Yuba City High School - Honker Yearbook (Yuba City, CA)

 - Class of 1949

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Yuba City High School - Honker Yearbook (Yuba City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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gf 53155 U fff 3 ,W 06912-fa! 5? ffl X fi-.ILTCF ff yE1f1QT1v11:1fQ?x ' X K Xl- iTirfgw -RR 42 ,EX-S x XE ' X 7, Tw xxx- TK ' 3 RXEESQEQ, Aghwvzixzf RZ N XR 5-kZH9"2w ' S N Nl Xl X- 5 X.: 1 ' xx ,L Jygxvyq Cl is JJ, fn KAW iwiw V+ jf yff W af W wwf M 70 WI my W Wfjffjlff f J, w7,, W WWW Zi! f xi S SN '. W ek' Y Y x X .,! A X.: xr' Zyl, QC IVA .fl f 1' Q3 ',-on-N52 JO fy uk ,Ll if 4 I ' f . V L' f' .! ' J if ,b fl M J? lf QL 'JU al - if 1 L u 4 54,11 . I6 If l , xJ:L,f q OJ A J al' H ., ' lo , ff, 9 fl' if lb rx.' Q ft UL jj 5 'I' s ZW Q' Qld fc AQ ff ff A W 4, Il, . AMN .5 X, if W ,W 0 'N 1-7 My V , In 5 L A , X , llflw JL W F R K W' 1 ff H ' 1 'L f X X f 1 K b ! A if ' M v' f pf If 7, Xp : ' 1,0 1 .A Nix 'J V ' " ' , , X S wi 'X K 6 .," Q , , , X TH HC KEIQ 1949 'xl' -'fi ..1., fX CCX EIQH WAGCW EI ITICH Publlshed by the students of YUBA CITY UNION HIGH SCHOOL Yuba Clfy Ccllformc I E XII 2 , . i u f- V, . I YN. G R I -I"-Q? ' A321 537 4 If MII, is " ' ' . ...-...:.-":-rc' . I . . IN MEMCDRIAM k- 'Axxk :mfg I DAN HOON July Q6 1931 Aprul1 1949 4 ' I V . . I X I 'A V, if ""lf2g,x 9 4 1 K .gw A . , gf W , l?:5Qf..Q+u.,:Y, f- 1 , f- if M ',NEwAjf4P ,f n ' ,L 'Z X Q, Y ' . 5' I Q KWQQ M ' S, ,l ,M A ff., dw., f f "f4.f.'5H 71 I fri' ' - A 'fix ' -.""f" JU SD I A,vk.'V.,4' 'dw' x. ' 'ff' ' I :tif 1 .rj ' 11 f if! I V4 . rn' -'A , T . , . . , 1' .1 1 " I IEIICX CN We shall always remember and be grateful To our ancestors who were foreslghfed enough To blaze the way To The new land an whnch many have prospered In showmg our grahfude we would luke to deducate the Covered Wagon Edmon nn memory of The California gold rush H8495 Qxgmfi -1 fvwr mx 5 1-112 5 XCINC XXIII QINIINII INDEPENDENT HERALD Publlshers YUBA CITY ART STUDIO Photographers ALTA ENGRAVING CO Engravings or I fl I K! , gg ,, fi I ' I a. ANxf'xr"C: 3: " .. V ir 'Y fn Jrfg AAY, - . ' S' . 'fff J gil 5- ee fi. TT 34 gylgghcl A9 - I I T DEQ gkfzffrlr KX STAFF EDITOR Yolanda Younkm SENIOR EDITOR Margie Cross BUSINESS MANAGER Carmellta Martinez ORGANIZATIONS Jlm Justeson GIRL S SPORTS Pat Hunter BOYS SPORTS Bob Brownlee ART EDITOR Hazel McFeely ADVISOR Mr Wllllams TQUSTEFf Wir' Mr Wmshlp Mr Meyers Mr Harter busy men un community who devote their spare time to school business strong Interest In schools relations to community provide llnk between school and community I I I lryvlnki K Mr. Anderson ,R ,fl f Mr. Urbans T ' AI' ' rs . sf- . 9 el 1 A ,, . . . , . . G 'ffuj D x PAGULTYXAND ADHINISTRATIGN Y T "'E 55 7 F? F , l X , 3 K X X f f A Q FQ F , Y B I - 1 S Z xx f i 1 xl p A ax E 2 f pf 4 fl XT ,N g 4 B O Xxx ! If " L S 1 xx f FYI: S E I 'ff E '..'1.f."L'l, L I -4- f A L-5 5' - X Y 5 :gi 2 - ADNINISTIQATICDN These are the five people who lead our "Covered Wagon" over the rough trails. They are very intereste ' the students and he them in any way possible. Q C9AQM Qifiyg Q QQ, 1-eg 4-1-2 an tw! -is ,W Mr McCa rt a D t Mrs Behr Mr Williams D a of G l e a d D a of s Mrs Gardner Mrs Forderhase Mrs Hull Atte da ce Cle k N se e o he an ' for 5 Qi' , 5- Qwfifqf ' L " Q Q if H p , S, g s , WP' 'Gil' ' W., , 7' I Elin' . 'M L , If , 3 2 ,V ix 'T A D Q' H i - A V '65 'idle' l ri Principal nd is. Supt. e n irs Vic -Principal n e n Boy n n r I ur Couns ll r FACU LTV 'Q 6' George E Anderson Jhfx 'E' 1 U S Hustory .Iournallsm Unrversrty of Calm forma B A degree Marguerite Arends mess E glrsh Englush ll Ill Musrc Apprec Northwestern Unrversrty of Southern Calrfornra UCLA Unrversrty of Calrfornua Iowa Unrversrty Colorado Unrversrty Umver stty of Mexuco Chrcago Musncal College M A degree Alllene Barrett Englrsh Mathematrcs Umversnty of Calrfornra Stanford Unrversrty Ruth Baughman Clothing Home Economncs San Jose State B A degree with speclal Secondary Edward H Beales Metal Shop General Shop Pacrfrc Cultures European Cultures Stanford Umversrty Mrs Marran Behr Home Economlcs Lunchroom Mgt Dean of Gnrls Oregon State College Chrco State Unrversrty of Calrforma B S deg ee Donald Warren Brookman yprn Unrverslty of Iowa Unlverslty of Calrforma Unrversrty of Mrnnesota Indrana Basketball School Armstrong College of Bus: ness A B and A M degrees John H Caples Pacrfrc Cultures Brology Unrversnty of Calr fornla Washmgton Lee Umversrty A B de gree Lots Helen Colman Homemalung Chrco State College Specral secondary Mrs Dorothy D Clark Grrls physrcal educatron Umversrty of Car forma Marm College A B degree FACU LTV Mrs Covell Clothlng Crafts Comm Art Freehand Draw Ing Umverslty of Calnforma Arts and Crafts Chlco State Art Center un Los Angeles A B degree Mrs Aluce M Dewey Mathematlcs Unuversuty o Calif rnla A degree RegmalclC Estep Bookkeepmg Busmess Trammg Gem Cnty College Ohuo Weslyan Umverslty of Calufor ma Armstrong Busmess College College of :lc B S B A M A degr Ruth Eversole Spanlsh English Umversuty of Calnforma Umversnty of Oregon Oregon State College Umverslty of Callforma Umversnty of South ern Calsforma M A B A B E degr John Robert Fltzhenry Boys physical education Unlverslty ot Call forma A B degree Charlotte Glbson Plane Geometry Ofhce trammg Shorthand Unlverslty of Nevada Un verslty of Cahfornna U C L A A B degree Clarence M Haan Wood Shop General Shop Oregon State Col lege Unrversnty of Callforma Southern Ore gon College B S M S degrees Harrison O Hayes French European Cultures Unuversxty of Calrforma Unlversuty of Southern Callforma San Francisco State Unlversnty of Pans A B A M degrees Leo D Hollenberg Agnculture Oregon State College B S de gree Ann Hull Counselor Spanish University of Calltor ma Unlverslty of Mexnco San Diego State College UCLA A B degree '6 X4 FACU LTV English University of California, Montana State Normal College B. Pd., A. B., A. M. de- Mrs. Laney . . . English, Personal and Social Development, Basic Math.5 University of California, San .lose State, A. B. degree with special second- ary credential. Girls Physical education Chico State College Mrs McArthur English Modern Problems University of Cali forma at Santa Barbara Band Orchestra Girls Chorus University of Mrs Blanche Morell Modern Problems English Public Speaking Personal and Social Development Umver sity of California A B degree Pacific Cultures European Cultures versity of California Stanford University ls College A B degree I U I D . I Laurence R. Smith . . . Business Training, General Science, Personal and Social Development Arithmetic Umver sity of California University of Southern Call forma Montana University UCLA B S de gree Farm Mechanics I and ll Agriculture l and Il College of Pacific San .lose State UC at Velma May Ward Librarian Ohio Weslyan University Columbia University New York University University of California B A degree FACULT Grayson E. Wade . . . , lf ' M Personal and Social Development, Pacific Cul- tures, U. S. Historyg Colorado State College, Stanford Universityg AB, MA degrees. Mr Stanley Weiss Boys P E Ohio State University Western Reserve University UCLA AB degree Mr Whitney Vocational Auto Mechanics Modesto Junior College Vallejo Junior College U C vocation al teaching credentials A and D 'B Q1 Mr Richard Williams Publicity Drama San MateoJ C Stan rd U AA AB AM degrees 'T I 911-f"'m weft, VQUQZQ f 13 ,WM W 05fF1'Jg N , 'S r -mf i JJ' fwfi MM i i 1 F' K . V . . . I A s . . . rf 41- " . .5 , A D fa . . . 4 , f , w 2 X' . re- A 497 55 ,, ,.,,- x,, ,lv N , J . ., fo . I Q l X A f Aj i 4' f , XS V 'I Y. -D71 f r lj W P xl K f X . f",,e'i3 X ' 7 rg' A YL, i f 'A?',f he Silt.-Tl T '1 C ,. 1 t'15i"3-'!i"' if f- ' ,iffy Q iff ff , 1 0 X Q . X Mi x, . , I 1, A 5'. -A84 . 4 I . v '-Vi t. iw ,I f M .