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Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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ww--P - , .,...5A. -9,-.,, W .. . ..,.4r:..A.-,g,5n.N,kV A XY 'u.-rx.-..- -'W-.r.,..', .21-1 r1q'-.ga-.-.- .-., my 'TT ff I C111 :Hn u 1112 1133 -J X 1 1 '91 'e--f-' - ' 1.'!vP.1' 'H'-3 qn4so-- , p-J Km .f I fu- 4 ws -'wr-wal ' 1 I . Q I if .ff v 1. an I A. I-f'lO p n, . F 0 0- Q' as us K un , 5 , g -F.-ug.--.la-Q--- ---..-- .- . -1 IT YQXXXIT U fig ff it Z 1 , W3 , tk . 'nat 1- 6. I 1, V ' 1951, Q 3 ,-fdmzem my Saw XVI ' f4Jadeea. Wfdzghnd 7704, 34445 ?ea604A Seacaw It has been a most sat1sfy1ng EXIJQTILHCS for me to have been so closely assoclated Wlth as nlcea group of young men and young women that Wlll graduate from our school th1s year lvv1ll always remember the honor you gave me and slncerely hope that your graduat1on shall not termlnate our very close fr1endsh1p Whether you reallze lt or not you have learned much durmg teachers have done thelr best but I am sure as you engage your selves 1n future endeavors you w1ll f1nd that there 1S much yet to learn A successful and happy l1fe 1S brought about by learnxng and the des1re to learn God wmlhng 1n whatever you choose as your walk of l1fe Iw1sh you happ1ness both sp1r1tual as well as physlcal Slncerely yours Paul B Petkosh 3 your twelve years of attending elementary and high school. Your 'b. F md! 1'1 5Lo 'K .tie ard itioso Mrs ln eborl buett lis .ill WW xliss Nm fi ld Xmllwr DC JS 51,2 . .four friends of a feather' ' We hope to teziei. them the three R S ie Severth Grade Core - Zxlrs.,l'inigie Richardson Fifth Q Sixth Grade Seetieiis-Gupetz Siiiith Ixle Nflr. Chester Butkif-wicz Mrs, E'lix'ibeth O Brien Cullough Sellman Dt-sehak Goldman. Nlrs. Flon Lennon. , ,U The question naturally arises Have you caught up in your studies? Mr. George Corddry Principal. 4 Musrc H rtlmi lmrms Jo I1 H411 And Nlr C urlo Balm two cups of flour tm U Mrs Dorrs Kolb and Mrs Aruta Townslu -li T1 now rf wou plant tl IS surfmt thu ngtrc,sultofsc1cutrf1c ICJSOIIIIILJS conducrxt to Mr Ohvu stout and Mr Cl1ar1osBakt,r Mr Paul Petkosh and Mr Emrett Btrnstem 3 A speed of 40 words per mmute 1S 3 mlmmum to be qurtc rnqenuous Jefferson as far as Loursrana Mrs L1111an Butkrewrcz and Mrss E11nor 2095 Gnmes Mr Thomas Loughran 5 ls 5 ' 7 7 b VY 1 4 A, , ,M N , . . Q. w sf.. . . I E rr,4t . rin 0 ' J Mr. lr A 17. gl: -s .v- 1 A 'ff' 4' gg 1' g -1 A i A ' -. . AITQWL 4 fs ' I 1 ' -1 ' ' f'- KFQ . Q 1 19 ' Hi' .V 9 ' for ll 1 , it QA xy V f - rims ' 3 'K X i s ' ' -A A 1 5.5 4aa 2 'X 7 -4 r Q. 1, af' N s f . xvg V tix xx ' 1 ,V . W 1 ,N 'T , I' ., .f 5 v . 'r 2 .X The three musqueteers Physrcal educatron should develop all the good Sth grade Lore Nlrss Beatrrce Lauterbach M quallues of sportsrnanslup sherrnan XlcCox Nirs Harrret Allen 'wlrs Wrlma Wheeler and Mr James Robertson now next yearrs the blg step lnto Semor Hrgh Thlnk people Now you re reasonable Thlnk Nrnth grade Core Mr James Klock Mrs Anrta Mr Wrllrarn K Curnmxng Townsley Mrs I:l11abethEnsor rung 1 'k Don t thtnk that everythlng rn punt IS a master The apprccratron of art rs one ofthe marks ofa DICCC of lxterature well rounded personalrty Mr Rlchard Prrce Mr Harvey Peterson 6 w x X 53 I9 ff 3 ,, L9 'Q ' 2 E ff H... - ' if il e-. ,j -' we - in kf:WQ1iiff 41 , .il X- X I: 5 I NNIXHEX X . . Jifijl 5 M -4 'V' A Q, f Cffpfx I ' 54 Thls 1S the last year of a long Journey and we Sen1ors l1ke to lool back on our school days w1th a sm1le We remember w1nn1ng the Jun1or H1gh Play Contest 1n the seventh grade w1th B1lly's F1rst Date Vhatacommot1on as we ran to and fro congratulat1ng and exc1a1m1ng over our good fortune' No one forgets The Red M111 or our county soccer champ1onsh1p e1ther Then there was a class p1cn1c to LIVCZCY s farm at the drled up creek bed We had planned to cool our cokes there That Chr1stmas pageant 1n the e1ghth grade was a r1ot Poor Emory Keller was decldedly hav1ng trouble w1th h1s Uncle Sam su1t and Ormand Maloney Just couldn't remember what he was supposed to s1ng That event wa almost as com1cal as the eve of the Play Contest We had a powerful brew 1n the punch bowl for the L1fe of the Party Remember? Our Freshman year found us yelllng ourselves hoarse as we rooted for Aberdeen IU the State Champ1onsh1p basketball f1nals Such cheers and tears' We recall the Talent Show 1n wh1ch our class was well represented by quaver1ng vo1ces and shak1ng knees New G1rl 1n Town d1dn't w1n the Play contest that year but we were proud of our cast and helpers anyway Who can forget our Sophomore Year? Th1s was a year for organlzed our band began to pract1ce and our f1rst annual Spr1ng Concert was presented Another sm1le from Lady luck and w won the Sen1or H1gh Play Contest w1th 'Everyth1ng s Off ' Junlor certalnly d1d stutter as he accepted the trophy Our submar1ne sandw1ch booth was qu1te a h1t on May Day Some of us had to hurry off to Havre de Grace for more supplles As Jun1ors we returned Wlth a feel1ng of added 1mportance R1ght away work was begun on a new Varlety Show Joan Goetz and B1ll Ashley d1d us proud as they sang songs both new and old We were well represented 1n the can can chorus l1ne and Glee Club We'l1 never forget November ll at Z p m At th1s t1me the cornerstone was la1d for a new and modern Aberdeen H1gh School Some of us are st1ll laugh1ng as we thrnk back to the Faculty vs VaTS1ty basketball game Such a d1splay of sk1ll and dar1ng as our brave faculty chased that ball The R1ng Dance h1gh l1ghted the year as we danced tothe mus1c of Morton Klasmere We pa1d f1nal tr1bute to the class of '53 and w1shed them well at the Jun1or'lf Senlor Banquet and Prom Another happy year was draw1ng to a close Now we are Sen1ors and our carefree school days are nearly over Ne