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L J l , F Lf K '-,L EQ-9-9 -JK I QQQJH QLACE rg 'fo . . 4' 'I A1 xqeao X .ff "1 75 06, J' E V X. - I968 SHIELD WOODROW WILSON HIGH SCHOOL San Francisco, California Volume 6 Wm? wr- mmm Table of Contents FACULTY AND STAFF Page 6 It pays to work at Pacific Telephone. Pass it along. SPORT S A DVERTISING Page 60 l Page 88 FALL SPRING GRADUATES GRADUATES page 124 Page 132 CO-EDITORS: Terri Craib Cathy Mullineaux Faye Chewning COVER DESIGN BY: Paula Martin ADVISER: Adolphus Thomas Page 2 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Page 152 ACTIVITIES Page 20 UNDERCLASSMEN Page 92 -mal ,SV may K,- 3. my . . .-A ,i.A1- , X 5: 2-ffw:ffw11'f"' V .. -if 4- Xwjwsx 6 it mHN,..u.5 , XM 6. . Mrffzxf ,-Q :in :ff-fa 22ex'i3Hi,fQ - gg Q iw J-L.-4g1yff:'fw ' - Q' W 'ff' A Y 1' Q UV 'wp-Q Qryfae, .f ,, K . Q. ,I A cw :bm new .+..-sg ff- . , .- xmmy. Qmgn . wx W M, . , , Si 3531. 1 ' . - f.. 152-'12 fx , 3 5 , W , m L Qx . , Q. . 2 ,ss if if , :1f,...., W. -X V X .. R f , TW. W ,Q s Rf 3 ,gl K X JK!!! Q n Dedicate to Coach Ingersoll The 1968 Shield is dedicated to Frank Ingersoll. Mr. Ingersoll came to Woodrow Wilson in-1963 as a member of the school's original faculty. He didn't coach basketball last season, during which he was hospitalized for 21 days with a heart ailment. He returned to the helm of the varsity basket- ball team for the 1967-68 season. At the outset, the 41-year old teacher-coach informed his players that this year - his 14th - would be his last year in coaching. Then he plunged into the job of build- ing the team into a cohesive unit. "Frank is a perfectionist, " observes assistant coach Ed Rueda, "and the kids liked this. They saw success in playing the game his way." Success the team had, sweeping to 27 straight victories - including two pre-season tournaments, the AAA championship, and the championship of northern Ca1ifornia's Tournament of Champions. Bishop O'Dowd's cage coach Frank La Porte said, "Mr. Ingersoll did the finest job of coaching this season." Player Eli Neal said, "We tried to win it all for him." Coach Ingersoll said, "I'm the luckiest man alive. How many guys get a chance to leave coaching on top?" Mr. Ingersoll will now devote full time to the field of health education, in which he holds a Masters from Stanford. We wish Mr. Ingersoll every future success. Certainly Woodrow Wilson High School is better for his having been here. Coach Ingersoll is caught in one of his calmer moments during the season. ' Coach Ingersoll and his "Wonder Team" took most of the trophies shown here on the trophy table at the Tournament of Champions. Page 4 Perhaps Coach Ingersoll will always remember the score recorded on the Oakland Coliseum score- board frighty at the end ofthe 1968 TOC. Wil- son was the home team. Left: Coach Ingersoll holds the TOC team trophy. What do you say now, Coach? The coach discusses strategy with his attent1ve players durmg trme out m a key game Page 5 1 J Q 1 gf Q, 3 I ml . X H, .3 x, x ,, ,X gm QQQ 5 1 ,, ,. :Hi-.ww-w-Yjiffifi W 5 Ai fi ,,..,, , , ,Y Nm. 4, .. fb"-. ,, . ,QQ 7 .. fbm.. n - -.,7:,, , Q--5- A Q A gg .faJf",,f- - X M, . .67 , W +1 fffif 3 ff.. s if ' K , . show spirit, de ' t' u,ca Q 'On Miss Greendorfer accepts award at the TOC victory rally. Mr. Thomas is kept busy as adviser to the newspaper and the yearbook staffs Mr. Isaacs carefully examines student's work. N Mr. Muschi arranged Mayor A1ioto's visit to Wilson. Page '7 English Department SITTING Cleft to rightjz Mrs. Judith E. Wiese, Miss Vera Sidorov. Albert F. Nuti Cdepartment heady, Miss Arm K. Wiegner, and Mrs. Marilyn Joan Benton. STANDING: Clifford W. Soward, Richard T. Curnow, Adolphus Thomas. Barclay Bates, Harry J. Lieberman. Gerald Heinz, and Richard V. Hastings. Not Shown: John Arnando, Mrs. Judith Borcher, Lewis Campbell, and James Marshall. Social Studies Department SITTING fleft to rightj: Miss Diane S. Greenwald and Mrs. Judith Borcher. STANDING: Nicholas Fesunoff, Dr. Armand Magid facting department headlg Irving Rothstein, and Charles Stuart. Not shown: Saul Barnett fdepartment head on leavej, Armand Fernandez, Roger John- son, Harry Lieberman, James Metros, Bruno Morelli, and Robert Whalen. Page 8 I Language Department LEFT TO RIGHT: Leon Ruclee, Mrs. Joan Brownson, Obie W. Oberhausen, Armand Fernandez Cchairmanj, and Bruno Morelli. Not shown: Richard V. Hastings, Albert F. Nuti, and Edward Rue da . LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Marion Skootsky, librariang Mrs. Anita Rock, textbook clerkg Mrs. Evelyn Staton, head librariang and Mrs. Esther Mann, librarian. E Page 9 Library Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Allan Orler Qchairmanj, Miss Annette Barbier, Mrs. Aline Bailey, Mrs. Linda Rueda, Mrs. Ann Pon, Eugene Muscat, Miss Dana Colton, and Obie Oberhauser. Not shown: Jack D'Ange1o. Moth Department Business Department LEFT TO RIGHT: lim Cribbs, Louis Muschi. Miss Arlene Garfinkle, Jeff Straus, Mrs. Mary Jane Fernandez, Dave Armstrong, and Eli Weinstein. Not shown: Mrs. Sarah Ferguson and Zach Tay- lor, department chairman. Page 10 Industrial Arts Department FRONT ROW Qleft to rightjz Allan Maxwell. Stephen Lewis, Iohn Lindquist, and Donald Dietz BACK ROW: David Armstrong, Donald Isaacs facting department headj, and Richard Minderman Not shown: John H. Queiser fdepartment head on leavej. Homemaking Department l Page 11 LEFT TO RIGHT: MIS. Alida Palick and Mrs. Patricia Erickson. Not shown: Mrs. Arpie Shamlian Qchairmanj. Special Classes Mrs. Audrey Rodman Special Education Department LEFT TO RIGHT: Herbert L. Aites, Richard D. Soward, and Mrs. Norma Mogilefsky fchairmanj. Not shown: Dr. Herbert Westby- Gibson. , I 'i A, -Q If you want to be a pencil-pusher. I always tell students, keep a sharp pencil. Page 12 Art Department, Grover Neuman fchairmany and Mrs. Rosalie Gerrman. Music Department John Arnaudo and Leon Rudee, fchairmanj. Page 13 lltl V' N"""' vm kgs U V A Y - utt. 3 ,,r-fi ge E X' , K , ,V Si P ui! ggi hAs59 ,wg K FRN- ,M A 'f 'ax ca' 5' .. A ll Pi Wg. ,As r 2- 'sf '- we , g, f -5ef!1"g""q H3 4 eafmbn u up Pu Am-, 1 AMA Ana' ,L rg FEQIHQE, f.'fffff.f.','f2 You see, one goes up while the other goes down. Drivers Education Department LEFT TO RIGHT: Jesse Racines, James Burke, Fred Quinn fchairmanj, John Shea, Richard Kell, and Donald Isaacs. Not shown: Frank Barrett and Richard Minderman. R.O.T.C. Stott M!Sgt. Richard T. Ryan Senior Resident Instructor Page 14 SFC James P. Carney Asst. Resident Instructor Boys' P.E. Department LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave White, Ed Rueda, John Shea, Frank Ingersoll, Pete Dalton fdepartment headj, and Jesse Racines. Girls' P.E. Department LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Majorie Carrigan, Mrs. Majorie Schultz, Mrs. Linda Rueda, and Mrs. Aner R. Young ldepartment heady. Not shown: Miss Vera Sidorov. Page 15 Science Department LEFT TO RIGHT: Pete Peterson, Irving Fishman, Eli Weinstein, Herb Strongin facting department chairmanl, Miss Arlene Garfinkle, Miss Sue Greendorfer, Miss Deanna Smith, Joel Rucker, and Ron Bertucelli. Not shown: George Gunias and Alan Fibish, department chairman on leave. Counseling Department LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Elizabeth de Losada, Mrs. Elizabeth Marcus, Philip Dwyer, James Metros, Harry Lieber man, Miss Joyce Talal, Robert Eby, and Miss Ann Wiegner. Guest speakers fback to cameraj: Alwin Jarreau. Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Not shown: Bruno Morelli, David Armstrong, and Jack D'Angelo. Page 16 Clerical Stoll 'Q ilu LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Libby Singer, Mrs. Isabel Casazza, Mrs. Fern MacKeon, Miss Carolyn Shaw, Mrs. Evelyn Lingafelter, Mrs. Louise Geysels, Mrs. Anita Rock. Not shown: Mrs. Marie Terzian and Mrs. Cora Cook. School Nurse School Accountant Mrs. L0iS0'C0f1He11 Emmett Cobb Q Q Cafeteria Staff si x LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Campbell, Caroline Bosel, David Seaman, Elvera Avanjo, Olean McClain, Rose Borrouso, Norma Scolini, Anne Baxter, Marie Bottarini fin backj, Pauline Bertolino, Lorraine Hauber, Veronica Gioseffi Qin backj, Gloria Simonetti, and Jean Hagen fhead cooky. Not shown: Barbara Glass, Mary Harrigan, and Austin Sheperd. Cusrodiol Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Sam Wilson, Doug Canyon, and Sylvester Johnson. Not shown: Charles McCul1ar Qhead cus- todianj, Florence Bruner, Edward Hess Qengineerj, Guido Nanni Cgardenerj, and Philip Zihn qgardenerj. Page 18 I try to keep cool. xy Checkers is so much easier Smile. you are on Candid Camera. ' -A.,,, Perfect! K Wilson's cheerful cheerleaders accept the TOC trophy for the number one rooting section. The spirit- makers - song girls, yell leaders, and mighty warrior - present a solid front. Page 20 Top Spirit While the Woodrow Wilson Varsity Basketball Team was going undefeated in 27 contests and cli- maxing a perfect season by capturing the coveted Tournament of Champions trophy, the Wilson rooting section was making history, too. The Wilson rooters, who had kept team morale high all season, took over at the Tournament of Champions and made WWHS the first San Francisco public school to win the TOC award for its rooting section. With 603 spirited Wilson students in the Oak- land Colisuem on the first night, 575 the second night, and 700 the third night, it was no surprise when Wilson's rooting section won the first place trophy for being the most spirited, best conducted, and best in appearance at the TOC. The section was made up of white background with a bright green "W" in the middle. It had been organized by the students with the help of Miss Susan Green- dorfer, student activities adviser. Gordon Analla was a key spirit maker all year. earns top troph The song girls take a rest between routines. Lester Turner leads a victory yell. Page 21 The beloved Warrior makes the scene. Wilson's song girls do " Fight Song. " Mayor Joseph Alioto makes a point. Mayor Alioto, Dr. Jenkins and Mr. Knowles view the school. Ansley Truitt meets Mayor Alioto. Dr. Jenkins presents Mr. Frank Ingersoll with the TOC per- petual trophy. Page 22 Mayor Alioto Mayor Joseph Alioto and Dr. Robert Jenkins helped Wilson celebrate its TOC victory at a rally on Thursday, March 21, on the school's football field. Mayor Alioto said, "Ir is an honor for San Francisco to have a school like Wilson. " Congressman Philip Burton, who was respresented by Mr. Joseph Beeman, was in Washington entering into the Congres- sional Record great words of praise about Wilson. Mr. Sam Skinner, sports editor of the Sun-Reporter and representative from radio KDIA, presented the yell leaders a beati- ful trophy from KDIA to the Wilson student body. Miss Susan Greendorfer awarded the yell leaders and song girls the spirit trophy won at the TOC. She in turn received an award from the Executive Board for her help in organizing the TOC winning root- ing section. The rally ended with the singing of the School Hymn. t X O I a u d s W I I s o n Mayor Alioto chats with Wilsonites at pre-rally reception. The Mighty Warrior accepts another trophy for Wilson. The yell leaders accept a trophy from Mr. Sam Skinner of radio station KDIA. Page 23 The Mayor meets the assistant coach, Mr. Rueda . 41 Q, x A fffffw-x vf'i wg ,. 3 , Q if 1 5 V few Q X 5-. ez 1 Hs ' H ' f 2 I A x h' 4 5 Q W M , f W Lil 4. if fa ' 7 'X 2 su A Q :i'v' 0 . rm X A'-snsgg, :Em gs Q -5 i 5 ' ' SIS -if. f gg j , W 5 Q Q ' R x 3 5 , J ' 5' , 3 ,, . 1, FJ N wg: E v ,. I 'WHY -5-. ' X ' sm? A fi? ii' gs 5 ,g '- we .Q v N sw be - PS' W si M. K E' ' '-f ?' 1 -: iw :gn ,. M5 1 Nfiiax 'S 'T .f- f , As gigs.- . ssai - -n-1 , sf as '35 ff' ' ai ees Sv 511: x v. f M, xx .Q 5 N 313' ,f , ,S ..,:-- ,. N x Let's dance! Wilson's school dances were spirited this year if not crowded. Some of the best musical talent enter- tained at each event. Playing at the "We1come Sophomore Dance," for example, were the Motown Souls. The big dance of the year was the "Victory Dance" on March 22, at which the school celebrated its twin victories in northern California's Tournament of Champions, where WWHS won both the basketball championship and the rooting section trophy. The victory dance was also the best attended of the sea- son, drawing some 400 students who danced to the solid sounds of the V.I. P. 