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1 v ,- 'v TMGNML 5133 LUMSLMIHILSR Sim PTeSenfI S. fwfr f li-In WWW Gif' Gdmll Jr 1951 ,eciwaiwrn We the Annual Staff of 1951, dedicate this annual o you Mrs Edythe Basham in apprecia tion of your ine work in organizing and directing our music department. and J A J L l ' Z' 2 X Qdminisfralion f af X f V N f F xg uf X., j -1 ' Mimi T I N XX, L W1 -W1 K ' 's ff f ', P I -4 l I QKX ' gl 'f ff' Z, lf: E- N K , ' X .lf X !l :D 7 1 f ! I X J AT X ty fix 4 v ' :rn af: om 0 x I Y xyfix Q I 'xv ix: - 'M N '-it I 'Ni il X 5:-X .. 4 MA ' xN 5 X' I A-X E 0 ' X mx Srhovf Board, Back row: Harold Baseman, T R Brisbine, Harry Stakke, F E Fisher, superintendent of public schools Front row: T J Hendricks, president, Lloyd Webster, M C Neilson, clerk lLLd.ETll HSSUCLHILLUJI Offwena Vice President Dean Peterson Secretary Treasurer Janice Howard President Dean Teller . . . . 0 O I I O . . O O I fo- Q o C? , -E' 1 y' X x ..l' 'X , 1 1 . I I Superintendent Principal F E Fisher Anna Hollister Algebra, Plane Geometry, Physics American History, World History English I, Community Civics s Edythe Basham Vocal instrumental, grade music lv Y Keith Warne had Meier English II, English III Economics Biology English IV, World Geography Business fraining Spanish II, Speech General Science Advanced Civics, Coach Mrs Ella Korthals Home Economics John Bornong Bookkeeping, Shorthan Typing I, Twins II d I r I f G ' '. C J , I II' ' x f Hr . . TW Q.. cj , lf, X WW 55 iv WAY?-11 ' K wai Af xQ f E ff, f X f f X , 1. 9 f 'w M ' 9 I , f 5 but hmkgg J:..-R232 af! f ff' ,fdlgijb IP DELBERTA HAURICE QLQ5' RICHARD EMERSGN Basketball 1234 Track 1234 Football 23 RICHARD EMERSON BARBARA WOLF Glee Club 12 Mixed Chorus 2 Band 34, Queen BARBARA WOLF MERLIN FISHER Basketball 1234, Traci 12, Football 234 Glee Club 1234 Mixed Chorus 1234, So , Boy's Quartette 3 Mixed Quarzette 4 Paper Staff 34, Annua Staff 4, Declam 1234, Carnival Play 123, Jun10r Play 3, Boys' State 3, President 1, King 4 Band 1234 DELBERTA HAURICE Glee Club 124 CATHERINE BALL Glee Club 1234 Mixed Chorus 3 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Junior Play 3 Vice Pres 4 DAR Candidate 4 Q-.. M RLIN FISHER ,4 9 f r 4 F 4 X X JS ib- ef 'I 55.1 T ffxx ' A . , If 'M Q ' A -2 . 1 A 4. 3k 1 lo, MARY PETERS DEAN TELLER Football 234 Track 23 Pres Student Body H Pres 2 V Pres 3 DEAN TELLER Sun' MARY ELLEN McCOY Glee Club 123k Mixed Chorus 3M Band 234 Octette Soloist Sextette 4 Queen H MARY ELLEN McCOY SHELDON MURPHY Band 1234 Glee Club 1234 Mixed Chorus 123L+, Dec am 1, Track 2 Easketball 2 4 Boy's Quartette 3, Solo st 31+, Footba 1 3, Junior Pla 3 Mixed Quartette M Annual Staff , arnival Play 24, K ng 2, Pres 3, Sec Treas 4 MARY PETERS Glee Club 123k Mixed Chorus 34 Junior Play 3 Carnival Play H Queen 3 aff' 7? ELWOOD HEALD ELWOOD HEALD Glee Club 12 Football 34 V Pres l W M SHELDON MURPHY f 1 1' 5 J 7 'A JS nw P H255 gr r 7 J EV! 0 , 3 ' L , 1 , 1 1 K Q 1 V Z? DEAN PETERSON ESTHER WELLS Glee Club 1234 ESTHER WELLS LOREN GERLEMAN Glee Club 1234 Football 34 Junior Pla 3 President Sec Treas Student Body 3, King 3 LOREN GVRLEMAN JANICE NOBLE Glee Club 1234, Band 1234 Declam l, Mixed chorus 1234, Soloist 34, octette 3, Sextette 4, Mixed Quartette 4, Paper Staff 1234, Annual Staff 1234, Junior Play 3 DEAN PETEWSON Football 12 Basketball 123 Track 13 Glee Club 123 V Pres Student Body 4, Sec Treas l We-.5 PATRICIA MORAN Glee Club 1234 Mixed Chorus 234 Band 4 Junior Play 3 Declam 4 Cheerleader 4 Queen 2 JANICE NOBLE -A B' . . 'ls' .