Yuba City High School - Honker Yearbook (Yuba City, CA)

 - Class of 1952

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Yuba City High School - Honker Yearbook (Yuba City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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W WW 5m5WQ,f KW f A WW X SN ,xlzsxx QR NN A K Xa Mx 3552 Ji 4555 5 N j x I . I!! I A - ' 4 X ffgv, 1 A' V 3 5 f, ' Q. I 'A ," 11' , N X f X E A If v If x Aff, X 'l Q V, 'AL . 1 I fi ff f I ' If L 3 . , xf' ' . T Ry f' A f Y X x IV , WX 1 ' A X' SX 5 ,' 4 I, W Q fl I lv A K If H I eg, X! ," V1 fl ' ' fr Vx I I, ff M! .. A ,kj ,f f pn LY X L ,, Nfl JI ul Q. 5 fufgjf .lm x wk X D I L xx L . W . . fi' fx X EQ AN Nr Q KR N5 -2 R L 3 X3 X V 1 Q ' 3 'ix gf ' ax X 1 5 xx 'ui X55 1 Xb R h ,L 5, , X J X -xxx 'V xi ' ,Q . 'Xi V I 5 5 'E ' H N, X . ' , 14 .X X1 .- 3 5 iqbgid X X X ' X "Q N 4 . K X5 'D J is - wif- 3 Y XE? ' f X ' ' W V- Q f In xnxx " .Xiu f , " 5 xg Q . xx 'UQ' . , Q Q: M-A AV I is xc X SX X X Q v 7 is . KB 1 ix-L V Y- 'B 4- .2 hx X x sm K : -- N " X X 3 fx ' 5' N - X. 'V by Q I Z 3-P Sw Q ' V' VX- M QQ Q. Q Nix Vi N ix 3' , Y 'V +L X - z, . 2 , NX. X xi 'xx 'X ?. x K Lbx v-fi ' 2 I . '50 HONKER 1952 ily Z -X 1X YUBA CITY UNION HIGH SCHOOL Y b Cty Ccrlforn I X Z ? -V y 'Qli' Z- f""' ,,,..., Published by the Senior Class of u cz i , i icx L50 D. HOLLENBERG N.,- DEDICATION Frequently a man thumps back 1n the nrental paaes olh1s personal hlstor n an etlort to brmg to rn1nd some past occurren e or eprsode A long whtle from today each ot us wrll srt aov n w 1th larmly or lrrend and 1 alanclng through th1s l-lonker re l1ve our memorable hrah school davs We ll recall our boy trtends our grrl lrrends our athletrc heroes our socral events our adrntnrstrators and perhaps not least of all our teachers Amon those teachers ve hrst recall are those who were true frlends So much IS 1rr1pl1ed ln that word lr1endsh1p understandlng klndne s couraae loyaltv Jener ostty and unselllshness LEO D HOLLENBERG exhrblted these QUGlll1GS Wh1ch w1sh to preserve Bound here lor lutu e recollectron alon VJlll'1 other person and thlnas We shall never foraet IS the memor a true r end and edt cator ACKNOWLEDGMENTS KEN? PPI Tllf' CO P D1 WA LTO AFT S-TUV IOQ Pac' apl c f . - ,1 v Y ' ' ' 'Q . A J ., x C . . . , , ww. . , . J 1 , Tl - W 1 . , J A . ..1 , , - , . , , , - U .A . ' ' . A . . . . .. . . . , A l - , -J , Y , ,, v . , A '-'Ve . I' , S S ' ' .. nl f-lv-1 1 I 1 . J Y , . I o. . . , . .. ,.,,c vWANwANWf ,, . .Au .IJ u lsner 1 v- N v A Lu AJ V I .oar .1 IN STRAT in., MR GARDNER 'Ds' MRS BERNEGG MRS GARDNER MR. WINSHIP MR. WILLIAMS MISS ALBRIGHT ff 4, 'I' D URBAHNS We the students W1Sh to toke IhlS opportumty to thunk the slx people above for thelr understcmdlng and guldonce throughout the year These ore busy CIIIZGUS IU our commumty who devote thelr spore t1me to school busmess to pro Vlde CI lmk between school ond commumty ORLIN HARTER EDWIN STROM DON VAN ZANDT IUDITH BARR DONALD E ABBOTT San Mateo Iunro College Chtco Stat College A B degree Spec Sec General Shop Metal Shoo ALLIENE BARRETT Stanford Uruv Umv of Calxf A B degree Mathematrcs NORMAN N BONN Stanford Unrv San Francrsco Iumor College W Vrrgmra Un1v San Francrsco State Col lege Stanford Umv BA de gree Engllsh Busmess Tram mg LOIS HELEN COLMAN Chlco State College Spec Sec Homemaklng Related Arts STELLA CROSIER Univ of Cahf AB P Ed Grrl s Physlcal Educatton ,fw nw' fi -is CHARLES M BARNETT Unlv o ll Unrv o Cat Chtco State College Urnv of Bradley Ursrnus College San Francrsco State B S degree Gen Sec Busm s Law Mod rn P oblems RUTH IEAN BAUGHMAN San Iose State College AB degree Spec Sec Clothtng Gen Home Makmg DONALD WARREN BROOKMAN Unrv of Iowa UNIV ofM1nn Indxana Basketball S c h o o l Un1v of Cahf Stanford Umv Armstrong College of Bust ness BA MA degrees Typ mg Varsxty Baseball Coach HELEN LOUISE COVELL Unrv of Caltf Oregon State Arts and Crafts Art Center BA degree Arts and Crafts WILMA LINN DARNEILLE Chlco State AB degree Gen eral Homemakxng Homemak mg II Bookroom X J t IOSEPH LA ERNST Sacramento Iumor College Sacramento State College BA degree Phystcalfld U S Hlstory European Culture MARIE L FILLMORE Umv oiCal1t AB MA grees Mectra'mcalDraw1na CLARENCE M HAAN Southern Oregon College f Ed Oregon State Umv I Calxf B S MS degrees Gen Shop Wood Shop VERA HEADEN Umv ofW1s Umv ol Southern Cctlxf Umv of Colo MA de gree Latm Engltsh ROY H. HOLMGREN Umv of Cahl AB MA de grees Alg I G II Trtg Soltd Geom in REGINALD C ESTEP Gem Ctty Busmess College Ohto Wesleyan Umv Umv ol Callt Armstrong Busmess Col lege College ot Pacttxc BS MA degrees Bkkg Per Blcka Busmess Trammg ROBERT H FRYE Ohto State Umv USC BS Boys Physlcal Ed HARRISON OLAF HAYES Umv ofCal1t Umv ol South ern Caltt San Franctsco State College Umv of Wash Umv of Parts AB M A degrees French Mustctanshxp VIRGINIA HESEMAN San lose State AB degree Glrls Physlcal Ed ANN HULL Umv otCal1f UCLA Umv ot Mextco San Dlego State Teachers College AB degree Spantsh WALTER HARVEY KAPLAN Kent State Umv Stantora B A MA degrees Eur Cult U S History Iournalx 'n Schoo PUbl1CllY LOWRY MALLORY Wake Forrest College Colo State College of Ed Stanford Un1v BA MA degrees U S Hlstory PGC1l1C Cult Per and Soc Dev I WILSON MCRAE UCLA Spec Sec degree Band Orchestra Chorus DONALD M PURDY Sacramento Iumor College Oregon State College BS MS degrees BIO ogy Per and Soc Dev CHARLES D SEI-TENS Umv o' Cal1f A B degree Chemtstry Physlc P l a 1 n Geom Practtcal SCISPCE N. dix 9' ftxgl MATILDA I KORVER Hope College Mlch State Col lege Umv olM1ch AB MA deg ees Engllsh HAZEL P MCARTHUR Untv of Calif Umv of Callf at Santa Barbara Hornemak mg Cafet Mgt DUARD MILLET Branch Cxty College Utah Bngham Young Un1v Colo College Umv of Wash Sac amento State Gen Sec Spec Ed BS degrees Physl al Ed LEO PAUL RUTH Chxco State College Umv of Caltf AB degree Eng U P Per and Soc Dev LAURENCE R SMITH Umv of Calxt Stanford Unxv USC UCLA BA degree Per and Soc Devl Math Gen Sc1 AUGUST MARK VAZ Umv c'Ca11 AB MA de gree Ea Calt Speech Htst xfu- A,-C41-1.9 INEZ TRIGUERIO Umv of Callf BA degree Enghsh ROBERT ROGER WARD College of Pac1f1c San Iose State Texas A QS M Umv f Calrf at Davrs BS degree Agnc Farm Mech STANLEY WEISS Ohxo State Umv Western Re erve Umv UCLA USC M A oearee Boy Physical Ed MARY WOODS Umv of Calrl Columbta Umv AB AM Englrsh l t 'R' Ibm ar" V GRACE VON DER MEHDEN Stan o d Unxv A B degree ln Sp ch and Dra a D arnatrcs and Erralrsh ERNEST BOYD THOMPSON Perm State College Umv f Cal1 College of Agrrc at Davis BS M ED degrees Fa t Shop Ag rc Scrence VELMA WARD Ohro Wesleyan Umv New Yortc dmv COUmb1G Umv mv o' Call' BA egree LID rar' EVERETT L WHITNEY Um o Calm Moaesto Iumor Coll ge Vallejo lun or Col lege Voc A is Degr e Voc Auto Mech Elec'r a n d Ace lene VVeloma ,.. -an-am., My Le fx A o fw C-Cf' elow e Q Q :L 'LG hi Q 'yn vff. fr Above, left to ugh! M' Gcxrllezrz M Abbott M' M'16T M' M:1ft'e's N' Sm't: Mr 'Tre Trrese Ure t e Deopr r booxs strcmri Kept us oo ealt cue urs cr to ci s u srroot keel Mrs G W! fU7':,f'4' i Fu NURSES OFFICE Mrs Beme GENERAL OFFICE DEANS OFFICE Mrs Krllclck M s S eldo Si! ATTENDANCE OFFICE Mrs Cardrwe WM MAIN OFFICE NIGH'I' SCHOOL OFFICE I arte' ' C ues M Vster f fs l A 'e '.