jimmy Harper Sue Harris Billy Hayes Claudine Head Judith Holder Jerry Hudgins Shirley Irvin Bobby Joe Jarmon Dorothy Johnson Jimmy Joiner Dula Mae ones Eddie Jones Martha Karr Barbara Kennedy Betty Kennedy Donald Kennedy Shelba Kennedy Sandra Kyndell Edeanor Lackey Myra Lang Willozene Lasseter Dorothy Lawson Kathy Leanard William Locklear Duane Long Tommy MadduxGary McClendon Elaine Mitchell Jack Mitchell Donald Moor Margaret Morgan Jean Oliver Van Owens Joan Pankey E. H. Patterson Myles Pell Dorothy Pike Barbara Poole Jack Prance Gerald Reaves Ann Rhinehart Gay Nell Richey Gerald Richey Jerome Richey Melba Rives Rosemary Roberts Gail Roden Bobby Roebuck Alton Rogers Martha Sanderson Jimmy Scarbrough Don Sims Betty Smith Ivey Smith Jimmie Sue Smith Tommy Smith Wanda Smith Dorothy Spence Harold Spradley Lawrence Spurlin Mary SpurlinJimmy Stanford Wayne Staton Dannis Strange Myra Jo Strange Sharon Strange Ella Ruth Taylor Mary Teal Gene Traylor Jan Todd Shirley Todd Louise Walls David Webb Ray Wells Jimmy West Margaret West Antha Woodam Clara Wright Myra Wright Billy Yancy Dolly Yancy James Yates James YoungClyde Allen Willard Amos Ray Arnold Edna Pearl Austin Don Bailey Fred Barnes Jimmy Bartlett Juanita Baugh Emma Lou Bearden Maxine Blye Bobby Boen Nadine Bright Jackie Brown Donald Buckelew Curtis Byars Sarah Nell Cheek Azzie Cherry Willodean Childres Bobby Joe Coe Margaret Copeland Mara Corbin Darlene Crowford Barbara Davis Juanita Davis Marlene Davis Shelby Jean Davis Jimmie Dunn Quimbv Dunn Man Edison Burma Ann Elrod William England Lenora Evans Patricia Farmer J. C. Ferguson Randy FosseuFirst row; E. Abbott, B. Allen, J. Anderson, R. Bain, C. Bailey, C. Baird, J. Baker. Second row: W. Baker, J. Beam, E. Beasley, H. Benefield, M. Benefield, N. Bently, D. Bishop. Third row: M. Bobo, L. Brandon, N. Bridges, H. Brothers, M. Buchan, A. Burke, R. Burnham, Fourth row: J. Camp, M. Camp, M. Camp, J. T. Carter, W. Charles, E. Clines, M. Cobbey. Fifth row: S. Colley, H. Compton, M. Cook, C. Cothron, A. Colbert, J. Cordell, H. Currey, Sixth row: N. Daniel, B. Davis, C. Davis, S. Duckett, E. Duke, R. Duncan, S. Duvall, W. Dye, A. East, G. Eaton, B. Ellis, M. Elrod, J. Ennis.First row: R. Fortson, M. Fricks, F, Garrison, J. C, Garrison, M. Gillilan, J. Gore, E. Gossett. Second row: J. Greer, E. Hall, I, Hall, L. Haney, J. Harper, C. Harris, J. Harris. Third row: R. Harrison, B. Hayes, J. Henry. A. L. Hicks, M. Hill, A. Hillsman, D. Luther. Fourth row: P. Oliver, D. Gray, Hodgens, J. Holder, A Hooper, M. Hooper, M. Hunt. Fifth row: C. Jackson, H. Jackson, M. Jackson, B. Jenkins, J. Jenkins, N. D. Jenkins, J. Johnson. Sixth row: J. Johnson, C. Jones, C. Jones, F. Jordan, M. Karr, L. King, S. Knight. Seventh row: A. Krouse, G. Kytle, A. Lang, L. Levie, M. Levens, S. Light.First row: M. Lusk, S. McBrayer, B. McClain, F. Mardis, P. Maroney, J. Maynard, L. Medlock. Second row: G. McGaha, K. Michael, A. Milam, J. Miller, H. Milligan, W. Minor, D. Morton. Third row: R. Morton, E. Mosley, C. Oliver, R. Oliver, J. Orr, G. Orr, L. Overton. Fourth row: T. Owens, G. Pannell, B. Patridge, J. Pell, J. Pierce, K. Piper, G. Pope. Fifth row: M. Pope, Marie Pope, T. Riggens, J. Rives. G. Sibley G. Skinner, D. Slaton. Sixth row: F. Smith, B. J. Smith, E. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith, M. Smith, R. Smith. Seventh row: N. Spear, A. Spurgon, J. Starnes, B. Station, B. Stephens, O. Stephens.First row: M. Rogers, F. Rutledge, R. Taft, D. Templeton, R. Thompson, F. Todd, D. Traylor. Second row: P. Williams, Charles Williamson, C. Williamson, G. William son, L. Wilson, S. Wilson, Sue Wilson. Third row: B. Wright, P. Pinson. SEVENTH GRADE First row: D. Abernathy, M. Abernathy, B. Adams, B. Allen, P. Baugh, N. Bearden, J. Bennett. Second row: J. Biddle, W. Bishop, M. Bopp, C. Bright, M. Brock, B. Brown, C. Bryan. Third row: S. Bryant, I. Buchanan, J. Burden, R. Burt, C. Cain, E. Camp, P. Campbell. Fourth row: R. Casey, R. Centers, L. Cherry.First row: M. Clark, H. Coby, S, Cochran, T. Cochran, C. Colvin, D. Compton, P. Connally. Second row: D. Cooley, C. Cooper, J. Corbin, J. Cothron, P. Cryar, J. Crowford, T. Cunningham. Third row: M. Oavis, J. Decker, J. Dilbeck, L. East, J. Eaton, K. Edmonson, C. Farris. Fourth row: J. Ferguson, B. Fossett, S. Gamble, J. Garvin, A. Gary, J. Gary, L. Gary. Fifth row: A. George, M. George, E. Glassco, T. Green, W. Grizzard, B. Gunter, G. Hale. Sixth row: B. Hall, V. Hall, B. Haltiwanger, L. Hanson, D. Hammock, H. Harris, R. Harris. Seventh row: M. Hayes, L. Henry, D. Hart E. Howard, R. Hutcheson, B. Jarmon.First row: C. Jenkins, D, Jenkins, L. Jenkins, E. Jones, B. Jones, J. Jones, C. Johnson. Second row: J. Johnson, K. Keller, P. Kennedy, R. Know, A. Landers, B. Lang, D. Lang. Third row: S. Lang, W. Lang, p, Lanier C. Light, J. Long, A. Lowery, B. Lowery. Fourth row: L. Lowery, L. Luker, P. Mathews, R. McCreless, C. McGinnis, K. McNeal, B. McWarter. Fifth row: Medlock, J. Melton, B. Miller, J, Miller, B. Moore, J. Moore, S. Moore. Sixth row: J. Morgan, G. Morgan, Roy Morrow, W. Moultrie, B. Murphy, J. Myers, C. Nichols. Seventh row. F. Norton, M. Ogle, R. Ogle, N. Oliver, J. Parrish, T. PayneFirst row: J. Peppers, J. Pearce, G. Ponder, E. Poole, J. Powell, N. Proctor, V. Rains. Second row: P. Reaves, H. Reed, N. Robinson, J. Roe, T. Rutledge, S. Rutledge, D. Russell. Third row: I. Shirey. J. Shirey, A. Skinner, B. Snider, B. South, B. Spence, J. Spence. Fourth row: D. Spurlin, D. Stephens, R. Strickland, R. Taylor B. Teal, F. Thomas, J. Thomas. Fifth row: J. Tidmore, R. Todd, P. Townson, A. Traylor, W. Traylor, D. Turner, J. Vaughn. Sixth row: M. Waldrop, A. Walls, J. Walls, B. Watson, G. Webb, W, Westmoreland, E. White. Seventh row: J. L. Woodham, J. Woodam, E. Wright, R. Wright, J. Yancy.FAVORITES  Junior Beauty LILA DEAN TAYLORSophomore Beauty MARTHA DYARFreshman Beauty WANDA BARKLEY ClETa j JUNIOR FAVORITESt'JUNIOR I FAVORITESSENIORS WHO’S WHO Prettiest Most Popular Most Handsome MARY ELLA SMOTHERS JOE RADFORD SARAH WILBANKS CHARLES RAINWATER Most Ambitious Friendliest GERMAINE WHITTEN RANDALL BROTHERS ANNA MACHEN ROBERT GRAHAMBest All-Around YVOLENH BENEFIELD CARL ROEBUCK Cutest WAURINE EIDSON DICKY LATTAMost Stylish Most Courteous GAIL DUVALL ERWIN SMITH LOUISE CAMP THURMAN CARVER C fT'f •ys.j —— —JUNIORS WHO’S WHO Prettiest Most Handsome its - Most Popular SANDRA GIPSON THOMAS GILLILAN LORETTA LEDBETTER NEAL REED f Best All-Around Friendliest KYTHA WILLIAMS JOE FRANK DECKER LAMERLE STRANGE JERRY PATTERSONATHLETICSFOOTBALL TEAMRAYMON STONER End GERALD WOODHAM End ROBERT CAIN End ■«L. HIAWATHA EASON EndBOBBY HART End mm NEAL REED T ackleJOE RADFORD Tackle JIMMY BARTLETT Tackle EDSTEL MOZLEY Tackle GUICE GALLMAN GuardGENE JOLLEY Guard JOE FRANK DECKER GuardJIMMY ALFORD Center MARLIN HANSON CenterJOHNNY ROBERTS Quarterback CHARLES ALLEN QuarterbackDOC GILLILAN Left Halfback RAY DUVALL Fallback CARL ROEBUCK Left Halfback NORMAN McSWAIN Left HalfbackTOMMY MOORE Right Halfback JERRY PATTERSON Right HalfbackFOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Sandra Gamble Loretta Ledbetter Mary Hooper Sandra Gipson Betty Sue Mathis Rosemary Roberts Virginia Black Doris Armstrong HOMECOMING Edna