Woodstock Community High School - Woodcohi Yearbook (Woodstock, IL)

 - Class of 1949

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,. X .ir 42 -'iff - 1 931' 'igfans .'Q"a1?.4efg.L5fE 'J ia-asf'-:zsssie-sasifaffeis-1-' Lael- L:1+fi.fa ., ,-2. j,'gq.:Qgg:L3,5,.3:-,. 1. gf.-- 3. gg .- 1 f gg, 11. -.:::,vf4Q:: 53 Lf-.-2,-rg.: -.agp 35323-,g.,'g5gjf:-'jj:5.'-Egihegrf 1Q'l.:L:.'.:1aN:g1,zz::ffi4 gg-4::: 15-:gg :::g:::. X ' SS?-?fTi!'fE33 ,' f,iE1? f:7z:39:E3'2ff i351334'?7:i55'?f555 fzfgiiziii:L::2?1cai'221-92'ET?T'!2E7'532Z'3 ?'i:??7i' I 0 -rf Rl. ,X I I A 'X 'N ngxltil 0555140 A A A OA A IX fkfy 'X 'X oe A A 0 1 A A 'Nfl 'lihv 'i',Cl'S 111111111 likv 11111 to :11'1'111111111'1x' 1110111 1111 their 1'11vc1'c4l 11':1go11 j1lllI'llL'y x1'cst11':11'1l. lfnch slcp of thc j11111'11Qy is 1'Cc01'd1r11 by swim- phnsv of school life. licgiiming this jlJl11'l1Cj' twelve yours ago thcy mm' tc1'111i11:1lc it ill Cz1lif111'11iz1 or in their senior year of high Schul. Like thc 111'igi11:1l -Piers i11 18-UI thcy. lllff, :11'c l0Ol'ill"' for Wold bcyoml. May their zuubitioiis cuiitiuuc 211111 be as X a za SllL'k't'SSllll :ts the o1'1g11.1:1l 49615 111 tht-11' Search tm' guhl. 'X 'X TFXA3 x x fX ,XX IX HIC KY. anno .sn PA. VA. J Uigh School liinois -vw-f..Aggq4' 1 746 P114 If lwln' Pays' Fiur we qw NYithout our Ufillitikw mi this criwix-cl x'.':ijg.m journcy into thc unknown. wc would have gotten off the trail many tinics. She showed us the way when wc strayed from the path or were assailecl hy oh- stzlclcs. VN'c havc ztppreciatcd this direction, for without it we could not have rcaclwd our destinzltiun in record- ing our Search for gold. XYishing to thank her we have given her tht- titlc of "Guiclu" on our jUllI'llL'f XK'CSfW1lI'ii. " l'1f1:nfF" '7fze flauie Sept. 7-School Opens. Sept. 17-XYCHS heat Geneva. Sept. 2-l-NYCHS heat Grayslake - Announced over VVILA. Sept. 30.-XY. johnson, B. Henricks, L. Carlson, P. llildehrandt and Professor Kaiser give song "Sheep on Hillside" in chorus! Baaaaa! Oct. -l--Freshmen XYeck - Freshmen Reception - "l3RAClf" will ring in the ears of freshmen forever. Oct. I3--.Xmericau Klale Chorus, chocolate drops, wild lndians, "wow" man from San Francisco, visit VYCHS. VYheee! Oct. l-l-jonesie was here Clneforc Kilroyj to take pictures for lI'ona'rol1i.' Oct. l7-Sue and llud saw a skunk Sunday afternoong Sue says it was either a male or a female. . . . . . . Oct. Zlwlt rained today-Hockey and Soccer Tests. Oct. 22--8:30 .X.Nl. Vvoodcohi Float really laid ,lane and loan out cold-'on our soft tile tloor-in hall- for forty winks. Oct. ZS-Charm lecture lrrings on lwig wreck, involving two typically feminine women, just lreneath our windows. Great show! fof charm?j Nov. Z-,lane attempts a strip-tease out in the hall. Thanks to Diane and bloan. Nov. 4-5-llenr Ruff: is produced hy "Little Players" of XYCHS, Diane Hunter's "Characteristic Sigh" is quoted hy everyone. Nov, llfNo SchoolA.Xrmistice day vacation-lfugene conldn't find a darn thing to do. fHunter's was closed, so he couldn't play the pin lvall machinej Nov. l2-lti--"T:unlem Time" at XYCHS. Klary .Xnn Cameron dressed in l890 lwathing suit. XYhat style! Senior Songsters had great fun kicking, for "Mister l3oolL'y.!' Nov. 22-l'feiff wasn't here today. Soli! Solm! Nov. Z.?sNlayl1e l'feiff wasn't sick - Northwestern fans celelirated N.L'.'s Rose Bowl Bid. Nov. Z0-Ohhhh! l'ost-Thanksgiving Blues. Coach Curtright, a veteran of three years at XYCHS, just inquired the wherealwouts of Nliss XX'itt's room. Dec. 7-Carol l,ee Schroeder just wanted to ltuy a special picture of Tom Stock in footlmall uniform. kkhy? llee. lo---llaxe all the girls seen the new student eoaeh. -lack Scott? llmmm! lioli llunter just got home for X-mas from the .Xir Cofhs. llec. lo-XYe won the Zion-llenton Invitational Tourna- ment! Zion expected to win and they ordered the trophy to ht their trophy case and consequently it is too liig for ours!! Lots of the fellows home from the service. Good old Santa Claus. Dec. 17-Ili-Liylzlx' Peppermint-Stick Dance. XX'onder who Santa was? Dec. IR- -County Tournament starts. Jan. 6-Miss XYitt-do you really think that dog could understand Spanish? Ian. 10-Z0-lixams-Glug and XX'hew!! jan. 22-l9ers' liall. XYho was more excited when Carol was crowned queen, Carol Lee or Tom? jan. 24-Career llayftiood looking Crystal Lake women!! And of course men CFD. lfveryoue flocked to the .Nir Transportation, especially the women. Could it he lwecause of "Smoky" Callahan? Felt. 9--lllmdrolzi liditors and part of the staff finally hroke under the strain, and went to lilgin State Hospital. ,lack Scott learned some new dance steps for his dancing class. Feh. l2-Soc llop! More fun! More people almost trampled to death in the square dance. -lack llodge was a very handsome King of llearts. Felt. ll-XX'hat kind of a laottle was that in l7ix.ie's hack pocket? fYalentine's llaylb XX'hat was l'teiff's window all husted up alvout? Felt. 18-,leannie wore her red knee socks today, now all she needs is the green pertume. Felt. 30-Ha! Ha! Mar. l-Klerwin's hearse just picked up ll'oodt'ol1i staff. Mar. l7-Th-e XYearing of the Green. The girls all wore green pertume. Har, Z5--Third quarter ended. Apr. l-2-Senior Class Play. The .llau H710 Cwtlllll' to 1,!lllIl'l'. .Xpr. ln-ZZ-lzaster Yaeation. Oh happy day! Xte can sleep in the morning. May 6.-Nlother's Tea-May Queen, court, tea, cookies and stuff. May Zl-,lunior Prom. llo you think it heats "Castles in the .Xirf"' lune ifllaccalaureate'-Sad, lint wonderful program. i Snitf! Sniff! -lune OY'CtnnmencementAThe day the seniors have waited and hoped and worried alvout tor tour years. l'n!le Six mon. L. SINE ID PENN. CT OHXO gl-D swl-7 Y Q i M X. 4 VA. l , KY. gt 1-sun. Nr. ALA S -FACULTY ' ' UNDERCLAS S M pmpmzm We 7e Sc Q .aj paadpecfou , 14Jmmwfw1fzw NELSON STORK, Supcrintclldcnt R.-XI,I'l'l XY. CHIQNOXYETH, Prillfiplll Zzacullq S. MARG.'XRET LUIS M. COULTAS GVY P. JANINE CZARNFCKI BWTTY linglish Girlf' CL RTW RIGHT Lillflllillll worm rmwfy Lwgu-2 Aflvlw laws' Physical Commcrcizll Prolvlcms lfilllll piducmion Geometry Athletics IJOROTHIC.-X Xl, HlXIXll.l'fR Cmnmcrvinl Slllm-il'CIS I'.I.NX OOD lb. HUXX IzLl. ,Xgrifulturc . .. . . x . Hume I':k'llIltl!l1iCi I-1'l"l' .l. NIl'R,XN.X Klilkxhillt' Shop C.c.us,X1lx1sm O. COLIQMQXN O'H.XR,X Social Stmlics Athletics . . .4 . X IITSIIX llulv .Xslvlwr l L l..XlQl:NL lg U, UIAUX IIlSll'llI11l'I1lZll Music llaxmi, HIllltlQQlI"l lblllllll lxvxrlvrs ,XLICI-. lu. I'l'liIlflfI-Ilx lfnglislm Hwmmmrmlmxmrlni .X11x'ism' H,XROl.lJ R, NNY lxlllIlllllQ lrzmdvs Shop l XXYRICNCF .X. DAXLF IZIJXYIN Ii. IJECXNII' DON AX. ICIJXYXRIJS I.liIi G. GRIQIENICR Science Sm-izml Stmlics lfuglish, Swim' l'l:1y lliulugy Swimming ,Xmlx'1su1' CERTRLTJIC G. S.Xll.lfR junior Nurses TI'1liIlill'L1' School Nurse KIA RY SI-ILK Choral Music' DORIS Xl. XY.-XLK!NC'l'ON .XVI NI. YIYIAN XYITT I.:u1g11:1gcs LICILAX G. KI ICRRPI Secretary lc. ,I 1-:AN SCI-IM I EIJICSKAXNIP xl2llhl'lTlZlfiCS Hook lfxrhzumgc CIARICNCF O. SV.