-:hc have kept ou ' 'f . , ' in g d -ur C . nd r , and iri geriercl, kept s rgnning Ori C: . '. Qifizi f Burtis V ' if - I Ff' li' I H ' ' "ft 1 B "' . ,Q - -he W if 1 f. Q " .F s fy L A5535 4 ' .tztgjzlgi j , ,, MW I A """' V ' .. I .., is r W: rf K' "' ' ax A L, I .fri Ati r. 1:5 QW -AV C" .1 ... 3, fig- ENIOR Senior Class Officers and Story S cxndmg left to nght Bet' lone e Ba ne a vrso F an 1 re e Go fra' Per e den Szttmg lane C p e Des erlf e Shrrley Pouch epo 'er T me elass ol l957 started 1 s t rst ea by t1e1na Darbw Da J Mtn the Sophornores Dressed as Motlrer Goose Characters attended the Freshman refeptron Allen Thoma led then' tltronan tne struaale of that trrst rea as pres1dent Brll Aslnw orth V1f'6 presrdent Nancx Randolyr seeretarv Slttrle Larrd treasurer Ma tna Mryon soeral actrvrtres Mr Vlade advrso S ro ornore yea ler Colle-tt served s pfesrdent Flo d B Of ra socral af't1v1t1es Conrad Ta lo v e oresldent lamee Doe easurer Clara Wnson reoorter Donna Dunntr sefret r lvl Ba nett rorned ,rs as on dv sor V e f or Darko Da D one laalf po'nt ldrror ea Ned Calla tar se ved s p esrdent Aller Trorra seford n cornrnand lulra oore see eta Marrlsrs la dso soo al a trvttres laret Carprra teasurer Lucrlle E tor' re orte M arnett strll rr t e e nrtf as advrsor O Ap 1l!8t e 'reld tne br dan e rc ca t e lunror r r es s ave been l ok ' o nree or fa s Vf ea e o d Ns a eve d love no fC te ear ook ,ut a tte Ca L sat s aoes rQ+ef:rneO va ea ed r a CL r"P L 6 'fl KISS 'YY' e ks Cl 'ae ea 'T wg rp nm 1 C3 ' f t ' , ' : 3' ..1, secxiary, Mr r tt, ol 5 rg r C .1 lf: f:res1d,nt ,j . . -mag vice jsresz S- t ' ' : ,Y hi - YYTCH ff'a'I.5'Qf'?ff -C 'Nfl R,Ql9f .5'TCl"1l 'Iffll'v'1fleS, 1 , Y- Yta. E , . , 1. i r ' ' N ' ' ' " ' . ' . - u , 1 . .V ' ' ., ,. ' , , ' 7 ' , - K. 4 f . A . . . . , s A WF r Y X, , r . . . . , , ., -. A . , . , . . . . . , . - T , o ' r rg' ' . sla . ' g r ., ' Q " ' ' xv v- - ' A U- viy-3 fv- . T "l A. ' A31 W-Y T T ' '. .,,..': rx, uv A C C, ,A -' L A. A .,. . ,A L . 1 rv . . : I I . 'AA A ' .' 3' r 7 E . or a r . , . . . , o r i. . . M , ,ro lf. 114' n . ,i do . 'I . l n, r .- " . -p er, .r. B ' 1 . E13 9 ontna ' n rr f l ' ' 'a C- of tl - r, Ei., .X P one r ,N. X U H .K , ,'Hr. JY. r .Hb Br.: kneel T111 1sfl.e ,ear .-.e L., - ', .r o rrig fo. .'.a.a .o . . t...,, l .J , Ja. we l1a .f r .ally nf ye trj 'gear J or. if :QL l E a , .. re 'fafli 11 jf .la to 'Z ut besides all the other plans Eiad Mr Barnett our faithful Class advisor took us all to Saoraf .. I fs . ' ,,. ' ,,1,,.. ,Ls , , ,., .,.,... , " . , ' ' I rnento to toar t:.e S a , pta. a..a hs.. ...e legal we C.., . Cs.. . as tn- ..., . the Seilor Carrii l fi l T lfi the Gyng 'Ye nal' a boxma sho:-.' and for the first time a d ri-.. rl.e Cafeteria aft-r the tarr.L'.'al Senior Cat Dar' The Seniors to B1d'.-.' ll Park lf Clizoo for the Dari TQ., ol . fare msled Coke and ice-ing-f' Ill . . , . . , . W. , A 1 Sf-ri.3r B1llfT:1err1e lwlystlf .ses mold in tlie Ll.. as on Tune 5 T.. tr was . :EJ fl C1 floss- S1"f'al11greafe1i Martian Cfinr"21S':i1'ia',' la.. , Sth. V-'ltE.t.1 f1..al "'l1Zf.1j-, .ri:d1,ga..,f. an lime ff. WILLIAM APPLEGARTH HAROLD G ATHON no 'C C L Q14 IACK BELL GAYNL BERNEGG Band Club Ir Red Cree l T H1 Y Latm Club Sr 1 H1 Y Horxzon Club VICQ p e Dr1ll Team Pep Club B1a Sm I r Happy l'lf'11eS 1'ea boo Snap Ecuto RICHARD BIDASHA Chess Club C B A T r a c lc Tnlefmural Football Basketball, Valley Ball Pmg Pong IOYCE ASHFORD C r 1 BARBARA ANN BEARD V! Farm I 0 T TJ T lzcr b r H1 Y ly e Cub B 1' Ma 11 a Alfendar 'nm 1o'1er O Pubhctf CAROL IEAN BENTLEY GAA Ir Tr1 H1 Y eporler Drama Club Ir Red Cross GITIS League Gl e Club S Tr1 H1 Y Dr1ll Team H1 L1ghlS Staff B1g S1SleI CLIFTON BERRY Boxmg Auto Shop Club CAROLYN BLACKBURN Ir Red Cross secretary FH A Gul s League G A A Blg Slster GEORGIA IINKS BLANKINSHIP L ln Club Ir Trl H Y Ho1 zon Club P I' Club xtce pres and pres Dr1ll Team Gtr L ague Bla Q te Y a book ECl1lOY1!1 cnte DELORES BROWN FHA GAA ecreary Hap Hattlc I Trl Cc ub G l lfaaue H Y Blg S1 er PAUL CHIMITS Transfer trom Arlzona FFA trea urcr FLOYD CHRISTENSON Latm Club IJ Football I Red Cross Exchange Assem bly Homcer H1 Y Brown and Gold H1 Y French Club A Track FERRY COLLETT F F A Honker H1 Y B own and Gold H1 Y Freshman Baseball C D Basketball Spamsh Club B Rambler Basketball Boxmg Varstty Baseball RUTH BORS o NED CALLAHAN Y Foot B1 lcftball Fre hman Pasket H a Vars1ty ootlall V a v Ba e m mo a IANET CHIPMAN c u e C os G Soctet 1 Barvl C u ch tb I mor H1 Y a rt ,Amo a treas u e T H1 Y v e pres Pep Club Happy Hat 1 G l Leaaue Cabtnet Semor as Trea u e IG Slster a G a At naa Year on A e tt m E ttor DONALD CLARK Che Club Band Club French Club WAYNE C CONNER Cal1'orn1a Scholarsh1p Federa tzon DARRELL DEE COYLE I V Footballg I V Baseball, Freshman Baseball: C" Trackg AB" Trackg C", B" Basketballg Varsrty Baseballg Varsity Foot- ballg Letterman Soclety RONALD P CRAM Bonn ROBERT DARLAND Hono S et: h Roxtna IANIS LEE DOERING G A A H1 L aqu r Tr1l'l1Y pr Q11 Honzon Club D ll T am E chanac mbly p C Happy attes Br, Mardi Gras Attendant DORIS MORTON DUNCAN FHA HOTIZOH Club reaeux e Sr Tr1H1Y S cretarf D111 Team Gtrls l.9C!5J6 Ex change A S mbly B1 S CLINTON CRABTREE VX, -uf' Hi Yztlarsxty ootball rjyna- gerg '!cQF.tbf Red C' , ' X f Q ' .7,x!,,,, .54 WILLIAM CUMMING FRANK DAVIS Freshman Ba ball Boxtng CHARLENE DOLL Drama Club Spanlsh Club Dnll Team Happy Hattles Sr T H1 Y Gtrl League cabl n B a S1 er ELDEN ETHINGTON lntermural Basketball Foot ball Auto Shop Club presx dent ROBERT EWERTSEN Ten Sei 1 Club For NANCY FRATIS ono C c 1 A A