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WOODROW WILSON 3193 8 f 0 ,fu lv A ,,,y.- . by the students of The Wood.roW Wilson Intermediate School june 31938 Y Mn. WILL CuR'r1ss Principal Miz. ARTHUR W. CRONK Assistant Principal Boys' Counselor Miss LILLIAN Fmrr-1 English Department Head Girls, Counselor if 7715 ' all mange- Again we have arrived at the end of an- other school year. I wish to talce this op- portunity to express my appreciation of the fine co-operation of pupils and parents which we have received. Very particularly has this graduation class assisted in every way. As success of a school depends on such co-operation I am asking for its continuance. mee? MEDICATION- To the Nine A Homeroom Teachers, who so faithfully and successfully served us for three years, and who won the respect and love of all the students in our school, we respectfully dedicate our Quill of 1938. 5 1938 FACULTY WILL CURTIS ..... ARTHUR CRONK . . . VIOLA NEIL . ,,... . HIDEGARDE Maven , ......,....,.. . LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Lillian Firth ....,,.. Department Head Hildegarde Bachmeier ......... English Frances M. Bailey ...., English Mary Lohrstorfer . . . . . . Library Margaret Newell . , , . , , English Aileen Nichols . . . . English Kathleen Tenney , . . .,.. . . , English Ada E. Wfielse ......,,....., English General Language Helen Yunker ..,...... Latin, English VOCATIC NAL DEPARTMENT Merle F. Perry-Department Head Gen- eral Metal and Business Science Hazel Wilson ...... . Business Science Gertrude Damerau-Typewriting and Au- ditorium Mary T. Gancy-Business Science and Business Practice Eleanor Fullerton-Foods and Clothing Gladys Kriese-Clothing and Foods Charles N. Egbert-Mechanical Drawing Glen L. Ettinger-Household Mechanics Charles L. Pozzini-General Woodworking Principal , Axsixlrzmf Principal . . , . . . . Bookkeeper Slenogmpher EXACT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Arthur P. Lopshire - Department Head Osie NI. Collier ., ,..... Mathematics Lynn S. Gordon . . . . . General Science Irma E. Horst .,.... ,.... M athematics M. Eileen McClear . .... Nlathematics Alice Sours .,.... .... M athematics Keith D. Tarrant , General Science Mildred Wilkinson ,.,... Mathematics SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Doris M. Tarrant Ethel Wescott ,. Meta Reynolds ., Dorothy Morris . Mervyn MacRae . Frances Calcaterra Department Head Social Science .. Social Science . . . Social Science , . . Social Science . . Social Science . . , , . . . Social Science FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Vera Boldt ....,,..,. Department Head Auditorium Adelaide Hart , . . . . ,. , . . . Music Grace Sanford Mills .... . ..., Music Lionel Mann-Orchestra, Band, Reed and Brass Instruction Charlotte M. Palmer ...,,........ Art Ida Silverstein .... ..,. A ccornpanist 9 Class officers of January, 1938 IRIS KORKIGIAN President ISABELLA I-IUTCHISON Vice-Pravident ROBERT PREDI-IOME Secretary DOLLIE STURM Treasurer Class officers of June, 1938 JACK MUNDELL President JANE CARON Vice-Presidenl ALBERT KETEYIAN Secretary JACK MALANEY Treasurer bed, FOR JANUARY AND JUNE CLASS OFFICERS ANNETTE BUCHANAN JOYCE COMPAU BETTY BARTLETT ANN CALDWELL RUTH DEITscH ELSIE DRUM LEGION PINS JANUARY, 1938 J. W. Segroves Evelyn Steffler JUNE, 1938 Edward Lithgow Virginia Roy BETTY GREEN SCHOLARSHIP PINS JANUARY, was ISABELLA HUTCHISON SHIRLEY LANGLEY NELLIE HQYER JUNE, ANTOINETTE KARNAFIL SHIRLEY KELLEY ERNEST KUCEN 7 WILLARD MCPHEE RUTH MERRILL ROBERT PREDHOME 1938 DoRoTI-IEA McINTosH ARTHUR ROSELLE VIRGINIA RoY MARJORIE SHORE EVELYN STEFFLER BETTY WUNDERLI DoRoTHY TURNER REMo VIELMo BETTY WALKER 1 First Row Annie Adams-Cathy-Roller skating Elizabeth Albrecht-Bcthie-Stenographcr Frank Allen-Marty-Baseball player Donald Annett-Don-I-Iunting Ida Asacloorian-To become a singer Rose Auslancler-Row-Private Secretary Margaret Balint--Blondie-Typist Audrey Bauss-Penfee-Cooking teacher Billy Bebeau-Billy-Football Second Row June Break-Secretary Virginia Breil-Gino--Typist Mary Ellen Bresnahan-IVIiclcey-Swimming Grace Brock-Sister-Collecting paper clips Brent Bruce-Brutus-Making noise Rita Bruckner-Tzitz-Tzi-To be a teacher Annette Buchanan-Secretary Donald Buck-Buck-Doctor Gordon Burke--Burke-Draftsman Third Row Robert Canner-Bob-Hockey player john Caprielian-Little john-Baseball Wallace Carls-Wally-Ice skating Marion Challoner-Brand-To talce a beauty course Melvin Charette-Mel-Wrestling Marion Chase-Chase-Dancing Edward Clark-lfVhitey-Hunting and fishing Dorothy Coats-Nurse in a Detroit hospital Joyce Compeau-Icy-History teacher Fourth Row Elizabeth Conti-Lizzie-Nurse Carl Culver-Hockey Byron Cummins--Spike--Guns Anna Daralcjan-Little Orphan Annie-Private Secretary Jean Davis-Freckles-Artist Frank Diedrich, Jr.-Skating. Harold Diedrich-Porley-Mechanic Yolanda DiVeta-Yo Yo-AllfGirl Orchestra Leader James Downes-lim-Engineer Fifth Row Dwight Downhain-Grandpa-Football player Helen Evans-Kitty--Play the piano Joe Fedea-Wings-Football and baseball Ruth Fuhrman-Spitty-Designing Thelma Gabriel-Dimples-Stenographer John Gilbert-Big john-Boxing Dorothy Gilclea-Dot-Saving dog books Rosemary Gocloshian-Rosy--Teacher Thelma Dean Gover-Dizzy-English teacher 938 Sixth Row Betty Ann Green--Buck Bcltyfgtamps and knitting Pleasant Groshelcl-Peaches-Dress designing Douglas I-Ietterly-Engineer Roy Hildebrandt-lStamp collecting Wesley Hill-Moiifitain-Musician Evelyn Howarcl-Duchess-Child Specialist Billy Hunt-Salugie-Bachelor Isabella I-Iutchison-Isa-Secretary Florence jackson-Flo-Skating Seventh Row Harold James-Peacfvy-Welder Carl Jester-Chuck-Baseball Lorine johin-Rene-Ice skating Bertha Keleman-Reds-Dress designer Shirely Kinney-Saxophone and violin Virginia Kisner-Ginger-Nurse Melvin Koch-Cookie-To be a cop Anna Mary Kogelmann-Secretary Iris Korlcigian-Karla-Scientific research Eighth Row james Kregear-Nick-Baseball Shirley Langley-Sharty-Kindergarten teacher Alfred Larsen-Bud-Aeroplane pilot- Robert Lawrence-Frenchy-Designer Robert Lindsay-Red-Baseball player julia Lipchilc-jew-Reading Jean Lishman-To he a secretary Donald Lytle-Littfe Donnie-To leam Latin Betty Jane Mast-Dimples-Masseuse Ninth Row Mary McCloud-Boats-To become a secretary Robert McCloud-Bob-Baseball player Mae McGarrity-Bing-Stenographer Willard McPhee-Pat-Airplanes Ruth Merrill-To be a private secretary Lawrence Milatz-Lefty-To be president Hugo Miller-Electrical Engineer John Moerlines-fohnny-Draftsman john Morris-Swimming Tenth Row john Morrison-Jack-Tool designer Norman Nestrnan-Norm-Baseball Alvin Neubacher-Smiley-To play baseball Marple Newton-Bud-Cornetist Williain Niblo-Architecture James Noel-ffm-Swimming Emma Nording-Little Emily-Teacher Jeanette Oakley-jan-To play the piano Delbert O'Leary-Lefty-Baseball player D. ANNET I ASADOORMN WILSON QUILL J, A J 'rf. V.. 1 If X 1 B.eRucs l MIHAREITE JN EV' 1' 9, ff N J. DX I ' TGABRIEL ll . J. VMHILL S.KINNEY . ND " J.LlP1 E .,i S' i V RME RI L L.Mu 7 w.N1BLo .1.Nc 9 51? Lf , ,., 4. Jr J.COM PEAU ' 9 ig? 2 J' .H ' '- 44 mcocn 1 :.xoRxuauAN .i 5 - A LLISHMAN B.MAST 9 F' H,MlLLER uabriaas E NORDING iv ,. A D.0'LEARYJ BEAU - 193 First Row Ernest Paglia-Ernie-Baseball player Viola Paisley-Toot:-Collecting paper napkins Sarlcis Pashaian-Sark-Draftsman Helen Pawlowslci-Lib-Sing like Jeannette MacDonald William Peterson-Pete-Architect Anna Petrunic-A ddie-Commercial designer Elizabeth Pinter-Tillie-Decorator David Posner-Davie-Swimming Robert Preclhome-Boi:-To write a sports column on a newspaper Second Row Richard Proctor-Dick-Baseball player William Pryor-Bill-Fisherman Eleanor Raftary-El-Private Secretary Betty Reilly-Betty Ree-Beaurv Operator Earl Richards-Oil-Stamp Collecting Angeline Rinna-A ngie-Private Secretary Alice Rolka-History John Schaller-Outboard racer , Charlotte Schefslcy-Secretary Third Row Max Schnoor-Bfondie-Surgeon Gladys Schuellce-Gladie-Reading Jean Searth-Boot:-Secretary J. W. Segroves-Iahie-Pharmacist Mary Sheridan-Stenographer Louis Short-Shorty-Model Airplanes Rhea Simlcins-Dee-Roller skating Clifford Smith-Pudge-Copper Marie Sobodash-Singer Fourth Row Robert Steege-Stooge-Model airplanes and Cartooning Evelyn SteH'ler-Librarian Dollie Sturm-Doll-To play a trombone Elizabeth Suppiee-Betty-Newspaper reporter Ruthe Sweeney-Vlfieilie-Ice slcating Lillian Szemerak-Pewee-Typist Florence Tastard-Flo-To play the piano Josephine Thomas-Io-Typist William Toth-Bill-Football Fifth Row Russell Trorninslci--Rocley-Cartoonist Ruth Tyson-Ty-Souvenirs Inez-Viemcr-C utie Harold Vogel--Pete-Baseball John Weber-lack-Swvimmiixg Shirley Wilhelm-Shir!