elected .hm McCauley to the pres1dency of the Student COUUCI1 B111 Jones to the pres1dency of the Athlet1c Assoclatlon Eva Ulehla to ed1t the Blue and Gold Nancy Morgan as ed1tor 1n ch1ef of our annual and Eleanor Wh1te to lead our class Now we must look 1HtO the future and reahze the road ahead 1S not always smooth Perhaps these memor1es w1ll br1ng a sm1le to our faces 1n years to come If so they have served us well MORGAN 8 . ii 77 .ri . G . Q ' . . . . H . . J, ,V . . . . ' ,, . ,, . . . i . . . , . - - ' ' . s ' ll ' . .ll l 1 - 1 U . f1rsts. We had our first Variety Show, our football squad was . , . . . . ' e . . . , . , D, . . , . . . . . , I Q , . ELEANOR CATHERINE WHITE Eleanor came to Aberdeen back rn 1941 from Oakland Md and has gone to Aberdeen schools stnce then She has been very actrve 1n htgh school and her acuvrttesrnclude berno a monrtor Dramatrcs Club Leaders Club Sen1or Chorr secretary of the Honor Socrety and man aqer of the speedball team She rs presrdent of her home room 12 2 and of the entrre senror class She has followed the commerctal course and after graduatron plans to go to busrness school JAMES WARREN HAMILTON hm Hamllton was born tn Churchvtlle Maryland He entered Aberdeen tn the erghth grade and rs now taktng the Commerctalcourse He has been Prestdent of the Shop Club for two years has played on the tntramural basketball team and thrs year ts one of the seven Sentors on the soccer team Jrm has also played thrrd base for the softball team He IS Vtce Presrdent of the Sen1or Class Hrs hobby 15 gtrls and hrs ambttlon 15 to be a baker VERA MILDRED STREIT Vera began her school days tn Czechoslovakta and entered our class rn the stxth grade She gets much enjoyment from swtmmrng readtng and dancrng Vera has been a member of the Sentor Cho1r for two years and was Student Councxl representattve rn the eleventh grade Thrs year she was elected to serve as our class secretary and treasurer She ts aCommerc1a1 student and has future plans as a prtvate secretary JOHN THOMAS HARRISON John was born tn Lorton Va He has attended Aberdeen School stnce the frrst grade Hrs hobby IS sports After graduauon John hopes to go tocollege to become a math teacher He IS takrng the Academtc Course H1s actrvmes mclude the Honor Soctety Student Counctl Momtor System Patrol Varrety Show Homeroom Prestdent Leaders Club soccer basketball and baseball He rs also prestdent of the 12 1 secuon of the Sen1or Class 9 sk, 3- as? if 2'5 hwy, BARBARA LEE BAKER Anauve of Balumore whose brunette beauty denres the old adage that grrl athletes have to look lrke Mack trucks Barb has played all varsrty sports and been actrve ln Leaders Club and dramatrc actrvttres After graduatron she plans to put her commercral course mto practlce wrth secretarral work Thrs rs Aberdeen rarsed Barbara Baker HELEN BARTON V1rg1n1a born Helen Barton has been an actrve member of the Glee Club the Dramatrc Club and the Home Ec Club durmg htgh school She leaves erght years of Aberdeen schools wrth a commercral drploma ln her hand and her wagon hrtched to the brrght shrnrng star that says Executive Secretary FLORENCE ELIZABETH BURNS Florence was born 1n Oxford Pennsylvanra and entered school rn Aberdeen rn the fourth grade Thrs year she takes the Commercral course but rs undecided as to her ambltron All sports are of rnterest to Florence ln both the 10th and llth grades Florence belonged to the Dramatrcs Club and the Glee Club She xx as a monrtor rn the llth grade also Thrs year she IS on the speedball team and rs rn the Senror Chorr CAROLYN JANE CLONTZ Carolyn was born rn Ogden Utah She takes the General course and hopes to go to college Her hobbres are collectrng stamps and dolls She IS also rnterested rn water sports and boats Carolyn be longed to the Future Homemakers of Amerrca Club and the Grrls League whrle she attended school rn Utah In Aberdeen she was a member of the Stamp Club MARY IACQUELINE DELCAMPO 1acqu1's brrthplace was San Antomo, Texas She attended Wash mgton Lee Hrgh School rn Arlington, V1rg1n1a before enterrng Aber deen Hrgh School Her actrvrtres were mamly dramauc She was presrdent of the Tell A Tale Theatre and a member of the drama club Iacqur belonged to the Spamsh Honor Socrety, the Nauonal Honor SOCICIY, and the Thespran Troop, Thrs year Jacqur IS v1ce pres rdent of her homeroom, works on the Yearbook and the Blue and Gold She takes the Academrc Course and hopes to attend Radclrffe or Bar- nard College, Her ambition is to work in a museum. 10 MONIQUE DELPECH Monique was born in Fulle France She came to Aberdeen High School rn the Spring of 1953 She IS taking the Commercial Course and would like to become a private secretary when she gcts out of high school Monique likes to spend her spare time learning about the American people and their way of life IEANE THEARESA ECKENRODE Jeane was born on Long Island New York She came to Aberdeen High School in her Junior year Jeane rs taking the Commercial Course and would like to become a secretary after she graduates from high school She likes horses very much and spends her spare time learning about them RUTH ELIZABETH FARRELL Ruth was born in Aberdeen Maryland She has spent all of her school years in Aberdeen schools She is taking the Commercial Course and would like to obtain a steady Job in an office after high school Ruth has been very active in sports She has played varsrty Speedball Basketball and Softball for the paSI several years She be longed to the Leader s Club and Senior Choir Ruth likes to spend her spare time riding horses She also collects pictures of horses and has quite a few scatter pins representing horses HELEN MARY FOOTE Helen was born in Elkton Maryland on December 16 1936 She came to Aberdeen in the sixth grade and has been taking the Com mercral Course in Senior