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H.,.,,5-W ,,ff,,.k',u.,H ,I ,,.m,.W,--,, 7 f qn.:3f,--f'w-,gM,A- V ., L y,w,w,X9,,2 wiv- 'J -'Q WU.. .1 . 1 oonreu F CH 1 TIAN scHoo K, ,--""" :::e-- x . TIN Q XX N. gi ' 6 J v ,Q '1 ' D ' 0 -if Q Art by Jennifer Johnson, Grade 5 Jesus looked around and saw rich men dropping their gifts in the Temple treasury, and he also saw a very poor widow dropping in two little copper coins. He said, "I tell you that this poor widow put in more than all the others. For the others offered their gifts from what they had to spare of their richesg but she, poor as she is, gave all she had to live on." Luke 21:1-4 GNB 16400 Woodruff Avenue Bellflower, California 90706 42133 867-8594 MR . LIA t , friends or not. I loved my teacher. S . f' ' N We Q 1? .xi V' ' r ' I X 'Li Mrs. Williams is so nice, she calls us Sugar and Spice. She tells us reading is fun, in the shade or in the sun. Arithmetic, we all agree, has to be learned by you and me. She teaches us we can have fun when our "A-B-C's" are done. And after the final bell does ring, we can play on the swing. She has a heart of gold for the young and for the old. She loves to hug us all, the short and the tall. So, we wish her the "best" as she takes a well-deserved rest. By Kimberly Randolph David Randolph Daniel Fiandolph Kelly Randolph This yearbook is lovingly dedicated to Mrs. Naomi Wil- liams, who will be retiring this year, Best wishes and God bless you! 2 MS ISA GIV R SOME STUDENTS REMEMBER HER l really like Mrs. Williams -M stern, but nice -- a teacher, nurse, a beautiful person, great with little kids and wipes away tears. Sarah Hackett, Grade 5 I didn't know what would happen he first day if l would make any he was good to me I made lots ot riends. My teacher s name was Mrs. Williams. Russell Hancock, Grade 3 l remember Mrs. Williams, my teacher. She was a terrific teacher. We used to play with clay and that was fun. We used to color numbers. lThey were people numbersl l like kindergarten. W Cindy Glenn, Grade I think Mrs. Williams is the best teacher l have ever had. She is nice an funny. She always told jokes that are very funny. She used to say that whe we were bad she would hang us from her clothesline. And l bet she still sa it. Nicole Hunsaker, Grade l like Mrs. Williams because she taught me a lot about life and she loved me very much. l Scot Williams, Grade 5 Mrs. Williams in 1975. Drawing by Lori Ryder, Grade 3. She had a monkey and it used to read to us. Mrs. Williams was a real nice teacher, and still is. She gets nicer every year. l love her very much. She's super. Karli Supera, Grade 5 1-'NX Mrs. Williams with the Fiandolphs. DUR LEADERS uf bg! 1 s Ocg HL, mf i-::'i 11 71 U 'j in Y' f' -764 You Mean So Much To Me You mean so much to me, A treasure that is in my heart. You are the apple of my eye. You are always there. You are so rare. How can I tell you what you mean to me? When there is no way to put it. You're so kind, so sweet. How else can I say it? I know that I love you. That is all I can say. But if I could put it just the right way, I would tell you how much I love you. - You are the person I care for most .. . Mr. Don Karr, Principal I just love you so much. You always comfort me when I am down. You are so sympathetic, so patient. 5 I just have to say what you mean to me. You're a friend of all friends . . . A light above all lights. May I say you are so great. 5 How can I put it just the right way? 'P' You are so beautiful in your own way. X You make me feel so, so . . . . gjtlg I just cannot explain. I Yfi i What a great gift to me, t.I That God has sent you. j You mean so much to me. You are the true meaning of friendship, s God made a special plan for you. What could it be with someone as special as you? I just don't know what else I could say, It is just you mean so much to me. You're perfect in every way. When you say something, You say it in just the right way. You never put me down or criticize. You never take life for granted, You just live it in every caring way, What else can I say? You mean so much to me. You are my best friend. Mrs. Virginia Pippin MrS. COrky Luth Secretary Secretary, nurse and much more By Steffanie Goltra Mrs. Janet Walton Mrs. Linda Rice Bookkeeper Bookkeeper 4 H ff: ' Q,-g Q ' ENR 5' ' - iv: ,rwii at . g . - E s Mrs. Williams I. b Mrs. Delia E c g Mrs. w. Clark kllllss 'fl Mrs. Wilton rlll rr'r'r' , .gas -5 -J Mrs. Ruppert Mrs. Harrison .gr Mrs. Word Mrs. Krebs CO QQ Mrs. Garvin 4' Ib Miss Slingerlan Miss Dunn Ve!"