Woodrow Wilson High School - Crusader Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1935

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ir 'A' i' ir 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' if 'k i' P 1 -I 1 i 5 I 4 ! ! -SDQW,-fi - u 5 2 'Ir uk 'lr ak ir 'A' ir ir ir f if if ir .X f W f ,jj Wk? ,MY ff l f EGM J WU 4 J 1 , ' 'xdlts r . ,Wei 2:3 Q, ,s 115 .-:rbi '?1fi2 z 'tgisi' W ' 53f5j4i,:'n f ', ,, F' - Pm, 1" K , 1.-.AL " ' . 1 X,- , 2 V, -,W - rg, 'VQQLYQQY V 1 -is f +yi,x' - H ,y ,, f .x -. , fs 131 X - r A. ' v:2"i:: ,. ,. L mf' x f ,qi . -in . :ww ,.x .haf-.. . A . .Q wi Af' :mfr it v'F.+' L mf 4, -s.:4' ' ' 4 hz, 1 f 4 'Q . ,'1l'5mL 'Ir ir i' ir ir 'A' ir UQ 1935 'ZLLQ E7 , 6 ,A ' 1' W ' -'ian w as ,-1 'J' 7 nm? , ge ,, ' 'lf i 2 -1, 524 yi '- ,iff .ui 2' ,Gp fi- ,gvw fe uw. Ex fy .ff 141. 'VF' ' 1 1 --s 'Y ,, .5 2' f , , 0 P f mv ,K g. .-qi, '-lmif, .y ww, " ' ' - if mf'-225: my 41. - . :.'1',,,,pfiji, ' 5 if" - ' -ff? , V ,, ,, ,. -, .. ...,.,:,,ief'I M-ffm w ' 5? -Q 3 ' ,f 3 " ff 'X 'f v 'F' f e ff 'W w' 1-' ' fc 1 ,1 V I W 42 ' 'L ff ' my lc v V , 1,-. p , Q3 ,A " v sw. 'Q 4 f . 44 1 f 5, 'S 1- ,, , Q k ,P ky ,V t Q? ,,? Lf ' 8 'f W X ' ' 5 v M. A B 3 x K 'N' af g f L. ,wg fl , 1 'Q4 S' f, 5, ,Q 3? 4 ,Q f VR 5 , ' 1, X W-f ,mx A-W lllilhu ,, , ., .H kg? .rr M if 5 4 wwf , . +as,ggw, '-"-W: ii " WJ, H' 2 K -fa 0 , , ,,,, gb,,.,,h. 5, ,. U , - .qgugfiigad fga 5l2iO'Z Cjfaia oocffzoosfqfyifaon Qgfzfioof Dbaffm, Emi 4 4 -4A 4 if I+ 4 1+ ff if if me ir if 'Ir 'W Edifoza HELEN 'ELEIELER MARY ALICE COCKRELI. Buainaii azzagszi WALLER COLLIE VAN PAINTER fwfoocfzow Klflfifaon 483050017 Named for a great man and dedicated to his ideals. 453 'M 72531 l ,Q ,, fx-,ff -e1pi.jg4l'i' J N TFL ,K Plwtugnxph by lla!!-Gentry Qscficafiozz We, the Senior class of Woodrow Wil- son High School, affectionately dedicate this volume of the CRUSADER to Miss Erma Griffin, friend and staunch supporter of all good things in high school life. As sponsor of this, our loook, she has Won our hearts completely, refusing us but one favor, her approval of this dedication. To the class of lune, l935, she has proved a friend at all times. l-ler delightful humor, refreshing franlcness, and extraordinary aloility have endeared her to us all. ?O'Z5lAIO'Z,6! Mon, if he would be remembered criter he hors gone, must ledve cr record behind him. So We, the Senior class of l934-l935, ledve with you this seventh volume of the CRUsADER,c1 brief record of the life dt Woodrow Wilson l-liqh School during our sojourn here. 01451 Ofzoofsi gj4d772i7?iJf1'dfZ07Z Qlvzffef C5112 Cjbfemoriam Qepazrfmenff Qrganigationf Qportf 5? e az t u 1' 61 cqcfminiiffzafion 4 i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k k 'k i' 'k 'k 'A' I s X 3 E r 3 I x F E : ! E 5 Q 4 s E 2 5 . I 5 6 K E i r f E 3 E S 4 5 I W Z X "Ha: M, " vlzflqiv-Zig-1: 4 M3217-73'-'fW',3 -f y 2.1 'Rffi?"'.'F5Ti!Y:f'H'2f715'3:f255.54-1E:ii3iviu'6XvIpR-E-1T?!1?'4h"!Y v I .1iIf!6lDuAB.x"A'li':1b12SEZ'lHV .'.f,'5'. '-if v' : , If Photograph by Hull-Gentry Q. cqififiufzn Our principal, G. L. Ashburn, is a man who has served Woodrow Wilson High School in the fullest capacity for the past seven years in the fields of service, learning, and gentility. He is an individual Who has proven himself a leader in affairs outside as Well as inside of school. He is a disciplinarian iivho has accomplished that most difficult of all things-the enforcement of rules and regulations, and at the same time the re- tention of the respect and admiration of his entire student body. He is a man who has attained the highest ideals of intellectual honesty, true scholarship, and genuine man- hood and has tried to pass on those ideals to us. Because We appreciate both what he is and What he does, We here express to him the thanks and affection of the June Senior class of193S. I N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD Suberinlendefll of Schools Axxisianf S7lpl'Yi11fF7lI1f'J1f Dixfrivl Sizperinlemleni of Srhools of High Schools Board of Education DAVID W. CARTER, JR., M. D., President COMMITTEES Finance Buildings and Sites Gabe P. Allen, Chairman L. O. Donald, Chairman L. O. Donald Gabe Allen Mrs. W. A. Leeper Fred D. Danford S11 pplies Lunch Rooms Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Chairman Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Chairman L. G. Donald Z. S. Armstrong Fred D. Danford Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Rules Welfare Z. S. Armstrong, Chairman Fred D. Danford, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper Gabe Allen Z. S. Armstrong Woodvrow Wilson Parent-Teacher Association OFFICERS MRS. J. C. VANDERXVOUDE . .... . . . President MRS R. T. SHIELS . . . . . First Vice-Presidmrt MRS. RUSSELL L. SMITH . Second Vice-Prrsideiit MRS JAMES K. WILSON . . Third Vice-President MRS MRS H. C. PERRY . H. B. PARRIS . . . Fozirlfh Vice-Presidemf Sixth Vice-President MRS J. C. STEPHENS . . . Fifth Vice-Presiilmit MRS XV. H. MOUIl.SUND . . P!lV'!ifll71Cl7fdI'idl1 MRS GEORGE PAVEY . . . . Treasurer MRS JACK BAILEY . . Recording Secretary MRS FRED B. CHAMBERS . Sevcfnfb Vice-P1'esia'c'1zl MRS. H. L. YOUNGBLOOD . . . . Historian MRS. HAYS BASSETT . . .... Aziditor MRS. J. A. TRACY . . Corresponding Secretary CNot in picturej PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE In this crisis of education it is necessary to create between the educators and the general public a united eifort to promote the welfare of our children. The road forward is up hill and hard to travel, but the higher the hill the finer the view. Let us Set our standards high. Let us keep in mind that the most beautiful gift that we can give to our nation, the greatest gift to humanity is to Send forth the generation of children for whom we are responsible, with their hearts filled with the joy of loving and Serving. Let us Stand together, pull together, and bring a new day for united education. MRS. J. C. VANDERWOUDE. f" , MR. BAILEY HARGRAVE Science 5 Mathematics MRS. EDITH MOORE COLE . . . Study Hall Mlss LENA LEE EDWARDS . Miss VIRGINIA ADAMS MRs. PEARL WHATLEY . . MISS LAVINIA RAWLINS MR. F. E. NORTON . . . MISS MABETH GOEE . . . Stua'yHall . .... Latin LT. RICHARD P. LIVELY . Mlss MAIKY BAKER . MRS. I-IANNAH GOLDSTEIN LT. W. W. BROXVNING MR. A. PAUL PAPIN . . . MISS ELIZABETH DAVES . History Clothing . . History Commercial Subjects LL, , Assistant to C0'17'lI7Zdl1Ll'!ll1If . . . English . Pianiste . C0'll1ll1llllfl'Hllf . Languages History 5 I M1ss FRANCES ALEXANDER . MR. H. B. MORGAN MIss FLORA LOWREY . Mrss ETHEL REED . . MISS CECILIA GILLMORE . . V MISS MATTIE DELL WEBB Miss CARRIE DEEN .... A MR. S. W. MCMILLAN . 591 1'0" Physical Education . Public Speaking . English . . English . . French Physical Education Matloeznatics . . Mathematics ' Miss NELL MILES.. . . . . .English MR. D. L. MANTLE . . Mcclaanical Drawing MR. O. E. PARRIS . . . . Pfaysjc-5 Mlss ALMA PATRICK . . . Spanish Miss HELEN KUEI-INE . . . . History MR. WILLIAM A. PILE . . Matbenmlfigg 5 MR. H. D. MARTIN . . . Mathematics MIss ERMA GRIFFIN .... Latin Miss MARX' HOLMES . . English MR. R. M. NEHER . . Mdfb6'llIdflL'S MR. S. M. GLAZIZNER .... f1CCOIllIflIlg MRS. HELEN C. BRAACK . . Lilararian MR. HOWARD KITCHEN . . . Science and Mathematics MISS RUTH ABERNATHY . . . Matbenzafics MISS MABEL TURMAN . . . . Spanish MISS MAURINE WHORTON . . . History MISS WINNIE D. NANCE .... History MRs. LOLA MAE HASSELL . . Study Hall Miss MYRTLE ROBERTS . . . Histofy Mlss ZADA WELLS . . Conzmercial Subjects abd' MISS RUBY KEIIIYI . , ,Higfgry MR. WADE T1-IOMTVSON . . MdffJC'l7ldflt'.Y MR. BUFORD A. CATE5 . Mcwlmiiiual Drawing MRS. LUCILE RENDALL . C011z1nc1'cialSnhjeCis MISS ERNA BEILHARZ . MISS JOSEPHINE BELSER MISS ELEANOR BENNERS MISS ALLYS FIELD BOYLE MISS MYRA BROWN . . MR. RUSH M. CALDWELL MISS EUNICE CARMAN . MRS. BELLE W. COLLINS MISS SUSIE DOWNS . . MR. FRED G. ERNEY . MISS MARGARET SPENCER . MR. HERSCHEL FORESTER . MISS BONNIE WILKINS . NOT IN THE PICTURES . . History . .S English . . . . Ari . . Music . English. . . Economics . English . . . . Dean Secretary . . Chmnislry MISS BLANCHE WILEY MRS. EULA T. FERGUSON MISS BURNEY FLANIKEN Biology . . Science English . . SiualyHall . . Latin SERGEANT WILLIAM FORSTER . R. O. T. C. MISS SARAH SAM GRAY . MR. N. H. JOHNSON . MISS MILDRED JUNIGER . MISS FLORA MORGAN . . MISS CLARA ROWE . . MISS EDITH TRUE . . MRS. MARY L. WILCOXSON . . . .Foods . . Spanish Mafhefnatics . jonrnalimn . . English . English . Clerk . . Clerk ' ' 'filrx 1: ,iffy is , 9.4 ,Lu 1 CLQQEA 4 4 4 4 i' i' . WW. 1 -A1 ' AMA-H-Aflfx 'ff?7?:2 iWAVe77.'ifm4fI''hkfy'ff'-'SCJIGYDfiGCXf?4?5IF?SfAfT??2PQffb'f!4fE'fEKR'!1KEM7f2ii:L'4 'Gif'2iwv0f2'K19zif"'li'l-9"YQ',PAV f,9-X"-"I:-"'iWfAZfa!L'::ffWTL"f' Jn' E 'J-. C150-ST f y.:j,?:2A A ff-'Q -Y , Y. v, qi- . , f mf 2 95 1: .:,, , . 5 1 M, Eff if? 2? Y? ?.4 A 35475. 153, ' 9 I l'Q4p, ff' ggugl, vA6? 'Mgyxr "To f1M ' wand -1 rv ,Amid me il 74,74 g wwf, OFFICERS CLASS OF JUNE, 1935 TOM GRIMES . . . Presiclefff BOB CRITES . . . Vice-Pravirlmzf MARJORIE ECKART . . Secreinry W .-, ' 'C -ei SAMUEL JACKSON PARKS Born September 20, 1918, Dallas, Texas Hi-Y, Aviation Club, Officer R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Good Scholarship Club. "Ho rlofx 111111 myx I'l'l'l',Yfl7fIIg ill flu' Hires! Ilftljhy, MARJOIKIE VIOLET TNGALLS Born February 23, 1918, Chicago, Illinois Press Club, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "Slavs fllfillkll' ill Iwi' f'j'PXf!'l!!7lL 111 flat' 1luyIi111r'." EMMETT L. HALEY Born june 26, 1917, Dallas, Texas Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Tennis, Rifle Team, Good Scholarship Club, Captain R.O.T.C. "HFS ll jolly good fellow Willa II smile for I'l1E'1'J'0l16'.U DOROTHY RAE JONES Born june 27, 1918, Lisbon, Texas Little Theater, Press Club, One-Act Play Contest, Senior Publication, Senior Play. "Sweet lbongfafx are 1ni1'1'o1'r'fl i11 he fare A1711 !'l'1'1'j' 11mfi011 is ll g1'11'1'.'Lf,,!l fb ROBERT CRITES Born March 29, 1917, Fort Vforth, Texas Pan-American Student Forum, Aviation Club, Press Club, Seccnd Lieutenant R.O.T.C., Hi-Y, Vice-Presi- dent of Senior Class, Senior Publication, Senior Play. "He is ll gL'llfll'IlIllIlj Wflnzi 111011' 11111 wr' x1131?,' PAULINE ELLEN MooN Born April 20, 1917, Birmingham, Alabama Declamation Contest, Little Theater, Press Club, Girl Reserves, Senior Publication, Senior Play. "Sl11' 11111111111 11x of 11111 11111 S011llJ- M11r111l1gl1I 11iglJf.v, low 111elr11li011x zfoirvs 111111 .r111'b.' JOSEPH DONLE RISINGER Born October 13, 1918, Beaumont, Texas Associate Editor of Wo01l1'01u W1l.s011 News, Pan- American Student Forum, President of Press Club, Stamp Club. nC0l71l77077 swm? is 7101! ll 00111111071 fbl77,Q.D WYNONIA EVELYN HILL Born November 20, 1916, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "A g1r11Il0 l71'f'S!?11l'L', 111111r0te111fi011s, C11l111 llllll 111il1l." 1 WILLIAM DENNIS CAVENDER, JR. Born November 9, 1917, Dallas, Texas Football, Crack Company, Wozencraft Competi- tion. "His FOIIZINIIZQV gives our jzlffnxizrzff' MARY ELOISE TRAMMELL Born February 2, 1918, Dallas, Texas Linz Pin. "Her blond bwzuly ix noi offen .wn'pa.m-rl, Her xzumftzzfss, no! offru foumlf' KNIGHT WESLEY BRYANT Born December 9, 1917, Paris, Texas Press Clubg Basketball, Crack Company, News paper Staff. "He is neifloer bnxbful Nor bold." DIXIE BELLE LATHAN Born January 16, 1918, Dallas, Texas Girl Reserves, Stamp Clubg Spanish Club. "Her 5111711131 smile 511151, f1'ie11rlli11e.r.v Marla loer from Ihr' 1'l'Sf.D EDWARD E. TOMLINSON, JR. Born November 18, 1918, Dallas, Texas Junior and Senior Hi-Yg Golf Team, Football, Trackg Pan-American Student Forum. "He lm.: flu' ronzbinnfion fo szzcct-sxf, ELAINE HOFFMEISTER Born August 17, 1917, Jefferson, Texas St-udent Council. "Her quid mul ready smile Wifzx bm' f1'ic'ml.v all the while." CLIFFORD JOI-IN WATTS, JR. Born August 30, 1918, Athens, Tennessee Little Theaterg Harmony Club, Band, Orchestra, Debating Club. "A li1'IlIIIAl7!'f PIIIQIF7' very fine, Auzl ll clanrarfrr Ifery kimlf' DORIS GRAVES Born June 24, 1917, Dallas, Texas Linz Pin. "A gentle voiec, ll ll7!lIZ71E'1' kiml and sweet Unifc fo malzc' larr conrivxy rozflpletfi' - X f if 1 x I. X 'Dx tf.' K x Ks, KEITH R. MCKINLEY Born March 8, 1917, Chareton, Iowa "His voice is so clruwling, his HIU'l'!'Il1!'lIfS so X YOll,fl lblzlle lzim tl rleml mir, buf girlx, you know." MAIiY HELEN MOELEY Born March 3, 1918, Cleburne, Texas "A girl wr all low nml nm dvprml upon, Tln'l'v'x l'lJlll'III uml IlIL'1'l'l1lIf'IIl in lm' smile KENNETH C. MCKINLEY Born March 8, 1917, Chareton, lowa "A jim' Tor! of fellow, Good 111111171111 will f1'lL'l1llljl.n BETTY LEE PERKINS Born November 10, 1917, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarship Club. "Thr girl with flmf perxofmlily plus, low, flozfl U Slwiv flu' KYIIIXI' of flux! rixrr in your pulse." ALFRED GORDON LUCKY Born February 5, 1919, Dallas, Texas! Basketball, Junior Hi-Y, Good Scholarship Club. "A rlarvrfzzl look, a pleasing rye rzml A mos! uolllr m1rriage.', BETTE BELLE BREWER Born November 17, 1918, Sherman, Texas National Honor Society, Girl Reserves, Student Council, Little Theater, Linz Pin, Tennis Club, Library Council. "She fairly rmlinlrs wifli .Y7IllXl7ll7f'.,, MEIDNVIN BRADY, JR. Born December 14, 1917, Tyler, Texas Press Club, Track, Good Scholarship Club, Art Club, Little Theater, Newspaper Staff, Senior Play. "This liul is wurfla lm weigh! in gold, Our high !'Sft'l'lIl llrlll L1lZUdj'K llfllllyl JULNA WOERNER Born August 26, 1916, Dallas, Texas Art Club, Chorus, Girl Reserves, Good Scholar- ship Club. "A rlaiufy bloml, ri '.rlm1'lz.' az' mallvfl FRANK S. BONNO Born November 17, 1917, Houston, Texas Rifle Team, Second Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "Thr flllN1ft'.Yf man Illlll fbi' jolfirxf 1'z'z'r- Hz' nlixes u'ix1l'0111 Iliff? 