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i' CNW? i QJQUUSSQUU BY SENIOR CLASS OF 1946 Central High School Xenia, Ohio .X 'va '-W fe If OEOXC PIYXGS e and g,oXA sums 3se5xoates X0 tecogdxixoo oi Coe bb sewkce iXaq,,Q0e Cb-as oi XQA6 CeoSeo to AX iotfoet 51066015 2,1465 oo: cooowq Ko Ko om 5 oi 'Coe who s 'Mx Xssoe oi Ce0waX YWQO Q3 odd N at XX. Fl f as may R Sf x X 5 z 5 x I XENIA CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Alma Mater With loyal hearts and true, Central, dear Central Ever allegiance to the white and blueg To praise and fame we'1l bear thy name Through all the years to come, Our Central High. Three Administration C. H. BENNER Principal of High School BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right-D. L. Purdom, W. GL Huit, C. A. Bone, ,iw WANDA ELLIOTT Secretary to Principal MRS. EDNA WINTER Four R. J. WARNER Superintendent of Schools W. H. Thomas, J. A. Wood GRACE HALL Secretary to Superintendent Visiting Teacher The Faculty i of 1946 RAY SEILI-IAMER B. F. CRANOR Woodshop, Mechanical Drawing Science, Chemistry, Physics 1 3 H. FAYE CAVANAUGH CARL E. DUCKWALL SUE WILLIAMS Bookkeeping, Commercial Law Vocal Music Home Economics, Science MARGARET HAWORTI-I RICHARD SULTZBACH HENRY HEY Home Economics, Cafeteria Speech, History Geometry, H. S. Arithmetic RUTI-I V. RECTOR Physical Education Five MARY E. DICKERSON Arithmetic The Faculty of 1946 PAUL H. BoxwELL OLIVE T. NYBLADI-I Algebra, Jr. H. Phy. Ed. Coach Social Sciences GRACE G. FULKERSON KATHERINE W. JONES H. RUTH DEEN English History, English Civics, Latin P. D. WICKLINE HELEN DUKES LAUREL CAMPBELL WILLIAM H. HARLAN NELLE MCCALMONT Voc. Agriculture Shorthand, Typing English, Speech History, Algebra Art Six The Faculty EMMETT J. NEFF Metal Shop . b mu ROSS L. BATESON REV. S. ANDREW HUTCHISON Phy. Ed., Science Bible M1946 " 1,ffg.q:g., 1. wi' "-M-fm as 113.253 gr R 1 'ii 4 l f? g li L, gi 3 5 Q- ,, , 'Amyfiif -52. 4 5,512 4541- A V i,' ww, " ' H. G. PATTERSON Geog., Junior Business Training I ZANER ZERKLE MARGARETTA LOTT AGNES BALLANTYNE NELLE FRASH MARJORIE PORTER Instrumental Music Biology, Science English Jr. High English Spanish, English Seven EEN' WW Ewvlrl Swizwwfz Sxhq '20, X911 . esfxof CXass Treas- ' Sc'ooXatsXixQ bta Kg bs: 96814589 SCBWSXBODD Qmqcq XJQSXAE Qggfgq 3345014 00142991 DH X99-'I' ' eo-Seo Co-Educ: ovegcvoes YI , X9'1.S. Swwf CWS Yfw- ocmxm vi, was. Sexixos omg XJ xc Q 9 5991? 6'05VeW-'axx V7-' Sedxoi CXass Becca- YYEQXGGTW-', S 0 ok o s xx 1 e 1, '5-A3 YOOVOBXX 'LJ5-A1 15193 306101 Chase Class '5ecie1ahj', Oiimce 'YBSKS1 PsXge 9'bS2'0fN 7-"5 'ixeasofefg Cvass Yung GGXQ BQ Scbomsskixp Ewgfxsb X-, CN 'T--2:-Ag News-tame: 'Yestsg Engixsxx X-'L-'5-, 6.5.5. 'bg Ckxeqdxsxw- Ecixxoi 'L-, Oiime Xlekp Ngebta X3 6xoXogg 'Z.'. Ybqdxcs Ag Y oxxitx Dv, Sckmohiskfxg 'iesxsz Esmeikcao Xxxstosxj Tr, Ceiwet Kegsesema- Encgjxsh X-'L-iv, 666101 Sesixoi '5cYxoXa1sXix9', iwe 'Lg Xmsamovm '5cXxoXa1sXfx9g Cmbsz Chxbsz Ceo-74 X-'If 9asX1e1'oaXX '1.-'5-Ag XQ- Ceoi X-'L-3-Ag YA- Secsemcg 5-A-,Hoaxes uaqoumx floxxeg Bm dogg 7.3 Cxxeqcixsug- Dr, Cbegffxszfg-?bq4-,cs '53 Cues ?Xa9 A. Yknjdxcs 'bg Oicxxesua AgO1c'oesk1-a '5-A. X-'Z-f'5f9c', B996 'L-'25-D43 vkmuex x-Q.-5-fx. UR BARBARA ALLEN BOB AMOLE DOROTHY ANDERSON MARILYN ANDERSON MARY ARMENTROUT JOE ARY JUANITA AVEY January 30 1930 December 25 1928 May 26, 1928. March 29, 1928. November 27, 1928. May 19, 1928- February 28, 1928- C 1 u b s Commercial Scholarship T e s t s Clubs: Cen-X 1. Clubs: C e n - X 1- Cen-Sen Sec.-Treas. Scholarship T e s 't s : Scholarship T e s t s : Club Vice President Science 1 Tumbling T rea s u rer 2-3-4: Scholarship T e sts : Algebra 1: Biology 2: Latin 1: Clubs: Cen-X 4 Silvercreek Hlgh 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 Booster 2-3: Secretary Bookkeeping 2: Eng- S en io r Scholarship: 1-2-3-4: Commercial School 1 3 Clubs Biology 2 4: Commercial Club lish 3: Senior Scholar- Clubs: F.F.A. 1-2: Club President 4. Minstrel 12 3 4 4: Minstrel 3-4: Op- ship: Clubs: Cen-X Treasurer 3-Treasurer 91938 3-45 V 06211 3-4: Booster 4: Com- 4: Hi-Y 3-4: Band Music 2-3-4. mercial C l u b 4: 1-2-3-4. Spring Valley High School 1. RICHARD BATI-I November 28, 1928. Sophomore Class President: Schol- arship Tests: Algebra 1: Geometry 2: American History 3: English 1-3: Senior Scholarship: Clubs: Hi-Y 3-Treasurer 4: Varsity X President 4: Chemistry-Physics President 4: Football 1-2-3-Cap- tain 4: Basketball 1-2: Track 1: Class Play 4. MARVIN BEAM April 2, 1928. Clubs: F.F.A. 2-3-4: Hi-Y 3-Sec- retary 4: Basketball 2-3-4: Base- ball 2-3: Football 3-4: Spring Valley High School 1. CHARLOTTE BEATTY September 19, 1927. Clubs: 4-H 2: Library 4: Vocal Music 1-2-3-4: Intramural Basket- ball 2: Operetta 2-3-4: Minstrel 3-4. BOB BENSON May 16, 1928. Intramural Basketball 3-4: Beaver- creek High School 1. BARBARA BLAIR October 4, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3-4: Biology 2 Library 4. PATSY BLAIR March 16, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-2: Library 4. JUNE BORDEN June 27, 1927. Clubs: Library President 4. AUDREY BROWN July 23, 1928. Scholarship Tests: English 1-3: Clubs: 4-H 1-2-3-4: Library 4: Commercial Club 4. BETTY BARTLETT May 15, 1928. Scholarship T e s t s : Senior Scholarship: Clubs: 4-H Club Sec- retary 1-President 2- President 3-President 4. january 20, 1929. DONALD BUCKWALTER November 12, 1928. Clubs: F.F.A. 1-2-3. Class Play 2-33 Min- strels 1-2-3-43 Vocal Music Contest 43 Op- eretta 1-2-3-43 Instru- mental Music Contest 4. WALTER BUFFINGTON April 22, 1928. Scholarship T e s t s : General Science 13 English 33 Chemistry 33 Physics 4g Senior Scholarship3 Clubs: Biology 23 Chemistry- Physics 3-43 Hi-Y 3-43 Vocal Music 1-2-3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 Orches- tra 1-2-3-43 Intramur- al Basketball 1-2-3-43 DOROTHY CAMPBELL April 21, 1927. Clubs: Cen-X 1-4 G.A.A. 1-Reporter 2 3-Reporter 4g 4-I-I 1 President 23 F.H.A. 2 Secretary 33 Intra mural Basketball 1-2 3-43 Intramural Vol ley Ball 1-2-3-4. ERMA CAPLINGER August 27, 1928. Clubs: F.H.A. Vice President 13 Library 43 Vocal Music 13 Bellbrook High School 13 Port William High School 2. Bos COURTNEY BOB CARTWRIGHT January 30, 1928. Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-43 Minstrel 3-43 Class Play 4. WARREN CLARK January 2, 1929. Baseball 1-2-33 Intra- mural Basketball 1-2 3-43 Band 1-2-3-4 Minstrel 1-2-3-43 Op eretta 13 Instrumental Contest 4. EDDIE DEWINE November 29, 1927. Clubs: Biology 2s Intramural Basketball 1-3-43 Baseball 2-33 Band 1-23 Minstrel 1-3-4. PAUL DARNER February 28, 1929. Clubs: F.F.A. 1-2-Honorary Re- corder 3-4. EMMA DAVIS March 23, 1928. Clubs: G.A.A. 1-2-Vice President 33 President 43 Intramural Basket- ball 1-2-3-43 Intramural Volley Ball 1-2-3-43 Intramural Soccer 2. DALE DAY August 30, 1928. Clubs: F.F.A. 1-2-3-Honorary Re- corder 43 4-H 1-Reporter 2-Re- porter 3-Reporter 4. Clubs: Chemistry-Physics 43 In- tramural Basketball 1-2-3-43 Foot- ball 13 Speech Play 3-43 Class Play 33 Baseball 3. RAYLEEN DICE March 23, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-33 Office Help 3. KATHLEEN DOWNING September 4, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-23 G.A.A. 1-2-3- 43 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-43 Office Help 33 Minstrel 1-2-3-43 Vocal Music 1-2-3-43 Operetta 3-43 Class Play 4g Vocal Music Contest 4. BEATRICE ERVIN December 2, 1928. Scholarship Tests: Senior Scholar- Ship? Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3-Treasur- er 4g Booster 4g Class Play 33 Ont: Act Play 43 Oflice Help 43 Oper- etta 1-2-3-43 Orchestra 1-23 Min- strel 1-2-33 Vocal Music Contest 4. BILL COATES June 16, 1928. Clubs: Hi-Y 3-4. CHARLENE COFFMAN September 6, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3-43 Biology 23 Booster 2- 3-43 Office Help 4. LAURA FAWLEY September 28, 1928. Clubs: G.A.A. 1-2-3- 45 F.H.A. 1-2-35 Min- strel 35 Vocal Music 1-2. BURTON FERGUSON February 1, 1928. Scholarships: Senior Scholarshipg Clubs: Hi-Y Vice President 3-Pres. 45 Class Play 35 junior Class Vice President5 Vocal Mus-ic Contest 45 In- strumental M u si c Contest 45 Minstrel 1-2-3-45 Operetta 3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Orches- tra 3-4. 5 r. . ft , ' ' ..:'iif' "TEE , m l in " 4 1-' . f 5 .. W . , M 1 gi: 5, Q, uf- . 521933 51522155.5152 , 55:34, 5 :I:E::'s-5-s1t.:::v.'5'. JOAN FINLAY December 21, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3- 45 Biology 25 Band 1-2-3-4. Mrrzr FOLEY November 1, 1928. Cen-Sen Assoc. Editor Scholarship T e s ts : English 1-35 Senior Scholarship5 Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3-45 Boost- er 3 - Corresponding Secretary 45 Biology 25 Chemistry-Physics 35 Library Treasurer 45 Oiiice Help 3-45 Speech Pl-ay 35 Speech Contest 35 Minstrel 45 Operetta 4. DON HALEY EVELYN GILBERT July 15, 1928. Scholarship T e s t s : Senior Scholarshipg Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3- 45 Boosters 3-45 Bi- ology Treasurer 45 Minstrel 3-45 Oper- etta 45 Vocal Music 1-3-4. JOHN GLOTFELTER F-ebruary 19, 1928. Cen - Sen Co - Editor and Business Man- ager5 Clubs: F.F.A. 3-Reporter 45 Intra- mural Basketball 1-3- 45 Spring Valley High School 15 Bellbrook High School 2. JOANNE HURLEY August 10, 1929. March 22, 1928. Clubs: Varsity X 3-45 Football 1-2-3-45 Intramural Basketball 1-2- 3-45 Track 3-4. MILDRED HARRIS November 26, 1928. Clubs: G.A.A. 15 F.H.A. 1. MARGARET HENIZE November 4, 1928. Scholarship Tests: Science 15 Eng-- lish 25 Spanish 3-45 Senior Schol- arshipg Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-Vice President 3-45 Boosters 2-3-Treas- urer 45 Commercial Club Treas- urer 45 Class Play 2-4. PAUL HIBBERT July 23, 1928. Cen-Sen Associate Editor5 Schol- arship Tests: Chemistry 35 Senior Scho1arship5 Clubs: Chemistry- Physics 3-45 Hi-Y 45 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Minstrel 45 Class Play 3-45 St. Brigid High School 1-2. Scholarship Tests: English 1-2-35 Algebra 15 Biology 25 Clubs: G.A.A. 15 Cen-X 2-35 Biology 25 Booster 35 Chemistry-Physics 35 Class Play 35 Voc-al Music 1-25 Operetta 25 Minstrel 25 Wilming- ton High School 1. JOE HUTCHISON April 12, 1928. Scholarship Tests: Algebra 15 Eng- lish 1-2-35 Biology 25 Senior Schol- arshipg Clubs: F.F.A. 1-2-Secre- tary 3-Secretary 45 Hi-Y Chaplain 3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 2-3- 45 Minstrel 1-2-3-45 Class Play 4. JERRY JACOBY December 1, 1928. Scholarship Tests: Biology 25 Football 15 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-45 Asst. Manager Basketball Team 25 Manager Basketball Team 45 Track 2-3-4. MARYLN JAMESON July 1, 1926. Scholarship Tests: Modern His- tory 2. PATRICIA GRIEVES july 22, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-45 Band 1-2-3-4. EVELYN GUYTON September 25, 1928. Scholarship T e s t S : English 2-35 Senior Scholarshipg Clubs : Cen-X 1-2-3-45 Boost- ers 3-45 Biology 25 Chemistry-Physcs 3-45 Buccaneer Reporter 45 Class Play 4. CARL JAYNES April 27. 