I'OIlZO Cul: Irec 111 pre o Spam h C I po e VIC re e Tear Pep Club G co me B G S b o o 1: Emto ROBERT H FUKUMITSU IV Foot oil IV Baseball Ir 'cermu Q11 Eooflz l Roalcetlo Vczrs If Fo D SHIRLEY GALBRAITH CI O Cl,1l' PATRICK G GIPSON IV FOG Dall In Lull BOXING Cro V Q V' IL LUCILE MARIE EWTON 1' T1 H1 Y l-lo1zor 'fly I'1 1 I-I ey SHIRLEY FOUCH un H 12011 Club e eta 1 H ecre nd V' L mary fit 1 '1 C 11 b C If eGqJe VG que and Gavel 1 Y hence e-'wo B13 1 ERNEST FULLER IR Boxmg I! Footb ll IV Bc: e hcl Vo W Footoull Jcrr 1ty ball B AW nd Gold 1 Eyc fl 'Je 11 DONALD GILLIES anxc ootr K' P I B ofm md ,wo RICHARD GOMES Bio .M o lIy' F olb fzr I 41 oml l. Pm ROBER FRANKLIN GOODBARY or Latm B fr 5 God IESSIE EVONDA HALL NH Y B nC1Cl,w CA ll MARNELL HAMMONS Ulr L e cz g u Blg Smster Drurra Club G A A MARY LEE HARROUN G A G1rlsLcxgu FHA Spam h Club Hone soc ely MURIEL HEMBREE GAA4 Girl's League-5 fr. Tn Hi Yg lr Red Cross, rw RICHARD GRAHAM ROBERT HAMILTON I-I Y Lcxtm C I FOOlbCIl T nms own :S Gola I-'1 Y J rs rf: q 11 n rm Q0 let: EDDIE HARAUGHTY Boxmg IV Football C A Track Spcrmsh Club lr Red ro s DOROTHY LEE HARVEY ,flee Club l Red Cross Drill 'nm DONALD HENSLEY U Bcslcetballg Fr e S h m an Baseball: I.V. Footbcxllp l.V. 333953111 'C" Bcxsketbcllg Var- alty Bcxsebcrllg Varsity Letter- IGH. MACKY HOBSON G.A,A.g Giro: L-3-Ugueg Ecni 51 1.1 . Clubg fr. Ped Cross, Sr 'fra U 1' GEORGE HOWARD B 1: Lf-1 tw Bc MARILYN HUDSON Honor Soc1ety F erlch Ch: Qecretory Ir T H1 Y G1 1 League cczbmei Drlll Tear' Ir Rem C ow Pep Club Vcr' Guards ouord Bg S1 e March G os Attenoont Com rn S1O"1E o So ol Ac KENNETH YENSEN T GUBIE rom Pvc Wmro F Som Q r CIPHI o ke! f' or 1.1 JD THOMAS KAWMOTO Bo ketbczll B A Bc: eball Auto Shop J1. Interm.1rol rootboll B 1 1 boll Pxno Pono 5f'N ROGER HOON F ERN HUBBART MARILYN IACKSON BETTY LOU IONES Honor Soc1 'I' GAF FHA JW e JJ P 1 oss uv C .1111 T V B3 EVELYN KNIGHT SHOSABURO KODANI Bc lc 'LG 'HGV b ll r 1 Football F L I 4 aff' FRANCIS LANEY I f H nys- F1 Y ln' YI ,Q V' B fl o f' If B1 lf trllll J Football A Tmck ln lc tbfxll Q 'x fl nt DINO LEKOS V Football Honlc l-ll Freslvmcm Football L C111 n Clgb Int rmurc1lBa5lcetbc1ll I V Ba eboll Vo! 1ty Football Brown G Gola H1 Y A Row e 5 cx t G D 'J Squlr RONALD LINEKER A to Ro b J in RICHARD LORD BARBARA KOLOS Le cw o ROBERT LAWYER F- B11 WILLIAM LIEBE D Bcxslce Doll C Track FrebhmcmBc1'seboll FFA lntermuml Basketball ELEANOR LOEBLIEN HERMAN LUNDBLAD V L W " 3 QL ll BGQ "'L'f2'1 l v Bo Ebflyl Vcxrslty Poo bil' J " H f Exe-b:1'l ' A. I GND P' Q., Q MARY ANN LUNDBLAD Girl's League-5 Band Club lr. Red Crossp Sr, Tri H1 YQ Drill Tearng Horizon Club Bzg Sister CRYSTAL BROWN MARTIN G1rl s League Drama Cl L Honor SOCl6lY D Ill Tearr French Club P U Clan: R S1ster ELLIS LeROY MATTHEWS C B A Baskelball Bard Club presldent Freshman Baseball Squ1res Honor Sc Clely Leiterman Kmg o lr Mardx Gra FRANCES Mc!-'EELY Drama Club Tr1 H1 Y G A A French Club Dr1ll Team G1rls League cab nel Na que nc Gavel Horlzon Club pep Club NORMAN I MYERS Freshman Baseball Drama Club Band Club I V Base ball B Track lfasque and Gavel VQI'SllY Baseball W 7 MARY LOU LYNN Transfer from East Nicolauiz Sr. Tri H1 Y, chaplaing PH A. ROGER MATTEOLI CHARLES ALTON McCLOUD French Club SCIlbe Drama Club Honor SOClElY l1le mem ber Masque and Gavel secre ta v Y asurer Ir R fi Cro s MAXINE MEYERS H1 Y Drama C lg ca Cl1b Eau 1 MARVIN MINER n Ban lf: l-' H Y Efchc MARTHA MIXON Club l H S Y L aa ro l "1 p taent l-lapyy H Fen lt Club C a 1 a a BARBARA MOSBURG Gtr 5 League Bama l rt Sr T Team lr Red C O Pep Clxb Btg Slater LEONA MULLER Gtrls League Transte 'rom Marysvtlle TED NEBETA Spamsh Club Varstty Football Letterman Soctety RICHARD O CONNOR IULIA BLANCHE MOORE zor C lb P '1 C n H ro Socx c eta y e Ctab lJr1lTe r' xstre :1 0 G Leaaue a 1' n 5 f naar ZETTA MORONGIO tr a 1 G GEORGE MURRAY FRANK NAKASHIMA D Basketball C Basket ball FFA lntermu al Foot ball and Ba ketball BARBARA OKI BARBARA PASSMORE I1appfHa e ce nC 1: Tea re Leaa e Cab Yea bool' pl 1a1 E o J Eauc Bar cnet: TONY PERATA FFA Aulc Shop mural Volleyball lfcctb Ea 14 Tbal DONNA MARILYN PRATT A eaau l GEORGE REED l V'oo1ball Hom: H Y C Track French C L prom and Gold H1 Y Track Ir Re Co HARRY BERMARD REINES IR Honker H1 Y lnte 'nu al Ba ketboll Ir Rez C o Q Pre h man Baseball Honor SOCIQIY Lahn Club IV Baieball Brown and Gold H1 Y Vcrmty Baie ball LUCINDA PAYNE L re E'1n 'nbl C LELAND FRANCIS PETRIE Honker H1 Y lnterrnural Pa ketball lr Pea Cro Latm Club B ov n and Go H1 rr' R Trac is 5, NANCY RANDOLPH F esrunan Clas Secretory Latm Club Honor SOCIGIY Marm Gras Allendant Com rmssrone or F1nance Van Guad Van Honzon Club Pep Club secretary and treae urer Drrll Team lr H1 Y Sr H1Y Sr Tr1H1Y GAA Hop Hal' e R a r IQ Srste BEVERLEY REGIER G1rl League Bana Ir Tn H1 Y Lr ll Team Hor1zon Club C1 Cr s r H Q pp J rr o Soc1a C 1 es CHARLES RETZLOFF B Track A Track on 1 h Club Honlcer H1 Y E change A sembly DORTHA REYNOLDS Girl 2 League, BL? Enter MARGARET RIDDLE A Gul Leaal P Croes EDWIN ROBINS TOMMY SAMS r Baseball IV Foot ball Varsrty Foot Ba ball Letter RAYMOND SANDOVAL Snap lmermural T1 V F otbal DONNA RICKETTS Spanish Club, GA A- Honor Socieiyg Hi-Lighisg Van Guara' Big Sister, Girfs sports Yearboog Ezztc' NANCY IOAN RIPLEY a F l-I A Laur A G A A Ir Rea Cro S Y Bla BOBBY ROPER T 1 H Y G A A Drama Club Grrl L eague Happy Hattles S Trl H1 Y IV Yell Leader Pep Club Horrzon Club Van Guard Varsrty Yell Leader Ir Red Cross H1 Lrghts Brg Srster MARILYN SANDERS Band Cllb G A A WILLIAM SCHREINER F FA Letterman Socr ty Var Y Baseb ll I Red Cross Squrres fa my Football BARBARA SEAL Barfa A c CORNELIA SMITH xzcn C 1: F I1 A D an ub G l L aaue r PV QQQ Q p V1 F FRANCES DOREEN SPRINGER PERRY STEVENS :Ima IV Football Track lnlermural Basketball Varslly Football A Track Auto Shop Club IUDIE STEVENSON Transfer 'Yom Plehmonf' I Trl H1 Y, Glrls League, VICE president Drill Teamp Sr. Tri Hi Yg Happy Hattiesg Mardi Gras attendant, C ANITA SLATER ki new RICHARD SMITH l' a za ll yftnr GEORGE STEELE DIANE STEVENSON 1 Hcmzon Club L m lr LEWIS STEWART f "mal lr l er Squlre " II C"I'lCl K ..l.'lf .LLC IS GCT- A MARIAN TAGAWA Gri- OC' IOYCE LOUISE TAYLOR JAMES ULREY Spameh Club Key Club IV Bas ball C Track Varsrty Football Drawmg Yearbook E 1tor B Track A Track Letterman Soc1ety IAMES UNDERHILL Honker H1 Y Band lntermural asketball I R d roe Spamsh Club Brown and Gold H1 Y Varsxty Baseball