1IIf'HSllI'f'.,, FRANCES AVEN Born December 21, 1917, Dallas, Texas Press Club, French Club, Associate Editor of Woozfrow WiIso11 News, Student Council. "FasfJiom'zl so .Y1t'lltII'l'1y and fair, Sfaff morrx rr g0tI'lft'XX and looks ll ljlll'l'lI.U BILLY JACK LARKIN Born February 25, 1918, Childress, Texas Senior Hi-Y, Good Scholarship Club, Baseball, Science Club, Crack Company, Pan-American Stu- dent Forum. "Hr is grrfzl of lufzzrl, fourily, mn! rle1'rr.' CHARLENE MCCARLEY Born April 6, 1918, Dallas, Texas Girl Reserves. HA ' '1 Il 'f ' 1- H Jfzur wr wmfy :my mnlix fnung. SAMUEL JACK BONNETTE Born December 21, 1916, Alexandria, Louisiana Airplane Club, Track, Baseball, Junior Hi-Y, Good Scholarship Club. "A tiUll1!7ilIdfi0ll of fmvzor, Fl6'l'Fl'l1l'S5, and good IltIf1ll't'.U NIERLE BLACKBURN Born April 14, 1918, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Newspaper Staff, Student Council. "fl girl zwiib II golden pwsoznzlify foppmf zvifh gllltilfll forks." NWALLER MCGEE COLLIE, JK. Born April 18, 1918, Wilco, Texas Co-Business Manager of Annual, Captain R.O.T.C., President of National Honor Society, Press Club, Linz Pin, Good Scholarship Club, Student Council, Little Theater. "Sw his shiny buffonx? Dllllyf rzixlz, girls!" REBECCA JOSEPHINE AUTKY Born March 19, 1917, Dallas, Texas French Club, French Newspaper Staff, Press Club, Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "Her IICHUIIX arf' us .vzzwf us fuer fare." 7, 1 il ERLE V. PAINTER, JR. Born September 8, 1917, New York, New York Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Lieutenant R.O. T.C., Student Council, Little Theater, Secretary- Treasurcr of Senior Hi-Y, Treasurer of National Honor Society, Co-Business Manager of Annual. "Ax fzix lltlllll' illlfllifli, Hr' f1LlfI1IiX flu' Irzufu 1'l'tl.,, ANNELLE HOLLISTER Born May 30, 1918, Dallas, Texas Little Theater, French Club, Girl Reserves, Stu- clent Council, Linz Ping Good Scholarship Club. "She go! bw' lipx from ll 1'alz'l1fim'." LEE ROREX Born February 11, 1918, Dallas, Texas Newspaper Staff, Baseball, Student Council, Science Club. "A highly cfjjxifiwzi person, euiirrly rllzlr in ron' his mm haul." DOROTHY VIRGINIA WEAVER Born September 15, 1917, Wichita, Kansas Stamp Club, Girl Reserves, Little Theater. "Doroiby ix II girl of frm' worth and xzumy smile." WILLIAM ROBERT BALL Born December 31, 1917, Denver, Colorado Camp Dallas, Stamp Club. "His red lmiv' betrays All IIIIIIKIIIII sum' of lJ11r110r." MAIKGARET F. JACOBS Born October ZS, 1917, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Good Scholarship Club. "Her black lmir, xjmrklifzg fyzxt, and rlmrmiug jwrr- sonalify 117211 bf-r nmny fffUI1llX.H DAVID WRIOEIT EDMUNDS Born October 15, 1917, Kansas City, Missouri Basketball, Track, Student Council, Linz Pin, National Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Library Council. Hplcnlliillg mul successful in every em1f'a1f0I'." ANNE MENYAWNE DAVIS Born December 26, 1916, Grand Saline, Texas Debating Club, Music Club. "Her quick wif am! jzlcuxuzff wuyx Arr' an evra'-1II'ese11f joy." BENNY M. BRAY Born July 8, 1917, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Managing Editor of lV00rlrow Wilxozi News, Senior Publication. "Wl2efber ladies prefm' blomls or noi, They prefer him." MARGARET MCELREE Born March 5, 1917, Dallas, Texas Student Councilg National Honor Societyg Pan- American Student Forumg Little Theaterg Girl Re- serves, 'Trident Clubg Linz Ping Library Council, Good Scholarship Club, Senior Publication, Senior Play. "Rr'lislJes rr gooil rrrgzznzmf, lmx loads of ambition, Aml .fi 1uom1'erf11l jzowcr of ro111fer.mIio11." ROBERT O. JAMESON, JR. Born April 2, 1918, Dallas, Texas National Honor Societyg Junior Hi-Yg Linz Pin. "A quid boy of high culfzire Anil as irzleresfing ax be is f'1lIf1H'flI.U ADELINE BROGREN Born June 14, 1917, Dallas, Texas Press Clubg'Girl Reservesg Newspaper Staff, Good Scholarship Club, Editor of Senior Publication. "Her j1c'rso11alifyis !'dl7fi1lt1fi11g.U CARTER WILLIAMSON Born April 9, 1918, Dallas, Texas Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Captain R.O.T.C. Linz Ping Student Council, Good Scholarship Club First Lieutenantis Efficiency. "Hr foziizfs 1101 his :lay of foiliizg through Till 11611115 Jour' all llulf be ran Jof, MELBA WEBB Born May 16, 1918, Greenville, Texas Debating Clubg Good Scholarship Clubg Girl Re serves, Press Club. "Her fl'iFllll.YZ7l-I7 is worib more llarm uzillionxf' I JOHN PAUL PENLAND Born November 12, 1917, Dallas, Texas Crack Companyg Senior Hi-Y, Camp Dallas. "Hff's ri gooil .i1m1'f-rwI'yo11r will fell you so." NAOMI LOUISE HOUSTON Born May 25, 1917, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarship Clubg Little Theaterg Press Club Art Clubg Riding Club. "A xfmlcnf, an aiklrlr, and iz brwifclzing girl." LT., LL, 11.0. 1Jh'l, JANIES L. TURNER Born November 16, 1917, Murphy, Texas Crack Company: Rifle Team: Senior Hi-Y: Pan- American Student Forum: Student Council: Football: Basketball: Camp Dallas: Lieutenant R.O.T.C.: Good Scholarship Club: Linz Pin: Little Theater: Senior Publication: Senior Play. "He luis :mule llldllj' frirmls ax iz rvinll of his gum! mllnri' .mil lt'iHjlIlQ xfririif' HELEN IXDELF BLEIBLER Born july 3, 1918, Dallas, Texas Student Council: Co-Editor of Annual: President of Girl Reserves: President and Secretary of Girl Re- serve Inter-Club Council: Vice-President and Secre- tary of National Honor Society: Linz Pin: Linz Bible Award: Good Scholarship Club: Senior Publication. "Ki11dly, fIlft'HigA'Ilf, tQHlt'iUIl,Y innl loznllflr- fl j1i'l'fi'i'l f74lff1'l'll of u jri'l'fi'i'l girl." ROE LEE Born August 7, 1917, Austin, Texas Football: Basketball: Track: Science Club: Linz Pin: National Honor Society: Student Council: News- paper Staiif: Pan-American Student Forum. "Hi"s :riff-v um! lu"s zrisr, Wiflw tl fifinkli' in his i'yi'x." ELIZABETH EVENS Born October 3, 1918, Dallas, Texas President of Girl Reserves: Student Council: Linz Pin: National Honor Society: Good Scholarship Club: Girl Reserve Inter-Club Council: Senior Publication: Library Council: Senior Play. "She ix :mf wry large, in fucl wry small: B111' if's tllltllif-Y, no! llllllllfify, fluff rouuls offer nllf, THoMAs BOYD GRIMES Born November 17, 1917, Denton, Texas Little Theater: Vice-President of National Honor Society: Art Club: Art Staff of Annual: President of Hi-Y: Captain R.O.T.C.: Student Council: President of Senior Class: Senior Publication: Senior Play. "Ax for Tom, l'1'L'!'j'1104l.11 IQIIOIVXQ Ax for bix books, ln' klI01l'X.n NINA JANE XVILSON Born March 21, 1918, Valliant, Oklahoma National Honor Society: President of Girl Re- serves: Art Club: Girl Reserve lnter-Club Council: Student Council: Linz Pin: Good Scholarship Club: Associate Fditor of Annual: Senior Publication: Senior Play. "A girl you lwzlr so mnrb nlmnl, A will fri1'ml', wiflmllf Il ll'0lIlJf.H RICHARD Lovicic YEARGIN Born March 24, 1917, Dallas, Texas Little Theater: Press Club: Newspaper Staff: Senior Publication. "This zvilfy boy ivifb lauglfing Pye.: Oflvn lriilex fha! ln' ix wise." NIILDRED FRANCES BAXTER Born july 14, 1918, Commerce, Texas National Honor Society: Vice-President of Girl Reserves: Little Theater: Good Scholarship Club: Linz Pin: Linz Bible Award: Student Council: Associate Editor of Annual: Senior Publication. "Skis Sfl1lii0llX and ilI!lIlSfI'i0IIS, Ye! friwzilly, gay, :mil jo-vous." N r ' ff, 1 i xx: IN, sl 1 W X3 1 1 .i 1 . 3: in ROBERT DAVTD O,BRIEN Y Born june 22, 1917, Dallas, Texas Football: Basketball: Baseballg Trackg junior Hi-YQ National Honor Societyg Student Council: Library Couocilg Linz Pin: Popularity Contest YY'i.rtner. "He zrins grruf honors And :wart fbvrn 1z'fII." IVLARY CATI-IERLNE DOSTERSCHILL Born August 15, 1917, Dallas. Texas Student Councilg Pan-American Student Forum: Debating Clubg Press Clubg Tennis Clubg National Honor Societyg Girl Reserresg Cheer Leader: Linz Ping Good Scholarship Clubg Popularity Contest Xvin- ner. "Sha sings a song of glatflzvss And adds J yard of smilfsf' JALIES C. XVILEIE Born December 21, 1917, Heath, Texas French Newspaper Staifg Vice-President of National Honor Societyg Vice-President of Senior Hi-YQ Crack Companyg Camp Dallasg Linz Ping Good Scholarship Clubg Captain in R.O.T.C.g Little Theaterg Senior Publication. "Like fb? famous president- Firsf in ilu' bmris of bit fcllou' fIu5s1m1lrx." TVLARY ALICE COCKRELL Born July 50, 1918, Dallas, Texas Co-Editor of Annualg Vice-President and Secretary of Student Councilg Popularity Contest Yvinnerg Press Clubg Debating Clubg National Honor Societyg Giri Reservag Girl Scoutsg Linz Ping Good Scholarship Clubg French Clubg Little Theater. "Girls of bvr qualify un' an assrf fo any in50aI." HAL Hlxox Born February 13. 1918. Rochelle. Illinois Linz Pin: Senior Hi-Y: Press Club: Good Scholar- ship Club. "Fur mu-1 in smrfb bffon' ILT find, A lnurf so rrmrtlvy, -iff so kind." BIARTHA MARGARET GLASS Born February 26, 1913. Dallas, Texas Press Clubg Girl Reservesg Senior Publication. ,. . To sn' lwr is io lon' livr- Jml lo fort' lirr forrzrrf' J. DEAN ROBERTSON Born June 21. 1917, Lark. North Dakota Captain R.O.T.C.: Pan-American Student Forum: Student Council: Rifle Teamg Science Clubg Student Stage Managerg Good Scholarship Club. "His gootf pbysiqzzv ami bfdllfiflll fur! Hui Iron for him nmnj 11 girl." BLARJOTUE ECRART Born July 19, 1918, Dallas. Texas Little Theater: Girl Reserves: President of Art Clubg Secretary of Student Council: Press Clubg Linz Ping Secretary of Senior Classy Senior Publication: Library' Councilg Senior Play. "Dark bair, dark 1'-ZFX, All Snzilvs-no sighs." XI' ' 'L rg. : ai. X RUFUS EDWAIRD JOHNSON Born November 16, 1917, Fort Wortb, Texas Football, Band, Efficiency Sergeant Award, Second Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "A jolly goof! fellow A Willa u rlavfry 'l1fllo'." LOIS FAIRFAX CROW Born July 7, 1918, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Stamp Club, Debating Club, Girl Scouts, Newspaper Staff, Good Scholarship Club, Rid- ing Club, Linz Pin, Senior Publication. ffsliv lalllx aml urls like A lypit-ul S0llf!Jl'I'l1l'l'.,, W. R. LUCK, JR. Born May 24, 1917, Dallas, Texas Track. "Sincere uf all fivzzvsfl LOIS LILLIAN CHANDLER Born September 11, 1917, Dallas, Texas Debating Club, Stamp Club, Good Scholarship Club, Press Club, Newspaper Staff. "Sweet fII'UlIlf7IilIIgS Illlf0 leimlrs! df-ed.: Arr' in ber L'l'l'J' l00lc.', Law I - A :itsari GEORGE BARHAM PERFECT Born February 1, 1918, Dallas, Texas Track, Tennis, Rifle Team, Crack Company, Camp Dallas, Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Hi-Y, Senior Publication. "LiIfle but louzlf' DOROTHY ELIZABETH CLARK Born July 5, 1918, Dallas, Texas Debating Club, Press Club, Stamp Club, Good Scliolarslmip Club, Newspaper Staff. "Guy goozl uafzzre X!Hll'klL'5 in ber eyes." BILL UTLEY Born August 4, 1916, Commerce, Texas Track, Football, Student Council, Newspaper Staff, Library Council. "Flaming rwl lmir' Wife II style ull bis 014211.71 DOROTHY PEARL O,LEARY Born September 29, 1918, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Girl Reserves, Newspaper Staff, Good Scholarship Club, Senior Publication. "Her Irish smile Adals to ber Irish siylvf' I-IORAOE MDORE W Born June 18, 1917, Dallas, Texas Band, Hi-Yg Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "He's fl quiet sort of chap- Liked by every011e." MARY GENE WHITE Born October 12, 1917, Dallas, Texas Student Councilg Linz Pin, Press Clubg Girl Rc- servesg Co-Editor of Woodrow Wilsofz News, Good Scholarship Club. "Azz ilIfCI'l'Sffl1g miss Who is quite clijf'1'r'11f.v HARVEY K. PARKERSON, JR. Born May IS, 1918, Waco, Texas Junior Hi-Yg Football, Basketball, Track, National Honor Society, Linz Ping Student Council, Second Lieutenant in Band, Good Scholarship Club. "All his friends say Hc's an all 'rouml fellow." DOROTHY NESS LONG Born August 13, 1917, Dallas, Texas "Her urzrbazzging f1'fIllfillFSS Has won all our hearlsf' MORGAN H. Cox Born April 8, 1918, Dallas, Texas Junior Hi-Y, Golf Team. "He knows no cures." MARJORIE FRANCES CAMP Born April 23, 1918, Dallas, Texas Girl Reserves, Secretary of Press Club, National Honor Society, Linz Ping Debating Club. "Bonnie Mark fmir, great Hilo-blade cyrs, Sheds a brew, lvonnic lassir, says I." DONALD K. BRADSHAW Born October 18, 1917, Dallas, Texas Hi-Y, Pan-American Student Forum. "A fl'it'lIL! fo lbz' new jnzjlilsg He cfuzbozlivs the spirif of olfl Woodrow Wilso1z.,' ANNE MOLEMORE REED Born September 30, 1918, Shelbyville, Tennessee Little Theater, Girl Reserves, National Honor Societyg Good Scholarship Club, Senior Publication. r'Gl'dL'f0IlX till!! lowly lm' mum' inllifivsg Hel' wif IIIIII laleuf no one zlrrzirsf' i W? 1: GORDON E. NTCNATT Born july 15, 1916, XY'c.xtherfortl, Texas Trackg Good Scholarship Club. "Gur1lw1 lmx S0011 looks, B111 bis j71'rso1111lily is more t'b1ll'IHilIg.H ALICE CAVITT Born October 30, 1918, Galveston. Texas Girl Reserves, French Newspaper St.11T: Press Club: Newspaper Staff. "She is KQt'IlHliAlll' is sfvy, B111 fb1're's frziacbirf in bm' 1'j'1's." HAL KIRBX' Born March 1, 1916, XVilmer, Texas President of Student Councilg Football: Baseball: Library Council, Popularity Contest Nvinncr. "None buf bi111s1'1f F1111 lil' bis IILlI'llII1'l.u JANET XVAITE Born December 3, 1917, Oberlin, Ohio Art Club: French Clubg Little Theater: Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "A fri1'111f lu 1111 111111 lo .ill 11 fri1'11J.', in SUNINER CHOWNING Born December 6, 1916, Mndill, Oklahoma 'S X , -OLOA - Oli "He 111111111 like lu absorb 1'1111z'1lli011 pililllrsslyf' DOROTHY HUNT Born October 12, 1918, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Girl Reserves, Newspaper Staifg Scholarship Club. "GifI uf Gab." B. H. MARKS Born june 11, 1916, Corsicana, Texas "Dark brown eyes 111111 ll smile Aluwyx greei youf' NTARGUERITE NTCCLURE Born November 18, 1916, Dallas, Texas "Q11iel, X1l't'l'f, 111111 lorullle, fll1L'1IJ'S irilling fo fJ1'Il1." Good JOE JOHX PATTERSOX GORDOX LESTER GRIFPIX Born Octobfx' 9. 19L'. Dallas. Tess Barr: -fdj-' 6. 3916. Suiphur Spring. T515 Ride Team: Crack Cqmgggyg ,ivigtiqn Club: Press Track: Football: Bfkezballz Studia: Council: Good Club: Xevrspzper Stai. Scbslarship Club: Baseball. T.-11: fofronzffff paxil: uffb zzfnfsirrg zuzyfq "FJ'f:'f-fo-:vi:'.:' 55 lffffrvp: Hr fi gr: :ffm io :ng frgri f5.:f1:." BHLDRED REDDICI-Q Bur- I4 ' 23. 1917. Dalia-. T: -2 7 n :LMP Q 'XJ' 3-TILDRED IRENE 101-Ixsox Pres Club: Tennis Team: Paz:-American Studia: BUYS -M353 3- 1935- E05 WU7hf T55 Forum: Gcoi Scholarship Club: Studia: Council: , - . Linz Pia- PAQ-.imencan Etudes: Forum. ,..-. .J h - KH .- ulfirfix :frcif 12:1 15 one of your .:fa:z'." lmin' MJ' bmi' mmf' B Y Q ROYBRGE v L. W. HEDRICR, JR. cum - ovmsrr Le. 1915. DLLTZ5. Texas September 50- ESM P-..-A.1.e-l'2. F' 'eat Pwr.. . . . :P T FX 3 5 ua L U1 Stamp Club: Lmz Pm. TS:'7:'FI:' f0R'fc'E'f:'.! wifi: bff fo? .. , N -. . - .. ' , . I ' . , , H5 ' 1135 Lzrfa. 'V inf 5 . -5. Hi 7.751555 fn: wzosi of zzbsf be -Yffhlri ir: Lfjc N A UH ,WJ WW ELOISE THOMPSOX Y!-ILDA BYRD Barn Decmbf: 11. 1915. Dalia. Tess Bern Augm: 30. 1925, Delis. Taias C-ood Scholarship Club: Home Ecczcrrics Club. .7 Girl Rexrvesz Psa-America: S:ur.5s:z: Forum: Vice- - V , ' President of'PreS CTUEJ: Little T4tn.ia:f:. "O ifriinyj, FJJ5 sm' thinks no favs. Yi! gzjafi C-rffrri 555 comix' z.forr:." "Srvikiv:gfp rajvrff, .fff":'f:'. r':9.f:'5i mrf 5 NM ww ,Wff BARRY EDWARD STROUP Born November 30, 1917, Wills Point, Texas ' Basketball. "W'ilb rr1rr'li'x5 jest nuil humor rlroll, He liglalwix flu' Flll'E'.Y tim! 'rmiml Us r0ll.', FRANCES IRENE GIBBS Born September 23, 1917, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Newspaper Staffg Camp Fire Girlsq Senior Publication. "A girl of grcalcst !'l7dI'llL'fK'l' Anil 1111 allJli'tL' 111Iz',wgcllt'il." GEORGE THOMAS WILSON Born November 28, 1918, Sherman, Texas Basketball, Newspaper Staff. "W'ilb luis green' zlclcrfizilzafion, Hc will climb the larlder to szzccrsxf' FAIRYS WALKER Born June 18, 1918, Moran, Texas Linz Ping Linz Bible Awardg Good Scholarship Club. "She is ri wry little girl Wifb eyes both izzrrry and lziizilf' Nl may .