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V MOmiAk !A Co-Editor! htioductii Faculty • 7thGia(l( Ciubs ■ Gi Activities Adi-Gin Piiotogra] Artist -M YORBA LINDA JUNIOR HIGH BOBCATS 1983 ■Cr Co-Edifors - Jana McQuown, Kelly Stout Introduction • Philip Akalp, Monica Krocnlein, Kelly Stout 8th Grade - Barbara Alsky. Erin O ' Necl. Christina Torres. Dawn Williams Faculty • Kerry Gillctt, Andy Johnson. Desi Noggle 7th Grade Erika Knutson. Jennifer Ross. Heather Sterling Clubs • Gina Di Lorenzo, Lawrie Dorsz, Jana McQuown Activities - Steve Ellison, Rick Hopkins, Billy Lindsay Sports - Patty Corbett, Curtis Forsyth, Tracey Frey, Stephanie Hobbs. Diana Kelly, Keith Pruhs, Margaret Suchan, Ben Weink. Andrea Windle Ads Gina Di Lorenzo Photographers - Curtis Forsyth, Margaret Suchan, Ben Weink Artist • Monica Kroenlein Advisor - Cathy Ycrian DEDICATION We dedicate the 1983 yearbook to a very exceptional teacher who has been teaching for a long time. This year marks her twenty-sixth year of teaching in the Yorba Linda School Dis- trict. This woman has taught second and third grade at Richard Nixon and Mable Paine elementary schools, and at YLJH she has taught Spanish I and II, math, English and typing. This woman is Mrs. Bea Guinn. Mrs. Guinn attained her Bachelor of Arts degree at Long Beach State. She was born in Yorba Linda and is still living here. She has a husband, Jim, and two daughters, Carol and Terri. Because of Mrs. Guinn ' s devotion to our school and her job, we dedicate this yearbook to her. : Introduction 8th Grade Faculty 7th Grade Clubs and Organizations Activities Sports ii Page 4 Page 7 Page 23 Page 31 Page 31 Page 47 Page 55 i The 1982 school year brought many new faces and many new achievements. Again, the magazine drive started off the year. We collected approximately $30,350. This mon- ey went to pay for this year ' s many activities. Once again YLJH had after school sports. They included basketball, soccer, football, cross country, track, softball and volleyball for both boys and girls. Our eighth grade girls ' volleyball team finished the season undefeated. At the Kraemer Tournament, the eighth grade boys won the con- solation bracket trophy. Dances were popular again this year. One was the Christ- mas Dance which featured a visit from Santa. Rhonda Downs and Tony McDaniel were voted " Mr. and Ms. Claus. " At the Valentines Dance, Ronda Nickum and Ran- dy Harris were elected " Sweethearts. " Lunchtime activities turned out to be popular too. Home- rooms competed in the egg toss and the pie eating contest. There were many dress up days such as Western Day, Halloween, Nerd Day and Blue and White Day. Students and faculty competed in the annual Turkey Trot. There were other special activities such as the Big Wheel 500, and the Football, Basketball and Frisbee Throw contests. This past year we have all grown up a great deal as we were just " Putting the Pieces Together. " AguiUr, Anthony Akalp. Philip Albert. Dawn Allison. Amy Alsky, Barbara Ashbrook, Tim Ashley. Randy Baird, Colby Balzar, Steve Barnes, Geri Bell. Jeff Bell, Jimmy Belle, Tim Bellwood. Ami Bieri. Ryan Bizardie. Tillie Blais, Morgan Boecking. Robert mmr Bo|orque2. Carlot Bol«nd. MaII Brain. Pat BtAngwyn. Linda Brtm r Ron Bh MO. Michelle Brown. Aaron Brown, Dan Brown, Prcslon Brunty, Lance Buck, Teresa Buffington. Slephanie Byrd, Kristin Campbell, Mike Cannon, Malt Cano, Lu Carroll, Kim Case. Mike Castro, John Cervantes. Rebecca Chavez. Carlotta Cheney. Laura Colby. James Collett. Jeff SIS !!E Collins. Cone, Cone, tea w Conner, ona ' Conyers. Mike