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 - Class of 1951

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s..Jf -aux Q Y QT 1 ""'ivX -xr r-1 N XF? 'Ti I fxi "Q: 'I' JE XS. . , , ' M, X, 3 Q . ' a X ',N5i "B'X,,, . . ' 4- "'- - W rw 4 da 6 Q H 7' T C 9llfY County 1 U 'mnouan 91:3 0 , 'A I- Y 2 7 ' 12 h BALEIIZII DFHEVEIIEU A .H SM' Th mu Q- SIJL TFQEXFINEQT FIVESTOCK . . . . ome Mmm - u y. H " "U " 'W' ' " ' ' 'd""m"d" f SH r'rvv'rSe ws'fs. ,. . , ,, h, 'fe s mu saw rmmaay, my z 'ng -uns in 9 im. fy Caunly 4-H shuw naaay, my Iudging mm al 9 M.. 1 nan. open clam lm fy cm., .. xlallx al 9 lm., mm. waging may, my zu, n Clan mluy Will Be ludqed 'rum a sammy Boy,-6.1:-sm-mrmm - Tome :mmm A-H sm numy. nm. mining comm smaq, luly xo, 9 un. A Hamm ming, mmugm-a, rw, .ma hmm um will um Az mu pm sanwaq um sunaq. :hw :lm bf lwnen nts! ball! illlnwvnl. cmamm mm each lvuuinq mmm 1 SEE THE LARGEST Cenumrvid Dilplq 1 SEE THE FINEST . . . .,, ,- .mx , -.H W W wx, H141-: .ha um'-' hy, nm., .n , .un md veqmm.. 1...1q.a Friday. ' ml mmm, yum nmaq. M9130 pm enmvn suns ruzsnn. nuu gg , -,i -f H? ' ,- X L mm ru: mu Auoolmon ' , I ' ' ' Hy . -1, ..... .,.., x.,......,..,. ...J 1... . X, an : , vp A - U. .... my 4 -nun V I- F ---if in ' V C o-E di tors - IERRY GILLETT SUSAN TRESCH F V V r X 9 J XWQQDCUHI UF 5 QQ Z Z N -A ,B Q! fm 6?Qk4flI7 Z6 F f A A QQ D164 Q C312 LQ Y L 'X 5 L M643 mf ec, N L VX K ,M if W 5? f W x 5 1 QZFRQQ """"lg f Q 3 Q .Ll + X V- .a R Nl! L W K, X i f , 4 5 WZ 5 -' , A ? ww!! f I K Sl, 9 ' 9 . fiiix' x 15 CUR "BIG TOP" 4.2 SL Lk' - we-N-.5 W Our Big Top, the Woodstock Community High School, Woodstock, Illinois - presented by the seniors of 1951, who, in the succeeding pages, hope to bring you the Hgrrrreatest show on earth" - our l95l Woodcohi - actually patterned this year fto demonstrate our conviction in the worthiness of this projectl after the McHenry County Iunior Fair, held in Woodstock in Iuly of 1951, the second successful revival of the old county fair of 25 years ago. So, hitch up your wagon, and hurry to join the fun and the gala atmos- phere as the seniors board their special merry-go-round and start oft on their last dizzy whirl. Blue Ribbon Group Maw l l v 4 fx l V. . l e blue ribbon group includes ' WL' 'lgingi DAIRY i ' A 'x t Grill and Barbara Sells-k . ' ls oil Grand champion ' Bumble, Beesg Mm' .gh 3mam0HHa1.,.,, ' 9 X vall, Eager Beavers: Nz gg l '7 1t-' Wx-im - , ,Nb A ,y, Mary Ellen Bulger, Jeni - ' f t E A lf "RM-m,,,A4 ke, 'Nancy Henk, Cawl Lf ' A l 4' ' 'CATTLE ' hlffbtw Fray, :md .Lmi-so Hitt, Clital-EISXXQS A ,..,-fflcmm lfllwvv l If 4 -v v'-'gn' ' 'Nr 'ILS lglellxllgnll G1'1il'Qt.A::ZL Hllllrlll 'xM.gXvMA . .1 , lfmgfugg 1 H3314 Y Haffel :md Mzxriwu SlL'l7liOl'.A A A fflx rllf 0 1 ' p llffyl J dick Girls. X , 1110--V-PM C mile " l fhvhul 'bhic' Barlu-r', .lugm Dnf' . Q69 iq wg EA 1 GTS? ierl, Nancy 'Flu--A' Q W.-'QMXYQQ-f'bQYq,f53''clry HHN- Bcgixte b--, 1, '- " X 1-If l a- QJk1l f'l"1' , ,-W QNX Si21lwSS2KS'me2ll',lglr - . CSS Vard I M QQ 'alll g,..X".55x5 wen lc,aX0llv5t w B10 ' B- R- ,mn 36590 63905 wxi-ACS? agp i.d.30x5 5-50. U Bet, Pure : P ,ev 94165 5600 .mxf05.wCl5'. 5 Q l 'YW -1 C ' C1 , Cla I' X X 0 w ct' 'W' UWC cal' eil' Judging "V G '1- l UDCN 669 N509 we XX C509 W55? wav Cie. I Open mler, Of 5 i wry 36,5 XR ,oo-gqxiogc 03 ,wo 396-,exxxkuavdyl Winners Get l Cal- 53391 ' l 'L 'K-Y , K, ' ' 3 X ' X l ?W'l- Y 9 -of Y 1' ., film was Saturday use R C11 - X 'Y 3-'55 509. Q0 5,5 N91 X09 QW Jupjbt rys- am f' 00 . New .pfgfiieiv liffiifl .giiiigcgiiff so ff The llcugnggpiiliillgggg frggggl Siam ' ' . ' E 119. Xi ' - . miracle - to ' , B 9 Ye ze nxll? -x O 000 xv S0 im! 3 g 5, according 3 ' gg- lem ez WB ef S EOncfl9Kg,9eYiEGxbecs wg me ggofggsgictggagate maczewggfgyendt my Hifilalx -. .XX me , . W 0 XC -5 even . mer h 0 S e' P' 0 I ,A .EiI'lSA.,.1. Oi' 'PSQXXX ,xiaopb QQ91 The i0ur,l.?52:undW fwgihotgsa C18 eth 4 V S it C ua Q no . ' ta1La ld Seen entri l S0 th ,tzimmg Q01 fair 0 fl l I .bagk, eeng at 3 h 1 ' Progree, - . A Wiiped ' Kiultz h Dunha 863'-Wnl Rudol - Harmonici a'f-hf3'f'gRud01 l nwood Grg. to lblihlbl' . Peck 355 C"'He Abe total estimate H0531 1 Speeds: Q esumaiedy Bette jard Hustlersg '96 the DMS C15 " g, Harvard In ', Riley Ramb. dman, B. R. Gop, Slaughter, ,Riley Q Bred Senior - A--Robert Sppeeds: David lg, Marietta yi William Workers' l Xe dare lsieyfg Richard ,Q -J 811088 McKee Vw asm-gates we yard' 'lazy until ihe ll 6 ca?xfcEellaii0n Qizjb race event lf and c0m9le am Du evening Pwgrw DPI? s feawfe' We f li' devxl E10 .. a s B-'rxwmak .he h oalsg' Jerry yfeg-O l ' 'L-William f ' ' ,MR 111 e"?' fe . A. ,fB50St6rsg fkyzfphrnold Etsy Harold Olly - 1 il . L A + h M-,,l. , harxi3 Rober+ , v 'l LA l Q 1 l 0 a l fair - f 'Nez- fl ,f Je ., lwygufhfui f gf the ri Il the SI rcultflr 4 1' 010651 - , f- l 'l l - ,. X Q .. tv X W A xxgxwasffvf 1 rag, V I A vs' 1' A . ?1sag:.gi2C'i,aXX46a,i' Egg wN1:gE5?9,xxtgs L V isfflsonv L wfeggs, Q' of WW ff 'wiiwfi wgiiw L:,1gi?iHug3,iiQ,n swat? QM, .29 C, H J S l 'le Mgsvvfll xeif' C' N- Q f ' . V l Jsfal shots' l nd Open gigs? 'VM tithe: 1 A ' , Q, 'Q 452 fig - L , . . Q '3 . D D 30 1 - X 59? f 313121910 Robert lch21mPl0" S 'lb .Q f 05 QW-lllv P' - gyluntley- was Dk f" X S Q, ilbsme ' al 0 Xe' ' 'Y' eww Qef- vs" ""'l'b3"' Y l Ullnao - t' ' Q X1 005 Si. fl we mined f . aw 5 cow be .A Q I Y 3QXXQ0xESgf'09" url, AS -18,1 ' t fs 'ld-X351 efbtssg l A Ay ,1i'?,Qg.e mi? Gg.A?XOS 9555559 HOY9 YAPAEK, V X KW Q36 l ' ,ff-26735 ' CgP9l,,Bew1e'l YW ivfffl' T i ' 9 B79 X 'Ex Cgxixca Vg, Q19 GRXQS 1 axqaebu' Vlobw afdea ' A- . K 9 . wf w av ll sw -in YN' . X vX0Y"' fa, 9' PAK. v r rf -' "' au,-wi 1 an , Irby-Q , E ,I , 1 x v ' 4 w u f x ' f Z W NJ ' f M, -F. 1-Sea: M Q, X f X , Q 5 zrfi R f--, ,L .. J iff , fx' ... , V' The Fair-est Guy lk., I . :W I AL ga n If , A , " e Q N ff ll , I 5 J " The Midway of The MCHENRY COUNTY JUNIOR FAIR Woodstock, Illinois July 27 to 30, 1950 DEDICATION We are proud to dedicate our l95l Woodcohi to Mr. Ole Lee, our janitor and friend who always is ready to donate a helping hand, who has a cheerful smile and good word for all, who is an industrious worker, and who has an enormous amount of school spirit and relishes every event taking place on our "fair grounds". We feel Mr, Lee to be Well deserving of this honor because of the Wonder- ful person he is, being thoughtful, friendly, and loyal. I-le is truly "fair and square" in every way. We know he has found his way into the hearts of all students of WCHS. ns .Binh HW r' v- H 1' -fir .K J .4 .gm x. 1,5- 5 I 4 fn' M' 1,1 41' - . ' 1 li-W .- i ,f. A , . dw- , ,gg-,al '. .,,,'P. we 1 ,-':---- ex, h -5 gl W 11 fi. A - X , E V of 4: .V 'I , L ,.-v ff.. ' 1 If N'-:J aw? -ll M YAN' ,K wi A xg.: 'Z I JUDGES and EXHIBITS FACULTY and CLASSES 'wg-. 'Hb ,,,, , , 0 e 1. Top: Mr Howell, aa teacher at Woodstock, A judge in the dairy division, Mr. Minot, ag teacher at Harvard, and Mr. Marlow, aa teacher at Huntley compare notes. Bottom Chuck Davis, Bob Shook, Pat DeWalt, Sue Tresch, and Red lohn- :son start on their last ride . . 9 FACULTY NELSON N. STORK Superintendent ALFRED C. DRUMMOND Principal Nelson N. Stork Alfred C. Drummond LOIS M. COULTAS Dean of Girls Senior English and Latin Instructor Girls' League Advisor 0. COLEMAN O'I-IARA Dean oi Boys Social Problems and Driving Instructor , Boys' P. E. Instructor and I Varsity Club Advisor Lois M. Coultcxs O. Coleman O'Hara Leila G. Merrell Mary F. Kiefer LEILA G. MERRELL Secretary MARY F. KIEFER ' Assistant Secretary S. MARGARET BEATTY World History and Community Civics Instructor BERT A. BURDA Vocal Music Director Music Appreciation Instructor GUY P. CURTRIGHT Geometry Instructor Football and Baseball Coach Boys' P. E. Instructor and Intramural Sports Director IANINE I. CZARNECKI Librarian and Freshman English Inf structor LAWRENCE A. DALE Physics, Chemistry and Physical Science Instructor Swimming and Track Coach EDWIN E. DeCAMP American History and World Prob- lems Instructor S. Margaret Beatty Bert A. Burda Guy P. Curtright Ianine I. Czarnecki Lawrence A. Dale Edwin E. DeCamp Raymond L. Eden Don A. Edwards Lee G. Grebner Dorothea M. Himmler Elwood D. Howell Gladys E. Laughlin RAYMOND L. EDEN Speech Correctionist DON A. EDWARDS Freshman English Instructor Senior Play Director LEE G. GREBNER Biology Instructor Tennis and Golf Coach DOROTHEA M. HIMMLER Instructor of Commercial Subjects Hi-l.ic7hts Advisor ELWOOD D. HOWELL Agricultural Instructor FFA Advisor GLADYS E. LAUGHLIN Home Economics Instructor Cafeteria Director ll ROBERT MENKE General Math and Driving Instructor Boys' P. E, Instructor Basketball Coach ETT I. MURANA Machine Shop Instructor Gears Advisor CLARENCE O. OLSON Instrumental Music Director ALI CE E. PFEIFFER Iunior English Instructor Woodcohi Advisor HAROLD R. RAY Building Trades Instructor B. Tfs Advisor GARY G. SAILER Iunior Nursing Instructor Robert Menke Ett I. Murana Clarence O. Olson Alice E, Pfeiffer Harold R. Ray Gary G. Sailer R. lean Schmiedeskamp Clarence O. Sparks Doris M. Walkington Nina I. Witherell M, Vivian Witt Marjorie E. Young R. I EAN SCHMIEDESKAMP Algebra, Advanced Algebra, and Ge- ometry Instructor Book Exchange Manager CLARENCE O. SPARKS Drafting, Electrical Shop, and Me- chanical Drawing Instructor Visual Aids Director DORIS M. WALKINGTON Art and Handicrafts Instructor NINA I. WITHERELL Girls' P. E, Instructor GAA Advisor M. VIVIAN WITT Spanish and French Instructor MARIORIE E. YOUNG Sophomore English and Speech In- structor All-School Play Director Thespian Advisor 12 , - ., -L .Nt A Ei SPECIAL AWARDS FOR THE MOST OUTSTANDING EXHIBIT - THE SENIORS CLASS HISTORY With awe and dread we left our familiar grade schools and ascended to the great brick building on the hill. Because our class was the largest in the school, it was only natural that it should be the noisiest. As freshman week drew near, experienced juniors and sopho- mores were pelted with questions about the fate of freshmen who had gone before us. ln spite of our fears, most of us pulled through, with only our pride injured. Because of our "over-eagerness" at our first class meeting tat which time Bob Clark was elected class presi- dentl we were allowed no more meetings for the rest of the year. Needless to say, when we took our places a year later as sophomores, we were more eager than ever -- in a somewhat quieter way. With Ierry Gillett as our president, we started slaving away on a float for the homecoming parade. tWe won second prize, tooll As the year wore on, we came upon our first great undertaking - the sophomore dance. With Susan Tresch as queen and "Old Heidelberg" as a theme, our dance was a howling success. We even made money! As everyone well re- members, the football, basketball and baseball varsities included a large number of sophomore boys. After electing Wayne Schacht president of the class as juniors, and winning another prize for a good float tthird, this timel, we settled down to the serious task of choosing a theme for our Iunior Prom. Money was no small problem, but with candy, hot-dog sales and record dances we managed very well. Our theme? ASouthern Plantation! We broke the record again and made a profit. Wayne Schacht, Ralph Stork, Bob Clark, and Ierry Gillett were given the honor of attending Boys State, while Ann Abraham represented us at Girl's State. Wayne Rockstead's name goes down in history as the first of the 1951 class to join Uncle Sam's large family. lmagine! Seniors! . . . finally for some of us, and so soon for others. No one can say we didn't try to make the inferior freshmen treat us as their superiors. Our floats must be doomed to win! Once again, second prize. lt seemed that before we knew the school year had begun, everything started happening at once. First the Rose Dance occupied our attention, then meeting yearbook deadlines, or- dering cards and announcements, exchanging pictures, the senior class play, the music fes- tival, and band contest. Finally, Miss Coultas began the well-known hustle-bustle of arrang- ing the annual tour lastl Mothers Tea. For tContinued on Page 74l 13 CLASS GF '51 . . . SENIORS HERB KEMP, president WAYMAN ROBERTSON, secretary Woodcohi, football 1, 2, track 1, 2, 3, 4, bas- Senior play. ketball 1, 2, 3, boxing 1, PFA 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3. 4: S91'1iOf DICIY- MARY ANN LEE, treasurer Band 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' League MARY HAAGERI ViCe'P1'eSide1'1f president 4, Octette 1, Pep Club 4, senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Wood- plfly. cohi, GAA 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, all-school play 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Frosh-Senior Chrrn. 4, Pep Club 4, senior play. ANN ABRAHAM IOSEPHINE AMICO Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Chorus 1, GAA 2, 3, 4, senior play. 3, 4, Student Council secretary 4, class treasurer'3, Hi-Lights 1, Woodcohi, GAA 1, JAMES BAKER 2' 3' 45 Vlcgpresldenl 45 Pep Club 45 Glrls Transfer 4, football 4, basketball 1, 2, track State 3? Senior PIQY' 4, B.T.'s 4, senior play. RAY ALLEN Chorus 4, Woodcohi, FFA Z, 3, 4. 