-au... WOODROW HINDS ' Born December 19, 1918, Alba, Texas "His fl'iC'I1lI'ly spirit is zz great rzssrfg I-INS always for you, you can bet." WANDA JUANITA LOVING Born March 19, 1918, Dallas, Texas "This nzuiilvzz ix ofa! so swcfci, S0 nice, so jirvfiy anal 50 jwlitef, WILLIAM SMITH DODSON Born November 1, 1918, Dallas, Texas Linz Ping Good Scholarship Clubg Vice-President of French Clubg Camp Dallasg Stamp Club, Aviation Clubg First Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "Height iloes not nieaszirc the breiifltfa of tlae 111i1zil.l' MARION LOW SHARP Born January 11, 1919, Atlanta, Georgia National Honor Society, Girl Reserves, Linz Good Scholarship Clubg Senior Publication. ' "Her sympatlaciic ziizzlerstamli11g ways Spreuil szifzslaiizc flarouglaouf the days." Ping 4 VVILLIAM FRANKLIN BILLINGS Born March 5, 1918, Houston, Texas Basketball, Tennis, Trackg Pan-American Student Forumg Student Councilg National Honor Society, Linz Ping Press Club. "A combination of brains, athletic ability, and good loolasf' V ADA KATHERINE WOOD Born December 22, 1917, Maypearl, Texas Girl Reserves, French Newspaper Staifg Good Scholarship Club, Linz Bible Awardg Senior Publica- -tion. "A good student, a consistent worker, The possessor of an active brainf, GEORGE D. STEPTER, JR. Born March 23, 1917, Dallas, Texas Stamp Club, Captain R.O.T.C.g Science Club, Li- brary Couneilg Rifle Teamg Crack Companyg Senior Play. "We may be as good as we please if we please to be good-Understand?" BOBBYE WOOD Q Born December 20, 1918, Garland, Texas Art Clubg Science Club, Good Scholarship Clubg Linz Pin. "Soft voice ana' cute smile, Pretty clothes and lots of style." CECIL ATWOOD RHOADS Born December 3, 1916, Denton, Texas Golf Teamg Captain of Track Team, Library Council. "An athlete of merit, Modest and friefiillyf' ADRIAN RUTH JORDON Born November 8, 1917, Denison, Texas Girl Reserves, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "Great in every way except size." JAMES KIDLIAN Born October 10, 1917, Franliston, Texas Managing Editor of Woodrow Wilson News, Press Club, Footballg League of Nations Contest. "He aloesn't know the meaning of the word 'rlijficizlthv MARGRETTE ZULEIRA GRUBBS Born September 24, 1917, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarship Clubg Girl Reserves, Art Clubg Little Theaterg Press Clubg Senior Publication, Library Council. "She mixes the wines of pleasure in a cap of mischief." 2? , U Z, . tiff Tak 1. fig g TL 1 KERRYN KING January Graduate, 1955 Born October 15, 1917, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Library Council, Senior Play, Camp Dallas, Little Theater, Assistant Editor of Senior Publication, Associate Editor of Woodrow Wilson Nz'wx, Student Council. "All ilu' world lows a lover." GLADYS JANNASCH Born December 24, 1918, Dallas, Texas Little Theater, Home Economics Club. "Bfr11zfiful hair, braufiful eyes, Bvaufifzll lldllfillg, wha! fl 17ri::r."' HOWARD DUDLEY PERRY Born May 24, 1918, McAlester, Oklahoma French Club, Camp Dallas, Crack Company, Senior Hi-Y, Stamp Club. "Mililary llldll, lzuly'x nznn, MoffJcr's lilflr Juan, Tbal ix, a mort zwxnfilzf mauf' FRANCES JEWELL SMALL Born February 26, 1917, Grapevine, Texas Campfire Girls. 'rW!JdfCl'l'1' bf' facr bruurtle rfyarm Sbcfs migfafy Iliff' fo lQIl0'lU.D rf J. D. EDWARD DIXON Born August 26, 1915, Bisbee, Arizona Football, Baseball, Chorus. Hz' may bv sleepy, but bas be nzixxvrl anytlaing Noi yd!" BILLYE SUDDUTH Born january 7, 1917, Ennis, Texas Little Theater, Home Economics Club. "Willa rosy rlrcvfax um! fuxcu rnrlx And .vparlzling eyes and fccfb like pearls." FRED A. REYNOIR Born October 1, 1917, New Orleans, Louisiana Football, Science Club, Senior Hi-Y. "A Iilflrf 'ILOIZXUIISL' now and tbvlz Is rc'lixfJml by the wisest men." JESSIE LEE Ross Born April 30, 1916, Gatesville, Texas "Says lilflr, knows '77Z01'6.,, ? JAMES GIXVENS RONEY, JR. Born December 30, 1918, Marshall, Texas Tennis, Stamp Club, Good Scholarship Club, Newspaper Staff, Little Theater. "With ir smiling fact' Anil mischief in his eyesf, ARETES OTT Born January 24, 1918, Houston, Texas Student Council, President of Home Economics Club, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Assistant Editor of Senior Publication. "To know her is lo love herf' THOMAS CARROLL SALLEE, JR. Born October 23, 1918, Dallas, Texas Track, Pan-American Student Forum. "Thrills :mil hmrf-fhrobs! A boy with curly hair." VIRGINIA LEMASTER Born October 20, 1917, Dallas, Texas Press Club I Ne spaper Staff, Good Scholarship Club. ' iz mos! talmifil young lnrly zfh uiizzzing zwzysf' f-Q, l JACK DARLEY Born October 20, 1918, Dallas, Texas Stamp Club, Second Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "Black hair, olive complexion, brown eyes, Such fhings nmlaf many a Nllllllfllyi hopes rise." VIRGINIA CLAIRE CRAIG Born March 25, 1918, Shepherd, Texas "Ona wiih hair of lowly, hzirnishefl rerl Anil SfIl71I1l71g flolhes of style, ii's said." JAMES FRANK STATHAKOS Born March 24, 1917, Dallas, Texas Baseball. "Such flashy, snappy black rycs Quiie belle his gfnfle l15!fIi7'?.D MARY LYNDEL VVINDHANI Born June 13, 1917, Italy, Texas Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Linz Bible Award, Home Economics Club. "Brown hair, sweet blue eyes- WllI50l71ll?SS hrs! r'xprI'ssf's her." 'Q JAMES FORT WILSON Born August 15, 1917, Dallas, Texas National Honor Society, Linz Pin. HSf1ltli0HS and fruf-, I-Ie's ri boy I0 bv mlmirc'rl.', JANE DAVENPORT Born November 9, 1917, Dallas, Texas Home Economics Club, Press Club, Good Scholar- ship Club. "A ffifllllllj' 'favllo' uml cfmrnzilzg smilf' Will grwi you zulJc1'r'L'er sbs' iff, LENTAR RAMEL Born January 23, 1919, Dallas, Texas Band, Good Scholarship Club. "An carnvsi fellow who will 1H1ll07l!7fl'd1j' SIIFFCEK1., HELEN COOPER Born September 26, 1917, Lane Oak, Texas Home Economics Club, Press Club, Good Scholar- ship Club, "Her grzzfc, rfmrm and infrllcfl Drsrribe lim' as n lLm"v." ED ROTAN TOWNSEND Born July 13, 1918, Durant, Oklaltoma "B-right and full of fun, His laugh cheers f'llF7'jlO71l'.,, CLEARA MAE CONNER Born August 13, 1916, West, Texas "A likeable xorf of girl, Quirl bu! assuring." C. D. HILL Born June 24, 1917, Dallas, Texas "Lady L1lCk7S boy frielnlf' MARGARET DOUOLASS Born February 1, 1917, Dallas, Texas Student Council, Chorus, Trident Club, Press Club, Newspaper Staff, Home Economics Club. "Slack ilu' olil reliable, Irun' blur, 18 laarufs inizl more? WALTER E. REYNOLDS, JR. Born February 8, 1917, Richardson, Texas Basketball, Baseball, Football. "Happy ami carefree- Alwayx full of f1z11.'l WINIFRED ALLENE HAMBLETT Born April 2, 1918, Rogers, Arkansas Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Clubg Spanish Club. "Ax clever as any, and pretfy, besides." L. N. QSBORNE, JR. Born June 6, 1916, Ennis, Texas Pan-American Student Forum. "A quief, and willing worker, Those who know him, like him." MYRTLE LEE ORMOND Born July 19, 1918, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Vice-President of Home Economics Club. "All her ways are winning ways." CARL ALBERT NIENDORFF Born July 21, 1917, Marshall, Texas Newspaper Staff. "He has been known and liked all fhrough high xrhoolf' MILDRED BROKAW Born April 7, 1917, Dallas, Texas "This lilfle blolul is a frue friend, She will stick by until the emi." TOM CHERRY Born September 20, 1917, Paris, Texas Football. "Whenever you see fhis fall, clark lad, You know yozfll never be gloomy or sail." RUTH NATALIE SEIBERT Born June 9, 1917, Dallas, Texas Linz Ping Good Scholarship Club. "Dainty, neat, ami very preeise." J 1 JOE XVOLFE Born January 1, 1918, Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum, Football, Linz Pin National Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club Crack Company. "A fall bloml bay u'lJ0 is jus! as likrallle as bc' is briglJf." MARTHA JO XVISE Born April 24, 1917, Greenville, Texas "Very 11'l'lllll1'l', bu! ll llilmxiug r0mpn11io11.D 5. WILLIAM LONG PARTAIN Born january 29, 1918, Frostburg, Maryland Good Scholarship Club. "A real SOIlf,76'I'II gf'nil1'mar1." JOSEPHINE DURHAM Born July 26, 1917, Dallas, Texas Stamp Club, Home Economics Club, Trident Club, Orchestra, Girl Reserves, French Club. "Modest and rrfiring, B111 loyal ami' fruff' 1 1 CHARLES LEONARD DUEE Born November 26, 1916, Dallas, Texas Press Club. "H0'll ln' Illl'l'l'j', lJe'll bf' frrv, But lafll be xml for noborlyf' MARX' JANE MELBOURNE Born July 1, 1917, Tulsa, Oklahoma Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, National Honor Society. "A small person fo jnoxxrsx so mzzrb wisrlomf' FRANK R. JACKSON Born April 6, 1917, Bonham, Texas Football, Baseball, Track, Senior Hi-Y, First ieutenant R.O.T.C. MARGARET FRANCES YOUNG Born April 12, 1919, Atlanta, Georgia 1 dimplrrl smile lzeirays if rbarming personality." rr lzzodrsty is u camlle I0 lm' 111c'rifx.,' ,G ROBERT DUFFY Born July 25, 1917, Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum, Camp Dallas "A thinker and every inch zz man': mini." RUBY E. REAGAN Born February 16, 1918, Como, Texas Student Council. "Dorff you jus! lofve people with flimples?', JOHN CHRISTIAN OLSEN, JR. Born April 18, 1917, Dallas, Texas "A blond-heazlnl hi! of sunshine- For his fizlure-im exrellent signf' VIRGINIA SMITH Born March 22, 1917, Nashville, Tennessee ' "Her prexezirr' is nlwayx 1lc'tirz'1l.,' WILLIAM R. BURNS, JR. Born August 18, 1918, Dallas, Texas Track, Baseball, Spelling Contest. "Hill eiihrr mnlee or fiml u way." CLAIRE SHWIFF Born December 3, 1917, Galveston, Texas National Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club Student Council, Girl Reserves, .Press Club, Debat ing Club, Home Economics Club, Linz Pin. "A brilliant mimi' makes her ozztxlzzmling everywhere., WRENO EDGAR SINIITH, JR. Born October 2, 1918, Charlottesville, Virginia Senior Hi-Y. "A liille mischief hy the way, A A little fun fo spice earh day." BLANCHE BOBBITT Born September 17, 1917, Grand Saline, Texas Press Club. "A l7l'lll1l'flY' full of frif-111llim'.vx mm' fun." ..I-,, yi' ED ELLIsON Born April 14, 1918, Dallas, Texas Band. "He ix likml by all who know l7llll.,, MARJORIE HAMILTON BEALL Born August 11, 1918, Austin, Texas Girl Reserves, Press Club, Home Economics Clubg Linz Bible Award. "An r'.w'Ullr11I 1'i1llef'r, zz goozl lixfrnm- with n 'lf'il'l1t'l0ll5 smilvf' ROBERT ERNEST BAKER, JR. Born October 17, 1916, Tuscalousa, Alabama Tracltg Tennis. rf His rirrlf of fl'lf'l1LlX is 7ll1llI71il'E'fl.,, EVELYN SIMKINS Born June 26, 1918, Dallas, Texas French Newspaper Staff, French Club, Linz Pin Good Scholarship Club. "Small in XllIfII1'1', lm! grrrlf in !Jl'!11'l.D ,ai KP NORMAN CLYDE WEBB Born july 17, 1917, Dallas, Texas First Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "A popular lan' of R.O,T.C. If yozfll lc! him, Your frieml l1f"ll always lie." MARY KATHRYN REINHARDT Born March 11, 1916, Rovse City, Texas Home Economics Club. "A girl whose rwry Ilaauglal ix original? ARTHUR GEORGE DIXON Born September 18, 1917, Dallas, Texas Newspaper Staff, Linz Ping Good Scholarship Club. "Si11fr'rR ways amz' rxlbressiw eyexf, JUANITA ANTOINE Born February S, 1918, Clarksville, Texas Press Club, Trident Club, Pan-American Student Forum. "The f1'l6'l1!1,lj! liflle French girl Who ir like a wry of S1ll1Shi7lL' in our vzzizlxif' 1 L, I r Q? O. L. PIERCE Born November 15, 1917, Garland, Texas Football. r'R?lZ01U716fi for greal L'O!ISffI11Cjl of hear! And a'iIige11re in all z'l9i11gs.,' MARIE DORSEY BELL Born December 3, 1918, Dallas, Texas Little Theater, Home Economics Club, Art Club. "Wiib a szmny smile the :fa11fes Her way into ez'ery011e's heart." BOB A. BOVARD Born June 25, 1918, St. Joseph, Missouri Tall -I- blond -1- loandsovne X brains : Robert EDITH EVELYN WADE Born October 15, 1917, Rockdale, Texas Press Club." "Quiet and 1111ax.v11111i11g." JOSEF MINTZ Born, October 14, 1918, Dallas, Texas Debating Club. "An up-lo-11'alz' dresser And 11 flair for good fade." ALLIE FRANCES GROSS Born June 17, 1918, Dallas, Texas Little Theater, Press Club, Chorus "Mild, peaeefzzl, loving, Willa a very winsome smilef' JOHN RAY HOWARD Born July 20, 1918, Dallas, Texas Airplane Club. "john is a 11za11 we prezliei will xzzrceezl, for he? always correct, both in word and 111 deed MARGARET DEEIR Born September 11, 1917, Dallas, Texas Chorus. "Dancers 1111131 rome and t7,HlZl'?1'X may g B111 Mayga,-pf rv111ai11s X7lf7l M ' 1 w l I X DICK PRESTON Born January 18, 1918, Elkl'1art,lndiana Senior Hi-Y, Football, Pan-American Student Forum, Second Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "A z'a1f4'rnan jus! lr'-ying I0 get along." MILDRED FERNE LANGLEY Born October 26, 1916, Dallas, Texas Student Council, Art Club. "Curly lorlu aml shining eyes Tlial bring forllw many manly xigbxfl GEORGE L. LOVING Born March 10, 1918, Coalgare, Oklahoma Captain of Rifle Team, Crack Company, First Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "He has a 1'iz'ifl personality anal good zlixposifiong Both win lllill many friencls." INEZ BOSTICK Born March 16, 1918, Hamilton, Texas Good Scholarship Club, Senior Publication. "Happy, Cart'-f1'vf, and gay, With a rlnfrrfnl 'lwllrf for all who rmna lim' wayf, CHARLES EDWARD PHILLIPS Born April 24, 1917, Terrell, Texas Baseball. "I-Ii' ba.: a laajnjiy infill' for all, From our rxtcffnz lar'1I 71f"L'!'l' fall." RUTH MCCALLUM Born April 10, 1917, Dallas, Texas "Har plraxing smile, bw' pleasing way, MHkF'71F1L' friends lbrozzglaozzt the days HOWARD T. PORTER Born july 14, 1916, Chicago, Illinois "He'.v kinda fuzzny, lJe'I kinda sarl, And ifs kinda bard to 'make lsim mad." VIRGINIA PERKINS Born March 16, 1917, Italy, Texas "Friz'11dlinrxs, lam' eyes donafeg Anzl for bar, will all casf our votff' gg-5 x 5, 1, sfx RUTH DENISE SCHOBERLE Born january 20, 1918, Dallas, Texas "A :wc'ctz'r girl 'will m'L'c'r be f0Zllll1.,, ANNE HUGHSTON Born September 25, 1917, Plano, Texas "Fit as a fiddle, Full of vim, vigor, and vitality." ELVA JUNE WALKER Born January 26, 1918, Galveston, Texas "The girl who Jzewr wears a frown, A friemz' to CL'C'l'y0l1L' in the town." MARJORY VIRGINIA COBB Born December 20, 1917, Dallas, Texas "Charm, grace, and personality Make up her adruirable C!JtIl't1CfC1'.,, BILLIE LOUISE NAIL Born July 6, 1917, Crawford, Texas "Lovely, sweet, and good, and as wise as fair." ALICE GERALDINE BOGGESS Born May 24, 1917, Dallas, Texas "Her :lords outrufz her words so far 'That more than what they seem, they aref' HARRIET ELLIOT LUNDINE BOSKEY Born April 19, 1916, New York City, New York "To soma, shr' may scam a bit rontraryg But to HI, shc'I f'XfJ'd01'lll7lHl'j,'.,, DOROTHEA ELIZABETH Cox Born January 17, 1918, Floydada, Texas Student Council, Good Scholarship Club. "If personality were to Count, All adding lll!IC!JlIlC j'0Il,ll have to mount." Z'- BETTE BEIINICE BEATY Born June 24, 1917, Dallas, Texas "A jolly gooa' time IX just in law' li11c'." ALICE FELIN BELVIN Born April 23, 1919, Meridian, Mississippi "Blank bail' and lilnv eyes- A fyjvival Irisfa lass." SHIRLEY BROWN Born May 1, 1918, Dallas, Texas "Sho xvzwm lo gc! about, Quito popular IIU doubt." OLIVE JANET AUSTIN Born July 22, 1917, Dallas, Texas "L0'L'11l7lf nml xtrilziflg f7l'I'SOIIHlifj', Slow has tba' pep arm' lots of z'italil3'.,' JAYNE EARNEST Born September 3, 1917, Dallas, Texas "To some sfaeiv funny, to others sbcfs u z1'ummy, But to IIS, boy, slack u boizvyf' BOBBIE EPPERSON Born May 26, 1916, Nowata, Oklahoma "The gh-I that always has law' fuzz It's just pretelzsc, xbe's not so dZl17lb.H MARY CATHERIN MILNER Born March 9, 1917, Dallas, Texas "The girl with prvtty P3105 and llarlz brown laair Who make: all thc boys stop and stem" EVELYN WING Born August 21, 1917, Beaumont, Texas "Kind, gentle, thouglatful, Capable ufzzl si11cc1'c." riree PATSY GANNON Born july 6, 1917, Dallas, Texas "A smile, zz wink, u little Coy, Certainly loved by every boyf' MURIEL DAVIS Born October 11, 1918, New York, New York Pan-American Student Forum, Little Theater. A gentle voife, zz mux111er leind and sweet, Unite to make ber gracious courtesy contpletef, MARY JANE TEAGARDEN Born March 2, 1918, Dallas, Texas VA girlywbo has "it" Ami lots of "Ziff to go with it." DOROTHY JEAN DUNCAN Born October 21, 1918, Dallas, Texas "A vivaciozzs and attractive girl Whose tongue never wearies." - ELIZABETH MARIE STELLMACHER Born August 10, 1917, Dallas, Texas "She is well lilzecl by everyone: Sbe's full of pep ami plenty of fun." BETTY BELT Born December 20, 1917, Dallas, Texas