High Her hobbies are reading dancing and being a Junior hostess at the U S O When she graduates she wants to work for a year and then join the Waves Helen s activities in Senior high were Dramatics Club and G1rls Chorus in the tenth grade and Semor Choir in the eleventh RUTH ANNE GERDOM Ruth Anne has lived and attended school in Aberdeen all her life. She has been taking the Academic Course in Senior High Besides be- ing one of the prettiest girls in our class she also has an active am- bition which is to goto college and become a medical secretary. Her many activities include Athletic Association May Court and Glee Club in the tenth grade Vice-President May Court and Dramatics Club in the eleventh grade and Athletic Association and Blue and Gold so far this year. 11 48. '3 JOAN CAROLINE GOE'l L Joan was born rn Aberdeen Maryland She entered Aberdeen 1n the ftrst grade and ts at present takrng the Commerctal Course Cuddles has played on all varstty teams She has appeared ln mu slcals recttals and the varlety shows She IS worklng lll the school store and as offlce secretary Her hobby IS srngtng and her ambttlon rs to become a smger BEVERLY JOYCE GRAFTON Beverly was born 1n Aberdeen She entered Aberdeen 1n the ftrst grade and rs now takmg the Commercral course She has been a mon rtor and a member of the Sentor Chou for two years Beverly has also been 1n the Glee Club and Dramat1cs Club Last year she was home room secretary for half a year and IhlS year she ts tn the Student Counctl and works 1n the Guldance offtce Beverly s hobby 15 the ptano and her amb1t1on IS to be a secretary MARION ZERMAIN GRIM Zermatn Grtm was born 1n Laurel Maryland She entered Aber has played on the basketball speedball and softball rntramural teams and on the varstty softball team as well as managmg the softball basketball and speedball teams Grrmmy belonged to the Dramatrcs club and th1s year IS a member of the Yearbook staff and ts a book keeper for the school bank Her ambttron IS to go to college MARYLYN NANCY KUNSMAN Marylyn was born rn Wllkes Barre Pennsylvanta She has attend ed Aberdeen School s1nce the flfth grade Her hobby ts roller skatlng After graduatlon she plans to be a Secretary ln her three years rn hrgh school Marylyn has been tn the Sentor Chou the Sprtng Concert and the Dramatlcs Club She also played on the basketball team CECELIA ALAYNE LIEDTKE Alayne born rn Ames Iowa has attended Aberdeen Hrgh School smce the elghth grade Alayne llsts her hobby as sports havmg play ed on varslty speedball basketball and softball teams She has been vtce prestdent of the Leader s Club a member of the Sen1orCho1r and has partxcxpated 1n our Vartety Shows Although Alayne IS takmg the commerclal course she says her only ambruon ts to get marrted and have srx klds 12 Y - - .' . , . deen in the first grade and is now taking the Academic Course. She I I , , ' ' ' ' . . p I DORIS ELIZABETH LITTLE Dorts Ltttle was born 1n Havre de Grade Md but has attended Aberdeen Htgh School srnce the fxrst grade Dons spends her spare t1me collectrng drfferent lrttle oblects Acommerclal student Dorts s amb1t1on IS to be a good secretary Included tn her actrvrtres are several years servrce as a lrbrarran and member of the Llbrary Read mg Club ln addrtron she has taken part 1n the Senror l-hgh Glee Club and Intramural sports MARY LEOINA MARBLE Mary Lou came to us s1x years ago from Tooele Utah She was born tn Fort Sherrdan llllnors A l1st of her actrvrtres mcludes Ath letrc Assocratron class Secretary Senror Chotr Vartety Show Sprrng Concert Mary Lou takes the Commerclal course and spends her spare ume wrth her hobbres whrch are Bob musrc dancmg and dramatlcs She wants to be a bookkeeper or receptlontst MARY ETHEL MCKIMMEY Mary was born tn St Joe Arkansas and came to Aberdeen rn the fourth grade Of all Mary s hobbres the most evrdent ts mustc others are sewtng and readrng Her Sentor l-I1ghact1v1t1es rnclude band Glee Club Sprrng Concert Home Economtcs Club Yearbook Staff and re porter for the town paper Mary takes the Academrc course and her ambmon IS to become a M1n1ster of Musrc rn a church IANICE RAE MOORE Ianrce born at Warwrck Md has spent all her htgh school years 1n Aberdeen l-hgh School She has been a member of the Dramaucs Club and Glee Club Iamce takes the Commercral course and her ambrtron 15 to l1ve on Maryland s famous Eastern Shore NANCY VIRGINIA MORGAN Nancy although born 1n Baltrmore has 11ved tn Aberdeen all her hfe You w1ll generally ftnd Nancy hard at work wtth the Academtc course at A H S but on weekends she w1l1 take out trme to show her horse whrch IS her ma1n hobby Wh11e at Aberdeen she has been a fa1thful reporter for the Blue and Gold Edrtor of the Yearbook and Vrce President of the Honor Socrety ln the future she plans to be a laboratory techmclan 13 ffl 4:5 P3 CONSTANCE ELAINE CATHERINE NELSON Connte halllng from Farrbault Mrnnesota has attended Aber deen stnce the erghth grade ller hobbtes are danctng and playtng the ptano Her ambttron upon graduatton IS to become a WAF Whrle taktng the Commercral course Connte has many extra currtcular HCIIVIIICS captarn of the cheerleaders typtst for the Yearbook anda member of the Honor Soctety ln the tenth grade she represented her homeroom rn Student Councrl and rn her Senror year acted as head bookkeeper for the Magaztne Campatgn DORIS JOAN RUSSELL Dorts started to Aberdeen durtng the etghth grade Before that ttme she had been attendtng school rn New Jersey Durtng her hrgh school years she has been a member of the Semor Chotr Dramattcs Club Danctng Club and has taken part tn the Sprmg Concerts Dorts was also a member of the basketball team She IS taktng the Com mertcal Course and ts undectded as what she wtll do after graduatton Ltsted htgh among her tnterests are skatmg and swrmmtng JOAN