-XRKS Mcchzmicnl Drawing XviSlI1ll .Kids NINX gl. XX'l'l'IIlfRlil,L Girls' Plxysiczll Fduczltiml G,.X,.X. M.XlQ,lORll-I If. YOUNG English llrzmm .Xclvisfmr SllL'CCh I. KI ANY FEH RMAN Assistant SCCl'CtIll'y Page 7 fl 60 Freshmen lst lluu--R. llxuwiwu, ll. .Xclu'1'1uzul, l'. llygvrt, ll. llupgwr, S. licuum. Zuml liuw'--Xl. lXl'LlllhK', ll. lliuklc, bl. llzlllurml, Xl, lwslu-r, ll. lluulcr, Xl. lll'IlI'4lNll'X', Xlws llllll1I1ll'1'. . . , , .lr-ll liuu Xl. llcusrluuult, l, ll11uu'1', Q, llultI'1'vu'l', Xl, llvuluu, l'. lluuvll, .X, ll:u'lu-V. -llll limx nl. l"r:luu', S. ll1llllL'X', nl. l,ulu1u'ys'r, bl, l,uug, Xl. llussv, ll. ll1u'rlu'rg. lst Klux Xl. llllllrllllwtlll, Xl. l'uc'I, l'. XX'illis, C. Svluuult, Xliss Svluuu'1lm'slc:1lup. lull linux ll. 'lxUI'IlUXX', C, Stuck, lf. llviclumll, Il. Nm-lsuu, li. Xlzulsru. .ull liuu XX'. Xll1l1'll'll, Xl. Xlcyvr, l'. Xlullvu, 1 ,. fx- I IN. XX lllllllg, ll. Xlzlulw, ll, 5K'll11l7, nl. l1llt'X, lst RUXX' G. lluulur, ul. llcck, XIV. lizxy, G, lluy-1-, fl. llul-vrl. 1 - Q Q x A lull limx- L, lu-luluuum, K., QHXXIIII, ll. llrnggs, ll. llt'l-llL'I', l.. L':u'lsuu, ll. 'lL'llSL'1l, l,. lfuts. 31-QI liuu ll, Gglyluul, li, lZr:ulklu1tl', l,, lin-ul-r, ll. blvusvu, lf. llulwug, -l. -lulmus-ul, l. lllmrilj. -llll lb-xx XX'. llqwry. vl, lllwlltll, ll CIll'l'4Ull. ll. llgnlwuclx, ll. l"v1'g11smn1, 'lf lil-:u'l1, l.. lflvuuug. lst li-fu ll. XX1u-llvrl, li. l':luu', Xlr, Nllllllllllh il. Xglxlyl. ll, 5n'lu'1'n'l'. lull Klux li. l'u-uw, Xl. l'nluu-V, X. blwlwlxuwl, ll. SlK'lllXXl'lll', U, l'a-tm-umfll, XX', Illtlflllllll, ll, l'v:1x1u'k. .lwl linux ll. 'l'luuupsuu, ll. Xlvyvr, lf. Shultz, Al. Slm1um11:1lu, lf, 'l'luuupsuu, XX'. Xllk'll1lk'llS' l,. Xlusuu. 41h limx I. Xu-rvgg. .I. livvsv, li. XXIlglll'l', 'lf Nn'ulv:u'lu'r. K. lfibllfll, li. Swvvllxuul, XX'. Scluwll. K. Sclmrvclx. XX'lmt wuulsl scluml :lu uitluuu llul class ul. cl1:u':u't0rs mul ilu- cl1zu'zu'1l-rs ul' class? XXVZISIIYI ii 0Xi'lllllg? Nvw clzlssvs, ucu' lzuws, null cx'1'1'yxxl1vx'u yuu luuk, ucu' lluugsl Tlu- l'l'l'SllI11Illl lQL'L'CIbllUll wus- xwll, just ilu' suuu' :ls ZllWilX'S, 'I'lu'u llu'rv w:1stlu'Ir1p1u Chu':xgu, '.X'lllL'll uns vm-ry tuwug. llwn' Xlr. lulusmls, lhzu ish 'llluwu uns zxlsu ilu' lX'1lllllIlC lumjccl, which rcully was tzlsmuzmug :lull :xlsu uluczuuumail. 'Flu' t'll'CllUll ul class ulHc'cl's uns lu'lll Xluullzly, Nm. 22, W48. 'l'lu' fullmxlixlg xu-rc vlvvtuli l'rvsi1lvutf- liuuzllll ll!'lllllil1lblY SL'rl'1't:l1'y-A -luyuv llzallzml X'icu-l'1'm-simlmlt lQ4ll'CI'l l'ic1'cc 'lX1'c:xs1lrcl'-hluzuuu- l.uug XXI' wurc :all wry IblCIlSCll. 'l'lu' llm1u'n'uuu11g was quitc il lwig uvcut fm' ilu' l'qI'USl1l111lll. 'lll1l'l'k' xwrv ilu- vauululzuvs fur qzu-s-uw. ul. uluuu wc' wurc vcry prmul, Slurlcy XX'l1lllIlg :uul Ruth ll:u'risou. Tlu' scuim' girls SINlllSIIl'C4l :1 Cllrisiluns llrczmkfalst Party fm' llulir frcsluuzm sian-rs' cujuyuu'ul. ll uns 21 lvig sllrvvss. The Frcsluuzul llauskcilwaxll tc-:un XYUII Z gzuuvs :uul lust 8. 'l'lu'y hulu' In llu lwlufr ucxl yvzir. A Sophomores Ifirst Ibm' Xlifs CIIIIIIQIS, fl. CI1l'IlIIl'I', G, Q'I'IiIIl', I'. XIIIcIN'II, -I. Ihlrnzl. SWIIIIII Ibm I". CuIIrIIN'j.', XI. IIlll'Ii1'l', II. IJ1'XY1III4, XI. UQIIIIITIIII, I'. XICQQSIIIIIIIII, -I .XIIIivIv. 'I'IIiI'II Ibm X. XI:1I'xiII, AI, I3w1'I1I'llSIl, If. IIIIIIU- IPVIIIIIII, I.. IIllI'Ill'l', II. I'.IIl'I'I. I'.qm1l1'III IQIIYI XI, II:IgI'I', VI. I'AiIZ1N1III, XI I,m', VI. I,.II'IIINI, X, XImI'zIII:IIII, Ifirst Iimx Xliw Y.lllI'Ilk'L'IiI, S, Stuck, XI Ii:lilI1I'III'II, -I, YIIIISI, IQ. SITINIIII. SINNIIIII IQIIN IJ. SIINIgsIiII, II, rI'INmIps1III, XI X'I'SlL'Iv1I, II. I'L'Ilk'I', XI. XYISSVII, If, SIN14. 'I'Im-Il IQII11 Il, Slzxssun, S. ZIIIIIINTIIIJIII, N 1 - 1 11 1 ,1 INI'Is1III, XI, Xvlsmm, L. IIII'IN'I', S, II'c'scII. I"41III'III Rmx FI. SIN'I'III:uI, IQ. N'Iz, X. ScIII'I'i- Iwr, I'. XXLIIIQIIINIIIII, IJ. SIIIIIII, XI. SII'iIII4I' I'. SININ. I"iI'sI Huw Il, XIUIQIIII, XY. I.:IIIgn'I'II:IIIsI'II, XII' ILLI1, II. I,.IIIgI'I'II:IIIsI'II, IJ, 'IUSSIIIL IZ. XII'- C.uIINIII, SCCHIIII Iimx -I. IlIIsIIIIIIN'I', IQ. XIIIVIIZ, I, XIIIIIs1'II, XY, IIIVIQ, Ii. IXIAIIIIIICV, U, IIIIINI Ii. fI:II'I1, IQ. XIII'II. 'IIIIIIWI Ibm il. IIiIIm'II, IJ. Ifmrlv. .X. .IIIIIIISIIII II, IIIIIIIVV, II. Kmnp, If. IfIIIIy, IP. I,:II'sI'II, 'I'. I3m'IIIIn1, I'.lIlll'III IQIIII XY. IIIIIIISIIII, IQ, IlI'I'IIN1III, II fI:1yIIII'1I, I., I!IIIIu:II'II, II, IIIIl'l'IN'I'I, XY, IIIIIII, , . II. IIIIVIIJIII, l,. UIIIINII, IQ. IJLIIILI. I"iI'SI IQINI II. XYI'IIIN'I, IQ. SIIIVIQ, XII1 SIllll'Ii5, I.. SL'IN'NI, IQ. SI'II, SWIIIIII Kun IQ, XXIUIIII, Ii. SII'CkI'l', II, XYIII- gutv, R. XX IIiIiIIg', XY. SCIll'L'CIi. 'I'IliI'II Iimx-XY. R1IIN'1'IsIm, XY, IQIN'ksII':NI f1 1 1 I1 1 I. 5IIlL'Ix, I'.. II'X'UlI, IQ. 5IlIIUIi, FI. SCIlI'IlI'lIl'I'. . 1,1 . IWIIITIII linux 5. Im'gI'sInI, IQ. XX K'SIt'I'III'L'Ii, II, SI'IIiI1II, XX. SCIIZICI, II. I,l'Il'I'5, .I, SIIITIISIIII. XYI', IIN' Class III' '5I, c'IIII'1'c'II IIN' IIINwI'Ix':Iys III XY,C.II.S. in SL'1JIi'IIIIIi'I', I0-17. Ifm' IIN' p:IsI Ixus yours II has IN'I'II IIIL' pI:N'I' III' SIIIIIX, IAIIII ZIIIII I'I'I'rv:IIiwlI. XS :III IIIIl'UIIlIK'IIOlI III XX'.C.II.S., IIN' IrzNIIIiIIII:II I'4I'l'SIIlIIllll XYI'ck uns IN'III, III wIIN'II s:II.I:IIIIiIIg :IINI IIIIIIIQ-u:II'1'5'iIIg Non' IlIIIIIII1ISIL'l'I'II In IIS I'4l'L'SIIIl'S. XI IIN' I'1NI III' III:II wI'I'k, IIIL' I'4I'L'SIIIII2llI RI'fn'pIi1III um IN'I1I. 'l'IN-II III' :III I'c'II :Is if In' xwrn' I-vnllyIIN-mIN'rs1II' XY.C.Ii.9, 'I'IN' cI1'cINnI III' Claw I.I'IN'I'I's Ixus IN'III, IIIII wa' IINI INII km-xx' INIW III :N'I, IIN' l'Il'K'IIllII IIr11I11' IIII llI.IK'I' IIN' UIUCIIIIII III IIIIII Clark, III'I'sIIIc'III. Xs s1IpINIIINII'I's III' llCL'IIlIllIIISIIl'lI IINII'I'. .XI IIN' I'IzIsw I'I1'cIi1III, ,lcrry IliIII'III' Ixus I'II'1'Ic1I 1m'sNII'III3 'I'I1m III'nIIm, X'IL'l'-lII'l'SIlIt'IIIQ XI:II'y IJIII'Iil'K', Sl'Cl'l'I1lI'X'Q LIIIRI Iiilly II1N'l'IN'I'I, II'l'JlSIII'1'I'. III IIN' II1mN'a'uIIIII1g' IIQIVLIIII' nur IIIIQII won IIN' S5 IIIII'1I prim, 'IXIN' SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK' IIIIII, WIIIUII IIIIS yvzu' uns 1'IIIiIII'II "UNI III'NII1'IN'rg," uns IN'III in IIN' czmfctcrizn QIIIINI r:IINII1'1, I1Jll'I'l'I5, IIII' Gc'I'III:III IILIIILI :IINI IIIl' .XSII II:II'I'I'I f3llilI'l'III'. Juniors N1111111, Il. II1-111'11'I1s, 1. I111111II. 'I'I111'1I IQ1111-- .l. II1'11gg1'1', Il. 11ZlxI, II. II111'I111 X, QI11-1111111-II1. XI, IIlI'Ii, X.,I1111111. I'-1131 I11111- I'I41'II-I'1'l', f41'I1l'111'1I1'1', NI1'11':1I1, I'. I'1'I1'I'5, I.. X11-11-1111, Sl'K'4III1I I11111- I,. X11-11I11-I, XI, 'I'I111111s1-11, I1 X1-IS1111, Lf 'I'111111s1-111I. ,1 . , , . . 1111'I1, NI XIz11Is1-11, II. 'III1111'1111. X1111kI1-111:11111, NI. X11-st. I"11's1 I11111-12. 1'11II11, II. I1l'1II'lINI1'j, IT. I1111' 141-11. 11. I',sI11'I1, XI11 I'.1I11:11'1Is. 51-1'11111I K1111- C. I1l'I'IIII, -I. II1':11I1. I1, I"1':11111- AX. I'11I1I. ,, . , . . , II111'1I I11111--XX. .I11I111x1111, I3 II1-l1111I1, II CHllI'11'l', IQ. I,111's1-11, IQ. II111'I1, II, Ix1111a11'I1, XX. I,111-1IlI11'. II111'1I I11111 I. I1111'I1:11'1I1, I., U11gI111111, I1 xIU1II'L', lr. I'4IlI1'. 