-Listening to tromhoncs Earl Williamson-Slivn-Cheinist Gertrude Winkler-Geriie-To have a good time James Wolf-fimrvzie-Naval 'Reserve 8 Sixth Row Mary Wolfe-To be a singer Betty Wunderli-Trddie-To dance the Rhumba Robert Yahnlce-Beam-Girls Louise Amman-Wezzie-Surgical nurse Elizabeth Androse-Typist Upram Androsian-Abraham-Baseball Irene Baghcloian-Secretary Robert Baker-Bob-Harmonica music Joe Balint-Engineer Seventh Row Daniel Balogh-Danny-To he an expert accordionist Milan Barancelc-Millau-Newspaper reporter Betty Bartlett-Slmshinc-To go to England john Bartlett-Dancing Marvin Baumey-Flrrfh--Baseball player Emery Baxter-Tool and diemalzer Geraldine Beclc-Guzzie--Good housewife Cora Benson-Corkie-Stamp collecting Charles Beranek-Chucle-Cartoonist Eighth Row John Berry-jackie-Architect joseph Bertram-joe-Astrologer Helen Binder-Secretary Mary Bonn-Kitten-Raising Spitz clogs Betty Botke-Teacher Charles Brabenac--Chuck-Amateur photography Marjorie Broehm-Marie-Designer Blanch Buclcwalter-Buckie-Girl scout Ann CaldwelI-Pua'dy-Traveling correspondent Ninth Row Mary Calley-Private secretary Gloria Carls-Air hostess -lane Caron-Actress Thomas Casey-Torn-Lawyer Yola Casoris-Yo-Yo-Piano Robert Chall-Bob-To go to Honolulu Wallace Cllall-Wnify-Electrical engineer Peter Chlcoreff-Photography Marian Cloycl-Blondie-Journalism Tenth Row Donald Cole-Cole-To be a writer Betty Connell-Connie-Private secretary Thomas Conghlin-Slim--Lawyer Ethel Czalco-Zahn-Dancer Dorothy Dalton-Dol-Dancing and "bike" riding Ernest Darin-Ernie-Drafting engineer Bert Darragh-Collecting stamps Kenneth Davenport--Punh-Airplane building Ginata DcAngelis-Jeanie-Pictures of movie stars EPAGLIA A 1 9 XX If n.PRoc-roR JI .hntrw .4 49 MSCI-INOOR RBTEEGE v- ,J 4 3 ,559 f r M.wo F ,, 14' J' ' --D D.BALOGH Q- x .LBERRY M.cAIi.d-I 63 , :iq .3 7 D.COLE B CONNELL TCOUGHLIN First Row Ruth Deitsch-Rufa:-Piano Accompanist Bonnie Dreaver-Scotty-Air hostess Robert Draves-Bob-Ship building J oe Drotos-Joe-Baseball Elsie Drum-Drumsticks-Good piano player Irene Drum -Drum-To go to Switzerland LeRoy Durfee-Lee-Air pilot William Duchie-Bill-Ball player James Dykes-jim-Radio operator Second Row Glenn Earle-Wa-Wa-Swimming Walter Elgert-Squire--Model boat building Doris Farley-Toot:-Studying law Goldie Fazekas-Teacher Doris Fenn-Pudge-Horseback riding Eileen Finigan-Peaches-Air hostess Herbert Fink-Stinkie-Banking and baseball Patricia Fischer-Pat-Newspaper reporter Wilbert Garrison-Model airplanes Third Row Gina George-Ginger-Accordionist Virginia Gerber-Gin-Secretary Alice Gholdian-Goldie-Dancing Margaret Girard-Pee Wee-To sing in opera Kenneth Goebel-Kenny-Going to movies Evelyn Grady-Flip-Singer Wanda Grosse-Windy-Air hostess Vernetta Grunau-Neti-Beauty operator Irene Gyori-Violet-Private Secretary Fourth Row Alice Hacker-Babe-Roller skating John I-Iacko-Ea'-Baseball Theresa D. Halwachs-Raisin-Nurse Bernice Hansen-Billie-Dancing Betty Hawken-Chippy-Painting Gerald Haynes-jerry-To work in Ford Trade Emma I-Ieise-Dimple:-Private secretary Cleo Hetrick-Cleopatra-Singing Marvin Hicks-Play baseball Fifth Row Grace Hogan-Boots-Typing Margaret Horvath-Maggie-Orchestra leader Nellie Hoyer-Nell-Fashion designer Helen Huntington-Private secretary Richard Irvine-Richie-Musician Bemice Isenberg-Bernie--Nurse Naomi Jackson-Omie-Dress designer Raymond jehle-Ray-Architect Charlotte Johnson-Lil Abner-Ice skating 8 Sixth Row Paul Johnson-P. I.-Diesel engineer Jean Johnston--Tissy-Roller skating Antoinette Karnafil-Tony-To go to Europe Kenneth Keller-Ken-Collecting stamps Shirley Kelley-Rennie-Lead a girls' orchestra Ella Kenitz-Kenifs-Go to shows Violet Kerstein-Vi-Secretary Albert Keteyian-Accountant Mae King-Blackie-Waitress Seventh Row Mary Kish-Tommie-Secretary Adolph Kleman-A rrhie-To see the world Thomas Knop-Tommy-Radio Ike Kochoian-Policeman Duane Kollver-Dewy-Ice skating Roxie Korkigian-Rox-Traveling Ralph Kowalski-Collecting colorful stones Dorothy Kraska-Dotty-Pictures of movie stars Donald Kreutzer-Ducky-Ice skating Eighth Row Louis Krutsinger-Stamp collecting Ruth Kulba-The Kid-Sports' reporter Warren Kuschel-Bud-Model railroad building Ernest Kucen-Ernie-Baseball Chester Kukla-Che!-Tool and diemaker Myrtle Kulow-Murt-Nurse Ruth Kulow-Typing Lucille Langevin-Lucy-Tap dancing Bob Lenden-Slug-Baseball player Ninth Row Russell Leonard-Lenny-Engineer Helen Lewickos-Annahellu Frog-Typist in Wilson School -lean Lewis-fin ny-Secreta ry Edward Lithgow-Eddie-To be a Sawbones Joyce Long-Dress designer Robert Lovell-Bah-Photography Helen Magditch-Stamp collecting William Major-Willie-Swimining ,lack Malaney-Lulu-Baseball Tenth Row Pearl Malzahn-Secretary Alfred Manning-Boy-Fireman Mark Markarian-Rubinoff-Newspaper reporter Robert Marlow-Bob-Musician Irene Maysarros-Rene-Secretary Edward McDermott-Mac-Fishing Dorothea McIntosh-Rea':-Author Betty McPherson-Skippy-Interior decorator Julia Miller-Secretary WILSON QUILL ,. - dag 34 V 5 N V Nxt! J.oRd'ros E. Ru Lon 'U L 5 s.r-' zslfAs I D.FENN v" f-YJ KGOEB EL N M.6lRARD . 1154? av 5 "1 f 1 UAO -I -. 1.1 L BJ-IANSEN BMAWKEN ? . x '- B- .W J.-IOHNSTON I-LHU NGTON RJRVINE l A.Kl.EMAN x f w 3 .TN L-KRUTS RJCULBA x .0 - 1 1 1 " A. , 7 5 '1' .. , yd 'L J.. L ' 5' K. LLER SJCELLEY 1- gy LKOCHOIAN IIKOLLVER ',-.mx -., ' 'W Q. 32' 3 Aa I . E.KUCEN C.KUKLA f R-LEONARD H-LEWICKOS J.LEWlS E-LI1 Q I R-.1 :High v . Q .. .1 1 Q N K ,1 . , ,A . ,- qv: . '- :- -. HMALZAI-IN AMANNING MHARKARIAN RMA! '-I -1 3 J. L rie , -. 5, ' af 24 " NL.: Yv ..f 1.-, Lmwsnnnqs 13 3: 4 Ln mfss H.FlNK J. w as E' , l IMGARRISON LGYORI -F- 1 ie N M. l KS YA iv 4.4 f . CJOHNSON First Row Marie Miller-Secretary Josephine Mohacsi-Private secretary Marie Moldovan-Rec-Skating Emil Montrose-Louis-Baseball Floyd Moncroy-Baseball player Tom Moon-Policeman Raymond Mooney-Ray-Collecting match boxes Jane Mucha-Collecting stamps Jack Mundell-Musician Second Row Winifred Mullen-Wifinie--Journalism Mark Murdock-Mack-Mechanic Amelia Murguly-Molly-Drawing Irene Nlurray-Stenographet John Musko--Johnny-Draftsman Frank Nagy-Nagy-Shop Frank Nickerson-Nick-Model airplanes Betty Oakley-Bets-Dress designer Billy Oke-Bill-Dancing-skating Third Row Audrey O'Linn-Billie-Pictures of movie stars Helen Osdras-Duchie-Stenographer Thomas Pantoleon-Writing stories Lawrence Parent-Larry-Baseball Edward Paul-Eddie--Playing baseball Justine Petro-Jes:-Opera singer Ida Piccioni-Private secretary Helen Pitt-Reporter Gene Pittman-Lefty-Match box collection Fourth Row Dick Potvin-Mae Joe-Undertaker Cornelia Pungor-Nellie-Corky-Nurse Cynthia Puskar-Cyn-Dress designer Delores Quigley-Laurie-Dancing Betty Rebholz-Betts-Ice skating Esther Rennhak-Teacher Joyce Ricketts-Joy-Stenographer Reno Righettini-Rickey-Aviator William Robertson-Billy-Mechanical draftsman Fifth Row Wilfred Rogers-Willy-Collecting stamps Edna Mae Rololf-Eddie-Successful teacher Arthur Roselle-Rosie-Commercial artist Virginia Roy-lirmy--Teacher Virginia Ryan-Sis-News reporter Wilks Sanders-Buck-Electrical engineer Betty Sauve-To travel Shirley Schane-Peanut:-Private secretary Dolores Schavo-Dee-Private secretary 8 Sixth Row Felicia Schigelone-Honey-Skctching movie stars Andre Schryer-Handy Andy-Store owner Harry Schilltz-Musician Joyce Schultz-Private secretary Olive Sebastian-Pickles-To sing well Robert Seeley-Bobby-Aviator ' Mack Sennett-Moure-Hitch hiking Ethel Setzke--Set:-Oihce work Marjorie Shore-Marge-Dress designer Seventh Row Nick Simat-Cabinet making Delores Simler-Dodo-Singer Mike Smigulec-Kid Smig IV-Sports Kathryn Smith-Kay-Dancing Lenore Smith-Smitty-Swimming Mildred A. Smith-Smitty-Telegraph operator Mildred L. Smith-Midget-Interior decorator Wanda Smith-Wand-Tap dancing Lillian Standliarclt-Typist Eighth Row Wilbur Stebbins-Will-Lawyer George Stol-Dope-Aeroplanes Melvin Tabbert-Rea'-Baseball player Marjorie Taveclian-The Mad Russian-Radio actress Noel Taylor-To see the world William Thiede-Buddy-Making airplanes John Thornton-Shadow-Band leader Elsie Tolnay-Gala-Typist Eleanor Tomasheski-Eleen-Nurse Ninth Row Dorothy Turner-Dol-French horn Marion Van Hoten-Vauie-Advertising manager Patricia Van Hoten-Pat-Designing Ruth Vickers-Vicky-Secretary Remo Vielmo-Romeo-Baseball player Christine Voden-Dean-Ice skating Albert Volstromer-Al-Engineer Lillian Wajay-Lil-Private secretary Betty Walker-Bet-Surgical nurse Tenth Row Jane Wallington-Ice skating Howard Weber-Larlky-Cominercial artist Leslie Wetterholt-More-Airplane designer Gendell Wilson-Private secretary Audrey Wilton-Giggles-Swimming Everett Woods-Nature collecting Donald Worke-Skeeter-Optical Engineer Rurh Yanlce-Stenographer Margaret Zidi-Margie-Skatilig 5 M-MlLlER J MOI-IACSI lMMUl:LEN mmunnoc A A.O'LINN ef: -J D.P0'TVl N 4 WROGER5 .. 11 A . I' 1 I -I nz-cu NSIMAT DSIMLER -4 IMSYEBBINS Y A flw v-Q J . D.TURNER - A JWALLINGTON Q '54 . fe 1938 LOUISE AMMAN BETTY BARTLETT ANN CALDWELL RUTI-I DEITSCH ELSIE DRUM MARGARET GIRARD GLORIA AUSTIN ERNEST FRALEY BUDDY GOSLINE PI-rYLLIs I-IAIvIEoRsIcY QUILL STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF : NELLIE HOYER GEORGINA KEARON SHIRLEY KELLEY DOROTHY MCINTOSH THOMAS PANTDLEDN VIRGINIA RoY ART ANDREW FRIEDRICI-I BUSINESS STAFF : Leading Salesman: IRENE HANUSI MARITZA I-IARTDUNIAN MYRTLE KULOW TI-IERESA LARRY LEONA MCCARTER CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT: STUDENT COUNCIL SPONSORS: OLIVE SEBASTIAN DOROTHY TURNER BETTY WALKER HOWARD WEBER EVERETT Woons MILTON NAUBERT BILLY OKE BLANCHE SALANKE JOAN SMITH ENGLISH DEPARTMENT TEACHERS MR. PozzINI-Pbatogaplzer MRS. KATHLEEN TENNEY-Arhertising Manager. 