14 TOM BENTON Cheerleading 25 class vice-president 25 foot- ball 3, 45 boxing lg FFA l, 2, 35 Varsity Club 3, 45 president Pep Club 45 senior play. IOYCE BERNA Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Wood- cohi5 GAA 3, 45 All-School Play 45 Pep Club 45 senior play. BRUCE BULMER Transfer 35 Student Council l, 2, 35 football l, 2, 3, 45 track l, 25 baseball l, 2, 35 wrestling 35 Executive Board 25 senior play. LYLE BUNGARD Chorus 3, 45 football l, 2, 35 boxing lg FFA 3, 45 B.T.'s 2, 35 Boys' Ensemble 3, 4. FRANCES EVE COURTNEY Transfer 25 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 45 Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Lights 2, 3, 45 Woodcohi,- GAA l, 2, 3, 45 Octette 2, 3, 45 senior play. GLORIA CRONE Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 baton twirling l, 25 cheer- leading l5 I-Ii-Lights l, 25 Woodcohi5 tennis 3, 45 GAA l, 2, 3, 45 publicity manager 35 secretary 45 Octette 3, 4, senior play. CLYDE BOND Wrestling 35 boxing lg B.T,'s l, 3, 4. MARION BRANDT Transfer 25 FHA l, Biology Club l. MARY ANN CAMERON Chorus l, 2, 45 Hi-Lights l, 25 Woodcohi,- ten- nis 3, 45 GAA l, 2, 3, 45 all-school play 25 Homecoming Queen 45 Octette l, 2, 45 senior play. ROBERT CLARK Class president l5 Woodcohi5 football l, 2, 3, 45 track 2, 35 basketball l, 2, 3, 45 baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 3, 45 boxing 15 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club president 45 Boys' State 35 senior play. IUNE CRUMMER Chorus 1,251-Ii-Lights 35 GAA l, 2, 3, 4. DICK DAILEY Transfer 35 Student Council 25 class vice- president lg honorary president 45 Woodcohi5 football l, 2, 3, 45 basketball l, 25 baseball l, 2, 3, 45 boxing l, 25 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 B.T.'s 35 senior play. 15 CHARLES DAVIS Transfer 35 football 45 basketball 3, 45 B.T.'s 3,4. IOAN DAVIS Transfer 35 GAA 35 senior play. ROGER DERMONT Woodcohi,- football l, 2, 3, 45 track 2, 3, 45 basketball l, 2, 3, 45 baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Wres- tling 3, 45 boxing lg Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 45 senior play. IOAN DORNBUSH Transfer 25 Band l5 Chorus l, 2, 45 Hi-Lights 2, 3, 45 GAA 2, 35 FHA l5 Octette l, 4. MARY DURKEE Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 class secretary 25 Hi-Lights 2, 35 Wood- cohi5 GAA 45 all-school play 45 Octette 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Thespians 45 tennis 35 senior play. HARRIET EBERT Chorus l, 2. EDWARD EDDY A Football 2, 3, 45 FFA l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 4. IEAN FITPOLD Transfer l5 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Woodcohi,' Thes- pians 3, 4. DICK I-'OOTE Wrestling 35 B.T.'s 3, 45 all-school play 2, 45 Band l5 senior play. GORDON GAYLORD Gears 2, 3, 4. IERRY GILLETT ALBERT GEHRKE Football l, 2, 35 track lg basketball 25 boxing lg Varsity Club 3, 45 Gears 3, 4. Class president 25 class secretary 35 Wood cohi,- football 3, 45 track l, 2, 3, 45 boxing l5 basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 secretary of Varsity Club 45 Thespians vice- president 3, treasurer 45 Boys' State 35 all- school play 2, 3, 45 senior play. MARY LOU GRAMIVIER Transfer 35 senior play. MARILYN HANLEY Chorus l, 25 GAA l. ELAINE HILDEBRANDT Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 35 Ensem- ble 2, 3, 45 senior play. HANS HINNER Band l, 2, 3, 45 basketball 3, 45 B.T.'s 4. WILLIAM HOERBERT Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 German Band 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 class treas- urer 25 football 1, 2, 3, 45 track 2, 3, 45 bas- ketball l, 2, 35 baseball 15 Wrestling 35 box- ing 15 Varsity Club treasurer 35 senior play. FRED HOWELL Transfer 35 tennis 3, 45 Gears 3, 45 all-school play 45 senior play. WESLEY HUNT Woodcohi,- Gears 3, 4. DON IESSUP Hi-Lights 3, 45 football l, 2, 3, 45 tennis 2 3 4 wrestling 3, 45 boxing lg Varsity Club l 2 3 45 all-school play 45 senior play. ALLEN IOHNSON Band 4, VVoodcohi, track 3, 4, FFA l, 2, Var- sity Club 3, 4, senior play. IOAN KREIN Transfer 4, cheerleading 4, GAA 4. WALTER LAGERHAUSEN Transfer l, track 3, 4, baseball 3, 4, Wres- tling 3, FFA l, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM LAGERHAUSEN Tennis 3, Wrestling 3, boxing 2, FFA l, 4, B.T.'s 2. DENNIS LARSON Band l, Hi-Lights 2, Woodcohi, football l, track 2, 3, 4, boxing l, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, sergeant-at-arms 3, Gears 4, senior play. ALBERTA MARVIN BERT MCCANNON Basketball l, 2, baseball l, 2, 3, 4, boxing l, FFA l, 2, Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4, Gears 3, 4, B.T.'s 4. IACK MCCONNELL Woodcohi, football 2, track 2, manager 3 4 senior play. GEORGE MCKIM Vlfoodcohi, football 2, 4, Gears 4, senior play. PHYLLIS MITCHEL Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Vlfoodcohi, GAA l, 4, Thes pians 4, all-school play 4, Girls' League rep resentative 4, Octette 1, 2, 4, Trio 3, Pep Club 4, senior play. 18 LOWELL MUNSON Intramural football 2, 3. MARILYN NELSON NANCY NELSON Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, twirling l, 2, 3, 4, Wood- cohi, all-school play 4, senior play, CARL OHLRICH Band l, 2, 3, 4, Woodcohi,- football l, B.T.'s l, 2, 4. MARY ANN RAIN SFORD Chorus l, Student Council 4, Hi-Lights l, 3, Woodcohi, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club l, Octette l, Pep Club 4, senior play. ALICE RYAN Chorus l, 2, 3, Hi-Lights l, 2, 3, Woodcohi, tennis 3, GAA l, 2. WAYNE SCHACHT Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Student Council l, 2, 4, class president 3, Woodcohi, football l, 2, 3, 4, track l, 2, 3, 4, basketball l, 2, 3, 4, boxing l, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, sec- retary 3, Boys' State 3, senior play. LaVERNE SCHEID Football l, basketball 3, baseball 2, boxing l, Gears 3, 4. BRUCE SCHILDT Band l, 2, 3, 4, football l, 2, 3, 4, track 2, 3, 4, basketball 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, sergeant- at-arms 4, senior play. BILL SCHRECK Boxing l, 2, B.T.'s l, 2, 3, senior play. I9 SHIRL SEATON Gears 2, 3, B.T.'s 1, 4. PEGGY SHAW Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, cheerleading 3, 4, Wood- cohi, GAA 1, 3, 4, Thespicxns 4, orll-school ploy 4, Octette 1, 2, 4, Pep Club 4, senior ploy. IEAN SHERMAN Bond 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, senior ploy. ROBERT SHOOK Chorus 3, bolslcetbolll 2, 3, B.T.'s 1, 4, senior ploy. DOROTHY SMITH Chorus 2, Hi-Lights 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. TACK SORENSON Chorus 3, B.T.'s 4, senior ploy. GRETA STASSEN Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Lights 3, 4, VVoodcohi,' Pep Club 4, senior ploy. RALPH STECKER Chorus 1, Wrestling 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, box- ing l. MARLENE STEINKE Bond 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council treosurer 2, secretory 3, Hi-Lights 3, 4, Woodcohi, tennis 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, president 4, Thespions 4, C111-school ploy 3, 4, Pep Club secretory cmd treoxsurer 4, senior ploy. ELAINE STIEG Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Woodcohi,- GAA 3, 4, Pep Club 4, senior ploy. SALLY STOCK Chorus 1, 2, Hi-Lights 1, 2, 3, editor 4, Wood- cohi, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Octette l, 2, Drarnatics Club l, Pep Club 4, senior play. TOM STOCK Football l, 2, 3, 4, track 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 3, boxing 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, B.T.'s 3, 4, senior play. DOROTHY STOGSDILL Woodcohi, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. RALPH STORK Band l, 2, 3, 4, class vice-president 3, Wood- cohi, football 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, tennis 3, 4, baseball l, 2, 3, 4, boxing 1, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Boys' State 3, all-school play 2, 3, 4, senior play. SUSAN TRESCH Transfer 2, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Student Council 3, class treasurer 2, Woodcohi, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, all-school play 3, Sophomore Queen, Octette 2, Pep Club 4, senior play. BUD TRYON Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, president 4, football 1, 2, 3, 4, bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, boxing l, Varsity Club 2, 3, vice-president 4, senior play. CAROL TURNER Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, senior play. BETTY UEBER Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Woodcohi, GAA l, 2, 3, treasurer 4. HOWARD WENKEL Woodcohi, wrestling 3, Gears 3, 4. BOB WESTERBECK Woodcohi,' football 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball man- ager 3, baseball 2, 3, boxing 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, senior play. ROGER WHITING Student Council 45 football 2g track 2g boxing lg all-school play 35 senior play. MARILYN YSTEBO Transfer 2g Chorus Z5 Woodcohif Girls' League treasurer 25 senior play. SHIRLEY ZIIVIIVIERMAN Woodcohi,- GAA l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 4g senior play. Seniors without Pictures: ROBERT SELL ROBERTA SELL Honorary Senior: PAT DE WOLFE CLASS WILL OF 1951 Ann Abraham leaves her Bose-Crown to next year's Bose Dance Queen. Ray Allen wills his salesmanship to the future Woodcohi ad and subscription depart- ments. Iosephine Amico and Iune Crummer leave -- and are they glad! lim Baker leaves his quietness to Rose Foss. Thomas Benton leaves Peggy Shaw still laugh- ing at his deadpan jokes. Clyde Bond wills his farming knowledge to any city slicker. Marian Brandt leaves her stick-to-itiveness to all incoming freshmen. Bruce Bulmer leaves his seriousness to Eddie Locke. Lyle Bungard leaves - but he'll be around to see Carol. Mary Ann Cameron leaves. Perhaps to jump into that little Ford? Bob Clark and Dick Dailey leave their flashy clothes and latest styles to the style-setters of next year. Gloria Crone wills her height to anyone who is 10 feet 2 inches. Ioan Dornbush and Harriet Ebert leave, still discussing future plans. 22 Chuck Davis wills his height to Kit Klabunde, but he'll keep Wilna. Roger Dermont and Bob Westerbeck leave their teasing ways to boys who like to make girls mad. Mary Durkee leaves with the impression that the Navy is still the best. Butch Courtney wills her typing ability to any- one who desperately needs it. Edward Eddy Wills his athletic ability to the prospective football players. Dick Foote leaves his artistic ability to Dick Downing. Gordon Gaylord leaves. Well, don't most sen- iors? Albert Gehrke leaves Lorraine Schmarje. Part- ing is such sweet sorrow. Ierry Gillett and Sue Tresch leave all their headaches to the editors of next year's Woodcohi. Mary Lou Grarnmer leaves her timidness to Honey Desmond. Mary Haager, Ioyce Berna, Elaine Steig and Elaine Hildebrandt will their friendliness to people who can't get along. Marilyn Hanley leaves her blond hair to Io Ann Frame. fContinued on Page 741 PROPHECY Let's take a trip around the fair grounds, shall we? Well, what do you know, there's Phyllis Mitchel taking tickets at the grandstand. "Hi-Phil. What's new?" "Not much, just been going to Chicago a lot lately, for my husband works there, you know. Have two more children since the last time I saw you. Seen any of our old classmates lately?" "Yes I saw Lowell Munson just the other day. I-Ie's a noted chemist now, went to school over in Europe and has just discovered a new way to count the number of hairs in a horse's tail. Another world-famous man is lack McConnell, he's a brewer. He, too, received most of his education in Europe, in the vine- yards of France. I heard he married five times. I guess most of the class are married and have families, but, of course, Bruce Schildt is still a lone wolf. "Marlene Steinke became a famous woman lawyer and has won most of her cases, too, and obtained all the degrees she could get. "Red" Iohnson became an aviator, but after he made his expedition to Crystal Lake, he stayed on earth, fell in love and marriedg now he's a promising young farmer. Sally Stock won all the typing and shorthand tests and was made the presidential secretary. "And did you know that Hans Hinner is a big manufacturer in Plymouth Rock? About four years ago he married Wanta Cornsilk, and his children go out and advertise his business. Mary Ann Cameron settled in the art field, I hear she was educated somewhere in Texas and her pictures found their way to the Nut Gallery. In l958 she married Wayman Rob- ertson and they lived as happily as could be expected. "Freddie Howell is a noted soap box orator. He never went on to further schooling because he knew more than the teachers of his day. You can find him in the slums of Chicago delivering his flowery speeches among the laboring people. "Lyle Bungard is a singer for the Metro- politan. He married Carol Stock a few months after she graduated and they are now living in Woodstock. I see by the newspaper Mary Haager is a movie actress and just won an Oscar for her dramatic role in 'Francie,' the talking mule. V "Marilyn Ystebo just returned to Wood- stock after working in the Downey Hospital as a psychologist, she is now trying to straighten out a few of her classmates' minds. Good idea, Huh! Ioan Dornbush is another one who is trying to help us. She's head nurse of the 'Dirty Diapers' department here at the Wood- stock Hospital. "Dennis Larson just became president of the 