-s' e-544 ' 14' 2 Vfwx I, '5 Art by Dyann lib. 7 Williams f la Kindergarten . " X , x , f-2 wr .W ,gh ig. Mrs. Summers M' Mrs. M. Clark Mrs. Fowler I Mrs. Jordan TO MY VERY SPECIAL FRIEND Two people are as one with friendship, love and truth. But one person alone is truly an empty life, but because you are my very special friend my life is no longer empty. You have so many qualities to make you a wonderful friend. You are there to share the ups and downs of my life. You are the sunshine of my glad days, and the rainbow of my sad days. Thank you for always being there to listen, trying hard to understand me, and somehow knowing how to help. You are the rose among the thorns in my life. You give me your time and your interest so unselfishly. You shelter me from the storms of life. You know me as I am and you understand where l've come from, and where I am headed. You've accepted me for what l've become, but you still encourage me to grow. My friend you are the best part of hard times, the brightest of good times. Thank you for giving me a gentle push when I falter, a kind word when I'm lonely, a guide when I am searching, a smile when I'm sad, and a song when I'm happy. ' Our friendship is like a rosebud, with love, honesty and caring. The rosebud will bloom into a beautiful rose. As long as we continue this caring, the rose will never die and nor will our friendship. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for sending my very special friend to me. You, my friend, are truly a special gift that no one can ever take from me, for God has blessed my life by giving me a very special friend like you. V By Jennifer Benefield Alby Nicholson, with friend Bebe Rex Amy Flitch Lisa Campbell W - M W ' "nn, ww rf' , S! xx g si . ,tj l I f ' 1 Marlene Reader Lunch Duty and Pre-Kindergarten K' f,,:VWW..5 w vnzig : 235EH15'1' r "" f 4 ,, ,,,, ,. ' i'ii Chuck Jordan Lunch Duty and 6- - Back Row: Bill George, Karan Slingerland, Tina Adkins and Pat Stanphill Front Row: Leslie George, Eric Bobkowski, Director Pat Nicholson, Michelle Campbell Ouch! Can I help you? THA NK YOU DAYCARE AND LUNCH DUTY AIDES A410116 Pam Bethke, Lunch Aide and All-Around Helper PAR NTS AND 0TH R H LPER5 There are so many parents, relatives and friends who help make Woodruff Christian School a success. A very special "Thank You" to all those who give so freely of their time and love to make our school a special place. We appreci- ate all the trips you take with us, the teaching you provide, the cupcakes you bake, the parties you plan, the prayers you pray, plus so much more. May God bless all of you!! L . 'ii I x X IA. . 'if A X-gs A 1- K L " fffff X ' Q.. L f, 9 fn 1. 1 GFIANDPA AND THE MIRACLE Who cares about anything? Who cares what I think? cause I love all my children, even if I have a little drink. T I They all call me a drunk, but I know each of their names! And those kids that are confused, well, they say I'm to blame. I always told those kids I love them. But they said they never heard. I only hit them once or twice. Not hard, I give you my word! Maybe I got a little mean sometimes, but only after three or four beers. I was only trying to make 'em mind, but they would all end up in tears. And now that they are older, I think and I take long walks, I wonder if they might send a letter that I could find in my old mailbox. But never a word from those three kids. Guess they never think about me! Please, dear God, l've never asked before. I pray you'll hear my plea! I pray everyday now, Lord, and I haven't touched a drink. I feel such sadness and grief. I'm shaking so bad, I can't even think. Maybe death is the answer, hey Lord? This just isn't workin' out. I haven't heard from nobody. I'm getting myself out of this mess! Please help me, my God. Can't you show me a sign? With all this pain and sorrow, is everything going to be fine? For forty long days and nights, I've been sober and I pray. l'm feeling a little bit better, I think l'II call them. Well, Lord, what do you say? 