Cook. Jim Coon, Kyle Corbett, Patty Corbitt. Cheryl Crain. Scott Crosby. Susan Cullen. Debby Dalebout. Tom Daniel. Ursula DavaJof, Aaron Davtdton. Michelle D«w«5n. Jeannlne Di«2. Arthur Dun, Vanetta Dislefano. Don Donnelly. Knstina Doums. Rhonda Duncan. Sharon Dunn. Michele Duperaull. Renee Dutlerer. Greg Dyer. Linda EIron. Mike " " Elliott. June Ellison. Sieve Englemann. Jennifer Englemann. Jiil Ensign, Brian ,. Escalara. Ray Escovedo. Vance Escovedo, Victor Etter, Anthony Felix. Charrae Fitkin. Susan Forbes. Troy Fournier. Nicole Frank. Mike Fratini. Nancy Frazier. Scott Frey. Tracey Fuller. Eric Gale. Danicla Galitz, Phillippc Gallagher. Linda Geier. April Gervin. Diana Glover, Trisha Goldbach. JuIm Gonzales, Craig fll Goodrich. Jay«on GrahAm, Shawn Gr««rn«l%h. An9«la Greenwood. Tiimela GriKin. Jim Habbick. Chad Hahn. Jeff Hamilton. H olly r- i j Hanning. Michael Hansen. Trent Harlar. April Harrington. Kris Harris. Randy Hart. Jennifer Hayden. Michelle Hendrick. Kara Hendrick. Kenny Henry. Daryn K - J 8TH GRADE 3 ymn Funniest Dennis Nolan and Amy Allison N4 Most Athletic Jeff Bell and Kari Larson Most Likely to Succeed Steve Olds and Kelly Stout Class Flirts Randy Harris and Rhonda Downs . MM Best Dressed Pat Wickwire and Ronda Nickum STANDOUTS Best Personality Ben Weink and Mary Mcrhab Cutest Smile Pal Brain and Caitlin Stearns Herbst. Jon Hess, Karl Hoang, Jan Hobbs, Stephanie Hopkins. Richard Housman. David Hovey, Roger Huxford, Christina Huycke, Tonya Jackowski, Craig Jackson. Ginell Jacobs. Debbie Jenkins, Mathew King. Scott Kirschke. Toby Klisuro. Frank Krasco, Slaci Krelle. Bobby Kreps, Heather I A ll I { i A mk iL ' jk iii LaPuma. Chrtt I.acko, Julie I dng. Mark Larson, Karl ' KrU l.dwson. Came Leathers. Steve Lemoine. Ed Lesch. Vicki Lewis, Mike Librizzi, Victor Lindsay, Billy Loughman, Meghan Lundblad, Peder Lynch. Steve McCune. Mark McDaniel, Tony McElhinney, Shannon McLay. Jamie McQuown. Jana Majer, Wally Makshanoff. Melissa Manley, Geanine Maple. Brian Marsh, Julie Martherus. Kim Melick, Robert Merhab, Mary Meyn, Autumn Miller, Cythia Miller. Mickey Miller. Shannon Miller. Wendy Moran. Kindi Morgan. Bruce Morion. Laurel Munger, Alison Muse, Trisha Nelson, Brad Newell, David Nickum, Ronda Noggle, Dcsi Nolan, Dennis O ' Keefe. Russ ' r f O ' Necl. Erin Ogle. Sean Oldenberg. Mike Oldv Sieve Otto. Jajon Padworski. Sandra Pagaza, Marc Pawlawski. Mike Peralta, Peggy Perry. Becky Pfeifer. Laura F ' feifer. Louis Picciotta, Mike Powers. Billy Pruhs. Keith Pudelski, Teresa Freddy. Venkalcsh R. ' inhardt. Candicc f » ' nken. Karne Kichard. M.ke Knbcrtson. Paige I Robinson. Christopher Rodriguez, Jesse Rodriguez, Marisa Rojas, Sandra Roslen, Mailene Razo Rudge, Missy Rudometkin. Mark Ruiz, Mario Salem, Mona Sangana. Raj Sarem, Scott Saunders. Dennis Savage. John Schnnidl. Rosie Schuff. Andrea Schullz. Tim Scott, Blake Seelye, David Sell. Christy c I Sharma. Ajay Shirley. Steve " hiver. Jamie IS, Allen ,son, Kathleen Slaylon. Shawn Smith. Amy Smith. Deborah strulh. Susan olesbee. Sabrina ;i.inn. Kristen -t irk. Jodi tirr. Brad M»arns. Caitlin Slillman. Erica Stilwell. David Stout. Greg Siout. Kelly Siredler. Jennifer Tcilbert. Mike J -i« ' ' y 1 9 Thompson. Matthew W 4 Torres. Christii ' ' rrutia. Luis .in Schaik. Mary Viinderpool. Man Vasco. Anthony Wagner. Lenny Wallace. Chris Weckerly, Debra Weink. Ben W White. Cindy Wickwire, Dawn Wickwire, Pat Wilhitc, Kari Wilke, Mike Willey, Scot Williams, Dawn Wilson. Jeff Wright. Christina Back Row left to right: Colin Askins. Michelle Vega, Suzanne Lewis, Darrell league Middle Row: Taunna Horton. Doug Hobson Front Row Steven Barnett. Jeff Steed Wright Hay. Erik Yates. Doug Yee. Charlynn Young. Derk Yu. Austin t V ■ ' M II Mr Ken Darby. Site Administrator My congratulations go to the graduating class of 1983. I hope the academic preparation you have received at Yorba Linda Junior High will serve you well in your future educational pursuits. 