DARRLENE WAIRE F 3 CONRAD TAYLOR '1 ornc S an as B own o P I HC C ALLEN THOMA Football B Bsket a ack J ttf Foot a T ack Ma au 'td Gaval Ba lfetrall ALBERT ULMER ELLA WALL FARENE WAIRE BEVALYN WARE Chorui Ir Rea C oss GA A Gul s l. agu E7-'change As sembly NORMAN WILLIAMS Chess Club D Basketball C Track C Basketball D Basketball B Track Ir Red Crocs A Basketball ln termural Football ROBERT YAMAMOTO F F A Q ARLENE WHITAKER CLARA WILSON Ir Tn H1 Y Sr Trl H1 Y Happy Hatues Queen of Marcu Gras IRENE YOSHIKAWA G1rl s gue Ir Red Cross F H Sr Tr1 H1 Y CLASSES Class of 1953 Seated Left to Rxght I1 rg Er' Stcmdmg IZ Lo r CLASS 1 A feelmg of prlde swept over the Class when they entered school last fall mth a dete mmatroh to make therr class Worthy and successful alter th ee yea S of turmoll and uhcertamty thev have proven thrnselves beta worth and sucessful They are how the Semors of 53 lt seemed like a loha way up the ladder lo become upper-classmen, but 1 The sophomores can look book on this yeor ond remember that it '.-Jos their lost one Us 'lower dossme " Starting in Septembe' t1o "upper C1 n . 1 .ey '.'1i11 become ossmertf but they wi11 never forget the school season of 1951-1 952. .Q 5 "" 1. ,Lu ' ao'cUcC",, 9 vuongox-A, W c cosi- .oooeO,.,,..! wx ooo 9004" !coue0OQ,,g ooooooo I ooonoo cocoon 41 '- oooilooo , x 6oo00og ' 7 0000009 sQ ouoo0o 4 600005- fo oooofioo . " 0ooo0o ' 0G,oooo0.1 09 cocoa. a 0Q0O0'o6. A i ol goooa. Q 9oooo0 'S' 'O ' 99.90. S C '1 1 I 4 5 , 5' 4 .. ' 1 N . - -v. 4 -Q f, , 'ff , 4 C M is V Exif. 1 v!Nx?4 '! ff s, 1 ag 1 Q 4 in-or '1 4 . W' bf u 5 I On the whole thelr flrst yea Y C U H S has been a truly successful one Though they began as the saymg goes as green frosh we feel now that they have fully r1per1ed and stand ready for the three work hlled years ahead CLASSES IV' ss 1: C1 C1 UAQ va i' V435 4 Mlss Bcrrret N in Her Ffeswmcn Moth CIGSQ .iigiiiiaz 7 ACTIVITIES YUIIQCIIQ E UW N J I CGMMISSIONERS The graduates ot 1952 are proud to have had Barbara Beard Harold Tarzan Athon Manlyn Hudson Drno Lekos and Nancy Randolph as the-lr Comrnlssroners under the leadershlp of Mr B H Wllllams They have run the school rn an orderly way ard made all decrslons tor the best of the Student Body The stadlum whrch was bu1lt1n l949 was completely pald for th1s year due to the trght squeezlno ot tae loudaet All ot the Student Body and partlcularlv the Sentors owe many thanks to the l952 Con'1m1ss toners Martl n Hudson had 'ran dutres thrs ea sufn as the Freshman Receptto Assernbhes Elechons and Dances Ba loa a Bea d K6 t e o as o all eetm s and uarded the Conshtutlor d adet e f d olro ed 1 o Lelcos s a a s s ootnl rr tr tat' atn et d we e ssued Harold Tarza Atro ra t e scnocl ID estdun over asserrtol es C es d t rr 'mss oners and ca r mc, the lull .wer nt o hrs shoulders , , ' A 4 . , y . t A. y r - n, , V' Y Y' T VX Y f' Y' l I YY' I rv A '11 T V - . . . ,. . - . , . . .u . , A .. Kandi Baidoirzi :':14nte.Q the rionef, Yi ' ,h, ' gda.-t, an f nf: xt ' l -.' 2 L ' Li J 'I I v r ' - d " '1 ' - v v Dn an to .t that all t...et.C ai. lr an ,. 5 a. na . .. IC a.'.'ar S . r 5 . ,, . YN , , . . . Q , L 1 A A Y LW n . .. n n T r A ta T. 4 s A. 1 .nu eve. ..e Con- . 1 , .A r 3 . j . ' Y a. n . . . A ow One L to P B Pa L Ewtor I Boyd I Daulton Banaolph B Bop r M Ive 1ck I St v nson B Begler Mrs Wood Row Two L to B C Hart r M Robey N He-wrt I Do rlng I Alarm M MIYOP G St n on B Beard C A ndsen B B ara Row Three o B 1 on 1 rarn on C afn o T Ba C 1 gms I Chtpman G Bernegg Presldent Barbara Passmore Vlce Presrdent Iack Spratt Secretary Allce WllllGm son Reporter Luc1lle Ewton and Treasurer Man Iane Robey led the Happy Hatttes ln TCIISITIQ S57 for a rr1ed1ca1 fund and 1n glvlng a dance called Score board Scramble after the CDIISLIGH Brothers game Row One L to R B Pa smo e M M1xon B No burg I Do rma L Eavton P Spratt I Moo K D Vkayn G Blanktnshrp Row Two L o B lv' Hua on levvsorne D Shtdler M Robey l Fanaolph B Bop B R gler G Bernegg A Vvl1ll1CI"'1SOH Row three L to R A Slate F McFeeley M Coomes I Boyd I ChzpmanD Maupm l' Young lk Fratrs Row Four L to I r n an S Le I Po te V Pow H Amunasen C Paxton Thts year the Pep Club .vas responstble tor the all whlte rootrng sectlon at the games and put forth the Go Get em Honkers nbbons to bolster the Splflt ot the school Also the Pep Club exhtblted a float rn the Pep Parade R , . ssmore, ' ., ' ', , TI ' , e, I-:- ra' ,. eei, ', , 's ,. 1 e, . ', 't, e ' ., . eda, . '. ., eve s , . , , me . ., e ' , L. t 5 C. W'ls , A, W'l' , P ' e, I Spratt, S l-lesket, C D ll, . yes, H' 29- , I - , , . H . . , : . 3 s r, . ' , t s' , e' J, ' , . , . . re , e ' e, . ' .' , t 3 .. .,fl C' . , , " , , ' , SI. . ' , . er, e ' , , , ' A .. , , . .: , r, . , . . , .,', . ' , XI , I. f , . R, C lla ti , Miss Hessm , wis, . r r, , ' er, ' ,, 1 ,, ,, . . . U Left to Rxght Stewart Lekos Howard Matthewb Mc cncle O onnor Prmdxvllle Hamxlton On wmdowb Smlth Messxck McCam Wlsner Schnener Sclullmq The above plclure IS the rrughly and noble Squlres m thelr tradmonal derbles The b1g event of the year for th1s group was the Sprmq Formal held on Apml 4 1952 m the Marysvllle Elks Club A HONOR SOCIETY Fourth Row N P n ne E1 'z G aa Tl e c o 1er o lf' To ner of :rd Row D OFOFP K n o m s on 1 19 L1 ton B Be 'J C o Second Row A Sla e mg V Po ll oo 1 S ew 1 R fi ph B Loffrj Mall ,f dnsor First Row B Pas rrore Cla A C n a"1 or Be't 1 la p 'I or a HONOR SOCIETY LIFE MEMBERS 11' OCOWDO or CII an 1 R 3 p on'1 SMARTIES Lead1na the S'nart1es the rst semeste w as D1ck O Co nor ara h1s able ass1start IF l1I"'1P of abse e f as Don GlllleS Tak fare o the mone ard rn11'Jtes f as Dora lVlCIUpl h1le Naorn Youna made sure the refs as eported Under th s forps ot o 1 e s the l-lon So et nela an ln1t1at1on Banquet and took an edufa 1onalaa tp o arlra soahdtan ta tord I f vers1t Ta IF ove these dut1es e se ora semester IS T Nelfh lead1 Bo WIS ner vwe p'es1de t Naom1Youn p11sh1n the penc1l Gow Elaaaen keepmg the fmances stra1aht and Edche Llston keep mg th paper posted The second semeste OCl1VlllGS mcluded Took another tr1p to San Franc1sco attended an Honor SOCl6l conference 1n Sacramento Class reumor banquet g1ven 1n honor of the class of 1936 ot Y C U H S , 1 ff? Q I I, 4 ' 3 V 11 : I ra amen B 'Nia ,r, T Sf:h'l1, Elg e 1, T W l-h, K M - , I MCC r'.1e, M ' - , S D .e Th' : I C1 .1er, Iense , B H l e., W C ner, D Gll' E 's , B Ion-es, ar', C Payne, J R ee, D Rnketts : tor, L Dahl 1 , ' er, I. M re, ll Havkms, L-"11s A 'N1lI:':rr13an, If fievrsome, I Da' lion, TI an ol , I oll ' ' Ori Z l' . ' : I Prznizznle, D r', B Jraharn, I A' r 1, -. e Pearfi, K Ke ert, P Snratt, M H313 1, S E rle, lf. ' 11, an' e .a Pearce . f. . H ,Q 7 ' ' 1 ' ' ' A 1 I 1 - ISC 'J - H - ina o 1 1 1 Y 1 111'1' 'n ' 111 ' 1 1 'J 'JJ Y . 