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VYWKJJJNM ,VQCFJ rg ilu? Pi A f J vdx ', 'U x ff igfa V wi 5-nu' V ' xl F Q ,,,,, .1 ' A, ax LJ fyvji AA fx J 1 A ' 1 ff My 1 i Xix ini: s ff - AVO, . uv Vg W x . , N 55 Q f- Xa. Uv Q WX' N 1 . .J W The ONKER I946 f f YUBA CITY UNION HIGH SCHOOL Yuba Cnty Callfornla X + av, V Published by The Students of O I O O DEDICATION Yuba City Union High School is vers fortunate in having an exceptionally fine and cooperative faculty headed by an able principal in Marion McLart A good educa tion is precious and it depends greatly the educators So with heartfelt thanks for a priceless thing this book is dedicated to all the members of the faculty who have taught any of the Class of Forty six teachers who dont stop at teaching but whom we are proud to have as friends cfli la 7 Acknowledgements on Foreword Much appreciation is due Mr G L Jessup of Woodland who made possrble this year book by his grand photography and t Sacramento Lithograph Co without whom there assuredly would not have been a annual We also wish to thank everybody for the grand cooperation in contributing snapshots and baby pictures and to the many who voluntarily offered to help compile the book in the limited time we had Special credit of the highest sort is due Alan Bost wick faculty advisor Yuba City High this is your book and we sincerely hope you will find pleasure in its pages and enjoy it in the years to come LOADEL HARTFR Fdfmf , . . . v . von V f '-' -to , - U f M f 1 .l lf 5. , sf , . . U , o . K I N . ' n I V . V . N I . . , TEACHERS AND TRUSTEES I IJQNO ' f'x MK- yu?-We NJKCK w- B05 M r, Haan BOARD OF TRUSTEES-Edwin G. Winship, T. D. Urbahns, vice- presidentg Elliott E. Meyers, presidentg Orlin C. Harter, clerkg R. E. Anderson. Mr- Gray f N a 1 -l 'S 1 V . - W fi fi. 'Q Mr.. vwf' Woo w- C5 Q' .rf 'JA' .V 1 E M f M s X.'MX'I.COCxOKf is 1 M155 Kennedy 'S-Y P-zr0c4'a if . I . I' L - I. ' x vi 1' .ks fl. A .i 1. ' Li E A X. ev ' 4'f4 9: Mfr 'E we DG' 'J COVQII x nscg M ' Mfr We MCNL-il N 1. J X - -4 fy , . YWX . , .I 1 'f 4055 W , ,W ifllri F. W .Q I I lljmore s-'lcpco is . M509 , Miss Dm M'S.rB . 471- a S fb Aff WW 0 Air aer . Teachers not pictured: Miss Arends Mr. Barnes Mr ste Mrs La ' - M'5sS'V'm0n Mr Lockwood Mrs Morell Miss Morrison Mr PBDJ-Gjxjyfj 'ff7ney' Mm Glbson .4 Nj' B.,g ,CH . Mr . A, no We, 5 It .3 EVERYBODY WORKS HERE 6 is 2 1 J' Bus Drxvers Mr Bostwlck Mr Barnes G Castleman L. Rnthter They get us here Attendance Ofhce: Left to right: P. Howard, B. Denson, B. Weast, J. Harris, M. Dedeker, F. Matthews, D. Vicltrey, I. Daniel, Mrs. McCamp.Ef-ll. They check whether we're here Stanton greets Mrs. Foster, who. is leavxng. a l lm r-J ul Mam Ofhce. Another Mrs. Lucllle Stanton and Mrs Donna ' ' Edwards, g 1-.- n t 4 b - . 1 . lr +- '.1 f ff' xl Nurses Ufhte M. Cum- ' Q mmgs, Mrs. Forderhase, B. Adams. B. Slmlcard, antl ,, X42 E. Bell Thu' keen us here ' , ' ' ,af , , 'Q I . U l K A K . I cl Mr. johnson. thief tus- 'ti-'kiln fi tmlxan, and most sought' gig. r after man at sthool. gg, T W' ' J 1 Counselors Orhce: On with the new, as Mrs. Lucille l x 59 0 Tw eedY P ,cgdenl xc am' pm es,am -'Q' QS! h 1-08 Ehlabgcretan 5 SENIOR CLASS THEIR FOUR YEARS 1942 43 d Se tember 1942 123 frlghtened llttle gosllngs waddled up the steps One omlnous ay ln p and took shelter wlthln the portals of YCUHS That IS all but Holman who was Waylald by a couple of Sophs Then the llttle gosllngs marched forth to tangle Wlfh the Sophs over the Darby but they were soon llmplng home iwlthout the Darbyj Next they chose Bob Shogren as thelr prexy and proceeded to show the real stuff they were made of HaVlDg wowed the school wlth the frosh assembly they went on to sell IOOW of the student body war bonds and stamps and then for thelr own recreatlon they put on a bang up frosh dance called the Frenchmen s FYOIIC The llrtle gosllngs complalned about fRl ht about here n evll and looked forwa chuckle would go well 1 the homework rd to the day when they could have two electlves g 1943 44 h ln feathers the WISE and foollsh half grown gosllngs Dressed ln the lates t mg ln p W h as resldent only to get dragged started thelr second year out rlght wlth Marllyn IDS lp p ll bl freshman class Then too Holman got exclted and through the mud by an exceptlona y g pulled the wrong way Cheered by the fact that they grossed S126 06 on thelr dance Wlnter Wonderland the Sophs went all out and bought more war stamps than any other class and sold S19 389 worth of bonds and stamps Muflled complalnts of too much home work lssued from behlnd armloads of books and llttle fellows tottered on 1944 45 h oung geese Wlfh real feathers at last Wlth the flock led once aga n by Bob Shogren t e y l n Thelr Punkln Prance the first sport dance of began hlsslng down at under c assme l r anlzed an exgluslve boys club called the year got loud cheers Two of the fel ows 0 g m de for a gala junlor Vaudevllle but they tlrdnt mater The Squlres Blg plans were a d h he wasn t the hero He dldn t mlnd not laltze Holman got temperamental when he foun t at h t he couldn t stand not gettlng., the glrl ln the thlrd act Three of the class beautles became attendants to t e q l Roses was the IHOSI beautlful dance of the year JUHIOI' Prom called Moonllght ant Bum Thompson was elected student Only a few volces croaked on about homework p body presldent by a land sllde 1945 46 l d ander of the flock Taklng P cl tn bl dolngs for the year Tom Tweedy was ea Q d h re ICI g g up the old beef Wlfh renewed vlgor CNO Holman we re not talklng about the foo ln t e h halls Vlbfafed wlth protests agalnst homework untll we found poor old Holman b red cafeterlab t e d b ud eled IDIO a state of senselessness wlth a atte lylng ln a pool of lnk He ha een c g ed M ral Shad up you moron enemy ears may be llstenlng Queen Katle and h r encyclop I3 o lxlng Gene relgned at the Nfardl Gras Four other senlor mademolselles were among t Cl Iled Curse You Jack Dalton A roup of senlors staged a mlghty pfUtlUCIlOl'l ca r attendants 5, nlval drew the customary blg crowd who were eage at the Open Hous The senlor Lat h h me of the Senlor Ball and a t Corny Island Yochlmllto was t e t e f h to see and be seen a ood tlme was had by all amld floatlnt, Ol'Cl llLlS Then on june 14 19-16 102 mlg ty ll lt leave of YCUHS forever 3 k wln and wlth many a fond farewell they a too Honkers too g fAll except Holman that IS who stayed for a post crad course J O 5 t Helen UI m T'e1! liter er lo S0c:feA:rI1fter Ch,,,mL'gf1es N C3551 d Remus: y Ik . . , , . , l . . , , , 1, -at . 