1 sincerely wish only the best for you in the future. I look forward to the return of this year ' s seventh graders. Your challenge will be to carry on the tradition of positive leadership that exists at YLJH. Sincerely, Ken Darby J I Mr. Larry Mauzey, Asst. Site Administrator a ' f m — ' rt io I i Robert Allen. Reading. Social Studies msssssBmmm :=: J: J Maria Andersson. English. Spanish Gene Barkley. Science. Math - lA Y ■I Patricia Camp. Home Economics, P E. W ■ rHJ Joel Birmingham. Social Studies H - -S ' t-- w f ' I Bca Guinn, Spanish. Typing fe M I Jo Davis. Attendance Clerk Tom Dale. English Art Josie Gruppie. Secretary Gail Horn. Speech Specialist raci Donna Lindeman. P E Donna Knox. E H S DC Sharon Lash, Science Ki Hwan Lee. Math. Algebr. Jerry Knowles. Learning Center Coordinator Lloyd Porter, P E. Nancy Shaffer. Learning Center Clerk KUU I i Noon Aides from left: Vivian Seal, Doreen Weaver, Buster Bonnano, Pat Wilke, Sylvia Pena Autry, Jennifer Bailey, Scott Ball. Julie Barrios. Rich Bateman, Christ Beach. Brian Bchrendt, John Belle. Tina Berkley. Jason Berstler. James Bertalot. Daniel Bertram. Lorind Bishop. Ronda Blazic Steven Boecking. David Brady. David Brain. Chris Bridges. James Briney. Richard Brown. Chad Brown. Dana Brown, James Brown, Tama Buchanan, Denise Buck. Mary Jo Buel. Jeremy Burleigh. G«of( Bybee. Jana Cantwell. Christina Carpenter. Bryan Carreon. Merril Chamberlain. Kns Chapel. Kristin Chavez. Phillip Cheney. Lisa Chnstensen, Gina Clark, Erika v: ' flll .M ffc . s. r fc .:s rLJ Gatk, Jaaon Colthiirp. Kelly Cook. Carl Corriqan, Kimb«rly Oil, Kenny ' ox. Kim ' raddock. Ouirlei Criner. Derek Cunningham. Jill Curtis. Julie [Jaiton, Leisa Daugherty. Kristen Daverin. Bernard Davis Di nn [a I ,!iro, Jason ' ,!• Eric I), r ••■rline. Brian [) Ai. Michelle DiLorenzo, Gina Donahue, Kim Dorsj. Lawie Douglas. Scon Dreyer. Jennifer Duran, Nancy il m I . Dutterer. Michael Dyas, David Dyer, Dean Dyerson. Kelly Edwards. Kam Egger, Chris IfeJ ?- ' 1 i.W 4k Fonseca. Ernest Forsyth. Curtis Forsythe. Anthony Foster. Heather Foster. Knsten Fulgham, Paul Futtercr, David Fyfc. Robert Gambino. Tina Gtrien. JtMnnc Gillell. Kerry Gordon. Pdul Green, Brad Grewal, Jeff Gudzunas. Christian Haage. Amy Harlow. Dean Haro. Dusli Harriss. Heidi Hartford. Joseph Haun, Chris Hayden, Amber Heilaman. Darcey Henry. Mark Hicks, John Higgins, Laura Hoang. Thinh Hobson. Kristin Holcombe. Jeff Horton. Shayncc Hougcn. Greg Houk, Ronda Houser, Dee Ann Hunter. Wendy Hutchison. Darren Jacoby. Laurel Jaramillo. Lara Jasper. John Jauce. Deborah Jenkins. Ronald Johns. Doug Johnson. Andrev Johnson. David Jones. Bridget Jones. Jeff Kaller. Jason Kelly, Diana Kelly, Jim Kennedy, Jim Kirst. Lisa Knispel, Brad Knutson. Erika Kopko. Ann Kroenlein. Mor - • lift ' ♦lE fr rW!? k j Jz ,... Longwith, K ndy LoMno, GAry McCdmith, M«li%«a McOur . Cindy McConnell. Kathleen McCormick. Eliubelh McDaniel. Tiffany McGhehey. Gerne McGhchey. Gnger McNamara, James Martin, Mike Ma5on. Derith Mattis. Christopher Mauro. Greg Meurs, Duane Miller. Meredith Miller. Shayne Mills. Kim Min. Christine Mitchell. Michelle Monte. Dennis Moore. Cynthia Moore. Kalhy Morns. Tim Morse. Andrew Mullaney. Lisa Murdock. Todd Murphin. Paul