1 Qi' , 1 ffb r ' or C1 if I N t1 '1 rl t S 1 r HCL Co 1 ak IIT S nf J11i ,1 ' k' 1a f or li Q for th C 1 H 1 ' I o na, h ' - 1 , L 1 ' n, ' a ' ' a :Q 1 r D 1 1 1111e.2 N C1 an 'olg h, and D . a Ricketts ' , A' ' , , ' e r lr. TRI HI Y How One l. o R B W A P well S Chrxstopner on T G Egaa n T Scnult Row Two L IQ R Menaenhall E Chl ten or C 'oo e H Howard W Ple ce M Kaplan Row Three l. to R Jlr B ar rr n VN mt evve Sm tl' L a Row One K I K Row Three l. Q C r' Row Four o e F c an B . .t ' lsner Q ' , ' 3 , I-lime, 1 e , . 'A , fl' , :":e,S., lf. r,. ', 'r-, r' , yfjtq A. " ' e, P Br, ' r,l Sl ter 'L '3 3 T ETHCS K fran' l T-fziiex F Suit? K Lfpznz . D-e'.'.'a','xe, F. ie? Q F-'xri I f.fC:tr.i Row Two, L 'Q F fel Per: f F:3.,ig'.'1QIe L Sherwerz, lf. Hzxi: S '.'fh1tr Bffeler I' Kpegzcri P. Pzfre 1: F LQiE.l:,.': I Forma, II Miller S Fiu:k-r,l L 1 Perrutfz lvl GILYTCK G Stf,-'sf-nfs. ,Q 1: fl ll Kuniie S, I. p r, E. M: elly G F- .7 , l.ff.'.':.f I .-5.f.rc:t1.':n 1, Gculd 'v' l3c'.f.'eY Sr. TI HI Row One L o R B Pa smore A Carroll M Hammons M My s M BurchI1 ld S Hohnson lf Flo son C Wtlson Z Marongm NI Rtpley L Smner How Two L to R I Stevenson M MIXOD B Howa a N Randolph B B1pper M Hudson L Gonzales G Bernegg A vVll1GITlSOI'1 C Doll Row Three L to lord Row Four L to R M Lurdblad R Wh1tf1eld N Newsome D Shldler Mrs Bernegg I Doermg I Alameda N Hew1tt L Ewton F' We1smcm RowF1ve L to R I Ham1lton I Paxton P Lang C Pax ton S Mon na M Robey H Amundsen I Porter B Iones C Srmth FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS I Doermg M Myers C Wllson S IPaxton A W1ll1amson M Burchheld Fouch M Lynn N Hew1tt C Paxton S Iohnson , ,t s , . , , , er, , 'e , , . , L. LV .' , ' J , ' , l . ' , . ' , . ,1 . , , , ' , , r ', R.: A. Slater, E. Wall, M. Lynn, B. Mosburg, S. Pouch, V. Kuster, I. Baker N, Minshall, B. Re-gier, I. Ash- ' . GIRLS LEAGUE CABINET Y.. tt! 'Ib N If for A J'v1I1f1'w on C Mfztm C Poll L, uns :lr R GIRLS LEAGUE GFFICERS I if , , . ' w ' '-za ,1 'f ,, 'X A27 Q ,-. . , if M ,W if x ' I i Ir' - , 'W ff A , , , . ' I gk I .VI ' ,421 , . 41.-. A f , , . 1' ' . M . . .1 ,if I xyf , I L ti Nix: A..'r1ghz D CI2fk ff ffQ'f.',13:i-2 . . I" , r' .1 , fI IRTILIQ Ll Fc' e",I 'N In max .. 'zssxpore Q. Lcketis. Q 'i ? '4 'Cx Fibhv' Firer Vgliff M0375 Iliff .A.IIff1UI1f R Fourth Row L to R I Paxton I Harmlton I Mad r S Nhltnef K l1'L.nz A DeW1tt N vewsome C Stevenson D Warner M Lundblaa P Rlchardson Thxrd Row G Bern gg E Beard D Stevenson A W1ll1amson M Mlller M Burch leld M ACCIYO G Stevenson C Hudglns L Sherwen S Iohnson Second Row I. to R I Alameda P Spratt K DeWayne K Cross K K1ebert S Mtlchoefer C Doll M Fratl K Rhodes G Per uccr B Graham E Vlclfeely Flrst Row L to R G Blanklnshlp L Ewton I Dcerxna B Bea d I Daulton I Moore ll Randolph B Roper B Regrer IN I-lewltt T Baye N L to R Pobby Roper Iuhe Moore Donna Rrclfetts Mrs Albaaht Narny Randolph Martlyn Hudson HO IZON CLUB VA GUARDS LATIN CLUB Fxrst Row Left to Right Nl BandolphI P1nd1v1lle K K1ebert G Blankensh1p L Hodal N I-lavvktns C Ander on D l-larrls I Barb1an G Bernegg C Stevenson M s Headen Row2 Left to Right P Laney Th Turk G Whlte Gary Elgaaen P Bewer I l-lamrna E Ch 1sten on D Gay A Ulmer L Petrle Row 3 Left to Rxght D Stevenson I Boyd D W1lson N Arnoldy W Cother K lvfos1er D Leko B Good Dary A Iohansen B Iones T Fratls Row 5 Left to Rxght S Thompsen G Lothe D West L Herman M Tower S Stewart F Laney R OConner Each year Latln l must serve as slaves The advanced Latln Cloth mernoers buy thern and ma e tuem do odd Iohs around school Thetr braaest Job lS servrng at the Roman Banquet ln Decernlae a Saturnalta oc Jrs atvtng the slaves a C'1anC to buy back therr freedom and act as the masters tor one day Below are the slaves 1 ostume on tnrtratton nt ht when they are berna sold by auctton ee Dtclc OConnor Row 4. Left to Right: E Stevenson, M, Robinson, T Nakagawa, B. Smith, B Manji, B. Hamilton, D Gillies, W . . V , V ,7 3 . 1 . . , . , A . r , JJ . ,v . 5 , A ' ' ' : Lac A . i , ' H ' - N I C Row One left to nght Sp ct' N1111f:1m on Payne H mwf F f'1 Row Two J 'N U 1 Row Three f z p Row Four A fc f Row Flve T Row S1x L AUTO SHOP Tr- DLGTGKTU Okn Josef-xr 'Jer . ' : r ., X ' ' S , X ,, crrspn, S, rn Dell P1cket!s:,P':te : rel Pere 'Weber Curimlncfi Jcrk, Fcxltcx, Muler 'ff1l11'1rr..'cr1 f11:.i Hull zlihlznf: Cazftiex ff'ffqn'1 Merqcn Qe'f'fc','xe fig: , ,Lie Shirt. : ill H, HCriC:Ck r!fCCf'? ffevxcrx Page Zv.":r2 SE1e7'f,'::t: ' : ':w'1:r 'QY.':e'h111, Piss pS'!.'5ll Sthzliixt .f.1zrr.s, "':i2:x 4 'znd-ex late IEYIEEK Siricrxcie Lfcdlettr, Perzzic Y fi fI-'- , '1.,C G C he r .5'.'3r L .A .5 Mr vvlv'?.1T1'.C"j' N Standmg Left to Rlghi Namcw Fratrs art ed1tor LEWIS Steward sports ed1tor hm Ulrey dra N ma edltor Georala Blankmshlp 9d1lOT1T1 Chlef Slitlng Donna Rlckets sports edrctor Charlene Doll GHG Gavr1lBerr1eaa snap edltors Barba a Passmore prcture edltor Ianet Chlpmah adverhsma edrtor Maxme Myers club edltor Amta Slater marraamg edrtor Mrs Woods advrsor Below The H1 Llahts has Come out on schedule because of the constant Work of the staff and the adv1sor Mr Kaplan HI-LIGHTS STAFF b . . 1 1 , ff 2- A' '7 1 , . X A M M D, , l 1 S' r . ' 4 h, K . ri I+ I VW- W 1 ' ii .M if , . . I V . . - . , I . Y X - Y X ! 1 I - ' I 1 A f I A , I T , I f . ff- I' J A 1 F. F. A. -Rfv X N X x8 X s x X xsxmx X -.,. 