Wyoming Park High School - Orbit Yearbook (Wyoming, MI)

 - Class of 1959

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45:59 Q95-if if af QQ wg 3 T N 3-4M gggigfffl . +0 Q2 f - fn ' f 9 W W iff? 5 b Q GJ C255 900 5,154 jggfsvglg pf W 'Qfif 9X1f SWA 0 WM fggggp bghfug I .ii ji A-'! 9 ggi? Vw W Sh w W 'A' 'W ,F fbi-fig. 'ff i1' ' A,z? 0 WL ol! f 5 it W Q 7Q i 9 g'f M W 1 06 54221 g XV. ' 2.5 V A99 WDP 6 I? 92 W jgggw . ' - O' ff-f - 4 , Q ,f ' fl WWW 0 ,, 'ij 5 if F,2fff,,,- , ff? 1 1 , ' W MQW ww 1 ' .gjgps-05, , ay wig J 555 0 Q' Sy 9 42 fm, U ,Q 'kr ?"'aj'v i gfRb QSC ZEHEHQ9 5' Q F S 'WC 'X vga-iijix sf? ij? gy? 5 9 1? M if fgsi' W ik 36 lyk jg WQVQ PW V29 gig? 991' i ' ' gif W W fMQflF'm QWW . 36' 57 of WW' fipff' fi! M M 1 QE bf2'f+ A My ff' wg ,Q W' fffxid' Q9 W W Si-ff Q H l ' ,447 if ,J-J Q' J JJ J ,X W f I 5 - 'I Q -'JC 4' 4- "Lb .4 ' f ,4yz'1f'fZ -ww .. .lea ,A C440 - , , 5 '7., ..., . C .,4,4.,,9f,z,4-4- ' . THE oRB1Tfq f f if S 1959 39 E QQ fig? kiwi? M, fjfy' QQ A J KIRHESSBB ' xt fgvhb 5 5vW-6 PMSEMii QQ, in YB WM n THE.lol511NAL1s LASQQ 35 W QS Q S, w Q N x 31225 3 ,,:o? wYoM1NG HIGH scHooL S E GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN QRS ,252 , i hog f 2 ,, THE MODERN VIKINGS THE NIIIDERN VIKINGS 2 ADVENTURES IN LEARNING PAGE The sages of the original Vikings, of Norway, Sweden, and Ice- land, may be compared with the progress of the modern Vikings of Wyoming High. Their constant search for new ideas caused them to advance their civilization more rapidly than any other people of that period. The modern Vikings are seeking just as earnestly as the Vikings of the past. The Viking of Wyoming High advances as he explores the Helds of learning, social relationships, and athletic rivalry. The training which he receives will serve as a guide and the basis for his growth in life. ADVENTURES IN ATHLETIC RIVALRY PAGE ADVENTURES IN SDGIAL RELATIDNSHIPS PAGE 3 ODER IKI G The modern Vikings are the students, faculty, and administration of Wyoming High. Their out- look on life is one of great anticipation. This was the attitude of Leif Ericson, and many other great Vikings, who left their homes in search of fresh discoveries and adventures. They are the ones who will contribute their leadership to advancement in tomorrow's world. za Y n Q ai, 'fit T-ser-:vw v j p "i- fa: 1 lf' k A V A x kk wh I MW , ...Q X gf KU 7' -1. , , '15 ff 'wg fav 'L ,17 M, wi- A 'L in . 4: 1. 1 ,, , W, ,.tMWQ. . ' X' 4.. y .Q U m, is A J X- . Y ., i L . ,,..l , Q., ,mxl -,,f, uU ,-2,,,,,:w..X 11- W' ,kk AIM 4 gf., :il M .QM -1- S., .,.. gf- ,. 6, , Ffa V, FACULTY PRO IDES LE DER HIP Mr, JOSEPH BROZAK Superintendent B.S. Western Michigan University MA. University of M'chigan Jig. Mr. KENNETH DAVIS Principal A.B. Indiana State Teachers' College MA. University of Michigan Mr. Brozak, superintendent, and Mr. Davis, prin- cipal, make up the administrative office of Wyom- ing High. They are the source of leadership for the faculty and students alike. Without their direction and guidance our school would be far less significant. The coordination of the school's program is a job which brings a challenge to the men in charge. To join studies and extracurricular activities into one program takes planning and hard work. Communications between school and community, managing the financial department, and keeping the school records are only a few of the many problems that are faced by our administrative office. The faculty of Wyoming High is another key to the school's, and the student's standard of values. Theirs is the job of training good citizens from the student bodyg this can only be accomplished by their personal interest in the students as individuals as well as a group. They set the example for good citi- zenship in both school and community. A teacher's work day does not end at 3:36, when the bell ends sixth hour. Extra hours of work are needed to correct the endless pile of papers that con- tinually confront them. Through the faculty's leadership the students of today will become the competent, capable leaders of tomorrow. 5' if I!! i coach LAWRENCE A Coach WILLIAM Mr. ROBERT ill Coach MARVIN ERAENDLE CLINGE - COURTER I - it HIDDEMA Advanced Math Health Edu I on Shop 7th Grade B.S. Western Michigan U'ni- B.S, Western MICE ni- B.S. Central Michigan A.B. Calvin College versity M.A. University of Michi- gan Miss ALETTA HOEK Tytfiflg B.S. Ferris Institute Coach LOUIS KRAMER World 6'9" United States Hixtory B.S. Western Michigan Uni- versity M.A. University of Michi gan ,fi N , I , , - time ff c , Mr. KENNETH A. ISH Mrs. JO Choir 6? Instrumental Homemaking and Health 69' Physical B. of Music Michigan State Sociology Education University B.S. Michigan State Uni- B.S. Western Michigan Univ. versity MISS HENRIETTE KUIZENGA Miss Hock corrects the ever-present stack of papers. Miss LENORE KALENDA English and Latin A.B. Hope Cqllkge A.M. Uqiyersityx of Michi- 1 x LOPATIN V LUEBBERT MEULENBELT OVERMIRE Band Science, Chemistry 7th Grade Biology B.A. -- M.M. Michigan G3 Physics B.S. Westem Michigan Uni- A.B. Westem Michigan Uni- State University B.S. - A.B. Central Michi- versity versity gan College M.A. Mrs. NELLE PLASTERER 8th Grade A.B. U.B. College M.A. University of Michi- gan Miss WINNIFRED ROGERS Librarian A.B. University of Michigan RIA TT.-.C.,n.-.-In' nf Xllnlnl Driver's training had another Elm. Mr. HARRY REGENSTREIF English, Spanish Cf! Speech Mr' WILLIAM J' B.A. Colorado State College SHARON M.S. University of Denver 8th Grade A.B. Western Michigan Uni- Miss TOBY JO Coach NORMAN versi SPRADLIN SCHUILING Maikvlfgern Michigan English Al,...L..,. -..J r1--.....-,. rv.. ,--.:' o. rn.: .,.,,. :rn ,r ,It 1-. -1- 1 A - vv - Miss NANCY WIERENGA Commercial B Western Michigan Uni- versity ' M.A. Univ, m ,,f we fc, ,j!:64L,,gI1,ii,:-:.:7 , af Jig gt-:rpf:f"i3fiJ'7',ff yffleg 1 ey f. ,, 0-40+ .f Mr. ARD JA,f f Mr. E RL THO 1PSON Mrs. HENRIETTA TANGE' BERG AlechanicalDrawing THOMPSON Englixh, Orbit 6? Beacon Homecraft 7th Grade Adviser B.S. Western Michigan Uni- B.S. Western Michigan Um A.B. Hope College versity versity M.A. University of Michi- ix Q ' gan .X Xl idk, 5. XP i is Q' Mr. DONALD VAN Mr. JACK VER DUIN Mrs. MARCIA VOET HOEVEN Math, Civics Es? World Ar 8th Grade Hixtory B.A. Michigan State Um versity A.B. Hope College B.S. Western Michigan Univ. versity Mr. MAX WISNER World History, Driver Education, Athletic Director gqyb B.A. YVestern Michigan Uni- Mr. GERALD ZYLSTRA Government, Economics and High School Counxelor A.B. Westem Michigan Uni versity A.M. Univ. of Mich. Mrs. KENNETH FRYE For the example she set, for the good will, the success we ex- perienced through her efforts, and her dynamic personality, we will always remember Mrs. Kenneth fjoanj Frye, who was taken from us in the summer of 1958. Under her direction the choir gave successful performances, pro- duced operettas and won many first place ratings. REPRE E TATIVE OF OUR COMMUNITY BOARD OF EDUCATION Joseph Brozak, superintendent, Clare Nichols, treasurer, George McNitt, Charles Schellen- berg, Ronald DePuit, president. Mrs. Morris Green, secretary. P. T. A. BOARD George Kunst, vice president, Mrs. Robert Fry, Miss Ruth Tuthill, Chester Thomas, Mrs. Jack Daley, Mrs. Charles Riemersma, president, Ken Taylor, treasurer. LLM, , ..,. G Y. UPPORT FRO BEHI D THE CE E Betty Fountain answers the telephone while Janice Tamminga goes over the accounts in the business office. Mika Mrs. Maxine Bulliment gives instructions to Donna Beak, Marcia Ver Strate, and Joyce Rocks, office assistants, in the high school office. Charles Willoby, John Hamilton, Peter Pott, and Richard Earl Davey, chief engineer, plans the day's schedule. Dreyer, arm themselves for the day's work. E IOR VIKING LARRY ABBOTT PAT AMES JOHN ARCHER CAROLE BALLARD SUE BASSETT DONNA BEAK LARRY ABBOTT - Senior playg Orbit 43 Beacon 43 Jr. Rotarian 4. PAT AMES - Student Council 1,43 Horizon 1,2,3,4. JOHN ARCHER - Football 2343 Basketball 2,33 Jr. Rotarian 4. CAROLE BALLARD. SUE BASSETT - Senior play, student director3 Thespians 1,2,, treas. 43 Choir 43 Student Council, vice pres. 43 'Junior play, student directorg Horizon sec. 1, treas. 2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Grand Valley Student Council 43 National Honor Society 3, treas. 4g Class sec. 2,4. DONNA BEAK - YFC 1,25 Choir 13 Orbit 43 Beacon 43 Horizon l,2,3,4. CAROLE BENGRY - GAA 13 Band 1,2,33 Jr. Achievement 3,4. ROBERT BENNETT - Football lg Baseball l,2,3,4Q Band 1,2,33 Varsity Club 43 YFC 1,23 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4. MARY BLOOMER - Thespians l,2,3,43 Orbit 33 Student Council 43 Horizon 1,2,3, sec. 43 GAA 1,2,3, pres. 4g Beacon 33 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4. CAROL BOND - Band 1,2,3, vice pres. 43 Quartet 3,43 Modern Music Masters 4. BERNARD BOUMA - Football 1,23 Hi-Y 3. THOMAS BRADFORD - Football 2,3,43 Varsity Club 3,43 Tennis 1,2,3,4. GLORIA BROTT - Thespian 1,2,3,43 YFC l,2,3,43 Choir 1,2,3,43 Library assist3 Triple Trio 33 GAA 1,23 Pep Club 23 Madrigal 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Quartet 23 Modern Music Masters 3,4. SHARON BROWN - Horizon l,2,3,4. JERRY BURRILL - Football 1,23 Baseball 3,43 Track 13 Varsity Club 3,43 Student Council 2,3, vice pres. 4g Basketball l,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3, pres. 43 Class Pres, 3, vice pres. 43 Athletic Council 3,4. BRIAN COX -- Football 1,2,3, All Grand Valley 43 Track 1,2,3,43 Varsity Club 43 Homecoming Kingg Choir ls Student Council 43 Hi-Y pres. 3,43 Class pres. 2,4, Jr. Rotarian 33 A-V 2,3,4. 