Earl Stephens Donald Kendrick Phyllis Pierce John David Bowling Mary Alice Sanders Ronald Kendrick BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Mary Hooper Peggy Huggins Melba Striplin Betty Fossett Wanda Smith Jane Pierce JIMMY ALFORD ALBERT RICHEY TRUMAN RAINS TOMMY MOORE TOMMY MADDUX SAM RICHEY BASKETBALL SQUAD fWf HIAWATHA EASON FRANK BAKER. billy McClendon GERALD WOODHAMBETA CLUB Treasurer------ President----- Secretary------ Vice President - — Max Croft • Sarah Wilbanks Waurine Eidson — Dicky Latta JUNIOR CIVITAN CLUB Vice President----------------------Delaine Thombury President....................................Max Croft Secretary and Treasurer------------------Vernal Miller“A” CLUBLIBRARY CLUB i! : It 1 President------------------------ Deleath Rives Vice President— ------------------ Ann Thomas Secretary---------------------Yvolene Benefield Treasurer- — ---------------------Barbara Payne Librarians------ - — ------------ Shirley Jolley Martha Dyar FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF Historian------- Reporter------- Treasurer------- Vice President-Parliamentarian President------ Yvolene Benefield ■ ----Gail Duvall Edna Earl Stephens - Doris Armstrong ■ - Cleta Garrison Louise Camp Miss F.H. A. KYTHA WILLIAMSPresident---------- Vice President----- Se ere tary- T re asurer-Student Director- - Reporter-------------- Librarians--------- • Delaine Thornbury — Wayne Washam ------Arlene Knox ---Deleath Rives - Germaine Whitten Mary Ella Smothers Mary Ellis RobinsonBILLY RIP REAGAN MARY ELLA SMOTHERS SYLVIA ANN THOMAS MARY ELLIS ROBINSON PATSY GARRETT PEGGY HUGGINS SYLVIA ANN THOMAS ANNE SMITH MARY ELLA SMOTHERS CHERI LONG GAIL COLVIN GERMAINE WHITTEN Vice President' Reporter--------- Secretary------ Centenial - -President- — Treasurer------ - Kyle Reeves -Melvin Hodges • - Harold Rises - Bumon Smith Jerry Patterson • - Erwin Smith ! UJJ ! ttASmSTODO DOUG TO LEAR ' k easiiig TO LiftFront row; Erwin Smith, J. P. Taylor, Ed McCreeless, Jerry King, Glen Ragsdale. Baojt row; Arvin Hudgins. Randall Brothers, J. D. Crow, Jeff Brothers, Adam England, Sam Burgess.Edna Earl Stephens, Pat Cornelius, Glenda Cobb, Melba Striplin, Anne Charles, Amoretta Johnson, Frances Grimes, Nell McBrayer, Alice Sanders, Tommie Frank Rains.Oct. Oct. Oct. i Oct. 2 iiere There h we your, first of all ill of the ve come a c only six I graduate, ilcome Mar-from Arkan-like A. H. S. to see Rosemary Jackie Brown back on the campus. After spending ■... ...— ;! I rv i .cly. 1 applir t the player o vne field. we are wrong. applies to all. V. prec ten wt When September 12 rolls a round let’s all come out with as Betty Sander now attends Au ed from A. H. c high school Br outside actH mber of Homer and .cy Am raduato ght yepr Maid of s from. It wa arshall Coynty •Contest. ampus Cavalcade STAFF Mary Ella Smothers Helen Appleton Anne Franklin Sandra Gipson Germaine Whitten Jim Williams Kenneth Hutcheson . Wayne Washam Editor Co-Ed. Society Ed. Feature Ed. Reporter Joke Ed. Sports Ed. Bus. Mgr. Typists— Hammond Green Randal Brothers Sponsor— Miss Gwendolyn Richey SENIORS HAV CLASS MEF at vcimv.