1 s N X' X wk s V, ' 'R " - 'N wx -.gg 'N ,fi X4-QQ ,. . Dressed rn ISVIS and shrrt everyone had a good tlrne at the annual F F A Barn Dance Bates ot hay saddles corn stalks fences and a buggy composed the decorahons QW" 1' ,yy QIWQ ep wfe ,Ui 'H 2' 2 If!! fb ,M JF? ora... M ,,. germ Left Paul Chrrnrt Bottom Mlddle Herman Lundblad Roaer Hoon B111 L1ebe Bottom R1ght Herman L1 rdolad B111 L 1 e b e Roaer Hoon Sxxth Row L to R D Mye s H Schmmdt D Beeler G Arnoldy V Taylor C McDan1el L Brandt E Thomp son D Herman D Davxs E lchxkawa Faith Row L to R L Eutsler L D Easley H Slller K Stephenson Fourth Row L to R R Chfl topherson Bugs Bunny Coats E Duggxns I Hxvely R Schuler I Popovxch T Sorten O B Thompson D Rodrzqmez Bob Ward Third Row L to R Ioe Ioe Kxlloy E Fudd Messick K L Phxllxps N Iohnson P Lange G Lay Row Two L toR D Hney W Heffley C Knorr R Applegarth D N1ckel F Ghompson H Howard D Resch I Berry Row One L to R F Nakashxma R Hoon P Ch1m1YS B Lxebe H Lundblad R Matteoh R Lmlke B Applegarrh H Benner Tom Wllllams S Chrlstopherson Fu Fu An Below are C1 fe N of the luture Farmers olAmer1ca flxma farm eaulpme-nt Gnd buuld :J pens Row 1 to Rlghi S L er D 'la n GUVIQO Clara L I S 'rjh Row 2 I Mvers D Oaxhan L St .1 n M Eaton l Eastman Row 3 Y Chrmlt C Webe D Mrddlelon Granarn I-. S rgn S Talcaboya lx anada I hle M Colman Baughnar assr an A Oaxcharn If Acllo .J Sm '1 P- Canon N Hamllton E Lloyd B Olcr B Ande Son B Row 4 I Fo lun R Kl "'1"1 S So ensen E Vlllllarrs I Steacl'ar B lvfo burg S Pouch lv' Lynn S Iohnson M Duch'ela L Ufemote The Future l-lornernalcers of Amerrca are shown below sewrng on dresses and arranonna flower clrsplays 'ii S Talcaocfaslu and Zetla Mo ong o Left to Right Ioyce Taylor Bobbre Iean rlowa fl Yvonne Chun t Fern Hobbart Ella X all Pegjv Shlnn FRENCH CLUB eww 1 Q P f ' LNVNUJG e C1 0 c QU UN Q v A-QQ 411 11 F " PJ 1 Cf C Umc P S ocl Q r F J S fa e SC ee Guest of me Frerf C mb e F Sf C-C e Lefvfbers ad Q+f,+fw fl Tnstem fc: rv E F' gf .fag A v f W T119 Pr f. iQ C1113 :1eld11-1..i11xn.crA ' .... j Q12 th Paso P fl t V, rt the 'ML 'xcti it? M T219 Mar M Gris fc.c'.'.':ci Vi .Mtch I, 19,2 if the 'YYQQLG 121: 'ri :lQ'1l CEI G '.,' m, To start the ,Q festritie 5 th Sprxg if . S ' - Nh 1 r .Act C, pl , ' ,,A , ,ri1:ii.,J,..1, ,, nd W EIf.WTf3lIifIiQIff '.-7,5 jCTC'.'1CQed Freiffi ,LL rierihers Tie Simi: Pifiif' The- wen: fir t:.e Pri-iii Cligk Tif piiif lS igszfzll '..' 2.fQ'j f: ff-'-11? Lixliif left Qf1.f-bf. Ciflf' -:fiii-YS ffm- :'.'::g pride- fzg Qicl flC'.'.'f4r ki-7551, R itch TE.-11 ,4.4e+ef.'F kcxcgef '.-5:9 rmk rises ted '.-:ith ' .-.' Lite sit: 5,1 xii it :T1'3f":Q 1.44 ".:.Qfe S3131 fcpf- ,N 9 WWQQ Below Rxght Above Rlghl Below 1 lght 71.11 UIC W V X I, fl , . Q V. f1 1-1 V .f,1f".1. lf 1, .,,' ,,,.. ' ,,. V. p,. L ,, if L ft ' . 7 1 .ffjfi FI XYYEEQ . fn """ , . f:T'f'E'1'.'f7S f.f'f ff'Q'l',l5f xl , X if-W lf- lamp- ff- fv- ' .. .f... .f.. ..J1A"f,. JD J-' 1 .LWQNW :ff -- rwfs, ,,..,.,.., .,,,,.-' .,,.,. licks on ' R' : Kgs? LQLS CISG Cari U Z1 i C . T. ': me I fCQ"ll '.'.'3'ltz : Kzrxg H115 help: Qgfffm Clirfg 'r.'1'h HQ? ' """'f F21-"Q Vere . V. ,. . -H 4 1, . ::. 'tzri :r1r.f:.Lr. Tzfi, Kg: 1 :...1' ' Q ,iq og. 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Left and below: Mr. Abbott in strpmtirg: h1S boys in rxetc -.-My Rlg t Darryl Co e 1d bor Dmtffsom Nh CI fc fl f' de 1F wood SVCD ' AQ I 1' 1 1 ' h. W w ' , Q-Chr Jllofst YWTFY - w VA 2,1 SIC - ART- DRAMA - sig W Q A , , f C 'A K 24 V :TQ QV, Ewa W, if V 4,7 .9 ,W 4, as ,j. y 2 0 ' ' . 5 Q n Q' J . aw W fb, wi V 'V 6 49 . 1' g, ,.k, Ng Q :gg ,, Q9 qs, 16 Q QB 45, .an , ,, ,m,,.,, f' ,ww f 5 WT, Al ni ,,Q , -Q. ff wi. m ,X N5 ' 4 .M 4 Amis Slater, Alto: McCloud, -N . . . , , Frank DCOIS arid Sully Fesmire mix. tie .ecds mis years 1 D PC1116-d re Mad '3 D S eseete C516 ZITI t: S6 ted Dormz R1 kett-3 Iams SMH fll C1VdDOI'11'l16 Steveneon Sow S e L1 ING YF and Fr W esM Fe mi ff H OXWW T33 LETICS LETTERMEN Row One, L. to R.: A Rodriguez, H. Gomes, E, Schreiner, K. Mosier, D. Lekos, H. Athon, P Gipson. Row Two. L. to R.: D Gray, K. Iensen, T. Nebeta, I. Ulery, A Thoma, N. Williams Row Three, L. to R.: R, Earle, T. Sams, D. Hensley, L. Stewart, F. Laney, G. Howard. Row Four, L. to R1 E. Matthews, I. McCorkle, T. Prindiville,D. O'Connor, B. Hamilton. M. Burchfielcl, M Hammons, H. Amundsen, S. Montna, M LR Skinner I Paxton, D Harvey, R Whh. Ido ey I. Hamilton, I. Baker C 'P I le ' S. Iohnson, M. Minshall, D R Ioyne S Lewis, A. Mark, C Smith Cm G' I. Porter, P. Lang, Blohes ' 55533, F McFeely, DRILL TEAM Silva, . Newsome, Shidler, . Paxton B N C Stevenson, D C B Mosburg, D. Duncan, M. Haroun, D. Stevenson, I. Doering I. Alameda, B. Passmore, P Spratt VARSITY 32 at 1' On X - ful gl 85-77 ,sc NSS- AL S7-I6 Coy team eats thlna leld l S The ack Row I z lo Mxddle Row Cu DC a Y e mc ront Row Dunccm U' tlocx L kos No 1 1 We s ndE F slave snapeda ear that s done some extraordmary delenslve ecord ' I'lT1SlCU'1C63 1S some to behold r ltself Tms defenstve team the total oomts scored lo, opposma teams do f n to 3M To top t off the o ters ve team scored 249 pomts a amst t'1e enemf The team spmt was Jreat The San luan aame f as a ood examole ot thls Darvll Coyle earl, 1r the aame Jas se ousl, mtu ed and had to be Q91 COACHES Left BOB FRYE R1ght STAN WEISS J p on O C r Thom T CCG xl l S'n1tt' taken out So aodered IJ e hls te nmates t G1 tmmedlatel to e th ou h the So tans s ou ndofm e ou lndofn The fa ted o matcn Darylls Jersey number 57 mth p ts When the aun sounded endma the ame tl e t red boys had come mthm lu pom's of do a u oln s rno d o he turf Wlth 13 Elected to the S erra Foothtll Lea ue All Star Team Nere Bob l-lam lton F arc s Lanew lohnn, Polnt er and Tex M tlock CONGRATULATKDNS' i1 J . , ' Q K - ,1 X 1 ' .I 4 BB .. 'Z A T s H .o , , , I ' s b L ., -. , J, , T V Q , 4 I , -- f' l - f -. . 1 4 U l 4 1 ' ' N., "' ' 'z I L , , v 4 Z 1 I 0' - ' f . ,, ' gg' 1 ,L i I j , jf, K 1 -X I ' . B 'lv' e1.i,t, l'lf:Y1'iY1',, Laney, Ulrey, llatnxlton, Howard, PrLr.'11'.'1l e Steal, Sonrxener, Fr'-e, ' ' rn: Earl, Tie' 1 , .I 1' Tom, G1 T, Rozinison, khan ' Q .xor, .. . a, f. neon F - ., l .a ', e , . ss er, ff r' .e, Coy e, Po1nier, .T H 'ghes Stfn is a. ob rye 1 I V . A Q ' er ' an A , F. 1 hi 0 A hc Al ' ' ' 'j are r Q . Aar .. , CCXHQ . 1 . f - - - t C 1 all T t C . . " ' ' n t I . I' , LC , ' , -A, . I ,Y . . . . , . . . . ' t , , X Gln . 1 , I ' A ' A ' rv N 3 , - , e I - 5 , , ' Y , . Q . , - A - 1 ' - o ' . ' . t :ng so, 'J 2. i ft . i raolcinv p 74 IQ ' to, San luan li e ff tl., . N . , V - L4 :A A , ' ' ' ' fy . ' - L ' V a , W M' Q ' A. . A , " 1 1 , I ti 1, . Y' ' - X ', . ri r , . a 4 . N . R . ' ' . air' - -,os . Yuba City sported a strong lootball team this year, winning all their games but one, that one being to the League-leading Placer Hillmeri. At the 3lst annual Big-Little Game, 6,000 people jammed the stadium to see the I-lonkers trounce their bitter rivals, the Marysville lndians to the score of 7-0. Yuba City scored early in the lst quar- ter with Iohnny Pointer packing the pig- skin for six. Laney converted, making the linal score 7-0. Due to our terrific defense, Marysville had little chance to gain ground s 'U li-1,5-u X i Hamilton 1 IJ. I A 1 A nv! 1-wr i"':'l- 5' 1 , , 1 3 ff, 5 . Cgtlailigirimla i l'llHI1lL'l' t 7 N51 1 Sha P Q "5 Il' 4 Wi Thumu ?,,a,M VA AQ-mr: 4,1 , Ofutiziur Visitors YC. Orland ,,,,, 0 4l Chico ,. . ., , , 0 26 Placer ,,,,. ,,,, ,l2 0 Nevada City , ..,, , 0 32 Roseville t.,,,,. ,, 0 32 Marysville ,.., .,,. C 7 Grass Valley .,,,,. 