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EEE wa V N iff h 'Spy .Av ff f' .1 L, - A ' - - - . . .1 , Q Q ghzperseverqnce ond dedncahon. X W , V I ia XA If ' igif, g,.' A I b y , in 2w,i, k:Ef4,,.Vs- -N M- AA fl -'-f 'W Lk 'Q - , ' 311 :lg 1 . .X 1- --.-, . .- -f ,. -.,-N, -...A l, ,, .. , L V,f.,L, r if? L" ' ,.,,?'ss' Q: F-.1 INTRODUCTION MEN HAD DREAMS AND VISIONS AND SAW THEIR IDEAS FULFILLED 1 -...awww nw '?'XJ"M M w my W--www. 4. 1 4 1 ' ' -.-SQX4 2 ,X W ,,. Ai , . V X 1,21 .QEESKAQ " 'i f V , , h., , T575 7? , , ,,, . . PN 'l L my fl' lat", R 4 5. v 2-,G 1 . R5 .bb f Q, iff A if 1-. Av 4 f J EY W, ,X VE, if PF M35 ...-v-.-- sts M gf " , x W w . WM J' ' ' MM - X W' W 3 'W !'!"'4' f 5, Www W f .4 H. A M s ,f I -474 . ' ' 1 My A fa j Q y -"' ? , Q- ' Z' 7 xg , , Q, ' wil 6 nmnobutnoyg WE Too HAVE 1Rg lMPREssuoNs . . or oulz CQUNTRY 17,11 'W vg, 5 -fig., All-Ameri wan'Sf5ort - , N vunx A 53-1sQ?qlI . 'hm- - dr, NW V ls ' 1 if N ' , q . 'A A Q film 1 - su . L, 5 x ' 3'?3T" i , , ix . In iff K - A ir?" 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M hi an Fi ,af SI 5 5.1 U 2: Sei wi 1 4:1 X Inaccurate Story Rouses Students May of I975 brought much controversy at Woodrow over an article printed in the Dallas Times Herald. The story indicated that race relations and law observance at Woodrow Wilson were not healthy and led readers to believe that the situation foreboded danger. Immediately students, parents, and teach- ers of all backgrounds and races rallied to refute this report. Petitions were signed, letters were written, and concern was expressed by all. Satisfaction was felt at last, when a retraction was printed by the Times Herald. An excerpt of the protest petition was sent to the Times Herald we -r if Two Woodrow Students, Juan Alvarado and Ray Castro sign petition, which when completed bore over 900 names. I4 STUDENT LIFE The styles of the 1950's are modeled here by Leslie Folsom and Chester Davidson. Students, dressed appropriately, demonstrate the Bunny Hop, led by Ruth Ann Burton and Joe Sholden. .NA Nostalgia Runs Rampant on Special "Fifties Day," Spring '75 The atmosphere of Woodrow was changed for a day last spring as students portrayed the styles of the l950's. Halls were filled with teenie-boppers wearing pigtails, letter iackets and slicked-back hair. Even the teachers participated as the clock was turned back to Woodrow's former days lot which they had better recollection, anywayll The climax of 50's Day was a sock hop in the girls' gym, which fea- tured authentic music of the era. All in all, it was acclaimed a very entertaining day at Woodrow Wilson. i Caught up in the day's activities, Mrs. Graham and Mr. McCarty revert to their childhood. STUDENT LIFE 15 Spring Assembly High Point of Year for New Sweethearts Spring of l975 brought with it once again the excitement of Spring Assembly, at which the Sweethearts presented their annual per- formance before the student body. After many long hours of exact- ing practice and hard work the 75-76 Drill Team was ready to make its debut. Students applauded enthusiastically as the Sweethearts performed by squads, and then retired to the audience to observe the per- formance of their captains. Several parents were also present to support their daughters, who were attired in traditional red lipstick and stiff petticoats under their scarlet uniforms. The audience expressed general GppI'0VCl GS they watched their Drill TCCITI smile, Sweethearts, Liz Oliver, June Russel and Wicky Stark watch with enthusiasm as fel- bow, and high-kick their way through another Spring Assembly. low D"ll Team memben p""'de lhmugl' 'he msles' Members of Squad l demonstrate Sweetheart words: snap, focus, smile and kick at '75 Spring Assembly. Head captain, Beverly Brin, and captains Ruth Ann Burton and Carolyn Storm stand at attention awaiting their performance. 16 STUDENT LIFE in Students Elect New Council Officers in Spring of '75 X I '7ll Wide participation was seen in voting for Student Council Officers. .wgfgvztgrigsyfgf',:i,,f,s.i.,.Qm-192 ,, 'fx , ,Nm f ,. s ,5 ,me ,. A . V 2 W 1 jg "5 ' Josie Gonzalez delivers her campaign speech as students listen attentively. As the Class of '75 prepared for graduation, the Class of '76 was busy nominating candidates for the coming school year. Some fif- teen candidates campaigned zealously for the support of voters, and halls were filled with posters and signs as the campaign raged. At the end of the long road of campaigning, candidates for the offices of president, vice president, and secretary of the Student Council made their speeches before the student body. Competition was stiff, and the decision was difficult, but at last, Bruce Phillips, Ken Sturges and Karen Matney emerged victorious in the voting. STUDENT LIFE I7 Wildcat Red4Team scores winning touchdown at Red-Gray Game. Annual lntra-Squad Game, Sweetheart Show Cheered On May 24, i975 the Wildcat football team, band, drill team and cheerleaders gave spectators at Forester Field a preview of the coming football season. The stands came to life as the crowds wit- nessed what was believed to be an outstanding demonstration of Wildcat potential. After observing the performance of the new football team, the '76 Band and Sweethearts marched onto the field for their first half- time show. Satisfaction was expressed by all who viewed the show, and it was believed to have been a fine example of what the Sweethearts' performance in the coming year would be. The outcome of the evening was a Wildcat Red-Team victory over the Gray, but, more important, it was a victory for all the organiza- tions involved, as all their hard work and effort was finally exhib- ited. 18 STUDENT LIFE Wildcats run onto the field in pursuit of a victory, Cheerleaders lead fans in cheering for both Red and Gray teams at Spring Game. Wildcat Cheerleaders look on proudly from sidelines as '76 Band and Sweethearts make their debut. Graduation, All Night Party End 1975 Class Activities As happens annually, the spring of 1975 was filled with senior activities leading up to graduation. These events included: the Sen- ior Assembly, in which seniors exhibited their talents, Senior Brunch, given in the girls' gym, the Prom at the Sheraton Hotel, and the All-Night Party at Bronco Bowl. Their year, and, indeed their public school life was climaxed by Graduation in the State Fair Music Hall. The T975 Woodrow Wilson Graduates received the diplomas on the night of May 28, with Kenny Kurtz as Valedictorian and Eddie Lyndon as Salutatorian. Superintendent Nolan Estes and Board Member Nancy Judy were also present. Mrs. Judy gave the com- mencement address and assisted in the presentation of the diplo- mas. Coveted diploma in hand, Ginger Ehrhardt is helped The Concert Choir, led by former director, Jerry McKinney, performs at the 1975 Graduation Exercises. off stage by Bruce Phillips. Senior men, David Stubblefield, Bill Shearin, Alan Younger and Jimmy Shoemaker express hidden aspiration to become Sweethearts at Senior Assembly. STUDENT LIFE 19 Some Wildcats Start School Year Earlier Than Others Eager to get the 1976 school year rolling, the band and Sweet- hearts returned to Woodrow in August a week early in order to be assured sufficient practice for the football season. Sweethearts, decked out in shorts and T-shirts, perfected high-kicks as the band accompanied them, playing such tunes as "Saturday in the Park", "Chico and the Man" and "Theme from Hawaii Five-O." The sophomores and other new students were the next to appear after summer vacation. They attended sophomore orientation on August 15, in which they were introduced to Woodrow's faculty and warmly welcomed by the cheerleaders and Student Council officers. They met first in the auditorium for an opening program, and were then sent to homerooms. School began officially for all grades on August 18, at 8:30. Eager to get involved in High School life, sophomores Annie Bates and 1975 76 Bond members plod through their marching routine in the summer sun as Mr Garmon Joe Alvarado register in the attendance office on August 18. watches from under the nearest shade tree 20 STUDENT LIFE Karen Petersen, Miss Teenage America of l 975, shares her views on citizenship with the student body. Miss Teenage America Starts Assembly Season With Thrill Woodrow's assembly season started off big this year with the appearance of Miss Teenage America of l975, Karen Petersen. Karen was enthusiastically received by the student body as she spoke of her experiences during the M.T.A. pageant and after being chosen Miss Teenage America. Following Karen's speech the audience was entertained by the Navy Country Western Band. This group played tunes from popu- lar country artists, and students applauded them heartily. Some students even sang along to such songs as "Okie From Muskogee" and "Red-neck Mother." The Navy Band seems to feel at home playing country music before Woodrow's students and faculty. STUDENT LIFE 21 Junior-Soph Girls Pep Squad Gives Boost to Assemblies, Games Excitement and explosive school spirit recurred at Woodrow each game day during football season, as students and faculty members gathered to cheer on the Wildcat team. Led by their cheerleaders, Wildcat fans stuck loyally by their players to the season's end. There was one new addition to pep assemblies this year, which consisted of a pep squad made up of sophomore and iunior girls. This group sat together and aided the cheerleaders in promoting spirit and enthusiasm. Principal Wayne Pierce called them "The Voice ofa Thousand." Sophomores Lisa Johnson, Kelly Vermillion, Emily Sherrill and Diane Gilmour por- tray the Wildcat players as superior to South Garland's in a pep assembly skit. 22 STUDENT LIFE Alan Bietendorf and Grant Wall melt the hearts of sophomore girls as they sing "Hey Wildcats," wearing their go-go glasses. Hamming it up in a pep assembly skit, Coach Kelly, Mr. Garmon and Mr. McCarty "do their thing" in borrowed drill team uniforms. Life in High School, Community Stimulated by Football Games t.. The mighty Wildcat cheerleaders are shown in a typical pose before the J. J. Pearce game. A .tl Junior Leslie Rodgers is caught up in the excitement ofa Wildcat football game. 24 STUDENT LIFE Wildcat fans and parents donned warm coats and hats and made a great turnout to support their team at practically every game. 'Vx ' is . 4 S gf 'ss T" .V -i 'ff Pam Jackson displays "card" to be sent to Lisa in-the hospital. School, Community, City Thrilled at Lisa's Gift of Sight, All Contribute to Fund ln October of '75 Woodrow senior Lisa Clements, blind from birth, underwent maior sur- gery in Houston in the form ofa cornea transplant. All of the Woodrow student body rallied to give Lisa and her family financial aid and the support of friendship. The P.T.A., Key Club, Spanish Club, football team and many other organizations worked to raise money for the fund. Students also signed a long card which the coaches sent to Lisa in the hospital along with a football, naming her Sweetheart of the football team. All of Woodrow was thrilled when news came of the magnificent outcome of Lisa's opera- tion. f"We're sure that the rest of the school ioins the Crusader staff in congratulating Lisa on her success."l y Y .0 e2"7"' lf" . -wfiilil--"" I P,bj,.ff s Leonardo Torres purchases a raffle ticket from Key Club members Kevin Gallagher, Ken Sturges and Scott Storm in support of Liso's fund. l l f , Debbie Jones, Dolores Vasquez, Jackie Green, Cindy Swett and Annette Lopes, Lisa is warmly welcomed on her return from the hospital by: along with Miss Stovall, organize a Christmas bag for Lisa. Kim Fincher, Neila Gozberk, Laura Sheehan and Willie Washington. STUDENT LIFE 25 Nominees for '75 duchess were: Emily Sherril, Dawn Faccilonga, Lynn Ehrhardt, Junior princess nominees were: Alice Freeman, Sandy Hargrove, Kim Ingersoll, Susan Brady, and Sara David. i i Julie McCoy laughs at Steve Edwards' apparent diffi- culty in pinning on her ribbon. 26 STUDENT LIFE Michelle Metzger, Liz Oliver, and Cindy Rodriguez. "Color My World" was the theme of Woodrow's l7th annual Homecoming Dance, Octo- ber 24, 1975, sponsored by the Student Council. The Council worked hard selecting a theme and preparing appropriate decorations for the evening's activities, whick took place in the school lunch room. Music was furnished by Roxanne. According to tradition, seniors had nominated eight senior women for queen. Juniors selected six nominees for princess, and sophomores six for duchess. These young ladies were escorted to the stage at midnight and the winners were announced. The '75 Home- coming Court consisted of Queen Shirley Fugitt, Princess Cindy Rodriquez and Duchess Emily Sherril. These lucky girls then enjoyed a dance in their honor. Senior women nominated for queen were: Karen Matney, Donna Smith, Julie McCoy, Carolyn Storm, Shirley Fug- itt, Cindy Fort, Leslie Folsom and lnot picturedl Monica Benoit. if, 'wi W N J ,. 'xv Everyone is happy for Shirley Fugitt when she is named Homecoming Queen at midnight. Jerry Williams, Carolyn Williams, Ronnie Lacy and date enioy Dr, Peppers at the '75 Homecoming Dance, as Jackie Green waits for her date to return from the refresh- ment table. The Homecoming Court and their dates danced to "Color My World" in keeping with the theme of the '75 dance. V4gx, The winners of homecoming elections were: Queen Shirley Fugitt lseaiedl, Princess Cindy Rodriquez and Duchess Emily Sherril. STUDENT LIFE 27 School Observes Veterans Day in Solemn Ceremonies A solemn ceremony including the raising of the flag by the R.O.T.C. and patriotic music by the Wildcat Band was observed on Veterans Day 1975. At 11:00 on November 11, band director Randy Gar- mon gave the student body a short history of Veterans Day and an inspirational speech over the public address system. After that, students and faculty emptied onto the front lawn to take part in the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem as the flag was raised. Veterans Day was observed in simi- lar ceremonies by most of the schools in the Dallas Independent School District. 5 " ,..f f 4K'f1gg ' A , 1 ..- ,' 1, ,ki 9. A Q ,, ..-.'41.,, , - 3'L..g.fe' 2-1' f ' 9-1 JAH' 1.11 Wm'- -' ,.,+. ,H gf ' ' 1 'ff ' .-JNQZIYIWC an x .- .'tx?i7ffL?Q?"" I gh ' 1 A Q. 3 is .7 ' ' .V L. . all v -A I ln' V, l g . J A I , ' I , Q.. 153. V. as ca .W I, '39 Af! ,T ga s , gfr- , nc 2t.Fggi.,y I - ' .I " " .. . "' ' ,.fl' rr M , i ru A a r t ' v. A V 5. J ' . 5 -nv, '54, . .. - -ni it .f 1 f - ts, 1, X Ixvr C Q X V' 55,11 .. , 4 is 1 M Y -, Y. ' fe if gp Q' il 1 .l ily ' - .I 1 . ,tr E .," . 1 I I l W 'L' ' V T O. A ' a 1 4 5,1 lff'1.,,, , - 'A ' -' V' M K . ' 4 5 'Q ' 4'kf"ui.!..I'C ' , , ,V .,. 6. , , ,- rt.-f -W V' " Q V w,.z'f't,.,..-.f,,-- f fr., . ' ' -" .,- ,,g sw , Showing respect for their country, the student body attentively observes the raising ofthe flag, which is saluted by Lieutenant Colonel Harry Bubeck. I. ii s54'r.wrvt'Pf'fr?-M . . 45" "K ...- -41' Reluctant to return to class after the ceremonies, students amble across the lawn. Mission completed. The Stars and Stripes and the Texas flag droop as with bowed 28 STUDENT LIFE heads for the memory of departed veterans. s Good Old Emotional Time Had at Sweetheart P y., ,, Exultant after being named captains of the 1976-77 Sweethearts are Head Captain l, Melanie Proctor and Captain Squad 2, Gwen Williams. Janet Thomas, Captain Squad Head Captain Beverly Brin and Head Manager Gaylin Willard are entertained along with the rest of the Drill Team as Captains Ruth Ann Burton and Carolyn Storm read their "Last Will and Testament." Q-Q.-ie 1' ,Lf lx 54 .r .ff Je. C-,C 'N sf, ' .J N Captain of Squad 2, Carolyn Storm, passes out pillows to members of squad 2 during dinner. Annual Banquet On the night of December 4, the l975-76 Sweethearts gathered at the Sheraton-Hil- ton Hotel for their last activity as a Drill Team. After dinner the girls heard the reading of the "Last Will and Testament," saw skits performed by the iunior squad members and the presentation of awards. As always, the banquet was an emotional affair climaxed by the announcement of the 1976-77 Sweetheart Captains. They were: Head Captain Janet Thomas, and Captains Gwen Williams and Melanie Proctor. STUDENT LIFE 29 lt Looked a Lot Like Christmas in Woodrow the Week Before Christmas spirit was evident at Woodrow this year in everything from caroling in the halls to Seasons Greetings cups in the cafete- ria. Rooms were decorated, trees went up around the school and a general spirit of the season prevailed, Before school was dismissed for a two-week vacation, students and faculty witnessed the choir's traditional Christmas program, directed by the new choral music teacher, Mrs. Marcal Lee Bircher. Mr. Garmon and Miss Mallewick don't appear hesitant over Christmas "goodies" prepared by the homemaking department. "sf l I UO A 3,0 i m -. Decked out for wintry weather, the choir and Casey Wise lcenterl discover presentation before the school assembly. 30 STUDENT LIFE Newspaper-staffers, Holly Harrington, Karen Matney, and .lack Schwen resort to hanging candy canes on the room Christmas tree. Jesus, in their Christmas Dianna Milton and Georgia Daniels try their hand al' wreath-hanging onthe library In the tradition of giving, Patricia Peavy, Annette Silvas and Donna Fuggitt bulletin board. exchange Christmas gifts. The choir, "all smiles," carols through the halls spreading Christmas cheer before school dismisses for vacation. STUDENT LIFE From behind a fence at Love Field, the annual staff photographer captures the array of umbrellas which shelter families of Cowboy players from the downpour, as they cheer the team off the plane. Wildcats Among Eager Fans to Welcome Defeated Cowboys Home January of 1976 brought with it another trip of the celebrated Dal- las Cowboys to the Superbowl, in Miami. On the afternoon of Jan- uary l l, Cowboy fans remaining in Dallas glued themselves to their television screens, nibbling fingernails and taking aspirin, only to observe the ultimate victory of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The fans, disappointed but unabated in their loyalty, rushed out to Love Field the following day to turn a rainy, dreary homecoming into a warm reception for the Cowboys. Woodrow students did their part in the support of the Dallas team, as many of them united with other fans in welcoming their favorite team home. Members of the Woodrow annual staff: Ruth Ann Burton, Carol Conway and Julie McCoy are wet but loyal fans, as they stand in the rain at Love Field to greet the Cowboys. l i. 32 STUDENT LIFE Student Body Applauds Air Force "Band ofthe West" in Assembly The "Band of the West" accompanies their lead singers in "Love Will Keep Us Together," made popular by "Cap- tain and Teneille." "Elton" apparently enioys serenading the ladies in the audience during his appear- ance with the "Band of the West." One of the many assemblies presented at Woodrow this year featured the Air Force "Band of the West" from San Antonio. They entertained the school with band ver- sions of popular songs from such artists as Linda Ronstadt and Elton John. Highlight of their performance was a surprise appearance of their own "Elton John." "Elton," decked out in ostrich feathers, sequins and goggles, paraded through the audience flirting with female teachers and students, and causing uproarious laughter from the on-lookers. The performance of the band was highly applauded and enioyed by students and teachers alike. 354534 One of the more popular tunes of the "Air Force Band" assembly was "Will It Go Round in Circles," sung here by a lead singer ofthe band. STUDENT LIFE 33 Cheerleader Aspirants Taste Joy, Dashed Hopes After many long, hard hours of practice and polishing, 17 very nervous cheerleader finalists were presented to the student body for viewing before elections. At lunchtime on February 12, the juniors and sophomores voted for eight cheerleaders for the 1976-77 year. The results were announced to the finalists in Mr. Pierce's office that afternoon, and to the school immediately afterward. The cheerleaders elected for 1976-77 were: Cindy Rodri- guez, Yolanda Green, Brenda Parker, Michelle Metzger, Martin Lopez, Willie Morgan, Jack McDonald, and Mike Becerra. Cindy Rodriguez presents "The Wildcats Will VWn" before the school, demonstrating her spirit and enthu- siasm, as well as her ability. 300896 .nuns-all . aiemlsaf V 1 wvnaiwmas -ff.'-f'4s,9rse,r-yn-wr . - - .1 19,11-4-Messy, -.f:w..e,-sm . ' ' Nl 1- hrs nf? F' Linda Lovvorn polishes her split jumps, which later helped to qualify her as a finalist in the preliminary iudging. Mr, Pierce's office is filled with both weeping and ioy after the announcement of the 1976-77 Cheerlead- ers on February 12, 1976. cheerleaders and candidates observe. 34 STUDENT LIFE .,., As part of their preparations for try-outs before the judges, cheerleader candidates must present their cheers, as Hearts, Flowers Rule St. Valentine's Day as Organizations' Funds Grow The Student Council aided in the celebration of St. Valentine's Day once again, by selling Valentine telegrams. These were delivered to second period classes on Friday, February 13. The traditional telegrams brought in about S130 for Student Council use, and they X promoted the exchange of Valentine greetings among students. i Another contribution to the recognition of Valentine's Day was made by the Junior Girls, who sold carnations in the lunchroom. Junior Girls personally delivered the flowers to people in second period classes. lt was said that they were an attractive addition to the atmosphere of the school on Valentine's Day, 1976. Juniors Christy Willingham and Brenda Graham have their hands full delivering Juniors Becky Louton, and Jenny Fugate display their Valentine carnations, and Valentine carnations on Feburary 13. smile prettily for the Crusader photographer. t "pf - Melba Owens smiles as she receives flowers from her sweetheart, delivered by Michelle Peavy. STUDENT LIFE 35 f"'X if For one lost glance, Tollie Miley checks over his draw- Michael McQuinney introduces the next speaker to the student body during the Black History Assembly. ing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Public Address Announcements, Assembly Mark Black History Week The week of February 7-14 was American Black History Week and was widely publicized at Woodrow by numerous posters and pres- entations. Each morning black students presented speeches and information on black history over the public address system, Pos- ters recognizing black leaders in history filled the halls. At the con- clusion ofthe week, an assembly was given, which featured a slide presentation as well as a speech made by Mark Washington, cor- nerback of the Dallas Cowboys. Mr. Pierce looks over Michael McQuinney's shoulder while Mike announces Black History Week over the public address system. 36 STUDENT LIFE I Movie Star, Ex-Wildcat, Visits Alma Mater, Thrills Women Woodrow's honored guest, Burt Gilham, is surrounded by Woodrow women: Nancy Hardwick, Carolyn Storm, Karen Criswell, and Annette Lopes. Woodrow was honored this year with the visit of one of her former students who had "made good." The honored guest was actor Burt Gilham, a graduate of the Class of '58, who is currently starring alongside Burt Reynolds in the motion picture "Gator." He had ports in many other movies, including a bit part in "Paper Moon." Mr. Gilham took time out of his busy schedule to talk with Wood- row students, and to display an engraved belt buckle, given to him by Burt Reynolds while filming "Gator," The actor was, indeed, a "hit" with female students, and everyone seemed proud to have a movie star visit Woodrow. Burt Gilham tells of his life as a movie star as Woodrow females listen aftentively. STUDENT LIFE 37 Forty One of 52 Aspirants Selected for New Sweethearts Drill Team On the afternoon of February 'l8, the atmosphere of the girls' gym was filled with tension and excitement, and 52 anxious girls tried out to become members of the Woodrow Wilson Sweethearts. The candidates learned the tryout routine at the beginning of the week and spent every spare minute thereafter practicing and perfecting for the iudging. That night, the 76-77 Drill Team Captains and Sen- ior members kidnapped 4l lucky girls and initiated them as sweet- hearts. The first initiation ceremony took place at the home of head captain Janet Thomas. While trying out before the iudges Gayla Young and Sylvia Varela prepare to do a "swish kick" in time with the music. Drillteam hopefuls Teresa Musgrove, Martha Bogie and Carol Russell nervously execute the tryout routine. 38 STUDENT LIFE r l i'. i ' fia t -- V. ,jif- efggv iff:-s 'M' t ,, . Representing the small minority of Woodrow's seniors, Leticia Alvarez finishes her lunch. Lunchtime Wildcat Happy Time, Cagers Sweeten Fans With Pickles One part of the day that everyone spends in common is lunch period. Classes and work forgotten for a short while, administra- tors, teachers, and students make their way to lunch. A new dimen- sion to lunch evolved when the basketball team started a "pickle monopoly." Everyone bought and enioyed the pickles, and the team earned some much-needed money. Like all good things though, lunch came too soon to an end, and everyone returned to the routine of the day. Q f No sweets allowed! Linda Loworn and Tom Heckman help out the varsity basketball Arbogast, James Cannon, and Alton Lister. team by purchasing tasty dill pickles in the lunchroom. Vendors include Russell STUDENT LIFE 39 Musical "Oliver," Based on Dickens Novel, Chosen for Presentation QL., -be f ff pany-eff, ,' According to new choir director, Mrs. Marca Lee Bircher, the Woodrow Wilson concert choir, and stage craft classes labored long and hard in preparing for the presentation of the musical "Oli- ver," in March. Under Ms. Bircher's direction, the stage crew, work- ing during class periods and on Saturdays, turned out scenery and props rapidly. Lines were memorized and music was carefully lk rehearsed day and night for weeks in order to assure Q good per- Kenyon Hiser and Tom Heckman stand back to ponder their handiwork on the set formance. Mrs. Bircher checks out scenery material along with Tom Heckman and Carolyn Storm. 40 STUDENT LIFE for "Oliver." Beverly Brin adds final touches to stage props for the Musical "Oliver," Joe Sholden as Fagin pleads with Nancy, played by Pam Duke, who isn't interested at the moment. Stage Preparation, Rehearsal for "Oliver" Require Weeks of Toil Patty Rusk, Carolyn Storm, Danny Best, Tami Wilson and Patrice Moseley listen attentively while Pam Duke shares her thoughts during dress rehearsal. Deanna Hicks makes a purchase fr examines a book that interests her. 1-it om bookseller Patrice Moseley while Tami Wilson STUDENT LIFE Al Late February Finds Cast of "Oliver" Hard af Work af Rehearsals Oliver, played by Deana Hicks is scolded by Joe Sholden, as Fagin. Rose while . ls 4' , if seller, porlrayed by Jennifer Lovelace, sells Mr. Brownlow lMark Carrl a rose, Oliver picks his pocket. wk, 42 STUDENT LIFE Teresa Al len as Mrs. Sowerberry lakes a rest in an odd place. Glenn Farmer rehearses his lines after school with Nancy Taylor. minister in the one-act play, Glenn Farmer making his point with religious fervor. Drama Department Presents "The Mask" in One-Act Competition On April l, l976, the Woodrow Wilson drama department, under the direction of Mrs. Marilyn McBride, participated in the University lnterscholastic League competition. The cast members, Mark Carr, Nancy Taylor, Glenn Farmer, and Gayla Young presented "The Mask" by Dorothy Russell Murphree for evaluation at W. T. White High School. The play concerns two young couples who are striving to evaluate themselves and their beliefs. Mrs. McBride gives vital stage directions to Nancy Taylor, Cynthia Drane, assistant director, and Lenis Haley, stage director. STUDENT LIFE 43 Woodrow Wilson Pupils, Faculty Take Part in American Bicentennial .J 1.5 .. The American Bicentennial was celebrated at Woodrow and throughout the Dallas Community in a number of ways. These included art exhibits, music and drama presentations, and planting trees on the school lawn. Woodrow's clubs and organizations helped to contribute to the Bicentennial activities in different ways. The Science ClUb planted CI free, The choir QOVE G special Blcerllen- Science Club Vice-President Phil Rolland receives help from Ruth Ann Burton onthe mol program selection ofa tree to be dedicated in honor of the Bicentennial, E A Participating in the program Goals for Dallas, Mr. Carolyn Storm discuss ideas for improving "Big D." Randy Ratliff, Mr. Sam Holmes, and Woodrow senior 44 STUDENT LIFE Needleworkers Pat Perez, Ernadine Miller, Vickie Clay, and Carmen Gonzalez work diligently on a Benington Rev- olutionary Flag, to be presented to the school. Mrs. W. L. Burton pins the Daughter of the American Revolution insignia on her daughter, Ruth Ann. ...aww Mr. Phillip Cook's Art class prepared several posters on Miller and Donna Walton. rv-Y' """'I" f !4"" M-EA, ' . M. the Bicentennial Theme, which are being admired by Tyron STUDENT LIFE 45 Li wx .ga 4 If .'A A , r x Key Club members Ken Sturges and Scoh Storm uid in raising money in prder to help Lisa Ciements with hospircl bills. ORGANIZATIONS Cheerleaders Attend Workshop, Put Theory lnto Practice ln November of 1974 Woodrow student body selected eight new cheerleaders. They were: Jackie Green, Nancy Hardwick, Julie McCoy, Donna Smith, Alan Bietendorf, Steve Edwards, Terry Par- ker, and Grant Wall. Their new responsibility was to promote spirit and enthusiasm among the students and to back their school teams. After taking a cheerleading course at S.M.U: they returned to Woodrow prepared to lead their school in cheering at pep assemblies and games, Weekly they practiced and decorated the auditorium for upcoming games. "Hey Wildcats" was a popular song, led here by Alan Bietendorf and Grant Wall. l l i'T7Z""".,- 'f'-Hg gfrfj 4 if '4 mf vis-f'.g',.,m.i fn. f , ' Qffff' WILDCAT CHEERLEADERS FOR 1975-76: Julie McCoy, Steve Edwards, Nancy Hardwick, Alan Bietendorf, Donna Smith, Grant Wall, Jackie Green, and Terry Parker. 