9 3 , I 1 V . . . 1 ' . . . . Y . . v . u ' ' . , 1 m . ' I A f -Y A . , . , . . I . . . K 1 , ' U ! I f . . . . . , I , IAI. ' . 1 - . . 7 i , , - - - - , .. , . .. ' 1 I I 1 ' - 1, a . ' U y . . . . . N 4 ' , '- VKCVPK , ' . , . l. . , belng hero so much. lt was rust t a f . . , , , ' ' h ueen of the Mardi Gras .... The . . .Y . , A ,S ' '7 , ' , ' ' 3 ' X . . Y. y , , . K 'guy . ' 1 V . T ' . I I , .... V l ru D I - . A - V - 1 f I v ' v 4 r v ' r - - - - l . v l e .... ' - ' ' ' 'f ' .- ' 1- ' l ' ' I .' ' -.-- , . 'f - , L P12 - - ' ' ' .- . - 1 f . ' ' . . ,. I ,S . K V ,A . . . 5. . . . ,. . A am , , - h . , V S Roy . EVELYN BELL G. A. A.: Home Economics Club: Gee Vees. BONNIE CARDER Transfer from Marysville: Spanish Club: G.A,A,, secre- tary and treasurer: Hi-Y. JACK CODE .fx DOLORES BISHOP Commissioner of Publicit' 3. Glee Club: Pep Club: States- man Club. president: Tri Hi Y, Girls League. secrezaru. junior Class. sntial afqivmes. Hi-Lights. reporter: Honker sales n anager: Mardi Gras ar- tendant: French Club. vice president: Conference Dc-le gate. FENXVICK CARLILE Cadet. lst Lt. DICK CRAIG B Football: Chess Club: A Football: Letterman: A Basket- ball, manager. MARNA BRANDT Big Sisters: Red Cross. ROY CASSIDY Hi Lights. feature editor: Fresh- man Class. vice president: ,lun- ior Class, reporter: Senior Class. reporter: Honker: Band: Cadets: Latin Club: president. vice-president, and treasurer: Squires. president, vice-prcsi- dent, and charter member: Jr. Red Cross, president: Drama' tics Club: First Aid Club: Christmas Plav: C Track, CAROLYN CURRIER Band: Glee: Frosh Class. re- porter: G.A.A.: Honor Soti- ety: Dramatics Club: French Club: Hi-Lights, editor, manag- ing editor, reporter, circulation manager, Servicemen's Editor: Big Sisters, reporter. iQ i' 3 . S95 'G' 4 ' 1 0' KEITH BRYANT ROY CHRISTIANSON Cadets: Archery: Metal Shop: Jr. Red Cross. ILAMAE DANIEL Glee Club: French Club. ul 4. ', -2 4, 'Jael' ,, . ' ' , Y t.stfv.' 1: gl T5 t, I' ,D ' ..+. DAN BUTLER Commissioner of Athletics, L in Club: Intramural Counc B Basketball: C Basketball: Basketball: A Baseball: B Bu ball: B Tratk. Squires: Letter- man, Chico Stare Lonferen Delegate JIM CLARK Senior Council: Jr. Council: S uires, president: Statesman Ctlub. treasurer: Camera Club. vice-president, treasurer: Cadets: C Basketball: A Track: B Track: C Track: Auto Shop Club, vice-president: Boys I-Ii Y. GENE DAVIS King of Mardi ball: A Baseball: A Basketball: B Football: F. F. A. Squires: Archery Club man: A Track. -ES- gem '.-up i' pf 5 JUNE Dost Club: G.A A.. Arch- jr. Red Crossg Social DON FITZGERALD Club. treasurer: Intra- Council. clitectorg B Hi-Lights, sports ed- Jr. Red Cross. Stare Confer- LORRAINE GRAY Band, G,A.A.g Tri Hi-Y, Pep lub, 7 is ff' 6 4 1? ff. A 5. , V I ,. lim.. 'be ima 413' J. FAITHE EDWARDS Honor Society, Statesman Club. Latin Club, Gee Vtes. council member. ELIZABETH FOGARTY Band: Freshman Class, secre tary1 Sophomore Class, report- erg Senior Class, secretaryl Honor Society, life member. secretary, reporter: jr. Red Cross, treasurerl French Club. secretary, treasurer: Girls League. treasurer: Vanguard. The Little Theater Players, sec- reraryg The Hams, secretar. Pep Club: Girls Tri Hi-YL Orchestra, D. A. R. District Winner fcontest still going onlg Honor Society, vice- presidentz Senior Play. DONALD HARDY Cadet. Pfc. KATHRYN EDWARDS G.A,A.: Tumbling: Maioreue FRANK FONLEY A Football: A Basketball: A. B, Baseballg Lettermen. presi- dent, Senior Council. AUBREY HARRIS Honor Society, F.F,A., chapter treasurer, A Baseball, Letter- meng Cadets, Sgt, F.F.A., sec- tional vice-president, secretary, Intramural Baseballg Tennis Club, JEW ELL ELLIS RUTH GARDENHIRE LOADEL HARTER Senior Class, social activities chairmang Honker, editorg Van- guardg Honor Society. vice- president, treasurer, life mem- berg Latin I. secretary, Latin III, secretary: ,lr Red Cross. presidenti Camera Clubg Hams Dramatic Club: Bandg Rotary Club Essay Contest. lst prizeg Orchestra: Little Theater Play- ers, Lions Club Speaking Con- test, zone winner: Mardi Gras, attendant: Senior Playg Hi- Lights. editor, Masque and Gavel, secretary, Horizon Club: California champion, Legion Auxiliary Essay Contest. 'C' iff' f 1 4 ,, 0 iw X In J' s JIM ESLICK Band: B Track: Mechanical Drawing Club. ROBERT GILMORE Hi-Y. treasurer: Cadets. S!Sgt. DELBERT HARTMAN HAZEL HARVEY RAYMOND HELSEM Bandl GA,A.1 Orchestra, Hmm' SOUCYY, life member. lr, Red Cross BETTE HONIG AKIO IWANAGA A Basketball, A Track: A Bue- ball: Transfer from Amache High JENNY KAHN NANCY KAWAMOTO G.A.A., cabinet Home Econ. Club: Spanish Club, Jr Red Cross. CLINTON H ENSON EULA JONES Honor Society, G A A. setrre tary. CONSTANCE KEELER Spanish Club. Big Sisters Club, treasurer: Tri HiYY, G A A. RICHARD HILL B Basketball. B Track. Four ball. manager. ZULA JONES GAA.. Band: Honor Society life member CARL KEELY Frenth Club. treasurerg Cadets RAY HILLAM D, B, A Basketball, A. B Haw,-. ball, Lettermenp Band FOSTER KALKOFFEN F F.A.. secretary, Cadets. Sec- ond Lieut.g Boys Hi-YQ Civil Air Patrolg Spanish Club: Social Dancing Club, Football. BARBARA KIMERER Statesman Clubg French Club. reporterg Pep Club, Senior Councilg Junior Counrilg Jr. Red Cross. fy Zi' 2 cf I A' ,x Q . f' f I9 J Qiihzlliiix f ,-1--7 'LN 9,2 A11 ? 11' is Q' in 1 JOSEPHINE NEVIS Hobby Club, An Club: G,A. A.: Big Sister Club, Jr. Red Cross. EDWARD PERRY Honor Society, president, life memberg Music Club, presi- dent, Science Club, presideml Debating Club, presidenrg French Club: Orchestra: Band. LEE RICHTER NORIUIA NIETO Tri Hi-Y, G.A.A.3 Honor Roll, GeeVees, POLLY PICKTON Tumblingg G.A.A. I. C. ROBERTS PHYLLIS NOREEN Honor Society, life member: S anish Club, secretary: Tri l-li-Y, secretary, Big Sister Club, president, G.A.A.g Hob- by Club. DYLENE POTTER Tri Hi-Ytpresidentg Glee Club Horizon lub, ALVIN ROSE Cadets, ls! Sgt.: Masque and Gavel, Model Club, presidemg A Foorballg Jr. Red Cross. KATHLEEN OWEN Sophomore Class, secrerary, junior Class, secretary, Pep Club, vice president: Tri Hi-YQ Statesman Club, vice-presidenrg French Club, vicerpresidenr, secretary: Band: Commissioner of Finance: Mardi Gras, Queeng Honor Society: Jr. Red Cross. BILL POOLE ANN SASAKI Orchestra, Band: Orchesuag Larin Cl zreasurerg Tri Hi-Y, vice-pr denr: Band Club, rreasu Gee Vees, council, Jr. F Cross: G.A.A, NELDA