12 CAROLE BENGRY Larry Abbott helps candy sale chairman, Edith Prince, check out the candy orders. ROBERT BENNETT MARY BLOOMER GLORIA BROTT CAROL BOND BUD BOUMA TOM BRAFORD SHARON BROWN JERRY BURRILL BRIAN COX MARY DEJONGE ROBERT DOMINIAK DONALD DRAKE DONALD DREYER CAROLE DUTMER SHARON DYKSTRA SHARON EHLE EDWARD F INN Mr.. Luebbert explains to Ron Snyder how to operate a. geiger counter.. 14- MARY DE JONGE - Senior play, bus. mgr., Thespian 1, vice-pres., 2,3, sec. 4, YFC 1,2, Choir 2, treas. 3,4, Student Council 3, sec. 4, Triple Trio 3,45 Operetta 3, Trio 3, Horizon l,2,3,4, GAA 1,2,3, sec. 4, Band 1,2,3, Class treas. 1,3,4. ROBERT DOMINIAK - Football 1,4, Baseball 4, Track 1, Choir 1, Basketball 1, Hi-Y 3,4. DONALD DRAKE - Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, Varsity Club l,2,3, vice-pres. 4, YFC 1,2,3, Choir 1, Student Council 1, Basketball 1, Hi-Y 3, sec.-treas. 4. DONALD DREYER - Foot- ball 1. CAROLE DUTMER - Senior play, Thespian l,2,3, pres. 4, YFC l,2, Choir 2,3,4, Triple Trio 3,4-, Trio 3, Operetta 3, Horizon 1,2,3,4, GAA l,2,3,4, Madrigal 4, Band l,2,35 National Honor Society 3,4, Class sec. 1. SHARON DYKSTRA - Thespian 45 Choir 4, Horizon l,2,3,4, GAA 45 Jr. Achievement 3. SHARON EHLE - Senior play, Thespian 45 Choir 4, GAA 4. EDWIN FINN - Football 1,2,3, All Grand Valley 4, Varsity Club 2,3, sec.-treas. 4, Tennis l,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3, Capt. 4, Hi-Y 3, Athletic Council 4. JANET FRARY - Library Assist. l,2,3,4. ROBERTA GRASS - Thespians 4, Choir 1, Horizon 1,2,3,4, GAA 2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4. JAY GROENDYK - Track 1,2,3,4, Senior play, Varsity Club 3,4, JETS 3, Cross-Country 3,4, Athletic Council 4. BARBARA GROOTHOUSE -- Choir 1, Horizon 1,2,3,4, GAA 1. SHARON HAGAN - Senior, Thespians 1,25 treas. 4, Homecoming Court 2, Choir 4, Student Council 2, Junior play, Horizon l,2,3,4, GAA 3, Beacon 3, Band 1,2,3. REX HARMON - Football l,2,3,4, Baseball 3,4, Track 1,2, Varsity Club 4, Thespians 1, Choir 1, Orbit 4, Basketball 1, Beacon 4, Hi-Y 4. DON- ALD HENRY - Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1, Track 2,3,4, Varsity Club 4, Choir 1,25 Student Council 4, Hi-Y 3,4, Madrigal 2. LOREN HUEN - Football l,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Varsity Club, JETS 4, YFC 3. JANET FRARY ROBERTA GRASS JAY GROENDYK BARBARA GROOTHOUSE SHARON HAGAN REX HARMON DONALD HENRY LOREN HEUN ALLYN HINKEN KENNETH IDE WALTER JACHIM SHARON KERKSTRA Senior class oHicers: Jerry Burrill, vice- president, Sue Bassett, secretary, Brian Cox, president, and Mary De Jonge, treas- urer, take a coke break. ALLYN HINKEN YFC 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4. KENNETH IDE Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Thespians 1,2,35 Choir l,2, vice-pres. 3, pres. 45 Basketball 15 Junior Play, Hi-Y 45 Madrigal 1,2,3,4g Quartet 4, Operetta 1,2. WALTER JACHIM Band 2,3. SHARON KERKSTRA YFC 1,25 Choir 3,45 Triple Trio 3,4g Madrigal 3,43 Band 1,2,4. SUSAN KIEL Thespians 4, Choir 1,25 Junior play, sutdent director, Hor- izon 1,2,3, vice-pres 45 GAA 1,2,3,4g National Honor So- ciety 3, vice-pres. 4, D.A.R. Award. BEVERLY KIPEN Homecoming Court 1,4g Orbit 4g Student Council 2g Horizon treas. 2,3,4g GAA 1,2,33 Beacon 45 Cheerleader 2,43 Driver's Safety Club 43 Class sec 35 A-V 2,3,4g Prom Com- mittee. HOWARD KYSER Football 2, Baseball 3,4g YFC 2,33 Band Sextet 23 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4, Band 1,3. SUSAN KIEL BEVERLY KIPEN HOWARD KYSER OSCAR LA PONSIE tg.. ,s in-mln, tfmmmmn -11er: OSCAR LAPONSIE Baseball 2,3. NANCY LASS NANCY LASS Horizon 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,4. MARILYN LEESTMA Homecoming Court 35 Choir 15 Student Council 1,25 Hori- zon 1,2, pres. 3,45 GAA 1,2,3, treas. 4. NANCY LOVEWELL Choir 15 Orbit 45 Beacon 45 Pep Club 1,2,3. JUDY LUYK YFC l,2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Triple Trio 3,45 Trio 35 Pep Club 35 Operetta 2. MARY MACFARLAND Choir 3,45 Triple Trio 3,45 Operetta 45 Trio 3,4. SHARON MILLER BERNARD MONROE ROGER MULDER Football 3, mgr. 45 Baseball 1,25 Varsity Club 4. MARY LEETSMA NANCY LOVEWELL JUDY LUYK MARY MAC FARLAND SHARON MILLER BERNARD MONROE ROGER MULDER JERRY NEUENDORF , Chairman, Sue Kiel, hands Donna Beak her order of Christmas cards while Nancy Tatro checks them OH. JOAN LPAGE KENNETH PAGE JOHN PERHAM CONSTANCE PLASTERER DIANNE PRESTON EDITH PRINCE JAMES PULLEN BARBARA RANSON 5 JERRY NEUENDORF - Baseball 23 Cross-Country 234. JOAN PACE - Thespian 233343 Homecoming Queen3 Student Council 2,43 Junior playg Horizon 1, vice pres. 233,43 GAA 1,2,33 vice pres. 43 Band 1,2,3,4. KENNETH PAGE - Football 1,3343 Basketball 13 Hi-Y 3. JOHN PERHAM - Track 43 YFC 1,2,3,43 Choir 132,334-3 Oper- etta 23 Cross-Country 13 Madrigal 3,43 Quartet 233,4. CONSTANCE PLASTERER - Thespian 233,43 YFC 132,3,43 Choir 2,3,4S Triple Trio 33 GAA 13 Madrigal 2,3343 Band 132,33 National Honor Society 3,43 Modem Music Masters 3, sec. 4. DIANNE PRESTON - Thespian 43 Choir 1,3,43 Horizon 132,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 Beacon 13 Pep Club 13 Jr, Achievement 3. EDITH PRINCE - Thespian 2,3343 YFC 13 Choir 13233343 Triple Trio 33 GAA 132,334-. JAMES PULLEN - Track l,2,3,43 Varsity Club 3,43 Choir 132 3 Basketball 13 Cross-Country 1,2,3,43 Junior play3 ,Hi-Y 3,43 Operetta 13.2. BARBARA RANSON - YFC 1,2,3,43 Band 1,233,4. BRUCE RIEMERSMA - Football 132,43 Baseball 1323 Track 43 Basketball 1. JOYCE ROOKS - Senior play CPrompterJ3 Thespian 1,2,3,4Q YFC 1,23 Orbit 43 Student Council 43 Junior play3 Horizon 13233, sec. 43 GAA 13233343 Beacon 4. JUNE SABIN - Horizon treas. 3. DONALD SCHIL- STRA - Football 132,43 Track 1. DANIEL SEXTON. HARRY SMITH - Varsity Club 3,43 Cross-Country 2,3,4. RONALD SNYDER - Football 132,33 captain, All Grand Valley 43 Baseball 1,233 captain, 43 Varsity Club 2,3343 Homecoming Court 43 Student Council Pres. 43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Grand Valley Student Council 43 Na- tional Honor Society 3,43 Class President 1, vice pres. 33 Athletic Council 4, CAROL SPOELSTRA - Thespian 23334 treas.3 YFC 13 Choir 1,334 sec.3 Student Council 1, 3,43 GAA 13233343 National Honor Society 334. BRUCE RIEMERSMA JOYCE ROOKS JUNE SABIN DONALD SCHILSTRA DANIEL SEXTON HARRY SMITH RONALD SNYDER CAROL SPOELSTRA Candy store managers, Judy Van Dyke and Marbo Turner, sell Ed Finn and Carol Dutmer candy by the boxes. WILLIAM STEIL RICHARD STRATING JERRY STURM JUDY SUTTON NANCY TATRO BRENDA TAZELAAR MARBO TURNER BOB VAN DEN HOUT PETER VANDER HAAR JUDY VAN DYKE MARCIA VER STRATE JAMES WAGNER WILLIAM STEIL. RICHARD STRATING. JERRY STURM - Football 2 5 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball lg Hi-Y 3g Drivers' Safety Club 4. JUDY SUTTON - Orbit 45 Horizon 1,3,4g GAA lg Beacong Driver's Safety Club 45 A-V 3,4. NANCY TATRO - YFC 1,2g Horizon 4 3 GAA 1,2,3,4. MARBO TURNER - Senior playg Thespians 1,2, 3,43 Student Council lg Junior playg Horizon 1, treas. 2, pres. 3,4g GAA l,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3g Band councilg Grand Valley Student Council 1. ROBERT VAN DEN HOUT - Football 1,4 g Track 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,45 Cross-Country 2,33 Hi-Y 3s Athletic Council 4. PETER VANDER HAAR - Track 2,3,4g Senior playg Varsity Club 3,45 Cross- Country 3,4 3 Junior playg Hi-Y 3,4. JUDITH VAN DYKE - Senior playg Thespians 1,2,3,4g YFC lg GAA 1, pres. 2,3,4g Cheerleader 1,2,3, co-captain 4g National Honor So- BARBARA VAN NOORD JANET VAN'T HOF ROBERT WHITFORD ROGER ZIEL ciety 3, sec. 4 5 Class vice-pres. 2. BARBARA VAN NOORD - Thespian 1,2,3,4g YFC 1,2,3,43 Choir 1,2,3,4g Triple Trio 3g Junior playg Debate 2,43 GAA 2g Madrigal 2,3,4g Band 1,2,3g National Honor Society 3,4 3 Operetta 2g Mod- ern Music Masters Society 3, pres. 4. JANET VAN'T HOF - YFC 1,2,3,4g Choir 1,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3. MARCIA VER STRATE - Thespian l,2,3,4g YFC lg Orbit 4g Stu- dent Council 4g Oilice Assist. 35 Horizon l,2,3,4g GAA 1,2,3,4g Beacon 4. JAMES WAGNER. ROBERT WHIT- FORD - Senior playg JETS 45 Thespians. lg Camera Club 15 YFC l,2, pres. 35 Choir lg Tennis lg A-V 1,2,3,4g Junior playg Band 1,2,3, Drum Major 43 Drivers' Safety Club 3,4g Jr. Achievement 3. ROGER ZIEL - Football 1,2,3, captain 4g Track 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 3, pres. 45 Basketball 1,2,3g Hi-Y 4. ku - . VA.. X 'Q , 15: 1 ,fEL,,, E . 33. sv 'lf .. -rv-4. ' 'X ff 592 422754 "-2'..:"' , i pf? 5 WW! EIQ.fSi9lS: . wwf-BEWQSQ-S - m,,Sf mmw1Q f - Www H Qi N g u o U v ' ' 2? . If I S v 64,-5 ' . L ' I'g, ', KE! ff A lkwn 1' fc ,sg . 5 lx X, ' N If llll X, K, fs I .. . 1 -it Y fl m ms .Af -Q si ,--, U? -it - V as A a- . . 5 - . , K A I x s k W s r i., .Mf mw e Q' " .f- " V -kzfsiivi, ' - ' -, . My fixjrgi. 'V 5,1 I " .P r "H , r A ,- . ' r if - ral- l . Air Allen Bolhuis, Robert Bont, Beatrice Bosch, Larry Brower, Mike Brown. Susan Burkholder, Dave Carlton, Kathy Case, Ronald Collins, Jerry De Laat. Anne De Mull Nancy De Puit, Colin De Vries Judy De Vries, Lawrence Dreyer J IOR VIKINGS .QM 5 is , ..-,.Mr,, L N ar Y if '- ? if 4 it rr' S 3' Q :Z 4 4,2 X 4 , ,Y we l E is N N N We 'im iii' X l ' 3- K 3 mis -9 ig: is M .ft V., V, 5-tg 5 Q I Carol Appleby, Harold Applehof, Larry Bassett, Merry Bean, Beth Bengry. Judy Bennett, Robert Berends, Marilyn Beukema, Karen Beurkens, James Boerma. ffl? K . Fri? 2. - - 1 4 Y t - 'f-A1-V 51 : L- . 5:1 t E ., ,- .' " ::se:?- Magis?-. -,Z , se.-eww nfl. z: " 4, 1: s h f Q" ' . ,y' -. r'--' h s . f ,t '12 . W -25 -. 2, , - I.