's. Where did everybody go? Princess Kathy Soto, Queen Sally Golden Ugly Man" contest winner Dave Ross, and Princess Carol Arenas were presented at the "Welcome n Page 25 Sophomore Dance. l Can you D- I- G- I-T? Fight On, Fight On To Victory . 4 Victorious Seniors display their newly won trophy. SENIORS .... Clap, Clap, Clap SENIORS .... Clap, Clap, Clap WE ARE THE HIGH AND MIGHTY SENIORS! I Clap, Clap, Clap. ABOVE THE REST .... Clap, Clap, Clap wE'RE THE BEST! z WE'RE GONNA WALK ON THE SOPHOMORES STOMP ON THE JUNIORS IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL THERE'S NONE AS COOL AS THE SENIORS .... Clap, Clap, Clap SENIORS .... Clap, Clap, Clap WE ARE THE HIGH AND MIGHTY SENIORS-- ! ! The Seniors' winning original yell. The Seniors display the form that helped them win this year's contest. O O O Mighty seniors win I I ' ' ' ' E lf Wi "ii-5 i , "ff A I I I W Z Q ' S 'E Q 1 1 " ., ., Q .hivfaziff ' , IQ , IQ , 'Q , of 'f fi .W ,, ' ' ' 1- as - .,i.,, Q ',,.e,,..,.- -,,s-e I ,1-h ff-up , iff'T2'i.,11, g . Q , , L -, S . it i - we ' ' 5 " 4""""' g i' ' . if ' E A H, 'Atsf ' fi .-, 1 s - Q ? The Juniors, who came in second, eagerly await their turn is"Zfxx :2, 521 S 1:fj:' g? f 'F , , . to show their spirit. ' P i ' i j EFL .i,liTg2f, e u" E The S0Ph0m0feSef'Sef1Y ,Q' ,,,sgZ l , fi i Q N. 'Q st Af await the decision of the ' 3 - sssssef judges- : ff ifuii if ' V7.1 S", -,- .e m e ,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.A,,g, ,,-W H . Football Queen candidates Hermine Seals, Sandra Young, and Sandie Zachettini ride around the field to be viewed by all. On A Hill Near The Boy... Song and Yell contest I New Football Queen, Sophomore Hermine Seals and her escort Rene McClain. The Wilson Warrior and his "gallant steed" watch The new song girls display over the 1967 Song and Yell Contest. their talent. Page 27 Fran Angeles Head Song Girl They promote Llnda Sabol Della Camrlo Mascot Sor1 Girl FALL 1967 Roberta O 'Rourke G . 1 Gloria Bachman Sandr Berton Zenaida Cosca school spirit During the 1967 school year Woodrow Wilson 's song girls were in the forefront in leading Wilson Gloria Bachman Head Song Gir to high attainment as a student body and as an athletic power in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and the State. Debbie Lee Loy Smith Jackie Pavao Roberta O 'Rourke SPRING 1968 1 Af TONI HUGHEY Head Yell Leader Fall n Out in front leading the H Leaders Woodrow Wilson rooting section were the lively yell leaders of the fall semester: Toni Hughey, Denise Thompson, Janet Gomes, Laura Francis, and Billy Richardson. DE NISE THO MPSO N JANET GO MES BILL RICHARDSON Page so LAURA FRANCIS EDDIE MUNOZ GORDON ANALLA RON LEONE Head Yell Leader Head Yell Leader PRI G YELL LE DERS Wilson's Yell Leaders led our school to the title of "Number One Rooting Section in California" with their original yells and their marvelous control over the rooting section at the TOC. It took a lot of practice and patience, but they did it! 1 LESTER T URNER TONY FOTI 1 Standing: Tony Foti, Lester Turner, Ron Leone. Sitting: Gordon Analla, Eddie Munoz. Page 31 Ensign Nellie Forbush and Luther Billis entertain the Great cast for THE CAST Ensign Nellie Forbush Emile de Becque , , Bloody Mary, , , Lt. Joseph Cable , Liat....... Luther Billis ,,,, Stewpot ........ Capt. George Brackett , Cdr. William I-Iarbison , Victoria ,,,,,,, Jerome , , Ngana . ............ . . Marilyn Meade Tony Rodriguez Sue Baughman Ed Heisch Aurora Fisher Emmet Barton Bill Richardson Peter Voelker Tom Thares Victoria Lieberman Bruce Bosel Deborah Emerson Directed by Mr. Harry Lieberman servicemen at the "Thanksgiving Follies. " X4 N lx X!- race of his home. Page 32 1 Liat fAurora Fishery, an island girl, tires to y explain her love to Lt. Joseph Cable qEd 1 Heischj. Emile de Becque and Nellie Forbush discuss their relationship on the ter- Q! ' ' 7? South Paclflc The smashing musical "South Pacific" was presented at Wilson on May 6th, 12th and 13th in the school auditorium. The story concerns Ensign Nellie Forbush QMari1yn Meadej and how she tries to win the love of Emile de Becque fTony Rodriguezj, a planta- tion owner in the South Pacific. Many hilarious scenes and many beautiful songs were presented throughout the play. "South Pacific" is a very significant play in that it was the last play in which Marilyn Meade and Tony Rodriguez played together. For three years they were a duet, making Wilson known for its great plays. In "South Pacific" they perhaps gave their best performance. I Bloody Mary entertains the servicemen with "Bali Hai" at the local laundromat. Tony Rodriguez gives his rendition of "Some Enchanted Evening". Emile de Becques' children by a former marriage, Jerome, Victoria and Ngana, sing a native song, "Dites- Noi. " Marilyn Meade and Tony Rodriguez in a scene from their last play together. .i.k:iii,. if Y Y Y Y ,mi if "It only happens once 1 - - ina lifetime." The audience is funnier than the play! ! the "real people" love you. Pa ge 34 lt's all right, Sue, The cast fhippies, policeman and old ladyj say good night! "Hip Hippie" "Hip Hippie Hooray," a really new play, was presented by Woodrow Wilson High School on De- cember Sth and 9th, The story is about Suzy Stevenson fSandra Nealj opening a free restaurant in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district. Her goal is to find her brother fPeter Voelkerj who has disappeared from home. Many humorous adventures with both hippies and squares are encountered by her. She is forced to judge both civilizations, and decide which one is hers. She decides, in a discussion with her brother, that her world is the straight world. The play, under the direction of Mr. Harry Lieberman, proved to be a real Haight Street Nhappening. " ,fb ji ..,. is Q . 3 x f. 24V his V 5 4 T 5 ll! is if Mr. White, Brad Erkeneff, Mal Tornay, Tony Rodriguez and Steve La Pointe enter- tain at "Hippie. " happening! Suzy Stevenson ,,., Will Hansen , , Alex ,,,, Diogenes Guru , , , Guinevere ,,,, Launcelot Patrolman Kelly , , Mrs. Stanky , , , Mrs. Stevenson ,,.. Mr. Stevenson ,,,, Commander Brotherhood Mitzi ......... Guitar . . . .... . Directed by Mr Sandra Neal . . Tom Thares . . Sue Lopez . . Emmet Barton . . Ruben Goodman . . Phyllis Write . . Dennis Coates . . Bruce Bosel . . Darlene Nicks Diane Von Merta Billy Richardson Peter Voelker Tina Verza . . . . Ray Schloker Harry Lieberman Mrs. Stanky fDarlene Nicksj puts up a stink! Were they really only acting?? Q Dirty face or not, I still love you! Don't worry -- it'll close eventually! is f 4 f""slU i""' ,bf S'-1 Mr. Nichols, a member of the Board of Education, addresses the assembly. Hard work Each semester a Corinthian Award is given to 10th graders who have shown consistent effort in their Low-Ten English classes. The Corinthian Awards, first given in March of 1965, were presented again at the fourth Corinthian Awards Assembly in the Fall to give praise to stu- dents for their hard and consistent work in their tenth grade year in English classes. The Assembly was held at Wi1sou's Auditorium on November 16, 1967, when 38 award winners and their parents were honored before the new low ten class. Guest speaker Mr. Alan Nichols from the Board of Education spoke on the original Corinthians and how they were models for today's students and citizens. Along with Dr. Nichols, Mrs. Evinger, representative of the Corinthian Society of the Bay Area, and other community leaders attended. Mr. Knowles and Mr. Heinz officiated at the ceremony. Mr. Nichols and Mr. Knowles meet some happy parents. The pledge to the flag, led by Wils0n's R. O. T. C. rewarded here AWARD WINNERS Judith Ahern, Darryl Avant, Donna Bishopric, James Borg, Anne Buhagiar. Danny Bustamante, Mary Caleja, Cecelia Crosby, Dennis Foster, Robert Fyles, Corrine Galicia, Roger Gonzales, Mona Marie Gray, Angelina Harrell, Dolores Har- ris, Patricia Jackson, Rosalie lata, Edgar Leduc, Karen Leduc, Roy Luna, Allen Lym, Lennie Lyons. Marie Nevarez, Darlene Nicks, Mike Nitake, Linda Persau. Karen Polk, Dennis Pruett, David Robinson, Mary Sazio, Hermine Seals, Janice Shambrey, Theresa Sadhu, Anitha Wadley, Walter Werner, Harold Williams, Anthony Wong, and Gwendolyn Wright. Mr. Knowles addresses parents and honored students '1 Mr. Heinz, sponsor of Corinthians, announces award winners. Mr. Knowles awards Ann Buhagiar with her certificate. Page 37 ,f Yvln , , ...W jar' S s fl . i I , el Big football Woodrow Wi1son's first Powder Puff football game was held on November 22nd between the girls of the Junior Class and the girls of the Senior Class. Since the girls were taking boys' places on the football field, the boys took care of cheer- leading, complete with wigs, dresses, and pom pons. The cheerleaders were Bob Lepping. Ed de Hertel and Bill Sneathen. Both the Juniors and Seniors worked hard to defeat each other, but the mighty Juniors came out on top with a 12-0 score. Left, a "beautiful song girl" fEd de Hertelj brushes back "her" hair as "she" looks over the rooting section at the Powder Puff game. Below. Shelley Bodkin, on one of the big plays of the day, bursts through the Junior line for a long gain to bring cheer to the Seniors. -S .,,1f" '-1.10 VNQN frolic here Right, "song girl" fBob Ieppingy, complete with pom pons and Senior Sweater, tries to cheer up the losing side in the battle of the year. Below, the Mighty Juniors stop a Senior drive at mid-field in one of the big plays of the day, while the timid boys watch safely from the side lines. uma JOHN WILLIAMS Pre sident ART MONTENEGRO Vice-President PAT PISA, Treasurer MARTHA MELVIN, Secretary JERRY SCHNELL., Publicity Manager RENE MCCLAIN MARGARET MIERS RON ESTRADA Activities Commissioner Historian Athi - M etic anager Page 40 JERRY SCHNELL Vice-President FRAN ANGELES RAMONA FELIZZATTO Treasurer Secretary BEN MCARTHUR PAT PISA Rally Commissioner Historian CAMERA SHY: JACK HOLLEMAN, Publicity Manager DENNIS BROWN Athletic Manager Page 41 ART MONTENEGRO President Spdng PHYLLIS KELLY Feature Writer : J' . , . ? . LINDA ROSSI News Editor LORNA CARRO LL VERONICA BROCATO Editur-In-Chief Assistant Editor GLORIA SEMENOFF LARRY SHERIDAN Feature Editor Sports Editor ADO LPHUS THOMAS Adviser Page 42 1968 DIANE TALLEY Office Manager LYDIA RAMIREZ Ad Manager CAMERA SHY: CHERIE MANTZ. Opinion Editor TER RI CRAIB Co-Editor Activities Editor KAREN POLK Advertising Mgr. HIELD STAFF KS'-1 -. , FAYE CHEWNING ANDI ASIMOS Co-Editor Underclasses Editor CAMERA SHY: LARRY GILES Sports Editor DOLORES HARRIS Advertising Mgr. CATH Y MULLINEAUX Co-Editor Senior Editor GAII.. STIMMEI.. Circulation Mgr SUE ROMANI Business Mgr. MYRNA GUNN Faculty Editor LINDA ROSSI DIANE TALLEY Copy Edxtor Secretary LA VERVE 1-HCK5 ADOLPHUS THOMAS Secretary Adviser Page 43 Wilson's ROTC Drill Team performs for the Reserve Officers Association at The Presidio on 15 October, 1967. ROTC advances Woodrow Wilson High's ROTC Drill Team is a special branch of the ROTC Department. The ROTC Drill Team meets each day, before and after school. Each member thus devotes much of his free time in order to attend practice sessions. The purpose of the ROTC Drill Team is twofold: first, to develop team participation and second, to represent Woodrow Wilson High in any Bay Area parade and ROTC Competitions. Woodrow Wilson High's ROTC Drill Team came into existence in the Fall of 1966 under the com- mand of ten Cadet Second Lieut. Mosher. In the Fall of 1967, Cadet Second Lieut. Gon- zales was elected Drill Team Commander with Cadet Second Lieut. Tejo as the asst.