1927. C l u b s: Chemistry- Physics 45 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-45 Tumbling 1-2. JIM JEFFRYES January 1, 1929. Sophomore Class Vice President5 Scholarship Tests: Science 15 Clubs: Varsity X 3-45 Football 1-2-3-45 Basketball 1-25 Intra- mural Basketball 3-45 Minstrel 1-35 Baseball 25 Band 15 Track 3. MAX JENKS Bois JETT MAX JONES REBA JORDAN March 25, 1928. February 20, 1928. May 10, 1928. May 21, 1928. Clubs: Biology 25 Hi-Y 35 Intramural Basketball 2-3-4. Clubs: F.F.A. 1-2-3- Clubs: Cen-X1-2-3-45 Sentinel 45 Basket- G.A.A. 15 Biology 2. ball 1-2-3-45 Football 1-2-35 Minstrel 3. RALPH LEE April 20, 1927. Scholarship Tests: Voca- tional Agriculture5 Clubs: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. LORENE LIMING March 12, 1927. C l u b s : G'.A.A. 1-25 F.H.A. 1-25 Library 45 Intramural Basketball 1- 2-4. JOHN MALLOW November 16, 1927. Clubs: Hi-Y 3-45 F.F.A. 1-2-Vice President 3-Vice President 45 St ud ent Council 45 Class Play 3- 45 Band 1-2-3-4. PATSY MANLEY May 16, 1928. Scholarship Tests: Eng- lish 15 Clubs: Cen-X 1-2- 3-45 Booster 2-3-45 Bi- ology 25 journalism Club 45 Class Play 35 Speech Play 3-45 Office Help 45 Orchestra 1-2-35 Minstrel 1-2-3. DON MARTIN January 16, 1928. Clubs: Varsity X 3-4: Speech Play 3-45 Foot- ball 1-2-3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Tumbl- ing 25 Track 2-35 Min- strel 3. ARABELLE MCCLELLAN August 12, 1928. Cen-Sen Associate E d i to r5 Scholarship Tests: English 35 Ameri- can History 35 Spanish 45 Senior Scholarshipg Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3-45 Boosters 2-3-Vice Presi- dent 45 Biology 25 Chem- isty-Physics 35 Journal- ism Club 45 Student Council 45 Class Play 4. JEAN MEEKS August 2, 1928. HAROLD MICKLE June 24, 1928. Clubs: Varsity X Presi- dent 3-45 Football 1-2- 3-45 Track 1. DON MORGAN September 25, 1928. Scholarship Tests5 Eng- lish 1-2-35 Algebra 15 Biology 25 Senior Schol- arshZp5 Clubs: Hi-Y 3-45 Class Play 2-35 Intra- mural Basketball 1-25 Student Council Secre- tary-Treasurer 45 Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 2-3-45 Operetta 1-2-3-45 Min- strel 1-2-3-45 Vocal Music 1-2-3-45 Instrumental Music Contest 45 Vocal Music Contest 4. MARTHA LEDBETTER January 25, 1929. Scholarship T e s t s : Latin 15 English 25 Spanish 35 Senior Scholarshipg Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3-President 45 Biology 25 Chem- istry-Physics Secre- tary - Treasurer 3: Class Play 3-45 Or- chestra 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Minstrel 1-2- 3-4. IRENE LEE June 17, 1929. Cen - Sen Associate Editor5 Scholarship Tests: Senior Scholar- ship5 Clubs: Booster 45 Cen-X 45 Com- mercial Club Secre- tary 45 Class Play 45 Van Wert H i gli School 1. rw . 4 is A ,-:'-:' , 1'.' PI-IYLLIS MURRELL MARTHA PENCE GEORGE POWELL BETTY ANN PRUGH DAVID PURDOM VERDA RANDALL RICHARD RIGGS April 18, 1928. October 12, 1928. August 21, 1928. December 14, 1928 . January 15, 1929. March 30, 1928. April 27, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3-4: Clubs: F.H.A. 1-2-3: Clubs: 4-H 2. Cen- S-en Associate Scholarship T e st sz Clubs: C en -X 1: Junior Class Presi- F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 3: G.A.A.1-2-3-4gCen-X Editor: Scholarship General Science 1: G.A.A. 4. dent: Clubs: Hi-Y 3- Office Help 2: Vocal 4: 4-H 1-2-3-4. Tests: Latin 1: Eng- Algebra 1: English 2: 4: Chemistry-Physics Music 1-2-3-4. lish 2: Senior Scholar- Chemistry 3: Ameri- 4. ship: Clubs: Cen-X can History 3: Senior ' Secretary 1-2-3-4: Bi- Scholarship: Clubs: ology 2: Booster 2-3- Hi-Y 3-4: Chemistry- President 4: Class Physics 3-4: Intra- Play mural Basketball 1-2- 3-4: Class Play 2-3-4: Band 1-2-3-4: Orches- tra 1-2-3-4: Track 2: Instrumental M u si c Contest 4: Minstrel 1- 2-3-4. CHARLES SHAW .- PI-IYLLIS ROBINETTE May 16, 1928. "::-'-' ' January 24, 1928. Tfack 3-42 Intramural 4 Clubs: Cen-x 3-4, Class Basketball 4' was Play 4. 9' " I I . ELVETTA SMITH I May 26, 1927. I ROBERT ROSE Clubs: G.A.A. 1: Band ,,'- 'S f' ' A April 9, 1927. 1-2-3-4. , ,,.. 1. JANET SMITH . '--' 1 . ,-., 5" CLIFF SEELENBINDER July 6, 1929. Scholarship Tests: Alge- bra lg Geometry 2: Bi- ology 3: Chemistry 3: S e n i 0 r Scholarship: Clubs: F.F.A. 1: Chem- istry-Physics Vice Presi- dent 4: Intramural Basketball 1-4. MARY LOUISE SHATTUCK June 29, 1928. Clubs: G.A.A. 1-2-3-4: F.H.A. 1-2-3: Library 4. LUCIA SHAW April 9, 1928. Clubs: 4-H 1-2: Cen-X 2-3-4: Intramural Basket- ball 1-2-3: Intramural Volley Ball 3-4. February 5, 1929. Scholarship Tests: Eng- lish 2: Senior Scholar- ship: Clubs: Cen-X 1-2- 3-4: Speech Play 3-4: Band 1-2-3-4: Orchestra 2-3-4. PAUL SMITH September 5, 1928. Scholarship Tests: Sci- ence l: Intramural Bas- ketball 1-4: Track 4: Football 4: Tumbling 4: Osborn Bath High School 2-3. BERNICE RILEY May 7, 1928. Clubs: G.A.A. 1. FRANCES SNIDER JIMMIE SPRIGG DOROTHY STRICKLE MARILYN STURGEON November 21, 1928. March 12, 1928. November 5, 1928. July 20, 1928. , - Basketball 1-29 Intra- Clubs: C e n - X 19 Clubs' GA-A' Sem mural Basketball 3-4. G.A.A. 1-2-3-45 Vocal tary 49 Library Vice President 4g Cl a s s Play 2-49 Minstrel 2- 3-49 Operetta 3-49 Sidney High School 1. Music 3. JANET WALLACE November 15, 1925. Clubs: G.A.A. 1-2-39 F.H.A. 19 Biology 29 Chemistry-Physics 39 Li- brary 49 Cen-X 3. ROIERT WARNER August 25, 1929. Clubs: Biology 29 Hi-Y 3-49 Chemistry-Physics 3-49 Intramural Basket- ball 49 Tumbling Team 3-49 Operetta 49 Minstrel 4. VIRGINIA WEICI-IERs April 9, 1929. Scholarship Tests: Alge- bra 19 General Science 19 Bookkeeping 29 Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-39 Biology 29 Chemistry-Physics 3. MACK WEST April 9, 1928. Scholarshlp Tests: Sci- ence 19 Algebra 19 Ge- ometry 29 Chemistry 39 American Hi story 39 S e n i o r Scholarship9 Clubs: Biology 29 Hi-Y 3-49 Chemistry-Physics 3-49 Intramural Basket- ba-ll 2-3-49 Minstrel 4. BOB SWIGART BETTY TONER December 10, 1928. April 8, 1928. Scholarship T e s t s : Clubs: G.A.A. 1. Science lg Intramural Basketball 2-3-49 Blas- ketball 1-29 Spring Valley High School 1. PAUL WI-IETSTONE December 13, 1928. Scholarship Tests: Bi- ology 29 English 29 Chemistry 39 American History 39 Senior Schol- arship9 Clubs: Biology 29 Chemistry-Physics 3- 49 Hi-Y 3-49 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-49 Class Plcxy 2-35 Tumbling 39 Track 39 Band 1-2-3-49 Orchestra 2-3-49 Minstrel 1-2-3-49 Operetta 1-2-3- 49 Instrumental Music Contest 49 Vocal Music Contest 49 Essay Contest 3. PAULINE WHITE December 15, 1928. Clubs: C e n - X 1-2-39 F.H.A. 19 G.A.A. 19 Band 1-2-3-4. BETTY WIEDENHEFT July 18, 1928. Scholarship Tests: Eng- lish 1-2-39 Senior Schol- arship9 Clubs: Cen-X 1- Preslident 2-3-49 Biology 29 Chemistry-Physics 3-49 Boosters 3-4. Joi-IN WILLETT April 28, 1928. Clubs: Varsity X 3-49 H.-Y 3-41 Student Coun- cil President 49 Football 1-2-3-49 Basketball 1-2-39 Intramural Basketball 49 Baseball 2-3. WANDA Wooncox September 28, 1928. Clubs: Cen-X 1-2-3-49 Commercial Club 49 Oilice Help 3-49 Band 1- 2-3-49 Orchestra 1-2-3-49 Instrumental Contest 19 Minstrel 1-2-3-4. EVELYN TURNER December 8, 1928. 4? DONALD VILLARS December 24, 1928. Clubs: Varsity X 3-49 Basketball 1-2-3-Cap- tain 49 Football 2-3-49 Track 19 Baseball 2 39 Spring Valley High School 1. "'-' f "" ' "" " .,., -gf tfifwte, 1 . . A - .5 A J 2"x'-CQ!! is A f :Q W2,ii RZFUZFUEZI' CZVWVGI Though years may come between the time Of leaving Central High, We'l1 always have the memories That shall never pass us by. From the seventh to twelfth, I'm sure, Each year in itself we'l1 recall, And all the things We shall endure That meant so much to us all. Now that We're the senior class, The school has only to remember For we won't come back, if we pass, Come the next month of September. From the day of graduation We'll go each in our chosen held, Into the big, wide world alone To seek, to Find, to yield. Though now we be the seniors And lead the way for the rest, Soon we'll be the beginners With the way of life to test. Where'er we are in the world, Whate'er we choose to be, New paths for us will be unfurled New ways We shall foresee. Although the days go on and on Since from this school we part, The memories never will be goneg But kept deep in our heart. -Phyllis M urrell. YQ f if First Row-Alicia Creswell, Jane Rector, Jean Baumaster, Katharine Torrance, Betsy McCurran, Fem VanNVey, Anita Maxwell, Betty Jo Freed, Barbara Roach, Esther Hurley. Second Row-Mrs. Nybladh, Terry McFadden, Mary Paullin, Mary Hopping, Shirley Beamer, Rosetta Gultice, Mildred Price, Ruth Sharrett, Clara Abromowitz, Miss Dukes. Third Row-Peggy Jo Douthett, Shelley Westlake, Janice Fudge, Dorothy Terrell, Wilma Whittington, Wilda Whittington, Sue Ann Mellage, Martha Murrell, Norma Miller. Fourth Row-Patty Pickering, Eileen Walsh, Patsy Waltz, Betty Baxter, Doris Thomas, Carol Shoemaker, Mary Ellen Beason, Hazel Williams, Phyllis Jennings, Jean Snell, Betty Shoemaker. Fifth Row-Molly Johnson, Dolore Lannon, Emma Smith, Dolores Smith, Alice Snider, Mildred Sowers, Rita Allen, Genevive Goodman, Mary Michael, Raylene Milburn, Shirley Lang, Helen Thomhill. Eighteen Junior Girls Junior Boys First Row-John Thomas, james Pierson, Carl Pramer, Charles Rohrback, Donald Linkhart, Richard Taylor, Alden Noble, Carl Rector. Second Row-Mr. Neff, Earl Faulkner, Weldon Dabe, James Rogers. Robert Brackman, james Maliavazos, Kenneth Foley, Eugene Moore, Reigh Spahr, Charles Kyle, Miss Lott. Third Row-John