16 WILSON QUILL STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council membership is composed of thirty-five pupils, one from each room and school club. This group is the student governing body of the school. Under the excellent leadership of the sponsors, Miss Firth and Miss Calcaterra, the organization proved itself successful in all attempted projects. The most outstanding activities during the year have been the supervision of the sale of Quills, the promotion of more interest in the Westzvard School Notes, the sale of Quillettes, the attendance drive, the support of the sale of Christmas seals for the Red Cross campaign against tuberculosis and those at Easter for the help of crippled children, and the encouraging of larger attendance at the meet- ings of the P.-T. A. OFFICERS BETTY BARTLETT ..................... Prerident EDWARD LITHGOW . . . .... Vice-President Gsoncnsm Kmnor-1 . . . .,.... Secretary RoY WILSON .,..., .... T reasurer MEMBERS Eighth Grade Ninth Grade Seventh Grade Angus Berrymcn, 202 Norma Lee Christman, 313 Charles Steffen, 227 Virginia Stenton, 306 Irene Soth, 307 jilda Maini, 303 Norma Hayse, 302 june Cook, 301 Leonard Burr, 320 james Coss, 212 James Flannigan, 309 Edward King, 222 Bill Mazmanian, 311 Leona McCarter, 308 Charlotte Ferris, 221 Gaye Hoag, 327 1- Mary Jane Joy, 203 Joe Kogelmann, 209 Mary Morris, 215 Carroll Nowlin, 211 Norma Towsley, 207 17 Jack Dawson, 220 Bette Jenkins, 213 Ruby Jones, 201 Georgina Kearon, 220 Charles Knapp, 107 Roy Wilson, 109 Betty Bartlett, 321 Margaret Girard, 206 Bernice Hansen, 328 Edward Lithgow, 322 Lillian Standhardt, 208 Marion Van Hoten, 321 Ruth Viclcers, 228 1938 THE BOYS' GLEE CLUB For the past year a group of boys of the Wilson School has been very busy in an activity known as the Boys' Glee Club. This is directed by Miss Grace Mills. There are one hundred thirty-three boys in this organization. From this number twenty were cho- sen to sing on a radio program over station WMBC. They sang a group of negro spirituals. Early in December this same group sang for the City Council of the Parent-Teacher Association. Later in the year the boys who possessed unchanged voices had the honor of singing with represen- tatives from three other intermediate schools, the Durfee, the Jefferson, and the Hutchins. They sang Benoit's cantata "Into the World." This cantata was directed by Victor Kolar. The accompani- ment was furnished by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. 18 W I L S O N Q U I LL SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Seventy-eight members selected from grades SA, 9B and 9A comprise one of the largest Senior Girls, Clubs that has been organized in the history of Wilson School. Two or more hours of intensive training each week assure the members consistent vocal develop- ment, intimate association with the choral productions of master musicians, and the incomparable pleas- ure of artistic ensemble singing. Through the presentation of good music the glee club contributes to the social cultural and financial activities of the school. During the current school year the entire glee club will have contributed to two commencement pro- rams, to the traditional Christmas musical and to the annual Ma Festival. A select rou from g . . . . li . g P . the organization gave choral accompaniment to the Wayne University Senior Dance Group in a "Careers for Women" program in the auditorium of WWI, before the Rotary Club, and finally for the entertainment of the student bod at Wa ne Universit . A sli htl au mented rou , to ether I Y Y U V g Y 5 Us P s with members of the Bo s' Glee Club and re resentatives from three other intermediate schools san Y n n P n n n g at Orchestra Hall, accom anied b the Detroit S m hon Orchestra in a resentation of Beno1t's cantata R , P Y Y P Y P Into the Worldf JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Junior Girls' Glze Club includes sixty-eight 7B, 7A and 8B girls in its membership. The worlc of the junior club is designed to prepare its memb-ers for the more advanced demands of the senior or- ganization. The juniors rehearse two or more hours each week. This year the Junior Girls' Glee Club has entertained the Parent-Teacher Association and has com- bined with the senior organization for the Christmas program and the annual May Festival. 19 1938 JUNIOR ORCHESTRA The junior Orchestra, directed by Mr. Marin, welcomes all those students who are not able to play very advanced music but who are ambitious to become better players. MEMBERS Violins: June Campbell, Marili Baslce, Violet Yuhas, Augusta Tatci, Norbert Pungor, Fred Herr, Mitchel Polites, George Salajan, Eugenia Pantoleon, Alice Gholcloian, Herbert Tischler. Tromlwnex: Harvey Newton, George Steve. A French Horns: Shirley Kelley, Siroon Hachigian. Flutes: Vivian Gibbons, Marie Gentile. Drums: Alex Allen, George Gonzales, Jerry Beach, Virginia Anderson. Saxoplvonesz Marylyn Burton, Ruth Deitsch, John McNally, Peter Stanko, Stanley Polniclcy. Clarigets: Ray Donn, Marion DiVeta, Joe Attard, Ernest Fraley, john Peterson, Richard Breil, Douglas Lutz, Rose arraco. Trumpets: Hilliard Ferguson, John Radi, Alfred Juchattz, John Anderson, Jack Thibeau, Donald Dillard, Victor Gillman, Robert Baker, James Coleman, Louise Kachigan. Piano: Margaret Boulton, Errol Smith. THE SENIOR ORCHESTRA The Senior Orchestra is an organization which contributes largely to the success of the school. Its members are very loyal to the practice periods which are scheduled for Monday and Thursday mornings before school and Monday after school, besides two hours each week during the school day. This semester this group was honored by being the first intermediate school orchestra asked to play on a national radio hook-up for a school program from Detroit. Mr. Mann directs the orchestra. The membership is composed of the following: Violins-Shirley Kelley, Louise Kachigan, Karnig Karakashian, Herbert Fink, Violet Yuhas, Mable Dawson, Albert Keteyian, George Steve, Albert G:orge, Jeanette Fisher, Buddy Gosline. Clarinets-Marion DiVeta, Alfred Ross, joe Attard, William Levantrosser, Ray Balcom, Junior Fraley, Douglas Lutz. Horns-Dorothy Turner. Bass-Bob Marlow, June Campbell. Corners -- Jack Mundell, Harvey Weisberg, Saxophones-John Peterson, Ruth Deitsch. Jack Thibeau. Drums-Richie Irvine, George Gonzales. Flutes-Virginia Anderson, Marie Gentile. Viola-Louis Talcas. Trombones-Harry Shultz, Harvey Newton. Cello-John Rogers. 20 WILSON QUILL SCHOLARSHIP The following people have attained the high honor of being on the "Av Honor Roll four or five times since September, 1937: B. Bartlett, M. Baske, A. Caldwell, C. Coffey, R. Deitsch, M. Edgar, E. Ferrans, M. Gentile, D. Graden, D. Grau- sam, N. Hayse, N. Hoyer, M. J. joy, A. juchartz, G. Keaton, S. Kelly, B. J. Lange, R. Lesnik, W. Levantrosser L. McCarter, M. Morris, J. Newbacher, C. Nowlin, G. Peterson, V. Roy, D. Sarandrea, D. Schwartz, V. Stenton, D. Turner, M. Van Hoten, M. Watson, H. Weisbcrg, R. Wray. WILSON BAND The Wilson Band is another music group directed by Mr. Mann. These boys and girls have found a place for service in the activities of the school and have played for many programs. They are always well received. Each semester the standards for the band have been raised, and the players give willing- ly of their time to practice each Tuesday and Wednesday morning before school, and during the fourth period three times a week. MEMBERS Clarinels: Marion DiVcta, Alfred Ross, William Levantrosser, Joe Attard, Ray Balcom, Junior Fraley, Roy NVilscn, Douglas Lutz, Ray Donn. Comets: jack Mundell, Harvey Weisberg, jack Thibeau, Alfred Juchartz, John Racli. Tromlzonesz Harry Shultz, Harvey Newton, George Steve, Robert Bricker. Horny: Dorothy Tumor, Shirley Kelley, Louise Kachigan. Ban: Robert Marlow fwindj, June Campbell Qstringsj. Saxoplmncs: John Peterson, Ruth Deitsch. Fluffy: Virginia Anderson, Marie Gentile. Drums: Richard Irvine, George Gonzalez, Jerry Beach, Alex Allen. Baritoner: John Bartlett, Stanley Polniclcy, James Marsh. 