-commander. In the Presidio Competition C30 September, 19671, the team placed fifth among the City's older high school drill teams. At the Liberty Bell Competi- tion Q15 October, 1967Q, the team again showed up older drill teams by placing third! Members of the team have also performed at Burkan, Pelton and Portola Junior High Schools. The prsent drill team commander, Cadet Second Lieut. Gonzales, is a senior. Before com- ing to Woodrow Wilson High, Gonzales spent two years on Lowell's ROTC drill team. As of 1968, The Woodrow Wilson team has been rated as fourth among San Francisco's high school drill teams. The Woodrow Wilson High School Drill Team competes at The Presidio on 30 September, 1967. Page 44 Color Guard Cadet 2nd Lt. I. Martm Comdr A. Carnpbell, R. Vannucchl C Hays, and R. Imbellino Drill Team BACK ROW: A. Honciano, T. Camp, Olsen, and J. Guillory. MIDDLE ROW: 1. Gonzales fcomdxxj, D. White, L. Giles, J. Lee, B. Santiago, and M. White. FRONT ROW: R. Gaviola, A. Tejo, R. Daniels, and R. Rudd. F ROTC Battalion Staff Cfrviaj . CfCapt. CfCapt. CfLt. Col. William Jennings . . . . Joseph Fecko . . . Bn. Comdr. Asst. Bn. Comdr. C!Capt. Robert Mosher . . S-1 C!Capt. Jose Tolero . . . S-2 C!Capt. David Peak . . . S-4 CfCapt. Arthur Stevens. . S-5 C!Sgt. Maj. Dan Tolero . Ben Santiago . . Jefferson Ng . . . Bn. Sgt. Maj. "A" Co. Comdr. "B" Co. Corndr. mW C!Capt. Arturo Tejo . . . "C" Co. Comdr. Cf2nd Lt. Igancio Gonzales Drill Team Comdr C!2nd. Lt. John Lee . . . Platoon Ldr., "A" C!2nd. Lt. Randy Rudd . . Platoon Ldr., "B" Cf2nd. Lt. Larry Giles . . Platoon Ldr., "C" C!2nd. Lt. Peter Ford . . Platoon Ldr., "D" CXLT. COL. WILLIAM JENNINGS Rifle range dedicated On hand for the dedication of Woodrow Wilson's 350, 000 Rifle Range were Mr. Madfes, Col. J. Far ren qdistrict senior army instructorj, C!Lt. Col. Carlos Lynn, Mr. Knowles, and M!Sgt. Richard T. Ryan. Principal Knowles wields the scissors. Page 46 Future Teachers SITTING Cleft to rightjz Jocelyn Larremore, Glenna Bantilan, Yolanda Adra, Phyllis Kelly. STANDING: Shane Bailey, Chris Rosario, Patricia Jackson, Pamela Jackson, Jack Holleman, Miss Ann Wiegner fsponsorj. Human Relations 5 STANDING Qleft to rightj: Larry Giles, Yolanda Adra, Mr. Armand Fernandez fsponsorj Glenna Bantilan Chris Rosario, Ben Santiago. SITTING: Yolanda Mercardo, Trudi Jose, Sharon Chun Carolyn Jackson Glenna Barnes, Frances Gerrardo. Page 47 4 Afro-American Club STANDING fleft to rightj: Robert Wright, Sue Johnese, Debra Prater, Verma Anderson, Corliss Bigsby, Mr. Adolphus Thomas Csponsorj. SITTING: Kenny Wright, Valerie Ellis, Billy Helm, Charla Duke, Sherry Harris, Mark Alexander. Page 48 Community Service Club STANDING fleft to rightj: Mary Ann Papadakis, Emmet Barton, Freeman Chee. SITTING: Janice Marcellino, Alda Fisher, Doris Galea, Marsha Christiansen. AW Italian Club LEFT TO RIGHT: Patti Del Carlo, Paul Maionchi, Elvira Banducci, Carlos Nevarez, Tom Hargens, William Calfas, Gail Nocito, Kathy de Pietro, Judy Ahern. Page 49 F re n c h C I u b STANDING fleft to rightj: Larry Watson, Andrew Wilkes, Jose Telero, Mrs. Ioan Brownson fsponsory. SITTING. Georgia Turnipseed, Walter Scott, Pat Jackson, Chanetta Jackson, Luna Fleshman. ' gg Golden , Lancers STANDING fleft to rightlz Shane Bailey, Joann Roy, Linda Pettus, Joe Fecko, Chris Massetani, Ron Leone, Gloria Bachman, John Lee, Fran Angeles, James Peak, Janie Toy, Pam Jackson, Emmett Barton, Amalia Dangilan, Frances Gerrardo, Carol Gage, Gordon Analla. SITTING: Wanda Ross, Alda Fisher, Mary Ann Papadakis, Jocelyn Larremore, Doris Galea, Betty de Berry, Janice Marcel- lino. Toni Machi. Junior Stotesmen STANDING qleft to rightj: Mark Alexander, Robert St. Thomas, Emanuel Maxey, Des Casazza, Ed Heisch Mr. Charles Stuart Csponsorj. SITTING: Margaret Miers, Shane Bailey. Flip Club I STANDING Qleft to righty Ben Santiago, Larry Giles, Amalia Domigalan. Mauricia Marigmen Eva Ysip, Dennis Bautista, Art Tejo, Miss Diane Greenwald Qsponsorj. SITTING: Yolanda Adra. Linda Mercardo, Glena Banrilan, Frances Gerrardo, Chris Rosario, Yolanda Mercardo. x 2 Page 51 G.A.A. STANDING fleft to rightjz Mauricia Marigman, Iadia Lynn. SITTING: Betty de Berry, Carolyn Jackson, Harriet Anderson, Brenda Anderson. Girls' Block W STANDING Cleft to rightlz Sue Johnese, Judy Mah, Harriet Anderson. SITTING: Debra Preston, Eva Foggy, Debra Scales, Carolyn Jackson. Athenicms STANDING fleft to rightj: Debbie Amatori, Patricia Gastile, Martha Segale, Frances Gerrardo. SITTING Deborah Prater, Carolyn Jackson, Glenna Bantilan, Sharon Chun, Helen Kelley, Harriet Anderson. Boys' Block W STANDING fleft to rightj: Ray Grey, Craig Tribukait, Jeff Moore, Lester Turner, Joe Pirone, Jim Carter, Bob Fyles, Mr. Ed Rueda fsponsorj. SITTING: Alfred Arroyo, Peter Ford, Larry Siebert, Lee Simpson, Danny Rosario, Gerry Folmer, Frank Moore. ' Engineering Society SITTING Qleft to rightjz Paul Williamson, John Lee, Zella Brown, Philip Ponni, Jim Peak. STANDING: Robert Imbellino, Pat Donnelly, Ray Wise, Robert Actis, Frank Chew. yes. N, l - E E S Equestrian Club LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Galbraith, Les Casazza, Mike Halloway, Laura Clark, Les James, Joanne Liberati, Sally Golden, Tom Holligan, Choir Jane Sherfield, Zella Brown, Nancy Rivera, Mrs. Betty Marcus fsponsorj, and Mrs. Morrow Cinstructorj. ,ff f- v,. - - - f - g fc X 1 . , sr'. 2 , R Q ,L 1 N iv ,, , 6 ' S 1 . 5 EQ!! ' '35 sg? VT , mg Ei ' q V 'ssl , x .iff pf s.,1 EQ Q if 5: , 3, 3 gy? W . 1 Q Q 5 A Q A ,.L , - , - , i az Q as f f :Q 1 ll . J " I 5 'f i xv ss ---' gm T-"T i A 1 i st? E X' l s S 'is iii? H Y' X is Spf I if A is 1 s ,lv-is Y Q if .2 . r.,3g,,.f . 's 1 - 5. - 5 .1 ,. gi' A N i 4 if - 2? . it ' R, i 'gi ,, S 1 'Q , 14 , , ' ' f , . A I, R K gpg,-Ai ' gui fs ' - ' Q 5 - ,V al - ' 1, y 1, W ft, A 1 v af., , i, . fi ig V N ,jim K ' its . , i 1 ,fig L S 'iss , 4 if if R f f ' , , 5 Q " is R a t W 21 1.15 al? v . :f1-gifs l, if W ' I' -'53 5 S" - 5 'K K ' 5 jf' ' If ' L s . 4 ' .E 1'-if 5 1 ail s-ip L- , , . - i sle. - , 1 . in ,S . , , Qin - . rag 3: e' P - , J fl- . A A lf 1, , I '- 1, -r'-r ,, , .Q ,, is ,S X W .. L f .f ' -1- 1 ,f a , --f - , f r ., ..is e - -L W' ., R- Q f -'B Q. ' .- ' "U , if ,a gf 'il-swiss r me t X ,j g is f wg iss 1 wg 'V 5 - ' -i : R -N :5 i s " t Qi - ,ffl J 22. if. - 5 A , ' fe Y 1 1 K ,. 4. 5 atv' yin -1 3 - it - na , Q - 1 A J iss . . , ,Q . 2 L I 11 i Q ,Q J . , lrll , S' Q A f r - r . -L 3 -' X 'f S ff. , 1 ' r, A . f. . , Q1 rx. A , , is .- S ! , V S '- ' . S L L , R S so FRONT ROW fleft to rightj: Joanne Roy, Anitha Wedley, Brenda Williams, Deborah Morgan, Anderson Pitre, Toby Cain, Otis Spikes, Laura Francis, Esther Villalobos. MIDDLE: Denise Thompson, Sandra Neal, Carol Denning, Sheryl Thompson, Dennis Brown, Alfonzo Bell, Sammy Segrove, Kenneth Talley, Yvonne Adams, Sandra Smith, Gloriann McPeters. BACK ROW: Angela Rogers, Billy Bowlegs, Dorine Roman, Andrea Greene Debra Higgins, Richard Batiste, Raymond Mackey, Tony Wells, Hermine Seals, Janet Gomes, Toni Hughey. Page 54 Worrior Society 'sl lf FIRST ROW fleft to rightj: Louis Cupp, Ben Santiago, Robert Mosher, Jack Holleman, Gordon Analla. Alfredo Arroyo, Jesse Lucas, Daron Beasley. SECOND ROW: Saul Madfes Qsponsorj, Tony Foti, Jefferson Ng, Jeff Moore, Dennis Brown, Mike Estebez, Dan Rosario, Art Montenegro, Edward De Hertel, Fred Rogers. THIRD ROW: John Amor, Rene McClain, Joseph Pirone, Edward Heisch, Chris Christensen, Ronald Vannucchi, Robert lmbellino. Girls' Drill Teom Performing at the St. Patriclvs Day Parade were Carol Walls, Karen l-libbit, Yvonne Adams, Brenda Anderson, Sandra Seaman, Theresa Foreman, Merlestine Hughes, Penny Neal, Karen Williams, Carolyn Jackson, Wanda Sims fcaptainj, Michele Terrell, Debra Pritchard, Elaine Salde, and Frankitka Burton. Page 55 Marilyn Meade and Tony Rodriguez speak of their romance in "South Pacific. " "Mama, please try to understand, these are my friends, " pleads the straight Sandra Neal surrounded by her hippie pals. Color camera "digs E 99 Spring 1968 being sworn iq.by Mr. Knowles at Song and Yell Contest. The Billis Laundromat in "South Pacific. " Emmet Barton and Billy Richardson provide laundry service and a meeting area for the ser- vice personnel during World War II in the South Pacific. Page 56 "" "7 " "" ' ' "" ' ' ' 'J ' ' U' family. Emile de Becque, played by Tony, had been married to a Polyne- sian wife and it is this conflict of race which causes a temporary problem in the mind of Ensign Nellie Forbush fMarilyn Meadej. :ey Wilson scenes v f ,.-, rece" . 'T c -,.-.4-It "' -..., . ,, .1 il' -.5 ps' 3 r L . - - ai. f. if -- be i- i- .- KAR fe 4. Jlxlvq' il-tix.: It 'ill .S A .YY fb.. QV 5 fi? :uv :Q 1 -- . - 1- 4,--,'. ,- . .i. :Q -P--0' Q5 tg 5 .w Q fx Q -T-Sw v! 'fa ' uh," :",vJ 'I i "L AILIT' -' .Lib-h RAIN, k 7 --N -. ,.s..,..,.,.,. i ,.,,... ..,,...-.- .,.-.-,1.-...... i , -We 1-S ' Asff . ..,,.- i i High and Mighty Seniors display the form that won them this year s Song and Yell Contest Anna Fruciano and her escort Bob Calfas dance to the music of the Motown Souls at the Senior Exclusive. Tina Verza directs "straight" people to the hippie restaurant in Hippie Hooray. Asbury in Hippie Hooray the Fall '67 term play. Bruce Bosel and Ed Hesich play the police who check restaurant permits and a rumor that the hippies were sleeping in the "Eat-In". st" a hippie restaurant in the Haight- Page 57 Our own Wilson Warrior and his steed Troy pre- side over the 1967 Song and Yell Contest. High Seniors Sandy Monte- rosso and Patti Pisa enjoy the view of San Francisco aboard the Harbor Prince at their Senior Exclusive. Their escorts were Joe Kuhn and Larry Parker. an A 5 1 Benetha Younger Cwanda Ross, ponders the problems of her family. Mama lBecky Collinsy has a serious talk with her son Cwilbert Bartley. Becky Collins and Darlene Nicks in a dramatic scene from "Raisin. " RAISIN THE S N Undoubtedly the best all-time pro- duction by any San Francisco High School was Wilson's "Raisin in the Sun." The play itself was very well- known, but when the parts were taken over by Becky Collins, Wilbert Battle, Darlene Nicks and Wanda Ross it became a production to go down in history. Their strong acting abilities, in spite of the fact they had no previous training, were what made it the success it was. The story is about a Negro family that comes into a large sum of money and the problems they have deciding what to do with it. Besides the conflict with the money, there is a conflict with- in each member of the family. "Raisin" was also the first play at Wilson to be performed as a theater-in- the-round. Another first for "Raisin" was that it was Mr. Lewis Campbell's first time directing a play at Wilson. FACULTY 05 S T EDERS The Woodrow Wilson faculty faced a great challenge on December 14th when it hosted the famous KYA Oneders as part of a basketball double-header in the school gym. Before an overflow crowd the faculty put up a gallant struggle but they finally succumbed to the talented disc jockeys. Led by former War- rior great Rick Barry, the Oneders pulled away in the last quarter to score an 85-63 Victory. In the other game Wilson's Championship Basketball Team came from behind to smash the Alumni team. The Varsity was led by Ansley Truitt and Larry I-Iaren. Leading the faculty team was Big Ed Rueda. w t fs, -N .s I- Q 1- 1 t X r -ss. . ft a t , , 1-ffsaeis - - s .: ' - ft ,. fra. :fines f ., . , - .. :-5 , . 1 "- 'mf ' : X. S ,-1 tasssivrs sg 1 f ' tw. - 'S da- as as l, .M 2 ii 'K 'R " ti if Q + , 4, ,gi if so Q s w Q .gk 5 i is 13 , ' , - Q: 'f'F"" Q" , . - . ,, 'life A R gal. 'f Y if 15464 Rests i e Wilson's Ansley Truitt puts one over the "o1d-timers". Why did you have to wear those silly white tennies???? Song girls and yell leaders. STANDING: Susan Greendorfer, Vera Sidorov, Linda Rueda, Joan Benton, Marjorie Carrigan. KNEELING: Bob Kaiser, Aner Young, and Dick Curnow. S...