Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI)

 - Class of 1938

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Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 36 of 56
Page 36 of 56

Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 35
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Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 37
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Page 36 text:

1 9 3 8 DO YOU KNOW THAT? Nine students had at least one report card marking that was an all A one this semester. In 8B-308, Alfred Juchartz, Marili Baske, William Levansrrosser, James Neubacker, and George Steve have this record. The others are Norma Hayes, 7A-3029 Nellie Hoyer, 9A-322, Georgina Keaton, 9B-2203 and Harvey Weisberg, 9B-220. :r ek ae The following 9A's have had a perfect attendance record since they entered Wilson School in the 7B grade, Olive Sebastian, Lillian Wajay, Yola Casoris, Ethel Czako, Betty Walker, Ann Caldwell, Goldie Fazekas, Irene Gyori, and Elizabeth Androse. ak :if sr Catherine Coffey is a member of the Coffey Trio heard over radio station WJBK. at ge 13: Dorothy Turner was chosen to play the French horn with the All City Orchestra at the Music Convention in St. Louis, 4: at :sf Errol Smith and Virginia Bozich were two of the 250 piano players at the festival in the Coliseum. Donald Dil- lard and Alfred Juchartz were two heralds at the same program. Our enrollment is 1340. Ii! tl! 314 About 300 pupils will take part in the Spring Musicale. it wk at The flowers, blooming especially for the Musicale, were made by Muriel Matteson. :r at at The lunchroom has served 1194 students in one day. ek if Ik It is the aim of the lunchroom manager to serve a well-balanced menu of wholesome foods as a twelve cent special. These menus are published a week in advance. A popular twelve cent special is: Vegetable meat loaf-White bread sandwich-Milk-Chocolate pudding. at ek wk The library circulates on the average of 85 fiction and 55 non-fiction books a day. There is a framed letter in the library signed by the late Woodrow Wilson thanking the Board of Education for the compliment paid him in the naming of the Woodrow Wilson School. at af 44 Rooms 203 and 220 have won the attendance banner three times during this school year. 1: at ft Ernest Fraley of room 202 and Irene Hanusi of room 207 solicited the most advertising for the Quill. ll! Ulf wk Jack Mundell, Richard Irvine, Marion DiVeta, Harry Schultz, Robert Marlow, and J. W. Segroves organized their own orchestra which plays at functions in the neighborhood. ig: as 4: Muriel Matteson of room 308 is the only girl enrolled in the machine shop classes. She is interested in aviation and expects to take that up as her vocation, ek wk at Two faculty members have the distinction of having taught in the Wilson School since it was first opened. Mrs. Wiebe has never missed a day of school in her 7M years as a teacher at Wilson. :ze ek W Henry Goerke, in competition with pupils of the Cass Technical High School, won honorable mention for his Christ- mas seal poster. a: ae ek Some of the ninth grade girls are so interested in Gerzrvieve Gerlrude that they are willing to spend time after school reading about her. as 14: :if Russell Trominski and Dick Potvin are to attend the C. M. T. C. at Camp Custer for the summer. as 1: Boy Scout Troop 177, which includes a number of Wilson boys, won third place in the Merit Badge Show in Con- vention Hall. :ll 42 PF Although we have no gym, the following boys are entering the Decathlon Meetg Robert Varos, John Williamson, james Ridley, Willard Peterson, Floyd Thomas, Edward Michaelson, Thomas Knap, Russell Harriman, Charles Balkus, Louis Conti, Mike Smigulec, Richard Burke, Harry Narsisian, George Sabagian, Frank Nagy, and Joe Larsen. The Quill Advertising Program had on it a song with words written by Marili Baske, Marcelaine Pearce, and Errol Smith. The cheers on the same program were enthusiastically led by Jack Briley. wk vt 4: john Rogers and Mable Bacon had parts in Rip Van Win lele which was presented to the students by a group of pro- fessional players. se ek Gerhard Peitsch of room 309 spent 4 months of last year visiting relatives in Germany. Pi' ae :r Shirley Ray had a vacation of two weeks in Florida during the month of February. wk at :t The book display rack in the library, a memorial gift of the January class, and the director's stand, the gift of the June class, were made by Mr. Pozzini. 30