'Balland Chalk' Pool Association. And, as rumors go, I heard he has been married and divorced more than once. Talking of mar- riages, Dorothy Stogsdill became the wife of Bert McCannon not long after school was out. I guess that's the third one that was married right away, for Mary Ann Rainsford and Harriet Ebert - married, too! "Mary Ann Lee went to school to become an athletic coach, but was married and now uses her coaching on her own kids, for she is planning on having a baseball team in a few years. l guess Bob Clark and Dick Dailey are coming along swell with their own store. They have all the latest styles for men, and I believe they have a very good salesman working for them too. Ray Allen, of course! Who else?" "Say, Gloria fCronel, what have you been doing with yourself?" "Oh, after school I learned more about painting photographs and got married a few years ago." "Good . . . I guess I must be running along now, Glory, we'1l have to get together again and discuss old times. I believe one thing is true of our class and that is wherever they are, they're working for a better and safer tomor- row. Bye-now!" 23 "KIDDIES" - EN ROUTE Sue Kemp and Carol Schmidt on cx "big" ride. JUNICRS As freshmen we were known as a class of characters, but in our second year everybody thought we had graduated a little bit into ladies and gentlemen, however, as juniors, We became known as the class of characters again! We were still trying hard, though, Cto be ladies and gentle- men, that isl for when the junior girls weren't trying to be peroxides, strawberry blondes, or blueberry blondes, they were selling hot dogs and candy at football and basketball games, so we'd have funds to put on our successful Iunior Prom. Two of the prettiest girls were homecoming queen can- didates this year: Sue Kemp and Shirley Whiting. Oh, Yes! We took great pride in receiving first prize for our float in the homecoming parade, But we can't leave out the boys. Look who ran the junior classi President Tom Brody, Vice-President Bob Roush, Sec- retary Ioyce Ballard, and Treasurer Wally Schuett. The boys were good in sports, too. We had six out for football, two CBob Roush and Wally Michaelisl on the varsity basketball team, and two tBob Sweetland and Don Peacockl on the junior varsity team. Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 42 M. Fisher, L. Pitts, l. Foote, I. Frame, R. Gaylord, C. Goldman, M. Hagie, P. Hamer. L. Carlson, M. Carstens, G. Cowan, G. DeLine, M. Dygert, S. Ehlert, R. Erwood, D. Ferguson. E. Bobeng, H. Bohn, E. Boyce, R. Braukhoff, L. Brewer, T. Brody, M. Busse, D. Carlson. B. Ackerman, R, Babcock, S. Ball, I. Ballard, A. Barber, M. Beardsley, I. Beck. Row How Row Row How Row Row T. Vieregg, R. Wagner, D. Wakely, S. Whiting, P. Willis, R. Woellert. E. Schultz, D. Steinway, C. Stock, R, Sweetland, M. Thompson, Fl. Thompson, W, Tor- man, B. Tornow. R. Reese, E. Fteichardt, S. Repp, R Roush, C. Schmidt, R. Schreck, W. Schuett B. Schulz. I. Navlyt, T. Neubacher, W. Ohlrich, R. Payne, D. Peacock, M. Peet, C. Peterson, B. Pierce. I. Kline, I. Lohmeyer, K. Madsen, D. Manke, L. Menzel, G. Meyer, M. Meyer W. Michaelis. G. Hubert, D. Iensen, H. Iensen, I. Iohnson, U, Kahl, T. Keach, S. Kemp, B. Kuhn. S. Hanley, R. Harrison, R. Hefner, M. Heitschmidt, C. Holtfretter, H. Hopper, E Howell, P. Howell. I SOPHGMORES OUR "THIRD PRIZE" EXHIBIT -AWARDED THE WHITE RIBBON- n 1 11 4 mira 5 1 .s x nil in Q S . IH' How Row Row Row Row How D Austin, L. Brandt, A. Gorman, M. Brewer, P. Elhers, L. l-locli, I. Houda, C. Brownell P. Conley, B. Foss, L. Goldman, P. Berg, S. Howell, B, Barlon, Miss Witt. E Allen, N. Campbell, A. Asmus, L. Baker, N. Holmes, B. Foote. L. Railel, L. Swanson, D. Olsen, L, Larson, C. Ohlrich, A. Sliuleldt, C. Schwabe l. Schaffer. D. White, I. Thorton, B. Boskie, C. Kelly, M. Secor, D. Phillips, D. Mills, Miss Young. L, Schmarje, D. Zimmerman, B. Williams, G. Rice, B. Westerbeck, M. Piske. is 11.1 l ll f"ls I 1 liilttl lxl 'I il- e nrt How 3: R. Emricson, D Austin, R Iensen, C, Evans, W Bott1s,C Dornbush, R Goizster, R Beck, N Carlson, I, Hecht Row 2' R Berlin, P Elwood, R Besser, R Downing, W Graminer,I Eirsenmengei, R Hur-bat Hansen, Mr, DeCamp, advisor I Bow l L Gehrke, R Gray, I, Pitts, R Axelson, I Hanaaman, W Calleaer, L Anderson G Hildebrandt,I Collins, P. Hunt Row 3 D McCannon, G Peterson, L, Knudsen, W. Kiel, S, Ryan, R Scharnau, K Krohn T, McConnell, T Klindworth Row 2 F, Yardley, M, Lil1a, H, Sherman, A Widmayer, L, Leonard, I Sherman, R Rowe I Wienke How l I, Repp, R. Koch, H, Nichol, R. Kuhn, W, Larsen, I Moricoli, C, Klabiinale HISTORY Looking back over our freshman year we feel very proud of our class- mates: Beverly Westerbeck and Lorraine Schmarje were candidates for the homecoming queen, LaVonne Hoch and Cindy Schwabe were chosen attend- ants in the May Queen procession, Dick Besser and Iimmy Hecht took part in the all-school play. There were boys, too, who made the Iunior Varsity team. The homecoming queen candidates for this year were Beverly Westerbeck and Barbara Roskie. We put on our first public display, the Sophomore Iubiv lee, which turned out to be a great success. The class officers for this year are: president, Bob Koch, vicefpresident, Iack Wienkeg secretary, Steven Ryan, treasurer, Dick Kuhn. 1 , How Row How Row Row Row Row It O W FRESHMEN UCONSOLATION PRIZE" OR ALMOST HONORABLE MENTION In cr pickle oi a fix is Michael Hall - Fresh prexy. G Hinner, H. Abbott, S. Hecht, D. Emricson, I. Grill, W. Downs, B. Hiscox, I, Larsen, A. Asmus, C. Hahn C. Beran, L. Hamer, D. Courier, C. Hunt, V. Dahlgren, I. Gillium, B. Bond, Miss Beatty, advisor. K. Leonard, C Carlson, G. Howell, P. Crone, H, Hughes, D. Faut, S, Desmond, M. Carlson, B. Hansrnan, I. Lay- cock, D. Dieckrnan, M. Berna, I. Iustice, Y. Arnold, B. Iohnson, D. Haager. D. Iuhl. B. Hendrychs, D Bott, D. Holtfreter, B. Koehler, B Barkwell, I. Anderson, L. Krull, L. Emricson, H, Gibson B Belshaw, I. Davis, R. Hubert, I. Curtright, E. Dalby, E. Harvey, Mr. Edwards, advisor. .. W. Brown, C. Elyea, R, Gay, G. Iohnson, L, Edinger, M. Hall, K. Hackett, R. Gillispie, T. Frame, D. Berlin D, Dunlap, P, Beck, I. Kaiser, B. Dieckrnan, R. Friedel, W. Krause, B. Foss, R. Krohri. D. Roth, N. Thompson, D. Pfotenhauer, N, Wicks, S, McConnell, N, Stock, I. Orth, G. Robertson, L, Peterson M. Roberts, I. Renich, I. Stanger, Miss Pfeiffer, advisor. L. Wakely, M. Williams, V. Palmer, N. Peters, V. White, C, Menzel, M. Maynard, F. Mann, E. Shaw, D. Bott. I, Musser, C. Muttley, P. Starck, C. Robertson, I. Pederson, I. Lehman, W. Torgeson, B. Bank, K, Barley, D. Nor- lock, I. Roberts, B. Nichols, Mr. O'Hara, advisor. B Lewis, B Viereag, B, Stienwehe, R. Thurow, C Skow, R. Wagner, B. Mortensen, B. Selschow, L. Stewart B, Schnulle, D. Vickery. FRESHMAN RECEPTION A bun: h of girls and shoes ll And more of the proper position Bob Hrndryches 12, We are freshmen, we are freshmen, wc are nut lo Ellen Henich, loAnne Larsen, Mike Hall We are num' l lim Ward, Georgia Howell, lim Navlyt, Marie May- 13- l-91,5 fmd those fallow nard Fred Howell, Dorothy Bott l4, Peter Hunt, Bernice Iohnason Hnqm Higcox, Bob Be-tfghqw, 15. Coquette Beran, lean Stanger Charlotte Hunt, Gary lohnsen 16 Why did this have to happen to Inc-'P Irrry Curtright I7. "Woody" Hildebrandt, Delores Hager, Peter Hunt Dick Wagner, Donna Dickman, Vera Dalqreny Berniece Iohnson, Don Peacock, and Coquette Tel Harvey Beran- Allghl Mighty Senior lil, Daddy-Long-Legs Robertson A woebegone lass --- I9 Buttons and Bows HISTORY UNO, no, no, please dont make me roll that pencil with my nose againlw Oh, how well we remember Freshmen Week! Not only were we scared of the seniors at the Freshmen Reception, but of that huge building, all those other classmen, and some of the faculty. CYou mean of Mr. Edwards? We werent the least bit scared, just plain petrifiedll 'lGee, l wish they wouldnt look at me that way! Gosh, l think l'm lost!" were the familiar phrases we repeated over and over the first couple of weeks of school. The homecoming was quite an exciting event for the freshmen. Our two queen candidates, of whom we were very proud, were Ellerie Shaw and Sue Hecht, Even though we have gone through a lot, and were still not sure were in one piece, we wouldnt miss the thrill of being freshmen for anything! M Svx - wr' wtf Sf x F 5,-5 OW " A-"" Baml Picnic, spring of '50 Tom Krfacti and Tom Brody ridina on a ioep flurina lionieconiinq parade ltinior Nur:-sinq liomecoiningq tloat. Ann Abraliam, Sue Trescli, and Gloiia Cione work on lunioi llioiii. "VVy Hobcrtson, Denny Larson, and lorry Gillett looking for trouble Q-f f 3 95 its C 1 i,5.,.t.,., Prom Queen Phyllis McConnon and Wayne Scliaclcit, lunior Class Pre-fsiclent. Bob Sweetlancl and Harriet Hopper sip a flrinlc - Vera Dalqrecn uninterested, Rob Swcetland on iunior class liomeconiing lloat Miss Witt fioina make-up tor all-school play, Bathing beauties - but no beach 'll ni a Gear and proud of itl' 'il use Pepsodentlm A liock ol a place to salffefzpl .af O P j -'A - fx, X ' A-1 f?? w1f , . W gg -. 2 2 VW fi 5 l xii fem? L il N ds S 'T' fiiwi gg ' iw A swmlii-H' 'WW ...asv ,T ' I libs. r,...... ,- 1. Y. 1 n Q-..... Co-Editors' Ier . ry Gillett and Susan Tresch. Business Mana ger and Ad- visor: Marle ne Steinke and Alice E. Pfeiffer. WI OODCOHI "Programs! Programs! Buy your fair programs here - you ca ' enjoy the fair without a program - get yours grounds all fall as the bus carried o n t see and now -" ran y subscriptio n their cam ' spin ' g throughout h n departme paign Actu l ning last s ' i nt of the l9f5l . a ly, howev pring, after th ' theme ' yearboo er, the merr e different d was decided a d y-go-round sta t epartment he d n the prelim' Ads for th e lc r ed a s were chosen. The mary Work on the dumm e Woodcohi were sold th to the constant e y was started. roughout the summer and fall, thanks p rsistence and energy of the ad department. The photo staff started their activities early too, by taking various pictures at the Mcl-lenry County Fair last Iuly. ln September the dummy was eagerly tackled again. With Miss Pfeiffer as ring master, working hand and hand with the Whole staff, the book progressed rapidly. Toward the end of the semester the merry-go-round paused long enough for the staff to turn toward a more glamorous ride, the annual Rose Dance. The festive show arrived, and crowned Ann Abraham, the lov l Because the book is so much lar ways to raise rn e y queen. ger than ever before, the t oney other than sellin by record dances and d' ' tun s aff had to find g ads and subs. This they did ihgent sale of candy every night after school. For- ately, the staff and everyone loves to eat, especially on the fair grounds! 4- -A f'll Yo ' O w fx, I M. , , -. A - f' 'W , gg. 3 Q A ,M wx if: f xg ' S, J? S F k nv? , 0 Wivugg- ,W gk k,,. 5.1 I: Y j ZmL ,,,, A A , ,N w b , V. N Q I xo' in .... I Q, 1 I ff., muy, 'jc n 'gf -. rw - 1 I. 4, WQ , IF 7.1- vlfaa. . '! Q , J ' ' 1 S -A--.... -1.-1...1-..1. f 4., -. 11 .-""' 0.4 v-'-"- ' Y -1 +1 . V. A N A ng 4 SIDE SHOWS ACTIVITIES Top: Sue Tresch, Sue Kemp, Carol Schmidt, und Pot DeWolf wont to join rhis show! Bottom: Chuck Davis, Herb Kemp, Red Iohnson, and Bob Shook find cm apropos spot to display their "1olents". Co-Editors: Susan Tresch Ierry Gillett and Business Manager and Ad- VISOTZ Marlene Steinke and Al' ' ice E. Pfeiffer. WOODCOHI "Programs! Programs! Buy your fair programs here - you can't see and enjoy the fair Without a program - get yours now --" rang throughout the grounds all fall as the busy subscription department of the 1951 yearbook carried on their campaign. Actually, however, the merry-go-round started spinning last spring, after the different department heads were chosen. The theme was decided and the preliminary Work on the dummy was started. Ads for the Woodcohi were sold throughout the summer and fall, thanks to the constant persistence and energy of the ad department. The photo staff started their activities early too, by taking various pictures at the Mcl-lenry County Fair last Iuly. ln September the dummy was eagerly tackled again. With Miss Pfeiffer as ring master, working hand and hand with the whole staff, the book progressed rapidly. Toward the end of the semester the merry-go-round paused long enough for the staff to turn toward a more glamorous ride, the annual Rose Dance. The festive show arrived, and crowned Ann Abraham, the lovely queen. Because the book is so much larger than ever before, the staff had to find Ways to raise money other than selling ads and subs. This they did by record dances and diligent sale of candy every night after school. For- tunately, the staff and everyone loves to e t ' a , especially on the fair grounds! 