662-0223 .. . John Hamilton, Jr. I waited for a long while "Dad," the voice said. "Yes!" I said, with a smile. "It's been a long time, Dad. We've all wonderedg no one knew. l'm glad you're alright, 'cause you know, I love you!" My eyes were cloudy with tears, now our start was fresh and new. Thank you, dear Lord, Thank you for everythingg for coming through! By Jeri Wakefield 55 5 vi S 2 X 22 553 ?2 ni x. 5, 25 Z 2 2 52 s 5 r A 2 22 si if s: 1 E Q S 2 mx 5 'E is 33 , si S 2 2 3 E BE 33 ve S 5 as YS CLA SSE S I. flll lflll. IIIIIIA 'IIIIIII Il 'llllII. IIIHIIIII4 r l-:nnc'l---- E . X J 55 Q 3 Art work by Kristy Thomson, Grade OUR SIXTH GRAD CLASS TH N. . rf 5 :Nu M ef M94 Excerpt from "The Best Dog in the World" My dog is my friend in a special kind of kind of Way, He listens to me when I have something to say, I tell him ai! my fears, He understands ai! my tears. He greets me when my L day's been bad, His cheerful face makes me feel so glad. He comforts me when Vm Sad, or even when I'm mad. By Rachei Renaud a o .AND N0 S, ..- Q.. , 'B fi lf.. V- K . .W- '5 5. , i- Q. fi' W - p gf " .:.,Z:?E5i:5s , . iii-Q .. . f I .. r - QA We M X . is F X . . . K K . H as-i . 5 354 'QQ K QP' Ss. X - .. . Q , A E fe 4 al X Q iv'-:S 'g Q. X XX Y x O L SF ,,: we , AX iss, Q' XX 'xx it a s X g Q , xx X Kiki :N km X.. is S A... .,.. Y fr, S E fi . X .fkL. k,.. ' ' , 2 IL.. 5 Q .. hs 3... - 'R 'X' 'S LL.. .q. Q N .-s 1 -X L ' K h. 1 ' . R . s.i. L 'Q . 2 . LL.' is i r " A ,,.: . 'ii "-. QL1i'f'2 fiflf Q TESL? wifi? f as 5' mrs. fir' 5 for 5 s , 2 I ,.. 0' "" ""' e ' ..., - . Q , . .. -..W f ,4 Qs' .R 1 ip-af-:X ' 'Nw " K . ' 1 ' Nr - -.we-is S-.Q V .. i . - ,if xx . WW is H . i E K Q - . .,. E R .f .... 2. ,- -. -A 1 - I -ef. . ra. i -' " limi ' 1-' I .. ' K ,, fn .r ,fs , - ' X BW' I ' " K . R ' i X ' .. . .... 5 w i 1 I - :QQI J :4,-fs, 1:11, QQ x .. .li ef: is 5 ' ' ' H 'U 3 5' A T K 5 3 if? K 1 I : ' . .M R R . R W . B . R R M ,, ,. . 3 f an .. W in uf: E, .- X il' ' .5 . H: R 35553 "N 1 ..,. , A i i I -N X . -. is SE? 'x 2' R . in L 1 . .. as . R- , . 551- .. .. 1 " ' .. - f Q. i n 2 - 5 7 X i W, Y infra. f --is-H . ., -me - ' 'WX' ---- X .-,' 1 L -- .I if shelf.. W .'.. ' If 5? 1. 5 ' "' 54ff:::' ' 1: , Q is la lr -- -. 1. :asia K- 'L -f - ' in -' ' . 1 -: . . -. .. is . ' li 2 X-.' I Y i K -. P ., u.. N R . awe.-,.... . KN ia x x 2 x Nga vu 5 iii- Q2 as we X N if Xxx A x X X 'he X? rs s 5 se? r Q N X lxr gf X avx we ivan BQ 'Q"'9' x . -- K ' -f fx . A s fe .X . as S'fg1fg1.s....q. e qfiz' i R if' ' . R' f A ,. . ff - 5 R ' Q ' - '- E. .. . L. R , e - A ' . r ' l rl Jennifer Benefleld Christian Bergsma Brandon Bethke Meri Bowen Danny Cerio Julie Foor Angela Goff Steffanie Goltra Russell Harrison Damon Hicklin Matthew l-lolstege David Howard George John Louie Lemonnier David Lonie David Randolph Kim Randolph Rachel Renaud Stephanie Rice Travis Sharp W Sylvia Shafik Todd Sheets Bryan Sloan ' Matthew Teays Kim Thomson Jeri Wakefield Jennifer Wilson Michael Windsor Bill Woodrome Rochelle Bartholomew Andrea Breeden Victoria Davis John Dietz Michelle Gibson Ryan Goltra May Kaewsith Justin Lipsky Joseph Moniz Joe Mora Scott Obermeyer Ryan Olsen Mark Pinaire Barry Pleasant Garrett Price Ben Ramirez Gary Shin Jennifer Soldano Gayle Starnes Vicki Stone Mark Suehiro Jimmy Summers Scot Williams Justin Stevens Photos Unavailable for Paulisha Clark Ankhe June CLARK 's FIFTH GRAD l , r g VV,, , K 5 1 ,,, - . V- fzfvv- ff .. ' H: 'i f f' 2- at V V rr i ' ,,, ":' "g', - 4 W Rhea Armas Kevin Bates Briana Brooks Desmond Carter Cindi Crawford Kathy Dodero Seana Fulkerson Eden Gamble Chris George Sarah Hackett David Hanes Nicole Hunsaker Jennifer Johnson Dawn Kelly Ed Laisuwan David Madison Nigel Neal Christine Orewyler Kim Prapavat Marina Ramirez Jeremy Rodriguez Leanna Sellers Stephanie Teays Pearl Waiyawaytar Bridget Waring Nikia Young 13 Angela Adamo Harlan Bergsma Bret Bethke Michael Blampain Roy Cox Jeremy Curran Eric Dawkins Tommy Dischinger Neil Felahy Alicia Gutierrez Shelita Hammit Keith Harrison Janelle Hart Candy Hayes Matthew John Kevin Keith Shawn Lemonnier Danny Mason Melanie Mathews Jeff Miller Keri O'Neil Aaron Olsen Loren Pallatin John Post 14 Jeff Purcell Shane Riga Shelly Romaniello Ryan Roth Yakinia Sanders Natalie Siwapinyoyos