Lang, Harry Jenks, Ross Hayes, Martin Gable, Cliff Riggs, Douglas Adair, David Bone, Robert Allamon, Marlin Hilliard, James jack, Everet Smith. Fourth Row-Ronald Bickett, Granville Wills, Marvin Neff, Randall Gearhart, Howard Camp, Harlan Andrews, Carl Brown, Edward Bridgeman, Eugene Gill, Kenneth Muterspaw, Thomas Reynolds. Fifth Row-Dale Anderson, Thomas Bottorff, Horace Weeks, Russell Oran, Eugene Blair, Junior Palmer, Emery Grooms, Donald Dugan, William Henderson, Robert Downing, Kenneth Garrison, David Chapman. Nineteen First Row-Helen Spurlock, Viola Mercer, Barbara Burr, Barbara Hedges. Wanda Degcr, Peggy Whittington, Ellen Benson, Shirley Fisher, Emma Hopping. Second Row-Betty Lou Merideth, Patty Mason, Marjorie Frazee, Delores Swigart, Barbara Hook, Patsy Nelson, Neva Deen, Aileen johnson, Evelyn Robinette, Norma Sparrow, Sara Ayers, Doris Comfort. Third Row-Mrs. Jones, Virginia Jackson, Marilyn May, Orma Lee Coffman, Edna Dodge, Dorothy Rue, Betty White, Kathryn Drake, Norma jenkins, Virginia Paullin, Ruth Lucas, Marcella Hartman, Miss Ballantyne. Fourth Row-June Dillard, Barbara Block, Lois Shaw, Mary Sears, Joyce Watson, Audrey Nilson, Ruth Stout, Garnet Jack, Betty Snell, Patsy Wallace, Irene Lile, Peggy Daniels, Pauline Collier. Fifth Row-Kathryn Hawk, Charlotte Ervin, Illeen Mees, Christine Hopkins, Betty Davis, Betty Nlustard, Joyce Hurley, Esther Randall, Bar- bara Knick, Nancy Weeks, Thelma King, Beverly Rice, Joan Wheeler, Juanita Borden. Sixth Row-Ellen Whetstone, Jane Buck, Lois Fudge, Wanda Gilbert, Rita Custis, Joan Funk, Ann Wallace, Anna Middleton, Evelyn Elliot, Harriet Converse, Patricia Pepple, Dorothy Middleton, Jean Curlett. Twenty Sophomore Girl S Sophomore Boys First Row-Robert Reynolds, Tilden Helvenston, William Brooks, Wayne Cline, Thomas jones, Calvin Heber, William Swindler, Gordon Shearer, Fred Matson, Lyle Ashmore, Donald Guyton. Second Row-Mr. Hey, Kenneth McClelland, Donald Coates, Eugene Pagett, Clarence Horton, Ralph Mallow, George Flemming, Donald Gable, James Owens, William Rogers, Miss Lott. Third Row-Russell Terrell, Floyd Delaney, Robert Martin, Donald Pennewitt, Russell Davis, Kenneth Smith, Reamer Strictland, Lawrence Cope, jack Shaw, John Baldner, Robert Watson, Earl Blair. Fourth Row-John McClelland, Neil Wright, Carl King, Elbert Hutchison, Richard Mason, Robert Brennon, Paul Hanlon, Kenneth Bauer, Dino Malavazos, John Bryant, Louis Maxwell, Robert Starkey. Fifth Row-William Hornick, Robert Woodruff, Robert James, John Hunt, Edward Lowery, Jack Luttrell, Fred Lewis, Ronnie Anderson, Tommy Thomas, Roger Kester, Sherman Smith, Donald Gifford, Jerry Fox. Twenty One First Row-Ruby Smith, Irene Huzjak, Marilyn Aultman, Henrietta Sodders, Betty Smith, Mildred Root, Elizabeth Morman, Edna Drake, Frances Anderson. Second Row-Miss Williams, Betty Middleton, Patty Jameson, Patty Burr, Colleen Anderson, Roberta Riley, Patty Luck, Martha Napp, Betty Watson, Frances Collins, Caroline Holton, Miss Porter. Third Row-Evelyn Anderson, Betty Mallow, Patty Huit, Barbara Wells, Joyce Wagner, Frances Mathews, Violetta Faulkner, Dorothy Atkinson, Patty Slattery, Jean Beamer, Donna Bodine, Hazel Horton. Fourth Row-Florence Meeks, Irma Newcomer, Margaret Smith, Virginia Smith, Janet Moody, Patty Sharp, joan Woodcox, Ruth Ann Edler, Nancy Donges, Carol McCoo1, Dorothy De Velbiss, Virginia Root. Fifth Row-Patty Meriman, Ruby Wiley, Eileen Penwell, Roberta Kohl, Dorothy Powell, Patti Devoe, June Curry, Doris Daum, Elinor Berry. Mary jane Frankenburg, Cynthia Schick, Vivian Anderson, Wilma Smith. Twenty Two Girl l:l'6Sl'I'ITldI'l S Freshman Boys First Row-Dwigh?McMlahan, Robert Murrell, William Shaw, Thomas Randall, Ralph Smith, Harold Hill, Donald Hopping, Richard Pickering, Don Hummel, Fred Thomas. Second Row-Mr. Wickline, John Reynolds, Denver Williamson, Richard Lang, Richard Ferguson, Robert Ward, Roger Jenks, Alva Smith, William Osman, Jack Shaffer, Mr. Seilhammer. Third Row-Richard Pramer, Paul Hazelbaker, james Lorenzo, Alfred Seeger, Nelson Rohrback, Floyd Cooper, Leroy Downey, Jack Conklin, Robert Spitler, William Miller, Carl Benson. Fourth Row-Charles Weidenheft, Neil Mangan, Gerald Morris, Junior Robinette, David Hurley, Ray Breakall, Charles Mitchell, John Bickett, Clarence Stollings, Virgil Jordon, Warren Sanders, Dale Henshaw. Fifth Row-Robert Grimes, Eugene Storer, Alan Hilderbrant, Loren Yeakley, Richard Coffelt, Donald Burnett, Loren Kasey, Kenneth Liming, Charles Dean, James Shoemaker, James Kinsey, Everet Driscoll. A Twenty Three - - - M First Row-Eva Mae Haycs, Helen Shanks, Peggy Jones, Peggy Bottorlf, Ruth Hey, Louise Horton, Patty Huff, Doris Allen, Jean Reese, Jean Millcr, Barbara Luttrell, Marilyn Nloore. Second Row-Miss Rector, Mrs. Fulkerson, Mary Shaw, Marlene Jacoby, Sara Sutton, Betty Mercer, Betty Dillard, Harriet Lynch, Wanda Hall, Pauline Mercer, Betty Jean Horton, Roxie Massie, Joanne Uhl, Miss Dickerson. Third Row-Eileen Horton, Regina Coffman, Betty Jo Blair, Ann Craft, Jean Lou Miller, Anna Louise Jones, Mary Carol Creswell, Kathryn Ackley. Fourth Row-Jeannie Huston, Dorothy Wilson, Vonna Bayliss, Bessie Smart, Charlotte Davis, Carol Prether, Mary Lou Chambliss, Phyllis Manor, Eileen Sheley, Janet Flemming, Mary Liming, Elvira Warner, Martha Wilson, Alice Cline. Fifth Row-Ruth Grooms, Ruby Herron, Georgia Piatt, Kathleen Palmer, Charlotte Randall, Miriam Morris, Betty Clark, Rose Hilderbrandt, Helen Abling, Patty Walsh, Rita Parts, Virginia Scherry, Barbara Archer, Phyllis Pepple. Twenty Four Eighth Gracie G iris Eighth Grade n Boys First Row-Tom Owens, Ted Blackburn, Paul Stroud, Gerald Smith, Leonard Brittingham, Paul Collier, jim Green, Leroy Camp, Roger Craig. Second Row--Mr. Sultzbach, Robert Montgomery, Dick Shaw, Ralph Cyphers, Stanley Lawson, Herbert Dabe, John Dowell, Wayne Sturgion Richard Hilderbrand, Wayne Akins, Robert Swigart. Third Row-Keith Guyton, Owen White, Ralph Leighly, Philip Coates, Ronald McFarland, Theodore Arnovitz, Robert Whitacre, Robert Rogers Paul Burden, Jim Paullin, Jimmy Lewellen. Fourth Row-Paul Anderson, Eddie Smith, Douglas Long, Eugene Nicely, Bill Custer, Richard Matson, jim Weaver, Eugene Gill, Neal Muterspaw Bobby loe Hall, Paul Mercer, jan McPherson, Chris Bridgeman. Fifth Row-Paul Hods-on, David Davis, Robert Cline, Paul Brown, Fred Tobin, Orlan Rose, George Gannon, Alfred Gifford, Robert Dale Hamilton Russell Greene, jack Spurgeon. Twenty Five First Row-Miss Frash, Nona Kersey, Hilda Clark, Irene Cooper, Mary Lou Beamer, Rose Mary Simson, Arlene Lieurance, Moinelle Ormsby Druscilla Mercer, Flossie Jeffries, Mildred Hayslip, Carolyn Savage. Second Row-Faye Huston, Shirley La Mar, Jean Smith, Patricia Comford, Patty Dominy, Peggy Smith, Mary Lee Gilford, janet Littler, D'Anne Manor, Carolyn Harkins, Janet Jacks. Third Row-Janet Bodine, jane Hurley, Judy Craig, Dorothy Codling, Ruby Alspaugh, joan Hunt, Sally Elliot, Myrtle Ringer, Jean Sturgeon, Meredith Sommers, Barbara Taylor, Judy Wood, Sue Jordon, Georgianna Linkhart. Fourth Row--Virginia Cooper, Janet Fox, Helen Wills, Frances Scott, Mildred Riggs, Iolene Spence, Barbara Pitzer, Clara Foster, Sarah Jones Cynthia Kimber, Helen Mustard, Dorothy Huit. Twenty Six Seventh Grade C3 irls Seventh Grade Boys First Row-Mr. Patterson l"Pat'lJ, Harold Ford, Billy Michael, Fuzzy Neeld, Gene Moore, Richard Fudge, Dick Sodders, Robert Smith, Floyd Wallace, Charles Henize, Dale Mowen, Mr. Harlan. Second Row-jerry Hilderbrandt, Carl Pilkington, Jerry Gifford, Kenneth Reese, Roger Hillard, junior Shattuck, Herman Abromowitz, Rich Miller, Boydon Kinsey, Larry Gcgner, Frank Rue, Edwin Louderback, Neil Keller. Third Row-Ray Leighly, Marvin Toner, Bobby Shaw, Don Halsey, Dick North, Dick Spurlock, Harold Cliambliss, Wesley Miller, Phillip Jenkins, Jerry O'Conner, Richard Wakely, Walter White, Billy Dean. Fourth Row-George Rue, Bill Sheets, jerry Murrell, Gene Pummel, Gain Rose, Ronald Hart, Terry Smith, Warren Ragar, Jack Harrison, Marion Fox, john Snyder, Donald Blair, Raymond Borden. Twenty Seven ELLIE5 ff-1 Auowmx HQTNUV ' FH- NQ 530067 XXX Bla,-a y "' I 0' b 1"' Q 7 1 G if' X QZ?'9Sff , HVY jg 3 oo.-sf 9 5,6 rS S National l-lonor Society The National Honor Society, an organization set up by the National Principals' Organization, was first started in Xenia in 1937. The first requirement is scholarship. Students must have a B average or better for the four years of high school. The Seniors who do have a B average are eligible to take the Senior Scholarship Test. Any Senior not taking this test is not a candidate for the Society. Ballots are given to the teachers to vote on those students only whom they know. The candidates are graded A, B, C, or D on qualities of character, service. and leadership, in the community -as well as in the school. Those who attain the highest averages in these qualities are elected to membership. Approximately fifteen per cent of the class is selected. The smallest group, twelve, was selected in 1937, while in 1940 eighteen members were chosen, the largest number up to the present. Twenty Nine First Row-Irene Lee, Martha Anne Ledbetter, Betty Prugh, Betty Bartlett, Arabelle McClellan, Betty Bryson, Nancy Leslie, Betty Wiedenheft, Evelyn Guyton. Second Row-Richard Bath, Joe Ary, Donald Morgan, David Purdom, Burton Ferguson, Mack West, Joe Hutchison, Paul Whetstone, Walter Buffington. First Row-Delores Smith, Doris Daum, Henrietta Sodders, Frances Snider, Mitzi Foley. Second Row-Donald Morgan, Bill Reynolds, John Willett, Molly Johnson, Arabelle Mc- Clellan. Third Row-Tom Jones, Fred Matson, Floyd Delaney, John Mallow, Ken Foley. Thirty Student Council The Student Council, which consists of fifteen members, was formed early last fall. The membership of the Council is composed of an elected representative from each class, and the vice presidents of all the clubs at Central. The purpose of the Student Council is to work in cooperation with Mr. Benner for the welfare and happi- ness of the students of Central High. Central Commercial Club The object of the club is to further greater interest in commercial subjects, to investigate and study up-to- date appliances, and to stimulate a desire to become proficient. It is composed of active and associate members. To be an active member a student must register in two Commercial subjects and have an A or B average. To be an associate member one must have an A or B aver- age in one Commercial subject. The officers of the club are as follows: President, Juanita Aveyg Vice President, Barbara Allen, Secretary, Irene Leeg and Treasurer, Margaret Henize. The meetings are held every three weeks. First Row-Miss Dukes, Juanita Avey, Margaret Henize, Irene Lee, Miss Cavanaugh Second Row-Audrey Brown, Mary Armentrout, Wanda Woodcox, Barbara Allen. Third Row-janet Smith, Charlene Coffman, Patsy Manley, Marilyn Anderson. Thirty One First Row-Miss Williams, Doris Comford, Sarah Ayers, Rosetta Gultice, Betty Watson, Miss Haworth. Second Row-Evelyn Anderson, Evelyn Robinette, Norma Sparrow, Edna Dodge, Shirley Beamer, Patty Slattery, Violetta Faulkner. Third Row-Patricia Merriman, Martha Knapp, I-lenretta Sodders, Dolore Lannon, Dorothy Atkinson. Fourth Row-Betty Davis, Jane Rector, Wilma Smith, Anna Middleton, Patricia Pepple, Dolores Smith, Alice Snider, Emma Smith. The advisers are Miss Williams and Miss Haworth. The officers for this year are: President ............................ Rita Allen Vice President ..... ...... D e-lores Smith Secretary ....... ....... D orothy Atkins Treasurer ........ Louise Rhodes Thirty Two Future Home Makers of America The purpose of the F. H. A. club is to promote social and educational opportunities for the students of the Home Economics classes, who desire to become members. These future home makers meet twice a month for social opportunities and project planning. This year the girls have sponsored entertainment for the Hangout and a dance for their future farmers. Girls, Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic Association was organized for the purpose of promoting athletics for girls and thereby furthering health, sportsmanship, and better school spirit. Special entertainment during the year included: a bowling party, weiner roast, bicycle hike, a Christmas party, Halloween party, skating party, and program for the Hangout one evening. Two play days with the Girls, Athletic' Association of the O. S. 85 S. O. Home were most enjoyable. By means of a credit point system the members may earn a letter or a pin. Activities of the year included intramural tourna- ments in different sports, the supervision of dancing and activities in the gym dividing 'the noon period, and the sponsoring of a dance after a varsity game. First Row-Miss Rector, Dorothy Campbell Martha Pence, Rosetta Gultice, Thelma Hazel baker, Patty Slattery Sec-ond Row-Marilyn Reubert, Roberta Riley Norma Sparrow Frances Snider, Dolore Lannon, Emma Davis Third Row--Kathleen Downing, Mary Shattuck Aileen Johnson Rita Kersey Ruth Lucas Delores Smith Wilma Smith Fourth Row--Marilyn Sturgeon, Laura Fawley, Verda Randall Dorothy DeVe1b1ss Roberta Kohl, Juanita Borden, Alice Snider The officers this year are: Emma Davis ..,,.i........,......... President Henrietta Sodders ...... Vice Piesident Frances Snider .... .......... S ecretary Martha Pence ....,.... ..,,... T reasurer Dorothy Campbell ..... ........ R eporter Miss Ruth Rector ..,.. ....... A dviser Thirty Three First Row-Betsy McCurran, Carolyn Kerns, Genevive Goodman, J-can Roach, Dorothy Campbell, Juanita Avey Mary Paullin, Doris Thomas, Joan Finlay, Fern VanWey, Rita Allen. Second Row-Mrs. Fulkerson, Betty Baxter, Barbara Roach, Jane Rector, Betty Jo Freed, Rosetta Gultice Shirley Beamer, Martha Anne Ledbetter, Terry McFadden, Geraldine Kelble, Eileen Walsh, Mrs. Deen. Third Row-ARuth Sharett, Jean Snell, Evelyn Guyton, Margaret Henize, Betty Shoemaker, Peggy Jo Douthetl Wilma Whittington, Alicia Creswell, Joanne Garringer, Janice Fudge, Mary Armentrout. Fourth Row-Janct Smith, Jean Baumaster, Betty Ann Prugh, Betty Bryson, Wanda Woodcox, Nancy Leslie, Sue Mellage, Phyllis Jennings, Wilda Whittington, Shelley Westlake, Martha Pence, Clara Abromowitz. Fifth Row-Charlene Coffman, Beatrice Ervin, Joan Hurley, Shirley Lang, Raylene Milburne, Emma Smith. Anita Maxwell, Helen Thornhill, Arabelle McClellan, Patsy Manley, Mary Michael, Virginia Wiechers, Molly Johnson. The advisers for the club as Mrs. Ruth Deen and Mrs. Grace Fulkerson. President ..........,..,....,... Martha Anne Ledbetter Vice President ..... ............,....... M olily Johnson Secretary ........, ..,...., T erry McFadden , Treasurer ....,, ...... B eatrice Ervin- Thirty Four Senior Cen-X The purpose of the Senior Cen-X Club is to strive to attain those goals set before us. The motto is "Non sibi sed omnibus" and the code is arranged as follows: Noble in deed Obedient to authority Neighborly in action Sincere at all times ldealistic in thought Building for the future Impartial in judgment Single in purpose Ever dependable Delighting in services Open minded Morally upright Never neglecting Intelligent in judgment Believing in God United in aim Swift in achieving Any Junior or Senior girl who has an aver- age grade of C or above and will promise to attend church three Sundays in a month is eligible. This year the club was unusually large, having a membership of about 79. The annual formal dance was the Christ- mas dance with the Junior Cen-X, held Decem- ber 20. The gymnasium was decorated with huge candy canes with red ribbons and snow- flake designs around 'the wall. There was one large Christmas tree and several smaller ones. Bill Arnold's orchestra from Dayton furnished the music. The club alternated the operating of the check room at basketball games with the Junior Cen-X. Included among its activities for the year were the furnishing of some first aid equipment and twice sponsoring the Hang- out. The members sold Christmas cards and a good profit was made. Working with the Hi-Y Club, the Cen-X planned an Easter program for the school. During the year, the club heard many in- teresting lectures covering a wide variety of subjects as follows: experience of life in the Army, experiences of life of an Army wife, several travel talks including Mexico and Holland, chemistry as an aid to girls, and good grooming. The final meeting of the year was the in- stallation of offices at a candlelight ceremony. A .Junior Cen-X , .fflio purpose of the Junior Cen-X Club is to strive to attain high ideals in service, to maintain a high scholastic standard, and to be benehcial to the community -in action and deed. On December 20, 1945, the most im- portant event for the club occurred, the Junior and Senior Cen-X formal dance. A This club has had the following speakers: Rev. Mr. Deen, Miss Mary Langan, and Mrs. L, V.,Nilson. A musical program, with students of Central participating, was also presented. Making miniature megaphones to sell for the basketball game was a project for the year. - As, in the years before, the Junior Cen-X provided the library with the subscription to "Life" magazine. 'V l First Row-Doris Comford, Shirley Fisher, Emma Hopping, Jean Beamer, Patty Slattery, Violetta Faulkner, Lois Fudge, Irene Lile, Thelma King, Peggy Whittington, Patsy Nels-on, Sara Ayers. Second Row-Mrs. Spahr, Patty Sharp, Virginia Smith, Joyce Wagner, Barbara Wills, Marjorie Frazee, Virginia Paullin, Colleen Anderson, Garnet Jack, Barbara Hedges, Miss Frash. Third Row-Joan Woodcox, Carol Martin, Patty Huit, Betty Mallow, Frances Mathews, Edna Dodge, Carolyn Holton, Betty Anderson, Barbara Burr, Virginia Jackson, Orman Lee Coffman, Betty Snell, Beverly Rice. Fourth Row-Ruth Ann Edler, Janet Moody, Irma Newcomer, Mary Smith, Nancy Donges, Carol McCool, Arlis Luttrell, Patsy, Wallace, Peggy Daniels, Marilyn May, Betty White, Barbara Block, Charlotte Ervin, Doris Daum. ' Fifth Row-Cynthia Schick, Ellen Whetstone, Jane Buck, Wanda Gilbert, Patti DeVoe, June Curry, Juanita Borden, Roberta Kohl, Mary Jane Frankenburg, Pauline Collier, Joan Wheeler, Jean Curlett, Audrey Nilson. Mrs. Nelle Spahr and Miss Nelle Frasch are the advisers of the club. ' The officers are the following: President .,.................... Joan Wheeler Vice President ....., ,,,..,, D oris Daum Secretary .......,. ....... C arol McCool Treasurer ...... ...,....., J ane Buck Thirty Five First Row-Ross Hayes, Carl Pramer, Richard Bath, Helen Thornhill, Donald Morgan, Cliff Seelenbinder, Robert Brackman. Second Row-Mr. Cranor, Evelyn Guyton, Alicia Creswell, Mary Paullin, Barbara Roach, James Pierson. Third Row-joan Hurley, Mary Michael, Carolyn Kerns, Clara Abromowitz, Evelyn Smalley, Terry McFadden, Edward DeWine. - Fourth Row--Richard Riggs, Walter Buffington, Anita Maxwell, Betty Bryson, Raylene Milburn, Ruth Esther Hurley, Robert Warner, Howard Kemp. Fifth Row-Paul Whetstone, Paul Hibbert, Randall Gearhart, Burton Ferguson, Mack West, Eugene Blair, David Purdom, David Chapm-an. The officers of the club are: President ............................ Dick Bath Vice President ,..... Cliff Seelenbinder Secretary ,.,,,......,..,,.... Donald Morgan Treasurer ...... ...... H elen Thornhill Thirty Six Chemistry-physics Club The Chemistry-Physics Club is composed of stu- dents from these classes, with grades which average an A or B. The supervisor of the club is Mr. B. F. Cranor, teacher of these classes. Due to the large enrollment in these departments, the club has served a very definite purpose which is to further the interest of the students in Chemistry and Physics and their applications. The club has different activities, such as sponsoring interesting meetings, and seeing that different articles needed in the Lab. are obtained. Some of the speakers for this years have been: Charles Grarnetz, of the Kroger Food Lab. in Cincinnati, Ohiog Dr. Rothemund, head of the Chlorophyl1-Chem- istry Department, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, Mr. Richard Sultzbach, teacher in Central High Schoolg and Dr. Austin M. Patterson, retired professor of Chem- istry at Antioch College. The club has also planned a sight-seeing trip through the Drierite plant located in this city. Future Farmers of America The motto of the Xenia Chapter of the Future Farmers of America is "We pull the most when we pull together." This year the members have been successful in the following activities: They held the first chapter sale at the Greene County Fair Grounds, September 22, netting S3775.00g held the ninth annual rabbit banquet at the Fie-ld House, November 22g started a Xenia National project, James Middleton won third place in the National Public-Speak- ing contest at Kansas City, Donald Linkhart won third place in the District Public-Speaking contest at Beaver- creek High School, the chapter held a scrap drive in February, netting over S2005 it owns three state-winning hogs for breeding purposesg it supported three intra- mural basketball teams-Freshman Aggies, junior Aggies, and Aggies, it bought the best Duroc gilt avail- able and bred it to the Grand Champion boar of Ohiog organized Duroc rand Spotted Poland China clubs, or- ganized junior 4-H clubs for boys not yet in high school, purchased a five-gallon paint sprayer for rental purposesg purchased a recording phonograph machine, it plans to enter state judging contests in June, and proudly it states that it has four candidates for State Farmer degrees and one for American Farmer degree. First Row-Eugene Pagett, Charles Rohrback, Elbert Hutchison, Marvin Neff, Gerald Morris, Carl Rector. Second Row-P. D. Wickline, Robert Ward, Alva Smith, Earl Faulkner, Denver Williamson, John Mallow. Third Row-Russell Davis, Neil Mangan, Warren Sanders, Junior Robinette, Ralph Mallow, Donald Pennewitt, Richard Pickering. Fourth Row-Everet Smith, Richard Coffelt, Nelson Rohrback, Clarence Stallings, Alfred Seeger, Joseph Hutchison, Ralph Lee. Fifth Row-Richard Mason, Donald Bickett, Russell Oran, Marvin Beam, John Bickett, John Glotfelter, Dale Day, Robert Starkey. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President , .................. . Vice President ...... Secretary ............. Treasurer ......... Reporter ..................i Sentinel .............................. Recreational Leader . Social Leader ............. Honorary Recorder Adviser ........................ .... Thirty Seven ................Marvin Neff .......John Mallow joseph Hutchison ..........joseph Ary ...John Glotfelter ...,......Max Jones ...Granville Wills .Donald Linkhart Day ...P. D. Wickline First Row-Frances Snider, Janet Wallace, Audrey Brown, Mary Armentrout, Mrs. Campbell, Erma Caplinger. Second Row-June Borden, Lorene Lfming, Charlotte Beatty, Mitzi Foley. The officers are: President .............,... Vice President ...... Secretary ..........,..,. Treasurer ................ Program Chairman Adviser ,,,..,,,,......,., .......June Borden ...Frances Snider ...,,...Audrey Brown ........Mitzi Foley Charlotte Beatty .......Mrs. Campbell Thirty Eight Library League The Library League is small, but this group of senior girls work hard t-aking care of the library throughout every school day. These students check the books in and out, record fines, arrange the magazines and put the volumes back on the shelves in the right places. This year the Library Club has sponsored several social events. Twice the girls arranged the Saturday night "Hangout" program and they gave a very successful "George Washington Ball" in February, for which the "Centralites" furnished the music. Busi- ness meetings are held in the library on Monday night, every two weeks. Journalism Club The Sophomore Class assumed the responsibility of editing a school paper last September, and the live classes working in turn, edited seven issues of The Buccaneer. A special journalism staff was organized the second semester, with reporters from every class. This group is affiliated with the Quill and Scroll journalism organization. Nine upperclassmen participated in an editorial- writing contest, Paul Whe1tstone's essay being chosen to scnd to the Quill and Scroll organization. In November, the tenth annual clinic of the Miami Valley Journalism Association met at Central, with Miss Ballantyne as president and the Sophomore Class as hosts. The journalism and yearbook staffs of nineteen Miami Valley Schools participated, some two hundred students attending the three-hour conference, banquet, and dance. Reporters of Dayton and Xenia newspapers, a yearbook representative, and journalism teachers con- ducted discussion groups, covering many phases of news- paper work. First Row-Evelyn Guyton, Audrey Nelson, Carrolyn Holton, Geraldine Kelble, Regina Coff- man, Pauline Collier. Second Row--Miss Ballantyne, Arabella McClellan, Patsy Manley, Betsy McCurran, Evelyn Elliot, Ellen Whetstone. Third Row-Paul Whetstone, Ronnie Anderson, Tilden Helvenston, Edward Lowery. joe Balmer, who was will at the time the journalism picture was taken, is also a member of the staH. Thirty Nine First Row-Mrs. Campbell, Evelyn Guyton, Betty Ann Prugh, Orma Lee Coffman, Betty Snell, Doris Thomas. Second Row-Irene Lee, Alicia Creswell, Joan Hurley, Betty Bryson, Betsy MeCurran, Janice Fudge. '1h1rd Row-Margaret Henize, Evelyn Gilbert, Jean Curlett, Molly johnson, Mary Armen- trout, Emma Smith, Jean Snell. Fourth Row-Beatrice Ervin, Mitzi Foley, Marilyn Anderson, Charlene Coffman, Patsy Manley, Arabelle McClellan, Jane Buck, Mary Michael. Boosters' Officers: President .................. Betty Ann Prugh Vice President .... Arabelle McClellan Secretary ................ Marilyn Anderson Treasurer ...........,...... Margaret Henize Corresponding Secretary ..Mitzi Foley Adviser ........................ Mrs. Campbell - Forty Boosters, Club The Booster Club of Central consists of thirty girls who boost the football and basketball teams through the seasons. The membership includes fifteen seniors, ten juniors, and five sophomores. Their uniforms lare navy blue skirts and white sweaters. During the football and basketball season, the Boosters meet every Wednesday at 3:30. They perform stunts between the halves of games and sponsor dances and the Hangout. This fall they sponsored the Booster Ball, at which the Buc Queen was chosen. She is elected by the members of the football team. This year the Queen was Evelyn Guyton. The Boosters hope to con- tinue this event each year. Biology Club The purpose of the Biology Club is to extend the knowledge of Biology and make it interesting to the students. In order to do this the Biology Club has meet- ings with interesting speakers. John Bales was the first speaker. He gave a talk on the war and its relation to science. In this he told about many new discoveries and the increasing knowl- edge of disease preventions. The game warden, Elwood Stroup, spoke ab-out the fish and snakes around this part of the country. At a joint meeting of the Chemistry Club, Home Economic Classes, and Biology Club, Mr. Garnety, rep- resenting the Kroger Laboratories, told of this research which has been done on frozen and canned foods. The next speaker was Doctor Henderson. His talk was on the education and training required to become a doctor. Doctor Rothimund at a joint meeting of the Biology and Chemistry Clubs, discussed chlorophyll, and the many things which are not yet known about this green matter in plants. The Biology Club had a Hallowe'en party at Ralph Mallow's in October. There were many games and plenty of food. The Hangout was sponsored once by the Club. First Row--Sara Ayers, Elbert Hutchison, Thomas jones, Norma Jenkins, Peggy Daniels, Katharyn Drake, Donald Penewitt, Lawrence Cope. Second Row-Miss Lott, Orma Lee Coffman, Marilyn May, Peggy Whittington, Marjorie Frazeie, Tilden Helvenston, Patsy Nelson, Neva Deen, Barbara Hedges, Wanda Deger. Third Row-Nancy Weeks, Betty White, Shirley Fisher, Emma Hopping, Betty Snell, Audrey Nilson, Barbara Block, Arlis Luttrell, Anne Wallace. Fourth Row-Jean Curllett, Jane Buck, Wanda Gilbert, Lois Fudge, Virginia Paullin, Irene Lile, Thelma King, Joan Wheeler, Patsy Wallace, Joyce Hurley. Fifth Row-Robert Woodruff, Dino Malavazos, Robert James, Edward Lowery, Tommy Thomas, john Baldner, John Hunt, James Owens, Ralph Mallow. Forty One First Row-Mr. Hey, Burton Ferguson, William Reynolds, Marvin Beam, Richard Bath, Joseph Hutchison, Mr. Cranor. Second Row-Robert Warner, William Coates, Richard Riggs, Donald Morgan, John Mallow, Reigh Spahr, Clifford Riggs. Third Row-Thomas Reynolds, Walter Buftington, James Pierson, john Willett, James Malavazos, David Bone, Douglas Adair, Martin Gable. Fourth Row-Paul Whetstone, Kenneth Muterspaw, Paul Hibbert, Mack West, David Purdom, Edward Bridgeman, David Chapman. Forty Two I-Ii-V Club Our Hi-Y Club of the Young Men's Christian Asso- ciation of the United States, having accepted the national. purpose, ". . . to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character . . . ", and having fulfilled other requirements, is recognized as a member of the Hi-Y Fellowship of the United States. The club participated in the following activities: The Annual Father-and-Son Banquetg printing and dis- tributing football programsg conducting devotional assembliesg fall and spring picnicsg Christmas and Easter programs in cooperation with the Cen-X5 and sponsoring an open dance. A proportional per cent of the meetings were given over to guest speakers. In the spring the annual custom of taking over the city for a day was observed. HETIVITIEX X MEENTRIIIL Z X Senior Scholarship First R-ow-Richard Bath, Clifford Seelenbinder. Martha Ledbetter, Niancy Leslie, Betty Bryson, Donald Morgan, Walter Buftington. Second Row-Irene Lce, Evelyn Guyton, Margaret Henizc, Betty Prugh, Arabella McClellan, Betty Bartlett, Evelyn Gilbert, Mitzi Foley. Third Row-Paul Hibbert, Paul Whctstone, Mack West, Burton Ferguson, Dave Purdom, J-oe Hutchison. Senior Scholarship lest Twenty-five Xenia Ccntral students took the annual Senior Scholarship Test, March 9, 1946. Only those students who had an average of B or above were eligible to take the test. The subjects included were: English, science, mathematics, history, and reading comprehcnsIon. Forty Four Mack West 4 David Purdom 7 Richard Bath 8 Walter Buffmgton H. M. 12 Betty Bryson H. M. 13 Clifford Seelenbinder H. M. 17 Donald Morgan H. M. 18 Nancy Leslie H. M. 23 Paul Whetstone Betty Wiedenheft Joseph Ary Joseph Hutchinson Mildred Foley Arabelle McClellan Evelyn Guyton Burton Furguson Martha Ann Ledbetter Mary Armentrout Betty Ann Prugh Paul Hibbert Irene Lee Margaret Henize Evelyn Gilbert Betty Bartlett Janet Smith The Cast The characters in order of their appearance were: Wingy Vashki-a boy of 14 ......,..............,.. Dick Bath Dora Vashki -a girl of 18 ....,.,............, Evelyn Guyton Flora Vashki-Dora's twin sister .... Betty Ann Prugh Emil Vashkiktheir father ...,........... Anna Vashki-their mother .......... Kathleen Downing Biddy Brady-next door neighbor ,....,.,.. Nancy Leslie Mrs. Jones- Tessy Vashki another neighbor ........ Phyllis Riobinette --eldest daughter ........ Margaret Henize Luke Watson-collector of garbage .... Bob Cartwright Oswald Fredrick--Tessy's fiance .......... Joe Hutchison Johnny Jones-ex-marine ...,............,..... Dave Purdom Mrs. Fredrick-Oswald's Aunt Agatha .,........,..,., Ledbetter Mrs. Bixby-Oswald's mother .,..,.,, Mary Armentrout Maxy-Fredr ick's chauffeur ..................., Paul Hibbert Judge Patrick-justice of the Peace ..Paul Whetstone Percival Ping-piano tuner ...................,,... Max Jenks Grandma Va shki-Emil's mother .,.................... McClellan Sarabelle-cousin of the Vashki's ...... Frances Snider Zuvabelle-another cousin .,.........,.... Evelyn Smalley Dixie Jones-stranger from the deep South ........ , .............,..,...,.,.,.............,...............,......,.,. Irene Lee ,......John Mallowm' Senior Class play First Row-Mrs. Campbell, Frances Snider, Phyllis Robinette, Nancy Leslie, Martha Ledbetter, Mary Armen- trout, Mr. Sultzbach. Second Row-Irene Lee, Margaret Henize, Evelyn Guyton, Betty Prugh, Kathleen Downing, Evelyn Smalley. Third Row-John Mallow. Joe Hutchison, Paul Hibberr, Dave Purdom, Robert Cartwright, Max Jenks. Cast not in Picture-Richard Bath, Paul Whetstone, Arabelle McClellan. "Love Your Neighbor," a fast-moving farce-comedy in three acts, was presented by the Senior Class, Friday, May 10th. The action of this play took place in the living room of the Emil Vashki home on the edge of an imaginary town in Iowa. The time was the present. The cast, one of the largest Central has ever had, consisted of eight boys and twelve girls, was coached by Mr. Sultzbach, assisted by Mrs. Campbell. Forty Five Senior Band Haydn Gershwin, and Sousa were only a few of the composers whose musical selections were played by the Xenia Central Orchestra and Band to suit a variety of musical tastes. The band played for all of the home football and basketball games. Lelawala an operetta, accompanied by a small orchestra, was given in November. In early December the instrumental students with the help of many other Central students, began rehearsals on the "Minstrel." Following the "Minstrel," the orchestra and band gave their annual concert, and displayed for the first time navy blue and white uniforms which were financed in part by paper drives manned by instrumental students. Swing music for several school dances and hangouts was provided by the "Centralites." Many of the students entered the contests which were held in Springfield and Columbus. The school year ended with the orchestra playing for class plays and graduation, and the band playing for Memorial Day services. Cornet Donald Morgan Helen Thornhill David Bone Neil Wright Ronnie Anderson Peggy Bottorff William Miller Ralph Smith Miriam Morris Eddie Smith Dick Shaw aritone Joe Hutchison David Chapman Ruth Hurley Jack Conklin Herman Abromowitz Trombone Burton Ferguson James Owens Robert Woodruff Tom Reynolds Ralph Mallow Elbert Hutchison Susannah Lane Richard Miller Clarinet Shelley Westlake Raylene Milbum Betty Baxter Joe Ary John Mallow Patricia Grieves Warren Clark E-lvetta Smith Shirley Lang Joan Finlay Larry Gegner Patty Burr Marcella Hartman Carolyn Holton Wanda Deger Patty Slattery B Alto Saxophone Clara Abromowitz Charles Kyle Pauline White Juanita Borden Neil Keller Tenor Saxophone Walter Buffmgton Audrey Nilson Percussion David Purdom Martha Ledbetter Nancy Leslie Carol McCool Terry McFadden Barbara Burr Carol Martin Katharine Torrence Jim Benson Jean Baumaster Gordon Shearer Delores Swigart Cynthia Schick ass Paul Whetstone Ellen Whetstone Charles Deen Robert Martin Mary Hopping Gene Pummell Forty Six Bass Clarinet Garnet Jack Alto Clarinet Janet Smith Oboe Betty Mallow Marjorie Frazee Bassoon Barbara Roach Reigh Spahr French Horn Wanda Woodcox Tom Jones Arlis Luttrell David Hurley Dick Fudge Flute and Piccolo Marilyn May Jean Miller Patty Huit Judy Wood Senior Qrchestra First Violin Walter Buflington Mary Hopping Martha Ledbetter Carol MCC-ool Donna Bodine Joan Woodcox Pauline Collier Mary Carol Creswell Delores Swigart Patty Burr Cello Joe Hutchison Ellen Whetstone Donald Dugan Barbara Burr Susannah Lane Jean Beamer Jeannie Huston Cornet Donald Morgan Helen Thornhill David Bone Trombone Burton Ferguson James Owens Oboe Betty Mallow Marjorie Frazee Bassoon Barbara Roach Reigh Spahr French Horn Wanda Woodcox Tom Jones Arlis Luttrell David Hurley Dick Fudge Second Violin Barbara Block Shirley La Mar Carolyn Savage D'Ann Manor Mary Beamer Sue Jordan Margaret Smith Vonna Baylis Elvira Warner String Bass Paul Whetstone Betty Bryson Clara Abromowitz Robert Martin Charles Deen Viola Nancy Leslie Forty Seven Clarinef Shelley Westlake Raylene Milburn Betty Baxter Percussion David Purdom Terry McFadden Jean Baumaster Alto Clarinet Janet Smith Bass Clarinet Garnet Jack Flute Marilyn May Jean Miller Patty Huit Judy Wood Gperetta One of the projects of the Vocal Music Department was the operetta, "Lelawala," by Charles Wakefield Cadman, which was given before three large audiences on November 15th and 16th. This was one of fthe best attended operettas ever given and was the first one to be given in the field house. "Lelawala,' is the story of a beautiful Indian girl of the tribe of the Oniah- garahs, who volunteered to be a sacrifice to the Great Spirit. She was savied from her fate, when the Chief of the Delawares, who threatened the Oniahgarahs with war, was killed in battle, thus pleasing the Great Spirit and sparing Lelawala. The story ended happily with the return of Sawanas, the lover of Lelawala, and the weddfng of the two. One hundred and fourteen persons had some part in this project and their cooperation helped to make this production a grand success. Forty Eight .1--rn--Q. - Q V -- , Central Nlinstrels ol 'IQ46 The minstrel show was presented by a large cast of Central students under the direction of Mr. Zaner Zerkle. The curtain opened to the strains of George Gershwin's brilliant "Rhapsody In Blue." The black-face chorus and the pony chorus were introduced by two other Gershwin tunes. Many well presented acts followed, Music was furnished by a capable thirty-piece orchestra. Humor came with the antics of eight end men and two interlocutors, Forty Nine Included in the program were various vocal solos, instrumental solos, ensembles, tumblers, and dancers. The colorful performance came to .an end with the theme of "Victory," and Sousa's stirring march, "Stars and Stripes Forever." The program was concluded with "The Star Spangled Banner." Xenia Central High School's vocal music department led the western Ohio vocal auditions at Wittenberg College, Springlield, Ohio, Saturday, Apri-l 6, 1946, by receiving First, or superior, ratings for its a capella choir, composed of fifty-tive voicesg a mixed ensemble of four voices, and six soloists. Soloists who received superior ratings were Donald Morgan and Douglas Adair, baritones, Tom Thomas, bass, Miss Janice Fudge, soprano, Miss Mary Michael, mezzo soprano, and Tom Reynolds, tenor. These students participated in the state finals at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, May 11. Other ratings received by Xenia vocalists were as follows: boys' Vocal Music Kerns, soprano, and Walter Buflington, jr., good. Judges for the auditions were W. Oscar Jones, Findlayg joseph A. Leeder, Ohio State University, and Norman Park, supervisor of music in the Dayton schools. The local students are from the classes of Carl Duckwall, supervisor of vocal music in the Xenia schools. On April 5, the vocal music department presented a concert with the instrumental music organizations. A girls' glee club of ninety voices, composed of all high school singing classes, sang three songs. The choir of lifty-live mixed voices sang seven numbers. ensemble, excellent, Miss Barbara Block, soprano, excellent, first Soprano Marilyn Anderson Charlotte Beatty Barbara Block Pauline Collier Beatrice Ervin Janice Fudge Molly Johnson Carolyn Kerns Beverly Rice joan Roach Frances Snider joan Wheeler Second Soprano Shirley Beamer Kathleen Downing Charlotte Ervin Thelma King Marilyn May Patsy Nelson Audrey Neilson Ellen Whetstone First Alto Second Alto Jane Buck jean Curlett Shirley Fisher Wanda Gilbert Emma Hopping Mary Michael Peggy Whittington Choir Members Orma Coffman Alicia Creswell Genevive Goodman Geraldine Kelble Raylene Milburn Katherine Torrence Miss Carolyn First Tenor Second Tenor Baritone Bass Kenneth Bauer Walter Buffington Doug Adair john Baldncr Tilden Helvenston Edward Bridgeman Ronnie Anderson Joe Balmer jim Malavazos David Chapman Don Morgan Bm-mn Ferguggn Gordon Shearer Robert Warner Jim Owens Bob james Richard Taylor Don Dugan Bob Woodruff Carl Pramer Tom Thomas Paul Whetstone Seven Sisters The junior Class Play, "Seven Sisters," offered something slightly different in the way of entertainment. It was a Hungarian costume play based on the tradition that the older daughters must be married before the younger ones may be- come engaged. A widow with seven daughters and little money is faced with the almost impossible task of marrying off her many girls. When her fourth -eldest daughter, Mitzi, is expelled from a convent, thus disgracing her family, her job becomes even greater. The cause was not lost, however, for Ferenz Horkay became so infatuated with Mitzi that he undertook the task of trapping three eligible men into marrying the three Gyurkavics girls, thus making it possible for Mitzi, fourth in line, to marry him. The play, which was given March 29, 1946, was directed by Mrs. Kathryn Jones. CHARACTERS Mrs. Gyurkavics Kathrinka ............ Sari ......... .. Ella ........ Mitzi ...... Terko ..,. Liza ................ Michael ..........joan Hurley ....,.,,.,..Alicia Creswell .....,.....Terry McFadden ..,....Katherine Torrence ....,......Martha Snyder ........Shell-ey Westlake Klara ..,.............. ...,....,..,. J erry Kelble Col. Radviany ...... ......., T arlan Andrews Gid-a Radviany .,.,.. ........... D avid Bone Ferenz Horkay ..... .,... Michael ,....,....... Toni Teleke ..... Tanko ,......... .,.Douglas Adair ...,....Marvin Neff ......Bob Brackman ,.......Dave Chapman Fifty One Biology- l. Charlotte Ervin 2. John Hunt 3. Bob Woodruff Physics- 1. Richard Bath 2. Mack West 3. Paul Whetstone American History- 1. Granville Wills 2. Clifford Seelenbinder 3. Eugene Gill English IX- l. Doris Daum 2. Anna Joyce Wagner 3. William Miller English XII- 1. Betty Bryson 2. Joanne Hurley 3. Nancy Leslie Algebra- l. Charles Deen 2. Donna Bodine 3. jim Kinsey General Science- l. Eileen Penwell 2. Doris Daum 3. Elinor Berry World History- 1. Emma Hopping 2. Lois Fudge 3. Evelyn Elliott English X- l. Carl King 2. Joyce Hurley 3. Harriet Converse Latin I- l. Donna Bodine 2. Mary J. Frankenberg 3. Patti Devoe Chemistry- 1. Anita Maxwell 2. Clifford Seelenbinder 3. Bill Reynolds Geometry- l. Robert Woodruff 2. John Baldner 3. Edward Lowery F ilty Two Scholarship An elimination test, taken by 193 students, in many subjects was given to Xenia Central students, April 9, 1946. The three students ranking highest in each subject were per- mitted to go to Wittenberg College to take the tests in com- petition with students from other schools. The results of this test gave ranking in both district and state in the various subjects. The following is a list of the students and the subject in which they took the tests at the district examination. Senior Social Studies 1. David Purdom 2. Mack West 3. Paul Whetstone English XI- 1. Bill Reynolds 2. Doris Thomas 3. Betty Jo Freed Latin II- 1. Charlotte Ervin 2. John Hunt 3. Barbara Block Spanish I- 1. Betty Jo Freed 2. Helen Thornhill 3. Mary Michael Spanish II- 1. Margaret Henize 2. Arabelle McClellan 3. Evelyn Guyton Bookkeeping- 1. Barbara Burr 2. Gamet Jack 3. Margaret Whittingto Sl XENIA CENTRAL PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING Senior Cheer Leaders Emma Hopping, Ruth Sharriet, Jerry Kelble, Fred Matson Fifty Three Junior High Easketbaii Team - First Undeieated Team First Row-O. White, D. Shaw, D. Murreill, N. Muterspaw, B. Montgomery. Second Row-H. G. Patterson, R. Whitacre, P. Coates, R. Matson, W. Eakins, H. Dabe, B. Hall. Fifty Four Junior Hi Night Central Junior High celebrated its thirteenth annual "junior Hi Nite," Friday evening, February 22nd. The occasion was particularly timely this year since Centralls junior team came through the season without a defeat. Needless to say, Coach H. G. Patterson was very proud as he watched the boys defeat the rangy Dorothy Lane team from Fairmont in the season's Finale at the Fieldhouse by a score of 33-20. The preliminary game between the two traditional city rivals, Spring Hill and McKinley, was won by a fast breaking McKinley team by a score of 35-13. The team was coached by Warren "Tommy" Thomas. Dale Murrell, center on the junior high varsity, won the Robert Moore foul-shooting trophy. Dale made good eight shots out of ten attempts. The trophy, symbolic of the grade championship, was presented to McKinley School between halves by Supt. R. J. Warner.. Music was furnished by the Junior band under the direction of Mr. Zerkle. The Central Junior Hi pupils, along with the visiting Fair- mont team iand boosters, enjoyed 'a party at the Hangout follow- ing the game. Fifty Five Football First Row-E. Moore, J. Jeffryes, K. Foley, J. Owens, H. Mickle, D. Martin, R. Bath. Second Row-J. Malavazos, D. McMahon, G. Wills, L. Ashmore, D. Adair, B. Hornick, K. Garrison, J. Willet. Third Row-J. Baldner, D. Villars, K. Bauer, T. Reynolds, K. Muterspaw, M. Beam, D. Haley, G. Haller, K. McClelland. Fourth Row-R. Bateson, T. Thomas, T. Bottoroff, C. Chapman, B. Downing, C. Dean, B. Henderson, P. Boxwell Ccoachb. Fifth Row-E. Grooms, E. Bridgman, R. Gearheart, C. Brown, C. Pramer, J. Bean, N. Mangan, D. Henshaw. Sixth Row-T. Randall, C. Hebor, B. Brooks, R. Jenks, C. Riggs, F. Thomas, R. Pramer, C. King, J. Bryon, W. Cline. This season, contrary to the score column, was not a complete failure for the Bucs. Although Xenia lost seven games and won only two, the season was called a success by many football fans because of the team's lighting spirit and its ability to hold supposedly stronger teams to a few points. The Bucs finished sixth in M. V. L. Letters are awarded on a basis of quarters played. The player must appear in at least half of all the quarters. At a special assembly, letters were presented to: Stogie Bath, captain, Don Martin, Jim Jeffryes, Don Haley, Dutch Villars, Bernie Schwei- bold, Johnny Willet, Harold Mickle, Marvin Beam, Kenny Muterspaw, and Tom Bottoroff, co-captains for next year, Bob Down- ing, Granville Wills, Bill Henderson, Kenny Foley, Charles Deen, Dwight McMahan, and Jim Malavazos, manager. Xenia ........ 34-Wilmington ........ 6 Xenia ........ 7-Troy ....... Xenia ........ 6-O. S. Bn S. O. H. 9 Xenia 6-Piqua ....... Xenia ........ 6--Miamisburg ,..,.. 13 Xenia 0-Greenville Xenia ..,..... 13-Oakwood ............ 26 Xenia ........ 6-Fairmont ............ 13 Fifty Six Xenia Sidney ..... Basketba First Row-D. Villars, J. Malavazos, B. Hornick, K. Garrison, B. Schweibold. Second Row-P. Boxwell, E. Bridgman, K. Muterspaw, M. Beam, M. Jones, T. Bottorff. Third Row-B. James, J. Baldner, K. Bauer, T. Thomas, C. Dean, J. Jacoby. Fourth Row-D. McMahon, N. Wright, P. Hanlon, T. Randall. The basketball team this year, although finishing last in the Miami Valley League, made a very creditable showing through out the season. As the season progressed, the team continued to improve, and many games were lost by only one or two points The members of the team established for themselves a reputation for cooperation, sportsmanship, and team spirit. Then career in the tournament was halted in their first game by Middletown, who eventually became State Champs. Basketball Lettermen Donald fDutchJ Villars Max Jones Kenneth Garrison Marvin Beam Bill Homick Tom Bottoroh' Kenneth Muterspaw Xenia ........ 4 7-Bryan ,,,,,,, ,,,,,.. Xenia ........ 35-Fairview ............ Xenia ........ 37-Oakwood ............ Xenia ........ 24-Ironton ..........,... Xenia ...,.,.. 30-Ashland .............. Xenia ......,. 20-Hamilton Public Xenia ........ 26-Chaminade ...,.... Xenia .,...... 30--Miamisburg ...... Xenia ........ 33-Monroe .............. Xenia ........ 32-Fairmont . ,.,...... .. Fifty Seven Xenia ........ 1 7 Xenia Xenia Xenia Xenia Xenia Xenia Xenia -O. S. 85 S. O. H ........22-Troy ........26-Middletown ........35-Piqua ........42-Greenville ........46-Sidney ........21-Stivers District Tournament ........24-Middletown Girls, physical Education During the class year, the girls participated in m-any activities including volleyball, newcomb, basketba-ll, soccer, gymnastics, social dancing, tap dancing, square dancing, basket speedball, softball, and many others. Physical Education Night grew out of class activities. The students presented the activities which they learned in class. The girls also learned to time, score, and ofhciate their own games. Several girls then officiated at the intramural games which were held after school. Eighteen outstanding players in intramural basketball were placed on two teams for the Army-Navy game. The winners of this game played a team of women teachers. The Niavy won! Q ..., , ,ew wb. .,,...-,.-.i..m.-Wm...- e ,Mfrs :......p5g5-V-1-we I -3 A. We A' W-df. h x ,f:::ZE9!5fi2:3iEiE21F52E-E ' ' - ., , 4 . N., . ,L V, Boys' Physical Education Central is proud of her tumbling team this year. Under the able instruction of Mr. Bateson, these boys have developed into ia well-trained and co-ordiinated group. Several programs have been given by them before the public and we hope that future teams are as good as this one. INTRAMURAL LEAGUE One of the outstanding activities of the year at Central is the Intramural League. This year fifteen teams were organized and games were played weekly. Regular seasonal play was held besides the Final tournament from which the North End Indians emerged victorious. This year's track team, under the direction of Coach Bob Mclntire, shows more promise than usual. The team is rnade up almost completely of underclassmen with only three members being seniors. Up to the time of writing this, the team had participated in two meets. The first, on April 26, was lost to Osborn by a score of 8316 to 33Vg. In the second on April 30, Central defeated previously unbeaten Wilmington, 6116 to 56W. Sixty Track TRACK TEAM MEMBERS Q Paul Smith ............................,...,,.... Hurdles, 880 relay Charles Shaw .....,. .,................. 8 80 yard run Bob Downey ..............,..,...,............ 100, 220 yard dash Ken Bauer ..........,....,...,...,,.............,. Hurdles, 880 relay Bill Henderson .... Broad jump, high jump, pole vault Jim Owens .........................,........,.......,..,.... Broad jump Dwight McMahan ...,..,.......,........... 220 dash, 880 relay Ed Bridgeman ......,, .,..... 8 80 run, mile relay Dave Chapman .,.... .........,............. M ile relay Ken Muterspaw ....., ....... M ile relay, 440 dash Gordon Shearer .......,.............,. Mile run Charles Deen . .................... Shot put Carl King ......... .,...... M ile run Bill Hornick .,... ......... P ole vault Carl Brown ..... .......,,..... M ile run Paul Whetstone ..,..... Shot, Discus Calvin Hieber . ........,.... 440 run Lyle Ashmore . ............. 