11l'l'41'. I711111-II1 IQ1111 IC. Ii11'I1:11'1IN, Ii. XI11-11111, II Y111111g', FI. I111'I1:11'1Ix1111. I.. 51'I1111:11j11-, ,I I I'11-1'1'1-. S1111'1- 11111' IAITSIIIIISIII lI2lf'S, 111- -I1lIII1bl'S I1:11'1- g:11I11-1'1-1I ffICIIlIS, 1-X111-1'11-111-1-, :1111I 1-1'1-11 s111111- k111111I1-1Ig1- 11-11111 y1- 11I1 1I111:1 1111111-1: I1k'IlI1'II1I1L'l' II11- 111-11:1I111-s SL'lI11IIIl'1'1I 1I111'i11g 1'4l'K'SI'l1IIll1l X11-1-I1 11' 111- 4IIIIIl'1 111-111' 11111' gn-1-11 ":11-1-1-ss111'11-S?" I11-I11-1'1- 1111-, 111- 111-1'1- 111 ll'I'I'U1' :1II 1I1:11 111-1-kf XY1- 1II11s11'1011s I.l'l1SIl 1-1111s11'111'11-1I :1 1111111 X11II1 S1-1111-I1 1:1111- f111' 1I11- II111111- 11111111111 I':11':11I1-3 11111'111'11111:111-I1' 11 I1I1-11' 11111111 I11-I111'1- 1I11- j111lg1'S S1111 11. .X151111 111 fllll' s1111I111111111'1- 11-111' 111- ll'Il'1I 1111111111-1 11:11 111'1II111111 s1'1111-I1 1:1111-I, I1111 1I11- 1I11-1111- 1111s ll I111 1:1g111-. Y1111 11111s111'1 1111111 KYIII' 11:11'11', II11- I'.11'Sl2l 1I1- NI1-x11'11g 1-1111 1111111111 1111'g1-1 1I11- 11:1IIs IAIIIIIIIQ 1I111111 :11 1111- Inst 1111111111-? 'I'I11s Inst fZlII 11'1- 11'1-r1- j11111111's 111 Inst :1111I 111- 1-I1-1'11-1I 11111' 111's1 11-111: lll'l'SI1Il'III, .XIIII If1'1sI111-. 1XIs11, 1'1-1':1II lllll' IXIIIQ 11111 11151 11I:1CC I111' II111111-1-11111i11g 1I11:11s? 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Ruth -l1+l111s11i1 l'hf-tn lftlitm' ,,,, ,, ,.,.,, l,l11y1I QlIll'lNUIl ,XssistzuitszCl1:11'l11tt1-XX'illi:1111s,C:11'11- .Xssisl:111ts: lim-vc lilllllll' :1111l .Xlicv .Xssistzmtsz Vlnlttl lltililts, 111111 lt:1l1- lyn XX'illi:1111s, Rlllllllll lllll'IllK'lSll'I', S1-l11'111-111-1'. .XllSllll. :1111l H1111 KI1lNL'I'. .Xvtixity lfmlitm '.,,,,,,,,,, llztzvl 'lll1111'11t1111 ,lljlllllg lftlitnr ,, ,l'h5llis l,i111lx':1ll S11l1s1'1'i11ti11i1 .XSSlSl2lllII lllll ll11ts1111. .Xssistztiitst 'll'1lll S1-.:111s1111, l,11r1':1i111- I-Iflitw ,, ,,,,...,..,,,,, Siiszui lfx'1-1's111cy1-r .Xthh-tic' lftlitm' ...,..,. llzux- Xl1'C:11111c1i1 l'islu-, xl1lIACl1l K1-rits, :tml X'i1'i:111 .Xssist:1i1ts: N1-ttic llmiml, Czmwl Stvck- .Xssistztiitz Ch-11 lin-lilm-r, XX'11111l. lJ,XX'llt l-'IQlSl!llf -l.XXlf KICNNHIJY ,lfJ.XN lllflSl.l-ill lhisim-ss hlllIl1lQ'k'l' Iitlitm- .Xssistamt lftlitm' sn.. wwf' '11111' T11-1-:tty-mic hats 1-11 11111-11111-tl xull 111 1111 Illlklllltl 111 i11:1l41- Ll m11'tl1xx'l1il1- rut-.mrtl nt' tht- ztctivitim-s, 1-l:1ss1-.4 :tml tht- th-l1:11'ti11g st-11i111's lllltlll thx- lt"tllt'I'Klll1l ut' 1111- '11lxi'1w1' Ui" l't'1iI'f11 'l'h IL hut hun 111 lllj til-st11l1s ltlllf limits slltllt i11 h:11-tl xxttrk, tlisnpptmiiit 1111-nts Zllltl t1-z11's, tluriitg thc mxtkiiig ut' this hunk, .Xs wa- luttk thrntigh mir l-tink with :1 little- l.K'l'llllg ut' 111-itlv 111- clout It ut lll this hut with xxish up 11111l1l mln it 1ll our 1- 1i11 iii htim, th1 misttkts ua lIlXk itch Ili, F. L fbaama "Young ApriI" "Dear Ruth" 'III11' WIS XYCIIS Svnim' Class p1'cs1-11tc-1I its vcr- sitm UI I'111111y ,Ifvril, Il cmncfly in thrcc 21019. Ivy ,Xtirzmizt z1111I XX'iIIi:1m IqUlIYK'l'l7I, Sequel to ff1'1m'i11g1 IIIIIIIIN. llll .Xpril IO 111111 I7, IIIIKICI' thu 1Ii1'0Ctio11 of NI11 Ifclxxzmls. , . IIII' I'r11t1'wm' XICIl1tx't'1' Klrs. XI1'I11ty1'1' ..,,,,...... Iit'Ul'QL' KIcI11tv1'1' ,.,... I,III.l ,,,,....,....,,...,,.......,. X 1x'1:111 ......,.,.,,. I'.Is1v ..,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, III'l1llI Stzmlcy ,,,,,,,, 'IKKIIX XIKIIIIXIK I11'1t I'.11s1ms .......... Ilutch ,,,....,.,,,.,,..,,, SIk'NYIlI'IAKIIIICI' ,..., , CXST ,,,,,,.,,.5IlI 1,1IIvtt ..,,,..,,,fiIly XY1'igI1t ,,,1,1.....,...IJicIq Krzuisc ,......IJ111'utI1y IIIIIISCII Vcggy Hziycs .,.........CIu-rry Klzlthcr .......IJ:1x'1' NICCUIIIICII ......,.-IURIII NIK'CIi'l'I1Tl'j'K'I' ,..........R1m:1IcI Niclwl ,,.......I':Ill'Il' IKr11cIIvy .,,....,...-lim Iiciitcm NI1-5, M1111-r A,,,,,,,., ....,,...,. 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T110 11r0h051r11, Hi1XX'1i' 1'f1110r51111, 11115 Il 11111111 11110 111111 111111111011 1110 111111001'5 YY111l 07100110111 111115i0. T11i5 11111100 11115 11 11110 1101110101111-111 111 011- 11111-r11111111 111' 1110 CIIIITC 011155. 11 11111 110 11111101111 111 511111355 31111 110 111111'1 11111111 11 11111 110 for 501110 111110 111 0111110. G0-GZGZC! Wagon ehiddciil Aug, AN- ktwlqi yfq gg,-,pal 'f 'x"?"fg Q1 '- L X is , KEY ' .iffvfiv Q 5' Q' ' SPORTS ' qi1 - PIATTE x VHSSOURK IV NEXICO TEXAS GUIF OF MEXICO Szbuke la' Rich 9.1134 Wooosrocta-I 5 MCHENEHY- I8 Wooosrocnf-7 Cmsmttmsf- 7 Wooostocm txtnamoo-63 WOODSTOCK'2l HARVARD- O Wooosrocx 6 CRYSTALLME 15 Wooostocx 20 Hfmvfxao 6 Woonstocri-O Niles-6 uniaa Wauify goalie!! 94 6 f?tvfl,el'8'lfZ' 92 azl l 1 XN'nmlstm'I4's ul. YA won two, lust three, :intl tictl two this f'L'1ll'. 'llluw wort- oiitpl'tx'c1l in twn ut thc gznncs, hnt thcy nt-vcr gznvc np lighting until the whistle hlcw. Sonic of thc hfws that plziyctl nn thc lcznn at the I first of thc yczn' shnwccl up well in their games and wvrc niuvcfl up to thc Yztrsity sqnznl. 'l'ht-sc lm- the buys that rnnglit tn ht-lp thc Yzirsitx' nt-xt vcznz Uni- nt' thc hcst gziincs that thaw plzlyccl, even th nigh they lust was :lt Niles. Niles, :ns you know, is n hig sclnmnl :nnl l.Youclstncla w:1sn't Slllll30SL'Cl to be "rm t'1c ht-lil" with them. lt was colfl :tml nnnlcly, hut the tcznn hung' on :incl lust, onli' hy ht-ing tllll-lllllllllefetl li-.' Niles' suhs. "l,nnlq ont. Xv1lI'Sll5',H is tht-ir cry. 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I'r1111' l'l111:1'11,1 1 i I' Umm, Eafikeliall This season was a fair season even though the loss of four of last year's starters looked like a major handicap. llowever, the lllue Streaks more than lived up to expectations. The team this year was built around the only letter man left from last year-big Gene Shook, who was high point man in the North- Suburban Conference. Three Sophomores composed part of the team this year, therefore, great things can be anticipated in the coming year. Soon after the season started XVoodstock was tied with Crystal Lake for second place in what looked like a nip and tuck contest. Things slacked off during Christmas vacation. but during that time came the all important Zion Holiday Tournament with VVoodstock pitted against Zion in the tinisli game. VVood- stock played a grand game, hitting 40 per cent of their shots and otl per cent of their free throws. taking the game hy ten points. That game was called a major upset. Xthen play was resumed after Christmas vacation, Vioodstoek visited Zion again and won. making a three-way tie for tirst place. Crystal Lake later heat both XYoodstock and Zion. capturing first place and. then. lfehrnary 18. Zion heat us for second place. The team was under the coaching of Dixie O'Hara who did much in making the season a successful one. XYith most of the squad being inexperienced men to start with. he developed them into a fast and lighting team hy the end of the season. lliagonal, left to right: First Row--Coach O. C. U'Hara. Second Row-bl. Schroeder, XY. Reese, IJ. lfddy, IJ. liaiser. Third Row-l'. Hildehrandt. lf. Shook, XY. Rockstead, R. Clark, XY. Frame, li. Uyerly. lfonrili Row-I.. Carlson, R. Dermont. QQ-are . Dow www cm f 09' , if X - I in RSV ' f 2 1' i , . -fi . X -CJ", so -L . ' V FA! 0 V 'Q 92... ' il 57' C X I :T 3 A t if M A -"fi 1 Q I . Q4 ?V,1f 4- t t t ier e fr' .X X W . .t,. g Q yi uuisasg 'ii V, T. .54 1 W-'et 4" , sat A . WMV I Ln-SL... , n-,fr , liirst Ruwflialpli Sturk, Roger llermcmt, linrt KleCannun, Don Kaiser, Burl llenrieks, ' l mils liill BleCannun, lioh Clark, lwnuie Nieh Seefnul flow-Cllen llehler, llntl 'l'rvtm, ,liill l'eher, Jerry Seharnau, Yet'mm Helm, l'aul llihlelvranflt, lion lfthly, Klr. Cuirtright. Baieiall The season reenrfl wt' the team was 4 won and 10 lnst, They tinishul liecl fm' thirtl in the Northeast Cunferenee. 