4- STAFF Co-Editors lerry Gillett and Sue Tresch Biissiness Manager . . Marlene Steinlce Advertising , . Peaay Shaw Cpat DeWoll in absential rnanaaer, Dennis Larson, Wayne Scliacht, Nancy Nelson, Mary Ann Bainstord Siihfsmiption Department , Ann Abraharn, rrianaaer, Shirley Zimrnernian, lean Fitf pold, Howard Wenlcel, Bay Allen, Bud Mcliirri, Betty Ueber Ac:t1'viti'e:s , Sally Stock, editor, Mary Haaaer, Elaine Stiea, loyce Berna Class . , . . , , Phyllis Mitchel, editor, Gloria Crone, Mary Diirlcee lpli Stork, editor, Bob Clark, Boaer Derniont, Iacflc McConnell Photography ll Allen lohnson, Bob Westerbeclc Staff Photographers , Frances Courtney, Carl Olilricli Art , . ,... Mary Ann Cairierori, editor, Marilyn Ystebo, Alice Byan, Ioan Krein Typing . . r Dorothy Stoasdill, editor, Greta Stasasen, Gloria Crane, Athletics . . . Ba erb Kemp, editor, Wesley Hunt, lffi qs! Top l,.i.'t Sportiz and Activity llepartrnentra' Bob Clark, lfiftk ltailey, Ralph Stork, lack McConnell, Roger lt:-rriiont, lflaine Stiefq, Mary Haafger, Sally Stock, and Ioyce Berna Top ltiiflzt Subscription liepartrnent' Shirley Zimmer- zrian, Betty Ueber, Biiil McKiin, Hay Allen, lean lfitrvoll anft Ann Alfraliarrt Cin' 'l'.f ini inlfl if ggi f f ,iiiir liepartziierilfz Dorothy S'oa:- I W ' fl OV!! 'f dill, Greta Stannsen, Pliylliaa Mitchel, Gloria Croriri, Pea W illcinaton, anil Mary lytllliftf? 1,1-It Photo liepartirif-nt Carl Olilricli, Hi-rl Kemp, Allen lolinison, Bob Wf-mt:-rlwecl-4, Wei: lliint, C'1T'1tll?TfIl'lCCi3C:Ol1l'lTlf'Y, ttiaht. Art and Advertiizina lW'f7UYlHlf'Tll:Z Mari' lyn Yutebo, Mary Ann Cfariieriin, Pea Shaw, ltvn nts: Larsson, Wayne Schaclit, Mary Ann ltairisteril, and Nancy Nelzzon 'Xfsr ' Q LJ F.2iTl- -4 J eg ,,,x 4 s.. Top 1,4-tt lfditorm, planning next edition lion Iemsiiry loyce ballad, Toni Nciibaclinr, Sallv Stock telifor-in-rliietl, Ann Sl1llfGlfll,l',lGVr?Tl'y' VVe.:'erl.eCl:arid Shirley Whitinfq Top HV 17" General work-rooin 'liscuraaion Houorti Entire Stall How 4 G Hubert, W Torcreson, I, Krull, T Tlrody, T lleubacher How 3 T5 Iessxip, R l-lubert, Fl lleicharilt, l., Swanson, lil Stock, A Shufeldt, M Benton, I luar1aen,H Sweetland, A Barber How 2 S Stock, M, Hall, S Wliiting, Mi Busse, G Sta.a.aen, I Lolinioyer, S Hecht, li Roslcie P Bora, M Steinlce How l ll Hopper, M Fiske, R l'larrison,I Renich, N Carnpbelll Frame, B Aclcerrnan F3 Westerbcclc HI-LIGHTS Uldacina torrnsl Get your racina sheet lic-rel" 'l'l'iat's a familiar cry on the tair grounds and at W. C. H. S it is, l'Hi-lights! Hi'-Lightsl Get your news sheet here!" Hiflsights is the school paper published by the students. The tirst semester this year, Hi Lights was published monthly in huae 36 plump lorms The last semester it was pub lished weekly in smaller issues. This wondrous form Contains all news ot the faculty and studentsg all the sports news with the winners ot each raceg the tashionsg the editorials and the teature articlesg jolcesg and any cartoons or scandal the students want to print STUDENT C Stop' Look' . . Witness momentous deci- sions! See them made! Here We have gen- iuses at work Cno M no f not freaksll - One from each section, and officers elected from en- tire student body. CSee picturel This is the third year for our Student Council who meet once each week to discuss the latest problems. This year they have been busily preparing a student handbook, which will ' contain the rules CUNCIL d regulations for student behavior, gradua- tion requirements and an over-all view of each subject. The funds for Student Council are earned by the sponsoring of record dances after games. ln November some of the mem- bers of the Council attended a convention at Evanston, and learned much about how other Councils are organized and operated. CID S l, i .14 'd,,,-- Top: Officers: President Bud Tryon, Vice-President Wayne Schacht, Secretary Ann Abraham, Treasurer Tom Brody. Bottom: Entire group. How 3: C, Sahs, T. Brody, R. Geisler, E. Tryon, W. Schacht, R. Thompson, A. Abraham. Row 2: I. Thornton, B. Hoch, R. Whiting, W. Hoerbert, I. Renich, L. Stewart. Row li D. Dunlap, S. Whiting, I. Berna, M. Rainsf d or , M. Carlson, B. Aclce rman. 37 BATON TWIRLERS Top Row: G. Howell, B. Iohnson, N. Nelson, I. Renich, M. Carl- son, L. Goldman. Boflom Row: N. Peters, D. Mills, C. Hunt, M. Brewer, M. May- nard, N. Holmes. BATON TWIRLERS AND ORCHESTRA Also under our territic band-masters direction are the baton twirlers and the orchestra. The former puts on a dazzling show with the band in its many public appearances, and the latter is growing by leaps and bounds this year, thanks to the addition ot a much needed violin section. HERE BAND Listen f- Listen --To the most resounding, to the most famous, to the most blue-ribboned attraction we have. Because ot the capable direction of Mr. Olson, the bands snappy appearance lespecially in the complicated formations exe- cuted at football games and the Mardi Gras Festival at Biverviewl, their melodious overtures at bas- ketball games, winter and spring concerts, and the McHenry County Music Festival under our big top in February, our band is tops again. The whole fair boasts ol the band, its 72 members and all the blue ribbons they always bring home from division contests. Rather than going to state contest this year they chose to buy new drum equipment. Generosity, too, is their motto - lor on holidays, such as Memorial Day, they put on an outstanding show with all the flare for which they are fa- mous. Standing: M. Carlson, W. Ohlrich, R. Lewis, B. Kuhn, A. Iohnson, R. Thompson, T. McConnell, W. Hoerbert. Fourth Circle: H. Gibson, M. Hall, R. Foss, L. Stewart. Third Circle: I. Lehman, H. Bohn, W. Torman, B. Williams, I. Davis, A. Asmus, I. Ballard, W. Schacht, B. Tornow, N. Thompson, L. Gehrke. Sevonol Circle P. Berg, P. Crone, H. Hinner, I. Hecht, B. Schildt, P. Hamer, E. Shaw. Inner Circle: T. Vieregg, I. Grth, M. Peet, S. Kemp. - ' . 1 , 2 - 2, .i Q . 1 . . I . x ,. E 'S 'E g T t r Q COMES THE BAND 1 .ii A iA 6 4 i in . . ORCHESTRA lftandina: Mr. Olson, B, Hoerbert, H. Besnser, T. McConnell. Seated: N. Peters, D Feat, E. Tryon, R l-liscox, F. Courtney, N. Stock, I3 Dunlap, R Thurow I. Hecht, 1, Larsen, C, Chlrich, D Kuhn, T, Viereaa, B. Tornow, I He-nich, A Abraham W. Schacht, W. Schuett, N Thompson, M. Durlcefe, I Orth, N Knuth, K Miller, R Koch Dim-Cigr B Ueber, R Thompson, M Steinl-ce, B Kuhn, H. Larson, H Bl'fIl1lCl'1Oif,Cs Schultz Mr Clarence Olson COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL A gigantic, tumultuous and thrilling spectacle was held in our audi- torium on February 8, when over GOO students, representing all county schools, participated iristrurrientally or vocally in the Mcl-lenry County Music Festival. lt has been some 2Uvodd years since this event was staaed and everyone heralded its revival Cas they did the County Fairl with eaaer enthusiasm. Under the superb direction oi Mr. Bruce Haus knecht of Ioliet, the massed aroup did a fabulous job. .fffzrirfiri-J H. Beszser, l-l Hinner, R Larsen, B Iohniaon, Mr Olson Foiisffv Circle' R Stock, E. Locke, M Lee, L. Krull, W, Torqeson, T. Frame, R. Thurew, C Qhlricli. T.lil-f1iC.'IL'ilt" D. Dunlap, l. Wienke, l. llansirian ld. Courtney, R Hubert, G Hubert, L Brewer, W Kell, E. Schultz, R Braukhott, E. Tryon Fit-uorid Cmili-' N Campbell, R Koch, C Peterson, M. Durkee, A. Abraham, W. Schuett Irini-r Circle: B. Ueber, C. Schwabe, M. Steinke. , ' S' c, ' r .5 fs ' ' f V' " i 'fs'a?r5 5 f' , 4 s if , 1 r i l . 3 i -M , i it S , f ., i,,, A , 5 I J .' 1 . i . - Q Q 1 w. A . 2 M iisiriiirfiii L , . Q 4 f A . k 7 ' 4 w f 'S w S . . s I A . ! ' i . 1 i i HEERLEADERS Peppiest - liveliest - noisiest group any school could offer are our six cheerleaders: Peggy Shaw, Ioan Krein, Sue Kemp, Beverly Westerbeck, Woody Hildebrandt and Sue Hecht. They are elected, by student vote, at the beginning of the school year. Each Week our barkers have a pep meeting if the game is at home, and really sell their Wares - our teams - as the cheers reverberate throughout the big- top. Peggy Shaw captained the cheer- leaders during the football season and Ioan Krein during the basketball season. Miss Witherell advises this invaluable and loyal group. 40 Hight to Lett, around tho Peggy Shaw, loan Krein, Sue Kemp, Woody Hildebrandt, Beverly Westerbeck, and Sue Hecht. Beverly Westerbeck, Peggy Shaw, Sue Kemp, Ioan Krein, Sue Hecht, and Woody Hildebrandt. Director Mr Bert Burda CHORUS Hear fe Hear f- Music lovers! Get your tickets for one of our most melof dious shows! Over a hundred busy performers in many different Groups: the Blue and White Mixed Chorus, the Freshman Chorus, the Girls' Glee Club, the Boys' Glee Club, the Iunior and Senior Girls' Ensembles, and the Harmon- izers, a boys' ninetette. These groups performed at a Christmas vesper concert, the spring concert, and many other civic and school functions. From the largest group, the Blue and White Mixed Chorus, a group of over a hundred voices, Mr. Burda selected sixty singers to represent Woodstock Community High School at that fabulous event, the McHenry County High School Music Festival, held February 8 at Woodstock Community High School auditorium. lt was terrific, and likewise was the job Mr. Burda did all year! I BOYS' GLEE CLUB SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE Row 3: T. Klintworth, R, Roush, I. Reese, E. Shultz, L. Krull, G. Hubert, W. Tor- Row 3: Mary Durkee and Peg Walk- geson, R. Hubert, R. Braukhoff. ington. Row 21 R. Downing, R. Sweetland, R. Holtfreter, H. Gibson, T. McConnell, Row 2: Frances Courtney and Mary I. Turner, I. Curtright. Ann Cameron. Row li L. Stewart, R. Allen, I. Hecht, C. Robertson, G. Hildebrandt, R. Vier- How 1: Phyllis Mitchel and Gloria egg, M. Hall. Crone. HARMONIZERS FRESHMAN GIRLS' CHORUS How Si Bob Roush, Gene Schultz, Row 3: W. Downs, N. Wicks, H, Abbott, L. Peterson, C. Hahn, G. Robertson, Iack Reese. L. Hamer, N. McConnell, V. Dalghren, D. Emricson, I. Gilliem. Center: Iim Hecht, Iim Turner, Bob Row 2: M. Williams, V. White, B. Bond, I. Stanger, C. Beran, S. Desmond, Sweetland. I. Grill, M. Roberts, D. Roth, M. Berna. Row l: Tom McConnell, Ronnie Row l: L, Wakely, F. Mann, B. Hansman, I. Iustice, D. Dieckman, C. Carlson Braukhoff. D. Bott, I. Laycott, D. Hager. Row 41 Row 3: How 2: Row lf BLUE AND WHITE CHORUS C. Hunt, M. Brewer, L. Larsen, S. Tresch, M. Benton, N. Stock, A. Shufeldt, E. Reichardt, M. Dygert, R. Roush, I. Reese, R. Braukhoff, E. Schultz, G. Hubert, L, Krull, W. Torgeson, R. Hubert, N. Nelson, I, Larson, C. Turner, P. Howell, G. Stassen, A. Abraham, D. Courier. D. Phillip, P. Berg, L. Raffel, M. Secor, M. Busse, C. Brownell, P. Walkington, I. Fitpold, M. Hall, T. McConnell H. Gibson, R. Sweetland, R. Holtfreter, I. Hecht, R. Downing, L. Stewart, I. Houda, B. Roskie, C. Kelly, I. Ren- ich, M. Peet, I. Lohmeyer, I. Berna, M. Haager. S. Hecht, R. Harrison, S. Howell, A. Fourman, S. Whiting, B. Ackerman, M. Carlson, R. Allen, T. Klintworth, C, Robertson, I. Curtright, I. Turner, G. Hildebrandt, R. Vieregg, M. Durkee, H. Hopper, P. Mitchel, M. Cam- eron, N. Thompson, D. Pfotenhauer, F. Courtney. E. Allen, I. Rice, L. Baker, E. Shaw, N. Holmes, N. Peters, E. Stieg, G. Crone, D. Foat, P. Shaw, W, Ohlrich B. ?hnson, I. Frame, B. Westerbeck, C. Schmidt, P, Crone, D. Zimmerman, N, Campbell, M. Piske, S. Ehlert B oote. ' G. A.A Hur-ry, hur-ry, hur-ry - see the greatest, the most energetic, all-girl show on earth! They walk, they talk, they use ev-er-ry muscle! Step right up and see the most active show of our big top, as they swim, tumble, ride their horses and bikes, play basket, volley and softball, hockey, tennis, archery, roller skate and hike. lt costs you nothing and costs them a nominal fee each semester to belong to G. A. A. and win the numerals, letters and awards of- fered for their efforts. Miss Witherell is the director of the Girls' Athletic Association which is completely run by the board, chosen through election. The board this year is: Marlene Steinke, president, Ann Abraham, vice-president, Gloria Crone, secretary, Betty Ueber, treasurer, Betty Tornow, sports manager, and Ruth Harrison, social chairman. A' .H .. f -51, It BOARD B. Harrison, A. Abraham, G. Bice, M. Steinke, B. Ueber, B. Tornow, G. Crone. HOCKEY SHOT MANAGERS HOCKEY SHOT A. Abraham, M. Steinke, Row 41 A. Barber, N. Stock, B, Tornow, S. Zimmerman. B. Ueber, and W. Downs. S. Howell, Row 3: M. Cameron, M. Lee, M. Dygert, L. l-loch. Bow 2: S. Howell, B. Roskie, S, Whiting, P. Walkington. Row l: B. Westerbeck, Miss Witherell, P. Crone. GIRLS' LEAGUE The larfgest - the most trefmendous ee the most stufpendous, all-girl show of the fair!! Short girls, tall girls! Thin girls, fat girls! Girls in formals, slacks, sweaters, and print! Smiling, serious, gloomy, and laughing girls, thats the Girls' League. Friendship, democracy, equal- ity - thats their motto. Every girl a member, every senior a big sister, and every freshman a little sister. Parties galore: a welcome for the incom- ing freshman, a farewell for the outgoing sen- ior, and a turn-about party, known as a sock hop or hard-times or Sadie Hawkins dance. Climax of this great show, the glamorous Mothers' Tea comes in the spring, Last comes another installation and new officers chosen - but heres our list of this years officers: presi- dent, Mary Ann Lee, vice-president, Phyllis Mitchel, secretary, Marjorie Benton, treasurer, Lucy Raffel, seniorffreshman chairman, Mary Haager, junior representatives, Marilyn Haaie, Carol Schmidt, sophomore representatives, Bar- bara Roskie, Shirley Howell, freshman repre- sentatives, Dorothy Bott, Ellerie Shaw. Standing: M. Hagie, C. Schmidt, M. Haager, B. Roskie, S, Howell, D. Bott, E. Shaw Seated: L. Raffel, M. Lee, Miss Coultas, P. Mitchel, M, Benton. itil .I tl -2 xii 'ltltlllztsl I I .1 How How How HOW How How 6 3 2 ENTIRE G. A. A. M. Rrewer, B. Tornow, M. Busse, L, Raffel, C, Schwabe, P. Howell, S. Tresch, A. Shufeldt, E. Reichardt, C. Hahn, C. Stock, C. Ohlrich, G, Robertson, N. Stock, I. Orth, R Hiscox, P Ehlers, E. Olson, A. Abraham l. Swanson, C Hunt, S Zimmerman, L. Peterson, P. Berg,I Thornton. 