48 i 1 Q ,H -Fi in Sweethearts Important as Morale Builders for Team This school year the Sweethearts were led by three captains, instead of five, as formerly. The Sweethearts also started what was hoped to be a new tradition by the drill team members in choosing an outstanding "Sweetheart of the Week" for five weeks only. Chosen this year were Shirley Fugitt, Nini Kadane, Carol Conway, Debbie Hirsch, and Cindy Sutton. The Sweethearts prepared several different surprises for the foot- ball team members each week to boost their spirit. They made, at different times, sack lunches, brownies, candy, and ordered a cake for the team. New captains, for i976-77, were announced at the drill team ban- quet, which was held in December at the Sheraton Inn. Ms. Gay Addington, sponsor, announced the Sweetheart of the year, which honor went to Shirley Fugitt, Even though the year ended this spring for all the girls, they spoke with emotion of the fond, everlasting friendships and memories that were theirs for having been on the Woodrow Wilson Drill Team. Carolyn Storm lrightl and Carol Conway wait for the football players to come and get their sack lunches prepared by the Sweethearts. il A.,-ls3m"-W' , i .I if WOODROW WILSON SWEETHEARTS, 1975-76: FRONT ROW: Carolyn Storm, captain Squad Il, Beverly Brin, head captain and Ruth Ann Burton, captain Squad I. SECOND ROW: Carol Conway, Brenda Parker, Michelle Peavy, Shirley Fugitt, Paula Belcher, Gwen Williams, Nini Kadane, Janet Thomas, and Monica Benoit. THIRD ROW: Ms. Gay Addington, sponsor, Cindy Sutton, Liz Oliver, June Russell, Camille Gilbert, Sandy Hargrove, Francie Hosltun, Kim Ingersoll, Andrea Harris, 50 ORGANIZATIONS 'Jr' -23 1 My ' H H545 X46 I ' v. Melanie Proctor, and Josie Gonzalez, manager. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Moseley, manager, Denise Jones, Judy Jones, Michelle Metzger, Evelyn Camp, Karen Peters, Nancy Taylor, Debbie Hirsch, Susan Shanks, Jody Oliver, Kim Hoffman, Gaylin Wil- lard, head manager. FIFTH ROW: Tammy Wickersham, Camillia Bell, Kathy Breitzke, Cindy Hooker, Susan Carroll, Karen Criswell, Sandra Brecheen, Eileen Hartman, Patty Rusk, Wickie Stark, and Debbie Lundbert, manager. Ruth Ann Burton, Squad I captain, looks happy after the team's win over Bryan Adams. i The Drill Team members and the band perform for the first time during half-time for the Red and Grey game, in May, 1975. A Mn! Mn! 3' -,Q .. -I Shirley Fugitt shows the Easter bunny cake she made for her squad members. A ' , iw Criswell tries to perfect her routine in her Captains Ruth Ann Burton, Beverly Brin, and Carolyn Storm performed during the Homecoming pep assembly. clothes. ORGANIZATIONS 51 Cv is A 29 , ,jg Ye'-f'f f r Members of the Band Council are: Jay Jones, Bonnie Crawford, Carl Ellis, Tony Whitehead, Robert Flores, Kenyon Hiser, Nancy Collins, The Marching Band stands at the sidelines waiting for the halftime to begin. 52 ORGANIZATIONS 6 -. ond Alice Freeman. X r , nz es viii, . f' . F- R., fl , P 4 - ' ,Y 5 . '1' , . ' 2 . . an 't I. - 5 Q' f H ff .M sn , , .1 , . .W A r . , i-,'gj,r . -,ttf 11- wi W 1 I ,. 1, 3 - . -5 'ff Qu..:mw'.iT5ffff'W J ,egg-.-?a7!i5R e:, I ' 1 QQ, .QHLT b , . ,, ,, . m , : L 1"-7? ,TQ 4 1- f- W - If M: , 'W ' I v ,. 93 ' -fff miy - 1 . ' 4 ,. ' fx f , ' The T975-76 Wildcat Marching Teresa Musgrave, Cynthia Freem Kirby Shaw, Paul Parks David F' , I Steve Mann, and Nancy Collins phreys, Rosie Castros, Matt Herb Band Members are: FRONT ROW: Karen Harper, Cynthia Drane, Betsy Alle.: an, Mark Howell, Vickie Bogus, and Marilyn Horne. SECOND ROW: Jana Rains ncher, Jay Jones, Tammy Wolfe, Richard Vincent, Ronny Crawford, Mike Becerra . THIRD ROW: Alice Freeman, Rosie Campos, Michelle McDowell, Linda Hum ner, Jimmy Echols, Ricky Austin, Randy Bradley, Pat Mcdowell, Phill Leonard, Ranl if , The Wildcat Stage Bond Members are: FRONT ROW: Steve Mann, Nancy neth Jackson, Brian Piper, Laurin Curtis, and Paul Herb. BACK ROW: Deana Collins, David Fincher, Richard Vincent, Bonnie Crawford, Jay Jones, Tommy l'liClfS, Robert Flores, TONY Wlllfellefldf RC'ndY Bf0dleYi JlmmY Echols, MUN Wolf, Angela Washington, Carl Ellis. SECOND ROW: Kenyon Hiser, Ken- Herbner, Pat Mcdowell, and Ron Streng. NOT PICTURED: Kellwin Green. -1, Jw45',23f.f ald Streng, Brian Piper, Laurin Curtis, Paul Herb, Kenneth Jackson, Kenyon Hiser, Frank Maceda, and David Jakabowski. BACK ROW: Tony Whitehead, Deana Hicks, Janet Miles, Robert Flores, Wayne Pemberton, and Doris lmhotf. NOT PICTURED: Kim Rearden, Cheryl Cooley, Rodney Cavaness, Lewis Harve, Vera Perez, Angela Washington, Mark Carr, Robert Hilton, and Carl Ellis. Happy Birthday to America Expressed by Wildcat Band High point of the Woodrow Wilson Wildcat Band's activities this year came October 30, l975 when it presented a musical tribute to America on her 200th birthday. The performance was during half- time intermission at the Samuell football game at Forester Stadium. The band was assisted by the R.O.T.C. and the Sweethearts drill team. Perhaps the most exciting event for the band members was their participation in the Fiesta Flambeau parade in San Antonio in April. To raise money forthe trip the band members sold Christmas candles and had numerous bake sales. Other programs and activities of the band included several music contests, the University of Texas at Arlington Band Festival, Eagles Parade, and State Fair Parade. They have given Concerts for the Fowler Home, the PTA, and the Cluster Concerts, Band director was Mr. Randy Garmon. ORGANIZATIONS 53 it il' gp 'f f xy S Ati ' ,,,.-'t if f :'4 5 , The Band sweefheqif for the 1975-76 year was Jun-V A tribute to the Bicentennial the band and drill team formed a "76," symbolizing the 200th birthday of the United ior member Cynthia Drane. States. Wildcat Band Chooses Sweethearts, if? Drum Maiors, Maiorettes Praised 3 . All members of the Woodrow Wilson Band chose Cynthia Drone as Band Sweetheart for the 1975-76 school year. Cynthia was chosen for her vitality and personality, according to Carl Ellis, band presi- dent. Band director Randy Garmon praised drum maior Kenyon Hiser and assistant Robert Flores, saying they sparked enthusiasm and a desire for excellence in the band. Working to improve the band formation and performance was the main point of focus for Kenyon and Robert, they said. Band maiorettes were chosen by auditioning before several professional iudges. The three girls cho- sen were Alice Freeman, Kirby Shaw, and Jana Rains, who have P t won many awards and honors in twirling contests throughout the state. They are members of the National Baton Twirlers of America. The Band Leaders were drum maior Kenyon Hiser and his assistant Robert Flores. 54 ORGANIZATIONS Committee Chairman Steve Edwards lco-chairman of Operationsl, Ruth Ann Burton chairman of Sociall, and Alan Bietendorf lco-chairman of Operationsl get together lcoechairmon of Sociall, Josie Gonzalez lchairman of Electionsj, Carolyn Storm lco- and talk over the new proiects for the Student Council to undertake. In the principal's office, it seems that President Bruce Phillips is spoofing his fellow officers Ken Sturges, vice-presi- dent and Karen Matney, secretary about the seriousness of appearing before Mr. Pierce. 56 ORGANIZATIONS Z .. Wg I 5 g ,f-,.,:A. ,. .V 1 . ' ,L yylex F, Y- v. , 1 .ww 1 f -'EE if The Student Council Members are: FRONT ROW: Tony Reyes, Carolyn Storm, Alan Bietendorf, Julie McCoy, Mark Moore, Joe Sholden, Josie Gonzalez, and Bruce Phillips. SECOND ROW: Sergio De La Garza, Juan Castillo, Carolyn Love, Karen Matney, S e Human Relations Committee Members are: FRONT ROW: Rebecca Rodriguez, Maria Maldonado, Jerry Williams, and Sandy Hargrove. SECOND ROW: Juan Gar- cia, Bruce Phillips, Alan Bietendorf, and Phil Costello. NOT PICTURED: Steve Edwards, Sondra Griffin, Denise Jones, Wallace Johnson, and Robert Flores. Communication Chosen as Theme for Student Council 1975-76 Sponsoring of the 1975-76 Homecoming with the theme of "Color My World," launched the Student Council on a busy year. The dance held on Oct. 24, in the lunchroom climaxed the celebration of victory that night over the Spruce football team. The Student Council tried in every way to promote communication with student and faculty, student and community and with student and student. The group sponsored several assemblies during the year, which were enioyed by all the students. Besides the homecoming activities the student council sponsored a valentine telegram sale as well as all the elections that involved stu- dents including Favorites. This year, instead of dividing the council into three different com- mittees lSocial, Elections, and Operationsl, President Bruce Phillips decided to choose only chairmen and let everyone on the council work together on all proiects for the school. Ttfit-It -t-r-li 'testi' aiwww-.x Thomas, Alice Freeman, Alan Luecke, and Susan Carroll. BACK ROW: Maria Cynthia Rodriguez, Dawn Faccilonga, Lynn Ehraardt, Susan Laurea, Jorge Dominguez, Susan Brady, Joel Bozarth, Robert Wilcox, and oe Shearin. 2W4,,,., w 41 . "'o'f-- K . ' it' ......gl..., .2 " Uf9e5f R091 Ann Burton, SCmf5lY HGYQYQVEI and Mcggle Puenle- Tl'llRD ROW: Ken Sturges explains to Mark Moore the voting procedure, while Josie Gonzalez Rollundf -EVelY" Comp' M'l'e McQU'n"'e7' Bruce Wheelessf Gfsg Turner' lElections chairmanl looks on to see if Mark is following directions. ORGANIZATIONS 57 Key Club members are: FIRST ROW: Steve Edwards, Kyle Rains, Larry McCallum, Ken Sturges, Paul Thompson, Terry Parker, Phil Rolland, and Brent Snyder. SEC Key Club Elated Over Success of Fund Drive for Lisa Clements The Key Club stands for service - service to the school and service to individuals who need help. This year the Woodrow Wilson Chap- ter achieved one of its greatest triumphs of service when the mem- bers entered into a project to raise money for Lisa Clements, a blind student at Woodrow, who had an eye operation to restore her vision in one eye. The total amount raised by the club for Lisa was 5600. The Mystery Wildcat contest was another of the club's projects during the football season, in which a different person each week in the school was secretly designated as the "Mystery Wildcat." Anyone who learned who it was by asking others, "Are you the Mr. Wildcat," received two free tickets to the game. Mem- bers also sold refreshments at the B-team games that were played on the campus. Under the leadership of sponsors Gary Collett and Alton Hill, the Key Club met weekly in room 2l6. The East Dallas Kiwanis Club sponsors the Woodrow Wilson Key Club. 58 OND ROW: Chuck Farmer, Robbie Holt, Scott Storm, Steve David, Bill Fosmire, andl Franklin Campbell. 1 l Key Club officers are: Ken Sturges, Robbie Holt, Scott Storm, Steve Davis, Terry Par- ker, Bruce Wheeless, and Kevin Gallagher. A l Key Club iunior and sophomore members are: FIRST ROW: Jimmy Echols, Gregg Turner, and Tom Heckmon. SECOND ROW: Bruce Wheeless, Robert Wilcox, Kevin Gallagher, Joe Shearin, and David Yates. 1 Is it Ruth Ann Burton or the creature from the Black Lagoon at the science club party? x Paul Thompson, Ricky Rodriguez, Steve Edwards, Sergio de la Garza, Terry Parker and Ruth Ann Burton are waiting expectantly for high water to come at the Science Club's party at Cedar Creek Lake. F - Embryo Scientists Have Fun, Work on Serious Proiects At meetings of the Science Club the members would fry to get pro- iects set up and field trips organized. The members were able to go to symposiums like the one given at the Baylor Physical Therapy Center. Club members enjoyed their fall party at Cedar Creek Lake, and during the winter they had a Christmas party at different members' houses. The money raising proiects by the club enabled them to pay for all of their activities. The proiects included bake sales and scrap-paper drives. The Science Club was open to every student in Woodrow Wilson who was interested in science-related fields. The members met on called meeting after 6th period in room 304. Mrs. Nova Evans was club sponsor. FIRST ROW: Terry Parker, Phil Rolland, Mary Ann Dye, Taffy Erhardt, Gayle Parrish, Breechen, Willie Morgan, Jorge Dominguez, Kenyon Hiser, and Kurt Messerschmitt. Cindy Rodriguez, Dorothy Moseley, Ruth Ann Burton, Wickie Stark, Teresa Mus- THIRD ROW: Ricky Rodriguez, Mark Moore, Sergio de la Garza, Tony Mihal, Bill grove, und Lisa Gfumbine, SECOND ROW: Pqfrice Moseley, Dgwn Fqccilonggl Fosmire, Joe Sholden, Michael Dixon, Paul Thompson, Steve Edwards, and Kyle Nancy Amlin, Annette Silvas, Lynn Erhardt, Roxanne Snyder, Susan Laurea, Sandro Ruins. 59 Fun, Skill, Healthful Exercise Object of Woodrow's Largest Club The largest club in Woodrow Wilson boasted I05 members! The Ice Skating Club met every Thursday evening at Fair Park Ice Arena from 8:00 to I0:OO p.m. Membership cards were fifty cents. This money helped pay the club's expenses. Club Sponsor, Mrs. Martha Timm, said, "The club's purpose was to have FUN and enjoy a healthy form of exercise." Judy Jones, right, and her sidekick Brenda Parker take a breather before another trip around the rink. fr' My at 'f"4?TiX"'WX'l vt ft, . er M "fZ"H4"i31".1-'isirdtf ze With a look of grim determination, Mike McQuisten prepares himself for a whirl around the ice. I I Karen Criswell shows off her fancy footwork for the Crusader camera. 60 ORGANIZATIONS The DECA club, or the DECA Club member Rogene Hyman rests awhile from his iob at Safeway Supermar- DECA Club Members On the Go Attending Meetings, Conferences Distributive Educational Clubs of America was open to all D.E. students interested in retailing and merchan- dising business. The DECA members tried to promote citizenship in the free enterprise system. Members of the club attended several area meetings and area con- ferences at Lake Texoma, and Houston. Also, they went on a field trip to the Apparel Mart. kello pose lonhe camera' Mr. Joe Barnett assumed the club sponsorship on the death of Mrs. Helen Ardrey. n-f""'Y The DECA members are: SEATED: Toby Shook, Ricky Qualls, Ann Scott, Mary Cone, Leigh Ann Guy, Debra Wall, Rogene Hyman, David Crouch, and Jenny Barber. STANDING: Shannon Bailey, Jim Lowe, Randy Nichols, Jeff Irvin, James Todora, Tracy Monzingo, David Hernandez, Robert Ficklen, Reba Gunter, Annette Halford, John Guy, Shirley Martinez, Kim Glenn, Debra Jones, Glenda Pinson, Yvonne Staggers, and Michael Brown. The DECA club officers for 1975-76 were Mary Cone, vice president and Shirley Martinez, secretary. Not pictured were: Jenny Barber, president and Rogene Hyman reporter. ORGANIZATIONS bl Pup Tops Sales-Boosting Prizes Given by Newspaper Staff The newspaper staff, with the help of Miss Janis Harbus, sponsor, published the WILDCAT, the school newspaper, every month in the iournalism class land during many extra sessionsll. Each newspa- per was given a different number, and three lucky numbers were called over the loudspeaker. The lucky persons won either "wads" of gum, a box of candy, valuable tickets, cash or even a puppy. Although working overtime for the deadlines, reporting school events, and selling ads were not easy iobs, Miss Harbus said that the Wildcat staffers performed their best and came out with an excellent newspaper. , 41, 'ni Cutting out "paper dolls" is an important part of making a newspaper layout. Here, W Holly Harrington and Johnny Sampson are serious in their efforts. -7-5".f . .A.-, , ears ,gg-6' W - ,mm . - t 1. i .W eff, ,ff , ll f 'g ,' - A V i f., ff' g A i ., ,wtf I r X Wickie Stark gets comfortable as she calculates the dimension of the front page for Cliff Mann and Carolyn Love watch John Rivard as he shows them how to compose the newspaper. a page. 62 ORGANIZATIONS and Greg Harbison. BACK ROW: Mark Duncan and Martin Lopez. ! Miss Janis Harbus helps Heidi Cochrane with Heidi's layout and editorial before the newspaper goes to press. Wxw 1975-76 Newspaper Staff Members are: FRONT ROW: Cliff Mann, Stacy MacVey, Holly Harrington, and Karen Matney. SECOND ROW: Robin Weatherly, Jack Schwen, Pam Duke. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Love, Ricky Crouch, Karen Harper, Wickie Stark, Glenda Waddle, Heidi Cochrane, Nancy Lankford, Kenny Roy, Miss Janis Harbus, ORGANIZATIONS 63 VICA Club Members Attend Employer-Employee Banquet Mr. John Mitchell, teacher of Woodrow's Industrial Cooperative Training classes supervised the VICA activities. They included the election of club officers, planning the club football game and the employer-employee banquet. Their fund-raising proiect was selling greeting cards and candy. The purpose ofthe VICA clubs is to pro- mote leadership and vocational skills. The Woodrow Wilson Chap- ter is a member of the state and national organizations. Richard Colbert works on a car at the garage where the VICA Club has placed him. The first period VICA members are: FRONT ROW: Legrand Kirby, and Donald Black. SECOND ROW: David Brewer, Michael Nabors, and Calvin Chaffin. THIRD ROW: Will Carson, Brandon Varquer, David Towns, and Mike Bufanno. 64 ORGANIZATIONS FRONT ROW: Secretary, Robert Flores, Vice President, Alan Mach, Sergeant, Nolan Thomas, President, Richard Colbert. SECOND ROW: Parliamentarian, John Erickson, Reporter, Michael Graham, Treasurer, Michael Bifano. The third period VICA members are: SEATED: Mike Graham, Richard Colbert. SEC! OND ROW: Nolan Thomas, Alan Mach, Roy Robertson, Mike LaBarba, THIRD ROW: Robert Flores, John Erickson, Jack Fugitt, Johnathan Mack, David Massey. I I John Erickson works at his iob at the Plastic Factory. '-:ft V G 'X y ,AMW l N124 The 1975-76 FCA members are: FRONT ROW: Greg Turner, Kenny Huff, and Johnny Sampson. SECOND ROW: Bruce Phillips, Glenn Wheeless, Russell Arbo- Russell Arbogast, Tim Harsberger, and Chuck Farmer enioy themselves after their study. gast, Tim Harsberger, and Joe Shearin. BACK ROW: Chuck Farmer, Laurin Curtis, and David Yates. Study, Fellowship, Fun Mark Meetings of Christian Athletes The FCA or Fellowship of Christian Athletes set the goal this year of promoting the Christian faith among other athletes and students in the school. Meetings were held every Tuesday night at different members' homes. Announcements, messages, discussions, application of study were among the activities done during meetings. The club is a member of the National Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Coach Alton Hill was sponsor. 65 ORGANIZATIONS 116 1975-76 Little Theater members are: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Marilyn McBride, sponsor, Josie Gonzalez, Karen Harper, Teresa Musgrove, Lenis Haley, Gaylin Willard, Vlhckie Stark, Dorothy Moseley, Karla Healey, Linda Lange, Connie Hough, and Renee Workman. SECOND ROW: Casey Wyse, Deana Hicks, Kyle Rains, Joe Sholdon, Cliff Mann, Mark Carr, Nancy Cain, Martha Meers, Kathy Hall, Cindy Hoefnagel, and Cynthia Drone. Little Theater Revived, Plunges Into Round of Activities The Little Theater Club came back to Woodrow this year after a suspension of one year. The members were students interested in the theatre and drama. The club's activities included attending plays, going to LLOVE Entertainment Center at Love Field for a Christmas party, and hav- ing social gatherings, at different members' houses. The Little Theatre members met every third or fourth Wednesday of each month during 7th period in room 2'll. Sponsor of the club was Mrs. Marilyn McBride. Little Theater officers were: Deana Hicks, vice president and Joe Sholden president. Not pictured was Kaye Yarborough, secretary-treasurer. 1" X .f l r 66 ORGANIZATIONS 1 A The Little Theater group makes several excursions and trips. Mrs. McBride and Rosemary Velosquez discuss plans for one of these activi- ties. The Red Cross Officers are Nancy Murphree president, lseatedl, Cindy Swett, vice- president, and Dawn Faccilonga, secretary. Red Cross Enrollment Tops 5147, Members Cheer Less Fortunate The Red Cross members started off the year with service and busi- ness on their minds. "Enrollment" in this service organization was counted in dollars and cents, and on enrollment day 5147.30 was collected from various classrooms. The second period ROTC class of Sgts. Don Bacon and Alphine Freeman won the first place honor for contributing the most money. Second place went to Mrs. Wilhel- mina Blevins' room. Their other activities included making Thanks- giving placemats for the Veterans' Hospital, Christmas stockings for Terrell State Hospital, and Easter baskets for the Fowler Chil- dren's Home. Miss Sarah Stovall has sponsored the club for the past I9 years. -QL, x Winner in the Red Cross competition between second period classrooms was the R.O.T.C. class of Sergeants Bacon and Freeman. FIRST ROW: Clara Chapa, Joe Cawthon, Geraldine Barbrick, and Jack Edwards. SECOND ROW: Thomas Heck- man, Robert Bonnett, Paul Parks, and Edward Hilton. THIRD ROW: Timothy Kirkbride, Albert Touwtt, William Rogers, Jav- ier Vasquez. FOURTH ROW: Robert Hilton, David Coursey, Elisha Martin, and Albert Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Ethel Day, Kathy Maclean, Harry Bubeck, and Danny Best, SIXTH ROW: Mark Shaw, Dwight Copling, Ronny Lacy, and Ernestine Chavez. ORGANIZATIONS 67 New Honor Society Members to Be Chosen After CRUSADER Deadline Juniors and Seniors with a 3.00181 average for the years in Wood- row Wilson are automatic candidates for the National Honor Soci- ety. Besides scholarship, membership is based on leadership, char- acter, and service. This election of members was a responsibility of the faculty members, who voted on those who qualified scholasti- cally. The induction of new members took place the third quarter because of the limitations presented by the quarter system. For this reason the new inductees are not included in the 1976 Crusader. Three percent of the total membership were iuniors, and 1270 were sen- tors. This year the Honor Society officers made many announcements over the loudspeaker to inform students how they are able to be eligible for the Honor Society. The fall party, one of two held each year, was a dinner at the home of the sponsor Mrs. Timm. The spring party was a supper and swim- ming party for the new members. Honor Society Officers are: Mike Dixon, president, Joe Sholden, Vice-President, and Ruth Ann Burton, Secretary. 68 ORGANIZATIONS 5, Honor Society second year members are, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Martha Timm, spon- sor, Beverly Brin, Jeanine Kadane, Linda Lange, Julie McCoy, Marilyn Golden, and Ruth Ann Burton. SECOND ROW: Bronwyn Rees, Joe Jones, Kenyon Hiser, Joe Sholden, Bill Fosmire, Mike Dixon, Carter Campbell, Steve Edwards, and Carolyn' Storm. Mr. Pierce holds the microphone for Joe Sholden as he makes an announcement conceming the Honor Society, J s N - 7.44 , J 5 2 " 1 ess ss , ' V q JV 4- R45 " . gif!! of .lil i- N ' lffvwr Su f X mis do A 'bf' Annette Lopes, Cindy Swett, and Jackie Green worked on the wreaths for the children at the Fowler Home. Future Homemakers Cheer, Help Others The Woodrow Wilson Chapter of FHA, or Future Homemakers of America, began the year with many proiects in mind. They sold candles to students to earn money for the club's expenses, and they made Christ- mas wreaths for the children at the Fowler Home. The FHA meetings were held during home- making class time in room 215. The mem- bers planned their activities, one of which was to attend the Area Meeting in Denton during March and a State meeting in Fort Worth later in the spring. One recognition that came to the club this year was a certificate for helping with the Muscular Dystrophy Drive. vi Y 1 2 'f , I vr Q Try.-.V N " 1 X 1 J 5 if ' i The l975-76 FHA members are: FRONT ROW: Ruby Davis, Zelda Johnson, Suzanne Taylor, Sherleen Crowe, Kristi Willingham, Jana Rains, Debbie Taylor, Mary Davis, Cindy Swett, Camellia Bell, and Richard Franco. SECOND ROW: Alan Bietendorf, Mike Dixon, Barry Jordan, Larry McCollum, Mark Dorlacher, O. B. Mathis, Ronny Young, and Eileen Hartman. ORGANIZATIONS 69 'LS 3, 'iii A LLLA" w -QW . , q.N . .s W. N4 fini' ,. , 1 1 - '91 Senior PUB, Humor-Spoofer Book, to Make Appearance on Senior Day The noforigbigfinidr PUB once again ioined forces with sponsor Mr. J. W."Br5Wn toprobe into the intimate lives of the '76 Seniors. This infamous groupnstalked the halls, trash cans and all other places where Seniors gossip to obtain humorous and embarrassing information, Meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the PUB staff The PUB group leaders Melissa Donnelly, Dorothy Moseley, Kyle Rains, and Joe compiled their stories for the Ultimate goal: publication! The PUB Sholden, editor, seem to have fun pulling Mr. J. W. Brown into the 20th century. was delivered on Senior Day. The 1975-76 PUB Staffers ore: FRONT ROW: Carmen Esquivel, Joe Sholden, and Kyle Rains. SECOND ROW: Kenyon Hiser, Karen Motney, Melissa Donnelly, Eileen Hartman, and Tony Reyes. THIRD ROW: Goylin Willard, Tony Whitehead, Victoria Nelson, Leslie Folsom, Kathy Hall, and Dorothy Moseley. 70 ORGANIZATIONS .FM Vf 'T ' is 652 an y'3ig 8 rzxas A 4 UNIVERSIW French Club Learns of French Culture Not Studied in Class Since there was only one French Class this year some ofthe meet- ings were held in class period and others were held during seventh period. The programs featured presentations of reports on French life and customs, folk songs, films on France and a special program Realizing that one handful won't be enough, President Alice Freeman reaches for another Napoleon. at Christmastime. Refreshments were served at each after school meeting. Members sold confections and other items to pay for the club page in the Crusader. Mr. Paul Allen was club sponsor. agile' Members of the French Club sing Christmas carols during one of their meetings, Members ofthe French Club are: BACK ROW: Susan Smith, Juan Castillo, Don Hanes, Emily Sherrill, Sondra Kuyk- endall, Kirby Shaw, Kim Fincher, and Karen Harper. FRONT ROW: Nancy Amlin, Linda Sale, Sandra Breechen, Sergio de la Garza, Bruce Phillips, Sarah David, and Carol Norman. 72 ORGANIZATIONS ii I 'sive Executive Committee members are: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Russel Herb, Mrs, Lee Lankford, Mrs. T. N. Musgrave, Mrs. R. C. Russell, Mrs. J. Sholden, Mrs. Gene McCoy, and L. E. Metzger. SECOND ROW: Mrs. George Jones, Mrs. B. R. Whalen, Mrs. Richard Franco, Mrs. Paul Willingham, Mrs. W. B. Snyder, Mrs. James Hardwick, Mrs. Edmond Yates, and Mrs. Rachel Hoefnagel. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Willard Rusk, Mrs. Charles Akin, Mrs. Fred Secker, Mrs. Dale Ireland, Mrs. Kay Oliver, Mrs. Ken Varker, Mrs. Gene ammond, Mrs. Percy Luecke, Mrs. John Holt, Mrs. Alex Cochrane, Mrs. Ward Dixon, and Mrs. Margaret Walker. BACK ROW: Mrs. J. G. Farmer, Mrs. Frank Fugitt, Mrs, Ken ordon, Mrs. Barney Sherril, Mrs. Wayne Gallagher, Mr. Wayne Pierce, and Mr. Domingo Regalado. Arts, Crafts Fair - Garage Sale Underwrites All P.T.A. Expenses The entire budget for the Woodrow Wilson PTA was met by one ig Arts, Crafts, and Garage Sale. This included the making of a lue and white Texas-Star pattern quilt, which was also the bicen- ennial proiect. The quilt was given as a door prize. esides fund-raising for yearbooks and other expenses involved in elonging to state and national organizations, the Woodrow Wil- on PTA also will sponsor and pay for the Senior Brunch, to be held uring Senior Week. The local chapter gave two or three annual N 250 scholarships to college-bound Seniors this past year. They lso helped raise funds and donated S161 to the Lisa Clements Eye und. Meetings of the PTA were held every third Monday at school at l0 .m. and sometimes at 7:30 p.m. "Membership is always open to ll parents and faculty of Woodrow Wilson for 52.25 per person." aid Mrs. James Hardwick, president. During the November visit the PTA City Council observed several senior classes. Choir Bends Energies Toward Producing Two Outstanding Musicals Enthusiastic to get under way, the Concert Choir, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Marca Bircher, began the year by selling Christmas candles to support the school musical. The holiday season was highlighted by the choir's performing "A Christmas Happening" to both the school and the PTA. The day before the release of students tor Christmas vacation, the choir car- oled the halls, for the enjoyment of all. On the return from the vacation, the choir began making prepara- tions for Oliver!, which was presented on March I I and I2. In rec- ognition of America's Bicentennial celebration, the choir presented a patriotic program for the school in the late spring which con- cluded the year's activities. I Student director, Beverly Brin, confers about alterations in the program with Mrs. l Bircher. Members of the Concert Choir are: FRONT ROW: Alan Reno, Gwen Williams, Chrie Bynam, Liz Oliver, Susgwn Laurea, and Mrs. Marco Lee Bircher, SECOND ROW: Kyle Rains,f?lQ,gafQligQifi3JBeverly Brin, June Russell, Kim Hoffman, Tim Costello, Lex Berlin, Phil Costello:YTHIRD ROW: Tom Rusk, Debbie Taylor, Kim Ingersoll, Roxanne Snyder, and Diane Gilmour. FOURTH ROW: William Neikirk, Eileen Hartman, Kristi 74 ORGANIZATIONS Willingham, Elizabeth Rice, and Judy Jones. FIFTH ROW: Lenis Haley, Linda Love- loce, Donna Fugitt, Nancy Amlin, Teresa Allen, Patrice Moseley, Jody Oliver, Doro- thy Moseley, and Heidi Cochrane. UPPER RIGHT FROM TOP: Carol Norman, Sarah David, Monica Hartman, Patty Rusk, Carolyn Storm, Sandra Breechen, and Cindy Hooker. B.. Gwen Williams prepares to sing of the First Christmas in the musical "A Christmas Happening." One can almost hear the harmony eminating from Nancy Amlin, Jennifer Lovelace, Teresa Allen and Roxanne Snyder, all giving close attention to their director. ANN Mrs. Bircher supervises Kyle Rains and Joe Sholden, accompanied by Bryan Piper, as they prepare for the Bicentennial program. ORGANIZATIONS 75 Pan American Group Excited Over Many Proiects, Proposed Trip There was never a dull meeting in the Pan American Student Forum, more commonly known as the Spanish Club. Twenty of the thirty-five members were initiated at a formal dinner at Ruth Ann Burton's home in September. The club's annual service project was a Christmas party for the young children at Elmer Scott Recreation Center in West Dallas. Christmas was also celebrated by the club at a Mexican style din- ner at the home of Kathy Shoemaker, followed by caroling throughout the area. Throughout the year, members participated in fund-raising activi- ties, such as bake sales, newspaper drives, and inventory work at a Dallas department store. By working they tried to qualify for attendance at the state convention in San Antonio, which was held February 26, 27, 1976. Under the direction of Miss Betty Parrett, this year's Spanish Club surpassed all previous Woodrow PASF clubs in the amount of money obtained through fund-raising activities. This truly was a busy year for PASF. 'V' T' SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: BACK ROW: Kyle Rains, Vice President, Joe Sholden, 3 President. FRONT ROW: Steve Edwards, District Vice President, Ruth Ann Burton, lx Historian, Beverly Brin, Secretary, Tim Costello, Treasurer. I l'l" +- .,+ ,ig MEMBERS OF THE SPANISH CLUB: BACK ROW: Robert Wilcox, Phil Roland, Patrice Moseley, Nancy Amlin, Cindy Hooker, Gaylin Willard. SECOND ROW: Jeri Coats, Kathy Shoemaker, Annette Silvas, Taffy Ehrhardt, Theresa Musgrove, Martin Lopez, 76 ORGANIZATIONS 011 SHN A-w YT? Melanie Proctor. FRONT ROW: Janet Thomas, Julie McCoy, Karen Harper, Jana Rains, Kirby Shaw, Paula Belcher. PS w K' If 'ff' Q ff 1. f -I - -f--" Lg f , QQ, - J V, pg Fi., . ,J , . ' '51 '- ,AW , wif' fr H 5.2 ffl' V. -ff g 2 .2 , w i lg, AJ V fm 3, 'CMS 'AJ 'G 9. .Y 1, 1 .fy 'elf ,H Us ,Egg ,W S ,MTV wil 5 liar ex, ww 3395 s, Q 'F Af K A F541 Q 1, Y N s 1: fs 12 ve 0' jf vzfv i , Nz, 4 " 5 fr. 