PARSONS L c r MARY LEE RADER HARRIET SCHAPIRO Transfer from Philadelphia 'US '-A 1' 1 2-F J .yi f ,at , ji ,X if I I Ei CHRISTINE SCHMIDT Society, life member, secretary: G.A.A.: Music Club, DANIEL SUTFIN Football: A. B Basketball: Baseball: A Track: Letter- an: jr. Red Cross. HELEN ULMER Society, life member secretary: French Club. secretary, and treas- Class. treasurer: G.A,A.: Dramatics Sisters: Glee Club: l HERMINA SCHREINER G.A.A.: Big Sisters Club: Art Club: Archery Club: Dancing Club. ROBERT THOMPSON Commissioner of Student Con- trol: junior Class, vice presi- dent: F.F.A.. chapter president and vice president: F,F.A., sec- tion vite-president: Cadets, Sgt, 2nd Lieut., Captain: Non Com, Officers' Club, vice president: Squires, vice president: Social Dancing, Archery Club: Letter- man: A Football, captain: I5 Football C, B Basketball: Intra- mural Sports, Captain A Base- ball: B, Baseball. FRANCES VON GELDERN Freshman Class, treasurer: Hon- or Socifry: V Pep Club: Rifle Clubf HPI-IBIIISZ Big Sisters: Girls League, vice-president. NINA SINGH BETTY TRIGUEIRO Maiorette: Junior Red Cross. secretary: Yell Leader, two years: Pep Club: Glec Club: Social Dancing. MARILYN WEBER G. A,A. , president and sports- mana er: Spanish Cub. vice- presigenr: Big Sisters. vice- president: Tri Hi-Y. s ii 1 X ROBERT SHOGREN Freshman Class, president: Sophomore Class, vice-presi- dent: Junior Class, president: Senior Class Council: Honor Society, life member, presi- dent: Latin Club, president: Band: Orchestra: Dramatics Club, president: Radio Pro- gram. INEZ TRIGUEIRO Latin Club: G.A,A. , Honor Society: junior Red Cross: Archery, MARILYNN WINSHIP Commissioner of Social Activi- ties: Van Guard, president: Tri Hi-Y: Band: Sophomore Class. president: Junior Class, vice- president: G,A.A., sports man- ager: Honor Society: Dramatics Club, vice-president: Radio Pro- gram. X k 3,7 AUDREY STAFFORD Band Club. vice president: Latin Club: Orchestra: Tri Hi-Y: Gee Vees, council: Jr. Red Cross, council: G,A.A.: Band. TOM TWEEDY Senior Class, president junior Class, treasurer: Sophomore Class, treasurer: Squires, presi- dent and charter member: Latin Class. president: Cadets, Sfsgt.: Honor Society, life member and vice president: C Track: B Track: Letterman: Hams: Little Theater Players: junior Red Cross Council: Radio Pro- gram. LUETTA .wimaiuoro JUNIORS JUNIOR OFFICERS First Row: Jessie Montgomery, Jewel Wales, Jerry Harter, Johnny Warren, Joeann Ottney, Judy Anderson. Prexy Johnny Warren wielded a mighty gavel . . . assisted by Jerry Harter .... Many clowns attended sports dance, Under the Big Top . . . money from said dance entrusted to Judy Anderson, Treasurer .... Jessie Montgomery swished the pen and ink for notes .... Honored seniors at annual Junior Prom .... Joeann Ottney kept things going .... Hard- working officers sold stamps. FIRST Row: J. Ottney, J. Frye, H. Fogarty, R. Mitchell, J. Coats, B. Clark, W, Carter. SECOND Row: R. McClure, M. Crandall, D. Cross, I. Noreen, P. Nealon, C. Burnham. THIRD ROW: J. Anderson S. Seagren, D. Miller, B. Kimerer, B. Couey, B. Slinkard, FOURTH Row: J. Harris, E. Benner O. Castleman, M. Barkell, B. Adams, A. Dodson. FIFTH Row: J, Warren, G. McFeely, J. Jones A, Rogers, B. Payne. SIXTH Row: H. Hunt, R. Doll, N. Johnson, R. Svoboda, R. Wright, R. Butler SEVENTH ROW: L. Newton, R. Peters, V. Palacio, F. Koozin, E. Moore, A. Hurdle. GCI E: xx' s XIAX-v fax! rx- xii: iq f' FIRST Row: G. Frye, F. Gilpatric, H. Wisner, G, Harter, J. Martindale, N. Gibson, J. Winship. SECOND ROW: D. Gordon, C. Adams, D. Haynes, 1. Roberts, E. Currier, L. Hodges, R. Wheeler. THIRD Row: P. Duff, j. Duff, H. Poritz, M. L. Rose, C. Sizelove, M. Calvin, M. Barton. FOURTH Row: B. Caldwell, R. Weber, H. Griffith, D. George, U. Schroyer, D. Wanek. FIFTH Row: J. Tull, G. Berrier, G. Hocking, V. Scott, N. Hall. SIXTH Row: G. Rose, R. Wright, M. julian, L. Masera, -I. Clark, B. Parkison, L. Peters. SEVENTH Row: E. Crabtree, D. Baker, j. Randolph, j. Wickersham. j. Kirby, D. Elder. FIRST Row: M. Dye, M. Singh, M. Lynch, C. Irwin, A. Orecchia, J. Montgomery. SECOND Row: B. Runge, A. Heise, D. Fuller, B. Smith, J. Wilbur, B. Weast. THIRD Row: F. Chilton, J. Wales, D. Simmons, J. Carter, E. Snow. FOURTH Row: D. Hagen, P. Accito, J. Granneman, F. Kessler, G. Barnett. FIFTH Row: B. Holland, K. Hoon, L. Best, E. Perkins, E. Shrader, R. Gilman. SIXTH ROW: H. Barnett, M. Dye, F. Jennings, 1. Fairey, 1. Turner. SEVENTH ROW: F. Hedley, A. jackson, J. Fanning, D. Trigueito, D. Rhine, A. Stevens. Og-3: i F - H. , .. as-lv new --1-in SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Pat Spencer, Colleen Owen, Jack Orzalli, Sue Littleiohn. SECOND Row: Dorothy Hermans, Jim Kunde. Gavel was wielded by John B. Orzalli ,... Vice-President Colleen Owen kept members in line .... Dorothy Hermans' scrawl was seen on the notebook .... Pat Spencer kept a hand on the moneybags .... Sue Littlejohn told all to the press .... Sixty dollars snowed in at the class dance, Snow-Flake Frolicf' . . . Got in and placed hrst in canned food drive. FIRST Row: N. Rahim, F. Lutz, M. Dedeker, R. Rahim, B. Kirk, S. Vertrees, P. Spencer, P. Levesque. SECOND ROW: M. Simpson, B. Carter, M. Gilmore, j. Lindsay, P. Dyer, A. McCarty, C. Henso- THIRD Row: C. Coyle, L. Smith, E. Vanderford, D. Hooper, B. Kirby, G. Hardy. FOURTH Row Y. Haynes, A. Schreiner, S. Littlejohn, P. Wendels, Owen, M. McKee. FIFTH Row: A. Perr'n J. Morris, J. Orzalli, H. McNally, L. Williams, N. Smith. SIXTH Row: B. Flynn, D. Hillam. G. Rag- land, E. Merrill, R. Riesbell, S. Murry. SEVENTH Row: j. Alves, J. Littleiohn, B. Mayhelj, E. Mitch- ell, P. Ryan, W. Sowles. I K F Xfw 'IFUH t Bs . O y I I 4? E 9 Le- A -.