5' D Philip, L. Goldman, M. Peet, M. Steinke, L Schmarje, H Abbott, S. Hecht, W. Downs, S Hanley, I Sher' man, S Howell, S. McConnell, N. Thompson, V. Dalgren, I, Houda, M. Heitschmidt, D. Mills, I. Stanaer, M Rob- erts, L, Hoch, R Harrison ' Miss Witherell, I, Berna, H. Hughes, M. Maynard, D. Bott, P. Crone, A. Fourman, R. Barton, W. Ohlrich, S Desmond, R. Roskie, D, Wliite, D. Smith, P, Walkington, I. Renich, M Carlson, H Hopper, A. Barber, S Whiting, P Conley. R. Iohnson, G. Crone, D. Stogsdill, I, Ballard, E. Shaw, B. Westerbeck, I. Amico, I, Crummer, N. Holmes, N Peters, lf. Hansman, I. Laycock, F. Courtney, P. Willis, G, Rice, B. Ueber, E. Stiea. C Howell, M Rainsford, M. Piske, N, Campbell, S. Kemp, M, Dyaert, C. Schmidt, P. Mitchell, P Shaw B Williams, B Ackerman, R Foss I Grill, G Hinner, D. Iuhl, V. White, M, Haager, M. Cameron, S Stock, C Brownell, M Lee Marjorie Young, Advisor Don Edwards, Advisor THESPIANS A show Within a show V our Thespians, who entertain us by the hour, saying "the play's the thing," to bring us from our studious slavery to the colorful World of the drama. Grease paint - laughter - tears - hard labor -- good humor - combined for more fun than a three-ring circus - especially at Christmas, Armistice Day and other special occasions when they perform for allot us. This group, number 99l ot the National Thespian Society, is growing rapidly, having l5 members this year, who have earned the necessary points by taking part in the various the- atrical and speech activities in school. The sponsor is Miss Young, assisted by Mr. Edwards. -- -' gqqqszmliffi-+1 ifkrwf,--,sm - .. .. .-y5.:..:... , it 4' G 'il by .lzyyqq y ,i.i,i ,Qr.-,4.1 x THESPIANS ALL SCHOOL PLAY SENIOR PLAY I I THESPIANS How 2 R Reazmsfgr, T Keach, R Stork, I C1116-tt, M, Hall, Miss: Youna How I P. Mitchel, M Ste1nke,M Haaqer, I Fitpold, P Shaw MEMBERS OF THE CAST OF "A DATE WITH IUDY" The all-school play, aiven in Ocober of 1950 n'rrnr1':r1v: H Hopper, M, Haaaer, I Larsen, P, Walkinqton, I Renlcn, Mi:a:: Young Kdrrocrorj, I Niederrneyer, R Besser, T, Keach -fzfwi M Ho11,R Stork, P Crane, P Shaw, B We:sterbeck,I Glllett. SENIOR CLASS PLAY OF 1950 If-H A rare :scene from the Clasa of 'SUS play, Snafu, rn which Ilrck Rlclrarripz 'Eaavea' Iean Engstrom from a false air-rald Huff: Cant members of Snafu, qrven ID March, 1950, Play was drrectefi by Mr Edwards SC?f'1Tf'd,' F, Pope, and I. Vannick Sfanrirnfyf C. Rerlln, W Iohnson, L. Rerlin, F Decook, R Larson, D Courier, and R Richardaa Thrills! Chills! Spills! Watch these dare- devils set the pace! ! Hear the bloodecurdling screams as the champs of W. C. l-l. S. start out to win every race! Plenty of action and sus- pense! We've gone to great expense to bring you these prominent figures - you can't afford to miss any of these varsity letter men who be- long to this terrific show, which originated in l946. Officers for this year arei Robert Clark, president, Bud Tryon, vice-president, Ierry Gillett, secretary, Bill l-loerbert, treasurer, Bruce Schildt, sergeanteat-arms. ARSITY CLUB Top: President Bob Clark, Vice-President Bud Tryon. Center: Secretary Ierry Gillett, Treasurer Bill Hoerbert. Bottom: Sergeant-at-Arms Bruce Schilclt. The big event sponsored by the Varsity Club is the annual homecoming weekend - much excitement with pep rallies - snake dance - colorful floats and parade - and at the dance the crowning of the queen. All per- formed with high splendor. An additional attraction this year are the football emblems the club purchased for the members of the team, for they were the North Suburban Conference Champs! ! How 3: W. Schacht, I. Schroeder, A. Iohnson, T. Stock, C. Davis, R. Stork, H. Kemp, W. Michaelis, E. Tryon, D. Larson. Row 2: Mr. O. C. O'l'fara, I. Gillett, D. Iessup, C. Sahs, B. Roush, R. Geister, T. Benton, R. Gay- lord, B. McCannon. How li E. Locke, A. Gehrke, B. Schildt, R. Dermont, R. Clark, R, Westerbeck, W. Hoerbert, D. Peacock, W. Torman. old Ray, BUILDING TRADES 1 - C .9 L7f' f X X Row 3: R. Babcock, W. Hunt, D. Larson, E. Bo- beng, I. Lehman, L. Brew- er, R. Beck, I. Beck, R Erwood, D. l-loltfreter. Row 2: G. Ersenmeiger, A. Widmayer, R. Emricson, G. Gaylord, H. Wenkel, B. McCannon, F. Yardley, l. Foote, I. Navlyt, Mr. E. Murana. Howl: M. Lila D. Mor J I . tenson, G. Gaylord, R. Thomas, E. Locke, P. Beck, C. Goldman, C. Klabunde, C. Ella. Craftsmen - tradesmen - builders at Work! See the ex- amples of their industrious labors in every corner of our big top! Yes - it's the B. T.'s CBui1ding Tradesl, who are members of a state organization, founded for trade and industrial stu- dents. They believe in cooperative undertakings with other school organizations and the furthering of trade training among the youth of the community. Officers this year are: Ioe Schroeder, president, Chuck Davis, vice-president, Robert Wagner, secretary, Carl Ohlrich, treasurer, Tom Stock and David Austin, sergeants-at-arms. GEARS Attention all you mechanical minds! Come and meet a most unusual group, the Gears. This is a group of students, who, like a gear, must all mesh properly together. They are organized to promote better citizenship and fellowship among students through social relations and affairs. The officers this year are: president, Bud Gehrkeg vice-president, Don Peacock, secretary, Robert Pierce, treasurer, Bert McCannong sergeant- at-arms, Howard Wenkel. Row 2: D. lensen R Shook I. Baker, T. Stock C Da vis, I. Schroeder H Hin ner, I. Sorenson Mr l-lar Row l: I. Kline D Fergu son, B. McCannon C Ohlrich, R. Wagner R Foote, R, Gaylord FUTURE FARMERS CF AMERICA Most appropriate - most authentic - most varied is this display - an essential ex- hibit to every fair! lt includes twenty-five dairy projects, ten hog projects, three corn projects, and poultry - seen at the County Fair here and at Harvard Milk Day last summer. These Fu- ture Farmers are never idle, for their basketball team has Won tour and lost no games, they have husked corn for Libby, McNeil and Libby ttor !565l!l, they have attended The Interna- tional Livestock Show in Chicago, the Sectional Ctficers Training Banquet held at W. C. H. S., which included Boone, Lake, McHenry and Cook counties, and visited the Massey Harris Farm Implement Plant in Wisconsin. Our national organization has forty mem- bers this year ancl officers are: Walter Lager- hausen, president, Bill Lagerhausen, vice-presi- dent, Bonald Payne, secretary, and Roger Hef- ner, treasurer. Row 4: Wm. Lagerhausen, D. Wakeley, C. Dornbush, L, Menzel, I. Pedderson, H. Kemp, E. Eddy, L. Bungard, K, Cerney, Row 3: D. Norlock, I. Hansen, T. Keach, B. Sell, D. Austin, W. Lagerhausen, E. Howell, R. Woellert. Row 2: R. Stecker, R. Hefner, D. Carlson, G. DeLine, M. Lilja, B. Payne, R. Allen. Row l: I, Kaiser, L. Gehrke, D. Wagner, W. Dieckman, R. Axelson, R. Krohn. f? 3 it 48 4446 Qggvwl -"fi -inn f2f7IT1f'OfO11T I' F A Irwlwllwergz and then ffxh1b1t1: V11 Ilw County FCIiF,Ill1Y, l95U' I, Mr, Howell I Irxfi P1-:rv Iflwooi Z Hulph Stocker 3. Bill Lacqfgrllmxsson 4, Don Wrikely, 5. Ilhillilnlf In-1ff'r,' 5 VJVYUIT I.f1f'IE'YklfIl1,QE'Tl 7 Rui Howfxll H lV,lf'1N'fX Moritz Q Mr-lvm P01511-L14 fO Il1'1I"1,' mi hm Hfmnf-:1 ll An IT1ff'f"?:TTf'fi lfwtfmrwfivr N I A 'li' '115 OGDCOHI ROSE DANCE 5 Queen Ann Abraham with Ierry Gillett. Co-Editor Top billing for the most stupendous showeof-shows on the fair grounds went to the fabulous Winter formal given by the Woodcohi staff. Beauty reigned supreme as the queen and court of the 1951 yearbook were presented in all their majestic splendor. When the magic moment arrived, midway through the evening's gaiety, Don Adams' orchestra furnished a soft melodious waltz and each member of the court, with her escort, came slowly from the traditional rose garden, through the rose trellis - out to the applauding spectators. They Were: Dorothy Stogsdill escorted by Bert McCannon, Mary Durkee escorted by Ioe Schroeder, Ioan Krein escorted by Bob Westerbeck, Shirley Zimmerman escorted by Chuck Berlin, and Peggy Shaw escorted by Wayne Schacht, At last came the lovely and regal queen, Ann Abraham - with her escort, Tom Neubacher - to receive her bouquet of roses from Ierry Gillett, co-editor of l95l Woodcohi. M. C. for the occasion was Ralph Stork. After the Royal Dance Grand March and the Grand March, Ann, and her court, took their places at the queens candlelit table in the cafeteria, Where punch and cookies were served midst the lovely rose decorations. Later everyone returned to the dance tloor Where they lingered until mid! night, and then proceeded to their after-dance spots. All in all, this glamorous sideshow proved to be one of the many, through Which our students become better all-around performers. ROSE DANCE SNAPS Top Row: Wayman Robertson and Mary Ann Cameron, Chuck Griswold and Diane Mills, Iim Hecht, Barb Roskie, Perry Ellwood, Carol Kelly, Dick Kuhn and Sue Hecht, just a wee rest between dances. Bottom How: "Pfeiff" said "Cheeeese", George and Mary Kieterg Wayne Schacht, Peg Shaw, Phyll McCannon and Ralph Stork, during the grand march, Mary Durkee, ot the Queens court, and Ioe Schroeder. QC -I Q,-.- gif?" btw, 09 . 'll 52 . l ' r f Bill Selshaw, Shirley Whiting, Wayman Robertson, Sue Kemp, Bert McCannon, Dorothy Stogsdill Barbara Roskie, Rex Berlin, Queen Mary Ann Cameron, Bob Clark, Bob Westerbeck, Sue Hecht, Ierry Curtright Ellarie Shaw, Ierry Gillett, Beverly Westerbeck. HOMECOMING Breathtaking, colorful, thrilling - the weekend of Homecoming. A show of many sides - of varied entertainment, This spectacular event began Thurs- day, October 5, with a pep session in school arousing school spirit for a snake dance that evening. Students rallied around a huge bonfire at 7: 15, before the big snake dance which twisted its way through town, under the leadership of lack Sorenson i who managed to exhaust everyone. Friday afternoon each organization and class tried to out-do the other by entering a float in the colorful parade which wound through the main streets and around the square. Prizes were given for the most interesting and original floats. The juniors walked away with first prize, seniors second and cheerleaders third. That night was the main attraction - the big football game - when our Blue Streaks upset Warren 27-7. This put everyone in high spirits for the dance Saturday. The dance was held in the gym, and a huge crowd of students, alumni, and friends danced to the tunes of Theldon Meyer's orchestra. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the Homecoming Queen, Mary Ann Cameron, by Bob Clark, president of the Varsity Club. The members of her court were: Dorothy Stogsdill, senior, Sue Kemp and Shirley Whiting, juniors, Beverly Wes- terbeck and Barbara Roskie, sophomores, and Sue Hecht and Ellarie Shaw, freshmen. The auditorium was aptly decorated with the large blue and white surrounded by the penants of all the Conference tearns. The dance cli- maxed a glorious Weekend of thrills. PROM One of the most glamorous sideshows of all was the "Southern Plantation", sponsored by the fabulous class of '5l. As the gentlemen and their belles were great showmen, the dance floor became a whirl of gaiety. This picture was not hard to imagine because of the many billowy skirts, reminiscent of the old south, the lovely stone walk bor- dered by flowers, and in the background the large white mansion of colonial tradition. Trees hung with moss, clipped shrubbery, and Mississippi River scenes, with a steamboat fading in the distance, completed the sides of the transformed gym. . The climax of the joyous evening of May 20, 1950, was the crowning of the Southern Queen, Phyllis McCannon, by our gracious host and class president, Wayne Schacht. Qne dance was reserved for the Queen with her court and their escorts. Following this, George Edwards and his orchestra had a nice long rest, while mint juleps and cake were served in the cafeteria by colored slaves. Phyllis and her court of Libbie Barber, Dorothy Stogsdill, Shirley Zimmer- man, Mary Ann Cameron, Peggy Shaw, and Mary Durkee would never have been able to rule without the helpful advice of Miss Coultas, Miss Czarnecki, Mr. Dale and Mr. Sparks, our advisors. Queen candidate, Dorothy Stogsdill and her date, Bert McCannon, the queen, Phyllis McCannon and the class president, Wayne Schacht, and Miss Coultas officiating at the punch table, with the "slave" help. O ' ', Q-v eff, '-471: 14 A " i .fix .Q-- -x I iff - - -54 L N as N ' S- ...x 5 . ll ABRRB MQTHERS' TEA A hot and windy May fifth Cl95UD, was the setting for the star-studded all-girl revue, which was the main attraction at our "fair- grounds" - a private show for all the mothers of th WCH e S students, staged by all the girls enrolled. To officially open this gigantic event, Nora- b . elle Chenoweth, president of the Girls' League, gave the welcome. Then fashions of the past half century were presented, along with songs and dances of each period. To complete the spectacle, there were wedding gowns, war uniforms, and graduation dresses of yesterday and today. As a high point of the program Shirley Whiting and Barbara Kuhn danced the Charleston, as popular today as it ing while pages Cindy Schwabe and La Von Hoch sedately started down the aisle. Then, the queen's court followed - N orabelle Chenoweth, Marianne Draffkorn, Beverly Ehl er A s, nn Frisbie, Virginia Howell, Eleanor Miller, Devona Nelson, Barbara Thurow, Car- ole Townsend, and Ioan Vannick. As suspense heightened, the queen candidates and last year's queen, Claire Staas, took their places on the stage. The orchestral accompaniment changed, the melodious strains of "A Pretty Girl ls Like a Melody" were heard, and then it was known! Claire rose, took leans nervous hand, and crowned her Queen of the May and Star of the Show. Even the tea tables b ecame exotic displays was when their mothers were in school. for thls Show of Shows' The .wlshlng ,Well table was awarded first prize, Suffrage was As the revue progressed, tension and ex- second and "Brides" was third. Without Miss citement filled the air, for soon the secret Coultas's unending patience, and the help of all would be out - the May Queen would be the other faculty members, this gala revue crowned! The candidates, lean Engstrom, Bar- could never have been the tremendous success bara Harrison, and Muriel West stood in wait- that it was. The Queen and her Court. Seated: Barbara Harrison, Muriel West, Queen lean Engstrom, and Claire Staas, the 1949 May Queen. Standing: Devona Nelson, Eleanor Miller, Bev- erly Ehlers, Marianne Draffkorn, Barbara Thurow, Virginia Howell, Ann Frisbie, Ioan Van- nick, Norabelle Chenoweth, and Carol Townsend. as T :ERN ymmo ,ff i .04 Sill . . fg. A .' Q, .4- -M 1 v. 