21 1933 SERVICE CLUB The one hundred six members of the Service Club are divided into two squads. One squad consists of 9A pupils whose duty it is to advise the boys and girls regarding the kind of conduct that is expected of them in the halls. They assist at the opening and the closing of school and at the passing of the lines between classes. The other squad is taken from the fourth hour auditorium classg it is the duty of this group to assist in the supervision of hall order during the lunch period. To qualify for membership in the club- a pupil must have a record of high citizenship marks and a good scholarship record. I-ie must come highly recommended by his teachers who have found him to be reliable and co-operative. CAPTAINS Fourth-hour service: Hourly service: Bernadine Hogan Robert Lenden Nadine Meadows Mary Calley Donald Seeloff Beulah Loyd Arthur Foster Kathleen Barnum Z2 WILSON QUILL PRESS CLUB The purpose of the Press Club is to gather news and write articles about all of the outstanding ac- tivities of the school. During the past year the representatives of the various homerooms have improved their work in the Press Club. The reports are more interesting and have better composition and the spelling is improved. The "Wilson School Column" in the Detroit Westward is eagerly looked forward to, each Friday morning, by both parents and pupils. , We appreciate the generosity of this paper as a medium which brings the school in closer contact with the community. By GEORGINA KEARsoN, 9B-220 GERALDINE BECK Preridcnl MARY CALLY , Secrelary GEZELLA TARR . Treasurer ARTHUR CRONK . Sponsor MEMBERS Geraldine Beck Franlc Romberger Gezella Tarr Mary Ann Kennedy Mary Callcy Marie Swenders Wanda Barringer Betty Lange Alice Gholdoian Rosemary Bator Eldon Mays Elaine Mayotte Bernice Iscnberg Grace Green Osanna Megroichian Catherine MacLean Antoinette Karnahl Ella Horvath Errol Smith Betty Noel Irene Murray Margaret Nemeth Bernice Wizinsky Gwendolyn Wood jean Abcn Ross Smith Robert Wohrman Steve George Charles Ballcus Marilyn Steege Charles Graham Helen Kulow Irene Gyorfy I LIBRARY STAFF Membership in the Library Staff has been drawn largely from 9B-220, as that class has its home- room in the library. The purpose of a staff of pupil assistants is to give help to pupils in locating books, to stamp books for home circulation and to check returned hooks before putting them in the proper places in the shelves. The members feel that they are repaid for their services to the school by the fund of knowledge acquired about the library and its tools as they assist in this work. MEMBERS Gernith Beltz Dolores Graden Lois Lemon Doris Sarandrea Gave Hoag Frank Kukla Jeanette Fisher Olga Gulyas Virginia Lennig Elinor Sweaney Ralph Borreman Milton Noel june Fraites Georgina Keaton Shirley O'Brien Betty Dobbins Jack Dawson Irene Gyorfy 23 1938 l l THE WILSON WIZARDS The club which is known as Wilson Wizards was originally organized as a chemistry club. Recently it has made ventures into the field of radio. All boys who have a special interest in either of these sub- jects is cordially welcomed into the group. During the past year several of the members have experimented in building radios and have been quite successful. They think that this experience has given them an insight into the mysteries of the radio. The club meetings are held each Tuesday after school in the room of the sponsor, Mr. Gordon. OFFICERS JIM Dviuzs . . . .......,...... President Jos CHKZMADIA .,...... . . . , Vice-President Ct-mntxas ZA:-mow . ...,....,,...,...,. Secretary MODEL YACHT CLUB The purpose of the Model Yacht Club is to supply the boy with a worth-while activity to help use some of his leisure time. One of the units in the General Work Course of Study is "Avocational Con- struction," which gives a boy a chance to work on his boat during regular class time. Otherwise he attends the Boat Club meetings which are held once a weelc after school hours. The Detroit Public Schools Intermediate Division sponsors a Model Yacht Regatta every spring at Belle Isle. All boats finished at that time are qualified to race against other boats from other schools. The school scoring the most points wins the "Pingree Trophyug the second and third place winners receive a banner. Individual ribbons are given the boys who win places in the different races. Mr. Pozzini is the sponsor of the Wilson Boar Club. MEMBERS Norman Thurkow Harold Johnson Ricco Righetti Vernon Jones Max Moskowitz Sam Beney Robert Homer Floyd jones Arnold Held LeRoy Porter Andrew Triedrich Joseph I-Iollandsworth john Reid Donald Mattern Bernard Gold Robert Kretchman Louis Tester Earl Shepherd Jack Kezelian Mike Kasza Marlin Brown Hilliard Ferguson Wallace Walker jack Proctor Onnig Hachegian Paul Westfall 24 WILSON QUILL BASEBALL Baseball is the leading sport of Wilson School and is supervised by Miss Sours. With approximately thirty homerooms, it takes about three weeks for each room to get a chance to play. Each room is dis- qualified after receiving one defeat. When there are but two teams left undefeated, they play for the supremacy. The victors are the champions and receive a banner. The homerooms are required to use only players from their own classes. There are two separate leagues: one for the boys and another for the girls. The boys and girls are required to play on their allotted helds. By RENO VIELMO, 9A-321 VAGABON D CLUB The Vagabond Club is not only a social group but one that is interested in gaining a more thorough understanding of our dynamic city of Detroit. It is the purpose of the members to be regular vagabonds, to a certain degree, and to learn as they travel, to become acquainted with the various institutions, industries and activitiesg in other words, to know the community and the city better. The activities consist of regular meetings and trips in and about Detroit. When one thinks of activ- ity, he must think of the Vagabond Club. Some of the visits which have been made are: to the Detroit News, the Ford Rotunda, the Ford Plant, the Detroit Creamery, Vernoris Gingerale Plant, the National Sports Show, the Traffic Court, the Barium Tower, the Institute of Arts and the WWJ Studios. Prospective trips include: the Zoological Park, the Fruit Terminal, the Wayne Army Post and a picnic in Rouge Park. The Vagabond Club was first organized in September, 1937. It grew out of the Humane Club. After making a few trips the members decided they would enjoy such tours around the city, conse- quently the reorganized club became the Vagabond Club with a membership of one hundred thirteen girls and boys. Much enthusiasm is shown by the group and the members look forward anxiously each week to the next trip. OFFICERS BETTY BAn'rLE'r'r ,... ....,..,.. P resident BETTY JENKINS ...., . . . Secretary LEONA MCCARTER .... , ..,... Vice-President ANN CALDWELL ...... ..,.. T reasurer Miss CALcATERRA ,..,,. . ..,..,......,.. Sponsor Z5 1938 THE FUTURE CRAFTSMEN OF AMERICA The Future Craftsmen of America is an organization of the youth of America for the purpose of promoting the spirit of craftsmanship. The club is a boys' club with only a few adult sponsors, selected from the school and the school board. There is a system of degrees and awards based upon the qualities of character, skill and knowledge. The character of a true craftsman is illustrated by the ancient saying, "The Gods see everywhere." The organization provides splendid opportunity for the development of such social requirements as leadership, public speaking, self-control, and civic participation. The responsibility of leadership should be impressed upon youth. The Future Craftsmen of America is an organization that will help youth to exert his influence to- ward a higher and cleaner mode of working. Youth will be brought to remember that work, like life, is a great cycle where one's work hinges upon that of somebody else, his depends on yours. By NOEL TAYLOR, 9A-208 N ON -TEACHING STAFF Front raw, lunchroom staff-Mrs. Edythe Barnett, Mrs. Viola Noble, Mrs. Bessie Lawrence, Miss Lois Betzer, Man- ager, Mrs. Mae Blake, Mrs. Augusta Kaschwig, Mrs. Lillian Kirton. Back row, Mr. William Platt-Fireman, Mr. Lewis Gerick, janitor, Mrs. Lillian Malzahn-lunchroom, Mrs. Dorothy Thomas, janitress, Mr. William Curtiss, Principal, Mrs. Selma Winter-lunclmroorn-Mr. George Newton, Chief Janitor, Mr. Charles Kirchoff, Chief Engineer, Mr. Frank Kimball. 26 W I LS ON Q U ILL KNITTING CLUB Each Monday afternoon at two-fifteen the Knitting Club holcls its meeting. This club is sponsored by Miss Fullerton and Miss Kriese. The membership consists of twenty girls. The purpose of the organization is to teach its members to knit. Some of the girls embroider or crochet instead of knitting. At the present time the girls are knitting berets for the Red Cross. l WOODROW WILSON PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: President: Mrs. Clifton Langleyg First Vice-President: Mrs. R. B. Lytleg Second Vice-President: Mr. Will Curtissg Third Vice-President: Mrs. George Newtong Recording Secretary: Mrs. Charles Cunovg Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Noel Caldwell: Treasurer: Mrs. Leo Doyle. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Program: Mrs. R. B. Lytleg Menzbersliip: Mrs. George Newtong Finance: Mrs. A. Challg Historian: Mrs. W. S. Okeg Refreslmients: Mrs. Eugene Woodford: Safety Education: Mrs. Thomas Daveyg Hospitality: Mrs. Emma Johnsong Bulletins: Mrs. Helen Campbellg Motion Pictures: Mrs. Fred Griemeg Publications: Mrs. M. R. Eilberg Publicity: Mrs. Ada Wiebe. 