-,Q Q If IQV ME QI.. f x FIRST Row: 1. Curry, T. Hammons, E. Brown, P. Howard, M. Seal, B. Seal, B. Helfley, L. Dodson, G. Lonon. SECOND Row: W. Bessire, C. Miller, J. Carlile, M. Poritz, P. Patterson, T. Glyahenkoff, R. Greene, C. Powers. THIRD ROW: D. Severtson, R. Oldham, D. Ockerman, D. Boals, M. Willhelm, P. Wilkerson, M. Cummings, W. Cumming, W. Salca. FOURTH ROW: D. Hermans, D. Vickrey, B. Zeleny, E. Schapiro, A. Matsumura, A. Komatsubara, T. Tagawa, R. Smith. FIFTH Row: H. Reed 1. Kochi, R. Williams, D. Snyder, A. Cartago, T. Bell, T. Seal, K. Kiyoshi, R. Rice, j. Dishman SIXTH ROW: L. Crum, M. Sherr, J. Sampley, B. Hayter, H. Hensley, W. Simpson, E. Brown, D. Sills R. Thornsberry. SEVENTH Row: L. Hall, B. Fontana, G. Yoshimura, T. Sasaki, 1. Morgan, 1. Cartago F. Kitagawa, F. Meinking, T. Scotten, T. Gage. v y 1 FIRST Row: C. Berry, M. Davies, B. Wright, L. Hunter, Z. Gilman, M. Hellwig, E. Snook. SECOND Row: I. Albright, M. Dihel, D. King, G, Lepik, J. Harris, N. Stanley, C. Matthews. THIRD Row: Mr. Haan, A. Davis, P. Nutt, S. Brown, B. Ryan, J. Greathouse, B. Van Deren, F. Matthews. FOURTH Row: P. McCarn, T. Begley, D. Minton, R. Reamy, M. Reamy, B. Denson, M. Davenport. FIFTH Row: C. Berry, J. Eastman, H. Harmon, G. Burgin, j. Mark, J. Chrisman, E. Clark. SIXTH Row: D. Snyder, J. Treclway, C. Phillips, D. jammin, 1. Kunde, L. Stanfield, J. Willis. SEVENTH Row: H. Love, K. Charles, B. Elli, R. Robbins, B. Harris, M. Thorpe, A. Alexander. fi 'V 5- E FRESHMAN OFFICERS FIRST Row Yolanda Younkin. Blair Butler, jean Spradling Dorothy Fogarty. FRESHMEN Blair Tragenallen Butler conducted meetings with dignity, as becomes one in high school. , . Vice-President Marge Cross assisted .... jean Spradling recorded all ..., Dorothy Fogarty saw that there was plenty to do .... Douglas Bailey let the press in on all doings . . . Purse strings were held by Bob Brownlee .... Bruisers Don Smith and Yolanda Younkin kept students in line .... Came in first in canned food driwe ..,. Led bond sales. FXRST ROW' E Mathesen, F. Hacker, G. Blackwood, T. Edwards, D. Carder, J. White. SECOND ROW: d D. Barkley, R. Talley, M. Fuller, R. Arnoldy, M. Huskey, K. Carter. THIRD Row: J. Mustar T. Fergusen, M. Davis, J. Beerbohm, M. Yorton, W. Duncan. FOURTH ROW: N. Brandt, 1, Renison B. Dwiggins, A. Eastman, B. Wright, A. Wilkerson. FIFTH Row: O. Craig, G. Hodge, B. Margrave T. Crowhurst, R. Rudge, J. Flynn. SIXTH Row: T. Hocking, V. Vanderford, B. johnson, D. Chellis D. Moore, D. Matheson. SEVENTH Row: R. Heise, J. Noreen, S. Singh, B. Texler, 1. Cartago, K. Wall 'T .1 3 5 FIRST ROW: M. Coyle, D. Fogarty, D. Simmons, B. Flynn, C. Gray, R. Bayes, J. Schmidt, B. Hill SECOND ROW: M. Reed, B. Loomis, S. Cumiskey, V. Meschendorf, H. McFeely, J. Heath, H. Kos mopulos. THIRD ROW: Mr. Esrep, M. Cross, J. Spradling, P. Smith, D. Esrep, P. Bailey, P, Butler Y. Younkin. FOURTH Row: L, Bratr, S. Shimamoto, L. Brooks, C. Berrier, B. Hurlbert, G. DeWayne B. Benton. FIFTH ROW: L. Foster, G. Sander, K. Yeares, J. Warren, B. Butler, G. Humlick, J. Bain SIXTH ROW: D. Smith, D. Burkhalter, R. Bunnell, P. Yoshioka, G. Poe, D. Green. SEVENTH Row J. Rogers, J. Nordr, R. Slinkard, G. Kennedy, C. Burrows, F. Graham. FIRST ROW: B, Brooks, j. Devlin, L. Myers, B. Showers, K. Branaman, P. Landerman, K. Handford. SECOND ROW: M. Harrison, A. Murphy, P. Cain, N. Merrill, G. Lahmann, A. Larson. THIRD Row: T. Eslick, P. Miller, M. Story, J. Cook, M. Baiza, L. Surfin. FOURTH Row: R. Geesen, J. Bandy, j. Denson, R. Morgan, B. Brownlee, C. Morrison. FIFTH ROW: H. Washburn, E. Eslick, D. Bundork, V. Harris, D. Bailey. SIXTH ROW: B. Seal, C. Larsen, D. Hoon, B. Yoshioka, R. Carsrenbrook, E. Nicholas. SEVENTH Row: T. Honig, H. Hammons, R. Rains, P. Hill, R. B. Okamoto. r4, -4 J ,....: A -11.1111 --Q... Y.C.U.H.S. 'Tween classes at shop . . . A new angle . . . Our mas- cots are temporary . . . Small, or is it the background? Zula holds a stray pigeon . . . George . . . Upstairs view . . . Ye Olde apple orchard . . . Campus at noon . . . An' other day begins . , , Catchin' the bus... Car lot . . . Fixing the track . . . Back view . . . Twin Cities Transit . . . Rattle buggy . . . Bus barn . . . Clean- ing up . I. . Strag- glers . . . Oh, boy, a hot dog sale! . . . Mr. Bumpus . . . The end of a hard day. .-.- X l n ' v Q, 1- I Q-.4 , '1'N!! ' '-sr 1 , x I I ' .ef f - '1,, S3. 5, I' :gave K Q. '14-5: i. 1 4 I fl ,gf V -T' ,4- -, 1? ' fire : 6 sg? 34 V 5. ' . AN, I -1,. .- 0 .W J Q. Y-- fri 7 s .T 1 an l ,213 N, if KU' ' 'F' riff 43? gn ai x..' X, x. f . 4. ' ilg gill' W if -Y ' s 1,1 FDCTIUITIES :V Hi X' COMMISSIONERS: Mr. McCartg Bob Thompson, Corn- missioner of Student Control, Danny Butler, Commissioner of Athletics, Dolores Bishop, Commissioner of Publicityg Kathleen Owen Commissioner of Financeg Marilyn Winship, Commis- ioner of Social Activities. SIERRA FOOTHILL CONFERENCE Yuba City played host to the Sierra Foothill Athletic Confer- ence on March 9. It all began with the commissioners, who had attended other conferences and liked the idea - It was left in the hands of a student council of club representatives at a noon meet- ing - Registering was at nine A, M. - Band members were early, too - After the speakers and panel discussions, the teachers served sandwiches and punch on the lawn - Yum, yum! ,5 P ivy , Ar- ' 'si' 'L' P v G . 5 My Ng . I V ' . QA, X... I far'- THI ROYAL PAIR FIRST Row: M. Sherr,J Wlnshxp C Keely E Perry B Fontana F Koozm SECOND ROW M. Willhelm, E. Fogarty B Knrnerer D Bxshop H Ulmer K Oken B Klamt C Currler THIRD Row: R. Greene, M. Pomz B Smxrh F ennmgs G Hatter J Orzallx H Porltz Anderson P. Nealon, Mr. Knowles yrs - MARDI GRAS Clever people who won prizes-from left to right' Mrs, Lanzen- ilorf and Mrs. Berg, lbelieve it wr notli. Joyce Coats. the per' fume bottle. Betty Loomis, the Chinese beauty, Lorraine Gray and Faithe Edwards. that thit pair. and Rob- in Hoods merry band with Elizabeth Fogarty as Maid Marian, Tom Tweedy as the bandit himself, Roy Cassidy as Friar Tuck, and Bob Shogren as XVill Scar- let ,,., French Prexy Helen Ulmer as seen at the Mardi Gras .... Prize winning floats of the CSF., Science Club and Boys' Hi-Y ..., Parade scene .... Last. hut not least. the nine lnvelies in the Queens court, Donna, Dolores. Jessie, Loadel, Maid of Hnnur Phyllis. Ramo- na. Sue. Colleen, and Betty Very beautiful. ,l , ' - 'Q' DUX REX LATIN CLUB Romans donned togas for banquet enjoyed food ab ovo usque ad mala entertamment more food After half year as rex Bob Shogrens royal toga was passed ro Roy Cassrdy worked fmgers to shoulder blades on pom poms and ers had fancy concession at Lxttle Bug Game Domma Lanzendorf was slave drrver SITTING T Tweedy J March A Stafford N Parsons R Cassrdy C Burnham D Hermans M Hamxlton L Hatter B Shogren Mrs Ianzendorf STANDING D Butler D Fntzgerald S Sea gren R Mrtchell F Gram N Hampton H Fogarty J Otrney E Currxer J Coats P Spencer E Mxtchell P Patterson J Kunde W Cummrngs B Zeleny D Ockermen H McNally D Boals S Muffy E Schapnro J Jones H Wrsner R Wrrght B Runge C Owen T Glyachenkoff G Rose P Wendells A Dodson P Ryan C Adams G Meyers N johnson Fa 9 61 f U N VX x! 1. ROMAN BANQUE1' r' 1 :X y.' x' A 3' ' i 8 