'ff 4' X . A MA 4 l , A 1911 f.N w-Ir1+- H' lr- 1 , ..1. UNH ., H 'T"'.'.'V!lf1I an ii ' " fuzzy '-., .fxzm .'1,.1.L.'IL., -'Htl Vvvfl wx' 3.7111 ii.: mx: . UI ri- ' YM' rrxv. ' ,'.1Xr11 .px 'ffl . '31, M-JI1: IWHLU' '.'flI11'V'V 1'g'1.rx 1" " f'i':': If-C111 ffnfirrrfiirw 1 Y NW' '-r1 ALL-GIRL REVUE 'J 1-'z" '.' Hsin: :'1"'1" 'Nf1!.'l Swv TY"','Qfl firw Mwzlwymf- .iw'1:1r1-- :'r'1Ii :H Civil. pff'I'xfYT'I'lf'fl,' V" ' - 'fi' ': v- i' rm ff,-1.1611 mi J: 1l N111- 'AEK Y1 vm 'r 'lfxv' yzfnfw-,a.s1r,v1xUl M- :mx fum If-.'!1vi 'vu 'rw um 11-f Elf-Mini Nw ,cf-rwy W'-111 If-ly f.f.1:r. .rzfiu ruff' ' fri" 1' 1 kfw al.. 'X -.iwq Al TIM- 1Wrwc'r-- rx' IW- 141 1 : ' . X , 1 I.'f.1f',' Nfl 1, 1 1, I . 1' fzrg ixwli 1 W-'r ' mv... xlkfw' .. ?g 'N .'.1':.arx 1 ' iurw- by x m1 f'.1mpzwl 5 M'.":lr:'n :iz r. 2 :.: f'rwzw ,,4 X w Picture day at the Fair . . Pat "Rod" plan the next move Corning around the last turn All this lhe qre-WJ , And onions, loo . 5 l E 4 5 L vi .or ye 1 mv? ON THE FA , "Pleifl", Sue, Herb, and The best flower arrangements. Carol Schmidt and Bob Shook love that ferris wheel . . . For that cold refreshing drink, see Mrs. Home Ec Display lSee any Frosh?7 Stork or Mrs, Lee, is ,uf qv , Qsf"5fQ , .Y ,ax 444.0 1 ' - 'jf' xt A :viii-., .gf ' 1- N H -N in SQ ag Q, , ,. , 'rf 1 .. -4 laik , QGROUNDS Pacers A On the homo stretch, Bob Shook and NRG-d" lohnzson 'istolew the prizes A proud owner ol a most unusual Splash Bobbie' 3 balls for only lOc. Shetland display. E L Bakkom, the President ol the McHenry County Fair Pat DeWoll and Sue Aanzofriation ln the flower Clepartmont Mn: Haw leigh, Mrs, Finke, and Mraz Burger clerk and Mrs, Rattray acts 11::::i1p0I'1ritCrifl0Dt Tresch View the mont clrooly vxhibit J X l X iw.: ',,w,..-'Q-' ,4- 2 Y ,J .4 1, L .:'.-1"1'f!fk' .,94lal9"z .Jn-vF"' - Y:-1 .fo-4.4 1-H - , ...Q . ,hx Jll'4""t .v.'1"f 4' N' v 44 1. "lv ., , af.. 2, -'VL ,.,v. 1 4 9 P . ,v mv .ff . .Q yfi' 1 - V7 j,g.' fl , fi-vb ' ' ' Q" ,xxx ,,N,W,. ,ff -4 Q A Al' F -7 1 1 , , I Q. . -, 'F, ,. , 2 ' v I -114.- " - f A . , f' .r .-wg-'gfac' , . . , ' f .f,,- .- 1 , ' f -1. U ., .' ',z"4 ...l..v .., vllqqfr. , ,.,,.,, . -J.,-H I -Ksiflfa . . A.. ,QL . .1 v, X ' J.. . - . .- W., .r"' , ,..f",k, .pa 4 . 'IVE' .x. V4 . if .J Zff',,y-1 ' zzizggq 54 Nw. V - 4 , ..f+,!l,,,f' " 4 ,,,wP-21 1- JL , ,:f,ffg.-4 f, Q-H" ." -A .1 .,. I Wa ,J...w "' ff DS . A--4,- ., .: Mx ,Q-F X' . -'Q , W 2 ...glr - I 1.1.1. . . 'Y .. J. .5 '. . H. . H L 1 I , x X ' 94- h., 1 .v ff -,f 1' 4 HIL- , 1 V-l X N . -' 5' ,A a A ' L"',.1 " .. we V V IA 1 ""' . - 4 .F , Y."" F' ' , 1: 4 f' , , 4 ,m 'Q'- BEFGRE THE GRANDSTAND OUR BLUE-RIBBON ENTRIES S P 0 R T S I They're Off . . . to set a fast pace. BASEBALL The baseball race of 1950 was "in the money." For the second year in a row Guy Curtright coached the Blue Streaks through a successful season, having a 13 and ll won-lost record. ln the regular conference race Woodstock placed tby finishing third? with 2 wins and 2 losses, and won 3 and lost 3 of the non-conference games. Star performer was Bert McCannon, having led all our batters with a healthy .474 batting average. That's really "laying the wood to it." In the flinging department Roger Dermont topped all our pitchers by winning 6 and losing 4 games. His earned run average was 2.56, also high. Bud Tryon fielded a nifty .975 to lead that department. New, last season, was the New-Six Sum- mer League, in which the Streaks took third place. They were tied for first place all the way, only to lose the play-off game to Marengo 6 to 5, in extra innings, which dropped them down to third place. Again it was Bert Mc- Cannon, who not only led his team in hitting, but also won the New-Six batting champion- ship with a .454 average. Bert, up till then, was known strictly as a pitcher. Roger Der- mont was the only other .300 hitter on the team, finishing 6th in the Summer League with a .379 average. All in all, the team showed the spirit and determination needed for this excit- ing grandstand attraction. SCORES Woodstock 22 Richmond 5 " 9 McHenry ll 1 Crystal Lake 2 22 Warren 10 4 McHenry 16 22 Zion 8 0 Richmond 4 7 Grayslake 9 13 Arlington Heights 0 26 Richmond 0 0 Barrington 4 16 Palatine 2 4 Marengo 5 12 Hebron 0 6 Hebron 3 7 Elgin 3 2 Barrington 3 7 Elgin 5 2 Palatine 3 9 Marengo 4 10 Grant 6 13 McHenry l 1 Richmond 4 5 Marengo 6 TRACK Odds are always low when Larry Dale's pacers and jumpers come out of the paddock. The track team ran well in the county meet held at Crystal Lake in the spring of 1950, when Dennis Larson won the mile, "Red" lohnson won the half-mile, and Tom Reichardt led the way in the high jump. The team, as a whole, scored thirty points in the meet, losing show money by a nose for one-half of a pointl. ln the Palatine Relays, later in the season, the two mile relay of Schacht, Iohnson, Larson, and Gaylord placed, for six points. Cross Country is rapidly becoming a fav- orite sport at Woodstock. This year our trot- ters won the County Meet over the Woodstock Course. Always a sure betg Red Iohnson set a track record of 10:43 for the event. Wood- stock took first money by scoring twenty-eight and a half pointsg McHenry showed with thirty- one and a half points, and Richmond placed with sixty points. Cross Country is scored differently than other sports. As the first six men on each team come under the wire, their finishing positions are added together and the lowest score wins. 60 Something new was tried this year. A cross country race with Zion was brought be- fore the grandstand between halves of our homecoming game, which delighted the huge crowd of spectators at this annual show of shows. SCORES Track CAt Woodstocki Woodstock 57 9710 Marengo 44 Harvard 39 1710 CAt Marengol Harvard 68 172 Woodstock 49 Marengo 31 172 Cross Country McHenry 27 Woodstock 28 Elgin 27 Woodstock 28 McHenry 28 Woodstock 27 Zion 35 Woodstock 20 BASEBALL How 3: Asst, Coach O'Hara, D, Peacock, I, Schroder, E. Tryon, R Woelleri, Coach Curtright, How 2: R. Stork, W. Michaelis, R. Dailey, R, Derrnont, R, Clark, B. McCannon. Flow l: F' Howell, W. Reese, T, Reichardt, W, Lagerhausen, H, Westerbeclc, lvl! 'Z TRACK How 3: Manager T McConnell, T, Reichardt, T. Stock, A. Iohnson, W, Schacht, D, Larson, Coach Dale. How Z: I. Gillett, T, Thompson, H. Kemp, B. Schildt, R, Gaylord, Row lt C. Vogts, L. Carlson, W. Torman, E. Howell, W, Hoerbert. 7.5 QQ 9 Q 1 O , I Y g ,AK Baseball locker room isliol Roger De-rxiiorit, Dio Woellort, Beirt Mcffonrion Qrricl Fred Howell lorry Gillntt, book. 11 VV-N won The Coriforf-new ni Zioril Ruger lfhrriiorit, Gflll Fort McCCmrion, omi of Streaks' fine pitchers. Bruce Scliildt, bnck, Full Tryon, All-Conieroricw end. 14 llifk Wowlleit, itlivleriaivrf end Tom l7wr1ton, zjiiriril l5, ZZ. ' Burl Tryon woitzs lor bollg Dick Dailey wolcliess clone ploy cfs: loc Schroeder runs for first. Ralph Stork CCllCl19ii one Dick Woclle-rt and Bob Cliirlc, with hots reozly, woil lor Roger Doririom Mr C'.lTll'lV'Il'1l qrocmzn oz: Sfreoks lone only confor- orico Home Subs look on olssol Dick Dailey, book, Rriice Scliilflt and Herb Kemp top o hiircilsr with lime form, Bill Hoe-rbort, back. -1--ip Don Peacock, back. Chuck Davis, tackle. Streaks charge Crystal Lukee passer. Ralph Stork, punter Don Iesssup, All-Conference center. Dick Dailey hands off to Bob Clark through line, Football locker room :hot Tom Stock, tackle and co-captain. Wally Michaelis tags as Don Peacock slides. the Wayne Schacht, Allffffonterenco hack and co- captain. Dave Austin, guard, Wayne Schacht, Allen lohnazon anfl "Swede" Lar- sson jogging on long distance run Bob Wefsterbeck, guard, Bob Clark, back, Ed Eddy, tackle. Tom Reichardt and Tom Stock look over their implements VICTORY! VICTORY' 11.45.142 .. S, FOOTBALL SQUAD Row 4: W. Gallagher, P. Ellwood, I. Hecht, R. Roush, R. Sweetland, R. Kuhn, G. Peterson, G. Mcliim, I. Wienke, I. Collins, I, Moricoli. How 3: Coach Menke, R. Dermont, R. Dailey, E, Eddy, E. Tryon, C. Davis, I. Baker, R. Stork, T. Benton, R. Clark, Coach Curtright, Assistant Coach O'I-lara, How Z: D. Iessup, D. Austin, R. Westerbeck, W. Schacht, T. Stock, W. Michaelis, I. Reese I. Gillett, R. Scharnau, Manager T. McConnell. How l: D. McCannon, R. Woellert, G. Boyce, D. Peacock, W. lrloerbert, B. Schildt, R. Besser S. Ryan, Manager C. Goldman, NORTH SUBURBAN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS WI 7"' Coaches Ol-lara and Curtright talk it over with co-captains, Tom Stock and Wayne Schacht, The big attraction everyone was Waiting for finally came and really set a terrific pace, for this year the Streaks took the blue ribbon of the North Suburban Conference. Our pow- er-laden team, under the fine leadership of Coach Guy Curtright, took an early lead and held it most of the Way to the finish line. The high-light of the Whole race was the threat of our old rivals, Crystal Lake, Whom We routed by the score of l8-6. ln the final game of the season, the Champs beat Zion 37-7 in a blinding sleet and snow storm. Selected on the all-conference team were Center Don Iessup, Back Wayne Schacht, and End Bud Tryon, Bud was also the leading scorer in the conference. A thrilling race, not soon to be forgotten by its many avid spectators. HAT'S OUR CRY! VARSITY FOOTBALL Woodstock 13 Lake Geneva U " 18 Crystal Lake 6 " 6 Lake Forest 12 27 Warren 7 3l Libertyville 7 0 Belvidere 13 22 Grayslake O 37 Zion 7 IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Woodstock 34 Lake Geneva l9 Todd 14 Crystal Lake 7 Belvidere 19 Gayslake 32 MCI-lenry l4 Crystal Lake FRESHMEN Won 5 Lost 3 J. V. FOOTBALL The future champions at Woodstock High School had a very successful season. The I. V. team, made up mostly of freshmen and sopho- mores and coached by Bob Menke, Won all but one game. They were halted by a tough Bel- videre team. Several of these boys will be moving up to the varsity when football rolls around next fall. The have the makin s of a Y Q great team and we hope they will lead the field next year as the varsity did this year. IUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD Row 3: Coach Menke, W. Gal- lagher, P. Elfwood, I. Hecht, C. Sahs, G. Peterson, I. Col- lins, I. Moricoli, Manager C Goldman. Row 2: Ft, Besser, R. Kuhn R. Roush, R. Sweetland I. Wienke, B. Scharnau. How l: D. McCannon, G Boyce, I. Reese, W. Mi- 9 chaelis, S. Ryan. 9, 3 .X I W 9158717 ins BDS1' 2 . ' 'N 'S J X Q 16. . , :X 1 , T VJ '1--, Q, if ', Perry tflwoodfiov:s41jiICkkr1ifO It-fry Gtllwtt Vfikttty qttorfi Ralph Stork All-Contorence torward WCHS v.: Harvard, Houssh shoots, Ho.:-fr Uotmont, Vfitlitfy forward M41 Y' K ' ry Ann Qfftmfron ton the tennis teftml .sefrvop tt k-.111 QQ' f 1 Q A f it 7 and 8. Two other bcxqskotbull gauteas 9 Chuck Duvt., vmxstty center, 1U Freddy Itowotl, rm-mbor ot thc- tommy tmtm 11, Herbie Kemp, vortstty fOI'vVCI!'i 12 A typical tiym clfma workout 13 Its tt IH? CA votrrstty brissketholl cmntcft V IO. 12., Moro bozzketbcill. llonis Hiriner, varsity centefr. Woyne Scliclclit, vorisity qiiord. Perry Elwood floes cz :swan dive, Comfli, Bob lvlonlm plots FI win, Bob Houfsli, vorsity torwcxrrl Bud Tryon, varsity center ond lorwrirrl Gloria Crone Cmernbeer ol the tennis teoml fzmmslies one. loe Schroeder, varsity lorwcxrcl Roger Drfrmont, Bob Clork, ond Rolpli Stork com- ing down the floor, Bob Clark, vfxrfsity qiicxrd VARSITY BASKETBALL - . A .. -., ... . ., - Row 3: Bud Tryon, Hans Hinner, Chuck Davis, Herb Kemp, and Ralph Stork. How 2: Manager lack McConnell, Bob Roush, Ierry Gillett, and Coach Bob Menke. How li Bob Clark, Ioe Schroeder, Wayne Schacht, and Roger Dermont. Woodstocks