DOLORES SEILER Ioan has been a student of Aberdeen all her l1fe and has been HCIIVC tn many acttvrttes such as Sr Chotr Student Councrl Varrety Show Graduatton Exerctses Dramaucs Club Chrrstmas Program May Day Attendant and a momtor She also works tn the offtce th1s year Ioan ts taktng the Commerctal Course and plans to be a typtst after graduatton Joan tells us that her mam rnterest ts B111 LOIS OPAL SEXTON Born tn V1rg1n1a Opal came to us tn the thtrd grade stnce that ume Opal has been an actrve member 1n the Senror Choxr Leaders Club and also took part tn the Vartety Show She has also paructpated rn many Varstty sports such as speedball softball and basketball Opal ts taktng the Commerctal Course and plans to be a secretary after graduatron Sports are lrsted as her ma1n tnterests ALICE ANN SHERIDAN Altce ftntshed her ftrst ftve years of school at Jefferson and then came to Aberdeen tn the stxth grade She has partrctpated rn the Glee Club Sprlng Fesuval Ltbrary Club and was on the basketball team dunng her years rn hrgh school She has taken the Academtc and General Courses and hopes to enter nurses' tratmng after graduatton Her most tmportant mterests are skatrng and horseback rtdxng 14 PAULINE LOUISE SHERMAN Paulme a newcomer to our class has already become popular wlth the students and teachers of Aberdeen l-hgh School Last year Polly attended school rn Sendat Japan where she spent much of her ume performtng the duttes of ,lumor class presrdent Along wrth par trcrpatrng tn varsrty sports she was an outstandtng member on the cheerleadmg squad Th1S year she was elected secretary treasurer of her homeroom After graduatron Paulrne plans to attend college to become a successful Englrsh teacher ANNE ESTELLE TAYLOR Anne a Commercral student has been attendlng Aberdeen l-hgh School srnce the seventh grade Although one of the quret members of our class Anne has proven her many ab1l1t1es by worklng as lrbrarlan srngtng m the chorr and berng a member of the Dramatrc Club Thrs year Anne rs typrst for the Blue and Gold a teller rn the school bank and an offrce worker We know that Anne w11l be a success rn her future busrness career GERTRUDE ELAINE TOBIN Elarne was born ID Aberdeen Tobey l1sts sports readrng and swlmmlng as her hobbles She has been tn the Athletxc Assoclatlon for three years and th1s year she IS treasurer Tobey partrctpates 1n all Senror year she 1S an act1ve member of the Senror Chou and the year book staff Elarne IS takmg the Commercral Course and after grad uatron plans to attend a buslness school EVA MARIE ULEl-ILA Eva was born ln Zlln Czechoslovakra She IS takmg the Acad emrc Course Thrs year she IS edttor of the Blue and Gold and has been on the staff stnce the seventh grade Eva has been Vrce Presr dent of the Athletrc Assocratlon for two years and was on the Speed ball team rn the eleventh grade She IS a member of the Honor Soclety and rs on the Yearbook staff Thts year Eva IS Captaln of the Magazrne Campatgn After graduat1on she plans to attend college and major tn Btology JANET LEE WAREAM Janetwas born m Havre de Grace and has always attended school rn Aberdeen She 11kes to dance and sw1m and her hobby 15 collect mg deml tasse cups Janet s acttvrtres lnclude bemg assrstant edrtor of the Blue and Gold Presrdent of the Honor Socrety Prestdent of the Dramatlc Club ln the tenth grade and Varrety Show for two years Janet IS takmg the Commercral Course and plans to become a secretary after graduatlon 15 school sports, This year she is captain of the speedball team. In her I5 Q.. ... IEWEI INOEL WLST 'ln Aberdeen 1ITlDOl'l from Florrda srnce the nnddle of the llth grade Noel has been known as the sketchpad wtth a camera Rea son Art 8g Photography lzdrtor of ARRIVEDERCI and the BLUE SL GOLD Yet all her energres are not devoted to art Student Counc1l Treasurer and a strong backlog of sctentrfrc and mathemattc courses pomtto ward her college program and a career tn blology SHIRLEY WILSON Shtrlev rs orrgtnally from Wtlmtngton Delaware but came to Aberdeen 1n 1900 from Elkton Maryland Durrng that year her sopho more year she was a member of the Senror Chotr and was rn the Var rety Show In her Iuntor year she belonged to the Babys1ttrngC1ub and thts year Shtrley 1S a member of the yearbook staff After graduatron she plans to tram fora career tn nursrngat the Balumore Crty Hospltal ALBERT ANNONI The lead stnger ofthe 4 Stns Al s other HCIIVIIICS rnclude srngrng rn the Sentor Chorr and rn the Vartety Show playtng football presrdrng over the games club berng a patrolman and a mon1tor act mg as I-lomeroom treasurer sports wrrtrng as a reporter from the school to the Harford Democrat and sports edrtor of the Blue RL Gold Th1s IS Washrngton D C born Albert Annonr who has taken the general course durtng hrs 4 years rn Aberdeen After htgh school he s setung out to see the world WILLIAM PERRY ASHLEY Oh where have you been Btlly Boy B1lly Boy Oh where have you been charmmg B1lly'7 To that old refrarn Maryland born Brlly Ashley can reply to football practrce to rehearse for my lead role rn the Var1e.tyShovw to representA H S rn the State Chorr meet or to a Blue 81 Gold or Yearbook meeung Although he IS taktng a com merctal course B111 has not deflnltely decrded on a career JOHN BOOTHE Another rmport mto Aberdeen Hrgh rs John Boothe who entered the hallowed halls of thrs worthy 1nst1tut1on durrng the 10th grade Smce then the Pertnsylvanran has played softball and jorned the dra matte club to counterbalance hrs studres rn the comrnercral course 16 WII I IAM DLINWOOD BOWNIAIN B11l was born III B1lt1111ore and came to Aberdeen H1gth bchool from CITUFCIIVIIIL, Inthe 1th grade he was the h1Qhesr s1lesman 111 the Mag, 111ne Car11p11g11 B111 s 1r1terest IS rnotorcyles and hc has won trophrcs for raung h1s motorcycle 111 f1eld