-ff 1: -2-'LQ ' ix J N A Cagers take pre-season titles The '67-'68 version of the Woodrow Wilson varsity basketball team warmed up for a perfect season by winning all practice games and captur- ing two pre-season tournaments. In the Riodan Christmas Tournament, the Warriors rolled over Aragon, 55-21, Poly, 71- 60, and Sacred Heart, 51-41. Ansley Truitt was voted the Most Valuable Player award, and he was joined on the All-Tournament team by team- mates Larry Haren and Eli Neal. Mitty, Lowell, and O' Dowd were Wilson's opponents in the Bishop O'Dowd Christmas Toura- ment, and all three were victimized by Truitt and Co. on scores of 78-46, 50-42, and 56-51, rexpectively. Again Truitt was voted the Most Valuable Player and was joined on the A11- Tournament team by teammates Willie Daigle, Larry Haren, and Mike Mims. Against O'Dowd, the undefeated Warriors - San Francisco's newest prep squad - were facing Ca1ifornia's No. 1 prep cage squad. When Wil- son emerged victorious it was the first time in three years that O'Dowd did not win its own tournament. The top scorers of the game were Truitt with 20 points, Mims 17, and l-laren 10. A typical performance by Truitt was in the Mitty game. Towering Ansley meshed 31 points and grabbed 18 rebounds. On the opposite page, Ansley Truitt assumes a posi- tion that characterized Warrior play all season, dur- ing which he dominated the boards and was usually the top scorer in each game. It was perfect practice for a perfect season. L. Wilson's 6' 9-1!2" center Ansley Truitt is shown in action against the Crusaders. Page 61 5 X Roundballers breeze past Truitt takes one of his typical shots - up and over the opposition! The ball handling of Eli Neal and Willie Daigle was invaluable to the Warriors' success this year. Here Eli is about to pass underneath a Lincoln defender. Daigle is in position to receive. With pre-season victories over Bishop O'Dowd and McCly- monds, rated No. 1 and No. 2 in the state last year, the round- ballers of upstart Wilson opened the regular season confidently and breezed past Balboa, 61-34, Galileo, 71-55, Mission, 63-40, and powerful Poly, 75-51. This set the stage for the battle between two undefeated cage powers - the Warriors of five-year old Woodrow Wilson and the Irish of perennially pow- erful Sacred Heart. The Irish did not remain undefeated any longer, as the Warriors handed them a 63-48 spanking. With three men guard- ing 6' 9-1f2" Ansley Truitt, little 5'8" guard Eli Neal popped in 26 points to push his team over its biggest hurdle of the season. Washington and Lowell fell next, as the Warriors romped to 58-29 and 62-45 victories, respectively. Then they easily "socked it to" Lincoln, 53-40, in the regular season finale to complete the school's first undefeated regular cage season. Against the tough Parrots of Poly, Truitt was his usually superb self, guarding the Birds' big 6'7" Mike Stewart and still managing to be the Warriors' high point man. But as usual he received fine performances from Chris Christensen, Larry l-laren, and Mike Mims, a mid-season graduate. Willie Daigle contin- ued his fabulous ball handling feats. Throughout the season Truitt received tremendous help on the boards from Chris Christensen and Larry Haren. l-laren was also a timely scorer along with Eli Neal. Willie Daigle shot when needed, but he and Neal were mainly ball control artists. Page 62 A l regular season opponents Swift and accurate Larry Harem takes a jumper from the top of the key. VARSITY BASKETBALL - BACK ROW Qleft to rightjz Larry Haren, Abraham Gunther, Kenneth Mims, Larry Ferguson, Chris Christensen, Ansley Truitt, Coach Frank Ingersoll. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Greene, Willie Daigle, E1iNea1. Louis Cupp, Ernest Calderon, Mike Mims, and Larry Morrison. Not shown: Bobby Pruitt, Joe Lopes, and Ron Dale. Pa ge 63 Warriors take Play-offs Ansley Truitr controls the boards in the play-off game against Sacred Heart. Willie Daigle leaps high to sink a key basket over Poly's 6'7" center Mike Stewart. Truitt 16433 stands ready to assist if needed. By the time the Warriors entered the AAA Play- offs they had made believers out of all San Francisco. They were heav- ily favored to win, which they did - beating Sacred Heart, 67-53, and trouncing Poly, 64-42. Ansley Truitt was at his best in both play- off games. Sacred Heart was outmanned as Truitt, responding to the root- ing section's chant of "Do it, Truitt, " scored 31 points and grabbed 16 rebounds. He hit on 76 percent of his field goals, making 17 out of 21 attempts. Poly was trampled. "Do It" pushed in 22 points, latched on to 10 rebounds, and blocked 12 shots. Yet, despite Truitt's individual brilliance, this final play-off victory was a team effort. Larry Haren, Willie Daigle, and Chris Christensen shot better than 50 percent from the floor, with Haren scoring 17 points and Daigle 12. Chris pulled in 8 rebounds and sank 5 points. Meanwhile, Daigle and Eli Neal frustrated Po1y's guards - Daigle stole three passes and turned them into six points. "This Wilson High team is the best basketball squad ever to come out of San Francisco, " Poly Coach Don Benedetti said after the game. "And Ansley Truitt is the best prep player the city ever had, " Coach Benedetti added. Making the Chronicle All-City team were: Truitt ffirst teamy, larry Haren ffirstj, Eli Neal Qsecondy, and Chris Christensen and Willie Daigle fhonorable mentionj. Page 64 AAA BASKETBALL SCORES Regular Season Opponent W W Balboa Gahleo Poly Sacred Heart . . . . A Washington . . . Lowell ...,.... ' Lincoln ........ Play-Off Sacred Heart . . . . P01 ...... . record first perfect season Larry I-Iaren makes a driving lay-up against tough Sacred Heart. "Do It" Truitt takes the ball up, over and in - the same way he scored most of his 500-plus points during the season. Page 65 Warriors capture TOC, With his team trailing 54-55 and only 1'7 seconds remaining, "Do It" Truitt calmly goes to the line against Newark's Knights. The results are recorded on the scoreboard above. Willie Daigle fires for two points to again pull the Warriors even with the Knights. Page 66 When the Warriors invaded the Oak- land Coliseum on March '7 to do battle with Newark's Knights in the first game of the Tournament of Champions, the big question was the condition of Ansley Tru- itt's ankle. Injured in a practice game two days before, there was real doubt that Truitt could play in the first game. Actually, Ansley played the whole game with his sprained ankle heavily taped, and he again was the big difference All he did was calmly sink two free throws with 17 seconds left to give Wilson a come from-behind victory over Neward, 56-55. Teamwise, Wilson played its worse game of the season. while Newark came up with "We're Number One!" what must have been its best game of the season. The score was tied 16 times, and the lead changed hands 21 times before Truitt calmly rescued Wilson's 25th straight victory. After the opening squeaker, Wilson re- turned to form and rolled over Bishop O'Dowd, '72-58, then beat Berkeley, 68-62, to bring the TOC crown to San Francisco for the first time since 1957. "We're Number One!" shouted the root- ing section at the end of the Berkeley game. Against O'Dowd, Larry Haren pumped in 22 points and pulled down 19 rebounds to aid the Warrior cause. Truitt scored 21, Daigle 10. Neal 8, Christensen 7. and Gunther 4. In the final game with Berkeley, Haren and Truitt were the big-guns. Haren scored 23 points, while Truitt scored 22 points and dominated the boards for 19 rebounds. The Warriors placed three on the All- TOC team: Truitt, I-laren, and Eli Neal. Willie Daigle, Wilson's ball control artist, in a tense situation against Newark. TOC SCORES Opponent W W Newark ...... Bishop O'Dowd . . . 58 72 Berkeley ..... . 62 68 Assistant Coach Ed Rueda untapes Truitt 's ankle after the Newark game 55 56 Page 67 Wilson coaches and players admire the TOC victory team trophy as they hold their own individual awards and momentos. LEFT: Larry Harem wields the traditional scissors after the TOC victory. RIGHT: The true hands of Ansley Truitt reach high to pull down another rebound in the O'Dowd game. R fi Y., . ga 1. ' f 'ip ' 3,-Q J If Q, v A W Y 3 pgk, X. W 4 f , is 91 ,rnmi Q N ' Wig? 3 i : X V r 'if my Tv 5 x 1 M X 4 . R . X Q x 1 , 2 5, ga , , ie ix i S, I Q xg, 5 .J -J.. 5 i 'fi Xa Y N Nm R giffg-'5 M. . Wl""' 1 5 2. gn' -. N. x 'fxfxgx f 4 X ' 1 .... 1 x 5. 1 if Lightweights build for future . ' f o 'lin Vg.. ' no Si k.. 'J R L X I as I L ILSL Msg :UW ,mmf '35 ' wage. , fr E5 -9 Q. Q 375, LS L.. 58 13O's BASKETBALL - FRONT ROW flefr to rightjz B. Robinson, A. Curry. J. Lopes, W. Wilson, W. McC1eaver, W. Bowman. BACK ROW: Coach Ed Rueda, C. Polard, M. Nitoki, R. Dale, G. Haren. and R. Washington. 112'sf120's BASKETBALL - FRONT ROW fleft to rightj: R. Alvarez, P. Kelly, R. Gillons, D. Rosario, R. Broderick. BACK ROW: F. Churchill, G. Folmer, K. Silvers, L. Simpson, and Coach Frank Ingersoll. Gridsters lack experience, Larry Haren gets off one of his booming kicks. All-City end Mike Baines receives congratulations from team manager Louis Manos and others after scoring his third touchdown against Washington. VARSITY FOOTBALL - FRONT ROW Cleft to rightyz Assistant Coach Jesse Racines, Bob Klotovich, Jim Quinnones, Gerald Norman, Fred Rogers, Michael Baines, Ken Edmonson, Mike Williams, Dave Larson, Chuck Ferrera, Rene McClain, and Coach John Shea. MIDDLE ROW: Joe Pirone, Hilton Dillon. Rene Champagne, James Alexander, Tony Robinson, Vernon Thomas, Jeff Moore, Larry Doyle, Warren Wilson, John Bolds, and David White, student teacher. BACK ROW: Gerald Rankin, "Pone" Uperesa, Billy Helms, Charles Lewis, Larry Markham, Joe Carter, Ivy Evans, Frank Thomas, Louis Neal, and Louis Manos, manager. Page 72 rall for strong finish The 1967 season was one of extremes. Actually, the varsity played two different seasons. Among other things, lack of experience contributed to the team's losing its first three games. But after the turmoil at the Poly game, the team jelled and went on to defeat Lowell, Lincoln. Mis- sion, and Washington: it had champion Balboa on the ropes, 19- 12, before key injuries to Jack Holleman and Rene McClain. The greatest moment of the season came against Lowell when a tremendous effort by Charles Lewis, Larry Haren, "Pone" Uperesa, Hilton Dillon, and Jim Quinnones stopped the Indians on the one- foot line on three successive plays. The most thrilling game of the season was against Lincoln, when the Mustangs - undefeated and rated No. 4 in the state - in- vaded Wilson stadium expecting to romp over the Warriors. The Warriors refused to cooperate and perhaps the most thrilling high school battle in S. F. history ensued. Wilson led, 7-6, 19-13, 26-30, and finally, 32-26, on the strength of fantastic play by Chuck Ferrera, Mike Baines, Larry Haren, Hilton Dillon, "Pone" Uperesa, Mike Williams, and Bob Klotovich. Next Wilson breezed pass Mission, 27-18, and clobbered Washington, 25- 19, in a game not as close as the score might in- dicate. At the end of the season, sports writers and players and coaches felt Wilson to be the No. 2 team in the city - the only team that probably could beat champion Balboa. Three members of the team made All-City: Baines, Dillon, and Ferrera. Next season looks good for the Warriors. Returning veterans are Jack Holleman, Pone Uperesa, and Larry Haren. Also, a host of prospects will be coming out from the junior and sophomore squads. NNN Bob Klotovich also proved to be a good blocker, as demonstrated here. Page 73 Fullback Bob Klotovich plunges through the Lincoln line for ten tough yards. , in fs , '.i: - l Q! ig, ff- 13 2 These seven players were the backbone of the 1967 team. FRONT ROW: Charles Lewis, outstanding defensive playerg Chuck Ferrera, second team All-City quarterbackg and Hilton Dillon, first team All-City tackle. All-City end: and Pone Uperesa, second team All-City tackle. S ef VARSITY FOOTBALL Opponent W. W Galileo .... . . 18 12 Sacred Heart .... 34 21 Poly ..... . . 25 '7 Lowell . . . . 13 19 Balboa . . . . 32 13 Lincoln. . . . 26 X 32 Mission. . . . . 18 27 Washington. . . . 19 25 BACK ROW: Bob Klotovich, defensive captaing Fred Rogers, team captaing Mike Baines, team captain and is ii i VT , K Qt NO. 87 romps again. Page '74 Chuck Ferrera, 5413, and Mike Baines, 387, teamed up on many exciting plays during the 1967 season. Ferrera to Baines became a familiar expression, as symbolized on the right. Below, Baines - first Wil- son end to make first string All-City and first Wil- son player to be voted Nor-Cal Lineman of the Week - awaits "go" signal. Jeff Moore blocks as Chuck Ferrera rolls out and John Bowles trails play Rene McClain 615111 scores another dramatic and thrilling touchdown. John Bowles leaves 'em falling by the wayside The hands tell the story of this exciting play. Page 76 . i F Go away! Don't you see I'm trying to catch the ball? A la the Globetrotters. Iam the Engl- onel It's mine! Page '77 Sophs battle to 5-3 record Although the Sophomores lost their first two games and the last one, they were "untouchable" in be- tween and rolled to a 5-3 record. Outstanding players for the Sophs were Norwood Jones, Tim Bar- rell. Richard Humphrey, Jerry Chavez, Larry Terry Dave Lara. and Glen Duvant. SOPHS - FRONT ROW qleft to rightjz R. Pasley, L. Carr, J. Chavez, D. Foster, L. Horn, D. Pruett, C. Braxton, J. Lucas. MIDDLE ROW: D. Lara, T. Barron, R. Davis, R. Parshall, R. Jacobs, L. Terry, J. Chit- man. R. Iaggi, D. Cadei. BACK ROW: Coach H. L. Aires. J. Armstrong, P. Sweet, G. Pike, M. Costa. R. Verducci, M. Scott, T. Brown, R. Humphrey, N. Jones. SOPHOMORE SCORES JUNIOR SCORES Opponent w , W , Opponent W . W. Sacred Heart .... 12 6 Sacred Heart .... 13 9 Poly... ...2O 0 Poly.. ..13 6 Lowell. . . . . 6 12 Lowell. . . . 13 12 Balboa .... . . 6 41 Balboa . . . . 26 12 Lincoln ...... 2 28 Lir1C01rl . . . 19 14 Mission . . . . . 6 25 Mission . . . 14 13 Galileo . . . . 13 6 Galileo . . . 