'WM'- -f "'.m,, Q Q Q -,.....- W. -1. ,, ,, J ,A -293 Office Education Club Sends Delegates Students in the Vocational Office Educa- tion program were also members of the O.E.A., which is a chapter of the Office Education Association of Texas. In the club, members were able to explore and discover the opportunities in a career in the office. Members of the O.E.A. participated in office related contests in the spring with district, area, statefwide competitions, and leadership conferences in McKinney, Texas, and the annual employer-employee dinner in the spring. " 7,fLz ' .g,,.1,r 4. V sg, ,, ,V ,, , l ,Q hmm. I Members of the fifth period class of O.E.A. are: BACK ROW: Teresa Jiminez, Leticia Alvarez, Sandy Castahon, Sophia Cordova. MIDDLE ROW: Michael McQuinney, Karen Griffin, and Billie Robertson. FRONT ROW: Debra Bell, Jann Chapman, Niela Gozberk, and Barbara Williams. 'Ju NY:2 WMF .,,4o.'-.. Am 'Y' tl M all! NRM!!! iw President Tracey Whitley conductsa meeting ofthe O.E.A. Members of the first period O.E.A. club are Rosalyn Shelton, Ruth Ann Wilson, 78 ORGANIZATIONS Susie Fuller, Tracey Whitley, Shirleen Doeden, and Harry Bubeck. 'f'h',., N Axsgzp--:Q - ,Members of the second period O.E.A4 club are: BACK ROW: Sheryl Cooley, Moria Adama. FRONT ROW: Debbie Burleson, Cathy Breitzke, Sondra Griffin, Cindy Sut- Torres, Tracey Whitley, Linda Hopkins, Kathryn Graves, Patricia Ramos, and Diane ton, Diana Garza, and Emma Cordova, Members of the Fourth Period O.E.A. club are: Rachel Trevino, Juanita Jaurequi, Connie Crawford, Ruth Aguilar, and Mrs. Ruth Struble. Seated are Maggie Puente Janet Fugitt, Martha Billie, Olga Lopez, Doris Hooper, Brenda Graham, Robin Trent, and Donna Young. ORGANIZATIONS 79 CVAE Classes Organize Club to Aid in Preparing for World of Work The VOCT Club, a local chapter of Vocational Opportunities Clubs of Texas, began its first year at Woodrow in l975. The sponsor, Mr. Floyd Malone, said, "The club motto is 'preparing today for the world of work'." The club consists of 35 students, 32 of whom have been placed in training stations, with 20 different employers. The students attended school half the day, and had the opportunity to work the other half of the day. Meetings were held during the first and second period classes of C.V.A.E. The clubs activities consisted of outings, and a regional VOCT contest in March. V.O.C.T. Club Officers are: Jewell Townsend, Reporter, Donna Nickleberry, Secre- tary, Martha Giron, Treasurer, Mike Roach, Parliamentarian, Tim Corder, President, Charles Bradley, Sgt.-at-Arms, NOT PICTURED: Robert Coburn, Vice-President. Hard at work in their C.V.A.E. classes are Verna Jackson, Martha Giron, and Dean leppert. 80 ORGANIZATIONS if BACK ROW: Mike Roach, Dean Ieppert, Tony Ballard, David McGee, Dennis Ger ron, Johnny Jones, William Hael, Charles Bradley. SEATED: lngrid Fergerson Donna Nickleberry, Wesley Israel, Vera Jackson, and Martha Giron. X STANDING: Lewis Harge, Margaret Towmsend, Johnny Marteniz, Dewayne Rouwtt, Robert Coburn, David Evert, George Howard, Alice Moser, Loyd Dozier' and Steve Mann. SEATED: Yolanda Escobar, Steve Ieppert, Tamra Wolfe, Tim Cor dor, Raymond Tindell, and Wayne Pemberton. fAlIi7!! M Drafting Club officers are: CLOCKWISE FROM THE BOTTOM: Mary Anne Dye, Sweetheart, Lynn !Ehrhardt, vice-president, Kyle Rains, treasurer, Philip 'Patton, recorder, Dawn Faccilonga, secretary, O. B. Mathis, president. WWW New Drafting Club, TIASA, Organized to "Learn to Live in a Technical World" The Drafting Club, officially named the Texas Industrial Arts Student Association began its first year at Woodrow Wilson. The local club is a chapter of a state organization, whose motto is, "Learning to live in a technical world." The sponsor Mr. Bob Cargile said, "The organization's pur- pose is to familiarize members with a mod- ern industrial world." The club was made up of sixteen members who held their meeting during the seventh period in the drafting classroom. Special activities for the group consisted of field trips to indus- trial plants, and selling pencils and erasers as a fund-raising proiect. Q1 , Matt Willingham, club sergeant-at-arms, cannot be bothered with a nosy photographer when he is busy on a house design. may ATM . .,.,,, 4 1 g s vn - , ,, hh- .H .W fan- H nib: A' lf- f. .-,P 77. 1- 5. oi Members of TIASA are: STANDING: Randy Baldwin, O. B. Mathis, Cliff Mann, Philip Wheeler, .lon Mack, Eddie Richardson, Philip Patton, Richard Trevino, Mr. Bob Cargile, sponsor. SEATED: Kyle Rains, Lynn Ehrhardt, Mary Anne Dye, Dawn Faccilonga, Charlie Riboni. ORGANIZATIONS 81 TAHOS Club Members Excel in Health Work in Dallas The Texas Association of Health Occupa- tion Students met every Wednesday with Mrs. Peggy Jones. The purpose of the club was to provide leadership and opportunity for intelligent career choices in health occupations. Many of these students obtained iobs in nearby clinics and hospi- tals. At club meetings they planned to have guest speakers from the American Lung Association speak on respiratory therapy, and also speakers from the Fire Department on safety. An open house was held in February for students and faculty. f'- . 'Tw fi 1 4 ' 1 i If" Q. Q 1 l ,, 1, Officers of TAHOS are Tammy Patterson, Teresa Dees, Richard Mora, Renae Alvarez, Angela Washington, Les Vaughn, Debbie Hirsch, and George Daniels. if gm... Members of the TAHOS club are: FRONT ROW: Melva Nicholson, Teresa Harper, Evelyn Camp, Sheila Turner, Arlillian Dickens, and Maxine Ortega. SECOND ROW: Leslie Rogers, Sally Pesina, Barbara Cooper, Ruth Taylor, and Carolyn Williams. THIRD ROW: Clara Chapa, Hazel Petros, Carol Breault, Nancy Hardwick, Terry Brown, Kenneth Jackson, and Linda Corbin. 82 ORGANIZATIONS Growing Cadet Corps Receives Recognition and Awards 7TH BATTM C JUN V wr' Officers for this year's ROTC are Captain Magdalena Puente, Maior Harry Bubeck, Lt. Colonel Tony Mihal, Cap- tain Kenyon Hiser, and Captain Danny Best. At the beginning of this year the J.R.O.T.C. at Woodrow Wilson had an enrollment of 154 students, which was the 1370 ofthe total enrollment of the school. The 1975-76 Corps achieved recognition in many areas and won many awards. The cadets took first place in the State Fair of Texas drill competition, winning after com- peting with 47 schools in the East Texas area. They also won J.R.O.T.C. recruiting award, and second place in the Trinity Rifle Range firing match. The latter includes schools from all of greater Dallas, including schools from Highland Park, Plano, and Duncanville. TheiColor Guard presented the colors at many school and social functions in the city, including school football games, PTA meetings and pep assemblies, and recently at the annual PTA life membership luncheon, held at the Apparel Mart. Distinguishing themselves by ranking second in the Trinity Annual Rifle Match are members of the J.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team: STANDING: M.Sgt. Alphine Freeman, Michael Spur- lock, Rosie Campo, Tina Wilson, Tammy Wilson, Paul B. Parks, Leroy Jackson, Clara Chapa, Joe Cawthon. PRONE: Lou Cawthon, Mary Davis, Britt Wages, Rachel Hernandez, Steve Ieppert, George Mendez. ORGANIZATIONS 83 Four R.O.T.C. Companies Have Generous Sprinkling of Girls -..ly -- ,-.... ---I.. --vf.-ll., I fr 4, 1i.w,f" '. 'A-xii Trevino, Charles Kirkbride, Mireya Juarez. THIRD ROW: James Davis, Debra Fra zier, Tammy Wilson, Bonnie Hollins, Charles Abercrumbia, David Neria. COMPANY A: Ruth Aguilar, Paula Kirb, Yolanda Green. FIRST ROW: David Flores, Lucy Mills, Debra Brown, Stephanie Fuasblen, Mary Davis. SECOND ROW: Glenn Hunter, Yolanda Escobar, Jessie Thomas, David Murphy, George Mendy, Rachel 'fa-..,- J .-1.--' .. . MwViJdf- ,H W... 'A' .."' .u x--., , H , is Iwysrfv ,1 , 1-f-fa' -. sf ' COMPANY B: Albert Johnson, Javier Vasquez Clara Chapa FRONT ROW. Thomas M' h I B , . - ic ae ecerra, Ernestine Chavez, William Rogers, Edward Hilton. THIRD ROW: Heckman, Jose Alvarado, Ed Mullin, Larry Rouwtt. SECOND ROW: Mark Shaw, Joe William Johnson, Cythia Early, Jack Edwards, Elisha Martin, Paul Parks, Cathy Cawthon, Robert Bonnett, Leroy Jackson, Winfred Cameron, Geraldine Barbarick, Maclean, Alb tR E h ' ' er ouwtt, t el Day, Dwight Copland, Ronald Lacy, David Coursey. 84 ORGANIZATIONS "?'s. A M J , Z ,Ins u -' V, wb, COMPANY C: Rachel Hernandez, Dilly Moser. FIRST ROW: Juan Alvarado, Latisha Thomas Darr, Frank Cravatt, Michael Spurlock, Keith Moseley, Raymond Abercrum- Alvarez, Teresa Borragan, Salvador Garcia, Joel Lucas. SECOND ROW: Timothy bia, Bennett Wyse, David Littleton, Eddie Richardson, Britt Wages, Steve Ieppert. Johnson, Sherman Turner, Joe Castro, Tina Wilson, Joey Moseley, Richard Garcia, V, 'ww I COMPANY D: Sergio De La Garza, Columbus Williams. FRONT ROW: Berverly Lou Cawthon Irene Morales Paul Davis THIRD ROW Lisa Jackson Br an L nn , , . : , y y . Moore, Linda Hawkins, Anna Garcia, Nicholas Torres, Jay Sheeds. SECOND ROW: FIFTH ROW: Sherry Hughes, Tyrone Jefferson, Gerald Dickens, Charles Riboni. ORGANIZATIONS 85 'S-A.. Sergio de la Garza is getting ideas from another annual for the Sports section. - 'Q' W Q Jig , - , ' ,v , . to ...K 1 A H "Hi .. if r ,f . ,X +V A fe -N. V R T Q V I 7 ' 1 .Q 1 Q ,W wg. 5,-rife fx I C f 7 I :ig , . Crusader Staff Members are: FRONT ROW: Connie Crawford, Becky Louton, Josie Gonzalez, Paula Belcher, Carol Conway, Kathy Shoemaker, Julie McCoy, and Ruth Ann Burton. SECOND ROW: Steve Edwards, Paul Thompson, Mike Dixon, Scott Storm, Alan Reno, and Phil Rolland. Fu . . fi , dy ,iv , ,gt ,S ' f ' ,l ,ff Y .oi ' S Q , V , I M A I Vi 'E I ' l Paul Thompson, Connie Crawford, and Theresa Musgrave work had on classes. 86 ORGANIZATIONS Photographers Joel Lucas, Kurt Messerschmitt, and Juan Castillo look at a proof sheet before printing a picture. .ff 3 ,T 1, PJ' The 1976 Crusader Staff co-editors were Steve Edwards and Ruth Ann Burt Sponsor, for the 29th year, was Paul Allen. On. Staffers Receive Academic Credit, Yearbook Page-Size Enlarged The choosing of the staff for the 1976 Crusader was completed in the fall of 1974, and shortly afterward faculty advisor Mr. Paul Allen began having early-morning and after-school classes in the basics of yearbook production. One of the subiects stressed was the choosing of a yearbook theme and the 1976 Crusader staff began the search for new ideas for the yearbook's unifying motif. Also, they studied other yearbooks to get ideas for the upcoming edition. ln May, Mr. Allen named Ruth Ann Burton and Steve Edwards co-editors-in-chief, and section editors were chosen. The SMU summer workshops proved to be beneficial to those stu- dents who could participate in it. Four staff members attended and brought back a wealth of ideas to be used for their yearbook. For the first time ever, the staff received graduation credit for the yearbook class, called "Annual Journalism 11," but some mem- bers came after school for non-credit. One of the more exciting improvements this year was the enlarging of the page size to SV2 X 11 inches, as compared to the 73A X 1OVz inches of previous years. N 14" 3 -A., Members of the Faculty section Paula Belcher and Mike Dixon, work diligently rearranging the teocher's pictures, while Phil Rolland is stunned by the photographer. ORGANIZATIONS 87 J, , " wif ,fm x W ,gui , V . . . suv A 1 ,,.,. . .ar-N - ' 1 .1 , ,- -'-115554 4, Y 1 Q2- - - +321 .- 15:33 vlblfgifr ' ' '.-"nr, 1 is b W' 1.5. : . ' Ak I , , X.,,4i,' U , " X , fa g 'WE1' 11? LL. N , " 4f2Za.f.1. . , Wfi, , Q ' ' I 'J 1 4 , .N 1 N , l.1343?fDk'g,1 , ' ""-'wfug?i,'-' ' . 1 N 1 1: ,X , , 4 ,251 , , gpg, ' fgf 1, Lil! "rg 4 . by-is-' gf 5? W ' f x 5 'gg' ,gf '- , Q J, 4. uf: in V' a 54 'F 9,4-,:,,g,z skggwss, ,Sw f, f Llgaxgyf-. I H- . " "-- ' Q f x EEK?" , ,x 1' '1 sir ' , .. '11 K f x, .'Q, ..Y rr ,552 5' ' 'T QED?" ' 'wifjg' f f Y rw 1, many con- while promoting QP , ' 1 - , L24 ', ' , 1 Pearce Squeaks by Wildcats, WW Loses to South Garland Friday, September 5, saw Woodrow Wilson in the first pre-season game against the J. J. Pearce Mustangs of Richardson, at Franklin Field. The Wildcats lost a close one, 12-8. Woodrow opened the scoring in the first period with a safety by Jackie Brittingham. Late in the fourth period with the Cats scoring on a swing pass from Bruce Phillips to David Allen, but it was not enough to save the Wildcats from defeat. The following Friday the South Garland Colonels dissolved the Wildcats' dream of a victory at Memorial Stadium in Garland. The Wildcats started out to a 6-0 early lead in the first quarter with a five yard run by Bobby Hicks. The lead climbed to 'l2-O when Ken- neth Davis burst over from two yards out. The Wildcats held onto the lead until the second quarter, when the Colonels intercepted a Wildcat pass, bringing the score to 12-12 at the half. The Colonels went on to win, 26-12. Cause for a special dance is any touchdown, and Bruce Phillips lwith footballl leads Joel Akin, Greg Turner, and Danny Harris in celebrating his TD in the South Garland game. . 1 .wif . fv 'Nh' M .1 L-iw lr A A. J. . .L , We s 9 , Q AIS, , . ,,. . U .. . ..., 1 .fr si , ' . If M- .5 ,W . I 'W 532 .fl2fQil5,.i1sqA' 'Si ' . ' ' vs ,,'5,.w,4r.-g3.f,r' is .1 .Vg 2.54, sf, .. f , rf, ..k7f..3m gy. ' 5 ff ' 'N J me-vm. ... .. yy +A . ...,. Q ,f , 2 'nj ,.., RL Fullback Bruce Wheeless l4Ol gets ready to hurdle Wildcat linemen prepare themselves for the Pearce game by going through grass drills. over the line. 90 FOOTBALL Cats Lose Defensive Battle to Skyline, Jefferson Takes Game Four Good protection by Robbie Holt C771 and Joel Akin C651 allows Kenny Huff ll 11 to throw a successful pass. Offensive guard Kevin Huff watches intently as the Wildcats' defense does its thing. The Wildcats lost a tough defensive battle to Skyline, Friday Sept. 19, at Pleasant Grove Stadium. Woodrow allowed Skyline to score only once, midway through the first quarter. Defense was the ruling factor for the rest of the game for both teams. Defensive standouts in the game were Bruce Wheeless and Kenny Huff. Fumbles, penal- ties, and drizzling rain terminated anyoffensive drives for the Wild- cats during the game. The final score was Skyline 7, Woodrow Wil- son 0. Friday, September 26, the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats played the Thomas Jefferson Patriots at Franklin Field, and, it was clear to all that severe breaks contributed to the Wildcats' defeat. Woodrow's scoring drives were stopped near the goal line. One of the high- lights of the game was a 28 yard scramble for a touchdown by quarterback Ken Huff, which made the score seven to six at the half, in T.J.'s favor. Wildcats' six-back David Allen had kickoff returns of 63, 21, and 80 yards. The final score was Thomas Jeffer- son 33, Woodrow 12. FOOTBALL 91 WOODROW WILSON WILDCAT FOOTBALL TEAM 1975: FRONT ROW: Harry Crawford 1591, Juan Garcia 1311, Greg Turner 1551, Joel Akin 1651, Robbie Webb 1681, Bruce Phillips 1121, Bobby Hicks 1101, John Sampson 1251, Richard Franco 1521, Mike Apple 1261. SECOND ROW: Manager Tom Heckman, Kevin Huff 1631, David Scott 1571, David Allen 1421, Don Owen 1271, Scott Alford 1731, Robbie Holt 1771, O. B. Mathis 1331, Kenny Huff 1111, Chester Davison 1501, Manager Jack Schwen. THIRD ROW: Kim Kimbrell, Steve David 1871, Jackie Brittingham 1621, Joe Shearin 1721, Wallace Johnson 1701, Laurin Curtis 1751, Charles Taylor 1661, Russell Arbogast 1761, Kyle Willingham 1371, Danny Harris 1881, Tim Harshburger 1791. BACK ROW: Coach Ken Kimbrell, Kenneth Burleson 1781, Bruce Wheeless 1401, John Danielson 1741, David Yates 1711, John McLain 1821, Coach Alton Hill, Coach Gary Collett. Not Pictured are Phil Rolland 1manager1, Joe Owens, Robert Hilton, and Kenny Davis. ,,-I fu: 1 1 Klmbrell Praises Varsity Players Despite 3-7 Record 1 1 1 1 WOODROW WILSON WILDCATS FOOTBALL scoREBoARD 1 S WW ......... 8 J. J. Pearce ......... 12 I WW ........ 12 S. Garland ......... 26 ww ......... o Skyline ..........,. 7 1 WW ........ 14 Thomas Jefferson ..... 33 ww ........ 14 w. T. wnne ......,.. 24 ' 1 . l WW ........ 12 Hillcrest ............ 13 S E 6 . ' WW ........ 14 BryanAdams ........ 0 ' , ww ........ 21 Grady Spruce ....... o W 1 ww ........ 12 W.W.SamuelI ...... 15' fi X 1' '1'.?1'iA 1 . . 1 ww ......... a Lincoln ............ 13 ' f ji 7 xg 1 1 ' Forfeited: W.W. 1 Samuell 0 A fjff,',j?'L 1 1 F 2-1 92 FOOTBALL Varsity Football coaches are: coach, Alton Hill, line coach. Gary Collett, backfield coach, Ken Kimbrell, head 1 1 mf' N5 'X-. gn 1 P 37 Wildcats Gain Honors on Mythical Teams of Dallas Newspapers "This group of young men has overcome more obstacles than any group of young men l've had in a long time," said head coach Ken Kimbrell after the completion of the i975 football season. Some of the barriers the team had to overcome included a car accident iniuring six varsity starters, and other iniuries throughout the sea- son. The Wildcats finished the season with a 3-7 record. Members of the team receiving recognition from the two Dallas Daily Newspapers were: First Team, David Allen, halfback and split end, Second Team Kenny Huff, linebacker, Jackie Brittingham, linebacker, Bruce Wheeless, defensive end, and O. B. Mathis, nose guard. Captains for the football team this year were seniors Danny Harris and O. B. Mathis. The sole member of the team receiving honorable mention on the All-Metro team was David Allen, as a split end. FOOTBALL 93 White Crushes Wildcat Hopes, Cats Lose Hillcrest Heartbreaker The Wildcats lost all hope for a winning season, when they lost to the W. T. White Longhorns at Forester Field on Thursday, October 2. ln the third quarter, iunior Bruce Wheeless scored with a 35-yard run, resulting from an intercepted Longhorn lateral. In the fourth quarter' the Wildcats mounted an offensive drive, completing four of seven passes for 65 yards. The Cats finally scored on a seven yard pass from Phillips to David Allen. The two point conversion was scored on a repeat of the touchdown play. Final score was 24- 14 in the Longhbrns' favor. On Friday, October 10, the Woodrow Wildcats played a tough, exciting game against the Hillcrest Panthers and the game truly belonged to Woodrow, as they scored twice on drives of 90 and 59 yards. David Allen rushed 40 yards in one series for the first score in the first quarter. With only 14 seconds left in the first half quarterback Phillips hit Danny Harris from the two for six points. After both touchdowns the extra point try failed. Offensive leaders for Wilson were Bobby Hicks, rushing 83 yards on 22 carries and David Allen, who ground out or bulldozed 15 yards in three carries and caught five passes for 76 yards. Final score was Woodrow 12, Hillcrest 13. Displaying the ball to the spectators, David Allen leaves no doubt that he had pos- session when he crossed the goal line, in the game with W. T. White. 94 FOOTBALL i it ,i 'i i 5 Manager Tom Heckman looks pessimistic as to the results of his ice treatment f quarterback Kenny Huff's iniured hand. W 4 1 On his way for a long-yardage gain, Wildcat Bobby Hicks out distances the Hillcres defensive player. l Danny Harris l88l and Bruce Phillips ll2l are wild less' with ioy with this TD that clinches the first Homecom- ing Game win in six years. Did he get him? The record shows he did not. Quarterback Bruce Phillips went on to pay dirt to make the score I4-O for the Wildcats' first win. , In October Wildcats Taste Sweet Victory: Defeat Bryan Adams, Spruce Consecutively If you miss his legs, grab his iersey says the BA tackle to himself as he tries to stop Wildcat fullback Bruce Whee- Woodrow Wilson tasted its first victory of the season Thursday night, October lb, at Forester Field, and it will never be sweeter. Through the first half the Wildcats fought a tough defensive battle with the Bryan Adams Cougars. Midway in the second quarter, B.A. punted to Kenneth Davis, who returned 23 yards to the Cou- gar 28 yard line. The Cats moved to the 5, and Bruce Wheeless scored, only to have it called back because of a motion penalty. On the next play quarterback Bruce Phillips bootlegged around the left end to score, but this TD was also nullified by a penalty. In the third and fourth periods, Phillips scored on quarterback-sneak from one yard out. Bryan Adams had 62 yards offensively to Woodrow's l93. The final score was Woodrow l4, Bryan Adams O On Oct. 24 at Forester Field, the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats pounded the Spruce Apaches with a score of 2l-O. Wildcat full- back Bruce Wheeless accounted for two of the Wildcats' three touchdowns on runs of four and five yards. He also ran for l52 yards on 32 carries. The Wildcats scored their final touchdown after blocking a punt on the Apaches' 30 yard line. On fourth down and seven yards to go, quarterback Bruce Phillips found half- back David Allen open for what proved to be a 27 yard touchdown pass. Scott Alford kicked all three extra points. The Wildcats' defense held Spruce to only 21 yards rushing and one first down in the first half. Outstanding offensive linemen were Joel Akin, Scott Alford, Kevin Huff, O. B. Mathis, and Danny Harris. FOOTBALL 95 Cats Drop Two Final Close Games: Samuell, 15-12, Spruce, 15-8 On Thursday, Oct. 30, the Woodrow Wilson 'Wildcats played the Samuell Spartans. The Wildcats took the kickoff and drove 52 yards in ten plays. Finding themselves in a fourth and 14 situation on the 19-yard line, Bruce Phillips connected to David Allen over the middle for a 19-yard T.D. pass. The Spartans led until the last play of the first half when Bruce Phillips again hit Allen, who ran 71 yards for the T.D. The extra-point try failed. Final score Samuell 15, Woodrow 12. For the final game of the season the Wildcats met the Lincoln Tigers at Pleasant Grove Stadium on Friday, November 14. The Tigers scored early in the second quarter, but Woodrow came back later in the same period to score on a 20-yard TD pass from Phillips to tight-end Danny Harris. Phillips passed to Harris again for the two- point conversion, making the score 8-6 in the Wildcats' favor. Both teams' defenses held until late in the 4th quarter, when Lincoln, with 33 seconds left, scored from the three-yard line. The final score was Lincoln 13, Woodrow 8. The Wildcats closed the season with 3 wins and 7 losses. lt's a one-on-one situation for running back Kenneth Davis in this left-end sweep against Samuell. 96 FOOTBALL f 1 ' s'58tf? I 1 3',g.?' L. . Running back Bobby Hicks sees plenty of "day light" to the right, if he can avoid the defensive Lincoln player. Bruce Wheeless, fullback, makes a few yards before taking a fall in the game against the Lincoln Tigers. iWOODROW WILSON B-TEAM MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Randall Wauson 1371, Ricky Sampson 1201, Jon Newman 1601, Howle Hammond 11 11, Michael Waidowic1 1, Phillip Patton 1161. SECOND ROW: Eddie Garcia 1311, Joel Bozarth 1421, Mike Pemberton 1861, Kenneth Castleberry 1261, John Staton 1661, Jeff Jones 1891, David Fugitt 1631, Everett Copling 1621, Alan Luecke 1331. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Townsend 1401, James Castleberry 1461, Haskell Stricklen 1711, Greg Irvin 1651, Kevin Gallagher 1881, Jimmy Hollings- worth 1641, Robert Strawn 1761, James Parker 1821, George Taylor 17 1. BACK ROW: Coach Roger Zachary, Matt Willingham 1851, Jack Hood 1501, Holley Cole 1101, Thomas llewis 1801, Philip Wheeler 1871, Vincent Lopez 1271, Charles Secker 1221, Coach Lucious Newhouse. NOT PICTURED: Frank Cravatl 1191, Eddie Garcia 1311, Robert King 1741, Julius Session 1351, Billy Williams 1841. . 1 ,. in B-team coaches Roger Zachary and Lucious Newhouse. p ,,r,.n Q Win-Loss Record Disappointing for B-Team, Packed With Talent The Woodrow Wilson Wildkitten football team posted a disap- pointing 3-4-2 record. In spite of their won-loss record, they dem- onstrated an abundance of talent. Some players cited for their offensive playing were Iinemen David Fugitt, Jack Hood, George Taylor and backs Joel Bozarth, Vincent Lopez, Alan Luecke, and Kenneth Townsend. Defensive standouts were Everett Copeland, Greg Irvin, Vincent Lopez, and Charles Seeker. Players of the year were Joel Bozarth and Kenneth Townsend for offense and Greg Irvin for defense. The coaches chose Kevin Gallagher as the most valuable player both ways. l FOOTBALL 97 swim ,...-.4---V 7--A A .La "l""'nv5-.x ns-.6 A " Kr- K4 W Q ff' x. Fans ofthe "B" team were always happy when their games were played on the Woodrow campus, as here. 98 FOOTBALL Howle Hammond is back trying to find an open receiver. :iff '5-5 WOODROW WILSON WILDKITTENS FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Pearce Skyline Thomas Jefferson White Byron Adams Spruce Samuell Lincoln WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW ' ............ 12 . .....2l . ' ............. 22 . Hillcrest ....,........ O W.W ........2l . ' ............. 2'l . 1 , 1 A is 1975-76 WOODROW WILSON WILDCAT VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT rumbia, Alton Lister, David Hall, Michael Byers, Vernon Smith, David Turner, James ROW: Head Coach Steve Scott, Assistant Coach Alton Hill. SECOND ROW: Man- Cannon. ager Sherman Turner, David Allen, Kenneth Davis, Chuck Farmer, Raymond Aberc- Best Cage Team Since 1958 Emerges With 10-1 Zone Record Alton Lister gets a high pass as he eludes a mass of hands. Coach Steve Scott's basketball players completed the best district record since 1958 with a 21-8 season. Early in the season, Woodrow started rather slowly, but gained experience and momentum as they played. Woodrow won the North Zone title with an almost undefeated record of 10-1. As the Crusader goes to press, the schedule calls for a district match game against Samuell for the 1 1-AAAA district championship. Coach Steve Scott looks forward to playing against South Oak Cliff H.S. for the City Championship. Winning the city title would advance the Wildcats to the State meet in Austin in March. Six-foot ten inch captain Alton Lister was the Wildcat's leading rebounder, who averaged 22 points per game. Captain David Allen showed great skill piling up 13 points per game. Other out- standing players were Raymond Abercrumbia, who averaged 12 points per game and Michael Byers, with a 10 point average. BASKETBALL 99 Cagers' Teamwork Yields Payoff in Season Record Surrounded by white ierseys, Raymond Abercrumbia, 23, came out of this one with a pass to Alton Lister, 33. ,Q 4 Alton Lister, making use of his 6 feet 10 inches, makes two more points. 100 ATHLETICS aff, James Cannon, UM. 12, eludes a Patriot's defense, making a quick pass to David Turner l T Alton Lister, 33, rising above his opponents, puts Woodrow on the score board, as David Allen, l l, David Turner, 25, and James Cannon, 12, watch. ,ov- v- L. ' as Michael Byers, 22, makes known his position. David Turner oufiumps Q TJ. a rebound. "Www . 0 Basketball Sweetheart, Joyce Allen, poses next to the trophy Woodrow won at the Garland Invitational Tournament, -Hx Brawl' """""' defender to get off his shot, as Alton Lister watches for ATHLETICS 'lOl WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW Wildcat Roundballers Improve After Early Tournaments GARLAND TOURNAMENT 59 Greenville ..... . . .45 67 Garland .... .... 5 8 74 Kimball .......... 81 DUNCANVILLE TCURNAMENT 46 Arlington ......... 48 62 So. Grand Prairie. . .71 DR. PEPPER "' TOURNAMENT 59 Jesuit ........... 69 l 53 Plano . . .... 48 66 Sunset .... .... 5 4 l Raymond Abercrumbia gets a low pass from James Cannon, as David Allen makes his move toward the basket. l l A l l l The basketball team listens to Coach Scott, during halftime, as he explains some new game plans forthe second half. 1 102 ATHLETICS Wildcats End Cage Season With District Playoff Loss to Samuell Mi www? .3 ' 4 Alton Lister savagely blocks a desperate shot by one of his opponents. A-.,..... U' 0 Q -1 D. 555555555 555 55555555 5 SCOREBOARD PRE DISTRICT Sunset S G Prairie Samuell Pinkston North Dallas North Garland Saint Marks North Dallas ZONE l Skyline ........ Samuell ..... T. Jefferson . . . W. T. White . . Hillcrest ..... Spruce ...... W. T. White . . T. Jefferson . . . Lincoln . .... . Bryan Adams . Hillcrest ..... DISTRICT Samuell ..... ..47 ..62 ..57 I At almost half time, it is David AIlen's intent to put Woodrow ahead on the score- .57 ........ 46 .54 . . ' ' . . . .58 .55 Lake Highlands . .54 .53 ....... 67 .67 ' ....... 70 .74 .... 54 .58 . .49 .75 ' ,... 57 .84 .... 64 65 54 53 46 75 69 49 35 74 62 7I 5I 76 62 59 58 66 65 BASKETBALL I 03 Second Team Cagers Suffer From Junior High Transfers to Skyline B-TEAM BASKETBALL: FRONT RCW: Coaches Alton Hill and Steve Scott. BACK Cunningham, Kevin Gallagher, James Hardwick, Shawn Bell, Steve Haynes, Ken ROW: Kenneth Green, Kenneth Castleberry, James Parker, Kenneth Nichols, James The Woodrow Wilson B-Team finished with a disappointing season record of 4 wins and lo losses. One of the problems ofthe season was that most of the hoped-for starters from Long Junior High attended Skyline High School instead of Woodrow. Also hindering the team was the fact that only tour members had played together before this season. Coach Alton Hill named sophomores Kevin Gal- lagher and Kenneth Townsend as outstanding players for the year. Promising newcomers were James Hardwick and Shawn Bell. 104 BASKETBALL neth Townsend, Julius Sessions. 'ss Q . --iQ S sf... 1' ,,,,t,,f. .Ah A J Mm I JH Mm ..- . 4 1 " ':fL'.,':6hn... H V ...,... , James Hardwick l32l and Kevin Gallagher M21 return down-court after the Wildkit- tens make two points against Thomas Jefferson. in Shawn Bell 1201, James Hardwick 1321, and Steve Haynes 1151, get in rebound posi- tion in the Wildkittens basketball game with Thomas Jefferson. ....3' V f As Shawn Bell 1201 strains to get the center tip, Kevin Gallagher 1421 and Kenneth Townsend 1l41tenseIy prepare to receive the ball. B TEAM BASKETBALL Sunset S G Prairie Lake Highlands Samuell Plnkston North Dallas North Garland St Marks T Jefferson North Dallas Lincoln Spruce W T White Samuell Skyline T Jefferson Hillcrest W T White Bryan Adams District Game SCOREBOARD WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW ........42 .. " ........ 49 ...... ..47 ' ..... 65 ........ 33 ........36 ' ........... 74 .,...... 47 .......40 ........62 ......53 ........46 . .......... 43 ........ 51 . ........ 63 ........ 55 .......50 ........42 'Hillcrest ........... 6l WW ........ 42 " ............ 45 ........ 33 ' ............ 