-" - i l""'V"l't "4-f-...q..'L...f.. Q A il+f'ff:'--9' Q i CUSTQDIAN MR JOHNSON keeps school neat and clean very co operctlve helps students when ever possible TIQAHSDCIQTATIGN Mr Stead Mr Wltney Mr Reed Mr Mathews brought students to school In any klnd of weather very pleosont ADMINISTIQATIVE QFFICEI Mrs Forderhase and of face gurls keep students healthy Muss Hull and Mrs Poole help students to plan their programs Mrs Stanton and Mrs Neyens See to It that the school runs on an even keel SNAI3! Jock dont you under stand 9 9 'P 9 gurls working very busily In the library under the guidance of Mlss Ward an a hurry gurls ? ? ? ? -1 gurls who devote a period each day fo work for the Vice prlnclpal Mr Wal hams Z Z-A V, V ffwuxx ,K x Vs X V Lx X fsfx 2 'Zz WEE FEV GL SSES JEAN ELODIA ALLEN Big Sisters: FHA. ROBERTA ARNOLDY Drlll Team Horrzon Club treasurer G A A cabrnet member s p o r t s manager Glrl s League cabrnet mem ber Latrn Club Jumor Red Cross Drama Club vrce presndent Presrdent s Club DOUGLAS BAILEY Basketball B basketball Junror varsity football B track B baseball Varsrty foot ball Letterman vrce presrdent French Club Freshman class reporter DOROTHY BARKELEY G A A cabrnet member TRI HI Y chalrman of spon sormg com F H A BOB BENTON Basketball Spamsh Cub aj PATRICIA BAILEY Chess Club secretary French Club reporter Drama Club reporter G A A Grrls league member Trl Hr Y REGNA BAYES Freshman class corlstrtutron committee Drrll Team Grrls League Councrl Statesman Club Latrn I reporter Hap py Hattles treasurer presr dent Pep Club Latm Il sec treas .lumor Class reporter Bug Srsters Publrc speakmg Commrssroner of Socral Ac trvrtues Mardr Gras atten dant CHARLES BERRIER C Basketball Spanish Club B Track French Club Qurll and Scroll Key Club Honor Socrety B Lettermen .lr Red Cross NORMA BRANDT LLOYD BROOKS Band C basketball B Ram ers Spamsh Club J Baseball DAVIS BUNDOCK Chess Club lntra mural bas ketball Honor Socrety C basketball Latm Club vrce presrdent Hr Y J V Football manager BLAIR BUTLER C basketball B basketball Freshman Class Presrdent B baseball C track J V foot ball Lettermen Squrres Hr Y Latm Club B track ar srty baseball A track Var slty football co captam Kung of Mardr Gras PAT BUTLER Statesman C I u b, D r a m a Club, GAA, Grrl's League As sembly XA. Q T'-'VY -f l""""R, 03 LEROY BRATT C track BOB BROWNLEE J V football C basketball Squares Club secretary H Y treasurer J V Baseball B tr ck Varsrty football Band Freshman class treas urer Intra mural basketball C track Spamsh Club treas urer Honker Sports Editor A Baseball A Track Senror class presrdent Presrdent s Club V Lettermen ROBERT BUNNELL pf? BESSIE BURBRIDGE GAA Future Homemakers DARLENE CARDER GAA, Home Economncs Club, GV's, Travelog Club, GAA, tumbling manager, bowlrng manager, sec treasurer, Dra ma Club, Glee Club, Bug Sus ters NJ rev J I . ' L 1 ft ,JF my 3 ., U 1 J ,QJ ,, A . A JAY K. IA Rf! 1, yi fs y x, X 0 I X .ff'ffl ' , 'f . '24 '- ,gf-, , v " ,-'i . ,if at 1 af l u 21: 1 9' ' 5 I ' A ' .K 2 . . 5 1 bl I J I . , ' I I i- - I 1 1 an . 1 v V? 1 Q I .ex a i QQ I r ' f gk A A 5 1 - 1 , es 1 ' , - 1 1 ' ,. K 5 3 I . I . 1 l J Ex I - - 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' - . . l 1 B I - i . l I 6 . Q- . H l . D fm, 'I .WS . . I . I ' ' 1 . j j . . ' 1 1 ' 1 '- Q 1 ' 1 1 V - - 1 . 1' -I ' I I A W-3' --f ' 1 - ' 1 ' X RICHARD CARSTENBROOK Bandg Cadetsg FFAg Boy's Clloirg Key Clubg National Rifle Association of America. EDGAR CHAPMAN Drama Clubj Band. WANDA CHRISTIAN FHA assistant historian GLENDALE COMSTOCK Jr Red Cross ELLA COOPER Tumbling Team J d Cross FHA Honor oll Dramatlcs Club 'R- K w KATHLEEN CARTER Horizon Clubg Happy Hat- tiesg Future Home Makersp GAAg Big Sisters. DEAN CHELLIS Rambler Basketballg J. V. Baseballg A Basketballg A Baseball. HUGH COLLETT Rally Committee B Basket ball Manager of C team Boys Chorus Varsity Base ball Key Club Spanish Club B Lettermen Varsity Foot ball A Basketball Varsity Let termen announcer on radao programs JACQUELINE COOK Glee Club Drill Team Happy Hatties Jr Red Cross F H A Pep Club Tri Hn Y vice pres Big Sisters Mardi Gras Attendant MARJIE CROSS Freshman Class vice pres Statesmans Club Pep Club sec treas Latin Club pres: dent l': treas Honor Society vice pres Drill Team Girls League Cabinet Member Horizon Club Happy Hattles Tri Hi Y Presidents C ub Mardi Gras Attendant TOM CROWH URST . V. Football captain' rack' B Basketball' J. . Baseball' B Track' Varsity Football' Varsity Baseball' Var- sity Lettermen president' Squires sec: Honor Society' Hr Y pres Junior Statesman Optrmrsts Club Crtrzenshrp Award Davis Conference pres CAROLE CUNNINGHAM .lr Red Cross Girls League DONNA DOWN Glee Club Dramatlcs Club French Club Bug Sisters Tn HiY Band Dramatics sec treas Honor Society ALICE EASTMAN GAA Drill Team FHA G V Travelog Club EUGENE ERFLE Spanish Club SHIRLEY CUMISKEY Honor Society sec.' French Club' Soph. Class Reporter' Pep Club' Drill Team' Girls eague Cabinet Member' Juni- or Class soc. act. chairman' Horizon Club' Tri-Hi-Y sec.' Van Guards sec Big Sisters JAMES DENSON C Basketball B m blers ibasketballb J V Base a A Basket a Ramblers Key Club Band WILLIE DUNCAN Glee Club G A A Jr Red Cross Drama Club B g S l'8I'S THELMA EDWARDS Drama Club F H A Honor Society Bug Sisters Jr Red Cross ,s.-Joes! mow EDGAR ESLICK D Basketball C Track Varsity Football B Lettermen Varsity Lettermen DIANE ESTEP Dnll Team Chess Cub Honzon Club Spamsh Cub treasurer Drama Club Honor Socvety Jr Red Cross treas urer Bug Sisters FHA Trl Hr Y BEVERLY FLYNN Drlll Team Happy Hattles Presxdent Sophomore Class Secretary Grrls League Coun I Minstrel Show Honor Soclety Honker Staff Pres: dents Club Pep Club Tru Hn Y Commrssaoner of Publrcuty DOROTHY FOGARTY Freshmen Class Soclal Com mrssuoner Honor Soclety Pep Club Presrdent French Club Honzon Club Sophomore Class treasurer Mmstrel Show Drrll Team Jr Class Secretary Vanguards pres: dent Bug Srsters Grrls League Council PEARL FOX GAA Gurls League NORMA FUKIMUTSU Glrls League Jr Red Cross X MILES EVERETT Transfer from Sequoea Hugh Redwood Cnty Varsoty Basket a JOHN FLYNN D Basketball Manager Honor Socuety J V F ball Band Latln Club Var srty Football LAWRENCE FOSTER Auto Club JIM FUJII Intra mural Basketball C rack D Basketball Basketball KATHRYN GERGER GAA FFA Bug Sus ers Guls League BILL GLENN Transfer from East Nico- Iausg Hi-Yg C.S.F.p French Club. DENNIS GREEN V Football Varsity Foot a Lettermen BILLIE HANCOCK JACQUELINE HENSON Grrls League GAA Bug Srsters TOMMY HON IG lafx' 'QL lg in 'QQ CAROL GRAY Glee Clubg Drill Team: Tumbling T e a mp Minstrel Showp Yell Leaderg Honor Societyg Happy Hatties, Repre- sentativej Tri-Hi-Yg Girls League. RICHARD HAFNER TOM HARROUN Rado Club Scrence Club BETTE HILL Drrll Team Travelog Club presrdent Yell Leader Honor Society Pep Club reporter Happy Hattres Sensor Class socral actrvmes commrssroner DAN HOON F F A ofhcer MAE HOPPER GAA Girls League F H A army Cf' MH' MARIE HUSKEY G A A Drill Team Horizon C ub Travelog Club French C u Chess Clu G ee C ub Bug Sisters Tn Hi Y Drama C ub Milf MW MERLYN KENNEDY Transfer from Westwood G A Tn Hi Y C S F d Cross Ski Patrol F H A B g Sisters Happy Hatties HELEN KOSMOPULOS Glee Club' Drama Club' Happy Hatties' Jr. Red Cross. GLORIA LAHMANN Drill Team' G.A.A.' Latin Club' Jr. Red Cross' Drama Club, vice-presidentg Happy Hattiesg Tri-Hi-Y. 