-TTTTTTTirtf oiaie i ea College, one year at the Ui sity of a1oVn and re two fror On Sept' III Class meeting i Scho'-J Phf lso elected ura A. H. S. SPORT HU rlLIGHTS by Rubarb II For • ► past three weeks the S f i ball squad has been ling continuously to get in tion of pre- game 12th se s rie- to ation r. one is loon™ forward to % r we hop Albertville, c»c7i bettfmagazine salesmen SENIOR ORATORICAL WINNERS JUNIOR ORATORICAL WINNERSJUNIOR SENIOR PROMMAY DAYv I SENIOR CLASS OF 1953ADVERTISERSCOMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL BANK One of Many Good Banks Serving North Alabama Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Albertville, AlabamaWith Best Wishes to the Senior Class and Albertville High School RUBBER CORPORATION Manufacturer of A. R. C. Brand Rubber Tile Albertville, Alabama HOTEL Albe rtville, Alabama'%0£Wel(- TRACTOR COMPANY Phone 656 Albertville, Alabama Sand Mountain’s Style Center Phone 557-J Albertville, Alabama SENIORS OF 1953 WHITTEN PARTS COMPANY Albertville, Alabama Best Wishes P 'ie-'S- CAFETERIA Fine Foods Albertville, Alabama c°mpiirnents Qf Courtesy j0£ ( ,. WAKBflELV U. S. Royal CRIBB’S Recapping Tires TIRE and LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Tubes SERVICE Vulcanizing Phone 5 Albertville, Alabama Si LS? LSI J Vyl Phone 592 Albertville, Alabama y. $■ FURNITURE AND AND SONS INCORPORATED HARDWARE CO. Fine Wearing Apparel for the Entire Family Phone 71 Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Courtesy ADAMS BROWN-SERVICE COTTON COMPANY FUNERAL HOME Office Phone 181 Long Distance Phone 2l6 Albertville, Alabama Albertville. Alabama Compliments of lA fl. MM Compliments of NIXON’S FASHION SHOP Ladies’ and Childrens yr • f r COMPANY Ready-to-Wear Phone 601-J Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of PBAL Groceries - Meats DEPARTMENT STORE Fresh Vegetables ana National iviens otore Shoes, Clothing and Ready-to-Wear North Broad Street for Entire Family Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama GADSEN SPORTING GOODS Wholesalers and Retailers Fishing - Hunting - Golf SERVICE STATION Tennis — Buseball Basketball - Football Equipment Phone 34 Trophies and Award Sweaters Albertville, Alabama 11 4tn otreet Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of THE BOAZ LEADER Newspaper Advertising and Job Printing STYLE AND GIFT SHOPPE New Typewriters — Adding Machines Cash Registers Also Beauty Salon Phone 3361 Albertville, Alabama Boaz, Alabama THE ALBERTVILLE HERALD rv (As U IS IS t lsdr APPLIANCES Admiral Television Commercial Printing Universal Appliances Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama The Senior Class of 1953 proudly dedicates this space to the members of our class who entered the armed services this year. John David Bowling George Paul Decker Thurman Carver William Bain Guice Gallman Charles Whitmire Compliments of John Ross Roberts, Jr. PONTIAC SALES Albertville, Alabama Compliments of Compliments of V SUNDRIES INC. ■gem JEWELERS Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments of TH EAT E R MOTORS Phone 14 Authorized Ford Dealers Albertville, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Compliments £ Wftt-M COTTON COMPANY Albertville, AlabamaCOMPLIMENTS OF POULTRY CO-OP INCORPORATED Phone 499 Albertville, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF C?QC ON I A L POULTRY COMPANY OF ALABAMA Albertville, Alabama . ... DRINK 704 Walnut Street MILK Gadsden, AlabamaCHEVROLET Albertville, AlabamaROBERT O. JOHNSON, PHOTOGRAPHER By Appointment Phone 662 Albertville, Alabama Phone 977 We Would Like to Say for Their Interest Claude C. Erwin, M. D. Shelton Appleton, D. D. S. D. J. Evans, D. D. S. A. D. Laughlin J. L. Hughes, D. D. S. J. F. McLendon, O. D. Paul Thompson Albert Jordan Julia Cade Mills to the Following People Our Publication G. D. Wells W. A. V. U. Ellis Gray J. W. Walker, Sr. Eugene Dugger Clemons Auto Parts Economy Auto Store A. F. Jones, Jr., Florist P J Pharmacy “Thank You’’ inA LITHOGRAPHED 7i Mffo r(fu!lde YEARBOOK DALLAS • TEXAS

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