'l'his eunferenee hail sueh powers as Niles in it. Niles went fluwnstate in the lnasehall tournament anil tiuishetl thirfl. Most of the huys that were on the team the first year will he haek again this year and they seem to think they will have a good year. Only Yermni llelm, .Ierry Seharnau, anil Bill l'eher grad- uateml. 'l'he rest nf the team was matle up uf juniors antl freshmen. llere are the lmys that playenl last year and the elass they are in. Dun lfrhly, Glen liehler, lion Kaiser, liill Kle- Caunnn, Paul llihlehrantlt, llucl Henrieks, all seniors this year. liuh Clark, Roger Uermont, liert KleCannon, Ralph Stork, all suplitnnores this year. That's a nucleus for a gnml team. The highlight of last year was the tlay they heat Leyden hy a score of 9-4. They hacl heen beaten earlier alul neetlerl this win tu stay aheatl in the eonferenee. That clay lion lfcltly hail another uf his good rlays, striking out ld men, The whole team ehippeml in with 1-I hits, which is quite gurul in a 7 inning game. Of the pitching clepartment limi lftltly was the starting piteher most uf the time. lfthly strnek out 44 men in 37 ZH innings, llehler was next with 22 in Z7 U3 innings. Bert KlcCanunn, a prnmising freshman, eame next with 22 in Z6 innings. licl1ly's earned run average was a little over 4. In the hitting mlepartment Ruger llermmit, also a freshman last year, letl the team with a nifty ,39l. He really ponncletl the "apple." Page Tlii1".i'-eifllit U 7mck The track team of '48 was good in the long distance runs, pole xaulting and high jump, lint in the short dashes and hurdles it wasn't up to par. One of their dilliculties was lack of interest on the the part of the students. Too, the lwaselmall season simul- taneously in session interfered. Some of the good fast runners preferred lmaselmall and were lost to the track team. Two meet were held with Zion-one a lfrosh- Soph meet and the other a Yarsity. The lfrosh-Soph meet was lost lwy a score of 57-56 and the Yarsity won Ivy 3 score of 57-56. ,-Xnother Fresh-Soph meet was held with Genoa with our team coming out the winner. One of last year's mile and a half rmmers was lfarle Bradley, who, if it hadn't lmeen for ill health. might have set a record in these particular classes. ln the County Meet, NYoodstock scored points in the high jump, pole vault and ltoth relays. Last year's letter winners were Lloyd Carlson, Duane Stanley, liarle llradley, George Torman, Harold lleardsley, llave McConnell and Tom Reichardt. .-X new event started for the '49 track season, to increase the interest of our luoys, was the cross country. This run, was about two miles long and was run out oxer the country instead of on a track. There were medals for the first six to cross the finish, and the first one had his name, time and year engraved on the trophy to lie kept in the trophy ease. -lack Scott, a student teacher from N.l.S.T.C., coached this hunch of ltoys through snow drifts, rain and sunshine, .Xnother event of this type was held at the end of the '48 school year. 'l'his was an intramural track meet with each class competing. The junior class last year Cor this year's seniorsl won. Larry Dale, who for a long time has been a coach- teacher at XXoodstock, coached last year's teams and did xery well with the material on hand. Ifirst Row-Charles llerlin, XYayne Rockstead, lluane Stanley, George Torman, Lloyd Carlson, llavid NleCounell. Second Row-llud Gehrke, ,lerry Gillette, 'l'om Stock, Tom Reichardt, llill Reese, Fred l'opc. 'llhird Row-Nlr. Dale, liud Oughton. Herltie Kemp, lfarle llradley, Louie Uhlrich, llarid Courier lien Klerwin Harold lleardslev r , 4.3 1 r 3 - 45-YET 4- 1 as S . vf .. If :w 9 tea. -.- Page Thirty- nine ' n 'vv, Y X 3- ap 1 A st s U f O ,Tix it A 4 x 1 1 J 4 . apnea L . : . W 1 5 , ' ,, H" fy W. ' X .M 1 ' A Q Q. 'W x nf' New Ma f T5 6 f ,.., 1 xy 9 1 v Q5 E Q' Km 3. ff v ,- us, . 4 gi T .4 Q-tjapiw' W - q"': " A M . 3" X. M554 L WU. 1 X- wfw '-wg.,-y Mail wunmm-.M Lx.A Q . :gig if f. f ' 1 4x'S75f1,21??R!1F'Q9g Q. , O "" ? V ,M R i 35312, : xx . J ' K :ai ., .1 , N' z Q In f ' if Kg L e 23 4' 54. Q WASH. U' H' X A OREGON. D HU.- C mf ww -SQ-Q-RS' UTA H EALIF 742 49m Seniafad. D. FRISBIIQ L. CARLSON President Yicc-President SHOCK S. TCYICRSRIIQYFR Sccrctary Treasurer T. A-Xllcu .Xnthrmy ID, .Xustin G, lichlcl' H, Bcilkc R. 1381111 If. Izllhll N. Ihmd Ikrcnncckn X. UYIIIIIICI' R. llurmcistcr li, Collins ll. Uolnlrs J. Dodge N. lloulittlc H. lflwcrt Pays Forty-t DAVID FRlSl5llf-Class '1'1'c:1s111'c1'25 Class l'1'csicl011t 45 Baski-1l1all l, 2, 35 llasclvall l 7 3 4 Ciuss 45 llaml 1, 25 3, 45 ll"'1wfI1'11l11' l311si11Css Klanager 45 Country 4. Fm11l1all l, 2, 35 liasclwall manager 15 lloys' Slate 35 HVXRBXR ,X 31:11 K1.1ACh,,,-ug 1 7 Pfm, Gears 45 lluxiiig Z, 35 Scniui' Class Play. A Urghcltm 41 6. uxlbx Z Viocluu g 4 KH sl H l,l,OYlJ C.XlQl,SON-Class llrcsiflcnt 35 Class Yicc- Play 4. l'1'n.s11li.111 45 Llim-us 3, 45 X a1's11y Cl1ll1-11 Track 2, RONALD RliN,l4ZnClaSS I,H5Smmt Uwlm 7 U' U 3, 4 llbtblliilll 45 lloys' Nate 35 Qll2ll'lLllfC 45 2,TmCk1, I, TSI 2 3 4 I l, ., x . Gcar' 4' liuxiiig Z5 SL'lllUl' Class Play. l 3 I l ' A ,Q ,Y A tl K 1' M 1 V ' I ' lflQNliS'1' l3Ol'lN--l3a11cl 1, 2, 3, 4 cjlllliklll 2 3 4 l'.l1.l'.. l. b1lOO --Llass Sncrctaiyx 4, Cmriis 4, Cross Clmmry 4: Boxing 2: Slum us X 1l.l'Slly Llulu 2, 35 SCL'I'Clill'y 45 lrack 15 Fuotlwall v A A Y v l, 2, 35 45 liaskctlrall 1, 2, 3, captain 45 Supliomorc Nl2TTll1 HON'-C'1fff11S 31 'li ll ' 1 4 4 Kill! 2- liwxins 2' xxx 14111aNN1cC1f1x--'11f1111Srm- 2. SVSAN l'X'l'ilQSKllfYlfR-'l'1'a11sfC1' 15 Class l'rCsiclC11t .XLlI,Rl.:Y lgRL'NN1QRYChm.US ly 9 5 Z5 Class 'lllAL'1lSlll'Cl' 45 ll'1mc1'1'ul1i 45 lligfhliylztx 45 Girls' ltilgllk' TI'CIlSlIl't'l' 3: Girls' l.1'aH11c Yivc- N0l3NXl9 HQIWRMEISTl'1RiHl""'! 