'L 11' GEORGE HUMLICK C Basketball J V Base a Ram lers Basketball TI -.K CAROL JANE JUNE Transfer from Westwood B n GAA T Hu Y H A Big Sister Drama Club x G 1 L ug, ,gs us eague A f 4214 1-fag Wkvvvs fx HARRY KOIKE Track C Basketball B Ramblers Intra mural Basketball 'K '19 THURLYNE LA FORTUNE French Club' Horizon Club' J. Red Cross' Journalism Cub. PHYLLIS LANDERMAN .A.A.' Drill Team' Glee Clib' Minstrel Show' Drama Clubg Jr. Red Cross: F.H.A.j Big Sisters. TOMMY LANDON Transfer from Yreka D ama Club Varsity Football Latm I presrdent Band Jr States man lntra mural Basketball Squrres pres dent Lettermen AVIS LARSEN Home Ec Club Lahn Club LA VERNE LIEBING Drlll Team Band GAA Travelog C I u b treasurer Honker Staff Happy Hattie vlce presldent Horizon Club Pep Club Trl Hr Y reporter Sensor Class reporter BETTY LOOMIS Latm Club Grrls League Ca net Re Cross nll Team Pep Club Bug Sisters Drama Club , NJ MABEL MCDANIEL ANN LANNI Transfer from Woodland ll Team Happy Hattues Worr My ffl W1 l CHARLES LARSEN a ets FFA B am bers JULIA LOEBLEIN Band FHA GAA GENE LORD Latln Club HAZEL McFEELY fl Team Tumblrng Team C S F vxce presrdent and pres :dent Statesman Club Pep Club vrce presrdent Happy Hattaes, Drama Club, GA A , Vanguards, Grrls League, re porter, Sensor Class, secretary, Honker Salesman, Tru Hn Y LORETTA McGUIRE Journalism Club. ELTON MATHESON J V Football Model Club treasurer J V Baseball H Y lntra mural Basketball Track Manager Lettermen secretary an:I treasurer Var srty Football NORMA MERRIL DONALD MOORE J V Football B Bas et Band Hr Y Ram er Basketball Spamsh Club Let termen J V Baseball Var sity Football co cap Squires Club Varsity Baseball Com mrssroner of Athletics Pres: dents Club DARYL MORRISON Basketball Hr Y Band V Baseball C Basket ball B Lettermen Varsity Baseball Lettermen DON MATH ESON J. V. Footballg "C" Track: French Clubg Hi-Yj lntra-mur- al Basketballi "A" Trackj Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Lettermen Society, vice-presi- dent. FRED MEINKING V Foo ll Basketball manager Froslr class president Varsity Baseball manager Track B Basket a PATRICIA MILLER Drill Team GAA Horn zon Club Girls League treas urer PAUL MORGAN Hr Y B Baske ball man ager Cadets Model Plane Club Spamsh C ub Track Jr Red Cross Davis Conference Delegate EDWARD MURPHY B Track TOSHIE NARUTO JACK NORDT B Basketball Freshman Class hnance commlssnoner Honor Socuety Varsnty Bas ketball Dlrector of Intra mur al Lettermen Socuety press dent A Basketball captam unlor Class presrdent Hr Y C Basketball Manager Var It ootball C Basketball Assnstant Coach urll and Scroll Journalism WILLIAM OKAMOTO F F A Chess Club presudent ROY RAINS STANLEY RIPILEY lf 3 IL We-' 'WU' vig, 119 JIM NOREEN D Basketball Intra Mural Basketball Manager of A Baseball Spanish Club VICE president LORA PAYNE Band Spamsh Club MARYEDITH REED nll Team Jr Red Cross secretary Spanlsh Club sec retary and reporter Drama Club presrdent GAA Gee Club Bug Susters Charrman Grrls League Cabmet Qurll G Scroll vrce presldent e Cub RAY ROUNDS Varsnty Football HrY A Ramblers Basketball Letter men A Track RONALD RUDGE D Basketball manager J V Baseball Spanish Club Basket a Basketball B Lettermen HOMER SAGELY Basketball lntra mural Basketball Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball J V Base ball Lettermen Band JEAN SCHMIDT Latin Club treasurer Sen nor Class treasurer Trl Hi Y treasurer Quill and Scroll president Happy Hattres Drrll Team Pep Club Presidents Cub NORMAN SHERR French Club Key Club treasurer ROBERT SLINKARD J. V. Football, Basketball, B Track, A Track, A Basket- ball, D Basketball, manager, Hi-Y, vice-president, secretary, Band. ll"1'xlp 1+ M 'rv 'T- Q iu""-s wgx New-,J -'ads 'Qi vi an f 1' WX' SHARON RUSK GVs Home Ec secretary lnterclass basketball GAA cabinet member sec treas president Happy Hattues Drill Team Grrls League secre tary Presidents Club GLEN SANDER D Basketball C Basketball Ramblers B lettermen BILL SEAL lntra Mural Basketball SHIG SHIMAMOTO lntra mural Basketball D Basketball captam A B Track manager A Basketball manager B Lettermen B Ramblers DONALD SMITH J. V. Football, Co-Captain, B Track, A Track, Sophomore Class, vice-president, Hi-Y, Latin ll, president, lntra-mural Basketball, Lettermen, Squires, vice - president, President's Club, Student Body President. PATRICIA SMITH Chess Club Scuence Club Latm Club Travelog Club charter member Drama Cub Jumor Red Cross vnce press dent Bxg Sisters PAT SUTTER Transfer from Auburn GAA Tn Hu Y DeLORES THOMA Happy Hattles GAA FHA ROGER TOKUNAGA Ramblers Basketbal Track C Basketball Xpx VINSON VANDERFORD FFA reporter president Presldent s club X R' 'C""' W? 'if lv' '3 1 'Cl 47' LOIS SUTFIN GAA Home Ec Club Fu ture Homemakers Bug Srsters Drama Club ROBERT SYKES JACK THORNTON Tenms Club Spamsh Club Rambler Basketball B Track Drama Club Rally Commlttee Key Club A Track B Track B Lettermen Varsity Letter N MBI! BILL TREXLER D Basketball C Basketball A :dent Presrdent s A! GEORGIA VESSELL GAA FHA KAY WALL C Basketball JUNE WHITE Home Ec Club GAA GVs Drrll Team Tumblmg Pep Club secretary Horlxon Club reporter presrdent Happy Hattues secretary Junlor Class vace presldent Sensor Class vnce presrdent Hr Lnghts lea ture edrtor edltor Qunll and Scroll Tn H: Y Presrdents Clu Yell Leader Mardi Gras Attendant LaVORA YOUNG Drama Club treasurer sec retary Spamsll Club pres: dent Glrls League Cablnet Horizon Club Pep Club Hap py Hattres Masque and Gave Jr Red Cross Councrl Pres: dents Club JOAN ZWARG Jr Red Cross Drama Club Bug Slsters FHA Grrls ea gue Councul has .fax '91 AT'f ALL JIMMY WARREN C Basketball J V Football C Track Rambler Basketball Basketball B Track J V Baseball Varsuty Football Box ln Ha Y vice pres: en presrdent Sophomore Class President Honor Soclety KENNETH YEATES Basketball C Basketball B Basketball B Ramblers l tra mural Basketball C Track Latln Club treasurer YOLANDA YOUNKIN Malorette D lll Te Freshman Class sgt arms La tm Club reporter presrdent Junuor Class treasurer Hon zon Club Pep Club Happy Hattles vlce presndent Hon or Society secretary Publlclty Class Bug Sisters TrlHr Y Presidents Club Commrssron er of Frnance Edltor of Year book Mardl Gras Attendant umem q URAINE ATHON Drama Club G A A DOROTHY ANDERSON G A A- Junior Red Cross. EDDIE NICHOLAS Cadets. 0 N. SENICIQ CLAXS CFHCHQS Stand ng Helen Kosmopolus Bob Brownlee June White Seated Bette Hill Laverne Leu brng Hazel McFeely 'I 948 1 949 Proud senior started year off with a bang led by Prexy Bob Brownlee assisted by June Whlte as Vice President Hazel McFeely recorded notes while Jeannie Schmidt was frnan crer for the first semester and Helen Kosmopolus for e second semester turning rn activities to the papers an was in charge of all activities Kung Blair Butler an Queen Merlyn Kennedy reigned together rn the Royal Court of Mare Antomette of the annual Mardi Gras put on vey succe sful Senlor Carnival the l3th of May Senior Cut Day rolled around on May 3l and the halls were very quiet June 3rd was the date of our annual Senior Ball at the Elks Club Finally the day we were all wanting for came to an end and before us we saw COMMENCEMENT l 947 1 948 Upperclassmen led through Junior year by Jack Nordt concessions to raise money discussed and ordered class held very spectacular Junior Prom Ballerina Ball a rings successful sport dance entitled Fiesta Follies had many l 947 l 946 Lower classmen started off the year under the guidance of many concessions to raise money had a sport dance with President Jimmy Warren tied the Darby with the fresh the animals in the Jungle Jump men came rn second on rnterclass track meet he l 946 l 945 Started out first year by losing the Darby to high and mighty Sophs Blair Butler was elected President came in first rn canned food drive also helped out rn many other drives many students were outstand ng in Honor Society Don Matheson was chosen the cutest boy when he dressed as Cupid for the Freshman Reception while Margie Cross and Shirley Cumrskey were chosen as the cutest couple when they dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy 1 i ki 3 i ' ' th A . . . ' keeping seniors in the news was Laverne Leibing and Bette Hill . . . June 17 and our years' of hard work and loads of fun ' ' " . . . ' ' d - . . . . ' ' . . . ld JU SD Gave magnlflcant Junlor Prom sponsored one of the best spo t dances ot the year BUZZ QUACK desxgned new cross for class rmg cass was well represented Honor Socnety and other servvce clubs Carmre Martmez and Corky Crab tree elected to Court ol JUNIOR ASS OFFICERS Row I kneelrng Le gh ton Case presrdent Joanne Arnoldy representatrve Bar bara Stewart Reporter Bob Kunde vice president Row 2 Standrng Mass Baughman advnsor Joella Leeper treasurer Glorla Sacco representative Car Marne Anton ette of an nual Mardi Gras 'cv mae Martmez Secretary Corky Brown socral act: Ylfles SODHGMOIQEI Held concessnons at dnt ferent games e dance atter Placer game A Llttle Bird Told bug success SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Rowl Paul March vnce president Vurgmla Atter bury socual actmtnes Ron me Livengood president dnscussed class nngs for next year held dnve for better attendance at baseball games Row 2 Mr Anderson advnsor Beverly Atluns secretary May Belle Ac clto treasurer Ardnth Lah mann reporter FIQESHME