- .A, 3 P lf- I 5:3 65 'x- lf A SER, u K EDWARD SWENSON Glee Club 1234 EDWARD SWENSON NORMA HOPPER Glee Club 1234 Mixed Chorus 234 Octette 3 Sextette 4 Junior Play Q7 Paper Staff Annual Staff 34 NORMA HOPPER .jllli 455' NORMAN GUTZMER Glee Club 1234 Band 1 Track 1 Basketiall 1 Paper Staff 234 Junior Play 3 Carnival Play 4 Q- ling' NORMAN GUTZMER DELORES LEONARD Glee Club 1234 Band 234, Mixed Chorus 234, Soloist 34, oeiette 3 sextette 4, Declam 12, Annual staff 34, faper Staff 4, sec Treas 2, Junior Play 3, Girls' State 3 LEONA SWEENEY LEONA SWEENEY Glee Club 12 N C'-7 DELORES LEONARD 5 QE? SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sheldon Murphy Secretary Treasurer Catherine Ball Vice President Loren Gerleman President Class Motto nStrive for the best and you'll do better Class Color Canary Yellow and Orchid Class Flower White Rose Class Poem GRADUATION DAY By Catherine Ball The day that I've looked forward to Is coming up in May, Of course you might have guessed it It's Graduation Day The day I entered high school In nineteen forty seven, I thought to be a senior Would be next thing to Heaven By the time I was a sophomore, I was used to everything, But I was still just mighty glad To hear the last bell ring At last I was a juniorg Just two more years to go, An yet as far as I could see e time still went too slow An now that I'm a senior 'd really like to stay, And let a freshman take my place On Graduation Day. 0 f 2 4 ' - ' if - - . ll d Th . d I . Hlslmy On September 1, 19k7, thirty two students were enrolled in the freshmen class Members of the class were: Elwood Heald, Dean Peterson Sheldon Murphy, Wayne Smith, Dean Teller Richard Fisher, Edward Swenson Loren Gerleman Richard Emerson Merlin Fisher, James Mead, Leslie Hol lingsworth, Pa ricia Moran, J ce Noble, Leona Sweeney, Esther Well Delberta Maurice, Mary Peters, Kay Witte, James Bowden Norman Gutzmer, Cleone Cunningham, Delores Berlin Catherine Ball, Mar ene Krumm Delores Leonard Mary Ellen McCoy Doris Titus, Barbara Wolf, Ellwyn Pa son June Pe ers and Phyllis rlin Class officers were: Merlin Fisher, President, lwood Heald, Vice President, Dean Peterson, Secretary Treas urer King and Queen candidates were Kay Witte and Barbara Wolf The freshmen class received second place honors by raising S225 15 Dean Peterson lettered in football Merlin Fisher lettered in track Janice Noble was on the Hi Life staff James Bowden and Janice Noble were on the annual staff Class advisor was Fred Meier Those who did not return to the sophomore class were James Mead, Kay Witte and June Peters New students were Roger Payne, Sally Ryan, and Ronal Ryan Class officers elected were Dean Teller, President James Bowden, Vice President, Delores Leonard, Secretary Treasurer She on Murphy and Patricia Moran reigned as King and Queen at the carnival The class earned SIN7 27 Merlin Fisher received superior ratings at the local district, and regional declamatory contests, and an excellent at the s ate contest Dean Peterson, Merlin Fisher, and Richard Emerson lettered in basketball Football lettermen were Dean Peterson, Dean Teller, and Merlin Fisher Merlin Fisher lettered in track Annual staff members were James Bowden and Janice Noble Paper staff members were Norman Gutzmer and Janice Noble Class advisor was Fred Meier The Junior class started the year with twenty nine members Sally and Ronald Ryan, Leslie Hollingsworth Doris Titus and Roger Payne did not return to the Junior class Martln Emerson jolned the class the Teller, Vice President James Bowden Secretary Treasurer Loren Gerleman and Mary Peters reigne as Carnival King and Queen The class earned 55311 26, which was a record This was the second successive year that this class won The class presented 'The Big Blow up ' directed by Keith Warne Merlin Fisher and James Bowden were added to the Hi Life staff and Janice Noble Sheldon Mu phy, Delores Leonard, and Norman Gut er were on the annual s aff Merlin Fisher Dean Peterson and Richard Emerson lettered in basketball Merlin isher Dean Te ler and Loren Gerleman were football lettermen and Richard Merlin rece ved track letters Janice Noble Delores Leonard, Norma Hopper, Mary Ellen McCoy Merlin Fisher, and Sheldon Murphy took part in the music contest at Kimball Merlin received a first place rating in the bass vocal division Merlin won superior ratings at the local and district declamatory contests and an excellent at the regional Merlin Fisher attended Boys' State and Delores LeonardJ!ent to Girls' State Mrs Edythe Basham was class advisor Mi g from the previous year's group as the new seniors