An old tradition of active Latin Club was , broken this year when Plebeians, Equitites, and the not the Pa- . tricians joined to produce a yi ,, 1 ancient Roman style. J ku' A1 -. f A-4 i 'fb MRS. LA NZENDOR F sumptuous banquet in true UPPER RIGHT: Decorating, what a job! . . . Upper classmen loil on couches while the slaves serve them .... Prize-winning costume-wearers, Tom Tweedy, Bob Shogren, jim KuaiJe, Joyce Coats, Polly Wendels, and Shirley Seagren. , . . Aedile Loadel Harter presides over feast .... Pontifex Maximus blesses sacred pig .... Five days after the affair: Are you never going to put these columns away! X 0 Wu- 50134 ui U2 -ca ,fl' vw y, Putman: SIITING: L. Bachman, R. Peters, D. Snyder, Mr. Gray. KNEELING: J. Bandy, G. Yoshimura, H. Wash- bum, S. Singh. STANDING: R. Gilman, D. Snyder, C. Iarson, V. Vanderford, H. Reed, C. Phillips, FUTURE FARMERS Hayseed Bump Thompson held the reins . . . galloped past the Barn Dance . . . Levi Day . . . Snow trip . . . joe Matthews won state F.F.A. speaking contest . . . Gene Davis kept a watchful eye on the money . . . Foster Kalkoffen kept the minutes . . . Leonard Newton kept the club in order. SITTING: K. Hoon, A. Alexander, H. Hunt, W. Simpson, F. Meinking, G. Davis, D. Elder. STANDING: B. Hayter, L. Richter, R. Robines, C. Berry, V. Best, B. Thompson, B. Williams, E. Crabtree, L. New- ton, G. Frye, R. Lytle, A. Harris, Mr. Gray, F. Kalkoifen, E. Hubbard, j. Matthews, H. Love, L. Peters. 1-1 F. F. A. Chapter officers: Mr. Gray. Bump, Gene, Foster, Lee, and Bud, Regional ofhcers joe and Aubrey '... Ferdi- nand for Isabellah . . . The executioner , , . Star State Farmer Bob Amarel on his ranch . . . Oink, oink . , . Harvesting . . . Sadly Waiting tobesold...Mooooo... Pruning the apple orchard . .. Contented cows . . . Bob Amarel selling his rice. 'QW-QZfg'Y I -I- ,ef .J MR. MCRAE 4-eff MUSIC DEPARTMENT AND THE BAND PLAYED ON J. Wilson McRae waved the baton at many activities . . . Football and basketball games . . . Interschool conference . . . Gave dance . . . More football and basketball games . . . Music festival at Chico . . . Camp Beale hospital concert . . . Glee club made big hit . . . Glee also rendered favorite pieces at Kiwanis Club . Women's Club . . . Teachers' Institute . . . jazz Band played at Boy Scout dinner . . . Noon dances . . . Orchestra rendered beautiful strains at Mardi Gras . . . Coronation march. Oboe, L. Hatter, Flutes, D. Simmons, C. Currier, Piccolo, J. Ottneyg E-flat Clarinet, D. Cross, M. Calving B-flat Clarinet, J. Matthews, N. Parsons, A. Stafford, R. Smith, M. Storey, M. Mitchell, M. Davies, L. Brooks, D. Moore, R. Oldham, P. Spencer, M. Sherrg Comets, B. Holland, E. Lonon, H Harvey, J. Tull G. Meyers, H. McNally, S. Murry, D. Morrison, C. Burnham, Alto Clarinet, D. Hooper, B. Coueyg Bass Clarinet, T. Schroyerg Saxophones, P. Wendels, R. Shogren, D. Ledford, H. GriHithg Horns, Y. Haynes, D. George, E. Fogarty, E. Perry, Baritone, E. Currier, Trombones, Z. Jones, W. Sowles, R. Brownlee, Basses, J. Kunde, T. Gage, Drums, R. Carstenbrook, L. Lehr, C. Miller, Tympani, C. Matthews, Bells and Cymbals, J. Beerbohm. .- ,. -A f W ' A - 'LL..3 .....,... ,L - ' - . ' GlRLS'GLEE FIRST ROW: J. Cook, C. Gray, M. Reamy, R. Garden- hire, P. Dyer, j. jones, j, Clark, M. Rose, A. Heise. SECOND ROW: Mr. McRae, H. Kosmopulos, E. Snook, S. Ardave, P. Levesque, B. Couey, C. Sizeiove, A. Mc- Carty, B. Runge, M. Duncan, j. Mustred. FIRST Row: J. Matthews, H. Griffith, P. Wendels, Mr. McRae. SECOND Row: H. McNally, S. Murry, C. Matthews, B. Holland. After hours for the fun of it . . . Band at assembly . . . lmparient with that stick? . . . Dress parade . . . Kiwanis today. xx X A 'I I , J X 4' ORCHESTRA FIRST Row: L. Hauer, J. Ortney, D. Boals, P. Patterson B. Coney, Mr McRae. SECOND ROW. Matthews N . A 1. , Parsons, A. Stafford, P. Wendels, H. Grifliith, C. Mat- thews. THIRD ROW: B. Holland, G. Lonon, E. Currier. - I 2 ' , A ' JAZZ B A N D ROMANCE SHOTS Latin I pueri took a beating at initiation . . . The puellae came in burlap . . . A street scene at the Mardi Gras . . . Helen dashing on Mardi Gras business-what a week! . . . An overall view of the never-to-be-forgotten night . . . Coming 'round the turn is the Honor Society's float with statue Dottie Fogarty . . . Honorable mention went to the F.F.A.'s horse. I j Fu V BEST GANG IN SCHOOL Pals . , . Three men and a hoe, plotting new ball field . , , Starting to work . . . The two Mac's talk- ing of band going to Tahoe , . . Big Chief . . . They like ice cream cones, t0o...MaConwatch.., Noon hour is over . . . Mr. Lockwood strolling . . . But a step from home to school . . . What a face, Nursie . . . Milo . . . Smil- ing Mr. Gray . , . Coach , . . Is that a funny book? ...Outattheshop... Mrs. Dewey. JOURNALISM His, Q Mzliqsup 1-1 g1'l 'l',eq wx fgw otographgfker if 2 . xr-X l I I Nxmtj-X ,.i yt. r Loadel Harter edited the Hi-Lights during first semester . . . Quit to take over yearbook . . . Carolyn Currier, managing editor, became editor for rest of the year . . . Roy Cassidy headed the features . . . Don Fitzgerald was sports editor . . . janet Frye, Regina Mitchell, and Harriet Fogarty took turns as managing r editor second semester . . . Mary Lynch became service- men's editor . . . Jewell Wales was circulation manager . . . Paper printed in green for Christmas issue . . . Complaint box installed . . . Advice to the wondering was given. ,pl 1 , . I sa 'S . sts R l x f, it C2 Honiara Head Q X X ef ron 9' and rqbutors 1 l s ' HQSFQ i if 1 -331.5 HI-LIGHTS STAFF STANDING: M. Barton, M. Julian, J. jones J. Wales, D. Trigueiro, G. Berrier, H. Fogarty, M. Lynch, Mr. Bostwick, advisor, L. Harter, R. Mitchell. SEATED: P. Duff, H. Poritz, D. Bishop, D. Fitzgerald, C. Currier, J. Frye, R. f Cassidy. xqln avg sit x'-,pr ,-.J 'Q .hlst Honker :joy e! made E ur. '- Q ,4-9 hc, PUBLICITY The Radio class kept the wires of KMYC hot with news of the school. Over this mike went announcements of, reading clockwise: The senior mellerdrammer with the hero and heroine, Highty daughter and aristo- cratic mother, long lost brother and villain , . , Miss Arends directed . . . The Mardi Gras . . . New schedule-waiting for the bus to come in . . . New books in the library . . . Old Clothes Day. Judy Anderson, Bob Shogren, Maril ship, Betty Klamt, Tom Tweedy. 'Ai I , i tl. F , ,.t i . 