Erin Stone Stephanie Tipsanit lman Valrie Tiffany Walker Ben Yang Amy Yoo Jina Yoon Jason Young Kandy Dietrich Fl LD TRIPS Our classes took many wonderful trips this year. There were many trips to the park and library, but also to Knott's Petting Zoo, the Safeway Ice Cream Factory, the Griffith Park Planetarium and Observatory, the Chil- dren's Museum, Cabrillo Marine Museum, the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose, the L.A. Zoo, Marineland, the beach, L.A. Times, and a print shop. The third grade classes were invited to the Crystal Cathedral to see the Glory of Christmas. The sixth graders spent a week in Big Bear for Outdoor Education. The fourth, fifth and sixth grade classes worked diligent- ly all year to earn money to go to Santa Barbara, Sacramento and San Diego. 7, YV.. fir I V.,k k ff - , Till I V , s',,3, :, . - ,,"r 1. ... T g T . . 27 f. U . f 'S M-wg 'r f . f 1 ? nv 4 it 4 'R I l Mi I In - KWH . , .. -. A whale's tail is a fluke. . . f i ,F - . X.. '7 ff" T W ' 4' Ahff' 'ji' A ffrifw fum ' rr- ,.rlt ,.. 1 Q xr, we y 'ff":fVi ,, A -5 Jr 5 ry .. 5 1 1 f Wake up, Sylvia. Learning to repel at Outdoor Education. Selling cupcakes tleftt and hot A tin can BBQ? lunches tabovet were just two ways money was earned tor spe- cial field trips. MISS DUNN 'S FOURTH GRADE WW , 5,.. ,, f ' gf Zzfwfwmi 5 L gi 255 kg Q, Q 4 55525 if 2 ill l .5 ,fff Y .rf ll ,V 5 ag , x ix 2 M fi ,Magi f1,r4 Wlvww-v if lar V Wm l'l N 3 WWF. ,N l , ' E Jaia 12 ,Z M 1 2- it , , V ., Agjwwi W ff , if f time i , f 1 ui-4 JW z ff B 6 W ' Y Q. r,,f , ga 1 vfv' A 5? A 4 fb i f 4 l if W jg i W ? if J tam, ' WW M ,,,,, 3 JE W WFS!- Wiz, Nei Eddie Addison Micco Banagas Ay Bhandhumani Jason Blackwell Casie Bowen Mikel Darling Scott Dickerson Maria Dodero Kevin Forsberg Jeff George Edwin Gibson Cindy Glenn Andrea Gordon Melissa Hagadone Bryan Hardwick Candice Haze Steven Johnson Toria McCoy Joshua Mathews Ryan Meeker Jennifer Mosher Lori Posthuma Joshua Rayburn Brent Biker Alan Schmidt Doug Sloan Amy Suarez Karli Supera Kaye Van Hulzen Dana Young Bobby Westaway Photo Unavailable 17 Melissa Brimbuela Jeff Bunditsatheon Goldie Church Chris Cosby Sonya Dokken Jabari Dutton Denise Edmunson Patricia Ellis Joseph Estrada Jarrod Gatzke Sarah Gentry Russell Hancock Matthew Hauck Nicole Huddleston Jewel Jones Philip Noh Heather Pelton Joel Polk Daniel Randolph Stephanie Fleid Lori Ryder Summer Soto Andrea Taylor Garrick Terrell Kristy Thomson Stephanie Upton Cathi Wakefield Chris Wilson Pina Yoon 18 MR . KREBS' TH RD GRADE 0 D'S THIRD GRAD Robert Arndt Gerald Carter llana Chandler Regis Chang Jason Fitch Nathan Gurwell Melissa Holloway Andrea Hoogstad Amy Kramer Sean Moore Carrie Robb Heather Scurlock Jimmy Stout Timothy Swen Michelle Triplett Jonathan Vander Linden Jason Van Pelt Jennifer Vogelsang Photos Unavailable for Johnna Hare Paul Foster 19 MR RUPP RTS SECO D GRAD Charlene Banagas Susan Bates Joshua Bobbitt Tishawna Booker Kimberly Bray Tiffany Cain Erick Fruhwirth Desiree Garcia Christina Hancock Aimee Heard Kimberly Howard Greg Galvin Bobby John Jason Lemonnier Crissy Lomholdt Erman Mercan Amanda Meyer Justin Murray Richard Ng Traci Orewyier Anthony Park Steven Ramirez Chris Riemer Abia Roberts Michael Simpson Taraena Thibodeaux Dominique Williams 20 M . HARRI oN's SECOND GRAD X' W, f if 2 ggi? 'il ' , ' l N ' W ggfmf Z W ff 5 ff f f, f , 44 129 JW' 2 7 ,V 1, fc , l Ax f K 2 Qt, M , f Ma. Q W 2 f 5 9, 4 f Wy M x if W 53 ".., ,,:,L, , E lvll x X f iw 2 I f 1 , If if A me ,H Q W ,mit .try f::: ,W - ------""'-- f i , fat' l , A f 42 , 1 5 l !,, a.,4,2 Wm , gg f , 9 , f U1 2 , f I f ff f M! W mm' lejlww A Z ,- it ts? ff-. ,V ,, 1' ,:. af :V wifi at in 1 , Z ' 4 W we f if 5 1, Wa 4 f aim f ,,,,,,,. it f 3 E if 4 5 F F v 5 f Q gf K , Q ml C X it f 'Jig s J' J Ben Albano Kimberly Arsi Chip Atkinson Ellen Bannister Christy Brooks Jimmy Dokken Marilena Grillo Nicole Hackett Lishel Hammit Reid Hankins Dan Harman Chrissy Hinsley Charity Holstege Neil Hunsaker Daniel Madison Kimberly Medeiros Justin Molner Udawna Neal Zachary Norris Chastity Richardson Jennifer Rodriguez Matthew Roy Stephanie Sisco Amanda Tapia Abigail Tugwell Stacy Valdez Patrick Walyawaytar Karen Walker Neil Worlikar 21 yf Cera Alimonti Aaron Andrew Matthew Bartholomew Philippe Brassard Erik Butters Katey Darling Denette De Waai Stephen Eng I Shawna Feldt Michael Fulkerson Megan Heckart Heather Huddleston Brande Jackson Richard Kim Michael Kokiatkulkij David Maurer Paul Mellana Eric Neuman Jackie Nimnual Ryan Orozco Albert Park Christopher Posthuma Carrie Roberts Keri Roy Beverly St. John Daniel Stafford Dustin Van Hulzen Karina Ware Brian Young 22 MRS. CLARK 'S FIRST GRADE .mmmw sem s : . '85, F, -on XX Q N is S X 5 ' Dix XX V K X J, N.. f X 5 Xkl.. , K . 