Page 35 text:

W I L S O N Q U I LL "Av AND "B" HONOR ROLL The following pupils have been on either the "Av Honor Roll once since September, 1937 or on tl B Honor Roll three times since September, 1937: Abcn, Alexander, M. Altholf, W. Antis, D. Arnold, D. Arnold, M. Baghdoian, I. Bailey, L. Balsden, D. Bartlett, B. Baruch, C. Baslsden, D. Baulton, M. Baumbach, P. Beltz, G. Berry, Binder, H. Blanchetti, M. Botke, B. Bridwell, A. M . Briley, Campbell, Chall, Chase, P. Cherry, R. Christman, N. L. Church, R. Colley, C. Cole, B. Compeau, Connell, B. Cooper, R. Cottinghain, Cunov, R. Czalco, E. Dalton, D. Davy, S. Dawney, W. Demeter, I. Dennis, R. Drum, E. Drum, R. Engel, A. Evans, R. Ewald, B. Favio, R. M. Fazekas, G. Ferris, C. Ferris, G. Fiedler, W. Fisher, Fitzgerald, F. Gambrell, E. Ganos, T. Gentile, M. Gholdaian, A. Gibbons, V. Goerke, I-I. Goll, S. Gowe, Gow, D. Graham, C. Green, G. Grieme, V. Gyorfy, I. I-Iamborsky, P. I-Iarpootian, I-Iawkin, B. I-Ieise, E. Hogan, B. I-Iotchkiss, G. Hoyer, N. Jenkins, B. Jones, R. Kachigan, L. Karnafil, A. Keteyian, A. Kirby, L. Kochigan, I. Kochoian, I. Korlcigian, I. Kovach, A. Kucen, E. Langley, S. Lemon, L. Lindow, E. Lithgow, E. Loring, P. lVlaine, Marlow, R. Maseth, V. Matty, M. McBride, M. McIntosh, D. Megrdichian, O. Mitchell, A. Moldorian, M. Morris, M. Murray, I. Murray, K. Murray, R. Nasutovich, A. 29 Neal, N. Noel, B. Oke, B. Oppelz, M. Osborne, Y. Peitsch, G. Peonski, E. Peterson, G. Peterson, Predhome, R. Ray, S. Rebholz, B. Ricketts, R. Rissman, R. Roach, B. Robinson, E. Roselle, A. Rosnyai, W. Rossi, C. Sanders, E. Schane, S. Seroves, W. Seitz, Shore, M. Simoncig, C. Smith, L. Smith, M. Soth, I. Steve, G. Swords, M. Tersinar, V. Thibeau, Torok, N. Toth, A. Tousley, N. Van I-Ioten, M. Verderbar, D. Vickers, R. Vielmo, R. Voden, C. Walker, B. Watson, M. Wenzel, V. Wilson, M. Wintergerst, H Wolosky, T. Wood, G. Woods, E. Wunderli, B. Zicli, M.

Page 37 text:

WILSON QUILL THE YEAR'S Number qt Things "The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." To this end the Wilson School offers a variety of activities in the homerooms, the class rooms, the auditorium, and even the halls, including such things as programs, contests, clubs, parties, and dances. These furnish the pupils with a wide diversity of interests which indeed tends to E11 their world with "a number of things." Glancing back over the school year of 1937-1938 our attention focuses on the auditorium as a center of programs designed for instruction and entertainment. Some of these are contributed by the pupils themselves, while others are brought to them by outside talent. The holidays have afforded opportunity for developing the themes suggestive of each. Classroom teachers have inspired members of their groups to plan and execute suitable programs for the celebration of such special occasions as Book Week, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, as well as Commencement exercises. Many P. T. A. programs have been augmented by the contributions of the members of the school. These include vocal and instrumental music num- bers, plays, and demonstrations. The culmination of the programs was the Spring Musicale given May 24th, 25th, and 26th, by the music department, which showed the intensive training in music fumished by Wilson School. Representative of outside talent are the following: a lecture on "Alcohol Education" by Mr. W. D. Bailey from the Y. M. C. A.g an illustrated travel talk by Mr. Roy Snell from the Detroit Newsg a recital provided by Grinnell Brothers, introducing the Hammond organg and a mock radio program given by Mr. Legassey and a group of West- ern High School students, some of whom were former Wilsonites. Pupils have participated in various city-wide contests which include different grades as, the Spelling Bee for the seventh and eighth grades sponsored by the Delroit Newry the Patriot Speech Contest sponsored by the Louisa St. Clair chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Allied Youth Essay Contest on the subject "The Increase in Accidents Due to Alcoholism," which was limized to the nine-A classes. In the Spelling Contest the sev- enth grade winner was Lois Kirby, 7A'303g Jimmie Neubacher, 8B-308, was the eighth grade champion, and Mary Morris, 8A-215, was the representative of Wilson at the Intermediate School Contest. Jack Briley, 8B-308, won the Patriotic Speech Contest and Ruth Kubla, 9A-228, was the winner in the Allied Youth Contest. The contests featured within the school itself include friendly competitions for P. T. A. membership and attend- ance at the regular meetings, perfect attendance at school week by week and for the school year, ticket-selling drives for different school functions, the sale of Christmas seals for the Red Cross and those at Easter time to aid the crippled children, and the securing of advertising for and the sale of Quillx. The clubs may be divided into two groups: those whish are organized with the idea in mind of contributing directly to the success of the school, and those which afford an opportunity for the "worthy use of leisure timen in developing talents and particular interests. The homeroom is the place where all boys and girls have a feeling of belonging in a particular way. The home- room teacher is the one to whom they turn for direction and advice, who seems a bit better-known to them perhaps than the others. The homeroom houses a group of which they are a part and which affords them an opportunity to develop any powers of leadership they possess and the best possible characteristics of citizenship. The members ofthe homeroom group use their ingenuity to plan weekly schedules for the homeroom periods and occasional parties which satisfy the desire for social events and draw the class a little nearer together. Along with the regular classroom work, these numerous activities and contributions tend to E11 the world of the Wilson family very full of worth-while things and to bring that happiness which should be the valuable possession of all. SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATION 1. Mr, Kimballg 2. Delegate National Educators' Music Conference in St. Louisg 3. Winner-Allied Youth Contestg 4. 9-A Scholarship Pins-January, 5. Dressmakersg 6. Winner-Advertising Contestg 7. Songsters-Quill Assemblyg 8. Book Weekg 9. Book Week, 10. Winner-Xmas Seal Saleg 11. 9-A Fashion Showg 12. Dance Bandg 13. P.T.A. Programg 14. School Spelling Champ, 15. Outstanding Art Workg 16. Winners-Amen ican Legion Pins-Januaryg 17. Drum Major, 18. 7th Grade Spelling Champg 19. Members, All-City Bandg 20, Wilitiers-American Legion Pins-Juneg 21. Book Week, 22. Winner-Patriotic Speech Contestg 23. Book Weekg 24. Book Week, 25. 8th Grade Spelling Champ, 26. OH'icers-Student Council-Januaryg 27. Twinsg 28. Officers-Student Council-Juneg 29. Soloist-January Graduation Exercisesg 30. Book Weekg 31. Micro- phone Boysg 32. Class Officers-januaryg 33. Poppy Posters, 34. Junior Baseball Champsg 35. Members, A11- City Orchestrag 36. Perfect Attendance-7th-9th gradesg 37. Senior Basebal1,Champs. 31

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