Nava. Susan Nay. Pam Nay, Vicky Nelson. Jennifer Nelson. Shawn Ngo. Mike Nguyen. Phong O ' Curran. Patrick O ' Neill. David Olds. Sarah Ortega. Julio Outhier. Kelly Oymian. Jennifer Page. Brian Page. Richard Parlida. Trina Pearman. Keith Pedersen. Scott Peralta, Raqual Perez. Felipe Petty. Tod Ploghaus, Debbie Portzer. Michael Post. Nick Radoccia. Teri Rawlin, Adam Ray. Brian Read. Wendy Reagan. Konni Rehfield. Mark Renken. Kristie Rhone. Cynthia Richardson. Lisa Richmond. Ryan Rivera. Jimmy Roberts. Jonathan Roblero. Ursula Rocha. Mike Roche. Gina Rodriguez. Joseph Roebuck. Jeff Rogers. Scott Roskelley. Jeriel Ross. Jennifer Royalty. Lisa Russell. Robert Ruiz. James Rutz. Scott Ryan. David Saint. Mona Schaffer. Joe Schmidt. Pam Sellers. Glenn 36 VQ Pl r ) iMjk k mii Shortrldgc. Wendy Simon. Scoll Slt«on. MeUnie Soto, Francitco Sperhng. Brandon Squillace. Cyndie Stanley. Michael Stephenson, Scott Sterling. Heather Suchan. Margaret Thomas. Amy Thompson. Anthony Tomaino. Mason Trachsel. Steve Urritia. Claudia VachiJ. Stewart Valdez. Joann Van Schaek. Sherry Van Slyke, Roland Vasquez. Pamela Vilmos. Julie Vogel. Jamie Wall. Jon Wallace, David Walston. Gina Welch. Paul West. Erika White. Corrine Whilehouse. Leah Williams, Jennifer Wilson, Bryce Wilson. Tina Windle, Andrea Winger, Kristen Wismer, Michelle Woods, Sean Young, Randy Zaker, No,.|le Back Row left to right: Sally Range). Lance Storm. Danny Sweeney. Middle Row Michelle Jenkins, Christin Wall. Gina Windhausen. Raquel Chaves. Front Row: Mi chelle Clark. Dana Perez. Christina Stoneking. Ginger Austin. AIDES Tutorial Aides AIDES Office Aides Back Row left to right: Jodi Stark, Cindy Miller. Cindy White. Melanie Cone Karrie Renken. Front Row: Dawn Albert. Kris Byrd. Mona Salem n Learning Center Aides Back Row left to right: David Johnson. Merrilinne Carreon. Tina Gambino Doug Johns. Front Row Pam Nay. Rosie Schmidt, Meghan Loughman, Nicole Fournier, Pam Vasquez. r JOURNALISM Back Row left to right: Barbara Alsky, Tracey Frey. Curtis Forsyth. Rick Hopkins. Ben Weink Third Row: Mrs Cathy Yerian. Billy Lindsay. Keith Pruhs. Steve Ellison. Christina Torres, Dawn Williams. Kelly Stout Second Row: Andrea Windle. Margaret Suchan, Gina DiLorenzo. Lawrie Dorsi. Monica Kroenlein. Andy Johnson First Row Desiree Noggle, Pally Corbett. Stephanie Hobbs. Diana Kelly. Kerry Gillett. Erika Knutsen. Heather Sterling Lr 1i 1 Jana McQuown and Kelly Stout, Yearbook Co-edttors BAND STUDENT COUNCIL First semester officers left to right: Steve Balzer ■ president. Marisa Rodriguez ■ secretary, Mary Merhab ■ vice president. Amy Allison public works director, Lenny Wagner • trea- surer. First semester - Back Row left to right; Trent Hansen, Lenny Wagner, Steve Balzer. Second Row Charrac Felix, Charlynn Yee, Gerry McGhehey, Kim Cox, Lisa Kirst Third Row: Margaret Suchan, Marisa Rodriguez, Kari Larson. Jeannine Dawson, Liz McCormick, Fourth Row: Sara Baum, John Savage. Mary Merhab. Rhona Downs. Christy Sell. Amy Allison Second semester • Back Row left to right: Wendy Read. Brian Dennerlme, Tracey Frey. Margaret Suchan. Michelle Wismcr. Kam Edwards. Teri Racoccia. Brian Conners Second Row: Jeff Grewal. Amy Allison. Rhonda Downs. Mary Merhab. Karl Hess. Lenny Wagner. Chris La Puma Third Row: Becky Perry. Marisa Rodriguez. Paige Robertson. Julia Gold- bach, Ben Weink, Tamela Greenwood. Caitlin Stearns. Dawn Williams. Christina Torres Second semester officers top to bottom: Ben Weink ■ presi- dent. Julia Goldbach treasurer. Tamela Greenwood vice president. Erin O ' Neel public works director, Paige Robert- son, secretary