meets Th1s ycar I1c drrvcs a school bus and IS P 1 C 1n thc NBIIOHBI Guard B111 IS takmg tI1e General Course and aftcr g,raduat1on plans to work I3 IRON DOUCI Ab BRAILIIER Byron was born IH C,or1nne West V1rg1n1a Ile moved to Aberdeen 111 the fourth grade Byron IS takmg the General C ourse and h1s amb1 t1on IS to 10111 the Marmes 111s 1nterest are sports and IIISIIIDQ, GEORGE EDWARD BROWN George wasborn1n Balt1more Maryland H1shobby and lnterests are QIIIS He IS talung the Ceneral Course and h1s BIUDIIIOII IS to travel Ceorge wasa member of the Dramat1cs Club lll h1s Iun1or year Warm mllk IS h1s pet peeve CALVIN LEWIS CURRY Calvln was born 1r1 Aberdeen and has atte11ded school 1n Harford County the entlre twelve years He IS takrng the General course and wantstobea mach1n1st or a woodworker Calvrn IS 1nterested 1n sports Hrs favor1te saymg IS I ll h1t you 1n the mouth RONALD DREW DUGAN Ronald was born 1n Iacksonvllle, Flor1da. He came to Aberdeenm 1953. He IS takmg the General Course and would lrke to study to be come an accountant. Ronnle ltkes football very much. He played 1n Jacksonv1llc for two years and th1s season he played on Aberdeen's squad. Football 1sn'th1s only love, for he enjoys part1c1pat1ng 1n many other sports. 17 l 5-, s. LDW A1 D l1AR111 D 1711111751 AD1 lk 1 111 J11hns11111 ll PLll1lSy1X 11111 H1 111111, 111 ADLIULLI1 1111111 1111111111111 1 111 1S11i1'x111L11lt. '1L11.1Ll111L LOLIYSL 111d 11l1ns10 go 11 111 1111 L 11 1111111d 11111 111 1111111111 1 'x11c1111111a1111g11111r 1nd 11 111 IN L11 11ss s 1 1l1111s b1e11 1111v1 1n spor s 1 1 11111 71181 1 11111 s11C111 1nd 11101 I 1111111 1 s 1 1 1-XN113 XIIC 114121 1011.1 181 D1f1ll1111lV1'1 111 Cra11 X1..1l'y111lL1 11e has attended A d1e11 SL 111101s all 0111151111 ex11p10111 YL 1r and a ha1fb1t11een111e 11111 1nd tenth grades ,11m IS 11111n1, the AC3C16l'1'l1CCOl.1l'S631ldD11flS IO 5,0 111 1111 Un1y1rs11y of'x1a1yland 31111 h1Qh 5011001 to studyenm 111111111 111 1 1115 ports and 111 pl1x1d 1111 I1lC,1L.1IllO1' Vars1ty BHSRLI b1ll S11 15111 1nd 1111111111111 0fA111rd1en111g11 School H1 15 a so Ile 11 hook S1111 1 11N 1 11151NV1LLE lEV1IS C ILBERT C111111111 was b11r11 111 Rock R11n Niaryland a11d has 150611 QO11111 IO Ah1rd1111 1111311 S11111o1 Slllkl the SlYI1l grade He IS takrng the g1neral 10111511 Cranv1llev1a11ts10111a Baker when he graduates and has garned much 1xper1en1e from 111s work at 111e Aberdeen Ba111ry HIS Semor H1gh 11t1v1t1es rnclude Presrdent of homeroom and Shop Club 1nt11e t1nt11 gr1d1 Secretary of Shop Club 1n the eleventh and an outstandrnq s0ee1r 1111111 1h1s year HARRY DAVID G11 BERT Harry was b0r11 31 Q,C1I'S1llS Run M.1ryla11d on January 11 1936 and h1s 1ItL11dQd Ab1rd1111 srnee the srxth grade He has been takmg the GCl16l'l1CO111'S8 throughout Se1110r l11g11 Harry l1ke rrnny other boys wantbto go 11110 th1 SCFVICC IO b1 '111 HVIJIIOH 111101 Whbll 11e graduates H1sa1t1v1111s1nelude playrng footballand softball for three y1ars Shop Club 1n 1h1 eleventh and L1brary Club 1n the tenth gmde GEORG1: GO1:TL Georqevsasborn on December 1th, 1914 llld has l1ved and attende school 11lA1J6l'dCeHd11Of1'llS11fS He1s1ak111g1he Commereral Course a11d 15 1ls11 tzkrng C1 course 1n navagauon out of school. George wants 1010111 the navy after graduarron and then fafter SCl'VlIlQ,1l1S trmej 10n IIDUC 10 rer1a1rthe1r111t0rs0fa1lk1nds of boats, wh1eh he 15 now d01ng H15 2.1Cl1V1I1CS include Photography Clu11 411111 helping IO teach archery for two years. 18 ROBERT BRUCE GRAYBEAL Bobby was born in Pennsylvania. He entered Aberdeen in the second grade and is now taking the Commercial course. Bob has been in the Games Club, on the Safety Patrol, and Athletic Association. He was homeroom secretary for half a year Bob's hobby is cars and his ambi- tion is to be an auto mechanic JERE ERNEST HOLLER lere was born in Folltville Penna He has attended Aberdeen School since the first grade His hobbies are hunting fishing and archery After graduation he hopes to go o a Trade School he is taking the General Course His activities include soccer Archery Club Games Club and photographer for the yearbook HARRY IRA JONES Harry was born in Aberdeen Maryland He has attended Aberdeen High School since the seventh grade His hobby is photography After graduation he hopes to be a mechanic or an airplane pilot He is taking the General Course ln his three years in high school Harry has been in the Photography Club and the industrial Club THOMAS WILLIAM JONES IR. Billy was born in Havre de Grace Maryland He has attended Aberdeen High School since the first grade His hobbies are hunting fishing and sports He is undecided about what he will do after grad uation He is taking the Academic Course Billy s activities include the Athletic Associat1onPres1dent varsirybasketball softball baseball intramurals the Archery Club and the Games Club EMORY JOHN KELLER Emory was born in Washington D C He has attended Aberdeen School since the first grade After graduation Emory hopes to go to college and study medicine or engineering He is taking the Academic Course Emory has been a member of the Games Club and the Model Railroad Club In his senior year Emory is the Assistant Editor of the Yearbook 19 'E-Ne S, L e 5 ORMAND W. MALONEY Orrnand came to Aberdeen in the seventh grade, llc was born in Winthrop, Massachusetts. His hobbies are outdoor sports and mechanical designing. His activities whilein Senior High include basketball, foot- ball, and soccer varsities, intramural sports and Library Club. His ambition is a career in industrial forestry Ormand takes the General course JXMES ERVIN MCCAULEY James McCauley born in Charlottsville Virginia has attended Aberdeen High School since the first grade Jimmy takes the Corn mercial Course and hopes to attend business college Although he