Started ot ye r by tymg Darby with Sopho mores drew up con stltuhon of class held several closed dances FROSH OFFICERS to nghl' alr Springer Randolph Whlte Nixon S Laurd Mr Wade had concessnons to make money all nn a very achve class Rennard Brown Ashworth Thoma SNADI WAITING LINE RUSH, RUSH! CROWDED 'P 'P 'P 'P LUNCH TIME 5' WHAT S THE MATTER MAC'P f f flffgl X X x GTIVITIES ff X XFN S X OH' Su - SAN-NA OH C- X x X I FOR MH I'v HL- Fl f- 1 fl N X, NN QAM- mo on ww A N X Frion AL- A- QAM-A wao ,J 5 I -T is-L Q, .J - - A 1 I xx ' 1 ' J -' -' 4 1 A ,., A ,. , X V 1 ,. J ' l .J 'dh ,.... , -J I , . , , , . -.. . , i . l Y x., v J - x , , - ' ' I , . - J . , - , J .2 n ' - J . A 1 f X , -Qi- STUDENT GQV Don Smith, Commissioner of Student Control, Beverly Flynn, Commissioner of Publicity, Regna Bayes, Commissioner of Social Activities, Yolanda Younkin, Commissioner of Finance, Don Moore, Commissioner of Athletics. Q-Fsnfiggigg saw -,g gn ef I 1-2-5 Q -i ff , S -fo r er! . . . accomplished much this year . . . sponsored "Freshman Reception" . . . Big-Little Rally in gym . . . organized the selling of magazines to raise money for student body . successful dance "Gobble Hobble" . . . sold ads for football student body card . . . finished revising . . gave very programs . . . arran school constitution ged next year's DEIQBV DAY Prctured at nght as one of the most rough an tumble events of the day among the boys prles of straw fnlled bags frequently change srze and often the greater part of the sacks are whrz zmg through the arr all the tactrcs of football wrestlmg boxmg and track are employed rn thrs fur flymg event between the freshman and sophomore boys ,ga From the looks of thus prcture one mught thunk that the riders were gettmg stabbed thus poustmg event whnch as an old favorite but the ends are cushuoned as one can see In the lower left foreground of the picture and anyway Jed seems to be donng a good job of refereemg Un fortunately there was no prcture of the most well known event whrch was yet to come the tug of war The Derby ended In a tue and every par tlclpant left the fleld probably wet but happy Some of those gurls look mlghty tough and vncrous too as they stand rn Innes whale partlcrpat mg rn the three legged race whrch rs one of the most humorous events one never faxls to see a tumble or two thus rs often one of the declsrve events durrng thas combat between the frosh and sophomore classes at the begrnnmg of each school year . . . d ...the X . V. . lg-X W -- " A I . I ' I R - A 1, - . 1. .fn yn, A l, 'I I 5 - ll' ll ' I , , , , . C ow l rseatedl Landon Meschendort Allen Llvengood Row 2 Mrs Sears Younlun Payne Blankenshnp Randolph Mnxon Van Antwerp Wllson Goodbary Mitchell Stewart Rhodes ow 3 De Wntt Anderson Jones Watson Stewart Smlth Atterbury Loomcs Cross Bayes ow 4 Bundock Benton Yeates OConnor Chrnstenson Glllles Laney Slack Kemp Arnoldy March lmperator, Margie Cross preceded by Yolanda Younkm first semester made pom poms as they have done for years one of flrst concessions In new stadium held Impressive slave auction had party where slaves bought back their freedom had many candy sales and noon dances Vo Latm l slaves served a very tednous few months as slaves to Latun ll and Ill L Al I , B R : , , , ' . R 1 ' , . , , , ' , , '. . . Row 5: Woodward, Malcahy, Glugoski, Case, Eden, Klamt, Rathbun, Harmon, Boals, Justeson, Alexander, 'S r 4. , , I ,V W t A A I , , , 1 OFFICIM Dl CTOGIQADI S FFCM TI E FOX AL COURT OF MARIE ANTCINETTE What you see here rep resents many hours of hard work for all the members of the French club as well as several outsiders specnal mentron rs made to Shurley Cumlskey who plan ned the decoration of the gym and who carned out a great deal of the work herself Thus year s program talnment solorsts a sex e e d a troupe dancers MERLYN and BLAIR Above Buddy Younkm and Randy Johnson Crown bearers Laune Shehee flower gurl Lmda Best and Gall Ullrey tram bearers and Frutz Calahan court pester Lrsted below are he royal members ofthe Court of Marne Antoinette lleft to rlght In top pho to Jackie Cook ev erly Flynn June White Carmle Martmez Margre Cross Corrrne Crabtree Yolanda Younkm Regna Bayes and Dotty Fogarty Also seated on the stage lle tl the srngers and lrlghtl the dancers The pages are left Albert Ul mer and rrght Bully Llebe Above left, the long awarted moment when Kung Blau l crowns lovely Merlyn Kennedy has queen, Queen of the Mardr Gras, Queen of the Royal Court of Marne Antnonette To the rught a close up of the happy palr at the herght of therr reugn ,l ff 'R l 'Q y ' - J 4 ' W. . I I . I It . . . ,z ' l B - feflured 'ery 'good enler' behind the attendants are J 2 - f ' t tt 5 an ot - x H 1 1 ' , - J ' , Below are snaps from the Mardl Gras Coronatnon of ueen Merlyn soloist Anne Van Antwerp chorus which san old French tunes planlst Lucmda Payne Ions Mary Wilson e ro a alr sea ed an promenadmg the crowd the prrze wnnners stars of a sknt and the dancers A presente Ie magmh one Mardn Gras e n mntlatuon dmner au Lo u n ushered at football game on Matheson et at le pres: dent Loretta Clark a assuste as vnce presndente whsle Jeanone McCorkle ut Lon qua a ecr e munutes et garde largent Rowl Jnm Justeson Mickey Hurdle Valdyne Hurlbert Carolyn Everett Don Matheson Donna Down Mane Huskey Geege Atterbury Row 2 Norman Sherr Alton McCloud Lucmda Payne Anita Slater Marllyn Hudson Loretta Clark Carmle Marhnez Glorua Sacco Charles Berrler ow ll Glenn Pat Bailey Julie Moore Shirley Cumuskey Dotty Fogarty Barbara Sumpson Jeanine McCokle IIN ,J SDANISH CLUB Rowl Bundock Buckley Bndges Gardner Young Estep Row 2 Johansen Parvmo Patterson Comstock Sampley Reed Ewertsen Erfle good neighbor relatlons with Latm America project carrued out by means of correspondence wrth boys and gurls rn four countries of Hnspanrc America learned Spanish songs whlch they sang at meetings studred customs dress and culture ol South Amencan peoples dressed In Spanish costumes as shown below for mrtlatron which was held In the cafeteria where they ate pot luck Spanrsh food and played Mexucan games LaVora Young served as president advrsed by Profesora Eversole Spanlsh teacher Gardner Comstock Buckley Erfle Johansen Bndges Young Reed - 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . . , , , . 0 - ' N . . , 'z. - 1-Q14 X " Q 9 'S . -if an ju , . - , . gif. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - isj sx Alt- er 4' ,jf Rowl Burbrudge Buhrkuhl Grbson Bentley Hammons Colman Whute Blackburn Estep McCorkle Young Kennedy Zwarz Row 2 Edwards Kerby Mann Wllllams Jones Games Brown June Gerger ow 3 Hopper Thoma Pelfley Redd Roman Johnson Thomas Benner Carter Chrlstran Vessell Wright ow 4 Case Wllllams Amason Riddle Baley Sutlln Carder Gilmore Thomas Ware Easley Watson Allen Natlonal club presented Teachers Tea spent many after school hours on creative arts sponsored display of results of Home Ec class for Open House sponsored Turkey Trot gave Xmas party for underprivileged children actlve In annual state conventlon at Asulo mar presented talented assembly for student body adopted a forelgn Home Ec class Learning to set a table correctly. EUTUIQE HOME MAKERS AMEIQICA Christmas party for llttle chlldren ' u U . 1 . . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' I I I I I I I I ' , . R u .. . .1 . . f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 ... ... 