20 13 Page '78 "Bucky" Gra lead swimmers Ray "Bucky" Gray, 1967 A11-City champion in the Back Stroke, leads the 1968 team into competition. SWIM TEAM - FRONT ROW fleft to rightjz Jim Carter, Robert Calfas, Geno Custodio, Leslie Carr, Frank Moore, Frank Lucchese, Tim Chapin, Kevin Moore, and Terry McMahon. BACK ROW: Terry Folmer, Mike Crady, Robert Barsi, Craig Tribukait, Roy Gray, Stan Kirkland, Carlo Mallison, Oliver Piere, Tim Taylor, and Coach Nick Fesunoff. Page '79 Fancy footwork by Pedro Lopez controls the ba Soccermen SOCCER SCORES Opponent w , W . Lincoln . . . . . 2 1 Lowell . . . . 2 0 Balboa . . . . . 1 0 Galileo .... . 5 2 Mission . . . . 8 0 Washington .... 4 1 Poly . . . . . . 3 0 Wilson players converging on the ball are halfbacks James Caro and Mike Estebez and centerforward Gessner Syas. Page 80 go winless Although Wi1son's soccermen failed to win a single league game, they came in on top and first in one respect. When the team journeyed to Liver- more to take on Granada High, it became the first San Francisco high school to play another high school outside of the city. The Warriors won, 5-0, for its lone victory of the season. Three members of the team won A11-City honors, indicating that the team had top quality personnel. Winning A11-City recognition were Afredo Arroya, goalie, Dan Corbarruviaz, center- half, and Gessner Syas, centerforward. RIGHT: Coach Fred Quinn chats with the three A11-City members of his team: centerforward Gessner Syas, centerhalf Dan Corbarruvias, and goalie Afredo Arroya. FRONT ROW fleft to rightjz Dave Gazarian, Edgar Lucha, Hiram Harvell, Ricardo Morales, James Caro, Afredo Arroya, Pedro Lopez, Lynn Mack, and Vernon Sampson. MIDDLE ROW: Mario Renteria, John Bosnich, Jack Annuzzi, Talone Fiore, John Arnott, Aboulazan Satar, Gessner Syas, Michael Estebez, Walter Scott, James Borg, Dan Bustamante, and Dan Corbarruvias. BACK ROW: Dave Edwinson, Steve Winston, Coach Fred Quinn. Frank Lucchese, and Naseem Igbal, manager. Page 81 Young thinclads 'f 1 f un?--. . -1 " ." - 1 -'fi I . if ',A" L J M .Q MQ x 1:-'i '. A A' ' 'if C - r .,,. C ,,:-'.g,g T V R A A A A f 5 N' be Joe Phone demonstrates form he A definite threat for the City title in the 100- yard dash is Carl Braxton of the 120's. hopes will place Wilson on top in the shot-put. TRACK TEAM - FRONT ROW lleft to rightjz Helm, Lane, Mah, Jones, Wright, Terry, Braxton, Rezak, Lucas, Bullary. MIDDLE ROW: Williams, McClendon, Ng, Madison, Santiago, Alexander, Davis, Jones, Humphrey, Sawyer, Analla, Phillips, Williams. BACK ROW: Yerzy, McPeters, Shepard, Hellman, Edmonson, Guillory, Henry, Tolon, Wing, Carter, Bowles, Hubbard, Daigle, Yee, Thomas, Pirone, Antuna, Dale, and Coach Racines. Page 82 prepare for new season Coach Racines and team- I mate Richard Humphrey watch as Willie Daigle clears the high jump with ease. CROSS COUNTRY - FRONT ROW Cleft to rightl: Ford, Analla. Rezak. Ng, Herrerta, Bullord. BACK ROW McPeters, Antuna, Araya, Hubbard, Alexander, Page 83 VARSITY BASEBALL Opponent Gailleo Galileo Po . . . . Sacred Heart . . . Sacred Heart . . . Lincoln. . . .' Lincoln ....... 3 W ix 1 Diamondmen lose crucials, Mack Commer scoops, sets, and throws - all in one motion. VARSITY BASEBALL - FRONT ROW Cleft to rightjz Michael Estebez, Alfonzo Curry, Louis Neal, Eric Baines, Fred Rogers, Larry Haren, Ronald Carraro, Richard Washington. BACK ROW: John Lambert Cmgr. 1, Mack Commer, Jerry Schnell, Abraham Gunter, Don l-lolvoet, Ed Heisch, Louis Cupp, Bob Bradley, Joe Lopes, Coach Pete Dalton, and Clayton Chun fmgxxj. Page 84 3 im for Play-offs After being victimized by Poly, 2-1, in the opener, the Warriors swept to five straight victories before losing a crucial two-day series to Lincoln, 2-1 and 3-1. Thus on April 5 the diamondmen of Wilson held a 5-3 record in double-round robin play. With the great pitching of Jerry Schnell, Don Hol- voet and Bob Bradley, and the outstanding hitting of Larry Haren, Fred Rogers, Rich Washington, Joe Lopes, and Louis Neal, the Warriors could still look forward to the City Play-offs. There they would hope to accomp- lish in 1968 what they failed to achieve in 1966 when they won the regular season title but lost the over-all title to Sacred Heart. Coach Pete Dalton was confident that his team would win the play- offs and bring still another title home to Woodrow Wilson. Larry Haren flips a quick put-out. Mack Commer aims and fires. for Page 85 The Junior Varsity starred the 1968 season with three straight victories. They shocked O'Connell twice, 9-3 and 15-2, then they outslugged Mission 9-7, in a thrilling practice game. In a game against Mills the Warriors were on the short end of a 2-1 score when the game was called because of rain. Providing the punch for the J. V. 's were Gerald Rankin, Charles Lewis, Larry Terry, Pone Uperesa, Dirk Tolson, Willie Bowman, and Gary Haren. Good pitching came from Frank Harper and Gerald Barker. Among those expected to move up to next JUNIOR VARSIT Y SCORES Opponent O Connell O'Conne1l Mission . . . . Mills ..... . . WW 15 9 1 .V.'s builds future stars year's varsity were G. Rankin, C. Lewis, D. Pasley, G. Haren, L. Terry, G. Harper, V. Rodriguez, G. Barker, and W. Bowman. hh-.La JUNIOR VARSITY - FRONT ROW Qleft to rightjz Grant Harper, Artis Monroe, Pone Uperesa, Gerald Rankin Larry Terry, Charles Lewis, James Brown. BACK ROW: Art Gonzales. Vic Rodriguez, Wayne Park Gary Haren. Willis Bowman, Gerald Barker. Gary Howard, and Coach John Shea. Not shown: Sal Pizza Sal Mistretta, Dirk Tolson, Dennis Pasley, Philip Kelly, Fred Dutto, Roger Evans. Walter Werner, Ed Munoz and George Gonzales. Page 86 krazy kapers Why don't they hit one my way? . l V , hal How did you do that? Going someplace? rye got wings! Page 87 L M. N. M. N. M Y it JL it it M. 8 it JL 6 Boosters Farewell Wilson - Terri Craib Michael's Watch 8z Jewelry Repair Good luck High Seniors - Gail Stimmel Good luck Steve - love Karen Fred and Marti Jackie and Diane Always "Bill Sa Dee - Forever 8a Always" Tom - Good luck with Baby Cindy Good luck Grads - Sigbritts Restaurant Bill and Linda - Always Patti-n- Vince Forever - Andi Asimos Reginald and LaVerne Always Dennis and Sue - Forever and Always Congratulations Grads - The Craibs Mr. 82. Mrs. Adolphus Thomas Trapani Realty Fred Jackson - S. 8a C Motors SAVING AT BAY vnsw Congratulations IS A CLEAN To All Graduates From San Francisco - 22nd Sz Mission, 3550 Geary Blvd. , 3rd 85 Quesada, 1601 Ocean Ave. . South San Francisco. . .Millbrae. . .Be1mont. . . Menlo-Atherton. . .Oakland. . . Administrative Offices - 22nd 8a Mission - S.F. - 648-8800. S' 'if 'K If 'K 'N' PI mouth Pictures Photography 1645 Market Street, San Francisco, California 582-0363 71' TC W 'lf 7C 'll 'K if 7' Page 88 M. it M. it it it it it it M M bt at 3 A EFI C 'S G CD 5 D CO Sl' NETWORK DF' E C 5 E D LER SHUP5 W ' J wiumm PENN MANAGER 49 OCEAN AVENUE SAN FRANCISCO JLI 4 Il6l It a 5 to work at CCDRNER ALEMANY BLVD I p Y PHONE 282-2700 TIC TOCK DRIVE INS 54'I'l THIRD ST. 940 COLUMBUS AVE. 91 OCEAN AVE. 1000 THIRD ST. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. as a Highly Paid HAIRSTYLIST - BEAUTICIAN TRAIN WITH THE BEST! . . 7 BEAUTY SCHOOL Enroll now. . . phone 392-0435 Opportunity awaits you! .. 973 MARKET ST., SAN FRANCISCD -In ln ommd, H-mm, sm mm I P o R T 5 w E A R "THE COOLEST SPORTSWEAR IN TOWN" For Fellas Sz Gals I 2544 Mission Street San Francisco 'Pacific Telephone. Pass it along. Graduates: Planning to get a job now? Then consider a career with Pacific Telephone. We have a wide variety of interesting, steady work for men and women. 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JL M 3 A,,A.A,EMBLEM an EMBROIDERY cow, CREIGHTON 5 Bowling Shirts and Lettering , , , School Jackets-Banners-Sweaters Flying ' W SGTVICC Swiss Embroidery Dnwuuaggw 3434 MiSSiOI'1 San FI'2.I1CiSCO ED CREIGHTON zeoo sm eau A i muon SAN FRANCISCO. CALIF 2500 SAN ERLJNO AVE. JUNIPER 4-1025 Ayoolr Bros. Television fllolre ipelile geauly Slroppe COMPLETE H PERSONALIZED SERVICE Courrrunss - coswzrucs ag Cos'ruME msvlslou - APPLIANCES JEWELRY SALES AND SERVICE RECORDS 1444 SILVER Ava. TOM AYOOB SAN FR-'-NCI b JUNIPER 5-9893 SAN FRANCISCO 24. CALIF. DOROTHY'S BEAUTY SALON Hair Styling 1348 Silver Avenue 584-9095 I-IILLCREST MARKET 790 Silver Ave. 5 Cambridge St. Groceries - Meats - Free Delivery VALLEY AUTO SUPPLY 2520 Bayshore Boulevard San Francisco 94124 Discounts to all students with a Student Body Card George O'Brien Stan Donahue PAUL'S GROCERY STORE HBest Sandwiches In Townu Paul E. Marchand Free Delivery 1727 Felton St, 587-2564 A NOT THE BIGGEST - JUST THE VERY BEST!!! LOWELL CAULLEY .xv- c a 0 J Xe q 'sf CREATIVE umo senvlcs AWARD WINNING SAN FRANClSCO'S. PRINTER -- LITHOGRAPHER JU 7-1992 1166 Geneva Avenue, San Francisco "PRINTING IS OUR BUSINESS-- BOWLING IS OUR HOBBY 1390 SILVER Ave. You'll Do Well To Shop AI Bell! PHONE B24-6672 AFTER 6 F'.M. 8: SUN. B24-6,671 ELKHORN Towing 8 Storage JAY ARMSTRONG OFF 4700 BLOCK ON THIRD s'r. LARRY CHEWNING SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. 94124 --- 'IC 'K if 'K 'OC 'K K 'K 'IC 'K 'IC 'K 76 T Page 91 ug o . Low Sophomore Officers CLIFTON BOW MAN Pre side nt CONNIE YARBROUGH Vice- President - I PAMALA W AT SON Secretary . SHARON LINTZ Treasurer I I Page 92 Qs Greg Angles Kathleen Araya Carol Arenas Ray Bambao Robert Barela Q ,A 'a lviiz Mike Bezzina Diane Bluth Norma Bonilia Chris Borden Allen Bosel Janice Brown Zella Brown Steve Bruhns Margaret Burke Cathy Burrough fix X 1 , 'T 'AA Q-,si fix:-4 'R ' 4 wp fr fi wee Kirin Myria Barnes Winfort Battle Wanda Beasley Sylvia Beltran Tim Benjamin get . N J e1e5 f X , TSC Z' , Q Clifton Bowman - Don Brooker Ralph Brooks Cedric Brown James Brown Rob Clark Beverly Coleman Rosalyn Cooper Nina Crawford Gwen Criswell Q.. ,. .-1 'l is 5 ex 'iivfk Page 93 Connie Bustamonte Gary Campbell John Carter Dolores Casazza Tim Chapin ' y fy If V- ' 1 H R ef QA J x W' f is 4 ,mpg 4 f' Michael De Rosans Jo Anne De Vincenzi John Dulay Michael Dunn Kay Earby Sq in 3 K' mid! Q F Ayres Gibson Mercellus Gibson Sally Golden Gail Gomez Camille Goodwin Linda Hattabough Glo ria Hayes George Hofilena Pat Horner Rose Hughes is fm f -in af 'fix-N5 if sa ,. 1 Q- X Willie Davis Judy Deal Diane Debiagio Peggy Del Carlo Marvel De Costa 'ig Jw' Y as F vt 5, li Fiatuiga Faoa Richard Faries Janice Ford Josiane Fruch Ron Gestra V L my .Q - Q 2' ig? 'll' i ff i fi Chas Grayson Julie Green Norma Guerrero Sue Halliday Noel Harry , QS, 555. 2-suv Page 94 Dale Hummel Dennis Hutton Chris Jackson Carolyn Johnson Gwen Johnson I Wayne Johnson' -' - K ' ' gr Tim Jones A 2 e lf 'V V 4 Ronald Joseph - W Jackie King N' Q X Sue Ladd ...V L 3 J 1' Q, 'f X mis s" Ei S M, HS fn S A Annette Lamont Q: - 19 Robert Lane X L 1, Frances Leo - Jo Anne Liberati 1522457 1 t 3, , ww" ' . Sharon Li tz ironing! ' r .V .V n ' -' N' . 3 We ,Q ' 1 S si .'.' Carlos Lucha 1 QQ Anna Lumsey Manuel Machi Y Ronald Mack X Linda Margate f Oronda McRae Janice Montesclaros Claudia Morales Gary Moss Paul Muao E- 1 as 6 , :'1 Q. Ray O'Neal Ha-ydee Ortiz Josie Otis Julia Ortisi Bryne Pavis 4: .v,b 1.9, .V QTL 15:-1. A .l l",iQ'1.1L.i:Sg: Page 95 Steve Maxey Gwen McClendon Barbara McDade Charlie McGee Andy McKay Ralph Neal Gail Nocito Rondal1Ogans Juanita Oliver Debra O'Neal Nancy Prest Michael Price Gary Pringle Bobby Pruitt Carol Ravani is .,,T't. ,.,V , Archie Robinson Trudi Roderick Victor Rodriequez Arnold Romer Oliver Sanchez Regina Smith Cathy Soto Luther Spikes Larry Starkes Ethel Syas ,Irv rg 4 .F : Q Q fir S, 4 " Et in Q . Gant Phillips Maria Pirela George Pisan Juanita Porter Cathy Po rtoghe se desi? , 1. or . . Page 96 1 ' to A 1 sk' .X " 7 N if , .W N 555. Q Bruce Rhodes Elsa Rico Victor Rivas Elsie Rivera Sandy Rivers Jim Sawyer Gregg Swell Fred Shelton Rhonda Shepherd Wallace Simpon :gs 1 . is N nl 1 A .. lr V A in -U I . sr we Junior Tagaloa Kenneth Talley Pat Tanner Tim Taylor Darryl Tevis Randall Tom , Noreen Tonegato Susan Torres l Peggy Turnipseed Debbie Vargas iq M, we ESU Manuel White -. by , . Otis Wilburn fi 51 , Henry Williams X' Lloyd Williams xfi Elton Wilson N. 1 il? Y ffggw .. S- e - V 5.1 5. 1 3-:ska-X ik as . 