5 1 'Sf S' sy r tl E. A ' ' -.'..I 'I,-. . ,H t . ,s , E it ' ., 3 W 'N H-if N W 7 so J up is R ri K "1 E32 F3 M yy 1 1 3 sv? .:-- V J hx lfwwf Wi xml S N R55 Sa in 3' is V ix .rg 'wk .5 Kelly Albano Rebecca Amio Christian Dawkins Mark Douglas Rushaun Epps Natalie Espitia Dawn Fraser Jayson Gatzke Amber Hayes Kristi Hicks Dawn Johnson Keri Keith Michael Koehling Gene Lee Stacey Mathews Michael Moniz Rebecca Murata Leslie Olsen Nathan Pinaire Boyce Poolswasdi Martin Rice Charlie Scott David Sedrak Julie Simpson Kaylee Sybesma Vikki Taylor 'Taelin Thibodeaux Chris Tipsanit Ryan Visser Kendra Holstege, Photo Unavailable 23 Clifford Axe Matthew Bleeker Michael Brooks Richard Chaibun Joey Gaeta Stacy Gross Paul Hayes Jason Huebner Paul Meemken Tommy Mellana Jill Moore James Park Brent Patton Kelly Randolph Amber Rice Alexa Robinson Jamie Roelofsen Gregory Roth Sean Sheets Bradley Spetnagel Mercedes Tapia Tiltany Tener Jason Terrell Steven Vogelsang Brian Young Justin Weddle Len Williams Brian Wright Photo Unavailable Kristi Mathison 24 R . WILLI M ' KINDERGARTEN L12-bg, if .1.. ' MR . D LIA 'S KINDERGARTEN K ,, H an " ' Crystal Avila Rebecca Bowers Veronica Curtis Daniel Draper Traci Feldt Kelly Fitzpatrick Clarence Franklin Jennifer Garland Dale Han Marie Harrington Holly Hart Nicole Heaps Chris Howe Michael Jenkins Lisa Jones Jacob Livesey Matthew Maddex Joanne Narksompong Carol Park . Nancy Pheng Sean Riley Abbey Riga B.J. Sanders Brian Sever Elisa Starnes Kyle Van Hulzen Dyann Williams Sun Byun Jesse Foster 25 Charles Bascomb Nathan Brooks Jessica Dean Amy Edmiston Nicole Epple Farah Farahbod Brookelynne Gadbury Jessica Gatzke Stephanie Gibson Tiffany Hackett Daniel Hislop Asha Jones Jennifer Koeling Christopher Maggart Carlos Rios Kyle Keith Photo Unavailable Mrs. Livesey Mrs. Newberry Mrs. Olsen Mrs. Ghattas 26 PRE -K INDERGAR TEN C. rt... v iiti f S" N. 1 X i ,G S on OU, ef 'fe 4 S Nw 52,00 JLGXOQ, 0Wd9YrYvuLf9P0Ug CL4AMP1k51LH7? ,-f inni- ecS6 fa-3,6665 bbgbddd SOMEONE NEW AT WOODRUFF Last summer, Woodruff began a Pre-Kindergarten class. The class has sixteen wonderful students. E The teachers are Mrs. Livesey, Mrs. Newberry, Mrs. Rodriguez, and Mrs. Reader. wav' Qgff' Good concentration, Kyle! Hang on, Nicole! , Nathan, did yOU get CD O 3 cn I-P I 5 co 5. -4 o c -1 cn -4 cn -o xXX A if 'KM 4' 1 xxxxXN NNYX-X Doc, ZF' .15 H355 I Ill T, ls that really true, Mrs. Livesey? 28 :. r.. ..,. , .jr ...U ..--.' 4 1- ., , : 1'A "0 l . W . What's up, Charles? 1. Kathy Rodriguez is the new after noon teacher. KINDERGARTENERS GIVE iiiiiii if i 90 ag i 5 Artwork by Dale Han, Kindergar- ten He Len did ou etasur- Y, i Y Q prise in your lunch? X X. ...X , Let's go swing! Ffisw What a nice line! Let us show you how to do it. lf' Y Nancy and Holly, you are two cuties!! 29 an U it FIRST GRADER5 AT WURK AND PLAY ICD C131 X 5212 Art by Michael Blampain, Grade 4 CINQUAIN , Sun Shining Down Warms, heats, terrific it shines on us Sunshine By Stephanie Upton Grade 3 30 LEARNING T0 SER VE 6 ' . f i "Let me buy you another ice cream!" By T aena Thibodeaux . Rup 2 WE STAY BUSYIN... D- Q AK 3: , JA. - THIRD AND FOUR TH GRADES .4-52-s..1T.'1 Ianie!'? 32' D v A What did you see, Me- ff' Drawing by Chris Cosby, Grade 3 Love is nice Love is kind it never ends at any time By Alicia Gutierrez FIFTH GRADERS EN OY SCHOOL ,, , I " I . , ff f rx 75, 1 I ,::f.-ff-aw it V , ,W ,L Art work Sarah Hackett, Grade 5 9' +21 by A ' Ifrrue I3I'1'lE D LIE! QMS! 1 I. S . Roses are red, Violets are blue. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, Can you believe it? lt's true? By Karli Supera Right Ankhe June fifth Oh yeah, Mr. Karr? grade student ww GIVING THANKS The Pilgrims on their boat at day. Stopped near the closest bay. Got off the boat with a whirling rust. Kicked their feet and threw the dust. Met the Indians one by one. Glad to see that they had come. Sat down to a thanking feast. Hoped that they could eat all the beast. Then they prayed to thank the God above. And that's how it all begun. By Cassie Bowen 33 GOOD LU The sixth graders will be moving on to junior high school next year. Wherever you go, we wish you God's best in all your academic, so- cial and athletic endeavors. We love you! K, SIXTH GRAD R5 1 i SCRODL HRS FOVLE R GRADE 6 ' woomaurr cunisruw ms 1' This is very good, Kimi Let s see if we can get one more in this line. Having "seafood" David and Travis? The Three Musketeers, Outdoor Education Style From left to right, Paulisha Clark. Christian and Bryan 1 display at the Science Fair. From Page 10 - Those babies are now these sixth graders Fiow 1 - Sylvia, Russ, Biil, Stetfanie G., Jennifer W. Bow 2 - Angela, Matthew T., George, Jeri, Bryan Bow 3 - Christian, Julie, David, Todd, Louie Row 4 - Travis, Kim T., David and Kim Fi., Stephanie Fi. Bow 5 - Michael, Jennifer B., Matthew H., Danny Flow 6 - Brandon, Rachel, Meri, Damon Bobby Westaway, Paul Foster, Johnna Hare, Kendra Holstege, and Kristi Mathison ' T . it , ',,'- , 1 " ' , . I af 2 ff is 's ,Q , ms "B .5 --rff 1 QB ' 1 , if Q- rg , , W' X ' "V , W' T W' fr fi "' e tgirl .ff- . . . A '4f':2ij3I-- , , 'ff,55UiE555,'j'jq'g5m grieve Nome irir , li P91355--l?l?C7DWOTVC? VV777H'E?71Jl2E5NfT'CTCPLAHWCHI. Our 1985-86 Student Council officers are: CLett, Clookwlse from baoki Kim Thomson, secretaryg Kim Randolph, treasurerg Mat- thew Holstege, vice presi- dent: Jeri Wakefield, presi- dent. Sixth grade represen- tative is Meri Bowen. iShe was unavailable for pic- tures.i One of Student Council's first jobs was to declare it "Spirit Days." llltight, Backwards Dayi Mrs. Clark's fifth grade class won for having the most spirit for the week. lfs, 53,2 . fi yung growl H 50 W. Brilliant campaigning was one by many qualified candidates. -Q' A 992' . Fifth grade representatives are Pearl Waiyawaytar and Gary Shin. Fourth grade representa and Ay Bhandhumanl. Third grade representatives are Meiissa Holloway and Cathi Wakefield. 35 tives are Candy Hayes CHPLANDC UR Walk around the world today, and see what S moe at?3cyUl4TerriS5lil5eil, Grade 4 The Woodruff Christian Worship Company had an opportunity Kam Supera and David Madison Sing a duet again this year to sing for the City Council. Thanks for the advice, Keri! Karan Slingerland is the choir director and song leader at chapel. Tanya Portz is our chapel leader. Here she is with Charlie and Red. O ,-- l l iWO0DRUFF SPORTS , gm. .ms s l s gg - t .. s N., Q . . l it J 5 , xx - Q tt' 1 fur hard-working official, Ir. Hicklin. ,, fWR'Ai22t"'Z: 1 .Aayfiyrgfggs . -t:.v:e- , , Jswxfi xiil-in f53XL'W5iv'.- f 'A' 952513-4 With the addition ofa sixth grade class this year, we were able to of etttttt M K " r'i' . .g iiii 5 .E ...ff s . Many thanks to our supportive rooter s sec have a sixth grade boy's sports X iii g T5.,tg program. Coach Eric Bobkowski . X Q led the football team to three vio- ' i gg tories out of their four games. a g f 'H lv f' Mr. Bobkowski, our coach. lt IF. Xi . gint, X ,U :yy -g-.XJ - .,-.i " 2 . zur... i i, i Y i l U A 1 i aft i :lb Thru fthe l hoop L Good jump, Danny! In basketball, the team played nine games and scored over 200 points against their opponents. They came away from their first season with an impressive 4 and 5 record, which- made them eligible for the play- offs!! 37 M MORIES OF SPECI L TIMES CINQUAIN Friends Nice, wise Playing, singing, loving They play with me. Children By Summer Soto A LAST FLIGHT Seven happy astronauts train for Challenger's mission. The first teacher in space prepares tor her lessons. They all get ready and go into the shuttle, but the flight is delayed. They wait for a while. lcicles melt off the shuttle as the temperature rises to thirty-two degrees. lt's time for another go. Everyone waits anxiously. "Five, four, three, two, one, lift-off of Challenger!" People watch with excitement, The smiles of the relatives and friends of the astronauts suddenly turn to grief as the shuttle explodes. The control tower is still talking, not knowing what has happened, but soon the talking has stopped. Bits