1 . ll ll ... ... .. . . . . . lol - "9 use . .... AUTO MECHANIC! MOTOR TESTER Fom left Hafne Honng F Woods Sngh Sukaa BORING OUT MOTOR Robinson, Mr. Whitney, Mor rison, Bunnell, Sykes. VALVE FACING MACHINE Comstock Dodson Jones M Wht ey Taga a Coble are members of this club designed as self managing as a large garage officers are elected once a month r , r, ', ra- zier, , i , r, I newly formed club under direction of Mr. Whitney .... all students who take Auto Shop ll EGSIEGFTI CLL B Rowl Lrvengood Justeson Crowhurst Thoma Smrth Landon Brownlee Trexler Row 2 Matheson Recd Cross Bayes Whnte McCorkle Rusk Mrlchoeter Younkrn Erfle Row 3 Mr McCart McFeely Young Thomas J Arnoldy Clark R Arnoldy Sprrnger M Wlllrams made up of all presidents In school serve as spokesmen to drf ferent clubs represented umted varlous groups around school FCPC IQ SC CIETN Rowl Zwarg Lewis Acclto Roper Rucker Howard Down Stmnet Barkley Landerman Estep Edwards Row 2 Cross Flemmg Randolph Moore Atterbury Hurdle Buckley Gardner Merrrll Mrlchoeter Jones Row 3 Kosmopulos Landon McFeely Cumrskey Hudson Mrtchell Wilson Stewart Flelds Herndon Parvrno Patterson Row 4 Younkm Glentzer Mark Glenn Thornton Klamt March Caples Row 5 Justeson Srnner Livengood Alexander Woodard Paulson Berrrer OConnor Hazel McFeely, hte member, headed braln trust managed to get to S F on educational cut day saw movre Hamlet plcturesque rmtlatron Mr Caples ably advised club - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' I I I I ' I I ' I I r' .... . ' ' u X X 1 1 I -f - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I . . . , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . ,, ,, . . .. . .... . . . . . . . DUBLICITV CLASS Honker staff busily working on yearbook - preparing to paste up pictures on dummy copy - senior pictures - getting club 'writeeups finished. Seated from left to right, Sports-Editor, Bob Brownleeg Activities Editor, .lim Justesong Senior Editor, Margie Crossg Art Editor, Hazel McFeelyg and Chief Editor, Yolanda Younkin. Rehearsmg for lnsde Yuba City Hn with guest stars Donna Stinnet Regna Bayes and Bill Ashworth with radio production managers Joe Coomes and Hugh Collett acting as coaches I Y J I .11 .01 if, " 1.0 f ff Wrote its own scripts for two original new programs this year - "Inside Yuba City Hi" - l5 minute news talent and interviews show Honker Harmonies lively half hour disc lockey show music chosen by clubs of school class purpose designated by name publicity advised by Mr Williams Dean of Boys - I 1 H . 1. - - I . , . Q 1 ' z . . .. s L g il-. . u g - -u ' ' K V . , 1 , , I f ' " -"""'--. . -.. f- --- .L--.-.'L::1p4'f-1'--. "' "" "-E" -If .,9.e-V 41'-f , "-----"?""' ' , 5.1.1 1 5. 1fff572S27' 41:!.::1t::::!.::- 1,1-.!.z:::g:z-7.11-yf' ""1"""L""'iLL"lg""' Er: fi 'c .yr o 0 V92 2719 2 3514:-'J-l fl ' LV,-',,fj 4 -, in-'n"'.'f"-" .-fini 4 -tr -, -. f,..:. -, gq.-.-,-.y+ - .-. - , f - .-4 ' If' ."1I'T -I-ff -'rf'-"4' ' f',:'fl'l""'l"i1'f'1'11"-.,'.'1?fr1'ff'3f 1-Ct-Z ...fzz--.:'.Q -..-a-- ,Q 9 .,L-mtv ,hx .-f,4.'.-"" '..- ..1+.o-. '.-,. lrl-LIGFTS SlAFli Lett to right, J. White, M, Reed, J. Payne, L. McGuire, J. Mitchell, B. Stewart, R. Dahling, J. Nordt, L. Clark, F. Peterson, C. Brown. JQ L l3l5?Al ISN! CLASS hard working class -- published Hi-Lights every two weeks - developed outstanding new-writers and sportswriters -- Editors-in-chief, June White, Maryedith Reed, Barbara Stewart - Advisor, Mr. Anderson. CUILL JSCFQLL persons who have experience in journalism belong national organization honorary group too trip to San Francisco with publicity class on tours through KNBC Associated Press and Chronicle Building advisor Mr Anderson Row l Randy Dahling Shirley Harris Jeanine McCorkle June White Corkey Brown Joan Payne Gloria Sacco Barbara Stewart Jack Nordt Row 2 Loretta Clark Maryedith Reed Fern Patterson June Mitchell Sue Hancock Barbara Hardy Cerveda Ware Beverly Hatner Loretta McGuire A 3 H EW! E U NAU turn in news about school to local papers and radio stations keep Yuba City Hi in the news all the :me newly formed this year very successful under the readership of Mr Anderson left to right T Landon T Crowhurst Mr An derson J McCorkle M Cross , t. - . - I - , . , . - . Q , . , . . f' un A fi I Q . - - - ' - .. it X . . V v 1 , 1 , -' , . . 5 i I . . J El I i I t W I I I ' 3 I I I 1 , I I I ' I fi --.-ffl 1- 'firing .,--. ,ft if ,-. .,-,fl-fd-f f nfin.f:"j, f 7'f'.:1'--- 1 -ff 1? - 'A .,4"9f 054' 1 3,n,y,-"sz-, v,f.Qfg'I'a:- :g.f"VZ'-j'4,--,f'.1f"41f 1 -,,542-1,::5,-,122.f5g.,f?2,3.::' ff- 'ni-no " 'fag 4-1: y' ., 4, Wagyu.. ,f' ' ,,...f.. nu Anna 4-.-H... f 0. " .fv- . 4 ' 'X x 1 ,ff 1' fflmvfv .riff 'I EIQOWN and GOLD HLY CLU B! Kneeling Evarts Alexander Muller Collett Stewart Laney Glllles Crabtree Gargus Reed Seated Lekos Alla son Falrley Underhlll Livengood Story JUNIOR GROUP Newly formed ratlfled constltutron concesslon at game held lomt meetmg wlth Jr Tn Hu Y Earl Muller held offlce of president X X EPM? lwx K Sponsored annual HI Y Davls Conference wnth Tom Crow hurst as Its president tnp to Berkeley Father Cr Son Banquet sent delegate to Youth Conference on Govern ment ln Sacramento Attended a Y Basketball tournament the Sacramento Y Bulldmg Mr Wade acted as advrser to both groups xx Kneeling Bundock D Matheson Crowhurst Dodson Dunning .lusteson Walton Eden Rounds Kunde Adams Mr Wade Seated Glenn Warren E Matheson Brownlee Dahl mg Moore Butler Schultz SENIOR GROUP Took an educational trap to San Francrsco over Easter vacatlon presented program lncludmg movres and danc mg for Sensor Trl Hn Y Club Jlmmy Warren served falth fully as prexy b 3 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 - : I ' 1 1 1 1 - ' . in E S x N . egglgz ' . 'X 'rlvlwg ' X hi N 3 L. X X Q' X l w . ' x 'Ps - si x X ' A X A: .-f. 1 4 nn' .L - - y ,Q .X 1- 55 " . 5 X si' 5:15 B .- 1 . 'N - ' 1 , fflzf, 1 :Mk X. 3 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - : 1 I - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 llll lN CH DTEIQS SENlOR CHAPTER Row l Whrte Brown Payne D Wsllnams Grllres Rhodes Crabtree Martrnez Kosmopulous G Lahmann P Sutter Cumrsky D Bar ey Row 2 Down Huskey Mrtchell Clark Lannl Flynn Estep Gray Hrll Barley Row 3 Stewart Leeper Fouch Ann Boals Cummmg Harmon Cross Bayes Younkrn Cook Lreb ng McFeel Newly formed two drvrsrons Carmre Martrnez ruled senror group wrth stern h nd Pat Walsh presrded over rumor group presented slut' for beneht of March of Dm s Rrchardson Sprrngs by advrsor Mrs Stanton .lUNlOR CHAPTER ow Walsh S Larrd Rucker Ware Hams .lones Atkrns C Roper Everett Hurlbert Bently Row 2 Peter Atterbury Hurdle Lewls Randolph B Roper Courtney Wrlllams Evertsen Brown Shepherd 3 A Lahmann Dahlen Parvrno Suzelove B Lanrd Passmore Antwerp Schrmdt N Wrllrarns Doerrng Mernkmg .lulran Row 4 Flemrng Accrto Bundock Howard D Sutter K Barkley Hudson Ewton Stevens Dunnmg Moore Landon X -1 x " " l1 1x 1 I V 3 U' 1 1 1 - n l 1 U ' 1 1 1 l 1 1 - . , , . kl. . ' I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 Y . . . . . . ' ' ' ' a . . . ' ' ' . . . ' i e . . . ' ' Conference . . . sold tickets for Donkey Baseball . . .cake sale to raise money tor conference . . . aided ably , . . '1 1 . f , 1 . 1 .J , ,- R 1: 1, '1 1 1 1 2. Rvvf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I. . 1 3 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 JUNICIQ IQED CIQCII U H S always been helps fam: Ires rn drstress sent boxes to Europe recenved letters of thanks from Norway under ausprces of Red Cross members elected to councrl by first perrod classes Mrs Sears was advrsor Rowl Sears Payne Atkms Sacco Clark Arnoldy Goodbary Ewertsen Row 2 Arnoldy Reed Parvmo Stewart Sparkman Loomrs Zwarg Lahmann Cummrng Row 3 Ockerman Wrllrams Estep Smrth Payne Haggerty Springer Kosmopulos Edwards CIQIZQN CLUB Senror chapter of the Camp Frre Grrls annual Xmas toy drrve for underprrvrleged children coun selmg at Camp Frre Grrls camp Asllomar Ccn ference sold trckets to do nut sale so trckets for Donkey basketball ably gurded by Pres: dent June Whrte advusors Mrs Clark and Mrs Campos Horrzon Club Row l 'from left' Brown Martinez Wrllrams Crab tree Whrte Chapman Dunnrng Rucker Atkrns Dahleen Row 2 Kemp Ewton Stevens Blankenship Randolph Moore Cumrs key Rhodes Row 3 Young Carter Barkley Atterbury Cross Fogarty Lrebrng Parvmo Row 4 Younkrn Stewart Fouch Bond Passmore Antwerp Ewertsen Row 5 DeWrtt Arnoldy Estep Arnoldy Huckey Smrth ,. , Y . ,... - . .,,., . . , . - , ,,,. , , , . il r , ,d .. ,- -, - ,. , I ' I I I- , ,.,, , 4 ' I I I I I A ,. KEY CLUB Very active club - sponsored by Kiwanis - two day trip to San Francisco - concession at Bi-Weekly Old Time Dances - sponsored March of Dimes drive - held "The Dance" - ushered at football games - adopted German family in British Occupation Zone - held rummage sale for stadium fund - secured stu- dent rates at baseball games - maintained trophys and trophy case - donated money for 9 stadium seats - Mr. Williams, advisor - Joe Coomes, prelident. Row l from left Walbridge Johansen Erfle Denson Mark Spratt Row Z Sherr Hensley Thorton Nason Collett Case Kirby Rathbun Row 3 Atkins Otto Klamt Rudge Williams March Harter Coomes DEI? CLUB Pep Club initiated new members at a scavenger hunt at President Dolly Fogartys decorated the goal post for all games given at home ushered at home football games held concessions cake sale in Marysville Advisors Miss Lagerberg and Mrs Clark Rowl Younkin Harris Dahlen Rucker Young Rhodes Cumiskey Row 2 Martinez McFeely Reed Loomis Gillies Williams Crabtree White Brown Row 3 Bayes Cook Llebmg Fogarty Cross Atkins Flynn Gray Hill i Aff? Z N M y 7- f QbiY X5 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - ' I I I I I I I ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 5 - .. I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 , . ' I I I I I I I I ' ' iii ,V 4 fie'+5'2-Q52 Ti 1 "" Y iif ,Y f , Y - -' s ' 1 iz 5, ' J ' Q " , H- 51 ,Lf iff? LQ! Neg, . ix i 5"1,-4' : ' f-f fs N Ye: , ,, , , X ,,..,k , 1, 1 "Tr I ,,1 , -3 F-1 i X .V 1 ei - "' 44 ' -' LJ Q, ' -F if -4? Y .f ' - 1 ' ..,. ,s I - -,,- I - , 1 .. is ,. "- X' :itil . 