4" 'll' 'I l'1'1'si1l1'111 4: -l1111i11r llfdllll QllLxCll 35 0510110 3, 45 5"'l'1'l' QIUSS P13153 Girls l,1-agiw Q11lllLll'L'llCl' 2, 35 SC111111' Class Play. DIANE COLLINSMHMMIWIH- 4: D l IW l'lf.XlQl, .Xl,l,lfN Cll1ll'11S l, 2, 3, 45 ll'w1dm!11' 45 S111- 3, 45 S4-11i111' Class l'lay. 11511 C"""'ll 41 1c111Y l1Ol'l'S 1' 12 1 4 11 1 1 1 ll D , 1 1, - 111111 -5 ., 5 1'1'1cs11 nur 4 JOAN 1xNT11c1NV-C111,1-114 1, 2, .45 45 14111111 1, 2, 3, 45 43 55.,,5,,5. UN 111255, ll'1md1'11l11' 45 G..X.,X. l, 2, 3, 45 llrama Z, 35 Ot-tctu. 3' 4' 'IKCK lJOlJGlf-Class Utlivci' lg ll1111l l 7 5 4 l wt l.ll l, 2, 35 G-1 5 45 X"'--l'-- D.Xl,lf 1x1's'111N441110111-11111' 45 111z1,f,,111.1- 45 1211-Siiy Swim, CIN lflflf 'H W ' X"' Cl11l13,45 1f.1f.1x. 2, 3, 45 s111f111111 C1111111-il 45 1f.1141- ' ' lvall l 35 l3:lslc01l1all l, 2. Nfllilxlf l3O0l,l'llTl,lf-Cl1i11'11sl 7 3 4 ll! 111 . . . . .. . , . Z, 35 4: fl..X..X. l, 2, 3, 4: 0611-111 4 Gl,l-.IX lll4.lll.l'.li-Class X100-l,l'l'SI1lCl!l l5 ll mwdrnlli 45 1111411111 IH1111' I M'I1',HU'1'L' U U 4 45 X'lll'Slly Cl11l1 2, 4, 45 144411145111 2, 3, 111-:Nav 1c111c1:1:1f.1f,.x, 1, 2, .45 4 14.1 XX N ICIJIJY-Yarsity Clull lg 1".l",.X. l, 2, Yice-l'resi- tlenl 3, l'resulent lg Traek Z, 3, -lg Footllall -lg llasketlvall lg llaseliall 3, lg ll. 'lfs -lg Boxing 3. lyOllIiR'l' GlillRKIC--Yarsity Cluls 3, lg Footlmall 2, 3, eo-Captain -lg Gears lg ll. T.'s Z, lg liantam-weight lloxing Champ Z, lgightweight Champ 3. NNlf'l'll GIlfSlfKl'i--lloxiiig 2, 3,g ll. 'l'.s l, Z, 3,. lyOlll'iR'l' GORKI.XN-l'l'ransl'er Zg Chorus 2g Drama Zg 'llraek 3, -lg lfootlmall 3, lg Cross Country -lg Gears' Seeretary lg ll. 'll.s Z, 3g Boxing Z, 3. N.Xl,lJ GRll,l.---Yarsity Clulr 3, lg Track l, Z, 39 lftmllwitll 2, 3, lg llaslietlwall l, 2. XX XRIHCN Il.Xl1liN---Chorus lg llaucl l, 2, 3, lg Oreliestra 3, lg l".l'i..X. Reporter l, 2, l'resifleut 3, -lg Nlelterueigllt lloxing Clunnp Z, Kliflmlleweigltt Cltznnp 3, XX'elteru'eigln 3. IU XN lll'ilSl,lfll--lllmrlfolzt' .-Xssistant lfllitor -lg Hz'- l.i,ffl1l.v 3, lg G,.X..X. 2, l'nlvlieity Manager 3, Yiee- l'resitlent -lg llrauia .Zg .Xll-school Play lg Senior Class l'lay. IIJXYIN llICNRICKS--'llrausfer 2g Chorus 3, -lg 'llraek lg liaselwall 3, lg Quartet -lg Boxing 2, 3g Senior Class lllay. T' Xl'l, llll.lJlfIlR.XNlJT--Chorus lg Varsity Clulf 2, 3, lg l7.l"..-X. l, .Zg llasketlvall 3, -lg Baselwall 1, 2, 3, lg Quartet -lg ll. 'l'.s 3, -l. P XT lll7TSON-llatnl l, 2, 3, lg Orchestra 2, 3, -lg ll'1H1flt't71ll. lg G..X..X. l, 2, Sports Manager 3, Presimlent -lg Stullent Council 3g Girls' State 3. Ixl'l'll IlOllNSON--Transfer Zg Class Secretary 3g Chorus 2, 3, lg Il'tmrz't'0l1i lg GA..-X. 2, 3, -lg Stu- clent Council 3g Girls' League l'resi:leut lg Oetette lg All-school l'lay -lg Girl's League Confereuee lg Senior Class Play. DONALD K.XlSliR--Class Treasurer 3g Chorus 3, -lg lhtrodrnlli lg Varsity Cluls 2, 3, -lg 'llraek -lg llas- ketlmall l, 2, 3g llaselwall l, Z, 3, lg lloys' State 33 Cross Country lg Senior Class l'lay. -l.XNlf KHNNICIJY-lhonrlfolzz' lfclitor lg Ili-l,1igl1l.r 3, lg G,.X..X. 3, -lg llrama Zg .Xll-seliool l'lay -lg Senior Class Play. BIXRCI.-X KHRNS- Chorus 1, 2, 3g ll'vurlt'ul11' -lg G..-X..-X. l, 2, 3, lg llrama Z, 3g Uetette 3, l. IXICYTQRLY Kl'NIJlf--Il'oozlrolti -lg G..X..X, l, 2, 3, -lg Cheerlezulers 3g llrama l, Z, 3, lg .Xll-seliool l'lay -lg Senior Class Play. l,YLli l.-XIJlfliOGlfIJ-lfootlwall lg ll. T.s 3, -l. XYILLI.-XXI l.lXlJlflfOGliIJfGears l, 3g B, T.s 1, 2, -l. YIOLET Llflf--Transfer -lg G..X..X, l. l'HYLl.lS l.lNlJY.Xl.l.--ll'tmdrulli lg ll!-I.1'gl1l.v -lg G..X.xX. 2, 3, -lg Drama 3. IJAXYIIJ XICCXNNUN-llaucl l, 2, 3, -lg lhrmdrullf 4g Stntlent Council lg lloys' State 3g Cross County -lg All-school Play -lg Gears' Treasurer lg Senior Class l'lay. XYlLLl.-'XXI MCCANNON-Varsity Clnlm -lg F,F..'X. 1, Z, 3, Secretary lg Track lg liaselwall 3, lg Gears -lg Boxing 2. IQOISFRT MCKIM--Track 3g Footlvall -lg Basket- lmall 1, 2, 3. Page Furry-fuzz fgw l 0 e fj' II11' IJ I'4I1IX' lx. 1.1-I11'I4c Ix, IlIK'Sl'Ixl' IQ. 42011111111 IL fI1'iII IQ, xlulmnsml IF. Iinisvr FI. Kcnm II'l1'L'l' VV. I. IIn'isIv1' Ig. IIk'lll'Ik'Ix S I'. IIiI:Im-I11':u1mIl I' IIulwn XI.Iivr11s Il, IQIIINIK' I.. I,:uI1'fn UI VN. I.CuIL'Iug1'xI X . I.0c , . I. I,m1Ix':all 1 IJ. Xlckzumml NY. XICCZHIIIUII IQ. Mcliim I ll. xlfxlllhllll .X. NIIHCI' L. NL-mcc U, Ox'a'1'ly XI, Oxlulvy R. Vzainc u r...' lx. 1 .KSSYIQIII ll. l,iR'1'CL' l.. Viskc lu Kzliicl IP. R:1m'y IZ, KZIHIIIIISSCII X. SL'hI'lPWIl'l' C. Sl'I'l!'lll'4lL'l' XY, Svlvllcm' C, Slams C. Su-ckcr , Slcinkc j. SXXZHISHII Rl. Thzxycr H. Tlmruloll J. Tm-now Page Fultj lIl.XNlf XlcXl.XIIXN-Clmrus I, 3, 43 IIIIHIIIIUIII 4 fI..X..X, I, Z, 33 T1'CIlSIII'K'I' 43 l,I'1lIII2l 3, 43 Svnim- Claus l'l:1y. QNULIJ XlIl.l.lfli--II'wurlmlzi 43 X':1rsiIy Clulv 3, S:u'gn':1l1t-:1I-.Xrmw 43 I".I"..X. Sl'l'I'L'IIll'y I, 2, 4 Slmlcnl Cmxxwil l'1'csimIcnt 43 Ifmmlllglll 2, 3, 4 Iluxing Z, Light llczxvywuiglmt Cu-cI1:l111p 3. I I-fUI..X XICXIICL' 'l'rn11st'vr 33 Clwrus 43 Ili-Ligflzlv 4 G. .X. .X. 4. lxlllllflilll 0X'lflQl.Y-llzxml I3 X'zu'sily Clull 3, 4' Stmlvm Cmlxwil Suvrctxlry 43 ,IlI'IlCl-Q I, 2, 33 lfmll Imll I, 2, 3, cu-c:1lv1z111143 Iluslwllmll I, Z, 3, 43 llux- ing I, Ijglllxwigllt CIIZIIIIII 2, XXI-IlI1c1'xx'viyI1I CI 14n1m1 ll 3. Xl.XliAliIlQllf UX'l'lIllY-- 'IIIYIIISIUI' 4. lxlQ'lI.XIQll l'.XlNlf Ilvzxrs 43 Iluxing 3. lxUY I'XSSI"IIiI.lIf l7.l"..X. I, 41 Cours I, 43 Iluxlng I, 33 Il, 'I'.s I, I. I IQIQXIL I-. l'lI-.I4L'l'. Clnlrus 43 llzuul I, 2, 3, 43 Siu llcul Cmxllril I. I UKKXINI1 l'I5lxI', CllHl'IISI,.2,.l1 II.,.vf1.v,1,,'4g ll: l.1y,'!1t.v 33 I...X,.X. I, 43 Inrls l.ung'11c bn'c1'n'1:11'y Z, Ifrvsl1m:n1-Svnim' CIIIIYIIIIZIII 43 Uctcllc 3, 4. llfllll RXI"I"lfI. ll. 'lfs l'1'csi4lm-111 43 Suuiur Flaw I'l:1y. IIXXXXYN IC li XX lfY--L'l1uI'11s Z, 43 Ill'-1.igfl1f.v43 llrzuna 43 'llrzack Nlzluzxgcr 33 Rzlskn-llvzxll .23 .XII--clnml l'l:xy 43 Svuim' Class Play. lllfT'l'Y lQ.XSXll'SSlfNf fflwrus I, 2, 3, 43 llhurlrulli 43 ,ll-l.1fllIf.V 2, 3, 4. .Xl,lClf SCIIROICIJICIQ- Cluwus I, 4: Iljfwrlmlli 43 Ili- l,ig111l.f I3 1I,.X,.X. 2, 3, 43 Ortvltc 3, 4. CXROI. I,lfI-I SCIIIQUICIJI-QR-f 'IIrx1m1'vr 43 lI'Imdml1i 43 lI..X..X, 43 Clwwlczulcl' 43 X'v:11'ImnI4 Qm-un 43 SUIIIUI' Class l'I:1y. XX lI.l.l.XXI 5I3.l.QIlUXX-X111-suly Llulv 2, 3, 43 llzlsv- Imll 2. L'I,.XIlQlQ ST X XS Clmrnw 3, 1,14f-- 1 v - LXXIQUI, bl I-.ilxlzli Clmrus I, 2, 3, 41 II nmlmlllz 43 lI..X..X. I, 4. -IKXXXX S'lIl'.lNlxI'.- llxuul I, 2. AIIQXN SXX'.XNSfJX-CIwl'lls 2, 33 Uvlvllc 4. XIXRIIQ 'l'Il.XYIQIQ- 'III'1lII5Ik'I'.21 ll'fw1l.If!1i 43 fI..X..X. 2, Social Clmirmim 3, 4: Stuelm-nl C'm1m'iI 33 Svnim' Class I'Iz1X'. IIXZICI, 'lIIIUlQN'l'ON II'.mfl.wlr1' 4: Ili-l,i,1l:l.v 3, 4, l...X..X. 2, 3, 4. ,IU .XXXI-, 'I'URNCJXX- Class X'Ik'l"I'l'l'5IlIt'IIl Z, 3, 4, llxllul I, Z, 3, 43 II'wm'.'uf1i 43 GMX. X. 3, Sm-c1'm'I:l1'y43 CI1u-1-Ivzulws 2, 3, XIZIIWIIIIII 43 Sw1vIuu11m'c IJIIVUII Z3 llmm'Cm11i11g QIIK'l'II 4. .5 , X . . Aw .4 Puffs' Far't,v-.vr:'un Tracy H. XY:1kclcy R. XYcscutt J. XXX-st Cnr. XVillinms Ch. xXAilliZl.l11S bl. XYiHiZlI11S Y, XX'1lCllCl't Y. Xyuml VICRRY 'l'R.XCYA-l3uxi11g'Z, Clmrlottc XXilliams-II'mfflmlzi 43 G..X..X. 1, 2, 33 Chcvrleudcrs 2, 3, 43 Raton 'lxwirliug' 3, 4. "W""', V3X'X""""Y""1"'S1"' 5? 