27 Althoff, Winifred Androse, Elizabeth Balogh, Danny Barchanian, John Bartlett, Betty Beck, Geraldine Belskas, Peter Beney, Sam Beretta, Rena Binder, Robert Boulton, Margaret Boyd, Donald Brazitis, Alice Burr, Leonard Caldwell, Ann Campbell, June Carls, Virginia Casoris, Yola Charette, Cecil Cherry, Ronald Church, Ralph Clark, Billy Cobane, Orrin Cook, Walter Cscircsu, Louis Cunov, Robert Czako, Ethel Day, Dolores De Angelo, Philmen Demeter, Irene Demeter, Lawrence Drum, Elsie Engel, Albert Fassett, Robert Fazekas, Goldie Ferris, Charlotte Ferris, Gordon Friedrich, Andrew Garrett, Violet Garrison, Wilbert Gentile, Marie 193 8 PERFECT ATTENDANCE Gerogosian, Armin Gholdian, Alice Godoshian, Tony Grunas, Vincent Gyori, Irene Hachigian, Simon Haclco, John Harpootian, Julia Havican, Shirley Heise, Emma Hoffxnan, Lilas Horvath, Helen Jeffrey, Jimmy Jehle, Raymond Johnston, James Johnson, Charlotte Jones, Ruby Joy, Mary Jane Juchartz, Alfred Kachigan, Louise Karakashian, Karnig Karkasian, Rose Kecslcemeti, Charles Kecskemeti, Paul Kerstein, Violet Keteyian, Albert Kezelian, Jack King, Edward Klanauskas, Stanley Knop, Thomas Kogelman, Joseph Korkigian, Roxie Kotar, Angeline Kulow, Myrtle Kuschel, Warren Lakatos, Steve Lamp, Robert Lange, Betty Jean Larry, Theresa Latti, Augusta Leibold, Clara Lesnik, Rudolph Levantrosser, William Livermore, Orson Locker, Frank Magy, Frank Martin, Margaret Mays, Eldon Mazmanian, Alice McBride, Martha McClain, Kenneth McConnell, Marian McNally, Eileen McNally, John Meyers, Mary Miller, Beatrice Miller, Julia Montroy, Floyd Mooney, Raymond Munck, Donald Murray, Irene Napolitan, Alfred Neli, Anna Mae Nixon, Robert Noel, Milton Pecsenye, Joseph Peterson, John Petro, Helen Pokol, Sara Praetorius, Rita Rafaile, Sam Ramm, William Rennhak, Esther Ricketts, Jean Ritchie, Arthur Robertson, Charlotte Romberger, Frank Sadler, Anna Lou Sauve, Betty Schack, Theodore Schane, Shirley Schavo, Dolores Schefsky, Frederick Schumacher, Robert Schumper, Marian Sebastian, Olive Seitz, June Sennett, Mack Setzke, Ethel Shepherd, Earl Sheridan, Ilah Shier, Mary Jane Simikian, Rose Simon, Robert Siroonian, Charles Smigulec, Mike Sohegian, Kirneg Steve, George Stevens, William Stuart, Edward Supplee, Helen Swenders, Charles Szabari, Sarah Tabbert, Melvin Tancock, Shirley Tarjany, John Toth, Anna Totten, Richard Verderbar, Daniel Volstromer, Albert Wajay, Lillian Walker, Betty Wallace, Dorothy Watson, Charles Wilson, Mildred Wizinsky, Bernice Wolosky, Anthony Wootke, Robert Wray, Robert Yeglic, Joseph Young, Wilha Zakar, Andy Ziroll, Howard WAYNE Janice Hoot Helen Quinif Jack Nichols Beverly Gildea Harry Blau Helen Edgar Eva Borgers Jennie Robinson Jean Houghton Frederick Hyde WILSON GRADUATES IN COLLEGE Eleanor Reid Patricia Doyle Edwin Gaiefsky Robert Nelson Joseph Matlock Alex Edgar Elizabeth Edgar Stella Shivickas Arthur Baetz Harold Baetz Eugene Abright Marian Bradley John Vanier Betty West Mary Carolyn Harms Jessie Manuel Alice Berthold Marian Cunov Carl Cunov George Galdonyi Paul Huyck Elsie Louis OBERLIN Albert Pfaller WALSH INSTITUTE James Eckmeter Wilbur McClain WESTMINISTER Robert McDonald DETROIT SCHOOL OF LAW George Elkouri MASSANUGGEN ACADEMY Harold Hershey Norman Hershey OLIVET Beth Ridley YPSILANTI Fred Swaliord MARYGROVE Katherine Morse Janet Morrison DETROIT SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY Donald DeBrodt Robert Lytle ALMA Eleanor Cotton WABASH Dwight I-Iamborsky 28 Joseph Bogdan Dorothy Lytle Marian Davenport Charles Davenport Charles Keller Dwight Brooks Mildred Vinson Orland Graham Rosalie Beltz Bernard Wiesberg Alberta Bennett UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT John Nuber William Rostrum Bill Kerr MICHIGAN STATE Arthur Woods Mary McCormick Art Jellirey Leo Sobel Clyde Randall Thomas Pence UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Stilson Ashe W I L S O N Q U I LL "Av AND "B" HONOR ROLL The following pupils have been on either the "Av Honor Roll once since September, 1937 or on tl B Honor Roll three times since September, 1937: Abcn, Alexander, M. Altholf, W. Antis, D. Arnold, D. Arnold, M. Baghdoian, I. Bailey, L. Balsden, D. Bartlett, B. Baruch, C. Baslsden, D. Baulton, M. Baumbach, P. Beltz, G. Berry, Binder, H. Blanchetti, M. Botke, B. Bridwell, A. M . Briley, Campbell, Chall, Chase, P. Cherry, R. Christman, N. L. Church, R. Colley, C. Cole, B. Compeau, Connell, B. Cooper, R. Cottinghain, Cunov, R. Czalco, E. Dalton, D. Davy, S. Dawney, W. Demeter, I. Dennis, R. Drum, E. Drum, R. Engel, A. Evans, R. Ewald, B. Favio, R. M. Fazekas, G. Ferris, C. Ferris, G. Fiedler, W. Fisher, Fitzgerald, F. Gambrell, E. Ganos, T. Gentile, M. Gholdaian, A. Gibbons, V. Goerke, I-I. Goll, S. Gowe, Gow, D. Graham, C. Green, G. Grieme, V. Gyorfy, I. I-Iamborsky, P. I-Iarpootian, I-Iawkin, B. I-Ieise, E. Hogan, B. I-Iotchkiss, G. Hoyer, N. Jenkins, B. Jones, R. Kachigan, L. Karnafil, A. Keteyian, A. Kirby, L. Kochigan, I. Kochoian, I. Korlcigian, I. Kovach, A. Kucen, E. Langley, S. Lemon, L. Lindow, E. Lithgow, E. Loring, P. lVlaine, Marlow, R. Maseth, V. Matty, M. McBride, M. McIntosh, D. Megrdichian, O. Mitchell, A. Moldorian, M. Morris, M. Murray, I. Murray, K. Murray, R. Nasutovich, A. 29 Neal, N. Noel, B. Oke, B. Oppelz, M. Osborne, Y. Peitsch, G. Peonski, E. Peterson, G. Peterson, Predhome, R. Ray, S. Rebholz, B. Ricketts, R. Rissman, R. Roach, B. Robinson, E. Roselle, A. Rosnyai, W. Rossi, C. Sanders, E. Schane, S. Seroves, W. Seitz, Shore, M. Simoncig, C. Smith, L. Smith, M. Soth, I. Steve, G. Swords, M. Tersinar, V. Thibeau, Torok, N. Toth, A. Tousley, N. Van I-Ioten, M. Verderbar, D. Vickers, R. Vielmo, R. Voden, C. Walker, B. Watson, M. Wenzel, V. Wilson, M. Wintergerst, H Wolosky, T. Wood, G. Woods, E. Wunderli, B. Zicli, M. 1 9 3 8 DO YOU KNOW THAT? Nine students had at least one report card marking that was an all A one this semester. In 8B-308, Alfred Juchartz, Marili Baske, William Levansrrosser, James Neubacker, and George Steve have this record. The others are Norma Hayes, 7A-3029 Nellie Hoyer, 9A-322, Georgina Keaton, 9B-2203 and Harvey Weisberg, 9B-220. :r ek ae The following 9A's have had a perfect attendance record since they entered Wilson School in the 7B grade, Olive Sebastian, Lillian Wajay, Yola Casoris, Ethel Czako, Betty Walker, Ann Caldwell, Goldie Fazekas, Irene Gyori, and Elizabeth Androse. ak :if sr Catherine Coffey is a member of the Coffey Trio heard over radio station WJBK. at ge 13: Dorothy Turner was chosen to play the French horn with the All City Orchestra at the Music Convention in St. Louis, 4: at :sf Errol Smith and Virginia Bozich were two of the 250 piano players at the festival in the Coliseum. Donald Dil- lard and Alfred Juchartz were two heralds at the same program. Our enrollment is 1340. Ii! tl! 314 About 300 pupils will take part in the Spring Musicale. it wk at The flowers, blooming especially for the Musicale, were made by Muriel Matteson. :r at at The lunchroom has served 1194 students in one day. ek if Ik It is the aim of the lunchroom manager to serve a well-balanced menu of wholesome foods as a twelve cent special. These menus are published a week in advance. A popular twelve cent special is: Vegetable meat loaf-White bread sandwich-Milk-Chocolate pudding. at ek wk The library circulates on the average of 85 fiction and 55 non-fiction books a day. There is a framed letter in the library signed by the late Woodrow Wilson thanking the Board of Education for the compliment paid him in the naming of the Woodrow Wilson School. at af 44 Rooms 203 and 220 have won the attendance banner three times during this school year. 1: at ft Ernest Fraley of room 202 and Irene Hanusi of room 207 solicited the most advertising for the Quill. ll! Ulf wk Jack Mundell, Richard Irvine, Marion DiVeta, Harry Schultz, Robert Marlow, and J. W. Segroves organized their own orchestra which plays at functions in the neighborhood. ig: as 4: Muriel Matteson of room 308 is the only girl enrolled in the machine shop classes. She is interested in aviation and expects to take that up as her vocation, ek wk at Two faculty members have the distinction of having taught in the Wilson School since it was first opened. Mrs. Wiebe has never missed a day of school in her 7M years as a teacher at Wilson. :ze ek W Henry Goerke, in competition with pupils of the Cass Technical High School, won honorable mention for his Christ- mas seal poster. a: ae ek Some of the ninth grade girls are so interested in Gerzrvieve Gerlrude that they are willing to spend time after school reading about her. as 14: :if Russell Trominski and Dick Potvin are to attend the C. M. T. C. at Camp Custer for the summer. as 1: Boy Scout Troop 177, which includes a number of Wilson boys, won third place in the Merit Badge Show in Con- vention Hall. :ll 42 PF Although we have no gym, the following boys are entering the Decathlon Meetg Robert Varos, John Williamson, james Ridley, Willard Peterson, Floyd Thomas, Edward Michaelson, Thomas Knap, Russell Harriman, Charles Balkus, Louis Conti, Mike Smigulec, Richard Burke, Harry Narsisian, George Sabagian, Frank Nagy, and Joe Larsen. The Quill Advertising Program had on it a song with words written by Marili Baske, Marcelaine Pearce, and Errol Smith. The cheers on the same program were enthusiastically led by Jack Briley. wk vt 4: john Rogers and Mable Bacon had parts in Rip Van Win lele which was presented to the students by a group of pro- fessional players. se ek Gerhard Peitsch of room 309 spent 4 months of last year visiting relatives in Germany. Pi' ae :r Shirley Ray had a vacation of two weeks in Florida during the month of February. wk at :t The book display rack in the library, a memorial gift of the January class, and the director's stand, the gift of the June class, were made by Mr. Pozzini. 