ff Slae's a peppy, gubby gal, But you never laaa' u better pal." VIRGINIA ADKINS Born June 21, 1917, Dallas, Texas "A petite young mairlezz With iz 'llllllilllig smile." BLANCI-I BROWN Born January 24, 1917, Oklahoma City, Okl "She has irresistible charm, Arm' all who know laer, love ber." ahoma ROBBIE O. WHITTEN Born September 19, 1917, Dallas, Texas Home Economics Club. "Sha bas a smile Tbaf Milli! lbem all." JOYCE YOUNGBLOOD Born November 3, 1918, Stratford, Texas Girl Reserves, Chorus, Good Scholarship Club. "She bar lwimiling eyes tba! befolterz a jolly flisposifiouf' VIRGINIA LEE HOOKER Born August 18, 1918, Lone Oak, Texas Press Club, Newspaper Staff, Little Theater, G Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "Equal fo el'el'j' occasion." MARY PET MCENTEE Born April 12, 1919, Murphy, Texas Good Scholarship Club, Senior Publication. ood PAULINE WINSTON Born February 27, 1918, Waco, Texas Girl Reserves, Trident Club, Good Scholarship Club "She'x mild and quiet, bu! ffoallx ber way, We like ber for il more eacla day." JANE M. I-IUFEHINES Born October 23, 1918, Commerce. Texas Student Council, Good Scholarship Club. "lf anyone could falllflfss be, It would be :zone other than she." JOE S. PICKARD Born April 25, 1917, Dallas, Texas "A finished gentleman from bead to toe. One look at him will tell you sof' KATHRYN WOODARD Born June 22, 1917, Los Angeles, California Girl Reserves, Trident Club, Good Scholarship Club. "A firm believer in lfae power of silence." ELIZABETH LOUISE BROWN Born July 6, 1918, Dallas, Texas as sweef as ber face." "SlJe's fair to gaze upon and 110 mistake." VV- - FRANCES E. COBB Born June 10, 1916, Hillsboro, Texas "Ta1kali11e uml full of pep Seems fo be her 're17'." IDA RUTH MANTLE Born May 1, 1918, Stillwater, Oklahoma Trident Club, Girl Scouts, Home Economics Clubg Good Scholarship Club. "As mild and sweet as gentle flowers." MARGARET MILLICAN Born November 30, 1917, Prosper, Texas "She staffers s1mshi11e wherever she goes." ADA DAVID STEPHENS Born January 27, 1919, Dallas, Texas Linz Ping Little Theaterg Press Clubg Good Scholar- ship clubg Girl Reserves, Co-Editor of VC70odrow Wil- son News. "She numbers her friends by her ucqzmirztailcesf' MARY FRANCES EDGAR Born June 5, 1917, Dallas, Texas "All who see her desire her for u friend THELMA ELIZABETH DIETEL Born September 9, 1917, New Braunfels, Texas Interscllolastic Typing Contest, National Honor Society, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "She is capable and efficient Always thinkiizg of others." CLARICE WRIGHT Born August 18, 1916, XVaco, Texas Good Scholarship Club. "She deserves ihe best of everything. RUTH EVELYN MANNAN Born August 2, 1917, Dallas, Texas French Club, Art Clubg Home Economics Club Linz Pin. "She has an Zl71df'1'5fd77IiiI1g hearff, ,e'2,wL7V1f"1'- MARY MARGARET HAGA Born February 7, 1918, Dallas, Texas Linz Pin. "WlJal maclc' lllflll grow lilac ber? We wan! llav recipe." SADIE Lou HOLLON Born December 14, 1916, Dallas, Texas Little Theater. "Her smile is 10 lser frieua's like a pebble flJ'rou'11 into a pool of water-ez'er izzcreasiug llae circle." DOROTHY MAY CHRISTENSEN Born May 7, 1917, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarship Club, Home Economics Club. "A m0a'r'sf young lass bflllllllillg willJ auziculvlz' 'LUllISO!IlE'l1l'S5.H MARIAN ELIZABETH WYATT Born September 18, 1918, Dallas, Texas French Newspaper Staff, Good Scholarship Clubg French Clubg Press Clubg Secretary of Home Eco- nomics Club. "She is n miss of zlisliuguislaea' poise and dainty 1'eji1zeme1zl." MYRTIS HALLIBURTON Born January 10, 1918, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarships Club, Linz Ping Linz Bible Awardg Senior Publication. "All llaafs swecf mml goorl mul fair Is folzlecl in mul izestlezl ilJc1'c'." MARGUERITE HORTENSE WORLEY Born July 16, 1917, Dallas, Texas National Honor Societyg Good Scholarship Clubg Linz Pin. "Well poised, 'wills zz mifzrz' all ber awnf, LILLIAN CURTIS Born October 23, 1917, Jacksboro, Texas Good Scholarship Club. "A miss of modesty aim' goml taste? RUTH WYLIE Born May 16, 1918, Jacksonville, Texas National Honor Societyg Good Scholarship Club. "She has ll smile wortla a large f0l'fI,tllL'.U ELLA ELIZABETH DARK Born May 15, 1918, Rockwall, Texas Chorus, Spelling Contest, Trident Club, Newspaper Staff, Home Economics Club. "Perfec!io11 in one !7Ill1llIC'.H ELIZABETH TONE Ross RUNYON Born September 12, 1917, Temple, Texas Pan-American Student Forum, Little Theater, Girl Reserves, Linz Pin, Press Club. "SfJe's worib more fbrm ber weigh! ill golrlf' SADIE M, LEMONDS Born April 10, 1917, Sachse, Texas "Skis graceful i11 ber moz'e111enfs Ana' serious in ber fbougblsf' CLEONE MARIE RILEY Born March 20, 1918, Dallas, Texas "A girl quiie deserrilzg of tba' bed." ESTHER RUTH GARDNER Born September 2, 1918, Dallas, Texas Student Council, Girl Reserves, Linz Pin, Scholarship Club. Good "She seizes beurfs-ua! wailing for eo1zsc'1zf." lVlARY JANE STEVENS ' Born June 7, 1918, Haskell, Oklahoma Art Club, Annual Art Staff, Good Scholarship "Diz'i1zely fall and most f1iL'i7lFl3' fair." HELEN FAB MOORMAN Born May 31, 1917, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarship Club. "Not soon forgoflezzf' EVA ELIZABETH HATZENBUEHLER Born December 12, 1916, Dallas, Texas Home Economics Club, Trident Club. "She is no! only a good stuzlezzz' But also a goorl afbletef' Club XF iii? E GIRLS NOT IN PICTURES if E4 i beth Brinkerhoff Yvonne Patton 'ea ' renz Davenport Grace Reef Frances Finch Jessie Belle Reynolds Mary Jane Gregg Hattie Sewell Valrie Jones ' Bonnie Joe Seeger , ' Meudine Kirby Alice se1eeeQZod! Madeline Macomber Eva Rush Trigg BOYS NOT IN PICTURES Brice Acker Homer Matlock V 57 A W Bob Anderson Eugene Miller Maurice Brin Martin Morgan flKl Bill Cameron A Woodrow Norvell Lemuel Campbell Woodrow Pa er H I Oscar Clark Tom Pappas George Colgin A W. C. Parker Ben Culwell Allen Posey Billy Ferguson Cecil Post James Finnell Ralph Ribb Jimmy Force Alva Lee Rush L. E. Guillot Charles Shepard I. B. Hale Basil Shropulas Bertram Hill Barton Skinner Robert King Roy Skinner Zack Lillard C. L. Taylor James McDonald Gordon Thomas Milton McElroy Robert Wallace R. L. Marshall Hilary Walton f jLg,,w 7 . V jj if QZQU my Q OFFICERS CLASS OF JANUARY, 193 6 BOB LWINGSTON . . . Presidenf PEGGY EDWARDS . . . V ire-Prvsidmzi MARIGENE SLAGLE . . Secretary ED COBB, JR. Born February 7, 1916, Dallas, Texas Football, Baseball, Track, Band. "Hc"s wmv fllllIblt'1', aml we 1101111 111111111 111131 leiml of u glass? MARGUERITE STURDIYVANT Born December S, 1918, Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum, National Honor' Society, Girl Reservesg Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. I "Wise ana' xzuwl, yn' lim' glf'n111i11g eyes llrftrzzgf an llllllllfll 111isrl1i1'f." ROBERT CI-IEEK Born October 11, 1917, Dallas, Texas Camp Dallas, Art Club, Junior and Senior Hi-Y, Crack Company, Annual Art Staff. "A 1uism'1'1u'k for Pl'F1'jV ofrasio11." HELEN RUTH GALLAGHER Born November 26, 1918, MeKinney, Texas Student Council, Good Scholarship Clubg Linz Pin. r'H?7'F,S lo ilge 7IZl'I'1'j' lass Who pleases all the 11zass." er FRANCIS PATRICK ELLIOTT Born july 12, 1918, Wfaco, Texas Baseball, Football, Chorus. Om' who ix co11li111111lly lnflpilzg lair fellow mules DOROTHY MOZELLE RASBEARY Born March 19, 1918, Franklin, Texas Press Club, Girl Reserves, Home Economics Club "There 'wax a sofl and pelzsizfr' grufr, A mx! of fllllllgbf abou! ber ftli'6'.U GEORGE UTLEY Born September 6, 1918, Dallas, Texas Football, Basketball. "Call him what you may, If if be good, fhfll you will tell Ike truth." MARGARET ELOISE PURL Born April 16, 1919, Alexandria, Louisiana Girl Reservesg Good Scholarship Club, Press Club. "Two o1ztslu11zli11g qualities: .Yl71dI'fl1l'.YX uml sweei11exs," N. 0 F LJ PHIL SCHEPPS Born March 26, 1918, Dallas, Texas Basketball, Baseball, Football. "An oufsfiimling Abersoimlily is an nrbievement mm' Pbil bas ouef' ADELAIDE OLIVIA LEWELLING Born December 25, 1917, Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forumg Chorusg Good Schol- arship Clubg Trident Club. "To be friemlly is io be liked, Anil Olizfiiz is liked by nllf' KENNETH ADELBERT 1-IOUSHOLDER Born January 18, 1918, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Art Club: Science Clubg Little Theatre, Debating Clubg Band, Officer R.O.T.C.g Orchestra, State Band Contestg Good Scholarship Club. "Kenneth will exeell in laler life As be bus in sfboolf' MARY DELL WHITLEY Born February 23, 1918, Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum, Good Scholarship Clubg Linz Pin. "A girl wiib Yearly wif Ana' Il smile for L"I!l'1'jlO17C'.H EDWIN MABRY JOHNSON Born October 3, 1917, Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forum. "Ability una' goorl sporlsinunsbip make this litlle :mm migbiyf' MARY RETA RECTOR Born July 26, 1918, Dallas, Texas Girl Reservesg Good Scholarship Club, Press Club "Ruilia11l, fair, :mil goou' nalurezl is she." LOUIS WALTER EIDT Born February 11, 1918, Dallas, Texas Footballg Basketball, Student Council, Press Club. "His sense of bumor and likeable ways Will make bim. u faifurife tbroizgb ull of his rlays JEWEL MAE ROBINSON Born january 11, 1918, Hamilton, Texas "Cute, sweet mul lmferi by all- Could anyone say more?" ,QW wr W W GEORGE TRUETT GAYLE Born October 7, 1918, Dallas, Texas r'H011FSf aml sinn'ri', A frirml l0l'l'l'1'j'0lIF.n MARY LOUISE GARNETT Born February 18, 1918, Corsicana, Texas Little Theater, French Club. "A lowly fare, a 1'fJ:1rn1ing girl, Wflrofv lnlilml by Nllliljl ax a full." AMOS O. MARSH, JR. Born April 12, 1918, Cleveland, Ohio Football, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin, Camp Dallas. "lf in foollmll fllillgi gr! lmrsb, Duff! cull fbi' 1l'tIlE'l'l70j', 1-all 'Gmzzwrzl' Mr1rslJ.', ELEANOR MIDDINGS Born February 22, 1918, Dallas, Texas Press Club. "A young girl, grarvfiil, Io ilu your lzidnliiigx, A short Jrxrrijrfiozi of Elmziior Mirln'i11gs." M5 R. A. LEONARD, JR. Born Decenaber 18, 1916, Rockwall, Texas Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track. "Noi grwzi, I2-111' neiglaborly is be." MARY WINIFRED GILES Born February 10, 1917, Dallas, Texas "Our who xlmrrx ber smiles wiflz I'1!I'l'j'01l!'.,, WALTER B. TAYLOR, JR. Born july 22, 1917, El Paso, Texas "If was our lurk fo be lair frieililsf' CAROLINE COMA SKIDMORE Born July 20, 1918, Blossom, Texas Girl Reserves, Press Club, Student Council. "Lilfle girl with lauglaing eyes of blur' Ami u flaxla of misclairf, toof, X all ROBERT WOODFIN BOGGESS, JR. Born October 17, 1919, Ridgewood, New Jersey Senior Hi-Y, Science Club, Camp Dallasg Good Scholarship Club. "Although small in height ' ' He N111 do anything." MARIAN LOUISE BOYD Born April 8, 1919, Dallas, Texas Music Club, Press Club. "She goes through the day lVith a kindly thought for llllf, ERICH DOWNS Born june 1, 1919, Dallas, Texas Science Club, Camp Dallas, Junior and Senior Hi-Y, Good Scholarship Club. "Much bigger in mini! than stature." CELIA MANTLE Born October 9, 1919, McAleSter, Oklahoma Student Councilg Good Scholarship Club, Linz Ting Girl Scoutsg National Honor Societyg Trident Clubg Linz Bible Award. "When things go wrong, She iloesn't whine or coznjzlainf, MARY JOE MARTIN Born March 2, 1919, Frankston, Texas Girl Reservesg Press Club, Good Scholarship Club Linz Pin. "Fair, lziriil, anil trim have often lived alone, Which three, till now, nrzfer were founil in one." ROGER BATES BOATWRIGHT, JR. Born july 9, 1918, Waco, Texas junior and Senior Hi-Y, Science Club, Camp Dal- lasg Good Scholarship Club. "A little iiorzsfvirzf now and then- Biit ninong thi' brit of NIE'lI.,, , ROBBIE SIMS Born july 14, 1919, Ennis, Texas Press Club. "The hotter things of life rome in small packages? VIRGINIA MAE HAIL Born October 31, 1918, Durant, Oklahoma "Her sjmrleling eyes unit laughing rlimjilrs Lena' cheer to all." f ybluif N LOFTIN BRAXVNER Born August 19, 1915, Mineola, Texas "A sznzny rflxjioxiliozi is bis 'lim", Om' like' ii 10011111 br' bard I0 fiuzff' VIRGINIA BRADFORD Born August 29, 1918, Austin, Texas Good Scholarship Club. "A smiling fun' with ligbf blur' eyes, Au angel fron: Ivillmzzl Ihr ,1kit'X.,, WILSON MOFFITT Born November 5, 1917, Dallas, Texas Art Club, Gcod Scholarship Club. "A Slliilfllg face and rzlrly fmir, More 1L'07lltfll,f be falrf' EVELYN BOOKOUT Born April 4, 1918, Sherman, Texas Girl Reserves, Chorus, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "A maiden quite r1'f'111z1re." in JOHN CULLOM ZERCHER Born December 16, 1918, Dallas, Texas Second Lieutenant R.O.T.C., Crack Company, Rifle Team, Camp Dallas, Senior Hi-Y, Student Council, Library Council, Good Scholarship Club, Linz Pin. "A milifury gelzius, brilliazzl vnilufed, rum' rapid luI,ki11g.,' MARGARET MARIE TOWNSIEND Born December 15, 1917, Gurdon, Arkansas Press Club. "Her lift' Aluzrv, noble, and mwel- SlJe's a gurl thrills laarzl to bent." WILLIAM VOGEL Born February 9, 1918, Dallas, Texas Basketball, Baseball, Football, Lieutenant R.O.T.C. "A fall, blond claup who is well liked by all who know him." DOROTHY BERNICE SILLMAN Born November 17, 1917, Springfield, Missouri Girl Reserves, Trident Club. "She ix small, uubu1'11 baiiwl, shy, mul sweet." MM f lyk 1 v I 1 l V: JAMES T. DRAKE Born March 13, 1919, Dallas, Texas Football, Tennis. "He's so manly anrl refined Tlmt be appears to be a true aristocraf." CLAUDIA IRENE LOFTIS Born July 25, 1917, Indianapolis, Indiana "Her golden curls rlraw a crowni- Drau' a crowrl of aclnzirersf' THURMOND HAWKINS ' Born March 13, 1919, Canon City, Colorado Library Council, Stamp Clubg Good Scholarship Club. "WitlJ his funny remarks He keeps everyone laughing." HELEN MERRIAM Born September 12, 1918, San Antonio, Texas "With eyes as clark as the cover of night, Anil a disposition as merry as the snnf' ROBERT TRVINE KINSELLA Born June 15, 1918, Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forumg Declamation Tea Good Scholarship Club. "He's really a friend worth baring." SYBIL BLACK "If to her slaare some tbrifling errors fall, FD Look on ber face, ana' youll! forget them all." JACK W. SHAMAN Born January 14, 1917, Dallas, Texas "Heels a gay fellow with joy as lais companionf, MILDRED MENEFEE RAMSEY Born September 17, 1916, San Antonio, Texas "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low- An excellent thing in a woman." MARION E. RUDINE Born December 27, 1917, Dallas, Texas Press Club, Good Scholarship Club. "I-lrr xzwvf xiuijilicify ir ber l.'blH'l71.u CONSTANCE BOUNDS Born February 19, 19185 Dallas, Texas "She lm.: ll pair' of 4'-yrs Tlmf ufnulil bu an uxsvl I0 mzymirff' MARIE M. FONTAINE Born November 16, 1918, San Antonio, Texas "Known ufur mul Iorml by funny." PI-IOEBE JANE SEELY Born June 24, 1918, Ironriver, Michigan Good Scholarship Club, Linz Ping Student Councilg French Club, Press Club. "No rzrfififiafify fo mar law' xiuzplrf lJr'f111ly." HELEN BLACK Born March 4, 1918, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarship Club, Press Club. "Her Imile brfrnyx rm znlorable dillllllkn SYBLE FERN COOLEY Born December 12, 1917, Mount Pleasant, Texas "WN know lm' I0 bv our frir'1zrl." ANNE THERESE OTT Born july 8, 1918, Dallas, Texas Linz Ping National Honor Societyg Student Coun cilg Girl Reserves, Pan-American Student Forum. r'A1fl701lg!J .vloffs small and xlim, Shaft jZl.1f lfae lype io wizzf' BERNICE KIRK Born December 18, 1917, Dallas, Texas rr The liftlc' girl with jlrrlfy eyes, Nffzfm' Ir! if bf' Xllill ffm! Xbl' ixlfl