440 run Earl Blair .... .... Robert Hall ..................M'anager ...,.,..Asst. Manager April 26 ...,. .,...,......,,......,.,.,... O sborn April 30 .,... .,...... W ilmington May 7 ....,..........................,.......... Troy May 11 ..................,..,.... Miami Relays May 14 V. L. meet at Greenville SENIOR HI-HANGOUT "See you at the Hangout tomorrow night!" That hasbeen a familiar cry in the halls of Central, Friday afternoons after schools. The fact that an average of 250 memberships were sold each quarter shows how full the meaning was to this state- ment This year the Hangout has been run on a new system. The Student Council has been in general charge of the Saturday night get-togethers, and made provision for the club to have a different sponsor each week. Various clubs and activity groups were given their choice of dates for sponsorship. From the group member- ship, committees were picked to set up equipment, sell tickets, sell refreshments, plan entertainment, and clean up. Ping-pong tables, cards, checkers, and a snack bar were at the disposal of the members. Often the group in charge planned special features such as: circle dances, Bfology Club Cheer Leaders F. H. A, B-ooster's Club F. F. A. G. A. A. cake walks, grand marches, and match-name dances. Door prizes were often awarded An orchestra was the main attraction at least once a month. There are always big things in store at the Hangout. And at the latest meeting of the Student Council, it was decided that the Hangout will continue to function through June and July of this summer. Not everyone knows that the Kiwanis Club is greatly interested in our Hangout, so interested that they have appointed a committee of four "guardian angels" to watch over us and help us with any difficulties that may arise. These "angels" are: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Francis, Mr. Benner, and Mr. Bateson, and they are constantly working on new plans and ideas for us. The following groups have sponsored the Hangout this year: Hi-Y Junior Cen-X Senior Cen-X Instrumental Music Library Club Vocal Music History ol the Senior Class It seemed funny to be seniors. Always before, the last year in high school was very distant and in the future, but now it has come and gone. As we look back we vaguely remember being freshmen, when we sent representatives to the Student Government, got used to high school, and looked up to the dignified seniors. In our sophomore year we organized under the direction of Mrs. Stanchu and Mr. Harlan. Dick Bath was elected president with Jim Jeffries, Don Morgan, and Joanne Worley as vice president, treasurer and secretary, respectively. We held our meetings in Room 315 W. Instead of publishing the "Little Buc," we put out 'the "Sophomore Newsletter," which was sent to our boys and girls in the service. This project was under the supervision of Miss Ballantyne. We were the first Sophomore Class to put on a class play, which was in one tact and was entitled, "They Put on a Play" with Pat Frederick, Margaret I-llenize, Nancy Leslie, Janet Smith, Frances Snider, Dan Anderson, Don Morgan, Dave Purdom and Paul Vvhetstone. As Juniors we elected Richard Riggs, president, Burton Ferguson, vice presi- dentg Betty Bryson, secretary and Nancy Leslie, treasurer. Under the guidance of Miss Porter and Miss Clark we held our meetings in Room 203. We sold food at the games and held several dances to help build up the treasury. Our class play, "Lunatics at Large," was directed by Mrs. Jones and presented in the cast: Mary Lou Armentrout, Bea Ervin, Patsy Manley, Betty Ann Prugh, Nancy Leslie, Janet Smith, Martha Ledbetter, Walter Buflington, Burton Ferguson, Paul Hibbert, John Mallow, Don Morgan, Dave Purdom and Paul Whetstone. Our class rings came just in time for the Prom. We had another first, in that we were the first class to hold an open dance. This, of course, was due to the War situation. However, the banquet was restricted to Central students. Seniors! Bernie Schweibold was elected president, Betty Bryson, vice presi- dent, Nancy Leslie, secretary and Evelyn Smalley, treasurer. Our class meetings were held in Room 309 with Mrs. Nybladh and Mr. Neff as able advisers. As Seniors we were privileged to give the first dance of 1945. This year the Student Council was organized as a form of self-government. Its membership is made up of representatives from the various clubs and classes. We ordered our invitations and name cards and voted to graduate in caps and gowns. Our class play, a three act farce comedy, "Love Your Neighbor," was presented May 10. To climax the year, a lovely time was had by all as guests of the Juniors at a Party- Prom with music by Les Shepard. We've had a grand time at Central! Sixty Two Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. 4-School Opens 13-Band Covered Dish Supper 14-Wilmington Football Game CHD 21-O. S. 85 S. O. H. Football Game Senior Class Dance 27-Assembly CScotch KiltsD 28-Miamisburg Football Game CTD 5-Oakwood Football Game CTD 9-Devotional Assembly, Rev. Scherry Tuesday-Sen or Hi 10-Wednesday-junior Hi 12-Fairmont Football Game CHD Junior Class Dance End of First 6 Weeks 16--Devotional Assembly, Rev. Deen 19-Troy Football Game CTD 26-Navy League Assembly Piqua Football Game Senior Cen-X Dance 31-General Assembly, Mr. White 1-Journalism Clinic 2-Greenville Football Game CTD 9-Sidney Football Game CHD Boosters' Dance Evelyn Guyton Crowned Football Queen 15-Operetta in Afternoon at Field House 16--Operetta at Night at Field House 20-F. F. A. Rabbit Banquet at Field House 22-23-Thanksgiving Vacation 26-End of Second 6 Weeks 30-Yellow Springs Basketball Game Sophomore Class Dance 4-Fairview Basketball Game CHD 6-One-Act Speech Play 7-Oakwood Basketball Game CTD Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. jan. jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. SCl100l CGIZHGGV 13--Bird Circus in Auditorium 14-Ironton Basketball Game CTD 15-Ashland, Kentucky, Basketball Game CTD 18-Devotional Assembly, Rev. Hutchison 19-Hamilton Basketball Game CHD 20-Cent-X Formal School Closes for Christmas Vacation 28-Chaminade Basketball Game CHD -School Opens Again 4-Miamisburg Basketball Game F. H. A. Dance 11-VVilmington Basketball Game CTD 12-Monroe Basketball Game CHD -End of First Semester -Fairmont Basketball Game CTD 22-O. S. 85 S. O. H. Charity Game 25--Troy Basketball Game CHD F. F. A. Dance -Middletown Basketball Game CTD 1-Minstrel Show at Field House Piqua Basketball Game CTD 2-Minstrel Show at Field House 6-Neville Auditorium Program 8-Greenville Basketball Game CHD 9-F. F. A. Scrap Drive 15--Sidney Basketball Game CTD 21-Stivers Basketball Game CHD Library Club Dance 22--Junior Hi Night No School 9-Senior Scholarship Test 11-Father and Son Hi-Y Banquet 13-Devotional Assembly, Rev. Hutchison 22-Physical Education Night Sixty Three Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May May May May May May May May 29-Junior Class Play 3-F. F. A. Derby Night 5--Band Concert 6-District Vocal Contest 9-Program for Seniors Dr. Guy Bingham 10-Auditorium Program 12--Preliminary Scholarship Tests 19-No School CGood FridayD 22-No School 26-Osborn Track Meet CHD Biology Club Dance 27-District Instrumental Contest 30-Hi-Y Governs City Auditorium Program, Mrs. Stamback Wilmington Track Meet CTD 3-Greenville Track Meet CTD 8th Grade Test 4-District Scholarship Test 4-Troy Track Meet CTD 7-Paper Drive 10-Senior Class Play 11-Miami Valley Relays State Vocal Contest 14-M. V. L. Track Meet 15-Achievement Banquet 17--Junior Senior Prom 18-State Instrumental Contest 19--Baccalaureate Service at Field House 24-Commencement at Field House School Closes CH D -Home Game CTD- Away Game Dewey Ackerman Adair's A Friend Albers Floyd Anderson Anderson Insurance Agency A. 85 P. Tea Co. Beam Farm Supply Black's Furniture Co. Karl Bloom J. P. Bocklett Supply Co. Charles A. Bone Allen 85 Fred Borden Borden's Dairy Boringis Braun's Jeweler Brenner Furniture Co. Canby Studio Carroll-Binder R. W. Chapman 85 Son Chenoweth Motor Co. Citizens' National Bank City Loan Cooperative Club Corner Pharmacy Correct Time Service Ray Cox Crawford 85 Bottorff Cigar Store Criterion Curtis Cussin 85 Fearn C. A. Dabe 85 Sons Roy Dalhamer Dayton Power 85 Light Co. Donges Drug Store Eckerle Printing Co. Eichman's Ellis Motor Sales Dr. Paul D. Espey Fair Store Electric Centre Famous Auto Supply Famous Cheap Store Fat's Barber Shop J, B. Ferguson Larsh M. Ferguson Ferris Barber 85 Beauty Shop Fetz Brothers Five Points Food Market Pat Fredrick Gallaher's Drug Store Galloway 85 Cherry Gazette Gegner's Geyer's Restaurant Gibney's Jesse E. Gilbert Gilroy's Service Station Ginavin Poultry Goodyear Service Gordinys Grocery Fred F. Graham Co. Greene County Lumber Co. Harner Electric Harrison Supply Hearthstone Inn Harold Hess Harry Higgins Home Furniture Co. Forest Hurley Hustmeyer's Hy-Art Shop Islay's James Bros. W. O. Jeffryes 85 Son Jerry's Service Station Mr. Johnson D. D. Jones Kaiser Laundry Kathryn's Beauty Shop R. A. Kelly 85 Co. Kiwanis Club Lt. Robert D. Knight Sponsors Krakoff's Kroger's Lang Chevrolet Co. George L. Lawrence Ledbetter Coal Co. LeSourd 85 Co. Lewis 85 Jones Litt Bros. Lucille's Beauty Shop Main Auto Supply Dallas Marshall Dr. A. B. May Mayflower Beauty Salon Marcus McCallister W. B. McCallister Mr. McDorman McDowell 85 Torrence Lumber Co. Mr. Farrell Miller Milton's Model Cleaners Modern Art Studio Modern Dairy Modern Shoe Repair Shop Montgomery Ward 85 Co. Moores Auto Accessory Neeld's Funeral Home Orient Hill Thrift "E" Market Palace Restaurant Pat's Grocery Barbara Pence J. C. Penney Co. Oscar L. Pidgeon, Realtor Marjorie Porter J. W. Prugh 85 Sharp Purdom's Lois Purdom Insurance Agency Dr. Nelson Reeves Reliable Shoe Store Re-New Cleaners Richard's Shoe Store Rinck's Hat Shop Ringer 85 Son Rose Marie Beauty Shop Rotary Club S. S. Kresge Co. Schardt's, Florist Schiff's Shoe Store E. H. Schmidt Frank Schweibold L. N. Shepard Carl Short Marcus Shoup Smith's Bakery Sol's Shoe Store Standard Oil Stiles Co. John Sutton Tiffany's The Camera Shop Thornhill Furniture Co. Vanity Beauty Salon Robert Wead Mr. Whitacre Sherman White World Wide Dr. C. E. Wilkins John Wood Woolworth 85 Co. Xenia Abattoir Xenia Athletic Club Xenia Cab Co. Xenia Candy Kitchen Xenia Coal Co. Xenia Locker Storage Xenia Xenia Xenia Xenia Xenia Dr. Jo Farmers' Exchange National Bank Police Dept. Standard Parts Theater hn A. Yoder ' , WE. , ,L . 1:-,M:+afs:5QA.ik Y' f .0 Ei P 1 ? i -N ,jli 5 Ig w YI vi' .fs Iii ,I V. r f I 5' I1 6 ,A -w N W JN fl 1 Y P 3 1 H. 1 1 W! I ! E XT N fi X 2, H I 1 K 1

Suggestions in the Xenia High School - Cen Sen Yearbook (Xenia, OH) collection:

Xenia High School - Cen Sen Yearbook (Xenia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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