assembled in Septe 1950 were Delores and Phyllis Berlin, Wayne Smith, Ellwyn Paulson, leone Cunningham, Martin Emerson, James Bowden, and Marlene Krumm C ss officers elected were: Loren Gerleman, Presidentg Catherine Ball, Vi President, Sheldon Mu phy, Secretary Treasurer The seniors broke th own record of the year before by raising 8R30 88, winning the honors for the third straight year, with Merlin Fisher and Mary Ellen McC reigning as Carnival King and Queen Catherine Ball was selected as the local D A R candidate Merlin Fisher and Richard Emerson received basket ball letters an Loren Gerleman, Merlin Fisher, and Dean Teller lettered in football Seniors represented at the State Re ion Music Contest were: Sheldon Murphy, Merlin Fisher, Mary Ellen McCoy anice Noble, Delores Leonard and Norma Hopper Sheldon Murphy rece ved first place honors with his baritone solos Merlin Fisher received an excellent at the'distr1ct declamatory contest Class advisor was Mr Fisher A class of twenty was graduated on May 18, 1951 a anl 1 ui. E., ia-. - - A .- 2 - . id L . second semester. Class officers were: Sheldon Mu phy, President, Dean ' A '. ' ' ' a. - ' fu and ii . gf' . . . . 07 . lg - Pr lxac Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen This lgfhambara Wolf, your disc Jockey for the program, NSongs New and Oldn, featuring the smooth music of Sheldon Murphy 'Mr Music of 1961 N Before we hear Sheldon's n mber, we will have a br ef summary of the late news This newscast is sponsored by Norma Hopper's Beauty Salon located in the Mid West Hotel in Woonsocket See Norma and be nglamourizedn with the newest hair style at the lowest prices Now, the news Edward Swenson and Dean Teller, two prosperous and influential farmers from Woonsocket, South Dakota, are now conferring in Washington with their Republican congressman, Norman L Gutzmer, concerning farm prices and controls John L Lewis has recently appointed Loren Gerleman as his lawyer Loren has already shown his abilities by settling several disputes between capital and labor Due to the outstanding courage and quick thinking of stewardess, Delberta Maurice, fifteen lives were saved from the burning wreckage of an American Airline passenger plane which crashed at the Philadelphia International Airport last Sunday afternoon A special dinner was held at the Marvin Hughitt Hotel honoring Elwood 'Doc' Heald He was selected as the outstanding sports announcer of the year and has been recently elected president of the South Dakota State Amateur Baseball League Twentieth-Century Fox has just produced 'Monkey Businessn, written by Esther Wells It is a delightful comedy, spreading happiness and good cheer in a way to delight any audience From all reports it will be a big hit Mary Peters and her handsome husband have settled in Hollywood and have opened an exclusive night club for Hollywood celebrities Registered nurses, Mary Ellen McCoy, Leona Sweeney, and Pat Moran, are doing outstanding work in the field of research at the new Children's Hospital in Woonsocket Eight years ago, Janice Noble wrote a letter to a newspaper expressing her hope that Woonsocket would get a hospital school were drawn up and last year her dream came true Janice Noble is now it's superintenden After completing her education Delores Leonard has accepted a teaching position at Huron College As a si eline, Delores has formed a cosmetic manufacturing company with the trade name uCharmN The profits are used to finance scholarships for foreign students Richard Emerson has resumed his coaching duties at Woonsocket High Emerson is unique among high school basketball coaches His theory is: 'Take your time, keep possession of the ball Without it, your opponents can't scoreg with it you can H This week Emerson's Hslow 'em downn tactics paid off With twenty five straight wins, the Redmen were named the No l high school basketball five in the Northwest One of the outstanding business women of our times is Catherine Ball She owns and operates an exclusive dress shop in Chicago and plans to open one in Paris in the near future