53 ........ 48 " .. " ........ 57 ..... ...38 ' ........... 54 ........ 62 ' ' ........... 58 ....... .50 '. ........ 42 ........ 38 " ........... 54 ........ 55 " .. ' ........ 39 ...... ..35 ' ....,.. 62 ........ 48 BASKETBALL 105 Girl Cagers' Wins, Losses Almost Even The Woodrow Wilson Girls' basketball team, led by Captain Susan Ramirez, fin- ished with a 5-6 season. Susan was the lead scorer, with a 33 points per game average, and in two games she scored 50 points. Coach Gay Addington told the Crusader that among the other girls on the team, Sheila Turner was chosen the team's outstanding guard. SCOREBOARD 106 WW WW W W 56 W W W W 45 W.W. W.W. 41 W.W. W.W. 49 W.W. 63 Skyline White Jefferson White Samuell Bryan Adams Lincoln ........ Hillcrest ....... Spruce ....... . Jefferson ...... 3 ., 'X' L. lt is hoped that Barbara Williams gets the ball to teammate before Hillcrest No. 3 intercepts. I I Boosting prospects for a Wildcat victory, Susan Rami- rez shoots another basket. W. W. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM: BACK ROW: Miss Gay Addington, coach, Sheila Turner, Brenda Harper, Rob- GIRLS BASKETBALL . .ao ' ........ so . .53 ' ......... 58 w.w.4s Hill cfes f ....... ss . . ...... 52 . .48 ' ......... 27 . . ....... so 35 as 69 59 55 Q 47 GIRLS' BASKETBALL bie Richardson, Patrice Moseley, Carolyn Dupree, Susan Brady, Alice Freeman, manager. FRONT ROW: Genell Bradley, Donna Robison, Susan Ramirez, captain, Denise Jones, Kelly Vermillion, Melissa Dannelly, manager. i 9 ' V-4--5 sn Q, ii- in, l' f ,pmnrfwf 3 s9,.,....,. muff .- 4- With a flip of the wrist Susan Ramirez lets the ball fly at the free throw line. l As teammates stand ready, Susan Ramirez hits the ball in Woodrow's favor. lu m.!e2 tm ...mi-. , ' rwswfittt ,-- f Getting around her T.J. guard seems to be no problem for forward Brenda Harper. Mum 6 Captain Susan Ramirez makes a iump shot with grace and ease. GIRLS' BASKETBALL 107 Q0 -21' IG. .-, 1975-76 WOODROW WILSON TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW: Annette Lopes, Brenda Graham, Michelle Mock, Cathi Machi, Neila Gozberk, Cindy Rodriguez. SECOND ROW Coach Dave McCarty, Kelly Smith, Ricky Sampson, Martin Lopez, Debra Taylor. THIRD ROW: Grant Wall, Robert Wilcox, Don Hoefnagel, Leigh Hyde, Mark Moore. NO' PICTURED: Jenny Fugate, Kathy Shoemaker, Susan Laurea, and Gary Blum. Wildcat Tennis Teams Win Early Match Against Skyline The Woodrow Wilson Tennis Team started the season swinging against Hillcrest, Bryan Adams, and Skyline. As the Q sq!-cg final deadline approached, Wood- row played Skyline and won in girls' and boys' singles, and boys' and girls' dou- bles. Generally, Woodrow was repre- sented in the matches by: Kelly Smith, boys' singles, Jenny Fugate, girls' singles, Mark Moore and Grant Wall, boys' dou- bles. ln the girls' doubles, Susan Laurea, Cindy Rodriguez and Annette Lopes rotated as players. Even though the tennis team had a slow start, they hope to finish at the top slot in the city championship, according to Coach Dave McCarty. 108 TENNIS 1 S Coach Dave McCarty and Kelly Smith, taking advantage of the February sunshine, rest a spell before a motcl' against Bryan Adams. fs H .' Nr, s . J -M i :al Kelly Smith shows firmness in his forehand return. Jenny Fugate practices her serve as she tries to per- fect her style. ' Q H ' f. -f-Jigga: --H '- A , PM Pity the poor opponent of Susan Laurea, who seems ready to wham a bullet drive. Susan Laurea prepares to serve an ace, as Annette Lopes looks on. Is Annette doubtful or has she sun-grins? A very confident look by Grant Wall demonstrates his readiness for the return from his B.A. opponent. TENNIS IO9 44's Tift WOODROW WILSON WILDCATS TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Joe Owens, Frank Cravatt, Wendell Campbell, Ray Gibson. SECOND ROW: Tollie Miley, Mike Spurlock, Holley Cole, Tony Miltenberger, Donald Cox, and head coach Lucious Newhouse. After Difficult Start, Track and Field Gets Going The Wildcat track team started the season with an incomplete squad. Several members of the track team participated in several other athletic 'events at school as basketball, baseball, football, and swimming. This made it difficult for the Crusader photogra- phers to get a group picture of the complete track and field squad. Coach Lucious Newhouse is expecting a team of at least thirty run- ners. The cindermen participated in several meets, in events such as the IOO-yard dash, 440-yard relay, l20-yard high hurdles, 440- yard dash, 330-yard hurdles, 220-yard dash, 880-yard run, one mile run, and one mile relay. Some distinguished runners were Joe Owens, Donald Cox, Bobby Hicks, O. B. Mathis, Tolie Miley, and Robin Weatherly. IIO TRACK Coach Lucious Newhouse gives advice to Donald Cox before a 440-yard dash. 4 l Cross-Country Track Team Looking Good, Wilh One Girl Member, Looks Even Belief! iii Iii In E 2 'n - .E : U! wx fl! WILDCATS CROSS COUNTRY TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Tony Milfenberger, Bonnie Crawford, Charles Secker. SECOND ROW: Holley Cole, Harry Crawford, Juan Garcia. THIRD ROW: Robin Weatherly and Donald Cox. ing his own record. I-, 1,9 I ENN X l Pole vaulter Joel Akin clears the bar at l3 feel, beat- TRACK SCHEDULE March 6 Hollie Relay March l2, I3 Fl. Worth March 20 Kimball Relay March 25, 27 Loos April 3 Open LL-xp 5 April TO Jesuit Members of lhe 44o.yafa relay iebm, rome Malay, o. B.Ma1his,and Bobby Hicks practice fbgeibef. April 22, 23 Dlsffiff LOOS TRACK lll Repeaters From 1975 Bolster Track Squad In 1975, Joel Akin, a pole vaulter, estab- lished the sophomore district record, rating third in regular competition in the district. Joe Owens, a junior, was a valuable man on the '75 440 relay team, which placed high in the district meet, and he is expected to repeat this year. He placed first in district in the 220-yard dash and also ran impressively in the mile relay. At the present time, he is the best man on the track, said Coach Lucious Newhouse. Joe has an unofficial 9.8 time in the 100-yard dash and 22.8 in the 220. "O, B. Mathis, track captain, is capable of running any race on the track," the coach declared. Seniors on the squad are Bobby Hicks, O. B. Mathis, Donald Cox, .luan Garcia, and Joel Akin. Coach Newhouse said he is expecting superior effort from these sen- iors, especially. On his first 100 yards of the 440-dash, O. B. Mathis is well ahead of his opponents. 1 12 TRACK -ll".. J ,gb 1 mm BHFVFKA-1"'?' 7 , ---, W -,-. 41- 'rf'1rw " Wt i1Ci 21i:ff'f In the 440-Relay, Tollie Miley passes the baton to Bobby Hicks. Bath demonstrate a very acceptable form as spec- tators watch. Anchor man ofthe 440-Relay Joe Owens beats, by a fraction at a second, a Stillwater, Oklahoma, trcckster. I Unusually Cold Winter Drives , Girl Runners Inside for Practice This winter, the girls' track team could be found running in the halls on the second floor because of the extreme cold outside. When spring arrived, however, the girls were out running around the foot- ' ball field with the boys. The girls practiced seventh period and after school under the supervision of Miss Gay Addington. The track i meets began in March and continued into April. In December, Bon- , , nie Crawford qualified to compete on the cross-country team, in the In background Bonnie Crawford and Dena Hicks are holding their own in a qualify- regional meet, She was the first girl from Woodrow to qualify for 'ng 'ace Q' wlme Rock' this event, which previously had included only male participants. .. A sl Out practicing after school, Bonnie Crawford pre- pares herself for the track regionals. ,THE WOODROW WILSON GIRLS TRACK TEAM: BACK ROW: Mary Anne Dye, Mgr., Alice Freeman, Jody Oliver, Melissa Dannelly, Gayle Parish, Miss Gay Addington. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Crawford, Donna Williams, Taffy ,Ehrhardt, Kim Hoffman, Jamie Patterson, Martha Bogie. NOT PICTURED: Robin Trent. ATHLETICS I I3 Soccer Team, Mostly Sophomores, Has Good Outlook for Next Season When Coach James Kelly was asked his opinion of this year's soc- cer season he commented, "We had a pretty good season since the majority of the team were sophomores. We had improved last year's record, and l hope we can improve it more next year. Minor injuries hurt the team early in the season, but because of several victories we went up a hundred percent." Woodrow started competing in 1973, and today's overall record is 23-23-3. This year, after having a disappointing season last year, Woodrow had a 3-4-I conference record, and 9-8-2 overall record finishing in fifth place in district plays. Lead scorer was Eddie Gar- cia followed by Tony Reyes, Sergio De La Garza, and Leonardo Torres. Outstanding defense players were: Luis Jasso, and Frank Cravatt. This year's captains Juan Castillo and Sergio De La Garza were the only two 3-year lettermen. Missed it! But not without great effort by defensive back Jesse Molina. Juan Castillo comes in to assist him. l I4 SOCCER WILSOK l Wlmllnga L., I li i WOODROW WILSON 1976 SOCCER TEAM. FRONT ROW: L. Jasso, D. Tat- lock, T. Reyes, P. Patton, E. Reyes. SECOND ROW: F. Cravatt, E. Garcia, J. Molina, L. Torres, C. Riboni, A. Sobrevilla, Mgr. E. Perez. BACK ROW: Coach J. Eddie Reyes, making sure to get the ball out of the danger zone, gives it a power kick downfield. it l f .gmonpay f A If WllS0l Kelly, J. Castillo, S. De La Garza, mgr. T. Lopez, goal guard M. Spyrlock, R. Torres, R. Gonzales. making a quick move toward the goal DISTRICT GAMES WWW2 WWW2 WWW6 WWWO WWW'l WWWO WWWI WWW3 Skyline Lincoln T.J. . . Hillcrest WTW . Samuell Spruce Offensive player Sergio De La Garza tries to elude c Lincoln defense lactic by ' ......... l B. A. ........... 7 ' 1 What happened to the ball? The two Roosevelt defenders show their surprise as Eddie Garcia comes between them lo head the ball to Leonardo Torres. SOCCER l I 5 Girls' 1975 Soccer Record Okay, Schedule Full for Spring, '76 The girl's soccer season started February l l. The girls played with great enthusiasm, but lost a close game against W. T. White High School. Last year's season was very satisfying to players, coach, and fans. Woodrow had a 4-O-4 record which placed them in third place. The girls played two games against Eastfield College and won both games, 7-O and 5-O. At press time, games remaining to be played included matches J against Samuell, Hillcrest, Skyline, Bryan Adams, and Thomas Jef- ferson. Thig yeqr only five experienced plqyerg returned, Seniors Susan Kelly Vermillion and Mireya Juarez struggle against a Hillcrest defender for posses- Ramirez and Rachel Hernandez were the leaders of the team. Sion ofthe soccer ball' wilson I X5-,x.iBf1'1,f A VQV ' M' A . . . R: L rWtL9. E' ,. 'F . ls' L ' ' L ' -. QRS ii Q , ' w 1 M .A X " i. ,Y l gt .,f 2 A x C ,I .Q - 1 I 1 My f YJ, fkd s 54 is I ,l .f if S7 0 Xa Vi ,,.,, ,N f 5 f 'ik ' V 55 f i Q Q 1 5 J we i , N W si. 'I :PQ 9 as L 1975-76 GIRLS' SOCCER TEAM: FRONT ROW: Edilia Juarez, Carmen Gonzales, Vira Perez, Irene Morales, Susan Ramirez, and Gladys Perez. SECOND ROW: Denise Smith, Mary Turner, Kelly Vermillion, Darlene Cecil and Mireya Juarez. THIRD ROW: Coach James Kelly, Rachel Hernendez, Rubi Davids, Matilda Tiierina, Janet Fugitt, and manager Tony Lopez. 116 GIRLS' SOCCER Golfers Face Tough Schedulep Coach Cargile Sees Good Outcome l . r ' MQ 1? 'S Eg ah .25 'ww' Roberson Steve Sutton and Greg Turner WW WW li ..-41 uuu, I - WW , ,K . E, '---- ww WW WW WW Walking down the fairway, Greg Turner contemplates his next shot. f? 'xfow GOLF SCHEDULE 6 e 6 . Feb. 28 L March 6 March 13 March 20 April 3 'Ov W T White T Jefferson T. Jefferson Bryan Adams Samuell Hillcrest Spruce Lincoln THE 1976 GOLF TEAM: FRONT ROW: Ricky Rodriguez, Stacy McVey, Alan Reno, and LeRoy Wickersham. BACK ROW: Bob Cargile, Coach Mike McQuiston, Kenny Huff, .lay F b. 7 . . ' Y I F b. l4 . X ' A A F b 2l GOLF II7 First Two Matches Taken by Golfers The I976 Golf Team started out the sea- son winning four of their first five meets. The wins were against Thomas Jefferson, Skyline, Bryan Adams, and Samuell, Returning lettermen were Ricky Rodriquez, Stacey McVey, and Mike McQuiston. This was Mr. Bob Cargile's first year as coach of the Golf Team. Only the top four play- ers trom an intersquad meet held each week competed in the matches. This year's captain was iunior Stacey McVey. r A U6 'ww .KA i ---Q -.1 41... " Y "'- A, A 1 '- Xe . M,,f,ff'f'i3i'sLs- f Qs" V - .',...4' . 'fa - I i .2535 'Qff'-4 X 3 t ' 1 tw, .r,- fa ,- mms 115,51 g Q s , ff ,f.13g,x3, .gf , ' Fi -7, -- - sf . V ,,n5yR1'fA..A . . V X :..,:'f,tSQLi?'fT3 I v -44 :fu-jj' "W: , I 5. Q c,.., -4 A .5 H ,. -,Nui-,,k it ' W - J , tl ' . 'S -J' 1-Us ' " ' ' Fr .. - K- M, ,,-f - U1Vf.,.4e-: .sv 9 Q 1,71 ...ygihff-ws ' Yblsix ,N .Ta tx. . 2, in ,,, 1, A sw swgggne Q-: 'N --1 ..f-..-,,w.,.-1 3 ',,f'iN.+.1 -'rm 'sw X ,, V ' 'I : ii'dfy!'.-99"-E-iff:-, 3 . . 1 Qsfffwggfi-gil-:ff 3"- . s,.,,.w,. 33,3 'un' JSE-yi: ' 35:1-r, xfrf'-1 1 'W 2' ,A -,T i ic, 'L at , ..., .g,,,,..-?Q4xw1.,s , A :fmt f ss .1., . .-.-. Discussing their match strategy against Samuell, Kenny Huff and Greg Turner pre wc vf'PX"f A , K ,,--4- 'A ' '- :x,::w"',cf.f,...:w', , . K.. 'u f,. ' 'WL 39 .C-'li 'W ,. T iT".iL - .f -'11-'LY7 ff' . .1 -lil, .Yi . ' -V . ' . . .K ew N. ,5'1'W'- S" t .N ' r- 1 i .42 .gi - - uf' ' V., . f 'Q'-'ff .A ' M' -s., 5 1, W AS Q, W A 1, lf. . gf , s5f,.y,,r.,p-- pvc. 'r IJ' A ' f rig .mtg-V .X . - .lily W , M tive - 2 ...-Tlygf., . .,f A, My ' V, . s,g,M ,,..,,-was M- : ,s ffm , A , Three-year Ietterman Ricky Rodriquez works on his golf stance before the Bryan Good form is shown by Stacey McVey as he keeps his head down during his back W Adams match. HB GOLF swing. Girl Swimmers Repeat! Win Third Straight District Championship GIRLS SWIM TEAM: FRONT ROW: Nancy Lankford, Manager, Robin Trent, Genie Russell, Gwen Williams, Tressie Ireland. BACK ROW: Nancy Taylor, Holly Harring- Degenhart, Lynn Ehrhardt, Cynthia Lopez. SECOND ROW: Miss Janis Harbus, ton, Monica Benoit, Susan Carroll, Lisa Johnson, Sandra Woods, Coach Robert Assistant Coach, Laura Pearson, Manager, Diane Gilmor, Connie Crawford, Carol Green. Hillcrest Adamson Segoville WW WW WW Skyline ....... WW Carter . . Sunset . . ....37 WW GIRLS SCOREBOARD ' ..... 52 H125 ... .54 . .101 spruce ...... 58 ww . .102 ' .... 57 . .107 ' 4 111 I9 107 113 In a meet with Seagoville, Genie Degenhart appears calm in the final strokes of the 500 meter freestyle race, in which she placed first. The girls' swim team completed its third unbeaten season and third consecutive district championship, under the leadership of Coach Bob Green. Monica Benoit led the team with 62 points for the sea- son. Seven swimmers received letters in I976. These included two sen- iors, Monica Benoit, Genie Degenhart, three iuniors, Holly Harring- ton, Nancy Taylor, Robin Trent, and two sophomores, Diane Gil- more and Lynn Ehrhardt. Two divers ranked in the top ten in the North Texas District. These were juniors, Tressie Ireland and Robin Trent. In the district meet, team captain Genie Degenhart broke the school record in the 500- meter race. SWIMMING I I9 X l ' 'di V x L A , A , W3 wgge . rf MA . 3 f A The swim team never enters competition without a group prayer, led by Coach Green. W ppm 1 l 1 N s M, N , -1+-v+f. L gi., M ,,.r , .W k "4 ,, Ji14'l1'5,,-n1'f K 'K L gk xx, AQ?-ai" my i T00 fifed to ledve The POD' GHC' 0 Sifem-'OUS 5Wim 790m W0fk0Uf, -'06 Sheafin Not much hilarity is seen when the swimmers rest between races. The tired ones here i catches his breath for cz few minutes. are Brent Snyder, Joe Shearin, Charles Secker. I 20 ATHLETICS BOYS SWIM TEAM: FRONT ROW: Richard Romero, Charles Secker, James Lecour, Snyder, Josh Armstrong, Rob Holt, Steve David, Joe Shearin, Bill Fosmire, Alan Jeff Lackey, Harry Crawford, Joel Akin. SECOND ROW: Alan Dietendort, Peter Luecke, Robert Green, Coach. NOT PICTURED: Robert Whalen, Manager. only, Tony v qnce , Jack McDonald, Donald Hanes, Joe Jones. BACK ROW: Brent BOYS' SWIM TEAM SCOREBOARD Hillcrest ............ 96 WW ....... 149 Adamson ........,.. 33 WW ....... 1 13 Spruce ......,...... 50 ww ....... 117 Seagoville .......... 55 ww ........ 95 Skyline ............ 54 WW ....... 101 Carter ............. 24 WW ....... 133 Sunset. .. ........ 31 WW 119 Boys' Swim Team Takes District, Win Seven Meets in Seven Woodrow's boy's swim team finished first in the district, winning all seven of their meets. Senior captain Brent Snyder led all other entrants with a score of 65 points forthe season. Seniors who lettered were Joel Akin, Steve David, Billy Fosmire, Joe Jones, James LeCour, and Brent Snyder. Two juniors, Josh Armstrong and Jack McDonald, earned letters, and sophomores Peter Doty, Alan Luecke, Joe Shearin, and Tony Vance also let- tered. Coach Bob Green was pleasantly surprised to have new- comer, Jack McDonald, a iunior, to ioin the team this year. "He did a very good iob in the sprints and relays," said Coach Green, "and he lettered easily with 53 points." Hopefuls for next year are Alan Luceke and Joe Shearin, SWIMMING I 21 Connie Crawford appears doubtful over the fate of the Woodrow representative in a race at the District Meet at White Rock Pool. 431 After a brief warmup thoroughly accustomed to the water the swim team members await the coach s orders to begin practice laps. Coach Zachary Names Players for I976 Baseball Season A Baseball is a sport whose season is never completed before the Crusader goes to press. The season record for last year was 5-I 5. When the Crusader went to press this year, the baseball season was iust getting under way. The team had played three scrimmage games, winning one and losing two. Coach Roger Zachary gave the Crusader some predictions for the Iseason line-up, they were: outstanding pitchers: Sturges, Le Cour, Phillips, and Bozarth. Probable infield starters: Lopez as catcher, Cannon and Hammond at shortstop, David and Lewis at third, Owen and Bello at second, and Campbell and Holt at first. Proba- ble outfield starters: Le Cour in left field, Arbogast in right field, and Bozarth in center field. Additional outfielders: Patton, Wheeler, Phillips, and Sturges. The coaches expect a good season from seniors David, Cannon, Le Cour, Phillips, Arbogast, and Sturges. Sophomores with strong potential are: Bozarth, Lopez, and Hammond. "Due to senior experience and good sophomores, I expect a much better season. Since the purchase of our new pitching machine, there has been much improvement in our hitting. I expect a much improved season for the Wildcats this year, and if everything falls into place we could produce a winning season," stated Coach Zachary. .ie fs, .1 '-'.'. Q--.. N -M, v, ,-e,"nc,,..- " -1 '-, ,1-5'-sn. ,V ft fs -f ,. .. -,. . , . - . " ' x ' ' -4 01'-.fb .. v ' 'S 'O . 1 --' A H '- fg . W - , , ., -1s.,.,,..-Q' -- Q, . S -- - ,,.j 4, -,. 'I 3 N fs.-'-Sis? 'V 2' '. . 3' - '.-1 3 -.- . 1. . 3. Q A ef! 4.3.7 wt . fr.. -W 5 -it ... tl,-,v :",..Ag.-fx,-,, 121, AL:-,' Y, 4 1. imp.: Q. Fgfygr QVIIQQ43.-fag: mg- Ee fffg- : -7 --g .4 .V 5 "" f -4 v ,sag 4.-vsyifgf, y-::jf,. ,f ,, M ' -3. -,.,:,, f, X.. .sf 'Lf ...' gh '.-4,:,g,:, .ai QS'sgxi'--gYx,-,g,,2,-1551: Y -an , - f- w-P1 l ..'f:,. elf. 1- ,S ,'., Q f gi 1, ' H, . . , ,, ',,' .,-A' 1 .1.,.,,,." , .. . . V-. -sf-:fu 15,2-:.:.-1 ri 9 rg- vnu- .1 r? 1' - fr-4, --A .5 . -T. :W . "1" , , . t',...'I ,,,. N- 2, be .4 ,. ' ff' - , 1 ' ,.'-.f,,- 'ff tv-5 1514 -fwfc'-,s ..fj "9-5 4,,c,.,. J,-g3f,,,,,,,,53., sp- ' x Y - . ., , -xt ,sv i 1: ,-15,5 I- ,,' ni- -I -v 'f"?dfa'7'?'9'f' ' I '-' 71 -T 3 I"rt"Txni It ':'vZa"iQ'Z2"9'fai2CM'f'14vL--- "f-377:-.. 1,1 ' . 'i ' ' f - s V4 ""' ' J' .'. 'fguffd' -f M ff. Q-.f: . ,' ' I 2 -' , "2.'f'7jf'.f-ig3'fff:.f'1f1 --1 -- ' ' . 'V Wfffriv- -::'e,fmQ:1-A-:wgrim-1-vf5'43-".i:"' 1,1 :"5'-'ff' , V ' A P" " - ' 'fi' ' ' f ""'.'?ff..4,,."- -4' .-sf L" ,s '4,1,,.-..- , f in .Tnmy-.p,5 'P' -'-, -1 s an 1 155-'g!,.,F'13,vr.y-fyp,giaw.-.-,s..f,g.k.-Ilfj'-.147 .' f..- -.rv .1 -' , --0 V .1-- .. , - 7 H v 1. mgwm. - ff -. .' : - '-u' :,:g,,, 5.14. gg gr-,-gi' 2 Q .. ' .K ,kg 'V 3 W - i V fi. fp ' 4' 1. f..-1.4-lz.+..-ff, tef:v'w .-' f' 1 "iz iv-eww. is---fs-::,:f?":.gf: 'tiff-.. tw .."'i:1i1"'-..s:.e.sQf::f+.rfr N- WOODROW WILSON BASEBALL TEAM: BACK ROW: Coach Roger Zachary, Sturges, Tommy Lewis, Howle Hammond, Vincent Lopez, Joel Bozarth, Phillip Pat- lames Cannon Carter Cam bell, Robbie Holt, Steve David, Russel Arbo ost, Bruce ton, Richard Bello, and mana er Tom Heckman. I P 9 Phillips, Don Owen, James Le Cour, and Coach Gary Collett. FRONT ROW: Kenny BASEBALL I23 Q , H 5 1 1 J, . A: . e. ei ," -, ' L f' l s, W -, t . - L4 ,ff i ' , 1 '4 ', . . I X, " mn .5--nl, , 'mf'-, s ' ,ffivfb ,, J 'f f ' 5Qf.,"17kf'I' l , - M at ,,.n.,,l,f M -A ., 1 .. M. v, ,, ,, W- 1 , lf, M - 1 wa I 'edt ,Ig 'mms ' ' WZAWLQ-" 'f lf shortstop Steve David misses this ground skinner, Tommy Lewis is there to back him up. Coach Collett makes sure the players i l Judging from his fingers' position, Carter Campbell is about to throw someone a curve. With support from Royce Long, Russel Arbogast climbs the fence so he can put the overhead net up for battingi practice, while Holt, Lewis, and Campbell lust stand around watching everyone else work. , l24 BASEBALL I Coach Collett shows the team the correct way to swung and hut the ball Carter Campbell and Howle Hammond seem to be the only ones who can llft them selves off the ground whlle other teammates take a rest. .c-rr weep H ' Afw 51' -. QM yr s- Vl W' -if ,as Avi-W" " .m1l"""M kt .-4-53' ,fo-ln? .ami " ,, . 4?"" iff W-3 32? .,.,,. is:zl'9' me .1 'g1,,,,i ' g . QL 'lf , .H '. I- :-,f,. . 531.11 ' ""f I A '-f,'41fL" I .yrs 1 .. x QQ" : , if ' ' ,, 3: , '- ,Eg f ' .' 1 1: L 'ffx":" fx! V, nil., J . ,r z , ' ,.13.:,,.3.:, vw fi' t...'l1" 5 x , ffm ' 4,2 N K f' ' -"' , A V .'-. ,ws - -S 1 1 , .' , Q-- As a shortstop, Howle Hammond IS alert and ready for a play. Girls' Volleyball in Second Year at WW Compete in District Tournament, Finish Low Under the supervision of Miss Gay Addington, the Woodrow Wilson Girls' Volleyball team completed its second sea- son at Woodrow Wilson. This year's cap- tain was Susan Ramirez. The girls com- peted in eight season games with a l-7 record. The district tournament, consisting of matches against W. T. White and Thomas Jefferson High Schools, deter- mined Woodrow's placement in the dis- trict. The Wildcats finished 0-2 in the dis- trict for the 1975 season. 41 x ' " -' ' . L. if as "! y 1 2 3 ,s Y 5 f Maria Fugitte gives the old balloon G dOUlJl6 fiSf handle. Captain Susan Ramirez lleftl approves the which will make the return hard for her opponents to play qlgng wifhfeqmmq1e Edilq Juqrez' ,,., ....,,., ...HN ,,.s,,,q.,,,,.n.,. ! ?'-A Q ' Y iff: ni' I Ballet style is used by Karen Peters in returning a net ball. Maria Fugitte stands ready to catch a possible miss. v ,nw FRONT ROW: Melissa Dannelly, Alice Freeman, managers, Karen Abrams, Kelly Ramirez, Barbara Williams, and Coach Gay Addington. NOT PICTURED: Maria Fug- Vermillion, Cherie Bynum, Martha Teer, Edilia Juarez. BACK ROW: Gayle Parish, itte, Tammy Patterson, and Shelia Turner. Genell Bradley, Karen Peters, Patrice Mosley, Carolyn Dupree, Denise Jones, Susan 126 VOLLEYBALL ,asv O. B. MATHIS AND DANNY HARRIS - FOOTBALL CAPTAINS. BRENT SYNDER AND GENIE DEGENHART - SWIMMING CAPTAINS. A I976 Sports Coptoins Chosen by Teommotes A For Position of Honor F DONALD COX STACY McVEY TRACK CAPTAIN GOLF CAPTAIN ALTON LISTER, DAVID ALLEN, SUSAN RAMIREZ AND JAMES CANNON BASKETBALL CAPTAINS 534 M . ix N2 ' ' j A . v5 'X Rf VR kgjnr. . 1, .4 RACHEL HERNANDEZ, SUSAN RAMIREZ, SERGIO DE LA GARZA, JUAN CASTILLO - SOCCER CAPTAINS TEAM CAPTAINS I27 J M J .1 W V 3 Qi its A 4 'Q 32? 1 1 'E si Qf .5 ff 51 S 31 F9 51 ,S Hs 3. TY 1 .I ii -E -5 .I fl 15 1 J Q ,I-5 fe mai --,..mr'm+,, 'J -.naefy . V. , X: ,.ssz1,x,w:',,m,'.a:ax1L-11,un,.A,v..,.sa,r4muw',.euuu:A.a.u5hsmfwxfi-414 :mamInArzgdessfulwfvesmiaamnwrfgzswmfxg'mmnxnw-.':sf's:auwvfws.-5fmx:A,rn:,1nv.f,f'-mn:Ml'1v.mw1maiewu-nxafik:mea-f:ua,1xrs:c1,: 55111151 fe: 1:1112-:':..:-. -nuns. :fx-i:4A-welll FACULTY cmd ACADEMICS As our counlry advances, our pvoblems of democracy also Increase, Here Mr. Gary Collet? discusses the nohon's problems wiih his P,O.D. class. FACULTY I 29 Desegregation Occupies Bulk of Administration Agenda Another historical year was recorded in 1975-1976 for superin- tendent Dr. Nolan Estes and the Dallas Independent School Dis- trict. This was the year that firm action had to be taken on the desegregation of Dallas Schools and adiustments made to institute the new state-required quarter system for dividing the school year. The Fifth Circuit Federal Court at New Orleans, after demanding a desegregation plan, was given one by the school board on Sep- tember 10, 1975. There were rumors that this plan involved the closing of some schools, among which was Woodrow Wilson. The students of Woodrow exhibited their deep concern in this matter by signing a petition and taking part in a demonstration at the School Administration Building. The Dallas School Board plan was reiected by Judge William Taylor. Another plan was prepared and brought to Taylor by October 15, 1975. A new school district policy this year required every sophomore to have the ability to swim before graduating. For those unable to swim, a special course was set up to teach them. Despite the many maior problems confronting the DISD administration, they were still able to continue to operate the school sufficiently. Visitors to Superintendent Dr. Nolan Estes' office are welcomed with a smile Careful study is necessary before the school board makes an important decision. 1 30 FACULTY X 'i L Xli l Wayne C. Pierce in his sixth year as Woodrow Wilson principal. Pierce Pleased With Students, Likes New Quarter System Despite the many problems facing Woodrow Wilson this year, prin- cipal Wayne Pierce still showed interest in faculty-student and stu- dent-student relations. "Everyone is more equal," Mr. Pierce said, adding that a happy medium has been reached between seniors, iuniors, and sophomores. Mr. Pierce also expressed the opinion that student relationships and attitudes along with the overall atmosphere in the school were outstanding. Commenting on the new quarter system at Woodrow and all state schools, Mr. Pierce stated that he liked the system because he believed the students would work harder for the reason that they would receive only one grade per twelve-week quarter. He also favors the present exemption plan for students who are absent a bare minimum of days each quarter and considers it a "reward" for loyal attendance and for passing the course. "lt gives some stu- dents a few extra days off," he explained. Mr. Pierce is acclaimed by his faculty and patrons as one of the dis- trict's outstanding high school principals. He was vice-principal at Woodrow Wilson from 1964 to 1969 and is now completing his 6th year as principal. Excellence in lounge reporting earned for Mrs. Verline White a "spoof" award from principal Pierce at the last faculty meeting. FACULTY 1 31 Administrative Assistants Gain New Responsibilities Both Assistant Principal Domingo Regalado and Resource Adminis- trator Joel Haden said that the newly-imposed quarter system, with its new minimum attendance requirements, has reduced absences and tardies and that it will eventually become a better system than the old semester plan. ln terms of disciplinary problems, Mr. Rego' lado said he felt that this was "the best year" he has seen since he came to Woodrow in 1973. Mr. Haden's official title this year, Resource Administrator, carries with it the responsibility of being the school registrar as well as assistant principal. Mr. Regalado holds a new position with the DISD also. He is in charge of the Biology Baseline, a new science program. Resource Administrator Joel Haden emphasizes the need of being present at school to an unidentified student. DOMINGO REGALADO - B.S., M,Ed., Assistant Principal JOEL HADEN - B.A., M.A., Administrator's certificate, Resource Administrator ,- ,M , ,A 132 FACULTY fi eva ras '- is 1' if in ..-f" Q zu av .sf - " ' : Mr. Regalado, having solved one problem with Mr. Pierce, seems to be encounter- ing another iust outside the office. 3. MRS. MOZELLE NEWTON - B.S., M.A., Advisory and Guidance Counselor MRS. MARGARET WALKER - B.S., M.S.g Advisory and Guidance Counselor s , wx X353 ra" " 'golf' f LM MRS. HELEN BLAND - B.S.C.g Counselor's Clerk MRS. DORIS GRAMMER - Counselor's Clerk is WN.. , - .X 46 - ln a rare moment before the school day begins, counselors'Wolker and Newton and clerks Grammer and Bland relax and enjoy a "humorous story." New System Increases Counselors' Duties With the loss this year of counselor Mary Ann Thomas, the job of counseling stu- dents was left to Mrs. Mozelle Newton and Mrs. Margaret Walker. This loss, plus the addition of the quarter system, placed a greater work-load on the two remaining counselors. Course requirements formerly were counted in semester units, but under the new plan they are measured by quar- ters. The normal school year is three quar- ters, since the summer quarter is optional. Mesdames Newton and Walker confessed that it was no easy matter translating the old semester units into quarter equivalents. However, they said they felt, along with many other faculty members, that the quarter system will be iudged an excellent system because of its advantages for both students lsuch as exemptionsl and teach- ers lbetter planned work schedulesj. Mrs. Mozelle Newton helps Barbara Williams plan her courses for this school year. It seems that senior Karen Matney cannot decide upon a course option that counse- lor Margaret Walker offers her. FACULTY 133 Attendance Responsibilities of Staff Divided by Grade Levels As in the past years, the attendance office was still in close cooper- ation with Mr. Haden's and Mr. Regalado's offices. The primary activities in this office included keeping check on the school's daily attendance and the attendance of each pupil by periods. Permits for leaving and returning to school were issued. Responsibilities for each grade level were assumed by the staff. Mrs. Mary Ellis had charge of the tenth grade, Miss Gloria Foley the eleventh grade, and Mrs. Doris Erickson kept records on the twelth grade. uri . umm MS nm ru! Nano A um Awvfff 'V 3 s 3 . 5 2 L Miss Foley reacts to some ofthe strong excuses that her office receives every day. 3 ,.... P6901 2,7 Attendance Office helpers are: FRONT ROW: Martha Teer, Michelle Peavy, Gayle Wlllflfdf -l0Ck Schwen- Parrish, Richard Franco, Geneva Degenhart. BACK ROW: Cheri Bynum, Gayland I 34 FACULTY MRS. PHYLLIS WEGHORST Building Secretary . If MRS. MARY ELLIS -f Clerk, Attendance Office Clerk, Attendance Office MRS. BETTY JONES - Data Processing Office MISS GLORIA FOLEY - Clerk, Attendance Office :ir Secretary Mrs. Weghorst works diligently to answer the needs of the students. 