-fag, ,s m 'ffl -' - 3 , fi Q in ' - .,. , , . v .: A , -A ' NAS-arf:-af. . -Ez: sf .Jw at will 4: 1 X , M g5f,- g - 5, lg H l i STV . fi '. Y ' it 3- , if A at as X Xie fav 1? YL x aim! N 13 , Yagi 1 5? is 5 1 - ,. S ...sy Q :wt if 3, ,- 'f, 1.5 s a-sf K . , ai L: 154057 f Q 3 2' K gx , S Mfg. . K -ijj S x 1 Y if XX :gif K , if X i Q gf 'gig t -. we 4 'sf ,-. . fa i l? i .. .,,..3 . Q lf, Gil '. f, ' E X . A245 Q fs 33, sip, , P " QS? wg 415 3 lg f--7 g. -.su 1 S -f. 5 -L 1 G 4. X Q ,A 'Qjh .. , r,- at . . sk . , - r ' M 24 -5 RN X if 1 if W - if f- '- at Q as X M 'ff l r -T .ax ii aes Q 1 1 Mike Dykstra, Ted Dykstra, William Ferguson, Charlene Flesher, Bruce Foote. Susan Fyfe, Rose Ann Gaubatz, Phil- lip Haase, Michael Hannum, Ronald Hazlewood. Betty Heys, Keith Hill, Janice Hoek- sema, David Hogan, Sharon Huizenga. Nancy Isabell, Margaret Isrel, John Jacobitz, Earl jenkinson, Helen Johns. Ardith Johnson, Orie Kalee, Karen Kangas, Neil Keiser, Eileen Kerkstra. Wayne Kidder, Mary Lou Kiel, Jack Kloostra, Darwin Korf, Dorothy Ko- walczyk. i er t si 2 ,, 7.. s. . ,, , xl-4 iz 5 4 Hx Jeff! fl' - t ..,G. e U. X N 1, H li iii 'wl2u5.-'b- Y: '- ii Ti- "f' . Saw: gf,14-vfmyfa f f QW: 5. 355:2- so 1'-mr., A 'ggi o gig - 'viva My ana 1. ' 'I .ll- f'3155,':3z ' Mn, aa -5 Lee, V . W in ., . ,..., 7 5 Q' ilfaw -A W E r 1 if ig 5 L at 'QS t if . F ,, ., ,- . ff ' R ' e.:1:.1" , -: SSEV Q Ft i " t ,Q s:- : Q ge eel 'fb Q if ' , 2 of it I N me 52 x W 'S are ,L 1- -f A ' Q , M Q 1 Y r A X Fe "Lx -, K1 4 rp rg S . W: 3 ":'f1Nx.t , "- E Q i 5" 5 N .ig "' 2, Q Lv-I 8 X 1 A ,C 5 N 1 ,Q , 5 2 Q- '2f2:"Q , 5,23 1 as 2 . 5 we my N rr X r M Q t Q t . ' n EE? fi, 5272, I ' ' 4 iv' ,A W,,A Y we V34 ?r X v, R 2 N t , ' sf it e sr Q cg J , - W Y N. ll is 1 F F in .5 ' .- for me , 5 X A fi X N ti Q X X ., Qt 1-A-4: A rf wa? f S'-If Ee M 5 . ,.,r. .t if in ge . X r -me .T 1' Q 1 A 'Q V 3: .S joseph Kramarz, Ruby Lemo gg Livingston, Barbara Marsrnan e g 1 N "LL Q - ' , , , L 5 ,r Maureen McV1car, Norrme Me L , f JUdY MOM, Sharon MOI, Cuff ,X Q .KL -, 5: g V .AAS-,,,fR, t 3 15 I A .Q f r-rr I . 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" : I 1"'f ' f - M N gi , A. i A H X J - - 1 ima 1 Q "' V :lit ' : ' " ,-,SWF . he e W 5 ' Pisa 3 . - ge . junior class officers, Bob McN1tt treasurer Lar Brower, vice-president, Bob Berends, president, and Judy De Vries, secretary are checking the weather on the day of the junior-Senior Prom. Pat Seth, Linda, Shannon, 'Marilyn Spyke, Carol Steil, Marilyn Strik. Norman Tilma, John Treffers, Betty Vanden Toorn, Dale Vennen. Darla Van Duinen, Lloyd Vonk, Paul Warner, Thomas Wierenga, Larry Woodman, jay Zy- lema. One of the climaxes of the junior year comes when they receive their class rings. 26 0PHOMORE Everett Albers, Sally Baker, Philip Balkema, Margie Bartman, Mary Batema. Sandy Battjes, Gerald Beak, Al Bekkering, David Berends, Jean Bingner. Judy Bol, Dick Bolt, Colleen Bont, Jerry Bont, Nancy Boone. Don Brown, Sharon Bulliment, Bob Bursley, Dennys Chalmers, Donna Den Boer. Sophomore class oflicers, Jim Wierda, president, Sandy Battjes, treasurer, Sharon Bulliment, vice president, Maureen Griep, secretary, discuss plans for money making projects. if Nt 1-. D A nr J 2 2:5 , -f,. , I Q ,...- sw- ' iil H 1 5' - H i 44? Y A I.. ,. , AVAA, t H W V Q Q 2 - I 5 . ' F e 'i I R 'QF -- ' so - 3 4. 3 Af 1, V V . y eeess . 'g'fMSf-iw: .iff .- .V fl-Q.-l . X A . -V. . M rifs so H+ 27 Nancy Dertien, Jerry De Vries, Ron De Vries, Marilyn De Witt, Mike Dolan, jim Drake. Lorraine Dreyer, Dale Dulaney, Ruthann Dunkelberger, Darlene Durkee, Barbara Dykstra, Joyce Elshof. Marcia Faber, Tom Feenstra, Sally Flagel, Gene Fonger, James Francis, Tom Gifford. Elinore Gillisse, Mary Goodrich, Maureen Griep, Deanna' Griffes, Earl Hall, Ron Hamilton. Sharon Harsevoort, Sheryl Holts- claw, Larry Huizenga, Robert Ida, Sue Jackson, Roberta Janis. Tom Johnson, Mary Jones, Ger- riet Kas, Betty Kelder, Jerry Kel- der, Glen Kellogg. George Kinney, Georgia Kinney, Robert Kipen, John Klunder, Nancy Kops, Sandy Koster. Eugene Kuyt, Judy La Fave, Duane ninga, Ponsie. Lancaster, Rosalia La- Sandy Lantz, Hamid La. Rosemary .Lemery, jerry Lester, Elaine Held, thysse. MacIntosh, Dave Mans- Floyd Martz, Karen Mat- Dick McNitt, Roger Mekkes, Pauline Merriman, Larry Meurs, Helen Mitz, Paul Mixa. , A i P - Sdrilli ' liwiii r ii'i ' "T f W i 'L A W f - Y f' , 5 'e" E Wi' S' .fffifii . . . 1..u..'? 1 -Q -L , 3 .f ' S.. xVf"" . ' l . . , G ,,.., Y K . I - . ,K K il . . 'V ,fixx if i . 5 alex.. E , ,. N QW-8' Y' -f if f xi cfs., ' N .Q ,Y ,. 13- t. ,-,K -1 ry . -W Q9 -, K, ,rg - hx Mime' . 1 X . ii ll f .- i-1111? -'f ir- . off' 'xXx k 4 g ,Q 2-et, 4. 1 .. , .. ., , A at A . . 9 Wg 4 S , -',, .Q J . I " 'Wasil' , .,.: N, E,-1. ..... f 2 . T , gf . .E v m Q, .E-N 5 In . 9 ,K KL FO ? ...Z VN V fer if rr-so f , , i , N ' 4 ,A if X rrii 4 11- . K . fi -- V . W . ,' "f a , g x q sf Q fra, ' Z' at 4 A, , ' E e 2 Wf"3' A . Q .,,, g ., . .- . , or-'hs' if - 1 ' ' 'Sig - . 'Xiir :v,g - v . ,,, . . . f - . .. i fs We e . . Je- Q r .ef ' - .1 1 ' fi' I . . . t. uf., We X gk, -,-. yi' ' yet. , ' . -Q .,., . 1 . K pq Ei in .ge -3 A nf f ly in . K . ' f K W K. is R' I A- ., . " r C, ' - l S , ' . Ev, V fav. .. S . 5 S. 1 ' i . S S - fb we K' if 'iff ,Y - L ., ea ' ,- ' S58 are V- ' 3' ' 'A - i 'I ' 'i' tfie:g -,',:+-r- .:- .ff 41 -- cv ,- 1.- -. - . e , Q. -- f'-51,f4--,.,- , ,.- .1 ,- P ' . " -, . , .. . , 3, , m n . if L - ? I if- i F- .. . " , .... is is ' f' Q il .ls I X i - 1? - ' 'if ' .. ,ni ' ,,.,,,i A A I - , "Zi-H' , - " ' ' A 28 1 R :AJ q i if' x . 'ff 'J Q f. .. P455 :aka Q X 1 ERR 1:6 it 5 r sv' S. vt mask- 1. M ag, 8 , fa 4 , V - -me-'..: My pl1s2'm.-fe- ies Q. ,W 3---f - 3 K K- fx ,M a gr. wk. . 4 we 'is' fs: mg, .. , . fa ,X . , . .,., if W., W, 1 lf, W, ., ' fi ' ' - -I , .,.,. :aaa 2 '21 Q K X 5, . 'lg f FH ' if xl mr ff lg 'E Q 5' if si, E , s f 35 .1 Qld: ,f.: '1 W - sq K eu ' K K - aff' '-.1 t X X , ' M , at , l as X f 5 4 n .. . X , H4 X, I Q l aj y iw 231. :fill tag, fggagfffj zu, ..,, Tiggliigg ' .24 , lla, ..,. 4 N, N W 1 NQQQW gigs ,gf T1 5 , f g f, -:elsif Ragga ' 'V 5 FQ: ,. 1 - of , 1 4 W c W, nf l, X Q' Ae X s ax gg 1 we ef . , X , Iv, wt is Q ' e-sri in If-4l,,,1 i. 'ffii :'EL,aa:,. , 5 use . X 'U 4 fir ,, fi? .1 1 X S is f ' f' .ifgw - ,l ,,, 1,1 'W f li jg 69 S33 Q ez .c ml I as 2, QQ. , , .ligne , 4, ., - , ,sa ,. ,, efetai .,,, K' in ill' F F ts Eg ,,, ics, , W, WV. 7 :Q use I,f:.,,? s f ' z 'X i As X, .ex 5k, .,.:: , ES? l s as W N X N 5 S F 'R s xi Na, f r ' . xl f , ..,: , hhb! Q. , 714 ' 'A I . igsjg, f"' ' ii, :Qi V - :sein '--' V' ian we e 5, i fe, gigs, f, ,151 -- -LQ! ::.,z: ti 4-Q ff l" to 29 Sharon Mollema, Nancy Moomey, Glen Morris, Mary Morris, Don Mulder, Don Nich- ols. Janet Oorn, Karen Oosdyke, Eve- lyn Oosterheert, Jelf Otteson, Donald Page, Joanne Pilon. Sidney Pilon, Roger Poskey, Norma Praasterink, Dorothy Prince, An- thony Rakowski, Marilyn Ranson. Peter Riemersma, Gloria Ryn- brandt, Kathy Schlafley, Sandy Schuitema, J e r r y Schuitman, Sharon Seadorf. Carol Sevensma, Ann Sexton, Mary Simons, Betty Smith, Jim Smith, Steve Smith. Harold Snyder, Melvin Snyder, Russell Stearns, John Stengel, Judy Stinchcomb, Joyce Sturm. Barbara Terpstra, Sharon Ter- rell, Peter Thatcher, Sharon Thompson, Tom Timmer, Wil- liam Turner. Ed Van Allsburg, Mel Vande Gevel, Frank Vander Hoff, Peter Vander Veen, Cheryl Van Dui- nen, Allen Van Noord. Jill Waalkes, Dick Wagenaar, Ray Walters, Dick Warmolts, Susan Watson, Becky Weemhoff. James Wierda, Wyoma Wilkin- son, Helen Wing, Harold Woods, Dave Zaagman. FRESHME Ardith Albers, Dick Ames, Linda Ames, Ruthann Atwood, Marcia Bassett, John Bean. Roger Belknap, Charles Bengry, Carolyn Bont, John Bos, Dave Boyle, Violet Brad- ley. Jim Brandsma, Wendell Broome, Linda Brott, Lynne Brower, Priscilla Brower, Joan Burkholder. Ray Christian, Terry Christie, Dottie Davis, Jim Davis, Richard Davis, Dave De Laat. The freshman class oHicers, Bob Faber, treasurer, Bonnie Shannon secretary, Bob Jenkinson, president, and Wayne Korf, vice president are planning a class party. Sheryl De Vries, Lois Dirkes, Dianne Dolan, Dick Drake, Sallie Dutmer, Bar- bara Dykstra. Bob Estes, Bob Faber, Ethel Freeman, Richard Fontjes, Cindy Fyfe, Bonnie Gahan. Chuck Gahan, Bonnie Gifford, Marilyn Groothouse, Jane Hall, Karen Harnple, Jeffry Hannum. Phyllis Hays, Yvonne Helmus, Jim Henry, Chris Hes, Marcia Hielkema, Sharon Hill. 'ri my - ,.,,-,,,.,.L. . . . rm,.,,. R . . , ., ' f i.- .Pls "'A i 3.-Liv ' fam? 5' 'fi "' 1 ' :Fe- K-fe , t ii? N Q . asf. tfw s iq T1 .'1- Q i if -ag , at l ii L . mi , , , 5, it 51 a:a::5g.1.,s,g A. 1 ng ' A , if . . .- . 3. 1 x, F' r J :L: WT? "' f'5fQ" S7 M ' 'E EF ' 3- V- -i' hi fi ' ' ' . 'K .1 ?F-'wfffix . ., .,.,..g... - " e if, . Til ' - P-2 . xt Q we - .., V- nv, ,, :f - 1 I STU' fi : .-3 : '-53532. S w rr., S i . :Q t ar- 1 1: M -Q-Q -. -1 ' ' : 9 ' ib ut w T. ei'-3:52 :. g. T' , Wifi fgf 5 "','-'Q' '+V it ' ' ' "'x 73' in -1 2 1. 353 , f.-,gg 21, . 22152 up P' .. ef,-g V ,. : n1i'Es' 4 E. . .3 ....: -r W 1 la: . , A S , -- 1 1 I - ' - -. : I .5 . im. ' L5 . .figs is -1 ff ,, -' f F .. vt' r ,, . , ..':'g,,- my 'ww f1'J'? -. i 'H--'fi - , Y it ' -" K t K6 , 635 I 2 .vFf..,.P . ,, N, wg, l ' Q r K 15 xxx NN if , 5 . . 21: 2 ' S ea is . 1 mt? L , . We .3 ,. :A 3 .-tg f ' " gi . gg 5 - Y'1"' ' A -'Z 2. 