42.5. TA' --- -fe-e r"'r'-H-...l . . Wren' ,:f,.fz11 ,,,,A.s. . is A" ' ' fe n , 5 ' 4 ' 'Y ' if CH ESS CLU E Members learn to thunk carefully and preclgely very enpoyable club NAPGLAFES Select honorary group composed of senlor gurls chosen by last years members vnth faculty approval played musnc an halls at Yuletxde advnsed by member of Engllsh Dept who rs the musacal apprecnatnon mstructor Mrss Arends gurls have been out standlng In servuce to the school H McFeely D Fogarty S Cumlskey standnng Mass Arends turned out some excellent play competatron for frequent vrsator and honorary member Mr Mc Cart Mr Smlth served as ad vlsor N Wllllams L Peters Mr Smith P Smith x X-I WASQLE mul CAVFL Honorary spealung club was led by .leanme McCorkle whsle Jam .luste son was elected to take mmutes ventured to Sacramento saw the play Hamlet noon dance con cessron at games Mrs Morell serv ed as advlsor J Justeson L Young P Rathbun ADDY HATTIU v' yT0m3 llc Kenna 7 Rhodee d In ow l lSrttm9 rtinez Brown Gllllesuhmann Beard l-an on Row 2 Wlme T Parvm0 Mclzeey Ga Kosm0D0l"5 Row 3 Cross Dal' en Lannr Leever l-teblng l Y Carter H ir Cook FlV"" Row 4 Bayes I Fine dance Galway a first spectacular annual formal buit band stand dinner social club president Tom Landon advisor, Mr Beales SQUIIQEJ Presented the first dance of the school year, dedicated to the new stadium .... gave an enioyable Christ mas assembly donated twenty dollars to the stad rum fund led by Regna Bayes and advisor Mrs Clark carried out other successful activities Row 2 Miller C-355 Sl k Moore Buda' 5 TOP ESM r Smith Marcha ow 1 Klaml Brllkvollvee3 Dahlu19 Matthews rhr side Landon ton Crowhurst O o Stand"'9 on rg Standing on len Slde , . in. . . h ul , w I I WN-. es, R i ',M' 1. ' . ' ' . 1' By.... 'I ' -... . .. "', I . . painted refuse cans. . . . Ql I .- 'rim-'-cn 41 . .i I lb'- R 1 r Z 'I I I .I . . "'-I rr." FUTUIQE FAEQMEIQI Cl AHEVICA AT XXCNX Several club members demonstrate the techmque of surveying fa football fleld'9j Bull Trexler Jere Lang Bob Gomes Bull Spratt Dan Hoon Tom Wllllams and Mr Hollenberg seem to be very busy preparing for the field day inside the Ag Shop Bulldlng Held annual Barn Dance with work done by greenhands as part of lnltla tlon sponsored sectlon field day took awards for prlze animals at this event club IS directly related to Ag Classes gives opportumty to get actual farming experience Mr Hollenberg adviser , ,, ,f , , 1 ,X f Q f,, , f c I -5-.,, 8 , . V O . . A . ... . . ... 'Vw 1 n ... . . ... ' 1 v 1 I I - I I 1 1... Members of Ag Shop are seen above working on chncken coops under the watchful eye of Mr Ward Instructor EAGEIQ EE X HQ! nn 1 Ed Murphy and Bully Becker are trynng very hard to get thus job done well so that they will get a good grade In metal shop Two members of the metal sop Gen Sanders an Charles Dedeclcer are seen at left workmg at then ma chmes Shlg Shnmamoto and Jam Noreen are busy gettmg the hurdles completed nn tnme for track season one of the many pobs done for the school by the wood shop CF 'L Sltf l! C I 'XSSIS C l IHA NPI 9-119 .Ax h' ll A h I I 1 d iw . ' y DQAMA CLA!! Nts v K! "Three's A Crowd" Lett to right, M. Everett, M. Goodbary, J. Wales, W. Gardner, G. Dunning . . . interesting class , . . conducted at night . . . using center staging, intimate style . . . planning 3-l-act plays for three evenings . . . more are being arranged for later dates . . . students learn technique of acting . . . makeup . . . directing . . . lighting . . . learning poise and diction on the stage . . . under ex- pert direction of Mr. Williams, Dean of Boys and Vice-principal. Q, SPARKIN YES MEANS NO E Eslick M d P Landerman T Dodson P Rathbun C Brown All pictures were taken during a nights rehearsal f:."'e i" I liL . Y V f , , T 4 Q e - ' TI N, , ,sa ,. a ., if M1 "- f er fxw, K' J ...D A N K , , L r 1 . .ze 1 I I - l fx iiv, 2, , ., yr, 5.-'ff " I . i , . Ree. . , . , . , . . -1-.2 1 f- 44.f1 4 ' 7 W' 'gf . Q.-5-ji C. fr . ' "Ter , 2 :95 a r-- u 1 fr l.:.I,I'l.i.l.1.'l ff-Y-fs. . lc Y- 1 . -447.4 ii ig: 'V A '5' 'g ef"'y" The gurls on the drlll team worked hard thus year provlded much color at foot ball and basketball games presented speclol show at Bug Little baskeball games carried lummous batons and marched In the darkened gym with luminous paint on their shoes very effective Above the girls are seen forming a YC. To left and right are ad- visers, gym teachers, Mrs. Clark fleftj, and Mrs. Lagerberg frightl. GIIQLS DIQILL TEAM QF I9-49 x X ffx 'KX ,Z f X Rx 4 .- SPORTS HON KEIQ CGACH E! 42, Wvwrwsg- Top rlght Head Coach and Dlrector of Athletics Bob Fltz henry IS an alumnus of U C where he lettered In Varslty Base ball and Wrestllng He IS head coach of a A football and A basketball Top left Coach Stan Weiss IS a graduate of Western serve U where he was on the football and track teams H coaches the llne In A football heads the B basketball teams as well as all three track squads Varsity coach for 1949 1950 Center left Coach Don Brook man IS the mentor ofJ V foot ball and baseball He deserves a lot of credit Bottom left Grayson Wade leads the Honker tenms team for the flrst time Center right Mr Bob Ward IS a former Cal Aggie athlete who helped Mr Brookman wlth the J V football team Bottom rlght Coach Ted Beales a former Stanford bas ketball letterman had the bug lab of coaching the C and D bas ketball teams nc- al 5 f I Q 0 Q , . . . - 5 . . - . . . . l , . . X l . . . Re- ' . . 6 . . I 0 - I .- . , . . . . , . . . . , . . , f' , , . V 1 1 tl 4, t xx 4' . l . - . v - 1 K L . . ' g 1 A f ' ' KY k fm ' ' B V 1 , . 7 . . A X , f I 4 'x ' - - ' ' ,V t . . . - K, , K E, .. V 0 U I lf ' x .' V 1 . X A I , X a - 1 Q 1 1 V 'ax ' N .1 Q , ' ,s 1 ' N ' ' . . . ' L x 'X ' . C 53 , ' 1 Q, s 1,-,ga x .X - 'X ff I f , zz' 1 : - - s'x,x . U, . , . I f - .kb I Q ',,v',' . ' ' - I . I' " - i, 7 -' gf -' 6, Q .' . 'I . ,., . Q . LQ.-L.. . 