Merlin KSherlockD Fisher is now a private detective and was commissioned recently by President Dean Peterson for his fine work in capturing eight bank robbers in New York President Peterson has just returned from India where he had been on a good will tour And that's the news up to now! New here is Sheldon with his latest releases 'Remembering', a request for the class of 1951 f ff for crippled children. Her letter brought attention to the subject, plans THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1951 We the senior class of WHS, being of sound mind Cwe won erl, in order to form a more oerfect discord in assembly, establish peace and tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the failures in algebra, and secure the blessings of liberty for all the days of our lives, do hereby bequeath To the freshmen we leave three Cor moreb years of WHS To the sophomores we leave our extra curricular activities To the juniors we leave our good grades, and our assembly seats And to lndividual members of the WHS fan club we do bequeath Catherine Ball gives her blush to Georgia Luthi Richard Emerson wills his l o n g shots to Jimmy Forbes Merlin Fisher gives his long strlng of A's to Carl Wolf Loren Gerleman wills his quiet serious manner to Robert Merkle Norman Gutzmer wills his height to Donald Dechow Elwood Heald blesses Bernard Ashfeld with his good hearty laugh Norma Hopper wills her Job of selling popcorn to Victor Trudeau Delores Leonard leaves her homework to Billy Smith Delberta Maurice bestows her friendly manner on all future freshmen Mary Ellen McCoy wills her strong attraction for biology speclmens to anyone who can stand the smell of formaldehyde Feistner Sheldon Murphy wills his lonesome typing class to Tom y Glenn Janice Noble wills her blond streak to Raeburn Grassel Mary Peters leaves the ob of answering the telephone to anyone who sits in the bac of the assembly Dean Peterson wills his remarkable memory to some fresh man, but he forgets whom Leona Sweeney bestows her Southern drawl upon Mr Warne Esther Wells leaves her nfuturamicu newspaper blouse to anyone who is lnte ested ln the news of the 2lst Century Edward Swenson wllls last mlnute rushes lnto assembly to Donald Rauch Dean Teller leaves the sum of five dollars to any f eshman, sane or insane, who will lend hlm the sum of ten dollars Barbara Wolf leaves her quietness to Joanne Anderson Senior Administrator Pat Moran bequeaths ber 9:02 arrivals at school to Arlan L JLLTLLOTJS Back rows Donald Rauch, Albert Foos, Wayne Smith, Fay Witte, Delwood Maurice, Bill Smith, Tom Glenn, Victor Trudeau Middle row: Mrs Basham, Georgia Luthi, Betty Goeman, Jane Parsons, Marliss Schroeder Ava Anderson, Donald Dechow, Ronald Moses Front row: Avis umelhart, Janice Howard, Nyla Baughfman Judy Thill, Frances Scott, Marvelyn Jacobson Raeburn Grassel, Lila Olson Not pictured Keith Merriman add Lyle Pawlowski On September 4, 1950 twenty four juniors enrolled at Woonsocket High School Raeburn Grassel was a new student Lyle Pawlowski entered WHS the second semester and Keith Merriman discontinued school The junior class officers are: President, Judy Thill, Vice President, Tom Glenn, Secretary Treasurer, Raeburn Grassel The class advisor is Mrs Basham Fay Witte and Janice Howard were the carnival king and queen candidates The class earned S215 35 Witte, Albert Foos, Tom Glenn, Basketball, Albert Foos, Fay Witte, Tom Glenn, and Ronald Moses Jane Parsons, Avis Ru elhart, and Marliss Schroeder participated in declam work Jane Parsons and Marliss Schroeder represented the junior class at the music contest held in Kimball on February 7 The Junior play, 'Cross My Heart , under the direction of Mr Warne was presented February 12, 1951 A Judy Thill President Tom Glenn Vice President Raeburn Grassel Secretary Treasurer L ,'k 1 W if The junior lettermen are as follows: Football, Donald Dechow, Fay n O :S 'Z'-A ii Q , f ' 1 ,J Back: James Patterson Charles Knigge, Pat Howard Arlen Schroeder, John Ball, Darwin Noble, Le oy Bradwish, Carl Wolfe, Ar an Feistner, Robert Goeman