and pieces of the shuttle fly everywhere. Immediately ships and helicopters look for debris and hopefully bodies, Newscasters stayed on the air for hours. They would not go off the air until they had heard from NASA. Some say it was the ice, some say it was the rocket boosters. The rocket boosters are the main suspect in the space shuttle tragedy. Meanwhile, searchers were in water, on the beaches looking everywhere for pieces. A lot ot pieces were found on the ocean floating. Some were found on the ocean floor. Memorials were being held all over America. Sorrow filled the world. One service was held at Houston Space Center. The President and his wife were there. They comforted every one of the family members that were present. People around the nation had a moment of silence while people said prayers for the families. Meetings were held to try to find the cause. A lot of magazines had pictures of the tragedy and the astronauts. Investigators looked at the pictures for hours. Other countries showed the tragedy and sent condolences to the President and the families. We were sending things up there. lt was so common, we were starting to get careless, but from now on we will keep a closer eye on the next shuttle flights. By Todd Sheets 38 VKXIRUFF QRHIIAN BEU-FUYIIER NRS WILLIAMS GRADE K 79 M Do you recognize any one-time kindergarteners? SUMMERTIME Neil catches a fish at the Day Care Camp Canyon Meadows, 1985 We're Summer Camp, 1985. Singing DFHISGS! Sean Moore and Philip Noh - ready to start Kindergarten in 1982. Summer, 1982, Jason Young and Jason Blackwell. Who remembers when Woodruff Avenue Christian School looked like this? - KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION, 1985 xbovei Vikki Taylor, 385 Kindgergarten raduate. SPEECH MEET WINNERS, 1985 Jodruff had many Speech Meet winners last year. ading onto the bus to go to the finals. tBeIowi Patrick aiyawaytar and Kimberly Medeiros received a Superior ting on their poems last year. ' -.. 'A Bryan Sloan reciting at the spring musical, "Backwards Bill." The third through fifth grade performance of "Down By the Creek Bank," May, 1985. I Showing how to help is Jeff Miller's draw- ing, Grade 4. DIVORCE - What It Really Means When people get married, they commit themselves to being loyal and trustworthy to each other. As years go by, people sometimes begin taking each other for granted. They start getting married at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. After several years, the couples often realize that they are two totally different people. They fight and argue over the silliest things that really don't seem to be important. When most people think of their immediate family, they think of their dads, moms, sisters andlor brothers. I grew up taking the family for granted. At least I did until one day my mom sat me down, and began telling me things that I did not want to hear .. like "Your dad and I are not happy living with one another anymore." I told Mom that I didn't like living with my sister, but I had to because she was family. Mom said her situation was different. She said that she and my dad had made the decision to live apart. My world crumbled, I was only six! What was I going to do? Dad moved out ofthe house. I missed him all the time. He saw me on the weekends but it just wasn't the same. As time passed, I discovered that Mom and Dad both loved me, and I had to admit that they seemed happier apart. I guess things were working out. . . Mom, who loves music, introduced me to the piano, which I now love to play. On top of that, Dad got me interested in sports which I also really enjoy. Actually, I began thinking I could be happy this way. When I was nine years old, my mom introduced me to a friend of hers named Andy. At first, I didn't know how to react because my first thought was, "Two dads?" But I started liking Andy and he was kind. He helped me with so many things. Three years later, Mom and Andy decided to get married, so on one Thansgiving holiday, they were married and I was my mom's maid of honor. Their happiness is what I wish my mom and real dad could have felt. Now I have a stepdad and although it isn't my "immediate" family, it truly' comes close to feeling like it. Ali of this has taught me to wait until I am ready to make the commitment of marriage - just as a true Christian would desire. 