'w. VAIQSITN FDC ll LL 434' 4,5 iw? BUTLER DAHLING BROWNLEE E MATHESON SMITH MOORE n Tackle Guard Center Guard Tackle ESLICK ROUNDS CROWHURST D MATHESON Halfback Fullback Quarter Halfback Thus years varsrty had so so season won three lost fave but all wnns were league games somethsng new was added rn persons of two new coaches to and head man Frtzhenry Stan Welss tutored Irne whsle lrwrn Barnrckol taught backs co captaans Don Moore and Blair Butler led club backs ran from T formation with some Notre Dame box plays ll lettermen back for 50 YC BAILEY n Chrco Placer Nevada Cnty Grass Valley Rosevrlle Wrllows Marysvrlle San Juan Top from left Coach Frtzhenry, Landon, Dahlang, Moore, Hall, Green, Rounds, Warren, Butler, P Barley, Collet Coach Barnrckol, Coach Weass Second row E Matheson, Brownlee, Atkms, D Barley, Smsth, Eden, Nason, Schultz, Kunde Wnght Bottom row Flynn, Perata, Frazrer, D Matheson, Crowhurst, Eslrck, Krrby, Readdrck, Langrud X D- BX, CQ N x fglji, K ' Ed ' ' Ed ' ' ' - ' ' YC 5 ' l . , vc 13 vc I3 ' ' ' "" - ' YC 0 . . . vc o ' vc 6 ' 4 vc zo ' za JU IOIQ VAIQSITY FG TB LL Top row from left Coach Brookman Story Athon Thoma Otto Teya March Evarts Alexander Muller Meschendorf Benton Prtts Blackburn Mgr Wrllrams Mlddle row Coach Ward Hoon Smner Lrvengood Camezon Hamby Chrrstensen Bland Bald wln Callahan Gargls Brdasha Stewart Grpson Mgr Warner Bottom row French Brown Ashworth Grllres Lekos Coyle Dunlap Allen Wales Klamt Mgr Sams rn ",' SINNER EVARTS HAMBY GIPSON THOMA n Tackle Guard Guard Tackle CAMEZON ALEXANDER MILLER LIVENGOOD MESCHENDORF Halfback Quarterback Fullback Halfback En J Vs had a wrnnmg season thus year a green team learned last captamed by bug Paul March Coach Brook man was anded by Ward J V lme outwenghed varsrty forward wall team ran from a sangle wrng formation lots of letterwmners back for next year . . ,,,, . , , , , , , I I ' " ' I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I ' ' ' I I I I I I I I I I ' ' 1 1 A 'V A - ni ' ' A 1 Q- , A 7 VAIQSITV B SKETE LL , 1 , , AGELY BUTLER NORDT RUDGE EVERETT SLINKARD Forward Forward Center Guard Guard Forward A co-champion team this year . . . lost only to Placer of Auburn in league play . . , team was highest scoring gang in the Sierra Foothill League . . . Captain Jack Nordt was YC YC YC YC Y the highest point getter in Northern California . . . Jack made the all SFL first team as YE well as second team All Northern California . . . first team was composed entirely of seniors . . . boys beat Marysville for the eighth consecutive time in four years . . . played YC YC a heavy schedule . . . vvon most of the games. YC YC Roseville Grass Valley San Juan Nevada City Placer Marysville Roseville San Juan Nevada City Placer Grass Valley Marysville 63 ' Top row, from left: Coach Fitzhenry, Collet, Rudge, Nordt, Sitton, Adams, Case. Bottom row: Mgr. Brown, Sagely Denson Butler Humliclx Everett I5 BASKETIE LL Top from lelt Coach We ss Thoma E Matthews Krrby Sinner Meschendorf Bottom row G Matthews Atkrns Arryama Lrvengood LEAGUE SCORES Roseville Grass Valley San Juan Nevada Cnty Placer Marysville Roseville San Juan Nevada Cnty Placer Marysville Bs had a near champlonshlp season dropped only three league trlts a feather nn their caps when they downed the champion Placer B team rn the second tllt wnth them team was sparked by all around athlete Jack Krrby Bs also won most of a tough practice schedule they trrumphed over Marysvnlle twnce most of these boys vvrll be on the varsrty rn l950 an 01- 6. NJ 'sv " 1:-'Y I f LIVENGOOD MESCHENDORF KIRBY ATKINS Forward Center Forward Guard YC l9 ' 26 YC 49 27 YC 40 27 ' ' ' . . . ' . . . YC 44 ' zz - - - . - . YC 38 41 YC 31 ' 32 . . . - ' . . . ' YC 28 ' 26 - . - v - YC 62 34 Q 'U ' ' ' ' ' YC 37 ' 34 - YC 45 33 YC 35 Grass Valley 41 1 YC 44 ' 35 ' -1 f ,ls -1,1 yy all M QL . U . K i x . ' ,iii Y B Y X' 1 'P .Q Y - ,1 Q , 'X "-f ' 5 my , w J 3 C BASKETBALL Top row from left Nakagawa Fuln Muller Smgh Kolke Hensley Tokunaga Coach Beals Bottom row Manu Yoshlmura Arlyama Pernn Oakham Sander Yeates Top row from left Hensley Llebe Shlmamoto Kadanu Shlmamoto Collet Taklmoto Kodam Coach Beales Bottom row Silva Poulsen Woodward Wnlhams Smith Glugosku C team rs coa hed by Ted Beales these ht tle fellows had therr usual wmnmg season t ey only massed the league crown by a couple games there were fave sen nors on this club our of the boys moved up to the B team after the Cs had fmlshed up their regu lar season lot f these boys will be back as Cs nn 50 D team was also coach ed by busy Mr Beales he had some expert coach mg help from bug Jack Nordt varslty center the Ds were the smallest group of boys an school as far as stature goes but theur basketball abnhty was by no means small Shlg Shlmamoto a busy athlete was the only sen lor on the team most of thus D team wlll be on the C squad next year " ...h ' ' ...f ...so "l9. l w w h 4'-lf" -'QJQLA ,X k K Manx 3 'Q . .Q ' fa cf' l f . ffff Z 1 X .fl - f I 1 lr J ,f .- ' A. '. lf- - gh M' 8 Coach Fitzhenry predicts heavy hitting club this spring from last years tune ball club but tree lettermen are back most home games on new diamonds but there will be several night games at YC ball park two boys from 48 club in pro ball this year at press time team had won two SFL games and dropped only one ABSBLL I r Top row from left Mgr Brown Marchal Dahlmg Moore Brooks Hall Hensley Coach Fitz henry Bottom row Atkins Kirby Sagely Kunde Ariyama Crowhurst Mgr Falrlee J V BASEBALL hunk PN Top row from left Coach Brookman Eliason Evarts Alexander Camezon Mgr Williams Mgr Warner Bottom row Dodson Gipson Dodson Otto Livengood Yoshnmura Smith Poole Miller Tremendous turnout or t .l V Coach on Brookman again has t e big job of training e lower classmen in the oants f batting an throwing a baseball llle V plays sma school varsities as well as SFL rumor varsity clubs ' ii N I ln . T' 1 25 " Q f A he. .... D f V v' ' h , L, , Q ,if I ' ' " ni r . . f. ' s .V . , V ' - p' o ' d ti, 97' 'I R 'Qs' 'xx wngpl ' ' N J.. -4 'M - 'X , D' me J. . n I I .. FIQESHM E BASEB LL The freshman baseball team rs composed of freshmen out f the J V who were o green for the regular slot the boys learn the fundamen tals of the Natronal pastrme under the eyes of Coaches Brookman and Haan e team plays small school gunror varsrty clubs some of these lads wrll be on the regu lar J V team before the end of the season Top row from left Coach Brookman Hensley Cummmgs Sam Callahan Matthews Hoon Lekos Meyers Collet Mgr Wllllams Bottom row Mgr Warner Lmeker Luster Lundblad Gargls Athon Rennes Kodanr Sams Coyle Mgr Clark The netsters are coached by a new faculty member Mr Grayson Wade several experrenced boys are back from 94 the tennls team should shape up unto a trtle contender for the flrst tnme srnce nts rebrrth several years a o took every match from Roseville In an early season contest the league schedule corncades wrth that of Varsrty Baseball TENN S SQUAD ,981 L7 ,nm an ,gy gan cr -"F ,ull Clfr Q cr, ,S Top row from left Bundock Coach Wade Klamt March Mulcahy Case Barley Strong Chnstensen Front row Ulmer Wales Tera Laney Walton ll T Ol' . . to A ...th 5 ' . . . I I . I I I I I I I I ' ' Z ' I I I I I I 1 I I , - - I ' , 4 .4 0 -i 1' , AI. D Y . . J W .y ' 1. 4 ' f I , 'Q b , ,i K Lg I ! xi, sm. K K ,A l 8 . . . , K WNR0 , Ngny- N ' 4 ' ' - ' 5, 1 'f . , . . . . Q gg J A , I ' , g . .. . . ' K J , . ffffff I - I7"" l ' ' l. ,. I . A, " 'fl., , K- 1 VJ- ' f.,. f, " A wi I it ,T . . , .I . X xxx .., - Stan Weuss ns A track coach for hrst trme nf good weather holds out Honkers wnll have good chance to cop SFL tltle a well balanced team but not very deep sev eral mght meets on new track SFL league meet ns one of these at press tnme th nclads had w n a dual meet and a three way meet as well as placmg fourth ln the Placer relay carmval and second In another three way meet A TIDACK i 09.671 an -nm Xu 4 sq r lflfy 4 3 9916 HF CU: ,081 Cir, C17 Nga CI1, x r Top row from left Mgr Hull Mgr Coble Thornton Brdasha Warren Coach Weiss Bottom row Matheson Morgan Brownlee Rounds Nason B TIQACK -'Cf gear, 'W' 'W' NU C 7 -Y C? ff Top row, from left Mgr Coble, Thoma, Murphy, Slngh, Etlnngton, Coach Welss Bottom row Lang, Wrlght, Eslnck, Laughlln, McDonald gn mr, 8 track tutle hopes for 49 not too brlght most of last years Bs are now graduates or varsity men however team as strong nn the hurdles and jumping events especially at press tnme Bs had placed second In two meets and thlrd In another XC CII 1- 0 ncly X svn" A r oil'-"fr cn 4 n v .mam 4 f0"C'fr N" C" we ' p row from left Mgr Hull Rennard Alexander Arlyama Muller Stewart Peters Wrllams Ashworth Coach Weiss Bottom row French Llebe Kolke Yeates Trlguero Reed Badasha Story .4-4, weft ve- The Honker llyweught thln clads are gunnrng to keep the trophy they capped at the League meet last year their chances are very good Ken Yeates vs back to wn he l60 and broad jump he holds the recor In the yard dash the team IS well balanced all around they won the C dmslon at the bug Hub lnvltatronal meet to sh ow leag ue champaonshup hopes How many of these cute lnttle fellows have you seen on Yuba Cty Hugh athletuc helds7 Top row, from left Bob Benton, Clark Powers '48', Tmy Murry 148, concealed, Bob Sykes, Blarr Butler, Tom Crowhurst, Bob Brownlee, Don Moore, Jer.y Raub 'Sutter Hugh Doug Barley Bottom row Ron Rudge, Jerry Evarts, Alton Euton 'U S Army' Jack Nordt, Gene Lonan V495 Slup Mornson, Donald Row 'where7', Ken Yeates In front as Bully Powers of Long Beach P S most of the lads were nn the thnrd grade at pncture tame ll P B If Qi v XX A .W f I r 'gr 1 - a ' . . ' ' ' A 4 i Q - N 4 'I D I C' 4' e ' ,fl ' ,, , ' X V x I l 4 Q l 1 i t IO0, the C , . , , 'B ', 5 5 s. F, L. 4 B Iso 'l 4 -. . K - ' - I , l' . "TJ ' "- ' -44 T0 2 - ', , , ' , ' , , , " , A". .I fc 'Ml S - ' 1 -t Q33 .. . ' . " - ,-.X C-EIIQLS ATHLETIC ASSGCIATIC A National organlzatron provxdes exercrse and fun for gurls prrncnpal sports basketball badmlnton and volleyball partncrpated nn bas ketball tournament at Chrco basket ball game concessrons Grrls coach es Mlss Largerberg and Mrs Cam os Cabxnet members L to R Row 2 Rhodes DeWrtt Arnold, Bar kelt Huskey and Kahn Rowl An oldy Rusk and Carter l r, .xr 9 . 