Center Fred Meier Advisor, James Emerson Robert Parsons, Norma Brown, Shirley Brown, Nao Dunlap, Janet Roti, Pa ricia Thompson Joanne Anderson Front Margaret Moran, Glennis Fitting Juanita Baseman, a Ammon, Joan Druse Mary Ashfeld Shirley Hansen, De ila Noltensmeier, Joan Payne Not p ctured Marvin Anderson, Nadene Roache Twenty nine students began their sophomore year at WHS The class officers were Marva Ammon president, Pat Howard, Sophomore Class Officers vice president, and Janet Roti, secretary treasurer Fred Meier was the class advisor The King and Queen candidates who crowned the royalty, were Arlan Felstner and Glennis Fitting The class made 8263 20 for the carnival In the district declamatory contest Margaret Moran in the humorous division and Glennis Fitting in the dramatic divi sion each received an excellent rating Norma Brown and Glennis Fitting were 4' members of the Hi Life staff and Glennis was on the annual staff. Glennis Fitting received second place Marva Ammon, president honors at Kimball in twirling and Norma Brown accompanied the solois s. Pat Howard, vice president John Ball received a letter in Janet Roti, secretary-treasurer basketball. Darwin Noble lettered in football. 5 es - y C A 1 f'v z Lf' , E44 . X , . ls 1 ' ml E . i 2 1 . lm - Back row: Darwin Peterson, Myron Beintema, Jim Davis, Tom McCoy Robert Merkle, Gordon Kappel Jim Jenssen, Wallace Rauch, Jim Forbes, Jim McCoy Center row Richard weeney, Bernard Ashfeld Virginia Baysinger, Mary Ellen Hollingsworth Bob Brewer, Barbara Bars ead, Janet Gutzmer Mr Warne Front row: Janet Steichen, Katharine Houlihan, Theresa Howard, Lois Druse, Lila Feistner, Letha Jenssen Marva Rumelhart, Judy Ritter, Evelyn Lang, Betty Vallen Not pictured S Junior Jensen Twenty eight freshmen began high school at the beginning of the 1950 1951 term Class officers were President, Janet Gutzmer, Vice President Theresa Howard, Secretary Treasurer, Mary Ellen Hollings worth Class Advisor was Mr Warne Carnival King and Queen candidates were Robert Brewer and Theresa Howard The total receipts from the freshmen class were S146 30 Katharine Houlihan and Jim Davis were on the paper staff and Mary Ellen Hollingsworth was on the annual staff Robert Brewer, Jim Davis, Jim and Tom McCoy, Darwin Peterson, Jim Forbes, and Gordon Kappel participated in basketball '- 'B ,, 1? ep' Sec.-Treas. Mary Ellen Hollingsworth Pres. Janet Gutzmer Vice Brea., Theresa Howard Fr if ' - v :,,:'i,T5' T ,vid e' S 5 1 . . 1 . - L U1Le.Iu.S. Rea RW CW in gdgigr: '-5 if bd 'J '4 Okwe -ni--F'f pr .--' gi f- nl '2- MA Dv, 1 f' B gi L 3 i'-ll.- s T as? I I nur ali!! 1 'K-.Q AJ IH faalparqgs fum, J AMT N09 A-P 1401 JY' - I in- r j , l ,:-n: tx-:uf A -any See here, c..-e on -.. me' I I I so' Q Q -::. , ' - 1 N ..-. h . , ' su 1 '. r Aki P 0 1 we 0 'mv A 'X' V. ' ' 5 '-'.22,- - - ---4:22:32 N ara-42 S he e are asa i c:-s 0 Q4 I . Q W' - vga. Q 1- , A w0:P.gl 1 nr A 9 I A -Q A , BRN nj For soterf.. fm o C Al 'V Fwthalt 4 v 52. '39 lbw... Back row: Coach Meier, Darwin Noble, Tom Glenn, Leroy Bradwish, Bob Brewer Front row Loren Gerleman, Donald Dechow, Dean Teller, Fay Witte, Albert Foos, Merlin Fisher John Ball not pictured, was unable to participate this year due to a broken co larbone suffered the first week of drills Jim Davis, not shown on the picture, suffered a leg injury in mid season which kept him out for the rest of the campaign 4 1 ku Dean Teller Albert Foos ...Jf 'TNQ' ,549-rw V I' 1 We ,aura-of .,.,.f Q.. f 3l-4' Action against Mt Vernon The Redmen 6'lf 11 Loren Gerleman Merlin Fisher Fay Witte Tom Glenn Donald Dechow Darwin Noble Bob Brewer Jim Davis I Ill! I 11 v 10 Leroy Bradwish 5'9n 1 1 0 0 1 0 bs lbs bs bs lbs bs lbs bs bs bs bs L Halfback R Halfback Center Quarterback Center Halfback Team Mt Vernon Plankinton Artesian White Lake Kimball They ' 4 'Q L J 'K U' y l V I 1 Y 'K' .1 X E 'Hx Y , A , 1' S fp 5 r Q I y I , g A . Q . ,fx 'h +A' ., if . .1 . fl 5. W A I I ,Jig gn:h,,w7 at H? .1 i .K . A ,.,:'!',,uZi.Q, V 1' B4 ' ff-,.N,,,.1v'w-..: rf-1,3 A B- L ,. 