14'-AX' 4' JACK xx'l1,I,I.m1s-1:31111 1, 21 Nuys' Sum- .43 can-fu-S 4' ll Q 2, 33 S" ' 'lzg' VI: 1 QICIIARIJ WIQSCOTT-1f.1f..x. 2, 3, 4. ' UW" Um" L N '5 YIQRNOX XYCJI.l.Ifli'l'4I".I"..X. I, 23 Sccrutnryl IIJXN NYHST--Cl1cwl'1ls 43 C..X..X. l, 2. Tl'C2lSlll'0l' 33 x'iL'0-Pl'CSillk'lIl 43 Uxwclvzlll 43 ll. T5 43 Iiuxing 3. CKIQULYN XYILLI.XKIS-Il'unff.'rvf1l' 43 GHXMX, 1, 3, 43 YIYIAN XYUOIlA'lxrg111st'cx' 33 CINIFIIS 43 l!'n.v1l.'nl1f C1101-r'lc:1clc1'S 2, 3, 4. 43 CUXHX. 4. Seniors XYithout I,iCtLIl'CS- RAYMOND G.-XYLORIJ ARTHVR lJ.XN,X . i,T Paw- FrrI'f,X"A'I-jlllf Page ww wuz of ww iam l'earl .-Xllen wills some of her hair to anyone wl Yiolet Lee leaves XY. C. H. S. to wait 'til l950 llenry Ebert leaves his place in Howell's class llon Eddy leaves his build to some tiny freshma Dave lirisbie leaves his modestness to Roger Ray Gaylord leaves! XVell, isn't that what most llob Gehrke leaves by the back door and wills Ken Gieseke leaves to follow a blonde gal's fo llale Austin leaves on ice skates for nid-night liob Gorman leaves for the big, wide world without the nickname "I'inkie," or does he. hockey-and his ability to sleep in class iose hair just won't grow. for that navy man. tm some lfutnre lfarmer of America. n. Derniont. seniors do? his path to school to his brother llud. otsteps. Namely llorothy Remus. 7 to Mike Stom- panato. , . ' . K Lilen llehler leaves his avoirdupois to Herb emp. Ronald llentz wills some of that beautiful crop of hair to Rob Clark, or does he need it? Ernest I-Bohn leaves his abilit ' to read Shakes eare to anv 'unior that mav need it next vear. 5 . J . . lleve liunde leaves her many nick names to anyone who'll take them. l'hyllis Lindvall wills her beautiful complexion to Phyllis McCannon. who really doesn'I need it. Marcia Kerns leaves in Jimmie's jalop. Pmut natchl m Diane McMahon wills her skating accomplish Leola Nemec leaves to spend more time with Margie Oxtoby leaves her junior nursing uni lierniece Pierce and Betty Rasmussen leave, giggling Lorraine Piske leaves in her car, with or without the llon Grill leaves his place in physics class for so VVarren llager wills his effervescent laugh to S llnd Henricks wills his way to keep 'em laugh already. Paul Hildebrandt wills the Ashbarrel to any Don Kaiser leaves his talent of disagreement to ents to Marilyn Ilusse. Corky-maybe all her time from now on, huh? form to anyone who thinks she can fill it. as usual. door. me up and coming junior. l'oor Larry! tatiley Torgeson who never cracks a smile. ing in chorus to lVayne Johnson, who has taken over P 1 any senioi English student Lyle Ladefoged wills his ability to run pedestrians down to some local fiend llill Ladefoged and Claire Stass leave in a cloud llave lXlcCannon wills his "villain" part in the llill McCannon leaves to find Dee Menzel, who Pob Mcliim leaves his ability to keep clear of ot dust on l ill s motorcycle ill school play to '1 next year s actor preceded him a year. omen to 'mv man who can figure out his secret. 3 . VV c Y 1 1 Arnie Miller leaves his football uniform to Bob Clark. Think it'll lit, Rob? oker Jlayer, but takes his yellow shirt with him. ' . I' l - . . , . Y . . 1 x r f v , K - C . K s u B Vernon XVoellert leaves his boxing ability to Roy Passfield leaves his ability to work on the Hob Overly leaves his way with the women to ' P' 'ff Dick l'aine leaves English Vl. ls " tex " really Ferd Raffel leaves to make room for his sister Dwavne Raney wills his dramatic experience to Forlyvnine ill Reese. same shop piece for a semester without getting bored. Bob VVesterbc-ck who should carry on successfully. getting rid of him this time? Susy. Ralph Stork who may need it when he gets a bigger part. llill Selchow leaves for Arizona, maybe! Eugene Shook wills his free throw ability to Roger llermont. Goocl luck, Roger! llaroltl XYakely leaves his curly locks to Harolml llearclsley. YYl1y? llick Xlescott leaves to weigh o11t vegetables for tl1e clemancling customers at the A anfl P. Alice Schroemler leaves for the county clerk's otlice anal for the altar soo11. Carol l,ee Schroemler wills l1er height to Elaine Stieg who still l12lSl1lt grown much. Carol Stecker leaves i11 Rat'tel's tlower truck. Yivian XX'ootls wills her quietness to llarbara lli11kel wl1o never stops talking. Charlotte Xkilliams leaves, hancl i11 hand with Jack lloclge. Looks kinrl of permanent, tloes11't it? Carolyn XX'illian1s leaves. 'cause llob is waiting. 'lean XX'est leaves, still looki11g for that certain man. hlo Anne 'l'ornow leaves her ability to make friends to everyone. llazel 'llhornton leaves, perinanently, for the sunny south. lflorifla, that Hickey 'llhayer leaves for the big metropolis of llfbron, licking a pepperniint slick, cuz sl1e likes "C:n1tly." .lean Swanson bequeaths the lllClil1ZlUlC "Jeanie" to jean SllCl'INZlll. .Ioann Steinke bequeaths all l1e1' l-3's to some struggling freshnian. .lane t l'inkiel liennetly leaves next year's job as llfoodcolzi eclitor to so111e able bomlietl junior. .Ruth johnson wills the maroon monster to 'fRecl," to carry 011 traflition anfl the littler Johnsons. l'at llutson wills her sports' enthusiasm to llevona Nelson. lfse it to aclvantage, Devona. ,loan lleislcr leaves her wise cracks to anyone wl1o ca11 get by with them, as she clitl. Susan lfversmeyer leaves, but I'CIHC1NlJCl', girls, llucl is still t21liL'll. Norine Doolittle leaves the eclitorship of Ili-I,ig1'11'.r to .lean Engstroni who shoulcl carry till very 11icely. lliane Collins wills the 'lloclcl boys to Dorothy Smith, who will glaflly carry on. Ann llrennecka leaves her sewi11g ability to Shirley Vkhiting wl1o trierl harfl, but just can't clo it. llarbara lleilke leaves her place i11 the Senior Songsters to ,loan Yannick, who will take it over nicely. hloan ixlllllflllw' leaves her recl hair to anyone wl1o C2111 figure out the formula. 'lack XX'llll1llllS wills his upright stature to hlininiis llusthimer, who coulcl use it! liolantl llurnieister wills his brain to science. Interesting material, el1 what? Lloytl Carlson leaves his "temptation look" to anyone who can use it with the pe1'suasive11ess he does. Artliur llana leaves, but l1is brother will more than make up for his absence. .lolm Dobbs wills his photographic technique to smmeone who would like to CIITII IIIUIICY o11 senior pictures. In t'UlIc'lItXi0lI, 'rut' flzc' class of '49 Icatc old lV.C.ll..S'. for colleges, job, niurvirigc, etc., flzankfnl for the vdizcafion all our 1'Cfll'1ICI'5 1IU'Z,'C c'11dr'az'0red to equip us ieiflz. Page Fifty 7!ze Paopheaq W 744 Wm A long sigh can be heard by Clzarloffe as .lack Sinks into the easy chair, after a long day's work at the "United Confederation of Alemitesl' to read the UNITED NATIONPS HERALD, tyear 1959j, edited jointly by .lane lXVt'II1lc'!l.t' and Norine Doolittle, with Jolzn Dalwlm as photographer. On the front page we see that "The Pink Pub" ta big uptown jointj owned by R. fljiizlficj Cfarlnan, was again misleading to the public and the chief of police, Glen lielilcr, had to ma':e a slight raid last night. lt all started when those multi-millionaires Dale .