2 Ll an I F f .3 5 yn W'in EVERYBODY LIKES TO EAT Let me at it! . . . They shoot out as if from jet propulsion . . . To get in this line . . . Slowing down . . . Behind the scenes . . . To the front! . . . If you feel like it, it's to joe's for lunch . . . These fellas are on their way back . . . Mr. john- son expresses wonder at clean campus . . . Made possible by using garbage cans . . . Teachers' cafeteria. Please note: men at one table, women at other. X. Y' 5,71 ix f 5 U 4 IQ 1 1 ,, 'Lt 4727 ,.'a '75:fW4?5f ld do 1 Jah' Z, 1.3: 'gan -f sul 4' fr' f'f,l 5, ri tid if as ba S 1. ' if 2-gi 'I .n:if15i'!'l'i' 'Q V 'mv' ' Z A , ' 'Y 'xv . sg 'A Q ' ,r ,Zh f ,A fl v i -'I -E If : , I. ,fy , fl . 3-' 'If 'sf O - A Q ' .IU :Cf ' ,M . 'w. .v ,-lf ff, ' bf Wg? I? ',ir,l.A -,. , 1-1, .,v,.' 11 1 Dv I' ' All '1.,ivY'sh'f,-Q4! ng 1, A 'Q A 4,5 'L' f ' dgggali' vga- I I it N 51 A-YL FIB.: y .1 ..i-'1.L3 - ., Q1 , , on ,V - ,A ' 1 1, 4, 'fm' Ki. ., fzxilh :J jf' , ji' N ks 3 Ki.,- g. u Y, ' A ' 'R iv 1 ' f 'eq is-3 ta - i ' 'ffl 5-'jf' - gf' I' ! -Z 4. !h?f1.,.M. ,I I A 5, . .,. 1 515: lg 'xl ., v ' 1 ' , , 4 F ,ff , ,A , L M A f ir g fl IL ,,4, ,jf . I ,r ly: I - ---LLLZEQ - i 1-', ,,f-,n xxx' ' ,lag f illl '5 f fn 6 Wlf + 1 Q' V r fn , , , ' If! ' W 'A 1 2: I 1 ' ,lx nf .I ' I J fljw - 5 ', I 1 1: ' AV 'H X V I .! I tl 1' ' I A ts! 1 ' I 1 K' I 1 i 'W' x , l A A :I - nu, J- 2 4 I 1 1- , . 1 A 1 W 7, ' fc: uf Y: f. a f- 4' 1 M ' ' ,Lam ny xi z il AV ' f 2- A 5' E tg 1 k in A v 'rl x x Q., f Hui li , in Vs I il Ml' 7 N 1 - 1 A ' - W K I ga ' -- ,' I lm 5 v , lg ,NYQZ ,' K f' ..' 3 ,I 2 .-5X f ' S- l l I .1 sri ' I N , 'Z 5 437 ff 1 I 1 'if x 1 ORCH IZFDT DNS if ' s , GBM A I Vanguards-SEATED: Loadel Hatter, Elizabeth Fogar- ' ty. STANDING: Marilyn Winship, Betty Ann Klamt, VANGUARDS Purely honorary club for outstanding senior girls . . . therefore, little activity . . . Marilyn Winship held gavel of Van . . . Betty Ann Klamt scrawled the notes . . . Presented original assembly. MASQUE AND GAVEL Standing behind the main masque was Betty Ann Klamt . . . Loadel Hatter scrawled notes . . . Joyce Coats held onto the money bags . . . National club . . . newly organized here. Masque and Gavel- LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Rose, H. McNally, B. Klamt, J. Coats, L. Har- ,Q ter, Mrs. Morell, G. Myers. 'Ill I3 IF ll 1.4 ft S. Ka' ,. Life Members-KNEELING: Tom Tweedy, Edward Perry, Raymon Helsem. SITTING: Elizabeth Fogarty, Betty Klamt, Zula jones, Helen Ulmer. STANDING: Phyllis Noreen, Chris' tene Schmidt, Robert Shogren, John March, Dick Mark, Loadel Hatter, not pictured, Joe Matthews. Sped to Sacramento on cut day . . . given privilege of floor in state assembly and senate . . . Introduced by Sen. Rich as products of the Peach Bowl . . . Chief brain Edward Perry and vice brain Loadel Hatter headed initiation of 16 neophytes . . . Mrs. Berg advised. ROW 1: M. Harrison, D. Fogarty, I. Trigueiro, J. Anderson, S. Seagren, M. Wilhelm, E. Fogarty H. Fogarty, J. Ottney. ROW 2: B. Adams, S. Vertrees, P. Levesque, E. Schapiro, D. Severtson, C Schmidt, C. Currier, Z. Jones, H. Ulmer, B. Klamt, J. Coats, L. Hatter, B. Flynn, D. Bundock, J Willis, A. Harris. Row 3: Mrs. Berg, A. Orecchia, S. Cumisky, K. Branamen, A. Schreiner, P Noreen, P. Nealon, L. Noreen, D. Hooper, C. Burnham, j. Orzalli, J. Match, E. Perry, R. Helsern E. Currier, D. Mark, J. Matthews, j. Mark, B. Fontana, R. Shogren, T. Tweedy. ,w,'+o'43 Dx la- , .k-. -... .., , HONOR SOCIETY OFF THE RECORD Y.C.'s fame-making trio: State F.F.A. speaking champion joe Matthews, Lion's Club school winner Joyce Coatsg American Legion speech, 3rd place, George Meyers . . . C.S.Ffs faithful advisor, Mrs. Berg . . . joe Matthews, another life member of the C.S.F. . . . Elizabeth Fogarty on receiving news of district D.A.R. title . . . Being stubborn, Ed? . . , Edward in a thoughtful mood . . . Ida, a smart gal . . . It's really too much homework when you have to cart books home as this incorporated pair does it! . . . Brain Betty . . . 'lhose brilliant guys, Raymond, Edward, and Bunny P. S. LAST MINUTE NEWS FLASHES Cwithout picturesl ! ! Bookkeep- ing Class wins International Bookkeeping Contest of B.E.W. for 1945-6! Loadel Hart- er's essay judged best in California by Am- erican Legion Auxiliary! I A224 .25 'L. Gray, S. Seagren, D. Miller, D. Cross, B. Kimerer, H. Fogarty, J. Ottney, J. Frye, J. Anderson, B. Trigueiro, C. Owen, S. Littlejohn, R. McClure, B. A. Klamt, E. Fogarty, Miss Bailey, D. Bishop, B. Kimerer, K. Owen, F. von Geldren, B. Martindale, M. Winship, P. Madden, H. Ulmer. PEP CLUB Swished OH to Berkeley for college football game . . . Good sport Rosie Winship held velvet hand in iron glove assisted by Katie Owen . . . Phyllis Madden held recording pen and money bags. Phyllis, an active pepster . . . Advisor Bailey, with pep plus . . . Dodie and Judy . . . On a Berkeley lawn while on the way to the Cal-Washington game. l I A SEATED: E, Fogarty, D. Bishop, F. von Geldern, B. Klamt. J. Frye, Mrs Laney, adviser. STANDINGi R. Gardenhire. J, Ottney, ,I Kahn, J Wales. C. Schmidt, Miss Bailey. adviser: B. Carder, M Wleber, R. Mitchell GIRLS' LEAGUE-League boots were tilled by Betty Ann Klamt, aided by lerantes von Geldern . . . Hi ,linx Spring ten . . . Entrusted treasury to Elizabeth Fogarty and diary to Dodie Bishop jane Frye reported the doings. ,aff i 1 if K N .. 6- 1 f- ff, 4.2L 1 'ir 1 OFFICERS GA.A.-iiood sport Marilyn Wcker kept on the hall . . . Bonnie Carder iuggled the money and notes . . Regina Mittnell was sports manager . , joined forces with Marysville for rwo playdays Ta 1,, 'D' Rf' ofp' 0, r1, 'eq sl, e , ,yi 0 le 'I C' 'he -J fr sexy! Uh, bd, GIRLS' TRI-Y Dylene Potter wielded gavel while Phyllis Noreen scribbled out the minutes . . . Flash Fogarty reported . . . Christ- mas baskets to poor . . . VUere generally useful. JO Dimes h ol NWC . he Wim. out 'mm Q ge ROV' II P Noreen N Parsons D. Potrtr l. Nor' n M -n 7 xr . , . LC ,P addr . H log ry 501' 2',D, Bishop, K, Owen, R 1MiKQlurc. T Glyafhenkoif. S Lmleyohn. 1 Hamilton. M Winship Row 1 M Lynih. A braflord. M. Lalwin. R Mitthell. J Frye. B Lanier. M Weber, I Keeler, l. Gray. j Otrncy li Pogarry. Miss Pamtka 'ws .sa - y i, 'C 'lf .. iz, 'Q -il! 'gg A , ' M H L-I T: 'J W' t S.. J rw rf Q ,,-X f 1' if . ff' . V - ll' 71 A qs 'wg-, A t in V A , r A fe? -ff' gg Old clothes day sponsored hy Tri Hi-Y for relief . . . Wcmnilerful turn- out . . . Proof is here. il -tt e ,I L:.'