SERVICE CLUB FT- : Top Row left to right; J. Shiver. T. Pudelski, N. Fournier, K Laube. M Salem, U Daniel. M Vanderpool, K Byrd. J Ellitt Sixth Row; L Bertram, J Hoang. T Muse. R Schmidt. J Englemann. K Donnelly, M. Vega, T Hoang, Fifth Row; E McCormick, R Duperault, S Buffington, T Frey. M Saint. J Ball. L Falletta, K Donahue, M Dia2, W Read Fourth Row; M Sisson, C Felix, B Jones, P Schmidt, A Bellwood, L Whitehouse, S Lynch, D Distelano Third Row; G Manley, G Barnes, L Gallagher, S Smith, J Drcyer, B Alsky. L Royalty Second Row; D Kelly, C Yec, E Stillman, M Makshanoff, M Rodriguez, P Robertson. S. Baum, V. Lesch, M Loughman First Row; B. Perry, D. Allen, J. Goldbach. T. Greenwood. C. Torres. D Williams, C Stearns, A Harlan, K Stout xox k. . - CHEERLEADERS ' M f « Wfe- mm - ..J£J - vV I ■ ►t o«-1 Top Row left to right: Kerry Cjillett. Mona Saint. Kim Corrigan Center Derith Top Row left to right: Christina Wright. Erin O ' Neel Bottom Kow Charrae Felix, Mason Front: Pam Schmidt Michelle Vega, Kan Wilhite M. I m L ' II ' ELECTIONS The first semester student body officers were (from left to rigfit) president - Steve Balzer, vice president Mary Merhab. treasurer Lenny Wagner, secretary Marisa Rodriguez and public works director • Amy All,! ELECTIONS i. ' , " 1 J 1 The winners of our second semester election were (left to right) Ben Weink, president. Tamela Greenwood, vice president. Julia Goldbach, treasurer. Paige Robert son, secretary and Erin O ' Neel. public works director. i f DANCES 50 DANCES SPECIAL iSbfaJi ACTIVITIES wa i j; J ' f - % P ff ' m «. " Kf - T Il ») 8TH GRADE FOOTBALL Back Row left to right: Christina Torres, manager, Doug Yates, Mike Case, Steve Shirley, Austin Yu, Aaron Brown. Pat Wickwire, Billy Powers, John Castro, Tim Lawson, coach Middle Row; Louis Pfeifer, Victor Escovedo, Eric Fuller, Ryan Bieri, Marc Pagaza, Vance Escovedo, Raj Sangana. Derk Young Bottom Row Jeff Hahn, Ben Weink, Jeff Bell, Scott Crain, Scot Willey. C ' nJU. :5! J»« --- - (|5fi lBi5llrl T ' d.: " - 7TH GRADE FOOTBALL i Si V.VT I - f. ' i ■- ' fl S Back Row left to right: Coach Dennis Trzeciak. Todd Murdock. Robert Fyfc. Eric Finley, David Dyas, Greg Mauro, Chris Brain, John Jasper, Amber Cone, manager Bottom Row: Dean Dyer, Richard Page, Brad Green, Jim Kennedy, Pat O ' Curran, Paul Murphin, Doug Johns, Brian Dennerline. J ' iT- JBft ' Z ' ■ : •. ' -■i ruv t 8TH GRADE BASKETBALL Back Row left to right: Manager Eric Fuller. Coach Tim Lawson, Mark Rudomctkin. Karl Hess. Austin Yu. Mark Picciotta, Micky Miller. Scorekeeper Robert Melick. Manager Christina Torres Front Row: Craig Jackowski. Keith Pruhs. Ben Weink, Greg Dutterer. Pat Brain, Ryan Bierl. Brad Starr. Jeff Bell. Doug Yates. Rick Hopkins itifs ■ - a 7TH GRADE BASKETBALL Top Row left to nghi Tmi Motns, D.ivid l)y.is. Chns Matlis. Loach ivnnis Tr2eciak Front Row: Todd Murdock, Jim Bridges. Kenny Cost, Chris Brain . :rij ' 8TH GRADE SOCCER 24 Back Row left lo riyhl Coacli Gary PawUwski. Mandyer Melanrt Cont. Tin, Abhbrook. U Ltmoint, Chris La Puma, Steve Shirley. Erik Wright Hay. David Stilwell. Morgan Blais. Manager Tracey Frey Middle Row: Mario Ruiz. Mike Pawlawski. Scot Willey. Carlos Bojorquez. Scott Frazier. Raj Sangana, Luis Urrutia, Daryn Henry Front Row Scott Crain. Marc Pagaza. mTI The Most Valuable Player, offensive for the eighth grade boys ' soccer team was Luis Urrutia with Steve Shirley the Most Valuable Player, defense. Man- ager ' s Awards went to Chris La Puma and Scott Grain The team finished the season in a tie for second place with a record of three wins, two