1 f I MRS. DORIS ERICKSON - Mns. ELAINE GREER- I - , ' Clerk, Principal's Office lik' V ' VU ' M ,V , ff yi ' 1 X I if Secretary, Mrs. Weghorst, Finds Woodrow Wilson "Delightful" June I 975, marked the beginning of the first full year for Mrs. Phyl- lis Weghorst as building secretary of Woodrow Wilson. She was "Girl Friday" for Principal Wayne Pierce and general helpmate for the entire school. Mrs. Greer was in charge of bookkeeping and mimeographing for the school, and Mrs. Betty Jones' duties included data processing. Mrs. Weghorst said she feels that she has the best combination of faculty and students possible. "This is the only school that is small enough that you can know the names of every student." Mrs. Weghorst also stated that she really enioys her work and is behind the Wildcats all the way. Mrs. Elaine Greer, office bookkeeper and cashier for five and a half years, retired at the end of I975. Mrs. Nelda Kirk came in Jan- uary to replace Mrs. Greer. FACULTY I35 Vis-Aid Services Show Increase Every period of the day one or two stu- dents came to the visual-aids office to assist Mrs. Virginia Rogers perform the many duties of the department. These activities included ordering and receiving films, setting up proiectors for teachers, repairing machines, and the like. More teachers used films this year to assist them in their teaching, according to Mrs. Rog- ers. Woodrow used pixmobiles lself-con- tained screens and proiectorsl, whereas most other schools use a special room for viewing films. This practice has proved to be very convenient and is welcomed by all teachers. Proiectionist Workers are: FRONT ROW: Danny Harris, Anita Zapata, Vicki Deweese, Cindy Rodriguez, Robert Whalen. BACK ROW: Scott Alford, Kevin Huff, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Collett, Mr. Pierce. l Counselors' Workers are: FRONT ROW: Nancy Lankford, Carolyn Love, Jackie Green. MIDDLE ROW: Martin Lopez, Barbara N. Williams, Cindy Swett, Donna Williams, Columbus Williams. BACK ROW: Kenyon Hiser, Lee Hyde, Cathy Calverley, Jerry Williams, Cliff Mann. I36 FACULTY New Nurse, Aide Run Clinic, Study Hall Tutoring Successful The clinic went through a few changes this year. Mrs. Gwendlyn Diaz, the present nurse, replaced Mrs. Gertrude Matsick, who resigned last year. Her aid was Mrs. Irene Molina. Mrs. Diaz worked with both J. L. Long Jr. High and Woodrow and was in the Woodrow clinic only three days per week. A number of students who excelled in one or more courses worked in Mrs. Connor's study hall, tutoring others who needed help. This system worked well this year, Mrs. Connor said, as there were 29 stu- dents tutoring and some 26 students being tutored in subiects varying from English to mathematics. , , Xl I Mas. GLORIA coNNER- C Study Hall MRS. MARTHA NELSON - Study Hall l MRS. GWENDLYN DIAZ - BSN, RN, School Nurse MRS. VIRGINIA ROGERS - Teachers' Aide 'vw-V M J Nurses Aide Mrs. Molina takes blood pressure of ' Mn Q ,. LW. 7 Vicki Deweese. .lf V iff! 4 , ' Xfliy ' .0 ' ffffyf jfjl .IW U XVVVV f . M1 V , 1 I My I Y T. 4 J rf iffy . Tylsffi 7 ,ff ,. 0 We f 1 I if eg J Q MVHZXOXJDW, K K7 A M,4E5D , ,, ,A E X V J J 07, S Clinic Workers are: FRONT ROW: Linda Jones and Melanie Proctor. BACK ROW: Mrs. Diaz, Mrs. Molina, and Janet Miles. NOT PICTURED: Lisa Jackson. 7Wi FACULTY 137 Which one should speak? Panel member Mike Dixon, tc whom Kenny Sturges is pointing, or the unseen person in the Advanced Placement English class signaled by Classics Called Must Reading, New Workbooks Aid to Grammar Classics such as SILAS MARNER, THE SCARLET LETTER, and IVAN- HOE are essential reading for high school students, according to Miss Marlene Mallewick, chairman of the English department. Sophomore and iunior classes studied more grammar than litera- ture, with the help of new workbooks. Senior English classes included units on Greek drama and preparation for college-level English. The grading system this year has been definitely affected by the quarter system. "lt's a whole new experience and we don't have any idea how it will turn out," said Miss Mallewick. But the teachers did look forward to the evaluation, which takes place every ten years by the Southern Evaluation Association of Colleges and Schools. An outside team came to Woodrow April 21, to visit the classes and ask questions for a week. 'l 38 FACULTY Ruth Ann Burton? Chuck Farmer, lleftl and Joe Jones, lcenteri are also on the panel of poetry experts. E T Y-r W. s. .1 uw.. -:sg kv. 1 Qi lx., V Good communication is a goal ofthe English class in the Special Education room. April l Dabney and Mrs. Lupo are role-playing in conducting an interview by telephone. Spanish Speech ' 'QM - MISS JUDY EPPRIGHT - B.A., M.Ed., Reading Resource Teacher I MRS. BARBARA HILL - B.A., M.Ed., English Student Council Sponsor l i I l l Placement English, Reading Skating Club Sponsor ,., l I I IProud of their Christmas edition, members of the sixth period iournalism class take time out from their Christmas party to admire it. MRS. MARGARET DUNLAP - B.A., M.A., English, MISS HELEN ECKELMAN - B.A., M.A.g English, MISS JANIS HARBU5 - B.A.g English, Journalism, WILDCAT Adviser, Assistant Swim Coach MISS MARLENE MALLEWICK -- B.S., M.S.g English, MISS ANN McSPADDEN - B.A., M.A.7 Advanced MRS. MARTHA TIMM - B.A., M.L.A., Senior English, National Honor Society Co-Sponsor, Ice Dramatizing Macbeth in class makes it more interest- ing. Carla Healy, as one of the witches, seems to be putting a curse on an unlucky classmate. S e - sr, in Following the script while they listen to a recorded story, Victor Young and Kenneth Castleberry, in reading class are improving their ability to listen and understand. FACULTY I39 MRS. WILHELMINA BLEVINS - B.A., M.L.S., Mathematics MR. J. WILLIAM BROWN - B.A., M.A., Honors Mathematics, Senior Publication Sponsor MR. HENRY CRENSHAW - B.A., M.S., Introduction to Algel-WG, Physics, Chess Club Sponsor .Qs , occ. wh AMN MR. DAVE MCCARTY - B.A., F.O.M., Algebra, Tennis Coach MR. STEVE SCOTT - B.A.f F.O.M., Mathematics, Basketball Coach MR. JAMES C. RILEY - B.S., M.Ed., Mathematics Q ,ff 5,45 it 1' led .Iimmy Cunningham, Kathy Hall, and Tressie Ireland help make their Algebra bulle- tin board more artistic. Mrs. Lupo, Special Education instructor, supervises April Dabney in the use of blocks Calculators are the answer lor have the answerll for David Scott and Don Owen ir for solving math problems. Mr. Brown's second period Trigonometry class. 140 FACULTY I ,W -an-.. fr 'S . Mutual help is legal in Mr. Riley's Algebra class. Here Cindy Rodriguez and Stacy McVey put their heads together on a difficult problem. 'N Colorful folding rulers are used by Marco Reyes, Jimmy Echols, Doan Thi Tran, students really know their polygons. Quarter System, Calculators Affect Math Grading, Instruction With the new quarter system, the mathematics teachers over the Dallas Independent School District began this year by deciding to plan a "Baseline Curriculum" in math to assure continuation of courses for students who were transferred within the district. Students had a great deal of help from the use of calculators, which affected mathematical activities. The use of the slide rule has been dropped from the advanced courses, since calculators are more accurate and faster. Mr. J. William Brown and Mr. James C. Riley were asked if they had any obiection to students using the calculators. They had none, but still insisted on the pupils' learning the basics of math for both users and non-users of calculators. "Some of the advanced students are taking night courses in com- puter skills," Mr. Brown said. No units or program has been developed for introducing the metric system as yet. This will filter upward from the elementary mathe- matics classes, the instructors said. A new teacher was added to the mathematic staff this year, Mr. Steve Scott, who teaches fundamentals of mathematics. Chairman of mathematics is Mr. Brown, and other teachers are Mrs. W. Blev- ins, Mr. H. Crenshaw, Mr. D. McCarty, Mr. S. Scott, and Mr. J. Riley. Cheryl Williamson, and James Hardwick to demonstrate to Mrs. Blevins that the FACULTY 141 Science Classes Have Access to Lab Materials in Classrooms MRS. NOVA EVANS - B.S,, M.A., Biology, Chemistry, Science Club Sponsor MR. ROBERT GREEN -- B.S., M.Ed.g Biology, Swimming Coach, Football Scout J t,., , MR. JAMES KELLY - B.S., M.Ed., Biology, World History, Soccer Coach, Student Council Sponsor MRS. DAPHRENE MARTIN - B.A., M.A., Biology lxlfd V1 u Z! 7' . x 3' Posing as a biological problem, the grasshopper model is the center of interest to Cynthia Freeman, Mary Reyes, and David Jackobowski. I 42 FACULTY The advanced chemistry class intently observes the rapid oxidating magnesium as Mrs. Evans smiles through the smoke. Mr. Green finds his wet pets good company during his off periods. Science Teachers Concentrate on 'Baseline Document' Preparation ln science classes, most of the '75-'76 school year was spent in study and preparation of the Secondary Science Baseline, a new science program to be introduced next year. A few of the ideas to be stressed by this program are the uniformity of teaching methods lteaching basically the same units at the same time throughout the districtl and providing for more experiments in science classes. A series of "mini-courses" will also be submitted to the school board for consideration for use in all schools. Woodrow had many select students in the advanced chemistry and physics classes. Several of these students plan to take advance-placement tests to receive col- lege credit. Classroom instruction was not the only means by which students learned science this year. Many students attended science symposi- ums at Dallas' Bryan Adams and Kimball High Schools. Some stu- dents also entered proiects in the county-wide Science Fair. Entries from Woodrow Wilson were sponsored by the Science Club. Enter- ing the fair was strictly voluntary. 3 Ar . . , X . I ggi, ' ' x A -W ' ,, ., W. A ,., g .5 N , . W , J .L-,,,g,k1gQ Way' 5 s Zn . Mew V ' ' 4 .9-55 if Kr 'ggi--vs s . -.C Y K H '- ,,tggfw.,,4-4 J Bruce Wheeless takes a chemical from Mrs. Evans, while she gives precautions for using it in experimenting. A5 Lqrry McCallum records, Mike Byers measures spring oscillations in physics lab experiment. FACULTY 143 l l .1 y 1 K jf., - ti . 1- i-41 f . X -L Quarter System Causes Shift in Social Studies Courses Length Motivational activities were popular in social studies classes. Some teachers used "question bee" team games and charades to teach history. Others participated in discussion panels, field trips, and special proiects. Mr. Bill Turner, department chairman was assigned the responsibility of planning activities for the celebration of the American Bicentennial. Several departments cooperated in making various items such as a replica of the first United States flag, by the homemaking department. The art department planned a program of American music. The introducing of the quarter system had its effect on the social studies classes. The civics or American government courses this year consisted of 24 weeks ltwo quartersl instead of I8 weeks lone semesterl. The Texas history and Problems of Democracy classes were cut to 12 weeks instead of the former length of one semester. In order to take care of students who needed another quarter unit or so, two new classes were created, taught by Mr. Paul Allen. They were Urban Development and Latin American history. Students enioy American history as taught by Mr. Lucious Newhouse. The contented ones here are Bobbye Parker and Chuck Kirkbride. 144 FACULTY f 'll Doon Tran, standing, a new student from South Vietnam, makes history, and geog- raphy, more interesting for Joel Richerson, Vera Jackson, and Debora Maria Bell. 'ss Y In Mrs. Bryant's sixth period World history class the pupils learn by playing Pass- l word, Reading clockwise, they are: Elizabeth Landa, Dawn Faccilonga, Darryl Stew- art, Kenneth Green, Vicki Bogus. Q' IV MRS. ETTA BRYANT - B.S., American History MR. GARY COLLETT - B.S., M.L.A., American History, P.O.D., Coach Varsity Backs, B-Team Baseball, Key Club Sponsor MR. ALTON HILL - B.S., M.Ed., World History, Varsity Line Coach MR. KEN KIMBRELL - B.S., Texas History, Head Football Coach MRS. MARILYN MCBRIDE - B.S., World History, Psychology, Drama, Senior Sponsor MR. LUCIOUS NEWHOUSE - B.S., M.S., American History, Physical Education, B-Team Football, Head Track Coach MR. DOYLE SMITH - B.A., M.A.p American Government MRS. DORIS STRATTON - B.A., Latin, World History MR. WILLIAM TURNER - B.S., M.Ed., American History, American Government One proiect in the new Urban Development class was to study early Dallos - Larry Phinisee is shown displaying a map of the early village of Dallas to the class. FACULTY I 45 New Fine Arts Teachers Join Colleagues in Successful Proiects Woodrow welcomed two new teachers to the faculty this year. Mr. Phillip Cook replaced Mrs. Geraldine England in the art depart- ment and Mrs. Marca Lee Bircher filled the position in the music department vacated by Mr. Jerry McKinney. Mr. Cook who taught formerly at Fred Florence Junior High School in Dallas, teaches Art l, Il and Art Awareness. The creative depart- ment head, Mrs. Lollie Tompkins, worked with students on Bicenten- nial proiects, including the making of posters and paintings. Mrs. Bircher came to Dallas from Abilene Christian College Metro- center lDallas Campusl. She produced the Christmas choir pro- gram, the musical "Oliver," and Bicentennial Music program. Band director Randy Garmon stated that he had a very successful year with the band and stage band. These two organizations performed at the halftime of the football games and assisted in the assem- blies. This year the band participated in the Fiesta Flambeau Parade in San Antonio in April. Skill and ability is what Carmen Esquivel has to have to hollow out her sculpture, as Mrs. Tompkins looks over and supervises. I 46 FACULTY During a band rest period sophomore Paul Parks gets a close-up view of the gridiron action. During their performance for the PTA, the stage band prepares for the next number. Talented Students Flock to Art, Music Classes MRS. MARCA LEE BIRCHER - B.S., M.M.E.p Choral Music, Stogecraft, Music Theory MR. PHILLIP COOK - B.5.g Art l, ll, Art Awareness MR. RANDY GARMON - B.M.E.g Band, Marching Band, Stage Band, Music for Today MRS. LOLLIE TOMPKINS - B.F.A., M.A.g Art, Art Appreciation 'is i ? Choir members listen intently while Mrs. Bircher gives instructions for performing a scene in the Christmas musical, "A Happening." FACULTY MISS HELEN ECKELMAN - B.A., M.A.g Speech, English MRS. MARILYN McBRIDE - B.S., World History, Psychology, Drama, Senior Sponsor, One-Act Play Sponsor MISS SARA STOVALL - B.S., M.A., Homemoking, Red Cross Youth Sponsor MRS. NANCY WILKINSON - B.S., Homemaking 15? ,Xu ...-a W ' gf , I y 9 , N I . I f I t fx! f i ll? 9 V ff' Training with dolls prepares Shirley Richardson and Krista Kimbrell for future work with children in Mrs. WiIkinson's child development closs I 48 FACULTY .f i if ff iz In Mrs. McBride's psychology class, Kevin Huff and Bruce Phillips try their coordina- tion in a reflex reaction quiz as Steve David and Chuck Farmer await their turn. Drama, Stage Craft, Homemaking Keep Busy Students in the drama classes performed scenes from classical plays, including some Christmas plays and duet scenes. Psychol- ogy, as was drama, was taught by Mrs. Marilyn McBride. The students participated in open discussions with outside speakers of the SPARK Volunteer Program. This is a special program for Additional Resources of Knowledge. They covered such topics as mental retardation, psychoanalysis, and Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs. ln homemaking this year, students were involved with a Bicentennial program, in which they made a replica of the Revolu- tionary flag. The department acquired several new sewing machines during the year. Miss Sarah Stovall taught clothing and family life and Mrs. Nancy Wilkinson has the classes in foods and nutrition. Stagecraft this year, was busy with the sets for the musical "Oliver!" and with learning special theater techniques. This popular course lasted the full three quarters and was taught by Mrs. Marca Bircher. . x Making a backdrop for the musical is like painting on a ten-league canvas. These second period stage crew mem- bers, Carla Healy, Tami Winchester, Melody Higgins, Kathy Hall, and Renee Workman have accepted this respon- sibility. FACULTY 149 Two New Programs to Meet Students' Needs Added to Curriculum MRS. HELEN ARDREY - B.A., M.A., Distributive Education, DECA Club Sponsor MR. ROYCE BULLARD - B.B.A., M.E., Vocational Adiustment Coordinator MRS. MARYHELEN FEELEY - B.S.g Vocational Office Education, Office Education Association, Sponsor MRS. VELMA LUPO - B.S., Special Education MRS. PEGGY JONES - B.S., HOCT Coordinator MR. FLOYD MALONE - B.S.E., M.Ed.p Coordinated Vocational Academic Education MR. JOHN MITCHELL- B.S., M.Ed., Industrial Cooperative Training Coordinator MRS. RUTH STRUBLE - B.B.A., M.L.A.g Vocational Office Education Lab, Office Education Association, Sponsor A new class to assist the vocationally handicapped was added to the Woodrow Wilson curriculum in 1975. Mr. Royce Bul- lard, coordinator, has classes in Voca- tional Adiustment both at Woodrow and Hillcrest. Some students in this course attended a personal, social and work adiustment class part of the day, and they worked at a iob part time. Others were involved in full-time employment. These students will receive high school diplomas when they satisfy the full-time work requirement. ln its first year as a course at Woodrow, the Special Education class was designed to encourage the utilization of any instruc- tional arrangement that would meet the educational needs of individual students. Under the course plan, the students in the class remained in the same classroom all day, where Mrs. Velma Lupo taught all subiect areas. Eight of the I7 students originally enrolled in the program were moved to regular high school classes by the year's end. From the new Vocational Adiustment Class, Elizabeth Gayle Prince works 05 0 llCef1S9f-l b9f1U7'C'0n l I50 FACULTY Heads and Threads," working on both human heads and on wigs ff . f .Q Slicing beef cuts appears to keep Dean leppert busy at Minyard's Grocery Store. F--17-3 -lr . 'X ,QA ln office education lab, Debra Marie Bell knows how to cut a mimeograph stencil land also how to correct an errorl. Sophia Cordova and Tressie Ireland are picking up some pointers. Full Schedule Vocational Courses Offered at Woodrow Wilson Cooperative courses maintained a full schedule at Woodrow Wil- son this year. These courses included Health Occupations Coopera- tive Training lHOCTj, Vocational Office Education lVOEl, Industrial Cooperative Training llCTl, Distributive Education iDEl, and Coordi- nated Vocational Academic Education lCVAEl. ln these classes, students would work half a day, after attending a theory voca- tional class and other academic classes for half a day. Students involved in HOCT were sent to hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, and other places dealing with health occupations. Mrs. Peggy Jones coordinated this class. For the second year, iuniors were placed in a preparatory class in Vocational Office Education. These students, taught by Mrs. Ruth Struble, will be ready to work in office situations next year. The seniors, under the supervision of Mrs. Maryhelen Feeley, worked in private offices, banks, secretarial pools, and the like. Industrial Cooperative Training classes involved students working in shop and construction skills. These students were sent by Mr. John Mitchell, instructor, to plastic shops, automobile, and other shops. This class also entered students in skills contests at district and regional meets. Following the death of D.E. instructor Mrs. Helen Ardrey in Janu- ary, Woodrow Wilson acquired Distributive Education instructor, Mr. Joseph Barnett. He came to Woodrow from Dallas' Carter High School and was in business-personnel work before he became a teacher. The DE students attended school classes in the mornings, and in the afternoons, worked in department stores and shops. These places of employment were newly entitled "training stations" this year. The students under Mr. Barnett also operated a school store in the front hallway of Woodrow during the last quar- ter. The store offered for sale school supplies to the students. Taught by Mr. Floyd Malone, the Coordinated Vocational Aca- demic Education program entered its third successful year. This pro- gram's plan was to assist students in finding iobs, such as restau- rant help, building maintenance, and other services requiring less skill than the other cooperative courses. There were two classes, from which 32 students were employed in twenty firms in the Dallas area. Attorney General's Ruling Upsets School Board Finances Texas Attorney General John Hill ruled in the fall of 1975 certain fees charged by MS. GAY ADDINGTON - B.S., M.Ecl,, Physical Education, Drill Team, Cheerleader Sponsor, Girl's Volleyball Coach, Girl's Basketball, and Track Coach public schools were unconstitutional according to the Texas Constitution. Among these fees were uniform, towel, and lock fees for P.E. students. Students of physical education were therefore, not required to suit out in uniforms or to take showers. Thus, it was conceivable for a girl to participate in P.E. while wearing a long, formal dress, although no unusual inci- dents were reported. Few changes occurred in Ms. Addington's gym classes this year. There was the con- tinuation of intramural sports which con- sisted of basketball, volleyball, gymnas- tics, tennis, and badminton. Boy's P.E. was mostly a carryover from last year with the "self-awareness for fit- ness" program a dominant activity. New additions to the P.E. curriculum were intra- class flag-football and basketball tourna- ments. A spring recreation program involv- ing activities such as golf, tennis, weight- lifting, and soccer followed the winter activities itumbling, wrestling, and gym- nasticsl. , MR. ROGER ZACHARY - B.S., M.S., Boy's Physical Education, American History, Coachg B Football and Varsitv Baseball In Coach Zachary's 4th period P.E. class, Darrell Stewart shows his classmates how to do a dive over four others. uve'-NMSP' Renee Workman and Carla Healy do not appear excited enough to be bowling for dollars as they peer down their respective lanes in preparation for their effort. 152 FACULTY ln an effort to balance herself on the uneven bars, E Addington's assistance and direction. lizabeth Rice requires Ms l More Students Using Library Facilities Striving to create an atmosphere of learn- ing and creativity is still one of the library's main concerns. Mrs. Mary Brown and her assistant, Mrs. Doris Pierce, conducted another successful Book Fair. According to Mrs. Brown, the Book Fair has served two purposes: To make money for the library and to create a high interest in the library itself. ,wfd ,ff f A'-Q44 .Q This year the sales were most gratifying, she added. This year the library also ordered and received some new volumes, ranging in subiect matter from insects to auto mechanics. In Mrs. Brown's opinion, more people used the library this year, thanks to the availability of these and other books and to the encouragement by teachers. Library Workers are: Debra Lunberg, Suzanne Taylor, Donna Young, Sandra Woods, Linda Todd, Dianna Melton, Mike McQuinney, Thomas Heckman, and Georgia Daniels. NOT PICTURED are: Raymond Abercrumbia, and Car- ter Cambell. il' K' xl MRS. MARY BROWN, B.L.S., Librarian MRS. DORIS PIERCE - Library Clerk Mrs. Pierce is glad to assist a student in checking out a book. FACULTY 153 Youth Action Center Staff Gives Valuable Aid to Students, Families The Youth Action Center was concerned with delinquent attend- ance of students. The center worked closely with Jerry Johnson of 5.7- The Dallas County Juvenille Department and Officer Bob Jones of the Dallas Police Department. "To encourage good school attend- ance, good behavior, and happy students is our goal," said Mr. Billy Barnes, director. The center also counseled students who were in trouble with the police department. The staff helped to provide food and or clothing Youth Action Center staff is from left to right: Officer Bob Jones, Mr. Jerry Johnso with Mr. Barnes are Bob .lOrteS, Jose Servlrt, Gnd Jerry Johnson. counselor, and Mr. Billy Barnes, director. Not Shown: Mr. Jose Servin, counselor. for needy families in the Woodrow Wilson area. Others working nl ...K QB-'Na I-'fi Q ,fd Mr. Jerry Johnson prepares reports on Woodrow Stu- Mr. Billy Barnes counsels with Chumley "Buck" Sessions about a problem. dents in the youth action center. I 54 FACULTY AQxy I Some Teachers Like to Travel, Others Collect, Build Things JL, pt., if Woodrow Wilson teachers vary greatly in their choice of hobbies. They range from Mr. James Kelly's dune buggies to Mr. J. William Brown's antique book collection. Many teachers have an affinity Woodrow's popular History instructor, Mr. William Turner twith a beard, yetlt, for world travel, Mrs, Martha Timm'5 recent visit to Austrqliq Qnd proves he is a world traveler by posing in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy. Miss Behy Parrenvs trip to Spain are examples One of Woodrow Wilson's globe trotters is Mrs. Doris Stratton, right, shown here with her husband and others having tea in a castle in Ruthin, Wales. The Strattons were named King and Queen for the evening. FACULTY 155 Typing Rooms Acquire 29 New Electrics, Drafting Pupils Enter Contests .2 1. ........z.f::,,q 1.5 .S--' r it rm Harry Crawford seeks the opinion of Shirley Fugitt on a problem in Bookkeeping. r fav- s .T 'W Mrs. Betty White instructs Philip Patton on how to set his margins correctly. 1 56 FACULTY The students in Mrs. Verlene White's typing class rarely ever had a boring day. Mrs. White planned numerous enioyable activities, such as typing by music, mystery games, and typing games. The students also worked hard to try to be Typist-of-the-Week. Mrs. White was chosen an Outstanding Secondary Educator of America for i975 and was placed in the T975 Outstanding Secondary Edu- cators of America Yearbook for 1975. The typing classes this year also received new equipment. Mrs. Betty White's typing class received T5 new electric typewriters, and Mrs. Verlene White'sN class received 14. Mrs.'Betty White stated that one of the goals this year was to have two all-electric typing rooms, and this obiectivex has almost been realized. l ln Mr. Bob Cargile's general and technical drafting classes, the stu-1 dents participated in the statewide Texas ASM drawing contest.' Not only were the students interested in their regular class work,l but they also found time to participate in the Young Designers' Competition in January, sponsored by the Home and Apartment. Builders Association. l l i 1 Q. --115 Senior Debbie Taylor works diligently to finish her typing assignment. MRS. VERLENE wi-me - e.s., M.s., Typing MRS. BETTY WHITE - B.S., M.L.A.p Typing I, Bookkeeping MRS. LENA ANDERSON 1 B.A., M.A.g Shorthand, Typing 'Q' MR. BOB CARGILE - B.S., M.E., Drafting, Golf Coach, Drafting Club Sb x ff-""""',, Jon Mock works on his entry in the Young Designers contest. ,,- Students in 1 st period drafting work hard to finish their ossignment on time. FACULTY I 57 Parking Lot, Custodial Staffs Make Work Schedule Changes With the death of parking lot attendant Mr. Buster Coats, the park- ing lots were faced with a problem situation this year. lt was solved by having the east parking lot, originally under the supervision of Mr. Coats, closed at 8:30 a.m., allowing the west lot to accept all of the cars of people who came after first period. As a result, attendant Mr. R. O. Stephenson often had an overflow of automo- biles in his lot. The custodians' shifts were slightly different from last year. The morning shift worked from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and the night shift, from 2:30 p.m. ta ll:OO p.m. The morning shift was super- vised by Mr. Grady Power, head custodian. The night shift supervi- sor was Mr. Audie Horn. Joe Willie Mitchell, custodian on the night shift, cleans up the hall for the umpteenth time that day. Preparing to begin the day's work, Mrs. Mary Parks reaches into her supply room School Custodians are: STANDING: Mr. Grady Mr. Andrew Hernandez, and Mr. Joe Willie Mitchell Power, head custodian, Mrs. Mary Parks, and Mr. BACK ROW: Mr. R. O. Stephenson, Mr. Willie Audie Horn, night foreman. SEATED, FRONT ROW: McBride, Jr., and Mr. A. E. James. 158 FACULTY l PX .fl sieve' .V . Mrs. Reba Tenny, school dietitian, calculates the food budget for the day. Inflation Takes Lunchroom Toll, Dessert Removed from Plate Lunch Desserts were made a separate item from the regular plate lunch this year because of last year's price hike of sugar. Also, more milk was sold in the cafeteria since the items sold in the vending machines were sugar free. Inflation caused the price of the plate lunch to be increased ten cents, from 456 to 556, with various increases in other items also. Pastry cook Mrs. Georgia Lewis prepares a day's dessert. year's lunchraom staff is: lclockwise from leftj Ruby Williams, Irene ,Torrez, Clitt, Linda Choice, Beulah Pryor, Mary Ellen Bailey, Reba Tenny ldietitianj, We X ' P X s i L Z? gg. if N Leta Hertzler, Georgia Lewis. FACULTY l59 gif? . wg , M. Q- W...- , 1 ' 11513, ' 'P Agni z ' ,:,5,e,,:.a!,x Hs 4 41. 1 -1 , f A 7 f ,Y C v ,Q ' Nga: ,.:m,:w, ,ff , my 1739 fo. 439' ,.,.a4,,,,, , ge. ., . 5i.,wW 45,3 ., xfbxv' , f--115121 , K xyesn- A 1,1 A V' 'gf Qgyi, M , , , 4 - ' e 1,11-rg-sv-1.-, 1--It eemfflrf 4 f 1-5,5 ggguffz. When rumors developed that Woodrow would be closed vogether in peaceful protest. Our school was not closed 1 1 needed solving. We've come cz long way: yet much remains to be done. 05m B-. ,Q I 'x I 62 SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Sf 2' Sophomore Favorites Jorge Dominguez Greg Irvin Lynn Ehrhordr Susan Loureo Sophomores Get Into Everything ,W I E 4'w4' ' L ... X ..- H K , - sf s , V , -Lixftir X , 4, . V L r 5 4 , Z i l 551 V ' .V V 'T VWL' ,,,. V ' V V - r , , V .Ji V 'j, .gigl'1 tive if V V ' - ' ' .,:.c...