15:1 3735 115 -- . IX A L ning. ' fr' ,A 'wtvM.Af!ef'5r'1 L A ima, 1 than -MXQ . .. B' ,C yt Kv.::'EN,se-9' ' 4' 0 . 1 ' .9! !as.p-.5 4.-aa ' A-fu ' .Q A A 'L .f5 1U17' , Ev - WB 5' N 12? 1 2 Z . 12 18 5'9n 7 1 . 40 O 5 7 1140 1 . 6 18 a End 32 12 5 9M 145 1 . End ?:3Hn 125 1 . End 6 19 5 9 1 o 1 I End 6 33 5' H 130 1 . 135 1 . End Richard Emerson Guard QQ' Ronald Moses Forward Team Carthage Lane Plankinton Artesian Wessington Fedora Letcher Forestburg Lane Wessington Artesian Fedora Letcher Forestburg Alpena Woonsocket Back rev Coach Meier, Bob Goeman, Albert Foos, Lyle Pavlovski, Jim Emerson, Bob Parsons Front row Merlin Fisher Richard Fay Witte Mer Center BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Played They Springs Springs 5 E John Ball Forward Independents age T011 Glenn Emerson, Fay Witte, Ronald Moses, Guard Tom Glenn Albert Foos Not pictured, Jann Ball Guard It W9 S , 49 33 X C If 51 30 ' 18 E7 L X ' 33 2 ,1 za as A R4 39 11 1 23 Alpena 30 32 1 79 32 -Q 'vip r 42 as R , , gg 33 ,X f? M8 9 3? E3 51 28 . Zi ,Pvlgu I5 I 'QQ I x The starter of the thrilling 'Did it go in, D1ck?u Letcher Woonsocket game Action!! PONY HILLS CONFERENCE TOURNAM NT Team They Redmen Reserves Jim Emerson Bob Parsons Artesian Forestburg Wessington Springs 52 npocu Haald, The tip! Our faithful manager DISTRICT 21 TOURNAMENT Artesian s Wessington Springs 42 Redman Reserves Bob Goeman Lyle Pavlowski WH Cheerleaders, Patricia Moran, 5339517 POP NCCU-Ill Janice Howard, and Janet Roti. Y - Q M H ' We J WX -- 1 1 JJ 'Q 1 i .K ,Ag C-R .- i?1 t -1 Tpmanllfim .. fag IIND Back row: Joan Payne, Janice Howard, Janice Noble Judy Ritter, Marliss Schroeder Barbara Wolf, Ava Anderson, elores Leonard, R t Juanita Baseman Mary Ellen Hollingsworth Janet o Middle row Mrs Basham, Joan Druse Janet Gutzmer, Margaret Moran Shirley Brown Glennis fitting, Robert Parsons Ggrdon is er Keppel, Robert Brewer, Arlan Feistner, Aubrey Front row Marva Ammon Lila Olson, Jane Parsons, Judy Thill, Nyla Baughfman, Patricia Moran, Merlin Fisher, Norma Brown, Frances Scott, Mary Ellen McCoy is and the band played on MIXED CHORUS Sopranos: Joan Payne, Glennis Fitting, Janice Howard, Mary Ellen McCo Judy Thill, Lila Olson, Catherine Ball, Delores Leonard, Nyla Baughfman, Marliss Schroeder Frances Scott J 1 N ble Jud Ritter Jane Parsons, Patricia Moran, Mary Altos: an ce o y , Peters, Janet Roti, Norma Hopper, Margaret Moran, Mary Ellen Hollings l worth, Joan Druse, Juanita Baseman, Raeburn Grasse Tenors: Sheldon Murphy, Jim McCoy, Jim Forbes, Gordon Kappel, Darwin Noble Basses: Bob Parsons, Merlin Fisher, Tom McCoy, Arlan Schroeder, Delwood Maurice i H 5 3 . 1 . , i- . B ' 'l I ' Q B Q II' Z D ' g 1 A 5,5 1 Jf:l?,' nil. CIC' Ya Gleeclubs ea, 9 N Back row: Pat Howard, Donald Rauch, Arlen Schroeder, Tom McCoy, Bob Brewer, Victor Trudeau, Merlin Fisher, Carl Wolf, Norman Gutzmer Middle Row Mrs Basham, Delwood Maurice, Darwin Noble, Bob Parsons, Donald Dechow, Edward Swenson Gordon Kappel, Jim Davis Front row Bernard Ashfeld, Bichard Sweeney, Darwin Peterson, Jim McCoy, Wallace Rauch, Charles Knigge, Bob Goeman, Arlan Feistner, Jim Forbes Back row: Mary Peters, Patricia Moran Janet Roti Jane Parsons, Juanita Baseman Margaret Moran Georgia Luthi, Betty Goeman Mary Ellen Hollingsworth Nyla Baughrman, Ava Anderson, Letha Janssen, Joan Drnse, Marva Ammon, frances Scott. Middle row: Mrs. Basham, Esther Wells, Shirley Brown, Marliss Schroeder, Norma Hopper, Delores Leonard, Delberta Maurice, Mary Ellen McCoy, Judy Thill, Naomi Dunlap, Lila Feistner, Lois Druse, Catherine Ball, Janice Noble, Avis Rumelhart. Front row: Janice Howard, Delila Noltensmeier, Joan Payne, Glennie Fitting, Norma Brown, Lila Olson, Joanne Anderson, Mary Ashfeld, Raeburn Grassel. Accompanists for the two groups are Norma Brown and Jane Parsons. 1: ' F .3 M 1 I ,J : G55 I YA ,,.a J , gf 'X X' I' a ' e S J ,liiffr K. ' . T 1 Y - ' ,f f - . - . 