35 Charlie Young Ijuona Young af . . . , A f 4 if Florine Yuen ln- - x 5 N. -. L Q is xg- ., Q. as Q? if Page 97 Tony Verreos Raul Vigil Debra Washington Melvin Washington Pamela Watson Luther Wilson Wilbur Wong Richard Wong Conseulo Yarbrough Charles Young High Sophomore Officers Spring MARK ALEXANDER, President WANDA ROSS. Vice-President Fo II PENNY NEAL MICHELE TERRELL PENNY NEAL Treasurer Treasurer Vice- President CAMERA SHY: JESSIE LUCAS, President Page 98 Mack Alexander George Alonzo Ken Aragon John Armstrong Beverly Atkins 351' " ' Jeff Biggs Marilyn Blake Veronica Blake John Bolden Callie Mae Bordley .5 im , N A 4, ii? f f ' A 1 it f A Franklitha Burton Robert Bush Carroll Braxton Charles Bray Michael Bregante ff Dan Carino Leslie Carr Jeff Carter Les Casazza. Eric4Castro I 5 ' s .gffxk K I t 'ff f,b'w- Slime ,C Q- 3 'k , ei Q , . . .xiei XXX 55 fi ' A s i Y E S ieve' R xg S K in rut at 1 'X' . Q' f x .e 'Ni Q wi x it T Page 99 : Q if - X-will w. n- Q Y Q YE X A N N535 gg. x Tim Barrow Alice Bell Rita Bergans Jean Beshears Mary Betts , " X Z Kathy Boyd ffilb lklfgl QR 1 zaz Jerome Bradley T - Laquita Brown f .,-, ..-' - Linda Brown in z ll Martin Bullinger lj ,K ERB . ,,,, . tl Roseann Cabrales K Paulla Calloway . Tom camp " A Sandra Camilo X Hayes Campbell wif:-Q, . . K jg as . Q, I nf : John Chitman Paul Christenson Jeff Chung Muriel Clay Bernest Collins at Linda'.Davis' Rafael' Detrinidao Pat Donnelly Mike Doran Glenn Durant Alda Fisher George Francies Gail Frazier Carolyn Gage Doris Galea as A .ww , K WWVSWX 'Z J' 51.4 32,31-z" i A V sf gigs. . .752 .Ta l , A ' Eg gs 'C seam ' v i ' .1 al- 49? wx gf 'ggi U K.. j 1, im 51 1 George Cato Jerry Chavez Vera Chernoff Louis Chewning Carmen Chircap Shelton Comeaux Fern Consolacion Regina Cudjo John Daffe rn Bernadette Daniels Yvonne Elder Freddie Ely Peter Ernani Linda Fabriani Mariann Fave ro G Q ,J f s X V. 3 .QL 5529 A - c ' 1 T . . 2 la' v' X s .- -..,.1.1 1913, ,IF Pif ,:,:,:,'s1.:,:.u:.-.1 n ' ' ' 1 'u'a'.' "n'-' I vt 9 Page 100 Robert Gaviola Dave Gemignani Ron Gibson Vita Gillard Charles Gillis Robert Gillis Linda Gipson Dennis Glass Candace Goong Roselyn Gray lx. sy ,f , 'M i Clayton Hass Susan Hatcher Anita Hayes Thomas 'Helem Debra Hernandez Ronald Hodges Andres Honciano John Hontalas Larry Horn Harvey Hughes ' I , Q . . an i s ii., , if , N a . r. M 4. , N f y 44,1 , . . ' he Q 9? ,W ii Q! U i sl .ii : Linda Grigsby Linda Gross John Guillory Grant Harper Gary Harris 'iv ! Karen Iffilibitt Kathy Higali, Cynthia Hill Pat Hince Eunice Hines XX l ' if f ff' i G J ' rrar Q E 5 Q f gf if Pamela Jackson Les James Jesse Jaquez Ralph Jazzux Timiothy Jennings he-, , is . .l,,, ,pf--..fx . . X- fa, .5 Q Ji Qs.- 3, -ff we . Sailznz n- 4 . Q as if NX Q Xi we ,ai .s Y -1 ,xv F . 1, t. C . ,xii Page 101 H Richard Humphrey David Hurtado Robert Taggi Brenda Jackson Larry Jackson Mona Jones Norwood Jones Victoria Joyce Peggy Kerr Debbie Kim -is it 'K L7 vii L. Keith Leitzel Imre Lendvay Albert Lewis Lawerence Little Linda Little X up . NN if Ed May John McClure Kurt McPherson Pam Medearis Steve Menicucci i Y .- .. QR," ,sci -. 45 'x I, .Q sf if-T 'll as , it iii. ii is my XSS' ipfgawis- : gf V " .-:qs .5-35, Lei 5551 534 -1. 1' if .3 " 3. Xi-193 fi-Y . if L, i. r K3 . .,,,,, ., . ,..w., ,,. ,Q x my X .. . .i . X. i . -5 -.,',. Q .Ei I: - 1411- ,M Q it iw it M aught? 'A if XZ! ' i Y' NF: as X Q in as gk E tg 'v.41,r: . N i si- , it t.t . Charles Johnson Patricia Johnson Jaleta Jones Joe Jones Lynn Jones 3 Q -X 32 .if A s .ix r " V Q is A Q w L' 'R .SQ s 1 S, hifi. 7515 'u ' iw A X M X 545. ic? Q- we Jim Lambert Edward Lapating David Lara William Lawson Randy Le Boy Debra Lopez Jess Lucas Wilson Mah Rose Martin Chris Massetani Page 102 saiis L ,L it f 41 K sr gif -img, 5 ,iv N 2 iff , 1 , Erlirida Mercado Kenneth Mims Bill Mitchell Terry Mitchell Stan Mollart if-'Eu . -i-. 'fi it - 5 X . .S , Q x 1. is X 4 L53 1 W, Q iv V :i-'w5,.:- ef- .mall 5 -vw 410, 'fgpgf ,Sf Robe rt Mondares Mark Monroy Anthony Monto ya Mike Moreno 'W of 3 1 ' M r S3135 on ano 5 V I James Ng Dolores Oberto Elena Ojeda Teri Olmo Frank Olson Liles: -ees? wx ea X: egg.- 1 mx . 5 'F' D ' fm Asora Panama Michael Payne Michael Pegues Dave Perez Angelia Perkins Kathy Pittman Mike Poelma Henry Poggi Cleve Pollard Mary Ann Poni is -we X QA' sl? K' is e - 'f' . F' F 59 : : E 5, 1 .f-le awed erm .154 sais Six' 4 sQgf3sf:f431o'lll1 4 spew vwegf xeiffzw . Page 103 an-52 , X 1 Dave Muella Toni Mulka Ralph Murillo Elnar Naka paaho Ed Neva rez Ka rl Olson Cecilia O rais Efrain Oriol N Susan Orozco Olga Paco gli: e Q- . . E S- ul -1 4Iq!!III!!LFc beaqgmen . . .s,ac . 1,l, A Linda Pettus Nick Philips Dave Piepmeier Sheilah Pie rce Priscilla Pierrel its . .. Q ffvg. HN, A J R - D arg as Yi? -,.,:-:s:f-..- - A Perry Quinn Gerald Rankin Darlene Reid William Rezak Deb Ribero X A- Philip Poni Debra Pooler Mike Powers Robert Preston Tony Quilici iii 'mix f A tai, WH 1 fa f-sf Phil Rodriguez Wanda Ross Jo Ann Roy 4 in is .J ..,' 1: elim ,- M h R or ars a yan gg? , K .,., ,E .. ., ,MA JN A er if B Pacxfico Samonte V ,-L. ,wg-r. we ,,x,. ,vm gds W F' ,. .F -M, ,f N ,1- ...M Q, Carmen Schembri Richard Schnelle Cheryl Schuclel Mike Scott Marsha Silas N, Arif -fwgr. a 4 'K ,Q 3 Nw? Wwe 1-we Q?-f Xi ifiiefi D eggm i M B fV3es3w ' ' D .vfggygk ' X .. - V' .bivii s Page 1 04 ,r-n V .. , as 9 . -.5 Nancy Rivera Geri-an Roberson Al Rodriguez Arthur Rodriguez Evangeline Rodriguez I :exif fl I F Vernon Sampson Debra Sanders Robert Sanders Bill Sargenti Terry Sarris Ken Silvers Debra Simmons Ernestine Smith Eugene Smith Harold Smith Chris Spadini. Edward Spinks Latrelle Stansbury Jeff Stanton Robert St. Thomas ,N 3 ff? Michele Terrell Larry Terry Tony Terry Sheila Thomas Brenda Thompson sew- ., s Charles T rade 3,3 ' N H5 Q Q25 Y X Ml Xe? Q Lana Joyce Turner Denny Ung Ron Vannucchi Laurie Virgil Lowell Watson Larry Wheatley Paul Wheldon Wayne Williams Paul Williamson WANG: Page 105 .5 ,M be 2' -: .. 1 13, 1- 3 T Q K a S ' x W 'i' X fag I as James Sweeney Mary Ann Szumylo Mercy Tagle Maria Tonoja Rene Taylor in "P E 4 X i' fiat . 1 I M. fr se e Doug Tikkanen Ron Tinnarello Reba Toler Dirke Tolson Carole Tong Bill Viviani Tamera Wade Vanessa Wallace Carol Walls Randy Warren F' gf: Jeffery Yee Alena Young Paul Young Page 106 'ww Colhn Wmg Rax Wise Jamck Woodcock ,nt 13 Wrwht Ku Wught ow dig this! what did you say your jacket's made of? Y L if ' - N 'w i ' onriawwggggii d . vo Q .fx Qsgw, - I k Q4 V gg ,Yl,,.: x X H We 're first in baseball, too! ,A+ W E i What did you say this sandwich is? Page 107 Q..- Low Junior Qfficers Spring ANN BUHAGIAR President 1' v, ' semi. , ,f W? 'RM-'S' We as 3 Y-1 ."' J w 1. 4 :V . if if '15 -X f ' i n ,if .. fy ' ' m f s. .s z, ,gig " e A- 5 - Ax, ,: :sec -:is-,Fm 1 asv- ,, -we .,:.f1 2. . ROBERT FYLES Pre side nt CORINNE GA LICIA Secretary- Treasurer DARLENE NIC KS Vice- President Full QE: P CORINNE GALICIA THERESA SADHU ANN BUHAGIAR Secretary Treasurer Vice- President Page 108 Lynda Alayon Duane Allen Alex Ante Ed Artauia Glenn Augstine ...Q Andrew Brown Ann Buhagiar Dan Bustamante Richard Cannon Myra Carrillo Danny Frias Corinne Galicia Alex Galloway Ben Gee Claire George f 1 k ci 5 "' an - 'MN lf. ..,.. 'VP' xv , -f: .l ' 'QF i if "fa V. wif l l 5+ 5 'EN A 59 ii' ll .6 we w :gl -, l f 2 Elvira Danducci Eladia Barker Franklin Bell Donna Bishopric Jim Borg Valarie Casias Cecelia Crosby Willie Diagle Gregory Durley Dennis Foster Q , .A Q 5, r G, A K value: Lialum Vickie Hammond Dolores Harris Marcus Harris Sandra Hargens Tommy Hargens we A, X it ,,,. im - ,Q rj: :,. ' Page 109 Linda Grant Art Gonzales Mona Gray Linda Gristi Robert Grow eeefzt. - Ee N - , . a-qv' 5 -giggle f aw . . .. ' ' 5532- 1 :Q 1 i ii S3355 xg .f,-sw'-ff Q K Esperanza Jiminez f Deborah Johnson 1 Q Frank Johnson jg 5 Dennis Koenig E R' 1, I Marcia Lee y in K 'iw nfl X -3 .fo K N..- .i Q 'ik Q o X l. U lk:-.gi5g.,::,n:,55.. .si . 1, Q , ,s I .1 swf if ,Q g kk if +8 Linda Prentiss Dennis Pruett L " -V Paul Maionchi ' - J " - n . Glenn Mickle 5 if , , 3, XE' Y.. X 5 . 2 W J 'S Maria Ma rtinez 'Q X. 4- so -Q so -- 'S-on m l - -. A l. is .5 'S' ei 2: R WN . in , sz S 9 Egidio Ryan Elaine Salde Richard San Mames Grace Santos Adrian Scaltti Page 110 Rosemarie Hill Eddie Holleman Ernest Holt James Huey Patricia Jackson Edgar Lucha Roy Luna Lina Persau Anderson Pitre Karen Polk l 3 E '13, Xfwif ., :- Robert Mims Georgia Mosher Mike Mitake Carolyn Robinson Ron Rollin .R I . sg, Janice Shambray Wanda Sims Ruby Smith Otis Spikes Diane St. Thomas Robert Syas Franklin Thompson Otto Thormities Pone Uperesa Vicky Ventura W '-fi A . ,. '- a hf. 5 S 3 N . ,r g f Q, N 0 gr S Y wwf M 6' ,., 'W 'X . is ,ga ,adm it sg? N 5 Gill Williams Ronald Williams Debra Wright Gwendolyn Wright Phyllis Write Nancy Zuver ix : 1, Q L. X 1 :rf ' .cf xx A . w,r an 1 Q. dwmwvs ..l fi Cleveland Vickers Anitha Wadley Walter Werner Kathy Wilburn Beverly Williams r Come on, you guys! Now 1et's get it together! WML, Page 111 High Junior Officers Spring TONY FOTI MYRNA GUNN BETTY DEBERRY Pre side nt Vice- Preside nt Secretary CHRIST LNE EVANGALISTI Tre asure r Page 112 Fall CHARLA DUKE GORDON ANALLA President Vice- President Yvonne Adams Yolanda Adra Philip Aguis Debbie Amatori Gordon Analla John Arnott Spires Aronis Beverly Augustine Eric Baines Ernmet Barton . 0355 Ron Boblitt Divia Bonilla John Bowles Willy Bowman Louella B randon XRS. A e ' 51138 Cathy Brusco Everette Burks B Ron Caldwell Bill Calfas Bob Calfas S faq 2 Q r . 31 A , l Q ig 9, fx X- w 5 Q' X jf , 'Nr n B B fx, g 1 - 5,713-i,iL - -,A , :gr V - i ' pmaf as gil ' I xx 3 c,,. an 'M . ill s as , .- K - 3... A sg 55 x Y' .rf W 2 a gg :gpm fl I .. .- Q ,L xi so J if K Weldon Anderson Richard Andrade Lorraine Anicetti Arthur Antuna William Araya K x ?Six N N Q' ri? 'xi Em sf fx? , me . S ir. il? Gail Barton Daron Beasley Paul Bennett Evelyn Berry Lenoa rd Bigna rdi Debra B reaux Charles Bridgewater Mike Brown Sherman Brown Jane Bruce - , J",g'f.t...'Q " 5 K V NR Page 113 - . gyfalel.. .Q . ,. is Gimme . ,tif l X lar-if WA., . , , X85 ' we i 3 W R y 'A Zh gih R - . B X, so lg - ,1. Weir! ,. 4, N Roger Comaich lf Arthur Campbell Denise Carter Joe Carter Marsha Christianson Rosalie Cotton Don Crisp Yvonne Cudjo Amalia Dangilan .-K l ' 1 , 2 Qu, . ..Lf? ' i We lff!5'!1!f11'wf glgggwf :yg?2s, 1 fzgigif fig in Q fe K ' Marlene Evans Luna Fleshman Brenda Fontenot Alice Foster Velma Foster r 1 ii ,H x . ,za . Q 4. Xt . 5' A 1,-11. wie A5215 Lani C hri sto phe rson .aff i X 43 E. ' SQ Q is P K Betty DeBerry Pat Del Carlo Q. Warren Deters wx C - Angie Dominguez Y Chris Evangelisti i l l ' 5. 1 'ei is ',f..,f-r t., r V.: .,.. v e A ,. A, John Gauci ff P ,S ,-., -- A f Paul Gigliotti , ' X Brenda Gray ilu' 3,5 , 5 Raymond Gray H li i Andrea Green , 52 serif xv Q5 I 1? Q Qs E i ear? 5 6 Virgkiqbi Q 4 . , a rr. gi 5 r C wiv M x 1 Tx Page 114 Toni Foti Beverly Francies Lynette Francis Willdy Frank Bertha Garcia O Myrna Gunn Abraham Gunter Marvin Gutierez Joseph Hall Sherry Harris , J y Mark Hawthorne Clarice Helley Jo Ann Hernandez Mike Hibbitt La Verne Hicks Pat Jackson Mike James Andy Johnson Edie Jones Vincent Joseph X ls. ,Q Q i s 1 51 .. N 'T k six is Ricky Lee Inez Lewis Debra Lewis Debra Lewis Charles Lewis s Richard Mackey Roderick Madison Yolanda Madrid Steve Manion Janice Marcellino F14 L -51 Qw - Q sgvsatggfl wi 65155 5555- -- N QQ .f '-f - w. series . We - 'f ew xi I- , frl, , 1 ,, N X 3 ,., l 'fi X A s A 4 ' .ag'S":' K X 'iw is E 'NSE is . 5 s aga Q J 5 - 1 'S Page 115 .NR ' Q - 5 , -1 :si N rf NVQ + 1. - L A . :.1 . : iiifri? ' se Q fc S. :sis . on vw ' X if Q .Q f Q N i Y-Qs, I f 1 1 A X.. t K i.!' .11 Dorothy Hill Herman Holland Michael Holloway Terry Howard Robert Imbellino fi. J .. .K lik lf ,ti N 305 stan Kirkland y if Philip Kelly J Phyllis Kelly a A i Deborah Lee is 5 i' " John Lee fi vw Phillip Long Joe Lopes Glen Lyons Aida Lynn Lynn Mack ' as as Donna Maybaum Yolanda Mercado Carlo Mollison Richard Morales Diane Moreno W Mauric ia Marigman NW, Lucy Martella James Martin Greg McDowell Terecita Martinez ur A si Pat Nicholson Jennifer Norton Jerry Ogans Gloria Paladini Mary Ann Papadakis , o Lonnie Moultry Eddie Munoz Anita Muscat Narmeen Nasseem Irish Ng 5' 3 is Debra Pritchard Chris Ramirez Petty Randall Joe Reiss Paul Reiss Susan Parlato Kathy Passalacqua James Peak .Terry Peeler Lynne Pewtherer 1- 5 i ff' Norma Rivas wk? as Esther Rivers 'V T Norma Rodriquez Angela Rogers war Davette Roston Q, . 5 'ws Page 116 Randy Rudd Lenoard Russo Arlene Samson Stephanie Sansone Mary Schembri fp' ia' QA K V-:wi Via Q' , , Gloria Shaw Larry Sheridan Loy Smith Lois Sparks Jim Spes Fiore Talone Karen Terrell Lee Roy Thomas Pat Thomas Jerry Thorsen I' K -aww .+,li.l fm 51 Q 4 J Q sm W ll - A -at ag:-9 - :Mama " . . 