1 L' 1 ..,,f ,Q I E Q Q. 5 f -I I ?5"'3 .1 if -- ff- ' ' cm -F ' - f ' t J. 1 .4 wi. 2 .ff 'f t. : . , .. , .f t. si 41 5 ' . ' QE - A iq ii , 1, ., an -,., . Carol Rice, Lance Riemersma, Lou Jean Rozell, Linda bin, Sharon Schilstra. Runyon, Tom Sa- Pat Schneider, Larry Schoonmaker, Bon- nie Shannon, Dale Siebelink, Marianne Slagboom, Gene Smith. Mark Smith, Walter Smith, Judy Stauffer, Al Steil, Sandy Stull, Pat Tel- der. Tom Thatcher, Joe Treffers, John Tref- fers, Jon Vanden Berg, Carol Van Ros- sum, Mary Van't Hof. Dennis Vennen, Randy Ver Strat, Mary Wagner, Keith Wieck, Edwin Wierda, Marcia Wierenga. , Robert Witte, Sandra. Woods, Sherrie Woudstra. Roger Hoffman, William Hoffman, ne Hop, Cheryl Howell, David Hu- lett, Mary Hunter. Ted Huzel, Judy Jager, Bob Jenkinson, Joldersma, Sue Kamp, Dale Keiser. Kidder, Harold Kloostra, Wayne Korf, Leon Kowalczyk, Don Lancaster, Muriel Land. U v ' 1' ' f' " 3' 1 5211 -EL . we -I Jlm Ml - .L , 990 ' ..,. . H 5 x 1 1 r F Jlm xv P ix, fe' 1 S 2 Q 5 iw U. 5 1 Hi w 4 .. A we 'S .t K .. 'R . h zz. N as gens . ,fgrxxjsf tiff' , fi S- ,iris sr K . S fl. 7 ' "bfi is 11 E- w- , w ' engage f t . .,,, . ,.,.. 'ix , s sa l"i-EES T" -s x li' - ' , if r s . it Q XY ' ff- is i ' . X . - " .n :af f ' N - - wzirag K aa, I 3 5 B, yr- ' ., .aw f. . . . , , . : ha , - va , '. --1 1 as .-::. ,. Q gp' , - .ae E W. lik e t , gk wk i - K Q X, L so , wr 1:"s':,!i'p't . - , ,r -an -1- Tw? ,mv f I .,',-A, .5 ' nf A ,L 1' .... ' . . 141. ' A A f. Q at 4, R Ira A Bruce Lang, Pete Laning, Doug Law- ton, Dave Livingston, Pat Malone, Rich Morse. Jim Niewyk, Marcia Nitz, Mary Oll- mann, Ed Papa, Jim Patterson, Gloria Peri Ch he 3:9 Il. arlene Peterson, jack Phillips, Eloise Postma, Ken Postma, Elayne Preston, Don Ranson. L 1 s f. ,T AP if ' ,el s ie' 1 T , N i t S l ? E . t 'rl .l xi' 1 -af: giiziieigisbiin V ' 52 . ,Sl 7' is 1. Q 9215 rw 'Re X N iii: gs 2 .9 5 . ml Ii ., a n Q , . ii .. ff -- ex K " fix--I-5:2 . V ' i. ,af ,W 1 t., 's . Q, 1 S , S, ,fs Q 3 -.wk , ' iflfi 2:5591 Aff? ' ' f , , Q. , A 2: , E " Fra ,ES 7 bows wifi 'R fs ui f ' i N , Q X seg ' , .H Q as are 1 it .' ,az ' . si -, ' ' N - Qi. 35' -. ' , 'ik A ' J z 5 so 4' - " t.., .f ,.. 1- if . -f 3 ff .... W.. X,-if gm 1 st .. ,. tr 2' sf RP' A. Jai.:-E.. V5 ask, E ti , Mega! Je. "" 21 'Q Ra t, f- ri X x . R- lisa? it 3' 3 3 si 'W 4. Hg re , 526 'i -:Q gil K '19 H v .syifghv . ,f . .. . f, 3. ' Y i J' V' kg ii , x 1 , 2 , . N Sm X z- ' I' lcv-N we . ,W . . Q' ,asia fa R QQ, 1 s.. -N. -f v -it., 4 .s if G . 59? Q X ex J' Q Qs. Q ak! 2, N gg is QA ries? Q 1. : . , ie F .P ew Q. W Mig fee, r N' X .. Q- -ff .. .. .W ., ,. . Z X 'Q ,KY S 3 I. ' 6 f-. , ,- x ae. 455 r Ni 'Q ' x mr, jf 4 E Q ,fl me iff 'rf' " -fa.. ir? ke i ...,. fa y .rg-rf 'elim x if . .. t .X . I ggi, ,, sw 'kr . . hr , t 1 , N 2.3 E if jfs .gig W 4 iii? , . , r t r" 4 S an 3,81 S Al x V Xe will ' e2ii3'-'ata 'i' 5 S is EIGHTH GR DE Mf- ,, . gif.. 4- I ,fl .T 3, 554 ,V 1.81. N ss I . . . V ' f W ,Q - .1 N ri' .2 1 ' S 'T ' ."' 1 -' lf - 1,4 . -A rr, A V, . I kg., 1 " ,a a g Q f - 1 1 - J 1 i .,,g . 52 .E we 7 A N eeee A , A K -- e - we it easa e3f.a - - ' 2' X A, W ' - I "-- .W.. . .. J N 1.1 . ' ' .. . 3. W' fr p V. K H V 5 K 7 1. W' ww 1- l it L..' :. ,---- .. .e-L 1-Et. -Y PM k . i ' . A ' A fa ' A - 1 arg sy A . ' " ..x. ---. , . .W . .. . " ' ' i F '-if A -1 .M -- -3 . - . ,K-. - U rg 5 X, ' f r A Km-- f - T . A v .. -f it '--X -X ' - yi ? 5 , 1. J - . 'PP . v K . feffk K , ... . - ...- -, .. z f i I '- 5 Q ---' A ' "V --.A- ., ' ' A . --'- mi ,- -v . ge -ff. . . 1- we - .1 sg, W fr-- '313 Q-,G . kg., . . jx.. . yrs' - Ev- Xiff if- L. M , Q 5' ' .4 32 . 114 2 5' -. L' ..f we-5. . . J' ' ' ages, - .12 . X 4 F:--A H- wil .. - .fp . iv A 'S ' . .,,., J, fs 1 . .. " A ' . ' " S S KX X I as iz ll ,S eg s A H ,5 X515 2 , 'ZF X S , Il is s. 2 9 i SEVE TH GR DE Eileen Albers, Marlene Ames, Jean Appleby, Judy Austin, John Berends, Merry Berglund, Raymond Bingner. Tom Boerma, Pat Bolt, MaryAnne Bouma, Bob Braford, Sylvia Brandt, Nancy Brown, Trudy Bursley. Lois Chalmers, Elizabeth Cozak, Bar- bara Damstra, Marcia Damstra, Karen Demoray, Phillip De Vries, Janice De Witt. Marva Dirkes, Barbara Dreyer, Don Dykstra, Mike Faber, Judy Freeman, Paul Fulkezson, Mary Lou Gaubatz. Steve Hage, Pat Hall, Jackie Hon- derd, Mary Huffman, Tom Isabell, Robert Isenga, Phil Karsten. Janice Kellogg, Ira Kloosterman, Pete Knaebel, Lillian La Fontsee, Terry Laninga, Dianne Lape, Claudette Lowrey. Gladys Molenkamp, John Norder, Gene Redebaugh, Cheri Schuitema, Sara Lee Sickels, Susan Smith, Stewart Spaulding. Spoelstra, Mack Stegeman, Stickney, Annette Taylor, Thomas, Bob Timmer, Joe Turbessi. Jackie Karen Linda Carol Dyke, Strate, Vander Hoff, Marilyn Van Jim Van Noord, Marilyn Ver Nelly Wagenaar, Lois White, Marlene Wilkinson. Gill Wondergem, Gene Woodman, Bob Woudstra, Jon Zylema. H ' K' 2.1.5 af 'i wiv ,- 'N .3 'Q A to . -. , - g Y' ' I , N Gail Aman, Frederick Anderson, - Q David Bassett, Sherry Battjes, David ' 1 . W A ' ' ' " i ' Belknap, Lyle Belknap: Lee Bengw- 'ive' F . ' '1' Y L-'1ef"'Y J A , , , ' f A .- N a w at iw E Q 'Sf :-IW. srifwi?-ff V. , ... ,r A ,. .., . , Q, if T .. Lee Bolt, Jim Bond, Judy Boone, Jay Bos, Donald Bouma, Julie Breen, Vir- ginia Buhler. Douglas Buikema, Michael Burrill, Kenneth Coates, Carole-Cooke, Shar- lene Cooper, Karen Dertien, Cheryl De Witt. John Dornbos, Lynda Dulaney, Eu- gene Dunkelberger, Ruth Dykstra, Robert Fopma, Nancy Freeman, Jack Fry. Frances Green, Arvalyr' Criflin, Roger Green, Lois Haase, Walter Hage, Janet Hall, David Hansen. Henry Heald, Susan Herring, Rosalie Heys, Robert Hillman, Marcia Hoff- man, Alan Holck, Jerri Honderd. Terry Hop, Wilfred Hutson, Ronald Huyser, Steven Ida, Betty Isenga, Mary Lou Johnson, Jack Kerkstra. Shirley Koopman, Janice Kops, Den- nis La Fontsee, Rick La Huis, Kath- leen Laubach, Jim Lawrence, Beverly Lett. Duane Lett, Robert Lipsey, Marcha Mei, Jim Mosher, Joyce Murphy, Pat Newhouse, Carl Nygren, Mary Beth Oberly, Karen Osburn, David Parrotte, Marian Phillips, Terry Pike, Richard Pullen, Jim Ratering. Rachel Ritz, Bob Robyns, Diane Sabey, Larry Schellenberg, Richard Smith, Sandi Smith, Cheryl Snoeyink. Betty-Jo Stakaitis, Bonnie Stark, Betty Stull, David,Tardy, Roger Teerman, Tim Ten Brink, Steven Te Pastte. Mary Timmer. John Tuffs, Teri Van Port Fleet, Sally Van Weizel, Tom Veenendall, Pamela Vcldexs, Lorine Vollink. Marcia Waddell, Sherry Wallace, Marcelyn Walting, Janet Wierda, Mary Wierenga, David Zierleyn. if 'Wfwifi lfiwmfwft wwf ly ,Mai if AD ENTURE I LEARNING The preparation a modern Viking receives is the foundation upon which his future career is based. The structure of his entire life is formed by the instruction and guidance given to him during these years at Wyoming High. just as the Vikings of old adapted to himself the knowledge and social standards of those whom he encountered so does the Viking of today, his knowledge is gained by experiences and experi- ments in the fields of science, literature, language, mathematics, and vocational skills. 34 '-' zT..,.,,. , , Q 3:11 1 Q Y v is Q1 4 L j 4 ...: ' , it ta K , . u S -,ill ,W T. nk. 'Ag ix -, ff I sw IE fy Bob Whitford, Jerry Neuendorf, and Bud Bouma solve 3 Al Steil and Carol Van Rossum conduct a distilling expen problem in weights for physics. ment in general science. CIE CEI AN EXPERI E T Dissecting a starfish in biology are Don Nichols and Dick Wagenaar. 36 Strange smells, bubbling test tubes, and the chanting of wierd formulas are included in sci- ence and chemistry classes. The young "wiz- ardsl' are learning the art of chemical reactions and experiments in weights and measures. The science and chemistry classes, although not so wierd as this, are mysterious to the stu- dents who do not take them. Chemistry and science provide a good back- ground for many occupations, where one can receive a well paid job in laboratories or in re- search departments. MATH I CALC LATIO Sliderule, ruler, and compass are the tools of those To pass this subject with good marks is an accom- students taking math. These, however, are not the plishment. The final results of math are rewarding. only essential requirements. Math students must have For the student who makes good use of all that he good reasoning powers. They are confronted with has learned, will profit in the future. many diflicult problems which must be solved, such as proving of theories. Loren Huen and John Archer receive instructions from Mr. Braendle on measuring angles in solid geometry. 37 E GLISH IS 0UR Ll K English is our link with the intellectual past. Literature relates the valiant deeds of Caesar and the gentle song of Hiawatha, but without the proper background of grammar these stories and tales would mean very little. English is not always the exciting world of entertainment that we desire. In fact, sometimes it is downright dull and uninteresting and we may thinkiof it as the daily grind, with no fu- ture in diagramming sentences or learning what an adverbial phrase is. David Livingston diagrams a sentence in freshman English Connie Plasterer and Roger Ziel use a record of Canter- Lynn Raven delivers a speech on British education in bury Tales to show the changes in pronunciation in Speech class. Senior English. 