1, I N Lt 60 HG fl' LOCAL DECLAMATORY CONTESTANTS Back row: Robert Goeman, Arlan Feistner, Merlin Fisher, Robert Parsons, Robert Merkle, Naomi Dunlap Margaret Moran Mr Warne Front row Patricia Moran, Marliss chroeder, Glennls Fitting, Avis Ru elhart. Lila Feistner, Janet Steichen, Katherine Houlihan Jane Parsons Local winners were Merlin Fisher, Margaret Moran, Glennis Fitting and Marliss Schroeder In the district contest Merlin received an excellent rating in the oratory division Margaret received an excellent in the humorous division, Glennis rated excellent in poetry and Marliss received a rating of good in the dramatics division ,,, X - H I: ' ,P K E, ' 1. 4 ' ' ' ' ' . ' 1, . ' i . : 5 I I 9 .L T - 4, in A H' I IM! . I II II II H 1 III ' III 'NN SOLOISTS Delores Leonard, Janice Noble, Sheldon Murphy, Merlin Fisher, and Mary Ellen McCoy Not pictured, Marliss Schroeder Rating Name Division Sheldon Murphy Baritone vocal solo Mary Ellen McCoy Mezzo Soprano vocal solo Merlin Fisher Bass vocal solo Delores Leonard Alto Saxaphone solo Glennis Fitting Twirling Sextette C Jane Parsons Janice Noble, Girls' Ensemble Delores Leonard, Mary E len McCoy, Norma Hopper, Margaret Moran 7 Janice Noble Baritone horn solo Mixed Quartette C Mary Ellen McCoy, Mixed Ensemble Janice Noble, Merlin Fisher, Sheldon IV Marliss Schroeder Trombone solo ,FUN armval Y Sophomores Arlan Feistner and Glennis Fitting Freshmen Robert Brewer and Theresa Howard Junior Fay Witte and Janice Howard Senior Merlin Fisher and Mary Ellen McCoy Queen Mary and her attendants Senior royalty candidates Merlin Fisher and Mary Ellen McCoy, were crowned King and Queen at the carnival held on November 10, 1950 The class earned the record breaking amount of 3430 88 Arlan Feistner and Glennis Fitting, sophomore candidates, were runners up The sophomores made S263 20 Third place honors were given to the junior candidates, Janice Howard and Fay Witte The iunior class made 8215 35 Freshmen king and queen candidates, Theresa Howard and Robert Brewer were fourth place winners The r class earned 8146 30 Train bearers were Philip and David Flea Sue Baughfman was flower girl and Douglas and David Druse were crown bearers Crowning the Royalty I To 'vs J fr. 3 r I. ' ,ll c , - 4. g ,L i ex 1 '- - V 4 X I Y' K i 1 1 .' l ' Q 1' lk 1 , X' 'A ! ,rch , , X i no . . . 1 H , i , . ' N .0 . V . D J - ' . D . M -f . i ' . Cla Frances Scott Norman Guta er, Sheldon Murphy, Frances Scott play Backrow Dean Peterson, Mary Peters, Sheldon The one act play, Dynamite Dann, directed Murphy by Mrs Ella Korthals, was presented at the Seated Norman Gutzmera carnival, November 10, 1950 The cast Frances 500131, Raeburn included Sheldon Murphy, Frances Scott, GPBSSGI Raeburn Grassel, Norman Gutzmer, Dean Peterson, and Mary Peters 195 ,enlcrr Ioren Gerleman, James Moran, Delaine Glenn, M110 Bantam, Robert Butler, Francis Rauch Lorraine Oas, Helen Parsons, Delores Parker, Jean Van Leur, Janeane Hegg, Donna Hansowitz W 'Ili 9 Ii I I ll J' fr' f'f rv-f Donna Hansovitz Delaine Glenn, Robert Butler, elen Parsons Milo Beintema, Janeane Hegg, Marvin Vearrier, Delores Parker, Loren Gerleman Twelve seniors, Marvin Vearrier, James Moran, Delaine Glenn, Milo Beintema, Robert Butler, Francis Rauch, Lorraine Oas, Helen Parsons, Delores Parker, Jean Van Leur, Donna Hansowitz, and Janeane Hegg, and two Juniors, Loren Gerleman and Sheldon Murphy presented the play, nDesperate Ambrose', May 5, 1950 Directed by Mr Fisher ,rs 1 ' -' s ' 0' H, 3 n Q 6 4 'T E ' I 4, A ' :Eng ya' ' . ,H , 'Ku , 'I 1 , M, va J ,N . 43': A ff. M 9 , I it cv , Albert Foos, Ronald Moses, Avis Rumelhart and Jane Parsons Ronald Moses and Avis Rumelhart Time out between acts My U ross My Hear H Enacted February 12, 1951 Director Keith Warne Jane Parsons, Marliss Schroeder, Lila Olson, prompter, Albert Foos, and Ronald Moses J Betty Goeman and Avis Rumelhart Frances Scott, Janice Howard, and Tom Glenn The ladies of the club were Georgia Luthi, Nyla Baughfman, Marvelyn Jacobson Betty Goeman, Ava Anderson and Marllss Schroeder Standing is Fay Witte G vw- U c t 1 .Ri K 1.- ,jh M we A e ' vr . ,-- G, lr 9 A M. . 