-Q--'-"""'W""" 7 'W 1, !Ed Mullin and David Vidal consider the multifarious i choices of food to place on their trays. gy Carol Norman, Diana Samudio, Shirley Matthews, and Sarah David try out for the 1976-77 drill team in the girls' m. l : Q + i V i i We li 1' , 1' , W, David Fugitt, David Cunniff, and Lonnie Bransford are reminded too many tardies will force them to stay 7th period in detention. N Y Sophomores in Mr. Allen's French class discuss each other's schedule. SOPHOMORES 163 Abrams, Karen Allen, Betsy Amlin, Nancy Baldwin, Randy Barnett, Liz Barragan, Teresa Batchelor, Russell Bates, Annie Berlin, Gordon Bogie, Martha Bogus, Vickie Bozarth, Joel Brady, Susan Bransford, Lonnie Brown, Debra Bryant, Steve Burnett, Lois Bynum, Cherie Calverley, Stephen Campbell, Willam Campos, Rosie Cavaness, Rodney Cawthon, Joe Cawthon, Lou Chavez, Tina Cifuentes, Felix Cole, Holley Cosby, Suzy Cozart, Wendi Crail, Julie Cravatt, Frank Criswell, Kendra Cunniff, David Cunningham, James Darr, Thomas David, Sarah Delmanhorst, Tom Dent, Pam Dickens, Robin Dolan, Jeannie Dominguez, Jorge Doty, Peter Dowell, Sheri Dowell, Terri Downs, Wanda Dupree, Carolyn Early, Cynthia Echols, Jimmy Ehrhardt, Lynn Esquivel, Raquel Faccilonga, Dawn Farmer, Glenn Felan, Irma Fox, Mark Franklin, Stephanie Freeman, Cynthia 164 SOPHOMORES Clapping enthusiastically Kelly Vermillion, Diane Gilmour, and Elizabeth Rice cheer the Wildcats on in the weekly pep assembly. fi David Fugitt, Donna U Gallagher, Kevin Garcia, Anna Garcia, Eddie Gerrers, Tammi Gilbert, Darcy Gilmour, Diane Gordon, Steve Grant, Dwight Griffin, Chesley Gutierrez, Jesse Hammond, Hal Hardwick, Jim Harris, Andrea Hartmann, Monica Herrera, Sylvia Hill, Becky Hilton, Edward Hood, Jack Hyde, Leigh lmhoof, Doris Irvin, Gregory Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Timothy Jones, Donald Jones, Jay Jones, Jeff Juarez, Mireya Kirk, Paulette Kuykendall, Sondra Labarba, John Laceky, Jeff Landa, Elizabeth Laurea, Susan Leonard, Phill SOPHOMORES 165 Pep Assemblies Not Complete Without Sophomore Talent Lewis, Tommy Lopez, Linda Luecke, Alan Maldonado, Maria Martinez, Mary Matthews, Shirley Merrill, Wendy Miles, Jan Moseley, Patrice Mosley, Joey Moyer, Bob Newman, Jon Parks, Paul Patton, Phillip Pearson, Laura Peavy, Patricia Perez, Elvira Perry, Loretta Phillips, Gwen Piper, Brian Pomeroy, Lanae Rains, Jana Rearden, Kim Reyes, Edgar Reynolds, Debbie Rice, Elizabeth Richardson, Robbie Rodgers, Kathy Rodriguez, Rebecca Rogers, Tommy Rolland, Angela Sale, Linda Satterwhite, Karen Secker, Charles Shaw, Kirby Shearin, Joe Sheehan, Laura Sherrill, Emily Shuttles, Shelly Silvas, Annette 6 SOPHOMORES V Kms Sophomores Annette Silvas Kelly Vermillion Jeanne Dolan and Lisa John son await the starting gun before they begin their football battle on stage with other eager participants -'tr .si ... ,-QC, f'Y""" ,Qi Williamson, Sheryl Willingham, Matt Woodfore, Leota Woods, Sandra Young, Gayla Simmons, Laura Snyder, Roxanne Spyrlock, Michael Sterling, Jimmy Strawn, Robert Stricklen, Haskell Taylor, Don Taylor, Hal Teer, Martha Todd, Linda Tovar, Sagrario Turner, Mary Varela, Sylvia Vermillion, Kelly Waddle, Linda Wales, Grayson Wallace, Cindy Walton, Donna Wheeler, Wayne Wickersham, Candy Williams, Anita SOPHOMORES 167 Absent Sophs, cmd Some Who Blinked, Go to J. L. Long for Pictures Crabtree, Donna Crowe, Shirlene Davis, Ruby Freeman, Gary Garcia, Blanca Hollingsworth, Jimmy Johnson, Cora Le, Tien McDowell, Patrick Martinez, Mario Norman, Carol Perez, Pat Richardson, Robbie Samudio, Diana Turner, Mary 168 SOPHOMORES lx fa fer., X, M , J? 'Z ,r Mrs. Betty White instructs Philip Patton in how to type while reading from the typing book instead of watching his keys as he types. l ' l 1 Shirlene Crowe takes a smiling pose during her make-up picture which was taken at J. L. Long. J' A Y., . , l if . ' 'A -an -'Q - , Jesse Molina acts in the forbidden manner of pointing Diane Gilmour lcenterl seems to be the only one of this trio urging the Wildcats to greater effort. Her pals are at senior Louis Jasso. Monica Hartman and Carol Norman. fG'nN l'A i 1' 1-0 The Sophomore Honors English class takes interest in a film that Miss Mallewick has scheduled. SOPHOMORES I 69 efmia .- ,, W i w ,M "z"1,.Q ,' f' 1 T4 my-Hwfi ' f - . .H ffsvzaa,-iwkffs N Q ' y il 'YY . A , , gf L ' -X gp g? Ag. , V 4' 1-f H, wi" '!'5.fs'9'A " " ?1".2Q7'EM:, 1' , ' My-.i'.' ?f'YQ,1 '-SN , R R R 1. 'W 170 JUNIORS wif'-0 JUNIOR FAVORITES Robert Pike Bruce Wheeless June Russell Cindy Rodriguez Juniors Excel in Many Areas, but in Certain Others -Well . . Hmmm ,- 'x '-fig tx -R , 5- fijffi' V515 ,E s. 1 'sl g A wir' Z . .......-1 rw I I ,.. 5 7 L f '.-s '- ,QA k q . s .13-1-A , ,-ff-S5-A , ,. A f pg, is s gf - ' ,- ' ' - H, l , . ,W ,, . 5. 341945 -. Tengo cuotro anos ll am four years oldi, IS the answer to the pantomlne portrayed by Bonnie Crawford. ZW X , .ggg ig t 'ggls-ffxx s w 1 s ', ' y Q 1 , l,,,,, rw . s-5 vw? .-1.......W, We 47" . ffl -. - 'I , V ' 1,2 if' s - "Li Terron Jefferson finds fifth period D-company R.O.T.C. in conflict with his afternoon nap. Bobbie Parrish completes the payment on the '76 Crusader. Mrs. LaNelda Kirk, the new school book- keeper, is issuing the receipt in the principal's office. JUNIORS 171 l72 JUNIORS Juniors Learn Ins and Outs ofthe Human Species Allen, Theresa Apple, Mark Apple, Michael Aguilar, Ruth Armstrong, Joshua Barbarick, Gerrie Belcher, Paula Bello, Richard Billie, Martha Brecheen, Sandra Brewer, David Byers, Michael Cantrell, Jamie Carroll, Susan Castro, Rosemary Chapman, Jann Cochrane, Heidi Collins, Nancy Cordova, Sophia '-v fn.,-' TD Brenda Graham and Judy Jones really know how to take you apart "elf Coursey, David Cox, Jimmy Crawford, Bonnie Crawford, Connie Crawford, Harry Crouch, Richard Crow, Camille Crowe, Shirlene Curtis, Laurin Danielson, John Dominguez, Maria Drane, Cynthia Dye, MaryAnne Ehrhardt, Taffy Fincher, David Fincher, Kimberly Forgey, Suzanne Freeman, Alice Fugate, Jenny Fugitt, Jack V Gerron, Dennis Gomez, MaryLou Gozberk, Neila Graham, Brenda Griffin, Karen Halford, Annette Hall, Kathy Halliday, Mike Hargrove, Sandy Harper, Karren Harrington, Holly Heckman, Thomas Hendler, Thomas Herbener, Matthew Heyler, Thmarn Hooker, Cindy Howell, Mark Huff, Kenny Humphreys, Linda lepperf, Steve Ingersoll, Kim Jaurequi, Juanita Johnson, William Jones, Judy Kirby, LeGrand Labarba, Mike Lacy, Ronald Lcnkford, Nancy Lankslon, Lisa Le, Tien Lopez, Marlin Lopez, Olga Loufon, Becky Lovvorn, Linda Lucas, Joel Maceda, Frank Malinasky, Stephen May, Raymond Meers, Eddie Melton, Dianna Mock, Michelle Moore, Beverly Morgan, William Musgrove, Teresa McDowell, Michelle McGee, Tammy McVey, Stacy Nicholson, Melva Oliver, Liz Parker, Brenda Juniors Yield to None in Loyalty to Wildcat Teams Parish, Gayle Parrish, Bobby Peavy, Michelle Pemberton, Michael Pereyda, Frances Perez, Gladys Peters, Karen Proctor, Melanie Puente, Magdalena Rainey, Larry Reno, Alan Rodgers, Leslie Rodriguez, Cynthia Rodriguez, Cynthia A. Rusk, Patricia Russell, Carol Russell, June Sampson, John Schmitz, Charles Shoemaker, Kathleen Simmons, Richard Smith, Darrell Stennis, Mark Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Suzanne Thomas, Janet JUNIORS 1 75 176 JUNlORS Juniors Rush From Class lo Meer Thal Certain Someone Thomas, Rachel Trenf, Robin Trevilion, Rhonda Turner, Greg Varker, Brandy Vinson, Richard Wages, Brill Wales, Eric Wheeless, Bruce Wilcox, Robert Williams, Donna Williams, Gwen Willingham, Kristi Wyse, Bennett Yafes, David Young, Donna -H QQ 'Ji f f- - -1:7 i i !'Z"'? ' l Q Glenda Waddle has learned one of the cardinal rules of hall traffic: Watch that door! Gwen Williams is the young lady in a rush. Some Juniors Go Bock to Long Junior High for Make-up Pictures Clutching a hall pass, Janet Fugitt has the freedom to walk the halls during class along with her friend Teresa Hendley. Daniels, Georgia Harris, Andrea Moser, Alice Neria, David Nichols, Kenneth Shumpert, Mary Van, Vivian Washington, Ang ela Because ofa shortage of chemistry books, Nancy Taylor and Michelle Mock use the same text to complete their assignment. The photographer taking make-up pictures is doing his best to evoke a smile from William Johnson, to no avail, it seems. JUNIORS 177 cffffw V t 'Ta ff, ,Q b2.', .Li , Ji .'f",4v. ,MM ,.., -1 9 mr. 178 SENIORS 1976 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ken Sturges Mike Dixon Carlo Healy Vice-President President Secretory Bruce Phillips seems to have trouble with his cap and Kyle Rains comes to his aid by making necessary adiustments. Senior Committee Chosen to Plan End-of-Year Activities for Grads Preparing for the many activities planned for the graduating class was a maior task of the Senior Committee for I976. The first of their many important decisions concerned the selection of the grad- uation invitations. Next on their busy schedule was the discussion relating to the location of the baccalaureate ceremony. Equally important on their agenda was the choice ofthe band which was to perform for the long-awaited Senior Prom, which was held May 20, 1976, at Sheraton-Dallas Hotel. SENIOR COMMITTEEMEN: Josie Gonzalez, Kyle Rains, Carolyn Storm, Mike Dixon, MVS- MC8"lde di5CU5595 PVOSPECTS for 0 band for the Pfom to be held MGY 20. Bruce Phillips, Joe Sholden, Carla Healy, Ruth Ann Burton, Ken Sturges listen as SENIORS 179 Cindy Fort Scott Alford Shirley FugiH Alon Biefendorf SENIOR Niki Sfefonos Chester Dovison FAVORITES Carolyn Sform Mike Dixon Karen Matney James Cannon Donna Smith Steve David SENIOR FAVORITES Who's Who The Crusader would like to congratulate the students presented in the following pages for distinguishing themselves by receiving certain awards and honors. These students were honored by organiza- tions not officially connected with the Dal- las Independent School District. NANCY HARDWICK chosen to perform in the Dallas Civic Ballet 1 SCOTT STORM TRACEY WHITELY Chosen for inclusion in Who s Who in American High Schools Dallas Chapter Executive Secretary s Nominee KENYON HISER Drum Maior chosen for Dallas all-city Bicentennial marching band. He also received a PSAT letter of commendation. 184 WHO'S WHO TONY WHITEHEAD Chosen by Dallas Music Education Associ- ation to be on the All-City High School Concert Band ROBERT FLORES Won numerous top ratings in Dallas solo and ensemble contest. Executive Assistants The single exception to the rule of includ- ing in Who's Who only honors awarded outside the Dallas School District is the Executive Assistants program. They were relieved from classes to assist various executives in the city for one semester. They included JOHN RIVARD, STEVE EDWARDS, CARTER CAMPBELL, JOSIE GONZALES, MARK MOORE, and PAUL THOMPSON. l 1 sw- RUTH ANN BURTON Was chosen to represent the Jane Douglas Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in State Competition. She also represented Woodrow Wilson in the Exchange Club Competition. Selected in lnterscholastic League Vocal competition were PAM DUKE and LENIS HALEY for solo and DEANA HICKS, PAM DUKE, and LENIS HALEY for ensemble competition. These people received the highest rating possible. DEANA HICKS was presented a special citation by the National Association of Jazz Educators for Out- standing Musicianship and also participated in the vocal U.T.A. Jazz Band Festival. LENIS HALEY was chosen for induction in Who's Who Among American High School Students. Music Department Honorees Among the students in the Woodrow Wilson music department were these who made Who's Who in American High Schools. They were CAROLYN STORM, JOE SHOLDEN, and BEVERLY BRIN. CAROLYN STORM received highest ratings in interscholastic League vocal competition for ensemble. She also represented Woodrow Wilson at Texas Girls' State. JOE SHOLDEN partici- pated in the American Citizenship seminar and represented Wood- row Wilson in Exchange Club Competition. M l . BRONWYN REES and DEBRA LUNDBERG Chosen for their scholastic ability and genuine interest in Biology to participate in the Field Biology Program, sponsored by the Dallas Museum of Natural History at Fair Park. WHO'S WHO 185 'S' .JLJV l' """', I ii K. . Citizenship Seminar Selected by Woodrow Counselors, PHIL ROLLAND, CRIS COLBURN, MIKE MCQUISTON, SERGIO DE LA GARZA, KYLE RAINS, and JUAN COSTILLO attended the American Citizenship Semi- nar in Arlington. This seminar offered vari- ous lectures in problems of democracy. X y MIKE DIXON Was selected to attend the Texas Nuclear Science Symposium in Austin. He was sponsored by Dallas Power and Light Company. l86 WHO'S WHO O. B. MATHIS Was selected for the All-District Football Team lFirst Team in l974I all three years at Woodrow. He was also chosen as Run- ner-up Sophomore of the Year in District I2-AAAA, as well as First Alll-Metro Team as a iunior. is ti JACKIE BRITINGHAM Was selected Second Team All-District Linebacker in 1975, by a Dallas Newspa- per. KAREN CRISWELL Champion Speed Skater for Muscular Dystrophy KEN STU RG ES Y, Second Team All-District pitcher, chosen by Dallas Morning News le use JERRY WILLIAMS Chosen for All-Region Choir, through lnterscholasiic League WHO'S WHO 187 ADAMS, DIANA SUE, June 14, 1958, Dallas, Texas. Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Business. Office Education Association, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musicals. - AIMO, PATRICIA ANN, October 14, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Mathematics, Business. Rifle Team Award, Service Award, Band Rib- bon, Year Ribbon, Health Careers Club, Vice-President, Junior Achievement, Vice-President, CounseIor's Office Helper, Library Council, Sweethearts, WILDCAT Staff, Band. - AKIN, JOEL B., March 14, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science, Latin, Social Studies. Football Varsity and B Squad, 2 Letters, Track Team, 2 Letters, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ice Skating Club, HAAG English, Harvard Proiect Physics, Completed Honors in Mathematics. ALFORD, DON SCOTT, January 3, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Vocational. Football, Varsity and B Squad, 1 Letter, Track Team, Future Homemakers of America, Ice Skating Club, Office Education Associa- tion, Visual Aid Office Helper, Sophomore Favorite Finalist, Junior Favorite Finalist, Senior Favorite. - ALLEN, JOYCE. - ALVAREZ, LETICIA GARCIA, January 29, 1958, Dallas, Texas. Second Lieutenant, Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instruction Award, Drill Team Award, Serv- ice Award, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award. ARBOGAST, RUSSELL MARTIN, May 8, 1958, Dallas, Texas. Social Studies, Mathematics, English. Baseball, Varsity 2 Letters, Basketball, B Squad, Foot- ball, Varsity and B Squad, 1 Letter, Track Team, 1 Letter, Future Homemak- ers of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Rodeo Club, Visual Aids Office Helper. - BAILEY, JOHN SHANNON, December 21, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Foreign Language. DECA, Ice Skating Club. - BAKER, JAMES. BALLARD, FRANCE. - BARBER, JENNY KAYE, September 12, 1957, Frankfort, Kentucky. English, Social Studies, Commercial. Distributive Educa- tion, Secretary, Treasurer. - BENAVIDEZ, HERBERT. BENOIT, MONICA LOUISE, July 15, 1958, San Antonio, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. Swim Team, 3 years, Future Home- makers of America, HAAG English, Sweethearts, Ice Skating Club. - BEST, DANNY DAVID, September 28, 1957, Albuquerque, New Mexico. English, Science, Mathematics. Maior, Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Drill Team Award, Rifle Team Award, Service Award, Superior Cadet Award, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, Scholastic Award, Pan-American Student Forum, Con- cert Choir, All-School Play lStage Crewl, Musicals, 2 years - BIEN, KATHY. 188 SENIORS Three Hundred Seniors Hopefully Enter Woodrow for Last Year .Q "'I. 57 Qi 19" .at 6'-'37 4. is BIENTENDORF, GUY ALAN, December 23, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. Football, B Squad, Swim Team, 3 years, 1 Letter, Future Homemakers of America, Vice-president, Key Club, 3 years, Ice Skating Club, Harvard Proiect Physics, Cheerleader, Student Council Representative, 3 years, Chairman, Human Relations, Junior Favor- ite Finalist: Senior Favorite Finalist. - BLACKMON, JEFF. - BORDEN, ELIZABETH ALLEANE, October 29, 1958, Galveston, Texas. English. Ice Skating Club. BRADLEY, RANDY WAYNE, September 30, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Art, Eng- lish, Science, Mathematics. Band, 2 years, Stage Band, 3 years, Dallas All- City Marching Band. -- BREAULT, CAROL MARIE, June 24, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Ice Skating Club, TAHOS. - BREITZKE, CATHERINE F., May 28, 1958, Milwaukee, Wiscon- sin. English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Vocational Office Education. Swim Team, Manager, Future Homemakers of America, Office Education Associa- tion, Ice Skating Club, Sweethearts. BRIN, BEVERLY, August 7, 1958, Dallas, Texas. Spanish, English, Pan-Amer- ican Student Forum, Secretary, Spanish, Mathematics, Science. Completed Honors in English, National Honor Society, 2 years, Sweethearts, 2 years, Head Captain, Concert Choir, 3 years, Accompanist, Musicals, 3 years, Sophomore Favorite, Junior Princess Finalist, Senior Favorite Finalist. - BROWN, TERRIE LYNN, November 7, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Mathematics. Future Homemakers of America, Red Cross, Secre- tary, Health Careers Club, Health Occupations Cooperative Training - Area III Secretary, Clinic Office Helper. - BUBECK, HARRY LEROY, Janu- ary 14, 1957, Princeton, New Jersey. English, Social Studies, Business, Sci- ence. Lieutenant Colonel, Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Drill Team Award, Service Award, Superior Cadet Award, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, Scholastic Award, Office Education Association, 2 years. BURLESON, DEBRA RUTH, October 1, 1957, Madisonville, Texas. English, History. Office Education Association, 2 years, Ice Skating Club, 2 years. - BURTON, RUTH ANN, November 21, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Science. French Club, Pan-American Student Forum Historian, 2 years, Science Club secretary-treasurer, Ice Skating Club, Pan- American Student Forum Convention Delegate, 2 years, Life Leadership Lab, Office Helper, Attendance, Honors Physics, Library Council, National Honor Society, Secretary 2 years, Bible Award, 2 years, Sweethearts, 2 years, Captain, Student Council Representative, Chairman, 2 years, Crusader Staff, 2 years, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Concert Choir, I year, Musical, 1 year, Senior Committee, Completed Honors in Math, Chemistry, English, S.M.U. High School Journalism Workshop, Senior Favorite Finalist. - BUTLER, BOBBIE. CAIN, NANCY, May 15, 1958, New Orleans, Louisiana. English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science. Swim Team, Little Theatre, Clinic Helper, Ice Slgating Club, Office Helper, Concert Choir, 2 years, Musical. - CAMPBELL, FRANKLIN CARTER, March 20, 1958. Austin, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Latin. Key Club, HAAG English, National Honor Society, Executive Assistant Program. - CLEMENTS, LISA ANNE, Septem- ber 11, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. Future Homemakers of America, Office Helper. SENIORS 1 89 COATS, PAM. - COLBERT, RICHARD ALAN, January 6, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English. Sergeant, Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Rifle Team Award, Service Award, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, VICA Club, President, English Hon- ors Class. - COLBURN, CHRISTOPHER BINGHAM, March 17, 1958, Dal- las, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Business, Science. Chess Club, 2 years, President, Library Helper, HAAG English, Harvard Proiect Physics. CONE, MARY JEAN, May 25, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies. Future Homemakers of America, Red Cross, DECA Club, 2 years, Bible Award, 2 years, Program for PTA. - COOPER, BARBARA. - CONWAY, CAROL ANN, December 26, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Ice Skating Club, 2 years, HAAG English, Library Council, Sweethearts, 2 years, Outstanding Sweetheart of the Week, Crusader Staff, Senior Favorite Finalist. CORDER, TIMOTHY. - COSTELLO, CYNTHIA DEANNE, October 15, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies. Basketball, 2 years, Tennis Team, OEA. - COSTELLO, PHILIP, R., October 15, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Social Studies. Choir, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musicals, 3 years. COSTELLO, TIMOTHY PAUL, October 15, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Tennis Team, Pan-American Student Forum, Treasurer, Ice Skating Club, Cheerleader Finalist, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musicals, 3 years. - COX, DONALD EARL, September 18, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Latin. Track Team, 3 years, 3 letters, Ice Skating Club. - CRISWELL, KAREN ANN, November 14, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies. Counselors Office Helper, Gym Office Helper, Completed Honors in Mathematics, Cheerleader Finalist, Sweethearts, Ice Skating Club. DANNELLY, MELISSA LANE, April 16, 1959, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies. Basketball, Manager, Track Team, 1 Letter, Volley- ball, Manager, Ice Skating Club, Gym Office Helper, HAAG English, SEN- IOR PUBLICATION Staff. - DAVID, STEVEN ANTOINE, July 11, 1958, Austin, Texas. English, Social Studies, Mathematics. Baseball, Varsity, 3 Let- ters, Football, Varsity and B Squad, 1 Letter, Swim Team, 3 years, 1 Letter, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, French Club, Vice-President, Key Club, Treasurer, Senior Favorite Finalist. - DAVISON, CHESTER LEE, September 18, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Business. Basketball, B Squad, Football, Varsity and B Squad, 2 Letters, Future Home- makers of America, OEA, Visual Aid Helper. 190 SENIORS SENIORS '76 Civics Classes Required Study, Prove Great Leveler for Seniors DEES, THERSEA LUWYNDA, June 15, 1958, Ft. Worth, Texas. English, Social Studies, Science, Art. TAHOS, Historian. - DEGENHART, GENEVA MARIE, April 22, 1958, Phoenix, Arizona. English, Social Studies. Swim Team, Captain, 2 Letters, Attendance Office Helper, HAAG English. - DE LA GARZA, SERGIO RODRIGUEZ, October 2, 1956, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Spanish. Maior, Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Drill Team Award, Service Cadet Award, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, Scholastic Award, Color Guard, Soccer Team, Cap- tain, 3 Letters, French Club, 2 years, Science Club, American Citizenship Center Seminar, ESAA, Big Bend Tour, Life Leadership Lab, Student Council Representative, Crusader Staff, Sports. DE WEESE, VICKI LYNN, July 4, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Stud- ies, Mathematics, Business. FHA, Ice Skating Club, Sophomore Favorite Finalist, Cheerleader Finalist, Homecoming Duchess Finalist, Homecoming Princess Finalist, Visual Aids Helper, 2 years, Senior Favorite Finalist. -- DIXON, MICHAEL DREW, March 3, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Science. FHA, French Club, President, Science Club, 2 years, Harvard Proiect Physics, Completed Honors in English, Mathematics, Science, National Honor Society, 2 years, President, Crusader Staff, Aca- demics Editor, Senior Committee, Senior Class President, Sophomore Favor- ite, Junior Favorite Finalist, Senior Favorite, Advanced Placement English, Mathematics. - DOEDEN, SHIRLEEN. DORLACHER, MARK. - DUKE, PAMELA JUNE, October 5, 1957, Augs- burg, Germany. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Drafting. Little Thea- tre, Pan-American Stu. Forum, State Convention, Health Careers Club, HAAG English, Winner, Solo and Ensemble Contest, Sweethearts, Stu. Coun., WILDCAT Staff, Concert Choir, 2 years, Madrigals, Musicals, 3 years, Ice Skating Club, Homecoming Princess Finalist, ESAA, 2 years. - EDWARDS, STEPHEN EARL, September I9, 1957, Lawton, Oklahoma. Eng- Iish, Math, Spanish, Science. Pan-American Stu. Forum, 3 years, State Conv., 3 years, Dallas PASF, Rep. and V. Pres., Key Club, Science Club, 2 years, Completed Honors in English, Math, Science, Spanish, Harvard Pro- iect Physics, Nat. Hon. Soc., 2 years, Cheerleader, Stu. Coun. Rep., 3 years, Operations Comm., Chrmn, Crusader Staff, 2 years, Co-Ed.-in-Chief, Soph. Fav. Finalist, Jr. Fav., Life Leadership Lab, Human Relations Comm., Adv. Placement English, Exec. Asst. Prog., Adv. Placement Math., Sr. Fav. Final- ist ENDEL, ELIZABETH. - FACCILONGA, NANETTE, July 9, 1958, New York, New York. Social Studies, English, Science. Future Homemakers of America, 2 years, Health Careers Club. - FARMER, JAY CHARLES, July 7, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Baseball, Var- sity, 1 Letter, Basketball, Varsity, 2 Letters, Football, B Squad, Track Team, FCA, French Club, Key Club, Completed Honors in English, Mathematics, Advanced Placement, English, Mathematics. SENIORS l9l FERGUSON, INGRID EILENE, Feburary 9, 1958, Frankfurt, Germany. Eng- lish, Social Studies, Homemaking. Volleyball, 1 Letter, Future Homemakers of America, 3 Years, CVAE, Library Helper. - FICKLEN, ROBERT FIELDING, February 8, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics. DECA Club, HAAG English. - FLORES, ROBERT VERDIN, January 19, 1958, Robstown, Texas. English, Social Studies, Mathematics. Sergeant First Class, Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Service Award, Band Rib- bon, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, ESAA, DISD Solo, 3 years, Tri-State Solo, Student Council Representative, Human Relations Committee, Band, Assistant Drum Maior, Musicals, Orchestra, Stage Band, 2 years, Marching Band,,3 years, Concert Band, 3 years. FOLSOM, LESLIE MARION, August 12, 1958, Wichita Falls, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Foreign Language. Swim Team, Manager, Ice Skating Club, 2 years, Attendance Office Helper, HAAG English, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Homecoming Queen Finalist. - FORT, CYNTHIA JANE, June 24, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Homemaking. Future Homemakers of America, 3 years, Red Cross, Youth, Proiect Chairman, Health Careers Club, Junior Achievement, Attendance Office Helper, Homecoming Queen Finalist. - FRANCO, RICHARD JR., September 24, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. Football, Varsity and B Squad, 1 Letter, Future Homemakers of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, OEA, Attendance Office Helper, Musicals, Stage Crew. FRAZIER, DEBRA. - FUGITT, SHIRLEY ELAINE, April 2, 1958, Leonard, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Latin, Business. Future Home- makers of America, Homecoming Queen, Attendance Office Helper, HAAG English, Sweethearts, 2 years, Outstanding Sweetheart of the Week, Out- standing Senior Sweetheart, Red Cross Representative. - FULLER, SUSANNA, January 16, 1958, Beaumont, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Ice Skating Club, OEA, HAAG English. GARCIA, JUAN FLORES, April 22, 1957, Harlingen, Texas. English, Mathe- matics, Science, Social Studies. Football, Varsity and B Squad, 1 Letter, Track Team, 2 years, 2 Letters. - GARZA, DIANA, January 22, 1958, Edinburg, Texas. Social Studies, Spanish, Art, English. Soccer Team, OEA. - GILBERT, VIRGINIA CAMILLE, September 23, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Eng- lish, Social Studies, Business. Health Careers Club, Clinic Helper, Bible Award, Sweethearts, 2 years, Ice Skating Club, 2 years. GOLDEN, MARILYN, March 1, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, French, Science. Counselors Office Helper, English, Mathe- matics Science Honors Classes, Completed Honors in English, Mathematics, Science, National Honor Society, 2 years. - GONZALEZ, JOSEFINA, March 19, 1958, Havana, Cuba. English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science. Little Theatre, 2 years, Science Club, Life Leadership Lab, HAAG English, Library Council, Sweethearts, Manager, Student Coun- cil Representative, 3 years, Election Committee Chairman, Crusader Staff, 2 years, Editor of Organizations, Executive Assistant Program, Senior Commit- tee. - GRAHAM, MIKE. 192 SENIORS Seniors Play Important Part at Games, Sometimes Pulling Prize Boners No, Kenyon Hiser did not eat the "whole thing." Instead, he displays the boner award he "won" during a half-time per- formance. GRAVES, KATHRYN SUE, July 16, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Spanish, Business. Office Education Association, 2 years. - GREEN, JACGUELINE, DENISE, August 28, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies. Future Homemokers of America, Attendance Helper, Counse- lor Helper, HAAG English, Cheerleader, Red Cross, publicity chairman, Band. - GRIFFIN, SONDRA KAY, November 24, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. Swim Team, 2 years, Ice Skating Club, OEA. GRUMBINE, LISA. - GUNTER, RIVA ANN, December 11, 1956, Dallas, Texas. English, Math, Social Studies. Future Homemaker of America, 2 years, Red Cross, DECA Club, Choir, 3 years, All-School Play, Musicals, 2 years. - GUY, LEIGH ANN, February 6, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. DECA Club, 2 years. HALEY, LENIS CARL, December 2, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies. Little Theatre, Ice Skating Club, lnterscholastic League Vthnner, Solo and Ensemble, 1st Rating, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musicals, 3 years. - HALL, KATHY, August 6, 1958, Baltimore, Maryland. Little Thea- tre, TAHOS, Ice Skating Club, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Musical, Stage- craft. - HALL, REBECCA. SENIORS 1 93 HARDWICK, NANCY LOUISE, November 1 1, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Science. Little Theatre, French Club, Health Careers Club, English, Science, Mathematics Honors Classes, Library Council, Cheerleader, Student Council Representative, Crusader Staff, Sophomore Favorite Final- ist, Homecoming Duchess Finalist, ESAA. - HARSHBARGER, TIMOTHY DEAN, August 28, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies. Football, Varsity and B Squad, 1 Letter, Visual Aids Helper. - HARRIS, DANIEL WADE, July 29, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies. Basketball, B Squad, Football, Varsity and B Squad, 2 Letters, Team Captain, Future Homemakers of America, OEA, Visual Aid Helper, Ice Skating Club. HARTMANN, EILEEN MARY, June 21, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies. FHA, 2 years, Red Cross, Ice Skating Club, Sweet- hearts, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Concert Choir, Musicals. - HEALY, CARLA, September 15, 1958, Dallas Texas. English, Social Studies. Scho- lastic Award, Little Theatre, HAAG English, Concert Choir, Musicals, Stage- craft, Senior Class Secretary, Senior Committee, Student Directory Cover Design. - HENDERSON, DAVID. HICKS, DEASAL LYNN, September 25, 1958, Omaha, Nebraska. English, Spanish, Social Studies. Little Theatre, Vice-President, Pan-American Student Forum, Health Careers Club, Secretary and President, 2 years, English Hon- ors Class, Band, 2 years, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musicals, 3 years. - HILL, CHARLES A. - HIRSCH, DEBORAH LOUISE, August 26, 1958, Aspen, Col- orado. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Little Theatre, Health Careers Club, TAHOS Club, ESSA, Spanish, English Honors Classes, Library Council, Cheerleader Alternate, Sweethearts, Crusader Staff, Sophomore Favorite Finalist. HISER, JAMES KENYON, August 8, 1958, Indianapolis, Indiana. Science, English, Mathematics, Social Studies. Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Drill Team Award, Service Award, Band Rib- bon, Superior Cadet Award, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, Scholastic Award, Chess Club, Ice Skating Club, Coun- selors Helper, Completed Honors in Mathematics, English, Science, Harvard Proiect Physics, National Honor Society, 2 years, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Band, Orchestra, Concert Choir, 2 years, Musicals, 2 years, Drum Maior. - HOEFNAGEL, CINDY CHEREE, February 23, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Art. Little Theatre, Ice Skating Club. - HOFFMAN, KIMBERLY JEAN, October 26, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Track Team, French Club, Health Careers Club, Sweethearts, Concert Choir, 3 years, All-School Play, Musi- cols, 2 years. 194 SENIORS SENIORS '76 no-Q, V 4-s 1--X 1 Seniors Led by Energetic Officers, Spring Activities Require Much Planning Class president Mike Dixon contemplates possible plans for spring activities. '93 Ne.-f HOLSTUN, FRANCES ANNE, April 17, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Business, Science. Track Team, Ice Skating Club, 2 years, Sweet- hearts, 2 years. - HOLT, ROBERT HENRY, November 10, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science. Football, Varsity and B Squad, 1 Let- ter, Swim Team, 2 years, Key Club, 3 years, Vice-President, HAAG English, Student Council, Advanced Chemistry. - HOPKINS, LINDA GAY, July 23, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Art, Mathematics. Office Edu- cation Association. HOUGH, CONSTANCE LEA, January 12, 1958, Weisbaden, Germany. English, Social Studies, Art. Little Theatre, Ice Skating Club. - HUFF, KEVIN CLARK, November 5, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, History, Mathematics, Business. Baseball, Varsity, 2 years, 2 Letters, Football, Varsity and B Squad, 1 Letter, Future Homemakers of America, OEA, Ice Skating Club, Visual Aid Office Helper, Sophomore Favorite Finalist, Senior Favorite Final- ist. - HUGHES, DONALD. HUGHES, MIKE. - IMHOOF, NELL. - HERNANDEZ, RACHEL, February 6, 1958, Kaufman, Texas. English, Social Studies, Art. Director of Army Instruction Award, Rifle Team Award, Athletic Ribbon, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, Scholastic Award, Soccer Team, 2 years, Future Homemakers of America, 2 years, Red Cross, 2 years. SENIORS 195 IRVIN, JEFF PATRICK, May 19, 1958, Clarksville, Tennessee. English. DECA Club. - JACKSON, BONNIE ANN, September 28, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Latin, Science. - JACKSON, KEN- NETH DALE, January 11, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. TAHOS Club. JASSO, LUIS, June 21, 1957, Monterrey, N. L., Mexico. English, Mathemat- ics. Soccer Team, 1 Letter. - JOHNSON, ALBERT S. - JOHNSON, WAL- LACE JR., December 8, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Football, Varsity, 2 Letters, Track Team, 1 Letter. JONES, JOE DEGANLEY, November 14, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish, Science. Swim Team, 3 years, 2 Let- ters, English, Mathematics, Spanish, Honors Classes, Completed Honors in English, Mathematics, National Honor Society, 2 years. - JONES, LINDA KAY, November 25, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. Ice Skating Club, Counselors Office Helper, Clinic Helper, Band. - KADANE, JEANNINE, May 30, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science. HAAG English, National Honor Society, 2 years, Outstanding Sweetheart of the Week, Sweethearts, 2 years. LANGE, LINDA ANNE, August 24, 1958, Bayonne, New Jersey. English, Social Studies, Art. Little Theatre, Ice Skating Club, HAAG English, National Honor Society, 2 years. -- LEON, CATHY. - LONG, ROYCE GLENN, November 2, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art. LOPES, ANNE1'I'E, July 8, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Tennis Team, 2 years, Future Homemakers of America, Red Cross, Project Chairman. - LOPEZ, CYNTHIA, May 24, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Spanish. Swim Team, 3 years, 1 Letter, Soccer Team, 2 years, Health Careers Club. - LOVE, CAROLYN DENISE, October 12, 1957, Linden, Texas. English, Social Studies, Art, Mathematics. Basketball, Counselors Office Helper, 2 years, P.E. Office Helper, Student Council Representative, 3 years, WILDCAT Staff. 196 SENIORS SENIORS '76 'Z Seniors Triumphantly Take Over Auditorium Balcony at Assemblies LUNDBERG, DEBRA ANN, November 6, 1957, Douglas Wyoming. English, Spanish, Science, Social Studies, Math. Ice Skating Club, Library Helper, HAAG English, Field Biology, Sweethearts, Manager. -MCCALLUM, LARRY BYAN, March 10, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Future Homemakers of America, Key Club, Honors Class, Mathematics. - MCCOY, JULIE MARIE, August 14, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Spanish, Social Studies. Pan-American Student Forum, 2 years, HAAG English, National Honor Society, 2 years, Cheer- leader, Student Council Representative, 2 years, Crusader Staff, Musical, Junior Favorite Finalist, Junior Homecoming Princess, Senior Queen Finalist, Senior Favorite Finalist. MCQUISTON, MICHAEL CHRIS, November 12, 1958, Ft. Worth, Texas. English, Mathematics, Latin, Science, Social Studies. Golf Team, 3 years, 2 letters, Chess Club, 3 years, Vice-President, Treasurer, Allied Youth, 2 years, Ice Skating Club, Counselor Helper, HAAG English, 3 years, Completed Honors in Math. - MACH, HENRY ALLEN, April 23, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Vocational. Football, B Squad, 1 Letter, VICA Club, Vice-President. - MACK, JONATHAN NEAL, December 16, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies. MANN, CLIFTON RAY, October 14, 1957, Ft. Worth, Texas. Little Theatre, Industrial Arts, Ice Skating Club, 2 years, Counselor Helper, WILDCAT Staff, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musical. - MANN, STEVEN L., September 9, 1958, Athens, Texas. English, Social Studies. Band, Stage Band, Concert Band, 3 years, Concert Choir, 2 years, Musicals, 2 years. - MATNEY, KAREN RUTH, February 18, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. Ice Skating Club, Student Council Representative, 2 years, Secretary, WILDCAT Staff, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musicals, 3 years, Junior Favorite, Senior Class Favorite. MEERS, MARTHA. - MESSERSCHMITT, KURT J., July 10, 1958, Fort Col- lins, Colorado. English, Mathematics, Science. Science Club, Ice Skating Club, Crusader Staff, Photographer. - MIHAL, ANTHONY DAVID, May 12, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Service Award, Superior Cadet Award, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, Scholastic Award, Year Ribbon, Science Club, HAAG English, Harvard Proiect Physics. SENIORS I 97 MILTENBERGER, GEORGE. - MOORE, JOHN MARK, February 19, 1958, New Orleans, Louisiana. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Ten- nis Team, 3 Letters, Future Homemakers of America, Science Club, Ice Skat- ing Club, HAAG English, Student Council, Concert Choir, 2 years, Executive Assistant Program, Tutoring Program. - MOORE, LOU ANN, January 3, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. Swim Team, 1 Letter, French Club, Secretary, OEA, Ice Skating Club, Sweethearts, Senior Favorite Finalist. - . MORA, J. RICHARD, October 13, l958, Alexandria, Louisiana. Social Stud- ies, Mathematics, English. First Lieutenant, Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Service Award, Academic Excellence Award, Academic Achievement Award, Ice Skating Club, TAHOS, President, First Place Area TAHOS Skills Contest, Student Council. - MORRISON, RICHARD WAYNE, January 22, 1958, Sulphur Springs, Texas. English, Social Studies, Art. Football, Varsity and B Squad, Future Homemakers of America, VICA Club, Harvard Proiect Physics, Red Cross Representative. - MORGAN, DEBBIE. MORGAN, LISA. -MORTON, DAVID, April 20, 1958, Dallas, Texas. Eng- lish, Social Studies. - MOSELEY, DOROTHY HELEN, July 29, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Spanish, Mathematics, Social Studies. Little Theatre, Pan- American Student Forum, 3 years, Science Club, Ice Skating Club, English, Spanish, Science Honors Classes, Completed Honors in English, Sweet- hearts, Manager, SENIOR PUBLICATIONS Staff, Chairman, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musicals, 3 years. 198 SENIORS SENIORS '76 lrked at the furniture movers, Melissa Dannelly is determined to finish her assignment, using the floor as the only table available. Seniors Are a Determined Lot, Some Even Insist on Working gf Af Y"'l.f-fr '17 iff MOSSEY, DAVID. - MURPHREE, NANCY G., June 6, 1958, Dallas, Texas. Mathematics, English, Social Studies. - NEIKIRK, JOHN WILLIAM, June 8, allas, Texask .., Jvvskjvll Ulfmdf df Moe Dr, NM rw . Q t Wlgid-ifgilti iii -fL,:L..li 'Q X f . NELSON, VICTORIA. - OLIVER, JAMES. - OLIVER, JO DELL, January 13, 1959, Waco, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish, Sci- ence. Sweethearts, Concert Choir, 3 years, Musicals, 2 years. OWEN, DONALD HALLIDAY, November I, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Baseball, Varsity, 2 Letters, Football, Varsity and B Squad, 2 Letters, French Club. - OWENS, LINDA MARIE, November 3, 1956, Commerce, Texas. English, Mathematics, Business, Social Studies, Science. - PARKER, JAMES TERRY, March 1, 1958, Dallas, Texas. Science, English, Social Studies, Mathematics. Future Homemakers of America, Secretary, Key Club, 2 years, Senior Board Director, Science Club, 2 years, President, Executive Assistant Program, Ice Skating Club, HAAG English, Completed Honors in Chemistry, Cheerleader, Athletic Trainer, Life Leadership Lab, Tutoring Award, 2 years. PATTERSON, TAMMY KAY, February II, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Science. Track Team, I Letter, Volleyball Team, 3 Letters, TAHOS Club, Concert Choir, Musicals. - PESINA, SALLY. - PAVEY, DAVID S., October 2, 1954, Dallas, Texas. Vocational. PEIROS, HAZEL BEATRICE, December 20, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Health Occupations. TAHOS Club, 2 years, Volunteer of the Year for 1975. - PHILLIPS, BRUCE EDWARD, June 16, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Baseball, Varsity, 2 Letters, Football, Varsity and B Squad, 2 Letters, Track Team, 1 Letter, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes, President, French Club, 2 years, Science, Eng- Iish, Mathematics Honors Classes, Harvard Proiect Physics, Completed Hon- ors in Mathematics, English, Student Council, President, Advanced Place- ment Mathematics, Senior Committee. - QUALLS, RICKY. SENIORS 1 99 RAINS, JAY KYLE, March 11, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Art, Architectural Drafting, Mathematics. Little Theatre, Program Committee, Pan-American Student Forum, 3 years, Vice-President, Delegate to State Convention, 3 years, Key Club, Science Club, Ice Skating Club, Texas Indus- trial Arts Students Association, Treasurer, Steering Committee, Completed Honors in English, Solo and Ensemble Contest, Cheerleader Finalist, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Chairman, Concert Choir, 2 years, Musicals, 2 years, Senior Committee Advanced Placement English, American Youth Citizenship Seminar, North Texas Freedom Forum, Senior Favorite Finalist. - RAMI- REZ, AMELIA MUSQUIZ, August 20, 1957, Robstown, Texas. Art, Social Studies, Mathematics, English, Spanish. - RAMIREZ, ANTHONY ANTO- NIO, February 12, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Drafting. RAMIREZ, SUSAN MARY, January 8, 1958, San Angelo, Texas. Basketball, 2 Letters, Soccer Team, 2 Letters, Volleyball, 1 Letter, P.E. Office Helper, 2 years. - RAMOS, PATRICIA, August 3, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Homemaking, Social Studies. Future Homemakers of America, Office Educa- tion Association. - REES, BRONWYN, September 13, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies. Science Club, English, Mathe- matics Honors Classes, Field Biology, National Honor Society, 2 years, Con- cert Choir, Musicals, Ice Skating Club, 2 years. REYES, TONY A., June 12, 1957, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Mathemat- ics, English, Social Studies, Architectural Drafting. Soccer Team, 2 Letters, Pan-American Student Forum, Student Council, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Band, Life Leadership Lab, Stage Band. - RIVARD, JOHN MARK, March 21 , 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. HAAG English, WILDCAT Staff, Sports Editor, High School Executive Assist- ant Program. - RODRIGUEZ, RICKY, March 3, 1958, Dallas, Texas. Eng- lish, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language. Golf Team, 3 Letters, Pan-American Student Forum, Science Club. Allied Youth Program, President, Ice Skating Club, 2 years, Attendance Office Helper, HAAG Eng- lish, Completed Honors in Mathematics, Concert Choir, 2 years, Accumation Program, Executive Assistant Program. 200 SENIORS SENIORS '76 ,, , ,. , Z V, 'WG' fl x -is 'ev Graduated in 1975, John Bryant, was a familiar and pleasant sight in the halls of Woodrow, negotiating his wheel chair. His senior picture was accidentally left out of the 75 Crusader. ROLLAND, PHIL, February 2, 1958, Jacksonville, Texas. English, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies, Latin, Science. First Sergeant, Director of Army Instruc- tion Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Service Award, Academic Excel- Ience Award, Academic Achievement Award, Scholastic Award, Football, Manager, Pan-American Student Forum, Health Careers Club, Key Club, Sci- ence Club, Vice-President, HAAG English, Honors Physics, Completed Hon- ors in Science, Mathematics, Student Council, Crusader Staff. - RUSK, THOMAS. - RUSSELL, MATTHEW LEE, March 10, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Art. DECA, HAAG English, Band, 3 years. SCHNITZIUS, GREGORY. - SCHWEN, JACK ARTHUR, October 10, 1957, Toledo, Ohio. English, Mathematics, Social Studies. Football, Athletic Trainer, B Squad, Ice Skating Club, Attendance Office Helper, WILDCAT Staff, Page Editor, Concert Choir, 2 years, Musicals, 2 years. - SCOTT, CYNTHIA ANN, January 21, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics. DECA Representative, Mathematics, English Honors Classes, Program for the Talented and Gifted. SCOTT, DAVID RAY, September 16, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies. Football, Varsity and B Squad, I Letter, Future Home- makers of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ice Skating Club, HAAG English, Band. - SEGURA, DORIANA. - SHANKS, SUSAN FRAN- CES, February 26, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Studies, Business. Bible Award, 2 years, Sweethearts, Concert Choir, 2 years, Musicals. SHAW, MARK CLIFFORD, January 17, 1958, Davenport, Iowa. - SHEL- TON, ROSALYN SHANNETTE, February 2, 1958, Gregg County, Texas. English, Social Studies, Business. - SHOLDEN, JOSEPH KANE, January 10, 1958, Dallas, Texas, Mathematics, English, Spanish, Social Studies, Sci- ence. Little Theatre, President, Pan-American Student Forum, 3 years, Trea- surer, President, Delegate to State Convention, 3 years, Science Club, 3 years, Vice-President, Ice Skating Club, 2 years, Mathematics, English, Sci- ence, Spanish Honors Classes, Completed Honors in Mathematics, English, Chemistry, National Honor Society, 2 years, Vice-President, Cheerleader Finalist, Student Council, 2 years, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Editor, Con- cert Choir, 3 years, Madrigals, All-School Play, Musicals, 3 years, Junior Favorite, Senior Committee, Advanced Placement English, Senior Favorite Finalist. SENIORS 201 SHOOK, TOBY LLOYD, December 29, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Social Studies, English Mathematics DECA Club Ice Skatin Club HAAG En Iish I - I 9 F 9 - 1 SMITH, DONNA LYNN, September 4, 1957, Ft. Worth, Texas. English, Social Studies, Business. Ice Skating Club, Visual Aids, 3 years, Cheer- leader, Student Council, Homecoming Duchess, Princess Finalist, Queen Finalist, Sophomore Favorite Finalist, Junior Favorite Finalist, Senior Favor- ite. - SNYDER, BRENT, August 31, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Science. Swim Team, Captain, 2 Letters, Key Club, Ice Skating Club, Musical, Stage Manager. STARK, HELEN WICKIE, September 13, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Math- ematics, Social Studies. Little Theatre, Pan-American Student Forum, Science Club, Allied Youth, Ice Skating Club, P. E. Helper, PrincipaI's Helper, 2 years, HAAG English, 4 years, Sweethearts, 2 years, WILDCAT Staff, News Editor, Exchange Editor, Cartoonist, 2 years, Quill and Scroll Society, Dele- gate, Southwestern, Journalism Conference, 2 years. - STEFANOS, NIKI JO, November 27, 1957, Chickasha, Oklahoma. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Latin, Science. Ice Skating. - STORM, CAROLYN, August 5, 1958, Dearborn, Michigan. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Senior Committee, HAAG English, 3 years, Solo and Ensemble Contest Win- ner, National Honor Society, 2 years, Sweethearts, 2 years, Captain, Stu- dent Council, 3 years, Co-Chairman, Concert Choir, 3 years, President, Musicals, 3 years, Ice Skating Club, Junior Favorite Finalist, Homecoming Queen Finalist, Senior Favorite Finalist. STORM, SCOTT HOWARD, August 5, 1958, Dearborn, Michigan. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science. Future Homemakers of America, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, President, Secretary, 3 years, HAAG English, 3 years, Harvard Proiect, Crusader Staff, Sports, Editor, Y- Teens, Allied Youth Education Proiect, Tutoring Award. - STURGES, KEN- NETH RICHARD, August 15, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Latin, Science. Baseball, Varsity, 3 Letters, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, Treasurer, President, 3 years, Science Honors Class, Harvard Pra- iect Physics, Completed Honors in Math, English, Bible Award, Cheerleader Finalist, Student Council, 2 years, Vice-President, Advanced Placement Eng- Iish, Ice Skating Club, Advanced Placement Mathematics, Senior Committee, Senior Class Vice-President. - SWETT, CYNTHIA DIANE, December 21, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Homemaking. Future Homemakers of America, Vice-President, Red Cross, Vice-President, Office Helper, Counselor. HAAG English, Red Cross Representative. 202 SENIORS TAYLOR, DEBRA LYNN, March 1, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies. Tennis Team, Future Homemakers of America, Ice Skat- ing Club, Concert Choir. -TAYLOR, RUTHIE ARCHIE, June 3, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Future Homemakers of Amer- ree, 2 years, TAHOS. -THOMAS, RICHARD. THOMPSON, PAUL MCINNIS, October 16, 1958, Atlanta, Georgia. Eng- Iish, Mathematics, Latin, Science, Key Club, 2 years, Science Club, 2 years, Harvard Proiect Physics, Completed Honors in English, Mathematics, Sci- ence, Crusader Staff, Classes Editor, High School Executive Assistant Pro- gram, Advanced Placement English, Mathematics. - TORRES, MARIA. - TOWNES, DAVID LEE. TREVINO, AURELIA, October 28, 1957, Dallas, Texas. English, Art. - VASQUEZ, DOLORES GARCIA, December 8, 1957, Dallas, Texas. Future Homemakers of America, Red Cross. - VAUGHAN, LISA JEAN, Septem- ber 26, 1958, Denison, Texas. English, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Texas Association of Health Occupations. VAUGHAN, MICHELLE DIANE, December 9, 1957, Paris, Texas. English, Social Studies. Swim Team, Manager, Office Education Association. - WALL, WILLIAM GRANT, February 26, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Math, Spanish, Social Studies. Tennis Team, Varsity, 2 Letters, Ice Skating, HAAG English, Bible Award, 2 years, Cheerleader, Junior Favorite. - WEAVER, GALE ANNETTE, March 24, 1958, Kerens, Texas. English, Mathematics. Social Studies. Squad Leader, Director of Army Instruction Award, Senior Army Instructor Award, Service Award, Academic Excellence Award, Aca- demic Achievement Award, Basketball, Varsity, 1 Letter, Track Team, Var- sity, 2 Letters, Future Homemakers of America, Bible Award, 2 years. WHALEN, ROBERT RAY, May 7, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Math, Social Studies. Football, B Squad, Swim Team, Manager, Future Homemakers of America, HAAG English, Proiectionist, HAAG Algebra, Geometry. - WHI- TEHEAD, TONY MAX, July 1 1, 1958, English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Music. Chess Club, 3 years, HAAG English, Harvard Project Physics, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff, Band, Stage Band, 3 years, Band Council, Musicals, 2 years, Orchestra, All-City Concert Band, ESSA. - WHITELY, TRACEY LOUISE, March 23, 1958, Memphis, Texas. English, Social Studies, Math, Business. Health Careers Club, 2 years, Office Education Association, President, 2 years, Girls Choir. SENIORS 203 WICKERSHAM, TAMMY DIANE, December 7, 1957, Dallas, Texas, English Social Studies, Homemaking, Future Homemakers of America, Counselors Office Helper, Sweethearts, Manager, WILDCAT Staff, page editor. - WIL- LARD, GAYLIN ANN, December 12, 1958, Dallas, Texas, English, Mathe- matics, Social Studies, Spanish, Science. Little Theatre, Pan-American Stu- dent Forum, Attendance Office Helper, HAAG English, Sweethearts, head manager, SENIOR PUBLICATION Staff. - WILLIAMS, CAROLYN EVONNE, March 16, 1957, Sweetwater, Texas. Health Occupations, TAHOS. WILLIAMS, JERRY MICHAEL, October 31, 1957, Dallas, Texas, Counselors Officer Helper, Concert Choir, Musicals. - WILLIAMS, JEWELL. - WIL- LIAMS, RAY. WILLINGHAM, KYLE DAVID, November 23, 1957, San Antonio, Texas. English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Business, Football, Varsity B Squad, 2 letters, Future Homemakers of America, Y-Teens, OEA, Ice Skating Club, Proiectionist, Math, Science, Honors Class. - WINCHESTER, TAMI. - WIL- SON, RUTH ANN, December 19, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Social Stud- ies, Science, Future Homemakers of America, Health Careers Club, OEA Club, HAAG English, 4 years. 204 SENIORS SENIORS '76 Royce Long and Eddie Lightsey take the beginning position trom which all wrestling holds occur, they await the stoning signal. ,A iw NA-I 1-bl 'tzzr XY' X Wx Who Knows? The World May Someday Know Seniors Who Excelled in Wrestling! A 3 . K Alvarado, Juan J. Anaya, Rosa R. Barrientos, Mide R. Becerra, Roy L. Black, Donald P. Blum, Gary L. Bourguin, Rita K. Bracamonite, Walter H. Bradley, Charles Brafford, Richard P. Brittingham, John G. Brooks, Jr. Fred T. Brown, Michael Burleson, Jr. Kenneth R. Caldwell, Rsie M. Camp, Rick D. Cannon, James L. Cantrell, Friena L. Carrillo, Javier R. Cason, Wilburn R. Chaffin, Clavin D. Chopo, Julietaa J. Chapman, Curtis Coburn, Jr. Robert W. Conley, John E. Connell, Kimberly J. Copling, Dwight D. Cordoba, Emma Davis, Vincent D. Dickens, Gerald W. Dominguez, Diana Dowell, William M. Eli, Lonar Lee N. Ellis, Karl M. Ellis, Shirley S. . K N, L.. g-. 6 K Q' ef. WOODRUFF, ROBERT. - WORKMAN, RENEE YVONNE, August 28, l958, Dallas, Texas. English, Math, Social Studies, Little Theatre, Ice Skat- ing Club, HAAG English, Musicals, Stagecraft. -YARBROUGH, KAY. ZAPATA, ANITA, July 21, 1958, Dallas, Texas. English, Art, Social Studies. Ice Skating Club, Visual Aid Helper, Cheerleader Finalist, Student Council, Homecoming Duchess, Princess Finalist. - CASTILLO, NORIEGA' JUAN CARLOS, January 6, 1957, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. English, Mathemat- ics, Social Studies, Languages, Sciences. French Club, Student Council Rep- resentative, Crusader Staff, Photographer, E.S.A.A. - ELLIS, KARL M. CAMERA-SHY SENIORS Erickson, John S. Evans, Lawrence V. Fosmire, William P. Freeman, Cassandra W. Garcia, Richard C. Gilbreath, Larry D. Gomez, Steve A. Gunter, William F. Harrell, David E. Hawkins, Carolyn N. Hicks, Bobby L. Howard, Johnny Hyman, Rogene leppert, Dean P. Ingham, Mark V. Jackson, Vernon D. Johnson, Victoria Jones, Debra H. Latzer, Brian L. Lecour, James M. Lightsey, Eddie Lindsey, Rebecca A. Lister, Alton L. Locke, Tracy K. Lopez, Antonio C. Lopez, Carmen Lynn, Lyric L. Maclean, Cathy A. Mathis, O. B. McElyea, Lester L. McGovern, Alice M. Miller, Tyrone Morris, James H. Nichols, Randall M. Nichols, Robert D. Odell, Andy R. Pace, Mark E. Person, Diana D. Pinson, Glendia S. Post, Lisa A. Prestwood, Margaret J. Ramirez, Richard Rhodes, Joe H. Richardson, Eddie R. Roach, Michael J. Roark, Ricky G. Robertson, Ray N. Robertson, Robert L. Rodriguez, Stella Roy, Kenneth Scroggins, Shirley Smith, Charles Smith, Vernon Smith, Walter Stokes, Susan Sutton, Cynthia L. Sword, Steven D. Taylor, Charles E. Taylor, Debra L. Torres, Leonardo P. Townsend, Margaret A. Turner, David E. Turner, Dorothy J. Vasquez, Dolores Vidal, Carlos Wall, Debra A. Webb, Robert E. Whitley, Tracey L. SENIORS 205 , T ,uv . f+" -'41, .-N w". 4 , , I f . .,- ML. , ' ' A . . 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Yet wlrd ' can deny that much rerndins to be done to improve further the trqth in adver- ' tiiing gainslondto stem our growing inflation. , P , w z, 5 fr cr, 1 ., pe, ft., -V ., ,,f ., 1, V, .N 1 1 ,xl -,M , , -. 5. a, M 5 .. . .,..-1 -4 -1 14 -ful " ..fe,.w:'-if'-M ..A,-1612,-'f J .:,-k., Q, 1: ' . t . 5 ,-,, .wen y J ui m.::'S.v'g,f-,af V' W .1 xeeg che!!-3:-ff, 'Q-"4 7 f ' ,,:.,- ,,.,., I V .v'f,f:ff'+,1 ra 2-:qw A-iff As' ' , 'I 1 'ixlilffili'-43, ff 5, ,Q-f, my , .ff .Q ,N 1, 5. .5 , emi? wma-ffvyw A-,-5 1 it f., -if? - If -1 'riif-ggffii' :4-uf' ,- ' ': Q T1 , If x f .1-g.:g,. Q. ,5-, 3, v..-H,-.1 , P I 1i,w-541334: ' ' . :me w,..L,f-55:g'Q,l ,A 3 -. ., K 9 N sf af, f -xg-1 mf 'Tf,Ul'lff'tJ-f-ll'xiii' ' Q:t.,y,'gi-fJfQ'4rA , ,, L.. M., ,f -.V, ,,1.?-t. '-vw , -Vgriqyevtjvta' 3 . F , ,Y bw' ,x , 4. .W Q, 1 1 mv. Y- v. 'Lu .--' +34 if .LN . , :wg M' .,.,,L. Af. - 'M Umm ,,,.,, Y, , , V , .fx ,, .ft ' 'gf-L-a?ff.1f' mf f., "x Wi, 1. ,ff , . -tg qw 1, , I, 15 1, lfifw-T , E+,-C1 it ,L H ,fgwt jf' ' J' ,Hilti N' .51 ty . . '21, :uf Q ,,t,L.'f.1. -- e 4 4 .if I X l .qt . l r 1 MAKE ouR BANK YOUR BANK WE'RE STAYING! lll MERCHANTS STATE BANK dl l? i ii A' Xl ' 1924 SKILLMAN -5717 vv. Loveies LANE 13.5, Another Of The 'riff C ' 5 A ullum Companies UMM G x 9 .fy "ET . N , ' . Flowers and Gifts for Every Occasion XL HolT's Florist, Inc. 6 1 fn 2017 Greenville Avenue 'H Dallas, Texas 75206 Nc S -K f l. X . l l ' ...means every price on every Item is Business 827-3221 We Are As Near As Your Telephone Night 279-4408 lAII Hoursl LYNDON E. HOLT as low as we can make it every day. o 370 Hillside Village ,. 1 , , lf 739 QVV 'JV I si, Heid' ppHrjcI e ' If ' C6ffS1Qrfrmr2 'f' . ' ' 6 4- . v I 1 I ig g a ' iw: .. ., 4 iff- M J! E . . S I ' A ,. ! 1 ,X F, M- MQ-.Q . ,-' 4 sq 'vu S In 4 -4 r K" gli' O 'nfl M ,gm 'IQ - 1 EAST DALLAS YMCA Merle Norman Cosmetic Sluclio l909 Skillman Dallas, Texas 75206 823-6649 Lingerie -Jewelry - Boutiques 4 gong Urenl Dance Sfuclio DALLAS LARGEST INDEPENDENT STUDIO 6220 Worth 824-81 39 3225 Li:T1lATrLN2l?6E4 WEST 521 5449 DALLAS TEXAS 75204 DALLAS TEXAS ' 'lv B A .Jar Bell . E .' E' 19. T T ', F -A , l.!:lhr,.,r:.:1:1,::E '15, e n Ti is Fil, JHEAL ro ucls fl l-X 518 C. South Garland Rd. I 6-VL T A 276-5566 T 'ilu-.-F U F I lwlxll 210 ADVERTISEMENTS TlTCHE'S PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO WISHES TO CONGRATULATE THE WWW CLASS OF T976 Monday through Saturday 9:30-5:30 Downtown - 3rd Level I I Y , .1 , Q,-A - +2 . . gl :Ex , ' k S Hfuk , I T S Y 9 , . .gk ,if M., hiya Q I :K -V,,,,,. 'f-S x g f 5 ' ' X f ,' 1 T 14 f W An ' . f ! ' Sergio de I za DALLAS FENCE CO. "CHAlNLINK" OUR SPECIALTY RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL 2306 Fernwood Ave. 376-I 1 1 I E" you-LING. 0 Ag CONGRATULATIONS g 4, ggi AND A SWG GOOD LUCK A RODOLFOACHAPA Born: Dallas, Texas, July 5, 1958. Deceased: July 21, 1975. His immediate ambition in life was to finish high school. Written in his autobi- 356 HIL'-SIDE VILLAGE ography was this statement: "It's funny how some people take their good health for granted, while others struggle and fight for theirs." MOCKINGBIRD AT ABRAMS Rodolfo Chapa will always be remembered for his kindness, politeness, and foopemfive ""i'Ude' Ti-lures. 'TILL 9 P.M. 824 6006 YMCA Club - SUGAR LIPS: FRONT ROW: Susan Carroll, Melissa Dannelly, Brenda Parker, Kim Hoffman, Janet Thomas, Kim Ingersoll, Jody Oliver, Jume Russell SECOND ROW: Judy Jones, Gwen Williams, Michelle Metzger. 212 ADVERTISEMENTS ,Qa- Michelle Metzger, Woodrow Wilson iunior, at the THE PARTY PARLOUR 1824 Abrams Rd. 821-1724 Party Supplies - Decorations Personalized Napkins - Balloons Classes, Demonstlrations and Private Instruction Available TERRY PARKIQER Professional Sport Judo Instructor Home Phone 824-3379 Good Luck to the Seniors of '76 PETAL SHOPPE 2101 Abrams Rd. MUl.l.lN FLOWER SHOPS, INC. 823-9505 Special Discounts on Cash and Carry Items 'hr Yllr PROFISSIONAL Srrvin Call" HALV5 VARlETY STORE zzi W .,-M' ,r.i. Hallmark C0fdS, Gill?-I and TOYS lt. ZZZIS 9 4':: "" 1908 Skillman "" """ ' ' .,.:.:s, 2 zttifi 8210403 .1.:.., "MOST REPAIRS MADE I Y U " NADINES POODLE SALON O R HO . . . . . 2 wu A 2 'Lg ' ' Specializing in Poodles, Snauzers, Yorkies fm ladle lquiplud We Groom All Breeds - All Type Pet Clothes i f,,,5,,3:,,x ,,,,,,k, and Supplies Also Gifts and Antiques -' nun SERVING DALLAS s Ncs 1946 2013 Abrams ssnvlcs ON ALL MAKES 'NIH' -k COLOR if BLACK '- WHITE . -k sTEREoPHoN1c E UIPMENT Mqgnqgx TC: 5:63 the Needs nd Wants o t V V' ENNIS BARBER SHOP Sywmm .MSL " Hair Styling - Layers and Shags 6121 Winton iBehind Wilshire Theaterl 824-9074 Graduate Elntnkal Engineer Sup rvising All Service CG11824- 047 ammonl Answsnzo 24 uns. num 6114 MOCKINGBIRP LANE HOLIDAY CLEANING 81 LAUNDRY 1912 Abrams Road 823-9052 GENERAL AUTO REPAIR Gnd Owned and Operated by BUREN W. TERRELL LAKEWOOD AUTOMOTIVE RCA - ZENITH - QUASAR SALES 8 SERVICE 2221 Abrams Road SERVICE ALL MAKES ANTENNA SALES 8. INSTALLATION 821-2271, 821-2183 FRED 8. LOGGINS TV 329 HILLSIDE VILLAGE, MOCKINGBIRD AT ABRAMS DALLAS, TEXAS 75214 826-1500 2025 ABRAMS 12141 823-2153 NEWETE2IlTSl'i.NZ.f,fS'1iT2l 1123! GND DALLAS 752I4 TETEFVS cgolfzg 04444602 gawslsz f -, , .