'h ' -wg g P .5 Q, ' - , I V' I 'A G. .A .... ' ' ' . . . extra-curricular active club . . . I l I I l 1 p . . . ' : , 1 . ' . ', - , , . : r- , , - - -JJ. 5 I . I . V V 1 A , , 'a ,H GIIQLS' SDQIQT! Glrls found Tennls heolihy os well os on good Body Builder Sharon Rusk and Pat Sutter Archery brought out the Robln Hood In some of The gurls Lavora Young Barbara Gsllnes and Corky Crabtree N Girls gym closses start the yeor off wlth rolllclung games of Volley Boll 'fx ff! it N. D. WISE COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 770 PLUMAS STREET Oppo 45 Y b CtyP SUIIEII IIIIIIHIIIIII SUPPIU 573 BRIDGE STREEET S YUBA CITY c , CALIFORNIA FERTILIZER O INSECTICIDES SPRAYS O FEEDS d SEEDS The Fox Cleaners ONE DAY CLEANING SERVICE PICK LP AND DELIVERY PHONE 2286 J 5 S St Y b Mooneq Brothers JEWELERS WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELERY PHONE 1303 Cnrlm J Fair Stole CIothIng forthe Entlre FGITIIIY H DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY ALL MATERI ALS T0 BLILD A HOUSE Bdg Ste STE ENSONS SER ICENTER YOUR CHEVRON DEALER IN YUBA CITY 438BdgeStet Yb ty an I Phone site - 3 U Cl I . O. 52 econd ., reet, u a City , . , 5 A Q 659 Plumas Street - Yuba City 617 Plumos Street :-: Yuba City T E ' ri e re t - Yuba City ri r e :-: u ca Ci Bradley s Store Wwffff DEvoTEn T0 BETTER scHo0Ls The Fashnon Center for AND THE YOLNG FOLK wno ATTEND THEM WELL DRESSED WOMEN PHONE 8 430 D Street Marysville Complete Prlntmg Servlce for Particular People Engraving Bandung De V011 5 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES YOUR FRIENDLY JEWELERS 511 Reeves Avenue Nates HUST BROTHERS Hugh School Market AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES Grocerues Vegetables All Types Beverages NATE SIMON Complete Meat Market JERRY NEWMAN VISIT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN 815 B STREET YUBA CITY Opposlte Y C U H S The Store of A Mrlllon Parts PHONE 3180 Fourth and E Streets Marysvllle Uubd C1113 Jlrt Studlo The Home ofthe PERSONALITY PORTRAIT PHONE 2303 J 725 PLUMAS STREET YUBA CITY I 4 ' . . . 1 '- ll I ll 1 406 D Street :-: Marysville YUBA CITY' CALIFORNIA Y ' I I ll ' ' ll ll Il FRANK O BREMER HARDWARE Dealers nn Wnlson Sportnng Goods BASEBALLS sus MITTS FOOTBALLS TENNIS RACQUETS 546 Second Street Yubo Cnty Conlnfornno Hamnlton Cleaners Cleonnng ns on Art cnt Hcnmnlton 778 Plumcns Street Yubcn Cnty LINCOLN MERCURY PHONE 2564 COLUSA AND ALMOND STREETS Yubo Cnty MEN S APPAREL FOR SCHOOL DRESS OR SPORTS Exclusnve But Not Expensnve RAY HUNTER s 8. H MEN s sHoP 728A Plumos Street Yubo Cnty The Bluefvzrzf C1 c czmery THE HOME OF SUTTER COUNTY S FINEST ICE CREAM FOR ALL IOLR ICE CREAM NEEDS SEE THE BLUEBIRD 623 Plumos Street Yuba Cnty Olvzf, Cornell E5 Hzzll PHONE 2126 INSLRANICE AGENTS AND BROKERS POR ALL LINES OF INSLRANCE Assouated mth FRANCIS HALL REAL ESTATE Farms, Homes, Investment Property 329 E Street, Morysvnlle Vogue Dress Shop FEATuRnNo Fon2MALs O OWNER LOLITA CARPENTER 654 Plumos Street : : Yubo Cnty O O Il I I ' I SII 0 . . .,.f' :gj:,m5g5:1,, ' . Y e f 4 J ll ' ' ll I I , . ' J . I ' A A Yuba-Sutter Laundry COMPLETE LAUNDRY Phone 566 641 Sutter Street :-: Yuba City Udlleu Cleaners WE KEEP YOU NEAT Phone 495 661 Plumas Street Yuba Clty GENE MORRISON DISTRIBUTOR . Butane - Propane - Gasoline Stoves Appliances Selberllng Tnres 756 Sutter Street Yuba Caty F G Mooney Co Dependable Jewelers for 34 Years 429 D Street Phone 3 MARYSVILLE Palm Druq Store Hotel Marysville Bulldmg PHONE 1093 MARYSVILLE Fred 119 Splller GENERAL INSURANCE 0 Phone 2714 325 E Street Marysville Offering complete tralmng an beauty culture GRACE HUSKEY Owner Phone 1048 421 Flfth Street MARYSVILLE - fWari1'11'5 Beauzjf Collage SUTTER IDI-IAFQMACY PRESCRIPTICN DRUGGISTS 638 Plumas Phone YUBA CITY W F Barmckol BARNICKOL BILL The Pump Man 573 Bridge Street Yuba Cnty JACK KAISER FRAZER Sales cmd Servlce COLUSA AND ALMOND STREETS G0 PLACES WITH RICHFIELD The Beaugf Box Your way to lovellness hanr s :ng and permanent wavung By skilled beautlclans Phone 554 714 Plumas Street Yuba City Howard Cleaners For Servuce and Sotnsfactlon Dry Cleaning and Shlrt Laundry Phone 865 M 236 Bridge Street 113 East 12th Street YUBA CITY MARYSVILLE '74e 044 Af '7amofmow Nash 600 and Ambassador Select Used Cars Harrv E McClure Nash Sales and Service PHONE 780 The Flower Shecld WE CONGRATULATE YOU FLOWERS OF QUALITY AND FRIENDLY SERVICE BOB AIND JO SHEDD .IOSIE BAKER-JOE DOLI Phone 299 M 715 Plumas Street - Yuba Cnty 521 E Street Marysville ' . H . 'e u u 'eeflan ' llllfflllllllf llllllllllS :-: 'I59 - u l L- c I tyl- I . J L 'fx LJ l C C . 15WE 'X H j 1 'M-.Ju uk cup, f KO uf W K 9' Q limf 'QMDfA ww My fy! why! WM' 51 5 ffifjw or' 4 WWML ff M Wi? ,ff xfffzf N fy X f WW f LM by JJ!! M QLNWVWK Cm 5 jj 9 l ' I At . V r MM f mf x :W jaw 'kj 'Ki A U I af K' X .!'bD73xX' .9 1 . , Y yyl Kp wp , yy G Wim!! r ff 9' A Alf f M45 5, i , I ' Sf! ,J VV! Q jj,1-I! 7 ffm X MN L 1, W L I X! If I M V ' L fi if 'LM KA fa, xmyzxj , TW W 'Rwfp Q MQYJ 4 - ...j!.!-if, 1 QAXX , ,. AUTQGIQADHI fx 7440, 76267 X ogy lj? WJ f,.,,J4'44a1fu-N4. 119,441 Sym-M, W y,o"v1,f1-vu,,A.9L Q 4,0-AJZS WADE 7,4-Q.. 53:5 Plfvuz, flugaigahj 43.-mf Lu-dz, 'gf-woLa1Q,4x MJT! KT' 'fif- iyf M 'NJN QQ ,-.J Z mf JD MMS Q? N W if N 729.4 TT ' N9 9- M, P . n 1 Q4 4, f.fvv,4 . J L .J D KF ' ' L l 4 p I Q 1 - p . 'f' 74 4 L Sy "1 fr fi ' .' L ' ig 4 I 5131 3 J jj Q 'UB' - xi 5 Ja lx r ' ,D an f W ,ff J xx af 1 of Q f V J ppfffw fl '5 V V fi J? f I X." ' . " was N 'if jj h K Q , , , M xg ' X- I I ki Q ,J OL-In Ar N34 ,N , A Y, V. I rx "' if X Q' xyv Tx ,, ' -YT ' Amy H 5' D ' NX wwf 55 'K X gy Xb, X V V X I ff '5' K' 1 Q CJ ff X5 xg A GJ .wi X rf VM yer' Nxv Q af 73 X PW foyfdjfwflyffgisw T ff F EOM WW MW 5 We Q N5 Wifi? Q 6? CH Ns 1 fu Wy N E xv , 5 W X R QN ffp W if . U ,N Q s M s+ if ef .d , S6 , A A5 N f RN X xx YK N N U N MW by? f A N V 'Q Q Y 9 in 5 2 wi S: A XX QS C Q X NL Q E N X w 1 V YQ gb N , A 'nl Q YJ Q NX x. Q. km Q5 if "fi, vi 'J ' M W ffiiaw. QLQQA -71-Al Lcjgj -in 61 XL! eil 4 l,,f,A OJXCV Zi! 79 Ml fjufnsl Ffa 444,421 ,akufflwfifjjlklfb LL 'app-L 4 1 'z 5 fx-za If f6f4"4k-f LL7L"CLL Z Q, 47h MELA ,L Q jffif WM ALVK ffiggf Sw gigs X-ff ls CXQ5? QTL. PQ:--t,.Q5 X., K 1 C3 x, Y J X A -JJ 1 l I . N ' - I' ' f ,, I ' r I .1 i K' N 1 I ' . - -f Lx A F' W ' YL . Li, f , W f " 13' 7 . N I 4 X v Jgfyjgig X V , , X Lg- A 6 Cl ,fi k!"H! V ' 11' 1 " lf' 'H-1 . f X 'Z , 7 f - - 1 ,f f , ' A f ' Ly al- g Effvff-if 1' 1- MJ, 'ZZ z ' K ,,7,, , ,Q . ' Lf, fr . -, W ' Cla Q 1- , XC C, :-Q-3, X . N Ct , Tn Q Aiea!-'jab 501.56-if F24 4,166-f ,pa ,Ja if if JW gpg Q-Z-441.1 72,7-if 049' .,4fa4-Lfujfi 4z04NJ CA. ,140-""-'e"4' flifxal f ,M 57flMf2'f?3 OZi?E':f:M wwwwv .9 7 WN Zu X11 'Tx 'K Z E!! U! N Z 1.4 Q ,141 Q.. I f ' . ,, f f 744,44 f' 1 2 fd 54,1 ' , -. j , ff ' ? , .f ? Y' V ,W V f- V . ' 3 "Sf f . , f KL ' , - , Jb- ,f " 1 A ' , ' E2 . , F- f f ' . Q rq I nn 1' ' W . .. Q bf' by I ' ' . K ' - . C14 ' 'QQ5 . SJ , ' -7 ... f ' W, I . 5 K' fi - 'N --A . -.. A fr - X N 7 ' , Aff- - N " rf ,f iff' - ak-10 'K R V f Us 1...-. 4. S ,f"7 j A- gf' f -

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