enjovselectric trains out door life and sports Jimmy s ambition is to be an FBI agent He has been active in sports having played on basket ball softball and football teams He has been a monitor and most important after being a Student Council representative Jimmy has been elected its capable president JESSE FRANKLIN MCCAULEY Jesse McCauley Jr was born in Charlottsville Virginia and has attended Aberdeen High School since the first grade He takes the generalcourse and plans to enlist in the navy or work in a garage He en1oys collectingold money Jesse s activities include beinga member of the Games Club Dance Club Shop Club and Safety Patrol in which he has participated for seven years This year he also drives one of our many school buses RAYMOND HALE McCRACKEN Ray was born in Washington D C and has attended Aberdeen High School for eleven years He is taking the general course and plans to becomea singer He is interested in archery rifles and hunting Ray s activities include being a member of the Shop Club football squad basketball team and a participant in school programs LANCE WORTHINGTON MILLIGAN Lance hasspentall his high school years at Xberdeen He was born in Washington D C Lance has been the Vtce President of hrs class on the soccer team the tntramural class basketball teams and the softballsquad Thisfine lad whose hobbies are sports and girls hopes to become a Structual Engineer 20 MAYN ARD LLl WOOD MORRISON ,IR Maynard frrst saw the lrght of day rn the lrttle town of Somerset Pennsylvanra buthas attended Aberdeen Hrgh Sehool srnce the seventh grade Hrs hobbres are sport ears and the Brooklyn Dodgers After eompletrngthe Aeademre course Junror plans to beeorne rn rndustrral desrgner Maynardhasshownhrsleadershrp byberngelass presrdent an outstandrng member rn Student Councrl a memner of the Blue and Cold and Yearbook staffs and 1 eonrpetrtor rn Varsrty sports WlLl1XlNl REID PORTER Brlly born rn Glart Vrrgrnra hrs long been a member of A ll S After completrng the General course Brlly plans a career rn the Xrr Foreeasaprlot Brlly s hobbres are collectrng mrteh nook covers and partrerpatrng rn varrous rntramurrl sports rn Aberdeen Our lrttle our soft ball manager and pluggrng one of those holes rn the football me JAMES EUGENE PRESTON Jrmmre was born rn the town of lwew Martrnsvrlle West Vrrgrnra and hasbeentakrng the Generaleourse at A H 9 for the last two years lrormally from Bel Arr Hrgh Jrm has qurckly become one of our out standrng football and basketball players Choo Choo as he rs known rn the athlerre freld also has leadershrp abrlrty whreh rs proved by the way he performed rn the A A and as Vrce Presrdenr of Leaders Flub NELSON KEEDWELL SANBORN Sandy entered Aberdeen rn the last part of the seventh grade after attendrng schoolrn Darlrngton Srnce that trme he has partrcrpated rn many Varsrty sports rncludrng basketball football and basebrll He rsalso an actrve member rn the Athletre Assocratron and the Blue and Gold Yearbook Staff Hers takrng the General Course and upon grad uatron hopes to become an Arr leorce offrcer Sports and sport cars appear to be hrs marn rnterests RODNEY WILLIAM SINDELAR Rod attended school rn Sendar, Japan, before Jornrng our class rn the eleventh grade. Heespecrally showed hrs talent rn our school band, and wrll long be remembered as our greatest saxophone player Rodney has been a member of the Blue and Gold Staff for two years. Besrdes playrng hrs sax, he enjoys huntrng and frshrng He plans to contrnue hrs aeademrc work next year at the Unrversrty of Nebraska 21 A 1 4 ex I . K 1 1 ' ' . - 5' . s , D I V 4 1 ' x ' 4 N 1' ' f 1 - ' I - x w S 1 I , . , . I 1 ' ' , ' . e . , 4 A' Xi 4 0 I V s , L 9 ' , A ' X a u Su H ' ' ' ' ' sr ' . ' giant has been a capable patrol boy for two years, as well as being l' . A I K I I ' - . ' , , Y I v 4 I 1 9 L ' I U , - p-. KENNETH LEE SINGLETON Kenny has been a member of our class since the very begrnnrng Although he rs on the quret side rn class hrs close friends know him to be different Kenny takes the General course this year and hopes to Jorn the Marrnes after graduatron Hrs hobbies are hunting and frshrng, at which he rs qurte experienced Whrle rn hrgh school Kenny has been a member of the softball team the Junror Varsity basketball team and the soccer team JOSEPH WILLIAM VESLEY JR Joseph has always attended school rn Aberdeen Hrs hobbres are airplanes and cars Joe s school actrvrtres are model arrplanes and games club He rs taking the General Course and after graduatron plans to work WILLIAM EBERLY WEST Brll has put all hrs school years rn at Aberdeen comrng here from Waynesboro Pa rn the frrst grade Woodworkrng rs hrs marn hobby and durrng hrs sophomore year rt influenced him rnto Joining the model airplane club Also during that year he was a member of the safety patrol The eleventh grade saw htm as a great actor for that year he wasan actrve member of the Dramatrcs Club Brll rs takrng the Gen eral course and rs not sure of hrs future plans HYNEK JOSEPH ZELIK Hynek came to Aberdeen way back rn the fifth grade An avrd camera bug he wasa member of the photography club during his soph omore year A natural currosrty for scrence prompted him to Join the scrence club the next year but he rs strll an avrd shutterbug and lrsts that as hrs main hobby He demonstrated athletic abrlrty on the soccer field thrsyear as fullback on the Aberdeen Soccer Team He rs taking the academrc course and plans to attend college after graduation DONALD LEROY ILSLEY Don was bom in Oklahoma City Oklahoma He entered Aberdeen in the eleventh grade and left after the school term had ended He returned again to Aberdeen in the early part of his senior year Don wasin the Archery Club last year His hobby is guns and his ambition is to enter the Coast Guard and then go to College or vice-versa MONTE RAY BULLARD Monte is originally from Cottage Grove, Oregon, but came to Ab- erdeen from Okinawa. He was a member of the basketball team there during the tenth grade and again during his junior year. He was also sports editor of the Okinawa yearbook. Monte is now taking the ac- ademic course and plans to enter college after graduation. l-lis main ambition is to graduate and his hobby is traveling. 