39 LOTS OF WAYS T0 STAY IN SHAPE kep Play A and ties. Our P.E. coach, Mr. Bobk k THANKS, MR. B. y D d b Sw , Phy-Ed ADVERTISEMENTS -9- 3' 2-'f el 0' il : ,W . H rseKuzQfBEriLveieME15EsRDs, jwgzre geallyaprogad oiayoaforargivinrg 1CJ0'M1,in everything you've dqne thesepast two years J-School, eeee Sports, and Dance. ' Dad and Moms and Traci a fwiiiingfy s ergaxge ofgiheirr time this yegaer. is eVurgrma andlCorky P51050 TO HAVE T:-ns SUPER SCHOOL-IN THE COMMUNITY! .A lille ere l R EfAlLfTY5e1 CQ. el fM 'm "" "" " r moon Anresfa souuevuzo asurrewsr cauronwa Phone 925 5005 rr - aees iw A L s H e REALTQR Tolllasdifa aaa Br'ian'iYouhg: r KV iff J i ' up r 0 9 ' Q O 9 1 ffl Iii Remember how ice cream malts 84 shakes used to taste ? At Basbun-Flobbrns they Slllf do. Your chooce ol thirty-one flavors. nasxnr-nonnms :cz cum :man ouaunacnusqmumum BOYD and PAULINE WILLIS . Franchrsed Slore Owners ' 3 BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM STORE 10212 ALONDRA BLVD. I BELLFLOWER, CA 90706 l 12131867-5104 GORDON'S A U T0 SER VICE r TUNE-UP . ELECTFHCALN- BFQAKES4 - FRONT END AUGNMENT . rmwsmzssvous 5 GENERAL AUJOMGTWE mipagmms, ,L !59Q9CaIpintezfoBei5f1ower.Cahf,907Q6 1313236765513 s as FW 5R'NKLEs RES. 833-6553 REALTOR - LEWIS A. HAWKINS REALTOR f G.R.I - NOTARY F2 Y L E E 9939 EAST AR BI. Esmbiifhfdsim Iver B LLFI-OWERI CA 90706 PHONE 925 5078 LAW OFFICES po em asians I - conPonATIoNs 'l'I'2f'l.".f...... - BANKRUPTCY mc.-s.-::.'m - TAX MATTERS 0 PERSONAL INJURY gd BVSILS6-ziggy' I wont: dies' I S2'III"25ZIE""""u 'TP' 8 67- 72 73 3 mu wooonuvv, uu.i-mwu Icom- DI W..-I A mmm Thank you, Leanna! You are a great teacher. Keep it up! Denise to our community businesses for their generous support! .0 ,. M hth k fliiii uc ans gr l I 'Con' ARMY Aumr "Sif1Ce1954" REPRESENTATION ' PAT:0-LT.5AS'Ikiggs'?AX I - INDIVIDUAL s. Business ASSUCIAIMIEIMUEEENKIIEJEUED AGENTS 0 PARTNERSHIPS - CORPORATIONS - REAL ESTATE 04-1404 SpEC.AI.ST 16446 Woodruli, Bellflower "Happiness" is working at Woodruff Christian School and helping to mold its precious charges Pat Nicholson and Day Care Staff . ,::.4 It REFUSED'-' T 0 O H I G H 9 g , O A cCone Agency- AUTO - Business - urn iff? HOMEOWNERS - IMMEDIATE COVERAGE ' SR-22 FILINGS If - soon STUDENT DISCOUNTS - NONSMOKER Russ - I.R.A.'S - TAX PLANNING PHONE ouotzs cinotv civzu ' 804- 1 404 I 16446 wooonurr BELIFIOWER ' 1.5 :.- .-., 1:2 '.,' 1 ,.i:, ,-'1' ."5 s"-.E 1':1 iff - 5' thy' '4 iw ' 9X :vi 'L Qzfgg ieilt 1 as e f an ' x 'iff " Lat, fft1px"-iw - 1 ll, GM hi- ,l Wx bd., " Ca, cr K V if 1 X K 4 ' ut , l Gi Yrzrpy Aviv Jonathan Vander Linden and Timmy Swen fleftj show their Fiaider Pride. THINGS TO REMEMB R ABOUT '86 We took a poll of Woodruff Christian Students. The following tells some of our school's favorite things. M. fi, 1' Y 0 'A lflffkt t ., ,Z fl P1532 s,ggv.tgttt.fQf.Tlf iff aaiawm, at f"r'- TO YS Cabbage Patch Kids Transformers G.l.Joes Hugga Bunches Barbies BOOKS CharIotte's Web Ramona books Clifford books Curious George Super Fudge The Bible AUTHORS E.B. White C.S. Lewis Judy Blume Dr. Seuss Walt Disney Mother Goose Beverly Cleary CARTOONS Garfield Heathcliff Tom and Jerry vsfff.tgnt-sf SPURTS -JE-F5U?,T,.0' if 5 'Q i tt-.'r 6 Football L L 1. . g Baseball fe 'Q if yy Soccer g, .ttt, , S X T. V. SHOWS ' A if Q S. i . f ... Cosby Show L ' 45: V ' Z M'sf'ts of Science ' tggl Pinky Brewster ' . FADS AND FASHIONS sweatsuits stirrup pants breaking 1 jeans Gumby and Pokey ,s-W' we plastic charms PRO FOOTBALL Raiders Rams Bears PRO BASEBALL Dodgers Angels Royals FOOD o Garfield goes into space with Jason Van Pelt. 'MM tr CHAPEL SONGS pizza . ,J- E tacos -' As We Gather ice Cfeam 1 ,, ,, Love, Love, Love A L SCHOOL YEARS Pass It On Th, h b , I Grin Again Gang nh 1 g it W Ib YA rt Q X is year as een a specia year, Father, I Adore You M V vt ' l FUN of laughter' 1 t M V F Full of cheer, . lv, W lt's time to go and l'm so sad, 5, if lf And one more thing l'd like to add A A rg A Alf? Is this has been a special year, , . ' . j 7 1 3? M .nt f. For you, me and everyone here! F llslfl L l . A ,wi 44 M 'X L T' ' -X xx By Pearl Waiyawaytar ! .,,.7

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