wixef' ' we ELOISE M. KEALY Born August 2, 1916, Denison, Texas Home Economics Club, Art Club, Girl Reserves. "A friendly way, a cheery smile, Makes her presence worlh our while." HAZEL L. PICKETT Born August 16, 1917, Dallas, Texas "Swerf and gcfzflr, leiud l1flllg00lI"1 She is a friend to cL'eryo11f." JULIA EBEY A Born October 5, 1918, Athens, Texas Good Scholarship Clubg Press Club, Girl Reserves. "Her sinccfrity amz' pleasing 77111117167 have won for her the friendship of all who lzzzow her." MARY DoR1s HECRMAN Born March 1, 1918, Port Arthur, Texas Girl Reserves. "Her quiet. ways Are happy waysf' If EVELYN HAZEL HONNELL Born November 23, 1917, Cleveland, Ohio Little Theater, National Honor Society, Art Club, President of French Club, Linz Pin. "Precious jewels come Wrapped in small packages? MARY SUSANNE BASSETT Born September 16, 1918, Dallas, Texas Cheer Leader, Press Clubg Little Theater, Student Councilg Good Scholarship Club, Girl Scouts. "We all adnzirz' Mary for hcl' c'11c1'gv, hw' fhoughtfulrzess, and happy n1a1z11cr.', MARTHA JANE BASSETT Born September 16, 1918, Dallas, Texas Little Theater, Press Club, Popularity Contest NVinnerg Girl Scouts, Linz Ping Good Scholarship Club. "Mental !1lc"1'fIIt'XS combined with fricndlizzcss Ulltlflll' Marlha fo us all." GERTRUDE MCCALLUM Born January 16, 1918, Garland, Texas "A happy combiviafiofz of tact, fhonghtfulzzess, lZl1llf7l71.H I I NELL G. MCCUTCHEON I Born June 10, 1917, Ryle, Texas "Ever friendly, ever truc, Does Ifac have friends? Quite a few!" BEVERLY BANE Born December 27, 1917, Dallas, Texas Good Scholarship Club, Linz Ping Linz Bible Award, Press Club. "A good' all-round girl ibut is honest, depe11rlabIe, and fit for truxlf' BILLIE MABE1. MONTGOMERY Born July 1, 1917, Dallas, Texas Pan-American Student Forumg Chorus. "Good sum' and good zlalurc arc rzvrfcr xcjmruled-in this illsfafzcef' KATHERINE JULIA MCLURE Born january 13, 1918, Dallas, Texas Press Clubg Pan-American Student Forum, Trident Club, Home Economics Club. "A rlmrmirzg girl wilb a szvvvf pers011aIi!y.', Mabel Magician.:-F, EVELYN COMBS Born April 8, 1918, Dallas, Texas "One who 1'd!1iIlfL'.Y smiles A1141 generates c'11ifJusias11z." LESLIE GENE FABER Born January 8, 1919, Dallas, Texas "Alfr:1rliL"e xlar is, Successful sfJe'll bc." R CES RUTH LOONEY Bor Feb ary 11, 1919, Dallas, Texas us! a bil of vfaarqz and grace." MARY JEAN QLDHAM Born September 23, 1917, Dallas, Texas "A bewifcfaing cfaarm Willa quiet distizzctiozzf' M. 'Nr GIRLS NOT IN PICTURES Martha Jean Allen Iva Mae Londenberg Johnsye Lee Baker ' Evelyn Mc.Bee Ruth Bates Frances McNabb Cora Evelyn Brannon AHCC Lou Marshall Carmene Calhoun Frances Ma Dorothy Carr , Y Nora Cocreham Dons Pate Earlene COX Marguerite Petty Winifred Cox Ella Roberts Helen Crow Helen Sanford Doris Davis M . Sl I arigene ag e Peggy Edwards , Margaret Goldman Carlene Stidham Mary Katherine GOWCD Mary Louise Taliaferro Mary Alice Gray Selma Tepper Billie Griffin Martha Toombs Wllgeugqaiiby Mary -Ada Willianas h Doris Jacobs Virginia Lee Williams Dorothy Kirkpatrick Dofetlla Wood Alice Knight Jean Williamson BOYS NOT IN PICTURES Reekes Adair Leonard Hansen Leonard Akin Glen Hart Wayne Anderson Frank Herrin Charlie Anderton Tom Herron Harold Ashford Wayne Hill Charles Barnett Tom Hollondsworth Earl Barrett Donald Halick J. T. Bedsole Louis Horat Rudy Bergfield Jack Howard Fred Bosworth Allen Jackson Gene Bounds Harry B. Johnson Gunther Brock Truman Johnson Billy Brundidge Oscar Lalla Porter Cawthorn Henry Little Fred Chambers Bob Livingston J. D. Chapman Ralph Mathers Dan Colbath Linton Melton Charles Collier William Morris Edwin Cox Bill Parker Logan Curtwright Randon Reid James Dennis Bradford Riggs Geo-rge Elkin Ralph Riggs Robert Erlander Le Grand Russell Leroy Erwin Jack Sherman Duren Fields George Smith Lee Gessner Bill Steed Bill Greiner Duncan Stemmons Lester Groce Bill Sullivan Le Mert Guyer James M. Turner James Haislip James White Raphael Haley Van Wallace Harry Hammond Mancel Wynne Wallace Haines Lloyd Wright Honor Groups Each six weeks our school compiles a list of those students who have maintained a high scholastic average in their class work. This list is divided into two groups-the first, which is called MSZt77Z77'L6l cum laua'e,', is composed of those students who have made an average of 90 to 100 in all their workg the second, which is called the "Cum laude," is composed of those who have made an average of 80 to 90 in all their work. No student may be included in either group who has made a grade below 80 in any sub- ject. Cn the following pages are the names of those students who met these requirements for the first term of this year. Dorothy Adams Marjorie Allen Rebecca Autry Cecelia Bachrach Helen Baggett Mildred Baxter Emma Baumann Alice Belvin Helena Bennett Helen Bleibler Ruenell Block Geraldine Bloomer Mary Helen Braack Earl Wayne Bradberry Rosemary Bradford Bette Brewer BettyBrimm Adeline Brogren Kathleen Browne Jocele Brown Celeste Budd Doris Buhrer Lorraine Bush Iris Cain Oreda Callahan Frances Camp Marvonne Campbell Lois Card Georgia Carroll Dorothy Carson Elva Chandler Dorothy Clark Kathleen Clark Mary Alice Cockrell Barbara Cooper Summa Cum Laude Helen Cooper Imogene Cowart Lucille Crabb Mary Frances Davis Virginia Davis Thelma Dietel Margaret Dooley Neva Doss Catherine Dosterschill Ann Ella Douglass Elliot Doyle Dorothy Duncan Aline Ea gen Jayne Earnest Julia Ebey Marjorie Eckart Jane Edgar Dorothy Eidr Hellen Elson Elizabeth Evens Mary Lillian Faires Nancy Fewell Frances Finch Anita Forbes Ella Gallagher Louise Gardner Esther Ruth Gardner Edna Goldthwaite Alice Carey Graves Margrette Grubbs Margaret Hagan Myrtis Halliburton Ella Mae Halsey Mary Bess Hardy Inez Harvey Marjorie Hedges Mary Frances Hickman Jacquelyn Hilger Jerry Hill Vernadine Hill Wynonia Hill Evelyn Honnell Virginia Hooker Jane Huffhines Frankie Hughen Anne Hughston Hortense Hutchins Marjorie Ingalls Leonora Ingle Maricin Jacobs Mary Ann Jarvis Marjorie Johnson Mollye Johnson Ruth Johnson Dorothy Jones Clare Kearney Doris Keefe Doris Knott Dorothy Lambert Louise Langley Virginia Lemaster Sara Ann Little Ruth McCallum Anne McDowell Margaret McElree Emily McKnight Delma Macon Celia Mantle Helen Martin Mary Jo Martin Sara Martin Hazel Mason Mildred Meeks Mary Jane Melbourne Mildred Metz Marilyn Miller Margaret Milliean Mary Katherin Milner Mary Ella Mooneyham Josephine Oatman Anne Therese Ott Aretes Qtt Virginia Perkins Jennie Piccola Jo Anne Pittinger Lois Alice Proctor Frances Ramsey Anne Reed Marjorie Rosenthal Elizabeth Runyon Dorothy Ryan Blanche Safford Claire Shwiff Martha Seale Phoebe Jane Seely Ruth Seibert Marion Sharp Julia Shaw Margaret Ann Sheets Evelyn Simkins Jolene Simmons Lucille Smith Margaret Smith Mary Leigh Smith Anna B. Snodgrass Summa Cum Laude Arlene Stopple Ada David Stephens Margaret Stephens Maxie Ann Still Helen Stockard Patricia Stoll Margaret Sturdivant Mary Louise Taliaferro Margery Teague Elizabeth Tidwell Charline Thompson Martha Toombs Dorothy Toombs Eloise Trammell Gena Lee Turbyfill Anna Louise Unger Mary V. Voorhies Evelyn Wade Evelyn Wasson Connie Wattner Martha Whiteman Millie Williamson Louise Willis Dorothy Wilson Nina Jane Wilson Mary Anne Windrow Bobbye Wood Kathryn Woodard Marguerite Worley Clarice Wright Ruth Wylie Mildred Yarbrough Frances Nell Yantis Evelyn Yates Sarah Youngblood Matthew Allen Fred Alston V Doak Baird Winston Ball Don Battle Edward Bearden Billy Billings Donald Brandt Benny Bray Bob Bryan Bobby Burns Jack Buster Joe Cain Walter Carona Hal Clarke Hammond Coffman Dan Colbath Waller Collie Ben Culwell Smith Dodson Raymond Edmonds David Edmonds Warren Elrod Leroy Erwin Hugh Frankenstein Lester Groce Vernon Hahn Howard Hatzenbuehler L. W. Hedrick Bertram C. Hill Charles Hinckley Hal Hixon Lester Holland Howard Calvin Robert Jameson Jack Kilgore James Killian Bob Kinsella Paul Laichinger William Lang Roe Lee Roy Lemons Morris Lichenstein Simon Lichenstein Lucius Lindley Billy McGehee James McKinney William McKinley Bob McLaurin Rudolph Malik Amos Marsh Bob Mayo Wilson Moffitt Ed Morris A. D. Nelson Fred Nichols Beth Akers Elma Allen June Anderson Margaret Baker Madeline Barilleaux Marie Bell June Biederstadt Evelyn Bookout Jeanette Brann Ouida Branch Elizabeth Briggs Shirley Brown Summa Cum Laude Van Painter Woodrow Palmer Harvey Parkerson Billy Partain George M. Pavey, Jr. H. N. Peek Ray Perkins Milton Pierson Robert Rain Talbot Rain James Ribb Ralph Ribb Eugene Roberts Jim Roney Billy Seay Eugene Shiels Eugene Skinner Horace Smith Vernon Smith William Smith Cum Laude Marie Buckner Marian Camp Elsie Carter Helen Carvey Florine Chapman Emily Chowning Josephine Cleary Marjorie Cobb Jennie V. Conner Elizabeth Cupples Jane Davenport Jeanette David Roy E. Smith Jack Stafford Charles Stephens George Stepter Fred Thompson John L. Tracy John Walston Charles Walton Basil Webb Charles Widdecke James Wilkie Fort Wilson James K. Wilson F. J. Woerner Joe Wolfe Donald Woodard Clifton Younie William Zacha Curtis Zahn John Zercher Dorothy DeLay Susan Diggle Marie Dishman Virginia Doerr Frances Dooley Frances Dudley Merle Eaves Ethel Fox Adele Gilbert Wilmanell Gladden Martha Glass Doris Graves Virginia Hammond Lorene Hansen Jane Hill Annelle Hollister Jeanette Housewright Sybil Hughes Dorothy Hunt Margaret Hunt Anita Irish Gladys Jannasch Mauryne Jarrett Dana Kleck Grace Knott Jeanne Lamar Katherine Langdon Anne Lewis Faye Nash Lindsay Ruth Looney Evelyn McAfee Dorothy McCaulley Mary Pet McEntee Dorothy McKinley Mary Alice Mannan Wanda Marion Doris Marlin Anna Louise Martin Charline Mendell Doris Meyers ceville Moore Edna Louise Moore Helen Eae Moorman Dorothy Myers Sue Norris Betty Rhea Ortmeyer Nadine Phillips Jeanette Payne Betty Lee Perkins Frances Powell Cum Laude Nancy Pulliam Mildred Reddick Maxine Redmond Sarah Roberts Roseanne Rodgers Margaret Short Betty Skiles Marigene Slagle Frances Small Vivian Starks Margaret Thompson Marilyn Thompson Eairys Walker Maxine Watson Gene White Mary Dell Whitley Julna Woerner Dorothy A. Womack Marian Wyatt Margaret Young Bobby Billings Bob Bogartc Woodfin Boggess Jack Bonnette Lattie Brown Billy Brundidge Lemuell Campbell Jack Cannon Clayton Carby Billy Carpenter Aaron Childers Sam Clark Edwin Comstock Robert Cooper Jack Darley Jack Dolph James Drake Bill Fitch Bill Elemister Neale Eugate Vincent Grainger Alvin Green Tom Grimes Harold Haanan Leo Henrikson Ira K. Higby Lanham Higginbotham Seymour Honeycutt John Howard Kenneth Housholder Gordon Jackson Edward Johns Ray Kearney Arthur Kethersid Byron Landress Egbert Leath Herbert Leath Milton McElroy Joe McLaughlin Gilbert Madden Clyde Melton Bill Morgan J. D. Murphree Dowe Rhodes Billy Sansing Carroll Savage Roy Skinner Edmund Smith James Smyth Netum Steed Bill Steed Rhys Wagner J. C. Wilson Tom Wathen Jack Yesner Un Jlffamo fzicun SPENCER BRICE JACK LANKFORD BETTY GENE BRUCE Our lost friemts are not dead, hut gone hefore Actwzfzeea' az stage or two upon that 'road Which we must travel in the ste ps they troctf -ARISTOPHANES. sflafzfmsnfa ,, r WVAM HA-di n 2 F I +--v--iv-1--F'P,wv1'+f--f-W M- '- -- - ixli-Mi"-'AZW' " V The Star-Spangled Banner Oh! say eau you see hy the rlawrfs early light What so prouclly we hail'cl at the tufilighfs last gleaming, Whose hroatl stripes alul hright stars, thro' the perilous fight O,er the raruparts we ufateh'cl, were so gallautly streamiugg Arul the roelzet's reel glare, the horuhs hurstiug in air, Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there! Oh! say does that star-spauglecl hauuer yet wave O'er the larul of the free arul the home of the hraue! 'k 'it tiitxyiliii ififiwkwkt 'k'k'k'k'k'k'ki tiitiiyt 'kkifitii X -.IL 1 I h -A-gmt' -I wfdllziw su h V ..1a,nL4Q, .wwx Q S3 , fwvffw , b 4 , fx x 1 A." E .L if f 'MY First Lieutenant William W. Browning . . . C'077Z'I11d7'ld6I7'lf Second Lieutenant Richard P. Lively . . Assisfrmf C0rnma11dm1l Warrant Ofhcer William Herzog . . . Band Director First Sergeant William Forster - . PropertyCusz'0dia11 R. O. T. C. Develops qualities of leadership, responsibility, and decision. Develops the power of mental concentration. Teaches attention to detail. Inculcates ideas of dignity, self-mastery, and respect for constituted au- thority. Develops the cadet's sense of honor and integrity. Corrects and builds his conception of patriotism. Offers an opportunity of fellowship with other cadets under conditions that develop lasting friendships. Provides a series of excellent athletic exercises. Regimental Staff S Regimental Cowzrrzczizrlea' . . . . . . Lieut.-Col. Dick Granger EXI'L'llfiL'F Oyfirei' . . ..... . . Major William McKinley S-1 . . . . Major John Walston S-3 . . First Lieutenant Doak Baird S-2 ..... Major Billy Foster S-4 . . . First Lieutenant George Davey FIRST BATTALION STAFF SECOND BATTALION STAFF Brztfalion C0'l77l!1dI1Il'f1' . . Major Roy Smith Bdffdlillll COHlll1UI1lIF7' . . 'Major Carr Collins Bfztfalion Exerizfizfe Officer . First Lt. Basil Webb Britfalion Exerzztizfr Offirrr ..... Batinliou Azfjizlaiil . Second Lt. james McDade ..... First Lt. Donald Woodard Baifalirm S-3 . . Second Lt. Howard Pedersen Brztfnlion Ailjzzfnnl . Second Lt. Barney McGrath l Ei. 