2 e A ,f Q we H 'The Daisy Belles , Catherine Ball, Delores Leonard, Norma Hopper, Janice Noble, Mary Peters, and Patricia Moran The ay Nineties quartette Sheldon Murphy, Janeane Hegg, Delores Parker, Merlin Fisher 'The Flora Dora Girlsn, Janet Roti and Mary Ellen Hollingsworth UCasey's Strawberry B1onde', Mary Ellen McCoy BANQUET INTERMISSION ENTERTAINMENT 1950 , 3170900 W MEN x pare o11eS A Senior Home Ec Students Faculty Christmas Party Typing I ...L The Maurice Twins haf' -11 Home Ec Sewing Class 'Cutting up The Editor Age 2 Girls' and Boys' State Representatives 14,33 Staff Christmas Party 'Little Leona' Bookkeeping Class V '55 Delores Leonard and Merlin -H Fisher D'101'93 2:1171 Our Younger Days Leonard Lila Olson, Pat Horan Mary Ellen McCoy 3 A f ' ' 3 l V Y , . i I l a, 4A ,M W Q 3. 5' M . f f Q- ' Q i S 1 - ' C ex Z ff 5 ' - 2 , ox ? o r-------3 A , : 1 ma June. Honra X sou Jerk of was Making Popco me Ec Sewing Class i is :hn- vm? ggfl Noon Rush ..Jii2' J Lu chroom Staff Physics Lab Age Two Freshmen Home Ec Class L and Annual ? Eng Sta ff Coach Meier U , q , ,xx ' W , x 1 , if . 'fi l ' I Y , 3 f A',fi .i.:gfJ . A :g':': 1 -I Q I . ,Q ' f ' o' N, .4 ,V-.4 I ' J .gg fu X- I . . Q - aff, , rn ' Johnny 'M W M 4, 1 1 Y , f ' ' Ho X ,lvl ,Qi 'l 4 U ell hae? Q ' H 4 vig Lk. . ' . , fi fd' n e Yo,b o 's l I . l ,I . QI 1 Q.. s - , 1 9 L Disc JUCJ-fans ANNUAL STAFF Seated: Jane Parsons, business manager Frances Scott associate edito Janice Noble, editor, Delores Leonard, ypist, Janice oward, society editor, Merlin Fisher, sports editor Standing: Marliss Schroeder, junior class history, Mary Ellen Hollings worth, freshman class history, Pat Moran was replaced by Barbara wolf who wrote the i sen or class prophecy, Catherine Ball, typist, Sheldon Murphy, senior class will, Glennis Fitting so h , p omore class history, Norma Hopper, business manager Loren Gerl , eman, senior class history, Tom and Jim McCoy, art work Advisor John V Bornong A PAPER STAFF Seated Jane Parsons, music editor, Frances Scott, junior reporter, Janice Noble, associate editor, Delores Leonard, editor, Janice Howar , associate editor, Merlin Fisher, sports editor Norma Brown, sophomore reporter, Katharine Houlihan, freshmen Catherine Ball, senior reporter, Glennis Fitting, sophomore Raeburn Grassel, junior reporter Norman G , utzmer, senlor Jim Davis, freshman reporter Advisor John V Bornong Standing reporter reporter, reporter, ra 4' I f' 51' M, .. Q, l X ,g Xl Q il O : f I f N 7 . v , . r- x --' ' XE! 5 A- L.,r,A I, .5 r . . d . . 5 ' , ' g 2 Q 0 ,pfb Uerfl5lH9 fUn-72614 f X X N? .rv 'gwhf 7 if 'SZR QQCNQ wr' Ped man Dnsc X X A13 Pr-492-Q m X S redby 2 mc, n X X X X k 1 ff' t f ,f X 5 X xx . X X r XX. . any I, Q. . iX--,. -Lg' XT, J I 5 x f 4' x 'ah ' -if fp 4 ff , 0 I' ,I pon df' ,-- - f'ff, 4j4 X f N, elm nd 'Em 4 o PM MPR Alfr- oonocc +19 Cl-HX HFD5 12tMtO S f 4 N 'Who urmcc Bond g r r IIFW APSTlfCi C LHP' MY 1 If 'i CY' hoe, QVHQA, 'APN HRA S'XYPQRN COUNTY A BSTBACT 'WMPANY It Jn N LXKDG UN UU 1 HCT' 1 WOI163 136 Pf' ffnfl 'JfJr' 1 C' f I 1 If' - , 1 ff X I 'N 'f f' N - ,v,zvfx,,' i L N fx ,f. .J f - - 1 I . Cufl'-,.. QT YQI' -- GQAHT 'I J' . , fiff -- l1'f, --1 -',f,Y.D --- THINK P I R P V- CUL1UfQ'.f. .ilQ'1UIG A 1' T O H TI E 1 S I v-fvfif 1 F 'li M F up , N j A - M . ., . -5- 1 I Ti 3 1:1 Haus 1 ry --FOI-- i --?Oi1 - I I. , h ' - gE V --..':,,.-- r-6 1' I ' . f V, 'IL XX ! 1 5, QQ, ' f' a V -4,41 -,AL fl 7 l 5 1 as -:e -- as as 1 1, tie 273 lf1'II1,I, J. 'OTTRT I --A -1-4 --,,,-MQW-,, ,N-,,,, N, W... M-, W.-. --.,--.--- I I i . - . i v a, 1 A 3 .J , M c f. C-vm' rwfw i 'via-XD C T J nBUL1uLa, Lg 5 l . - 5- Q A-e al lani survey Q 1 K J. JL .'L .'. .'L J'. S I 'Q X QW Ii I2 PA.Q1'm' f:.:f . V'-,mrs 5315. -, 1. B J 5 , I x V : Y- v'- 'S Je JL .IL it D- ,, . 3. E X , 1 ' 1 CAP gig? Wi- - , ,L , ,G -, ..,,, ---U 1 I - - , I ,. ,-I Q n4.+.'.'.giiv5 f fi-, f?.3,: 1'J.1':L:f I F. U FQ. , - I DS U L 1 ,'Efl-, ' j ' . ..,-.-. .... ,,, .f I .l I' V .1 ' AL T' .14 ,, L .. J. Lf .. 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Suggestions in the Woonsocket High School - Redmen Yearbook (Woonsocket, SD) collection:

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