losses and one tie. 60 7TH GRADE SOCCER Back Row left to right; Scott Bailey. Phong Nguyen. Jason De Falco. Mike Stanley. Christian Gudzunas. Brian Denncrline. Jeff Grewal. Coach Linda Gudzunas Front Row: Roland Van Slyke. Glenn Sellers. Daren Lacher. John Jasper, David Wallace. Keith Fallgren. m I r s4 M " ,. ' ' sr ».jnH| H 1 4 ' 4 jt B The boys ' seventh grade soccer team ended their season with a record of two wins, three losses and one tie. This put them in a tic for second place in the league. The award for the Most Team Spirit went to Daren Lacher. Most Out- Standing Player awards were given to Phong Nguyen, Christian Gudzunas and John Jasper. I 8TH GRADE SOFTBALL r .-. ii Back Row left to right Dennis Saunders. Aaron Brown. David Slilwell. Mike Case. Marc Pagaza. Doug Yates, Steve Shirley. Austin Yu. Coach Gene Barkley Front Row Tony McDaniel. Greg Dutterer. Chris Robinson, Steve Balzer. Jeff Bell, Andy Collins, Manager Mike Oldenberg ' " ' -i i I 7TH GRADE SOFTBALL i Back Row left to right Coach Russ Walker. Eric Finley, Greg Mauro. Todd Murdock. Joe Schaffer. Phil Perez. Jason DeFalco. Brian Dennetlinc. Scorekceper Brad Starr Front Row Manager Bruce Morgan. Brad Green. Jim Kennedy. Robby Russell. Kenny Cost. Jaime Brown. Steve TrachscI, Keith Pearman BOYS ' VOLLEYBALL Back Row left to right: Coach Bob Salmond, Mike Efron. Rick Hopkins. Tom Klisura. Erik Wright Hay. Mike Pawlawski. Manager Marisa Rodriguez, Scorekeeper Julia Goldbach Front Row: Tim Ashbrook, Scott Grain. Scot Willey. Lenny Wagner. Eric Fuller. i Back Row left to right: Rolar d Van Slyke, Jeff Grewal. Bobby Fyfe. Chris Haun. Phong Nguyen, Bryan Carpenter, Coach Dennis Trzeciak Front Row: Chad Brown. Dean Dyer, Sean Woods, Scott Pedersen, Brycc Wilson. Jason Berkley. CROSS COUNTRY Top Row left to right: Coach Jerry Knowles, Luis Urrutia, Chris La Puma. Mike Hanning. Aaron Davalos, Bobby Krelle, Mike Picciolta. Chris Mattis. Erik Wright Hay, Bruce Morgan, manager Bottom Row: Kristie Rcnken. Bryce Wilson, Andy Morse, Curtis Forsyth, Kristin Byrd Not pictured: Jennifer Ross Coach Knowles honored cer tain runners for their individ- ual performances. Luis Urru- tia was chosen the Number One Runner and Bobby Krelle was the Most Valuable. Most Improved was Erik Wright Hay and Most Dedi cated was Mike Picciotta 1 .i 8TH GRADE VOLLEYBALL Back Row left to right Tillie Bl d dl !. Karne Renken. April Harlan, Coach Maureen Flynn, Desi Noggle. Jennifer Englemann Middle Row: Missy Makshanoff, Julie Lacko. Kan Larson, Michelle Brioso. Front Row: Paige Robert- son, Rhonda Downs, Jill Englemann, The eighth grade volleyball team, coached by Miss Maureen Flynn, had an undefeated record with six wins taking the league championship. Coach Flynn chose Jennifer Engle- mann as Most Valuable Player, De- sirec Noggle as Most Dedicated, Kari Larson as Most Consistent and Tillie Bazardie as Most Outstanding Passer. £ - J§ X yir.f 7TH GRADE VOLLEYBALL ' ? " ] jmli tlamt ' Mt Top Row left to right; Manager Shannon Miller. Jamie Vogel, Sherry Van Shaik. Jeanne Gerien. Jana Bybee. Coach Donna Lindeman Middle Row: Scorekecper Kara Hendrick, Kristen Daugherty. Lisa Kirst. Erika Knutson, Lisa Falletta. manager, Dana Brown Front Row Lisa Richardson, Ten Radoccia. Cyndi Rhone, Jill Cunningham. The seventh grade girls ' team had a disappointing record but showed continuous improvement throughout the season Coach Lindeman selected Lisa Falletta and Cyndi Rhone as Most Valuable Player. Erika Knutson as Most Dedicated and Jamie Vogel as Most Consistent 8TH GRADE SOCCER Top Row left to right Jenni