30 WILSON QUILL THE YEAR'S Number qt Things "The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." To this end the Wilson School offers a variety of activities in the homerooms, the class rooms, the auditorium, and even the halls, including such things as programs, contests, clubs, parties, and dances. These furnish the pupils with a wide diversity of interests which indeed tends to E11 their world with "a number of things." Glancing back over the school year of 1937-1938 our attention focuses on the auditorium as a center of programs designed for instruction and entertainment. Some of these are contributed by the pupils themselves, while others are brought to them by outside talent. The holidays have afforded opportunity for developing the themes suggestive of each. Classroom teachers have inspired members of their groups to plan and execute suitable programs for the celebration of such special occasions as Book Week, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, as well as Commencement exercises. Many P. T. A. programs have been augmented by the contributions of the members of the school. These include vocal and instrumental music num- bers, plays, and demonstrations. The culmination of the programs was the Spring Musicale given May 24th, 25th, and 26th, by the music department, which showed the intensive training in music fumished by Wilson School. Representative of outside talent are the following: a lecture on "Alcohol Education" by Mr. W. D. Bailey from the Y. M. C. A.g an illustrated travel talk by Mr. Roy Snell from the Detroit Newsg a recital provided by Grinnell Brothers, introducing the Hammond organg and a mock radio program given by Mr. Legassey and a group of West- ern High School students, some of whom were former Wilsonites. Pupils have participated in various city-wide contests which include different grades as, the Spelling Bee for the seventh and eighth grades sponsored by the Delroit Newry the Patriot Speech Contest sponsored by the Louisa St. Clair chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Allied Youth Essay Contest on the subject "The Increase in Accidents Due to Alcoholism," which was limized to the nine-A classes. In the Spelling Contest the sev- enth grade winner was Lois Kirby, 7A'303g Jimmie Neubacher, 8B-308, was the eighth grade champion, and Mary Morris, 8A-215, was the representative of Wilson at the Intermediate School Contest. Jack Briley, 8B-308, won the Patriotic Speech Contest and Ruth Kubla, 9A-228, was the winner in the Allied Youth Contest. The contests featured within the school itself include friendly competitions for P. T. A. membership and attend- ance at the regular meetings, perfect attendance at school week by week and for the school year, ticket-selling drives for different school functions, the sale of Christmas seals for the Red Cross and those at Easter time to aid the crippled children, and the securing of advertising for and the sale of Quillx. The clubs may be divided into two groups: those whish are organized with the idea in mind of contributing directly to the success of the school, and those which afford an opportunity for the "worthy use of leisure timen in developing talents and particular interests. The homeroom is the place where all boys and girls have a feeling of belonging in a particular way. The home- room teacher is the one to whom they turn for direction and advice, who seems a bit better-known to them perhaps than the others. The homeroom houses a group of which they are a part and which affords them an opportunity to develop any powers of leadership they possess and the best possible characteristics of citizenship. The members ofthe homeroom group use their ingenuity to plan weekly schedules for the homeroom periods and occasional parties which satisfy the desire for social events and draw the class a little nearer together. Along with the regular classroom work, these numerous activities and contributions tend to E11 the world of the Wilson family very full of worth-while things and to bring that happiness which should be the valuable possession of all. SNAPSHOT IDENTIFICATION 1. Mr, Kimballg 2. Delegate National Educators' Music Conference in St. Louisg 3. Winner-Allied Youth Contestg 4. 9-A Scholarship Pins-January, 5. Dressmakersg 6. Winner-Advertising Contestg 7. Songsters-Quill Assemblyg 8. Book Weekg 9. Book Week, 10. Winner-Xmas Seal Saleg 11. 9-A Fashion Showg 12. Dance Bandg 13. P.T.A. Programg 14. School Spelling Champ, 15. Outstanding Art Workg 16. Winners-Amen ican Legion Pins-Januaryg 17. Drum Major, 18. 7th Grade Spelling Champg 19. Members, All-City Bandg 20, Wilitiers-American Legion Pins-Juneg 21. Book Week, 22. Winner-Patriotic Speech Contestg 23. Book Weekg 24. Book Week, 25. 8th Grade Spelling Champ, 26. OH'icers-Student Council-Januaryg 27. Twinsg 28. Officers-Student Council-Juneg 29. Soloist-January Graduation Exercisesg 30. Book Weekg 31. Micro- phone Boysg 32. Class Officers-januaryg 33. Poppy Posters, 34. Junior Baseball Champsg 35. Members, A11- City Orchestrag 36. Perfect Attendance-7th-9th gradesg 37. Senior Basebal1,Champs. 31 1938 32 WILSON QUILL 33 1938 Patrons of the Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Atendell Romilda Arens Mrs. Frank C. Aust Hilda Bachmeier Frances M. Bailey Bob Baker Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Balogh Harold Barnes Mr. and Mrs. C. Bartlett Hector Beaulac Mr. M. Bedrosian Best Wishes from Your Fire- men No. 33 Lois Betzer Blesz Bakery M. B. Brock Grocery Bullock Green Hdw. Co. Viola Burhardt Frances D. Calcaterra Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Caldwell Osie M. Collier Helen G. Connell Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Coon Arthur W. Cronk Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cunov Jean Curtiss Will Curtiss Gertrude Damerau Detroit School Janitors Ass'n Mr. and Mrs. Leo Doyle Matilda Eclcert Dr. R. G. Edgar Beth Egbert Glen L. Ettinger Lillian Firth Mrs. Helen G. Fischer A Friend Eleanor Fullerton Mr. Garabedian Mr. and Mrs. K.H. Garabedian Mr. Leo Garu Girl Scout Troop 59 Lynn S. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Aladar H. Hamborslcy Mrs. M. Hare Adelaide Hart Higgins School Faculty Bettie Horrell Irma E. Horst Mr. and Mrs. Louis Horvath Ellie Huntrieser Kazensky Brothers Charles F. Kitchell: Gladys Kriese Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Kubisch Mrs. Lammers Langers Auto Supply Mr. and Mrs. Clifton H. Langley Marileen K. Lardie Luella Lempke Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Looby Arthur Lopshire Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Lytle Mervyn John MacRae Mr. and Nlrs. Watson R. Malott Mrs. E. Martin Miss Jessie McCallum Principal, Beam' School Wilbert A. McClain, Jr. Eileen McClear Mary F. McGinnis Mr. and Mrs. James Mearns 34 uill Grace S. Mills Dorothy Morris Helen Mutch Robert H. Naubert Aileen W. Nichols Dr. H. B. Nickels Mrs. Palmer Merle F. Perry William Platte John Poncsalc Dr. Alvin E. Price Charles W. Proctor Meta E. Reynolds Mr. William A. Richards Mrs. Gladys Ridley Mrs. George Robertson Al. St. Pierre Realty Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sedan Ida Silverstein Alice M. Sours Doris M. Tarrant Keith Tarrant Kathleen Temrey Mr. W. F. Wallington Harry Welsh Mrs. Wert Ethel Wescott Mrs. H. Wllittaker Ada Wiebe M. Wilkinson Hazel S. Wilson Rev. and Mrs. Gordon M. Wood R. C. Wood Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Wray Mr. and Mrs. Peter Yuhas Mr. John Zanier WILSON QUILL Business Directory and Index of Advertisements ASSOCIATIONS Alumni Association .,.,............ Sec page 44 Parent Teachers Association .....,,. See page 37 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS P. L. Grissom Chevrolet, Inc.. ,....., See page 42 Southwestern Motor Sales, Inc. ....., See page 43 BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Fox Barber Shop ,............... 