22 uhqi Lauq ENE .C 2. YS CS ,gi -1 x M' Trfha I I H STORY U v E N B' ' x ' X740 CC- E ,l m . m J E 5 -R- vu- T F qc icuii QU? in M fr X X5 sf QQ .M 9 X fix Sectcaaff 7 rr., Ylrzv 1 -- '-34 Q '-- V fs-5 ' + XT Q 57 X an , f F jx K vf . ' x 4 5, h ' N 'f I 15 A TR zz-D 1? CJ . -N it ,X :Q , Q- A '7' f x. s --' K- X iv' I Q X . 3 g N tj 76x . Y ,11 9, - , X I H V ' , ui 15 'fg F 3 - , , Ns x. f qv -Q1 - -X fr 2, I' -. , ... ' x K if 4 -.lg 1 Q? 'Q' Qj, :J X P 'i - :N 1 u ik K h LW I Q r 2' -ti . va A X x .5- , ,:q,3 QQ.: w ' 1 .,, X , QQ, '. ,V .rx -S Q s. 'Tr , ti I 4 ,V . f Q li: . f 1 . , .f I 'PS T3 '-F ,N - In fqx - s '-V , J M j QQ x . Q. . 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' 4 S A Y -- NU S' 7 49' f ,f P. A 1 B an ff ' ' -I 4' X . . , - . ' - 5 L O 'lo 5-. lv! Y' ? pre 1 'C NW-5 ,.-in Ss. Q-5 KQMTM S K A ...Z Y? N.. Seczfwn 7-5 36 '- 5 GIQ vi p M X 'Sila- 5 Qu. if K +R- s- QD ul r Q... 4, bg' 5.-A gin Vx ? 1' wr-K W I -, F ,, NN! Pm 'Q' SecZcon74 l! Zhem X or an lxeller mndelar We the class of 54 W hmle lookmg back on day s of yore Recall to m1nd the t1mes we ve had Dome were good and some were bad As Freshman we entered AHS Determ1ned to do our very best Our smghts were set on A s and B's lWe ended up w1th C s and D'sQ The year was not ent1rely wasted Of h1gh school l1fe we now had tasted We becfan to go to all school dances On Vars1ty teams we took our chances As oophs we returned to a d1fferent world For us new adventures now unfurled Ne took our place among the el1te Our tastes became cultured our manner d1screet The year's h1ghl1ght was the 'Vlay Day affamr As the aroma of subs f1lled the spr1ng a1r That nlght we danced and crowned a queen A more glorlous occaslon than England's lt seemed The open1ng of school the next September Began a cha1n of events we'll long remember Each Jun1or dug deep to pay for h1s rmg Then gave lt away on some romant1c fllng The Banquet and Prom went by as 1f ln a dream We chose 'Vloonhght and Roses an appropr1ate theme Thus that year ended the way of them all Offlcxally closed by the Sen1ors' June Ball The next September back we came aga1n Th1s t1me as Semors our reputat1on to susta1n We have lots before us and st1ll much to learn But by the grace of God and our teachers we SHALL. NOT RETURN' Ve ve put m our t1me and we ve gotten an educat1on We w1ll soon reach our goal GRADUATION' Now note all ye students who for fame are yearn1ng We ve thunk all our thmkmg and learnt all our learnmg Now we leave all thms rabble and rout We've come to the end we're gett1ng out W'e'll 'neet many problems but take them mn str1de And our Alma Mater we'll remember w1th prlde 38 . Y V 5 l. L, , ,l Y Y c VT , ' ' - I 1 r , , ' ls T ' ls 1 L . O 1 1 X . 1 , . 1 L , 1 1 9 1 ll - H - - 1 . 1 . 1 ll ' . . ' . ' 1 1 1 ' , 1 w . . I A 1 l Jeni X I fffffff Z Y L I Yi fi :LK LJ-' Ns 'N' X Q XX X X I QILKXNWNNXXXI, I K' ,X xt ED- N if fff! 5 . R? xf KAY W ' , Ii fi 1 6401 L ss 'tue' I 1 -Sf'-.:f'L3...,-.-re. I 1: x.. .355-L --if-Q-. E-'I 'J 1 Lai? -.-L 4-0 Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Scdedafe Bel Air .... ...2l West Nottingham ...... 6 Kennard Dale . . . .. . .6 Elkton ............ 46 Havre de Grace ...... 6 Southern . . Cancelled l I F ti' T P 7?55 Sacco: Z The Eagles wound up the1r 1953 soccer season wmth a record of two w1ns four losses and one t1e Although they d1dn't accomphsh a good won lost record as 1n former years they d1d d1splay a very f1ne qual1ty of sportsmansh1p throughout the season We are proud to have seven sen1ors out of th1s year's startmg eleven The sen1ors were Captaln John Harr1son and Kenny Slngleton Hynek Zellk Lance Mllllgan James Foley J1rn Ham1lton andGranv1lleC11lbert Scor1ng honors went to John Harr1son and Kenny S1ngleton w1th f1ve goals each The coaches were John Hall and Harvey Peterson who have done a flne Job of rebu1ld1ng and lay1ng the foundat1on for a new and better team next year The schedule was as follows Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Bel A1r Havre de Grace N Harford W Nottlngharn Bel A1r Havre de Grace N Harford 42 4 6400 hi H The g1rl's speedball team had a very successful year They were proud to f1n1sh 1n Znd place Our flrst game was very successful We played Bel A1r at Bel A1r wmnmg 6 2 We won over Havre de Grace 1n our Znd game by a score of 10 2 We'll never forget our 3rd game wh1ch was at North Harford It was so cold we about froze to death and the w1nd was blowmg 11ke mad North Harford was the v1ctor wmmng 13 5 Then we started all over aga1n by playxng Bel A1r at home Th1s t1me they won 5 4 Then we played Havre de Grace away What a game' It ended up 1n a 4 4 t1e Our last game was w1th North Harford. They won 10 Z. Our captam Elame Tob1n, d1d a very good Job as a player, as well as our capta1n The other players that helped us make Znd place were: Sen1ors: A. Lxedtke, O. Sexton, J. Goetz, F. Burns, R. Farrell, and B, Baker. Others were R. Falcone, B. Soth, R. Travers, A. He1ser, B. Roebuck,H. Reuyl, R. Harr1son, P. Vaught, V. Gross, D. R1nheart, Ots tot, P. Tob1n, and B. Klang. Of course we can't forget our managers, Z. Gr1m and B. Long. Last, but not least, we want to thank Mrs. Wheeler for be1ng such a wonderful coach. 43 , 1 S 7 ..'l J. . 'T' A .2't'f' I -1 'f . L.. . . I .. ' .., . , - ' '- .cwtwiisg rx - ' ' .-1 . 