'W' Captain: Sc'rgr'a11z's: Gunther Brock Firsf Lie11fem111fs: James Finnell Martin Morgan Secofzd Lie1zfc'1m11fs: William Axtell Kenneth Housholder Edward Johnson Charles Manes Horace Moore Harvey Parkerson Wfalter Wfilkes Firxz' Sergealzi: Ed Cobb Billy Billings Jack Buster Jack Dunagan Donald Holick Robert Stough Ed Townsend Grady Vaughn Clifford Watts Corpomlxr James Benoit Wilbur Clarkson Vincent Grainger Norman Harrison 'XVilbur Hawkins G. C. Herring Pershing Hiegel Band O. D. Stallard James F. Turner Privates: Reekes Adair Oliver Allen Bob Anderson Glenn Archey Fred Bosworth Ben Christopher Hugh Cole Rodney Derby Ed Ellison Hillard Fenlaw Charles Greene Richard Hairston Bill Hall . -if Walter Hart Harry Johnson Joe Joyce Erme Krueger Charles Lockhart Jack Morgan Jack Nichols Eston Parry Rupert Phillips Le Mar Ramel Norman Ray Jack Rust Carroll Savage George Shackelford Charles Walton Bill Widner Billy Young ,.,,,n,, ,,-,....1.,.,, ,An Y., -,'l'-' Captain: George D. Stepter First Liezifemznis: Phil G. Chapman William Lang Second Liezifemzfzfsr William A. Langdon Dick Preston First Sergeazzi: William Smith Bill Utley Sergeants: Bobby Erwin Garven Herring Jordon Hobbs Donle Risinger James Srarhakos Netum A. Steed Cor porals: J. T. Bedsole, Jr. Erich Downs Charles Phelps Company A Billy M. Sansing A. C. Tumey Paul Laichinger, J Privates: Wayne Anderson Harold Ashford Thomas Aven John Banks Conway Barton Robert B. Billings T. J. Clark Campbell E. Fox George Freyer J. D. Goode Clyde Ell Grubb Harold Haanan Bill Hamm James P. Harris Billy Heltzen Ira K. Higby Don S. King Ray Lemons Thomas Lipscomb Bill May l'. R Clarence Meeker Jack Moffett R. B. Moore Louis McAnally James Neal Robert P. Nelson Frederick K. Nichols Robert XV. Osborne Frank B. Owings Tom Pappas Charles Patterson Edward A. Phelps Robert Pinson John Reynolds Pete Satarino Ernest Shepard Edmund Smith Ted Stellmacker Ernest Stewart C. M. Thomas Charles Tucek Dick Wfilliamson George M. Zarafonetis Jack Esslinger Captain: Emmett Haley First Liezliewzulzis: Dan L. Colbath Frank Jackson Second Lieuteuanis: Homer Matlock Buster H. Parris First Sergeanf: Billy Ball Sergeants: W. Don Battle Bill Kennedy Malcolm Mannan George Perfect Jack West Joe Wolfe Corporals: Bobbie Chambers Don Matter Company B Bill Morgan Howard Perry Charles Stephens Edward Winterbauer Privcztcfs: Charles B. Amacker Melvin B. Baird Bob Bogarte Leroy E. Brawner Horace Brown Jimmie Cameron Edwin B. Comstock Charles W. Cook Gage Drackley Tommy C. East Neale T. Fugate Lee E. Gessener Blair Goodbar Kenneth Hackney James Haislip Robert Henderson Earl Hendrix Fred Herold Arthur Ketchersid Joe Ledbetter Raymond Matthews Eugene Miller Jim Bob Morgan Seymour Myers Keith McKinley William Oden L. N. Osborne James Pace Bob Perkins Mays Perry Ralph Riggs Gilbert Sanders James Snipes Bill Steger Edward Tomlinson Sherrill Vanlanding- ham Edward T. Wade Roy Weaver Tom Carothers Howard Anderson James Sanford Ca ptain: Dean J. Robertson First Lieutenants: Ed Morris Norman Webb Second Lieutenants: Robert Shiels John Zercher First Sergeant: James K. Wilson Sergeants: Lattie Brown Joe Cain Eugene Holstein Joe McLaughlin Talbot Rain Eugene Shiels Corporals: R. B. Boatwright James DeFratus Lanham Higgin- botham Company C Teddy Ramsey Jack Wagstaff David Bolten Privates: Leonard Barber Frank Bell Richard Billings Billy Black Robert Boykin Ernest Bralley Jim Browning Bobby Burns Jack Carter J. T. Clark Mack Clarkson Thomas Collier O,Bryne Cox Richard Downing Billy Duncan Bill Fitch Charles Ford Rod Gambrell Herbert Gerst Oliver Haden Russell Harris Ralph Hauptman Leland Hutchins John Leggio Jack Lent Simon Lichenstein Dupree Long Thomas Love Bob McLaurin Albert Nash Robert Nash Sherwood Newman John W. Pace Robert Pool Junius Reimers Pat Schmucker Joe Sloan George Terrell Irvin Waite Ben Walker William Webb Curtis Zahn Caibfrzivz: Carter Williamson Second Lieutemmts: Edmund Childers Van Painter Jack Parks John Wfhorton First Sergeant: Amos Marsh Sergeazzfs: Hammond Coffman Henry Grann W. H. james Billy Larkin Gaston Owen Ralph Ribb C0l'p0l'd1SI Chris Behr Aaron Childers Odell Johnson R ay Kearney Company D Pr Webb Musslewhite William McGehee iwztes: Avery Apple Eugene Bailey Bobby Belcher Robert Bertucci Howard Bogarte Benny Bray Rollins Brown George Carlson O. E. Clem W. D. Davis Ray Dowdy Edgar Elmore Maurel Guy Lonnie Hill Don Hollon Walter Holloway William Holloway Gilbert Jackson Gordon Jackson Wilburn Jinks Irby Jackson Truman Johnson Gilbert Madden Fred Mannon Josef Mintz James Morgan B, B. Munsey Jack McCarley James McDonald John McNeeley John Paul Penland Louis Shepherd Edgar Smith Jack Sneider Victor Sohle Gordon Thomas Walter Tillery Earl Tucker Jack Turner Charles Wagner Clifford Williams Vxldllf 5PKING'lA!XSPEC'77JAf Capfain: James Wilkie first Lieufemmt: .Smith Dodson Sbcomz' Lieutemzfzts: Clyde Melton James L. Turner Frank White First Sergeamf: , Thomas Wilson Sergeamfs: Jack Dolph Joe Hinckley Lucius 'Lindley Joe Windro-W E. J. Woerner Clifton Younie Corpomls: Edwin Cox Lacy Goosetree Company E Fred Rowland Blake Smith Vernon Smith Edward Wilson Privates: Henry Alston Nic Arie Winston Ball Franklin Blackburn Frank Blaha Billy Bledsoe David Boyd Stuart Brock Billy Carpenter Sid Cunningham Charles Davis Bobby Duff Dan English David Giles Alvin Green M Dick Gregg William Kramer D. A. Matlock Linton Melton Billy Millican Jack McAninch Thomas McCollough John McMurrain Eugene Noblitt Jack Phillips Lonnie Riley Mack Rodgers Cecil Seitzler Kane Sholden George Stamets Eugene Starnes Winfield Stepter Ed Swift Ralph Thompson Walter Whorton Charles Winniford Bill Feldhusen Ben Spawn Eroman Tooley Joe Ingram Captain: Waller M. Collie Fzrsf LiC'1lIlEIItIIIfJ Woodrow Palmer Second LiC'ILfCllll1IfSI Robert M. Crites Wfoody Smith Jack Darley Fzrsz' Sergearzf: Wilson Canafax Sc1'gc'r11zfs: Leo L. Cutrone Robert A. Duffy Thurman Hawkin Ronald Kaplan Nick Miller Lynn Northrup C0rLI101'a1s: Edward Bale Richard Glidewell Roy Hayden S Company F William Morris Thomas Perfect Jack Thornton Privates: Aubrey Apple T. Dan Betts Billy Boatwright Melvin A. Bruck James Calvin B. Billy Coffman Morgan H. Cox Edward L. Crouch R. B. Cunningham Kenneth Dixon James N. Dulaney J. R. Dungan Manuel Edling Gene Engledow Leo Fincher Robert Gre gg Charles Harrington Hugh Herod Milford Hilton Ben Holloman Harold Hudgeons Mahlon Kruse Jack Lackey Bob Mayo Jack Melton Jim Miller Billy McQuade Raymond Perdue T. W. Rush Charles Shelton George Sigler Junious Smith Bob Taylor Charles Thomas Fred Thompson Hubert Verschoyle Tom Wathen Ray West g Charles Widdecke Billy White John Wilson Herbert Cook Wallace Weeks Capiain: Tom Grimes First Lieuiemmfsr George Loving Robert Rain Wfilliam Vogel Second Lieutemnzts: Frank S. Bonno Robert Erlander Tom Hollandsworth First Sergeant: Barry Stro-up Sergeants: Woodfin Boggess Knight Bryant W. R. Luck Billy Partain Joe Patterson Allan Posey Corpomls: Billy Brundidge Company G Jack Cannon Fred Edwards Harry Hammond Byron Landress Morris Lichenstein Priwztes: Robert Bosworth John Brawner Robert Brimelow Warren Byrd Pat Candlef Bill Campbell Robert Campbell C. Edwin Cassidy Fred Chambers Harry Cullen Gordon Doss James Drake Sol Eatenson Hugh Frankenstein Wylie Greer Dan Gunn Bradford Hardie Wayne Hill Roy Jamerson Fred Kadane David Kittrell Harry Leonard J. D. Martin Windol Martin Richard Mayes Sidney Milam Giles Miller Kirk Nelson John Olsen O. L. Pierce Herbert Roberts W. K. Shelton Delmon Smith Ernest Sullivan A. B. Tate Alvin Tipps Norman Vander woude Hilary Walton Roland Webb Jimmie Wise Randall Wood Jack Yesner "' LC 'ZH' 2 A f, -2 17 Zilla? L'fL.JL,I11 27 N -'1 , 'Q' .v ,g .:1, tnffg I - A X:--M-.,,.,:f-1 Robert Erlander George Loving Robert Shiels Emmett Haley James L. Turner Rifle Team Frank Bonno George Perfect Dean Robertson Allan Posey John Zereher Eugene Shiels Amos Marsh Morgan Cox Earl Hendrix Physical Education For Girls Gym Insirucfors Miss FRANCES ALEXANDER Miss MATTIE DELL WEBB Pianist MRS. I-IANNAH GOLDSTEIN GYM Develops a knowledge of health habits that is applicable to every-day life. Develops a knowledge of fundamental skills in games, stunts, gymnastics, ' and dancing that will carry over into later years. Develops an organic vigor that will improve organic function. Develops muscular and bony structure that will build up endurance and thus prevent postural and structural defects. Develops a social consciousness. Develops a wholesome and intelligent attitude toward the use of leisure UITIC. Develops high ideals that will carry over into later life. Develops leadership and teamwork. Develops a wholesome attitude toward play. Develops a correct outlook on life. Corrects defects in posture and organic functioning to the extent that time and facilities permit. - o i I I I I 1 N W w 5 N . 5 5 fp I C wig W ' l i I l C 1 N W W S 1 C Orchestra NIISS ALYS FIELD BOYLE . . . . Ifzstrucfov' BERNICE ORNER FIZRGUS GARDNER WILLIAM AXTELL DAISY PRANGER Phyllis Smith Loucile White Leonard Barber Edward Brooke Homer Christain George Day Raphael Haley . C0ncerzf1nusfm' . Bzzxinesx Marzagm' . . Li!?7'fIl'fHll . . P1'il'lCip!ll Harry Johnson Kenneth Housholder Horace Moore Walton Rice Wfoody Smith Wallace Taylor John 'NVall Mlss ALYs FIELD BOYLE Liertrude Anderson Evelyn Bookout Mary Brick Mary Buford Doris Buhrer Dorthea Butler Emily Christiansen .Sk5Norma Jo Davis Frances Dudley Loui May Fowler Margaret Hatch Louise Jones Dorothy Mae Kennedy Juanita Kern Dana Kleck Doris Knott Florence Lee Sara Ann Little Maxine Mills Louise Nowlin Jean Oldham Edna Merle Peacock Mozelle Rasbeary Harold L. Hunt A T. L. Kirkland Chorus L. A. Long Lloyd McIntosh Giles Miller Russell Shirely Joe Westbrook Bert Landrum Maxie Barker Frances Cock Alline Hamblett Grace Knott Bessie Kopecky Winogene McCormack Celia Mantle Ida Ruth Mantle Mabel Montgomery Adele Morton Willie Lee Peteet Louise Schliepake Lattie Brown Clifford Watts Pauline Smith Mildred Tresenriter Doretha Wood Janelle Yates Milford Brinkerhoff . . Direcfor J. T. Bedsole Willis Couch Francis Elliott Roy Steele Louise Allen Bess Bascue Stella Bosworth Vivian Conine Margaret de Fir Anne Davis Era Fowler Virginia Belle Hammond Geraldine Hill Mauryne Jarrett Grace Reef Ruth Rowland Mary Evelyn Trotter Dulci Ware Connie Wattner Vera Ruth Weatherford Marjorie Robinson Addie Belle Rust Julia Shaw Margaret Smith 1 1 1 111 r--1 1 3, , NM, ,.,:' A 1 1 Q- 1 11.1, Km., 15 t 1 f. 11 B ,I iii! 311111 .,. 1, 'W ' 51 xv V 'ff 2 J iid Q. . QL up '- '11 Hifi: 5-L11 ., A ,J '2.g..111,,?A ,-11.17" E 1 1 1 1" 1 f., Y 1 4' 1 1319! 11- . ,,, . -1.111 V 1 .1,ufSf-1-' f ,,,,,.. WL 1.-1 ,, ,Qjufy ., 1 I 1 ff 1 ,JN 2 1 ,, 6 O F, z avi- . - lb. ,, V1 I 1 L 1 ffkfw -, r if ww 1,1 E1-1:3 ifg J' I- if , WG. '1"ffl., '. . ir ul' 'A' uk ir if AW' 4. NFS frfaf ff- 1: . apr -' K. . - I Q 1 'gi ' , "P ., 33,43 K-... N-nrf --, 1 , .,.- J... . N .- -, ,. ,J.gqfyx1.-.F-311,-ga.,w,1.a5,,mQ5p5,-, wtf,-:iga-s?g,,,w. 3 , ,fi .5-fpggifS,r.i.,wh, 31.-5,v,7Zxg,b.f.9:ff .-,C.ygiC'i',-67::1a,i't123.-gjfzzifgiw 4 - - A-,am-. . 1.3-1, f1:2,.x'.a-X-eci, - -Fi Lyyj--3... -' ' - ' . Ze- - ' : , ' . " I5-'gk-,Q H, , ff: I-. .,z2'i' -. gp-ifhfii-.,,..f J- ' , uf- . ' 117. ggi-5555, if , ,-5 Q j5g,,,., 1-iff,-5155?-1.51. mv U .wk X ' -452' f,---wr-- ifw:-s-mv ' ev ':f.?.- -v:fv'1'f'auYc- -. r' .sri mf 'H '- '621a:sM:f:'.f-+g-,.-'-- ...uf-ms-.-'Lfi-,'-.1. 'H'P.-- -w-eff'-2 .fc-I -f.. .f,... .,-1-:U et- .-, vp,-1 1, . - Q, . ., rn ,. .,- - nm-, .-,..f, ,, ,-. 5- --..-M -...LW - ,-7 M, U. -,...,-Q, . Q 5 N-I ..g'..u,,-. 5 ,Lg.,,,+:gf. . 1 , -.-..- A f 'Ps Y 0,-g -N 1.55, T..-.,,,. -WW, V ,5.,:7S4.,"ij'v4,-.S-5--1 ?5'f7if'f-'gxii xf ,C -7T:.nw2g-avi 1.--:FL Y 'aff-.Eg-g. -.5f-5f3-,i--:f,f-- ,gf-: 'v.- a 2 'D x S -4 X X x km, ' --'fx--'nw --bfi" '4,-.13k N ,A AN -fi-Qu Agvg,-1 '+A .-M. A Y.,.-, -.. f-.1 -69-'. -a, ,Av . -F' A 5- - - . 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' -Y hip- A ., .ff 4231" j-e2.,ffif12Q'er..-Zz,-ZQSQEAL. 1, g,,ige't:5Yl?iQ,!, :fig -1 Agir ,igxfgggbf-,?,'fg.-324gES?'f'-'51, X 2 i' 2"- L-"ES-.3 ., f cL g5jR5332:1X5515"5'ff.3 f' "" f1:ffh'.."iL:.'Pu" zamilrt f,-4,f "L ' ....:?f'.Sm. -,:, ..-' 1 1 '. ,. v .,,'- 1 'Q-" v - - --.f , ' 1, 'u m- ' , "f .- - , L ' .1 ' A " ' rl' iz," - "-N. 'A , f-"fir: 1 -Gx2:f'-'i?--'A- -- ti A -'?'-':'-- - '51-f+f-faiafv bfff- -. f, -, 'z" fF'.1fsZ-"f- 9 --.sis- as 5--... 43 .-'3Y'ww'S'?2f' 3 -is .v -Q P :., .-17:-kata , Q'.:.e-,: f ..--, Organizations On the following pages we have pictures and names of those students who have attained distinction in helping with the management of our extra-curricular affairs. The two Student Council rou s are com osed of re resentatives elected 8 P P P b each room in our building. Their duties are man : the act as contact Y o Y Y men between the principal and the various groups, carrying his message and directions in man im ortant matters, the attend to the sale and Y P Y distribution of the school news a erg the make the final selection of our P P Y yell leaders, they help to conduct the subscription campaign for the CRU- SADERQ and the assist in mana in the nomination and election of our Y g ig school favorites. The interscholastic group is composed of those students who have been selected to represent Woodrow Wilson High School in the fields of the written essay, spelling, debate, declamation, and dramatic art. At the time this annual went to press, our contestants had won first place in the essay, spelling, and declamationg and had tied for first place in the debate. The direction of all these outside activities has given rise to a business department which is responsible for the management and financial con- duct of matters pertaining to our school life. Each Tuesday the Thrift Department opens its banking room, at which time all students of Woodrow Wilson are urged to make deposits in their school bank accounts. That the students appreciate this opportunity of saving money and learning the habit of thrifty and intelligent conserva- tion of their funds is shown by the fact that Woodrow Wilson High School has 479 active accounts, with deposits of 512500. The Wfoodrow Wjl.Yf1lZ News is published bimonthly during the school term and furnishes a live record of the happenings of the school year. This paper is a pioneer in the class of school publications which are conducted without advertising. Its editors and managers make a very deinite and lasting contribution to the life and history of our school. Woodrow Wilson High School Albert Bell . Mrs. Bell . Sylvia Bell . Philip Flick . Hazel Hefulerson Representatives in the INTERSCHOLASTIC CONTESTS ONE-ACT-PLAY "Not Quite Surb zz Goose" Sjfonsor, H. BUSH MORGAN . Melvin Brady Marjorie Eckart Dorothy Rae Jones . Charles Manes . Pauline Moon DECLAMATION Sponsor, H. BUSH M'ORGAN Margie Rosenthal Bob Kinsella DEBATE Sjvolzsor, A. PAUL PAPIN W. C. Parker Robert Rain SPELLING W Sjzonsors, Miss LENA LEE EDWARDS mul Miss ERNA BEILHARZ X Mary Frances Davis Louise Willis ' ' ESSAY .ff Maw., Sponsor, Miss ETHEL REED Woodrow Palmer George Perfect Elizabeth Evens Student Council--Fall Term HAL KIRBY . OFFICERS MARY ALICE COCKRELL . MAIKJORIE ECKART WILLIAM SMITH WADE THOMPSON Neva Doss Carr P. Collins Helen Rodgers Morris Leichenstein Vivian Starks Mildred Reddick I Hugh Frankenstein William Smith Bob Bogarte Helen Elson Jack Buster Nina Jane Wilson Oreda Callahan Gene White Virgina Swanson Dorothy McKinley Celia Mantle Hal Kirby Carroll Savage Pat Eckles Georgia Carroll Ray Kerney Mildred Baxter Jean Bieclerstadt Dorothy Thurmond Marjorie Brown Fred Alston Jane Hill Frank Edwards Joe Hinckley Eugene Hunter Jackson Parker Phoebe Jane Seely Anne Perfect Norman Vanderwoude . . Prrsizicnf . Viet'-lnfcsiclerzf . . Secretary Treasurer . . S jJ011s0I' Louis Eidt David O'Brien Robert Shiels Billy Smith Gilbert Jackson Dorothea Cox Thelma Bettison Frank Jackson Maxine Mills Margaret Short Roy Skinner Helen Martin Helen Ruth Gallagher I. B. Hale Marjorie Eckart Mary Alice Cockrell Bill Flemister Student Council--Spring Term HAL KIRBY . . . ROY SKINNER . MARY ALICE COOKRELL WADE TI-IOMPSON Dorothy Jean Wise Ed' Cobb Helene Roberta Rogers Morris Leichenstein Ruby Reagan Mary Bassett Hugh Frankenstein Oreda Callahan Jack Carter I Ben Walker James Killian Charles Widdecke Bradford Hardie Barbara Cooper Helen Martin Jack Bailey Carroll Savage OFFICERS Pat Eekels Georgia Carroll Nell Jack Elaine Hoffmeister June Biederstadt Hattie Sewell Ed Reynolds Fred Alston Bennie Adams Bob Bogarte Helen Elson Joe Hinckley Eugene Hunter John Zercher Frances Aven Addie Lou Moseley Norman Vanderwo ude . . P1'esirz'e1zt . ViCU-Pl'6SiLll611f . Secretary . . . . Sponsor Hal Kirby David O'Brien Glen Cowart Euphemia Barnett Harold Hunt Dorothea Cox Phil Chapman Roy Skinner Ann Therese Ott James L. Turner Tom Grimes Annelle Hollister Catherine Dosterschill Mary Alice Cockrell Elliott Doyle Rodney Derby Business Directors Of Student Activities BANKING ROBERT RAIN . . . . . Banker R. M. NEI-IER .......... . Sponsor WOODROW WILSON NEWS GENE WHITE ......... . . Editor ADA DAVID STEPHENS . . . . Erlifor JAMES KILLIAN . . Managing Editor BENNY BRAY . . Managing Editor LEE ROREX . . Business Manager ROE LEE . . . . Circulation Manager MILDRED JUNIGER ....... . . . Sponsor STUDENT COUNCIL HAL KIRBY . ....... . . President ROY SKINNER . . . . Vice-President MARY ALICE COCKRELL . . Secretary WADE THOMPSON . . . Sponsor Chl? i' 'A' i' ir 'A' nk' ir i' if 'A' ir 'lr 1 ,f ,:ia,aa...' :a:re:.1: ::f'm f'---' W, if 1 .. .... ..,.. 