2028 Springwells Juliette Beauty Parlor, 8623 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-3420 Littlefield's Barber Shop .......... 2121 Springwells Mary's Beauty Shoppe, 1141 Lawndale-Vi. 1-1934 Orchid Beauty Shop ..,...,.....,,.., See page 37 Margaret Ross Beauty Shop .l.,,...... Vi. 41-9720 Central- RoudoH7's Beauty Salon, . 8303 Cahalan-Vi. 1-4929 Trost Beauty Shoppe. .7244 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-2783 C1-IIROPODIST Earl F. Guire ...,.... 7919 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-6030 CIGARS Boldt Cigar Mfg. Co. .... 3430 Michigan-La. 0054 CLEANERS Ferndale Hat, Cleaners, and Shoe Repair .,.,. 2134 Springwells Jerry the Hatter. , . ................ See page 37 C. E. Kubisch Dry Cleaning ..,...,....,..... . ,.....,...,......... 5645 W. Fort-Vi. 1-3270 La Rose Cleaners and Dyers .,,...,,..,...,. 7238 Lafayette-Vi. 1-4770 Long Bros. Cleaners ..,. 2000 Lawndale-Vi. 1-1826 Mayflower Cleaners .... ........, S ee page 37 Senator Laundry and Dry Cleaners, 2026 Springwells Steve's Cleaners .............,. ..... S ee page 44 CLOTHING Walter A. Bauman 7840 W. Vernor-Men's Shop Dixie Credit Clothing Shops ....... See page 37 Sid's Cut Rate ....... 7820 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-9354 COAL Buchanan Coal 84 Coke ,,... 7900 Dix-Vi. 1-4206 Cedar Coal and Cartage Co. ............ . fel291o ,,...,..,.4838WestFort-Vi Gerisch Coal Co., Inc. .,.., 9925 Dearborn, Detroit McFadden Coal and Ice Co. ....,,..., See page 41 Misrclc Coal ...............,...,.., See page 38 Owens Coal Co. ,,,,................ See page 37 Richardson Coal Co. .....,,....,..,. See page 44 CONFECTIONERS Becker .,...,..,...., 1451 Springwells-Vi. 2-9627 Grace's Confectionery ,,., 1401 Lawnclalc at Homer Wm. Hayes .. ,...., 7918 W. Fort-Vi. 2-9213 Johnnie's Sweet Shop, 2001 Springwells-Vi. 2-9763 Mrs. L. M. ,luchartz ,,.. 8300 Gartner-Vi. 2-9830 Norm's Confectionery ,..,,,.......... See page 37 Paradise Candy Shop ..,,.....,.. . See page 41 Steiner Confectionery. .. 6415 Regular-Vi. 2-9370 S. B. Youngblood .... 8327 W. Vernor-Vi. 2-9232 CREAMERY Wayne Creamery ...,,....,.,........ See page 39 DANCE STUDIO Ricardeau Dance Studio ............. See page 41 DENTISTS Dr. Walter Chmiel ..............,....,... . ,.... . , , . .,.,.... 2046 Springwells-Vi. 1-7284 Dr. S. Coggan ....... 7739 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-0633 Dr. G. N. Deming ..,, 8011 W. Vernor-Vi. 2-2440 Dr. J. I. Fairchild ...,.. 6406 W. Fort-Vi. 1-3421 Dr. S. L. Kingsbury ..... 5882 W. Fort-Vi. 1-0550 Drs. Morrison Bt Smith ..........,.....,.,.. .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2225 Springwells-Vi. 1-2152 Dr. E. C. Moss ...... 7657 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-1050 DEPARTMENT STORES S. S. Kresge, No. 435 ,..... ............,.. Vi. 1-4020 The Padden Shop ,............,.......... . . . . . . . .7946 W. Vernor, Cor. Carson-Vi. 1-1727 .................,..7821W.Vernor- F. W. Woo1worthCo. .,................... . . . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .7831 West Vernor-Vi. 1-5511 DOGS Kerrin Kollie Kennels ..........,..... See page 42 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Jos. C. Parrent ...,... 7082 Lexington-Vi. 1-4746 FLORISTS Lincoln Square Flower Shop ..... ...,,..... Fort-Vi. 1-4069 Ed Lutey, Florist . . , , .....,...,... See page 41 John H. Warncke and Sons ....,..,,..,.,.. ...,.......,,.....,...9190W.F0rt-Vi. 1-0128 FOODS Becker Bros. ...................,........ . 6200 and 6206 Fon: St. W.-Vi. 1-1993-1-1994 A. Black ,............. 1681 Lawndale-Groceries H. M. Cherry ...........,.... 12724 Lauder - Pure Maple Syrup and Honey- Ho. 7688 Paul Clark ......,.. 2229 Lawndale-Ice Cream Detroit Union Produce Terminal ............ . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fort and Green Streets-Detroit Ferndale Fruit and Vegetable Market ...,..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7647 Vemor Hy. W.-Vi. 1-1753 Garan's Market ,......... ................. . . . . , . . . . .1311 Lawndale-Groceries and Meats Edw. E. Kers IV1eats ,.............,...,.... . ..,............... 1848 Springwells-Vi. 1-0780 Kroger Grocery .,.... 7758 W. Vernor-Vi. 2-9235 Kroger Grocery and Baking Co. ..... See page 39 Kuhr's Market ..........,......... See page 40 Kuslirs Grocery and Meat Market ........,... Elsmere-Vi. 2-1431 Lawndale Market .,,.........,...... See page 40 Willmen Lenard, Meats .,.,.............. ,.,.7647 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-1753 Lincoln Square Grocery ..,............,..,. ..........6020 W. Fort-Vi. 2-9102 The New Marker ,...... . ,..... ...... S ee page 37 Jack Oppelz, Meats ,..,,, 1411 Beard-Vi. 1-0873 john A. Peters ........,............ See page 38 Rebert's Bakery ...... 7725 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-1285 Sam's Market ....... 8415 W. Vernor-Groceries R. Schmoke's Meats. .8045 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-9612 Selsor's Market Groceries and Meats .......,. ........,....,..,......2701Casper-Vi.2-9309 C. F. Smith ..,...,. Mgr. M. Smiley-7000 Rowan C. F. Smith Co. .,.....,.........,.. See page 38 Southwestern Market ......,..,....., See page 41 1938 FOODS-Continued J. C. Streeter Meats . . .6430 W. Fort-Vi. 1-3753 Tasty Potato Chip Co. .............. See page 41 Turner's Groceries and Meats ......... 8301 Navy WeislJerg's'Market. . .8640 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-6772 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ross E. Agla ........ 731 Rademacher-Vi. 2-2210 1. P. Ferguson ,,.....,..,......... See page 40 Moran and Duff ..,..........,,.... See page 43 Henry J. Stahl ......,, 7950 Fort W.-Vi. 2-0656 FURNITURE Alvin Furniture Co. ,....,,.. . , ..,. See page 43 Gardner-White Furniture Co. ....,... See page 38 FURNACES Martin Furnace Co. . . 1918 Springwells-Vi. 1-1822 GARAGES Blue Ribbon Garage .... 4847 W. Fort-Vi. 2-9803 George L. Young-Body Rep. .,....., See page 43 HARDWARE Harms Hardware ,........ .......... S ee page 43 Springwells Hardware Co. ..,... .... S ee page 40 F. E. Will, Jr. Hardware Co., . . ,... See page 39 HOSPITAL Vernor Hospital and Throat Clinic, ........ . ...................7904W.Vernor-Vi. 1-3876 INSURANCE George K. Bagley ......,.......... See page 42 Commercial Casualty-H. H. Jones ......... . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . .600 Majestic Bldg.-Cad. 5384 JEWELER Bruce and Sarber .....,,...... .... S ee page 40 Weyhing Bros. .,.........,.., .... S ee page 44 LUMBER Lowrie Lumber and Supply Co. ....... See page 39 LIVE STOCK Ridley and Marshall ,..,.......... See page 39 MAGAZINES Young America .,.,......,....,.... See page 39 METALS W. M. Chace Co.-Bimetals .... ,.... . . , . . Beard-Vi. 1-4540 Frank J. Novak Foundry. Co. ............. . .,....,. . 1545 Temple Ave.-Cad. 2426 MUSIC TEACHER Rachel A. Boldt-piano, pipe-organ ,...,..... Hubbard-La. 0992 OPTICIAN Dohrik Opticians .......,.......,., See page 42 ORCHESTRA Veterannaires Dance Band ....,...... See page 42 PAINTERQ AND DECORATOR Max R. Steege .,.....,. 7258 Senator-Vi. 1-1647 PI-IARMACIES Glass 8: Sullivan, Inc. .................... . W.Vernor-Vi. 1-0435 Rogers Pharmacy ..,,.. 6656 Fort, W.-Vi. 1-0438 Southwestern Drug .... 7000 West Fort-Vi, 2-9172 PHOTOGRAPHER K. Altschuler .............,......., See page 38 PHYSICIANS Dr. S. R. Ashe ..... 8031 W Vernor-Vi. 1-0628 Dr. Harley J. Robinson. .25 Lawrence-To. 8-3034 PRINTERS AND ENGRAVERS Heitman-Garancl Co. .........,..... See page 44 Service Engraving Co. ,....... ....... S ee page 40 Strang Printing ,.... 1362 Springwells-Vi. 1-8676 Woodmere Press ....... 2319 Norman-Vi. 1-6252 RADIO AND APPLIANCE Payne's Radio Sales 8: Service ....,....... U. . . W. FOKI-VI. 1-8080 Walker Music BL Appliance Co. ..,.... See page 41 RESTAURANTS Ariston Lunch .....,..... 8033-35 W. Vernor Hy. Golden Pheasant Inn ,..,.....,,.... See page 42 Gray and Miller Grill-Home Cooking. , . . . . . .,....,.,..........7636W.Vernor-V1.2-9673 4. Night Hawk ........ 1406 Lawnclale-Vi. 1-7644 Hicks Stag Restaurant ,......... 1804 Springwells Jimmie Kelly .... . . .2261 Waterman-Vi. 2-9512 Vernor Green Grill, . .7203 W. Vernor-Vi. 2-9723 SERVICE STATIONS Art's Service .......... ,.... C entral and Lafayette Z. Bamoff Bc Soderstrom ..,.........,.. See page 38 3. J. Dauss Filling Station. 1709 Lawndale-Vi. 2-9797 Fetterly's Standard Service ....,,...,....,.. ..................Vernor at Central-Vi. 2-9543 5. The Fire-Chief Service Station .....,. See page 41 6. Fischer Service Station ............,. See page 43 7 . . . Medlancl's Distinctive ............... ,...... ................ 8001 Dix at Carson-Vi. 2-9340 Miller Service .................... See page 44 9. Railroad Oil Co. ,..,.., ....... 4 025 West Fort St. 10. Richert Service 61 Garage .,....,..... See page 39 11. Sinclair Refining Co. ,.............. See page 40 Springwells Service. .1001 Springwells-Vi. 1-8960 13. Ted's Friendly Service. ...,.............. ,. . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . .6939 W. Lafayette-Vi. 2-9580 Van Hotenis Service-Sinclair Products .... . . 22nd and Porter-entrance to Ambassador Bridge SHOE REPAIR Community Shoe Repair 1665 Lawndale Ave. 1. .... . 2. Dan's Shoe Repair .,... 7642 W. Vernor Highway 3 . Mr. G Kasbarian .......,.,,............. . . . . . . . . . . 8636 W. Fort-Electric Shoe Repairing Mr. John Paul-Artillery Shoe Repair ........ W.Fort SHOE STORES A. W. Beste. . 8625 W. Vernor Hwy.-Vi. 1-3199 Francine Boot Shop .........,..,. ........ . . . . . . . , . . . . 7752 W, Vernor-Next to Kroger's Gene's Shoe Store .... 7814 W. Vernor-Vi. 1-0232 Charles Wissman ...... 6354 Fort St. West-Shoes STAMPS FOR COLLECTORS W. E. Banhagel ........ 2966 Central-Vi. 1-6918 PUBLIC STENO. AND NOTARY PUBLIC E. Cochrane ........... 53 E. Elizabeth-Ch. 9000 TAILOR A. Buclnik 6: Son ....,...,...,,,... See page 43 TRANSPORTATION Interstate Motor Freight System ............ .....................,,..1208Dul3lin-Fi.7200 Lang Trucking Co.. . .7132 Lexington-Vi. 1-8292 WALL PAPER Le Blanc's Wall Paper Store ................ W. Fort-Vi. 1-6537 WILSON QUILL THE NEW MARKET Meats - Groceries Fruits - Vegetables 1267 Lewerenz, Cor. Regular Vi. 1-2034 Take it to a Master Hatter . . . Ladies' and Men's Hats Cleaned Properly JERRY THE HATTER "Where a promise is kept' 1631 Lawndale at Logan Service Witlv a Smile N ORM'S CON FECTION ERY Homemade Ice Cream and Carmel Corn Vi. 2-9119 7400 West Vernor OWENS COAL CO. "The Best in Fuel" 4' 3600 Central Vi. 1-5414 17301 Moran To. 8-2393 Dress in Style on Easy Creclit MAYF LOWER CLEANERS at the DIXIE CREDIT CLO Insured Moth-Proof Cleaning SHOPS 2 Stores - We Deliver 7730 W. Vemor Highway 6043 W. Lafayette Vi. 2-2424 just west of Rio Theatre 6411 Regular Vi. 1-0182 ORCHID BEAUTY SHOP + 6647 W. Fort Sr. Vi. l-6145 Know Your School Better Join ' The Wilson P. T. A. 1938 Buy on Eafy Credit Term: at GARDNER-WHITE FURNITURE COMPANY 6309 Mack 5607 W. Fort 7000 JOHN A. PETERS Sausage and Meat Foods Fenlcell near Mt. Elliott near Junction near Livuruois l + "Everything for the Home" Complete displays uf Furniture, Rugs, Radius, Ap- pliances. etc. Trade in your old furniture, etc. for a lilyeral allowance. Low Rent locations save you money! W' Vernor C. F. SMITH CO. CPURE FOODS? "We Serve to Serve Again" 1503 Springwells Avenue Fred Thornton, Manager Phone Vinewood 2-9726 BARNOFF 86 SODERSTROM Sinclair Gas SERVICE STATION - Ford Benzol - Quality Oils 7145 Dix Avenue at Green + C on gratul ations, Graduates METROPOLITAN ART STUDIO 8745 Gratiot Ave. Pl. 3065 Portrait and Commercial K. ALTSCHULER SUMMER PRICES NOW IN EFFECT You Can Save As Much As 2598 by Filling Your Fuel Bin Now + 2989 Customers Cared For in One Day is Proof You Can Invest with Cbnlidence llilllSil'EELE yards + conveniently Plaza 8900 located Main Order Dept. 38 WILSON QUILL You Are Cordially Invited to Visit WAYNE 'CREAMERY DETROIT'S MOST MODERN DAIRY OUR PLANT IS ALWAYS OPEN FOR YOUR INSPECTION 1612 Waterman Avenue VI. 1-0336 F. E. WILL, JR. Compliments of HARDWARE The Kroger Grocery and Baking Company + 6650 W. Lafayette 6640 W. Fort + Vi. 1-0988 DICK JEWETT, Manager RICI-IERT SERVICE 86 GARAGE Hi-Speed Products Auto Radios - Tires - Batteries Auto Repairs I Can Save You Money on Your Auto Needs Soc ME 9655 W. Fort Vi. 2-9292 LOWRIE LUMBER 86 SUPPLY CO. Lumber - Paint - Hardware Home Improvements Financed 6408 W. Vernor Vi. 1-1700 RIDLEY AND MARSHALL LIVE STOCK BROKERS + Detroit Stock Yards Detroit, Mich. Compliments of YOUNG AMERICA 1938 Compliments of J. P. FERGUSON Funeral Director Springwells Hardware Co. D. SOBEL, PROP. 2038 Springwells Ave. 4 Dealer: in Hardware, Paint, Glass, Cutlery Engraving: in this June 1938 QUILL furnished by SERVICE EN GRAVIN G COMPANY LAWNDALE MARKET Home of Quality Meafs, Groceries Fruits, and Baked Goods 4 1136 Lawnc1a1e Ave. Phone Vi. I-4059 Compliments SIN CLAIR REFININ G COMPANY 1761 Waterman Avenue Detroit, Michigan Vinewood 1-4576 A. L. BRUCE Jeweler E. O. SARBER Optometrist 2223 Springwells Ave., D etroit KUI-IR'S MARKET Phone Vinewood 1-2172 We Delive 1847 Green Ave. + We Carry a Full Line of Fresh and Cold Meats WILSON QUILL Walker 1VIusic 86 Appliance Co. 7626 W. Jefferson Vi. 2-1980 Complele Line of Musical Instruments and Supplies Radios and First Class Radio Service Open 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. - Owners - Louis Chick Joseph Sassak The Fire-Chief Service 'Station 8700 West Fort at Lawndale Texaco Gas and Oil Goodrich Tires and Batteries GEORGE HAWKINS, Mgr. Vi. 2-9713 SOUTHWESTERN MARKET 6546 W. Fort at Rademacher Meafs - Groceries - Produce + Telephone VI. 1-5758-We Deliver Tel. Vi. 1-6858 RICARDEAU DANCE STUDIOS 713 Junction at Fort Ballet - Spanish - Toe Acrobatic - Ball Room - Tap Adagio - Voice Fall season opens in September COAL - COKE - WOOD -- ICE MOVING AND STORAGE McFADDEN COAL AND ICE COMPANY 8642 West Fort Street Vlnewood 2-4567 PARADISE CANDY SHOP Home Made Ice Cream and Candies Always the Best + W. Vernor at Springwells ED. LUTEY Compliments Florist TASTY POTATO CHIP CO. V Ste-re and Greenhouse 12101 Grand River Corner Washburn Hogarth 6100 "Potato Chips with that Wonderful Flavor" + 2812 W. Fort La. 1432 1938 GEORGE K. BAGLEY INSURANCE Life. :Xcciclcnt :xml Health RELIANCE LIFE INS. CO. of Pittslmrgl1 1214 Majestic Bldg., Detroit C.Xclillac 8717 9 Auto. Fire and Property MICHIGAN MUTUAL AUTO INS. FO of Traverse City, Michigan 311 Fox Blilg.. Detroit Cl'1ci'i'y 5605 Res. 7318 Lane Ave. Vlfnewood 1-1 298 Phone Vlnewood 1-6700 P. L. Grissom Chevrolet, Inc. Formerly C 86 R Chevrolet Co. PASSENGER CARS AND TRUCKS + 6049 West Fort Street Detroit, Mich. P. L. GRISSOM Vlnewoocl 1-7932 JOE FRAITES and his VETERANNAIRES Dance Band Call us for your parties "Enjoy Sweet Mclodiesj' 8760 Rathbone Ave., Detroit, Mich. J. A. Fraites fEdwin Denhy Post, A. L.1 Luncheons 11:30-2:30 P. M. TRinity 2-9831 Dinner 5-9 P. M. Sunday Bl Holidays 12-9 P. M. GOLDEN PHEASANT INN eos PALLISTER STREET Two Blocks North of Fisher Bldg. On Second Blvd. + Nelle L. Hall, Mgr. Private Bridge Rooms COMPLETE GLASSES DOBRIIKUS, l'l.t.rl11'0.v you of firsi quality Icn.tc'.t, mwlrulrlj' !ll'0l!l1!1 tn yarn' ,Hrc.vrrif1iun. Glizxxz' filter! nm! Hlflflll' by .vleillrd rrzzfixmcn. + Dependable Glasses at Economical Prices W DOBRIK OPTICIANS New location Room 1 Medical Art Bldg. 5800 VV. Fort Street Entrance on Campbell Ave. + Call Vlnewoocl 1-0350 lied. 0130-VV Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wfiethoif 26670 Farmington Drive or Shiawassee Rd. Enmw se i QU-'E ENNELS Route 3, Box 408, Detroit, Michigan Out west un liaise Line Rel. CS-mile Ronrll to first road on right, west of 'l'elc-grzipli Road + llrxmch Agent James Pezicoclc 10011 llrwron-ull DEZll'l7U1'll Avenue Q Vinewoocl l-4967 WILSON QUILL WM. REID FLOYD S. OSTROM SOUTHWESTERN MOTOR SALES, INC. Authorized Ford1Sales and Service 7033-7039 WEST FORT STREET Phone: Vlnewood 1-4200 Lincoln Parlc Branch: South Fort at Russell GEORGE L. YOUNG GENERAL BODY REPAIRING Collision Work, Metal Bumping, Welding Paint and Lacquer Finishes and Simonizing Brolccn Glass Replaced + 182 North Post Avenue Near Southwestern H. S, Detroit, lVIich. Phone Vinewood 1-1150 ALVIN FURNITURE CO. Highest Grade Furniture from Factory to You-Liberal Allowance on Your Used Furniture-No Carrying Charge-No Interest - Two Years to Pay + 8715-21 W. Vernor Highway Detroit, Mich. Vinewoocl 1-0573 A. BUDNIK 86 SON CUSTOM TAILORS + 6620 W. Fort Street Detroit, Mich Sunoco Gas and Oil - We Grease FISCHER SERVICE STATION Sunoco Products Tires and Batteries + 7701 Dix at Central Nelson Fischer Detroit, Mich Compliments of MORAN AND DUFF Funeral Directors 4' 6628 W. Fort Vi. 1-0429 HARMS HARDWARE 7924 West Fort + Vi. 2-2020 J 1938 Class Rings and Pins Caps and Gowns Diplomas, Commencement Invitations 4, m Compliments of Woodrow Wilson Intermediate Alumni Association + + WEYHIN G BROS. MFG. CO. Jewelers 4' 304 Eaton Tower and 3040 Gratiot Detroit, Mich. THE QUILL-JUNE 1938 Printed by HEITMAN-GARAND CO. STEVE'S CLEANERS 1405 Lawndale at Homer Over 35 Years of Experience Vinewood 1-8612 Vinewood 2-9236 MILLER SERVICE HI-SPEED PRODUCTS Tires - Batteries - Accessories Tire Repair - Battery Service Hi-Speed Lubrication 1941 Springwells RICHARDSON COAL CO. Where Quality and Service Count + 4645 W. Fort Street W. J. Miller Detroit Phones LA. 2281 LA. 6344

Suggestions in the Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 37

1938, pg 37

Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 53

1938, pg 53

Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 46

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Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 56

1938, pg 56

Woodrow Wilson Intermediate School - Quill Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 50

1938, pg 50

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