-fuslin and Heli illclfiui lost a few million in the "back room" and squealed to the police. Ah, we see here that the high school class of 1939 will have that famous all-girl orchestra of lVarren Ilagcrlr and the crooner, Ilan' llerz1'it'l'.r, at their next dince. ln the second column here we see where David Frixlwie is going to run for President in the next election. He should get somewhere with all that height. 6 The society pages give lots of news of the class of '49, We see where Plzyllis I,ina'7'all, wife of a famous orchestra leader, visited with relatives over the week-end. NVell, well, .llarrfa lx'crn.v had another set of twins. Pretty soon they will just have to get a bigger car. Here is a picture of Carol Lee .S'cl1roctler. So she really did wait for Tom to get out of school. Ah. Carolyn lfVfllia1n.s' is all set up i11 that new house with pots and pans and dishes. Those hope chest days were really helpful. fo Tornozt' and illirkic Thayer al'e still the toasts of the town. Such popular people! Sue 1fzfci'sni.'ycr and Ilascl Thornton are now living peacefully and undisturbed on their little islands with llud and respectively. Don Grill is so far noted the ideal bachelor, but is still trying. .lean lflftxrf had a little party for all her kindergarten kiddies. She certainly is kept busy with "her man', and teaching. Barlvara l?eillec, Lcola lVt'IHL'l', Violet Lee, and .-llict' .S'rl1rnvr1'vr have been voted as the ideal housewives of the year. Here is an article about Lorraine Pislev marrying an auto mechanic. Now she can really keep that car up to par. VVhat it this? .loan rlnflzony, Vivian lVood, and Diane lllczllalzon have taken up residence in Huntley. That town still holds their appeal! The sports' page is monopolized by Gena Slzook, pro-basketball playerg Lloyd Carlson, cross-country track star: llolw Ofwrly, All-American football star, aid Pat llznlron, famous woman basketball player. lfill .hic'lt'll0'Zf.', llill l.aalcfogefl and Ronald Dent: are still trying to see the world from a motorcycle. The homemaker page finds Pearl ffllcn, .flnn ll7'f'7l!fL'!'l?U, Nettie llontl, and .tfnzlrcy lirunnci' as the typical farm wives of 1959. Ciiarol ,Slfcclrcr got the blue ribbon for flower arrangement in the last farm and home show. XYell, why not, with all those flowers so near! -Afrnic llfillcr and Don lftltly grew the tallest corn in lllinois in l959. That l".l"..-X. class certainly helped them in something. As Jack clicks on the radio, he hears YV.l.L.A., a successful nation-wide station, owned and operated by Roland lfnrnzcixfcr, lnc.. with lieu' lX'1llIlI1C, Rnflzic' .,0lIlIS01f, and llTi'lI.X'lIc' Ranebr as the dramatic artists, Most of the scripts for the intellectual programs are written by that dramatist of history, ,loann .S'fit'11l't'. .loan llcislcr does a lot of the impersonating, while Bcity ICUSIJIIIXSJII and licrnicrc Pierce help out on the program, "The liest Laughs of the VVeek." Yes, in all walks of life the class of 1949 move on, daily advancing in every held to fortune and happiness. Page Fifty-one 7fae 49e'z4 in Secamf Qaacfe annum 7114 GJ 7fze 490:11 Hay hzicls m 43 we huzirmlccl our cuvorccl wzngmi :mel hzmrgcfl llirrmgh tha mlnurs to cxplurc thc l1lySlK'l'lUllS iutcriur of high Scliruul. XYC were lliomllgllly initizltccl hy thc almighty seniors during' ul'41'CSl1lL'u wcck :mfl :11 thc lfrcshmrm Rcccplirm. llmx' wc l:mghc-cl :it the lmuys in shorl slcirts :mrl fznicy huts, :mil the girls XX'llllZ1Ul-JIIICYV, l1:1ir-clu.Ch1r wagon pullcnl tlirwugli lv:mh0c:m1l "Schmicmlic's 1ll4'L'lll'1l with Ilving colors Rmrxlml licnlv verx' c'np'1lJlx' lccl us lll1'UUY"l1 thc rc'1r 5 Y . . 1 . . 1 1 , . 5 ' 1 , :is om' hrst prcsiclcnt. Vl'hcn wc hzul pzlssccl nvcr thc hrst :mil ruclxicsl pzirl of um' jrmriicy, wc felt surcnfu11rsclvcs:mrl wry cuzilimlczil. XXI' xrcrc snplnmmrcs Xxillllt :1 clzmcc wc gave :ls our Srmplmmurc Czirnivzill A-X nicrry-gi1-ruuml cheerfully clccurzxtcfl thc ccntcr of thc gym :mil thc lruc :rtmosphcrc was :iltziincnl l the liuiims :ls quccn :mcl lung, :mil Nic l'.x'crsmcx'c1' ffuiflcrl rs succcsslullx in ci th I A A. . .. " ',"' 1' hy CIll'IllVZll scencs covering thc walls. .lu 'llmwimr :mil Gene Shook clnimcc . . 4 . . rough spots :ls class presiclcnt. 'llllCll wc xvcrc lizllf-way through our jruurncy incl happily moving omrzircl. It gn' Ififty-2 Then we were upper classmen. Oh! How we waited for that superior feeling of juniors. fp in front of our quickly moving vehicle was Lloyd Carlson and his right hand men .lo 'l'ornow, Ruth Johnson, and lion Kaiser. Our prom was, of course, up in the heights. 'lihe clouds, that is, the theme being "Castles In The Air." Sue Eversmeyer was crowded with a beautiful white carnation crown. in front of the towers of our realistic flower-trellised castle. Our senior year came rolling around almost before we realized it. XYe began Macbeth: we'd dreaded if for three years: and Larry endeavored unconcernedly to pull us through courses of physics and chemistry. Dave lirisbie headed our last lap of the journey with the help of Lloyd Carlson, Gene Shook, and Sue Eversmeyer. "VVe" brought the Student Council into existence. with ,-Xrnie Miller as president. The Homecoming Dance claimed jo 'l'ornow as queen. lYe 49ers gave our original Yearbook I-'ormal with appropriate wagon wheels and gold streamers. And now, here we are at the XYest Coast and the end of our journey. Uur wagon may be a little tattered here and there, but as we look back we see four very successful years of fun, happiness, work and comradeship. XY-e have many just as successful years ahead of us: so, "XYorld." here we come! fy' I '7fze fad! .faafa 141 742 JUNLOR CLASS QFHQEHS FACULTY WALL 'SLNLOR CLASS OFFICERS BT 'S GEAR5 ima H Bopmomoaf CLASS OFFICERS t'z Complimenfs of ' ROYAL BLUE FOOD MART 9-1 2-z CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I949 DlSBROW'S GROCERY if Complimen+s of It ASMUS MARKET QUALITY MEAT PIGGLY-WIGGLY I26 N. Benfon Phone 534 K R 0 G E R ' S Congra+ula+ions Beffer Living for Less W A L S H ' S SUNNYSIDE GROCERY Dean Sfreef SCHUETT'S GROCERY Phone 505 Q., L.: R. W. SCHULTZ Mcl-lenry Couniy's Leading lndependeni Markei Richelieu Groceries - Top Grade Meafs Fine Frozen Foods Complimenis of Oakside Dairy Products. Inc. 9-1 S-1 Woodsfoclr Q COR-DEL'S MEET AT S H A D Y R E S T Dining Room and Tap H U N T E R ' S Caiering io Pariies and Banqueis Privaie Dining Room Phone l055 Highway 47 Dinner Sandwiches Founiain Service AIRPORT GRILL A+ ihe Airporf Phone 858 Wooclsiock . . EVERYONE DOES Shop fasier wiih coupons ai Wards. To speed your credif shopping, iusi buy 55, SIO, and S20 Merchandise Coupon Books on our Monihly Paymeni Plan. Spend ihem as cash on any iiem. Pay for ihem oui of income. MONTGOMERY WARD CO. SEARS ORDER OFFICE 24-Hour Service Orders placed before I o'cloclc may be picked up ihe nexi day. A+ Graduaiion Time BUY Hamilion - Elgin - Bulova Wrisi' Waiches Couriesy and Service, Our Policy - Saiisfaciion, Our Guaraniee F. T. FERRIS IO3 Van Buren S+. Phone l070 Jeweler Page Fifty Complimenls of BOB MILLER JEWELER Buy Wifh Confidence . . . . . . Wear Wifh Pride L-1 Complimenls of RAY WOLF JEWELERS 2l6 Main S+. Phone l232 Woodsfoclx MITCHELL DRUG STORE Walgreen Sysfem C. J. MITCHELL. R.Ph. Phone 498 ll6 Ben+on Sf. Woodsloclc We exlend a cordial invifalion lo you, fhe fulure business men and women of lhis communily, lo malce use of This banlcs facilities. All good wishes lo fhe Class of I949. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WOODSTOCK Member of lhe Federal Sysfem Member of lhe Federal Deposil Insurance Corporalion Besl' Wishes Io +he Class of I949 E1 THEODORE L. HAMER HUBERT PHARMACY Prescriplion Druggisfs Lucien Lelonq and Old Soulh Perfumes Revlon I-1 LUlCK'S ICE CREAM EARLY AMERICAN BAKERY Pioneer in Frozen Baked Goods 1-1 Phone 4I4 JOSLYN, PARKER 81 VAN DOREN LAWYERS Phone I I 35 Woodsfoclc l"l'f!j'-.ri"i' Complimenfs of GLENN E. WRIGHT, M.D. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '49 A. S. ROMBERGER. M.D. and W. H. NEWTON. M.D. Complimenfs of DRS. NELSON and WITTENBERG Complimenfs of DR. M. A. BUTLER D.D.S. DR. W. H. DEWOLF DENTIST Ellrs Building Congraiulafions fo lhe CLASS OF '49 E. B. STEGMAIER. D.D.S. Complimen+s of DR. PAUL A. SCHWABE OPTOMETRIST McHenry County Land Co. Real Esfafe, Farm Loans and Insurance I22 Benlon S+. Phone 2Il McHenry Counfy Tifle Bldg. Woodsloclc, Illinois Fifty Congratulations to the Class ot I94? From the Employees ot the Woodstock Daily Sentinel McHenry County's Only Daily Newspaper Congratulations to the Class ot I949 THE WOODSTOCK JOURNAL A McHenry County's Fastest Growing Newspaper Congratulations to the Class of I949 H. W. Schmidt Printing Co. Largest Store ot Furniture and Rugs in McHenry County THOMAS B. MERWIN Furniture and Undertaking Ambulance Service with Oxygen Equipment Phone 222 2I5 Main St. Phones 56 8: 7l Woodstock JEN-A-SEE Laundry Company Rod' of Ages Family Monuments 4I0 Clay St. Phone 655 2-1 i-'w We Own and Operate Our Own Dry Cleaning Plant 227 Troop St. Phone 258 229 Main St. Phone 90I Compliments of BUCKLEY CLEANERS U. San. O. Insured Moth Proof Cleaning System Q Phone 447 ANDERSON'S DRY CLEANERS 'Ve Call and Deliver Call Us tor Dye Worlc We Operate Our Own Plant 530 E. Judd Phone 789 Fifty-uirzc Complimenfs of Complimenls of RAFFEL FLORAL GARDENS Flowers for Every Purpose R 0 S E F A R M Bauslce and Hinner Phone 7I I BUSSE GREENHOUSE Flowers for All Occasions 21 7:0 McHenry Ave. Phone 479 BOWMAN BROTHERS HIGH GRADE SHOES For All Occasions A Corner Cass and Main See Us for Nalionally Adverlised Brands, such as: Berkshire Hose . . Bobby-Jean Coa+s Arlemis Slips . . Samsoni+e Luggage S-1 WOODSTOCK DRY GOODS Your Old Reliable Sfore Congrafulafions +o ihe CLASS OF '49 CLARENCE'S CUT 8: CURL Q-'w "Where Girl Meefs Curl" WEAR C O N W A Y ' S GOOD CLOTHES i'z 207 Main S+. Miller Thealer Building WIENKE 81 BEARD Good Clofhes for Men I I u Bes+ Wishes From The VOGUE SHOP E N G L E ' S MILLINERY . . HOSIERY INFANTS' AND LADIES' WEAR s.5 lll Ben+on S+. FEMININE STYLES THAT MAKE FASHION PAGES Complimen+s of L. A. BARMANN Co. Home oi World Famous Eledrical Appliances Q.-X I36 Cass S+. Phone 390 Q-n See Them a+ I Barmann's Style Shoppe w I E N S Smar+ Clo+hes for Women l02 Cass S+. Phone 253 THE LEXY SHOP B O H N Woods+oclz's Only Exclusive HARDWARE CQ, Children's S+ore Every+hing for In+an+s, . I . To+s, Girls, Boys L"2 Woocls+oclr's Leading Hardware S+ore 220 Main S+. Phone 273M Phone 758 Tl-lomrson APPLIANCE co. DACY ELECTRIC C0- FRlGlDAlRE Delco Ranges . . Radios . . S+okers Oil Burners . . Air Condi+ioners Washers . . Vacuum Cleaners Wa+er Sys+em . . Elec+rical Con+rac+ing 233 Main S+. Woods+oclc ROY L. THOMPSON "McHenry Coun+y's Mos+ Comple+e Elec+rical S+ore" '-1 Phone Woods+oclc 722 - 723 Glenn Simpson l I l SURGE SERVICE DEALER SPORTS CENTER L-1 "Where Sporfsmen Mee+" E. L. BAKKOM 81 CO. Hardware - - Houseware Sporfing Goods - - Radios Refrigerafors - - Home Freezers 1'-u Aufo Accessories - - Tires and Tubes DACY LUMBER 3-z Phone Woodsfock 75 CompIimen+s of SH URTLEFI: COMPANY Compiimenfs of Johnson Sheet Metal Shop HALL 81 ECKBERT Complimenfs of PEOPLE'S INSULATION CO. S KRUSE REFRIGERATION G.E. Commercial Equipmenf Home and Farm Freezers C. L. ROUSH FARM IMPLEMENTS Air Condi+ioning E-1 Wifh Besf Wishes and Success 645 McHenry Ave. Phone 632 +0 fhe Class of '49 Chrysler Plymoufh SALES AND SERVICE C. T. ABBOTT 81 SONS l I I Phone 500 Woodsfoclc F. R. GOODALL OIL CO. l l l CITIES SERVICE Pefroleum Producrs . . Greasing Tires . . Ba'Heries . . Fuel Oils Complimenfs of ROBERT VIEREGG SINCLAIR SERVICE Complimenls of C O N A R D HAHN OIL COMPANY I22 Throop S+. Woocls'I'oclc, Illinois 9-1 Woodsock-Hicks Gas. Inc Bull! and BoH'Ied Gas Gas Appliances E... 1. 'ty-three HOLMES NASH SALES, Inc. NASH SALES AND SERVICE The Airflyfe Designed, Engineered and Buill wifh The Touch of Tomorrow F-1 Phone l080 Complimenfs of HURLEY MOTOR SALES BUICK AND PONTIAC F-1 Dodge - Plymoufh - Dodge Trucks Direci Facfory Dealer GOODROW'S GARAGE DESOTO PLYMOUTH HARDING MOTOR CO., Inc. "Firs+ in Service" GMC TRUCKS Sales and Service l l I ""- Phone IOOO 200 Washing+on S+. Phone 908 225 E. Calhoun S+. Congrafulafions on a Fine Woodcohi For Thaw' Fine Ford in Your Fufure TOWNSENUS OLDSMOBILE - CHEVROLET Where Friend Meefs Friend Des Plaines - Woodsfoclr CALL SWANSON MOTORS Phone 666 Easy fo Remember P Xlf CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I949 'Xi Woodstock Typewriter Co P. O. Knuth Co. Sporting Goods Otiice Supplies 'X Northern Illinois Broadcasting Company WOODSTOCK, ILLINOIS Class "A" Frequency Modulation Radio Station WILA Channel No. 22I 92.I Megacycles McHenry County's Community Broadcaster Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of I949 With our complete banlcing and trust services we stand reacly to assist you as Compliments of you build your future. Electric Auto-Lite Company 4-1 Die Casting Division The State Bank of Woodstock Organized in l889 59 Years oi Continuous Banking Service Member F.D.l.C. P A T R O N S Keller's Kem's Dairy The Green Cup Tiny Hansmann Frett Brothers Woodstock Grill R. O. Andrew 8: Co. Louis F. Ohlrich F. W. Woolworth Co. Russell V. Nelson Ideal Locker Company Roland B. McCannon Woodstock Awning Shop Rolling Rhythm Rink Woolt, the Furrier 8: Tailor Brownie's Hobby Shop Hoerbert's Beauty Parlor Scharnau's Milk Depot Olsen's Jobbing House, Inc. The Gang ot the A. 8: P. Dr. Robert N. Maylott, O.D. Compliments ot Sherburne Bowling Lanes I S Herb Cameron Explosives Dynamile ancl Blasling Supplies Explosives Engineering Service Difch and Slump Blasling PICTURES BY STUDIOS Compllmenls of PRINUNG BY WILLIAM J. GAY, D.V.M INTERSTATE VETERINARIAN COVERS BY L! DURAND ' ENGRAVING OF I949 wooocoi-u By PoNnAc: ENGRAVING coMPANY J MM ovyfdygfl go 0 QW W WW str, X 0 9' If C I no J.,- - , 2 F' I92I 4 l 'If S' 'fs' 0 A 5 505 7 . ff X Q Q X jx 1 f ffl ff' x X K fwfr ! 1' , ,' L, ,ff , fgf O ' q A V f 3 QF I "" 55' 5' LN gb X9 0 A30 k? fuk MXN Xx A 1. if x- " ' A' 'TWA Z?f:r:1 .'l'-Zi-"EET

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