38 JOE Kfamafz and Pete Vander Haal' examine the Cost Spanish class watches closely while Mary Bean writes tume of a Roman soldier worn by Mike Dolan in Latin gulqoday is Tuesday, Tgmgfrow is Wednesday," class. LANGUAGE Spanish students write, speak, and read Spanish throughout the year. They learn the background of the language by studying the history of Spain and its people. The high point of Latin class is the Roman Ban- quet. A lot of research is undertaken by the class on Roman food, -costumes, and entertainment. They translate words, sentences, and phrases which helps them with the grammatical side of Latin. SPEECH Speech class has a varied and interesting program this year. The class held debates and it was from speech class that the debate team was chosen to compete with other schools. The class put on a play for the Christmas assembly, and tried their hand at choral reading. All of the experiences were good practice for public speaking. Members of the debate team joe Kramarz, Lynn Raven, and Barbara Van Noord, discuss de- bate topic. Mr. Kramer gives Glen Kellogg his world history notebook. KEY T0 FREEDOM An intense study of local government was set off when Wyoming Township became the City of Wyoming. Social studies provide us with a political, economical, and historical background of local and national proportions. "Freedom is gained through knowledge," is the idea be- hind social studies. Drivers' training students are often surprised when they study the statistics on highway accidents, speeding, or stopping distances, to find that driving can be quite hazardous. The purpose of drivers, training is to teach students the mechanics of a car and how to drive it. Michael Hannum, Carole Dutmer, and Bob Berends make use of library reference material for United States history. Q ' isis if 'rf :- "RF rw STUDENTS THAI F011 BU I ESS In stenography, bookkeeping, typing, and all kinds ing how to make out a bank reconciliation, is an of business affairs, students receive training which asset to everyone. will prove to be invaluable in the complex world of There are many openings in business management business. for those who have the training. Students taking Knowledge of business matters, such as being able commercial classes are encouraged to continue their to keep an accurate record of -transactions, or know- work for opportunities in the business world. Joyce Rooks types a. letter from the dictaphone in stenography class. 42 Nancy Tatro remembers to keep her eyes on the copy Judl' Devries and Mafl' .lane Nichols make USC of the while typing. adding machines in bookkeeping class. RT PROVIDES 0PPORTU ITIE T0 CRE TE john-Bos, Sue Kiel, Sheryl De Vries, and Mary Bloomer take part in the activities of the art class. Aff" Q 4, if 5 'Z' ,R 1- ae ' 43 .fy fvgffs. c '-W' X- X . mg 5, . s - ' 'X 5 W i Q P K 'friz G J a 8 5 s W ,f I. M 3? '7 1 x X sf! ' ii' jj I ps x 'I VV A, k A 1 k L Q' w Y rf if ,- ,, 6 , 1 '?waik'x , 1 A ' X iiff. M I6 ' 32 A ' XV a Q ' ,F 't ' X - ' f - M ,XY I, Q in 2 A Egiiffgsx N , Q 4112.57 . I N ML ,M X, g,Qq2:Q3Kt' - .X S T5 4 ' I Wg .4 -. 21.57 sf x qi F 'L 5 I ,X A A in . , :N , 7 s , 9 x A K -gi f A ,. S L k A r 2-gr :X , I, K- 'hhh .1 kk.' Q xxx -H V, fy: 5 . ff W 4 ' m " ' - 1 Sf" V ' " . L,-Q: ' X- .- ' 3 . 5 'VIH' . 'ily 0 A g:.k K K if, ':.,. K I .I I 5 ff RN- L f,. X V x I L :..' - W E , " if Lf' ff 1 53- -' -V ' 3 1 " fm Q ' , - 1 . ' :iw 'iffkt a x ' S' ' ' . y K . f ' X W ' , s I .- L, . 714,921 I 'igwiw' - 3155 .KL . A 1 . ,.kL iiggaf " X .. A ' -A f . ' . K I f ,. L. . ii. 1 g . - X - ' ' Q -. ,,,, v , . 1 V 1 'L1L I H XR 1 xg, . f 5 ,A, ' S " x W , AE L Q R . Y ,fl 1 ' "" A ' x wwf' ' .1p2,w.x,1 Y' 5 7 42? Q ZEE mf ' A fl x I R 151 . lv: Yi , - X 24 3 4 fg Xia" ' , - I , 1 Y fi 0 'Q Q WN'-' Q, , 1-f Q W ' x XM V R -, M K N Q il A N. 1 3 A gy "' 1 E 3" 44' y' - 3' , - F ' S iff: 9 A A A 8 , Q as 1, i , sf M,,, Q 9 -Q XX. I ' t ,,'. H X Q If ., 3 ff - f 'EY Ka ,-Q? 4 . ' - I ' if -' f fx u VN, , K 'W I E 2 ' ' ' Y" Z bg .B , .mg I I K. X : 2 I A 1 0. ,, , V? gi i, Y ' 'Q I ,a MX , W SNS fa is 3 .1 . xg 'Q . , i Rs T X Q QE ' x , sf . 1 if , ' , ,f ft xx f ' I 'K fxix kj X x 7. Ag .-'gnu , an X N v Q A A 'I A g - aux .'., ' ,L YQ. ' n, - V5 as - . gat., 7 U N f 4 ik- :L fy' in , i I k V 3 'ik 'f jf .Q h fix 4 5 - , X I SQ .. ." - 5 ' i . V 4 . K R 5' W I 1 A I 1,5 K , xx Kai' 'Sci H gif x Q I . , x Q -, ,. 5 ,gf 1 , at 3 15? X . Mr - 5 ' I :S lr f M L-1 xl 5 fl 5 E N B 1' .fo S FRONT ROW, Mr. Mish, Sharon Kerkstra, Connie Plas- terer, Mary De Jonge, Judy Luyk, Janet Van't Hof, Mary MacFarland. ROW 2, Marilyn Elcrick, Bonnie Gifford, Lynne Brower, Sally Dutmer, john Bean, Jim joldersma. ROW 3, Ann DeMull, Sally Flagel, Pat Malone, Sandy CHOIR Ron Hazlewood, Ken Ide, Carol Spoelstra, and Mary De Jonge, who are the choir of- ficers try out new music with Mr. Ish at the piano. Stull, Carol Dutmer, Ron Hazlewood, Ken Ide. ROW 4, Nancy Boone, Jean Riva, Rosemary Lemery, Sue Burk- holder, Edith Prince, Don Mulder, Allen Van Noord, John Perham, Tom Johnson. M E TERTAINS A welcome addition to the group assemblies, has been made. Mr. Ish, the new choir director, introduced a bar- bershop quartet into the choir program. This was the first year that this type of musical entertainment was attempted at Wyoming. The choirls schedule of performances kept them very active. They performed at the Vesper Service at Lee High, The Grand Valley Vocal Festival, and a number of combined school assemblies with the band. FRONT ROW, Karen Kangas, Gloria Brott, Beth Bengry, Janice Hoeksma, Sue Bassett, Priscilla Brower. ROW 2, Carol Spoelstra, Lynn Raven, Barbara Van Noord, Linda Brott, Diana Dolan, Betty Kelder, Dianne Preston. ROW 3, jerry De Laat, Mary Jones, Dottie Davis, Sherry Woudstra, Dale Venneh, Connie Plasterer, Ken Ide, Karen Kangas, John Perham, Barbara Van Noord, Tom Johnson, Lynne Brower, Allan Van Noord, Sharon Kerkstra, Sherry Woudstra, Ron Hazlewood, Carol Dutmer, and Gloria Brott are members of the madri- gal choir. Cindy Fyfe, Barbara Dykstra, Carol Sevensma, Dorothy Prince. ROW 4, Morton Zylstra, Dale Vennen, Dennis Ven- nen, Betty Smith, Sharon Ehle, Garriet Kas, Sharon Dykstra, Sharon Hagan. v, . -5im,,.,l.A 1,5154 5: Q, W M . .wx L? .3 , Q W mg, A 1. ., .... ax ..,,. 1 ,- fx : , :- 'JI' f 1 ig! Lsf, gi K ' ff Q gk .- ix E .U Q' -pk - 2. -may ,Q Q f' w 'x5f5v:fr?i.35' . - wg-Q .. - pg ELI , "wx aka-V Q 3,5-1 if ' , if Q if L, - 'f22,SE5,,1:31fx' 1 a ah. my .sf Y- 'EF H 9' K- 3 .3 + s .1 HX: Q, 5 L, ,Ax i . 1 - 1 f - ff Q H' i . E sf 3, 5,3 fi A H xx ' .3333 '. ' F w in xv av i 7i,. if iigjss ,g fff ' 4' ZW. : -srfqrbr-, " . Mfr ,M X f - :ia iff-i,., H312 -, I W , . 'ff gl: -wifi? ff' ! QPF 9 z V ' A 1 'T:,,.,Q -S' Q-' ,fy i- qf1.LVf F fi -i mga , . . .,., fY",T,"?' W 1' ' f3"WsIf U T jx , N 5ff:g,,:f 11 ' X . , au-Q, . . I' 1 Q 60" :K is . 'N X 'f .1 miffzs ' 1 f ,Z E ? H 'E3i" ,K A ig ', ,Q v ' , Q ' 'V 5 , Q. ' "L x 4 ' 'X 55- . ' R - 'W , .... N . , -- N E xl . ,sf ,,. V wifi W TRAINING M KE GO0D HOMEM KER "Horne Ec.," teaches girls to be better homernakers. The year is divided into cooking and sewing. From a cake to a full dinnerg from an apron to a dress they learn the art of being a good homemaker. Nursing and first aid are features of this subject also. Miss Fenner, a student teacher from Michigan State, shows Donna Den Boer the correct method of sewing. Barbara and Marcia Damstra, and Elizabeth Cozak prepare a. lunch for home ec. -, . l A . W, ii? X 1 ex 1 in x K ' t ,V SY K ,fi -f' J , E f Y 4 Q ig X 1 !m uf -5? . ' 'ffogfs img fi W4 Ax ff ff ff Sf ' Nm, 5 'L 52 - , 1 1 1 M I ,Z x ' 1 . A A f . , IQQKQI.. , N i 4' - -f , ,gs "f"'? f X ff '::" ' W 2 f ,tv S K 5 .2 s h m X PM HH my bww 44214, X, ,fs 4 Yi: 1: ewrwfilf W , X J- mxl ' an ig' .sk 1. A yi 'fx M 5 1 . J 1 Qf'QifxQf1Pf - , , A W fx: 5 .K 0 ' A , X A 559 w, X f ' f X, f . if gi kgs: A Q Q- if 1 , lg .f -I V57 b N K ' . , xg: 7 - - f f 5 n k 2 Sv- '- -. 3 E A .5 . M X . 1 5. 2 ,, ,ign- 35 nigig' ii 3 M :Ei af xv Q isis ig? X gf ' W ' K, L. X Smis ii I 3 1,5 fglfx H "X3YS:Si,Q x -124, A df P 3 , Dave Carlton and Larry Abbott, copy editors, pre- pare for deadline, Rex Harmon and Nancy Lovewell figure out a layout for the Orbit. BEACON AND 0RBlT ERVES STUDENT Donna Bt-nk and Brian Cox accept and reject photographs for the yearbook. Thelsound of clicking typewriters and the whirr of the mimeograph machine could be heard on Friday afternoon as the Journalism Class rushed to get the bi-weekly "Beacon" out on time. Interviewing teachers and students for "beat- reports" was only one of the objectives that kept the class busy producing the "Beacon," The "Orbit'i also consumed much of the staffs' time. Hours of after-school work went into making page layouts, writing copy, and preparing the pic- tures for the annual. This 1959 "Orbit' is the result of a year's plan- ning and effortg it is hoped that you enjoy it. VALUABLE ERVICE QDFFERED The careful planning of Miss Rogers and her stu- dent assistants has made the library a source of ready knowledge and entertainment. The variety of books and magazines at our disposal satisfy our need for both cultural and pleasure reading. Audio-Visual is another service which many of us have taken for granted. The hopeless maze of film catalogues, and the need for prompt delivery are a challenge to the members of A.V. Department and Mr. Overmire, the co-ordinator. Bob Whitford and Judy Sutton set up a projector for A.V On the library staff are Marcia Hielkerna, Beatrice Bosch, Janet Frary, Carol Stiel, Karen Hample. ADVENTURE I OCIAL RELATIO HIP The activities in which the Vikings participate at Wyoming, include clubs, organizations, and extra- curricular programs. The purpose of these activities is to offer the student opportunities to develop so- cially and intellectually. The regular academic subjects of the school are only a part of the Vikings world. Through the various activities he receives the social experiences which are also an important factor in his develop- ment. Whatever the student's interest he is sure to have an opportunity for growth through the adventures of his day. 54 il' 4' 1. SS vs-y '11f-- Q-......,W wx f-45.1 FRONT ROW, Helen Mitz, Linda Shannon, Tom Gifford, Mary Lou Kiel, lviarcia Ver Strate, Judy Van Dyke, Carol Van Rossum, Sue Bassett, Jack Fry, Joan Pace. ROW TWO, Wendell Broome, Mary De Jonge, Susan Watson, Betty Sakaitis, Cheryl Howell, Mike Dykstra, Joyce Rocks. ROW THREE, Mr. Davis, Gene Redebaugh, Mary Bloomer, Marilyn Strik, Carol Spoelstra, Marilyn De Witt, Don Henry, Brian Cox, Phillip Balkema. ROW FOUR, Lynne Raven, Jerry Schuitman, Dave De Laat, Ron Snyder, Jerry Burrill, Wayne Kidder, Wyoma Wilkinson, Pat Ames, Rick La Huis. COUNCIL PRO 0TES SPORTSMA HIP Student Council Officers: FRONT ROW, Judy Van Dyke, treasurer Mary De Jonge, secretary, Ron Snyder, president, Sue Bassett, vice president. STANDING are Mr. Davis, advisor and Jerry Burrill, vice president. 