5 M . A i at 2 2 '25, t S , .., .,..,. , . e, 31211 in 1 L : li Girl Reserves Purpose: To ind and give the best. Cabinet ELIZABETH EVENS . . . President MILDRED FRANCES BAXTER . . Vice-President LEONORA INGLE .... . . . Secretary PAULINE I-IUNDLEY ...... . Treasurer Miss BoNN1E WILKINS and Miss ETHE1. REED . . Sponsors Members Sara Addington Rebecca Autry Helen Bleibler Thelma Brendle Bette Brewer Marjorie Beall Frances Camp Wilda Byrd Mary Alice Cockrell Margaret Cordell Marjorie Eckart Mary Catherine Dosterschill Elizabeth Runyon Mary Lillian Faires Ruth Gardner Margrette Grubbs Inez Harvey Jacquelyn Hilger Adrian Jordon Sara Martin Margaret McElree Dorothy O'Leary Anne Theresa Ott Anne Reed Margaret Roberts Marion Sharp Elizabeth Tidwell Dorothy Sillman Julna Woerner Kathryn Woodard Pauline Winston Claire Shwiff Betti Marie Skiles Jewel Robinson Jane Wilson Joyce Youngblood Charlene McCarley Dorothy Weaver Annelle Hollister Margaret Grace Jane Schnelle Melba Webb Gene White Carolyn Skidmore Mary Joe Martin Marguerite Sturdivant Reta Rector Eloise Purl Purpose: To give tho for their talents. RAE JONES . . MARGRETTE GRUBBS PAULINE MooN . H. BUSH MORGAN Margrette Grubbs Dorothy Weaver Margaret McElree Anne Reed Lois Crow Lois Chandler Aretes Ott Margaret Grace Marion Sharp Elizabeth Evens Helen Bleibler Marjorie Eckart Bette Brewer Pauline Moon Sadie Lou Hollon Dorothy Rae jones Little Theater se who possess artistic and histrionic, abilities an outlet OFFICERS MEMBERS Sara Addington James L. Turner James C. Wilkie Mary Bassett Martha Bassett Robert Erlander Dean Robertson Basil Shropulos Tom Grimes Martha Glass Virginia Hooker Ada David Stephens W. C. Parker Melvin Brady Mildred Frances Baxter Jane XVilson . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Sponsor Mary Alice Cockrell George D. Stepter Kenneth Housholder Roy Hayden Van Painter Waller Collie Marie Bell P Evelyn Hannell Elizabeth Runyon George Perfect Clifford Watts Charles Manes Gladys Jannasch Billy Sudduth Bob Kinsella Senior Hi-Y Purpose: "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." OFFICERS ToM GRIMES . . Presidcfzzf GEORGE PERFECT JAMES WILKIE . Vim'-Presidwzf ALLEN DUNKEN Woodfin Boggess Avon Buchanan Fred Chambers Phil Chapman Robert Cheek Sam Clark Erich Downs Allen Dunken Tom Grimes Garven Herring Joe Hinkley Billy Larkin BAILEY HARGRAVE . . . . MEMBERS Frank Jackson Gilbert Jackson Gordon Jackson Clyde Melton Charles Morgan Ed Morris Wfaddell Moursund Lynn Northrup Van Painter John Paul Penland Howard Perry George Perfect Dick Preston Robert Rain Edgar Smith Ed Tomlinson James L. Turner Norman Vanderwoude jack West James Wilkie John Zercher R. B. Boatwright jerry Stone Buster Parris Junior Hi-Y OFFICERS HANIMOND COFFMAN . . PT't"SilIlP1If ToM PERFECT XVEBB MUSSLEWHITE . Vive-Presiflcvzz' BUFORD CATES . MEMBERS Sid Cunningham Bob Bogarre Eugene Shiels Aaron Childers Billy Sansing Stuart Brock Edward Wilson Dick Wfilliamson George Thiers . . Secrefary Sergecmz'-af-A'rms . . Sponsor H. N. Peek Horace Moore Thomas Lipscomb Jordon Hobbs Rory Skinner Leonard Akin Henry Little Clifford Watts O. D. Stallard Ben Christopher Billy Young George Colgin Secretm'y-Treusuwr . . S ponsor Jack Buster Victor Sohlie The Woodrow Wilson Unit of the Pan-American Student Forum Pzzrj70se: To bring about a closer relationship, sympathy, and understanding with the peoples of the American Continent. OFFICERS-SPRING TERM BILLY BILLINGS ........... . President CATHERINE DOSTERSCHILL . , . Vice-Presideni MARY LoUIsE KUCERA .... . . Seereiury JoE WOLFE ,...... . . Treasurer OREDA CALLAHAN and DONLE RISINGER . . Program Chairmen Miss MABEL TURNIAN ....... . . Sponsor , MEMBERS Marguerite Anderson Fred Edwards Margaret McElree Edmund Smith Billy Billings Bill Fitch Joe McLaughlin Bill Steed Mary Kathryn Boyd Campbell Fox Jeff Miller Marguerite Sturdivant Marie Buckner Beth Haley Bob Nelson Ernest Sullivan Wilda Byrd James Harris Dorothy Patton Curtis Swain Oreda Callahan Ira K. Higby Ralph Ribb Wilma Tolbert Katherine Clark Louise Coleman Bob Crites Leo Cutrone Muriel Davis Maurene De Young Lanham Higginbotham Donle Risinger Tom Hollandsworth Barbara Horne Ruth Irby Mildred Johnson Norma Keith Catherine Dosterschill Bob Kinsella Jane Edgar Dorothy Eidt Grace Knott Mary Louise Kucera Elizabeth Roark Sarah Roberts Arthur Robinson Elizabeth Runyon Carroll Sallee Florence Sallee Kathryn Lankford Hubert Leath Marilyn Thompson Ed Townsend Raleigh Usry Norman Vanderwoude Jack West Frank White Jimmy Wilson Joe Wolfe Clifton Younie National Honor Society Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of American secondary schools. OFFICERS WALLER COLLIE ..... . Pl'C'Si1I,F1If Toivi GRIMES . . . Vice-President HELEN BLEIBLER . . Secrehzry VAN PAINTER . . . Treasurer Miss CARRIE DEEN .... . Sponsor MEMBERS JANUARY, 193 5 Betty Brimm Lois Card Carr Collins Ray Perkins Anna Louise Unger George Pavey Donald Woodard Mary Helen Braack Doak Baird Cecelia Bachrach Anita Forbes Jennie Piccola Roy E. Smith Jack Kilgore William McKinley John Walston Dick Granger John L. Tracy Barney McGrath JUNE, 193 5 Helen Bleibler Thelma Dietel Elizabeth Evens Anne Reed Marguerite Vforley Claire Shwiff David Edmunds Xvoodrow Palmer Waller Collie Marion Sharp Mildred Sims Fort Wilson Mary Jane Melbourne James Clay Wilkie Robert Jameson Mildred Frances Baxter Ruth Wylie Margaret McElree Nina Jane Wilson Catherine Dosterschill Mary Alice Cockrell Bette Belle Brewer Roe Lee David O'Brien Van Painter Harvey Parkerson Billy Billings Frances Camp Joe Wolfe Tom Grimes I JANUARY, 193 6 Dan Colbath Celia Mantle Anne Theresa Ott Marguerite Sturdivant Evelyn Honnell Press Club Pzlrpose: To- provide students interested in newspaper work an opportunity to learn more about the profession by means of talks made by men and Women in the field. OFFICERS DONLE RISINGER . . . . . Presidenf WILDA BYRD . . Vice-Presidenf FRANCES CAMP . . . Secretary Miss MILDRED JUNIGER . . . . . Sponsor MEMBERS Bob Crites Benny Bray James M. Turner James Killian Donle Risinger Clyde Melton Gilbert Jackson Kenneth I-Iousholcler Waller Collie Katherine McLure Kathryn Lankford Pauline Moon Claire Schwiff Frances Gibbs Helen Black Marigene Slagle Frances May Marian Rudine Mary Bassett Martha Bassett Mary Joe Martin Reta Rector Eloise Purl Wilda Byrd Julia Ebey Dorothy Hunt Alice Cavitt Virginia Hooker Gene White Mozelle Rasbeary Marian Boyd Evelyn Wade Mary Alice Cockrell Ada David Stephens Frances Aven Dorothy O'Leary Adeline Brogren Frances Camp Clubs Not In Pictures FRENCH CLUB GIRL SCOUTS AVIATION CLUB STAMP CLUB ART CLUB SCIENCE CLUB DEBATING CLUB COMMERCIAL GEOGRAPHY CLUB gbugficafioni 'A' i' if ir 'lk' 1k ir if 'lr ir 'k 'Ir -k mf' Crusader Staff Business Mamzgers . . . Waller Collie, Van Painter Sponsor . . ..... Mr. W. A. Pile Editors . . . Helen Bleibler, Mary Alice Cockrell Associafr Erfifors . . Mildred Frances Baxter, Nina Jane Wilson Sponsor . . ..... Miss Erma A. Griffin Aff SMH- Edward Bearden, Mary Helen Braack, Ben Culwell, Marjorie Eckart, Tom Grimes, Billy McGel1ee, Mary Jane Stevens, Rhys Wagner. Sponsor . ....,... . Miss Eleanor Benners Typisis . . Evelyn Simkins, Marguerite Worley Sponsors , . Miss Mabeth Goff, Miss Zada Wells ex F Editorial and Art Staffs of Crusader Front Row: Mary Jane Stevens Dorothy Rae Jones Dixie Belle Lathan Rebecca Autry Margrette Grubbs Marjorie Ingalls Jane Davenport Muriel Davis Helen Fae Moorman Cleone Riley Marjorie Eckart Clarice Wright Frances Small Wynonia Hill Ruth Seibert Aretes Ott Louise Houston Myrtle Lee Ormond Margaret Young Second Row: Third R0-w: Eva Hatzenbuehler Elizabeth Darr Billy McGehee Billy Burns George Stepter Tom Grimes Rhys Wagner Billy Partain George Loving Fourth Row: Edward Bearden Ben Culwell Oscar Clark Jack Bonnette Hal Hixon Not in Picture Helen Cooper Cat Chat Published by January Senior Class, 1935 WOODROW WILSON HIGH SCHOOL THE STAFF Editor . . . . . . Mary Lantz Assistant Editor . . . . Kerryn King Editorials . . . Doak Baird, John L. Tracy Literary- Lois Card, Arthur Robinson, Ella Gallagher, Maxine Redmond, Mildred Bond, Jeanne Fogel, Millie Williamson, Mary Helen Braack, Vivian Starks, Donald Woodard, May Dell Robinson. Cover ........... Anna Louise Unger Cartoons . .... . Barney McGrath Humor ..... Clyde Crowson, Carr Collins, Dick Granger Typisis . Josephine Pace, Anita English, Adele Watson, Mildred Duffey Sponsor , ........... H. Bush Morgan Cats Fur Published by June Senior Class, 1935 WOQDROW WILSON HIGH SCHOOL THE STAFF Editor . . . . . . Adeline Brogren Assistant Editor . . Aretes Ott Literary- Y Anne Reed, Bob Crites, Helen Bleibler, Jane Wilson, Martha Glass, Dorothy Rae Jones, Marion Sharp, Dorothy O'Leary, Pauline Moon, Dick Yeargin, Margaret McElree, Margrette Grubbs, George Perfect, Elizabeth Evens, Benny Bray, James Wilkie, Mildred Baxter, Lois Crow, Katherine Wood, Betty Belle Brewer, Dorothy Hunt. Cover ........... Marjorie Eckart Cartoons ........ . . . Tom Grimes Humofr . Mary Pet McEntee, James Turner, Billy Ferguson, Roy Skinner Tyjlists .... Inez Bostick, Myrtis Halliburton, Frances Gibbs Sponsor . .... . . H. Bush Morgan Woodrow Wilson News Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Managing Editors . ...,. Benny Bray, James Killian Editors ....... Ada David Stephens, Gene White Associate Editors- Adeline Brogren, Dorothy O'Leary, Frances Aven, Lois Chandler, Donle Risinger. Features- Dorothy Long, Virginia Lemaster, Carl Niendorff, Virginia Hooker, Mary Pet McEntee, Jim Roney, Melvin Brady, Leonard Duff. C0lZl17l17S- Dorothy Clark, Lois Crow, Blanche Bobhitt, Margaret Jacobs, Pauline Moon, Margrette Grubbs. Sports- David Edmunds, Bill Utley, Gordon Lucky, Knight Bryant, Mildred Reddick, George Colgin. Military ....... Woodrow Palmer, Thomas Wilson Special .ASSlg1ZI7Z6'71fS- Juanita Loving, Roy Skinner, Merle Blackburn, Frances Gross, Cather- ine Dosterschill, Martha Glass, Joe Patterson. Pbotograjvbs .......... Frank Edwards Typing . . . . Dorothy Hunt, Alice Cavitt, Marian Wyatt Faculty Adviser . ...... Miss Mildred Juniger BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . ........ Lee Rorex Circulation Maziager . .... Roe Lee Faculty Aalviscr . . Wade W. Thompson Our Trophies To the wciozf belong the spoils :way . Y UNI 53,2 wa IL ,Q , At, ra.: 3 ' r'.1'f" Q11-"1 ar." L ' l . !-,.f' v Wg Y j' "ev Fifi X' I- f.L,,., L L-rs 1- 15 X H?,3.,' , 1 ' ,fivwfff hm:-,b, wp, 4' V 'ff 'iw i,?539.,N. ,1 'Thr j 'Y ,, SQ L. S, X in-zwqfw' V Y Ya . -f ' fafilmlff' 2.556- x K 1 w , r M fe Q 'v x 'fx' 91, A ' f. K ff ,ff M, A-z-I 4, , M Yi- ' ' E ' i1,g'-F lv: r f Me- f...:, ,Hn 3 Ng: Q ' :Mfr p f , 1 ' 2fH4!f4 ? - '-5 -f - ik .4 1 , - any Q, , ., 522.15 ,4 'wr mx , - 2 "2f'51." vf ,-TQ , me- -Mau ' , ' 'NF ,Ag 'Q E15 is ,bl 2..E,3"?'.+ ' w .- -vm, . 5' wwf. .f- ev,- 'fiA?afQf3Qif2'? 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' -vu, ' -' 1' Ig " 3, V,-1' ,Lgua ' -L.,-4:3 -1' 4-ff 1.3-' Q . . ,- ' , .A gh. 'ff' :A ,t ' 5 ,' 'V ,u .mgx n wnf H 5'3gfz:RgAMs7.eEQLxfb?i:,vM?51ifiY5'xf39,a,f32,14314,g5y31g4:?9g,ffTj2g.'gg515155516 545 51, 1 Af 43. 252. fgdar " X .pf anna:-gvpizpgmwqynx.-Lqf:mvicffm.f:'.rg'..ffF1:gf'num-cf-n,fw5:-, . , - ...Q 'fa 3.9 ',31.',vj '.r-V,-,,,f. fi , 'Q I ' ' k 'Q' 1, ,V ,U 4, wr 'Q .5 .- x - . .- .Lg .x 4, 'vi' . 4 i -: - frzif m 'bf' 'W' "' rw .i f .f-1 3 1112-f f 'K '3y':m':"'s ?a1'! ,J uhm ' M " 6 Q I ' M - - L - ' HA - ff! "5"" " ff f""f" "F V-' , J X- .VH S3 L K . HERSCHEL FORESTER WADE W. THOMPSON Hrad Foolball Coarla Lille' Football Coach Track Coarb 1 COACHE "Not in PlCfll7'Cu LIEUTENANT WILLIAM W. BROWNING Business Manager FRED ERNEY Golf Coach we I I '- HOW'ARD KITCHEN W. BAILEY HARGRAVI3 ' Backffld Football Coacla Frcslanzan Football Coacb K Basketball Coach Basketball Coach r g Baseball Coarla T811-Ili! Coacb 4i----- l I l Q .rams A 1 . ' I r i , l i 1 i Football Squad 1 H From' row, right io leff: J. D. Chapman, Billy Hylton, William Cavender, Amos Marsh, H. N. Peek, George N Colgin, Jordan Hobbs, Randon Reid, Leonard Akin, Frank Jackson, Irwin Dugger. Second row, right to lefi: ' Bob Livingston, David O'Brien, George Utley, Lloyd Mclntosh, B. H. Marks, Ed Johnson, Charles Morgan, Dan Colbath, Jack West, Louis Eidr, Phil Chapman, Roy Skinner, Glen Cowart. Third row, right lo left: Jack Kilgore, Fred Kadane, John Whorton, Harvey Parkerson, Jerome Johnson, Lewis Clark, George Humphrey, Henry Little, J. C. Wilson, Robert Bertucci, Wil- 1 liam McKinley, R. A. Leonard, Bill Utley, Hal Kirby. ' F01lVfb row, rigfaf fo left: Milton Pierson, T. Fowler, Victor Schle, Earl Hendricks, Teddy Ramsey, Horace Smith, Jack Bailey, W. H. James, Willis Couch, Curtis Swain, W. K. Shelton, 'J T. L. Kirklandl Bill Fitch. Fifth row, rigbf fo left: Billy Cowden, Roland Webb, Irby Johnson, Thomas Wathen, Richard Busey, Billy B Jones, Vernon Cox, A. D. Nelson, Charles Hatzenbuehler, Mack Rodgers, Truman Johnson, Noel Mealer, George Freyer, Leon Watson. Il Back row, rigb! to left: ' Howard Kitchen, Wade Thompson, Herschel Forester, Bailey Hargrave, Harold ll Hunt, Leon Williams, Roy Hayden. . DAVID OQBRIEN, Qzmrfer Back and Capiain David's outstanding playing was the greatest fac- tor of the success of our team. He was elected cap- tain of the Wildcats, and was chosen on several all- city and all-state teams. He will undoubtedly be an outstanding college football player. BILL CAVENDAR, Tackle Bill was a regular tackle, and al- though he did not get into the pre- season games, he played in most of the City series games. Bill was noted for his quick runs down on punts. FRANK JACKSON, Emi A regular end, Jackson was a valuable asset to the team. Always lighting, he made his opponents know that the battle was on. BOB LIVINGSTON, Half Back Bobby was one of the outstanding halfbacks and was always ready to hit that line with the power drives for which he is well known. He has :mother year and should be a great assistance to the team. J. C. WILSON, Full Buck "Josie" was a substitute back and was very valu- able in plunging into the line. He was responsible for many gains this season and has two more seasons to play. I GEORGE UTLEY, End George, although not a regular end, played in most of the later games. He gained the team a lot of ground by taking passes out of the ozone with the greatest of ease. Utley will be back next year. -14 HAL KIRBY, Guard' Hal was one of the most popular linemen of our team. His performance at the position of guard was remarkable, and it saved us in many an embarrassing moment. LEONARD AKIN, Full Back Akin was an excellent runner, and he gained much yardage for the Wildcats. He played the position of fullback. KEDON REID, Tackle "Sleepy," although not a regular, could always be depended on to stop up his hole, and he delighted in bat- tering his opponent. JORDAN HOBBS, Tackle Jordan was a regular tackle and could always hold his own with his opponent. He was valuable because he could be depended upon to close his hole. Hobbs has another year and should be an Outstanding line- man. GEORGE COLGIN, Emi Colgin always put up a good fight, and every minute he played was very helpful to the team. George held the end position down in every tiht. ED COBB, Cenfer Ed was one of the most efficient centers in the city. He enabled the team to put through many quick and exciting plays. f IRWIN DUGGER, Tackle Dugger was probably the most effective tackle of the city. His playing was excellent throughout the season, and he stopped the opponents many times. H. N. PEEK, Quarter Back H. N. made one of the most spectacular runs of the season. He filled the quarterback position many times in O'Brien's absence. He will be back to Hll Davidls shoes again next year, and We are expecting great things from him. HARVEY PARKERSON, Guard Although he was one of the smallest guards in the state, Harvey - proved his worth by his constant Hghting. He fought hard all the time, and contributed much to our success. v WILLIAM MCKINLEY, Half Back Wlilliam was not a regular, but he had his day in the Tech game. He could drive into the line with amazing power and deception. PHIL CHAPMAN, Gmzrrl Phil was :I substitute guard and held his part of the line. He is an excellent guard, and he is to be back to assist the team next year. LLOYD MCINTOSH, Half Back Lloyd filled the position of halfback Well, and be- came very popular with the football fans. With his running plays, he helped the team through many tight spots. HAROLD HUNT, Sfmlent Manager Harold was a very valuable man in the football machine. He was always with the team keeping their equipment together and has another year in which to demonstrate his talents in this special line, BILLY HYLTON, Half Back Billy was an able halfback and could twist himself right out of his opponent's arms. He was also a good runner. ROY SKINNER, End Roy, playing end position, was fast and well able to receive passes. He helped prevent the opponents from gaining many times. 