'X . . Q. 1: fasvf , ,X '. A . . ' 9 - q 9 1 ' - Q - 0 0 1 c Epcwketi-aff Wauczq 7mm Hamm Wddddq 7mm 44 I sl' ' A 1' ' I I vl B l 3 .3 4 -. , 1 gf y Q - ' 1 V' 1 , ' ' lu' 'v 1 'K A 'X L I I .1 . ti' f - .V ur- in 4+ I - Q fin. Niki Qi A .-,A i 551' I 1 '53, R eg I ,.. 3, -. A INV' Ms BAN sm-:'R me x ye 1 b Vs SA-P21719 5. C. Q MQW ffl. A. veins , , I - 'MS WWWWQW l sr L A ti. N' 1cZ'zwzq6044 fl Library Club Officers and Sponsor-Miss Mayfield Walker 48 Stadentjcarcfl Sponsor Mr Sherman McCoy Qqwdw Www! '1 f1 1'LQfm :'m P 'H f' iff .1 13 Sk-W ww Sponsor Mr James Robertson Sponso Mr W1111amCurnrr11ng 49 I fftfletcc ,4 Sponsor Mr Butk1ew1cz Zewmf gnu ponsor Mrs Ward Quia .leadow Sponsor Mrs Wheeler 4 1 fx ...'.'1f- lf. PL-- if 50 nal 1 20045024 65:45 Sponsor Mr McCoy I-121' -'dnl Sponsor Mrs Kolb Sponsor Mr Klock Sdopdwd Sponsor - Mr. Stout 51 Dr. Thomas Pullen Speaks at School Dedication 'Zaoafoafz 70azdow Dcdffdyd 'fi mm Zeafzfaai Staff SPONSOR MR - agenda Za!! Qfaffaween Dance VE x ' fl fV 'P '50 9 998 'HYYDXS Q06 4+ oo aw? 9 ov-so W 2 946 XEOX2 ZW 936 9 0950 WW 600 GK P, OQ1 S-ev 5? 0950? '. 4 09 waves 99. GPS S4 N696 P i'Y1 71441450046 70uz'efz4 Seann 747494 ffm! 61445 SPONSOR MR GEORGE CORDDRY SPONSOR MR HAR IEY PETERSON 7494 Scion! gan! CONDUCTOR MR CHARLES BAKER Www Zconomcccelal SPONSOR MRS DORIS KOLB 55 it S. N E5 A it . ' . ' L- A ' ' I ' X :'.' -- A N ' v xx ,' , - n S1 , . x y .. , , O . n 4 L 's A V Q. ix 1 I I u 1 1 5 I I . . T . . . . 9 if P Q A 1 , . . -V 4.11 ',++- a' ' J ,H ,S A va. .- Annu- . . vf ' .ap .,--f....-. T ' . -4. A . I . Q! . , X p 1 V -5 - - K, V 4 wr .4 'M -.1 'f - , f I S n T Q 1 .1 5, . . - 5' 7' J, . ' -.. 1 I I . ' , XX 'S 1 W , X yuan 7-294 yawn 71494 ' ' Dmmaau 77 5404. SPONSOR: SPONSOR: MRS. BEATRICE WARD MR. E. BERNSTEIN , .C 5 x-.. n x THIS IS A SOCIAL PROBLEM? R UTHIE DISAPPROVES 56 x I , .sua A, 4 0 'I-3 '- ' Q5 ' 595 A 3-4 , 'r Q Q N x I. i J , -.J MRS. MARGARET PRITCHARD MRS. VIRGINIA CHESSOK MRS. BERNICE TAMKUS , QQ. .n A L' 'A 23 f - - .. . N I MRS. MAUD TAYLOR MRS. HAZEL BARROW MRS. LORETTA BOWMAN Y' 'N 'U c-- Xi. 40- a IRQ, Saute Play: 746 Zac Uf Sd, 7754416 59 1, . .' .'1'l Fx M .., ,fa . T -q'1'l'n.'ff- 7 ' fx Q - 2 .1 xi wifi.-ii' A O 4, X 1 , 1 l Q ,- - N. Ht .52 vii -. xr. , , , - s-v . 'L 4 MA . .- , ...Qf ,f . , ,fv- ,.,,ur- iD Q gl L Q I -R N, ,A-!?t8Qlkqp,3F'g ., -Hu. Fe 4 - :!,j,-A 8' J 2 ,, W Ins? 5,-. -fl- fiwm F 2232 nl-div! 44 A XX' sk A' N6 'I N xx '- Qefgrv ip.. . E F Q ff: 4155 K ut., V ix :Xa T ix X I Q I fi LS I Wann 27 C CUFIIS Morgan Bata Shot Company IRL L Gulf Servxce Roebucks Gulf SGIVICS Aberdeen Gulf SGIVICC BALFOUR and COMPAINY ZAMSKY STUDIOS Lee Bulck Inc Perryman Md Wtlson Ollver Agency Inc Complrments of a Fr1end Tractor 84 Farm Supplles Inc Frank! Slmlk Gen Ins Bel Canap H1nder Motors 317 Ph1ladelph1a Blvd F1rst Nauonal Bank Chesapeake Gardens Inc Deane s Apparel Pyrotherm Gas Company Harford Prmtmg Co New Ideal D1nner Aberdeen News Stand C C Cronrn M Carstns Run Store Roll Arena Havre de Grace Thelma s Flower and Glft Shop Aberdeen Pool Hall Aberdeen Hobby 84 Sport Shop COITIDIIIIILIIIS of the Rowe B1ld1ng Fyle and M1l1er Insurance Agent 119 South Ph11adelph1a Blvd Joseph A Kmg Jeweler 8a Watch Maker 6 Howard Street L Dell Sf Company Druggrsts Swan Harbour Dell lra1ler Court Edd1e and Jean Sexple M1l1tary Uutfrtters Chruchvrlle Shoe Store Cup N Cone Aberdeen Jewelers Henry Tarrmg 81 Sons 10 12 Bel A1r Ave Aberdeen Cleaners The G1ft Box 23 West Bel A1r Ave Western Auto Assoc Bel Camp Grocery Bel Camp Cafetena Walter W Waream Contractor Moe s G I Store V1ele and Company Grlley s Food Market 116 S Ph1la Blvd Phone 4641 Albert E Annonr Paperhangcr Decorator C1ty Cleaners Aberdeen Theatre Aberdeen Dept Store 20 West Bel A1r Ave R L Tarrmg Bell s Store Rellable Sales 17 Howard Street Aberdeen Bakery Valet Cleaners Lauterbach Grocery Long Bar Harbor Maryland Blackburn s Servrce Stauon Aberdeen Restaurant Champ1on Cleaners L1vezey Lumber Company Ivms Pharmacy Famous and Spang Insurance Company I p ' l F. o. MnShe11f'Perryman,'Md.' B61 Camp Variety Store l ' .,d. ' as paeaaafzb Mr and Mrs JohnM Ivrns Mrs Dorrs lxolb Mr R1Cll2lI'd Prtce Mr and Mrs Brrchel Baker Herbert Kerr Wrlson Motor Co Mr Robert H Ashton Mr and Mrs Kral Kunsman Mrss Barbara A Benton Mr Rrchard Eckenrode Mrs Marte Eckenrode Mrss Jeane Eckenrode Mrss Carol M Preston Mr and Mrs Leroy Taylor Otto F Goetzl Roger Preston Officer Ben Ray Mr and Mrs Claude Brown Mr John Hall Lt Col and Mrs Alfred Lredtke Mr and Mrs Benjamtn Burns Jr Mr and Mrs Ludrtck Zapletal Mrs Anna Anderle Leo and Eva Lt and Mrs Ronald Chapman Mr and Mrs George Moore Mrs Mogsamen Mr Alfredo Frshgruond Jrmmy and Janrce Mr and Mrs Norman Waream Mr and Mrs Fred Conrad Dr Norman F Myers Mr and Mrs G H Marble Mrss Jean Burrts and Mrs Rrchard A 'slew and Mrs Albert E Annonr l' OS George Corddry andEla1ne and Mrs W1ll1am A Russell Mary Ethel and George Mr and Mrs Joseph Whlte George Htob Mr and Mrs Wrllram Semone Mr F D Curry MISS Frances Curry Mr and Mrs George D Curry Calvxn Curry Mr and Mrs Ons A Grrm Mr and Mrs Carroll E West Sr Mr and Mrs Thomas Wrll1am Jo Alrce Sherrdan Coronet Beauty Shop Mrs Vlncent Gerdom Mr and Mrs Kenneth Volkart Barney Backus Mrs Clarence Whtteford Sr Dw1ght A Marcotte Helen Zellk Mr and Mrs Ernest W Parker Rod Emory Lance and B111 B111 and Joan Mr and Mrs Walter Ward Jack and Margo nes Sr Kay Irene Marcra and Madelrne Mtss Ella Schuch MIS and Mrs Lyle T Nelson Mr and Mrs W T Foley Mr and Mrs Joseph B Hodges Mrs Paul Gross 64 Mr. . I . A . Mr. . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Anton Ulehla M . J , Mr. . ' ' . PQ n S111 4174? 4V W 'x 'TTTUU svn 'Y..,Q1' .- Vrani X! - n. as n gg sr'n- 4 1 f. - -. 4 H -uf ---1.-...-..-..r--.--. 'Q JP. n a, . K an , Q .- 44 ---.f-- ..-

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