56 The Student Council of Wyoming High School, with its various representatives of the student body, met together to discuss the prob- lems, which arose during the school year, then proceeded to do something about the diiliculty by examining the issue from every viewpoint. Mr. Davis's opinion was taken into consideration before the final decision was made 5 thereby the student-faculty relationship was strengthened. Through the encouragement of the Student Council the students became aware of the im- portance of sportsmanship, and the fact that a discussion will settle far more than an argument. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS FRONT Row, Gloria Brott, Barb Van Noord, Connie Plasterer, Ken lde. ROW TWO, Carol Bond, Dale Vennon, Bill Ferguson, Sheryl Peterson. 0ClETIE H0 OR TUDE T The National Honor Society is a na- tional organization designed to recognize the qualities of leadership ability, scholas- tic excellence, and good citizenship. The outstanding students, who qualify, are ap- pointed for this honored position by the high school faculty. A new honor society was organized in the field of music. "Modern Music Mas- ters" honors the band and choir members who have made outstanding contributions to the school in music. FRONT ROW, Dale Vennon, Judy Van Dyke, Judy Mohr, Barb Van Noord, Connie Plasterer, Sue Bassett. ROW TWO, Mr. Zylstra, Gloria -Brott, Kathy Case, Judy De Vries, Carol Spoelstra, Carole Dutmer. ROW THREE, Bob Berends. Ron Snyder, Joe Kramarz, Philip Haase, Jerry Burrill, Sue Kiel. 57 SEN l0R H0lllZON FRONT ROW: Barbara Groothouse, Nancy Tatro, Nancy Lass, Sue Bassett, Sharon Ehle, Donna Beak, Diane Pres- ton, Joan Pace, Marbo Turner. ROW 2: Brenda Taze- laar, Judy Sutton, Pat Ames, Joyce Rooks, Marica Ver H0lllZ0 CLUBS . Sparkling Christmas lights, soft dance music, and an array of formal attire, highlight the Christmas season for the Horizon girls. The name of this annual Christmas dance, is the "Sparkle Spin." But dances and parties are not the only activity of JUNIOR ll0lllZON FRONT ROW: Beth Bengry, Ruby Lemon, Merry Bean, Mary Lou Kiel, Nancy Newhouse, Janice Hoeksema. ROW 2: Nancy Isabell, Karen Kangas, Claudia Schilstra, Kathy Case, Ardith Johnson, Barb Marsman, Rosanne Gaubatz. ROW 3: Sherrie Postma, Sheryl Peterson, Terry Oosdyke, Strate, Bev Kipen, Sharon Brown, Judy Van Dyke. ROW 3: Carol Dutmer, Sharon Hagen, Mary Bloomer, Roberta Grass, Marry Leestma, Sharon Dykstra, Mary De Jonge. LE D A HAND the Horizon club. Service to school and community are the real aims of these groups. They are useful to the community by sewing as nurses' aids and distributing money and gift pack- ages to the underprivileged. Lynn Raven, Marilyn Strik, Sue Burkholder, Marilyn Beu- kema. ROW 4: Eileen Kerstra, Carol Appleby, Sharon Mol, Nancy De Puit, Jean Riva, Susan Fyfe, Linda Shannon, Pat Seth. rf: lrswa We ,vb - V -' ' Y' xiaxwviw 14325 1 ' V'f-L ,fyz ' fe 'EQ A,- we ' L AQ 2 ff, 'Q if 53 is . Q4-' Qwx, V" ad nf x X, . , ,,. , ,K 4 , ' T f 5 q N Q, get m Q get ,Va if FW if ' :F N . w W 2 H 153, ,Y - SMI in ms- I awww- A my an :rw 5 ' 2 if S v4 ?2 a 'Qs 1 ., m zggg 1- , Ra? W -1 A if 13519 . KEQQQANLSY ii? if . FRONT ROW, Miss Spradlin, advisor, Bonnie Gahan, Dianne Preston, Sharon Ehle, Sue Bassett, Nancy Isabell, Joan Pace. ROW 2, Carole Dutmer, Connie Plasterer, Jane Hall, Pat Finnegan, Sherrie Woudstra, Chris Hes, Karen Kangas. ROW 3, Carol Van Rossum, Sallie Dutmer, Diane Dolan, Gerriet Kas, Barbara Von Noord, Linda Brott, Sandie Stull, Pat Malone. ROW 4, Sandy Shcuiterna, Ethel Freeman, Charlene Peterson, Ardith Johnson, Marilyn DeWitt, Rose Ann Gaubatz, Mary Morris, Nancy Sabey. ROW 5, Ron Hazlewood, Judy Dirkes, Carol Spoelstra, Edith Prince, Nancy De Puit, Sharon Hagan, Jean Riva, Dorothy Prince, Marilyn Strik, Joe Kramarz. THESPIA CL B FRONT ROW, Carolyn Bont, Nancy Newhouse, Marilou Kiel, Susan Fyfe, Jan Hoeksema, Muriel Land. ROW 2, Kathy Post, Sue Kamp, Marianne Slagboom, Joyce Rooks, Mary DeJonge, Marcia Ver Strate, Linda Shannon. ROW 3, Judy Noel, Helen Johns, Janet Oom, Sharon Terrell, lviarilyn Beukema, Colleen Bont, Sandy Koster, Mary Batema. ROW 4, Bonnie Shannon, Terry Oosdyke, Susan Burkholder, Lynn Raven, Judy Bol, Kathy Kiel, Roberta Grass, Sharon Dykstra, Linda Runyon. ROW 5, Judy Stauffer, Barb lyiarsman, Sherrie Postma, Judy Bennett, Cheryl Howell, Gloria Brott, Judy Van Dyke, Marbo Turner, Lynne Hop, Eileen Kerkstra. Jim Kidder, jim Wierda, and Jerry Schuitman, conduct an experiment in static-electricity in the JETS Club under the direction of Mr. Luebbert. JET CL B EXPERIME T The Junior Engineers Technilogical Society sent up their first rocket in the spring of 1958. Although the rocket did not hit the moon it was successful in that it rose high into the air. The Society, sponsored by Mr. Lubbert, experimented with new fuels and planned to fire other rockets. In addition to conducting "count downs" the JETS also direct their inter- est to the fields of electricity and wind velocity. In order to better understand the fun- damentals of electricity they constructed a tesla coil, which produces low amperage static electricity. They also put an ane- mometer on the roof of the high school to gauge the velocity of the wind. Phillip Balkema, Rick Goozen, and Bill Ferguson, adjust the equipment for Mike Dolan who studies the angle of light refraction. FF' af is Q-G W if wx W QW, r W H. If if Q 'Q sf. X SQ xi Q X 535 Q gg X, if M 'W' F' we ia K If FRONT ROW, Mr. Meulenbelt, Yvonne Helmus, Mary Goodrich, Pat Mohr, Muriel Land, Darlene Dirke, Helen Mitz. ROW TWO, Marcia Nitz, Judy Lyke, Barb Dykstra, Pauline Muriman, Sharon Seadorf, Pat Pierce, Mary Van't Hof. ROW THREE, Gerriet Kas, Karen Matthysse, Gloria Rynbrandt, Linda Brott, Mary Wag- ner, Marilyn Elerrick, Kathleen Case, Judy Mohr. ROW FOUR, Judy Bennett, Duane Lancaster, Jerry Lester, Loren Heun, Allen Hinken, John Perham, Ed Wierda, Jim Jodersma. Y. F. C. I CHRISTIAN FELLOW HIP The Youth for Christ Club has become a popular organization in the extra-curricular program of the school. Under the guidance of faculty directors the club brings both special musical programs and guest speakers to the weekly meetings, every l'Vednesday noon, In addition the club also has daily prayer meetings. The highpoint of the Bible CIub's activities is the rally every Saturday night, where all Y.F.C. clubs from the Grand Rapids area join together for two hours of Christian fellowship. FRONT ROW, Tom Gifford, Jackie Homdred, Bonnie Gifford, Sharon Harsevoort, Lou Jean Rozell, Jackie Spoelstra, Saralee Sickels. ROW TWO, Barb Dreyer, Sandy Koster, Mary Batema, Roseann Gaubatz, Janet Oom, Sharon Terrell, Marilyn Ranson. ROW THREE, Barbara Ranson, Janet Van't Hof, Marilyn Beukema Ardith Albers, Judy Jager, Dorothy Prince, Helen Wing Beatrice Bosch. ROW FOUR, Mr. Zylstra, John Treffcrs Bob Bont, Jim Smith, Harold Applehof, Dale Keiser Jim Boerma, Ron DeVries. I FIRST ROW: Bill Turner, Jim Drake, Paul Warner. Don Mulder, joe Kramarz, jerry Burrill. Loren Huen, Tom Henry, Ed Van Allsburg, Brian Cox, Don Drake. ROW Braford, Jerry Saurman. ROW FOUR: Mr. Wisner, Harry TWO: Ron Snyder, Mel Vande Gevel, Jim Pullen, Ron Smith, Bob Vanden Hout, Bob Bennett. Rex Harmon. Ed Hazlewood, Larry Sehoonmaker, Roger Mulder, Tony Finn. Tom Wierenga, Wayne Kidder. I VAITSITY CliUli Pli0 OTES SPORTSMANSHIP The Varsity Club is one of the clubs at-VVyoming High which corn- bines both recreational activities and a dehnite goal or purpose for its organization. Their recreational functions were to assist the faculty in administer- ing the intramural basketball program and the traditional initiation ceremony when the new members are put through an ordeal of eggs, raw oysters, and long hikes. The club's primaly aim is sportsmanship in all sports. Through its membership of letter winners, the Varsity Club strives to promote sports- manship among players and spectators alike. This year the Varsity Club members received blue and white varsity jackets with a large "W" on the front. This jacket serves as a badge of honor and respect for the best of Wyoming's athletes. Varsity Club officers, Don Drake, vice pres., Roger Ziel, president, Ed Finn, sec.-treas., and Wayne Kidder, sergeant-at-arms, inspect the track record board which the club donated to the school. 