.LL.,-..4,-M-- ' ilfl ' 'isa l K K his , 1 va m. Q'-fill Q. -45 - , , li 'las- Qliv s 3-3-.Livio IT'S ALL FQR THE BOYS! 5 vw Y i J BOYS' HI-Y Stern hand of Norman Smith ruled over two hot dog sales . . . A ski trip . . . Trip to Chico . . . The Charlie Adams swished pen and ink . . . Gerald de Wayne was press agent. ROW l: G. Dewayne, P. Morgan, R. Gilmore, C. Adams. ROW 2: G. Ragland, J. Morris, P, Ryan, F. Kalkoffen, D. Moore. C A D E T S Captain Reedy headed military men . . . Two bar general Bump Thompson commanded men . . Aided by Carlisle and Kalkoffen, leffnants . . . Only military club in school. Y Y 9 ' sQulREs Tom Tweedy was chief bloke . . . Aided by Gentleman Jerry Harter . . . John B. Orzalli, E ., kept a dignified report on the notes . . Second semester,gJiJm Clark, Hal Wisner, and Rabbit Butler took over . . . Gave a jolly good dance, don zcha know! . . . and blimey, what a bloody good time was had at the Clear Lake picnic . . . Cheetio! SEATED: Mt. Lockwood. adviser, B. Thompson, T. Tweedy. J. Clark, R, Cassidy, D. Butler, D. Fitzgerald. STANDING: J. Martindale, F. Gilpatric, H, Wisner, G. Harte.: J. Orzalli, R. Butler, L. Hall, T. Gage. Captain R. Thom son. lsr Lieur. F. Carlile, 2nd Lieut. F. Kalkoffen. lst Sgt. A. Rose, Staff Sgr. T. Tweedy, XV. Caldwell, Sgr. W. Holland. A. Harris. J. Grannaman, D. Ledford, Cpl. A. New, Perkins, R. Svoboda, R. XVeber, Pfc. E. Brown, L, Crum, R. Gilmore, D. Jommen. H. McNally, J. Morris, J. Orzalli, C. Powers. T. Seal. N. Smirh. J. Tredway, Pvrs. L. Bachman, J. Bandy, G. Berrier, C. Burrows, H. Burchheld. R. Carsrenbrook, G. DeWayne, D. Elder, A. Fairy, J. Flynn. R. Geesen, R. Gilman, F. Hacker, H. Hammonds, R. Heisc, H. Hensley, D. Hoon, W. Jones, B. King, C. Larsen, E. Lonon, H. Love, P. Morgan, E. Nicholas, R. Ncubecker, W. Salca, H. Sanches. VU. Seal. W, Sowles, R. Spencer, H. Washburn. F-5-he Q SCIENCE CLUB ,D -f FIRST Row: P. Smith, j. Matthews, B. Fontana, E. Perry. SECOND ROW: Mr. Smith, Adviserg j. March, R. Mark, L. Peters. HAPPY HATTIES K9 aio ' oh . endxnnh NP : if e 9 j A N. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS FIRST Row: B. Weast, A. Dodson, j. Wilbur, j. Montgomery, B Couey, B. Slinkard, J. Wales, Miss Dickson. SECOND Row: D. Sim mons, Y. Younkin, B. Flynn, R. Bayes, D. Hermans, j. Harris, P Levesque, L. Hunter, D. Vickery, D. Simmons, E. Snow. 1 Cheerful jewel Wales, aided by smiling Betty Weast, led the club . . . Adele Dodson giggled over the minutes . . . Beverly Couey laughed out reports to the press . . . Gave service with a smile at the Sr. Carnival booth . . . New club . . . Helps girls work together. STANDING: S. Brown, D. Severtson, A. Schreiner, M. Cummings, A. Eastman. AT TABLE: J. White, A. Wilkerson. B. Wright, P. Wilkerson, M. Baiza. 39 ,--ro z :ffm E Helen Poritz kept hrm hand over all . . . Norma Moriconi swished the pen and ink . . . Ramiza Rahim kept bank happy . . . Alice Orecchia was vice-tyrant . . . girl volun- teers . . . boosted treasury with food sales. First Row: Simmons, Potter, Frye, Huskey, Miss Dickson, Fogarty Second Row Coats, Ottney, Fuller r, Wales, Arnoltly, Carter f ' 4 . JUNIOR RED CROSS Gray Lady Loadel Harter aid- ed by janet Frye, ruled . . . The Fogarty sisters crossed up the minutes and money . . . Membership drive . . . Christ- mas gift drive . . . Ornament drive . . . Canned food drive. FIRST Row: A. Stafford, J. Coats, R. Mitchell, T. Tweedy, R. Cassidy, N. Rahim, R. Rahim. SECOND Row: H. Fogarty, E. Fogarty, L. Harter, Mrs. Lanzendorf, E. Schapiro, B. Zeleny, D. Sevettson, H. Poritz, Mrs. Berg, J. Frye. Packing boxes ot canned food for overseas relief. GEE VEES SITTING: A. Larson, Mary Lynch, Jackie Duff, Norma Moricono, Helen Poritz, Joeann Ouney, R. Rahim, J. Coats, N. Rahim, F. Lutz, W. Besire, C. Miller. STANDING: B. Wright, A. Vlilkerson, S. Rusk, Kathleen Branamen. A. Eastman, G. Hodge, A, Schriener, C. Burnham, J. White, E. Bell, A. Dodson, S. Seagren, B. Kimerer, J. Ander- son, C. Bell. h A -.gm taunt HORIZON CLUB Most prominent on tht horizon was Betty Ann Klamt, prexy . . . Lohorts were jewel XX'ales, Harriet Fogarty. and Donna Simmons . Newly organized . , Carries on Lamp Fire Girls. we 40 I Wf rff F F Q 'W S' 'C'-RWTH ft 4' X v 154, mx! M YY x X 7581, A! ji v '4eQ wi I O ::'f'.g': M' ' , ffjnfg I' 4 -ya' VAX ' XZ 4 16 ring XC 415 I I f if fl x4 W' 4, X 1 I New X 'JJ LS-Jyit px SPOR fl V, ?l Ax ' fl.. . - 1 1, -0.4, - .' SN X2 'fx' ,, - A X aff, ' 5: , I if H f, ,4 ., u X X , ff X X' .,, If ff, df :' X xv .: . 'fu' X 'ka ' id' fi---' xg? xx X - K 1 ' X. ,O ' gi , XVFQYS'-X Q Ido 'fx frxvn 1 , X. I I .511 4 1 .5 , fun! ,mr .6 K K U ul! xv-Erarvyx ! JSAQBV, 'I i 40? Viva! - E J I W 'l ' ' g U 1' 'lf' 2 ,v 16 ff - 1 'x ,' ' , f' fk '- ' lf' I f 1 --4 Q'1f1 X, QI, ffyf'-, ' My A 4 'gjfmfy' W . ,, L-'sw .1 st lg- Q --A 'Lsfaf -. 5 X Q ' 1 1 , '. mi' , l ii ' x ,251 AHF '. 'Q ' 51' 1 A 4 , .N . , fr Q N . I 1-ly' .1 -1. tg ' K, I I v . - ,V K NE A x , il ' 'Qi ' K J 'K I LYNX an XX , K 4 ' 9 VN 4 1 ' , f ,,'7.r- I 'Inq f ,p,yt.f fy. - 0 7,3-gg 4 ,t -' 'Z ' i , 1 2, . D 4 fafff 5, V Q ' ' 1 il' A f ' ,I K K .1 ',g lfjl xM,.,:, M , . , W ti' xt' 1' 1 I lskk tf I L K 1' ' t A lux U fb Xi ' ww' -V Y- --f- V, x M 1 R u ' X if-' x ?y.J q! 'NF 'Rx - -., ,- - 3 ,K J' I Q -,M .ian -. .... -f W' T- --V--f-ff X fx '7 ,I , F? we 'V if Q 3- ' . , 5 v.v, V ,.ua.a....---4.1 - 5'-M ll, wnu X . I SXQ 'F' ,Q ,fx , pnftet- 'f ?-.Ann ' , . -' ' ' fn'-4Jf,n','i. YELL LEADERS-Don Trigueiro, Betty Trigueiro, Dolores Trxguexro, Buster Rhine. QHWJ' n- , Bgov' aft, CM ta falfy Marvsvxlle B game shots V' VARSITY FOOTBALL WRIGHT Started off with a bang . . . Whipped Gridley, 32-0 . , . Bowed to Roseville, Grass Valley, and Oroville . . . Bur the Honkers tied Marysville, 0-0, so lots of fans were happy . . . Lost to Placer and Chico . . . Two players voted places on Sierra Foothill League All-Star Team . . . johnny Warren and jerry Harter . . . Team mostly juniors who will be back next year. PERKINS MOORE TULL DYE BUTLER FONLEY MEYERS THOMPSON GORDON WINSHIP FANNING I+- Qf ' X a l Nl will It go m Hang on to that ball VARSITY BASKETBALL Bng season for Yuba Cnty Varsxty You don t thmk so' Well we beat Marysvxlle twnce dldn t we? We also tled Placer for the league cellar champxonshlp Marys vnlle games attracted so many people the gyms were packed to the rafters Beat the 7 Indlans 28 7 Then repeated the stunt 57 39 Fmsr Row: A. Jackson, M. Dye, G. McFeely. SEC- oNn Row: C. Davis, R. ut er . Hun er, . Rhine, J. Warren, Coach McNeil. -H lag. WP I! 3 QL 4 A TRACK A , 9 we Z.,-4 FIRST Row: L. Crum, M. Dye, A. Hurdle, 1. Orzalli, N. johnson. SECOND Row: F. Jennings, B. Thompson, D. Mark, J. Code, A. Iwanaga. THIRD Row: D. Surfnn, G. Casrleman, 1. Fanning, R. Butler, B. Wright, G. Davis, G. Mc' Feely, Coach Swenson. as CYS EN V900 VARSITY BASEBALL , FIRST Row: J. Norren, T. Hock- ing, managers, G. Hocking, D. Gordon, J. Fanning, 1. Warrm, R. Hillam. SECOND ROW: M. Dye, N. Gibson, G. Frye, D. Trigueiro, F. Fonley, D. Ryan Coach McNeil. THIRD Row: G Purcell, O. Iwanaga, J. Hunter, A. Harris, G. Davis, B. Thomp- son. x Ewan RESTING 7731? -2 FIRST ROW: P. Accito, B. Slinkard, D. Moore, G. Burgin, j. Martindale, E. Kitagawa, J. Car- tago. SECOND Row: F. Gilpatric, D. Hillam, B. Butler, T. Scotten, J. Randolph, G. Hocking. J. Tull, J. Nordt, Coach Swenson. 