- ' 1 ' JEIIIEIIIEI -2 PARTS CENTER ggfggggpgggu " --Q72 A 4 ,AM iS-L0 MAURICE TETER GENE TETER WATCHMAKING . ENGRAVTNG 2017-A ABRAMS ROAD DALLAS, TEXAS 75214 827 3371 SEVEN SEAS RESTAURANT JAMES' HA'R FA5H'ON5 , 2915 G 'II Av . 6332 IQVISIO No AppoinIE1eennN1IIjece:sary 8212161 823-9414 , LAKEWOOD BODY SHOP JUDY S BEAUTY SALON M ABM OPEN MONDAYS - NO APPOINTMENTS 823-1830 NECESSARY MANICURIST AVAILABLE MENS HAH? STYUNG ron TI-IE FAsH1oN'QLQbR'1aA1.4. 5 6039 ORAM MEANS YOWVE CHOSENTHE BEST .. " SHOP . 824-2287 . ' "': ,:,. ' -I -1.41, . Q 5' .L ,, 1 4 344m11.TdqV1118gS" Pg 'T 4-., ":' Dori: Chemn Abrams otldockinqbird. Coroiyn Looper 2 I 4 ADVERTISEMENTS Q .H 'Q gps. 0 33' O Gillon's Beauty Supply Hillside Village La Lobe Ear Piercing Salon 8306 Kale Slreel 691 -l 359 Barraco's Food Mari l93l Skillman Dallas 826-1457 Specializing in Italian Sausage Bernardo's Elegance in Fashions Old Town in the Village Suite 602 691 -4506 l Af HENDERSON HARDWARE, Teresa Musgrave, Woodrow iunior, examines an anlique washsland set. HENDERSON HARDWARE also has a complete line of hardware, paints and garden supplies. 6327 Gaston Avenue Phone B27-3733 HARG ELECTRIC conmclnl a uinusnuil ELECIRICAL CONTRACTQRS Serving The Dallas Metroplex 6 ADVERTISEMENTS ,-tX --,, . .f,, 5 N,.,. X .,'x, K g K , lfggx 251411 ,: V, 1 1 rlll 1' 2 LAKEWOOD '- --- s so sag ,-gg., M - ,Q s Authorized Dealers For uf' . g f " f . 1 sl'l9gQ3'1'i K 'I li yi 826 4564 -'Ll-ee.-...64 I - . M Q 1 i az IQ PlANos 8. ORGANS J, ' KQALGRAPIY coNsoLs mwos All 'Woo 9 1' og M BRANDS All Maior Credit Cards 2 'L 2,1 sims - ssnvics " . ' l 1 3, g xlrl KENYA., LG VlSlCI DF. 1,3 J.: 237 4 Pima a. onem ruumo lekewood Shopping Cooler - -"3 A We Bdy Pianos 8: 9 Organs 1 We Also Carry l Guitars -- Drums ' Amps 3, Accessories ADAMS PAINT QENTER Youn DISCOUNT iagilagigwinins Msracmex 314 Hillside Village 263,07-I7 " 824-7210 823-6123 Dallas em rsfisrow AT Asxms . rr Worth 5, wum, Paints 817 921 ,3076 817 834-741 1 Picture Framing mo w Berry Al Ifagilkriiailhiiliinf E'ld28rh JOHN ADAMS Wall Cgveriiigs rt upp ies For Goodness Sake Bring Your Appetite Good thin s to eat To Food-to-g service Large or small party Reservations 12, ' 1 1 Hug an Par f J hl d k Cafeteria K 'XSLT A 'fun Open 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Monday - Saturday Knox at Cole, Exit 5, North Central Expressway 526-3801 ADVERTISEMENTS 217 2 Exchange ,Savings and Loan Association our jamigf jinanciafavifer THAT'S CENTERED AROUND YOU EM9 "USE ALL OF OUR SERVlCES" 1 Insured Savings ' Personal Loans z, ' Mortgage Loans ' Drive-In Window ' ' Automobile Loans ' Night Depository ' Home Improvement Loans ' Free Parking ' Free-Save By Mail nog, 1 .9 ,cm-'X I olne o f ze fafeoman 5 u 2' I 3 A F' 8 ol,0CClti0ll.5 fo Lszrue ou 'fl W MAIN OFFICE 6516 Forest Park Road 350-56II FOREST LANE BRANCH 3550 Forest ,I-0112 HILLCREST BRANCH Park Forest Shopping Center 12310 Hillcrest Gum 1093 357-0227 233-9264 OAK CLIFF BRANCH LAKEWQQD QRANCH 4347 S. Hampton Road 5342 La vim, 339-6341 827.8910 WHITE .ROCK BRANCH HIGHLAND PARK BRANCH 'W-err:-rg Rasxwh 341-3550 522-4920 ALLEN BRANCH 205 S Belmont Allen Tx Dls No. 23l-8I5l ,J msuntn " :ary 43 A Q it if X X L 4. ,zo 4 CASA LINDA SHOPPE ISBC Linda Plaza 321-1692 NORTH DALLAS SHOPPE 304 Park Forest Shop Cent 350-0551 'A' Get the Spirit of t '76 l lx li' your elnllllng picture you want to fix? Tllcn llilllliifiillll Shoppes are thc ones tu pick. at ir ir wvunswoon snows ni wynnewooa vmage 942-4005 HAMPTON AT LEDBETTER SHOPPE 512 W Clill Mall 337-7373 fl! Southwestern Balfour 4026 Lemmon Ave. 526-7207 Finest Jewelry for the Graduate Senior Sponsor, Mrs. Marilyn McBride, assists Debbie Burleson in adiusting her Balfour cap and gown. ADVERTISEMENTS OW is the time to start saving for our future. Bank and Trust Company The accommodating bank in Dallas Gaston at LaVista Dallas, Texas 75214 823-9924 M ber F.D.l.c. ADVERTISEMENTS A Abercrumbia, Charles - 84 Abercrumbia, Raymond - 85, 99, 100, 102 Abrams, Karen - 126, 164 Adam Paint Center - 21 1 Adams, Diana - 79, 188 Addington, Gay - 50, 106, 152, 126 Aguilar, Ruth - 79 Aimo, Patricia - 188 Akin, Joel - 91, 92, 121, 122, 188, 1 1 1 Alford, Scott - 92, 136, 188 Allen, Betsy - 164 Allen, David - 91 , 92, 94, 99, 101, 102, 127 Allen, Joyce -101,188 Allen, Paul - 87, 72, 103 Allen, Theresa - 42, 52, 74, 82, 1 72 Alvarado, Joe - 20, 84 Alvarado, Juan - 14, 85 Alvarez, Leticia - 78, 85, 188 Alvarez, Rena - 61 Amlin, Nancy - 59, 72, 74, 76, 82, 164 Anderson, Lena - 157 Apple, Mark - 172 Apple, Michael - 92, 172 Aquilar, Ruth - 84, 172 Arbogast, Russell 4 93, 65, 123, 124, 188 Ardrey, Helen - 150 Armstrong, Joshua - 121 , 172 Armstrong, William - 85 Artega, Maxine - 61 Austin, Ricky - 52 Austin Jewelers - 212 B Bailey, Shannon - 61, 188 Baldwin, Randy - 81, 164 Balfour- 209 Ballard, Francis - 188 Band - 52 Barbarick, Gerrie - 172, 67, 84 Barber, Jenny - 61, 188 Barnett, Liz - 164 Barraco's - 208 Barragan, Teresa - 85, 164 Baseball - 123 Basketball - 99 Batchelor, Russell - 164 Bates, Annie - 20, 164 Bell, Debra - 78 Bell, Shawn - 104, 105 Becerra, Mike - 52, 84 Belcher, Paula - 50, 76, 77, 86 87, 172 Bell, Camellia - 50, 69 Bell, Debra -144, 151 Bello, Richard --123, 125, 172 Bell Wooden Products - 214 Benavidez, Herbert - 188 Benoit, Monica - 26, 50, 1 19, 188 Berlin, Gordon - 74, 164 220 Index INDEX Bernardo's -- 208 Best, Danny - 41, 67, 83,188 Bien, Kathy - 188 Bitendorf, Alan - 22, 48, 49, 56, 57, 69,189,121,180 Billie, Martha - 79, 172 Bircher, Marca Lee - 40, 74, 75, 147 Blackman, Jeff - 189 Black, Don - 64 Bland, Helen - 133 Blevins, Wilhelmina - 140 Bogie, Martha - 38, 1 13, 164 Bogus, Vickie - 52, 144, 164 Bonnett, Robert - 84, 67 Borden, Elizabeth - 189 Bozarth, Joel - 57, 97, 123, 164 Bradley, Genell - 106, 126 Bradley, Randy - 52, 53, 189 Brady, Susan - 26, 57, 106, 164 Bransford, Lonnie - 164 Breault, Carol - 61, 189 Brecheen, Sandra - 50, 59, 72, 74, 172 Breitzke, Catherine - 50, 79, 1 89 Brewer, David - 64, 172 Brin, Beverly -16, 40, 50, 51, 29, 68, 74, 76, 77, 189 Brittingham, Jack - 92 Brown, Debra - 84, 164 Brown, J. W. - 70 Brown, Mary - 153 Brown, Michael - 61 Brown, Terrie - 61, 189 Bryant, Etta - 145 Bryant, John - 200 Bryant, Steve - 164 Bubeck, Harry - 28, 67, 78, 83, 189 Bufanno, Mike - 64 Bullard, Royce - 150 Burleson, Debra - 79, 189 Burleson, Kenneth - 93 Burleson, Lois - 164 Burton, Ruth Ann - 15, 16, 29, 32, 44, 45, 50, 51, 56, 57, 59, 68, 76, 77, 86, 87, 138, 189, 179 Butler, Bobbie - 189 Byers, Michael - 99, 100, 172 Bynum, Cherie - 74, 126, 134, 164 C Cain, Nancy -189 Calverley, Stephen - 136, 164 Cameron, Winfred - 84 Camp, Evelyn - 50, 57, 61 Campbell, Carter - 58, 68, 123, 124, 125, 189 Campbell, William -110, 164 Campos, Rosie - 83, 164 Cannon, James - 99, 100, 101, 123, 127, 182 Cantrell, Jamie -172, 175 Cargile, Bob - 157 Carr, Mark - 42 Carrllo, Susan - 50, 57, 119, 172 Cason, Wilburn - 64 Castanon, Sandy - 78 Castillo, Juan - 57, 72, 86, 1 14, 127, 205 Castleberry, James - 97 Castleberry, Kenneth - 97, 104 139 Castro, Joe - 85 Castro, Ray - 14 Castro, Rosemary - 52, 172 Cavaness, Rodney - 164 Cawthon, Joe - 64, 67, 83, 84 Cawthon, Lau - 83, 85, 164 Cecil, Georgia -116 Chaffin, Calvin - 64 Chapa, Clara - 83, 84, 61, 67 Chapman, Sheila - 78, 172 Chavez, Earnstine - 67, 84, 164 Cheerleaders - 48 Choir - 74 Cifuentes, Felix - 164 Clay, Vickie - 45 Cochrane, Heidi - 62, 63, 74, 172 Colbert, Richard - 64, 140 Colburn, Chris - 190 Cole, Holley - 97, 110, 111, 164 Collett, Gary - 92, 93, 123, 125,129,136,145 Collins, Nancy -52, 53, 172 Compos, Rosie - 52 Cone, Mary - 61, 190 Conner, Gloria - 137 Conway, Carol - 32, 50, 86, 190 Cook, Phillip -147 Cooley, Cheryll - 79 Cooper, Barbara - 61, 190 Copling, Dwight - 67, 84 Copling, Evertt - 97 Corder, Timothy - 190 Cordova, Emma - 79 Cordova, Sophia - 78, 151, 172 Cosby, Susy - 164 Costello, Cynthia -190 Costello, Philip - 57, 74, 190 Costello, Tim - 74, 76, 77, 190 Coursey, David - 84, 67, 173 Cox, Donald -110,111,127, 190 Cox, Jimmy -173 Crabtree, Donna - 168 Crail, Julie -164 Cravatt, Frank - 85, 97, 1 10, 1 14, 164 Crawford, Bonnie - 52, 53, 11 1, 1 13, 173 Crawford, Connie - 79, 86, 1 19, 122, 173 Crawford, Harry - 92, 1 1 1, 121, 173 Crenshaw, Henry - 140 Criswell, Karen - 37, 50, 51, 60, 143, 190 Criswell, Kendra -- 164 Crouch, David - 61 Crouch, Ricky - 63, 173 Crowe, Camille - 173 r Crowe, Shirlene - 69, 168, 173 Cunniff, David - 164 Cunningham, James -104, 140, 164 Curtis, Laurin - 52, 53, 65, 93, 173 D Dabney, April - 1 38, 140 Dads and Lads - 210 Dallas Fence Co. - 210 Daniels, Georgia - 31, 61, 153 Danielson, John - 93, 173 Dannelly, Melissa -- 70, 71, 106,113,126,190, 198 Darr, Thomas - 164, 85 David, Sarah -164, 72, 74 David, Steve - 58, 92, 121, 123,124,149,182,19O Davis, James - 84 Davis, Kenneth - 93, 96, 99 Davis, Mary - 69, 83, 84 Davis, Paul - 85 Davis, Ruby -69, 116, 168 Davison, Chester -15, 92, 181 , 1 90 Day, Ethel - 67, 84 DECA -- 61 Dees, Theresa - 61, 191 Degenhart, Geneva - 1 19, 127, 134, 191 De La Garza, Sergio - 57, 59, 72, 85, 86,115,127,191 Delmanharst, Tom - 164 Dent, Pam - 164 DeWeese, Vicki - 136, 137, 1 91 Diaz, Gwendlyn - 137 Dickens, Arlillian - 61 Dickens, Gerald - 85 Dickens, Robin - 164 Dixon, Mike -- 59, 68, 69, 86, 87,138,178,179,181,191, 195 Doeden, Shirleen - 78, 191 Dolan, Jeanie -164, 166 Dominguez, Jorge - 57, 59, 162, 164 Dominguez, Maria - 173 Dorlacher, Mark - 69, 191 Doty, Peter - 121, 164 Dowell, Sheri -- 164 Dowell, Terri - 164 Downs, Wanda - 164 Dr. Pepper - 217 Drafting Club - 81 Drane, Cynthia - 52, 54, 173 Drill Team - 50 Dupree, Carolyn - 106, 126, 164 Duke, Pam - 41, 63,191 Duncan, Mark - 63 Dunlap, Margaret - 139 Dye, Mary Ann - 59, 81,113, 173 E Early, Cynthia - 84, 164 East Dallas YMCA - 214 Raquel- 164 Echols, Jimmy - 52, 53, 141 , 164 Eckleman, Helen -139, 148 Edwards, Jack - 67, 84 Edwards, Steve - 26, 48, 56, 59, 68, 76, 86, 87,191 Ehrhardt, Ginger -19 Ehrhardt, Lynn - 26, 57, 59, 1 19, 162, 164 Ehrhardt, Taffy - 59, 76, 1 13, 173 Ellis, Karl- 52, 53 Ellis, Mary -135 Endel, Elizabeth -191 Ennins Barber Shop - 215 Eppright, Erickson, Erickson, Judy - 139 John - 64 Doris - 135 Escobar, Yolanda - 84 Esquivel, Carmen - 70, 71, 146 Esquivel, Estes, Nolan - 19, 130 Evans, Nova - 142, 143 F Faccilonga, Dawn - 26, 57, 59, 67, 144, 164 Faccilonga, Nanette - 67, 81, 191 Farmer, Chuck - 58, 65, 99, 134, 149, 191 Farmer, Glen - 164 FCA - 65 Feeley, Maryhelen - 150 Felon, Irma - 164 Ferguson, Ingrid - 192 FHA - 69 Ficklen, Robert- 61, 192 Fincher, David - 52, 53, 146, 172 Fincher, Kimblery - 25, 72, 173 Flores, David - 84 Flores, Robert- 52, 53, 54, 64, 192 Foley, Gloria -134, 135 Folsom, Leslie - 15, 26, 70, 71, 192 Football- 90 Forgey, Suzanne - 173 Fort, Cindy - 26, 180, 192 Fosmire, Bill- 58, 59, 68, 121 Fox, Mark - 164 Franco, Richard - 69, 92, 134, 192 Franklin, Stephanie - 164 Frazier, Debra - 84, 192 Freeman, Alice - 26, 52, 55, 57, 72, 106, 113, 126, 173 Freeman, Cynthia - 52, 142, 164 Freeman, Gary - 168 French Club - 72 Fuasblen, Stephanie - 84 Fugate, Jenny - 35, 109, 173 Fugitt, David - 97, 165 Fugitt, Donna - 31, 74, 165 Fugitt, Jack - 64, 173 Fugitt, Janet- 79, 1 16 Fugitt, Maria - 126 Fugitt, Shirley - 26, 27, 50, 51 , 180, 192 Fuller, Suzanne - 78, 192 G Gallagher, Kevin - 25, 58, 97, 104, 105, 165 Garcia, Anna - 85, 165 Garcia, Blanca - 168 Garcia, Eddie - 97, 114, 115, 165 Garcia, Juan - 92, 111, 190, 192 Garcia, Richard - 85 Garcia, Salvador - 85 Garmon, Randy- 20, 22, 30, 146, 147 Garza, Diana - 79, 192 General Auto Repair and Foreign Car Service - 212 Gerron, Dennis - 173 Gervers, Tammi - 165 Gibson, Ray- 1 10 Gilbert, Camille - 50, 192 Gilbert, Darcy - 165 Gilham, Burt- 37 Gillon's Beauty Supply - 208 Gilmour, Diane - 22, 74, 165, I 19, 169 Glenn, Kimberly - 61 Golden, Marilyn - 68, 192 Golf - 1 17 Gomez, Mary Lou - 173 Gonzalez, Josefina - 17, 50, 56, 57, 179, 192 Gonzalez, Carmen - 45, 116 Gordon, Steve - 165 Gozberk, Neila - 25, 78, 108, 173 Graham, Brenda - 35, 79, 108, 172, 173, 35 Graham, Michael- 64, 192 Grammer, Doris - 133 Grant, Dwight- 165 Graves, Kathy - 79, 193 Green, Bob- 1 19, 120, 121, 142, 143 Green, Jacqueline - 25, 27, 48, 49, 69, 136, 193 Green, Kenneth - 104, 144 Green, Yolanda - 84 Greer, Elaine - 135 Griffin, Chesley - 165, 85 Griffin, Karen - 78, 173 Griffin, Sondra - 79, 193 Grumbine, Lisa - 59, 193 Gunter, Reba - 61, 193 Gutierrez, Jesse - 165 Guy, John - 61 Guy, Leigh Ann - 61, 193 H Haden, Joel - 23, 132 Haley, Lenis - 74, 193 Halford, Annette - 61, 173 Hall, David - 99 Hall, Kathy- 140, 193 Hall, Kathy - 70, 71, 173,149 Hall, Rebecca -193 Halliday, Mike -173 Hall's Variety - 215 Hammond, Howle - 97, 98, 123, 125, 165 Hanes, Don - 72, 121 Harbison, Craig - 63 Harbus, Janis - 62, 63, 119, 139 Hardwick, Jim- 104, 105, 141, 165 Hardwick, Nancy - 37, 48, 61, 143, 195 Hargrove, Sandy - 26, 50, 57, 173 Harper, Brenda - 106, 107 Harper, Karren - 52, 63, 72, 76, 173 Harrell, Loia -165 Harrington, Holly - 30, 62, 63, 1 19, 173 Harris, Andrea - 50 Harris, Daniel- 93, 95, 136, 194, 127 Harshbarger, Tim - 65, 93, 194 Hartmann, Eileen - 50, 69, 70, 71, 74, 169 Hartmann, Monica - 74, 165, 169 Hawkins, Linda - 85 Haynes, Stephen - 104, 105 Healy, Carla - 139, 152, 149, 178, 179, 194 Heckman, Tom - 40, 58, 67, 84, 92, 94,123,153,173 Henderson, David - 194 Henderson Hardware - 208 Hendler, Thomas -173 Herb, Paul- 52, 53 Herbener, Matthew - 52, 53, 173 Hernandez, Andrew - 158 Hernandez, David - 61 Hernandez, Rachel- 83, 85, 1 16, 127, 195 Herrera, Sylvia - 165 Heyler, Thmara - 173 Hicks, Bobby - 92, 94, 96, 11 1, 1 12 Hicks, Deana - 41, 42, 52, 53, 1 13, 194 Higgins, Melody - 74, 149 Highland Park Cafeteria - 21 1 Hill, Alton - 93, 104, 145 Hill, Barbara -139 Hill, Charles -194 Hill, Rebecca - 165 Hilton, Edward - 67, 84, 165 Hilton, Robert- 67 Hirsch, Debbie - 50, 61, 194 Hiser, Kenyon - 23, 40, 52, 53, 53, 59, 68, 70, 71, 83, 136, 193, 194, 83 Hoefnagel, Cindy - 194 Hoefnagel, Don - 108, 109 Hoffman, Kim - 50, 74, 131, 194 Holiday Cleaning - 212 Hollingsworth, Jimmy - 97, 168 Hollins, Bonnie - 84 Holstun, Francie - 50, 195 Holt, Robert- 58, 91 , 92, 122, 121,123, 124,125,195 Holt's Florist- 216 Hood, Jack - 97, 163 Hooker, Cindy - 50, 74, 76, 77, 174 Hooper, Doris - 79 Hopkins, Linda - 79, 195 Horn, Audie - 158 Horne, Marilyn - 52 Howell, Mark - 52, 174 Huff, Kenny - 91 , 92, 94, 65, 125, 174 Huff, Kevin - 91, 92, 136, 149, 195 Hughes, Donald - 195 Hughes, Michael- 195 Hughes, Sherry - 85 Humphreys, Linda - 52, 174 Hunter, Glen - 84 Hyde, Leigh - 108, 136, 165 Hyman, Rogene - 61 Ice Skating Club - 60 Ieppert, Dean - 151 Ieppert, Steve - 83, 85, 174 lmhoff, Doris - 52, 165 lmhoff, Nell- 195 Ingersoll, Kim - 26, 50, 74, 147, 174 Ireland, Tressie - 119, 140, 151, 175 Irvin, Greg - 97, 162, 165 Irvin, Jeff- 61,196 J Jackson, Bonnie Ann - 196 Jackson, Kenneth - 52, 53, 196 Jackson, Leroy - 83, 84 Jackson, Lisa - 25, 85, 131 Jackson, Vera - 144 Jakaboski, David - 52, 142 James A. E. - 158 James Hair Fashions - 212 Jasso, Luis -114, 169, 196 Jaurequi, Juanita - 79, 174 Jefferson, Terron - 85 Jimenez, Teresa - 78 Johnson, Albert- 67, 84, 196 Johnson, Cora - 168 Johnson, Lisa - 22, 119, 165, 166 Johnson, Timothy - 85, 165 Johnson, Wallace - 197 Johnson, William - 84, 174 Johnson, Zelda - 69 Jones, Betty - 135 Jones Debbie - 25 Jones Debra - 61 Jones, Denise - 50, 106, 126 Jones, Donald - 165 Jones, Jay - 52, 53, 165 Jones, Jeff- 97, 165 Jones,Joe-68,121,138,197 Jones ,Judy - so, co, 74, 147, 172, 174 Jones, Linda - 137, 197 Jones, Peggy - 61, 150 Jordan, Barry - 69 Juarez, Edilia - 126 Juarez, Mirya -165, 84, 116 Judy, Nancy - 19 Judy's Beauty Salon - 212 K Kadane, Jeannine - 50, 68, 197 Kelly, James - 22, 114, 116, 142 Key Club - 58 Index 221 Kimbrell, Ken - 92, 145 Kimbrell, Krista - 148 King, Robert - 97 Kirb, Paula - 84 Kirby, LeGrange -64, 174 Kirk, Paulette - 165 Kirkbride, Charles - 84 Kirkbride, Tim - 67 Kuykendall, Sondra - 72, 165 L Labarba, John -165 Labarba, Mike - 64, 174 Laceky,Jeff- 121, 165 Lacy, Ronald - 27, 67, 84, 147, 174 Lakewood Bank - 219 Lakewood Florist - 21 1 LaLobe - 208 Lankford, Nancy -63, 1 19, 136, 174 Landa, Elizabeth - 165 Lange, Linda - 68, 196 Lankston, Lisa - 174 Laurea, Susan - 57, 59, 74, 108, 165, 162 Le, Tien Mana - 168, 174 Lecour,James-121, 123 Leon, Cathy - 196 Leonard, Phill - 52, 165 Lewis, Tommy - 97, 123, 124 7 Lightsey, Eddie - 204 Lister, Alton - 100, 101, 102, 199, 127 Little Theater - 66 Littleton, David - 85 Long, Royce - 124, 196, 204 Lopes, Annette - 25, 37, 69, 108, 109, 196 Lopez, Cynthia - 196 Lopez, Linda - 166 Lopez, Martin - 63, 76, 108, 136, 174 Lopez, Olga - 79, 174 Lopez, Tony -114, 116 Lopez, Vincent - 97, 123, 125 Louton, Becky - 35, 86, 77, 174 Love, Carolyn Denise - 57, 63, 136, 196 Lovelace, Jennifer - 42, 75 Lovelace, Linda - 74 Lovvorn, Linda - 34, 174 Lowe, Jim - 61 Lucas, Joel - 85, 86, 174 Lueke, Alan - 57, 97,121,166 Luis, Tom - 166 Lunberg, Debra - 50, 153, 197 Lupe - 1 40 Lupo, Velma - 150 Lymn, Bryan - 85 M McBride, Marilyn - 145, 179 McBride, Willie Jr. - 148, 158 McCallum, Larry - 58, 69, 197 McCarty, Dave - 15, 108, 140 McCoy, Julie - 26, 32, 48, 49, 57, 68, 86, 76, 197 McDonald, Jack - 121 McDowell, Michelle - 52, 174 McDowell, Patrick - 52, 53, 222 Index 168 McGee, David - 174 McKinny, Jerry - 19 McLain, John - 93 MacLean, Cathy - 84 McQuinney, Michael - 57, 78, 153 McQuiston, Michael - 60, 197 McSpadden, Ann - 139 McVey, Stacy - 63, 127, 141, 174 Maceda, Frank - 52, 174 Mach, Henry -197 Machi, Caterina - 108 Mack, Jonathon - 64, 81 , 197 Maldonado, Maria - 57, 166 Malinasky, Stephen -174 Mallewick, Marleen - 30, 139 Malone, Floyd - 150 Mann, Cliff- 63, 81 , 136, 197 Mann, Steven - 52, 153, 197 Martin, Elisha - 67, 84 Marintez, Mary - 166 Martinez, Shirley -61 Massey, David - 64 Mathis,O.B.-69,81,92, 111, 1 12, 127 Matney, Karen - 26, 30, 56, 57, 63, 70, 71, 133,182, 197 Matthews, Shirley - 166 Max, John - 157 Meers, Eddie - 174 Meers, Martha - 197 Melton, Dianna -153, 174 Mendez, Jorge - 83, 84 Merchant's State Bank - 216 Merrill, Wendy - 166 Messerschmitt, Kurt - 59, 86, 197 Metzger, Michelle - 26, 50 Midtown Piano and Organ - 21 1 Mihal, Anthony - 59,83, 197 Miles, Jan - 52, 166 Miley, R.Tollie-110,111,112 Miller, Ernadine - 45 Mills, Lucy - 84, 140 Miltenberger, Anthony - 1 10, 1 1 1 Miltenberger, George - 198 Milton, Dianna - 31 Mitchell, Joe Willie - 158 Mitchell, John - 64, 150 Mock, Alan - 64 Mock, Mary -108, 174 Molina, Jesse - 114, 169 Monzingo, Tracy - 61 Moore, Beverly - 85, 174 Moore, Mark - 57, 59, 108, 198 Moore, Louann - 198 Mora, Richard - 61 , 198 Morales, Irene - 85, 116 Morgan, Debbie - 198 Morgan, Lisa - 198 Morgan, William - 59, 174 Morrison, Richard - 198 Morton, Daphrene - 142 Morton, David - 198 Moseley, Alvin - 140 Moseley, Dorothy - 50, 59, 70, 71 , 74, 198 Moseley, Patrice - 41, 59, 74, 76,106,126,166 Mosley, Joey - 85, 166 Mosley, Keith - 85 Moser, Billie - 85 Mossey, David - 199 Moyer, James - 166 Mullin Flower Shop - 215 Mullin, Ed - 84 Murphy, David - 84 Murphree, Nancy - 67, 199 Musgrove, Teresa - 38, 52, 59, 76, 86, 174 N Nabors, Mike - 64 Nadine's Poodle Salon - 215 National Honor Society - 68 Neikirk, John - 74, 99, 74 Nelson, Martha - 39 Nelson, Victoria - 70, 71 , 199 Neria, David - 84 Newhouse, Lucious - 97, 1 10 Newman, Jon - 97, 166 Newspaper - 62 Newton, Mozelle - 133 Nichols, Kenneth - 104 Nichols, Randall - 61 Nicholson, Hardie - 216 Nicholson, Melva - 174 Norman, Carol - 26, 74, 72, 168, 169 Norman, Merle Cosmetic Studio - 214 O OEA - 78 Oliver, Elizabeth - 16, 26, 50, 74, 174 Oliver, James - 199 Oliver, Jody - 50, 74, 1 13, 147, 199 Oliver, Liz - 147 Owen, Don - 92, 123, 125, 140, 199 Owens, Joe- 1 10, 1 12 Owens, Linda Marie - 199 Owens, Melba - 35 P Pacina, Sally - 61 Parish, Carletta - 59, 1 13, 126, 134, 175 Parker, Bobbye - 144 Parker, Brenda - 50, 60, 174 Parker, James - 97, 104 Parker, Terry - 48, 58, 59, 199 Parks, Mary -158 Parks, Paul - 52, 67, 83, 84, 146, 166 Parrish, Bobby - 175 Party Parlour - 215 Patterson, Tammy - 61 , 1 13, 126, 199 Patton, P11111ap - 81, 97, 114, 123, 166, 168 Pavey, David - 199, 202 Pearson, Laura - 1 19, 120, 166 Peavy, Michelle - 35, 50, 76, 1 75 Peavy, Patricia - 31, 166 Pemberton, Michael - 97, 175 Pereyda, Frances - 175 Perez, Elvira - 1 14, 1 16, 166 Perez, Gladya - 1 16, 175 Perez, Patricia - 45, 168 Perry, Loretta - 166 Pesina, Sally - 199 Petal Shop - 215 Peters, Karen - 50, 126, 175 Petros, Hazel - 61, 199 Phillips, Bruce - 19, 56, 57, 72, 92, 95,123, 149,179,199 Phillips, Gwen -166 Phinisee, Larry - 145 Pierce, Doris - 153 Pierce, Wayne - 68, 131, 136 Pike, Robert- 170 Pimberton, Wayne - 52 Pinson, Glenda - 61 Piper, Brian - 52, 53, 75, 166, 75 Pomeroy, Catheryne - 166 Power, Grady - 158 Prince, Elizabeth Gayle - 150 Procter, Melanie - 29, 50, 137, 175 PTA - 73 PUB - 70 Puente, Magdalena - 57, 79, 83, 85, 79, 175 Qualls, Ricky - 61 , 199 R Rainey, Larry - 175 Rains, Jana - 52, 55, 76, 166 Rains, Kyle - 13, 47, 58, 59, 60, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 81, 179, 200 Ramirez, Amelia - 200 Ramirez, Anthony - 200 Ramirez, Susan -16, 106, 107 126, 127, 200 Ramos, Patricia - 79, 200 RCA - Zenith - Quasar - 21 2 Rearden, Kim - 166 Red .Cross - 67 Rees, Browyn - 68, 200 Regalado, Domingo - 132 Reno, Alan - 74, 86,175 Reyes, Edgar - 1 14, 166 Reyes, Marco - 141 Reyes, Mary - 142 Reyes, Tony - 57, 70, 71 , 114, 200 Reynolds, Debbie - 166 Riboni, Charlie - 81 , 85,114 Rice, Elizabeth - 74, 152, 165, 166 Richardson, Eddie - 81 , 85 Richardson, Joel - 144 Richardson, Robbie - 106, 166 168 Richardson, Shirley - 148 Riley, James - 140, 141 Rivard, John -63, 200 , Robertson, Billie - 78 Robertson, Ray - 64 175 Sugar Lips - 210 Robison, Donna -106 Rodgers, Kathy - 166 Rodgers, Leslie - 24, 175 Rodriguez, Cindy - 26, 27, 34, 41, 59, 77, 108,136, 141, 170, 175 Rodriguez, Cynthia - 57, 175 Rodriguez, Rebecca - 57, 166 Rodriguez, Ricky - 59, 200 Rogers, Virginia -136, 137 Rogers, William - 67, 84 Rolland, Angela - 57, 166 Rolland, Phil- 44, 58, 59, 76, 86, 87, 201 Romero, Richard - 121, 178 ROTC - 83 Rowerh, Albert - 67 Rouwtt, Albert - 84 Rouwtt, Larry - 84 Roy, Kenny - 63 Rusk, Patricia - 41, 50, 175, 74, 147 Rusk, Thomas - 74, 201 Russell, Carol - 38, 119, 175 Russell, June - 16, 50, 74, 170, Russell, Matthew - 201 S Sale, Linda - 72, 166 Sampson, John - 62, 92, 175 Sampson, Ricky - 97, 65, 108 Samudio, Diana -168 Satterwhite, Karen - 166 Schmitz, Charles - 175 Schnitzius, Gregory - 201 Schwen, Jack - 30, 63, 92, 1 34, 201 Science Club - 59 Scott, Cynthia Ann - 61, 201 Scott, David - 92, 140, 201 Scott, Steve - 102, 104, 140 Secker, Charles - 97, 1 1 1, 120, 121, 106 Segwa, Davie - 201 Session, Julius - 97, 104, 154 Seven Seas Restaurant - 212 Shanks, Susan - 50, 201 Z 201 Shaw, Kirby - 52, 55, 72, 76, 166 Shaw, Mark - 67, 84, 201 Shearin, Bill - 19 Shearin, Joe - 57, 65, 93, 120, 121,166 Sheeds, Jay - 85 Sheehan, Laura - 25, 166 Shelton, Rosalyn - 78, 201 Sherrill, Emily - 22, 26, 27, 57, 72,166 Shoemaker, Jimmy - 19 Shoemaker, Kathleen - 76, 77, 86, 175 Sholden, Joe - 15, 41, 42, 57, 59, 68, 70, 75, 76, 77, 179, Shook, Toby - 61, 202 Shuttles, Shelly -166 Silvas, Annettee - 30, 59, 76, 77, 166 Simmons, Laura - 167 Simmons, Richard - 175 Smith, Darrell - 175 Smith, Donna - 23, 26, 48, 182, 202 Smith, Doyle - 108, 145 Smith, Susan -- 72 Smith, Vernon - 99 Snyder, Brent - 58, 120, 121, 127, 202 Snyder, Roxanne - 59, 74, 82, 167 Sobreuilla, Adrian -114 Soccer - 1 14 Spanish Club - 76 Spurlock, Mike - 110 Spyrlock, Michael - 83, 85, 1 14, 167 Staggers, Yvonne - 61 Stark, Wckie - 16, 50, 59, 62, 63, 77, 202 Stton, John - 97 Stefanos, Niki - 181 , 202 Stennis, Mark -175 Stephenson, R. O. - 158 Sterling, Jimmy - 167 Stewart, Darryl - 144, 152 Storm, Carolyn - 16, 26, 29, 37, 40, 41, 44, 50, 51, 56, 57, 68, 74,179,181, 202 Storm, Scott - 25, 47, 58, 86, 202 Stovall, Sarah -- 25, 148 Stratton, Doris - 145 Strawn, Robert - 97, 167 Streng, Ronald - 52 Stricklen, Haskell - 97, 167 Strong, Ron - 53 Strubblefield, David - 19 Struble, Ruth - 79, 150 Student Council - 56 Sturges, Kenneth - 25, 47, 56, 57, 58,123,138,178,181, 202 ' Sutton, Cindy - 50, 79 Swett, Cynthia -- 25, 67, 69, 1 36, 202 Swim Team - 119 T TAHOS - 82 Tatlock, Donald - 1 14 Taylor, Charles - 93 Taylor, Debbie - 69, 74, 108, 203 Taylor, Don - 108, 167 Taylor, George - 97 Taylor, Hal - 167 Taylor, Nancy- 50, 1 19, 175 Taylor, Ruthie -- 61, 203 Taylor, Suzanne - 69, 153, 175 Teer, Martha - 126, 184, 167 Tennis - 108 Teter's Plumbing - 212 Thomas, Janet - 29, 50, 57, 76, 175 Thomas, Jessie - 84 Thomas, Nolan - 64 Thomas, Rachel - 176 Thomas, Richard - 203 Thompson, Paul - 58, 59, 86, 203 Tiierina, Matilda - 1 16 Timm, Martha -- 60, 68, 139 Titche's - 218 Todora, James - 61 Todd, Linda - 167 Tompkins, Lollie - 146, 147 Tom Thumb -- 216 Torres, Leonardo - 25, 1 14, 1 15 Torres, Maria - 79, 203 Torres, Nicholas - 85 Torres, Tovar, Roberto - 1 14 Sagrario - 167 Whalen, Robert - 136, 203 Wheeler, Philip - 81, 97, 167 White, Betty - 157, 168 Wheeless, Bruce - 57, 58, 65, 93, 95, 96,143,170,176 White, Verlene - 131, 157 Whitehead, Tony - 52, 53, 70, 71, 203 Whitely, Tracy - 79, 78, 203 Wickersham, Candy - 167 Wickersham, Tammy - 50, 204 Wilcox, Robert - 57, 58, 76, 108, 143, 176 Wilkinson, Nancy -148 Willard, Gaylin - 29, 50, 70, Townes, David - 64, 203 Townsend, Kenneth - 97, 104 105 Track - 1 10 Tran, Doan -141, 144 Trent, Robin - 79, 1 13, 1 19, 176 Trevilion, Rhonda - 176 Trevino, Aurelia - 203 Trevino, Rachel - 79, 84 Trevino, Richard - 81 Turner, David - 99, 100, 101 Turner, Greg - 57, 58, 65, 92 176 Turner, Mary--116, 167, 168 Turner, Shelia - 61, 126, 106 Turner, Sherman - 85, 99 Turner, William -145 V Vance, Anthony - 121 Varela, Sylvia - 38, 167 Varker, Brandon - 64, 176 Vasquez, Dolores - 25, 203 Vasquez, Javier - 67, 84 Vaughan, Lisa - 61, 203 Vaughan, Michelle - 203 1 71, 76, 77, 134, 204 William, Columbia - 85 Williams, Anita -167 Williams, Barbara - 126, 133, 136 Williams, Billy - 97 Williams, Caroly - 27, 61, 204 Williams, Columbus - 85 Williams, Donna -113, 136, 176 Williams, Jeery - 27, 57, 136, 147, 204 Williams, Jewell - 204 Williams, Gwen - 29, 50, 74, 75, 1 19, 147 Williams, Ray - 204 Williamson, Sheryl - 141, 167 Willingham, Kristi - 35, 69, 74, 176, 2 04 Willingham, Kyle - 93 Willingham, Matt - 81, 97, 167 Winchester, Tami - 149, 204 Wilshire Television - 215 Wilson, James K. - 213 Wilson, Ruth Ann - 78, 204 Wilson, Tammy - 41, 83, 84 Vermillion, Kelly - 22, 106, 126,165,166,167,116 VICA - 64 Vincent, Richard - 52, 53 Vinson, Richard - 176 Volleyball - 126 VOTC - 80' W Waddle, Linda - 63, 167 Wages, Britt - 83, 85, 176 Waidowicz, Michael - 97 Wales, Grayson - 167 Waker, Margaret - 133 Wall, Debra - 61 Wall, Grant - 22, 23, 48, 49, 108, 109, 203 Wallace, Cynthia - 167 Walton, Donna -167 Washington, Angela - 53, 61 Washington, Willie - 25 Wauson, Randall - 97 Weatherly, Robin - 63, 1 1 1 Weaver, Gayle - 203 Webb, Robby - 92 Weghorst, Phyllis - 135 Wilson, Tina - 83, 85 Wolfe, Tamara - 52, 53 Woodford, Leota - 167 Woodruff, Robert - 205 Woods, Sondra - 1 19, 153, 1 67 Workman, Renee -149, 152, 205 Wyse, Bennett - 30, 75, 85, 147, 176 Y Yarbrough, Kay - 205 Yates, David - 58, 65, 93, 176 Young, Donna - 79, 153, 176 Young, Gayla - 38, 167 Young, Ronnie - 69 Younger, Alan - 19 Young, Victor -- 139 Zachery, Rodger - 97, 123, 152 Zapata, Anita - 136, 205 Index 2 .,1v fv ..,, , -0 . 4, N, 1-:,:w12fXN Q57 :. "ia4f?'LN--w"S'f Y ws 33 " W ' b zip N H ,A ,,k,,,s, . -, K ,X , 1mf.f:Q .QQ V . W ' 2. - ' .2323 gb-"lux A .lv W A I., i f. vw ,M , ,W ., .. A X, ,,l,J, ,.,,, ygiKq'g.5 nUI,,gviSxx, , ,vkwff V 'w,i1-f9iY"h3g'?Aif'-QV, XIWENFYI-Y' 1-'1gQ"4'fQ wg 9:Q,.i5,2.fgg1p 4" fi ,Www 'y,-1z,w:xw5rP54 ,,. ,, .,,,,ZN,. A 'FS Q51-Q-95623 -fu 5 V x fm' . wif 2 ' il. mv'-igi .':tg"f ' -' X ' . gf , f,,-1i1f"-'Q f .Q ,,.,-f H. 1 .-- K b5fi?'jf-, 'Vi' ., .g Y k gb? W w Wz,,f.,x.E N45 Jwgfwwx .3 M ,I-,4,5,i,,f., :N ,tn Rf .Avy-ff , rmyrz. ,A q',.f-,wr , 1 'w:H'q- - c -if X 'QQ f: 313.m.Q-haf'-?yQ.fQ,,':hg -- g 4 , Aff 1 .N V' W UzMi1s:'4345z: ww., MW. f. , Aire gk , J m..rj.,!.f 1 W K ,V . . Q53 W ,W ,mw- ' Q. Wm-fw.-K ,1 f. N. -'fx 4 H ,kqafagig .ds T.. i ,L ., , , , egg- 1- 2 4 5 x Zf.,,,3f,m .M , ...iw -, S59 l ',,.,Ly ,f"',.' rf ' E ' Qian , - ff, lv . .1 V . Fen. , Q- .1-may WyW..,- 4 ' ,V vijz f Xb., , gb, . f lvxk Q yyp nv- u-v XVXE MW u X ' ' - 'WI' . X-wjf. . . , X X ' W ' vs, -kg,-. 4--- , Q.-f .V - , . FH ,z,gqg5,g5,3, ..-.M Q -x ,Q . A f-. .?hqa.xL , 2z1A5?qfj,'i : V 5. .Hx I 1 ' .i K 3.7.1 . ' 'V 991.23 N N Q 'kf'f.f1?f-25313 WHL 'Ni QR? an 4 VW ' " . i Jap .pmfM -v -va- ,IJ , Q A X V The sun has set on another year and many of ,us leaveiour. school and part of our lives behind. One year is a small intervalTin'com- parison with two hundred years but the achievements made in that year crown the efforts of 18 years of the seniors' lives. We leave behind our accomplishments, our failures, our hopes and despairs, and, yes, much of ourihappiness and a little sadness. The world stretches before us, offering all its treasures. It is up to us to make the most of these opportunities toibetter ourselves and our country. Our Iivesreflect our dreams and our dreams reflect the expecta- tions for a perfect America. We have come a long way, butimuch remains to be done. , ' , M 5 awk? ASN Sli A gg of WV C55 J fb F N i X1 f VD X u on t- t wx Sf JE YW QS, Y U5 GJ GJ QD 95' 329' g NW V gp Nw Q 4540, of if Q as 05 NSU Q! X321 gy kb li NX so 53 QV K 'NE Uwmx xg-S70 -Q NA? V W l As Co-editors of the "75-76" CRUSADER, we would like to express our gratitude to those who helped with the publication of the 1976 CRU- SADER. Without their constant help and abiding confidence this book would never have been completed. Our sincere appreciation goes to art instructor M. S. Tompkins, who designed our cover, to Kyle Rains who contributed an illustration! to Harry Crawford who dedicated his services as a typisty to Mr. Paul Allen who sponsored his 29th CRUSADER and gave much of his timeg and to Mr. Wayne Pierce who advised us. As we close out this book, we want to express our most heartfelt thanks to the members of the CRUSADER staff for their concentrated efforts and untiring dedication. 1 Steve Edwards and Ruth Ann Burton Q-bk Co-Editors-In-Chief f t . i QQANXQK xgQfULk. ,. t. 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I 5 , z I Mzifewf !A Qq.,0w 1 4,42 xi? W Q2 pow? AXMCLE E, WM 'L' x-A ' x x 1 in' , X V: '-. - ' I I V, I : Y ef K :AX if . .V 1 f fb ! 5 3-f Y. 1 , -x . 1 y " 2 .NX 'M K ,mf . f 'YV' . Q. 'SN Z v r fk I IL A 3 ' 'KI Ikx l Q . 1 , 1--VL 'sixfxx' 5' ff X 1 it ' V. . Q W , fi X . H., x K YB V I . ' J' 4" ji K. , . -' ' 1' '. -x NL . ' M' ' ' , 'n ', .ll 5 . . , g 2 '. w ' , - 1 C ZX .xxx , ,Q 4 .. lu ff ' 1 V u . X A I ' fx H, Xu . I x Y xy

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