64 Doughnuts and a Korean Chapel may not seem to have much in common to the average person, but to the boys of the Hi-Y Club they are practically interchangeable. The Wyoming Hi-Y Club, along with all the other clubs of the Michi- gan Hi-Y Association, contribute part of the money they earn toward the support of a chapel in Korea. The rest of the money is given to vari- ous other charities. The boys also participate in sports, such as at the swimming, bowling, and basketball, Y.M.C.A. and this year they collected for the March of Dimes. All these things are done in an effort to build "Christian minds and bodiesf' Hi-Y Club officers, Wayne Kidder, chaplain, Don Drake secretary, Brian Cox, president, and Ron Hazelwood, vice president, admire the sportsmanship trophy. HI-Y 0FFERS SERVICE FRONT ROW: Larry Brower, Mike Dykstra, Ron De Dick McNitt. ROW THREE: Tom Timmer, Wayne Kid Vries, Glenn Kellogg, Mike Dolan, Don Page, Mr. Meu- der, Robert Van Den Hout, Jim Pullen, Rex Harmon lenbelt. ROW TWO: Brian Cox, Don Drake, Bob Berends, Roger Ziel, Harold Applehof, Loren Rus, Pete Vander Lloyd Vonk, Ron Hazelwood, Dick Bolt, Ed Van Allsburg, Haar. - - - f . a . ln-fs, BEEN AERA GED" BY THE E IOR CLASS A MURDER H Ghosts walked and spirits played on Halloween night in the St. James Thea- ter. As the guests at Charles jasper's birthday dinner watch terror-stricken, Maurice Mullins fPete Vander Haarj resurrects Charles Jasper QBob W'hit- to life fordl, whom he had poisoned, as a hal- lucination of his tortured, unbalanced mind and confesses the murder in a dra- matic closing scene. After years of comedies, Wyoming finally has given a purely dramatic play. True, the play, 'GA Murder Has Been Arrangedfi contained humor, such as Carole Dut- meris unforgettable characterization of Mrs. Wragg, or Larry Abbott Cas Jimmy Northl in his attempts to convince Mrs. Arthur CMarbo Turnerj that he is a newspaper man, but the plot of the play depended on dramatic scenes which required convincing performances. Presented November 20, by the senior class, the play was directed by Miss Spradlin. The cast also included Sharon Ehle as a woman, Judy Van Dyke as Beatrice Arthur, Sharon Hagan, as Miss Groze, and Jay Gro- endyk as Cavendish. Rf Gloria Brott makes Maurice Mullms CPete Vander Haarl shows lear as he sees the ghost of Charles Jasper QBob Whitfoxdj whom his tortured mmd has brought up Jay Groendyk. Pete Vander Haar penitence. Faith QMerry Beanj cheers while Grilly fDave Carltonj and Buddy fMike Dykstraj spar. Sylvia Wilson QSherry Postmaj consoles Dickie Cran- dall fMike Hannumj. JUNIDR PRE E T... " YOU GMAN'S FANCY" April 10 and 11 were two very big nights for the Junior classg on these nights their produc- tion of "A Young Man's Fancyl' was given in the new gym. The setting was a co-educational summer camp in northern Connecticut. A rustic bunkhouse was the scene of the hilarious activity which took place throughout the three acts of the comedy. The plot revolved around Dickie Crandall, played by Mike Hannum, and his attempts to promote a tender, but laughable love affair be- tween Joe Kramarz and Sherry Postma, who portrayed Camp Freedom counselors. Nancy De Puit played the part of Heler Greenly, a co-owner of the camp and firm be- liever in "progressive education." Her four major problems were in the form of Mike Dyk- stra, Ron Hazelwood, Orie Kalee, and Dave Carlton as Buddy, jokey Stephen, Duvie, and Grilly. The boys' amusing antics ranged from sudden drenchings and falling bunks, to a slight brawl with boys from another camp. The cast was rounded out by Merry Bean, Ruby Lemon, Bill Ferguson, Lynn Raven, Eileen Kerkstra, Linda Shannon, Pat Seth and Bob Livingston. Under the direction of Miss Spradlin, the play was a success as both a money making project, and an experience for the students who took part in the production. ' L The Junior Play cast. H0lVlECOMI G I HIGHLIGHT Reigning at the annual homecoming dance were Joan Pace and Brian Cox. When the fight for the jug was half over, Joan was crowned queen. Some of the highlights of the evening were the parade of Hoats, the half-time ceremonies, the football game, and the "Royalty Ballf, It was an evening of thrills and excitement for Wy- oming's royalty and subjects as well. Two floats were chosen winners for the evening, the junior Hoat with the title, L'Grind Those Dogs," and the sophomore float, with the caption, :'Lets get the 'Bull- dogs'!,' joan Pace and Brian Cox reign as King and Queen at the annual homecoming. Queen and King, Joan Pace and Brian Cox, and their court: Seniors, Ron Snyder and Bev Kipen, Jun- iors, Norman Tilma and Rose Ann Gau- batz, Sophomores, Bill Turner and Judy La Fave, Freshmen, Bob Jenkinson and Sandra Stull. Q. .Lil pr.. ADVENTURE I ATHLETIC RI ALRY Through the thrilling competition of athletics the modern Viking builds a healthy body, and gains an understanding of fair play and good sportsmanship. These are essential requirements for the deizelopment of the student's capabilities, both in personal relationships and physical fitness. 70 s 5 x A9 x ev was-2 'f1...U5.,. af Swmff sb.Q'M'f 'Q , I: 865 iq I 5? I L Q54 - FRONT ROW: Sharon -Bulliment, Linda Shannon, Sally Baker, Mary Morris, Sandy Lance, Eileen Mac- Intosh, Judy Steincomb, Sue Jackson, Kathy Shaifley, Eileen Kerkstra. ROW 2: Jan Hoeksema, Mary Kiel, Sharon Mol, Karen Kangas, Nancy Sabey, Joyce Ehlshof, Cheryl Van Duinen, Sue Fyfe, Mary Bean, Nancy Newhouse. ROW 3: Donna Den Boer, Mareen Griep, Barb Terpstra, Marilyn DeWitt, Ardith John- son, Betty Kelder, Wyoma Wilkinson, Sharon Thomp- son, Coleen Bont, Cheryl Holtsclaw. ROW 4: Miss Tuthill, Noreen Muilenberg, Barb Marsman, Terry Os- dyke, Judy Dirkes, Judy Bol, Cathy Kiel, Jill Waalkes, Marilyn Strick, Sherry Postma, Judy De Vries. PEP CLUB THLETIC C0 CIL FRONT ROW: Ed Finn, Jerry Burrill, Earl Jenkinson, dema, Mr. Norman Schuiling, Mr. Kenneth Davis Bob Vanden Hout, Ron Snyder. ROW 2: Mr. Louis principal. ROW 3: Mr. Chester Thomas, Mr. William Kramer, Mr. Donald Van Hoven, Mr. Marvin Hid- Clinger, Mr. Max Wisner, Mr. Lawrence Braendle. M A hk.. +:f"5Kf, 'L K AR ' 'H QL me X A4 ab. x,-sv W -. X r 3 ,Ku D, . Qgjixq' ix ,,,. 9 , ., D , X Q WM . gy.: X X. ffgg gf r +.U.:::f - f ffey-I Q' K K ' A ga-T f 1 5253? Q I 4 Q 'A -.f'1Qg ' K K R s x -wMI,y -51551186 0 Vrxxw VIRUS? ' a n . - R. , Qi 15. f. L L Q I WQMJA0 ' .Wigive .- ' Ll P fx x f qfgBM.r4r0 pf Plrrxxlif-"' I .ik . N , f, 6. Fm? 4'-10 N196 Q Fx at A . 5 ' f 'Q H "1xxxW'9 WBMINF I "fxxuf15 x a .X I-I murm- P' 1 AQ, ' fx f isis- . , '85 1? " .7 VIBMIN5- ,sign IM? - 2, bg I ,lysis ' as F L- 4+ 8 K -fl: .a. n 'fffx 4 xi? X 1 M' Wxwg x R X' .Q :TX -4- V. ,. .. ' 1 r f A 1 , I K ,P it . ' gg 5. . - ff menus-. - Z X A .. g ,QB 1 M ig . 'rw If if A 5 . 5 J. 5 Q1 .V f'?1'I' . D -v .. K QL. , ..,-If..-W, , .'.-y. 14:1 x , .L V fifili QQ. -,ffw 4-,xl ,fx .4 ' 'V . kk -. 1 -V 1 ' " ' f ,, igffwf Af U' K .' WF, ix. 1 i' ,..,j1 -gy A231 , . UkplA' R55 n . . 4: . .1 K ,Mm-V W., 3 .., . ., , k . . ' sk - 4 1-fx '. ,-' K 2 f, jr, A '. 13 -.-, . , I-., x X x f M . ' ' " ' -sq-.xv 'Qnq .'lQ,Qf1N H 3 TEAM IIIIWS SPIRIT Coach Braendle's tennis team has again A shown the fighting spirit which made it a top contender in the Grand Valley standings. The loss of many of the leading players of last year did not weaken the determination that carried them through the 1958 season. - 1958 TENNIS SCORES April 14-Wyoming Godwin ..... April -Wyoming Lowell ...... April 18-Wyoming Rockford April 22-Wyoming East .... April 25-Wyoming Lee .... April 29-Wyoming Grandville May 6-Wyoming Godwin . May 9-Wyoming Lowell ...... May 13-Wyoming Rockford May 15-Wyoming East .... Ed Finn puts fierce concentration on the ball as he prepares to swing. FRONT ROW, Ed Van Allsburg, Joe Kramarz, Gene Fonger, Tom Braford, Mike Dolan, ROW 2, Dale Hanline, David Lester, Ed Finn, Harold Applehof, Jim Boerma. ROW 3, Bill Turner, Tom De Ward, watch Mr. Braendle. I 75 Mr. Clinger and Mr. Wisner advised Ron Snyder on signals. Mr. Van Hoven gives Roger Ziel last minute instructions. Although the varsity squad had a dis- couraging season, they must be considered a success. They played not only to win but to obtain experience and benefit from the coordination of their efforts. Brian Cox, Ed Finn, and Ron Snyder were all selected to be members of the all-conference teams. From the spectator's point of View it was both an exciting and depressing sea- son. The battle for the jug gave the fans a thrill that they will long remember, Wyoming led Grandville until the second half when Grandville pulled ahead to win 19-6. IKI GS LEARN THRO GH DEFE T FRONT ROW, Gene Fonger, Larry Schoonmaker, Paul Warner, Mike Dykstra, Bill Turner, Don Drake, Brian Cox, John Archer, manager Roger Mulder. ROW 2, Don Nichols, Ed Finn, Joe Kramarz, Ken Ide, Norman Tilma, Don Henry, Pete Schneider, Lloyd Vonk, Ron Hazlewood, - Q I .lil IR Ron Snyder, Coach Mr. Wisner and Coach Mr. Clinger. ROW 3, Coach Mr. Van Hoven, Earl Jenkinson, Mel Vande Gevel, Don Mulder, Collin De Vries, Jerry Saurman, Bob Van Den Hout, Roger Ziel, Rex Harmon. 76 Ed Finn blocks a pass in the Grandville game. Bill Turner goes for a T. D. on an end sweep against Grandville. Sparta .... Lowell . . . Godwin . . . East G.R. . Kelloggsville Grandville . Rockford . . Lee ...... The crowd cheers as Wyoming makes a touchdown at East. 1958 SCORES 13 13 31 30 7 19 19 26 Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming VVyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming 0 6 6 13 0 6 0 0 -Q Y, sw? f -'ff E AGS? '7 ,ff 1 5.52 .S31,g,.aaFgs2a S :Ugg 19 gf M If vi iii' 5 Q ' k .5 145135.