Hart. Shannon Miller, Kari Larson. Jennifer Englemann, Desi Noggle. Julie Lacko. Paige Robertson, Coach Chris Pawlawski Bottom Row: Dawn Albert. April Harlan. Kris Byrd, Sara Baum, Karne Renken. Chris Wright, and Kindi Moran, Not pictured: Jill Engle Coach Chris Pawlawski selected Chris Wright as the Most Valuable Player for the eighth grade girls ' soccer team. Dawn Albert was the Best De- fensive Player with Jenni Hart as the Best Offen- sive team member, April Harlan was chosen the Most Improved Player for the season. The team ' s season record was three wins, two losses and one tie giving them second place for the season. w:y 7TH GRADE SOCCER Top Row left to right: Coach Donna Lindeman, Managers Kara Hendrick, Melissa Graves, players Sherry Van Shaik. Jami Vogel, Jana Bybee, Lara Jaramillo, Erika Knutson. Middle Row: Manager Cyndi Rhone, Ronda Houk. Melissa McCamish. Amy Haage. Jill Cunningham, Monica Flores, Nancy Duran, Lisa Fallclta Bottom Row: Teri Radioccia. Wendy Hunter, Julie Curtis, Tina Gambino, Kristie Renken. I Donna Lindeman, coach of the seventh grade girls ' soccer team, selected Teri Radoccia as the Best Defensive Player. Wendy Hunter was the Best Halfback with Jami Vogel as the Best Offensive Player Most Improved was Jana By- bee. The team ended the season with four ties and two losses putting them in a tie for third place. «. I 8TH GRADE BASKETBALL Left to right; Coach Donna Lindeman, Manager Kara Hendricks. Peggy Peraulta. Paige Robertson, Mary Van Schaik, Becky Perry. Shannon Miller. Tillie Bazardie. Jennifer Englemann. Andrea Schuff. Desi Noggle. and Jodi Stark. Wy 7TH GRADE BASKETBALL Top Row left to right: Scorekeeper Karl Hess, Erika Knutson, Amber Hayden, Amy Haage. Sherry Van Schaik. Margaret Suchan, Christina Stoneking, Jami Vogel, Kerry Gillett, Manager Marlene Rosten, Coach Jerry Knowles. Front Row: Jill Cunningham, Nancy Duran, Lisa Falletta, Kim Cox. Joann Valdez. r GIRLS ' SOFTBALL From left to right: Manager Mary Merhab, Melanie Cone. Kristin Byrd, Meghan Lough- man. Rosie Schmidt. Debbie Cullen. Kari Wilhite, Kari Larson, Michelle Brioso. Jenni Hart. April Harlan. Mona Salem. Karrie Renken. Center front Coach Tracy Falletta. l ' ..uk Row left lo right Coach Lloyd Porter Middle Ho ' . Mjiv Jo Buck. Wendy Hunter. Derilh Mason. Andrea Windlc. Jeanne Gencn. Meredith Miller. Kelly Dycrson. Front Row: Kim Donahue. Lisa Richardson. Lisa Kirst. Kim Corrigan. Cyndi Rhone. Laurel Jacoby, Kristcn Daugherly. Kristie Renken. CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1983 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dorsz Yorba Linda Junior High Faculty Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Darby Soinc Plating Co., Inc. Santa Fe Springs Dave and Norma Stout Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mauzey The Yearbook and Bobcat Tales Staffs Yorba Linda Stationers Yorba Linda PHOTO FINISHING PASSPORT PHOTOS FILM SUPPLIES CAMERAS RENTALS CHARLES DAILEY YORBA LINDA aMERA Phone 714-534-2600 174-55 IMPERIAL HWY.. Unit B yorba LINDA. CA 92686 PRIVATE POST OFFICE BOX RENTALS CALL IN MESSAGE SERVICES MAIL HOLD FORWARDING TYPING. FOLDING STUFFING ( ' 4 Mile West ol City Hall) 424 W. COMMONWEALTH FULLERTON. CA. 92632 J. DORSZ. Manager (714) 526-5102 GENE ' S Sporting Goods Inc. SPORT AND LEISURE STORE ATHLETIC lUPPLlEPS fOP ALL TEAM SPOHTt ' y Unilomi Equiprnfflt Lenermj -- i i- ' y, Equipmtnl ' ton ' t y , ti» ' »n»n.Hi Soorli CloUimj ■ kWtUc SJioa ki n Kike Puni puBCMASE av " 529-7441 JOHN ' S KENNELS CLOSED SU AID AYS AND HOLIDAYS HOURS - MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 