varsity basketball team was favored to make a good showing in its race. Following the odd-makers theories, they won more than half their games. Robert Menke, graduate of the University of lllinois, became the coach of the Blue and White stable for 1950-1951. The Streaks broke fast from the gate to whip Lake Geneva 48 to 24. A week later, the gallant team was "passed-up" by a powerful Hebron squad. ln the McHenry County Tournament, the Streaks had the bad luck of drawing Hebron in the first heat. They were defeated after a fast race, 61-41. ln the Mooseheart lnvitational Tournament they were upset by St. Thomas of Rockford. Again, in the Woodstock Regional Tournament, the Streaks were paired with He- bron only to lose a hard fought battle, 68-56. ln the Conference race, they had a won- and-lost-record of 6 and 6, and tied for 4th place in the Conference. The Streaks were a favorite at the beginning of the season, and still were fighting for first until the last four games of Conference play. The Streaks lost the services of Ioe Schroeder, to the service, and Chuck Davis at mid-term graduation. Ralph Stork led the Conference and the team in scoring with an average of l4.92 points for the 12 games in Conference play and l4.59 points for the total of 22 games. He was also chosen for the All-Conference team for the sec- ond consecutive year. Bob Clark won the free- throw trophy with a percentage of .7U4. ln general, the Streaks had a good season. They Won l2 games and lost ll. VARSITY BASKETBALL I UNIOR VARSITY Woodstock 48 Lake Geneva 24 " 24 Hebron 40 " 44 Mooseheart 42 65 Warren 33 33 Zion-Benton 40 41 Hebron CM.C.T.l 61 45 St. Thomas 1Rock- iordl CM. TJ 48 37 Libertyville 32 47 McHenry 38 54 Grayslake 41 43 Crystal Lake 62 43 Harvard 25 34 Belvidere 38 46 Lake Forest 43 64 Warren 33 41 Lake Forest 52 58 McHenry 42 51 Zion-Benton 67 50 Wauconda 44 56 Libertyville 54 52 Grayslake 59 41 Crystal Lake 50 Woodstock 39 Lake Geneva " 37 Hebron " 33 Mooseheart 52 Warren 38 Zion-Benton 41 Libertyville 21 41 McHenry l2 48 Grays Lake 28 41 Crystal Lake 26 44 Harvard 32 42 Belvidere 26 43 Lake Forest 34 39 Warren 27 37 Lake Forest 21 " 29 McHenry 27 " 56 Zion-Benton 37 Woodstock 68 Marengo CI. V.l 50 tl7'rosh-Sophl " 42 Wauconda 32 41 Libertyville 39 43 Grayslake 32 54 Crystal Lake 32 J. V. BASKETBALL Row 3: Bob Selchow, lerry Curtright, lim Davis, Larry Krull, Bob Belshaw, Bert Rank, and Dave Dunlap. How 2: Manager Chuck Goldman, lim Hansman, Bob Sweetland, Chuck Sahs, Dick Besser, and Coach Guy Curtright. Row 1: Don Peacock, Iack Wie-nke, Ralph Scharnau, Dick Geister, Walt Michaelis, and Don McCannon. The junior varsity had one of the best seas- ons in the history of the school. The young Streaks took oil for a last start, and held a safe margin to the finish-line, when they Won the North Suburban Conference Championship. The I. V.'s had the terrific record of 20 wins and 1 loss. Leading scorer for the champs was big Dick Geister with an average of 13 points for 21 games. Bringing about this line team was a combination of brilliant teamwork, sharp ball handling, and tremendous spirit. As all of these boys will be returning for two and three years, they should be leading contenders for the Conference championship in varsity ball. 69 TENNIS TENNIS TEAM How 2: Coach Lee Grebner, Don Iessup, Ken Thornton, Bob Larson, Ronnie Braukhoff, Ulf Kahl, Fred Howell and George Cowan. How l: Pat DeWolf, Gloria Crone, Marlene Steinke, Mary Ann Cameron, and Nora Belle Chenoweth. ln the spring of 1950, another feature event appeared before the grandstand and was added to the sports agenda. ln t2nnis, We had a ladder-tournament for both boys and girls. Matches were held with Hebron and McHenry. We won both matches with Hebron and split with McHenry. The girls who received cer- tificates were: Mary Ann Cameron, Glorla Crone, Marlene Steinke, Patsy DeWolf, and Nora Belle Chenoweth. Boys receiving certificates were: Fred Howell, Ulf Kahl, Bob Larsen, Ralph Stork, and Don lessup. ln l95l, matches were held with Lake Geneva, McHenry, Hebron, and Belvi- dere. The top ones in the ladder-tournaments represented W. C. H. S. in these matches and presented lots of thrills for the eager spectators. GOLF ln the fall of 1950, Lee Grebner conducted golf practice at the Woodstock Country Club for boys interested in learning to play golf. Plans are under way for having a golf team, but due to the crowded spring sports schedule it may not be b possi le this year. There is such great enthusiasm that we hope that golf will soon become one of the feature races. INTRAMURALS One of the great attractions of our grand- stand show Was the intramural sports races. Among the main heats were basketball, co- recreational volleyball, boys' volleyball, soft- ball and tennis. The entries seemed to enjoy them as much as the spectators. First, and most enjoyed, of these was basketball. The boys team, with Bob Westerbeck as their master. After the gun sounded, the "Cannonballs" be- came grandstand champs. High scorers in the "A" division were: Gene Boyce with 4U points and Leonard Carlson with 28 points, both were on the same team, the "Question-Marks". ln the "B" division, it was Steve Ryan of the "Greeks" always put on a good lunch hour. Many of them showed promise and might appear in fu- ture years in the "big time". Leonard Carl- son, Steve Ryan, and others attracted much interest. Of course, there were the clowns, such as Tom Benton and lim Baker, who often livened up the show with their antics. Among the array ot cage teams were such names as the "Ball-Hogs", "Rockets", and "Dubbers". There were sixteen teams in all, six in the "A" divi- sion and ten in the "B" division. The latter was divided into the Na- show for the crowd at with 37 points and lim INTRAMURAL CHAMPS How 2: E. Eddy, I. Baker, L. Bungard. How l: B, McCannon, R. Whiting. Hecht of the "Gazelles" with 25 points. After the basket- ball season ended, vol- leyball was the next heat in the spotlight. Many of the boys who had been out for var- sity basketball had a chance to enter this with the rest. There were over thirty teams in two divisions. The "A" class was for the "stars", and "B" class, for those who Hjust played". Mr. Curtright, the judge and official starter, had an elabor- ate tourney set up. Boys' volleyball this year took the place of boxing and wrestling. tional and the American Leagues. All three di- visions raced close, down to the wire. At the finish it was the "Cannonballs" in the "A" divi- sion, "Playboys" in the National League, and the "Gazelles" in the American. In the play-off for the Class "B" Championship, the "Playboys" came out on top. The great day had finally come, The "Cannonballs" headed by Bert McCannon now had to defend their four-wins and no-loss record against a good "Playboy" tThis was because these two heats seemed to interfere with track, for the boys would wrestle instead of runningll At last! Spring! Softball was then under way. As in basketball and volleyball, there were the inevitable clowns, but there were also some who showed promise for the regular sport. And so, with this, the extensive intramural race came to a close. The division standings were: CLASS A Team W. L Cannonballs 4 l Ballhogs 3 2 lndependents 3 2 Question Marks 3 2 Dirty Sox l 4 Buckeyes l 4 CLASS B National League W. L. Playboys 4 U Rockets 3 l Underdogs 2 2 Knickerbockers l 3 Red Devils O 4 American League W. L. Gazelles 4 U Dubbers 3 l Greeks 2 2 Scrubdubs l 3 Flashy Five U 4 71 SCHOO g CANT WAIT POA ADVANCED ' AA H1 YESA AMER. HIST "ENJOYIN 5 ALGEBRA E- 69 A A..-A 1 IFR. NURSES AT WORK! ART DTSPUW FUN 1 INTERMISSION STUDYING ! ? YEARBOOK LIFE ENGLISH!" A FRESHMAN PLAY ITS SIMPLE, TUST ASK LARRY! NEW KITCHEN TR. NURSES ACTIVITIES '62 WORDS RER MIN. OR HEADS WODDCDHI SELLS CANDY RUSH HODR TED WDRKSS CLASS WILL CContinued from Page 22D Hans Hinner leaves his pool playing ability to Dick Geister. William Hoerbert, Bob Shook and Iack Soren- son leave their ability to get along with the opposite sex. Anybody want it? Fred Howell leaves, still dangling his spider in front of defenseless little girls. Wesley Hunt leaves his ability to catch candid shots. lt sure is useful to the Woodcohi staff. Don jessup leaves. Who will make everybody dance at the Hi-Lights Xmas Dance next year? Allen johnson leaves his natural hair coloring to any girl who has the urge to rinse her hair. Herbie Kemp leaves his witty remarks to any- one who wants to waste time in Miss Coul- tas's English class. Ioan Krein leaves her cheerleading ability with the cheerleaders who will carry on. Bill and Walter Lagerhausen leave their broth- erly love to Dick and Todd Vieregg. Mary Ann Lee wills her sportsmanship to the girls' hockey teams. jack McConnell leaves his bright sense of hu- mor to Cecil Vogts. George McKim leaves his subtle humor to Rich- ard Thompson. Phyllis Mitchel leaves. That locker will heave a sigh of relief. Lowell Munson wills his scientific brain to Al- bert Einstein. Marilyn Nelson and Alberta Marvin leave, still dreaming up peculiar schemes. Nancy Nelson leaves her baton twirling ability to the student she thinks needs it most. Carl Ohlrich leaves his ability to get by in senior English to all ambitious seniors who tackle said subject. Mary Ann Rainsford, Alice Ryan, and Sally Stock leave, just bubbling over with junior nursing. Wayne Schacht leaves his athletic ability to George Cowan. LaVerne Scheid leaves, not having to decide about the future. Bruce Schildt leaves his ability to keep his thoughts to himself to Sally McConnell. Bill Schreck and Shirl Seaton leave. CFor Chi- cago?l Robert Sell leaves. What did you expect him to do? Roberta Sell leaves her quietness to most of the freshmen. Peggy Shaw leaves the nickname of "Demon" with the freshmen boys. 74 Iean Sherman leaves to be with Don. Dorothy Smith leaves her athletic abilities to all those tender gym girls. Greta Stassen leaves her classroom quietness to Perry Elwood. Ralph Stecker leaves, waving a sad good-by to Marilyn. Marlene Steinke leaves to invent a bomb which no other human being would attempt. . Tom Stock leaves his height to Wayne Brown. Dorothy Stogsdill and Bert McCannon will their reconciliation abilities to all feudin' couples. Ralph Stork leaves his nice-sized hands to Miss Coultas. Sue Tresch leaves her ability to make friends to any newcomer. Bud Tryon leaves. St. Mary's isn't so far. Carol Turner wills her sweetness to Barbara Williams who really doesn't need it. Betty Ueber leaves her giggles to Helen Hughes. Howard Wenkel leaves his blushes to George Hubert. . Roger Whiting will leave you anything but Darlene. Marilyn Ystebo leaves her kind ways to all re- vengeful seniors. Shirley Zimmerman leaves to become a woman of the world. Class History CContinued from Page 137 the first time we realized how close our school days were to being over. Pictures to be entered in the Hall of Fame for this year are: Mary Ann Cameron as homecoming queen, Herbie Kemp as class president, Ann Abraham as queen of the Rose Dance, and Libbie Barber - the first of our class to marry. With the help of our advisors, Miss Coultas, Miss Czarnecki, Mr. Sparks, and Mr. Dale, we managed to reach the somewhat painful night of graduation. Our footsteps leading away from our now-familiar schoolhouse into such a questionable, uncertain future were as slow as the dreaded steps we took up the hill at the beginning of our first green year. CALENDAR FOR 1 950-5 1 Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. 1 5 15 22 29 7 14 16 21 27 30 31 1 3- 6- 7 15 18 Z8 1 6 7 8 16 27 31 Hi-Ho, back to the hill. A victory for WCHS against Lake Geneva. Also, seniors gave first record dance - a big success! Seven years ago we beat Crystal Lake, and same tonight! ! Woodcohi record dance for all the happy people. Lake Forest game - best to forget. There'll be no tomorrow for Warren after our Homecoming. Iunior float won, Mary Ann Cameron, Queen. Yellow football given away to I. Fitpold. Dood it again - Poor Libertyville! Woodcohi Assembly to open subscription drive - Hot-socks Kemp! ! Our first class member married! Libbie Barber married Miss Quilico Rodney Aavang. leaves. Sob! G r a y sl a k e game - we won 22-0, Rah! Rah! W a y n e still hasn't sold his ads, "Pteiff" fuming. What a night for all - HUH? You nasty boys, Ex- pensive too, eh, Ralph! Seniors g o t their p r o 0 f s Eek-ah. Last football game lor sen- iors - Sob- S o b ! B u t C o n f e r e nce Champs,Zowie! 