'i g iffiaf Q ' QL-X, 'Q f f Janie Toy Bill Trade Lester Turner Peter Viscuso Craig Voelkell . , fx r h. 9 :. : fr, 'Qi 52 , 'E Syl X L 3 5 iii A lil? wifi in T rf 'K S fr 3 5 Q . ' I , r .K 15559 1 SV 3, - i Q 1. , + 'K lla . .J 1 p gl S 5 mm Walter Scott Carolyn Seals Maurice Seals Bob Seronio Rory Sevilla I Page 117 Mark Stefani Frank Stevens Larry Stokes Todd Stone Diane Talley Rich Thurman Chuck Todd Se rethi Todd Jose Tolero Joshua Tolliver y li Charlotte Webb Stpxu Winston Joe Wolfg Patricia Wright ,Nm Sandri Young Avanja Wallace Jo Anne Walsh Linda Watson Judy Washington Richard Washington Q' Q :S 1 R ,Els E if B A, f-gg, A Cobbie-coosCorr1er! ! ! Don't worry, Myrna, Mr. Thomas doesn t bite K x3K Q 561516 35 NE I QR sp.. , .4 gr ' Q J is X xy me .f.. X , Vw x K' X , X 4' xx X . f Low Senior Officers Spring SHANE BAILEY JOCELYN LARRAMORE President Vice- President RONNIE BROCATO BONNIE ABELA Segretary T1'eaSl1l'Cl' Page 120 Bonnie Avela A f f Robert Actis if ii S 5. 2 5 Frank Agius xkx Georgia Angelos 1 - ,- Q .mm- H Q if l Xl x I .sf Stella Angeles ,L i.-A I 1. , x Q -eee 1 Bruce Bosel Billie Bowlegs Veronica Brocato Denis Brown Doris Brown Reggie Daniels JoAnn Dearrnan Steven Elder Valerie Ellis Gloria Escalante AEE :gg i- at x Vik- 1- if . e.:. '1. va 2 S-ia Sign M we f g 252 'V el ,,,,2L . ,. r rerrlr Z. 'E 1 'w i - -w A' ' 1 . be v J i ' i Andi Asimos Daphne Atkinson Pam Bakerink Joe Beltran K Pat Berry DIA, Barbar Campbell Gay Capra Norma Colina Lorna Carroll Geno Costodio Ron Estrada B111 Fitzgerald Jerry Folmer Elton Ford gg, 45 Peter Ford s t Terry Garcia Bob Gardner Cheryl Garner Reuben Goodman Bob Guerrero Page 121 if Ron Jackson Catherine Jacobs James Kennedy Linda Kidd Don Knott J'- 'ei' N Trenda Lewis Sharon Lopez Sue Lopez Gloria Mabalatan Diane Magee Q' I Q S Ray Nunsiale Bill Owen Jackie Pavao Rich Periz Elaine Phibbs 'Wa ' f if Tyrone Guillory Ronald Henry Fred Hines Gearialann Holme s Me rle stine Hughes X John Lambert Jocelyn Larreno re Walte r Leblank Debbie Lee ,g 'ss-R Q'3,:fg4,31 1. X M M- ll-:vs 'f 4,3 . . . . L is Q 5 'M a WWW u bi FJ V 'L filiitis g ag - 5 5 . ,i ..,. I 54 FT J if ' L i e M .X L Ty 4u11i'i"" ' is J Page 122 'RIS' : is-ff" nf' Paulette Lane x" X Q, xntnlax X i s Q 3 if Bob Martin Frank Martinez Emanuel Maxey Louis Neal ,Me L Jeff Ng i ei 3 ? gi' . , J i e i 1' X M 'a"7 4 -A . I Y av ff Judy Piepmeier Carol Pittman Julie Poni Carol Quinby Leilani Roberts va, L. , M Xl. f"'i5T ' 0 0 Becky Rodriquez Sue Romani Mike Sagrafena Sandra Seaman Jerry Schnell Richard Sutterfield Rose Terreforte Tommie Thomas Mal Toi-nay Georgia Turnispeed . .. -- S,-la we if ,. X ' ' ' ee. eaaee Y I - . -' ,A J , A ' A S 1 ' XI: X pi A V 3 N + ..,. se -J- N ' 1 f x W Robert Smith Diane Stern Kennet Stephenson Gail Stimmel Sharon Stitt Maribel Valencia Rita Velasquez Connie Verrios Esther Villalobos Nr Peter Voelker Diane Von Me rta Nycie Waddell Jackie Walker Dave White X 1 ly .ga ,M ew ' Ya cf 31 Q QQQNX., Bill Woo Page 123 They led Class of Fall '6 WILBERT BATTLE WARREN WILSON Pre side nt Vice - President BERNICE WONG Secretery Page 124 LILLIAN FONTILLAS Treasurer FRANCIS S. AGAS Math-Business College-Work JO ANN AMBROSE JAMES LEE BAGGETT Business-G.A.A. Journalism-Track College-Business Baseball-College WILBERT KING BATTLE JEROME BESHEARS WILLIAM B. BOLTON l Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts College-Work College-Work Basketball-College HAROLD BREAUX Business-T rack Business College BARNELL BARRON Math-Busine ss 'T rack-Baseball MARY BORG Business-Golden Lancers-Block W GLENDA BRODRICK MURTLE CHARLENE BROWN Business-Athenian English-Moderna Dance Society-Work Trade School-Work BETTY ANN BYRUM VIRGINA CARTER WILLIAM CARTER Home Economics Business-Work Science-Swimming Work-Marriage Marriage College-Work Page 125 EDWARD BRUSUELAS Industrial Arts Work-Barber RONALD CECCHINE Industrial Arts City College MARIA ELENA CHAVEZ NATHANIEL CHURCHILL DENNIS PATRICK COATES English-Swimming Business-Basketball Beauticiari Track-Cross Country LUCINDA COPELAND Home Economics Social Worker EARL DEER EMILIA M. DELGADO Drama-Mathmatics Business-Class Song College-Social Worker Girl-College BILLIE D. DWIGHT Music-Afro -American Club-College Math-Spiritual Adviser To The Pope MORGAN WILLIAM COUNTEE Industrial Arts Swimming-College HARRIETT O. CROCKETT Home Economics Singer-College CAROL DENNING Business-G . A. A. Work-Marriage DANNY COBARRUV IAZ Graphic Arts Priute r-Wo tk DONNA M. CUCCHI Academic Courses Band-College PATRICIA DOUGLAS Business-Work Marriage JANIS LYNN ESKRIDGE SHIRLENE ESTELITA RALPH FARMER Business-English Homemaking-Work History-Track Student Body Officer Marriage History Instructor Page 126 I ,, lJ RONALD C. FARMER Art-Business-Track All City-College LARRY D. FERGUSON l.ILL.IAN FONTILLAS lnduslriulA1'Is Science-G.A.A. Buskutbul! -Tunnis C . C .S. F. -Nursing LAURA ANNETTE FRANCIS GREGORY GABRIEL DOMONIC J. GALWITZ Business-Hornemaking Industrial Arts Social Studies Yell Leader-College College-Work City College MORRIS GILLIS Graphic Arts-Work City College JANICE SHERYI.. GRANGER Business-Business College-Ma triage MAR Y GORDON Business Work Colluge -Marriage RONALD HAYWARD GREENE HIRAM RICHARD HARVELL DONNA HAWES Music-Basketball Music-Soccer-Tennis Business-College City College Slate College PHD. Work-Marriage Page 127 l..-XRR Y FO5'I'l'QR InLlusl1'i.1l Arts Bllskullmull-Cullegu EDMUND GEE Industrial Arts Tennis Team-College TED GRANDISON Industrial Arts College-Work DEIDRA DOLORES HIGGINS Business-Collugu lvlarriage JOHN H. HINES Science-Basketball Soccer-Block W EDWARD M. JAMES Art-Basketball College PATRICK KENNEDY Industrial Arts Wo rk-College DAV E LETSCH Math-Industrial Arts-College ANTO1NE'1"1'E M. HUGHEY English-Yell Leader Work-Marriage CYRIL ATTILIO KIRKLAND Mathematics-College Work-T rack Team CHRISTOPHER J. HYD2 Industri.-11 Arts Swimming-Work Ill MA INIQ U FIX Businu 5:5 -Cu l lcgu B1-.I mini.: rm EDWIN L. .TAIVIES ROSILANDO. JASPER Industrial Arts Business-Business 'I' rack-Work Cvllcge-Mzlrriaxgu DAVID LARSON Industrial Arts Bluck W-College PAT RICIA KELLY Horny-living-Nursn: ra 'l' ramini ng - M.: r rin gl: ROBERT LE!-'PING Va rsily Foullmll Work-College cLAREmxLEww MARvAJ.LEww KATHUNNEANNIJNN Business-Work Business-Business Marriage College-Marriage Page 128 Histo ry-G. A.A. Pre-sirlent College WILLIE LONG Autoslxop- Work College LOUIE CLIFFORD SUZANNE PANIELA LYNCH Industrial Arts English-Beautician Black W-C.C.S.F. Work-Marriage SA-UNDERS NIABREY LIONEL NICCOY IDA XICCRAY Industrial Arts Industrial Arts English-Work Music-College Work-C.C.5.F, Culluge-Marriage CARLOS A. LYNN Electronics-R.O.T.C Electrical Engineer EMANUEL MALLO Electronics-Work for Pacific Telephone DIANE MILLER Business-Work ' Ma rriage A MICHAEL ALAN MIMS RUBEN MORENO, JR. LARRY WAYNE MORRISON Science-Buskc-tlmll InclL1slrialArls History-Basketball Block W-College Sports-Work Corinthian Award Member :gf-. , - , PATRICK Nl. MURPHY IVIILDRED EVONNE MURRAY N1OHAfVTMED I. N-'XSSEEIVI Business-Work BLISIIILESS-HOIIIC Economics Industrial Arts Marriage City College-Nurse Block W-Warrior Page 129 SANDRA NEAL Music-College Dental Assistant WAYNE E. NICHOLS ANGELINA NOVELLI Industrial A rts Acting -College EVERETT EURAL PATTON, Music- Stage Band, City College-Work Language-G.A.A. Wo rk-Ma rx-iage PATRICIA OWENS English-Work Marriage MICHAEL JOSEPH OCKENFELS Math-Electronics Auto Shop-College ELWOOD PRATER, JR. JAMES M. QUINESES JOHN LOUIS RISSO Grafic Arts-Work Industrial Arts English-College State College Football-Work Butcher LUPE RODRIGUEZ I Business-Work College -Marriage LANA THERESA ROBERSON ANTHONY ROBINSON BENNIE ROBINSON A Business-Homeroom Industrial Arts Industrial Arts President-College Work-College Basketball-College SHIRLEY ANNE RODRIGUEZ, Home Economics-Work College-Marriage LEVON SMITH CORINNA M. STEFANSKI GARLAND EDWARD Home Making-Drill Business-College STEUBEN, English Team-Modern Dance Work-Marriage Work-College Page 130 PATTI STEV ENSON Business-Work Ma rriage LEAH THEDFORD ROBERT TORRES Art-Math-Modern Business-Language Dance-College Warrior-College CHARLOTTE WORD Business-Work Ma rriage FREDA WILLIAMS WARREN A. WILSON Business-English Architecture-Sports Gymnastics-College College-Work JOHN W. STEWART DIANE M. TAYLOR JAMES TERRY Home Economics Business-Swimming Business-Industrial College-Work Girls' Track-College Arts-Work JANICE VALENTE Business-G.A.A. College-Work GLENN VAUGHN Industrial Arts College-Work I :EFPTKQE BRENDA WASHINGTON ALBERT WASHINGTON JOHN QUINTLY WILLIAMS Business-College Industrial Arts English-S.B. President Work-Marriage College-Work City College-Lawyer BERNICE WONG Math-College Work-Marriage Page 131 LAVERNE YOUNG Homemaking-English Wo rk-College They led Class of Spring '68 MARTHA SEGALE DEANNA FRENZI Pre side nt Vice - Pre side nt SHELLEY BODKIN MARY YOAKUM Secretary Treasurer Page 132 JAMES ALEXANDER Industrial Arts College-Work FRANCES R. ANGELES PAULINE ANGELOPULOS Math-GAA-Golden Business-College Inxnccr-Athenian Marriage ALFREDO ALBERTO ARROYO Industrial Arts R. O. T. C. -Vlfarrior DENNIS BAUTISTA JOSEPHINE BECERRIL Industrial Arts Business-College Work-College Work-Marriage EDNA AMBEAU HARRIET ANDERSON VERMA JEAN ANDERSON Business-Work Home Economics Business-Afro-American Marriage Marriage-Work Club-I. B. M. JACK ANNUZZI Industrial Arts Baseball-College PETER ARENA5 Industrial Arts College-Navy EISA ASUELO MICHAEL BAINES GLENNA BANTILAN Business-College Business-College English-Flip Club Work-Marriage Work-Marriage College-Nurse LEE BEGGS Industrial Arts Air Force Page 133 MARIT ZA BENAVIDEZ Business-Work Marriage HORACE BENJAMIN JACQUELINE ANNE BERRY SANDRA BERTON Industrial Arts Business-Cosmetologist Song Girl-Business College-Work College-Marriage Work-College KELLY BODKIN Business-Work Marriage SHELLY BODKIN Science-Class Sec . -Veterinarian ROBERT LOUIS BRADLEY JACQUELYN BRAXTON RONALD BRECKWOLDT History-Baseball Home Economics-Class Business-Work College Secretary-College Service DENNIS BROWN Industrial Arts Work-College GARY BROWN Industrial Arts Navy Page 134 ISO LA BIANCHI Business-College Airline Stewardess JOHN BOSNICH Political Science CCSF-USF ROBERT ALLAN BOYD Industrial Arts College DIXIE BREWSTER Business -Wo rk Marriage NARDINE BRUNO TERI BUHAGLAR Business-Marriage Business-College College Airline Stewarcless JOAN BUNK Business-Beautician Work-Marriage LINDA BURNETT ALAN BYNAM WILLIAM CALANDRA Business-College Industrial Arts Science-Sports Work-Business College-Work Navy RINALDO CARRARO I-Ii story-Baseball Se rvice- Wo rk DOLORES CANNON DIANE CARABELLO ROSE CARDENAS Business-College Business-College Home Economics Work-Marriage Work-Marriage GAA-Secretary JAMES CARTER Music -Band College - S.F. State MARIE CASTELLANOS LINDA CECCARELLI RENE CHAMPAGNE Business-Swimming Business-Work Industrial Arts Foreign College College-Marriage College-Work L 5 K SHARON CI-IIN I Business-GAA College FRANK CI-IEW FAYE CI-IEWNING CAIHY CHIN Science-ROTC English-Yea rbook Science-Alhcnmn Electronics Editor-College College Page 135 DEXTER CHONG CHRIS CHRISTENSEN Mathematic s-H. R. English-Basketball Treasurer-College College-Work LIONEL COC!