1 JAYVEE BASEBALL FIRST ROW: D. Green, H. McNally, J. Burrow, J. Dishman, T. Gage. SEC' OND ROW: J. Warren, I.. Stanfield. T. Scotten, j. Alves, R. Thornsbury, D. Morrison. THIRD ROW: 1. Orzalli, L Williams, J. Kunde, B. Butler, T. Scot- ton, W. Sowles. FOURTH Row: S Murray, D. Mathason, D. Bailey, R Rudge, D. Moore, G. Lonon. JAYVEE FCOTBALL SITTING: T. Gage, L. Brooks, T. Crowhurst, D. Smith, R. Haines, H. Washburn, E. Matheson j. Warren, R. Burkhalter. KNEELING: S. Murray, L. Williams, H. McNally, D. Moore, B. Slinkard J. Lyttle, E. Clark, C. Powers, j. Kunde, J. Dishman, W. Haytcr, J. Orzalli, T. Scotten, W. Sowles STANDING: j. Tredway, J. Cartago, -I. Alves, G. Lonon, R. Brownlee, D. Matheson, J. Littlejohn A. Cartago, L. Stanfield, R. Thornsburry, B. Flynn, L. Crum, H. Burchfield, Coach Brookman. kv' BASKETBALL IIBII llcll Truck FIRST Row: E. Eslick, B. Heise, R Rudge, j. Eastman, D. Trigueiro, D Bailey, R. Haynes, T. Crowhurst, D Matheson. SECOND Row: L. Peters, B Butler, B. Brownlee, j. Warren. L. Bratt J. Kirby. THIRD Row: E. Kitagawa, j Eslick, T. Tweedy, R. Doll, B. Caldwell D. Smith, K. Sills, Coach Swenson FOURTH Row: J. Winship, R. Wright J. Cartago, D. Butler, D. Fitzgerald W. Sowles. FIRST Row: B. Benton, J. Eastman, J. Kirby T Hocking B Herse G Sander K. Yeates. SECOND Row: Coach Haan E Esliclc J Noreen R Rudge D Morrison, B. Trexler, J. Flynn. C BASKETBALL FIRST Row: D. Denson, J. Warren, K Wohle, D. Bailey, D. Trigueiro. SECOND ROW: Coach Haan, D. Haynes, B. Butler J. Burrows, H. Washburn. GIRLS' GYM Get to work now! . . . Through the legs . . . Now, you do it this way . . . Oops, slipped! . . . Sun in your eyes? . . . Pals . . . Curtin' again, huh? . , . Ouch, I'm squashed! . . . Posin' . . . She's upside downg the picture's OK! . . . jewel . . . Over she goes! . . . Teacher . . . It's alright if you're on top . . .Big three . . .Get it over! ! V . i BASKETBALL A LA FACULTY The best game of the year netted over S100 in a single afternoon when the faculty donned bobby socks and Levi's for a game between the Sour Seniors and the Fearless Fight- ing Faculry Five. At the top and on down left to right: The Faculty cheering section . . . The famous team: Muscles, Crusher, the Masked Marvel task him if he ever played beforej, Babe, Flash, Bruiser, Pothound, Hubba, and the coach . . . Second childhood . . . The line waited patiently . . . We'll be sued for this! . . . Still waiting . . . Shy li'l kids . . . Why so sad? . . . Get my hair on straight, Dr. . The line still waited . . . And here's the end of the line. LETTERMEN ff .I 'l If The Torso Frankie Fonley, aided by muscleman john- ny Wfarren, kept the men under his thumb . . . Beautiful hunk of man George Meyers chiseled the notes into stone . . . Sadie Hawkins dance . . . Took charge of Darby Day . . . Gave a simply too, too, charming assembly. 4 V I Danny, Commissioner of Athletics and Letterman . . . Some strong arms playing tough . . . Rosie O'Grady and Nancy O'Toole . . . Girls, how cheahming you look! llnitiarions are trials.j SITTING: G. Davis, J. Orzalli, T. Tweedy, A. Jackson, R. Wright, D. Butler, R. Hillam, M. Dye, A. Harris, D. Gordon, G. Kennedy. STANDING: J. Warren, G. Meyers, J. Fanning, F. Jennings, B. Thompson, T, Bell, D. Craig, D. Suthn, A. Hurdle, R. Butler, N. Hampton, B. Caldwell. SA..- lg-r' HM' faux .4 L s I JI 1 , G Wave ' U4 ,J fwgw 3 1 0 in M 'fn 4510 A arf 9 Q 35283: Q 'Usb Q S f'f4:b.g9Wg Q ni fgaffdjg. w x :Maw ?4fi' 45am Lb A! 1 .,f gy: 1 Wziff' if I N s-rf SNHPS xx W PML . Xfc xl J, ,Q ' 'u I -1 Ui 36? 1 x , aw 1 , , f ,Abit-iff: Q - lf' 115 .17 W !: .ii f, X , af -e' ' ff I ' I , flf' V ' 1 I 1 -' ff ' ' ' L 9 Q, , fl '.' V QS. K '1 A xx: L I 1 , 'XT ' J Y it V gffax X gif. x x ' I s' '.'E5::,5y Ns' ' W' Jr ' ri xx ' -'. 'rr' U fy. ' . .5'aQ'AR'g?:f,,fv,9:3AX 7' . - A 1- .4 -' 4 ,1- gi 'ffm fp. M . 1- , , O vl xi '.r fi I .., Q . Q 4 4 . a! ' 'I ,. - J 'wixgqgi-mg: f- f, u 4 ,,, , , f-lv Q 1 x 54 1. .' at QW' A+? 921'-V ' J x gs' Je 16.1 O'.,5j,,f4'- x 43,15 Lvl 'qv 4 ,iii Q91 5.15 'a .f 4 A :sr'y1.tf?' Q. 'ls Av. I. vfiQ.'l',!,f' 1 .' Q., Q - ' 595+- ' iff?-y Sf . W' ,Nb agp? . , V W Vl,x Y is x, KJ I li N2 YY ff f - 'I 19 A 1 . E 1 f N mv' ,Y ff? ..,,v-K ,ji , ' ' 'vi Q ' if 4 'f ,A X , cw ' V' ,M x ' ,' ' XX, fu X fo 1 ,f, K 1' Y ,,, X 5 A M ,Ji ., ,f 3 X A 'V K 1 f ' . ' NATU RAL HISTORY DEPARTMENT ws , i . A if 'H , ,. , gg .1 ' .1 . H... , . M-N:.M., we .25-X -. !:'Ef, 'A ' Qu' 5 5? if - Q,-4f gaS2Qr - -4 -NW-Eff-?fQ'ff'f A .3-QV?-,' ' 1 ' ,:: .1 as eilxfzegg I ',.7tf'vf1.Qf5 v' f , - Q' 5 83.1 3 J V T . .. '. 1, ' 64' 5 fm 'Tv-0' f-Qin 'A iff-,Q A .Q Q, --u-gg, 4 gin- ---gg 1. 335'-' Y ' , ...A ' , ' X . ..v, ,v ,. t. vf- . ff.-1, -4551. -43 HOW ABOUT A GAME? IF YOU REALLY XVAINT TO KNOW WHO THESE PRIZE BABIES ARE AND CANT GUESS .,.,.-- 1 1 . Iii!-Fi, ,- - 5'-'N K J' fl.,-s 4, . fr, Q'-1 -F-T .1 Alva. ir' X . 45 'xl W f i- ' f-W-, ,ees ,.- 1.,-fi i- ,, 5, lj: 11 Q 4,1-.Eg V-4--1 Day is dying in the West- enzorf' Honker fire: into the fume! at the clofe of four yeurx of hard work The S ' e , - and fun. Four year! never to be forgotten -a wonderful day. B142 following lbe fume! if the dawn of 41 neu' day - L1 new life - Qommencerrzent. 1-I 'ii , ,ii - - g 56 I ,- J U.. wi' DBX ,fx ... M sw W Mi N I 349, QW Y, ,?l,,,.:-,.T..T.,1,., x?,.Tl-....5.., E wx , ,,,..,. , g ' x . N -, 1-M Jn. .4....i,,1 'ff-E .Q-21-31 . --'XL ---1--N--A: Qxiflx dar. 1'- -.-- , S-nv J. ' 'P' arf .... '-f , . 'f : f 1 ',,,. 1 -.iff , 1 -Q ' Q V 1 P, ,Ag --45 . ,sv-. rfi f.g'1fJ -1 Gs J' 1 f .fD-fr'

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