9 a. m. Assem- bly for Champs Ian. 8 - Back to school. The ball and chains are rather heavy. " 30 - Such fun we had over a joke that Mary Ann and Sue had troubles getting. Re- member kids? " 13 - Hose Dance - Whew - What a job, Ann Abraham made a terrific Queen, hmm? " 24-5 - Exams - Pick us up and carry us away. Feb. 10 - A little romance was sparked up at the Sadie Hawkins dance between Butch and Denny. " 12 - Lincoln's Birthday - No school! Hurrah! Thanks, Abe. " 20 - lunior Nursing l and Commercial ll really battled it out. Score questionable! ! " 24 - We played our bitter rivals - Crystal Lake. Lost. Mar. 8 - lunior Nursing girls helped the doctors vaccin- ate all the little kiddies. Great work girls, you did a good job. Home Ec. ll beat Commer- cial l in the fin- als of the intra- murals and are now the cham- pions. Hurrah! H u r r a h for Home Ec.! Ah! No school. loyce, Elaine, a n d Gloria sure had a good time. Goody, another vacation. Eas- ter this time. Wonder if Mary Ann - then they left for the day. ' Champs recep- tion not so joy- ous - eh, boys? First yearbook d e a d l i n e - - whew - are they all like this? Herbie didn't show up to sell candy - you dog, you. loe Schroeder proves home permanents are much less trouble than crew cuts - prettier too! WCHS beats Mooseheart 44-42 - Nice going boys! Pix Day . . . No Comment! Wee Snow, tOnly umpteen feetll Where is everybody? Hi-Lights Christmas dance. l just know all the stars got in by ll ...... How did Denny fare from that hamburger dinner on South Street? lt seems that they celebrated the stroke of midnight about five times out at Bentons, huh Bob? Bainsford and Mary Ann Lee will get a nice -AND SO THE FAIR ENDS- Apr. 14 May 4, " ll " 16 Iune 3 " 8 5 sun tan. Apr. l - Too bad it's on a Sunday. All the fools are at home today. 2 - Vacation over. Back to the salt mines. The Sophomores really gave a nice Iubi- lee. 1 - The Seniors have done it again. All survived from the play, Tea for our moms - and nostalgic memor- ies for us. Baseball is in lull swing. Looks like Bert McCannon is going to be our ace pitcher again. Betty and Dot are always on the sidelines to watch their special player . , . Baccalaureate - Some are happy. A few . . . . Sad! Commencement. A lot more . , . very sad! ! See all youse underclassmen next year. School Ends. 75 2' . qvn.f'f"" ' , yfwf' , ,sv au. ,-F' .nf 'vi-' x I . .x 0.1" " ". .-JV' f I , , ,,..,.', c',"4p -' , . f' '. 12 , " ' ' H.. ,JA5 .-.. ,- W 1 -1 .r' if ff.. 4 4 A i L' .'. if I : l r 1 . 4 . .Af-f"""x J-fA'f"9' -,L-ruff' , . . , ,:-,,-ax-. .- N. - W . F, . ta . gig. 'nh ,Qy . J' "f,f'!', -nf- ,-' 1- , . '3":,y' '-,,-', . 1 If , sh' K+' 1 ' . I , gh, .. . -3 g.' ' fs- - f , X 7 .x- ,9- Q, 1 ,+- .. - , .Aa .M-V-' . f1 ' 1? V ' ' qw- - V .a , 'N 7 1 . . I. y ,z 5 Vx A321 :'iLvf , I , . .ij . 1:1 Ji Pl... N 1 " 'L-: ' , IU. . . .4 ' -31 ,. ,ffqgwfff nl,--4' ,Zi .. .3 . . f ff:-,f -. f ,v . AN x fr. - -z' W- 'f 7-Ria IQ fax , " .sg - Us P' -QHN A ' . Hg' -4 . gi I? ,- ,xa , - ' ,f k 1 f 'Q'- CONCESSIONS CN THE SQUARE ADS Aerial View of Woodstock on the Square Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF 1951 ELECTRIC AUTO-LITE COMPANY DIE CASTING DIVISION Congratulations and Felicitations from HENDRYCH'S FORD-MERCURY "The House ot Fashion Automobiles" Undertaking and Ambulance Service with Oxygen Equipment THOMAS B. MERWIN Largest Store ot Furniture and Hugs in McHenry County Phones 56 and 71 Woodstock Congratulations and Best Wishes HERB CAMERON to the CLASS OF 1951 EXPLOSIVES Dynamite and Blasting Supplies R. C. ALLEN BUSINESS MACHINES INC, Explosives Engineering Service Typewriter Division Ditch and Stump Blasting Congratulations to F. R. GOODALL OIL COMPANY THE CLASS OF 1951 CITIES SERVICE MARY T. FOOTE INSURANCE SERVICE GENERAL INSURANCE Petroleum Products . . . Greasing Tires . . . Batteries . . . Fuel Oils 517 Dane Street Phone 995 P. O. KNUTH CO. SPORTING GOODS OFFICE SUPPLIES Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class ot l95l With our complete banking and trust services We stand ready to assist you as you build your future. THE STATE BANK OF WOODSTOCK Organized in 1889 Member F.D.l.C. l I n R. O. ANDREW CO. COAL, FEED, ICE, SEEDS, FUEL OIL, AND FERTILIZER Phones 428-429 Woodstock, Illinois First in Sales Service TOWNSEND'S "Where Friend Meets Friend." Have you helped a child today? Meet and Eat at the Popular AIRPORT GRILL and NEWELL STREET CAFE STEAK . , . SANDWICHES . . . CHICKEN FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 858 and 809 Woodstock ANDERSON'S DRY CLEANING We call and deliver Call us for dye work We operate our own plant 244 530 East Iudd Phone 789 ASMUS MARKET QUALITY MEAT l26 North Benton Phone 534 E. L. BAKKOM 6. CO. Pk 2? Sk Hardware - Houseware - Sporting Goods Radios - Refrigerators - Home Freezers Auto Accessories - Tires and Tubes Farm Supplies and Implements Your International Harvester Dealer Best Wishes to the CLASS OE 'Sl ROSE FARM Bauske Bros. and l-linner Compliments ot L. A. BARMANN COMPANY Home ot World Famous ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES "McHenry Countys Largest Record and Sheet Music Dealer" l36 Cass Street Phone 390 Congratulations from BEILKE ELECTRICAL SERVICE ELECTRICAL WIRING Residential, rural, and commercial 815 Muriel Street Phone ll75 Compliments ot BENNETT FEED AND HATCHERY . BUHN woo: rorxx ifnnuva Hmaownpf :rom lU4 Cass Street Phone 492 BENOY MOTOR SALES, INC. Route 47 and Calhoun Street Woodstock, lll. Phone lU68 Compliments ot Woodstocks Newest Modern Dry Cleaning Plant BEU'S DRY CLEANING 326 East ludd Phone 1115 BOWMAN BROTHERS HIGH GRADE SHOES for All Occasions I Corner ol Cass and Main 220 North Iefterson Street Woodstock, Illinois DACY LUMBER COMPANY Phone '75 Congratulations to the BUSSE GREENHOUSE CLASS or 1951 FLOWERS FoR ALL OCCASIONS BUCKLEY CLEANERS . 310 Clay Street Woodstock 710 McHenry' Avenue Phone 447 Illinois Phone 479 Congratulations to the CLASS of '51 "Curls for girls and ladies too." CLARENCE'S CUT AND CURL CLYDE 6 BUD'S MOBILE SERVICE Clyde Sherman and Wrn. Thompson COLLEN'S GULF SERVICE WASHING AND GREASING Throop and Iackson Phone 800 l35 Washington St. Woodstock, Ill Phone 26 WEAR CONWAY'S GOOD CLOTHES 207 Main Street Miller Theatre Building BORDEN'S DAIRY PRODUCTS At your store At your door CONWAY DAIRY DIST. Phone 431-I Woodstock, Ill. Good Luck to the Graduates "More Wear in Every Pair" BEN DAVIS Woodstocks Most Modern Shoe Store Congratulations from DONAHUE FURNITURE COMPANY Distinctive Home Furnishings Ierry Donahue 119 E. Calhoun St. Phone 1085 Woodstock, lll, Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 1951 COM. AND MRS. W. H. DEWOLF DIE MOLD 6. MANUFACTURING CO.. INC. Manufacturers of TOOLS, DIES, MOLDS, and EARLY AMERICAN BAKERY Where Homefmade Bakery Goods are FIXTURES 'llust a little Different" Phone 1322 692 Mcl-lenry Ave. Woodstock! HI' Phone 414 Woodstock Congratulations to the CLASS OF '51 ECKERT AND CROSS Attorneys Congratulations to THE CLASS OE '51 EDGETOWN MOTORS INC. Phone 965 "A Square Deal Always" lntersection of Hts. 14 and 47 Woodstock, 111. Congratulations to the Class ot l95l THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WOODSTOCK 1 Member of F.D.i.C. At Graduation Time Compliments ot HAMILTON - ELCIN - BULOVA WRIST WATCHES THE ELECTROMETRIC CO. F- T- FERRIS IEWELER FRETT AND IACKSON GENERAL CONTRACTING Compliments of O THOMAS F. FORREST, M.D. 804 WGSWUQTOU Street Woodstock, Illinois Phone 509-W Phone 84 GOODROW'S GARAGE GRELL TRUE VALUE STORE DeSoto Plymouth GMC Trucks HOIUG of QUGHTY Paints Sales and Service HARDWARE - PAINTS - APPLIANCES 128 Cass Street Woodstock, Illinois Phone 1000 200 Washington St HALL 6. ECKERT LUMBER, BUILDING MATERIALS AND HARDWARE Phone 158 200-216 East Iudd Street Woodstock, Illinois Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1951 THEODORE L. HAMER Dodge - Plymouth Y Dodge Trucks Direct Factory Dealer HARDING MOTOR CO., INC "First in Service" Phone 908 225 E. Calhoun Compliments oi HARRISON RIDING STABLES 'lThe Home of Wonderful Riding" Compliments of HICKS GAS. INC. Routes 14 and 47 Woodstock, Illinois HOLMES NASH SALES, INC. NASH SALES AND SERVICE THE AIRFLYTE Designed, engineered and built With the touch oi tomorrow Phone 1080 HUBERT PHARMACY Prescription Druggists Lucien LeLong and Old South Matchabelli and Dana Perfumes Revlon Luicks Ice Cream Compliments of HUTCHINSON ELECTRIC 400 Stewart Avenue Phone 1112 XVYIENKE ts. tliiamlv ficffdf liZ,nf'.,f ' s xv O O D ! T BEARD AND STOVALL MEN'S WEAR Woodstock, lllinois Phone 705 Compliments of IDEAL LOCKER COMPANY IEN-A-SEE LAUNDRY For Particular People 410 Clay Street Phone 655 O We Own and Operate Our Own Dry Cleaning Plant 229 Main Street Phone 901 Congratulations to the Class of HSI" IOSLYN, PARKER AND KELLER'S VAN DOREN A G d P1 E LAWYERS oo ace to at Woodstock, lllinois And Play American Shultlelooard David R. loslyn G. R. Van Doren Charles S. Parker V. E. Kell Route 14 Woodstock' HI' Phone ll36 MCHENRY COUNTY LAND COMPANY REAL ESTATE, FARM LOANS, AND INSURANCE lO6 Benton Street Phone Zll Woodstock, lllinois Compliments of MCHENRY COUNTY TITLE 6. TRUST COMPANY MISHLER MITCHELL DRUG STORE WALGREEN SYSTEM C. I. Mitchell, R.Ph. Phone 498 ll6 Benton Street Woodstock ELECTRIC MODERN OIL COMPANY GAS PCR LESS Compliments ot PALMER PLATE GLASS Pittsburgh Deorler O. E. NELSON, M.D. Route 47 Phone Sl Woodstock NELSON'S GROCERY-MARKET Compliments ol 901 Wheeler Street Woodstock, lllinois CONLEY'S NEWS DEPOT "The friendly neighborhood grocery" NOLAN TELEVISION AND APPLIANCES Compliments ot ll7 E, Colhoun Street Woodstock, Illinois Pine television expertly instcxlled ond serviced OAKSIDE DAIRY PRODUCTS' INC. Complete line of gpplicinces Stromberg Corlson f Motorolo - Philco FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS Westinghouse - Hollicrotters -- Sylvonio Traveler --f- Generol Electric OLSEN'S IOBBING HOUSE, INC. PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES O Phone 327 Routes I4 ond 47 Best Wishes from PELL-BARI FARMS, INC. Compliments of PEOPLE'S INSULATING COMPANY Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY Congratulations ond Good Luck TO THE CLASS OF l95l Remernloerz Men ond Women ore like pins, they become useless when they lose their heads. POLIZZI BROTHERS FOOD MARKET Compliments of RAFFEL FLORAL GARDENS Flowers for every purpose Phone 7ll Compliments ol RILEY AND RILEY A-Rileyvillee GROCERIES AND GAS Best Wishes to the CLASS OF I95l Compliments of ANOTHER PHYSICIAN C. L. ROUSH FARM IMPLEMENTS With Best Wishes and Success TO THE CLASS OF '51 Compliments ot Iensen and Conn ROYAL BLUE FOOD MART HENRY W. SANDEEN. M.D. IOHN R. TAMBONE, M.D. Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF '51 SCHMIDT PRINTING Letterpress and Lithographic Printers Phone 222 Compliments ot SCHOEPPERLE GRO CERY AND MARKET R. W. SCHULTZ McHenry County's Leading Independent Market RICHELIEU GROCERIES TOP GRADE MEATS FINE FROZEN FOODS 120 Cass Street Phone 1124 Woodstock Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF '51 DR. PAUL A. SCHWABE OPTOMETRIST McHenry County Title Company Bui1ding Compliments ot SEARS ORDER OFFICE 24 Hour Service at Mai1 Order Prices Phone in or Mail in your orders, or Come in and see us 103 Van Buren Street Phone 1070 SHURTLEFF AND COMPANY LUMBER, PAlNT, HARDWARE, COAL AND FEED Phone Woodstock 1205-I Compliments to THE CLASS OF 1951 EARL'S MARKET AND GROCERY "We Deliver" Phone 883 120 W. First St. Best Wishes and Success SLAVIN AND HALL "Fine Styles for Men" lames Conour, president SPORTS CENTER SPORTSWEAR FOR STUDENTS "Where sportsmen meet" Best Wishes to the CLASS OF "51" THE SPOT RESTAURANT Congratulations to the CLASS OF '51 E. B. STEGMAIER, D.D.S. STOMPANATOIS Congratulations to the "UNIQUE" BARBER-BEAUTY sf-xLoN CLASS OF 1951 and REAL ESTATE OFFICE 226 Main Street or 227 Benton Street Phone: Beauty Salon 641 Real Estate 1245 'A' T AND K TOOL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Phone 758 THOMPSON APPLIANCE COMPANY Frigidaire Delco Ranges W- Radios Y Stokers Oil Burners -- Air Conditioners Washers W- Vacuum Cleaners Water System f Electrical Contracting 233 Main Street Woodstock Roy L, Thompson Compliments of Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '51 A. M. THOMPSON, M.A., O.D. THE VOGUE SHOP Complete ROBERT VIEREGG IUNIOR-MISSES WEARlNG APPAREL ACCESSORIES SINCLAIR SERVICE l3O Cass Street Woodstock, Ill. Phone H86 Compliments ot MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPANY Feminine Styles That Make Fashion Pages SeeThem at . WIEN'S See Us tor Nationally Advertised Brands Such as: BERKSHIRE HOSE - SYCAMORE COATS ARTEMIS SLIPS - SAMSONlTE LUGGAGE WOODSTOCK DRY GOODS CO. Your Old Reliable Store Buy with Confidence .... . . . . . Wear with Pride Compliments of RAY WOLF IEWELERS 216 Main Street Phone l232 Woodstock Compliments ot GLENN E. WRIGHT. M.D. The 1951 Woodcohi Deeply Thanks All of its Advertisers Pictures in the 1951 Woodcohi by ROOT STUDIOS Engraved, printed and bound by CAMPUS SERVICE Patrons Fred C. Bau Benton Street Restaurant Dacy Electric Company Dairy Queen Pitts Industries William I. Gay, D.V.M. General Auto Repair and Body Shop George Gorham, Trucking I-Ioerbert's Beauty Salon Huttman's Delicatessen Kem's Dairy Kristensen Standard Service Lehman's Barber Shop Robert M. Maylott, optometrist Bob Miller, jeweler Miller Theatre Northeast Illinois Production Credit Association I-Ienry A. Nulle, candidate tor sheritt Paine Motor Express Perkin's Barber Shop Rardin Insurance Agency Rolling Rhythm Rink Scharnau Milk Depot Sherburne Bowling Lanes Silliman Welding Shop Emil I-I. Stassen R. L. Tazewell, county superintendent The Toy and Hobby Center Walsh's Grocery and Market F. W. Woolworth and Company Woodstock Airport Woodstock Awning Company Woodstock Daily Sentinel Woodstock Grill Woodstock Tool and Die Company, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zimmerman Zoia Monument Company Inc Autographs Pro'1z1c'f-fl ,ny CAMPUS SERVICE Chicago Autographs F 95 Autographs

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