-IRAN Industrial Arts Work ALPHONSO CURRY ROSIE DACANAY Industrial Arts-Sports Business-College College-Engineer Work JAMES DANRIDGE A rt -Track College-Work DENNIS COATES Industrial Arts Work LUC Y CLEMENTI Business-Work College-Marrmgu ERMA COOK LOUIS THOMAS CUPP BARBARA CURRELL Business-College HistoryQBasketball Math-Golden Lancers Work Baseball-College Athenian-Nursing CORTEZ DANIELS Industrial Arts College-Work KERRIGAN DANGERFIELD Industrial Arts Work SEARCYETTE YVONN DARNES EDWARD de I-IERTEL SANDRA DELGADO Science-G.A.A. -Swimming Business-Warrior Business-IBM College College-Marriage College-Work Work-Marriage Page 136 DOUGLAS DEL ROSARIO Industrial Arts College-Work MAURICE DERAS GARY DE SANTO Business-Work English-Work College College HILTON DILLON English-Sports College-Work THOMAS DUCKETT Industrial Arts Col lege -Service DONALD RAY DONALDSON LAWRENCE DOYLE Industrial Arts Science-Warrior Sports-College College-Work JANICE DESPANIE Home Economics College-Wo rk TON! DRUHET Business-Work College JENNIFER JO DUHON VALERIA ILLEWE ELLIS JAMES ELLISON, JR. Social Studies Home Economics-I-LR. Mathematics-Basketball Swimming-Nurse President-Secretary College-Work LAMAR ELSTON English-Work College MARGARITA ESPARZA MICHAEL ESTEBEZ Home Economics Science-Block W Work-Marriage Warrior-College Page 137 VERONICA ESTUESTA Business-G.A.A. Athenian-College ROBERT EVANGELISTI Industrial Arts College-Work JOHN FERNANDES Industrial Arts Service -Work DEANNA FAENZI Business-Athenian-C lass V . Pres. -Marriage JOSEPH FECKO Science-College Work JUDY FERNANDEZ Business-Beautician Work-Marriage CHRISTINE FLORES Business-Work Marriage ANNA FRUCIANO Language -College Work LO MIA LII FO LAUOO Business-Music Uncertain ELTON FORD Industrial Arts College-Work CHAR LES FERRERA Math-Football College-Navy RAMONA FELIZZATTO English-S. B. Secretary Work JENNIFER FIE LDER Science -College Work-Marriage LARRY FOSTER Industrial Arts Basketba ll-College 2 I HENRY FUNK MAUREEN GABRIEL ROSIE GRECH Industrial Arts Business-College Business-College College-Work Work-Marriage Work Page 138 , l SALLY GALEA Business - Work Beautician-Ma rriage TERR Y GARCIA Industrial Arts Service -Work LINDA GAUCI Business-Wo rk Marriage MONA LISA GOBLE Business-H. R . Officer-College FRANCES D. GERARDO ALTHEA GILBEAUX Science-Flip Club Business-Work President-College College-Marriage PATRICIA ANN GASTILE Business-College FRANCES GAUCI Business-Work l Nurse-Marriage Airline Stewardess LARRY MORGAN GILES X Industrial Arts-Flip I Club-R.O . T . C . Officer JANET GOMES Busine ss -C lass Song Girl-Work 1 l W W ELIZABETH GONZALES GEORGIA GONZALES Business-Work Business-Work 1 College-Marriage Marriage IGNACIO GONZALES ISABEL GONZALEZ SAMUEL GOONG Industrial Arts Business-College Industrial Arts Work-College C. C. S. F. College-Work Page 139 - I ELAINE M. GRAYSON Science-Wo rk College GLORIA HARRIS Business-GAA College -Work MATTIE GRIGSBY FRAITUS GREEN MICHAEL HADAWAY Business-Work Business-College Industrial Arts College Airline Stewardess Service-Work KAREN HEINZ Business-Work College RONALD HELLMAN WILLIAM HELM LINDA HIDER Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Business-College College-Work Football-Work Work DONALD HOLVOET Industrial Arts Baseball-Navy SUSAN HILL ELIZABETH HINES PATRICIA 1-IOLLINGWORTH . Home Economics Business-College Business-College GAA-College Work Work MITTIE HOOTEN Business -College Work RANDY HUFNAGEL JOEL HULLEZA ALVIN JACKSON Industrial Arts Industrial Arts English-Basketball Machinist at Airlines College-Work College-Work Page 140 CAROLYN FAYE JACKSON Business-G. A. A. Athenian-College JOHN JAURIGUI Industrial .Arts College -Work JOANNE JONASSON Math -Science College RONALD EUGENE LEONE DANIEL LESSER DENNIS FLORES LOPEZ Art-Yell Leader Mathematics-Work Electronics-R.O.T.C. College Air Force Academy Warrior-Work ' GAIL JACOBSEN Business -College Work-Mar riage SUSIE ANN JOHNESE Science-Afro-A Club-College LINDA J. KIDD BOB KLOTOVICH PAULINE LABOWSKI Business-G.A.A. Industrial Arts Art-Work-College College-Work Varsity Football Marriage PEDRO LOPEZ Industrial Arts Work-College BENJAMIN MCARTHUR Histo ry-College Work DEANNA MCDONOUGH Business-Work College CONSUELO MAMARADLO Business-City College-Work MARTHA MELVIN English-German-S. B . Sec retary-College RAYMOND MCCOY Industrial Arts Swimming-T raveling RAYMOND MACKEY RENE MCCLAIN Industrial Arts Industrial Arts College-Work Football-Work HARVEY McDOWELL RHONDA JANISE MCPHERSON JUDY WILMA MAH Industrial Arts Business-I.B.M. Business-G.A.A. College-Work Work-Marriage City College EMANUAL MAXEY Industrial A rts Work-College VINCE MANTIA PAULA YEVONNE MARTIN Business-Rally Art-Beauty School Skits-Entertainer Work-Marriage MARGARITA MERCADO DARLENE MERLO LUCA MIRANDA Business-G.A.A. Business-College Industrial Arts Secretary-Marriage Work-Marriage Work-Service Page 142 PATRICIA R. MORALES Business-College Peace Corps MARGRETTA NEWT JOHN FREDERICK NIEDER Business-Work Industrial Arts-Term Marriage Plays-College KEV EN MOOR E Science -College Work-Se rvice CATHY MULLINEAUX Business-YB Senior Editor-Class Officer ANNA NELSON Business -Athenian T reasurer-College GERALD NORMAN College Prep. S.A. Gov't. -College TOM R. ORR Science-Work College DAISY OTIS ELEAZER PALACPAC Business-H.R. Business-Work Treasurer-College College GEORGE PANTAGES JIM PARKER LARRY PARKER Induatrlal Arts Mathematms Scxence Industrial Arts Tcamster Bmcl College Teamster RUI-'INA PANDAY Home Economics Beautician-Work RUSSELL PASCUA Industrial Arts Work-College DANIEL K. PATON NELDA ANN PAULDING DAVID PEAK Science-Work Business-G.A.A. lndustrial Arts City College City College Work-College Page 144 NAYMON ONEAL PETT WAY JOSEPH WILLIAM PIRONE PATTI PISA lndustrxal Arts Musxc ath Band S.B. Historian-Treasurer College Mechamc Footba Mus1c1an Business-Marriage EDWIN JAMES PRATER Art-Swimming Team College-Wo tk LINDA JEAN PRICE SHIRLEY MARIE PRINGLE ISMAEL PULIDO Science-Math City College YOLANDA RECINOS Home Econo mics Work- Marriage . lvl.-XRIO RENTERIA Industrial Arts Sports-Work ASHLEY H. RHODES Industrial Arts College-Work NOR MA RIV ERA Business -Swimming Wo rk-Marriage CHRISTINE ROSARIO DANIEL ROSARIO Business Industrial Arts X-Ray Technician Basketball-College JUANJA ROSS Business-Spo rts-Band College-Sec rata rial Work .E JEANNETTE RIVERA 'L Business-Reg. Treasurer Business College BRUNILDA RIVAS Business-Night School-Work CAROLYN ROBINSON Business Work-Marriage CAROL YN ROSS Business Work-Ma rriagc I LINDA ROSSI English-Publications College - Wo rk Page 146 FRED ROGERS Industrial Arts-Pro- Business l fessional Baseball DORIEN ROMAN Work-Marriage DAVID L. ROSS Industrial Arts Class Officer-College I 1 l I 1 l Pi., JOSEPH RUSSO CECILIA SHARLA SADHU Graphic Arts Social Studies-Future Work Teachers-Teacher I Lee 1 l WARREN ST. THOMAS 1 Industrial Arts Work-College l ADELE SANCHEZ LEO SANDERS BEN SANTIAGO Business-College Industrial Arts Business-Track-Drill Work-Marriage Baseball-College Team-College-Army TERR Y SANTIAGO Home Economic s Work-Marriage RAY DAVE SCHLOCKER Social Studies College-Work MARIE SARRIS DEBRA SCALES Business-Work Mathmatics-G.A,A. City College Block W-College VICKIE SCERRI Business-Work Marriage LOIS SCHULTZ TERRENCE MAURICE SCOTT MARTHA SEGALE Business-Work Business-Work Home Economics-Class Marriage City College President-Teacher SAMUEL A. SEGROVE GLORIA D. SEMENOFF RICK SERAFINO Industrial Arts English-Feature Ed. Social Studies Work-College Centurion-Work City College Page 147 NORMA C. SIN Business-Future Teacher-City College HARIET STARKES Home Economics College -Work ARTHUR SINCLAIR MARYANN SMITH DAVID SPIKENER Business Business Industrial Arts College-Work Work-Marriage College-Work ROBERT G. STEEL Science-College Writer JOSEPHINE TAMONDONG ARTURO TEJO Business Industrial Arts Secretary College-Work SHERYL THOMPSON English-Music College-Marriage ARTHUR JOHN STEVENS II ROSALIND MARIE SUTTICE GESSNER SYAS. JR. Music Home Economics-G.A.A. College Registered Nurse THOMAS THARES English-Term Plays Aclor Business-Sports S . F . State DENISE THOMPSON Business-Yell Leader College-Work MELISSA TOTH CRAIG TRIBUKAIT English Science-Photography Nurse in Armed Forces Work-Photographer Page 148 ANSLEY TRUITT English-Basketball College I EMILIE T URNER Home Economics Work-College CAROL ANN URBANI MARIBEL VALENCIA IRENE RAMOS VELLIS Business-Work Business-Work Home Economics City College College TINA VERZA THELMA M. VIANI NADINE VIGIL Science-Term Business-Swimming Business-H.R. Plays-Work College-I.B. M. President-Work City College ELVA PATRISSE WATKINS Science-Dental Hygenist-S. J. S. LARRY WATSON Business-Work City College LINDA SUE WEBBER LOUVENIA WELDON Science-Math Social Studies Athenian-College Social Worker SCHERRI WHITE KAREN WIKSE ALAN WOO Business-Work Business-Work Industrial Arts Beauty College Marriage Work-College Page 149 SANDRA WHITTAKER Business-Work City College ROSETTA WOODS Business-Work City College CHRISTINE PAYE WONG LEONA WONG Business Business City College Business School ROBERT BYRON WRIGHT Business-Afro-A Club Computer Programming MARY YOAKUM SAMMIE MAE YOUNG Business-Class Officer Business-Sports College-Work City College-Nurse n 'Q L 7' Kai x V: Y - 3 f - s R . 11 x . -nag.: Q .v 1, 1, Jinx ,A, 'kf l - - .sahif ' - .Vffh 71 -Q fu , F J S:--, 'A' n I inf 3 y fil f 52, Lis e.l1.,xy kv ' Q' . . "J pr, 'PAN , A .l .. K- rg, , C -V , if -V+ ' M' x . Q- rfefffl - sofa- H 4 .- C f f .C an . i 1 -. -.., - - . 'Q ,.f 5 . . P vi - i K 3 P ':" ' Song girls introduce Wilson at St. Patricks Day Parade. Page 150 SHIRLEY FAY YEE Science-G. A.A. College-Work SANDRA G. ZANCHETTINI Business-School Historian College-Computer Programmer Yeah, man, nobody can out-shout the Seniors. Senior Autographs Q1w , QQQWQW f if wmiivyf' W iw Fall '67 class take mn Seniors continued high spirits throughout the move-up assembly. Y i President Bob Torres presents senior sweater to Class Sponsor Miss Wiegner. We are the SENIORS ...... lk V---Q-A if-I-fl 7-, if f ll' ,,7 l1l, honor seats June 14, 1967 . . . the new high senior class took its place in the senior section for the first time. The move-up assembly was a noisy and happy occasion in the eyes of new H- 12's. Continuing the tradition, they were able to run down the aisle and take their seats in their Elf section. To celebrate the event a move-up party was held at the Mission YMCA. N-I- O-R New high seniors enjoy their day. First group of high seniors take their seats. . as .X 'S' 2 ,fs What No Booze ???'?? SENIOR BALL LA Nun des' ETOILES SIR FRANCIS DRAKE HOTEL EMPIRE RGOM MAY 20, 1967 Chaperones take a rest. Patti Pisa, first Princess being crowned by Vice-President Deanna Faenzi. JUN ICR PROM MCQNLIGHT and ROSES MARK HOPKINS HOTEL ROOM of the DONS i MAY 27,1967 Roberta O'Rourke, Junior Prom Queen. Deanna Faenzi crowns second Princess, Geri Martinez V. I. P. 's Entertain at the Junior Prom. Couples enjoy dancing to the music of the V. I. P. 's. Charlene Capra and Escort Ken Bianchi happily enter a night of "Moonlight and Roses. " Page 155 I Armand, you're on my foot. GRADU TIO Graduation ceremony held at Masonic Temple. 51? Fall '67 Graduates enjoy breakfast. The last senior activity. . .graduation breakfast Didn't think we'd make it, did you? Seniors place graduation plaque Z Bernice Wong gives Fall '67 valedictory speech. Page 156 E . . 1'F 1? inS XR enior Court AND BREAKFAS Bill Washauer, Spring '67 valedictorian. Spring '67 X m.. , Lois McKinney presents Mr. Kaiser, class sponsor, with a watch from the graduates. Tears and smiles end the day. E The immortal capsule is filled. Page 157 Glenn Roach introduces Bob Torres, the new High Senior Class President. pring I96 Breakfast Graduates indulge . ,fkv 'iv'-Q, , vi, g',k,. . Glenn Roach places graduation plaque in senior court. We finally made it . . . High Senior Class President Glenn Roach delivers farewell speech to the Student Body. 'LX A' 5 :iS.f:5. K g Cheers . L and Plaque Ceremon 'haha' ti.. .ive P, Graduates bid each other adieu. I New High Seniors present Graduates with a farewell cake. l l l w w l Go out and face your "new world." l l Page 159 President Wilbert Battle says good-bye to his friends and classmates. Mr. Knowles delivers farewell speech to graduates E 4 Hey! I Make room ' h Get ready 'cause here we come. . You lost WI-IAT'?! ?! for me I Class of S '68 Moves LIp TEMPER- - TEMPER! ! ! Martha makes Mr. Cobb an OFFICIAL HIGH SENIOR. fs -14 ls v , .T .SUN- . , ?f1'?g4' .M .P 2' 'U N, Y , i,',,r :- - N51 Q, - " 2 -,N , ii: , V,-1:-" , -.1-1-4 wffzfvg ff jg, ,M Q- J ,5- W, Jr, -:ww a' -, .af 'Z -'Qi f,.,.."! ' ,A ,-xl, W -g1 -11fgff'i'f' f mg. , '.Pffh3!vVgin.:,?. :'M,.v-, M '5:'v!'J"""fAr' ":'ff'-11 - ' X 1. 5 Z, -?-F -65,2 Msg: - Zz'-4. ,,:v-:v- 1- 5 1 1.1-' lg ' ,Ls , 23535 I ' ' 1 'ff' 1 ', -.f -1l'i'5'i-v-4.2! , 19- -' , . 1'-AFK'?'13prr:f1':' ' - "-.4 ., HQ :'.,kg-3 -V H- ' .'1',:,. A ,,,g5,. U,-jnK?A!-nfjj' ,jun rt gl ff V K vs,-v Z - ' z . Xu--f-2 ,-CK" '-.4 .- - 110. ::.f,fn4f ' fw,s5.faf3:,,: ' ' 'zt fw?'5 -m-vm, - , ' - 2w,L4:1.-H ' Z" 1-' WJ' ugh!" 7' rf' .e:,.,M, , . -,,,Y, U . A J,- -, , -- .,5-,..,- ,x,x,. :,.ff4.- V .,--3:33, .2j?:?:gg- .574 -. '- T' Uri'-E.:-'T' -'?7"'5' f ' f ' ws' -',,'h-.3414 -2? f' ' I K 1:5-yy' .-,':- x ,. g X - J . Y H5 . . .2 A M f ' , 1 fe-U 3, -gym V .V af 4, . J' ' . "E: - i Q Hi, ,f 4 -a 25123, 'V f 11. . , J . . 1 , '31 177 . , -' 'al zrwf- A , ' :,-2, V . , '??j'e. , 3 J 1fP"fT3Ifii" b ffrll'-:Q fj 1 .J-Xu.V ,. 'V L5 1 43 I ,J a 5 I 5 . 4 --Q. .04 Q as 'K ! LSD , 53 I , un, I I A +0-' I 5-.,,,.

Suggestions in the Woodrow Wilson High School - Shield Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) collection:

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