-' '30,,,54 N12- we i l , 4 9 1-11 ,gg Q .1-11 4545 FIRST ROW: Ron Snyder, Howie Kyser, Bob Bennett, Ed John Jacobitz. ROW TI-TREE: Bob Dominiak manager, Finn and Jerry Burrill. ROW TWO: Mr. Kramer, Bruce Earl Jenkinson, Colin De Vries, Joe Kramarz, Tom Wie- Foote, Jerry Saurman, Bob Livingston, Jay Zylema and renga, Paul Warner, and Alan Bolhuis manager. Earl Jenkinson drives in for a lay-up against three Lee opponents. V RSITY PL CES SECO D Coach Kramer's varsity basketball squad fought to a second place tie, in league play, with Grandville, and Godwin, with a 6 win 4 loss record. VVyoming then went into the battle for the district championship. VVy- oming's chances of winning in the districts were ended when they were defeated in the third game by East Grand Rapids with a score of 33--28. Ed Finn and Earl Jenkinson were selected as mem- bers of the "All Valley" team by the coaches of the Grand Valley schools. Although Earl was forced to re- main on the bench for three games, due to an elbow injury, he continued to show his skill in the following games. His height and scoring ability made him a double threat, he was able to control both backboards and shoot an average of 15W throughout the season. Wyoming will benefit from his support next year when they will be without the scoring and rebounding of Ed, who is a senior this year. 80 Howie Kyser gets set to shoot as Earl Jenkinson and Jerry Ron Snyder makes a jump shot as Earl Jenkmson screens his man Burrill set themselves for a. rebound. Zeeland . . . Creston .... Godwin . . . Lee ....... Grandville . East ...... Kelloggsville Rockford . . Lowell .... Godwin . . . Lee ....... Grandville . East ...... Rogers .... Rockford .. Lowell .... 1958-1959 Scores . . . . 57 Wyoming . . . 44 Wyoming . . . 70 Wyoming . . . 54 Wyoming . . . 52 Wyoming . . . 43 Wyoming .. 55 Wyoming . . . 45 Wyoming .. 50 Wyoming .. 56 Wyoming . . . 53 Wyoming . . . . '80 Wyoming . . . . 54- Wyoming . . . 67 VVyoming . . .... 53 VVyoming . . . 66 Wyoming Jerry Burrill dribbles in Ed Finn and Earl Jenkmson follow. x ww 2 pfibfk 1 an w 1. s QA. f Q 5 'tr' Qc! Q 5 :ij 1 Zn' Nix 3 'mv .six 3- 'R xf 2 if 'iw 3 1:-x . fy ' ' ' if S ' -x xxx, , is SV 'QQ FRONT ROW: Larry Schoonmaker, Ed Van Allsburg, Bob Jenkinson, Bill Turner, Mel Vande Gevel, and Mr. Schuiling. BACK ROW: Don Mulder, Dick Bolt, John Klunder, Dick McNitt, Jim Wierda, Tom Timmer, Dick Drake, and Al Van Noord. J l0R IKI GS HAVE AN IMPRESSIVE SEASON The Junior Vikings ended in third place this year behind East and Godwin with 6 wins and 4 losses. The second team lost to both East and Godwin twice while defeating Grandville, Lowell, and Rock- ford twice. In non-league games, they lost to Zeeland, Cres- ton, and Lee, while they won over Lee once and Rogers once for a total of 8 wins and 8 losses. The Freshmen were champions in the Lee invi- tational tournaments sponsored by the Varsity Club of Lee. They defeated Hudsonville, Rockford, and Kelloggsville. The Freshman team ended their season with 5 wins and 3 losses. FRONT ROW: Wayne Korf, Dave De Laat, Lance Riemersma. Bob Faber, Dennis Vennen, Tom Sabin. ROW TWO: Jim Henry, Rich Morse, Ken Postma, Wendcl Broome, Dave Livingston, Richard Fronjtes. ROW THREE: John Stengel, manager, Bob Witte. Keith Wieck, Terry Christie, Don Ranson, coach, Mr. Braendle. FRONT ROW, Jay Groendyk, Larry Demc-rest, John dorf, Dave Kidder, Dick Machiele, Tom Wierenga, Paul Stengal, Paul Warner, Don Nichols, Dick Wagenaar, Wierda, Gary Sickels, Mr. Wisner, coach. ROW 4, Jerry Brian Cox, Don Drake. ROW 2, Manager Roger Mulder, Saurman, Bob Vanden Hout, Steve Smith, Roger Zeil, Ron Hoffman, Bob Rabe, Jim Pullen, Don Henry, Tony Colin De Vries, Roger Seth, Russ Vander Meer, Henry Rakowski, Jim Drake, Ken Ide, Allen Van Noord. Fountain. ROW 3, Coach, Mr. Clinger, Loren Huen, Larry Sea- WYOMI G T KES THIRD Bob Vanden Hout clears the pole by a fraction of an inch in pole vaulting. Wyoming tied for third place in the Grand Val- ley track standings and the Vikings had seven- teen letter-winners in 1958 season. In 1959 season ten of these letter-winners will return. Mr. Wisner and Mr. Clinger have worked hard to produce a championship team in 1959. SCORES OF THE 1958 SEASON Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming l1Vyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming 69M-Grandville 62 -Rockford . 82M-Lee ...... 56 -Lowell .... 38W-Godwin .. 34' -East ..... 61 -Kelloggsville sm 47 zen 53 vom 75 48 X 2 ' """T'3V Q Q .... 1 K ' x X A wigs - ew Jerry Sturm winds up. Ron Snyder tags out coach Kramer in a practice demonstra- tion. The NVyoming Vikings were delighted with the well, their happiness was complete, Fine team '58 baseball season, for with 12 wins and only 2 work and excellent coaching had contributed to losses they won the Grand Valley championship. success, the baseball championship. 5 When Hoekstra pitched a no-hitter against Lo- VARSITY TEAM: FRONT ROW, Tom Gillisse, Bill Rex Harmon. ROW 3, Manager, Dave De Laat, John Griffen, Jerry Sturm, Jerry Burrill, Ron Snyder. ROW 2, De Laat, Jim Faber, Terry Telder, Howard Kyser, Man- Jim Hoekstra, Bob Bennett, Bob Van Dam, Earl Jenkinson, ager, Bob Faber, Coach, Mr. Kramer. uummmmmwasBw :mQamm.mt a : xzfm Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming VVyoming Wyoming Earl Jenkinson puts a runner out at first. 1958 SEASON SCORES .. 3 Zeoland.. ...2 . . . . . 0 Godwin . . . . 7 .. 3 Lowe1l.... ...O .. 6, Rockford 4 . . . . 6 East .... . . . 4- W omin . . . . 7 Lee . .' .... . . . 5 Wzomini . . . . 0 Grandville . . . . . . 3 Wyoming . . . . 4- Kelloggsville . . . . . 3 Wyoming 6 Godwin 4 Wyoming .. 2 26 Howard Kyser catches a Hy ball for an out Lowell . . . . . . O Rockford . . . . 3 5 East ..... . . . 1 6 Lee ....... . . . 3 5 Grandville . . . . . 1 SECOND TEAM: FRONT ROW, Frank Vander Hoff, Larry Brower, Jerry Schuitman, Ron De Vries, Duane Lancaster. ROW 2, Jerry De Laat, Morton Zylstra, Loren Russ, Larry Bas- sett, Roger Poskey. ROW 3, Manager, Wendell Broom, Bruce Foote, Norm Tilma., Pete Schnieder, coach, Mr. Schuiling. N 2277 Lee Street Phone LE 2-2327 We give S 8K H Green Stamps 2305 Lee Sf., S. W. Wyoming Pork AD ERTI I G WYOMING PARK PHARMACY 2301 Lee St., S. W. LE 2-2361 BIIIVS GUN SIIIII' '1 - AM M u N rr: cu N RI c-s - RESTEICKING - REa1.ulNcs TEL.:-zsczmpa AND sus:-rr Mc1uN'rlNs 2627 BYRON CENTER ROAD, E.W. GRAND D5 9, MICHIGAN CHET BROWN AND CO. TELEVISION AND RECORD SHOP SALES AND SERVICE 2329 Lee Sf., S. W. LE 2-2403 VOS EQUIPMENT CO. INC. 2576 w. 28th sf., s. w. I COOK FUEL AND BUILDERS SUPPLY Bon? Bros., Props. Sand - Gravel - Cement - Brick 2613 Prairie Rd. AR 6-3512 JERVIS CORPORATION Grandville, Michigan 5 nw-Mnawv Q A ,NV 51 , iw 5 3 2 K Q xl? X 'SQ it EE "iii ,ff-fr. V Q' N :q-S. Zn K ,-., Ala fgikifbif 6 Lumber-Builders' Supplies - Paint - Hardware WYOMING PARK LUMBER AND HARDWARE CO. Porter and Byron Rd. LE 2-2309 C. BELL CHEVROLET BEV'S CAFE iFormerly Ray Bryantl Fine Food and Friendly Service --Mos, Everybody Likes to T d 'h C. B ll" 2422 zarh sf., s. w. LE 2-9906 'C' e W" e 355 Sheldon S. E. GL 6-3151 FRY HOUSE NOEL'S PRODUCE Which now serves you at 1325 Chicago Drive "We Deliver" OPe"' 24 ho'-'fs 1664 Porter S. W. LE 2-9982 Gas - Oil - Washing - Gre ' COMMUNITY STATE BANK omg omndville - Hudsonville LOU BEKKERING member General Repairing Federal Deposit Insurance ' 2540 Byron Ave., S. W. LE 2-5730 Corporation PURITY CYINDER GASES MEYERINK SEPTIC TANK CO. Welding Gases and Supplies 2580 28th St., S. W. LE 2-2375 2635 Prairie, S. W. BERG'S MEN'S 84 BOYS' STORE SPECIAL FOR GRADUATES Free tie with Sport Coat purchase . Free shirt with Suit purchase 1135 Ch-C4190 Dr-I S- W- 1oo1 28th sneer LE 2-1104 REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Beverly and Porter Sfs., S. W. CHerry 3-0156 60 28th St., S. W - - .azgg A, l THE FRANKLIN PRESS, INC. ' WYOMING SUPER MARKET PRINTERS - LITHOGRAPH ERS Every Day Free Delivery l-520702 l l OLSON BROS. SPORTS CENTER WYOMING PARK BARBER SHOP "Everything for the Sportsm " R. Wolting 2321 Lee St., S. W 705 28th St., S. W. LE-23631 RAINBOW GRILL DRIVE-IN RIT,S APPLIANCE Hsnock Spol of Soles - Ports - Service The CIW of G""'d"l"e" 2410 28th sf., s. W. LE 2-3626 Byron Center Ave. and So. Beltline Air-Conditioned Meats - Prod Courteous Serv LE 2-9904 "Two Barbers to Serve You" Congratulation , Graduates That important day when you receive your diploma will soon arrive. And we ioin with your friends and family in offering our congratulations. As your life is punctuated by the pleasant excitement of graduation day, accept your diploma as a symbol of a iob well done, Let it carry you forward as you move on in education or begin your career. Your friends at the Michigan Consolidated Gas Company wish you continued success with the new life that now lies before you. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY sum by LENGER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Commercial - Industrial - Contractor Building Maintenance 1905 Chicago Drive, S. W. HANSON'S CUT RATE Mart 8- Jean Lipp - Proprietors Sundries Gifts - Jewelry - Cameras S 81 H Green Stamps 1269 Chicago Drive Phone CH 1-2088 OSTERINK CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Corner of Greenfield and Burton Wyoming Park Phone LE 2-2351 ci-terry 1-2491 Cream Nut Peanut Butter Manufactured by KOEZE MFG. COMPANY Miscellaneous and Ornamental Metal Fabricators 1813 Chicago Dr. Ch 5-9227 JAMES K. HAVEMAN ARCHITECT 621 Michigan Trust Bldg. Grand Rapids, Michigan DONS' SERVICE s a. H GREEN sTAMPs 2400 28th Street S. W. J 84 H FOOD MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries W. THE TOG SHOP Complete Apparel for Men and Boys 4015 Chicago Drive, S. W. AR 6 3156 SlMMON'S PAINT 8. HARDWARE S 8- H Green Stamps 1540 28th St S W. LE 2 5825 Oh - Oh! that report card! June twelfth IS finally here to end another wonderful school year Mr. Davis congratulates Don Henry and Carol Spoelstra on receiving th e i r high school diplomas. f-. W-----1-V----f . ,, , , 3... NJ '2 O OiQQiST DQNQLD -Q Lmuenb-rafl LA J I F I V x LQ 0 4 I ' a 4? 5 E X ug 5 nf F 2 XRQSX Ex fl 3 x i Sw gf is XR fag isa igwgx 1 wifsil 25 5352 Swim 'Q E Q35 QEXERS5 jf S X QMS f Si 'SE 1 ivffggyqffq fff? ,gfM,?',ff!Q7 I 5215,-fgpfga gf!! Jwfff M JY ff iff MM . V217 ff ff pw., I If ff? Vffwiffieiff gywf t F gf X ?QWfZ:S1MfUfiJzf:M 5 E 'MWMW-Miv?!f3QQ iq 3 5323 Ewwglgim E335 W Q5 f figs 3 l is .

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