0 38 San luan , ,, ,ccc l3 47 Clristiar, Bros, ..., l3 l9 38 242 ,I nwvi x D. Musicr n . I lf' IQ + Bob Hamilton and Dino Lekos did a fine job of being cofcaptains, They were al- ways cheering up the tearri when the chips were down. Francis Laney and Bob Hamilton were given honorable mention on the All- Northern California Team, besides making All-League. ff '7 ., , fx za -Z- X!! , .M 1 - -,,,.. A 4 l if 'Nah lI.1 2,2 JUNIOR VARSITY I Qu Iur C Na srt team dese ves el r cr d T re started out dst and to rule tmey had a aood chance or tt e Champronshrp Due ta a fe bad breaks they were torced to ehrtaulsa thelr lead ot e e Do f a aood Job the team e e Dan Haney Boo Mrller Davrd Slater and Co card a outstarf 1 sv He so tra 5 1 COACHES LeH Duard Mullet Rlghi' Lane Ernst .Q 1 2 ti t 1 y , Q I ggi? ' al 4 ,x " -"' I 4 I I - I I - 1 I I I I I . Y 1 V? J .I X .1 ' ' r ' F rrx'C'1 e Qi. 1 f , L . w V , ' . r a t f 1 ' ' . ' H, , ., A r Q ' 1 ' th teaau . Lrg H ' for tame Avery Etdnkinship and Mel- . . W. . , Y VLH T11 iid trierr f .d in udrzie 1-:ds 'xxitli Marv i , 1 . 7 ' redtfi 1 ifgeti. QQ-U. T 5 f I 5 , 1 1 ' ,,,.....- J 'fz U D BASKETBALL rep 'wefL.H' Evert: ee-'wp Calahan, Coach Millet, l.ur1:il:la'i Amon, Grariarn 2nd Rowe Hawkes Hendrix, Thoma, Laney Williams, lffatthews, Smith, Igpean Qs ,-beg,-.. :WNW pt,-v,-vp, - ...-.. i., A n-i.. ...1..i ..,.,..- The varsity could easily have captured the league pennant this year, were it not for a couple of had breaks. Losing only 2 games, they were l game out of tying Roseville for the champion- ship. Williams paced the team scoring 236 points in the season or an average of 10 points per game Smith Nas second scoring 210 points for an average ot nine The first Marysville game was undoubtedly the thriller of the season with the two teams going into 2 overtime periods Yuba Citys Norman Williams saved the day by throwing in 2 free throws and winning the game arches Calaha '82 dozn in May ville garn ob 'n o ng ev ,.g0Idv' , f . T . . . , . t.. 4, ' .R . fr 4 if, 'k H The camera c . . n ' i g ' r s ' .te , Nilliarns '6 prepares to Wake him Coach Millet irighff did a bang- ,f , i ' v A Jr" dpi Z. s year c achi th arsity V R V d. . , .. ..., . ..-..,...o... ASKETBALL Varsxty Requlars. Top left: Ned Callahan lop rlqht Ellls Matthew Bottom left Norman Wllllams Bottom center Francls Laney Bottom rlqht Dlok qllllllfl Other boye who showed ablllty were Ken lensen Fred Hendnx Bob Patterson and Allen Thom ini' W-I BASKETBALL Top How Cl.. RJ Walton Schxllmg Coach Frye Blankenship Duggms Mgr Curtis Row 2 MCCGIH Yoshxkawa Howard Smgh Thoma Manu Bottom Row Coyle Brewer Nakagawa Blshop Cartecelll Coach Frye had a few bad breaks Wllh h1s Iunlor Varslty team They had the ablhty but falled to use 1t 1n cruc1al moments However they are Cfedlled Wllh beatlng the Marysvllle Papooses who had a 13 game wmmng streak up unt1l that t1me The Papooses never were the same agam Bob Mann was top dog mn the scormg column w1th 243 pomts Ron Blshop was next wlth l53 pomts These boys W1ll be a great help on next year s vars1ty YUBA L ll NARYSVILLE oo "7 U H ' 1 D, f U I : x x S Q, ' if X A special xent at the shovi wa the blina old match H e two Jniaentiiied b Yer a e een Ivina to ana unch Io e bacrcarouind fa'inina 1 One of The best boxina shows in the historv oi Yuba Ciiv H1 was staged this vear May Baer ex heavyweiahi champion oi the world as on hand io referee a number of bouts and exhibition oi wresthna and their lea twisiina and arm bendina amazed everyone A number of bouts were fouaht by boys from the aramrnar school and two professional boxers from Camp Beale swapped punches to chrnax the show +4- 1"',. lbnunnuu 1 Ylllllldw D693 ..." 'X 'L r , , Q ' c:..-s r is -. rl I 'atp J i Two in 'H v . ' J ar deliahied the audience with his jokes and antics, Iohn Pointer and lim Evans put on a iine Q Q 1 fN , ' 99,s' V . L X X A 6 Faer talk: to frov-'1 bei'-'-'C-'ri C and D BASKETBALL Top Row Lei! to Rxght Manager O l tree lac ty T sdal Adams Coach Haan Nmtms Powell Nqr I-lancocrc Bottom Row Llle McCa1n Ardav 1t K dan .llrnatdy S n Absent om ptcta e 1 Wally Croth Coach Haan chd tt agam Records show that he has let hardl J one year pass by Nlthoatt brlnalng rn at least one champton shrp These boys al thouah small lr stature showed tnet st ength ID lnrtngtng home the boron to H uba Cttx TEAM e C T e are ve , ose to aou rn e rox n tr s ,ear the, had t et ft "1 s lt th t .f S ne ess C11 ed t ou tn CI e J mornerts C o a C h Haan Top Row Left to Right Ogle-tree Nayfleld McDan1els Haan Shlngle Ru sel Mgr Hancock Bottom Row Holmes Poston Roden Slmmamoto Paxton Laney U U N U ..C., Th " ar: C .l r" Cl J 'ning th C 'li " -. " h rigl.ti.a pir' 'ra 'Ja . C ary, lout f 'le to pull 'ah f lad did a fine fob with them. , , ' :. ge ,S 'ery ee e, , ' , , J. . l. : ' s, ', 'e Mott, o' i, . 'ay pe Cer, ir ' 'r 's er Y y l ' ' 'r r . . ' , - S , , . TRACK A TEAM Top Row Left 1oR1ght PYIHGININD Stewert Lonev Thema Youncz Pomte Bottom Row U1 ev Bc TMCWIPQOF B TEAM Thls Nas the besi all 'T 'J Geo' e 'White D C Lead Kfs ere t 11:1 ec fee .1 dle 'We das Q ff-v W cQQ Top Row Left to Rlght Boitom Row A TEAM V Q ev: :L Q 9 CSS :Va eil ' ' pcs LL- AQ CF :SU oqla S e B TEAM x Top How Left to Hxght Srmth Alilfllfk Eakeu Elaa r Smlth 2nd Row Adams Smgh Rove Brew r 3rd Row Holmes Payre Shmgle Lute Coach Bob Ff-'Q fstand- : , left endh and Coach Sta.. Wiess Cs. 2 in 1 right end? dd .ine 'ob f .'i..' A Qese Vows J, 7 T.e' :of on no line points o. jumping and raining was greatly ape preolated by file E1 o 1 e fear. C TEAM OSD L 6. rx C413 JG 1 'C Wo ff eve T C 'ass ose so ff a a QA on Jeri o e x RAF' . 