8 6 ,528-81881 4691 VALLEY VIEW YORBA LINDA AA iMcoonaltfS VICKI WEISS Customer Relations McDonald ' s 18515 Yorba Linda Blvd. Yorba Linda, CA 92686 714 777-9844 528-7191 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7 to 5;30 Weekdays • 8 to 4 Sundays YORBA LINDA Equipment Rentals " We Rent Most Everything " 4791 Eureka Ave. CRAIG STEPPES yorba Linda, California 92686 ■JOAN WILSON (7MI 996-()27.T .STATION I ' l.AZA • IM. ' .Mi IMTKHIAI. HV. • ' idKHA I.INDA. A.M,!f;Kfi DeVore-Siuenson Realtors 714,777-4600 18452 Yorba Linda Blvd • Yorba Linda. C A 92686 LARRY DUNCAN i • ROSS " BONNIE BRINE ' • UMBRO PATRICK PUMA UNION JACK COLA UHL SPORT NIKE BIKE AMDUOREI 5209 E. Orangetnorpe, Anar e)m, CA 92905 779-0259 pRISCO ' S The Best for You GOURMET MARKET DELICATESSEN 18111 IMPERIAL HWY , YORBA LINDA, CA • (714) 777-2509 ® FOREIGN AUTO REPAIRS (714)528-4411 m MIKE SCHULTZ IMPORT SERVICE PORSOC • AUn • VOLKSWACEM • MTSUN • TOYOTA MERCEOCS KNZ • BMW CAKS 4e32A EUREKA YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA 92eA« - SHOH i S XEROX COPIES FOR ALL YOUR COPYING NEEDS OFFSET PRINTING ' jl |;lrj Bob and Jamie Ardelean Owners 18555 YORBA LINDA BLVD (under Wing ' s in Ihc Lakcview Center) 996-6970 YMlr 18547 YORBA LINDA BLVO YORBA LINDA, CA 92686 777-3430 WILDWOOD PET8 COMPLETE LINE OF PET NEEDS TROPICAL FISH AND BIRDS AKC PLJPPIES AND KITTENS Expert Grooming ADOLPH AND JAN PORRAS Baa PHARMACY 1 B325 YORB LiNOA BlvO roRSA uNOA CA 92eae Pmoni 777 2737 PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPCOALTY A COMPLETE FAIRLY DRUG STORE (S STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOME OFFICES BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS JIM CHAPIN Agent tSHEU YORBA LINDA SHELL SERVICE AND T1R£ STORE 18513 Yorba Linda Blvd (Yorba Linda Blvd at Lakeview) Yorba Linda, CA 92686 (714) 777-8000 Tune-up Complete Brake Shop Air Conditioning Service Alignment 18503 Yorba Linda Blvd. at LaJceview Yotba Linda, Califomu 92686 (7H» 777-2724 RAY RIZZO DEALER ::: fxaae.LLa mLth.± ntn JjoxCfa Jlinda JBiLvd. ' ■ljo a JlinAa, Ca. gzb b ggb-oioo 0-r :OO V(on.- al. CCoud Sun. ' WiCCium J t(u nJit u, c£. Teddy Bear Station " Gift% to fill the Heart " Yorba Linda Station Plaza 1 8262 Imperial Highway Yorba Linda, California 92686 (714)996-0153 18272 Imperial Hwy • Yorba Linda. CA 92686 (714) 993-6072 No AppoinlmenI Necessary (714) ggSSf)!? arifasticS s • the original Family Haircutters (In Yorba Linda Station Plaza) 18264 Imperial Hwy At Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda CA 9; ' 686 Loc.itions Coast to i urtsi Open 7 days a week WLLAGE BOWL Special Youth Leagues • Youth prices General Manager (714) 777-3818 18171 IMPERIAL HWY. YORBA LINDA, CA 92686 1A Arts Crafts, Inc. Everything you need for the do-it-yourselfer 17506 Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda CA 92686 996-0101 FLEETFEET Fleet Feet 18232 Imperial Hwy. Yorba Linda, Calif. (714) 528-FEET Sport Shoes and Sports Apparel Bring your yearbook in for a 10% discount! B P Bishop Corporation Commercial Industrial Lie. 432452 680 N. Berry Street, Unit D Brea, Calif. 92621 (74) 990-6543 C feAST WHEELS S223 E Oono«iTxyo« A xme r 0 9280? 970-220I ii lO Soeeas • Cru ' Se ' S (VEBrTHINO FOB THE IMX ' ar Bikes for All Ages Cusiom BMX Ptomes i ir oaii GEM Productions fflflPiga Gary E. Miller (714} 777-3827 Congratulations, Class of ' 83 Yorba Linda Junior High P.T.A. IJIt Is Important To You Put It On Video AT BL. -H ■, " »;■ ■. ■•:-■ ' At i p HiiJSi iiii£ ktah

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