1' ED JOHNSON, Guard Although Ed was not a regular, he was always ready to Hll the position of tackle or guard. It was comforting to the team to know that there was such a man to fall back on. J. D. CHAPINIAN, End Chapman was another of our speedy ends. He was in On nearly every play, and he did much to im- prove the standing of our team. AMOS MARSH, Center "Andy,' wasn't a regular, but he always added to the fight of the team with his incessant chatter and pep phrases. Marsh willralso be back for another year. The Season WOODROW WILSON, 32-GAINESNVILLE, 0 The light Leopards were no match for the fast, powerful running attack of the Wildcats, and the Gainesville team threatened only once, in the last quarter. David O'Brien scored four of our five touchdowns, and starred with two long runs of 48 and 37 yards. The fifth touchdown was made by D. Chapman when he covered a fumble behind the goal line. The winning of this game showed the strength of the Wildcats and gave them confidence for the games that were to follow. Woooaow WILsoN, 0-GREENVILLE, 19 The Wildcats went down in defeat before the former state champions, Greenville, despite the fact that the Lions were kept on the defense most of the time. Five times the Woodrow Wilson lads invaded the opponents, ten-yard line, but the strong Greenville line held the Wildcats scoreless. The excellent qualities of the Woodrow Wilson team were brought out in this game, and even though the struggle ended in defeat, it made the Triple W's confident of victories to come. Woooxow WILSON, 14-SULPHUR SPRINGS, 0 The Woodrow Wilson and Sulphur Springs teams waged a bitter duel before the largest crowd ever to witness a game in Sulphur Springs. The Wildcats scored first in the second quarter after a pass was completed to the four-yard line. O'Brien carried the ball over the line and kicked the extra point. The second score was made by a SS-yard run in the third quarter. The game ended with the W'ildcats in possession of the ball and high hopes for the future. Woonitoxv WILSON, 26-SHERMAN, 12 David O,Brien crossed the goal line four times and kicked two extra points in the first half of the game. He was removed from the game in the fourth quarter, but after the Bearcats started a drive for their second touchdown he was rushed back into the fray. But his punt was blocked and the Bearcats scored. David O'Brien again proved his worth in this game, and the team faced the future games in good spirits. Woookow WILSON, 40-NORTH DALLAS, 14 The Wildcats were held back in the first quarter while the Bulldogs scored, but on the first play of the second quarter David O'Brien carried the ball over for a touch- down. In all, O'Brien scored five touchdowns and threw the pass that resulted in the sixth. The most spectacular play was a 68-yard run by O,Brien on the second play of the third quarter. The Wildcats completed ten passes for a net gain of 107 yards and intercepted three of their opponents' passes. Praise should be given the Hne blocking which made possible the excellent running in this game. WOODROW WILSON, 6-TECH, 7 The Wildcats were defeated by the Wolves, formertCity Champions, in what was probably the hardest game of the season. In the first few minutes of play the Wolves crossed the Wildcats' goal line and kicked the extra point. O'Brien was handicapped by an injury to his right shoulder, and his running attack was stopped cold. Nevertheless, he played exceptionally well. A In the third quarter O'Brien took a Tech punt and was downed on the 40-yard line. On the next play he forgot his injured shoulder and heaved a pass to McIntosh standing in the end zone. The game from there on was hard fought but uneventful. WOODROW WILSON, 6-SUNSET, 6 In spite of the rain which fell during most of the game, a large crowd came to witness what was expected to be a hard-fought battle and was satisfied. Both teams abandoned their aerial attacks for running, with 0'Brien gaining almost at will. The Wildcats, only score came after O'Brien took a kick on the five-yard stripe and returned it to the 32-yard line. From here Wilson and O'Brien advanced it nearly to the goal line by line plunges, and O'Brien carried it Over for the touchdown. In the last minute, just prior to attempting a field goal, the Wildcats failed to call time out to clean the mud from their shoes and the gun sounded, ending the game. WOODROXV WILSON, 20-OAx CLIFF, 7 O'Brien was out of the game all but three minutes in the third quarter, when he entered the game just long enough to make a touchdown, but it was discovered that H. N. Peek could handle the situation very well. The most sensational play of the season came when Peek received a kickoff on the three-yard line and, with beautiful interference, ran 97 yards for the first counter. This was the longest run ever made in high school football. WOODROW WILSON, I3-FOREST, 23 Despite the fact that their quarterback, David O'Brien, was out of the game on account of an injured shoulder, the Wildcats put up a game fight. The first score was made by Jackson, after the entire Wildcat line blocked a punt on the Lions, eight-yard line. In the third quarter, after another punt was blocked by Dugger, Chapman scored on a high pass from McIntosh. The loss of this game eliminated the Wildcats from the title race. JOHN YVALSTON CATHERINE DOSTERSCHILL MARY BASSETT CARR COLLINS Yell Leaders Rah-rah-rah! Rah-rali-rah! Rah-rah-rah! Wildcats! ! ! SCHOOL SONG Woodrow Wilson, our Woorlrow Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, we're all for 31011. We will ight for the gray and c1'i11aso11 Anal fhe glory of our high school. N ever rlazmtefl, we ca1111ot falter, I77 fhe hazfile, we'1'e fried a11cl lL1'Zl6. Woodrow Wilson, our XVooa'row Wilson, Wooa'1'ow Wilson, ZUE,1'6 all for you. Lglyf .1 igf fggff E li '-5: ' C ::::4?::f::::i:1?ff1'4 3313 fsg1z:f::?:5L,- ff zxgfzziggz agazii' wi'-I':zT'+ Coach: WADE THOMPSON First Row: Woodrow Clary Bill Magill Carroll Sallee Zack Lillard Leonard Akin H. N. Peek Roe Lee Second Row: R. A. Leonard Track Squad David Edmunds Wallace Weeks Ray Kearney Trigg Bell Uel Pitts Hammond Coffman Third Row: Hillard S. Fenlaw James McDonald Frank Pendergast Gordon Griffin Lonnie Hill Harvey Parkerson Roy Skinner Ray West Fourth Row: Wade Thompson CCOacbj Kent Morrison Bill Urley T. L. Kirkland Norman Vanderwoude Jack West H Coach: HOWARD KITCHEN Sv Fr out Row: Charles Tesmer Francis Elliott Henry Morris Jack Melton J. D. Chapman Lee Rorex Anthony Corona james Finnell W'illian1 Vogel Irby Johnson Baseball Squad fond Row: Don Matter Frank Jackson Robert Stough Victor Sohle Edward Brooke David O'Brien QCczptai11j Ed Phillips James Stathakos Logan Curtwright Sol Menzer Back Row: Rex Sharp fMH1ldg61'D Weldon Griflin QMa11agerj J. C. Wilson R. B. Moore Bill Larkin Allen Duncan Robert Reed Pat Cannon Sam Clark Charles Hinckley Mack Rodgers Charles Gilder Howard Kitchen fCoacfaj John Harris S5 Basketball Squad Coaches: HOWARD KITCHEN, Louis Eidt Fourth Row: BAILEY HARGRAVE Vogel ' Front Row: Bob Livingston Raymond Edmonds George Smith Dow Rhodes Phil Schepps Norman Vanderwood James Finnell Mace Perry Baffy SUOUP Thin! Roux: George Utley Charles Morgan Bill Seay Raymond Hawkins David Edmonds QCap1fai1zj E David O'Brien Secomz' Row: Buren Anderson Horace Smith Gene Bound Harry Johnson Charles Tessmer Robert Cooper Kent Morrison Frank Pendergast E. G. Hamilton Sam Clark Hugh Frankenstein Jack, Dunagan Ernest Sullivan Clarence Furrh Henry Little Melvin Baird Bob Perkins A. D. Nelson John Pace Bob Bryan Thomas Wathen Hal Kirby fMd'l1dgC7'Q Bark Row: Bailey Hargrave Howard Kitchen Thomas Collier Jack Harris Arthur Ketchersid Richard Busey Jack Einklea Ben Culwell A Tennis Squad Coach: BAILEY HARGRAVE FI'0l'1lf Row: Hudson La Grand, Miriam Moon, Mildred Reddick, Margaret McElree, Catherine Dosterschill, Johnny Pace. Middle Roux: Bailey Hargrave Qcoachj, Billy Seay, Horace Smith, Rhys Wagner, Ernest Baker, Emmett Haley. Back Row: Billy Billings, Gordon Jackson, Fred Alston, Gilbert Jackson, Charles Wagner. Virginia Dayis not in picture. Qff'?'jffw Golf Squad F Coach: FRED ERNEY Front Row: Arthur de Larios, Howard Anderson, Ed Tomlinson Joe McLaughlin. Back Row: Henry Grann, Earl Hendrix, Maurel Guy. 5 , W ig, . 36: ' J w :Mr Q, -.hm 1 , V J JJ Q - - wi w,f,,vk5-z .X b . ,,,,, . N wg . , 'fr if . M .- ,Q :" A ff ., VA, .efsw 1 x. ' 1 L .V , ' ,. .Wi V. .,. ,M ,mi n Y - .x-if 31 A , ,J . ',-.wiv ,fx Ai. , , f,. M -, . 4 1 'VV , : y ' ' Y' T I '. x sl . M9 . A . 4 ' - . J, I ' ,J an ww 4.1, , .Am , I www' , M , ,rn f V , x 4 r 4, 'x ,y .. Jn, wif,-, , X xx - .LQ Sw - . . If ., - ', -A xyg.x,,' ,- ,I .1,..- . gi. , Q. hyggg ,XY ., ,, f ff 'HL ' 1- ge Q' H' ruff ar. 1. 'f .X -CA ... -I ' " , W. .f 'x,,,:' -V -r .r,":wC',j 7 44 , U I ,.q7.,,. .V N4 V VZ?" R , ., : R'H'dW.TWWNRlYN-AWQBEI X -I . ' 5NQ:53!':i:.5" Ci' .GBE fl Q' - F". 'IJ' 5 1,25 ' ' ,- ' . ,' ' 'R-7 ' ' If f:'i':vLLZ'lC'JELI v 'fi-1,Xv-"A-"AZ fiflvf? 'hi-.' . ,Z V f'.1D'Z"','!,"r'ZVv2,:IT'f'-Gi'' VL? 4'11Y'Uf'?Yf'R'. 'WPiLiM'f?Q-'.'7fK',, ' 'fd' ,SV AP J wx Cyafjfifz H SCHOOL FAVORITE I'l10Lug1'apl1 by Hall-Gmtry way Gqfics Uocgiaff SCHOOL FAVORITE Photograph, by Hall-G ,V ' .BQUZJ CD ljgiialz SCHOOL FAVORITE Photograph by Hall-G Uafgazinz Qoifauagi SCHOOL FAVORITE Photog fhbyH IG unfgafc 31045 SCHOOL FAVORITE Photograph by Hall-G Jyzdifgd Bcwisff SCHOOL FAVORITE Ph g pf'12yHLlG Spooks Presented' by THE JANUARY 1935 SENIOR CLASS of WOODROW WILSON HIGH SCHOOL Under the Direction of H. Bush Morgan Elioft Bzifferyield Indy . . . Marion Blarlawell Sam . . . Douglas Blackwell Lmzreffe Payne . Silas Willolay . Messenger . . Inspcfcfor Ryan . Miss Brown . . Police Ojicer . January 18, 1935 THE CAST . . Basil Webb . Ella Gallagher Mary Helen Braack . . Doak Baird Barney McGrath . Anita English . Kerryn King . . Billy Smith Carr P. Collins, Jr. . . Lois Card Donald Wfoodard Big-Hearted Herbert Presented by TI-IE JUNE 1935 SENIOR CLASS of WOODROW WILSON HIGH SCHOOL Under the Direction of I-I. Bush Morgan Herbert Kalness . Elizabeth Kalness Robert Kalness Herbert, fr. . Martha . Alice Kalness . Andrew Goodrich Amy Lawrenee Iirn Lawrence . Mr. Goodrich . Mrs. Goodrich . Mr. ,Havens . Mrs. Havens . May 24, 1935 THE CAST . George Stepter Marjorie Eckart . Roy Hayden . Melvin Brady Elizabeth Evens Dorothy Rae Jones . . Bob Crimes . Pauline Moon . Tom Grimes . James L. Turner . Jane Wfilson . Basil Shropulos Margaret MeElree f Y if wi ff M W V ,M 'ff M- ,ef ls, 9 t at ,ff ,W-"' " . www 'WE Flirting already! . . . Sweet little thing .... Love's young dream, and starting so soon! . . . What a change! Lady's man! Then as now! . . . Barefoot girl! N, B.--the pusher is brother Joe! . . . Whew-that speedy car! . , . Got a bite! Beware those eyes. They haven't grown less dangerous with age. Curls and a slightly unhappy expression. . . . Yes, thatis ffne Torn Grimes! But it's a Woolly dog, not a piano! . . . Such style-latest in Paris? . . , That Bleibler personality grin. . . . TVho's under that how? We canit tell .... Say, hat, wl1ere's Ruthie? . . , Headin' home-going my way? Birds of a feather flock together! jane always liked dogs! . . . That classy effect! Oh, you bare feet! . . . Several present-not just David O'Brien! we g , ,Y Y . ...,,,f.-37 ,na Sweet girl graduates-oh, yeah! . . . Graduates, but: are they sweet? We ask you! Do they look like brain trusters now? . . . Everyone doesn't have an Easter bonnet .... Wish we had curls! . . . Such affection! . . . Just mamma's little man, and our future business manager .... Hm-m-m dem eyes and smile, still Working ,... Goin' to town?-lovely knees!-and such toe action! Demurer days-they used to be shy! . . . Stood up? But not now! . . . Bashful then-oh! What a change! . Now, teacher! . . . . . . . QWe dorft want to be sarcastioj f '.1, O . ,LZ 4 h W' Brotherly love but queer golf! . . . The shrinking Violet .... Just nerts!-but nice .... The Farmeifs daughter. Wfaiting, but not at the gate! . . . Oh, for the life of a boulder .... Hat-cha .... just a pose .... A toothpaste ad-good enough looking anyway .... That wind-blown effect! . . . Waiting for a horse? Monkeys, if you ask us, Tarzans anyway .... Public, enemy No. 1 .... The cai"s popular at least .... She rolls her own Chosej .... Not much Waist here. Such background! . . . All right, boys, how long do we wait? . . . We aim to please .... Fleet's in! Mackie the center attraction, a ain! . . . ust a i olo .... Studious?-Not b a lon shot, but it makes a nice , U A g g g Y g picture .... Cuddlin' in a corner .... The backward effect. Firm foundations and quite large .... Grinnin' apes .... just privates, trying to get along .... Corns hurt? Didn't they see the ad about losing prospective husbands this way? I Wanna bite .... Pepsodent grin .... The pause that refreshes .... O. K. Toots. . . . Budding romance? . . . Second choice .... Flirtin, again. How are you doin,, Louise? . . . Weire waitin', Dugger .... The bold, bad villain. What is it?-A necking or a killing? We favor either one! . . . What in the heck is this? 'F .mf 'IAM' Qmw 4 . ITN, Z Qty' No, folks, this isn't Amos 'n Andy .... Yes, Ruth, it's a birdie! But you had better close the trap .... Going places? Well, hopeful, at least! . . . How sweet! How can we tell? A Tsk, tsk, Billy! Pinched again? . . . Nature in the raw! . . . A tree in the wayis worth two in the forest! . . just two blooming flowers .... Stepping out for a change. Lonesome gal? Where are the Woodrow Wilson Romeos? . . . School daze .... The pictureis enough, and isn't it a good likeness? . . . Twois company-three,s a crowd .... Fly trap? . . . Hit or miss? Miss who? A Uh!-how did this get in! . . . We hope the bridge holds .... Gone temperamental! . . . Well? . . . What's that? Eh, Pappy?!? . . . Sweetness not wasted on the desert air! n '37 1 'ff' W .f V. ijglfffff' , - ., ., 4, . 'ax , A 3 . u 1 - t jx fu" -- ir ir ir i' 'A' if A i' ir 'A' ir 'A' 'A' v ,I - . . k , P.Z NSW? . . 1 w Y J f V F 'Ir 1k 'Ir if 'lr uk ir ir 'A' 'R 'Ir 'A' 1 5 U4 i Q 5 1 l" JXWmr2? W351" 'Q 1"-"1

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Woodrow Wilson High School - Crusader Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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