'P GOLF and TENNIS x . hefvcomer 1 caachm stal had ohlw owe sew a bet Ulme Thew ly half ol them le a m a t h e S Maw ba 5 awed valuable pe IGFFO wh 1 the be alhle to use af the1 vahtaae heyt ear Top Row Left to Rxght Walton Ogletree Gray Llston Welch Bottom Row Arnoldy Ulmer Coach lvhllet Crother Tower GO Thls lS a omparahvelx new spot at YCUHS Mr Dxclc Vllllams of the Sutter Cauat Refreatlo alllepat eatdchated t e ' t e ea ve e ra Kea Teaser Ma ia Ne kaw ard To F a+ Tehrus team Nas Coachedb Mr M1llet YCUHS The team had a lam season NlI'1I'lI'l mea U9 '16 Left to Rxght E F6 C' Nao n owl I c A . D, 1 Y , , ' 'Q .gl JY? . . X A Y - Q 'P ' C .... . ' - ,, zz ' . N: -- A . A' , ,i r, Al- r , r. . j I ' I Q IY V- , A 2 A - X , . A ' ag A Q P ' l l tm , ,K l , a. t. Q 5' a .. ex- : A r' .V ' id , y will J . 'r ad- . R" . . . X.. - A, 'J ', ,Q '14 , -tl . A? Q? ' ' C ' A' ' 1. V ' " . . . . LA ' -H . 1 v , ' . Jw l A . 1: , ' rd- X r . .. A his lo Caaczi 2 1 Cnlj: I rahs 'ack are . , l ., lri. ' : e. di ,, Tie' ' lense , T .1 Frafis Smi h, I e Frame BASEBALL A BASEBALL Top Row Left to Right Brookman Khan Schnener Lekos Howard Khan Sams Chandler Mr Sams 2nd Row Dole McCam Gomez Carr Mann Cartoceln bensley 3rd Row Glpson Chrlstopherson Remes Messlch Fuller Yoeman Hawkms I V BASEBALL Lane Ernsts IV Team was alrrost on the same level as the vars1ty 1n the wvn loss column Bob Wls ner and AlSch1ll1r1a shared p1lCl'11I'1Q honors both turrmg ln fme rec ords Da d Slater and Ioe Smlth eretae on F eshmer on the team VARSITY BASEBALL At press tlme the Var 1ty had a 3 2 Wm loss rec o d Tom Sams showed excellent form on the 'mound and promrses to do even better as the sea on goes on He IS one of the best p1tchers m the eague George Howard drd an excellent Job ot catchmg for Sams always on hrs toes at crucral mo 'nents I V BASEBALL W Top Row Left to Rxght Molfxt Wrsner Hagerty Moore Howaa Carto celll Coach Ernst Mgr R1chens 2nd Row Slater Sherwood Nlrnms Smgh Chrlstopherson Chand Brewer 3rd Row Smxth Brenaman Poston Whrttaker L1Ies Schrlhng Hamma FRESHMAN BASEBALL Top Row 2nd Row 3 d Row Left to Rxght T 1 1' i 7- r A P1 func fufgr 1 EC pf f-1 HDNKER SCORE SHEET VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES B BASKETBALL 1951 952 xpr OSF I L4 V+ rx 195 52 C BASKETBALL D BASKETBATL 1951 52 E FL: 'xr IDP! G r I C Co Chfmps A 1 -1 1-19 'J Qhf. fj in eww. 2' f ,. gi V- BA V-AL.,. M: 'g,,,,. :C Q, -f f- gf 1,-f--KW Q, Af-Q . ,.,, ,.- ., ,.,., W Ill JM M- V ,L ., . ,, ., F. ,- zprxz , .r ,pri Q, H f- . H, f - 3 ' . .7 i. JL Kyhg CLK' ff' ffiC.ZiC:.'.' EE ,, . A W A . H .fin ,, A, ,1W' .7 V 1 .ii H1 ,f:,,,.-.- iff . J., . ,f.,- '7., J. ,....': -111 ' 1, f" .. .f 1',. 1. H- f. A fx 1- f ,.:: Y, , ,.: , Y .r': ii Ji1'J..,-f if 'f'1g1u': C31 E1 find, E' 571 'ff' 7,5 -f 1 Q4 jf: 'ff' "1 ffrfvzjff 7' ':' mi: S' P 43 AV: 1,1 ' 'Q 7' 17' .r '1 i., :ti ,4 f' 1 L41 414 11':C::t"g.',' E, ,,, f- , , ,J 1- , Tir, 'I' J ': f' ' 5 'il fififfi '111ff'.' 2, ., ,, A ,, , ., ,, . .. , ' i' .I 1 ' ' , ' 7' 5' Ari .F :,. ','1fi,,Y'.'. .. " ,,.f'.,, .A 'W ' , 4' IILQDTI CSA' Li P11915 4,7 ' "M 1'1" " " 'A' ' ' ' 1' 1211: Slit' if Sur. 1.':r. 21 Y .bu C31 Q' 35: ':'p1,fi1 fffiif 7. f.li:r1'.i'.'...e Q .:"1 S' T. -19 ff' : 47 157455 CVE' 45 1114337 C1115 V TZ7 YQLZ City' F,2P3e'f1Q1f- 3C Yxbx, City 25 R 1112 y..,,, fm., 57 f3,,,,, " ,- M , .AA ,A XJ.. ' . 4.2.3 ' '-- ' Ypgscx Cm- EQ '.'f111ej.' ,EE .J . ,N ., ,. ,. . 1. ,mv A V K, K N .EDCI vii, -9 E. ,Urn 5 , 4E .1 - 4, L1 ,Circ , 5, W SE - H H 'H A 'ver , . '14 C11'." 43 15153145 40 YSL C1 58 A J . - 1 f f ' fE', .. 'yf ,uf V, , 1 Yugi: C111 45 Sci. 131171 fn 11 AVC' w-1: 71 5 11119 59 1-1, ' 1,13 EE f.f3rQ.'S'.'i11e if "Zhi City il 1.'1'1f'AfS'.'Q11L 43 .. -19 1951- 1992 X. Q. N ,T If Hr-if I AA TT vuv, .A Q 10 , 1 ,- , ,E , 1.1 1 ifftr' . '. F' 1" .31 53,1 1.41" 1, :',,i ' fn f'.,, K 50 ' A' A :A ' ATV' in 'Z' .i,,1 1' F' It :I 1111 , , f. . N . E. V -Y 1 A- M 1 ,E 1 Af .af A I 1 A f- - 1 15 Y f f- M f -- 1 LH, rw- A i, ..,, 1- , ,,, K .I i. VA TL ' .: 1 , ' p - 45,1 11 .E NWS 1' ' A' " V A .L ,, f' .V 11 , T7 . , ,,A,. 1 , A I 'D' f N ' F. A .Jig 1, 5' W, Q 11 YV L CET? F?wf12'1 C111-' 19 .51 Cm if sig 512.5 . fv -- T' LM un. ,- V 1 .4 ,x,A yn. . .fp . A J 4 ..,.. ., , A ' A CADETS The Yu,G Ctty brunch ot the Cchtormcz Cadet Corps shown here th Gd tormcittoh cchs sts 01 No students and tho Gdvtsors Ftrst Lt Robert e s the drrect cdvtso t' e cup tth Lt Flo fd E Ch stertsoh and student Me O' Cadets ffhd HD Tt Q f hole Pevpcxh s under the Com r wud ot Major Chester Vt trash p NC' IIFI'T't9d1Ot6'1X urtoer Lt Chrtstemsort IS As er Ld Hem :1 tt ct 0' tettb who orvrtchds the su pletooh leaders 6 ear he st ts sud ed ft Cost ses 'Wd V D tl rhcmucl 4 M ef' e s ve USP we 6 pe s ve Remmatoh 1 es sts L Ctertcx eh 'e Yuma ut A rn e J 1'1 cr h or G ea . er ovtuh t 6 wow m WR F Q 9 'AFX ffq C' M . , w . A par e r ' 4, r i 1 'C ' . .. " ' . . 1 . - Fr 'V.' i ' A r of li 3? 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Phone: 3-3563 GRADING ROSE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone: 3-S106 417 Center Street YUBA CITY H E PARKER INC GENERAL CONTRACTORS COMPLIMENTS OF 12th and F Streets MARYSVILLE CALIFORNIA FELIX E DAOUST CLYDE WILL AMS CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Sutter ... Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Your Fnendly Iewelers 406 D Street MARYSVILLE Phone 3 7555 S 81 H MEN'S SHOP Yuba CIW Only Ly::Iu we Men Shop 639 Plumas sheet Phone 2 1419 YUM CITY 728 Plumas Street YUBA CITY I I , l ? 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Phone 3-5222 511 D Street MARYSVILLE BURCHELL HARDWARE HARDWARE f'Lf'-SSWARE CHOCKEPV SPORTI C' FOODS Phone 3 9555 225 D Sireet MARYSVILLE ED and LOUIES PASTRIES MEATS VEUET A BLFS BEVEPAGES Phone 2 1711 325 Percy Avenue YUBA TY rank 6Bremer +-.Z HARDWARE Dealers in VJII.S'JfI SPUPTITIG 'SOULS f5.PPLIAfI'fES JI? 7 r f , 545 Second Sheet YUBA CITY CALIFORNIA ROBERTS ELECTRIC CO FRIGIDAIRE A PPLIA CES Phone 3 4101 D Sireet MARYSVILLE MORRISON S COMPLETE PETROLEUM SERVICE BYFIELD S JEWELERS CJUPPI TIL TPI- ,, I Phone 2 0508 413112 Cenier Streei 755 SUNEY Sffeei YUBA CITY YUBA CITY I I ' Y , .1 . A 5 J CJ, - n I . . .IC " . ,N I A 324 'I -. I I ' Q'I, E'.',5. v I FEfP.f-QFITIG Watches - Diamonds - Silverware - Iewelry 7',l.fTCLffIEf QILFI I-VQTAIIE HUGE K PYFELP PFCPRTIE A 4 3 v f,,.-5. -3 B Al 4 xA -,V -f x :Y Us v Six .L 4,3 'qkkbfk Z5 in L at , fb ,zo f I f VKt49f f , we .gflfii gf.: QL f 7 . A ' f . ,I U f CY rf? 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Suggestions in the Yuba City High School - Honker Yearbook (Yuba City, CA) collection:

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